Posted by: Helen Philpot | March 10, 2009

Rush, shut the hell up. You’re not helping.

Margaret dear, I need your help sorting all this out.   Rush Limbaugh has a daily audience of 14 million morons- give or take a few rednecks – Howard excluded of course.   So are we to believe that they all want Obama to fail?   Do I have that right?  I am a little confused by this recent turn of events because weren’t these the same peckerwoods who got so upset a  few years back when a famous country western singer told about 2,000 people at a concert in London that she was ashamed that George Bush was from her home state?  

Actually I believe her exact quote was, “Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.”   If I am not mistaken, conservatives everywhere were enraged – albums were burned, death threats ensued.  It was treason.

But Margaret, let’s consider the following quotes attributed to Rush, another celebrity – albeit a celebrity who really gives renewed meaning to the saying a face made for radio:

“I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”

“The only way to reduce the number of nuclear weapons is to use them.”  

“If we are going to start rewarding no skills and stupid people – I’m serious, let the unskilled jobs, let the kinds of jobs that take absolutely no knowledge whatsoever to do – let stupid and unskilled Mexicans do that work.”

“Bipartisanship only happens after one side has been defeated.  Ask the Japanese after World War II.  Ask the Germans.”

The same jackass who made those statements also said, “I want Barack Obama to fail.”  And more recently he expounded on that statement when he said, “The dirty little secret is that every Republican in this country wants Obama to fail, but none of them have the guts to say so.”  For goodness sakes, I am surprised he finds time to be so loquasious between the mouthfuls of donuts.

Personally, I think Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat pig.  I can say that without worry because I am a big, fat bitch.  But what he looks like is really just so much fodder for people like me who don’t like his politics.  What he says, however… well that is another story.

Hypocrisy.  It’s a powerful word.   Republicans should look it up sometime.

Barack Obama is a sitting President of a country still at war and on the brink of economic disaster.  And Rush wants failure?  He is  hoping for failure and 14 million listeners who call themselves conservative Americans are okay with that.   But a country singer wishing the President didn’t come from her home state caused moral outrage.   Has anyone gone and looked up that word hypocrisy yet?  While you’re at it, look up the word culpable.  Scratch that, just look up the word gluttony.

 Of course, Limbaugh can say whatever he wants.  It’s a free country.  And people can stop buying albums when they don’t like the singer anymore.  That’s what “it’s a  free country” means.  And I can say that Rush Limbaugh is nothing more than than a fat, greed-filled radio star praying on the insecurities and ignorance of people who graduated high school thinking that they knew everything.  Like I said – it’s a free country.  You’re free to love it or even hate it if you want.  All I ask is that you be honest with yourself about which of those two positions you have chosen to subscribe.  Because considering the current state of  the world, we  will all succeed or fail together – like it or not.

Margaret, I know that Howard listens to Rush.  I hope he doesn’t read our little blog.  And know that if only because he loves you, I love him.  I just wish he would check out the local NPR station once in awhile. I mean it.  Really.


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  5. [IMG][/IMG]


  6. vest9982 – here you go.


  7. I’m new here and totally LOVE you already! Woohoo! You go, girls. 😀


  8. Id like to see Obamas Birth Certificate ?? He has yet to come up with one.


  9. Only one thing – George W. Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut. He is not a Texan.

    From a Texan.


  10. […] where is the Land of the Peckerwoods? Margaret and Helen put it well- Margaret dear, I need your help sorting all this out.   Rush Limbaugh has a daily […]


    I am back from the sustainable agriculture workshop and have an update on the blog. More coming as there is so much to share.

    Thanks to all of you who helped get me there.

    ALSO we got all the comments on the Chinook Salmon By-Catch summitted today.

    We should have something to update with after they meet the first week of April.


    Victoria B
    Ugashik, AK


  12. Thank you mudflats for giving me this link! I’ve bookmarked it and can’t wait to come back and read more later. I’m only sorry I didn’t know about it beforehand….I need the laughs!


  13. @ Donna

    They upset no one, which is why they leave.

    When there is no opposing point of view given, just hate and disrespect, then there is no reason to do anything other than slap them upside the head as would happen to the rest of us if that crap left our lips.

    These trolls are so “yesterday” – they didn’t get the memo that they don’t scare anybody. We actually enjoy slapping them and washing their mouths out with soap – it’s quite enjoyable and satisfying!


  14. Werner–it’s very hard and I have certainly succumbed to the temptation to tell a troll to kiss my skinny tushy. But that’s what they want. It’s all about getting attention and seeing if they can upset other people. So I try my best not to give them what they want.

    You know dogs. It’s not any different from dealing with an 18 month old lab that picks at you, picks at you, picks at you–because any attention is better than none.


  15. Dear Donna
    In principle I agree, in detail I have a problem keeping mymmouth shut, so I all torn, while my intellect agrees with your solution my belly, lungs and mouth just wnt to shout out……..

    I think we should stick with what we did all along, ignore ’em where we can and vent our anger at the when thereis something to vent, better scream at a troll than scold someone you love, just because your pissed!



  16. Concerning Hobo and northern natives:

    Don’t you guys up there make such nice drums out of nearly anything hollow?

    We could mail you the trolls, you use the empty heads as drums and feed the rest to the dogs?
    (I know, not the healthiest thing, but when their hungry they might get even that down, No?)

    Than we sell the drums back to the Repugs to “drum up some support”?
    Should give the right kind of “vibes” to the thing……..

    Ahh, don’t worry, just dreaming and trying to think something up on how to use all that “empty space” we come across here…..


  17. Even I do not like the comment, that this person made,find it to be very viciously ignorant not impressive. attacking the elderly in that manner unappealing, accomplish nothing.Yes hoho I mean you want to attack someone attack A.I.G…….vest9982


  18. Here’s my vote: I am a big believer in everyone saying what they think and I love the different points of view. That said, I see no reason to tolerate ugliness–because it’s not expressing a point of view that’s worth crap. I also see no reason to give a troll the attention that his/her mental problems crave. So, my humble proposal is that if someone posts something that is not only pointless but is also personally insulting, we not engage but simply make a request to Matthew to delete it. That way, we aren’t stoking the losers’ desire for attention and/or chaos but are showing that we don’t tolerate bullshit. Someone like Hobo doesn’t post because he/she thinks they’ll accomplish anything–it’s just trying to get a rise out of people. Yes, that reflects serious personal problems and character deficiencies, but I don’t believe in giving such a dolt what he/she wants.

    Your thoughts? (and, if you agree, Matthew–I’d love to see Hobo–who doubtless is far more physically unappealing than anyone he/she attacks–swept out with the rest of the garbage).


  19. Morning lesson on American Free Market philosophy:


  20. Hobo, dear, I think your mother must have dropped you on your head as a baby. I’m sure it was an accident, but it left you with major problems. We older folks may not be pretty, but we have wisdom, humor and some really good ideas. You have none of the above. Go waste your venom on somebody who cares what you think, if one can call that thinking.


  21. Good-morrnig,……….Could hradly sleep, can”t wait to hear more of the A.I.G. and the, viciously crap that comes out of thier mouths. They are on the run now. vest9982.


  22. Hobo

    You talk to yourself a lot!
    You even argue with yourself a lot?
    You lost the argument .

    Got it!


  23. hobo –

    Do you somehow think that Margaret & Helen care a whit about what you think? And do you really think that bursting in here with your nasty mouth does anything besides make us all very pleased that we don’t know you, your politics, or your religion?

    Your kind is shrinking in numbers since every time you open your mouths, nothing but hate, despair, and confusion pour out. What’s it like to be that alone? I chuckle to think that “hope” is probably a dirty word in your dictionary, so that one’s right out, too. Good luck and sayonara!


  24. hobo-

    When I told you to put your pie down and go away on the other thread… I meant sashay on out the door buster butt…


  25. Hey Ann Strongheart – I heard you on NPR. You should mention this blog!!! Congrats…


  26. Hobo….you need to fear your God for saying something like that. You are just evil!


  27. You suck you dried up old prunes. Margaret looks like a grapefruit with all the juice sucked out of it and Helen looks like a pig in a blanket!! You fat old bitches need to shut the hell up!!!


  28. I was just admiring that picture of Helen and Margaret racing their scooters and…Ladies you should be wearing helmets!Please.


  29. Juneau Joe, Please wear a helmet.I wear one every time I ride. I thought it was creepy at first but I do not even think about it now.


  30. ( @ Gramiam- good job!)


  31. VIP (Viciously Ignorant Palin)


  32. Werner, scroll up and read my take on SLP (try Sarah Louise Palin, nein? )


  33. Oh and I think SLP is the sister of VIP

    Very Important Prick
    Stupid Lazy Person


  34. Hi all
    I`d like to hug an eskimo/northern native too!

    Since there is such a varity of people up there in the north (I read some Farley Wowat (walking the Land) on that) I think I have to use Eskimo (without insult!!!) for lack of a better word, but actually, since “Eskimo” I think was “eater of flesh”, what you call an eskimo vegetarian? (in a joke I once heard they where called “bad hunter”, LOL)

    Ya Ya you know me by now, always good for a bad thought! 😉

    But seriously being German and all and no native background I want to make a statement:


    I am a true and born Bavarian
    (And NOT babarian, Sally!)

    Which, I think, makes me a minority in this country of ours…..

    …and I have a (ever so slight (hehehe)) beer belly, which makes it visible too.

    Bavarian with beer belly = visible minority!

    Just a question from which angle you look at things….. (That belly, I mean! LOL)


  35. I just read about Natasha Richardson and feel sorry for the family.

    I started snowboarding at 55 and have taken a few falls. It never occurred to me that it could cause such trauma. I think I will go get a helmet.


  36. Anne S,

    I was told about the Edkimo’s and Indians of Alaska and I asked about the difference.

    I was told that many thousands of years ago some natives came over the land bridge or on boat from Europe/Russia – they are Eskimo.

    The Indian population came from the South. The Indians came from the South even as far as South America to present day Alaska.

    It sounded impressive.


  37. Jean-

    Loved the fashion faux-pas list!

    Of note- up here ANY senior/elder in short shorts w/varicose veins or a thong and Depends has survived another winter and is celebrating as a participant in the Polar Bear Dip.

    ANYONE who jumps into ice cold water depends or no is revered and looked up to! 🙂

    Granma Katie-
    Been really busy with helping in the villages this winter. Mr Obama’s call to a day of service for Dr King’s birthday has turned into months…
    I have met so many folks, made friends, learned tons, laughed and cried with my Western Alaskan neighbors during this long winter.
    My mother’s people are Alutiq fishermen . My father’s people are Kentucky dirt farmers.
    Helping make a community garden a reality and adding my voice to the salmon-by-catch issue is important to me.

    All the folks here who have helped , including Margaret and Helen , have made a difference in Alaska. You too Granma Katie!

    WHAT is going on in your neighborhoods?

    Hey Greyt- YOU need anything , you yell right out!

    Virtual waves to trout(bam-bam)ay, smteaches, werner, whirled, judith, chloe, and all the old and new interesting voices…

    Margaret and Helen – thank you for having all of us in. ∆ !


  38. Hi thymeCher sorry it was the Long Beaqch airport,I was so thrilled to see this plane but somehow I missed AirForce One. WAited a few minutes after 3pm and no other one passed. Suppose it was support staff and press. Anyhow he spoke at FAirgrounds in Costa Mesaa, Wastched him in the Town Meeting. He gives a great talk, If anyone can make sense out of thismess I think he can do it. Nice to meet you neighbor. I’m in Long BEach not far fr om the airport.


  39. Oh, Helen….such sad news….we do need one of your light hearted posts…it helps…I mean it. Really.


  40. So sorry to hear of her death. My ex husband had a similar trauma and was considered a vegetable twice . It is very hard to tell after emergency brain surgery-we prayed in every manner and he walked out of the hospital, much to the surprise of all. I had hope for the same for her.Very Shocking;it brings it all back to me.


  41. A little bit off your main message Greytdog, but the rural alaskans feed salmon to their dogs- and I believe it is of the quality that we eat from cans!!


  42. off topic: Natasha Richardson has died the family announced today. She was 45


  43. hi all. Wandering in just for a few minutes. Have some serious health issues on the homefront (both human and canine. . .comes in groupings doesn’t it) that I have to deal with. . . so you all will be relieved of my news tidbit postings for a while. To Ann, Secret, and Jane @ I am a total doofus when it comes to fish (except how to cook it) – that said, the k9 folks I deal with are very concerned and have started an ‘asking’ campaign of the various holistic animal food companies as to the source of the seafood in their animals food. As one person told me in conversation – if we care about what we as humans ingest, we must care about what our animals ingest – and if what we eat causes harm, be it economically or otherwise, to people, then we have a moral obligation to speak out and ASK and DEMAND. Giving folks something to latch onto – in a personal way – helps them understand the connectivity of sustainability. I’m still in correspondence with Heifer intl and Habitat Intl about sustainable/microloan programs as well as housing. Seems the main difficulties rest in needing approval from the state government as well as transport costs. But these folks are fine people who tackle and solve the tough problems. If anything, they may be able to steer me to the folks who can definitely provide some real solutions.


  44. Hi Grandma Katie

    How nice I think we are neighbors. Did they fly into LAX or John Wayne? Couldn’t get the day off from work otherwise would have loved to have been there at the Fairgrounds today.

    This is real red territory, but with faint hews of purple here and there in Orange County. It will be interesting to see how President Obama is received and treated.

    The local papers are terribley rebug-nant slanted and I get upset reading the hateful editorials every morn.

    Take care there Grandma Katie. Nice to be neighborly. Δ Ữ

    ((((Hugs)))) going out to Ann Strongheart. Good thoughts going in your direction. M & H-ers for the most part are a very caring lot.

    PS…oh Helen, my scrolling finger is getting a cramp! Hope all is well and we will be hearing from you again SOON!


  45. Secret Talker forgot to leave a link:

    Some of you also might be interested in the gardening threads we’ve started.

    Victoria, who distributes food in the villages of Ugashik and Pilot Point, is in Fairbanks attending a sustainable gardening conference thanks to the generous souls from anonymousbloggers and The Mudflats who donated funds specifically for her trip.

    She is starting a community garden in Pilot Point and will be updating us regularly with her progress.



  46. Thanks so much for the “heads up” Anne. Pretty child too. As there is in many family trees, I have some Native American blood. My Native ancestors are from the Cherokee Nation. I have done some reading about them and They are a people to be proud of.

    One thing I have learned from reading Obama’s first book is to learn who and where you come from and embrace both. That is the real strength of America, our diversity. If all the people who claim descent from The Mayflower passengers were accurate, the doggone ship would have sunk!! I would think that a stronger claim would be through our native ancestry. After all, they were here FIRST!!


  47. There are Inuits , Aleut, Yupiks. There are Siberian Yupiks in Russia too!There are other groups too and the Aleuts have another name too ….still working on this,Gramiam.There is an intro to Yupik culture over at ab on my page . You might like it.


  48. Gramiam,

    There are various groups of “Eskimo” people

    Yup’ik, Inuit, Athabascan, Cup’ik, etc etc I can’t think of them all right now

    Then there are the “Indian” groups like Tliglit, Haida etc.

    I don’t know who or why they decided to differentiate between “Eskimo and Indian” b/c we are all Native Alaskan’s just like lower 48 are Native Americans it’s wierd. Also it’s very confusing because we have our “Tribes” then we have our Local Corporations, and then Regional Corporations whereas the Lower 48 just have Tribes and their reservations. I am actually part Cowlitz Indian also from WA State from my dad’s side.

    Ok I really need to get back to house work and then work on some updates for MF’s and Anonymousbloggers too.



  49. Has anybody else picked up on the fact that SLP are the initials for Sarah Louise Palin? A troll by any other name is still a troll.

    Annstrongheart, for purposes of my education, Hasn’t the generic and derogatory term Eskimo been replaced by the correct name for the native people of Alaska…Innuit? I hope I spelled it right


  50. I j ust had a wonderful experience. A chair was put in front of the house and I saw Obamas plane coming in for a landing! It was a big wh ite jet with the Flag painted on the tail. Our airport is 5 or 10 minutes from here. No people were allowed i nto the airport unless yoy were on a scheduled fligt.If it weren’t for the huigh sound wall I could have seen the cavalcae down the 405 to his Town Hall meeting in Costa Mesa
    That I can see on TV>.


  51. Ann, that baby is just too too cute. I want to pinch her cheeks (not hard though).


  52. Well, SLP. I am not going to tell you to go to a good blog site. I am just going to tell you to go to hell.



  53. Seeds:

    Absolutely!! Quyana Cakneq!!

    ((((((HUGS)))))) right back at ya!!!


  54. Ann S – can I hug you for that great post? I’m a proud hugger of good people, esp. those dedicated to helping their communities in a forward thinking manner!


  55. Did I hear someone use the derogatory comment “ESKIMO”??

    Hey all,

    It’s been forever since I have posted here, been too busy with the 3 food drives for Rural Alaskan Villages including my own here in Nunam Iqua.

    I would like to say:

    Quyana Cakneq (Yup’ik for THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) for everyone who has taken time to help Native Alaskans!!! It’s because of generous caring wonderful people like you all that my village along with others are going to bed with fuller tummies and warm houses this harsh winter!

    Quyana. Please take time to visit our blog at and see how hard we are working towards long term solutions to prevent this type of crisis from happening in the future.

    SLP: I don’t use derogatory names to refer to people like you but since you decided to bring it up….

    Everyone we know what happens if we feed the TROLLS!!!!

    Bless all of you here on M&H for helping!!


    Ann “Qasqanayak” Strongheart

    A very proud Yup’ik ESKIMO!!!

    Nunam Iqua Food Drive
    c/o Ann Strongheart
    P.O. Box 7
    Nunam Iqua, AK 99666


  56. SLP – don’t worry – no one will try to hug you anytime soon. I have grown up in the Pacific NW and this is a very important discussion, obviously you think that only Eskimos eat fish so what do you care?

    You are one of those people who should wait ten minutes or more before posting – your comment served no purpose whatsoever except to make you sound nasty. I call a troll a troll.

    Thanks to the others for thoughtful comments, and Jane, for a way to help!


  57. SLP-
    Oh PLEASE Helen….post something quick…the Eskimo Huggers are coming back!!!!!

    Do you have a problem with people giving a darn about others???

    I have read and watched for months and never posted. That comment was it for me!!

    As a family member of a fisherman I find this “entire by-catch salmon” issue, which is a good part of what has made this Alaska lack of food and fuel money so critical, to be just short of a crime.

    The public could not stand to see dolphins taken for tuna what makes it OK for people to be left without income for fishsticks?

    If Jane has told us where to go to help. Take a few minutes to read, comment and help in a way that does not cost you a dime!!


  58. So, Gramiam, we are both Phoenicians and Dover is somewhere close by. Interesting to meet ‘neighbors’ here!

    Anyway, I wonder what Helen’s up to? I hope she has stayed away from brain rotting, rightwing rubbish and is detoxing from that hideous Ann Coultergeist experience.


  59. Oh, dear. Sweetie? The scroll bar is all the way to the right. The one with the square and the arrows. Remember?


  60. SLP-what does that mean? Are you unaware that part of the movement to help rural alaskans began right here in Helen’s Kitchen by a group of wedgies around the time of Obama’s Call to Service? Upon meeting with a few disgruntled bloggers with short memories headquarters moved to anonymous bloggers.wordpress. Helen has told us that we are welcome here. In addition I invite you to visit the blog – I believe that you will find it worth the time.
    All the Best,
    Secret Talker


  61. Oh PLEASE Helen….post something quick…the Eskimo Huggers are coming back!!!!!


  62. I was talking about the expensive one, not the vinegar one. ack!


  63. While you’re sitting at your computer, patiently waiting for a new post, take a few minutes to help prevent the situation that happened in rural Alaska this winter from being repeated.

    Part of the reason for the low salmon numbers last summer is that so many salmon are caught and die in the nets of pollock trawling fleets.

    The “bycatch “ numbers have been increasing dramatically for the last several years leading to fewer salmon getting to the spawning grounds. Pollock is the fish of choice for frozen fish sticks and patties and imitation scallops.

    There’s a Northern Pacific Fishing Management Council meeting next week to set a limit on the number of salmon that can be caught in pollock nets. This “bycatch cap” will close the fishery to commercial fleets when that number has been reached. This will mean that more salmon make it to villages like Ann Strongheart’s.

    Some people think the villagers should move to the cities. Sarah Palin thinks they should leave their villages for months at a time to work in the oil fields so they don’t have to depend on the salmon run to survive.

    You are a clever bunch of opinionated writers. We are collecting comments to send to the meeting next week supporting a low bycatch number. We want to show that people outside rural Alaska will be watching as they make their decision.

    Please take time to write a brief comment asking them to protect the subsistence lifestyle of Native Americans living in rural Alaska. We are displaying the locations the comments are coming from. We hope to let the NPFMC know the world is waiting for them to make the right decision.

    Thank you!!


  64. Or did it coem in through the “Hot air vent”? Than it was vinegar and I don’t wanna drink it!


  65. buhhhaehhh 😦


  66. I think the bottle was removed from the cellar


  67. Troutay
    which d….mn bottle??????
    Since you metioned it I try to find out WHAT bottle you are refering to (see also post above)
    Please enlighten me!!!

    Or are you speaking about the $152.00 bottle in the hotel?

    That one I did share, with my wife ;-P


  68. For UAW:

    check out:

    “FOX News got busted splicing a six month old video clip to make a compilation clip appear Biden said the “fundamentals of the economy is stong.”

    MacCALLUM: Yesterday during a segment on the recent change in tone from President Obama’s economic team, we inadvertently used a piece of video of Vice President Biden saying “the fundamentals of the economy are strong.” This video was from the campaign trail when the vice president was a candidate and was actually quoting Sen. John McCain. When we get something wrong we admit it. We did so yesterday, and for that we apologize.”

    This is why I never watch Fox News.

    Waving to Pi and the rest of the crew.
    Werner, you should have shared that bottle of wine with the rest of us.


  69. Secret
    enlighten me, I cannot find anything that points towards that bottle (and I am always cusious to what makes people pay so much for such a short pleasure?)


  70. I posted yesterday and it vanished! So I tried again and it posted just fine! Today I see them both- I am embar assed so I just wanted to explain. I wonder why the first post made some bells go off! That is hard to do around here.My apologies.

    Werner_I knew that that $800 bottle of wine was not yours; it seemed like a case of poor profiling even tho your taste is clearly so refined.


  71. Or alternative
    instead of useing “edit copy, Edit paste” you can uise the keyboard shortcuts:

    After text is highlighted use “Ctrl C” (Press and HOLD the “Ctrl” key and than shortly press “C” for copy) the same works for paste, after positioning your cursor, Press and HOLD the “Ctrl” key and than shortly press “V” for paste.
    Please do NOT ask me why “V” for paste, this is the point where I tell my customers that in IT logic is NOT necessarilly involved ….. LOL

    Hope that helps


  72. Grandma Katie

    to make your life a bit easier concerning copy / paste

    here’s a trick for “clumbsy thumbs”:

    First use the mouse to highlight what you want to copy (IF this is too hard, (coordination) try the following, position your cursor in front of the text to copy, than hold down the “shift key” and use the left / right arrows to highlight the text you want to copy) once you got the text highlighted, click on the top in the “menu bar” (Where is written “File Edit View Favorites” etc., go to the “Edit” menu and click on “copy” in that menu.

    Than go to the place where you want to paste it to, position your cursor and go to the Edit menu again and click on “paste”.

    That should do the job with minimal mouse


  73. Alaska Pi-where have you been? welcome back
    Thanks for the hugs, Needed them today. Had the word yesterday youngest has her job diminished and oldest sonsjob endsnext Tuesday. WAiting to her about SIL in NY state and his teaching job. Isn’t life fun? Now how long youngest son can juggle finances to pay for this. LOL
    Werner – will get to you siiite later. WAs going to post daughters links to all about the Bush family but to o many of them and I still haven’t mastered cand and paste.LOL
    Jean glad to hhear you are doing so well. Looved the clothing rules.I think I am about two m onths older than you. One of these birthdays we’ll celebrate to gether!!
    All you Arizona ladies hello from your neighber in So California!!


  74. A MUST SEE for all shepard dog lovers

    extreme sheparding by the Bhaaa studs, british humor in a Samsung Add

    really funny what those guys do with sheep (not what YOU think…..LOL)

    Scotland, where men are still men,
    ….and sheep are extremly nervous….. but for other reasons, too!


  75. I have owned 2 Shepherds and they were both great dogs. The first developed a cancerous spleen and I put him down at age 10. The 2nd developed perianal fistulas; a chronic inflammatory, ulcerative disease most frequently found in, but not exclusive to the German Shepherds. This is a terrible condition that we tried treating for a couple of years with no success. We ended up putting him down at age 7. Both of these dogs were protective, intelligient, loving, playful and somewhat intimidating (because of their appearance not their disposition). As I was single at the time, they gave me a sense of security. I would definitely consider another one.


  76. I think something has happened to Helen. Do you think Limbaugh got her??


  77. I don’t disagree with you–nutty owners make nutty dogs.

    People don’t understand Shepherds. They need to have a job, they need to bond with people and be with them. If you want a dog that will disappear when you aren’t in the mood to deal with it, definitely not the right breed.


  78. Donna
    Yes German Shepards are amazing dogs, even with all their manko’s. But the fear biting is a well known fact that, and here you’re right’ can be overcome if you invest enough time and love into your dog, but time is in short supply with most and Love is a fleeting vapour…..(Well actually I hope NOT)

    And I noticed that dogs in North America (Canada and East cost is modst I know) are MUCH more neurotic than in Europe (Where most can run free without leash, even in major cities) and I think it has a LOT to do withthe mental state of their owners (That’s the avarege owner, no special insult intended!)


  79. Greytdog, we have our own “shoe-cannon” done by a mmember, but we need a place with a “cold-fusion” server to host it, anyone?

    Friend of mine in Germany is working since 2 weeks (well actuall I think he fell asleep, neeed to follow up, LOL) on Helen’s medal….

    So any host for the “throw a shoe” email page? Can be thrown at any email address not limited to the shrubb.


  80. Grandma Katie:
    “ How George W. Bush’s Granddad financed the Nazis, earned a lot of money, and helped Hitler to gain and maintain power.
    • A short compressed version of an easily forgotten fact, link to a fully detailed version at the end.

    This is from my blog, in the moment on page 78 but with more bloggings it might move further back, so if the link below won’t work, go to my blog (through my name or the lin below) and go to pages older than 78 (79/80 etc.)


  81. Werner–I have Shepherds and am very involved in Shepherd rescue. In my experience, it’s not correct to say they’re known fear biters–in fact, they are less likely to bite than many dogs. If dealt with correctly as pups, they have unbelievable bite inhibition. This isn’t to say you haven’t had different experiences, these are mine.

    I do agree that they can have crap digestive systems. And the ones who aren’t bred for structural soundness can have rotten hips. But when they are intelligently bred and raised, they are amazing. (ditto my adored corgyn).


  82. Doversoul,
    have to do it again….
    after getting more into the details o your post I thnk a Doberman would be more up to the job, even if it has a less friendly immage than the GS…. LOL

    As for parrots:

    Q: What do you get if you cross a Parrot with a carrier pidgeon?
    A: Voice-mail!


  83. Doversoul

    ….I would suggest that President Obama get his own Oval Office dog, preferably a trained German shepherd. Some German shepherds come in short-hair versions for those with allergies.
    These dogs are highly intelligent and loyal, good with children, confident, fearless, energetic, strong, athletic, and they exude a quiet, commanding, and yet slightly aloof presence. These attributes are also found in the President.

    Sorry to correct you (By years of personal ecperience and you cna also read that up…) but German Shepards are known fear biters (If they are afraid they bit out of fear uncontrolled, also sometimes children (that they consider lower in the pack)) And have a lot of know stomach problems (race problem) and a lot of the get hip problems since they have been bred to look as they would be just at the point to jump (“Anstandshaltung”) which gives them IMMENS back and hip problems at he age of 7-10 years old, esp. if they have to do stairs in theyr lives….

    And I am also always are for the mix breeds, no over breeding problems and mostly much more smart.


  84. Troutay
    whatever get’s you to think I can afford $800.00 bottles of wine?

    Don’t tell me someone tried to ripp you off with vino verde (usually cheap in the 9 to 15$ range)?

    Most expensive in the last 15 years was a $152.00 bottle in a very good Hotel/restaurant this winter in St. Hipolythe that we got served by accident (Alsac Pinot Gris, 2 on the list, te one we ordered at $35.00 and the special for 152.00 two lines down that we got served, 15 min later the wine waiter came and asked which one we ordered (after they noticed we had a normal room, not a luxory suite) so we told him, so he confessed his error and said, we could enjoy it, the house picks up the difference……) Was a really good wine, but rather overpriced (saw the same bottle at the SAQ (State liquor shop) for $67.00! (still more that I am usually willing to spend (except on a single malt))

    So there you have my drinking habits, too….


