Posted by: Helen Philpot | November 6, 2008

Blowing Off Steam

Hello Margaret. I tried calling you last night but you didn’t answer.  I swear every time a squirrel goes looking for a nut up there in Maine you lose your phone service.

I just don’t understand how your Howard can listen to that Rush Limbaugh each day.  I tuned into him yesterday and couldn’t believe it.  I mean, I know he is a Republican mouthpiece, I just didn’t realize we were dealing with Hoof and Mouth Disease.

Ask Howard to follow the logic of his argument today if you can.  He said Republicans lost because they didn’t stick to their core values.  They tried to be nice and tell people that they aren’t racists, bigots and homophobes.  Once the Republicans got soft and started trying to be compassionate they began to lose.  That is the problem with Republicans right now according to Rush.  As proof he pontificated that conservative initiatives passed on the ballots. 

So let me see if I understand.  If Republicans would just admit that they are racists, bigots and homophobes and stop trying to be nice, they would win more elections.  And the conservative movement which stands for less government was somehow validated because California, Florida, Arizona and Arkansas just forced government even farther into people’s bedrooms?  And yet all of the conservative pro-life measures (the bread and butter issue for most of that group) failed to pass.  So basically the conservative movement has been reduced to Anita Bryant’s diary.  My, my but how they love their aging beauty queens… and we all know that beauty queens are the brightest bulbs on the chandelier.

Wow.  I guess all the drugs Limbaugh takes have finally eaten away most of the gray matter that was stored in that fat head of his.

Oh and then there was that other guy – can’t remember his name – who actually went on and on about how steep the hill was for McCain and it was amazing how well he did.  Steep hill?  The other guy was a black man named Barack Hussein Obama.   But McCain had the steep hill.   I am at a loss on that one.  You know, they can’t win with grace and they can’t lose with grace.  Remind me again what we like about Howard?  Oh that’s right.  He cooks.  At least there’s that.  And he tolerates me so I guess he can’t be all bad.

Harold must have heard me screaming bullshit and asshole at the radio because he surprised me with two tickets to see Dame Edna at our favorite theater in Austin for this Saturday.  He said I needed a little break and remembered that you and Howard loved Dame Edna when you saw her in New York a few years ago.   Isn’t that the show you told us about?  I hope so.

I hope you will plan a visit soon.  We really do need to visit and laugh about all this blog stuff.


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  2. Helen, darling, Rush is insane. Only listen to his show enough to remember that and don’t worry about trying to follow his logic, or lack thereof.


  3. I smile every time I visit.


  4. I have always wondered, why do Conservatives think they have the ear to God?

    I have to ask the question of TeamKlemm, is there only one God? Does it matter if I believe in Allah or Shiva? Does it make me less patriotic?

    I think that’s my biggest problem with the Republican Party.

    I’m a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. I’d be willing to listen to a moderate republican if they don’t preach religion at me. BUT it seems all they do is preach God.

    I thought the US was suppossed to separate church and state?


  5. Brilliant response. “For 6 years I was like a kid in a candy store. I sold so many over-priced houses to people who could not afford them that I was able to live like a king. Now, I can’t sell anything, and I spend my time thinking about the good old days. Sure was nice while it lasted.”

    I here this same story from heroine addicts who have finally blown all of their veins every day.


  6. “I guess all the drugs Limbaugh takes have finally eaten away most of the gray matter that was stored in that fat head of his.”

    Perfect. I know you won’t – but don’t let any of the idiots get to you, you know what you know what you know (heh, heh).

    I hope you and Margaret can get together soon.


  7. To all those on the teamklemm bandwagon:

    Enough, please. Combative as our dear Helen is, this is NOT what this blog is about. You are arguing the inherent differences between the parties and no diehard Republican is going to see things the way a diehard Democrat does. Giving someone the opportunity to argue their beliefs does little more than cement them in that person’s reality.

    teamklemm is right–there IS opportunity, but where she is WRONG is that it’s not out there for everyone. I am certain she worked hard to get where she is. The fact is, she is not a Latina woman, or a black woman, or a gay man, or a teenager with no high school diploma because she had to leave an abusive home, or ANY of the things so many others face. However hard you have worked to get everything you have, teamklemm, you simply cannot imagine what it is to be one of those less accepted individuals. To denegrate what teamklemm WAS able to do is not fair either. Perhaps she lives in a bubble, but living in a black pit of despair is just as blinding. We must ALL, ALWAYS be able to at least consider another person’s point of view, even if, in the end, we don’t agree.

    But I must say to you, teamklemm, that your bubble needs to break. Not because you are a bad person who does nothing for those in need, but because you ARE willing to help, you have the MEANS to help–but you must believe in the help you give out. You must belive that life is so much harder for some than it is for others. Just because you did it doesn’t mean everyone can. You are you and horray for that! I mean that sincerely. But the world is full of people who try their hearts out and just can’t make it work, for whatever reason.

    I don’t make over $250K a year. I’m not expecting my taxes to go up; but I’ll tell you one thing–if I WERE making that kind of money, I would be the worst kind of greedy if I could not spare a few hundred dollars a year to help those having a hard time making it.

    Let’s give Helen and Margret back their blog now. If this keeps up, they’re liable to shut it down and no one wants that! This is a time of hope and renewal. Spoiling it with more arguing is as pointless as it is useless.


  8. To Darlene:

    Do you miss Molly Ivans as much as I do? Not to mention Ann Richards.

    As for Rush….. one must be very, very careful when one is within earshot of his voice… we’ve been known to have to reach for the blood pressure medication just hearing him speak. So do be careful!


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  10. TeamKlemm:

    I’m glad you made a buttload of money while your President was busy letting the terrorists win by destroying the very freedoms he claims they hate you for, destroying the Constitution of your country, and by doing his level best to destroy your country’s standing amongst the other nations of the world (that’s right, America doesn’t exist in a vacuum!).

    If making a buttload of money is all that matters to you (as it apparently is), I hope you become so flooded with the stuff that you choke on it.


  11. hmmm…


  12. Flush Rush is still sounds like a good idea to me!

    Since the Supreme Court may revisit “vulgar” word usage in public, etc, I’d like some attention paid to the poison that is hate radio. It’s FAR more damaging than “bad” words are.

    And where has truth in advertising gone? That network claiming to be “Fair and Balanced” is anything but.

    Thanks for still speaking out!


  13. Klemm, you say: our parents were the ones that struggled fighting for equal rights, not us….We now have openly gay characters on TV shows and movies.

    You have displayed truckloads of intolerance, hatefulness, and hurtfulness on this blog — this blog that thousands read every day because it inspires joy and hope — but the above comments display your ignorance more than any other.

    Wake up and look at the inequality and discrimination happening every day in our country. If you think no one today is fighting for equal rights, you are as uneducated, unsympathetic, and ignorant as Caribou Barbie. This is a very bittersweet election for gay Americans: the majority of American voters proved that the majority of voters are non-racists who vote for candidates based on issues and integrity, not on skin color. However, in four states, the majority of voters chose intolerance, religious bigotry, discrimination, and hate over acceptance, inclusion, equality, and love.

    Millions of Americans, gay and inclusive-minded heterosexuals, continue to fight daily for equality and civil rights. Are you REALLY implying that having “openly gay characters on TV shows and movies” is inclusive ENOUGH and extends civil rights to gay Americans. You are sadly uneducated about this issue…and yes, your comments are hurtful to many.

    As Helen so graciously and inclusively says, feel free to post comments here, but please try to be more considerate, more compassionate, and more inclusive…and please educate yourself without lashing out at the commentators that come here to be inspired.


  14. Senator McCain did have a steep hill. campaigning after President Bush was a tough battle. That’s why, out of all the Republicans, Senator McCain was the best pick because of his Veteran status (his Maverick status just added to the plus side). I honestly think that the only way Senator McCain could have won was if he was the Democrat, and Senator Obama was the Republican (and he didn’t pick Sarah Palin). You think people voted for Senator Obama because of his race, maybe true with some people, but a lot of people was just looking for Hope that was taken from them during the Bush Administration. Senator McCain is a good man and would have made a great President, but he made some bad decistions. He shouldn’t have listened to President Bush, and he shouldn’t have picked Governor Palin. But, during this time in our country, I do believe that Senator Obama was the better pick. That is why he is the next (44th) President of the United States of America.


