Posted by: Helen Philpot | November 5, 2008

The Company We Keep

For the most part, this old lady feels pretty good. 

As I sit here in the middle of my red state, I envy Margaret up there in her blue one.  Yes.  She voted for Obama – and told Howard to cook his own dinner.  Of course I didn’t expect the whole nation would turn blue, but it amazes me to think that 55+ million Americans were able to cast a vote that might have made Sarah Palin (Vice) President.  We have come a long way, but we still have much work to do.

I feel good, but I will feel even better when people turn their radios off when Rush Limbaugh comes on.

I feel good, but I will feel even better when Ann Coulter doesn’t have a book on the best seller list.

I feel good, but I will feel even better when Barbara Walters slaps the crap out of Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

What a ride! Thanks for stopping by everyone.  Go out and dance in the streets because YES WE DID.  I mean it.  Really.


  1. Dear admin, thnx for sharing this blog post. I observed it wonderful. Greatest regards, Victoria…


  2. Helen and Margaret-
    This was a wild ride and , yes- we did.
    Here we are a year later and some days it feels like we are still mired in the mud.
    I’m here to remind myself that this was really tough… this pushing past 8 years of disaster. To remind myself that you are right that it won’t all happen in an eyeblink… that we have enormous work to do.
    The cacophony from the far right has taken up too much space, time, and oxygen this past year but we are making little steps… so, maybe … tomorrow… like Helen says.
    Folks are still too raw from damage inflicted by the likes of our quitter-gone-gov-blathering-bimbo SP to really talk and listen to each other… Some work, some time, some re-framing of questions AWAY from the ruts they have fallen into..? Maybe we’ll jump the ruts and move forward ?
    Best wishes for Harold’s continued recovery and thank you for having us all in.


  3. Yes we did! I live in the formerly red state of NC, and we turned BLUE, just barely, but hey….miracles can happen!

    Thanks so much for your wisdom and humor!


  4. Well why does Ann Coulter have books on the bestseller list?


  5. ChicksRule – Wonderful post!


  6. Harold Ford, Jr. would have been the better candidate. Well known, well liked, moderate democrat with strong consitutional convictions. Harold Ford, Jr. doesn’t associate with unsavory characters such as Ayers, Wright, Rezko or Khalidi.


  7. Helen-

    This election has been a rollercoaster. I am black and a woman so I’ve been riding many bandwagons for the past months.

    I’ve been an Obama supporter all along. But truth be told I would have been delighted to see Sen. Hillary win (don’t tell my boyfriend). During the Clinton years my high school English teacher asked me (the lone black kid) what I thought of Hillary Clinton. I heard many gasps in the room when I told the teacher Hillary was an intelligent, outspoken and sharp First Lady. One boy even said, “Whatever, Hillary is just a bitch.” I’m so happy Hillary did not stay at home to make cookies:)

    Hillary made 18 million cracks in the white ceiling.

    Barak smashed the white ceiling wide open.

    I can’t stop smiling. Yes, we did!

    Love your sassy, witty blogs!!!

    And…props to Margaret for not making dinner!!!


  8. What is democratfreeblog’s problem? This is a fun site and throwing around mean accusations is just inappropriate here.


  9. We could erase the national debt if we could sell tickets to Barbara Walters slapping the sh*t out of Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

    But WE WON anyway. And the world is happier for it!

    Thank you for your posts. They make me smile every time.


  10. Ah, so you don’t delete, you don’t let them post – you just let them hang waiting for “moderation”.

    The new democratic party is NOT the party of tolerance that I worked to promote for 30 years.

    You people have turned the greatest party in the world into a party of hate.

    Hate for anyone who questions your Messiah.

    I’m glad to be shed of it.


  11. To Quote Ray Davies

    Here’s wishing you the bluest sky,
    And hoping something better comes tomorrow.
    Hoping all the verses rhyme,
    And the very best of choruses too
    Follow all the doubt and sadness.
    I know that better things are on the way.

    Here’s hoping all the days ahead
    Won’t be as bitter as the ones behind you.
    Be an optimist instead,
    And somehow happiness will find you.
    Forget what happened yesterday,
    I know that better things are on the way.

    It’s really good to see you rocking out
    And having fun,
    Living like you just begun.
    Accept your life and what it brings.
    I hope tomorrow you’ll find better things.
    I know tomorrow you’ll find better things.

    Here’s wishing you the bluest sky,
    And hoping something better comes tomorrow.
    Hoping all the verses rhyme,
    And the very best of choruses too
    Follow all the drudge and sadness.
    I know that better things are on the way.

    I know you’ve got a lot of good things happening up ahead.
    The past is gone it’s all been said.
    So here’s to what the future brings,
    I know tomorrow you’ll find better things.
    I know tomorrow you’ll find better things.


  12. Thank you, Helen, for sharing your thoughts and time with all of us. I wish you, Margaret and ‘the Harolds’ health and happiness.

    There are better days ahead – enjoy!! 🙂


  13. I can’t wait until I’m old


  14. In my family, in our household, we were so happy for Obama and the entire country, we were weeping with happiness. And then crying as we realized that the joy, the community, the “us” of the U.S. once again does not include “us”. The fundamental right to marry whom I love has once again been attacked.

    I am thrilled for Obama and for the breakthrough this represents for all Americans of color. But I will continue to weep for the people in this country who know that they are seen and judged as less than human.


  15. Hmm
    Efloyd, you should practice what you preach. If you don’t like what we say, don’t come here.

    bclong: What price? Most Americans voted for
    Obama, not against him. Because we believe our country is one where religion is not the thought of the day. And do you actually think McCain had a better concept on how to fix this country?

    Ah yes, WE are supposed to be tolerant, but you don’t have to be?

    Bah… sour grapes

    Matt. I am so sorry. But that is going to change!
    Keep the faith! It will change.


  16. Thank You so much for all the wisdom.
    YES WE DID !!


  17. Welcome back to the world America. Welcome back.


  18. This isn’t a very tolerant attitude. And since that is the politically correct “religion” your party wants to practice. I suggest you start extending that to those people on the other side of the isle.

    We are not STUPID, rednecks clinging to our guns and religion as many in your party would believe.

    So please the next time you want insult people that voted differently then you, remember that is what your party is built on. Tolerances and being different and embracing those differences.

    Obama ran a great campaign. Conservatism wasn’t on the ballot, and the Republican’s were running against something. You don’t win elections that way. Now that Obama won – I will see if his plan works. And for the sake of the county I so hope it does. I want my country to be great and successful. But I realize everything comes with a price!


  19. Helen, you are wonderful.
    I watched the results from Austria. I had to force myself to go to sleep at 11 PM (4 PM central time)telling myself that if I could just wait until 6 AM the next morning, we would have a new president. However, at 3 AM, I woke up, excited and nervous, turned on CNN and saw that Obama had a pretty sturdy lead…but Ohio and Florida hadn’t been announced yet. I let myself watch for 30 minutes, and knew that I could have watched for another 3 hours (but I had to work), and woke up at 6 AM, and then got to watch Obama give his first speech as President Elect Obama. It was such a wonderful way to start the day, and the rest of the day was equally good. Now, instead of hearing “How the hell did Bush get re-elected?” I heard “It’s so wonderful. The RIGHT person won this time.”
    Obama has given us hope, and I trust that he will govern with compassion and humility instead of fear and hatred. In the past three years that I’ve lived in Europe, I’ve been almost ashamed to tell people that I’m American. Yesterday, I was able to say with confidence that yes, I was American, and yes, I voted for Obama, and , I think it is something truly wonderful that it happening in America right now. I’m sad I wasn’t able to experience it with everyone else…but this American living in Europe is more proud than ever to let the continent know that we’re full of hope for a better future for our country, our people, and the world.

    We did it! Thank you, Obama!


  20. OMG, it’s on FOXNews now! They’ve decided to offer up Palin to the angry GOP base:

    Sarah Palin did not know that Africa was a continent!


  21. Lori,



  22. PS. You are not smart enought to read this blog. Your IQ must be at least this high to ride this ride…


  23. EFloyd. Your ignorance is showing big time. Go back to watching Fox because at this point you’re a lost cause.


  24. Why on earth would you enjoy two women breaking out in a fight on a daytime talk show? And why does it bother you that Rush Limbaugh is on the radio? In America we have the right to speak, or not to speak. You also have the right to listen, or not to listen. If you don’t want to watch Elizabeth H. on The View, then don’t watch the program. If you don’t want to listen to Rush Limbaugh, then tune in to another program. Televisions have countless channels, and radios have countless stations.


  25. Cherry – you’re welcome!

    Not only did Ms. Palin think that South Africa was just a part of the country of Africa, she couldn’t name all the countries in North America.

    What can you say?


  26. great times for us that voted for Obama… bitter sweet, for us that are gay. several states made it law to treat us separately.


  27. Lori,
    love the poem. I mean it, really. Thanks for sharing.

    I watched fox news today just to see how Hannity look. and I chanced upon that dude from the McCain campaign finally admitting how DUMB Sarah Palin really was. When they prepped her for those interviews and debate, they couldn’t believe that she doesn’t know that Africa is a continent and not a single country…. What a moose!!!


  28. Helen get a good laugh off this…


  29. Helen and Margaret, thanks for keeping our spirits up the last few weeks, when we were afraid to hope we were seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! Let me add my voice to the clamor – please keep writing!

    I got this emailed poem in 2004, and it made me feel a little better. The funny thing is that it still applies!

    In the spirit of reconciliation with Republican friends and neighbors, I offer the following poem…

    The election is over, the results are now known.
    The will of the people has clearly been shown.
    We should show by our thoughts and our words and our deeds
    That unity is just what our country now needs.
    Let’s all get together. Let bitterness pass.
    I’ll hug your elephant.
    You kiss my ass.

    (an unknown Democrat)

    A little Schadenfreude pie, anyone? Just one small piece, and then no more, I promise!


  30. Today I watched The View just to see EH’s remarks. It is the 1st time I have watched since Rosie O’Donnell left and took me with her! And, even tho’ Barbara Walters didn’t slap EH, Sherri Shephard did! Did you see her decline to “fist bump” with Elisabeth at first? I was wondering if Whoopi could hear me cheering!!!


  31. I am so lucky to have found you. Really. I mean it.


  32. Helen,

    It truly is a day to celebrate, but don’t feel bad about being from a red state. A total of 3 out of 105 counties in my state voted blue.