  85. File this under the heading…
    Grudge matches I’d like to see:

    Rush vs BillO’ maybe?

    Have a great day! ~ Δ


  86. Jean, your Senior Dress Code was hilarious!!!!!

    Thanks for the morning humor as I am still LOL

    Hope all woke up this AM bright and chipper after an evening of celebrating the “wearing of the green”


  87. Thank you, Matthew, for taking care of that very rude troll. We appreciate it!


  88. I’d heard a bit about this last night at the pub:

    “Canadian activists build ‘shoe cannon’ to hurl shoes at effigy of Bush.”

    The question is, will Canada follow its own national laws and investigate/prosecute for war crimes? It’s in their canonical law. . . so should a sovereign nation be forced to disregard their own laws in order to be nice to the bully nation next door? Should the USA be allowed to terrorize its neighbor and perhaps strongest ally? And if Canada does investigate/prosecute, how will the USA retaliate? Probably economically – we usually do if we can’t outright bomb someone back to the stone age.


  89. RJ Matson of The St Louis Dispatch has a new political cartoon featured on The Moderate Voice site
    Scroll down the page. . . it’s the 6th item on the page (preceded by an article about Limbaugh’s favorability ratings. . . )

    From Think, the ultimate American recycling program:
    “House GOP’s AIG plan simply recycles what Obama is already doing.”


  90. Here I am peeking in early in the AM and there’s Pi!! HI!! Long time…

    Interesting gossipy tidbit: The GOP Mean Girls
    Makes ya miss middle school, doesn’t it? IMO this just rides along with the mom in the Midwest who participated in the humiliation (and subsequent suicide) of a neighborhood teen, and the women who were highlighted by ABC’s “What Would You Do?” who, just in passing, participated almost gleefully in publicly humiliating pseudo-sorority pledges. Lord almighty, is it any wonder our kids are growing up to believe there are no consequences for their actions and that they are entitled to whatever they want to do?


  91. Helen-
    Yes, Mr Limbaugh is NOT helping.
    He’s also a lazy slob. Sitting on the sidelines , egging on those who should be fouled-out, spitting on attempts to raise morale…yarg!
    While Mr Limbaugh is playing word games and filling his bank account , everyday Americans are suffering terrible failures of spirit .

    Granma Katie’s neighbor who committed suicide is one of far too many…
    Too many lost jobs for too many folks…
    Too many burdens for too many backs…

    Time to turn the radio off and knock on neighbors’ doors and see how folks are doing…
    Time to tune out the background noise of those such as Mr Limbaugh and get to work.

    UAW- hugs for your humility and well wishes for your wife.

    Granma Katie- hugs for your humanity, you and all the strong hard working voices here.

    please tell Margaret and Helen that I think they have developed a water-hammer (bam-bam) problem with their plumbing. It’s an easy fix but should be attended to soon so as not to damage plumbing.
    Looks like that door-to-door salesman from TQC- us,us,us was back trying to peddle those cheap geegaws again. I wish he’d get a job where he didn’t have to say silly things like “it’s sad and surprising that America actually elected a President who makes BUSH look competent and well-intentioned.” . It must be so embarressing .
    Margaret and Helen-
    Thank you for having us all in. ∆ !


  92. Sorry skipped a word. It is the companies th at get into financial difficulties, not the Bushes. The Bushes come out smelling like a bunch of crooks.


  93. I received a lengthy email from political junky daughter today about the history of employment of members of the Bush family. Interesting. All they have to do is go to work for a compnany and they develop big trouble!!

    My chat line friend from the Boston area has a great idea. She had an insurance policy with AIG, cashed it out. She wanted no part of them. Agent couldn’t understand her point. LOL

    Have you noticed VEst Seems pretty proficient with a ccomputer. Pppretty intelligent I think.


  94. Hi gang, Gramiam and Judith,

    Thank you for the mini-bios of Molly Ivins. (Sorry about the misspelling of her name. I didn’t know anything about her before.) And welcome Gramiam! You will enjoy it here.

    Also, Happy St. Paddie’s Day to all!!!!! We are staying pretty close to home these days. So do a few drops of green food coloring in a big pot of crab soup count as celebration in our house today?

    As one of the VERY seniors on this blog, I feel it is my duty to lighten things up from time to time as well as advise. You may have seen this before, but I received it from a friend and am passing it on:


    Many of us over 50, WAY over 50, or on the way to 50 are quite confused about how we should present ourselves. We’re unsure about the kind of image we are projecting and whether or not we
    are correct as we try to conform to current fashion.

    In spite of what you may have seen on the streets, the following combinations DO NOT go together and should be avoided:

    1.. A nose ring and bifocals.

    2.. Spiked hair and bald spots.

    3.. A pierced tongue and dentures.

    4.. Miniskirts and support hose.

    5.. Ankle bracelets and corn pads.

    6.. Speedo’s and cellulite.

    7.. A belly button ring and a gall bladder surgery scar.

    8.. Unbuttoned disco shirts and a heart monitor.

    9.. Midriff shirts and a midriff bulge.

    10.. Bikinis and liver spots.

    11. Short shorts and varicose veins.

    12. In-line skates and a walker.

    And the ultimate ‘Bad Taste’ in fashion for the older folks…

    14. Thongs and Depends.

    Please keep these basic guidelines foremost in your mind when you shop!!!!




  95. Limbaughtomized-mentally corrupted by listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio! Or anywhere else, for that matter.


  96. you’re right on Helen-beautifully written!


  97. Whew! You guys certainly had a day today – I couldn’t even read through the posts completely – let’s see – I copied down Werner’s recipe(s) – Thanks! – and then read the post about the Obamas choosing a PWD. And now, I am heading off to the local Irish pub for the St Patrick’s ceilidh and some Harp (can’t do Guiness) or some Newcastle to go with the fine Irish stew . . .And I plan to kick up my heels and do some steppin’ this fine evening. So to all who come to M & H’s this great day, cead mille failte!! Slainte!


  98. There’s a Portuguese Water Dog Club of America “Rescue” branch.

    Maybe the Obamas could kill two birds…. (pardon the expression).


  99. the “n” word? I refuse to know what that means.
    You are right Donna.



  100. Troutay–you are wonderful and I love your posts. However, until there’s an apology for the use of the “n” word, it’s not a start in my book.

    As for Werner, he’s doubtless far more urbane than this beer drinker.


  101. I agree that this is a great nation Vest.
    Donna, taking his words off Caps is a start.
    I think its funny that Werner drinks $800 bottles of wine.
    I wish I could


  102. Matthew–obviously, it’s your call but I think we have not simply a troll but one who is offensive.

    I never have an issue with differing opinions. And I could care less what topics people post on–I ascribe to the notion of the more the merrier. But I do think people should be spared the nuts, the insulting, and the obnoxious. There are so many great folks who post on here, regardless of their points of view. Who needs someone who obviously is posing as an African-American in order to feed his own stereotype?


  103. Where in Arizona? I love it out there. My MIL
    lives north of Tucson, and SIL lives in Apache Junction. The Superstitions are my favorite of all.

    One of the Obama children has allergies, which is why they decided to go with this dog. For some reason, the dog doesn’t cause the same allergic reaction as others.


    I believe Doversoul said that with tongue in cheek.
    No worries, it was just a copy of a post on the Moderate Voice blog. (please read above)


  104. Gramiam

    Wish I could take credit for this quite intertaining piece, but it was taken from a post on The Moderate Voice blog. The author, Marc Pascal is from Phoenix.

    I live nearby however, where the sun has burned out the brains and hearts of many but we too are turning purple.


  105. ” That’s what you get when you have to please 3 women.”

    Oh for heaven’s sake………

    Maybe what you get is a dog that won’t trigger allergies as badly as other breeds do?


  106. Doversoul, may I say that I am proud to call you a fellow resident of Arizona. You are proof that the sun has not burned out our brains or hearts, contrary to what recent events might seem to indicate. Told you guys the state is getting more purple!!


  107. Doversoul-absolutely hilarious

    Thanks Troutay!


  108. Ooppss sorry about the all CAPS headline don’t want to stir up any dust or vests.


  109. from the Moderate Voice / Marc Pascal


    So it’s final – a Portuguese water dog is coming to the White House sometime in April. That’s what you get when you have to please 3 women.
    Originally President Obama suggested going to the local dog pound and adopting a stray mixed breed. First Lady Michelle Obama nixed that idea immediately. She had heard talk show host Conan O’Brien point out that the last President who brought a stray dog to the White House ended up getting impeached.

    There have been all sorts of dogs and cats in the White House, most of them pretty innocuous and tame. However, with such a massive economic crisis facing our country, we really need a White House dog that demands respect, particularly from the rabid opposition.

    I would suggest that President Obama get his own Oval Office dog, preferably a trained German shepherd. Some German shepherds come in short-hair versions for those with allergies.
    These dogs are highly intelligent and loyal, good with children, confident, fearless, energetic, strong, athletic, and they exude a quiet, commanding, and yet slightly aloof presence. These attributes are also found in the President.
    Just to soften the dog’s ability to go for the jugular, and depending upon its gender, he could name it either “Mr. Chuckles” or “Miss Hillary.” (The Secretary of State would even feel complimented.) Nothing says “I’m going to intimidate and I’m getting my way,” as would this type of favorite police dog. It would also be a final dig against all those nasty, bigoted southern sheriffs who pitted such dogs against civil rights protesters back in the 1960’s as they fought for the right to vote that eventually lead to Mr. Obama’s election.

    A German shepherd is just the animal to have sitting next to you when meeting with leaders of the opposition. Imagine some get-together with the Republican leadership who strongly disagree with the President’s proposals for healthcare, taxes, banking reorganizations, the environment, or whatever. With TV cameras rolling, the President could turn to his dog and smilingly say: “Mr. Chuckles (Miss Hillary) can we believe our ears? Did we hear that Representative Boehner of Ohio doesn’t like taxing the very wealthy to pay for expanding healthcare to all Americans?” The dog could then growl, snarl, show its teeth, and give Rep. Boehner such a look that, if he didn’t change his mind, his leg would be lunch. Then Rep. Boehner would become completely flustered and again start speaking incoherently. After much convoluted logic, he would simply agree with the President. The President would smile again, apologize for not hearing correctly, and thank him for such a pleasant compromise on behalf of the American people.

    Between meetings and mindful of the President’s allergies, the President’s German shepherd would go play with Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and their endless supply of Rush Limbaugh and Nancy Pelosi dolls, happily ripping them to shreds. Overall, history shows that dogs are important to Presidents because after a few years in office, a President needs a loyal friend in which he can confide – and who won’t talk to the press behind his back.

    A German shepherd could be employed by the President in many other challenging negotiations with various world leaders and his mother-in-law requiring a good-cop and bad-cop approach. The President would smile at whatever the person were saying but if inside he actually disagreed with it, the dog would simply growl and snarl at the speaker until he changed his discourse. This may be the only effective means to get things done in the contentious and politicized environment of Washington DC.

    I would also suggest most Republican leaders get pet parrots. These “talking” birds could endlessly repeat meaningless phrases so dear to conservatives such as “Squawk – cut taxes,” “Squawk – less spending,” “Squawk – tax and spend liberals,” “Squawk – socialism,” “Squawk – Rush is God,” “Squawk – smaller government,” “Squawk – let the free market decide,” “Squawk – less regulations,” “Squawk – class warfare,” and other such nonsense that has become purely hilarious as it is so irrelevant to the situations we face today. In this way Republicans can hear these phrases for what they really are – mindless dribble. The ultimate purpose would be to finally force some of them to come up with worthwhile new ideas and phrases that might actually make sense for the 21st Century when uttered by thinking human beings.

    I would hope that Republicans return to their thoughtful and intelligent roots, as exemplified by the Elephant. Some of the ideas propounded by their donkey opponents are purely asinine. But without a mature discourse, the public will never have the chance to know.

    Now that I have lived in Arizona for 3 years, I am considering getting a pet lizard. I prefer those that have eyes that move separately and independently, providing them with almost 300 degrees of continuous forward and peripheral vision – something I secretly envy. As a society we have (or are still developing) much greater hindsight with respect to our politics and economics. But that knowledge may be pretty useless for today and for moving forward. In these demanding and unique times, we desperately need in our leaders some foresight – or at least a coherent vision of the big picture that we can follow.


  110. Troutay, I also do not believe there is any chance of a racial war. I live in Tulsa where the worst race riot in US history took place in 1921. I’d like to think we’ve overcome the prejudices that led to that event.


  111. will do Secret Talker.


    WHEN YOU TALK TO US LIKE THIS WE THINK YOU ARE YELLING AT US. If you talk like this, we then think you are trying to be part of the community.
    I do not believe that there is some racial war about to start. To become violent at a time like this is wrong on so many levels.



  112. Apologies for busting in off topic!

    We could use some support at Not

    donations(although they are still appreciate) but

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  114. I stopped reading vest9982 somewhere wayyyyy up ^ there. Now when I see all-caps, my mouse goes into auto-scroll.

    Back to Limbaugh…
    I briefly listened to him today in the car. He kept saying, “Obama’s teleprompter told him to say [this]” or “Obama’s teleprompter told him to say [that].” He used that line 3 times in the one minute I tuned in.

    I guess Rush just can’t believe that a leader can actually speak. We all remember Georgie and his inability to formulate coherent sentences. Or even READ coherent sentences. Shrub could not have set the bar any lower for public speaking.

    /#/ end of “A Minute with Rush” by Maven Δ

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  115. Werner, dear, you really need more bran in your diet. These trolls are quite consipating, you know.


  116. Chloe
    stay stuck there and let others like me take care of friggs with sticks!

    I don’t mind a bit of agression release once in a while and it is better to beat the shit out of a racist than venting any anger on innocent bystanders, No?

    I never was for the non-violent peace and love thingy, begg long enough to be beaten and I will oblige!

    (Oh and to all these heros with their weapons, like to see your face once I shove ’em up your arse and stick ’em down your throat! Waving a weapon around is one thing, eating it while someone watches quiete another!)

    Stop rant!!!!!!!

    Brr, still get’s me, once in a while……..


  117. Donna, agree completely about racist and wholly inappropriate, not to mention the guns threat – that freaks me out. I’ve known so many people that fit into the uneducated, poor category and it always gets me. So does elder abuse and dumped animals. My hubby says I’m too tender hearted and that my mothering mode gets stuck in overdrive.


  118. Chloe–I kind of think you’ve had your pocket picked. I’m not sure I’d accept Vest’s shtick at face value. Far more likely that this is someone posing as an uneducated minority. However, regardless of that, his/her statements are racist and wholly inappropriate.


  119. Gramiam,

    I knew as I was writing that it would fall on deaf ears. I actually feel bad for Vest, uneducated with little job opportunity and feeling like he has no options other than civil disobedience. I guess he is proof that there are lunatics on both sides.


  120. Imaginista, This is truly a wacky state, but I have high hopes for improvement. I live in Phoenix and have watched a grassroots movement make inroads in the entrenched politics, but we have a lot of work to do yet. I do see it turning more purple all the time though.
    Beth, you have my sympathy and my support. Hang on, my friend, M&H will deliver.
    Chloe, you have a wonderful way of communicating, but I fear your talent is wasted on vest. I have to agree with Donna that we have a particularly ugly troll in our midst and maybe Matthew should take a peek.
    Werner, you are a charming person and I enjoy your posts very much. I look forward to reading much more from you.

    Happy St Patrick’s Day to all you Irish and Irish wannabes out there!


  121. Yup Donna (thanks…. LOL)
    but Not mine, I’ll have to wait till Easter…..sniff, sob, whine, aehhhh ment wine!


  122. Oh and to go with it:

    Try a pint of Guiness with a small glass of Port, first pour the portwine in the glass, than fill up with Guiness, (best from tab, but from the can works too, but poor high, you want a good lot of that really psychedelic foam (IT’s DARK PINK!))

    Oh, and carefull, even if it tastes good, it’ll hit you like a hammer once you’re exposed to fresh air!


  123. Werner–did you know that you are my hero?


  124. Yes Yes I know,

    no mouth watering without recipes…….

    chocolate whiskey and beer cupcakes

    Folklore says that if you order an Irish Car Bomb in an Irish bar, you’ll either be greeted with a smile and a drink or a black eye, so proceed at your own risk. The way the drink is made (I figure the black eye is self-explanatory) is that a shot glass with a mix of Baileys Irish Cream and Jameson’s Irish whiskey is dropped into a three-quarters full pint of Guinness and the insane person who brought this upon themselves it must chug this whole foaming mess down quickly. Before it curdles. Hey, don’t look at me — I don’t think I have ever been wasted enough to invent something so utterly brilliant.

    While the Guinness in the cake gets mostly baked out, the Baileys is fresh and potent, so if you’re making this for people who don’t drink — ahem, nobody I know, but I hear such people exist — you’ll probably want to swap it with milk.

    The Baileys frosting recipe makes a smallish amount of frosting — enough to just cover the cupcakes. Because they were so rich and this frosting so sweet, I felt it only needed a little. Double it if you want more of a towering effect.

    Makes 20 to 24 cupcakes

    For the Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes

    1 cup stout (such as Guinness)
    1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter
    3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (preferably Dutch-process)
    2 cups all purpose flour
    2 cups sugar
    1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
    3/4 teaspoon salt
    2 large eggs
    2/3 cup sour cream

    Ganache Filling (Updated to double it, based on many commenters suggestions — thanks!)
    8 ounces bittersweet chocolate
    2/3 cup heavy cream
    2 tablespoons butter, room temperature
    1 to 2 teaspoons Irish whiskey (optional)

    Baileys Frosting (see Recipe Notes)
    3 to 4 cups confections sugar
    1 stick (1/2 cup or 4 ounces) unsalted butter, at room temperatue
    3 to 4 tablespoons Baileys (or milk, or heavy cream, or a combination thereof)

    Special equipment: 1-inch round cookie cutter or an apple corer and a piping bag (though a plastic bag with the corner snipped off will also work)

    Make the cupcakes: Preheat oven to 350°F. Line 24 cupcake cups with liners. Bring 1 cup stout and 1 cup butter to simmer in heavy large saucepan over medium heat. Add cocoa powder and whisk until mixture is smooth. Cool slightly.

    Whisk flour, sugar, baking soda, and 3/4 teaspoon salt in large bowl to blend. Using electric mixer, beat eggs and sour cream in another large bowl to blend. Add stout-chocolate mixture to egg mixture and beat just to combine. Add flour mixture and beat briefly on slow speed. Using rubber spatula, fold batter until completely combined. Divide batter among cupcake liners, filling them 2/3 to 3/4 of the way. Bake cake until tester inserted into center comes out clean, rotating them once front to back if your oven bakes unevenly, about 17 minutes. Cool cupcakes on a rack completely.

    Make the filling: Chop the chocolate and transfer it to a heatproof bowl. Heat the cream until simmering and pour it over the chocolate. Let it sit for one minute and then stir until smooth. (If this has not sufficiently melted the chocolate, you can return it to a double-boiler to gently melt what remains. 20 seconds in the microwave, watching carefully, will also work.) Add the butter and whiskey (if you’re using it) and stir until combined.

    Fill the cupcakes: Let the ganache cool until thick but still soft enough to be piped (the fridge will speed this along but you must stir it every 10 minutes). Meanwhile, using your 1-inch round cookie cutter or an apple corer, cut the centers out of the cooled cupcakes. You want to go most of the way down the cupcake but not cut through the bottom — aim for 2/3 of the way. A slim spoon or grapefruit knife will help you get the center out. Those are your “tasters”. Put the ganache into a piping bag with a wide tip and fill the holes in each cupcake to the top.

    Make the frosting: Whip the butter in the bowl of an electric mixer, or with a hand mixer, for several minutes. You want to get it very light and fluffy. Slowly add the powdered sugar, a few tablespoons at a time.

    [This is a fantastic trick I picked up while working on the cupcakes article for Martha Stewart Living; the test kitchen chefs had found that when they added the sugar slowly, quick buttercream frostings got less grainy, and tended to require less sugar to thicken them up.]

    When the frosting looks thick enough to spread, drizzle in the Baileys (or milk) and whip it until combined. If this has made the frosting too thin (it shouldn’t, but just in case) beat in another spoonful or two of powdered sugar.

    Ice and decorate the cupcakes. [I used a star tip and made little “poofs” everywhere and sprinkled it with various colors of sanding sugar to keep it looking festive for New Years. I bet shaved dark and white chocolates would look gorgeous as well.]

    Do ahead: You can bake the cupcakes a week or two in advance and store them, well wrapped, in the freezer. You can also fill them before you freeze them. They also keep filled — or filled and frosted — in the fridge for a day. (Longer, they will start to get stale.)

    Photos and source:

    Enjoy! Happy Green Day!

    Boite me, I’m Irish!!!



  125. Beth P.
    today it’s completely normal when you see “wee people” appear, it’s sSt. Paddy’s day.

    So, relax, lay back, have one of those guiness/chocolade cupcakes with Bailey frosting and a good shot of Tullamore Dew and live is soooo much easier…..


  126. Let me try. Vest–using all capital letters is considered rude. Since you’ve been told that by several people, it is difficult not to conclude that you are being deliberately discourteous. That suggests that, rather than being someone who is honestly voicing his/her opinions, you are a troll.

    Further, ending each of your posts with “bam bam” is childish and nonsensical. That also suggests that you are not trying to genuinely post your viewpoints. This is not my blog and I am not the “Blog Police;” however, I do object to a lack of civility. If you continue in this vein, perhaps Matthew might consider deleting your posts.


  127. Helen, where are you?? I need my M&H fix!!!
    Hurry….the shakes will start soon and then all the wee people will start appearing everywhere…


  128. @ Gramiam – yep, we must be neighbors. I can hardly believe what a wierd mix of politics exist in this state. Not happy that Janet left us with Brewer, but I don’t blame her for joining the O Train.


  129. Vest, you are angry, we get that, we are angry too, but we have a justice system in this country that will deal with the people that put our country in such a mess (hopefully). For people to take the law into their own hands and put forth justice as they see fit is wrong and is not what this country is about. How exactly is commiting Hari Kari going to help the poor, homeless, elderly, mentally ill that you claim to want to fight for? Charlie Manson had that same hari-kari/helter skelter idea; innocent people died and he went to prison for life, nothing good came from that. Settle down or no one will take your opinions seriously, then voice your opinion by writing or calling your Senators and Congressmen or send a letter to your local newspaper. Speak out, not act out!

    You say that you never went to school, it is never too late to learn if you are willing, see if there are programs in your area that could help you get started.

    I agree with you that Obama is a great man, so have some faith in him and let him do his job.

    I do not know what it is like to be a black person in America but I do have black friends and coworkers and we all agree that race issues have made progress in the last 40 years and maybe not in our lifetime but in our children’s or grandchildren’s, race issues may be a thing of the past.


  130. Ok vest 9982, I don’t think you meant harm, but guns and violence are so not the answer to anything.

    I never had a whole lot of schooling either but that was my choice. I work with a lot of poor black people that didn’t get a choice, they didn’t get past the 5th grade for a whole lot of reasons. We are all in our 40’s and the company that we work for announced this past sept they would close in June of ’09. I’m lucky cause my husband does well, but I worry for the others as most are single women head of households who are illiterate. I’ve been here for 16 years but others 25 plus. Most have worked here since they were teenagers (Nursery in North Florida). We have seen each other raise & bury our families. Celebrated when grandchillun were born. We have worked side by side, all hours to get the job done. All the dedication and sacrifice was for nothing now. Now we start over like all of the other folks out there are doing or fixing to.

    (We may be reading you wrong cause you are using all caps and thats like yelling in email talk. )

    Whats so funny about peace, love and understanding- Nick Lowe? (Elvis Costello)


  131. Hot air Vent
    using CAPS is NOT considert as an excuse for not using your brain, as is being American.

    White, black, red, yellow or green in the face (St. Paddy’s) the main thing is to use a brain if you got one!

    Also screaming pro Obama is still screaming, and please, while your at it, explain me the difference between your kind of stupid rambling and Rush Slimepouche’s? (And, aside of you screaming PRO and him CONTRA, I really do have a problem seeing ANY difference)

    And what is the difference between a black rasicst/red neck and a white one? Can’t see the black one in the dark as well, or…..?

    You shouldn’t use your skin color (IF true) as an excuse for not using your brain, and a opinion can be expressed without problems in simple words, (as you can see with me) as long as you have any…… (opinion, that is)

    So, do everyone here a favour:
    Speak up or shut up!

    Just MHO


  132. Thanks Donna,

    Guess I’m not that bright as I would have never thought anything along those lines. I know its annoying after awhile. To each his own I guess.

    I hope the Administration has some sort of legal recourse against AIG and the bonus thing, but I doubt it. (I wonder what Bush’s response would have been?, probably nary a word)


  133. I am sure Vent is using only dumm dumm bullets!

    (And no, that’s no typo, dumm = dumb in German)


  134. The “bam bam” thing is either a childish play on guns or a repetition of a pejorative nickname some people give the POTUS. It’s the equivalent of calling him “Barry” even though he hasn’t used that appellation since he was a kid. But there was a lot of “bam bam” and “Obambi” and that sort of thing. Considering the content of the messages, I’m betting it’s that sort of thing.


  135. Greytdog
    “…And in the case of the Japanese, they usually commit suicide before they make any apology.”
    Source: NIGEL DUARA (AP) The Houston Chronicle”

    Mass Harakiri in Wall street, what a bloddy mess!

    But nice thought, and it was the thought that counted, No?

    Ah, what a dream…..


  136. Jean,
    I am a blues freak, will always be, my run ins with the classical are more like this

    from the movie “Crossroads” from 1976 (just bought it 2 months ago for my 10 year old, he loves it!!)

    So, no symphonie or similar for me, I can tolerate it but will never love it, not my kinda pie….


  137. Helen….you rock!!
    I love the way you write!!!
    I can’t stop laughing!!! 🙂


  138. I know people that have been preparing for a so called race war since the late 70’s. And you would be surprised who they are. In a lot of cases they are highly educated, professional people. The’ve got the whole nine yards with guns, ammo, bomb shelters, rems, etc. And guess where these folks are that I know of? (in the area that I was raised) The ultimate bible belt. Southwestern Virginia, coal mine area. the same area with high drop out rate, teen pregnancy, hillbilly heroin usage, etc. Nope you aint got to go west to find these sorts of people they right are under your nose.

    “They cling to their guns and religion”

    Ps. Can someone explain the bam bam thing? Isn’t that what Emeril says?


  139. Jean hanks for reminding!!!!!!

    the ‘Three Irish Tenors’, )Istill don’t like opera singin, hahaha)
    BUT I nearly forgot, Top of the morning to ya!!


    Pitty I can’t drink to that, first time I REALLY regret my lent….. well, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!
    (Hey I am at least half Irish, I am all “green” with envy!)


  140. Welcome Gramiam

    and first correction: “…NO PEER PRESSURE!!”

    Dream on girl, she hasn’t been here yet, tons of (very positive) peer pressure around here, pressure to think, pressure to eat and comment on the pie….
    if she knows at all on how to handle a PC , bring her round too… Did Grandma Katie a lot of good, being a feisty lady, who knows, she might do us a loot of good too…..


  141. Handyman allert!

    Please go to hot air vent9982 and plugg it! Mucho energie loss through hot air venting!


  142. ummm, vest9982, where do you live? I only want to know so I can avoid that area. Arming yourself to the teeth, what on earth for? Seems to me that if you only receive $176 a month, there is bound to be better way to spend your money than on guns and ammo. It sounds as though you are really struggling as so many people are and I hope you find relief soon. Have faith, give Obama some time and things are bound to turn around. Violence only breeds more violence and is so seldom a solution to anything. And fyi…we don’t like the use of the n-word here so please refrain from using it in the future…thanks


  143. Desperate times call for desperate measures: From the McClatchy Washington Bureau
    The National Republican Congressional Committee is sending out video “trackers” to ask provocative questions of Democratic members of Congress. The trackers, who are congressional committee staffers, were earlier reported by Congress Daily, a specialty publication distributed largely on Capitol Hill.


