Posted by: Helen Philpot | February 1, 2009

Come Ann Coulter or High Water

For those of you just joining us, I am summarizing Ann Coulter’s new book for my friend Margaret so she doesn’t have to buy it herself.   It’s kind of my version of Cliffs Notes except I call it Hell ‘N Notes because reading an Ann Coulter book is like visiting hell… only this time the devil wears Prada in a ladies shoe size 17.  They should give me a medal for this kind of sacrifice!

Chapter 2 – Victim of a crime?  Thank a single mother

Now Margaret this next chapter is fantastic.  It is some of the most creative writing I have ever read.   You probably had to have been dropped on your head a few times as a baby to follow her logic, but clearly Ann’s head doubled as her father’s basketball while growing up because she seems to actually believe what she’s written.

Let’s start first with the title of the chapter – calling upon victims of crime to place the blame on single mothers.  Considering her entire first chapter was a thesis on how there are no real victims in the world, I am left scratching my head. Which is it Ann – victims or no victims?

According to Ann, single mothers give birth to the lowest forms of life ever to walk the face of the earth.   And again I am left scratching my head because at the same time she makes the case that we shouldn’t teach children about birth control.  And then, for no apparent reason except that maybe she gets paid by the word,  she throws in a paragraph or two about how abused women have only themselves to blame because they date bald men with tattoos and everyone knows that bald men with tattoos abuse women.  Conclusion – don’t date Bruce Willis?   Ouch.  My head hurts reading this shit.

I am only on the second chapter which means that Ann has five more chapters to outdo herself.  However, I find it hard to believe she can top this next part as her crownning achievment as a bitch: on pages 51-52 Ann lists seven cases of single mothers killing their own children.  In two of the cases Ann found it appropriate to make a joke.  No kidding.  She made jokes about murdered children.  Don’t believe me?   I’ll type one of the cases here without edit:

In 1998, twenty-five-year-old single mother Tami Lynn Richards left her two children, three and one and a half years old, alone in their apartment while she went to a bar to drink and listen to a band.  One of the boys set a fire when he was playing with matches he found in the apartment.  Both boys died.  On the other hand, from what I hear, the bar band was pretty awesome.

Gee. Do you think that Ann came up with that last joke before or after she danced on the kids’ graves?  I find it odd that she is making the case that children of single mothers overwhelmingly grow up to be criminals and yet argues the case by giving examples of children of single women who were murdered long before they grew up to become these reputed criminals.  Seriously folks, this is one hell of a messed up broad.  Applying some of Ann’s amazing logic, I can now emphatically declare that all skinny white bitches with abnormally large feet named Ann Coulter grow up to hate children.  And if you give me enough time I am sure I can site a report or study to prove that point.

But truly Ann is one  of the great “thinkers” of our time.  She doesn’t just list what is wrong with the world;  She also has the answer that will make everything right again.  Her well thought out solution?  Keep your knees together before marriage.

I had to put the book down and go over to the computer to look something up at this point – OK, got it.   Ann Hart Coulter was born on December 8, 1961.  She has never married.  So Ann is 47 years old and hopelessly single.  Conclusion – men don’t want to have sex with a bitch who has enormous feet.  So back to the book…

I read the rest of the chapter because I said I would and I do what I say… regardless of how much it hurts.  But Coulter is some kind of crazy and it is hard to sum it all up without sounding like I am  being unfair to her.  In truth she makes some very interesting observations.  Of course, some people find war reenactments interesting so it’s all kind of relative if you think about it.  Here are a few examples of Coulter’s brilliant mind at work:

Single mothers are worse than cigarette companies – page 59

Children of single mothers become rapists and serial killers – page 61

Shotgun weddings should be celebrated – page 71

Ann Coulter has gigantic feet – jacket cover

Actually you can’t see her feet on the jacket cover but you know they are there, big as ever.  Basically Ann’s entire argument consists of finding a few dozen cases where a single mother or her child made a really bad decision and then conclude quite literally that single mothers in general are the absolute worst problem facing the world today.  Evidently she hasn’t paid much attention to the little problems we are facing like war, pestilence, famine and Sarah Palin.  By the way, isn’t Sarah Palin’s daughter a single mother? I wonder how long before the grandkid grows up and kills someone?  The hypocrisy is frightening.  But I am sure Ann must have her reasons for spewing so much vile and misleading information.  Of course, until I have actually walked in her shoes, I will never fully understand the burden of freakishly large feet and how that might warp one’s outlook on the world.

For those of you who think I am being a bit hard on Ann and in particular her gigantic feet, let me spell it out for you.   You know what they say about big feet right?   Well, in Ann’s case the shoes fit.  Here is the other joke she made about murdered children.  Reprinted without edit:

In 2003, single mother Amanda Hamm, twenty-seven years old, drowned her three young sons, aged six, three and twenty-three months, so she could move to St. Louis with her boyfriend.  It would have been a lot of trouble to bring the boys with them.  Apparently, the prospect of hearing “are we there yet?” for eight hours was just too daunting for Amanda.

So you tell me.  Am I being too hard on her?

Well Margaret, that brings us to the conclusion of another chapter from the best selling author, Ann Sasquatch Coulter.  I think I’ll go pour myself a strong drink and pull out my fingernails.  But do come back soon because I will eventually find the strength to read the next chapter. I mean it.  Really.


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  7. Ann’s theories about single mothers are interesting. I wonder if she read Freakonomics where that author pointed out that about 20 years after Roe v. Wade, the crime rate suddenly went down instead of up. The assumption being that potentially single mothers, after Roe v. Wade, had better access to abortions and they diminished the population of youngsters who might have otherwise committed crimes in the early 1990s. If she doesn’t like single mothers, then she’d have to agree that abortion was actually a good thing in pulling down the crime rate.

    Ah, the fallacies of today’s Republican Party.


  8. I wonder if I would be that unpleasant if I had lived 47 years without ever getting laid.

    Nope, probably not.


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  11. Well, in a way I admire Ann Coulter. That low IQ, pseudo intellectual has figured out how to get paid for the garbage she writes. She has people buying her books and watching her interviews on TV —to hear her views as if they actually were worth hearing. How did she manage to pull that off? Ann Coulter titillates people by spewing outrageous comments and views, all the while pretending she believes what she says. She makes us laugh; she makes us gasp. That has got to be worth some currency. The only thing Ann Coulter believes in is raking in the cash. If tomorrow we all decided to agree with her views, she would probably swing left.


  12. Ann’s website, which I looked at just to see if I could get a picture of those feet (should have known she would hide them puppies) had an article bashing the Times for glorifying single mothers. She actually said, “If a pregnant woman smokes or drinks, we blame her. But if a woman decides to have a fatherless child, we praise her as brave — even though the outcome for the child is much worse.”

    Much WORSE! OK, so we should promote abortion then? I am a single mom. And a damn good one. She just pisses me off [preparing the hate mail now.]


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  14. Hi Judy,

    It’s like different styles and ways and it’s all fine. I get ignored too a lot of times, but I don’t feel it’s a snub. I have a propensity for posting rather long and probably boring comments, so not hearing anything is okay, and I am probably skimmed over. This is a place I can post and have fun reading or not reading. On the few occasions I have acknowledged, it was nice, but more times than not, I am just part of the crowd.

    If this were a chat room, then I’d worry. It’s just a nice place to visit, and I sometimes skim past posts too.

    One thing we all do have in common is enjoying the wit of Helen and the occasional pop ins by Margaret.



  15. Helen, I have to say that you are going where most progressives don’t have enough aspirin to go. I have to say thank you. A summary of the hypocritical tome is good enough for me. I think my eyes would cross at the abundance of non-sequitors.

    If she went to law school, sounds like she didn’t learn much about how to craft an argument. You know what they say, those of us who can practice, those who can’t write books with sentences to nowhere and make millions. Oh, wait, I don’t like that ending…..


  16. Okay, a few things… not that pointing out Ann’s circular logic will surprise people.

    If single mothers are in fact the lowest form of being on the planet, then abortion is good, should be legal, and should in fact be encouraged. Right? Oh wait, you can’t have an abortion either.

    Ann says that you should keep your legs crossed before you’re married. I’m sure that means that Ann herself is a virgin, and a real one, not one of those “technical virgins” who will do everything but have vaginal intercourse. I’m sure that she’s never had sex, used a condom or isn’t on the pill. Riiiiiiiiiight.

    And only dudes who wear wifebeaters and have tattoos are abusive. Therefore they should be easy to spot. Women of the world should simply steer clear of mullets and there would be no more domestic violence. Wealthy people NEVER abuse their children.

    If you have suddenly woken up next to one of these tattooed, mulleted wifebeaters, it is better for you to simply stay married to him, lest you become a single mother.

    Uh huh……… maybe some day she’ll run for office and her personal life will be up for public debate. Annie, that’s what we liblabs like to call “Karma.” Ask Bill Ayers to explain it to you, sweetie.


  17. I can’t WAIT for the chapter where she starts railing on us single Dads! LOL

    Great stuff as always.


  18. Right on, Judy!!!!
    Just read Margaret and Helen’s Posts…leave the comments to the wedgies…..


  19. This single mom takes great offense at this. My daughters are the light of my life, both productive, kind, giving human beings. Ann can go stuff it.


  20. While I enjoy Helen’s writing enormously, I felt bad for Paula way up there in the comments because really, you people with the wedges are a very exclusive community here. I know you’ll laugh at me and call me a troll, which is what you seem to do to everyone who disagrees with anything you say. Although I do tend to agree with your politics, I think that those who don’t should also have the right to express themselves. And you’ve turned this blog into your own little forum, which I’m sure helps Helen and Margaret’s numbers, but really isn’t what blogs are about. Truthfully I never read your comments because your supercilious attitudes piss me off, and the few times I have attempted to join in, I’ve been politely snubbed and/or ignored. I’ve even considered giving up reading the blog because when I do, I remember how disagreeable you people are to any outsiders, and it makes me feel unhappy, and life is too short to waste being unhappy over anything like that.

    I don’t even know why I’m saying this, other than I thought Paula might need some reinforcement. And everyone else who has ever had the nerve to not bow down to the hierarchy of the people with the wedges.


  21. Time to move on, Folks!


  22. And one more thing for thought:
    Lead causes braindamage, never mind if you shoot it into the brain or digest it!


  23. Well, well UWA
    So slavery is perfect and we’d kill natives for land too….?

    Sorry guy, but wake up, this is 2009, NOT 1709!

    Keep Lead out of the environment, melt down all guns!!!

    Well that’s the other extreme, but I still think the world would be a better place when we could get rid of firearms……. if you have to fight, use your fists or a stick…. or try words for a change!


  24. Werner…Canadian gun laws…
    Go to Colonial Williamsburg sometime…
    take the tour..
    The militia is composed of every male between the ages of 16 and 60 unless they are disabled or felons…yearly training req. Each individual is req. to have a lb. of powder and 4 lb of lead. By law…
    Expand this rule to today and with equal opportunity then every school should have a firearm safety and profiecency class. For both sexes.. Just like PE or civics. And be required by law to keep a gun at home. This is for the protection of the home and area while WAITING for the authorities which you then assist.
    what happened to JuneauJoes daughter was terrible but what is worse is the layers who will get him off or put on probation,or the shrinks… what he deserves is a piece of the 4lbs of lead.


  25. And always remember
    for us humans (and monkeys) Flying NEVER was a problem, just the landings got us “down”!

    OR as to say iot with Douglas Adams:
    When you want to flym the trick is rather particular, just fling yourself at the ground and MISS!

    Many happy landings


  26. Charles
    I’m finally a flying monkey

    Congraz to getting that kite



  27. Julie the Jewel
    for starters we would only need 3 different lavels of an existing, best older, library as an architectual plan, do you think your son could dig something up like that? He is in the field and my have access to images that we can’t find on the web, my first few searches where rather disapointing..

    Once we got the plans we than could start on our own copying to pics into the room (microscope, foot under toilet wall tec. etc.)
    And than after the insde decorations are done we can look further to connect these plans to a fromnt/entry page…..

    But for starters it could be rather helpfull if he could come up with something (images we could work on) or send us in the right direction on where to search….

    Think you could ask once more without getting into trouble?

    For the entrance thing we will find something we can work on and we’re a buch of people so I think we’d manage.

    I am 3/4 blind and by this no use in drawing / painting but I can organice and motivate people pretty good, so let’s see what we can work out.


  28. Thanks for the delta Greytdog….I had some help and got my identity back! Please , someone help themselves to the wedge of pie Greytdog has provided. Ann


  29. Julie, me too. In the meantime, though, here’s something from my early morning ramble through the various news on line – this is from The Daily Kos

    David Cay Johnston, in a Q & A regarding the current economic problems including high roller bonuses states:

    Amy Goodman: David Cay Johnston, the issue of these Wall Street firms who have gotten bailout money giving $18 billion in bonuses?

    Johnston: Well, first of all, why aren’t we letting companies fail? What is it the government knows that we don’t know, that in a capitalist system they are not allowing failed enterprises to fail, including banks, and then you clean up after them? This does not make a lot of sense. We’ve spent vastly more than we should have needed to already, and yet they’re asking for more. Paying bonuses when a company loses money—maybe there’s an individual trader whose unit made a profit, and he’s entitled to a bonus, but none of the senior executives and the overlay at the top. It’s unbelievable they did this.

    And Congress can deal with this, by the way. Congress can pass a retroactive tax law. This isn’t like criminal law. After all, Congress passed, and Senator Grassley supported, a retroactive tax increase on students who saved money to pay for their college education. Well, if we can retroactively raise taxes on students who saved money for their college education, by golly, Congress can go after these guys and tax away that money. The tone deafness of this is just utterly beyond belief.

    Makes sense to me, but then I’m no high roller and the last time I made a bonus I was able to treat my pups to their wonderful new screaming monkey toys. . .


  30. I’m ready for Helen’s next post. I think the comments on this one have played out.


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  32. If Helen is as smart as I think she is…

    The big feet bit is meant to emphaisze the absurdity of Ann Coulter. In a previous post she mentions that big is relative compared to what you think normal size feet are for women. Helen calling Ann big foot is no different than Ann calling all liberals stupid. Neither argument has merit.

    I think Helen makes her point beautiffuly. All of this is, of course, MHO.


  33. annishka aka AnnΔ, here add this ~ Δ ~ if you’d like 🙂

    Still trying to figure all the wordpress steps for anonymousbloggers. . . too tired to think about it 2night.


  34. Joe,

    That Strap on Ann Coulter site was hilarious!


  35. Pretty cool Charles!
    Sanjay, thanks for the “theatre of the absurd” moment! ROFL!

    And to Chloe: Your mom did good – you have your head on straight and I like your spirit – what a living legacy you are – I’m sure your mom and sister are very very proud of you. Have some pie – and stick around, would ya?

    UAW – I’m a dyed in the wool, birthright Democrat and unrepentant Union supporter. BUT that doesn’t mean that I can’t see both sides of an issue, and that I turn a blind eye or become mute whenever abuses occur – I have oft despaired about the way unions have been run since about the mid-70s – and that the leaders of the union seemed to have forgotten the very purpose of their organization. I don’t like any organization, group, country that expects its members/citizens to march in lockstep to its ideology. My brother was in the Teamsters during college – had to be in order to work in a major grocery chain warehouse – he often talked about the abuses and BS; my uncles and cousins are in the UMW, and another uncle, now deceased, was a lifelong UAW member. But none of them marched in lockstep with the union bosses, and all of them spoke out, and spoke up. I hope you will refuse to let the bully boys of your union silence you or move you aside. Remind them what the union is about – and I can promise you this – if ya need a posse to back you up, we’ll ride into town 🙂


  36. And Charles ! I did not even read your post since you were writing it when I was.Any way we try to name after a deceased person … a very observant friend and I would like our souls to find each other again(corny, you say). We thought we might have to do it by requesting our names be given but not to a brother and sister and after the last one of us goes so we can be the right ages. We decided that it probably did not work like that.


  37. Hello I am incognito since joining wordpress….I had to change my name and they took my wedgie…..formerly known as AnnΔ …funny after all the Delta jealousy! Sanjay: isn’t it time you headed back to Oz?


  38. On a more sincere note, I have been thinking not only of words but the power that we grant words and the connection that words have to our existence as well as our perception.

    I am reading a book about how the Nazis attacked the ontological basis of the Jewish people by taking away their names and giving them numbers. That the concept of names, were that they were given to their parents through divine inspiration, that their parents didn’t just name them. First the Nazis in the late thirties forced the Jewish population to add a name to their own name, depending on their sex and then by the time they were forced into the camps they were given numbers and had to identify themselves by their number and in German.

    For a religion, who’s mysticism is so strongly based on language, the alphabet and the symbolism of each letter…that must have been completely stripping of any sense of humanity, of any sense of connection to the divine.

    I have just started this book but this thought which I read last night has resonated with my all day.


  39. I’m finally a flying monkey 🙂

    I have a lot of stuffed monkeys, I like monkeys and now I am a flying one.

    How cool is that???


  40. Sanjay: This one is for you!

    Enjoy it!

    UAW: You gett your retirement?

    8 YEARS OF REPUBLICANS HAS CREATED A TREMENDOUS MESS! Economy, Ethics, Jobs sent overseas, Environmental issues, Constitutional Issues, Katrina, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Health Care, Education as a partial list. GW and his Repub friends have destroyed the economy and then blamed the democrats.

    I truly feel that the democrats will do better! Will they be perfect – NO! I do feel President Obama is more in tune with the average person who is simply getting by and HOPING THEY CAN RETIRE AT SOME POINT!


  41. Found this @
    “D.L. Hughley’s take in re to Blagojavich et al:

    Hughley: Now I listened to those tapes and I’m not going to hide my affinity for this guy. I never met him before then but to me we have become such a trivial place that we will impeach a man for having sex, or lying about having sex with a woman. In California we will impeach a guy because he raises taxes on license plates because energy gets out of control. We’ll impeach a guy for saying some things on tape. But a man can take us to war and lie and we won’t do a damn thing about that. That makes me so mad.”


