Posted by: Helen Philpot | March 19, 2009

We Have A Dream

I made the mistake of listening to Rush today.  I tuned in just long enough to hear him complaining about Barney Frank wanting the names of the AIG executives who received bonuses.  According to Rush, the government is getting out of control.  Can you believe that bullshit?  Just exactly where was Rush when the Bush administration was listening in on the private conversations of millions of Americans?  I would imagine selective memory works well for Rush considering he selects to use his brain as sparingly as possible.

Margaret, I have been having that dream again – the one that involves about 14 million Republicans falling off a cliff… followed by 14 million Democrats.  Lately it also involves a boiling vat of oil for some executives from AIG – but that story is for another day…

It may seem like an odd dream, but each night when I go to bed after watching the news I can’t help but think  about how much we could get done if we didn’t have to deal with the extremes in both parties.  Those of us remaining could probably get along quite well without the distractions from those on the far right in Limbaugh Land and those on the far left in Lah Lah Land.

If it were up to just those of us who are truly in the middle – the purple people as I like to call them – I am pretty sure we could form a more perfect union.  Because when you think about  it, all that is wrong with this country can probably be solved with a little common sense.

On that note, Margaret and I have come up with a few concepts we think most everyone could get behind if  that fat ass Rush wasn’t blocking the view:

HELEN:  We want the best healthcare system in the world, but we don’t want it to be the most expensive.  

MARGARET:  When we say healthcare we mean Vision Care too.  Howard says if I turn the coffee maker on one more time without the pot in place he is going to trade me in.  

HELEN: We want everyone to have access to healthcare when they need it, but we don’t expect everyone to live forever.  Eventually you get old and die.  

MARGARET:  And die we will.  I just hope I’m not at the grocery store when my time comes.  That would be just embarrassing.  

HELEN:  No child should go to bed hungry and no parent with a sick child should have to worry about not having health insurance.  

MARGARET: And no child should ever play with plastic wrap.  It is not a toy.  

HELEN:  The elderly should never have to choose between buying food and paying for medicine.

MARGARET:  Don’t take your prescriptions on an empty stomach unless the bottle tells you otherwise.

HELEN:  Euthanasia.  If it’s good enough for a dog, then it’s good enough for me.  Certainly it’s good enough for Mr. Limbaugh.  

MARGARET:  Dogs are people too.  

HELEN:  The tax on cigarettes should be about $10… per cigarette.  

MARGARET:  I think smokers should have to smoke the entire cigarette…or eat their butts.  

HELEN: Larry King really should go back to radio.  

MARGARET: Larry King really should be dead by now.  

HELEN:  Religion has no place in politics and politics has no place in the bedroom.

MARGARET:  But a bedroom full of religious politicians is an Ass Hat Convention waiting to happen!  

HELEN:  Honestly, why is your neighbor’s bedroom any of your business?

MARGARET: Make your bed every day.

HELEN: When I call an American company and ask to speak to the help desk, that desk should be in America damn it.

MARGARET: When I call my neighbor Bernice even though her name is Lucille, she shouldn’t get all upset about it.  I’m old.  It happens.  

HELEN: We should support the troops before, during and especially after the war, but war really should be the last resort and our military really should be a reflection of the general population rather than an extension of the poorest among us.  

MARGARET:  Saying we support the troops and actually lifting the troops are two different things.

HELEN: If war is your answer, then you were obviously too stupid to answer the question.

MARGARET: Stay in school.

HELEN:  I spanked my children.  They do not spank their children.  Eventually one of us is going to be proved right.

MARGARET: Watch your children… especially when visiting the home of someone without children.

HELEN:  To all the young people out there.  The only way to guarantee that you won’t get pregnant is not to have sex.  But if you are going to have sex and don’t want to get pregnant, use protection.  Honestly, it’s not that difficult to understand.

MARGARET:   Wear a seat belt even if you are just going to the store.  Most accidents happen within 5 miles of home.

HELEN:  If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one.

MARGARET:  Oh honey.  Don’t go there.  It brings the crazies out.

HELEN:  If you want to save marriage pass a law banning divorce.

MARGARET:  Marry the one you want and want the one you married.  Or something like that.

HELEN:  You can give me your educated opinion on when life begins after you have personally experienced when life ends.

MARGARET:  That’s it.  Here come the crazies.

HELEN:  If a big footed bitch, a pitt bull in lipstick, and a fat moron with a microphone are your party leaders, the party is over.

MARGARET:  When hosting a dinner party remember your alphabet:  Fork then Knife then Spoon – F, K then S.  Unless you have an oyster fork… then it gets tricky.

HELEN:  At the intersection of all the major world religions, you will find the Golden Rule.  It’s a place where you will never run into Limbaugh, Coulter or Palin.  We all should have directions to that intersection.

MARGARET:  I think that concludes this little episode.

Now Margaret and I both know that no one has all the answers and no one is ever right 100% of the time.  In the case of Rush Limbaugh, we just wish he was right at least 10% of the time, but the years of abusing donuts and OxyContin seem to have fried his brains. 

Surely some of you good people out there have your own common sense remedies for this mess.   Why not share them for all of us to enjoy.  But beware, Ditto Heads will be dealt with in short order.  We mean it.  Really.


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  6. My advice: Think before you speak. ESPECIALLY if you’re in the public eye and someone has actually given you a forum to present your thoughts. Think about the possibility of what you’re about to say being broadcast repeatedly on television, radio, and the internet for years and years to come. If the idea makes you cringe, then sit down and shut the hell up! (Rush, Sarah, Ann….are you listening?)


  7. HELEN: When I call an American company and ask to speak to the help desk, that desk should be in America damn it.

    Just because the person answering the phone doesn’t speak English the same way you speak English doesn’t mean they aren’t in America.


  8. There are over 500 comments, so I apologize if I’m stealing someone else’s already posted joke.

    So, Helen, does that make Rush Limbaugh a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater?

    Sometime I crack myself up!

    I just discovered your blog this week and am thoroughly enjoying reading your back posts. Keep up the excellent writing!


  9. Wonderful! And completely spot on! You should be advising President Obama!

    My personal commonsense advice: Moderation in all things.

    Keep on blogging, ladies! The Purple Party needs more like you!


  10. Further to Helen’s comment about the fact that the help desk company should be in AMERICA (which I totally agree with), I also think that when we call a company to ask for help, I do NOT believe there should be an option to speak Spanish. While there is not an official language for America, I believe it is common knowledge that we speak ENGLISH – most countries will only let you move in if you pass some sort of language test. I am as liberal as they probably come, but I do not appreciate having to press a button to get to speak to my native language, which is ENGLISH.


  11. Here is a petition to tell Norm Coleman to concede to Al Franken. Norm is making a fool of himself and the GOP.


  12. O’reilly really must know that he is a lying scumbag!

    How Billo is able to say his crap without laughing is amazing to me. Honestly, Fox has better fake news than the Daily Show.


  13. Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous!


  14. I’ve added this blog to my favorites. Your writing is refreshing, funny and real.
    Thank you!


  15. Thanks elsie09. for the volocano update.

    Whirled Peas A. I “think” so. My wife is a teacher, and we agree about prioritizing education. But education won’t help some poor shulb like me. I have a MA with thesis and 9 hours toward a PHD, and I still don’t spell well. Do you think my spelling will improve if I change my political affiliation? Would the Democrats take an X if I forgot how to spell my name?

    It is a beautiful day with huge half dollar sized snow flakes cutting the visibility to a half mile and
    dusting the ground white.

    Even better, we still have a net worth. The farmer who was ahead of me joked “I guess I’m in business for another year.” Our banker and I visited about the economy. I mentioned ACORN and government pressure on banks to loan to poor people. He said officials from two agencies inspected their books and one told them his bank had to loan more money to the poor. The other said he was all right. The banker said they were putting him in a catch 22.

    Who was he supposed to obey? They worked it out somehow. Our banker said another in our county seat told the officials to go where it was hot, because he knew better who could repay their loans than people from the government. They threatened to take him to Omaha and start proceedings to have him removed. These are small town, not city bankers. Our entire county has only about four traffic lights.


  16. Quoting James @ 6:47a

    “However, I thought I would barf if I heard her say “maveric” one more time.

    I misspelled “Katie” earlier.”

    That’s OK James, we understand. The ‘crowd’ at the GOP convention couldn’t spell either.

    Nothing personal James. 😉

    It’s just a fine example that maybe we oughta be prioritizing education…

    Ya think?

    PEACE ~ Δ


    New blog from H&M!!!!


  18. I find it incredible that a Chevron tank farm containing 6,000,000 gallons of crude oil lies in the path of an active volcano. Who okayed THAT?

    For the moment, the Alaska Volcano Observatory has moved one notch off its “red alert” down to “orange”.


    On its 20th anniversary, we all relive the human and environmental tragedy that was the Exxon Valdez oil spill. But today, right now, Alaska faces down another threat that could devastate a $1.5 billion annual salmon fishery, endangered beluga whales, and coastline communities in the most densely populated area of Alaska, from Kodiak to the Kenai Peninsula, to Anchorage, and beyond.

    Mt. Redoubt, a volcano which has awakened from slumber after a 20 year period of dormancy, has been erupting for the last few days, shooting ash plumes more than 9 miles into the atmosphere. Lahars (slides of mud, and volcanic debris) are flowing down its flanks in the direction of the shoreline where Drift River feeds into Cook Inlet. This would normally not be an issue of concern. The area is basically unpopulated, and the “Ring of Fire” has been having its way with this area of the world for a very long time. With the exception of some interrupted airline traffic, and 1/4 inch of ash deposited on a few small communities in the Susitna Valley to the north, the volcano hasn’t had much impact so far.

    The problem comes when you take into consideration that between these lahars, which are filled with train car sized chunks of rock and ice, barreling down the flanks of Redoubt on the one side, and the point at which the Drift River meets the pristine waters of Cook Inlet on the other side is a tank farm. The tank farm is owned by Chevron, and two of the seven tanks contain, at this moment, 6 million gallons of crude oil perched, as it were, between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. And the Devil ain’t done yet.

    So far, Chevron and local media sources are reporting that the tanks “were successfully protected.” Past tense. By “successfully protected,” Chevron and the media lead us to believe that this is all over. After the near catastrophe at the tank farm in 1989 when Redoubt last erupted, containment walls were built around the tanks, and they have held so far. But, bear in mind, that volcanic eruptions are not predictable things. There have been six major eruptions in the last three days, and the Alaska Volcano Observatory shows Redoubt at “code red,” which is just what it sounds like. A major eruption could be imminent.

    Photos released by Chevron and a video available on Alaska’s KTUU confirm that the volcanic debris has breached the first containment wall, caused significant damage to buildings at the facility, and that there are incursions into the secondary diking system. It doesn’t take a geologist, or a petroleum engineer, or a vulcanologist to look at the pictures and see that another major lahar means we’re in trouble…

    You can read the complete article at the link above. And click on the links included in the article to begin to get the real picture of just how incredibly dangerous this situation remains.


  19. I don’t know.

    I know our banker is smarter. As far as it affects our lives, there is no contest.

    Our banker told me not to change the estimated value of our farm land when prices soared. I followed his advice, and now that land prices have fallen an average of 7% this year we look pretty good. I will be discussing our net worth statement with the bank at 10 AM. Unlike some farmers who priced their land at the market rate, our net worth has risen this year. Hooray for us! Banks loan money based on perceived ability to pay.


  20. Palin and her maverics….

    Just wonder why I wonder who is smarter….?


  21. I saw a clip of Sarah Palin’s speaking badly when she was campaigning. On her good days, she does very well. However, I thought I would barf if I heard her say “maveric” one more time.

    I misspelled “Katie” earlier.


  22. Bush can speak Spanish, and I wonder if it was his first language. Even Rush Limbaugh has made fun of his mistakes. I read that George Bush the elder cried when Jeb said he probably wouldn’t want to run for president, and maybe it was because Jeb was the one the family expected to become chief executive. He was the “good son” Bush was the foul up.

    A Time. Thanks. My wife and 24 other people inherited an annuity from her father’s cousin and she and her sisters are supposed to choose selected items from the house. That was complicated because my wife and her two sisters had to discover how many of the 24 were still alive. The sisters will split the proceeds from the household goods auction. Getting the sisters together has been another chore because of their schedules and the exectuter’s time.

    I’d love to catch one of those fine acts. We need to drive up there sometime. I gave my father 24 hour care before he died. I had to farm at night when the family was home and on weekends. My wife had to be at school to prepare for the next semester, and she sent me and the kids away because she knew we needed it.

    Our car broke down in Minneapolis, and mechanics couldn’t find what was wrong with it. As a result, our teen aged daughter and son and I were “trapped” at Mall of America for four days. We mapped out the territory and toured a section a day with a break for a movie. A mechanic told me about the wonderful performers in the city.

    Being with two teenagers was fun. Our daughter wrote on the motel critrique card complaining that the complementary television was bolted to the wall.

    My wife agreed we should buy another car if I thought we ought to. The mechanics told us they would keep checking and gave us a loaner car to get home so the children could get to school. It was supposed to something late model, but due to a mistake, we got a 1977 car wide tail fins and few shock absorbers. It was like driving a boat through rush hour traffic. The mechanic said he thought we would make it OK.

    The children and I did our laundry and got home. I told her I had taken her advice and bought another car. The children had a problem keeping from laughing. When my wife saw the car, she nearly fainted.

    The next weekend, we drove back to Minneapolis to get our then repaired car, and we showed my wife around the Mall of America. She was scared as we drove through a thunderstorm and worried that the loaner car wouldn’t make it back. That misadventure was the most fun the children and I had had in a long time. My wife was too worried about the car.

    My wife waited nine years until someone stole and totaled our car. She came home with a car she said she had purchased, though it was really one a teacher had loaned her. That was her revenge for my telling her we had purchased the loaner car.

    Our niece is an opthomologist in Minneapolis wouldn’t it be something if you were one of her patients?


  23. speaking of inept, there is an article on the CNN political ticker about Palin’s recent speech. Unbelievable how little insight the woman has.


  24. I think even without any teleprompters, Obama would be hard pressed to top Bush with the verbal acrobatics, like “strategery”, “misunderestimate,” and “it’s about past seven in the evening here so we’re actually in different time lines.” There are at least two books worth.


  25. James:

    Yup, Semisonic and many other fine bands/talented musicians hail from here.

    I hope you have a good trip to Rochester. One extra hour and you’d be here…you could go to the Fine Line and catch one of those fine acts!


  26. HoneyJoRumples, there isn’t much left of the poor dead horse. Ha! I like to get in the last word too, but since I am too lazy to repeat myself, I will refer you to what I wrote before.

    I don’t know what Palin and her staff were thinking when she let Katy Curic interview her. Some of the press treated her unfairly, but when Palin talked to Katy, she did it to herself. She behaved like a fool.

    The point of Obama’s using a teleprompter is he is sensitive about it. Obama is a good speaker, but like all politicians, he sometimes trips over his words. Obama’s image is of a man who is above such things. He doesn’t want to make a big mistake, because he knows his critics will mock him as Democrats mocked Bush for his malaproplsms.

    Being educated and well-spoken is certainly an asset, but a politician needs more than that to succeed.

    McCain ran a pathetic campaign. Some of his rallies resembled trips to half empty old folks’ homes until Palin joined the ticket. Even so, her Obama like charisma might have won the election had the economic collapse waited until after the election.


  27. The idea of Palin GINOwaould des troy ANY of that beautiful country is a nightare to me and I am sure many of Alaskans.

    So what if Obama uses a teleprompter. Some one who is well educated and can speak in complete grammatical sentences must scare the
    h**l out of some/ I never heard much from McMcai/Palin except scare tactics.l


  28. That’s ok James. I can be quirky too, and one of my biggest quirks is that I very much enjoy having the last word!

    The Katie Couric interview is the one that got the most attention regarding the media and how it treated her. but Katie didn’t attack her or go out of her way to make her look bad. She merely asked her tough questions that should have been asked of any moninee and Palin was simply unequipped to answer them. Instead of taking responsibility for that, Palin played victim and cried “unfair liberal media” and got some people to believe her. I’m just not one of them. And the turkey thing, perhaps that could have been a media set up, though I really don’t think so, but even if it was, if Palin isn’t smart enough to take a look around and say “gee fellahs, interviewing me while I’m here doing the official pardoning of the turkey, and then having a guy chopping turkey heads off in the background probably not such a good idea. We’ll do the rest of the interview over there instead, or we won’t do it.” then how smart could she really have been to handle being second in command?

    Beat that horse baby!


  29. JuneauJoe- I just saw the lat ppart of a TV show called “The Survivor
    of omething like that I think that he said briefly the NW part of Alaska. Anyhow the scenery was b eautiful. Not huard to see why you like it.


  30. HoneyJoRumples, I stand by what I said about the press and Sarah Palin, but I agree with some things you wrote.

    I read the Handmaiden’s Tail. It is a good book.

    McCain is in good health, and his mother is still active. Most in our family live actively to nearly 100. Its in our genes. From that prospective, I gave McCain a good chance for surviving the next four years. Had I believed to the contrary, I would hot have voted for the ticket. Sarah Palin is too conservative for me,, and her resume is pretty thin. Thus my defense of her has been as a person who some of the press treated unfairly and her experience as a chief executive.

    I am frustratingly quirky and my interest comes and goes like turning a switch. From my viewpoint, we have killed the horse and I don’t care any more. The subject bores me now. It won’t later, but it does now.


  31. I have to admit, though, that even though many people, even many people in the black community, find him “old school” at best and incendiary at worst, I still get a kick out of him. He’s passionate and dramatic, and of course accomplishes nothing but preaching to his own choir with his tactics, but I still have not found anything fundamentally untrue about what he says, or what I have read him saying, that’s been in the news. The Tuskegee experiments were horrific and something every American with a conscious should be appalled by, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagisaki and killing over 70,000 innocent Japaneze women and children, poisening their land and fish and leaving radation that caused birth defects 30 years after the fact, was probably overkill. And as PC as I try to be, I also have to agree that Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a dumb broad in that during the election she spoke with the anger and the narrow mindedness and the tacklessnes and the zealousness of a propagandist, a partisan rather than a commentator, and therefore alienated many Obama supporters, and I doubt the new First Lady will stopping by The View again anytime soon while she’s there, and I don’t blame her.


  32. Greytdog,
    Hope all is well with your Mom. Haven’t seen you post lately except for the update. I think it’s great she has her students to watch over her but was wondering if that is where you are.


  33. You’re absolutely right about common sense and you two seem to have truck-loads of it!


  34. I didn’t see anything bitter in Donna’s response as it applied to her either. I saw maybe wrongly that she was offering past hard times to defend Reverend Wright. I was using examples like our friend to show that there is a better way than Reverend Wright’s.

    I agree Obama is a good role model. His life is an inspiration for any of us.

    That doesn’t stop me from criticizing him. It has nothing to do with how I regard him as a person. My main quarrel with Obama is the extra stimulus money he wants to spend and his inexperience. I like much of his foreign policy such as it is at this early date. If he passes his four year probationary period, I might vote for him.


  35. “She was one of us. I could understand her as we did when one of our children’s teacher ran a trap line all winter to get enough muskrats for the fur coat she wanted.

    Were it not for the financial crash, she might have pulled McCain to victory. She was exotic as Obama, so of course the press would pay attention to her. But even then, they sought to destroy her.”

    I also have to strongly disagree with this. The press did not seek to destroy Palin, they sought to vet her. I think she was a breath of fresh air to some, but she inspired great fear in others, like me. Her religous views that are hypocritical at best and that border on unstable, had me sitting up nights envisioning scenes from Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Truthfully, I was considering voting for McCain, at that point I wasn’t entirely convinced Obama was the better choice, until McCain showed such incredibly poor judgment in choosing her for his running mate. As I’ve state before, even my brother couldn’t bring himself to vote for her. He is a card carrying member of the NRA and loves his guns and hasn’t voted for a Democratic president ever, but he’s also a paleontology enthusiast. When I told him she believes that man and dinosaurs lived together on earth 6000 years ago, and that she is a creationist, and that I saw a creationist museum and they had diaramas of cave children playing with T-Rex babies, he said that tore it. He simply couldn’t put anyone that stupid and borderline crazy one 72 year old heartbeat away from being leader of the free world. I thank God every single day so many people agreed with him. If my brother and I were any indication, I think it’s safe to say Palin was a large contributing factor in McCain losing the election.


  36. “Donna, we met a survivor of the death camps for our daughter’s History Day presentation. She had a fifteen minute set piece to tell us, but after I shared some of my service experiences, she decided I could relate to what she had endured. She spoke for over two hours, and I taped the whole thing. She asked for a copy because her children and grand children had never heard the entire story. We became friends and socialized until she died. Our two families still occasionally communicate. She and her family didn’t forget, but they were not bitter. They picked up and remade their lives in positive fashion. ”

    James – I saw nothing bitter in Donna’s post. This surprises some, but Jewish people are not the only people capable of remembering their difficult roots, and never forgetting, lest the past be repeated, but still moving ahead in “positive fashion.” I don’t really think anyone embodies that quite as well as President Obama.


  37. That is my last political post for awhile. I am now more interested in the volcano.

    How big is Mt.Redoubt’s eruption compared to the past? Is the wind blowing ash into rural areas cities and towns? Did the eruption cause any lightning? Roughly how large an area does the damage area cover? How much warning did people have before the mountain blew? Some friends just returned from visiting their son in Anchorage and they said the eruption was expected then.


  38. Sarah Palin’s novelty value is what brought in ratings the same as Obama’s did. That’s what I was trying to say. Both were the most exciting people in the campaign. They were more interesting to people than their voting records.

    I agree “What we see and hear are opinions and pundants, and out and out advocates for the two parties.”

    Yes, Bush used a teleprompter press conferences sometimes , but he used note cards more often, according to a writer at Salon. Mark Impomeni at Political Machine wrote the teleprompter is becoming an issue “because ironically, in trying to blunt his critics, the White house has drawn more attention to the president’s use of the device.”

    I’m splitting hairs with the teleprompter because the White House seems defensive about it.
    A neighbor told me Obama is magnificent to be able to pull so many words from the air as he does. He is good but not that good. That’s probably why Obama would rather we not remember how much he uses one. An apparently extemporaneous performance makes him look even better than he is.

    President Obama’s answers were not as extemporaneous as they appeared. He knew who would be asking questions, and his staff guessed what they would ask. I assume that like any other president, Obama rehearsed answers as he would for a debate. Its what most of us would do in his position.

    I think Minneapolis is close enough for us to be considered neighbors. Wasn’t the group Semisonic from Minneapolis? We have been there several times, and our niece and her husband live there. We will be in Rochester in less than two weeks.


  39. Re the potential Chevron oil-leaks:

    Just 11 days before the Exxon-Valdez-20th- anniversary, another huge oil spill off the coast of Australia:

    We just don’t seem to learn.


  40. Sophronia, I agree with you. I think the ladies are following that old showbiz adage – “always leave them wanting more.” It’s also fun how they post and then let us all just bat stuff around for a while.


  41. Greytdog: I LOVE the news about your mother’s students signing up to “hang” with her so as to provide round-the-clock support. This is the kind of taking-care-of-each-other that needs to become the rule and not the exception!


  42. Mt Redoubt has become a volcano: It has created mud flows which have flooded the Drift River. Chevron has 6 MILLION gallons of crude oil in tanks now being engulfed by mud flows. Mt. Redoubt is 9 miles up river from the Crude oil. WILL THE SALMON AND WILDLIFE GET IT AGAIN?

    We just celebrated 20 years since the Exxon Vadez fiasco.


  43. Well SLP
    (Stupid Lyin’ Palin),

    I liked JuneauJoe’s flagged version very much! The flags just go so nicely with the rest……


  44. I like it that the articles don’t come every day. I think our ladies think before they write. That’s what I like. Quality, not necessarily quantity. Also, having to wait gives each post a certain importance, no?

    James, we just don’t agree on Sarah Palin.

    ‘Nuff said.


  45. Whirled peas
    this one is for you, new version!

    Helpdesk hell,……


  46. Play with us, for us, well please play the play we love so much!!!!

    Talking amongst us is nice, but reading Helen and Margaret is defenitly nicer!

    Pls gals, give in to the pleading!


  47. Holy cats, I am taking over M & H’s blog! Somebody stop me before I get scolded by a newbie who counsels me to start my own. You know what this means, don’t you? We’re all getting antsy waiting for the next flash of brilliance from our Patron Saint of Pie and Political Wisdom!

    Hellllooo-ooo Margaret? Helen? Come out and play with us!


  48. The press concentrated more on Sarah Palin’s novelty value and possible scandals instead of her voting record. Both parties packaged their candidates like bread. It is their job. The press didn’t investigate as well as they should have.


    Bull pucky….. They concentrated on her because she brought in ratings…. She = money…. Please please please do not confuse the issue…. Unfortunately with cable news available 24/7 we have lost the luxury of tuning into 6:00 news to actually SEE the news…. What we see and hear are opinions and pundants and out and out advocates and advisories for the two parties….


  49. And here:


  50. More teleprompter analysis here:


  51. President Obama used a teleprompter for his opening and closing remarks only. All of the answers given in response to reporter’s questions were off-the-cuff. And he is brilliant at thinking on his feet and giving well measured and considered replies. You know they got nuthin’ when this is all his detractors can come up with – and even then they lie by saying the entire press conference was scripted when it wasn’t.

    And to claim that the Bicycle Chief didn’t use teleprompters… not so.

    Here her’s a humorous look at this whole nontroversy:


  52. James please do not confuse politics for policy…. Which in my view, your last post does…?

    They are VERY different animals…


  53. *out


  54. Sophronia, thank you. Yes, I have told versions of my story often. I discussed the war in front of high school and college classes, and talked with a counselor at the Vet Center years ago. He said he was disturbed by what had happened to me and my lack of emotional support. He also said my telling was like watching a rock skip across the water. Most of the locals, even many of my family knew little of my story until recently. I didn’t want them gossiping.

    My emotions are blunted. I have to make an effort to feel much, and where people are concerned, my attention span strays.

