Posted by: Helen Philpot | July 26, 2011

Peace and Quiet for Michele Bachmann

Margaret, it was hard but it’s done. We lived in that house for 47 years. But change is good. A new adventure, Margaret, a new adventure… Besides I was bordering on being one of those hoarders and this move required my getting rid of a load of shit.

And speaking of a load of shit, I’ve been meaning to tell you that Rick Perry’s day of prayer is really just a healing circle for Michele Bachmann. You see if Jesus is busy answering all of our prayers, he won’t have time to speak to Michele. Those migraines should be gone in no time with one less voice in her head. In that vacuum the echo must have been deafening.

One last thing before I go. Was it my imagination or did that orange fellow who speaks for the house just pee all over my television set last night? Men and their pissing matches… what a bore.

Well, new city and a new house. Life goes on. Change is good. I promise to write more often. I mean it. Really.


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  2. D’ailleurs, a propos de membre de l’Académie, ll parait que le réputé libraire Gérard Collard, qui tient la librairie Griffe Noire, va se présenter pour être élu à l’Academie Française !!!. Je pense que ça offrirait un nouvelle élan à l’Académie, foi de Saint Maurien. Non?


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  4. Miss your wonderful comments, Helen and Margaret. Hope you are well.


  5. Welcome Back, Helen! So glad to see you back! Good Luck as you start your new life in your new home. I’ve moved more times than I can count, it’s never gets easier, and there’s always a pile of boxes with who knows what in it that follow me no matter where I move.

    Anyway, hugs to you and Margaret! Friendships like yours are treasures we all cherish.

    Can’t tell you how much you’ve been missed!


  6. Helen I am thrilled to see that you are back and hope you are enjoying your new digs. Oh – and continue to ignore the assholes. They are everywhere, aren’t they?


  7. I agree Sally but I find something very refreshing about just boiling it down as he does and just speaking his mind. A quality few folks have these days.


  8. Noah,

    lol, I did enjoy Archie Bunker, but would not want him as my spokesman. He tended to generalize and was very myopic, imo.

    I must admit I am more like Edith.

    Good self sufficiency going on in your home. Suggest you also buy some junk old silver coins for the just in case.



  9. A wise man once said….


  10. I took wilderness survival classes since I was in Boy Scouts. So every year from 14 to about 35 I went for 1 week a year. It was about then my body informed me sleeping on the ground was better left for younger people so I stopped going. My wife makes decorative candles that we use as wedding/birthday gifts. Yeast is not all that hard. I sew better than my wife (thanks 7th grand home economics.) Flour I understand the concept but have never tried. I smoke meats and make jerky all the time which is similar to salting for preserving meats. We also have a solar dehydrator that works on just about everything, makes great snacks. My wife is incredible with canning. We have a back porch/cellar that is filled to capacity from what we grow in our garden. We usually end up giving 20-30 jars away each spring as we can never seem to eat it all.


  11. Helen just put out a new post!

    Noah/Pfesser – No I don’t expect the world to come to an end like in Alas Babylon. But I do think the lack of money or lack of goods in stores would be more the problem. Most of depend upon the stores to supply our needs even if we make things. I can bake bread, sew, make candles etc. However, I don’t know how to make yeast, flour, thread, wax, wicks etc. etc. without going to the store. I have a garden but don’t know how to keep seeds over the winter or destroy insects or blight etc. I remember from the book the need for salt to preserve the meat and what they went through to find a salt lick.

    The younger generation(s) has not put aside money nor do they to know how to sew or cook without the microwave. Well I will admit this is a generalization.



  12. Craig, I think often of Valery, you , Mageen and her husband. I have never been where you are, but in 1992 our doctor told me to settle my affairs. I focused on that because I had already “known” I would die in the past.

    From my experience it is the loneliest feeling one can have. You are fighting for your life, but for everyone else, the sun rises and sets and chances of death rarely intrude. You are an outsider looking in at what you once knew. You already know it sucks, but it does big time.

