Posted by: Helen Philpot | January 20, 2009

Yes. We did.

Yesterday, I tuned into Rush Limbaugh as I sometimes do.   It was funny at first because it sounded like he would explode trying to understand why everyone was so excited about Barack Obama’s inauguration – or as he called it, the immaculation of the messiah.  It was funny at first but then he said this: The only reason this is such a big deal is because Obama’s Daddy was black.   So I turned Rush off for the last time.  He like so many others has now become a relic from the last century.

What he and Hannity, Coulter, Boortz, Beck, Cheney, Rove, Hasselbeck, Palin and even Bush will never understand is exactly why this  is indeed a very big deal for more than just the African-American community.  For so many of us, these last 8 years have been a slow, painful near-death experience of something we had held so dear for so long – Faith and Hope.   No matter how hard things had been in the past, Americans always held on to their Faith in our country and Hope that better days lay ahead .  But 8 years ago we lost Hope and we lost Faith.   Elections could be stolen.  Personal rights could be taken away.  The price of a barrel of oil was worth more than the very lives of our children.  Our vote no longer counted and our voices no longer heard.  Our leaders – in whom we had given our trust – had failed us. 

But with Barack Obama we decided we would not go quietly.  We took hold of the last bit of Faith and Hope left in us and we gathered our strength for one last fight.  No. We would not go quietly.  We would not go quietly at all.  We would march and we would call and we would write and we would give and we would  listen and we would respond and we would vote.  We would rise up and take our country back and we would do it for our children and our grandchildren and for our soldiers and for the world and yes even for ourselves.  No.  We would not go quietly.

Today as millions stood on the Mall and millions more sat in front of televisions and computer screens, we watched as Hope and Faith placed its hand on the bible and said:

I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

And this time Mr. Limbaugh  cannot fool us… nor can Ms. Coulter insult us… or Elisabeth scream over us… or Mr. Rove scare us… or Dick Cheney hide from us… or even President Bush lie to us.  Not this time.  Because this time it was about Hope and it was about Faith.  This time we said, “Yes, we can.” 

Thanks for stopping by everyone.  I’m going to go now and check on Harold and then call my children and my grandchildren and even Margaret.  And I am going to re-live every blessed moment about today with them.  Because yes, we can.  Yes, we did..  I mean it.  Really.


  1. Having read this I thought it was rather informative.
    I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this article together.

    I once again find myself spending a lot of time both reading and leaving comments.
    But so what, it was still worth it!


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  4. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit
    my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyways, just wanted to say great blog!


  5. YES WE DID!!

    The proudest moment for our country and me as an American that I can remember!


  6. Lovely. Here were my thoughts at the time. I’m still taking it all in…


  7. Thanks once again Helen! Your words give me hope for a future full of promise. Our children deserve more than they have been handed lately and President Obama appears to represent the voice of promise, reason, and hope, already, as his campaign promised. Let the naysayers stand on the sidelines. Let them whine and and try to block and criticize. It will no longer work, because the American people have woken up from a long slumber. Fear mongering, skepticism, and bullying no longer work. It will take some people some getting used to, but they will, eventually. Hope is kind of contagious. Slowly, it will infect all of us and humanity will be better off for it.


  8. Wow, I was directed here through the compuserve writers’ forum and I think I LOVE you guys!

    Count me in as a new fan from Canada.

    You go, girls.


  9. The sarcastic remark above was me, didn’t mean to be stealthy…


  10. “Maybe so, but my God can kick your God’s ass!”

    …or maybe his god can kiss my god’s ass? Ooops, that is the next post 🙂


  11. “If a tree falls on a voice from the wilderness, does anyone care?”

    “There is only one truth and that is God’s truth.”

    Maybe so, but my God can kick your God’s ass!


  12. Voice from the Wilderness…If a “born again” fundamentalist “christian” (and I use the term loosely) falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

    I went through the whole context of Christian history earlier and so forth, as if it would matter…but yours is a poorly reasoned take off on “Pascal’s Wager”.



  13. CAUTION:

    ‘Holier than Thou’
    Bible worshiper above!

    This has been a public service announcement.

    PEACE ~ Δ


  14. Margaret and Helen Who?

    I posted this message at

    I don’t think I have ever encountered such blind adoration of one man as I have seen in the past few months. Barack Obama is seen by many people as God…they have referred to his speeches as “It was as if God was speaking.” I just read a post at titled “Yes We Did” and I heard there the same drivel that I have heard from all the other Democrats. Bush lied, Bush is an idiot, Bush got us into an unnecessary war, etc… What they, like millions of others fail to take into consideration, indeed they really do not care about the fact that we have not been attacked since 9-11-01. Because we have taken the fight to the enemy, they have not been able to come here.

    But it is interesting to me how these Democomies don’t care. They want all the terrorists who have been captured and imprisoned set free because, “they are people too you know! You got to give them a chance. If we don’t bother them they won’t bother us.” This is the stupidest line of reasoning that I have ever heard. Indeed it is clear that the liberal, tree hugging, non-flushing philistines, (I mean democrats) would welcome an attack if only to teach America a lesson. Let me tell you something if you hate America so much, why don’ t you move to Putin’ s Russia. If you are so hard up for a totalitarian regime, there are plenty to choose from. China, Cuba, Russia just to name a few. I hear that North Korea is an extra creepy place to be. Communists ought to love a place like that. And if that doesn’t float your boat, hows about joining up with Muslim extremists like Mahmood Im-a-nut-job or Bin Ladin. You’d probably have a whale of a time with them eh!

    And speaking of non-flushing idiots, we have a message from the stars of Hollywierd who think it would be great if we had the same unsanitary conditions as 3rd world countries. “Hey, lets not flush the toilet until we have had a deuce.” How stupid is that! Again, if you like sewers, go somewhere else. I can’t imagine visiting the homes of these very strange people who only use one square of toilet paper (iky pooh) and won’t flush their toilets till they are so full that only a plumber can fix it. They probably go out in the yard since they think we should live in caves anyway. That is all except the real nutjobs like Algore and his followers who believe that human beings are parisites which need to be exterminated so that “The earth can return to its pristene beauty and glory.” IDIOTS! NINCOMPOOPS, NITWITS!

    And for those of you who bowed the knee on Tuesday to worship Barack Obama, for those of you who consider him to be the new messiah, and for those of you Hollywierdo’s who have vowed to be his servants, man I really feel sorry for you. You have bought the same lie that has destroyed every country it has touched. Commumism never brings the peace, hope, and joy it promises. it only brings heartache, oppression, and death to millions of ‘dissenters.’ “Why don’t you just give him a chance Mike?” You know, this is the stupid line that all of his supporters fall back on when confronted with the facts. Well I’m sorry but nothing good will come of an Obama presidency. I only pray that the True God will intervene and restore America to it’s roots of godliness and Biblical truth and do away with this nonsensical ‘all inclusive tolorance’ with its companion ‘people of faith.’

    There is only one truth and that is God’s truth. Yeah I can hear Margaret and Helen and their ilk (no an ilk is not a big deer) saying “You’re a bigot.” So be it. If a bigot is someone who loves God (not allah) and His Son Jesus Christ, I’m your guy. If a bigot is someone who trusts in the Bible (not the koran or any other so called ‘inspired’ book) that’s me. I can hear you say, “What’s true for you may not be true for me.” How stupid is that! I want you to try that one when you’re standing before the Throne of Judgment. “Well I don’t believe in God or the Bible or Jesus or the need for salvation Mike. I only believe in what I can see! Great. Then you don’t believe in air which I may point out YOU CAN”T SEE! Why don’ t you walk across a busy freeway and say to yourself “I don’t believe in cars and trucks, I don’t believe in cars or trucks, I don’t, I don’t, I dont, I don’t, I don’t believe in cars or trucks.” Why don’t you take a stab at that and lets see how far you get. And when you’re lying on the road I’ll be glad to ask you (ala Dr. Phil) ”How’s that workin for you?”

    You can come up with any kind of drivel you want to justify yourselves and your position but in the end it will all fall flat. You claim that abortion is your right but you don’t see that you are aborting yourselves out of existence. I have never seen such dummies. You have vowed allegiance to your new (really your latest) messiah but your faith is misplaced. He will not, he cannot succeed in creating the earthly utopia you desire. It has never worked. From the Tower of Babel to today, it has never worked! Barack is not going create peace on earth and he’s not going to pay for your mortgage or you gas. He is just a man and in the end you will see the truth of this.

    As for Bush and his supposed stupidity, I only ask you to find a book (I happen to have a copy because the local library didn’t want to have it on their shelves anymore) called “A Compendium of Speeches of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.” He is also considered to be something of a messiah for democrats but if you read his speeches you will see that his doctrine and policies were the same as that of Ronald Reagan, and both George Bush’s (and I may add, opposite of that of his “allegedly”murdering brother Ted).

    Barack Obama is not Abraham Lincoln and placing his hand on the Lincoln Bible is not going to somehow tranform him into a reincarnation of the 16th President. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and a man who loved God, the true God (not allah) and His Son Jesus Christ. Abraham Lincoln was characterized by honesty and integrity, something Obama knows nothing about. (Can you say Rezko or Reverends’ Wright and Phlager) He wasn’t called “honest Abe” for nothing. And it was the Republicans, (this is a matter of public record) who sought to end slavery and segregation while the Democrats (also a matter of public record) fought to retain both programs. It has been the Republican Party which has fought to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America while the Democrats have worked feverishly to establish a communist/socialist Amerika. The black population has been held captive since the Civil War by the Democratic Party who keeps them subjucated to welfare programs so they won’t be able to rise up and get ahead. And they call Republicans un-american. What is more American than freedom! I call upon all true American Patriots to rise up and stand for the truth once again! And if you don’t like it Margaret and Helen, go someplace else!


  15. Great post! Don’t forget to include Michelle Malkin in the hit parade of the angry mushrooms.


  16. This blog was a not bit funny today, but it was beautiful. You said it perfectly.

    God Bless.


  17. Incredibly beautiful and right on. We would and will NOT go quietly. Hope has come again. We’ve been given back space to believe again. Thank you.


  18. “Winning by four percentage points does not a mandate make. Just thought I’d point that out, folks.
    So lovely how Gina has been treated.”
    Alright, anonymous, lets take a little trip down Memory Lane, shall we? Pay attention, because this will be well worth the price of admission (Definitely an E Ticket!)
    Let’s start with your first theorem, that “four percentage points does not a mandate make”. (Hee, hee! He makes it too easy!) Since you failed to make any kind of relational statement to qualify that number, I had to take it upon myself to go look it up. (See, I THOUGHT about it. It’s called “critical thinking”, and I quote from:
    “Definition of Critical Thinking. Critical thinking is here assumed to be reasonable reflective thinking focused on deciding what to believe or do. This rough overall definition is, we believe, in accord with the way the term is generally used these days. Under this interpretation, critical thinking is relevant not only to the formation and checking of beliefs, but also to deciding upon and evaluating actions. It involves creative activities such as formulating hypotheses, plans, and counterexamples; planning experiments; and seeing alternatives. Furthermore critical thinking is reflective — and reasonable. The negative, harping, complaining characteristic that is sometimes labeled by the word, “critical”, is not involved”
    I am not going to ask you to engage in this act because you have made abundantly clear in previous posts that “thinking” is not your strong point, but I digress.)
    To continue: Your four percentage points are based on the “Popular Vote”, which is fine, I suppose, but in the 2004 Election, Bush one by only 2.4 percent of the popular vote, and in 200 he LOST the popular vote by .5 percent, and then proceeded to destroy the country by proclaiming the HE had a mandate! So it seems the point you were trying to make is expertly concealed by your barber!
    And as for how gina has been treated, it is the same as any other loud-mouthed ignoramus (Wanna see one? Find a Mirror!) who bothers to descend into any enlightened group and start spewing their filth and expect to be respected for childlike idiocy! We tolerate their churlishness and ignorance for a time, but eventually they are told to leave and come back when they can behave in a more civilized manner. Trust me; we aren’t holding our breath, because you don’t even have the decency to add a decent “handle” to your login. I, and the others, will at least identify ourselves and stand up for what we believe in. You and your ilk merely open the door, spout some garbage, and dash off into the night not unlike some juvenile prank about setting a bag of dog droppings on fire on someone’s doorstep.
    You may be bitter (Ya think?) that the Republicans have lost and that the Bush nightmare is over, but as I recall a statement from a previous election: “You LOST! Get over it!”
    Now before I lose my temper and start using foul language, I suggest you get off your parents computer and finish your homework.


  19. Even if it’s late for this part of the blog, Mike you speak my heart, thank you!



  20. Charles-

    Thanks for the info! I think quantum physics does have a bunch in common with philosophy. When we talked about Avicenna’s argument from design (which proposes that the material world’s goal (telos) is to give rise to life), we talked about how that may not be true on the atomic level (as some atoms and molecules are inorganic), but could be true on the subatomic or quantum level as these particles may be found in both organic and inorganic substances.

    Interesting food for thought.

    BTW Avicenna was a middle eastern/ Islamic thinker who greatly influenced Thomas Aquinas.

    I wonder if some of the ignoramuses on this thread will accuse him of being a terrorist!!!


  21. I am at last hopeful for this country. I just don’t understand those people in this country who don’t understand, who seemingly are unable to or refuse to understand. Thank goodness there’s just a little bit more of us that do… just enough to change the course of this country.


  22. Very well said, Helen! I am now (finally, again) proud to be an American. My husband and I sat holding hands with tears streaming as our new president took the oath of office. And it was pretty obvious that HE knew the oath whereas the judge was the one who slipped up. Mr. O could probably have said the oath with no coaching at all!!

    Three cheers for America. Three cheers for Mr President!!!


  23. Greytdog Thanks for your reply- Wag more Bark less !


  24. AnnΔ most mainline denominations have a home mission or outreach department. Many are already working in areas of this country that experience economic, medical, etc. hardships all year long. Some denominations also have outreach events that focus solely on the needs here as well as overseas. As with most social action non-profits, these programs have been especially hard hit economically, but continue to stay true to their goal – assistance where needed. I tend to gravitate towards the programs that do not insist on evangelism as the first order of the day since I subscribe to the thought that praying for a man’s soul does little to quiet a starving body and that works are more important than words. Although not a church-goer myself (as Dr Marty has called me, I am “unchurched”) I still keep my fingers in the “pie” and support even faith-based programs that actually address the needs of the people and not the ego of the giver. Wundermom is already working her connections in the faith community.


  25. Also! I see that lots of Churches have medical missions to Central America , Haiti etc. Not being a Church goer I do not know how that happens. How does that happen?Maybe we could make it happen in the Yukon Delta..dentists ,doctors and other medical techs.I hope someone will pick up on this idea. Bob the Builder- can you help with this? Appreciate it and Thanks Helen and Margaret for allowing the creation of something special in your parlor!


  26. Re: MN – of all the judges on the MN Supreme Court, not one was appointed by a Democrat. Just Republicans and the guy in the feather boa (and now the really weird hair).


  27. Greytdog; I am so pleased that you and your Mother have been able to mobilize an active group to help the rural residents of the Yukon Delta in Alaska. Everyone:In addition to clothing , I have been thinking about medical needs…ever since Juneau Joe mentioned using f.f. miles from Span Alaska for emergency medical care- I saw a report on a man that flies into areas that need medical care. He did one in Knoxville Tn. and uninsured people came from hours away to wait for some care. DOES ANYONE know who that is?


  28. Hey Everyone….Today is National Pie Day according to the National Pie Council…I kid you not! Happy Pie Day!!!! 🙂


  29. From Kathleen Parker’s column, Jan 21 2009 Washington Post:

    For awe is the truest word to describe what transpired and what was inspired.

    It is not only awe for Obama’s meteoric rise to the highest human power. It is not only that so many trekked so far to be present for the moment. It is not even awe for the peaceful transfer of power for which Americans are deservedly proud.

    It is awe for what is, in fact, not change, but the natural, if difficult, progression of an ideal that is true and good and transcendent through time. Barack Obama’s presidency isn’t a change from, but a continuation of the American experiment toward its hoped-for destination.

    Obama hinted at this in his speech by invoking American values of hard work and honesty, courage and fair play, tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism. In honoring all those who came before, who fought and died from Concord and Gettysburg to Normandy and Khe Sanh, he reminded us that change is not a single event on Election Day, but an evolutionary process.

    The change we’ve been waiting for? No, the goal we were always aiming for.

    Americans really do believe in the dreams of our Founding Fathers, who envisioned and articulated what is at our human core — the profound desire for a more perfect union. The vast majority of Americans really do believe, as Obama said Tuesday, in the “God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness.”


  30. U.A.

    Re: Minnesota

    So stupid. You need to check your facts. the people that checked and rechecked these votes were a combination of groups. Judges, etc. And many of them were Republicans. Do you honestly think that a republican judge would twist things so a Dem could win?

    You need to read up on things before you make such stupid comments.


  31. Dear Helen — Thank you as always. For 8 long years I worked (volunteered) with others in my community to try to mitigate this disaster. My heart broke at the destruction of the Constitution and all the other evils you mentioned. My emails were often signed “I want my country back.”

    Our country is back. I wept tears of joy during this historic inauguration. I thanked God with a full heart.

    Our country is a work in progress, and at the moment there is so much damage to repair–but we can do it. Yes we can.

    To the sad and angry troll who keeps posting here: Your own political party vaingloriously destroyed itself by boasting that it could attain a “permanent majority” in Washington. Power corrupts, dear, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s not the American way to have a single party government for more than a season or two, much less permanently. It was your party that destroyed that balance, and so much else. It was your political party’s leaders that betrayed you and all of us. If you can’t say something nice, at least leave the rest of us to our brief celebration.

    I can’t stop smiling.

    Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves… Yes, we can.



  32. I marvel time and again at your eloquence. You’ve captured the mood better with words than any frame could a picture!


  33. Bob the Builder: Part of the original post: “This time we said, ‘Yes, we can.’

    We need to help US and shoulder responsibility for US.

    And American citizens who are not being helped by government need to be helped by US.

    And those Eskimos? — They’re American citizens.

    Yes, we, can!


  34. Thank You, I have loved reading your blog since I discovered it.

    It makes me emotional every time I read it. You are an amazing woman.


  35. Well said! I, too, felt proud to be an American. And for those of you not happy with your new president…..guess it’s gonna be a looooooooooong 8 years for ya!


  36. Naaah, not worth the bother. He knows he’s an ass. Not even worth the trouble.


  37. “Anyhow, I’m interested in questions of consciousness/mind, so I’ll be applying to academic fields that address this question. I’m not sure that science has the tools to address the mind, so I’m moving in a philosophical direction.

    I love school!”

    Very cool, part of what led me into philosophy when I was younger, at the time also did research into altered states of consciousness and did a lot of research into the concept of the self…from phenomonology to buddhism. A professor from the University of Oregon has done some academic works on the similarities between hinduism and quantum physics and dealing with the concept of universal consciousness…but I digress, time for a cup of tea before bed.

    Goodnight all…


  38. Bob,

    Dangerous territory. Not sure that your comments are going to be very well received. It seems that there are a lot of people here that are more than happy to help in situations that warrant it. You are proving a little bit about your own ignorance because the villages would have been more than happy to fish for themselves, but if you had been paying attention, the fish didn’t come in this season because commercial fishing is allowed to take too many salmon as by catch and affected the salmon runs into the rivers.

    And what is so wrong with being community oriented and trying to help out others in this country.

    Obviously you are looking for a reaction, because you must know the backlashed that you have just created.

    Sitting and eating pie, waiting for it to come.


  39. Bob, the builder that my grandkids watch helps others

    The Eskimo link: Gov Sarah Palin, Alaska, starving Eskimos? Gov Sarah was flying around in the 747 but did stop and spend $200,000.00 on clothes.

    Eskimos need food? Who would have thought?


  40. Oh. And one more thing. Gina you are an ignorant ass. Get a brain and think for yourself.


  41. Enough with the starving Eskimos. Send ’em a pole and hook and teach ’em to fish. For Christ’s sakes when did this become Eskimo Rescue Central. I’m surprised Helen hasn’t kicked you out yet. It was fine for one day on one thread but you have migrated to every new thread and kept this going on this site entirely too long.

    I mean it. Really!!!!!!!!!


  42. Jean-

    Thanks for your interest! Sure there are lots of hormones coming from the brain- mainly in the hypothalamus. Also, interesting thing about the pineal gland:

    There are light sensitive receptors in our eyes (not vision cells) that provide light feedback to the pineal gland. It helps us regulate our circadian rhythms.

    Anyhow, I’m interested in questions of consciousness/mind, so I’ll be applying to academic fields that address this question. I’m not sure that science has the tools to address the mind, so I’m moving in a philosophical direction.


    I love school!

    ps. the TROLL still refuses to address me. COWARD!!!


  43. ” Oh my, what a convoluted conversation. . . if indeed a conversation at all. Anonymous, so you get your jollies baiting others? What you did was not baiting – it was bullying, it was name calling, and it was. . . so very very juvenile.”
    “and if all you bring to the table is anger, hatred, an attempt to shame, to belittle, your fellow Americans because they do not and will not believe the way you do, or say things the way you do, or love the people you love – we will make room for you at the Table, but we will not change our lives for you anymore. We will accommodate your right to be you, but we will no longer allow you to deconstruct us or our beliefs and lives.”

    “Oh, gina, you have really got to stop every now and then and attempt to THINK about an issue rather than just have one massive vowel movement.”
    “Do you still think that’s true? If you do, then you are a delusional, fraudulent, bile-spewing demagogue. If not, then you’re engaging in falsehoods and you are to be pitied and ignored, not necessarily in that order or all at once.”

    Greytdog and Mirrorman, I hang up my troll hunting hat and 12 gauge and acknowledge greatness…Shhhhh…be vewy, vewy quiet they’re hunting twolls. hu-hu-hu-hu-huh!!!


  44. Greytdog,

    At Emmonak last winter, kids needed clothes and coats. You need to know that many villagers wash their clothes by hand. I saw clothes drying on the clothes line at 20 below zero. They have few clothes and wear them over and over again. I also saw kids coming to the basketball games at 20 below with nothing more than a t-shirt on when I was in Emmonak.

    From personal experience, I would say they need clothes.



    Done with these type of people…


  46. Is that really a photo of Helen and Margaret ? You go ladies wonderful letter but even more wonderful that you two are out enjoying your lives.


  47. MirrorMan wrote: ou couldn’t possibly be speaking rectally, could you? And as for misinformed choices, I probably studied this election harder than any I have voted in previously, and I have voted continually since I was old enough to. I consider it a right, a privilege, and a duty to perform. So how dare you tell me I was misinformed! You don’t even know me, so I guess that makes you a little shit-stirring sycophant to whatever political gods you worship. Which is fine by me, if that’s what you want, but you will not drag your skanky, diseased rhetoric and crippled logic into Margaret and Helen’s parlor. You might stain the rug!”
    Jeez Mirror – I practically spewed out my coffee through my nose when I read that!


  48. Evening folks! Long day today and I’m propping my eyelids up with toothpicks (except the cats keep batting the darn things away!)
    First business tonight – sincere apologies to UAW Tradesman for the aspersions I cast in the heat of anger. That is neither an excuse nor an explanation -simply stating the facts. I misjudged you. As the living legacy of a founder of the UMW, I should have held my tongue, listened more closely, and thought more deeply before jumping into the deep end with both feet – thank god for my Mudflats wellies! So, I will listen more carefully next time and seek to find common ground. But I also have a bit of Scots stubborn too so I can be muleheaded (Deep bow with a wink)
    Now then, I’m very proud that Obama has ordered the CIA to abide by the Army Field Manual and to follow the directives of the Geneva Convention. I will be more thrilled when this country signs the Kyoto Accords.
    Jane, thanks for setting up the facebook account and filling the wall with loads of valuable information. I’ve started directing folks to there.
    Wundermom has reported that she has handed off Ann Strongheart’s list to the National Council of Churches as well as to UCC and a couple of other denominations. In addition, she and I tag-teamed and went after a few colleges with which we are affiliated. Locally, the same group of students who work at the food bank, Habitat, and Saturday School (a tutoring service for underachieving kids and juvenile offenders) are planning a supply drive on campus over the next week. Luckily, the college has a few events coming up which will allow the students to really push for donations. One question – do the YD villagers need blankets, warm clothing, etc? Please let me know – a couple of the students have that “gleam” that says they are hatching something which hinges on the answer to that question. Sometimes these kids scare the crap out me with their enthusiasm, compassion, and go-get-em attitudes! Actually – I’m very proud of them but lordy they wear a body out keeping up with them.
    Another hard freeze forecast for this area of “sunny” Florida – so have to load up the car and get on the road. Soup, sandwiches, and coffee to serve.
    Werner – every once in awhile I like to “top” off my hot chocolate with a bit of Bailey’s and some Irish whiskey. Just a bit. Enough to taste and then toddle off to bed. But I think when I get home tonight I will toast the new President and this new sense of hope with an old single-malt Scotch.
    Take care all! Stay warm, and remember the number one rule (And I promise to remember it too!): Wag More, Bark Less!


  49. Trades…
    We need a curmudgeon. You want the chair?
    Comes with pie…


  50. “Sorry, I said misinformation. What I actually meant was BULLSHIT.”

    ” …googled Barry Goldwater….”I think every good Christian ought to kick Falwell right in the ass” If I remember right my dad said he lost because he believed in UFOs…”

    Love the quote about Falwell. As for Goldwater believing in ufos, I don’t remember, but it seems like I heard something similar and Carter saw one while fishing also. Then again, there’s stranger sh-t out there than things in the air we can’t define.

    Glad to see some actual conversation from you UAW, if we can get past all the nastiness, I still think it would be an interesting conversation. Probably wouldn’t agree on a helluva lot but I am certain that we’ld agree on a lot, just from different directions…and that some of the disagreement might just be different vocabulary.