    I am nothing special, just a survivor. Life is an adventure, and I enjoy it. For example, the Little Sioux Scout Ranch tornado crossed the edge of our farm, and I think I made the first warning call to the Weather Service twelve minutes before the twister killed four boy scouts and injured many more.

    Instead of retreating the basement, I ran to the front porch to watch the show. When falling a tree in the front yard took down our electric power cable, I wondered if standing there was such a good idea. It illustrates how I regard life.

    The news media only touched on Obama’s superficial history. Few mentioned Obama’s connections with ACORN, his possible motivations for joining Reverend Wright’s church, his staying with the church for twenty years, his dealings with the Rezcos, his friendship with the Ayres which was less casual than the press told us, Obama’s membership in a socialist organization, his trip to Pakistan in the early eighties, Obama’s exaggerating the importance of his Wall Street job, why he did little or no independent writing when he edited the Harvard Law Review, his numerous votes of “present” in the Illinois State legislature, legislators who accused him of taking credit for their bills, Obama’s supporting a partial birth bill in Illinois which even some pro choice advocates considered extreme, Obama’s “gazebo to nowhere,” his work on the Annenburg Challenge, and other committees, the successes and failures of his work as a community organizer, Michelle’s sudden pay raise, or his long term relationship with his teleprompter.

    The press concentrated on his hope and change message. Obama is a good and even inspiring speaker. The press reported more about his hope and change message than on details of Obama’s past. None of his past was especially bad, but it reveals a man different from the image created by superficial advertising. Obama is as liberal at Ted Kennedy, but the press and his staff portrayed him as a pragmatic moderate.

    Warren Buffet, William Buckley’s son, David (?) Brooks, and others have expressed surprise over some of Obamas’ policies. He was not the man they thought they knew.

    The press concentrated more on Sarah Palin’s novelty value and possible scandals instead of her voting record. Both parties packaged their candidates like bread. It is their job. The press didn’t investigate as well as they should have.


  55. Democrat or not……. It’s ok to chat about your point of view…. It is perspective… Plain and simple …. Purple is needed its necessary, along with blue and red….

    A red person is the one who volunteers to police the local carnival, he is the one with the flash light at the corner on halloween night, she is the one who is signing up for vacation bible school…. The democrat is giving money to the halloween–er who come collecting for the homeless, who cares about how much gas they consume, who has the recycle container in front of her house on garbage day…. I’t all good… eh?

    James…. thanks for being the neighbor who points put the crab grass in my lawn… I need you in my life…..


  56. James:

    Well…we’re not *close* neighbors. I’m in Minneapolis. Your talk of Lakota Souix, Native Americans with French names, nearby casinos, Charles Larpenteur, Brule, etc. made me think you were a Dakotan or a Minnesotan.

    But I know your area a little. My best friend grew up in Antia, IA, and I’ve visited there with her. And another dear friend lives in Denison. So let’s call ourselves neighbors, shall we?

    Funny that you’ve been accused of being a closet Democrat. I thought that very thing, but didn’t say it.


  57. I thought I detected the aura of a Cornhusker!!. I lived for over thirty years in Omaha, before hauling my aging bones to Phoenix to warm up. I still miss some of the things about living there, including the throwbacks to The “old” Republican party. There are many Republicans in Nebraska I do admire, Chuck Hagel being one. Must be the cold winters, but Nebraskans THINK!! They don’t, as a rule, follow blindly behind when politicians spout drivel. I am proud of those years for Democrats, too. We had some real giants, like Bob Kerrey and Ed Zorinsky. Nice to see some things haven’t changed, james


  58. BTW Will someone write what us purple party folks would have for a platfform or whatever. I will sign up among the first.


  59. From now on, I will ju8st scroll past James’ post. They are toodisturbing to my concsious. His reasoning sounds goooood, but I fear it is seen through red glasses. Don’t we all know there are crooksandliars in every party. From many of my friens I have learned many things they have endured. My former husband was a descendant of the Creek Nation so I have learned some of what ht e endured.
    My belief in the ”Democrats comes from the observation that they espouse more compassion for their fellow man, witness the outpouring of help the bloggers from M&H have given to the people of the Y ukon. I am sure none of whom are among the ones receiving million dollar bonuses. Which they didn’t earn by the way.

    I seem to be on my soap box this morning so will end that rant.

    Good news about wondermom and the compassion her students. She must be a wonderful instructor.

    And James ,Sarah GINO Palin is still an idiot .
    Just read JuneaJoe, Alaska Pi, and all the others and their blogs and see if you can still think she is wonderful.


  60. avotresanteΔ

    I took issue with the sweeping generalizations of your first post in this thread. We probably have a lot in common regarding our beliefs about our food supply.


  61. French fur traders lived among the tribes and they often married Indian women. Quite a few Native Americans in our area have French names. Google “Forty Years a Fur Trader” by Charles Larpenteur. He was quite a man, and he is buried near my home town. His Indian wife and daughter ran into braves of an enemy tribe as they got water, and she told her daughter to run for her life. She provided a diversion and was killed and scalped.

    I am a registered Republican and am a precinct committee man, but I vote Democratic at least half of the time. An e friend in Tennessee said my political views would make me a conservative Democrat down there. Folks on the Janeane Garafalo message board joked I was really a closet Democrat. I like liberals.

    Would you believe when I was banned because of a heated political argument, a bunch of those liberals set up a new message board so we could keep in touch. They also threatened to leave if I wasn’t reinstated.

    ATime, I live near the Iowa-Nebraska border, and we have been watching stories of the floods up north. I have been in Grand Forks, Fargo, and Winnipeg many times.

    Are we neighbors?


  62. James

    You have a compelling life story. You tell it well, and I suspect you have told it often. I am personally sorry for the grief you got after your military service. I think many citizens projected their dissatisfaction with Vietnam and various atrocities onto returning servicemen.

    I am also happy to know that you built your life afterwards, and have used your experience to understand others. I applaud your life.

    I will never agree with you about Sarah Palin. Yes, the media investigated her, because they knew virtually nothing about her. You are right about her being exotic. I do agree with you that probably some press was delighted to find any whiff of scandal. But, lets face it–the whiff was in the air.

    As to knowing about Obama, how could anyone not know his life story, or his voting record? He wrote 2 books, he served in the Ill. legistlature and the US Senate. His campagns and voting record were dissected and discussed endlessly. He produced his family, and we got to know his wife and 2 daughters. What more should we have known?

    I think the election outcome would have been closer if the economy had not tanked. We got to see McCain handle an emergency and it was not pretty. Without the economy problem, I don’t know if Obama could have won.

    Having said that, several times a confluence of events has brought us a leader we need. (Lincoln and Roosevelt come to my mind.) I hope our late election has given another of these, because our country is in trouble.


  63. To others who might have also wondered on the name Brule, here a first nation legend that might give some clue (still don’t see the french conncetion, maybe it is accidental?)

    Grandma Rocks, can you help out here?
    (Where are you, anyway? Hope all is fine with you?)

    I got so far as to understand that Brule is the name of a sioux nation/band but the why and how still eludes me…

    Is it a “whitycism’ (like anglicism) from the french “coureur de bois” (wood runners) that made first contact or does it have native roots?

    And, no, I am not obsessed, just cutious.


  64. One more thing about Brule the Lakota band, they won an award for their video of a Mt Rushmore concert to reconcilliate the cultures. Nicole won Best Female Artist. I’ve met her. She is a nice person, and she can really play the flute.

    Thanks for the links to the cartoons. They are funny.

    “You say you just don’t see it
    You say its perfect sense
    You just can’t get agreement in this present tense
    We all talk a different language
    Talk it in defense.

    Say it loud Say it clear
    You can listen as well as you hear
    It’s too late when we die
    To admit we don’t see eye to eye.
    So we open up quarrel
    between the present and the past
    We only sacrifice the future
    Its the bitterness that lasts
    So don’t yield to the fortunes
    that sometimes seal our fates
    It may have a new perspective
    on a different day
    So if you don’t give up and don’t give in
    You may just be okay.”

    Mike and the Mechanics


  65. Good one Werner.

    Donna, I agree with you about Palin and her baiting of minorities and the poor. Palin, Rush, Coulter and Fox News? do their best to put down others religions, ethnicity or low income status.


  66. James, I am happy to know you. Though I disagree with much of what you say, I appreciate the way you say it.

    I believe you’re the first Republican (I think you’re Republican, anyway) I’ve read…um…EVER…who has bothered to express himself with facts and well-reasoned arguments rather than fear and hatred.

    I wonder — based on the local stuff you describe — are we neighbors? Is your local news station going on and on about sandbagging along the Red River today?

    P.S. Even liberals like to be liked. 🙂


  67. JuneauJoe

    I’d feel a lot saver if the ship in the cartoon would have been named Republitanic!


  68. Some morning Rush:


  69. James
    find it interessting that a native american music group would choose a french name (Brule = Burned, smell of burning), good music, though.


  70. Here is some morning Palin:


  71. Thanks for the advice Werner Oderwer. Hooray for Wundermom! I hope she has many good years ahead of her.

    Not that any one cares, but I have grown to like you folks. Even if some of you are wrong in my opinion, you make it a pleasure to argue with you.


  72. These two gals are a hoot! Are they for real?? I have my doubts…


  73. MavinA, yes, I was trying to make a little joke. With my strange sense of humor, I am sometimes the only one who gets it.

    I learned to document things in graduate school. Try defending your thesis during orals as a group of beady eyed professors tries to pick you apart.

    Lorbe103, thanks also. My point of view is all over the map. Sometimes, I overstate my case to make a point.

    Donna, we met a survivor of the death camps for our daughter’s History Day presentation. She had a fifteen minute set piece to tell us, but after I shared some of my service experiences, she decided I could relate to what she had endured. She spoke for over two hours, and I taped the whole thing. She asked for a copy because her children and grand children had never heard the entire story. We became friends and socialized until she died. Our two families still occasionally communicate. She and her family didn’t forget, but they were not bitter. They picked up and remade their lives in positive fashion.

    Some of Obama’s people lay the blame for our poor relationship with jihadists on our support for Israel. The large Muslim population in parts of Europe contributes to growing anti-semiticism. I’d watch his foreign policy appointments closely.

    We fought one of the longest wars in our history with the native Americans. It began in northwest Iowa with the Spirit Lake Massacre led by Inkapaduka. More people died proportionately than during 9/11. Even more died in Minnesota, and later farther West. Inkapaduka was the Osama bin ladin of his time. He contributed to the Indian victory at Custer’s Last Stand, and in other battles. Later, he died of old age in Canada.

    The Lakota Sioux were especially incensed by us because they considered themselves to be doing nothing more than what the United States was doing. Like us, they were empire builders, fairly new to the Great Plains, and their rule stretched from Canada’s Prairie Provinces through far western Iowa southward. The Sioux became some of the worlds’ best horsemen, and they ran an egalitarian society. The Lakota consider the Black Hills to be sacred ground, and it is. But the reason is because they took it from another tribe which felt the same way.

    Native American reservations are across the river from us, and their casinios provide jobs for some locals. Many people in our neighborhood are part Native American. I don’t gamble, but I like the casinos because the Indians are now stealing from whites, and they deserve to be paid back.

    Google Brule, a Lakota music group popular around here. Google the leader’s story titled “Hidden Heritage,” I think. The lead singer was caught in our systematic attempt to destroy Indian culture and turn Native Americans into middle classed whites. He was adopted out as a young child and never knew his heritage until after his adoptive parents died.

    He has combined Indian and American pop music and one of his goals is reconciliation. Brule was voted Native American group of the year for two years. I don’t know about this year. He and others had a right to pull a Reverend Wright, but they wanted to create something positive, and they have.

    I was nineteen when a man and his teen aged daughter were trapped in a truck. The man lapsed into and out of semi- consciousness, but the girl was unhurt. She just couldn’t get out of the wreckage. The highway patrolman visited to calm her down until help arrived. The girl shared her life and even laughed. Then, the fire started. She really wanted to live. The girl tugged and pulled in a desperate effort to free herself.

    First the father and then the girl begged to be shot. The screams were awful. As I write this, I hear the screams. I always hear them, and I see the patrolman in siloet against the fire as he held the girl’s hand until the heat was too hot . Its not fair. Everyone should only die once, but they will continue to die until my life ends. They play on like a song that won’t leave my head. You had better believe that experience changed my life.

    I doubted God. How could a divine being let people die that way? At least render them unconscious so they wouldn’t suffer. The patrolman went mad. I decided I would live my life in a way to give meaning to two deaths which had no meaning. And I have.

    Some bad things happened in the Service, and veterans like me were treated unfairly when we returned. It made adjusting that much harder. Listen to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.”
    I was a National Public Radio telephone guest on Science Friday’s discussion of a plan to give better psychological aid to veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. A panelist observed that I was a perfect storm, the type of person their program was designed to help. But no body helped me. I helped myself, and my wife helped me survive.

    Life is cruel , impersonal, and capricious. Bad things happen, and it is not fair. We have choices. We can’t forget, and the anger will always burn, but what does it profit us to take Reverend Wright’s road? Reverend Wright does pretty well, but he is a vulture feeding on the anger and disappointment of people who deserved better. As my father said, sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we plan.

    You use your misfortune to create something positive as our Jewish “grandmother”, Brule, and others have done. Unchaneled anger is pernicious, and it will imprison you in darkness. Prejudice and circumstance killed my dreams and illusions, so I made new ones and buried my illusions. Life on the farm has been good, and I am one of the freest men I know.

    Sarah Palin was like a breath of fresh air, like Obama, too good to be true, and she sold newspapers. She was an exotic creature from a culture only dimly appreciated by the bulk of urbanized Americans. Palin was like the new good looking girl in high school.

    She was one of us. I could understand her as we did when one of our children’s teacher ran a trap line all winter to get enough muskrats for the fur coat she wanted.

    Were it not for the financial crash, she might have pulled McCain to victory. She was exotic as Obama, so of course the press would pay attention to her. But even then, they sought to destroy her.

    Multitudes of lawyers and political aids flocked to Alaska searching for dirt. A Democrat observing the Republican Convention said “we have 72 hours to destroy her.” They paid much more attention to Palin’s past than they did Obama’s. Tom Brokaw said on the Charlie Rose show that reporters really didn’t know much about Obama.

    Bloggers and a few news people were discussing “troopergate” and wondering if the baby was really Palin’s within days of her nomination. A reporter asked McCain if his staff had properly vetted Palin and if he knew about Troopergate. Some questioned her running for political office with a family to care for. Yes, her dismal performance during Katy Currics’ interview brought a wave of criticism, but the knives were already being sharpened.


  74. James and others on dial-up

    for the youtube or all other streaming video sessions: Open youtube or vid site in new window, go to the video you want to watch, click on it and once it starts, STOP the video playing, but let the site sit there until it downloaded the complete video. (you can do other stuff meanwhile, even browse in an other window, but it will be slow, but you can do word processing etc.)

    After download has finished (can take 1/2 hour or more) watch the video.


  75. Raji

    You can’t do that to a bavarian born beer drinker, you should have knwon: We turn Humor into Hope!

    But aside of that, huomr it was and taken as such, but I couldn’t resist the “Hope” part 😉


  76. Thanks, HoneyJo. This is one reason this election was so personally important to me. It was not simply because Bush was a buffoon who had put us in an immoral war and trashed this country’s reputation in the world. But Sarah Palin and the people who were advocating her involvement in national government are those who ascribe to Christian dominionism and end times philosophy. No, not every supporter falls into that category–but she and many of the people who were promoting her do. And their message resonated with the sort of people who were willing to smear the opposing candidate as a Muslim (as if that was some sort of flaw!), to claim he was not a citizen, and to incite mob behavior at political speeches and events. I felt like this country was on the verge of tilting towards the Klan or the Third Reich and, for the first time in my life, felt genuine fear for myself and my family.

    There are people who simply did not want an African American to be President–because of his race. That, to me, is one step from what HoneyJo refers to as the strange fruit hanging from the trees.

    Sorry if this seems a bit melodramatic. However, I do firmly believe that Sarah Palin and the people pushing her (and many of her followers) are not only distasteful, they are dangerous.

    Never forget.


  77. Amen, Donna. We don’t have to wallow in it, but no, we should NEVER forget slavery, never forget the strange fruit that hung from the trees in the south, we should never forget the Tuskegee experiments. Never forget.


  78. One more thought if people will indulge me. James–you are bright and articulate and I enjoy reading your point of view. However, I don’t believe that saying Rev. Wright should “move on” is quite the answer. I’m Jewish and I haven’t “moved on” from the Holocaust. Native Americans haven’t (or shouldn’t have) “moved on” from their treatment by this country. When one is personally the victim of discrimination, hatred, and violence, you don’t say “things are better.” You are hard-wired to fear that they won’t remain that way. With all due respect, the fact that you have, in your words, “moved on” doesn’t mean that someone who personally feared lynching should or can.

    Yes, Rev. Wright is part of our past. But it was such an ugly and destructive past that I honor his desire to remind the country of it. As we Jews say “never again.” And “never again” means that we never lose sight of the past and of those who would resurrect it.


  79. Hi all – an Update – Wundermon being released early with the caveat that she go straight to her primary care physician (records already sent) before heading home. Her students have offered to “hang” with her so she will not be alone – and they offered it in such a way that she’ll never realize they are there to observe, assist, and call 911 just in case. The medicos wouldn’t release her unless 24-hour assistance was available for the next 7 days. The students offer is beyond generous, but as one student remarked to my brother, “Well, she’s ours, too”


  80. James let me say what a pleasure it is for me to read your last couple of posts. Although your point of view is different from mine in ALL ways. Many times when I try and listen to a counter point of view I become immediately turned off by GOP talking points, and baseless arguments backed by no facts. You at least tried to back up your opinions with facts, albeit conservative whack jobs. But you tried… I appreciate that.

    Rev. Wright and racism. 1. Although we have come a long way in this country, we have a long way to go. We need only eavesdrop on a conservative talk show (Tammy, Rush) and see evidence of that. And if that isn’t enough to convince you read the trash e-mails that has been circulating around conservative circles with references to watermelon patches and afro cream bottles. We must not EVER forget where we came from and where we are going. It may be painful to hear and at times you may feel like you just want to move on……. But we must never forget or we are doomed to repeat ourselves. And before you say those were “jokes”, please save your fingers, they were meant to be put downs …. and everyone knows the truth.

    2. Palin getting bad and unfair press. How soon we forget. When Palin made her debuted you could not turn on any TV, Radio, open a newspaper, boot up your computer without seeing her day after the prom hairdo and cheese smile. The press couldn’t get enough of her, I can’t remember ONE bad newscast about her UNTIL she opened her mouth to Katie, and then… well then she did it to herself. But to conveniently FORGET how well she and her family were treated and touted at the GOP convention and the days that followed is disingenuous. Compare her coverage to Joe Biden’s….

    Sorry for the long post all..;-) Ill put my fingers back into retirement again.


  81. Jean, I have a short story related to our younger fellow citizens and mortgages. SCROLL ALERT.

    Young man I know is 26, a HS teacher just starting out. He bought a condo in Chicago last year for NO MONEY DOWN. (That never happened when I looked for my first mortgage! I had to have 15%.) OK, I forget what the condo price was exactly, let’s say… $150,000. The lender cleared him to borrow $175,000! Yup, MORE than the condo was worth. The mortgage rep said, you’ll need the extra money to buy furnishings, so just go for the larger mortgage. My friend did not do that, thank goodness. Unfortunately, it appears others in his condo building did. Out of some 18 units, 5 are in foreclosure and a few were never sold by the developer. I feel bad for the kid. He’s paying his bills yet watching the value of his home drop right before his eyes.


  82. Hi gang and Whirled Peas,

    Whirled Peas, thank you so much for the link to the presentation of ‘Namesta’. It is exquisite! I must have missed it before. It reminds me of the life philosophy of our gentle friends of Asian origin out here.

    I don’t know for sure if this is going on in other states but it is here in Hawaii. I want to share this with you because I think it is important considering the state of the economy. It seems as if the scam artists are coming out of the woodwork to take advantage of people’s fears. For some time we have been getting phone calls, (click, click, we hang up), e mails, (delete, delete, delete) and official looking letters in the mail, (shred, shred, shred) regarding mortgages and stuff.

    Our computer security system is excellent at screening out most of them as Spam and/or Phishing. In fact, it is so damn efficient, sometimes even I can’t gain access to stuff I want to unless I remember the passwords and codes! Still, occasionally the scams sneak through. Scam artists can be quite creative.

    Most of these are offering fabulous deals to save us from foreclosures, to refinance our ARM or 30 year mortgage, get equity out of our home, blah, blah, blah. The fact that these do not really apply to us is irrelevant. Like a couple, ages 79 and 80, are going to take out a 30-year mortgage to be paid off when we are 109 and 110????? C’mon. Get real. That is sort of like giving abortion advice to a 79 year-old woman way past menopause who had a hysterectomy years ago to boot.

    There is no point in getting into blaming younger people who got themselves into a mess though, possibly because they whipped out the plastic for stuff they shouldn’t have bought or ran into unforeseen circumstances that wiped them out financially. Now they are frightened and struggling. That is exactly the kind of situations that the scam artists feed off of.

    Yesterday we received a very official looking letter in the mail, addressed to us. The letterhead was EXACTLY like that of a bank we have done business with. But it had no return address on the envelope. The letter spelled out that the value of our home was “under review” (by whom it didn’t say) and all the dire consequences this could have that they could save us from. Lots of legalese language. Way at the bottom in the finest print available that you would need a magnifying glass to read were the words, “Not affiliated with the ‘letterhead’ bank”.

    We knew it was a scam, but since we are retired and have the time, we called a guy we know at the bank and told him about it. His response, “Is this the first one of this kind you have received? You can either tear it up or report it to the State Attorney General.” It was no surprise to him.

    Over the almost 56 years of our marriage, we have bought and sold nine homes in four different states, (MA, PA, both Northern and Southern CA and HI.) We lived in all those homes. We bounced from coast to coast because of my husband’s career until we retired and came out here. The Real Estate laws were quite different in each state. The stacks of paper work with plenty of fine print for all of them were formidable!

    I’m just hoping that my friends here will spread the word and be on the lookout for scams floating around and not fall for them. None of us need to find ourselves in even bigger messes than we are already in.



    P.S. I know, I know. I keep ending sentences with a preposition. So sue me.


  83. James? “I used to judge our high school’s history day speeches and projects, so I have a high standard.”
    Do I detect humor there?
    If not, my bad. But it still made ME chuckle.


  84. Imaginista Δ
    I DID read your earlier ^ query as to the dialog of my dinner last Saturday night. I just haven’t found the right words to answer you.

    Your friend,
    Maven Δ


  85. You’re welcome.

    IimaginistaA, Obama did a good, not masterful job, considering audio visual aids which help him. Unlike Bush he has a teleprompter at these affairs. It is positioned so television cameras won’t show it. His staff gives him a list of reporters he knows will ask him questions. Bush usually winged it.

    Obama evaded a few questions. If he had done the press conference unaided, his performance would have been masterful instead of good. I used to judge our high school’s history day speeches and projects, so I have a high standard.

    Too few news conferences was one of Bushs’ shortcomings. Tripping over his tongue was another. As you’ve probably gathered, in spite of my criticism of Obama, I am not a fan of Bush either.


  86. I didn’t mean to imply all of his denomination share the views of Reverend Wright. Some of other separate denominations do, but it is not restricted to one church denomination. It is more a philosophy in one form or another traceable to WEB Dubois. I think Booker T. Washington and Dubois had different concepts of how blacks ought to deal with whites.

    A Catholic priest made a racist sermon in Reverend Wright’s church and like Rev. Wright, he did not represent the Catholic Church.

    Donna, I visited the South when I was young, and I saw the segregation you wrote of. My father spent his first nine years in North Carolina, and when we went back forty years later, people still remembered the Yankee family which let their black friends enter through the front instead of the back door.

    I remember in the Air Force when I hung around with a group of five black men and whites called me a N lover. Our commander was prejudiced against “enlisted trash” because we were stupid and uneducated. He told our NCIOIC that he knew moral was bad, but we had better watch our steps because in the event of a dispute, he would automatically take the officer’s side. My black friends told me it was how they had lived in their world. The difference was I would return to my white world, and they would be back where they had to watch out for “driving while black.”

    An employment counselor told my Navy friend and I we needed to conceal our Vietnam era veteran status if we were to find employment in northern colleges. I think Vietnam era veterans were included in a civil rights bill. So, I know how it feels to face discrimination. It is why I left grad school to farm.

    So the Reverend Wright expressed the anger and frustration of a by gone age. So what? I have moved on, and he ought to also. He should teach a more positive message and set up couples like the Obamas as role models. Yes, racism continues from all sides, but our world is much better and filled with more opportunities than it was in the days of segretation. Learning from the past and a fixation on the past are different. Revered Wrights’ way serves nothing but opportunism and victim hood.

    I agree about some of what you wrote about Bush. He was an alcoholic or close to it. Religion saved him, and he clung to it as tightly as Obama said rural Pennsylvanians clung to their Bibles and guns. I don’t think Bush knew what he wanted to do with the presidency until after 9/11. I may be reading too much into his thoughts, but I believe he saw our emergency as God’s purpose for him.

    I agree, Bush knowingly or unknowingly let his religious beliefs influence his scientific policy. Obama is doing the same with global warming. It is more complex than Al Gore’s version of all human caused climate change. Natural forces countermand the effect of greenhouse gasses we release our climate may cool even though we pump tons of gas into the atmosphere. When cycles change our green house gases will make the climate even warmer than it would be without our influence.

    Palin is not the only governor considering turning down stimulus money. It shows she is not a hyprocrite on the subject. Nebraska’s governor worried about extra strings attached to the money. She may have other motives. I am only extrapolating from other governors considering rejecting some of the stimulus money.

    The way you put it, Palin made a mistake in backing the mining companies. Why did she do it? Was it for economic or other reasons? If you are trying to convince me to vote for Sarah Palin if she runs for president next time, you need a better case. Ha!


  87. James, Newsmax and FreeRepublic are not credible sources. Thanks anyway.

    Obama did a masterful job of handling tonight’s press conference. For all those who are quick to point to his several “gaffes” since taking office, may I just remind you of how few times Bush spoke off the cuff during his 8 year reign of error? And every time, bar none, he said something idiotic. I think Obama has given more press conferences in his first 2 months than Bush did in his whole first term. I think we can forgive him for a few mis-statements.


