Posted by: Helen Philpot | January 18, 2009

Glass Houses

Margaret, I think I might need to take your advice and watch less television.  I’m not sure my blood pressure medicine is strong enough to take one more talking head on the news suggesting that history will somehow place George W. Bush in the same league with Abraham Lincoln.  Historians by their very nature have long memories not short ones.  Bush is an idiot now and will still be an idiot 100 years from now.   Thank God this eight year fraternity party is finally coming to an end.

But it’s not so much George W. who has me flabbergasted.  You would have thought his departure would have instantly increased the IQ level inside the Beltway.  But while the entire nation is singing  “ding dong the witch is gone”  members of Congress  seem to forget that they’re the only ones who have a lower approval rating than the jack ass himself.  Talk about glass houses.  Congress gave Bush a blank check.  They allowed the continuation of an illegal war.  And they looked the other way while the White House took away our basic civil rights.   This all happened while the fox watched that little hen house we call the Capitol and now Congressional politicians are coming out of their holes to  pontificate on Obama’s every move before he has even been sworn in – much less starts a war.   It’s sort of like Rhoda telling Mary that she looks fat in that dress.

On Tuesday the whole world will be watching with hope as well as anxiety.  The last time that happened our elected leader told us all to go shopping while he and his band of merry morons planned for war.  Well, the world is watching again and this time I am pretty sure our elected leader has something a bit more profound to say.  So maybe, just maybe, Congress needs to sit down, shut up and start trying to work together with the President and finally lead our nation into the 21st century as the beacon of hope it could and should be in the world. 

And for goodness sakes maybe the media could find something more profound to report on than Michelle Obama’s inauguration outfits.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.   Celebrate on Tuesday because on Wednesday we have a lot of work to do.  I mean it.


  1. Alasannya, karena selain paling banyak di tonton juga yang paling banyak
    di obtain oleh pengguna Youtube di Indonesia dan orang barat.


  2. I just don’t understand how ANYONE could have approved of the shrub. He’s left the equivalent of a flaming bag of dog shit on the white house steps & now we’re all waiting for President Obama (I LOVE typing that) to try to stomp it out without getting any on him.

    The shrub should be yanked and shredded.

    That said… I love you Margaret & Helen. =)


  3. L’Chaim, Helen! And, MAZEL TOV to the U.S.A.!!!
    Si, se pueda!


  4. Sorry, Ira. You probably have me beat, I guess.

    I’m a pediatrician and do pro bono work in the inner city, and spend the summers abroad running clinics in the third world. But I’m, you know, just a greedy conservative.


  5. (((Hugs))) Like you need another comment. But once again you said it and said it so well – defined that scary pit in my stomach for the last eight years. Watching the faces in the crowd yesterday I kept thinking he failed. GW Bush and all you named above failed.

    The one thing they are really good at is the politics of division and I truly thought when this campaign began that we were so split to pieces we would never come together again. And the one thing which seemed so evident about yesterday is we did. We did come together. We were once again Americans of all races, ages, classes and religions.

    What I had dreamed about and fought so hard for during my college days in the 60’s, and what I figured the fundamentalist religious right and the Republicans had ruined forever was so evident in the crowd. All with tears in their eyes like mine.

    Oppressors and the oppressed free at last. GW almost ruined this country for good, but now as you describe in your blog I once again have hope.


  6. Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I have got to quit reading your blog at work! The spewing of coffee out of my mouth every day and the laughing until I choke is not winning me any brownie points!!! Love this blog!


  7. Margaret and Helen…may you live forever!!!!!!


  8. To Juneau Joe (if you’re here):

    Thanks for the suggestion of Span Alaska (I think it was you; if not, thanks to whomever). I got on Span Alaska Sales today, and it was very easy to shop and send food stuffs to Nunam Iqua.

    Just continuing my National Day of Service, on Inauguration Day:-)


  9. Cindi ∆, this was so spot on, I had to laugh:
    And Blondesense has a cartoon saying that today is like a first date with a really great guy after 8 years of a dysfunctional relationship with a loser who spent all your money.

    So true, so true. As I watched EX-president Bush, his wife, and daughter get on the plane to go back to Texas, I waved and yelled goodbye (not the one-fingered salute) with great enthusiasm.

    But I do have to thank EX-president Bush. Part of the reason that the NEW President Obama got elected was because GW Bush was so junk.

    And, until FOX news starts to actually get on the page and start changing their tune about how good Bush & Co. was for us, and stop being pessimistic skeptics about President Obama, I have a suggestion.

    When and if you watch FOX, turn off the volume, and check out their advertisers. Then, make a note of them, and DON’T buy their products or services.

    With an exception: Starbucks probably advertises on FOX, but I just saw their ad on CNN, and checked it out on their website ( – if you pledge 5 hours to volunteer for America, you get a free cup of coffee from January 21 – 25. I think that is a great promotion – and most of us here on M&H’s blogsite qualify already. Starbucks also gave away free coffee on November 4th to anyone who voted during the general election.

    I need to go fill my flat rate priority USPS boxes today and mail out my packages to Alaska. I thank M&H and all their friends for being there and being my online soul friends!

    Honolulu Sally


  10. Elsie-
    USPS Priority boxes do go through the mail faster, but I don’t know about to Alaska- I’ll have to ask. I am sending Flat Rate boxes; you can cram a lot of heavy stuff in a box (2 different configurations, same size) and only pay one rate.

    Congratulations to all of us and our country- we have a new President, and a new direction!


  11. Yahoo! WE have a new President! Still teary but so happy!


  12. graypup FYI
    I’ve got 30


  13. I love the attitude of Ralph!

    If the Chief of staff (A sour-dough by definition) has time and enough humor for THAT, than I think we really can have hope for your country!

    Congraz from CANADA



  14. the pal’ing sarah is confused. it is the end of days….. for the greedy, selfish and heartless folks on mother earth; joe whitehorse is coming to take them away to live in a bubble on mars where they can’t harm creation anymore.

    ~that’s the word in our neck of the dwindling wood(land)s

    btw ~ the names for the outgoing ‘house of the white chiefs’ in this lodge is
    ‘big turd and the little poop stain’

    can y’all figure which is which ? hint: the turd’s so heavy, they had to wheel him in.


  15. We have a new President!!!!!


  16. What a fabulous day!!! And long overdue.

    Just watched Sara Palin on the Glenn Beck show on one of the blogs. Could not make it through the whole taping.

    all i can think pf is here we go again.
    She is positioning herself for ’12 with ‘NOTHING BETWEEN THE EARS!!!

    In 4 more years we will be looking at a female Bush unless we not let it happen, ever again.

    We should never let this nightmare happen ever again!!!!!!
    Now I’m watching the Inauguration and I feel so much better.


  17. I wonder if the White House looked like a frat house, on a Sunday morning, after the Bush family moved out. I can see Obama now, waking Cheney from his drunken sleep on the couch, and telling him the party is over and to get moving.


  18. It appears to me, that the only way the Yukon Delta situation is going to get national media attention is to approach the subject from a different ANGLE. High fuel prices, credit crunch, loss of income, is not news anymore. Most of the nation has felt the impact of this since last summer.

    However, for a governor of a state to withhold aid because the numbers didn’t meet state requirements.

    Quote: But Notti said the Commerce Department looked into declaring an economic disaster in the area and found that the numbers didn’t meet state requirements.

    smacks of “BUSHISM” plus she wants to know what happened to their energy rebate checks. That’s like asking Katrina survivors what they did with Brownie’s debit cards before they could get more aid! THIS IS THE ANGLE THAT HAS TO BE PUSHED.

    Palin quote: We want to make sure, of course, that no individual is hungry out there. And that nobody is cold out there,” she said. “And we want to know if the community itself — if anything fell between the cracks, between (the power-cost equalization subsidy program), energy rebate checks that were sent to each individual.”

    Apparently the only reason the state is now looking into the situation is due to Nicholas Tucker.

    Quote: A letter from an Emmonak man published earlier this week describing families fighting hunger because of high heating costs, an unusual cold snap and a bad year of fishing prompted the MEETING. The letter writer, Nicholas Tucker,
    has been fielding offers for food donations all week after his letter rippled across the Internet.

    However when you have statements from officials such as Notti, you will not attract media attention especially when the lower 48 now know that Alaskans don’t pay income tax and get energy rebate checks.

    Quote: “Everything comes back to the high cost of fuel,” Notti said. “So it’s not so much a lack of income — it’s always been low, but they’ve been able to get along until fuel went out of sight.”

    Now if we could only get Helen to write another blog that pushes the PALIN ANGLE you might get some media attention. It’s got to be all about Palin!

    All quotes above are from:


  19. Please tell your friends, children and grandchildren to join our Facebook group, Native Alaskans are forced to choose between freezing and starving.
    (Currently 10 members)

    I’ll post the link occasionally with member updates so people who don’t read every comment might spot it.

    Facebook is interesting. I put up my page just to see what my kids were talking about. I was surprised how many people I never would dream of being on Facebook have pages. You casually “friend” people from your past who find you or you find through searches.

    Last night I sent invitations to my friends inviting them to join. I only have 24 friends but my daughter’s friends will see she’s joined and check it out. I had forgotten I “friended” someone I worked with a long time ago until he joined the group.

    His father is a retired VP of a major American air carrier. I sent him a message asking if his father might know someone who could help — pointing out it would be a PR dream. I never would have thought of him without that little reminder.

    Ann –

    I looked at your pictures but didn’t see any that illustrate the conditions you describe. If you have any that do, please send them to me and I’ll put them on the page. I know you have dial-up at home but, if you have time and a fast connection, you might think about setting up a group of your own.


    Take a look at the page and send corrections, suggestions, etc. You can also start discussions there.

    JuneauJoe do you have photos?



  20. Someone in an earlier post, posed the question of why the people with the most children seem to be the ones who don’t care about the environment. I don’t know if that is true of everyone, but I do know why it is true for Sarah Palin. In earlier interviews, before the whole VP thing, Sarah Palin fully believes that the end of days is going to happen in her lifetime. If you believe that the final reckoning is coming, then why do you have to worry about what you leave behind for your children.