    Anyway, time to make dinner, just thought I’ld drop by, catch up and have some coffee.


  51. Why does Rush Hate America?

    It’s so sad that very few people seem to realize that President Bush violated his oath of office, and did it often.

    “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    He probably views the oath of office, and the Constitution just like Gonzales did the Geneva Convention. Merely a “quaint” notion.


  52. HEY Everyone,

    Tradesman: Please send some supplies to Alaska or to your local Food Bank.

    The fastest/cheapest way to get things here from what I am hearing on this website is priority mail a flat rate box. Wait can you priority mail the flat rate boxes??? I don’t know much about the flat rate boxes but I do know priority mail arrives here fairly quickly.

    The address to send boxes to is:

    Ann Strongheart
    Nunam Iqua Program for Youth
    c/o City of Nunam Iqua
    101 Mudd Street
    P.O. Box 26
    Nunam Iqua, AK 99666

    Me (I’m Ann 😀 ) and my youth center employees will be collecting and distributing whatever comes in.

    Here is the list again of what is needed:

    Diapers Sizes 1, 3, & 6
    Similac Advanced Formula Powder
    Canned Evaporated Milk
    Dry Powdered Milk
    Baby Cereal
    Baby Food
    Powdered Eggs
    Crackers ( Sailor Boy Pilot Bread unsalted tops are the most used here)
    Rice (minute rice)
    Peanut Butter
    TOILET PAPPER (everyone is running out)
    Coffee Creamer
    Pancake Mix
    Canned Vegetables
    Dried Fruit
    Instant Soups
    Ramen Noodles
    Cup a noodles
    Diaper Rash Ointment
    Just basic pantry staples. Even salt, pepper, etc.

    If you would like a list of specific families to adopt or send boxes to please email me at I will give you the list which includes name, address, family size, and specific needs.

    If anyone wants to send a check please make it payable to the CITY OF NUNAM IQUA and send it to the above address. We will be taking any money sent and dividing it among the needy for heating fuel and electricity bills.

    Any other questions please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you all so much for your help.

    Bless all of you.

    Ann Strongheart
    Project Director/Supervisor
    Nunam Iqua Program for Youth


  53. googled Barry Goldwater….”I think every good Christian ought to kick Falwell right in the ass” If I remember right my dad said he lost because he believed in UFOs…Where would we be if Ford had won????Would things be different in Iran?????Obama/McCain election…no matter who won we were getting a liberal.
    Told my son a long time ago…hold your thumb and index finger about an inch apart(both hands) spread your arms as wide as you can,in between your fingers are the Repubs and Dems(extremes); the rest of us are in between.
    jeff dunhamn just came on


  54. Forgive my tardiness in replying to your AWESOME post. (The work schedule’s been killer this week!)

    Helen, you are so right. It IS about faith and hope. I didn’t get to watch the swearing in because of my work schedule, but I was glued to the TV until I absolutely had to leave. I cried when I saw all of the people, flags waving. I cried when I saw black and white, hugging and holding hands, celebrating a new era in America.

    Yes, this was historic because we elected a biracial man – some say black man – to be president. Certainly it was. I remember the marches. I remember separate drinking fountains, bathrooms and blacks having to enter through the rear door. I may not empathize, but I get it. I saw it. And to see this in my lifetime, I cried like a baby.

    But greater still I felt Obama’s resolve to bring about a change in government to one of responsibility and accountability. It’s going to take years to overcome the damage done by the Bush administration. YEARS.

    But, my prayer is with Obama at the helm, his calm assurance will bring us safely through the difficulties we face.


  55. Sorry, I said misinformation. What I actually meant was BULLSHIT.


  56. You have got to be kidding me. Another conspiracy theorist in our midst. The terrorist groups secretly wanted Obama to be pres…..Why because you think he is a terroist too? Give me a total, break. What a verbal enema.

    Even if you don’t agree with his policies, how can any halfway intelligent person actually think he is associated with terrorists? He is an American citizen. He is a democrat. He is a politician. All of those things you can think are good or bad, but nothing he has ever done has put him in a conspiracy position. What do you think that he will secretly, single handedly bring about the ruin and demise of the entire country? Don’t you think that the people and the senate would have something to say about that even if it were true. Which is just ridiculous.

    Do you really think that over 1/2 of the US was so absolutely fooled into voting for a terrorist. First of all, his father was Kenyan. What about Kenya makes him a terrorist? Gina dear, here is a geography lesson. That makes him part African. You know the big continent thingy that is to the west of the middle east. And just because someone is from the middle east doesn’t make them a terrorist either.



  57. Juneau Joe, today and this evening, I’ve enjoyed looking at the link you provided this morning for the Lower Yukon schools. The pictures of the villages at the various sites are just great. Thanks for posting that.

    Village Pictures:


  58. Whoa! I just scrolled back….

    Gina is ditto-ing every stupid remark made by every ignorant blogger and you-tube commenter. With a sprinkle of Rush and Faux-news too.

    You, my dear Gina, are worthy of being ignored. I’m starting NOW.


  59. Oh, gina, you have really got to stop every now and then and attempt to THINK about an issue rather than just have one massive vowel movement.

    every terroist group wanted Barrak Hussein Obama to be president

    Were they polled? Pew, Fox News..? I’d love to know your source.

    Oh, and please God I hope gina isn’t one of those “He’s uh a Arab” ladies, cause I’ll just have to drag John McCain’s ass in here to set you straight.


    Oh crap freD and Mirrorman I just laughed so hard I peed my pants! ROFLMAO


  60. McCain’s on Larry King tonight (as I write this, is fact).

    Listening to his republican stance (albeit a moderate one compared to some), I cannot express how glad I am that he was not elected.

    We done good this time, folks. The right person is in the office of POTUS.

    (Wanna be really, really scared? McCain thinks Palin’s part of the future of the GOP.)



  61. every terroist group wanted Barrak Hussein Obama to be president

    Were they polled? Pew, Fox News..? I’d love to know your source.

    Oh, and please God I hope gina isn’t one of those “He’s uh a Arab” ladies, cause I’ll just have to drag John McCain’s ass in here to set you straight.


  62. Winning by four percentage points does not a mandate make. Just thought I’d point that out, folks.

    So lovely how Gina has been treated.


  63. Hi Gang and Ira 364,

    Thank you for the link to Robert Pollack. Very, very interesting! I’m going to have to get hold of his books. Amazon maybe?

    I hope you will keep us posted on where you will be going to take your PhD. What is your particular area of interest? I want to read your dissertation when you get it written – admittedly down the road a ways.

    I was working on a theory of mine regarding the function of the Epiphysis of the brain, (not the bone) otherwise known as the Pineal Body. Has anybody found any other hormones produced by that brain structure besides melanin?

    I’m sure most of us know how hard it is to get funding for any kind of scientific research, most especially basic research. The research is expensive in terms of QUALIFIED people and equipment. Often the research is YEARS in the making. I have been participating in a 20-year cancer study with Straub Hospital in Honolulu in conjunction with the NIH. It is called PLCO, prostate, lung, colon and ovarian. (Altho, last they checked, I don’t have a prostate.)

    There are only three fundamental ways to get funding:

    1. Government. Some would say that is not the province of ‘basic services of government.’ Some politicians consider that kind of funding ‘earmarks’, such as snarky remarks about research into the DNA of whales or tsetse flies. (Tsetse flies have very short life spans and reproduce rapidly so many, many generations of the flies can be OBSERVED for trends into a myriad of diseases common to all living creatures.) Then there is the withholding of government funds for politically expediency on unfounded moral grounds. (Stem-cell research.)

    2. Pharmaceutical Companies. Despite their probable best intentions, studies can be and are skewed in favor of getting and promoting drugs as quickly as possible for a ‘successful business’s’ profitable bottom line. Sometimes the results turn out to be an ‘Oops’! Thus the endless disclaimers on pharmaceutical TV commercials to cover their asses in case of litigation.

    3. Universities. This is probably the BEST venue for UNBIASED basic research. Again, these institutions have their own internal financial woes. NOBODY gets rich in that setting. It takes the same kind of dedication as “starving artists!” Still, the work is fascinating and satisfying to the soul in terms of possible benefit to humanity.




  64. Thank God he is going to close down Gitmo! Those who are in detention will now have charges placed against them and be tried.

    Justice will now prevail.


  65. What has he DONE, you ask, gina?

    He swore swore to protect and defend the constitution, gina. Which he understands..and believes in. As well as understanding that until recently we were a nation of law…and justice. That’s what he’s done.

    The constitution, gina… a document that, as imperfect as it has sometimes been, has nonetheless served and defined us for near two and a half centuries as a people. And because of which WE THE PEOPLE , at least to my thinking, seem to shine most brightly when we return to and aspire to its core values. And in which I believe unflinchingly.

    And which is why at noon this past Tuesday, I felt a satisfaction, joy if you will, that this election–and his presidency– was now “official”. But moreso, I felt dull numb relief as though a jagged rusty nail had been removed from my soul.

    And that, to paraphrase a certain first lady, is one of the many reasons why I feel more proud to be an American today than I have in a long time.

    That’s what he’s done…


  66. Oh, gina, you have really got to stop every now and then and attempt to THINK about an issue rather than just have one massive vowel movement.

    “You all think this MAN is so great….WHAT has he actually DONE? What do you really know about him to give him such credit and faith? “
    So far, he has forbid the use of torture and ordered the closing of Guantanamo. Not a bad start in my opinion. And as for what I really know about him, all I know is what I have read about him, which is the same that can be said for his predecessor. The difference being that the stuff I read about BHO has me feeling good about the direction he plans to lead in, while everything I read about GWB made me sick to my stomach. Check back in a month and I am sure we will have more things to say about this subject.
    “Does it not concern you one bit that every terroist group wanted Barrak Hussein Obama to be president? Why do think that might be?”
    Really? Would you mind terribly backing up such an outrageous statement with some facts, please? Not to put to fine a point on it, but merely saying something, no matter how many times it’s repeated, does not make it true. Remember McCain and “The fundamentals of our Economy are strong.” comment? Do you still think that’s true? If you do, then you are a delusional, fraudulent, bile-spewing demagogue. If not, then you’re engaging in falsehoods and you are to be pitied and ignored, not necessarily in that order or all at once.
    “I support the office of the President, will pray..more than ever for the good of our country and every citizen..even the ones who brought this on the USA with their misinformed choices.”
    Brought what on America? What has happened in this last news cycle that I missed? Were we attacked again? Did something heinous occur? Let me check CNN! Be right back…..

    …Nope, everything still there. You couldn’t possibly be speaking rectally, could you? And as for misinformed choices, I probably studied this election harder than any I have voted in previously, and I have voted continually since I was old enough to. I consider it a right, a privilege, and a duty to perform. So how dare you tell me I was misinformed! You don’t even know me, so I guess that makes you a little shit-stirring sycophant to whatever political gods you worship. Which is fine by me, if that’s what you want, but you will not drag your skanky, diseased rhetoric and crippled logic into Margaret and Helen’s parlor. You might stain the rug! Now do us all a favor and read a book, a newspaper, or something other than FAUX news and stop being such a douchenozzle.


  67. Hey, Gina.

    You obviously haven’t been paying attention to Helen; whoever HAVE you been listening to?

    Here’s your homework assignment:
    Go back and read all entries and comments in Helen’s blog, starting way back at October 3, 2008. That should take you about 2-3 weeks.

    Maybe then you will get a clue why the MAJORITY of Americans chose to support, and voted for, President Barack HUSSEIN Obama, instead of McSame and the Moose Lady.

    Keep reading, open your mind, and maybe a sense of peace and hope with envelope you, too. I’m hoping so, Hon.


  68. “WHAT has he actually DONE? What do you really know about him to give him such credit and faith?”

    He went to work as a community organizer in a very disadvantaged neighborhood and got results where others failed; went back to college at Harvard and became a lawyer — how many of us could do that? –; went back to Chicago and worked as a civil rights lawyer when, as the President of the Harvard Law Review, he could have worked at any number of prestigious law firms; ran for the state legislature and lost, taught Constitutional law; ran for state legislature and won; and ran the, hands down, most successful grassroots presidential campaign in modern history.

    I’ve been paying attention to the man and what he’s been doing for four years and I’ve been paying very close attention the last 2 years. I very much knew who I was voting for when I cast my vote and I very much knew what I was voting against when I cast my vote. I’ve also read both of his books.

    He’s a man. He’s no savior. However, in my view, he is the right man for the job.

    I don’t believe that every terrorist group wanted him to be president. It would be better for them if he wasn’t. With Obama as president, their rhetoric of hate will be worth far less.


  69. Hey fred
    I don’t know what Obama’s game is either. Maybe if the MSM would have asked him we would know, they had 2 years and didn’t. Even Tom Brokaw said there’s things he doesn’t know about and would like to about him.
    My first post was about Helens comment about votes no counting. I think Helen’s been listening to Rosie and Whoopi and the other conspiracy theorist.
    I commented on the elections in Minn. and the past gov election in Wash.(more ballots than voters) Apparently it’s ok if the Dems stuff the ballotbox.
    Remember the paper ballots and if they were folded wrong they were not counted/thrown out. Now their using whiteout and markers on ballots…what’s next …a psychic.
    How come I’m the only one complaining about this election fraud
    and Fred if your going to kick my ass better eat your Wheaties.


  70. Oh no, groan. Did you actually read Helen’s post? It is about HOPE and FAITH. And let’s see, as I listened to his solemn inaugural address, it was his word he put out there to have in his heart, and actions, what will benefit us all. Ye of little hope should take notes and after 4 years, then ask what he has done. For now, Hope and Faith and Virtue are pretty great platforms to believe in.

    And since you believe every terrorist group wanted him to be president, maybe they actually want a better world for themselves too.

    Glad you are praying and supporting though, and if we have been misinformed, it’s been a major deception that over half of the country believes in.

    Funny though, I actually look forward to and like listening to our new President speak, and although it’s only been Day 2, he’s been actually doing what he said he would. Hmmm. What would I call that.

    Maybe it’s called GREAT!


  71. You all think this MAN is so great….WHAT has he actually DONE? What do you really know about him to give him such credit and faith? Does it not concern you one bit that every terroist group wanted Barrak Hussein Obama to be president? Why do think that might be?

    I support the office of the President, will pray..more than ever for the good of our country and every citizen..even the ones who brought this on the USA with their misinformed choices.


  72. Looks like I am off the hook being a designated driver for the trolls. (Alaska Pi, Jan 20, 11:30 pm) They seem to have gone.

    Good thing, too. I wandered past the pet food aisle at the supermarket and bought a few *celebration* bottles of wine.

    (I don’t rank tradesman as a troll; and even if he were, it sounds like he can build/fix/drive his own car.)



  73. Troutay

    It’s sad that the invention that has brought us this far from the Dark Ages has been left in the dust. I guess “survival of the Fittest” applies to industry too.

    Can anyone out there imagine a morning without a newspaper on the lawn? It might happen.

    Even if you’re not in the newspaper industry, all printing companies are hurting. Desktop publishing has replaced job shops, print-on-demand has taken its toll.

    Good luck to you and your co-workers.


  74. Troutay, I am very sorry to hear about the layoffs at your company…not good. I pray that you keep your job even if it means that you suffer with “survivor guilt”. Bad day indeed!


  75. For the first time in a long time, I truly believe the world can be a better place!


  76. So sorry for your sad/bad news. What a scary time for you and the others.


  77. I came to get some pie and a cup of tea. It has been a very bad day today. Layoffs at my company, although I still have my job at this point. All the people laid off were great people. We all know this is coming to most of our companies, but it always seems that it won’t be us. Heads in the sand I know, but it has hit home now. Thousands of people will have this same day. And where do they go? There are no jobs out there to apply for in this field of work.
    The whole printing industry is hurting.

    I almost feel guilty for still having my job as most of these people have worked there for years.
    I have only been there since September so I am expecting the ax to fall soon.


    January 22, 2009 at 11:53AM AKST

    “State director proposes fuel voucher to help lower Yukon”

    Hey, there’s good reason to hope that the Yupiks are finally going to get some greatly needed help!!!


    January 22, 2009 at 11:59AM AKST

    “Emmonak donations ‘a miracle’ of caring”


  80. I love this new transparency – bills signed in front of the people with an explanation from our president surrounded by his team of accountable experts who aren’t even thinking about a raise. Priceless!


    Thanks again for this:

    I’m picturing GWB secretly signing bills right and left with that smirk on his face. “He, he, he – the American people are so dumb they won’t notice that we’re______________. Wink, wink” He was insulting!

    The cable channels aren’t repeating the same tired “sound byte named” breaking news over and over. They can hardly fit in news at the top of the hour because change is bearing down like a freight train.

    Am I watching through rose-colored glasses? Maybe trying to keep up with work, the TV providing background noise and checking each new e-mail notification has addled my brain. I’m enjoying my altered state!

    Thanks again Helen for inviting us to your open house!

    “Native Alaskans are forced to choose between freezing and starving”

    174 members
    Sign up, log in, join the group and let us know how you have pitched in. Thanks to all!


  81. UAW Tradesman-

    Nobody ever said that politics was a perfect thing. Contrary to popular belief, we are all individuals with our own beliefs. The basic reason (amongst others) why we all voted for Obama is because we agreed with more of the principles that he believes in than what we disagreed with.

    Us democrats are not neophytes or zombies or whatever you conservatives and other bashers like to call us. We are people to with our own unique opinions. We don’t have to “blindly follow the whole Dem party policy” as you said to be an Obama supporter or even a democrat. That is the neat thing about this country. We can have differences of opinion and still come together for the greater good of the cause.

    If Obama were to do something stupid when it comes to an issue I either know nothing or don’t have a concrete opinion about… it honestly would not bother me. However I would judge him on real issues. I think Obama will do his level best to take care of the pertenent issues surrounding the country at this time… and thats what matters in the long run. History will judge Obama by how he handles the big issues ie economy, the wars, and healthcare…. not the smaller issues.

    Obama is your president now… deal with it. Give him a chance to do something good. Judge him at election time in 2012. Until then it would be better for everyone to support our president and get involved in our communities to make change instead of sitting behind your computer screen frothing at the mouth.


  82. geomarz:

    So what nationality are you? Maybe that might explain a bit of your bitterness towards the U.S.

    Take a look at this chart, if you choose, or find a better one …

    Click to access gbk2006ProgramSummary.pdf

    What part of millions, billions and yes, probably trillions, of US foreign aid dollars do you have trouble understanding?

    The billions we have sent overseas with the Peace Corps?

    The billions sent via USAID, for Child Survival & Health, for “Economic Health” purposes?

    Billions sent via the Department of Agriculture for food aid and related assistance?

    Billions just for HIV/AIDS help?

    Billions for Migration and Refugee Assistance?

    According to that chart, it looks to me that we have sent overseas $2 in economic/health-type aid funding and support for every $1 in military spending.

    I don’t get it. I don’t get your hostility. And I especially don’t know why our own Native Americans are trying to survive the extreme winter conditions in our northernmost state, and you are ridiculing the U.S. and our new president.


  83. Since I was born in 1956 I was still pretty young when the civil rights movement was happening. I started crying at 8:30 am Tuesday and didn’t stop till well into the afternoon. When I think back on what we did to a large part of our society it makes me physically ill. Along with the fact that this election has brought out the worst in some people, most of my relatives in fact. I always thought they were very right and probably a bit racist. I was right.
    We all know it’s not going to be easy, and we have to have patience. But I believe we can get there. As I am going to say to my right-wing relatives, ‘yes, we voted for Obama and we couldn’t be more optimistic at where he’ll lead the country. Since we’ve been in the depths of hell for the last 8 years, the lies, the deception, the serving your own agenda had to stop.’


  84. Please do not place us Libertarians (Boortz) into the same laundry list as neo-conservative, republican, whackos.

    “Constitutionalist” sounds better, though it may be partially obsolete in this interdependent globalized world of power and control, brave new technologies, and haves and have nots. Libertarianism’s theoretical nature, and its “Founding Father” fallback positions, cannot effectively combat all the things that are out there. It must become more pragmatic if it wants more success.


  85. Limbaugh is an idiot and so is Hannity. Therefore every American who believes on what they say is also an idiot.


  86. UAW tradesman,

    Huey Long was the prototypical self-serving populist. Rush Limbaugh is no different – ‘power thru their people’ is their game.

    Not sure what Obama’s game is quite yet. But so far, he’s obviously more intelligent, all-America oriented and pragmatic than flip-flop McSame and “She’s hot!” Moose milf. And definitely not the muslim socialist non-citizen terrorist loving Messiah the wingnut community had tried to paint him as. Whether he can enact “change” in self-serving DC is yet to be seen.

    More than once, blog conservatives have tried to intimidate me with their bench press, gun collection, humvees, income… online, like these things will make a difference in their political credibility. Liberals do the same but usually only when provoked or when making a point. Until I’ve met somebody in person, it’s the logic behind their words that matters. And until I’ve crawled through the internet wires to hunt you down and kick your nutjob ass, debate is all that matters here as well.


  87. UAW Tradesman,

    Whoever was wearing the “Sarah Palin is a C…” needed to be berated and given another shirt. That was crude. A more appropriate statement would be that Sarah Palin is a Bitch, or an Idiot, or better yet told to “Shut the Hell Up and SIT Down!” (thank you Helen for the spot on assessments), but I still wouldn’t wear it on a shirt.

    I think you are having some fun with us here – like the rascal oddball uncle who lkes to spout zingers and watch the eyeballs roll. Well, it makes for spice and I much prefer you to the trolls.

    On another subject, Rush Limbaugh needs to be put on the front page of every newspaper, and be the lead story for FOX news. His wish that President Obama fails is the bottom of the dung heap, the toilet paper of diarrhea. (I am trying to clean up my language.)

    One can expect Osama bin Ladin to say those words, or the dead Saddam Hussein, or the crazy North Korean dictator, but not an American.

    For this “God fearing” conservative right winging radio broadcaster to wish for our President to fail is totally unacceptable, and all those other Bush loving Palin adoring worshippers better see this ass wipe Limbaugh up front with his evil words, and if they agree with him, then truly they should leave the country – except Canada won’t welcome them either.

    I will admit that I didn’t trust, like, or want Bush in office, but I never wished that he would fail. He was the President of the United States, and he failed just by what he did, who he palled around with, and what he allowed. He failed without our wishes and much to our heartbreak.

    I am so proud of our new President Obama. His vision is a grand one, and he is already going to work. It’s not about color, it’s about what is right.

    The nay sayers can keep looking for their points of attack, but I can very comfortably predict that they will have far less to harp on and they may have to eat crow pie soon.


  88. geomarz: So what is your country of national origin?


  89. “Today as millions stood on the Mall and millions more sat in front of televisions and computer screens, we watched as Hope and Faith placed its hand on the bible”


    I love all of your posts but those words are the best. Thank-you so very much. You nailed it girl!


  90. @ Elsie
    You say:
    “Are you really willing to find out otherwise if we just shut off the aid and related funds to other countries and let them fend for themselves?”
    You really think like that ?!
    USA has the biggest debts towards ONU and the biggest expenditures in the world for weapons (3/4 of the entire world expenditure for weapons).


  91. If the U.S. takes an isolationist stance, it will impact the world. And I’m almost there, at this point. Let the world’s various countries try to go their own way without any help from the U.S. God knows we need to keep those hundreds of billions of dollars at home to pull ourselves out of the muck and mire.

    geomarz—I dare say that Obama CAN do a lot of good for many countries around the world. Are you really willing to find out otherwise if we just shut off the aid and related funds to other countries and let them fend for themselves?


  92. Please do not place us Libertarians (Boortz) into the same laundry list as neo-conservative, republican, whackos.

    We believe in the constitution as it is written, which includes equal rights, treatment, and opportunities for everyone.

    Thank you.


  93. Elsie

    That was my reaction too.


  94. Huh?


  95. Yes,
    Obama has only a different color. I do not think he will do something good FOR our world and for us, in other countrys of this world.


  96. You say
    “…and for the world…”
    Rally you think that USA has any right about the entire world ?
    I do not.
    And many people in this world.


  97. fred
    my point was that graydog insulted me about not being a tradesman. I take pride in what I do also. Not voting for Obama doesn’t mean that I’m antiunion, just that I’m not going to blindly follow the whole Dem party policy. If you look at all the groups that contribute to the Dem platform there are parts that you don’t like either. You eat meat so you must not send money to PETA. That doesn’t mean that you, I, or anybody thinks it’s alright to just torture any animal(tie cats tails together and throw over clothesline) I don’t always agree with the ACLU (NAMBLA)&(your in more trouble if you beat your dog than your wife)
    Fred I looked up Huey Long(share the wealth) and you should be worried, the STATE might decide that some else needs those homes. As far as being physically stronger…WHOOPI FRIGGEN DO


  98. Here’s my point about the blowhard media populist:

    Conservative libertarianism has had appeal to the common self-reliant working man. The mantra: Can’t make it in America? What are you, a wuss?

    Yet that ideology does not offer the common man any options against freedom and liberty robbing concentrations of power. The only proven effective antidote to megalomaniac evil is steadfast communal action, yet conservative libertarianism preaches against communal action. This decade it’s been the ruse du jour used by cunning plutocrats who will act in concert, when required, against threats to their power and position of superiority. And it’s no different in capitalistic America or communist China – where it’s been estimated that 90+% of it’s new billionaires have close ties to the Communist party.

    I cannot count the number of times I’ve been preached to that in America the best and brightest most often rise to the top and deserve their authority. But I also cannot count the number of times I’ve seen cronyism, nepotism, tribalism, corruption, machiavellianism… rewarded with power over others who are much more qualified to hold power.

    Communal action is the only antidote, but must be checked against any ‘charismatic corruption’ which always attempts to steal the movement for its own gains.


  99. I was so happy I literally stood in front of my television and cried. Cried because I felt so grateful that he was elected President and it felt so good to have hope and faith restored.