    And finally, a couple of postcards from Ireland ~ cead mille failte:


  144. Tidbits for your morning perusal:

    From HuffPo:
    One House Democratic aide quipped that bankers should be required to jump through some of the same hoops that welfare recipients are, beyond a simple salary cap. He suggested making bankers fulfill a strict work requirement and submit a time sheet, signed by a supervisor — perhaps the Board of Directors — in 15-minute intervals, proving that they worked 40 hours each week. Only certain activities would count, as is the case with TANF recipients.
    “That three hour jet ride to get to the meeting in Chicago doesn’t count. Reading the Wall Street Journal is also not a countable activity. If they fail to do this once, you cut them off of TARP funds. If they fudge the time sheet, you charge them with TARP fraud and make them pay back any government money they’ve received,” the aide joked. “I’m sensing a legislative opportunity.”
    Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS), though, said the underlying reasoning has merit. What applies to welfare recipients ought to also apply to corporate welfare recipients, he said.
    “I think it does apply to that,” he said. “People are livid about these big bonuses and if the groups want to take government money it seems they should be able to have some limits on these bonuses.”
    “If they don’t need it, don’t want it, fine. Don’t take it,” the Kansas Republican added.”
    Source: Ryan Grim GOP Opposes Pay Limits On Bailed-Out Bankers

    From The Houston Chronicle:
    “I suggest, you know, obviously, maybe they ought to be removed,” Grassley said. “But I would suggest the first thing that would make me feel a little bit better toward them if they’d follow the Japanese example and come before the American people and take that deep bow and say, I’m sorry, and then either do one of two things: resign or go commit suicide.
    “And in the case of the Japanese, they usually commit suicide before they make any apology.”
    Source: NIGEL DUARA (AP) The Houston Chronicle: Iowa senator wants public apology from AIG


  145. Molly Ivins, bar none, remains one of the truest voices in American journalism. I suspect the Bushes went after Ann Richardson because they were too afraid to take on Molly (she’d already pretty much trimmed their Shrub). Another wise woman from Texas was Barbara Jordan. God, I miss these ladies. Molly Ivins, Ann Richardson, and Barbara Jordan – a Triumvirate of Truth and Intelligence


  146. Judith, words fail me. You have captured the essence of Molly Ivins as only one who truly appreciated her can.

    My only regret is that our dear Molly didn’t live to see what happened in November. She would have loved every minute of what has been happening. I can see her now, shovel in hand, digging up the real dirt, coating it with her wicked humor, and serving it up like a Thanksgiving feast


  147. Molly Ivins – hoo, boy, there’s not enough room or time in the world.

    First thing – get thee to a library or bookstore, immediately. You can get the bio facts from Google or the above links, but they just won’t do the job.

    Any of the books will do – they’re compilations of articles she wrote for any number of publications. The older ones may seem outdated, but many of the players and all of the attitudes are still around.

    Part of what I loved about her was that somewhere down deep she had the heart of a wonk. Her facts were solid, you could take them to the bank. But the stories she housed them in, her ability to slice, dice and puncture egos and hypocrisy, and the humor – my god, I never laughed so much.

    She knew that satire is a weapon of the powerless against the powerful. It doesn’t work the other way. (Are you listening, Ann? Rush?) She called out that misuse of it – “profoundly mean-spirited, like kicking a cripple”. She remarked on Rush, “‘I’ve been attacked by him. It’s sort of like being gummed by a newt – it doesn’t actually hurt, but it leaves slimy stuff on your ankle”.

    From Texas and a phenomenon, but not just a Texas phenomenon. She wrote about everything; local and national politics, justice and abuse of power, the people she knew The South. Spas, debutantes, Listeria, Elvis’s funeral and her dog Shit. 2 books on W; one before and one after that first election. We can’t say we weren’t warned.

    Just read ’em. She didn’t play favorites, didn’t tweak the facts to make the story better and still entertained us so much we hardly noticed how well we were being informed.


  148. Jean – Rhapsody has almost everything recorded in all genres. It is a substiption service my sson has and he hooked me into his.

    Google Paul Potts and g et the youtube of him singing Nessun Dorma. Gives goosebumps


  149. Ok, I have to say it. For all those who complain that everyone here just says “me too, me too!” have you been to some of the republican blogs? The ones I’ve seen (thanks again to my dad’s side of the fam) don’t have a comments section. I wonder why? And given that this person seems to think that when a dissenting opinion shows up the rest call “troll” merely proves that not everyone here agrees. I’m new here and I can see this. I hope that Margaret and Helen continue to keep this blog and the comments section, the open dialog is healthy.


  150. Jean, Molly Ivins was a political columnist in Fort Worth, Texas. I could go on for days about her, but the short version is that she not only knew where the bodies were buried in Texas and nationally, but dug most of them up!

    here are two sites that will give you an insight into this remarkable woman and gifted writer.


  151. Hi gang, Greytdog, Grandma Katie, Whirled Peas, Sally, Werner, Pat, Dawny, Shuttle Junkies and Music Lover,

    Who’d I miss this time? Dawny, on behalf, thank you for the kind words. We all like to have a bouquet tossed our way from time to time.

    After all these months, I am showing my ignorance. Who is Molly Ivans? Is she a Texas phenomena or what?

    As always, the shuttle launch was incredible!!!!! See what we humans can do when we put our minds to it? Did you hear on CNN about the little bat that attached itself to the shuttle? I hope the ‘lil guy had sense enough to fly off first otherwise he’s toast!

    Greytdog, you were talking about ‘Il Divo’. One of our sons gave me the DVD some time ago. Excellent! Of course, I have had the tapes and CD’s of the ‘Three Tenors’, Carreras, Domingo, and Pavarotti for years. Also another ‘spin off (?), the ‘Three Irish Tenors’, McDermott, Kearns and Tynan. Wonderful voices. And then there is Andres Bocelli!!!!!!

    I thought you might enjoy my take on Grand Opera and understand why I love it so much. You see, most of the plots are about two Alpha Males butting heads like two long-horned sheep over a girl. Our hero is usually the young and handsome tenor, who wants to bed the girl. The baritone objects! He is more mature, often the girl’s father or the villain. The tenor most often gets the girl in the end (comedy) or they die separately or together, (tragedy) and the stage is strewn with bodies at the finale. Melodrama to the max!!!!!!!

    But Werner, if you are more into instrumental music try two of my all time favorite symphonies. They are a bit obscure but sooooooooo soothing and mellow when you get frazzled by politics as usual or life in general.

    This is where you come in Whirled Peas. I have a friend who told me you could pull up on the computer just about any piece of music that has ever been written or recorded. But……the info went by me whirrrrrrrrr. Don’t know how to do it. Some of you might be interested in trying these on before investing in them from Borders or wherever.

    The sounds are magnificent in stereo.

    ‘The Fifth Symphony, in F Minor, (“From the New World”)’ by Antonín Dvořák, (Czechoslovakian, [spell that!])

    Dvořak spent time in the United States and for this symphony combined melodies based on Native American and Black music with Czech tunes.

    The ‘Symphony in D Minor’ by César Franck, (French).

    Franck did not write a big body of works. He was a shy and retiring church organist most of his life. When his symphony was played for the first time in Paris, he modestly said, “It sounded like I thought it would”. He also wrote a symphonic poem, ‘Psyché et Eros’. Mme. Franck did not like it. She thought it was WAY too erotic. It is!!!!! It is downright orgasmic!!!!!

    I thought this little tidbit might get your attention.




  152. I appreciate the welcome, Imaginista and I think we are neighbors. Is your former governor the current Secretary of Homeland Security? LOL!!


  153. Thanks for the shout out, Gramiam, and welcome to the best little piehouse in Texas! We all love it here and know you will too.


  154. YEP bambam.


  155. I am so embarrassed! I forgot to mention the reason I was able to write the first comment, Margaret and Helen! You two ladies are worthy heirs to the magnificent Molly Ivins, (may she rest in peace) who is probably laughing her derriere off up in heaven!

    M&H remind me of a new friend who is 90 years old and feisty. Her name is Margaret, too. She says the best thing about being her age…NO PEER PRESSURE!!


  156. I have spent several hours in utter fascination at the scope of opinion and the general good sense of the comments here. While there are a few exceptions, (you know who you are), i have learned so much from the rest of you. My Bookmark List runneth over with stuff to go back and review later, instead of playing solitaire. Greytdog, Whirled Peas, Honolulu Sally, Grandma Kate, Juneau Joe, UAW, Werner and Imaginista I feel very pleased to have found such interesting people to learn from. As for the trolls, every fairy tale is better for a few trolls. Thanks a bunch!


  157. bam bam – yeah that’s a character from Flintstones. . .I think that’s all he said too. . .


  158. UAW

    Now why would you think that I would ever listen to anything Fox News has to say?

    bam bam
    isn’t that the little strong boy from the Flintstones?


  159. (whispering) I think Colorful’s cousin is visiting. . . .

    And just for the record, I detest anyone who goes around sanctimoniously spouting off about “family values” while indulging in NIMBY attitudes, who believe that it is more important to “save” a soul than feed the body and mind, and who point out others’ shortcomings while declaring their own to be off limits because they’re saved. . .
    I know a lot of ministers – both liberal and conservative in their politics – who are nothing more than Pharisees – IMHO, folks who yak on and on about “family values” haven’t a clue about family or values.


  160. Um, isn’t there a bit of a difference between saying there are “fundamentally sound aspects of our economy” and then naming “outstanding companies, workers, all the innovation and dynamism” as examples, and Candidate McCain staing that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” just as the entire deregulation built house of cards collapsed around his ears?



    If we are keeping focused on all the fundamentally sound aspects of our economy, all the outstanding companies, workers, all the innovation and dynamism in this economy, then we’re going to get through this,” Obama said, striking a tone that his top aides mimicked.


  162. sssshhh…don’t encourage it, poor thing.


  163. You know, part of the fun in posting here is because I get to tell Rush to Shut the Hell Up many many times.


  164. bambam


  165. troutay… whispering back… yes.


  166. Quoting Donna 3/14 6:25a

    ‘lip service to family values while living the opposite seems to be a Republican modus operandi’

    You said it sister! A normal person’s idea of family values doesn’t seem to match up with Rushpublican’s values. I wonder why that is.

    Republican Family Values



  167. UAW
    No where in that article did it say “Obama said”.
    It quoted members of his admin, etc, but HE
    never said that.

    I understand that it is upsetting. However, before we point fingers, what would be your plan, and what plan have the Repubs come up with??

    If you don’t want to be an arm chair quarterback, then give sound reasoning for being negative about either party.




  169. troutay….


  170. whispering……..

    Um, is there something in here that we are trying to pretend we don’t see?


  171. IRONY ALERT!!!! Regarding the now infamous Santelli rant about the “losers” who caused the housing crisis, which was really just his way of orchestrating the hilariously named Teabagging Movement… well interestingly enough, said losers are overwhelmingly the people idiots like Santelli are supposed to be appealing to. Read it and laugh!

    >Today’s losers losing their homes are Republican districts. At least according to the Center for Responsible Lending, who has just issued a new report that shows nine of the top ten districts with the most foreclures are Republican and most likely to receive the bulk of any homeowner bailout, and thus, at least according to one On Air editor of a major cable network, fit the definition of “losers”. In other words, “Since the Rick Santelli’s of the world have been complaining about how the people who would be helped by this bill are so ‘irresponsible’ and are really just a bunch of ‘losers.’ …. Rick Santelli’s ‘losers’ may turn out to be the people who are supposedly his ideological fellow travelers.”

    Another media, multi-conglomerate inspired populist uprising to get the populace to rise up against their own interests.<


  172. The GSA needs to come into the 21st century. Online sales are currently forbidden under national GSA rules – but they are reconsidering it. I prefer to get the cookies directly from the kids in the neighborhood, but if online sales means no more being accosted in front of the supermarket, I’m for it. I’m not sure who’s more obnoxious – the girls or their moms. (shudder)


  173. Good one Whirled Peas.


    I heard about that. Kid seemed pretty savvy to think that up.


  174. Better (Home) link


  175. Out of Context, pls scroll:

    This story made it into German news, Lovin’ it!

    Pitty she get’s so much trouble esp. since her father made sure it’s NOT online selling at all (orders only from her home-town and personal delivery agaimst cash….)

    Girl Scout Wild Freeborn’s Cookie Campaign!

    Third Grader Wild Freeborn took to YouTube to sell her Girl Scout Cookies. But the video was yanked for violation of GS policy of selling online. Now a groundswell of supporters have followed Wild to a Facebook page, but that hasn’t stopped the critics crying “Foul”. This doesn’t look like it will end well!

    I just love it when kids hjave a will and stick to it.


  176. Meghan McCain Tells Laura Ingraham:

    ‘Kiss My Fat Ass!’



  177. It ’s really heartening to see that the inherent viciousness of the right wing is getting some exposure. And that they’re turning it on their own now.

    Ingraham mocks Meghan McCain for being Plus Size.


  178. UAW–that’s from the National Enquirer. While they were correct about the Edwards affair (since they were following him), I’m not sure that the supposed “confession” of paternity is exactly reliable.


  179. Grandma Katie

    I once heard that alzheionmers starts with 30 (And looking at my short term memory loss I tend to belive that, but that might also have something to do with my smoking habits (HeHe))

    Now when you think posisitive, the ADVANTAGE of it is that you meet new people everyday, so IF you keep an open mind……..

    Now there will be some that will scold me for making fun at somethingas serious as Alzheimers, but to those I can only say:

    If you have no choice, and there is nothing you can do about it, might as well smile, laugh or do anything else that makes it easier to bear(?) ? No?

    So, if you have to deal with an Alzheimer patient, DON’T bother them with the “Don’t you remember” or “Don’t you know me, I am your daughter/son” thing, accept they don’t and try to find something that makes THEIR live easier/nicer and accept that you might have been able to give them a happy 5 min by listening to the same story the 50th time over, even if they won’t rember 10 min later anymore or they think of you as the perfectly nice stranger…..

    Remeber, it’s not about how much YOU suffer by their loss, it’s how much joy they can get from the little time they have left, YOU will find happy moments later in your life, (and I don’t mean I do not feel with you for what you suffer, but THEY are the wrong address for your sufferings…)

    Just my 2 cents…


  180. Laurie:
    We all like to post comments here. Once, twice, maybe more.
    I am assuming that when YOU post, you come back a time or two to see if anyone has responded to you.
    We have to scroll through what you said (in two different posts) to get to comments by people we look for here.
    I had to scroll through your posts and be polite, you can scroll through others posts and be polite too.


    I do not recall Obama saying
    “that the economy is actually sound”. Please post a specific site or newspaper where he said that.


  181. Thanks for bringing “peckerwood” back into the lexicon! With the additional meanings given to “pecker” and “wood” over the past few decades, the word becomes even more potent.

    In my youth (40’s), the word was meant to mean “full of holes and worthless”, (woodpecker damage)

    And thanks for filling in more of Limbaugh’s “platform” (quotes). Based on them, I’d say Limbaugh’s pretty much on a par with 60’s era southern white politicians who back then were all democrats. After the civil rights movement and the legislation which followed, they all became Republicans.


  182. It is amazing that the so-called news media continues to treat the insane rants of Lush Limpballs as serious news and more amazing that the idiotic Republican leadership continues to apologize to that obscene, pill popping tub of lard. I keep asking, “have they no shame?”. It’s become painfully obvious that they don’t. Each time you think they have stooped as low as they can go, they prove you wrong. Theirs is a bottomless cess pool.


  183. What Obama said: March 13 2009
    But if we are — if we are keeping focused on all the fundamentally sound aspects of our economy, all the outstanding companies, workers, all the innovation and dynamism in this economy, then we’re going to get through this. And I’m very confident about that.

    What McCain said: September 15 2008

    As you know, there’s been tremendous turmoil in our financial markets and Wall Street, and it is — it’s — people are frightened by these events. Our economy, I think, still the fundamentals of our economy are strong. But these are very, very difficult time. And I promise you, we will never put America in this position again. We will clean up Wall Street. We will reform government.

    Just keepin it real…..


  184. Obama promised to reform the earmark process and cut wasteful spending, not eliminate earmarks altogether.


  185. “Eric Cantor-R voted for 46,000 earmarks during the Bush years.”

    and there wasn’t one single Dem that voted for those spending bills?????

    Prez Obama was the one that said NO EARMARKS…..

    and isn’t it funny that now the economy is actually sound(per Barack)…after a 7000 point drop


  186. “lip service to family values while living the opposite seems to be a Republican modus operandi.”

    and John Edward’s did finally admit to being the father


  187. Eric Cantor-R voted for 46,000 earmarks during the Bush years. (He is taking a lead in telling President Obama that earmarks are wrong.)


  188. And now a two-fer:

    Dick gets stiff for Rush.

    Love that dare not disclose its location!



  189. R.I.P. Ron Silver



  190. dowd,

    you’re welcome for the LINK, thank Google for hosting the video and the producers for creating the film. I’m just tryin’ to spread the word.

    I was listening when IKE spoke and with the passage of time we can see he was correct. In the movie it is revealed the the line, before it was edited, was supposed to read: “Beware the Congressional-Military-Industrial Complex”, but he cut it because he didn’t wanna piss off congress for the incoming president.

    Honolulu Sally,

    I didn’t mean to upset you with the link. I only want to inform and/or entertain. I know the truth can be tough but after 9ll, I took The Red Pill…,

    …woke up and haven’t looked back. Reality-based can be tough but the alternative is to become republican. *wink

    PEACE ~ Δ


  191. Laurie – your comments are well-meant and well-taken. Here is something else that folks might find interesting:
    Mark Pascal, in his 03/15/09 guest column for the Moderate Voice writes in part:
    “Too often the voices who espouse the most outlandish and extreme positions get the most media and public attention. I understand there is a First Amendment to be respected, but falsely yelling “fire” in a crowded theater is not protected speech.
    Everyone needs to “vent” their frustrations and anger from time to time. We just have to know when to stop the poisonous vitriol in our public discourse and thereby all work to prevent senseless and misdirected violence from erupting against our fellow human beings.”
    Source: The Moderate Voice


  192. McCain continues to show how to make a career of stupidity and bitterness
    (source: The Wall Street Journal)
    Justin Fox of TIME writes a very interesting commentary on cable news:
    “Even with the best of intentions, you can’t be on the air live for 17 hours a day and only broadcast intelligent things. And CNBC’s intention is not to do good, but to get as many affluent people as possible to watch it for as long as possible. So despite the fact that it employs lots of smart people, and they’re not out to do evil, the bulk of what CNBC produces is worse-than-useless noise.”
    (Source: TIME Magazine – The Curious Capitalist)


  193. In the brouhaha over Rush v. Steele, Coulter v. everyone, let us not forget this guy: Cheney the Dick
    (source) The Moderate Voice

    Does this remind anyone else of the Governors of SC, TX, and LA?


  194. Whirled Peas, thank you for the video, Why We Fight

    (posted at Google Video)

    ‘Why We Fight’
    *Complete ~ 1h39m

    During McCain’s interview, he gets a call from Dick. Watch him twitch.


  195. Sometimes my husband says things that really tick me off, not just because it is hurtful, stereotypical, or dumb, but because it is unconsciously mean. He tends to label people – short, funny looking, bum, etc., and truth to tell, they sometimes are (short, funny looking, bum, etc.). In the honeymoon phase of our marriage, I would smile and just hope that those people did not hear him, and I would just rub his arm and change the subject.

    Now that I am older and menopausal, I basically tell him to shut the hell up and to stop being a mean old man. And, because he is really a good kind person at heart, he does.

    I was just thinking about this blog site and how much I enjoy it. Of course it always starts with the wisdom, wit and friendship of Margaret and Helen, and then the comments come pouring in. Most readers do not post, and there are some that post just once or twice, and then there are others that post a lot. Occasionally trolls pop in to see if they can push our buttons, and sometimes others post about the comments section because they feel message(s) detract from, irritate, offend or bore them.

    My favorite Helen post was the one in which she wrote about having her ass kissed by asshats. This set off a whole bunch of comments with the chiming in of many of our different arses out there to be kissed, too. Many of us proffered up and described our arses by means of age, size, color, etc. That was a hoot!

    It seems that many of us are in our 50’s or older; and I suspect most of us women posters here are menopausal or past menopausal, our men here are computer geeky, and the majority of us are damn glad that Barrack Obama won the election. We have music lovers, movie buffs, humanitarians, animal lovers and differing degrees of computer talents. We have Werner and UAW (ha ha).

    This is one of my favorite places to be. I tend to be a left winging liberal. My circle of friends are less concerned about issues and politics and I’ve blundered many a time waving my hurrays for Obama at random or inappropriate times. My kids and husband think I am a fanatic and I catch them rolling their eyes when I’m on the soapbox. I am careful to stifle my political leanings in business, civic, and social gatherings (with difficulty).

    Yet, here, in this parlor of Margaret and Helen, I can say what I think and how I feel and know that the majority of us here are like minded, supportive of our new President, and doing cyberspace high fives, hisses and boos, greetings, sharings and commiserations together.

    I’d like to thank everyone for this opportunity. Maybe Laurie is right and some day it won’t be so much fun on this blog. That could become true, but for now I say, let it ride.

    I’m having so much fun checking in, reading, following links, and posting that my need to rant politically is satisfied here. I don’t embarrass my kids as much and I snap less at my dear hubby.

    This place is like a soothing balm for me in the prime of my menopausal hot flashes.

    It’s dang near like my idea of political heaven, so Let it ride.


  196. @ Laurie

    What a know it all – sure wish I had your grand blogging / commenting experience! Sounds like you need your own blog where you can control the comments and delete the ones you don’t like.

    Stating your opinion is your choice, although if I sounded as bitchy as you do in a post I think I would forgo that part and just stick to reading.

    Your take on what Helen & Margaret should do is presumptuous. As is your statement that comments detract from this blog which is just that – your opinion and certainly not mine.

    The posters that come in and say mean and nasty things – yep, smite ’em down. That’s why they are here anyway – it gets their thingies hard. They can do that on their own, don’t need to do it here in front of everyone.

    I enjoy the blog and the comments. Read ’em, respond to ’em, or ignore them. Get a life.


  197. after traveling yonder for spring break….


    thank you for calling me out on my rhetoric… or lack thereof…..

    I think I was responding when I was on my way out the door to go to moms for spring break…

    I do know that there are many reasons for having sex… I think at the time I had just gotten off the phone with my mom who was telling me about this girl who is the daughter of one of her coworkers… Long dramafilled story blah blah blah… Basically dysfunctional family with paranoia and low self esteem.

    I used that category of teenager to basically say that there is no way that paying people to not have sex is going to work… Due to both natural influences and social influences, the government has no real way of dictating that type of behavior without going to some insane authoritarian dicatorship…. In otherwords… I was saying that Newt didn’t have it on that one….

    Newt did not take into account nature, and social factors before he spewed his shit.. Period…

    Theres a huge difference when I spew shit onto my keyboard and when Newt does… when I spew shit on my keyboard only a handful of people listen. i guess if I felt what I was saying to be important enough i could make more people listen… but I am content with this group of M&H followers…
    …. On the other hand, Newt, because of his political affiliations and past political posts, when he spews a bunch of shit people listen because he is Newt…. Just like people listen to Rush (if they buy his shit at least) when he spews his hypocritical bullshit and take it as the second word of god!!


  198. Good night Elsie.
    I feel fortunate to be here actually, the pictures are for my kids and grandkids. They want to know where I am and started a blog for me. They told me to put up pictures every day, so I do.

    Thanks Helen and Margaret.

    It is only 8:30 in Alaska, by the way.


  199. You really are “a travelin’ man”, aren’t you?!

    And your photos are great–they really show the beauty of the areas you shoot.

    Only connection I have to Nevada is family in Reno. They love it there. They have nothing to do with the gaming industry. It’s a great area, so close to Lake Tahoe, good weather nearly year-round.

    But it’s past my bedtime. It’s been good talkin’ to you tonight.

    (Thanks, Helen, for sharing your blog space with us.)


  200. Juneau, one more year is the plan.
    I am buying a house in Nevada and need to go work on it this summer. I have a daughter and her family moving into the Nev house.
    I will be going South in June and back in Juneau in Sept.


  201. Did you re-up to stay another year in Juneau?


  202. Elsie,

    Totally healed! When I snowboard and the knee is the least of my worries.


  203. Did your bad knee heal completely after that accident, what, a year ago?


  204. Beautiful – sun but some wind, a little snow for an hour or so. Got up to 38 degrees. I drove on regular blacktop for the first time in a month today!
    It was supposed to rain but we got sun instead.

    I went snowboarding both Sat and Sun – I am sore!


  205. Hey, Joe, what’s the weather like in Juneau today?


  206. Laurie,

    Please Remember: We just had 8 years of Cheney/ Bush and that was brutal. (My opinion.)

    I talked to Republicans and Neo-cons and honestly, I had better conversations with walls.

    Anyone can speak here, but they have to take the heat. Any person on here has caught there share of grief – including me.

    Welcome! If you are right wing – say your piece but please back it up with real information, not the made up stuff that Rush throws out.


  207. Excuse me, but this is indeed an opinionated blog. Read for comprehension: I actually didn’t say that the fact it’s opinionated bothered me in the least. I love it. I’m a bitch with opinions.

    Yes, I realize that Helen and Margaret pop in. I am simply saying that if things go like they have gone on a few other popular blogs, it won’t be all fun and games after a while. The commenting people, especially those that are frequent fliers, have a tendency to eventually cause actual problems for the bloggers.

    After having read this blog and the comments (because yes, a few folks have great additional information or observations) for a long, long time I’m not in the least surprised by your response, Elsie. It’s typical: some frequent posters feel free free free to ridicule anyone with an opposing viewpoint, but can’t take the heat if it’s turned toward them. Self-reflection is hard to take sometimes, isn’t it?

    As noted in my first ever post, I love the blog and agree about 99% with the author(s). I’m going to go back to just reading again. Oh, and I am familiar with scroll, I use it extensively believe me. I hope to God you didn’t think I actually read every single comment on every blog post – – I have life and stuff.


  208. Laurie:
    “my opinion is that the comments are a detraction from the blog.”

    Surely you have noticed that Helen comes into her parlor here every few days, visits with us, offers us some pie, and then leaves us to talk among ourselves until she returns to visit with us the next time.

    And, when she’s not here herself, she has this to say: “As far as your comments go – the more the merrier. Knock yourselves out. Margaret and I appreciate the attention. Really we do.”

    If the conversation is so extremely annoying to you, when it doesn’t begin to annoy the OWNER of the blog, perhaps you could choose to ignore the comments. Just don’t read them….how’s that?

    Or, find the scroll key on your computer, and use it. Then all of us, including, possibly even you, will be happy as clams.

    And we who visit here can do so without being ridiculed and held up to your “opinionated” standards, which, fortunately, have absolutely nothing to do with Helen’s intent here.


  209. Welcome Laurie,

    More foreclosures are taking place in Republican Districts! Imagine.


  210. First time I’ve posted, but I’ve been reading the blog for a few months and absolutely love it. Helen and Margaret, you remind me of my grama who raised me. She came over on the boat, alone at age 17, from Finland and she was a tough old bird and could cuss in 5 languages!

    that said: as with many popular blogs, my opinion is that the comments are a detraction from the blog. Why? So many people with so little sense. Most of you are just repeating the same things over and over “me too me too” and acting like kindergartners. Titus or whatever the person’s name is, had a dissenting opinion. IMMEDIATELY he was a labeled a troll. Do any of you people know what a troll is?

    This is a very opinionated blog: that’s why it’s become quite popular. It doesn’t take more than a handful of brain cells to realize that popularity will bring differing opinions. Does it hurt you to read something contrary to what you believe? Are you so insecure in your beliefs?

    Another blog that I frequent has grown exponentially in the past year and the frequent readers have become some a problem that the blogger is seriously thinking about turning OFF the comment option. As said previously, it detracts from the blog rather than enhancing it. I think we’re heading in the same direction here.

    Grow some balls folks, it’s ok for conservatives, Christians, and even :::gasp::: Republicans to voice an opinion. it’s all just hot air, no matter which of us is spouting off, it won’t hurt you at all.


  211. Secret Talker (aka AnnΔ): I think you probably had a better view – but the clouds were spectacular as they lit up with the ascendency. From pink to red to gold to white. . . and then there she was, streaking up and up and up. . . . yeah! I’m still pumped. 🙂


  212. I’ve been watching those launches for years – I think the most dreaded phase for Floridians is “go with throttle up”. . . we hold our breaths, say a prayer, cross our fingers. . . I can remember the first shuttle launch after the Challenger loss. . .cars were pulling to the side of the road.. . waiting. . .and then a collective sigh of relief and a cheer! And it never ever gets to be “routine” – our whole street comes out to watch and cheer them onwards and upwards. And I love the Hubble!
    (of course one of our favorite TV shows is The Big Bang – too funny)


  213. My husband is a science junkie, so we watched the launch on t.v. It’s amazing. Maybe one day we will see the real thing, if they still do launches when we are available to go there in person.


  214. Grandma Katie,

    The Republicans have the majority in our state house so GINO Palin will be around for a couple of more years.

    We did get Ted Stevens out but that was only after he was convicted.

    Thanks for the launch link. I was in Orlando for a week once and went to see a launch 3 times but they were canceled by weather, etc. They have a great tour.