    It would be nice if people who believe like that could include a “just in case” factor and take care of the world like many others are trying to do. I don’t believe the world is ending in my lifetime, so it would be nice if she were to leave something for my kids. I grew up in Alaska and want to be able to take my boys there to show them my heart. I would like it to still be there and be as beautiful when I do.


  21. To quote the character Grace Adler on Will and Grace:

    “O-bama! You’re Ba-rackin’ my world!!!!”

    Whooooooo- hooooooo!

    Hope is alive and kickin’ in this Texas girl’s heart!


  22. Morning everyone!

    I had a very full day yesterday. Spent my day of service at our food bank and packing some packages for our friends in Alaska. I was so exhausted by the time I got home I could barely talk.

    Today I am going to enjoy the day. Get my fill of the festivities on TV and just glory in the fact that we are seeing history and a change for our country.

    Tomorrow back to work in shining a light on the situation in the Alaska bush.

    I will definately check out SPAN that JuneauJoe and Elsie have been posting! Going to spend some money there. Later this week. First time in a long time I will actually enjoy shopping!

    I was still tired this morning and then I came here and caught up on the posts and you all are like water for my soul! Thank you! You have helped recharge my battery as I was starting to get that overwhelmed feeling of, is my little bit going to make a difference. The people here pulled me back in and reminded me that every little bit makes the mountain move!

    Today is a day for celebration and as usual make memories everyone!


  23. Yukon Delta villages update:

    “Food arriving in Emmonak; other villages echo call for help”

    Posted by Alaska_Politics January 19, 2009 – 7:23 pm


  24. Elsie-

    Priority really does go as a priority though not as fast as in your neck-o-the-woods.
    Parcel Post can get set aside over and over.

    Large shipments go as by-pass mail- which is a way of using mail for drop ship. I think SPAN uses by-pass AND sub contracting flight service companies- depending on where they are sending stuff.
    If Greytdog et al are successful with Costco, stuff will go as a drop ship.

    Well- dang.
    If you won’t come be our gov we’ll just have to have you pencil Southeast Alaska in on your itinerary when you visit. I’ll show you the gov’s mansion and we can take a wildflower walk out the road. We have one road- hence THE Road…and you can’t get here from there. Ferry to get in is fun though!

    Gotta go to work- ghastly gov commenting on English language almost tipped me over. Want to keep a clean clear attitude today…


  25. Hey, did I read something somewhere that says that priority mail REALLY does get there to the villages faster? Or does it come in together on the same plane with the parcel post boxes?

    My husband and I were discussing this last night.

    My point was that I THINK if I send something priority, even if it’s in a regular cardboard box but I pay the priority rate on it, it will STILL get there faster than doing the parcel post number.

    Anyone know, fer shur?


  26. Hey, Alaska Pi, I’m a native Texan. Always lived here. To me, two inches of snow is a blizzard.

    Last night, changing into my jammies, I figured my house was about 68-70 degrees, and I got a little chilled! What a wuss I am!

    God bless you and all your fellow Alaskans. Maybe one day, His Worship and I will make a trek up there in an RV and see the beautiful sights.

    In the meantime, if you want to warm up this winter, head on down to Texas. But don’t come in the summer….Oh my lord, no!!!


  27. Hi all… usual dear Helen you are spot on. One of the blogs is calling today O-nauguration Day. I love it. And Blondesense has a cartoon saying that today is like a first date with a really great guy after 8 years of a dysfunctional relationship with a loser who spent all your money.

    I had a dream last night that I was at work (which is where I’ll be today) and at the playing of the National Anthem, everyone stopped and stood at attention respecting the song once again.

    From my dreams to the Goddess’ ears! May we regain our standing in the world and may Obama show great wisdom in leading us to that point.


  28. Here’s a laugh:

    On site this morning is a satire by Andy Borowitz of George Bush’s last executive order, repealing the English language as it has been “his greaterest enemy”.

    But the funniest part to me is the support for this action SUPPOSEDLY offered by Sarah Palin: “Being that the English language can and has been used in confusing and also too in harming ordinary Americans, knowing that it no longer can or will be used in doing that is something positive that this is doing also.”

    Oh yeah, sounds just like her! YA BETCHA!!! Go Andy!


  29. … hell of a FINE neighbor…


  30. Elsie-
    Will you move to Alaska and be our governor?
    We’ll get a warmie coat and all.
    Thank you “hothouse flower”-
    You are a hell of a neighbor.


  31. Other villages, of course, are suffering through this long, cold winter with too little to eat while paying too much for fuel.

    According to a letter written to Emmonak’s Nicholas Tucker, Sr., from another regional Yupik tribal administrator, Nick Andrew, in Marshall, AK, “Many families in Marshall know and understand what you and your neighbors are going through first hand. Food and fuel costs have gone up too high very fast, and many are behind on all their bills. We are indeed in a humanitarian crisis, people here like Emmonak are forced to choose between heating fuel and food.”

    Ohogamiut Traditional Council (OTC)
    Nick P. Andrew, Jr., Tribal Administrator
    P.O. Box 49, Marshall, AK 99585
    Phone: (907) 679-6517/6598
    Fax: (907) 679-6516

    Another letter printed at the Tundra Drums web site came from Roderick Phillip in the village of Kongiganak and addressed the same kind of need for help with fuel and food.

    “I feel deeply troubled with Emmonak’s crisis and what their people are going through. We the people of Kongiganak are also facing the same problem here and everywhere else in Alaska. The problem with villages is that there are limited jobs in our communities and some families do not have any income to support themselves with food and fuel.”

    These are communities primarily of Native Americans, looking for jobs, sustainability, and honest work, to care for themselves and their families. In the meantime, as many of Helen’s readers have noted, due to the collapse of the 2008 fishing season, the high price of fuel oil and gasoline, and the bitterly cold winter, they need some help right now.


  32. AnnΔ and Elsie-

    Thank you!
    Alaska Airlines has a regular program to donate miles. I always donate all of mine. I don’t know how to get a miles-pool set up though.

    I have been trying to figure out who to contact there but have limited daytime hours , with work, to “work the phones”
    and lack the composure to work my way through phone hell to find the right place
    There is contact info here.

    What you are working for is an account or number to assign the miles earned from SPAN sales/buys which can be a pool for Y-D folks in need. It is true AK Air only gets to Bethel- there is still the leg to and fro Y-D.
    CO almost- Thank you!

    “Anyone else feel like 8 years of occupation by a terrorist government are finally coming to an end?”

    Yup, yes, yeppers and we did it without firing a shot as mko said more eloquently than me…

    Tis a beautiful day troutay

    Ann Strongheart
    Hug that toddler of yours
    Help is on the way!


  33. Thanks Elsie for the info


  34. To reach the villagers of Emmonak:

    Beginning with the heading from Mr. Tucker’s letter printed online at

    Nicholas C. Tucker, Sr.
    P.O. Box 178
    Emmonak, AK 99581
    (907) 949-1011

    City of Emmonak, (907) 949-1227/1249

    Emmonak Tribal Council, (907) 949-1720

    Emmonak Corporation, (907) 949-1129/1315/1411

    Emmonak Sacred Heart Catholic Church Pastoral Parish Council Chairman, (907) 949-1011.

    To assist with offsetting heating fuel costs, call Emmonak Corporation.


  35. Ann, I’ve communicated a couple of times with Nunam Iqua’s Ann Strongheart, trying to figure out what to send and how best to send it. She told me, like you, that Alaska Airlines doesn’t fly into their village, so there’s no mileage points program for Nunam Iqua’s residents. Hopefully, you will uncover some useful info that can be of real help to her village about those mileage plan miles perhaps with the companies that DO fly there and perhaps partner with Alaska Airlines.

    JuneauJoe spelled it all out. This may be overkill, but for anyone who still confused about this, as I’ve been, here’s some info off the Span Alaska Sales website about this subject:

    Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

    Span Alaska is proud to offer Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Miles. You can earn one mile on your mileage plan account for every dollar you spend in purchases from Span Alaska Sales. (Terms & conditions apply)

    You may redeem your Mileage Plan Miles for tickets on Alaska Airlines or other Mileage Plan Travel Partners, to name a few: Pen Air, TWA, Bering Air, Northwest Airlines, Horizon Air, Era Aviation, Canadian Airlines, Continental Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways

    Terms and Conditions:
    1. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan account number must be submitted at the time the order is placed to earn miles.
    2. Not valid for wholesale accounts, bid pricing, special promotions and/or discounts. Valid only on prepaid orders of $100.00 or more.
    3. Valid only for purchases of product. Freight charges, if applicable do not apply.
    4. Normal mileage earning rules apply.


  36. “Oh what a beautiful morning,
    Oh what a beautiful day.
    And I’ve got a beautiful feeling,
    everythings going my way…………..”

    Have an Obama Day everyone! Today is the break from the hard work that starts tomorrow.


  37. Thanks Juneau Joe. I will write to Ann S. about this and she may suggest a solution. Sadly, I am off to a funeral of friend who sucumbed to cancer..tooyoung-he lived near Chernoble.I hope I finnish the horses and get to see this historic day on TV.I do want to see Greytdogs Mom….I wonder if she resembles Greytdog as I know her.


  38. Ann:
    Milage – People who fly Alaska Airlines get a frequent flyer plan number.

    SPAN ALASKA gives one mile per dollar of food bought to your milage plan. It takes about 25,000 miles to get a free plane trip or 15000 miles for half fare.

    Come to think of it, most villagers don’t fly to the lower 48 a lot so they may not have an Alaska Airlines Milage Plan.

    It would be good if there were a milage plan number where the miles went into a pool for those in need. Alaska has limited flights into Bush Alaska. They fly to Bethel but not to smaller villages like Emmonak,


  39. Hope all have a great day!

    The error is over!!!!! FINALLY!

    President Obama, hope! Enjoy!