    THe only time I felt that reocurring sense of nausea was when the news spoke about the peaceful and even positive transition of power from Bush to Obama. I mean, how else would he serve up the heaping pile of feces that he created? Why with a smile on his face, of course.

    I’m still at a loss as to why those who support Bush even now are blind to all he did. And I say that knowing full well that even we don’t know every rotten thing he did. All I know is they must live with their proverbial heads up their hind quarters.


  100. I’ve drove for over a decade, also drove longhaul for awhile, worked concrete until I got injured and had to quit…have worked a lot of different things as opportunity allowed and now work in an office. Never been a member of an union, which sucks, might’ve made a living wage…though I did stop eating meat over a decade ago. My son played rugby as a vegetarian, his upper arms grew so fast he has stretch marks on them, though living with his mom he eats meat now. Still plays rugby, studying to be a diesel mechanic.

    Not certain what any of this shit means to anyone though UAW. I have a sense if you weren’t so pissy, might actually have a lot in common with us, some differences too I’m sure. Have some pie, mellow out…and maybe join the conversation instead of just kicking shins.


  101. Oh lord why why why?

    Comparing Rush Limbaugh to Keith Olberman just does not wash!

    Yes Keith can be sarcastic and bombastic but well, he actually looks things up and backs them with video clips and facts. Imagine that! Oh and he tells you when he is giving his opinion.

    Rush not so much he just spews and spews and spews in his own words he just does a stream of consciousness when he is on the radio. Which I found very hilarious as he is the most unconscious person I have ever heard.

    And Al Franken really? I would love your take on crazy Barbara Bachman?

    Ok off to get some more work done.


  102. I’m still hacked off….one more thing….this is a “right to work” state. My dad could have been fired at any time for no reason because his refinery has no union there. But I guess he knew his butt from a hole in the ground because the company kept him around for 41 fricking years in spite of not having a union to push things through management.

    And he had a damn good retirement, too, when he finally took it. AND, he’d saved a hell of a lot of his wages in all that time, too. He could fix any damn thing he wanted to, any time, anywhere. He only had a high school education, and he was the smartest man with common sense I know. He was tough, he was good, and he was hard-working. He might have listened to Limbaugh, but he wouldn’t be a jerk about it.

    Put that in your blue collar pipe and smoke it, “tradesman”. We are more alike than we are different. It’s not all about politics. The torch has passed to a new administration, one that even your UAW supports. Let’s try to work together. Don’t underestimate me or anyone else on this blog; most of us are here to try to find support for making this a better country, through Helen’s good graces.


  103. Ann

    Thanks for joining Facebook and writing about SPAN Alaska on the wall!

    “Native Alaskans are forced to choose between freezing and starving”

    168 members have sent out 465 invitations to their friends!


    Yes. The good thing about it was I wasn’t getting notifications so I’ve gotten more real work done in the last couple of hours than I have in the last couple of days.

    That’s over.


  104. UAW Tradesman,
    I work (usually) in an office as a design engineer in a very competitive business. I’ve also rebuilt several homes for residence, investment and mental/physical/emotional release, doing virtually all the work myself. I have put in 10hrs at the office, followed up with 8 more at one of my properties, for months at a time. I am physically stronger than you, as well as smarter. I like meat too.

    What’s your point?


  105. Strange, I don’t know of anyone on this blog that would actually wear one of those Palin T shirts. I think all we have said is things from actual observations like, “she is not the most intelligent (aka stupid).” or “she is only out for herself” which has been evidenced time and time again.

    The T shirt is offensive and deflects people from the real truth which is about her lack of qualifications and commitment to the country. And by that I mean, the whole country even her state, not just her pro-America part. Ya know, all the people that agree with her only. Sur ya betcha.


  106. My dad retired from a refinery after working 41 years for the company. His honest labor paid the way through college for me. I’m blue-collar raised, and I know what being a respectable craftsman is. I will always respect people who work hard with their hands, their backs, and their minds.

    And I sure don’t need any bullshit from anyone about how good it is to get a little dirt under “MY” fingers. You sound pretty damn defensive about your own dirt under your own fingers, Dude. Get over yourself. We are one nation under God. We each are part of the solution, or we are part of the problem. And, I sure as hell am not part of the problem. Nor was my dad.


  107. Yeah I listen to Rush . Didn’t say I agree with everything he says or treat everything as gospel. Thirty years in an auto plant and never built a car part, repaired a lot of wornout machinery though. Never did like people trying to lead me around on a leash(repubs and dems/bosses and union officials) Must be a lot of office people here(good to get a little dirt under your fingers) I also eat meat.


  108. Whirled Peas,
    I can post but then get a blank screen instead of the usual full page refresh showing my new post.

    So what are you so angry about? If Clinton’s NAFTA pushed you into the Huey Long ‘no difference between R &D’ camp, that might make some sense. But why proclaim listening to Rush?


  109. TO all you girlz out there, something a co-worker just send me I wanted to share with you:

    Women make everything greater!
    “Whatever you give a woman, she will make it greater. If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her………….

    So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.”

    O. Tatar, Co-worker
    (No idea where he got it, but I am lovin’ it!)

    BTW whirled Peas site seams to ge stuck on the posting page gotta go back to main and jump back into comments to see what’s up.


  110. Yes, Whirled Peas. I thought it was just me because I won’t stop fooling around here and go get some work done!


  111. Note to World:

    You don’t have to belong to a union to fix things. Millions of people fix things all over the planet and have never belonged to a union. Jus’ so y’all know, ok?


  112. Testing…anyone else having problems posting?



  113. The T-shirts were worn by Dems at a campaign stop in Penn. Not a Mi. thing.

    I’d lump those kind of people together with O’Donnell truthers and Coulter polemics, not mainstream voters.


  114. Hey Jane in Miami,

    You really don’t need to wait for the book to start:

    Bush Family History

    Take your pick. I like YouTube.



  115. Curious.

    “In 2008 the UAW… bolstered support for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama by distributing newsletters and sponsoring rallies.”

    I guess “tradesman” didn’t get the memo.


  116. The T-shirts were worn by Dems at a campaign stop in Penn. Not a Mi. thing.


  117. Listening to Rush now BYEBYE

    I take it you don’t mean the band?

    Hmm. A blue collar auto worker who listens to the biggest radio shill for the Republican party – the same party which is trying to bring down unions and American autos.

    I submit that UAW Tradesman is insane.


  118. For the future:
    I will over ONE inflatable brain to every troll on this blog!
    Get it while you can to stop that hollow sound when we beat you over the head!!!

    I mean it!



  119. “When you take Obama’s Inauguration speech and juxtapose it with Rush’s hope that Obama will fail, one needs to ask: Why does Rush hate America?”

    Mr. MadAsHell–
    Tell me, again….I forgot…..Why would we care why Rush does or hates anything?


  120. can I have a t-shirt too, please?




  121. juneaujoe
    At least I can fix things.
    Did I mention “YOU SIR ARE AN A$$HOLE”
    Listening to Rush now BYEBYE


  122. Same here in Texas, freD, even with all the rednecks and Bubbas down here. I’m guessing that it’s just being promoted by some nasty-minded jerks up there in Michigan.


  123. When you take Obama’s Inauguration speech and juxtapose it with Rush’s hope that Obama will fail, one needs to ask: Why does Rush hate America?


  124. The same people that think that a T-shirt with “SARAH PALIN IS A CUNT” is funny get mad at me when I complain about my gov(Jennifer Gramholm) WHY!!!

    I’ve never run into either – must be a Michigan thing.


  125. anne
    Yes I do enjoy reading the posts and when I feel a reply is needed I do. Do I “jerk your chain) once in a while…Sure. If the sanctimonious a$$holes here are expecting a pat on the back their not getting it from me. The same people that think that a T-shirt with “SARAH PALIN IS A CUNT” is funny get mad at me when I complain about my gov(Jennifer Gramholm) WHY!!!
    The hit on me about not being a tradesman hurt. I’ve got 30+ years at UAW Local 699 Saginaw mi. All that time as a Millwright. I’ve got my degree form trades school and my certificate from the Dept of Labor. I’ve worked in the bottom of press pits and on the roof in -10 weather and put 2 children through college. My son (29) says that I’m more liberal than I think, and he’s more conservative than he thinks. I’m just glad that I don’t hate or insult my fellow Americans like you do.
    Did you check out the DAILY SHOW 1-13-09 segment(head of state) hilarious. Jon has the same opinion of Kerry that I do.


  126. WOW WorldPeas

    I can’t wait to read the book! I’ll be like non-fiction John LeCarre or Ken Follett only scarier because it’s true.

    Ron Howard should reserve the screen rights and start working on the movie.


  127. Yo, “tradesman”–You pick your hatemongers, and I’ll pick mine.

    And, while you’re at it, do something nice for humanity, and try to help the native Americans choosing whether to feed their children OR keep their children from freezing this winter.


  128. Tradesman = You are a joe the Plumber type.

    Go get your duct tape and fix your truck tail light.

    Did I mention, “YOU SIR ARE AN IDIOT!”

    Check out the village sites and sponsor a family in Nunam Iqua please. Do something good for your society!


  129. Yes. We did. That’s a good start. But that’s not enough. Never forget the past and what comes from it.

    Obama Should Worry About the Bush
    Family Tentacles Undermining His Plans.

    As George W. Bush leaves office and Barack Obama takes over, we are in danger of missing the opportunity for change our new president has promised — unless we come to grips with what the great historian and Librarian of Congress Daniel Boorstin called our “hidden history,” not just of the past eight years but of the past half-century and more.

    President Obama will face a staggering array of challenges, most, if not all, of which stem from the policies of Bush. But efforts at reform will fall short if we fail to probe and confront the powerful forces that wanted this disastrous administration in the White House in the first place — and that remain ready and able to maintain their influence behind the scenes today.

    Like most people, I took the failings of George W. Bush at face value: an inattentive, poorly prepared man full of hubris, who committed colossal blunders as a result. Then I spent five years researching my new book, Family of Secrets and came to see that the origins go much deeper. This backstory is getting almost no attention in the talking-heads debate over the Bush legacy. Yet it will continue to play, affecting our country and our lives, long after Bush leaves office.

    What’s past is today’s present. ~ Δ


  130. Anonymous:
    “We have a grasp of economics.” Are you talking about the worst mess this country has ever seen? I do believe I heard this morning that even the smartest people in economics are saying they have never seen anything like what is happening now. This is your baby. This is GWB’s baby. You wonder why he was booed (I thought that was in poor taste myself), but do you wonder why he was booed??? Look around. Do you see what is happening to your neighbors?

    This is why we are excited to see President Obama in office. His first day he issued orders to close Gitmo, to have all agencies of the government become transparent BEFORE citizens ask for the info. He called all leaders of Middle Eastern nations. He sincerely wants to make America a place that it’s citizens can walk in any country and not say they are Canadians. He has an economic stimulus plan drafted BEFORE he actually was the President. That is what President Obama will do for us. This and so much more.

    Please tell me that you weren’t proud that throughout the world there was celebration for our new leader. I look at the reaction to who we elected and am so proud that the world now sees who we are as a nation. Crawl out from under your rock. Try to see that this nation was sorely abused from what GWB did to us for the last eight years. And no, we do not want to be separated from Republicans, we just wish that the Republican party would understand that this country needed a leader that would make smart decisions. And yes, science has been thwarted under the Republicans the last eight years. The fact that stem cells hold the key to breakthroughs in medicine, I blame GWB and the Republicans for caving to the religious right for stopping scientific discovery for eight years. In science, that is a lifetime.

    If the Republicans would just say no to the religious right, say yes to women’s rights, start talking about things that will make the nation go forward instead of living under rocks, then yes, we would welcome what they have to say.

    Good by and good luck.

    By the way, thanks Helen.


  131. Elsie
    when you talk about “hatemongers” don’t forget Keith Olbermann and Al Frankin


  132. Making me the 336th person to agree.

    I gained bitterness and cynicism these last eight years. The other day, I regained hope.


  133. There are very few people I hate but Limbaugh is now one of them. I totally respect everyone opinion (isn’t that what America is about????) but does he realize that making a statement “I hope he fails” means he is wishing our country would fail. WTF? Are you kidding me? I have no respect for that. N-O-N-E!!!
    A few folks I have run into have said they did not vote for Obama or do not agree with his politics but they have high hopes he will lead and guide us in our time of need. Now, that is America at its finest.


  134. I agree with every word of this post, it is wonderful. I know that the problems this country faces won’t be fixed quickly, however, knowing that President Obama is in charge, I do feel a renewed sense of hope, that things will be okay.


  135. Village Pictures:

    Nunam Iqua and Russian Mission are the websites with the best community pictures. They give you a feel for what the village really looks like.

    You walk on board walks because the ground is either frozen and icy or spongy and your boots will sink into the soil.


  136. Tracy M

    mean but true, just how I like my gals!

    (No possesive comment, just can’t stop smieling!)



  137. Greytdog

    don’t kow if you like alc, but in Germany )Northern part that is) we add1 -2 fingers of good rhum in the mug BEFORE we pour the choclate (Comes from the southern parts of the world, calls itself “Lumuba”)
    Yummy for the tummy and helps you go to sleep…..!
    And a bit of whipped cream with a dash of Cinamon on top of all that, makes you feel as if you needn’t dream anymore…….




  138. Here is the link to: LOWER YUKON SCHOOL DISTRICT

    These are the villages that make up the district, except for Emmonak.




    That is the District office site. From there you click on the village you want to see. Nunam has pictures of the village. Emmonak does not have a web site up. We talked about doing it last year but it did not happen.


  140. Elsie said-

    I have just a min this AM…
    Have been trying to find some info for days and NOT being a state employee ( tongue-out-at-stupid-faux-anon-by-as-i-am-not-as-polite-as-many) NOR as info-find literate as so many here it has taken me forever to get a tag that should go somewhere.
    I emailed a reporter at ADN days ago about doing an explanatory follow-up about Alaska policy on disaster declarations following a law change about 10 years ago and have not heard a peep.

    This AM I finally found a reference , in relation to my town last spring. which I will try to follow up.

    IF the troubles in Y-D are FRAMED as primarily economic in nature the gov and State do not have to deal with it all as a disaster.
    I want to find the statute and regs to read and will try in next day or so to follow that trail through web-posted Alaska law info.

    There is something deeply wrong with the whole shooting match as warning messages were posted as early as July 2008 and yelling started in October 2008-
    If it is true that Emmonak contracted for $400,000 worth of fuel from INSTATE refinery and early freeze disallowed delivery , I want to know why that did not qualify at that time for a very sharp look at how to get stuff to those folks.
    The gov promised energy relief for rural Alaska last year and mostly seems to feel $1200 rebate checks she and LEG OKed was enough. The minority Leg voices who were pushing for rural power reform got lost in that feel-good – but-don’t-fix-anything moment.

    Thank you all-
    Things are really starting to move now- whether it will be the right moves and we’ll fix anything, I don’t know but at least we will warm and feed our neighbors … we will not add to the blood on our hands.

    Proud and Greytdog and AnnΔ-
    Boy- all our neighborhoods have sandbagging to do! We knew that, I know… but now we can get to work on it some. I’m looking forward to the barn raisings ahead… after we slow the floods…


  141. An interesting juxtaposition of two different video interviews on this morning:

    1) Rush Limbaugh says of the new president: “I hope he fails.” I say, what an ass!

    2) Fareed Zakaria’s interpretation of the president’s inaugural address: In essence, Zakaria says, Obama wants us to “grow up” and get on with the urgent business at hand.

    Ugh. Assuming that it impossible that Limbaugh will ever “grow up” and become something useful in this society, it becomes my hope that this is the year that Limbaugh himself fails, with great finality, that his microphone is jerked out of his hand, he’s beaten over the head with it, and he toddles off alone to play with himself in some dark, dank corner, sputtering and muttering, until the men in the white coats come haul his sorry ass off to the funny farm, never to be heard from again.


  142. I went back here on Helen’s blog to try to find the list of photos of Ann Strongheart, her husband, and their baby. For those who missed it the first time and are interested to see our new Yupik friends, here is the info.

    By: Struggling in Nunam Iqua on January 18, 2009 at 11:06 AM

    HEY Everyone,

    If any of you would like to see some pictures of who you are helping, here’s a link to my youth centers picture website. There aren’t any current pictures b/c we lost our free wireless that we had here, and I can’t upload them on dial up. But there are lots of pictures from our first 3 years.

    I will try to upload some more if I can get on the schools library computers that are wireless and much faster.


    You can see pictures of me and my husband and daughter under the “Our Town Hall Meeting to Prevent Underage Drinking” ALBUM


  143. Ann –

    I called one village and explained what we were doing and tried to find out if people there were also struggling and if they might need a little assistance. There was a Tribal meeting last night so I e-mailed all the details and the person I spoke with was going to bring it up.

    I haven’t heard back yet but, thanks to you, I know it’s still the middle of the night there.

    In the mean time my daughter got in touch with Ann S. and got a list of families – number of family members, what would be most appreciated and their addresses – we’re going to try to encourage people to donate directly to make it more personal. We’ll see how that goes.

    We need people like you, who have donated, to “write on the wall” telling what you’ve given or to leave tips about donating. The Facebook audience has grown up reading the captions in their textbooks, reading a one page capsule in Wikipedia instead of learning world history and watching the video instead of reading the book – and getting away with it.

    There’s no way to make this problem simple enough to grab the majority of people who visit the site and make them want to spend time reading the story and following the links right now. The “wall” is like the captions.

    If you wrote, “Ann S. says there’s a real need for Desitin because of the shortage of diapers so I filled a box with it and got it off this morning” it would get their attention and they would dig a little deeper.

    My daughter and I can’t do it – it needs to be people other than the ones who started the group.

    We have the ability to send e-mail to everyone who has joined so once we figure out what the best message to send is, we’ll do that.

    Right now, unless we hear back from the other village, we’ll concentrate on helping Nunam Iqua because we have a two-way cyber street to that village thanks to Ann S.

    Thanks for asking!

    “Native Alaskans are forced to choose between freezing and starving”
    151 Members



    “The Office of Public Liaison & Intergovernmental Affairs (OPL-IGA) is the front door to the White House through which everyone can participate and inform the work of the President.

    “OPL-IGA takes the Administration out of Washington and into communities across America, stimulating honest dialogue and ensuring that America’s citizens and their elected officials have a government that works effectively for them and with them.”

    I went there this morning, to inform the president’s Office of Public Liaison & Intergovernmental Affairs that there’s a crisis right now in the rural Yukon villages. I asked that office to research this matter, and try to find a way to help the people who are choosing whether to heat their homes in sub-zero temperatures, or feed their children and other family members.

    Perhaps other bloggers on Helen’s site here might want to bring this issue to the attention of the new White House?

    Can’t hurt; might even help, somehow.


  145. Helen needs to be a Senator!!!!! 🙂


  146. Pete Seeger is a national treasure!

    I’ve been to a couple of Pete Seeger/Arlo Guthrie concerts and they provided traveling music on many family road trips. Is everybody taken back in time by certain songs?

    We all happened to be in Orlando one evening when Arlo was playing at Epcot. He was surrounded by his children and grandchildren and an audience of grown up hippies with their children, grandchildren. Those old songs have aged gracefully and tears were streaming down many faces including my daughter’s and mine.

    I’ve heard that when you cry tears of joy you are really crying for a perfect world. I think Tuesday we all cried because we’re getting so much closer to a perfect world.

    “Native Alaskans are forced to choose between freezing and starving”

    151 members have sent out 449 invitations to their friends!

    Go to Facebook, sign up, log on, join the group and start a conversation there.


  147. Alaska Pi: Your links were all good -then I me ssed up. The photo link from Ann S. does not work..So folks be creative and use google for Calista..or retrieve from earlier writing It is interesting that the Inauguration brought out the Trolls who were quiet before. UAW TRADESMAN- I think that you like it keep coming back, flirting with us in a way… Jane in Miami- How is it going with your facebook project and phone calls? Vote 4 Pete Seeger -YAY!!


  148. Our new president said these words on the U.S. Capitol’s steps on Tuesday, probably about the same time that Alaskan government officials were meeting with the Emmonak people up in Alaska’s western Yukon Delta:

    “The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works — whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified. Where the answer is yes, we intend to move forward. Where the answer is no, programs will end. And those of us who manage the public’s dollars will be held to account, to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day, because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.

    “Nor is the question before us whether the market is a force for good or ill. Its power to generate wealth and expand freedom is unmatched. But this crisis has reminded us that without a watchful eye, the market can spin out of control. The nation cannot prosper long when it favors only the prosperous. The success of our economy has always depended not just on the size of our gross domestic product, but on the reach of our prosperity, on the ability to extend opportunity to every willing heart — not out of charity, but because it is the surest route to our common good.”

    The common good, to me, is to help the least among us when they need a hand up, because it is the right thing to do.



    “Food for Emmonak w/photos”

    January 21, 2009 at 9:56AM AKST

    Photographs from the food relief arrival on Tuesday, January 20. Emmonak received a shipment Tuesday from Wainwright and other villages.


  150. New post as of Wednesday, Jan. 21, 11:31 AKST

    “Emmonak villagers demand state help now”

    I am aggravated to read that state officials who met with the villagers in Emmonak on Tuesday are making LONG-TERM SUGGESTIONS to improve the lot of the rural villagers.

    “They offered ideas that would help more people take advantage of public assistance and job training….Ron Kreher, disaster assistance program manager for the Division of Public Assistance, said the state may be able to loosen eligibility requirements for food stamps in the region. It’s a complicated process, he warned.”

    It’s a lengthy article that helps me visualize what dolts these government people appear to be. It just kinda makes me want to slap some fools like the governor and her flacks upside of the head and ask them, “What part of starving and malnutrition do you not understand? Are these not your own citizens? Are they not in desperate need RIGHT NOW? Where is your humanity? Why the hell are you so damn obtuse about this?”

    I need to go take my blood pressure medicine.



  151. Greydog,

    How eloquently put! Everyone point you made was right on! If only I could write so well and effectively get my point across as well as you do.

    But I agree with Alaskan. Don’t let the trolls get your blood pressure up. The best thing to do to bullies is to ignore them and they’ll go away.

    Your Texas Friend (sad that Shrub decided to move back here),



  152. JuneauJoe ∆, I signed the petition for Pete Seeger. Mahalo for the link!

    Ira364, I was so proud of the 48% of the Texans who voted for Obama, and I’m not even from there!

    I am also proud of the many people that voted for McCain/Palin, and have now put it behind them and are ready to support the new President Obama.

    Isn’t that what we all used to do – support the new president even though we didn’t vote for him? That is, until they screw up royal and big time like Nixon and Clinton. Bush screwed up royally and illegally from before Day 1 and holds the record IMO, so it was really hard to support him at any point in time.

    One of the most impressive images I saw during the inaugural events was that people of all colors were standing closely next to each other, and they all looked comfortable being next to each other. In fact, I can imagine the feeling that was present everywhere – that we are one.

    And Pete Seeger leading everyone with “This land is my land, this land is your land…..” was such a fitting song for this time.

    Oh! and Welcome! new blog posters (except for trolls). E komo mai (come in!)


  153. Jean,

    Thanks for your inquiry. You are essentially right about skin color- its just a matter of a few genes that help a group adjust to their exposure to sunlight.

    But even more interesting is the fact that each of the “races” also has specific genetic conditions that could be greatly reduced or even eliminated if people intermarried across cultures. ie Tay-Sachs, sickle cell anemia, hemophelia (which the royal families of Europe carried because they only married other royals to keep their blood “pure”- a very genetically unsound practice! Imagine if Hitler had succeeded in making a master race- they’d rack up genetic illnesses quickly!!!)

    Anyhow, when I was at Columbia, I took an ethics class from Robert Pollack in which we talked about the danger of allowing so many Africans to die of AIDS due to the fact that we need to keep the human race as genetically diverse as possible (ie we need their genes to keep future generations genetically healthy). Here is his website if you care to check him out:

    He is very interested in the connections between science and religion. I don’t always agree with his views, but he does make many good arguments and he sure makes me think!!!!

    Speaking of Columbia, did anyone notice that the troll “anonymous” never bothered to take me on? What a coward!!!! Man! I was ready, too!!!

    Finally, I noticed some banter on stereotypes of Texans and I would ask people to remember that Helen (and possibly Margaret in years past) and I are Texans and we are very proud of our progressive, beautiful, and friendly state!!! Please don’t stereotype us! 48% of Texans voted for Obama!!!


  154. Elsie,

    >Back to my more pressing dilemma. Do you have any suggestions about differentiating between a conservative and a Limbaugh or an O’Reilly?

    There are conservatives and fucktards. Pretty well covers it.

    Really though, Limbaugh, O’Reilly and Coulter are NOT conservatives. They are Facists. If the entire world changed to meet their prescribed criteria for perfection they’d still find something to bitch about. It isn’t about having a collective uniformity, it’s about being the people that can spread their misery around and enjoy the aggravation it causes. Limbaugh is a drug popping hypocrite, O’Reilly is pissed that he’s not as cute or funny as Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert and Coulter hates the fact she has to get her roots touched up every three weeks and isn’t allowed to eat carbs.

    The truth is that most happy people fall somewhere between liberal and conservative and rarely step over the line into the mouth foaming stupidity that the above people show.
    I have some very conservative views, and I also have some very liberal views. They are based on the circumstances within my personal life that I build my opinion on. I don’t base them on other people’s lives, as I don’t expect other people to base their opinions on my life.
    I think this is why the independant party is growing. People are sick of the labels and tired of being embarrassed by party “spokesmen”.


  155. Night All


  156. Elsie,

    I know, it’s wrong to poke fun at ALL Texans. but seriously the state elected Dubya governor when Ann Richards was doing a bang up job. And then they sent his dumb ass to the White House. Makes you wonder what the hell they were thinking. My hubby and daughter are both Texans and any time they get uppity I remind them that Bush calls himself a Texan too.


