Posted by: Helen Philpot | January 23, 2009

Kiss My 83 Year Old Ass

The election is over.  Barack Obama is now President Obama and  Bush has slithered back to Texas where I am sure he will drink himself into obscurity.  Palin seems to have been successfully de-clawed for now.  I have sworn off Rush Limbaugh and The View, and Fox News was never really an option for me.  So… now what do I do?  I think I might read a few of  that big-footed Ann Coulter’s books and then point my “guns” at her scrawny ass.   She bugs me almost as much as Palin so this could be fun.

But until then, I would like to comment on that Ass Hat who has been posting as Anonymous:

“And where were YOU the past 8 years? Only ready to go because a Democrat is POTUS? Reading through this blog, the “verbal vomiting” that is used towards anyone that has dared to disagree is astonishing. The attacks on Republican politicians, pundits, or anyone that dares think differently are shameful. How hypocritical.”

The better question is where were you?  Let me tell you where I was.  I was in shock that we had a President saying “I am the decider”  like some toddler upset that his parents told him no more candy. We were turning a blind eye to torture. The President’s answer to everything was war.  We celebrated lower taxes while ignoring the massive debt that was building.  It was as if common sense had disappeared entirely from the White House.   For God’s sakes at one point Cheney claimed the Vice President wasn’t a part of the executive branch nor was it part of the legislative or judicial branches.  Bush’s entire Presidency was an utter failure and at times the nation held him in lower esteem than it did Nixon during his resignation.

So Anonymous, if we didn’t have anything good to say these last eight years it is because there was nothing good to say during these last 8 years.  Nothing.

And if you don’t like what I have to say then you can kiss my 83 year old ass because on this blog I am the decider. I mean it. Really.

And while I am on a roll… the same thing goes for all these Republican jack asses in the Senate and House who suddenly have an opinion about everything.  Shut your pie holes.  You had your chance and you blew it.

It’s nice to have an intelligent person in the Oval Office again.  I mean it.  I really, really mean it.


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  3. ooohhh…a big strong, brave guy who insults people from the anonymity of the internet. Must him feel important–for once.


  4. All you communist, liberal big mouths can kiss my ass. It won’t be long now, say goodbye to the communist take over , it was a good try until America woke up and your true spots.

    It’s time for the truth to come out!!!


  5. I LOVE YOU! I just wanna go on record to say this minute note,(which you may like),THE GOVERNMENT CAN K.M.E.A.! Which means… KISS MY ENTIRE ASS !!!!


  6. GOD KNOWS I LOVE YOU>>>!!!!!! Way to go woman! The so called government in my opinion can KMEA , Which stands for,Kiss My Entire Ass!


  7. Hey thats the battle ship texas. I been ner that . .


  8. Helen, marry me. You’re great!


  9. Right on.


  10. Proudly proferring a pair of 51 year-old ass cheeks. Pucker up, Republicans!

    This IS fun, thanks!


  11. Great Post!
    I’ve got one 66 years old the repugs can have a smooch at.


  12. Just love you Helen ! You go girl.


  13. i’ll put my 54 year old one on the line, too. and there’s plenty for a multitude of their ilk.

    btw – if anyone doesn’t already catch rachel maddow in the evenings on msnbc (8 and 10 austin time) you will love her if you’re a helen & margaret fan. there’s also or

    between helen’s blog and rachel and obama, this world might just get turned around yet!


  14. Sorry…I’m sleeping (not I’m am)


  15. They can kiss my half Italian-Irish ass. I’m am sleeping through the night ever since November 4th. I feel safe for the first time in 8 years.


  16. Yeehaw, Helen. Why don’t I live next to you? OK, I guess the internets is next best. You de bomb, m’am. The Resux are proof of their total lack of quasi-intelligent gene pool. They can kiss my 60 yr old ass, and I have colo-rectal cancer—-ooooh, go for it boys….


  17. They can kiss my 58 yearold Mississippi blackass while they are at it. What a bunch of suckers. The red states rate the lowest in everything (40 though 50) On a consistant basis. And they have republican governors. Yet, they try telling President Obama how to run the country. They have been voting against their best interest for over 60 years. What morons.


  18. as tempting as it is to feed the trolls, would anyone mind if we just ignore them? I’m finding the discussion so otherwise cool that I’d hate to even acknowledge the crapola.


  19. I have a 53 year old ass they can kiss as well!

    You are what I aspire to, my friend.


  20. In some sick way, I think the stoopid Republican Dodo voters actually enjoy kissing ass.

    How else can you explain their perpetual voting against their own best interests?

    A note to Notalib:

    Republican politicians controlled all three branches of our federal government between 2002-2006. Yet, they did not ban abortion.

    Why? Because using abortion as a wedge issue to attract Conservative voters is more important to them than the wishes of their constituents. Never mind the fact this strategy has failed miserably because their constituents actually want to have a choice.

    Thus the Republican politicians support abortion just as much as Democrats. So the next time you bring up “baby killers” think cynical, self serving Republican politicians.


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  22. Its amazing even in old age democrats are just as stupid hateful and ignorant as when they are of age to murder babies as the bed hop like the sluts they are.


  23. When this country came together under a banner of anger and vengeance where were you?

    Where were you, Bud? IIRC, after 911 this country came together under a banner of solidarity, care for fellow citizens and residents, admiration for First Responders, prayer and mourning, and the support and sympathy of other nations.

    It was only the Bush adminsitration that turned it into “anger and vengeance.” Maybe you’re thinking about the minority of Americans who committed heinous crimes against innocent people like Sikh gas station owners – those fools are the ones who gathered beneath a banner of anger and vengeance – and ignorance. Perhaps you were one of them, which is why you remember it this way.


  24. Bud, Bush definitely WAS the most incompetent idiot to ever occupy the White House, hands down, and the most sociopathic and evil to boot.

    I’ll tell you where this old woman was when 911 was going down. I was watching it and saying to my husband, “whoever did this couldn’t have done Bush a bigger favor if Bush had written a check for it”. I thought it was an inside job when it was happening and I’ve never stopped thinking that. “911” was just too cute, just too indicative of marketing type of thinking, to use that date and emergency phone number for the attack. Pure marketing, USA style. It was the right-wingers’ and PNACers’ wet dream, it enabled all of the crimes of the Bush Crime Family that followed.

    I’m only a month away from turning 70 and, like one of the other posters, I have never known any good to come from Republicans my entire life. They are the modern day decendents of the Tories. If they’d had their way we’d all still be under English control. Let’s hear it for fighting liberals!


  25. Helen, you are my hero.

    And Matthew, kudos to you for helping your grandma share her razor sharp wit with the rest of the world. Her writing makes me guffaw out loud and has killed my fear of getting old. I really hope you guys can keep this up for a very long time.


  26. Hey, Bud: “But he was not the most incompetent idiot to ever occupy that office.”

    Oh yes he was, and if you don’t think so, then you should, as Helen says, shut your pie hole.

    I call you one September 11th and raise you a Katrina.


  27. Get a grip you old dysfunctional geriatric hag. Did you forget Sept 11th. When this country came together under a banner of anger and vengeance where were you, kicking back soaking your depends and sipping on some vanilla pudding? Bush was not the greatest president eve, no he was not. But he was not the most incompetent idiot to ever occupy that office. Obama just started for cripes sake. you have not even given him time to fail. So wheel you ass back into your room and hope you get to see the first four years of obama’s presidency.


  28. Happy Chinese New Year to all and “Yes we can”.


  29. God bless you, Margaret and Helen
    Kick as*, take names and tell those Repub idiots to STFU.


  30. “I hope I’m as up on the lingo and still swearing like that when I’m 83!”

    If you work hard, stay in school, and shoot for the stars…dreams can come true, moron.


  31. Charles,

    You said it “looking at issues he stated he would during the campaign” doesn’t all presidents LOOK at issues as promised??? That’s a fine line you mentioned…look!

    Yes, I too can be a smart ass as well but not really a jerk.

    I don’t care who is in the office -white, black, hispanic, irish, greek, indian, man or women, we all just hope that they act upon what needs to be done to take care of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!!!!

    Whirled Peas – now I’m being a smart ass…yes, hand me some of those hundred dollar bills, because god sure knows I NEED IT!!!



  32. Helen, will you marry me?


  33. Anon,

    What do you expect BHO to do, walk around middle class America handing out hundred dollar bills?

    Five words:

    Green economy equals job creation.

    PEACE ~ Δ


  34. And still goobers like John Boehner are on TV talking about how the stimulus package isn’t going to work, we need more tax cuts for the wealthy and businesses and less government spending.

    Hasn’t the last eight years proved that this doesn’t work. The same people who passed the giant TARP plan at the shrub’s behest are balking at the Democratic stimulus package? We can give former-President Ass Hat the money he wants to hand out to corporate America to get ourselves out of trouble (not working so far), but money to get people back to work and into taxpayer’s pockets is out, unless it includes their big corporate donors and lobbyists.

    Why do we care what these people say? Didn’t we vote enough of them out of office to keep them out of the process unless they’re going to be helpful? Since when are the minority such a big piece of the process?

    Keep keeping them honest Helen, we’re all here right next to you looking for leadership and change, and we’re looking to the right place. For the first time in eight years the White House has a real leader in it, and although the Republican’ts will try to block all th ePresident does, slowly change will come.


  35. Whirled Peas

    No need for the link, I didn’t like Bush either nor am I a fan of Obama and I am not a fan of McCain and Palin. I vote who I think can do the job and deliver a promise….so far NO ONE has….

    But for the love of god, shouldn’t the recession be on the top of his list and not the energy bill.

    Again, my 2 cents.”

    Anon…I am actually going to approach this as if this was a sincere concern…as hard as that may be for me, ask anyone who actually knows me in “real life”…I AM an ass–le, smart ass and mostly a jerk.

    The economy is getting a lot of attention, like it or hate it, Obama has been pushing his stimulus plan in congress and right up the “tax breaks only will save us” sphincters in the Republican Party. I had to actually do a search in Google News to find a story about the energy plan.

    He is also dealing with Gitmo, NSA, issues in the Justice Department, Israel and the energy plan…both short term, dealing with Co2 and long term, developing other resources. Here, I cannot help myself, I know after the last buffoon in office, it became the norm to see one thing looked at a time, at least publicly…and though I am not 100 per cent certain about how this presidency will turn, I think Obama has made at least in the beginning a show of looking at issues he stated he would during the campaign.

    There is a lot which needs to be addressed…a lot which has been allowed to slip into the inertia of “business as usual” and he hasn’t even been in office a month now.

    Like him, hate him, messiah, antichrist or just a community organizer…at least he has hit the ground running and kept the forward momentum going in a short period of time.

    BTW, besides shrub, you can add his daddy and Clinton to people who can kiss my ass!!!


  36. I want my ass kissed, too!

    Keep on giving ’em the business, Helen, we’ve got ’em on the run, and they’re sure as hell running scared.

    Thanks for another hilarious post!


  37. Whirled Peas

    No need for the link, I didn’t like Bush either nor am I a fan of Obama and I am not a fan of McCain and Palin. I vote who I think can do the job and deliver a promise….so far NO ONE has….

    But for the love of god, shouldn’t the recession be on the top of his list and not the energy bill.

    Again, my 2 cents.


  38. ” Am I missing something here….GM is doing another round of layoffs, WB is laying off and now radio stations are laying off and all the new Prez can think about is passing a damn ENERGY BILL??????”

    Yep, that’s all he can think about…nothing at all about trying to pass a new stimulus package. Nothing at all about stating that the economy is the most important crisis our country faces, or that getting mucked down in partisan bickering will just cost more jobs…nothing at all about mentioning the new layoffs happening from Home Depot to Caterpillar and that these are not just numbers but lives, people with families or dreams.

    Man, pull your head out of your ass so you can kiss my ass!!!


  39. […] I’m already breaking the template.  But, the funniest 27 words I read yesterday: “And if you don’t like what I have to say then you can kiss my 83 year old ass because on this blog….” […]


  40. Quoting Anon at 7:14 AM

    “We are in a middle of a damn recession what will the energy bill do for our economy????

    People out of jobs and losing their homes so what will the new energy bring these poor folks?????

    Looking for advice? Give this a click. It might help.


    Go BHO ~ Δ ~ PEACE


  41. Am I missing something here….GM is doing another round of layoffs, WB is laying off and now radio stations are laying off and all the new Prez can think about is passing a damn ENERGY BILL??????

    We are in a middle of a damn recession what will the energy bill do for our economy????

    People out of jobs and losing their homes so what will the new energy bring these poor folks?????

    We are definitely going to need a LOT of faith and hope here…a LOT because he isn’t starting off on the right foot!!!!

    My 2 cents….


  42. So, Charles–wasn’t it a masterpiece?


  43. UAW…
    This one’s for you.


  44. Bravo! Succinct and correct, as usual, Helen. Now, what do you think of Rob Blogojavich running around to all the talk shows, purporting to be equal to Ghandi or MLK? lol I can hardly wait to see what Rachel Maddow does to his inflated ego tomorrow night. This should be really good.

    BTW, Anonymous sounds a lot like Ann Coulter, without the foul mouth. Hmmmmm…

    Keep ranting on, Helen. We need more like you in this country!


  45. Whirled Peas! You are amazing! That was beautiful!

    VILLAGE ALERT! I am going to talk village stuff – pass over this one if you are bothered!

    I just want to remind people that the villages will be hurting until June because the Yukon River is frozen until then. Please help by continuing to support a village or a Food bank near you!

    Margaret and Helen are big on helping Obama move this country forward! THAT MEANS HELPING THOSE IN NEED! I think it silly really that a person has to explain that it is OK to talk about people in need. If Margaret and Helen tell me to quit talking villages – I will consider it but I might tell them to kiss my ass because I feel they would be wrong on this one.

    ME: SUNDAY WAS SURREAL! My 22 year old daughter called and told me that Sat night she had been in the middle of a shooting. A man shot people, ran by her and pushed her aside and then shot more people. 9 people shot, 2 died. I am in Alaska and she is in Oregon. I feel very fortunate but there are 9 families suffering because of the mental state of one person.

    Take the lives of people seriously folks! The village folks are hanging by a thread – help them if you can! Take care of those around you – they could be gone tomorrow!

    If you feel talking about villages is a waste of your time, I feel sorry for you.

    Back to regular programming!


  46. Almost forgot, before the day is over, Kung Hee Fat Choi!

    Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


  47. And now for something completely different:

    Sand Art



  48. googled mike+wordpress and got some musician(because the world is round)…Looked under politics???? NO margret and helen who??? I always like a good joke but what am I doing wrong…


  49. Jean, You rock!!!!


  50. Hey ladies…. this “anonymous” poster sounds very similar to someone who really tore into me during the height of the Obama / McCain campaign because of an e-mail that I forwarded around about McCain. She accused me of “unsubstantiated vomit spewing”—- hmmm, sounds kind of like “verbal vomiting” doesn’t it?

    Boo hoo. Still sour grapes over McCain’s loss?

    That just caught my eye.

    Keep up the great work!


  51. just one thing:

    I have enjoyed stories from Sally, Jean, JuneauJo, Pi,
    the right Charles, and many others. I do not care how long a post might be. Many blogs get off point, and one just scrolls down to catch things from others.

    So, I guess this has lost its feel of that sanctuary where one can come and talk to many others. No one should be condemned for anything they say (except trolls) and it is not pleasant to be told to more or less shut up.

    Time to move on.
    Whirled, thanks for the great “connects”.


  52. just one thing:

    I have enjoyed stories from Sally, Jean, JuneauJo, Pi,
    the right Charles, and many others. I do not care how long a post might be. Many blogs get off point, and one just scrolls down to catch things from others.

    So, I guess this has lost its feel of that sanctuary where one can come and talk to many others. No one should be condemned for anything they say (except trolls) and it is not pleasant to be told to more or less shut up.

    Time to move on.
    Whirled, thanks for the great “connects”.


  53. Okay. It’s a new day. Start over. We can all get along.

    Anyway, I need to go make dinner now. Rice with stir fried spam and choi sum.


  54. Can we all just get along?


  55. that conversation was yesterday, today is a new day, why continue bringing it up?


  56. Palinshutup:

    I did not say anything about you!
    I never even mentioned your name.
    I think I did mention howlgirl.

    Seems to me you are the one rehashing.


  57. PalinShutUp, you’re right, and I’m sorry I am guilty of rehashing. Nowadays, I think about things, and then it’s time to sleep, and when I wake up I write it, and it’s after the fact and later on.

    So, I’m done with it and thank you for posting your comment on comments. We don’t want to be trolls, we just like to enjoy Margaret and Helen and enjoy the posts.

    btw, love your name. Instantly brands you as one of us.



  58. “I for one am offended by someone who only drops in once in a while, criticizes others who are regulars, and then sneaks off without justifying rude comments. Thiis behavior is as bad as that of a troll.”

    if you are directing that at me I have been reading this blog since the beginning, I may not post as often as some of you but that’s not here or there

    Im not about to count and compare how many more posts you have made than the others who spoke up about the off topic ramblings and I already said once that I was not going to revisit this topic

    why are some of you rehashing it?

    it seems to me this is just as bad as what the trolls are doing

    if you do not agree fine, continue what ever it was you were discussing and be done with it

    and may I add that every single person that mentioned this was extremely polite, personally I dont think anyone’s post is more important than anyone else’s, but that’s just me

    I have enjoyed everyone’s posts here

    lets just be done with this already


  59. Ignore the haters Helen. Like you said, they’ve had their chance for the past 8 (particularly the 6 when they had both houses and the presidency). They did nothing but foul up the place.

    And now, when some other folks have an opportunity to run some ideas up the flagpole, they can’t stand it. They, like Rush, want Obama to fail, even if it means watching the entire country go down with him. Country first my ass!

    Chin up dearies. Oh, and all of the crazy thugs can kiss my 36-year-old ass too.


  60. Hey Jean,

    If only the young people knew what we know now. They truly do love and appreciate all that you do – they just aren’t aware of it yet so they don’t say or show it. What’s that song about paving Paradise and putting up a parking lot? Oh something something, da la da la, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. It is so true, and it happens to the best of us. I wish I was wiser when I was young – so many words and sentiments went unsaid. So, I forgive my kids when they take me for granted, as I am sure my relatives have forgiven me.

    You must be a saint though. I used to make things in multiples for classes, and then I discovered Price Busters! and whenever I got to go to the mainland, I’d scoop up stuff at the $1 section at Target. Making over 10 of anything is a real drag (except for spam musubi).

    Now, I like to make one of a kind things. More fun and less of a chore.


    Okay, maybe that would have been more appropriate as an email to Jean directly, but since we don’t have that kind of access, thank you for allowing me to post that way.

    And, to make up for that, here’s a joke I received today (apologies to the blondes)

    Blonde joke

    Yesterday I had a flat tire on the interstate. So I ease my car over to the shoulder of the road, carefully get out of the car and open the trunk. I took out 2 cardboard men, unfolded them and stood them at the rear of my car facing oncoming traffic. They look so life like you wouldn’t believe! They are in trench coats exposing their nude bodies and private parts to the approaching drivers. But to my surprise, cars start slowing down looking at my lifelike men.
    And of course, traffic starts backing up. Everybody is tooting their horns and waving like crazy. It wasn’t long before a state trooper pulls up behind me.

    He gets out of his car and starts walking towards me. I could tell he was not a happy camper! ‘What’s going on here?’ ‘My car has a flat tire’, I said calmly.
    ‘Well, what the hell are those obscene cardboard men doing here by the road?’

    I couldn’t believe that he didn’t know. So I told him, ‘Helloooooo, those are my emergency flashers’….


  61. they’re constipated? [I’m sorry–I realize I’m juvenile. But it is so ridiculous.]


  62. Mike,
    If you read the post more carefully, you will note that Helen is the “decider.” (of this blog) not President Obama. So I believe the “blindness” is yours, not Helens.

    What she finds gratifying is a having a leader with brains in the White House. That really is a change.

    Why would anyone who reads this blog want to look at yours?


  63. Hey Charles. My first ex-husband and I used to call ourselves the Church of Convenience, back in the 60s. You’re welcome to the name, as long as you serve pie and herbal tea for communion. I’ll be in the front row (being the first to receive seconds).
    Proud, celebrate Peri….. it’s the road to wisdom. The road is a pain in the ass (or thereabouts) but the destination is worth it.


  64. UAW–google his “name” and then wordpress. You’ll get there. It’s quite, well, something. Much concern about the emptying of bowels. I stopped after a discussion of rationing toilet paper.

    I will wait with rapt anticipation for your reactions.


  65. Nancy Pelosi, Harry reid, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd
    I love you despite your many flaws.
    A right of center
    Whew!!!I almost forgot them.

    Rush Limbaugh has a three hour program and only said four words????? I think the MSM had a slow news day that day….As a way to the right conservative, do you really expect Rush to say he hope’s each and every way left program of Barack’s gets passed.

    I know getting “you” to listen to Rush is like getting me to listen to Keith.
    Ain’t goona happen

    Still trying to find out about toilet paper. See if I’ll think its funny??? post link


  66. Hey it is great to see some familiar names today! Felt like I was doing battle alone yesterday! Thank god for Peri menopausal skin. Gets thicker every day! LOL

    Just popping in as I have not had time for much on the blogs today! Keep up the good work everyone you always make my day!


  67. No pie recipe but this is a great cookie recipe…

    Give it a shot!


  68. Hi Gang,

    Progress report on Valentine Guys. 68 down, 82+ to go.

    My rotten grandchildren are a trio of miserable ingrates! As I sew on these Valentine Guys all bleary-eyed with blistered, bloody, bandaged fingers, I can’t help but think, what have they done for ME LATELY!!!! So what if they thank me profusely (late!) on Feb. 15 over the phone and tell me stories of their friends’ reactions. That was last year. So what if down through the years I have received manila envelopes from some of the classes with childish drawings from all the kids. The teachers probably made them do it.

    The grandkids don’t call, they don’t write. Wait, I’ll take that back. This morning I got this e mail from my 14 year old grandson in CA. I edited out the names to protect the privacy of the guilty.

    The 14 year old has an informal blog with his friends. He sends out a “Question of the Week” e mail and they respond. Then he collects them into one big e mail and sends it around. (His parents monitor his ‘blog’.) He asked me to participate, which I do. The only ‘grown-up’ in the crowd. I have been quite amazed at the maturity of a bunch of teenagers.

    His e mail:

    “Hi Grandma,

    It’s ok. I understand how intricate those valentine guys are.
    Ummm… My mom needs 25 for sure. I don’t know if you really want to do mine, because I have too many friends to give them to. I don’t want to over work you. I would have to say way over 50, and I really don’t want to over work you.
    I guess email me when you are done with ____’s and _____’s, and I tell you then (I’ll try to keep it to the essentials).
    Actually, how many are _____ and ______ lined up for? Maybe around their number.
    Email me when your done with their’s.

    PS: Sorry about the mixed answers 🙂

    On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 6:38 PM, Jean____________________ wrote:

    Hi Michael,

    Sorry I haven’t responded to your Question(s) of the week. I could give you quite a dissertation on the subject(s) of “Love”, but you wouldn’t have space! Briefly, there are three kinds of love: Agapè, Familial and Sexual. We humans like to make “Love” a lot more complex than necessary.

    I have been very busy grinding out Valentine Guys for you, ____ and _____. How many do you need this year?

    Love ya!


    Rotten kid! He just upped the ante – again! I’m thinking he has a brilliant career ahead of him as a con man.



    P.S. Oh, his Mom is a first grade teacher and needs the Valentine Guys for her class.


  69. try “fundamentally”…I can’t type.



    “The economy is funfamentally sound…”


  71. UAW- Thats a very interesting twist to your words….. I must say out of the ones that I don’t agree with most times you are one of the most intelligent but yet entertaining. (yes ironically that was a compliment…)

    I copy and paste this from this site’s about section…. click on the about tab if you want to see it for real…

    Are you for real?
    Why is that so hard to believe? Now I know what Santa Claus must feel like.


  72. The problem here is that there doesn’t seem to be enough pie to go around….I for one could use a new recipe 🙂


  73. Okay…so if I start my own church…maybe pie and tea for sacrament?


  74. I am beginning to th ink tha tall those who are condemning all the comments here are doing what they intended to do. Either get us to all go away or go to their blogs. Sooorry not hoing to h appen.

    As for Mike. President Obama has done more hard work and constructive work than Bush did in his whole time. The repubs that are attempting to shoot holes in his programs had pllenty of time in Congress to get things on an even keel.
    This was a great place before all of you showed up. Thanks to Helen for the use of her parlor. Just hope we can keep it clean.



    You too can become an ordained Minister, free even 🙂


  76. I’m still laughing at the toilet paper, too. Hey–how do WE know he’s a preacher? Maybe he’s someone posing as a preacher? Who should get a real job!!


  77. I would just like to point out that Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus was a respectable Roman farmer who resigned from each of his two dictatorships once he had restored peace (a Roman dictator was a magistrate appointed temporarily to deal with an immediate crisis or emergency). I would like to request that nobody here at this blog confuse this inspiring hero with the monstrum (troll) going by the same name.

    Valete omnnes,

    Claudia Pulchra Tercia


  78. Laughing at the “toilet paper stuff”.

    I feel better now.


  79. Keith olbermann
    I love you despite your many flaws.
    A right of center

    Al Frankin
    I love you despite your many flaws.
    A right of center

    Rachel Maddow
    I love you despite your many flaws.
    A right of center

    Left wing sites(blogging for michigan)also censures their posts.

    Don’t think it’s a looser running this site but could it be a couple college students doing it for a grade???? Wouldn’t put it past that Colorado guy(the fake indian)

    Jessey Ventura-navy seal
    Al Frankin-performing seal

    Have a nice day.


  80. “get out! I stopped after the toilet business.”

    …Luther was quite fascinated with the whole toilet issue as well 😉


  81. ps – i was talking to the the concern trolls who are trying boss people around… not the regular pie crowd.


  82. wildernessman,

    . He is a communist of the persuasion of Saul Alinski and his cabinet and compatriots in the house and Senate are rabidly in love with him.

    Provide backup. Simply declaring things with an attitude that you alone is owns “truth” reeks of Kaczynski-like insanity.


  83. Um… who gives a witch’s left tit which way the wind blows in the comments? Ever notice how Helen says her piece and then goes off to write another scathing commentary on idiot right wingers? Learn from the best, folks. Watch how it’s done and quit worrying about a friggin comment section on a blog. Jesus.


  84. get out! I stopped after the toilet business.


  85. and whatever “Mike’s” page is, I can’t even get it to open! Oh well, I’m betting it’s a hate-filled site, and I don’t have the stomach for that today.


  86. I don’t get in here too often, but absolutely love it when I do.

    Best to just ignore the trolls…or tell them to Kiss My Ass!


  87. Though Mike, I would like to say…My mother is one of the most devout Christians that I have ever met. She leans towards a literal interpretation of the Bible but she definitely lives her personal spiritual beliefs. She also was very relieved to see the Bush administration leaving office finally and she voted for Obama, though she is far from “communist”. I grew up in a family that was very involved in the Conservative Baptist Church, and one thing I took from that was the strong instruction that your spirituality was personal, between you and your understanding of God and the fact that they saw most of the other Baptist denominations, as well as the other denominations as quite extreme. Including how preoccupied that people can get over certain verses, certain passages…and ending up missing the spiritual truth held in the scriptures. Sorta the whole “doctrine” and “dogma” conflict…skimming your blog I would say that you are immersed in your dogma, which is very Thomas Aquinas of you.


  88. You’re welcome for the post troutay, glad I can help.

    As for the ‘Voice from the Wilderness’, Mike, he’s just a
    Bible-holic Bush-bot.

    Mike hasn’t had an original thought in years (Lush and Bill0 tell him what to think) and he’s only here tyring to get hits (pimp) for his blog .

    Have pity on Mike…he’s lost in the wilderness and God can’t seem to get him out. He’s just mad because after all that praying for McSame and Bullwinkle Barbie, God still punished him with BHO. ‘How could God be so wrong?’ screams in his head.