  15. I never said YOU voted for him because he was black! Where do you even come up with this stuff?? Certainly you can’t deny that SOME people voted for him because he was black and SOME people didn’t vote for him because he was black, etc…..can you?

    Then you go right back to name calling….I am pushy, a bully? Takes one to know one… can’t seem to express your thoughts or views in an intelligent manner so you resort to name calling….real mature…you are a shining star or your party…..


  16. I am sorry. But I reread your post. I did not vote for Obama just because he is black. I voted for him because he had sound reasoning. Your McCain/Palin vote and your post about liberals rioting, and the comments about “stolen elections” just tells me, along with your above posts, that you are pushy, a bully, and you really do not have any common sense. You came here with your comments, we did not come to you.
    And you say you came with an open mind?
    You voted for Palin….Nuff Said!


  17. ROFL! Well there ya go…..I know it’s difficult to have an adult conversation so go on and put your hands over your ears and say “blah, blah, blah I can’t heaaaarrrrr youuuuuuu!”

    You are right oh wise one…..there, are you happy now? Jeeze, grow up…..


  18. TeamKlemm:

    I am not going to continue this. It is pointless.
    There are many people without work because:
    There is no opportunity!

    Enough said.


  19. Dear Helen,
    My Uncle/godfather listens to that awful disgrace of programing. My mom and grandma are always trying to convince him to research the facts but he doesn’t. I’m not asking for advice I know what it’s like. ANNOYING! Helen you are truly are a tolerant person.


  20. Well troutay, I was talking about my own personal experience so of course it was about me….duh….

    “And don’t talk about people’s who’s blood was spilled , ect. YOU didn’t do it” that is such a childish thing to say troutay. Should we silence all the history teachers from speaking about history because they weren’t there? My point is in MY OPINION it dishonors the people who have really fought for equal rights to stand here, in 2008, this WEEK no less, and still claim there in no opportunity in this country. I simply don’t buy it.

    And no, I have no intentions of telling her if she wants a better job, health insurance or such “it’s not my problem” so you are incorrect in your ASSUMPTIONS again. Don’t pretend to even know what I will say or how I think ….it’s rude and inconsiderate…..didn’t anyone ever teach you that?


  21. Oh i forgot to add to day is my oldest sons 45 birthday he has been HIV/AIDS for more than 25 years and healthy . Go George…love mom vie


  22. Whoa! I made my comment because what I read was all “me, me, me”.
    And don’t talk about people who’s blood was spilled, etc. YOU didn’t do it!
    And if writerwriting says she wants a better job, childcare, health insurance, what are you going to tell her? Its not your problem???


  23. I am born and raised in SF CA . I am so proud to be able to let people be who they want to be.
    Just need to note a few things to Rush , and the peoplethat voted down Prop8 inCA . Unless you dont know it gay people do not breed more gay people It takes the other people who are non gay to do this. So why not stop them from mating? And why not solve cancer, world hunger, war and staytheh F***** out of people bedrooms? ….Vie


  24. Well Holly, I appreciate you being much more polite in your next post to me. I am more than happy to work with one issue at a time but I had to leave for work and didn’t have time to address the 16 points you brought up to which you wanted my thoughts. I really hesitate to even discuss any of it with you to be honest. “It’s so Republican of you…..” really indicates to me you aren’t prepared to have an intelligent discussion without resorting to belittling me and my views, even though I have done nothing but show respect for the differing views I have found here.

    Troutay, I am well aware of areas that aren’t as nice as mine. I frequently work with people very closely who are buying their first home on a meager income. I work in the Corpus Christi area and sell $30, $40 and $50,000 homes so please don’t assume because I worked hard, made money and was able to move my family from a “not-so-nice” neighborhood to a “nice” neighborhood that I am in some sheltered little bubble because you would be incorrect in that assumption. I work with several mission projects through my church that does things like repair low income housing, paints graffiti and delivers clothes and hygiene supplies to homeless people. Just because I don’t want to pay MORE in taxes to support more programs doesn’t make me a selfish person.

    And writerwriting, where do I begin……I am sorry you have taken my words so personally. Because I expect people to have some sort of personal responsibility doesn’t mean I would feel you weren’t working hard. I mean, obviously you are. You are a mother of 3 children working 3 jobs. It’s pretty indisputable you are working hard so quite obviously my comments weren’t directed at you. I don’t know why you would think they were but that is probably another topic of discussion….anyway, I digress.

    As I mentioned in my previous posts our market has taken a tumble in the last 18 mos. The point I was trying to make with that remark is I (just ME PERSONALLY) had a pretty good run for most of the Bush administration. I am not saying everyone was this fortunate, I am well aware of the suffering in my community as I mentioned above. But I am not going to apologize for going to school to learn a trade while working a job at night and having a child to raise. I won’t apologize for reading and educating myself in sales so I could have a career where I could support my child. I am not going to apologize for having a successful business and wanting it to be MORE successful!

    You said “but when people are fighting against the hands holding them down and NOTHING changes for years upon years upon years, that isn’t OPPORTUNITY.” I am sorry but I can’t see this at all……our parents were the ones that struggled fighting for equal rights, not us. We are receiving the benefits but for some reason you seem so blinded by this sense of entitlement. I mean, I am 40 years old and I have seen a change in just the 25 years I have been working. SO MUCH has changed! Are you kidding me? There are more women and minorities in government than EVER! There are more women and minorities as CEO’s than EVER! We now have openly gay characters on TV shows and movies. Bi-racial couples and their children are widely accepted in our country. We just elected our first African American president for crying out loud! Can you honestly say there is no opportunity because there are “hands holding them down”??? To say that nothing has changed for years and years and years is insulting to all the men and women who’s blood was spilled, who’s hands were blistered and who’s bodies were beaten so YOU can have opportunity.

    Let me ask you one question writerwriting, what is it that you want? You want a better job? You want childcare? what is it……I am curious.


  25. troutay – you rock. that is all.


  26. Dear writerwriting,
    I know it may seem odd that I have offered to help.
    I know what it is to be too broke to wear decent clothing, or having something new once in a while.
    But I believe so much in helping others. Its not charity. I love to sew and I have no one to sew for.
    I make mittens for the school kids who lose theirs, and sometimes I sew quilts to help the indigent or others around the world. And perhaps this is part of Obama’s message. That we look forward and help our fellow humans. So please don’t be afraid to email me. I want good things to happen in this country.
    Thanks Helen for letting us post all our thoughts and ideas. Perhaps you could also use this venue to tell us how we can volunteer, help others, what ever. Nothing will really change until we all step up, roll up our sleeves and dig in. WE have to make change.
    So, to the rest of you, if you can use my help, you can email me.


  27. The funny thing about Rush is how even he doesn’t believe the hate-speech and vitriol he spouts…and in interviews he has given he LAUGHS AT the people who follow his show so avidly, like dogs after a bitch in heat. I think that says something about the overall caliber of these folks. But enough about that, it’s really boring compared to the adventure that awaits us…

    Let’s focus on our hope for the future. McCain/Palin released evil in our great country and we all need to guard against that and speak up and out against it. As Americans, we are better than that. We have made plenty of mistakes in our time, and we will no doubt make plenty more, but I like to think our innate kindness and generosity of spirit will win out over the pettiness, narrow views, and fear of the hate mongers.

    For myself, the last 8 years has been a miasma of misery, fear, shame, and sadness. It is difficult for me as an American to look at how the Republican party systematically proceeded to crush the very qualities of our people that made our country such a shining beacon of hope in the world. But America is still a great country full of people who practice small acts of kindness and quiet acts of citizenship and we can rebuild.

    When the Towers came down in New York, I lost a lot of colleagues and friends. I had not realized how hopeless and sad I felt until Mr. Obama spoke on Tuesday evening. I feel like I took an important step towards healing that I couldn’t take as long as I was lost in the welter of fear and hopelessness of the last 8 years. I can’t believe I am alone in these feelings.