  40. Morning…read some of the stuff…I realize that I am supposed to help Ann get a mileage # . However she indicated that their airlines do not give mileage rewards. I will find out more but any Alaskan that knows about this , I would appreciate the info. On Sunday I attended a conference and Elizabeth Edwards(she’s ok by me) was speaking about healthcare. Some researchers spoke who have invented ways to transmit med. tests by cell phone. They kept saying that this would be great in developing nations…not here. Uninsured, working on this problem in the YukonDelta, it was aggravating about the misinformation…the participants spoke as if the USA is the best for care. We are around 37 in the world.Anyway, I am concerned about the health need in rural Alaska;the infants & elderly in particular right now. Is anyone else?


  41. Start your day off with a BIG grin:


  42. It’s 6:27AM, January 20, 2009. A cold front moved through here last night bringing brrrrrrrr temps and a tornado watch. And this is the day WE have made because Barack Hussein Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America, so help me God! Today feels like the 4th of July – seems to me that the American Public is reacting to Obama in the very way Cheney claimed Iraq would react to our invasion. Anyone else feel like 8 years of occupation by a terrorist government are finally coming to an end?


  43. Happy Obama Day everyone!


  44. I have communicated with Beth Knight of JustNowAlaska; they are new, but are donating to help Alaskans pay utility bills. They will pass on any dollars collected to the Yukon Delta villages.

    You can send checks to:

    Beth Knight-JustNowAlaska
    C/o St. Mary Episcopal Church
    2222 Tudor Road
    Anchorage, AK 99503

    Make checks out to St. Marys, with “Utility Assistance-Just Now” in the memo line.
    100% goes to those in need.

    Thanks, Juneau Joe, for the Alaska Span info; going there tomorrow:-)


  45. Thanks greydog! Seriously though, WTH? Some people!!!


  46. Sorry ,I was unavailable tonight and just skimmed the blog….need to read Charles stuff…anyway Greytdogs mom is pretty terrific but the apple does not fall etc- I mean it. I heard back from Ann Strongheart and she does not know of any mileage # for any airlines that they use. Too bad….more later. Good night Helen , Margaret , and all the great people here. Tomorrow is a new day!


  47. Gotta tell you, I enjoy this blog of yours. A lot.

    I’ll be celebrating. I have a flag at the ready. I have refused to fly one for the last four years since W (aka The Smirk) was supposedly elected. Does anyone else remember the look on that idiot’s face as he was going through the motions of his 2nd swearing in? Good God, what in-your-face arrogance on display. And not even trying to mask it. He thought he was God’s gift and he was going to stick it to all of us (hmm, makes me wonder if this economy was such an accident after all?).

    Anyway, new flag, and fireworks! Don’t care if it’s the middle of the day, or if it ticks off the redneck out back by getting all his dogs barking. I’m bidding the Shrub goodbye with a bang, and hoping for a better tomorrow with real, thoughtful, informed leadership at the helm.

    Thank God this is the last night my kids have go to bed with that lunatic near the nuclear football.


  48. mko, right on!

    Charles, thank you thank you for your passion, your dedication, and your writing.
    Alaska Pi, troutay, Proud, JuneauJoe, Ann Δ, Elsie, Charles, Ann Strongheart, Jean, and everyone – thank you. Thank you for your work, your commitment, your unswerving dedication to your communities, your values, your country. Tomorrow we work and celebrate – and Wednesday, we will start moving mountains and feeding the people who are hungry, comfort those in sorrow, lift up those in despair, and oh my, we will dance dance dance in the village square!


  49. I’m awed and grateful for the peaceful transfer of power that is a hallmark of our democracy.


  50. Gonna pour some non-alcoholic sparkling cider at school tomorrow during my break and give a toast with some colleagues!
    What a wonderful feeling to go into the future with optimism and pride in our country.

    Thanks for all your posts, ladies! It keeps us going!


  51. ” It’s sort of like Rhoda telling Mary that she looks fat in that dress.”

    OK, that cracked me up!

    I pay little attention to what most of the talking heads are saying.

    I remember the lesson I learned after years of dating. Pay much more attention to what a man “does” than what he “says”. Obama has said a lot that impresses me, and I admire the way he lives his life. I think he’ll continue to impress me by what he “does”, but I admit, just like with the men I’ve dated, I love hearing what he “says” too.


  52. Charles-
    Keep looking and reading, please.
    Keep bringing it here so it gets talked about.
    You write well and think well.
    This gov and too many others want to break the “protections”.
    Read about the Alaska Native settlement act… how and why…

    Jean- We”re stuck with the gov til next year. Hopefully we can make it her last year in politics as an elected official. Not sure if we can do it- but won’t be for lack of trying!!


  53. The Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta is one of the biggest river deltas in the world, roughly the size of Oregon. It is located where the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers empty into the Bering Sea on the west coast of the U.S. state of Alaska. The delta, which mostly consists of tundra, is protected as part of the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge.

    The delta has approximately 20,000 residents. 85% of these are Alaska Natives, both Yupik Eskimos and Athabaskan Indians. The main population center and service hub is the city of Bethel, with a population of around 6,000, and there are approximately 55 villages of up to 850 people. Most residents live a traditional subsistence lifestyle of hunting, fishing, and gathering, and over 30 percent have cash incomes well below the federal poverty threshold.

    The area has virtually no roads; travel is by Bush plane, or by river boats in summer and snowmachines in winter.

    Okay I realize that Wikipedia is not an excuse for research but it is a start…this area is the size of my state, 85% of the populace is indiginous, the area itself is ‘protected’…no wonder Palin doesn’t care. They aren’t the “pro-American” areas of America, you know, white conservative protestant…besides that they are below the poverty level.

    Sarah Palin, stop worrying about what you look like on tv or that even Katie Couric could expose what an ignorant, stupid, petty woman you are or that Tina Fey lampooned you frighteningly well by using your own words and do something for the people in the state that you are supposed to be representing and governing.

    This makes me sick.



    “It’s been brought to our attention in a way that can’t be ignored. None of us were aware of all the details out here,” said Emil Notti, commissioner of Commerce, Community and Economic Development.

    Really? You have no idea what is going on in your own state, I hope you have to fight for your post…such ignorance is inexcusable.

    …renewing support for a bill drawn up by Sen. Lyman Hoffman, D-Bethel, last year that would have capped stove oil at $3 a gallon around the state, for up to 600 gallons per household. The state would have covered any costs above that amount. The “emergency energy relief program” passed the state Senate during last year’s special session but was removed by the House.

    I hope Alaskans start wondering who they have in the House in their state legislature next year…those motherf–kers should be fighting for their jobs next election. Or perhaps sent to the villages for the rest of the winter.


  55. Hi Gang,


    I love it! I love it! I love it! Your wundermom sounds like my kind of woman. A real mover and shaker like her daughter. You both should be very proud of each other.


    Well said. You contribute insights for all of us to ponder.

    Alaska Pi,

    I forgot. (Another senior moment.) How much longer does the current governor’s term last?


    You said, “If anyone has a clue, can you fill me in???” Go back to the very beginning of this blog. Read EVERY SINGLE post, EVERY SINGLE comment and get acquainted with the fine folks here. EDUCATE yourself. Then come back, sit down have a cup of tea and a piece of your choice of pie, the varieties are endless. You will be welcome to join in and get to work with the rest of us.

    Right now, I have to get back to my laundry and putting band aids on my typing fingers.




  56. “And poor ole _ _ _trades_ _ _.
    We better start a kitty for cabfare- some folks just have trouble with too muvh pie. ”

    That would be a “hand out” he can just walk his happy conservative butt home on his own.


  57. I don’t know who was saying anything good about George Bush. Must be some talking heads in Texas.

    I don’t think Congress is vested in getting anything done and no they don’t get that their approval ratings are right there with George. I couldn’t agree with you more in these days and at this time, enough with trying to sabotage each other and try to earn your salaries for a change.

    Bush left us with such a mess. It will take decades to undo what he has done to this country from the economy to the environment.

    Please let’s be patient with Obama, but not blind. Deal?


  58. Fresh Tracks said-
    “Can’t be in such a rush that we don’t take the time to make good siting choices with renewable energy. The best green jobs will be energy-smart construction, energy efficient appliances, and restoration of wild fish stocks and healthy watersheds.”

    Amen, neighbor. Been worrying since the plan hit the news. We will need an Alaska open forum about energy very soon.I don’t trust the gov. Too many real and philosophical ties with development to develop.
    And for everyone else-
    What is going on in your neighbor hood?
    I caught a smidge of Mr Obama talking about service today on the radio at work. We-can’t-afford-idle-hands remarks almost made me cry. I’m turning into a blubberer the last couple days.
    Big time. Holy Moley.
    My boss is going to record the inauguration for me – so I’ll be a few hours behind but I will get to see it!
    Ann- yeehaw on ADN finding you!!! Here we go- really,really now.

    The work this lil virtual community is getting done for their unseen neighbors is going to set me off again so I’m gonna go for a bit.

    I wrote a bazillion postcards for the Alaskans for Obama campaign. I asked for list of folks like me- outer middle age- to write to.

    It’s not great writing and I had a hell of a time smashing it all on itty-bitty postcards.
    I wrote til my hands would not un cramp. I’ll never know if even one card made a difference but I did get my wish…

    I’m an Alaskan granma who supports Barack Obama 100%
    Mr Obama’s policies, across the board, are based on what ALL Americans have always done well- pulling together when we need to.
    And- we need to now . Our children and our grandchildren have to take the America we hand them.
    Let’s give them a stable, solid nation- with room for differences but a commitment to resolution.

    Here we go.
    Thank you- all.
    NO idle hands Here!
    Thank you Margaret and Helen!
    We’re gonna owe you rent for some of the other rooms we’ve been cluttering up …
    And poor ole _ _ _trades_ _ _.
    We better start a kitty for cabfare- some folks just have trouble with too muvh pie.

    Judy- dorms for legislature. heheheh.might be something there…


  59. I put a Facebook group up today: My daughter is helping fine tune it.

    Please take a look and make sure it conveys the message we’re trying to get out. Send any additions, changes, corrections to



  60. If I send you my copy of “Fast Company” magazine…will you sign it?!?!?!!?!


  61. I REALLY want to be you when I grow up!


  62. Oh…to answer My own question…because if you either keep them hungry and fighting to provide, or insecure enough that they are living check to check, they are too damned busy trying to survive and not as willing to resist, demand real change…and if they are comfortable enough that they are a little ahead, but insecure about their livlihood…they stay calm.


