Posted by: Helen Philpot | November 7, 2008

Idiots are so easy to spot

Here you go folks.  The perfect example of Republican idiots.  See them talk about how a lot of money in their pockets excuses war, corruption, lies, torture and everything else that has happened this past 8 years.  See them use racist statements to suggest they are not racist.  Watch how they suggest that their taxes go to support someone else rather than the roads, schools, police and miltary they count on.  Don’t get too close.  They might bite.  And for God’s sake, don’t feed them.

Comment posted on 11/6/08 :

I know this will be quite unpopular here on this site but I DO think John McCain had a tough hill to climb….let’s face it, following behind a Republican president of 8 years with what, a 26% approval rating? isn’t going to be easy. Then of course there is the financial meltdown and frankly, it was all over then and there. Everyone wants to put 100% of the blame on Bush even though we have had a Democratic Congress for the last 2 years. Really, in MY middle class American life things were GREAT up until about 2 years ago when the real estate market started to decline then it all went down hill from there (I am a full time Realtor). I don’t know how people can say 8 years under Bush was so horrible….it wasn’t for me. I was out there working and selling and I made more money in the last 8 years than I have any other time in my LIFE. Of course, that may all be over soon….I will have to wait and see if I will have to share my wealth with someone else….

But let’s not kid ourselves here, there were PLENTY of people who voted for Barak simply BECAUSE he was black. I heard Howard Stern down in Harlem and people went on and on about how they approved of Obama’s policies of right to life and staying in the war until we win. They even loved his pick of Sarah Palin as VP! It was UNREAL! Those people interviewed had NO IDEA what he stood for or what his policy was but by God they were going to see him right into the White House……ignorant.

Yes, America has spoken and I am happy to support my new President and pray for him and for our country. Even though I voted for McCain there is a part of me that is glad Obama won. If he had lost I would have to listen to 4 years of how this country is so racist and how we “stole” the election (that sound familiar?)…whatever….frankly I feared there would be riots and other violence since that seems to be what happens when radical liberals don’t get their way…I hope I am proven wrong and he does all these great and wonderful things 1/2 the country bought into…..I will be first in line to stand up and say I was wrong and that he is an awesome dude……

Thanks for stopping by.  Even idiots are welcome to leave a comment.  I mean it.  Really.


  1. just saying ‘hi’!


  2. шокер


  3. LMAO! What she failed to include in her little speech was how Stern did the same thing to Republicans and they were just as uninformed.

    Some people have done well under Bush..Not every company is failing. However, the majority of the people have not done well. Good for her that she is flourished, but now she gets to see how it’s been for everyone else.


  4. How do we eviscerate godbotherers? (& TROLLS)
    Not “say bye” but actually make them go away. disappear, bye? them, you know, off them?

    This is a joke, monitors, grab a clue.


  5. blah


  6. Keep talking, ladies. Like the song on YouTube – you both wear lipstick, but you are thinkers — and she’s a dipstick. I almost threw up in my mouth a little when I heard she would be in Georgia. As if this state doesn’t already reek of idiocy.


  7. I don’t trust any of them. Anyone who wants to serve as President of this country is an idiot with an unnatural need for power.

    Let’s all remember one of Bill Clinton’s wishes that started the stinking financial mess going:

    “….and EVERYBODY gets a house!”

    You have a great blog here!



  8. It’s more like Proposition Hate.


  9. And oh, by the way, with due respect to this Weblog rightful owners ~ Margaret and Helen ~ to the good grandson, Mathew, too: I most sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart to agree to disagree with you on the issue of Proposition 8. Still, may the Lord Almighty reward you for your great LOVE and KINDNESS… 🙂


  10. Peace be on you, my good sister Zainab! I’m with you 100 percent, Muslimah! Patience is a Virtue. 🙂

    To great American thinkers, JMC and Mstate, I am simply a humble man of peace. I know and realize I am open to gay-rights curses for what I believe in but boy oh girl, am I glad Sunny State California’s Pro8 is on my side — Thank GOD! 😉

    You see, JMC/Mstate, where I come from if I can’t right any wrong with the sword (and the pen is mightier than the sword if I may add), I put things to right with the hand. If I still can’t right the wrongs with my hands, I will just pray in my heart that all wrongs will be back on track on the Righteous Path. And to only pray/hope in the heart for all the wrong things to be right again is the weakest of faith! Whatever it is, same-sex marriage was sinfully wrong (just as Sodom and Gonorrah got punished by God’s Wrath), is totally wrong and will always forever be wrong spiritually or otherwise. I rest my case. 😉 PEACE y’all! 🙂


  11. Hi Helen—Wow—I haven’t been here for a couple of days and thought I would come read some nice comments about your blog and here are these loooong comments and people arguing back and forth. It would take all day to read some of these—-anyway I still love your blog!!


  12. So what has become of the so called tax and spend liberals, who are weak on defense, and strong on social issues? Are they to be confused with republicans? Are republicans now espousing the same issues? I am confused.


  13. Gee, Jack, that’s a little harsh, don’t you think?



  14. To TeamClem:

    In case you come back for more, let’s face it, lady, you got caught by fingerstx in a LIE! Open your Holy Bible to Chapter 20 of Exodus, Verse 16, and read along with me, now. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

    Now, technically, you bore false witness against yourself, or maybe we could say against your real-estate listings. Why should we believe anything you have to say when you are so willing to, shall we say, guild the lily in order to bolster your case? You are not the kind of real estate agent I would want to deal with.

    I, too, spent a good part of my life in Corpus Christi and am well aware of the area — enough to know that Padre Island and South Padre Island are different ends of a very long island. And the whole business of north of the bridge and south of the bridge is ridiculous. The price of your listings, no matter where they are located along the Coastal Bend of Texas, really tells the truth about your involvement in the real estate market. Try making the same money on the near west side of Corpus Christi and come back and tell me how that works for you!

    No matter how you slice it, lady, you are a liar!


  15. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass…

    God what a moron she was. I wonder if she will really stay gone this time.


  16. Good riddance.


  17. You know Pat, you are absolutely right…there really is no point to this. After all, how can one argue with the point that fingerstx made that all Liberals are not demons and all Dems are not hateful yet in the same paragraph he/she makes generalizations about Republicans? According to fingerstx we republicans don’t share, as a general rule, the characteristics of wanting a great education for our children or feeling compassion for the poor, etc…..please….give me a break. So the entire paragraph was devoted to stating the Dems aren’t hateful but Repubs sure are….well now, THAT is change I can believe in!

    Since this lovely little trip here to this blog has resulted in some psychopath following me into my “real life” and sending hate messages to me through my website (because remember, I wasn’t a coward hiding behind some psydo-name) it is time to call it a day and wish you all well.

    In the famous words of Sweet Dee “See ya bitches!”


  18. Dear TeamKlemm,

    I didn’t name you. Neither did I call you a c***. (I don’t have a cell phone; I don’t text people.) You revealed yourself. If I accused you of anything, it was of being self-absorbed and narrow-minded to the point that you, by your very own words, didn’t notice anybody else was having a bad time, a very bad time, these last eight (8) years.

    And the fact that you could write “Frankly I feared there would be riots and other violence since that seems to be what happens when radical liberals don’t get their way…” more or less proves the spiteful, narrow-minded part.

    Regarding Point #1, the taxes in Nueces County (Corpus) are about the highest in the area, and it’s only affordable if you have lots of money. It’s the “Land of Manana,” and it’s the last place you can go before you fall off the Edge of the World.

    Pt. #2, I never mentioned South Padre (about 130 miles away), just Padre Island. That may have been incorrect, but on your website you have seven (7) waterfront properties listed, including one in Corpus for $259,999. Many are pricey waterfront lots. Who cares if they’re north or south of the bridge.

    Pt. #3, I actually wasn’t speaking about you. I was speaking about the people I met and worked with in Corpus. You remind me of them in that your attitude is similar. They always seemed to have their heads in the sand, and when they came up for air, it was “me, me, me….”

    The other poster you thought was me is actually Daisy. She had the same reaction to you as I did, and her reply about you is dead-on correct. Everything she said is the God’s honest truth. She said it better than I could, so go back and re-read it. It’s about 4 posts above this one.

    Having seen that all the people who post here had a similar reaction to your *words*, perhaps you might analyze what you said and how we reacted to it. Like all Republicans, right now you need to do some soul searching and trim your sails a little bit. If you can do that and modify your future path, perhaps there is hope for you yet.

    All Democrats are not hateful. All Liberals are not demons. We’re people just like you who like their freedom, insist on separation of church and state, want a great education for themselves and their children, want a decent job that pays enough to cover the bills and have a little left over, want health care for all, don’t want the government spying on us, feel compassion for the lest fortunate, the old, the poor, the vets who come back broken in body or spirit, and are provoked by stupidity. We don’t want to spend $10 billion a month for an unnecessary foreign war when we could be spending the same amount to solve problems in this country. Unfortunately, these are not characteristics demonstrated by the Republican Party as a general rule.


  19. Klemm. Sweetheart. Darling. Honey. Is this some sort of sexual thing for you. You like the pain so much you keep coming back for more?

    Honey. It’s in print. Maybe you regret saying it now, but you in fact said it. And then Helen copied if word for word and pasted it here for us all to read. And I notice that Helen didn’t attach your name to it… we didn’t notice until you came back ranting about being hurt by this blog.

    You made it all about money. Not very pretty. And then you made it worse by generalizing about people in Harlem and riots in the streets. Doll, your panties are showing and the they are quite messy. Go change them and move on. You are just making a bigger mess here than you should. Someone in your hood is already talking about you. Do you really want more? It’s bad for business and being that seems to be all you care about I suggest you just stop commenting on this here blog and try to repress the memories.

    OF course, you can keep adding comments if you want. Just makes it all the more fun for the rest of us.

    Now, I do have one other suggestion. You could apologize for your original remarks and this could all end without more humiliation. But that is up to you.

    And no – I didn’t text you either. I didn’t waste my time looking beyond this blog for information about your sorry ass.


  20. Wow FingersTx, sounds like I have my very own stalker! Were you the kind person who sent me a text message calling me a “Republican Cunt” ’cause that sure was swell. Yes, I did use the same picture because I am not a coward and I stand by what I said. Of course, you and so many others on here want to twist my words and make assumptions about me. So, let ME set the record straight.

    #1- The Corpus Christi Texas area has been, and continues to be, one of the most affordable and best places in the country to live. I did not “sell a bunch of overpriced property to people who could not afford it” because I didn’t HAVE TO. Again, for the last time, we did not have over inflated prices like California and Florida…do your research.

    #2- If you are from here why do you not see ALL my listings are in Ingleside, Portland and Rockport NORTH of the bridge) . Last I looked that was NO WHERE NEAR Padre Island you twit. Get a map. I have ONE waterfront property and it’s a North Beach condo….duh…again, no where near South Padre. I don’t work over there because it is too far away!

    #3- I never attended Del Mar because I am not from here. I moved to South Texas 4 years ago so that person you are describing above is not me. But it is obvious I know more about this area than you do….even if you claim it is your “old stomping ground”

    And for Monica, I am sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with a Realtor. Unfortunately, like anything else, a few bad apples can make the bunch look bad. There are a lot of people who work in this industry that do not take it seriously and try to just “make a buck”. I have been doing this as a full time career for over 7 years and do not take my responsibilities lightly. There have been MANY times I have encouraged a client to NOT buy something or to take their property off the market because the timing wasn’t right for them. I have never taken advantage of someone who could not afford a property and sold it to them anyway. I am happy to report that I stay in contact with all my past clients monthly and not one of them has lost their home to foreclosure. But I cannot change the fact that this market has been very good to me. That doesn’t mean I am not aware of what is going on in other parts of the country, like I have been accused of. So again, I am sorry for your bad experience.


  21. Helen:

    I know you didn’t identify the idiot quoted in your post, but she put a burr under my saddle and I couldn’t help myself. I googled her. I used little bits of information she revealed about herself in commenting on your site over more than one day. This is the honey that said, “I was out there working and selling and I made more money in the last 8 years than I have any other time in my LIFE. Of course, that may all be over soon….I will have to wait and see if I will have to share my wealth with someone else….”

    I won’t use names either, but “the idiot” comes from my old stomping grounds, Corpus Christi, Texas. She used the same picture for her avatar as for her real-estate-oriented website. She said here that, as an agent, she was handling properties that cost as little as $30,000 to $50,000. Darling, there’s nothing in Corpus that costs that little. Oh, maybe a lot covered with scrub oak and mesquite, probably without water and electricity.

    Most of the properties listed on her website are pricey waterfront properties over on Padre Island that go for $190,000 plus…way plus. Like half a million! And the higher the price, the higher the commission. No wonder she’s done so well in such a crappy economy!

    Frankly, there are an awful lot of people down in Corpus like some of the employees we used to have. Sweet little Christian girls who attended Del Mar community college and think they know everything. The problem is that they don’t know how much they don’t know. They might have traveled to Houston or San Antonio, but the rest of the world doesn’t exist for them. It’s a big blank. So much for Bush’s contribution to the Educational System!

    Just wanted to set the record straight.


  22. Yes, idiots ARE easy to spot. This commenter who was a realtor and made all this amazing money for the last 8 years did so by selling homes to people who could not afford them. We knew this housing crisis was coming for years, it’s just that no one chose to do anything about it. (And I’m sure that if something was done about it, guess which commenter who works as a realtor would be complaining the loudest?) Very convenient that the Republicans had full control over the Presidency, the House and the Senate for 6 whole years, yet blame the Democrats for this mess because they controlled the House & Senate for 2. News Flash: It takes a long time to clean up a mess of this magnitude, not just 2 years, either. But leave it to the wingnuts to try to lay the blame whenever / wherever possible. It must take a lot to keep up that level of cognitive dissonance. This poster must have lived under a rock all those 8 years too because a war waging on and on that was created under false pretenses is certainly not my idea of “times being good.” Neither is turning a surplus (remember that??) into the highest deficit ever. Neither is unemployment at an all time high. Neither is mishandling a disaster like Katrina. Not to mention the respect we lost from the rest of the world because we had an idiot running the show. And you think John McCain was going to be different than Bush when he stood by all those 8 years and supported 90% of Bush’s policies? And Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh make their money by appealing to the lowest common denominator. Yes, idiots are easy to spot. They’re everywhere.

    But at least they are outnumbered this time because on 11/4/08, intelligence and competence finally won.


  23. Realtor…car salesman…no difference really…..


  24. Mary dear – please do not lump romance readers in with the Republicans, there are many of us readers and writers who feel the same about them as you do. In fact, I found this blog through Jenny Crusie, who referenced it positively on her blog, Argh Ink. Margaret and Helen, thank you so much for this blog, and keep writing whatever you want to say!
    As far as gay marriage and religion, this is one of the most eloquent statements I’ve ever seen:
    Bunnies – Barbie Spice made me snort!


  25. @ Chelsey,
    Trust me, people all over the world, even in the Middle East and Arabic countries are pro Obama. They think he brings a message of hope for less patronizing and invasive policies. It may take some time for the change to take effect, but time is all we have!!


  26. This is mainly directed to jenmorrison.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of people from other countries are happy about America electing Obama as president. I know quite a few who immigrated to America (mostly from places like Russia) who are extremely happy that he’s president, and I think it has everything to do with his stance on foreign policy. The fact that he has support from so many people around the world, not just in the US, tells me that we’ve finally made the right decision.


  27. As far as trying to still lay blame on dems while they have had majority in the houses let’s not forget this: FILIBUSTER. And the repubs used it all they wanted. i am willing to try an all out dem rule for at least a couple years, can’t be any worse than what we’ve had recently. If only senate got to 60…

    In my opinion when it doesn’t matter how the house and senate vote because the top of the ticket (pres) will veto anything he doesn’t like, sounds more like tops down ruling of dictatorship to me.


  28. azjhutch, if you think a Realtor (which is a Professional designation by the way, licensed in each state) is just a “salesperson”, you are sadly mistaken.


  29. Know what I hate? When some salesperson capitalizes their “profession” like he is a doctor or something. “Realtor.” Yuck.


  30. Yeah, we had a Democratic Congress for the past 2 years, but they alone couldn’t get things passed because of The Shrub vetoing everything that would’ve been good for the middle class. It’s much more complicated than this guy believes. And, as far as being better off now, two years ago, or eight years ago, I was better off when Clinton left office. Since Bush came in, my firm dissolved, the job I eventually found was $20,000 less per year (you try re-doing a budget knocking off this amount), and I can barely meet my bills. I’m grateful that Obama is coming and and giving me a hope I’ve never felt before.


  31. My last eight years (my adult life pretty much) have been anything but exciting money wise. Being an immigrant, I had just landed in the US to get hospitalized for an appendix removal the next day (still no insurance then and only 18 years of age). I am/ was supposed to come up with 22 thousand dollars! Sure…
    Last year, the company I was working for laid off a few people, among which there was an African American girl and myself! Right when I was up for a promotion.
    It took me six months of actively seeking to finally work in retail. Holding a BA and speaking 4 languages just was not good enough to get anywhere.

    So yeah, I am thrilled Obama won! I will be even more thrilled when my citizenship papers come back and I vote for him in 2012. (it’s been over 2 years since I applied, it typically take 6 months).
    Mind you, I was one of those people demonstrating against the war in Iraq, Lebanon… And demonstrating against racism against Latinos and other minorities. I’m told it’s normal for me to wait longer and the less optimistic say I shouldn’t have such high expectations of getting my US citizenship.
    I love this country and finally can say I’m proud of its people!
    I could not have said that when I was faced with discrimination and racism post 9/11 and around the time we invaded Iraq! You see, being Muslim is considered a sin by some! And when a journalism or poli sci student attacks someone based on their belief, where is democracy? Where’s free speech?
    I’m glad I found it in this forum.
    Thank you Helen. I mean it!


  32. Your absolutely right about that one. She is a classic republican idiot. The kind that preys on the working poor, never taking no for an answer, until they buy that house. I have had first hand experiences with those kinds of idiots. They never give up!!
    Thank God I stuck to my guns, or people like her would have even more money and my family would be in the streets.
    Thank you, Margaret and Helen, for showing people how selfish others can be. All they care about is themselves, more money, and not the victims they profit from.


  33. Seeing Eye Chick-
    I have been ashamed that we don’t treat our service men and women properly – in the field and when they return- but this is more than I can absorb all at once.
    My deepest apologies to all vets out there… When I get done barfing , maybe you can provide or help me find real avenues to poke the beast. Every legislator I’ve voted for goes on and on about helping vets… but a whole bunch a them must have been un-helping vets for quite awhile now!


  34. It’s a TeamKlemm world. We’re all just living in it. 😦


  35. Next fortune, the fool will be paying TAXES. Ha!


  36. Maybe I didn’t read down the comments far enough and someone else covered this.

    “But let’s not kid ourselves here, there were PLENTY of people who voted for Barak simply BECAUSE he was black I heard Howard Stern down in Harlem and people went on and on about how they approved of Obama’s policies of right to life and staying in the war until we win. They even loved his pick of Sarah Palin as VP! It was UNREAL! Those people interviewed had NO IDEA what he stood for or what his policy was but by God they were going to see him right into the White House……ignorant.”

    uuummm, if memory serves, and I’m young so it does, Obama’s VP pick was Biden. I suppose I should expect as much. If Palin doesn’t know what her job would’ve been, then how can I hold her supporters to a higher standard.

    Thank you for giving all a chance to make asses of themselves. And thank you for making me smile. I’ll visit often, I mean it.


  37. Alaskan Pi: I have so many stories about Vets issues, it would make your head spin.

    First of all, the GI bill that Vets received upon returning home from WWII doesnt exist anymore. Its tiny, barely covers tuition at podunk community colleges. And Gods forbid you try to get instate tuition even if you own a home in some places. The schools make you fight for that. To top it all off, like other posts indicate, the VA makes utilizing the GI bill so difficult that many people who invested in this program simply dont bother. Its takes forever and then you constantly receive harassing mail, indicating that the VA overpaid you 1500 dollars and they want it back yesterday, and half the time its a lie. But by then you have had your heart attack, and staggered back from the mailbox to collapse in a heap on your porch. Then while you have your VA rep try and straighten that out, you sweat bullets while you TRY to study for midterms and finals–those letters always happen during midterms and finals.

    Now about poor medical care. Its not just Vets, Military Medicine in general is not that great. Sure you got some great doctors and nurses in there, but good luck finding them if you are an enlisted schmuck or a WOMAN. Holy Moly its just scary and thanks to the Fere’s Doctrine, you cant sue for Malpractice, not even gross Malpractice. They could cut your weiner off and sew it to your head and you would be SOL by Law.

    Here are some stories that might interest others regarding Vets issues:

    Be sure and compare these 2007 and 2008 stories to this Pulitzer Prize Winning Article on Military Medicine: Flawed but Deadly

    Some say that the VA and Military Medicine are mutually exclusive entities. Legally that may be true, but the systems suffer the same problems, because they are created, based on nearly identitcal organizational models.

    Military members and Vets are some of the most vulnerable members of our soceity. Active Duty folks have given up some of their rights to serve, so they are completely at the mercy of the system.

    Vets who are disabled by their service are often unable to work a steady job, impoverished and damaged, and are entirely at the mercy of a VA system that could make the difference between Homeless Vet and just a person who lives below the poverty line.

    We–Need the American Civilian Population to help us keep our rights, and not become impoverished pawns of corrupt and broken systems, especially during times of war, when so many are being sent home, broken and battered.

    A yellow magnet on your car is meaningless. Its your vote and your voice that counts. I dont know what we have or are fighting for, if the People are not willing to stand up to the Government on our behalf. We do our best, but are often hampered by deployment schedules, we cant protest in uniform, its against the Uniform Code of Military Justice, often our Absentee ballots go uncounted by either party during election years, and those who are sick and disabled have to settle for protesting through letters, because physically and financially they are incapable of doing much more.

    These stories are just the tip of an iceberg.


  38. Helen …. you’re who I want to be when I grow up. I mean it. Really.


  39. Hi Helen, great blog! This guy actually isn’t as bad as some other people. At least on some issues he was right. Under Bush the real estate market did boom abnormally and he apparently benefited nicely. Democrats are not blameless in this crash, though obviously Republicans take the lion’s share. Frankly I’m saddened that to him the issue is just his pocket book. The past eight years we saw 9/11 attack that could have been prevented, an unjust war on false pretenses, war profiteering, outing our own secret agent (treason anyone?), incompetence on Katrina disaster, torture of prisoners – mostly innocent, spying on US citizens and even soldiers, raping of the environment, funneling tax breaks to the rich, … The administration committed all of these atrocities with help from Republicans. Why are Americans more outraged? I actually think John McCain is a decent fellow despite all his sleazy campaign, but to me the Bush administration should be impeached and tried for crimes and the Republican party has lost my trust.



  40. Um … I think one of the HUGE reasons McCain lost was because he picked Bible Spice as VP running mate!!


  41. I don’t really think it’s ignorance per se. I just see a lot of people scrambling to afford their lives.

    I so appreciate the views here. It warms my heart.



  42. Here’s some Hope for everyone.

    Tell YOUR story…whatever it is…

    Cool site. Stay informed. Be a part of the Change(s)..

    Peace, love, laughter & blessings to all***


  43. Helen, you rock! I’m totally adding you to my blogroll.

    My experience of Republicans who are friends is that they don’t want to hear the truth. They’ve got their fingers jammed in their ears and are just about shrieking “lalalalalala I can’t HEEEEEEAAAARRRR you!” I don’t get this. I thought that truth was always preferable to the scary lies. I thought that sending facts to people was doing them a favor. What does it say about this country when people would rather believe in fear than hope? They listen to the crap merchants like Limbaugh or O’Reilly (Yes, a friend of mine gets her “news” from Bill O’Reilly. My head is ready to explode over this.) and buy into every unbelievable lie they’re told, but they can’t be bothered to go to a government or strictly non-partisan website and look at facts. It makes me want to weep for my country, it surely does.


  44. Dear Helen,

    Your November 7 post certainly stirred up quite a furor of comments! Some of them were pretty vitriolic. I suppose a blog is a good place to vent pent up anger and frustrations. Me, I have an extensive background in music. Whenever I get REALLY pissed off at my husband, instead of taking it out on him, I go pound on the piano. A few crashing chords of Rachmaninoff will do it!

    On the surface, it may appear that my husband and I have led a charmed life. Since we don’t know one another well, here are some questions for some of your readers. How old are you? I am pushing 80 so have lived long enough to realize that I don’t know very much but am still learning. How is your health? Have you had any debilitating conditions or life threatening diseases? Do you have health insurance for the care you need now or may need in the future? Do you have children and/or grandchildren? Are they getting the caliber of education they will need to have in order to insure a promising future for their potential? Are you now financially secure at the moment and have you adequately provided for your ‘Golden Years’? Do you really CARE whether other people, American or otherwise, can answer yes to most of those questions?

    Over the years, between my husband and I, we have four heart attacks, a hip replacement, surgery for a blocked carotid artery, emergency surgery for a rare life threatening situation and lots of creaky joints. None of it was any fun but at least we didn’t have the additional pain of having to worry about how we were going to pay for the huge medical expenses. We are fine now but take a boatload of medication and are able to be carefully monitored by qualified physicians to keep us alive and kicking. We were always able to have employer paid insurance and now Medicare. We are grateful.

    Our three sons and their families are well and happy. The grandkids are in good schools and are fine students. My husband and I were able to have a college education. Of course, we studied and applied ourselves, (well, some of the time). That made it possible for my husband to pursue his chosen career. There was plenty of luck however, and being in the right place at the right time. In hindsight, much of our good fortune was blind dumb luck!

    I guess you could say that we have a rather affluent lifestyle – now. Time was, when we were first married, we could put everything we owned in the car. However, we can’t imagine defining ourselves by how much money or material things we have. Right now, our ‘Nest Egg’ is down 50%, at least on paper. We are sitting on it, keeping it warm and hoping it will ‘hatch’ in the next few years when Obama gets the financial mess straightened out. There are more people than not who, through no fault of their own, have NO ‘Nest Egg’ at all. We worry about them. Obama has his work cut out for him and we support him 100%. If there is anyone who can pull our country out of this mess, we believe he is the man to do it.

    We have no immediate loved ones in harms way in Iraq or Afghanistan. Having lost a brother in World War II, my heart goes out to those young men, women and their families. They deserve far better care than they are getting when and IF they come home. None of them will come back rich.

    As to language. I like to think of myself as a nice ‘lady’, but I am prone to use cuss words when the occasion merits it. I use the s*** word judiciously but with satisfaction when I do. Although our refrigerator is generally a fine one, because of a design flaw that is not fixable, the f***ing icemaker is on the blink more often than it’s working. I can detest, abhor and despise, but except for snakes, I can’t bring myself to use the h*** word.

    That’s a thumbnail sketch of who I am.




  45. Proud in PA:

    Right on!

    I sincerely hope & pray everyone will stop the madness & realize we are all in this together regardless of how we all got to where we are today. We all need to work together.

    Stop blaming Democrats/Republicans/whoever..we’re in it together, period.



  46. Courtney you’re not reading it wrong…that’s what the idiot said: that the people in Harlem approved Obama’s pick of Sarah Palin as a running mate.

    Of course that mistake in the idiot’s comment was caused by not knowing how to write: pronouns can be tricky and sometimes you just have to use nouns for clarity. You also have to learn to proof read and then edit your mistakes. A tall order for idiots, I would imagine.