  42. UAW wrote: “reading posts, I sometimes get the impression that Repubs can do no right and Dems can do no wrong…”

    hmmm…welcome to the liberal’s world where everything we do is considered wrong, and when things go correctly. . . it’s a gift from the Unseen God.
    Actually though, reading the posts on this particular section, I’d have to (sorta) agree (gagging here but trying to smile) – the major carp-fest turned my stomach. It reminded me of the first time I went down to the local Planned Parenthood to work as volunteer security – and was told, whatever you do, do not react, do not engage in the rhetoric, do not above all else lower yourself to the vileness that will be slung your way. That advice has served me well on several occasions –
    Well, y’all continue your discussion – I’m gonna grab my scraper and start working on the mud that’s been flung around here. Oh, and there’s pie on the table (actually it’s a french silk chocolate mousse pie with homemade whipped cream)


  43. Δ ~ Delta (letter)

    Oops! I wish my spell checker checked my HTML. Hey Matthew, how about a ‘Preview’ button?



  44. More on the ‘Wedgie’ / Δ

    It’s multidimensional with many interconnected meanings.

    Yes it does look like a piece of pie and is easily recognizable as a symbol of being part of a larger whole.

    Δ ~ Delta (letter)

    The comment section of a blog is a perfect representation of the physical, geographical formation of

    a ‘River Delta’

    ‘A Delta (comments section) is a landform that is created at the mouth of a river (blog) where that river flows into an ocean, sea, estuary, lake, or reservoir or another river (blogosphere).’

    They’re usually very fertile. 😉

    Of interest: In legal shorthand, Δ stands for a defendant.



  45. What is the obsession with Coulter’s feet? Is this some sort of fetish thing I’m not into?

    And did someone mention trolls? I don’t think Margaret and Helen are going to like that. I’ve seen their pictures. Yikes!


  46. FLYING MONKEYS YOU ALL ARE! Evil plays on this website. Fear Evil.


  47. I would agree with Darlene, if the comments section had not become a community here…and back to what Helen said about the number of comments:
    ” As far as your comments go – the more the merrier. Knock yourselves out. Margaret and I appreciate the attention. Really we do.”

    So, there ya go 🙂

    Whirled Peas…you cracked me up with “PS: Darlene, you’ll also find that most M&H readers will go and check out your blog, to see where you’re coming from…well you left out the 2nd ‘g’ in “hodgepodge” in your name.

    Here’s the link:
    so you’ll get some of those hits you crave. *wink”

    And Chloe, your mother sounds very similar to my fiance and her experience as a single mother. Your mother was a very special woman…

    Well, going to clean my kitchen and be clever.


  48. Hi Werner & Raj,

    Been busy these last few days… My daughter informed me she is busy creating a cover for a band’s EP so she cannot create a picture of the Shrub Presidential Museum. My son is also busy working fulltime and going to school fulltime, so it’s up to us!

    I’m enjoying the imaginary museum anyway… enter through the ass and out of the belly of the beast!


  49. taken directly from

    “Caroline Kennedy tried to Bigfoot her way into New York’s Senate seat while being bathed in the Kennedy light of eternal victimhood.”

    i guess she’d know a thing or two about big feet.


  50. My mother had not 1 but 2 children “out of wedlock” by 2 men…in the 60’s. Ann Coulter would probably call my mother a whore. Mom felt being pregnant was a terrible reason to marry and that our fathers, although fun boyfriends, would not make good husbands or fathers. I never met my father yet I never missed him either. Mom did not receive child support from either man. My mother worked 2 jobs to support us. My lovely grandmother lived with us and our house was full of fun and joy. My dear mother never missed any of my softball or basketball games in the 6 years that I played. I don’t know how she juggled it all. She spent her days off, which weren’t many, taking us (and any friends who wanted to go) to the lake, hiking, rollerskating, etc. She was always honest and didn’t candycoat anything as she saw this as a disservice to us. Mom had expectations of us, she assigned chores, checked homework and knew where we were at all times. She taught us how to be self sufficient. She was always upbeat and fun and dead by age 41, cancer. I was 17, my sister 15 when mom died. In those short 17 years, she taught me about honesty, dedication, loyalty, hard work (I can still hear her saying “I’ll shovel shit if it’ll put food on our table”). She taught me to be thoughtful of others, to respect and love animals, to befriend people of all colors and backgrounds, to listen to and consider opposing views, that no honest work was beneath me, that education was important. Would you believe, I turned out just fine? I have never committed any crimes, never cheated on my spouse, never been without a job, never filed bankruptcy. My younger sister died at age 23. She also had her head on straight and was an upstanding citizen. So Ann Coulter, for my mother, grandmother, sister and me…Pucker Up and Kiss Our Asses!


  51. The reason Ann is a bitch is because she has to keep talking foolishness is she fears you looking down and gawking at her Bozo The Clown feet…..Ann doesn’t seem to have a problem sporting the short dress though….again.she hopes you won’t notice her flipper feet


  52. Good one AlaskanΔ!

    But Darlene, do come back anytime. You make your point very well. But if you look deeper into the conversations that go on here, you’ll see how they work themselves out on their own.

    We’re all semi-intelligent adults and don’t need to be told how to act or react. The ebb and flow is just how things go. I do believe M&H enjoy the fact that we mostly take care of ourselves and find the interactions here quite entertaining.

    If you don’t want get into the conversations that go on after the initial post, leave your comment and scroll baby scroll.

    PS: Darlene, you’ll also find that most M&H readers will go and check out your blog, to see where you’re coming from…well you left out the 2nd ‘g’ in “hodgepodge” in your name.

    Here’s the link:
    so you’ll get some of those hits you crave. *wink

    PEACE ~ Δ


  53. Darlene,

    In all reality, truthfully, have you not just done the same?


  54. This is my favorite blog and I love the way Helen makes her points with witty humor. She could surpass Mrs. Hughes if she ever went on Comedy Hour.

    However, I spent over an hour reading some of the comments and when it became a long argument back and forth I wondered why the commentators didn’t use their own blogs to vent on. I couldn’t spend any more time reading as I have my own blog to tend, so those of you who posted at the end were not perused by me.

    If the people who comment on my blog ever take it over with their own issues, I would find it disheartening. I believe in free speech, but it seems selfish to confiscate another person’s blog by writing long, pointless personal arguments . Controversy is fine if the people stay with the blog’s subject, but when they stray off the post it is no longer relevant. It’s like TV – if you don’t like the program turn it off. At the least, make your point and move on.

    I get the impression that the people who are arguing back and forth are just trying to prove how clever they are. Personally, I find it boring.

    I will continue reading this post because it’s one of the best on the Internet, but I won’t waste another afternoon reading the comments.


  55. UAW-

    I don’t know about the rest of the people on here but I would like to think that we all take decisions that our government makes for face value instead of dem/repub value….
    I am a proud democrat because I agree with many (not all) of the issues that the democrats believe in. If a republican did something that benefited me or all I would give it the same ounce of respect that I would give a democrat…

    I don’t agree with the republican stance on the housing part of the stimulus plan. I think that bailing out the banks that made the bad loans is bad practice… especially when one of the bigger banks that benefitted from the original bailout paid billions on a superbowl ad and suites at the game and the afterparty for being a sponsor… or for those who don’t trust fox news lol!

    Alaskan- All I gotta say is amen you are so right… Why can’t people learn to judge people individually by the content of their character instead of lumping them into arbitrary life groups…. Single mothers do not ruin this country! It is the stupid people who refuse to see things as they really are that ruin this country. It is the stupid people who refuse to improve themselves that ruin this country. It is the stupid people who refuse to have higher standards for themselves and the country that ruin this country…


  56. UAW…
    Once again you got away from lobbing Molotov’s to see if anyone would scamper…and showed that you are closer to a lot of us than you might want to be.

    I agree…job protection, a great idea and one which shoule be strengthened again, especially now, has been frought with abuses, longetivity does not make you a good employee. On the other hand, it shouldn’t place you on the chopping block. I think a lot of us agree, there are abuses…in the unions, in politics, in this country.

    I also think that though single parenting is not the root of our social ills, that the lack of a foundation for a lot of single parents is a problem.

    There will always be lazy s.o.b.s that don’t want to work, would rather work the system, whatever system, feel thay are owed something but that is not an excuse to firebomb the entire thing…and that is definitely not just the poor I am talking about. I have known quite a few ‘rich kids’, most of them adults, still feeling entitled and being bailed out constantly.

    As for your guns, not a concern to me…and I think it’s dumb that you have been singled out in your union for supporting gun ownership. Not a big fan of the NRA but I understand it…just as I am certain you are not a fan of ALF. Still, sometimes to keep things balanced, you need extremes.

    So…perhaps a closet leftie??? Starting to think so…


  57. Two of our last three presidents were children of single mothers – Clinton and Obama.

    I don’t hire a driving instructor who has never driven and I certainly don’t take parenting advice from a woman who has never had children. It’s hilarious.


  58. Check out John Ziegler if you think AC is a PITA. If ever there was a male version……………


  59. UWA
    I prefer the Canadian approach to guns, put the stakes to get them high or even better higher.

    Criminals will ALWAYS get guns, they steal ’em and deal ‘am, that’s why they are criminals and that’s why we have a police to take care of them.

    But all these nutcases going around and vent their anger with freely available guns (remeber JuneauJoe’s daughter? Nearly killed just because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time with a nutcase driving by?), that is where I blame your “liberal” (He He, sorry couldn’t stop that snigger, writing to you) gun laws! These “good people” with NO criminal conncetions have a much harder time here and in other countries with more restrictive gun laws to actually lay hands on the weapons to wreck havoc with.

    And that’s a given!

    So I promote as restrictive a gunlaw as possible for EVERY country in the world….

    Best is guns and handguns to police and military ONLY!

    But that’s only my 5 cents worth…..



  60. As a reasonable and educated human being, I am of course disturbed by the likes of Coulter and Limbaugh. But what I find downright piss -in -your -pants SCARY is the fact that so many of our fellow citizens feed off their hateful messages and buy into that negative mentality.


  61. And Imaginista,
    do check out that film, (and you too JuneauJoe) I am sure you’ll just love it, the story is about an unemployed guy that can’t get the papers to get a job since he has no job to get the papers…… and what he does about it.
    It takes the whole “respect to the uniform” thing ad absurdum….. something that is as true today as it was a hundred years ago…


  62. Imaginista, exactly my point…..

    you don’t think I take myself serious? How BORING! (If I would, I mean)

    No first we need to smile at ourselfs and our origin, than put it in question and then, but only then can we talk of accomplishments, if we have any.

    By this we make sure NEVER to take ourselfs too seriously.

    I am not half the pompous ass I sound sometimes…..(hopefully!)


  63. wow, the responces are………. interesting.
    As to AC (along with Rush), she is is dead to me. Stupid lady.


  64. Grandma…
    I don’t see anything wrong with my attitudes.
    Your dads Dem party was a lot different than todays…Remember JFK’s “ask not what your country can do for you”…not… Yo country…You owe me…I also worked alot of those hours..Never worked Christmas or Easter but I’ve worked Thanksgiving, New Years, 4th of July. Don’t see a problem with training more people and working less hours. Started having problems when we couldn’t kick the dummies out of the trades. Do you want your grandchildren delivered by the bottom half of the class? I don’t have a problem with worker safety or equal pay…I think things went to far with protecting some workers. Pick any subject and someone can point out abusers and thats where I have a problem…I’ve had union officials move me off to the side because of my NRA button. There’s people that don’t like the NRA but what I can’t figure out is why they want criminals to have guns. The NRA and I don’t want them to have guns. Barack should join the NRA because he wants to keep guns out of criminals hands. So what about my attitude?


  65. Sorry, that should be “aren’t as promised”


  66. UAW

    You are right that there is a problem with single parent households in this country right now. But I think that it stems more from a narcissitic attitude that has been getting worse with each generation and a refusal to take responsibility for one’s own actions and duties. I know single father households also where the tone is “whoa is me” and “why do I deserve this” and “everybody owes me something”. I don’t think that you can make a generalized statement and say that all of societies problems stem from single mothers. Where are the dads in all of this. Many of these unwed mothers are choosing to have the children because they don’t believe in abortion, which is the way that AC and SP would want it, but then you are faced with adoption and raising it yourself. I have had children, I am married and I was married when I had them. Had I not been married, I don’t know if I would have been able to give them up. That is a very easy thing for people to just say “give the kid up for adoption.” Yes it is better for the kid, but the bond of a mother to a child is so strong.

    My aunt gave a baby up for adoption and it has haunted her for 40 years.

    AC’s solution of keeping your legs together obviously works so well. SP’s daughter is a shining example of that.

    I know that it seems all pro left her and right hate, but I think that a lot of that just comes from the feelings of frustration over the last 8 years. I, for one, am totally able to cry foul when a democrat does something wrong or is less than above board.

    I see some value in both systems and I think that balance is necessary. I just don’t like the directions that the republican party has taken over the last 15 or so years. I think that too much religion has gotten tied up in politics when the basis of this country was to keep a separation of church and state.

    I know my faith and I don’t think that any political party has the right to make legal decisions based on “religion.”

    I truly appreciate your willingness to be civil and debate in an open format instead of name calling. You make valid points that I can contemplate, but not always necessarily agree with. And the same goes for you.

    I am excited to see what this new change will bring in our administration. However, the president is just a person and will make mistakes like everyone. There is nothing wrong with bringing both parties into the administration because it creates balance. I do not envy the president with the mess that has been dumped into his lap. No one would be able to solve all of the issues that are at hand right now and I just get the sense the the republican party is ready to strike as soon as small mistakes are made or things are exactly as promised. All politicians make promises, many of which they intend to keep, but just find out they can’t when they are actually in office.


  67. Werner… it’s just comedy. Don’t take it personally. I’m of mostly German descent myself.


  68. UAW, I appreciate your posts. Just wanted to let you know that. I too am watching the developments with interest. No one here seems too interested in the so-called “stimulus package” either. While they grieve and rant over Ann Coulter, some very interesting stuff is going down in the world of politics.

    But back on topic. Ann is such a bitch and you Repubs sure do have attitudes.

    Tune in next week when someone else is a bitch and the Republicans are still stupid, bad people.

    Hey Werner, ease up on the brewskis.




  70. Imaginista I strongly disagree,
    this is NOT funny (well, maybe not VERY funny…. LOL) but an insult to my late Kayser’s (Whilhelm II’s (dubbeded (Dubyad?) “The Idiot” by some) German Police!!
    If you want to know details try to find a copy of the “Hauptmann von Koepenick” with Heinz Ruehmann (1956, available in English) it shows what an uniform can do for an unemployed person in the early 1900s and a main part was that helmet!!

    So, more respect to the German police uniform (and less to Coulter, if that is possible…..)

    No, but seriously, why Germans ALWAYS get it through the uniform?
    We did SOOOO much stupid things whitout it, why always the uniform….????

    Well but otherwise I just appreaciate the “good doggie” approach to the camera, I think they try to reach us with the “intellegent dog” approach instead of their ususal “dumb human” personalty!

    And no insult to any dogs intended!



  71. UAW how did you become UAW with your attitudes?

    I saw what changed workwise when my dad’s trade became unionized. Gone were the long hours and longer on Saturdays WE began to see him around the house. And he was a s tanch Democrat!!


  72. Here is a post from my other favorite blogger, driftglass. He just won the BlogAward for best single writer blog or something. Anyway, click this link then scroll down a bit for a hysterically funny picture of Limbought and the skAnnk.


  73. Talea-Thanks fpr y our very interesting letter. Would like to see these DRs when they get to be tthat age!
    Have y ou read the book “The Brainthat Can Heal Itself”. I’m also in So Cal.
    My Dr wants to blame evrything on sugar level. Fortunately I have a PharmD son who disagreed with him. There are things like stress, chemotherapy drugs to take into consideration.
    So I read the book and took sons advice. Do it yourself. And you know it is working!!
    This site has also been good for my mental outlook!! Helens discourse on Coulter is hilarious. Couldn’t stand reading it myselllf.


  74. Werner sorry
    reading posts, I sometimes get the impression that Repubs can do no right and Dems can do no wrong…just pointing that out.


  75. UAW where’s the problem?
    getting compentend people where he can find them?

    Nothing but respect from me on this one, 100 times better than giving jobs to your buddies, croonies and finacial supporters, don’t you think?

    And that a person that is competend is memeber of the “wrong” party, who GAS?



  76. How many more Repubs will Obama pick to be in his cabinet??? Daschle OUT…Tax prob…Nancy Killefer…OUT…tax prob….President Obama on Tuesday nominated Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire as Commerce secretary, the third Republican tapped for his Cabinet.


  77. And a cooment I really liked, fits here to )on some trolls)

    You can accuse religious fanatics of many thinks, but using well-thought out argumentation isn’t one of them.


  78. Something along the lines of single mothers (mine was one) is the choice of abortion, now there a re a lot of people batteling this, here some rather interessting thoughs on that:

    Did you know you can stump anti-abortionists with one simple question?

    Just ask them this:

    If abortion was illegal, what should be done with the women who have illegal abortions?

    Now watch their faces as the cognitive dissonance sets in. They believe abortion to be murder. Murder deserves severe punishment. Thus, women who have illegal abortions should receive severe punishment — like life in prison or the death penalty. That’s the logical conclusion.

    But they can’t accept this conclusion. They know it’s absurd and unfair — which means they know abortion is not really murder.

    Here’s a must-watch video of anti-abortion protesters being asked this question:

    speechless in your movment……. intersting


  79. Oh lordy! Thank you for your insightful review of this woman’s drivel! I love thoughtful discourse on a variety of topics that involves a mutual respect and understanding of the opposing point of view, something(M)Ann Coulter will never understand or partake in. Her logic defies logic and her popularity absolutely perplexes me. I have heard some conservatives talk about how hot she is….
    Really? Hot? REALLY??? Can a skeleton filled with hate and anger with some skin stretched over her bones really be considered hot? Really???
    Ewwwww…if thats the basis of hotness in the republican party, no wonder so many conservatives were tripping over themselves when they laid eyes on Sarah Palin. Sidenote: I have had a lifelong healthy obsession with the “librarian girl” look, so at first glance, I swooned as well. Then she had to go and open her mouth and spew the party line uncompromising crap that characterizes the extreme right-wing that Ann Coulter dwells in and she quickly lost her appeal…


  80. What part of …a greater percentage of felons come from single parents…am I getting wrong. I might not agree with the way AC stated her “facts” but isn’t she right. Even Barack says that fathers have to get more involved with their children. Isn’t it true that 70% of black children are born to single mothers. The problem isn’t single motherhood it’s single parenting.
    Detroit has a greater population of blacks(inner city) and also has a dropout rate of 38%(low-also saw 62%), are you saying that single motherhood doesn’t figure into this in any way.
    and Helen…whats bigger…AC’s feet or your head


  81. I HAVE to shre this, got just send round by a colleague, and since a lot of our trolls are hill Billies…….

    Hill Billy First Aid

    Two hillbillies walk into a bar. While having a shot of whiskey, they talk about their moonshine operation.

