Posted by: Helen Philpot | February 4, 2009

Ann Coulter: Guilty

Margaret, I know you haven’t seen the book , but the jacket cover has a picture of Ann Coulter in a pretty, black dress with her hands on her hips looking like she is ready for a fight.   Well, having finished Chapter 3, I have determined I can take her skinny ass.  

They say that given enough time, a hypothetical chimpanzee typing at random would, as part of its output, almost surely produce one of Shakespeare’s plays. If that is true, then two monkey’s typing for ten minutes could have produced this book and Tom Daschle’s tax returns with plenty of time left over to pose for the picture on the jacket cover.

Basically  Ann uses 38 pages to suggest that there is no such thing as negative political ads from the Republican party.  Evidently Republicans can only tell the truth and no Democrat has ever served their country honorably in the armed forces.  Seriously. This woman argues that there is no Republican Attack Machine and then goes on for 12 pages talking about how successful the Swift Boat Veterans were at attacking  John Kerry.   The reason Democrats lose elections is because the Republicans point out the truth, but the reason Democrats win elections is because Republicans are never allowed to point out the truth.  Sound confusing?  Welcome to the world Ann Coulter.  

Did anybody out there know that Barack Obama was loosely tied to a terrorist named Bill Ayers?  Really?  Because Ann was dissappointed that the story never got out.  By the way, according to Ann, if you follow the trail far enough Obama can be linked to Charles Manson.  It would have come out in the election but the liberal media squashed it.

The entire chapter reads like the diary of a mad woman who wants us first to believe that the “liberal-biased media” is all-powerful while simultaneously claiming that Fox News is the most popular news source ever.  Kind of the way those kind-hearted Republicans wanted us to believe that Obama was a Muslim who attended a really horrible Christian church.

I have to admit.  I really do understand how people can easily get caught up in this line of reasoning.  I do it all the time when I try to convince myself that the size of my ass has nothing do with the amount of pie I ate.   But no matter how hard Ann wants to argue there is no Republican Attack Machine, the fact is the Republican Attack Machine  has big feet and I have a big ass.

The more I see Ann Coulter on talk shows, the more I realize you can judge this book by its actual cover.  If you take off the book jacket to reveal the cover, there is no picture – just the author’s name and the title.   Ann Coulter – Guilty.   I guess the jury is in.

Well Margaret, I will continue reading until I have finished even if it kills me.   But I have managed to put down the book long enough to catch the news.  It appears that Obama doesn’t walk on water.  He actually admitted that he made a mistake in handling the nomination of Tom Daschle as his health and human services secretary.  Can you believe that?  A President who admits he made a mistake when he makes it rather than years later when he is leaving office and trying to fabricate a legacy.  It gives me hope that  whoever classified Ann’s books as nonfiction will one day also admit their mistake.

So that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  I mean it. Really.


  1. Your style is unique in comparison to other folks I have
    read stuff from. Many thanks for posting when you
    have the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this web site.


  2. […] Anne Coulter “writes books,” whines that she’s being boycotted by the tv networks she denigrates in her books, and then denies the whole episode when she’s back on to plug her book.  (She also derides people who deride conservatives, even though she derides conservatives in her book, but that’s another story altogether) […]


  3. Here is the Republican Plan for the US.

    Interesting: Seems like the plan I have been witnessing.

    HELP AN ALASKA VILLAGE! Palin won’t so you and I need to do it! The Yukon River is frozen through May. Help will be needed for a few more months.


  4. As always, thanks for the laughs (and the truths). They should pay you to write this stuff for TV. 🙂


  5. But do you think that the fact that Coulter is a cross-dressing man has any effect on her thinking. Like, being disappointed with Nature and the real world?


  6. my problem with AC is that, like Limbaugh, people continue to pay attention to them. In some ways, the more we sensible folk rage about their idiocies, the more people pay attention to them. The more attention paid to them, the greater credence they are given. The more money they make, and the more outrageous crap they spout. When I go to Costco, and I see a bunch of AC books (or O’Reilly, or any other radical right blowhard)…I bury them–usually with whatever lefty book I can find. If people don’t see them, people won’t buy them. If people don’t buy them…well…you’re smart people…you know where this is headed. STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO THESE NUT JOBS! It only serves to validate them. Besides…they’re not worth it…really…there are far more important things to worry about.


  7. An Ann Coulter Song by Hoolinet:

    Loud Annie

    (To the tune of “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival)

    Got a good job with no real work
    Attacking liberals every night and day
    But I never lost a minute of sleepin’
    Worryin’ bout the way the real world is

    Big mouth it just keep flappin’
    Ann Coulter keeps on yappin’
    Hidin’, hidin’, hiding from the real world

    Clinton was a commie liberal
    Ignore what he did for the economy
    But I never knew what liberals were all traitors
    Til I stopped and read this lunatic queen

    If women have careers not babies
    Ann Coulter just calls them sick feminists
    She don’t have to worry, thought she’s got no babies
    Those who think like her just never get it

    Courtesy Mark Hoolihan and the Hoolinet
    Copyright © 2003 Boniface Bugle Productions. All Rights Absurd.


  8. GW on the Iraq War: Give him a little space and W can think.


  9. TRADESMAN: BIG: When you brought it up, I discarded it as voodoo economics and still do, but here is why.

    All the 800 Billion or so will be spent within 4 years and then it is gone. To just give everyone money for mortgage, food, car, etc, the economy will come crashing down again in 4 years. If you spend that money on tuition, rebuiliding roads/ bridges, rebuilding electric and/or computer grid, alternative energy, mass transit, hybrid cars, insulating houses etc, you get training & jobs and a way to move the country forward for another period of time.

    If you just give people money, we still have bridges ready to fall, dependence on the middle east for oil, inefficient buses and cars but we paid bills for 5 years.

    I read about BIG twice but it just did not make sense to me.


  10. Google Ann’s images and look at her hands…
    It’s a treat.


  11. Just had to let you know how much I enjoy your writing style. I am still mulling over the fact that perhaps it WAS the pie that made my ass fill out the chair so nicely. Thank you for reading the Ann C garbage and reporting to us, I find myself compelled to read your thoughts on the book, kind of like slowing down to look at a car wreck.


  12. A book on libraries that I had to read for class once started with this:

    “It has been said that a million monkeys at computers could eventually produce the works of Shakespear. The Internet has proven this to not be true.”

    I just love that!! Had to post it!
    Anyway, the comments here are just as great as the blog post. Some funny, some mad, some just oenry.


  13. I’m not sure it is worth it to devote any more energy toward Coulter and her ideas, but your recaps are hilarious.

    Once you’re finished with the book, can you write something that will help us detox?


  14. Greytdog,
    I was probably referring to the walking pole which is what I’m using while my hip/leg recovers. It is similar to the nordic ski pole. It does help maintain balance whereas the walkers and canes throw you out of balance.

    I commend you for reading the stimilus bill. You should keep us informed as I certainly don’t have the ability to download that many pages with dial-up.

    Hi Jean,
    Welcome back. I’ve never heard the song but my Mother’s favorite jello recipe was lime jello, marshmallow, cottage cheese surprise.
    I am now a full member of the gummy club and wish I had some jello surprise right now during recovery.

    I love the paper on Hell. Got to pass that one along. If it’s not a “real” paper it should have been.


  15. Morning all – here’s yet another point of view on the economic shenanigans from our nation’s capital where the business of Congress is conducted against the voting public:

    ‘Centrist’ Economic Recovery Package Disproportionately Cuts Programs For Women And Children
    By Amanda Terkel on Feb 5th, 2009 at 4:45 pm
    ‘Centrist’ Economic Recovery Package Disproportionately Cuts Programs For Women And Children»
    Conservatives opposed to the Democratic economic recovery package have been voicing their complaints by calling out individual programs they believe to be wasteful. For example, last month on the House bill, conservatives specifically targeted funding for comprehensive family planning services and STD prevention. Unfortunately, in an effort to compromise, President Obama called for both of those provisions to be cut from the legislation.
    Today, various progressive blogs released a list of items that so-called “centrist” Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Ben Nelson (D-NE) have proposed cutting from the economic recovery package. Many of these cuts, however, would disproportionately affect women and children — similar to the cuts to the House bill. Some highlights:
    – $150 million cut to the Violence Against Women Act
    – $50 million to the Victims of Crime Act
    – $25 million to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces
    – $1.1 billion to Head Start
    – $50 million to Teacher Quality Partnership Grants
    – $5.2 billion for Prevention And Wellness (including diabetes screening and HIV testing)
    – $13.9 billion for Pell Grants
    – $2 billion for Child Care Development Block Grants
    Over on the Wonk Room, Pat Garofalo notes why these cuts are so troubling:
    For Nelson, who has a personal net worth about $10 million, this is also a case of kicking Main Street while its down, as the proposed cuts are in areas like health care, education, and aid to the states. Adding insult to injury, Collins and Nelson are nitpicking important stimulus funding that would benefit working Americans and their children, after they voted for giving $700 billion to Wall St. with no oversight.
    In particular, health care provisions not only disproportionately boost women and children, but also minorities. After all, preventive health care spending is stimulative; it creates jobs and saves the country expensive long-term medical costs.
    President Obama put it best today when he criticized all the people who are calling anything besides tax cuts “pork”: “So when you hear these attacks deriding something of such obvious importance as this, you have to ask yourself, ‘Are these folks serious?’”


  16. Thank you so much for reading this book so I don’t have to! (not that I would anyway). I’ll be passing your blog around, is that OK?


  17. Helen, I just wanted to say that as a big-footed gal, that we don’t all thrive on a steady diet of cocaine and sexual advances of Republican wankers as Ms. Coulter does. The big-footed do not all make their living spewing vitriol that stupid people lap up like dogs on a hot day. Some of us want to leave this world better than we found it. I just don’t want any negative big-foot stereotypes to get out there in the public consiousness:)

    I haven’t read your blog since before the election and I was disappointed to see you aren’t watching The View anymore since Hassle-bitch has had some choice moments this week.


  18. Howlgirl,

    I used to live in Texas. Throughout this whole election process I heartily missed Molly Ivins and Ann Richards. It would have been fantastic to hear their points on view on the dumb bitch in Alaska and Coulter. I think both would have been in awe of Obama’s win and had some choice words for the departing menace.


  19. You are a better (more tolerable) person than I for reading the book.
    Ann, Sarah and Rush can all ……… well, guess I will keep this clean.