    Don Smith, I just want you to know that I read your tribute to your grandmother, even though it was way down the list. It rang true for me in so many ways and the trickle running down my face while I read it says more than I can. Thanks.

    Helen and Margaret, thanks again: You lay your cards on the table, ready to play.

    Come pay us a visit at sometime. I think you and Margaret might enjoy yourselves.

    And as to feeding the idiots, not to worry. I don’t plan on feeding any of the idiots, republican or otherwise.

    I’m still licking my wounds from the last 8 years. I got a lot of bumps and bruises left, but the bites are starting to close up and, thankfully, none got infected.


  47. I don’t know what part of America this person has been living in for the past few years, because the part I have been living in has been just awful. I am in retail and my business has progressively decreased each year since the Bush administration and the Republicans have been basically paying manufacturers for taking their manufacturing out of America to any third world country where they can pay someone pennies an hour to do the same things that American workers so proudly did for over 100 years. So all we are left with now are cheap and inferior products being sold to us while the profits stay in the pockets of the rich fat cats and the manufacturing goes every where else but here.

    The problem with idiots is that they continue to live in their own little bubble …… :::SIGH:::


  48. Here a twist on things. An article, published in Psychological Science (Napier & Jost) indicates conservatives are happier than liberals. The conclusion is that consevatives think the current social, economic and political systems are fair to everyone. They don’t feel bad over social inequalities while liberals can’t rationalize away these inequalities. When liberals have compassion they are marked by conservatives as bleeding heart liberals. So maybe conservatives can’t help that they were born defective. Poor things…makes me sad.


  49. i have a hard time reconciling the fact that sarah palin was screeching in one of her rallies about Obama “palling around” with terrorists, then congratulating him when he won the election. i would like to see her explain that one…


  50. […] Idiots are so easy to spot Here you go folks.  The perfect example of Republican idiots.  See them talk about how a lot of money in their […] […]


  51. Helen, too bad you weren’t running for president, because I think the only person I would have loved more in that position that Barack Obama is you. I adore you. I hope you can feel the love. Peace out.


  52. Someone, I’m sure, has already responded to the “Christian principles” comment, but it so bears repeating. Our founding fathers were adamant that religion have no part in the running of the government. The truth is, the Christian conservative movement wouldn’t like it if they got it. History is rife with horror stories about what happens when the righteous take over. People have done some pretty dispicable things to each other in the name of holy righteousness and Christians are not exempt from that. So before you start spouting off about how much better off we’d be, try reading up on history. Many of history’s finest minds endured religious persecution because they dared to suggest that the church – the Christian church – might be wrong. Imagine that, a nation where you can be punished for disagreeing with church leaders.

    Or pick up a newspaper. Somewhere out there right now someone is being imprisoned or stoned to death because of some infraction of a religious rule.

    And, by the way, I am a proud Christian. But my faith is my business, not the government’s and I like it that way.


  53. Um…is it just me, or is this brilliant commenter saying that people in Harlem “even approved of [Obama’s] pick of Sarah Palin as VP?” Because that’s what it sounds like they’re saying. Which would mean that they’re REALLY, REALLY idiotic. And, um, not paying attention. But maybe I’m reading it wrong.


  54. Greetings from Dublin, Ireland. My daughter in Ontario, Canada told me about your wonderful site. Just checked it out and already…..I am smiling….you ladies are a breadth of fresh air!

    Elizabeth from Dublin, Ireland


  55. BTW Rush (the dope addict) limbaugh, Bill Oreilly, Fox (faux news), evangelicals, and the like have spread their poison and intolerance long enough. Its time they went away for good. I think this election should have given them a clue, but, Im sure they are not bright enough to figure it out. (You too Lisa Klemm) Im fed up with all of you. A new day has come, thank goodness.


  56. lisa klemm is set in her ways, she has tunnel vision. There is no point trying to reason with her. We have a new president-elect. The first time I saw him I told my husband, “he will be your president one day”. President Obama will go down in history as one of the great ones, I have no doubt of that.


  57. Skyewriter – YEA! Someone out there with an intellect – congratulations….

    I’ve pretty much decided I’m a Diest too..after all, if it was good enough for John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and most of the rest of our founding fathers….it’s good enough for me….

    Thanks for the note on the book – I’m ordering from the library right now……..(and I know what a Fellow is tooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Thanks.


  58. Prime example of an idiot Republican – so wonderful in real estate – and can’t even spell the new president’s name right –

    Anyone who listens to Howard Stern with an semblance of acuity would find a soulmate idiot….
    And Sarah Palin was JOHN MCCAIN’S pick for VP – not Barack Obama’s…………….

    And MILLIONS of us white people – voted for Barack Obama – not because he was black – but because he was more qualified and intelligent that John McCain –

    John McCain gave us a very fine example of the kind of intellect he would bring to the office of President of the United States when he picked the Wasilla Hillbilly – Sarah Palin as his choice for VP – anyone who did that, didn’t have a secure grasp on the importance of that choice –

    And if he made such an idiotic choice in that issue – God knows what he would do as a president.

    I thank God, Allah, Buddha, Vishna, Jehovah, and any other god out there – every night that we have President Barack Obama and his hope – and our hope for the future of this country.

    I hope Miss Republican goes on as she has – because ignorance is bliss, and that should give her comfort!!!!!!!!!!


  59. Irene – I’m not worried about the privacy of someone who responded to a comment I made on a friends page that wasn’t directed at them and then proceeded to insult and ridicule me for it. I also don’t believe any of those people give a damn that their names and comments have been copied and pasted in this forum as they are all so convinced they are right and we (the people who supported Obama) are wrong. So I guess my point is…if you’re worried about your privacy, DON’T post on the WORLD wide web.

    But you’re right, lets just agree to disagree and move on.


  60. sad. one thing i like about obama, which i think that commenter could stand to benefit from, is a bit more empathy.

    yes, 6 of those 8 years were apparently good for you, but looking around you, reading up on what’s been going on around your country, and around the world, were they really such good years in general?

    perhaps you could empathize with someone who suffered as a result of the botched response to katrina? perhaps you could empathize with the soldier whose intimate phone conversations with his wife were listened in on by the government?

    perhaps you could empathize with someone who lost his job after decades of service? perhaps you could empathize with an innocent man, abducted and thrown into the black hole that is guantanamo?

    perhaps you could empathize with the soldier who asked rumsfeld in a press conference why they were being forced to rummage in junk yards for scrap metal so they could protect their vehicles a little bit better?

    perhaps you could empathize with the man with parkinson’s whose hopes for future treatment are being stymied by the policies of the bush administration on stem cell research?

    i could go on and on really, but i think you get my point.

    one of the things i think that the financial crisis shows is that we are more interconnected than ever. decisions on wall street affect countries around the world, all taxpayers, your next door neighbor, and even realtors, like you.

    you have a stake in the success of your neighbor. you have a stake in the success of this world. whether you know it or not, whether you admit it or not.

    i would have given you some benefit of the doubt, if not for the fact that you seem to be pushing this idea that the bush administration does not bear the blame for your current predicament, and you appear to be attempting to direct that blame at congress.

    i really don’t know how you can make such an argument. bush is your PRESIDENT. he’s been your president for the last 8 years. for those years, he has been the leader of your country.

    so for better or for worse, the buck stops at his table. when he was given a second term, he was given another period of FOUR years, not 2.

    i don’t think i’ve read anywhere in your laws that the president is only president when the congress is mostly made up of members of his party.

    perhaps i’m being a little too harsh. you did say after all that you will support barack and pray for him, and to be fair, i’ve read other comments on other sites which are much, much worse.

    my hope for you is that you will read more, learn more about what’s going on around you, and what the underlying causes are. i’m not telling you to stop reading what you’re reading. but broaden your horizons. read other newspapers. watch other tv channels. read other kinds of blogs.

    and try to get a sense, not only of what you and your family have been experiencing, but also what other families around your country, and around the world have been experiencing.

    you now have an intelligent, thoughtful, confident, and yet humble president, who has said that he intends to be transparent, and he also intends to listen, even to people who disagree with him.

    your country is blessed. i would love to have someone like him as my president.

    the world is a complicated place, full of complicated leaders, issues and people. obama at least is better prepared to confront such a world, compared to your current president, bush.

    again, make a good faith effort to understand all these things. your life will be all the better for it.

    to the other commenters here, my apologies for this rant. 🙂 it’s just that comments like this do get to me at times. and i’m not even american.


  61. for mindexplosion: Crashes usually last 2 years, once they occur. It had crashed as Clinton was leaving office, and once Bush was in, the usual 2 year period began. It was back up to a new high in 2006-7, when it suddenly started going down again in 2008, with the mortgage crisis, which came from the baking sector, not the government. The point about the democrats was that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are headed by democrats, so it is wrong to blame Bush for what these bankers did.


  62. Weeeee! I finally got a few more “visual comments” done about Insane McCain and Peppy Palin, with more to come. Talk about a treasure trove of material!


  63. Thanks seeing eye chick and skywriter! Love your posts! Thanks for being hard at work trying to convince some people of what shoud be so obvious to all concerned! Democracy is intelligence at work! It sure rocks! Thanks Helen and Margaret for allowing ideas to flow freely! Love this blog!


  64. Thanks for sharing that response with us. It’s only one more example why we need to support and improve education – teach critical thinking skills and re-introduce ethics into the curriculum.

    The person who wrote that screed is so impoverished in his thinking skills he’s incapable of understanding the rest of us who are not educationally/ethically challenged – therefore the accusation that we’re all ‘blind followers’. He is so hard-wired he actually CAN’T “get it”, and is responding in the only way he can.

    He was probably brought up in and lives in a judgmental, racist environment; but perhaps even this person may be capable of an attitude shift if his surrounding community begins to open itself to pluralism and diversity of opinion. We’re watching that kind of nation-wide transition taking place now, so it’s only a matter of time before his constituency shrinks to a small sub-group.

    Thanks so much for your blog! It’s always spot on!


  65. An intelligent take on the possibilities in this next presidency, written with insight into the history of our country. I have great hope for Obama and wanted to share this with like-minded folks.


  66. Helen,
    I am one Realtor VERY happy to see the Republicans out of office.

    My viewpoint wasn’t so well-shared in my office, but I could care less.

    I worked my ass off to help Barack’s (see I can spell) campaign win here in Washington. I am so excited to see the change happening. I believe Barack will be an extraordinary President. I have volunteered for a lot of campaigns and never in my life saw one with more energy and organization than this one. Good going to all who worked tirelessly to make this happen.

    I promise I won’t feed the bears…. 🙂

    Your friend,


  67. Thanks to seeing eye chick and skyewriter for responding to the mistaken idea that America was founded by Christians. Another good book regarding misunderstandings is “Lies my teacher told me: Everything your American History textbook got wrong” by James W. Loewen. very interesting read.

    So, Helen, we want to know: How was Dame Edna???


  68. I am appalled that there are still people who are trying to convince themselves, if not the rest of us, that Obama is not a Christian, with by inference means a Muslim. (And, as Colin Powell has famously said, what’s wrong with being a Muslim?)

    Get over it, folks, he will be the only president you have come January 20. Rather give him your support so that we can get this country out of the financial mess on a bipartisan basis.


  69. OOPS, Pamela and Heather:

    my apologies, my above response should have been addressed to Heather.



  70. Pamela,

    my “concern” is genuine. Even if these people are part of a specific group that anyone can join rather than simply on the list of your Facebook friends (which requires mutual approval), one still has to be a member and log on to Facebook. So I believe there is a issue of privacy.

    However, it’s water under the bridge by now.


  71. Thank god Obama won despite ignorant people like the poster in this particular blog and some of the people that I have been fighting/discussing this with on facebook.
    Her being in real estate does not make her look real credible as far as the “things were good in the bush years” argument. Real estate sold and sold and sold because of the irresponsibility of the banks and the housing market…. so of course it was good for her…. she doesn’t see the other side of the sale…. in fact she doesn’t ever see these people again after she collects her money!

    no matter what we were doomed for bickering back and forth between the two parties and ideologies. If McCain would have won there would have been talk of both the Bradley effect and the lower turnout of the younger voters. Obama won and some people still haven’t accepted where we are as a country or as a human kind…. Its sad….

    Helen- this has been great reading your original ideas and straightforward talk…. I know that if some people would open their minds and listen to your lifetime of ideas the world would be a better place.

    To all the haters- keep the arguments coming…. just please make them valid! Its no fun for us democrats and open minded, informed, Obama supporters arguing with a half wit….


  72. I really don’t know what you guys find in that Barack Osama. I mean, he’s not even a Christian. He will lead our beautiful country into a mess.

    O and it’s all about job creation, too!


  73. Margaret & Helen:

    You both are awesome. It has been a pleasure to read all of the posts and comments over the last few weeks.

    I work as a real estate paralegal (residential and commercial closings) in CT. Although the “bottom” appeared to fall out in 2006, looking back prices of housing in our area had doubled from prices in 1998-1999. If lenders had kept their lending REQUIREMENTS in tact, most people would NOT have been able to afford to buy a house. Once the price of housing rose as it did, the cost of renting rose as well. It is much easier to sell the american dream to someone when the monthly cost of renting and paying a mortgage was close dollar wise. We had artificially high prices which are dropping now to what people can actually afford based on the average hourly wage of the U.S. worker of about $18.00/hour. So I say to the real estate agent that did so well during the last 8 years, you did so, just as the lenders did, based on false premises. It will be awhile till this mess is cleaned up. A long while….


  74. smteaches, I’m so sorry you were assaulted and what you describe is a double assault-first by the bully neighbor and then by an uncaring police force. You should really think about contacting an attorney to ensure that your complaint is heard and acted upon.At the very least,I would try to contact the officer’s immediate supervisor.What that policeman did was WRONG!


  75. Marianne, the market was already falling before Democrats took charge. And we weren’t worrying abou terrorism too much before 9/11. The war didn’t change that one event.

    And the post was idiotic for a few reasons, but one being that used Howard Stern’s ENTERTAINMENT show as a credible source. Three people in Harlem does not represent all black people. And if you listened to the show, you’ll notice that Robin was shocked and slightly disgusted by that saying that people needed to pay more attention. Robin is black. The Howard Stern example refuses to cite the black radio stations such as 97.1 that got into in-depth discussions about the platforms with guests to the show as well as callers…who were black. That’s right, there are black people who know the platforms. Shocking, but true.

    Granted, some blacks voted for Obama because he was black. SOME. Not all. Not even most. Do you know most black people in America? I highly doubt you do. And stereotypes do not equal most. And as for the ones who did vote for him because he was black? Big deal. Some white people voted for McCain because they wanted to keep a black man out of office. So let’s call it even, shall we?And while we are on the subject- Whites, Mexicans, and Asians voted for him too. My husbands’ entire family voted for Obama and guess what- they are all white. Huzzah!

    Black people voted for McCain too. Don’t be bitter that you lost and try to put race at blame. Focus on the platforms instead and you’ll see that Obama was the candidate more suited to helping the middle class.

    Also, considering Obama is working to improve the economy instead of “freeze all spending except for the war and veterans” as McCain was so ready to do as soon as he got into office, then I think we are on the right track.

    Have a great day. Really.

    PS- helen, you rock!


  76. Dear Helen,
    I’m relatively new to your blog (LOVE IT!!!),Just ran across a link to it a week or two before the election. As a tranaplanted Austinite, living in the Ozarks, where racism is alive an unhappily very well, your posts are a breath of fresh air.
    I just don’t know what I can begin to say to Realtor Girl that hasn’t already been said.But other posters were right in reminding her (and the rest of us) that the last time a vote was “stolen’ it was the GOP that did it. Thank God Obama’s win was decisive enough that there was no chance of that this time around!
    Helen, you are the BEST!!!


  77. I swore I was not going to post here again, to these rude creepers, but when I read folks telling other folks to get a history lesson when what THEY are spewing ISN’T CORRECT, as an academic (yeah, I’m one of THOSE In.tell.ect.uals), I get pissed.

    For anyone who believes this country was FOUNDED on Christian Principles, you need to look at the Treaty of Tripoli (I’m not going to do your homework for you, either, look it up on a scholarly site if you know of any or in a book if you know what those are). You might also want to read _Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America and the Middle East 1776 to the Present_ by Michael Oren (2007). He’s, um, an historian, actually a Fellow (look that up too, you morons).

    Also, most of our founding fathers were DEISTS (you might want to check out that concept, too).

    Okay, I’m done.

    Margaret and Helen, where are you?

    Hugs to all my peeps here on M&H. Happy Sunday, everyone. Maybe the Christians should leave us alone and get to church?


  78. Dear Donna,

    my ex-running mate John McCain told me that he was always censored by thse two old ladies. Thank goooooood for meeee!
    He’s is now historeeeee!
    O and it’s also about job creation!


  79. coopjmz: Thats the spirit! Keep with the flow and stick with comments that are generic to the subject at hand.

    You might enjoy this:
    Sun, Nov 9, 2008 7:44

    Anyone who resorts to language such as in this in a piece may fit the bill or an idiot, or at best a moron.

    Thanks so much for sharing this tripe with us.



  80. To Indignant Christian–From an Indignant American:

    America was originally a penal colony that the King of England used to store his most disliked Religious Extremists–Looks like that Bred true in some cases.

    This country was founded on a lot of different things. Some of the Founders Happened to be Christian. Funny thing about that, how long do you think they would have lived had they been something other—

    Hey, I know, Lets Ask an Indian!
    Or an African–kidnapped from Africa and crammed on a Boat, butt to nut with hundreds of other Africans–Soon to be Slaves–Do think they were Christian Originally?
    Lets ask the Chinese Laborers who built your Rail Roads–Do you think they were Christians? Did they bury a chunk of the holy rood in the tracks that came all the way from the Forbidden City?

    Our government was based on Pagan Greek and Roman concepts of Democracy and Representative Governments– Yea–Pagan as in Polytheistic and/or Pantheistic.

    Anglo Saxon Moot Courts

    Native American Federations

    And Although I am sure Jesus would be happy to take credit for all that, I have it on a good authority that he doesnt like lying. Lying is not his bag. Neither is being an egotistical prig.

    And BTW, come to my house and try and force my knee to bend and I will plant a boot in your butt.

    I am an American, I pledged my alleigance to a Nation of Laws, If I say God–I know the one I am referring to–and I am not required to reveal that to you, and I hold the First Amendment to be an Interfaith Designation and not a Christian Ecumenical one.

    So get a grip.

    Christianity is a religion–and it now exists in a world where it is unique, just like everyone else. And if you think Yahweh needs you, a mere mortal, to protect him, then you have an incredibly inflated sense of self importance.


  81. Matthew…A few people are starting to complain that their posts are being moderated or deleted. I know Helen welcomes even idiots to post here, but if you are moderating/deleting the most inflammatory, bigoted, hateful comments, we thank you.

    Helen…HOW WAS DAME EDNA? We’re dying to hear how the show went and what you thought of it!?!

    Wishing you both – and Margaret, too – a beautiful Sunday!


  82. You might enjoy this:


  83. Well half my posts keep being moderated, I don’t know why I can’t post a comment here like everyone else, but when I break one up into several parts one all or most are moderated. Hope this shows up. I you want to see bug1961’s response to the above comment go here:

    On the right, look at a page called deleted from margaret and helen.


  84. I suggested that perhaps Margaret and Helen should go ahead and start doling out their kids inheritances because under Obama, they would lose more than 1/2 of it. I reminded them that those assets have already been taxed and there’s nothing like double taxation to ease the burdened government.


  85. I can tell you now, that I never go back to responses and start with any “poor me, how can you attack me, yada, yada, yada”
    Do I post things that appear incriminating or inflamatory? Yes, I do. But only because those are things that I absolutely believe.
    I’m not quite sure why it is that Obama supporters somehow consider themselves to be better than, smarter than, better educated than, and more logical than non-Obama supporters.


  86. Thanks Helen – always enjoy reading your blog.

    I wanted to point out some information about the Howard Stern interviews. The person that interviewed 5 people, only interviewed 5 people and then left Harlem. Also he has been repeatedly accused of being a racist on the show. Howard pointed out that it was not a scientific poll. Howard Stern is not a racist and voted for Obama.


  87. Hellooooooo!

    I am Sarah Palin, the next president of Alaska and the United States and America.

    I just wanted to say Hellooooo to you both.
    How areeee youuuu?

    I send you my regards from Alaska!


  88. Helen, I have been reading your blog for weeks now and it was one of the things that kept me going in this rough election.
    I was not going to reply to the “idiot” because I figured hey we won America will be back on track so basically who cares?
    But there are a few things I felt I had to respond to: .frankly I feared there would be riots and other violence since that seems to be what happens when radical liberals don’t get their way
    Umm it wasn’t us “radical liberals” who were YELLING “KILL HIM” at rallies.. that my dear was YOUR side. So, actually I was worried about violence since YOUR side had been screaming for it for WEEKS.
    You also asked someone else what “she wanted what would make her happy?” So let me answer that for you.
    My Wish List after the last 8 yrs.
    1. I wish my grandmother who worked all her life to raise her 8 kids alone after my grandfather passed away .. would now be able to AFFORD her medication.. Guess she should have gone into real estate huh?
    2. I wish my country wasn’t looked at as the bully of the world and performing acts that over the last 200 or so yrs of our founding we have been speaking out against.
    3. I wish our soldiers weren’t being killed and maimed in a war that was based on a LIE.
    4. I wish I could not be living pay check to pay check and worried about paying a mortgage that I have been faithfully paying for the last 8 yrs,.. OOPS I guess I should have gone into real estate too huh?
    5. I wish that our country wasn’t such a mess that my children and most likely my children’s children wouldn’t be paying for it.
    The other wishes I had will more then likely not come true because after days of hope I had to admit while it looks like we have come SO far there are still SO many who don’t get it or don’t care. Some who are so blinded by their own ignorance and hate that even with how far we have come we have so far yet to go. I especially like how in one post.. the idiot stated — we have come far.. bi-racial couples are accepted now.. Wow THANK YOU so much for your acceptance but you know what?? YOU can STICK it.. Because no matter what has been TRIED to be done to this country.. this is STILL the LAND OF THE FREE.. and I really don’t NEED or really WANT your acceptance.
    So, in closing and in response to Ignorant Ohh I mean Indignant Christian I so hope I get what I wish for!! For 8 yrs. I had to watch as the other sides wishes have come true, and that has been a disaster. So bring it on how much worse can it get?? Really??


  89. I see nothing idiotic about the quote you posted. Why are you so critical? I have seen articles that have been very hateful, and this is nothing like them. BTW, most blacks did vote for Obama because he was black. They wanted a black president. Why is stating what they admit to a racist remark? I see a lot of hateful remarks just on this page, and they are not coming from Republicans.

    The war that you hate so much has kept this country free of terrorists for the past 8 years. The main work has been done there. We just need to push the Iraq government to stabilize, so we can come home. The market fell after the democrats were put in charge in 2006. The corruption in banking was due to Democrats in charge. If you notice, this same democrats are on Obama’s team to improve the economy. Already he is making bad choices.


  90. There is much I could reply to here as the lack of intelligence shown by many responses is astounding. Unfortunately, I do not have time to give a history lesson. Instead here are some thoughts to ponder:

    If you think that the problems we face are a republican or democrat issue, look to yourselves and what you have allowed your government to do.

    If you believe the economy is the way it is because of governmental policies over the last eight years, look furthter back into history and let fact, without political bias, enlighten you.

    If you believe that Christians are backwards and want to merge church and state, you need to remember that this country was based on Christian principles, by educated people, who believed in individual freedom and personal responsibility.

    For those of you who voted for Obama, I say, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Unfortunately, so may the rest of us.


  91. I heard a clip of the Howard Stern ‘street interviews’ on a conservative talk radio show and contrary to what was said in the comment, there were only THREE people interviewed. Last time I checked, THREE does not equal PLENTY.


  92. Fanatastic….a realtor who listened to Howard Stern doing a “bit” and spouts it off as fact.

    Let me tell you about a realtor who got in the business 2 years ago…Not when it was popular….She works 7 days a week. She does rentals and sales and she has become liscensed in 3 states so she could expand. Yet she struggles. She struggles everyday. And she is smart enough to know that 2 years does not break an economy. She has actually read that the deregulation that happened during the previous 10 years….was not a democratic congress but republican.

    I’m glad she is a realtor because it’s really hard to find a realtor that actually is in the business to help people and not just to ride a false wave of money but to actually help people find a home or rent an apartment.

    You know it’s obvious that the country wants change…and a president who does not do signing statements to avoid the law, and one who actually knows the law will be a welcome change.

    I really can’t stand realtors.


  93. Oddly, it seems like we share idiots. Huh…wonder if there is an union or something? Do they pay fees? I mean, please give them a sticker or something so the rest of the world is aware. Nice job ladies…love your blog.


  94. OK

    Now that post is moderated.

    Take a look at my blog. On the right hand side is a link: Posts deleted by Margaret and Helen.

    I will put my comments there and I will spread that link all over the internet.

    Anything goes….right. oh, I guess, that would be “left”.


  95. Ireland is great to visit…. too damn expensive to live there. I looked into it.


  96. Bug1961-you need to go to th link below before you head off to Ireland. ;~)

    I regularly read a lot of blogs and websites (“Telling Secrets;” “Skeptical Brotha;” “On Faith;” “WOW;” “The Daily Beast;” “The Huffington Post;” “The NYT’s op-eds” to name a few.) Trolls are people like Klem, Pops63, bug1961 and democratsfree, who like to go on blogs such as Helen’s, and post inflammatory remarks to see what kind of a response they’ll get. When they get a reaction then they start with the “poor me, how can you attack me, yada, yada, yada.” It sometimes makes for good reading and for some very powerful comments from those responding. At other times I just skip the trolls. My priest friend who has the “Telling secrects” blog will post comments with different points of view but she will “not tolerate intolerance, bigotry and prejudice.”

    I have just one comment for “Peaceloveandwhatever;” God even loves poor misguided souls like you, as you need it more than most.




  98. Hey Bug1961

    Bye, send a note from Ireland!

    President Obama: After the Bush disaster for the last 8 years, it feels good to have someone with a brain as President!

    President Obama!!!!!


  99. Like

  100. 1st amendment has already been violated by the arrest of a peaceful McCain protestor while the Obama Youth Guard ran rampant in the streets.

    2nd amendment will be the next to go under Obama, as he is for greater gun control.

    4th amendment at risk, Obama signs FISA after winning nomination


  101. **oops, sorry

    “we HEAR it is very nice there”,

    here it is not very nice at all.


  102. Here’s something for all you cry-baby Republicans:


  103. FYI – you guys,

    It’s NOT the party that is in control of the branches of government, it is the PEOPLE who are in control of the party that makes a difference.

    I love my country, but damn… it’s almost going to be funny watching Pelosi/Reid/Obama take it down.

    My daughter and I are considering Ireland. We here its very nice there.


  104. Like

  105. Like

  106. I love this blog. I tell so many people about it. You state thngs so clearly and with such humour.

    You have a wonderful talent.


  107. What on earth is the Republican excuse about the collapse of the economy? Did it just collapse on McCain and not on Obama? Get real, folks. The problem was McCain’s idiotic, whirling dervish, and uninformed response to the finalcial disaster. Poor timing and bad luck my ass. Poor response and bad action on his part is more like it.