  157. Scanned through the anonymous comments, found them entertaining:

    “You know what’s funny about this whole conversation? I don’t believe anything I write. I only do it to ruffle feathers to entertain myself. If you were a Bush fan, I’d have been ripping you on those ideologies as well.

    Well, Juneau Joe, Charles, and Alaska Pi, thanks for entertaining me for a little while. I hope to do it again some day. I have to go and play on another site now.”

    I’ve told my wife, if you ever catch me in such a pathetic state that all I’ve got left in life is trolling blogs to “ruffle feathers”, kill me. God what a loser.


  158. A group wants to put PETE SEEGER up for the Nobel Peace Prize! You can sign the petition here! Pete Seeger wrote many of the anti war songs which you and I know. Pete Seeger is one of my heroes from Vietnam days.

    This Pete Seeger song would be a great goodbye tribute to Bush and Cheney:

    Waist Deep in the Big Muddy: (For Alaska Pi)


  159. Hey, I’m a Texan. I take offense, Tracy, because I resemble that remark. But that’s a great line, just the same.

    Somewhere here in Helen’s parlor, in and amongst all us pie-eating friends, is something which I can’t find now. It was a comment today about conservatives like the Limbaugh-Coulter-Hannity types.

    Tonight, I have a growing desire to differentiate between what I grew up knowing a conservative to be and the current rabble of vapid, hate-spewing, “conservative” talking heads.

    I’m just not sure what would be a good name for pseudo-conservatives, who verbally attack you, get in your face, interrupt you, call you names, and loudly argue simply for the arrogant sake of arguing, in lieu of sane, old-fashioned, civil discourse.

    (I realize that I do call “the shrub” names, but I can only deal with one personal makeover at a time right now. And, yes, I did refer to Texas State Senator Cornyn as that “son of a bitch”, as well, which he is, but I can’t fix everything in my own personal bag of vices at once…)

    Back to my more pressing dilemma. Do you have any suggestions about differentiating between a conservative and a Limbaugh or an O’Reilly?

    “Conservative” is not a bad word in and of itself. It is a reasonable philosophy, when used sincerely and in polite conversation, and when respectfully offered by a thoughtful person. I don’t have to agree with it, but, even in disagreeing, I can remain civil in my response, because when not verbally attacked, screamed at, denigrated for having a different opinion, and put on the defensive.

    So, what nomenclature would be appropriate to differentiate between 1) an old-fashioned “conservative” (perhaps a beloved friend) and 2) a fire-breathing attack dog “conservative” like O’Reilly?

    I really want to start a new movement to remove “hate-monger” from the category of “conservative” and put it in some more appropriate labeling system. This could be my new year’s resolution!

    I think my new president’s civility is having an effect on my need to respect my fellow citizens and try to get along with other civil Americans who are thoughtful, but kind, conservatives. Who knows, we could maybe start a movement right here on Helen’s blog!!!

    Yes, we can!

    (With Helen and Matthew’s blessings, that is!)


  160. There is an attempt to get Pete Seeger, 89, a folk singer and peace activist nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. He has been my hero since the early 60’s. GO TO THIS SITE AND NOMINATE PETE SEEGER FOR A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE! He wrote many of the songs sung by Peter, Paul and Mary.

    Here is a song of his to listen to: Where have all the flowers gone.



  161. Yesterday George Bush left Washington DC and returned to Texas and raised the collective IQ of both places.

    Things can only get better


  162. “I can’t do yoga without popping out a knee or hip, so that definitely doesn’t relax me! (Ever see a crab scrabbling along the sand? That’s me after one attempt at the lotus position…)”

    Yes, you can do yoga…there are different types, all with the intent to ground you. Most ‘meditation’ should be done in a comfortable position, as far as hatha yoga, it can be as simple as stretching each part of the body seperately…and for just relaxing in your own body, look into yoga nidra, no movement required 🙂


  163. AlaskanΔ, thank you. I plan to take your advice – and relax. I can’t do yoga without popping out a knee or hip, so that definitely doesn’t relax me! (Ever see a crab scrabbling along the sand? That’s me after one attempt at the lotus position…)

    So I will make pie. Maybe some coffee or hot chocolate. Let’s see. We’re facing a hard freeze here in Florida so I think I’ll make a hot piping blackberry cobbler or maybe a yummy make-the-tummy-happy-with-comfort-food apple crumb pie. Or both. It’s a long night ahead.

    And anonymous – I’ll leave a piece of pie for you too. The coffee pot’s on, there’s water in the kettle for tea if you like, but sorry – I ain’t sharing my hot chocolate. Nothing comes between me and my hot chocolate. 🙂


  164. Elsie,

    Thank You for that link. I think I might stay in Alaska one more year to work towards getting Sarah out of the Governor’s office.

    You are all great people here! I feel sorry for the trolls but sounds like they can count money, so Cheney would like them.



    You know, the situation here and to the national situations and issues, I sincerely think a lot of this boils down to people desiring dignity and a general lack of dignity for the individual as being human…from government to bosses.

    Time to eat dinner and hang out with my dog.




    A press release from an Alaskan state legislator, Les Gara, supports in some detail that “The increased attention the residents of Emmonak are receiving is long overdue. The crisis isn’t, however, a surprise to the Governor or anyone in the Legislature….Recent press reports fail to note that Alaska ’s rural fuel cost crisis was a loud topic of debate during the August Special session, when the Governor and other policymakers were told fuel costs were going to reach and exceed $9/gallon in some villages.”

    Go to that link to get a background on a lot of sincere efforts made last year to help Emmonak and the many other “off-road” rural villages avoid the current nightmare of choosing food or fuel this winter, as reported by a sympathetic Alaskan legislator.

    Guess what you learn…it was opposition from Palin’s Republican cronies that tied up needed action that would have helped the rural villages this winter.


  167. Greydog,

    Well said, but relax. You can’t let the trolls bring up your blood pressure. You were one of the originals and most of the people on this blog are wonderful and community minded. Anonymous is just toying with you. He/she doesn’t really care either way, just looking for a rise.

    As Helen stated, we will not go away and we will not go quietly. There has been a call for everyone to step up, everyone to work harder to bring us together. We can do that. Leave the anony-asses out of it and let’s make the best effort we can. There will always be naysayers, but I haven’t seen or heard of anything they are doing to help.

    Funny how just because we don’t like Bush, Cheney, Coulter and others, that we must hate all republicans. That is very far from the case. I just don’t like nut jobs that think they speak and act for me. I will always vote for the best person for the job be they republican or democrat. Anony-ass seems to want to label us all and put us in a box because that is easier to understand than that we are all dynamic individuals with different strengths to offer.

    I think we have come up with some great solutions this week and don’t let the anony-asses get you down.

    Peace and Pie
    Piece of Pie? Why thank you, yes I will.


  168. To Anonymous – let it be known that I will no longer permit you and your ilk to demand justification for my actions or my beliefs or my lifestyle. If you wish to be “intellectually combative” have at it. There are too many things WRONG in this country to be bothered by a buzzing little gnat such as yourself. I am sure, given your propensity for crap, that you will soon be buzzing around turdpiles that will play with you. But for me and mine, and for the folks on this blog – we have people to feed and clothe, we have community elders who are sick and in need of medical care, we have children in need of quality teachers and rigorous curriculum, we are and always have been a community of thinkers, of dreamers, and of doers. We will not apologize to you or anyone else for our work in our communities, for our commitment to our country, and for our belief that this country is better than the exclusive band of frat boys that have laid waste to our institutions, our people, our Constitution. I quite frankly don’t care if you make a zillion dollars – and I don’t care if you hold a million graduate degrees. You do not belittle us with your taunting, your sophistry. You only belittle yourself. I pity you. And that, my friend, is all you inspire.


  169. Hi Helen,

    We finally made it! Thank God. Bye, bye George. Now it’s time for us all to knuckle down and do our part.

    Keep blogging ladies.


  170. Anonymous – for the last 8 years (and longer) I have been a community organizer – working with the elderly, working with the homeless, working with brain trauma vets (and oh my, what a spike there’s been in that medical arena since we invaded Iraq), rehabbing abused and disabled animals, caring for my aging parents, helping others care for their aging parents, building houses with Habitat, working with women traumatized by rape and domestic abuse, teaching, and always always speaking out against the abuses inflicted by a self-serving, narcissistic President who wouldn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground but expected to be given respect because daddy’s Supreme Court gave him the title of President. Where were you?


  171. Oh my, what a convoluted conversation. . . if indeed a conversation at all. Anonymous, so you get your jollies baiting others? What you did was not baiting – it was bullying, it was name calling, and it was. . . so very very juvenile. I don’t think anyone on this blog views Obama or any other politician out there as the new Messiah, nor do we expect him to lead us into the Promised Land. I for one am glad he did not quote Winthrop or Mather or blather on about that damn shining city on a fucking hill. Americans are not the new Chosen People despite our desire to believe that. God does not love us more than he loves other people. . .
    The exaltation and jubilation expressed on this blog and throughout many progressive outlets – be they on the internet, in the media, or next door – is because since 9/11 we have had to pretend that all was fucking hunky dory as prattlehead Bush and his cronies began their terrorist tactics. Osama bin Laden himself had said that his goal was the economic destruction of this country – he knows us very well, wouldn’t you say?And Bush rushed head long to prove his manhood and one-up daddy, and the howling mass behind him believed they were following the new Joshua. Well yes, the walls came down – on us. And finally finally – someone had the courage to stand up and say “The Emperor has no clothes!” And still Bush strutted but we had finally found our voice. No longer were we willing to be silent simply because our neighbor might think us unAmerican – no longer would we be silent because a church decried us as unChristian – no longer would we be silent because to be vocal was seen as unpatriotic – during this time, my personal mantra was “I love my country, but fear my government”. We wept to see the Constitution eviscerated, and wept more when people throughout this country demanded the rule of law be exchanged for national security. We wept when we saw a nation cowering in fear – not from Islamofacist terrorists as the pundits named them, but from the daily mental beating by people who didn’t care one whit for the values and truth of this country. We saw a nation created from an ideal that all are created equal turn to a national case of Stockholm syndrome. We became hostages to tyrannical thought processes that subverted the intent of our governance, we became prisoners in our own land, silenced by a group-thought that cherished a false idol of patriarchal dominance –
    And now. Now we have found our voice – there have been other voices before Obama. The late Senator Paul Wellstone was the lone critical voice in our government – and we lost our hope when he died. Obama did not stand before us and claim to be a modern messiah – nor did we bestow that upon him. He stood quite simply before us a man with reasoned intellect, a man with inclusive vision, a man who showed us how to reconnect the past with the present in order to weave a stronger, more durable, more American future for us all. His voice is not our voice – his voice gives us the courage to use our own voices. And it is in that reawakening of our voice, of our own possibilities, that we support him. He is not Moses to lead us into some nebulous Promised Land of prosperity and brotherly love – rather he inspires us to create our own Promised Land, here and now, with you, and you, and you, my fellow Americans. We do not ignore our differences, nor do we shy from them. Instead we recognize more fully now that in our differences lies our greatest strength – and if all you bring to the table is anger, hatred, an attempt to shame, to belittle, your fellow Americans because they do not and will not believe the way you do, or say things the way you do, or love the people you love – we will make room for you at the Table, but we will not change our lives for you anymore. We will accommodate your right to be you, but we will no longer allow you to deconstruct us or our beliefs and lives.


  172. “When you are ready to unclench your fists, our hands are outstretched — we are ready to put aside our differences and work beside you. ”

    Yes, absolutely perfect!!


  173. Long time reader, admirer and junkie, but first time commenter.

    If I had grandmothers like you both, I think I would have such a different view of people in general. Your metered and thoughtful commentary, oft balanced by witty, funny, and downright snarky commentary is refreshing.

    Thank you. Both. I mean it.


  174. Popping in just got home and troutay you made me laugh!

    It was beautiful, concise and perfect smteaches!

    Thank you.


  175. Well, it was so good I had to say it twice


  176. smteaches:

    that was beautiful, concise and perfect.

    thank you.


  177. smteaches:

    that was beautiful, concise and perfect.

    thank you.


  178. Hi Helen,
    Again no one can say it like you can. I am down here in my corner of the Caribbean and just can’t get enough of this man….

    I am so proud of Americans!!….I have not been feeling very warm and fuzzy towards your country over the last few years (I’m sure y’all can understand!!)….but I sure am loving me some American since Nov 4th…

    Well done America….well done!!…


  179. “We WANT to work with you to improve our great nation; however, we will NOT tolerate your hate-mongering or verbal vomiting. You can either commiserate with others who are so miserable, so unhappy with themselves and their lives that they have to spread their negativity like a rotten stench that pollutes their entire environment, or you can focus on the many things we have as Americans for which to be grateful and jump on the bandwagon of hope, social activism, and positive change. With or without you, we’re fired up and ready to go. You can stay behind and wallow or join us and prove yourself to be a person of kindness, compassion, and respect.”

    And where were YOU the past 8 years? Only ready to go because a Democrat is POTUS? Reading through this blog, the “verbal vomiting” that is used towards anyone that has dared to disagree is astonishing. The attacks on Republican politicians, pundits, or anyone that dares think differently are shameful. How hypocritical.

    Unless it is joining in the Obama chanting, there has been very little here that resembles “kindness, compassion, and respect.”


  180. Regarding Ted and Texan voting habits
    From Ted:
    “…What is wrong with you Texans that you keep electing these dumb asses to office?…”

    I agree with M00fisan – there have always been a tradition of progressives in Texas and I grew up in one of those families. We’re not all idiots, but we have been overwhelmed by the huge overturn of our state by the Republican party. I voted for Noriega too.

    Remember Gov. Ann Richards? When she was elected governor in 1990, nearly all the state level offices were held by Democrats. Then Dubya and Rove moved their machine in and we can’t seem to get rid of Rick Perry – the last election had too many third-party candidates that split our votes up.

    It’s like Will Rogers used to say, “I’m not a member of any organized political party. I’m a Democrat.”


  181. anonymous, colorful, trolls et al:

    A person who is kind to their closest friends but rude to their food server is not a kind person. A person who is courteous toward their family members, but rude toward their store clerk is not a courteous person. A person who is respectful toward their employer and coworkers, but disrespectful toward strangers is not a respectful person.

    It’s so easy to be hateful and hurtful in anonymous comments to strangers — especially strangers with whom you have disagreements — but all you’ve accomplished is proving that you are an unkind, rude, and disrespectful person at heart.

    We (the bloggers in this community whom you have tried to insult) are working hard to help others and to make a positive difference in our world one community at a time. When you are ready to unclench your fists, our hands are outstretched — we are ready to put aside our differences and work beside you.

    We WANT to work with you to improve our great nation; however, we will NOT tolerate your hate-mongering or verbal vomiting. You can either commiserate with others who are so miserable, so unhappy with themselves and their lives that they have to spread their negativity like a rotten stench that pollutes their entire environment, or you can focus on the many things we have as Americans for which to be grateful and jump on the bandwagon of hope, social activism, and positive change. With or without you, we’re fired up and ready to go. You can stay behind and wallow or join us and prove yourself to be a person of kindness, compassion, and respect.


  182. Yesterday I enjoyed chicken tortellini soup while enjoying replays of Obama’s speech and highlights of the inauguration. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the first moments of healing in our nation. Thank you for the suggestion, Helen — here’s to many years of continued healing, rebuilding, and truly moving forward. We’ve MUCH work to do; I’m blessed to be rolling up my sleeves right alongside the movers and shakers in this community.


  183. Hi Gang and Ira365,

    Stick around for a minute, Ira365, I have some work for you to do.

    We have just been through a BLOODLESS revolution of opinions and came through relatively unscathed.

    I dropped anonymous off safely at home. Next time, somebody else can drive her/him.
    I forgot to tell her/him about our dear friend who is a PhD from Columbia and is an Educational Economist. We have talked about the economic situation. He definitely DOES NOT agree with the conservative views! He doesn’t have much to say however, just shakes his head.

    For many years he has been a consultant for the World Bank trotting around the globe, working in what we, in all our superiority, like to euphemistically call ‘Third World Countries.’ He is sort of a liaison between the World Bank and the culture, local rules and regulations, setting up school systems. I wouldn’t have the headaches of his job for all the tea in China! As we speak, he is in Southeast Asia.

    Durant, “The Story of Civilization, Part II”. “The Life of Greece”. P. 337. (Between 480-399BC.) Quote:

    “Since the organization of a religious group presumes a common and stable creed, every religion sooner or later comes into opposition with that fluent and changeful current of secular thought that we confidently call the progress of knowledge.”

    Sound familiar?

    IMO, The Creator endowed us with a brain, so I am PRESUMING he expected us to use it! Therefore I see no reason for conflict between science and theology.

    This is where you come in, Ira365. At age 79, my work is pretty outdated considering the astonishing advances in science that have been made and continue to be made every day. I’m about to take on the silly arguments about RACE that have been going on for millennia and for, to me at least, some UNKNOWN REASON continue today. This will be pretty sketchy, so Ira365, please correct and fill in the gaps.

    We will have to learn a new language of Molecular Biology. We all know about DNA from TV shows such as “Law and Order” and generally accept DNA as ‘factual information.’

    To insure the integrity of each species, it is not possible for one species to reproduce with a different species. Each species has its own DIPLOID number. A species has an assigned DIPLOID number, that is, the exact number of CHROMOSOMES in its DNA for that specific species.
    Homo sapiens has a DIPLOID number of 46. It receives the HAPLOID (half) number of 23 from each parent or, said another way, 23 PAIRS of CHROMOSOMES. These are the blueprints of what we are destined to become.

    The SIZE of the organism has nothing to do with how large the diploid number of the animal or plant may be. A mouse has a diploid number of 40 and some worms have diploid numbers in the hundreds. In fact, I believe the elephant has a lower diploid number than 46. Offhand I do not know exactly what that number is since I am not especially interested in elephant diploid numbers. Suffice it to say the diploid number keeps the species intact within itself.

    You cannot cross a canine species with a feline species to get a litter of kitpupies because they have different diploid numbers. The chromosomes (and their composite GENES and ‘loci’ of ‘ALLELES) just will not line up precisely with each other to form the DNA unless the HAPLOID number of each parent is the same. Incidentally, a calico cat is ALWAYS female as a result of the INHERITED SEX-LINKED GENE fur color.

    Ira365, I’m getting a little long winded here so you take over on MUTATIONS, DOMINANT AND RECESSIVE GENES.

    People living closest to the equator where there is a lot of sunlight, need protection for everything from sunburn to skin cancer. There are many benefits from sunlight however. Only one of them is the absorption of Vitamin D. The GENE for the skin pigment was laid down in human DNA eons ago. The darker skin color gene is dominant.

    As people migrated further north away from the equator, diminished sunlight. Less chances for sunburn and skin cancer, but also less absorption of Vitamin D. So the skin pigment gene had to change. It did. The lighter skin color gene is recessive.
    That’s all there is to the difference of skin color in race in humans. What’s the big deal about it?



    P. S. Incidentally, a teensy-tiny-minute-little-microscopic-gene that Queen Victoria of England carried and passed on to several generations through Royal Inbreeding changed the course of history in Europe, Russia and to some extent, the world. Would Russia, China and other countries have adopted Communism without that gene? Who knows?


  184. Glory be!!!!!!


    About the time you read this an almost unimaginable change will have taken place in our country and our world. I would neither try to add to the flood of eloquence about this moment, nor ignore it. If I could have the last word at the end of the day of January 20, 2009, I would simply say:

    May Yes, we can, become Yes, we did.
    May God and we bless the United States of America.
    May God and we bless this Earth and all who come after us.

    – Robert Fulghum

    AMEN, and amen!


  185. Limbaugh “like so many others has now become a relic from the last century.”!!!

    Yes! Exactly. He and his peers don’t get it.
    Obama = the right person for this time.

    And how dare pundits say his speech was not worthy? It was a fine speech, saying what needed to be said. The big difference from other previous speeches by other presidents, is that we have faith he will actually take the actions he promises.

    Remember, we have to do our part. That means we have to hold our lesgislators’ feet to the fire so they will pass the necessary laws.


  186. From Ted:
    “…What is wrong with you Texans that you keep electing these dumb asses to office?…”

    Hey! I resent that comment, having voted for Noreiga. We’re not all idiots down here (though sometimes I have to remind myself of that to get through the day).
    But, on behalf of my state, I will say I’m sorry.

    Anyways, back to M&H: Standing ovation for this blog; it was a work of art. It’s the best feeling in the world to wake up with hope in my heart and faith in my president and country.


  187. AMEN sister, amen!


  188. Watching the ceremony, parade and later the balls, especially the Neighborhood Ball filled me with pride and hope for the future. I was especially moved to see the Navy Band where my wife and I met 30 plus years ago lead by the first African American leader of the US Navy Band, Capt George Thompson. (Also the first African American officer in the Navy Music Program and an ex-student of mine at the Navy School of Music.)

    And by the way, which battleship is that you’re riding your scooter on?

    I love your writing- keep up the good work!


  189. Obama really does come across as a genuine, regular guy – one of us – a normal American who can think and feel the American dream the way most Americans do.

    It was quite sad when loyal followers of ‘the party of leaner government’ remained willfully blinded by incompetent plutocrats who offered nothing but divisive ideology, lies and screwups.

    If the POTUS really is just a figurehead position, as they claim, until real emergencies arise, maybe they should make their future candidates a bit more like this “figurehead”:


  190. Helen, as usual, you have stated so clearly what so many of us felt yesterday. My husband took the day off work and we watched it all together. And it was so incredible. Every bit of it.

    Last night was my turn to host our Bible study group. Before we started, we all shared just a few moments of what we did in the morning. One lady set up to record eight hours of the day, so she could watch it all later. Another went in late to work just so she could watch the actual inauguration, and realized that she didn’t need to make up an excuse or feel guilty for being late – this was too important and too historic to miss.

    I watched all day, amazed, encouraged and as you said, with my faith and my hope restored.



  191. jstthegrlnxtdor

    quite lot of things to “do right”…. but not one of them wrong.

    I fully agree and try to do most of them myself, and to all others out there a smile a day seams like a great concept for my “administration” in live.

    Yes we can, if we really want to!



  192. I wish I had your gift with words. I can only say that Iagree. I was a Hill girl for a long long time, but now I see the charm in Obama. I would however like to remind everyone that he is half black american and half white american.. Both sides of him are important. He was raised basically by two white women.


  193. I see bumper stickers everywhere I look: mean ones, funny ones, nasty ones, religious ones, political ones, but never one that reminds us to “DO THE RIGHT THING!” I’m not perfect by any means, I have my moments of road rage and rudeness, but I do try to help others. I decided for my new years resolution I will try to make one person a day smile 🙂 Could you imagine if we all made one random person a day smile, how much better the world would be.

    The other day I helped an older lady complete some wire instructions, her grandson was stuck in Canada and needed money, but she couldn’t figure out the form. Of course no one at Wal-mart seemed to care… After I filled it out for her and helped her make the transaction, she thanked me and said not too many people take the time to care about the old folk any more. I tipped my hat, and went on my merry way. But it got me thinking, what ever happened to parents teaching their children to do unto others as you would like done to you.

    I believe most people in this day and age are so busy with their complicated lives, they forget to stop and help those more in need than themselves, even more teach their children to do the same. My son is now 7 years old, and while he was here visiting for Christmas we had a few talks about being a gentleman. Listed below are some of the things we talked about, shouldn’t we all strive to “DO THE RIGHT THING!” Who knows what could happen, it might even make YOU happy!

    Treat others how you would like to be treated.

    Hold doors open for others.

    Give a smile when someone looks at you.

    Offer to help people you might think need it, elderly, moms, handicapped, etc., maybe they’ll want it and maybe they won’t.

    Be polite to check out people, (customer service) even if they aren’t to you. I always say “thanks” and “have a nice day” because lord knows I wouldn’t want to do that job.

    One thing I enjoy doing is when I hear someone murmuring to themselves about where are the pickles or whatever they are looking for, I’ll answer them. As someone who talks out-loud to myself, it’s nice to have an answer once in a while!

    If you have the ability to help someone stopped with car troubles, do it or call 911 and report it as a non emergency, they will send someone out to help. I can’t imagine breaking down during these frigid winter months, especially if I had my children with me.

    Take in your neighbors trash cans if they are still out when you bring yours in.

    Offer your seat to a very pregnant woman so she doesn’t have to stand up for a 45 train ride! I can’t imagine not doing this!

    Offer to return the grocery cart to the curb for the elderly or moms who can’t make that walk.

    The simple things in life can make a difference, you just have to act. You never know when a stranger might help you in your time of need.

    love you sign

    Random acts of kindness rock.


  194. Our new leader’s response to bullshit artists like Limbaugh:

    “What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them—that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply. The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or small, but whether it works.”


  195. Troutay-

    If you’re not already on Facebook, could you go there and sign up, sigh in and go to our page join the group.

    You can post message like the one above there and reach a broad demographic. You can also start a discussion and post links. This would get a conversation going and people will check back more often. If they see others getting more invovled, they will likely do more too.


    “Native Alaskans are forced to choose between freezing and starving”
    89 Members


  196. Please ignore the trolls. Some are simply fanatics and should know that no matter how much they call names, that we will not change our minds. In fact, the only way to change anyone’s mind is to engage in a meaningful debate and list real information and sources, which doesn’t seem to happen.

    The other trolls are only here for sport and you can tell that some inflammatory comments are only intended to get a reaction. If we don’t bite their hooks, they will eventually go away.

    It is amazing to me how some will come here with liberal bashing ideas, when I doubt that many of us here would actually consider ourselves “liberals”. The negativity against Obama is amazing, when what he is trying to do is to get people to put that aside and work together. Colorful, who is always spouting off hate messages and then relating all of society woes to a lack of Jesus, I think that Jesus would have a hard time accepting that she is going about things in the right way. Not very Christianly behaviour.