    We will emerge a richer country for healing the wounds we’ve suffered in the last 8 years in particular. We will emerge a more powerful country for reaching our with good will and kindness towards our fellow citizens. And we will once again be seen as the shining beacon of hope and opportunity.

    Yes, we can.


  28. Bravo writerwriting!!!

    please email me at
    and tell me what sized clothes you wear!


  29. TeamKlemm, you said “I have acceptance for all but that doesn’t mean I feel people shouldn’t take personal responsibility for themselves.”


    Are you really going to say this to a mother working three part-time jobs and still can’t pay the bills? Are you going to say that to ME? How dare you assume that I am NOT working my ass off and still not able to afford groceries and new work clothes because mine are falling apart. How dare you assume that the hard working people in this country AREN’T working because they aren’t in industries that accumulate wealth like yours does. Good for you that you’re still able to pull down money in this economy. Good for you that you’re in a bubble in the Gulf Coast. But you know what? A lot of Americans are not realtors and are not living in a happy little bubble. We’re living paycheck to paycheck without being extravagant. We’re sitting down each month and deciding what we can live without, what bills we can get away with NOT paying in order to keep the power on in our homes.

    TeamKlemm, I am tired and as bad as things are for me, they’re worse for so many other people in this country. Look beyond yourself and beyond your nice community and see the suffering that exists in this country (we won’t discuss the suffering we’ve caused in other countries because I don’t want to break Helen and Margaret’s blog). This country IS about opportunity but when people are fighting against the hands holding them down and NOTHING changes for years upon years upon years, that isn’t OPPORTUNITY.

    You owe me and a lot of other people an apology for your assumption that we aren’t working. I’m waiting.


  30. sorry but you are selfish!


  31. TeamKlem:
    Perhaps you are now being hit financially as the rest of us have been. We all work hard and try to survive.
    Yes, we work as hard as YOU do. But how can we
    complain when we see our neighbors suffer through job losses not of their fault, lose their Health insurance and their homes and not try to do something? I pay taxes. And if it helps those people then good! And no one likes to pay taxes. But!!!
    It is what makes this country great. Schools, roads, infrastructure. And yes, help to those who can not help themselves. Stop being selfish and look at your community. Your “nice” area might be ok, but look further towards those “not so nice” areas.


  32. “Charles- We work here on the Texas Gulf Coast and we were pretty much unscathed by the real estate bubble. Our properties here on the coast were still a great value compared to other areas like Cali and Fla so we didn’t get into trouble until about Jan. 1 of this year. “06 and “07 were the best selling years I ever had in my life and I did very few of those wacky 80/20 sub prime loans. We do a lot of USDA and VA here in my neck of the woods. ”

    And I live in Portland Oregon where we have a very strong Urban Growth Boundary which has strong limitations on development, which means that our housing did not ‘boom’ which means that we still have not experienced a ‘bust’ but hey, even though our market did not get saturated, we were still able to see the national trends here…perhaps we were able to look beyond our market and see what was happening?

    As for the Texas Gulf area…I remember that area after the S&L Scandal…you know that little collapase that happened on the Republican watch after 2 terms of Reagan and during Bush’s Administration and seeing unfinished developments literally weathering away empty down there.

    So, the one thing I take away from your post, is that I made money so fuck the rest of you…the social situation, the social infrastructure does not matter because I did well and you must be poor because you lacked my initiative…

    I have made good money, I have made little money, I have made good decisions and I have made poor decisions but the one thing I do believe, and I have my doubts that I will see with Obama, is that the government should represent the people…not the corporate structures. That the interest of the people should come before greed, profit, etc. I have never been on any government assistance program but I do believe that you build from a strong foundation instead of expecting results from trickle down (or being pissed on) then the country as a whole will be more healthy.

    Then again that is just my own uninformed opinion…not backed by any facts, since I am getting ready for work and not doing any research to back my thoughts here…but my ‘gut’ tells me that a healthy, educated opulation is better placed to work more productive jobs and therefore pay more taxes themselves, supporting the system in the country and so on…which would mean more people were contributing more…


  33. I WAS polite, Klemm. Interesting that you read passion for being rabid.

    I also note that you did not reply to any of points, just that I responded vehemently.

    Perhaps it’s because you don’t have any answers to my points.

    Upthread you mentioned “checks and balances.” Yes, the clever creators of the Constitution put those in place to make sure no branch got too much power. However, Bush, Cheney et alia did their very best to subvert the Constitution to aggrandize their power in the “unitary presidency.”

    They had a GOP-controlled Congress which completely and utterly abdicated their oversight responsibility in favor of a rubber stamp. They are as complicit in the destruction of our democracy as is Bush and his criminal cabal.

    Is that polite enough for you?


  34. Uhmm. Ms Klemm. Your ignorance is showing big time!!!! You mihgt want to “re-fresh” before you call anyone else on this blog a dog… the joke seems to be on you.


  35. And another thing I can’t have anyone, even complete cyber strangers, think I listen to Howard Stern! UGH. He is a disgusting pig and I was e-mailed the wav file.

    I also don’t listen to Limbaugh either…..he is a disgusting pig…..besides, I prefer music to talk radio…blah, blah, blah…..

    Now, I know I am opening myself up for a flaming but I do watch Fox News….*ducks for cover*…..I don’t like O’Rilley because….well….he is a disgusting pig…..but I do like Fox and Friends in the morning……*dons flame-proof suit*….


  36. Hi Helen. Love your blog! This is a frightening example of corporate greed that might interest you. Whose child or grandchild will be the first to swallow a tainted pill?

    Please read:

    The Safety Gap by Gardiner Harris published in the 10/31/08 issue of The New York Times


  37. Wow Holly in Blue, take a deep breath and get a glass of water! lol! You are coming off a rabid! lol!

    Just for the record I don’t normally read here. I saw it on the front page and thought I would check it out. I am not some troll looking to start trouble or make anyone feel uncomfortable or anything, I just feel we all learn more when we expose ourselves to others view points. There are many things on the liberal agenda I DO agree with as I am a very moderate conservative. But the conservative beliefs I DO believe in are mocked as “rose colored views”. Really, I would recommend you not be so “in her face” Holly, it’s really quite rude and turns people like me off to your message. It would be good to model your behavior after Charles who commented on my post earlier. He was polite, didn’t call me names or insult me and disagreed with me like an adult. That is when people of different views can have an adult conversation, share different beliefs and educate people and convey their feelings… should give it a try rather than coming off as some rabid dog….


  38. Another fine post. And the great thing about Obama’s election is that no one group put him into the White House.

    The results are in. It was the collective of us all! I am so proud. His skin may be brown like mine, but he is for EVERYONE! He is for governing and not the constant campaign that the Republicans ran for the past 8 years.

    They simply need to grow up!



    How curious that you read a blog and the comments (assuming you do) which are so totally out of step with your world view.

    First, it’s so Republican— The Bush years were good for YOU. So you can’t understand our complaints.

    Second, you listen to Howard Stern. And you think that he’s bringing you some kind of reality. Really. You probably love Hannity and Limbaugh and Cunningham and Savage and all the other gasbags spewing their lies, too.

    And you’re happy that we elected BaraCk Obama (learn how to spell the new president’s name, honey) only because it means YOU don’t have to hear how YOU are racist. It’s all about YOU isn’t it?

    So I guess you didn’t send someone you loved to Iraq to die in an unnecessary war? So you don’t mind the country’s borrowing 10 billion a month to sink into that hole? And btw, lying in order to start the war— no problem, huh?

    And you didn’t mind our image as World Class Bully? You are okay with torture. And endless uncharged detentions. And spying on Americans. And outing a CIA agent to punish dissent.

    What about the billions in cash that just vanished in Iraq? And the no-bid contracts given to Halliburton? Is that jake with you?

    Not to mention gutting the Justice Department and hiring only political hacks. And prosecuting political opponents. And appointing losers like Alberto Gonzalez and Harriet Miers and Brownie and other cronies regardless of their qualifications.