    Now Mike is just confused; ‘Why does HE hate me?’ are the words he cries himself to sleep with nightly.

    And a note to all ‘Wedgies’, M&H regulars (you know who you are), don’t let these fly-by-night posters get to you. We’ve got a great thing going here so don’t let a few wet-blankets douse the fire.

    PEACE ~ Δ


  89. Donna, but he’s a pastor and everything 🙂

    Skimmed through some of his sermons…and will take an indepth look when I get home. Did see that Obama is the antichrist though…


  90. actually, he has a very weird site where he talks a lot about toilet paper and flushing. Just a guy who thinks he has all the answers and anyone who disagrees is ignorant. Who considers himself a “good Christian” but happily attacks people who don’t share his beliefs. Same old, same old.


  91. Hmm Mike?
    I agree with Margaret and Helen. And I was in the Navy. Were you in the Military?

    Just shut up with the “you are not American” stuff.

    note: I am pissed at the world today so perhaps I should leave as I am liable to just rip on people


  92. Thanks Whirledpeas for that post. If Howlgirl would go read up on things at Mudflats, she would see that AlaskaPi was instrumental in this movement. AlaskaPi was one of the first posters here, she has been here almost since the beginning. For those of you who do not like to wade through all the comments, then come here more often. We do not have any other platform in which to speak, so we post here.
    The only people I have seen here who have been offensive are trolls. And we can either bash them back or ignore them. However, to negate others comments regardless of how long their posts are or how often they post is sad. I for one am offended by someone who only drops in once in a while, criticizes others who are regulars, and then sneaks off without justifying rude comments. Thiis behavior is as bad as that of a troll.


  93. Dear Margaret and Helen;

    What you’ve got in the White House is bubkiss. He is a communist of the persuasion of Saul Alinski and his cabinet and compatriots in the house and Senate are rabidly in love with him.

    It is interesting that the very fault you pointed out in President Bush is what you suddenly love in President Obama. He is now the decider! Interesting! You seem to be too blind to see the double standard in your statement. Perhaps because: if you subscribe to the ideology of the democommies, you have no standards.

    From your statements it is clear that your’s is the philosophy of Darwin; Survival Of The Fittest. Tell me; what is someone who hates America so much doing on a Battleship which I might point out, WAS USED BY AMERICANS TO DEFEND AMERICA AND ALL SHE STOOD FOR!

    On another note, I have a post on my site under “Politics” titled Margaret and Helen Who? I’m sure you won’t like it but perhaps you will have ears to hear the truth for a change rather than having the desire to whip out your posterior for someone to kiss. Shame on you both!

    P.S I am not Anomyous. You can check out my site anytime you wish…that is if you have any stomach for truth! I’m at


  94. @ MJT, Tina, et al-
    Is it just the Alaskan Natives crisis you dislike so much, or is it all of the OT and BTW? I am just as interested in the Texas education crisis, the jobs/life crisis faced by many here, the recipes, the crafts, the connections to other blogs…do you want the to all go away? So every post must start and end with “ass”?

    I don’t think that is the heart of M&H, who started because Bush and his cronies labeled people who disagreed “traitors” or terrorist sympathizers.

    I don’t post frequently, but read daily and comment when inspired. Not so inspired now…


  95. Please add my 43 year old ass.


  96. boogie on over to Mudflats–they have the new ethics charges that were filed against the Palin staff.


  97. Wow guys it looks as if Mercury RX has hit this blog with all its might.

    Hang on, it will right its course and with that will come better communication.

    Take a few steps back and revist the situation when retrograde is over.


  98. Margaret & Helen,
    Keep up the fantastic work!

    I’m amazed at those Repubs that think they’re being abused by the system now that Dems are in power. Hopefully, the Dems will actually accomplish what they have been talking about. Pres Obama isn’t a radical liberal (in fact, I think many libs will be stunned at how moderate he will be), and seems to want to work with anyone who can help.

    Being in Alaska (and especially a Liberal), usually meant that I was isolated. Your blog is now one I check on every day!

    Thanks and I wish Sarah Palin would SHUT THE HELL UP!!!



  99. And already we see the knee jerk republican reaction to Obama’s economic stimulis plan – tax breaks (read that tax breaks for the rich people). In my house when we run up big credit card bills we pay it off with real money not tax money stolen from poor people. Get on with it republicans and help fix this damn economy.


  100. Google “Zeitgeist Movie” and watch how a few important men are taking them away.

    zietgeistmovie dot com


  101. If we do not opt for prosecution of the last administration, then we are kissing our civil liberties good-bye, which means that basically let’s just throw out the Constitution while we’re at it….




  102. Sally –

    I think we all have people on our lives like Mrs. T.

    The last thing my husband wanted to to this afternoon was play chess with an old man who doesn’t realize he’s slipping into German when he tells stories.

    He doesn’t even like chess but he plays because this man, who was an old friend of his late parents and has outlived most of his generation, is lonely.

    Grandma Katie-

    I don’t think I could ever abandon Helen and Margaret.

    We have been hijacking the comments section lately but it’s been for a good cause.

    If you and everybody else directs Alaska comments to we can go back to the way it was before here.

    Thanks everyone!
    Jane in Miami


  103. A movie link all of you should watch.

    I hope all of you have called your Representatives and Senators asking for prosecution for the last administration.


  104. So many Ass Hats so little time….


  105. I thought it was asshat, pronounced: “ass-shat” rather than Ass Hat, but I have to say that’s pretty funny, too!

    But anyway Helen, ROCK ON!

    And “anonymous” can kiss my pearly-white 37 year old ass!

    So can Palin, McCain, W, Dick Cheney, Rush, Anne Coulter, those “journalists” on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, all Republicans, and all of those who voted that way for the last 8 years. (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.)


  106. Great blog as usual. Keep it up, decider!! 😉


  107. Don`t buy Coulter to bash her…that funds her crazy ass…just bash her without any research…LIKE SHE DOES TO EVERYONE ELSE. Ignore the haters. It`s your blog and you can write about whatever you choose.


  108. TurnThePage,

    I agree that we shouldn’t go off attacking each other, but I don’t think I can write such letters to the liberal haters. I have a principle that I follow – I will not lie, and to say I love them would be a lie.

    To those of you – I believe it started with Bob the Builder – who have asked for the “tangent conversations” about the Alaska situation to stop, I ask that you just think it, but don’t write it.

    I have a neighbor across the street, Mrs. T____ko, who is 91 years old. Ever since we moved into the neighborhood 30 years ago, we have maintained a good relationship, sharing food, gifts, conversation. Truth to tell, she was a rambling kind of talker. If I was going to take a portion of dinner over to her, she would say thank you and then she’d start telling me her stories. Most of the time they were the same stories of her youth and hardship.

    As time went on, her stories got longer and sometimes she would repeat the same story again and again, over and over. As she got older, so did I, and my life was busier with less time to sit and listen to her stories, so I would send my kids over with food, and they would listen to her stories. Over and over.

    Truth to tell, I didn’t really want to hear her stories again, and neither did my kids. But we did, because it was giving her respect and being good neighbors.

    I admit I did avoid her sometimes, or if I had to leave I would let her know that I had to go, but I know she appreciated my time (she always thanked me) and I appreciated her wisdom and sharing. I am proud of my kids because they never grumbled about doing my errands and having to listen to Mrs. T’s stories. Sometimes I would have to go over to get them, and they would all be sitting around her as she spoke, nodding their heads, as she told them for the umpteenth time about washing clothes for her whole family by hand, or gathering wood for the furo (tub of hot water for bathing), etc.

    Most of us are here because we enjoy – love actually – Margaret and Helen. Sometimes we just read, sometimes we even post comments. Some of the comments do veer away from the original post of Helen or Margaret, but that’s okay, it’s how we share. Some comments are more interesting than others, some are funnier (all the different KMA types), some are more passionate. Troll comments are purposefully hateful and mean. They are unwelcome and make me feel angry and very uncomfortable.

    Comments that ask others to stop their “tangent” are a bit selfish and need to learn respect, IMO. I would never stop Mrs. T__ as she was rambling on by telling her to chill out or please get off the subject or enough already even if I knew the story word for word. It would hurt her feelings and our relationship.

    Maybe some of the readers feel that some of us are windbags, but some of us do enjoy each other’s stories, joys, and yee haw moments, no matter what the subject.

    I am sorry if this rather long comment offends or bores anyone, but if it does, please respect and think about others’ feelings in this all encompassing circle of friends within the parlor of Margaret and Helen.



  109. Uh oh… you may be losing your troll smiters for awhile. Step up to the plate folks – they really come out at night. Be ready for cleanup in the parlor!


  110. I never comment here, but always read the wise and witty posts. I’m just weighing in this time to have my 62-year-old ass included in the kissfest.

    That way when it hits the international news that “Helen Philpot gets millions to ‘moon’ Wingnuts for record-breaking ass-kissing” my granchildren can brag to their friends that I was part of it.


  111. Amazing what a few bloggers can get accomplished:
    The Emmonak story goes national



  112. We want Pi! We want Pi!


  113. I did’t finish my thought about connversations between friends. The ones between my friends and me range all over the map.

    Thanks again for all y our encouragement.
    I have begun my own therapy and am writing what I have been doing in hopes it will help some one else .
    Also have finished the first chapter of a childrens story.

    So off to take a shower and get to work on the next chapter.


  114. I’ve read all the comments from those critizing us. If they have so much to say about what we talk about, let them go start their own blog. Anyway, isn’t that the way conversations go between friends?

    Helen says it so well, why do we need to keep on the subject?

    JuneauJoe, alaskaPi, and anyone else who is thinking of going to another
    blog, please don’t . I for one have gotten so much from reading all y ou posts that I can’t begin to tell you.
    You all have encouraged me in so many ways. Just look at the change in my typing!!

    Just because of the trolls and their slime, we can’t abandon margaretand helen.


  115. Hi Gang
    after reading:

    As for anon-by-
    May you and Ms Coulter kiss a frozen water pipe and get your mouth frozen shut long enough to listen to something besides yourself.
    Til spring might work… ya think

    and remebering how effective that can be,

    I officially wihdraw my ass from he line up and replace it with a piece of frozen pipe!

    Anyone felling like a kiss, wet your lips and kiss for minimum 30 sec at -15 or less!!

    !!!!Please kiss over small hole drilled in pipe so we can feed you until spring thaw!!!!



  116. AlaskaPi:

    We all need breaks sometimes. Just don’t make yours too long. We can always learn from voices of reason.


  117. And then add….Kiss My ASS!!! 🙂


  118. You know, the more I read these blogs, the more I realize that the divisiveness is not going to end. Ever. While these ultra-conservatives post hate, we post hate just as much. Maybe not as hateful as them… but we have our days. So in the spirit of trying to get along, I propose a campaign to those we feel have opinions that are different from ours (especially to those who feel that hate is what keeps this country going).

    I propose that every one of us write to Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, and their like with:

    Dear Mr. Limbaugh,
    I love you despite your many flaws.
    A liberal.

    Dear Mr. Hannity,
    I love you despite your many flaws.
    A liberal.

    Dear Ms. Coulter,
    I love you despite your many flaws.
    A liberal.

    So on and so forth.

    We have to start somewhere.

    Maybe I’m just being naive, but I’m willing to try it.


  119. Must be something good, Helen. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…I’m thinking………. got it. Laura Bush always acted very ladylike.


  120. Helen,
    You always CRACK ME UP!!!! You are simply the best!!!


  121. By: PalinShutUp on January 25, 2009 – at 8:26 PM
    You wrote and asked:
    Thankfully it wasn’t very often, does anyone know if Bush beat the Reagan vacation record of 436 days?

    Here is your answer:
    Vacation Days by Presidents:
    Prior to September 11, 2001, George W. Bush was on vacation for 96 days — Given that he’d taken office on January 20th of 2001, that means that as of September 11th, he’d been ‘on the job’ for 234 days. If 96 of those were vacation days, he was on vacation 41% of the time.

    And here is a comparison for the term of a few presidents:
    GWB – 1020 days (250 days from 1-01 till 8-03)
    Bill C. – 152 days during 2 terms
    Bush sr. – 543 days during his one (1) term
    Ronald R. 335 days during his 8 yrs
    Jimmy C. 79 days during his full term

    (info from: and here )

    and all those days are ‘paid by the taxpayer’ vacations, now I ask ‘is any one wondering WHY we are in this mess?’


  122. I have a kissable 37 year old ass.

    Very funny and impactful introduction header…great words for real too.


  123. You are rocking the whole blogging world, Helen!!



  124. And my 35 year old ass, as well.


  125. I am going to wait for Helen’s next post…and perhaps read the comments. But this last bitter turn is not what we, as a country, or a ‘community’ really need. There is a lot of change, a lot of diversity and definitely a lot of cool people that make the group here interesting, curious, and cool to hang with.

    Besides, I need to find a new job anyway.




  126. OK, let’s assume for the sake of argument that there are no elderly ladies who have been friends for so long, who care for each other, and who are intelligent, well-informed, and articulate. Then this is a wonderfully well-done and persuasive blog which provides a great deal of enjoyment and information to many people.

    Of course, how do you know? How would you know? And what on earth makes you feel that you can tell?

    In contrast, let’s take things we know to be demonstrably false. In light of your comment about the President, it seems safe to assume you voted for McCain. And you did so despite his and his Vice Presidential candidate’s provable false statements. You did so despite their manipulation of the basest and most bigoted instincts of people. You did so even though the news, the internet, and YouTube showed that they gave the same speech over and over and over–oh, perhaps with a change of inflection on “DOMESTIC TERRORIST?” but virtually always the same (“We send billions of dollars to countries that don’t like us very much.” “I told Congress ‘thanks but no thanks’ to that ‘bridge to nowhere.'”). A campaign that relied on gimmicks (Joe the Plumber) and ugliness (“I’VE always been proud of my country.”) and pandering (the “real America”). A campaign that tried to sell the American public on such gems as Palin having foreign policy experience or being an expert on energy.

    So, I kind of think that you, Mr. or Ms. Self-Professed Believerofthetruth, are really gullible. Not sure why someone who would buy a load of demonstrable crap would criticize the judgment of anyone else. It’s kind of like someone who truly believes in the Tooth Fairy sneering that other people are naive.


  127. [b]Coultergeist[/b], I think that is by far my favorite 🙂

    NancyPants wrote:

    [quote]’I’m really not sure what I’ll do, now that I don’t have to sprint toward the TV every time the president speaks…'[/quote]

    thankfully it wasnt very often, does anyone know if Bush beat the Reagan vacation record of 436 days?

    every time I think about Palin taking off the whales, polar bears off the endangered list and shooting wolves from helicopters I get a migraine


    ‘Believerofthetruth’ seeing as thou you couldnt tell if the truth bit you on the ass…

    >>>>my ass<<<<


  128. “Believerofthetruth” – what is it you think is so true? Just curious.

    Why, also, don’t you like America’s President?

    If you are going to throw a verbal granade out, let us know why you are trying to blow us up. Let us know what you would have us believe to make you happy.

    D in D


  129. “This is all bogus and I’m surprised so many people are falling for your little 83 year old women act. The gig will be up soon…..or maybe not, since there seem to be a lot of stupid people in the world as is evident by who we now have to call Mr. President.

    Get a job, loser…..and make an honest living instead of posing as old ladies and selling tee shirts!”

    wow Believerofthetruth…..

    even if Helen were a “loser” “posing as old ladies and selling tee shirts” why does it matter to you. Is it really impossible that an old lady would know how to use a computer. Is it really impossible that an old lady would say ass and call Palin a bitch and not think twice about it.

    My grandma who is 79 and will be 80 in is a lot like Margaret with her tounge and her best friend Erm is a lot like Helen. They both say what is on their minds and they are well informed. Erm is not afraid to use the words ass, bitch, asshole, asshat etc and I think its hillarious!

    I find it hillarious that you are posting as believerofthetruth because Mr President was elected by both intelligent people and others. The whole thing is your half of the political spectrum allowed a dumbass like Bush to take down this country for 8 years… You are just pissed that my half of the political spectrum has finally gotten pissed off (and broke enough) to do something constructive about it!

    Your way didn’t work and we were too scared after Bush to see what would happen if we allowed Mccain and Palin to continue to do things your way…

    if you are the true believer of the truth believe this….
    Obama is your president now….. Instead of being a sour puss about it maybe a more constructive thing to do would be to support your president and judge him after he is allowed to do something constructive…

    which from the sounds of it from listening to the news about the stimulus plan… your republican comrades are starting to get power hungry and blocking this package in every possible way they can think of… They won’t succeed in the longrun though by blocking it… especially if any of them want to keep their senate seats…. Look how many longstanding republicans were booted out this past election by democrats….

    Take a piece of some humble pie…. you might need it.


  130. I said-
    We, all of us, gotta learn to talk in longhand again or all these fences we’re trying to knock down to get to work are gonna stay put.

    I ,myself, am trying to learn to talk in longhand.. I talk about Alaska, plumbing, hardware stores,high horses…
    Anyway, when I get it right and it comes through that I am talking about the human condition, America and what we have hopes to accomplish, keeping an eye ,constantly, on the interplay between our ideas and how they work out in our lives I feel like I am making progress.

    When I get it wrong and folks don’t get it, I need to start over or move on.
    Gonna move on for awhile…
    Thank you Helen and Margaret for your enduring hospitality for all these months. Especially you Helen- keep shouting out. You have done enormous good in the few months I have been visiting here. Thank you.


  131. This is all bogus and I’m surprised so many people are falling for your little 83 year old women act. The gig will be up soon…..or maybe not, since there seem to be a lot of stupid people in the world as is evident by who we now have to call Mr. President.

    Get a job, loser…..and make an honest living instead of posing as old ladies and selling tee shirts!


  132. Raji have you visited Obama’s page? It is filled with community organizing groups, truly wondrous thing, as a matter of fact, the theme on the front page is

    ‘organizing for America’

    again, as I stated previously, when I commented about derailing conversations I am not referring to folks making brief comments, including links to informative sites highlighting the plight of any peoples, I am specifically referring to long drawn out posts about topics not covered by the OP of this blog, conversations between a few individuals who Im sure mean well…

    well, Im done commenting on it as I am now feeling guilty of derailing 🙂


  133. LOL!


  134. Alaska Pi
    Didn’t mean to leave you out, just didn’t have a recent post to copy and paste on your opinions but they have been extemely informative also.
    Also Charles, didn’t mean to exclude you either and any others I neglected 🙂


  135. WOW–Now these are some active commenters!

    Love ya! Keep the feisty attitude coming!!

    xo Katherine


  136. RAj
    Didn’t Barbaras expression make you think she was eating sour grapes?

    Grandma Katie
    What a great description of Barbara’s expression. Your typing is so improved. What a great blog this has been for you.

    Okay, I am going to throw in my two cents and have copied and pasted a whole lot of comments below that I think are pertinent. Since I first found this blog I have become more informed about national and international situations that I have never involved myself in before. I have learned about the Israel/Palestine conflict thanks to Greytdog and others. I have been pointed to links thanks to Whirled Peas that I would have never known about. I have come to know people like Grandma Katie that is struggling with recovery from a stroke. I have learned about native Americans in Alaska that I was not aware of. I have read about people coming together to do community service and yes, we can say M&H caused a happening for the natives in the Yukon Delta. Because of M&H we now have websites to go to if we are interested in helping the people of Alaska who are suffering. After this project, this group of bloggers may find another project that needs their attention and that is a good thing. If Obama can group together diverse individuals and learn from them, then why can’t we? Yes, we can and we can all learn from each other and hopefully all the bloggers on this site will continue to teach and inform us. Most of all I have learned so much from Jean who has been willing to share her knowledge (including valentine cards) such as her latest post about “intelligent design”. I spent the day reading Scientific American because of Jean. This blog is informative and instructive and caring.
    That is my two cents and now I will go back into my closet and continue to learn.

    Proud Community said:
    There are many people here who have found online friends and I think that is wonderful and the best part about blogging.

    Sometimes we just have bad days and misinterpret what someone is trying to say. Happens all the time as it is so hard to discern someones tone or spirit of the post with just words.

    avotresante said:
    As for the twists and turns of the blog, and the continuing discussions of helping those in need, I just want to throw my 2 cents in and say it’s all made me more aware, and conscious of the choices I make whether to act or not, whether to reply or not. Everything here forces me to think, and I think it’s all great. Obviously, that’s just my opinion. Everyone’s perspective on something will be a little different, but it’s not worth getting upset about.

    Ann said:
    Dear Helen and Margaret, When I first came visiting I was little more than an airhead with liberal sentiments; but not so dense that I did not see the dire problems in this country and ofcourse I was a born and bred democrat. Hanging around has helped me to become much more informed , up to date , and even able to debate when I felt it a necessity(my 1st time ever)

    JuneauJoe said:
    I am limiting my time on this blog but am moving over to

    I lived there and those who have no interest should not be subjected to my thoughts on the way things should be.

    Alaskan said:
    So to all the regulars, stay here, have your converstations until given rules and regulations otherwise. This week Emmonak, next week it could be another service project that is close to someone else’s heart. But don’t ever be fooled that this was off topic. Remember this situation has arisen due to the inaction of someone who is seriously gunning to run in 2012. Scary thought that. If this is how she treats some of her citizens. I guess all of us that weren’t in her pro-America group would just be kicked to the side.


  137. Anyone who uses the Anonymous name is not proud of themselves and seems they are cowardly to me.

    “The View” is a great show, Helen; please don’t give up on them. They do tell things like they are; of course, there is that one conservative. But a program with a good idea and well done.

    I am almost your age and I hate hearing the language that is used here. You have a good idea with your blog, but reading the language is tuff for me. Thanks for letting me speak.


  138. Elsie you and I were thinking the same thing.

    Palinshutup said ‘thousands of people lost their homes due to floods, avalanches and mudslides the past few weeks in WA state, their plight is no less dire than the Alaska folks.

    but if I used this blog to carry on a conversation about it ignoring the flow of this blog I think that would be a bit inconsiderate of me.”

    Being from WA and helping with the flood areas, the difference is we have a Gov. who responds to people in need and will declare an emergency when it is clearly needed and aid organizations that are ready to jump in and help.

    Unfortunately not the case with the Alaska crisis.

    On the list of people who would not spend one dime on Coulter’s book. As a matter of fact I was at the store yesterday and her damn book was on the shelf and I growled under my breath a man in the same aisle gave me a funny look. LOL

    It was just a spontaneous reaction to seeing the scary one right there.


  139. I will wait till coulter’s book comes to our library and read it long before and after meals

    I wouldnt waste one cent to benefit her


  140. thank you anonymousbloggers

    thousands of people lost their homes due to floods, avalanches and mudslides the past few weeks in WA state, their plight is no less dire than the Alaska folks.

    but if I used this blog to carry on a conversation about it ignoring the flow of this blog I think that would be a bit inconsiderate of me.

    I thank all of you who have alerted us to the Alaska
    situation by including links to your blogs, specially those who shared links to the many people against
    Palin in Alaska.


  141. […] Kiss My 83 Year Old Ass The election is over.  Barack Obama is now President Obama and  Bush has slithered back to Texas where I am sure he […] […]


  142. Do I see the beginning of a creative new protest at the Capital Bldg.
    A$$s at the ready………………………….. MOON!


  143. I think Ann Coulter is a man trapped in a woman’s body. It is time for someone to let him out. I’m just saying…


  144. PalinShutUp

    Thanks for seeing both sides.

    Please send Alaska related posters to:

    With you and others directing Alaska issues to where we appreciate and can address them, we’ll return a level of civility to Helen’s parlor.


  145. You go Helen! Attack that retarded Ann Coulter like a shark. (and by retarded I mean ignorant and backward for the PC folks) I swear she just loves to hear herself talk. I have never seen such an unstable individual get so much recognition since Hitler. Why does the media give her any attention? It only feeds her frightening narcissistic ego. Have you ever been on her website? You have to agree not to say anything against her before you can log in. I guess she can dish out all the insults to our president, widows and single moms but she can’t take it? I don’t advocate violence in any way, but I always find it odd that they serial killers or nut jobs out there looking to become famous through murder, always kill people like Lennon or Ghandi. Why don’t they go after the people that make life miserable? I just find that weird, that’s all. But I digress….Anyway Helen, I look forward to hearing all your views on our lovely Ms Coulter.


  146. About the Alaska situation and using of this blog to alert the world

    I see both sides but the folks stating that it is taking away from the flow of the convo have a point

    they have as much right to express their opinions as the trolls who are allowed to post freely to this blog

    and the moment any of you on any side begin using insults or claiming anyone here is supposed to entertain you 24/7 you lose credibility just like the trolls

    there are many world issues desperately in need of highlight using this blog to repeatedly carry on a side topic is a bit rude


  147. picking up on an old comment somewhere up there about ‘r-e-s-p-e-c-t’ for the likes of rush and co.

    when anyone takes hatemonguering to new levels spouting
    ignoramuses comments like the one Rush made just the other day that ‘he hopes Obama fails’

    what stupid asshat comment is that? if Obama fails we all fail, that’s patriotic? that is deserving of respect?

    best thing Rush could do for himself is lay off the oxy

    I think this country has had enough of right wing christian oppression and social and scientific regression

    >>>here’s my ass<<<<


  148. Good point Elsie.

    The baby’s gone out with the bathwater.


  149. I’m still waiting for the complaining ones to broach some new, exciting, stimulating, hilarious, fabulous subjects. If they can’t lead, or follow, then could they perhaps just get out of the way?!


  150. Sarah Palin said “Bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie annoy me…”

    We’re the ones trying to help her constituents. It takes a bunch of anonymous bloggers to save a village.

    Join us at:


  151. I agree with Alaskan and it is good to remind folks that helping the rural alaskans is a direct by-product of posts such as”28% of Americans do not think Sarah Palin is an idiot”


  152. I can understand how the conversations about helping communities may have started to become too much for some.

    But please remember, they are not totally off topic. The whole movement began out of two issues. The first is frustration at Palin because she is ineffective and non-caring. Which is probably the original reason why most of the posters even came here in the first place.

    And the second is the from Obama for everyone to become more involved in the communities and put in the extra effort.

    From this came conversations from current new events and hence a somewhat organized attempt was born to do something good and help. I think that everyone here that has helped out can be proud and feel good about their efforts.

    But for those others who say enough and too bad, be aware that it all started out of direct relation to what Helen posts about. It is not off topic, but a growth of her topics.

    Palin is still a jackass that spouts off Christianly values and then doesn’t live by them. The current situation was being used as evidence of that.

    Until Helen changes the subject or asks for anyone to stop, let’s not get all upity. Helen created this community and it is monitored by her grandson. No mention has been made either way. Many of those involved in helping plan these efforts have been part of this community since September. In fact most of them have. Who’s right is it to run anyone off. The only one that has that right is Helen.

    The complaining about the topics, just makes this a less friendly place to be for everyone. Previously many ideas and comments were exchanged with many different links. No one dictates how this blog runs but Helen and Margaret.

    So to all the regulars, stay here, have your converstations until given rules and regulations otherwise. This week Emmonak, next week it could be another service project that is close to someone else’s heart. But don’t ever be fooled that this was off topic. Remember this situation has arisen due to the inaction of someone who is seriously gunning to run in 2012. Scary thought that. If this is how she treats some of her citizens. I guess all of us that weren’t in her pro-America group would just be kicked to the side.


  153. Chill, Folks…it is just a blog.
    Margaret & Helen are just too hilarious…bottom line.


  154. by the way, peace.


  155. I posted under “Mod”…I don’t know what anyone else thinks….but this is a great group of people and I come here to read there thoughts just as much as to read Helen’s. I am grateful for Helen’s Blog and wish to see it continue for a long, long time…but I sincerely think the group has outgrown just Helen’s kitchen.

    I requested from Matthew that he consider helping Helen to put up a forum connected to her blog, so we can continue off topic, bring up concerns, just chat without making a mess here in the kitchen.

    Just a thought to keep this community of great people going…and perhaps let the comments section be just that.