  88. Palin, religion and politics:

    Bush was a leader who made decisions based on his faith. He ignored people in science because it did not fit his religious beliefs. He picked people for the Supreme Court and various posts based on his litmus test issues, which had a religious bent. The Iraq war, I feel, also had a bit of religious bent to it. The old, my god is tougher than your god, type thinking.

    Those with whom I have spoken in Alaska feel Sarah would do similar things to Bush.
    Presently, she is ignoring the scientific community re: Global Warming and Polar Bear issues.

    She was elected by electrifying the religious community in AK but others are now seeing the real Sarah. It is significant that she is willing to turn down 1/3 of the stimulus, even monies aimed at Education of Special Needs kids, Unemployed, elderly and getting houses insulated which will save money in the future..

    Our President has issues like Stem cell research, global warming, polluted waters and a person needs to listen to the scientific community with an open mind. Going into these issues with a strong religious perspective stopped them cold with Bush and I believe Palin would be as bad.

    By the way, Palin, backed the mining companies when they stopped an initiative to slow down the mining chemicals in fresh water streams and rivers.


  89. Maven–to me, Rev. Wright expressed the anger and frustration of someone who had seen the worst sort of ugliness and bigotry and hatred. I grew up in the south and remember getting my tonsils out and seeing the containers for thermometers (no disposables then) marked “Whites” and “Coloreds.” I remember the separate drinking fountains. I remember a high school with a very few African American students who were treated horribly.

    I know other UCC churches and pastors. You are correct that Rev. Wright is not representative of the church as a whole. But darn it all, put in the context of his life and the lives of so many Americans, what he said made a great deal of sense.


  90. NEVER thought I’d make a religion statement, and here of all places, but this is for James:

    I am a member of the United Church of Christ (UCC). It is a Protestant Christian church. In the US, it has been around since 1957.

    Reverend Jeremiah Wright was pastor of Trinity UCC on the south side of Chicago. I don’t know him and I never attended a service there.

    Please don’t denounce all of UCC for the actions of one pastor. There are many members who never even heard of Rev. Wright before last year. People don’t tear down the Catholic church for the actions of just one of its priests, right?

    Thank you.

    Maven Δ


  91. I don’t remember where I read ABC had altered the Gibson-Palin debate though I saw a missing part of the interview on our local television station. However, a google search brought up which has numerous links. It is a conservative site. One link is to titled “ABC’s Editing Distorted.”

    I also found reference to the missing excerpts on http:/ titled Transcript Palin-Gibson Interview (Part 1). It has a message board.

    I found Beltway Blips after googling ” a transcript of the Charles Gibson interview with Sarah Palin.’ At least one of the links, Betsy’s Page says it has a transcript which I assume is under the heading “editing Sarah.” Most of these are conservative sites.


  92. More info located here:


  93. Clean Water Protection Act is back!!!


  94. Where the heck do you get 4280 cans of drinkable beer for only $1,000.00? Even US?

    Werner, we pay more for recycled items. Love your math. Should have known you would have figured out the ratio. It was HUMOR!!!! 🙂


  95. James I would be fascinated to read or watch any of the links that outline the ambushing Palin took at the hands of Gibson, because it would definitely point to a complete about-face on Charlie’s part as a reliable right wing shill.


  96. James

    “ABC News edited Charles Gibson’s interview with Governor Palin to make her look bad.”

    Oh Plu-eeze! Have you been watching how Hannity & gang have been editing clips of the 60 Minutes interview w/ Obama. My opinion of Fixed, Fake, Faux, Faggedabodit News gets worse by the second.


  97. Our dial up connection won’t let us see youtube. Palin doesn’t scare me any more than Barney Frank does. Neither will ever be President in my opinion.


  98. If you agree with Obama’s former minister, you ought to support the Presidents’ choice of a church because you are being honest.

    I strongly disagree with what Rev Wright said. It is a misrepresentation of history. Much of what he says is true, to a point, but he turns it into something different and hostile to the country he once served. Revered Wright was speaking from the viewpoint of our enemies. For example, the bombing of Hiroshima saved many American and Japanese lives. He turns his congregation into a host of victims in hostile territory.


  99. How soon they forget. This was a very strong commentary on CNN from the Cafferty File.

    Found this on YouTube:

    Cafferty: Palin Should Scare the Hell Out of You


  100. If she did what they said she did, the state should take legal action.

    I haven’t seen much sign that Palin lets her church dictate political policy, but I don’t live in Alaska.


  101. actually, James–while I am Caucasian, I believe much (not all but much) of what Rev. Wright said, including your quotes. It isn’t that I give Obama a pass because I like him. It’s that I find the rhetoric understandable in many respects.


  102. ImaginationistaA. ABC News edited Charles Gibson’s interview with Governor Palin to make her look bad. I saw part of the un- cut interview. Palin’s answers made more sense. In another interview, Palin’s sentence ended abruptly because techs had cut the rest off. Years ago, a network did the same to General Westmoreland. I think he sued.

    Katie Curic didn’t have to make Palin look bad. Palin made herself look really, really bad. She said she didn’t answer the “what do you read” question because she thought she was being set up, and she was angry. Whatever. It was a mistake. The press and Democrats made light of it.

    However, they seem strangely quiet about Obamas’ gaffs and his relationship with his teleprompter. I heard an interview in which he was incoherent as he attempted to answer one question. He also made a point of telling us how horrible it was that with so many troops in Iraq, Kansas had too few National Guard troops at home to help clean up the damage from a tornado which had caused over twelve thousand casualties.

    The British are still muttering about the DVDs Obama gave the Prime minister. They won’t play on the English system. A writer wondered of one of the movies was “Clueless.”

    Obama also got mixed up when the Irish prime minister visited and he thanked himself for coming. Sarah Palin makes a fool of herself, and it makes the news and late night comedy. Obama follows suit and we don’t hear much about it.

    One of the funniest bits of the campaign was when Joe Biden asked an honored state representative to stand and recognized. He suddenly realized the representative was in a wheel chair.


  103. GINO SARAH has another ethics complaint filed today.

    Comparing Churches: The big difference I see is that Palin uses her religious beliefs to set government policy and President Obama does not.


  104. Donna, “The government gives them drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three day strike law and then wants us to God bless America. “No, no , no, Gd 000 America. That’s in the Bible for killing innocent people. GD America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme.”

    On September 16, 2001, Rev. Wright told his congregation “We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed and nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye—We have supported state terrorism against black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards. Our chickens are coming home to roost.

    He also said blacks were virtual aliens in a country ruled by ex slave holders and racists.

    Reverend Wright told his congregation AIDS was an American plot to kill black people and others.

    He referred to America as –“white America”the US of KKK A.” Do Rev Wright and his flock believe they are associated with the KKK and slave holders, or do they consider themselves to be separate from the evil white society?

    His church is not ashamed of its beliefs. Rev Wright and others were professionally recorded to gain new members.

    I have attended black churches, and while the services are different from some white congregations, I didn’t hear racial or anti American sermons.

    Oprah Winfrey used to belong to the church, and she quietly stopped attending, much to Rev Wright’s chagrin. He harshly criticized her and implied she had joined the other side.

    It is possible Obama chose the church for political reasons. He asked friends how he could ingratiate himself with the the community to make himself known. They suggested Trinity United Church as a starting point. If so, it confirms my belief Obama really didn’t believe what he was hearing.

    The Constitution gives us freedom of religion, and I don’t care what Obama, Palin, or anyone else worships or doesn’t worship as long as it doesn’t influence their political jobs. If you condemn Palin for a church she attended without a similar criticism of Obama you are giving Obama a pass because you like him and dislike Palin. Moreover, if we are to compare churches, Palin’s comes out ahead.

    Romney’s Mormonism became an issue among some conservatives and liberals. It was wrong as it is to attack Palin and Obama for the the churches they attended.


  105. UAW @ 3:37 – to answer your final question –


    Exhibit A – 8 years of Babbling Bush.


  106. Like

  107. Donna…
    I’ve been chastised for using right leaning sites such as wikipedia so I don’t feel that you should use the Daily Kos as gospel…I Gooled Palin blocking abortion clinics and $th on the list was…

    “Certainly, if we are a society that mandates parental consent before our daughters get their ears pierced, or even take a Tylenol tablet at school, I would think that there would be support both for parents to have to give consent and be informed anyway before such an invasive procedure of an abortion would be performed on our underage daughters also,” she said.

    with the way thing are now on the internet I’m sure someone could have Obama selling lifelike dildos…Pics or video..doesn’t matter
    and as far as Sarah P being the Repub candidate for 2012…You can only wish…do you really think half of this country is that stupid….


  108. Jean,

    you can click here and go back to my original comment,

    then click on the word Namaste for a YouTube video or the word Wiki for the text definition.

    “The Light within me honors the Light within you.”

    PEACE ~ Δ


  109. I don’t think Palin’s so-called enemies hurt her any more than she hurts herself. Anyone who can completely wiffle Katie Couric softball questions does not have the chops to lead this country. Add to that the amount of information that continues to pile up against her and she is simply not a viable candidate. Not that I wouldn’t get a kick out of watching her flop around on the campaign trail again.

    Here is a fascinating read from the latest issue of Conde Nast’s Portfolio:


  110. Psychedelikat: You’re welcome.

    Werner: You may be right. Or perhaps they are just stupid!


  111. psychedelikat

    cut and paste from here ino name field, that’s all.



  112. Tine
    …Yeah, the community-building aspect of COMMUNITY gardening is apparently completely lost on these nitwits…..

    I actually think that’s where you’re wrong.

    I think that this is eaxctly the kind of thing that makes them tremble with fear and the reason why they opose it.


  113. Thanks Tine! (I don’t know how to get that pie sign). I’m looking at the site right now! 🙂


  114. I just never understand why politicians seem so unwilling to help their constituents. I grown veggies because I enjoy it, my neighbors and I are not dependent on it for our source of food but we would enjoy having a garden. Unfortunately, the people that could really benefit from a community garden are being held back by the very people they elected.
    Yeah, I like that butt plug line too, it comes in handy here in bubba country.


  115. Hi Maven. I actually live in a house converted into apartments, so we do have some front and back yard. Our landlords have a fabulous garden every year of melons, tomatoes, beans, etc., so I’m hoping to put out some containers nearby and on our front steps (we face south, which is good) and see what happens.


  116. “heads for butt plugs”

    *snort!* That’s a great line.

    Yeah, the community-building aspect of COMMUNITY gardening is apparently completely lost on these nitwits.


  117. Dang, I was hoping I could send my 400-pound, Harley-riding cousin Joey to knock some sense into the morons on your city council. But Oklahoma is a bit far away for a motorcycle ride. 😉

    The pot thing is a total joke. Like anyone would grow it in the open, in the middle of a city! I’ve never tried it in my life (smoking or growing), and even *I* know that.

    And putting aside the fact that these idiots are already ignoring junky yards…. Why do they think allowing community gardens would open the door to junky yards? That makes no sense. People who garden do not pollute their lots with junk. Idiots!


  118. And the city councilors objecting to these gardens represent people in the lower income range. For Pete’s sake, the area of town they represent can’t even get a grocery store to open there due to vandalism, armed robberies and such. I would think a community garden would reconnect people to get to know their neighbors and watch and report what goes on in their neighborhoods.
    For some reason, politicians in Oklahoma insist on using their heads for butt plugs!


  119. I think that if one looks more closely at Obama’s former church, the characterization of it as Black separatist or as preaching racial hatred is quite inaccurate.


  120. ΔTine – the funny thing is, they turn a blind eye to yards that already look like salvage yards. And being worried about pot…seriously? Here in Oklahoma, meth is a much larger issue.


  121. Chloe: Re. your councilors’ quote “permitting community gardens could open doors to undesirable activities, such as lots that look like salvage yards and the growing of illicit substances”….

    “Morons” is right.

    These people have obviously never grown a thing. If they had, they’d know how DRASTICALLY different ANY edible vegetable, herb, or fruit plant looks from marijuana. Cripes, the stupid! I’m getting stupider just thinking about this level of stupidity.

    Why on earth would public servants object to the beautification of a city and the efforts of ordinary people to feed themselves?

    (*banging head on desk*)


  122. Raji
    I know all about the beer issue…
    I started out with 16 and a sixpack, now I am 51 and carry a keg, so just ask a bavarian on how to multiply his beers….

    But Id really like to hav your recycling conncetions (or beer connections at that) Here in Quebec we get $0.05 per can (bottles pay better and that’s good so) so $214.00 makes 4280 cans of beer.
    Now the big Q:
    Where the heck do you get 4280 cans of drinkable beer for only $1,000.00? Even US?

    Please advise, I automatically start daydreaming!


  123. dog this was “dog” I swear! (Oh, do I swear)


  124. Greytgog

    Hoping you refer to shrubb years?:
    …Lord Almighty, when did America stick its head up its ass and assume it was the center of the universe?…..



  125. APB
    Hank, I think you might have missed your bus.

    The problem is, as so often, the other way round…. Sadly the bus missed Hank!


  126. Compared to a century ago, we live in a golden age, even with our modern problems.

    I stuck a spade in our garden and discovered the soil is still frozen six inches down. We had our first severe weather outbreak of the season. Friends twenty miles south of us sustained a lot of damage, and a stock trailer disappeared. The wind toppled an empty grain train.

    A blizzard is raging less than two hundred miles northwest of us, and we may get more snow by late Friday. My skies are ready, just in case.


  127. Donna, modern communications can still make changes in preception if used properly. Democrats have been ahead of Republicans in adopting new technology, but Republicans plan to catch up.

    Barack Obama is a prime example. His handlers remade him into something he wasn’t, and he became president. Sarah Palin’s managers also recreated her in their image and made her a star. The reality is somewhere between her and Obamas’ glowing personnas and thier enemies’ miss-characterizations.

    Obama belonged to a black separatist, church which preached racial hatred. He worked with former domestic terrorists, and he once belonged to a socialist organization. His resume was virtually non- existent. Yet, he became president through proper stage management and capitalization on voters’ desire for change, any change.

    Its true old internet material is harder to combat than a blank slate, but it can still be done, especially if new reality doesn’t match the old perception.

    Our dial up connection will not let us receive youtube, so I will have to take your word for it JuneauJoeA.


  128. As we look at change and making this world a better place, we need to look 50 and 100 years out. So often, we look at the here and now and disregard the future. For instance: What if GM had continued to build and improve the EV1 electric car? They would today be leading the field in electric and hybrid technology.

    Here is a young lady who is a native with a message for today and the future. I was lucky enough to hear her speak in Juneau. We need new young leaders putting the environment and the people first. I like her native view point, having seen village life.

    I found this link on Anonymous Bloggers. If you can help a villager, please do. They need food, money and people speaking out about the Salmon Bycatch issue by 3/25/09. More info at Anonymousbloffers


  129. James–we will never agree about Palin. I don’t think her “enemies” have created a caricature. I think she IS a caricature and regardless of how much she tries to invent a more palatable persona, there is too much already in the public domain for it to succeed. Nixon and Clinton were pre-Youtube and blogging. Neither had ties to a secessionist party, video being blessed by a witch doctor, documentation of her presence blocking access to a clinic where abortions were performed, tape of her laughing as a cancer survivor was mocked, etc. While the fringe will always like her because she validates them, her appeal will not transcend that (thankfully) limited group.


  130. Governor Palin needs to reinvent herself if she wants to run for president next time. So far, she has presented herself as someone with potential from an isolated rural state. Her first obligation is as governor, but she needs to write a column, or appear on talk shows, even if on remotes from Alaska.

    Her refusal to leave the state regularly would reinforce her image as a dedicated politician. Sarah needs to portray herself as a person of substance unlike the caricature her enemies have created. Nixon and Clinton are just two politicians who successfully re- built their images.

    No one will hand the candidacy to her. Several Republicans want to run as badly as she.

    Juneau-Joe, I was drafted into the Army on April Fools Day, the same day a graduate school offered me an assistanceship. Since I had already spoken to an Air Force recruiter, the two branches fought for my “soul” for two weeks. The Air Force won. It gave me bizzare adventures including being detained on an Italian Air base because we mistakenly landed there.

    Strange things happen to me. On my return flight to the world, I met a flight attendant who’s uncle worked at the jewelry store where my wife and I bought our wedding and engagement rings. I had been without sleep for twenty four hours and talked too loudly. When I left the plane, all of the passengers gave me a standing ovation. I was one of the few Vietnam era veterans to have a good welcome home, and it helped make up for the grief the anti- war movement later gave me.


  131. Several people in my city are trying to start community gardens to the objection of some city councilors. Their concerns are “that permitting community gardens could open doors to undesirable activities, such as lots that look like salvage yards and the growing of illicit substances”. And they want to impose fees & permits that could cost up to $1000 per garden. I hope these morons are voted out next election. My backyard is shaded and small but I am able to grow some veggies in containers, a community garden would be welcome addition to my neighborhood.


  132. Donna, I think GINO Paliin is in trouble here in Alaska. However, having said that (R) Don Young got re-elected and all the polls showed him losing the last election. I am an Alaska newbie.

    I personally would be surprised if Palin runs for re-election as Governor in 2010. I think she is going to be running full time for President. If she did run for Gov, she could well lose.

    Since the VP run, her judgement has not been putting Alaska and its people first.


  133. We’ve got our platform – let’s get the Purple Party going!


  134. Here’s a start….


  135. Psychedelikat:

    Here in Minneapolis, most neighborhoods have community gardens. Makes it easy for folks with teensy-weensy (or no) yards to grow whatever they like.

    Maybe Chicago has some too? How about roof gardens? There’s a fair amount of that going on here too.

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    Greytdog: Good juju for Wondermom. I’m prayin’ for more cranky. Cranky is good.


  136. OFF TOPIC
    April 8 is the first Seder of Passover. At this time we remember the Exodus from Egypt ,the flight to freedom. Hospitality is a time honored value and at the Seder table we say:
    “Let all who are hungry come and eat;all who are needy,come and celebrate the Passover with us.”
    In honor of freedom and hospitality we perform acts of loving kindness. Please join me in sending flat rate boxes and donations for fuel to rural Alaska.

    as you probably know that information is available at

    Thanks everyone and especially Margaret and Helen-2 of the best community organizers on the planet!


  137. Joe–what’s your guess?


  138. Sarah Palin update from Alaska. A sign of troubled times for GINO Sarah?


  139. Werner, this one’s for you

    If you had purchased $1000 of shares in Delta Airlines
    one year ago, you will have $49.00 today.

    If you had purchased $1000 of shares in AIG
    one year ago, you will have $33.00 today.

    If you had purchased $1000 of shares in Lehman
    Brothers one year ago, you will have $0.00 today.

    But—- if you had purchased $1000 worth of beer
    one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the
    aluminum cans for recycling refund, you will have
    received $214.00.

    Based on the above, the best current investment plan
    is to drink heavily & recycle. It’s called the 401-Keg.


  140. Lord Almighty, when did America stick its head up its ass and assume it was the center of the universe?

    Greytdog, A long long time ago !!!!!
    Thanks for the tidbit. I don’t think I’ll plan a visit to Canada anytime soon or at least until the heat disaptes.

    Jean, scroll back to Whirled peas’ post for a description of Namaste’

    By: Whirled Peas Δ on March 23, 2009
    at 8:16 AM


  141. Damn, Ladies, you are funny! Vaudeville lives!!! 🙂


  142. HELEN: We want the best healthcare system in the world, but we don’t want it to be the most expensive.

    Understanding alice:
    I guess it depends on what you mean by best. everybody getting everything is monumentally expensive and everyone argues that they need stuff the most (take it from a brit, its madness).
    but inspite of that I still believe in the NHS…
    …who wants to be wondering if they can pay for the ambulance as their life blood leaks out.


  143. How to make friends into enemies:

    The response in Canada (read the comments section, very eye opening):

    Lord Almighty, when did America stick its head up its ass and assume it was the center of the universe?


  144. greytdog
    hope you mom is improving and that you are doing ok, not too stressed out. I can just imagine how y ou feel. I th ink my kids were in shock when this happened to me. Even chemo wasn’t enough to keep me down long. When I called in to say I was going to ER, it was first time in over 6 years I had called in sick~
    Turning off tv and taking away cell phone was great idea. Hang in there we are all rooting for Wundermom and you.


  145. 1. Better health care – More doctors / nurses / innovative pharmaceutical start ups. I.e. cheaper education, more scholarships, more intelligent people.

    2. Garbage in, garbage out. Prevention is better than cure. IF you don’t take care of your body, don’t expect the government to take care of it for you! Healthier foods, stop stuffing your face with donuts and smoking like a chimney!

    3. Education is key actually. Without education, lots of stupid stuff happens. Ignorance.

    4. As for the abortion issue – it’s the same. Prevention is better than cure. Better allow them to use contraceptives than have them get pregnant and have to resort to abortion. Teach them sex ed, so they’ll at least know what they’re up against. Can’t beat hormones.


  146. Hi gang, Greytdog, Whirled Peas, Grandma Katie and Werner,

    I’m so happy to hear your Wundermom is improving, Greytdog. From what you have told us about her, she sounds to me as if she is one of the Grand Ladies who is not about to pack it in as long as there is work to be done and except on her own terms. More power to her!

    OK, Whirled Peas, what does ‘Namesta’ mean?

    Grandma Katie, you always manage to get your points across so who cares if you make a typo or two? Not me!

    Raji, your piece explaining the economy is hilarious and by far the best I have heard or read!!! In fact, I copied and pasted it to e mail to friends and family. I never took Economics 101 so all these banking shenanigans going on are WAY over my head. I’m good to balance the checkbook and keep track of our personal finances, but that’s about it.

    Werner, thanks for the follow up on the Albigensian Crusades. As you know, I am a history nut. It blows my mind that we silly humans keep making the same f**king mistakes over and over and over and over again.

    I read with interest the comments on gardening. I come from a long line of home gardeners, from veggies to berry bushes to fruit orchards. If it was food, at one time or another my mother canned EVERYTHING and I had to help! That pressure cooker was a heavy sucker!

    Since we moved into our town house here about 3 years ago, we only have our 20’ by 40’ dubbed ‘Pitiful Little Patch’ to tend to. But we brought our own tropical flowers and other plants from our former acreage. Out here it is year round, not very seasonal. How many people do you know who grow their own shampoo? Awapuhi Shampoo that is. I’ll tell you all about it sometime. Meanwhile, I have to run back to finish my laundry. Correction – hobble back to my laundry.




  147. Greytdog Δ:
    “Hank’s so silly. His remark sounds like one of those old pick up lines from the neighborhood bar.”

    What kinda neighborhood we talkin’ here?


  148. sorry meant ‘hank’ knats…


  149. Hope to hear from you soon Helen and Margaret.
    Real soon, these hobo knats make me itch.

    In the meantime this is an interesting one:


  150. Actually, Hank–there’s someone named “Hobo” that you’d probably get along with really well. And of course, you and Colorful could be a regular support group for the dim. Sorry that your mother apparently wasn’t too bright and that you couldn’t manage to persuade a woman of any intelligence to marry you.


  151. Poor Hank, conceived by two men I gather! Or poor Hank fell from the sky! Or a tree bark fell of the tree and out came Hank! Usually, people like you are of little consequence here. I think you just wanted to prove Helen and Margaret’s point in regard to common sense. Go hide already!


  152. Hank’s so silly. His remark sounds like one of those old pick up lines from the neighborhood bar


  153. Hank, I think you might have missed your bus.


  154. Hang on to your hats, Ladies!!!!!!


  155. America went wrong the day women were given the right to vote.


  156. Thanks Margaret and Helen! Great post! Common sense rules in your neighborhood, that is why I come here. But alas! If only some of the people wanting to get heard could display some! The planet might really benefit, instead, there is a whole lot of waste out there! Do we really have to speak or show ourselves on TV if we have nothing beneficial to say or contribute to the greater good?


  157. Greytdog …
    Wondermom is in my prayers also…


  158. thymeCher. Link was hysterical. Gotta love that Jimmy. (The part where one of the doctors uses the metal chart like a baseball bat doubled me over!)


  159. Does anyone need a little laugh?

    Jimmy Kimmel & OctoMom


  160. I frequently follow links that are posted here by commenters, and just want to say thanks to those who include them!


  161. Maven Δ

    Interesting idea…but I think the ‘purples’ would continue moving towards the light 🙂

    BTW the Central New England Equine Rescue website has flash with about 12 photos before you ‘Enter’ the site. Some beautiful winter scenes with the horses and of the farm.


  162. Greytdog Δ

    Funny you mention Wundermom’s behavior while in hospital… A few days ago, I had written a post (which I deleted before submitting) that suggested Limbaugh tapes could be used by EMTs to resuscitate folks. Dems would regain consciousness to argue while Repubs would awaken to agree. (Hope your mom is better soon.)


  163. psychedelikat:
    As a Chicago native (mostly as an apartment dweller) let me tell you that your plans for a garden will likely never happen. Sorry to rain on your parade.

    Fact is, buildings are built so close together in the city that there is very little sunlight on ANY patch of earth for long enough. When I lived in apartments, there WAS no yard, even if I had wanted to put in a tomato plant or two.

    Your best bet is visiting the neighborhood farmers’ markets during the summer. They are not exactly *inexpensive* though. The Jewel will still offer some things cheaper, though they won’t taste the same.



  164. Thanks everyone for your best wishes and prayers for wundermom. They are keeping her longer – the neurologists and trauma team are being very cautious – she’s had a few memory lapses and confusion today – but the medical team is very upfront and forthright (which really is much appreciated). I’m not able to travel to her side right now, but my big bro is watching over her – and he reported tonight that she was arguing with some pundit on the TV – he finally turned off the tube so she’d rest. He also took away her cell phone cuz she wanted to make some calls and voice her opinion on the economy and BlueDog Dems. Oh lord.

    In the meantime, here’s a saying that is really common sense:
    The second mouse gets the cheese.