    I knew it would be hopeless to try to do anything in my own state, so I joined the out-of-state campaign efforts and spent hours and hours talking to people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Montana. I’d like to think I did my part to make this country a better place to live.

    There is such a sense of relief knowing that Sarah Palin will be nowhere near the White House or the Senate in the immediate future. I really think, based on her record in Wasilla and as governor of Alaska, she is even more dangerous than John McCain. She did in Wasilla exactly what George Bush did in Texas, and later in Washington. When she became mayor of Wasilla, she cut, cut, cut taxes and spent, spent, spent like there were no limits. Now tiny Wasilla, which was debt-free before she took control, is 22 million dollars in debt. And, of course, she waltzed away leaving her successors to pay the bills and clean up the mess, just as Bush did in Texas, and just as he’s doing now to the entire country.

    During the Clinton presidency, the average American’s annual wages increased $7500 and the economy grew and grew. During the Bush presidency the average American’s annual wages dropped $2000 and the economy is in the biggest mess that it’s seen in my lifetime. During that same period, the gap between the rich and the poor widened by a considerable margin. The rich got richer while the rest of us got screwed. A McCain/Palin administration would have been more than happy to keep redistributing the wealth upwards until we were a nation of nobles and peasants and the average person would be hard-pressed to afford a peanut butter sandwich.

    The sad part of the whole thing is that Palin seemed more than happy to smile and try to convince all the Joe-the-Plumber semi-literates that she was just one of the bunch. She knew she had them if she could just stir up their fears of Communists and terrorists and Muslims (Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!), all the while just biding her time until she could knife them in the back with her economic pitchfork, steal their lunch money, and foreclose on the ARM mortgage they got because of the Bush freemarket deregulation plan to redistribute even more wealth from the poor and stupid into the pockets of the wealthy and nefarious.

    There is nothing more disgusting than a person who uses the banner of “Christian” to dupe the masses into following a path that clearly is not in their best interest.

    So, hopefully Sarah will soon be on her way home to Alaska, with or without her new wardrobe, where she can fire career public employees with impunity and without showing cause, and leave the fine citizens in a state of agonizing public debt that will take them years to pay off. But, hey, they’ll all be gettin’ a tax cut. You betcha!


  33. Thank you Helen and Margaret…YES WE DID…It was very emotional last night…this would be great four years!!!


  34. This American expatriate feels pretty good right about now, too … for the first time, I’m not embarrassed to tell people where I’m from! But you’re right; there is still a lot of work to do, a lot of morons to slap. But at least the Palin Family reality show might be entertaining …


  35. RiverOtter-
    At least your state kept Mrs. Dole out of office. Thank you for sparing the American public from having a Dole in Congress.

    As for the gay factor, eh, I vented too much on my site about that one. However, I can say that I wish there could be about 200 million more people like you in this country. Then everyone might actually have equal rights. 😉


  36. This blog is awesome! I wish we had more bloggers of the 50+ persuasion, it seems that most opinions I hear are so homogeneous and older folks are rarely heard because so many of them don’t care to learn how to use the internet. It is such a relief to read stuff written by a strong liberal lady!

    Keep posting more, I love to read this blog!


  37. Helen, you always take the words right out of my mouth.

    Yes, WE did it and my tears are still flowing. I am overwhelmed at the miracle of last night but also when I realize how much work we still have in front of us.

    We can’t stop now but today is the most wonderful of times.

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with all of us. You are a remarkable woman. I mean it. 🙂



  38. Can I give you my 70+ years old uncle’s phone number so you can go tell him that? I hate Rush Limbaugh!

    I voted in CT, but I really wish I could have help on Prop 8 in CA though.

    I have a group of friends that I knit with and one of them has sisters name Helen and Margaret (she’s the one who got me hook on your blog!) and we all really enjoy reading your blog. You are now on my daily read list. 🙂


  39. Thank you Helen & Margret. You have really inspired a lot of folks. You have help us all one way or another.

    LOL! North Carolina seems to be the only state in the Union that’s grey.

    I guess that is a start in the right direction. Geeesh!

    My condolances to all of the gay folks out there. Damn it! Bigotry continues. For the life of me I can’t understand why the states voted like they did. What the in the hell is the problem. I mean over 50% of staight folks get divorced. Who they do they think they are? I guess they are like the Dole supporters and think they are above everyone else, morally superiour. I am also very disappointed in the Mormons. Who do they think they are? They believe in having serveral wives. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that but still. What makes them any better? Live and let live I say. We must keep up the fight to free you all too. May our new leader help with that fight.

    Let freedom ring. Long live American the home of the free (unless your gay or Atheist) and the brave.


  40. “We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men were created equal.” It’s finally true. I couldn’t be more proud of my country than I am today. God bless you Grandma Helen, and God bless America, we’ve finally earned it.

    Jerame Clough
    -Next Gen Politics


  41. @ Red (White) and Blue

    Well said!!!!!

    I now watch with hope that Obama is allowed to reunite the United States of America. Now the hard work begins…but at least it will begin with hope for the future.


  42. To the gay Americans who lost the right to marry their Partner:
    Come to Ontario, Canada to get married. It’s legal for everyone to marry here and we welcome everyone to celebrate that basic right.


  43. I have read several comments stating that it is done now…NO!!! This is just the beginning, President-Elect Obama has been able to fire up so many that have felt that they had no investment in their government…that the government is only in the service to the lobbyists, the corporations, the financial interests…and we now have a populist wave of excitement of people who are realizing that the government should be THEIR government. OF the people FOR the people!!!

    Helen, you have done a wonderful thing, writing, showing people that you don’t have to be part of the elitist, East Coast media to point out the lies, inconsistencies of the status quo or their symbols…and that people are hungry for change, hope, for someone to stand for them as well as proving me wrong and demonstrating that there is intelligent life in Texas!

    I hope you stay a presence, a voice here…you have brought together people from all over the world, literally!

    We are at a historical point, just as people were excited with the promise of change when JFK broke past the bigotry regarding Catholicism, just as the country felt that there was a President who was not part of the system, stepping in, to take up the presidency for the people…now we know that all is not as it seems, and we need to stay on our representatives, our senators, our President to bring us back our country.

    For the first time in my adult life, I DO feel hope for our country, I DO feel proud of being American…and I never want that taken away from me ever again!

    Besides, Canada is just too cold!


  44. Red (White) and Blue: what an awesome post. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with Helen, Margaret and all of their on-line admirers.

    I am just overwhelmed with emotion that what I knew was possible actually became reality last night. The feeling of a collective positive global vibration is palpable.

    The one sad note is the hideous anti-gay marriage measures passed in three states, including AZ where I live with my partner. I wonder how the folks who so fervently support such anti-human rights measures would feel if I was allowed to vote on their marriages.


  45. The world WAS indeed watching the 2008 US elections. I have watched with great interest from my vantage point across the waters and I have to say I was absolutely thrilled with the result. One of those moments when you know you are watching history unfold in front of your eyes. Thankfully this time it was a good moment in history.

    Congratulations USA!!!!

    To Margaret and Helen…thank you for your humour and candour. I laughed so hard every time I read your blog, I wasn’t laughing at what you saying as it was correct, but what was funny was the way in which you said it. Thank you ladies…PLEASE don’t stop the blogging!


  46. Hello again….Just sitting here reading all the comments from today and I have to add one more comment. Even though I’m currently in London, I reside in Colorado and so PROUD that Colorado turned into a BLUE state last night.
    Also being a gay male i’m sad that 3 state feel the need to “BAN” us from getting married. I really wanted to go to Cailfornia when I return in Jan and marry my partner of 7 years. Now that won’t be possible.
    At least we NOW will have a President who sees us all. He said it in his address last night. “gay & straight”, I cried so hard last night and still crying tonight. We came so far, yet we still have so far to go….Maybe one day we will ALL have the same rights….


  47. I posted earlier this morning regarding the disappointment that my partner and I feel over the loss of civil rights suffered by gay Americans due to the passage of constitutional amendments to ban same sex marriage in California, Arizona, and Florida and the ban on adoption of children by unmarried people in Arkansas. Since then, many have responded with similar despair over the irony of the devastating loss of civil rights that took place on the same day that the first African American president was elected.

    The most shocking and devastating of the loss of civil rights has come with the narrow passage of Proposition 8 in California. The National Center of Lesbian Rights has been a leader in the battle against Proposition 8. They fought hard against the well-funded conservative support for Prop 8 that came from outside of California. The measure barely passed. They are not through fighting. There is still a chance to challenge this measure and to fight for the marriages already in place.

    One day I hope for a United States of America where it is not ok to withhold rights and privileges based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or ethnicity. Let’s keep up the fight. The website for the National Center for Lesbian Rights is


  48. Red (White) and Blue: That was profound!

    I am in Virginia, and I must say, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for them to declare us Blue!! I am thrilled that a majority of this country has chosen hope over fear. Thank you so much Helen and Margaret for giving us all a place to unite together and voice our praise of hope! Love you!


  49. I think the entire country feels pretty good. I know I do. I’d like to thank you both for your insights, and for visiting my blog as well. I hope you’ll continue to do so. Thanks again.



  50. Oh my- We are having a tough time here in Alaska waiting for the over 40,000 early/absentee ballots to be counted-which will truly decide whether Mr Stevens goes back to DC. However, Ms Palin may NOT and will NOT be appointing a replacement if we are stupid enough to re-elect him. We were smart enough to change that a few years ago- after Mr Murkowski appointed his daughter to the Senate seat he vacated when he became governor. It will take a special election to fill an empty seat now…
    Jeez- the more I tell people about the whys, whats, and hows of our Alaskan political landscape the more we sound like the WORST of what small town America can be….
    Oh dear- we really are trying to grow up and be the BEST of what small town America can be…!
    I wore pink for Alaska and blue for America to work today… (not the purple for Alaska I’d hoped for). It’s a start. I am so excited to be an American today !!!!!!


  51. YES WE DID!! What a feeling…tempered, somewhat, by the passing of Prop 8 in my otherwise blue state of California.


  52. hey come on, get real… When stevens goes to prison, Palin has the option to take his senate seat. What do you think she will do????


  53. Helen, you’re wonderful! I agree with you 100% — I’ll feel much better when all of those things happen as well. It’s always been the underlying worry these past years — and although underlying, it’s a huge worry.

    Thank you so much for all your wit and wisdom. I wish I could meet you in person and dance in the streets with you.