  63. Hi Helen,

    Thank God that Obama has he temperment to take it all on the chin!



  64. Troutay, thank you…I am 42 years old, I gre up with Nixon, had to deal with the BS and attempts at a hagiography of Reagan, who f–ked this country hardcore, both Bushs and Clinton who also almost had a hagiography written…even after NAFTA and all that other BS…and I am just sick and tired of this country being run by people who feel that the 14th Ammendment gives corporations more rights than people, that money equals free speech, that poverty is a disease or a lack of moral strength.

    I am lucky, I can eat, I have a roof over my head but that is it…I haven’t had the opportunity to finish my college education, though intelligent, I have had little luck with jobs and I pray my car with over 230,000 miles keeps running but I give to charities I believe in, I am looking at volunteer opportunities, I am greatful that I have people I love in my life.

    BUT I am sick and tired of the thought that you are “liberal” or “progressive” that you want a hand out…that you don’t take responsibility for what you do. I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for every decision in my life, good, bad or otherwise. I do not have a soft underbelly, I do not go to church and listen to crap telling me what is right or wrong, I am intelligent, sarcastic, tend to have a mean streak and I would maim anyone who tries to hurt one of my own…I tend to have large, aggressive dogs who over the years have saved me from two assault attempts and four break in attempts…AND I believe that people are people…that they are of value, just as all life is. Which is why I support animal rights organizations that call for humane treatment of livestock, etc.

    I also feel that government should represent the people, not the money, should provide for the people…wouldn’t a citizenry with helathcare, education, ability to work decent jobs be more productive, able to take care of themselves better?

    Granted, not everyone is willing to work hard but why do we make it more difficult…why are we recreating an almost feudal society?

    Why aren’t more people angry as hell and screaming for change? Not asking, not suggesting but demanding?


  65. “I hope there are people scrutinizing her every move with a magnifying glass. i would absolutely hate for her to destroy parts of Alaska for corporate greed. And I think she’s very capable of doing just that.”

    Well, I read she’s trying to get the Beluga whale off the endangered species list so they can drill. Yeah, she’s a good friend to the environment, that one!! It amazes me that the people with the most kids and who scream the loudest about protecting their kids are the first ones to want to step up and crap all over the planet so that future generations won’t have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, beaches or open space to run through, clean oceans to swim in…I just don’t get the conservative mind. The same thinking that made Ann Coulter denounce and bad mouth feminsts until Sara Palin was put on the ticket, then she proudly crowed “vote for her, she’s a feminist!!” The same thinking that makes a conservative denounce abortion as a scourge of society, denounce welfare, and yet parade her unwed, pregnant teen daughter around like a knocked up unmarried high school drop out is a good thing, totally oblivious to the fact that teen pregnancy is the leading cause of abortion, feminization of poverty (uneducated girls who had to drop out of school to have their babies, saddled with kids they can’t afford to take care of), more people on welfare, women at the mercy of abusive men because they don’t have the education or the means to provide for themselves and their chidren. If anyone has a clue, can you fill me in???


  66. Once again you nailed it right on the head, Margaret.

    Tomorrow is going to be fun, but the day after, work, lot’s of work (and shit to clean up) needs doin’.

    Keep your eye on DC–I appreciate your insightful comments.

    Mr. Charley


  67. […] Glass Houses Margaret, I think I might need to take your advice and watch less television.  I’m not sure my blood pressure […] […]


  68. “The Most Influential Women in Tech”
    How many Grandmothers can say that about themselves? You two ROCK!!!!!!!! 🙂


  69. THX MLP for the
    Heads’s Up

    Here’s the link:

    Women in Tech: The Bloggers
    By: Fast Company StaffFri Jan 16, 2009 at 4:20 PM

    Scroll down for M&H. They’re in good company.



  70. Wow that is amazing. But we all already know how amazing Helen and Margaret are. Way to go ladies.


  71. Congratulations Margaret & Helen!!!!!! You are listed in the current issue of FAST COMPANY Magazine currently on news stands everywhere! You two are listed in “The Most Influential Women in Tech”. WOW!!!!! Way to go, M & H!!!!!!


  72. HI All,

    I took me a while to figure out what the invite was to go to Glass Houses and relax. LOL

    Found it by accident.

    So here I am LOL

    OOH just an update, the Anchorage Daily News called me this morning, so maybe we will get some more coverage. Additionally, I talked to our local fisheries representative and he said he was going to see what they, YDFDA, were doing.

    Well I am off to check the other boards and my email. TTY’all Later,



  73. Hi gang,

    We are really off and running! I composed an e mail to send around and a letter to send out regarding the Alaskan situation. I looked the area up on the map. What a VAST place! So I have been busy ‘COPY, PERSONALIZE, EDIT, SEND OR PRINT’. I’m gonna get blisters on my fingers! But we can easily afford plenty of stamps. I am warm and fed. So I’ll take my own advice from my sign in this room:


    I told myself, “Self, quichyerbitchin’.”

    Werner, I’ll bet as a salesman, you could compose a better e mail and letter for us that would be more effective. You could put them up here. I can copy and paste pretty well. If I get stuck I can always shout to the Computer Magician Whirled Peas, right?

    I noted on the crawl on CNN this morning that Israel has announced a unilateral ceasefire. So THAT CRISIS is over – for now. But the underlying PROBLEMS are still there. We will tackle those too a little later. Also it seems that Russia and the Ukraine have opened up the gas pipelines once again. The opposition is back in Zimbabwe so maybe talks will go forward. Things are looking up! ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!!!

    Tomorrow is THE BIG DAY!!!!! We will all be glued to the TV. Because of the five- hour time difference, it will be on at the crack of dawn out here. I don’t ‘do’ morning anymore. I don’t believe in morning before 8-9AM. But you can bet I will roust out tomorrow!

    Carry on, everyone. What a great group!




  74. It’s only (parts of) our press/media that don’t get it, apparently. The rest of the world’s press/media are happy to see the last of W


  75. Yay Charles!!!! Great post!

    Greydog: what a woman she must be!


  76. Ira364, just an FYI – UAW Tradesman is probably neither a member of the UAW nor a tradesman. What is perfectly clear however is that he is a troll – one of those grumpy, nasty bottom feeders who is to be more pitied than scorned. After all, most bottomfeeders are blind and UAW Tradesman certainly has proven his/her own blindness.

    AnnΔ, thanks for all the info on SPAN Alaska. Will be heading over there soon – in the meantime, my wundermom had breakfast yesterday AM with Rev Watkins, Bishop Robinson and Dr Lowry – and handed off Ann Strongheart’s list of needed supplies. Wundermom apparently gave these three religious leaders quite a talking to (my brother said he almost cringed when she began her scolding because she used her “mother” voice – brrrr shivery voice that is) and reminded them that Jesus was able to feed the thousands on the Mount because people SHARED and that we are our brother’s keeper always, not just when it felt good. And Bishop Robinson turned to my brother and asked “Is she always this direct?” to Which my brother wisely responded “this is mild”. My mom doesn’t want to leave DC until she has promises from these religious leaders that they will move mountains to be their brother’s keeper for the folks in rural Alaska and all over this country. Lord almighty, don’t piss off an 88-year old theologian! I’ll let you know what happens – ps those fireworks over DC just might be my mom castigating Congress. She has a face to face scheduled with the Democratic Women’s Caucus.

    We are still waiting word from Costco on pallet costs. May have to contact the Anchorage store to ship things out. In the meantime my produce contact is calling some of his folks in California about this to see what the Napa folks can do.


  77. If SP is pushing for renewable energy is Alaska it has GOT to be benefiting her in some way.
    She’s proven time after time that the only person who matters to SP is SP.

    I hope there are people scrutinizing her every move with a magnifying glass. i would absolutely hate for her to destroy parts of Alaska for corporate greed. And I think she’s very capable of doing just that.


  78. I guess I missed the little thing about Bush comparing himself to Lincoln – sorry about that – thank you to the two that explained it. I must admit that when Bush gets on the news in front of the camera I tend to find something to do and walk out of the room I can barely tolerate listening to him anymore!


  79. I wrote to Ann Strongheart to get a mileage # if they have it, and I will post it here then. We can use it when we order from Span Alaska so the village can use it for airfare in medical emergencies as Juneau Joe suggested. Elsie, do you have a way to contact Mr Tucker for their miles # for their village?


  80. Juneau Joe, beware of Palin’s “renewable energy” push in Alaska. If it’s all about wood–it’s going to be about roads and logging and development–and perhaps in places where subsistence resources will be further threatened. Ditto if it’s about hydro-power located in sensitive salmon spawning areas–AP&T’s current hydro-proposal on Chilkoot River near Haines for example. Chilkoot is a twenty mile river that supports four runs of wild salmon and a hooligan run, also eagles, bears, moose. Can’t be in such a rush that we don’t take the time to make good siting choices with renewable energy. The best green jobs will be energy-smart construction, energy efficient appliances, and restoration of wild fish stocks and healthy watersheds.


  81. I have a client that works at DC DOC. She is about to leave for the day. Everything is shutting down and all roads in and out of the city are closing at 4pm today except for official travel. She said everything is shutting down except the jail which will still be accepting people anytime.

    There is definitely an air of excitment from everyone there.


  82. You absolutely nailed it, Helen Philpott. Looking forward to fresh tracks being made in the D.C. slough.


  83. So I lost two letters to my name (Werner Oderwer) but the avatar is there, well we all make compromises in live….. lol


  84. sorry this is just a test to see if my Gravatar is finally showing……


  85. […] […]


  86. “I think it’s great that everyone here is contributing in some way (food, money,ideas). People taking personal responsibility for an anticipated outcome is a conservative ideal, waiting for the STATE to hand it to you is a liberal ideal.”