  165. Greytdog- I heard from Elsie and Pi that your mom was in the hospital. It seems she is doing better now and I am very glad for the news. I want you and your mother to know that I am sending all my best wishes and prayers to you both, who I consider to be very fine people. ….only good things- as it is said! Ann Δ


  166. Greydog…Good thoughts and healing best wishes going your way for your Mom’s full recovery. Sounds like she is in good hands.

    M & H ers are quite a group of gardeners, humanitarians and animal welfare advocates for sure. Very nice indeed.

    If you are a horse lover or just FYI, take a look at what these wonderful people are doing in Central Massachusetts.

    It’s a beautiful website with great photography.
    I visited the farm 2 years ago and met Monty, the farm’s mascot a rescued New York City carriage horse. He has an amazing story.

    Grandma Katie, glad you liked the Times article. Beautiful day today, hope you’re getting some fresh aire.

    Take care all have a good week.


  167. Bet is on.

    Actually, there have only been a couple of years in the last 50 that we did not have a deficit.


  168. Little Bird and others, thanks for the gardening advice. I have been anticipating going to the farmers’ markets all winter long!


  169. Deficit was there before I will be betting on performance (mesured by economical growth)
    If we can agree on that, the bet is on.


  170. Of course there are doGs in heaven! Cats too. At least there better be, otherwise I don’t want to be there!


  171. Werner:


    I am thinking 4 years myself. But the deficit will be there for quite a while.


  172. ImaginistΔ, your “typo” caught my eye and I starting laughing. . . thanks! It made me laugh cuz my car sports a bumper sticker that says “Dog is my co-pilot” (bark magazine). Since my big red dog rides shotgun, the bumper sticker is taken literally – after all, who can miss that big ol’ head, ears flying in the wind? Unless of course you’re a myopic fundamentalist, in which case you chase me down the road, screaming Bible verses and accusing me of blasphemy? (as has happened a few times) Big Red just stares with me and I’m sure we have identical looks – “What are you, crazy?” – so your typo, IMO, simply reinforces the idea that there really is a doG in heaven!


  173. JuneauJoe

    I take you on for a bet of 1 (one) beer! (Or NonAlc bev if one prefers at the time of winning)

    …It took us 10 years to get into the mess and it will take atleast 10 to get us out……

    I predict we take less than 2 years to get out of the worst (not worse off than, let’s say, 2004) since people believe in Obama and what he wants to do!

    Messured against American preformance (Economically)

    Are we on?

    BTW, IF possible we should meet the year of the winning for payout, if impossible remote payout is possible too (looser pays shipping!)


  174. Imaginista:
    Q: What does a dislecsic, agnostic insommiac do?
    A: Laying awake all night, thinking if there is a Dog!


  175. Werner:

    Anarchy – Very True! I was drafted during Viet Nam and got orders for Nam. They were canceled 2 weeks before I was to go because of the Anarchists.

    The anti-war protests worked and they cut back troops going to Nam just as I was supposed to go.
    However, I did not tell my mom and she sent a Western Union to the base telling me to call home.

    They sent a return Western Union saying, “Your son is in Viet Nam.” I finally called home and she really thought I was in Nam.

    Right Wing Anarchists are scory folks though. Imagine Rush as an anarchist leader.

    It took at least 10 years to get into the economic mess we are in and it will take as long to get out, or more.


  176. Wow, now that was in interesting typo – Greytgod! Hmmm….


  177. Catching up on the latest comments today, I wanted to first tell Greytgod that I am glad to hear that her mum is awake and giving the staff hell. That’s always a good sign.

    Raji, I think your Margaret and Helen’s Bar analogy explains the bank mess much better than anyone else I have heard, even when they claim they’ll explain it as if I was in grade school!

    Maven, I would be very interested in hearing what your friend the businessman said at dinner. It sounds as if it made sense to you. If you’re willing to share, that is.

    Semi related anecdote: I had an experience once when I was all up on my high steppin’ principle horse and fell right into a pile of poo. I was railing against Wal-Mart to a group of people; how it treats its employees, and how the stuff is mostly future land fill crap shipped in from overseas, made by exploited workers and blah de blah de blah blah blah. One of the recipients of my rant quietly said, “My mom works for Wal-Mart, and she likes it.” I was tempted to pretend I meant K-Mart or something, but knew nobody’d buy it, so I just apologized for my big damn mouth and slunk away. I am alot more careful now, you never really know WHO you are talking to sometimes! Now I just protest Wal-Mart by not shopping there.

    Maven, it doesn’t sound like your Dem-face was anywhere near as obnoxious as my verbal spew!


  178. Greytdog – I somehow missed the post about wondermom. I hope all is well with her and of course y ou. All the worrying takes its toll.
    After a head injury, I really recommend the book ” The BRAin THat Changes Itself”. Lots of new t hinking on the brain.
    #1son ‘s pharmacy closes t omorrow, youngest daughter is ok (she thinks) until July. Youngest son mayber going to Toronto for a client tomorrow.
    I keep telling people who needs a REality Show. In my family it seems to go on every day.


  179. Ladies, thanks for the wonderful belly laughs your post has just induced!

    I think you girls should go on the road with this one. I had no idea Margaret made such a good straight man–my favorite line by far was the asshat convention.


  180. Every leadership party needs grandmothers.

    There should be grandmothers at the UN, grandmothers in the Senate, in the White House, and at the heads of major corporations!

    Where there is strife, chaos and injustice, you need a grandmother there, preferably with a crochet project, fresh baking and no-nonsense common sense.

    We have an international women’s day, we need an international Grandmothers day.

    I swear, the world would be a much better place if the people in power had lived a lifetime and have children and grandchildren in the world.


  181. Who ever blogged for the Schwartenmagen recipe (last time mentioned here, promise) I found a headcheese recipe for it the works without blood, so can be made at home and than you still can smoke it!


  182. JuneauJoe Δ and others


    I think every healthy society needs a quantum of Anarchy and also can well afford it.

    The most changes that happend in society in the last hundred years have at the very root an anarchist and his “crazy” ideas that later got more accepted, deluted by common sense and implied in our dayly lives.

    But what we tend to forget is that without the anarchists protesting and nugging us on, we might never even thought of changing what we now precive as “wrong”.

    So, be kind to your local Anarchist, listen to him/her and IF it makes sense to you, who knows, you might even ending up supporting this issue or that…..

    Remember: Just because you think they’re crazy doesn’t mean they can’t make sense once in a while….


  183. The “Purple People”. I think I’ll have to run with that one! Thank goodness there are others out there who feel they are ‘in the middle’. Whenever I cringe at a die-hard Republican, people automatically assume I’m a Democrat. I agree with you — I am duly fed up with idocy, whether it be called a Republican or a Democrat. I am crossing my fingers and hoping that Obama can steer towards the middle, despite opposition from both sides about doing it.

    Thanks for adding some humor to subjects that can drive you batty if you think on them too long!


  184. Greytdog:

    I second elsie09 cranky is always good with the sick, and if she doesn’t let off, get a laptop with a webcam, record a podcast and than she can have someone play it for her students, only second best, but might calm her enough to keep her in bed….. LOL! (living with a teacher myself, luckly only half as old AND cranky !)

    Best wishes still


  185. Here is another take on how Wall Street works by two comedians.

    Greytdog, I wish wondermom the best and a quick recovery.


  186. Greytdog
    Since I don’t pray, but do belive in all the “other gods” floating around in space, I will ask them sencerily to give their support too to wondermom, I
    never met her, but you are proof enough that she deserves all the support we can rally!

    My best wishes in that direction and lot’s of power to you too. (To get through) ((Hugs))


  187. thymeCher, Greytdog and all on medicine,
    a little story from the “homeland”:

    In Germany, in fornt of a Apothecary (Drug-store) a guy stands and pours a lot of medicine in the gully.
    Being asked by a passer by why he was doing this he answerd, while continously pouring, “My doctor wants to live, My pharmacist wants to live, and me, I wanna live too!”

    Not always the best solution, but the less the merryier!


  188. Here is another take on how the economy got in such a dire situation.

    Economically, things are a mess and something needs to be done. Whatever is done to try and get the economy back on track, it will take time.

    We all know by living our lives that nothing is simple. We plan things to go a, b, c, d, etc. But then the real world hits and it might go a, d, h, b,k and on and on. Over the course of time, it works out but often not exactly as planned.

    I believe in President Obama. He has a tremendous task ahead of him and I am glad he is in charge rather than McCain/Palin.

    Anarchy: The poverty of the third world countries and how they react through these economic turbulent times is a bit scary. Many countries are unstable even during stable times.


  189. UWA if you where the one with the schwartenmagen, my offer still stands


  190. Anonymous
    please contact me private throuigh my blog, I found a special website on killing, manufacturing and cooking any kind of pig, (in German, wiil; do SOME translations) but it is much to “Bloody” to elaborate here!


  191. James also posted:”Eventually, his popularity will sink to as low as Bush’s if he isn’t able to stay ahead of the mob.”

    When I read this I had immediate visions of the French Revolution – initially a pragmatic response to the excesses of rulers and their cohorts that eventually degenerated into the rule of the mob. Perhaps we too will have bloody Sundays where the mob (and their pundits) can join together for happy happy joy joy picnics, self-righteously chortling about how right they are and how wrong everyone else is, while those who are targeted for blame are led off to die.

    “Anarchy within, invasion from without. A country cracking from outside pressure, disintegrating from internal strain. Revolution is at its height. War. Inflation. Hunger. Fear. Hate. Sabotage. Fanaticism. Hopes. Boundless idealism . . . and the dread that all the gains of the Revolution would be lost. And the faith that if they won, they would bring Liberty, Equality, Fraternity to the world.

    —R. R. Palmer, Twelve Who Ruled”


  192. james posted: “I am generalizing. Certainly Congress has honest people of both parties.”

    I’ve yet to see much proof of that – the honest ones, are either Independent (Bernie Sanders) or dead (Paul Wellstone). I think that fundamentally, Obama is a person of integrity – if I didn’t think that, I wouldn’t have voted for him. That doesn’t mean that I believe everything his circle says – I take their words with about as much credence as I take anything uttered by Joe the “I’m horney” Plumber.


  193. Anonymous
    I will look on the net for you,
    but normally you can do this (and blood sausage) only when you are a butcher or kill your own pigs since the blood needs to be catched warm from the animal and then stir it constanly not to congeal it, rather messy.
    So if you have access to warm fresh blood (NOT repugs!!!) it can work otherwise it’ll be a no go.
    and the name is Schwartenmagen.


  194. avotresante,
    Thank you. “Bountiful Gardens!
    A great source of safe seeds.” I like the site.

    Great idea since the puppies always let me know what’s in the yard. Sometimes way too often.


  195. psychedelicat:
    carefull woth growlights, one or two are fine but more might really change your electricity bill for the worse and even might bring the cops knock at your door. (They really help people grow their own, you know….)


  196. Raji
    for the rabbit and the deer use the puppies, otherwise you looking at digging you fence in at least 2 foots for the burrowers! But lot’s of dog noise woprks fine and anytime they REALLY wanna get out, let them, works magic on small animals! (Never had a rat or squirrel problem in my garden as long as the dog was around!)


  197. To Whirled peas,

    “The light within me honors the light within you,”

    Peace Δ


  198. I like James’ post. Here’s another humorous example

    “The financial crisis explained in simple terms”.

    Helen is the proprietor of a bar in Decatur (there are at least four in the U. S.) To increase sales, she decides to allow her loyal customers – most of whom are unemployed alcoholics – to drink now and pay later. She keeps track of the drinks consumed on a ledger (thereby effectively granting the customers loans).

    Word gets around, and as a result, increasing numbers of customers flood into Helen’s bar.

    Taking advantage of her customers’ freedom from immediate payment constraints, Helen increases her prices for wine and beer, the most-consumed beverages. Her sales volume increases massively.

    A young and dynamic customer service consultant at the local bank recognizes these customer debts as valuable future assets and increases Helen’s borrowing limit.

    He sees no reason for undue concern because he has the promissory notes of Helen’s customers as collateral.

    At the bank’s corporate headquarters, expert bankers transform these customer assets into DRINKBONDS, ALKBONDS, and PUKEBONDS. These securities are then sold and traded on markets worldwide. No one really understands what these abbreviations mean and how the securities are guaranteed. Nevertheless, as their prices continuously climb, the securities become top-selling items.

    One day, although the prices are still climbing, a risk manager of the bank (subsequently fired due his negativity) decided that the time has come to start demanding payment from Helen for the debts incurred by the drinkers at her bar.

    Unfortunately Helen’s customers cannot pay back any of their debts to Helen.

    Helen thus cannot fulfill her loan obligations to the bank and declares bankruptcy.

    DRINKBOND and ALKBOND drop in price by 95%. PUKEBOND performs better, stabilizing in price after dropping by only 80%.

    The suppliers of Helen’s bar, having granted her generous payment terms and also having invested in the securities, are faced with a new and desperate situation. Her wine supplier claims bankruptcy, and her beer supplier is taken over by a competitor.

    The bank is saved by the Government following dramatic round-the-clock consultations by leaders from the governing political parties. They came up with a miraculous rescue plan that saved the bank.

    The funds required for this massive rescue are obtained by levying a new tax on non-drinkers.


  199. A note for HoneyJoRumples: that “God will provide” actually turns out in translation as “tough beans on God”. Its actually an order! To the Diety! Its a losers way of absolving themselves of thinking and taking responsibility. Look out for a bolt of lightening!


  200. Here is how we got into the mess we are in. Panelists on the McLaughin Group, a Dateline documentary, Stanley Kurtz and others explained it so even I can understand.

    Carter got Congress to pass a bill stopping redlining of mortgages in poor neighborhoods. ACORN which began as a pressure group in the sixties staged protests and sued to get banks to accept low income mortgages. Their efforts bore more fruit after the late eighties banking scandals. Janet Reno pressured banks to accept risky mortgages during the Clinton administration. Clinton said it worried him, but he couldn’t get Democrats to approve more regulation. Barack Obama helped ACORN though his management classes and legal work.

    As these mortgages and other loans entered the financial system, banks sold them to other investment businesses who converted them to esoteric financial products near or beyond the edge of regulation. They re sold them and encouraged private people to use them as investment tools.

    It was great for the economy and the housing bubble helped us recover from the recession which began near the end of Clinton’s administration and which 9/11 exacerbated. Republicans and Democrats relished the golden geese. Bush cited the housing boom as the path to an ownership society. Democrats found a campaign cash cow in Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. They defeated Republican efforts to better regulate them. Some Republicans sided with the Democrats.

    Private home owners regarded their houses as ATM machines and took out second mortgages or renegotiated loans. People bought houses they couldn’t afford. In some parts of the country, illegal aliens bought homes too. AIG became a hedge fund dealer who “sold insurance on the side.”

    These toxic debts spread through the world, and banks encouraged others to borrow beyond their means because the rules of economics had been repealed. Everyone was happy, and the insiders became very rich.

    The economy began to fray last summer, and major investors got scared. Some conspiracy theorists think it was planned, maybe by terrorists. In any event watch dogs noticed a sudden withdrawal of money from the financial system which was a virtual run on the bank.

    Sec. Paulson panicked and called in the Congress who also panicked. The result was the first bailout. The financial institutions were so interconnected that if one went the entire system failed. AIG got a lot of money to keep it solvent, but the President and Congress failed to oversee the transactions or to understand where the money was going. Much of it disappeared and was not loaned because banks were still afraid of their toxic assets. No one knew which were worthless and which had value.

    Paulson, Reubon, and others, both Republican and Democrat had worked at Goldman Sacks, and they secretly bailed them out as they sent money to foreign banks like Societie National, and Barclays Bank. $120 billion went overseas, and the government didn’t tell us. The world financial system is like a fraternity or a cabal. They know each other socially.

    Employees for AIG and other institutions earn much of their money through bonuses, and they had existing contracts. Chris Dodd slipped an amendment into the stimulus bill to preserve the bonuses. He was afraid the employees would sue the government, and they had also done him favors including a sweetheart mortgage deal.

    So in effect, we are paying the people who built the bomb to dismantle it. Goldman Sacks was the biggest US winner. One of the panelists said Obama is being dragged to the bonus issue by the mob when the real scandal is how politicians let world finances evolve into mindless greed. Democrats forced through the stimulus bill so rapidly no one had time to read it. Either Democrats are angry about the bonuses because they didn’t read the fine print, or their rage was opportunistic because the public found out. Republicans are angry because they see a campaign issue. I am generalizing. Certainly Congress has honest people of both parties.

    AIG did business in all fifty states and 140 countries. A McLaughin Group panelist compared our world financial system to an organized crime syndicate. We are now hiring the folks who created the problem to undo it, and if they fail, they take us all down.

    Obama and others want the bonuses to be the focus of rage because if voters wake up to what our politicians and bankers have really done, public anger will further poison the mood, and Congress may not be able to spend more money to keep banks afloat. Legislating sanctions against specific people who took bonuses, some of them deserved will also make bankers and investment companies afraid to accept help from government with damaged credibility.

    The president has an obligation to make it clear to us why the banks have failed and what must be done to regain our financial equilibrium. Bush failed, and so far Obama has too. He is in great political danger, as I wrote in another post. Geithner may not be long for this political world, and that protects Obama. Eventually, his popularity will sink to as low as Bush’s if he isn’t able to stay ahead of the mob.

    Improvidence and greed got us here, and the big fish who escaped early are safe and sound in their mansions and gated communities. The rest suffer. Most of the people defending their bonuses are like Mafia lieutenants, expendable to the organization. I never heard our financial system described as a criminal cabal until yesterday on the McLaughin Group. Liberals and conservatives agreed, which was also surprising.


  201. Greytdog:
    Yay! Good news that Wundermom is awake, alert and cranky…That’s got to be a good sign!!!


  202. Raji, Whireld
    peas for Peace Δ!


  203. One little bitty caveat on organic farming: much of the soil has already been contaminated by decades long practices of pesticides, fungicides, etc. Add in the demise of the practice of fallow fields. . . so when you want to garden organically, please have your soil tested at the nearest state agricultural station or even at your local parks dept. Don’t take the soil sample to your local garden shop though – their results are usually skewed to give them POS (point of sale) leads.
    Thanks for the good wishes and hugs for Wundermom. MRI last night showed some brain trauma but in line with the type of fall she took. She’s awake and alert but monitored. She’s also pretty ticked because she has a Masters Class lecture on Tuesday and she doesn’t want to screw up her students. Sheesh


  204. Raji,

    You’re welcome as always. It’s easy when you live by one simple rule:

    *have pause ready

    or Wiki

    PEACE ~ Δ


  205. Jean, a few points

    … About 1200 AD, a number of heretical sects rose to prominence especially in southern France …

    read that Languedoc, Roussillon and Province, which all where independant countries then(Well the Languedoc was an Aragon province), southern France only started to exists after the Albigensian Crusade in the 1270s!

    And the anti-clerical tendencies in the Catharic religion also go much farther back to the teachings of (British attorney/ex-clergyman) 4th century AD Pelagius.
    He was the first to state the man could communincate with god directly and dind’t need an overpaid and underworked churchman as interpreter. Others later elaborsted on his teachings, the Catharer with their parfaits (Motre like druids than priests)

    I would be interessted in some link to catharic atrocisties since it is the first I hear of them here.

    The Grail story comes into play since the stroy of Jeasus family gaining a foothold in the southern lands now known as France has influences on the catharic belives as well as the starting of the merowingan dynasty in this area.

    Intereseting side effect is that Carcasson fell on the second siege in the Albigensian wars due to a traitor (Olivier de Thermes) (It never was taken, except to treachery!)

    (and an other funny footnote to history is that Charlemagne (Karl der Grosse) was Grandson to the head of a band of Franks that got kicked out of their Homeland (My birthplace, now northern Bavaria called “Franken” surronding Nueremberg about 100 km diameter) for bad conduct. Hahaha.)


  206. Margaret and Helen!!! You two make my day!! SO FUNNY!!!!! 🙂


  207. JuneauJoeA, I hope you get the chance to plant a garden soon. Our daughter and son in law planted a small garden of peas, tomatoes and carrots in a five gallon pail. I did the same with two tomato plants two years ago. They thrived by our window through spring. I planned to set them out again, but they died, apparently of old age. I envy you for your cross country skiing. I can step outside of our back door and ski a mile in one direction and a quarter mile in the other on our farm. Sometimes, our cats follow me. I have skied nearly thirty times this winter, and with luck I might get in another day or so if a possible weekend snowstorm happens.

    A bipartisan Contract with America sounds like a good idea. Our current financial problem is a good way to start the conversation. I would like to know specific plans over how to fix our problem and admissions of mistakes too.

    Graytdog, I don’t know you, but I hope for the best. Like many others, my wife and I cared for our parents, and it was hard sometimes.


  208. Raji — Bountiful Gardens!
    A great source of safe seeds; not owned by Monsanto, doesn’t sell seeds owned by Monsanto (who is trying to patent all seeds, owns the chemicals to put on them — as well as bovine growth hormone that’s in your dairy products — owns Searle to sell you drugs.) IMO whoever controls the food source, controls everything. From my own research, that company owns most people’s health from the cradle to the grave. Eat organic whenever possible! 🙂


  209. Fresh Tracks
    ..Jeers to Sarah Palin for turning down $288 million dollars of stimulus in Alaska ….

    have you eben following th4 AK villages stuff here and ad mudflats / anonymousbloggers?

    I wouldn’t cheer for another dispaly of her utter stupididty, better look into sueing her ass out of office for proofen intend to harm her “subjects”!


  210. UWA
    much prefer your dayly laugh to the rant…..

    … Brazilian wandering spider….. Oddly, the Brazilian spider delivers more than a painful bite that sends most victims to the hospital. Researchers have found its venom also stimulates an hours-long erection in men….

    Now is this errection thingy happening before or after they die of the poison….? just wondering if I’d still have some fun before handing in the spoon?



  211. This is just my take on the humor displayed at M&H

    “You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it.”
    Bill Cosby


  212. “and the only stimulation going on is the Congressional circle jerk”
    Greytdog, good analogy.

    thymeCher, thanks for taking the time to try finding sources. I have previously tried but lately have spent more time researching the source of my animals food. With regard to human food, have you checked the labels on frozen veggies lately? Very few of our vegetables come from the USA. Another reason to support your local farmer’s markets and start a garden. Anyone know a good source for Cherokee purple tomatoes?

    Greytdog, you just saved me some research time about salmon, thanks.
    Sorry to hear about Wundermom. Sending prayers your way.

    Whirled peas, thanks again for the gravatar lessons and for joining in!!!!

    Peace Δ


  213. Mt. Redoubt blows. Check here for story (and nifty link to watch the ash cloud consume the atmosphere)

    And that, Sen McCain, is why we need volcano monitoring. . . sonaofbitch – this is why politics needs to stay out of science – when lives are at stake, politics just simply delays or denies the scientific knowledge and expertise that could save lives, livelihoods, and money.


  214. Oh my- lost my pie there for a min…


  215. Greyt-
    Virtual hugs…
    And real thoughts of concern. Take care neighbor…


  216. The above post was mine and I don’t know why it didn’t register under my name. I apologize if anybody thought I wasn’t honest about my own opinions.


  217. Jean, While this blog may be lacking in intellectual substance in your estimation, you have to realize that most of us are common folk who have only recently learned that we can be heard and, moreover, must be heard by those who govern. This is heady stuff after years of being regarded as pains in the derriere by those in power. I am a reasonably intelligent person, but I have learned more about how people think and what good ideas they have since blogging here. All of us, and I include everybody, whether I agree with the ideas they offer, are the greatest resource this country has. It makes me delirious that we now have a President who fells the same and is tapping this resource for all it is worth.

    I close with an idea I just heard about that really made me stop short and just think. Maybe it is simplistic, but it IS a departure from the same old stuff. I’m thinking that those who think out of the box are going to get us out of this mess. We will never know if we don’t explore and listen.

    This was an article from the St. Petersburg Times
    Newspaper on Sunday. The Business Section asked readers for ideas on “How
    Would You Fix the Economy?” I thought this was the BEST idea. I think this
    guy nailed it!

    Dear Mr.President,
    Patriotic retirement:
    There’s about 40 million people over 50 in the work
    force; pay them $1 million apiece severance with stipulations:

    1) They leave their jobs. Forty million job openings – Unemployment fixed.

    2) They buy NEW American cars. Forty million cars ordered – Auto
    Industry fixed.

    3) They either buy a house or pay off their mortgage – Housing Crisis fixed.


  218. Dear Helen, Margaret, Greytdog and gang,

    First of all, Greytdog, I am with you in spirit with your Wundermom. This is what most of us go through or have gone through with aging parents. Just know, you are loved and respected here by all of us. You are a strong gal and will continue to cope with all your might! Hang in there!!! God bless.

    I have read and re-read the post entitled “We Have a Dream” several times and thought about it for several days before I decided to respond.

    At first reading I felt as if I were eavesdropping on a private conversation between two long-time dear friends who know each other so well that they take each other for what they meant, not LITERALLY for what they said. I cannot believe that two mature, educated and intelligent women could espouse such glib simplistic answers to such complex problems! Since you have invited any and all comments, I feel free to express mine as an almost contemporary in age at least.

    This has been my first and only venture into ‘Blogland’ and I was curious to learn what it was all about, especially starting before the election. I have learned plenty! I have family, friends, interests and causes to support so have limited time to spend on the computer. I only recently learned about Molly Ivans (spelling?), so I understand more about what the take on political commentary is about on THIS blog.

    Starting with the title, I certainly hope it was not an intended political parody of the Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream” speech. King is respected and revered universally as a champion of Human Rights by means of NON-VIOLENT protest against injustice. You may remember that was begun by Mahatma Gandhi in India. Some who opposed him would call him names such as a ‘skinny little vegetarian with big ears, few teeth and didn’t wear many clothes’.

    Parody and ridicule of personal characteristics are sometimes thought to be effective means of hubris humor in order to discredit a person and the methods he/she employs. Who is next on the list? George Washington with his powdered wig and wooden teeth? Or are we going to stick with Rush, Coulter, Palin et al indefinitely and become the flip side of the same coin? We can do better than this, and that includes me.