  20. good night from austin, everyone.

    it’s a beautiful day

    peace –


  21. Hey troutay-!

    Missed you.
    No burden here, neighbor.
    And this isn’t the Kumbaya Korner.
    Folks who visit here are pretty much the real deal . Even though there is a lot of BS-ing over pie, it’s no BS that folks care.
    I’ve got neighbors here in Alaska who were too proud to ask for help til one worried fellow spoke out. Lots of the folks who visit here in Margaret and Helen’s parlour just stepped up to the plate and lent a helping hand.
    My neighbors still have to deal with the broader issues facing their communities but they won’t have to deal with being hungry and cold and alone on top of it.


  22. Jean-
    Never heard that goofy song but
    does that recipe have super finely shredded cabbage in it? If so- I want some.
    No, maybe not.
    Don’t want to wreck anymore childhood illusions. A favorite Aunt always ma de that stuff with cabbage for Thanksgivings.We kids loved it. Ate til we were sick.
    Oh- I’d forgotten that part… never mind.

    Easier- you are not a simpleton. Some folks need to believe dumb things to feel safe. I just keep wondering whether there REALLY are people who believe Ms Coulter’s tripe. Or is she just the poster girl for Meanies of America?


  23. judith – you crack me up.


  24. Jean, I can *not* believe there’s someone else in the world (besides me, and especially on this blog) who knows that song.

    We had a radio show here (recently terminated) that played that song all the time. It still makes me laugh.

    Troutay, glad you enjoyed the day. It’ll be even warmer tomorrow. No stuffing kids into snowpants! Whee!!

    Greytdog: Good thinking vis-a-vis UAW. What can we do to help, indeed? UAW, may I ask (perhaps you’ve already said, and I missed it): Are you in Motown, or elsewhere?


  25. American, your post was funny!!! LOL! I suscribe to the fact that we all eventually find our way to heaven! Imagine, if we are all part of God, and that part of Him in us find itself in hell, He wouldn’t enjoy torturing Himself much, would He? He would scamper out of there fast I imagine!


  26. Thanks as usual Helen. It is sometimes difficult for me to understand the likes of Ann Coulter. I have trouble with people who choose to believe people who skew the truth, make stuff up, and just do not know anything about being straightforward. I do not understand it. Maybe I am just a simpleton.


  27. Hi gang,

    I’m wondering if anyone is up for planning a blog (block?) party sometime in the future. I think it would be fun. First we would have to pick a date when everyone could come, old and new bloggers. We could all bring something so it wouldn’t be too much work for any one person.

    Perhaps we could start off with tea of course. How about a nice big bowl of punch? One bottle of champagne, two bottles of Rhine wine and a two liters of ginger ale. Keep it cold by dumping in a package or two of whole frozen strawberries and sliced peaches.

    I have some menu items to suggest but anyone is welcome to add their favorites. We will need some entertainment. We will need lots of local talent of all kinds! Helen, do you have a piano? If not, maybe someone could bring a portable keyboard. Is there a soprano out there? I could accompany a soprano with this Cabaret Song that has been performed by Joan Morris with her husband, William Bolcom on the piano. I think he wrote it. It is kind of an old song, (oldie but goodie!), and used to be on the inter net. It has a fast tempo and is sort of hard to follow the lyrics at first.

    Here are the lyrics, along with some possible menu items:


    Ladies, the minutes will soon be read today.
    The Garden Club and Weaving Class I’m sure have much to say.
    But next week is our Culture Night, our biggest first event,
    And I’ve just made a dish for it, you’ll all find heaven sent.

    It’s my lime jello, marshmallow, cottage cheese surprise!
    With slices of pimento, you won’t believe your eyes!
    All topped with a pineapple ring and a dash of mayonnaise,
    My vanilla wafers ‘round the edge will win your highest praise!

    And Mrs. Jones is making scones with a filbert peanut mousse,
    To be followed by a chicken mold that’s made in the shape of goose.
    For ladies who must watch those pounds, we’ve got this special dish,
    Strawberry ice enshrined in rice with bits of tuna fish!

    And my lime jello, marshmallow, cottage cheese surprise!
    Truly a creation that description defies!
    Will go so well with Mrs. Bell’s creation of the week,
    Shrimp salad topped with chocolate sauce and garnished with a leek!

    And Mrs. Perkin’s walnut loaf that’s crowned with melted cheese,
    Was such a hit last Culture Night, we ask no seconds please!
    Now you must try her hot dog pie with candied mushroom slices.
    Those ladies who resigned last year, they just don’t know what nice – is.

    Then my lime jello, marshmallow, cottage cheese surprise!
    I did not steal that recipe. It’s LIES, I TELL YOU, LIES!
    A grand award, a picture hat and a salmon sequin gown,
    For any girl who tries each dish and keeps her whole lunch down!

    I’m sure you all are waiting for the biggest news –dessert.
    We thought of things in molds and rings, your diet to subvert.
    You must try our chocolate layer cake on a peanut brittle base,
    With slices of bananas that make a funny face!
    Around the edge are peppermints just swimming in peach custard,
    With lovely little curlicues of lovely yellow mustard!

    If all this is too much for you, permit me to advise,
    More lime jello, marshmallow, cottage cheese surprise!





  28. For Colorful, The Ghoul and any one else who comes in spouting religious garbage off topic or just trying to get a rise out of everyone.

    I don’t know if this is true; researched on as well as and neither had it posted.

    However, it is pretty good-whether it was a ‘real’ paper or not!


    The following is to have come from a University of Washington mid-term chemistry exam. The answer by one student was so ‘profound’ that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, is why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well:

    Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

    Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle’s Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant.

    One student, however, wrote the following:
    First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let’s look at the different rreligions that exist in the world today.

    Most of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there is more than one of these religions and since people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all souls go to Hell. With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in Hell to increase exponentially. Now, we look at the rate of change of the volume in Hell because Boyle’s Law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has to expand proportionately as souls are added.

    This gives two possibilities:
    1. If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls enter Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will increase until all Hell breaks loose.

    2. If Hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in Hell, then the temperature and pressure will drop until Hell freezes over.

    So which is it?

    If we accept the postulate given to me by Teresa during my Freshman year that, ‘It will be a cold day in Hell before I sleep with you,’ and take into account the fact that I slept with her last night, then number two must be true, and thus I am sure that Hell is exothermic and has already frozen over! The corollary of this theory is that since Hell has frozen over, it follows that it is not accepting any more souls and is therefore, extinct……leaving only Heaven, thereby proving the existence of a divine being which explains why, last night, Teresa kept shouting ‘Oh my God.’


  29. Well, I thought about dogs, too. But at our house, it goes:

    Optimist – half full

    Pessimist – half empty

    Dog – You gonna drink that?


  30. UAW, with the dire straits of the economy, and the way the auto industry is going, do you folks have insurance? Anything we can do to help? You two need to focus on family and not having to make decisions about health vs. security. Just give us a sign and we’ll bombard our reps and senators on your behalf. Heck! If we can reach out to the villagers, we can certainly reach out for a fellow pie fan!


  31. But my dogs share – so they must not be political in nature at all!


  32. judith – LOL – does that mean my dogs are Republicans – because they think EVERYTHING is theirs! (Unless, as the rules read, it’s broken. Then it’s mine)


  33. positive karma, prayers and hugs for UAW Tradesman and wife.


  34. Hmmm. Another parallel to the opposing Conservatives (uptight, boob baited, bat shit crazies) and Liberals.

    Greedy power hungry innately selfish primates versus Educated, compassionate, nurturing do-gooders.


  35. Bumper sticker my husband saw today.

    Democrat = The glass is half full

    Republican = The glass is mine.


  36. Hi gang,

    I broke my pledge to not return until late March – -for the moment.

    We received this e mail and I found it one of the most fascinating I have read in a long time. There is about a 20 minute video of Dr. Whybrow’s presentation. I think you will also find it so. For sure, we are going to track down his book! Please feel free to share with anyone you think would be interested.

    I have copied it and pasted it. I hope it comes through OK. We’ll see.

    “Leading neuropsychiatrist Peter Whybrow recently authored “American Mania: When More Is Not Enough,” a neurobiological look at the instinctual and social behaviors that balance a market economy. Pay attention as he explains how America’s reward-driven culture is pushing the physiological limits of our evolutionary inheritance – making us sick in body and mind.”

    “Selfish behaviors are reward driven and innate, wired deeply into the survival mechanisms of the primitive brain, and when consistently reinforced, they will run away to greed, with its associated craving for money, food, or power. On the other hand, the self restraint and the empathy for others that are so important in fostering physical and mental health are learned behaviors – largely functions of the new human cortex and thus culturally dependent. These social behaviors are fragile and learned by imitations much as we learn language”.

    The book. Dr. Peter Whybrow – “American Mania: When More is Not Enough”.




  37. To many Republicans, the enemy is not Bin Laden; the enemy is Obama. One of my neighbors told me last week that he expects Obama to be a big failure, and the Republicans will take back Congress in 2010. “Just like 1994,” he said. It’s a shame, but many of these Republicans (by no means all Republicans, of course) don’t care about the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are losing their homes to foreclosure, and are literally thrown out into the cold. What they care about is that they want Obama to fail. People who encourage this, like Ann Coulter, are doing severe damage. In this economy, MANY people are truly suffering. We really need to wish Obama well, before America becomes unrecognizable.


  38. helen, mighty big of you to take on reading the coulter book and saving us the agony. and yes, mighty big of the president to admit making a mistake the same week he made it. can’t remember any other president doing that. so there is hope. maybe he’s the real deal, eh?

    here’s something on everybody’s favorite moose hunter, the palin:


  39. Helen, I hope your eyes aren’t too crossed. What a crazy, nasty mean spirited woman. Did you ever see the movie “Swamp Thing”? Well, someone invented a potion that made you more of what you are. One guy had some and he became Swamp Thing because he loved the Swamp. The evild dude became a nasty black smelly thing.

    think the Coultergeist would become a black nasty, smelly foot with a huge mouth that just spews racist, bigoted, judgmental garbage…she would be in one of Dante’s circles of hell.


  40. Nice to hear from you Troutay!We must have gotten your cold weather here in South Florida,where it was fun for me to wear a turtleneck and 2 sweaters! Do not care for the chapped dry skin part.


  41. troutay nice to see you back! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

    Ok I am about to take a big hit to my Karma but here goes, just read that Rupert Murdochs companies have lost 6.4 billion. Ok the bad part I laughed. It’s the economy stupid!