  108. Alaskan Pi:

    Some of the returning National Guard troops were given 90 days to put in for the Medical info/sign up.
    They called repeatedly to do so and no one ever answered the phones so they lost their benefit.
    Also, one group went to Iraq and was sent home a little early. They found out that the time frames for their tour had been adjusted to screw them out of their school benefits. After furious calls from Minnesotans, the Vets admin changed that and now they have their school benefits.


  109. Helen-
    I could take most of the foolishness this gal had to say- some folks can’t see past the end of their own driveway and nothing is going to change that – but “radical liberals”? Riots?
    We have swung so far off center that moderate liberals and moderate conservatives are “radical liberals”? Crimenently ! !
    Everyday American voters riot if they don’t get their way? ! Hogwash !
    Life must be pretty boring for some folks that they have to dream up morphidite politico thriller-science fiction scenarios to scare themselves with in the dark!

    Question for some of the vets posting here-
    What is the scoop with the GI Bill school benefits/lack of benefits a couple of you have mentioned?
    I got so mad we sent our young men and women to Iraq without adequate body armor and so on . I nearly stroked out when the stories started surfacing about the poor medical care vets are getting upon their return…
    What further wrong is going on under the radar?


  110. You are my hero!


  111. I can’t believe I haven’t come across this site prior to now…

    What a great blog!

    Thank you, and please don’t stop sharing with us!


  112. Hey Kelly!!! The blue states also get Minnesota!! One of the best medical systems and research systems in the country, AND we have Garrison Keillor and his Prairie Home Companion!!


  113. Oh! I got my Margaret and Helen T-shirt in today! Woot Woot!

    Margaret and Helen
    Old enough to know better…
    Young enough to not give a rats a$$

    🙂 You guys make me smile!


  114. To Irene: My full name was listed too. This wasn’t a personal email that I’ve posted. A breach of confidence? They all responded directly to a comment made on a public forum and have their names listed that way so obviously don’t mind that I (or anyone else on Facebook) know who they are. But thanks for your “concern” about their privacy.


  115. Hi, Helen and Margaret! I’d like to have a few words with the idiot.

    Dear Idiot Commenter: Things might have been fine for you over the past 8 years, what with the real estate bubble and all, but there are over 4,000 families grieving the loss of a loved one in a war designed to put Bush in the White House for a second term and to gain control over Iraqi oil. Thousands more are grievously injured: brain damaged, amputees, blind. While you were racking up the wealth you don’t want to share, thousands have done two, three or more tours as National Guard and Reservists, and their families have shouldered tremendous financial burdens as a result.

    Then there’s Don Siegelman, former Governor of Alabama, who was railroaded into prison on a seven year sentence by Karl Rove so that he could put the candidate of his choice into the governor’s office. Don’t take my word for it; ask the judges who released him.

    Then there’s torture, extraordinary rendition, the shame of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, discussions of waterboarding held in the White House, spying on Americans and lying about it–in general how Bush involved this country in acts that we all abhorred when we it was the Soviet Union doing them.

    There is the stinkhole of corruption, political partisanship and incompetence that is the Justice Department under Bush. Unqualifed poltical hack from fourth-rate law schools undermining U.S. attorneys–from their own party!-because they upheld the law instead of using their power to further Rove’s poltical agenda.

    Hurricane Katrina. Troops in Iraq electrocuted because KBR cut corners on installing showers. Billions disappearing in Iraq with no way to account for where the money went. Serious discussion of using bunker-buster nuclear weapons against Iran, another country that has not attacked us. A $700,000,000,000 bailout of the banks and financial services industry because of an eight-year deregulation party. Thousands of people losing their homes, whole neighborhoods in trouble because of foreclosures and abandoned homes.

    Then there’s the everyday stuff. The kids who leave college with thousands of dollars in loans. The kids in college who can’t buy the books, which often cost $180 apiece. The small businesses who struggled this summer with escalating gasoline prices. The millions with no health insurance or health insurance that doesn’t cover them when they get sick.

    Yeah, this commenter is truly an idiot if he/she doesn’t know that unless the parties work had together, nothing much could get done from 2006-2008 because the government was divided and the Democrats did not have a veto-proof majority.

    I’m glad life has been good to you, idiot commenter, because millions of other people have paid the tab for you: the troops in Iraq; the American taxpayers who will be paying for Bush’s deficits for three or four generations; the people whose retirements savings have vanished; the folks who bought those overvalued homes from you and now can’t pay the mortgages; the people who have bled, died, survived torture, or found themselves on Karl Rove’s enemies list.

    That you can sleep at night says volumes for your lack of conscience.

    Thanks, Helen, for your usual clear-minded common sense.


  116. “It isn’t Christian America, it is Muslim/Jewish/Catholic/Baptist/Evangelical Christian/Atheist/Agnostic/Paganistic America (sorry if I left someone out).”

    Well actually I know several buddhists and in the west side of Portland here we have a strong Hindu community…myself I grew up Conservative Baptist and though I do not attend church any longer I have representations of Hindu gods/goddesses in my home…personally I fel closer to Lord Ganesha than Jesus but that is just my own understanding of spirituality.


  117. Dear Helen
    I have read your blog since day one and all the comments and appreciate all you have done during this election. You have brought together intelligent people for comments unlike any other bolg or forum I have encountered.
    It took me awhile to “get” the purpose of this paricular blog but now “I get it”
    Don’t Feed It! So people, do what Helen asked and stop feeding the beast or it will keep coming back for more.
    If you heard or read Obama’s speech, he said this was not about him but about the people who have just accomplished the unbelievable. We have just experienced in our lifetime a peaceful revolt against government as we have known it. This is what a democracy is all about and on Nov. 4, 2008, without violence we achieved our goals.
    We saw Obama’s family wearing Red and Biden’s wearing Blue. On the day Obama is sworn in as our 44th president it should be a Purple Day.
    So please stop feeding the beast!
    I have never been so proud of our country!!


  118. Oh, sorry ” Powdered Toast Man”


  119. What I dont get, is that Howard Stern is a total pervert Pig-dog. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the man is pornographic, the only shock jock that gave him a run for his money–ala–poddymouth was The GreaseMan in D.C. And that Dude was Sick and twisted.

    So how is it that Howard Stern is getting all this praise as a member of the FAMILY VALUES PARTY?

    Just wondering because I smell something—hypocrasy Maybe?

    Unless there are two Howard Sterns, shouldnt he be rubbing elbows with Larry Flynt and not the Party of James Dobson?

    The same Howard Stern that hosted the MTV Music Video Awards one year in Assless Chaps with a prosthetic Butt that made fart noises that rivaled Burnt Toast Man on Rin and Stimpy[I realize this is obscure–but you sick cartoon fans out there will remember this]–On a cable flying backwards– Buttfirst–This is now the spokesperson for the GOP?

    And the Republicans are worried about Same Sex Marriage. Well that is rich with Buttery Irony. Butter on Howard Stern’s Buns that is.

    I have to go now. I am laughing so hard, that Merlot is coming out my nose. I hope this doesnt ruin my keyboard.


  120. Ooops, excuse me, Helen. Those were comments of someone else you posted–not yours.


  121. Hi
    I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the gay marriage bans that passed in CA, FL and AZ. I just don’t see how gays getting married has anything to do with my marriage or anyone elses. I was also horrified by the people of AR who voted to ban gays adopting children. With all the children in the world who need a loving home it just makes NO sense to me at all. Tuesday this country took a giant step forward (in one regard) and then took a few steps back. Being intolerent is so ignorant and shameful. My heart breaks for the families who are affected by the hateful people who hide behind their religious beliefs as they pass judgement on someone who doesn’t think like them.


  122. McCain sold his soul the moment he picked Palin for VP. Take it from an Alaskan. The Republican campaign went downhill from there.

    I have supported Obama since the primary caucus in Alaska last winter. The primary reason is that he brings ethics and integrity to the governing process through the sharing of information.

    In addition, if one reads “Dreams From My Father” and “Audacity of Hope” one learns that Obama has an understanding of world affairs, history, family, politics, and economics that is rare in any candidate. His support of women’s rights and of working families in general is also significant.

    Glad you have decided to hop on board and give your support to our President-elect, Helen. You are invited to join all U.S. citizens to weigh in with your ideas at Obama’s new website:


  123. Conservatives are hilarious. And I’m not afraid to not be PC and say that liberals ARE smarter than them. I’ve always said Republicans get their opinions sent down from on high and Democrats form opinions based on many sources (which is why we’re not always as cohesive on message as Repubs). That comment is funny though. Racism sprinkled with talking points. Classic.


  124. I am proud to be an “uppity woman”.
    and I thank the women who suffered to make the world better than jerks like you would have left it.


  125. Mr Spammer,
    I was in the Army in Missouri. I drove there and asked a gas station attendant where I could find a place to rent. He said, Blacks rent down that road and Whites rent down that road. Needless to say, I ended up in much better and cheaper housing than my black co-workers. A black fellow I worked with paid more rent for a smaller house, his electricity bill was almost double mine and he parked in a mud parking lot while mine was graveled and dry.

    My black friend got orders for Vietnam and I allowed him to stay in my spare bedrooms to save money. He had a wife and child. They stayed with my wife and I for two weeks and I was instantly changed from a ‘good old boy’ to an enemy of my white neighbors. Many wanted to move, because of this singular act of kindness for a fellow soldier.

    I am proud that Obama is President in my lifetime. Bush has created an economic, military and internataional mess which is staggering. We had been held in high esteem by the world until Bush and his ‘kick your ass but love Jesus’ policies made the US a place of ridicule.

    Mr idiot spammer, go talk to Rush, Rove, GW and Cheney. They want you to tell them how to improve the Republican Party which you love to hate.

    Thank God for reasonable people who voted for man to move this country forward!

    President Obama, Thank You!


  126. There are so many amusing things about that little rant.

    First off…economic woes that started 2 years ago magically coincide with a democratic crisis. Now I’ve taken some economics courses, and that’s fast working policies…hahaha.

    Second of all, hopefully their fiscally conservative (haha that’s funny all by itself isn’t it?) ass saved some of that money they made… and damn those people with no money for not buying overpriced houses with money lended by sharks.

    Third of all, I don’t doubt that Howard Stern’s base doesn’t know their butt from a hole in the ground. The guys an idiot. But hey, all liberals love Howard don’t we? UGH!!


  127. And the women on this site need to remember just where they were a few years ago:


  128. Bernice,

    Yes, you are so very right.

    To be specific: The current financial mess is a product of legislation by Phil Gramm himself…. wording inserted into an emergency budget bill that Congress hurriedly passed before leaving for their Christmas break eight years ago.

    Derivatives, or Credit Defaul Swaps as they are often called caused a financial crisis, very similar to the one we are now experiencing, in the first decade of the 1900’s, 1908 I believe. Every state in the Union outlawed the trade in derivatives. Gramm’s wording in that budget bill prohibited states from enforcing their laws against the trade in derivatives. If you notice, Mr. Gramm has been very, very quiet. And, of course, he was an economic advisor to McCain.

    The other cause of where we are at financially and militarily is our lack of a comprehensive energy policy.

    AND, am I the only person in the world that thinks that maybe the reason behind 9-11 was the election of another Bush? Lot of hard feelings there from the First Gulf War, don’t you know. Just a thought that has been with me for many years.

    Speaking of McCain, it was nice to see the real John McCain emerge from being the puppet of the RNC when he made his concession speech. If “that” John McCain had been the one on the campaign trail, we might have had a different outcome…. don’t you know they are pissing in their pants! Or is that just their brains leaking out?

    I’m now proud that we, as Americans, have regained some of our lost stature in the eyes of our international bretheren. Really. I mean it!


  129. I’m a little frustrated by all the right sided posts. It seems like sexism didn’t exist until Sarah Palin experienced it (um – how about Hillary?) and they are upset because they aren’t represented by the President. All I can think is “now you know how we’ve felt for 8 long years”. I have felt powerless the last two elections. One thing that felt different this time with Obama was the power he gave to ordinary people to get out and make a difference. I hope that doesn’t change now that he is in office. I want to feel that I still have a voice — and that everyone else does too. I don’t want a President who only listens to a few people within a small subsection of America when he makes decisions, but thoughtfully and intelligently considers ALL Americans. That means the gay, straight, and transgendered should all be considered equally.

    As Easier so succinctly stated to pops63, this country is a mosaic of all types of people. Why does the Christian right think it is only made up of people who look, think, and act like them? It isn’t Christian America, it is Muslim/Jewish/Catholic/Baptist/Evangelical Christian/Atheist/Agnostic/Paganistic America (sorry if I left someone out). That is what this country is about and why we on this site are so adamant in what we have to say. People like smteaches shouldn’t be attacked by her neighbor for the sign in her yard. That’s the kind of world Bush and the intolerant conservatives have created, and I don’t want to live in that kind of America any more. (smteaches — if the police you dealt with won’t help you, go higher up till your voice is heard. Bruises sound like Assault to me). So, perhaps if you want to rant against liberals, go start your own blog, and leave us to enjoy what Helen and Margaret choose to share with us.

    I mean it. Really.


  130. POPS63

    How disgraceful to just repeat a lot of piffle spewed by right wing nuts.

    Check the videotapes and SEE the flag pin on Barack Obama’s lapel and oops! NONE on John McCain’s. Over and over.

    It’s a LIE that he doesn’t place his hand over his heart during the Pledge or the Anthem. LIE.

    And it’s just hooey about his voting record. “Present” about 3% of votes is nothing shameful.

    But what is shameful is spouting a lot of crap as you did. Hateful, shameful, disgusting crap.

    And you call yourself a patriot. SHAME!!!!


  131. Oh boy I am seeing lots of spots today!


  132. Irene, I feel you have misspoken. The poster used HER OWN name, and even included a photo, when responding on this, and another thread. This hardly begs anonymity.

    There has been a lot of emotion flying around on this blog and elsewhere, and a lot of broad generalizations, etc. But as I mentioned previously, this is an emotional time. When folks like Pops63 up above and democratsfreeblog come in swinging and spewing, it’s natural that a similarly aggressive resposne will ensue.

    I will say this, in defense of dialogue in general, at least Americans are once again talking about our social problems, rather than focusing on Paris Hilton’s latest debacle, or presuming that the rest of the world dislikes us because “they all want to live here,” or “they’re jealous of our lifestyles,” or the US is superior in EVERYTHING.

    I celebrate the general conversation and emotional engagement.


  133. it seems as though when someone comes onto a blog that expresses a certain point of view, then gets “in your face” about her own opposite point of view, she is asking for it. If she didnt want people to be blown away by her remarks, then respond to them, she should have kept her mouth shut. Or else go to the mccain site where she will be welcomed for her views. That place isnt here. So dont whine and cry because you got “busted”. You asked for it.



    Charlie Rose interviews Jon Meacham and Evan Thomas regarding the new Newsweek Magazine Issue on Barack Obama.

    You will hear the following quotes in this interview:

    “He’s very self-contained”
    “There is a slightly creepy cult of personality about all this”
    “It makes me a little uneasy that he’s so singular”
    “He’s a deeply manipulative guy”
    “He controls events, events don’t control him”
    “He gets people to do pretty much anything he wants”
    “He’s got this gift and he’s gonna ride it as far as he can”
    “He watches us watching him”
    “He has the self awareness to know that this ‘creature’ he has designed isn’t necessarily a real person”
    “He has constructed something he believes America is looking for, and what is that and how does it vary from who he is?”

    They did overall discuss him in a positive light, but I’m just giving you fair warning – these comments are the first that mean the honeymoon is already over for your man.


  135. To Heather:

    As a Facebook user myself, I’m taken aback that you actually list names. I think that’s a breach of confidence.

    To some of the rest of you:

    While I do vehemently disagree with Lisa Klemm, I’m appalled by some of the responses. I think Margaret & Helen would be thankful for a bit more civility. You are putting yourself on the same low level as sputtering right-wingers elsewhere in this universe.

    End of sermon . . .


  136. “But let’s not kid ourselves here, there were PLENTY of people who voted for Barak simply BECAUSE he was black. ”

    Umm, okay and there were plenty of people who voted for McCain because they didn’t want to see a black man in office. Or supporting Palin because she was a woman. So your point is?

    “I was out there working and selling and I made more money in the last 8 years than I have any other time in my LIFE.”

    Meanwhile, millions of Americans were losing the homes you were selling to them as well as getting laid off from their jobs. Other people’s spouses and children were being brought home in a body bag after serving in an unjust war.

    “If he had lost I would have to listen to 4 years of how this country is so racist and how we “stole” the election (that sound familiar?)…whatever….frankly I feared there would be riots and other violence since that seems to be what happens when radical liberals don’t get their way…”

    I am most offended by this comment.

    Has she been watching the elections? Obama was clearly a better candidate. If you took away his race there would be no doubt in anyone’s mind who should have been president. That’s why people cheered around the world for him.


  137. Ah, Helen. So glad you are still here after the election, and still callin’ ’em like you see them!

    There is a god(ess)-given, and American-given, right to be an uninformed idiot, and thank god our First Amendment allows everyone — not just those who agree with us — to make fools of themselves — in public places, too!

    What a gem your blog has become! And soon, very soon, you will reach 1,000,000 hits. How’s that for something?


  138. For the IDIOT that was spotted…LOL! RE: stolen election. I was amabsentee FL voter as was my husband. My son was in the military overseas. All our votes were thrown out! That’s 3 in just one family! Yeah….Bush stole the election! Oh….and, Barrack did not choose that idiot Palin, Dumba**!!


  139. peacelovekindness

    If we accept your supposition that GOD created everything then you’ve got a major problem with the logic of your arguement. Because not everyone (humans and other species too) is born being a Male or a Female. Not all species need two sexes to procreate either.

    And btw couples of the same sex are generally together because they love each other. What’s wrong with that? If the sex act is all you can think about when it comes to same gendered couples then the problem really lies with you because they have the full range of the fullest lives you mentioned in your comment – dishes, laundry, trying to get the bills paid. Oh but they also have to worry about folks like you trying to prevent them from that.

    I get the impression from your comment that you consider yourself a religious person so I am going to re-state a comment from one of Helen’s previous posts

    God gave man religion. The Devil said – “Let me organize that for you.”

    Who are YOU (or your religious group) to PRESUME that you know what God intends? Didn’t he/she ask you not to judge others but to leave that to him/her? Oops sorry I guess you probably need your God to be specifically gendered too.

    peacelovekindness it would hurt you not one whit if people of the same gender were married. So you feel it’s immoral then don’t do it yourself but how can you really be so certain of God’s intentions that you feel righteous enough to deny it to others. Perhaps you will be judged harshly by him/her for not being accepting of the wonderful diversity of his/her creation.


  140. Dear Clifton,

    Please listen to the radio programs I recommended above. These problems were and are very complex and cannot be simplified down to Bush was right and Democrats have been wrong for years, just as things also aren’t all the fault of Republican policies. Thus, we need thoughtful and informed bipartisan legislation to save our country.

    Here they are again for others to listen to as well.

    Thanks for your prayers for and acceptance of our new President. You have kind words and I’m just trying to help others learn more about our financial crisis. The more we know, the more thoughtful our discussions will be, rather than mudslinging.


  141. Oh, Linda: Please refrain from spewing racism. I’m not offended myself (even though I’m what you’d call ‘white’), but I do want this blog to be respected.

    Fact is, Fanny and Freddie failed and they were the ones who brought everything crashing down. Why? Well, look at the market-to-market rules which FORCED businesses to DEVALUE their assets. Also, look back at the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. It FORCED businesses to give loans to people who most likely couldn’t pay back. Those rules were embraced to the end by liberals.

    Also, Bush cut our debt to well under a trillion dollars, and for several years running the unemployment rate was at a near perfect 4%. Also, the DOW in the plunge only went to 2004’s mark of 10,000. Thus it can be concluded that Bush was really our best friend.

    We ‘hate’ him because he wanted the bail-out bill which has always been a Democratic thing. Even Obama wants to do so again.


  142. Jeanne, I think you’ll agree then that the treatment of the right was just as atrocious (only a greater volume).
    I hope that nobody here thinks that Palin was treated with respect the whole time and there was no sexism. Of course there was.

    There are a lot of things to think about. Questioning a man’s judgment is quite OK. There may be some who go over the top, but the GOP never said anything racist, that was the drive-bys who said that.
    Questioning a man’s character and his experience are fine things to discuss. Would you want a judge who pals around with radicals like Bill Ayers? No, because that would be a conflict of interest.

    Thus the treatment of Obama, if you ignore what the mainstream media has said, was actually fair. What cost McCain was his lack of conservativeness, his lack of toughness.

    Let me be honest: Obama is my President and yours too, so I will have no trouble supporting him no matter what party logo he has next to his name. What I will not do, is compromise on crucial issues.

    Like Voltaire said (ironically), ‘I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’ Watch and defend our freedom of speech, lest it be taken away. But until then, never cease to offer up prayers for our next President of the United States, who is the protector of our beloved Constitution:

    Barack Hussein Obama.


  143. The GOP is blaming the Democratic congress for our countries woes. Really? Here’s the truth….. rich, white men with visions of ruling the world have personal issues that they must address. Did we conveniently forget Daddy Bush and his New World Order? Let’s face the facts, the good ole boys club is so 20th century. Get with the program boys and get used to the new and improved America.


  144. “And, I gotta tell you, anyone who listens to Howard Stern is just plain stupid themselves.”

    Wow, I gotta tell ya, i am a democrat, happily and proudly voted for Obama, and i love this blog. But broad statements like the one i have quoted from another poster above i find upsetting.

    I thoroughly enjoy listening to Howard Stern. There are certainly parts I could pass up on the show, but there’s a lot of good stuff as well. And he’s actually very democratically minded, and he voted for Obama. He believes in free speech, the right for a woman to choose, the right for gays to get married and so on.

    As with anything, we have a right to listen and to not listen-so exercise your right to not listen to him (easy to do now that you would also need a subscription to listen to him) without sending out an insult to those of us that do.

    Also, the bit this realtor heard from his show was a comedy bit. The people being interviewed were apparently (it was on the radio so I can’t even say for 100% sure) black people on the streets of Harlem, and a lot of them did say they were voting for Obama, even when the man questioning them purposefully said that McCain’s policies were Obama’s…and that Palin was Obama’s running mate. It just proved a point, and not a shocking one, that SOME black people voted for Obama because he is a black man…and not necessarily because of his politics.

    But as others have brought up on this blog, if we went to a very white area and interviewed poor southern white people, how many of them would have said the same for McCain, that they were voting for him even if they didn’t know his politics, just because he was white…Or again, how many white people DID NOT vote for Obama because he is black. Frankly if Al Gore or another white, Christian, male had been running in this election, I think the landslide would have been even greater for the democratic candidate than it already was. And that’s a sad state of affairs that there are still so many who can’t look beyond color (and even saying that is disparaging-he is a black man and what the hell is wrong with that??)

    For myself, i am a white person (and a woman too) who voted for Obama because of his politics, and his skin color never gave me a moment of pause.

    Oh, and back to Stern, having heard this bit live, there weren’t that many people interviewed (maybe 5 and who knows who was cut out of the bit)-it’s not like there were droves and droves as the realtor implies. But even though i like Stern i would still say, don’t base your politics on what he or his show says. For that matter, don’t base your politics on what anyone else says, think for yourself, do your research.


  145. To Pops63: You must have been reading conservapedia. Obama is not an Arab and he does not speak Arabic. His father was born in Kenya, and might have been given an Arabic sounding name, which was passed down to his son. That is all there is to it. He is a Christian. What do you think Reverend Wright was all about? To Muslims the Koran is just like the Bible to Christians. However, not all Arabs are Muslims. There are Arabs who suscribe to the Christian faith! Are you not surprised? This land was here before the Christians arrived. The country as we know it today is built on diversity. I dare say I would have voted for Obama of any faith! He strikes me as somebody who would include everybody in the big tent of the United States. He is obviously smart, has a great sense of organization. I know how hard it it to convince somebody who has been endoctrinated in thinking one way over another. But he won, fair and square and seemed to have convinced a good portion of the population to his ideas! I do not believe having read in his platform that turning this country into a Muslim country was on his agenda! By the way, I am a Christian who believes in a GOD of LOVE! Anybody of any faith that believes in LOVE over hate has a path to GOD.


  146. I became a recent fan of yours, and I love that you can say what you feel. I love my elders… I’m glad you have a way to let your voice be heard. Cuz you’re coming from a longrange view.
    I’m so glad you’re old enough to call people “idiots” and “bitches”. Thanks for that!

    Regarding the Harlem portion of that comment… I had addressed that with some Texas Red idiot over on Facebook… who used that clip to promote the stupid idea that blacks in Harlem only voted for Obama cuz he was black.

    As someone who is identified as “Black” (though I consider myself a Blendian) and who grew up in and visits Harlem just about every day… I took HUGE offense to that.

    1.) Thanks to gentrification, the face of Harlem has changed dramatically over the past few years, and for Howard Stern to send someone who professes to be a racist up to Harlem to dig around and find one of the few misinformed idiots to promote his racist POV annoyed me immensely.

    2.) During the campaign, there old school Harlem types who ACTIVELY sought to register and educate voters on the issues and the candidates. And most people in Harlem–even the old residents, knew exactly who Palin was and that she wasn’t associated with Obama.

    3.) I went to visit the Harlem for Obama office the day before the election, and was deeply moved to see the folks who stopped by to help. And they were all shades and economic levels–believe me.

    4.) Anybody who takes Howard Stern seriously is an idiot, when his whole career is made on “shock”.


  147. Venting is good! I am feeling that the Bush Years are kind of like a terminal disease AND I BEEN CURED! There is now an ability to look to the future with some hope.

    I am bothered a great deal that THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY is still trying to lock us into Iraq, telling the EPA that old factories can work longer hours spewing out more harmful chemicals, etc.

    Obama and his people need to look at what executive orders have been squeaked through which will harm our environment and future.

    I also just read about International Reaction to President Obama! The US standing in the world has instantly risen! The people on the street internationally are now looking at the US with promise instead of fear and anger.

    Obama is starting in a big hole, created by BUSH AND HIS REPUBLICAN THUGS, but at least we have someone who can think clearly and articulate his plan of action. (His plan of action will not be MAKE UP LIES AND BOMB THEM, which I appreciate.)

    Go Obama! You have a tough job but I think you are the man to pull us through this tough time.


  148. this is exactly the kind of person i have to deal with all of the time. they are entitled to their opinions, but their opinions are based on bullshit opinions that they saw on fauxnews and heard on talk radio. people raised a stink about unfair voting practices because it was THAT CLOSE, and obvious that there were issues … it wasnt because they were radical liberals who didnt get their way. maybe the radical liberals should be commended for opening their mouths when they see injustices you fucking idiot!


  149. I agree that when the Deomocrats took over the Congress that they should have grown some balls and pushed for certain investigations, I also know that they did not have large enough of a majority to have actually gotten them…but it would have been a major sign that they were not just another side of the same system. As for Democrats standing behind Obama…his was one of the longest runs before his party stood behind him, there was a lot of people supporting Clinton, perhaps even more of the ‘old’ party…

    As for McCain, I had a lot of respect for him up until the time he seemed to change to get his party’s nomination. I didn’t like what was done in his name to try to win…

    Is Obama the answer? No, he is the first step, he represents for a lot of people, Democrat, Independent, never voted before the fact that they think that it is time that government stands for them, actually represents them. If the Conservative commentors actually believe that most of us who voted for him think he will fulfill ALL of his promises, I would have to say, at least for myself, no. But I would say that for the first time in 3 years I am actually following politics and plan to continue to…that because of the “Bail out” vote I actually wrote my representative for the first time and that I plan on staying informed and sending comments.