    The previous administration turned ‘compassion’ into a dirty word. However, I have noted that most of the people who leave comments here; as well as protests, from time to time generally exhibit caring, empathy and human kindness toward each other. I have been on the receiving end of such warm feelings and am most grateful for them.

    I have not heard ONE WORD of praise about the courage that Olympia Snow, Susan Collins and Arlen Specter demonstrated in crossing party lines to vote for the Stimulus Package, despite its flaws. Our country and the world are in serious trouble with gigantic problems that need to be addressed and worked on without smug nit-picking frivolity. People are hurting – badly.

    There is talk of the ‘Purple People’ instead or ‘Red’ and ’Blue’. Another way of looking at color is that people turn ‘purple with rage’. Purple is also the color of the bruises people get from beating up on each other, either figuratively or literally.

    It is my hope as Obama and many other statesmen have said, “We can disagree, without being disagreeable” and start here on this blog – now!

    Perhaps when it comes to labels, we can forget about “ Xenophobic Provincialism” and try to communicate, understand and appreciate other people whose concept of ‘common sense’ is expressed in terms of their own geographical and lifelong experience, just as ours is. Further, they may not necessarily speak ‘American’, either within the United States with our diverse regional accents, (Patois), or different native languages around the world.

    Whether we like it or not, globalization is here. If we want World Peace instead of constant conflicts, we MUST learn to think outside our own little comfort zone. Smiles, tone of voice, patience, waves and good will gestures are wonderful communicators when common words are not available. For now however, words are all we have on a blog.



    P. S. If you might be interested in the rapier wit of one of the all time greatest political satirist, try Francois Rabelais (1495-1553), if possible in the original French. Or Madame de Staël (1766-1817). Oops! That would not be in ‘American.’


  219. Greytdog, I’m so sorry to read of your mom’s condition. Over time, you have shared a bit here and there about what an amazing, educated, and accomplished woman she is. We will keep Wundermom, you, and all who love you both, in our prayers. Touch base here when you can and give us updates.


  220. Once worked for national vitamin supplement company that touted “all-natural” vitamins vs synthetic vitamins. Always found that odd because if you are popping an ester-c instead of an orange, it’s still a synthetic. You want all natural, sustainable vitamins? Eat locally grown foods. It’s strange but in my world, I actually try to find the sources for my animals’ foods, but just recently began applying the same safeguards to the family nutritional health. We’ve even gone so far as to determine that the salmon meal in the dog food is from an American fishery in Alaska – and that we use fair trade items whenever possible. The irony – my animals, all seniors, are in GREAT shape – the humans. . .we not in as great shape. And thymeCher, yeah this week really sucked. Wundermom airlifted to trauma center in DC today – keeping her for the next 72 hours so we don’t have to face what the Richardson/Neeson family just faced.


  221. thymeCher – loved your article on where the drugs are produced. A magazine called Life Extension has had several articles on the main ingredients and where th ey7 aare produced, h ow much they cost and the markup in the finished product. I have no faith in t he BigPharma or the FDA. And me PharmD son tells tales that could curl your h air.


  222. Greydog you sound really stressed. Know you had a bad week last week hope things will get better for you and all of us for that matter sooner than later.

    Anderson Cooper 360 had a segment on his show a few days ago (I think it was on 360?) saying that we are all taking more meds these days to help us sleep and to alleviate the stress.

    Personally my cab sav intake is at an all time high. But hey, I’m doing my best to support the CA economy.

    Saw this in the paper today and thought I’d pass it on. I will look at Excedrin in a whole different light.

    “Before you pop a pill, know where it came from”… by David Lazarus of the LA Times

    Over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen are among the most commonly taken drugs in the United States. But here’s a question: Where do they come from?

    I ask because a rule took effect last week requiring that labels for most fresh meats, along with some fruits and vegetables, include the country of origin. The thinking is that consumers have a right to know the source of what they eat.

    But why stop there? In an increasingly global economy, transparency should be the order of the day. The country of origin of all ingested products should be disclosed so consumers can make informed decisions about what they put in their bodies.

    Pharmaceuticals, for instance.

    I have a bottle of extra-strength, 500-mg. Sunmark pain reliever in my desk drawer that the label says is a generic equivalent of extra-strength Tylenol. In other words, it’s acetaminophen. I take it because I spend far too much time staring at a computer screen.

    Do consumers have a right to know where their medications come from? Absolutely. How can this not be the law? Only if there’s a safety question.
    No. I trust the FDA to keep me safe.

    But where does it come from? All the label says is that this is “another quality product distributed by McKesson,” the San Francisco drug wholesaler. As for who actually made the little white pills, or where, no information is provided.

    The Sunmark website isn’t helpful. All it says is that “more than 1 billion Sunmark tablets are created each year with the same manufacturing practices and quality testing guidelines that the Food and Drug Administration sets for all medications.”

    A call to the customer-service line given on the website got me nowhere. “This number is for retail pharmacies only,” a rep said. “I can’t answer your questions.”

    So I placed a call to McKesson’s headquarters to see if that would help. While I waited for a response, I did a little poking around on my own to see what kind of paper trail exists for Sunmark acetaminophen.

    Several hours of Internet hunting later, I was still nowhere.

    What I did learn, though, is that more than half of the world’s aspirin now comes from China, as does more than a third of acetaminophen and almost all synthetic vitamin C. Chinese drug imports into the United States top $700 million a year.

    China’s thousands of drug factories also produce a wide range of raw ingredients that are shipped elsewhere for inclusion in finished drugs.

    Last year, contaminated batches of the blood thinner heparin killed more than a dozen people. The active ingredient in the drug was traced to a factory in Changzhou, west of Shanghai.

    A McKesson spokesman finally got back to me by e-mail. He said that “Sunmark extra-strength acetaminophen is manufactured in Allegan, Mich., by Perrigo Co.”

    That would be reassuring, I suppose, if it were the whole story. But it’s not.

    Perrigo is the world’s largest manufacturer of store-brand over-the-counter medicines. Its hundreds of clients include the likes of Wal-Mart, Safeway, CVS and Walgreens.

    Perrigo has facilities all over the world. The company says the active ingredients for its various products come in part from plants in Israel, Germany and China.

    But apparently it also gets its supplies elsewhere. In 2006, Perrigo recalled 11 million bottles of acetaminophen sold under various brands. Small metal fragments were found in some batches.

    Perrigo said in a subsequent regulatory filing that the recalled caplets contained “raw material purchased from a third-party supplier.”

    Arthur Shannon, a Perrigo spokesman, declined to identify the supplier or its country of origin. Nor would he comment on whether Perrigo contracts with Chinese firms for its production of acetaminophen.

    “Like all global pharmaceutical companies, we source globally — in fact, companies do not have a choice on this, since some ingredients are available in certain places only,” Shannon said.

    He added that Perrigo has “world-class quality systems and controls in place to assure the safety and quality of materials we use to make our products.”

    The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, an industry group, says the federal government insists on such quality controls for all pharmaceuticals sold in the U.S.

    “Consumers can take comfort in knowing that a new-drug approvals process is in place, and good manufacturing practices are in place no matter where a drug is produced,” said Kendra Martello, the group’s assistant general counsel.

    But it seems to me that if the U.S. Department of Agriculture can boost market transparency by letting people know that apples come from New Zealand or that a fish was raised on a farm and not in a babbling brook, the FDA can require similar openness when it comes to pharmaceutical products.

    How about this: All prescription and over-the-counter drugs would have to state on the label where the product was manufactured — not just, as is often the case, where the company’s headquarters are.

    If a product was manufactured by another company, such as Sunmark’s pain reliever actually coming from Perrigo, that would have to be disclosed on the label as well.

    Moreover, the label would include a Web address where more-detailed information could be obtained, including a list of the countries of origin of all active and inactive ingredients, along with contact information for the various manufacturers and suppliers.

    Ultimately, this is about accountability. I’m not saying that drug makers should be required to do everything in-house. But as a consumer, I’m entitled to know exactly what I’m putting in my mouth and how it got there.

    And if everything’s as aboveboard as the pharmaceutical industry says, a little transparency shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

    Now you’ll have to excuse me. All this rummaging through the corporate underbrush has given me a headache.” David Lazarus, LATimes / Biz sect.

    Now my question is why can’t we make this stuff in the USA?


  223. A bit off-topic, but here goes:

    Had dinner yesterday with friends whom I had not seen in over a year. One is a small businessman (owns a neighborhood hardware store). While I got my Dem-face on, he quietly explained his feelings as to why he was not totally behind the Democrats’ positions, both locally and nationally. And neither was he for Republican. I felt like a fool. Afterwards, I thought, HE ought to be the poster boy for *purple*. I have a lot to learn. For one? When to keep my big mouth shut.


  224. IMO, the name of the game today in Congress isn’t about “saving the economy” – it’s about saving their asses (on both sides of the aisle) and the only stimulation going on is the Congressional circle jerk. Rush, Coulter, Buchanan, Dowd, Olbermann, Matthews, et al are simply turning up the volume on the cacophony on editorialization and bullshit.


  225. Here is the most comprehensive look I have seen re:
    GINO Palin turning down 1/3 of the stimulus money.
    She is also turning down money for handicapped students.

    UAW: ’94 the repubs had less of a majority than the Dems do now’ back then it took 50% +1 to vote in a bill. TODAY, because of the gamesmanship of the Republicans, it now takes 60%. The Repubs used a little used clause to pull this one off. The Dems also had the right to vote with the Republicans then, Today, the Republicants cannot vote Dem or they will have to face Rush, Coulter and the other whackos.


  226. my spyware got me…sorry for posting as anonymous


  227. James…
    I want to thank you for your support for the Contract with America…
    what we need is a bipartisan Contract…
    in 94 the repubs had less of a majority than the Dems do now…couldn’t get shit done…
    now the repubs are being blasted for what the Dems did then…
    remember the “we have to pass this bill now; we can’t waste the time to read it” and who voted for it…


  228. Newt: Mr Pro-family values who has 3 divorces under his belt.
    and MR Pro-family Barney Frank
    Mr. Rush “Oxycontin and donuts” Limbaugh
    and Mr. Keith “let me spit on you” Obermann
    Mrs. Sarah “I read but I cannot tell you what I read
    and Mrs Nancy “500 million people a month loose jobs” Pelosi…WTF
    “I am so thankful for President Obama. The Buck Stops with him. What a refreshing change from GW.”
    The Buck stops with Me but it’s not my fault…..

    and something else to be pissed=off about…

    and since recipes were mentioned…Werner…when your mom shows up see if she has a recipe for ????swartamaul???I tried looking it up and came up with schwarz magen(black stomach)…a smoked blood headcheese…


  229. “Thanks for your very insightful comments James, Juneau Joe Δ and Grandma Katie Δ.”

    Same goes for Greydog, Jean, UAW, Whirled Peas, Imaginista, Honolulu Sally, Werner, etc etc etc…

    I would also like to add: Alaska Pi, Elsie, Jane, Raji, tymeCher, Freshtracks, Anne and Anne S.
    to the list of wonderful people who have graced this blog with their wisdom and wit.

    Most of all: Margaret and Helen – THANK YOU!


  230. Try Black Krim heritage tomatoes. Ugliest things you ever saw, but incredible flavor. I’ll take them over Brandywine any day.


  231. James

    “Thanks for your very insightful comments James, Juneau Joe Δ and Grandma Katie Δ.”

    Same goes for Greydog, Jean, UAW, Whirled Peas, Imaginista, Honolulu Sally, Werner, etc etc etc…


  232. James,

    I am jealous. I have been bouncing around for 4 years so no garden for me. I do go visit others with great gardens and I help them. I will help set up a garden this summer. I had done some gardening and will be back to it in 2 or 3 years.

    psychedelicat: Grow lights? I know a fellow who grew stuff on a porch and grew up. I always had a regular garden myself.

    Off to the mountain – have a good morning.

    Whirled Peas and Grandma Katie: Have a great day!


  233. JuneauJoe Δ,

    You are welcome. Glad I can help. Keep up the linking, you’ve been finding some pretty good ones yourself. Thanks for bringing the info back here.

    As far as the Gravatar, I see you’re trying different ones. Remember to clear your cache if your picture doesn’t seem to be changing. And note that not all pics work for such a small size. Have fun.



  234. Obama doesn’t fit the traditional picture. He has done more in two months than Bush did in 8 years. So the repubs are screaming tax and spend, WEll what do they think got us into this awful mess, and think that Obama has done in t wo months?


  235. M&H were asking for idea. Some years ago we resided in Nor Virginia j ust out side DC. Lived the about a year which was too long for me. Anyway I arrived at t he opinion that they could saw the area off, complete with all the politicians, float it out to sea and sink it. Then go around America, point randomly at the citizens and say “You”. Don’t think we could do any worse.

    JUneau Joe my typo checking wasn’t last night. How Canada, I meant Alaska. got in there I don’t
    know. Have not been to Northern Nevada, but to Las VEgas wherre oldest son lives. A little hot th ere.


  236. That unknown comment by Rumsfeld is one of the few things I liked about his tenure. The statement is true, but it gives me a head ache.

    Our greatest unknown is how much of our garden will go to us and how much to the deer and raccoons. I plan to plant two acres of sweet corn and several hundred feet of peas, beans, lettuce, carrots, etc. Sweetcorn seed is reusable. Each fall I pick dried ears and shell them.

    We plant them to about half of the patch. The seeds revert to their pre- hybrid state and change character. An extension agent told me we could mix seeds like that indefinitely because they will cross pollinate with the new seed. Some of the old seed produced huge ears. Drought wiped us out last year, so we are using all new seed.

    An e friend I met at a message board sent me heritage tomatoes, including a purple variety. We have saved the seeds we could, and still grow some of them. Unfortunately, bugs like them better than they do conventional varieties.

    I liked the Contract with America. It spelled out what the candidates intended to do, and it was easy for voters to judge whether or not they kept their promises. Unfortunately, the politicians let power corrupt them and they turned it into a Contract ON America. Republicans deserved to lose, because they broke the contract. I’d say we don’t deserve the alternative either, but the country does because it voted them in. We made and deserve our bed for better or worse.

    I forgot who wrote good words about us. Thanks.


  237. Thanks Whirled Peas,
    Good idea! I will try it!

    By the way, you are the greatest with finding interesting links.

    Thanks for the Gravitar info too. i am playing with Gravitar for a bit this AM.


  238. TO: JuneauJoe Δ @8:37a

    ‘Maher on Fox and how wacky they are getting.

    Just a note, you’d be better off linking the TITLE shortcut than directly to the QuickTime (qt) player. Let the surfer decide how they’d like to view it.

    Like here!

    Some people (PC users) don’t do QT and can choose Windows Media Player or download for later viewing.

    PEACE ~ Δ


  239. Maher on Fox and how wacky they are getting.


  240. Anti Palin Rally! Palin said she will reject 30+ percent of the stimulus for Alaska and people rallied against her. Yesterday, a rally was arranged and over 500 people went to tell Palin to accept the Stimulus money.

    Palin is now saying she might reconsider for parts of the money. She was adamant that she would not accept the money yesterday.

    Grandma Katie: The closest to SoCal so far looks to be in northern Nevada but who knows. I might need to take a sun break if I catch a lot of rain.


  241. Juneau Joe if you come to SoCal this summer, I would be delighted to see you!! It is interesting how we get to know each other from just the posts. I have been on a chat line with two ladies for a number of years, never met them but we are great friends.

    Thank you for intoducing u s to the people in Canada. NOt able to help much but something.

    Ann Strongheart needs a medal.


  242. Psycedelikat: When the farmers markets get going you can purchase plants that are pretty far along, and ask the vendors about what will do best in what conditions. Most of the vendors are from around the area so they should have some sound advice. I tried the container garden in my apartment (also in Chicago) and promptly killed all the plants. But, then cut flowers last longer around me anyway. The market in Lincoln Park is probably the best and will be on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from around 6 or 7 am ’til 1:30 or 2 PM. Basil should do well if you can put somewhere where it gets SOME sunlight.


  243. Grandma Katie,

    I usually go to Southern Ca in the summer for a bit. I am not supposed to this summer but if I do, I will make a point of bringing you flowers. Thanks.

    I just cross country skied into Mendenhall Glacier and went into an ice cave. We have a beautiful day here in Juneau. I think it got up to 35 degrees and constant sunshine. I was also snowboarding this morning. I feel quite lucky to be able to do such things.

    Discussions on a variety of topics are good folks.

    You just need to join in and make people back up what they say, including me. If I am wrong – tell me. I have apologized once or twice.

    I am so thankful for President Obama. The Buck Stops with him. What a refreshing change from GW.


  244. JuneauJpe – thanks for the post about my typing.LOL It meanns I have learned to take time to proofread and then correct with the backspace key!! However this is great exercise for the hand. M ore fun that how they do in PT.
    thymeCher – bolsa Chica wetlands. Wonderful place.


  245. The contract with America:

    A piece of paper which meant nothing. The Republicans got a lot of TV time and Congress because of it, then RAN THE BUDGET INTO THE GROUND!

    Thanks for answering UAW, Juneau Joe.

    Never having done a vegetable garden in my life, I am going to try to do one this year. First, I have to figure out how to keep the puppies out, then the local bunnies and finally the deer. Someone just said to plant more and share 🙂

    I think M&H have created a blog for all to comment. I don’t know why there are those who object to the comments. Maybe they are jealous they didn’t create M&H or don’t have a desire to learn.


  246. In one of my previous posts, I said that this blog is the wa y good conversations go. It starts out on a topic, then when it has been thoroughly discussed, then it takes off in all directions. And that is w hat makes it interesting. I have learned some history, reciipes, how do do things like cut and paste,about the starving Alaskans and how to help and most of all for me encouragement as I am slowly progrssing heathwise. So if this annoys anyone, either scroll past it all , just read M&H’s post or go away.
    and that is my ranting for today.

    y and find another blog.


  247. Juneau Joe – I am planning on growing a garden this year to not only increase our own resources but to save money. The growing season here in Chicago is shorter, and our space is really, really limited. In fact, our “garden” will consist of containers around our tiny basement apartment and outside near our door. But it will definitely be worth it to eat the fruits of our labors and save money in the process.

    With that being said I have a question: Does anyone know of edibles that will grow without direct sunlight? Like I said, space is very limited. 🙂


  248. MTMom!

    Big footers unite! I’m a size 12 as well, and to make it worse, it’s a 12 narrow!

    But — attempting relevance here — I try not to be narrow-minded.


  249. “Resources: I just read that 2030 we are going to have a resource crunch. We will have too many people for the resources which are on the earth.

    Clean drinking Water: It is very scarce in some places.

    Food- We now are barely producing enough food to feed the world. Food – the more we mass produce and chemical our food supply, the more weird things show up – autism, social issues, behavioral issues, health issues, cancers etc. Could all of these chemicals be increasing problems for our populations? Just wondering.

    People are also living closer together. Is this causing problems? The more rats in a cage, the more deranged behaviors seen. Learned that in college.”

    Of course chemicals and all the other reasons you stated contribute to these things. No one really wants to know, though, because then that would mean spending money to find alternatives and to find the people that would be displaced new work, and what’s a few hundred thousand autistic kids and a few million cancer patients compared to a tax hike?

    In order to fix these problems, unfortunately you will have to convince certain people that there is actually such a thing as too many people. But the religious right being what it is, (a neighbor couple of mine lives in a tiny two bedroom apartment and they still keep cranking out the babies. They have four so far) you’d have better luck getting a camel through the eye of a needle. I shamefacedly admit to having dated a radically right wing conservative religious nut, one of 8 Irish Catholic kids, and his response to all this was always “God will provide.” Yeah, sure. Let’s just put Him on speed dial, and no more worries.


  250. I personally do not know when life begins, who am I, Joe the Plumber? But we, adults, all know how to prevent nearly 100% of all unwanted pregnancies, so why are we disputing the facts? We are certainly capable of informing our young people about birth control. As far as abortions based upon the medical condition of the mother or fetus are concerned, if you have no particular medical expertise in this area, please go back to your lesson on how to replace the float in your toilet tank. Same would apply, if you are unqualified to evaluate the mental or emotional health of the mother. You just might become a valuable member of society based on what you do know, not a know-it-all. I had one of those know-it-alls in my neighborhood, told me to clean a “new to me” oil painting with turpentine. Now I am no expert, but that just didn’t sound right, so based on advice I read on the internet, which at the very least sounded benign, I cleaned this “gem” by rubbing it with soft white bread and the result was good enough for my non museum quality portrait. He moved a year ago, so I no longer have to scrutinize the neighborhood before I head out the door. You rock Margaret and Helen; I’d consider taking your advice anytime.


  251. A M & H Fan and Stan–actually, it’s very simple. Don’t read the comments. Just read Margaret and Helen’s posts.

    I look forward to posts from many of the people you characterize as “hijacking.” Even though I’ll never meet them, I have a sense of the person they are and I enjoy what they have to say. And that is true for people with whom I don’t agree such as UAW (who, despite his efforts to seem like a curmudgeon, is clearly a nice person) and James. I love hearing from Grandma Katie and, of course, I perk right up when I see something from Greytdog and Juneau Joe has a lot to say that’s very worthwhile. And, of course, Werner is terrific.

    I’ve gotten recipes, insights, and all sorts of very good stuff from this blog. Certainly, the Main Event are the hosts, but they have attracted quite an interesting and worthwhile throng. (of course, they also have attracted the occasional douchebag but c’est la vie.)


  252. To: a Margaret and Helen fan,

    Seems to me that Margaret and Helen have ideas and want people to express their ideas. Sorry if you feel I, or others, take over the forum however, if you read the posts, you will read thoughtful comments. People have even helped a lot of people because of this blog, Check out:
    This blog started right here by Jane. Margaret and Helen even put a link to them in a previous post. Anonymous Bloggers is helping a lot of people and it started at M & H.

    Smart people (not me) are getting thoughtful ideas out. Do you agree or disagree? If I, or others, said something which you disagree with, this is a forum to get it out there.

    Have a good day.


  253. To: a Margaret & Helen fan –



  254. Thanks for your very insightful comments James, Juneau Joe Δ and Grandma Katie Δ. It is wonderful to read opinions without the rage and vitriol we hear coming from the radical right regarding this subject.

    What really gets me are the ones who call pro choice advocates murderers and yet scream “kill kill kill” at the rallies and in their blogs.

    There is more insight and esoteric information on M & H’s blog then I read or hear anywhere else.

    Now if this ‘Your response’ part only had spel chek (for me) it would be purfick:)


  255. Ditto


  256. some of you people certainly know how to hi-jack a comments column. Why not start your own blogs.


  257. My favorite quote, from Rumsfeld:
    “”Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”


  258. funny how when certain “brand name” republicans come up in conversation, the word of the day becomes hypocrite!

    Mr. Newt “Family Values” Gingrich

    Mr. Rush “Oxycontin and donuts” Limbaugh

    Mr. George W “Insert your own punchline here because there are too many to do justice” Bush

    Mrs. Sarah “I read but I cannot tell you what I read because Katie Couric is not the center of everyone’s universe” Palin
    (There are a million punchlines I could have used there, but I decided to go the Jon Stewart route)

    Ms. Ann Bigfoot “democrats carry a small victim” Coulter

    and so on and so on!


  259. The contract with America:

    A piece of paper which meant nothing. The Republicans got a lot of TV time and Congress because of it, then RAN THE BUDGET INTO THE GROUND!

    Newt: Mr Pro-family values who has 3 divorces under his belt. the divorce papers on one were given to his then wife when she was in the hospital. Great Fellow. Say one thing – do another.

    I am out the door.

    BTW: I do not disagree with those in Congress having the same benefits as the average person.


  260. You’re welcome JuneauJoe A. I am enjoying the discussion.


  261. Raji…
    where’s the Contract with America when we need it…
    “FIRST, require all laws that apply to the rest of the country also apply equally to the Congress”


  262. Grandma Katie,

    I think you are great!

    Abortion, contraception, family planning should all be options.

    Resources: I just read that 2030 we are going to have a resource crunch. We will have too many people for the resources which are on the earth.

    Clean drinking Water: It is very scarce in some places.

    Food- We now are barely producing enough food to feed the world. Food – the more we mass produce and chemical our food supply, the more weird things show up – autism, social issues, behavioral issues, health issues, cancers etc. Could all of these chemicals be increasing problems for our populations? Just wondering.

    People are also living closer together. Is this causing problems? The more rats in a cage, the more deranged behaviors seen. Learned that in college.

    Grandma Katie: Your typing is improving dramatically. Keep up the blogging.

    Margaret and Helen – Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By March 25 – send a comment re: ByCatch issue in Alaska. ByCatch is killing the Salmon which the villagers rely on to live. Please get informed and send an email. It is quite easy. follow this link.

    You could also send food or funds to a village if you have any to spare.


  263. James,

    Thanks for the response. You are a lot more thoughtful in your thoughts than others I have had discussions with.

    The problem I feel are those who have a set ‘value system’ and the world must revolve around that. That is not the way the world works. People do crazy things when faced with starvation, financial pressures and just the stress of living in todays world.

    We have to learn to get along. We may not always agree, but we need to agree to disagree.

    Reasonable discussion is possible.


  264. JuneauJoeA, I’m sorry your family had to endure the pain of miscarriage. It had to be hard. I agree with much of what you wrote. Miscarriages or natural abortions happen fairly often because something is not right with the baby. In our case, our son was not meant to be. While not going into details, we were part of a class action lawsuit, but the money didn’t mean much.

    You would be surprised what I believe. I agree about death with dignity, as long as people don’t help one along before it is time. It happens informally and secretly in hospitals and nursing homes now. My quarrel with letting people die is if it happens as it did with Mario Shriavo. I think it was her name. They let her starve to death in a way we wouldn’t treat a dog. A bullet to the head is more merciful than a death lasting weeks or months. Otherwise, if a person is sentient, let him/her pick the day and manner.

    As I wrote abortion is murder, but sometimes it is the best choice for reasons you mentioned. I also think we should make it more socially acceptable for mothers to give their babies up for adoption. Many childless couples would love to care for them.

    My wife is a teacher, and our daughter is a newly minted therapist who had dealings with a mass murderer. Thus, we know first hand about miss raised children.