    The other part of the article I laughed at said they might have to make cuts in their newsrooms. Hmmm I have a list if they need help. Hehehehe

    I feel sorry that people are losing their jobs don’t get me wrong but these are the people every night telling us all that the economy is sound and a stimulus package is a joke. Hmmmm Maybe it was their Karma that took the hit?


  42. tine with a piece of pie

    You were sort of right. Not barefoot, but reading a book outside. It was lovely. I even went to Barnes and Noble without my coat!

    Hopefully the danged groundhog got it wrong. If it gets worse, I say grab the trap!


  43. Decaf: That’s exactly what I thought. Someone must’ve walloped that crazywoman!


  44. UAW,

    My prayers are for you and your wife. I really don’t agree with any of your comments, but I will still pray for you both and that she gets through her latest downturn in health, as that is what good Christians do. We may not always agree on things but we love each other just the same. I am not being sarcastic, I really do pray for the best for you and yours.



  45. Howlgirl,

    You are right, but even Palin didn’t sound as completely crazy as colorful. Self serving, yes. Uber religious, yes. But she didn’t tell all of America that we were going to hell if we voted for Obama, just separated us from pro-Americans.

    Also, the way colorful darts in and then disappears. It is like the comments are made and then she just sits back to watch the reactions. I think it is more of a joy ride than being a real religious zealot.


  46. UAW Tradesman, you didn’t burden us. We are here to carry you. I am my brothers keeper.


  47. UAW…you didn’t burden anyone with Jack Sh-t!!! That is serious and sometimes, even in passing it is safer to vent to those anonymous people on the internet.

    I sincerely hope the best for you and your wife. You can hand that prayer to the god of your choosing!

    Take care and continue taking care of her…


  48. p.s.
    ralph reed
    + anita bryant
    rick warren
    sarah palin

    and you don’t believe colorful could be for real? c’mon now, AlaskaA pal!


  49. oops “take prayers”


  50. someone needs to put a few folks over their knee . . . or we need to adopt the british equivalent of a vote of confidence in the senate and house.

    don’t forget the small print.

    Whatever spirit of bipartisanship may have lingered in the chamber, dissipated quickly on Thursday morning as Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the second-ranking Democrat, sought to remind Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, that Democrats had agreed to add to the stimulus bill two major tax provisions proposed by Republicans.

    “I think the senator for his comments,” Mr. Graham replied, more irked than grateful. “If you believe this is a good process to spend $800 billion, we’re on different planets. We’re making this up as we go. If this is a good process, why are 16 senators meeting around the corner trying to figure out how to keep this thing from stinking?”

    Moments later, Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California, interrupted Mr. Graham, saying she wanted to ask a question, but in fact she wanted to chastise him for waving around a copy of the bill. “Theatrical,” she exclaimed. “Did you do that when George Bush was president and he sent down a bill twice as big as that? Did you ever do that? You can do that. That’s theatrics. You can do that.”


  51. Of course best wishes to you and your wife UAW. Cancer seems to touch everyone in some way these days.

    It is too bad that I don’t really think Colorful is for real. I can’t imagine that anyone would dart in like that and spout off just raving hellfire and brimstone and then the whole garbledy gook writing in tongues. I just have a hard time believing that can be real.

    I agree with you that you takes prayers, of all types, wherever you can get them. God, Buddha, Allah, Mother Earth, the sentiments all come from the same place. Who are we to turn down the well wishes of others. Except Colorful’s, hers are a little scary with all the repent, repent ye sinners talk. I know I am a sinner, but that is between me and my God to reconcile. I don’t need to repent to Colorful and I have a hard time finding this site is so evil, when so many good things have come from it.

    It really is a community.


  52. I seldom use the “C” word myself. LOL at the Can’t Understand Normal Thinking. However, I do not think that the “C” word is appropriate for AC; she doesn’t have one. Now, if we’re talking about AC Lite a.k.a. Bitsy from the View, the “C” word applies. EH uses the same tortured logic that AC uses. Today she derailed the conversation about the shooting of wolves from helicopters to the abortion issue. Nice leap there, you loopy c**t (tm Deadwood)


  53. I didn’t mean to burden you with my problems but I thank you all for your concern and well wishes. After my wife’s first opperation I told the pastor that my sisters friend called; asked what was the problem; she knew something was up;and said a chant (prayer shock beads ???)(full-blooded Indian medicine person(woman). The pastor didn’t know if he could agree with that and I told him we’ll take help from were we can get it and I believe GOD listens to everyone.
    One thing we can agree on is Colorful.


  54. Where I live, we call her Man Coulter. She looks like a man, has an adam’s apple, and acts like a man. I wonder if she can fight like a man.



    Palin again on the pathetic anonymous bloggers. Because, ya know, it’s all about her. Um, hungry people, in her own state. Well she wouldn’t really care to address that issue. Would she.


  56. Knowing that wiring is done to repair a broken jaw – are you really surprized that AC has had her jaw wired shut?

    I wonder if she said too much to someone …


  57. Mageen: As far as I know AC did have her jaw wired shut. But darned if I know why.

    FWIW, my sister had to have her jaw wired shut after fracturing it in a softball game. I don’t know all the appropriate uses for such a treatment, but sis’s certainly seems to fit the bill.

    UAW: Another praying Christian liberal here sending good juju your way. Cancer has touched my family several times, but never quite that closely. I can only begin to imagine what you’re going through.


  58. Talk about taking ’em for the team! You rock. And as well as you write, it’s almost hard for me to read the crap that you have to translate into English to give us the summary of the book.


  59. Next time, they should use stronger wire…


  60. Pardon my reoccurance, but I just heard something from the West Coast. It seems that some time late last year, Coulter had her jaw wired shut for some medical reason?????
    Anyone out there who can provide a factual foundation for this? For one thing, I thought the medical profession dropped this type of treatment decades ago as bad medicine. When it comes to TMJ, draconian dental work or whatever, newer techniques are used.


  61. Helen, you are the best! If one has to have an addiction, it’s to your blog.

    Just a couple of observations. First, we didn’t know as much about the previous government because they kept everything secret or lied and wouldn’t give any information. Second, didn’t McCain say he would reach across the aisle? Well, I saw on the Huff Post yesterday that he was on fox news spewing about President Obama, etc.

    But that’s just me, I could be wrong.


  62. I always enjoy reading what you have to say about things, Helen. Keep blogging!


  63. Referencing Pete Sessions and his ‘insurgency:

    There is a faction of conservatives that doesn’t actually believe in democracy. As long as the majority rules in their favor, fine. If it doesn’t, suddenly they switch to “God plus me IS a majority”.

    They seem to be related to the fringe religionists (emphatically not a majority of religious people) who don’t trust God to do the job. Left to his/her own devices, God is going to let somebody get away with something. Fortunately, they’re around to make sure this doesn’t happen.

    I think if they ever actually meet their maker, they’re going to get quite a collar correction for their presumption.


  64. It’s not often the worlds of my favorite blogs intersect… so when I saw this I had to post it here:

    Great entry on Elizabeth from The View 🙂

    (if this repeats, sorry, my last attempt didn’t post.)


  65. UAW – I will add you and your wife to my daily meditations and will send you all the good karma I can muster. You’re among friends here even when we don’t agree on something. And remember, even as you take care of your wife, remember to also do something for yourself today, no matter how small.


  66. To UAW

    And to all the fine folks who visit here.

    I have read the bill (all 736 pages from the draft two days ago) and have been posting about it.


    Our country’s entire focus for the last eight years has been chasing ghosts and phantom WMDs in the Middle East while siphoning off YOUR money to ME oil.

    This means NO attention (or money) has been invested in our own country.

    That’s why were are in this mess. That’s why the bill is SO important.


    If you don’t, you have NO right to say a f*cking word about it.


  67. I LOVE your blog, thanks so much!As for Ann Coulter, personally I think there’s too much energy going in her direction.   I wonder if she actually subscribes to the garbage she produces or it’s just a business which preys on the hateful/dimwitted types.   I checked out her blog one day and she was ranting about how “the liberals” hated Sarah Palin because she was so beautiful.   Then she actually went on and said they would prefer ugly women like Kay Bailey Hutchinson and started ranting on Hutchinson for being “old and ugly”.    I don’t agree with much of what Senator Hutchinson thinks but I do respect her.   I have no respect for Palin, not because she’s pretty but because she was unbelievably underqualified and extremely ignorant on ALL the issues.    I will never forgive the Republicans for being so reckless with our nation as to put (as The Economist described her) that “boob bait for Bubba” on their ticket.   In fact, I think the media LOVED her because she was such a laughing stock viewers tuned it.   It’s not like Katie had to come up with any difficult questions to stump her.   SNL didn’t have to write any lines for Tina Fey, they just took verbatim what Sarah said.  Who wouldn’t love that?  Back to Coulter – I thumbed through one of her books at the store.  Now “the liberal media” hates Palin because she’s a Christian.   Hmmm, so wouldn’t they also hate Obama because he’s a Christian as well?  In fact, between the two, I think he emulates Christ much more than Miss Boob Bait for Bubba so wouldn’t they hate him even more????   Coulter is a twisted soul.   I’m going to forget about her for awhile and return to happy thoughts that Obama is in office and working to clean up the mess from the last 8 years.  I think I’ll write a few GOP Senators and let them know they’d better start putting our country ahead of their party or I’ll be donating to and campaigning for their opponents in the future.  Thanks for your blog!  


  68. Colorful-

    You posted and I quote….

    “Do not speak of Jesus that way. You will regret it when he does come back to save those souls who have been faithful to him. And Jesus doesn’t care how big your feet are. He just cares how big your heart is.”

    Ok two things…

    One: I don’t think anyone here bashed Jesus (show me the post if you want to prove me wrong)….. We were bashing those who use Jesus as an excuse for stupidity. There is a huge difference.

    Two: If Jesus only cares how big your heart is then Ann Coulter is screwed!

    I have big feet myself and I have enough brains to be humble enough to look at both sides of the story. I know single mothers out there who are good people who made one mistake! Remember the whole repent and forgive sins part???? Ann Coulter is sitting there and insulting them like they are the devil… Last time I checked thou shalt not lie was one of the ten commandments, however your republican comrads seem to want to take this commandment very lightly… As well as Thou shalt not kill…. Yeah I think Bush skipped over that one when he read his bible….