  215. Hi I saw the launch as I was driving down my street. I saw an arc from the ground into the sky. The part of the arc near earth was red smoke and it became grey white as it went up. At the top I saw a light which separated into 2 lights-one continued moving higher and the other looked as if it had fallen away.What is so amazing is that I am in Palm Beach County many miles from the launch site but it looked as if it had been launched about 20 miles away!


  216. Greytdog – I forgot to say thanks for printing the article title. It was a good one. That daughter is my political junky. Fortu8nately we are on the same side.

    I wish to give all of you a few words of gratitude. I cannot put into words how much this blog of Margaret and Helens and all the rest of you have come to mean to me. When you consider that the oother ladies in residence here are in Alllllllllzheimers, well hard to make conversation so all you and your posts have kept me from ssssssliding into that same h orrible state.


  217. Tonight’s launch,0,7957817.photogallery


  218. Heading outside to watch the shuttle launch. So far, all systems go. Launch scheduled for 7:43 tonight. I love the night launches. Very beautiful and totally mind-blowing. the ground will shake and rumble and then that bird lifts off. . . amazing


  219. Juneauu Joe – Can’t you impeach Palin, recall her or something? A good governor or as she is known GINO could figure out a way to doosomething. AS I said previously “How can all of them sleep at night”


  220. Greytdog had it right it is

    Greytdog had it right.

    Frank Rich writes “The Cultural Warriors Gets Laid Off”

    Don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have the back space to make corrections. LOL


  221. sorry – it’s

    Scroll down. . .you’ll see the picture – AWEsome


  222. Doversoul – thanks for the link! That’s an excellent article. As a person involved in rescue as well as canine health, I think that author nailed it all down. I would love to see the obamas adopt a shelter dog, but more than that I would love to see them adopt a healthy, happy dog who will become a goodwill ambassador for treating our companion animals with compassion and love. God, we can’t even treat each other that way – maybe the animals can teach us. . .
    speaking of animals – if you love wildlife – check out AKM’s photo of the lynx at
    Talk about the beauty of the outdoors!


  223. The Obama family dog saga in Sunday LA Times.

    “Rescued dog dogma”,0,5200485.story


  224. Help an AK village!
    Alakanuk, AK needs help with food and/or fuel.

    If you can help with sending food, diapers or a check go to the following link:

    Palin is doing little to help. The lower Yukon River was frozen until May 22. 2008 last year. I know because that is when I left and the Lower Yukon was still frozen. They will need help for 2 more months.

    I happened to spend a day in Alakanuk and they are a great and proud people but the fish did not come in last fall. They are also paying $8.00 a gall for home heating oil and gasoline for snowmachines.

    If you can write a small check or send a package, please do. Helping another is always good.


  225. Greytdog:

    The rest of the new rules:
    Bonuses for the bosses – you mentioned.

    You forgot:
    -Pay cuts for the average worker.
    -Cut health care and/or reduce coverage so the worker picks up most of the tab.
    -Get rid of those getting ready to retire so you do not have to deal with retrement costs.
    -Hire new and cheaper employees when you cut employees.

    There are some good videos on Crooks and Liars!
    Check out Barney Frank straightening out Wallace and Carl Rove. I think Carl Rove needs to go in front of a judge regarding his part in the Bush Admin and the crap he had his hand in.




  227. You’re such a stitch Helen, and I’m right there with you! I’d like to spread a little blog love with you here


  228. Thank GOD! we have a 24 hour classical music radio station in my neck if the woods………………
    Scientific studies show that classical music, organizes the brain into high efficiency, functionality, and recommend that children listen to it while studying.
    RUsh who?????????????


  229. Thanks, Susan in CT.
    I appreciate the suggested reading list. I haven’t heard of some of them, and I don’t think about the rest of them. But I will take a look.


  230. Elsie — the independent press has been about it in terms of telling us what’s really happening — magazines like The Nation and The Progressive, and websites like The RAW Story and TruthOut and Alternet. I’ve seen stories from these organizations that either haven’t seen light of day in the mainstream media, or have hit several days later.


  231. New Business Rules:
    If your company fails, you get a bonus.
    If your company defrauds its customer base, you get a bonus.
    If you have great customer service and strive towards excellence, you lose your business.

    Ahhh. American capitalism. Gotta Love it.


  232. From Steve Benen @ The Washington Monthly in re to Dana Perino claiming the recent uptick on Wall Street was due to President Bush:

    “Here’s a helpful guide to the rules of market watching, as they relate to partisan politics:

    1. When the market went down on Bush’s watch before the 2008 elections, this was Bill Clinton’s fault.

    2. When the market went down on Bush’s watch between November 2008 and January 2009, this was Barack Obama’s fault.

    3. When the market went down during Obama’s first seven weeks in office, this was definitely Barack Obama’s fault.

    4. And when the market rallies on Obama’s watch during the second week in March, George W. Bush deserves at least some of the credit.”
    [ Source: ]

    Anyone else wanna call out Perino’s Bu!!$heet?


  233. Op-Ed: Follow the AIG Money

    Frank Rich: The Cultural Warriors Get Laid Off
    (personally, I think Rich is overoptimistic)


  234. Grandma Katie, that link didn’t work for me. But I can get onto the NY Times web site and into the “opinion” section. Which story are you trying to share? “Following the A.I.G. Money”? Or something else?


  235. I haven’t yet mastered the cut and paste concept.LOL
    Anyway here is the link I handcopied from her email. Hope it works. Let me know if it doesn’t.

    I have been writing, for m y kids, stories about growing u p in the 30’s. My youngest said it has been a big help , learning how to make do without.


  236. McCarthyism (Merriam Webster): “a mid-20th century political attitude characterized chiefly by opposition to elements held to be subversive and by the use of tactics involving personal attacks on individuals by means of widely publicized indiscriminate allegations especially on the basis of unsubstantiated charges ; broadly : defamation of character or reputation through McCarthyite tactics”

    I just keep thinking about the power of fear and intimidation that Sen. Joe McCarthy held over the nation back in the 1950s. The beginning of the end of his reign of terror came when an honorable newsman, a man of integrity, Edward R. Murrow, went on the air and used McCarthy’s own quotes against him….

    Where are our Edward R. Murrows TODAY, who are willing to courageously stand up and squelch the hate, bigotry, lies, and fear from the Fox “News”-types…to stand up against the bully pulpits of Spongerush Fatpants, Coulter, etc.?

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    Hey, are we there yet?


  237. Juneau Joe
    As usual you are right on it.
    When I read today that AIG is going to distribute millions in onuses I allmost screamed. I was under the impression t hat bonuses were for a good job.When AIG just had to have all t hat moneyto keep from going under, how can any of their executives justifiy taking that money in bonuses? But that is what we apparently come to expect from the repubs. /greed.
    And all the coverup about Bush these days, making him look good for the past 8 years.
    My daughter sent an article from I think NY paper. /will post the link when I get back to email.


  238. Elsie and Grandma Katie,

    The thing that bothers me is that the blame the victim way things are being portrayed.

    Why does it take Jon Stewart, a comedian, to expose the 30:1 derivative betting that was done with people’s retirement money?

    Give Billions to banks with no strings but yell like hell when money goes to the auto workers, when they produce a product. (GM had a successful electric car back in the early 90’s. Had they continued that line, they would be very successful.
    Look up EV 1.)

    Why do we now have Glen Beck now saying all of the suicides are the fault of President Obama.

    The Rush, Beck, whacked out Fox group are scary and trying hard to scare the crap out of people and blame the victims.

    We need to investigate the Bush administration, especially Cheney for the Iraq war decision, Halliburton role in Iraq, Blackwater, Torture decisions, did Cheney have a hit group getting orders from his office and warrantless wire tapping.


  239. Elsie thank you for your lovely post. No I did not know the manas know none of these neighbors, only to nod at the ones next door. I reside in a Board & /CAre REsidence. BEAts a nursing home for sure.
    Any6way just before I adbeen talking to oldest daughter wo lives in NY state.

    everyday she hears about another family who is without work. Seems each day y ou read about someone shooting their whole family then themselves. Then this week I found out oldest son is going to be without a job. Only this is not the economy but employee emezzlement that is driving the coman in BK He is a PharmD and has lines on several jobs.
    Igrew up during the last depression and this is scary.
    Thank you again for your post.


  240. ddddd –

    Surely you’re not naive enough to think that the only teens having sex &/or becoming teen parents are the girls w/ low self-esteem and the so-called “bad boys.” If that really IS what you think, you need to seriously educate yourself on this issue before you offer any advice about how to resolve it. You’re painting with broad strokes, my friend….

    …..haven’t we all learned yet that stereotyping is just another form of “othering” that contributes to all problems and resolves none?


  241. Grandma Katie: “WEek before last I was being brought back from a volunteer stint to find 3 police cars a few houses away. Just now I found found it was the scene of a suicide. An older man had lost his job. It makes me sick that this is happening.” Then, later: “I was so upset when I postrf the last note. I have just heard of a few suicides over the country lately. I just hope Bush, cheney ,Rush and all oof them that were game playing with our economy aren’t able to sleep. I could rant for quite length. Instead a good night,”

    Grandma Katie, it’s hard to get our minds around the jump in suicides taking place these days, isn’t it? Whether it’s the desperate Americans who have lost their jobs, their homes, and their hope, or, our young military troops whose suicides grow in number day-by-day…

    For you to have a neighbor a few doors down commit suicide just brings close to home the American tragedies of our times. Please don’t grieve alone. Talk to those nearest you who might give you a loving hug to physically comfort you, and know that the readers of this blog appreciate you for sharing this sadness with us here.

    Hold fast to hope that the idiocies and horrors foisted on us by all the bad/illegal/Big Brother choices of the preceding administration are slowly being untangled by the new administration. Give it time. This, too, shall pass, as you have seen throughout your life, and one day, hopefully sooner than later, our nation will again be strong, and our citizens will not feel hopeless and that the only way out for them is death by suicide.

    God bless you, Grandma Katie. If you had known the man on your street who died, you couldn’t have personally relieved his desperation, just as you did not bring it upon him.

    But your kind words here strengthen all of us who read them to demand better for our nation, and from our leaders, and for our military personnel, as we move past this time and surely into a better time ahead.


  242. I have been a voyeur on this blog for months.
    Helen! Love everything you write! Molly Ivans incarnate. Especially appreciate the ones who leave an articulate opinion. Jean, Whirled Peas [the idea of World Peace makes me smile] Greytdog, Sally,UAW, Maven, Troutay, Grandma Katie. You all reinforce the results of children being raised well.

    “So if it comes down to fight the Nazi assholes of this world, hold my back free or get out of my way…”


  243. I take ‘Wars’ for $400 Alex.

    PEACE ~ Δ


  244. What’s the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg?

    One is a Flaming Nazi Gasbag,

    One is just a Dirigible!


  245. I was so upset when I postrf the last note. Ihave just heard of a few suiciides over the country lately.
    I just hope Bush, cheney ,Rush and all oof them that were game playing with our economy aren’t able to sleep. I could rant for quite length. Instead a good night,


  246. Whirled and everyone here,

    I just got through watching the “Why We Fight” movie (thanks for the link).

    I am sitting here numb and crying. I’ve seen Michael Moore’s “Farenheit 9/11” and bought into the idea of Bush & his cover up and hand in the attack, but maybe my thinking that was a bit over the top, after all Michael Moore is just a rabble rouser that wants to make shocking movies. Then, I saw Barry Zwicker’s “The Great Conspiracy”, and felt great anger at the powers that be regarding 9/11.

    Now, this “Why We Fight” movie made me very sad. The retired NYC police sergeant’s story made it sadder.

    I never knew much about Dwight Eisenhower. I used to think he was just a military hero who became President and didn’t do much. He was a very wise man, and very un-military in his thinking. His farewell speech at the end of his 8 year term was powerful, foreboding, and true. Compare that to Bush’s pathetic farewell speech…

    Thanks again Whirled Peas. I would recommend the movie highly. Thank God we have a new President. God keep him safe.


  247. OMG Greydog you cease to amaze me! Wish I could have been there. What fun.

    I know there are a lot of dog/cat people out there, so I just want to share this tonight.

    I lost my two older beloved fur-children last year within two months of each other, to the day to the hour. My rescued Schnoodle (which was found abandoned at a school yard), passed away on Nov 4, 2008! He was so special and I was blessed to have him as part of my life for 11 years.

    I so wanted to share this moment with Muddies and M & H ers back then, as it was one of the most devastating yet hopeful/joyous moments I have experiened. I so wanted Obama to win that night but was also having to deal with the decision to put my beloved most loving little companion down due to IMHA on the same day.

    Sadly I had lost my Tibetan Terrier mix @ 13
    two mos earlier. They were totally bonded to one another and such joys in my stressful life.


  248. Thanks for the Il Divo link. Amazing for sure!

    Ever here of the Ten Tenors?

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    and the Bee Gees Medley

    Yup babyboomersRus 🙂


  249. JaneDoe – the PWD is Michelle’s pick; the girls haven’t decided and according to their mom, the girls get to pick since they are the ones who will be primarily taking care of the dog – altho I’ve heard that they will have a dog trainer coming in to teach the pup & the girls. . .

    Speaking of ‘doodles – went to a Doodle Romp today. About 75 doodles – what a blast. Labradoodles, goldendoodles and even a schnoodle (really quite handsome). And everyone left tuckered out . . .I’m still worn out! (I went with a friend whose goldendoodle is my “god-dogger”)


  250. WEek before last I was being brought back from a volunteer stint to find 3 police cars a few houses away. Just now I found ound it was the scene of a suicide. An older man had lost his job. It makes me sick that this is happening.


  251. Honolulu Sally,

    If you follow my name link then ‘ENETR SITE’ then ‘Show Menu’. Listen to IKE then click around, it’s full of interesting clips and info.

    But if you wanna watch the movie, it’s posted at Google Video.

    ‘Why We Fight’
    *Complete ~ 1h39m

    During McCain’s interview, he gets a call from Dick. Watch him twitch.



  252. Just came back from our local dog park and someone mentioned that the Obama’s had already gotten the Portuguese Water Dog.

    I haven’t read anything yet has anyone else?

    My Labradoodle ‘Winslow’ would be dissapointed if they choose a PWD and threatens not to wear his Labradoodle’s for Obama t-shirt anymore 😦


  253. Question for you, Whirled Peas:

    Your name links to a movie preview/site for a dvd “Why We Fight”, and reading the synopsis on, it sounds like a fulfilling of Dwight Eisenhower’s assessment of war. It also lists John McCain as being in the movie.

    What was John McCain’s role in the movie/documentary?

    I liked the music in the preview – heart racing music. Reminds me of one of my favorite recent movies, “Deja Vue” with Denzel Washington. Heart racing.

    Thanks for the link to President Obama’s weekly speech. I followed another link on it to his speech on education at a Hispanic American forum. I’m sending that one to my kid’s high school Principal.


  254. Babyming I think the Republicans have gone much more than AWOL.

    When I read some of the opposing views blogs and comments it is as if I’m looking thru the barred windows of Bellvue hospital circa 1940.

    Some of this stuff is just beyond belief and very very scary.

    Glad we have Margaret and Helen’s blog allowing us to express our views, opinions and really whatever in a sane way without all the hate and vitriol (of course with and occasional colorful wacko flying thru).

    You may need this Ÿ before reading the comments:


  255. In a time of national crisis, Obama is trying his best to improve things, and to put our country on a solid long-term footing. There are plenty of Republicans, like Arnold Schwarznegger, who appreciate that Obama is trying to help, and wish him well. Unfortunately, there are some other Republicans whose response to America’s economic downturn is not to wish America well, but to smell blood, to get excited over the possibility of Obama’s failure. Right now, when their country needs them, these Republicans are AWOL.


  256. Interesting discourse on hypocrisy and Christianity.


  257. Easier, my mom and I are the only two (other than her husband) that are liberals in our families. Her sister scares me. My dad’s side of the family thinks Rush should run for office. They terrify me. I love them, really I do, but they are some seriously scary people.


  258. Dolphins smarter than Rush Limbaugh! Watch what they can do with THEIR blow hole.



  259. Juneau Joe–Newt Mr. Moral is on his third marriage. He divorced the first while she was having cancer treatment. He was having an affair with #3 while married to #2. Number 3 is a very sanctimonious fundie who, of course, ignores the way she got together with her husband. And I would not give a rip if there was not the sort of hypocricy you mention.


  260. Obama’s Weekly Address 3/14



  261. Jean gld to see yur post and that you are doing nicely. Keep u p the good work.

    I don’t mind gassing up the car, can mow the grass if I had to, (that kept my ex busy of Saturday mornings and out of our hair)and that was about only chore he did.
    Anyway love the activities you are doing. I decided yesterday I am going to have my massage tble brought here and I can begin practicing on the staff!!


  262. If I remember correctly: Newt, Mr Moral during the Clinton episode, was having an affair at the same time as he was impeaching Clinton. That whole thing cost many Millions of dollars.


    Now we have Mr, Moral Limbaugh and he has been married 3 times or so.


  263. Jean

    sorry to say, but Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau never got to me, as all classical singing, as well as arab singing and chinese opera, they just make me run….
    (Classic instrumental is OK with me, except violines)

    From the old times, I do love the Comedian Harmonists (played Berlin right until they where forced to break up since more than half the band was Jewish) and belive it or not, I even soemtimes listen to Hans Albers (He worked in Nazi time Germany, but never was a party member) but most of the time, if I listen to his stuff, it is for the Harbour noices in the background, I am a big Hamburg / Waterfront fan and could here the big ship sirenes in the fog from my old place in Hamburg….

    But my musical tastes (and playings) run more in the Blues direction in all it’s variations (Jazz, Rock, Folck, etc as long as it is a bit bluesy)


  264. Good morning all,

    Quick note:

    Mudflats made the Big Time.


    Happy Pi Day!

    PEACE ~ Δ


  265. With Clinton, 100 Million dollars was spent on the Clinton bj – money well spent?

    Ike Eisenhower had a mistress..

    Barney has been totally upfront with his sexual preference.




  267. UAW–I think the difference is that Barney Frank never pretended to be a straight “family values” guy. And while Clinton did the “deny, deny, deny” business, it was pretty well known that he was, for lack of a better expression, a poonhound. For the most part, I think that paying (you should pardon the expression) lip service to family values while living the opposite seems to be a Republican modus operandi.


  268. “. . guess the abstinence only program sort of. . . fizzled out. ”

    Yes, I’d say so, seeing as Briston Palin unwillingly became the poster girl for it.


  269. Greytdog, thanks for the links about the planned predator-kills in Alaska. I’ve passed the Dispatch blog-post on to about 90 people — hopefully they’ll follow suit and help get the info out there.


  270. Hi gang and Werner,

    Just checking in with a progress report. I am coming along nicely, but s-l-o-w-l-y. I can now do almost anything I want to do, but it takes me longer. I kicked the Codeine 3 habit and am getting by with Tylenol four X a day and tapering the Skelaxin down to half a tablet four X a day. Still hobbling around with the cane and/or walker though. Back and leg pain level on a scale of 1 – 10 are down to 2 – 4, most of the time.

    My husband has been doing some of the things in MY job description, just as I do some of the things in HIS job description when he has been on the sick list. However, it has never been my style to lie on the couch, eat bonbons and watch soap operas on TV. There are only three things I have EVER refused to do because they detract from my femininity:

    1. Cut the damn grass.

    2. Wash the damn car.

    3. Gas up the f**king car. Believe it or not, there is still one tiny gas station here on our island that is full service and competitively priced with Costco! I figure if it ever comes to that, I can stand by the car at a regular gas station, look HELPLESS like the 79-year-old lady that am, and some gentleman will come to my rescue. There are LOTS and LOTS of young and old gentlemen on this island!

    (Incidentally, this ‘helpless ‘lil’ole lady’, as a former modern dancer and until the recent back problems, was quite capable of delivering a couple of well aimed and debilitating Karate Chops if necessary. However, such action has never ever been required.)

    I have been able to work on my current ‘project’ about an hour and a half a day from time to time. Any of you who have been to my web site may have noticed that I illustrated each chapter. Perched on my stool, I have been painting fairly large oil paintings forever in my ‘spare time’. I LOVE it with my favorite music on the stereo in the background. We have a lovely collection of records, tapes and CD’s. It makes me happy.

    Werner, when you were growing up, did you ever hear Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, one of the all time greatest international baritones? He is a contemporary of mine and had a difficult but interesting life growing up in Nazi Germany. He overcame it and went on to the highest achievements in music. I think he is still alive.

    Of course, he has been replaced by Bryn Terfel, a Welshman, and Dmitri Hvorostovsky, a Russian. In my estimation Hvrostovsky is a visual HUNK!!!!!

    In the meantime, we have made several runs to WalMart and Costco, etc. It is about a 30-40 minute drive. Just the views of the ocean, mountains and waterfalls are breathtaking whenever we are going to and from our home. Never fails to lift my spirits!

    Carry on.




  271. Graydog…
    you did it again…
    you brought up Larry Craig and forgot to mention Barney Frank(one tapped his toe and the other had his boyfriend turn tricks in his house)…..
    I’m still watching……
    The only one proven to masturbate on an intern was Bill Clinton


  272. The Amazing Grace video is a performance by Il Divo. From their website:

    “Il Divo were initially brought together by pop impresario Simon Cowell in 2004, following an extensive worldwide audition process. The virtuoso blending of operatic technique with romantic and popular song took the world by storm, with sales of over 22 million. Their first three albums, ‘Il Divo’, ‘Ancora’ and ‘Siempre’ scored 36 number 1 chart positions across 26 countries. But success was hard earned.

    “It was a massive experiment, really,” recalls David. “You bring four solo singers together, three operatic, one pop, four different countries, there’s language barriers, there’s no template for what we were trying to do. Simon said, ‘here’s some songs, make me proud.’ We had to figure it out as we went along.”
    NPR just concluded an Il Divo concert for the national fundraising drive. They are currently on the US leg of their worldwide tour. If you love Josh Groban, Placido Domingo, etc. . . you’ll enjoy Il Divo.


  273. Exactly. It’s been reported that he probably only has around 1 million listeners (and why he has that many is beyond me), but his numbers are bloated because of the way radio reports listeners. He is a buffoon, totally narcissistic and self-centered, and will say anything to get attention…like Ann Coulter. They are both hate-spewers and poison the airwaves and people’s brains. The Republicans are idiots to take him seriously as is anyone who listens to him and think he is about anything but himself.


  274. Little Bird, liked your comments. Your mom must have a liking to Helen and Margaret then, if you found this link on her computer. Love coming here myself. As for your extended family, the attribute they are displaying is what is being discussed here: It is called hypocrisy.


  275. Wew!

    Thanks Greydog Δ you’re the best. Had some of us good Jane’s worried for a moment.

    Be gone nasty ‘Jane’ enterloper!

    Well it’s Miller time again here in SoCal.

    ŸŸŸ whilst I listen to… Jane & Serge ‘Je T’aime’

    Thanks Maven Δ will enjoy the martinis with olives. Cheers to all.


  276. Okay FOUND it:
    jane on March 10, 2009 at 11:32 AM
    “Boy, are you people blind!! Obama is running the country into the ground, and you sit around and knock a talk show host like he matters.”

    So it wasn’t JaneDoe that she was referring to. . .it was Jane Dough-head!


  277. JaneDoe – I was trying to figure that one out too. . .didn’t make sense to me. . .


  278. @ Laurie on March 13, 2009
    at 1:53 PM

    Jane….do you pay rent in that dream world you live in? Are you stupid…or just dense?

    Huh???? All I asked is what do you call the quilt thingy, to which Whirlded Peas Δ answered: ‘Avatar’.

    Please clarify which ‘Jane’ you are referring to, as there are quite a few of us hanging around here.



  279. Sure Sure we believe that Greydog.

    But really, the guy is a slime ball


  280. hmmm… maybe those righties are secretly “recruiting”???? How else to explain the toe-tapping Larry Craig? I mean, did anyone really buy the idea he was practicing for “dancing with the stars”?


  281. yes. yes, and yes.


  282. My, the righties do obsess on that gay sex, don’t they…..

    It’s still just a grade school playground taunt. Is that really the best they can do? That’s all they’ve got?

    Or is that just all they can think about?


  283. This one is for Grandma Katie, thanks for the heads up on Alison Krauss & Union Station’s songs. I love them!

    My very Republican Bush loving, Obama fearing friend sent me this music link. It is “Amazing Grace” performed in the Colluseum with voices that bring to mind angels, the Grand Canyon, and waves crashing on our shores.

    We can disagree on our politics, religion (she is Mormon, I am searching), and ideologies, but we agree on beautiful music. It is best heard with earphones on:


  284. Am I to understand that you are doubting that Fox News is FAIR AND BALANCED?

    The horror.

    Or, should I say, the HYPOCRISY.

    I’m with you. Many Republicans are so quick to make judgments (it’s in their DNA), yet so unable to see how many double standards exist. Your Dixie Chicks example is a perfect illustration of that.

    Rush is an embarrassment.


  285. thanks greytdog


  286. Here’s part of the posting from Mudflats:

    The Palin war on wildlife:
    The Board of Game and Department of Fish and Game aim – or at least hope – to kill up to 60 percent of the 2,500 to 3,000 black bears that, in their opinion, prey upon an unacceptably high number of moose calves in Unit 16B, a huge area that extends from the foothills of the Alaska Range to Cook Inlet and from the Yentna River southwest to Redoubt Creek (which flows off the rumbling Redoubt Volcano). In discussing the unprecedented use of snares to catch and then kill black bears, Board member Ted Spraker talked about the inevitable “collateral damage,” in this instance involving brown bears. It is, of course, a term he borrowed from the military.And Ben Grussendorf, the most moderate member of the Board (which isn’t saying much), described his initial gut reaction to several proposed changes this way: “Man, this is a jihad against black bears by paramilitary groups.” And they’re also gearing up to start gassing wolf pups in their dens. Probably makes it a lot easier to dispose of them that way, than waiting for them to grow up so they can get shot from helicopters.
    I recall several years ago, when massive tourist boycotts were called for because of the aerial wolf hunting controversy. Alaskans got all riled up and distressed because, they said, these policies didn’t represent the average Alaskan’s opinion. Why punish the regular folks who make a living from tourism because of a few people at the top? So, where are the regular people who are outraged by this? If these policies do not reflect your values, it is an obligation to step forward and say so. There’s an old adage, “silence is consent.”
    Either way, what’s clearly needed here is dissemination of information. So for readers out there who have blogs, or are in the media, or who can write letters to the editor, or tell friends, or fire up your local conservation groups, this is your official invitation to help those of us in Alaska who see this “management for abundance” for what it really is – a war on Alaska’s wildlife.


  287. In the jungel, the mighty jungle, the trolls scream all the night….



    “sister” site to M & H, really. . . lots of camaraderie there too. . . and trolls. . .and they have Brian the Moose who doesn’t like SP!




  290. You guys should read mudflats new posting today. Gov. Palin has really out done herself. Damn, I can’t post the web site. the, alaskan blogger. (no I’m not as tech savy as some here, excuse my lack of skill) My other favorite blog.


  291. Jane….do you pay rent in that dream world you live in? Are you stupid…or just dense?

    8 years of republican hell…Obama and the rest of the USA left with one hell of a mess…and you think Obama is running the country into the ground. What in the world is wrong with people like you? Why do you continue to insist on being so obtuse? Did you have oppositional defiance disorder as a child? Do you have a personality disorder? Not trying to be rude…just trying to understand.

    Obama was sworn in on Jan. 20. So…you feel if he was any good at all, he would have all of shrubs huge messes cleaned up by now?

    Come on…use your head. Think about this. IMHO Mr. Obama is going to prove to be one of the very best Presidents the United States has ever had. He needs time…he needs support. Of course a real repub cant give him that though…its too “christian”.

    The GOP will be in the tar pits for quite a few years I am afraid. There is much work they need to do before they can ever be trusted by a majority of americans again…if ever.

    The election is over Jane. Obama won…he is doing his best….and it will take time..much time to get things right again.


  292. Where is Tim Russert now that we need him (in heaven, looking down and shaking his head?). Limbaugh’s discourse is so hateful, un-American and crass that Bill Buckley is probably spinning in his grave. Someone who is respected on both sides of the aisle, especially by Republicans, needs to slap Rush Limbaugh down, and hard. Sort of like what Joseph Walsh and Edward R. Murrow did to Joe McCarthy.

    Meghan McCain, who asserts she is a Republican, but not a wingnut, has taken on Ann Coulter. She slammed Coulter in her column on the Daily Beast and repeated her comments on Rachel Maddow’s show. If all Republicans were as reasonable as Meghan McCain, maybe the GOP wouldn’t be heading the way of the dodo. I’m not a Republican, but three snaps to Meghan!

    Now if some Republican could actually take on Rush Limbaugh without backing down ….