  156. He drank himself into oblivious before he was not elected so that’s probably the next step.

    I wonder how many steps his program has.


  157. Okay I sure will Jane.

    BTW, I wonder if Bush is drinking himself into oblivion yet?


  158. Just bring a friend. The more the merrier!


  159. Jane, Thanks for the invite. I’ll be right over. Bringing my Easiest Pie in the World Strawberry Pie with me. Is the coffee brewing?


  160. Proud, I am thrilled that I am not the only one! Way to go Helen and Margaret!


  161. for what it’s worth, juneaujoe, i hope you stick around, too.


  162. Ann said “Hanging around has helped me to become much more informed , up to date , and even able to debate when I felt it a necessity(my 1st time ever). Last night at a dinner I was so proud to contribute to the political discussion quickly, accurately and without anxiety.”

    This is how I have felt since I have been hanging around with the Helen and Margaret bloggers and commenters! They have provided me with great information and ammunition when I have needed it!

    Great post Ann!


  163. Julie

    Come on over to and help us liven up the conversation there.


    If every time someone posts about Alaska you direct people to our blog which is dedicated to the problems in Alaska, we can slowly shift this conversation out of Helen’s parlor!

    I also miss the humor, community and randomness that happend here in the gaps between Helen’s post but you can’t just throw something like this away. You have to find it a good home.

    So send anyone trying to find out about the crisis in Alaska over and you can feel good about doing something positive too.

    Thanks all!


  164. Think I’ll revisit the youtube video of the crowd singing ‘NA NA NA HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE!” to W.

    Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling all over.


  165. Hey Donna well said!

    JuneauJoe your input is always appreciated by me! Don’t go away. I am sure we had some trolls pushing our buttons awhile ago. This is a great blog and a great blogging community. I have learned so much from you and others. You are witty and fun too! LOL

    Martha I loved your story and think there was a lot of truth in it! Once you’ve said KMA you have to limit the use. LOL Otherwise it loses all meaning and becomes a drag to express.

    I will be here not going anywhere I am hard to chase away when I have put roots down.


  166. Dear Helen and Margaret, When I first came visiting I was little more than an airhead with liberal sentiments; but not so dense that I did not see the dire problems in this country and ofcourse I was a born and bred democrat. Hanging around has helped me to become much more informed , up to date , and even able to debate when I felt it a necessity(my 1st time ever). Last night at a dinner I was so proud to contribute to the political discussion quickly, accurately and without anxiety. In addition when asked what I was doing I could share the work we have put together here to help the Rural Alaskans. I was proud that I am functioning as a good citizen( the headmistress of my school would have been proud, of me, too.) I want to thank you very much and with great sincerity for your writing and for the chance to get to know the great people who come here and the opportunity that you have given to help me be a good citizen.In addition, my typing and writing skills have improved.Helen and Margaret, some think of you as Grandmothers, but you remind me of my 2 best teachers in HS,women who were committed to their personal,moral, and civic responsabilities -role models. I write this because of some of the discussions that I just read. Thanks, Ann


  167. I wish Joe would reconsider too, Donna. Time heals. Maybe he will come back. His comments are well thought out and good reading.

    Joe, please stay.


  168. @ JuneauJoe

    We welcome you as a regular to Mudflats! But don’t stop posting here due to the whiners. Let Helen tell us BEGONE or NOT BEGONE!


  169. and I wish Joe would reconsider. I love his comments.


  170. there is Emmonak

    sorry about that!


  171. May I weigh in? I think this is a wonderful blog. Of course, I am crazy about the Margaret and Helen posts. But I also think so many of you have great things to say and I really value hearing from you.

    My one–and it is my only–problems are when people try to stir things up for the sake of it or when they are just nasty. The former is typified by that fool yesterday who got booted. The latter is those who attack, like the “Anonymous” who was the inspiration for this post or those people who claim that it’s their way or eternal damnation.

    Speaking purely selfishly, I hope that the people who don’t fit in either of those categories stay. They add alot. As for the others, KMA.


  172. I am limiting my time on this blog but am moving over to

    I lived there and those who have no interest should not be subjected to my thoughts on the way things should be.

    I would also recommend Mudflats for those interested. I will be popping there more also.

    I would like to say thank you to those on this site who made it a special place of caring and making things happen for people in need.

    I am now thinking I will be in Alaska for another year and I should probably deal with the Palin, village issues in a forum more in tune to my present thinking.

    The brilliance of Helen, Margaret, Charles, Alaska Pi, Whirled Peas, Proud Community Organizer, Elsie, Julie, Ann, Greytdog, troutay and many more is so wonderful.

    Margaret and Helen – You have a wonderful site! Thanks for letting me mess it up with my village noise.

    Keep up the good discussions folks. I will drop by and read on occasion but will limit my input.

    Wish all well in making this world a better place.


  173. Let’s bring our troops home. Enough of the war in Iraq & Afghanistan. They do not want us there. They will never get along with each other. This fighting has been going on since Abraham and it will never stop. Doesn’t matter is we are there or not.

    If a CIA operative wants to find Osama Bin Laden and snipe him out of the picture — great! That’s who we need to be hunting. This whole war has been about Oil, greed, Haliburton, Cheney, the Bush crime family and other getting rich at the expense of the lives of young American men and women.


    Osama Bin Laden can KISS MY ASS!


  174. Juneau Joe, don’t go away. You made me think about something. You mentioned a local craftsman. I don’t know anything about what people might be crafting, but do you think it might be helpful to them if they could sell their crafts down here in the lower 48? Do you know how I would go about finding someone with something to sell?
    I’m not trying to be insulting to anyone; I also sell my crafts and encourage my friends to do the same, especially things made from natural or recycled materials.
    As for the twists and turns of the blog, and the continuing discussions of helping those in need, I just want to throw my 2 cents in and say it’s all made me more aware, and conscious of the choices I make whether to act or not, whether to reply or not. Everything here forces me to think, and I think it’s all great. Obviously, that’s just my opinion. Everyone’s perspective on something will be a little different, but it’s not worth getting upset about. Let’s all just give everyone else the benefit of the doubt, think positive, and move forward. Margaret and Helen will change things if they feel the need.


  175. @ howlgirl

    Spending a summer here is not lightweight – it’s a wonderful experience – good for you! Sometimes, after 29 years, I feel like leaving for the winters, too!

    I’m in Juneau, and previously lived in Seward and Kodiak. My mother was born & raised in Palmer and I have tons of cousins there. Did you stay long enough to watch the Canadian Geese fly south through the Mat Valley? One of my most vivid memories of Palmer when I visited in Sept years ago.



    I forgot to add that pizzas were pretty slim around the center after that night. It took us forever to make enough for our next one… boo hoo


  177. “all i was saying was that from time to time things get way sidetracked and it’s hard to follow the responses to helen’s posts. not everyone has 8 hours a day to follow this. i’ve sent many people to helen’s blog – as have ellen and ariana and kate and others but if they don’t have a lot of time, especially in the beginning to get to know everyone here – it can seem like the lunchroom at junior high.”

    howlgirl thank you for your post. The paragraph above is what jumped out at me. I have read this many times on the few blogs I do read.

    What I have learned in the course of blogging which hasn’t been long. I just comment. I make my comment and if I want people to make me feel included then that is my issue not theirs. I have to make me feel included. Share ideas talk to people by name etc….I have felt that way when I have started on blogs and understand it but really had to analyze what my issue was. I realized I just wanted to be noticed and told myself to get over it. Making my post or comment is now enough for me.

    Telling people to shut up or calling them stupid is not my thing for the most part. I try to be polite but there are instances when you just can’t. Trolls being the prime example.

    I don’t have 8 hours a day to monitor the blog either. If you notice I usually only checkin once or twice a day. I do scroll alot. I find pleasure like today to be able to have time to read the posts. Love when there is a true exchange of ideas but do get irritated when people feel they have to police people exchanging those ideas and checking in with each other.

    There are many people here who have found online friends and I think that is wonderful and the best part about blogging.

    Sometimes we just have bad days and misinterpret what someone is trying to say. Happens all the time as it is so hard to discern someones tone or spirit of the post with just words.

    Back to laundry.


  178. martha unalaska – in what part of alaska do you live? or did i miss that by doing the evelynwood version of reading through this or past posts?

    i used to spend summers in alaska (i know, lightweight) and my partner and i had a place near palmer – and for awhile near castle rock.

    by the way, if anyone didn’t catch david modigliani’s ‘crawford’ – huffington post has actually posted a link to the full documentary. if you’ve got an hour and a half, some blood pressure meds and a box of kleenex, pull up a chair:


  179. This little pie fight reminds me of when I was the director of a teen center in a very small town in rural Alaska. We had an all-nighter, boys and girls (and chaperones of course!). We normally had the .25 fine rule at the center for swearing which provided us with many purchased pizzas I might add – those kids could swear!

    The kids talked me into setting the rule aside for ONE HOUR during the all-nighter in exchange for angelic behavior the rest of the night (yeah right). I decided this might be a good lesson for all of us so I agreed. We suspended our (campaign – just kidding) rules for one hour, and I warned them to be careful because…words DO HURT.

    They went off at each other, and esp. two girls who were BFF. Most kids broke off long before the hour was over because the swearing seemed to feel good at first, then it felt icky and upset them. The two BFF went on a bit too long – and by the end of it they weren’t speaking. They eventually made up, almost a month later, and the kids did indeed learn a valuable lesson (me, too). Words DO HURT.

    So as much fun as “Kiss My Ass” has been, and is, it also brings out emotion and antagonism (which is why it feels so great when you’ve pent things up). That is bleeding over here, folks, to each other in unrelated topics.

    Frankly – I’m pretty surprised at the self proclaimed liberals here – shame on you in my opinion – but since I’m an Alaskan, this is very close to home so I’m not objective on this matter.

    You all need to calm down and find your manners again. Let Helen respond to the “off topic” question which is only currently the Rural Alaska situation. In other posts, it’s other topics that have taken on discussion.

    But I haven’t said what I really want to say yet…



  180. well, good morning from austin. i must say i was rather taken back to find emails from people around one of hundreds of posts i’ve made over the course of the last few years here. i had to go back and re-read what i posted to make sure i’d said what i’d intended given the reaction on both “sides.” sheeesh.

    i did not say that dialogue and discussion aren’t good. they’re the backbone of what makes anything great. but whether you agree or disagree with helen & margaret – to reply in a post “you’re stupid” or “shut up” or throw other bones at people rather than to come out with an intelligent reply as to why you disagree with them is what’s been at the core of the problem in so many ways – global, community, family, etc.

    to say “you’re wrong” “you’re stupid” “you’re an idiot” without being able to communicate what your problem is, and to be open to the fact that we don’t know everything and that just possibly we can hear something else, is counter to everything that most of us here seem to profess that we live by.

    all i was saying was that from time to time things get way sidetracked and it’s hard to follow the responses to helen’s posts. not everyone has 8 hours a day to follow this. i’ve sent many people to helen’s blog – as have ellen and ariana and kate and others but if they don’t have a lot of time, especially in the beginning to get to know everyone here – it can seem like the lunchroom at junior high.

    i agree wholeheartedly 99% of the time on most of the issues with many of you who told me to shut up and back off and that i’m an idiot and stupid. i still do. and i appreciate hearing the “other side” and places in between. i listen to as much rush as i can stand in a week – it’s the fastest way to keep up with the enemy.

    but, c’mon, let’s not denegrade the board by adopting bush tactics – arrogance, ignorance and inability to reason, dialogue or articulate/ debate intelligently.

    besides, helen’s probably going to come out here any time now and tell us all to go to our rooms and virtually slap the crap out of us.



  181. I think you are right Proud. Trying to get a rise out of everyone so we’ll leave. Unfortunately, it seems to be working.


  182. oops should have been I’ve seen many posts. correction. Was typing fast.


  183. Julie they are trolls. Ignore them. They are now arguing with themselves.

    You can tell by the agressive approach they are taking.

    Notice how they are trying to clear the blog and truly disrupt? I seen many post trying to do this because they are jealous of all of the hits Helen and Margaret receive.



  184. Easiest Pie Recipe in the World:

    1 Marie Calendar shortbread pie crust
    1 can of Strawberry Pie filling
    1 regular sized tub of Cool Whip

    Dump can of strawberry pie filling into crust. Top with Cool Whip. Let sit in refrigerator for 4 hours.



  185. I was simply stating that the only way I could help those Alaskans was to try to get the info published so that those who could afford to help them would be able to learn about their plight and give a donation. That’s all.

    But apparently it is a taboo subject here so I am laying off. This used to be a fun room. Not so much anymore.


  186. Plastic Franklin wrote: “I’ve got five kids this morning Julie. KISS MY ASS!”


    Plastic, What did I do to you? And what does having 5 kids have to do with the price of beans in Mexico?


  187. Pie recipe anyone??


  188. I’ve got five kids this morning Julie. KISS MY ASS!


  189. So basically we talk only about what YOU want to talk about and not what Helen wants to talk about? And if that doesn’t happen you leave. So tell me again about loyal followers.

    What a bunch of babies. We tried nicely and you ignored us. So we pushed harder. That is ALL that happened.

    No reason we can’t avhe fun posting “on topic”…


  190. Wow, the room has emptied out. What’s a girl to do?


  191. Helen, You are spot on! You go, girl!!!


  192. You know I keep reading all of this hostility and I keep wondering where were all of you loyal followers when the rest of these good people took on the trolls and helped them move along. Kept including new posters in conversation and were so very appreciative of help on many issues?

    I see what you seem to be accusing the rest of us of you are now doing yourselves. Kind of juvenile and mean spirited.

    So have at the blog you can now carry the conversation about what you deem appropriate. Very shameful and sad.

    Yes I know you will tell me to kiss your ass. Because you have thrown your fit and made everyone very uncomfortable. It does make me wonder if you really are just trolls in disguise?




  194. I am beginning to think maybe it is time for me to move on.

    I am liking Mudflats and Anonymous Bloggers at the moment.

    Wish you folks well.

    Sorry to upset you.


  195. I think Obama’s idea of a take-off of FDR’s WPA program is a wonderful idea. This country needs jobs and needs jobs NOW.

    Get the troops out of Iraq and that would save billions in just a few weeks. Get this country moving again.


  196. Please, Stay Focused, People. We CAN all get along. Praise God not Helen.


  197. Can’t we all just get along??


  198. MJT, you sound like the kinda girl I could get my hands around….can I kiss your ass too?


  199. Helen,

    Come up with a new topic, PLEASE! It’s getting rowdy in here.



  200. Well I wasn’t trying to be nice. I was trying to make a point. I have always come here for a good laugh and occassionally a really good cry thanks to wonderful Margaret and Helen. I think this is why most of us first came here. Too bad you ASS HATS are ruining the experience for everyone else.

    You selfish posters can KISS MY ASS!!!!!!


  201. Paula…you rock!


  202. I know this redneck who voted for McCain/Palin because he thought she was hot.


  203. This blog is a hoot! Other bloggers dream of getting the amount of comments these Ladies do. Congratulations Margaret and Helen!!!! 🙂


  204. SARAH PALIN CAN KISS MY ASS TOO! She is such a superficial bitch!


  205. I was playing nice and I thought I made me case fairly straightforward. Helen writes something and I would imagine enjoys reading comments about what she wrote. When these parlour dwellers chage the topic to the harships in remote Alaska only those who take the time – considerable time – to swim upstream on the comment list – HARD TO DO IF YOU HAVE A SLOW CONNECTION – are the ones to experience the true response to Helen’s words. I think it is just common decency but what the hell do I know. ?



  206. I just loved the video of the crowd singing “NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY HEY, GOODBYE!! to Bush. That was classic!


  207. A lot of people have been hurt by Bush/Cheney.

    If you in a position to help someone – PLEASE HELp!

    – EMMONAK STUFF – (turn away now – if you wish)

    A native craftsman was at the store at Emo selling native goods to get stove oil. That was when it was warming up – 10 degrees positive. I knew his son from school, great family. Last year was better economically than this year. I knew a teacher who needed his snowmachine fixed and told him to go talk to this other teacher. The snowmachine was fixed and the fellow got some fuel to last a few days.

    Could you survive at $7.00+ fuel oil at your home?


  208. Grandma Helen (my adopted G’ma),

    If you read these posts, let us know how you feel about the various topics broached in the blog. If you feel we are getting off topic, please advise and we will respect your wishes.



  209. Come on guys! Let’s play nicely!


  210. RAj
    Didn’t Barbaras expression make you think she was eating sour grapes?

    And while I am IMO thinking the repubs are off base critizing Obama’s proposals for the economy. Cutting taxes. Sure we could all like that but how do they think it is going to be paid for? Suggestion–ship them all off the Alaska. They’ll be in good company with Palin. Yuk

    How about that. Typing is improving!!


  211. I wonder how much worse this economy is going to get before things start to turn around?

    Bush and Cheney really did a number on the American people…. and the world for that matter!

    I hope their greedy asses are happy!….the ASS HATS!


  212. Those posting about starving Eskimos on this post can KISS MY 44 YEAR OLD ASS!

    Oh and Rick Warren can kiss my ass too along with Dick Cheney and Carl Rove and Bill O and Rush L and Sean the fat boy on Fox that damn big haired Gov from Ill and the one from Alaska!!!!!!


  213. …at least let the transition in the comments happen organically rather than by you forcing the topic into each post


  214. Soory, but I have to agree with Tina. You have the perfect opportunity to start your own blog, chat room or email chain on the Alaska issue. Why ruin Helen and Margaret for everyone else. When people come here they don’t necessarily read farther back than a few comments before posting themselves. This should have been a continuing HA-LARIOUS post about ass kissing but anyone who visits now wouldn’t knwo by reading the last dozen comments. It’s like you broke Helen’s chain letter and I thing that is not only sad but maybe even a little disrespectful to M&H. Move it along… OK? Asking nicely here…


  215. Jean-

    It’s too bad about the situation in Texas, because if they pass that crap, there will be lawsuits, taxing a system that already can’t afford to educate kids!

    The really sad thing is that the religious right won’t have a snowball’s chance because there is already a precedent set in Kansas and Florida concerning this stuff.

    IF YOU ARE FROM TEXAS and reading this post, please stand up for Texas Education!

    Write your congressman and tell them you support legislature that reigns in the State Board of Education!!


    The “controversy” is the religious right trying to get creationism and young earth theories taught in public school classrooms!!!!

    PLEASE stand up for science!


  216. Dismal economic news regarding the Bush years:

    Sadly, a lot of people got caught up in the economic mess created by Cheney/Bush.

    Those who are the margins got hit the worst. Just before I left Emmonak, it was about 10 below zero and I saw a little lady come out of what I thought was a net shed. THAT WAS AN OUTHOUSE FOR 3 HOMES. I was told by villagers about no water, no toilet etc, but when I saw that elderly lady coming out of the outhouse – it made me realize what I had been told about. I lived in an apartment with water, heat, shower but super cold outside.


  217. What bothers me the most is “ENOUGH (my caps) with the Native Alaskans!”

    I’m really sorry that we’ve interfered with “the brilliant mind and hysterical humor” of Helen and Margaret. But, as long as Helen doesn’t mind, then I think working together to provide needed assistance to some good people suffering up north, who were there before any of us white, black, brown, or yellow people were here, remains a worthy topic.

    Surely, until Helen’s next comment, other sources of amusement can provide your entertainment?


  218. It’s great the LA Times ran the story on the need of the starving Alaskans. Perhaps we could contact AP or Rueters and include aid info such as mailing addresses etc.

    Apparently contacting the networks did not work. This is the only way I can help and I am single and trying to support two hungry teenagers myself. If only I had a little money to spare I would send food too, but we are on the verge of hunger too. Eating lots of grilled cheese sandwiches and raman noodles.

    I suppose I could disconnect my internet service and my phone and cable. Then I would have some extra cash to give aid. We are so spoiled here in the main 48 states. Heck those guys don’t even have running water for Heaven’s sakes!


  219. Helen….You are a SCREAM!!!!!!


  220. Hey I have a great idea! I’m gonna make one of those valentine guys and paste it on my ass with a sign that says: Bush & Cronies, Kiss This!


  221. I’m sorry to say this but I kind of understand what Tina is saying….I know…Kiss your asses…but I do understand. Just go back a read the comments prior to the Alaska Crisis…I think THAT is what she is talking about….She is not heartless…she states that up front….anyway, probably no winner on this one…we’ll just all patiently await Margaret and Helen’s next post. Big hug and virtual fist bump to you all!


  222. Tina,

    I had a great idea for you! Turn your TV on to reruns of “I Love Lucy,” “The Carol Burnett Show,” “The Golden Girls,” or “Mama’s Family” and while you are humored by the brilliant minds and sharp wit of great women, you can package up some boxes of food to send to Alaska, write your elected officials and ask them to help, sort through your closets and cupboards and fill some boxes for your local homeless shelters or food pantries, or make some of Jean’s “Valentine Guys” for a local nursing home or women’s shelter.

    You’ll feel MUCH better than just spending that time looking for a few laughs. I mean it. Really.


  223. I submit Tina for M&H’s “Idiot of the Week.”


  224. “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” (-Dante)


  225. This is not an attack but an observation. Tina I don’t think you do get it. Our President did not call for one day of service he called out to us to incorporate service into our daily lives. So those of us that believe in this concept are doing this. We meet up here and are trying to help fellow Americans. The true meaning of service to others.

    We all celebrate Margaret and Helen and love this blog. That said it is their blog and not Tina’s blog. I have yet heard Helen tell us to quit organizing on the behalf of people who are hurting and need help. If they do then I will stop communicating on this issue here but will continue in my own way in my life to get the word out. This is a political issue that is not being addressed by our government or the Alaska government.

    Being a self proclaimed liberal I would think you would understand these comments. Hmmmmm makes me wonder your real agenda.

    There is also as someone pointed out a way to scroll past what you choose not to read. Very simple and effective. I do it all the time. From now on I will scroll past Tina comments.


  226. Tina,

    How many emergency care packages of food and toiletries have YOU sent in the past week? It might do you a world of good to mail a few packages yourself instead of rolling your eyes everytime you read of those here who took action.

    If you and your family were starving and freezing, would you want us to forget you?

    These Alaskan villagers are in this crisis due to no fault of their own — their plight is due to causes as natural as Hurricane Katrina — and they will be starving and freezing until June. We CANNOT turn our backs and let them suffer.

    If you cannot find compassion and empathy in your own heart for them, at least search for enough compassion and empathy NOT to criticize those who can. And do not expect us to quit discussing the situation here, or to quit sharing ways to get help to those Americans who need it most right now.

    There are millions of blogs you can visit for your “hysterical humor” fix where the responders are not lifting a finger to help those in need. I invite you to frequent those blogs and leave us in peace to make our world a better place, to offer help to those in need, and to care about those who are suffering.

    Just know that if you and your family are ever in a life-or-death situation, you will find many here who would do everything we can to help you.

    May I never be your neighbor when I am in need.


  227. The LA Times story on rural Alaskan villages:,0,6182382.story

    I have to say, the story has been told much more eloquently on this site. Also, the LA Times article doesn’t give any suggestions for offering help. However, if we all contact our local newspapers & news stations with the LA Times story, they might be more likely to cover the story, too! This could be a stepping stone to get the story into the MSM!


  228. I get Obama’s call to service….I get that we should help by helping those around us….what I don’t get is this CONSTANT “talk” on Helen’s page regarding the situation in Alaska…you did good and we thank you for it…you took action and you have set an example…Now, can we get back to speaking our liberal minds and enjoying that which is Margaret & Helen? A place where you respond to the brilliant mind and hysterical humor of these two great women. Attack me if you wish…but enough with the Native Alaskans!


  229. Hi everyone,
    Looks like the parlour finally emptied out. Someone must have left a window open for all the crows to fly in. Quite a response you got, Helen. Blackbird pie anyone?

    Granma Katie
    I saw the picture of the Bush twins and noted the expressions especially the one on Barbara’s face.


  230. Congressman John “Big Boner” Boehner can kiss my 38 year old ass and enjoy it.


  231. Jean,

    I couldn’t picture your “Valentine Guy” pattern, so I went hunting for it online. I didn’t find it, but I did find a Santa pattern that is similar.

    The Santa pattern helped me visualize the “Valentine Guy”…..thanks for sharing it! I know what all the kiddos in my life are getting on 2/14! (Much better than a store-bought box of candy!)


  232. I did it by hand..myself!


  233. The author of the article on Alaska; send her some more info. maybe she will write more on the story!


  234.,465568.story?track=ntothtml. the article



    It was nice to take a moment to cyber-gorge! I don’t like being negative, butt, sometimes speaking your mind involves saying what you really think to your friends. Saying a huge comunal “no thanks, hit the door, and kiss my a**” to fear based totalitarian inhumanity is a natural response to the end of 8 years of stupidity.


  236. Thanks Alaska Pi! Guess What! TodayKim Walters wrote about the problem in Alaska in the LA Times. You may have noticed I cannot cut and paste…can someone do that please…. we can all write in and share info with her. I did.


  237. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I couldn’t agree more. However, I also agree that you mustn’t waste your valuable time reading Ann Coulter. There are too many valuable, intelligent, and entertaining things to be read. Keep up the great work!


  238. AnnΔ-

    Contact these folks for possible help with finding charitable org…
    Thank you.


  239. Well Firstly, Valentine guys sound very cute; secondly, I am not happy that the Obama’s are using the same high -priced decorator as that crook( Name begins with T. ?)from Merril Lynch used for his office.Although President Obama is off to a great start in my book. Thirdly, a lawyer in charge of a charitable trust told me he could make a donation if there was an organization for Rural Alaskans that was a 501k. Also sometimes there are feeder organizations such as something to help children in the world etc. Anyone a lawyer?


  240. Here’s another ass they can kiss xx

    I love you Helen!


  241. […] Kiss My 83 Year Old Ass Margaret is my new hero. (tags: politics awesomeness) […]


  242. Hi gang and Troutay,

    It would be best to give a visual demonstration of making the Valentine Guys. But I will try to describe it. I’m sure you can come up with your own innovations. You will probably mess up the first few, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.


    The supplies you will need can be found at Ben Franklin Crafts, WalMart or any craft store. You will need:

    Sheets of plastic mesh, also called plastic canvas, the flexible kind. Get the ones with the bigger holes for yarn to pass through easily.
    Red and white yarn
    Tapestry needles
    Large eye needle threaders
    Craft Glue (I use Aleene’s Tacky Glue. It goes on white but dries colorless.)
    Glue-on “eyes”

    Cut the sheet of plastic mesh into 1½” squares. Cut red and white yarn into yard/meter lengths. Do not stretch while you are measuring it out. You will need three red lengths and two white lengths for each Guy.

    Cover the mesh square with red/white yarn à la needlepoint starting with one corner going diagonally to the center. Continue covering the four squares in the piece. When you are finished, thread the yarn back through several stitches and cut off end. Do not make knots at either the beginning or the end. Save the cut off ends. You can use those for the “hair”.

    Put the two red sides together with the bumpy “hidden ends” inside. Whip TWO sides together with WHITE yarn. Gently squeeze to open in order to whip TWO sides of the white square to the red squares. Continue whipping around edges of the remaining red and white squares to cover the edges of the open “mouth”. Handle gently because the plastic mesh CAN break. Thread the end of white yarn into inside of “mouth”. If done correctly, all the end pieces are tucked away inside the “mouth”.

    Thread a long piece of red yarn (about a yard/meter) through the top of the “head”. Tie together once. Make a tie loop for the “hair”. Cut three red and three white pieces of yarn from the leftovers into 3” long pieces and smooth together. Make a loop of the long pieces of red yarn and put the “hair” through. Tie the “hair” in the middle securely, twice. Give the “hair” a haircut. Bunch ends of “hair” together and cut off straight about ¾” long. Fluff the hair.

    On the computer, make a page of:

    “Squeeze my cheeks,
    and I’ll give you a kiss!” (Over and over again!)

    Put it in a file and save for next year. Run off a copy. Cut each tag into about ¾” x 3” strips. (I use a box cutter, ruler and a board.) Punch holes in the end with a three-hole punch. You can usually punch 4-5 at a time.