  69. Battered Iceland pins its hopes on Johanna Sigurdardottir, world’s first lesbian PM

    Sigridur Vidis Jonsdottir, Reykjavik

    ICELAND was preparing yesterday for the appointment of Johanna Sigurdardottir as the country’s first female prime minister and the world’s first openly gay premier in the hope that she can lead the country out of financial meltdown.

    Sigurdardottir, 66, is a former air stewardess who was divorced from the father of her two sons, a banker, and now lives with her British-educated girlfriend Jonina Leosdottir, a 54-year-old author, playwright and journalist. The couple signed a civil partnership agreement in 2002.

    The prime minister, who was welfare minister in the ruling coalition that collapsed last week, faces unemployment that has risen from 1% before its banks collapsed in October to 10%, a crushing burden of national debt, the collapse of the Icelandic krona and a bitter debate over whether it should join the European Union.

    Her Social Democratic Alliance party, which is pro-European, is forming a coalition with the mostly antiEuropean Left-Green movement before an election in May. The outcome will determine whether Iceland seeks fast-track membership of the European Union, which Brussels says could come by 2011.


  70. And UAW I too will say a prayer for your wife.


  71. testing? i just posted something – twice – that didn’t come up… so if there is a a series of redundant posts from me that show up later, that’s why.


  72. Feeling helpless in the face of the mounting effort by the Republitards and the media that are trying the damnedest to sabotage not only President O but the entire country? Go now and read this:

    A wee preview:

    >The message is:

    “The Republicans have zero credibility on the economy.”
    Paraphrase President Obama:

    “Please reject the Republican theories that got us into this mess in the first place.”<

    Or as another great blogger (driftglass) said this morning:

    “Drop the hammer on these fuckers, Mr. President. Drop the hammer and move on.”


  73. I am so glad my husband is otherwise occupied at the moment. If he heard me in here laughing out loud,he might think it’s me that’s crazy instead of someone named ann coulter he doesn’t know.

    I love that you’re doing this great service to man/womankind but don’t overdo.

    You might learn coulterspeak and never be able to quit. And THAT would be horrible.


  74. First I want to say to UAW that I am sending a prayer up for your wife. I do pray and am not ashamed to say so. I am very sorry for your troubles.

    This morning I had time to pop over to Huffington post and read this article. What I found interesting is that last night after catching up on the news my thought process was that we seem to have our own home grown terrorists in our midst and they are elected officials that seem to think we are playing a game with the economy and they will win at any cost. Even if that cost is taking the whole country down with them. It is sickening. There is no working across the aisles with these people. I know some of you will attack me for putting these thoughts into words go for it. That is fine but after reading this article this morning and reading the quote below talk me down because I really feel that this is what is going on here.

    It isn’t about helping it is now all about ruining the country and a new administration. So are we all prepared to let it happen? This will be more devasting to our country than any outside attack! IMHO.

    Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee

    “Insurgency, we understand perhaps a little bit more because of the Taliban,” Sessions said during a meeting yesterday with Hotline editors. “And that is that they went about systematically understanding how to disrupt and change a person’s entire processes. And these Taliban — I’m not trying to say the Republican Party is the Taliban. No, that’s not what we’re saying. I’m saying an example of how you go about [sic] is to change a person from their messaging to their operations to their frontline message. And we need to understand that insurgency may be required when the other side, the House leadership, does not follow the same commands, which we entered the game with.”


  75. If the media is so liberal then why didn’t it stand up and give Bush hell before the run up to the Iraq war. Even the NY Times allowed one of their writers (Judith Miller) to print propaganda provided by Dick Cheney. MSNBC fired Phil Donahue for speaking out against the war and the White House. It really wasn’t until the Katrina mess did the media start going after Bush and company for their actions and even then it was a half assed job at best.


  76. Troutay and I live in the same city. Haven’t seen her (wouldn’t know her if I did!), but here’s my guess as to her whereabouts….

    She is outdoors! Because the long, long, looooooong frigid spell is *finally* ending today. I imagine she’s frolicking barefoot in the melting snow. 😉


  77. Ann, I echo your voice TROUTAY where are you?

    Raji and AlaskaPi Not steady enough to progress to a walking stick but will keep them in mind. Right leg is not reliable enough yet, but walker doesn’t keep me home!!

    UAW please Google MGN3 and DR Ghoneum. I was fortunate enough to meet him after chemo was finished.
    Became one of his guinea pigs for testing. In one month NK cell activity went from 25 to 50 % activity. If your are interested CAn direct you to a source. Also my son has ideas that work.


  78. Oh, and Helen … here’s yet another stark raving mad Repub who can easily be skewered and who is so deserving of being skewered.

    It is our former (at long last and thankfully) VP and current and forever War Criminal, Dick (aka the Prick) Cheney, pseudo-Texan until the 2000 election when he rushed back up to WY to reclaim residence.

    AC is a nasty caricature. Caribou Barbie is an attention-seeking media whore who will continue to provide grist for the satire mill. But Cheney is every bit as crazy as they are. Even worse, he was actually in power for eight years, making me thoroughly distrust our so-called democratic election process. Until 2008.

    Here’s the Prick’s latest spewing of misinformation with rebuttals … which most in the media do not provide as they slavishly seek interviews with him.


  79. How great it is to check in here in the morning to see a new M & H post! I am only sorry that I didn’t check in earlier … so many others have already.

    Helen – you are a national treasure. Unfortunately, you will never run out of fodder so long as full-scale creeps like AC and SP are around.

    Your other most worthy target, Caribou Barbie, is once again in the headlines (just where she likes to be) … and not just for creating her own PAC, for lying to her own party or for selling shoes on EBay. Given that the radical RW fringe of the Republican party has stated that it will create its own party because the new RNC chair is an African-American, SP could be the standard that they’ll rally round. In fact, that bunch is just nutty enough that the 2012 Radical RW ticket could feasibly be Sarah AND Ann.

    Anyway, here’s Sarah’s latest … defending her apparently God-given right to slaughter wolves … but still no word about AK villagers who are in extremis.


  80. Good morning everyone –

    Most of us take simple things for granted. Ann Strongheart writes about life without running water in Nunam Iqua, Alaska.

    Ladies – if your SO leaves the lid up, just think of Ann and count your blessings.

    Jane in Miami
    Feeding rural Alaskans because Sarah Palin won’t!


  81. Thanks Charles and Greytdog for the links regarding economic recovery? and the stimulus package. Mrs Santos, I believe you might be the best choice for addressing Colorful. Troutay!!!! yelling with my loud outdoor voice-Is EVERYTHING OKAAAAY???


  82. If the walking staff isn’t feasible, there are walking poles – similar to the nordic ski poles but redesigned specifically for walking. They help with the balance of the body and maintain posture and build endurance.

    Okay folks – have fun today! Stay safe, stay warm (for the folks in AZ in the 70s, we’re envious) – and remember to hug your pups/kits! Off to work. . .


  83. Hey, is that how it was done. Thanks.

    Granma Katie, I know a lot of horse massage therapist and most of them started out as human massage therapists. Has anyone suggested a walking staff for you rather than a walker? Much easier on the body. They are the one’s the hiker’s use.

    Thanks everyone for all the diverse opinions and links. Keep on posting Tradesman. Very sorry to hear about your wife.


  84. What I find both amusing and disheartening is that the folks who brought us this economic meltdown are now the same folks who are demanding we continue the routine to “stimulate” the economy. And everyone still runs around with the same old Bush belief that deregulation is necessary for a free market society. Frankly, and this is MHO, the only thing deregulation brought us was a complete market meltdown, the ability to poison the public with tainted domestic/foreign imports (peanut butter anyone? How about some melamine with that baby formula?), Madoff, and the predatory subprime mortgage lending. But, again – this is MHO – we may not be hearing “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” from McCain, but we are certainly seeing our representative act that way and while they play in their circle jerk, the rest of the economy is shedding jobs like a Newfi in summer, small businesses are closing faster than a volcanic lehar, and more and more people are flooding the food banks and homeless shelters. But I guess that’s okay as long as my bank and your bank and Wall Street get their money for bonuses and such. After all, how can we expect this exclusively smart people to function on less than $500K a day? They’re not like us – they’re special – they have people in Washington.


  85. Some feedback on the stimulus bill:
    Health Benefits For Unemployed Stripped From Stimulus, HuffPost Readers Find

    One small nugget: “Combing through his section of the bill, law professor and health care author Timothy Jost noticed that the Senate had removed the House provision that would allow people 55 and over who are laid off to continue COBRA coverage at a subsidized rate until they’re 65 and eligible for Medicare. The House version also made folks who were laid off temporarily eligible for Medicaid; the Senate version strips that out, Jost found. Every one percent increase in unemployment throws more than a million people into the ranks of the uninsured.”


  86. Gili, Colorful is not scary, Colorful is pathetic. She pops up every once in awhile and plays with her keyboard so she gets attention. I’m personally hoping that she really doesn’t believe the warped version of Christianity that she espouses here – cuz I have a feeling that she’s gonna be really disappointed (again) in her god.


  87. A hindu from India here… not too much of a practising one, but I will pray for this website to be around forever. And because you write soo well, I think it will be around for a loooong time anyway. Besides its my daily fix as some other reader said. I thought America was more real… What’s with scary people like colorful?



    This is worth it just for the first chart…


  89. UAW…this one’s for you:

    From last March and I realize that it isn’t your normal source for information but I think you’ll appreciate it.

    Also, Annie Cult-ur aside, and not pasting another link but this “stimulus” package is starting to look scary. The continuing push for more tax cuts, the questionable infrastructure as opposed to real infrastructure, the appearance that everything that has never made it into previous spending bill is being dumped into it. Even Obama is coming out saying that this thing is becoming absurd (Google spending bill under Google news and check out the LA Times story).

    Once again it looks like congress members from both sides of the aisle are busy dumping everything but stimulus into the stimulus bill.

    Time for the motherf–kers to get back on track…no more band aids and painkillers, deal with the sources! This country needs to look at building an actual, strong foundation not at every pet project or tax cut they can dump into this.


  90. Saw Coulter the other day making a fool of herself on CNN. I couldn’t help thinking: big feet. Reeeallly big feet.

    I also found it strange how someone who is supposed to be so media savvy could come off so poorly on television. She’s shifty-eyed. Is that a tic, or is she just used to checking her perimeter for unseen enemies? Either way, she comes off as a psycho even with the sound off.

    You two really should be talking to a publisher about a book deal. I’d gladly buy a copy.