  293. I love your site. I found it on my mom’s computer. I love that you say what you mean.
    I wish that I could speak half so eloquently to my rabidly republican extended family.
    Why is it that one year ago my family screamed at me for being a liberal, saying I hated Bush (I did) and that meant by extension I hated the country? Ummm… no. They said that I should support our president- no matter who it was. They also said that Palin was the smartest cookie around, so take that for what it’s worth. But now, now they are screaming about how they hate Obama, how HE’S un-american, and gonna be the death of us all. I tried to point out that since he is our president, they should support him. They told me that was the stupidest thing they’d ever heard. Funny that.


  294. Talea-
    Thank you for the information! I knew it was one of those things that they didn’t randomly kill off babies for the fun of it…
    Even if they did use an aborted fetus… If the fetus was going to be aborted anyways due to other health related, or personal reasons, I do believe that stem cells should be extracted….. to at least get some worth out of a “failure”… But I do not think that abortion should be encouraged…. As always I think, stem cells or not, that it should be an option when there is no other hope or easy options… (note I am saying no other hope as a broad encompassing term)

    Of course with that abortion needs its limits, so that people don’t go nuts with abortions just because…


  295. My sis-in-law is a doctor, educated at Stanford and UCSF and a former member of the Harvard Med School staff (she still works for Harvard Medical Publications parttime while also working as a internist in Oregon. She’s also a mom of three). I asked her about stem-cell research, if the major source was fetuses from abortions as claimed by Rush’s supporters.

    She said that as far as she knew (and she doesn’t claim to be an expert), aborted fetuses are not used. The preferred source are fertilized embryos (abandoned after IVF procedures) that have yet to be implanted in a uterus. Once a fetus starts growing in a uterus, it starts taking on different characteristics, as well as nourishment, specific to the womb. She says that embryos yet to be implanted are a “ball of cells.” That seems to be the preferred source of stem cells for research.

    While I can agree that using fertilized embryos can raise questions — and should — the reality is that until they are implanted in a womb, they have no chance of being actual babies. And if you buy the argument that the parents (sperm plus egg) have ownership of said sperm and egg, they alone have the right to decide what to do with them. After all, just because you have eggs, doesn’t mean you should implant them — think octomom.

    So abandoned embryos do seem to be a rich source of stem cells. I don’t have an issue with that.

    I would have a problem with an aborted fetus been used as a source.

    Told you I was a pragmatist.


  296. Donna and the rest

    I think every person is only responsible for her/himself. I do not agree with adults blaming their parents for anything.

    If you are unable to free yourself from your parents doctrin after a certain age, you have ONLY yourself to blame…..

    But this is only my 2 cents worth

    I am still happy that 2 of my 3 adult kids are active in the AntiFa movement (my girls) while my older son tends more to the business and let’s make money sector, but he still thinks “green” and has a lot of turkish friends (Auslaender = Foreigners, as opposed to “German only”, I mean), that is also OK with me,


  297. Werner–as a Jew, I can’t tell you how much your post touched me. You made my day. thank you.


  298. Werner, I thought I would join you in your soliloquy then I saw UAW post. Nevertheless, your discourse on your nazi father gave me hope. If a nazi parent could give life to somebody as open minded as you, then it proves we do not all have to fall in with ideas engrained or drilled into us about the rest of humanity. You make me proud to be human.


  299. Welcome
    I have some paper towels if you need…..


  300. Whew…
    I guess I laid my thing on the ground and stepped on it with both feet….Sorry


  301. This battery thingy looks good
    …The quick-charge battery is the brainchild of engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    The MIT team say their invention uses materials already available to battery manufacturers and would be simple to mass produce

    That could give even the electric car idea a big shove…..


  302. UWA
    I am not sure you got the compilment hidden in the rant above, even IF we stand on differnet sides of whatever fence sometimes, I would still trust you to cover my back…..


  303. UWA
    on a serious level:

    My Father was an old Nazi and I hated his guts till the day he died! I had physical fights with him until I got to strong for him at age 14 and I fought (mentally as well as physically) Neo-Nazis all my life!
    I even have today still a “Nazis raus” sticker on my front door and a Anti-Nazi sign sewn to the right arm of my favorite leather jacket.

    I will never refuse a fight to a stinking Nazi as long as I live and IF I die fighting one (Not true, 3 or 4 usually, one alone usually shits his pants!) I go down proudly (And I am neither showing off or bragging here, I mean it, Really!)

    So if it comes down to fight the Nazi assholes of this world, hold my back free or get out of my way……

    Q: What is a Nazi in a minefield?
    A: A step in the right direction!

    Sorry to get all worked up on this, but not every German is a Nazi…..


  304. found this on Drudge….

    hope it works for real…


  305. Stole this new word from my sister-in-law and thought you’d all like it : )

    Vangelism: getting belted upside the the head by a judgmental, and offensive Christian because you don’t think exactly like they do.


  306. Werner….
    the medical marijuana issue was passed in MI. this last year…I even got my mother(86) to vote for it…she said that she used to smell it in the B-17 airplane plants during WW2…
    as far as some of your other comments…did your dad have a death’s head with twin lightning bolts tattoo…makes me wonder…gets my Magyar blood pressure up sometimes…


  307. UAW – I too have been thinking about your wife. Chemo is horribllle. I know only too well. Fortunately I did not have radiation.
    The pills I got for vomiting did not do anything but make me sleepy. Mairjuana really does help. Better than the pills.
    I am now 0ver 14 years cancer free, and never sick until this stroke flattened me. Probably had something to do with me still teaching and not slowing down enough!!
    BEst wishes to your wife.


  308. Hypocrisy = Hippo-crisi(s) = RL?

    Interesting chain of thought…….


  309. UAW Tradesman,


    I am not trying to kid you ar anything but I know from research and PERSONAL (Very good friend who had 4 chemos) experience that marijuhana (actually it’s the THC in it) can significally reduce side effects from chemo! (It lowers fever and pain, and gives you back some appetit and helps you keep food down, even lessens the hairloss)

    I know that they now also have it available in pills, In case you don’t like to smoke, but I know it REALLY helps…… You might want to speak with a good open minded doctor, I think it might significally lower the suffering for your wife.

    PLEASE understand, even if I am a bad mouth, I would never ever kid or joke about something like this!


  310. Greytdog….. maybe we could send them to Elba? or offer them all a “reality show” – maybe a knock off of Amazing Race – only they have to keep circumventing the world until they convert everyone to their way of thinking. . . .

    I am more for the practical, like shove a stick of TNT up their asses and blow them to tiny little pieces, broom the lot up and mix in a farms shitpile, there they wouldn’t show up (I mean shit is shit and stays shit, No?)

    And they would even do some (unintentional) good as fertilizer……..

    A, shouldn’t daydream so much, wakeing up is so dis-illusional……


  311. JaneDoe, This is a Gravatar —
    Anyone can get one free.

    Mine is a picture of Christopher Walken appearing on SNL as:
    Ed Glosser: Trivial Psychic
    ‘A power so mighty, only one man can wield it.’

    And I didn’t know CW was a dancer until I saw him in this video for Fatboy Slim.

    PEACE ~ Δ


  312. uups sorry about the double post on a dumb subject , just found a typo and tried to catch it before it went up…. missed!


  313. vest9982

    Just wondering: Do you have a point or are you just plain dumb?

    Please elaborate on the first, or shut up if it is the later…..


  314. vest9982

    Just wondering: Do you have a point or are you just plain dumb?

    Please elaborate on the first, or shut up if iot is the later…..


  315. Maven

    We got a million lake province already! (Quebec) 😛

    And please keep your border states, we got enough right wing assholes as it is!

    (No insult intende to all the nice people there, I know they live there too, but…..)


  316. Whirled Peas, Jesus!!!!!

    It’s like when the Pope saw me last (before he was pope, still in Regensburg, Germany) he spoke of god……

    I was a rather unwashed Hippy than, and when he saw me basking (playing mt y guitar) in the street, he looked at me and said: “Mein lieber Gott!” (My sweet god)

    Now, even as he ment it as an expression about those longhaired no good for nothing people, I still can say truthfully today, when the pope saw me, he spoke of god!

    That is about as close as I can get to a Jesus in a frying pan (or toast, at that)!

    Oh my god! (What can I do for you?)

    I am the center of my universe and will have no god aside of me….. and I sincerily will never try to take myself serious!


  317. Jon Stewart hammered Jim Cramer last night.

    I sooo have a crush on Jon!


  318. Judith–I believe the reference would be to the submissive partner in a gay enounter.


  319. Easier-

    My thoughts exactly…


    isn’t that hypocritical of Newt to propose more spending to pay teens for something that they do not intentionally most times do. I mean the thing is… no little girl wakes up and says, “I wanna be pregnant in my teen years.” They have self-esteem issues (some more than others) in which cause them to fall for “bad boys” and these bad boys take advantage….
    The republican party has a stich on spending… Newt proposes more spending to try to prevent stupidity… I smell a rat.


  320. Adding to Werner Oderwer on teaching in Canada for Democraddict: a town of 6,000 max means no mega-schools! Yay! It also means that a lot of the students do not depend on a school bus. Those that need to be kept after school until they have completed overdue homework assignments (for example) would be do-able. Cost of living would be less than in a city the size of Toronto. You could teach Canadian history after completing the required university courses on the subject. Google Perth, Ontario for instance and see what you think. Good luck!


  321. Other than just a silly, juvenile phrase – what exactly is a butt boy, anyway? I’m not getting it.


  322. An American Patriot working to keep America safe:

    check out the post titled Sy Hersh: Cheney Ran Assassin Ring. You can view it at this link:

    And did anyone notice where RL called Andrea Mitchell (aka Mrs. Greenspan) a “butt boy”? I don’t like Mitchell, but sheesh. Is there anyone RL doesn’t hate? Oh – AC’s book sales are plummeting. . .


  323. Hypocrisy is definitely the word du jour. I am still baffled by people who are decrying the money being spent on the stimulus package, but who never once criticized the trillions spent in Iraq. I will begin to take them seriously when they do. Until then, all their antics are just that antics for the cameras, nothing more, nothing sincere.


  324. Global Warming – the numbers are worse than expected! I just wish Cheney/ Bush had not wasted 8 years.


  325. Olberman had a fun time with that concept . . . something about pimping. . . paying teens to not get pregnant while having sex. . . guess the abstinence only program sort of. . . fizzled out. Too many babies and STDs to explain there. . .


  326. “If it does prove something… its a “I dont care what you think I love my Bush…”

    Hmm… maybe Gingrich can use that slogan for his new economic stimulus idea about paying teens to not get pregnant. . .


  327. ddddd,
    I don’t know how “professional” these links are, but they report Tx Gov. Goodhair’s asinine refusal today to accept the stimulus money while in Houston today.

    The “Houston Chronicle” at

    and, “The Dallas Morning News” at

    He’s going to have to fight Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the Republican primary next year. Let’s just watch and see what happens then.


  328. @ Whirled Peas Δ …”I try to keep people entertained and informed. You could say I’m in show business, kinda.”

    Being relatively new to M&H blog I may have missed if anyone has asked you about your icon / picture. (Not so techno savy so I don’t know what you call that quilt thingy…duh:(

    When you mentioned you were ‘kinda’ in show biz, I was just wondering if there is any connection to…Christopher Walken, one of my favorite actors of all time and a great ballroom dancer, as you may know.

    Just wondering.


  329. […] 13, 2009 · No Comments Today’s word du jour was inspired by Helen Philpot–and quite honestly I don’t care if that’s a nom de plum or not.  It’s a […]


  330. As a weak defense….. hypocrisy has just happened a lot more lately on the right than on the left….

    But in reality a weak defense is no defense at all….

    I personally am against those who are against progress for the longterm of the country. The republican party due to ideologies have had their definition of progress slaughtered by the fact that Bush ruined a lot of things.

    Now they are basically searching for answers and idiots like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are more than willing to spew a bunch of shit on a piece of paper or on the airwaves in the weak attempt to give their shallow answers to life.

    UAW- Thanks for the apology… I hope your wife is doing better. I will admit that I tend to be on the “lets bash the right” side of the spectrum a lot… Its easy to be on that mindset when you see Rush spewing shit…. 99% of what I hear being the exact opposite of what I believe! My attention span doesn’t go long enough to really find anything that I agree with when I do listen to Rush on rare occasion… Thats what you get when the guy is a sexist pig!

    Ok so in short form: yes I am on the “lets bash the right” crowd… but I recognize that people suck in general and I try to acknowledge it before I spew a bunch of shit on my keyboard….

    I guess when I saw dialogue wishing that Rush had a disease and your response to it, UAW I felt it necessary to say something…. Its easy to wish the worst thing for someone you don’t like, don’t know or don’t agree with…. I don’t even wish this disease on my worst enemy, or Bush or Rush or anybody! You have to truly live with the disease… like many other diseases…. to truly understand it.

    Greytdog, excellent question… My opinion is that it is a power trip in which those states are trying to pull a stunt to discredit Obama. It really doesn’t prove anything. If it does prove something… its a “I dont care what you think I love my Bush…” Remember Bush was the gov of TX before he became president…
    If anyone can find professional articles about the subject that would be awesome!


  331. He’s also a pedophile dope addict that steals Viagra so he can head down to the Dominican Republic and have his fill of underage rent boys.

    Eh…. most Klanservative scum are actually horrid people behind the curtain. In that way, Oxy-Moron is just about “normal” in the world he inhabits. Dittoheads are mostly misters who choose their sisters, after all.


  332. “I’m glad that we agree that hypocrites can happen on both side of the aisle…”

    I don’t believe anyone posting here regularly believes that hypocrisy is solely a Republican trait. What we do decry, however, is the reaction by Republican political “leaders” who become all outraged over the hypocrisy they believe the Democrat leaders display. A bit like the pot calling the kettle black. . . IMO. B.S. is B.S. – doesn’t matter to me who spews it – as Helen points out, I call BullShit. 🙂
    We just had a local election here – and as the previous mayor did, the new mayor was voted in on a single issue. My question to folks who are single-issue voters – what about all the other issues facing our municipalities and communities? Don’t you want an elected official (especially on the local level) to be engaged on ALL the issues facing us?

    Also – anyone with any thoughts regarding the announcements from SC and TX govs that they are refusing the stimulus money? Any bets that their state legislatures override those refusals?


  333. Different subject: with all the “socialism”-talk that’s going on around us, here’s an interesting take from Robert Scheer:


  334. UAW Tradesman, I so hope the chemo does what it’s supposed to do. The disease and the treatment are equally horrible.

    I’m going to pick on you a little here: I hope when you said “if there was something from stem cell research that would work I’d be all for it….” Surely you must see that if it works for ANY of the horrible diseases (MS, Parkinsons, Cancer, ANY of them) we should all be all for it.


  335. UAW, I know I know it’s none of my/our business, but good grief man, please keep us informed. I’ve been very very worried. . . glad to see you’re still in “fine form” 🙂 Best to your wife. ..


  336. ddddd….
    I’m sorry if I upset you but didn’t you notice the quotation marks…I cut and pasted from the lets bash the right crowd…
    I’m glad that we agree that hypocrites can happen on both side of the aisle…
    my wife just started chemo for the second time and if there was something from stem cell research that would work I’d be all for it….


  337. UAW and the rest of you-

    I am one of those unfortunate people with a chronic uncurable (at this time) illness that you speak of in which stem cells would help. So I am paying attention to what people generally say. I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in July of 08.

    I DO NOT WISH THIS DISEASE ON ANYONE!!!! Seriously I don’t. People can be insensitive jerks when money, fame, or feelings are on the line. You all have no idea what I have been through in the past year!

    UAW, hypocrites can happen on both sides of the ilse (spell?)…. Good people can happen on both sides also… Thats human kind in general…. Lets stop with the idiocracy and discuss the real details!

    Rush is a jerk. I do not wish my disease on him… However I do wish that he could take my disease for a day and see if he would change his tune then….

    THE SAME GOES FOR THE POPE!!!! I do not wish my disease on him… I am not going to make a value judgement at this time as far as whether the pope is a jerk… However lets see him take my MS for a day and then change his stance on embryos having souls!


  338. Honolulu Sallie I h ope you liked Alison Kraus and the bluegrass music!!

    In this monings LATimes a letter to the Editor says: If you don”’t approve of Stem cell research, sign a letter to that effect an d give to your DR. Then develop one of the deseases that may be treated with stem cells and be refused treatment per your instructions.


  339. Troutay – maybe we could send them to Elba? or offer them all a “reality show” – maybe a knock off of Amazing Race – only they have to keep circumventing the world until they convert everyone to their way of thinking. . . .


  340. Maven:

    Just a bad day and a bad moment. When Dukkakkis (sp) ran some years ago, a map showed the U.S. as being red states and Minnesota was part of Canada.

    So its nothing new and I didn’t mean to be pissy.
    You go eat pie and anything else you might want to eat.

    Anyplace would be tiny, GreyDog, faced with those huge egos.


  341. Jan asked: “(is there a bigger moron than Michelle Bachmann on the female side???) ”

    Actually I’d say Michelle captures the prize for moron of all sides and from all sides.


  342. I think the trade thing with Canada (Swapping Palin/AC/RL for whomever) is not a good thing, on several accounts
    1) the US would rightly be accused of outright pollution (not to mention we’d have to use up a lot of carbon credits for moving those three to Canada, altho I guess Sarah could always “pipeline”)
    2) could rightly be considered an aggressive action against a peaceful and sovereign nation
    3) Not enough square footage in Canada to accommodate three massive egos such as these, thus creating overcrowding and a demise of a national lifestyle


  343. Maybe Rush has been having some “coffee” with Levi Johnston’s mom????




  345. Another great couple of posts! I’m a little slow but eventually I find the time to get a cheer-up for the week.

    Belated Happy Birthday to Troutay.

    Helen, thanks for saying it like it is. Did anyone besides us (hubby is a former “narc” on an aircraft carrier) think that Rush must’ve substituted oxy for some other drug. The “sniffing” and nose-wiping while he “performed” for those CPAC idiots (is there a bigger moron than Michelle Bachmann on the female side???) were clearly those of an addict who was “on” something at the time!

    Keep up the good work, ladies. I love you!


  346. troutay:
    “Trading Minnesota” was my lame attempt at a JOKE… and a bad one, I see now. Minnesota was the first border state I could think of that I figured Canada would love to annex. It was just silliness… Please, take no offense. Give up the 10,000 Lakes state? Nevah!

    Your friend,
    Maven (no pie since I was bad)


  347. Finally Tonight, Jesus…



  348. Thanks Whirled! I try but usually miss by a long shot!


  349. Loved your link to Skidboot Whirled. I taught my dog to whisper too.


  350. troutay,

    C&L is one of my favorites. I don’t do TV news. The vids there ‘fix my jones’. Don’t forget the Video Cafe.



  351. Hey GreytdogΔ

    Fixed your link for ya!

    Dexter: the lucky greyhound pup



  352. Here is one for you Whirled Peas:

    “O’Reilly’s Guests agree: Its the liberals’ fault that
    Gingrich and Limbaugh are feuding”


  353. ANALYSIS: Current Bush Tax System Saves Rush Limbaugh More Than $1.5 Million Every Year

    No Werner,

    I don’t have my own site. Just a news and politics junkie with an interest in history and psychology. I surf the blogs and news for interesting stuff and post around at different sites. I have thousands of Favorites bookmarked and I do change the link in my name from time to time.

    I found this yesterday and I know M&H has it’s share of dog lovers.

    So….I give you…

    The Amazing Skidboot

    Enjoy ~ Δ


  354. Off Topic – but wanted to share (note: it’s not a “quick” view, but worth it, really)

    Dexter the lucky greyhound pup –


  355. John Prine – this song was popular during Vietnam and still resonates today. . .


  356. Boy, you internet savvy folks are great. I love all the links, except for ones from the trolls that occasionally pop up. Thanks to all.


  357. As I just did for this post

    The trailer of MY favorite movie, NOT a real Steve martin fan, but I still think this is one of the best movies af all time! (I just love how they cut the old stuff into it!)


  358. Sally

    it’s not his (WPs) website, he linked his name to the official Sony trailer website for the movie…….

    Nice try Whirled Peas, but do you HAVE a blog of your own we can see? (just interested…)


  359. Honolulu Sally …
    I’ve been called dumb,stupid,vile,homophobic,a moron,drunk,alcoholic,and a lot other but never wacky…that’s a first


  360. Hey Honolulu Sally,

    Glad you like the links. I try to keep people entertained and informed. You could say I’m in show business, kinda.

    As far as my ‘Name Page’, that’s just the message I’m trying to get across. I was listening when IKE spoke and have watched his predictions come true over the years. When do we not repeat history?



  361. WHy is that conservatives, who pride themselves on their religiousness have such awful nasty bigoted representatives in the media?

    This the party that call the Democrats “godless” yet proceed to lie, and act and speak in hateful, and inflammatory ways.

    Yes this post was correct.
    Hypocrisy, is the new name for the republican party.


  362. JEN, loved it, although UAW did have his little wacky points.

    Saw the Chris Matthews/Ari Fleischer shout match, and Chris did totally miss the biggest lie that got us into the Iraq war: Ari kept saying that Obama should thank Bush every day for getting rid of Saddam Hussein, preventing us from ever being attacked by him AGAIN. It was the bin Laden’s Al Quaeda that attacked us, not Hussein. Hussein and bin Laden hated each other. Too bad Rachel Maddow didn’t get to interview Ari. She is the best dissector of turd, although I rather have the humor of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert because I love to laugh.

    Whirled Peas, you truly astound me with your links. I’ve gone to your website link (clicking your name) and it’s like a trailer for a movie. You in the movie industry?

    I hope the Republicans do find a wise mature elephant to get Rush in line. There are some decent Republicans, and they are in need of a decent leader. The big question is WHO?

    Which brings to mind one of my favorite books by Dr. Seuss, “Horton Hears a Who”. I love Horton. His refrain, “I meant what I said and I said what I meant, An elephant’s word is 100 percent”. Obama is pretty close to that so far. He’s had to make concessions, and probably his daily security briefings have been eye openers, but he’s been doing a lot of what he promised during his campaign. The Republicans need a Horton. WHO?


  363. Maven:
    Perhaps you don’t know I am from Minnesota. I post here from time to time. I want you to know that Minnesota as a whole, does not like Bachmann or Coleman. Minnesota is mostly a blue state with small pockets of conservatives.
    While I admire Canada, ( I have a sister near Toronto) I love my own country and state. So please do not condemn all of us here in Minnesota. There are wackjobs in every state and I wouldn’t trade yours to Canada or even suggest it.


  364. something else from the AC/BM debate…

    “Obama wants a Portuguese Water dog, so he can take it for walks…on water. Democrats like Jesus now… apparently they like carpenters, they just hate plumbers. The only time Obama didn’t vote present was in Jeremiah Wright’s church. Who isn’t in favor of hope, change and progress, I mean besides Ralph Nader? Big deal, Obama beat McCain by seven whole points. That’s like George Foreman beating Helen Thomas… a fight I’d pay money to see!”…LMAO


  365. The fact is, Rush doesn’t want Obama to fail – he says that for the ratings he gets from his loyal fan base who can’t think for themselves.

    Do some research – when Clinton won, Rush was ecstatic b/c he said his ratings would be higher over the 4 yrs. of Clinton’s presidency than they had been in a decade.

    When Democrats are in office, Rush has fodder for his vitriol and nothing makes him happier. He’s just preying on the spitefulness of those cowards-in-hiding who are intolerant cowards… unfortunately he knows how to rally them into a frenzy, and he does….but make no mistake about it — he’s LOVING this presidency. When during the past 8 years did you hear his name so often? Now he’s a household name again, and he’s going to spew as much hatefulness and hurtfulness as he can to keep himself in that position. Too bad he can’t find it within him to use his mouthpiece to accomplish one good thing.


  366. UAW – Yeah, I dunno about the Bam Bam, the Baba Booey, etc. I just scroll on.

    How’s things?




  368. Thx for the heads up chloe:

    Bill Maher ~ ‘Religulous’
    *1st 30mins



  369. UWA

    Hate breeds hate breeds hate breeds hate breeds hate breeds hate breeds hate breeds hate…….

    ….and what else is new?

    Since when did any side matter in a thing like this?


  370. Jen…
    “I have been reading the comments over the last few days and it seems that it is symptomatic of the conservative rightwing to offer up vile, hateful rhetoric and no solutions. Kind of like bullies on a playground.”
    “Bristol Paliin wedding is off! So much for true love”….Something to be happy about????
    “I have one thing to say to u rush, get help. BAM BAM”….Is that a gun going off???
    “I hope that Rush gets some horrible genetic disease”….WTF…

    I guess that being vile and hateful is not just a conservative thing….
    “Hypocrisy. It’s a powerful word. Republicans should look it up sometime.”…Liberals also…


  371. Nice poster on a blog I read:

    77% of anti-abortionist leaders are men.
    100 % of them will NEVER be pregnant!

    How true!


  372. Actually, in the veterinary lab we dissect turds all the time. We do it to find parasites.

    Hey, RL – Found one!


  373. Speaking of Bill Maher, we watched his documentary ‘Religulous’ the other evening…hilarious! I’m agnostic so it didn’t offend me but I can see how people of faith would find it offensive. For those not easily offended, it’s worth a watch.


  374. I have been reading the comments over the last few days and it seems that it is symptomatic of the conservative rightwing to offer up vile, hateful rhetoric and no solutions. Kind of like bullies on a playground. They of course are following the lead of their annointed Rush and his little minions at FAUX news. There is never anything constructive or with any substance. They have no plan. Nothing they have done in 30 years has worked and we are where we are today because of it.

    There is not one conservative descenter who could carry the briefcase of our President. He is a brilliant man who was left with an insurmountable task. And, Titus my little friend, Barack Obama did not say he didn’t have time to work on the economy. That is what your fearless and ignorant leader Rush wants you to believe so he pulled the statement out of his ass and relayed it as fact. What Barack Obama said was that we did not have the luxury of focusing on just one issue because there are so many issues that need attention.

    When the middle class is strong, when we export more than we import and when we have regulations back for banks and do some trust busting we will be a strong America. Conservatives do not want that. Their coffers are filled by big business, drug companies and lobbyists who are against everthing but what is good for the top 2%. There is not one downside to healthcare , good education and a sound infrastructure (the conservatives LOVE to call it shovel ready jobs.)

    Rush Limbaugh ,the under-educated ,shock jock, talk show host and his ilk will destroy the Republicans. Sadly, there is not one Republican who can stand up to this baffoon. He preys on the ignorant, uninformed and underinformed who have no job, no healthecare,no education, no disposable income ,no home or a home in foreclosure. They vote against their own best interests everytime because they do not read and research to get the truth. Right now the Conservatives are like cultists. They do not think for themselves, they are not allowed to act alone for what is right, they only ingest and vomit up exactly what they are told to believe. Pathetic, really.

    We should always be able to have conversations that express differences of opinions, but when that conversation becomes vile, racist, full of sound and fury and signifiying nothing, it should be put out of its’ misery. The party of NO, of obstruction and hate signify nothing at this point.


  375. Susan in CT

    … was all more about a funny comment on the damage…..

    not into hurting innocent by-standers (or -livers at this point)

    So, worst I go down for is water-bombing, but not lower than 3rd story (can you recomment good Hotel with Mainstreet view and windows you can open?
    (And I will bring my 10 year old as techsupport!)



  376. Greytdog, and Elsie
    You both had suchterrific responses to that Idiot
    AllanE., that icouldn’t begin to say any thing more enlightening. Good work.

    In the meantime let Rush continue. He is ding more to run the republicans into obscurity that we could ever hopeto do


  377. No no, Werner, no bombings in Waterbury, please! In addition to the criminals, there are also some terrific people and businesses there!


  378. I wondered about the little Monday night get-together (March 9) with Ann Coulter and Bill Maher in NYC. Here are a couple of excerpts from the full article at

    “Coulter, Maher spar at Radio City”

    Maher had something to say about the Republicans in Congress railing against “debt”.

    “Who put two wars on a credit card?” Maher asked. “There is this debt because George Bush spent money like a pimp with a week to live.”

    Later, Maher took on Rush Limbaugh.

    “We all say crazy s–t when we’re high,” Maher said. “I think it’s interesting that he is now the undisputed leader of the Republican Party. It shows how clueless they are. They went looking for the future and they found radio.”


  379. Bristol Paliin wedding is off! So much for true love.


  380. The latest cost of the Iraq war is 3 Trillion dollars. The stimulus is a bargain.


  381. Braincarnage

    Be carefull what you wish for, Helen has the bad habit to hit people, that accuse her of not researching her stuff, over the head with FACTS!

    Think you can take that?



    Chris Matthews smacks down Ari Fleischer, check it out.