    And what Bush did to FEMA and how they handled Katrina– was that a great job?

    How about the hundreds of signing statements? And Bush’s utter disregard for the Constitution he swore to uphold?

    So you don’t understand why the vast majority of Americans don’t agree with your rose-colored view of the last eight years? Because, gee, you made pots of money and that’s all that matters.

    How on earth do you stand to read here, Teamklemm? I wouldn’t think we were your type at all.


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  41. Charles- We work here on the Texas Gulf Coast and we were pretty much unscathed by the real estate bubble. Our properties here on the coast were still a great value compared to other areas like Cali and Fla so we didn’t get into trouble until about Jan. 1 of this year. “06 and “07 were the best selling years I ever had in my life and I did very few of those wacky 80/20 sub prime loans. We do a lot of USDA and VA here in my neck of the woods.

    The part I find most distressing is all the finger pointing. I mean, come on, this can’t possibly ALL be Bush’s fault. Aren’t there checks and balances in our system of government? You can interpret my comments how you like but I am just telling you my own experience. It is what it is…..

    And Sherri, heeeeellllllooooooooo (lol) I don’t know how you can accuse me of painting with broad strokes of hatefulness and hurtfulness. Just because someone has an opinion different than YOURS doesn’t make them hateful, come on. Don’t be such an alarmist. It sounds like you are just the kind of person I was describing in my post who would be flipping out and calling me names had you not gotten your way. Someone doesn’t see things the way you do and they are “hateful”. WRONG.

    You know Sherri, I AM sharing my wealth. I HAVE been sharing my wealth and I don’t want to share any MORE of my wealth, is that OK with you?? I pay an ENORMOUS amount of taxes and I live in a nice community with good schools and roads etc. I am happy to do it. Believe me I am compassionate and I believe in equality (I am a businesswoman after all) and I have acceptance for all but that doesn’t mean I feel people shouldn’t take personal responsibility for themselves. This is America for crying out loud! I don’t buy that people don’t have “opportunity” here. After all, we just elected our first African American President! Don’t tell me you can’t make it in this country! At one time I was a single mother with only 1 year of college education and I managed to raise my son, start my own business and buy my first home. I didn’t need any government handout to do all that. I did it with hard work.

    The issues I see is motivation… many people have been conditioned to sit around and take from the government (in other words ME) that we are now into a whole generation where that is all they know. We have become the welfare state and throwing more money and more “programs” isn’t going to fix it… is just going to drag me down with everyone else. No thanks. I made my choices and I deserve the right to live and work and prosper as does everyone. And before you go ahead and call me “hateful” again just know, I do plenty of charity and volunteer work to assist people in need. I support it with my time, my energy, my compassion and my funds….but I control that, not my government….but that may be soon to change….


  42. Helen,

    I just love reading your blogs every morning while I sip on coffee. I am from Texas too so I feel your pain regarding being surrounded by the right wingers of this state.

    Were you ever friends with the late great Ann Richards? You have her witty charm. She is dearly missed.

    Anyway, keep up the blogs, it gets my day rolling before I get ready for work.



  43. Rush is a tool. There. I and a million other people have said it.

    I’ve read all of your posts by now, Helen, and this is one of my favorites. Not only for its usual blend of wit and truth, but because it was a letter to Margaret. Someone asked you if you’d continue to blog after the election and I hope you do. Your thoughts on politics are interesting but perhaps more interesting to me, at least, is the inspiration for all of this to begin with: your enduring friendship with Margaret.

    Always a pleasure, Helen and Margaret!



  44. Dear Helen,
    You will love, love, love Dame Edna! I went to both her first and second Broadway shows and had a great time.
    The first one my companion and I sat in the front row and were drawn into the show by Edna. She asked our names and if we were hungry. That spun her into calling for a menu from Sardi’s and the ordering of food, and with it a discussion of a-roogula. Very funny.
    When the second act began and a small table got wheeled onstage, my companion and I were amazed to be called up on stage where Edna sat us and a waiter brought forth our wine and dishes from Sardi’s.
    And we ate as Edna continued to regale the audience. Ate on a Broadway stage!!
    Of course, Edna has a Polaroid taken with her for each audience member who participates in her show. Mine is framed. Edna is a hoot.
    Anyone who has a chance to see Edna— DO IT!!


  45. I can’t listen to Rush for fear I might slam my head through a plate-glass window. You’ve a stronger constitution than I. Interesting how “the gay” propositions passed – restricting marriage and basically outlawing monogomous relationships – but the propositions in some states legalizing pot passed. I mean, pot won’t send you to hell but love will? Listen, I know the argument is it’s against God. But I don’t buy it. Leviticus is SO old world. I say let the NEXT glass ceiling be shattered by electing a lesbian to office. Palin? You want first dibs? I mean, come on! Who are you kiddin’ sweets. You shop at “Out-of-the-closet” wink, wink.


  46. This blog rocks. Your thoughts about the racist junkie radio host are the same as mine.


  47. Your post shows one of the reasons I definitely avoid Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. I’ve listened to it before and been completely annoyed in the first few minutes and decided that was enough.


  48. Dame Edna! How absolutely wonderful!

    Here’s a clip of her interviewing k. d. lang. It had me snorting tea out my nose.


  49. TeamKlemm –

    You say McCain had an uphill battle b/c of the financial meltdown…….hellllllooooooooo…he is hugely responsible for CAUSING the financial meltdown. He voted to deregulate the financial industry dozens of times, then couldn’t admit his mistake and planned on deregulating the healthcare industry to boot. Thank God we don’t have to deal w/ the disaster that would have caused!

    You’re afraid Obama’s going to make you share your wealth…..helllllooooooo….every state in the US is called a commonwealth. Our country is BUILT on sharing the wealth…why do you think you pay taxes? Your taxes — and mine — help pay for schools, roads, fire departments, police departments, parks, etc. even for people & communities that can’t afford them. “Sharing the wealth” has existed, flourished, & worked well in this country for decades, yet no one complained until M&P started their fear-mongering and hate-spewing.

    Like all right-wing, religious-based, conservative R’s, you paint broad strokes with a brush loaded with hatefulness and hurtfulness. However, I’m glad to see you’re on this site, reading the posts and the comments — if you were content w/ your own party and your own opinions, you wouldn’t be here. Welcome to reality, but fair warning: if you hang out here long enough, you will begin to think differently. Compassion, acceptance, equality, and inclusiveness reign supreme here — hang out with us long enough and you will be a changed person.

    “When you learn better, you do better.” You’ll learn better here!


  50. TeamKlemm…

    Obviously yours won’t be the most popular one here but I would like to address one point that you made; your inference that the real estate market was around the time of the “Democratic Congress”…I am in the title insurance industry and we saw the real estate crash coming three years ago; with the sub-prime and no interest loans going out like candy. Granted the credit meltdown wasn’t seen but there were dark shadows…
    If being in realestate you didn’t see the bubble and the coming real estate crash, I just think you weren’t looking at it but rather just the money you were making.


  51. TeamKlemm “frankly I feared there would be riots and other violence since that seems to be what happens when radical liberals don’t get their way…I hope I am proven wrong and he does all these great and wonderful things 1/2 the country bought into…..I will be first in line to stand up and say I was wrong and that he is an awesome dude……”
    TeamKlemm: Can’t wait to see you stand up!

    Helen-just checking in. So happy to see you keeping right at it. Believe me, you have a following and we all want to hear what you have to say. Your insight and spot on comments are often the thoughts and ideas that many of us are unable to articulate.

    Have a wonderful time at Dame Edna-I’ve heard she puts on such a great show!

