Posted by: Helen Philpot | January 27, 2009

Apparently Ann Coulter’s feet are as big as an Emu’s

As far as your comments go – the more the merrier.  Knock yourselves out.   Margaret and I appreciate the attention.  Really we do.  But you have to remember that besides a considerable number of years on this planet the only additional information we have access to is the same information you have access to:  We read. We listen to the radio. We watch TV.  And we apply a little common sense.  We are more than happy to hear opposing points of view.   We certainly don’t profess to be perfect.  For example,  I thought some of you were leaving comments about a bunch of flightless birds that were somehow being starved to death by Sarah Palin.  Margaret had to explain to me that those would be Emus but you are talking about a serious issue in an Alaskan village called Emmonak.  It is located in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta and some people who live there need our attention.  Who knew?  You learn something new everyday… and really isn’t that the point? 

So in the spirit of learning something new everyday, Margaret and I each decided to write about something new we have learned recently.

helen-mug1 FROM HELEN
I did a little research and besides learning that Emus are the largest birds native to Australia, I learned that Ann Coulter is one nasty bitch with really, really big feet.  Now her being a nasty bitch really isn’t anything new.   After all, this is the woman who got upset that some of the women who lost husbands in the 9/11 attacks were actually supporting John Kerry for President. Coulter suggested that they were self-obsessed women who didn’t realize the attacks were against the nation as a whole and not just their husbands.  She went on to call them harpies whose husbands might have been wanting to divorce them anyway.  Well that my friends is one nasty bitch… but you knew that.   Nothing new to report here.

Now the big feet part is really just an opinion.  My daughter-in-law attended the US Open  last year and said she saw Ann Coulter sitting a few rows over.  She noticed that Ann has enormous feet.  But enormous would be relative based on my daughter-in-law’s personal experience about the normal size of a woman’s foot.  And maybe her having enormous, Emu-sized feet is a new fact for you, but it really isn’t much to write home about. In truth I don’t even know the actual size of an Emu’s foot, however,  I would imagine it is large… even compared to those gigantic hoofers on Ann.

But I really did find out one new fact about Ann Coulter.  New for me anyway. I did a little research and found out her middle name is Hart.  Now that is Hart  not Heart.  No “e”.   But trust me on this one.  When it comes to a heart, she is missing more than just the letter “e”.

margaret-mug1 FROM MARGARET
Helen, dear, there hasn’t been a day in my life that I didn’t learn something new. Now mind you, it’s not always something news worthy but I do learn something new everyday. Just yesterday I learned that I get an additional percentage off my grocery bill when I use their nice new canvas tote bags. I had been using them anyway because I was so tired of all the plastic bags that I have acquired over the years. I used to have a special drawer in the mud room where I would stick all the plastic bags. However, that soon became filled and I decided to have a nice new kitchen trash can just for my plastic bags. Well, that worked fine until my Howard kept emptying his plate and any other trash he could find into my nice new kitchen trash can. How he didn’t see the large red “Plastic Bags Only” sign I put on the swivel lid is beyond me.

Anyway, if your local grocery store offers you canvas tote bags instead of plastic bags do take them up on the offer and ask if they give you a discount for using them.  It really is a good idea.  Now, if I could just remember to bring the canvas bags each time I go to the grocery store that would be something.

One other thing I have learned recently:  Ass Hats like feet come in all different shapes and sizes, dear.

That’s it…I’m done.

Well, I think we are done for today.   Thanks for stopping by again.  Now go out and learn something new.  We mean it.  Really.


  1. ann also has big old werewolf hands too…very scary. No discount for the canvas bags around here but we use them, in fact the Joannes store sells full sized ones as opposed to the tiny ones at the grocery store, and they are only 99c each! they work great for storing bags of bird food also. You gals are a riot.


  2. I really appreciate your Emu analogy. Being an Australian I find it very fitting. Emus are also very snappy and will attack without notice.


  3. I don’t really have a problem with Ann Coulter… aside from her enormous Adam’s apple, and the pronounced bulge in her panties.


  4. ROFL


  5. Dear ladies,

    I was introduced you because of a link I happened upon at The Daily Kos yesterday. I read for over an hour and then bookmarked you. I have only 61 winters under my belt but have learned more of value in the last five or so than all that was combined in puerile youth. I only wish I was going to be able to reach your life expectancy and accumulated wisdom.

    With love and respect,
    Dennis McCarthy


  6. […] Apparently Ann Coulter’s feet are as big as an Emu’s « Margaret … […]


  7. ME TOO! I have really big feet. I hope Ann’s are bigger than mine. But, while the rest of you are blown over by all the winds from global warming, i’ll be standing tall and proud!

    And, Hattie, no offense to our big feet is meant. I’m sure it was just an Emu reference. Take care of those beautiful, big feet, we might need them in a kicking match with Ann Coulter!


  8. I have big feet. Really big feet. Nobody thinks that’s a bad feature these days.
    Coulter is a joke, but not because of her feet.


  9. I crack up every time Margaret uses the word Ass Hat. I use it frequently myself (it describes such a large range of people I know). Keep rockin’ it girls!


  10. Did you know that Ann thinks that she is FUNNY?

    Yes—she really does!

    har! har!


  11. Isn’t Ann Coulter a man? “She” sure has a large adam’s apple!


  12. For everyone who asked about howlgirl’s wine bottle garden borders, here are pictures.



  13. Catherine

    I heard about the Japanese people learning English on NPR last week. They Buy DVDs of the speeches with Japanese subtitles. It works because he speaks slowly and clearly and uses easy words.



  14. The Coultergeist is the nastiest person, but it is just for the money. i think she saw Limbaugh and wanted to jump on that bandwagon and there you have it.

    I hope President Obama ignores both of them because I do not want them getting any more attention than they already have from their right wingnut audience.

    I saw this morning that the Japanese are buying President Obama’s speeches and learning English using his speech. When is the last time any Republican, Limbaugh or Coultergeist could say that. That nastiness may sell among the God and guns crowd, but hope and love are far better and much more appealing.


  15. I am so glad we don’t have to deal with that woman over here!!

    In the category of “new things learned every day” yesterday my daughter learned (and through her, me) that only 2 native animals cannot go backwards – the kangaroo and the emu.

    So apt, perhaps?


  16. Helen,

    I love to read your posts. You have a clear head and a great way with words.

    Please, please though, don’t fall into the same trap as Limbaugh and Coulter and trash people and make fun of them for traits they can’t help. If Coulter has big feet, she can’t help it. Instead, stick with making fun of the things she could do something about – like her lack of reason or inability to put together a simple sentence that doesn’t trash anybody who is not a bobblehead follower of hers. Or make fun of her need to wear long hair, short skirts and CFMP shoes, and then give verbal sexual comments to get attention from the men because it is obvious that she can’t hold their attention with her verbal vomit.

    I was turned off by Limbaugh’s soph-moronic sense of humor even before I realized the crap that he puts forth as common sense was garbage when viewed in the sane and daylight world. Please don’t stoop to this level of humor yourself.

    Yeah, I know staying above this childishness is what the wing-nuts use as fuel when they call us elitist. Sticks and stones, I say.

    Keep up the good work Helen and keep calling a spade a dirty shovel but please don’t make fun of physical traits that people can’t help.


  17. p.s. wine bottles. i’m happy to post some photos but don’t know how to do that here. should i post a link to a site where some photos are posted?

    technologically impaired in austin,


  18. And reading about Snake Oil sales men,
    I recommend two books to all people that want to know how I understand religion:
    “Waiting for the Galactic Bus” is Part I
    “The Snake Oil Wars” is Part II
    both are by Park Goodwin

    This is heaven and hell as I can understand it….

    And that Yeshua (Jesus real palestine name) gets accused as terrorist by the church…… not so far from the truth at all. I mean, he was a revoluzzer in his time and the essence of his ideas still might upset a lot those TV “Christian send me money quick” assholes today….

    BTW don’t get me wrong, being an atheist I still think everyone is entitled to his religion, and I always try to respect the particulars of any religion I get in contact with (Not deliberatingly doing something that hurts someone’s beliefs)

    But I also strongly support the notion that religion should be PRIVAT and PRIVAT ONLY!


  19. Whirled Peas,
    so 33 years later are they still yelling?
    And what has changed so far?

    Makes me rather sad, reminds me when I wanted to change the world and how little impact we had, mind you we had some, and the world is a better place for it, but we all still get ripped of by the same old bastards……

    And that Film I better remeber for the sex scene where she talks all the time while having a good f**k, I thought, what a horrible chick, can’t even take the time to enjoy the nice things in live…..

    But thanks non the less for the reminder!



  20. Coulter’s neck is longer than an emu’s neck. And emus are much cuter, in their big-footed necky way. You can also eat them and their oil is good for your skin. Coulter is as oily as a snake oil salesman but I wouldn’t rub her on my skin.


  21. Werner,

    How about direct to YouTube?

    ‘Network’ ~ “Mad as hell…”

    and some background:

    Corporate Cosmology



  22. Mageen in Old virginny,


    Here is John Oliver on the Daily Show, upset with Obama for not turning things around yet:


  23. Mageen in Old virginny,

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Cool stuff:

    Redoubt Activity Pictures.

    and Alaska Volcano Observatory Website



  24. Mageen in Old virginny –
    She hasn’t gotten the memo yet..sigh.
    If and when Redoubt pops this time ,the ghastly gov might have to work in Juneau likes she’s sposed to- WHEN she’s actually instate- as last time it interrupted flights in and out of Anchorage for a spell.
    Could interrupt freight and mail to the bush again too… dang. Be careful what you wish for, Pi.


  25. Most folks here know there are a growing number of companies ,with national distribution ,who are actively involved in the FAR end of the reduce/reuse/recycle work.
    Here’s one that has a lot of potential.

    IF the figures I heard recently about a mere 30-40% of used plastics even making it into the formal wastestream -landfills/recycling centers ( those plastics which CAN be recycled) there is a ton of work ahead to do to get that changed…


  26. Whirled Peas,
    your link only works within the US, just so you’d know.

    While a lot of people think we a re “that state up north where they talk all funny” we ARE behind an international border (as most of you know!) and by this fall under the internatinal (media) law.

    Can’t show us the shows on the net before we didn’t pay for em a year later to our local providers…… Gotta line those “pockets deep”……




  27. I cannot resist an open door! Like a lot of other correspondents on this site, I’m back again! Hey, did you know that there is a volcano in Alaska that is coming active again? It is due to blow any day now, and I just love its name: Mt. Redoubt. I know “redoubt” from American history books about the Civil War. Coincident with this volcano is the roll-out of the Sock Puppet’s political action committee (PAC). This is the way she will be able to raise the money to fly all over carnation and forget about Alaska and give speeches, etc. etc. This gal will do anything to get out of Alaska, including latching onto a presidential nominee, and whining publicly for an eternity on how she is not responsible for what happened to her or her presidential candidate during the campaign, or what is happening to her Inuit constituents. Hasn’t she gotten the memo yet? This is post-racial America and this also covers native people!


  28. JEN-
    Hang in there. We’re all trying to learn how to use this grassroots steam we have built up…
    The folks who couldn’t see where they were leading us all are not going to change. So- hiring new folks in their stead is part of the change we need. Lotta work ahead…

    For anyone thinking of new dishes…

    I love my recycled glass dishes.-they are beautiful .
    The company is a small town outfit and pays decent wages – another good thing to look for in my book
    Have seen recycled glass tiles for bathroom tiles but can’t find the link…?


  29. “I’d be stark raving mad!”


    I see more people feeling like that:

    I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!



  30. Can somebody enlighten me on the subject of lining one’s garden with wine bottles?

    We…um…go through a LOT of wine bottles around here. And our garden/yard needs some serious help.



  31. Jen, Great Post! Thanks!

    Here is a link to send a THANK YOU note to President Obama.

    I like Obama and appreciate what he has done. Finally, a President that considers the average person.