  91. @ Colourful:

    “Know that I love you and only wish for you to be saved. I have prayed wtih my church and this site will be gone in one hour if our prayers come true.”

    you posted that four hours ago. and this blog is still in existence. what are you going to do to bring down this devilish, sinful blog down now?


  92. Colorful=teen troll with no friends and too much hostility. Not funny. Just sad. That begs the question: Hostility because of no friends, or no friends because of the hostility?


  93. howlgirl-
    Oh-I wanted to be Barbara Jordan when I grew up. I sometimes wonder what might have happened if she hadn’t been there,at the right time and place, with the right words to reawaken everyday folks’ determination to see Watergate through.
    And Helen! You lucky TX ducks!

    Spose you’re right the politics are similar in AK and TX- though oil is newer here and a lot of us remember PRE oil days. Sigh.

    The ghastly gov is getting me down. We have such enormous chores piled up to take care of during a mere 90 day Leg session and she’s fruiting around flying off to fancy dinners.


  94. Helen-
    I’ve read sections of Coulter’s book also. Her research is so shoddy, I keep wanting to get my red pen out of retirement and mark all the wretched places in the text. It would be bleeding red ink…


  95. @UAW Tradesman:

    I am a cancer survivor, and I understand what you and your wife are going through. I’m sending warm thoughts and big hugs your way-

    And keep posting (BTW: two of your referenced web sites are skewed, but the others are reputable:-))


  96. yep, APi, i’m in texas. spent a few summers in alaska – love it. the politics in ak and tx are very similar – love their guns, love their ahl wells, love their oversized belt buckles, have some of the most beautiful places in the world and all they want to do is drill it, build on it, and keep people out of their business.

    austin is a little island in a desert of bushes. wonderful music, wonderful film, all kinds of wonderful – great debates, great writers, great forums – too many movie stars and dellionaires moving here but we just ignore them. wonderful wonderful women – home of ann richards, molly ivins, barbara jordan and now, helen. well, other than bj, may she rest in peace (HA!), helen’s been here longer than any of them.

    so you don’t think i’m on drugs, i know not everything’s great. 🙂 i mean, it’s the state capitol so . . . . but looking at the sum of the parts, it’s a great place to live.


  97. She’s not real. I am done.


  98. Do not speak of Jesus that way. You will regret it when he does come back to save those souls who have been faithful to him. And Jesus doesn’t care how big your feet are. He just cares how big your heart is.


  99. Yes Colorful. Just click the red X and Jesus will return and sweep you up to heaven. Just one little click…


  100. Paul-
    I think the poor soul needs glasses to find their piano…


  101. hon-
    It still looks to me like you are practising your scales on the wrong keyboard but If you are trying out some code to end this site it’s actually quite simple.
    We humans tend to overthink these things…
    There’s a lil X up in the right corner of this page
    Click and POOF- this site is gone.
    Try it, it really is easy and it works.


  102. If that prayer monkey keeps typing, what are the chances we eventually get one of the gospels?


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  104. oh dear- we need Jean. She has such a quiet soothing effect on frightened souls like colorless…


  105. Oh crap. Not you again.


  106. People on this site do no pray and they do not want YOU to pray. This is a sinner site. Repent before it is too late.

    Know that I love you and only wish for you to be saved. I have prayed wtih my church and this site will be gone in one hour if our prayers come true.

    Praise Jesus. Praise him.


  107. or cut and paste the delta/pie wedge/ in front of your name on comment response block


  108. taleΔ


    choose one


  109. American (how do you get that triangle thingie?):

    I usually agree with much of what you say, but:

    Not even Ann Coulter deserves that particular word. No woman does.


  110. I have been re-reading some of Helen’s old psot just for laughs and came across this classic:

    “When I looked in the mirror today I saw an old woman who needs to make an appointment at the beauty parlour. Thanks for reminding me to look. I sometimes forget. When Sarah Palin looked in the mirror I imagine she see saw a bitch. But that is just a guess on my part. She might not have looked.”

    Love me some Helen. First Palin and now Coulter. Try it. Pick any post and bring your favorite clip back here for all of us to enjoy!


  111. […] I don’t know what it is about today, but they just keep coming… When I pointed out this blog several months ago, a lot of you enjoyed it immensely… (It is well written)… Well one […]


  112. Greytdog and Ann yes I am a massage therapist. However after this stoke I don’t know whether I can go back and do it anymore. I went to massge school when I was 61, and was teaching for over 6 years. Was in class on Friday and ER on Monday.
    A friend of mine has a pleasure horse and has told me about it. There is a therapist that comes t o the stable where her horse is. I have a book on horse massage somewhere in storage. She th inks its great.
    Yes I am getting better. When I get a form filled out from DR, amd going to volunteer at a Hospice office, Since I no longer drive, I must depend on someone driving me around. My right habd is much improved. Last week I wrote a childrens story, sent it to oldest daughter and she is going to retype it and format it. I get around with a walker.

    thanks for y our concern.

    this blog of Helenand Margarets has been wonderful Therapy.


  113. Rock on, Jen!!!


  114. howlgirl-

    Though JEN is correct that the ghastly gov can’t hold a candle … well, to almost anyone, it is also true that the gov is NOT going to get out of the national arena unless firmly and soundly rejected.
    The UK article had more info than we have here . I sure hope some of the whizz bang info-finding bloggers who visit here can fill in all the blanks -regularly and LOUDLY about sarahpac.
    How many $ is she raising and spending?
    Who is she endorsing? For return favors?
    Where is she?
    We often don’t know here- even now in the middle of Leg session.I think the Mansion lights are on those lil timers one uses for vacations. I walk by there every day…

    Aren’t you in TX?
    I’m sorry. I didn’t vote for the woman, would never vote for the woman, but spend all my time anymore saying I’m sorry cuz I live where people did… I’m sorry.
    I hope the worst she does to Texas is cause a couple dumpsters to get overfilled with those dumb letters. I’m sorry.


  115. Ah yes, a bus ticket would work, but what about a strong wind. That would be cheaper and could blow her skinny ass all the way to hell.

    Just an aside, a short observation: did anyone catch the Katie Couric interview with several of the Grammy Award Nominees, Katy Perry, L’il Wayne and Taylor Swift?? Not one of them sounded like an ignorant fool, each one was very well spoken and easily answered the questions asked of them. There were some very pointed questions and they were answered in a very intellectual manner.
    So shut up Mrs Palin. Face it, you don’t hold a candle to any of these young people and you certainly can’t do an interview as well as they do.


  116. @ marianne-
    “I must confess that I have started watching Foxnews every once in a while – just to gloat! Does that make me a bad person??”

    As with all things , there are degrees-
    depth of gloat…
    length of gloat…
    that kind of thing.

    Given that you are being honest about why you are watching, I have a hunch you do not qualify for bad person status. Merely mischievious perhaps?

    Be safe though -don’t forget moderation in all things is important!
    I think part of the problem with those folks over at Fox News is that they gorged themselves on gloat pie .

    Be careful ! I don’t think it’s catching but there is something really wrong over at Fox. Keep your distance , wash your hands…limit your exposure.


  117. Ann Coulter is the biggest oxygen thief on the planet. To me she even outranks Rush Limbaugh in the Completely F**king Useless catagory.
    And seriously, I wish Ann was a sasquatch. Because then we would only hear about her as myth and rumor and NEVER actually see her in real life.

    I would never spend a fricking dime on her books. The only money I would shell out on this stupid Coulter bitch is a bus ticket that would haul her ass out of America.


  118. palin forms political action committee
    is perry on it?


  119. Helen:
    THANK YOU for writing about Ann Coulter. I wrote you a note awhile back about her and I am just thrilled that you are releasing this poor bigfoot back into the wild. I hope she steps on a bear trap.


  120. Mrs. Santos are you smoking crack??


  121. This place is amazing to me. This place is good. This place is like life itself. Full of diverse and interesting things with an occasional lost soul. It is good to guide the soul instead of damaging it.
    This place I do like. These are my thoughts only.


  122. To my fellow wedgeheads who are struggling, have struggled or a supporting player in a loved one’s struggle with illness….



  123. Hi Grandma Katie, I know a really excellent horse masseuse- a woman here took him to Europe to help when she competed at the World Cup!I think it helps if you are big and strong. Are you a masseuse, Grandma Katie? Glad you are reaching out to UAW Δ


  124. Hey Grandma Katie! How goes the PT? Your typing is improving so I suspect you’ve been busting butt huh?
    Yeah, I work with the muttskis – massage as well as PT and hydrotherapy. I’ve only worked a couple of horses – mostly the abused ones and under supervision. Would like to get my cert in equine but the best places are up north or out in the northwest. And with this economy . . . travel and education are on hold for now.
    Are you getting your massages still?


  125. Greytdog glad to see you back. WAs beginning to think a few had deserted us/ Loved y our comments. Are y ou the one who massages dogs? Have y ou ever massaged horses? Kept attempting to get my students interested but no luck. UAW what kind of cancer does your wife have? T ry catsclaw capsules. They really help. II am a su8rvivor 14 years. A stroke is a cakewalk compared to chemotherapy.
    Let me know what she has. My son is a PharmD and knows lots of interesting things.


  126. Trades Δ-
    Said it before…
    Keep coming- kick the tires, help us make sure we aren’t lying to ourselves. Some of us WILL kick back sometimes…

    I like the being a lil bit smarter part but other parts of this outer- middle age thingy just plain hurt.
    Best wishes to you and your wife. Δ

    Helen is made of even sterner stuff than I thought… she’s making it through this dang book and her voice is just getting clearer and stronger. Holy Mackeral!
    Me. I can’t take anymore of Ms Coulter for a bit…
    Gotta go…


  127. UAW Tradesman Δ

    Welcome home!


  128. PartyPiper wrote: For new party labels, how about “liberal” and “bat-shit crazy?”


    btw, UAWTradesman, that doesn’t apply to you. Sorry to hear about your wife.


  129. thanks


  130. no one here has an issue with prayer… We have an issue with my god is better than your god… Pray away. It can’t hurt and it might help.


  131. UAWTradesman:

    I have walked the walk of Buy American for the past 20 years (Ford gal here). Just wanted to state that for the record.

    On a personal note: I don’t know why you started to comment in the M&H blog, but like it or not, you’re a wedgie (e.g. a regular). You mentioned some personal troubles earlier and I am sending *positive thoughts* your way (which might include prayer, but I hesitate to use that word because it doesn’t play well here). Kiddo, without knowing it, you have stumbled onto one of the most supportive and understanding group of folks. Hang in there.