    I think that most of us can agree that where we are now is not where any of us believe our country should be…we may disagree as to why we are here, how we got here or how we should get out…but it is time to step up and make changes, intense changes…I mean come on, the European Union is telling us that there are changes needed in the financial system and telling this country that we need to follow…Asia is making noises, globally we are seen as the problem, right or wrong…but it is time to build a strong foundation, regain our country and to regain our government…and I am certain if our new President demonstrates that he is just the same type of politics with a new face, he will be replaced. If the Democrats show that they are not willing to step up and differentiate themselves from the same type of governing, they will be replaced.

    People are tired of feeling disconnected from their government and as if they are being used to make a select few wealthy…

    Man, I haven’t vented like this for years…yep, I am hoping for real change also, not just words.


  150. Let’s face it Team Klemm just wanted to use this site for marketing their own web site. Why bother to even comment on them or back to them?

    Today is a good day!!


  151. The whole “take my money” makes me laugh. Like Obama is going to knock on their door and drag them to the ATM. The other thing that gets me is the socialist comments. Like it would be the end of America if everyone had health care. There are already socialist practices in place… schools, roads, government building.
    After 8 yrs of the extreme right wing taking rights way, making the world mistrust us, and landing us trillions in debt, I just can not understand how anyone can possibly think we are better off. More fool them.


  152. Of course, this realtor made the most money the last eight years. She was probably selling overpriced homes to people who could NOT afford them. It has been rampant in our area and done a lot of damage. I think maybe realtors should share their wealth with the people they “took.”

    And, I gotta tell you, anyone who listens to Howard Stern is just plain stupid themselves. Him and Rush Limbaugh. I lived in Wyoming and every small store you went into had him on the radio. My dad loved him. I just cannot believe the people who buy into his biggoted view of life.


  153. Skyewriter: Thank you. I’m okay, barring any further incidents. I only wish the local police were as outraged as you. I have multiple bruises, and they laughed it off, saying the guy must have been joking around.

    To all the conservatives/republicans who read these threads and post on this site: Please go to this link and read this article…perhaps it will encourage you, and perhaps we can all start working together for the next four years:

    The link would also be a great read for fair-minded, compassionate democrats who, like myself, are distressed over the four states that voted in favor of discrimination. A bittersweet election, indeed.


  154. Great post Sherri. Thank you.


  155. KAREN:

    I agree w/ you that the Church of the Latter Day Saints (aka: Mormon church) alone is not responsible for the passing of Prop 8…essentially ALL fundamentalist churches of all persuasions are responsible for it. But you are woefully uneducated about several issues regarding marriage equality for same-sex couples.

    1) DON’T call it a same-sex union — that is saying I’m “separate but equal” and separate is NEVER equal. (By the way, the word “marriage” is only found three times in the Bible, so referring to it as biblical wording is a misnomer…or at teh very least, a stretch.)

    2) Specifically, “gay marriage”, “same-sex marriage”, and “marriage equality” all mean the same thing: marriage. Every adult in our country understands what the word marriage means, so why do you need a specific explanation of what “same-sex marriage” means? The legal definition of marriage is this: a civil ceremony which legally recognizes the union of two unrelated persons for the contractual purpose of establishing kinship, which may or may not include sexual intimacy, cohabitation, shared economy and property, and mutual childrearing

    When a person says, “I got married” no one asks, “What does that mean?” Everyone understands what it means.

    When a person says, “I’ve got a civil union” or a “domestic partnership” no one knows what it means…because it does NOT establish kinship or provide the legal rights/protections/benefits that are attached to kinship.

    What don’t you (or others) understand about that definition, or about the fact that THAT is what same-sex couples want — equal civil rights, including the 1,138 federal protections, benefits, and responsibilities that are attached to civil marriage?

    3) Marriage is a CIVIL issue, NOT a religious issue. The religious part includes a wedding ceremony. NO church, religion, or religious organization has ever or will ever be forced to take part in civil marriage. NO ONE CAN GO TO A CHURCH AND BE LEGALLY MARRIED! They have to get a marriage certificate from the state to be legally married. The church ceremony is not what indicates that two people are married. The church ceremony (wedding) is simply a public expression/celebration/ceremony of the fact that two people went to the state and obtained a marriage certificate. The marriage begins the instant the couple has a marriage certificate from the state. Gay Americans are asking for the marriage certificate from the state, and that has NOTHING to do with the church or any religion. People/churches who say (assume) that churches will be persecuted if they don’t wish to “perform a marriage” are 100% ignorant or 100% misinformed.

    Although you, personally, support marriage for same-sex couples, YOU have been fooled by hatemongers, fearmongers, religious bigots, and people who know the facts but are willing to spread lies in order to scare people into believing the facts are different than what they really are…so you can imagine how easy it is to dupe prejudiced, intolerant, bigoted people into swallowing those lies hook, line, and sinker.

    This issue is about equality and inclusion. People who DON’T want to extend equal civil rights to all are always the people who already have those civil rights for themselves.

    C’mon, America….we can do better than this!


  156. Emotions are high right now. As an Obama supporter, I have resentments as to how the right demonized Obama with false claims and created an environment of fear and hatred. And I have resentments as to how Bush made a mockery of democracy—one example, he infringed upon the basic rights of all Americans in the name of rooting terrorism in our country.

    Personally, it is going to take me some time to get over the resentments I feel. I don’t want to harbor this negativity for the right, and I don’t want to lump all Republicans in the same bucket. I know and work with many wonderful people who voted for McCain.

    But it is true that especially in the blogging world, we tend to vent and dehumanize. For my part, I apologize for demonizing the original commenter (Lisa Klemm). You have your emotions and opinions, too.

    I honestly believe that Obama has created a vision and tent for all of us, regardless of who voted for whom. He said so himself in his acceptance speech and his actions during the campaign supported those words.

    For the sake of the success of his presidency, I personally am going to reach out to Lisa Klemm and anyone else I might mistrust. I’m going to have faith that you will come to believe in a new way, a nonpartisan way over these next four years.

    We all need a new way. Look what we are today. We all need something better.


  157. cliftonofhesperia- I think “our” party and OUR Country are bigger than your comment. Obama is thoughtful and intelligent. Unlike some he reads newspapers and ingests information. He may not be able to do all he promised right away but why expect the worst. We have had that; let’s try for some optimism here. Besides is this really about “us and them”?
    We need to put this election and the garbage of it behind us and really try for a new direction.


  158. Even though I’m probably the lone conservative here (don’t confuse me with a moderate “Republican”), I’ll still write in here. Probably crazy.

    You all like to bash McCain. And you have that right. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves and count the eggs before they hatch.

    Recall all the many promises that Obama made. It’ll be hard to do! If he raises taxes, we know from Hoover you’ll put us into another depression. If he doesn’t, there is no way he can have his programs when they cost a trillion dollars more.

    I don’t think Obama is in a very good position, and this worries me. I may not like his ideologies much, but Obama is my President. And for America’s sake, I would like him to be right on security and on the economics. Sadly, if he saves America by not raising taxes, the President-Elect will find himself without a party.


  159. Wow– I cannot believe this thread is still ongoing! Through the night no less. . .

    To smteaches (12:19AM): I am outraged that you were physically assaulted over your yard sign! I hope you are doing okay.

    To Kelly (10:20 AM): That email you posted was spot on. Maybe Margaret and Helen might use it. Altho’ if were to come to pass, we would all have to be sure Helen relocated so she could be part of a blue US.

    To SeeingEyeChick: Do you have a blog? I am so moved by your posts here. Agree 100%.

    Hope all have great Saturdays. Looking forward to reading how the Dame Edna show went!



  160. Pops63,

    I think you are working your way to the idiot list. Take a deep breath and read what people here are saying. McCain is honorable – yes, THE OLD MCCAIN, before he changed to run for President.

    About your notion that we forget about 6 of the last 8 years, I can agree with you a little. I think the Dems should have investigated the LIES THAT GOT US INTO IRAQ! Dems should have forced Rumsfeld, Rove, Cheney and the ilk to talk under oath about how they subverted our constitution and brought charges for lies to the people.

    It was the Republicans who set the stage for Blackwater ripping us off for Billions and privatizing wars, banks but we did not allow it to Social Security.

    Pops = read some comments and think. If you truly want to rant about the greatness of the republican party, they are now having Post-Mortem meetings to talk about the future.

    They are looking for your ideas.

    I am so very impressed with the thoughts of the people on this forum. You people are great!

    Margaret and Helen are the greatest though!


  161. Helen,

    I just discovered your blog today, and had to share it with my own grandmother. She and I often speak of politics, and this blog made me think of her fondly.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. They are intelligent, humorous, and perceptive.

    And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t call someone an idiot. At your age, you’ve earned the right to be as blunt as you want to be.


  162. uhm hey? im a filipino and i dunt even think that being black is an advantage for obama. and REALTOR you mean? ughh. i dunt like people who disagree with this post. especially the other one, [cant say name*] whatever. In pace requiescat!!

    hey. have you heard the barney issue? bouh bush’s dog? haha. thats very funny. ha ha! =]

    i love your post. it says all the thoughts I’m trying to say.


  163. uhm hey? im a filipino and i dunt even think that being black is advantage for obama. and REALTOR you mean? ughh. whatever. In pace requiescat!!

    hey. have you heard the barney issue? bouh bush’s dog? haha. thats very funny. ha ha! =]

    i love your post. it says all the thoughts I’m trying to say.


  164. So let me get this straight, a fellow who says:

    “Yes, America has spoken and I am happy to support my new President and pray for him and for our country. . .”


    “I will be first in line to stand up and say I was wrong and that he is an awesome dude . . .”

    Is an idiot?

    It seems to me the man has mastered the spirit of bi-partisanship this country needs, whereas all the fools commenting on this site remain venomous and partisan.

    But you are right Helen, idiots are easy to spot. I spotted a big one today!


  165. I don’t know who you turkeys are and care less. John McCain is an honorable man. It was not his fault that our current President had made so many errors. I would like to for you to ask yourself a question, What party has been in charge of the U.S. Legeslative Branches for the past two years? In case you don’t understand the referral I mean the Senate and Congress. It has been you wonderful Democratic Party. I myself am an independant an care little about beat the drum of one party or another. But if these bills were so bad, why did they pass them How many of them voted with President Bush. Before you get rock throwing happy use this wonderful thing called the internet and some great search engine like Google and look up the facts. The rocks in you pockets will weigh you down. I have found that most people in America are quick to jump on the Band Wagon of who ever tells the best lie. Look at Mr. Obama’s voting record in Illinois, you won’t be so proud. Look at his record in the U.S. Senate, again quite shamful. Being present is not a vote for or against anything. Ask you self why he did not vote for or against over 100 bills if his morale standing is so great and he is genuinely intersted in our country. Some of the bills could have sent badly needed funds to all parts of our country. Oh, I forgot he doesnt like to take sides. He refuses to wear one of the emblems of our country ( the American Flag ) which every President and most people in the U.S. Senate, U.S. Congerss and most govermental offices all the way down to local goverments. Heck a lot of us plan old citizens that call our selves prodly Americn wear them. But he doesn’t want ot take sides. He refuses to place his hand over his heart when the Pledge of Alleigance is being said or when the National Anthym of the country that he will now be the head of. But he doesn’t want to take sides. i wonder what will happen should we have (God Forbid) another attack like 9-11. Maybe he won’t take sides then either.
    So go on and slam his opposition and pray that the next four years won’t have an occasion to make him choose sides.
    Learn Arabic, that is the language of the KORAN. If your President elect has his way you all will be speaking it. For myself I would rather die a Christian American.


  166. What an unbelievable and arrogant ass this Republican is, but we’ve come to expect such things. The uninformed and underinformed will never change . They worship at the altar of dopes like Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingram and FOX NEWS.
    They have never been credible nor have they ever had an independent thought………they spew the party’s talking points, blah, blah, blah. On Tues night they became insiginificant and they don’t like it. They are still screaming the same stuff. Sorry, no one cares or believes you except your little band of incredibly ignorant sheep.

    But now, they are turning on their own. The allegations coming out about the idiot Palin,the audio of her supporters hoping for the death of John McCain early in his presidency and the infighting have put their party in disarray……….what goes around comes around folks. They spent 6 months making the vilest of accusations about Barack Obama and they are now whining about unfair press.

    If every black person in this country had voted for Barack he would not have won. Just incase the Repubs don’t know, there are tons of black republicans(ooooo, scary)……… Barack needed the white vote, the female vote ,the male vote the geezer (like me) vote, the young born-again vote. OBVIOUSLY he got them all. He did in our state. Our totally red, highly conservative county voted overwhelmingly for Obama, our “red” state turned overwhelmingly blue. Barack took 10 of the “Bush” states and lost none of the Blue states so get over yourselves, Republicans.

    John McCain had EVERYTHING on his side, the Media, the airwaves (24/7 Druggie Limbaugh flapped his gums), “the base” …………until the idiot Palin opened her mouth. She was willing to do and say anything for her 15 minutes of fame and people got sick of it. Everytime she opened her mouth I sent a donation. John McCain approved of the vile rhetoric at the rallies, he did not once stand up to anyone. John McCain caved. He was not the touted “mavarick” and he lost. The John McCain of 2000 would not have voted for the John McCain of 2008. He will have to live with what he became. At this point his legacy will not be of a respected senator and honored veteran,but simply of a pathetic old man who gave up his soul for the opportunity to run for President.

    People who read, people who have a brain and have the ability of clear thought voted for Barack Obama. People who care about their country and not themselves voted for Barack Obama. They did not vote for a black man. They voted for intelligence, integrity and a thoughtful plan. They stood up to the liars,cheaters and idiots and said ENOUGH ………..

    I sure hope you keep this blog going. It was people like you who helped win this election. You are a straight talker, clear thinker and someone with a tremendous sense of humor. I am sure your family is incredibly proud of you.

    Will be stopping by everyday……… has become the first thing on my list of “to dos” !!!!!!


  167. THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY stole much more than the election. They stole our money with their stupid ideas. GW BUSH STARTED A WAR WITH LIES and put it on my credit card! The other wars are on credit cards too. De-regulation put money into the golden parachutes of a few Bush Crime Family Friends and even had a large part to do with bringing down the world economy.

    I just hope there is prosecution for the Bush Crime Family, Cheney and Rumsfeld as well as a few others. These people did not care about US laws or the constitution, they just filled their pockets with our money and enjoyed their good life.

    President Obama has a good ring to it. I am proud to call him Mr. President. I have not felt like that in 8 years.


  168. For the last 8 years, really 10 because I live in an Uber-Red State, I have been basically told to Shut the F*ck Up, by beligerant jerkwads who were so thinned skinned, and so uneducated that they were incapable of doing anything but repeating Jingoistic Chants.

    This is our country–Not a Bedlam Game between rival State Champions in Football. Real issues are at stake here!

    I have been unwelcome in my own country. Many of us have Been Unwelcome in our own country–What a powerful statement that is.

    KLEM: You cannot imagine the level of frustration and Rage I have experienced, being told I dont matter because I dont go the right church, I am not the right gender, I dont care for the Right party.

    I Served YOUR country! And I was loyal to a military and a Nation that did nothing to earn or deserve that loyalty during my service and certainly not after.

    It wouldnt be so bad hearing your opinon of things, if it weren’t for the fact, that it represents a hatefulness that has been unleashed here against other Americans, to the point where many of us considered becoming expatriots. We were not sure there would be anything left to save–

    You cannot reason with the willfully ignorant and the beligerent. Its like arguing with a 2 yr old who needs a nap.

    Thats what its been like for me: Listening for 10 years, other Americans dumbing themselves down, and throwing a Temper Tantrum everytime someone like me spoke up about important issues like Civil Rights, the Environment, Domestic and International Policy, and Military and Vet issues. If I didnt premise it with a Heil Bush or Praise the Lord, I might as well just throw myself off a bridge before someone else decided to throw me off.

    Klem your post pissed me off because it was Selfish BS.

    Its that classic: “If it didnt happen to me, then it didnt happen to anyone.”

    Well now that you have had your butt handed to your on a platter, I would suggest that you take a look around you.

    Our Unemployment Rate is up, Outsourcing to Mexico, China, and India has a way of doing that–leaving Americans Jobless. Tires, Toys, Textiles even farming.

    Predatory Lending: Convincing people to buy more house than they can afford by padding their lending profile. Housing Bubble, some places like NM– we were going to retire there, but couldnt afford the 100 thousand dollars for a Trailor House on 3 acres. A trailor House? Housing Bubble—Inflated—ridiculous.

    School Loans and House Loans with Adjustable rates, teaster rates, Balloon rates.

    We were constantly receiving offers to refinance our house through ARMs through Countrywide. For a couple years. Who Benefits from that? Not the home owner. Who gets the commission?

    We place College at this pinnacle of achievement and then put it financially out of reach for most Americans—Slinging Hash Indeed Tattoogirl!

    The fact that you Klem, are not outraged at the way our citizens have been and are being treated, are being deprived of their rights, and have been lied to–Indicates to me that either you have a very low IQ, or you just dont care about anyone but yourself.

    Maybe both.

    Thats not an attack–Thats just a fact.

    I voted Democrat because I want change, but dont fool yourself for a minute that I am like those zealots out there who just Vote and Forget.

    I watch my own party like a hawk, I want to make sure that they put things back to rights. And I will come down on them like a ton of bricks if they try to pull what Bush and his cronies did.

    and its nice to know that if I write in, that my legitimacy wont be questioned because I dont attend the right church.

    Obama wants to be Everyone’s President, unlike Bush who regularly sent private communiques to the Southern Baptist Convention while ignoring the rest of the country.


  169. Helen,

    I don’t have time to read all the comments but I think this might just be a problem of perspective.

    To the Republicans it LOOKS like McCain was trying to climb a steep hill – of course the rest of us could see that he was really just trying to climb the side of the PIT they dumped us in.

    Thanks Helen – keep at it.


  170. I am so glad I found this blog! It seems I am not the only one.

    Helen, keep up the great writing please. As a fellow Austinite I salute you! (But not in that weird Nazi way) 🙂


  171. Uh, speaking of getting too close and possibly getting bitten, I think this guy learned his lesson, too.

    Have a great weekend everybody!



  172. The funny thing about Republicans is they think all their tax dollars are going to poor people with no teeth sitting on a porch with fourteen babies and counting….most of these sore losing individuals will never make enough money to be in the elite situation TRUE Republicans are in….this is a small group and those who vote for this party would never be INVITED to the party…many “Republicans” vote for the party that takes away programs they actually use…look at the red States….’nuff said….

    Our vets are committing about 14 suicides a day…..about 1000 suicide attempts a month….Republicans don’t want to pay for shelters, mental health or education…..for our “heroes”….this is how we honor our vets….not to mention all the people now out of work….and homes, thanks to this idiots lending practices, and have created a society that is in need of these “bleeding heart” programs. Not to mention, in Vietnam…men just died…today we can get them off the battleground, cut them in half, attach a piss bag and send them home in a wheelchair…thanks for your service son….these men and women need MORE assistance than ever before…homes to accommodate their specific needs…..does this happy home seller got any of those homes available?

    They don’t want you to have an abortion, because life is precious…(unless it is war or the death sentence….and Bush killed more in Texas than any other governor….) yet they don’t want to pay for the care of the unwanted baby with tax dollars….because it makes more sense to spend FIFTY percent of our budget on war!!

    Republicans are unaware…that THEY have TAX AND SPEND PROGRAMS…..called war…military…

    But, they argue….if they weren’t so stupid they wouldn’t get pregnant…..well, you cut education out of the budget, you cut sexual education out of the budget….you cut programs out that help us avoid these problems.

    More women got off programs during Clinton’s term…more women are now out of the workforce than any other time since Bush has been in office.

    Here is an email I got: Thought it summed things up nicely…
    *Dear Red States: If you manage to steal this election too we’ve decided we’re leaving. We intend to form our own country, and we’re taking the other Blue States with us. In case you aren’t aware, that includes California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and all the Northeast. We believe this split will be beneficial to the nation, and especially to the people of the new country of New California. To sum up briefly: You get Texas, Oklahoma and all the slave states. We get stem cell research and the best beaches. We get the Statue of Liberty. You get Dollywood. We get Intel and Microsoft. You get WorldCom. We get Harvard. You get Ole’ Miss. We get 85% of America’s venture capital and entrepreneurs. You get Alabama. We get two-thirds of the tax revenue, you get to make the red states pay their fair share. Since our aggregate divorce rate is 22% lower than the Christian Coalition’s, we get a bunch of happy families. You get a bunch of single moms. Please be aware that Nuevo California will be pro-choice and anti-war, and we’re going to want all our citizens back from Iraq at once. If you need people to fight, ask your evangelicals. They have kids they’re apparently willing to send to their deaths for no purpose, and they don’t care if you don’t show pictures of their children’s caskets coming home. We do wish you success in Iraq , and hope that the WMDs turn up, but we’re not willing to spend our resources in Bush’s Quagmire. With the Blue States in hand, we will have firm control of 80% of the country’s fresh water, more than 90% of the pineapple and lettuce, 92% of the nation’s fresh fruit, 95% of America’s quality wines, 90% of all cheese, 90% of the high tech industry, 95% of the corn and soybeans (thanks Iowa!), most of the U.S. low-sulfur coal, all living redwoods, sequoias and condors, all the Ivy and Seven Sister schools plus Stanford, Cal Tech and MIT. With the Red States, on the other hand, you will have to cope with 88% of all obese Americans (and their projected health care costs), 92% of all U.S. mosquitoes, nearly 100% of the tornadoes, 90% of the hurricanes, 99% of all Southern Baptists, virtually 100% of all televangelists, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Jones University, Clemson and the University of Georgia. We get Hollywood and Yosemite, thank you. Additionally, 38% of those in the Red states believe Jonah was actually swallowed by a whale, 62% believe life is sacred unless we’re discussing the war, the death penalty or gun laws, 44% say that evolution is only a theory, 53% believe that Saddam was involved in 9/11 and 61% of you crazy bastards believe you are people with higher morals then we lefties. Finally, we’re taking the good pot, too. You can have that dirt weed they grow in Mexico. Peace out, Blue States*

    Check us out on

    Were were in Denver with and Shepard Fairy with the DNC…..have a great one….now that we got the right guy in office;)


  173. The funny thing about Republicans is they think all their tax dollars are going to poor people with no teeth sitting on a porch with fourteen babies and counting….most of these sore losing individuals will never make enough money to be in the elite situation TRUE Republicans are in….this is a small group and those who vote for this party would never be INVITED to the party…many “Republicans” vote for the party that takes away programs they actually use…look at the red States….’nuff said….

    Our vets are committing about 14 suicides a day…..about 1000 suicide attempts a month….Republicans don’t want to pay for shelters, mental health or education…..for our “heroes”….this is how we honor our vets….not to mention all the people now out of work….and homes, thanks to this idiots lending practices, and have created a society that is in need of these “bleeding heart” programs. Not to mention, in Vietnam…men just died…today we can get them off the battleground, cut them in half, attach a piss bag and send them home in a wheelchair…thanks for your service son….these men and women need MORE assistance than ever before…homes to accommodate their specific needs…..does this happy home seller got any of those homes available?

    They don’t want you to have an abortion, because life is precious…(unless it is war or the death sentence….and Bush killed more in Texas than any other governor….) yet they don’t want to pay for the care of the unwanted baby with tax dollars….because it makes more sense to spend FIFTY percent of our budget on war!!

    Republicans are unaware…that THEY have TAX AND SPEND PROGRAMS…..called war…military…

    But, they argue….if they weren’t so stupid they wouldn’t get pregnant…..well, you cut education out of the budget, you cut sexual education out of the budget….you cut programs out that help us avoid these problems.

    More women got off programs during Clinton’s term…more women are now out of the workforce than any other time since Bush has been in office.

    Here is an email I got: Thought it summed things up nicely…
    *Dear Red States: If you manage to steal this election too we’ve decided we’re leaving. We intend to form our own country, and we’re taking the other Blue States with us. In case you aren’t aware, that includes California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and all the Northeast. We believe this split will be beneficial to the nation, and especially to the people of the new country of New California. To sum up briefly: You get Texas, Oklahoma and all the slave states. We get stem cell research and the best beaches. We get the Statue of Liberty. You get Dollywood. We get Intel and Microsoft. You get WorldCom. We get Harvard. You get Ole’ Miss. We get 85% of America’s venture capital and entrepreneurs. You get Alabama. We get two-thirds of the tax revenue, you get to make the red states pay their fair share. Since our aggregate divorce rate is 22% lower than the Christian Coalition’s, we get a bunch of happy families. You get a bunch of single moms. Please be aware that Nuevo California will be pro-choice and anti-war, and we’re going to want all our citizens back from Iraq at once. If you need people to fight, ask your evangelicals. They have kids they’re apparently willing to send to their deaths for no purpose, and they don’t care if you don’t show pictures of their children’s caskets coming home. We do wish you success in Iraq , and hope that the WMDs turn up, but we’re not willing to spend our resources in Bush’s Quagmire. With the Blue States in hand, we will have firm control of 80% of the country’s fresh water, more than 90% of the pineapple and lettuce, 92% of the nation’s fresh fruit, 95% of America’s quality wines, 90% of all cheese, 90% of the high tech industry, 95% of the corn and soybeans (thanks Iowa!), most of the U.S. low-sulfur coal, all living redwoods, sequoias and condors, all the Ivy and Seven Sister schools plus Stanford, Cal Tech and MIT. With the Red States, on the other hand, you will have to cope with 88% of all obese Americans (and their projected health care costs), 92% of all U.S. mosquitoes, nearly 100% of the tornadoes, 90% of the hurricanes, 99% of all Southern Baptists, virtually 100% of all televangelists, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Jones University, Clemson and the University of Georgia. We get Hollywood and Yosemite, thank you. Additionally, 38% of those in the Red states believe Jonah was actually swallowed by a whale, 62% believe life is sacred unless we’re discussing the war, the death penalty or gun laws, 44% say that evolution is only a theory, 53% believe that Saddam was involved in 9/11 and 61% of you crazy bastards believe you are people with higher morals then we lefties. Finally, we’re taking the good pot, too. You can have that dirt weed they grow in Mexico. Peace out, Blue States*


  174. You can’t stop idiots – they will always be there and blame everyone but themselves. Of course everything was great for the idiot – there was no regulation so he could sell and make money to his hearts content to people that should not have qualified for a home.

    Helen – thank you, you’ve shown me that one voice can be heard.


  175. Whoa! What a post this is! I’ve had my morning coffee and been thoroughly entertained by all the posts. Good stuff my fellow “idiots.”

    Just like a Republican to use the words: “riots” and “violence.” Everyone knows the BUSH CRIME FAMILY stole the election both terms. Obama won his election fair and square using his leadership skills. Let’s see…..what was the final tally? OH YEAH – 349 – 173! You better hold on to all that money you earned deceiving people in the market.