  32. I learned something new today…………I learned that to a man, the house Republicans voted against the stimulus package. The same will happen in the Senate when it is their turn to vote. They voted against America and the American people. They prefer to see Americans who have lost or are losing homes because of the mortgage crisis, have no way out. They prefer to see their constituents who have lost their jobs, can not put food on their tables, can not afford health care and can not afford to heat their homes stay that way. They prefer to act like playground bullies and those people who form cliques and meet in secret to make group decisions, with not a thought to anything but their on selfishness. Yes, the Republicans, House and Senate, had a SECRET meeting BEFORE they met with the President to discuss the stimulus package, and decided they would vote in lock step against all of it. These are the same people who voted with Bush to wage a war in Iraq based upon a lie, send troops into that war with faulty equipment, throw billions of tax cuts to big business and the top 2%, voted against a vastly improved GI bill, voted to throw trillions to Wallstreet with not an ounce of oversight and looked on with glee as bank execs gave themselves bonus upon bonus. These are the same people who looked on with pride as Bush irresponsibly and cavalierly spent the United States into the biggest recession/depression the nation has ever seen. These are the people who accept millions into their campaign funds from corrupt business and lobbyists. Are these really the people you want representing your states? We defeated the Republicans through a grass roots movement . The people in these states who voted for change and for American need to begin petitions to recall each and every Republican Senator and Representative. They are obstructionists, they are not what America needs, they want to see America fail.

    I learned that since Eisenhower who actually did something for America and for the American people, the Republicans have left office with the country facing serious economic problems that the Democrats have had to clean up. It the ecomony stupids !!!! Their way has never worked.
    We have a government so we won’t have anarchy, we have checks and balances so that we won’t have corruption in government, but this is a new Republican animal who walks the halls of the United States Congress. They learned from the worst president in history to be bullies, arrogant, and uncaring about the people they represent. They learned that me, myself and I come first and be damned to the rest of America.

    And if what America is facing for years into the future isn’t bad enough………….the most scary thing I learned today is that the idiot Palin has set up a committee to begin her bid for the 2012 Repub nomination.


  33. thats BANKERS bonusses, that is.


  34. Oh BTW
    what you girlz and guyz think of the $18.4 billion bonusses on Wall Street for 2008?
    (After just starting to pay (only the interest of) a $725 Billion bail out package)

    I’d be starck raving mad!



  35. Watch with the wine bottles, if they stick out too far they can focus sunlight and burn some of your plants,

    but otherwise….cheers (Gotta emtpy them somehow…LOL)





  37. Many years ago,I had a friend that built an addition on his home and the walls were something like concrete and beer bottles were in it open end in…. very beautiful because light came in as it would for a stained glass window.Good type of insulation.


  38. Ditto on the wine bottles howlgirl!


  39. Im totally about recycling as much as I can.

    the bricks from my fire pit came from a turn of a century torn down chimney, the foam from the cushion of my 40s chaise came from a torn apart ikea sofa, the pavers in the yard from a school remodel, the river stones in our drainage and our garden from another home…

    about the plastic bags, in Seattle

    ‘City OKs 20-cent fee on plastic, paper bags
    Council also outlaws foam food and drink containers’

    the plastic bag fee has been waived for now

    I lived in Fl and volunteered for some time at a seabird sanctuary, saw first hand what plastic bags, fishing lines do to turtles, birds..

    this Christmas our stocking stuffers were cloth bags 🙂 I think that will be a tradition

    Trader Joe’s and Metropolitan Market (the MM ones are only about
    a buck each) make them with a plastic coating for those annoying leaky things and they also keep the frozen stuff cold longer than the flimsy plastic ones they give out at the store.

    My 30 year old son has a collection of black cloth bags, very butch 😉

    howlgirl that was my landlady in Athens GA who used the plastic bags for insulation

    would love to read more about how you use wine bottles for lining your garden and other projects


  40. Hi gang,

    Comin’ up for air from Valentine Guys. I’m glad you are both back Helen and Margaret. And I am VERY pleased with the progress forthe Yukon Delta Villages!!! WE ARE ON IT!!!

    About the plastic bags. Here in Hawaii, we dearly love our humpback whales. They come down from Alaska to mate and calf from November through May. Also we love our bottlenose dolphins. It is so much fun to watch them out cavorting in the ocean. Of course, the plastic bags are an ENORMOUS hazard to them as they are to all marine life.

    Here is what we do. We go to the ‘big cities’ of Kapaa and Lihue once a week for shopping at Costco, WalMart, etc. For us, it is about a 45-minute drive depending on traffic. We have a checklist for the ‘big trip’.

    1. Cooler in the back for frozen food.
    2. Blue ice for the cooler.
    3. Canvas bag.
    4. Clutter of illegible post-it-note lists.
    5. Packed lunch to eat at the beach and watch
    for whales. It’s a big day!

    Costco, of course does not do bags of any kind. We get by fine. WalMart has a bin for used plastic bags. We get bags from our local supermarket, keep them together in a bigger bag in the pantry and periodically take them to WalMart.

    Our canvas bag is navy blue with white rope handles. We got it as a freebie from one of our cruises. They give them out so you will take them ashore for shopping to boost the local economy of whatever country they visit. The countries in Europe, Asia and Africa DO NOT rely on plastic bags nearly as much as we do here in the U.S.

    Before you leave, the cruise lines also mail freebie carry-on bags of the right size and shape so you don’t run afoul of the international regulations for carry-ons. Those can also be checked. Of course, they always have their logo on these bags for some free advertising. But what the heck.

    Every time we have family or guests visit, they always go back with more than they came with. The solution, we give out bags of all shapes and sizes from our stash of freebies.

    One of these days IF I ever get through with Valentine Guys, I will give you a dissertation on “Rest Room Facilities Around the World”. They are all different! This is a subject dear to the hearts of all women! If it is urgent, you don’t necessarily have time to figure out how they work. I have never seen it spelled out or even mentioned in a guidebook. I feel it is incumbent on SOMEBODY to do so.

    On the subject of Valentine Guys. We have a lovely collection of CD’s, tapes and records, (yes, classic vintage records!) I watch (listen to) TV for the news of the day until they start repeating themselves. Then I put on some soothing music to make Valentine Guys by.

    I swore off using the h— word many, many years ago.





  41. ha ha, ira! i just sent imaginista an email that said the same thing about austin and houston before seeing your comment. scary. i guess it’s rastafarianraderie.

    i don’t remember who posted about using the plastic bags as insulation but it’s a really good idea. my partner did that in the 1890s farm house we were fixing up – she also used styrofoam that we collected from friends, stores, etc. etc. the first room she used it in was my home office and it was the warmest / coolest room in the house. we used upside down wine bottles to line our gardens (there’s a trick to it but it’s well worth it visually). the cabinets were all made out of old barn wood from the property and/ or the scraps from any woodworking done in other parts of the house. i’m biased, i suppose, but those were the most beautiful countertops i’ve ever seen – all made from scraps but the end product was like butcher block inlay. it’s so easy to recycle so many things once you start thinking in that direction.


  42. Ann Coulter also has a HUGE adam’s apple (or more accurately, thyroid cartilage). Women don’t usually have such large adam’s apples. Unless of course they weren’t BORN women. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)



    …and now for something completely different 🙂


  44. Ann is like a twisted Big Bird in a black dress. More of a defensive statistician than a writer. If her thoughts don’t make you wince, her voice will.

    New visual commentaries on Ann and Dubya’s farewell balogna are posted. Have a giggle!!


  45. You might be interested to know that here in Toronto, Ontario, our provincial government made it part of the law that all plastic bags be charged $5 cents at grocery stores. Not a big incentive at all for the supermarket..but it’s a start.

    I’m glad you brought up the plastic bags issue!


  46. Eee gads, I probably hit logout instead of submit.

    Ann Coulter is like an un-funny Big Bird in a black cocktail dress. And more like a statistician than a writer. Maybe her abacus and computer will go on the fritz and we can have 2 years without her face spewing her crap.

    If her thoughts don’t kill ya, her voice will.

    I posted new “visual commentaries” on Ann, plus Dubya’s farewell balogna. Scroll for the “Compassionate Wasp” pix. LMAO. Have a giggle!


  47. Just checking where my post went?


  48. Dad in Dallas,

    We just missed the winter ice storm. Thanks for asking! Hope you all doing okay in Big D. Hang in there!



    P.S. Margaret & Helen Rock!


  49. Out of boredom, I went to Ann Coulter’s website. They sell a t-shirt there that says “I’d Rather Be Waterboarding.” I am horrified.


  50. Howlgirl-

    YARRRGGGG! I can’t seem to find a group!


  51. Imaginista-

    Actually Austin is considered semi-arid. We have cacti and all!

    Now Houston… that’s another matter all together!


  52. Broke but still drinking-lol Hilarious


  53. Hey there, howlgirl, just popping back in to say I really like your website! I think Austin sounds like a very cool place to live but my g/f melts into a puddle in climates with even slight humidity. That’s why we live where it is 120 degrees in the summer; cause it’s a “dry heat” yanno.


  54. Ladies, you always brighten my day. Keep up the good work. You call a bitch a bitch and I applaud you for it.
    Much love!


  55. Some responders have asked who is Michelle Malkin. She has a site: Essentially, she is a conservative columnist, one of the W. choir who sees “liber – als” (i.e., commies, pinkos, terrorists, etc.) under every decaying leaf and has said some stuff in print and on air that sounds like she flunked a psych evaluation. There are some folks who say that she is trying to compete with Anthrax Coulter. Nuf said?


  56. Brokebutstilldrinking
    from notcompletlybrokebutstoppeddrinkingforabit:
    We guyz usually get away using backpacks, I use mine so I don’t need something as embarrasing as a murse (Male purse, worst fashion item EVER, luckly I don’t give a rat’s arse about fashion!)
    I can carry all my emergency tools, books headphones and whatever might require more space than my various pockets can provide and I usually have tons of place for shopping too



  57. I am late to the party; the canvas totes at my store aren’t free but the insulated ones are wonderful, and all I have to do is remember to put them back in my truck.
    I have found that if I double-bag picnic supplies in them (cold cuts and cheese on the bottom, then the cold sodas, then the bread on top, zip the bag shut and lay it in the shade under the back seat) I can carry lunch as much as 70 miles each way.


  58. My 25-year-old son uses green bags.


  59. I have enough plastic grocery bags in my cupboards to cover a few swimming pools.

    I would get me one of those tote bags but I’m afraid people will pick on me. People don’t mess with older women who carry tote bags, but they’d destroy a young man.


  60. OK So who is Michelle Malkin? and why do I want to hate her? I have her address from a response here….it is a very nice place.


  61. Thank you all for your posts and comments. I am now more aware of the plastic bag dilemma, can’t promise that I’ll only use my green totes, but will be more conscientious about it.

    I am sometimes a vendor at craft fairs and shows, and I have bags for my customers after they purchase something. What I do is keep store bags with handles – they are usually thick paper – and use those as my bags. It is a way of recycling and they look nice.

    Something I learned today. I google searched Jon Stewart because he makes me laugh. I found a video he made on Barack Obama’s rise to President, and then a way to send the video to friends. Here it is, a funny touching tribute ala Jon Stewart:


  62. I love your blog!! Have you read “Brainless: The lies and lunacy of Anne Coulter” If not you should. She is crazier than Brittney Spears on a BAD day!! Anyone who hates her as much as I do, is AOK in my book!!!
    Keep up the good work ladies!!


  63. JuneauJoe So sorry to hear about y our daughter. We give thanks that she is ok. Welcome back.

    AlaskaPi missed you the parlor just wasn’t the same without you and JuneauJoe

    Mike you are just like some Doctors and other people. You lookat u s and make the decision that age is what’s wrong with us. It is obvious that you don”t know any of us. Hang around and here and you will be surprised and maybe learned something

    I”’ve fired a Doctor or three ,a dentist, for that reason. Just remember one of these days you will be up here in age anad then see how you like it!!


  64. Mary

    I feel the same way about green bags and we’ve done the same run out to the parking lot thing.

    If I find myself somewhere with out one I buy a new one. I always have a few almost new green bags to give away avocados, send home leftovers and return borrowed book, etc, in.

    After we get Alaska straightened out, maybe we should get militant about plastic bags.