    Suddenly, a woman at a nearby table, she is eating a sandwich, begins to cough. After a minute or so, it becomes apparent that she is in real distress.

    One of the hillbillies looks at her and says “Kin ya swallar?” The woman shakes her head no. “Kin ya breathe?” The woman begins to turn blue and shakes her head no.

    The hillbilly walks over to the woman, lifts up the back of her dress, yanks down her drawers and quickly gives her right butt cheek a lick with his tongue.

    The woman is so shocked that she has violent spasm and the obstruction flies out of her mouth.

    As she begins to breathe again, the hillbilly walks slowly back to the bar.

    His partner says “Ya know, I’d heerd of that there “Hind Lick Maneuver.” But I ain’t never seed nobody do
    (AKA Heimlich maneuver)

    So even a Hill Billy can be smart, but words DO matter!


  82. Oh yeah, on the title too “GWB Nauseum”
    Love it




  83. JuneauJoe,
    I think the library should take you up on the toilet paper idea, but how do we make it clear that this only reflects on GWB and is no insult to the other 55% who didn’t support him?

    Wait a minute……
    how about a gift shoppe item “Recycled toilet paper GWB” with the constitution printed on and brown markings printed right over?

    That could work, and even raise some funds…..




  84. a votre santee (sorry the correction, LOL)

    …..It never ends.

    Is there room for him up a monkey’s butt?…..

    I think more a special place, like a permanently backed up toilet, fit’s more the general picture….. Plummer and all….

    JuneauJoe, the whole place is dedicated to “His Failure” so why limit it to the butt? As he has proofen again and again, not only your butt can be shitty, you can have shit for brains too!



  85. Werner,

    GW Nauseum – Constitution room: A big bathroom with the constitution written on toilet paper!



    link to the complete article (In German) with a rather interessting report from one of the Pius-gang’s journey to israel ……”the jew doesn’t want to be converted”….

    Who would have guessed?


  87. CANADIAN News

    Just found out that the Holocaust Denier Bishop Williamson was based in Quebec (Sherbrooke)

    He and his Pius-Brotherhood have a strong foothold in Quebec and North-America (24 Churches one School and one High-School in Quebec, 100+ Churches and 24 schools in America)

    This is the extreme right wing in the Catholic church, the guys who activly supported Hitler and helped to deport Jews out of Switzerland back to Germany.

    He states, with other things, that:

    There never was a holocaust
    …..six million jews just tried to stay warm in those ovens? (FYI the people that occupied the factory of “Topf & Soehne” (Mfgr, of the ovens in Leipzig,) just got evicted!)……

    Jews want the world supremacy
    (Well they do have a long history of handling money rather well, but far as I can see mostly other peoples money…)

    Muslims want to “outbreed” the native population….. Well also there is a hint of truth there, but well, hard luck, in a democracy the majority wins, even IF you don’t like it……

    And luckily those fundamentalist muslims are only a fraction of the majority, and with the rest I can live rather well….

    This is one reason of my deep distrust in any kind of organiced religion, it will always be bend to the will of men in the name of whatever god is convienently at hand…….

    Give me atheism and let me think for myself anytime of the day…..



  88. Thanks Hellen,

    But be careful, remember the well known Nietzsche quote:

    “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

    So if you notice your feet swelling, I’d advise you to watch a bit of Rachel Maddow or something else sane. We wouldn’t want to lose you to the abyss. 😀


  89. From this post I learned that I share a birthday with Ann Coulter. And now my day is ruined.


  90. Werner,

    GW Nausium – How about having the GW butt for the entrance? It would need to be kissed and or wiped before you enter?

    The ass would be unwiped and stinky: There could be a sign:
    I made the mess, NOW CLEAN IT FOR ME!


  91. It never ends.

    Is there room for him up a monkey’s butt?


  92. to Honolulu Sally… the red denotes the person has entered a website in the space to the left of the comment section. If you click on the red names you link to their website.


  93. Werner,

    You need to have a room for Cheney. Maybe a place where Cheney would shoot you in the face as you walk by.

    Bankruptcy – GW learned to go bankrupt real well as a businessman – took it to the nation and the world, need to be able to showcase his bankruptcy talents as well

    Oil – An oil well shooting money in the air while the cost of fuel is increasing? Show the mom deciding to buy either fuel or formula, while the Shrub counts his money. laughs that he is a compassionate conservative.

    Coulter – Maybe she could be put on trial for:
    1. trying to impersonate a real person
    2. Making the nation sick from the crap she writes
    3. Crimes against 9=11 widows
    There has to be something to get her in jail or an insane asylum.


  94. in re: Shrub Museum
    query: entrances/exits

    Greytdog, you have a point here, but than we need a “permanent” building site up front where people get “de-toured” to the ass………

    I doubt that even a hardcore lobbiest would willing use the ass in public…. but with a detour….maybe…..and if we’d put a “shitpile” of money aside the entrance (just for the smell, behind a fine mesh, so they can’t grab at it)……

    might just work

    Julie, get that pic?



  95. Charles
    go fly a monkey (on a kite)

    Go find good sized kite, good sized cliff and good sized monkey (Charles?)

    Put Charles (uups read that “monkey”) under Kite, hurl (jump) of cliff, enjoy flying monkey!

    a) whatch that there is enough deep water under cliff (wouldn’t like to loose your comments) in case soenthing doesn’t work out correctly

    b) if started correctly, please land safely (see reason above)

    I HAD to get this off my heart, after reading all this monkey business above, remember the only true monkeys are the shrubb’s library entrances….. or something like that…..

    LOL real hard



  96. Doubt if he’s hindu, though there are fantatic hindus…the one’s I know do not prosletize and don’t believe in hell. Besides flying monkeys are too close to Haunaman, a positive deity.

    Though I thought the mixture of Oz and christianity was interesting…


  97. Did anyone notice the (well quiet a bit far feched, I have to admit) similarity of Sanjay’s avatar to a swastika?

    I mean, if he is hindu, than we have a ligit “good luck” sign, but if he is “Christian” as he pretends, than it may be a hint on the brown mass (AKA shit, AKA the prefered coplor of the Nazis (uniforms)) that has replaced whatever brains he might have had at one time (If there ever was one)

    nuff said…. just a (rather mean) hint



  98. Greytdog concerning W
    ….Pat – Texas doesn’t want ‘im, Maine never did – could we send him to Gitmo???…….

    Well place should be enough once Obama cleard that shithole out, but in case he doesn’t wanna go, to close to Fidel (Castro), I have to state here:

    Now that said, how about we shoot him too the moon?



  99. Helen — thanks once again for taking the bullet for all your readers who would never voluntarily pick up an AC book. The experience would be akin to mental waterboarding.

    I count myself lucky in that I can turn off the TV if she is being “featured” there, or at least mute the sound. I don’t even wonder what makes her tick because I am so thankful that she isn’t part of my daily life.

    The problem is that all too many in our irresponsible and ineffective media believe that they must feature her for no motive other than to improve their ratings and because she furnishes “red meat” to the lunatic fringe she caters to, also irresponsibly. We must take her seriously for the same reasons that we must take Caribou Barbie, the wolf-slayer, seriously. Both are sociopaths and caricatures who hate other women and who are in media-created positions to wreak major harm.

    So Helen, please be careful in this major public service that you are performing. If our media behaved as responsibly, neither woman would now be in the position of “power” she now occupies.


  100. Ugh, I could never brave those misinformed, drippingly sarcastic pages of hers. What’s that? A few examples of single mothers who’s offspring went awry? And this is now appropriate representation of all single mothers? Or even any? I say nay-nay!

    Thanks for reminding me what a nutjob that woman is without actually having to send my poor brain into a fit of anger by reading her nuttiness myself.


  101. in re: Shrub Museum
    query: entrances/exits

    Perhaps the entrance/exit could be modeled upon some of Daumier’s political cartoons – Gargantua – with the entrance through the ass, exit through the belly (of the beast). A special entrance for most favored lobbyists could be through the mouth with a special exit through the ass.

    Okay – gotta head off to work. (heigh ho)


  102. Problem is, how to enter the Monkeys……. Through the belly?
    Trough the groin seams a bit inappropriate, no?
    or go in up through ears (two) and mouth (the one with capped ears)?

    Anyone any input?

    Raji you still with us on this?


    I’m still with you and you are creating hilarious mental images here. Where’s Julie and her artistic kids? Can’t deal with anymore mental images of AC. I think the entrance should be through the belly of the beast.


  103. It is time to make Rove, Cheney and some others face a judge or jury!


  104. “For Koolaid drinkers these are the same kinds of things but the problem is the “koolaid” not “hell”.”

    ROFLMAO…red pill or blue pill dude?

    Coulter is the truth??? …and you question OUR “KoolAid”?


  105. Grandma Katie: I understand exactly what you’re saying.

    My mom, who was a few weeks shy of her 80th birthday, came out to visit my brother and I on the West Coast for a few weeks in 2006. At the time, she was on a walker, having being diagnosed with a stroke two years earlier. My sister-in-law, a doctor, had seen the medical records and didn’t totally buy it.

    So the sis-in-law used the clout she had at her teaching hospital and got mom into all the best specialists in less than a two-week period. And she found the answer: Mom HAD been mis-diagnosed and her mobility problems COULD BE FIXED. But it required surgery.

    Surgery is never a slam dunk when you’re almost 80; and then the alert radiologist happened to notice a spot (literally, a spot) of lung cancer in the MRI used to diagnose her spinal issue, which had caused her mobility issues (rather than a stroke). So within 5 days, Mom had two surgeries, the first to take out the lung cancer and the second to fix her spine. Both were successful. The doctors were willing to do it because she was totally coherent, and in the two years since her alleged stroke, she had kept totally active, including acting as the resident nurse (she was an RN) at her senior housing center (not an assisted living center — everybody was over 55) and becoming a “Curves” person of the month for her workout regimen. In other words, she didn’t let the bastards keep her down.

    But a week after the second surgery and after she had gone to a rehab center, she developed pneumonia, not an unexpected complication for a woman of her age.

    She went back to the ICU. All of a sudden, I, as the next of kin of record, had to deal with all these doctors (young doctors) who wanted to know why I was “torturing” my elderly mother by keeping her alive (at this point, she was on a vent and she was totally out of her mind due to the drugs they had her on. But her last instruction to me was to give her time to get over the pneumonia).

    To be honest. had she not had a neurologist back in the Midwest who just decided she was old so why bother, she could have had two more years of mobility.

    Luckily for us, my mom’s West Coast surgeons didn’t believe in that “you’re old so you’re going to die anyway” crap and kept fighting. And they helped me overrule the other doctors and residents.

    The sadness is that she just kept getting infections and in the end, she (who, thanks to my sister-in-law doctor, was no longer being drugged out of her mind) called an end to it — HERSELF. My sister flew out from the Midwest on a day’s notice and the three of us were there when the vent was turned off, after plenty of time to say what need to be said. Mom died within the hour. It was, as they say, “a good death.”

    (Of course, heathens that her West Coast kids were, we had to find an Episcopalian priest to do a last communion and the last rites. Luckily, my sis-in-law has a huge extended family that included some Portland Episcopalians who sent their priest over. My mom was very pleased that, as one of her last acts, she got to see all three kids taking communion. I’ve since rejoined the Episcopal church — that female priest ROCKED).

    But to this day, I have no (ok, few) regrets about being “the bitch in residence” whose job it was to fight all those doctors who said, “She’s old, let her die in peace.”

    Her case actually changed the way the hospital’s palliative care team deals with patients’ families — thanks to me for pissing doctors off when they said, “She’s old. What do you expect?”

    My answer was always: “How about doing your job, you jerk.” My sister-in-law, who has to work with these people, was always behind me saying, “Forgive her, she’s overwrought because her momma’s dying. What she really means to say is ‘Do your job, please’.”

    My sis-in-law and I were a great team. (And the case has been written up in one of the major medical journals.) When I recently was at the hospital for my brother’s neck surgery (different reason than my mom, but same surgeon) — I ran into the woman who ran my mom’s case. She said, “I actually liked the way you advocated for your mom. And I love (your sis-in-law).”

    I’m childless, so I have no idea who will be there to be my advocate. Hopefully, my younger sibs will outlive me.

    Otherwise, I think I’ll just wander out to my sis’s back 40 and die like the Indians did.

    BTW, my brother’s surgery was a total success — he feels great and has full mobility. He had to tell the surgeon to tell ME to get off his back, once the doctor released him for all activity, including three kids climbing on his neck.


  106. Popping in – learned something new today, but most of you probably knew this already. However, for me it was a real nice surprise, and now I’m gonna have less time because there is more great sites to visit!

    Anywho, I was wondering why some posters have red names, (and thank you for explaining the ∆ symbol as pieces of pie) and so I clicked on a red name, and bam! I was on that person’s website/blogsite! Well, I tell you, that was pretty good stuff!

    So, thank you Jean with the Jean’s Ramblings and Juneau Joe (with pie?), and Maui Girl, who isn’t living in Maui but now loves Kauai though living on the mainland.

    I love Jean’s stories and research; Juneau Joe’s pictures of Alaska make me think that maybe Hawaii isn’t the most beautiful place on earth; and Maui Girl your pictures actually do prove that Hawaii is the most beautiful place on earth.

    I had to stop at 3 names since the dogs need to get fed, clothes washed, dinner made, etc. I refuse to go to trolls’ websites and give them another number to tick up their visit count.

    Aloha O’e, Jean, Until we meet again.



  107. And, BTW, my “single mom” — a registered nurse — raised two journalists and a rocket scientist who have yet to see the inside of a jail cell, have yet to commit a crime, love and support their kids and their extended families and make decent livings (OK, I’m unemployed thanks to a layoff — newspapers are dying, in case you’ve haven’t noticed — but I’m back in school and still supporting myself with the help of unemployment).

    The most amazing part is that a mostly absent dad (although not monetarily; he religiously followed his court-ordered monetary obligations, unlike many divorced parents) has become, in the wake of the death of our beloved mom and his second wife, a really supportive and present parent. And even though his youngest is 43 and the oldest (me) is plus 50, it’s never too late to get with the parental program.

    He even managed not to call the two of his three kids who voted for Obama “effin’ morons.”

    We are very proud.


  108. Wow – I hope you treated yourself to some particularly strong alcohol after reading that crap.

    Two words describe Ann Coulter: attention whore.

    That about covers it. No one would ever really say those things except to hear the sound of their own voice.


  109. AlaskePi
    Yipes don’t let the overflow get to Helens parlor!! I was up late last ight cleaning off the pie I threw, missed Paula and h it the wall. And thanks for the kind words. This sight has been a wonderful experience.
    Sorry Jean is going to leave us. Maybe she’ll get lonesome and come visit.
    Avotresante, I wasn’t referring to your comments abou t blue hair. It’s this attitude that some have (particularlly males) that get my disposition riled up. HMMM maybe I can turn that into a story.


  110. Nobody needs to slam Ann Coulter for her big feet. Heck, I’m 5’5″ and I have huge feet for my size. People have made fun of me for decades. To them, I say “Bite me.” I can’t help the size of my feet, only the size of my … rear end. Which, ironically, few people slam me for because it would “be impolite.”

    But that means nothing.

    Let’s just slam Coulter for her lack of logic, meanness, general divisiveness and hate speech. That gives us all sorts of fertile ground to cover.

    Thanks, Helen, for reading the newest book for me. My 79-year-old dad, who still admires the Shrub, has one of Coulter’s early books (although to be fair to him, he’s not a fan either). I read some of it when I was visiting my dad the week of the election and it turned my tummy.


  111. littleriver: Please tell me the good stuff about Ann Coulter! I think she is a damned idiot!

    Chapter 2 – Victim of a crime? Thank a single mother

    Let’s start first with the title of the chapter – calling upon victims of crime to place the blame on single mothers. Considering her entire first chapter was a thesis on how there are no real victims in the world, I am left scratching my head. Which is it Ann – victims or no victims?

    According to Ann, single mothers give birth to the lowest forms of life ever to walk the face of the earth. And again I am left scratching my head because at the same time she makes the case that we shouldn’t teach children about birth control. And then, for no apparent reason except that maybe she gets paid by the word, she throws in a paragraph or two about how abused women have only themselves to blame because they date bald men with tattoos and everyone knows that bald men with tattoos abuse women. Conclusion – don’t date Bruce Willis? Ouch. My head hurts reading this shit.

    I am only on the second chapter which means that Ann has five more chapters to outdo herself. However, I find it hard to believe she can top this next part as her crownning achievment as a bitch: on pages 51-52 Ann lists seven cases of single mothers killing their own children. In two of the cases Ann found it appropriate to make a joke. No kidding. She made jokes about murdered children. Don’t believe me? I’ll type one of the cases here without edit:

    In 1998, twenty-five-year-old single mother Tami Lynn Richards left her two children, three and one and a half years old, alone in their apartment while she went to a bar to drink and listen to a band. One of the boys set a fire when he was playing with matches he found in the apartment. Both boys died. On the other hand, from what I hear, the bar band was pretty awesome.

    Gee. Do you think that Ann came up with that last joke before or after she danced on the kids’ graves? I find it odd that she is making the case that children of single mothers overwhelmingly grow up to be criminals and yet argues the case by giving examples of children of single women who were murdered long before they grew up to become these reputed criminals. Seriously folks, this is one hell of a messed up broad. Applying some of Ann’s amazing logic, I can now emphatically declare that all skinny white bitches with abnormally large feet named Ann Coulter grow up to hate children. And if you give me enough time I am sure I can site a report or study to prove that point.