    Lead by example. A great big piece of pie to all those that have worked for the Alaska effort this past week or so. With priority mail and not knowing how long it will take, I can only imagine that they will be receiving care packages consistently for the next month or so.


  197. Kreehee wrote:

    “My greatest hope is that through President Obama everyone will be able to recognize that hope, confidence, integrity and knowledge are attributes that should represent the U.S and that they should be watchwords of our government as well as our people, regardless of political orientation.

    With that said, I am dismayed at the incongruity when many who agree with that sentiment, don’t seem to be able to voice disagreement and discontent with the departing president with courtesy and respect for the office.

    I agree that he does not have most of the character attributes that I think are vital to the presidency, but we voted him into office!

    We should all look to President Obama as an example and express our disagreement (discontent and even outrage) as politely and respectfully as possible. As misguided as I feel he was, I believe Former President Bush had the best of intentions when it came to performing his duties.

    It shows that more of us need to get into the process of electing worthy representatives of our country and that strength, intelligence and integrity matter.”

    I agree, although I suspect that EX-president Bush did consciously make wrong decisions, and I also question that he had the best of intentions for all Americans.

    On one hand I wish the Obama administration would investigate and prosecute Bush & Co – then the Coulters and Limbaughs would have to eat crow, but on the other hand, I would like us all to move forward – and expend our energy and focus on getting our country back into shape.

    I respect your level-headedness and very compassionate way of thinking. I would like to be more compassionate myself.

    Part of me agrees and respects what you say, another part of me is so glad and relieved that Bush & Co are gone, yet I need more than just a wave adieu to the old and applause for the new.

    So please forgive those of us that need to laugh, chortle, bash, and denounce trolls and farthole losers. You see, we’ve been feeling cheated and lied to for a LONG time, and we just have to let loose in ways that are not politically correct because we are so Fricken’ HAPPY!

    So, now, if the Hannitys, Coulters, Limbaughs, etc. have to “endure” 8 years of President Obama – and they feel they were cheated, lied to, shat upon, brought to near collapse – they too can laugh and chortle when and IF they get their precious Sarah Palin and her plumbing reporter friends in office. I really don’t believe we’ll have a repeat of 8 bad leadership years or the same conservative divisive Republican mindset in the future. It will be a better time for all of us in 2016.

    Hope and Faith – I wonder how many newborn babies will be named that way this year.

    Thanks for your post Kreehee. It was a good one, and a nice reminder to be civil. I am when I go out and walk amongst those I know not, but here in the parlor of M&H and with friends, I feel comfortable enough to let loose and yee haw and dance on the ceiling and throw the occasional finger.



  198. That was beautiful. You nailed it perfectly.


  199. Got this email today along with a list of things Emmonak and other villages need. Just thought you all should know how they feel up there.

    “I had remarked to one or two people a few days ago that “Angels have landed!”

    Attached is a list from an Ad made by our regional native corporation, Calista, in Anchorage, Alaska. For children, pampers(sizes infants to toddlers) and formulas are needed. We are not sure if liquid formulas can be shipped, unless if we can make them “Do Not Freeze. The airlines up here can note that and try to prevent it from freezing. ” We have one request for Alienntom.

    You can items to:

    Emmonak Tribal Council
    Attn: Christine Alexie, Administrator
    P.O. Box 126
    Emmonak, AK 99581

    Our Tribal Office’s phone number is (907) 949-1011 and their e-mail address is”

    Thank you very much.


    Nick as in Nick Tucker


  200. Great post! I have to confess that I wasn’t an Obama supporter in the beginning, I was a Hill Gal but..

    I believe, Yes I do! I think Obama will inspire a great number of us to do great things! I’m excited about our future now.


  201. I came here through a friend’s link and am so happy that I did. I am a Brit living in Trinidad and have been rooting for Obama since day One.
    I am so glad that I have seen a man of Obama’s background, ethnicity, wisdom and determination become President of the USA in my lifetime. Faith and Hope – here’s to you both!


  202. Great post Helen. Yesterday was a wonderful day. So many great moments, from Rev. Lowery to Obama’s speech to watching President Obama wave goodbye to Bush’s helicopter. The Bush era is finally over and that’s a good thing. Here’s hoping we don’t spend the next eight years paying for it.


  203. Hey,

    Don’t have time to read all the comments…

    Us here in South Africa were glued to our screens watching Pres Obama taking the oath and making that speech; sharing your emotions and standing in awe at the crowd at Capitol Hill. I am optimistic. I like what I see and what I hear.

    I work in the investment industry and any ill wind from America ends in a mini tornado on our markets. So, yes please, especially regarding the past year, can something start going better and going right. I really do think he is your man. I would love to congratulate your country on your voter turn-out. If only that would happen over here this year when we go to the polls!

    Our political system is very different from yours and I think we have just too many parties and a too big a group of still very illiterate voters. But that will change and I am sure that sometime in my lifetime the voters will start realizing that they had been promised the sun, the moon and the stars for six months pre-elections and that they were offered excuses for non-delivery for the next three years.

    If only the non-voters. those that reckon their votes don’t count anyway, would go vote, we might get better representation by the minorities and not sit with a government full of “untouchable” officials speeding around with the blue brigade from one freebie lunch to the next and not much more.

    I know we can too and someday we might just. We do not have an Obama, but dear lord, I am sure we can put up a damn good fight to try and prevent a Zuma.


  204. What’s the difference between Keith Oberscum and a cow pie….nothing


  205. aw damn!! looks like I missed out on some entertaining troll bashing!
    Charles, Alaska Pi and the rest of you good job fending off the trolls…


    if you are worried about your blood pressure I don’t think listening to ignorance such as Rush Limbaugh will help it! Rush caters to conservative America and only conservative America… Where Obama wants to help all America!

    Yes we can

    Yes we did

    yes we will!!


    President Obama doesn’t it have a nice ring to it!


  206. I remember hearing Rush Limbaugh on radio many years ago. He was laughing at a news report about a homeless woman who was crushed to death because she was sleeping in a dumpster.

    Perhaps he has been more careful since that time about showing his real nature.

    Is it necessary to say more about what we are hoping to leave behind?


  207. Helen,

    Enjoyed your post regarding hope, faith, and Obama. I think something else that significantly helped Pres. Obama was his recognition of my generation, Gen Y, as the future, and him taking us seriously when everyone else said we are apathetic and wont show up to the polls. Watching the coverage yesterday and seeing just as many young adults, and children in the crowd as older Americans signified a new interest in politics by our generation.

    I just wrote a blog about what Obama’s administration means to Gen Y. Check it out at and let me know what you think.


  208. What’s the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg?

    One is an enormous, flaming gasbag and the other one’s a blimp.

    You rock, Helen.


  209. Helen…
    Enough of the “Our vote no longer counted” BS
    If your from Minn. it got counted more than once(more ballots than voters) Same for Wash. a couple years ago.How about Chicago(vote from the grave)
    Think back a few years when we had paper ballots and if it was folded wrong it was thrown out. Now there are people going over ballots with white out and markers. What’s next…a psychic .
    Big Heather …don’t know why the beaten-up girl was in with the repubs but you do realize she admitted to scratching the B in her face herself. Did you see the 1-13-09 Daily Show(head of state) hilarious.
    What’s W and Obama got in common….both have higher approval ratings than Congress.
    I didn’t vote for him but he is my Prez. and I wish him good luck.


  210. Love this. Thank you for speaking up, and turning off Rush Limbaugh. We must all keep hope and faith, and also their sister, Patience, in mind. God Bless America! And yes, I teared up yesterday.


  211. For all you over there that like to give “meaningfull” names to your kids:

    Would you please be, at least, so nice and try to think 6 to 10 years ahead and try to imaging what your kids school”pals” will put them through what kind of misery with the names you find so “hip” today?

    Everytime I see a name like “Farina” (flour in Italian) or “Camille” (something you drink as Tisane when you have stomach problems) Or “Geronimo” in Europe (One of my ex cousins, She is Austrian!) named her son that, pure white dough, never got closer to a “red-skin” than when he got to much sun!) I can only think of the misery that kid will go through in school….. and these are definitly the more harmless examples.. (“Lula does the hula…..” etc)



  212. One more thought:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see the names Faith, Hope and Charity return to common use over the next few years?

    I’ve always maintained that the meaning of your child’s name should provide an inspiration to them. So my first and middle names Karen Dawn mean “Pure one bearing light” I try to act in a manner that personifies that meaning. Not always successful,but I aspire to be the best I can be.

    Thanks, ladies, for your blog. I usually lurk, but today felt inspired to comment.


  213. Yea! – Margaret & Helen – Influential Women in Tech. Congratulations! Here’s the comment from FastCompany:

    -Helen Philpot and Margaret Schmechtman
    Margaret and Helen

    Best friends for 60 years, Philpot and Schmechtman started blogging to keep in touch after retiring to different parts of the country. Then, during the election campaign, their authentic observations on life, love, and Sarah Palin went viral, earning a quarter-million fans and the adoration of virtually the entire political blogosphere.


  214. President Obama has opened his first day by reaching out to foreign leaders in the Middle East, by instituting a pay freeze for his staff earning > 100k, and by signing executive orders setting strict new ethics guidelines for his administration.

    “Transparency and the rule of law will be the cornerstone of my administration.”

    Thought you’d all like to know.


  215. Ashley
    comments about texas a**holes was ment about a**holes ONLY.
    I know you have some good people down there too, even if they are hard to find at times, was in Dallas for training in spring
    MUUUUUUUUCH too hot for me (100+) but loved the mexican food and margaritas (drinks AND ladies) lol
    And found an extremly beautifull jazz guitar in a pawnshop!!


  216. OH, Helen, you are just incredible!!! Isn’t there a publisher / editor out there that could get Margaret and Helen published?!?!?!?



    It continues!!!


  218. Oh let anon-by annoy some…We have voices to practise up. No more getting outshouted by the arguments- faux or no.
    Need build the whole thing over… the faux and the po always gonna be with us. ( Po = wrap-me-in-the-flag-and-hide-me-in-the-closet-I’m-a-real-American )
    About had it though with the business of confusing treatment of Mr Bush with lack of respect for the Office of the President.
    Mr Bush failed miserably to discharge that Office ( the work and duties of…) and thus deserves no respect.

    AnnΔ and all-
    I didn’t have time to fully vet the village contact list so you WILL hit some deadends.

    I’m sorry all- some family health/eldercare issues which have been brewing in my real life have hit the fan today. If I’m gone for a few days , keep shouting out.

    Mr Obama doesn’t get a blank check, Congress doesn’t get a blank check and we sure as hell don’t have the funds here to be floating paper.
    This group of folks – mostly- knows it’s about work. Hard work.
    Tunes sung here are our work songs…


  219. I tuned in to Rush as well, just after the inauguration. He had a bad case of the sour grapes. He knocked Obama’s speech because it was not lofty enough- this after months of chiding Obama for his lofty rhetoric. Some folks will never be happy, which is why they abuse prescription medication.



    It has begun!!!


  221. HA HA HA


  222. Anonymous, I thought you were going to move to another blog to ruffle some feathers. I think you are full of it and you seem to think it’s fun. Frankly, I think you are wasting space on one of the best blogs on the Internet. Go ruffle Sean Hannity’s feathers for awhile.

    John Adams said, “Facts are stubborn things.” and you are badly in error on many of your statements. The facts just don’t support your drivel.

    Helen, you always call it right and I am with you 100%.


  223. Whoo Hooo!!!!! Life in America is good again. I saw on tv today there were many inaugral parties in England Tuesday. The entire world is celebrating and it is wonderful. We can finally be proud of our President and first family. Wow! Life is good!


  224. My partner, his mom and I were flying home from Hawaii when the Captain announced he would be playing the Inauguration(sp?) live on the radio for us. We all listened (whole plane) – and when the Oath was completed many of us applauded. It was a good moment.

    As we were talkng with local Hawaiians and mentioned we were from Chicago, the response was often “So he’s yours, too” ….. I guess this means he’s all of ours now.


  225. Ann,

    I have already posted Ann Strongheart’s contact info and suggested items. I’m going to call the other villages and make sure they have someone as motivated as Ann looking out for them. We were thinking of getting individual addresses so members can adopt a family.

    Thank you Ann S. for all you are doing!! You too Ann and all the others!


    Join the group and invite your friends:

    “Native Alaskans are forced to choose between freezing and starving”
    72 Members


  226. Congratulations, America. Wishing President Obama all the best.


  227. Congratulations, America. Wishing all the best for President Obama.


  228. texexpatriate,

    “Informing” yourself does not simply mean listening to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, and then spewing their ill-informed judgements and emotions as fact. You are apparently one of the last people who should be attempting to school anyone on their lack of knowledge about your President.

    You can go right ahead being one of the mere 12% of Americans that weren’t positive about Barack Obama’s presidency this week. We won’t miss you or any of your racist/conspiracy theorist/ludacris nut jobs who simply cannot accept facts over far-right rhetoric. You will not be missed in this next four years.

    Werner, Texan here, and the amount of a-holes like this are unfortunate, though this past election gave me a renewed hope in the actual thinkers of our state.

    I understand where you’re coming from, though you’re Debbie Downer-ism is coming a bit too early one would think.

    While I feel you have no actual substance behind your argument, I must say that if you truly feel that Barack Obama and his administration is not going to be much different than that which we have seen, you have obviously not been paying attention.

    Going to continue on with our faith, trust, and hope, as I’m sure many others are going to as well. Until something happens that actually warrants your negativity, stop trying to rain on our momentary happiness in an uncertain world.

    I’ve lived long enough to know that an attitude like yours begets nothing but similar negativity.


  229. Thank You America!!!

    Thank You for for the chance to experience Hope, Pride and Integrity. We are blessed.

    And thank you, my dear friend Liz for for introducing me to Helen & Margaret’s blog.


  230. HELEN YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


  231. I agree with everything you said about the frustration and pain of the last 8 years. The neoconservative Republicans screwed up the country. But, I’m afraid I don’t share your optimism about Obama.

    Once you look past the surface you’ll find that his policies aren’t much different than those of Bush. The troops won’t be coming home (although many of them may move somewhere else — such as Afghanistan), the economy will continue to get worse with or without more socialist “bail outs”, the unconstitutional limitations on personal liberties passed under Bush will not be repealed, etc, etc.

    I wish I could share in your optimism, but anytime you put your trust, faith and hope in government you will always be disappointed. This time will be no different.

    By: Anonymous on January 21, 2009
    at 11:44 AM

    This is definitely a constructive criticism…I agree, that you cannot blindly hope that government will save us. Taking care of business is part of an educated citizenry, it is our duty to stay aware, not to allow things to get so far out of hand that they seem unchangable and to believe the “I’m from the government and we are here to help”.

    I believe that Obama has shown some signs of being more centralist, more accomodating but I also feel that it is a step in electing him. A step in making government more responsible to the people, towards acting more responsible, on a national and global level. As much distrust as I have in the government as an institution, I do feel, just like any tool, it can be used constructively as well as destructively and it is time to reinvent it… at a local, regional and definitely federal level.

    If Obama can help moving from the inertia and direction our government has been going for the last couple of decades and nudge it in another direction, then great. If he ends up being business as usual, then I doubt he will get a free pass from many people who supported him.

    I am not falling all over myself because he is president but I do choose to be optimistic until he proves me wrong…and I have definitely been wrong about people before, and can definitely be wrong about someone who I just see on tv. He should be held responsible, just as we should have held Bush responsible when we were blatantly shown how damaging he was…it is time for all of us to take responsibility, especially for and from our “leaders”.


  232. I grew up in the South when there were separate drinking fountains for “whites” and “coloreds.” Black people would say “thank you” if you said “hello” or smiled, as though ordinary courtesy was a gift if bestowed by a white person.

    I am moved to tears that a person of color was elected. But not any person of color–someone who is intelligent, well educated, and articulate. I agree with some of his positions, I disagree with others. But I am both proud to have someone of his credentials lead the country and gratified that he is an African-American.

    I will be equally moved when a competent Asian, Hispanic, female, or gay person achieves so much. This is because, in my lifetime, no matter how bright, informed, or skilled he or she would be, he would have been passed over. And he/she sometimes would have been passed over in favor of a stupid, venal, bigot–of whom many have held public office.

    This is why I am personally so moved by this election. I wouldn’t be moved if someone like Roland Burris had been elected (I can state from personal knowledge that he is not very S-M-A-R-T). But it is the combination of competence and the evolution of this country that do it for me.

    As for trolls, my New Year resolution was never to feed them. If there’s one thing they can’t stand it’s being ignored and I’m happy to cause discomfort to someone who is rude, insulting, and deliberately provocative.


  233. texexpatriate
    Is it true what they say about Texass?

    Everything is bigger there?

    It seams so, even the a**holes are so big you can drive a truck through…….



  234. I agree with everything you said about the frustration and pain of the last 8 years. The neoconservative Republicans screwed up the country. But, I’m afraid I don’t share your optimism about Obama.

    Once you look past the surface you’ll find that his policies aren’t much different than those of Bush. The troops won’t be coming home (although many of them may move somewhere else — such as Afghanistan), the economy will continue to get worse with or without more socialist “bail outs”, the unconstitutional limitations on personal liberties passed under Bush will not be repealed, etc, etc.

    I wish I could share in your optimism, but anytime you put your trust, faith and hope in government you will always be disappointed. This time will be no different.


  235. Helen,

    There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been repeated a multitude of times, but this was just beautiful.

    I’ve been brought to tears multiple times the past two days (tears of overwhelming joy, mind you) and this did the same.

    The true reasons over 80% of Americans are rallying behind our new President will always be lost on the likes of Limbaugh, Coulter, etc. They consist of the minority of people who simply cannot let hate go, and do not wish to see our country and EVERY LAST ONE of its people thrive.

    Luckily, this time around, the eight years of hate, negativity, loss of freedoms, blatant lying, and all the other abhorrent things that have transpired, gave way to a rebirth of our country, and we finally have a voice again. We can take this country back as our own, as one we can be insurmountably proud of, and maybe we can diminish that remaining 12 or so percent even further.



  236. Thanks for turning Rush Limbaugh off. I know many progressives who listen to him ‘just to hear what the other side is saying’ or ‘to laugh at how ridiculous he is’. They are part of the ratings that keep him on the radio. I never listen to him. I don’t need to seek out bigotry and hate and small-mindedness and divisiveness and ignorance and arrogance.

    He rants like an idiot and sows anger and fear because he is paid very, very well for it. And his ratings support her salary.

    To quote a great man who gave a speech yesterday.

    What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them — that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply.

    My hope is that we become a country that no longer tolerates hate-mongers such as Rush Limbaugh. I truly believe his kind have no place in a country dedicated to hope and virtue.

    My hope is for every American to turn off hate and bigotry forever and a good place to start is by turning off Rush Limbaugh.


  237. anonymous
    In Germany we call people like you a “full post” (like in: Fence post) since their head seams to be made of solid wood….. which your comments above pefectly proof!

    ‘nough said



  238. Yes, we sure did! I really felt for all those folks who got up at 2 AM anywhere near the local rail lines and got on board at 4 AM to get to the mall by 6 AM and freeze their whatzits off because at long last, they actually felt not only free but honored. I had been an Obama volunteer ever since the Democratic convention and I have been on the Mall many a time, so at my age, I stayed home for that particular event. It was everything I hoped it would be! Obama’s speech was right on, no soft soaping on anything, and neatly tied back to various things and events in our history so we could look forward to making more of the same. And yes, it was great watching that copter take off with the man who could only view power in the most venal and primitive way. Bye, bye, messed up American pie!

    I felt so much faith and hope myself that early the morning of the 20th I visited my bank and re-financed my house!

    God bless us all! We are definitely going to make it and be better off for it. Margaret and Helen, please do keep on keeping on!


  239. KreeHee, well said! That’s what I’m trying to tell conservatives I know that are so anti-Obama. Stop with all the hatefulness! He is our president and he needs our support. And we need to respect our leaders!


  240. You said it, Sister! Thank you for putting into words what the other camp just doesn’t understand. Ooooh, we going to be a socialist state! Oooooh, we’re going to have to become Muslims! Oooooh, more lies and fear mongering – because they can’t handle the truth. Thank god we now have a chance for change!


  241. Jill seems like you are on the site too.What do you have against Jane?


  242. “intelligent enough to bait you into an argument”

    Not an argument but did get a reaction. Point taken 🙂


  243. Sorry I tried the adresses and they are not all good. Go through the blogs and you can retrieve them ….Alaska Pi sent the link for the map and Ann Strongheart included a link to her email and she is the contact for Nunam Iqua. Some village # Napakiak ppop.343 . 907 589 2227 Oscarville pop57 . 907 737 7905 Aklachack pop 481. 907 825 4328 Kwethluk pop 563. 907 757 6613 These are villages closest to Bethel pop 4470.


  244. “Cool…punk’d by a troll. I suppose my mistake was that if it was being done for entertainment value and just to get s rise, it would have been partially intelligent in execution.”

    intelligent enough to bait you into an argument


  245. My greatest hope is that through President Obama everyone will be able to recognize that hope, confidence, integrity and knowledge are attributes that should represent the U.S and that they should be watchwords of our government as well as our people, regardless of political orientation.

    With that said, I am dismayed at the incongruity when many who agree with that sentiment, don’t seem to be able to voice disagreement and discontent with the departing president with courtesy and respect for the office.

    I agree that he does not have most of the character attributes that I think are vital to the presidency, but we voted him into office!

    We should all look to President Obama as an example and express our disagreement (discontent and even outrage) as politely and respectfully as possible. As misguided as I feel he was, I believe Former President Bush had the best of intentions when it came to performing his duties.

    It shows that more of us need to get into the process of electing worthy representatives of our country and that strength, intelligence and integrity matter.


  246. Jane in Miami: You are on this site. Maybe you need to get a life.


  247. Another wonderful post–thank you for this. Just when I thought I couldn’t cry any more, I did.

    I feel like our country has awoken from a long, dark fever dream.


  248. Helen, you’re a gem.


  249. texexpatriate…you’re right, actually Obama’s just picking up from George HW Bush and his New World Order trying to continue the legacy of Weishaupt and the work that the Bavarian Illuminati and the Freemason’s did in France during the French Revolution; overturning the individual’s rights for the collective good. All just sucking from the teats of such utopians like Marx et al.

    C’mon, give me a break!!! Is it just a lack of oxygen to the brain or just a resistance to anything besides what you grew up believing???

    Another opening in another Texas village…


  250. Beautiful post!


  251. JANE in MIAMI:go to http//fairbanks corporation.htn. click on Calista Corp. Go to the map. Start near Bethel, click on the balloons to get phone # and pop. for villages. If this link is incorrect google Yukon Delta Alaska etc to find it.Also Go to nunamiquayouth@ for contact and ask for list of needs.Go to youth for photos.Phone # 907 348 2413 Alaska News for donations. 907 949 1720 Emmonak Tribal Council for donations. Google Span Alaska to order groceries shipment$ included to villages you wish to help $ 100 min. or.Send boxes through the mail- flat rate.


  252. I’m a conservative Christian who watched the inauguration yesterday and felt very moved. It was an historic day for sure and I am so glad that America is filled with hope.

    I am committed to praying for Obama. I hope he does an awesome job. But he’s a man like any other man, so I anticipate he won’t be perfect. And I just hope that people don’t put him on too high a pedestal. He’s human, and he deserves our support even when/if he makes mistakes. I hope we’ll all stand behind him and be supportive and respectful no matter what happens.


  253. […] Helen wrote a post about what yesterday meant to her and it is most definitely worth reading: “Yes.  We did.” […]


  254. Wow!!! This is amazing and beautiful and touching. And true! YES WE DID!!!!


  255. “It was funny at first because it sounded like he would explode trying to understand why everyone was so excited about Barack Obama’s inauguration – or as he called it, the immaculation of the messiah. It was funny at first but then he said this: The only reason this is such a big deal is because Obama’s Daddy was black. So I turned Rush off for the last time. He like so many others has now become a relic from the last century.”

    I listened to Rush. At what point did he sound like he would explode? In fact, he is almost always in control of his emotions despite speaking about controversial topics.

    Is it polite for any older person to label anyone else as a “relic” ?

    As usual, the so-called bloggers here cannot debate to save their lives, so they MUST resort to insults and tangential nonsense.

    Rush is right. The treatment of President Obama has been extreme and ridiculous. No politician, Republican or Democrat, is worth such bizarre adoration.



  256. thanks babes!


  257. This was beautiful to read.

    I was one of the “flip-floppers,” believe it or not.

    Despite falling somewhere in between Democrat and Republican, I have admired McCain for years, so it wasn’t a cut and dry decision for me. In the end, I decided to give HOPE a chance and go with the Obama. The hype scared me more than anything, so many people so readily sure of Mr. Obama. I thought extra hard because of that, because we so badly wanted a change that perhaps we weren’t seeing past the hype.

    But in the end, I voted for Obama and stand proudly by my decision. He’s a wonderful leader.


  258. Hi guyz
    song on German TV for George be gone:
    “……. so good that you are gone!” commentary of the moderator:” See you later, … in Den Haag” (Int. tribune for war crimes!)



  259. The right wing is feeling uncomfortable about this because it reminds them of the one time they took LSD in college and had the bad trip that led them down the road to right-wing fundamentalism. Check out this snippet from Fox News that my buddy caught:


  260. Genuine Hope and Faith resides in the fact of Freedom and Liberty, not smooth and smarmy rhetoric. The problem with Obama is he is a devout radical socialist who is on a course to eliminate Freedom and Liberty, as all socialists endeavor to do. I doubt you would feel so wonderful about Obama had you fully informed yourself as to the facts about the man. His critics don’t dislike him because he is half-black. We dislike him because he is a fraud and a socialist.