    Thread one end of the “necklace” through the tag. Tie ends together once loosely over the tag. Tie long ends of the “necklace” together. Clip ends if they are dog-eared.

    Glue “eyes” onto RED side of “head”. Be careful not to glue “eyes” to the “chin” or back of the “head”. Only mothers have eyes in the back of their heads. I let the “eyes” dry overnight to make them secure. Re-glue if necessary. They can be pried off so be sure parents know that they could be swallowed (choking hazard), put up the nose, God knows what, if put into the hands of preschoolers.

    There is a rapid learning curve for turning out these Guys once you get the hang of it. If
    you are grinding them out, assembly line fashion, somebody ought to be around to do
    “Quality Control” on the finished products to check if a step has been missed.

    Place a Hershey kiss in the mouth.

    Give to a little kid (or grownup!) on Valentine’s Day and watch the eyes light up and a big smile break out! The child can wear it around the neck all day and play with squeezing the cheeks long after the Hershey Kiss is gone.

    Have fun! If you hit a snag from these clear-as-mud instructions, put up a comment and I will try to help you figure it out.




  243. Hi gang, Ira 368, Sally and Troutay,

    You knew I couldn’t stay away. Yesterday it was announced on CNN and one of the networks that Stem Cell Research is going forward with clinical trials on 10 patients with traumatic spinal cord injuries. It’s a start!

    Check out the magazine Scientific American’s January 2009 special issue on the Most Powerful Ideas in Science – ‘The Evolution of Evolution.” In addition to lots of interesting articles, there is a piece on ‘Creationists’ Latest Tricks’. Going all the way back to the Scope’s ‘Monkey Trial’ conviction in Tennessee in 1925 that was later overturned on a technicality.

    2001, I am quoting: “Passage of the No Child Left Behind Act cemented the importance of state science standards, which have become a new battleground between creationism [intelligent design] and evolution (because inclusion of evolution in science standards increases the likelihood that evolution will be taught.)”

    1987, Supreme Court rules in the case of ‘Edwards’ v. ‘Agulillard’ that the Louisiana Balanced Treatment Act violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

    2005, Decision in ‘Kitzmiller’ v.’Dover Area School District’ rules that teaching intelligent design in the public schools is unconstitutional.


    Now, they are trying again in Texas. See your comment, Ira 364, at 1/23, 9:09AM above and:
    It’s going to be a hard sell in the current Texas political climate to talk them out of this, but it’s worth a try.

    More than forty years ago when I was quite active in the League of Women Voters in Southern California, I had a face to face discussion with the principal of a private religious elementary school. The talk came to a screeching halt when THE PRINCIPAL said, and I kid you not, “It doesn’t matter whether the children can read or write as long as their souls are saved.” THE PRINCIPAL actually said that!!! I was so astonished I was actually speechless!

    Obviously, OUR kids did not attend that school but I venture to say their souls are saved AND they can read and write!

    “Plus ça change, plus c’est le même chose!” “ The more things change, the more they stay the same!” An old French maxim.

    Anyway, Sally, I am actually ambidextrous, probably because of 14 year’s study of the piano. I am sort of left handed but do not write with my hand ‘backwards’ like Obama does. The problem is my handwriting with EITHER right or left hand is totally illegible.

    Troutay, directions for the Valentine Guys coming up.




  244. Love you madly.
    To all those proudly ignorant: you can kiss my 56 year old ass!


  245. For Grandma Katie at 7:16 PM

    “And the Obama girls were so well behaved.”

    I LOVE this picture!



  246. Oh my…
    I’m tired and getting confused by your shorthand tonight.
    We, all of us, gotta learn to talk in longhand again or all these fences we’re trying to knock down to get to work are gonna stay put.

    I also think some of those fences ought to stay right up and even be built higher. I’ve had it with the latest re-incarnation of trickle-down-economics.
    I don’t care about the schmoes who have been living it up while the rest of us battle for living wages, pensions that are REALLY there when we retire, and so on. Folks more eloquent than I have vented here in Helen and Margaret’s parlour about what is owed by those folks…

    Charles- poor ole Sage’s hiney is my pick for best idea proposed yet! Hope the puppers are feeling better.

    I ,myself, am trying to learn to talk in longhand.. I talk about Alaska, plumbing, hardware stores,high horses.Oh hell- I just talk all the time…
    Anyway, when I get it right and it comes through that I am talking about the human condition, America and what we have hopes to accomplish, keeping an eye ,constantly, on the interplay between our ideas and how they work out in our lives I feel like I am making progress.

    So- i just flat did not track the office worker thingy from your earlier remarks…?

    And sorry as it is to this old hand-wash-boil-em-on-the-stove cloth diaper mama , folks in Nunam Iqua, in particular, are better off with those paper diaper thingys for now. They are a honey bucket , no water system community though there is a new water tank to haul decent water home from at present. Folks out there are pretty careful about human waste, including diapers.
    Their livilihood is the river.
    I know you were just pokin fun there…


  247. Okay, I’m dumb, meant right arm not left arm…must be all this talk of ‘lefties’.


  248. “Alaska pi …
    I gave office workers hell before but i wasn’t talking about the ones that vacuum the floor(or move the furniture)(been there -done that)”

    Ya know UAW, I work in an office now. Drove semi and did concrete work in my 20s, hurt my left arm and got laid off when the company didn’t want to deal with the disability, came up with a bs excuse to fire me. Didn’t qualify for retraining, couldn’t afford to go to school…

    Now I work in an office, office support. Make 12/hour, less than I did almost 20 years ago…and barely making ends meet. I agree with the managers, execs…but to claim all office workers are bad, well…we’re just ‘white coller’ wage slaves. Some of us.

    Oh well, f–k it… I suppose you’re better than me, at least you have an union to protect you, corrupt or not…and closer to a living wage than I see.


  249. They put more news on regarding Emmonak and Kotlk. The usual stuff – the people sent have no authority to do or say anything and noone was sent with fish experience.

    Washing is very difficult in minus 20 degree weather actually. Most washing of clothes is done by hand and hanging them out to dry in 20 below is funny to see but it does happen. Dryers are too expensive and most houses are too small. Many of the houses do not have running water.


  250. Alaska pi…
    Just to start some more shit…
    I hope people are sending real diapers and not disposable…….are they going to put them in the dump, throw them in the river, or use fuel oil to burn them(they don’t burn well)
    I hope they include a can of Bag Balm(it works on cows udders and kids backsides too)
    Just pokin’ fun


  251. Alaska pi …
    I gave office workers hell before but i wasn’t talking about the ones that vacuum the floor(or move the furniture)(been there -done that)


  252. Greytdog
    Thanks offfer the name of the Brain books. Next time to the Library will se if they have them.


  253. howlgirl,

    I guess I was offended that you went off about Alaska Pi and the information string about Alaska Villages.
    I am probably a bit thin skinned because I lived in a village for a few months. Neither words nor pictures can express the lives they lead in the village. They are the salt of the earth kind of people with much talent and unbelievable exeriences.

    talking about people in need is a good thing and it should continue. Alaska Pi is great and smart! Pi makes this forum and this world a better place.


  254. I second JuneauJoe’s nomination of Anonymous as margaretandhellen’s IDIOT of the Week.

    Seeing as I am a lefty it is nice to see Obama is too.

    And did any one else notice the look on on of the Bush twins face aaas the past and future presidents were leaving for the limo?

    And the Obama fiirls were so well behaved.


  255. Trades-
    You kick them tires…
    Some will be sound,
    Some will have a soft sidewall.
    We don’t want to be rolling down the road on bad gear…
    Too much work ahead to to be taking time out for flats and sure as heck don’t need any blowouts…

    Gotta say though, when so many everyday folks are losing jobs, would rather that redecorating dough had gotten spread for a DIFFERENT end result.
    Cushy offices might feed the contractor for a bit .
    But cushy offices for folks who presided over part of this economic meltdown goes against the grain. Just does.


  256. Watch out Ass Hat Anonymous! Helen kicks back!


  257. checking back in
    Obama was angry that Merrill Lynch used $1.2 million of TARP money to remodel an executive suite. Excuse me, but didn’t Merrill have to hire a decorator and contractor? Didn’t they have to buy the new furnishings? What’s the difference in that and Merrill loaning that money to a decorator, contractor and goods supplier to remodel Warren Buffet’s office? Either way, stimulus in the private sector occurs. Are we really at the point where the bad PR of Merrill getting a redecorated office in the process is reason to smear them? How much money will the Obamas spend redecorating the White House residence? Whose money will be spent? I have no problem with the Obamas redoing the place. It is tradition. 600 private jets flown by rich Democrats flew into the Inauguration. That’s fine but the auto execs using theirs is a crime? In both instances, the people on those jets arrived in Washington wanting something from Washington, not just good will.

    If I can be made to serve as a distraction, then there is that much less time debating the merits of the trillion dollar debacle.

    Jimmy Hoffa was sent to jail for “endangering union pensions” by Robert Kennedy”…..look whats happened to pensions since…????(Wall Street and Big Government)….Yeah !!! the repubs aren’t blameless but neither are the dems
    alaska pi ,,,I’m back…just kicking the tires


  258. Here in Canada we have been shaking our collective heads at the dishonesty and lack of leadership by the Bush outlaws. Bush baby should be fined for the mess that he created with Cheney….better yet they should be in prison in Cuba as they really did conspire against the American people.


  259. Helen, my Ukrainian Baba salutes you and also invites the joy killers, the trolls and rightwingers to kiss her waiting sraka.


  260. Thanks for that link, Whirled Peas.

    I’m beginning to think that the look on the shrub’s face coming out into the light of day for the transfer of power could have been impacted either 1) by the enormity of the crowd before him on the mall, or, 2) complete shock by the spontaneous groundswell of humanity singing, “na, na, na, na; na, na, na, na; hey, hey, hey; good-bye” when the announcer introduced him that morning.


  261. Whirled Peas Δ on January 24, 2009 at 10:16 AM

    About that 1976 movie, “Network” — Thanks for the link you gave which, for me, can be found at

    It’s uncanny how many similarities there are in the present economic mess with that old movie.

    For all you Alaskans here, I wonder what would happen if 1) all the Democrats and 2) rural people in Alaska stood together as one and said, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”???

    If all the state’s progressive-thinking people banded together, could such a solid voting block effect positive, long-lasting change throughout the state, including the Yukon Delta? Would the Moose Lady be sent home to Wasilla to run for dogcatcher, and, lose? Would her husband rejoin the secessionists?

    Whatcha think would transpire if some good old-fashioned, hard-working, community organizers moved up there and got to work?


  262. Elsie, I can’t find the vid you’re talking about, but here’s one you won’t see on RightWingTeeVee…

    George gets Boooshed !!!



  263. So, Lotus, My fiance works as a dog groomer (bear with me, this ties in, honest…) and she takes her two dogs to work with her, one is a pug and one is a golden retriever just over a year old.

    So, Sage (the retriever) was in the kennel with his sister Piggy (the pug) and he has been really uptight recently and not feeling well, he ends up getting diarrhea in the kennel and poops on his sister who gets upset and starts throwing up and pooping also…so both dogs now have runny poop everywhere and are barking, whining and just not feeling good and need to be taken out and bathed. The entire time, Lotus has to accomplish this and finish working and…well, THAT IS THE ASS THEY CAN KISS!!!

    Kiss Sage’s Ass!


  264. Helen, you said a good one! But, YUCK…the idea of ANY of those #*@%^! getting that close to my ass!


  265. Hey Helen I love/d your post/s. You inspire the “better angel in me”… To kinda quote a favorite guy of mine.

    Anyway thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    Be kind to each other people lets not start eating our own. 😉


  266. WTF?

    Howlgirl shut the hell up. I like Alaskapi who has brought many good ideas and opinions here.
    I don’t care if you are a nice p erson in real life, back off.

    Thank you Pi for the nice words.


  267. “Helen, You should have your own radio talk show and give Rush Limpballs some competition”

    From “Charles”…okay, I don’t disagree but there’s another one of me now, I’m so confused…

    cool name though 🙂



    Woo Hoo!!!


  269. Hey, Diane, the difference NOW with obstructionism, and before, with the shrub, is that NOW we have a president who speaks out against it and obviously wants to keep such things on the front burner. It is not tacitly or openly accepted as the status quo anymore. So maybe, over time, the whiners and haters and obstructionists will be shown up for what they are and relegated to a well-deserved trash heap of babbling incoherence. We can hope, anyway!

    It’s not the same old, same old. There’s a new sheriff in town.


  270. As always, I love reading Helen’s posts (& Margaret’s, too — we miss you, Margaret, and we hope you’re staying warm!) and I scroll through the comments and read most of them, although I don’t always have time to respond. (That darn goin-to-work-to-pay-the-mortgage-thing keeps geting in the way of my responses!)

    So glad AK villages are starting to receive some help — much work to continue doing there!

    Troll-Slayers Unite! Good work…’s interesting how those who disagree the loudest & longest w/ the conversations & work happening here keep coming back for more. Methinks they harbor a secret envy in their hearts!

    Many thanks to those of you who continue to inspire good conversation, social activism, community organizing, and thoughtful history lessons!

    Keep up the good work…my 40-year-old ass is in line for all the kissing!


  271. My 54 year old ass too!

    Now comes the crap from the republicans.

    Malicious Malkin thinks obstructionism is just fine now.
    When Democrats tried to question bush’s policies, we were called unAmerican

    I wish that some MSM person, here’s a hint Keith Obermann, would show all the clips of conservatives screaming about Democrats when they opposed bush’s policies and run them now every time a conservative tv/radio host even talks neg. about pres. Obama.
    We have 8 years stored up of hypocrisy.


  272. oh-
    the derailing thingy is what I mean…
    I kinda like the derailing thingy.
    I’ve learned a lot about what is different and what’s the same across this country… through the tangents .


  273. Oh jeez-
    Went charging outta here to find howlgirl’s address and see where sewage leak was coming from and Elsie already got it taken care of on both counts.
    Whew. Can anybody move faster than Elsie?

    And place is all cleaned up already…
    Nice job.
    Have some pie howlgirl…
    All this talk of a$$ kissing derailed into alaska-kissing as things are wont to do here.


  274. Oh, not the most impressive list of left handed presidents. Point taken DadinDallas, about specific wonders of life.

    Guess I am partial to lefties, since my hubby is a lefty, and probably one of the wisest men I know. Also, my left footed soccer playing daughter is pretty awesome. (Oh, stop already Sally. okey dokey)

    And yes Martha unAlaska Yard sign, rotten mangoes smell pretty bad, though not as bad as rotten potatoes as I just discovered. eeeyeuuu.


  275. “Ass Hat!” Baahahhahah!!!….sigh, Helen, you crack me up, bad!!

    Here’s another pet name that fits the bill when referring to the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, (and because I’m inspired by Obama to to reach out across the isle) Rod Blagojevich: “ASS CLOWN”

    Thanks for always making my day, Helen. Checking in with you renews my faith in so many things.



  276. Ah, Donna, you were just fine, and right on target. Maybe the clue to this is to talk amongst ourselves while also hollering, “MATTHEW, SOMEBODY’S MESSING UP YOUR GRANDMOTHER’S PARLOR, KNOCKING OVER TABLES, SPILLING PIE. HELP!!!”


  277. He sure did.

    And I broke my own rule about not reacting to trolls. Mea culpa.


  278. I hesitate to mention this, but I think Matthew cleaned out the parlor…


  279. Howlgirl, eventually this blog will get a forum…until then, the comment section is where we all gather. As for the tangents, just walk around them, find a seat somewhere else and I am certain you will find someone to chat with.

    As for Helen’s posts…they do kick out quite the reactions.

    And I also apologize for misunderstanding about AKmarksman…meaning Alaska and not “AK”.
    Me dumb!!!


  280. I thought that through, I meant G.H.Bush – sorry for the slip of the Dubbya key. Maybe I should remove it from my computer.



  281. They are going to need a vat of chapstick …. kiss my 43 year old ass, too, Anonymous.


  282. George W. is left handed. As with many things, trying to give credit to one specific wonder of life is not going to be the answer for the rest of us.

    I’m just proud that our new President is willing to use both sides of his brain to try and figure out the complex issues of America.

    ~Dad in Dee.



    The Question:
    I know President Clinton was left-handed, but what other presidents were left-handed?

    The Answer:
    Believe it or not, President Bill Clinton was this country’s third straight left-handed president. George W. Bush is the first right-handed president since Jimmy Carter.

    The following presidents were all southpaws:

    * 20th James A. Garfield
    * 31st Herbert Hoover
    * 33rd Harry S. Truman
    * 38th Gerald Ford
    * 40th Ronald Reagan
    * 41st George H.W. Bush


  284. Good morning fellow pie eaters and soup makers! Thanks to DadinDallas & Sherrie 1690 for their wise words – even though they didn’t want their ass kissed.

    How horrible for you Julie the Jewel to have such a insulated small minded brainwashed ass hat of a boss. Laughter is the best medicine for that icky feeling you get from him, so visit Margaret and Helen often.

    We should really ignore the trolls as Donna said. Let Helen take them on – for when she does, she does it with wit, grace, intelligence, and zingers – and she is makes us all laugh and say Yes! You Go Girl!

    Whirled Peas you astound me with your links to pertinent websites. Your latest one on January 24 at 10:16 AM to the “I’m mad as hell..” was spot on. The newscaster’s rant about the economy, crime, and fear was almost eerily how many of us felt recently during the Bush years, and although we didn’t stick our heads out the window and yell, we fought and campaigned and voted hope and virtue in. And now with our new president, we don’t feel mad as hell anymore.

    Well, that is, not AS mad as hell. There’s still a lot of crap, ass hats, hate mongers, and smug righteous big mouths with their followers around, but they are now just noise because Hope Won! And big time!

    UAW Tradesman, even though I disagree with most of what you say, I do respect your viewpoint, for it is what many others believe. Your analogy to your son was a good one: holding both arms out wide with thumb and forefinger about an inch apart. The space between thumb and forefinger represented the radical conservatives on one hand and the radical liberals on the other. Everyone else was somewhere in-between.

    So in the space between the right thumb and forefinger, lie Coulter, Limbaugh, Cheney, O’Reilly, etc. In the space between the left thumb and forefinger, lie Pelosi, Reid, Olbermann, etc.

    Oh! Just realized when I saw President Obama (feels good to write that) signing executive orders; he is left handed. I like that – a right brained leader. Who else was left handed?


  285. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  286. @ Elsie,

    Aisle 3 smells like rotten mangos. Anyone from Hawaii would know exactly how bad that smells.


  287. @ howlgirl

    As per Elsie, please forgive me if I was rude! Just remember that the tangents are part of the community here. Just remind them politely if they get to going too much, and they will respect your request and come down to earth (for a little while anyway – til they don’t). Cheers!


  288. I use the expression, “Kiss my shiny, white hiney.” I showed this blog to my 13-year-old daughter and told her that would be me in forty years!


  289. Matthew, your grannie’s parlor is getting slimed over here. We need a very big clean-up on Aisle 3.


  290. Thanks for the much needed support, Shirley!


  291. Hey, JuneauJoe….

    I’m thinking you might be a bit hard on howlgirl. She’s a loyal one of Helen’s pie participants. See her earlier comments at:

    howlgirl on January 23, 2009 at 6:51 PM

    In fact, she said something there that REALLY got my attention when she asked: “did you see the look on W’s face when he walked out on that platform and saw the sea of people – the true sea of people – that greeted obama? i swear i heard him ask himself, ‘why didn’t these numbers of people ever turn out for me?'”

    I wish that our buddy, Whirled Peas, would work his magic and find a video of that point in the inaugural preparations! I’d LOVE to see the shrub’s face at that particular moment.

    And howlgirl also said:
    “i swear, if it weren’t for their bran flakes, some folks would have no fiber of any kind; much less a moral one.

    “don’t let the turkeys get you down. send ‘em to wasilla to join palin – maybe they can get on the air next thanksgiving like the last one.”

    Caps, or no caps, she respects Helen, so I respect her.

    Now, needle dick is a complete ‘nother matter.


  292. Alaska firsts:
    *nation’s highest rate of alcoholism
    *highest number of teen pregnancies (out of
    *nation’s highest dropout rate
    *highest number of rapes in all of the 50 states

    *as reported in

    **check out Andrew Halcro’s blog for the latest info on the natural gas pipeline. He doesn’t give it much of a chance of actually being built, but someone, who will remain unnamed, would like to use it as political capital for a 2012 presidential run.

    ***AK Mudflats and Immoral Minority has an excellent breakdown and analysis of the AK SoS message. Not much (if anything) was said about the items in the list above. AKM & IM are good reads if you want to keep up on the doings of someone who’d like to become prez in 2013.


  293. Oh, it’s more than stupid. Although, of course, they are. It’s that they are the equivalent of a 5 year old who has just decided that it’s funny to make pee and poop jokes. Most people grow past that when they are, say, 7. But there are a few who stay stuck in a juvenile, tiresome and impossibly boring stage. They try to disrupt blogs just like a bratty little kid would knock over somebody’s toys–to show they can do it.

    Pretty sad when someone is so lacking in any substance or wit or depth that they spend their time doing the cyber equivalent of jumping up and down and whining “pay attention to ME!” I mean, really–this needle dick is about a half step above “knock, knock” jokes.


  294. When I cooked in the army, there was a ‘lifer’ who was a high school drop out. He liked to get college graduates who got drafted and make them go inside a dumpster to clean it.

    He would stand outside and laugh at his power and brilliance.

    Raymonty and howlgirl seem just as stupid as my old buddy.

    By the way, I turned the idiot in and he did not like me after that. He sure was stupid and so are Raymonty and howlgirl.


  295. Julie the Jewel: My wife says I can’t come over and play – bummer. But if something were to happen to her … like the tribulation (she’s a bit on the conservative side, I didn’t know that when I promised to lover her in sickness and in health) … well??

    M & H: sorry for hi-jacking your blog. I just get so fed up with people attacking liberals when it seems to my mind that they don’t actually know what they are attacking. Being liberal and agreeing with all Democrats is NOT the same thing. — oopppss, there I go again.

    I try to forgive all people. Even Rush. By the way, if I am forced to listen to Rush I have no bitter feelings towards him, he makes me laugh.

    “What’s so funny ’bout peace, love, and understanding?” ~ Elvis Costello

    Thinking about Tyler (and shouldn’t be),
    ~D in D








  297. @ howlgirl

    Please look carefully at your keyboard. First you will find TWO shift keys which give you capital letters. Second, there is a “down arrow” key which allows you to scroll down through the page. You can scroll to your heart’s desire and skip anything which you don’t have time to read. This blog is full of tangents – deal with it.


  298. Matthew, I think you have something needing your attention.


  299. when did helenandmargaret turn into a forum for the marksman and alaskaPI? is there a filter so we can get to the comments that are responsive to “helen’s” blogs? i mean, cool discussion but is there a “tangent” category?


  300. I got a kick out of Bill O’Reilly’s recent whining about how SNL mocks Coulter just because she’s a “conservative”. I actually agree. Very much. As long as she remains one of conservatism’s leading spokespersons, conservatism will be very easy to mock.

    My reasoning:
    Laura Bush: quiet, genteel, gracious, uncontroversial = hard to mock.
    Ann Coulter: “Cheney is my ideal man… He’s very handsome.” = easy to mock.

    But being more like Laura than Ann is boring, and therefore not very profitable. So, the most successful conservative media personalities have to keep on being these vindictive idiots, which leads to inevitable mocking (conservatives say or do something idiotic, liberals mock). I think some call it a vicious cycle. The dumb will continue leading the dumber round and round in circles, to be easily mocked, until they go down the drain of history.


  301. You have said it!!! Now the Republicans have voiced their opinions and it stinks…Cheney is in his wheelchair and the moron is still a moron. Thank you and keep it up…Another old hag is right with you.


  302. Elsie-
    The eye the ghastly gov has turned on this state has already helped some. Actually- I think it has helped a fair amount. There are other things which look promising. I just want to live long enough to see a real turn of the tide… selfish critter that I am.

    To broaden what I’m saying and I think it obvious that I wear rural-colored glasses-
    I watch a lot of land use issues in the West- young states with lots of natural resources and lots of ( I think ) mis-directed anger by locals on amount of land tied up by govt and so on.
    BIG issues for America- need to be brought out into daylight , everywhere.
    Corporate America hands jobs out on with one hand and demands blind obedience to profit for profit’s sake in return with the other- far too often.
    The losses of family farms, small sustainable logging companies and so on are the VERY same kinds of things.
    If we are going to change things, part of it has to include understanding we, most of us, are never gonna set the world on fire or get dollar rich. We are not in competition with each other though there are certainly competitive arenas out there.

    Letting go of solid ways of life , with a shrug about getting on a boat to some kind of one size fits all progress, has built subdivisions on prime agricultural land and malls on necessary wetlands… and… ALL across America.

    I am sad about your company. And all the folks facing this across America.


  303. Proposal:

    As we blog and read some pretty asinine comments by a few crazies. I think we should be able to nominate the fools as idiots of the week. The stinkiest turds rise to the top and so should the top idiot.

    I propose as candidate:
    Anonymous as my first candidate for Margarite and Helen’s IDIOT OF THE WEEK!


  304. I wondered upon this blog and had to say “Bravo!”. Great reading and humor. I will definately return.


  305. You go, girl!



    Palin’s $180,000 Campaign Clothes “Stuffed In Trash Bags” At RNC Headquarters: NewMajority (VIDEO, SLIDESHOW); January 23, 2009

    “Palin received more valuable clothes in one month than the average American household spends on clothes in 80 years. A Democrat put it in even blunter terms: her clothes were the cost of health care for 15 or so people. “


  307. ..fantastic Helen..


  308. Wow. Where are some really progressive “community organizers” to shake things up for the native population when you really need them?!

    Helen, we have a new job for you! You know that you and Harold always wanted a summer home in Alaska….


  309. Elsie said-

    “As a native Texan, raised in “the south” of the 50s and 60s, the racism back then in Texas against “coloreds” seems as rampant as the racism today there in Alaska against “Eskimos”.

    What is the voting strength of the Native Americans in Alaska today that they can’t vote the bastards out of office who promote the paternalism and bigotry there?”
    No simple answer I’m afraid.
    Alaska Natives tend to vote mostly Democratic. A map of the state would show a vast area of blue surrounding a tight red area around Anchorage and Mat-Su valley and another in Fairbanks Borough area. ( I know the red-blue thing has a lot of faults but works some for this here, right now,)

    Native population is far higher here than most other states – think is currently over 20% of total population.
    AK Native settlement act in early 70s did a variety of things- try to settle native land issues, clear the way for the actual pipeline, and so on.

    Subsequent growth in Anchorage and valley – related to oil boom and being supply towns of workers for the slope and for material supplies -changed a lot of things dramatically. Some good, some bad.
    Relative to your question, a whole lot of (mostly )oil workers came to Alaska from places where their un-inspected predjudices were easy to transfer over to natives here. Most of those folks came AFTER the boom started and see native issues as a hindrance to their paradigm of development for development’s sake-trickle-down-theory .
    Urban here would be a joke to almost anywhere else. Juneau at 30,000 is third largest “city” behind Fairbanks and Anchorage. Mat-Su borough and Fairbanks borough have lots of smaller towns and villages and add to the general population density of those areas.
    So- right now, almost the whole dang state is truly rural but as is so all over America , urban population centers call the shots.
    And the shots they are calling are that this is a native problem, NOT an Alaskan problem.
    Folks who can make lots of bucks have harnessed that ignorance and stupidity to keep folks’eyes away from the REAL prize- sensible management of ALL resources and building a transport net which works for whole state rather than just Urban folks.
    I know some urban areas are models of good sense but not here.
    I guess I’m saying , at this point, it is a real struggle to amass ENOUGH legislators to change things. Reps from urban areas outnumber rural reps greatly…sigh.


  310. Good point Ann. Will do.


  311. Elsie,

    I’m not sure about the Facebook thing either. I showed it to my daughter before I put it out there and she kind of took it from there. I didn’t know how strongly she felt about it until she started copying me on her correspondence with Ann S.