    Δ Maven


  132. After reading the latest Hell’N Notes today, this analogy came to mind:

    Coulter’s arguments are like watching someone play “connect the dots” who doesn’t know how to count — the lines are randomly drawn every which way. The result is a *big picture* that will never be seen.



  133. UAW Tradesman,I for one am sorry that things are so tough in your home.


  134. UAW – sorry to hear about your wife. Since my SO is barely one year into cancer survivorship (actually the medicos are willing to only say “remission”) I can thoroughly relate to your concern and fear – which I suspect is the root of the anger. But ya know what – we ALL have something big and bad sitting on our lives – and yeah, we all sometimes lash out. Especially at people we don’t know. I personally would like to hunt down the VA person who decided that SO’s “issue” was an STD (from vietnam over 20 effing years ago) and literally dicked us around for 2 years while the cancer grew and grew. Instead, I choose to work my ass off making sure other vets aren’t subjected to the same shit and I’ve even taken on our local Archbishop for his BS about the sanctity of life – as long as you’re unborn. After that, welcome to hell.
    So be angry, yell, scream, worry – and you can do it here in M & H’s parlor/porch. But don’t be surprised if every once in awhile I come along and hit you upside your union head 🙂 when you’re being a jerk



    Started reading this, I thought an interesting aspect was the graph which compared household income, adjusted for inflation, to productivity. Notice the household income line is pretty flat…

    Back to your regular programming.



    Bad politics and urgent remedies
    By Clive Crook (Financial Times)
    Published: February 1 2009 18:58


  137. Go Mrs. Santos.

    I like your thoughts.


  138. UAW Traderman,
    There you go again. Much anger you have. I would suggest the anger management programs. They can be very helpful to you and then you can live a happier life. You must let go of the anger. It is not good for you. These are my thoughts only.


  139. actually graydog…
    I’m a newly retired millwright from local 699 sitting in my kitchen in blue jeans and sweatshirt, got a cold-pack on my knee from getting it scoped last Wed.,listening to my wife of 34 years puke and wondering how much longer she’s going to be around(May she’ll be an 8 yr. surviver)
    SMB–in shop talk thats SUCK MY BAG


  140. From The Washington Monthly – -:

    “EVERYONE HAS A ROLE TO PLAY…. When Republicans were running the show in DC, it was obviously a rather pathetic sight. The problem wasn’t just with the GOP proposals — though they were, to be sure, a complete mess — but with the Republicans’ inability to actually govern the country. It quickly became apparent, especially in 2005 and 2006, that being in the majority and holding positions of power doesn’t play to Republicans’ strengths — it requires them to exercise power effectively. That’s just not what the GOP does.

    But it occurs to me, watching the debate over the economic stimulus package the last few weeks, that Republicans are not without talents. Indeed, I’d argue GOP lawmakers are right where they need to be to play to their strengths. They’re not good at governing, but they’re exceptional at stopping others from governing. They don’t have what it takes to be a functioning majority party, but they’re a finely-tuned machine when it comes to working as an obstructionist opposition party, blocking good ideas, manipulating news outlets, and misleading the public.

    Indeed, in the midst of a global economic calamity, Republicans are walking around with their heads held high, despite chronic unpopularity, a lack of political authority, no policy agenda, and a record of abject failure. Why? Because they’re doing exactly what they do best.

    Josh Marshall noted this afternoon:

    Behind all the back and forth over the Stimulus Bill is a simple fact: the debate in Washington is rapidly moving away from any recognition that the US economy — and the global economy, for that matter — is in free-fall. The range of outcomes stretches from severe recession to something closer to a replay of the Great Depression, though that label is perhaps better seen as a placeholder for ‘catastrophic economic collapse’ since the underlying place of the US economy in the world economy is very different from what it was in 1929. This reality was palpable in the political debate until as recently as a few weeks ago. But Republicans are using a strategy of conscious denial to push it off the stage.

    That’s clearly true. But ask yourself: would Democrats in Congress, with the smallest minority in a generation, be able to pull that off? Would they have any chance of pitting a Republican White House against a Republican Congress? Could they block a rescue plan with a 41-seat Senate caucus? Of course not. In general, Democrats want to govern. They want responsibility. They want to consider the evidence and shape policy accordingly. But there’s simply no way in the world the Democratic Party could pull off a scheme on par with the one Republicans are pulling now. It’s damn impressive.

    In the midst of an economic crisis, the GOP and its allies have convinced a whole lot of people that the only sensible recovery plan is a bad idea. The minority party has not only persuaded news outlets to give them airtime to spew this obviously-ridiculous nonsense, they’ve also convinced a lot of media figures that they’re right.

    It’s pretty extraordinary. What’s more, it’s evidence that Republicans have finally found what exactly they’re good at.
    —Steve Benen 2:25 PM”


  141. If they were college students they would most likely receive a poor grade as I cannot think of an assignment where their posts would be appropriate. However, as bloggers their posts are A+!

    I found Mageen’s comments interesting:
    “Congress critters do get vetted back when they are candidates. Their local party office is supposed to do that. However, there are some who slip through that shouldn’t such as wife beaters, boozers and druggies. Fortunately, once in they seem to have a short life span.”

    Who the hell vetted the shrub? He was a boozer, a druggie, and he fairly apparently avoided most of his “duty” during his “service” to our country, but, he had a loooooooooooooong lifespan anyway. And someone in somebody’s media made all that off-limits. On the other side, much has been made of Clinton’s “not inhaling”. I wonder which media is most biased and why, and why some people’s sins are in our faces and others not so much.

    The craziest stuff I am now hearing is that Obama is in some way responsible for the economic downturn. The policies that resulted in this mess are from 8 years of smoke and mirrors speculative economy where profit for some was hallowed above all else. People blamind Obama, just don’t want to see the Reagonomics for what they are: moo poo. Ecomomic theories are just hypothetical explanations based on observations, not on facts of any sort.


  142. “There’s a word I like to use to describe Ann. It’s a really rude word, and I rarely use it. She is one of the few women in the world who deserves it. It has four letters, begins with C, and ends with T. I’ll let you figure out the rest”


    Would that best describe Mr. Coulter?

    I’m just saying….


  143. Wonder away UAW Tradesman – we’re all still wondering if you’re really a union member, a tradesman, or just a geek in pajamas in his mother’s basement. . . :p


  144. my comments were for Ben…

    “You’re absolutely right: Obama does NOT walk on water, as photos of him swimming clearly attest. He has, however, exerted administrative pressure to fastline approval for stem cell research (that already, less than two weeks out, has provided promising treatment for multiple sclerosis), pushed the mid-east peace process further in the last week than it’s gone in the last eight years, set exit dates and plans for Iraq, and shut down Guantanamo (first set a date, then suspended the tribunals until after that date). No, not walking on water, but we’re still waiting to see whether or not he can pull of water into wine.”

    Re the middle east and central america posts.

    I still wonder if Margret and Helen are two college students getting a grade on this….


  145. Helen, thanks again, for reading so I don’t have to!

    Never ever would I even consider buying her book, even if I COULD afford it. But, I might have considered taking a peek at it at the local library.


  146. UAW Trademadman,
    I am new to this blog and have enjoyed the posts of these fine ladies. The comments are interesting and I have learned much from most of them. However, I find your recent comments and those from a few posts back very confusing. You seem to have much anger. There is help for you. I applaud your strong beliefs but I feel that they might be better served elsewhere. These are my thoughts only.


  147. Apparently my new MIL is a staunch republican. To the degree that she sent my hubby a Bill O’Reilly book for Christmas.

    I am an Aussie – I laughed at Al Franken’s Liars – is O’Reilly as bad as Coulter, or should I just burn the book and plead ignorance now?


  148. Love the blog!

    I am a philisophically a Republican but believe that my party has not been represented by the best man (people) for the job. I am happy that the country saw fit to give Obama a chance.

    As far as Ann goes….She has to have a big mouth, otherwise she couldn’t fit her huge foot in it.

    Keep throwing punches…..damn, you remind me of my late Mother.


  149. Thank you for going to all the trouble to cite your sources, but I don’t find these stories to reflect any overwhelming world backlash against Obama – most of the the protest is more anti-American in sentiment because of the latest Israel?Gaza kerfluffle.

    I can cherry pick my info too:,28804,1856584_1856586_1856592,00.html


  150. For new party labels, how about “liberal” and “bat-shit crazy?”

    Because some of the stuff coming out of conservative mouths these days is just that.


  151. UAW Tradesman

    “In just a few short weeks, Obama has managed to be burned in effigy in Iran over Gaza. He has been rebuked by China, the EU and Canada over his “Buy American” language in his Pork Package. Iran has termed America a failure after Obama gave an interview to a Muslim televison network. Cuba leader Fidel Castro has demended that Obama return Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to the Cubans and Hugo Chavez has said that Obama “stinks”.”

    What is the point of this post? So he said buy American. That is what I expect our President to do when our economy is going down in flames. Hello support American business who supply American Jobs. That is a bad thing?

    As far as the rest we already know the Iran political structure hates us so why would you be surprised? Same for Hugo Chavez. Could it be that these people are afraid that their people will see a reasoned and sound adult leader that makes sense after George Bush and company and just maybe the people of their countries might see through the rhetoric and hate facade? Hmmmmmm

    China is blaming the whole US not just President Obama for the economy collapsing globally. Again what is your point?

    Am I surprised that Castro would ask for the land that Gitmo is on back? No I would be surprised if he did not give it a shot.

    Grow up and support your President.


  152. UAW – thanks for posting those links. “dozens” of protestors, however, in no way equate a majority or even a representational faction. And certainly no where in comparison to the thousands and, yes even hundreds of thousands who protested against bush.

    nor the million+ who turn out in support of obama.


  153. Well Helen you have just confirmed everything I have thought about Crazy Coulter. Not worth reading such drivel. At this point I don’t think meds will help her as it sounds like she has already had a labotomy.

    I have read the comments and I am finding it very interesting how many expect President Obama to solve not just the problems in the US but around the World in just 2 weeks.

    Where were you guys during the last 8 years? How come you weren’t demanding this kind of accountability from George Bush?



    I’m sure you can “google”










  159. UAW T, that is a link to a conservative blog… not exactly the credible news sources I was requesting. But thanks anyway.