    Your NY friend,


  52. Jean –
    I agree with you and I disagree with you.
    We have knocked down a lot of fences in this Presidential election. There are millions of Americans ready to go to work cleaning up the messes we’ve all been making .
    We have real hope that we have enough elbow room now and enough stamina to see it through.
    We could afford to ignore the rant and rave crowd IF all their listeners felt like the crowd here…from “an empty barrel” ,”fool”, to “non-entity”.
    I can’t speak for Howard but the folks I know who listen to these slavering dimwits BELIEVE them…a little horatory kiss and makeup is NOT yet on the plate with those folks. Gonna take more than a handshake over the ruins of these fences…

    I’m an old blue-collar Democrat who has almost stomped out of the party a dozen times in the last 20 years. The main thing which kept me from doing so was watching co-workers and family who did…
    They set up over in the neo-con tent and promptly got conned on all fronts. With no face saving way to scuttle back and reduced to jobs that left them divvying dwindling dollars across an ever increasing list of rising costs they started listening to these wackos like Limbaugh.
    If people are reduced to juggling for mere survival when all around them others are whooping it up, most will look to blame someone or something. Mr Limbaugh and crowd offer an easy answer.
    This is NOT an American aberration- it is a human fault- one which we must always watch in ourselves and our neighbors.

    Some of the work we have ahead is clearcut- we need to come up with enough well paying jobs for all , figure out how to make medical care affordable,and rein in the wild ass behavior of capitalism run amok without breaking it’s spirit…

    Some of the very hardest work ahead is not so clear…How do we convince our neighbors that they did not lose anything in this election? How do we convince those neighbors this new thing is for ALL of us?
    How DO we talk to neighbors who listen to and believe these rant and rave wingnuts?


  53. I know this will be quite unpopular here on this site but I DO think John McCain had a tough hill to climb….let’s face it, following behind a Republican president of 8 years with what, a 26% approval rating? isn’t going to be easy. Then of course there is the financial meltdown and frankly, it was all over then and there. Everyone wants to put 100% of the blame on Bush even though we have had a Democratic Congress for the last 2 years. Really, in MY middle class American life things were GREAT up until about 2 years ago when the real estate market started to decline then it all went down hill from there (I am a full time Realtor). I don’t know how people can say 8 years under Bush was so horrible….it wasn’t for me. I was out there working and selling and I made more money in the last 8 years than I have any other time in my LIFE. Of course, that may all be over soon….I will have to wait and see if I will have to share my wealth with someone else….

    But let’s not kid ourselves here, there were PLENTY of people who voted for Barak simply BECAUSE he was black. I heard Howard Stern down in Harlem and people went on and on about how they approved of Obama’s policies of right to life and staying in the war until we win. They even loved his pick of Sarah Palin as VP! It was UNREAL! Those people interviewed had NO IDEA what he stood for or what his policy was but by God they were going to see him right into the White House……ignorant.

    Yes, America has spoken and I am happy to support my new President and pray for him and for our country. Even though I voted for McCain there is a part of me that is glad Obama won. If he had lost I would have to listen to 4 years of how this country is so racist and how we “stole” the election (that sound familiar?)…whatever….frankly I feared there would be riots and other violence since that seems to be what happens when radical liberals don’t get their way…I hope I am proven wrong and he does all these great and wonderful things 1/2 the country bought into…..I will be first in line to stand up and say I was wrong and that he is an awesome dude……


  54. Helen-
    I’m still sticking around and will continue to keep this blog on my blog links.

    Anyone who speaks his/her mind is good in my book and worth reading.


  55. Hey Danger Lee Kayutak (comment at 2:52pm)…

    You’re in Seattle? Me too!

    I wonder if the gentleman selling Obama t-shirts downtown was the same one that would set up outside Hula-Hula (on Qu Anne) during the debates…I bought one from him (reminds me of airbrush on velvet) and am wearing it right now!

    Greetings from Lower Queen Anne Hill in Seattlel!


  56. Dear Helen,

    Now, now everybody. The election is over remember? Obama is the President-Elect. Gloating and chewing on sour grapes is a waste of time and won’t get any of us out of this huge hole we are in.

    Why bother to even acknowlege the rave and rant crowd or give them the time of day. I have more constructive things to do.

    I think we would be well advised to knock off the minatory rhetoric and exercise a little grown-up hortatory kiss and makeup.




  57. If you fact-checked the vitriol that comes out of Limbaugh’s mouth, you would be challenged. The foolish wind bag and his sheep (they used to be called *ditto heads* I think) nauseate me.

    On a happier note: Driving to work today, I was behind a young woman who had painted “Yes We Can!” on the top part of her rear window (smart gal: it was high enough so as not to interfere with driving safely). I sped up, got in the lane beside her, and gave her a *thumbs up* out my window. I got a BIG smile and wave in return. Made my day.


  58. Hello, Helen, I have been following your blog ever since my friend, howlgirl, introduced you to me. Once again I agree with you. I can’t stand Rush Limpballs either. He is so full of crap that he stinks up my car when I turn on the radio and there he is in all his pompous arrogance spreading disinformation as entertainment. I do listen sometimes, but not for long because he, too, like W gives me Tourette’s syndrome. I just start cursing. Casey Gane-McCalla has nailed Limpballs for the racist that he is with Rush’s own words. Check it out on Gane-McCalla’s October 20th article:

    Thanks for thinking and caring enough to write it down and put it out there.

    Rox N Stone


  59. YAY!!! You’re still here and still blogging, I check your blog before I go to work and then when I get home to read the comments…I cannot remember where I received the link to your blog but it was when you first posted the Palin female dog blog.

    I love your insight, I love the people you have gathered from around the world who read your blog, respond to you and each other, the small corner of community that you have created and watching it grow.

    Dame Edna will be a wonderful anti-toxin to you having listened to Rush. I hope you and the hubby have a great time!

    AND…many thanks for not disappearing! So… do you believe the momentum begun will be maintained for any period of time or will we just fall into the depression of trying to make ends meet, feed our kids and wonder how we managed to get ourselves disenfranchised?


  60. I may be canadian but when I heard that Obama won I just cried for joy………


  61. I may be Canadian, but when Obama won I just cried with joy………


  62. Helen – I love you! Are you awesome!


  63. Sooo much fun to read you.

    Really. I mean it.


  64. I love your blog and your comments. I hope you like Dame Edna, he/she is so funny. Larry Prater


  65. Lordy, lordy, the Republican Party shows itself to be not only made up of asses, jackasses and bitches, but also very poor losers!
    I would have screamed with you, ma’am, using the same words.


  66. I didn’t know Rush was even relevant anymore! But I guess he is, for those who find FOX too liberal.
    Thanks as always for making me smile babe.


  67. I used to enjoy Rush Limbaugh…he used to make sense to me… But then again, I used to like George Carlin…and they both turned into grumpy old men…and got tired and old in their rhetoric…

    Yes, I know Carlin’s dead… I saw him a few years ago when he was alive…and he had lost his touch…was getting all crazy and cantankerous.

    Rush could do the same show everyday and his cronies will still listen in… plbbbttt..


  68. Helen, you are so cool. I sent your website link to Ellen, I hope she invites you to the show.


  69. Uh…yeah. The Republican Party is a disaster right now. I’m a firm believer in you chose your fate. If they want to see some progress, they are going to have to make some progress.


  70. Does Harold have dimentia?


  71. Margaret lives in Maine! I’m from Maine. I grew up in Winthrop, a small town outside Augusta. I’m feeling some post-election blues, so it’s nice to see my homestate get a mention. That and a visit from my mom and my aunt this weekend.


  72. Like everyone else posting here, I NEVER listen to Limbaugh. I can’t stand him–anything about him. That goes for O’Reilly and Hannity and Rove–well, all of Fox News really.

    It’s people like them that destroyed the Republican Party. They’re so far to the Right that they’re not even on the planet! Mars maybe.

    Oh, just a note on Prop. 8. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Several lawsuits have already been filed to prevent its being enacted. Its reported that much of the money promoting that proposition filed in from other states. What I wonder about is: what are people so afraid of?

    Living in SF, I know lots of gays. I’ve worked with lots of gays. So what if they want to get married. How are their unions going to affect my life? The answer is not at all.

    Here’s a little story. Years ago I worked with a gay male who’s partner had AIDS. When the partner’s disease advanced so much he had to be admitted to the hospital, my friend couldn’t go visit him because he wasn’t a relative. My friend was terribly hurt. Around Christmas time, the lover died. My friend was not able to even say goodbye.

    Civil Unions have taken away some of those problems, but the current Religious Right attack on Gay marriage is just the beginning of their attempt to deny the rights of gays.