  54. REALITY CHECK Since Stevens is off to prison, Palin has the option of taking his senate seat. WHAT DO YOU THINK SHE WILL DO?


  55. Dear Margaret & Helen,

    Thank you so much for your amazing coverage of the campaign and election! I often found myself on your blog for reasonable responses to the crazy events of the past eighteen months. And you guys never failed to deliver.

    I work in publishing in the San Francisco Bay area and I was wondering if you and Margaret have ever considered writing a book together – your voices are so great, and it’s obvious from your popularity that the country wants more! If this sounds like something that would interest you, I’d be happy to offer any advice and expertise I may have to help you see if this is something you’d like to pursue. You can check out our website at to get a better feel for the types of books we usually represent. We celebrated five New York Times Bestsellers last year alone!

    But first we should all take a deep breath and smile that our country isn’t in the hands of Cockroach Palin. Thanks again for your wonderful site, and take care!

    From the gloriously blue chunk called California,



  56. Ditto on the action you’d like to see Barbara Walters take.


  57. I am with you on all counts!!!
    YES WE CAN!!


  58. I am glad that Sarah, or as my 97 year old mother refers to her, “that awful woman from Alaska with all those children” will be going back to the tundra again.
    I am sorry that Alaskans cannot seem to understand that a convicted felon will not be allowed by his fellow senators to serve in the senate. Now that is a jury of one’s peers!
    However, over all hope has overcome hate and I am hopeful again that my country will survive and prosper once again.


  59. Hello from across the pond ( as they say) as an American who is currently in London I want to say THANK YOU to all who voted for Obama and make the rest of the world feel good about the USA again!!!!!!!! You ladies are great and I want to say thank you for making me laugh so much……We are dancing in the streets here too!!!!


  60. I hear ya!! But hey, Alaska can have Sarah and Ted! Lets just hope they keep them there!


  61. Tell it to someone who cares.


  62. Helen, a colleague of mine in Alaska reports that Palin’s approval ratings there have dropped 20 points since she got the nod from McCain. And Newsweek is reporting that she spent way more than $150K on clothes, including something like $22K to outfit her dimwit husband. Good riddance.




  64. Live. Love. Laugh.


  65. We love your blog and have been relishing your criticisms throughout this election. You have clearly expressed the frustrations of many. We also live in Texas and envy our blue-state friends and relations… We consider moving to a more hospitable state, but may just stick around. Who knows. Maybe in a cycle or two we can flip this red state blue.


  66. Thank you, America! The entire world won last night. I hope you all understand how much the rest of the world appreciates what you all did for us.
    Yes, you did!


  67. Amen to ALL that. Yes, we did and in 4 years we will again, if need be.


  68. This is pretty funny:
    esp. the last line.

    1. The Power of Palin — On paper, she sounds like a superhero: Attractive. Stylish. Handy with an assault rifle. Impervious to witchcraft. But when it comes to the power of Palin, that’s only the tip of the rapidly-melting iceberg. She’s given a voice to America’s willfully-ignorant secessionist religious fanatics, and energized women who haven’t felt this eager to vote since Studdard vs. Aiken. She’s a transformational leader, as evidenced by her unique ability to transform many longtime Republicans into Obama supporters.


  69. While celebrating Obama’s win, I am saddened by the African-American response to Prop 8 out there in California. If you voted for Barack Obama and Prop 8, shame on you. I will never understand you. If you voted for McCain and Prop 8, I disagree with you but at least I know where you’re coming from.


  70. With all respect, I sincerely hope you are all as optimistic in four years as you are now. The next few years will be huge.


  71. im so thrilled with the outcome… however, alaskans seem to have voted stevens to keep his senate seat. Hes a convicted felon! This also means that palin, as governor can take his seat when he goes to prison! In sure she sees this as a “sign from God” to hot foot it to washington now… Im still worried about her. There is a fanatical element that will vote for her. I love the way the senate and House have shaped up with new democratic seats.


  72. We woke up this morning to the dawn of a beautiful day with Barack Obama as our new President-Elect. What a significant and inspiring victory, and I rejoice with all of you.

    However, all is NOT right with the world. We also woke up to the distressing news that FOUR states have embraced discrimination and refused to extend equality to ALL Americans. (California, Arizona, Florida, and Arkansas)

    Unless you are a gay American, you cannot imagine how hurtful and distressing and deflating it is to watch the world rejoice while we took giant strides BACKWARDS. Constitutions are meant to guarantee freedoms, and we have several states choosing to write discrimination into their constitutions. The only acceptable reaction to this news is sadness and outrage.

    When given the choice, we should ALWAYS choose love instead of hate, acceptance instead of intolerance, and equality instead of discrimination.

    FOUR states chose hate, intolerance, and discrimination because their churches encouraged them to hate and deceived them into thinking that they were “saving” families. Churches and religious leaders have much to answer for. Any time hate is taught instead of love, the very heart of the message of Jesus is perverted.

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

    When will we learn that when one of us suffers, we all suffer?


  73. Yesterday 7 people were laid off, effective immediately, and escorted from the premises. My department of 8 people was notified in early September that our department is being fazed out by the 1st of August 2009. All of the news on the job front is mixed at best. I admit that I am stressed, but HOPEFUL!

    I have never been in this particular situation in my life, but thank you Barack Obama for giving me the hope that I so desperately cling to. I know I am not alone, and there are those that are much worse off, but watching history made last night on television made everything better!


  74. Nice posting. I enjoyed it. Take care!


  75. Amen, Amen Helen. Thank you for being the voice of reason in an absolute storm! And thank you Elizabeth Hasselbeck for saying the right thing on The View today, that you will support your new president. Oh what a beautiful day !!


  76. OMG thank god I don’t have to leave the US either.


  77. We were all so caught up in our American drama, but look at the world reaction!! I’ve never seen people in other countries so supportive of an American administration, at least not in my lifetime. It’s a moment in history for us all, but not just because of President Elect (he hee!!) Obama’s ancestry. He is a man of integrity and patience. He’s thoughtful, composed and resourceful, inclusive and forward thinking. I believe he has a conscience to do what is right for the majority and the longterm. That is so much more important for history than his race. But I’m proud all the same to finally see someone who looks like me be given a chance to govern. A chance that was earned and approved by the majority. He did not bamboozle or hoodwink his way into office.


  78. I woke today in a very good mood the first itme in a very long time. I remember the last time an election made me feel this way. JFK had been elected . Then It was nov 22 and he was gone. I cried so hard it felt like one of my family had passed. My son was 15 days old. Now 45 years later I feel we are movign forward again. I sepnt a lot of time in SF marching p[rotesting , carrying signs for peace. I supported the troups not the war. As I did for the last few years . MY youngest son in Irag I support our troups not the war. Thanks you to all who woted for the man not the color. Vie


  79. Red (White) and Blue, thank you for such a moving post.

    I “flushed” out voters yesterday in Virginia. I’ve never seen so many committed people in my life. Democracy is back!

    Congratulations, President-Elect Obama!

    Toot, you made a hell of a contribution to this world and more than earned your place in heaven. Rest in peace.


  80. I stayed up all night here in the UK and bawled like a baby when Obama won. I am so proud of our country. As Maya Angelou said… We have grown up.


  81. Who cares that the Dow is down 500 today. All is right with the world!

    Love you ladies,



  82. Hello again Anonymous,

    And I agree with you. The comments of Red (White) and Blue actually brought tears to my eyes. And for me as a tough former Alaskan girl, that is hard to do. I started yesterday with trepidation and fear of what would happen if McCain and Palin won. I was still afraid because I had lost hope in people using their rational thinking. I have renewed hope that the majority of people want the chance to move in a new direction.

    It is a happy day, with much work ahead, but that is what makes us strong.


  83. My parents also live deep inside a red state. They are democrats who avoid talking politics at all costs. (Too afraid.) They are thrilled Obama won, but won’t express it out loud and e-mail their democratic children in other states. But I don’t have a lot of sympathy because they chose to retire there. If they don’t speak out how will things change there? Thank you Helen for speaking out and representing your generation.
    Now we are all Generation-O!!!


  84. My friend emailed me this morning:
    “So my daughter and I went to the Convention Center last night and watched the returns in the union hospitality room. After the room erupted and the roars died down, my daughter turned to me and said, “Can a lady be president, Mama?”, and I said, “You sure can, Baby!” This is an historic and optimistic time for America.”

    What an amazing, historic occurrence. I think of the people who so fervently supported McCain, and don’t feel like gloating as much as I want so badly for them to understand that this election wasn’t about who had more experience or leadership or any of the other stupid accusations made. I want the McCain supporters to realize that Obama represents the best choice for pulling our government out of entrenched cronyism and an ossified old boys’ network. Obama isn’t going to fix everything – he won’t accomplish his goals quickly, either. But he represents the desire to move forward, and to change the way our government operates.

    Best image for me from last night? Seeing Rev. Jessie Jackson and Oprah Winfrey listening to Obama’s acceptance speech, while tears ran down their faces.


  85. Thank you for you great blog, Helen. I enjoy reading it. You are hitting those nails right on the head.
    Red, (white) and blue’s comments just made me cry. I’m so ready for peace and hope. The political discussions within our immediate and extended family have almost escalated and we all need breaks from each other now. The Republican voters between them are hurt and they continue their “Socialist” or “Communist” name calling. Quite frankly, I’m getting sick of all the hate talk! It’s time for everybody to move on, get over it and give this country a chance.


  86. I, too, sit in a red state and have often felt offended that the Electoral Math ASSUMES how I’ll vote based on geography. I’d like to see the color-coding go the way of Ann Colter’s book deals – AWAY! But one thing this election has taught me is the importance of not being discouraged by preconceived notions. Look at Indiana!!!! Holy COW! So, the people’s will speaks volumes over color coded charts, much to Chuck Todd’s dismay. It’s a new day in politics. It’s a new day for us all. And the possibilities are infinite.


  87. OH Happy Day Ya all!
    I was so taken by the comments of Red (White) and Blue on November 5, 2008 (above), that I forwarded it. Thank you for that eloquent post.

    Yesterday in the early AM we had an earthquake, and today–I’ll be danged, but the snow is melting!! I’m going out to put my face toward the sun and bask in the renewal of hope.
    Peace, from Alaska.
    PS. Sarah P is still here to remind us to keep working and to be vigilant and to keep taking our antibiotics (investigations) till the infection is all cleared up!