  160. Dear Helen – I quit listening to Man Coulter about a couple of years ago when I found out she just says this stuff to sell her books/herself to the lunatic crowd. She knows she’s wrong, but like the true sociopath she is, she likes attention, even if it’s bad. We shouldn’t waste too much breathe thinking about her.




  162. Heather – I’m with LP depending on how young your son is, this may be a good time for parental censorship. (which is YOUR job, not mine, so this is only a suggestion.)


  163. Hey Everyone,

    I sincerely apologize for not keeping up with the posts on M&H. I have dial up internet and it takes forever for pages to load.

    Altho, I do see some others have been posting my updates.

    Well, as for the food drive here in Nunam Iqua…

    Not much to add from the updates y’all have already received from others except.

    To date we have received and distributed over 1500 (yes fifteen hundred) pounds of food donations to over 30 families here in Nunam Iqua.

    Also we have received many cash donations to the account set up for Nunam with SPAN Alaska.

    I have been talking with CNN reporter Mallory Simon via email giving her lots of information and she emailed me back today saying that she is working on the story and will send me the link when it’s done.

    OOh I don’t know how many of you read my story about going grocery shopping

    but I am working on another story so keep watch out, I am certain there will be a link posted in here.

    Well I need to go finish the dishes while my daughter is taking a nap, and bring in some more wood and then get back to writing that story.

    Quyana Cakneq for all of you help and support!!

    Ann Strongheart

    Nunam Iqua Food Drive
    c/o Ann Strongheart
    P.O. Box 7
    Nunam Iqua, AK 99666


  164. Helen, I never told you this before, but you win. At life. Forever.


  165. Hmmmm..big adams apple, size 17 shoes, someone really should try to find her high school annual picture to see if she was even a girl.


  166. Thanks Helen. You are a trooper.

    Having a grownup in the White House is a refreshing change. As a grownup myself, I can attest to the fact that we make mistakes. I do, however, walk on water… at least in the eyes of my husband and boys.

    Heather, if you keep making your kid listen to Fox, he really will need therapy! Learning more about the inanities espoused by the other side is not a good enough excuse to do this to your kid. Try NPR instead. My kids like it.

    Wow, I know that when Chavez says that I stink, I will be totally heartbroken. It’s hard to hear criticism from someone I really admire. 😉


  167. Helen, my partner has raved about you for weeks, so I stopped by. I can see why she has raved so much. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your opinion! Great job.


  168. UAW T: please provide links.


  169. Ben…
    In just a few short weeks, Obama has managed to be burned in effigy in Iran over Gaza. He has been rebuked by China, the EU and Canada over his “Buy American” language in his Pork Package. Iran has termed America a failure after Obama gave an interview to a Muslim televison network. Cuba leader Fidel Castro has demended that Obama return Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to the Cubans and Hugo Chavez has said that Obama “stinks”.


  170. that supernews on youtube was great…check this one out


  171. Does anyone know what Rush Limbaugh thinks of Ann Coulter?? Do the people at Fox News think she is wonderful?? She is somewhat new to me and I’m wondering if she is a flash in the pan or does she have lasting power??


  172. You’re absolutely right: Obama does NOT walk on water, as photos of him swimming clearly attest. He has, however, exerted administrative pressure to fastline approval for stem cell research (that already, less than two weeks out, has provided promising treatment for multiple sclerosis), pushed the mid-east peace process further in the last week than it’s gone in the last eight years, set exit dates and plans for Iraq, and shut down Guantanamo (first set a date, then suspended the tribunals until after that date). No, not walking on water, but we’re still waiting to see whether or not he can pull of water into wine.


  173. Please keep up the good work. Your posts always brighten my day!

    And thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading the coultergist and passing it on. I couldn’t bear to do it myself.


  174. Thank you for reading this book so I don’t have to. Please remember to get lots of fresh air between bouts of the hypocrisy.


  175. Helen, dear, we adore your blog and the fact that you are making it possible for the rest of us to avoid reading Coulter’s book, but you are 83 years old and we really don’t need you to sacrifice any more time or energy on this dimwit. When you can do something to help the country election someone like Barack Obama and send Sarah Palin back to Alaska (although I think Keith Olbermann thinks Palin is the gift that keeps on giving, comedy-wise), go for it. But Coulter won’t listen, “fixed news” won’t listen, right wing knuckle draggers like abuck6 won’t listen, so please, please, don’t read yourself into an early grave!

    By the way abuck6, I know Nancy Pelosi and if you punched her in the mouth, she’d deck you. She didn’t grow up in Baltimore politics for nothing! To quote Helen, “I mean it. Really.”


  176. You’ve inspired me to get to know the enemy. I have been listening to Fox radio on my sirius satellite radio while I drive my son to and from his therapies and doc. appts. Informative? No. Entertaining? Definitely.


  177. God, I love this series about Coulter’s book. It seriously makes my day to see a new post about it.

    And I love that you got the book used so as to not support her financially. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    That woman is a whole heapful of crazy and there’s no way to possibly justify all of her opinions.


  178. Ha! That was a good one! 🙂


  179. D, I once dated a guy who owned several Coulter books. Maybe we should get them together?



  180. An ex of mine sent me a text the other day about going to see her in D.C. To this day I still marvel at the fact that I dated someone who worships the ground that the Coultergeist walks on. Then again I did say “ex.”

    I have a hard time even watching the creepy bitch with the dancing adams apple on television. There’s no way I could even bring myself to touch her book. Ick.

    Thanks for taking one for the team!


  181. Ho ho ho ho! Big assed Helen, you rock!-ho ho ho Honolulu Sally well written! But Helen I am still finding it really painful,actually intolerable,to learn about Coulter from you.I can only hope that your good work here has far reaching consequences.


  182. abuck6,

    Find something else to read, if you don`t like what you see here. No one`s interested in what you have to say, although, like Coulter, you write without really saying anything. Maybe you could get a book deal too.


  183. Once again thank you, thank you, thank you. I just could not bring myself to read anything written by Ms. Coulter. It’s hard enough to listen to her when she’s on TV.

    I just have to say that I have really missed the late Molly Ivins and can only imagine the columns she would be writing today – thanks to you I get the same chuckles and occasional belly laughs reading your blog. THANK YOU!


  184. Ho ho ho ho! Big assed Helen, you rock! Thank you for the laugh and a great way to start my day.

    And thanks everyone for ignoring trolls. I’m doing it by not even checking to see how Fox News puts their unbiased twists into the latest happenings. How do they get their viewership ratings anyway? Is it by calling folks at home and asking what they are watching, or is it automatic since most all tvs are now digital and have to go through cable?

    I didn’t consider myself Democrat or Republican. I voted for whoever I felt would be best – a few years ago it was Ross “I’m all ears” Perot. Now, I still don’t consider myself a Democrat, but I am a liberal.

    The way the right winger nuts say the word “liberal” is like it is a bad word. Conservative sounds like good fundamental Christian solid hard working moderately wealthy Americans. I think the right winger nuts need a new moniker. It’s the “uptights”.

    Liberal and Uptights. Which party do you want to go to?


  185. A Night with Ann Coulter

    Have you ever wondered what a typical night is like in the life of Ann Coulter?

    Notice the Hitler dialog sounds just like the troll-defenses of whatever wingnut of the day.



  186. mark my words, the 2012 gop ticket is going to be palin/ perry or palin/ j bush.


  187. Keep going Helen — you’ll get through it.

    I’m wondering if you only post a chapter every few days is because you can’t bring yourself to pick up the book until every excuse to put off reading it is exhausted.

    After reading one chapter, do you feel like you should take a bath?

    Margaret –

    She must be a very good friend to do this for you!!

    Feeding rural Alaskans because Sarah Palin won’t!


  188. You’re a much better person than I am. I could not get through Ann Coulters book. Not even for my fellow bloggers.



  189. I can’t believe there is someone (ann) I find more distasteful than sarah palin.


  190. Me again! Just got back from lunch and discovered a few things in these responses. Congress critters do get vetted back when they are candidates. Their local party office is supposed to do that. However, there are some who slip through that shouldn’t such as wife beaters, boozers and druggies. Fortunately, once in they seem to have a short life span.

    The Treasury Secretary’s tax troubles baffle me. What happened with him should have never gotten past his accountant or tax person. That I think is where the fly is in the ointment. I have both of these and they are darn good! Nothing gets past them.

    As for a President readily admitting a mistake, I actually like that. Its very adult. I think back to when JFK was in office and how took the fall for mistakes he made and very quickly learned from them and turned himself around. Missed that dearly these past eight years!


  191. You are absolutely and totally heroic — or nuts! Why read anything Coulter has allegedly written (typed) when someone should really be trying to find a high school year book with her picture in it! This is the most total type of smack down! I mean, who among us is really, really wild about their high school year book picture? I have prayed for years that a comet would hit where ever those negatives are stored and destroy them all! And yes, I do look totally different and much better in my photographs as I ripened! But some folks only get worse or never, ever change (which is downright spooky).

    Keep on keeping on!


  192. Shhhhh… there are some trolls here. Ignore them and maybe they’ll get bored and go bother somebody else.


  193. Ann Coulter’s book is brilliant! I suggest that all of you ask for some bailout money from Obamy…what’s a little more pork at this point!

    I would give Obamy a “D” grade so far. He won’t answer questions and he’s proving that he’s not much of a leader…and he’s a horrible judge of people’s character. During times like this, shouldn’t it be expected that our President step up and keep the public informed? Where is the leadership? I get the feeling that there is a lot of cover up going so the liberals can try to get their agenda passed.

    If Nancy Pelosi was a man I’d punch her in the mouth. …I stole that line from “Anchorman”.



  194. No, no books–please just keep blogging! I couldn’t stand waiting that long for another “fix.”


  195. Good lord woman, you are amazing!

    There’s a word I like to use to describe Ann. It’s a really rude word, and I rarely use it. She is one of the few women in the world who deserves it. It has four letters, begins with C, and ends with T. I’ll let you figure out the rest. I despite that woman with a white hot hatred of a million suns.


  196. LOVE helen and margaret!!!

    ann, why-the-long-face, coulter …. gives me an icky taste in my outh just to type her name ~ BLAH!

    did you read where sarah palin is endorsing our governor ‘good hair’ perry? makes me have new respect for kay bailey hutchinson. 🙂


  197. Poor Ann. She’s had her brain washed and can’t do a thing with it.


  198. Helen, you are a wonderful writer! Thank you, again for taking the time to do this.


  199. I am going to get in trouble at work if I keep reading your blog…you are hilarious!! Thanks for reading the book for all us deadbeat liberals.