  176. The problem with this moron’s response is that it isn’t always about YOU and MAKING MONEY…..we have been in a war (which was a lie), spending 10 billion a day, while Iraq sits on a surplus…the last 8 years of sleeping at the wheel, like this fool clearly has been, has brought a once great nation to its knees…and somehow, you were having a dandy time and never knew it was coming..have another cocktail…it is why you are no longer in office…we need people who are paying attention and know how to have a conversation and can spell the word integrity and well as HAVE some integrity… wonder we are in such a mess….WAKE UP AMERICA!!…did this idiot miss this the last 8 years??? Is this fool unaware of the consequences of such an action of war…or were they too busy selling homes….to people who could not afford it….and being a part of our financial meltdown….THANKS….you clearly have been a part of the problem…we look like terrorists to OTHER nations. People are worried about a nuclear IRAN!!?? We are the only nation to bomb another nation….not Iran. Americans need to get their heads out of their ass and realize it is not about how much money you make….you want another 9-11??? Americans need to look at what OTHER nations see when they look at us…they hate our policies….policies that destroy nations, impoverish people, destroy lands, kill their leaders……read John Perkins Confessions of an Economic Hit Man….Americans have got to be the most uninformed people on the planet( not including Margaret and Helen)….talk to any foreigner…they will spout off dates of wars and invasions…instead, our Brittney Spears fed inbreds check their lipgloss and glaze over while trying to listen…..have some more aspartame, please. You two ladies are the best….


  177. What that fellow seems to have overlooked is how very many people voted for McCain/Palin because they were white.

    There were especially the Stupid Votes–“I can relate to her!” gushed lots of white women who didn’t have much more going on upstairs than she did and does. “I don’t know anything and neither does she, but look at how far she’s come!”

    Realtors can make buckets of money under any administration, until a recession rolls in. My dad was a realtor and did very well for himself. But I do remember a period in his life–somewhere back in the 70s when he made no deals for about two years. Very hard for him.

    But I’ve never met a Democratic realtor.

    And “spreading the wealth” simply means paying more taxes because the economy has been good to you. No deals, no more taxes. A painful but merciful fact.


  178. Great comments to an utterly inane prior comment. But, what about the line “…they approved of Obama’s policies of right to life and staying in the war until we win. They even loved his pick of Sarah Palin as VP!” ?? Excuse me, but the last time I checked Caribou Barbie was McCain’s VP pick.

    Thank God for Helen and Margaret and the folks who commented on this comment with facts verifiable by someone other than Howard Stern.

    Now, we all just need to settle down and work to support President Obama – who, by the way, is arguably the smartest person EVER elected president. Don’t you really admire his pick economic advisors!! Paul Voulker (sp?) and Bob Reich – two of the best minds in the business. Really, I mean it.

    Like the late, great Senator Paul Wellstone said, “Organize, organize, and NEVER give up!”

    Love you gals.


  179. totally agreed.


  180. Seeingeyechick, as a fellow veteran, I fully agree with wat you said about our VA rights. I haven’t been able to get into school and finish claiming the GI Bill rights that I went to Iraq, paid my time, money, blood, sweat and tears for in over a year, thusly leaving me half my credits short of a better job than slinging hash or anything on that same payscale. I really love how you pointed out how infuriating it is when peopel assume that the GI Bill is a “government handout” on par with welfare. It has always made my blood boil to be grouped with the women (who I personally know to have) abused the ability to have children that they couldn’t afford to care for without government aid to go to school on a government grant. I worked my ass off for four years, served more time than not outside of the country, and missed being able to attend funerals or being able to visit my dad in the hospital after a heart attack because I had to deploy two or three days after finding out that my dad had even had a heart attack.
    I’m not saying that women who do use the government aid available to them and their children to improve themselves enough to be independant and self sufficient are an issue, I support any woman fighting for independance that needs help, but the majority of women I’ve known on welfare see no reason to become independant and self sufficient after that as opposed to having another ill planned pregnancy and getting even more benefits from that. It makes me mad to be lumped into a category with the latter when I went to war and paid my own way into my benefits.
    As for Helen, love the sense of humor you used to put this blog and your opinion out.
    Team Klemm, I totally disagree with your point of view, but hey it is your right to have it, and I commend you for at least being more civil than many people with similar opinions I have encountered since the election including a few choice members of my family. Although I will say, I would not take Howard Stern as a fount of quotable knowledge if you want to be taken seriously, the man is a satircal comedian and is refered to as the “shock jock”.


  181. I agree with the comment in the original post – McCain did have a tough hill to climb; Bush is incredibly unpopular, the economy is in meltdown and he picked a running mate that was nothing short of embarrassing.

    Calling the fundamentals of the economy sound on the day Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy (and precipitated the financial crisis) was a pretty tough step to recover from. Referring to Joe the Plumber as an example of financial wisdom was also a mistake, given that Obama was drawing on the expertise of Warren Buffet, and especially since at the moment to refer to him Joe had stepped out of the room to er, test the plumbing. (I have no problem with the concept that plumbers need to pee, but in a well run campaign one of the aide’s would have been making sure that Joe was right where McCain needed him – now if they can’t even sort that out they don’t look very credible for running a nation).

    So yes, McCain had a very tough hill to climb, and to continue the mountaineering metaphor, he had way too much stuff in his pack, and lacked the right equipment when the going got tough.


  182. Live and let live, indeed, Karen… and simply live life to the fullest! 🙂 I am not an American so I have no right whatsoever to comment on same sex marriage.

    Still, being a human being who has been given by the Lord Almighty a mind and brain to think with… I THINK IT IS SIMPLY DOWNRIGHT OUTRAGEOUS, FRIVOLOUS, CRAZY AND MOST SINFUL to even allow same sex marriage! 😦

    C’mon folks! Sane clergymen, politicians, policy and lawmakers need to use their GOD-GIVEN HEADS to THINK, SERIOUSLY THINK DEEPLY that GOD CREATED A MAN (ADAM) and MADE A WOMAN (EVE) OUT OF ADAM’s ribs, for what?!

    Surely the Almighty LORD has a damn good reason why human pairs should be of the OPPOSITE SEX to be lawfully-wedded as HUSBAND and WIFE BUT NEVER EVER SHOULD A MAN MARRY ANOTHER MAN AND A WOMAN MARRIED TO A WOMAN — PLAIN AND SIMPLE! 😦


  183. Chris about that Mormon church link…
    I also want same sex marriage bills to pass, but I am not comfortable blaming one church group for the failure. Some Catholics and Christians in California were told that if they voted yes, their church could be taken to court and it’s tax-free status could be removed if they refused to perform a same-sex marriage (even though thier doctrine speaks against it). That would infringe on my rights and make me vote no. The bill needs to be rewritten with every loophole closed.
    1.)Begin by calling it a same sex union. That seems to be preferred to the biblical wording of marriage.
    2.)Explain specifically what it means (ie; legal rights of a spouse in the eyes of the government)
    3.)Assure the churches that they will not be persecuted if they don’t wish to perform such marriages.

    I laughed when I read somewhere the people of California were concerned that thier children would be taught about same sex marriage in school, in our schools are they taught about any kind of marriage? I am a 48 year old white woman who has been happily married to a man for years. Why do we need to make everything so complicated?
    Live and let live.


  184. Dear Ms Helen Philpot,

    If only all AMERICANS are like you, the WORLD would be a PEACEful planet in the whole of the UNIVERSE! God bless you and May God Bless newly-elected President Barack Obama and AMERICA! 🙂


  185. do you have a grandson/nephew available? I mean it.


  186. I am not American, I live in Belgium. This comment is quite moderated. If you want to see a real Idiot then go here !


  187. “…riots and other violence since that seems to be what happens when radical liberals don’t get their way”
    ..OH I get it. Because of all the historical figures that have been assassinated, a liberal was always responsible. What was Lincoln thinking helping out the slaves? Thank goodness someone finally did in that super-conservative Ghandi fellow, he was nuts. Martin Luther King, JFK, and even Jesus.. all perfectly decent conservative folk killed in the name of the liberal cause.
    …. Oi.
    Seriously, what conservatives have been killed by radical liberals? I know Charles Manson was a radical liberal who had people kill in the name of.. whatever ridiculous crap he believed, and a few crazies blew some stuff up in the 60s. Other than that, I can not think of a single conservative figurehead who has been killed by a liberal. It has always seemed that it’s the peace-makers (MLK Jr., Ghandi, JFK, Jesus, etc) that get killed every time.


  188. Helen, you are lovely.


  189. Yes, yes, yes. It’s an ObamaNation! Don’t you love it? I do. I really mean it.

    Helen, I love your writing but I think I love Margaret more because she inspires you so. I’m dying to know what you gals did in college and what you ‘grew up’ to be. What were your professions, if you don’t mind me asking. Would love for you to make that a blog!


  190. My favorite is the voters who put Bush into office just pretend they aren’t partially responsible for all that has happened that are his doing. How they pretended at the convention that they had nothing at all to do with all that’s happened in the last 8 years, just as those who voted for McCain pretend it wouldn’t have been more of the same. How obtuse!

    I’d like to see all of the federal lawbreakers prosecuted as any one of us would be for breaking such laws, from the Bush administration to the people who built those toxic shelters for Katrina victims – and then sent those same shelters to the Midwest flood area, to the people who tried to interfere with voting rights. That would be justice. Anything less will teach they could do it and get away with it and that would just encourage them to do it again.

    Helen, you’re a class act!


  191. I honestly do NOT understand those who say “I just hope he proves me wrong.” I don’t get that. what the hell does he have to prove?! People who say that are armchair Americans – they sit there and say, “Yeah? What have you done for me lately?” Well, with an unjustly due selfrighteous attitude like that I say what I say to my kids, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”


  192. The night before the election, my Obama/Biden sign was stolen from my front yard. On election day, I went to a neighbor’s house to retrieve my sign. I had never met this neighbor, but I was certain my sign was in his yard b/c it was a distinctive sign – the only “AFT” sign on the entire street – and on election day it was upside down in his yard next to his three McCain/Palin signs. I assumed neighborhood kids or teenagers took the sign out of my yard and placed it in his as a prank, and I assumed he would be glad to be rid of it.

    I rang his doorbell, introduced myself, explained my situation, and asked if the sign might be in his yard by mistake and if I could retrieve it. The guy goes ballistic, screaming and yelling, spewing foul language that would make a sailor blush, and assaulting me — I’m not kidding — I have the bruises on my arm still where he grabbed me and shook me.

    I did not get my sign back. I did call the police. The police took a report and said they were required by law to confront the neighbor and inform him that a report had been filed. The officer called me half an hour later and said the man was apologetic and assured the officer there would be no more incidents.

    This afternoon, I come home to find HIS McCain/Palin sign shoved in my mailbox…. aggressiveness? retaliation? warning? blaming me for Obama’s victory and McCain’s loss? I don’t know. I just wanted to share this story to make two observations:

    1: Like Klemm and like my neighbor, it’s interesting to note that it always seems to be the Republicans who are hateful/hurtful/retaliatory — and then defensive when Democrats try to respond

    2: Klemm and my neighbor remind me of the divisive, exclusive, bullying politics so represented by their party of choice for the past 8 years. I;m eternally grateful that the majority of American voters have taken a stand and said, “Enough is enough. It’s time to bring back HOPE…it’s time to govern for the people, by the people, of the people…it’s time for change.”

    Thank you to all the readers and commentators on this blog who support hope, change, equality, and compassion.

    Thank you, Helen and Margaret, for continuing to provide us with levity, intelligent dialogue, and inspiration.


  193. O….kay.


  194. yeahhh..
    but sometimes every human ever behave idiot. no matter an educated or not. but it’s just come naturally, normally when we feel not even in our current position/profession. well, but nice to see people that way.. even if we’re ever been captured in that way too..
    ha hahhh…


  195. TeamKlemm,

    After suggesting that people voted for Obama because they are ignorant, suggesting life’s been good for you until the Dems got control of Congress, and calling out the women who host this blog for highlighting your thoughtless post, you protest that you are “crucified,” and maligned–and the responders are just “hateful.”

    … come now. You are a guest here, as we all are. You posted a highly provocative post that surely even you could imagine would elicit turbulent reaction.

    Have you re-read what you originally wrote from the perspective of people who do not know you? Your eventual response had all sorts of caveats, but I’d suggest that you re-read YOUR post and take stock of exactly what you DID say, what you clearly implied, and what you did NOT say by way of clarification.

    Your ideological thrust seems to clash with the entire consciousness of this blog. Did you expect folks to comment with kudos to your suggestion that life has been just fine for you for the past 8 years, so what is everyone complaining about? That black Americans would riot in the streets if Obama were not elected? That ignorance is the real-estate (pun intended) of a particular race? That Dems in the Congress for the past 2 years make them as responsible for this mess as the GOP?

    You threw out all sorts of offensive, poorly-supported and random observations and accusations, and then came back to the fray and shouted “hateful,” instead of responding with some genuine introspection. You continue to fuel the flames of your own conflagration by being defensive and insulting the authors of this blog.

    I am sad to say that I suspect there were far more folks out there who voted for McCain because he is WHITE, than there were folks who voted for Obama simply because he is black—can you see how offensive your suggestion is? Did you see the tape of the horrible woman telling McCain that Obama was an “Arab” and a “terrorist?” Did you not hear the crowd at McCain’s concession speech loudly booing the President-elect? Ignorance is color-blind, gender-blind, age-blind–and too many American’s don’t understand what their candidate stands for.

    You suggested that McCain was given some sort of bum rap because of the crappy economy that resulted largely from policies that he continues to espouse. He deserved his albatross because he’s been front and center during this war and during the economic crisis—making mistake after mistake along the way. I’m not throwing any pity party for McCain or that wastrel Sarah Palin.

    Maybe you are a wonderful person, but you just didn’t convey that in your post, and your defensiveness in response isn’t helping. To close, it is a sensitive time in our history, Klemm. People are tired of the crap, the anti-intellectuality, the intolerant “folksiness” that passes for leadership and a world view. You tossed your hat into the ring, it’s just poor sportsmanship to cry “foul” when it gets taken up.


  196. LOL

    This is great, because I wrote an entire blog article asking myself why oh why do I read the comments on NeoCon/Republican biased blogs.

    Some doofus mentioned on another blog I stumbled on that the Dow Jones average fell 900 points after Barack Obama became President elect, showing that the world and economy has no faith in him.

    Uh, no, the Dow fell 900 points in the last three days because a large number of big corporations on the top 50 of Wall Street reported huge losses in profits due to the downturn of the economy and increase in food prices. Investors put intelligence before political confidence, you Conservative idiots.


  197. I’m from Arizona and our community had a mock election last Tuesday participated by 6890 high school students. Here’s the result straight from Phoenix, Arizona’s young people:

    McCain: 67
    Obama: 6823

    IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  198. I do believe in freedom of speech. I also believe that we have responsibility to think about what we say before we say it, and be mindful of what we say and in what company. Ms. Klemm, the only problem here is that you posted comments in a forum of people that are not like-minded. Had you posted in a conservative forum, you might have gotten more of a positive response to your comments, from people who think just like you. It did not appear to me that this column did anything positive for you because it obviously is frequented overwhelmingly by people who have democratic leanings. We should all seek to spread only positive energy. I love Helen’s blogs because they make me laugh. They probably do because of my political leanings. I probably would not laugh so much were I in the other camp. That is the reason why I do not read conservative blogs because my mind is not aligned with theirs. Very recently, my 13 year old son directed me to conservapedia. Under Obama, it is stated, “should he become president, he would be the first Muslim president”. Two sentences later, they are talking about Reverend Wright. So I said to my son, how could somebody be both Christian and Muslim at the same time? I told my son I hope the people visiting that site are critical enough to discern what I had just noticed. However, I have college educated coworkers who spew these ideas back, around me, day in and day out. Anyway, that was my last foray into conservatism. I did not like the site, so I did not make a return visit.


  199. Newsflash!!!

    The Republican Party will be divided into two groups – McCain’s Regular Republicans who believe that Africa is a continent inhabited by hillbillies who rob Neiman Marcus and Sarah Palin’s Real Republicans who believe that Africa is a country and dinosaurs coexisted with men 6thousand years ago…wooohoooo!!!

    And I was soooo worried we were gonna run out of juicy topics to laugh at!


  200. I suppose Bush wasted a lot of money, but wasted money on your security? Or has the fact that we’ve never been attacked since 9/11 ever crossed your mind?

    I don’t mean to be rude, and I will say that the Bush I knew is certainly NOT the same Bush present.
    Fact is, the reason WHY McCain lost is that he never really was a conservative. Why else do you think Palin aroused the dead base?

    But please, do not hate the man who gave you the best unemployment for a few years, took our debt down BELOW a trillion dollars, and made sure that even complainers never had to fear from attacks from despicable people like Al Qaeda.

    P.S., it seems that you’ve sucked in a lot since 2000. Maybe you ‘oughta’ look back over the real records about Bush and compare him to other Presidents before declaring him terrible (only up to 2 years ago). Though I do agree his last year-and-a-half has been atrocious.


  201. To that man or woman who left that comment. Do not bring this to race. Or even socialism. President-elect Obama is not a socialist, and most people did not vote for him because he is African-American (although, some did). Obama is a man that came from a family with little money that worked hard, he in turn worked hard. And he made it, he achieved the American Dream. Now he is soon to be President. Most people did not vote for him because of his race, they voted for him because they saw Hope. Kind of like the hope they saw in John F Kennedy.


  202. Helen and Margaret,

    I so much enjoy your company; I was happy to see you hadn’t abandoned the public arena once the election was called and the celebrations were had.


    After reading the comments on both posts, I wonder, have you seen Obama Bucks? They are made to look like paper food stamps with his picture on it. The Right has worked pretty hard to convince people that Obama has a plan to reach into the pockets of so-called middle class and upper, grab their hard earned dollars, and give them to people who support themselves by giving birth and adding more dependents on their welfare check. That’s not a portrait of the bigger reality but a tactic meant to evoke disgust. So, when you make a comment about your money covering those who just aren’t motivated, you’re going to get an emotional reaction from those who ARE the reality – and if what you claim is true, that you were once an undereducated single mom without a helping hand, then you know this reality because it stole the strength of your lungs many a night when one more hit could have taken you down for the count. Remember that? That’s actually the reality, and good for you that you made it out alive and well. Just don’t forget the reality or how easily your life could have turned out very different from the way it has. Try to understand it is that reality and the denial thereof which so frustrates liberals – not your success. We wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t appreciate a story such as yours. To say anyone here is mad for your success is a failure of your own to appreciate what’s really going on. It’s also arrogant as hell – not calling you arrogant, just naming the behavior, right? All those things combined (the disconnect, the arrogance) fit neatly into a category liberals label “idiot.” So, you see, it’s all good. Just let it marinate awhile. Also, from one of your recent comments, I got the impression you didn’t look around before you… engaged. Perhaps you should. Where I am from, both liberals and conservatives would consider your manners appalling – and that has not a thing to do with your opinions. Again, it’s all good – if you just stop and think about it. Let it absorb.

    Think about it.


  203. Hey Klem,

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

    You invited all of those who enjoy your wisdom to your site. Now Leave, please.

    You are getting to be like an idiot spammer.

    You have made your case – I FEEL YOU DO NOT MAKE A LOT OF SENSE, but you said it. Please go.

    Thanks Margaret and Helen for exposing Republican stupidity. Keep Blogging and tell us when you get invited to the Inauguration, White House or a talk show!

    You deserve so much for your wisdom!


  204. TeamKlem – start your own blog and if we want to read your pages and pages of opinions, we will visit YOUR blog.


  205. Maybe you should consider a character limit for comments. Some of them are so long. People should be able to get to the point in 500 characters….or less!


  206. Yes, the democrats had a majority in the senate the last two years, and a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT who would VETO any legislation that they passed, so they sat back and waited. NOW, they will be able to get some things done!!!!!


  207. Sorry Reiner, but under our archaic American laws regarding ethnicity, it doesn’t matter that Obama is black/white, oreo, or mutt. There is no “racial” designation – you’re either black, caucasian, asian, south indian, native american, etc. I myself have often checked all the boxes, and when required to list “race”, I have penciled in everything from “relay” to “marathon”. But the truth is, I am a mutt – but the world sees me as Asian American – except for Asian Americans who see me as white – except for whites who see me as Hispanics – except for Hispanics who see me as someone trying to pass. . . and the list goes on.


  208. Dear Helen,

    Thank you for continuing your delightful pieces and allowing us to get in our opinions – for what they are worth. We all have the options to read them, comment on them or scroll down and forget them. I get a little long winded at times, but fortunately, the beauty of a blog is that there’s plenty of room in cyberspace!

    My oldest and dearest friend, Martha, was in the habit of taking her grandchildren on a trip once a year to different parts of the country. It afforded them enjoyable time together and to see exciting people and places. One time she took them on a three-day cruise of the Caribbean. Her seven year-old-grandson had recently watched the construction of a swimming pool being installed in his parents’ backyard.

    The boy had never seen an ocean before. They were standing by the rail on the deck of the ship when he asked, “Who dug that hole?” Martha was stumped. Later, when they were swimming in the ocean he asked, “Who put the salt in the water?” Smart kid! Very observant. With that kind of curiosity, who knows but what he had a brilliant career ahead of him in Geology, Chemistry or related disciplines.

    When she told this story to some religious friends back home, they informed her, instead of admitting that she didn’t know, she should have told him, “God did it!” Stifle and stop his interest in its tracks.

    Occasionally I briefly tune into the rant and rave crowd to see if they are still singing the same song. Yep! Against! Against! Against whoever! But what are they FOR? What’s-his-name continually brings any discussion to a screeching halt by calling his guest/opponent a “Pinhead!” Never fails to succeed in stifling any constructive or informative debate.

    Whether we like to admit it or not, we ARE influenced by what we see, hear and read. I think it is wise to CHOOSE our sources of information for the ability, not to incite, but to inspire.

    In psychology there is a defense mechanism called “Projection” by which the individual unconsciously convinces himself that others have the same undesirable thoughts and motives, which he actually has himself. Along the same lines, my mother, a very wise woman told me something when I was a child that has resonated with me down through the years. When you point a finger at someone else, look at your hand. The index finger is pointed at someone but three fingers are pointed toward yourself.




  209. Well, first of all Obama isn’t a black guy, he’s half white on behalf of his mother. Second, whites and blacks are invadors to the US territory, if the fact that a half white guy won the election is such a scandal, what would an american indian president mean?


  210. Helen, I just love you so much! Thanks once again! : ) : )


  211. He’s not the worst but if he’s correct in saying Obama supported the pick of Palin, I believe that part… nothing like insuring a win!


  212. Hi there. Yes, you – the person whose comment was highlighted in this post.

    The reason you made more money in the last 8 years than any other time in your life is because the price of real estate was RIDICULOUS – ridiculously high then, as it is ridiculously low now. No balance at all, which is always a dangerous, undesirable state. You sold houses for more than they should have been worth. That’s called GREED. Of course, you will not see it that way. You see it as an entitlement, off the backs of others. While I find the notion that socialism is coming soon to a theater near you to be as ridiculous as the price of real estate, somewhere inside is a voice that hopes you DO share it with someone else, and that you do it of your own free will. It’s called having a social conscience. It’s called caring, tithing, donating, SHARING. Clearly a foreign concept to someone that apparently sees nothing wrong with the lack of balance in the real estate market the last 8 years.

    I hope that changes for you. How can I hope such a thing, a thing that seems so unlikely? Well you see, since Tuesday, we’ve got a surplus of hope ricocheting around this country, so it’s pretty easy, actually! 😀

    You speak of ignorance. It runs both ways in this country. If you are at all familiar with how to work Google, I am sure you will have no problem at all finding people who voted for McCain just because he WASN’T *gasp!* black. Or because they were Hillary supporters and therefore bitter and no way, no how going to support the guy that stole the nomination that was rightfully hers. Oh, and you will find some women who voted for McCain simply because he had a woman on his ticket. An inappropriate, uneducated, clueless woman, to be sure, but she had boobs and that’s what counted. And yes, really! If you’re going to run for the office of a public servant, you should know something about how government works, don’t you think? Palin didn’t, and probably still doesn’t.

    And now, I’m going to stop snarking back and be sincere. Yes, really.

    I am grateful for your prayers for Barack Obama, for surely he will need them. When extremists start to believe that riots are going to break out because a black man was elected President of the United States, I think that black man might be in a little danger. So I appreciate that you are willing to pray, and I hope such prayer opens both your mind and your heart to the possibility that such a man as Barack Obama, no matter what color he be, is EXACTLY what you and I and this whole country needs right now to lead us out of this dreadful mess we are all in. Together. Because we are, you know. All in it together. Whether we like it or not.

    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*


  213. I would be willing to bet next weeks paycheck that the Realtor will fare better under President Obama than the working poor did under Bush.


  214. My favorite part was the explanations by one of the “haters” was that everyone was just “kidding” when they questioned his salvation and called him names.


  215. Hello all! I was out of town a few days and returned to THREE posts on my new favorite blog! What a treat 🙂 Anyway, I wanted to share with you a Facebook exchange between myself (Heather Wright), my friend Chris and a bunch of his “friends” on his page. It kind of sums up the attitude of those upset by an Obama win. Another comment I read was basically “I can’t believe I have a President named Obama, SCARY” –I mean…SERIOUSLY!?

    Chris VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:01pm – 27 Comments

    Michael Manion at 10:03pm November 4
    We’ll see how you feel about that in a year…

    Nick Jones at 10:10pm November 4
    your candidate may have won tonight…but we have all lost, mark my words.

    Hans Ruska at 10:12pm November 4
    Chris..did you lose your salvation? Mind? What happened?

    Heather Jones Hartwick at 10:15pm November 4
    He didn’t lose anything. He was always an idiot.

    Heather Wright at 10:16pm November 4
    I’m right there with ya Chris…true Americans can seperate their pride in their Nation and their pride in their religious beliefs. I believe we’re on our way to a stronger UNITED States!

    Michael Manion at 10:17pm November 4
    OH PALEEEEEEEAAAAASEEEEEE….you brainwashed stupid people just doomed our already hurting country…mark MY words!

    Michael Manion at 10:18pm November 4
    Ms. Wright…let me ask you what kind of beliefs this nation was founded on?

    Heather Jones Hartwick at 10:19pm November 4
    Michael Manion is my new favorite person.

    Nick Jones at 10:20pm November 4
    stronger nation? with a weaker military? explain that one…

    Michael Manion at 10:21pm November 4
    Thanks Heather and yes, Ms. Wright…explain these items to us.

    Heather Wright at 10:24pm November 4
    I don’t have to explain anything anymore. My candidate won.

    Heather Jones Hartwick at 10:26pm November 4
    She’s a bright one… just like the majority of the Obama supporters.

    Nick Jones at 10:26pm November 4
    I sure hope Mr Obama doesn’t follow your ideas…now that I’m in office I don’t have to explain my actIons and beliefs…AMAZING

    Michael Manion at 10:28pm November 4
    Good point Nick…wouldn’t hold my breath…

    Chris Isgrig at 10:32pm November 4
    I’m ashamed of my “friends” questioning my religious beliefs and sanity based on my political views. I’m sorry, but this is politics. And who are any of you to say that this wasn’t the will of God anyway? Stop attacking me. I’ve left all of you alone and haven’t criticized or questioned your views, even though I clearly don’t agree with them! Get a grip. The sun will rise in the east tomorrow, America will still exist, and we’ll al go on living life as we had, but hopefully in a more prosperous way than the past 8 years.