  88. I know that we still have a lot of work to do, but for one brief moment last night, listening to our new president, I felt nothing but…Hope.

    Please don’t stop blogging – you are amazing.


  89. My family and I belong to an international organization called CISV, the objective is to promote World Peace through global friendships. We have friends from around the world. Our e-mail has been very busy with congratulation e-mails on our WIN….. The world is almost as happy as us here.

    Please keep blogging because I really enjoy reading your entries….. they make me SMILE…

    When do we move in?


  90. “As Helen so aptly says, we’ve got a lot of work to do still. Not only did a whole LOT of people use their best judgment to vote McCain/Palin and a few other choice candidates, but think about this….

    When will a single mother get to the White House?

    What about a divorced president?
    (Ronald Reagan 1980 – Of course both Andrew Jackson & Gerald Ford were married to divorced women)

    In short, when do WE get to be president?”

    When WE get off our asses and start doing what needs to be done to be president. When WE run the first disciplined, calm, dedicated campaign that makes me proud to be a Democrat – hell, proud to be an American.

    The presidency is not like a service award.

    I did not vote for a black man. I voted for the smartest guy in the room. I voted for the steady hand. I voted for the guy who did not go negative, for the man who understood that not all problems have soundbite answers.

    I voted for Barack Obama.


  91. When President Kennedy went to Berlin in 1963, he said the famous words “ich bin ein Berliner”. When I saw President-Elect Obama speaking last night, felt like shouting “Ich bin ein Americaner”. It’s been 8 long years, but last night you made us proud again. Well done! 🙂


  92. I feel like we took a GIANT step forward in our presidency yet 3 steps backwards in gay rights in CA, AR, and FL. I would like to ban straight marriages – how would they feel? So close, yet so far.

    Keep up the good work, Helen.


  93. Thank you for all your wonderful posts …. I sure hope you keep at it … I’d miss you if you stopped


  94. I feel good, but I will feel even better when every state stops being more concerned about the size of a chicken cage than it is about the rights of its gay citizens…heck, ALL its citizens.


  95. Thank you, Helen, for sharing this moment in history with all of us. Fantastic, isn’t it!

    I was only surprised that the announcement came so early, and am surprised that there are still some states that are too close to call. But whenever I brought it up, my hubby said, “Does it matter?” Well, no, but the more the merrier, in that Electoral College column.

    Oh, and Helen, you should cut Elisabeth some slack – well, a little anyway. I watched the View this morning to see what she would be like, and not only was she more civil than she has been in weeks, but she also had some very genuinely nice things to say about President Elect Obama.

    Wow, it feels great to call him that, doesn’t it? Can’t wait for January 20.



  96. Yes we did it!!!!!!

    I’m so excited I can hardly stand it…lol

    The only thing that saddens me is the fact that as this nation surpassed one discriminatory hurdle, 3 of our states passed ammendments to their constitutions that legalized discrimination. We still have a long way to go and it won’t be easy however after last night we can be assured that eventually it will happen!

    YES WE CAN!!!! 🙂


  97. I couldn’t agree more. 🙂


  98. Margaret and Helen,

    Even more than me (I’m 52), you must be rockin’ in your socks at the changes that have come to this country in your lifetimes. I did not believe a black man could become president this year, though I did everything but stuff ballot boxes to see it happen–and it did! I remember civil rights, the Great Society, the assassinations of the Kennedys and King, but you can remember World War II, Truman and Ike, Brown v. Board of Ed.

    Did you ever think this day would really come true? I know you’re glad it did, and I’m glad it did. I’m also really, really grateful that I found this blog so we could share it!


  99. Hi Helen,

    I am blown away by this miracle. It’s a good time to be alive. I see your point however, there is still much to be done. It will keep us on our toes and our knees…always.

    Shirley V.


  100. Yes we did it! And as you said, we still have much work to do.

    We’ve all come to love your snarkiness and appreciate the good sense that comes through your words. That said, you can’t stop the ride and get off here ladies!

    I mean, Bush hasn’t squirrelled all the silverware and candlesticks in a pillowcase and left the Whitehouse just yet… 😉


  101. oops. Hit the post before finished:

    Just wanted to thank you for your blog! Keep up the postings, please!

    Thanks, Bet Hannon


  102. I’m a Republican.
    I’m white.
    I’m straight.
    I’m what I consider to be fairly conservative.
    Yesterday, I went to my polling place and voted for Barack Hussein Obama.
    And I’ll tell you why.
    It wasn’t because of the economy.
    It wasn’t because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    It wasn’t because Sarah Palin is a dingbat.
    It wasn’t because John McCain is just like George Bush.
    I did it because I’m tired of being afraid.
    And, what’s more, I’m tired of being TOLD I should be afraid.
    I should fear terrorists.
    I should fear Muslims.
    I should fear gays.
    I should fear liberals.
    I should fear taxes.
    I should fear welfare recipients.
    In fact, I should fear anyone who doesn’t look, act and think exactly as I’m told I should.


    Yesterday that’s what I said and so did a sizeable number of other Republicans, apparently.
    Yesterday, most of us chose hope over hate.
    Compasion over cruelty.
    Discourse over violence.
    Tolerance over intolerance.
    Courage over fear.

    THAT’S the America I learned about as a child.
    The country where hope and courage overcame every challenge.
    The country that holds Great Britain as its closest foreign ally. Yes, Great Britain. The same country from where our earliest settlers fled persecution.
    The country that subjugated our forefathers’ colonies.
    The country with which we fought a bloody war of independence.
    The country that later invaded our sovereign nation and burned our capitol to the ground.
    And we are allies.
    Yet many of us see no hope of reconciling our current differences with other nations and peoples?

    Come now. That’s just what we’re being told.
    Yesterday, I stopped listening.


  103. My heart is so full of hope for our country this morning. We woke up our 13 y.o. daughter last night to hear Obama’s speech. When I cried tears of joy, I tried to explain to her growing up in south Texas (I now live in CA), and many black people not being allowed to vote when I was young. To think about the huge positive changes that have come in those 40-some years is amazing! And to have a President who wants to rise above all our old divisions– who has the courage, the will, the charisma and intellect to help us do it– moves me to tears even now.

    And even while I am hopeful and so deeply glad, I’m also holding a deep sadness too. My lesbian partner and I have been married in almost every way that counts (except legally) for 25 years. When CA courts opened the door for us to get legally married last May, I was at first just so glad to finally get on the bus. I even downplayed it, thinking that after all these years, it would be just a legal paper-shuffling. I was not prepared for the feelings of finally being recognized as a full-citizen. And today, I’m feeling both sad and angry about being told to get to the back of the bus and be grateful for domestic partnership.

    I know that there will be court wrangling to come. Who knows, maybe we will even be a part of the lawsuits? And I know that it’s only a matter of time– crassly, for enough older, more conservative voters to die, and younger, more progressive voters to rise up in their place (sorry, Helen & Margaret!). But today, I’m wishing that I could be feeling the deep gladness without the blanket of sadness too.

    Helen, your postings have been a real treat. You asked us Monday to remember our grandmothers, and while I do have some fine memories of mine,


  104. of course, happy that the tide is turning to democrat!!


  105. a friend of mine sent me your blog a couple of weeks ago…i loved it…(sara palin is a bitch… there I said it.)
    i forwarded it to my democrat girlfriends and also, to my republican aunt (also 80-something). i had heard through my mom that my aunt was voting democrat for the first time in her life. she loved it too. she voted democrat…!!!!! she said that she (palin) was what had cinched it for her. guess what, we live in that same red state you do. for a hispanic woman who voted republican all her life to vote democrat is an amazing feat. i also sit in this red state with you…in a very democrat neighborhood in dallas…but happy that the tide is turning. go helen go…we need more people like you out there…especially in texas.


  106. It’s a new and better day!

    Now it’s time to get down to business and repair the damage….. and that begins with naming Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico as Secretary of State.

    I’m proud of us!


  107. Thanks Helen and Margaret. I will keep your website on my daily reading list.

    Our family – three generations worth – worked for months, canvassing, sending cards, waving signs, attending rallies and whatever else we could do for Barack Obama. Now I am proud to say, we were a small part of the huge grass roots effort that turned Florida blue. And so proud we are back on the path set for us by Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Robert Kennedy, and many other courageous souls.

    There is already talk about what’s next. I am so happy.


  108. I rejoice that we have evolved to the point that we can see beyond race and color and elect Barack Obama to be our President.

    However, I am deeply saddened that CA and FL voted to take away civil rights.

    I am also deeply saddened that in Arkansas so many children will go without parents because Arkansas passed the Unmarried Adoption Ban. How sad that these children will be prevented from having a loving family.


  109. my faith in humanity is restores – yay!!!!!


  110. Living in VA and still taking in this historical moment. I am so proud of this country. Keep fighting the good fight, Helen. If VA can go blue, we’ll get TX there, too! I have some good friends there who working to make it so!


  111. WOOHOO! I am so excited and filled with hope. I am energized!

    Thanks, Helen and Margaret for telling us how it is and giving us a perspective from women who’ve been around! Love you lots!

    Michelle Smith


  112. Don’t worry Mrs. Helen,

    The asses here in Louisiana made us red, but that’s OK…Like President Obama(damn that sounds good) said there are not red and blue states we are the United States, and for the first time in my 22 years of life, I felt United last night…

    I went to a party and there were white, black, asian, indians, muslims, gay, straight, etc, people that were all together hugging each other (complete strangers) saying FINALLY we can begin to get past the race issue that is so big here!

    Last night, besides giving birth to my daughter, was the BEST night of my life!!!!!!!

    President Obama and Vice President Biden….THANK YOU for bringing us together!!!!


  113. You two deserve front row seats to the inauguration!

    I’m glad Mr. Obama will be number 44.

    I am sad to hear that Michele Bachmann was reelected.

    I’m glad that Liddy Dole’s bigotry did not work in North Carolina.

    I’m sad to hear that over five million people in California take issue with the gay population receiving the same rights that we all should enjoy in this country.

    This country is changing. We are changing for the better.


  114. YES WE DID. But keep the faith dear. Lots of states and people have changed and are continuing to change. It just takes time to evolve. Think of this one, 6 years ago North Carolina had Jesse Helms as a senator. Then Elizabeth Dole was given the seat. Last night a woman democrat was elected to that seat as well as to the Governorship of the state for the first time ever.