    But truly Ann is one of the great “thinkers” of our time. She doesn’t just list what is wrong with the world; She also has the answer that will make everything right again. Her well thought out solution? Keep your knees together before marriage.

    I had to put the book down and go over to the computer to look something up at this point – OK, got it. Ann Hart Coulter was born on December 8, 1961. She has never married. So Ann is 47 years old and hopelessly single. Conclusion – men don’t want to have sex with a bitch who has enormous feet. So back to the book…

    I read the rest of the chapter because I said I would and I do what I say… regardless of how much it hurts. But Coulter is some kind of crazy and it is hard to sum it all up without sounding like I am being unfair to her. In truth she makes some very interesting observations. Of course, some people find war reenactments interesting so it’s all kind of relative if you think about it. Here are a few examples of Coulter’s brilliant mind at work:

    Single mothers are worse than cigarette companies – page 59

    Children of single mothers become rapists and serial killers – page 61

    Shotgun weddings should be celebrated – page 71

    Hey Village idiot: Which parts of Coulter’s writing to you agree with??


  112. Oh my-
    Somebody get a plunger.
    The terlet has backed up all over the place and is the little river is running towards Helen and Margaret’s parlor.


  113. Reading Ann Coulter isn’t like “visiting hell”. It’s like visiting the truth.

    For Koolaid drinkers these are the same kinds of things but the problem is the “koolaid” not “hell”.


  114. Aaaagh, still talking about big feet! I like to think my 12 AAs provide a good understanding, under my 5′ 10″ self. I don’t slam single mothers, victims, or anybody with blue hair (even if I let mine just get white all on its own). Us Bigfoots can’t help it!


  115. Jean-
    Fare Well- in the only language I can pretend to know. Do Fare Well… will miss you.


  116. Sorry, Grandma Katie, I didn’t mean to upset anyone by talking about blue hair. And yes, my beloved grandmother did that to her hair and I cherish every single thing about her. It’s probably why I think it would be fun to try it.
    I sure wish that was a real pie (cherry, and I love sour cherries) that you threw at me. I’m still hungry.
    ‘night, all.


  117. “I love troll pie. Crunchy.”
    Wow.Is it really? They always seem so slimy when still on the hoof.


  118. Hi gang and Whirled Peas,


    The f—king little Valentine Guys are finished and the last batch will be in the mail to CA tomorrow. The band-aids are off my blistered and bleeding fingers. They are healing nicely.

    SUPERGRAM has triumphed again! I can take off my blue tights and hang up my red cape for another year. You should be grateful that I don’t have a Gee Whiz camera for a video of that! It would not be a pretty sight.

    Update on my granddaughter’s piano lessons that got started at Christmas time out here. Her other grandparents have an organ that has been in storage ever since they moved to a smaller place. That’ll work! They will get it out for her as soon as the weather in PA permits. We can start our long distance piano lessons, maybe with Skype. IF I can figure out how to get the damn WebCam going. Whirled Peas, where are you when I need you?

    In college I played a rickety old five manual pipe organ with a full keyboard of foot pedals. Teetering, perched on the bench, I’d get going on it with both hands and both feet à la “The Phantom of the Opera” until I almost fell off backwards!

    There is an old adage I am sure you have heard before about, “Small minds talk about people. Mediocre minds talk about things. Great minds talk about ideas.”

    George Bush is not the ONLY American who has embarrassed this country around the world with his small and mediocre rhetoric of thinking. This blog is VOLUNTARILY read internationally BY PEOPLE JUST LIKE US, you know. A surprising number, to us, speak and read English. I have heard and know plenty of cuss words in other languages. They SOUND much prettier if you don’t know the meaning! Especially if they are said softly with a smile on the speaker’s face.

    This ‘bleeding ‘heart’, ‘liberal’, ‘Democratic’,
    ‘Feminazi’, ‘pinko’, ‘idiotic’, ‘moronic’, ’wingnut’,
    ‘troll’, ‘bitchy’ broad is weary of reading the gossip about Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, et al. I’m going out to buy a copy of “People Magazine” instead and retreat to my ‘ivory tower’. Better yet, the slick similar magazine published in England named “Hello!”, if I can find a copy.

    Don’t worry. I’m not angry. My feelings are not hurt. I’m a tough old broad who can take just about anything thrown at me.

    Now that the Valentine Guys are finished, I want to get on with another project dear to my heart. It has been on the back burner since before the Holidays. It takes HUGE chunks of uninterrupted time with my favorite music on the stereo.!!!!! I love it and it makes me happy. Though, while I’m working on it, my husband better not ask, “What’s for dinner?”

    So I’ll say “I love you!” I can’t remember how to spell it in Russian, but “I love you!” said there is pronounced like the English words “Yellow Blue Bus!” With a smile on the speaker’s face.

    “Addio, senza rancor.” That’s Italian for, “Bye-bye, without bitterness.”

    And ‘au revoir and adieu, mes ami,’ (French), ‘auf Wiedersehen’, (German), ‘adios’, (Spanish), ‘adjö’, (Swedish), ‘До свидания’, (Russian) ‘Sayonara,‘ Japanese ’, ‘zay(t) gezunt’, (Yiddish) and ‘sholem’.

    Aloha, my friends!


    P. S. See ya in late March – – – maybe.


  119. Cherry cream cheese pie?
    Is it legal?
    Holy moley.
    I wonder if that poor nasty Ms Coulter’s real problem is that she’s never had Helen’s bacon stuffing, the black bean soup someone posted, D’s cranberry sauce, or cherry cream cheese pie?
    Just the thought of all those goodies is healthier than the vomit soup she’s always trying to peddle…


  120. I love troll pie. Crunchy.


  121. Pi

    Have you ever had cherry cream cheese pie. Yum, cheesecake and pie together. The best of both worlds.


  122. Hey Paula, why did you decide to no longer post?
    I personally feel you should not stop posting. This is a place where we are all invited to express our opinion. This blog is Helen and Margaret’s blog first and foremost. When Helen especially has an issue with somebody posting unwanted comments, she usually lets the person know about it. So far, no evidence that has happened with you. Unless of course chosing not to post is really your truest choice, then yes, by all means, follow your heart. But would that make you happy not to post when you have an opinion about future comments Helen and Margaret will be posting just because you made that decision based on some arguments with other bloggers? Come on, big smile, bury yesterday and come back to posting. Thanks.


  123. You throw all the pie you want Granma Katie-
    You get mad too if you want.
    Just don’t be throwing out your typing arm friend-
    Need your voice here.

    There was someone last night who said they were a newbie and felt uncomfortable with all the back and forthing from those of us who have worn a groove in the floor here -to the pie table. Pop in, say up!
    When I first showed up the “talk” went all around me and rarely towards… still happens a lot… kinda like talking to yourself in the corner sometimes. Oh well- try out your pipes in a safe place .
    I’ve been watching- we have an editor, a couple scientists, a hell of a lot of granmas, horse people, farming people, some people…
    My favorite for today from 2legit-

    ” I’m sure that every book reviewer in the country is jealous because you have the cajones to review Ann Coulter’s books the way they’d like to. Keep up the great work.”

    And tonight it looks like a couple sour cherries. I love cherry pie… but NOT sour cherries. Bleah.
    Flying monkeys and blue hair??
    Do sour cherries cause hallucinations as well as upset tummies?
    gramma rock-
    good wishes across the miles for you and granpa rock. miss you.


  124. OHHHKAY..that ‘ll do it for me…night folks& green and lavender doggies,blue flying monkeys & purple haired ladies.


  125. I too resent being called a blue hair. I’ve fired 2 or 3 Drs and a dentist becaiuse of that kinnd of attitu8de.

    Most of us here have had 8 years of being insulted being called Liberal in nasty tones of voice. ( my SO of 22 years for one) and he was also an addict of FAux news and their commentators. He passed away in Sept of 06, We probably never had made it th rough this past campaign!!
    After being called unamerican, unpariotic etc we are entitled to let it all out.

    it is obvioius y ou don’t know any blue haired ladies do you or you wouldn’t make that kind of idiot statement.

    I promise not to throw any more pie.


  126. AnnΔ, once had a day of white dogs at the hydrotherapy pool. the guy who owned the place had panicked after an algae bloom and poured a zillion tons of chlorine into the water. That day the dogs went in white (or cream) and came out. . .shades of green. I told one client we were just celebrating St Paddy’s early.


  127. If you guys are the flying monkeys, do I get to be the wicked witch? Actually I am a good liberal, democrat witch who wants to help people.

    Can I play too. Although Sanjay, with your troll attitude, you can’t play with us. Ha ha ha and you will never turn us to the dark side.


  128. “wonder what bluing would do to flying monkeys?”

    Turn ’em into baboons, of which Sanjay G is exhibit D – (sorry Sanjay, but Colorful still ranks as exhibit A)


  129. just stopping by with fresh coffee and tea.

    No blue hair here at all. I am thinking, if and when my red hair goes gray or white, I shall rinse it purple! 🙂


  130. I wonder what bluing would do to flying monkeys?


  131. I had 2 great pyrenees dogs-white and fluffy. They got pretty gross swimming in the cow pond. I washed them with a special shampoo to whiten the fur. Then I had 2 lavender great pyrenees. I wonder what that bluing would do to your hair,skin,or bathing suit if you put it in the pool?


  132. I want to be a flying monkey too!!!


  133. Charles, thank you for the link, what a scream!
    As one of the old broads here, I might try it on my hair one day for laughs.


  134. I believe that the blue in the hair was to make the grey look better,because sometimes it gets a yellow cast that is not seen as desireable. Sanjay G. You are a real


  135. Oh No! Groan. Sanjay G., please pray and go away, save yourself. Thank you.


  136. Helen is the devil in a pant suit and Margaret is her flying monkey. Look away from this website. Pray for their souls and for the many souls of thier followers. Pray now. This is an evil place.




  138. “Blue haired”??? Wow, not yet…and I doubt that I will use blueing in my hair, even if I decide to transgender at an older age.

    Though…it might be kinda fun 🙂

    …and if quoting a book is “with less facts” well, consider the source.


  139. I always thought it was just a bad dye job – sort of akin to the green some blonde hair jobs get after swimming


  140. Yes, AnnΔ
    Some of us will add the triangle because we feel like it, and some of us will add a happy face because we feel like it 🙂 and I think a lot of us will be blowing off a lot of steam from the past 8 years and those who still support it.
    I’m curious now about something, does anyone know how our elders actually got that blue tint to their hair? Someone once told me they used bluing (used in laundry). Is that true?


  141. I just read Vincent Bugliosi’s book “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder”. I’d rather see that become a reality. According to Bugliosi any D.A. that has the guts to do so can charge W. with murder. He lays out exactly what to do to accomplish this & even offers to help.

    Anyone think this will ever happen?


  142. “what is making us so cranky…The Ann Coulter Effect must be at work.”

    Snap! That’s it! Thanks for yanking us back to reality!

    Pat – Texas doesn’t want ‘im, Maine never did – could we send him to Gitmo???


  143. Oh my, yes. I have 8 years of anger. And now I have to put up with that asshat W. coming back to live in Texas. As others from Texas have said before – he is NOT a Texan. I wish the whole family would go back to Kennebunkport or wherever they live in Maine. They are evil, evil people.

    Sorry. They make me crazy. Deep breaths now & more pie.


  144. Oi yoy yoy what is going on here….so much sniping and snottiness…what is making us so cranky…The Ann Coulter Effect must be at work.Some folks seem to have left their brains and crossed the border.Some folks seem to be trying to stay rational Take some pie,add the little triangle if you want it,and Tim:just go away if you do not find Helen humorous and wise.


  145. I, on behalf of everyone, resent being called a “blue hair”. If anyone saw me in person, they would rightly call me short but not “old” and not “blue hair”. Please be very careful when you lump and label millions of people 🙂


  146. Tim – your site is interesting. . . granted, way beyond my ken (jeez some days I’m lucky if I can manage to find the keyboard amid the wreckage of my desk,much less even think about coding and such. . .) as a coder, you deal in black and white. AC does too – but in a more hypocritical and venomous manner. And for someone who extolls the virtue of self-progression, to call others “blue hairs” is a bit Republican retro, don’t you think? People aren’t codes and can’t be categorized neatly and conveniently. Come out of your cubicle and visit whenever you’re in need of shades of gray


  147. Oh little Timmy, you’re a hoot.
    Even for someone who calls themselves a junkie on their own website, you’re pretty stupid to come here.
    Do yourself a favor and have someone look up junkie in the dictionary. Then give up on everything, because you have no credibility.
    So what if there’s “blue hairs” here — there’s also something you’ll apparently never have; wisdom.


  148. AC “born menopausal”.

    LOl Maybe so, maybe so.


  149. What a coincidence Greydog, I think I have 8 years of anger too. Could there be a correlation. Do you think there are any facts to back it up? Does anyone else here have 8 years of anger?


  150. Tim, Helen is providing facts – in that she is referencing Coulter’s writings. Now simply because Coulter herself doesn’t use facts does not automatically translate into a lack of factual information as reported by Helen. . . as for the anger – well yes there is – 8 years worth.


  151. News just in: Eric Holder confirmed as US Attorney General (time to duck and cover, Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, etc)


  152. Tim, go find another blog to enjoy. Trolls and snipers not welcome here.


  153. Tim, do pray tell, enlighten us with your facts. Please do tell us how anything Ann Coulter spouts off has anything to do with reality and not skewed results. Experts have already shown her data and research to be faulty (not to mention plagierized). I have listened to various interviews and caught her in lies between them. In one she says “I said no such thing” and in the other there she is saying it word for word.


  154. What is this? The Daily Kos for the blue hair crowd? Only with more anger and less facts … and that’s no small accomplishment.


  155. OMG AlaskanΔ, I’ve got an autistic grand-angel and we do the gluten-free thing; you’ve got me dragging out my cookbooks. I’m SO HUNGRY!!!
    Also, just watched an incredibly magnificent sunset….. totally cancels out things like AC.


  156. I try to understand and be aware of different parts of an issue. Ann Coulter has made it to the extreme fringe and it’s just not possible for me to even read one paragraph of what she expresses … without my involuntary throw up reflex kicking in. I really appreciate your summary. Didn’t want to ever buy one of her books ——– and now, thanks to you, I can keep my secret goal.


  157. Have you tried gluten free brownies? I swear Namaste brand brownie mix is better than regular brownies. The rice and the potato flour makes the air bubbles smaller, so they are denser and more chocolatey. They are fantastic. Pamela’s chocolote cake is better too because of the same thing. The air bubbles are smaller and therefore denser and moister.


  158. Well I made brownies (no pie) for Super Bowl – damn things didn’t even make it through the first quarter. Sigh. Oh well, at least my Steelers won – although AZ gave them a good run for their money.


  159. I helped myself to a piece of pie; thanks Greytdog for the offer. It’s either apple or cherry, I can’t decide. Or maybe chocolate… or Boston cream….. I’ll also think of it as a supporter of change.
    Coulter’s a complete loser. Note that there aren’t any human emotions present, and certainly no conscience; only the need for more and more sensationalism and Look At Me, Look At Me!!!!!! She gives me a full-body shiver.
    Helen, you are one strong woman to keep reading that garbage for our benefit. There should be some sort of medal for what you’re sacrificing. Please drink some chamomile and valerian tea before bedtime to sleep well without nightmares.


  160. has a pretty good Coulter archive – debunking her lies and showing the fallacies of her thinking process (if such a thing exists in AC’s vacuum) You just have to do a search on their site and a bunch of stuff comes up – including snippets from Harry Smith on CBS bemoaning how he lowered his journalistic standards by interviewing Coulter.


  161. Mmmmm pie. I have had a sugar jones on all afternoon with no sweets in sight. Maybe it’s from hanging out here!


  162. I wasn’t exactly eating pie last night, but using that as a reference that we pie heads aren’t an exclusive group, but got the symbol because we can’t stop about the pie.

    The key lime sounds great, the tarter the better, but I would have to modify the crust to make it gluten free.


  163. (Snark alert) You don’t have to ride a high horse, just know how to bridle one. . . (Snark off) 🙂


  164. I think that Ann deserves everything she gets and Whoopi was so right when she said that “you can dish it out, but you can’t take it. As soon as anyone says anything about Ann, she interrupts and whines about how everyone is being unfair to her.

    NBC bumps her for Tony Blair and she complains about how it was all a setup and that they never intended to have her on. That it was just a way to keep her from going on the other shows.

    Sorry lady, as Matt said, “you were canceled from your time slot for Tony Blair”. I think that any interview program would make the same decision.

    With what she says and how she says it… “Karma’s a bitch.” Deal with it.

    My only wish is that when something bad happens in her life that she will remember to not be a victim and that she will be treated with as much caring and consideration as she has treated others in her life. Let the example that she sets be the example that is held to her when she most needs compassion.


  165. AlaskanΔ, and what pie had your attention? So while on my oh-too-short vacation, I came across another version of Florida’s Key Lime pie – the pie itself is the same, but omigod, the crust!!!! The genius at the bakery had taken toasted macademia nuts, toasted coconut (almost sacrilegious considering KLPie is supposed to be on a pastry crust), enough graham cracker to hold it all together, lime zest, and something else but not sure what. . . wouldn’t part with the recipe so I’ll have to tinker around and see if I can replicate it.


  166. I heard her fiance dumped Ann Coulter recently. Gee, I wonder why?!


  167. May not matter to you what I say here since I don’t know you (just followed a link), but I think you’re being overly unfair to Ann C. Some of the jokes you claim she is making are just tongue in cheek remarks about those poor crazy women who murdered their children. She never once that I saw made fun of the murdered kids.

    Then again, that is my take on the book, and of course, you have yours.

    And enough about the size 17’s.


  168. While the pie lovers were being attacked last night I felt very alone.

    I was told the it was an exclusive group trying to run other people off.

    I thought it was just because I had no will power and can’t keep my face out of the pie.

    Oh well, can’t please em all.


  169. Perl… I take Sunday off from the toobs. I’m a day late and a dollar short!


  170. And what did your Dad say about the one who is still discussing it the next day?

    OK. Snark off.

    About AC – you can manipulate numbers about almost anythig to mak eyour point. She is just tryig to make a buck. Karam will get her eventually if it hasn’t already.