    Tap Duncan, thanks for the story. Yes, RIP Waylon.

    My wife and I have also made preparations in case of emergencies. It is only prudent because we live in the sticks and must be ready for blizzards and severe storms.

    My father said that no matter how bad it is someone will make money. Anyone who could save or invest during the Nixon-Carter stagflation earned good interest from savings.Whether or not it kept up with the loss of dollar value is another matter.

    Cynthia, thanks for reminding us of “Alas Babylon.” I had forgotten it.

    An apocalyptic story from the 1950’s is “No Blade of Grass.”

    Now is a time to mention “Country Folk Will Survive” by Hank Williams Junior.


  13. Dispossessing yourself of stuff, or sh@t as you call it, is wonderful. If only it were as easy of dispossessing ourself of some of these politicians. Enjoy your new place, your new life, and don’t forget to write.


  14. Noah, I’m not going to dump much on Donna P because the mood now is too good to spoil. I know you all are successful and good people.

    I will write this. Whenever she buys food or gasoline mixed with ethanol, some might have come directly or indirectly from our farm. A survey shows that the gallons of ethanol produced is gaining on the gallons of oil we import from Saudi Arabia.

    Our house is on our farm. We own the farm. Thus, no one tells me when to use or not use a computer.

    I also do computer research work for myself and for others. I am now researching how so called Cro- magnon people lived–also the European mummies found in western China. You all are probably already getting bored..


  15. OK, I don’t comment too often, but I will say this, my father in law fired Waylon from his first weekly gig in Scottadale, AZ. In fact he is mentioned in WAYLON, a Biography. Waylon was a favorite of his, but always late or a no show. They both butted heads all the time. Bill finally gave him a second chance and the rest is history. Bill and my MIL were flown to the tribute by Kris himself. Cool family history. RIP Waylon, you were one in a million…


  16. Cynthia –
    I’m not suggesting a post-apocalyptic scenario, but I am *very* worried. I put away money many years ago for my sons’ educations, so no matter what happens that is covered, and my wife/I have a skill set that will put us in reasonably good shape if things really get out of hand. I grew up on a farm and we used a horse to plow, we put up hay in haystacks. I can weld, do machine work, plumb, do house wiring, grow a garden and a lot of other things. I have a tractor, hunting rifles and shotguns, etc, but I don’t expect things to get to that point. (but who knows?)

    I expect the unbridled printing of money that has taken place recently to put us in a severe inflationary state. I’ve done quite a bit of reading recently on economics and I don’t see any way to avoid it. The Treasury has tried to keep it down but you cannot violate basic laws of economics, no matter who you are and it is simple supply-and-demand. If you have too many dollars chasing too few goods severe inflation is inevitable. I fear it is the Nixon/Carter years all over again. I lived those times and it was horrible. It seems we didn’t learn a thing, dammit!


  17. Whine whine whine, that’s all some folks know how to do.


  18. We are already avid gardeners. We help run a community garden and have a acre and a half garden of our own. Tomatoes, 3 kinds of beans, squash and pumpkins, cucumbers, carrots and potatoes, strawberries, 2 kinds of grapes, radishes, rhubarb, and corn. We have a big duck and chicken coop pens set up. Our property is a 1/4 mile from a good size river which feeds into a 60′ 150ish’ pond. No electric or gas, but a gas powered generator. A hand pump well with so much iron in the water that you could stick a magnet to it, Beautiful in the spring and fall, not so easy to access in the winter. A big salary and corn fields west and north of us make for great deer hunting. A wonderful place to get away from everything and everyone.

    My wife is an incredible baker. We have not bought a loaf of bread in 10 years. I am the master of fire. If it had fur, I can cook it. I have a brick oven/grill/whatever we use when we come here on the weekends. We have never come out in the winter so not sure how well prepared we are for that.