    The Palins should use their daughter’s pregnancy as an opportunity to encourage abstainance which they may do, but also birth control methods combined with estimated success of each. Schools need sex education and they need to let students visualize what having a baby means. Let them understand babies are forever, whether aborted, adopted, or raised by the parents. The Palin family is a good object lesson of what can happen.

    I also oppose the death penalty because it is uncertain. The state kills a few innocent people from time to time. Much better, in my opinion is to let the perp pay life time reparations to the victims’ families even if it is only a pennies a day or private forced days of rememberance in a prison cell.


  265. JuneauJoe – youput in very clear words what I have thought for so many years. I know of one couple, one of whom was taking very harsh medication due to a car accident. They chose to abort because of the fear the harm themedication could do to the fetus.

    Ditto your comment to Colorful. I had hoped he/she had given up on us and gone away.

    Donna – nope I won’t be planting a garden!! Haved lived in an aoartment for years and n ow in a Board and CAre REsidence. Next reason, I greww up with parents gardening, cultivating reaping a garden. Unfortunately I didn’t inherit the tendency to garden.


  266. James,

    We also have the death penalty. Bet you believe in that which is a bit hypocritical.

    Death with Dignity. I was in Oregon and voted for it. It was fought tooth and nail by many. Since it has become Oregon law, only a hand full of people each year have used that option, but it is there for them. Because of this law, the end of days have seen a major change in allowing people access to better pain management. If the pain of living in the final days is too much, I want the right to say good bye to friends and family in the way I choose.


  267. James,

    My wife and a daughter both had miscarriages. Some babies are not meant to come into this world and die.

    I believe a mother and the doctor have the right to choose. I have seen the throw away kids who have neither a mother, father or grandparents. I have some who are relatives. I have known of people who aborted children and I have seen the children in the same family who were not aborted.

    The not aborted children are having extreme problems with meth, prostitution, jailed for manufacturing meth as a minor list of infractions.

    It is wonderful to be pro-life and then not provide the counseling, child care, medical care and foster care that is adequate. In one instance, the children were taken out of the house and they ran away and got into a gang situation.

    Why were the home situations so rough? The mom was working minimum wage jobs and could not afford to watch her kids. Her kids ran wild, even though the mom was caring and very hard working. People say, “give the child up” and then the next breath say, “How could you possibly give the child up.”

    We need comprehensive sex education. Just look at the Palins as an example. We need to really want kids to complete school. Just look at the Palins as an example.

    Abortion should be an option! If a young girl gets gang raped, don’t force her to have an unwanted child. If a child is not wanted – let abortion be an option.

    Our prisons are now filled and I wonder how many of those people were unwanted at birth?


  268. Since you ladies mentioned it, I have experienced death, so I guess I am qualified by your standards to say when life begins. I believe it begins when the first two cells divide.

    My wife suffered a miscarriage which nearly killed her, and though our little son died, he was not a blob of flesh. He was a human being. Through an unfortunate circumstance, my wife saw our dead son. That nearly killed her too.

    I am pro- choice because though I believe killing preborn babies is murder, sometimes the needs of one outweigh the other, and killing is necessary as it is on the battlefield or when a police officer shoots a threatening criminal.

    I had medical power of attorney for my father. When he was found clinically dead, and no one know how long he had been in that condition, everyone told me to let him be. He would be a vegetable. He had said he wanted to be revived, so I gave the order.

    My 95 year old father woke up and we looked into each other’s eyes. He was still there. My father lived long enough to see our children’s birthdays and to say good bye to relatives.

    I asked him if he had seen tunnels, lights or angels while his heart and breathing had stopped. He said he saw “nothing.”

    I don’t think only poor people serve in the military. Four of our family members and six of our childrens’ classmates are or were in the service beginning with the invasion of Iraq. Our niece and her husband are on their second tour to Iraq now.

    One of our daughter’s college room mates was in the Army Reserve and they snatched her from school to drive trucks through Baghdad during the later stages of the invasion. She had many narrow escapes, but she said the terrorists were poor shots. Now, she is nearly finished with her Masters Degree.

    I think the AIG bonus rage is a distraction. Its true some of the bonus babies don’t deserve our money, but our anger should be directed toward the people who authorized the bonuses. Chris Dodd put it into the bill so large no one had time to read it.

    The Treasury Security knew about it before he said he did. We still don’t know about the President. The bonuses were authorized in the loophole because Dodd feared denying them broke a previous legal contract, and Conn. law let people sue for twice the value of the disputed money. What the Democrats propose to do to single out specific people with a confiscatory tax is close to a bill of attainder. Lawsuits will prove the law unconstitutional, and the drama will only cost us more money.

    A requirement of the TARP funding was regular oversight at least once a month. The Bush administration had meetings every two weeks, but the last recorded one was on January 15, I believe. Our leaders should have known about the bonuses long ago. While anger at the thieves who took the bonuses is justified, some had nothing to do with the crash. The whole episode is disgusting, but we need to reserve some of our anger for the legislators who let it happen.


  269. Here is where we seem to be now, Clocks by Cold Play.

    Lights go out
    and I can’t be saved
    Tides that I
    tried to swim against
    brought me down
    upon my knees
    Oh I beg I beg and plead.

    Come out the things I’ve said
    Shoot an apple off my head
    And a trouble that cannot be named
    Tigers waiting to be tamed

    Confusion never stops
    Closing walls and ticking clocks
    Gonna come back and take you home
    I could not stop which you now know
    So come out upon my seas
    Cursed missed opportunities
    Am I part of the cure
    Or am I part of the disease?

    Home home where I wanted to go.


  270. Colorful:

    You have been recalled by Jesus. Seems your brain is defective and it could be hazardous to your health.

    jlkfjdoeojklefvffeoioannvcv fidjfiojioee


  271. British singer Lily Allen has a song which I think describes many in our society.

    I want to be rich and I want lots of money
    I don’t care about clever I don’t care about funny
    I want loads of clothes and loads of diamonds
    I heard people died while they are trying to find them.

    I’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless
    ‘Cuz everyone knows that’s how you get famous
    I’ll look at the sun and I’ll look in the mirror
    I’m on the right track yeah I’m on to a winner

    Life’s about film stars and less about mothers
    It’s all about fast cars and passing each other
    But it doesn’t matter cause I’m packing plastic

    And I am a weapon of massive consumption
    And its not my fault it’s how I’m programed to function
    I’ll look at the sun and I’ll look in the mirror
    I’m on the right track yeah I’m on to a winner

    Forget about guns and forget ammunition
    ‘Cuz I’m killing them all on my own little mission
    Now I’m not a saint but I’m not a sinner
    Now everything’s cool s long as I’m getting thinner

    I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore
    I don’t know how I’m meant to feel anyoer
    When we think it will all become clear
    ‘Cause I’m being taken over by fear
    I’m being taken over by The Fear.


  272. Thanks Margaret and Helen for calling out the hypocrites and not sparing those who naively follow them. Let’s face it America is a conglomeration of different cultures, as much as we might like change that through education it ain’t gonna happen. Folks if you don’t want your children to have sex before marriage, chaperone them twenty four-seven, because that is the only way to prevent them from making you young grandparents. The only other alternative is comprehensive sex education. Teenage pregnancy is not so much a moral issue, as it is a matter of opportunity, if teens, who are attracted to each other have time alone, they will have sex. Normal healthy adolescents have high sex drives and poor judgment, therefore we must parent them. I am not gleeful that Bristol Palin is an unwed teenage mother, but since her mother has a public voice, I wish she would use it to demonstrate she has learned something from her daughter’s unplanned pregnancy. She should either support sex education and birth control for teens publicly or resign to devote herself to protecting her children. It is a matter of family values.


  273. Hurrah!! It worked. See what all one learns on M&H

    Peace Δ


  274. So what else is new in love and war; religion and politics?
    Well said, Jean. Thanks for the history lesson.

    Whirled peas, I think I managed to figure out what to do. Hopefully.


  275. avotresante and Grandma Katie–I have a black thumb and can’t grow a thing (sigh). BUT I belong to a community farm coop and get fresh fruit and vegetables and eggs (and maple syrup and honey) that way. The strawberries! The corn! The tomatoes! Wish I were as clever as avotresante but this sure is wonderful.


  276. Thanks, Werner, I’ve been meaning to try the cut and paste directions. Haven’t had a lot of time, but will do after this weekend’s trip. I appreciate your help.
    Grandma Katie, I think the reason fresh veggies don’t taste as good as they used to is that most are over-hybridized. We learned in school that for everything you get (longer shelf life, appearance, etc.) you give up something (flavor, texture). That’s one of the reasons I recommend planting heirloom varieties. You might get a crack or two in your tomatoes, but the taste is worth it. You’ll also have seeds to save for next year. I hope you’ll give it a try.


  277. And Colorful is still an idiot.


  278. Whirled peas, thanks for all the computer instructions. If I actually manage to do it you will know. I’ve always been a little tech illiterate and having dial-up doesn’t help.

    Did everyone see Joe The Plumber’s latest comments?

    Thanks all for the informative posts. Signing myself as a member of the “purple party”

    Oops, Colorful is back


  279. Abortion is murder.


  280. Judith, I’m sorry to hear that your husband was laid off today. I want to tell you that I admire your coping skills. Good luck to you both as you navigate these latest developments in your lives. I hope that things work out well for you two and, sooner, rather than later.


  281. Dear Helen, Margaret and Werner,

    I’m glad to see you are both back. I will respond to your post later perhaps. But Werner, your comment about the Albergensians prompted me to expand on it a little. Your facts are essentially correct as far as any of us know since there are no eyewitnesses around anymore. I researched this from four different sources some time ago. Anyone who is bored by it can simply scroll on down!

    We must remember that the Roman Catholic Church was the only ‘Christian Religious Game in Town’ in Europe until the Reformation. That was when Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses of his objections to Catholic doctrine to the door of the Castle Church at the University of Wittenberg in German in 1517AD. This set off a firestorm!!!!!! After that Christianity split in all directions down to and including the present Evangelical Fundamentalist. (The Eastern or Greek Orthodox Christian Church had already broken away from Rome.)

    Charlemagne was of the house of the Carolingian Dynasty that ruled Europe from 614-987AD. Charlemagne (742-814AD) is credited with uniting Europe, by the sword of course. He led the brutal battles himself instead of hiding out in an undisclosed location and sending out orders.

    In 795AD, Leo III was selected Pope. The Vatican disliked him and through a series of intrigues, managed to unseat and send him to prison. He escaped and found refuge at Charlemagne’s Court on the border between France and Germany. Charlemagne then marched to Rome and reclaimed the papal throne for Leo. In return, the pope crowned Charlemagne the “Emperor of the West” in 800AD. This bold concept was the cornerstone that ushered in the idea of the DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS.

    The title gave Charlemagne enormous power as the divinely appointed leader of all Christian people. The Priest-King, ruling over the Church-State, was in the position of wielding spiritual as well as temporal authority throughout the Empire. Thus, the Franks became the major force of power in Europe in 800AD. The Holy Roman Empire once again grew to be the single political head in concert with the CHURCH STATE and the DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS that would continue until the collapse of the Hapsburg Dynasty of Austria during World War I.

    Here is an extreme example of how far out of hand religious/political affairs had become. The Renaissance was on the horizon in Italy and would soon spread to France. The French king held tenuous control over many little principalities. About 1200 AD, a number of heretical sects rose to prominence especially in southern France – Albigensian and Catharism were two of them. Catharism had elements of Manicheism in its theology; total rejection of Roman Catholicism and fierce anti-sacerdotalism, the refusal to accept the whole idea and methods of the priesthood. Some of these sects originated in Bulgaria, the beginning of the derogatory word, ‘bugger’.

    Pope Innocent III decreed a ‘Plenary Indulgence’ be given to kings and nobles for their help in quelling the sects. (A Plenary Indulgence was a document pardoning all past, present and future sins so the bearer went straight to heaven when he died.) The Pope wrote the following letter to the archbishop of Auch in Gascony, France:

    “The little boat of St. Peter is beaten by many storms and tossed about on the sea. But it grieves me most of all that…there are now arising, more unrestrainedly and injuriously than ever before, ministers of diabolical error who are ensnaring the souls of the simple. With their superstitions and false inventions they are perverting the meaning of the Holy Scriptures and trying to destroy the unity of the Catholic Church. Since…this pestilential error is growing in Gascony and the neighboring territories, we wish you and your fellow bishops to resist it with all your might. We give you a strict Command that, by whatever means you can, you destroy all theses heresies, and repel from your diocese all who are polluted by them. If necessary, you may cause the princes and people to suppress them with the sword.” (A quote from the historian, Will Durant’s, “The Story of Civilization”.)

    The bishop of Beziers in France and several surrounding archbishops took no action.

    The Catharist retaliated by defacing churches, burning monasteries and generally causing chaos. Many of their activities were disgusting vandalism and blasphemies. The sects would probably have died out in time because of their own excesses, but the escalating opposition of the Church only served to call attention to them and attract more converts.

    Finally many of the French nobles joined in the crusade, seeing an opportunity to acquire land and property in the name of religion.

    Arnaud, the papal legate sent to oversee the destruction of the heretics, ordered the Crusaders to kill all the inhabitants of Beziers; men, women and children – 20,000 of them, some of whom took refuge in the church. The legate intimated that God could sort out which were Catholics and which were heretics. Then they moved on to besiege one town after another. If the town surrendered, the people had to swear allegiance to the Roman Catholic Church or be killed as heretics.

    Carcassonne is a city in Southern France not far from the Mediterranean. It is a walled city that has survived some 3000 years through conquering Gauls, Romans, Visigoths, Saracens and what came to be known as the ‘Crusade against the Albigensians.

    Better fortified than most medieval cities, it has two walls and a moat. It withstood one of those sieges by its wits.

    Backing up some four hundred years in time, during the ninth century, the Moslem Arabs had possession of the city. A Saracen princess, Lady Carcas was in charge of defending against the prolonged assault by Charlemagne and his forces. Some accounts claim the siege lasted five years. That was a lengthy time for Lady Carcas to become familiar with the dashing figure of the Holy Roman Emperor – at least from afar. Now, this is a legend. The word “legend” should not be confused with the word “fact”!!!

    The attackers were starving the city behind the fortification of its walls. Lady Carcas instructed the soldiers to go house to house and confiscate any food. The city was down to only a few baskets of grain and a pig that an old Christian woman had concealed. These pitiful provisions were certainly not enough to feed the garrison let alone the inhabitants. Further, the Moslem soldiers didn’t eat pork.

    Lady Carcas ordered the wheat to be force-fed to the pig. The hapless swine was then thrown over the wall. Legend says that it landed at the feet of Charlemagne and burst open with the grain spilling onto the ground. Charlemagne surmised, just as Lady Carcas hoped he would, that the city was well provisioned and could continue to withstand the siege. After all, if they could afford to toss food over the wall, then they could withstand the siege indefinitely. Charlemagne ordered his men to cease the attack and leave.

    Yet, dear Lady Carcas had apparently become enamored by the sight of the tall Emperor Warrior, and could not bear the thought of never seeing him again. So she changed her mind, rang the chimes of the church bells throughout the city to call him back and surrendered to him.

    The name of the city of Carcassone is not derived from the French word, ‘carcasse’, the carcass of the wheat-filled pig as some might presume. It is from Carcas, the Moslem princess who ‘sonne’ (French for rings) the bells to call back her beloved Charlemagne.

    The Holy Roman Emperor took the city but rebuffed Lady Carcas, giving her to one of his compatriots. (After all, Charlemagne already had four wives, five or more mistresses and eighteen children. What did he need with a Moslem Princess?)

    The union between his compatriot and Lady Carcas produced the dynasties of the Counts and Viscounts of Trencavel of Carcassone that survived until the Crusade Siege against the Albigensians in 1209AD. (Four hundred years after the adventures of Carcas and Charlemagne.)

    At that time of that seige, the city fell to the crusaders but was not destroyed. Most of the inhabitants managed to flee.

    Carcassonne is now a beautifully preserved old medieval walled city. It is very often used as a set and backdrop for movies of the medieval time period. It is a major tourist attraction for those of us interested in climbing the ramparts of an old citadel. My husband and I have been there and spent some time tramping around.

    The Crusade against the Albigensian and other sects lasted for thirty years and caused untold death and destruction. A peace treaty was finally signed in Paris in 1229AD. The church triumphed and religious tolerance ceased in Europe, ushering in the Inquisition.

    An interesting novel, “Labyrinth”, by Kate Mosse chronicles the historical events surrounding Carcassone. It has a different twist on the ‘Quest for the Holy Grail’ than the well-worn tales or that of Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code.”

    “One wonders, in looking back upon these faiths, [and others], whether they brought as much consolation as terror to humanity. Religions of hope and love are a luxury of security and order. The need for striking fear into a subject or rebellious people made most primitive religions, cults of mystery and dread.” (Another Durant Quote.)

    So what else is new in love and war; religion and politics?




  282. Sarah Palin is a dirty word! I just drove by the Gov Mansion an hour ago. Gino Palin. (Governor In Name Only)

    How does someone contact Tina Fey? She need a new job? Just wondering.

    We had a blizzard about 30 minutes ago – spring has sprung. Only 6 inches of snow the last two days.


  283. it really makes one wonder who’s side these Politicians really are on , left or right we in the midddle tend to loose.we have gone from people in charge with an agenda, to people in charge without one, and neither seems be serving any of us any better..great post girls…and I agree with the person who said you should have your own radio least a weekly You tube spot!!!


  284. It’s a cranky sort of day today. Gray and rainy in Minnesota, but not strong enough yet to wash away the dirt.

    I’m loving the new White House victory garden. Agribusiness went ballistic when Eleanor Roosevelt did it and I’m betting here and now that they’ll have the same reaction this time. With the same result – not a thing they can do about it.

    I think there’ll be a largish garden for us this summer – husband got laid off today. But we’re old hands. Back in the day when Reagan was Teflon and it was Morning In America, we both got laid off. That was a hoot and a half. So, same old, same old – but this time with freaky good coping skills.

    Spending the evening knitting baby socks out of scrap sock yarn, drinking a little wine and writing a dirty song. Maybe not so cranky, after all.


  285. i love it when you do the ‘together’ posts. margaret’s answers make me spew through my nose. i can just hear my aunt mimi channeling through her. oyster fork. i still remember how to set a perfect table even though i haven’t done it since 1988


  286. Please take it easy on those of us with big feet. Life is hard enough, what with the fact that the pretty shoes NEVER come in my size.

    I call it the “Cinderella’s Ugly Step-Sister Syndrome.” Big feet = no prince.

    Actually, I got a great prince but he won’t go shoe shopping with me because I turn into shrew about the third time I am told that, “why no (giggle) that doesn’t come in a 12 (snort).”


  287. Jeers to Sarah Palin for turning down $288 million dollars of stimulus in Alaska for weatherization, energy efficiency grants, immunizations, air quality grants, emergency food assistance, homeless grants, senior meals, child care development grants, nutrition programs, homeless grants, arts, unemployment services, air quality, justice assistance grants and education, including programs for special needs children.

    Cheers to President Obama for setting her up!


  288. I would post a lot earlier on but grew tired of posting and started to read. I can always count on Greytdog and others to express in words what I feel better.
    One last thing on Obama’s Special olympics comment:
    I am a black female security officer and I work with an all male group. They say insensitive things sometimes but I do not go overboard. I hate it when females get bent out of shape when a guy says boo. I love those guys and know that they have my back and I have theirs. I do not get upset over crazy things they say sometimes.
    Obama is doing the best he can in a bad economy. He apologized so lets move on. Let’s talk about major screw-ups.


  289. Make fresh tracks whenever you can.


  290. Pretty sure Helen and Margaret could manage a book all by themselves–should they choose to do so. Good grief!

    Perhaps, run for Senate as the first Senate job-sharing position? Also, too.


  291. sorry UAW I’m just really cranky right now, so think I’ll just sign off otherwise I’ll probably write something really untoward and then get into real trouble (‘sides, I’m not supposed to have my laptop on – kind like a kid sneaking a flashlight under the sheets in order to read)
    Night all. have a wonderful weekend. UAW – take care of yourself – can’t take care of your wife if you’re falling down, okay?? Be good to yourself.


  292. graydog…
    I didn’t pick you out ..I said most….go back through the posts(not just todays)…
    there’s a lot of posters that chug their class of koolade and then post


  293. end of my rant. It’s been a really long exhausting week


  294. UAW: “.most of the people here ignore the “mistakes” made by the left…”

    but we also understand if not fully sympathize with YOUR rants – although I don’t believe that you give most of us here the same leeway. . . for instance if I stated that IMO I highly resent the fact that, simply because of 9/11, the military is considered sacred and divine and above criticism and that I personally find that attitude to be unAmerican and bordering on totalitarianism, then I will be chastised as antiAmerican, blah blah, tarred and feathered, run out of town, etc, while you can sit there and cheer on the likes of McCarthy without impunity. Free speech seems to be free only if certain sentiments are expressed.


  295. laugh of the day,2933,509876,00.html


  296. sorry about the rant…


  297. “Senior executives on both sides of the Atlantic on Friday warned of an exodus of talent from some of the biggest names in US finance, saying the “anti-American” measures smacked of “a McCarthy witch-hunt” that would send the country “back to the stone age”.”

    back in the Clinton era(maybe Reagan but before Bush) the “NEW WORLD ORDER” decided that the US was going to be the finance/teckno country and industry was going out…….guess what we got…..NO FRIGGEN JOBS….we want windpower…buy it overseas….we can’t build it….people complain about McCarthy but he was right!!!!what jobs are left….grab a hoe people…..and the family farm is pretty much gone….and Nancy Pelosi says it’s unamerican to complain about illegal immigrants …try getting a job in Mexico…or voting!!!


  298. and next…


  299. Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus …
    I never called Obama stupid..
    What I do is point out that there are people on the left that do the same things that the right does…..most of the people here ignore the “mistakes” made by the left…
    All of this outrage about AIG’s bonus payments but nothing about how congress voted….remember the stimulus bill….had to vote on it now couldn’t even wait 2 days to read it!!!!!What other surprises are coming and only 3 Repubs voted for it…
    and as far as being free to post in China???are they??? I know….. I didn’t specify it but I meant US soldier…see how liberals can twist things…they must take lessons from K.Obermann(speaking of douche bags)


  300. ROFLMAO! Catnip!


  301. Well so far my 401K is going up very nicely. So I think the President is doing a great job so far.
    We want to blame him when things are going bad but not when things are going in the right direction.
    People make mistakes when they speak. So do not act like you are a saint (Titus).
    Obama is not a mean person and everyone knows that so stop your whinning.


  302. Just really enjoying reading these comments from everyone. Grandma Katie glad to hear you didn’t fall off the front porch and are doing OK.

    I’m down here in HB and very involved in the Bolsa Chica Wetlands Project.

    95% of the coastal wetlands California have been destroyed by development.

    Bolsa Chica Land Trust is a very dedicated group of people working to presere what is left. This is the largest habitat restoration west of the Mississippi.

    Please take a few minutes and watch the very interesting YouTube video on the BC Earth Day 2009 project and if you’re in the area please come and join us.


  303. Greytdog,

    Do hope you won’t have many trips on that train, take care.


  304. >…when we are silent in the face of tyranny, we lose those freedoms no matter how many soldiers are sent off to die.<

    Wow. Just wow. Very well said, Greytdog.


  305. Wow, just buzzing in before the next stop on the medical train. . .
    Heat, taking exception to a person’s statement is not a criticism. I merely offered an observation based on, as Imaginista pointed out, a “history of posting” – a give and take via typing. (or is it called keyboarding now?) It simply seemed to me that your direct statement, therefore personal criticism, of Imaginista’s posting was a bit over the top. I was responding to the “tone” of your post as well as the text of your post. But think whatever you want – it’s a free country. And that’s the whole point of M&H’s blog – all opinions are welcomed here.
    Speaking of which – UAW you might want to reconsider your statement “if you’re free to post, thank a soldier”. Now we all know what you meant – BUT in some countries, like China, it’s the soldiers who enforce the totalitarian edicts of the government against free speech. Perhaps we should be more thankful that the founding fathers of this country understood that the ability to freely think and speak out led to a country in which reasoned government was the ultimate safeguard against tyranny. And don’t give me any effing grief about not supporting the troops – we’ve had that conversation and you know where I stand. But IMO, it is the people who safeguard our freedoms – when we are silent in the face of tyranny, we lose those freedoms no matter how many soldiers are sent off to die.


  306. UAW Tradesman – Isn’t it amazing how people on the Left think that a man too stupid to keep from insulting the Special Olympics on national television is somehow going to be able to “fix the economy”?


  307. I second Chloe on that!


  308. Grandma Katie, don’t worry about the typos, we couldn’t care less, we’re all just glad to see you here.


  309. Werner, I read and really enjoyed “Sarum”. For those of you who didn’t read it, “Sarum” is about the history of the City of Salisbury and the Salisbury Plain, home of Stonehenge. Sarum was the Roman name for the city.

    Imaginista, have you heard the news? The President is to speak at the ASU Commencement on May 13. This “purple” person in Phoenix is delighted.


  310. Grandma Katie

    Not yet, but I read something on the english side of that business (in the books “Sarum” and “Forest”)


  311. BTW Werner, if you like historical books, have you read Dorothy Dunnet’s books beginning with “Nicolo Rising” t is 14th century BElgium area and starts with the wool dying industry. 6 books in the series.


  312. I told you thyping was bad. First line should have read ERic Spitzer and link.


  313. Thaanks to Whirled Peas for the lind about S for a number of years I was in the mortgage business- from Hard Money lending to loan rep, to processing mortgages. Fortuna tely I got out i1990. I know only too well t he consequences from interest only loans with a balloon payment. And I have worried about some of the loans advertised.They were scary .
    Thank goodness for the back space key to correct typing!! Some days my right hand just doesn’t do as well as others.
    In the hard money lending ( and it was in another state) back in the early 80’s, for a 2nd mortgage, all that was neede was equity. I only had to ask what they7 owed , how much the equity7 was , charge them 20 to 24 % interest and make the loan. Scary huh1 It got me visits fr om the state attorney general, visits to a Grand Jury, and lots of nervous days before it was done.
    On second thought , going to massage school was the best idea I had!!!