  261. Amazing post! I really admire you both!


  262. Yes Helen, it was a very good day, and every day after that will be, but we can’t just expect it to get better, we all need to make it better. Now we have someone who we can look up to and be inspired by.

    We’ll get ourselves back on our feet soon enough, but we can’t do it alone, we ALL have to pitch in.

    Thanks, again, Helen


  263. Thank you so very much for this post, i really enjoyed reading it and appreciate you understanding that this is more than a race celebration. I am 25 years old my mother is 45 and and as i watch tears flow down her eyes knowing that maybe this time around we will have better opportunities as black students and employers and equal opportunities as young adults in America. i understand and know i may see a black man but mall my mother see is hope for her children…


  264. Helen,

    I don’t know how I’ve missed this blog for this long, but it definitely made it to my blogroll today!

    That was the most eloquently stated post that I’ve read yet about the feelings of yesterdays events.

    I’m equally impressed by your following because it took most of my lunch break to scroll down to the bottom of the comments to leave you my note of gratitude.

    Looking forward to your next post(s) and wishing you all the best!


  265. “You know what’s funny about this whole conversation? I don’t believe anything I write. I only do it to ruffle feathers to entertain myself. If you were a Bush fan, I’d have been ripping you on those ideologies as well.

    Well, Juneau Joe, Charles, and Alaska Pi, thanks for entertaining me for a little while. I hope to do it again some day. I have to go and play on another site now.

    Can we talk again?”

    Cool…punk’d by a troll. I suppose my mistake was that if it was being done for entertainment value and just to get s rise, it would have been partially intelligent in execution.

    Next time if you want to come and be entertaining…at least pay back the favor and entertain as well.

    At least when Voltaire lampooned society by showing opinions that he disagreed with, he took it to such an extreme it was obvious that it was a parody, though it was taken seriously…and the same could be said of Bugs Bunny.


  266. […] Posted in 2009, Posting by Ming Wu on January 20th, 2009 President Barack Obama is the 44th American President!!! Couldn’t be any happier for me a Canadian! Watching the Inaugural parade and its looks […]


  267. People, People, People….This is Margaret and Helen’s BLog….Let’s just CELEBRATE!!!!!


  268. Anonymous,

    That’s a pretty sad way to entertain yourself. Luckily the people here get off on honesty, compassion and hope. You really do need to get a life!


  269. Welcome back, America. I was afraid for you but you’ve leaped far.


  270. It is a very happy time for all of us who have worked for change over the years. Obama seems to express the very values we fought for so strongly in the 1960s and 1970s, and continue to believe in today. I had however, lost hope for this country, for our real values of the rule of law and justice too, of real freedom, of real democracy, of having every vote count, and of being a country people could look up to and respect. Obama says we can bring our country back from the depths it sunk to, and we can be the country I grew up believing in again. It does give me some hope.


  271. site had a phony notion of what freedom of speech could be said to be…


  272. “Charles – You are an idiot!

    What show are you listening to this morning only to regurgitate it here on this blog?”

    Let’s see…listening to Nick Cave and before that I was listening to a little Psychic TV. If anyone is puking sh-t here it is you and your drumming the libertarian “business and the free market will save us all” crap.

    My ex would agree with you that I am an idiot, but regurgitating other ideas without actually thinking them through, nah…never have. Throwing insults around thinking you are superior, trying to cause sh-t, saying “socialist” et al…man, give it up…if you are going to dissent and I think questioning, dissent, pushing for answers are all positive things…at least have some f–king intelligence or be entertaining. Now Oscar Wilde was insulting and entertaining. You, you are just boring and haven’t heard anything new from you.



  273. WELL SAID! 🙂


  274. Just have to point out that it is now *FORMER* President Bush… my god how that makes me happy!


  275. this sounds like raymonty from other thread- with phony sociological “survey” of how groups behave…


  276. You know what’s funny about this whole conversation? I don’t believe anything I write. I only do it to ruffle feathers to entertain myself. If you were a Bush fan, I’d have been ripping you on those ideologies as well.

    Well, Juneau Joe, Charles, and Alaska Pi, thanks for entertaining me for a little while. I hope to do it again some day. I have to go and play on another site now.

    Can we talk again?

    Yipp! Yipp!


  277. You are so right Helen!! Every time one of those people said something that irritated me, I sent money to Obama. I had never given to a campaign in my 42 years but it was so empowering to hit send & know I had a chance to be a part of a movement, whether we won or not. NOW that we won, it feels liberating to know it made a difference.


  278. Helen,

    I agree 100%. I dislike people who try to minimize the importance of President Obama’s election by saying “it’s just b/c he’s black…” It’s insulting on many levels.

    It’s important b/c the American people are choosing a new path for the future fueled by responsibility, service, and most importantly all of it out in the open! No more “don’t you worry your head about what’s going on, we know what’s best..” No more “I’m sorry, but we have to do this… Terrorists could be at your door right this very minute! Be afraid!” No more, “government is going to be run by people who think government *can’t* work and we are just going to trust the private sector to determine the public good so we don’t need to check up on them.”

    We peacefully transferred power while choosing a completely different style and thought of what government should be for the people.

    The fact that President Obama is an African American merely highlights the scope of how much Americans want this change. We as a nation overcame a deep seated racism to make that change happen.

    I think President Obama had it right in his speech–the ground has shifted beneath them and now the last bastion of idologically driven Republicans is left grasping for whatever straws are left in their narrow view of how the world works.

    And you have no idea how happy I was when noon came yesterday! It makes me smile just being able to type “President Obama.”


  279. Yippy, (As of now Anonymous, I will call you Yippy – fitting for your chosen lot in life.)

    I do hope you find it in your heart to send a donation to a food bank or call a village and donate to a family there.

    I would suggest also that you read all the comments on this blog so you can get a real feel for the people you are trying to abuse.

    The more you talk, the more pathetic you sound.

    Yippy, Do something positive today – it will help.


  280. JuneauJoe: And you are the little flea who rides my ass, sponging off my leftovers like the socialist you are.

    Now get back to work so I don’t have to support anymore!


  281. Beautiful. I watched the inaugural address on youtube last night, and was shocked to see all the ignorant and hateful comments below the video.

    it seems the more the light grows in strength, the more the vituperation of the fearful spews itself into the public eye. but it’s true – i loved what he said about the people of other countries that will judge their leaders by what they build, not by what they destroy.

    it is the same here.

    all we can do is send love to the haters, and hope they someday can enjoy the warm lights of faith and hope.

    beautiful post – thank you!


  282. Sorry about the typos folks. Just waking up.

    The haters are out today it seems: I have to get to work. Haters are such fools. I wonder if Dick Cheney has a website for them to glob onto? They need to find like minded blogs.

    I am so very thankful that we have Presdent Obama now! We all need to give him a chance to move this country forward.

    Anonymous: You remind me of the little yippy dog behind the fence. I feel sorry for you!


  283. Oh my anon-by- you ARE a bitter unhappy soul.

    I’m an old repair plumber who works in a hardware store- a business, ya know- boss has a degree in finance and my almost degree was environmental engineering- specialiizing in water quality. I have hiked many mountains with my lil back pack full of pipe wrenches working to bring clean safe water to folks in my younger years.
    I’m an old blue collar Democrat who thinks everything -we-learned–is-wrong since about the time Mr Reagan resurrected that sad sorry economic darwinism BS that hurt so many of our ancestors when it first arrived on the philosophy/sociology scene.
    Suck your top plate back in your head hon and listen to someone else for a change. You might pick out the personality behind the words better.
    Don’t give a damn what name you spit at me… socialist, govt worker, whatever- ain’t MY name.


  284. Did not want to jump into this, but I think I can figure out where the 60% comes from.

    Where I live, state income and payroll taxes are brutal, as are property taxes. Pile this on top of federal income taxes, and many people are really struggling. As a result, our state is losing a lot of people, the tax base shrinks, the budget deficits go up, and on and on. Because the deficit has increased, local taxes are going to be increased again. Unfortunately, it is circular.

    At the end of the year, when you add it all up, the number is not quite 60%, but for many people, it is in the 50-55 percent range. We make 80K a year, and when it is all said and done, 47% of our income goes to taxes. That is a big chunk of change when you are trying to be a one income family!!

    I am a conservative, a bit nervous about jumping onto this blog. However, I am an American before I am a conservative, and I want to work with our President….Republican or Democrat… make this country a better place.

    Personally, I hate the fact that so many have waited until “their guy” got elected in order to decide it was time to roll up their sleeves and get to work. If we all really want our country to succeed, we should be willing to work with whomever is the president, in my opinion. I also hate the fact that so many conservatives are determined to wait it out and do everything they can to tear down Obama. How will that help our country? They complained about the left doing it for the past 8 years, and now they want to do the same thing. Shameful.

    If John McCain were inaugurated yesterday, I hope that those that voted for Obama would be willing to step forward and unite as Americans for a better country. Likewise, I hope the conservative naysayers are ready to do the same, even if they were unhappy with the outcome of the election.


  285. It was the Wall Street Crowd that killed our Economy who were give free reign by Bush, Cheney.

    I would suggest you find another blog Anon.

    You really do need to learn to move forward and try to make things better. Your hatred and anger is showing through.

    Help a villager or your local food bank. Do something positive, you will feel better.


  286. I said “Career Politicians” which is a very broad description, crossing over all political parties.

    -the demise of our nation … remember a fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well.


  287. Any new pie recipes anyone???


  288. JuneauJoe

    What a shame!


  289. Listen, I never said I supported Bush/Cheney. I think they were the most crooked politicians ever. Bush had no business as president because he never held a job EITHER. His dad gave him all his jobs.

    I love how people immediately lump anyone against them in the Bush/Cheney category.

    I said “Career Politicians” which is a very broad description, crossing over all political parties.


  290. Anonymous:

    You and Bush/Cheney saying socialist is so amazing!
    700 BILLION DOLLAR bailout of Wall Street because of the greed and corruption of the Bush/ Cheney policies.

    How much is the Iraq War Costing? Did that help to drive the economy into the shitter? Yes? By the way, that war was started with blatant lies.

    Enron, Halliburton and Blackwater – No Bid contracts, where do they fit in with your economic policies?

    Go listen to Rush and take your Oxycontin to settle yourself down.

    You could help someone by sending food or money to a village!


  291. Jane: I had great photos of Emmonak last year and my computer crashed in Emo. I had to send it away to get a new hard drive and my pictures were gone.

    I had not backed up my hard drive so most of my photos are gone.

    I will check this weekend but the good stuff is mostly gone.


  292. Charles – You are an idiot!

    What show are you listening to this morning only to regurgitate it here on this blog?


  293. Alaska Pi – HaHaHa! You fit right into the new socialist mold of the country.

    “The successful business paradigm is hokey cuz while we can borrow ideas from business world the purpose is different. Overstretching business philosphy is part of what got us into the mess we are in.”

    Give me a break! It’s obvious you are a government employee or school teacher. You could never make it in the business world and that’s why you blame business.

    Banks lending to people who can’t pay is what got us into this mess.


  294. Shy2: If you look at the problems of the world and I will refer to Africa specifically, hunger lack of water and health issues are huge. Politics plays a large part of the problem.

    Abortion and contraception: Under Bush, the USA funded neither: Kids were born, there is less and less food and water for everyone and in many places in Africa – the suffering and starvation is increasing.
    It is great to say – ‘All babies should be given a chance!’ but then to not give them the means to eat or clean water to drink is inhumane. Zimbabwe and South Africa now have a huge and growing Cholera problem.

    Birth Control should be government policy.

    ALASKAN VILLAGES: People in the village have to pay for Birth Control with their limited funds! Medicines are quite expensive in the Villages. If the choice is Food, heat or birth control – we end up with more children. BIRTH CONTROL SHOULD BE AVAILABLE AND REASONABLY PRICED FOLKS TO ALL VILLAGERS AND CITY DWELLERS, whether in Alaska, Iowa or Africa.

    I appreciate having Obama considering a change in policies re: Healthcare, birth control and even abortion. It is time to face reality.


  295. “Am I the only person in this country that has a problem with our leaders being “Career Politicians”…”

    Wait, weren’t they saying Obama had too little experience during the campaign???

    “Why don’t we have a leader who has come from nothing, BUILT a successful business, and then turned to politics?”

    Well Shrub was a businessman, just not a successful one, didn’t come from nothing and I think was pushed into politics.

    “Oh, that’s right, anyone who’s built a successful business wouldn’t waste his/her time becoming President because he/she is too busy making money.”

    Oooooh, such a zinger…so witty, one of those “wait….wait for it” moments. Or perhaps just the type of comment that illustrates that we don’t want leaders who are so f–king self-centered that making money is the most important thing to them. Then again Madoff might be looking for a new career path now, perhaps he will run for office.

    If you are going to make an argument here, then make it, support it…and if you are going to be sarcastic and witty, then make sure you are because otherwise you just show yourself to be ignorant and capable of stating the same ‘talking points’ that I have heard for over 20 years and they are still stale, worn and difficult to actually support. Even as an opinion, they are just boring.


  296. JuneauJoe and AKMuckraker (I’m posting this at M&H and themudflats)

    My daughter and I started a Facebook group for the villagers. We have 47 members now and those members have invited another 337 to join.

    “Native Alaskans are forced to choose between freezing and starving”

    Do you have any photos we could post that illustrate the situation?


    Do any of you have contact info and a list of what is most needed for the villages that have been hardest hit that we can post? Has anybody contacted all the villages listed on the Native Corporations list and surveyed their needs? If so, please get it to me. If not, tell me how many time zones away from Eastern Time you are and I’ll start calling. Those of us with nationwide long distance could split the list.



  297. Oh my-
    We have one of those need-fresh-faces folks here already today.
    That attitude sucked a lot of folks into thinking the ghastly gov was an appropriate choice for VP…

    Whatever is wrong with career politicains and there are pelenty of things- their voters DO keep sending em back.
    The successful business paradigm is hokey cuz while we can borrow ideas from business world the purpose is different. Overstretching business philosphy is part of what got us into the mess we are in. Doesn’t matter whether the folks were successful or not – it was the application of philosophy of operation which failed to meet the necessities of this country.


  298. I realize what president Obama
    stands for but he has to follow though
    he hasnt done that yet of course but will he. also he stands for abortion .
    and he’s also planning on paying for abortion in a nother country with the american’s money. so how is that helping our country?


  299. Rush Limbaugh and his other vile, racist, anti-semetic, lying sack pals have become irrelevant and they can not stand that. For 8 years The drug infested, ignorant Limbaugh has had the ear and has been the mouthpiece for the worst kind of Republican………….he will not go quietly into that great night. Their ilk are selfish and hate a majority of the American people. Talk about unpatriotic. He is the King of Hate and Mrs Palin is his queen. Rush is uneducated and lying is his thing. He is in the business to make money for himself and spew hatred. What a jackass.

    I found myself on several occasions during yesterday’s festivities trying to picture the idiot Palin up there…………it made me sick to think that there was even that choice. Go the hell away Sarah. Quit sticking you ugly face in front of the cameras. You are THE BIGGEST USER !!!!!!

    What a wonderful sight to see Dubya winging his way to Texas and that horrible Cheney going to Wyoming. Did you notice that Bush didn’t even help Laura down the steps of the helicopter nor did they walk together.

    Druggie Limbaugh will scream and scream and try to rewrite history for the 28% who are uninformed, ignorant or can not let go of their ideology for the good of America. You can’t please all of the people.

    We have finally, after 8 years, regained the respect of the rest of the World. They looked in horror and were incredulous that we would elect such a buffoon to two terms.
    There is much work to be done and now is the time for Congress to put away their contentiousness and partisan ways and work for the people. Call your congresspeople even if they are Republican. Work at your state level to get rid of the do nothings, including a few Democrats I can think of. We need health care for everyone, we need our infrastructure rebuilt and we need to use our military for the right reasons…………too many have died for a selfish lie.


  300. Am I the only person in this country that has a problem with our leaders being “Career Politicians?” They become politicians to avoid “real” work and enjoy the cushy benefits that come with being a politician.

    Why don’t we have a leader who has come from nothing, BUILT a successful business, and then turned to politics?

    I don’t ask someone who has never operated on a human to perform one on me, no matter how many books and magazines they’ve read on the topic.

    Oh, that’s right, anyone who’s built a successful business wouldn’t waste his/her time becoming President because he/she is too busy making money.


  301. Yes we did!!! and Yes we will!!


  302. Hooray!

    A consitutional scholar as president, instead of someone who says, “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

    Hooray! Hooray!


  303. “Charles: I have one of those dogs too only she is a pit/ridge. she is a darling though and wants to lick people to death. I tell them she is basting them for the future.”

    Mine would probably be that way too, he is a wonderful fathead…but he is a rescue dog from a vet tech program. After being poked and prodded and used as a teaching tool and living in a kennel he came to me very skittish. Where I lived when I first got him, I did not have an opportunity to socialize him properly. He loves my fiance and her dogs but everyone else you can see the struggle in his little empty head “Lick, eat, lick, eat???”

    As for my education…you probably have a better formal education than my self. I was in a University’s Honors College but dropped out for personal reasons my junior year. I had been a philosophy major, with a concentration in Continental European Philosophy and originally going to coninue on to get my PhD in Intellectual History. Then I ended up with a woman with two small children and found myself working to support them, put her through school and went back to get my degree in art and dropped out again to put her through a RN program…and then found myself in the middle of a divorce after she finished school and in a job in the title industry making 1/2 of what I had been…but though I made poor decisions and never made it through school, I am still content, though broke.

    Oh, and never had any ‘assistance’ or ‘hand out’, still struggle to make ends meet but I think having opportunities is not a hand out for people but rather a course which will allow them to reach their potential. I do think some people do not want to work hard and will always look for a way out but I know most people just want a chance to make it for themselves.

    I also have to agree, if Anonymous is paying 60% in taxes, she is even dumber than I am, hell, dumber than my emptyheaded pit/lab and not as happy either.


  304. Finally we have someone of intelligence and grace in office! I have faith President Obama will do the best he can.

    Now, what do you think Dick Cheney had in those boxes that was so important, he wouldn’t let movers touch them?!


  305. Morning: Your posts brought tears to my eyes this AM. So many people doing so many good things, the MLKing and Obama way.

    Idea: Alaskan sent a box packed with pictures of his kids! GREAT! I am going to give my kids money and they can fill a box and put my Grandkids pictures in them. Let’s let the Nunam/ Village kids know that other kids are helping them!

    I have to give my kids the money for it because I am helping to make their mortgage payment – downturn in the economy has hit by children.

    In Emmonak, I found kids – just like my grandkids in the lower 48. Village kids need help and I want my grandkids to realize that they can and should help someone else.

    Every person on here is so great! I still am teary eyes by this blog.


  306. Fe Rivers said
    “… Alll those who believe that hope is the province of the weak received a “what for” on Bovember 4th,.. A full Life is reserved for those with the ability to look up and visualize what they truly want. Amen, sisters.”
    thank you neighbor
    … and try to move the actual to the ideal, on the ground , where we live…

    Voter From Michigan-
    Thank you.
    Me too.
    It is the rich but plain ordinariness ( I think I may be making up words now…) of community -of having that pride attached to what matters to our everyday lives – events which mark our own horizons. We are all Americans again…


    Oh my-
    Piles o work appearing on the horizon here.
    Lots of struggles to soothe and solve.

    I’m behind in following the larger picture here at home of Y-D issues as gathering supplies and all is more important for a few days.
    The gov being anti-science cannot add and subtract so she is unable to do the simple math
    for Emmonak alone . She is a dud.


  307. MAZAL TOV!!!…as so aptly expressed by Margaret and Helen and so many other, YES WE DID… YES WE WILL!


  308. I am glad to hear you have turned off Rush for the last time–I think too many people turn on his progam and also “Fox’ news just to see how stupid people can be. It only adds to their ratings—Please people—dont even tune into these ridiculous shows—it is not worth it.!!


  309. Oh my. Anonymous chose the wrong blog to make that bet. Going on the quality of the comments I read here, my estimation would be that the guests here, including the trolls, are about 8-5% better educated than the general population.

    Of course, even Palin has a college education. And Dubya went to Yale, so that’s not saying much.

    And if your paying 60% of your income in taxes you are either: very poor or very stupid. I am a squashed and over taxed middle class resident of CT, one of the states with the highest rate of taxation in these United States, and I can safely say that I don’t pay nearly that much.


  310. As a white girl from Canada, I have no stake in what happened yesterday, but I did take the day off and watched it on TV (and stripped wallpaper in the living room..).

    I pray he can live up to the high expectations that have been set upon him. I pray for him, and for Americans.

    Cheers Helen and Margaret, you have overcome!


  311. […] Parting Shot: Yes We Did […]


  312. Your best post ever Helen. Thank you for expressing the importance of this moment so perfectly. YES WE CAN!!!!


  313. Beautifully said.


  314. Helen … thank you so much for being you. You express my own feelings in your eloquent and feisty manner so much better than I can myself. Margaret: I am so glad that you two have been friends for so long and share your thoughts with us all.
    Yesterday was truly a wonderful day. I believe that my favorite moment was seeing Bush depart in the helicopter … I wonder whether there was enough time to fumigate the White House before the Obamas moved in.
    Did anyone else think that Justice Stevens did a much better job of administering the oath of office to VP Biden than Chief Justice Roberts did in his own moment with Obama? It was CJ Roberts who stumbled, not Obama, who graciously allowed him to start again … and he still managed to screw it up. Anyway … it was of little consequence because Obama officially became President from noon yesterday, oath or not. Hallelujah!

    Anonymous … not sure why you believe that you must come by to rain on the party. We’ve got enough problems and we all know what they are. We need everyone, and that includes you, to pull together to help our country now.
    If you truly are paying taxes at a 60 percen rate, you must not be a US citizen. As someone mentioned above, our highest income tax rate is 35% and if you have a decent accountant, you don’t even pay that. Heck, just invest in TurboTax and do your own as we do.
    The US has one of the lowest, if not THE lowest, tax rate ot all the industrialized countries. Taxes are the price we pay to have a civilized society for ALL, not just for the wealthy.
    I actually pay taxes in two countries … while I am not taxed twice, I do end up paying the higher rate. And I do not begrudge it for an instant, so long as my tax monies are not wasted in killing innocent people, as much too much of our US tax monies have been utilized since Bush’s criminal pre-emptive invasion of a country that posed no imminent threat to us. Such a use has totally outraged me … and it has done incredible harm to US standing, credibility and goodwill throughout the world, as I have witnessed firsthand.

    But yesterday’s ceremony, and all attendant events, especially including the parade feauring so many enthusiastic young people and Native Americans, among them, representatives of Crow Agency who had adopted President Obama into their tribe during the campaign, as presented to the world via the media have returned some of that goodwill to us all. If, as Obama promised, the Rule of Law also returns, we can reclaim so much else of what otherwise will be irretrievably lost.

    Yes. We. Can. And yes, I too am proud.


  315. I wondered what the “other side” was saying but didn’t want to ruin the good news. Thanks for the update. It’ll be nice to see the curmudgeons eating crow!


  316. After enduring 8 years of W. and all his henchmen, I too would have boo’d at the mention of his name. Poor Form? as some of the commentators said? Hell No! It is my right to boo the #&$^%* who systematically broke down my country with his Misguided and Wrong agenda.

    Well President Obama, and thank you for being intelligent, diplomatic and gracious.


  317. The community I live in is a small rural area the population is about 2000 to 2500.

    There are not many jobs. Most people have to commute to Olympia, Seattle or Tacoma for work.

    I have volunteered at our local food bank for the last 2 1/2 years. The food bank started 3 years ago. We are truly grassroots as it has been a handful of us that have held it together and kept it going. Not one of us is paid we are all volunteer. We decided that we would keep it that way until it out grew our collective experience. We are not affiliated with any religious organization either. This was also a collective decision as we did not want people to feel pressured by anyone group.

    I volunteer weekly and do the month end books. I have watched since last July, our numbers grow. I have been tracking the number of households and individual people we are feeding and truly for our area the numbers are sobering. Last month we fed over 900 individuals. Think about that with a population of about 2500.

    Many of these people have just lost jobs or have jobs and can’t make ends meet. Many put off medical care until they can’t any longer. Then it becomes paying for a medical bill or food.

    I see first hand what the last administration has wrought for these people. I am there in the front lines and all of the nonsense that people spew about “all these people want is a handout” is just nonsense period. These are people that just want a decent job to support their families and many times are embarrassed to ask for help.

    Today is my volunteer day and I need to get ready for that. Bless all of you! I will check in later.


  318. Good Morning all!

    Crud I missed the party here yesterday! I did not realize a new blog was up and kept checking the old one wondering where everyone was at? LOL This morning I was thinking more clearly and lo and behold here you all are!

    Helen fantastic blog and it says it all. In my book the Rush crowd are the unpatriotic ones. He also said yesterday that he hopes President Obama fails.

    Really! So in my undereducated mind he is stating he hopes America fails=UNPATRIOTOC! What a moron.

    Hey Anon I have a high school diploma and one year of college yet some how I feel better educated and absolutely have more common sense than you. 60 percent tax bracket? Yeah right! Even I could find more tax loopholes than you if that is really how much you are paying.

    I am still so happy today I woke up smiling! A new hope for a new day!


  319. Do you remember the pride you had when your child walked across the stage to receive a degree or diploma or the pride you had watching your child taking their wedding vows or the pride and happiness and love you had when your son handed you his newborn child for the first time? My feelings yesterday were all of these things rolled up in one.

    I had a sense of such immense pride not only for my new president, but also for my country.