    In fact, she has addresses for a list of families and their specific needs. If anyone or any group wants to adopt a family and donate directly, Her e-mail is

    She and some of her friends are sending boxes.


  312. Has anyone noticed that Anonymous also appears as Arlene, Betsy, and other people with the same avatar. You know, those avatars are set up so they correspond to a single IP address, so this Anonymous has some pretty strange multiple personalities, especially given that in his or her other incarnations, s/he loves this blog.


  313. About Facebook, I signed on in order to post at Jane”s site. Within minutes I was friends with my cousins on my Father”s side…seems to have quieted down.I told them about” Alaskan’s Starving or freezing ” the response was “wha….t?”Not what they expected from me…nice to surprise people! However JANE in Miami- could it be changed to Rural Alaskans from Native Alaskans?


  314. Brava, sister. Brava


  315. You crack me up! So true and thank God you have the 83 year old balls to say it–and mean it –really. Keep up the good work! I also watched the inauguration and was moved by the hope that President Obama inspires. I was finally able to breath.


  316. You see Helen, even the new Prez is thinking like you:

    Obama tells GOP: Don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh

    President Obama warned Republicans on Capitol Hill today that they need to quit listening to radio king Rush Limbaugh if they want to get along with Democrats and the new administration.

    “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done,” he told top GOP leaders, whom he had invited to the White House to discuss his nearly $1 trillion stimulus package.

    There’s hope for US yet.

    PEACE ~ Δ


  317. “It’s nice to have an intelligent person in the Oval Office again.
    Yes, it certainly IS! It’s nice to NOT feel the urge to kick the TV screen every time the President is on. It feels GREAT, to finally have intelligence back in the Oval Office!

    It makes me smile, everytime I hear or speak or type the words “President Obama”.

    ALL the asshats can kiss my 58 y/o ass! And there is no way I’ll be reading that turd Ann Coulter!


  318. Hey, Alaska Pi–

    As a native Texan, raised in “the south” of the 50s and 60s, the racism back then in Texas against “coloreds” seems as rampant as the racism today there in Alaska against “Eskimos”.

    What is the voting strength of the Native Americans in Alaska today that they can’t vote the bastards out of office who promote the paternalism and bigotry there?


    And, Jane in Miami—

    Nice site there at! Looking good!

    I’m not personally convinced about the Facebook thing for ME, but I do appreciate your efforts about that, too.


  319. I love the KISS MY ASS game!!!


  320. Alaska Pi, Elsie, Ann, Proud, Juneau Joe and everyone who cares about the Native Americans in Alaska

    I’ve started a blog to dedicate to helping the villages.

    Please gather up any information you have posted here and post it there.


    “Native Alaskans are forced to choose between freezing and starving”
    208 Members


  321. Download and notice Windows 7


  322. Obama makes Bush look like a nursery school kid.


  323. apologies for spellos of last post..
    JuneauJoe –
    May I have some of that pie for breakfast too , please? Wakened way too early for weekly call from son and grand. Almost ready for a nap already. Truly briiliant son forgets sometimes the simple math stuff like 5 AM his time is 1 am here time.Love him to pieces though. Son and wonderful DIL work hard to keep Alaska granma here in touch with her grand in Maine.

    Anyway- the someones who keep popping in to yip about “Eskimo” thingy…
    It is of merely passing interest to humanitarian aid being gathered that most of the folks suffering in Yukon-Delta currently are Alaska Native, and mostly Yu’pik.
    This is a RURAL Alaskan problem.
    IF any of the snippys are Alaskan , they know damn well they are using the term Eskimo as a perjorative. Folks Outside may not know that underneath a lot of what is happening is a deep split over land use issues.
    IF this gets cast, INstate, as a Native issue alone it will not be resolved sensibly.
    The Aleut part of me shows in my bone structure, stature, and build. The Irish part of me shows in my skin color.
    Lots of folks don’t see past skin color. I hear , all around me, the attempts to cast this crisis as a drunken-natives-can’t-manage-a-checkbook-get-em-conservator thingy.
    The deep unrest in this young state over who has a stake or owns what rights to what resources needs to get out in the open. We are in danger of damaging our neighbors themselves, and the land which feeds and clothes us.


  324. And to follow that…

    President Obama’s Weekly Address

    In his first weekly address since being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States, President Barack Obama discussed how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan will jump-start the economy.



  325. RE: Kiss My 83 Year Old Ass.
    I didn’t know donkeys lived that long.

    And I say that hoping everyone will take it in the same goofyhearted manner in which it was meant. I’m sorry, but that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the post’s title.


  326. For Elsie at 8:36 AM

    My thoughts exactly.

    ‘Network’ ~ “I’m mad as hell…”

    *listen to the newscaster at the start.



  327. The marksman said-
    ““Caribou Barbie” as you call her..well her state is the ONLY state that had given out an extra $1,200 to every qualfied resident on top of the $2,000+ that we already recieve.
    Granted the gas prices are about $.50-1.00 higher in the towns and cities and bordering on rape in the villages (could you fuel your minivan at $7.00 a gallon?)
    Despite what people in the Lower 48 think,a large majority of Alaskans voted for Palin (I didn’t a few years ago,but I’ll vote for her now)..”
    Well- we know the gov did not get a large majority here..

    Click to access results.pdf

    The way our political parties split votes- most folks voted for someone else. The collective shame about Mr Murkowski and wanting a fresh face in the mansion contributed votes to Ms Palin .
    While some may like her better now and be willing to vote for her next time- there are a growing number who are uneasy, concerned, even appalled at the hash the gov has made in such a short time.
    It seemed like we could survive this at first. She stayed on task un-doing Murkowski’s backroom deals. Time will tell whether the deals she and the Legs made were the right ones.
    At this point in time- I have grave concerns about whether the ghastly gov can keep her eye-on-the-prize well enough to meet the challenges we have ahead.
    Refusing to disclose what her office requested from feds , which our new Senator’s office did upon request, was VERY weird. Finding out that her requests were so narrowly defined and did not address much beyond AGIA issues was dis-heartening. We all know there will not be the earmarks we have had in the past BUT we do expect the gov’s office to have infrastructure requests which are not of the trickle-down variety like her the-pipeline-will-make-money-what-else-could-you-ask-for crap.
    I am of the mind that the PFD thingy has clouded the judgement of far too many Alaskans. The disconnect inherent in taking money without asking at-what-cost we are paying elsewhere is starting to cost us big time. I know plenty of folks who understand and pay attention but I also know far too many who only zone in if they think their PFD might suffer.
    I know I’m not the norm. I have never applied for and therefore do not recieve a PFD because I think it is the wrong method for the right reasons.
    I am sick, unto perdition, of the hue and cry from Palinistas that the gov-gave-you-all-that-money-so-shut-up-or-give-it-back .
    The gov has pretty much given ME the finger, ya know.
    She refuses to move land use issues away from development for development’s sake. She is basing her energy plan of 50% renewable energy sources on the ALREADY 25% sources +25% more-to-be-done. This kind of inflation of numbers is what all Americans are tired of- already.
    And don’t get me started on some of the proposed projects we will have to keep a strict eye on. Hydro power IS renewable. Citing hydro facilities is paramount for NOT adding to other problems. We need to learn from the problems folks outside have made when short-sighted projects damged salmon fisheries and so-on.

    marks can do whatever they want but I’m not letting up on the gov.


  328. nice post and nice blog… peace from Sydney Australia


  329. Helen PLEASE WRITE A BOOK!!!!


  330. Let’s all start a write in / call in / email campaign to get Margaret and Helen a Radio Talk Show!!!


  331. akmarksman is just a YIPPY little ankle sniffer.

    IT IS ONLY 7:00 AM. Shoot, I was going to sleep in this morning. I just had Chocolate, Banana cream pie for breakfast though.


  332. Let’s start a write in / call in / email campaign to get Margaret and Helen a Radio Talk Show!!!!! 🙂


  333. Helen you rock!!!! You are just TOO funny!!!!!


  334. Helen, You should have your own radio talk show and give Rush Limpballs some competition


  335. I, too, am thrilled that we finally once again have an intelligent President. Thank you, America, for getting it right this time.

    And, to honor President Obama, I’ve made up a few recipes. Please check out my blog and see my recipes, “Inauguration Balls”, “Lincoln Logs”, and within the next few days check back and see my recipe for, “Barack-o-li (with chicken & pasta)”.


  336. akmarksman is just a zippy little ankle sniffer.


  337. The only Karma that Bush & Co and all their hangers-on (aka Palin, AKMarksman, etc) know about is Manifest Destiny. They believe that God has somehow chosen them above all others – which, in the words of the Church Lady, makes them “special”. ewwwwww, Of course, I suspect that Palin knows about Manifest Destiny the same way she knew about the Bush Doctrine. . . as in “huh?” Some folks may think the actions of the Obama Administration is payback or even karma – but it isn’t – it’s justice. American justice. It’s a return to the very essence of this country – of course, after 8 years in which nuance was decidedly lacking and oft derided, I am not surprised that specious arguments such as those made by AKMarksman are still being banded about with deliberate malice towards all.

    An aside to Charles and Jean (and Grandma Katie too): you all might want to check into Nancy Andreasen’s books on neuropsychology:
    The Broken Brain (the Biological revolution in psychiatry) and Brave New Brain (Conquering Mental Illness in the Era of the Genome) – absolutely fascinating, IMO


  338. akmarksman,

    My father also died a lonely and embittered man.

    My mother died surrounded by all 6 children, grandkids and great-grandkids who showed the respect which she earned.



  339. In the office that I work my boss (the VP) keeps the TV in the lobby on Fox News on all day, every day. My office is not far from it and I have to keep the radio on in my office just to try to block out the verbal vomit that spews from it.

    The VP even went as far to say that he believed that Obama flew to Hawaii to kill his grandmother so that she could not prove he was not born in the US.

    THAT’S what I have to deal with daily. Thank God my job keeps me so busy that I stay in my office all day with my nose to the grindstone and try to not to focus on the scary political views of my boss and co-workers.


  340. akmarksman:

    One final comment to you about respect. My father was a gambler and and alcoholic. He got fired a lot and my mom worked two jobs. My father would take any money for food or rent and gamble or drink it away.


    I don’t gamble and drink little! As an adult, I decided not to be like my father.

    I might also add that I have the greatest respect for my mother who kicked my dad out of the house and raised 6 kids while working two jobs.

    THE REPUBLICANS STOLE THE PEOPLES MONEY TO MAKE LOTS OF MONEY, DRINK, GAMBLE AND MAKE AN EXPENSIVE WAR!!! Never mind that you are taking away the food and health care/education of the starving children.


  341. I have a proposition:
    The next time you have to sit in an office waiting to see your doctor or dentist, etc., and Fixed News is blathering at you continuously from a t.v. in that confined space, complain to the staff. Tell them your blood pressure medicine can’t work effectively when you are captive to the spewing verbal vomit their office is forcing on you while you wait. Tell them that you need a few good magazines, like in the old days, and the quiet of your own thoughts, or, maybe, a little good, old-fashioned background music. I’d like to turn off Faux News all over the land, at least, where I am required to wait in an outer office.

    This action brings to mind:
    “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” (from the 1976 movie, “Network”)


  342. I just smell a lot of racism from the rude trolls who rail against any help going to the Native Americans up there in Alaska. If it’s not U.S. government subsidies (i.e., our tax money) going to tobacco farmers or no-bid contracts going to Cheney’s buds at Halliburton, then the Palin bunch “just don’t get” what the payoff is for them to offer a hand freely to other people.

    The AK Marksman dude comes off as a smug, self-righteous white guy who has never helped anyone in his life and never plans to, especially if they are a different color and religious or ethnic group. He is to be pitied, as are the other trolls, but I don’t really have the time.

    “Pathetic” works great; “Karma” works very well, too. Good going, everyone. Maybe the same party that’s tied up this country and nearly brought it to its knees under the shrub’s administration is beginning to panic in the new karma that’s slapping them in the face. I can only hope so.


  343. I think the real problem is semantic – when folks talk about how “we” shouldn’t disrespect Bush, Cheney, Coulter, Limbaugh, etc. . . what they really mean is that we aren’t showing the proper deference. In the case of the above-mentioned, I believe (and therefore act upon that belief) that they are not deserving of respect or deference. They are, however, very deserving of whatever scorn and ridicule is heaped upon them. They definitely have EARNED that!


  344. AKMarksman wrote: “Isn’t Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter deserving of a little human respect..even if you don’t agree with their views?..or is it because they are “republicans” and they aren’t worthy of your respect..”

    Rush and Ann do not deserve respect because they are disrespectful to others who do not agree with their opinion. It’s called Karma, baby!


  345. sorry for the double post. Computer is a little quirky this morning.

    Yes, I think “pathetic” sums it up.

    I often wonder if 2000 would have been different had the internet, You Tube, etc. been with us in the same way. Would the video of Bush making fun of Karla Faye Tucker (“pwease don’t kill me…pwease.”) have had the impact of, say, the You Tube of Palin with the witch doctor or laughing when a radio host called someone a “bitch” and a “cancer” (particularly when the woman about whom they were speaking was a cancer survivor)? Would that have shown the sheer phoniness of his feigned concern for the “culture of life?” I have to believe that the venality and stupidity and frat boy mentality and lack of substance would have been evident to many more people–and that he might not have been in a position to steal that election. And the world and country would be far different today.

    So, that’s the upside–we see things we wouldn’t otherwise have seen. In a different time, Palin could have pulled her fraud off (God forbid). Of course, the downside is that rumors are accepted as truth and that cowards can spew crap without accountability.

    But I can tell you that I respect and admire the people who are looking out for strangers–they are heroes to me.


  346. Proud: With Palin, the raped person had to pay for the rape kit too.

    PEBBLE MINE ISSUE: akmarksman – That mine now has permission, endorsed by Palin, to dump dangerous trailings into the headwaters of a spawning river for lots of salmon. There are also villages with real people who will drink that tainted water.


  347. Donna that is the perfect word pathetic!


  348. Good morning back! Thank you for making the point you made about the Eskimos. Mocking a disadvantaged population or the people who try to help them is pathetic.


  349. Good morning back! Thank you for making the point you made about the Eskimos. All I could think about with that jerk was that he/she was the type who would have spoken the same way about Native Americans. Mocking a disadvantaged population or the people who try to help them is pathetic.


  350. Marksman:

    Still waiting!!!!

    Kiss my ass Marksman.


  351. akmarksman didn’t I just read that AK has the highest rape crime rate of any state? Is that not a crime in your book? It is in mine. You argument does not wash.

    Dad in Dallas your post was beautiful and very true. Thank you for speaking out and lifting my spirits this morning!

    Good morning to Greytdog, JuneauJoe, Raji,Donna and Julie the Jewel.


  352. Yes respect is earned. When respect is state-required, it’s called totalitarianism. Do I respect the Office of the President? yes – BUT when the person holding the office is not worthy of the office or his/her actions while in office are in and of themselves disrespectful of the office and they abuse the power of the voters, then I owe them nothing, not even a modicum of respect. One of my credos is that the first time you screw me over, I’ll forgive you. The second time, you’re gonna have to work really really hard to prove you’re not an asshole. Bush is still proving he’s an asshole.


  353. AKMarksman: “We’re one of those “clinging to our guns and religion” type states..and our crime rate is lower than say..Chicago.”

    You also have a lower total population than say. . . Chicago. . . Oklahoma City. . . Miami. . . NYC. . . Los Angeles. . .

    So you’re comparing popcicles to. . . meat.


  354. Marksman:
    PFD and the $1200.00 and the Alaskan environment?

    Oh wait, I guess you are formulating your answer to the previous rant – guess I will wait.

    Discuss Marksman! You have good points I am sure.


  355. They are back!

    Respect is earned not given. Seeing as Rush and Ann do not respect their fellow human beings, unless you are on their select few list. I owe them nothing. They hang on for one reason to promote Ann and Rush and make more money off the backs of the poor people who believe their tripe. They are hate mongers in designer clothes. The true definition of elitism.

    As far as approval ratings Bush’s is higher because some people actually felt sorry for the sap. As many have said wait until history is written and the cold light of analyzation hits his many missteps and bad deeds. How about asking all of the people that are now dead and buried how much they approve of George. Oh right you can’t because they are dead! How bout all of the people that got laid off this week? You think they approve of the Bush administration?

    I did not vote for Bush in either election but kept praying he would do the right thing for ALL Americans and guess what I was let down. So do I owe him respect NO. He went on his own idealogical agenda and assumed he was never wrong and he knew what was right for everyone. He has created a disaster on every front.

    All of you who say we are safer because of him are delusional. The very fact that our economy is so weakend and hanging by a thread has made our country more vulnerable than any terrorist attack could ever cause. He has helped open the door to the evisceration of all of our financial and economic security.

    The rest of you who think it is great sport to ridicule people here for helping others are in the lowest lifeform catagory. I do hope that you never have to be in the position of a hand out or help, but the way things are headed in this country you more than likely will. I hope you have more grace than you have shown on this blog when that time comes. The Eskimos you so easily deride are American Citizens! Period.

    Our new President is right the ground has shifted and you few just don’t get it. You can’t find your bearings and are crazily windmilling around. If you can’t help solve the problems we are facing even a little bit, you will be left behind. That freewill thing is in play here. Are you going to free wheel your way into obscurity because you continue to cling to a lost cause?

    I will say it one more time in honor of Helen KISS MY ASS!


  356. It’s not just Helen who thinks we shouldn’t listen to Limbaugh

    WASHINGTON — President Obama warned Republicans on Capitol Hill today that they need to quit listening to radio king Rush Limbaugh if they want to get along with Democrats and the new administration.

    “You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done,” he told top GOP leaders, whom he had invited to the White House to discuss his nearly $1 trillion stimulus package


  357. Marksman:

    Under Bush: We changed the Bankruptcy rules so even after bankruptcy, a person would have to pay.
    Why were most people going bankrupt? MAJOR MEDICAL BILLS? It seems that Bush also allowed Insurance Companies to lower what they pay or allow them not to cover people for pre-existing conditions.

    People were getting hammered with little changes in policies which Bush and Cheney put through with their Republican majority.

    Thanks for straightening me out Marksman.


  358. In the vernacular, BFD. Kindly don’t start with the “you are just disrespectful” or “I’ll be more respectful than you were” before you apologize for having said the utterly contemptuous thing about not shedding a tear when another person dies. Better yet, why not engage in a little introspection about why you are gratified by insulting others behind the anonymity of a message board.

    I don’t often post here but this is a remarkably well-intentioned group. To my knowledge, they don’t go to blogs where they disagree with the basic premises expressed there and insult the hosts or posters. On the other hand, when someone comes onto this board and courteously expresses a different point of view, they are welcoming and happy to engage–and they admit when someone makes a point.

    Again, I ignore trolls. There really is something sad about them (you) and nothing to admire about or gain from them. Their behavior says what sort of person they are. But your nastiness was so over the top that I choose to respond and to tell you that you obviously are an as unfortunate as you are immature. Sad little person–trying to stir things up because you like chaos.


  359. Dad in Dallas,

    Will you marry me? I live in Tyler, Tx. Let’s elope! It was refreshing to hear someone from Dallas who actually shares my point of view.



  360. Marksman:
    Bush got elected twice because I gave him respect! I quietly voted against him and I went to work and paid my taxes while he gave the top 1% a financial free ride.

    He lied us into a war, which has cost my children;s friends lives, PTSD and financial debt which we still have no clue how much. BUSH PUT IRAQ OFF THE BOOKS, so we have no real accounting of the cost.

    Environment: If there was was money in it, then Bush was for it – the cost to the environment was not to be considered.

    Please Talk me down Marksman.


  361. Marksman:

    Bush and Cheney have had contol of the country for 8 years. 6 years were with a Republican majority.

    We have Trillions in debt and an imploding economy – THAT IS BUSH AND HIS ADMINISTRATIONS FAULT!

    How much has the Iraq war cost? (Financially and cost of lives?)

    I thnk it is time to discuss.


  362. I’ll give your President Obama a chance..
    He’s human (he’s not the savior you are looking for though),he’s fallible..
    Heck I’ll show him more respect than you did towards my President Bush.


  363. RE:sherrie.
    “Caribou Barbie” as you call her..well her state is the ONLY state that had given out an extra $1,200 to every qualfied resident on top of the $2,000+ that we already recieve.
    Granted the gas prices are about $.50-1.00 higher in the towns and cities and bordering on rape in the villages (could you fuel your minivan at $7.00 a gallon?)
    Despite what people in the Lower 48 think,a large majority of Alaskans voted for Palin (I didn’t a few years ago,but I’ll vote for her now)..
    We’re one of those “clinging to our guns and religion” type states..and our crime rate is lower than say..Chicago.

    I don’t care much for liberals who feel it’s their job to attack republicans and conservatives..
    Isn’t Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter deserving of a little human respect..even if you don’t agree with their views?..or is it because they are “republicans” and they aren’t worthy of your respect..
    I pointed out Clintons failures,but I didn’t attack him like the majority do to President Bush.

    Maybe it’s because he’s a public figure..but I don’t know how you would react if you were President back in 2001..and having to go through the things he did.

    His approval rating is higher than that of the elected(by you,not by me) Democratic Congress..


  364. Can you please add a share tab? So I can post some of the articles I really love to my Facebook profile to share with my friends. Thanks!


  365. Sparkly Jules wrote: “It’s exciting to be alive, in these times”. . .

    and my mind immediately went to “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

    D-n-D – thanks for your beautiful succinct postings. Very articulate and spot on

    As for UAW, we need him. Why? Because he keeps us grounded between the ass kissings and the cheers. He is, IMO, what the loyal opposition should be in this country – in a lot of things, UAW is able to see both sides, but at least his arguments are becoming less anecdotal in nature.

    As for some of the other folks who’ve wandered onto the porch this posting, they are trolls. What is a troll – an embittered, fearful stone and nothing will move them from the sanctuary of that fear and loathing. they LIKE sitting in dark corners, spewing forth their hate, chewing and chewing on regurgitated prejudice and imagined enemies. That is their safety zone – but it only feels safe when they have company – either sitting with them in the dank darkness or shoving others into similar corners elsewhere. Well let them have their darkness. . .as for me and mine, as Alice Walker wrote, “we’re stepping out that door and into creation!” (The Color Purple)


  366. Yes, absolutely.


  367. Ann Coulter is really a man and quit pretending she’s a woman as well as shut up; Gas Windbag (Rush Limbaugh) is irrelevant; Bush was incompetent; Cheney is evil and they can ALL kiss my 43-year-old, fat pimply ASS!!

    I can’t wait to get up every day and read or watch what new and improved, intelligent thing Obama and his administration has done.

    It’s exciting to be alive, in these times.

    Yay! Brains are back!

    sparkly jules


  368. BeccaSuan: you are welcome. Sorry I can’t type so well when I get rambling – the thoughts flow faster than my fingers, which then type faster than I can proof read.

    I just hope the points are clear even when my typo’s get in the way.

    I sure hope they don’t ever consider typing to be a measure of one’s I.Q.

    Take care of one and all,
    Me in D


  369. Oh DO please continue blogging publicly. It’s really fun to read the banter you two ladies provide us all.

    And as for “Kiss My…” – well, I couldn’t have said any of it better. (Maybe in 43 more years…?)


  370. D in D-
    Thank you for that- for your insight, for your wisdom and for sharing that with us.
    You made some very valid points and I’m humbled by the honesty in them. Thank you.


  371. I love your blog! And I was going to name all those who could kiss my precious 64 yo ass, but …. I don’t think I trust any of them behind my back, especially so close. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of voodoo dolls that I could fill with pins!

    I do have trouble believing “UAW Tradesman” is really a union member — and a Republican. No matter who he is — he’s an idiot and not worth mentioning.

    I think Limbaugh and Coulter are so “out there” that it’s hard for me to understand how anyone could take them seriously, much less believe what they have to say!

    I feel sorry for the Alaskans who still have “Caribou Barbie” as their governor–they’ll have to fix that at the next election, I guess. (wink-wink!)

    As for “Dubya”, I want to KICK his ass! If he’d been in the White House any longer, the U.S.A. would be another third-world country run by a cheesy dictator!

    I didn’t vote for Obama for president because I thought we needed a black man in the Oval Office to make all of us feel we’d reached a milestone in our history — that was just “gravy”!

    I voted for Obama because, being from Chicago until recently, I knew he was a smart man and had voted for him for senator; because he actually acknowledged that people in this country do not have sufficient health care, etc.; because his proposed solutions made sense; because he didn’t waste time vilifying the other candidates and being divisive; because he didn’t “gush” about his religion to get votes (to me, religion is intensely personal); AND because he made me feel hopeful that a BIG CHANGE was possible!

    I think he’s chosen people around him who know HOW to get things done in Washington. [Unlike former President Carter who had lots of great ideas, but was totally ineffective because he brought in his own people from Georgia who knew nothing about Washington politics.] [Unlike former President Clinton who had trouble getting things done because he didn’t know how to work with other Democrats–and actually did more toward his agenda with a Republican majority!]

    President Obama is young, energetic and has newer ideas — we need to get rid of a lot of the old, complacent ones to be able to survive in the 21st Century. I would love to live long enough to see us get away from our dependence on oil altogether — that would kick OPEC in the ass!! I think a lot of the right technology is already there — just kept “quiet.” (GM has been producing auto engines that burn 100% alcohol for sale in Brazil since the 1960s.)

    The fact that Obama is a black man isn’t really significant to me. If he’d been a Republican with the same tired old ideas, I wouldn’t have voted for him.

    As for those who cling to the far-right and to the far-left, it’s about time for some moderation. Most the people I know are pretty reasonable.

    For example, if you ask most people living in a city if you think they should take guns away from hunters and honest people trying to protect their homes … they’d say no.

    If you ask most people from small towns who are avid hunters if they think it should be legal for criminals and mentally ill people to have access to guns, or if armor piercing ammo should be available to be used against the police … they’d say no.

    Most people are OK unless some conniving politician gets them all heated up with “spin” and lies.

    As a retired nurse, I’ve seen all kinds of people at their worst, and for the most part, I still like them — even “UAW Tradesman”. Next time he says something stupid, just pat him on the head, say “uh-huh” and give him a cookie.


  372. What is a conservative?

    A conservative is someone who believes that only the strong shall survive – or perhaps that only the strongest SHOULD survive. That God (their God) only has room for their religious views and is not willing to see that God loves all of us.

    A conservative believes that the government should be a small government until it comes to the privacy of the people it is governing – then it shall become intrusive.

    The term “small government” refers to how the government is entitled to help the people. (“We don’t want welfare programs or hand-outs”). While a “big” government is one that puts rules and regulations into place for the top 1% of the country so they can’t over inflate our resources and run and hid with all the profits.

    Conservatives also fear things like mixed marriages. Gay and lesbian affairs, and free speach. Because they can’t understand these things, they think that they are “wrong” and should be punishable by laws that restrict access to the same rights as those who can fit in their perfect but rigid molds get.

    Ultimately, the most offensive side of conservatism is prejudice. The most extreme form of prejudice (in my opinion) is racism. But the thing I can’t understand is how a racist conservative can believe that racial supremecy can be achieved by in-breeding when some of the most intelectually, athleticall, beautiful people are of a combination of different races?

    Conservatives: if you are not racist, then I assume it is because you understand that people of anything can become whatever they want and that their skin color or nationality is not what will stop them. if so, then why don’t you understand that “free thinking liberals” are also allowed to become whatever they want?

    Liberals don’t care if you are conservative; conservatives seem to care if you are liberal.

    Ducking, but not retreating,
    ~D in D


  373. For UAW and other conservatives:
    What is a liberal?

    To me, a liberal is someone who is open to the possibilities of what objective eduaction can teach us. Someone who doesn’t mind sharing their secrets once they learn them. And believe that if there is a God (I nelieve, others don’t – that’s OK with me) that he (or she) truly loves us. All of us. No matter what we read about, preach about, or even think about.