    Give me a F–KING break…expecting others to take care of a problem and having the government not take responsibility for the greater good of it’s citizenry is a Reagan Republican conservative ideal. That government should not step in and keep people from starvation, thinking that it is their own fault that they aren’t greedy bastards just out for their own good and that they deserve what they get. Thinking that corporations are good, making money means more than doing what is ethically correct, that moral decisions should be left to nonprofits and churches…

    I am so sick and tired of people telling me that the government should not take care of it’s people…that any type of assistance is a “hand out” that the fact that you are where you are is your own Goddamned fault and nobodyelse’s…

    As far as I am concerned at this point, namecalling, getting into party tents and using all of it as an excuse not to act is unacceptable. If being “American” means not looking at those around you, not reaching out and helping…I think you are a small minded group of people and I am fairly certain Dante has a special circle in his work “Inferno” for you.

    If being liberal or conservative means more to you than acting…I have no use for you.


  87. Hey, JuneauJoe, I had trouble looking at SPAN ALASKA, but when I googed in SPAN ALASKA SALES, I got where the groceries are! That web site is

    Once I signed in at the “getting started” link, I was able to pull up a menu of goods with prices. I phoned the company today, talked to a nice guy named Efton Chism, who explained, as JuneauJoe mentioned, that dry groceries are shipped at the price quoted for the goods themselves. There is no additional freight charge, unless I ordered perishables. A minimum order is $100. There’s a lot to choose from, along the lines of staples and goods mentioned by Ann Strongheart and Nicholas Tucker, Sr.

    Efton said the cut-off for shipments are Wednesday each week, and shipments are mailed out on Fridays parcel post by plane. So, if I turn in an order on or before this Weds., it will reach the post office in the town I designate by mid-February, if not sooner.


  88. Awwwww…..Let the door hit ’em. Wherever it wants to. Hard.

    Don’t have cable, so we couldn’t watch the big doings yesterday, but we listened to it on Public Radio. Grinning, crying, hugging….I have to remember to drink enough water between yesterday and Wednesday, otherwise I just might dehydrate a little. Pete Seeger was perfect for the finish – he knew the guy who wrote the song and he took a rock to the windshield back in the day, going down to march for civil rights.

    We took a vacation day for tomorrow and plan to watch everything regular TV has to offer. Also, a nice dinner and bubbly, even though it means navy bean soup, pasta & chilaquiles for the rest of the week.

    And then to work. Large on my wish list is a great big jobs program, training people to go to work in renewable energies and making devices (like cars) that can use them. Two birds, one stone.

    George Will p’d me off big time on Sunday, commenting that Obama was going to have trouble trying to convince people not to be thrifty in these times. Ok, one more time – the problem is that we can’t have an economy which is based on a need for everybody to buy an ever-increasing number of tchotchkes. At some point you hit the ceiling; you can’t afford any more, your house can’t hold any more (is there another culture on the planet with an industry based solely on off-site storage for the stuff that won’t fit in your McMansion?) and we don’t have the resources to make any more. This doesn’t work, we need another plan. One based on thrift would be good.

    And to Congress (House & Senate) – if they want to filibuster, let ’em! Just once. Go to the mattresses! Have you ever tried to talk for several hours straight? It’s painful. They’ve gotten their way on just the threat for years, make em do it!

    There are really only so many endorphins my body can stand. This is gonna be good.


  89. Ann: One final comment before I head out of my basement cubicle which is mandatory for Anonymous Bloggers.

    SPAN ALASKA and buying food.

    I did my order and it is expensive: HOWEVER, when I lived in Emmonak, I saved about a third over the prices in the village by buying through SPAN ALASKA.

    You can get a small feel for the money crunch which the people in the villages feel. Everything is at least double what you pay: Fuel, Electricity, Food, clothes. Even shipping is a lot higher than in the lower 48.


  90. I just contacted through work.
    They create a wonderful magazine of people that help others.

    I told the lead guy about this website and that of Mudflats so he could see what people were doing to help.

    Hopefully, it will help gain more attention to this situation.


  91. We need term limits for our congressional folks.

    We have the same people getting re-elected time after time after time; pushing the same agendas and hanging around the same old group of cronies who vote in a block.

    State Representative and Senator should not be a job-for-life. Nothing will ever change unless we are able to change the people who represent us.

    Yes, there’s lots of work to do.

    May we all stand up to Obama’s faith in us.

    Happy Inauguration to all!


  92. While I am ranting: I would like to talk about GLOBAL WARMING AND THE VILLAGES.

    The modern world and Carbon emissions are changing the environment tremendously. The Yukon River Valley (1500 miles) used to be mostly Tundra year round. It is no longer. Much of the Yukon River valley is soft because of things put into the air by those in the cities, coal burning power plants, basically the work of man. In Emmonak, we had days of gray haze: We got smog from Russia and China. Our village of 800 did not make that mess.

    There is a vast amount of plastics floating in the ocean which is hurting the fish, seals, whales, walrus, all things the Yu’pik people rely on to live their meager but successful lives.

    Obama;s call for Green Energy is overdue. I wish that priority was made 8 years ago.

    Mining: We have lots of mining in Alaska. We have mines dumping toxic wastes into streams and rivers which then flow down into the villages below. I am talking about the Pebble Mine among others. Gov Palin voted and encouraged others to continue with this practice.

    The Palin’s of the world are out to make money. They are ruining the environment and the lives of those who choose to live a simpler but fuller life.

    Thanks for any help you can offer the villagers.

    Margaret, Helen and Mathew, THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING THIS FORUM!

    Best wishes to all!


  93. UAW Tradesman:

    One question– REALLY?

    A) Women govenors are the problem? Does being a govenor have anything to do with being a woman?

    B) The people on this forum are helping out their community, while your precious UAW are taking a huge bailout from the govt, and you criticize the people on this forum?


    *i’m confused! is anyone else confused?*


  94. I use the alaska milage because I fly Alaska to go back to OR.

    Maybe we could get a villagers Milage Plan number, (Ann Strongheart maybe) or Mr. Tucker in Emmonak, so the miles could be used to fly people out for emergecy medical care. It cost me $300.00 to fly from Emmonak to Anchorage – each way.


  95. I just sent somethings through Span Alaska-easy but $$.Still a good way… Hey Juneau Joe ;I left the air Alaska mileage part blank. Was that right? A.


  96. It’s always been my opinion that they need to refurbish one of those abandoned hotels in Washington, fit it up as a dormitory, and require members of Congress to live there. Pay them minimum wage. Give them a health care plan like mine – where the co-pays on my prescriptions are $35 each. If they don’t show up for roll call, dock their salaries. They’re all rich anyway, a poor man can’t get elected any more, and they probably should be making their primary residence in the district they represent, so possibly they might listen to their constituents and vote the way the constituents feel they should, instead of voting along party lines no matter what. Let them eat in the cafeteria. No retirement plan, they can all make enough money by giving speeches the rest of their lives.

    Maybe then those who choose to run for Congress might do it because they truly want to do something for their country, and not for the wealth, fame and easy ride.


  97. Thank goodness I have here to come to for some sanity when I am at work listening to the ‘end of the world as we know it’ crowd!!!!!!


  98. My husband’s suggestion:
    Send a heads-up about the Yukon Delta Alaskans to the Drudge Report; Matt Drudge will plaster it on his web site and shine a light the people in need and on the Palin government. So, I did. I probably sent 5 messages, since I didn’t know that the Drudge website updates itself every minute or so.

    If you want to send a message yourself to to its box that says “SEND NEWS TIPS TO DRUDGE
    then I suggest you compose your message first, then cut-and-paste it onto his site in its final form QUICKLY. Otherwise, like me, you may have the site refresh and lose/take your message before you are ready!

    When I managed to do the cut-and-paste, I got back a notice telling me that my message was received and would be investigated by Matt Drudge. So, I think at least THAT one got through.

    It can’t hurt for some more messages to come in from other bloggers! Maybe some lights will shine on the people in power who could effect help if they just choose to help.

    I ended my comments to the Drudge Report with this last paragraph:

    Sarah Palin’s government finally reacted to cries for help with a teleconference on Jan. 16. Her state officials are going to “assess the information” and “study the situation”. Her representative warns, though, ““We don’t know that there’s disaster relief assistance available…We certainly don’t want to raise expectations.”

    NO, but, Native Americans are choosing now between food or fuel this winter; and that’s just not right.

    By the way, I took a USPS Priority Box I had on hand, played with some canned goods from my pantry, and found that I can get a dozen regular cans of goods in that box, with a little room to spare. Hmmmm……


  99. Subsistence Living and the villages of Alaska:

    I work with a fellow who made lots of money building houses in Florida. He gae it up and went subsistence in AK. He did that for 8 years. He then went to Juneau and he works with me. He is retiring this summer and going subsistence living again.

    In our nation, we have choices. Some would want you to believe that you must live in the urban area and make money the way most people know.

    A few choose to live subsistence. It is a lifestyle which is dangerous in that you have to fend off tremendous cold (-30 degrees and 30 MPH wind.)
    The weather is deadly. In the Yukon villages, they pay more than double the cost of basic fuels and food. Urban folks need to realize, these people get healthy fish to you. They could also teach you a lot about living a full life and getting along and helping each other. We have to be willing to listen and help.

    We gave 700 BILLION to fund BANK BAD LOANS and untold BILLIONS are wars. It is time time to take care of people, average people, who live in different circumstances than ourselves.

    You people on this blog are a shining example of what MARTIN LUTHER KING AND PRESIDENT OBAMA encourage in our society.

    Enjoy today and tomorrow! It is time to celebrate and help those who cannot help themselves at this moment in time.

    President Obama!!!

    Note to GW Bush and Cheney and their ilk: Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!


  100. I’ll be there, Helen, at the end of an error.


  101. uaw tradesman, helping others is a human ideal I know that it is the type of aid preferred by conservatives…but they were not able to ignite the spirit to action. Why do you criticize us with a backhanded compliment about who we choose to help ?. We are doing this right now. Everyone is working to be helpful all over the place…please help too…somethings are more important than politics. Maybe your mission on earth was only to feed one rural Alaskan for one day…maybe you are here to feed one homeless person in Detroit…we never know that do we? I doubt, however that your purpose is to tease us. Constructive action is a mature human value!