    Keep the faith! – Kate


  115. WE WON! WE WON! WE WON!

    Please don’t stop blogging!


  116. Margaret and Helen,
    Thanks for writing and please keep it up. My heart is so filled with joy at this moment for where this country is, but we obviously have far to go. We need to stop the hate now — the hate filled speech and discrimination. This is just the start — let’s keep the momentum up and fight to make this once again a great nation to be proud of. If my home state of IN can go blue (I’m in PA now), and VA can go blue, there is hope.

    Oh, yes we can!!!!


  117. I think you are one fabulous old broad (which my Dad would say and my Mom would smack me for saying). I’ve loved reading this blog since a friend sent me the address. I thought of you last night when we crossed 270. I’m gay. I was hanging out with 8 other gay guys and we all started crying when Barack mentioned all Americans, “Gay and straight,” – we were in utter disbelief. A president had not only said the word, but had included us with everyone else.
    This is truly an amazing day and I look forward to reading your blog! You make me miss my grandmothers terribly…



  118. YES WE DID!!!!


  119. YES WE DID and we love you Helen!


  120. Zippity Doo Dah~Zippity Yay~ My oh my what a wonderful day~~~!!!

    We did it!!!

    Love you, Helen!


  121. YES WE DID!!!

    Now let’s get those hateful anti-gay measures in CA, AZ, AK and FL turned around.


  122. I have sent the following out to my fellow democrats in an effort to grow momentum around this idea. I hope it sits well, the intent is pure in its vision to assist in the healing called for by Senators Obama and Biden

    Dear Fellow Democrats,

    Were you moved by Senator Obama and the nations’ mandate at last night’s beginning? Were you moved by Senator McCain’s grace-filled concession as well? If you were, would you join me in an effort to demonstrate respect to those who may have fear today (or as Palin like to say “those whow would seek to undermine this effort” – out of fear) . I heard Senator Obama call for and effort to reach out to them and awaken them to the hope that has moved billions. The Obama team has called this an “American Renewal”.

    I would like to suggest a grassroots communication to Senator Obama and the Obama Staff and have composed the following letter, your edits and feedback are welcome (919-308-0633 is my number). If you are so inclined, please send it on. The communication can be pasted to this link:

    Dear Senator Obama, Mr. Plouffe and dedicated staff,

    I am inspired by what I heard and saw and am simply without adequate words to express this profound joy.

    Congratulations and Thank you!!!!

    I suggest that we find a way to honor Senator McCain and reach out to his supporters, here is an idea. Could we market the following slogan (or somthing like it) and offer signs, stickers buttons, ads — at a grassroots level.

    “Senator McCain a grateful Nation salutes you” Sunrise America logo included.

    There are perhaps better ideas out there, but I am moved to make the general suggestion.

    Hope and bet something similar is already in the works.

    Most Sincerely,

    Donor Volunteer
    I am from Durham, NC

    I have sent my suggestion to the staff via that link.


  123. We did it! Thank you, Helen!


  124. Thanks for the fun ride girlz.

    I am torn between being ecstatic (for the Blue winners! All hail Obama!) and deeply saddened by the passing of Prop Hate. (CA Prop 8 that is.)

    I wish I could say “passing of Prop Hate” as in the DEATH of Prop 8 but, alas, as far as we’ve come, we still have further to go. I thought my fellow Californians were going to see through the discrimination…but clearly they didn’t.

    At least we got Obama, and were spared the rath of Sarah. Amen Sistas!


  125. I am so relieved and proud of my country…why when we’ve come so far, could we not have also honored our gay friends and family buy voting down Prop 8? I don’t get it. My heart is full and sad at the same time………


  126. I saw the View. This is the first time I can remember that I have seen Elizabeth sensible when it comes to politics. So I don’t know what to make of it. I tend to think that she had an ‘a-ha’ moment and hope that is the case. Time will tell.

    I too am saddened that all people do not have equal rights when it comes to marriage. I guess this is the next big fight along with trying to keep religion out of the government. I am all for people believing what they want, but never want that pushed on me or others. There is a site that may be useful to those who are religious if they wish to understand why some of us do not get religion. I am posting it only for those who are curious and wonder how there can be so many of us who don’t get religion. I think some answers can be found in that link.


  127. I’ve never cried with such joy and relief as I did last night and even some today! Yes we did!!!!!!!!! This red state turned blue with wisdom and good sense!

    Helen, thanks so much for your Elderwoman view, common sense, and all of the clear-eyed wisdom you humorously shared with us. May we have learned from you how to carry the light defending democracy from those who are greedy for power and who act as if the ends justify the means.

    We are in your debt a bazillion times over! Please keep writing!


  128. You hardly need me to add my comment as 110 people have already done so but this post made me laugh out loud (yes, I spell it out) and also I just want to join a crowd of people whooping and hollering with happiness!!!!


  129. Thank you Thank you… New day New Norizon.


  130. One more thing.

    To all of the gay folks out there. I am saddened you all can’t get the right to marry. If ever this comes to my state NC. I will vote for y’all’s right to do so.

    Keep up the good fight.


  131. Thank you Tay. Truly. Thank you.


  132. Yes you did America!!!!! Congratulations from Canada!!!!! I watched the results and Obama’s speech and I cried and danced right along with you. When I saw Jesse Jackson in tears last night it brought it all into perspective! This is a great day for America and a great day for the rest of the World.

    Helen I hope you continue with your blog. I love your writing and your humour. Thank you!


  133. Anne,
    I heard about the ban on adoptions this morning and I thought to myself, WTH??? I have friends in France who are a gay couple and to me they are like my second set of parents and some of the best parents you could ask for. Examples of love, tolerance, compassion and self-respect, whom I turn to when I have hard decisions to make or simply can’t take another minute of this craziness and always, always they are there. They were the first people I wrote email to last night when I heard the news that Obama was our new president (I love you David and Liam!) I can’t imagine denying a child ‘ANY’ parent that would love and cherish them when so many heterosexual parents are terrible tyrants and abusers, or simply neglectful, I just cannot imagine it.

    I can’t imagine a marriage ban to ANY couple who love one another and want to provide for one another in this world, I just can’t imagine how allowing them to express their love and commitment to one another could hurt anyone. This is why I’m living for the day that expressions of religious ideology within government are unacceptable and we truly have separation of church and state as the founders intended.

    Anne I’m sorry, I know you’re hurting and my heart goes out to you.



  134. We won… We did it. Finally. God bless you all, and let’s celebrate now. We can all finally rest up for awhile, while we wait for inauguration day. That’s when the real work begins.


  135. Helen- like so many others, I have been inspired and moved by this election. I am so proud that we were able to break down the barrier of color in this election, but also so saddened to see how at the same time we voted in California to incorporate discrimination into our state constitution. I am confident that this will be a short lived error, and one which we will correct, as it is unacceptable and against all of our founding principles.

    That being said, I only now fully understand Michelle Obama’s comment very early in the election process that for the first time she is proud of this country. What I think she meant was that for the first time she is proud of this country in such a profound way – at least that is what it for me. This is an unprecedented and very awe inspiring time for us as Americans and as a country, as we regain so much that we have lost over the past 8 years, especially our standing in the international community.

    We have so much work to do, but I believe that for the first time in a long time, we are collectively inspired to roll our sleeves up and get to it. Congratulations, America!


  136. For the first time in a long time (8 years) I woke up today feeling good about the USA. Less than 50 years ago we never realized this could be possible. Bless the Obama family. I feel Barak will be a caring, strong & knowledgable president. I am so proud of what we, as a nation, did last night. Good bye Bush – it can’t come soon enough for me.

    Keep up the blog ladies. I love reading it.


  137. For the first time in a long time (8 years) I woke up today feeling good about the USA. Less than 50 years ago we never realized this could be possible. Bless the Obama family. I feel Barak will be a caring, strong & knowledgable president. I am so proud of what we, as a nation, did last night. Good bye Bush – it can’t come soon enough for me.

    Keep up the blog ladies. I love reading it.


  138. Not only did I do a little (okay big) dance over the national elections – but I also reveled, briefly, in the sad & somber mood with which the results were revealed on FoxNews.
    Yes – WE CAN!


  139. I danced and bought a T-Shirt to boot!!!!


  140. Thank you Helen & Margeret! I only found y’all when the Godless ad came out. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me speak up for the Atheist’s. You gave me a place to vent and try to get the word out. YOU ALL ROCK! Please keep up the good fight.

    I too have cried this morning. I am so proud of America and North Carolina. It brings me to tears as I type. LOL. I am glad to know that Bigotry will not prevail in any shape form or manor.

    I am so glad that Dole didn’t win. That meant as much to me as Obama winning.

    I want to thank all of the Christians out there that I have run into that are tolorant of me and other religions. You all rock too and I love you all. 🙂

    Hail, Hail, Barak Obama! Job well done!

    My condolances to Toot. She is smiling down from where ever she is proud of the FINE man she raised.

    Long live America! The home of the free!


  141. I did it. I danced in the street. 🙂


  142. Yes, we DID!!!!

    Thank you for all you insight. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog.

    Please keep on blogging, I plan on checking back in frequently.

    Much Love,


  143. I feel good, but I’ll feel better when gay people can have their relationships seen as equal to straight peoples’.


  144. Thanks for being a voice of humor and reason, we were fortunate to have been able to hear your voice over the limbaughs and coulters of the world.


  145. Hi all,
    congraz to all of you that showed enough brain to vote for Obama and made him win, but I hear more and more that people say, phew I don’t have to move to Canada, well don’t you guyz and girlz LOOK bevor your run?
    WE DO HAVE A CONSERVATIVE government in CANADA! And even in my rather left-wingish Province of Quebec (that requires you to speak french) our MOMENTARY government is liberaly right!
    It is not for nothing I doubed Steve Harper (Canadian Prime-Ass uups -Minister) as “Petit Georges” for all the brown nosing he did and does to “W”!
    So, yes, we’d welcome ya, but it might be hard to get in if you give as a reason to run from a conservative government….. lol!
    Anyway, you did it, let’s hope we can do IT too!
    Greetings from up north, and Helen and Margaret, pls keep up the good work (political watch) There is still lot’s of works and years of need for your good services, and keep in mind if you should feel it might be too much: The more you got around your ears (to do) the younger you’ll stay, Imagine hitting 90 and feeling like 30, and that without any surgery!
    Lovin’ you
    Werner from Montreal


  146. I am in the middle of a blue state (well…NW corner); however, there’s a lot of red around the metropolitan areas. I am blue (with a couple of companions) in the middle of a large red extended family. We are all in it together.