  383. Not a fan of Rush Limbaugh, but this blog is pretty much up to his standards of truthiness.

    “But Margaret, let’s consider the following quotes attributed to Rush,”

    Attributed..I take it that means you didn’t even bother to track down the veracity of the quotes. The absurd quote about slavery, for example, originates in a 2006 book (101 People Who Are Really Screwing Up America) that doesn’t actually bother to cite when or where Limbaugh supposedly said that.

    But, hey, we live in a postfactual society where idiots like Ann Coulter and Michael Moore rule, so I guess the fact that the quotes are likely things Limbaugh never actually said doesn’t matter. If it’s on the Internet somewhere, it must be true!


  384. Juls

    …..In regards to RL, don’t try to dissect a turd…..

    Well Helen, if you try, you just will find it full of shit!

    But what else is new?


  385. Susan in CT

    ….Waterbury CT was bobmed by left-wing actvists after it got known that the town of Waterbury CT has started the first committee to elect Palin president in 2012.

    The town, which is known as the home of a number of convicted corrupt politicians, was completly destroyed.

    The total damage was estimated at $50.00…..

    Uuuups, shouldn’t daydream on the job………..


  386. Like all great men in thier owne minds they will go away. we shall over come this idiot, I have one thing to say to u rush, get help. BAM BAM.


  387. JuneauJoe
    WRONG ADDRESS, we have our own problems here in Canada (P’tit George S. Harper for one).
    Please talk to your local Mafia Godfather, those guys have experince a mass in poison garbage export. NOT environmental friendly but s DEFINITE solution……

    Ask a German for solutions that WORK!




  388. I once had an uncle by marriage who used to tell horrible racist and homophobic jokes. If you objected or even didn’t act amused, the response was “you don’t have a sense of humor.” I think that those who find Limbaugh “funny” are in that league.


  389. Allen E. – we do not misunderstand or take out of context what this cretin spews. What really drives me nuts is how his ludicrous hate filled rantings are considered humorous by people whose comphrehension skills are inadequate. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had people say to me, “I like Rush, he’s funny”. No, Rush is an offensive bully and there is nothing funny about that.


  390. Greytdog
    I fully agree that the schools performing poorly need more attention than those performing good.

    Maybe ther is a way to split any money 1/3 to 2/3 where the 1/3 goes for “rewards” on a performance level and 2/3 goes in a structual improvemnt plans for special needs and educationl improvemnts in challenged areas?

    And for the language / racial problems you might look at the european integration classes for migrants, NOT the same but similar problems (1 or 2 German kids in classes of 35+) this progams might be easil adaptable and save tons of funds by NOT re-inventing the wheel all over again?

    Just my 2 cents


  391. Greytdog’s words to the bullyboys of Limpballs’ party:

    “Just stay out of the way of the grown ups who are now trying to clean up after your group of bully toddlers tossed this country into the trash bin.”

    The “bully toddlers” comment reminds me of those orphaned juvenile elephants 20 years ago that were transplanted into a new wildlife park due to overcrowding in their original home park. As the young bulls grew up without older members of their elephant community to teach them manners, they became rogues and took to bullying everything in their midst.

    About that same time, the park rangers found that increasing numbers of the rhino population were mysteriously dying violent deaths. Eventually, it became apparent that the young transplanted bulls, for “fun” perhaps, harassed the park’s rhinos, chased them, and stomped them to death.

    The young bulls had been removed from their birth herds of older, wiser elders who normally would have taught them some manners, and now, instead, without adult supervision, were running amok and bullying and killing other creatures in their park.

    To try to stop the murderous behavior of the young bulls, older bull elephants were brought into the new park to try to show the youngsters how to behave. The new older elephants were able to direct the behavior of the youngsters into more appropriate interactions within the community of elephants. Eventually, the young bulls began to accept and follow the lead of their elders and learned “proper” elephant behavior and stopped killing other animals.

    I see Limpballs as a young rogue elephant who needs to be slapped upside the head by older, wiser, rational Republicans with voices of moderation and reason. And until that happens, the Republican party can, and will, continue to slide into redundancy and oblivion, and Rush’s Racist, Redneck Revolution will continue unabated.

    Go Rush!!! All the bullshit you spew today moves more moderate Republicans out and away from the GOP, helps grow more Democratic voters, and surely leads one day to the festering pustule of your brain exploding in one last incredible self-destructive blast of hate, bigotry, racism, and ignorance personified.

    Or, on the other hand, maybe you will find yourself replaced by “reasoned” voices and lose your bully pulpit and bully club, just to slink off into a corner, lick your perceived wounds, and mumble to yourself about being “demonized”. Yeah, that will work, too.


  392. Talea
    from one of the more “leftist” voices on this blog:

    I sincerily welcome your points of view, even if I might need, from time to time, to disagree.

    What is a discussion with out different points of view?

    A friggin monologue in front of a mirror!

    I mean it. Really!


  393. Helen,
    You will now be known as the lady who single-handedly brought back the word “peckerwood.”

    In regards to RL, don’t try to dissect a turd.


  394. School testing
    In Europe they have a system it is called “PISA Tests” where they compare school systems all over Europe, maybe this can easily be adapted to test across US states as well?

    Someone with Ed background should look into this, will try to find a link later today


  395. Life is full of Mr.Es, and all of them are.


  396. Well. . .Donna, think of RL as the living example of the adage: money talks, bs walks.


  397. actually, what drives me “nuts” is that someone has made a great deal of money from being mean-spirited, racist, misogynist, and juvenile (i.e., the Michael J. Fox imitation). While the sadly limited Allen E might view that as “intelligent” and “informed,” or as reflective of a “great sense of humor,” that says much more about Mr. E’s deficiencies than anything else.


  398. Robert Parham has a very interesting review of Rush’s CPAC gig:
    Note: Robert Parham is executive editor of and executive director of its parent organization, the Baptist Center for Ethics.
    (Sourced at 7:04 am March 12, 2009 from


  399. Allen E. wrote: “What drives you guys nuts on the Left is Rush has taken your ridicule tactic and outdone you.”

    Allen that is the defense of bully and coward. Makes me quake in my boots, let me tell you. I find it rather akin to the e-trade commercial where the baby has decided to spend some of his money and hires the clown. . . underestimating the creepiness of clowns. . . It’s a real shame that moderation in Republican political philosophy is now deemed as weak – and that this ideal is championed by a man who chose not to serve his country in war or in peace. It must be hard being a Republican these days – knowing that your party’s values brought this country not only to an ignoble end of its highly respected global reputation, but that you allowed a group, not just one person, but several people, of draft-dodging cowards to play at being soldiers and costing us the lives of thousands of our youth while conducting the Iraq war with about as much military strategy as if our soldiers were in a big old paintball game in the middle of the desert? But the last 8 years have taught me one thing – speaking to someone like Allen is useless – he and folks of his ilk live in a moral and ethical black hole – where truth and reason are nonexistent and that anyone who disagrees with them is automatically considered AntiAmerican. So Allen, go on and live your fantasy. Just stay out of the way of the grown ups who are now trying to clean up after your group of bully toddlers tossed this country into the trash bin.


  400. one more….


    The unintended humor in the quote you posted made me giggle (emphasis added):

    “…A new national survey…finds that Limbaugh weighs down heavily on an already weakened Republican Party.”

    Cheers! Ÿ


  401. Just a little perspective on the “first 100 day” comments… Here’s a link comparing Dubya’s and Clinton’s first 100 days (written in 2001). Read remembering who owned/controlled certain of our mainstream media at that time versus now.

    JuneauJoe: For the record, I am American, born and bred. Was just kidding about Canada discussing a trade with us. Actually, I think we’ll have to throw in Minnesota as well as Palin, Rush, and Coulter. Those Canadians know how to deal, eh?

    Allan (3/11 9:46 pm)? Correction, please: I do not misunderstand Rush Limbaugh. I misundereducate him.



  402. Two thoughts:

    I hope that Rush gets some horrible genetic disease that could have been cured by stem cell research. THAT would be justice.

    On teachers: WE need to be paid as the WHITE collar professionals that we are. Auto workers, secretaries, and garbage men make more than we do. WE also need to be given BACK the power to discipline students (NOT corporally!) when they come to class unprepared. If you fail to do your homework, then your butt will sit in a desk after school until you finish it. CORRECTLY. PERIOD.


  403. Rush DOES rock! We want him to keep doing exactly what works…

    …for us.

    >With a national debate raging over the place of radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh in the Republican Party, a new national survey from Democracy Corps and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner finds that Limbaugh weighs down heavily on an already weakened Republican Party – putting Republican leaders and their party’s conservative base voters out of sync with not only Democrats and independents, but even the bloc of moderate Republicans. On virtually every question the great majority of the mainstream rejects Limbaugh’s ideas and vision of the Republican Party, which severely constrains Republican elected leaders. <

    GO RUSH!!!!


  404. oh, oh. Chloe?! Another one needing your escorting out the door….


  405. Rush Rocks! You folks just totally misunderstand him. He is an informed, articulate conservative, a man with a great sense of humor and a deep passion for our country, for what works, and what is best for the greatest number of people. He drives moderate Republicans nuts. Most of the Party has gone moderate. Weak in the knees RINOs. What drives you guys nuts on the Left is Rush has taken your ridicule tactic and outdone you. He surpasses you in every category! HA!


  406. If we are going to start rewarding no skills and stupid people – I’m serious, let the unskilled jobs, let the kinds of jobs that take absolutely no knowledge whatsoever to do – let stupid and unskilled… Rush Limbaugh do the “work”. Is the man projecting?

    Example of him projecting #2… “Before it’s all over, it’ll be called the Ted Kennedy memorial health care bill.” This guy mocked a good Senator with cancer. However, has he even looked at himself in the mirror? He looks so much older than Teddy at 58 years old!

    P/s: Helen, I think you just insulted pigs. They don’t deserve it, and they’re quite intelligent, you know?


  407. no one’s mentioned anything about James Carville wanting Bush not to succeed, but then he took it back…9/11/01…

    there’s been a lot of comments about Rush and drugs but nobody has said a thing about JFK’s addiction to pills from a bad back…or about Obama and coke
    the old double standard again…
    I met an exchange student last weekend(from Berlin)and he complained about the educational system here…here the class is geared to the slowest students…there the fastest…the slowest will all find jobs…just not as brain surgeons…
    we’ve all heard stories about the student needing remedial classes before entering college…they shouldn’t have gotten out of the third grade…


  408. JuneauJoe:

    As of today, the town of Waterbury CT has started the first committee to elect Palin president in 2012. They now have $3000 in their coffers.

    I wish it were a joke, but it’s not. By the way, Waterbury is the home of a number of convicted corrupt politicians. How fitting.


  409. Vest9982 – Dog – Rush looks more like a pig or cow man – oink, oink, mmmmmoooooooo




  411. Okay so here’s the update from Florida – not all Democrats are smart, well-informed, or conversant in a variety of topics. Case in point from the Miami Herald regarding legislation outlawing bestiality:

    “Rich’s legislation would target only those who derived or helped others derive ”sexual gratification” from an animal, specifying that conventional dog-judging contests and animal-husbandry practices are permissible.

    That last provision tripped up Miami Democratic Sen. Larcenia Bullard.

    ”People are taking these animals as their husbands? What’s husbandry?” she asked. Some senators stifled their laughter as Sen. Charlie Dean, an Inverness Republican, explained that husbandry is raising and caring for animals. Bullard didn’t get it.

    ”So that maybe was the reason the lady was so upset about that monkey?” Bullard asked, referring to a Connecticut case where a woman’s suburban chimpanzee went mad and was shot.”

    Source: Miami Herald



  412. For a look at “Rush Limbaugh’s Original 35 Undeniable Truths of Life (published Sacramento Union – 1988):
    Here’s a small sample for your perusal:
    6. Ours is a world governed by the aggressive use of force.
    9. When Americans oppose America, it is not always courageous and sacred; it is sometimes dangerous.
    11. Neither the US, nor anyone else, imposes freedom on the peoples of other nations
    14. To free peoples, peace means the absence of threats and the presence of justice.
    And then this – the ONLY thing Rush ever said with which I totally agree (arggh, that’s frightening):
    17. The greatest football team in the history of civilization is the Pittsburgh Steelers of 1975-1980.


  413. Maven: What? You are the one country in the world that does not like a 3 for 1 special? That is UnAmerican – forgot – you are another country, not American,

    OK. HELP PLEASE!!! I am in Juneau, AK! The legislature is in town and dear Sarah is here! Take her please! Nothing against Canada, except for the time someone broke into my car in Vancouver. She is leaving town a lot but still – give us poor Alaskan folks a break and take her for a few years at least. Coulter and Rush are freebies. I will even give you a tour of Mendenhall Glacier.


  414. Agree about education being the answer to the Rush follower’s idiocy. The thing is, the public school system of today is failing. I am glad that President Obama has plans to improve it. It will take big ideas, and the dissolving of teacher unions. Can you believe that about 9 years ago, ALL our teachers went on strike for 3 whole weeks, and they won a dinky pay raise and more job security and control of school policies?! They forgot who their clients were – their students.

    Regarding the gift our President gave to Britain’s Prime Minister: PM Brown gave President Obama a pen made out of historic wood from British ships that had immense significance to America, and Pres. Obama gave PM Brown DVDs.

    So what. Gordon Brown had a wonderful visit. He was warmly received, probably had great food, and spoke to an embracing Congress. And he came bearing gifts.

    Here in Hawaii, when you go to someone’s house for dinner, you bring something. It could be a case of beer, bottle of wine, or something for the hostess, etc. You have a good time, good food, and then (hopefully), you go home. You don’t expect a gift in return.

    PM Gordon Brown came for a visit. He didn’t come to exchange gifts. President Obama didn’t have to give him anything as the host country, and the fact that he gave him dvds has been a topic of criticism unwarranted. Are the British tabloids screaming about it? I don’t think so.

    President Obama’s actions are all news makers. Yet, many rather focus on the items of little consequences instead of the bigger broader picture of the changes that are coming and the future we need to seek. It could be that they lost their greatest material for jokes – GW Bush, man of little vision and big blunders.


  415. I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”

    OMG. Did he really say that? How horrible. That man disgusts me. Personally, I thought he should have been blacklisted after he was busted for drugs.


  416. Maven Δ LOL

    Anyone else chuckling about the brouhaha over at CNBC/MSNBC/NBC vs Jon Stewart??? Stewart is really nailing them to the wall. . . .’bout time IMO.


  417. I like how that their was another point of view from someone from texas but why did they have to bring Barack Oboma into this. Hes trying to make our world a better place to live in.


  418. JuneauJoe Δ (3/10, 10:09 pm)

    What’ve you got against Canada?


    Maven Δ


  419. My big beef with the standardized testing here in Florida is that the schools that performed poorly were financially penalized – while the schools that performed well received additional funding. Kinda makes sense, yes? in a carrot/stick sort of way. EXCEPT the schools that performed poorly are already underfunded, buildings in decay, staff overstretched, multiple issues like language barriers, juvenile crime, truancy, etc. And those are, IMHO, the very places where the money needs to go – to repair those buildings, to provide a safe environment for learning, to address the multiplicity of issues these kids face, and to bring in additional teaching and support staff so that advanced placement classes can be offered in addition to the more basic classes. The schools that perform well already have a massive well-endowed tax base – and hi-tech gadgetry plus all the extracurriculars. If those kids didn’t perform well, I’d really have questions about the school. So if the education bill deals with those issues, then I just may be a happy camper. Downloading the outline now. . . will let ya know if we are still asking that question: “Is our childrens learning?”


  420. Thank you Co almost and Whirled. This is all good information. I found myself in agreement with most of the proposals outlined in this plan.

    I’m not opposed to charter schools, especially those that aim for a specific student body based on talent or aptitude, as long as funds for those schools are not diverted from other public schools.

    As far as merit pay for performance, I think we can live with that as long as it is not tied to standardized test performance, forcing teachers to teach to the test in order to make bonuses. I think we saw how badly standarized testing failed the students with NCLB.

    And I’m sure the teachers are no more happy with longer days and school years than the kids will be, but can the objectives to get us back into the academic running with the rest of the world be accomplished another way?

    I saw that $44B is slated to go to the states, but I agree with Co almost native that it will probably go to the schools that are crumbling and in the greatest need, as it should. I’m not sure what that means for my grandkids’ district, which is actually pretty affluent. They may not qualify for much. In which case, it’s long past time for new leadership in this state and maybe the schools crisis is the issue to make that happen.


  421. Obama backs teacher merit pay, charter schools

    “The future belongs to the nation that best educates its citizens,” he said. “We have everything we need to be that nation … and yet, despite resources that are unmatched anywhere in the world, we have let our grades slip, our schools crumble, our teacher quality fall short and other nations outpace us.”

    ~ snip ~

    “I know longer school days and school years are not wildly popular ideas, not with Malia and Sasha,” Obama said as the crowd laughed. “But the challenges of a new century demand more time in the classroom.”

    “If they can do that in South Korea, we can do it right here in the United States of America,” Obama said.



  422. “In my world, reasonable adults can agree to disagree. Reasonable adults are not threatened by new ideas or differing views. Reasonable adults can say: What we all can agree on is that we love our country and want our children to inherit a better one.”

    Talea – I like your world. Sounds like a really good place 🙂


  423. Well, greydog, I can’t choose not to have these people in my circle of friends and to be honest, my sister and brother-in-law are more conservative than me, but not by much. I admire them for dealing with this for 25 years. (also to be honest, I’m not much of a liberal — I prefer to call myself a pragmatist, kinda like our new prez.)

    My sis and brother-in-law did vote for McCain this time around, but never voted for W and were thrilled to see him out the door.

    But I guess what I’m railing against is the fact that people are seeming to believe the Rush’s of the world now who say: ‘You gotta pick a side, no matter what.”

    Bull puckey. In my world, reasonable adults can agree to disagree. Reasonable adults are not threatened by new ideas or differing views. Reasonable adults can say: What we all can agree on is that we love our country and want our children to inherit a better one.

    Yes, I know, I appear to be living in fantasyland. The sad thing is I got there without good drugs or drink.

    Off I go to find a bar. Or an Oxycontin.


  424. @ ImaginistΔ on March 11, 2009
    at 12:55 PM

    I don’t know all of the details, but I can share some:

    longer school day, and school year- this is probably necessary, given the amount students need to know/master. Don’t know how it will be paid for, and some parents will complain.

    Teacher merit pay- I think this idea comes from Denver Public School’s ProComp plan. It has some bugs that need to be ironed out, like measurable objectives. Perhaps more pay for board-certification, or teaching in at-risk areas would be better.

    More charter schools- yes, some have great innovation, but some are disasters. The biggest problem- funding more without decreasing funds for public schools.

    He is focusing on high school drop outs and academic standards- national standards may be hard to achieve, due to long tradition of state/local control.

    I’d like to see a greater emphasis on early childhood intervention, but at least it’s not all testing, testing as we had under Bush.

    There are increases in ed funding for all states; not sure how soon monies will arrive. Most is for infrastructure and at-risk kids, which should free up state funds for more teachers, etc. You have to keep a close watch on your legislature-

    I feel for those teachers who posted about unbearable conditions; I was very fortunate to work in a great district, but I retired due to overwhelming emphasis on tests/test results.

    I think Obama’s ed ideas are a starting point for a serious discussion about education/rebuilding of our system. The other missing piece, that Obama alluded to, is the role of parents- perhaps students are required to pass achievement tests to graduate.

    BTW: I have yet to see a realistic comparison of US test scores vs other countries, one that takes into account the fact that all of our students take the standardized tests, while this is not true in other places.


  425. Talea – my stepson hangs out with a a very fundamentalist family who we met during the cubscout years. . . between elementary school and high school, said Christian fundamentalist robbed his wife of her pension savings, wiped out her stock portfolio, lost their home in NC because he tossed the IRS notices, and stole his kids college funding accts. . .and after a bitter divorce they were reconciled because their pastor told her she must forgive him because he was the head of the household (promisekeepers stuff). So anyway, I don’t care other than this jerk kept preaching to us about the sanctity of marriage the whole time he was robbing his family – so I just choose NOT to have them in my “circle of friends”. But stepson loves them cuz they go shooting, spittin’,and all. . . real southern fundie rednecks. And this weekend we wuz invited to their new little cabin in the mountains for when Obama turns this country commie – I turned and went into the house – my S O just burst out laughing – they of course got mightily offended. . . mayhap we could send them to Missouri during the coming revolution?


  426. A week ago, my beloved brother-in-law’s mother died after a long illness. She was a great lady who was a wonderful mom-in-law to my sister and a wonderful grandma to two of my favorite nephews.

    My brother and I (both Oregon liberals) hustled up some tickets and headed to rural Missouri for her funeral last weekend. We grew up in a nearby Midwestern city but for the 25 years of my sister’s marriage have come to consider her farmstead our Missouri home.

    We also have known and grown to love many of my sister and brother-in-law’s friends, many who went to our alma mater (everybody in my family but my brother and his wife went to the University of Missouri.)

    It’s no real secret us Portlanders are more liberal. But for the first time, I really felt hate toward us because we are. It shocked me; made me sad and made me rethink my plan to move back to Missouri next month.

    Last I heard, America was founded on the principles of free speech and political and religious freedoms. We’re supposed to have the right to express our opinions but to respect the opinions of others who think and believe differently. That’s what made America different from every other country in the world — and what made it great in a very short period of time.

    At least that’s the way I was raised.

    I think what I term “rabid” talk radio (on BOTH ends of the political belief spectrum) is killing that for America.

    And if we, the people, don’t check it, it WILL kill America.

    One other thing I noticed: the rise of black-white racism. I haven’t had to listen to so many racist jokes since the 70s. And these from Christian, intelligent, well-traveled people — and in front of their teenagers.

    I was appalled – not because some of them weren’t laugh-worthy — but because no one told jokes based on any premise other than racism.

    Any balance appears to be lost.

    I do blame Rush. Many of the people I came into contact with listen to him and get their “information” just from him. Since when does any thinking, reasoning adult get his or her info from ONE place?

    I’ve listened to the guy periodically for decades; just like I’ve listened to folks from the far left for decades — just to make sure I understand what folks are talking about on both sides of any issue.

    It used to be I could find plenty of folks in the middle talking, too. I don’t where to find those “middle” or truly balanced shows anymore (and no, FOX News is no more balanced than any of the other networks).

    I’m really depressed about this. Send the wine bottle my way.

    Helen, great post!


  427. I really like the directness of the title for this posting. I’m putting you on my blogroll because I like your directness.


  428. I found a perfect example of the idea mentioned earlier about the windbag RL taking on more than he could handle – the small and mighty cane toad:

    “Most of the impact on the native fauna probably won’t be as noticeable as a crocodile floating belly up in the water.”

    OK – don’t think TOO hard about the belly part, it will leave you feeling sick. Just thinking about the floating part works just fine!


  429. i LOVE this post Helen 🙂


  430. CRD

    We are so THRILLED to have a psychic on board the blog! Will you now tell ME exactly what I’m thinking and who I like and don’t like? BTW, I wouldn’t give up that day job just yet… just sayin’!


  431. Thank you M&H…You are spot on! 🙂


  432. Oh yes I’m so glad we got on the drinking subject, my favorite topic.
    Here’s one some may find odd but quite good for the old hang over.

    Down here in the south we will take a beer and a can of V8 and pour together in a tall glass. Some call it a Redneck Bloody Mary or “Red Eye”. Sounds gross but really good.

    PS. Not all rednecks are republicans. I’m a proud hillbilly married to a die hard gun toting, deer hunting, beer swilling redneck who wholeheartedly supports our potus. Much to the chagrin of our ultra conservative South Georgian neighbors.

    Keep the convo going I’m loving it and very much enjoy all of the comments good or bad. Makes me think outside the box.


  433. Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus

    Don’t know what your point was, but your post made me laugh my head off! Could you be just a little bit MORE clueless and bitter? I revel in your pain, because it means we’ve FINALLY turned the corner and you aren’t a happy camper over losing the battle to dumb down the country and spread fear, hate and lies. It’s so refreshing to “hear” your anger! You made my day.


  434. The histrionics of the right wing make my day, literally, on a daily basis. Ever notice how they try everything in the media? If they’re going to say something stupid, they find a microphone within seconds. If they’re going to knock Obama and scream about socialism, they find a reporter, double quick. If they’re going to continue to predict the end of the world, and elect Chuck Norris their new president, they find Glenn Beck. And if they’re going to trot out their new, new leader of the Republican party, they record it forever on YouTube, where they can never live down the embarrassment.
    Keep talking Rush, you’re fueling the fires of right wing insanity. Between he and Glenn Beck, they’ll have the neo-cons relocated in no time.


  435. avotresanteΔ¥

    I know the you Americans have strange running tastes, but WINE with JUICE? Brrr my European soul shivers in the core!!!

    Try mixining it with Sparkling water (PLain NO taste) like Perrier or any (cheaper) kind, just watch it got enough “sparkle” in it, we call this a “schorle” and it ias a very popular drink in the summer (we even mix beer 1/3rd 7up with 2/3rds beer tghat way) I think you call it a “sprizer” ?

    That keeps the taste of the wine while deluting it to an alcohol contens that you can also take in the heat.

    And I think you’d love vino verde, it is a rather light (Tasting!!! watch the ammount, it drinks rather easy!) wine.



  436. Sandelwood writes: “I have read much of this blog and I don’t believe Helen is for real. I have a feeling this is all being written by someone much younger. Maybe even written by several people. The writing is great, but I don’t buy the author.”

    Sandelwood, guess you don’t know any straight-shooting opinionated women, much less interact with older women? My mother just turned 89, still teaching college, still an activist, still writing and lobbying – her wit is like Helen’s – laser sharp and merciless.
    But you don’t have to “buy” anything – no one is forcing you to come visit.


  437. Garrison Keillor writing at
    When it comes to disability pensions, you ought to include congressmen, especially these remarkable Republicans who, in the midst of a serious banking crisis, are recycling Herbert Hoover and decrying socialism and paying homage to a fat sweaty guy living alone with his cat in a five-mansion compound in West Palm Beach. At the moment, he seems to be steering the Republican Party like it’s his personal power boat and Mitch McConnell is the girl in the bikini on water skis.
    “I am at the top of the mountain of what I do. Everybody underneath it wants what I’ve got,” Rush said on his show the other day. “As such, they’ll do what they can to take me down or to criticize me or what have you. It is beneath my dignity to be critical of those beneath me. It’s just a waste of time.”


  438. Helen, as usual you’re fabulous. A face made for radio… I’ve been gone a while, read your post yesterday, and am still laughing over that one.
    Got a question for you, off topic: what are your plans for when Texas secedes and upChuck becomes the President of Texas? Just curious.
    Also a question for Margaret: Is there a way we can see your artwork, and possibly buy your creations? (By lottery, if possible — many of us are not rich enough for auctions). I would so love it if I could hang your art next to the signed and dated Georgia O’Keefe I found at a junk store for $3.
    Werner, thanks for the wine idea. I’ll try it. I usually end up mixing my wine with cranberry or pomegranite juice because it’s just too strong for my liking. Always willing to try something new.
    As for Limpball, we must encourage him to keep on doing what he does best. He is creating his own destiny. My brother-in-law is a Southern Baptist preacher, champion thief, embezzler, Republican, child molesting whore-dog, who is currently trying to combat the destiny he created. Infecting the world with hypocrisy, hate, and perversion for 50 years and with very theatrical performances as to how everybody else should live, he’s dealing with throat cancer. This is only my particular belief system so I guess it only applies to me, but hopefully whatever Limp’s version of hell is, it’s what he’ll be given, just as this “man of God.” What goes around, comes around. Don’t worry and don’t let Limpball, mAnn, or others upset you, instead, pop some popcorn and enjoy the show that’s coming. It’s going to be ok.
    Maven, loved your martini icon. Just thinking; will we start appearing Colorful and typing in tongues if we use them all? We’ve got ones now for pie, coffee, wine, and martinis. I love it. Colorful will be wearing out her/his decoder ring, for sure!
    Thanks to all for the great ideas and people who have posted comments and links, and especially to Margaret and Helen. I sure do appreciate all who have a sense of humor in our current mess, and all who have enlightened us about the struggles of others. Just wanted you to know.


  439. JuneauJoe

    ….However, Do we have a deal for YOU! We will give you Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin all for the price of one!

    enough shit exported north already, please flush and dispose down south 9or up nortH for that matter (SP))


  440. Could someone who is in the know please enlighten the rest of us about Pres O’s education plan? I would like to hear about it in plain English and if it comes from people who will be affected by the policy, all the better.

    Here in AZ our illustrious state legislators (repub majority) wasted no time slashing and burning the state education budget, once Janet Napolitano took an Obama cabinet position leaving the odious Jan Brewer (R) as interim Governor. Brewer was more than happy to sign their budget since it did not call for any sacrifice from those at the top.

    My grandkids’ school has already handed out 28 pink slips. The classroom sizes are already at 36 kids per and next year due to reduced teaching staff will increase to 45 per.