    By the way, when anyone throws out the Bible as a reason to deny gay marriage, civil unions, or gay rights, it’s good to remind them that the same passages in the Bible also says that all adulterers are to be stoned to death and that men who do not support their children are to be ostracized (thrown out of the community).


  73. How do best friends see, after all that time together, a different world? That happened to me, with my totally Best Friend, who one day said that she didn’t XX. I was horrified. It was, like, 25 years of best-friend-dom…what was this? How could X not beY?

    We went round and round–and we were both right, and we stayed together (she’s dead now, and of course I’ll never recover).

    We went round and round–and I’ve now convinced myself that circles matter.

    She was, and is, my best friend, and I mourn her daily.


  74. I’m amazed at how few muttered complaints I have heard around here. Maybe they’re smoldering quietly and will burst into flame after a while? But I have seen nothing but smiles and people can’t wait to share the joy. This, even though NJ is so Republican, particularly my end of the state.

    I was very sad to learn about Prop 8 in CA. People just have to have someone to hate, don’t they? I guess it makes them feel better about themselves.

    Today was the Blog Blast for Peace – countries in at least 44 countries participating. Take a look at some of the blogs with their Peace Globes. Impressive.


  75. Wonderful Blog!


  76. As Stephanie Miller says, some people need to be thinned from the herd. He is beyond human!



  77. Oh Helen,
    You would be such a hoot to have a conversation with! Call when you get to Seattle, would ya?

    I got to tell you what I saw on HuffPost today. It was just too funny. It was a video of Bill O’Reilly and he said some extraordinarily humorous things.

    They were having a conversation regarding the poor Alaskan woman’s lack of knowledge of the world and basically everything. Bill said, “Well, the woman’s not stupid. You can tutor people to understand how government works, about geography.” I sat there in tears thinking, Bill, Bill, Bill…why don’t we then just hire the tutor to be President instead of this Barbie talking head? Can you believe it? The woman thinks Africa is a country, not a continent, she doesn’t know which countries are involved in the trade agreement, NAFTA, and Bill wants to tutor her so that she can “sound” smarter on the campaign trail for 2012. But again, she’s really not stupid??? Please explain. I think many 3rd graders know that Africa is a continent.

    Another crack up was they were talking about the Couric interviews…Bill’s comment was, “What was the deficit of the interview?” Was he not watching the interview??? How do you respond to a question like that?…..Well, Bill, why don’t you turn on SNL and see how Tina Fey took the Couric interviews and did not change any words in her skit and it is now a comedy routine. That is the deficit of the interview. Basically, the interview from start to finish was pure comedy.

    And to think that she is being touted as the new “leader” in the Republican party. It is almost comic if it weren’t so tragic.

    Please keep on writing. You have a knack and we all still love you, Helen.

    Your friend,


  78. Oh, Helen…Thank you for laying out the logic in such a clear way. I have been waiting for someone to articulate their thinking so clearly.

    Enjoy the show! If I were going, I’d need to wear a pee pad!


  79. I do not suffer fools gladly, therefore Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Really and their ilk are completely off limits for me. I know their most egregrious mouth excrement will be filtered to the public via people with stronger stomachs than mine, so I can keep an eye on their sham-nanigans that way. It’s good to know what they’re up to, not so good to risk needing to open a vein by doing the heavy lifting myself.

    As always, great post!


  80. The election may be over, but I sure hope you keep posting. I agree with Terri- you need your own show. 🙂


  81. Rush Limbaugh is just full of hot air, and cheeseburgers and fries…


  82. I wonder what election Limbaugh was talking about .. because the one that the Repugs just LOST was filled with hate and lies that the REPUGS were trying to make us buy into .. maybe he needs MORE drugs, not less?

    I saw Dame Edna in NY a few years ago and I warn you .. you will need to make sure you dont drink for hours before or you will surely laugh so hard you will wet yourself …


  83. Sent over from Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub.

    I love you already.

    (Yes, I did vote.)


  84. Dear Helen and Margaret!

    A found out about your blog from a friend of mine and I have enjoyed every single comment. What you say you say with style, wit and intelligence. You’ve been such a pleasure to read!

    I am a well-traveled woman of mixed race and I feel joy in his election not just because he is the first black person to be president but because I know now that when I travel to another country I can hold my head high and say, “Yes, I am an American!” In the last eight years I haven’t wanted to do that, mostly because people would immediately start asking me, “How could you elect that guy, not once but twice!” I could only shake my head in wonder because really I just didn’t know!

    But Barack Obama gives me satisfaction for yet another reason, this one perhaps a little petty but there you have it. Early in this election I was walking in downtown Seattle, where I live, and there was a gentleman selling Obama t-shirts. This older, white, white-haired gentleman walked past and said, with a sneer in his voice, “HE will never win!” I felt this surge of bile because he wasn’t saying that Democrate won’t win or that liberal won’t win. He was saying that black man won’t win. Well, sir, I wish I could have seen the look on your face November 4th! Priceless, I am sure!


  85. OMG. I can’t beleive you are coming to the Paramount this weekend. I am the Executive Director. You are royalty in my book. Tell Harold I have special seats for you. We just finished a press conference with Dame. She was so funny and has great material on Sarah Palin etc. There are still seats for the show this weekend. Everyone should come! Here is the link to my blog with a picture from the press conference. I can’t wait to meet you.


  86. I’ve tried to listen to Rush, just to be informed, but can never finish!!! So much for “know thine enemy”! Glad you are continuing to write, as there is still much to do, to discuss and just be silly about!


  87. You mean they’re not?

    “If Limberger, Hannity, O’Reilly Michael Savage and people of their ilk had lived in Nazi Germany, you can bet they would have been vocal, leading members of the Nazi Party.”


  88. Probably the sickest thing about the Rush’s in the world, MSNBC, FOX and CNN “commentators” is that they get paid so well for spewing their garb. Some with great educations have gone the tv route which is sad, sad, sad. Hey, can we change this too? Well yes we can! By voting, writing letters, making alternative choices and such, we can bury the stench. Start a petition. UNITE!


  89. So the question is why do YOU listen to Lush Rimbaugh? My son is the local radio announcer on the station that carries that fat bigoted piece of poooo and I told him I can’t listen to the station while Limbaugh is on so I can’t listen to his local programming. He is the lone Progressive surrounded by a pack of rabid conservative red-neck Republicans. Talk about a hostile work environment.
    I can’t believe these republicans either. In Alaska they voted 2 to 1 for Palin/McCain. They re-elected a convicted felon to the Senate. And they re-elected our only congressman because he said if we put his opponent in office we wouldn’t get as much pork. (Honest, that was the commercials he was running Tuesday) Conservatives are supposed to not like big government but the only proposition we had on the ballot up here was to approve $315 million for unspecified transportation projects. It passed with almost a 2 to 1 margin in a state where Palin said if we want it we can buy it ourself. She just didn’t mention she would do it on credit.
    In Alaska the polls indicated on Monday that the presidential race up here was within 5 points. The Senate race was a blow-out, 22% lead, for the Democrat and the Congressional seat was close but favoring the Democrat. I think it was a Republican plot because now the news is reporting the new young Democratic voters didn’t turn out to vote because they thought they had it won. These are the same young Obama supporting people that crowded the Democratic caucuses up here so Hillary supporters couldn’t get in to cast their vote.
    And by the way, I think this is day 10 for you blogging. Thanks for being here.


  90. Luckily, not everyone listens to rush. I guess yesterday’s newspapers are collectible: I know some people who went all over town yesterday to find a newspaper- and they were sold out! Kind of nice in this day and age.
    Thanks Helen!


  91. Glad you are still blogging 🙂


  92. What’s silly is that McCain lost because he tried to be too conservative. He went against anything positive he’s ever done. 8 years ago, even liberals were ok with McCain being president- many even saying they would vote for him. Because all things considered, at that time, he was pretty moderate, logical and wise. But he threw all that away during the presidency to get all the wacko conservative votes.