  102. Alaskan: 1. Google Span Alaska
    2. Click on SPAN ALASKA SALES Shipping groceries world wide
    3. Click Getting started
    4. Put in your:
    name, email , zip code
    5. Click start shopping

    You are buying in case lots with SPAN ALASKA
    I ordered a case of Oatmeal, Raisins and Powdered Milk
    (I used a lot of that when I was in Emmonak.)


  103. Helen, you are always spot on. There will always be ignorant, small, hateful people who by their constant squeeling will be in the forefront: Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Rilley, Ingram and their ilk.
    My greatest happiness would be to put tape over their mouths…………FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is much to do and the Congress needs to get on board or get off the damn train. During the election we proved that “we the people can make a huge difference”. Call, write emails, vote them out…………they work for us !!!!!

    You need to put all your writing in a book. I would buy it and send it to everyone I know.


  104. Joe,

    I have seen the SPAN Alaska site but how do you go about ordering the food? Is is part of their service, or do you buy the food and then set up shipment with them?


  105. Morning everyone!

    Whirled Peas – Thank You for the links! To wake up on MLK day and hear the I HAVE A DREAM speech the day before we officially have President Obama is such a wonderful way to start the day.

    Thank You!

    Ann, Today, I am sending off an order to you using SPAN ALASKA. The cost of shipping is covered in the cost of the food.

    To all on this blog: You are wonderful people and I am proud to be one of the many anonymous bloggers who will make this world a better place.


  106. “Congress needs to sit down, shut up and start trying to work together with the President and finally lead our nation into the 21st century as the beacon of hope it could and should be in the world. ”

    And I would like to add, Congress critters should HAVE TO READ every piece of legislation PERSONALLY before they vote on it.
    It’s disgusting the excuses I hear from them AFTER they’ve voted yes on something that was detrimental to the people and the US.


  107. Try listening to the BBC, Helen. They are not having a frat-party-ooo-what-a-ride! story to tell. Like us, they can’t seem to find a single positive legacy in the Bush tenure.

    We are in the beginning of the sixth day of the Mayan Calendar and these are exciting times. Change is afoot and we do have the power to effect the outcome.

    See you in front of the TV on Tuesday–I’ll be in the front row at my house. Come on over and share a cold one with me….



  108. Thank you, Helen.

    I know you don’t watch much TV, Helen, and I’m with you on that… but I hope you caught the celebration at Lincoln Memorial yesterday afternoon. It was pretty great. Seeing a sea of people there all fired up and ready to go…

    Also, it gets me angry (though it shouldn’t) when people say they’re tired of hearing about how significant this inaugaration is… I want to tell those people to sit down and shut up as well. Because you know what? Speaking as someone in her 20s, this is the single most important thing that has happened to this nation in my lifetime so far. So no, I’m not going to tire of it. I’m going to watch the inaugaration tomorrow, and nothing’s going to stop me.


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  110. I get tired too of the nay sayers. But yesterday it occurred to me that maybe we really NEED to have them around just to be sure that we don’t go off the cliff like a bunch of lemmings following some charismatic person who might be just plain wrong sometimes. (I’m thinking of the stories of how a slave would ride in the triumphal chariot along with Ceasar and would whisper in his ear “This too shall pass” supposedly to keep Ceasar from getting too big for his britches!)


  111. AnnΔ and everyone- yeehaw!
    super late for work this am and internet connection shaky- bumped off twice already.
    Back later-

    What is going on in YOUR neighborhood?

    smteaches’ has terrible dropout rate…
    anyone else?
    lots o work to do –
    first we warm and feed our neighbors
    then we fix some stuff


  112. The Inaugural Parade route.

    Fun and informative.



  113. helen,
    stop watching fox! i mean it! i know they are funny to watch sometimes until you realize they are serious.

    may god bless and watch over the obama family.


  114. More resources for sending food to AK villages…all three resources ship directly to AK:

    Costco “Food For Health Emergency Food Kit”
    275 servings

    Long-Life Food Depot
    50% off tray-packs of MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat)
    18 servings

    Mountain House
    Supplier of MRE’s & foods for outdoor enthusiasts
    Has a reputation for tasty foods
    $125/7-Day food supply for 4 people (84 meals)
    MANY other options/prices available


  115. Helen,
    Thanks for your commentary, including the last piece about punditry commentary on Mrs. Obama. The TV pundits are all idiots, and should withdraw to Crawford with Doofus and Mrs. Doofuus.


  116. I think it’s great that everyone here is contributing in some way (food, money,ideas). People taking personal responsibility for an anticipated outcome is a conservative ideal, waiting for the STATE to hand it to you is a liberal ideal. As your patting yourself on the back, have you taken care of the needy/homeless in your own area (it’s cold in other parts of the nation). Being from Michigan I can understand people’s anger toward female governors (see how good of shape we’re in)
    I have hope for Barack because when he was first campaigning he talked about people taking responsibility for events/actions, not blaming others(schools/whites/blacks/reds/yellows/rich/poor). I hope he’s actually as centrist as he seems now


  117. I’ve decided, as of Noon tomorrow, I will no longer listen to the “Conservative Christians” of the Republican bent who for 8 years tell me Bush is great and the Republicans have really done a great job and the country has gone to hell since the Democrats took over Congress. How quickly they conveniently forget the past. They start spewing their crap and they are getting it right back – join the parade to fix your mess folks or stand on the curb and shut up I and others have had it with the ridiculous telling of “facts” according to Limbaugh and FOX and will no longer stand by quietly and politically correct while they invade our space.


  118. Hi Girlz n guyz
    seams I missed the Alaskan problem being in holidays for a week and switching the computer on only once……

    Just a tip from a lifelong sales person:

    IF you want to get help from big companies, contact there advertising dept. make clear what good press the can get from doing this (they all want to look good!!) and speak with the responsible peopel in charities what exposure they can give to sponosrs.
    They might complain at the first (more iomportant things to do no time for greedy corps add people, etc.) but once you got the first one or tow big playrs on board they will see the benefitsin the ammount of money and goods / transport ops comming in and you can use the ince you have (Costco, Walmart etc.) to lure tyhe rest…….

    Might take a couple of days in the starting but it is welll worth it, but put your best “sales”people on the phones and try to get through to VP Add dept. or similar.

    my five cents worth…….



  119. well put, helen.

    I actually have been very scared by the extreme partisanship the Democratic Congressional leadership is showing. Yes, I know the GOP did, too, but where the hell did that get us? Nowhere. Does anybody there have a commonsense bone in their body?

    This isn’t about Dems vs. Repubs. This is about our country surviving some bad times and moving ahead.

    This is about using those skills called common sense and problem-solving.

    Instead, I’m hearing the same old crapola from both parties in Congress.


  120. Oh, it feels soooo goood! Whatever that was that was sitting on my shoulders for nearly 8 years is gone, gone, gone! The air is clearer and smells better! There are more people around smiling like they just plain can’t help it!

    As for W. blatherings, thats all they are and ever were. The guy absolutely cannot connect the dots. Nothing he says has any surprise quotient. What can anyone say for his 8 years? Well, he blew the needle off the Ick-meter.


  121. Wonderful post!

    Yes, we do have a lot of work to do staring Wednesday.

    Keeping the “We” in Yes, We Can.


  122. Thanks Whirled Peas …COL it is really hard for me to comprehend as these days begin that we are going to have, that we have chosen, such an inspirational leader for our country….very moving.As Helen has written-we have alot of work to do. A.


  123. Whew have not read the blogs since Saturday and Wow! You all have been so busy!

    Great information that I am collecting. Getting ready to head out to work at our food bank today and then meet with friends to create a list for packages to the Villages.

    I saw the Costco thread Greytdog and am curious about it. I do have a Costco card and would love to use it. My question is can they ship to the remote areas?

    Will be checking back later today!

    Pi you are a wonder!

    smteaches you can pack a package like no one I know! Great ideas!

    JuneauJoe thank you for keeping us updated!

    Ann wonderful making contacts where you can!

    I am going to pull the Food Lifeline cord again today and see if anyone is in their offices. Fingers crossed.


  124. Barack Obama Inauguration Speech

    In front of the Lincoln Memorial ~ 01/18/20009



  125. This might work if you are planning an aid drive through your local church, pta,Aunt’s bridge club,y etc.All the best…y’all.


  126. So…. Angel Flights is a volunteer organization of owner pilots that use their planes for medical and humanitarianflights. They go a long distance by coordinating flights. For ex. LA to Sacrimento. Next pilot-Sacremento to Portland. Next to Seattle etc. They do the coordinating. Therefore, if a community can do a food aid drive of not huge proportions they might be able to coordinate with Angel flights for the transport. Iam sure that different orgs. will give different responses re. participating. It is a possibility worth investigating


  127. Lisa- what you describe sounds so encouraging! Do you think that your daughter and her friends would like to help the rural people of the YukonDelta!For ex.she and her friends could go on line with some of the links posted here and learn about these villages and their need, correspond and gather needed items from your community, send it etc. and help and learn.


  128. My 17 yr old daughter is elated over Obama. She goes to a school that is, well let’s face it, it is a redneck school that does not take kindly to blacks. Thank goodness she was raised to not see color. But the thing that I want to say is that there are many many students at that high school that are excited about Obama too. These are diehard rednecks that wouldn’t have given a black person the time of day in most cases. Now, it isn’t all of the students that are prejeduce (ex sp) mind you, but the majority are. Point being that even in this school of teenager who aren’t usually so fast to be open to change, are changing their minds than when he was first elected. On Nov 5th, in their immature minds, they were making crude comments about what should be done. Now they are excited. I find this very encouraging. Perhaps the young people everywhere will starte to believe there is indeed hope.


  129. ‘I Have A Dream’

    PEACE ~ Δ


  130. As usual Helen, you are right on

    “just maybe, Congress needs to sit down, shut up and start trying to work together with the President and finally lead our nation into the 21st century as the beacon of hope it could and should be in the world.”