  171. ~ Δ ~

    Pie for everyone – it’s not about exclusivity, it’s about community.

    Just returned from a family “get-together” – half Republicans, the other half Democrats. Very tense couple of days. . . the only thing they all agreed upon was 1) Sarah Palin is a menace that will be around for awhile, & 2) kayaking with the dolphins made for a really good day


  172. Ooooh look! I have a pie in my name. Yanno, cause it is soooooo hard to get one. You have to ride a horse or something….

    OK, snark off.

    My dad is the wisest man I know and one of his best sayings is this:

    When a wise man argues with a fool a stranger passing by can’t tell the difference.


  173. Sarah Palin, what can I say? SHE lost the election for John McCain, so I say thank you, thank you, thank you to the Alaskan barbie gun slinging moose hunter with her high political ambitions with no heart for her isolated minority voters.

    One thing I really did like about her was her fashion sense during the campaign, at the expense of the RNC’s $150,000. She looked good in skirts. Hillary Clinton needs to learn to dress better and wear skirts that hide her calves. Michelle Obama looks great and can teach a lot of women how to dress nowadays. (Sorry Helen, but I am trained in fashion design, so seeing a slide show on how Michelle wore the same green shoes on several occasions is interesting to me).

    Well, back to Sarah Palin. My prediction is that she will run for higher office again and she will switch parties. Ha!

    This is evidenced by her whining during a post election interview about how the media attacked her unfairly, but had she been the Democratic VP nominee, she would have been treated far better (yeah, as if Obama would have picked her over Biden or Clinton).

    Also, she was invited to some Republican House members retreat this weekend and she declined the invite saying how she had to stay in Alaska and take care of pressing business, yet she flew out to Washington this weekend to attend an Alfalfa sprouts event saying she wanted to speak to her new President. So she snubs the House Republicans (some say she lied to them) and goes to a high makamaka (prestigous, elite) non-partisan event so she can talk to her terrorist palling Muslim nonAmerican baby killing President.

    Maybe she wants to ask him if she can be his Secretary of the Interior or in charge of Energy or maybe be the Ambassador to Russia. Dunno, I wouldn’t put anything past her and her ambitious quest for power and fame.

    Helen, please stop reading Ann Coulter. Or, just skim and be done. She is so creepy evil mean, her stench reeks through anything she is associated with. I suggested earlier that she get some dogs because being with dogs (or other pets) makes people mellower, kinder, more humane. In fact, there have been studies that prove petting a dog lowers the pet owner’s heartrate, stress level and anxieties.

    However, I agree with the dog lovers – it would be a cruel fate for any dog to live with Ann. She needs to get a porcupine instead, and told to pet it daily.


  174. I believe that AC makes a clear distinction between unwed mothers and mothers who have become widowed or divorced.

    So her facts I don’t think will hold up completely when you consider other cases of mothers who kill their children.

    Susan Smith – Divorced
    Andrea Yates – Married
    Patricia Blackmon – Married
    Kenisha Berry – Unmarried as far as I can tell
    Robin Lee Row – Married
    Francis Elaine Newton – Married
    Darlie Routier – Married

    These are just to name a few, but the majority of them do not seem to be unwed mothers with bastard children as Ann likes to put it.

    Also, as Helen mentions, these are women who kill their children, not whose children grow up to be rapists and murderers. And most of these women that are murders were themselves born into families with married parents.

    Statistics can be skewed to say almost anything. Ann seems to use the cases that suit her and neglects to mention the others because they don’t support her case.


  175. AnnΔ, one of my former colleagues is a vet with Ramusa – they can get waivers into Afghanistan (he’s near Tora Bora doing animal husbandry and struggling to keep the goats & cows alive) but can’t get waivers from Alaska or any of the western states in order to get into the more remote, less accessible areas. Considering the current medical crisis in this country, it’s a shame that organizations like Ramusa are being turned away. But then what should we expect when Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have listed the USA alongside the Pinochet regime for the abuse of human rights?

    Werner – the difference between Patagonia and AC? Patagonia is beautiful.


  176. LOL….scary book but great summary!! Keep it up!


  177. would know where to tgo figure that….. even Patagonia is still to close to logic and reason….. but now, that s only me…..


  178. Werner, if you’re referring to the mis-information as espoused by AC and her ilk, as long as they don’t name names, I think they can get away with it. The problem, as this election clearly showed, is that if you repeat a lie enough, soon folks believe it to be the truth. So somewhere in this country are folks who accept and believe AC’s premise that single moms and their kids are to blame for the ills of society. Go figure.


  179. Shame on Palin once again. Because we all know that Alaska has some of the premier medical training facilities in the country. Right….. If a doctor is in good standing in the state in which they are licensed, it should be fine.


  180. I contacted today;they supply free medical,dental,&veterinary care to rural areas. Some of you may have seen their work on 60Minutes. They are aware that rural Alaskans could use their free service but Governor Palin will not sign a waiver to allow the well trained Medical Team to fly in ,without alaska medical licenses. Not Good! Pass it on. Thanx


  181. ………….The numbers: 55% of Republicans say the party should be like Palin, compared to 24% who say they should be like John McCain………..

    55% = braindead, focused on fashion and inarticulate….

    24% = too old to learn what’s right or wrong or why to care about it anyway….

    that leaves 21% of people/reps that use their brains and you can talk to?

    Well, seams about right……. but really, has anybody ever thought about sueing for mis-information? (Don’t you guys have soemthing in your constitution about the right of information?)

    I mean somebody openly lieing and misrepresenting facts should be sueable? No?

    But I guess until the stuff is through court the people will long have forgotten what it was all about and just scratch their heads why this nice old guy / gal was prosecuted……….

    Oh, how I despise the memory loss of voters and the people building their lives on it!




    Smarter than_______?


  183. “If any think that they are religious, and do not bridle their tongues but deceive their hearts, their religion is worthless” James 1:26

    Looks like Ann needs to go back to the basics.


  184. From Talking Points Memo:
    Poll: Republicans Want Party To Be Like Palin
    By Eric Kleefeld – February 2, 2009, 11:34AM

    A new Rasmussen poll further demonstrates that the GOP could be in for a long stretch in the wilderness: A majority of GOP voters now say that the party should be more like Sarah Palin.
    The numbers: 55% of Republicans say the party should be like Palin, compared to 24% who say they should be like John McCain.
    As I’ve previously noted, poll data like this could indicate that the Republican Party is getting ready to relive the classic cycle of ruling parties who get turned out of power in a landslide: With the party base itself shrunk down, the people who are still around are the most hard-line members, and are really the least fit people to fix the situation.



  185. Paula, Greydog, Charles et al…-

    I usually try to follow the line of thought behind the comments but this time around it made my head hurt…..
    All I gotta say about all this is Ann Coulter is a heartless bitch and the intelligent people of the world have to stick together to fight off the cult that Coulter, Rush Limbaugh et al created. So please please please lets not fight over little technicalities!

    Bash the hell out of Coulter… she deserves it… Fend off the trolls like colorful and the other Anonymous (I think that theres two or more of them from the sudden change in the line of commentary from Anonymous) Hope that Palin goes back up to Alaska and is not able to get back out! But lets not fight about stupid little things nowdays!
    Obama won and its obvious by the way that Helen is sticking her neck out and fishing by subjecting herself to the idiocracy of Ann Coulter that she is itching for something to write about!! We all should be happy instead of fighting amongst ourselves!


  186. This is all so very sad.

    Coulter never had the opportunity to enjoy a normal wingnut’s pregnant-at-15-shotgun-wedding–walmart-seig-heil-Bush-kill-muslims lifestyle because of podiatric deformities. But was being forced to clomp through life in black painted clown shoes the end of it? Nope. Add to her Gargantuan Sasquatchism high levels of testosterone, psychopathy, and a diet of celery scraps, gin and Maher juice… on top of endless anti-working American blatherings from her father, and you have a hillbilly values control freak. She should have been safely contained in her daddy’s basement doing meth and trolling blogs. But somehow the republican spin machine got involved. And now we have a real mess on our hands.


  187. Well I just used the Gender Genie as mentioned above and pasted in the opening tyraid of AC’s website.
    The results came back that she is indeed and man.

    Jeesh…who’da thunk it??!!!


  188. Helen Margaret and Matt, you rock, even your error messages hit the (humorus) point:

    Something has gone wrong with our servers. It’s probably Matt’s fault.

    We’ve just been notified of the problem.

    Hopefully this should be fixed ASAP, so kindly reload in a minute and things should be back to normal

    Love it



  189. A little Googling revealed that Time Magazine featured Ann’s Sasquatch Feet on the cover here:

    Those shoes! They look like they should be poking out from under a house!


  190. Helen,

    You’re a rock star!! I’ll add my thanks for taking one for the team. I’m sure that every book reviewer in the country is jealous because you have the cajones to review Ann Coulter’s books the way they’d like to. Keep up the great work.


  191. Has she never heard of the married mothers that have killed their children?!? Hello.


  192. AC = Anti-Christ
    love it (as long as you don’t mean the devil, I think, even to HIM it would still be insulting (at least HE’s got a brain!)

    Coulter would also be a legit acronym for her name, I think…..

    Paula, put up or shut up, as said above, your first 3 comments I (And read that as in “I”, “me”, “my [personal opinion”) found OK, but after people made their point it got rather infantile, now I do understand a lady wanting to preserve her “youthfull” feelings (snicker, but sorry, YOU left that barn door open, so I HAD to drive in) but I am not sure if that is the right way…..

    …now before you go all steaming off again, pls remember, this comes from the guy who did quiet a few “infantile” comments as well, but I usually get it when I get no reply that, something was received wrong, and IF I think it is worth it I try to set it right or just take the hint that THAT particular joke wasn’t really appriciated and move on…….

    ….doesn’t stop me from commentating, though!

    Julie, if you still into the monkey/shrubb library thingy, please contact me at:
    I am still interessted in coordinating, etc.

    Problem is, how to enter the Monkeys……. Through the belly?
    Trough the groin seams a bit inappropriate, no?
    or go in up through ears (two) and mouth (the one with capped ears)?

    Anyone any input?

    Raji you still with us on this?



  193. As a single mother I guess I lucked out. Two sons who work hard and support their families and raise their children decently. It wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination but we three made it together to their adulthood as a close, loving family. Ann has nothing decent to say, she is another Rush and should be banned for the filth she spews. They are both shameful humans.


  194. So, since Ann says no premarital sex does that mean she’s still a virgin?
    I need to go hit my head with a hammer now to get the image of her having sex outta my mind.


  195. AlaskaPi thanks for your observation. I apologize for the pie throwing. When I get terribly frustrated or angry I throw things. Paula is really just another troll and I shoulllld learn to ignore them.
    Soiglad you are back. WE missed you.
    Thanks for the hugs!


  196. Helen, I hope Margaret does something really nice for you. You are truly an amazing friend to put yourself through this. I couldn’t finish 2 chapters of the crazy lady’s book.

    Good luck!


  197. Try the gender genie…copy and paste a paragraph of her book and this little tool will tell you if it is written by a man or a woman 🙂


  198. All I can say is “Where are all the father’s in this?”. This blame the single mother crap is really getting old.

    My mom was a single mother, but not by choice. My father was mentally ill and abusive. My mother gave her marriage the ole’ college try, she really did, but when my father turned his sights on his kids she had the courage and determination (thank GOD) to kick him to the curb. Raising three children without any support financially was difficult, but she did, while working full time and getting her Master’s degree.

    AC (anti christ)’s biggest problem is her constant misuse of statistics. The majority of the rapists and murderers in prison where physically and sexually abused as children, whether they came from single family homes or not. If you remove the factor of abuse, the amount of people in prison who grew up in single family homes is statistically the same as the regular population. However, the amount of prisoners who were seriously beaten and/or sexually abused as children is something like 3X the national average overall. This would go a long way to suggesting that it is actually the ABUSE of children that is a factor in them engaging in criminal behavior, not how many parents they had raising them.* (I don’t have the actual books and journals with me to cite, but trust me, my research is WAY better than AC’s).

    Coulter sucks. She just sucks at statistical application. Anyone can write a book badly, I guess. Bless you Helen for reading it and spoon feeding us the nasty bits.


  199. LMAO I just spit coffee on my keyboard. Let’s review. Ann is against a woman’s choice. She’s against birth control but has the nerve to bad mouth single woman who do chose to give birth. Love the fetus but once it’s here she hates the child if it’s birthed out of wedlock. What a psycho.


  200. Wow. I was raised by a single mother. Apparently I will start to serial kill any minute now. Good to know.

    Although my mom was a widow. I wonder if that means I am exempt?


  201. Helen,
    Thank You for the sacrifice of your time. I love your reviews, but I will understand if you decide to read something more coherent.

    One of the sad things is that there are many wonderful books not getting published and this dreck takes up all that space…

    Here’s a link to a site promoting a valuable little book.


  202. I have a question. Do women have adams apples? I’ve never thought so, but have you noticed that Big Foot has a gargantuan one? Just wondering.


  203. You do realize that if Bigfoot reads your blog she will accuse you of trashing her because of your left wing bias? That kind of whining sounds like someone is claiming victimization. However, considering the mental gymnastics she must perform to write the bile you’ve been outlining, I’m sure she would figure out a way to worm out of the “victim” label while wearing it.

    I have never read her garbage. I’ve never watched her on tv or listened to her on the radio. But I did enjoy what a former friend said about her in his book “Blinded by the right”. Funny stuff. Not as funny as the two of you, but close.


  204. Morning all!

    Wow miss the blog for a few days and miss a new post! LOL

    I find it very interesting that Crazy Coulter never addresses the issue of “Where are the Dads”? These single mothers did not have these children by themselves.She is a sad sad woman with no logic in her pea brain at all.

    Loved an earlier post about her issue with women voters. If she thinks women should not have the vote why does Ann vote at all? Let alone twice as has been reported and which she is being investigated?

    I also cannot fathom why she is not married,barefoot and pregnant while chained to a stove?

    I really wonder what the hell happened in her childhood? Yikes!

    Have been MIA with meetings and other fun things will be back later.

    Pi I will have some information for you after I hit a meeting with United Way tomorrow. Interesting things going on in the Non Profit world and it has sparked an idea for the villages. I may be daft or grossly ignorant but what I am learning might translate for the Native Alaskans.


  205. lra364 –
    (poking head back in from the left wing..)-
    And yes, YAY pie!
    And Yay 3.1416…. marching to infinity in an ever closer attempt to describe that which affects and surrounds us… that we may come to know the world we live in and ourselves.


  206. Helen-
    Well done!
    Concern about whether Ms Coulter was/is a man seems a bit shaky…
    We ladies like to think caring, nurturing, and so on are the sole province of women and the qualities AC shows are those of the gents…It is very difficult to swallow the fact that ladies can be as stupid as gents… or vice versa.

    Ms Coulter suffers from fact deficiencies and the resultant disease – overarching-theory-based-on-a-house-of-cards. The real problem is that it appears she operates as a carrier of the disease… like Typhoid Mary…and has eluded public health officials’ attempts to quarantine her.

    You are doing a public service by keeping Ms Coulter’s perambulations on radar that folks may take cover, protect themselves and their families, and disinfect their communities.
    Thank you.

    Granma Katie-

    Before I take my crying ass back off stage left- remember the delta is a notation used to connote change. Change- generally in relation to multiple factors and usually in relation to time. Factors have to be explicated and accounted for if the resultant curve is to tell us much that is useful. One of the hardest factors to tease out of the tangle and adjust for is the human notion that whatever group we identify with is homogeneous.
    While this notion is demonstrably incorrect it hangs on…here and all around our real worlds.
    Buck up- there is enough work for all and we will have moments of despair and pie-throwing. Hugs Granma Katie!


  207. Off topic but interesting:

    What happened to the electric street car?

    We are now spending Billions to put them back in.


  208. Actually I can see both sides on that one… Some of you do tend to take a little ownerhip… Helen, fantastick post today! Another fan who won’t be giving Ann’s publisher any of my tax refund!


  209. Dear Helen,

    NO, you are not being hard on her. The fact that you can read this tripe is astonishing but not as astonishingly EVIL as the author is.

    And yes, Bristol Palin’s kid will grow up to kill someone because they’re a gun family and crazy. Let’s just hope it’s Ann Coulter the little tyke gets.

    (Hey, that’s an Ann Coulter-like joke! Isn’t that funny???)


  210. Yup. And my comments were made with total exasperation. This morning, it’s all rather humorous.


  211. Helen…you are too funny!!! LOVE IT!:-)


  212. Wow the comments last night were intense. Some people reach out first with anger ya know


  213. I am also a single mom who’s children attend college, work and still make good grades. My son will be a draftsman soon.

    My brother, however, is a drunk and won’t work. He was raised by both of my parents, just as I was, but look how he turned out.

    I have always worked fulltime BTW and attended night classes to further my education.

    So, Ann Coulter, not all children raised by single moms end out like Jeffry Dahmer, who, BTW, was raised by both his parents as well!


  214. Well said, Jean:

    “You certainly gave your readers what they wanted today! I was amazed at the amount of time, effort and energy of the comments devoted to picking through a smelly old can of months old garbage”


  215. IMO Coulter and the rest are Trolls of the Media. The only difference is they get PAID whereas trolls of the internet do not. The scary part is when they get followers that believe them just like the Evangalists who also get PAID. All of them have just found a way to make money!! They really need to be ignored and maybe they will go away 🙂


  216. Anne Coulter is, without equal, the foulest creature to walk upright with opposable thumbs. I wonder if PETA would have a problem with cosmetics manufacturers testing their crap out on her, thus saving those poor mice and rabbits. I have lived with the suspicion that, underneath the skeletal face, the large Adam’s apple, and the five o’clock shadow, there is nothing but a soul-less, immoral, unevolved monkey posing as a soul-less, immoral, unevolved bitch. Then again, that’s not fair to monkeys…


  217. That vile woman needs to be put out to pasture and dealt with.

    I actually purchased one of her first books, “How to Talk to a Liberal, if You Must” and the filth that the she-man spews is appalling and practically unbelievable. She and Limbaugh are peas in a pod fit for dining by the Devil. Whores for the shallow and thoughtless masses who can’t see a thing beyond their own wallets and self interests, and who don’t give a damn about the plight of other citizens of their nation.
    I really do not understand how you haven’t received an invitation to Good Morning America or the View yet, haha


  218. I trust Annie Sasquatch will go the way of hedge funds: she truly is the voice of the balloon-juice era.

    Thanks Helen! You’re awesome!