  65. hey ira – yep, i’m austin area pastafarian, lesbyterian, church of the falling rain kinda gal. i don’t know of any group, however. sorry :C


  66. Ditto


  67. Mike,

    Wingnuts are always: “All___ and no ___.”

    All conspiracy and no proof.
    All show and no go.
    All jingo and no balls.
    All hat and no cattle.

    Try being a competent conservative for once.


  68. My husband and I each keep a 5-pack of bags from Envirosax visible in our cars so we remember to bring them with us. It does start to be a habit after a while, although I have been known to rush out to the parking lot as he waited in line when we remembered late! Our goal is to not have to get a single plastic bag from a store in 2009 — we bring them into every kind of store with us (not just grocery). The 5-in-1 pouches are small enough to fit in most purses: I can’t say enough good things about them!

    I’ve gotten other great bags from including one that can carry 9 bottles of wine.

    Thanks for bringing attention to this important issue!


  69. Hi ladies,

    And now about Miz Coulter… Hateful, hatefilled I think would be a good discription. We can’t and won’t go there, we can be light hearted and joyful because by George, we won! Yeah!!!

    Margaret, the person who thinks up a way to remember to bring those bags into the store will have a real money maker on their hands.



  70. Mike can KISS MY ASS too…..Ass Hat!


  71. Thank you Margaret! I just found out that my local grocer provides a discount when you use canvas bags as well…small discount, but every cent counts during these times!!!


  72. Where is Hawaii Jean??


  73. Proud, I think your suggestion for all the native non- profits to have a phone tree is really right on. For us non-natives I think it might be great to have a good listing of websites so that people who want to help in this current crisis know where to go. I found and lost(?) other links for rural health initiatives , etc. suitable for folks who want to make an ongoing commitment to this worthy population. ProbablyI should work to post that at


  74. Alaska Pi and JuneauJoe,
    just a thought when I hear about your Inet connection problems……
    (I mean Inet and IT knowledge in any way is an important part of education today, even up north, no?)
    How about contacting some IT hardware companies and get WiFi repeaters?

    Than you could setup repeaters from whatever community center has a fast conncetion and connect others through the repeaters, since you can give donation tax receipts it shouldn’t be so hard to get companies to donate the hardware, espc sinc “last years” router will do fine? OR big corps replacing hardware?

    I know your focus is on the food and fuel situation on the moment, but while talking to companies, if they have the stuff laying around, why not donate them for tax receipts?

    Just a thought…..



  75. The heart has eyes which the brain knows nothing of…


  76. Sorry, I got my asshats mixed up.


  77. Stephen Colbert is a hoot. For a good laugh on Limpballs, check this out. I hope it works, I haven’t figured out how to cut and paste it.



    Are you an Austin area Pastafarian?

    If so, could you let me know if there is an Austin area Pastafarian group that I could hook up with?


    And the FSM says rAmen.



  79. I just lost my breakfast….no pie for me.


  80. Plastics in the ocean and plastics eaten by sea life:

    Look at some of the pictures. Click the picture twice to enlarge them. You can see the plastics which were in the birds. Dr. Marcus Eriksen is an amazing man. You could learn a lot about plastics from his work.

    Here is a link to help AK villagers:


  81. Oh Mike
    Kiss MY … frozen waterpipe… that should take care of your bad mouth, your fertilizing thaughts are all you own!!!

    remeber my post from yesterday about the fly and the brain




  82. Big feet, big mouth……big foot in mouth…….. just thinking…….


  83. Plastic kills.


  84. I will be very disappointed if you don’t take advantage of the grist that is bound to come from this new administration. Remember, Obama is still a politician. He’s already asked a judge to extend his power for illegal wiretapping.

    That’s gotta be worth a comment or two! So far Obama isn’t doing too badly, but I was disappointed with this item.


  85. thanks for sharing


  86. Chickenpig-
    You see it. Thank you.
    Stopping the ghastly gov and penning her in STARTS here in Alaska. Maybe if more of us had been paying attention to Texas…?
    Maybe if more of us had been shocked into action by small school boards filling up with creationists..?
    Missed some boats- we did.
    Time to pay attention.


  87. Good Morning all!

    Dad you asked for help because you wanted to learn more! Kudos to you. I had an idea who Anne Coulter was but did not really learn about her and her ilk until the presidential election. I had no idea who Michelle Malkin was until recently. We had Antenna TV for 9 years and only received news from local stations and PBS in all that time. The last year they finally had cable in our area and we decided to sign up.

    I became aware of how much I was not getting from our local new sources and realized that more information was readily available on the internet. What an eye opener. I will also say that for the last 4 years I put myself in a news vacuum because I just could not take it anymore. The election brought me back to reality and made me take more notice of what was happening to our country and who some of the culprits were!

    Alaska Pi: Phone tree what I have learned in the process is that starting in your local area by connecting with all of the non profits and exchanging contact numbers and ideas is a great place to start. We started with our lead agency in our county and have developed from there.

    What I find frustrating and have been hammering on is that all of the non profits in all areas need to meet if not quarterly at least every 6 months to be fully informed about what is happening around us.

    This weekend I will be going to a meeting that is for all of the non profits in our small town. This is a first and I am curious as to how it will go. I will keep you updated if any good ideas come out of it.

    The pervasive lingering attitude has been that no one wanted to share as they were afraid that they would jepordize there chances for grant funding by cooperating with each other. It has always been every organiztion for themselves because we are generally competing for the same grant dollars. We are slowly learning that communcation with each other and pooling ideas can have a lasting and quick remedies for some of our problems.

    I would suggest that the Native non profits start their own tree first. Get it set up for emergencies and keep each other informed. They then need to branch out to all of the aid organizations and food banks in the area. Starting the chain is the hardest part.

    The lack of communication (in all things) is what slows things down when the disaster hits.

    We are not totally there yet but are still working at improving the process.

    JuneauJoe I saw the post about your daughter. I actually saw the report about the shooting on the local news and was just stunned. I am glad your daughter is safe but am very sad that she had to witness that violence. Sending (((Hugs))) to you both.

    I need to run off as it is food bank day for me. Take care everyone. Will check back later.


  88. I am glad that Alaskan citizens are using this blog to she a light on the conditions that Alaskan Natives live under. If you don’t live in Alaska it’s not something you have any exposure to. I don’t think that Palin would have a chance at the White House, since Governors are judged by how well they did while in the Governor’s mansion, but then I remember that Dubya totally sucked as the Governor of Texas, and he got 8 years. Too scary to even think about.

    I don’t know why anyone would accuse H and M of not being exactly who they say they are. If you take the time to read the archives you will see that there are references to moments in history that don’t exactly roll off the tongue unless you’ve lived through them. It’s just like talking to my grandparents when they were alive. I don’t think we are being fooled, but even if we are, so what?

    Thank you about the mention of the Super Bowl add. I will probably be watching and I will want a bowl handy when I vomit.


  89. Margaret and Helen,
    You are incredible! You have made my morning!!!


  90. Emu oil is good for dry skin and a host of other things.
    Ms Coulter creates rashes of hate, blisters of pain, welts on rational discourse.
    Anybody have a bottle of Emu oil big enough, besides Helen, we can use to alleviate the symptoms?


  91. Hmm- when we fix education this old broad needs a remedial editing and spelling refresher course…
    DOE= DOES…
    No more shorthand signifiers for a body of thought.

    Throw them ideas right out there and we’ll kick em around, whap on em a bit, and keep the ones that pass the tests…


  92. Amen Alaska Pi


  93. Granma Katie-

    Trading in pie for a fresh pair of jammies and parlour for basement for a bit- Some work to do. Hang in there…

    Proud- we are having a hard time with our phone tree… lots of resources piling up but efficient organized way to manage getting em all moved lacking…Ideas?

    A few days ago some voices here ,used “eskimo” like a swear word. Probably unthinking, but who knows.
    Here , in Alaska ,it is a perjorative- equivalent to the n-word , used the way it was.
    Dehumanizing, objectifying, belittling…

    JuneauJoe has spoken over and over about the UTTER humanity of the folks he lived and worked with in Emmonak.

    Humanized, personalized, standing tall – accepted as part of the whole human family, first americans , here Alaska Natives, are readily readable.

    The questions posed by this post become readily accessible by what folks know about THEMselves, if they are honest with themselves.

    ( Remember the big push by the Republican Party when someone there “discovered” there were conservative African Americans…? Conservative HUMANs occur at similar statistical rates across gender and race and those folks had never caught on til recently…?)

    It is hard to tell whether the folks who are native in the Yukon-Delta , or anywhere in rural Alaska, will be able to maintain a lifestyle closely patterned on traditional ways. It’s already changed a great deal – some good, a lot not.

    But those folks deserve the recognition that it is THEIR choice to make- what to keep, what to leave behind.

    The negative DEhumanized attitude about natives is rampant here in Alaska. Everyone is full of a list of negative stories which they then propose to accept as a full report on the-attributes-of-the-alaska-native.
    Drunk, lazy, wasteful of money, yada, yada- the whole run of insults, NOT facts, pointed at every marginalized group in America and the world.

    The failures of spirit evident in high suicide rates, and so on, are human and sadly, fully in context with current surroundings.

    Any urban dweller who goes down to the “wrong side of the creek’ or whatever you call it in cities can touch the despair some folks live in in the Yukon-Delta.

    Anyone who can find some of the works addressing refugee-ism after WWII – (Erik Ericson’s Insight and Responsibility- for one ) will stand for a moment in the shoes of a neighbor in Y-D-,feet on ground shifting just enough to keep the horizon a bit unsteady.
    In the shape of a 6months-too-late-and-far-too-many-dollars-short dressing down , read carefully what Emmonak elders told those people HIRED to look out for the interests of ALL Alaskans when those people finally did show up to see if there was anything they needed to be concerned about …

    The elders spoke up like EVERY other American group who has a beef with the government and demanded action.

    IF people choose to deny humanity to all the villagers, first american or no, in the Yukon-Delta and the rest of rural Alaska they don’t have to take responsibility for ignoring the underlying causes- natural, economic, and political which created this situation.

    Easy, too easy, happens all the time, everywhere.

    Not acceptable, not anytime.
    Not anywhere.

    This one I can help with some, til my neighbors can pick their own paths back up again.

    Somewhere along the way , a superficial notion of manners and getting along has gotten started here in this place we have been able to call sanctuary…
    There is more work to be done in America than we have hands to put to it.
    Gonna take those who take on the Ms Coulter, gonna take those who take on creationism v real science, gonna take those who re-vamp education so it DOE something for our kids, gonna take those who knock on doors and check on their neighbors so more un-necessary pain and despair doesn’t leave folks making horrible decisions like the soul in the news who took out himself and family.

    THANK HEAVENS, there are so many points of view to bring to bear on our problems as we are going to need them all!


  94. Word from Mudflats is that Palin will be in a commercial thanking our troops during Super Bowl.

    They extended the Moose hunting season in the Lower Yukon Villages through February.

    For non-hunters: if you had no food and had to spend what little money you had for $7.50 a gallon stove oil, would you shoot a moose so your family would be able to eat for a month or more?

    People in the villages hunt and use what they hunt. It is not just to hang a trophy on the wall.
    The skins make clothes (beautiful and warm too) and the food keeps them alive.

    Help if you can without hurting your own family.


  95. DadinDallas, you are just doing exactly what Margaret & Helen are talking about. You are learning something new everyday. Good for you!
    Now you know who Coulter is and why she is a she wolf. I really don’t think we are going to have to worry about AC or even Evil Palin when she decides to come back into the picture…Helen will protect us all!


  96. Coulter, McCain, Boehner, Bush and Cheney have bird brains as I see it!

    Why then is Obama trying to appease these fools with tax cuts? THE REPUBLICANS DESTROYED THE ECONOMY IN 8 YEARS! Tax cuts under Reagan created a massive deficit! Tax cuts and wars for his ego cost our country DEFICITS ON STEROIDS under Bush! Now the idiots are all over the air waves saying we need more tax cuts – I call Bullshit!

    Obama needs to forget Coulter, McCain, Palin and just do what he feels will move this country forward. Rebuilding the Infrastructure should go forward, with or without the Republicans.