    We believe our community (our country) is only as strong as the weakest link, so we better make darn sure that everyone who wants a better life can get it. Even if that means giving a hand-out now and then.

    I don’t know if you have ever lived on the streets, gone for more than 24 hours without a meal, or had to steal just to eat (I have) but one thing about being that far down I can tell you is this: by receiving a “hand-out” I was able to believe that someone cared enough about me to try and help me, so I had better not waste their efforts by not trying just as hard to stay out of trouble. I know some conservative folks that say that if you give someone a free lunch that they will never try to earn a dollar for themselves. The truth, in my experience, is that if you are that down in the dumps, you stop caring about food and stop wanting something until someone comes along and reminds you that food – and “a life” – is worth having. Worth working for, worth sharing.

    I do not know any conservatives that have ever genuinely had to chose between right an life. Not right or wrong, as they like to insist the world is.

    Jesus was a liberal.

    God loves humanity so much that he gave us the power to have compasion. He loves us so much that he doesn’t mind if we don’t love him back, worship him, or even believe in him. This was what Satan couldn’t understand – that it is not that he loves us inspite of all our flaws, he loves us BECAUSE of all our flaws. And this scares people with small minds because it means that they have to believe that to be all that God really wants them to be they have to be willing to listen to others.

    UAW, you don’t need to be scared of us. We love good debates – it’s how we learn to be better people.

    No, I’m not high. Just on my high horse.

    Love, live, learn something you never wanted to know. It might help you or your neighbor someday.

    ~D in D


  374. Helen, always a joy to read your blog. I so love your feisty nature and your keen observations of our political climate.

    Best to you and Margaret.

    KJ, Fragrant Liar
    (formerly Nana Diaries)


  375. Let’s talk about the economic issues while Bush was in the White was run into the ground by a Democratic congress.

    You can smuggle WMDs in just need the right amount of the certain kinds of chemicals.

    Bush had a higher approval rating than Congress..
    and we keep electing the same old people back to Congress..are we ever going to learn?


  376. Thank you, Helen. Wonderfully said.

    In the words of Tina Fey, “Suck it, Anonymous!” (Anonymous, as in the person Helen’s referring to in this latest blog).


  377. Oh goodness – another troll came out to play and to get his thingy hard by being rude on a community style blog. Ho hum.


  378. “It’s nice to have an intelligent person in the Oval Office again.”

    That stammering idiot is your idea of an intelligent person? Doh!


  379. Call me!!!!!!!!


  380. “I keep getting NAFTA thrown at me but that was signed into law by Bill Clinton.”

    Yep, an just one example of how Clinton made a good conservative, regardless of the “D” behind his name…still:
    “NEW ORLEANS (AP) — President Bush chastised lawmakers on Tuesday for letting international trade deals falter in Congress and criticized Democratic presidential contenders for wanting to scrap or amend the vast North American free-trade zone.”


  381. “As hard as Obama tries (and I do expect him to do well), he won’t be able to turn the country around in four years, or even eight. We’re in for the long haul.”

    You are right about that…no matter what happens, it is going to take a lot of work and a lot of pressure from all of us to keep the politicians focused on doing something instead of getting back into their patterns.

    “I just don’t get it. She called Palin a bitch. What’s the connection beyond that????”

    and Bob, you nailed it right there, someone brought up Palin trying to get the Beluga whale off of the Endangered Animal list so that 375 or so animals couldn’t get in the way of oil exploration…and someone else brought up the situation in the Yukon Delta and then there were links from Mudflats, Ann giving information from one of the villages and then people deciding to act.

    Probably as boring as if right after Katrina in 2005 someone had started posting about the work that needed to be done and…oh wait, that situation hasn’t been dealt with either. Ooops, bad example.


  382. It is nice for a change to have someone intelligent holding the office of the President. Someone who is well spoken, well read and highly educated.

    I haven’t heard our new President, Barack Obama, say it yet, but I’m fairly certain he knows how to properly pronounce “NUCLEAR”. I look forward to hearing it.


  383. Kiss my frozen ass all you Eskimo Hugging Freaks!


  384. Alaska pi …
    I guess that was my point…there’s trash on both sides of center.there was a collective ton of trash tossed right so I threw a little left.
    I hope that the Repub from Tuscola county spends many nights in jail with Bubba. That hit to close to home. I voted for the hometown boy though.(D Terry Brown) That’s hard to do in local election here, usually its decided in the primaries, 6-7 rebubs running …no dems or ind
    Sticks and stones will break my bones but whips and chains excite me.
    as far as 9/11 not happening someone forgot about the Beirut bombing,the USS Cole, and the embassy bombings.
    I keep getting NAFTA thrown at me but that was signed into law by Bill Clinton.




  386. Helen, the Repubs are going to get chapped lips kissing all the asses lined up here. I can’t wait for you to take on Coulter. She is no match, of course, but I will still enjoy your insights.


  387. You’re kidding me right? We’re all having a grand ‘ole time telling people to kiss our liberal asses and you start up with the starving Eskimo routine again????

    I just don’t get it. She called Palin a bitch. What’s the connection beyond that????


  388. Rick Warren can KISS MY ASS!!!

    How dare he take such a definitive political moment and make it all about Jesus when in fact many Americans are Jewish, Muslim, and about a dozen other faiths including several million who choose not to believe at all.



  389. Good night Elsie! I, too had a joyful email from Ann that will make me smile all weekend.


  390. I’m crashing. Any of you Troll Smiters still up? Go get the doofus types, if they venture back.

    Good-night, Martha Unalaska Yard Sign–Ya done good today with Efton on behalf of Ann and the rest of the folks at Nunam Iqua!


  391. Hey, all the humanitarian talk bored the trolls and they went back to their caves – why does that not surprise me? Heh heh – kiss my little ass if you decide to come back out.


  392. EllenInPa, like people have said, “Smart is the new sexy!”

    Yes, Alaska Pi, the work has just begun, but, at least, tonight, maybe there are some Alaskan people who now have something to look forward to. And some children are better cared for. Let’s hope the help continues for Emmonak, Nunam Iqua, and the other places, until they can get back on their feet.


  393. “………..What is this feeling? This feeling of adoration every time I see our new president? Am I dreaming? Have I had a stroke? Whatever it is, I LIKE IT………..”

    LMAO… I swear I would get a pain behind my eye whenever Bush was on TV. it would then turn into a full blown migraine.. He always looking like talking and thinking was painful.. and he always made it painful for me to watch!!!

    It’s so nice that my 8 yr migraine has been HEALED!!!


  394. Yup Elsie-

    It’s started…
    Not gonna solve the long term issues nor have we found someone in Kotlik and so on to be a contact , but it’s started.
    We’re gonna need sandbags like this all round the country til we get some things stabilized, I fear.
    We Anon-bloggers might have to put fresh jammies on and a bag on our heads and go out and do re-con about where sandbags are needed most.

    Helen- thanks for letting us use your parlour to do this.


  395. HEY, Alaska Pi…

    You got that email, too, just a few minutes ago from Ann Strongheart at Nunam Iqua, huh?! Nearly 100 lbs of goods arrived today!
    She says:
    “I inventoried them and noted the weights so I could report it on mudflats. I was doing this while there was a photojournalist here from the Tundra Drums. She took pictures of me carrying in boxes. Also she took pictures of me opening them and noted where they were from. She told me she would email a link to the article so I will send you that when I get it.”

    Today, some good people asking for a little help this winter began to get some basic items they can really use.

    Thank you, Helen, for being the conduit that makes this possible.


  396. “………..What is this feeling? This feeling of adoration every time I see our new president? Am I dreaming? Have I had a stroke? Whatever it is, I LIKE IT………..”

    i feel it too. kind of like when you realize that your throbbing headache is gone, eh : )


  397. One question: How many of you voted for Bush? And don’t lie. At least half the country. And I know that at least one person sitting here slamming him did.
    Trust me, I disagree with almost everything Bush did as much as the next person, but look at what Obama is already planning in the early days of his presidency. He wants more credit and stimulation of the economy, which is exactly what got us into our predicament. As hard as Obama tries (and I do expect him to do well), he won’t be able to turn the country around in four years, or even eight. We’re in for the long haul.


  398. Hey Unalaska! Hey- lil sis!
    1st pkgs into Nunam Iqua!
    Hi-ho, hi-ho!
    Lots more work to go!!!


  399. Helen I think you need to start a “Kiss My Ass Club” because it sounds like everybody wants theirs kissed 😉


  400. @ Juneau Joe

    I think Ann S in Nunam Iqua may have had a bit easier time of it – she called each family and ended up with a list. She mentioned only one square peg who didn’t like the round hole of attention, so if that holds to only one person it will make her task much easier! She’s a trooper that one.


  401. I’m really not sure what I’ll do, now that I don’t have to sprint toward the TV every time the president speaks.

    Now that I don’t have to fret about the lack of grammatical skills and the sheer idiocy of the man who held the title of Leader of the Free World.

    What is this feeling? This feeling of adoration every time I see our new president? Am I dreaming? Have I had a stroke? Whatever it is, I LIKE IT.

    I mean it. Really.

    Ol’ “anonymous” can kiss my 50 year old ass while he’s at it.

    And AK snarksman or whatever your handle is? If Bush hadn’t been in office, 9/11 would never have happened. How can you be so ignorant? You give all Republicans a bad name. And they’re not all bad, believe it or not.


  402. Might I add one more to the list of folks who can KISS MY ASS:

    That stupid bastard Phelps and his clan of hatemongers and all their ignorant, wrathful-God spewing BS. Those Westboro asshats can pucker up, because I’ve got plenty of room on my behind for all of them.


  403. Numan Iqua/ Span Alaska Information for those inerested! Bob the Builder – do help!

    Call SPAN Alaska, toll free at 1.800.367.9833
    Ask for Efton and tell him you would like to make a donation to the “Nunam Iqua Village Aidf” account. They can take credit card info over the phone.
    They will mail you a receipt for your payment with the account name on it for your tax records
    If we add other villages later if they desire and have a coordinator, SPAN Alaska will set up a separate account with the village’s name & coordinator.
    They are CLOSED on the weekend, regular hours are Mon-Friday 7am – 5pm PST
    Also Ann, Efton said you guys can stay in touch via email to keep track of the fund amount so you know when you can order. He receives email at

    One fellow who complained about people sending money does not even live in the village. Ann S probably got crap and created a headache in that someone has to decide who gets what. Overall, it is the right thing to do and the vast majority will appreciate the efforts. I am just glad that Ann S and Nick Tucker spoke out.


  404. @ Elsie

    I’m still sending one rate boxes with food also – have mailed out seven so far. The first four arrived today which were mailed on Monday, so I was thrilled! It is the quickest way.

    The Span Alaska plan is perfect for all the folks who have asked how they could donate something, but didn’t have enough for a Span minimum order of $100 or did not know WHAT to send that was most needed. Or to get the bulkier items out there since we can’t smash enough diapers into one rate boxes very well!

    But you have a good point…if you don’t mind doing a bit of shopping and packing, sending stuff quickly is best done by sending USPS priority.


  405. “The time has come to put away childish things.”



  406. Alaska Pi and Martha Unalaska Yard Sign–

    I caught the info on the Nunam Iqua Village Aid. That sounds like a fabulous way to do things.

    I talked to Efton Chism on Monday this week, and he seems like a really good guy. This appears to be an excellent way of helping the villages.

    I sent stuff to Nunam Iqua myself priority flat rate on Tuesday, and then a couple more priority flat rate boxes today. My concern this week was to get things there quickly. According to Efton, if I’d placed the order this week through Span Alaska Sales, which goes by parcel post, it might have been delivered in mid-Feb. In the future, if things are not quite so desperate, I’d much prefer to use the new system for Ann’s village that was put in place today.

    I just wonder if HER village elders scold her for publicizing their needs, like Nicholas Tucker, Sr. was scolded by three Emmonak elders for embarrassing THEM.

    I hope the good-hearted efforts by Ann and Nicholas are appreciated by the rest of the villagers.

    And I hope talking about the Yupiks doesn’t upset “Bob the Builder” tonight. On the other hand, he can kiss my…..


  407. ” AK, How many middle class Americans have lost their jobs the last 8 years, How many of their jobs have gone overseas to cheap labor markets, all to help the rich get richer and to support Bush’s trickle down economy?”

    Both blue AND white collar…from manufacturing to office support.


  408. Why don’t we all just line up and they can kiss our ass receiving line?

    Amen. Amen. Amen.

    I was looking at parts of the inauguration on youtube and someone called Rev. Lowery’s benediction racist. Sigh. Probably the same Anonymous who has been posting to your site.


  409. “but i have more sense than to keep the bush administrations’ faults alive for the rest of my life and insinuating on a frequent basis(in fact at all)that republicans are crazy or stupid or attaching any other lable to them as a whole. i’m comfortable and confident and i like life and i have no complaints.i’m happy,i’m calm and my life as a whole is stable..”

    Dennis, in my personal life, things are good…there are things I want to change but they have to do with finances and that’s up to me, nobody else. I have a great fiance, great direct family, wonderful dogs in my life…I do not think bemoaning the last 8-30 years does any good but I do think that there is a lot of damage done from Reagan thru both Bushes and Clinton and a lot of things which need to be addressed from the past that still affects us in the present and attention needs to be brought to bear on these from NAFTA to wiretapping, to healthcare, to the Middle East to Darfur to India to Pakistan to and the ‘regulations’ guiding the financial institutions to…and the list goes on and on.

    So, if it takes compassion, anger, whatever to fuel people up, so be it…

    I will agree that there are ‘good’ Republicans just as there are ‘good’ Democrats but I think business as usual on both sides of the aisle needs to be changed, people are demanding that sh-t changes all the way around.


  410. AK, How many middle class Americans have lost their jobs the last 8 years, How many of their jobs have gone overseas to cheap labor markets, all to help the rich get richer and to support Bush’s trickle down economy?


  411. Alaska Pi: Had Dinner – kind of a stew.

    Will be working on the Chocolate/Banana Cream Pie soon.


  412. Nope…not doing it, not playing with them this time…I keep telling myself that, and I keep getting surprised how f–king stupid the prods become. And, c’mon…”AKMarksman82″, I’m old enough to remember when anything Russian was bad, he must be a “Commie”, roflmao.

    Oh well, not a marksman, which is why I suppose I like 12 gauges and large dogs, just have to point in the general direction.

    Enjoy your dinner Alaska Pi, I’m going to go get some coffee, curl up with a good book at my fiance’s and just mellow out a bit.


  413. while i also voted for obama,i get totally annoyed by anyone who lumps all republicans into “group stupid”.people like that not only insult my parents and many of my friends who unlke me didn’t vote for obama.but i don’t possess the stupidity to lump them into a group that i refer to or think of as stupid and i especially don’t label them as being crazy or retarded,etc,as i’ve heard many dems accuse any republican of being.sitting in a restaurant about a month ago,some guy sitting at the counter is ranting aloud saying pretty much the same as your blog reads.many people were getting irritated at this guy and it finally took some man to say something to him and of course the ranting dem got mad and swung but he got his butt kicked anyway and wound up in the hospital for it. i think it’s great that obama is our president now!! but i have more sense than to keep the bush administrations’ faults alive for the rest of my life and insinuating on a frequent basis(in fact at all)that republicans are crazy or stupid or attaching any other lable to them as a whole. i’m comfortable and confident and i like life and i have no complaints.i’m happy,i’m calm and my life as a whole is’s funny to me that it pisses dems off to hear that from anybody. i don’t get a long with most dems cause i’m not irritated enough as far as they’re concerened. imo it’s not worth it to remain that aggitated all the time.


  414. JuneauJoe and Charles-

    You go, neighbors!

    But, please, remember the last time…

    We made such a mess last time…
    Mind the pie table and tea china…

    I’m gonna go get my dinner…
    You want anything while I’m out?
    Suh-wards of reason?


  415. OK–where’s that wonderful post from the other day about how people who are a–holes from the anonymous safety of the internet are showing what sort of person they really are? Yes, AkMarksman, aren’t you a big brave guy! You can actually insult an 80-plus year old woman, so long as you don’t have to use your real name and address.

    I’m not a believer in feeding trolls and normally don’t. But occasionally one drifts in who is so pathetic that it warrants comment. And any dickweed who would actually stoop to that sort of comment about an elderly woman is obviously mentally ill and probably overcompensating from serious sexual dysfunction.





    Time to talk AkMarksman. By the way, I was a pretty good shot when I was in the army.



    Oooh, I feel safer. AGAIN…NSA KISS MY ASS!


    Did Bush start out with a surplus and WE ENDED UP WITH HOW MANY MILLION IN DEFICIT while Bush was running the US!

    Health Care: Did it go to hell under Bush? Do we have many more uninsured under Bush’s time in office?

    Constitution: Did Bush/Cheney in fact try to destroy the constitutional guarantees which we have felt secure in?

    Just asking?


  419. I meant “Federal Government” but “Feral Government” under Bush works…love those Freudian slips 🙂


  420. “Pakistan’s military-intelligence-jihadist complex has been lethally effective in outsourcing terrorism as an instrument of policy. India has been second only to Iraq as the scene of terrorist attacks, averaging more than a 1000 terrorist killings annually in the last five years.”

    Oh, wait…you meant in the US didn’t you, after 9/11. Didn’t count the anthrax attacks…and then around 2002 or so the Feral Government claimed that animal rights activist were the worse terrorist thrat in the US.

    AK Dude…KISS MY ASS!!!


  421. Dementia has set in… and they have followers? LOL


  422. AkMarksman: You one issue guys like to forget a lot!

    Please inform me about a few things please: Was AL QUIDA in Iraq before we invaded? TELL ME ABOUT WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION PLEASE!
    The US under Bush/Cheney did a great job of getting the middle east and a lot of Europe and Asia too to hate us! Why is there such hate for the US because of Bush policies?

    We could also talk economic issues?


  423. So, comments about ass kissing brings the trolls out…woo hoo!!!

    Wabbit season, troll season, wabbit season, troll season…


  424. akmarksman82 –
    Take it outta here smart ass…

    Rats are back…



  425. Well if OUR HOLY GOD OBAMA is so wonderful then lets all chip in and buy me some food from walmart . We all got to share .


  426. Wow, lots of opinions…

    The original post was great 🙂 I disagree with a little but I certainly agree with the majority of it.


  427. WHAT WHAT! You go lady!
    I gotta say though, you are one entertaining, hilarious chick! Keep the goods and laughs coming cause I have a great time checking out your blog!


  428. Obama should axe medicare for anyone over 80..that’ll save some money.

    8 years without a terrorist attack…?
    Not even Clinton can claim that kind of fame.

    Because of Clinton,9/11 happened (He had a chance to kill OBL..did he?
    Because Clinton was too busy getting oral sex..he didn’t have anyone check on Saddam (Does the U.S.A. really need the U.N.?) The only real “war”/conflict that Clinton engaged in was Bosnia..even then it was not a show of was special ops.
    I don’t want to kiss your 83 year old ass,but I won’t shed a tear when your buried.


  429. Ass. 31 Years. Kiss it.


  430. OO YES!! FINALLY Helen you said what I have been wanting to say for the last few days of Fox crappy news!!
    So.. Here goes.. Gosh this feels good!!
    Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly and ALL like them KISS MY 39 YR OLD ASS TOO!!!!!
    and PLEASE someone give Rush a new RX for his drugs.. I really think he is about to have a break with reality!! LMFAO he is losing his damn mind!!


  431. I agree!


  432. Oh … us…us…us
    Stuff a sock in you,you,you!!!!
    Twit. Where do these twits come from?


  433. That is the best thing I have ever heard in the past 8 years of my life.

    I have one question. Why haven’t you ran for president? 😉


  434. It’s nice to have an intelligent person in the Oval Office again. I mean it. I really, really mean it.

    Yeah, but that janitor only works the day shift.


  435. Anybody know how long it used to take to get info through the Freedom of Information Act? I’m just wondering how long before we start getting proof of exactly who EX President PeeWee (although that may be insulting to Mr. Herman/Rubens) was spying on, sans warrant?

    It’s lovely to have that particular act back. For the last eight years, you had to prove you needed to know the info before you could have it – an impossible task without the info, creating an effective Catch 22. Now, once again, the government has to prove a compelling interest in keeping it private. If they can’t, they have to release it to you.

    We’re going to be finding out a lot – I just want to know when.

    We’re not a rogue nation any more, and every day is like Christmas…..(she wanders off, singing….)


  436. Helen, my mother finally got a working link to check your blog out. She understands exactly why I want to be you when I grow up. By the way, I’ll be 56 in a couple of months.


  437. Ok Trades..
    We have a curmudgeon, we gotta let em curmudge.

    It IS important for folks to remember that the Democratic party was home for so many of the bigoted wahoos who moved over when Mr Nixon asked em in…
    (the regional bloc voting thingy disappeared after that, didn’t it?)
    those folks voted for the folks who did work hard to defeat civil rights legislation.

    While the party may be “cleaner” in some ways now , vigilance is required. Those were human failings… we are human, we can fail again.

    Later on , I almost walked when some parts of the party got pretty uppity. The BS east-coast elitist crap that the Republicans cashed in on so well struck a real and abiding chord with me. Looking over at the other tent made me shudder at what it was becoming too so I stuck around and hollered a lot.
    Rural America has taken it in the shorts from all sides for far too long and the Dem party added to it.
    Blue collar workers get looked down on. I can tell a bazillion stories about sitting in holes fixing sewer lines or water lines and having some clean lil soul tap-tapping their toes and demanding to know when they I’m going to be done so they could get on with their REAL work. A whole lot of those folks were Dems… cuz I know them.

    Zoe Baird’s lack of attention and concern for meeting her obligation to her household help , as an employer and human being, was the reason she did not get the job she herself wanted… If she could not follow the law, why would we want her in charge of Justice? I heard waaaayyy too many folks wondering why her household help issue should matter…Hello?

    Trades, are you just trying to remind us we’re human and can screw up too?

    Sounds to me like you keep a wary eye on everyone…?

    Constant attention to the institutions and methods we use to advance our ideals is necessary… doesn’t do any one any good to stash the trash in the cupboard. Sooner or later it invites rats…?


  438. Hey Jean

    Can I help? Can you send directions? I would love to make some of these for my co-workers


  439. A quick note on the Nunam Iqua post by Alaska Pi:

    The account name is ACTUALLY “Nunam Iqua Village Aid” (I goofed when I emailed Alaska Pi with the wrong name “Nunam Iqua Relief Fund).

    SPAN will know what we mean no matter what we call it, but I think we were just trying to be a touch more sensitive with the name. Many of the villagers are very proud and aren’t thrilled about receiving help since they want to be independent.


  440. So you’re taking on the Coultergeist, eh? have at her. She is evil incarnate. It’s really all about the money.

    That was funny about Anonymous. I am sick of them. Stop their ranting and raving. What have they and their elected party officials done for this country. Nada, zippo, zilch. i actually have had a few of these on my blog telling me I am not normal because I don’t treat Sarah Palin like a deity!

    When are they going to get a grip?


  441. Thanks Elsie, for the idea, I will visit Dr. Phil’s website. Yes, I believe Ann Coulter was on the show and my daughter truly was irked by her comments more than anybody else’s. She stated there was a not very convincing democrat from Fox News. That most have been Colmes. Now I understand.


  442. Dear Helen, Margaret, Ira 364 and gang,

    Another vintage Helen post. I suppose someone has to keep vigilant and up on pop contemporary figures. You are welcome to read Coulter for me. I have never read her, but from what little I have seen, I get the gist and will pass. Margaret, I hope you aren’t freezing and will be back again soon.

    Now, now, children. You must stop bickering and backbiting. Otherwise, George Mitchell and Richard Holbrook will have to forego their work in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and come here to mediate.

    I am up to my ears in ‘Valentine Guys’ to send to my grandchildren for their classmates and friends. I started this when the first one was in kindergarten, now they are ages 10, 13, 14 and still demanding them. They keep upping the ante. This year I am making 150! (That’s one-hundred fifty!) They are not above laying a guilt trip on me because some brokenhearted kid didn’t get one because his/her wicked grandma was too lazy to make another one.

    FYI, each one takes about a half-hour to 45 minutes, although I have devised a sort of assembly line production. The ‘Valentine Guy’ is something like a bobble-head made out of squares of plastic mesh covered with red and/or white yarn ‘a la’ needlepoint. It is complete with glued-on eyes, a tuft of hair and a length of yarn to hang it around the neck all day like a necklace. There is a little tag that says, “Squeeze my cheek, and I’ll give you a kiss!” You do that, the mouth pops open and there is a Hershey Chocolate kiss.

    Think I got blisters on my typing fingers with e mails and letters to elected officials about the Alaskan Project? I will have blisters on my blisters from sewing 150 of those little suckers! Not to worry. I stockpiled band-aids at Costco Wednesday.

    Ira 364, I see where you are coming from in your area of interest. I first got turned on to the unconscious mind with William James. What a phenomenal thinker! Especially in his day! I am still trying to figure out where Biology ends and Physiology begins; then where Physiology ends and Psychology begins; all wrapped up together in Philosophy.

    One more thing about the Pineal Body. It is part of the Endocrine System (Pituitary, Thyroid, AdrenalS, Ovaries, Testes, etc.) NOT the Nervous System. What intrigues me is whereas most of the other Glands secrete several or more hormones, SO FAR as we know, the Pineal Body has only one – melanin. Curious.

    One of my training exercises was to replicate the work of Larry Stein on the “Chemistry of Reward and Punishment” in the hypothalamus, after the Olds and Olds classic works.

    Like you, I LOVED SCHOOL! And although I have been out of the classroom for many, many years, I am still studying and continue to learn! Always will.

    I doubt if I will have time to read posts let along keep up on the comments between now and then, so I’ll say to everyone, “HAPPY EARLY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!”




  443. Would that be
    nancy pfotenhauer Donna?


  444. I would join in the chorus of KISS MY ASS but ew, would you want any part of those knucklewalkers’ anatomy anywhere near such a sensitive area? 🙂


  445. when you are done with Larry’s ass…KISS MINE!!!!


  446. UAW Tradesman?
    Not sure who he is, or what his agenda is, but he does not speak for me or the UAW so do not hold his comments against me or it. I am and have been president of a old but small Local of the UAW, that is until George W. and his republican cronies, have made it attractive and beneficial for companies tio use union busting techniques to bust our union and take away everything i have worked for these past thirty plus years. So now who can even think about retirement? Thanks a lot you bastards, you all can kiss my Union loving ass.


  447. I just can’t help it, I have to be different. I don’t want Repugnantican lips anywhere near my 54 year old large ass. I think more of my ass than that! I think their kisses would fester up and I would need to take an antibiotic! The thought creeps me out.

    I follow what, President Obama is doing with pride and hope—

    Can you imagine…CAN YOU JUST FREAKIN’ IMAGINE, THIS MESS IN THE HANDS OF JOHN MCCAIN AND SARAH PALIN??? John tries to be a decent sort, but he graduated at the bottom of his class and Sarah Palin is dumber than a stump.

    Now if Congress will try to look out for people other than just themselves…



  448. You gals rock!!
    It is so wonderful to have a
    young , vibrant, intelligent human in the
    White House. He promotes the bigger picture..humanity.


  449. Helen-

    Thank you, thank you! We were all trying to get nice right away cuz there’s so much work to do.
    Venting FIRST fits the bill so much better!

    Sorry Trades… told Mr Gingrich to kiss off when he made such a hash out of the Contract with America thingy…

    And today- the ghastly gov can kiss some moose hiney. We are NOT letting up lady-
    Can’t parade your poor kids around AND call em off limits…
    Can’t use Alaska to progress yourself forward AND ignore so many Alaskans.

    For Elsie, AnnΔ, JuneauJoe, Proud , Greytdog and all-
    Passing on email from my lil sis here. We have not heard from Ann yet but contained in here is a GOOD way to help Nunam Iqua and other villages if a reliable contact can be found.