    Chris Isgrig at 10:34pm November 4
    And some of you wonder why I don’t go to that church anymore. This is why.

    Heather Wright at 10:35pm November 4
    Well said Chris.

    Michael Manion at 10:36pm November 4
    How many times have you attacked people without them attacking you first Chris? Just curious…

    Another thing, yes, this must be the will of God, but your comment about the sun rising tomorrow…how do you really know that? Do you know when the Lord is coming back? If so, do share! I sure hope it is soon so I don’t have to live in a socalist, communist country for long…

    Michael Manion at 10:38pm November 4
    Ms. Wright…don’t fall off the bandwagon!!!!!

    Nick Jones at 10:39pm November 4
    I didn’t question your religious beliefs, Chris, but I do question your reasoning for voting for this man. We’ve known each other a while, and this is quite a shock. You’re welcome to your opinion and your vote, but as a friend I will question you about things I disagree. Your friend, Heather Wright was so wrong by stating she needed to give no explanation since her candidate had won…you agree with that statement?? I’m sorry you feel the way you do about me, but I am stcking to my beliefs, my values, and the candidate that more closely resembles those values.

    Michael Manion at 10:43pm November 4
    This is great discussion…

    Chris your comment at 10:34 kinda puzzles me. I’m sure I don’t have the whole story, but I’m fairly sure that that was a cheap shot that had not much if anything to do with your leaving LRF.

    Daniel Bell at 10:44pm November 4 via Facebook Mobile
    Well put Nick

    Heather Wright at 10:46pm November 4
    Sorry folks, my beliefs are MY beliefs. I don’t have to explain them to anyone. Just like I don’t require you explain why your beliefs are yours. Unlike you, my goal wasn’t to run out there and try to MAKE people see things my way. I’m sticking with my beliefs, my values and the candidate that more closely resembles those values. I don’t OWE you an explaination for any of it.

    Chris Isgrig at 10:46pm November 4
    Because you are overly judgmental and unaccepting of people! I suggest you don’t put another comment on my wall. ANY OF YOU. I respect you for your beliefs. Respect me for mine and leave me alone.

    Michael Manion at 10:52pm November 4
    Sorry to upset you Chris. I can’t speak for most others, but that was not my intentions. You know as well as anyone else, that your personality just clashes with most others. At a crucial and emotional time in everyone’s lives, most things and emotions are super magnified. Have a great evening.

    Heather Jones Hartwick at 11:05pm November 4
    Clearly Hans was speaking in a joking manner when he questioned your salvation as was I when I said you were an idiot. I call my own brother “turd” and “stupid” more times than I call him by his name and you know this. If you are ashamed of us, that’s fine but come up with a valid reason. No one questioned your religious beliefs. I haven’t expressed my opinion on here until tonight and yeah, I may be a little more sensitive during this election because of the military policies of the new president and the fact that they will completely affect my family, but obviously your vote didn’t tip the polls. Regardless, as friends, we should agree to disagree. If not, then we’re not friends.

    Courtney Harrell at 8:32am November 5
    This is why I learned years ago to keep who I vote for to myself! I won’t even tell my family memeber bc politics and religion bring it out of people! I repesect everyones opinions and why they believe what they do but if i dont believe the same sometimes you hear it. I am proud of everyone who went out and voted especially you newly able to vote! … I think now America has spoken and we need to always be praying for our country and leader weither you voted for Obama or Mccain! Please dont start sending me harsh messages I am just a mommy and have known all of yall for years and some of you your whole life I love you all and just want peace! Love Courtney


  216. Sorry everyone for being outrageous. I am tired and I think the past 8 years of being slapped around have finally gotten to me.

    Go Helen!


  217. Haha, sorry Thelma. We are on the same wave-length, and I was writing as the same time as you. Obviously I share your sentiments.


  218. TeamKlemm,

    Give it up. It is clear you think very highly of yourself, so what does it matter what strangers say? (And for the record, I am not “hiding” behind my computer, I would say this to your face.) If Helen believes you to be an idiot (and may I remind you, this is HER BLOG, although you have so graciously taken it over) so be it. If you haven’t caught the gist, most of the rest of us do to. If you have your own blog, send us a link. Those who think your opinion is worth the time to read will go there. Otherwise, stop using Helen and Margaret’s blog to have heated debates with unwavering Helen fans.

    Thanks for stopping by, now go the hell away. I mean it.


  219. TeamKlam…time to get your own blog and leave Margaret and Helen to continue with theirs….Best of Luck to you and may you sell many many more houses!!!! Big Hug!! We mean it. Really.


  220. (i never noticed that there was a happy face at the bottom of this website… it made me smile)

    Dear Lisa Klemm,
    Have you ever seen one of those reality tv shows that showcase an intervention? Where the loved ones of an alcoholic/drug abuser corner them and confronts them with the consequences of their behavior? The most constructive thing you can do is to take what the more eloquent comments are and try to see if you can use any of them in your life. You have a right to your opinion (especially regarding your own life and experiences) but you have to understand that the peoplez of the intrawebz do not know you, do not know how you act and that in general, most people (like you and me) cannot write well enough to express the emotions that they want to express. So be careful about your words and don’t expect Microsoft to correct your grammar and such. And nobody’s going to sort through all the comments to see if you had said something previously about any topic.

    Second, listening to legitimate pundits are bad enough, but Howard Stern? That’s like saying you listened to a fortune cookie about whether you should have an appendectomy. Do you know a lot of people who would talk to that guy seriously about politics? If you want to be taken seriously, you have to have well-reasoned arguments with well-established facts from trusted sources.

    I ask you this about Obama and race: why didn’t blacks vote in droves for Jesse Jackson? Do you think that a lot of people voted for McCain because Barack Obama is black?

    In terms of how you were making money throughout the Bush happy-days, it was pretty much a whited sepulcher. Looked good on the outside while stuff inside rotted. When it was finally opened, it turned out painting the outside didn’t help the stench that eventually came out.
    That you made money in a corrupt industry is not something many others would see as a good thing; in fact, the first thing I thought of was war profiteering. I don’t think that makes you a bad person but with the whole meltdown, do you think it would be fair to ask that you search yourself to see how as a Christian and an American, what you could have/can do to make this world better?

    Lastly and a little meanly:
    And if a child says 2+2=5, you gotta correct them. What would you do if the child throws a tantrum and says that you were just picking on them?


  221. Judith Clancy said:

    “My boss votes Repub because of taxes. Every time. The business is straining hard because fewer of the poor and middle class can afford to buy our services. At this point, I wouldn’t sweat the taxes. If the poor and middle classes don’t start doing better, we just aren’t going to be making ANY money.”

    Amen, sister. Amen.


  222. TeamKlemm: You’re welcome. To an extent. Though I do have to say I don’t agree with you.

    With respects to taxing the rich, the U.S. rich are amongst the least taxed in the world. Yes, when you say you pay a million in taxes, it sounds like a lot, but if you make 100 million a year, it’s hard to feel sorry for you. There are those paying a much higher percentage of taxes and hovering about the poverty line. Though it may not seem to you to be ‘your fair share’ I do believe that it is (Full disclosure: I do happen to be Canadian so I don’t have a horse in the race so to speak. But I do pay a heck of a lot in taxes so I know whereof I speak)

    I’m not against the rich per se, but I really have a problem with the greedy. All the money lost in this housing debacle? It still exists somewhere, lining someone’s pockets. And as they sift through their portfolio deciding which additional property/island to buy, people are losing their homes. Your earning money I have no issues with as you worked hard and HONESTLY for it. This deregulation debacle though is beyond the pale. As far as I can tell, it was mandating for the Enron principle to be copied country wide (that was an unintentional pun, may the former owners of countrywide find themselves below the poverty line and on a street corner in perpetuity for the hell they hath wrought).

    So yes taxes may go up, but as a nation, the U.S. is living on credit. With all the money being sunk into the war and with the huge deficit spending , this madness has to stop sometime. The longer this continues, the worse it will be making the current financial crisis look like a walk in the park. Though it will suck for you in the short run, it’s better to bite the bullet sooner rather than later. The problem will not just go away but turning a blind eye to it and crossing your fingers for another four years.


  223. Thank you skyewriter, that really means a lot to me …..especially after seeing all this……


  224. I’m sorry, TeamKlemm, but I wasn’t talking about your post. Sorry… Check out Rhonda’s post on this thread posted at 4:23 PM. You might find that not everyone here is trying to bash you (at least, hopefully, not you personally).

    I think there’s a lot of emotion going around in our country right now, a lot of uncertainty, anger and finger-pointing. There is a glimmer of hope. A majority of us chose change in Obama (not change in McCain). We all need to believe in and strive for common ground– our divisions almost tore our amazing country apart. Hate never solves anything. I might get flogged for this (I believe this particular online community is a bit too evolved for that) but I am glad you are looking for other view points.

    How can we ever come together as a country and fix all of our shared broken-ness if we can’t even be civil with one another– even behind a computer screen?


  225. I’m saying it again: bad losers.

    Do you think one of them can come up with more than, Blahblahblahblahblahblahablaaaaaaaaah?


  226. Taylor, yes, I was hoping for less than this…..again, I finished my post saying I respected the decision America made and I would support our new President and hoped I was found to be incorrect. What can I say? No, I certainly didn’t expect to be made the subject of ridicule by the author of this blog. And of course she can do what she wants. You are right, it is her blog, I have mine and we can do whatever we want with it…..but I still think it was pretty disrespectful ….you know, I have no problem defending my point of view and I am happy to listen to other points of view and give them careful consideration. I suppose I was really unprepared for this public massacre I have seen here….really, I can’t get over how so many people are so hateful….


  227. skyewriter-it was this blog under the “Blowing Off Steam” thread. I made a comment and the author of this blog took it and made a whole thread devoted to me….calling me an idiot! That way I could get my public flogging….isn’t that nice?


  228. For TeamKlemm – “I know this will be quite unpopular here on this site but I DO think John McCain had a tough hill to climb…”

    This is how you start your initial post! Did you honestly believe that you wouldn’t get anything less than the response you’ve gotten already? I’m sure you knew at some level that this was coming when you posted in the first place.

    You’ve decided to post YOUR view and YOUR experiences to share with those reading this blog. If you are going to share your point-of-view, be ready to defend yourself, whether informed or not.

    Now to rip on Helen, who has probably seen more remarkable moments in her lifetime than you, is inexcusable. Her blog means it’s her rules. You’re welcome to start your own.

    For Helen – your blog is so much fun to read! I’m happy to see you still blogging!


  229. Actually Anonymous, housing prices are falling every day. It is a GREAT time to buy a home. And no, I keep in constant contact with ALL my past clients and I am happy to say none of them have lost their homes… if helping that young couple buy their first home or assisting someone in obtaining investment property or finding a widow her retirement home is my crime, yes, I am guilty. Glad I could help.

    I love how I am crucified because I built a successful business…..crucified…..never mind the fact that I hired people and gave them JOBS……

    And for the few people I worked with who DID use those 80/20 mortgages, don’t fool yourself. They knew EXACTLY what they were getting into because I made SURE they understood in 2 years the payment was going to go up. There was never anything shady and there was complete disclosure. My clients weren’t idiots. They just wanted in a home and they got it. Now before you all go bezerk on me again remember, this is MY OWN EXPERIENCE. I am well aware that people were taken advantage of and weren’t educated on what types of loans they were getting. But let’s not blame me for the mess we are in….


  230. “Rhonda on November 7, 2008
    at 4:23 pm”– awesome copy and paste.

    What blog did you find that quote on? I would love the link; whomever wrote it must have gotten trampled from the other post-ers if it was a left-leaning one.


  231. I’m glad to know that you were among the few that prospered under Bush. Now, housing prices are too high for most Americans and banks are failing as a result of inflated mortgage foreclosures. Mr. Obama is facing a plethora of problems and issues that must be solved as a result of the Bush years. America is in worse shape now more than ever. Thanks for doing your part to make this all possible — IDIOT! I mean it. Really.


  232. Thank you Kim!


  233. What incredible women you are..thank you for this site. In respose to the “uninformed” or the “illinformed” or the idiots, our country can unpacked their bags. We are HOME! and “We the people” are alive again.

    Believe it! Check out!


  234. Thank you KOW, you obviously expressed the point I was trying to make much better than I did! Thank you for posting on my comment and not calling me names. That is the kind of dialogue that gets things done and brings people around to your point of view….


  235. I would be happy to Paul. Yes, I did fear there would be rioting in the streets had BaraCk Obama (my sincerest apologies for my previous TYPO) not been elected. Would you like for me to explain why? Well let’s see, my post was offered up here for a pretty public lynching because I have differing views. I don’t find it difficult to imagine the same people getting pretty riled up had Obama lost.

    Yes, in my post I said the last 8 years were not bad for ME. I was talking about ME and MY experience. Just because I was talking about ME and MY experience doesn’t mean I have no knowledge of others suffering. If you read my words like you claim you will see I was simply referring to MY experience. So sorry if you find my success offensive.

    The point I was simply trying to make is that I don’t believe the blame is 100% on the Bush administration. That is all. I never said it was not his fault at all. I didn’t say he wasn’t responsible. I never said it was ALL on Congress. My point was that I feel the blame should be spread around a bit. Again, just MY opinion….

    If you read the last paragraph, I said I support the countrys decision. That I sincerely hope everything he said is true, that it could be done and if so I would be the FIRST to stand up and say “hey, I was wrong and he is a great guy”. If that isn’t an open invitation to share your views in a respectful manner I don’t know what is.

    I just can’t get over how many people are ATTACKING me on here! It’s really dishartening….really… treat someone like this is unbelieveable…..of course, it’s easy to say things like this hiding behind your computer…..


  236. Gosh, every time I read some kind of post like this I have an internal debate: do I try to enlighten, or do I even waste my time? I’d prefer to not waste my time because other comments have covered it to some degree.

    However, one item that few people know about or talk about is the fact that the S.E.C. was pressured by the heads of the 5 largest investment firms to reduce overisght and regulation. The purpose was so they could issue a new esoteric product — bundling mortgages and selling them.

    One of those investment bank CEO’s who pressured the SEC was the head of Goldman Sachs — Hank Paulson. Two years after he persuaded the SEC to scale back regulations of his industry, he became the Treasury Secretary. Under President Bush, he became the fox guarding the henhouse.

    To the realtor who posted the comment: don’t let facts get in your way.


  237. Dear Lisa Klemm,

    Respect has to be earned.


  238. Get a grip realtor woman. You actually aome her and posted that a lot of people voted for Obama simply because he is black and now you are stupid enough to come back and suggest we have somehow harmed you. Damn. You are an idiot. Helen calls ’em like she see ’em. Oh and yes this is her blog I believe. Stick out a biggoted hand and it just might get bitten.


  239. Klemm. Honey. They were your words and nobody elses. Go back and read them and then explain to me again how you came here with an open mind and open arms. I bleive you came hee and suggested among other things that we would have rioted in the streets had Obama lost. I believe you came here and said that becaue you personally made a lot of money, the past 8 years weren’t so bad. I believe you came here and suggested that you are no longer not making a lot of money becuase the Democrats did well in the ’06 election. Your ignorance was hard to ignore. You made Helen’s point long before she simply copy and pasted your EXACT words for the rest of us to re-read and comment about.


  240. I had someone say to me the other day that Obama won because so many blacks voted for him.
    I looked at that person and said very seriously,
    ‘well how many people do you think voted for John McCain just because he wasn’t black”.

    Sometimes I wished you had to pass some kind of test before you could raise a child or vote!!!


  241. Dang.

    Its baaaaaaaaaaack


  242. The fact that the commenter actually took the information on Howard Stern seriously is what concerns me. I mean, doesn’t the commenter realize that shows like Howard Stern, or even Jay Leno in his J-Walk All Stars segments, never actually broadcast the intelligent answers? They only broadcast the answers that highlight the stupidity of a few.

    Oh well, we can only expect so much from people.


  243. wow! I had no idea there was an entire post devoted entirely to me! I am so honored. Really, very classy to the author of this blog to take my comments and pretty much toss me to the wolves….thank YOU very much. Of course, so many of what I had to say has been twisted. I never called anyone a rabid dog I said your behavior was as such. Big difference. I am sorry if my personal success intimidates people or makes people angry. I worked hard and have done well. I was simply relating my own personal experience. I certainly didn’t intend to belittle other peoples problems. If people had followed the original post in the original thread I believe many of you would see that.

    You know, I have many friends on both sides of the political fence and even though we may not see eye to eye, we have always been respectful of each other’s opinions. Starting a post simply to allow your readership to tear me apart and calling me an “idiot” is hardly respectful. But I gather you have no respect for someone who doesn’t agree with your views. That is obvious. So many people who have written these hateful, assumptive things in regards to my original post frankly give the “Liberal Democrats” a bad name. All I have seen here is jumping to conclusion, bashing and flaming……very adult and forward thinking folks… know, if you WANT respect you need to GIVE respect. This was the perfect opportunity to turn someone towards your cause and you all pretty much blew it. Here was your chance to do something to change the world. Here was someone who came here with an open mind, ready to listen to what you had to say and pretty much all of you trashed me….nice… this how you plan to bring about change? Is this the hope everyone was talking about? Really, you all should be ashamed of yourselves…..

    Lisa Klemm


  244. I just want a Margaret and Helen T-shirt. 🙂 Call me simple…


  245. For those confused about her ‘Barack picking Palin’ aspects of the post, the commenter was noting that people were voting for him and attributing McCain’s policies/platform/people to Barack. i.e. they were voting from a very uninformed position. Much as how I cringed when people voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger based solely on his movies and popularity (that is rational?!)

    However, I will say this. Though there are people who voted for him JUST because of his race, there are equally people who voted against him for that same point. I don’t know if there are equal amounts of this on both sides, making everything a wash, but you’d be lying to yourself if you say you honestly don’t believe this to be the case.

    Uninformed voting is not new. People often pick a bandwagon and hop on it and ride it all the way through regardless of what they are told and rather than looking at the big picture. However, I must point out that blacks are a minority (and I heard in passing that there was still a lot of voter apathy in some regions, though I haven’t really chased that fact up). If they ALL voted for him and no one else did, then he would have a minority of the votes. i.e. less than 50%. i.e. he wouldn’t have won. I think we can all agree that this is not the case.

    The uninformed have just as much a right to vote as anyone else. If a large swath of people openly voted for him based solely on race, so be it. There are uninformed voters on both sides. Though I will state my bias, that though the people mentioned by teamklemm voted incorrectly (in terms of thought processes, or lack thereof) they made the right choice.

    As for the good times ending when Congress turned Democrat, I think that has been answered well enough to date. Honestly towards the end of his mandate, I thought of Bush as a Captain trying to right a listing ship just enough so that it wouldn’t sink on his watch. He was planning on passing the hot potato onto the next President and come out smelling like roses. This crash was inevitable. The birds came home to roost a little too soon for his liking though. This is a mess of his creation and it should be acknowledged accordingly.


  246. Dear Helen,
    You are a delight! But that person was right about one thing that comment won’t be popular.


  247. Your blog is my top favorite, not only because of what you write (which is awesome and to the point), but because of the [mostly] intelligent responses you elicit. A lot of knowledgeable people read your blog, obviously, because of your wisdom, common sense, and your great sense of humor.


  248. The GOP still tried to steal the election – that’s their tried and true tactic. Innuendo and lies…… just didn’t work this time because (maybe) we’re onto them.


  249. Thank God the idiots lost this round.


  250. This was also a comment found from a republican on this blog… and I find it more worthy of discussion. Labeling and excluding has never solved any biases as far as I’ve ever seen. But, maybe I am just a naive 55 yr old woman.

    “I’m a Republican.
    I’m white.
    I’m straight.
    I’m what I consider to be fairly conservative.
    Yesterday, I went to my polling place and voted for Barack Hussein Obama.
    And I’ll tell you why.
    It wasn’t because of the economy.
    It wasn’t because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    It wasn’t because Sarah Palin is a dingbat.
    It wasn’t because John McCain is just like George Bush.
    I did it because I’m tired of being afraid.
    And, what’s more, I’m tired of being TOLD I should be afraid.
    I should fear terrorists.
    I should fear Muslims.
    I should fear gays.
    I should fear liberals.
    I should fear taxes.
    I should fear welfare recipients.
    In fact, I should fear anyone who doesn’t look, act and think exactly as I’m told I should.


    Yesterday that’s what I said and so did a sizeable number of other Republicans, apparently.
    Yesterday, most of us chose hope over hate.
    Compasion over cruelty.
    Discourse over violence.
    Tolerance over intolerance.
    Courage over fear.

    THAT’S the America I learned about as a child.
    The country where hope and courage overcame every challenge.
    The country that holds Great Britain as its closest foreign ally. Yes, Great Britain. The same country from where our earliest settlers fled persecution.
    The country that subjugated our forefathers’ colonies.
    The country with which we fought a bloody war of independence.
    The country that later invaded our sovereign nation and burned our capitol to the ground.
    And we are allies.
    Yet many of us see no hope of reconciling our current differences with other nations and peoples?

    Come now. That’s just what we’re being told.
    Yesterday, I stopped listening.”


    By: Red (White) and


  251. You know it is really hard to SEE the problem when you are a PART OF the problem. Take my neighbor for example. He works in the mortgage industry, like our realtor here, so he should know better. He got himself – no one held a gun to his head – saddled with a fancy ARM that continued to escalate to a point that his house payment eventually became almost $2K a month, which he couldn’t afford. So what does he do? He goes out and buys A NEW HOUSE! Yippee! Hurrah! WAIT…….

    His first house wasn’t on the market, wasn’t sold beforehand, yet he was able to qualify for AND close on this new house WITHOUT selling the first one. I’m told he “fudged” the numbers a bit to get into the new house, but who cares, who does it hurt? Anyway, he moved into the new house, and tried to sell the first one – not really hard mind you – because he obviously stopped paying the mortgage.

    The house looked horrible, it was never clean, lawn unmowed (my husband mowed it to be nice), and just looked generally uncared for. Who wants to buy a house like that in an already slumping market? Although he never told us outright what he was doing, we aren’t stupid. We knew for sure when he gutted the house and front yard. He took the cabinets, a lot of the fixtures, and even the front door knob! My husband and I toured the house at the end of September, because another neighbor confirmed what had been going on and it was a wreck. It made me SICK!

    Shortly thereafter I discovered that the foreclosure had already been processed as the holding company was showing recorded as the owner with our local county appraisal district.
    It is this jerk, and countless others like him that helped get us into this mess. Everyone shares a part in the blame – the buyer, the realtor, and the greedy banks. It was bound to implode, yet so many were too busy staring through their rose colored glasses to notice.

    This mess was not created in a day, nor will it be solved in a day, month, or even a year. I am thankful that we have elected a leader that at least seems levelheaded enough to deal with the complicated mess that he has inherited. I certainly do not envy him, nor want to take his place. I respect the heck out of him though! He seems to be a tough cookie, and we sure need someone who has the guts to do what it takes to steer this sinking ship! We certainly couldn’t deal with McRage or Caribou Barbie. GDub and the Repugs have done enough for now. Lets see what happens…..


  252. I loved this post and I loved the responses.

    I am a white woman and I voted for Obama because I wanted a cool headed, intelligent person to lead us in the utter chaos of foreign and economic affairs Dubya has led us into.

    I keep hoping that the people of America will wake up and see that all humans are members of one human race and stop judging each other by the color of their skins or the method by which they address their personal deity or don’t address a deity they don’t believe in.

    And yet, when I look at the map with the red and blue states, what I see is the South still being controlled by racists who think black people should still be slaves and they are joined by people in the other red states, which oddly enough correspond to places where we Americans persecuted the Indians.

    We have a long way to go, and we need to do a lot of educating before our whole country can present the beautifully joyous and unified diversity that I witnessed in the pictures taken in Grant’s Park in Chicago on Tuesday night.

    Oh to have an America the epitomizes that sort of grace and unity.


  253. I discovered your blog on October 30. You definitely helped get me thru this stressful election.
    I’m so happy to see that you are continuing daily posts.
    Reading these gives me much hope as the election of our new president.
    Now lets see what we an do to help California.


  254. This guy needs to put down the club and come out of the cave!!!!!


  255. Wow. Incredibly…stupid comment. Don’t you just love it when people say the financial meltdown was “unfortunate” for McCain’s chances? Last time I checked, the financial meltdown happened to everyone, including McCain’s opponent. What did in John McCain was the ignoramus of a response he had to it which frightened people almost as much as the balance on their 401(k) statement. We got to choose between “Chicken Little” and “Joe Cool”. Thank God it happened when it did. I’d hate to think that the next crisis that “just happened” (most likely after McCain had been President) would have been something we looked back on and said “it was all over after that” because then it wouldn’t have just been over for President McCain – it would have been over for the rest of us as well.


  256. I hope I have your sense of humor about these idiots soon. I still get very, very angry. Thank you for helping me laugh at them!


  257. i am flabbergasted at such ingorance actually shooting off his/her mouth! It is shocking that this person is so self important and incredibly without conscience has the guts to write such drivel. Its all about himself/herself, no one else matters.
    THIS ATTITUDE IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY, BUBBA… get your head out of your ass.


  258. Oy. So there will be at least four years of bitching to come from part of the American population. Oh well, my pick for President actually won so I can deal with it. After all, I bitched for eight years. Granted, I bitched on a more intelligent level as to why I did not want Bush in the office, but still.


  259. I’m confused by this portion of the comment:
    They even loved his pick of Sarah Palin as VP!?? Umm..Obama didn’t pick Palin as his VP, McCain did. Did I miss something?

    No, no I didn’t miss a thing.


  260. Hmmm, so things went bad in the real estate market two years ago huh? That would be what, about 3 months before Democrats took control of the house. So in the negative three months they had control they were able to ruin your industry. Lets look deeper…you sold more houses than at any other time during those first six years of Bush. Hmmmm, could that possibly be because the mortgage industry was giving out sub prime loans and you were ripping people off who later were forced into foreclosure? You sound like you really should be a republican, did you get a bonus everytime someone foreclosed, kind of like a wall street executive bonus when he fucks over everyone? Just wondering.


  261. I’m doing fine in my world. I’m a single gal, making a decent wage, who lives well within her means. That doesn’t mean I don’t have eyes and ears to see all those around me who are struggling to make ends meet and provide for their families.

    I voted for Barack Obama because I care about more than just myself.


  262. Helen, I’ve just read and re-read quite a few of your posts, and they get better each time!

    I hope you will keep on sharing your point of view with us – who cares that the election is over?!?!? We want to read more Helen!

    You’re my hero – and *I* really mean *that!*



  263. Oops that would be every one of your posts not necessarily everyone. hehe


  264. You are a HOOT! I am new to your blog but I am loving it everyday. I am still catching up on past posts and enjoying everyone.


  265. Your last line almost made me pee my pants!


  266. Well, way too much to respond to here and a lot has been addressed already. But 2 points –

    We should let them talk, even though it’s annoying. Free speech is important. Also, I believe they can be considered as 2 separate groups – those who can be split into 2 groups and those who can’t. No, wait, that’s wrong.