    So what I want to know is this – is there any good news in the education proposal? Like funding to the states that is dedicated to education only, in order to put back what greedheads like the AZ legislature (who only fight for the rights of the upper class) took out?


  441. Need a laugh?

    “The Rock Obama”

    ~ &

    This is just cool!

    PEACE ~ Δ


  442. Rush Limbaugh is a little, little small minded man in a big fat body. His rhetoric is both dangerous and in my opinion subversive. These are the times that I think our “right to free speech” should be reevaluated in order for people like Rush Limbaugh to be held responsible for the things that come out of their vile mouths.

    Helen, as usual you do a great job getting your point across. God bless you…


  443. adding to Mageen
    you might not be able to teach in Quebec (ONLY province with a decent lifestyle) but cna’t be worse than back home…. LOL (From the husband of a teacher)


  444. democraddict

    …..into teaching overseas

    waving the canadian falg at you !!! IF you can stand the climate….. we need teachers here bad!


  445. For Democraddict: former teacher here. I know where you are coming from. I left the field years ago due to a school system that was so disorganized it couldn’t find its whatsit with a searchlight and a map. No it wasn’t D.C.! Would you consider teaching in Canada? Pick a small town in Ontario with a population of about 6,000. That means its not only small but manageable. It should also have some obvious dynamism such as a thriving trade of some sort. You may not be eligible to teach Canadian history but there is always English, science, math, etc. Best of luck!


  446. I think you guys will be interested to know that we at Two Big Boobs blog have named Rush Limbaugh our Boob of the Week… and deservedly so. He is an unabashed self-promoter who does no service to his nation, nor to the Republican Party. Read our commentary at


  447. All I keep thinking about is Bush’s ” axis of evil”. Too bad he was far off the mark as to who belonged in it. These days it’s Coulter, Limbaugh, Palin, Hannity, Cheney, Rove, Bush, Rumsfeld and all of Limbaugh’s listeners.
    Terrible, hateful people.
    Helen, did you read about Obama’s education plan? As a teacher, I’m devastated. This is the first time I’ve really been disappointed and/or not agreed about his ideas. I thought that electing him would mean No Child Left Behind would be gone, it sounds like he wants to make it worse.
    I have a heavy heart today and am looking into teaching overseas as it is unbearable here.


  448. But the Dixie Chicks are a little easier on the eyes than Rush Limbaugh.


  449. Slamander- I am glad to see that despite your ideologies you can look at the big picture and see what Rush and Ann really are… Now if we can use that logic to lure you to the other side lol!

    No on a serious note…. Thats what needs to happen! People need to quit worrying so much about their immediate wealth and worry about the long term effects of our decisions. Namecalling gets you nowhere!




  451. I noticed recently that he had really put on the weight. I wish he would just go away.


  452. Maybe Anne Colter could stick one of her size 16’s in Rush’s mouth or up a different hole.


  453. Radio stats are figured differently than others, listing all feeds (no matter what length) and boosting all numbers for better ratings. A general rule is to accept 10% as the actual number, ergo Limbaugh the Stupid has 1.4 mil listeners, not 14 mil. Considering that there are app. 304 mil in the US, that’s a very small percentage of nitwits. That is still way too many rednecks; can we sort out the ones listening for entertainment and send the rest out of the country with Rush when he leaves?


  454. “Howard excluded of course”




  455. Sandalwood, do you think that judgement, intelligence and understanding diminish with age?
    It’s possible to be aware of what’s going on and comment without every other word being F***, S***, M*****F*****, which seems to be the mark of younger writers. If your faculties to diminish that much with old age, I’m glad I won’t be around to see what happens with the current M*****F*****s.


  456. I have read much of this blog and I don’t believe Helen is for real. I have a feeling this is all being written by someone much younger. Maybe even written by several people. The writing is great, but I don’t buy the author.


  457. Sundial, thanks for your reply. Freedom of speech is of course necessary and should be valued but not twisted as seen in America’s last Presidential Election. Stuff like “kill him”, “terrorist” “not a Christian”, Muslim” is not expression of views its sparks for divisiveness. I’m not sure that if you allow/force that in countries such as Indonesia or Turkey or Saudi Arabia you would get such a vibrant democracy.

    On conservatism, Americans have to re-learn what it is. It is not purely that of limited governance and tax cuts tax cuts etc. It is most definitely not about no abortio and no gays even if you are not a Christian. If you want to learn conservatism go and look at the UK/European parties. None of their parties are locked in the ideas that abortion is such a major issue. None of them keep throw stimulus bills on the floor and say its generational debt.

    And most of all, none of their media, right wing or otherwise has ever say they want leaders to fail. That is true of dictatorships not civilized democracies.


  458. Titus the 5th, idiot behind the sun……

    …..This guy is the most incompetent, corrupt person who has ever held the office of the Presidency………
    ………… Obama will remain a talentless, unaccomplished failure, regardless of what names you want to call people as a distraction.

    You sure your NOT talking about the shrubb here, looking from the outside in it looks a lot like Bush to me….

    ………and giving an unaprieciative person a cheap gift, knowing it ends up in the rubbish room anyway, seams a rather smart move to me!

    Q: What’s the main difference between the Americans and the British?

    A: The Americans have Barack Obama and had Bob Hope and Jonny Cash, the British have Gordon Brown and no Hope and no Cash!


  459. Here’s a link to Parke Godwin


  460. Helen
    14 million sheep and a big bad wolf to feed on them…. do soem of them actually sacrifice themselfs to feed his needs?
    ….. just wondering (or actually, NOT!)

    But if I count the supporters of Caribou Barbie, mAnn Coulter and Rush Slimepouch and their croonies…. It somehow scares me, millions of millions of braindead, walking psychological nightmares waiting to happen…..

    I just hope every school reform Obama plans goes actually through, cause the ONLY thing that helps agains stupidity is EDUCATION!

    At least, I hope so!

    thanks for the George Carlin links, right up my alley!
    And I realy hope for him that he is in hell by now, but a hell according to Parke Godwin, he’ll love it there!

    For people thinking bad of me for the above comments, please check “Waiting for the Galactic Bus” and “The Snake Oil Wars” from Parke Godwin BEFORE you condem me….


  461. I am personally cheering Rush on– he is the personification of what republicans are (even though they may be “nice” individually) And I am glad he is speaking their truth right out there for everyone to hear it. Sorry, republican ideology is not just an opposing viewpoint- not just a balance to the left — it’s an insidious ideology of greed and avarice with religious “morality” backing it up (that has nothing to do with what is really ethical or moral.) Anyone who cares more about a group of cells that have just gathered together to MAYBE form a fetus that may or may not be viable cares more about an issue than they do about the woman who is carrying the cells… (not to mention the hypocrisy of wanting her to carry the pregnancy to term but then being unwilling to help her by providing basic needs such as foodstamps and healthcare so that she can survive!) and I just don’t have any respect for that person– And the fact that we’re confused about that in this country explains why the media can still get away with calling Dick Cheney a pious guy.

    As for Rush’s comment about partisanship being “one side defeated”— well, really what do you think has been going on by the conservatives in this country? Their intent is to DESTROY progressive and liberal ideology not to come to a compromise.

    Keep talking Rush– maybe people will wake up to what you and your listeners are all about!!!!!!!


  462. Rush…….. Your stupidity is showing…..


  463. Frank Schaeffer calls Republicans arsonists of the national house. Great article.


  464. Ms Helen,
    Good post. Up until yesterday I thought Rush was the hands-down prize winner in the contest he’s been in for years. Please see the article linked at Suburban Guerrilla about the latest from none other than Chuck Norris, the new number one in my slimeball sweepstakes. Link to the link here:


  465. Scott Fillmer writes:
    “this “rush wants the President to fail” thing has been beat worse than a dead horse… each time by the left, taken out of context, but the thing is, look at his audience, you said it yourself… there is a reason he has such a large listener base, because a lot of people agree with him.”

    And as a Christian, this doesn’t bother you that a lot of people agree with him – that a lot of people agree with racism, misogyny, hate-mongering. . . this doesn’t bother you? What theology are they teaching you? The Prosperity Gospel? Mayhap you need to return to the Beatitudes and learn the lessons there. As for beating a dead horse, you may be correct. But standing up and saying ENOUGH BULL$h!T from propagandists like Rush is part of being Liberal. I guess you would have thought Jesus was beating a dead horse for casting out the money-changers and sacrifice-ware sellers in the temple. . . after all, a lot of the people agreed with them, too.


  466. At first I wanted to add some long drawn out ‘Rush is Satan’ commentary, but I decided just to say well done and what a great little blog you have here.


  467. I love your tell-it-like-it-is style of writing. Well done. Personally I’m so sick of the radio hosts given the soap box to stand on to spout their personal opinions and then call it news. Its not news if its biased. I can form my own opinion, thank you very much. I’m not sheep like his listeners are. I hope they all move to Canada- sorry Canada….


  468. this “rush wants the President to fail” thing has been beat worse than a dead horse… each time by the left, taken out of context, but the thing is, look at his audience, you said it yourself… there is a reason he has such a large listener base, because a lot of people agree with him.

    Comparing Rush to NPR is a little strange. Rush is not a news program (although NPR isn’t much of one either), it is a commentary. I do like a few over there at NPR but for the most part they are just as slanted as everyone else.


  469. Chuck Norris gets his chaps in a twist:

    Chuck Norris and the Secession of Texas from the USA


  470. Please do not confuse either Rush or Annn Coulter for Republicans. I am a life-long Republican and a Secularist as well. I’ve listened to Rush in the past. There are times when he is entertaining. Coulter is just a bitch.

    Neither of them can claim to being the main voice of Republicans. They certainly do not speak for me. Both of them are cynics pandering to the shallow end of the gene-pool. Who knows what they really believe.

    On the other hand, even though I supported Obama, I could never become a Democrat as there are too many things on that platform that I can’t live with, one of them is named Kerry and Moynahan is another.


  471. I’m sorry to say my father never misses Rush. I can barely tolerate it when I visit. I may never forgive him for playing Rush in the car on my way to my grandmother’s funeral. It was the week of the Democratic National Convention, so Rush was having a field day. I turned on my iPod as loud as I could stand it to try and drown out the idiocy. 😦


  472. Rush Limbaugh needs to run off with Anne Coulter never to be heard from again. The two of them are full of so much hate. Yet, it’s the very folks they speak against who are all about ensuring their right to speak their minds and continue to spread their ignorance…. amazing.


  473. ps Greydog– I used to do stem cell research when I was working on a way to introduce new ectoderm precursor cells (that give rise to skin and neurons) to cure brain diseases. GWB ended that for me. And as a Texan (whom he lied to as a governor) I have plenty of reasons to hate his guts…. along with Rush’s.


  474. Greydog-

    I sure love my two kitties: Isabelle and Leo (although Leo is a LITTLE dog like in his admiration/love of us!)


  475. Susan in CT, thanks for your response.

    I saw my grandma only a few times as a child. She suffered from advanced Parkinson’s. By the time she passed, she could not do anything for herself and shook uncontrollably. She didn’t even recognize some members of her own family. She never knew who I was.

    No one with a progressively debilitating disease or disability should be mocked or ridiculed for trying to bring awareness to the cause. Even if it’s via research and/or endorsements of a candidate others may oppose.

    I have a disability myself. I don’t want someone who hasn’t experienced it first-hand advocating for me. I’m perfectly capable of advocating for myself. (We get into the slippery slope of paternalistic attitudes if we allow others to do this for us.)

    Likewise, people with MS, MD, Parkinson’s, etc., shouldn’t be accused of “opening themselves up” to criticism or ridicule simply for advocating for themselves.

    And this is why Rush Limbaugh, in my opinion, is a hate monger. I used to watch his tv show in the early 90’s. I stopped watching because I realized most of what he said was vile. He’s gotten much worse since.


  476. calie, We need to keep President Obama – sorry.

    However, Do we have a deal for YOU! We will give you Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin all for the price of one!

    We would not regret you taking them off our hands!


  477. WE as a country [Canada] had the pleasure of hosting your President for a short visit. Not only did he know how many soldiers we had lost in Afgaistan, but when shopping he had Canadian money. This is a man who is a class act. If you fell that he is not doing his job then send him north to us we will welcome him with open aims. Priminister Obama has a nice ring


  478. Jake,

    I bet Rush deserved to have his ass kicked! Just from seeing Rush now, if he was anything like he is now as a child, I probably would have wanted to kick his ass too. I only got in 3 fights and the other kids kept making bullying until I whipped their butts. I was also on a boxing team but that does not count as fighting.

    Cost of Iraq war: Even when the war is over, we will have lots of medical bills which are directly linked to that war. We will be paying for it until the last injured vet dies.


  479. Amen Greytdog, and let’s not forget, Nancy Reagan endorsed Obama’s opening the grant application process to stem cell research. She said it was a great step forward and a good thing. So ok, neocons, let’s see you rip into Nancy Reagan like a monkey on a cupcake!


  480. Just want to point out that the cost of the Iraq war was four times the cost of the stimulus bill, and that total keeps going up until we get out of Iraq. But no Republicants were screaming about the deficit for the last eight years.


  481. I kicked Rush’s rectally eclipsing ass in the third grade.


  482. You’re a hoot Helen and thanks for “saying what a lot of us are thinking”.

    To Sphinctus and Jane: The country was run into the ground over the last 8 years. Obama is trying to figure a way out. Duh!!! You peckerwoods are morons.

    The Republican party is dying and being replaced by a Nazi-esque neo-conservatives like RL, SP, EH, GB and that ilk.


  483. LRA – removing the federal embargo against embryonic stem cell research is a step forward – and just maybe we can start working towards some cures. Research does not come with guarantees but G-d gave us a brain so we can use it. . . maybe what a lot of fundamentalists fail to realize is the true miracle of G-d’s creation – the human brain. The ability to reason, to make those astonishing extrapolations (aka leaps of faith) that lead us to a cure. If we all did was sit around and waited for G-d to perform miracles, why would G-d have even created us? I mean, s/he have to have been really really desperate or bored, eh? Of course, G-d made the cat to serve as the ultimate reminder of independent thought and action (ever see a cat act like a lemming or a republican? me neither)


  484. Titan, you’re going to have to do better, too. I don’t see where President Obama has displayed any kind of incompetence. He has done a great deald to undo a lot of the messes the Bush administration made, undoing the global gag rule, providing health benefits for millions of kids who needed it, and not once did he ever say he couldn’t be bothered with the economic crisis. He simply said he can walk and chew gum at the same time. He’s working on the economy, but he can’t just ignore everything else that needs fixing while he does it. Especially when there is no way for anyone to fix it overnight. And how exactly did he alienate India? He just said that he knows how important India is regarding Pakistan. Because Hillary visited South Korea instead of India? They were doing their annual weapons testing this week. North Korea was making more than their usual stink about it. A smoothing over just might have avoided a serious incident. Just because the media doesn’t report about him focusing on exactly the things YOU think he should be focusing on at that moment does not make him incompetent. Try again.


  485. Greydog-

    I heard that Obama is set to repeal the stem-cell moritorium on Monday!

    Sounds like success to me! (rebublican fail!!!)


  486. Actually miracles do happen overnight, but Obama didn’t promise miracles. He promised change. Change takes time.


  487. Titus… What exactly has Obama done that is so horrible? Everything he has done is because he cares about society in general. Stem cells, the stimulus plan! Loans…..

    Rush is an insensitive asshole! I was diagnosed with MS last year and the doctors still havent found a treatment that works for me yet! I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR AN IDIOT WHO DOESN’T BELIEVE IN STEM CELL RESEARCH!!! I will never vote for a guy who does not believe in the common man!

    All you trolls that decided to stop by this time around- Get your head out of your family values hypocritical asses and give Obama a chance… The guy has been in office less than 2 months! Miracles don’t happen overnight!


  488. “Because you have Republican Derangement Syndrome. Because you hate him because he is a Republican. The claim that you consider him a failure because of his three divorces is a lie. If he were a Democrat spouting off Democrat talking points, and if he had been married and divorced 6 times, you’d still be in his corner, defending the fact that he had been married so many times.”

    Yet another sterling example of the blind, double standard and hypocrisy of the republican mind. ANYONE, republican or democrat, who espouses family values and the sancitity of marriage as sacred and holy and therefore should only be reserved for “pure” people who love only the people they are supposed to love, who strives to make issues surrounding marriage and the family matters of public rule and policy, would be held in contempt for three failed marriages. Not because of the polical talking points, but because it’s hypocritical to lecture people on the holiness and sacredness and importance of marriage when you can’t even keep your own together. Much like Sarah Palin espousing how she wants all our kids to be taught abstinence only while she’s got a 17 year old unwed knocked up teen at home. It’s called HYPOCRISY. Look it up.


  489. you know what’s worse than a “rush” follower quoting and spewing the rush doctrine? those that only listen to or see clips of excerpts and take his word for the “liberals” taking him out of context.

    keith olberman and rachel maddow nailed the “hope obama fails” drama the other evening and yet still, after showing the entire piece, some fans STILL said he never said he wanted obama to fail.

    i’ve never had such an urge to shake someone to see if they had any marbles left – never.


  490. I remember some sad, sad days some 20 years ago when I worked as a courier during one summer home from college, driving in my stick shift pickup with no A/C and a radio that only had an AM band. And every morning, I was forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh at some point or have nothing to listen to at all while I drove.

    He was an idiot then, too.

    Some thing never change.

    At least in recent years he could blame the OxyContin. I don’t know what his excuse was back then.


  491. CRD – your argument is rather empty. I mean, you’re tring to prove a negative. How can you prove that in the 20 years that Rush Limbaugh has been doing his radio and tv shows, that he NEVER said thus and such? It’s impossible. I used to watch Rush Limbaugh rather religiously because I believe it’s good to know one’s enemy. And I saw him with my very own eyes and heard him with my very own ears say many things I’m sure you would love to dismiss as being taken out of context or something he didn’t really say or didn’t really mean. But how silly it is to delude yourself and hold up as a messiah a man you have to contantly run around telling everyone he didn’t really say what he said. For example, I actually saw and heard him say that dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was actually a very good thing because how else would we know how bad the a-bomb was? And of course we never did it again after that. You may think this is sound logic, but it doesnt’ compute to my way of thinking. Maybe because I’m smart enough to know that you don’t actually have to hack someone up with a butcher knife before you realize what a bad thing it is. Most of us reach that level of emotional mental development by the time we’re maybe three years old.

    I also saw with my own eyes and heard with my very own ears him refer to Malcom X at least a dozen times as Malcom “the tenth” dripping with contempt and sarcasm. since Malcom X had a very specific purpose in using X as his last name (slaves were stripped of their language, religion culture, traditions, even family name when they were brought over on the slave ships, being forced to take their master’s last name. X stands for the unknown in mathematics, and Malcom X was making the point that his real last name was unknown, Lee was his ancestors’ owner’s name, not really his. Rush being so contemptuous and disrespectful toward someone standing for this and who gave his life for the advancement of black people was a slap in the face for every self respecting black person in this country).

    If you actually want to convince anyone here Rush actually didn’t say the rest of those awful things, you’re going to have to do MUCH MUCH better than that.


  492. Thanks Helen, for another great post. Your post showed me why I do not listen to the man. My nature just would not allow me to do so. It sickens and saddens me when human beings forget that other human are made the same as they are.

    Judith, Steamaches, I loved your posts. President Obama is doing the best he can considering the circumstances. The two party system exists for a reason. It was designed to provide some checks and balances. I remember when it became suicidal for any politician to oppose the war in Iraq. “Either you were against us or your were with us.” And so many people voted for a war they did not really want nor believed in. The republicans at the time did not want dissent, very few such as Congressman Cucinich for example, were brave enough to express dissent. Congress failed us then by not standing up to what turned out to be so disastrous for our country. What is the great thing about war?

    I guess the republicans want to make up for Congress’ inaction then, by being very vocal now, about the policies being espoused by President Obama. They were not very vocal when this mess started. In fact this mess they say, was the fault of Barney Frank and the democratic Congres. It is because of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Never, ever would you hear them say that spending millions of dollars everyday in Iraq might have contributed to our country’s woes. I have yet to hear a republican in my circle utter those words.

    Now all of a sudden, the two-party system is supposed to be working, everything being done to fix the mess they left behind is wrong. It is just the most disheartening thing, to see humanity at play here. Sometimes, I hang my head in shame, hearing the reds around me carrying on about the economy. I guess less than two months is long enough to bring the Dow Jones back to 14,000. That is really the only thing they care about. It really saddens me that they are killing hope.


  493. CRD. You are wrong on all counts.

    The quote you call phony has never been denied nor disputed.

    The quote you say is out of context is not. A smaller version was used in a political ad in such a way that was considered out of context. Helen has used the full quote as it was intended.


  494. LRA – Michael J Fox is a class act and the comments made by Rush and his dittoheads have no impact on him or his goal to find a cure for Parkinson’s. Unfortunately, Rush’s comments are simply another symptom of our social need to denigrate anyone who is perceived as “different” because of a disease or disability, or for any other reason that society believes sets “them” apart from “us”. Of course Rush can always claim drug induced derangement. . . as the American public being subjected to RushieBoy and his hoodlums like Cheney, I think we should sue him for PTSD. . . .


  495. […] Rush, shut the hell up. You’re not helping. Margaret dear, I need your help sorting all this out.   Rush Limbaugh has a daily audience of 14 million morons- […] […]


  496. From Bill Maher (with Guest PL O’Rourke):

    Author/humorist P.J. O’Rourke: “It’s the twilight of the radio loud-mouth, you know? I knew it from the moment the fat guy-“
    Host Bill Maher: “You mean Rush Limbaugh and Sean-”
    O’Rourke: “-from the moment the fat guy refused to share his drugs….”
    Maher: “You mean the OxyContin that he was on?…Why couldn’t he have croaked from it instead of Heath Ledger?”
    — HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Feb. 8.


  497. You are my hero.


  498. Hi, hi,
    The US has been dealing with these concepts for over 230 years.

    Technology and education have changed the means by which people communicate and share ideas and perspectives during those 230+ years.

    I think the US has done a great deal in preserving those rights, but I also think most would agree that adjustments have needed to be made– defining hate speech for example.

    In my opinion, I don’t think most enlightened Americans think these types of rights and ideologies are possible in every country or context.

    That’s one thing that gets a lot of people into trouble; when they think the American system is perfect and that all the world should (and *can*) embrace it. Each country has a unique culture and those differences must be embraced and respected.

    We’re still working out the kinks, ironing the wrinkles.

    Our democracy is what our founders set up as a great Western experiment–in a relatively safe geographic place that shares borders with only two other countries.

    We don’t have it figured out, but we sure as hell have kept trying to get it right…


  499. ps. it INFURIATES me that Rush DARED to insult Michael J Fox! He has enough to deal with.


  500. Helen, the Dixie Chicks, and I (all as fellow Texans– along with howlgirl) are ashamed of what the republican party has become. It is the party of greed, ignorance, and “intelligent” design.

    I hope THEY fail!



  501. I can’t stand the guy and I can’t see how anyone would actually want the president to fail given the economic condition the United States is in right now – that smacks of being a traitor to your country to me.


  502. Why have Republicans and some Democrats peverted the meaning of democracy and freedom of speech? How do you expect other countries to embrace these ideas when you have twisted them beyond recognition?


  503. CRD—“you hate (Limbaugh) because he is a Republican.”

    Hell, no! We hate him because he’s a pompous, strident, lying, bullying son of a bitch who cannot be confused with facts, mercy, or compassion for anyone or anything.

    The “Republican” Party of Lincoln, Goldwater, Reagan, etc., is dead now. What masquerades as the GOP today is now just a bunch of arrogant bullies headed by the loudly bleating Limbaugh-Coulter crowd.

    Whirled Peas posted that link earlier.

    Frank Schaeffer, whose own family helped create years ago the movement known as the Religious Right, now disavows the Republican Party. This is a portion of what he has to say today:

    “You Republicans are the arsonists who burned down our national home. You combined the failed ideologies of the Religious Right, so-called free market deregulation and the Neoconservative love of war to light a fire that has consumed America. Now you have the nerve to criticize the “architect” America just hired — President Obama — to rebuild from the ashes. You do nothing constructive, just try to hinder the one person willing and able to fix the mess you created…

    “How can anyone who loves our country support the Republicans now? Barry Goldwater, William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan defined the modern conservatism that used to be what the Republican Party I belonged to was about. Today no actual conservative can be a Republican. Reagan would despise today’s wholly negative Republican Party. And can you picture the gentlemanly and always polite Ronald Reagan, endorsing a radio hate-jock slob who crudely mocked a man with Parkinson’s and who now says he wants an American president to fail?!

    “With people like Limbaugh as the loudmouth image of the Republican Party — you need no enemies. But something far more serious has happened than an image problem: the Republican Party has become the party of obstruction at just the time when all Americans should be pulling together for the good of our country. Instead, Republicans are today’s fifth column sabotaging American renewal…..

    “After Obama was elected, you Republican leaders had a unique last chance to send a patriotic message of unity to the world — and to all Americans. You could have backed our president’s economic recovery plan. Since we all know that half of our problem is one of lost confidence and perception, nothing would have done more to calm the markets and project resolve and confidence than if you had been big enough to take Obama’s offered hand and had work with him — even if you disagreed ideologically. You had the chance to put our country first. You utterly failed to rise to the occasion.

    “The worsening economic situation is your fault and your fault alone. The Republicans created this mess through 8 years of backing the worst president in our history and now, because you put partisan ideology ahead of the good of our country, you have blown your last chance to redeem yourselves. You deserve the banishment to the political wilderness that awaits all traitors.”


  504. Radio ratings are notoriously hard to quantify. The top number frequently quoted by Limbaugh is that he has 20 million listeners.

    In Radio ratings, this is what is known as the “cume,” or cumulative number of listeners. That is the total number of people who listened to a program any time during that week, including those who listened for as little as two minutes.

    The general rule of thumb in radio is to divide the “cume” by ten to arrive at the number likely listening at one time, which would give Limbaugh more like 2 million listeners. Still impressive (that there are that many sick f*cks in America) but it puts him in the same league as your typical Fox News blowhard or even Keith and Rachel at MSNBC.


  505. LOL I notice everything is either out of context or misunderstood about Rush!

    Why am I laughing out loud. Rush the one who wants everyone to own what they say or he tears them apart and calls them all vile names is now trying to explain what he really meant when he said he wanted Obama to fail.

    We get what he said “He wants the President to fail and that means America!” In reality he is no different than the people he tore apart and had licking his boots with apologies. When the furor over his statement started he finally succumbed and explained he really meant he wants the liberal policies to fail, and now all of the ditto heads are out explaining what he really meant. Yada yada yada

    He is a Radio talk show host. He does not believe anything he spouts he believes in ratings and bigger contracts. Nuff said.


  506. “he he’s still a BIG FAT FAILURE.

    Because you have Republican Derangement Syndrome. Because you hate him because he is a Republican. The claim that you consider him a failure because of his three divorces is a lie. If he were a Democrat spouting off Democrat talking points, and if he had been married and divorced 6 times, you’d still be in his corner, defending the fact that he had been married so many times.


  507. “I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.””

    Phony quote. Rush never said that.

    “The only way to reduce the number of nuclear weapons is to use them.”

    What you have done is simply supply a list of statements that you object to.

    “If we are going to start rewarding no skills and stupid people – I’m serious, let the unskilled jobs, let the kinds of jobs that take absolutely no knowledge whatsoever to do – let stupid and unskilled Mexicans do that work.”

    Out of context:


  508. “Personally, I think Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat pig”
    _______________________–Yes, he is.

    But he’s also, in my book at least, a failure. He might have money, he might have clout, he might even have a few millions fans, he he’s still a BIG FAT FAILURE.

    He’s been married 3 times by all accounts, has no children, therefore he’s alone. And to me, that means he’s failed at every PERSONAL relationship he’s ever had.
    He should have a HUMONGOUS “L” on his forehead for LOSER!


  509. “So, did my friend, MD just say it was Mr Fox’s fault for being ridiculed by Rush for daring to make a commercial about Parkinson’s? Did I “read that out of context?””

    I suppose you could say that Fox took advantage of being afflicted with Parkinson’s by making that commercial which, as I recall, was in support of a candidate who was for stem-cell research, but what Rush said was (and the videos are there) that Fox was “moving all around” and exaggerating his condition. He did SORT OF apologize for that, but it seemed to be pretty insincere.

    Perhaps Limbaugh doesn’t know anyone with Parkinson’s, and doesn’t understand what the disease does or what the meds for the disease do. I DO have a close friend with the disease, and Fox’s movements were pretty typical, as my friend’s are.


  510. Heapingoodtime, what do you mean, “who wants a liberal to succeed?”

    This is our country we’re talking about. If Obama fails, the country fails. And we’re in bad enough trouble as it is. You might not like his policies, but if they work then it doesn’t matter if they’re liberal or conservative or Martian.