  200. Andy,

    Ann Coulter goes on and on about how Bill Ayers’ wife once said “I can dig it” about Charles Manson. Coulter’s argument is that all of this should have been discussed about Obama but the liberal media made the Ayers association off limits.

    Helen usually makes it clear when she is joking, but when you’re talking about Ann Coulter, you never know.


  201. I wish that everyone of our members of congress would go through the same vetting process as the appointees. Lets get the crooks out of there no matter who they are and on what side. I am honored that I have a president that is human and that holds himself accountable for any errors his administration has made. Thats what a good manager does. (the best way to deal with the trolls is to ignore them)


  202. jen…
    “Numbers of asses in seats is not a winning majority as long as the other side has the power of the filibuster which the Repubs still have. In fact they filibustered more bills in 2008 than any party in the history of our country.”
    You apparently forgot about all the partisan fighting between 1996 and 2006(not 2008)
    Yes Barney Frank and Chris Dodd really did us a favor.
    RIP Tim Russert(the last real journalist)


  203. Another great post. I’ll read every one — though I’ll sure be glad when you’re finished with that book, not because of your writing, but second-hand Coulter is like second-hand smoke. It’s a killer, just not as bad as the real thing.

    Again, thanks for filtering the Coulter smoke.


  204. Of course the people that hate Obama are going to jump on him apologizing. Personally, I find it very refreshing that a President of the United States takes his responsibilities seriously enough to be accountable for everything and humble enough to admit mistakes and apologize. When have we ever seen this before? Obama isn’t perfect, he is after all human but he is perfect for the Presidency as he obviously knows this and isn’t afraid to admit it.

    Go Obama!


  205. thank you for reading the book. I am always curious to see how she justifies the B.S. she spews.

    I agree with howlgirl about Tom Daschle, I think he would have done a great job too!


  206. Saw Coulter’s skinny ass on a video clip on the TV last night. She was autographing something for a homeless man…………probably a copy of her book that he found laying on the street. Hope he used it as “firewood” to keep himself warm or better still, toilet paper !!!!

    Apparently we had to make a deal with the stupid Repubs who still think THEY won the election: you’d think that blowhards Mitch McConnell and Boner were the new president and vee pee………..
    the deal being: make Dashle drop out and we MIGHT vote for the RECOVERY PACKAGE but THEY are now calling it the spending package as if the Repubs haven’t spent the last 25 years deregulating and spending us into the worst recession since 1930. The Repbus had control of Congress from 1996 to 2008 . Numbers of asses in seats is not a winning majority as long as the other side has the power of the filabuster which the Repubs still have. Infact they filabustered more bills in 2008 than any party in the history of our country.
    The Repubs are sure stacking up the records in the negative.

    There is still a very formidable person out there who I hope will be asked to step into Dashle’s position…….DEAN. He and his wife are both doctors, they understand the health care system and he does not take crap from anyone. This could be a better pick anyway.

    And, to McCain blowing off about how he doesn’t get that people forget to pay taxes………..HELLO ?? You dope. You did not pay taxes on your San Diego condo for well over 4 years. You had so many residences that you could not keep the taxes straight?? Funny how that issued never became an issue because of the ultra conservative media:NBC<ABC<CBS<CNN and the ever popular FAUX news.
    The biggest question is where are the Repubs getting this private tax information. It is not “open to the public” yet, they have something on everyone…………….an inside job at the IRS??? Would be interested to know how many loopholes and non-payment of taxes you would find among the Repubs and big business.

    New Hampshire Governor……..turncoat? Blue Dog ? Call or write to him and express your disgust. We all know that there is not a Repub Gov on this planet that would cut such a deal with Dems. What is wrong with this man ???? If Gregg wants this position then take it, but no strings. Unfortunately it is too late.




  208. Loved this bit: “. . . wants us first to believe that the “liberal-biased media” is all-powerful while simultaneously claiming that Fox News is the most popular news source ever. Kind of the way those kind-hearted Republicans wanted us to believe that Obama was a Muslim who attended a really horrible Christian church.”

    Perfectly captures the inconsistency of their arguments. Just like the way John Kerry was both a flip-flopper AND the most-consistently liberal member of the Senate.


  209. ….that Manson thing is a joke, right? She doesn’t really say that, right?


  210. Once again thank you for the Cliff Notes and saving me the time and I’m sure some colorful words if I was actually reading the book.


  211. Next to the two of you, I have no right calling myself a writer (not that it’ll stop me!). Your way with words is magical.

    To Southerngirl: Where shall we begin to count the ways in which our dear, departed president lied, cheated, snuck around, killed (vicariously, of course) and then walked out of the White House with a big, fat smile on his face? We’re not giving Obama credit for making a mistake, you moron. We’re giving him credit for ADMITTING it and (are you ready for this one?) APOLOGIZING!!! (Foreign concepts to the conservative right which is, by the way, an oxymoron.)


  212. here’s my two cents for what it’s worth from my blog

    what a difference integrity makes

    it’s amazing how hard the press and others are coming down on obama for daschle and killefer withdrawing their nominations for cabinet posts. personally, i don’t get why killefer did – overlooking less than $1,000? seriously, that could apply to millions of americans.

    daschle’s predicament is another story and i’m personally very disappointed. i think he would have been brilliant in that role.

    but look back at bush and those he nominated who had to withdraw or were not confirmed – every statement i can find, as issued from his office or his very own mouth around those, basically says, “it’s not my fault.” “my advisors told me . . . ” not to mention what came out of his office, mouth and a$$ about WMDs and other such mistakes . . . they weren’t his fault either.

    the first thing out of obama’s mouth was that HE made a mistake and HE was accountable. no passing the buck. just owning up to the responsibilites of his office.

    obama never said he would not make mistakes. obama never said he was better than anyone else. those presumptions were put on him by others – by us. i respect him more than ever for how he has handled this. several reports i saw last night said, “obama humbled by . . . ” either those folks don’t understand the meaning of the word or they don’t see what i see – maybe all of the above. i beleive obama is one of the most humble presidents – if not people – alive on this planet. and, have you noticed that he has stood behind his nominees – literally and figuratively – when they accepted their nomination, spoke after being confirmed and when they withdrew? check the archives – W only did so when it was to his advantage or needed a photo op.

    i was a bit riled last night over all this but the media is going to do what they will anyway.



  213. I think you are fabulous for reading Coulter for us. I could never stomach her.

    The sacrifices you make for us! Truly a great woman. 🙂

    Keep up the good work.


  214. Quoting from Sully’s Blog

    A reader writes:

    Someone should make the point that the theory on which Daschle did not pay taxes on an extraordinary non-salary benefit provided by his employer (car and driver) is exactly the theory on which Palin did not pay taxes on an extraordinary benefit (free air travel for her children, and 60 dollar per day per diem payments for use of her own house).

    Palin never paid back taxes but simply produced a squirrelly letter from her lawyers saying that someone could believe in good faith that taxes were not owed on the travel or per diems she received, so her failure to report those items as income was excusable.

    But Daschle is a librul elitist! And Palin’s hot. That’s the counter-argument, right?


  215. I love your take on the Coultergiest…I have to say it pretty well sums up what I have seen of her too.

    I also agree that our Prez is a great guy..he is showing his very human side which he does quite often and that makes me even happier that I voted for him and that the right is unhappy with him.

    For all of you who have repubs in your district or state, please call, write, email or contact them any way you can and get them to support the stimulus bill so we can get this country moving again. Please… No it isn’t perfect but it isn’t finished yet either…it is a work in progress…so let your voice be heard.


  216. I was saying this to a friend via email …

    Can you imagine W ever ever ever admitting he did something wrong AND apologize? I guess maybe appointing people w/o and relevant
    experience/expertize is better than someone who didnt pay ALL their taxes .. and while I am not saying this is okay, not to pay taxes, no,
    that is wrong but now what would be a neat thing is if someone – hello IRS – would audit a few Repugs .. at random, no one specific … I am betting you’d find a LOT of misconduct in the tax
    area .. as well as other areas .. and I am not a betting person, I only bet on sure things …


  217. Is it possible that Ann Coulter is a personality that’s just an elaborate Andy Kaufman type joke designed to highlight the hypocrisies in the Republican party and neo-conservatism in general? Because that is what I choose to believe!


  218. Another wonderful chapter summation Helen!

    As thing unfold with the Obama presidency, I can’t help but compare it to how the Bush administration would have handled it and my vote has been reaffirmed each time. For example, the choice to allow the Republicans to keep a filabuster in the Senate while appointing a Republican to the cabinet? Not only is that classy, it shows everyone that he’s *really* not politicing. He’s really trying to get things done.

    What a breath of fresh air.

    By the way, if you need another slice of pie to get through the next chapter, I won’t say anything 😉


  219. Oh–we’re giving Obama credit for “making a mistake” are we? What about the 11 lobbyists he has hired and Geithner and Killefer? Obama wouldn’t have said anything had Daschle not declined the resignation. Obama and team would have kept on going like there was nothing wrong…because it is OK to not pay taxes–you know, if you know the right people.


  220. I must confess that I have started watching Foxnews every once in a while – just to gloat! Does that make me a bad person??


  221. Wow. I just stumbled on your blog, and I cannot TELL you how happy I am. For many many years, I spent long afternoons discussing things like Ann Coulter (yes, she’s a ‘thing’ not a ‘person’), abortion, the liberal left, etc with my grandmother. I miss those days, and I feel like I’ve suddenly rediscovered them. You two ladies are incredibly funny and smart, and a great asset to the blog community. Keep it up, and we’ll keep reading.


  222. Yes…Please take aim a RUSH!!! 🙂


  223. Thank you, Helen, for risking your health by reading and reporting on the She-Man’s book for us!! My blood pressure meds are not strong enough to prevent the inevitable stroke if I read it myself.

    Please take on Rush Limbag for us next! I just know you will have much dead-on hilarity to say about him!


  224. Helen you are wonderful, Ann Coulter, not so much. I think she is just a mean person and mean people s-ck.


  225. Helen,
    You knock me out!!! Write a book!!! 🙂


  226. thanks for the update on the book – you are saving me some money although I doubt I would have bought the book anyway 🙂 it is more entertaining reading your blog with the cliff notes than sitting down and reading her book – I continue to be amazed at times at her stupidity.



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