  219. I’ve been enjoying both the posts and the comments for quite some time without joining in, but I was finally inspired to say something.

    Someone referred to AC as a “carbon-based life form”- that’s an insult to carbon-based life forms!


  220. “You probably had to have been dropped on your head a few times as a baby to follow her logic, but clearly Ann’s head doubled as her father’s basketball while growing up because she seems to actually believe what she’s written.”

    Helen should be writing for Late Night!!!!


  221. How fun to have found this! An echo of Charles a few replies up. No dogs for this unhappy human, it would be cruelty.


  222. PS. Hate Ann. Love the blog!


  223. “Why did Coulter’s parents name her Ann? Couldn’t they spell evil?”

    Best comment of the day!!!!!!!!!!


  224. Dear Helen and gang,

    You certainly gave your readers what they wanted today! I was amazed at the amount of time, effort and energy of the comments devoted to picking through a smelly old can of months old garbage. Ms. Coulter has achieved her objective of notoriety and sensationalism quite well here and apparently will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Four or five more chapters???Three sentences are enough comments on this topic for me.

    Did anyone notice that this was Super Bowl Sunday? I guess each of us chooses our own form of sporting event for entertainment.

    I did an oops! last night. I put up a piece mainly in response to Colorful’s comments but I inadvertently submitted it to the post, “Sarah Palin’s Accomplishments Are Greater Because She Did It With Half a Brain”. Of course, in blog land, that’s Ancient History. I supposed I could blame it on the computer mouse rather than my own ineptitude. So I put it up again on the “Ann Coulter Almost Failed Obedience School“ post. I couldn’t remember it word for word though.

    Anyway, Colorful has not returned today. Well, I gave it my best shot.

    On a different subject, in a recent book of Bill Moyers, he quoted Benjamin Franklin as saying that democracy is like two wolves and a well-armed lamb voting on what to have for lunch. (The lamb armed with words I hope, not weapons!)

    Perhaps the lamb would like to suggest a nice salad with cut sun-dried tomatoes, cut artichoke hearts, bacon bits, a Caesar dressing and croutons along with roasted garlic bread, lightly toasted, with lobster dip on top. (All available at Costco.) And one glass of white zin. This lunch has far less cholesterol to clog up the arteries of the carnivores! Top it off with homemade brownies with walnuts and naturally, a small glass of milk. You cannot have brownies without milk!




  225. “So, what is my point? I think Ann Coulter was born menopausal and has never outgrown it. She is her own hell and she can’t get away from it. I think she needs a dog or two.”

    That is mean to dogs…


  226. Why did Coulter’s parents name her Ann? Couldn’t they spell evil?


  227. Ah, the joys of menopause. I think it may be the cause of many divorces. Thank goodness my husband patiently stood by me through those years – almost couldn’t recognize myself. My poor kids had to just take it. The only ones I was kind to were our dogs.

    Well, not only is it hell for the people around a menopausal pissed off raving maniac of a depressing person, but the menopausal bitch also feels like they are in hell. Like having an evil alien invade one’s body and shoot it with occasional flashes of heat and sweat.

    So, what is my point? I think Ann Coulter was born menopausal and has never outgrown it. She is her own hell and she can’t get away from it. I think she needs a dog or two.


  228. is apple pie not “in apple pie!” Tis getting late!



    My favorite dessert in the whole world in apple pie!

    Mind you, not the kind with gross slimy filling… I like apple pie with cinnamon, a buttery crust, and not so much sugar (more natural).

    My mom (who is a single mom btw) makes an excellent pie!

    I also like to see AC get pie thrown at her.

    Yay, pie!


  230. Helen, I’m sorry I’messed up the parlor wall. My aim was off when I threw the banana creme pie at Paula and I hit the wall. I will scrub it off before I hit the bed.


  231. no worries Alaskan did not take that way at all 🙂

    and now I need to get some work done

    le sigh.


  232. “As far as your comments go – the more the merrier. Knock yourselves out. Margaret and I appreciate the attention. Really we do. But you have to remember that besides a considerable number of years on this planet the only additional information we have access to is the same information you have access to: We read. We listen to the radio. We watch TV. And we apply a little common sense. We are more than happy to hear opposing points of view. We certainly don’t profess to be perfect. ”

    I think Helen summed it up well…nobody here professes perfection, well except for some of the trolls 🙂


  233. The woman shouldn’t be allowed to call herself human.

    I am a single mother and that is all I have to say about her.


  234. I have no “pie”, delta or anything else special by my name…and my opinion stated here or in person with four bucks will get you a mocha at Starbucks (triple venti, which is actually a medium and with soy milk). I called nobody here stupid, I made a remark about Paula telling someone to get off their high horse. I made references to stuffed monkeys when it was commented that I take myself too seriously…which is something I haven’t been accused of before, it was kinda fun, like I was a grownup or something.

    I did make comments that if Ann Coulter was a drag queen, she could take lessons from Dame Edna and if she was trying to make a social comment by her shtick…she wasn’t very funny and actually the only one I called dumb was Ann Coulter herself. Which I do stand by.

    If Paula wants an apology from me for something I typed, then she is welcome to it…I apologize, in no way do I feel that my opinion means more than yours or anyone else who comments here. Anything I say is my opinion, my comments and has no import what-so-ever…

    I will state that the antagonism which resulted from posts back and forth was quite amazing…and I think (again my opinion, no-more-or-less) that there was some thin skin and some unexpected rancor.

    I also think that the mixture of humor, sarcasm, seriousness is actually fascinating…now, Ann Coulter, wasn’t she in “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”?


  235. PalinShutUp,

    I think you misunderstood. I did not mean that at all to you. I really meant it is fun to tell Palin to shut up.

    There was no tone intended. I was actually agreeing with you for real.


  236. I understand some are trying to get the flow going again but it isnt going to happen in that tone and what we are doing is running people off

    when things go wrong in interweb-land its usually time to step back and see how we are coming across and if we would really say something like that to that person face to face

    I thought most of you are better than that, how can we expect others to believe in our causes when we act like children in a sandbox?

    Ryan: “Isn’t there a certain currently-sitting Presidnet of the United States who was basically raised by a single mother? 🙂 How do you reconcile that, Ann?”

    Ryan I wish Joy would have asked ghoulter that question when she appeared on The View

    I would have loved to see her neck turn 30 shades of purple LOL!!!


  237. PalinShutUP,

    That is very fun to say, even though I am adressing someone on the comments, it is still fun to say. You are right, I too made a snarky comment. I think that was after I was told to swim upstream. I think everyone can tend to when things get riled. I agree with txindygirl, the original comments were really no big deal until it started escalating.

    But in my defense, I also tried to bring a little bit of perspective back in. I just don’t think anyone here should demand apologies when we are all right in our own way.

    Palin will do nothing for the native Alaskans. It is said that she has been heard to refer to them as “ice arabs”. Real nice for a Christian with political aspirations. I am not sure that this is from a reputable source, but I have seen it mentioned from several different sources. And it would not at all surprise me. She seems like the type that doesn’t like to get her hands dirty with those pesky problems. She only mentioned Emmonak at all in an interview the other day because the interviewer brought it up and then it was only for less than 20 seconds with no real sentiment.

    One of the things that I am very concerned about is how many murder suicides that are happening from people being laid off and shooting their whole families and themselves. And I fear it will only increase as things get worse.

    There should be a way to let people know that there are alternatives, hotlines, counciling, financial aid, something to prevent these tragedies.


  238. Hey, Ryan@10:46pm–

    It’s taken me awhile, but I’ve finally come around to believing that arguing with a bully is a complete and total waste of my time and energies.

    Coulter could not care less about logical statements, reasoned comments, or basic proofs about anything. She’s a bully, she’s belligerent, and she’s there to argue. That’s the one thing she does well, other than spew toxic waste. So you could NEVER reconcile anything to Coulter about Obama turning out well and being a good man in spite of being raised by a single mother.

    After all, he’s someone she hates because he’s different from her politically and racially, and his upbringing was so unlike her privileged one…. I don’t think there is anything that anyone can say that will convince her he’s worth a damn.

    On the other hand, whatever happens with Bristol Palin’s baby will be just fine as long as Grammy the Moose Killer stays on the good side of the Republican Party, and thus, in good graces with the Coultergeist. THAT young single mom can do no wrong, in the short term, simply because she is protected by the encompassing arms of her mom’s Republican Party.

    I would like a t-shirt that expresses that Ann Coulter is the poster child for the evangelical Christian movement today. I would hope that such an expression would leave them aghast, but it would probably only make sense to the rest of us who find her so repulsive.

    And, my last thought on THIS subject is, if Ann Coulter is what THEIR god accepts as a fine example of his/her/its follower, then I’d gladly put my God up against hers any old day.


  239. “I’ve seen her on some talk shows hawking her book. She is like O’Reilly – won’t shut up, interrups everyone who responds to her or asks her a question, and then whines about how no one giver HER a chance to answer.”

    amen Shalyn

    she/he does nothing but whine when she tries to take over someone’s show, never allows anyone to talk or ask questions and insults the hosts to boot, like when he/she told Barbara to read her book like she was reading mein kampf

    and yes, the wo/man may be a man big whooptie freaking doo

    I have gay, tranny even ho friends they all crack jokes that ghoulter is a she man

    those of you taking this to another level really need a breath of fresh air and to back away from the puter


  240. I’m a newbie, but I’m gonna toss my two cents in just because… Sydney made a comment and then rested her case. Greydog told her to just rest… It may have been said with a smile, who knows… I didn’t think twice about the comment when I read it, but then again, I’m not Sydney and I’m wearing my big girl panties. (ok, that was snarky and I’m sorry). Greydog only made the one comment – it isn’t as if Sydney was bloodied. After that it became the theatre of the absurd. Maybe Sydney appreciates Paula coming to her rescue, but there’s only silence from that quarter. In the end, I enjoy it more when we are roasting Coulter and Palin. By the way, the plight of the Villages in Alaska is a big deal, and it could become one of the issues that derails Palin.


  241. Alaskan: “As one of the originals, his horse is indeed higher and we value his comments.”

    now see

    this is the second time I have a problem with this statement

    everyone’s comments are valued around here, EVERYONE’S and no one but Helen and Margaret call the shots

    just because someone doesnt post here does not mean they havent been around or their comments are less valued

    so please, lets all take a giant chill pill and stop giving the trolls the fuel and satisfaction

    this is exactly how things dont get done, bs & useless posturing and pettiness


  242. Paula there is pie for you too because as much as it may seem so, no one is being exclusive or wanting you to go.


  243. Sorry LRA, the computer font makes it look like it could be a cap I or a small l. My mistake.

    Would you like some pie? And what would be your favorite type? Are you a fruit pie or a cream pie kind of person?


  244. Actually being a democrat I think is worse than being a rapist or murderer to her.

    She stated to Donny Deutsch that a perfect America would be the RNC held in NYC. She thinks that a perfect world would be everyone being Republican and Christian. She told Deutsch that Jews needed to be perfected because they were flawed.

    Piece of work, I tell you.


  245. Well, since we’ve become friendly, it’s time I set some things straight.

    First, it’s LRA (my initials) not Ira.

    And as you all figured it out by now from the comment about going to see a movie with my husband, I am a woman (although you’d think the pink tile would tip it off!)

    Plus… GOOD POINT Ryan!


  246. Isn’t there a certain currently-sitting Presidnet of the United States who was basically raised by a single mother? 🙂 How do you reconcile that, Ann? Or is being a Democrat aking to being a rapist or muderer to her?


  247. Δ

    History of the mark. By the way, the little mark is not a delta, it is a wedge of pie, that originated from an earlier Helen post about starting Jenny Craig and still always going back to pie. It is a joke that we “all” here share tea and pie. It is a mark that anyone can put on and is meant to be a sense of community, not exclusion. No one “runs” this blog but Helen and Margaret. It is not meant to be a secret fraternity or anything. There are plenty of people that have been around for a long time without it and newbies with it.

    Please don’t mistake that for anyone here trying to run anyone off. That is not how it works. Everyone feels once in a while like they get their hands slapped. I don’t even feel that the origins to this whole thing “reprimands” as it was put by Paula, but just people speaking their opinions.

    That is what this blog is all about. But none of us should demand an apology for simply stating opinions. Very early on, I had my hand slapped because someone told me that I should respect Bush because he was the president and the office demanded respect. I didn’t agree. The poster and I debated and agreed to disagree. This can be done without getting nasty even though the initial comments may seem so.

    I think, IMO, that the intent here is to create a space for open dialogue. If you don’t like something, take issue with it, but don’t demand apologies. Simply agree to disagree, because the subject will get changed or meld into something else soon enough anyway.

    I agree with Ira, just move on. And by that I mean to the next post and not to another blog.


  248. Hey-

    You didn’t even laugh when I called AC the Ann-ti Christ Coultergeist!

    C’mon that was funny!


  249. Paula-

    The blog is better for your comments. Please don’t stop. But please don’t get mad either at the people who are basically on your side!


  250. Thanks TImothy. No need to carry on for me. Let them have their fun. I am happy to simply read Helen’s posts from now on and not comment.


  251. Tim-

    Nothing wrong with being politically incorrect. If someone “slaps the hand” just ignore and move on.

    That’s the way it is in blogland.


  252. Wow guys. I watched that from a distance. You Δ posters have made this blog you own personal parlour which may seem nice to you but not everyone has followed the history of the comments. How about you comment to one another about whatever you want but let us other guys make our comments without being hand-slapped. She made a pretty good point about this not being a a politcally correct blog however fantastic it is.


  253. whoops that is “somehow” not someone.


  254. I just can’t bring myself to go see that one. Someone I can tell it is not my style. I like comedy, but tend more to the sarcastic than the over the top slapstick.


  255. No Segue (the machine), but speaking of which, my husband and I saw Paul Blart Mall Cop this weekend. Lotsa Segue action, not so much comedy (really disappointing too because I like Kevin James!)


  256. OK ‘Alaskan. I gues you know them better than I do.

    One lat note before I go. This one is for Matthew.

    Matt – your grandmother’s blog is the bomb. And I am so thrilled that her numbers are so off the chart. Part of that is because so many comments keep coming which makes this blog appear on lots of “hot topic” sites which in turn drives more traffic.

    These “delta” folks running everyone off and making this their personal little conversation pit only hurts your grandmother’s numbers. Just something to think about.

    That said, if your grandmother ever writes a book I’ll be one of the first to buy it and blog about it to everyone I know.

    Good luck.


  257. Nope.


  258. Ira,

    Yes it is definitely time to move the conversation along. Anyone have a good segue?


  259. Paula,

    You are always welcome to post here just like everyone else. But somehow, I don’t think you will get an apology from greydog or charles just because you demand one.


  260. PLEASE Paula! Just drop it!


  261. i would imagine a few big footed gals have issue too… but that is why this is not a PC blog. Anything goes.


  262. One simple “Sorry” and I am gone. Promise.


  263. I’ve seen her on some talk shows hawking her book. She is like O’Reilly – won’t shut up, interrups everyone who responds to her or asks her a question, and then whines about how no one giver HER a chance to answer. Thanks for the summary, I could never read the book myself, but it is very interesting to see what a load of crap she always comes up with.


  264. You know… it’s kinda like when people say:

    George Bush is a TEXAN (ew).

    Well, I’m a Texan, and Helen is a Texan, so we take offense to being lumped in with the dubya. I can see how the GLBT group (and those who support their civil rights such as myself) would take exception to having Ann-ti Christ Coultergeist lumped in with them.

    That’s all I’m saying.


  265. And then Charles called us stupid… but please continue to pick and choose…

    Listen, I am sitting here laughing my ass off. Ifind this all pretty hilarious and not being a football fan, I have time.

    But again, until I get an apology from Greydog I will continue to post.


  266. You made my point. This is not a PC blog – part of the reason many of us enjoy it so much. So let’s review one more time. Why was Sydney reprimanded for posting that Ann Coulter is a man? Insulting AC seems to be on-topic.


  267. In all respect, you seem to be trying to take this to a very bizzare level. It is not pies vs newbys or anything of the sort. It is just by continously making comments about someone’s sexuality or whether they are a transvestite or transexual takes away from the danger that they cause. It also is a type of bigotry that doesn’t have anything to do with politics or humor. There are people on this blog that are admittedly gay. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. So why would the fact that Coulter might have been a man have anything to do with the vitriol spewed in her books.

    That was the point Greydog was trying to make. You then chose to tell him to get off his high horse from a comment to someone else. And from there the hilarity ensues.

    Why are you so angry about this. It is not us vs you. But you seem so willing to drive this up into some huge blowup that is so against the spirit of this comment section.

    Anything goes in the comments which means both of you are right in making comments, but why do you feel the need to continue to remark so angrily? Half the time Greydog has been continuing other conversations and moving on. Might I gently suggest you do the same. We can all comment here without getting hateful to each other.

    You are right, you can continue to be negative and disrupt the “love fest” here, but why would you want to turn it into that?


  268. I mean the thing about making fun of transvestites/cross gendered people is that they are a minority, and it’s kinda like calling someone r*t*rd*d. Not very nice. I can see why people might take exception. On the other hand, this is NOT the most politically correct place either. Just realize that and move on!


  269. Well my ass that I told Ann she could kiss is 47.

    Ira, you seem nice enough so please just do me this one favor. Follow the thread and tell me what I did to offend the deltas who seem to think they run this blog?


  270. gees, paula, how old are you?


  271. No. Alaskan. THat is not exactly how I see it. See, everyone including Sydney can come her and comment. And Sydney’s comment, I might add, was on-topic.

    So tell me gian the rules. If the people with the delta signs next to their names don’t like the comments, then we non-deltas need to run away? This from the group that constantly takes us off topic -which I have no issue with by the way.

    So, here it is in plain English. I would like an apology or I will continue to disrupt your love fest. Once I have my apology, I will happily move on.