    Ok, 2 groups. The first are rabid haters who will never change. Hate is easy and I’ve been given to understand it’s kind of fun (?). Also, it’s easier to think “whatever I am, whatever I’ve failed to (or don’t want to) achieve, at least I’m better than THEM. By birth or belief. (Really, why not just get a t-shirt that says “I Am A Weenie”?) I hope they’re the smaller group.

    The other group has been led and tricked into believing that there’s something to be afraid of. This makes a lot of sense for the people doing the fooling. If you can say “Well, we had a job (future, house, life…) for you, but, those damn quotas (liberals, socialists,…), we had to give it to that guy over there. He’s your problem, go get him.”, then you don’t have to solve any problems and you can have lots of power for very little work.

    For years, the second group has hopped up and down on all 3 legs and said “Yeah, he’s my problem, lemme at him.” If, just once, we would say “Wait a minute, how come we don’t both get a job (house, life…)? Why do we have to fight each other over who doesn’t get to feed and house his/her family? What are you doing to fix this? Do something!”, we would have a voting block that would create racing stripes all up and down every legislative and governmental body in the land. And maybe something would get done.

    I truly hope that this larger group will not panic too badly at first. I further hope that in a year or two, they will see that the heavens did not fall, the world did not come to an end, and they’re actually doing better than ever before. And maybe they will never fall for this stupid “Look over there!” hater’s routine ever again.

    Point 2 – Those who work in a job that sells goods or services (like realtors) should know that income comes from the bottom up. Other people can look at their investments – any there that don’t sell goods or services? Didn’t think so.

    My boss votes Repub because of taxes. Every time. The business is straining hard because fewer of the poor and middle class can afford to buy our services. At this point, I wouldn’t sweat the taxes. If the poor and middle classes don’t start doing better, we just aren’t going to be making ANY money.

    I’m guessing it’s the same for real estate.


  267. Interesting world that your commenter is living in. I am self-employed and every year Bush has been in office, my income has declined. I paid less in taxes because I made less money! That’s not exactly the way I wanted to do it. On the other hand, I had more money when Clinton was in office AND I paid more taxes because I MADE more. Go figure. Maybe someone should teach them about percentages.

    On another note, perhaps this will make you smile:


  268. With all due respect, that comment registers pretty low on the Idiot-o-meter. In fact, it seems like a fairly tempered response to their candidate getting an whooping. I was not nearly that gracious when Bush won in ’04. If you want to parade an idiot’s head on a pike through the town square, just amble on over to and get a sniff of what they’re huffing over there in the fringe lands.


  269. I am amazed at the racism that is flagrant in America and it isn’t coming from our black brethren. When Colin Powell backed Obama, people said he did it because they are both black even though Colin Powell spent quite some time explaining why he backed Obama it got distilled down to “race” by all of the idiots out there.

    If you are white and you voted for McCain, isn’t that racism then? Didn’t you vote for your “kind?”

    If you are a Republican and voted for McCain only because he is too, isn’t that racism? Didn’t you vote for your “kind?”

    If you are a Veteran and you voted for McCain because he was a POW, isn’t it racism then? Didn’t you vote for your “kind?”

    I am a white, 53yr old woman that voted for the best Presidential candidate that just happened to be a Democrat and oh, by the way, a black man.


  270. well, as usual, ignorance is bliss. yesterday’s poster probably doesn’t know there’s a world beyond the united states much less beyond the zip codes in which she sold homes.

    but we have to face the fact that it’s not just a democrat/ republican thing. if it were, and people voted strictly along party lines, other outcomes as a result of this election would be different, too. obama’s win was a MAJOR referndum on bush and his puppeteers and barbara nailed it when she said ‘sometimes when we elect a president we get better than we deserve. i think we hit the jackpot, too.’

    but proposition 8 was still victorious and now the ping pong ball of same-sex marriages is again on the right side of the table with millions of californians, paddles in hand, ready to slap it down again if it comes up. at least the californians didn’t vote straight ticket (no pun intended) or else obama would have lost CA.

    9 states passed more liberal use of marijuana laws but two people loving each other and wanting equal rights seems to be the most contentious issue in this country next to a woman’s choice about her own body. if people would stop trying to play god, as W and his cronies did, and started living what their gods really expounded upon, all of this would be moot.

    i’m a practicing lesbyterian; i’ve raised 4 wonderful children; i’m a hard-working, tax paying citizen and i’m in the bracket that’s going to have to ‘share my wealth’ according to those who don’t understand ObBi’s plan. bring it on. life’s NOT fair but obama’s going to try to make it more equitable for everyone and that’s as it should be.

    thanks for your posts, helen. i hope i see you at dame edna this evening even though i won’t know you if i see you (unless you have a crowd around you). i’ll try not to gawk, get on bended knee and do the wave of adoration.

    peace out from bee caves


  271. To the Realtor: there is a big difference between a causal relationship and a temporal one, one based on a sequence of events. The housing and financial meltdowns happened after the Democrats controlled Congress: that’s an example of a temporal relationship. One thing happened and then another thing happened.

    A causal relationship is one in which one event causes another. As in McCain picks Palin, and people desert him in droves. Well, that’s showing bias unbecoming a research professional, so let’s see if there’s another example that illustrates a causal relationship. How about this: a war (event one) causes deaths (event two.)

    A previous poster said that Republicans care about things and Democrats care about people. I have a Republican acquaintance who can’t understand why I don’t vote my wallet. It’s because I think some things are more important than money.

    Another Republican acquaintance said that he’d never vote for someone who would increase taxes, and in the next breath he said he supports the Iraq war. How does he think we’re going to pay for it?

    I just don’t understand people.


  272. Who exactly are you going to “share” your wealth with, since as a realtor you haven’t got much?

    Ummmm… you wanna blame someone for this crisis? LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!! Did you push ANYONE into a house they couldn’t afford, have “your mortgage guy” get someone around inconvenient credit?


  273. Just a start on this craziness:

    If you are a “Full-time realtor” and didn’t know you were experiencing a housing bubble, all I can say is you aren’t a very competent realtor.

    I don’t think the past 8 years have been good at all for out military, reserves or their families.

    Is it reasonable to expect President Obama to fix in two years the mess it took 8 years to create?

    Sometimes when we elect a President we get better than we deserve. I think we hit the jackpot this time.


  274. I feel as though a great weight has been lifted from me (and us). Until Wednesday morning I was unaware of how living under the Bush regime(s) had affected us all. In many instances our concerns were not their concerns, we were not included in the discussion (and thereby the decisions) of important matters, we were lied to for political expediency, we were treated like stupid children (I sincerely doubt children are stupid), people were bombed and killed and ignored, and it was difficult (but necessary) to watch and read the news. Today I am awaiting President-elect Obama’s first news conference with hope, hope that we will be consulted once again on what’s important for us and for the country.


  275. Helen, I can’t tell you how much reading your blog makes my week. You’re a gem, I mean it.


  276. Hi Helen,

    Scary to think we have to share the same air with these folks but, we do. Righteousness won for a change and I am thrilled.

    Shirley V.


  277. Sorry, that was a diatribe, but the Realtor got under my skin. I didn’t even address the racism, it would take a whole other book …


  278. I responded to this smug Repug on the original thread. I listed the many, many ways the last 8 years have been so destructive to our republic and our people and our image in the world.

    Did this poster counter any of my points? No. S/he instead told me to drink a glass of water and calm down and said I was a rabid dog.

    Add charm to smarts as things the Repugs are short on.


  279. First and foremost, does anyone notice that ___ the Realtor talks about Obama’s right to life views, and pick of Sarah Palin as VP? Whoops, that would be McCain, M. Realtor. But your entire diatribe was illogical.

    It’s so sad to hear the regurgitated rhetoric like that of ___ the Realtor whose life was dandy until the Democrats got a few extra seats in Congress. Logic and compassion apparently don’t exist in her/his world view. Really, we should all measure the health of our nation by how well we are personally doing at any given time (sarcasm). Hurricane Katrina, the Iraq war, the continued existence of Osama Bin Laden, scandal after scandal containing religious right congressmen caught preying on young interns, oh, and the current market debacle … yada yada yada. All those things were happening to other folks, so just as long as you were cashing your trumped-up paycheck. SHEESH.

    Thinking about the current real estate market tank and how wealth in a de-regulated free-market system tends to get concentrated (1% of Americans owning 90%+ of the wealth), we can easily see why ___ The Realtor might be a little bitter now that the days of unbridled growth have now been checked by reality–and other people’s needs.

    To suggest that an economy plunges within a year and a half of a newly-weighted congress because of their mere presence there is ridiculous–ludicrous. The groundwork for our economic collapse is the result- of Republican spearheaded de-regulation (although the Dems are not totally without blame here either). As someone above suggested, there were plenty of Repugs to continue their agenda, particularly in the Executive Branch. And what with their expanded power (thanks Cheney) of the Executive branch–wrested by the Bushies at every opportunity, the Republican party is merely laying in the pee-soaked bed it made for itself.

    Who cares if McCain had a tougher hill to climb than Obama (and he absolutely did NOT, are you kidding?), this hill was of his, and his party’s design. Selecting the inexplicable Palin, only drove the nail farther into his coffin–because you know what ____ the Realtor? Humans have this faculty called reason, and it appears we finally got it. You select a woefully inappropriate self-professed hockey mom, a pitbull with lipstick, to assume the second highest position in the land, and you say a lot about your own judgment. We took a look at it and said “thanks, but no thanks.”

    In the end the race was lost by McCain, by McCain and his campaign and his choices and his history (Keating 5). He simply was not the best man for the job, and you can only run on the platform of war hero for so long. I believe McCain is a sincere and decent human being. But the American people on a grand scale, not just realtors and mortgage brokers, took stock of their life and the state of our environment and our standing in the world and decided it just wasn’t looking so rosy.


  280. In reponse to TeamKlemm’s post and others out there curious about the causes of our recent problems, This American Life did two wonderful radio programs about the financial crisis. One, from several months ago, explained the subprime mortgage crisis in terms that everyone can understand, and the second is from October around the time of the bailout passage in Congress. Everyone should take time to learn what caused our financial problems today and not jump to conclusions based on only their own experiences. These radio programs (1 hr a piece) are a wonderful way to start understanding these complex issues.

    And Helen, you are a gem. Thanks for disseminating such wonderful wisdom. I hope that we can all share and grow together on this blog rather than cutting each other down.


  281. Oh, well, as long as one person made money then I guess the Bush administration was a complete success!



  282. Hi Helen,
    My mom was born in 32′ (and she is just like you, smart, sassy, and not gonna take it anymore!) I was born in 64, and my 18 year old daughter just voted for the first time in this election. When Obama was declared the winner I got a phone call from her, and all she could get out was “Mom…(choked with tears)Mom…Mom…” I was so touched and I told her I thought this moment was akin to landing on the moon – nothing will ever be the same again. She had seen it and she had participated in making this change happen. She hung up and ran off to celebrate with her friends at school, and I hung up hearing the words I had just spoken and letting them really sink in.

    In regards to this “comment” I can only tell you my story. I am a single mom who is engaged to a wonderful man. We have been together for 6 years and 4 years ago we decided to buy a house together. He makes a lot of money, I don’t. We bought here in Jersey at the peak of the housing market. Our house is a small Victorian built in 1896. We bought it from a couple who owned it for 18 months and made over $128K in profit during that time period. We paid 10K beyond what the value of the house was because of a bidding war. We couldn’t put down more then 40K so we got one of those “amazing loans”. We got a 5 year variable ARM tied to the Libor – sometimes good, sometime bad. But now that this is about to expire we must try to refinance this house, plus the loan we took out to do the much needed renovations (another $200K). Our house is worth about $450 now, we owe over $530 on it. How will we refinance it? We have never missed a payment, we make the full payment, not the interest only, but we are still being sent to the poor house slowly but surely (no pun intended!). Despite this we love our house, and understand that others are in a far far worse place then we are. No matter what happens, this country is OUR country, All of ours. We rise together, we fall together, my family is a perfect example of this. I am not blaming anyone, because the first to be blamed should be me and my fiance – we could have held off, we should have used a Realtor, we knew the situation, and we went forth thinking everything would be just fine. We have no one to blame but ourselves. But for the sake of the rest of the people who don’t have the money coming in every month that I do, who have foreclosure notices, etc. to deal with, I hope the government can do something to help them, and remind us all what it felt like to be responsible and proud. Take ownership people, and then the pride will be deserved. Obama said it himself in FL, last week… “In five days, you can put an end to the politics that would divide a nation just to win an election, that tries to pit region against region, city against town, Republican against Democrat, that asks us to fear at a time when what we really need is hope.”

    GOT HOPE? I do! =] I mean it. really!

    U rule Helen!
    BTW, I lived in Houston for 20 of my 44 years and I attended UT Austin Hook ’em horns! – Love that town =]


  283. When are the Republicans going to get their heads out of the sand and see that the country has changed—we are more tolerant and accepting of everyone—Like MLK said—Peace is not just a distant goal but a way to get to that goal. Peaceful ends through peaceful means—


  284. People who let Howard Stern influence their political beliefs should be Bush-whacked….oh, wait, looks like they already have been.


  285. Honest to goodness, I wish religious conservatives would all follow Sarah up to Alaska and start their own country. Yes, they could secede, all follow fundamentalist Christianity, fight their own wars, take away rights from all their women, be racist all the live long day and feel no sense of shame for how they are, and let the rest of us have a country that lives to the ideals of its founding fathers (and their mothers).

    Gawd, I wish I didn’t resent these folks so much right now. I really do.


  286. opiate of the masses folks…opiate of the masses.
    that man that posted a comment only strengthens the democratic argument that while republicans are out to make a buck, or a million, democrats would rather be protesting the treatment of humanity.

    i live in California and every time i drove past a YES on Prop 8 sign i wanted to rip it out of the ground. and while i had to fight back my impulsivity what i became was a more tolerant person. even ignorance has a place in the world and it can be a valuable teacher for all of us.

    i love helen. i mean it. really.


  287. I read through what I wrote and it seemed unclear to me, so . . .

    What I was trying to say is that most of the people who voted for Obama did so for what he stands for, not because of his race. I know for me, I didn’t see a black man running for President; I saw a man with integrity and a vision for all of us. We haven’t had that kind of candidate for a very long time. And I really believe that’s the reason so many people chose Obama over McCain, even without the scare factor of Palin.



  288. Helen,
    Thanks for sharing that. Proof that idiots also know how to use computers. 😉
    GO Obama!! I am so excited for the next 4 (hopefully 8!!) years!


  289. I did not read all the comments, so this response may be redundant. The Howard Stern thing was pretty amazing, but I would not necessarily say they are ignorant people. Maybe, just maybe, they were so desperate to support this intelligent and inspirational African American that his running mate or policies were not as important as the significance. Bush set the stage for many Americans to want to passionately participate and actively CHANGE this country. Maybe it was ignorance, maybe it was blindly following one man, but I am personally glad for their votes.

    And, since this is all about talking about idiots…As a Republican who supported McCain / Palin…how does it make you feel knowing that Palin did not know Africa was a continent, or what countries are part of NAFTA, or that her “foreign policy experience” was being able to see Russia from her house. Talk about ignorant! I am not sure what is worse….her or YOU for having hoped and prayed that she would be running our country! IDIOT!


  290. Argh! Sorry I don’t have time to read through the comments, but I found this whole thing just too clueless.

    OK, there’s plenty of blame to go around. Everyone acknowledges that – Bush, anyone who’s been in Congress in the last 8 to 10 years, Wall Street, and . . . ANYONE IN REAL ESTATE! So, Bingo! That’s the reason the guy doesn’t see the problem. He was part of it.

    We watched our daughter and son-in-law struggle to buy a house. They finally got in, not with a sub-prime, but still. The only way they could do it was to not have their inusrance and taxes rolled into their mortgage payment. They’d never bought a house before, thought they had done their homework, and made the mistake of trusting what their real estate agent and the bank said. It was a constant, month to month struggle for them to stay in the house. They are now divorcing, and have managed to rent out the house for less than their house payment, but they can’t sell in the current market.

    And that whole thing that Obama had people voting for him just because he was black? Well, that’s likely. And it’s likely that some voted against him just because he was black. But all anyone needs to do is look at the numbers of people who didn’t vote because of race – and that’s the reason he has more of the popular vote and so many electoral votes. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

    As for the Republicans stealing the vote, all one has to do is watch the movie Recount about the 2000 election. It lays it out step by step, and the Republicans should be ashamed of the way they DID steal that vote.

    However, as my hubby said, maybe it was Bush getting in that set us all up to be ready for Barack Obama. So, sometimes out of something bad, there really does come something good. And I’m thankful for that. The other thing, being a little Pollyanna-ish here, is that having Bush for 8 years may have just awakened a lot of people who were so politically apathetic that we allowed Bush to get in the White House in the first place.

    And Helen, thanks again for being here and standing up for our great country – and for giving us all a place to share with one another.



  291. I live in a very conservative area of West Chester, OH, home to John Boehner, and when I dropped off my 6th grader at school found that all of the teachers were in a emergency meeting. This is a VERY DIVERSE school, about all faiths are represented…. Apparently because of “parents” they have been dealing with very nasty comments coming from the kids about the newly elected President, and they were trying to determine the best way to handle it. These poor kids are spewing back what their parents say.

    My husband and I never spoke of the politics around the kids, and we took our kids out of school one day when Obama was in town and they listened to him talk. Then a few days later we went to a Palin rally and let them listen and make up their own minds….. They both concluded that Palin only complained about Obama, said negative things about what he was going to do etc…. Obama spoke of Hope and Change, and that as a country we needed to work together as a Nation to get through the problems our country is having and prevail… They both thought that Obama was who they would vote for, it they could, and since then became very involved in watching the speaches and listen to Obama talk.

    Our kids are not immune to the economy as my husbands company downsized and left him w/out a job on 1-1-07. He has not found a career to date…. He does have a Job working at a golf couse making minimum wage, but we have found that there are no careers out there to be had.

    We all hope that Obama brings fresh ideas, maybe unconventional, but workable to get things going again… new fresh faces for think tanks, new ways of doing things….. We have to try something right? The “old” way of doing things just is not working right now…..


  292. I say let the fooled fools post here. If they have their minds open, even just a tiny crack, some daylight might get through.

    The comment section today is as good as Helen’s original post. This is becoming a fine community of smart, caring and informed people. I love it.


  293. Giving ignorance acknowledgment perpetuates the ignorance.


  294. Stern voted for Obama. Just saying.


  295. From “…Eye Chick:” “I have been continually embarassed by his promotion of Anti-Intellectualism…”

    I couldn’t agree more. Stupidity has increasingly become a virtue in this country. I just hope that Obama and his team’s intellect will rub off on people (at least as much as Bush’s idiocity).


  296. Huh. Nice little fantasy going there. Completely ignored the fact that the real estate market didn’t “start to decline.” It went bust. It went bust because it, and the entire financial industry, was an unnaturally high bubble to begin with. Teeter on a high pole long enough and you fall. The bubble got to high because there was too much easy credit out there and people got greedy for things they couldn’t really afford. The credit was easy because of deregulation supported by folks like Bush and, yes, McCain.

    Democrats in Congress for the last 2 years haven’t been coating themselves with glory, I’ll admit. But they didn’t create this particular mess; they inherited it.

    But your die-hard conservatives will ignore the facts. They just don’t want to see it. Which is why history keeps repeating itself.

    Oh wait, McCain did supported regulation for boxing and the tobacco industry. A little like regulating just how people should be allowed to run with scissors.

    It needs repeating that Dems didn’t elect Obama all by themselves. McCain lost the support and respect of too many in his own party. The saddest thing is, after a long, admirable career he seemed to turn his back on many of his own principles, disappointing and disillusioning many of his own supporters.


  297. Look I agree with Margaret and Helen, and pretty much like said more than half of the country; but let me just say that in his ignorance there was tolerance, in all our wisdom and knowledge and LIBERAL views what happened to tolerance and willingness to see and listen to other points of view. We should question and challenge thoughts and ideas but don’t make the attacks personal on the individual.

    If we are better, smarter and wiser than Republicans, conservatives and religious fanatics we should LEAD BY EXAMPLE; if we do that and show the better way BELIEVE me people will follow; even the dumb, the conservative, the fanatics and the Republicans.


  298. I haven’t gotten thru all the comments yet, but I jut finished Seeing Eye Chicks’s (By: Seeing Eye Chick on November 7, 2008
    at 9:37 am)
    Love it!
    Now to go back and read more…


  299. PS:

    I heard yesterday that the GOP is going to be seeking “feedback” on what they need to do to win back the trust of Americans. I looked at my husband when I heard that and said: “Let’s mess with them and tell them we want tax cuts for the rich, no changes in healthcare or our financial system, and to stay the world’s bully.” Hey, if Rush Limberger can screw around with “Operation Chaos” why can’t the people on the other side of the debate?


  300. How much more clueless can anybody be? Giving this person attention in any way IS “feeding them.” Just leave them be and see how the World changes around them. If they can’t learn something from that, they’ll be left behind (and if they can, good for them). Otherwise it’s just hopeless and useless. Use your energy on people who have the ability to produce cohesive thoughts.


  301. Pardon me, “were used” NOT “we used.”


    Must edit before posting…must edit before…

    But yeah, the commenter Helen highlighted here is a piece of work. Because if Obama had lost given how much steam he had going, there would have been 1,001 reasons to think it had been stolen.


  302. Oh boy……..I guess no matter what, there’s going to be idiots out there. I thought that this post was a joke…..a joke like ha ha, funny funny. But it clearly was not. Some people………geeze.



  303. I love it…being accused of “stealing” the election. Can’t imagine why we’d think that. Oh, yeah, because Gore was declared the winner when my wife and I went to bed 8 years ago, and then we woke up to a whole mess that the Supreme Court settled in Bush’s favor.

    And then we discovered, way too late to do anything about it, when everything was finally properly counted, that Gore really had won.

    And those Diebold machines that sometimes register the Democratic votes for the Republican candidate…machines made by a company with a vested interest in GOP control.

    Oh, and the sneaky, dirty tactics that we used to try to keep Obama supporters away from the polls?

    I’ll stop ranting now. After all, my guy won so handily that even all the shady stuff couldn’t derail him. So I’m happy.


  304. Sorry ’bout that double post.


  305. Dear Margaret and Helen,

    At, one conservative knows that his party has a long way to go and tells the truth about all this “socialism” nonsense going around:

    Socialism Hypocrisy (

    nephewmiltie November 5th, 2008 at 2:27 p.m. CST (link)

    1) People are not afraid of Socialism, it is an acceptable political outcome.

    Well, be honest. The voters have long supported socialism. This country was dominated for 50 years by the New Deal coalition, remember? The Reagan and Gingrich revolutions were never against the New Deal. They were against the Great Society. Thus, people have never opposed socialism for themselves. People have for decades wanted free public schools, grants to go to college, retirements, medical care, money to keep their businesses and farms afloat, etc. So in other words, Americans supported the socialism that benefitted them and people like them. They just opposed it for the other guy. The Great Society was easy pickings, because it went to a small segment of society that, let’s face it, most people didn’t like anyway. But the GOP never even seriously tried to cut off the spigot of the huge amounts of money going to “real Americans.” By contrast, the GOP actually gave away more money to their constituents than the Democrats ever dreamed of giving to their inner city base. Remember when Democrats were pointing out that “red state America” was a net economic drain while “blue state America” paid more taxes than they spent? It was 100% true, yet the next GOPer who stood up before his “real American” constituents of suburbanites and middle Americans and told them that they needed to get off welfare and stand on their own two feet would be the first. No, that was a message for the folks in Barack Obama’s inner city, not the Iowans whose economic boom the past few years has been totally due to the government funded ethanol industry.

    The GOP needs to come up with a “no socialism for anybody” message instead of the “no socialism for the people who we don’t like and don’t vote for us but plenty of socialism for ‘our types of people the real Americans'” message and actions that have dominated the GOP since 1980.

    By the way: small government Sarah Palin actually increased spending in her state. So why did we presume that she supported small government and less spending? Simple: because she is a Republican from a state that doesn’t have a Chicago, Detroit or Harlem in it. That is precisely the problem that I am speaking of.


  306. Dear Margaret and Helen,

    At, one conservative knows that his party has a long way to go and tells the truth about all this “socialism” nonsense going around:

    Socialism Hypocrisy (

    nephewmiltie November 5th, 2008 at 2:27 p.m. CST (link)

    1) People are not afraid of Socialism, it is an acceptable political outcome.

    Well, be honest. The voters have long supported socialism. This country was dominated for 50 years by the New Deal coalition, remember? The Reagan and Gingrich revolutions were never against the New Deal. They were against the Great Society. Thus, people have never opposed socialism for themselves. People have for decades wanted free public schools, grants to go to college, retirements, medical care, money to keep their businesses and farms afloat, etc. So in other words, Americans supported the socialism that benefitted them and people like them. They just opposed it for the other guy. The Great Society was easy pickings, because it went to a small segment of society that, let’s face it, most people didn’t like anyway. But the GOP never even seriously tried to cut off the spigot of the huge amounts of money going to “real Americans.” By contrast, the GOP actually gave away more money to their constituents than the Democrats ever dreamed of giving to their inner city base. Remember when Democrats were pointing out that “red state America” was a net economic drain while “blue state America” paid more taxes than they spent? It was 100% true, yet the next GOPer who stood up before his “real American” constituents of suburbanites and middle Americans and told them that they needed to get off welfare and stand on their own two feet would be the first. No, that was a message for the folks in Barack Obama’s inner city, not the Iowans whose economic boom the past few years has been totally due to the government funded ethanol industry.

    The GOP needs to come up with a “no socialism for anybody” message instead of the “no socialism for the people who we don’t like and don’t vote for us but plenty of socialism for ‘our types of people the real Americans'” message and actions that have dominated the GOP since 1980.

    By the way: small government Sarah Palin actually increased spending in her state. So why did we presume that she supported small government and less spending? Simple: because she is a Republican from a state that doesn’t have a Chicago, Detroit or Harlem in it. That is precisely the problem that I am speaking of.


  307. Dear Helen, it sounds like you’ve been doing the same thing I have since Tuesday: visiting right-wing Republican websites for a little bit of Schadenfreude. I was thinking of you yesterday as I read the outraged comments on — by Palin fans SO ANGRY at the McCainiacs’ sniping at their beloved Sarah in the press. They’re even ready to boycott FOX News! Lots o’ fun.


  308. Seeing Eye Chick & SarahK: AMEN.


  309. oops sorry about the typos, will do better next time.


  310. What can I add to he above comments that have soundly put the realtor dude in his place? Not much but feel complelled to write to vent a bit myself.
    I live in South Ga and am currently surrounded by folks with sour grapes. My husband and I are white and currently make enough money to not benefit from Pres Obama’s tax plan but we would gladly pay more in taxes to support a universal health plan. We have made this comment several times to people with which we work and our neighbors and the response is unbelievable and incredulous that we would even suggest the possibility.
    I do agree that 99% of the black folks voted for him based on the fact that Obama is black. You know what? who cares? Who can blame them? At least they will admit it. What gets me is that most of the southern white people that can’t stand up and say I didn’t vote for him because he is black and thats the only reason. Why else would they put someone inthe white house who made uch a poor choice of a vp when he had so many better candidates? Oh no, they use all these other excuses because they don’t have the courage to say the truth.
    Its not just the color thing though among my co-workers and neighbors (notice I didn’t say friends), they have bought into the fear that Bush and Mc/Palin generated. They also can’t get past the pro-choice issue and recognizing Gay people as equals and deserve equal rights. Why? cause the bible says so. The Bible says alot of things and we can sit here all day long and quote scripture and twist it how ever we like.
    I think they need to lick their wounds, and they will eventually see that the people of the USA have elected probably the greatest President in our history. It won’t be immediate but it will be soon.