    IT TOOK 8 YEARS FOR THE REPUBLICANS TO DESTROY THE ECONOMY, now it is time for Obama to ignore the fools who made the mess and do what he feels will move us forward.

    Helping the villages in AK with their infrastructure would be good. How about weatherproofing the homes, alternative energy funding for the villages.


  97. Ginny: if you are referring to me as having no manners because I asked who the heck A.C. is?? Then you should think twice, I have no problem with our hostess’ writing about her. I just thought it would be helpful if someone assumed that not everyone who reads this blog is looking at A.C. and therefore doesn’t know just how dangerous her small mind really is. I so rarely watch conservative talk shows I just never really knew.

    Julie the Jewel: thanks for the quick link. She (A.C.) certainly is a crazy beeeaaatch. I hope you and your kid(s) make it through this little winter storm we are having without incident, I know I had to work in it all night, it is super slick here in Big D. I have no idea how bad Tyler actually is, but I hope you are safe none the less.

    Y’all can blog and comment about whatever you want to, as far as I am concerned. I just want to know what some thing means when I don’t already know what they mean. I asked, some answered, I feel better.

    Me in D


  98. Funniest Blog Ever!!!!


  99. Thank you Margaret and Helen for allowing us to borrow your parlour to voice our opinions and to help those in need. Isn’t that what a good Democrat does?

    As always, I love your commentary that’s always spiced up with a little BAM! You are a verbal Emeril Lagasse! Keep it up Helen! That’s what keeps your 83 y/o ass young!


  100. If Coulter has bird feet it’s only because she’s such a total bird brain.

    Found you blog today and hallelulah! I do love it so.

    Keep up the good works.


  101. Like any intelligent, right thinking person, I loathe Ann Coulter with every fibre of my being. But I must say, she’s really pathetic when she’s drowned out. I saw her recently on The View where she went after Barbara Walters, and those women ganged up on her and basically left her mouthing air like a dying fish. It was hysterical. I think they have the clip on Huffington Post.

    And if you ever get a chance to search around YouTube, her one appearance on Craig Ferguson was one of the funniest, most vicious assaults on her ever. It was before Craig became a citizen and she kept alluding to how he voted for x and y and that ruined the country, and he kept telling her that he wasn’t a citizen and didn’t vote for anything and she just went right on with her diatribe until he got ticked and told her off. It was brilliant.

    And btw. I have enormous feet. So watch it on the big feet comments. Some of us sasquatches are very nice liberals. 🙂


  102. “Well, how coincidental. Can you imagine that? I didn’t believe the back story of two elderly ladies blogging, but it didn’t matter I enjoyed the posts and I guess everyone is entitled to make a buck, but it does amaze me that some are so gullible.”

    Would this be the Mike, the Voice from the Wilderness, the one who believes the Bible is the inspired, infallable word of God?

    “…but it does amaze me that some are so gullible.”

    Your words, My thoughts…yeppers.


  103. howlgirl, love your blog

    btw, any of you catch Palin’s shoes on ebay?



  104. richard: thanks for that link. fantastic
    katie and all: darn straight palin’s going to try to run in 2012 and i’ve got a bet out that she tries to bring perry along as the VP “texas” factor. every opportunity we can use to expose her, and not just say she’s stupid or whatever, the more we can help shift any momentum going that way – and let’s not forget that 50,000,000 people were willing to put her within a heartbeat of the presidency.

    information like that which the folks in alaska are sharing should be plastered on the blogs or websites of every one of us. as should a link to the woven plastic bags. and obama’s list of projects and community opportunities. and anything else where someone can step out and do something to further that momentum.

    i’ve added a page to howl for the sole intention of listing links and information about how people can become involved. whether something small or flying to timbuktu to help rebuild a village.

    obama’s managed to wake up the collective consciousness (with a little help from margaret and helen) – whatever any of us can do to help ensure it doesn’t again fall asleep, well, that’s one more step in the right direction.

    happy chinese new year, everyone. moving into the year of the ox (obama’s birth year) and out of the year of the rat.

    and all the people said, ‘amen’ or rAmen, as the case may be.

    peace out from texas
    and please remember W was a transplant


  105. JuneauJoe, I did manage a donation last week to my local food bank. I am going to try giving on a more regular basis. I don’t have much, but I know there are others who have much less.


  106. Sarah Palin: She will be one of the elites at the WA DC event even though she cannot or will not meet with local politicians.

    SEND A PACKAGE TO A VILLAGE YET? or maybe to your local Food Bank? Every little bit helps!


  107. Never stop learning!!!

    I know I have learned a lot from your wit and charm ladies!

    Asshats do come in all shapes and sizes….

    thats priceless Margaret!

    However I don’t think that Ann Coulters biswash that comes out of her mouth could even come close to being something worth learning….

    Thats one of those things…. Just like when I listen to Sarah Palin talk I worry about my brain cells leaking out of my ears and running away in total fear to Cancun never to be found again!


  108. back to avoiding so many of the plastic bags, here’s a thought.

    If you know an Avon Rep, ask her (or him) for a few of the boxes their orders are shipped in. They are nice, sturdy boxes with lids–I use them to “box” my groceries at the local Save-A-Lot.

    I always keep a few in the back of my truck anyway, so why not put my groceries in them?

    Think I’ll start taking them in the other stores I sometimes shop at. Then if asked “paper or plastic”, I will just say “NEITHER!” 🙂


  109. Other similarities: Emu females make a “loud booming sound”
    But does anyone really listen to them?


  110. I learned an address of a fairly wealthy political commentator who probably should be donating to more worthy causes, after all the trouble she’s caused. Malkin’s been known to do this, so I don’t feel the least bit guilty. She who shall not be named:

    242 Seabreeze Avenue
    Palm Beach, FL 33480
    (561) 653-8385


  111. apologies,,,, that was DadinDallas, not Dan. My bad.


  112. Dan in Dallas:

    Ann Coulter is no different, really, than Rush Limbaugh. Rush uses radio; Ann uses print. Both use their chosen medium to incite their listeners/readers, with limited regard for truth.

    I personally hope that continued interest in Ann Coulter causes her to be on many, many more talk shows. It is the only way she will be exposed. I want her challenged, questioned, and given a microphone with a long enough cord that she eventually hangs herself (proverbially speaking, of course).



  113. The trick with the cloth bags is to return them to the trunk of your car right after you unpack them, or leave them on the door handle so that you can return them to the car. Then you won’t forget them at the store. I also keep about 5-6 extra plastic bags in my trunk for emergencies and also for shopping. Some stores like Whole Foods give you a bag credit even if you use recycled plastic bags.

    Keep up the great work ladies!


  114. and MIKE: you can KISS MY ASS!


  115. Ann Coultergeist…..YUK! I had no idea she has big feet–I have big feet too. Of course, I am NOT a bitch like she is, and I also do not look at all anorexic.

    The canvas grocery bags–I have seen them here, for sale. Never thought of a discount associated with them, but I certainly will ask about it. If Jane in Miami says they don’t discount for them in her area, I doubt they do here on the opposite coast either. But, it IS worth asking 😉

    Glad to see there’s a special account that will be helping to help all rural Alaskan Villages in need. Budget permitting, I will plan on making another small donation this week.


  116. Why is it so hard to believe that two elderly ladies are blogging? Is there a magic age at which you become feeble and incapable of anything?

    I would think that if you can use a computer or type, you can pretty much do any internet surfing at 83 that someone can do at 23. Actually maybe more because you don’t have to go to work at 83.

    Margaret and Helen have not pushed the t-shirts or other things at all. They were actually requested by commenters. The money goes to her grandson who spends his time to moderate and format the blog for her.

    Get a life Mike. What does it matter who they are? If people enjoy coming here, then something gained. If not, go somewhere else.
    Easy ‘nough. If you don’t like it, change the channel.


  117. Funny I was thinking the same thing but arrived at a a different conclusion. If these women were fakes looking to make a quick buck, the reference and link to the bags would have been in the post rather than buried severlal layers deep in a comment list. veryone know that only a fraction of people who visit a blog actually read the comments. In fact, the only link they have ever offered is a link to another blog where people are trying to help starving people. Hmmm.

    Mike can kiss my 37 year old ass.


  118. Margaret…and everyone else out there…Margaret and Helen actually have cool canvas tote bags for sale in their on-line store!!! I bought four of them with Margaret & Helen’s cartoon on them….Love the totes…..Love the ladies!!! Buy a canvas tote bag and save the world!!!! (okay…infomercial over)


    Well, how coincidental. Can you imagine that? I didn’t believe the back story of two elderly ladies blogging, but it didn’t matter I enjoyed the posts and I guess everyone is entitled to make a buck, but it does amaze me that some are so gullible.


  119. Ann Coulter You Tube Video: (copy and paste into your browser, I do not know how to make a link)

    This woman feels like it’s her way or the highway, just black & white, no gray. She needs to fall off the face of the planet!!


  120. I think Margaret and Helen can blog about whomever they want to. If you don’t want to give AC any of tour attention then ignore the blog. My word some of you are just rude. Were you raised in a barn?


  121. I had some other comments to post but just read that MooseBarbie has begun a committee to see if she should run in 2012. I’ll have nightmares for a long time. JuneauJoe and Alaska Pi can’t you do something with her? Aren’t there enough lawsuits against her? What does it take to silence her. Who is taking care of the new baby?
    oh well. That makes Obama a shoo in in 2012.


  122. ps I think Palin is a much bigger threat than ghoulter could ever be, but one never knows with the extreme right


  123. “”


  124. Yes Charles that other waste of space is saying he hopes Obama fails, how patriotic of him


  125. Thank you, Whirled Peas for the direct link to the Margaret and Helen Canvas Tote Bags!!!! 🙂
    What a hoot!!!


  126. “Why is it that A.C. is so popular on this list when there are dozens (27% of America – from what the polls have said) that have similar agendas.”

    personally, Id rather save my tomatoes for Palin but ghoulter will do for today

    “I saw her on the view when Barbara Walters read a part of her (Ann’s) latest book describing John F. Kennedy a venereal diseased something or other…”

    when Barbara was reading a paragraph of her/his book she/he told Barbara to continue like she was reading Mein Kampf??!

    the wo/man is putrid


  127. Don’t forget Rush, he’s using the Prez for publicity now…

    and checked his website for the f— of it, wow, almost looks like something I would expect from Flyntt, if he was a web designer.


  128. Coulter deserves NO Press…like Palin, she keeps on moving as long as she gets the fuel!


  129. I’m posting first and going back to reading second…
    I live in the Denver Metro area, and most of the grocery chains offer 5 cents credit per reusable bag, any kind. That includes: King Soopers (City Market, Kroeger), Safeway, Albertsons, Whole Foods, and Sunflower- not sure about Vitamin Cottage.

    King Soopers offers plastic bag recycling, and not just grocery-type bags. You can turn in the newspaper bags, shrink wrap from cases of pop/water, other kinds of wrap. There is quite a list.

    Finally, I have taught myself to put the cloth/recycle bags on the floor of the front passenger side of my car. That way the bags are always there; if I forget to take them in, I will go back out to the car to get them…


  130. DadinDallas,

    Ann Coulter = hate and venom. That is what is scary about her. What is scarier is that some people actually think like her.

    I saw her on pre-election Fox news discussing Obama, and whenever she talked about Bush and the Repubs, they were outstanding great people, and when she talked about Obama and Joe Biden, her face would screw up and she’d spout expletives and rant about how they represent radical liberal ideas that will sell America down the toilet bowl.

    I saw her on the view when Barbara Walters read a part of her (Ann’s) latest book describing John F. Kennedy a venereal diseased something or other.

    I saw her on Matt Lauer (sp?) and he tried to nail her for some of the mean put down comments from her book, asking why she refers to the President as B. Hussein Obama and she gave some flippant answer, kept interrupting him, accused him of not letting her speak, and went on ranting about statistics and how she can prove everything she’s written with FACTS. She came off as a royal bitch.

    She did the same thing on Morning Joe, swinging her blonde hair around and showing off her long booted legs.