    I will feel better when the fearmongering becomes a thing of the past. I will feel better when they figure out how to tailor a suit out of kevlar for our president-elect, because I know that even when we are blue, we are in a sea of red (and vice versa).

    One of the major differences between red and blue? When blue says, “I want to slap the crap out of _____________,” it is USUALLY hyperbole. Not so with red.

    God help us all and keep us safe.


  147. I had a Dream – 40 years ago (MLK)
    it took a long time to fullfill his dream,
    but here we are

    I’m still tearing up just thinking about that in the 60’s (so young) going in the streets to protest,to cry, to fight, to try to change, and almost loosing hope, bute here we are,

    Dreams do come true
    Imagine =
    Peace to all
    what a wonderful time
    YES WE CAN –

    now we have to stand together and help our new president to make it work. We all have to work hard, tighten our belt and dig out of the hole GWB through us in.
    But together



  148. Happy, happy, joy, joy!!! Thank you for your wonderful blog Helen! You spoke my heart. Please tell Margaret I am so proud of her for voting for Obama! 😉 This is a wonderful day for the USA and the World!


  149. Helen, I only hope you keep posting your thoughts now that the election is over. I get a kick out of reading your blog. Interestingly, I was on a site with lots of “furriners” last night and everyone of them was as thrilled with the outcome of the election as I. Sadly, though, I sit in Georgia knowing that it was not a total victory. Damn you, Saxby!!! Shakes fist.


  150. YES WE DID!!!!!! I VOTED FOR OBAMA. I was born in NC but raised in VA. I am now living in Ohio. I watched all of it and cried.
    We spoke leaps and bounds, to prove we are no longer going to lay down.

    It does break my own heart to see that race issue continues on, and being from VA, I am ashamed of this behavior and the small minded people.



  151. My hope knows no bounds today. Everything is possible.


  152. Work doesnt scare me at all. Its having to battle Brain-Eating-Zombie-zealots while I do it, that scares me.

    I feel like Good has triumphed. That the World can go on to exist in relative frith for a couple hundred years now that this has beena accomplished.

    That we came to a mighty crossroad and picked the life affirming path.

    Woo Hoo.

    I have been full of relieved sighs, tears, and laughs.

    I just wish that I had more people around me to speak to face to face of this. I too live in a red state.


  153. I wanted to write about my extraordinary experience yesterday. I’m sure I wasn’t alone, the numbers sure reflected that. I know some of you waited in line, some for long times in yucky weather and I, for one, am grateful to you. I was at my precinct from 7am to 9:30pm and then returned for the final tallies at 12:30am. I don’t write for kudos but to share what I witnessed.

    Our state is and has been for very, very long Red. And we certainly weren’t expected to go blue, even this year but the turnout spoke volumes. Our shortest wait was 3 hours due to sheer volume. Our Pole Managers were extraordinary. Not sure if you’re aware that there aren’t ‘shifts’; the folks that arrived at 5am closed it down after tapes were run; so a very long day. I give a huge shout out to Jan Goin and her team in Summerville. Wish there were more like them ( I’m sure there are many!)

    The Democratic Party volunteers were also phenomenal. I’ve never worked so closely for so long for a political cause but I can’t express the impression I walked away with. A HUGE shout out to David Plouffe! WOW!! That guy sure knows how to run a campaign. On election day, in our red state, we had two poll watchers per precinct so I feel sure the rest of the country was run the same way. Every poll manager knew we were watching like hawks. It is my belief that the last two presidential elections were not on the up and up and what struck me about the precinct coverage yesterday is that, his approach was preventative. Stop any nonsense in progress, challenging after the fact wasn’t the way to effect immediate resolution. Many in 2000, were like, ‘concede already’, when Gore was challenging Florida, making him look desperate to some. While I know he wouldn’t have sat idly by, Obama’s campaign did all it could to avoid that scenario but using our election laws and having registered watchers and Joe-public observers EVERYWHERE. It spoke volumes to the poll managers. We did have an incident in out area where registered voters were being suspiciously turned away at a precinct but immediately the campaign stepped in and sent lawyers to the site and saved the day for those voters. Even though I only saw a small piece of the pie in action, it was certainly impressive! More BIG SHOUT OUTS go to: Our trusted leaders, Kelvin & Dennis, and their team of Summerville area volunteers!! Excellent Job!!

    And what can I say about standing in line forever. What a testament! There was certainly some rumbling, mainly about the fact the divvying out the voting machines seems to be based on past turnout while the media had been discussing for months how unprecedented the turnout was going to be this election. So a missed opportunity there BUT what happen as a result is most made new friends, talked issues and really came together. It was a direct example of EXACTLY what Barack Obama has done during this campaign. Except for a small amount of folks he has already had a huge impact on bringing us together, even to respectfully disagree. It was a beautiful site, I cried often and was so grateful that I had taken the day off to witness this historic and phenomenal day.

    So many voting for the first time, all wide-eyed and excited, such energy! And African American turn out like I’ve never seen; truly moving! So many children, waiting for hours with their parents, witnessing the history, to be able to say they remember being in the booth ‘That Day”. Whether they were voting for the first woman VP or for Obama they saw democracy at work and they felt the energy in that record turnout.

    The majority of my coworkers are/were McCain supports so I’m trying to be gracious but dang, it’s hard to temper all this excitement. I heard that one said yesterday, we need a miracle. Well, they got it and his named is Barack Obama.

    There is so much more to tell but I’ll close with this: November 4, 2008 was the most phenomenal day of my life and I shall never forget it. Nothing has moved me, inspired me or excited me like yesterday. I feel incredibly privileged to have witnessed every minute! And finally, once again, I am a proud American!

    Thanks for letting me share,
    Julie Spencer


  154. Thank you Helen. Well said.

    I would add to your list of things to be concerned about that Proposition 8 passed in California, banning gay marriage for those same-sex couples not already married in CA. Those that married before the ban will remain legally married in CA.

    Similar amendments passed in Arizona and Florida.

    In Arkansas, a proposition that bans adoption among unmarried couples effectively banned gay people from adopting children.

    My partner and I, though born and raised in the United States, went to Canada to be married there. We have a son who is 20 years old – my partner’s biologic son and the center of my universe. We are lucky enough to have the resources to have hired an attorney and created a family trust that provides some of the protections granted those who decide to exercise their heterosexual right to marriage. Of course, we will continue to be denied the social security benefits and tax benefits of marriage.

    It breaks my heart to know that people genuinely believe that this ongoing discrimination is ok.

    I do join you all in celebrating the election of President Elect Barack Obama.


  155. Thank you both for your humor, wit and wisdom during some very unhappy hours. But now, there’s hope and along with our newly elected PRESIDENT OBAMA, I hope you will continue to speak out!


  156. I took the front section of today’s Washington Post and put it in the drawer with the one from Jacksonville early in the 20th century about the yellow fever epidemic, the one with the huge headline “Nixon Resigns” and the one about the murder of John Lennon. And the Life magazine with JFK on the cover. No doubt that this is the most important one yet.

    I suppose that keeping newspapers is sort of silly, now that everything is on the web, but at least when my kids clean out the house, they will have an idea of what was important to me.

    Incidentally, I was raised Republican in central Virginia, where feelings still run high, (although I saw the light years ago) and I have never been as proud of my vote as I was yesterday.

    Here’s to a new day.


  157. LOL Ann Coulter.

    Haven’t heard from that whackjob in a while. What’s she doin’ nowadays anyhow?


  158. @Bernice,

    We cried too. I’m so happy for you and all of us. I’m going to be 61 this friday and this was the first time I put out signs, gave money, signed petitions, emailed, etc. during an election.

    Thanks to people like Helen to enable us to share some thoughts.

    May the Force be with you.


  159. Amen to everything you ladies have had to say. I’m so proud of my young generation for getting out the vote (either direction) as much as we did. We all did it, yes we did!


  160. “but I will feel even better when Barbara Walters slaps the crap out of Elisabeth Hasselbeck.”

    I think I hear a Pay-per-‘VIEW’ special.

    PEACE ~ Obama ’08/’12


  161. My daughter-in-law sent me the URL for your blog just a couple of weeks ago, and I’m sorry I didn’t find it sooner.

    You are fantastic!

    I’m a 70 year old white, retired schoolteacher, and last night was one of the happiest moments of my life. Since the night Bobby Kennedy was shot, I’ve never really believed we’d get to where he was leading us. There’s new hope in me that America can fulfill its destiny – and I’ve lived to see it begin again. We really have overcome!


  162. I am thrilled beyond words. Truly.

    Thank you for bringing a much-needed dose of wisdom and reality to this election. Please keep blogging. It’s important work you’re doing here.


  163. It’s a great day in America! Americans united for a better America and a better future for our children.

    Thanks Margaret and Helen for giving us the focus and voice we needed and the humor that helped keep our blood pressure from exploding. Keep blogging and we’ll keep reading (and commenting)!


  164. I feel good, but I will feel even better when the pie in the oven is ready!!!!!!!


  165. BRILLIANT! I love it!

    I feel good, but I will feel even better when Palin goes back to Alaska and stays there.


  166. yes we can and yes we did! I am so glad and proud that americans have seen the light (well except for those that really think palin will make a good leader) …and blurred the lines that divide us! BLESSED BE and KEEP ON BLOGGING LADIES!


  167. @kalunaloca,

    Cayenne pepper! Absolutely!


  168. Loved your post, Helen, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m so glad that finally, intelligence prevailed over ignorance, even though ignorance won by a sliver in my state of Missouri, more’s the pity. I set off firecrackers all over my yard here in the rurals, where I’m surrounded by McCain/Palin signs. It sure felt wonderful to yell out from my hill, “This is for OBAMA, and this is for AMERICA!” Then I shot my fireworks into the air, letting freedom begin to ring once more in the USA. YES! WE! DID!


  169. yyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiippppppppppeeeeeeeee


  170. Thank you for expressing my thoughts so eloquently. We are Blue here in Colorado. Yay!

    It is hard for me to express my feelings of the wonder of the human spirit which has demonstrated its beauty in the face of the vile politics of the NeoCons.

    A stake has been driven into the heart of the Monster but it still wriggles. Words like yours helps to keep hammering away until Limbaugh, Coulter, Palin, Dole, Hasselbeck, and many many others are gone.