    It seems as if, for many Republicans, a curtain dropped on January 20 — a curtain that blocked the view of the past eight years, which were devastating to this beautiful country of ours.

    I know it will never happen, but it would be great if we could stop seeing things ONLY in terms of liberal vs. conservative.

    In less than two months, Obama has tackled some difficult issues. But he’s not omnipotent — he can’t do it all, all at once. And he has made mistakes, and will make some more — he’s human, and I’ll bet he’d be the first to admit that. But he’s also VERY smart, and that’s got to be a good place to start.


  511. Wait! He was right about something back there in the quotes. That bit about bipartisanship comes after one side is defeated. Well one side did get soundly trounced – the Republicans. So shouldn’t they be whipped into submission?

    Which means he should shut up.


  512. Here, guys. Since the big deal seems to be apologizing to Rushblow, the Democrats have come up with their own “Write an apology to Rush” site.

    I added in a PS that I was also sorry to hear he’d thrown his back out, trying to pull his head out of his heinie, and told him to just double up on the Vicodin and get well soon.


  513. Rush (insert Coulter, Savage, et al) is a bully who makes acidic, hateful, racist, misogynist, absurd comments because he (like all bullies) is so full of self-loathing that he thinks he must put others down to make himself look better. He’s built a career on putting down as many people as possible in order to build himself up. I can ignore Rush b/c I know that’s what he’s about…what scares the hell out of me are the people who think he speaks the gospel truth, who lap up his lies like loyal dogs, and who don’t know how to think [or vote] for themselves.

    Bullies bully b/c no one stands up to them and says, “It’s NOT okay to treat people hurtfully or hatefully and your actions will NOT be tolerated.” Would God the republicans would find the chutzpah to stand up en masse to bullies, reclaim their party, and starting working for the betterment of their country, their community, their neighborhood, their family, themselves.


  514. If Rush wants to employ stupid and unskilled people he need look no further than his mirror.

    He is a bloated, bloviating know nothing. The lardy leader of the Republican party. The Human Pez dispenser of hate.

    What I’ve seen (ugh) and heard (gag) of him is totally, stomach-turningly sickening.

    I mean it. Really.


  515. Dear hi: they don’t represent the whole country. They’re just good (or bad, depending on how you view it) at promoting themselves. The founding fathers of our country believed that freedom of speech was essential. They were right. Unfortunately that means that everybody, even the people I disagree with, have the right to talk. It’s up to the rest of us, it’s our Responsibility, to use our judgment and common sense. When we fail to do that, it’s on us, not on them.


  516. I don’t suppose I’m going to agree with everything Obama tries to do. But on his worse day he’ll still be a big improvement on Bush. After Bush we pretty much had no place to go but up.

    I say let Limbaugh talk. Seriously. He gives the rest of us something to laugh at during hard times. He is a comedian, he’s just masquerading as a political commentator. Some people listen because he’s saying what they want to hear and all that anger and hatred makes them feel righteous and important. They won’t go away just because he shuts up. At least this way they’re easier to spot. And the rest of us can use the entertainment.


  517. I love my good friend, MD. He’s a conservative, whereas I’m a moderate liberal.

    However, this latest exchange between us on my social network site just boggles my mind. Here it is in its entirety for anyone who wants a glimpse:

    (This was in response to the video I uploaded where Letterman is talking to Katie Couric and said Rush looked like a bonehead Eastern European gangster in his outfit).

    MD at 6:46pm March 9
    Dave Letterman used to be funny, a long, long time ago.
    Me at 7:09pm March 9
    And he still is.

    CM at 7:27pm March 9
    He was until he became a mouthpiece for the Democratic party. And they complain about Limbaugh?

    Me at 8:07pm March 9
    Rush is ten times worse, CM. He preaches hate and misuse of reason. I may not be able to listen to his show, but his transcripts are there, and none of his pontifications make a lick of sense.

    For example, he stated that in the 80’s he always bought GM cars. Now the cars always broke down a few years after he bought them and he’d have to buy a new one. Then, when GM started making the cars better, less people bought them, which meant lower sales which, in turn caused their current financial problems. (I’m taking this nearly verbatim from one of his transcripts) So what he’s saying is that GM should’ve continued to make crappy vehicles in order to stay afloat?
    What the hell kind of screwed up reasoning is that?

    Sorry, but I’ll take Letterman over Limbaugh ANY day.

    MD at 8:51pm March 9
    We get it. You just don’t know what you are talking about because you don’t listen to his show and you read these things out of context. That’s okay. Even if you read them in context you wouldn’t agree with what he has to say because you are a liberal. We’re fine with that. But please stop saying that he preaches hate and misuse of reason. He does no such thing. Ever.

    Me at 10:02pm March 9
    So calling military people against the war fake soldiers, women who fought for equality faminazis and/or ugly, accusing Michael J. Fox of exaggerating his Parkinson’s, is NOT preaching hate? How can those things be taken out of context, Mike? I’m not stupid.

    I know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.
    And, I can also watch the videos of him with captions, and I do.

    MD at 12:53am March 10
    I know EXACTLY what you are talking about, too. And you are exactly wrong on each point. Rush was calling the fake soldiers that the left kept trotting out fake soldiers. They were. Over and over again. The term feminazi is kind of funny. It is certainly no worse than calling someone you simply disagree with a nazi or a fascist. And your side does it all the time. He calls some ugly women ugly and he gets called much worse in return. Within seconds of walking onto Dave Letterman’s show for the first time, Dave called Rush a hot ball of gas. That’s just rude. Rush was polite through the whole thing. Michael J. Fox, whom I really like, opened himself up for that line of conjecture when he filmed that commercial. If I recall correctly, it wasn’t an accusation. Still I wouldn’t have said it, but I wouldn’t call it hate. But it seems that everything that liberals disagree with these days is labeled as hate. What should we expect when we no longer know the definition of “is” is or claim that oral sex is not sex?

    Me at 6:45am March 10
    I don’t agree with everything my “side” says or does. Oral sex is sex…”Is” is “is.” Clinton was being a smartass when he made that last remark.

    However, I can’t believe that you’re saying it’s Michael J. Fox’s fault for daring to bring awareness to a disease and it’s cures! Ugh, ok. Let’s allow people to mock those who try to bring awareness to a disability or disease. It’s ok, because they just bring it on themselves.

    Letterman may have been out of line when he called Rush a hot ball of gas that one time, but the fact that you think it’s ok for someone to make fun of others just because they’re (perceived to be) ugly or have a disability/disease is kind of mean.

    Letterman is a comedian. Always has been, always will be. Rush is a political commentator. Always has been, always will be. There’s a difference in teasing someone and maliciously maligning another.
    JH (who is currently in the Army stationed in Iraq). at 6:49am March 10
    MD, it didn’t matter if there was Democrat or Republican in office, Rush always had to bitch…which makes him in my book, useless. I used to listen to Rush, but when he complained and whined about anything and anyone, I got tired and changed the radio station. I turned the channel.

    Letterman is supposed to make people laugh, not all people …and Kudos to Michael J. Fox, who is trying to do something about an disease and not sit on his butt all day and complain and whine about it.

    It is a matter of opinion from one person to the next and this is what makes us who we are.

    So, did my friend, MD just say it was Mr Fox’s fault for being ridiculed by Rush for daring to make a commercial about Parkinson’s? Did I “read that out of context?”


  518. By the way, when he wants President Obama to fail, does he meet he wants the three Republicans in the Cabinet to fail too? What if they implement Republican policies?


  519. American conservatism is peverted. Real conservatist ideas are promoted in the UK, in Europe. the UK has strong figures like David Cameron and William Hague, well educated people who although hate Brown’s policies, do not annouced they want him to fail.

    America is contrast throws up lowly educated people like Palin and Limbaugh. How can they represent a so called superpower? It’s no wonder the Chinese and Indians are taking over and the Taliban is winning.


  520. Last 2 paragraphs to be numbered ‘3’ & ‘4’.


  521. What is the point of listening to Limbaugh to hear what he’s going to say next, unless you agree with it? Is this the “Gilligan’s Island’ factor – how bad can this get? If so, how much free time and attention do you have to devote to this exercise? Seems like waiting through a whole lot of boredom, just to get to something that you hope is going to get you really upset. Masochism, much? It’s not like he ever supplies data or arguments that get you thinking.

    If you do agree with him, at least there’s some point. Rush’s message is very attractive to people who don’t like gray areas.

    1) We’re superior by birth, gender, race, religion, class, whatever – pick one. No need to work, achieve, or earn respect. Even if we couldn’t compete on any of those scores, at least we’re better than Them (Them to be defined in any way necessary for the argument). IMHO, people who need this line of reasoning to get through their day might as well get a t-shirt that reads “I Am A Weenie”. Want respect? Go earn some.

    2) God is omniscient, omnipotent, on our side, and desperately needs our help to keep him from letting somebody get away with something. Also, he is so incredibly needy that if he is not properly loved, he will personally make sure that we burn in Hell for all eternity. (I’ve never been sure if this was God or the Godfather – it is the ultimate offer that you can’t refuse).

    After you have no money, health care, schools, infrastructure or hope for your children’s future, it will still be ok. At least your gay neighbors won’t be able to call themselves married, so they won’t be as good as you.

    Your neighbor is totally responsible for his own predicament. He gave himself that stroke, he laid himself off, he shouldn’t have bought that house based on having the job which he had at the time. After all, if it could happen to anyone, it could happen to you. And that is truly terrifying.


  522. If we are extremely lucky, ol’ pig-faced Rush is going to implode rather than explode. It will be one or the other no doubt. I want to say “he’s bitten off more than he can chew” but he may be the one person on the face of the planet that needs a new term applied to him for takin’ on more than he can handle. I’ll think on that one and get back to ya!


  523. I hope Rush Windbag disappears. Go Team Obama!


  524. I find it interesting that all of the trolls came oozing out of the woodwork with the latest blog.

    I am tired of you damn people as much as I am tired of Rush Limbaugh. I hope you all wander in the wilderness for a very longtime! You offer no constructive ideas, not even a grain of compassion or empathy for your fellow Americans and I certainly do not see one hand extended to at least help clear the shit we are mired in.

    You bash and whine while the snot runs down your nose and wonder why no one with a brain will accept and or listen to your meandering brainless record skipping rhetoric! You are stuck in the grove and I hope it just wears you down.

    Like Helen said in her usual grace and common sense style.

    “Like I said – it’s a free country. You’re free to love it or even hate it if you want. All I ask is that you be honest with yourself about which of those two positions you have chosen to subscribe. Because considering the current state of the world, we will all succeed or fail together – like it or not.”

    Helen as usual a fantastic post!


  525. It is amazing the kinds of things he says, isn’t it? And you are right, it’s all about hypocrisy. Excellent post as always!


  526. I still don’t undertand what is so wrong about what Rush said. Who wants a liberal to succeed?


  527. Thank you Helen for another great post! This one made me laugh, and also made me sad. A toxic man leading a flock of willing believers. Kind of like “Reverend” Jones and his killer koolaid.

    Chloe, you Go Girl! You are on the nut case’s tail like a flush after a dump.

    Thanks to all!

    P.S. Jean, yes, we need justice. It doesn’t always work out, but it still happens doesn’t it?


  528. Helen, if you haven’t seen this Saturday Night Live clip yet, please click on it. I guarantee, you’ll love it.


  529. Here’s an idea Helen,

    once this gas bag runs outta air, you should sit back and enjoy the coming spring with another ‘good book’ (small ‘g’) 🙂

    ‘Crazy for God:
    “How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back

    Author Frank Schaeffer talks with D.L. Hughley on CNN
    He has some very interesting and telling things to say from an insiders perspective.



  530. As usual, you rock. In the eight LONG years that Bush was in office, I never uttered or heard anyone say that they hoped we would lose the war in Iraq! And they say we’re the ones who aren’t “real” Americans.



    Even Newt Gringrich wants Obama to succeed!

    “You’ve got to want the president to succeed,” said the former House Speaker. “You’re irrational if you don’t want the president to succeed. Because if he doesn’t succeed the country doesn’t succeed… I don’t think anyone should want the president of the United States to fail. I want some of his policies to be stopped. But I don’t want the president of the United States to fail. I want him to learn new policies.”


  532. If you’re not discusted enough by this man…

    Here’s Our Top 10 Racist Rush Limbaugh Quotes

    1. “I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”

    2. “You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray [the confessed assassin of Martin Luther King]. We miss you, James. Godspeed.”

    3. “Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?”

    4. “Right. So you go into Darfur and you go into South Africa, you get rid of the white government there. You put sanctions on them. You stand behind Nelson Mandela — who was bankrolled by communists for a time, had the support of certain communist leaders. You go to Ethiopia. You do the same thing.”

    5. “Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.”

    6. “The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies.”

    7. “They’re 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?”

    8. “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back(to an African American female caller).”

    9. “I think the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. They’re interested in black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well. I think there’s a little hope invested in McNabb and he got a lot of credit for the performance of his team that he really didn’t deserve.”

    10. Limbaugh attacks on Obama. Limbaugh has called Obama a ‘halfrican American’ has said that Obama was not black but Arab because Kenya is an Arab region, even though Arabs are less than one percent of Kenya. Since mainstream America has become more accepting of African-Americans, Limbaugh has decided to play against its new racial fears, Arabs and Muslims. Despite the fact Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law school, Limbaugh has called him an ‘affirmative action candidate.’ Limbaugh even has repeatedly played a song on his radio show ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ using an antiquated Jim Crow era term for black a man who many Americans are supporting for president.

    And they call this the ‘defacto leader of the conservative right…



  533. There’s a different take on whatever the ratings Comedian Rush Limbaugh (R-Himself) is getting.

    It’s a lot like Howard Stern’s ratings being discussed between the ratings pollster and Howard’s station manager, from the movie ‘Private Parts’:

    Researcher: The average radio listener listens for eighteen minutes a day. The average Howard Stern fan listens for – are you ready for this? – an hour and twenty minutes.

    Pig Vomit: How could this be?

    Researcher: Answer most commonly given: “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

    Pig Vomit: All right, fine. But what about the people who hate Stern?

    Researcher: Good point. The average Stern hater listens for two and a half hours a day.

    Pig Vomit: But… if they hate him, why do they listen?
    Researcher: Most common answer: “I want to see what he’ll say next.”



  534. Great post, Helen!
    Margaret, I hope you have someplace to go to avoid listening to Rush when your Howard tunes in. I can’t imagine being subjected to that daily.

    If anyone is interested in more of Rush’s nuggets of wisdom, Media Matters for America has quite the collection of his lousy remarks over the past few years.


  535. ummm earth to Titus….. the next election is in Nov of 2012, not Nov. 2010. (insert rolling eyes here) Sir if I can live through 8 years of YOUR President who was the biggest saddest excuse for a human being I have ever seen, then surely you can live through 8 years of the greatest thing to happen to the US in a damn long time!

    Natalie Maines made that statement on a London stage and has never been allowed to forget it. I never understood what the big deal was myself.
    Of course it didnt help that the President went on t.v. saying they shouldn’t get their feelings hurt if people wanted to burn their c.d.’s etc…. followed up with a snarky smile. How mature right?

    Rush is is bag of hot air and that is all. No more no less and if he is right and all the Repubs want Obama to fail well then when he doesnt fail it will be all the sweeter to watch the Repubs eat crow wont it?

    Helen, as usual you are spot on and delightful!


  536. “Limbaugh Billboard Slogans: DNC Releases Top Five”

    Democrats are not slowing down their efforts to try and tie the Republican Party to Rush Limbaugh.

    Today, the Democratic National Committee released the five finalists for the slogan that will adorn a billboard in the talk show host’s hometown. From the contest launched last week, which, aides say, attracted 56,000 submissions, came this:

    * “Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure”
    * “Hope and change cannot be Rush’d”
    * “Failure is not an option for America’s future”
    * “We can fix America, just don’t Rush it”
    * “Rush: Say yes to America”


  537. Every time I think I cant stand it any longer, I come on by and read your latest post(s) and feel slightly less alone.

    Oh what I wouldnt give for someone to bitch slap Rush … and his girth isnt just due to donuts, no, his time as a pharmaceutical junkie did that …


  538. Great post as usual Helen!

    jane is the blind one!!

    Jane in Miami


  539. rush limbaugh is a jak hazz..i really hope he is the next republican pres candidate in 2012…because it will be a GUARANTEE that the democrats will have another 4 yrs…

    keep the bs coming rush!!!!!


  540. I love how the Repubs and Christian wingnuts all think that Obama should have everything fixed by now. It took Bush 8yrs to get us into this mess and they want a miracle done in less than 2 months and then run Obama down because he hasn’t provided said miracle.

    So what if he didn’t campaign for the guy in Britain. It isn’t his job to get anyone elected over there any more than it was theirs to get Obama elected. He doesn’t spend a lot of time on the foreign trips because he has enough work back here and yes, it will take a long time to right all the wrong we’ve had going on in the USA but he is obviously working on it as fast as he can.

    If Sarah, Rush and Jindal are the great white hopes for the GOP for 2012, they are sunk already.


  541. From a red state that went not merely blue but cobalt in November, along with some other states that were supposed to be frozen in red aspic, I hereby lift my hand and send him something he can understand – a one finger salute.

    Of course its tasteless! No class! But I figure it won’t confuse him.

    To Limp-paw and his cohorts, the Democrats won. That means the Republicans lost. Simple as that. And this running the country into the ground started earlier on in the last administration. Check it out. Things like assigning the FBI to all things terroristic and taking them off the scent of cases like Madoff et al. If the FBI had been allowed to follow through on these assignments, the crash (thats what it is; I heard it!) would either not have happened at all or been a lot less disastrous.


  542. I don’t believe that 14 million people listen, last week there was a quote in HPost that said it was 20 million. (I also recall someone saying that 90% of statistics are made up?) How do they even know who is really listening or not? Just because the radio is on doesn’t mean people are really listening, does it?
    If it is true then my only explanantion is the sick fascination aspect. You know like the looky-loos who slow down and clog traffic hoping to see a gruesome sight when there is an accident on the side of the road. (Same type of folks probably in his audience)
    I have a friend who listens occasionally because he says he has to keep up with what the enemy is expousing and also for a good laugh.

    I say ignore him, he is not an elected official and not worth our time.

    As usual, great post Helen.


  543. Boy, are you people blind!! Obama is running the country into the ground, and you sit around and knock a talk show host like he matters.


  544. It is surprising when a national party of government employees gives credence and leadership to a demagogue. I sincerely hope that the GOP takes some time to reinvent themselves and rediscovers their finer points from history, such as championing the privacy and rights of the individual.

    To this day, I do not understand how the “conservative” party separated themselved from “conservation.” The purpose of conserving the past is to carry its success into the future. And yet the Republicans are satisfied with sending an increasingly barren and toxic environment into the lives of their offspring and grandchildren. They are, or were, intent on sustaining America’s dependence on foreign sources of energy instead of making use of good old Arizona sunshine and plains states wind.

    I don’t get it. It’s utterly illogical.

    They have strayed far from successful American ideologies of independence and consideration. I hope they find their way back.


  545. Wow! I have never listened to RL longer than it takes to change the station on the radio. I knew that he wishes Obama will fail, but I had never heard any of the rest of what you listed.
    He is really repugnant. Ick…


  546. I don’t particularly care for Jack Cafferty’s column most days, but I like THIS one:

    Commentary: “GOP becoming a cartoon”

    Story Highlights

    * Jack Cafferty: Jindal, Palin, Steele have had embarrassing moments

    * He says the Republicans had an opportunity to change course after Bush

    * Cafferty: They’re blowing their chance by obstructing Obama’s change plans

    * He says the GOP isn’t trusted by Americans to lead U.S. out of recession


  547. So I guess “Titus” is one of the “peckerwoods” that Helen referred to?? Gosh, I’ve never seen one in the wild like this….They ARE as stupid as they look, are’nt they? I don’t think we should feed it and I really don’t think we should poke it with a stick…I’m just saying…


  548. colleen,

    That is an actual Limbaugh quote. He said that in 1993, referring to NAFTA.

    He was talking about “stupid and unskilled Mexicans” in Mexico.


  549. I used to listen to Rush back in the 90s, but before too long his pontificating ego was just too much along with his illogical logic. Now I can’t hardly stand to stay in the same room if he is on the air. Unfortunately, I know a number of people who are very sharp on matters other than politics who make sure they have their radio tuned to his program.


  550. Years ago a friend of mine recommended a book by Al Franken called “Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Idiot.” Also a wonderful read…


  551. Sophronia, thanks for the D. Chopra link. I’ll be checking that site out regularly now.

    SuperJ, I love ur site. The Son Himself would be laughing His Ass off. 😉

    And as far as t‘IT’us is concerned, I always follow one simple rule that makes all of Life a little easier:


    I.S.P. thx ~ Δ


  552. dreamer


  553. It’s not fun being a Republican anymore, is it?

    I have a feeling it’s going to be VERY fun to be a Republican in Nov. 2010.


  554. Can you believe the way Obama is fumbling on foreign policy as we speak? Equating Britain with a Third World country. Giving Gordon Brown a $9.99 DVD set you could buy at Wal-Mart, that the PM can’t even play on DVD players over there since it’s not coded right. Alienating the Indians, our closest strategic partners in South Asia? And what about the rest? Telling us all that he’s got too much to do to bother dealing with the financial crisis? He’s too tired to engage in even the most basic diplomatic niceties with our closest ally? Nominating a cabinet, practically all of which’s members ought to be in jail for one thing or another, and who are largely either racists, tax evaders, or special-interest lobbyists? Saddling our children with trillions in debt that we’ll never be able to repay, while he hands out taxpayer goodies from his swagbag to his nutso left-wing Democrat buddies in various special interest groups? Pandering to woman-hating, misogynistic Islamofascists in Afghanistan?

    This guy is the most incompetent, corrupt person who has ever held the office of the Presidency. He makes Grant look sterling in character. Sorry, but screaming “racism” like a gibbering baby everytime somebody criticized your Boy King doesn’t work anymore. Obama will remain a talentless, unaccomplished failure, regardless of what names you want to call people as a distraction.


  555. For the record, I DON’T listen to RL very often (he comes on after my morning talk show and sometimes I am too busy to turn off the radio fast enough). However, I think some of these comments are taken out of context. I can’t say when, where or how but the comment about unskilled Mexicans seems one of them. Simply because I do know that Rush was very much against illegal immigration, amnesty and all for sending everyone back home. Can’t truly argue that unskilled “Mexicans” should do the work and then argue to send them all home. But I could be wrong.


  556. Helen, Helen, Helen, I just love your take on things. Rush is a fat peckerwood troll, and maybe so is Titus, and why he’s taken to ragging on Obama. Poor little Titus. It’s not fun being a Republican anymore, is it?



  557. Titus,

    Sarah Palin didn’t win the election. What alternate universe are you living in?


  558. I, for one, would like to hear the evidence which supports Titus’ claim that Obama is more incompetent than Bush. The fact that Titus says Biden would do a better job with the same dearth of evidence makes me think he’s just as racist as RL.

    So, how about it, Titus? Let’s hear that evidence.


  559. Helen…I am laughing my ass off!!!!!


  560. Titus….clue phone is ringing…pick it up!


  561. Helen,

    Again, you made me laugh. I, too, want to be you when I grow up. Keep up the great work.


  562. You’re welcome Small Town Jope. Glad I can help (with ‘Teh Google’ of course). That’s just what I do. My good friends lovingly refer to me as IB.

    Question: How do you get what’s left of the Republican Party to destroy itself?

    Answer: It sure helps to have some self-obsessed drug-addicted sociopath like Rush Limbaugh as “leader” of the doomed wingnuts!

    from Wonkette:
    Limbaugh, GOP Just Comically Walking Into Every Trap



  563. last call – crazy person, party of one…your table is ready.


  564. SJ – it’s sad and surprising that America actually elected a President who makes BUSH look competent and well-intentioned.


  565. Good article Helen! I thought you might take Rush on next. I like your comment that we make fun of his appearance because we hate what he stands for.

    Here is a quote from Deepak Chopra about Rush:
    “By any sane account, Rush Limbaugh is dead weight when it comes to finding a solution to anything. Like Sarah Palin, his spiritual bride, he lurks in the shadow of the human psyche, expressing the dark anger, resentment, jealousy, and vindictiveness that society can never escape.” He then goes on to say we should send a kind thought his way because Americans have always secretly admired rascals, bank robbers, etc. “. . . the fact that America makes room for him is something to be proud of.”

    Here is the link if you want to read the article:

    I don’t listen or like RL. Can’t stand what he says, the way he says it or how he appears when he raves into the microphone. I do think that certain Repubs will stand up to him, and that will make their reputations. Watch for some jockeying around within that party. Someone will use RL to advance his own standing in the party.

    In the meantime, RL speaks the shameful things that some in our country still think. But exposed to the light of day, his opinions seem wrong, and utimately shameful. He shames himself, though he doesn’t have sense enough to know it.


  566. Titus, my conservative concern troll, after the last eight years for the right to only now start mumbling something about competency is ironic, don’t you think?

    Helen, spot on babe.

    Super J.


  567. crazy person…party of one, your table is ready.


  568. What’s not helping? Pointing out that Obama himself just said he’s “got too much to do” to deal with the single biggest problem facing the country? Face it, Obama is an empty suit who’s in way over his head. It’s one thing to smile big and look like a pretty-boy for the cameras. It’s different when you actually have to make smart-people decisions and act like an adult. Maybe Obama should go back to campaigning, and let Biden run the show for the next four years. Then, the Administration might at least begin to approach something resembling competency.


  569. Margaret and Helen:
    Isn’t it interesting that apparently the same folk who listen to Rush regularly also seem to be the “Christian” right? I’ve never heard anyone spout and portray less Christian principles in my life, than Rush Limbaugh. He is a hate-filled man. Why cannot the Rush audience admit to this? Where are the truly Christian and moderate Republicans who could refute the nonsense he hands out? Seems as if logic flies out the window….

    Helen, instead of listening to Rush (I commend your fortitude…), balance it out by watching the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, or her radio show on Air America. This is a truly intelligent and gifted woman, with a sense of humor as well….enjoy…


  570. Thanks for that Whirled Peas.


  571. Peckerwood: a slang term 19th century southern Black Americans used to describe poor whites. Blacks saw blackbirds as a symbol of themselves, and the redheaded woodpecker as a representation of working class whites. They considered them loud and troublesome like the bird.



  572. You go girl! Rush Limburger is a pill-popping, fat, jerk. He’s a rascist and misoginist and feeds off uneducated, working poor, mostly white guys.

    I just love your blog! Keep up the good work.


  573. He’s a national embarrassment, that’s for sure. I think his days must be numbered because his health cannot be good. Obesity is one thing, but imagine what those levels of bitter hatred and vitriol are doing to his body. Poor dude.


  574. Another homer Helen. THX

    To ~ Annette @ 9:43AM

    [Rush says]… “if Pres. Obama succeeds then he is leaving the country and going to Costa Rico or somewhere…”

    Dominican Republic MAYBE???

    peace ~ Δ


  575. “Personally, I think Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat pig. I can say that without worry because I am a big, fat bitch.” – LOVE IT!

    Helen, don’t get your hopes up about Rush leaving if Obama succeeds, I’m still waiting for Stephen Baldwin to make good on his promise to go!


  576. I am laughing out loud and almost peed myself that you used the word ‘peckerwood”. My grandfather is the only person I have ever known who used that word.

    Does anyone know where that word came from?


  577. I can’t understand either how Rush wants the president to fail – it is unbelievable that all Republicans want this. If he fails – the country fails and things will get worse – surely the religious right that follows Rush’s ideology do not want this – it doesn’t make sense – but then I guess a lot of those people do not make sense to me. How people can idolize that buffoon is beyond me.


  578. You ae such a scream. I wish I knew you. Rush Limbaugh is an idiot. Everyone knows it. The people who listen to him are bigots who use Rush as an outlet for their hatred. It’s funny how few people actually admit in person that they listen to him. He is everyone’s dirty little secret.


  579. Love you love you love you.

    I want to be you when I grow up. I pretty much say that whenever I comment here, but I mean it. Really! 🙂


  580. LOL. He is full of himself and full of donuts!!!


  581. I don’t understand Rush and his minions. Why on earth would you want our President to fail? What purpose would that serve? President Obama has been in office barely 2 months, what does Rush expect him to do? Walk on water? Rush is just jealous that his alter ego Ann Coulter is getting more press than he is.


  582. Helen. You are my hero.


  583. Yes, and the one thing I am hoping for is that another statement he made holds true.. something to the effect that if Pres. Obama succeeds then he is leaving the country and going to Costa Rico or somewhere, because it means that everything he believes in is wrong.

    Oh if only that will be true and it will mean one more gas bag gone from here and one more hypocritical lying republican will be gone.



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