  314. no problem, anytime I can be of service, just ask…


  315. Greydag and WErner I finally did it!! Thanks a bunch!!


  316. Thanks to all who understand where I am coming from because they have some historical perspective on my previous postings. I am Helen’s (and Margaret’s) great fan, and I think they know that and do not take offense if I have a minor disagreement with something blogged here. Greytdog and Werner, thank you for having my back.

    I can stand the Heat. You have an opinion too, and like someone else who took exception to what I said, (calling it a slap in Helen’s face) I am guessing you are coming from a place of feeling protective of Helen. Or maybe you do just think I am a Lah Lah Lefty!

    Oh, and a little housekeeping – I changed my little name thingy because although I was letting the pie wedge stand for the letter a, that obviously wasn’t clear.


  317. Can you believe it’s been over a year since we first heard the name Eliot Spitzer?

    He’s had some trouble after he called out Bushco and AIG.

    Text at the Washing Post:
    Predatory Lenders’ Partner in Crime
    How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers.

    Will we be hearing about this now?



  318. Stan you’re right
    I will try to find my humor again…….


  319. Quoting “Heat”

    ….Imaginist – sounds to me like you’re one of the ones Helen would like to see jumping off that cliff.

    Extreme liberals are no better than extreme conservatives. They just come at it from opposite corners. Both are extreme to the point of trying to make a very colorful world just plain black and white……

    New commenters only get served the “heat” they dish out!

    If you attack people and want to see them jumping off a cliff, don’t wonder if you’re the one that gets thrown off it!

    Some may have boundary issues while others can’t see beyond their mental blinders….

    ’nuff said


  320. I think if we all just stick to the funny of it all then we might not have so many issues. Yes M&H have good, deep meaningful thoughts, but I promise you it is the “FUNNY” that keeps them going!!


  321. UAW – infallibiltiy was a flaw with the Bush Administration’s way of thinking. This President is more than honest when he makes a mistake. Bush repeatedly acted and said that he didn’t make mistakes – until of course he was on his way out the door tyring to repair his tarnised image. Cheney has yet to admit his mistakes – and they were HUGE.


  322. lorbe103 – to make purple the true red has to take on some of the true blue and the true blue has to take on some of the true red – inthe end the red and blue are gone and the new purple exists.

    Greydog -I was responding directly to Imginist’s comment criticizing Helen for suggesting the left is as bad as the right. Please take the time to read both comments before you criticize me.

    Werner – I rad the comments and I didn’t say the commenter didn’t make sense, I said the comment didn’t make sense TO ME.

    SO I am now beginning to see why new posters leave this site shortly after arriving. Some of you have boundary issues. How sad for you…


  323. Quoting Bess @11:33a

    “Nice to know that there are still some Dylan fans out there.”

    I found that gem in the comments
    of the Late Night Music thread at
    Crooks and Liars.

    I just thought how much Margaret and Helen exemplify the idea of Forever Young!

    Long live M&H ~ Δ


  324. Quoting Psychedelikat @11:23a

    “Unfortunately, I hate peas….Blech.”

    Goin’ by your name, maybe this is more to your liking:
    Organic ‘Peace’ Sign



  325. good to see that there’s a few that aren’t fooled by the left,they can screw up also…way to go Chris Dodd

    and wasn’t Prez. Obama good on Leno…


  326. Whirled Peas

    Good pick, perhaps the “Times are A Changing ” would be another good song to represent current feelings now. .
    Nice to know that there are still some Dylan fans out there.


  327. Whirled Peas, I haven’t said this before, but I love your comments and links.

    Unfortunately, I hate peas. I hate the consistency when you bite into them, the taste, and the sickening *ppppppbbbb* when you bite into them and they pop and the inner goo comes out. Blech.


  328. thks for the support Bess


  329. For the love of God, why oh why must we see Rush’s babbling blob of blubber all over the tv screen. He’s on the radio for a reason. It’s bad enough to have to listen to his garbage. Why must we have to look at him too?
    Keep up the great work Margaret and Helen. You are treasures!


  330. I think I’m a purple party girl!


  331. I tuned in just long enough to hear him complaining about Barney Frank wanting the names of the AIG executives who received bonuses. According to Rush, the government is getting out of control.

    Video: Congress, Geithner knew about bonuses on March 3rd

    Left-wingers complaining about AIG bonuses. Pot, meet kettle.


  332. Just exactly where was Rush when the Bush administration was listening in on the private conversations of millions of Americans? I would imagine selective memory works well for Rush considering he selects to use his brain as sparingly as possible.

    Obama DOJ Supports Warrantless Wireless Location Searches

    Apparently Rush isn’t the only one with a selective memory.


  333. I personally appreciate Werner’s contributions to the blog. I appreciate M& H letting everyone visit and post as many times as they like. I especially appreciate Werner for taking the time to explain how to post links, etc. He and Grey are great teachers, I thank them both for their willingness to help us enhance our computer skills.


  334. An add on to my posting of the reciepe of the

    Guiness and chocolate cupcakes with jameson whiskey

    from someone that I trust that tried the reciepe:


    Okay, my opinion on this recipe:

    It called for 1 – 2 teaspoons of Irish whiskey. I found that was not nearly enough. I ended up using about 3 1/2.

    The recipe for the icing has to be doubled. The recipe listed is only enough for about 13 out of 24 cupcakes.

    Spray the cupcake liners with a non-stick spray. They are very gooey and stick a little.

    If you make a little extra ganache, you can mix it with the centers you take out of the cupcakes, add more whiskey or rum, and roll them into balls. Cover them with chocolate jimmys and enjoy 🙂

    or roll them in chocolate chips, yummi too


  335. Gramiam,

    You are welcome. Glad I could help.

    As far as a theme song, when I heard this last night, I thought of M&H and the ‘Purple People’. 😉

    The Brothers Robinson (Black Crowes) cover
    Bob Dylan’s: ‘Forever Young’
    *NSFW curse (Fword) after song

    May God bless and keep you always,
    May your wishes all come true,
    May you always do for others
    And let others do for you.
    May you build a ladder to the stars
    And climb on every rung,
    May you stay forever young,
    Forever young, forever young,
    May you stay forever young.

    May you grow up to be righteous,
    May you grow up to be true,
    May you always know the truth
    And see the lights surrounding you.
    May you always be courageous,
    Stand upright and be strong,
    May you stay forever young,
    Forever young, forever young,
    May you stay forever young.

    May your hands always be busy,
    May your feet always be swift,
    May you have a strong foundation
    When the winds of changes shift.
    May your heart always be joyful,
    May your song always be sung,
    May you stay forever young,
    Forever young, forever young,
    May you stay forever young.


    Word ~ Δ


  336. Greytdog – lved your post about the boom boxes with no off switch!! Gives one a headache with the noise.
    Avotresante – the fresh stuff today sure doesn’t taste like the stuff when I was growing up. My parents always had big gardens and my mother canned and canned over the summer. And that is how we ate well during the Depression.


  337. Even hypchondriacs die of something


  338. Whirled Peas, my friend, thanks to you I have learned yet another fact about blogging life. My gratitude, Sensei, for the info on gravitar.


  339. avotresante
    please go back to last post and search in the comments (use edit>> find on thsi page from the menu bar above) and search my post to Gandma Katie, I explained in detail how to copy and paste there with minimal mouse use, I think that would help you too.


  340. test (sorry computer crashed need to reset cookie)


  341. After eight years of disastrous policies and a constant stream of malapropisms, criticizing the Obama Administration for not fixing everything in the first 60 days is ridiculous.

    People who live in houses shouldn’t throw… People who throw glass stones… Oh, I can’t remember how it goes. Rush Limbaugh should just shut up.


  342. Werner, I also may have misunderstood. On to something I think you’ll enjoy. I don’t know how to cut and paste well, so please google Joe Bonamassa and click on the youtube stuff.

    I love Keith Olbermann.


  343. Margaret, you really need to join the posting more often.


  344. Margaret and Helen for President!


  345. Love the post!
    When you mention a convention of Ass Hats, I can’t quite get a visual on that….maybe a room full of jabbering people wearing knitted butt cozies? With a little tassel on the back? Hmmm….


  346. Raji,

    The first Peas link was suitable for a desktop background.

    In order to change your ‘quilt’, first let’s call it a Gravatar. And you can get one at this link

    Have an email address ready, follow the instructions and this image is Gravatar ready.

    Come back here and put that email address into the box on the left before your next post and you should see it popup soon.

    Anyone who may wanna use it, please feel free. It is spreading PEACE after all.

    Enjoy ~ Δ


  347. Francis
    I am reacting to comments here, you want my blog, follow the link through my name

    out for now


  348. The Iraq war has gone on for 6 years!!

    ______________ Anniversay. (You fill in the blank.)

    Remember: Weapons of Mass Destruction, 9/11

    but GW likes to forget about Bin Laden.

    BTW: I have heard that GW Bush will have little or nothing in his Presidential Library about Iraq or even Afghanistan.


  349. avotresante

    I am a whole hearted supporter of health food, and given that you don’t live very close to a highway (as I do) or an other major polutant, grow as much as you can, nothing better, so you might have misunderstood (or I might have misphrased) something.

    Hope that is clear now.

    The only point I made is that we shouldn’t think that because we can diagnose and treat some deseases better they have not been around since ages.

    Just look at old age illnesses, at a time where 85 % of the people died at 40 and old age officially started in your early 30s, how would you be able to learn at all about those things when only the odd person reached 60, if that?

    See my point?


  350. I’m confused. Is this the Margaret and Helen and Werner Blog?? Think about it.


  351. Oh yeah and please, can someone please explaine me about Lah lah land?

    I am one of these left wing “extremists” (hate to think of me like that, but some intend to)

    Only thing I can see is that I live in Blah blah land (ever heard ANYTHING ELSE from a politician?)

    And Blah Blah land is equal to the global village by now……

    Let’s go back to castrating elephants, much more effective.


  352. Maven
    How about suicide bonuses for large corporations CEOs?

    Do you think that might help?

    Oh and funds transfer to low income families after they succed, so we get 100 (not commited suicides) for one (Successfull CEO)!


  353. Werner, Sophronia, and Chickory — diseases have probably been around forever; my point was that I believe that food, as it was created, has a purpose, and I also believe Hippocrates’ advice to let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food, is good common sense thinking. Thank you if you understood that.

    I didn’t say anything about living longer, but from my own experience I can say the quality of my life is much better as I eat more healthy food. I’m no longer borderline diabetic, my blood pressure is normal, and most asthma symptoms have disappeared. After having to use a nebulizer every 4 hours for years on end, it’s nothing short of amazing that I can now do things most others take for granted.
    I believe eating locally grown food is a good thing; good for the local economy, and knowing your food source. I’m also grateful for interstate commerce as well, I sometimes find it more convenient to go to the store rather than trying to make something from scratch. (Toilet paper is a challenge 🙂 )
    Werner, I’m sorry you don’t believe growing healthy food is an option. Plants have their own way of breaking down things like pollutants into components that aren’t toxic, and you still can create healthy soil.
    I encourage everyone to grow one thing. Try an heirloom variety, like the German green tomato, for some incredible flavor. You’ll also have the very satisfying experience of self-sufficiency, even if it’s only on a small scale.
    Also, Werner, sorry for the full-body shiver I gave you a while back by telling you I dilute my wine with fruit juice. I understand. It would be like someone telling me that Hamburger Helper tastes good.
    Have a great day everyone, I’m off to the garden!


  354. JuneauJoeΔ
    Thanks for the link….
    My take?
    Enough! But just because I scream it, doesn’t mean I believe anything will change. The executives of large corporations haven’t a CLUE how their actions/inactions affect countless people. I am really not surprised that the suicide rate in the US is escalating. Only trouble is, the ones who I wish WOULD consider it, don’t.


  355. Heat

    either you didn’t bother to read the comments of the people you scald (more than just one that is!)

    Or your kept your arse to long on that hot oven and it fried your brain……..

    Your attack is just a we bit more uncalled of then this one of me (LOL)!

    Now go back and read what the girl usually writes or look at her blogs and re-think what you just worte..


  356. Whirled Peas

    …Peas to all…..and freedom on earth, if not in your intestines! (Windy little bastards those are!)


  357. Harpoonist
    …. The world would be a better place if more people played harp….

    Yeah, Blues Harp! (Take this for measures)

    And a different show that shows that you can play drums with your mouth only! (3:25)

    And, yes, I knew you didn’t ment it THAT way, just couldn’t resist the opportunity to plug my favorit harpist, guitarist in connection with one of the best cajon players in the world.


  358. I propose this for the Purple Party Anthem: (enjoy!)

    Click here:


  359. My common sense point: Mistakes are forgiven, but Stupid mistakes must have consequences else stupid does not learn better.

    I have seen the sign at the intersection of religions. It is very large and written with large shining letters in all languages. I am always astounded that so many people fail to see it.


  360. Failure Bonuses of Millions – enough

    This sounds like common sense to me.

    I am curious about others take on it


  361. Thanks Whirled peas. Can I replace my quilt with the “peas” symbol? If so, How?

    Greytdog, you have also made a very good point regarding shades of gray (purple)


  362. lorbe103, thanks for pointing that out! I think we all get tired of the looney tunes that both ends of the spectrum play. . . it’s like living with competing boom boxes and no off switch. All you hear is noise and all you get is a headache. That said, I have to take exception to Heat’s comment about Imaginista. I personally have never “seen” Imaginista as extreme – liberal, by golly, – but extreme? Hardly. Imaginista is more reasoned that I would be – and reasoned thinking does not lead to extremism. The whole point, and I know you all got it, of the M & H post is that between the two polar spectrums are a whole lot of shades of gray. Not one shade, but a multitude. And in the black/white version of the world, those shades of gray are too often ignored. There are some of us who may lean more towards the deeper shades of gray, while some of us may lean towards the lighter shades of gray – and then there are those who won’t see anything but the middle shade of gray. And IMO, staying stuck in your own particular shade of gray makes you maybe not extreme, but complacent and complicit. Sometimes middle ground does not mean higher moral ground, but simply a defensive position from which you don’t have to look at or listen to any other point of view – because you are “moderate”. Moderation in all things can be good when applied to diet and exercise, but it can also mean no risks, a refusal to think out of the box, and a fear of committing a leap of faith. . . I remember a Nabokov novella in which the main character is up against a distopian state – who throughout the story mutters “I cannot imagine”. . . .he lived a middle of the road existence – and the state encouraged it. . .less conflict. . . because imagination is the ultimate freedom of the human spirit. . .Imagination allows us to see things as they are and ask why? And Imagination allows us to things as they could be and say why not?


  363. Never ever read this blog at 3AM you will wake up your neighbors 😀

    love ya!


  364. While I sure would like to see more purple in this world you cant make purple without true red and true blue.

    I enjoyed reading your post and I agree you should write a book.


  365. “At the intersection of all the major world religions, you will find the Golden Rule. It’s a place where you will never run into Limbaugh, Coulter or Palin. We all should have directions to that intersection.”



  366. Maven – that makes absolutely no sense to me.


  367. um, Heat? while I watch the shenanigans going on in the Senate and House, excuse my visual lack of “gray”.

    And M&H? nice post, as always. Considered and humorous. I’d buy a ticket to this if I had to.



  368. Sure it can. It’s called a rocket and it gets to its destination a lot faster!


  369. “don’t believe in abortion , don’t have one” is that like, don’t believe in shooting babykilling abortionists don’t shoot one?
    SAY THIS PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am a sinner and am headed to eternal hell because of my sins. I believe you died on the cross to take away my sins and to take me to heaven. Jesus, I ask you now to come into my heart and take away my sins and give me eternal life.


  370. Support your local schoolkids be they public, private, or home. One day you will be old and they will remember.

    Chicory got it right. We are grooming this generation to take over some day. Our President “gets” it too. Today he went to a high school where kids made and published to YouTube a video about how they feel about the economy. He heard them and came to see them. I admire that. A President who gets out among his constituents like a Chicago alderman!!


  371. An airplane can’t get off the ground without a left wing and a right wing.


  372. I do agree with Helen that the extreme lefties are no more helpful than the extreme righties.

    We need pragmatism and common sense, based on the principles upon which this country was founded. The extremes on both sides left that idea in the dust years ago, much to the detriment of our country, in my opinion.

    I’m tired of every issue being painted politically. The simple question should always be: What is the right thing to do to benefit our citizenry?

    It ain’t rocket science.

    At the same time, I am sensitive to the fact that many GOPers are feeling the same way many Dem’s were feeling when Bush was elected.

    I live in liberal Portland OR and just spent a few days in red rural Missouri for a funeral. It actually hurt to see how disenfranchised many of those voters felt. Because I felt the same way in 2000 and 2004.

    Most Dems didn’t get over it easily, nor were they particularly kind to Bush in his first 100 days and I have to sympathize with the GOPers.

    But again, polarization does NOTHING to move the country forward. We’ve got work to do, people; check the vitriol and your party affiliation at the door and let’s get something done.


  373. Imaginist – sounds to me like you’re one of the ones Helen would like to see jumping off that cliff.

    Extreme liberals are no better than extreme conservatives. They just come at it from opposite corners. Both are extreme to the point of trying to make a very colorful world just plain black and white.


  374. a book—and a live radio show. BOTH would be great!

    You ladies are the best!


  375. listening to Rush is always a mistake. It makes my head hurt.
    Lucky for me, the local station carrying his show, is just loaded with commercials, and I was never any good at listening to commercials. So, I move on…back to NPR or some good classic rock.


  376. Just popping in to say that if M & H wanted to contact me, they could quite easily. They get my e-mail address every time I leave a comment.

    That said… I don’t necessarily recommend it. I don’t mind saying I’m a damn fine editor (one of the very few things I know I do well), but about sales & marketing — I know only enough to be dangerous. My skills could only get ’em so far, KWIM?

    Night, all. My daughter’s birthday has worn me out! 🙂


  377. Always buy toilet paper in bulk. It is not going to go bad.

    Wipe ( feet, hands , mouth, ect ) more often than you think you need to and one day it will proove to be a saving grace.

    Vote your conscience not your demographic and you will sleep better at night.

    Eat only locally grown foods one day a week to remain thankfull for interstate commerce.

    Support your local schoolkids be they public, private, or home. One day you will be old and they will remember.

    Meet your representatives and have your picture taken with them. It will make it easier to photoshop them into questionable backgrounds on your webpage…


  378. Purple is my favorite color. I like your idea about that, Helen. Middle people need to speak up more.

    And I love your comments on the big footed biatch, the pig with lipstick, and that pig Douche Windbag. Sing it sister!!

    Did your ears bleed after listening to him?


    I love you guys *sniff*


  379. Greytdog, about your quote there, I think that people are so astonished by those things because they rarely encounter them these days.


  380. No original “common sense”-ism to offer, but here’s a keeper:

    “Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing. ”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882), ‘Art,’ 1841


  381. Bushism of the Day (he’s baaaccckkk)

    “I’m going to put people in my place, so when the history of this administration is written at least there’s an authoritarian voice saying exactly what happened.”—On what he hopes to accomplish with his memoir, as reported by the Associated Press, Calgary, Canada, March 17, 2009


  382. Here’s one for Raji:

    Peas Desktop

    *wink ~ Δ


  383. thymeCher so your ex gave you a choice. The dog was the best one. LOL


  384. thymeCher _ no I did n’t fall off the porch. WAs sitting in a chair at the foot of the steps! Anyhow saw a big white et with the flag on the tail and thought I had seen Airforce One. Turned out that his plane came in a bit to the westand I guess to a runway more secluded. Did you watch the Town meeting at 4pm? Didn’t know there were so many Democrats in Orange County. Where in Orange cty do you live?
    I am in a Board and CARe REsidence recovering from a stroke.


  385. Those are fantastic common sense-isms! I have but one to add.
    Don’t ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.


  386. Thank you both so much. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who sees good AND bad in BOTH major parties.

    Y’all rock.


  387. Edward – no intention of leaving marks. I am a huge fan and post here often. Helen’s a reasonable and super intelligent person who may (or may not, wouldn’t hurt my feelings) see my point. Just called it how I saw it.


  388. Great post, Helen and Margaret.

    OK, so here goes:

    Tell the truth, even if it’s difficult. Life is a lot less complicated.

    If you screw up, take responsibility for your mistakes. (Gee, isn’t that what our President is doing? Good example, he is.)

    Fighting is not allowed. It doesn’t matter who started the fight, if you are fighting you are both in trouble. Find a way to solve your problems without fighting. (That’s what used to tell my 8 year olds when I taught second grade – surprisingly, they got it.)

    Before you do or say something, think how you would feel if you were on the receiving end. If you wouldn’t like it, neither will anyone else. Be nice.


  389. Thank you Margaret and Helen for yet another column that is proof that we all could do with more common sense.

    “And two white-haired grannies shall lead them…..”


  390. Wit & wisdom. In equal measure. Thank you, ladies.

    Let the sunshine in. It’s a great disinfectant and cheaper than a dryer.


  391. Imaginist….I think you might have left a mark on Helen’s face with that one. Ouch.


  392. “Eventually you get old and die.

    MARGARET: And die we will. I just hope I’m not at the grocery store when my time comes. That would be just embarrassing.”

    I have a little thought on that…When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go…I just don’t want to be on a plane when it’s someone else’s turn to go and they drag me with them. And how does God arrange to have a couple of hundred people whose time it is to go all make travel reservations on the same flight?


  393. I want to be a card carrying member of the new “Purple Party”.
    Whirled peas, can you give us a symbol for all those who want to join, please?

    Great post. Can’t wait to see all the comments.

    Dogs are better than people, so are horses! They communicate rather than argue. Well, some mares do tend to argue but once you do it their way, they are quite agreeable 🙂


  394. The world would be a better place if more people played harp.


  395. Margaret and Helen:
    I love you.
    Come to Alaska so I can make you my Rhubarb Custard Pie.
    Thanks again for making me laugh!


  396. I love the conversation between Margaret and Helen in today’s post. Truly excellent comedy.

    I do take a bit of exception to the equivalency placed on the notion that the “Lah Lah Left” is just as bad as the Limbaughland right. For one thing, Helen, you didn’t name any spokesmodel for that faction which says to me there really isn’t one that holds the same type of national spotlight as Limbaugh/Coulter/Malkin/Hannity/Beck/Scarborough/Ingraham.

    Not only that, the so called lahlahs are usually fighting in relative obscurity for things like peace, human rights and the environment, while the cacaphonous ragemeisters of the right are given national media platforms to scream down anyone who doesn’t agree with their skewed world view of endless war, torture and corporate dominance.

    I love you Helen, but we already get far too much equivalizing from the MSM who believes there are two sides to every story even if that means giving equal weight to one that has no basis in reality. I have come to expect more from you than we get from what passes as “news’ in today’s 24 hour news cycle.

    That said, The Purple People Party does have a nice ring to it. Maybe Purple will be the new Green, since that party hasn’t lived up to their early promise as a viable third party.


  397. […] Prometheus Unbound created an interesting post today on We Have A DreamHere’s a short outlineHELEN:  Religion has no place in politics and politics has no … we support the troops and actually lifting the troops are two different things. […]


  398. […] Cat Ladies Society Rescue & Adoption created an interesting post today on We Have A DreamHere’s a short outline…to hear him complaining about Barney Frank wanting the names of the AIG … HELEN:  Euthanasia.  If it’s good enough for a dog, then it’s… […]


  399. If you have never been poor and hungry, you have no right to pontificate about the state of this country’s poor and hungry (that goes for Rush Limbaugh denying that there’s hunger in America).


  400. I have one:

    If you are a conservative and say something to one of your more liberal friends about your views, be prepared for a debate instead of trying to shut them down. Seriously, if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. (This goes both ways, btw.)


  401. Margaret, I loved your contributions to this one! Sensible and amusing, thank you very kindly!

    Helen, another smashing bit of commentary on what’s wrong with everything. Unfortunately for most of us purple folk it seems that most often it is only the extreme people on either side who have the ambition to shoot for the Senate or House, or even Presidency, and execute an agenda that’s going to piss off quite a few individuals. Drat!


  402. My X husband told me I had to choose between him and my dog.

    ’nuff said.


  403. Common sense idea:
    Average human life span: 30,000 days (give or take a few months)

    Age of the universe: 13 billion years (low ball estimate)

    We aren’t even around for the blink of an eye on that scale.

    Why hate and be crappy to other people?

    There’s seriously is *no time* to waste.


  404. If your boss asks you to pee in a cup..ask him to hold it….


  405. “In the case of Rush Limbaugh, we just wish he was right at least 10% of the time, but the years of abusing donuts and OxyContin seem to have fried his brains. ”

    wouldnt we be happy if Rush said one true word a decade? of course thats pretty high standards for someone like rush!

    UAW- You know I respect you despite your conservative tendencies and sometimes outrageous statements, but…..

    The dogs are dogs statement is ludacris… My cat is the only one who truly understands me… There is a personal value judgement there. To me my cat’s life is more important than 90% of the people out there.. and thats because she is there for me more than my own family is!

    Yeah this blog typically is quite left… but at the same time you still keep coming back. People are people and more likely tending to be a shade of purple more than you think.


  406. Checking in on Grandma Katie…how you doing there in LB today dear? Hope you didn’t fall off your front porch chair after reading this hilarious new post from M & H. Take care.


  407. Sam Greene

    “Forget a book…Somebody…SOMEBODY get these Ladies their own RADIO SHOW!!!!! Let’s get these two brilliant minds up against all of those crazies on the air.”

    “Margaret & Helen Live” / paired with…

    One of my favorite radio shows on PBS is Car Talk with Tom & Ray. Can you imagine combining them all on one show! OMG wouldn’t that be too funny. Just listening to all of them would certainly lift our spirits in these challenging times, now wouldn’t it?

    fyi…CarTalk’s website info:


  408. Additional advice for Rush….
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries or a box of chocolates….
    Life is like a jar of Jalapinos…
    What you eat today will burn your ass tomorrow….
    Go gals we love ya in N.H.


  409. Too TOO funny!!!!!!!!


  410. PS however, if common sense were common, everyone would have it.


  411. you’d best be careful or all us fans of yours will draft you both to run for the senate. What a stir you’d make there, eh?!