  320. My immediate community is a bit strange…it is largely composed of part time people who come here to compete their horses for a few months,play polo, show in dressage. Horse people. There are community charities.The Equestrian Aid foundation has opened a resale shop and they take a %for equestrian aid. I brought alot of good horse equipment there and it has sold so fast! I have used a part of my earnings for Our Yukon Delta Project. It is really cold here today…my community has a therapeutic riding academy ; a foal and mare rescue etc. Times like this we bring any unused horse blankets to the farms.Since money is tight many more of us are renting rooms to the visiting riders…we get a little, they can afford to come, keeps our economy going.My greater community is much like Greytdogs. In addition it has been mentioned to watch the pawn shops because that is an indicator of the very real financial distress of some of the formerly wealthiest people(bilked by Madoff-pooie pooie)who supported many worthwhile endeavors here and throughout the country.I think that like the Yukon Delta(altho Diff.) people are proud and often struggle quietly.


  321. And don’t even get me started on how the republicans failed the scientific community!

    I was a stem cell researcher working on research that could literally save millions of lives. Thank God Obama will undo the damage that the Bush administration did!


  322. Faith, Hope, and Love! Thanks for reminding us of those, Helen!

    These are Virtues to be celebrated, Virtues that people like “anonymous” clearly cannot understand because of the love of money.

    Interesting how fiscal Republicans who are not millionaires buy into their own repression. They think that conservatives will have them pay less taxes, when really the lowest tax base is found among the wealthy who use expensive accountants and loopholes to get out of paying their fair share. Atlas Shrugged indeed!

    Interesting how social conservative Republicans spout Christian ideals that they don’t live by!!! Jesus was radically concerned with the poor, the widowed, the fatherless, and the leper. Is anonymous concerned with any of these people?

    anonymous, I have a master’s degree in neuorscience and molecular biology from Columbia University. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and special education from Texas A&M. I am currently applying for a PhD in the top twenty universities in the nation. I DARE you to pit your education against mine!


  323. Wow…Margaret and Helen made the “Most Influential Women in Tech” list in this month’s FAST COMPANY magazine!!!! 🙂


  324. Helen, I think this is the greatest post yet. I hope Harold is improving (his health,that is). Thanks for condolences Alaska PI…we gave him a beautiful send off and asked him to be our advocate. So I missed the Inauguration Speech. I cried during the Parade from Joy and disbelief,still!I saw the white dress!I like that kind of dress that makes you feel pretty. Elsie I sent a case of size6 and acase of #3- they need more than that…I sent a case of Desitin and Similac -Span Alaska.


  325. Charles wrote:I am not expecting “miracles” but I am expecting progress, not just materialistic, financial progress to bubble and s–t on people but progress where we are citizens, not consumers or statistics…where the populace, both as a whole and as individuals matter.

    An excellent point you made, Charles. For the past 8 years it has been all about the “consumer” and the relationship between the Bush government and Wall Street.

    Helen, thanks for another great post putting everything into prespective as usual.

    Glad to hear the Alaska project is moving right along. Keep posting updates. Palin is being forced to look at the issue but is taking the stance of “what did you do with your energy rebate checks.” Reminds me of Brownie, asking Katrina survivors, what did you do with your debit cards? Duh, they spent it on fuel and food.

    The only reason Trolls are fun is watching you troll hunters take them out 🙂


  326. So Anonymous is in the 60% tax bracket? It’s a level that I’ll never see–as a teacher in Maine, I have moved from “middle class” to almost “working poor” in the last 8 years and life has become one of taking care of the bare necessities. I do not expect the situation to improve any time soon. Still, I am relatively content, which is more than can be said, apparently, for Anonymous.

    I do not expect miracles in the near future–there are far too many headaches for one Excedrine to cure–but I am looking forward to having our reputation restored and our faith in each other renewed. I hope that the era of greed, personal gain and total lack of personal responsibility has come to an end.

    As Tiny Tim said, “God bless us, everyone!”


  327. Pi, you asked what is happening in our own neighborhoods Here’s a very short rundown (and probably echoed throughout this country)
    Massive amount of foreclosures resulting in an uptick of assistance requests to food banks, shelters, and services.
    Veterans Health care – more homeless vets, more vets needed highly skilled neurological care but closest facility is 2 hours away making it an almost impossible journey for many of our vets
    Elderly feeling the economic vise – trying to help their children and grandchildren as everyone’s income dwindles down – many foregoing much needed medication in order to buy food or keep their home
    As homes are foreclosed, animal rescue seeing a surge of abandoned animals whose influx strains an already financially limited network
    Conflict arising from the immediate needs of the community and the business community (feed the hungry or build a sports arena)
    On the flip side:
    People are reaching out to one another
    Diverse groups with seemingly diverse concerns are finding common ground and working together (meals on wheels are working with animal rescue network – as the MOW folks go in, they note who has pets and the need for animal food. We supply the animal food & vet care so the humans can have their medication )
    Folks are speaking out and acting on the community’s responsibility to the homeless. A lot of people showed up last night to drop off blankets, soup & sandwiches, and donations – at one stop we had over 5 soup choices – and my car was filled with blankets, jackets, gloves, hats – amazing.
    Neighbors are getting to know one another again.
    The underlying sentiment – Yes WE Can and Yes We WILL.


  328. You hit it out of the park again, Helen.
    Amen. And yes we did……

    Lovin’ you as always……



  329. Thanks Pi!

    Charles: I have one of those dogs too only she is a pit/ridge. she is a darling though and wants to lick people to death. I tell them she is basting them for the future.

    Greydog_ thanks for knowing that was not me!


  330. Great Blog and wonderful post. Yep, I’m a first time Commenter here, migrated over from Mudflats. Have enjoyed reading many of your posts from time to time, and was ready to stay long enough to say, hello. It was a great day and I’m just so happy to have shared it with all those that are celebrating the return of sanity…hope and faith.


  331. Hi Helen and gang,

    Anonymous made me so damn mad that I forgot to compliment you, Helen, on another brilliant post. You have collected such a wonderful bunch of dear friends here.

    Alaska Pi, I guess I could volunteer to drive Anonymous this one time. It would give me a chance to get some more off my chest. If she/he throws up all over my car though………..

    She/he was trying to spoil our celebration party but failed miserably, right! I’m still WAY up there with joy!!!

    The Alaska Project looks like it is coming along nicely. I think that after the inauguration and everybody gets down to work, it will come along faster.

    What project are we going to take on next? There are so MANY!!!!!





  332. Yes, we did, indeed. I can’t stomach any of the R’s talking heads or Faux News.

    Please God, from our lips to your ears.


  333. Yeah, man. Alll those who believe that hope is the province of the weak received a “what for” on Bovember 4th, and must now check themselves on In-Day. A full Life is reserved for those with the ability to look up and visualize what they truly want. Amen, sisters.


  334. I’ll be a designated driver but they have to sit in the back with my pitbull/lab mix. He’s a sweetie but very anti-social 🙂


  335. Helen, this is what I posted on my blog today:

    I was not able to watch the inauguration live, today, as I had to work. So, tonight, I watched, and cried, and shouted “Hallelujah.”

    I was born and raised in California. I knew little about the struggles for equality in the South. My mother was, and still is, a Democrat, with strongly held views. She raised me to be color-blind. It was easy in Southern California at the time.

    Then I joined the USWAC, and went to Ft. McClellan, Alabama. This was 1967. I went through Basic Training with women from all over the country, in all shades of poor.

    On the base, racial discrimination was subtle. Off base, it was overt. I had never seen “Whites Only” restaurants, bathrooms, and drinking fountains, before, and was completely astounded. I did not understand. I truly did not. I was color-blind.

    My daughter inherited my color-blindness, and I have three 1/2 black, 1/2 white grandchildren.

    When my first grandchild was born 11 years ago, I worried about the prejudices she would have to face in her life. I worried about what opportunities she would miss, because of her heritage. When Barak Obama was elected, I rejoiced with much of the nation, but particularly for my grandchildren. I did not want them to experience the discrimination that I had witnessed.

    I was in the Watts Riots of the early 60’s with some black friends. I witnessed the hatred of the blacks towards the whites, and feared for my life. Now, over 40 years later, I have been privileged to watch as at least these two races have come together to find common ground. I have been honored to live long enough to witness the election of a 1/2 black, 1/2 white United States President and feel joy and hope. I feel as if our nation can again be the example to the world of humanity, compassion, and dreams made possible.

    If we can come this far, in my lifetime, I KNOW that my children will live long enough to see the coming together of Christians, and Jews, and Muslims, and Hindus, and all religions. Because if we can elect Barack Hussein Obama President of the United States, anything is possible.

    I choose to believe and spread hope that this world can live as one, and in peace, as Mahatma Gandi, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, and John Lennon, among SO many others have taught us.


  336. President Obama. President Barack Obama.

    I can’t say it or hear it enough times.


    And, Anonymous, f-off. I mean it. Really.


  337. Applause. This is very poignant because it has come from someone who lived through a few generations. 🙂



  338. I’ll volunteer to drive the trollies home and tuck them in, so they can sleep it off…


  339. Elsie and Alaskan Pi:

    I shipped food stuffs to Ann Strongheart via Span Alaska. It was very easy; no shipping costs and insurance was reasonable. I ordered heavy things, like tuna fish cans. If anyone wants to do the same, Juneau Joe was right: click on Span Alaska Sales, and you go right to shopping.

    I’m not sure what else they need; she does blog on Mudflats, so you may be able to PM her there, if you don’t have her email. This is my continuation of the National Day of Service, and it feels good:-)

    Dennis Zaki made it to Emmonak this afternoon, and everyone is waiting for his first report.

    Keep on smiling as we roll up our sleeves and get to work-


  340. I could not have said it better or with more heart. I am proud to be an American for the first time in a very long time. Thanks for your eloquent words. I cried all day, thinking of a country where we can live in peace, where compassion becomes our greatest value, where our short lives will be spent in helping create a better world. Thanks for your delicious words. Much love to you. Ellen


  341. Elsie-
    I gotta go home and watch my inauguration dvd .
    Would you keep an eye on the medico who just arrived. Seems disoriented … does/ doesn’t , can’t choose a verb.
    Seems to think we are all kids who believe in fairy godmothers named “government.”..?
    I’m leaving cabfare on the table…


  342. Elsie quoted-
    “When he wasn’t on the phone, Tucker addressed criticism by three prominent elders that people weren’t hungry and that Tucker has embarrassed the village by putting it in the national spotlight.”

    It is likely tough for Mr Tucker right now. He has enormous courage.
    The humiliation the elders feel is very real.
    It is a deep part of Yu’pik culture that what one has is for all because it takes everyone to get through. It’s not idealism, it’s realism at the deepest level.
    The surest way to get in trouble with the community is to be a me-firster or get into mine-mine-mine…
    To have folks outside seeing the failure to figure out how to deal with this on their own is a great loss of face.
    Mr Tucker did the right thing , in the larger picture, but may have a tough time for awhile at home.

    This being 4 hours behind EST means I always get here after the party has been going for awhile.
    Pretty exciting here in Margaret and Helen’s parlour!
    This day has been huge.
    I only got to hear the actual swearing in of Mr Biden and Mr Obama on the radio before work got too crazy. I have the dvd my boss made to watch in a few mins so I’ll go soon.
    The energy to get up and go to work here is so real I keep touching my computer screen to try and soak up some of it…

    I did notice one newbie, or anon-by , or whatever and one goofby stopped by and ODed on pie though. We have to get responsible about this problem.
    If we are not going to keep a jar for cabfare for these folks, we are going to have to provide designated drivers home for them. Charles, Maven, CO almost and Jean tonight?


    Thank you, you and Margaret, for having us all in.
    We’ve wept and sworn in here in the months leading up to November… so close to losing faith and hope.
    Since the election , hope for our community has made us giddy.
    In the last couple weeks we’ve been tearing up the place practising for the work ahead, reminding ourselves of what really matters, reviving our faith in our future .

    Thanks for putting up with us. Thanks for being an incredible voice for hope, yourself.
    I do hope Harold is on the mend- with us yacking at all hours, does he get ANY rest?
    Elsie , Greytdog , and too many to name, so all of you-
    Thank you for all the help you are bringing my neighborhood.
    I don’t see a list yet for yours…

    gramma rock- glad to see you today!

    AnnΔ- I’m sorry part of the day was saying good bye to a friend…

    troutay- was that really you in that anon-by hat?!
    Not your style! Too drab! With your class you need something with piles o feathers…


  343. And can I add that the one person at my work that had the McCain/Palin sticker on his car, today felt it necessary to put a flag sticker upside down next to it. He may not agree with the democratic decision, but neither did I agree with the Bush decision. But it is my country and I chose to deal with it and make the best of a bad situation. Is this how he shows his patriotism? To show lack of respect towards the office. Funny because he was one of the first ones to get mad when we would say anything about Bush or McCain/Palin. Is it not a two way street? As Whoopi said to Coulter, “You can dish it out, but you can’t take it.”


  344. As to anonymous,

    Whether Bush was trying to be funny or not, it just showed again his ability to connect with the people.

    Funny how you responded to that, but did not respond to the earnest request of actually labeling actions and policies that you felt were good decisions. Please I am truly interested. You spit out left, like it is a dirty word. That is strange because I don’t think being conservative is a horrible thing. I just don’t think that your views should be allowed to guide my life. And I am probably more conservative than some about some things and more liberal about others. That is the beauty of it. We are all different. Learn to live with it because we are not all going to be like you or agree with you. Can’t you give us the same consideration. It is not us vs. them. It is all people, all differences working together. I think that is the message that Obama very eloquently conveyed.

    On another note, for the Colorful and anonymous types that will continue to show here. Unless useful discussion and dialogue can be engaged in and they have something of actual merit to add, I think that we as a collective group of “anonymous bloggers” should just ignore their snips and not comment in any way.

    On the other hand, anyone who wishes to share constructive thoughts, criticisms, etc. is welcome and invited into the parlor to share. We can agree that we don’t all need to have the same opinion, but unless people are willing to cite examples and engage in the rules of common courtesy and debate, we should not even acknowledge their presence. Hope and faith should lead us and not bring us down to that level.

    I too have sent two priority boxes to Ann Stronghold today. I even included a picture of my two boys with a map of Alaska pointing out where the village is. I used it as an education experience for them. They felt good and I am teaching hope and faith to them.


  345. Yes, we did! And it feels so good! It’s like someone opened the windows and let the bad air out.


  346. I kept pinching myself during the inauguration. I am so happy to see that we have reestablished some level of intellect back into the White House. We’ve been missing that for eight years.

    So I noticed McCain in the mix at the lunch today. I wonder what thoughts were running through his head as President Obama was being honored. Hehe… I hear his wife wanted to be on “Dancing With The Stars” but Sen. McCain but the nix on it. Nice to see that he’s still living in the 1950’s. To think that he was the nomination for the Republican side of the house…. makes me shudder.


  347. I hope you aren’t too disappointed when reality sets in. Government doesn’t create hope and faith. It spends other peoples money. That’s the function of government.


  348. Helen, you ALWAYS rock! I’ve been known to look at Faux News, too, on occasion, but then I lose my lunch and promise myself not to do that to myself again.

    Today, in my car, I shut off my Willie Nelson CD for a minute and turned on the radio, for once. It came on with a local talk show. I knew the host is a conservative dirtbag, but I thought I’d give him a minute on this important day. Well, within about 10 seconds, he announced that Ann Coulter would be on his show to promote her new tripe/book. I quickly hit the CD button and went back to Willie! Shoulda known better!


  349. I hope you aren’t too disappointed when reality sets in. Government does create hope and faith. It spends other peoples money. That’s the function of government.


  350. helen, i used to listen to limp-baugh once in awhile to find out what that ‘camp’ was up to. but turned him off also. you’re right, he’s a waste of wear’n’tear on the eardrums.


  351. i want to share with you the experience at my campus today.

    the corridors of my school was a sight that i’ve never witnessed before.
    a twenty something inch television was sitting on a trolly in front of the elevators.
    where students would usually walk past, today, they stood amazement.
    there is a computer hall, where students would lose themselves in illustrator, youtube and facebook. but today, they were lost in the words of one man.
    smokers huddle in the cold.
    dreamers huddled around a screen.
    and there, after the speech had been delivered,
    i felt a shift in perception.

    i’d also like to add that i am your neighbour up north!
    best wishes to you, from toronto, ontario!


  352. At 9:47 pm (CDT) tonight (1/20/09) on CNN, Anderson Cooper said, “A lot more balls ahead.”

    Ya think?

    (OK, I admit,,, that was *out of context* but I couldn’t resist.)


  353. Helen, I love you, thanks for the blog and your insights and straight talk. You inspire me to cut through the BS. Thank you, I mean it.



  354. You know, I just read the comment “…my vote for Barack was SO much more than for his skin color…” and though I heard the coverage on the radio with the commentary about him being the first African American President and the interviews with all the Civil Rights activists and it didn’t really register until I read this comment and remembering hearing people interviewed saying they wouldn’t vote for him because of his skin color. I did not vote for or against this man because of his color, ethnicity, middle name or not, party or religion…rather I voted for him because his ideas, his stated goals, his vision is closer to what I want to see for our government and country than anyone else that was running in this election.

    That is it…the man not only is articulate, intelligent and appears to have a grasp of context but he also seems to want to work towards building this country up, as well as progress forward. THAT is why I am proud that Obama is now President and I sincerely hope he works towards his vision of unity and hope.


  355. Ok — I just stumbled across this in my google reader and I can’t resist — just wish they didn’t have McCain in here so much, but the rest of them can still piss off back home…


  356. Helen, your post is just plain ELOQUENT and SUCCINCT! I have two friends from university who have just been foaming at the mouth leading up to and since the election, with some not so subtle racist undertones, quoting Rush L, etc, and you’ve just described what I’ve been feeling this whole time — my vote for Barack was SO much more than for his skin color — hell, if anything I’m in the demographic that “should have” voted for Hillary, but there’s something about Barack that I just trust deep down inside like I’ve never felt about any other presidential candidate before. And, for the first time in my life, I finally voted for the guy that WON — how amazing is that?! I feel sorry for my friends — today was a cause for great celebration as a country, and they just don’t get it….

    By the way, check out the NEW site — already revamped for the new administration. I’ve got it bookmarked and plan on visiting frequently over the next EIGHT YEARS!! 🙂



  357. What a marvelous piece. And fantabulous comments from readers! What a great and varied group you have! Sometimes we have to take the morons to give us a little perspective. Like 8 years of Chimpy makes us that much more glad we have a president now who can write and speak in complete sentences and who will respect and promote learning and science. God bless is, it is long overdue. The longer the wait, the sweeter the wine, I guess. 2009 is offering a fine vintage indeed.


  358. Greytdog Δ, I completely agree!!!


  359. About Nunam Iqua….
    Today, I priority shipped something like 176 Size 1 diapers and 200 Size 3 diapers, and I think it was nine 4-roll packs of toilet paper to Nunam Iqua.

    I bungled some other things with the wrong boxes and suffered problems with a leaking can of evaporated milk. Aargghhh… Back to the drawing board….

    So, I may not be the brightest light in the harbor, but I got some things on the way to Ann Strongheart in Nunam Iqua today. If the planets are in alignment, there is a remote possibility that these three boxes could get there by the weekend. Otherwise, perhaps they surely will be there before the end of the month.

    I know that Ann mentioned needing Size 6 diapers, but I had to leave that for someone else for the moment. And it bugged me a LOT.

    Anyone looking for something to send? Like maybe Size 6 diapers???


  360. See Susie – miracles do happen 🙂


  361. Helen,
    So beautifully said. I have read this blog and enjoyed the comments throughout the campaign. Your eloquence is appreciated.

    Now, it is time for all of us to commit to the work ahead of us for the success of all. Charles, I believe that’s the difference between the doctrine of conservatives (all for me and the hell with you, thank you very much) and that of liberals… in working for the betterment of everyone, we all are enriched. In the richest, most powerful country on the earth, having children, veterans, and the elderly go to bed hungry and cold is a failure of us as a nation.

    Many of us have rallied to provide support for those struggling in rural Alaska. Please don’t forget to assist those that are in need in your own neighborhood. The economy is having a large impact on many families across our country.

    As a teacher I learned a long time ago, ignore bad behavior and it will go away. Let the trolls rant and rave…


  362. Today the rust and tarnish fell off our hopes and dreams with every tear, smile, and shear joy given to us by the words of President Obama’s inaugural address. He is filling a void. He is filling the leadership void of the last eight years, but especially the last two. Lock arms, friends, let’s march forward together and restore the United States of America to the country deserving of admiration and inspiration.

    Thank you, Helen, for your courage and convictions. You, too, are an inspired leader.


  363. Good lord! Pat Buchanan was reading from President Obama’s speech transcript this evening, and he was complimentary, he said it was great, and he was getting pretty excited there. Weird! 😉


  364. What Rush et al. don’t understand is that we appreciate President Obama’s ability to reframe the national discussion on important issues such as gun control and abortion, his desire to remake politics from a zero-sum game into a scenario of compromise, and his intelligent speech. They don’t understand that these attributes made many former bigots pull the lever for this particular (half)black man. They hide behind his blackness in order to conceal their small-mindedness, their lack of charity, and their unwillingness to think of the common good.

    I swear, even if President Obama accomplishes nothing during his Presidency, he will already have done enough. He has restored our faith in true American ideals and in ourselves. He has shown us what we can be, if we try. God bless him, and that amazing wife of his also.


  365. Emmonak: Nick Tucker is totally right with his comments! I know the kids, I have been in at least a dozen of the homes in Emo. I am not there now, but I can vouch for the needs – I saw it first hand.

    The Yu’Pik people do not ask for help needlessly. They are proud and just want to get by at a time when the economy blew up around them.

    Emmonak needs and deserves support!


  366. Maven, Sarah WHO?


    Posted by Alaska_Politics, Monday, January 19, 2009 –

    “UPDATE: A group of state officials are headed to Emmonak this morning (Monday) to meet with locals, said Nicholas Tucker, who has been seeking help for the village.

    “Few details so far, but Tucker said someone from the labor department, the division of public assistance, community and regional affairs and possibly one other department were en route from Bethel this morning.

    “‘We’re going to hear what they have to say, what they intend to do and go from there,’ he said.”

    Other communities mentioned in this article also needing help this winter are Kotlik, Marshall and
    Nunam Iqua. More info can be found there at that site.


  368. Hey Elsie,,,, Sarah Palin’s too busy wondering why SHE didn’t get a Jason Wu dress.



  369. I think the comments today demonstrate a shift of the stress and fear of not knowing what our President will do next. Suddenly, Democrats feel energized, hopeful, happy; while the new uncertainty of President Obama has put Republicans in an unfamiliar place, the place we just vacated, full of fear.

    Remember what each side feels like, because we have to work together to find some common ground in between all our insults.

    Interesting times and I’m glad I’m here to participate!



    Some food and related help has reached Emmonak, but things continue to be difficult.

    “When he wasn’t on the phone, Tucker addressed criticism by three prominent elders that people weren’t hungry and that Tucker has embarrassed the village by putting it in the national spotlight.”

    Yet, Mr. Tucker has “a list of about 100 families — or close to half the village — who said they needed food. If that percent of people in Anchorage were hungry, Gov. Sarah Palin would have declared a state of emergency, he said.”

    Great point, huh?

    Every one of the 230 school kids in that village qualify for free breakfasts and lunches, so that has to be a blessing — at least THOSE school-aged children in Emmonak receive food twice daily during the school year.

    The article closes with a bystander admitting that he is living off of coffee right now, doing without breakfast or lunch himself, in order to feed HIS children.


  371. […] Read the whole beautiful thing right here. […]


  372. OK, fellow Texans, time to begin some of the hard work! Contact John Cornyn and tell him to start playing the new game in town. He represents us, and it’s time to make sure he hears us.


  373. Amen, sister.


  374. Moving away from anonymous and colorful’s anger – and onto Hope and Faith. This is from the blog at The Moderate Voice:
    “With an Obama speech, listening is sometimes enough,” said Pulitzer Prize-winner Thomas Powers, “but not this time. The inauguration speech is one we ought to read. It strikes me as clear and determined and grounded in confidence that of course we are still in the middle of the American story, not nearing the end.”
    and from the Times’ Nancy Gibbs:
    ..And then he brought it all together, the challenge and the duty and the promise: “What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility — a recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task.”

    This is not about a hand out – but a hand up. This is not about taking, but about giving. This is not about me vs. anonymous, but finding common ground – we are Americans – and working to build this country and fulfill our promise to future generations of Americans. It is, when all is said and done, about us and how we chose to define ourselves as individuals and as a country.


  375. Colorful and anonymous – do something positive!!

    Our little Facebook group is growing and people are posting messages on our wall.

    View, join and invite your friends:
    Native Alaskans are forced to choose between freezing and starving

    Send your corrections, suggestions, photos and such:



  376. I just took that whole tack on “B. Hussein Obama” because for, some stupid narrow-minded reason, “Hussein” just really upsets the rightwingers. I’m just all over upsetting rightwingers tonight…


  377. What a Beautiful Day………
    and Yes WE can and Yes WE did.

    Let us not forget theend of Rev. Lowery’s Benediction:
    I quote:
    …….Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest,
    and in the joy of a new beginning,
    we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back,
    when brown can stick around — (laughter) — when yellow will be mellow — (laughter) —
    when the red man can get ahead, man — (laughter) —
    and when white will embrace what is right.

    Let all those who do justice and love mercy say amen.

    AUDIENCE: Amen!
    AUDIENCE: Amen!
    AUDIENCE: Amen!

    We all have still a lot of work today but nevertheless
    it is/was a Beautiful Day..

    Helen Thank you for your wonderful words and I hope Harold will be better soon.


  378. Hey, Ted, I keep voting AGAINST the son of a bitch, but Cornyn keeps getting elected. My neighbors are idiots, what can I say….

    I also voted against the shrub.

    Good news, though: I voted for B. Hussein Obama, and thank goodness, he won!!!

    Yes, (blushing), I’m AN OBAMA MAMA! Oh, yeah, Baby!