    Peace and the Force be with you.


  171. Yes we can!

    Wow. Yes we can.

    But we went forward AND backward in the same night.

    I’m amazed the same people who fought to elect an African American president still voted to write discrimination into the Constitution for gays and lesbians.

    The irony…


  172. Praise God!

    As a 45 year old African American last night’s election of President Elect Barack Hussein Obama, our 44th President of the United States of America meant far more to me than words can ever express!

    I spent the evening watching and waiting for the results with my husband and 26 year old son at times my heart and head felt like they were about to explode as we waited, I even thought about taking my meds so that I could just go to sleep and not have to suffer through, but I knew I wouldn’t , couldn’t I had to see this as it happened and then my younger son called me apparently the network he was watching was a slight bit advance, he had seen the words PRESIDENT ELECT OBAMA and immediately called home to celebrate with us, then we at home saw on the screen PRESIDENT ELECT OBAMA! We lost it, our minds that is for a long brief moment. I cried & shouted and praised God, my crying husband jumped up and down then ran outside blowing the horn while our son cried like a baby at the pride he had in Obama and his hope once again restored in America’s acceptance of him as a young capable intelligent black man in America!

    Thank all of you Black, White, Hispanic, Asians, Indian and all other Americans for making this happen, for doing your part!

    God Bless!


  173. Oh Happy DayS!!!

    My 9 yr old granddaughter wrote the above!!
    We were able to watch all the excitement together last night! A night I’ll never forget.
    (cept for prop 8 here and the other sad)

    Have a beautiful, blessed day!



  174. I am so blown away by the election results! Finally, intelligence and humility persevered over ignorance and hubris.

    Thank you again, Helen! I raise my slice of pie to you!


  175. YES WE CAN.

    Holy shit. YES WE CAN.

    But we went forward. And backward. In the same night.


  176. YES WE DID…so exciting…I was just introduced to your blog last week and I am so happy for you gals to be part of history, having your say and taking us all on a great ride. Today, I weep, tears of joy, for my 19 year old son and for the hope that he feels for his future…just wonderful.

    Now, as much as I thought that any island in Greece might be a nice place to live for the next 4 years, I am happy to stay put in my cozy home in RI!!

    blessings, blessings…


  177. Thank you for writing. You’re like cayenne pepper – you’ve added a welcome “kick” to my day.


  178. wwwwwoooooooooooooowwwwwwweeeeeeeeee


  179. I’m getting ready to watch “The View” – just to see if Whoopi will bitch-slap Hasselbeck!! Enough of her ignorant and un-educated drivel. And like some others…so glad I don’t have to sell the homestead and move!! Now, if those homophobes would let everyone be happy – all would be well.


  180. I’m still saddened by the fact that 3 states voted to discriminate against gays. I guess you don’t want to take this equality thing too far….


  181. To go from “whites only” bathrooms and water faucets; from Rosa Parks and Civil Rights movements; from racism and fear to a black President and hope and change; and witnessing all of this in one lifetime, is truly a very great miracle.

    Finally, I am again proud to be an American (not so to be a Californian).

    Helen, you are one very special lady.


  182. Finally, an adult president!

    Helen, thanks for your wit and wisdom. Please keep it coming, girl!

    Here’s to making Texas a swing state in 2012…I really thing it will happen.


  183. Helen, you’re a doll. And I’m not goin’ anywhere.


  184. Today I cried as I drove my children to school. The road ahead will be rough but at least there is hope. The conservative’s reign of terror is over and I for one am grateful to everyone who voted for something different.


  185. wrote…”He is a logical and considerate man (not a savior or messiah some of the more spoilsport, bad-mannered people in the GOP like to say”

    Today now that it is all over, I keep turning to what you said above Jennifer and HELEN Weigh in on this topic!

    Why are most of the Repub’s I’ve interacted with so fear based, so irritable, so angry, so close minded – I did say most before some of you Repubs reading jump down my throat. I have not said all. But if you can give me a well thought opinion about why the way they are? I’m going to get books from the library on the Repub party to see if I can determine the answer to this interesting sociological question.



    It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and have hope in your heart for the future. Obama becoming President has given all Americans hope for the future and has opened doors for so many young people.

    January 20th when Obama takes office, I will be turning 62 and it will be a very good day for the both of us. It’s been eight long years since I had a good one.

    Margaret and Helen, please keep up the great work, I stop by every day to see what is new.
    I hope you continue on I really mean that too!


  187. Helen, up here in Dallas I attended the Dallas County Democratic Election Watch Party. Thousands of people, and it looked like America: skins of every conceivable color, people of every age, gay and straight. When CNN announced Virginia and followed by declaring Obama the winner, I (overweight middle-aged white woman) was swept up by some young black men, who shook my hand until I thought the bones would crack, and everyone was crying and shouting and hugging and it was just amazing.

    Wish you had been here. You would have loved it. So would Harold.

    You have been such a bright spark and have been so encouraging in the last weeks. Thank you so much. Hope you keep blogging.

    Now we have to get to work.


  188. Sophiagroup wrote “Ahhh finally I can say I’m proud of my country, what an overwhelming relief that is! Finally I can say that we have done some growing up, we have a bit more to do before we’re safe from our own ideology but this, this is a HUGE step. I am so proud today, so happy that my face literally aches from crying, laughing, cheering and smiling.” I couldn’t say it better.

    Please Helen keep writing, please please please. I think what you have done and provided is more valuable than you can imagine. Just as we have voted in our first African American President….you have clearly shown to me that people DO respect our elderly and their viewpoints. And you have taught us to continue to be open-minded and flexible and agile in our thinking as we age. My motto “I want to get younger as I get older” You have a very young, clear mind and logical thought process.

    Please please keep blogging Helen.


  189. Helen,

    Thank you for getting me through the past couple weeks of this historical campaign with your humor and wisdom.

    The thing about historical changes is that they are sometimes a major pain in the ass to live through — but no one ever promised me a rose garden. And today I say, “Worth it, worth it, worth it!” I am proud of America today.

    I was able to go to the Obama rally in Chicago last night (it’s where I live) . You wouldn’t believe what a peaceful, relieved and joyful crowd had gathered in the park.

    I have to savor that today. The last 8 years have been the hardest of my life. Today I am proud to have voted for Obama twice — 2 years ago for Senator and yesterday for President. He is a logical and considerate man (not a savior or messiah some of the more spoilsport, bad-mannered people in the GOP like to say) and he got where he is today because he knows that ours is a “…government of the people, by the people, for the people…”


  190. As Helen so aptly says, we’ve got a lot of work to do still. Not only did a whole LOT of people use their best judgment to vote McCain/Palin and a few other choice candidates, but think about this….

    When will a single mother get to the White House?

    What about a divorced president? What about a gay president? What about someone who used to be on welfare?

    In short, when do WE get to be president?

    OH, and I’m APPALLED that the measure banning gay couples from adopting in AR passed. Just appalled. When are we going to realize that regardless of whether or not you agree with someone’s lifestyle or choices, an infringement on THEIR rights is an infringement on YOUR rights.


  191. What a ride. It’s still sinking in…
    My confidence is renewed. After eight years of disbelief and chronic disappointment over the direction in which our country was gleefully plunging, this country decided to snap of it and make a sane decision at the polls. Right on!!

    BUT (‘buzz kill’ warning…) I am from California, so the passage of Prop 8 deeply saddens me. (52% voted in favor of banning the already legal gay marriage v.s. 48%) The ‘yes’ camp was successful because they spread lies and scared folks into what amounted to a ‘boogie man’ message. What’s up with that?!? I am really bummed about this folks because I can’t comprehend how over half this ‘blue’ state could have been deceived by such xenophobia. Today we are pale blue….

    But back to Barack—HOW SWEET IT IS!
    To everyone who voted for Change, volunteered, contributed, blogged—remind yourself how good this feels and continue to pay it forward so we keep up this momentum.

    YES WE CAN !!! YES WE DID !!!

    And Helen, I’ve said this before, but you were a life line. Thank you for all your great energy and your brilliant brain and razor sharp wit. Think of all the good you did. You’re a goddess!

    Love you BAD, girl!!!



  192. The thing that I was most impressed about the whole thing was looking over the sea of faces in Grant Park and seeing all races of people hugging, crying and celebrating together.

    This is truly a historic day.

    Be proud of your choice and help him get out of the crisis your country is in, because he can’t do it alone.


    I am so excited that Obama is our new president I could not even go to bed last night until I knew for sure after the last election you never know what to expect.
    And to Marcia when you asked “Do you think Palin realizes that she has no future in the White House?”. Yes I think she does realize it. If you saw McCain speak last night and saw the look in her eyes she absolutely knew. I almost felt sad for her. She looked very very disappointed almost as she was in a state of shock. She was fighting back her tears and held on to that fake smile because she definately was not happy. I think that she realized that her expected run in 2012 has no chance of coming to light.

    I am sure everyone here is excited and the world is excited with us. They now realize that we are tired of the same old politics and that we are ready for a new beginning. Congrats to everyone who contributed to the election of Obama you have just made history.

    God Bless everyone and our country.

    To Helen and Margaret you helped us make it through these last months with a smile and kept us believing that it would happen. You spoke for many of us who were tired of the nastiness of the election. I hope you keep writing because I really look forward to reading your posts each day.


  194. History has been made! A black president will be inaugurated 1/09, the 100th anniversary of the NAACP. I believe anything is possible in the USA now. Hooray!

    My prayer for him is that he will be a president with integrity and dignity and leave an honorable legacy.


  195. I think this is the 3rd happiest day of my life, the other two being when my girls were born.

    And I agree; it will be another happy day when Barbara Walters slaps the crap out of Elizabeth Hasselbeck.


  196. Dearest Helen and Margaret….
    I haven’t been here in a while. I’ve been working and campaigning and writing elsewhere, but I thought of you and wanted to come back and tell you “YES WE CAN” and how you are an inspiration. My 86 year old mom had a stroke a couple of years ago and she is not mentally well though physically fine. She was active and bright and now is a mess. It was so wonderful to find you and rediscover what I lost in her.


  197. I am so happy ha pp y ha ppyyyy. I cannot tell you! Thank you for your blog helen it was almost as goos as barrack winning!!!! Take care xxxxx


  198. Dance today. Everyone, together, start working to bring back this country tomorrow.


  199. I am so sad that I only discovered you and Margaret last week — your voice has been a dose of reality in a world of spin.