    What I am surprised about is that normal intelligent conservatives are not telling her to shut the bleep up. They allow her to go on and be their party’s head cheerleading bitch. She makes Palin look like a toddler.

    My ex-Texas girlfriend said that Ann Coulter is a good looking woman with a fast mean mouth and researched intelligence. That makes her a celebrity and it is very unfortunate because she is getting her audience.

    I’d like to see her surrounded with some titas (our female version of the Hulk except with more attitude), and tell her to open her infested spewing mouth. She will turn into a pancake. You don’t mess with titas over here.

    Actually, on the few occasions that I have been called a tita, I considered it a compliment.



  131. Dear Margaret,

    I have been using canvas bags for about 5 years now and they are great! My grocery store gives me $0.05 off my bill for each bag everytime I use them, so they have more than paid for themselves and I never have to worry about the milk or soda breaking through a plastic bag.

    As for remembering to bring the bags, right after I get back from the store and empty them, I hang them on the door knob so they’ll get taken to the car next time we go out and placed in the back. Since we only have 1 car, I don’t have to remember each time we go to the store.

    And it was lovely seeing you type ass hat out as well.


  132. OK, perhaps “fear” is too strong a word. But what makes her special? What makes her voice more worthy of our objections than all the other voices we object to? Is it that she delivers her information in a way that is “better” and more “believable” than any other extremely right-winged racist? Or is it that she is a woman (we think?) and so has the ear of other woman?

    Why is it that A.C. is so popular on this list when there are dozens (27% of America – from what the polls have said) that have similar agendas.

    I would be so much more interested in talking about how we can help the economy, what ideas (maybe off the wall ideas) do we have for solving that?

    What about a “plan” for how to re-build Iraq once we leave? It may not have been a good idea to go into that war, and we may need to get our troops out of there as quickly as possible, but it is still our mess, we should have some ideas on how to actually help the people over there.

    It just seems that A.C. should be at the very bottom of the pile of important things right now. Not at the very top.

    Off to work in the ice, be back later.

    ~D in D


  133. […] Apparently Ann Coulter’s feet are as big as an Emu’s As far as your comments go – the more the merrier.  Knock yourselves out.   Margaret and I appreciate the […] […]


  134. “”

    Now Eric Cartman, there’s a character with his finger on the pulse of Ann Coulter!


  135. Linda

    I have one of these:

    I have a big backyard so I empty the sifter in a remote corner and hose it down occasionally –it’s not like they don’t use the backyard anyway.


  136. M&H Canvas Totes



  137. I do not think anyone has posted they are afraid of ghoulter

    refresh memory please if Im wrong

    what I meant by my post is that people like this yell loud enough for some to listen and follow blindly ie our illustrious ex prez had the same ideas, forced them on us, ghoulter was a huge supporter

    without people like her I doubt bush would have gotten elected, but that’s just me

    always follow the bread crumbs


  138. OH and I just thought of this, there is a store in Grand Central Terminal that sells items made from recycled items. Like change purses from old subway maps, they fold them and weave them together, like gum wrapper necklaces.

    OK Shutting up now.


  139. HI, I read your blog for the first time today and put it on my list of blogs I’m following.

    I put my bags in my car and still forget to take them in the store. I have told cashiers don’t put them in a bag and carried stuff out in my arms at times.


  140. #

    I’m not kidding about this, I am serious. What can I use to dispose of what I scoop out of the litter box if I don’t use plastic bags? Any suggestions?


    If you go to PetSmart or other pet stores, they now have biodegradable poop bags. They’re not very big and work ok if you have one cat. But it’s a beginning. There’s a thingy called a “litter locker” and it has plastic, but I’m not sure it’s biodegradable.


  141. Direct links to the blog Richard recommended:

    Pretty cool! If I had any spare time I’d give it a try.

    This blog is by a Gringa in Honduras. I have a good friend who’s a travel agent and often travels to Peru. She saves her plastic bags and takes them to people she knows there who sell various things in local markets. I’m going to pass the chain idea along to her.

    Jean and Sally

    If you have photos of the projects you’ve described here, send photos and I’ll put up links to them. Thanks!


  142. Gotta love Cartman! He knows how to call Coulter a bitch!


  143. Be scared, D in D, be very scared…


  144. Somehow I doubt that A.C. is responsible for the last 8 years.

    So, is she a politician? Is she a leader of some sort? I doubt she has any power other than to yell as loud as she can and see who will pay attention. But I am willing to learn, so teach me, what is SHE respnsible for (other than babbling in public) that I should fear?

    I don’t fear ideas from just anybody, even if they have a book.

    If I have to go look for myself, and she is in fact a threat, then aren’t I feeding the flames of her publicist? Encouraging the publishers and producers of TV to keep her [apparently manly] voice out here where we can hear it?

    I’m asking here because y’all are – as a group – very well rounded and if I hear from y’al that there is more to this person than air-time and a book, then I will give it some thought. But there are thousands of books and at least a dozen broadcasters that I don’t pay any attention to that have views that are rediculous, why is she any scarrier than them? Is it just because she is popluar right now?

    I really just don’t understand what it is that you fear. Really, I mean it.

    I fear guns, war, car accidents, dirty politicians, cancer, and many other things, but I don’t usually fear talk show hosts.

    ~D in D


  145. I want a Margaret and Helen Canvas Bag! Where can I get one?


  146. “I’m all for the green thing with the canvas bags, but there’s actually something you can do with the plastic ones….”

    my old landlady stuffed thousands of those plastic bags in between the walls of a 1900 home her grandfather built for insulation


  147. Margaret…and everyone else out there…Margaret and Helen actually have cool canvas tote bags for sale in their on-line store!!! I bought four of them with Margaret & Helen’s cartoon on them….Love the totes…..Love the ladies!!! Buy a canvas tote bag and save the world!!!! (okay…infomercial over) 🙂


  148. I’m all for the green thing with the canvas bags, but there’s actually something you can do with the plastic ones if you have any crafting skills.

    There’s a blog I read by a gringo living in Honduras. She weaves the plastic bags into her own tote bage which is pretty good and great karma in its own way.

    If anyone’s interested, go here:

    and in the topics section click on “crafts” she gives very detailed instructions on how to do it and it’s pretty cool.


  149. To: Who Me?

    I’m working on vocal arrangements and sets for an trio I sing and play in – kind of Irish Eclectic Folk.

    The motorcycle is really fun – just a Honda Rebel, but it’s big enough to be highway legal. My next will be a bit bigger, but I’m so small that I’d look like a Chihuahua on a hog.

    Joe – I’m so sorry about your daughter.


  150. “She’s a MAN Baby!!”

    Austin Powers
    International Man of Mystery


  151. Ann Coulter is a man, seriously.


  152. “Seriously, why do we care so much about someone we don’t even agree with?”

    because when you dont pay attention shit happens like rights get yanked away from us perfect example: the past 8 years

    anyway, I had a link to ghoulter on the view (I had to look twice at her larynx) LOL! but my post did not show up

    I will try and not take that personal

    anyway, Im so glad Sherry put ghoulter in her place

    Im a single mother and my son was always on the honor roll in school, I am very proud of him so ghoulter; put that in your crack pipe and smoke it

    oh yes, kiss my ass too 🙂


  153. “Seriously, why do we care so much about someone we don’t even agree with?”

    because when you dont pay attention shit happens like rights get yanked away from us, that’s why

    have you so quickly forgotten the past 8 years?

    ghoulter on the view (I had to look twice at her larynx) LOL!

    Im so glad Sherry put ghoulter in her place

    btw, Im a single mother, my son is a succesful young man who was always on the honor roll

    ghoulter, put that in your crack pipe and smoke it

    oh yes, kiss my ass too 🙂


  154. Who the heck is this Ann Coulter and why the heck should I care?

    I thought she was some talk show host on Fox or something. But I don’t bother to watch, or listen to people that have little value to me and my life. If A.C. is the person I believe she is, then she certainly fits THAT description – of no use to my life.

    Seriously, why do we care so much about someone we don’t even agree with? Is she so important that stupid people are following her rants? Is she so influential that people are sticking to her views like they do Rush’s? (He’s another one I stopped listening to when I realized he had no “power” over my life and no voice of what I considered reasonable thought).

    I also don’t listen to extreme liberals as well – though I tend to agree with them more and more as I get older. The people I pay attention to are “somewhere in the middle” in so much as they are the people that speak of others with respect, curtiousy, and a willingness to learn.

    Our new President seems to be one of those people – some of his closest advisors have been advisaries in past debates, but he sees the education, value, and wisdom that can be gained by seeing things from many different points of view.

    It is my belief that a Senator is supose to vote based on his or her own perspective. We vote those people into office because we want them to fight for the agenda we believe they will fight for to help balance out those things we are NOT in favor of and should fight against. But we should (and recently have) elect a President who would lead for the Country and take steps that are in the countries best interest within his (or perhaps someday “her”) power, regardless of the personal feelings on such subjects.

    So who cares if he had the “most liberal voting record” as a Senator, that was what his job was about. Now he has a different job and seems to be approaching it with a different ideal. That is refreshing. Sort of like a football player switching positions – you have different responsibilities with different positions there too.

    From what I understand reading this blog, A.C. is not one of the people I should pay attention to because she is not in a postition to make my life any better or worse. She seems to be just a voice that says “look at me, I’m more important than you” – which is the first sign that any intelligent, think-for-yourself person should simply look away and never turn back.

    Be smart, think for yourselves. And please be kind to others.

    ~Dad in Dallas


  155. When I started using green bags I didn’t remember I’d forgotten them until standing in the checkout line.

    I’d watch them bag the person in front of me, one or two items to a bag, so wasteful. I’d either carry my stuff out or buy another bag. After about a week I started noticing how many plastic bags people were walking out of the store with. If I had forgotten my bags, I turned around and got them.

    It gets much easier to remember if you start noticing how many people aren’t doing it.


  156. Howlgirl, thanks for reminding me! I have meant to unplug things, but never got around to it. My last two electric bills have left me so broke I can’t pay attention. Starting today I’ll unplug and I’ll bet now I’ll remember to do it before I go to bed. I appreciate that reminder!


  157. and you two thought you’d run out of things to write about after the election. i swear it just gets better and better.

    ‘when it comes to a heart, she’s missing more than the letter ‘e” that would be a great title for the book you could write about her 🙂 and i bet molly would volunteer to be your ghost writer.

    my dad used to make us learn a new word every day. was so ingrained i still do it at 54, the only difference between now and then is that i sometimes can’t remember what the word was until it comes up in a sentence and, at 54, those words appear few and far between.

    margaret – GOOD FOR YOU and your canvas bags.
    judy – GOOD FOR YOU, too! it is amazing that you made that decision and have lived with it. don’t let those turkeys at your store get you down. i live in texas (austin) but for several years lived out in the middle of nowhere texas (nelsonville). we had to drive to brenham to go to the grocery store. my partner and i had moved a farmhouse from the 1890s onto property and were restoring it. my partner recycled every thing she could in the restoration. it was amazing. a few years ago we decided we’d take our sacks back to the grocery store and reuse them. you should have seen the looks on those cashiers’ faces when we asked them to use the bags we already had. one gal even said she’d have to ask the manager. we later graduated to the canvas or other permanent bags and i thought we were going to shut down the store the first time we took them in. i was waiting to hear “lockdown” over the PA system at any moment. they finally let us use our canvas bags but told us we had to pack them ourselves. it wasn’t long before i’m sure we were being called the crazy ladies behind our backs – oh, ok – to our faces but each time someone asked us what we were doing, that was one more person who became aware. and it was NOT a cold day in hell when the manager who said it would be if he ever carried recyclable bags in his store went running to his office when he saw us coming in, only to bump into the new display of HEB recycleable bags. so you keep on keepin’ on!

    last night when i went to the store i took 4 of my canvas-type bags. two of my favorites are the kind with the dividers for bottles of wine only they’re also great for eggs, other jars, etc. i put my bags on the conveyor belt and then my groceries and the woman who was sacking the groceries said, thank you for bringing in your own bags but would you like to use one of our cardboard boxes for your wine? i looked at her with what must have been a “what did you say?” expression and she started to repeat it and halfway through she said each word more and more slowly until she finally said, ‘oh. never mind. i can’t believe i asked that.’

    it is so wonderful to see things come around – i wish i was as disciplined as you to do the no car thing. i live so far outisde the austin city limits that i’d have to get a horse instead of a personal cart.