    “Hi Ann,

    I just talked to Efton at SPAN Alaska in Washington. We have set up an account called “Nunam Iqua Relief Fund, c/o Ann Strongheart” that people can call and make any amount of payment into. We figured then YOU could do the shopping when there is a decent balance in there for the items the villagers most need.

    Will this work for you? Efton remembered you and that you ran the youth programs, so he thinks this is a great idea and cleared it with his accountant and everything. They made it very easy!

    So I will post on Mudflats, and Alaska Pi will post this info on Margaret and Helen’s, and we will add this to any other site we come across that wants info on how to help.

    If other villages step forward and have a coordinator, then SPAN Alaska can set up a new account under that village’s name and so on.

    Here’s how to do it:
    Call SPAN Alaska, toll free at 1.800.367.9833
    Ask for Efton and tell him you would like to make a donation to the “Nunam Iqua Village Relief” account. They can take credit card info over the phone.
    They will mail you a receipt for your payment with the account name on it for your tax records
    If we add other villages later if they desire and have a coordinator, SPAN Alaska will set up a separate account with the village’s name & coordinator.
    They are CLOSED on the weekend, regular hours are Mon-Friday 7am – 5pm PST
    Also Ann, Efton said you guys can stay in touch via email to keep track of the fund amount so you know when you can order. He receives email at

    Is all of this OK with you? I’m sorry I didn’t get your OK first, I had only a short window to call SPAN before they closed for the weekend I just jumped on the phone.

    Please let me know what you think ASAP so we can post the info as soon as I know it’s OK with you!”

    As for anon-by-
    May you and Ms Coulter kiss a frozen water pipe and get your mouth frozen shut long enough to listen to something besides yourself.
    Til spring might work… ya think?


  450. UAW——–Did you forget that Gov. Palin & Todd had to pay some back taxes while she was campaigning for VP?
    What I don’t understand about a lot of conservatives is their “alleged” Christianity; “holier than thou” attitude; fear-based politics; win at any cost attitude; we know what’s best for everyone, just trust us; my way or the highway; war mongering; we don’t need to talk to anyone, we’ll use our military might to subdue you, etc.
    How can anyone who purports to follow Jesus have such a hard heart toward his fellow man? The Bible states that, “The poor will always be with us.”
    How can anyone endorse not talking to one’s opponents and follow Jesus who talked to everyone he met, even going into places where sinners gathered?
    How can anyone who is focused on war and flexing muscles of military might say he/she follows Jesus who never led an army into battle?
    How can anyone who follows Jesus live in fear? Faith in God & Jesus is designed to make one’s fears less of a problem. Faith and fear are diametrical opposites to a Christian.
    Why would someone who follows Jesus be hellbent on forcing his/her will on others? The Bible tells Christians to let others know when they are in the wrong by telling them they are wrong, and if they don’t listen, leave them alone, a clear indication that man has freewill and will be held accountable for his sins, so why keep trying to force one’s positions on others?
    If conseratives represent America’s conscience , why do they tolerate and support sins committed by their followers and give them their full support, but do not offer the same to others who are not conservatives? Sounds like hypocritical behavior for Christians who are supposed to always stand up for what’s right, even if the offenders are in their own ranks.
    Just asking.
    Reaching out to others with a loving and willing heart, leaving judgments out of matters, and helping anyone who needs it is paramount to living a Christian life.

    This is what being a Christian means to me.


  451. American

    “I probably won’t say much in the future; I’m more of a reader than debater.”

    Me too. I started reading blogs during the Orange Revolution to get an idea of the Ukraine people’s perspective. It was way more interesting and colorful than the mainstream media.

    I’ve been following the blogs of several Iraqi students since the beginning of the Iraqi war. Their courage is unbelievable. They are struggling to continue with their education in spite of bombs that shatter their windows and disable their generators. I’ve been counting my blessings.

    This blog is so different. Helen cuts to the red meat – no bones, no apologies. And she always writes what I would say if I took the time to stand up and speak out.

    I love this community!


  452. UAW and repug? Kiss my ass, you schizo freak!


  453. Hey Helen ~

    That’s a great quote for one of your t-shirts: “You can kiss my 83-year-old ass because on this blog I am the decider!”

    When I grow up I want to be just like you 🙂


  454. To Howlgirl….was Helen on “live” on TV Today????


  455. YES!!!! Oh, thank you Proud Community Organizer!!! I can stop wracking my brain over this. But she can kiss my bony ass and Tucker Bounds can as well.


  456. Wait just one cotton-pickin’ second here…

    HELEN was on TV???


    How did I not know this? Where can I see this?


  457. Donna I think you mean Nancy Pfotonauer not sure of the spelling. I called her Giraffe woman and yes she can kiss my big hiney too!


  458. amen amen amen amen amen. and, btw, it sure was good to hear you “live” on t.v. today. you rock this world HARD!
    don’t let anonymous get your knickers in a twist. he or she and others like them don’t want to be confronted with reality and intelligence because it will burst their bubble – the same one they share with W – in their self-created reality. (or should i say the one hughes, rove & cheney invented and then insulated for them).
    did you see the look on W’s face when he walked out on that platform and saw the sea of people – the true sea of people – that greeted obama? i swear i heard him ask himself, “why didn’t these numbers of people ever turn out for me? i didn’t know we HAD this number of people in the untied states of ‘merica).
    don’t know if you ever watch rachel maddow but if the two of you were ever to get together, i think we’d damn near have the first true picture of life in america and identifying the ills we’ve ever had. and, thankfully, there are people “in charge” now who ‘get it’ and are doing something about it.

    i keep reading obama’s inauguration speech and cannot believe this day has come, and the next, and the next. i was afraid i was dreaming the last two days upon waking.

    some fool made the following comment in my presence yesterday, ‘you and your ilk. the man hasn’t even done anything yet.’ really. really? REALLY? he’s been “doing” for the past two years and he’s carried a wave of hope and people and ideals and promise into the white house and from the 1st minute thereafter he’s taken action aligned with everything he said he would do – and beyond.

    i swear, if it weren’t for their bran flakes, some folks would have no fiber of any kind; much less a moral one.

    don’t let the turkeys get you down. send ’em to wasilla to join palin – maybe they can get on the air next thanksgiving like the last one.

    love you helen. i mean that!

    by the way, have you seen the indie film “crawford” yet? by david modigliani? it is so worth it.


  459. Fellow Minnesotans here in the parlor…I join you in inviting Norm “Slimy” Coleman, Tim “Smarmy” Pawlenty, and Michelle “Scary” Bachmann to kiss my 40-year-old ass!

    They can kiss my 2-year-old’s stinky, gassy ass too, while they’re at it. 🙂


  460. ROFLMAO

    Dear Helen–You tapped a deep vein of pent-up desire to moon the former prez and his entire administration. WOO!
    Still laughing here,



  461. To Helen and Margaret:
    Thank you for telling it like it is and giving us all something to think and talk about.

    I love me some PRESIDENT Obama!!

    To the rest of the ‘regulars’-Thanks for the entertainment, thought provoking commentaries, passing of knowledge and ideas and community service. I am in the midst of ‘grocery’ shopping on Span Alaska’s site. Normally, I LOATHE grocery shopping, but in this case, it is a pleasure!
    Helen reminds me of my maternal grandmother-say it like it is; if you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you in the ass when you leave! She was a STAUNCH Democrat and raised her 10 children to Vote the Donkey if one is running. Never deviate from the party. She voted Dem until the last election before she passed-she was dying of cancer but made sure her absentee ballot was cast because she couldn’t make it to the polls. HATED GW Shrub with a passion.

    I look forward to Helen’s posts and the rest of the community commenting and educating the rest of us. My real name is Gina-and I am NOT the troll Gina. When I saw that post last night, I almost fell out of my chair!! Good thing I wasn’t drinking something because my keyboard and monitor would have been ruined :(. I was appalled that someone who shares my name would be so narrow-minded and bigoted since that is so NOT like me. I was glad to see HER put in her place.

    I’ve enjoyed sharing pie in Helen’s parlour. The soup and pie recipes have been quite interesting. I appreciate how accepting everyone is-until the trolls rear their ugly heads. Each and every response made by Helen’s community has been quite deserved. Way to rein in and banish the trolls!

    I probably won’t say much in the future; I’m more of a reader than debater. After Helen, I love Jean’s History lessons most, however the its the sense of community that keeps me coming back.

    We’re having pecan pie tonight-here in the mid-west.

    Take care everyone-and Thank you Helen!!


  462. Way to go Helen!

    They can kiss MY 41-year-old ass too while they’re at it.

    Make sure you keep Coulter’s books handy when you’re done reading them–you can use them as firewood. Then again, maybe use HER for firewood.


  463. Nancy…I think her first name is Nancy. And her last name starts with a “P” and is 3 syllables. Help me!


  464. you are my hero. bless you.


  465. That would be Susan…. I can spell some days


  466. Sphronia,
    Thanks for the reassuring words about kids in a divided house! It really helped me.

    That other ‘susan’ who was nasty right after your comment wasn’t me. I was raised right. 🙂

    As for all the a$$ kissing in the comments today:
    You could start a whole new fashion in ‘meet and greets’.

    But around here, only my dog is signing up.


  467. Hi Helen,

    You started a Ass-off here. We have eight years worth of pent up frustration to vent! Get it out people.



  468. Frankly, I wouldn’t let any of those a**holes anywhere near me — especially that tramp Anne Coulter who defines the word ‘bitch’.


  469. I’m making myself nuts. WHO was the anorexic woman who was a surrogate for the McCain campaign? Shortish blonde hair, gigantic head, one of those people who made you want to throw a rock through the television. Kind of crazed look in her eyes and she would never EVER answer a question. AND WAIT…what was I thinking?



  470. OMIGOD, Helen – I just about spewed my coffee all over my desk again! Geez, woman you do it to me every time!

    My corgi doesn’t want anyone kissing her ass – instead she offers to bite those asses who have run this country into the ground, divided us from one another, and used the words “liberal” and “progressive” as swear words. And frankly, I’d rather not get near enough any of those war criminals who recently fled DC on January 20 2009 or their “embedded” media pals.


  471. Helen… have a set of ba!!s…sad tat Congress has none…


  472. Kim, do you mean those god-fearing, flawless Republicans actually not only spied on their own constituents, but the Press? Why the Press? Could that be some form of illegal spying? Where they trying to find out how close the Press was to spilling the beans? What do YOU think, UAW?


  473. Yes, we have intelligence in the White House, and as an added bonus: He knows what the Constitution says. Yay!!!

    BTW: have you heard about the NSA whistleblower who admitted that the Bush/Cheney regime’s warrentless wiretapping… you know, the stuff that was supposed to get terrorists?… was used against members of the press?

    It’ll be interesting as all those who can now speak freely do so…


  474. You go girl!!


  475. @ Laura: ROFLMAO means “rolling on floor laughing my ass off.”


  476. Helen.
    I loved this!


  477. rolling on the floor laughiing my ass off.


  478. Amen, Helen. You said it beautifully.

    @Werner, what is ROFLMAO?


  479. I think we have to investigate members of the last administration and prosecute where appropriate.

    Bush wouldn’t have been possible, had Ford not pardoned Nixon. And to spread the blame, Reagan & Bush Sr. got a free pass from Clinton. This is going to happen again (and again, and again), unless there are penalties.

    Yes, it will be time spent that I would far rather we could spend elsewhere. I’d like to suggest that the intelligence community and the lowest echelons be allowed to simply testify and only be charged if they are found to have committed perjury. It’s the people at the top (the “deciders”) that we have to go after.


  480. Could I offer my 55 year old Midwestern Jewish corgi-owning ass to the following:

    1. Sean Hannity. You mean-spirited, dishonest, self-righteous nasal fool.

    2. Rudy Guiliani (and that nightmare of a wife).

    3. DICK MORRIS. Yes, you–you toe-fetished little pervert who now sticks his tongue up all the Fox Noise people’s behinds.

    4. Michelle Bachmann. Right on to whoever already named her.

    5. That anorexic woman (I need help with her name but it’s starts with a “P”) who was always showing her plastic self on CNN and who will not, under any circumstances, answer a question or move off her stupid talking points. Name please?


  481. I’m with you Helen. I also think anonymous should kiss your ass as well. It might help his brain grow. 🙂


  482. Who knew:) I just looked up bloviating to see if it was a real word. lol, I used it correctly.


  483. “It’s nice to have an intelligent person in the Oval Office again.”

    Loving my Barack………(we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.)

    and our President B.Obama (that sounds so great) has done more for the U.S.of A in the last 3 days than the “texan’ in 8 years.

    Difference between 44 and 43?

    one came into the office to serve,
    one fooled his way into office to loot!

    (Helen, I wouldn’t spend a penny on A.C. books, not even for fun)

    Take care and I hope Harold is feeling better.


  484. Thanks for writing Helen. I love your blog!
    When I listen to the talking heads bloviating away, its so nice to know that I’m not the only one exasperated with them and their pompous stupidity. I don’t think bloviating is even a real word, but I always think that just as I turn Joe Scarborough off.
    And by the way Joe, I’m not a cheeto eating, in my pajamas, cellar dwelling blogger. I’m a 60 yr old grandmother who wants a better world for the little ones I watch each day. George Bush sure didn’t do anything good for their futures! Our whole family is grateful for Obama’s win.


  485. But Republicans, of course, can do no wrong!

    Take it away,

    TUSCOLA COUNTY — Tuscola County prosecutors have charged a former state representative candidate and his wife with abusing two children.
    The criminal complaint against Phillip W. Hardy, 46, and his wife, Sheila K. Hardy, 42, both of Clifford, allege the couple “failed to provide food and clothing for the children and locked them in a room, left the children home alone for hours at a time.” Prosecutors also allege the couple denied the children use of a restroom and beat their children with a belt.
    Both Phillip and Sheila Hardy were arraigned on two counts of second degree child abuse before Magistrate Megan VanAuken in Tuscola County Friday. The charges carry a possible sentence of up to four years in prison if they are convicted.
    According to Tuscola County District Court, the couple appeared for arraignment Friday with Attorney Steven Freeman, of Lansing. It is unclear if Freeman will represent the couple further in court proceedings.

    The couple remain free on bond set by the court Friday at $15,000 personal recognizance.
    In 2006, Phillip Hardy sought election as 84th District State Representative but was defeated in the Republican Primary. The seat was won in the general election by State Rep. Terry Brown (D-Pigeon). Hardy previously served as chairman of the Tuscola County Republican Party, as well as chairman of former presidential candidate Duncan Hunter’s Michigan campaign in 2008.
    The alleged victims have been removed from the Hardy’s home and are in foster care.


    Duncan Hunter on the issues: supports amending the US Constitution to ban same-sex marriage, voted to ban adoptions by same-sex couples. And here’s what Duncan Hunter believes…

    Every child deserves both a father and a mother. Studies demonstrate the utmost importance of the presence of a child’s biological parents in a child’s happiness, health and future achievements. If we chip away at the institution which binds these parents and the family together, the institution of marriage, you begin to chip away at the future success of that child.

    Yes, we wouldn’t want to let the gays marry, lest their marriages “chip away” at the institution that binds Phillip and Sheila Hardy to their (allegedly) abused, naked, beaten, and imprisoned children.


  486. Can we just take a moment and pray for the people of Illinois. Can you imagine having such a Wack Job as a Govenor? That poor bastard needs some serious medication…


  487. Ass Hat.


  488. Oops. The last part of my previous post was addressed to the concerns of Karen P., not Susan. Sorry!


  489. To Susan in Canada:

    I am a lifelong Dem and my spouse of 38 years is a lifelong Repub. I am happy to report that all three of my grown sons are Dems. Your daughter will have a lot of influence on any children she has. My spouse’s mother was a fervent Republican, by the way.

    Not all conservatives had their beliefs drilled into them as children. Many seem to have come to conservatism during the ’80s turn to conservatism, or from the teachings of Ayn Rand. I am sure there are as many strains of conservative thinking as there are of liberal thinking. (Although, I think of myself as progressive, as I suspect many posters do.)

    I don’t agree with the idea of prosecuting members of the last administration. It would tie up Congress at a time when we need all our energy and political capital for dealing with our economic crisis. (I assume you are arguing for impeachment, since you talked to congress people.)

    Helen, you rock! Thanks for again writing a thought provoking article. If you want an issue, may I suggest tackling Medicare, part D especially. Part D is enriching big pharma and the insurance companies who administer it.


  490. I must take exception with your claim that “nothing good” happened in the last eight years.

    Bush did exactly one thing right: he appointed Michael Griffin to be director of NASA.

    …other than that, yeah, you’re spot on.


  491. OH…and put me down for a book….and a T-Shirt! Big Hug to you, Helen!!!!


  492. Sarah Palin and her entire family can kiss my 52 year old ass…the ENTIRE FAMILY…even the little one, Trudge…or Sludge….or whatever the poor little bugger’s name is.


  493. “I don’t have a problem with government cheese, my problem is the ones that demand lobster.”
    Care to be specific? Yes, there are people who take advantage of the system. ANY system! But to argue for the dismantling of entire program because of a few bad apples…well, we could start with the Oil industry and go from there!
    “As far as taxes I’ve paid mine…Obama’s Tres. pick apparently has a problem. Nothing from Biden…”It’s patriotic to pay taxes” Bill ayers denied entrance to Canada.Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are safe because “it’s Bushes fault” R.I. SPCA dissatisfied with punishment($1000 fine+50 hrs cs) for abandoning rats along roadway. SPCA killed rats.WTF Are mouse traps now illegal?????”
    Good Lord! Where to start!!! So Geithner has a tax issue. Is he the first one? The only one? Did he pay his tax bill? Oh, yeah. He DID! So if nothing is owed, what’s the problem? He made it right, including the penalties. He didn’t deny it or claim persecution. Old news.
    And are you still trying to tie Bill Ayers to Obama? Grow up! And I have no idea what the Frank and Dodd comments are about. Maybe I don’t listen to enough Batshit-Crazy Radio, but who knows? And as far as the SPCA story, you need to read it instead of quoting someone else. Rhode Island State Law required the SPCA to put down the animals, it wasn’t something they just decided was a great way to spend an afternoon or two.
    If you want to be taken seriously, engage in conversation, not ranting about imagined connections or articles you haven’t read. And for the record, if you believe Democrats are Satan and Republicans the messiahs, you don’t read enough! Jack Abramoff? Ted Stevens? Sen. Vitter? Get off the cross! We need the wood!


  494. Buy that book too! promis!


  495. There have been one or two exceptions, but by and large I agree with and very much look forward to all of your postings. I mean it. Really.

    You should go after Coulter. Anorexic bitch. Her ads appeared on my blog when I was with Adsense because I’d ranted about her a time or two. I was horrified!

    Coulter, Limbaugh and the like don’t scare me as much as the large fan bases who buy-in to whatever crap they spout–Moronicans.

    Anonymous can kiss my 50-year-old ass, too. If you don’t have the balls to provide a way for readers to contact you, shut the hell up.

    Thanks again, ladies…



  496. UWA
    what you miss is apprieciation of the diversity!

    I just love the diversity of asses in this blog!
    A good mirror of the country you live in.

    And all that huggin’ and kissin’ over all the racial and age boundaries…….


    Love you very much, gang……………


  497. Oh! and yes! Helen, like TLC requested, a book, “Kiss my 83 year old Ass!”

    I’ll buy a dozen copies too!


  498. Kiss my 56 year old hairless, cellulite forming, menopausal, liberated, fart making ass too!!!


  499. ( o ) <—yup, there…..

    oh, happy day:-)


  500. guess I jerked someones chain again


  501. Being in an ‘inclusive tent’ means that we offer hinies of different widths, shapes, colors, sexes and age. Kissers may need a lot of Chap Stick.


  502. When you start throwing people in jail don’t forget Nancy…
    In September 2002, four members of Congress met in secret for a first look at a unique CIA program designed to wring vital information from reticent terrorism suspects in U.S. custody. For more than an hour, the bipartisan group, which included current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), was given a virtual tour of the CIA’s overseas detention sites and the harsh techniques interrogators had devised to try to make their prisoners talk.

    Among the techniques described, said two officials present, was waterboarding, a practice that years later would be condemned as torture by Democrats and some Republicans on Capitol Hill. But on that day, no objections were raised. Instead, at least two lawmakers in the room asked the CIA to push harder, two U.S. officials said.

    “The briefer was specifically asked if the methods were tough enough,” said a U.S. official who witnessed the exchange.


  503. If Helen would let use the F-word that is what I would say to you UAW. But until then you can KISS MY ASS!!!!

    Go away, you have no power here. We are all laughing at you now that the shoe is on the other foot. PAYBACK? Hell, I am ready for revenge after what Bush and Cheney did to this country. I have no intention of playing nice. I intend to do everything I can over the next few year to margialize the Repulbicna party even more than it has been after this election. You are quickly beocmign the party of WHITE TRASH SOUTHERN RACISTS. And you know what they say about the company we keep…



  504. KISS IT UAW Tradesman. KISS IT Anonymous. KISS IT Palin you pathetic geek. KISS IT Limabuagh you racist SOB.


    KISS MY ASS!!!

    I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  505. Washington Times…
    transparency hits snag
    Susan…I feel sorry for you and I hope your daughter has a wonderful life, a long marriage, and many children. Ever hear the term PAYBACK


  506. Helen,
    I would really like you to talk to all your constituents (isn’t that a nice way of saying loyal bloggers) about calling, emailing, writing their representatives regarding prosecution of the last administration.

    Yesterday I got on the phone and told Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell and Jim McDermott that I absolutely wanted them to proceed with prosecution of the last administration. I know how the President feels, and this is one issue where I diverge. I absolutely think the American public has to stand up and say “never again!” Bush and Cheney knew and agreed to waterboarding, Cheney even had the gall to say it on national TV. Well, let’s bring it on. Send these suckers to jail.

    I encourage all of you here to stop eating pie (just for a few minutes) and call, email, write and let’s all get these suckers a nice new outfit….say in a nice shade of orange?

    I really mean it!!!!


  507. that warmth you feel? That’s me hugging you so hard and not being able to let go. It is so good to have you as my voice when I can’t speak (work circumstances are so very red). Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for being opinionated and strong willed!

    keep it up, you know what you say is the truth!


  508. I’d like to put my red Native ass in line for the kissing, you can add my partner’s and son’s black asses too.

    Helen (and Margaret), thank you, you rock




  510. I don’t have a problem with government cheese, my problem is the ones that demand lobster . As far as taxes I’ve paid mine…Obama’s Tres. pick apparently has a problem. Nothing from Biden…”It’s patriotic to pay taxes” Bill ayers denied entrance to Canada.Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are safe because “it’s Bushes fault” R.I. SPCA dissatisfied with punishment($1000 fine+50 hrs cs) for abandoning rats along roadway. SPCA killed rats.WTF Are mouse traps now illegal????? from The Daily Dish


  511. Thank you, Helen, for brilliantly verbalizing what has to be said. I’d hug you if I could.

    Sign me “one of your many fans”.


  512. ROFLMAO
    I absolutely adore you! Keep telling it like it is, we love you for it!


  513. @Mirror Man-

    Great insightful, well-written posts. Thank you.
    I especially like your take on “paying”. We all feel, in these times, we’ve paid enough. The reality is, in order to get our country back in sound condition, we all will have to pay some more. Instead of being told to go shopping (to do our part in the Iraq War), we will eventually pay more in taxes, compromise on Social Security and Medicare, hold ourselves and our government to higher fiscal standards.

    I listened today to the Rep Congressmen argue we shouldn’t bail anyone else out because it will leave a legacy of debt to our children and grandchildren. I found that ironic- none of them took that stand when Bush was in office and the wars were paid for by credit cards, tax cuts were handed out freely, and most regulations were eliminated.

    The solutions to our problems will be complex, difficult, and take years- I hope everyone tries to be part of the solutions instead of griping.


  514. Hi Helen,

    I’m a Canadian on the west coast who reads your blog. I have a vested interest in US politics not only because it affects us up here, but because my daughter is married and lives in NC. My liberal thinking daughter who married a Republican. I was stunned at that piece of news. Mind you she had a sign on the lawn for Obama and held her ground, even if she couldn’t vote as yet.

    The Republican way of thinking is so completely foreign to reasonable thought, it makes you wonder where the fault lies for how these people are created? It’s not the press, it’s not the schools, its their *homes* It’s pounded into their heads right from infancy by their parents and extended family. They grow up believing all this crap to be the honest truth of what and how things should be. My daughter sat mute at a family gathering of her republican in laws and
    heard this process in full swing. Terrible!
    (next husband she’d better check his political stripe even before his bank account!)
    So what happens to any children from this marriage? The conservative granny will have more access to them than I would to counter any negativity. It makes me want to cry. I’m torn between hoping that they have no kids, or the statistics of divorce catch up with them. What a dreadful way to be thinking. (I want her to come home so bad!)

    Not only does Obama give me hope, but so do you. There are sound, like minded thinking people down there who do care and make a difference.
    Thank you. I mean it too.


  515. @UAW Tradesman:
    I saw the numbers; he was consistently accurate throughout the election and before- he’s a statistician and political junkie, and will discuss the rationale behind the results. And I don’t think that anyone would disagree with your view of Congress- it won’t magically change now that we have a new administration; they will have to earn respect and trust.

    The others you list are skewed, especially Fox- look in fivethirtyeight’s archives for his reasons why- I think he found two other national polling groups were pretty accurate, but I can’t remember who…

    I also think you have overreacted to the “kiss my ass” comments. Most are having fun- a reversal of roles from the last eight years- when Dems/Independents/Liberals were called traitors for disagreeing with Bush.

    No one wants to take away your right to vote; and if you reread my comment about Anonymous, I said we valued reasoned disagreements, but rants poisoned the site and needed to leave.

    I appreciate that you have looked into other polls- especially that you went to, my favorite site for numbers info during the campaign. You can disagree with my take on the other polls you quoted; I don’t mind.


  516. I love what you say and how you say it. I couldn’t do it better myself. Thank you for being here and thank you for taking the time to write. I am going to keep on reading as long as you write, which I hope is a long long time! Your admirer, Nancy B.


  517. *SNAP* You go, girl!


  518. Helen, You are my hero!!!


  519. This is one of those times when the phrase “Boo-yah Grandma” takes on a whole new meaning. Well said.


  520. UAW: Why would you think that being against the liberal tide means being against clean air, Social Security clean food(see china milk)etc.

    Because those issues were and are promoted by a liberal agenda.

    UAW: Who pays for the free lunch????I feel that I’ve paid for alot in the last 30+ years,not including my contributions(church,food banks,homeless shelter).

    So, you paid a lot and have reached your contribution limit? Basically, what you are saying is that it’s all about YOU, and everyone else can go piss up a rope. Maybe you have a right to be bitter, maybe not. It’s not my place to stand in judgement over your life. Your opinions, on the other hand, are formed by cogent thought (in an ideal world. Some people are sheep and just spout back whatever rhetoric is fed them. Sad, really.) and as such can be challenged, argued, debated, or even changed. You say you feel you’ve paid a lot. Well, so have I. So has Margaret and Helen. So did my Dad. So does my Mom, my sister, my brothers, my extended family, and so on. Why should you get off the hook just because YOU feel you’ve paid a lot? Is that all it takes? “Well, I’ve done enough. Not paying anymore.” I guess I have followed enough laws in my life. I will just ignore the ones I find inconvenient. I will ignore the stoplights because I have always stopped at them and now they just get in my way. And taxes? Don’t get me started!

    And as far as a free lunch, I am pretty sure that anyone who has eaten “Government Cheese” would rather have some nice cheddar, but it beats starving.


  521. Hey, Helen—You are THE BEST!

    A response to Easier today at 1:02 PM:

    I don’t watch Dr. Phil, but you had my curiosity up. I went to the web site to see what was on his show yesterday. Maybe what your daughter heard, without understanding the sources themselves, is the segment on the show with “esteemed guests” (oh, yeah?) Ann Coulter and Alan Colmes. Of course, Coulter bad-mouthed the new president! That’s her shtick. ‘Nough said!