    Of course that’s what we thought was going to happen in 2006!!

    MLK Day, a Day of Service and the M&H community is on the band wagon.


  131. I will call the communities on the map today. For flight info.* AngelflightsWest. website. Pilots who fly humanitarian missions for free. Someone who has the big picture should contact them and explain the plan for transport of aid. Being unfamiliar with Alaska I cannot do it. So How do they get the aid and where do they take it? Alaskan, AlaskaPi, Juneau Joe, Ann Strongheart….? BTW: I did contact Rabbi and Rebbitzen Greenberg in Fairbanks to help…..oops gotta go…be back to explain my idea .


  132. xoxo helen. Love your posts! Spot on.
    January 20th can’t come soon enough.


  133. Honalulu Sally said:

    And the Bush lovers are talking about how dare Obama compare himself to Lincoln because Lincoln was a REpublican.


    Sally, I know what you are saying and agree, but let’s not forget that back in Lincoln’s day, the Republican party resembled more what the Democrats are today, so Obama has every right to compare himself to Lincoln, not the dreaded W! Wouldn’t you agree?



  134. Big Slick-

    Man you are fast- chasing you cross 2 blogs and all round the mudflats forum thread has bout done me in.

    Go there-

    All village corp offices are listed with phone numbers. Calista site has a map which shows villages in that area.

    I’m going to bed- this last race has done me in@


  135. We need more addresses to send food to distressed communities. So far I only have seen two — there’s gotta be more.

    The communities are out there, but we on the blogosphere don’t have the addresses gathered in one easy-access place yet, do we?

    Can anyone local contact this organization and ask them for contacts in the hardest hit communities so we bloggers can bypass their slow-ass bureaucracy?

    If they complain and ask for money for their Board of Directors to spend on a fundraising lunch next fall, then loudly tell them they either need to lead, follow, or get the f**k outta the way? And by “getting the f**k outta the way” I mean coughing up good addresses and phone numbers and standing aside so we can contact people to confirm their situation and send food directly to where it is really needed.

    Can we make a difference? Yes We Can!


  136. Please find it in your hearts to send donations of food or funds designated towards purchasing heating fuel for the thousands of people in villages across rural Alaska. These people have been pleading for help from their Governor, Sarah Palin, for state emergency relief. There are people freezing and starving to death, but Sarah Palin has turned a deaf ear, refusing to declare a State of Emergency after being warned time and again over the past 18 months that this disaster was slowly unfolding. Instead, Sarah Palin would rather let people die than lose face and admit the emergency took place on her watch while she was bein’ all mavericky tryin’ to get elected to inherit the Presidency after

    If you are sending food, I suggest some that I know are good for emergency survival rations and cheaper on shipping due to lightweight packaging:

    Freeze-dried fruit
    Beef jerkey (squid jerkey is an excellent subsitute and very cheap in larger metro-area Asian markets)
    Powdered drink mixes with Vitamin C and/or D
    Sunflower seeds (no shells)
    Popcorn seeds (old-fashioned, not microwave stuff)
    Lentils (they keep longest of the legumes)

    If you are sending anything that is remotely breakable, instead of styrofoam or plastic wrap, use bags of marshmallows…..or disposable diapers.

    All of the above you can buy in bulk at Costco or some other warehouse store. Simple foods are by far the best.

    Information from two of these villages on where/what to send can be found at:

    Click to access EmmonakVillageAid.pdf

    Ohogamiut Traditional Council (OTC)
    Nick P. Andrew, Jr., Tribal Administrator
    P.O. Box 49, Marshall, AK 99585
    Phone: (907) 679-6517/6598
    Fax: (907) 679-6516,5683.msg52202.html#msg52202

    Ann Strongheart
    Nunam Iqua Program for Youth
    c/o City of Nunam Iqua
    101 Mudd Street
    P.O. Box 26
    Nunam Iqua, AK 99666


  137. Anyone who is interested in the crisis on the Yukon Delta:
    On Mudflats’ current thread, mudpups are posting addresses and phone numbers to call. As of now, there does not seem to be a central organization coordinating relief, but there is a new post about helping with utility bills.
    Dennis Zaki made it out of Anchorage to Bethel, and he is getting ready to go to Emmonak to film about their plight.
    Several of us are collecting/buying food/supplies to send via USPS Flat Rate boxes to Calista, for distribution. I think Tundra Drums has a list of stuff needed- this is my MLK Day of Service project, and I’ve coerced several buddies to do it also.

    Helen, thanks for you insightful words and for allowing us to pass on information from Mudflats. I am working tomorrow- oops, today- and Tuesday I’ll put my feet up with a bowl of steak soup and watch history happen. Then Wednesday- no shopping, just rolling up my sleeves…


  138. Yes, delaney55, but David Letterman will be a bit short on material for his “Great Presidential Moments” segments. GW Bush was the best material he ever had, and he was a constant source of gaffs, wrong words, pauses, mispronounciations and dumbfoundedness.

    It will be a wonderful change to not have a President that is ridiculed or the justifiable butt of jokes.


  139. It will be such a nice change to hear a President once again speak intelligently after 8yrs of an idiot speaking. I am looking forward to seeing Obama taking over and moving forward.


  140. […] and Helen again Published January 19, 2009 Politics I swear, these ladies know better than most “experts” what is wrong and why. Maybe there is something to that […]


  141. Karen: Bush was comparing himself to Lincoln saying that they both had tough decisions to make and were brave enough to make them. Well, I almost choked when he said that, because every decision he made, he made the mess himself. Hardly the case with Lincoln. Lincoln brought the country together, Bush is the most divisive president I have ever seen or read about. But… I saw a great picture of trucks in front of the White House loading up the Bush’s stuff and it made me very hopeful.


  142. JuneauJoe-

    I have to be at work a few mins after 7 AM Tuesday. If you get time going to or away from the event- stop in the only good hardware in town… We are downtown .
    I’m hoping I can get the boss to let me watch-while-i-work on internet as AnnΔ suggested.

    The word is spreading but not fast enough. It is not good anywhere out there.
    Folks here have already done so much and more in the works in stae but I wish info was easier to get and co-ordinate.
    Getting whiny- don’t wanna be like gov Blamehouse . EEK !


  143. The only solace in all this chaos is knowing that “No Drama Obama” will do what he has to do to get things done.

    We actually had Bill Kristol commenting today on ABC’s This Week that:

    >>>>”Cool, calm, confident. He was like talking to a very intelligent, moderately liberal law professor, you know, debating a bunch of issues.”<<<<<<

    If Obama can get this neocon jackass on his side then the rest will be easy. We finally have an adult in charge of the country again and boy does it feel good.

    Great Job Helen.. God Bless America


  144. Alaska Pi: Yes, I did see Pamyua when they were in Juneau. They are truly amazing and they were in one of the Obama events.

    I just heard that more villages than just the Lower Yukon are not doing well. Not a lot of details but from a reliable source who knows.

    Helen, Thanks for your wisdom. It is time to get rid of the old and worthless and bring on the new.
    President Obama will have a tough job but I am very hopeful and appreciative of having a President with his mental and verbal abilities. We need to get the Rhinestone Cowboy atmosphere out of DC and move on to improve the realities which we, the everyday people, face.

    Alaska Pi – You going to the event Tues AM?
    I think I will be there for about an hour, maybe we could meet up?


  145. Helen!

    Just because Fox is there, doesn’t mean you have to pay attention to it! Don’t turn it on my wonderful Helen! (I know, I know, but then, what would you write about?)

    With warmest regards,


  146. The media here in Chicago is too busy interviewing Michelle Obama’s hairdresser, and the children’s hairdressers. (What kids have their own hair dressers?) They are also too busy sending reporters out to every restaurant the Obama’s have ever been too in Chicago. Oh and the best one? That was when our local paper reported how our newest pizza joint (50 miles from downtown Chicago) made 70-80 pizzas for some party for Obama after the election win.

    Who cares where than man and his wife eats? WHY is this newsworthy?


  147. I agree with everything you say most times Helen but, to call this presidency an 8 year fraternity party is going a little extreme and also giving the Bush years more credit than what they deserve…

    Heres why:

    Fraternity parties are fun events in which everyone in attendance is pretty much drinking and being merry for free. In no possible way could the last 8 years with Bush being the president would I ever consider it to be fun. In no way was the Iraq war free!!! Bush hasn’t paid for my beer the past 8 years… instead he taketh for his nifty little war in Iraq!!!

    The only comparison I draw to a fraternity party would be the metaphor of the little innocent virgin naive freshman schoolgirl going to her first frat party and all the immature drunk frat boys taking advantage of her… Only our country was the innocent virgin naive schoolgirl who didn’t seem to learn a lesson the first time around and had to go back to the same “frat” and experience it again!!!! And just like that naive little schoolgirl, our country got effed big time (insert the obvious word for effed)…..

    Granted not all of us were naive! I am sure most of the people that read your blog Helen would not vote for a guy like Bush (or a dingbat like Palin) if our lives depended on it!!! I wasn’t quite old enough in 2000 to vote yet and in 2004 I voted for Kerry! However what was it… 50-something-% give or take were stupid enough to vote for Bush each time??? That worries me about a lot of things in society!

    take care Helen and I hope Howard is feeling better!


  148. Helen-
    I’m rooting around trying to find one of the many letters I wrote but did not send to my Congress folk the last few years. I never got an answer to the ones I did send , so maybe I should have sent the one which started:

    Dear ( my Congressfolk)-
    I have never in my life written a blank check.
    I am more than mildly appalled that you feel comfortable doing so with but a cursory examination of the merchandise these folks are peddling…

    Oh cool , you brought Pamyua to the pre-inaugural party! Almost posted that link a couple days ago but with dial up I didn’t know if video did them justice. Ever hear them perform? Blow your shorts off ! To-ing and fro-ing from unbelievable acapella harmonies with the old songs of their people and going off into new land with the band behind them.