    (i really like the ‘bags’ that are made out of recycled plastic which is also recyclable).

    charles – are you talking about the kell’s in portland or juneau or elsewhere? i’m really sorry to hear about your daughter’s experience.

    werner – i think that’s a great idea about letting stores know about their competitor’s discounts.

    alaskanA – you are so right about all the little things. i used to think some of them were useless for me to share but i forget we’re all at different starting places. i got in the habit of unplugging, not just turning off, electric things and i could not believe how much my electric bill went down.



  158. too bad that pie didnt make it 😦


  159. I takes big feet to fit a big mouth!
    Keep on writing ladies!
    BTW, many grocery stores will recycle the plastic bags you have been stashing . I take them back to the store, when I have acquired any. I try not to but I don’t want my product tumbling down the dirty conveyor belts before it gets bagged in my reusable tote, so I do end up with a few.


  160. “Helen: Ann is an attention-seeker. She says the most outrageous things for no other reason than to get people to pay attention to her. She’s made a living at this. Stop paying attention to her and, after a short period where she’ll jump up and down screaming, “Look at me! Look at me!”, she’ll just fade away.”

    OMG! so true LOL!!!


  161. It takes some big shoes to cover up those devil hooves that Mann Coulter’s sporting around, doesn’t it?!


  162. Ann must have an enormous schwanzstucker as well!


  163. JuneauJoe: I was in Canada this weekend and shocked to read about the shooting. I hope your daughter and all the other survivors are okay. So sad for the families of the victims. So sad that something like this happens anywhere, but especially in my beloved Portland.

    On remembering canvass bags: Mine always go straight back to my car after I unload my groceries.

    If you forget to take them into the store, my surefire way to cure yourself of that is to put all your groceries straight back into the cart and load same groceries into your bags at your car. Trust me, do this once and you’ll never forget your bags again!

    Winco, on the left coast, gives a discount for using your own bags. You also load your own groceries… Occasionally I’ll use a paper bag to use for garbage liner.

    Most stores (all kinds of retailers) ask me if I want a bag or not! I love that! Even if I don’t have my canvass bags I rarely use a plastic bag unless I absolutely can’t avoid it. Still trying to get into the habit of taking my own bags into non-grocery stores if I’m going to have more than I can carry w/out a bag.

    I think it used to embarrass my kids when I would refuse the plastic bags, but now they are in the habit of saying “no thank you” to plastic as well.


  164. @ JuneauJoe

    Your daughter story breaks my heart – so close, so inexplicable, so impossible to understand. You have a heart and soul the size of Alaska and I enjoy your posts tremendously. The thoughtful comments, the reminders to be good and to embrace that which makes us more human, and of course your troll smiting ability is extrodinaire!

    Happy to see you at Mudflats and anonymousbloggers, and maybe you’ll join us for the local Mudstock this Saturday?

    And Helen – thank you for being an 83yr, sharp as a tack blogging activist. And thank you for learning from all the folks you brought to your parlor. Some of them are gone for awhile due to the pie fight (so rude and silly) and I hope they come back. I value their insights and activism even if I don’t add comments very often – I, too have learned A LOT!

    Ann Badhair is on the planet, taking up valuable oxygen and parking spaces, for some unknown reason but I’m sure it’s a good one. Let me think on that for awhile, and I’ll get back to you on that one. By the way, I learned that line from my stupid governor.


  165. Wow Honolulu Sally, that is one short sighted human being. We all have our days, but some people have more than others–like a whole lifetime of ’em. Until it affects them DIRECTLY, they won’t look past the end of their nose.


  166. Margaret- I’m glad you switched to canvas 🙂

    When my grandmother passed away last October, we found ourselves going through her apartment. She did not have a garbage can of plastic bags, but several kitchen drawers. And the plastic bags were folded into perfect little squares.

    I have no idea what we did with them all. I think my mom left them there for the next tenant, because we couldn’t deal with messing up the perfectly folded plastic bags.


  167. An addendum: I will use my green tote bag more, but I do like to have some plastic bags around. I use them to line my little rubbish cans, use to add a bit of waterproofing when I ship out my packages, and as a bag for my husband’s bait bags – don’t want that stuff dripping anywhere.

    Guess I have a ways to go to be green, but I will begin.

    Brings to mind a car salesman I met last year. As I was test driving around (a used car), I asked him about those hybrid cars and he said he would never buy one. I asked him why, and he said why should he be green/environmentally concerned if China just keeps polluting and wasting. What a terrible selfish answer. What a creep. I didn’t dare ask who he would vote for (pre election), because I might have flung myself across the seat and bashed the living daylights out of him. Ass hat.


  168. Ann Ghoulter is a waste of good blog space.

    Well, actually, any space in general.

    Al Franken has some pretty funny things to say about her.

    Our grocery store offers those canvas bags (at the moment they are 10 for $10); I don’t think there’s a perk involved other than not supporting the use of plastic, tho’.


  169. Hey Judith,
    What kind of music do you arrange? The motorcycle sounds fun.

    I too forget my canvas bags alot. Lately I have been shopping a lot at Aldi though and there you have to bring your own bag or actually buy one at the store. It is actually a good system. It kind of forces me to think and plan ahead about the bag situation.

    Several years ago, I tried some biodegradable plastic bags–I think that they were made from corn starch or something like that. They were supposed to break down in the landfill. Unfortunately, they started to break down in my kitchen garbage can before I even got them outside. It was pretty messy. Maybe they have improved them since then. Even if they haven’t, this might be an option for the kitty litter, since it would be going straight out.


  170. Thank you M&H, for sharing with us emu learnings and Margaret’s use of “ass hat”. I can imagine what that looks like – a big brimmed cowboy hat with the two humps on top rounded off to look like butt cheeks, and then plopped on GW Bush’s head.

    I learned this about plastic bags, since I had a whole drawer full of it. My cousin came over for Thanksgiving (with ALL the fixings and she cooked it all too), and as we sat around waiting for the turkey to be done, she started folding the plastic bags.

    First, she smoothed them all out flat, with the gussets in, so it looked just as it would have before being filled with groceries. Then, she folded each of the handle sides in – lengthwise, about 1″, carefully smoothing the fold towards the bag opening to expel any air.

    Then, fold each fold over again on each side, about 2″ this time, folding towards the center. Smooth air out toward bag opening. Keep folding 2″ers until you have a long 2″ strip of bag without air trapped. The bottom bag seam is on one end and the handle end tops on the other end. I don’t know how to compare this to for visualization – it’s kinda like gum wrappers that we used to fold into a long strip, and then make into stuff.

    Now, with this long strip, start with the bottom side of the bag and fold a triangle, smooth and push out air. Fold against the side (basically like flipping the triangle), smooth and push out air. Continue folding and smoothing – always toward the top handle end of the strip. This is like folding a flag into a triangle.

    When you reach the end, tuck the ends into the nearest “pocket”. You should have a cute little secured plastic triangle.

    Well, within 15 minutes, and me helping, my cousin had all the bags in my drawer folded up into little triangles, and they all fit into a sandwich sized ziploc bag! Even produce bags can be folded up this way. I keep one of those in my purse. It came in handy one day when a dog owner walking her dog was looking for something to scoop up her dog poop, and I whipped out my bag and gave it to her.

    I do believe that some plastic bags are biodegradable – some seem to deteriorate into flakes after a long while. Found this out when I used them to storage fabric and books. I had a mess on my hands and plastic confetti all over my floor when I went to clean out a few boxes.

    Thanks Werner! for the suggestion about hanging those recycling green bags on the door so I can remember to grab them on the way out.

    Sorry for such a long post. Good Morning, America! and thank you for voting in President Obama. I saw his interview on some Arab network (on CNN) and he was basically telling them that we need to work together to prevent anymore aggression, for the sake of the children, on all sides. He did declare Israel as an ally, but that they need to work toward a peaceful solution and away from conflict. Can you imagine GW Bush going on Arab television and what he would say?

    SO glad hope won.


  171. I hate all the plastic bags I get at my local Publix, especially when they are filled with 1 item. That item usually has a handle. I think I need to get some of those canvas totes, now. I resisted because I knew I would leave them at home. Here is a story by Ann Strongheart about her shopping trip that some might like to learn about – as part of learn something new everyday.


  172. Check out mudflats for more information on the PAC. I read about it this morning on ADN.


  173. Don’t be fooled everyone! Bible Spice is still around and has started her own PAC Ewwwwwww and she is headed to DC for a big dinner this weekend.

    She can’t take care of her own state but by God she is racking up the Airline miles to put herself in the spotlight. I dare you all to go to the pac website and check it out. Scary!!!!!!!!!


  174. sorry read:”thick paper”!


  175. American,
    thick paer is a good option.

    for the others ion the impact on plastic in the ocan
    here the first part to the video documentary about the great garbage patch in the pacific, just keep in mind there is one in the atlantic too!


    second part comes right after.

    And here the accompanying info link from Wkipedia:

    keep off plastic where you can, you kill your own food!



  176. I’m not kidding about this, I am serious. What can I use to dispose of what I scoop out of the litter box if I don’t use plastic bags? Any suggestions?

    How about paper bags or newspaper? Both are bio-degradable.


  177. So proud of that guy we put in the White House. Closing Guantanamo. Ending torture by Americans. Putting a hand out to those who will unclench their fists. Putting listening first. Remembering those as the lower end of the income scale “who really do pay taxes” in all sorts of ways. Figuring out that with lower emission autos we can save the planet and save the auto industry.

    Fresh tracks, fresh tracks, fresh tracks.

    When we listen to each other, we learn a lot. Thanks for the inspiration and the forum.


  178. I grew up on a farm. My dad had a Emu. Meanest damn thing on earth. The Emu not my Dad…


  179. You gals get my vote for funniest Blog!!! You two need to write a book!!!


  180. There are several brands of nylon bags (like Envirosax) that can be rolled up, so you can keep them in your purse for when you forget to bring the canvas bags. They’re so small and light that I don’t mind carrying them around when I don’t need them after all.


  181. I’m not kidding about this, I am serious. What can I use to dispose of what I scoop out of the litter box if I don’t use plastic bags? Any suggestions?


  182. Caribou-Barbie…… ROFLAO


  183. I can remember my mother using string mesh bags to bring hom her groceries when I was a small kids in the early 60’s. We also used brown paper bags in the trash can too. (It had to go out once a day!) Now if they could come up with an alternative to plastic trash bags or at least biodegradable ones, that would really be a big help to the landfill site problems. Stuff in plastic won’t break down for thousands of years!

    If we could just think back to what was done ‘before plastic’ we’d be better off. Roll the clock back so to speak.

    Helen, Margaret: I’m sure you could share your memories of simpler methods?

    Emus do have large feet! But why they are in Alaska is beyond me.



  184. Whirled Peas, your comment about Ann reminds me of a German insult, to a person with that little brain we usually say:
    “If you wopuld swallow a fly, you’d have more brains in your stomach than in your head!”


    “Some people only have a head so it won’t rain into their necks…..”

    BTW use on any Troll you feel it fit’s!


  185. If a link won’t show, put it bewteen “” so the filter think’s it is a comnment!



  186. Ann’s Pie


    BTW don’t copy the “”


  187. Granma are coming in loud and clear…keep up the good work!!!


  188. OOps.

    Spoke too soon. After it was posted, i reread and found some more. My friends on a chat line and I are getting good at deciphering each others typing!!


  189. Hoof size is not the only thing that an emu has going for it. Compared to Anthrax Coulter, an emu has brains, grace and class.