  93. Your braver than I am. I can’t stomach his looks let alone his voice. My mother used to say he was a pomp-ass ass in a three piece suit, who needed a truck load of cement poured into his mouth.
    Enjoy your time at Dame Edna’s show. Laughs are well deserved at this point. Thanks for your blogs and keep them coming.


  94. Helen – Keep telling it like it is!

    howlgirl – the link for your friend’s blog is bad. Can you repost the correct link? Thanks!


  95. I also end up shouting profanities at the radio when I listen to the right wing punditry, like Rush. True story: Sean Hannity almost made me wreck my car once.

    It’s nice to see that the quality of your posts aren’t going downhill now that the election is over.


  96. You hit the nail on the head my dear! I can’t listen to Rush or Hannity for even a minute without wanting to slit my wrists.

    Have a wondeful time at the show.


  97. Jon Stewart asked Chris Wallace last night if Fox News’ opinions on executive power will change at all 🙂 Um…I believe that’s an unqualified YES.
    I’m more upset about Prop 8 than what Rush says, however.


  98. I apologize JMC. In the heat of the moment and very limited time, dumb things get state.

    I have been know to put my foot in my mouth on occasion.

    Sorry about that.


  99. JuneauJoe – I still haven’t forgiven you for sending me to sit with Rush after you COMPLETELY misread my comment.

    A sad irony about the passage of Prop8 (maybe not? cross your fingers there are still absentee ballots to count) is that it seems that black voters approved it at a great rate. However check out×4387496 for a strong finger point at the middle class – hmmm

    The good thing about Rush et al being out in public is it’s easier to keep tabs on them and refute their ignorance. First Amendment is a good thing for lots of reasons it seems.

    Was so happy to find you posting today Helen – keep it up please.


  100. Don’t let Rush get to you, he LOVES Obama being voted in, he’ll make tons of money out of this. I wish the idiots would see through him but what can you do?


  101. My mom just forwarded me a link to your blog. I haven’t been able to stop reading for the last hour and I am at work! I am a 29 year old mom and I am proud to have the intellectual capacity to appreciate your pointed, honest and hilarious insight.
    I listen to Rush and Sean and all those vexatious jackasses on my way to and from work everyday. Friends wince and ask me why. I respond that I am one upping the blowhards themselves by trying to hear all sides, but it gets hard and dangerous at times when I am distracted from the road by screaming the the radio and banging my head against the steering wheel. I am eight months pregnant and sometimes worry about my unborn child hearing the illogical, hypocritical nonsense these guys shout and even worse the fact that people (although I often wonder if they are “actual” people) call in to AGREE with them! I try to balance it out by going home to the comfort, warmth, security and often reassuring thought provocation of cable news. I relaize now that without this self injurious behavior I would not be able to truly appreciate this post. It makes up for the bruises to my steering wheel and crazed screaming demanding to know if anyone can hear me.
    Keep up the tremendous work! You are an inspiration to thinking people of all ages.


  102. Laughing out Loud!!!!
    Oh damn, I gotta go pee.


  103. Helen, you are a hoot. You will love Dame Edna – he/she’s a hoot too.

    Limbaugh is living proof that we have a lot of nutcases in the country. You did a masterful job of showing him up. Molly Ivins would have been proud of you.


  104. So Helen, does Margaret really exist? You seem to be the only one that posts. I’m just saying…


  105. Love it! Keep blogging!


  106. Please keep blogging! You are an inspiration!


  107. Sometime before 1990 I had a job that kept me in the car and on the road almost every day. I didn’t have much of a radio in that car so I heard a lot of AM stations in rural Pennsylvania. That’s when I first encountered Rush and The Dittoheads. I couldn’t take it for more than a few minutes at a time. I thought it was a sort of a spoof — I remember thinking that he should be careful what he says because there are some people who are not critical thinkers and someone might actually BELIEVE him. Little did I know…

    I don’t listen to him anymore. In the last few months I reached the point where even NPR was hard to listen to because I had to keep turning the volume down every time they reported on what John McCain was doing and he was beginning to sound a lot like what Rush was saying almost 20 years ago. Thank whoever invented the CD-ROM player and put one in my car and thank Rodney Crowell, Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, Chris Smither, Lyle Lovett, Kathleen Edwards, Shelby Lynne, Randy Newman, Willie Nelson and all the other people who have helped me maintain my sanity and allowed me not to abuse my vocal cords by shouting “Shut UP you dog-breathed, mouth-breathing, arsewipe!” into the air when there’s no one but that not-so-friendly police officer in earshot.


  108. You are the highpoint in my day!!

    If our dictionary had the word f***wit in it, Rush Limbaugh’s pic would be right next to it!!

    Keep on bloggin’! U Rock!


  109. Yes, you and Margaret need to get together for a few good laughs … about the changes in your lifetimes, and how your blog became a national icon during this election.

    You let off steam just any ol’ time, Helen. We love it when you do!

    Quite an accomplishment for an old gal, huh? And Matthew? See what you have created? Bless you all.


  110. I’m having a hard time dealing with all the hate and stupidity I continue to see, even post-election. I’m struggling between just finding peace in the fact that people came together and put action behind their words- I mean, really.. what’s it matter what they ney-sayers believe because the fact still remainds, Obama is our new President. But the other part of me feels like I still need to defend this man because by not defending him, I’m letting these idiots believe they’ve got a leg to stand on. How can I not stand up and say something when they STILL will not let the “He’s a Muslim!” and “His birth certificate isn’t REAL!” crap go. And my favorte, “He’s not MY president!” Well- then move to Russia and STFU already.
    I’ve also seen SO many people say, “He’s only won because of the -black- vote.” To which I can not help but to reply, “But my -white-, working class family all voted for Obama- as did millions of OTHER families just like mine. Yep, it was total minority votes that got him in. You go right ahead and keep telling yourself that.”

    Why can’t they just let it go and quit being so damn bitter?? *confused*


  111. Everyone needs a reminder once and a while. We’ve come so far:

    MLK’s Dream = Our Reality


    1. The modern conservative movement began with the crushing defeat of Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater in the 1964 presidential race. The modern conservative movement ends with the crushing defeat of Arizona Sen. John McCain — who took Goldwater’s Senate seat upon his retirement — in the 2008 presidential race.

    2. Modern liberalism began its implosion with riots in Chicago’s Grant Park at the 1968 Democratic Convention. Tonight, modern liberalism is reborn at Chicago’s Grant Park, where a black Chicago Democrat will celebrate winning the presidency.



  112. Perfect!!!!! I have ridiculous friends who worship at the altar of Druggie Limbaugh and Slanthead Hannity as well. They have been kinda quiet the last 2 days. The hateful emails still appear in my mailbox and I continue to delete without reading. You just can’t reach some people so you just have to take the high road. I have had to sit on my hands to keep from firing off scathing emails.

    Remind me, when was it the Republicans were nice in the last 8 years?? Who was it screaming terriorist, traitor, off with his head, kill him?? Oh, that’s right……….REPUBLICANS. Who was it that said Barack’s grandma was not sick at all and that he went to Hawaii to change his birth certificate? It was Rush Limbaugh himself !!!! Limbaugh is deaf, you know. He must not have heard the Palin/McCain rallies or himself talking on the radio everyday and he must also be blind. Maybe he should spend the rest of his days locked out of radio, but that is not what we just voted for. We voted for integrity, honesty, hope, acceptance and intelligence. We voted for the Constitution.

    The Constitution gives us freedom of speech. With that freedom should come responsibility, but obviously the media, including insidious right wing talkers, doesn’t get that part. We all know what we can expect from them for the next 4 years. Don’t tune into Rush, don’t listen to FOX NEWS (I deleted it totally from our TVS)

    The Republicans started on their downhill spiral with Richard Nixon and it has finally hit rock bottom. The youth of America, even the “born again” young families have had enough of the hate, fear and vile invectives. They believe in helping the poor, the sick and the hopeless. This is why hideous people like James Dobson and Richard Vigory were so delighted with Mrs Palin. In her they found their hate and fear monger, they found all the old racist and anti-semetic rhetoric they so love and cherish and together they brought to the forefront of the Republican party all the dangerous fringe groups. Mrs Palin was Limbaugh’s dream girl……….she was an idiot and would do anything for her 15 minutes of fame.