  19. “We canceled our vacation and spent $1600 on a military rations kit for our little home away from home.”

    Noah – I would suggest you read “Alas Babylon” written in the 60’s. It will give you an idea of what to do after your military rations run out. I read it then just after the Cuban Missile crisis and it caused me to realize just how important knowing the “old” ways of doing things is even if you never have to use them.

    Pfessor – you might consider finding one of these. Years ago in this area there were steam shows. Old tractors and equipment run on steam. A local farmer who is now in a nursing home was a big steam enthusiast. He had on his farm a working steam sawmill, grist mill, thrashers, rock crusher, etc. and various equipment which ran off the steam tractor driven by ?(fan) belts. He also did a lot of his farming with horses. You could always find a steam fair somewhere during the summer. Sadly these old gentlemen have passed away and no one has continued on with steam. Now we just have the old gas tractors. Draft horses are popular but most have never done a day’s work plowing.



  20. “Eight Miles High” Donna…
    Delurker you must have been reading my mind…
    Thanks James also for the thoughts…
    and a shout out to Mageen
    Howdy PFessor.
    May-July have not been good months around the ranch.

    Valerie I have said before, some days I’m the target other days I’m just lucky to duck….
    Last night I found Val reading in bed, a complete anthology about of these doctor tell all books that cover all cancers. I asked her about it,and she said she was just reading the part pertaining to her. She said the book said, if she made it a year she would at least make it 3-4 years….then based on med it even got into prayer and crystals and crap. IT just makes it all that more painful to wonder, do I have her for six more months or just three years…
    She is completing her 7th cycle tomorrow..and the last cycle , the 8th..before we see the specialist will be August 23rd.
    We shaved her head last weekend as it was getting a lil lacking. Now we both look a matching set of cue balls.
    While visiting friends in mid July she had a melt down in a dressing room in California while trying on dresses. Unfortunately it had one of those mirrors that show 360′ deg. and she saw no hair. Fortunately a girl friend was there to comfort her. I’ve just been telling her she looks great..which to me she does.
    Val wants grand children…and only wants to live to see one or two…would love a lil girl to dote on. The Kids are working on it but its only been 5 months.
    She continues to work at school..just lethargic,no taste buds..sunburned like hands and feet due to chemo meds..and temperamental. But what the hey..
    she has always been a feisty one.
    I still love her.

    On that note…later Ya-all


  21. Take note, James, Pfesser, Wayne, and others are all accused of being mean, and personally attacking others and being toxic. No one said anything to Donna P, had nothing mean to say, yet she felt the need to make statements about us being unemployed or stealing from our employers. WHY? What is possibly to be gained by attempting to besmirch our character. Just a perfect example of what we have been saying all along about the Libs on this board. Thanks for proving my point better than I could have Donna P.


  22. Donna P, I have to wonder if the comments bother you so much…why bother to comment on not reading or commenting on them? The true story, unwarranted personal attacks, nothing of substance, yep shes a Liberal, heres your sign.


  23. I come here to see if I can hear any more wisdom from Helen or Margaret as they’re spot on and wise beyond my (somewhat) tender years. I’ve decided not to read the comments anymore as they’ve been highjacked by basement dwellers who contribute nothing to society (they’re on here ALL DAY so they’re either unemployed or stealing from their employer) and who do nothing but spout their delusional rhetoric and right wing lies. I’d advise Margaret and Helen to not read them either.


  24. Sadly many of us saw this coming. We canceled our vacation and spent $1600 on a military rations kit for our little home away from home. I got an antique hand crank blender this past weekend at a show and plan to continue to purchase like items, just in case.


  25. Here is a song their are not teaching in school.


  26. Worse? You ain’t seen worse yet. I’m going out after work to look at a set of plows and discs for my tractor.


  27. Esh, if this Reed bill passes, it will raise the debt limit another 2.4 Trillion dollars. 40% debt increase in 2.5 years, now the largest increase to the debt limit in history. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse.