  412. LiladyNY

    My mom comes over from Germany this Spring for 5 weeks, she bought travel insurance with full coverage and airlift etc., cast her 24.00 Euros (Approx $30.00 US) and that only cause she is 70, younger people pay 8-10 Euros…..

    Now if I lookat these AIG bonuses and what people actually get from their insurances I just wonder why are those lynchmobs are not more successfull…..?


  413. infmom
    I don’t think call centers for native jobs is a good idea, they’re underpayed and overstressed.

    For native job creation look at the Kanawake reservation near Montreal,

    Casion, IT/ISP jobs and quiete a few small native businesses in the last ten years.
    Contact their council, they might be able to help with some ideas.


  414. Helen and Margaret, you’ve outdone yourselves this time! Brava. Sign me up for the purple party! My son-in-law is Swedish. He can go anywhere in the world for medical care and is covered. If we Americans travel out of our country, we have to buy travel insurance, and it may or may not cover treatment. And, don’t get so hurt that you require an airlift to get you to a hospital. . . . Ladies, I love you. Really. I mean it.


  415. Tine
    so you already know what NOT to do……

    Give helen a possibility to contact you privatly (Through Matthew as webmaster maybe)

    Helen, go for it, if mAnn Coulter can sell you can tenfold.

    And Tine I still stnad for the book idea wher the post and some of the more funny and /or tuffer comments are published in a format that leaves place for a wider (2 or 2.1/2 inch) sideline where they can publish the better of the recipes for drinks, pies & Cie.

    With all the grassroot and publicity this blog get’s this book won’t be DOA once it get’s in the stores, promise!

    And to all these teachers and ex-teachers….. could a book like this make it into the schools as example on commens sense and grassroots democray?


  416. If American companies want Indians answering their phones, they should build call centers on reservations.


  417. Abby

    Wouldn’t it be a scream if M & H filled in for Larry King like Joy Behar does occasionally?? What a hoot THAT would be!…..

    Poor Larry would be out of a job!


  418. Yes indeedy, I would help with a book provided:

    a) M & H asked for my help, and

    b) They had a truly saleable book idea.

    M & H haven’t expressed any interest in a book publicly. Maybe they’re working on one privately — and with someone much better connected and market-savvy than I am!

    Haven’t seen a good book idea floated here yet. A fabulous blog doesn’t necessarily equal a saleable book.

    I oughta know. I’ve edited some really wonderful books that were dead on arrival at the bookstore.


  419. Never kiss your Grandma when her teeth aren’t in.


  420. My common sense one is what I told my kids: The laws are for everyone, STARTING with me!


  421. Wouldn’t it be a scream if M & H filled in for Larry King like Joy Behar does occasionally?? What a hoot THAT would be!


  422. This week I have decided to not listen to the news. If I did I would be in the lynch mob at the doors to AIG.

    I think it wise to never listen to Rush, Sarah or Ann or lately John McCain. It has been bad enough just answering my telephone. All my friends without health insurance seem to be circling the drain.

    Thanks for making me laugh a little today.


  423. HELEN: Euthanasia. If it’s good enough for a dog, then it’s good enough for me. Certainly it’s good enough for Mr. Limbaugh.

    ROFL. I found you via a Facebook link. Many excellent and humorous points. And the crazies will likely find you, alas. They are good like that.


  424. Looking forward to the new book: “We have a dream.”

    Good one on that vision care, Margaret. Very important. Honest.


  425. You Ladies are Hilarious!!!!!!! Thanks for making my Lunch Break so enjoyable!!!! 🙂


  426. So today, Rush is on AIG’s side and the payments aren’t a terrible thing that’s all Obama’s fault?

    The check must have cleared.

    I like the plan that a few companies already have – the top salary is a set percentage of the bottom salary. Boss doesn’t do well unless everybody’s doing well. Bonuses should be contingent on continuing with the company for a specified period, to be returned if the employee quits within this period.

    I heard the AIG boss repeat yesterday that the bonuses were necessary for retention, even though we know in some cases they were given to people who had already left the company! Retention? That ship had sailed and sunk.

    AIG must stand for Arrogance, Irresponsibility and Greed. Those people took our money and split it among their own personal selves. Did nothing to support the company, their workers, their stockholders…… just rampant cronyism.

    You know perfectly well that any contract the company had with the workers would have been out the window faster than a frisbee.

    If there really isn’t anything we can do to claw back the bonuses already given out, I’m for deducting an equal amount from any future payments.

    “Too big to fail” can’t mean “Too big to control” or we’re sunk. And this Blazing Saddles routine of holding the gun to their own heads – well, I’m not the stupid mob and they ain’t Cleavon Little.


  427. If Health Care is a privilege let the politicians pay for their own.


  428. Anyone remember (or was reminded by the MSM) what today is?

    It’s the sixth anniversary of the start of the Bush/Cheney…

    …War of Aggression

    Mission Accomplished for OBL.

    You know what I think ~ Δ


  429. Great post ladies!
    I will add only this:
    Some one once told me that it is sad but true, you cannot teach common sense.
    Too bad huh?
    There sure seem to be a ton of people out in the political arena who need to learn some common sense!
    Thanks for keeping on!


  430. I’m glad you are OK.
    When you don’t post I worry about you.

    I love your commons sense and wisdom.
    We all need a dose of it right now.

    Thanks for taking the time to share with us.
    We all really mean it!!!!!!


  431. I have to remind myself to put down my mug or glass before I read your notes so that I don’t spit it out when I start laughing. Amen and Amen!


  432. Mageen

    just to repeat and drive home a point here, diabeties and some of it’s remedies where well know to ancient greek and arab docotors, but this knowledge was “lost” (surpressed) by the church since if they would have accepted superior medical knowledge of arabs, greeks (Non orthodox, that is) and jews they would have to admit that the infidels (Now where did I hear that expression recently…?) would have something good too….. and as you knowm, as a good christian you really can’t do that.

    Better to let millions die over the approx 2000 years that knowledge was “lost” (it survived in some arab libraries nobody cared or dared to look) for no better reason than religous doctrin.

    As someone said above: let’s learn from history so we don’t make the same mistakes twice!

    And I don’t mean hug any arab in sight (but don’t let that stop you either, if you think it promotes world peace, lol) but put religion in it’s place (INSIDE a church, mosque, synagoge) where it belongs and let sience take it’s way!


  433. Hey Helen and Margaret—Love your posts so much but I have one request—Please, please, please dont even turn the radio to Rush again at all—I heard his ratings are down but a lot of the listeners dont even like the guy they just turn him on to see what drivel comes out of his mouth—I know it is tempting but just dont turn his crap on!!!


  434. I LOVE your dream! If everyone had as much common sense … and genuine humor … as you two, what a wonderful world this would be!

    Thank you for the new post … it does help make my day!

    And Werner, thanks so much for the Morocco therapy url. I am a long-time Moroccophile, having spent time there as a Peace Corps Volunteer WAY back in the 60s.


  435. If some of us consider ourselves ‘purple people’, would that make Rush and friends ‘purple people eaters’?

    One thing to make things better, flip the pay scales in companies. I’ve never met an ‘Executive” who actually worked and earned what they’re paid. E-mailing, having meetings, and talking on the phone is not what makes a company function. Working does, and the little nuts and bolts that hold that company together are never appreciated or compensated. Flip the pay scales!

    Thanks for another great post ladies.


  436. Forget a book…Somebody…SOMEBODY get these Ladies their own RADIO SHOW!!!!! (the book will come) Let’s get these two brilliant minds up against all of those crazies on the air.

    “Margaret & Helen Live”


  437. There are 12+ Democratic Senators, lead by Sen. Bayh of IN, who have come out saying that they want to slow down the Obama recovery package (or whatever you want to call it), especially in the health care arena. Maybe these Blue Dog Dems should be the ones to walk off a cliff.


  438. Silverware: Goes left-to-right from most pointy to least pointy (fork, knife, spoon)


  439. Margaret and Helen: Running mates for the Purple People Party 2012!



  440. I love you, Margaret and Helen. Nowhere else is there so much truth in comedy or comedy in truth.


  441. Margaret and Helen,

    I am proud to be part of you purple people party!!!


  442. About those health care things . . . was very surprised in my undergraduate days to discover that diabetes was known in The Olden Days. The treatment (before insulin) was accidentally discovered during the Franco-Prussian War (???) of 1848 (that would be in Europe as in France and Prussia) people were unable to get sweets, including bread, due to shortages of sugar and flour. Doctors discovered their diabetic patients were doing much better and advised them to cut sugar and flour out of their diets permanently.

    As for TB and cancer, in this country in previous centuries, folks of all income brackets expired from TB. It came to be considered a disease of poverty that traveled unfettered throughout the population as you know how it is spread. Better diet and hygiene sure helped, but you wouldn’t believe the TB statistics from the early 20th century or the fact that it was kept a secret, especially if you were upscale. If you went away for any kind of treatment it was always refered to as a rest for the nerves.

    Cancer from what I can determine is often referred to as a “herd” disease inasmuch as we all carry a dormant cancer cell. Its what kicks off a dormant cell that is of interest.

    Bless you all!


  443. Martha
    …running in 2012. You’re younger than McCain, so it could work………..

    In spirit certainly, but by age? I doubt that.

    Anyway, who, and I ask really who, would dare to byte their ankles?

    No, No, H&M are perfectly situated where they are, I just wish they whould really get on with the book idea, so they still have a few years to profit from the proceeds.

    Tine? Will you help?


  444. Sophronia and avotresante

    …The diseases you cite were known, they did kill. I am personally thankful that I live now and not 100 years ago.

    Facing the fact that even the most remote artic and antarctic regions by now are poluted, I think we have to can the dream of an autonomous healthy livestyle by trusting what we grow, hunt and eat.

    But I still think it is a legit try to keep it as healthy as possible, buy Bio food where you can (And more to promote the Bio “industry”/growers society than believing it will make a big change in my personl live) and support a “green” livestyle.

    The more of us promote this by example the higher the chance later generations willl do the same, if only by “habit”…..


  445. OMG Helen! Margaret actually outdid you in this one!

    MARGARET: I think smokers should have to smoke the entire cigarette…or eat their butts.

    Is she speaking of their cigarette butts, or just their butts? I kind of don’t really want to know.

    You ladies should run in 2012. You’re younger than McCain, so it could work.


  446. to avotresanteΔ:
    I am 62. One of my grandmothers died of heart disease. She was a type 2 diabetic. Another grandmother died of TB in the 1920s. One grandfather died of cancer and the other died of a coronary. Both sets of grandparents ate food they grew most of their lives. None of them lived especially long lives.

    No one doubts that we would be more healthy if we ate better and probably less. However, to assert that people lived longer in the olden times because of healthier lifestyles is erroneous. The diseases you cite were known, they did kill. I am personally thankful that I live now and not 100 years ago.


  447. Virtual hugs to Eskimos everywhere!


  448. suburbancorrespodent…
    I am also pissed at being held hostage by the extremists on the left and on the right…..
    there is a lot more left than right on this blog…
    AIG bonuses
    illegal immigrants(I think Pelosi’s unamerican)


  449. My “common sense”remedy” would be:

    Study history and learn from it. If something did not work in the past, it probably will not work now. This includes foreign wars except in defense of our borders, unregulated capitalism, unilateral diplomacy.

    And by the way, the Repubs always come back. Remember the “contract with(on) American” and the personal ambition of Newt? They can come back. There is support for many of their views. All they have to do is shout “socialism” and all kinds of conservatives, even those with common sense, come out of the woodwork.

    This is a great post. It is worth forwarding on, and will reward more than one reading. It is good to hear from both of you super females!


  450. Its great to have a new post, excellent as usual.

    If Lim-ball-less’s latest rant doesn’t drive off his audience then nothing will. Saying that the Aig guys deserve their bonuses and blaming our president on getting the public riled up. What an idiot.

    I agree with most except for the corporal punishment thing. My mother was extreme and violent and whipped us with anything she could get a hold of. We children fought each other on a daily basis. I never spanked mine and I can honestly say that although they may have argued they were never violent like we were. I know some will say that a spanking is a parents right or choice, but I feel that it is too easy to lose control. And it teaches children how to be violent.

    My common sense thing, sort of, is I always try to put myself (and hopefully have taught my children as well), in anothers’ shoes before passing judgement. There is not enough empathy for others I think.

    thanks for the pie


  451. Now since we’re throwing around commen sense phrases here let me add two, and explain one of them:

    In germany we say:

    The situation is serious, but not hopeless!

    sarcastic bastard that Iam I always loved this saying “the other way round”:

    The situation is utterly hopeless, but not serious!

    By this I mean, as long as you can make the choice and laugh a problem in the face, there is still hope you might solve it!

    And for all our paranoics out there:

    Just ‘course your paranoid doesn’t mean the world isn’t out to get you!

    So, just keep on diggin’ for gold in this shitty world, and good luck to it!


  452. Oh thank you ladies! It’s like you two are channeling Molly Ivins and I sure do miss her. Great post and a great blog


  453. Girlz and Boyz I found the solution:

    Never mind what ails you, a maroco therapy will fix it!

    (From the foreign ministry of maroco, not to be taken too seriously, but defenitly fun and one of the best holiday adds I ever saw!!)


  454. MARGARET: Dogs are people too.
    dogs can become part of a family,dogs can be affectionate,people can become traumatized by the loss of a dog but Margret …..dogs are dogs…


  455. May I make another suggestion that seems logical (at least to me) in this weak economy…?

    Why don’t we have people that are on unemployment doing jury duty? I mean, they’re already getting paid right? Wouldn’t the gov’t save money not having to pay the selected jurors (what little money they get for their services)? Just a thought…

    Great post ladies! I always look forward to the next!


  456. My children are soooo sick of hearing my common sense-isms! It’s wonderful to have a new audience. 🙂

    One of my personal favorites:

    Just because you can do a thing, doesn’t mean you should do a thing!

    Margaret and Helen you are the greatest!


  457. If we’re the Purple Party than TheBigFatRacistPigOtherwiseKnownAsRush and his sidekick MeanAsMikeTysonBigfootCoulter are one-eyed, one-eared, flying purple people eaters!

    The moral majority is neither.


  458. Where do I sign up for the purple party? I need a tshirt.

    As my mamma always said “Live and let live. If they ain’t bothering you, why are trying to stick your nose in their business.”

    Oh and another favorite from my grandpa
    “Clean up your own backyard, FIRST”


  459. MaryAnn
    “Don’t bitch about taxes if you want the paramedics, firefighters, and cops to show up when you need them. And if you can read this, thank a teacher.”
    and if your free to post this thank a soldier


  460. Morning, ladies – spreading the fun by sharing on Facebook!


  461. This was truly wonderful! I’ve about had it with our entire government too. I think of myself as a staunch liberal, yet that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand that the only way to get anything done, whether in politics, or not, is to COMPROMISE!!! Margaret, Ass Hats are awful ( although the term is hilarious), unfortunately, it’s those, like Rush, Palin and Coulter, who have their heads shoved so far up their asses that a hat isn’t needed, that we have to worry about! This democraddict does need to point out though, lately some dems should measure their head sizes early, because apparently, there’s been some rush orders on Ass-Hats throughout Congress. Luckily, ass hats go well with both red and blue, not purple though….
    Keep it up, I wait with baited breath until your next posts.


  462. Hey Helen, Margaret and Greytdog

    is this America you’re talking about here?

    ….MARGARET: But a bedroom full of religious politicians is an Ass Hat Convention waiting to happen!……

    Only a bedroom full? Last time I looked it was a friggin Convention Center full of AssHats!

    Or am I getting something wrong here?

    Just asking…..


  463. Tine
    here is some reviews,is listed outof print so you should be able to find it cheap on bargain sites


  464. HELEN: Religion has no place in politics and politics has no place in the bedroom.

    MARGARET: But a bedroom full of religious politicians is an Ass Hat Convention waiting to happen!

    Loved your post – but this made me chortle out loud in public – raising some alarms around here. Thank you ladies for the wonderful and forthright dialogue.


  465. Tine
    will look at it.

    But if you like historicall novels try the series “The Children of the Grail” by Peter Berling, it has now since a while also been released in English. One of the best researched historical novels I ever came accross. He wrote 4 books of together about 1500 pages that cover only about 40 odd years, and they are all page turners!!
    I have re-raed THEM 3 TIMES BY NOW AND WILL DO SO AGAIN JUST FOR THE PURE PLEASURE of reading it. (sorry CAPS)

    (I do read a lot and tend to re-read my very favorites every 2 to 5 years or so…)


  466. Here’s to Purple Prose! Bring on the crazies. They can’t be that much worse than we’ve already seen.


  467. Ladies, it is so nice to see you both back. I wish there were more people like you, who used their brains, their common sense and appreciated those who are different from them. It is especially appreciated from someone of the older generation after talking to my 90 year old grandmother who was SHOCKED to think that Jesus did not have light brown hair and baby blue eyes!

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. Does anyone else think this blog should be required reading from elementary school through college?


  468. Margaret and Helen, you’ve done it again! Raised the bar ever higher. I think that means where you two are concerned there are no ceilings of any kind, glass or otherwise.

    Definitely agree with you! The R party is sooo over! Get this – Caribou Barbie was planning on attending a big get together in Washington pretty soon but she never knew she was supposed to give the big speech. No one in the party’s organizing committee ever told her! She had to find out about it via the media. God help us if they were ever organized!

    Deep sigh here. Your epistle of today has made me homesick! My family is from a country with a national health care plan, you know, the country where we go to get the drugs we can’t get here because of our foolish Medicare drug “plan”. This is the same country that observes such things as minding their own business about other folks’ private lives. They learned a long time ago that you live longer, healthier and happier if you keep your nose only where it belongs.

    Keep on keeping on!


  469. M&H loved the idea of a purple party!! Where do I register?


  470. I laughed out loud as I read you with my morning coffee. I agree with both of you.

    More like this. I love hearing from both of you.

    Purple party! Party on.


  471. you keep me laughing.


  472. Oops, Werner, I mean Kate Mosse’s novel. I guess there are several out there by that name.


  473. P.S. Margaret, you crack me up. More, please! 🙂


  474. Werner: Ever read the novel “The Labyrinth”? Fascinating fiction about the Cathars. Actually not the best-written book I’ve ever read, but the subject matter was *so* engrossing.

    Here’s my commonsense nugget: When other people are talking, listen. Don’t use the time to plan what you’re going to say next.


  475. Ladies, you two are just the greatest. WRITE A BOOK!!!!!!


  476. I think you both should be able to sit in on a Pres. Obama Cabinet meeting or two.

    You are both National Treasures.

    Thank You for your blog! Thank You for your wisdom.
    Thank You for insisting on common sense!


  477. I’m loving Margaret today. But I think she had better stay away from that coffeemaker.

    I’m purple, too; and I am tired of being held hostage by the extremists on the left and on the right.

    Don’t have sex? Really? Why didn’t someone tell me before I had these 6 kids? Sheesh.


  478. Just read in a german newspaper that Obama wants to double afghan troops….

    How is he gonna do that (given the bad educatuion and limited avalability of AFGHAN troups?

    Cheapest way would be to hand a mirror to everyone!


  479. And, last point, Diabeties type II is a “rich man’s” desease and was then rather uncommen, if not unheard off


  480. avotresanteΔ

    Sorry to correct you, but if you read up on diabetis (I have it) it is know since the time of the Greeks (Don’t remember which one iot was, but they found out by the sweet taste of the patients urin (Ugh, I think I wouldn’t like to be a doc than….))

    Heart desease was well know and documented in arab medicine (Occidental medicine didn’t excist untile the renaissance, before that it was a mix of shamanism and superstition)

    And Cancer and lead poisoning killed tons of people, just wasn’t recognized as that, but can be still proofen where flesh material is stil obtainable.
    (leaded coffins, frozen body parts, mummies etc.)

    But on the other hand you are completly right:
    Food, the right kind, can do a lot to keep you healthy….


  481. Where can I sign up for the purple party?


  482. Now, just to finish the above, for all NONE history buffs:

    The Cathars where people that only wanted to reform the church, complained that church officials run around dressed like princes and had several mistresses or openly lived as paedophiles (Chor-boys, historical truth!).

    For protesting this and setting up a religionous belive that did NOT depend on currupt priestes to commune with God, for this they ALL (several tens of thousands) got burned on the stake over a more than 20 years war that devasted and anihilated the LangueDoc (South western France today) and integrated an until then indepdendant country into France by force.

    Just so you have the background without extensive research…..


  483. You girls are just too great. I really loved this post. Keep ’em coming!


  484. Margaret, it’s wonderful hearing from you again, you’re a scream. And Helen, right on target, as usual.
    Health care begins with education, including biology, nutrition, and soil science, among other topics. Our bodies were created to heal themselves, and to support that, we should eat more foods as they were created.
    I read recently that in our grandparents’ generation (a loooooong time ago for us grandparents) the things we just assume now will kill us (heart disease, diabetes, cancer) were virtually unknown. There were also no pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, preservatives, chemical flavorings, cloning, genetic alterations, etc. in the food supply.

    Duh? Is it just me, or does anyone else see the connection between better health and better food? I agree with TJ that common sense isn’t all that common anymore.

    Ladies, you are such a joy to so many of us. Thank you for your purple thinking.


  485. While we’re dreaming:

    All human beings are people and all people are human beings–just as much as YOU are, yes, even if their skin is a bit darker, yes, even if they have different private parts, yes, even if they like to have sex with other people of the same sex as themselves, yes even if they dress funny, yes even if they worship differently than you or not at all. And as human beings just like YOU, they deserve the same rights, treatment, protections and opportunities YOU have and take for granted.

    I know. Crazy talk, but it’s a dream.


  486. The pope
    (In Germany we call him PapaRatzi, since the Italians call him Il Papa and his Family name is Ratzinger)

    An old and rather deranged man that never had any hold on real live.

    Stop Aids by letting God kill off the bad ones….. where did I hear this last? Ahh I remember, at the Albigensian Crusade from 1202 to 1225 when they sacked the (Chrisitian) City of Beziers and the Inquision told them to “burn them all, God will find his own at the time of judgment”…

    …..In July the crusaders captured the small village of Servian and headed for Béziers, arriving on July 21. They invested the city, called the Catholics within to come out, and demanded that the Cathars surrender.[20] Both groups refused. The city fell the following day when an abortive sortie was pursued back through the open gates.[21] The entire population was slaughtered and the city burned to the ground. Contemporary sources give estimates of the number of dead ranging between seven and twenty thousand…
    Further reading for history buffs:

    and esp.:

    VC: Sibly, W. A. and M. D., translators (1998), written at Woodbridge, The history of the Albigensian Crusade: Peter of les Vaux-de-Cernay’s Historia Albigensis, Boydell, ISBN 0851158072

    So, not much changed in the last 800 odd years? Can’t burn ’em anymore? Use Aids to kill ’em off!

    If I wouldn’t remeber my past lives so viviently, I couldn’t hate the church with so much passion!


  487. Margaret, you really need to post more often. You are very funny . You both are great. I love this blog.


  488. Hey M&H,

    If you listen close, I think you might be getting mentioned on the BO show. Something about Rush being ‘a big fat idiot’.

    Laura Ingraham sez: Leave Laura Ingraham aloooooone!!!

    PEACE ~ Δ


  489. […] March 19, 2009 by Karen […]


  490. Common sense…unfortunately, not so common.


  491. I check in every day to see if you have posted another one of your great blogs. It is always a disappointment when there isn’t one, but a great treat when one appears.


  492. Always love to come and read your blog. I will watch out for the intersection of which you speak.


  493. Everything you say…and everything you do…is a reflection of who you are.


  494. Religion has no place in politics and politics has no place in the bedroom.

    And lots of people don’t have any place at all – that’s what get’s them upset


  495. Stop making sense! You scare hell out of the Righties when you do.


  496. Priceless! Excellent post as usual!


  497. Amen to Texan’s comment ..

    I hope both you ladies live a long time … blog on!


  498. Don’t bitch about taxes if you want the paramedics, firefighters, and cops to show up when you need them. And if you can read this, thank a teacher.


  499. You can’t teach an old dogma new tricks.
    -Dorothy Parker


  500. Helen – Thanks for being the spokesperson for all the other “purple people” out here thank you for invoking the Golden Rule. Maybe we should have children recite that every morning in school instead of the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Margaret – You are a scream and should post more often. And thanks for the hint on how to remember the order for a place setting. Very practical. My 8th grade Home Ec. teacher would have loved it.

    I admire you both for your wit and wisdom. Y’all remind me of my favorite aunt. I mean it. Really.

    P.S. I agree that common sense could really solve most of our problems. Unfortunately, common sense isn’t as common these days.


  501. once again … i agree with all of your comments. (i shall await the crazies response) i swear – common sense folk really should not be that difficult to find! the nutso’s need to be ‘boiled off’ … kinda like the frothy yuck on the top of chicken broth. what remains is the middle road … the far left and the far right have no business in my daily diet. carry on ladies, and thank you for your wise insight – you are the people that make me happy to share ‘bytes’ with … just skim that yucky foam off first! 🙂


  502. I am loving your blog!

    I am born and raised Catholic and couldn’t agree more on the remarks about the Pope. It’s sad but true that the Catholic Church is not moving fast enough into this century. Not only on contraceptive use, but same sex issues as well.

    So, yeah, bring on the crazies!


  503. You Ladies are TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!


  504. Gret post! i couldn’t agree with you more.


  505. Well, I loved the list until we got to the Palin/pit bull analogy. Once again, as an owner of very loving, smart, and loyal pit bill, I resent comparing the like of Sarah Palin to my most devoted friend. If we must compare Palin to a dog breed, I would propose that Sarah is more like a deranged terrier. One that chases its own tail.

    Keep it up, ladies!


  506. If you are Pope ,it is not within your area of personal expertise to advise all people on the continent of Africa about condom use.


  507. If war is your answer, then maybe you didn’t ask the right question!

    And if you think we need to go to war, then be damn sure that our military is prepared, protected in battle, and provided aftercare for the rest of all of their lives–those that make it back home alive, anyway.


  508. Love the posts where both of you “talk.” Blessings to you both!

    Bring on the crazies! 🙂



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