    As for the cloth shopping bags, good idea! Had some but they unraveled very quickly. Apparently they were actually made of what our Brit friends call “hessian” (hessy-an) and we know as burlap. Real scratchy stuff. Wouldn’t want to use the loops on such bags. That rough stuff would probably cut right into flesh. And never get it near hosiery! Right now I do not have any old drapes(the last ones I had were actually fiberglass!) to recycle into shopping bags, but I did find a first class vinyl bag, not the plastic bags at the store check out stands. This vinyl bag would probably withstand an A-bomb. Have used it lots since I got it.

    As for women in the news, Caribou Barbie has not been seen or heard in awhile, probably because of the suffering of the Inuit people she ignored so coldly. I am so proud of the bloggers who have responded to and gotten on top of this situation. Shame on the Sock Puppet!

    Yes, Malkin is another entry in the dictionary. From time to time, so is Maureen Dowd, another one I cannot figure out. She came out hard against the newly appointed junior Senator from New York. Kirsten Gillibrand got whopped royally by a bunch of big name media women who, in effect, lumped her in with the Sock Puppet. I don’t think so, girls! This Gillibrand is more like a replay of the New York Senator she succeeds. Both of them have very, very quick intelligence able to take in not only width but depth and breadth on issues and never, ever sleep! I see where there is an ad in my local paper today from The Emma Willard School, one of the best all girl schools in the country, congratulating their graduate, Kirsten. Sock Puppets do not go to E.W. Take that, Dowd et al.!

    Margaret and Helen, you always, but always, make my day!


  190. So delighted to see your new post this morning!! Both of you.

    One of my best friends and I have een friends sine the middle 40”s. Sometimes perhaps months go by (she lives in Austin , Helen) She and a few others. Our conversations start out on one sugject and segue into many other topics. Just like the posts on Margaret and Helen’s blog.
    Which makes it so interesting.

    So glad to see JuneauJoe here this morning. Keep coming back, aaalso Alaska Pi.

    If th ese trolls don’t like our format, why don’t they just go away.

    Helen, I do hope the parlor has been cleaned up well enough. It wasn’t easy getting the pie off the walls. When spring comes I think maybe the parlor needs a paint job and maybe a new carpet.

    Hey, I only had to go back and may7be correct about 5 errors. Yay!!


  191. Hey Margaret, I am taking this opportunity to shamelessly plug my pal Rebecca’s hand-sewn Shopsacks ( They’re a step up from canvas totes, and I think you’d love ’em!

    Love you gals!


  192. My grandparents lived in Chicago and that is the way all groceries were gotten. I don’t remember her ever using the bags. She had the old lady cart and would truck up and down Clark Street shopping for whatever she needed. And yes she used hers for the laundry mat too.


  193. 1) I rather like a conversation that wanders a bit; it feels organic to me. If I add in a slight change of direction or a question & nobody picks up on it, I don’t mind. This isn’t my living room & I can’t imagine how I would be entitled to take offense. Just have some pie and enjoy the flow.

    2) Ann Coulter and all the other Ladies Against Women are pretty much a waste of my time and brain cells. I keep as little eye on them as keeps me aware what they’re up to. Like any bully, they can’t stand being ignored or stood up to. I’ll handle the ‘ignoring’ if somebody else wants to take the ‘standing up to’.

    3) A knitter/writer (sorry, can’t remember who, but one of the senior resources) said she made sure to learn a new skill every year. I’ve been doing it ever since. Not everything ‘takes’ – some things weren’t as interesting as they appeared and I had no aptitude for others. The most enjoyable keepers have been: Irish language, making socks, motorcycles (took it up in my late 40’s and, hey, 50 miles to the gallon isn’t peanuts – I just wish I could ride year-round. This is Minnesota…), concertina, and arranging music. I don’t know yet what this year will bring, but I hope it’s good!

    I use my knitting bag (designed as a diaper bag) for small grocery runs, even slung over the shoulder on the motorbike. Paper and plastic bags get re-used as garbage can liners, but they still pile up, especially the plastic ones (which I never ask for, but keep getting – why???).


  194. The cloth grocery bags are setting me off here. I made the decision 3 years ago when I moved back to Florida to live without a car. I’m a senior citizen so I ride the bus to work free. And I found an apartment complex which has, within two blocks, three grocery stores, six hairdressers, two drugstores, hardware, Hallmark, GNC, Radio Shack, Starbucks, and many others, plus Outback and more fast food than you can shake a French fry at.

    I purchased a shopping cart. You know – I call mine my Old Lady Cart and it is invaluable. I carry trash out in it. I go to the grocery store with it. I take laundry to the complex laundry room in it. But the sackers at my Publix never never understand it. Last time I bought groceries I ended up having to pack my own cart, because they kept trying to put the gallon of milk on top of the bread, and were throwing things in casually, leaving large unfilled areas. One guy got up in my face one day about it, I had to speak to the manager about him and I’ve never seen him since. They all act like they have never seen such a thing. I’ve mentioned that I could just leave it home and steal their carts, like half the other people in my complex do, but they see no humor there. They always ask if I need help out, and I tell them only if they want to walk me home and unload the cart for me there. No smiles at that either. The very idea of someone coming in with a personal shopping cart, insisting on paper bags, and insisting that they be loaded sensibly into the personal shopping cart, is so far out of their comprehension that I could well be from outer space. And my choosing to walk to the store – a whole block and a half! – confirms their suspicions. How did we raise such goons?

    Rant over. Carry on.


  195. Ann Coulter can kiss my ass…please don’t stop the “kiss my ass” game…such a stress reliever!!!


  196. Malicious Malkin and Ann Coulter.

    It is a shame that these two cannot be civil and respectful to others.
    They are nasty and I’m not sure why they are considered knowledgeable Republicans.
    Wouldn’t be nice if they were articulate and had solutions to problems and could rationally discus their concerns?

    Helping situations instead of ranting and raving?

    Oh well, we are suppose to get 6-12 ins of snow tomorrow, need to go food shopping.
    Stay warm!


  197. I had trouble remembering to take my canvas bags into the store, until I finally realized I needed to return them to my car after storing my grocery items. Can’t forget them if they are right there with me! I also keep a nylon “chico” bag in my purse (it has a small storage pocket sewn into the inside seam so can be stuffed inside itself when empty). I use canvas bags pretty much any time I shop anywhere.


  198. You guys crack me up! I always get excited when I see a new post from you two. And Margaret, I too forget to bring my canvas bags with me to the store, so I started emptying my groceries out and just taking the bags right back out and putting them in my car. Keep up the great stories you guys!


  199. That’s just one more piece of evidence for what I suspected all along, that Ann Coulter was previously a man.

    Think about it, women that want to be taken seriously don’t wear their hair like that and definitely don’t show that much leg, unless they used to be a man, then that is exactly how they dress.


  200. I have such respect for you two ladies and your attitudes about life. I once worked with a woman who was in her 70’s, and she told me flat out that nobody should have to learn anything new once you reach a certain age. I vehemently disagree. I may only be 40 but, I’m very aware that my mind will turn to goo if I don’t challenge it with new information and ideas.

    You gals rock! 🙂


  201. I love you both. Learning is good for all of us and it keeps us flexible and young…ish.


  202. Always put some of your tote bags in the car. They’ll be there for whatever you’re shopping for. All you have to do is remember to bring them in with you.

    I find that having some plastic bags around to reuse is not a bad thing. This way you don’t have to buy more bags for things like can liners, wrapping things for storage, etc. Something should be disposed of after 1 use, but grocery bags generally aren’t it.


  203. Most grocery stores in WA give the bring your own bag discount. Most of the time though, you have to remind them to take it off. They even recently tried to pass an initiative in King County that would make everyone pay if they took the bags forcing everyone to go to the canvas.

    However that was not a very well thought out idea. Because many of us use those paper and plastic bags over and over again. We use them for lunch bags until they can’t be used anymore. We also use them for cat litter. And we use the paper for garbage bags. To charge everyone would be to force them to use other things for those uses. And that would mean buying more of the heavy plastic kitchen and garbage bags which I only buy about 1 small box per year.

    Those bags are not the recyclable type and do worse in the landfill than the store bags. So all in all, the proposal wasn’t that wise.

    I do try to use the canvas bags when I can remember to keep them in the car. But most of the time I end up at the store without them or I am one or two short for my items.


  204. Once again, Margaret and Helen, your timing was perfect. I can’t remember when I have laughed so hard. You said it all so I don’t have much to comment on except Good For You, Ann, jumping in so early. He He He!

    Those canvas bags by the way make great Christmas gifts, stuffed with other items. My daughter gave them to all the family last year.

    Juneau Joe, so sorry to hear about your daughter’s experience. My family was involved with students during the Virginia Tech shootings. So sad.


  205. Everybody-

    If your grocery offers a discount for using green bags, please tell us the name of your chain.

    We can give some free advertising to the ones who do.

    Then we can ask them to send food to Alaska.

    Jane in Miami


  206. One more Idea:

    Maragret, can you PLEASE post what grocery chain is offering a discount for green (canvas) bags?

    Than all others could contact the mangers of Their shops and say, well xyz is offering a discount, why bdon’t you consider that? save the shop money (less bags to buy, small prift in selling initially canvas bags (buy for .60 sell for 1.00) and we would NOT thinking if we have to switch for alternatives? etc…….

    An example is the Quebec liquor comission (SAQ) for the last 6 months they gave you 0.05 off your bill if you didn’t take the bag, than for 3 months they charged you 0.10 if you WANTED the bag, now the abolished plastioc bags altogether…

    Grassroots got you an excellent president, wonder if it couldn’t get you canvas bags too?

    Just dreaming,



  207. I have learned that if you put grapes in your salad with oil and vinegar for dressing, you better cut them in half, or you’ll never get the slippery buggers on your fork.


  208. Margaret: Thank you for reminding me about my canvas grocery bag. I *always* forget the damn thing!

    Helen: Here’s what I learned today, thanks to you… Ann Coulter is even more disgusting than I thought she was. She can kiss my cold Minnesota kiester.


  209. butterflyspointofview

    can I borrow your “Karma ass byter”, pls?
    I lknow a few a$$holes that could use a good byte too



  210. To Margaret and Helen

    To Helen
    Not knowing Ann Coulhart (Cold Heart?) here in Canada (I DON’T watch TV) I can just imagine from what I heard from you and other bloggers that her Emu sized feet go with an Emu sized brain (Size of a walenut!)?? 🙂

    And Maragret a trick in our house is to put the canvas bags after emtying them on the door handle of the front door (or garage door in other cases) so the next going to the car will put them back in the car, by this they are alays handy for re-use.



  211. I learned about the “plastic effect” several years ago when they tried to rescue a juvenile beluga whale and it died several days later because it would not eat. When they did an autopsy they found it had 4 pounds of plastics including bags creating a blockage in its stomach. Among the plastics were also latex balloons. When they are let go into the air in mass, where do they go? They eventually come down somewhere and many animals eat them because of the bright colors.

    I also always cut any plastic soda can holders. I don’t buy much soda, but it is a good idea to cut all of the rings apart because birds and other animals get stuck in them and then suffocate.

    There are so many little changes people can make that will make such a big difference. Let’s all share some ideas. And then we can share some pie.


  212. Funniest Damn Blog ever!


  213. Sandy, nope the plastic bags are NOT biodegradable…as well as a petrolium byproduct.

    Juneau Joe, your daughter was in the middle of that shooting? I am so sorry, been hearing about it since it happened down here, at first they thought it was in front of Kell’s before they found out it was in front of an underage club.

    I hope she is doing okay…


  214. Oh, my. I thought the plastic grocery bags were biodegradable. Am I wrong?? Looks like I need to learn something new today!


  215. Margaret and Helen, I love your blog. Keep up the good work. I hope I am still as alert and active and feisty as you two are if I get to reach your age, which is not all that far away.


  216. Margaret and Helen,

    Learning Things:
    My daughter was in the middle of a random shooting in which 9 mostly teenage girls were shot and 2 killed. We are finding out that the shooter was a good student, worked regularly, played video games, had friends and family and walked down a street and started shooting.

    He had recently lost his job. (The BUSH ECONOMIC PLAN is kicking in.) Can someone (Ann Coulter or Rush maybe) put the pieces together for me.

    What can we learn from this tragic incident?