  522. I’d like to add RealClear Politics to the list of those who can do ass kissing. They ran an editorial the other day (you can find it here ), which among other things said Scooter Libby was convicted “on utterly specious charges.” I think it’s easier to read if you consider it humor…’cause no serious person could have written this.

    For all those in denial about how bad things have been, let’s follow President Obama’s (love saying that) lead and be willing to listen to the other side. Let’s not condemn them as being all the same, or not having ANY good ideas. Let’s try to bring civility back to our discussions. We all want the best for our nation. To get there, we will all have to be willing to listen and give a little.

    If you have not, I encourage everyone to read “Audacity of Hope.”

    And thank you as always, Helen, for a marvelous blog.



  523. Anonymous is obviously a coward as well as an idiot. Actually, he kind of reminds me of a lot of republicans I know but try not to admit that I know.


  524. Helen and the rest of you liberal idiots can kiss my ass! Open your eyes and think for yourselves for a change! That would be change that I would like to believe in!

    You hate Bush because he protected us…yet you love Obamy even though he’s done nothing for us???

    You hate Ann Coultier…yet you love Ariana Huffington???

    You hate Fox News…yet you love MSNBC???

    You want Nationalized Healthcare…yet you would be the first ones to bitch when you or a family member were sick and had to wait for treatment.

    I could go on and on and on and on, but what’s the use? It’s like talking to a brick wall.

    You are idiots…truly…I mean it…


  525. You go, Helen.

    My one quibble with this is that TEXAS doesn’t want “the Decider” back. He’s a liar, a coward, a doofus, and was a willing puppet for Cheney, Big Oil, and the financial “wizards” who’ve run this country over a cliff (but then if you ever took a look at W’s record at anything before he was elected — or as the governor, where, thank Flying Spaghetti Monster, Ceiling Cat and all the gods, he had very little real power, this was not a surprise).
    Connecticut (and Huggy Joe Lieberman) can have him.


  526. I know that’s right girl. I told my boss and another coworker off yesterday in the breakroom when racial remarks were made about our President.

    If yall feel like a laugh go to my blog and click on the link on today’s post for some funny pictures of various things with Aretha’s new hat atop their heads. I promise it will make you laugh!


  527. Thanks Helen, for voicing what I think but do not have the gumption to utter. I spent most of the morning trying to reason with a coworker about the past eight years. It did not work. He stated that any news other than Fox news is not news. So that about ended it for me.

    One other thing did anybody catch Dr. Phil’s yesterday? I did not see the show, but my daughter mentioned something about hope versus reality. In her opinion, he is trying to say that the hope President Obama is speaking of is not such a good thing? I am hoping from what she told me that he is just playing the devil’s advocate. For a country that is going through what this country is going through right now, holding on to hope should be a good thing in my opinion.


  528. What is the relative difference if GWB puts his nose up a Bankers Ass?

    They both have nose up the ass, but the banker feels “relativly” better!



  529. Jeff don’t mistake “Brown noseing” with an honest kiss on the dark side!



  530. I haven’t seen this much ass kissing since the Bush administration.


  531. Why would you think that being against the liberal tide means being against clean air, Social Security clean food(see china milk)etc.
    There’s a phrase that stuck with me a long time ago TNSTAAFL(There’s NO Such Thing As A Free Lunch) The Cat Who Walked Through Walls…Robert Heilien….1985
    Who pays for the free lunch????I feel that I’ve paid for alot in the last 30+ years,not including my contributions(church,food banks,homeless shelter). But then again I’d like to pay 10 million a year…let them keep half.


  532. Mirrorman-
    Sadly, I don’t believe there’s a reason to argue with him. Everything you said about the state of our country as it stands right now is ‘just peachy’ to him and the rest of the Retardicans who got us here. Otherwise, shit would have changed a whole lot sooner then this.

    Uhm, and UAW? How in the WORLD can you be a Republican? My brother-in-law is part of the IBEW and he sure as hell would never vote Republican- they go totally against unions and holy hell, do I even have to mention the acronym NAFTA to you? Seriously- bite the hand that feeds you?


  533. […] Posted by Jennifer on January 23, 2009 …and call people asshats. […]


  534. I’m 35 weeks pregnant with high blood pressure, and as much as I’d want to get myself all riled up reading Coulter’s bullshit, I can’t bring myself to do it. I like my gestating kid entirely too much to do that to it. Not to mention my irrational fear of somehow imparting that kind of thought process (just by reading that drivel) through some weird psychic osmosis or something, to my child.

    And might I just say that every day that has passed since Obama -offically- became President, I have been more and more thrilled with what he’s done. So many of the right wingers said he was nothing but hot air, and yet here we are- overturning so much of Bush’s BULLSHIT policies, having the promises made to us by a *gasp* politician, actually KEPT! It’s so freaking liberating. It’s so freaking amazing.
    For the first time in 8 years, I read the news and am actually elated by what I’m reading instead of disheartened and upset by it. For the first time since I was old enough to vote (young pup here) I am encouraged by what I’m seeing happen in this country.

    Obama has given a voice to those of silenced over the last decade. He has stood up for those of us who have been pushed to the wayside by a religious, right wing dictatorship- and he’s finally bringing this country back to some semblance of what it was intended to be: Inspirational, amazing, great- somewhere people want to come, somewhere people want to be proud to say they live, somewhere we have been so far from for so many years.

    To all the bitter, pissed of Republicans still pouting and throwing a temper tantrum: Kiss my big, pregnant ASS and move the hell on because there’s a line of us ‘liberals’ who have had enough of your shit in the past 8 years- it’s time the tables turned.

    Finally, TRULY proud to say that I’m AMERICAN.


  535. Hey Helen…someone else to hate….
    Gov. Paterson, defying the liberal wing of his Democratic Party, has chosen little-known, NRA-backed, upstate Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton as New York’s junior senator, it was learned last night.


  536. Good morning Helen
    So glad to have you back. This must mean Harold is better!

    I kept reading all the comments after your last post and by the time I got to making a response, some one else had already put my thoughts into words!
    And surely the White House staff deserves to be brought into the 21st century as far as office equipment goes.

    Tuesday was an awesome day. President Obama and his famiy behaved with dignity all day. And he jumped into the pile of work with both feet the next day.

    and add me to the line up for ass kissing. Please. After living with a SO for 22 years who spoke of “Rush” in reverent tones, I’m ready!

    Don’t bother reading Coulter, it will raise your blood pressure!!


  537. For UAW:

    “Do you really feel that my constitutional right to vote should be taken away.”

    Nope, not in the slightest. Same for your right to free speech. You deserve both.

    Do you really feel that the Blacks and Hispanics that voted against prop8 can kiss your ass.

    Yes, multiple times. Big, slobbery wet ones. To put the rights of minority up for a vote by the majority is to let the mob rule. The intention is to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority, so Prop. 8 was bogus from the beginning!

    “Go back and read the posts…makes me want to puke…I can’t believe that the US has degenerated this far.”

    Degenerated into what? A country that tortures? Spies on its’ own citizens? Lies to its’ own citizens? Starts wars with people it disagrees with? Makes the rich richer and the poor poorer just because of who they know? Makes laws that it immediately disregards or ignores? Places its’ Executive Branch beyond the reach of the law? That sounds more like a Third World Dictatorship than America, unless you count the last 8 years, because that is what was done under Bush and Cheney. Is that what you mean? Because that isn’t the “degeneration” I would like to see in our country. It isn’t the America I was raised in or believe in. But I guess your America is different.

    “Makes me want to work harder to stem the “liberal” tide”

    Keep up with that, because of course no one needs “equal pay for equal work”, or a minimum wage, or Social Security, or FDIC protected banks, or unemployment insurance, or anti-discrimination laws based on age, race, religion, sex, or sexual identity, or clean air, water, and tested food, etc., etc. Yeah, you don’t or haven’t needed any of that, so of course it isn’t important to you. But one day you might, or someone you know might, and then you will wonder “Why isn’t anyone helping us out?” And on that day, find a Mirror…


  538. Isn’t this nice?

    Our President

    Hopefully now he follows through, but the first few days are looking good to me. 🙂


  539. Love your response and you. You rock!
    And they can kiss my 50 year old ass too.


  540. For Joy:

    Bush, 8 Yrs in 8 Mins



  541. Hey, lighten up a little on UAW. At least he does some research and bolsters his arguments, unlike gine, colorful, and anonymous. We can at least talk with UAW. I really have nothing against conservatives, and I believe they serve a good and true purpose by keeping us from heading to far and too fast in any given direction. It is when you have a reasoned argument and all they can spew is bible verses or talking points instead of engaging in reasoned discourse that I find them repugnant and toxic.


  542. co almost…from 538…23-23-19, things are looking better
    CONGRESS – Job Rating in national polls

    See also: Detailed trend

    Approve Disap-
    prove Unsure Approve
    Dates % % % Disapprove


    FOX/Opinion Dynamics RV
    1/13-14/09 23 68 10 -45


    NBC/Wall Street Journal
    1/9-12/09 23 68 9 -45


    USA Today/Gallup
    1/9-11/09 19 76 5 -57

    Do you really want me to leave…
    Do you really want a “feel good” pat on the back blog site
    Do you really feel that my constitutional right to vote should be taken away.
    Do you really feel that the Blacks and Hispanics that voted against prop8 can kiss your ass.
    Go back and read the posts…makes me want to puke…I can’t believe that the US has degenerated this far. Makes me want to work harder to stem the “liberal” tide


  543. Terrific post Helen! I wish you were part of the new administration — you’d whip congress into shape!

    Everybody who’s asking to have their ass kissed —
    be sure to shower or use a sanitary wipe to take care of the cooties.


  544. Awesome Helen just awesome!!

    I agree and Anonymous can kiss my 25 year old ass while hes at it if he doesn’t like what you say… I will even supply the lipstick!

    Oh and UAW too can kiss my ass if he refuses to learn the ugly truth about statistics… Statistics lie! especially when they come from a source like that!

    If you want statistics that come close to telling the truth… try an academic study or an academic journal and get back to me.


  545. I would like to join the “Kiss ass” line-up and add my 51 year old ass too…….

    And since rude behavour is expected from (Ex) Germans, please allow that I fart while they kiss.

    ….this is what I call truly liberating!



  546. Oh, and Ann Coulter?

    She’s worse than Palin in my book. Coulter does have brains — she just has no common sense or empathy or the ability to look at all sides or an opinion I can agree with.

    I’m torn between buying her books so I can comment with more authority and refusing to commit a dime to her bottom line.

    So I’m off to the library.


  547. Re: no 2 poster Dani, I AM hugging this post. Luckily, nobody is watching so I won’t be arrested or sent off to the loony bin.

    You go, Helen!

    Although I have to say, I’m equally POed at the Democratic congressional leadership.

    It’s like we finally have an adult in charge but the folks in the Congress — on both sides of the aisle (yes, Pelosi and Reid, I’m talking about you as well as the GOP) — still are acting like teenagers — rather than pragmatic adults using their common sense for the good of the country.

    I love teenagers; several are beloved nephews. But I don’t want them running the country.



  548. Helen….You are the best!


  549. Go, Helen! I’m pretty sure you’re channeling my mother, and I want to say thanks. You make my day.


  550. I sure hope you don’t have to purchase any of Ann’s books. I shudder to think of any money going into her pocket.

    Ann on the View was pretty funny…full attack when she went after their Barbara.


  551. Amen Helen Amen!


  552. Go ahead….KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (oh, my….that does free a person)


  553. @ UAW Tradesman:

    Rasmussen reports…Twenty-one percent (21%) of voters nationwide now say the United States is heading in the right direction. Congress is down to 14 percent approval…can’t find Reid’s but believe it is also low but after checking I know why. He voted for the Patriot act,he supports the death penalty, believes marriage is between a man and woman, believe in a restricted right to abortions, and voted for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.
    54 percent back military tribunals for terrorists instead of courts….49 percent say to keep Guantanamo prison open
    51/49 must be a mandate????
    I’d check the validity of Rasmussen polls; they tend to contact mainly right wing voters. See if has any polling on these issues- this is an object site.


  554. @UAW Tradesman-

    Your points are historically correct, but they are not true now. The Republican Party, through opposing anti-discrimination laws, pushing vouchers for religious schools, policies that have widened the divide between poor/middle class and the wealthy, attacks on unions, have backtracked on their record of civil rights. Times change.

    My hope is that the Republicans and Democrats in Congress will work together instead of sniping at each other. So far, I have not seen much cooperation from the GOP- just McCain, who helped end the Texas attacks on HRC and push her confirmation.

    If you post legitimate questions and support of other points of view/possible solutions to our serious problems, you will be respected and listened to.

    If you post venomous garbage, you and your rant will be bombarded and booted into the Black Hole of Trolls. No kiss needed…


  555. You tell ’em girl.


  556. WooHoo!!! I agree and love your title!


  557. The whining has just begun and it’s music to my ears.
    I think you should reconsider listening to Lush Rimbaugh et al. I do it occasionally just to hear what their latest issues are, but now it’s so enjoyable to listen to the constant whine and then snigger and laugh at my radio.
    As the Internet slowly eclipses talk radio as a primary source of information there next attack will be on net neutrality because they know the free and open flow of information is their greatest enemy.
    Just yesterday Shaun Insanity was crowing about Dubya’s shutting down access under FOIA to protect Bill Clinton, and now Obama was changing it so people could dig up dirt on Dubya. When in fact it was Dubya’s intention to shut down inquires about Bush I and Reagan and his own administration. The spin justy keeps on spinnin’.
    We are witnessing the demise of the Reagan counter revolution and it’s detrimental consequences.
    Jimmy Carter wanted 20% solar power efficiency by 2000, and Raygun took the photovoltaics off the WH.
    ‘Nough said.


  558. Helen, you totally and completely ROCK! I find it a bit hypocritical that all the right wing meat puppets, who for 8 years spouted nothing but love and adoration for the administration, and called anyone who didn’t respect shrub, just because he was Pres. Satanists, Socialists, or hypocrits, now playing chicken little about the sky falling.


  559. I am so PROUD to be an American once again…PROUD!!!!!! 🙂


  560. Rasmussen reports…Twenty-one percent (21%) of voters nationwide now say the United States is heading in the right direction. Congress is down to 14 percent approval…can’t find Reid’s but believe it is also low but after checking I know why. He voted for the Patriot act,he supports the death penalty, believes marriage is between a man and woman, believe in a restricted right to abortions, and voted for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.
    54 percent back military tribunals for terrorists instead of courts….49 percent say to keep Guantanamo prison open
    51/49 must be a mandate????


  561. Oh. My. Gosh. You are AWESOME!


  562. Oh, Helen, just ignore Ann Coulter. She is just an ignorant blowhard whose stupid, insensitive, racist, sexist opinions make Sarah Palin look liberal.

    How about reading John Dean instead. He actually knows something about political corruption and as the title of one of his books says about the Dubya administration, it was “Worse than Watergate.”

    As for holding any criticism of the Dubya administration in check for 8 years – well, I didn’t – and as we always knew they considered any criticism unpatriotic AND we are learning our government was wiretapping ordinary citizens. I hope all my phone calls bored them to tears.

    I love having an adult in the White House who told us all to grow up and act like adults.

    As for the now defunct Dubya administration – they can all kiss my 55 year old ass.

    Love ya, Helen. Keep up the good work!


  563. I always wonder about “anonymous” comments. Those who don’t have blogs can post that way, but usually sign their names. If you don’t have a name, I don’t want to hear from you, because i reserve the right to respond. I like conversation. One-sided comments just don’t sit well with me.


  564. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You said it, Helen!

    Would you please consider weighing in on the fear-mongering, half-truths, “spin” (that other word for LIES) and hateful clap-trap that the FOX non-news, anything but “fair and balanced” talking heads have been spewing since the 20th? FCC, WAKE UP!!! This is Tokyo Rose and the British traitor “Lord Hawhaw” all over again seeking to mislead, teach hate, and sow fear. How shameful!

    As for Limbaugh, one great bumper sticker says “Turn off talk radio. Think for yourself!”

    Perhaps we little people should stop buying the products made by the companies that advertise on FOX and on stations that carry Limbaugh?

    Thanks for all you do, Helen. I really, truly mean it!


  565. you go, girlfriend!


  566. […] Here. Read the comments. […]


  567. HELEN…PLEASE run for Govenor of Texas!!!!!!


  568. Kiss my ass Palin 2012


  569. Kiss my 53 year old ass Michelle Bachmann!


  570. Yay Helen, you lighten my heart immeasurably. Please, please decimate Ann the Arrogant, her venom is really toxic.

    And to the ass hats-in-minority, you can Kiss my 63yo ass, on your way outta town.

    There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s Helen!


  571. So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o…putting myself on someone’s list in DC or wherever they collect the info…



  572. Helen, You going after Coltr will be fun to watch.

    Better yer, writte a book and make a few bucks for your family as well.

    Fox news and Rush can Kiss my ass.


  573. UAW…Congress has sucked, the poll numbers reflect the low opinion of them with Republican’s ranking even lower than Bush and Dems doing just slightly better according to Gallup. Couldn’t find numbers on Pelosi besides other comments in blogs but from 2007/2008 they were low as well.

    I know that we are expecting congress to act, to grow a pair, instead of caving all the time…I know that the first time I wrote my congressman was because of the Wall Street bail-out and because I thought it was too large, too vague, no plans (just like the first 1/2 ended up being spent) I voted against my representative in protest of him caving in and voting for it the 2nd time. I respect him as a whole and he voted against it the first time…still, I think he caved, there was no coming together, no meeting in the middle, and he caved.

    If congress does not start acting responsible…if they do not try to reach solutions, then they should be voted out.

    Now about civil rights, we should look at not just the racial civil rights but the encroachment upon them under the “War on Terror”…the recent whistleblowing against the NSA, the collection of information, recording of calls, emails, collection of credit bills, etc. The only one I know this would please would’ve been Hoover.


  574. You go girl!! I’m too am not interested in the views of people who voted and still support conservative views. Their voting rights should be stripped because they obviously are to stupid to make an educated decision.


  575. OMG, I have tears in my eyes. Go Helen! That made my day.

    Keep it up! I love this blog! ^_^


  576. Right on Helen!!!!!!!


  577. UAW Tradesman….you can KISS MY ASS!!!!!


  578. At least Nixon resigned before we could put his ass in jail.


  579. Sorry guys-
    those two anonymous posts were me. I guess I was logged out! Anyway you got my point twice!


  580. “You can’t fool all of the people some of the time, but you can fool some of the people all of the time.” He said that now we finally know exactly how much “some” is – 27 percent – Bush’s current approval rating.”
    don’t forget congress’s 17 percent or Nancy Pelosi’s 14 percent
    People seem to forget that the Repubs fought to break the Dem filibuster against the civil rights bill. (what have Repubs done) Al Gore’s own father was against civil rights.(speaking of people that can kiss my ass)
    GO NEWT 2012


  581. Better yet-

    Write the Texas SBOE directly:



  582. Better yet-

    Write directly to the SBOE for Texas:

    Tell them that so-called “intelligent design” is not ok and opens up our school system to lawsuits that will take away money from kids’ educations!!!


  583. Hi Helen,

    You are the BOMB!


  584. love it!


  585. I have never understood why people who get so upset reading blogs that they disagree with keep coming back to them. Go listen to Rush or Bill -O or the other “fair and balanced” people on Fox and be happy! Leave us alone. We are the happy ones now!!


  586. HELEN YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!


  587. Go Helen!
    Ignore Coulter, she’s crazier than a sh*thouse rat these days… I did like the View the day Ann disappeared during a commercial break. I like Whoopi and Joy.

    Aaah, someone intelligent in the White House… it’s sooo nice!
    Oh, and we expect you to keep that guy in Texas. Maybe you could get him one of those special perimeter fences with a zapping collar like they have for dogs?


  588. The Fundamentalist Texas Board of Education (who wants to teach intelligent design/creationism in science classrooms) can kiss my ass!!!!!!!

    They are deciding the science curriculum now!!!

    IF YOU ARE FROM TEXAS AND WANT GENUINE SCIENCE TAUGHT TO OUR KIDS then please write your congressman or representative in the Texas legislature and let them know what you think!

    for more information, check out this website:

    Texas Freedom Network:

    Helen, you rock! 🙂


  589. Dick Cheney can kiss my ass!


  590. Amen!!!


  591. Helen I will always be on your “83 year old ass” side. During the Rep-retards faternity party…one of the things they decided to add was Medicare part D. Thanks to this now my mother who lives in a fix income can’t afford her medicine.
    There is a shift in reality of human conciousness and we are evolving from fear to clarity.


  592. Did you see The New Yorker last week? In the lead Talk of the Town piece, Remnick (or was it Hertzberg) commented on the old saying, “You can’t fool all of the people some of the time, but you can fool some of the people all of the time.” He said that now we finally know exactly how much “some” is – 27 percent – Bush’s current approval rating.


  593. Somebody please send this to Stephanie Miller…she would enjoy, I’m sure!


  594. I like the fact that an 83-year-old used the term “ass hat”… I hope I’m as up on the lingo and still swearing like that when I’m 83! Also, nice post – I agree with all that you said. Thanks for sharing your opinions.


  595. Oh Helen, I think Matthew knows what his next t-shirt design should be….


    I inadvertantly caught a clip of Rush talking while watching the Daily Show last night and I felt a little ickier just hearing it. I can’t even imagine trying to read an entire Ann Coulter book *shutter*

    via con dios my friend


  596. Yup. Obama makes brains look sexy again, doesn’t he? And it amazes me how anyone can even try to defend the decisions made these past 8 years. Our economy and natural resources squandered, health care issues completely neglected, diplomacy ignored – the disregard for the long-term welfare of our nation was almost breathtaking in its scope.

    Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last!


  597. ooops, i mean yeah helen!!!!


  598. All of those people who voted for Prop. 8 in California can KISS MY 200 POUND LESBIAN ASS!!!!!


  599. The Republicans can kiss my furry ass too! Go Helen!


  600. yeah margaret!!!!!!


  601. Kiss my ass Rush Limbaugh!


  602. Helen, you are priceless and a true pleasure to read. I look forward to each and every post. And yes, go ahead and kiss all of the collective asses at my house, too !!!!

    No matter what President Barack Obama does or is unable to do , thanks to the crap visited upon us by Bush “the decider”, not one thing will ever be as horrible as the lies, stealing and atrocities visited upon us and the world community by Bush 43. He will go down in history as the worst president ever no matter how much spinning the Repubs try to do. He will also go down among the worst world leaders and one of the most despised.

    So go ahead FOX News and cover Dubya’s life “after” because that is all you are capable of doing. There are no journalists working for your station anyway. Just a bunch of racist, anti-semitic, whining thugs. Really Wallace, really?? You did no research before you opened your stupid mouth questioning whether Barack Obama was truly the president because of a gaff by Chief Justice Roberts. Ammendment 20 of the Constitution?? Oh that’s right, “the decider” threw out the Constitution and made up his own rules.
    Well, too bad for you, Barack Obama is still the President………..that happened at 12 noon on January 20th, oath or no oath.

    Whatever any of you think of Keith Olbermann, go to the Countdown website and click on the videos and watch BUSH, EIGHT YEARS IN EIGHT MINUTES. The scope of what little Georgie Bush did to America and the world is mind blowing !!!!

    I know I will not agree with everything our new President does but I also know that I will not be lied to, stolen from or looked down on. That is more than enough for me.


  603. Kiss my ass FOX NEWS…Kiss my lips Anderson Cooper, you cutie you 🙂


  604. KISS MY ASS BILL O’REILLY!!!!!!!!!!


  605. It is now 3 whole days since an adult was sworn in as President. This guy is so well prepared, so on top of things, that he knew the oath better than the Chief Justice of the United States, and if that doesn’t tell you something, nothing will! It is such a joy to have an adult in charge! What is it with Republicans! Think back in history and tell me if there isn’t something genetic going on! As for anyone on either side of the aisle who thinks that throwing any kind of obstacle in the way of, say, restoring our eviscerated Constitution, or pulling this country out of the economic abyss created by, along with the plunder-itis on Wall Street, the monthly tab for the blunder in Iraq, they can firmly afix their sweet lips to my Golden Aged gluteous maximus!

    Margaret and Helen, you got it going on!


  606. Kiss my sweet ass Norm Coleman you jack ass!


  607. I totally agree – it is your blog so you state your opinions and if someone doesn’t like it they can either – not read your blog – or disagree politely. We all have our own opinions and our blog is where we can state what we feel. We all know that not everyone agrees with everything we feel is right or wrong.


    Chap Stick for everyone!!! 🙂


  609. I love it! Ass Hat! That’s great!

    Well, you can kiss my big, white, 50-year old ass too!!

    That DOES feel good to say….


  610. Ann Coulter can kiss my beautiful black ass!!!!!


  611. Yep. You can kiss me 27 year old ass too you Republican shit heads!




  613. Take that Ass Hat … and the rest of you spineless fools who actually thought the Supreme Court (look how ignorant the Chief Justice is!) was right in ’00 and after all the crap he spewed you voted him back in ’04. You all need a serious smack upside your heads.



  614. and KISS my Husband’s BIG FAT HAIRY 60 YEAR OLD ASS!!!!!!!!!!


  615. KISS It you fat Republican retards! KISS IT!!!!!


  616. Yes, Yes, they can all “kiss my ass” also. NOW the retards, I mean republicans, are worried about the debt and how it is going to grow as we dig ourselves out of this mess and insure our children? They didn’t seem to be too concerned over the $12 billion a MONTH we are spending to murder our own (and other) children in Iraq!

    Helen, you light up my life. And I have sent a link to this blog to everyone I know. BUT, please, save your brain and do NOT read Ann Coulter. I love to read, but I could not get through more than a chapter or 2 of the one book I have. If you really want to try though, I would be happy to send you this one so you don’t have to waste your money on one. Don’t give the crazy woman more money!


  617. Kiss it!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think you’re on to something here, Helen.

    John Cornyn can KISS MY 57 Year old ASS!!!!!!

    Damn that felt good.


  618. Me Too! Me Too! KISS MY BIG FAT 57 YEAR OLD ASS!!!!!!! (gosh this feels good!)


  619. I followed a link from another blog to yours and reading through yours – I was struck by our similar opinions. But when I got to your dislike of the song “Christmas Shoes” I knew I found my twin (minus 40 years) . My family gets tired of my yearly rants about this song – I mean come on she was dying why did she need shoes – and why was the kid out shopping he should have been with him mother – geesh. You are right about having an intelligent president. He is a man that we can be proud to have represent our country. I’m going to read your blog often now – but I may have to skip posts mentioning Palin – I get chest pains when I read about her.


  620. Helen — you are truly a national treasure!

    And Anon and the Rethugs (and any Dems … don’t even mention Lieberman!) who want to act like obstacles now when all they did was to enable Bush, Cheney & Co to ruin our country and the world can also kiss my 65-year-old a** as well.

    They can either become part of the solution or they will remain the problems.

    And yes, it is SO nice to have adults in charge once again. They won’t be perfect, but they’ll be trying and with the best interests of our nation in mind … not the best interests of their wealthy firends.


  621. “It’s nice to have an intelligent person in the Oval Office again.”



  622. And my 49 year old ass too.
    Thanks Helen.
    I love to come here and read your comments.


  623. The Republicans have done nothing good for this country in my lifetime. And anyone who thinks differently can kiss my 49-year-old ass.


  624. I meant “they’re”

    Ugh, damned crappy proofreading.


  625. Amen to that Helen!

    They can kiss mine while they are at it! I woke up this morning after having a dream telling Boehner and his crew to shut up and sit down. They are stirring a pot that could come to a boil before they know it.

    If you can’t help with the problems we are left with from the Bush administration go back to your bomb shelter and let the grown ups get our work done!

    Ok yeah I am cranky this morning.


  626. While their at it, they can kiss my 37 year old ass, too.

    Those stupid Senate and House Republicans won’t be happy until the Rapture happens. Nothing less.

    Don’t they know their approval ratings?

    We MUST pass term limits for the ya-hoos.



  627. I would hug this post if I could. And its author. Whee!


  628. LOVE IT, HELEN! Good for you!



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