    Now not all southern white rednecks voted for MCCaine, several of us proudly showed our support of Obama in the face an overwhelming local majority for MCCaine. And here in Georgia we still have a senate seat that hasn’t been decided yet and will go into a run-off race in December. Now historically turnout for run-offs are very low and the REPs are banking on a small turnout. We need every like minded person (dems/libs) to show up and kick Chambliss’s ass out of the Senate. Have any of you seen his add he has out now comparing electing Obama as president is as bad as what happened to us on 9/11. Same old fear and hate tactic, hopefully it won’t work this time.

    “Whats so funny about Peace, Love and Understanding?” (nick lowe and elvis costello)

    have a great day and thanks Margaret and Helen for letting us vent


  311. Can I just say once again that what I hear out of Republicans is all Me me me me. I was making great money and all was peachy.

    I watched the real estate market in our state for the last 3 years. My husband was a broker for many years. The houses around us kept going up and up. The house next door sold twice in the last two years.

    The first time we about fell over when we saw what it sold for the second time we looked at each other and said “the bubble is going to burst” things are seriously out of whack. We played it safe and just watched with dread.

    We new that the credit card companies and mortgage companies were taking it to the consumer. There were no doubts in our mind that the whole thing would bring this country down!

    Guess what? We were right. Our house is now worth $75,000.00 dollars less than a year ago. The people next door now owe more than what their home is worth.

    This is a direct result of degregulation and greed period. The direct result of Capitalism run amok perputated by a Republican President and congress!

    So the person who thinks that this is all caused by the democrats in congress for less than 2 years. I have one thing to say to you. Quit watching Fox News and educate yourself. There is no more free money and start working to rebuild your country so we can all share the American Dream not the wealth.


  312. I can say that eight years of Bush were terrible for me because I had to sit and watch him trash almost everything I believe in. Respect for the environment? Responsible spending? Good-faith negotiation before use of force? Constitutional rights like privacy and habeas corpus? I honestly believed that the United States occupied some kind of moral high ground until our government openly condoned torture. My personal life is comfortable, and probably will continue to be, but I feel terrible for the outrages that have been perpetrated by my government. I sincerely hope our new president will be able to make some headway in all this, but the outgoing administration has left not one, but many, huge messes to clean up.

    By: SarahK on November 7, 2008
    at 11:17 am

    Repbulican’s are just nervous because their world is swiftly becoming as small as their minds.

    I have a friend who said pretty much the same thing. “I pray that I am proven wrong”
    Yeah right, I’ll be holding my breath on that one. Be serious, ANYTHING he does is going to be wrong to these people. Even if he accomplishes world peace, they would say, well is was GB’s idea.

    I have to say Eileen. so what?? I mean so what?? I can’t stand Bush and was dead against the war but I did say if it all worked out for everyone I’d hang his picture in my bedroom. Of course it didnt’ and the dead can’t be brought back on any side, but would it be so horrible for Dems and Reps to share credit and blame as a RULE?? Not some surprise exception??? I mean it takes more than one ingredient to make a really healthy soup.


  313. My brother is a hard-core GOP and I am definitely NOT. We argue every day on my blog and his, about the same items mentioned in this email you received.

    He always talks about how the economic meltdown was caused by the Dems who controlled Congress. But like it’s been pointed out— that only happened in the last 2 years. All the real estate issues that have come about in the last 2 years, are actually caused by the decisions made in 2002-2204… when Bush announced he wanted to generate home loans for lower-income people, and never advocated regulation. It was like watching a parent drop their 8 year old ADD child off at the candy store to shop by themselves!

    All the sub-prime loans that are NOW an issue, were actually signed up for in the rush after the tech collapse of 2001. Bush used the real estate market to prop up our economy especially after 9-11. All those balloon payment loans, sub-prime loans, start increasing their loan rates after 5 years. Simple timeline: sign for sub-prime in 2002, and everything is ok until 2007 when the rate gets jacked up.


  314. If all you care about is your own wallet and you’re feeding off the easy credit frenzy, than of coure you were thrilled with Bush. But like the Iraq surge it was unsustainable. I’m praying Obama is a healer, not a cheap bandaid salesman.


  315. Repbulican’s are just nervous because their world is swiftly becoming as small as their minds.

    I have a friend who said pretty much the same thing. “I pray that I am proven wrong”
    Yeah right, I’ll be holding my breath on that one. Be serious, ANYTHING he does is going to be wrong to these people. Even if he accomplishes world peace, they would say, well is was GB’s idea.


  316. I can say that eight years of Bush were terrible for me because I had to sit and watch him trash almost everything I believe in. Respect for the environment? Responsible spending? Good-faith negotiation before use of force? Constitutional rights like privacy and habeas corpus? I honestly believed that the United States occupied some kind of moral high ground until our government openly condoned torture. My personal life is comfortable, and probably will continue to be, but I feel terrible for the outrages that have been perpetrated by my government. I sincerely hope our new president will be able to make some headway in all this, but the outgoing administration has left not one, but many, huge messes to clean up.


  317. People are angry they didn’t get their way, and there’s nothing we can say that will change that…let’s face it, they are not a reflective group!! The only thing that will work is time…not until the new administration has time to make the needed changes, and people SEE for themselves that their lives can be better, will they get it! I think………..


  318. This idiot is beyond clueless. Hey, the world can go to hell in a hand basket, but as long as there is money in that person’s pocket – well, as my husband says “I’m all right Jack”. My husband worked in the mortgage industry and lost his job a year and a half ago at the beginning of the meltdown. He has not been able to find full time work since. He does part-time work and we have just started getting the extended unemployment benefits. We would be sunk without them as our savings are gone. So Realtor, as long as you were getting your 8% commission, all was right with the world. My husband got about $250 per loan — not even comparable to what you made on your end of the sale. And my question is — how many of those homes are now in foreclosure?

    And to add to karenmariesplace’s Govt. 101 comments — don’t forget the signing statements Bush has used — more than all other presidents combined!

    Helen, thanks for keeping up the posts. You make me smile every day 🙂


  319. This is undoubtedly the best blog in the universe. It’s even better than mine. 😉

    Not only is the original post fantastic, but the comments are intelligent and well written. I am especially impressed with Seeing Eye Chick’s comment. I couldn’t have said it half as well myself.


  320. If ignorance is bliss, that person must be ecstatic!!!

    They made their money off of the people given shitty loans that now have lost or are losing their homes! Hope you sleep well!!

    TY Helen and Margaret…spot on as always!!!


  321. I thought when I read that post it was a joke. Seriously.

    After campaigning for Obama in a VERY red state (which I am proud to say turned blue) I realized there is one difference between conservatives and liberals. There are only two positions: you care about things or you care about people.

    I choose people (and I think the millions of Americans who voted for Obama chose people, too).

    Thanks for writing, Margaret, Helen and all who respond here. I really enjoy being part of a conversation that supports my choice in folks not fluff.



  322. Helen, I love your site and you ROCK! My grandmother Dorothy would have loved the way you talk about politics and life in general. She was a speak-the-truth kind of gal, too.


  323. So, for you the economy under Bush was just peachy, until about 2 years ago? For so many others it was moving down a precipice toward disaster. More money in the hands of fewer and fewer people. More people seeking aid at local food pantries. More people seeing their jobs outsourced or done away with.

    Early on is this race, I assumed Hillary would win, and I didn’t give Obama much chance to prevail. When I heard him speak, I began to become hopeful. I wanted this guy with so much heart and brain to win. That he is Black is not a big deal to me at this point in my life. I love the milestone and historical nature of his election win, but that isn’t what attracted me to him.

    Please don’t paint Dems with such a broad brush. Please accept that your economic experience does not jibe with many, many others’ experience.

    If African Americans voted for Barack because he is also African American, so be it. Plenty of whites voted for McCain because he is white.

    Love this blog! Keep up the good work.


  324. Artsandflowers, I just want to cry. Your daughter’s in-laws have just maliciously shredded a child’s innocence. Let me at ’em.

    Seeingeyechick, you are my hero.

    So are you, Helen. I mean it. Really.


  325. All of these ‘comments-on-the-comments’ are
    terrific!!! Well thought out and well written so
    I will keep mine short. I live in Louisiana so
    have first hand life experience with how GeorgeW.
    ran the government—–.
    I woke up to a better world on Wednesday.
    Thanks,again Helen.
    Missy from the bayou


  326. Bush JR. did not run this county. His father and his father’s cronies, who surrounded Bush Jr. ran this country. All of Bush Jr’s people were his father’s people when his father was president. They had an agenda from the start.


  327. I am Canadian, so I don’t feel it’s in my realm to criticise your government. However, there are similarities between Conservatives everywhere. Conservatives in Canada used to be a respectable lot. Now they resort to behaviour which appears to be universal.

    Conservatives always resort to ugly, divisive attack ads. (My own Prime Minister sought very hard to divide Canadians as “us and them” during our own recent election campaign. What is that about? Shouldn’t the person who has been elected to serve the people of the country serve ALL the people of that country? Aren’t we ONE country?)

    Conservatives somehow think they have the exclusive path to God. (I can’t believe that Jesus would agree with the ‘mine mine mine’ mantra and approve of any sort of ‘trickle down’ theory of wealth distribution – what was that story about his temper tantrum with the money changers..?)

    Conservatives get angry a lot. Really angry. Conservatives prey on fear. Conservatives call people names. (A recent example up here was our PM making a sweeping statement that artists are ‘whiners.’

    Your president elect is a real breath of fresh air, and exactly what the world needs. His mission is to heal wounds and bring you together. He wants to restore a fair tax system (“share the wealth”). He vows to use the power of listening on the world stage as opposed to ‘shoot now, think later.’ He talks intelligently and appeals to you as equals. He won your election by taking the high road.

    Congratuations America. It is my greatest hope that President Elect Obama will inspire change everywhere. That people everywhere will start to reject ugly, divisive politicking, and hold both liberal and conservative politicians to a higher standard. Barack Obama is that new standard. I, like many, many others around the world are inspired. You guys rock.


  328. It’s just peachy keen that you made a personal fortune off of the housing bubble scam/flipping phenomenon linked with the unregulated, high risk financial instruments which have spread from the US like a virus to cause worldwide financial meltdown. I was in Germany when the economy imploded in late Sept.- early October. The EU countries rightly pointed the finger at the US/Bush governent which failed to regulate the banking/mortgage/financial industries. Would you care to compensate my 40-something daughter who sank her life savings into her very first house. She went the traditional route: 20% down, 30 year fixed rate mortgage. She had been told by the Bush administration that her FEMA disaster recovery job assignment in Florida would be for SEVEN YEARS! FEMA was also told to get the checks for hurricane damage out to the Florida public before the upcoming presidential election (2004), with no questions asked of the claimants, or FEMA would be dissolved. Then when large scale fraudulent claims were discovered, FEMA was blamed and no one there dared point the finger back at W and Jeb.One short year later, when W had been reelected and Jeb finished his governorship in Florida, the FEMA office was closed, cause screw Florida – the Bushes didn’t need any good will there anymore. The only offer my dtr. received for her sparkling new $230,000 townhouse was $45,000. She had to go out of state to get employment and leave her house behind. So now she’s going through bankruptcy. But YOU made a great profit. How many people did you sucker into buying homes with adjustable rate mortgages?

    Oh, and spreading the blame for this clusterf*ck of an economy to the Dems, cause we’ve had two years majority in the Congress? Oh, no – that doesn’t fly. Let me explain to you how government works. There are laws passed by legislation and laws made by Supreme Court decisions. Bush has stacked the Supreme Court. Then Bush added his “signing statements”, by which he guts any legislatively passed laws with which he disagrees. Finally, it takes years for bills submitted in the Congress to actually make it into law and begin to have any discernible effect. Bills go through various committees. There are hearings. Then the bills are re-written/amended. When one chamber (that would be either the House or the Senate) passes a bill, the bill then goes over to the other chamber and the same process of being called up for consideration in committee meetings and hearings. If it’s passed but amended in the second chamber, it has to go to a conference committee of both chambers to work out the differences. Then it has to be passed yet again by both chambers. Only THEN does it go to the White House where Bush can sign it, and add his snarky statements gutting any law he doesn’tlike. So all the control and laws which have caused all the tragedies, bankruptcies, lack of health care, lost jobs, lost homes, lost educational opportunities, Katrina and every other f*******up in the US remain planted firmly at the feet of the GOP and greedy cynics like you!


  329. Helen:
    Don’t delete anything. It helps us all be stronger in our own beliefs.
    Artsandflowers! They ARE bad people! And if I were you, I would be protesting big time. They have no right to push these bigoted thoughts and concepts into this baby’s head! Don’t think for one minute that the fact that they take care of your granddaughter excuses their horrible behavior!


  330. I have to agree with Mary. It’s bad enough to find these dimwitted folks posting comments on news sites and the like, but I don’t really want to see them and their bile everywhere.

    And to Seeing Eye Chick- wow, well said.

    Keep up the good work, Helen. Someday, we WILL turn Texas blue!



    Please check this site out and sign the petition if you agree, AND SEND/POST to as many friends/forums as you can.

    Thank you.



  332. A realtor huh? sounds like he KNOWS he was part of the current financial problem.


  333. LoL at the idea that Howard Stern is anything near a credible source. If you believe that, let me tell you about how my Yorkshire Terrier, Brownie, is a Fulbright Scholar.


  334. Helen,

    Why not just delete the entries from these incredibly ignorant, hostile people? It would be nice if there were SOMEWHERE to go on the web where we don’t have to put up with people who probably haven’t read a book beyond a romance novel since high school and don’t understand politics beyond “my preacher told me to vote this way.” It gets a little old trying to explain Government 101 over and over to people who move their lips when they read.

    For this contributor, I suggest you start by reading Molly Ivins’ “Bushwhacked”, written before Barack Obama was even a glint in the Democratic eye.


  335. Oh, Helen, are you a scream! My friend turned me on to this blog, and now I’ve got to show it to my mom, who is also a grandma. I’ve been laughing my tail off reading this! David Letterman ain’t got nothin’ on you, babe!


  336. I like how this reader suggests that the first 6 years of Bush were great and that she made loads of money, and then right after the Democrats took the majority…boom, she lost it all. It must have been all their fault right. It works like that right? Get a clue! I also want to know how all of these real estate agents “who did so well, and made loads of cash” are not being held at all responsible for this housing meltdown. I have lived in Vegas through this whole bubble and I have seen first hand how these agents (not all of them granted) have played a key role in this whole mess. Don’t expect me to feel sorry for you lady!
    Also, all forms of taxation are essentially a “spreading of the wreath”. If I hear this argument against Barack Obama one more time I think I am going to go crazy! You can go on thinking that your taxes are just going to take care of someone (if it makes you feel better about yourself), but really the majority of these taxes are going to spending for roads, buildings, defense, salaries for government employees (firefighters, cops)…I suppose the reader doesn’t like to think about this, because it kinda puts a damper on the whole socialist argument. Look at ALASKA! It is the most socialist state in the US. They spread the wealth real good up there. They tax those oil companies and give the money yearly to their residents. This year they got a thousand dollars ON TOP of what they would normally got, thanks to Sarah Palin. Is that not a “redistribution of wealth”?


  337. I grew up in the Midwest and even though I no longer live there, I have family and friends that do and I can assure you, the past 8 years haven’t been great for everyone. Including the Republicans. Just because this person is a Realtor, who stands to make a decent living so as long as the housing market thrives, wasn’t suffering until 2 years ago doesn’t mean that people with lower paying jobs weren’t suffering long before she was. What about all the men and women from small, rural communities who laid down their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan? Does this Realtor count those as losses and suffering or not?

    Ugh. I also love how this person qualifies the money they made with “I was out there working” as though people with less are not also out there working.


  338. My daughter’s ex in-laws take care of my granddaughter on the weekends. I’m working two jobs currently and can’t do it but hopefully that will end next year.

    Anyway, these people are your stereo-typical, close minded, ignorant “Republican’s”. Now we all have our predjudices, including me, but I raised my daughters to be fair and open minded and to be kind to all living creatures and the environment. Fortunately, they do live by those teachings. The grandparents who take care of this little 6 year old child began telling her that “Obama is bad; he wants to take all our money”. Yesterday she went home and said “I hate black people”. Now – this child doesn’t even understand about race and loves all other children and they love her. She has also (this week) said that she isn’t going to be friends with a certain little boy at school anymore b/c he is Spanish! This was her best friend until this week…and she loves Dora!

    This is exactly the idiotic kind of people that I have no patience or tolerance for. Mind you – these people are also the stereotypical southern baptists that go to church every Sunday and then some, and have a fake smile pasted on their faces but are so hypocritical it’s beyond comprehension. I’m not saying they are bad people, but they sure are stupid!
    Phyllis in NC


  339. Keith,

    That was good, but you failed to mention that
    Phil Gramm, the Deregulator!

    Phil Gramm the one who designed McCain’s economic plan for the nation!

    Phil Gramm the one who played a MAJOR role in the economic crisis we now experience!

    PhilGramm the lobbyist for a Swedish Mortgage Company that he was working for when he fought to deregulate our mortgage loans here in the states!

    Phil Gramm who said that America has become a nation of whiners!

    Phil Gramm who McCain said is his economic ADVISER he would count on!

    Phil Gramm whom McCain had planned to become his Sec. of Treasury. that Phil Gramm!


  340. Has EVERYONE forgotten that the REPUBLICANS controlled both houses AND the White House for six years? Or am I remembering it wrong?

    What wonderful things came out of a republican-controlled administration? I’ll tell you: NOTHING. ZIPPO. ZERO. NADA. RIEN.

    Helen, you’re right: we should stop feeding them! Period.


  341. Oh yeah, Howard Stern, that arbiter of knowledge. Maybe this republican author had such good years as a realtor because a percentage of his customers procured loans which overextended said customers, from banks that shouldn’t have approved the loans in the first place… just a thought.


  342. hoo boy..

    I felt this blog burning before I even got here!
    Way to go Helen!
    And Seeingeyechick: You took the words right out of
    my mouth!
    Great post!


  343. I am so sick of the way republicans are always going on and on about “middle class america”, where in fact they’re usually way better off. sounds like this realtor makes more money that the average “middle class”. also – i find the “middle class” to be racist – usually – it means white suburban. so, we’re fine and better off, and i don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone else? the poor can just die for all i care, and the wealthy? well, they can take for themselves. so sick of the it.


  344. Just yesterday i was…YELLED at for voting the way i did…i even was sent emails with attachements to sites claiming Obama was a socialist…i asked this person to go their office with their views…and respectfully didn’t yell back…i have never felt more attacked by someone for what i believe…he even made the comment “well in four years i will be saying nananana i was right!” i said you have the right…in 4 years to say that…i just wish people could get over themselves…and like MLK’s speech says ‘ judge a man by the content of his character!’

    Thanks for your blogs a breathe of fresh air EVERYDAY!


  345. If idiots could fly, my neighborhood would be an airport! There are competent and smart people in this country, we have discovered them before this and we will find them now.

    New occupants in the Nations’ Crib …

    Have a nice weekend girls! …


  346. Just a couple of corrections to this person comment:

    1. The Democrats might have had more members in the Senate the last 2 years, but they didn’t have a veto/filibuster proof majority, so the REPUBLICANS stopped them at every turn. THAT is why nothing got done/changed the last 2 years. Please, get your facts right before you spew your uninformed opinion.

    2. Mr. Obama only wants to return us to the tax system that was in place during the Clinton years. Hmmm, if I remember correctly, we had more millionaires and billionaires then, and the middle class was doing MUCH better and we had more of the poor class move into the middle class then.

    Seriously, these republican people need to read up on the economy. That, and they need to get over it. The PEOPLE have spoken, and if you take a look at the electoral map, Obama flipped a few “red” states there. What does THAT tell you, Mr. Republican?


  347. Helen. The idiot is still commnenting on yesterday’s post. Calling other people dogs. LOL She is totally clueless. God I love you woman. Where have you been for the last 8 years? We needed you. With your wit and intelligence we might have avoided the war!


  348. The last few years have not been great for me. I have watched the Bush Admin create Faith Based Initiatives, and then the Supreme Court rule that its okay for organizations to receive fed funding while hiring and firing on the basis of Religious Affiliation and sexual orientation. Something that would be a civil rights violation normally–First Amendment? Whats that? In a Christian Theocracy we dont need a First Amendment–Because everyone is the same religion or will be when we get done with them.

    He created Guantanamo Bay for Alleged Enemy Combatants. Not POWs–ooh language is so specific in legaleeze. Bush did exactly what James the Second did to avoid the Magna Carta. Bush wanted a site outside the U.S. so he could violate the Geneva Convention and our own Constitution and go around Congress and our Judicial Branch. Too Late to be known as George the First but sure to be Known as George the Worst–Did you know we had a King of America? Blasphemy, pure blasphemy! We treated Nazi Pows better in this country–

    He creates all these new Veterans, who are not being adequately helped by a VA system. Especially those with PTSD and TBI. Of course the VA perfected their double speak on PTSD with Military Sexual Trauma Victims, and then decided that their tactics worked so well in *Saving Money, that they should do it to all Vets that they could. Walter Reed was just the tip of the Dirty Iceburge, but I am sure you were too busy making money and living the good life to notice our Homeless Vet population Explode–Besides all you need to support the troops is a Magnetic Yellow Ribbon on your Hummer and its all good right?

    My VA benefits, my GI bill was considered Taxable Income and many Americans like yourself treat me like I am on welfare–They dont understand that the GI bill has been gutted and barely pays for school–even community colleges if that, and that I invested my money in that program, its not free. Or that the VA makes it so difficult to use that many vets forego the trouble because yes, its that bad. But your yellow magnet should protect you from that knowledge.

    I have watched as this government has reduced availability of affordable birth control to young women, and have tried to again and again redefine birth control as abortion and then outlaw it all in one big move. But hey thats not as important as your bottom line so just forget it about that only affects sluts anyway.

    I have watched as this government has been busted again and again spying on Peace Movement and Green Movements, treating them like terrorists and putting their activists on NOFlylists along with 13 yr old boys and people named John Smith for no apparent legal reason. No one can challenge this placement. There is no indictment or trial, no facing your accusers, only the list. Bill of Rights? Whats that?

    I have watched as a Moron kept the oval office seat warm with what passes for his brain while he handed out backrubs at G8 conferences and mispronounced Nuclear over and over again, and displayed an alarming lack of knowledge about basic civics issues in this country, for someone who was able to attend some of the most finest schools in the U.S. he is as dumb as a bag of hammers. I have been continually embarassed by his promotion of Anti-Intellectualism while other powers behind that curtain used him as an evil finger puppet to realize their schemes to fleece America through the Wars we are in currently.

    A president that has purposefully favored certain religious groups over others, over the rest of America–like some King Holding Court with his favorites. OMG what planet did I wake up on?

    Our family makes about 70 thou a year, but you would think we made about half that. Between Medical Bills and Gas Prices, food inflation and the like, its like the raises never happened.

    I am watching Tent Cities spring up all over the U.S. due to predatory lending practices–but you know its just dumb poor people who made stupid mistakes so who cares right? The rich part was when the RNC tried to make it so that they couldnt vote in this election. That was special.

    Bush’s failure to do anything at all with the Kyoto accords because he is a nutty dominionist which is an excuse to worship Locusts as divine role models–No attempts to get this country off of foreign oil, no attempt to reign in the big three and encourage them to do anything but build new SUV models that guzzle even more gas–While our landfills expand, our watersheds become more polluted, our atmosphere shifts the weather patterns to respond to green house gas build up—But you know its not in the Bible so it must not be true. Besides it cuts into HIS prophets.

    The complete disregard and open undermining of the Scientific Community on everything from Evolution to Meteorology. We have been overrun with superstitious fools who know not what it is that they slam. They actually believe that their uninformed, uneducated opinion means something in the scientific community other than simply a voice from a voter block that is essentially the Peanut Gallery of Fools and dullards.

    And the attack on any kind of intellectual ability at all–labeling our educated citizenry as UnAmericans, or Unpatriotic because they wont buy that poison koolaid of stupidity being sold by Medieval Christian Supremacists who think the earth is Flat and Pygmies mate with Elephants in deepest Africa–I keep waiting to hear from them that we should invade England because London Streets are paved with Gold.

    I am so glad you made money. Really. Why Dont you Go shop til you drop somewhere.


  349. I come to your blog to remind myself that the ignorance around does not dominate all of my fellow Americans. Even when I read or hear the ignorance that seems so prevalent, I have hope because most of America stood up and said “Yes, we can!” I’ve been waiting for this day for nearly eight years. I’ll pray for enlightenment and education for those who still prefer to live in the dark ages.
    Thanks for saying what so many of us are thinking!


  350. You are the best. Really. I mean it.


  351. Amazing isn’t it how self-absorbed this person is. It’s all about making money and it doesn’t matter how everything else is falling apart around them. Hmmm…wonder how much real estate commissions contributed to the exorbitant prices of houses.


  352. Um, what “riots and violence that seems to be what happens when radical liberals don’t get their way” ACTUALLY occurred in response to the hanging chads, the war in Iraq, torture, abandonment of Katrina victims, hiring practices at the Department of Justice, Scooter Libby’s sentence commutation, Blackwater’s sales of unsanitary water to our own soldiers, and so forth?

    The Secret Service so far has stopped several groups of guys who planned to commit violence against Sen. Obama. I am not aware of any major plots by left-wingers to harm Pres. Bush or Sen. McCain.


  353. I wsih you knew how hard you make me laugh. Don’t feed them!!! LOL


  354. Amazing isn’t it how self-absorbed this person is. It’s all about making money and it doesn’t matter how everything else is falling apart around them. Hmmm…wonder how much real estate commissions contributed to the exorbitant prices of houses.


  355. Spot on Helen! I am so happy that BaraCk was elected but that doesn’t excuse what has happened over the past 8 years. I plan to smack down every smart ass, hate filled Republican who tries to take us back to those dark days. It’s a new day Amerca. We took our country back and we’re not apologizing!


  356. Oh, and the top vote for the name of the puppy that Obama is going to get his daughters? MAVERICK!


  357. Hello? This guy listens to Howard Stern, a TRULY credible source of information? I think not.

    I understand things have gone downhill fast in the last two years, but the groundwork for it was laid long before. It began with Phill Gramm of Texas inserting language in a last minute budget bill before Congress went on Christmas break eight years ago… language that made the trade in derivatives legal after one hundred years of being banned by each and every state. What’s that? Oh yeah, Phill Gramm is a Republican.

    You know who’s going to be hurt the most by having Democrats control both Houses of Congress AND the White House? Halliburton. Who did the Republicans give every no-bid contract to after each national disaster? You got it. Who used to be Chairman of the Board of Halliburton? Yep, Dick Cheney. HMMMM!

    Thanks Helen. We love you. I mean it.


  358. I read this comment yesterday and about fell over. Not even sure where to start. Except maybe with idiots can’t spell either. This awesome dude spells his name “Barack.”



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