    Here is an article about it:

    * Call Span Alaska,(freight handler) toll free at 1.800.367.9833 if you want to use a credit card over the phone
    * Ask for Efton and tell him you would like to make a donation to the “Nunam Iqua Village Aid” account
    * OR mail a check or money order to: Span Alaska Sales, PO Box 1240, Monroe, WA 98272 (be sure to include the account name for Nunam Iqua and your return address for a donation receipt)
    * OR fax your credit card info to Span Alaska at 1-800-226-5138 (be sure to include the account name for Nunam Iqua and your return address for a donation receipt

    They will mail you a receipt for your payment with the account name on it for your tax records. They are CLOSED on the weekend, regular hours are Mon-Friday 7am -5pm PST.


  217. I can’t get enough of this tremendous blog! I think Coulter is the most vile human in the entire U.S. Maybe she is just spewing venomous rhetoric for entertainment’s sake, but she has to be pretty delusional to come up with some of that shit in the first place. I heard her say that single mother’s are a ploy by the left to destroy the nuclear family. She also wrote “if you’ve been a victim of a crime, thank a single mother”. Earth to Ann Coulter…do you read me Ann Coulter?!


  218. Good one ladies.


  219. Margaret and Helen you two are the best!!!!


  220. No…like a fur ball…but plastic. My ex-husband is the one with plastic balls.


  221. Your cat has plastic balls?


  222. Ann Coulter can KISS MY 48 year old ASS!!!!!!


  223. I think my cat has a “plastic” ball in her throat…plastic kills. Thank you, Margaret, for bringing the dangers of plastics to light.


  224. She’s funny, you just have to get to know her.


  225. Ann Coulter needs Jesus.


  226. MY GOD I AM LAUGHING SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!


  227. ((((( O ))))) <— KISS IT RIGHT THERE WHERE I LIKE IT!!!!! Oh yeah. Kiss it hard.


  228. lorbel103 – blow it out your ass and then come over her and kiss mine. Helen can write about whatever the F she wants to write about.

    Helen – please don’t turn this into a “Love Fest”. Keep up the in your face posts that made you famous.

    Just MY two cents.


  229. Mari – Coulter isn’t going anywhere I’m afraid. Might as well see if Helen can knock some sense into her readers. If anyone can do it, Helen can. I actually considered voting for McCain until someone pointed me to this blog.


  230. I wish I would remember to take my canvas bags to the store, too. I keep buying more because I feel guilty for using the plastic ones and the store sells them at the check out. I have 32 of the blasted things!!!!!!!! Egad!


  231. One thing: Could we not speculate about Ann Coulter’s “tranny” status? It’s a terrible insult to all the fabulous transvestites and transsexuals everywhere. America would be poorer without La Cage aux Folles or RuPaul, would it not?

    She’s a woman–a patriarchal-pat-on-the-head-seeking, vile, dumb, loud, miserable, vicious, thoroughly objectionable woman, but a woman none-the-less.


  232. 12 percent of the United States population does not approve of the direction our country is going in. AC is one of those people. Do I need to say more? Please do not focus on the 12 percent, but let us build on the 88 percent.

    I normally love your posts, and there are bits I love in this one, however to give that woman and her ilk one ditgit of publicity or energy is a waste of time and space.

    Please do not turn this into a hate fest of 12 percent of the population, but rather a love fest of the 88. Just my opinion.


  233. Dear God the title alone is worth the price of admission but then you go and drop lines like her heart missing more than just an “e” and I realize that I am in the presense of a master. Please don’t ever stop this blog. Ever! It brings such joy to my day. And for God sakes peopel, let’s keep the disagreements to the trolls and not let us othewise get sidetracked or divided. If some of you had really left this blog, you would have missed this Emu-lisicous post today! LMAOROF


  234. Helen: Ann is an attention-seeker. She says the most outrageous things for no other reason than to get people to pay attention to her. She’s made a living at this. Stop paying attention to her and, after a short period where she’ll jump up and down screaming, “Look at me! Look at me!”, she’ll just fade away. Michelle Malkin…well, there’s a reason why they call her Stalkin’ Malkin. She’s the one who stalked 12 yr old Graeham Frost to prove that his working class family was actually rich. K-Lo is another one. All women in the form of Phyllis Schafly, only more vicious and deluded, if you can believe such is possible.

    Margaret: I cannot tell you how very much it tickles me and thrills me that you’ve added “asshat” to your vocabulary. And so dead on, too.


  235. You think Ann Coulter’s feet are big, have you seen her adam’s apple lately?


  236. Agreed about the waste of pie. I think they were just shaving cream pies…


  237. Whirled Peas: Great photo – those feet are weapons actually.

    Here is a link re: Plastic and what it is doing to the oceans!

    Did you know that the Plastic in the ocean is killing the animals which the native people need to live?
    My getting a plastic bag ends up harming people!


  238. Throwing a pie at Ann Coulter is a tremendous waste of good pie.

    I absolutely love my canvas grocery bags! I was accumulating way too many plastic bags – even though I used them for small trash can liners, I couldn’t keep up with the accumulation. Thank you, Margaret, for bringing them into the discussion.


  239. Quoting Ann C. from an interview on Wannnnnity and Colmes:

    “My feet are the size of the Atlantic Ocean, and my head is the size of a tiny little ant.

    Really Ann? How much brain can you fit in that tiny head? Not much and it shows.

    As for the feet, judge for yourself.

    Time Magazine cover photo.

    PEACE M&H ~ Δ ~ Go BHO!


  240. I have left a comment two times and it didn’t show up – if you all of a sudden get three from me that is why – I just want to say I don’t listen to Ann Coulter – I dislike her intensely and turn channels when she is on. I avoid watching Fox news and she is on there a lot isn’t she?


  241. Okay I tried to post it for you Ira…and it doesn’t show.
    perhaps youtube is moderated here now?


  242. OMG I just watched the utube of The View taking out Ann Coulter. As Whoopie said “YOu can dish it out but you can’t take it”. I can’t even watch any of those Fox shows because they are full of the worst conversational behavior on the planet. Constant Interruptions, unfounded claims, and personal attacks abound, yet when the View played by the same Fox rules, Coulter wouldn’t play! This is not surprising. Bullies are like that.

    Even Elizabeth could see that Ann is just an irrational, rude, overbearing, loud-mouthed blow-hard trying to cash in on the small-minded acquiesence of the ignorant. Get out with yo big feet!


  243. Ok- I tried to link up a vid of Ann getting pied (since we all love pie!)

    But if you’re interested, go to you tube and type in Ann Coulter and pie. You’ll see a couple of guys throwing pie at her at a talk.

    It’s good stuff, that pie!


  244. ?


  245. Since we all love pie…

    yay pie!


  246. Margaret and Helen, you two ladies are just the living end. Love your comments and your take on life.
    On our senior’s message forum, there is quite a belief that Anne Coulter is actually a guy. Her nickname over there is Annie Trannie.

    The folks who say that she is not female, point out her large larynx(men usually have protruding voice boxes, not women). Her feet were also a consideration. although it matters not, it is an interesting thought, hey?

    Ladies, you are a real hit with all my senior members on our senior web site. We have a post link directly to your blog.

    Love you both. Keep up the great work.


  247. “One other thing I have learned recently: Ass Hats like feet come in all different shapes and sizes, dear.”

    Yay Margaret!!!

    Oh, and Helen…both giving permission for some of your most passionate posters to continue posting about the crisis in Alaska (partly because of the ineffectual actions of an asshat in lipstick) as well as permission for the tangents to continue.

    So, if anyone picks on you, not only is it ON topic…you can tell them to kiss My ass, or Sage’s ass, though it’s no longer poopy…he does have some great feathers, so it will tickle.


  248. I learned that even when a marriage hits a MAJOR roadblock, you can still find a path towards forgiveness and move forward…

    (And, Ann’s feet are only overpowered by the size of her head!)


  249. Margaret and Helen thanks for clearing up the posting “rules”. I thought they’d already been stated, but, some people like to make up their own and then say it’s how it is!

    I love the idea of talking about something new. Thanks for sharing that bit about the big claws! And Margaret, I’m with you on the bas, I have them in the truck, but somehow they rarely make it into the store and then …. that awful storage conundrum! I do use the plastics as trash can liners so at least they get a bit of double play.

    I love all your posts, each and every one. Love you, mean it!


  250. Ann’s ginormous feet fit right into her ginormous mouth.. now if only she’d choke on them …


  251. Margaret: Anne Coulter is the woman I love to hate. If you look up ‘bitch’ in the dictionary, her photo is there instead of a definition! LOL She magically disappeared from The View a couple weeks ago when she was a guest there. (the video’s on YouTube) Now it takes work to annoy Whoopi & Co. that much.

    Helen: I like those bags, too, but, like you, I forget them a lot. I use them for ither things, too.


  252. Margaret and Helen, I love you both. I will most definitely seek to learn something new today.
    The shopping bags are a great idea, and if anyone has a sewing machine, please make your own. They’re so simple that I can do it, and it’s a good way to recycle old drapes.


  253. Here’s what I learned that’s new: Our president just gave a speech in which he showed respect for persons of a different faith! I am thrilled.


  254. One of my favorite satires on tv is a show called the Boondocks. Here is their portrayal of Ann Coulter.

    Pretty right on:


  255. margaret, I love my canvas bags! It figures a cool girl like yourself would have them, all the cool kids do!
    Helen, Ann Coulter’s BIG FEET! What a hoot! But really, how does she live with herself???


  256. Fortunately, I haven’t even poured my coffee yet, so there was nothing to spit.

    Another good post, ladies!


  257. Great to hear from both of you ladies.


    Right on as usual! There’s a big step between wanting to divorce your husband and wanting him to die in a fiery blaze when a plane takes out his office building. She must have long legs too.

    Thanks for the hospitality here. I can’t tell you how much your link will help!!


    Bravo for bringing green bags into the discussion!

    If people only knew how much easier it is to carry one or two canvas bags than nine or ten plastic bags, everyone would use them.

    If a store in our area offered a discount, it would be the only place I’d shop.

    Our grocery stores have plastic bag recycling bins. If the newspaper didn’t come in a plastic bag, I’d have almost no plastic to recycle.

    Thanks for blogging!

    Jane in Miami


  258. Damn…I spit out my coffee again…you would think I would have learned by first THEN sip coffee…you two rock my world!!!!!


  259. I want to be either one of you (or both!) when I grow up. No shit. What a great site!


  260. Thank you for the information Ann! Great to see they are now organized to help all the villages. I have been worried about that.


  261. Jesus Christ ladies. Where do you come up with this shit? You really should be writing for a late night talk show. LOL


  262. Opportunity knocks and Ann answers the door!


  263. He He He!


  264. Wow Ann. The post wasn’t even cold.


  265. The Alaska Federation of Natives, a very reputable ,long established organization in Anchorage has set up a relief fund to help all rural Alaskan Villages suffering from the fuel price and fishing crisis. They have dedicated a bank account that is being used strictly for this situation. If you have questions about the AFN’s program you can speak directly to Gladys Charles, who is co-ordinating the fund collection. Her # in Anchorage is (907) 274-3611. Checks should be made payable to AFN/ Village Relief Fund and mailed to Gladys Charles. AFN. 1577 C st. Suite 300 Anchorage, Alaska 99501…..Thanks Helen and Margaret


  266. I love you two! Something new I have learned is that I can love someone I don’t even know from the computer! Well I just read that and well er…that sounds kind of kinky! LOL But you get my drift.

    Margaret I wish our Grossry store gave discounts for using the canvass shopping bags. They don’t do that here.

    I have also learned that this Michelle Malkin is as bad as Anne Coulter! Another nasty bitch.


  267. Really, really funny!


  268. OMG you two are TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!


  269. That Ann Coulter is a real piece isnt she. I do wish that no one on the planet would give her the time of day and she could just disappear. Sadly, its like an accident, you can not turn away. How sad for her to be an accident to gawk at. What a way to make a career. She is a sad and pitiful person. Karma will bite her in the ass, that is one thing I know for sure.

    Keep up the good work ladies. You are two lovely gals who entertain me.



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