    As an aside, my maternal grandmother was named Margaret — and her sister, Helen.

    Yes we did!! and Now we Will!!!


  200. Hallelujah! The only thing that would make me even happier…would be for Sarah Palin to get run over by a stampeding herd of caribou. And maybe have her trigger finger chewed off by a wolf. I don’t want her dead, just roughed up a bit. Karma, you know!


  201. I am so happy! I wanted to call last night and celebrate. I am so impressed with this man – his character, his vision, his elegant mannerisms – everything. I believe and trust him and think we, our country, and the world will be a better place for having him as our president.

    I am so happy.

    Phyllis in NC


  202. Helen-
    We have tons of work to do, but we are ALL Americans again! Yes, we are!
    Let’s remember to let go of our divides for awhile… this is the time, now, to shake hands over the ruins of the fences we have torn down and get to work.
    And thank you- all- for sending the gov home. We want to have words with her. Alaska has a lot of growing up to do. We have been stuck in the burp and fart middle-school maturity level for so long. Not sure we’re quite ready to move on… but the chinook wind has begun!


  203. Today I am truly proud to be an American!

    Thank you for your blog. Unlike McCain you kept it real and did not snowball any of the issues. Please keep it up. Your insight is refreshing.


  204. I admit that it does still frighten me how relatively close the popular vote.

    That American can still be so split, so evenly, with the two sets of candidates we had, says that a whole lot of people (most of them) may never change.

    I only hope that the change in the air helps ease the younger generations into giving up the hopeless shackles of ignorance that allow so many to vote against the interests of the common person and against any kind of common sense.


  205. YES WE CAN & WE DID!!!!!

    You are right about Coulter & Rush. But we need to add Fox news and the Dr. Dobson’s of this world to this list. I am so tired of fear and division in this country. We all live here.

    Thanks ladies for making this election bearable. While I could laugh hysterically at Palin’s “oddities” the actual thought that she could have been one heartbeat from running our country made me physically sick. I am so glad that she can go back to Alaska. They seem to like her and they can gladly keep her.

    Look forward to your blog now that this election is over too!


  206. Oh and ICK as I sit here watching Tucker Carlson saying how offended he is by the hoopla about Obama’s win. His views and position are so far outside my ‘comfort zone’ I can’t even begin to speak to them.

    If he doesn’t GET how historic this election is, then he didn’t study American History in Elementary School, as I did.



  207. She wasn’t part of the winning team, but she did manage to pull off pageant hair in a Carhart jacket. Real maverick, she.

    Congrats Helen and Margaret,


  208. Thank you, Helen and Margaret, for your votes, your wisdom, and your humor. You brightened each day for the past several weeks, ever since I found your site.

    Keep up the great work.


  209. This is a fabulous day! I almost can’t believe it, but I am so thrilled! I went to bed after Obama spoke, but i still turned on my TV once i awoke this morning to make sure nothing had changed overnight!!

    The only negative aspect of it is that so far the gay marriage ban is looking like it will pass in CA. I find this shocking and disturbing. Hopefully the last 5% of precincts will turn it around, but it will be close…and it’s not looking good.

    So one HUGE step forward for this country with our new President-Elect…but as Helen says about the people that voted for McCain/Palin, and the people that are voting for Prop 8, we are still behind in other ways and have a long way to go.

    But here’s looking to a bright future. I can see it coming:)


  210. keeping writing! there is so much to clean up from the last 8 years that I’m sure you will find something to comment about. Also, will we get another “Letter to the Family”? Christmas maybe….?


  211. Ahhh finally I can say I’m proud of my country, what an overwhelming relief that is! Finally I can say that we have done some growing up, we have a bit more to do before we’re safe from our own ideology but this, this is a HUGE step. I am so proud today, so happy that my face literally aches from crying, laughing, cheering and smiling.

    Now we have to bring equality amongst the religious and non religious and put that ideology to rest, keep the sacred “sacred” and separate and we’ll truly be remarkable and capable of changing the world.

    We sent a huge signal that we are not uninformed or stupid, that we are ‘not’ racist (61% of the vote was white) and that we are ready to change the world for the better starting first at home! It’s about time! So now we have to rewrite the song “waiting on the world to change” to something more along the lines of “join us in being the change you want to see in the world”!

    My heart in hand, my love to you all! Welcome to the New World at last.


  212. Yea OBAMA!


  213. Do you think Palin realizes that she has no future in the White House?

    We did good, America!


  214. I feel like I had to come here and celebrate with you. I wondered what would happen the day after, and you know what? I’m still hitting all the sites I hit yesterday because I still care and this is only the beginning of the next stage of what happens to the US. (I am only just now getting an inkling of what this means to the world).

    I hope you’ll keep blogging about what we can, what we did, and what we’re going to do. Words matter and especially when they come from someone as fun and witty as you.


  215. Thank you Helen. I, too, will be coming by in the weeks ahead hoping you are sharing thoughts with us. My red state made small movement toward reason — but didn’t quite make it. If the figure given late last night, with a very positive spin, that 43% of white voters voted for Obama, I think we have a very long way to go. Yet I rejoice that my granddaughter, at 10 months, will be growing up in a nation that has changed in a fundamental way. I rejoice that much of the world appears to be breathing a sigh of relief. I rejoice that we now have a leader who is thoughtful, intelligent, and it appears quite wise. Which is, I’ve always thought, what leadership should be about. Hugs!!!


  216. I am also amazed that 55 million people actually voted for McCain—I just dont get it. Listen Helen, you’re ride is not over—I just got my tee shirt—very nice quality I must say, and we love your blog—it is good for us—please dont stop and I still would love to read Margarets blog too.

    I just cant quit smiling!!!!!!!!


  217. YES WE DID!!!!


  218. With tears and great joy, onward to a new path of unity and problem solving. Keep blogging!


  219. Thanks Helen. Your posts always give me a little humor in my day. After disappointments in 2000 and 2004, I, like so many others, was having trouble being optimistic. Your posts helped me overcome that — although I was still worried right up until 11 p.m. last night.


    Like others, I hope that you will keep writing. I think that Obama’s win has reinforced how important it is for us all to listen to all the voices, and your perspective, as an older lady in Texas, is a good one to consider. Thank you.


  220. Helen,

    Thanks again for your part in bringing to the White House a person who will ask us not to shop but serve! How wonderful and amazing to feel so hopeful given the country’s current situation.

    I feel good too but will feel better when the 3 million absentee ballots result in NO on 8 in California. Did you notice last night that when he spoke about prop 8 AC used your commentor’s “marriage equality”?

    President – elect (it feel good to type that too!) Obama told us there is hard work ahead. Please help us with all of that too and keep writing.


  221. I’m ecstatic about the election results! I’m ready for change and I know Obama will bring it.

    However, I’ve very saddened that Prop 8 passed here in California. Very disappointing.


  222. P.S. I secretly can’t wait to hear what Sean Hannity has to say for himself today!


  223. I’ll be happier too, without Rush and the gang, but the great thing now is, that even if we accidentally catch Ann Coulter on what will surely be the failing Fox News Network, at least we know that the VAST majority of Americans DO NOT AGREE WITH HER!


  224. thank you, thank you for your blog. Last night I was able to have my moment, after 8 long years of waiting. it was a glorious moment at that!! We won! the Country won!


  225. I may tune into The View this morning just to see what the attitude might be. It would be nice to see lizabeth eat some crow.



  226. We watched this from 9 time zones away, at 8am here in Armenia my husband and I watched Barak’s speech and wept (with joy).

    Helen, you have provided this far-flung American girl (born and bred blue!) with relief, humor, and balance during some crazy days… please continue to write… even only occasionally – you have touched thousands in a marvelous way and it would be a shame not to have you to laugh with and shake my head with (“what WERE they thinkin?”).

    many, many hugs to you – Rachel


  227. Dutch passport, living in France. Yet, after having lived there still in love with the US, and thus today is a very, very happy day for me/us/the world.

    Barack Obama made it and he’ll keep his promises. I’m sure he will. May G-d protect him and his loved ones.

    I reminded him (on my blog) of the promise about a dog he made to his daughters.

    Big deal, he won’t read it, but it will show the world my gorgeous Bardd Blewyn, the long-haired poet (in Welsh), my best friend, also know as one of my dogs.

    Am going to make some wheelies on my wheelchair. YIPPEE!
    Holy smoke, it’s a super good day today, isn’t it?


  228. It was a good feeling to wake up this morning knowing that the world is so mcuh a better place for what we all did yesterday.

    What a privelege to be a pivotal part of history.

    May we all continue to work towards this great direction we have turned to….


  229. Like everyone else who has or will comment on your blog today, I thank you for your humor, your wisdom, and for the smarmy way you expressed both over the last weeks of this election. If you never blog again, you’ve done your country a great service. I’m with JuneauJoe–a dinner in the White House with Barak and Michelle is the least they can do. 😉

    If you keep writing, I’ll keep reading. Thank you, dear one. You’re the ginchiest.


  230. Like everyone else who has or will comment on your blog today, I thank you for your humor, your wisdom, and for the smarmy way you expressed both over the last weeks of this election. If you never blog again, you’ve done your country a great service. I’m with JuneauJoe–a dinner in the White House with Barak and Michelle is the least they can do. 😉

    If you keep writing, I’ll keep reading. Thank you, dear one. You’re the ginchiest.


  231. I cried and cheered and cried some more. My grandparents are not here to see this but I think we all now can get ready to roll out sleeves up even more and get to work. There are still some “haters” out there but we have to prove to them that WE DID IT AND WE CAN CONTINUE TO!

    Thank you Helen!

    It feels good to be so darn Blue!


  232. Big Brother loves Ann Coulter. She reminds him of his scrawny crazy ex-GF.


  233. Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading this blog, Helen. I hope you keep writing!


  234. OK, so can we now sell Alaska (right along with Ms. Palin) to the Russians? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE?


  235. Love you two and your T-shirts!!!!


  236. I woke up with a big smile this morning. Isn’t this a wonderful day!!!
    Thank you for everything you wrote!
    And Write On!


  237. Thank goodness.


  238. I hope you ladies are invited to dinner at the White House. Thank You for your wisdom.


  239. Thanks so much for sharing your wit and wisdom with us. It has been a pleasure. Please keep on blogging.


  240. YES WE DID.

    Thank goodness. Now I don’t have to move to Canada.



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