  272. Look, Paula,

    Some people are comfortable saying politically incorrect things and some people aren’t. I think greydog was just expressing that he isn’t. BUT THAT’S OK! Just as it is ok for you to say whatever you think! You don’t have to respond to anyone, but you chose to respond and feelings got hurt. PLEASE know that I think your original comments were fine. I also think greydog’s were. Let’s PLEASE not turn on each other b/c the COULTER-ITES would be laughing at us!


  273. Great another pie who has decided to comment now that the big gane is over. Alaskan swim up stream and take a look at how this started.

    Greydog reprimanded a new poster for calling Ann Coulter a man and it went downhill from there.

    Jeez. You people are amazing.


  274. I think that he was just making a note that by spending too much time on the drag queen aspect, we are missing the point of the dangerous rhetoric she spouts at any given media chance. She is an attention whore that can do so much destruction to impressionable minds.

    But for some reason, you seem to be very, very angry at the loyalists here. This place has become a gathering place and let’s try to treat each other with a little respect.


  275. Yes Ira. I am happy to let it roll of my back. Have you even read any of Greydogs latest posts? Tell me again what I did wrong? I am serious. I really would like to understand becuase there seems to be some sort of unwritten rule here that I have missed.


  276. You know Greydog, I am a bit tired of your insults. Hate to break it you but I plan to stick around.

    So unless you want me to continue to disrupt the eb and flow of this stream I suggest you try to put some manners back into the process.


  277. Paula– I’m confused… this is supposed to be a place for fun. But also I can see why people would be sensitive to some of the criticisms here to (just as you have been). Can’t we just let it roll off our backs? We’re really all on the same side here!


  278. Unfortunately Paula, you are the one that is debasing the spirit of the blog to hatefulness between the attendees. The comments that have been thrown at AC, Palin, Bush and others, as we have kind of come to a consensus, stem from anger with the current situations and how we have gotten in them.

    No where has it ever been ok to attack loyal members of the blog. I believe you started it, when you told him to get off of his high horse. As one of the originals, his horse is indeed higher and we value his comments. The other things that are thrown in are for comedic relief and blowing off steam.

    If you don’t like the comments scroll down, because we all have free speech here as long as we don’t use certain words that are no no’s according the Matthew.

    You are as welcome as anyone else and I am sure have as many valid things to say. But please don’t attack those that are obviously regular members and not the occasional trolls that stop by.


  279. You know… I know that feeling! It happens when I’ve either studied too long or have gone too long w/o eating. Low blood sugar… bad… hugs… good!


  280. Really Ira? Really? They get on someone for making fun of Ann Couler and then call us stupid and I need to chill? Really?

    Wow. What a welcoming place this has become. And this from the bunch that cried their way to another blog when people politely asked them to move their off-topic plight of the Eskimo to another forum.

    Really? I am just stunned.

    Sad for Helen actually as the supposed “loyal pie fans” just seem to run everyone new off.

    Good job guys. Good job.

    Matthew? Beuller? Anyone?


  281. hi Ira364 – *hugs* back! 🙂
    All is well – I just think Paula stayed up a little bit too long past her bedtime. it made her tres grumpy.


  282. Wow. Paula chill, seriously!

    Charles and Greydog, I like your silliness! 🙂



  283. Thanks Helen, never will I read her words but through you. Never would I bring myself to do anything of the sort. Yes, you really do deserve a medal. Thanks.


  284. the stars of this blog are Helen and Margaret

    lets not forget that mmmk?

    no one else but them call the shots around this hood

    this concludes your regularly scheduled public announcement 🙂


  285. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, insights, and adventures with the world. You have officially been added to my blogroll.


  286. “Ann Sasquatch Coulter” Once I stopped belly laughing, I called my best friend to tell her! Love you Helen!


  287. Oh yes Greydog. Please tell us more. Please. We hang on your every word.


  288. Julie, have you noticed, however, that Palin continues to run after the media begging for attention – of course the fact that the native Alaskans are in dire need of heating oil and food supplies is of no interest to their governor. She really is the heir apparent to the Bush crown of government ineptitude and moral bankruptcy. Clinton, on the other hand, has her plate full with the various foreign policy issues that are tumbling our way. Everyone is focused on the MidEast, but dear lord, Ukraine and Russia seem to be heading back to the warmongering stage – over the natural gas line. And then there’s Lieberman at the dinner last night making jokes (jokes!) about waterboarding. Now that’s a morally bankrupt bonehead.


  289. Oh and lets recap in case anyone doesn’t swim up the comment steam to see how this started.

    A poster names Sydney joins in on the fun by calling Ann Coulter a man.

    Greydog decides he is the big dick in charge and tells Sydney stop posting comments like that.

    I tell Greydog to get off his high horse.

    Charles calls all of us stupid.

    And now after blowing smoke up one another’s asses, the two of them have decided a gang bang on Helen’s blog to get me to leave is somehow in keeping with the spirit if either this blog or Thomas Jefferson – depending on which blowahrd you want to follow.



  290. Still pondering the idea of the 3 Monkeys Shrub Museum… oh the possibilities!


  291. Babyming, the followers of AC/RL are usually folks who don’t give a rat’s ass about others anyway – so it’s not like they would be contributing to rebuilding this country that Bush & Co. set out to systematically destroy. it’s interesting, isn’t it, how the state officials recognize the need for the economic stimulus, while the Congressional GOP and the RNC are more interested in maintaining their “brand” – makes me wonder how the folks in Sarah Palin’s real America feel to know that their GOP reps really don’t care if they have a job, a home, a school, or enough national guard units on hand to react to natural disasters like the ice storms that swept this country this week. Or will they simply blame Obama and the Dems? Makes me wonder if change will ever really happen if we all continue to maintain our same old mindset?


  292. Oops, forgot to log in again… 😦



  293. Well you two just seem so proud of yourselves. Lording you opinions over others as if you had anything important to add. Lords of the blog and feeling oh so proud. You both seem pretty full of yourselves from where I sit and are completely not in keeping with the spirit of this blog. Pity. I am sure Helen will thank you when you reduce her blog to two morons pretending they have the answers to everythign for everyone.

    To quote a favorite person of mine: Kiss My Ass.


  294. Charles,

    Loved your comment on how Sarah the bitch Palin was dogging Ms. Clinton for being unduly harassed, yet she is now doing the same.

    What is it with the Pubs that want it both ways?!?



  295. Looking for a high horse…or at least one slightly buzzed.


  296. I’m actually missing Colorful. . . at least she was amusing.


  297. Well Bob sorta screams…in fact Lotus bought him his own teddy bear.

    He’s smarter than Ann Coulter 🙂


  298. Charles, you need to get a screaming monkey – I made the mistake of getting three of those things for the dogs as Christmas presents. Oy!


  299. Actually “at work” not “at works” but just because I still tend to act immature, or take my self too seriously, doesn’t mean that I intend to dumb myself for this blog anymore than I do when I speak with my children or the people in my life.

    As you stated “There is no limit on the comments…” so why do you care if some of us “…get off your high horse and leave those of us alone who enjoy the humor alnong wiht the poltical.”? If you don’t like My posts or anyone else’s, scroll to the next one. Shrug…


  300. Paula dear, it’s time to take your medication so you can have your humor restored. if your postings were at all political and/or humorous in nature, perhaps then, dear, you’d get Helen’s writings. But alas, you just seem like the AC of this blog.


  301. “There is no limit on the comments so what’s the big deal.”

    Monkeys are good…I have several stuffed ones, one named Bob that sits on my desk at works and screeches when you press his paw, which I do several times through out the day.

    Just an example of how seriously I take myself 🙂


  302. I quess that would be Shoe Size 2 for you?


  303. Monkeys? I like monkeys, monkeys are good!


  304. My piont? My point is you are posting on a blog that is clearly political in nature and humourous in its intent. So get off your high horse and leave those of us alone who enjoy the humor alnong wiht the poltical. There is no limit on the comments so what’s the big deal. And Charles needs to stop taking himself so serioulsy. You two are quite the pair.


  305. How ’bout ’em Steelers! 🙂 (although AZ seems to be stepping up to the game)

    Back to the regularly scheduled conversation. . . slamdance. . . hs chitchat


  306. An incredible number of Americans are losing their homes, literally being thrown out into the cold, and people like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh continue to shout about their own bizzare fantasies. This wouldn’t matter, except that they really do have a large number of followers. Obama is actually trying to get people out of the street and back to work, and the Republican governors are beginning to appreciate the need for a fiscal stimulus, but apparently many Republican Congresspeople are still in fantasyland.


  307. Now if Ann wanted to be more of a humorist or comedienne, she should take lessons from Sarah Palin.

    ” Months before she was named John McCain’s running mate, Palin attended a leadership forum in Los Angeles and was asked her opinion on then-Sen. Hillary Clinton’s allegations that she was being unfairly treated by the media during the primaries.

    Palin said Clinton did herself a disservice to even mention it. The governor said it bothered her to hear Clinton “bring that attention to herself on that level.” ”

    This mentioned in an article by The Associated Press
    talking about Sarah Palin complaining the unfair attention that she is still receiving from the press.

    NOW THAT is comedy!!!


  308. Of course you’re right Greytdog Δ. That’s why people like rush limbaugh appeal to coulter and vice versa, they’re just the same. That’s why they liked bush and his brand of government, it was all *you’re either with us or against us*.
    The phrase “divide and conquer” comes to mind with all of them.

    And Charles, dumb is too childish a word to describe her writings.

    And Emilia, I hope you’re parents are exceedingly proud of such a fine child. You have wisdom beyond your years.


  309. There are those who have used sarcasm or the written and spoken word for social commentary…from Dante to Jello Biafra. The difference, whether you agreed with them or not, were they were at least talented.

    Ann Coulter is not even using her persona as an extreme example of how over the top you can be…at least not succesfully…say like Denis Leary.
    At least Leary is funny 🙂


  310. Charles – thank you 🙂
    I have the Jeffersonian Bible – it’s really quite interesting. Cuts through the “shit”, so to speak.
    I think, (and Paula, this is MY opinion), that the danger of AC is not her faulty logic (there is no logic in her arguments) nor her extreme pov, but in the response she engenders. Her opinions, whatever they may be, become impotent if no one pays attention to them. Is this woman a public menace? Only if you accept the premise that her pov is valid and worthy of notice. Which I don’t. She isn’t making public policy, she isn’t seeking public office – she is, IMO, just another washed up celebrity with as much political or social credence as Lindsay Lohan or whoever the celebrity of the month may be. So she goes on The View – Whoopie and Joy will take care of her. She goes on The Today Show – and whines and squeals to Matt. Ho hum. I find Helen’s summations interesting and funny – and she points out, rightfully so, the fallacies of AC’s thought process. Helen’s dissection is concise, smart, and witty.


  311. Helen, THANKS SO MUCH for reading and reporting to us, because I would would NEVER.

    Back to Bristol Palin, we better watch out because her baby doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell. Beside his mother being a knocked up unwed teenage mother, one of his grandmothers is an arrested drug dealer and the other is Sarah Palin. According to AC this kid is armed and dangerous.


  312. Perhaps Paula’s point is that the people that respond to this blog are stupid, do not think things through and are the worst of the progressive, left leaning…too dumb to know better. The opposite side obviously being over-educated people either hiding in their ivory towers or part of the media elite.

    So obviously they are more concerned about whether Couter is in drag or if the controversial crap she spouts to make a name for herself is more damaging than ‘entertaining’…hell, you can be sarcastic, controversial, in drag and entertaining, look at Dame Edna. You can throw fire bombs out and still not play upon such deep hatreds, ignorance, fear…look at George Carlin.

    My fiance’s dad sent her a link, something about born again america…which I found humorous, stating that America was founded upon Christian principles, when the founding father’s were more products of the enlightenment, thought that the involvement of religion in politics was dangerous and Thomas Jefferson himself wrote a version of the New Testament, taking out all the religious, dogmatic references and all references to miracles.

    I don’t mind controversy, hell, I don’t even mind it for itself…but the quotations of the book, as slim as they have been seem more adolescent than actually thought out…and definitely playing to the baser, more bigoted ugliness which might play better for the white proestant, I think this but won’t say it type of audience.

    Personally, I just find her thoughts and writing dumb.


  313. And Paula, your point is what???


  314. I find it interesting that folks here are more interested in speculating about AC’s sexuality than in her ability to promulgate bigotry and hatred.


  315. Get off your high horse Greydog and remember on what blog you are commenting.


  316. Well, let’s see Ann Coulter has big feet and a large Adam’s apple. Hmmmm

    What are the chances??? Sex change anyone?


  317. This makes my blood boil. I have no words for that Ann Coulter and I’m rarely speechless.


  318. Sydney, you just made my day. I fully agree.


  319. Sydney, why don’t you just rest?

    Okay – i don’t like AC, I don’t like Rush. And I really can’t stand O’Reilly. But I don’t care if AC has big feet, little feet, big shoulders, medium shoulders, a large Adam’s apple or not, and I really could care less if she’s a virgin or not. None of that is relevant to the fact that she spouts off utter and complete nonsense and is – although I cannot fathom this – taken seriously by some people (hopefully a minority of people). AC, Rush, O’Reilly and their political cohorts like Steele, Boehner,Lieberman, et al make their livelihood – their livelihood! – through division and derision. They succeed because they divide and divide, pitting people against each other and claiming their POV is god-given or some such other drivel. What is it about this country that makes us want to prove to one and all again and again and again that god loves us more than anyone else?

    AC’s pov on single moms, liberals, et al is nothing more than bullshit. She knows it, we know it – but people like her venomous pablum – because it neatly divides the world into them vs us, and that’s the only thing she cares about – division. Why buy into that?


  320. Helen, dear, you are my role model.

    I’ve only read an excerpt of the first chapter, and I’m completely stunned by this woman- scratch that- this thing’s “logic”. She claims that liberals are evil because they attack others. Sooooo what the hell is she doing in her book- giving them a surprise party? ooooh the hypocrisy… I’m only 16 and I’m already on my way to becoming a cynical, disgruntled cat-lady because of big-footed, ignorant people like her. ah well, I can thank the various gods that at least there are people like you in the world. and that Sarah Palin isn’t in high office, so I don’t have to sneak across the Canadian border. I’m keeping my camouflage clothes and night-vision goggles ready for 2016, though- just in case.


  321. Helen, although what you are doing would be considered in my neck of the woods one of the bravest acts ANYONE could attempt—(I mean people have been know to go mad and get infections reading anything Ann Coulter manages to scrape on a page with her craggy claws.) Stop! Stop before it’s too late or you’ll go blind, or start hacking up long stringy blond hair or wake up in a nasty black cocktail dress . . . .
    I’m worried about you . . . even though you are my hero.


  322. When she was on The View and started in on single mothers, she was so clueless she didn’t realize that ALL the women except Elizabeth Moronsky were single mothers. Including Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepard, and Joy Bayhardt. ALL OF THEM. Talk about making a huge fool out of yourself on national television.

    I’m a single mother of two bright, non-prison bound children. I guess I better get busy teaching them how to steal cars and rob banks, huh?

    Oh, and I have huge feet and I’m not a big blond barrel of bitch!


  323. 47 years old and presumably still a virgin? Just one more piece of evidence for my “Ann Coulter used to be a man” file. As I said on your last post, gigantic feet and Adam’s apple aside, women that want to be taken seriously do not dress like that, UNLESS THEY ARE JUST SO EXCITED ABOUT THEIR FEMALE BODIES BECAUSE THEY USED TO BE A MAN.

    I rest my case.


  324. This woman apparantly forgot the part of the bible where it says “judge not lest ye be judged”. She also apparantly forgot the lessons of love, tolerance, and compassion.

    I am the adult child of a single parent. My mother worked long and hard to provide for me and guess what Ann… I turned out just fine. My father went on to have children with other women, and all but one of them turned out as screwed up in the head as he is. The exception? She was also raised solo by her mother.

    See, while my father is a charming man, he is also a severe alcoholic.. a fact that he hides very well from people. When she discovered his true nature, my mother felt it was best that I was not raised by a drunk. She was right.

    I never got a grade lower than an A, did volunteer work at local libraries and with the girl scouts, was active in sports and other extracurricular activities like youth symphony and choir. I decided to abstain from sex until I was married as I have medical complications that eliminate the option of birth control.

    I’ve never done drugs, I’ve never smoked, and only drank the occasional beer or rum punch after I turned 21. I’ve never broken the law, or even received as much as a speeding ticket.

    So tell me Ann, where do I fit into your worldview? If you are reading this by some strange chance, please feel free to pull your gigantic feet from your mouth and answer.


  325. Helen:

    Please listen to avotresante and skyewriter. What you are doing is not safe. It shouldn’t even be attempted by professionals with health and safety personnel stationed nearby. Put the book down . . . now.

    If there is anything worse that reading an Ann Coulter screed (I won’t call it a book), it is knowing that she is given an even bigger venue when she is “interviewed” or part of a “panel” on TV. Her presence on these outlets gives her a credibility that is dangerous to us all. Remember when NBC bumped her interview and the right started screaming that she was being “banned?” She was on NBC being “interviewd” the next day. She and her same-sex counterpart, Rush, have way too much leverage with the media and our elected representatives.

    Helen . . . I said put the book down. Helen? Someone get me a cold pitcher of water . . .


  326. I must really thank you for making this sacrifice for us. However, I am at a loss at to what the rest of the chapters are going to be about. What is there left to say? Unless she chooses to mention what newspapers she reads religiously.

    And I am immediately reminded of the married mothers that drowned their children or in some other way dispatched them while Daddy was at the office. But I suppose like Tom Cruise she thinks postpartum depression is all in their heads.

    And who exactly is the publisher of this gem of illiteracy? I think I would like to boycott their entire spring list. Glad you did not have to buy the book new.


  327. Thank you Helen and I think you deserves a medal for forcing down that vile spew the coulter thing calls writing.

    But I also enjoyed your synopsis so very much. In particular “Conclusion – men don’t want to have sex with a bitch who has enormous feet.” had me spitting out my licorice.

    And skyewriter, as nasty as the book sounds you’d get cleaner using a leaf.


  328. I’m opposed to the death penalty, but for Coulter…if she ever commits a Biggie Felony (other than the crime of drawing breath)… I think I’d seriously reconsider.