  28. I saw the irony as soon as the mud flew.

    Now, I think of the improptu truce WW1 allied and German soldiers had when they sang Christmas carols from one trench to another and played soccer.

    I like Kinky Friedman.

    I don’t remember Ken Hamblin, but I remember Wolfman Jack and “Clap for the Wolfman” by the Guess Who.

    As we moved stuff out ahead of the flood, I found an old article about one of the first radio hosts. He called himself the Milkman and stumbled on a working formula in 1939. He played records, gave market reports, and read lists and descriptions of missing persons.

    The show and listeners exchanged so many telegraphs, they employed a telegrapher to keep track of them all. The Milkman and she teased each other,and he had the audience convinced he she was the sexiest woman in New York City.

    A columnist wrote that on our present course, the United States will become an insurance provider while operating the military and other functions as side lines.


  29. alsaskapi, thanks to that video, I feel as though a baseball had struck me in the chest.

    In ways no one will understand, that musical poem was I. Not to be morbid, but since age 26, when one season ends, I don’t expect to be around to see another. Death to me is not an abstraction because we were companions for so long. I want the song at my funeral.

    That lyric is more than great. Thanks again.


  30. Anyone remember a radio host named Ken Hamblin, the Black Avenger? He had a show for many years and he had a standing challenge. Show me a town run by a Black Liberal that was prospering.

    Washington D.C.? 🙂

    Of course, the man had to bankrupt the rest of the country to do it.


  31. Anyone remember a radio host named Ken Hamblin, the Black Avenger? He had a show for many years and he had a standing challenge. Show me a town run by a Black Liberal that was prospering. In the entire time his show was on the air no one ever won that challenge.


  32. For those that don’t think our situation needs serious fixing, our debt is now 100% of our GDP. We owe more than we make as a country in a year. In 2.5 years the Messiah increased our debt 40%. We have to reduce spending.


  33. run MB OFF…with all the peace…


  34. no anony- the irony is lovely
    and human
    and perhaps we’ll run MB with all our peace-and-quiet 🙂


  35. Am I the only reader who notices the IRONY of comments in direct conflict the name of this post “Peace and Quiet”?


  36. Get him to run for gov. Like us you couldn’t do much worse than your last couple three…

    You mean the governor that has overseen the creation of 40% of the jobs in America during this horrid and failed regime of the Obombba?

    Nah, we need to keep our gov. 🙂 Plus the uber, man hating feminists hate him. That’s a bonus.

    Looks to me like Kinky ought to move to libbie land. Their the states that are bankrupt. He might be able to help them out – he could at least make them laugh.


  37. Jacque- 🙂 Get him to run for gov. Like us you couldn’t do much worse than your last couple three…

    For James , Pfesser, Raji-
    poetry of lyric at it’s best


  38. Alaska,

    😆 😆

    Yeah, I didn’t figure that one was going to rank up there with the greats, but it did remind me that I thought the two candidates so bad in 2008, I was ready to pull the trigger (no pun intended) for Kinky in the 2008 Presidential election – if he could have only made the ballot!

    And that ain’t no joke!


  39. Jacque-
    “the problem with irony is not everybody gets it…”



  40. Raji- Another truly laughing out loud moment!
    A bazillion years ago I dated, for a very short time (whew!), a guy who thought white pants wearing was the sign of a true lady. Since I could never manage that without immediately spilling coffee all over them or sitting in bird flop on a bench I decided being a lady wasn’t for me . 🙂

    Have been a tiny part of a group which brings together local musicians for concerts every winter for a long time now. Whatever it is that is going on in the music industry the last decade or so really has stifled spreading work by new or interesting artists but there ARE plenty out there.
    This non-profit works hard to share work
    does a great job too.


  41. Well, since you guys and gals are reminiscing about the 60s, why don’t we give a shout out to one Charles Whitman on the 45th Anniversary of his demise?