    I am incredibly proud of Colorado turning blue……the McCain signs came down pretty early on Tues night. The Obama signs are still proudly sitting on lawns.

    Yes Rush, you dumbass, there was a HUGE mandate for change, for Barack Obama and for decency so SHUT UP !! Take another bottle of pills
    and head on up to Alaska for a much needed rest !!!! The lower 48 doesn’t want you or Mrs Palin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  113. Helen, Helen, Helen. I cherish my time reading your stuff. You always capture the irony and silly underpinnings of neocon extremists like O’Reilly and Limbaugh and Kristol, et al.

    If you haven’t seen Esther’s Follies, down off Sixth Street, you must go. It’s a hoot!

    Hugs and light,


  114. My kid is a big Rush fan, he asked me what I thought of him. I said, “An empty barrel will always make the most noise.”

    That is why a radio has a dial.



  115. If Limberger, Hannity, O’Reilly Michael Savage and people of their ilk had lived in Nazi Germany, you can bet they would have been vocal, leading members of the Nazi Party.

    I enjoy your blog up here in VT.


  116. Just for laughs:


  117. I am hooked. I’ve read others writing it here, too. But I am hooked on Margaret and Helen. Although I am trying to finish the worst thing I’ve ever written (my dissertation) you great women (and commenters) have inspired me to return to blogging.

    Doesn’t even compare to this one, but I am trying to start a tangential dialogue:

    Great video on about Palin (I know, I know, you might feel like I do and want her just to fade away). It’s funny how Bill-O tries to defend her:

    Thanks for writing; hope you don’t mind the eavesdriopping :). I agree with Terri and Cindi: Keith and Rachel msnbc 8-10 PM EST. My husband and I never miss them.


  118. WOW!

    Final 2008 “Campaign Comment” – Keith Olbermann

    Yes We Can ~ PEACE!


  119. Limbaugh is a non-entity to me. He’s not even worth the energy of being frustrated with his idiocy. As for Dame Edna, she’s wonderful! Very, very funny (and pretty bawdy to boot!). I hope you enjoy the show. Your Harold sounds like quite the catch! Have a great day!


  120. I’m so glad you are still blogging. I admire and respect you so much. I can’t listen to Rush L. because he makes my blood pressure rise to stratospheric levels in a matter of minutes. So I’m glad to read confirmation that I still need to avoid him. I have made a prayer that he will be struck dumb. Although he is already an idiot, he also needs to lose the ability to speak.

    Our local paper was a shocker yesterday. They did not even report the results of the Presidential race, the front page had a fluff article about a local man who was stationed on the same aircraft carrier with McCain during the Cuban missile crisis. Our local fellow was a seaman first class who maintained the jet planes, and McCain actually said good morning to him when he saluted. Gee. What a surprise. My husband was in the Navy 21 years, and he reports that the officers ALWAYS greet the troops when they are saluted. and this was our front page news.

    I am speechless.


  121. OMG, Dame Edna is touring?! {rushes off to check the internet for a tour schedule} Hmpf. Nothing east of the Mississippi except for Florida. Well, enjoy!


  122. Rush Limbaugh is an idiot. He is a right wing neo-con dope who wouldn’t know a good thing if it came up and bit him on his…..well, you get it.

    Speaking of good things……check this out:

    We’re on our way folks! It’s gonna be something to see……..



  123. Just what kind of a name is “Rush?” Perhaps there is meaning. I just want to “rush” away when I hear Rush Limbaugh. Not that I’ve ever let a full sentence get out of his mouth before I turn him off. Yes, you would be sorely missed if you stopped blogging. Our days would be ordinary. Please keep writing. We don’t care what you want to talk about. Just keep talking to us. You are our breath of fresh air, Helen. Really. I mean it.
    Brenda in Tyler


  124. Great post (and great comments, too)! I won’t even watch Fox for any of the non-political shows I like to watch, but go find them on other stations. They get no ratings from me! Besides, here in Canada we just (finally!) got HBO, so I’m busy filling up on Bill Maher!


  125. Have a great time on your evening out! You certainly deserve some non-political entertainment.

    Keep up the great posts; I look forward to them daily.

    btw – I wrote a letter (yes a real letter on stationery) to President Elect Obama to extend my condolences on his loss, and also told him how proud I was for participating in a very small way in his amazing election.
    Phyllis in NC


  126. Hi Helen! The best thing I saw yesterday was that Eliz. Hasselperson eating crow on The View. Geez Louise, do they really think that by saying, “Oh we really did like Obama.” we’re just going to go, “Okay.” and believe them? Good grief! And while you’re tuning in to Olbermann, be sure to check out Rachel Maddow who come on right after him. Keep blogging. We’re reading!


  127. Flush Limburger. Yea he is a character. You are being generous by assuming there was ever ANY gray matter in his fat head.

    I know what you mean. In order to remain vigilant, some of us at least have to listen to the pundits on the other side. No matter how dumb they might sound, be, etc., You cannot offer a well rounded view of an issue without at least listening to what others have to say.

    So while it can be maddening having to listen to such claptrap, at least you can say, that you know, you actually listened to the show.


  128. I would love to see Dame Edna. Maybe she is coming to Houston!


  129. I was listening to Hannity yesterday to see how he spun the election results. After a year of trying to link our president-elect to terrists and religous wack jobs and constantly questioning his character, he actually said that he was glad that race did not factor into the election and that people voted based on character.

    Do these right wing idiots (el Rushmo included) even hear what they say?

    Your blog is priceless – keep up the good work.

    Oh and by the way, a note to these conservative a-holes: Reagan is dead and he ain’t never coming back. Deal with it.


  130. Have you ever seen Countdown with Keith Olbermann? If you haven’t, do. He seems like your kind of guy. He shouts ‘bullshit’ a lot too. Last night, he put it so perfectly–, Kristol, Limbaugh, O’Reilly: YOU DON’T MATTER ANY MORE!

    They are now the little man behind the curtain in the Emerald City–bluster everyone now sees for the farce it is.

    You need to have your own show, woman. You really do.


  131. I only tune in to Limbaugh by accident on long road trips. He’s good for getting me riled and keeping me awake for an hour or two. That’s probably the only positive thing I can say about him.


  132. you will love dame edna, helen! my partner and i saw ‘her’ the night tropical storm allison hit houston. jones hall flooded not too long after we left the show, so did the diner we stopped at for a bite to eat, and half of downtown houston and 3/4 of the rest of the city. we barely made it home. in fact, we didn’t make it home. we ended up having to spend the night with about 50 others at mo’s restaurant. i slept on one of the hard booths while everyone else partied. my partner couldn’t believe i could sleep through it. i have 4 grown children. i can sleep through anything.
    i am so glad you are still posting. you scared me there the other day talking about a break. except that for several hours i’d convinced myself you’d gone away because obama had called you to chicago to discuss a cabinet position. if only.
    there’s a blog a friend of mine turned me onto – if you get a minute, you might check it out. she and her partner were married in august. now the homophobic, fear-mongering, keep your dicks in a row mentality has tried to take that right away. but she writes beautifully.
    i will try to restrain myself if there’s much ado about harold and helen on friday night. oh, and if you like sun dried tomatoes, eat your fill before tomorrow night. you’ll never want to see them again if edna mentions them.

    peace out from bee caves


  133. I boggles the mind how someone can rent out space in their head to a gasbag like Rush.
    As usual, you’re on target!

    P.S. Have you been to Esther’s Follies?


  134. Oh, Helen, you are a gem. How is it that some people cannot see the irony of their own positions? In California, about one million people voted both to ban gay marriage and to increase the sizes of cages for egg-laying hens, breeding pigs and veal calves. I guess there needs to be balance in the universe and the kindness we can show to animals has to be balanced by cruelty to humans.



  135. Another great post Helen—I have never listened to Rush but just seeing small clips of him is enough to know I dont want to. I have blocked Fox news from my TV—-it is to tempting to watch the ignorance of those people but I dont want to add to their ratings.



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