  379. well said Helen


  380. that was supposed to be “2008” (I don’t know why the smiley face showed up)


  381. Colorful: I liked what Rick Warren said too! I WISH HE WOULD ACT UPON THE WORDS HE SAID THOUGH! His actions in the last election cycle were totally contrary to the words he spoke today!

    Anonymous: I think you would do well to crawl back into your hole where you stash all of your cash and leave this place of peace and helpful people.

    YOU HAVE LITTLE UNDERSTANDING ABOUT UPSETTING GRANDMA DURING A TIME OF CELEBRATION! Do yourself a favor and quietly count your money and email Rush and Hannity.
    They have some fine investments for you to consider. As to, economic pricipals: You advised Bush and Cheney? They used the same terms and many believed them until the bottom fell out!

    Helen and Margaret: Thanks for your perspective!

    Yes, we can! (Even with a little troll yipping at our heals.)


  382. anonymous:

    I feel I must advise you to seek another accounting consultant if you are paying 60 per cent in taxes.

    The limit (as of 2008) is only 35%. Here is my source:

    Click to access II849.pdf

    You assume people who post to this blog lack intelligence? On the contrary, we’ll challenge every one of your *statements* with fact.

    In the words of Glinda, Good-Witch-of-the-North: Be gone!

    For fellow wedgies: I apologize for wasting space with a troll… Despite this dialog, I must say, my face will not un-smile while I watch the Inaugural festivities.


  383. Oh dear, Colorful and Anonymous (not troutay) are certainly in fine fettle tonight – Colorful, I suggest you read Psalm 121 and then head over to the NT and read the Sermon on the Mount. You’d be amazed at the love and hope and sense of community that flows from the Sermon. And learn that Faith is what leads us through fear – is your god’s power that much less than your fear of Satan?
    Okay – off to walk the doggies who are now sporting some fine fine Obama jackets a friend made for them. So let your light shine – because Hope has been brought back into this land – and we shall rise up and light up the sky with our United States of America!


  384. The first “Aonymous” post set me th inking on how to respond. Rhen I kept reading and you all put it into mu8ch better words than I could begin to think. BEtter educated than 95% of the posters on this blog? I’d match any of them againsy her. (She did say she was a she?)

    Thanks to Helen and Margaret for providing this space for us. I suppose we need a troll like Anonymous to remind us why we come here.

    I am so proud of all of you and seeing what y ou are doing for the follks in the Yukon. You are already fulllffilling President Obama’s pleas.

    Bless you all. It has been a wonderful day.


  385. Oh Jeez-
    This being hours behind the rest of the country means I’m always late to the party.
    Sounds like someone spiked the pie again…
    And a newbie or an anon-by has had too much already
    We really need to start a fund for cabfare. Some folks truly cannot handle their pie. We need to be responsible about this problem.

    I was born an American. It was a process , growing up, to come to an understanding that the ability to have a revolution without bloodshed was part of what we have and hold dear.

    We all of us had part in the failure of the last 8 years- we failed to yell loud and clearly enough to be heard by those who clapped their hands over their ears, wrapped themselves in our flag, and hid under their beds and chanted ‘I hate liberals” to drown out their fear. Til November.

    I do not forgive Mr Bush or Mr Cheney or Mr Rove- we , all everyday people, are objects to them. Nor slimy infotainment preachers of hate like Limbaugh and Coulter- we, all everyday people, are objects to them.

    To all who want to stay hiding – go ahead. We’ll slide some jobs and healthcare , after we cook em up, in to you..

    For all of us who are ready to do what Americans have always done well – We’re gonna go run bucket brigades and sandbag lines to stop the fires and floods . We’re gonna do barn raisings and seed plantings to fix up the place.
    We are everyday plain old people who want lives full of the riches of family and friends and community.

    ( Idon’t know what the urban folks do that is similar- someone else needs say…?)

    It’s time to get to work.
    Let’s roll


  386. What a wonderful day.

    I haven’t felt this elated since…

    …….ELECTION DAY!!!

    PEACE ~ Δ


  387. Yes you did. Yes you did America.

    Helen, I hope you mean it when you say you will never turn that big mouth hater named Rush again. If you listen to these people, you are signing their paycheques.

    You have raised the standard in presidents. Do the same with your media! Don’t pay these people!

    For the record – us Canadians are engaged with this event today. We have watched and celebrated with you today. Your joy and the sense of renewal is palpable, and we are joyous too – north of the 49th parallel, and everywhere else. You did it. Yes you did.

    Oh yeah – and to the tired old argument, “he’s not a messiah” – no he isn’t. He is inspiring, more inspiring than anyone who has come along in a long time. He has inspired your people, and the world. He inspires all of us to seek and to be to more. Nobody thinks Mr. Obama is going to solve all of your problems. But he is giving you the strength and resolve to face them. Together.

    Congratulations America. Enjoy.


  388. Your post today is inspiring. Usually I laugh at your wit, today I am very impressed with your prose. You inspire me. I read this and believe you could be a great speech writer.


  389. The only thing good about today was Rick Warren who made sure Jesus had a place of honor at the table. The rest of the day was a hedonistic celebration fit for Satan.


  390. dang! the capital Anonymous is ME

    I did not sent the icky stuff! really!


  391. Sorry Helen but I need to bash your State for a second. Add Senator John Cornyn to a growing list of Texans who need to retire from public service. Thanks to him, Hilary nomination process has been held up. What is wrong with you Texans that you keep electing these dumb asses to office? If not for you, Helen, the State of Texas would be a complete loss.

    Oh… and your wish from the last post did not come true. CNN is doing a full story on Michelle’s ball gown.


  392. Thanks all for your support.
    I just do not like it when people who are angry and bitter come here and spout nonsense.

    Its not healthy Anonymous! Take up jogging or go to the Gym. Work off that anger!
    I will tell you that if you come here to attack, you will get more than you bargained for.

    And in your marvelous life, please remember those who do not have such great lives.

    And to the “Crew”

    You guys are way too funny and way too smart and I am very glad we are on the same side.


  393. “I am so sorry that you feel so much bitterness and hatred towards your fellow citizens, your fellow Americans. What a bleak inner landscape you must inhabit to spill such toxins towards those you don’t know. How very frightened you must be that this great nation is comprised of individuals not like you.”

    But honestly, is this not how conservatives have been vilified in the comment section on this blog?
    Would you go so far as to say that those who have continuously spilled their “inner toxins” towards this administration and its supporters also have a bleak inner landscape? It cannot go both ways.


  394. Hi Gang,

    What a wonderful, wonderful day! I enjoyed every minute of it from the swearing in to the pagentry of it all. I feel Obama has and will continue to unite the country in a spirit of cooperation to make a better life for everyone.





  395. I am so happy to finally have a President I can respect again after 8 LONG years!


  396. By the way…..(linking to Alaskan’s post re misunderestimation of Shrub):

    It was mentioned on local news today that ex-Presidents garner substantial fees for speaking engagements after they leave office.

    Anyone besides me wonder what Bush’s chances are in achieving financial wealth from his *words*?


  397. Anonymous,

    Please post your resume of educational background and how well read you are. Specific books. Give us your ‘factual information’. How many languages do you speak and read? To how many countries have you traveled and spent time in? What do you consider to be the basic duties of any government?

    I have and do take care of myself, my husband, my children and their education very well, thank you. Our children live their lives and take excellent care of our grandchildren without our sage advice. Some would say our family has an affluent lifestyle.

    However, my concerns for the well being of other citizens of this country and the world, to be of some responsibility for me as far as I am able.

    I’ll put up MY resume when you do and I’ll sign my name to it.




  398. “In reaffirming the greatness of our nation, we understand that greatness is never a given. It must be earned. Our journey has never been one of short-cuts or settling for less. It has not been the path for the faint-hearted – for those who prefer leisure over work, or seek only the pleasures of riches and fame. Rather, it has been the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things – some celebrated but more often men and women obscure in their labor, who have carried us up the long, rugged path towards prosperity and freedom. ”

    From the inauguration speech, just another example of liberal’s wanting a “hand out”…

    “This is the journey we continue today. We remain the most prosperous, powerful nation on Earth. Our workers are no less productive than when this crisis began. Our minds are no less inventive, our goods and services no less needed than they were last week or last month or last year. Our capacity remains undiminished. But our time of standing pat, of protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions – that time has surely passed. Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.

    For everywhere we look, there is work to be done. The state of the economy calls for action, bold and swift, and we will act – not only to create new jobs, but to lay a new foundation for growth.”

    I don’t get it…if you actually read his speech, it has to do with putting aside differences and working for a greater good, moving beyond the “me, me, me” and working for the strength of this country, so you are telling me a strong nation, a proud country, a country of growth and of progress are not aspects of a conservative agenda? Again, I believe then, sucks to be you!


  399. We are over his “trying to be funny” for the last 8 years…


  400. Margaret & Helen, thank you for a wonderful post on this most momentous day. Tonight the celebrations are in full swing, but the work has already started – and the community on this blog is proof of that as we seek to reach out and help each other and build this country and leave a living legacy of Faith and Hope to the future generations.
    Part of me would love to comment on anonymous, but I realize that the moniker alone is comment enough. There will always be anonymous naysayers and bottomfeeders – and nothing we say or do will satisfy or fill that emptiness in their soul.
    To anonymous – I am so sorry that you feel so much bitterness and hatred towards your fellow citizens, your fellow Americans. What a bleak inner landscape you must inhabit to spill such toxins towards those you don’t know. How very frightened you must be that this great nation is comprised of individuals not like you.

    To the rest – go, enjoy, celebrate this day! See you all at the local community organizers meeting in the morning!


  401. Honestly, Alaskan? I think Bush was cracking a joke about his previous use of the “word” “misunderestimated.” I’m usually very hard on the fact that he can barely speak English, but I got the feeling that he was trying to be funny.


  402. Apparently, in your foaming mouth response, you missed where I said we do need the government for basic necessities.

    And do you not want to talk about the partial responsiblity of the left for the current financial crisis?

    And Maven, trust me, I pay more than my fair share of taxes. Perhaps you don’t think almost 60% is enough when it is all said and done, but I sure do. The most basic study of economics will show you that Obama’s campaign policies are doomed to fail, have never in history created jobs or revenue, but apparently, that is beside the point.

    Sorry to have crashed your party. Those of you that campaigned worked very hard, and you do deserve to have your party this evening. Enjoy.


  403. Anonymous,

    No hate from me, but just a sincere request. If you are tired of the BUSH bashing, please list in detail the things that he has done in his administration that he should be commended for. It may be that we have forgotten or over looked something. However, there are a lot of us here who seem to feel that same way. So is it us that are pathetic or are we clued in to something that 83% of America is also?

    Bush stated last weekend, that we all just misunderestimated him. In oxymoron speak does that mean that we overestimated him? I didn’t give him that much credit and he still disappointed me.


  404. “I’m willing to bet than an idiot like me is more well educated and more well read that 95% of the posters on this thread.”

    Freudian slip or just can’t f–king type?

    “However, thank you for your insincere concern.”

    Troutay was just being nice, me I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about you…for everyone else that heard the ground has shifted and that there is a lot of hard work ahead and actually appreciated having someone representing our country who is capable of speaking in complete sentences…I cannot tell you how great it feels to have hope, pride, respect and even faith in this country again!!!

    I am not expecting “miracles” but I am expecting progress, not just materialistic, financial progress to bubble and s–t on people but progress where we are citizens, not consumers or statistics…where the populace, both as a whole and as individuals matter.

    I heard a historian speak and say that he can barely remember FDR’s innaugural speech but for everything he had seen, this had no comparison! There are a lot of people sick of being desperate, of feeling a disconnect to their government, of feeling marginalized and that goes from those in the “middle class” to any “minority” you want to name and for the first time, millions once again feel united, feel as if they have a direction and feel as if their country gives a damn.

    As for those who miss the ‘status quo’…you are in the company of those losing power and that’s about it…sucks to be you!


  405. Anonymous:

    We’re the ones hurling childish insults? You entered this thread with these comments:

    “you are both so pathetic.”

    “How disgusting and childish.”

    Eh, there were others but I’m tired of looking for them. The point is, you’re simply picking a fight, and now I’m taking your bait. At least pick a fight that makes some sort of sense. Having a grasp of economics simply because you’re conservative? Have you noticed what happened the last 8 years or did you have your head stuck too far up your own ass? I see the economy under the Republicans’ rule is downright peachy.

    And you don’t need the government to get involved with your life, huh? Then quit using my roads. And quit using my tap water. And quit trying to tell me what I should do with my uterus. And quit telling scientists they can’t study cells in a petrie dish because it’s LIFE. I could go on, but I’ve clearly won this argument. Of course you won’t notice that.

    And let me be really sincere here: just shut the hell up. We’re tired of your shit, all of us. I’m so happy we got those sorry asses out of the White House, FINALLY. Good fucking riddance to you morons.


  406. Amen!


  407. well put Helen. as an aside, your blog brought a big smile to my face.


  408. Wonderful blog, Helen and Margaret! It was a great, great day!! Finally, a decent, honest, smart, caring man is at the helm again.

    Bush left quite a quagmire to clean up. It will take a long time to turn things around. But now that hate, fear, thumping on the Bible and winks and “gosh you betcha’s” no longer win elections, we can get ourselves out of this mess.


  409. Just another poor loser…. go enjoy your PERFECT life anonymous and let us incapable people enjoy the day.


  410. Please, Folks….don’t feed the trolls.
    Time for celebration…..pass the pie!!!!! 🙂


  411. Troutay,

    “From Wikipedia: An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.”

    I’ll make no assumptions about Anonymous’ intellect, national pride, etc, but I will say that his/her comments fit the classic description of “internet troll” quite well.


    Lovely post. I think all Americans are hopeful and proud today.


  412. Well said. We ARE taking our country back.


  413. anonymous:

    Save your *bet* on the level of your intelligence. I don’t think you’ll win that one.

    And personally? I hope your self-proclaimed *great life* will soon, finally, include a fair check to the IRS.

    Go somewhere else and type your drivel. Hey, I think there’s a Coulter-fan blog out there someplace. They’ll love you.



    Anonymous just has to come over here and spit at us. Repeatedly.Maybe all the talking heads on Fixed/Faux “News” are too busy bashing Obama to give her any attention tonight.

    Get over yourself, Hon. Apparently your life isn’t “just great as it is”, or you wouldn’t be so angry, vile and bitter.

    Yes, Jane, the cancers are still out there…


  415. anonymous–

    I feel you are snarling as you write and your pulse probably starts pumping hard because you believe in your view and are angry that we don’t.

    You can’t change the minds of people on this blog who have worked hard for change and have launched a grassroots effort to make a positive difference.

    Go find a blog where you can feel as happy as we feel tonight. You’re the guest at the party that begs to be ignored Retrieve your coat and go home.

    If you leave now, we won’t talk about you behind your back.


  416. Thanks for the beautiful post, Helen.


  417. To all of the negatories who have sent comments…why do you even read this blog…keep listening to people like Rush and his kind…they are more up your alley. Helen and Margaret care about the state of this country and they have the guts to stick up for what they (and millions of others out here) think is good. Interesting that you care enough to tune in.


  418. Helen,

    It’s like we’re in remission but the cancer might come back.

    We must do positive things to prevent it but must not let our guard down — we don’t want a recurrence!!

    In the mean time we enjoy this new umbrella of hope.

    So glad you brought this like-minded group of souls together!!


  419. Troutay,
    Idiots like me understand the utter failure of liberal policy. We have a grasp of economics.
    I’m willing to bet than an idiot like me is more well educated and more well read that 95% of the posters on this thread.
    But keep hurling insults. I understand the liberal M.O. is to insult when there is an absolute absence of factual information.
    And I really don’t need you or President Obama to improve my life. It is great as it is. That is the difference between conservatives and liberals. I do not need the government to get involved in my life, beyond the very basic duties of government. I can take care of myself, raise my own children, and be responsible for their education and well being, and it doesn’t matter who is President at the time. However, thank you for your insincere concern.


  420. In a day where I have shed many tears of utterly overwhelming emotion… your post has brought on the latest onslaught. Beautifully said.


  421. M & H:

    Once again your words are beautiful. And I fall in love with your blog all over again.

    Thank you!


  422. Anonymous:

    Thank you for your intelligent and thoughtful posts.
    We that voted for Obama want the world to be a better place. We know we all need to get to work, and not whine when things get bad. We know we have to strive to make things better. Even for you.
    Thats what is great about this country. That even idiots like you have a right to their opinion.
    Yes, I want the world to be better for you too.


  423. By the way, will you only feel proud of the American flag and your country when the Democrats control the presidency and congress? That is a rather limited view coming from the party of tolerance and unity, don’t you think?

    This conservative woman is very proud to be an American today, and will continue to be throughout the next four years.


  424. BRAVO!!! A new era has begun now let’s all get to work helping President Obama clean this mess up!


  425. “For the first time in 8 years, I can look at the American flag and feel proud instead of sick. ”

    How disgusting and childish.


  426. I’ve cried alot today. I cried when Obama was sworn in, I cried when Yo Yo Ma played, I cried when Obama spoke, I really cried when Rev Lowery spoke. And I cheered when that helicopter carried Bush away from power.
    You’ve made me cry again, Helen. Thank you, America for taking back your country and giving hope to the world.
    I’m proud of you.


  427. Beautifully put, Helen. For the first time in 8 years, I can look at the American flag and feel proud instead of sick. That, along with President Obama’s speech, brought tears to my eyes.

    Yes, we can!


  428. LOL! You just can’t stop the Bush bashing, can you? Even on this historic day, you feel the need to keep whining!

    I hope the new Messiah makes all of your dreams come true, kids.


  429. I was sitting in a hospital waiting room during the oath….I got chills and apparently others did too because there was spontaneous applause when he finished. (Except for one grumpy shit that looked just like cheney–creepy really).

    I am so proud of MY President.


  430. Thank you for saying so well what I would say if I were as talented as you are!
    What a wonderful day!


  431. I tried looking up a comparison statistic for Shrub’s inauguration attendance against the estimated 1.4 million who braved the cold for Obama’s. Instead, I found this (which I felt was worth posting to this blog):

    BusinessWeek, January 22, 2001 (excerpt from article on Bush Inauguration):
    “While most of Republicans in attendance refrained from bashing the party’s right wing, Washington (D.C.) council member David Catania, a gay Republican, blasted the 2000 Republican platform. “At this point, the Republican Party’s treatment of gays and lesbians is at best unacceptable and at worst distasteful,” he said. But most gay Republicans predicted that President Bush would unite the party and convince the right wing to tone down its gay-bashing rhetoric.
    (emphasis added)

    Add that to the list of things the Bush administration didn’t do….

    On a humorous note:
    Local talk radio during drive home this evening described Cheney today as looking “full Mr. Potter”. (For those who can’t recall, Potter was the evil character in “It’s a Wonderful Life”.)



  432. I never get the argument that people only voted for Obama because he is African American. Bush could have been a gay Black female and I still would not have voted for him (well, her in that case).


  433. Today was a beautiful day. Rush is also still an idiot.


  434. Big Hugs to Margaret and Helen!! 🙂


  435. Yes, a beautiful day. I am still smiling through tears of pure joy!

    Yes, We DID!
    Yes We WILL!


  436. Thank you for expressing what so many of us have felt, said to each other, worked hard for. I know it will not be easy; it will take lots of work and sacrifice (not shopping) to undo eight years of destruction.

    Time to roll up our sleeves, and say”yes, we can”.

    To: anonymous on January 20, 2009
    at 5:33 PM

    If you are unwilling to be part of the solution of our nation’s serious problems…take my grandmother’s advice: “If you can’t be pleasant- go to your room”.


  437. Beautifully stated, Margaret. As usual, you spoke the heart of the matter. Thank you for your words


  438. It’s a beautiful day in America!


  439. I cried when I watched the inauguration. And I’ve cried every time I’ve seen a replay on TV. And I cried reading this. Beautifully said!


  440. I’m so glad to see that f-er go. He f-ed everything up and just left. Coward. I was so hating him as he got on that helicopter. I knew he was letting out a HUGE sigh of relief knowing that he doesn’t have to clean up one shred of the mess he has made. I really hate to hate…but


  441. well said, helen!


  442. Than-you Helen for expressing what many of us also feel!


  443. Helen, I just had to stop and read your blog today as I watched with tears in my eyes President OBAMA take his oath of office. I cannot believe I have seen this in my lifetime. I am SO proud of this country and the people who voted and said NO MORE to hate and fear, and said YES PLEASE to hope and faith! We now have a chance to change what has been wrong for a LONG LONG time. The numbers were too great this time, we didn’t stay home and count on our neighbors to do it for us. We all knew we had to get out and vote, because THIS time it was too damn important not to! We saw what happened the last time we thought we had it in the bag, and it was snatched from us! We learned, and we knew this time the numbers had to be too great for “the fix to be in”. And we did it!! YES WE DID!!!!
    God Bless the President and people of the United States and America.. and God Bless America!!
    YES WE CAN!!


  444. you are both so pathetic.


  445. Fist Bumps to Margaret & Helen!!!!!!


  446. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!

    Everything you said and especially it’s not about him being Black. It’s about him being GREAT!!! and it’s about how we can now believe and support and feel that we all matter to our new leader.

    Fox (FAUX) news was picking apart his Inaugural speech in which he spoke about making our schools better and they criticized him because of how he portrayed us as being in the dark ages in science. Duh. These people probably loved EX-president Bush’s farewell speech and recent interviews. Thanks okay, they can spew themselves into a dark corner and share spit with the likes of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. (yuck, what a horrible picture)

    A New Day!!! A Good Day!!! High five and fist bumps everyone!


  447. What a wonderful day! Yes we did!


  448. Celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  449. What a happy day!


  450. […] Yes. We did. « Margaret and Helen Today as millions stood on the Mall and millions more sat in front of televisions and computer screens, we watched as Hope and Faith placed its hand on the bible and said: “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” […]


  451. Margaret and Helen are the best!!!!!!


  452. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to say President Obama? I’ve never cried while watching a Presidential inauguration before. I did today. You express it so well, Helen. What a special day.


  453. I watched with my 7th grade students today and cried the whole time. I didn’t know I’d be so emotional about it all. What a day. The hope is so big, it’s almost too much. What a wonderful feeling.


  454. Helen –

    Great post! Great day for so many people.

    I have been and continue to be touched, entertained and amazed at your wit, humor and intelligence……

    I check the site every few days to keep up – please keep up the writing…….


  455. YES WE DID !!!


  456. I have always been a proud American. Today…was like giving birth. Something new and beautiful, to watch grow and flourish. I am so proud right now I could burst.
    Was nice to see President Obama pause when the oath was miss-spoken. Showed respect and intelligence, pausing for Chief Justice John Roberts to catch the mistake. Also showed the human in him. I loved it.
    Thoughts and Prayers go out to Senator Kennedy and Senator Byrd.
    Helen, you are and inspiration and you have such a great way with your words. Thank you and God Bless the USA and Peace, Love and Joy to all Mankind!


  457. President Obama is a responsible adult and requests that all of us meet on THAT equal playing field. He tells us that it will be rough, that we will be required to give up and work harder.

    Bush never asked us to do a thing except go shopping while he took away our civil rights.


  458. Yes, we did! And you and Margaret were a huge part of it for me. Wasn’t it a great day!? We did it, and every one of those millions watching it happen did it too. And he told it like it is, no sugar coating. He’s going to be OK.

    Sadly, Mr. Bush still doesn’t get it. He still thinks he did just fine. Probably always will think so. But that doesn’t matter any more. He and his cohorts are gone! And the man who has taken his place isn’t going to be pushed around too easily. His eyes are on the prize. And somewhere up there, Martin is smiling.


  459. Today is lovely in so many ways.

    Thanks, Helen. Love you.


  460. Hope is all so many of us were hanging on to, just about to let go and give up, until Mr. Obama came and gave us a voice again. Who cares what color he or any of his family are/were? He could’ve been striped for all I care…



  461. Thank you, Helen, for so clearly stating that we are no longer willing to be bullied by those who try to justify all that has happened by being loud, dishonest, misleading, unethical . . . it is time for a return to the real values upon which this country was founded. While the pundits and leaders were running around being loud, dishonest, misleading, and unethical, we lost our very core – the only thing that can be lost not because someone took it away but because it was forgotten or left behind – and that is our integrity as a nation. And, yes, this means we all have A LOT of work to do to clean up this mess. I’m in –


  462. you expressed everything really well – exactly what a lot of us have been and are feeling. Let’s all hope that the next 4 years go well and turn into a great 8 years!


  463. There is a lightness to everything on this fine day, the universe is humming at a higher vibration, we are experiencing a new age of higher thinking. It is not just Obama, the man, it is every ideal he engenders that makes us hope and feel like something is now different. I feel sorry for people who refuse to (or have the opposite karma to) understand this and join the celebration.

    Helen, your words actually made me a bit weepy. It is such an emotional day. One of the likes I never thought we’d see again.

    Good call to turn Rush off forever.


  464. Beautiful…that expresses so clearly what President Obama (wow, it feels good to say that) represents to us.


  465. Yes, we can!

    Yes, we did!

    Yes, we will!

    The heavy lifting has yet to start, but at least now we have someone in The People’s House that understands that and has a chance at getting the people involved and behind him.


  466. Helen , We will never go quitely again. We have taken back our great country. And the next guy that tries to take it away will have to pry it out of our hands.
    This is the greatest day in our history! God bless the USA.


  467. Beautiful, Helen, Just beautiful! As pleased as I am today, as happy as I was watching Shrub getting into his helicopter, I try to keep in mind that many didn’t have any idea they’d live to see today. How much happier they must be than I! It’s good to be American again; it’s better to see so many who feel like they are American for the first time.

    And thanks for all you do… I really mean it.


  468. way to go! oh, happy day!



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