    We are almost there.
    Mrs Obama could wear her jammies and look like the queen she is. Who cares what she wears? It’s the grace and intelligence that radiates from her that I see.
    Mr Obama deserves , at the very minimum, the courtesy of some mea culpas from the rat pack over in the Congress . Some of em got shown the door recently but the remaining ones who put their lil Xs on the dotted line to sell us down the river need to be put on notice. This phony and illegal war was used as an excuse to expand the Executive Branch almost beyond reach of anyone…
    The “check and balance” part of Congress’ duties turned into something more like endless-checks-written-against-a-negative-balance.

    Oh jeez- I need to go do the breathing thingy…


  149. Amen!!!! Amen!!! As to Michelle’s dress, the gashion police is going to be watching her as they do all the first ladies. I think she will do fine and Sasha and Malia always look darling.


  150. Right on again, Helen!

    You may know that we have been running a campaign here to get help to people in Alaska who have practically no food or fuel.

    The more we are learning about the Alaskan situation, the greater the magnitude of the problem becomes. There are such long-standing ignored and neglected problems. Looks like these are some more issues that we will have to stay on top of. We can no longer let anybody get away with the tired old tactic of, “blaming slavery on the slaves.”

    I’m getting dizzy trying to keep track of all the tips (some I can use myself in some instances!). I like your idea, Greytdog, of getting Costco involved. Please follow up and let us know. They know how to move goods around so very efficiently and cheaply.

    I think if all of a sudden our duly elected representatives and the TV networks, INCLUDING Fox, start getting an Alaskan type blizzard of letters and e mails from the not-so-anonymous-bloggers, they might just have to sit up and take notice.

    Here’s another idea. How about EXXON? Anybody know its corporate address? EVERYBODY remembers the public relations black eye of the Exxon Valdez. Maybe they could be, ahem, persuaded to pony up a hefty DONATION (tax deductible of course) of fuel delivered directly to the area and polish up their tarnished image a bit. They have the equipment and expertise to do it.

    Over time, the results could be two fold:

    1. The people could be helped immeasurable to get back on their feet and improve their lives.

    2. The utter incompetence of the Alaskan governor would be exposed. It should put
    The kibosh on her political ambitions once and for all! The RNC would have to drop her like a hot potato! Heh. Heh. Heh. Remember the old saw? “Don’t get mad, get even!!!”

    We visited Alaska a number of years ago. SPECTACULAR BEAUTY of the mountains and valleys everywhere. The people we met were so very warm, GENTLE and kind. We happened to be in the Inside Passage at the instant when a huge chunk of glacier ‘calved’, that is, slid quietly into the water. They said was about the size of a 5-6 story building! But the most fun was watching the sea otters cavorting around and swimming merrily on their backs. Beautiful memories of Alaska.

    Last night I finished reading the Durant’s “Age of Napoleon”. Here are some quotes I want to share with you that I think are profound:

    “Truth is seldom simple. Often it has a right hand, a left hand and moves on two feet.”

    “…….Self preservation remains the basic law of life.”

    “…….Within that limit, the philosopher may seek to practice his trade which is to understand and forgive.”

    I guess I will never be a very good philosopher. As we bid a not so fond ‘adieu’ to the Bush Administration, I cannot forgive the cold and calculating malice that Cheney projected. Brrrrrrrr! MAYBE in time I can forgive the STUPIDITY of Bush. We are all ignorant of many things. But if I can help it, I will not be so stupid as to let a fool be in a position of power to be the ‘decider’ again!

    We are emptying out the trash (metaphorically speaking of course) of the old administration in Washington now and putting it in the dumpster. Do you too have a landfill problem where you live?




  151. Thanks Helen!

    I still cannot understand how it happened. But we started a war in Iraq with almost all of congress approving, and the mainstream media blessed it. There were almost no dissents. Fear had this country in its grip! I kept saying to myself, we were going to wake up before it was too late, but we did not. The day before we went to Iraq, I was filled with the worst forebodding. I knew it was going to be a very arduous undertaking.

    Hopefully, this was a hard lesson learned. Hopefully, Tuesday will be a new beginning for all of us. Hopefully, congress will react when another president tries to steer us in a direction that would be detrimental to our nation’s well-being. I wish Mr. Obama well.


  152. Hey, infmom, I resemble that comment about Irish idiots! ;>


  153. Thank you Helen – you give me hope for other generations of fellow Americans!


  154. Great post as always, Helen. I can hardly wait for the Great Day to happen. I can hardly wait to see the back end of the Ass of America. I can hardly wait to roll up my sleeves and resume working for the good of EVERYONE. Yes, We Can and Yes, We Will!

    Take care of yourself and Harold. And here’s a toast to a new America, new Beginnings, and Hope for the Future!


  155. I hope everyone will watch the inaugural concert, free on HBO tonight. What an amazing assemblage of proud Americans (and a bunch of Irish idiots, but them’s the breaks). 🙂


  156. The only way that Bush is in the same league with Lincoln is that they are were both Republican Presidents. Lincoln was the first and, at this point anyway, Bush is the last.

    But, of course, the Republican party of 2009 is not the Republican party of 1861 and Lincoln followed one president who may have been worse than Bush.


  157. AnnΔ — the friend I have who owns the planes is located in the west. It’s not a commercial airline, though, that’s why I asked if she could help. I don’t feel right giving too many details about her business without her permission, or until I hear from her, but I have some more ideas that I’ll share asap. We have to make sure we get owners, because pilots may want to help but if they don’t own the planes, they might not be able.
    My late brother used to fly CARGO all up and down the west coast, the whole north America coast, and the Pacific. I don’t know the name of the company he worked for at that time, but I know there’s a couple companies out there. I’ll see if I can find out any names of any of those companies. But go ahead and post at mudflats, whatever we can get, whoever will help…….


  158. Karen,

    The Bush compared himSELF to Lincoln. He said something about Lincoln being the 16th(?) president and he being the 43rd president having the same kind of problems with popularity. I really didn’t get the connection, but then, that was Bush talking, and he’s a hard one to follow when he’s talking. He is like dandruff – makes you have to scratch your head.

    And the Bush lovers are talking about how dare Obama compare himself to Lincoln because Lincoln was a REpublican.

    Bush lovers – you have to give them some credit. It’s the blind following the dumb. (snap!)


  159. Heard about this on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, and found the text on the Huffington Post site.

    “The White House had high expectations for yesterday’s final, historic news conference. “ONE CORRESPONDENT PER ORGANIZATION,” proclaimed the bulletin sent to reporters. “STANDING ROOM ONLY FOR NON-SEAT HOLDERS.” But when the appointed hour of 9:15 a.m. arrived, the last two rows in the seven-row briefing room were empty, and a press aide told White House interns to fill those seats.”


  160. I had to add a few more visual digs at the outgoing fool after hearing his pathetic comments on his “actions” following Katrina.

    And hopefully Ann Coulter’s press junket is winding down. When I look in the bathroom mirror in the morning and moan, I then think of how the sight of Ann Coulter freaks me out, and I feel much better.


  161. Helen I have to disagree you with on anyone comparing Bush to Lincoln. I have been watching the news a lot over the last several months (make that several years) and I have not hear one talking head make that comparison. I do agree with everything else you have had to say. Congress has been a major problem as well in the last 8 years. That business with the blank check is beyond believe – why were there no strings attached – where did the money go? We will most likely never find out. Yes less could be said about the wardrobe of Michelle and the girls but media is the media and people will be watching to see if the outfit is perfect, if it looks great or not great and really who the hell cares — I guess a lot of people seeing as things like that are constantly reported.


  162. Oh, but that woman knows how to wear a dress!

    And, yes, we’re celebrating here all right…we need that right now.


  163. Yes, Helen, please stop watching so much tv. We got rid of our 400 channels of garbage, and guess what….. I don’t miss any of it. Get your news from the web. There’s a lot of great places to check out, like to see what’s really happening.
    And, on top of that, this is the place where real change is actually in the works. The terrible “anonymous bloggers” on this site are working together to find solutions. This bunch of old broads and all the rest are going to make a bigger, quicker impact than the govt ever thought of. And even on top of that, where else are you going to get recipes as fabulous as all these? My God, I can’t keep up with all this good stuff. Wednesday will be a glorious day, but we’ve already gotten started.
    Helen, how’s Harold feeling?


  164. Well Helen we are really working hard…even before Wednesday! There is a group of Pilots that fly missions to help sick people that cannot fly commercial…They call it Angel Flights. I know they are on the east coast. Perhaps someone knows a non commercial pilot on the west coast to find out about it- Angel Flights. Also I have been checking the map of rural Alaska communities. It would be possible to make a list and call to see if there is a need for aid.However it might be more efficient to post on mudflats a query to rural communities regarding the need for aid. Helen, I hope you would not mind if they contacted us here. I want feedback before I go to mudflats. Or someone else can take action.


  165. Eight-year fraternity party is right! Except, in the middle of all that mindless partying Bush, Cheney & Co. have engaged in, thousands of innocent Iraqis and over 4,200 of our precious American lives were lost. 39+ hours and counting…


  166. Yes and Thank You Helen! I will celebrate with Portuguese Bean Soup on Tuesday, and take to heart and action on Wednesday the work we all need to do.

    I think those dinosaurs in Congress need to go get a job and get out already. Do you realize they “retire” with really big bucks (and health care for life), the more perks the longer they are in. Don’t know if they can handle a smart youngster leading them, they might pop a fart everytime he tells them to get on the ball.

    I shouldn’t watch tv either, but I do check in on the Fox network, and now they are all blathering the same thing – how Bush kept America safe. Yeah, right.

    Hope Harold is all well, and thank you for your wisdom.



  167. here is a link to Pamyua – the Native Alaska/Greenland group. There are other Eskimo songs and dances on YouTube.


  168. Amen, Mrs. Philpot! As always you have your finger planted firmly on the pulse of rational America.

    A quote comes to mind: “At last our national nightmare is over…”

    Our nightmare may be almost over, but you’re right, the hard part still lies ahead: the part about putting our country back together again. President Obama will need the support and cooperation of every one of us… and a whole lot of luck to boot.

    Thank you for your blog.


  169. Yikes! Iam 1st! Great post Helen


  170. Amen! I mean it. Really.



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