  329. Helen, I did not know about this woman and what you write is so deeply disturbing to me that I cannot make a joke. How can the public give her any attention at all.( I thought she was a smart type of conservative from hearing her name mentioned here and there) When I was in school a book that was assigned reading was titled”Blaming the Victim”…she needs to read it in the worst way.


  330. {quote}Evidently she hasn’t paid much attention to the little problems we are facing like war, pestilence, famine and Sarah Palin.{end of quote}

    thank you for my chuckle of the day

    ghoulter is only one of many hate mongers who’s life depends on building as many brush fires as possible

    filled with hot air and no substance


  331. Ann Coulter is one gigantic freak show (and I’m not JUST talking about her feet!). If I weren’t so selfish, I’d agree w/skyewriter – that you should put the book down and back away slowly. But the out-loud laughter I enjoy from your reviews makes me glad you’re able to digest AC’s hateful, ignorant, infantile rantings.


  332. Well, I’ll be! Ann’s a man! Now that adam’s apple makes perfect sense. And those ferry-sized feet — and that she’s never been married — who would be able to stand her? Talk about men never understanding a woman . . . live with AC for awhile!

    Thanks, M&H! Struck gold again!




    I love this summary.

    I don’t think I’d like the book, though…

    It sound kinda, for lack of a better term, horrible.


  334. Put the book down, Helen, and back away slowly.

    I truly appreciate you reading this tome, but really, wouldn’t it serve a better purpose replacing the Charmin?

    Δ skyewriter


  335. Helen, I’m afraid you’re going to make yourself vomit. Please stop reading that crap, I’m sure no one will mind.
    I’ve got an idea about the Coultergeist. I think she’s a hermaphrodite and considers herself the ultimate victim. She seems like the type who “it’s all about me” and all the hate is nothing more than hating herself. She just throws it at everyone else. If she really is still a virgin, at nearly 50, isn’t that a clue to something? Someone said she’s a serial reject in relationships; there’s always a reason.
    Also wondering, can someone still be committed on the recommendations of 3 people?


  336. Ann Coulter is pure evil and it’s a shame so many mindless lunatics support and encourage her hateful rants.

    Has anyone here noticed her large Adam’s apple? One day the truth will come out. Big feet, big hands, Adam’s apple, irrational testosterone driven rage, you know what I’m getting at. She keeps those knees together so the meat and two veggies don’t drop out of the too-short skirt.


  337. I am a teacher and sometimes I think about whether this person or that person would make a good teacher for my grandkids.

    Could you imagine Coulter, Rush, Hannity or any of the Faux fools as teachers for the children you love and care for? I am sure that Bush would say they are Highly Qualified too.

    If you have any spare money to HELP AN ALASKAN VILLAGER with FOOD OR FUEL follow the following link:

    Helen: I thought you were going overboard with reading Ann Coulter but I am now realizing that someone has to do it! THANKS! I am sure glad I do not have too though.


  338. Oh, by the way, I should mention by way of follow-up that I was raised by a single mother, too. She and my dad divorced when I was little, but I was able to maintain close and loving relationships with both. Ann, you do so much talking about things you know little or nothing about. It’s time to shut up, sit down, and contribute something constructive to society. Eat some pie, for cryin’ out loud.


  339. in re Puppy Bowl – I’ve fallen in love with the puppy that was sleeping on the “playing” field. The halftime kitten show was cute too
    (ok, so I’d rather watch puppies and kittens than discuss AC)


  340. She’s unbelievable – and not just because of her adam’s apple. Why do we even know her name? She has nothing valuable to offer society.

    I’m so proud that majority of liberal pundits are educated and kind — and classy like Rachel Maddow.

    Not to mention THIS amazing man:


  341. If you’re not a football fan, check out the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

    It’s already started.


  342. Wow, that Ann Coulter sure knows a lot about me, because I was the wife of a violent man (I refuse to think of myself as a victim). Then after the divorce I was the single mother of two boys.
    Hmm, I must have done something wrong, because here’s how my two sons turned out: oldest son is married to his college sweetheart, with one adorable daughter, age 4. He and his wife both work for the college where they earned their degrees. Younger son joined the U. S. Marines Corps after graduating from high school, made Sergeant before he was twenty-one. Is now distinguishing himself in the private sector and is raising his family, too. Hold on, let me check. Oops, not a serial killer or criminal among them.

    Yikes! Where did I go wrong, Ann Coulter??


  343. Although I didn’t intend to become a single mother, when my daughter was 8 months old, her father informed me that he’d been having a special “relationship” with someone at work, so she and I picked up and came back to Georgia. I’m proud to report that my child never had any grade below an A in her entire school career…and that includes college. So there, Annie…..not all single mothers are the scum of the earth and neither are their kids.


  344. I laughed so hard reading this post. Brilliant! Helen, you have an amazing way with words.


  345. Coulter and her very large feet have been under investigation for voter fraud as well.
    She is a total sleaze.
    Thanks Helen,
    You are the Best!


  346. According to Ann (as per wikipedia):

    “Confronting some critics’ views that her content and style of writing is un-Christian,[54][55] Coulter has stated that “I’m a Christian first and a mean-spirited, bigoted conservative second, and don’t you ever forget it.”[56] She has also said: “… Christianity fuels everything I write. Being a Christian means that I am called upon to do battle against lies, injustice, cruelty, hypocrisy — you know, all the virtues in the church of liberalism.”[57] In Godless: The Church of Liberalism, as well as in personal appearances, Coulter characterized the theory of evolution as “bogus science”,[58][59] and contrasting her beliefs to what she called the left’s “obsession with Darwinism and the Darwinian view of the world, which replaces sanctification of life with sanctification of sex and death.”[60]”


    “Time magazine’s John Cloud observes that Coulter “likes to shock reporters by wondering aloud whether America might be better off if women lost the right to vote.”[22] For example, in a May 2003 interview with The Guardian, Coulter said:[112]
    …It would be a much better country if women did not vote. That is simply a fact. In fact, in every presidential election since 1950—except Goldwater in ’64—the Republican would have won, if only the men had voted.
    Wikinews has related news: Ann Coulter: Take away women’s votes because “women are voting so stupidly”
    Again, in an October 2007 interview with the New York Observer, Coulter said:[147]
    If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president. It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it is a good way of making the point that women are voting so stupidly, at least single women.
    It also makes the point, it is kind of embarrassing, the Democratic Party ought to be hanging its head in shame, that it has so much difficulty getting men to vote for it. I mean, you do see it’s the party of women and ‘We’ll pay for health care and tuition and day care—and here, what else can we give you, soccer moms?'”

    Thus spake the ANN-ti-Christ Coulter.


  347. What a sad and empty woman Ann Coulter is.

    Of course, there are women who follow her every move, laughing along with her as she makes fun of Democrats, arrogantly defending her pathetic little diatribes against her own sex but those are the same women who believe that Sarah Palin is brilliant.

    Ann Coulter’s acting out is only a compensatory factor for basic insecurity.

    I would hate to have HER life . . . alone each night in her bed, playing and re-playing in her head all of the crude and ignorant and inflammatory BS she vomited out in front of the TV or over the radio . . . going over and over in her mind all of the friends she could’ve made . . . all of the laughter she could’ve experienced with real pleasure . . . all of the poor and downtrodden she could have reached out to help . . . all of the single mothers out there she could have encouraged and emotionally supported.

    Is it any wonder that Ann Coulter and Rush Limburger live alone?


  348. My head wants to explode from what I just read here. I have no words. The English have a good expression. I am gobsmacked. Wish someone would smack Ann Coulter in her gob.


  349. Oh geez! So let me get this straight….

    so if we kill off all the single mothers and become vile hypocrites like Ann Coulter that will fix everything? ha ha ha Try again Ann Coulter…. Try again!

    I am glad that there are still people out there that don’t buy into that bullshit! Kudos to you Helen Kudos to you for disecting that vile bullshit and giving it to us straight!


  350. You made me do it. I haven’t wanted to Google Ann Coulter because her name would be in my history if Homeland Security seized my laptop and I wouldn’t want that to get out, but this post and previous comments finally made me do an image search.


    She’s the one my husband can’t flip away from fast enough when she’s on a channel.

    Thanks Helen. I’ll be avoiding the C aisle in the bookstore for a while — just seeing her face on her book cover would make me livid.

    Jane in Miami


  351. Ann Coulter: I present to you the case of my husband, raised by a single mom. My mother-in-law, who tried valiantly — but failed — not to be single.

    Husband #1 (hubby’s biological dad) beat the living shit out of my husband when he was a toddler. Exit mom. Husband #2 (a very rich, very well-known, very “upstanding” citizen) shot both hubs and his mom. They’re alive only because he was a bad shot. Exit mom. Husband #3, a gold digger married after my hubs moved out, lasted about 5 weeks. Exit mom. Husband #4 is a keeper, thank goodness. Mum-in-law found him a few years ago, at the age of 75.

    I ask you, Ann, O Clueless One, how the “fathers” in my husband’s childhood benefited him one iota.

    And I dare you to accuse my husband of being a rapist/murderer/thief/ne-er do well. The man works his arse off teaching, advocating for, and loving dozens of public-school adolescents with severe physical and mental disabilities. And he happens to be an incredible father to our children at the same time.

    I further dare you, Ann, to say one word to my MIL. She’s Sicilian, and she wears stilettos too. However, she can throw them around corners at 90 mph. I’d watch out if I were you.


  352. Awww…thanks for reading this and reminding me to continue to not pay any attention to this woman’s dreck. I’m sure reading this was enough to make you want to claw your eyes out.

    Single moms…well, I’m one of them. Pulling double-duty is just one of those things we do, and we generally do it well.

    There are exceptions who give single mothers, as a group, a bad name…but I think the exceptions surely had problems long before they became single parents.

    Coulter is just one of those people who confuses correlation with causation, which demonstrates that she isn’t nearly as clever as she’d like us all to think she is. Fortunately, the truly clever people can see right through all of that.


  353. Ann Coulter is part of the sideshow — right up there with the two-headed goat and the bearded lady (and that’s all I’m going to say about THAT). The more outrageous she is the more folks talk about her (the game is called “Ain’t It Awful”).

    I don’t expect her to be rational or thought-provoking any more than I would expect to learn anything useful about animal anatomy from the aforementioned goat. She knows she is a freak and she plays it for all it’s worth.



    Here is a link to a longish Wiki article about Coulter. It answers several questions about her romantic past and her age. Al Franken has made the allegation that she looks like a man in drag, pointing out her large adam’s apple, for instance. And she herself has alluded to her feet, as in the Newsweek cover made her feet look huge. If you want to see moe of what she looks like, google her in images on the google page. You will see how pitifully thin she is!

    However I don’t think that making fun of her appearance is the way to dismiss her ideas. She apparently has fans; her influence is out there. It is her ideas that are awful. I appreciate Helen’s reading her book and summarizing it. I surely don’t want to!


  355. Well now, I didn’t even have to read the book for her words to piss me off.

    Like everyone else has said, thank you for reading that nonsense so we don’t have to.

    Oh yeah, and another thing…my father passed away 22 years ago so I was raised by my single mother who did an EXCELLENT job. Rather than committing crimes like that idiot suggested, I graduated from highschool with a 4.0, attended college, and went on to work for the government.

    Shame on her.


  356. You are my favorite bloggers; I quote you constantly for your level-headed insights. And thank you for biting the bullet to read a book no woman in her right mind would actually buy. However, since I currently live in the Great Northwest and have some passing acquaintance with the wildlife, I would like to beg you for a favor. Please refrain from comparing Ann Coulter to Sasquatch. Mrs. Sasquatch is a gentle being who has no record, whatsoever, of causing harm to anyone – unlike the Annhydra. Thanks so much for being yourselves.


  357. Oh yeah-I don’t smoke (Single mothers are worse than cigarette companies – page 59)

    And none of my children are rapists or serial killers yet either…(Children of single mothers become rapists and serial killers – page 61).

    Just wanted to clarify…


  358. Excellent Helen. It makes me sick that she would write things like this on the backs of other people.

    Speaking of horrible women, Sarah wrote an OpEd piece in my newspaper. Drill Baby drilling again.
    I think I might cancel my paper.


  359. I’m not really sure how to respond to Ann’s “logic”. I was/am a single mom (I married again 5 years ago, however my husband and I have an agreement-we parent our own children, so in essence, am I still a ‘single’ mom?).

    My children are 24, 22 and 14. So far, (knock on wood) none have committed any crimes that I am aware of; two of the three have graduated from high school; they haven’t set fire to each other or the house; none are in prison (yet); I’m not in prison (yet); and I earned my Bachelor’s degree while I was officially a single mom-during which I never missed a single class party, Parent-Teacher conference, school play/performance, sports event, etc while I was attending school. So far, we don’t fit into her pseudo-logic and stereotypical “single mom and Juvenile delinquent kids” profile.

    My oldest is in college-but unemployed thanks to the economy; my second is barely hanging on to her job-again, due to the economy and my youngest is an 8th grade honor student taking high school algebra and planning on becoming either a teacher or school counselor (God love her!). She is already enrolled in summer school to get a head start on her Phys Ed credits and has signed up for Honor’s courses for her Freshman year. She’s the over achiever of the family 🙂

    I THINK that I am supposed to be insulted by her babbling, but all I can do is laugh! She, being 47. never married and NEVER been a parent, has NO CLUE what she is talking about or has missed out on. She has taken a few examples of bad apples and decided that is how all single mothers act and how their children will turn out. We are not all Welfare moms who’s kids are running wild either. Most of the single moms that I know are more strict than kids who live with both parents.

    I have the distinct honor of being named “the meanest mom of all of my friends” because I always wanted to know where my kids were, who they were with, where they were going, how late/early they would be home and I wasn’t afraid to call other parents to check out the stories. In fact, the other parents were always surprised when I did call or want to meet them. I wasn’t going to let my kids sleep over at someone’s house if I didn’t know them. And I wouldn’t let any kids sleep over at my house without meeting their parents first.

    Now-back to Ann:
    I have only seen a few You Tube videos of her rantings; I LOVED the pie throwing! LOL

    I have never seen ‘The View’ nor do I want to. I don’t have time for junk TV. I can’t really BLAME her huge feet for her misgivings, although I do think they do fit nicely into her mouth. I think that Mother Nature is funny sometimes-I think it has to do with proportions. Her feet are proportionate to her mouth. Her rhetoric is quite amusing at most. I really find it funny that so many people actually LISTEN to her and her kind and take everything that is said as the Gospel truth. None of the people who follow her rantings have the sense that God gave a goose.

    She really isn’t worth anyone’s time-other than to check in occasionally for a good laugh.

    Helen, I admire your courage in taking one for the team and actually reading her drivel.
    Ann needs to learn that God doesn’t like ugly and she is one ugly carbon based life form. I can’t call her HUMAN because she has no humanity. She may think she is attractive but as soon as she opens her mouth (and insert foot as well) her ugliness oozes out of her like nuclear (not nucular) radiation.

    She hasn’t said anything that I want to read nor want to hear. My thanks to you, dear Helen, for your Hell N Notes-you make me laugh. I mean it. Really…


  360. Margaret – I think you have finally come to the conclusion all of us gay men already knew about Ann. She is a “drag queen”!! One UGLY drag queen I might add. You can’t hide the hands or feet no matter what you do!! LOL Keep it up Margaret! you go GIRL!!


  361. Are we supposed to believe that the Connecticut Screech is still a VIRGIN at 47? Is that where all that anger comes from?

    I understand that many celebrated when her jaw had to be wired shut. To me, the perfect response to her vitriol would be for a group of single mothers to hold her down and shave her head!


  362. Ann Coulter doesn’t have big feet. It’s all a liberal conspiracy don’t you know, “liberal media bias” again. It’s here:


  363. Maybe she is just so angry becuase she has had her legs crossed for 47 years!
    She needs a good f**k.
    Sorry to be rude, but I think that really is her problem.


  364. “You know what they say about big feet right? Well, in Ann’s case the shoes fit.”

    And what about that ginourmous Adams Apple of hers?!


  365. Ann Coulter never ceases to amaze me with her vile spewings. Thank you for doing us the service of letting us know the extent of her vileness so no one has to buy the book and give her any profit on it.


  366. Ann Coulter is the ex-girlfriend of some pornographer whose name I can’t recall but can probably easily find on the Internet.

    I wonder what she’d have to say about Casey Anthony.. a skinny white woman who was raised to believe she was entitled to have whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. She killed her child, too, because the baby was inconvenient to her lifestyle.



  367. Ann Coulter is the female Rush Limbaugh. Or is it just Rush Limbaugh in drag?

    I wouldn’t waste the money on her book.


  368. I haven’t quite figured out her schtick yet—whether she actually believes the things she says/writes or whether it’s a ruse. But both possibilities scare me because she doesn’t pull off either of them convincingly. If I believed evil existed, she’d make my case. I hope there is something good about her deep down inside, but I’m very skeptical.


  369. “Here, Here!!” Thank you so much for having the ‘ootsbaugh’ to read all of the hate mongering.
    Several months ago, I picked up a couple Michael Moore books and decided that in all fairness, I should read an Ann Coulter book as well. I couldn’t make it past page 10….it was horrid. Full of anger and hate.
    So, I tip my hat to you for your brave actions and wish you the very best.


  370. “You know what they say about big feet right? Well, in Ann’s case the shoes fit.”

    Oh MY God that is funny!!!!!


  371. I do not waste my time watching Ann Coulter on TV or reading her books. I am entertained enough just reading what you have to say about her. Going by what you say I know I have no desire to watch her anymore than the few time that I have caught her on the news. She really does seem to be one of the less informed people on earth. Where she gets these opinions on people and believes is beyond me. Luckily we do not have a large population of people who believe like she does. (Rush Limbaugh is one of the worse men I can think of and Ann Coulter is the worse woman) IMHO


  372. I second the calls that thank you for reading this, so that I don’t have to. You are a braver woman than I.


  373. Wow.

    You’re not making this up, are you?

    I cannot thank you enough for taking one for the team like this. I’d never read this book, myself, but I find myself eager for the next chapter’s update.


  374. You are performing an important public service – saving the rest of us from having to read her shit. Thank You!


  375. I’ve never had a desire to read any of her books and I guess this synopsis is about as close as I’m going to get. Thank you for taking the time to share this.



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