    Hope you guys and gals like Kinky Friedman. 😈


  42. Pfesser- I truly did laugh out loud about the writing-down-insights thingy! Have memories of many, many college friends talking about similar experiences and what the clear light of day shed on their insights and epiphanies 🙂

    Will have to track down Swamp Witch. Lyrics /poetry of songwriting are part of many years long discussions with friend Buddy here

    I missed a lot of the music folks are bringing here as I so often lived where there was no clear radio signal. Had an old beatup stereo for years- upon which all artists sounded like early Bob Dylan 🙂

    I love Patsy Cline!
    She even sounded great on that old stereo!


  43. Here it is August 1, 2011. Politics is like is was last month and politicians are worthless like preachers and used car salesmen. Find me a preacher who will preach a man, or woman, into Hell, and he has my vote. Find me a politician who goes to that preacher’s church and I will vote for him.


  44. Cynthia – Apparently trying to impress the guy who would be my husband. First and last time for white pants. I don’t remember the bar because I was always in the 3 mile line for the ladies room 😉

    James, that song brings back memories

    “In a castle dark or a fortress strong
    With chains upon my feet
    You know that ghost is me
    and I will never be set free
    as long as I’m a ghost that you can’t see.”

    Wish I could download the music being presented here. Probably just as well as I would spend all day listening.

    I agree with Pfesser, we all need to relax more and listen to the music that meant so much to us. I see kids today painting fences with their ipods.


  45. I wanted to hear “Living in the Past,” so I listened on you tube. I also learned what most of you probably already know.

    Ian Anderson was not a hippie, though he looked like one. He was anti -drug, and it helped create a rift between he and Robert Plaint. Anderson also angered some of the anti- war movement, because “Living in the Past” was an anti- anti- Vietnam war protest song.

    He also has a Masters Degree in music.


  46. I also remember Jim Stafford and his song about mariguana.

    I think he and Bobby Gentry, the singer of Ode to Billy Joe dated.

    I never did drugs, but I liked vodka. An impromptu Air Force birthday party for another man and me ended with my teeth and tongue numb. We thought we were good enough for a recording contract as we sang songs line 2525, but in reality, our noise would have frightened cats and small children.


  47. Cynthia, I had forgotten “We are Family.” I’d fly to Washington DC to watch Congress snake. Wouldn’t it be nice if Nancy Pelosi and Michele Bachman sang two part harmony?

    You’re welcome PFessor, I like Don Williams, another singing poet.

    “When I was a kid,
    I ran with a boy down the street
    and I watched him burn himself up
    with bourbon and speed
    But I was smart
    and I could choose
    Learned to talk
    like the man on the six o clock news
    When I was eighteen
    lord, I hit the road
    But it really doesn’t matter
    how far I go
    I can still hear the southern
    wind in the wide oak trees
    and those Williams boys
    still mean a lot to me
    Hank and Tennesee
    So what do you do
    with good ole boys like me?”
    I don’t remember all of the words, but that is basically it.

    Gary was a television meteorologist, and he lived a troubled life . He was unwanted as a child and was shuffled from home to home. Drugs and alcohol would have killed him, but he became a born again Christian.

    He was a storm chaser, and his videos are probably still on you tube. Oklahoma passed legislation praising him after his hunch saved a town from a tornado.

    Gary was not who he seemed. He kept his dark side hidden, and we didn’t even know his real name until after he died of a sudden heart attack.Since we knew him, my wife and I attended his funeral. As one would expect a big crowd turned out because he was a local celebrity.

    We expected religious music to start, but we got

    “In a castle dark or a fortress strong
    With chains upon my feet
    You know that ghost is me
    and I will never be set free
    as long as I’m a ghost that you can’t see.”

    It was the song he wanted played at his funeral.

    I also like “and all that remains
    is the faces and the names
    of the wives and sons and daughters”

    after the “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”


  48. black bayou, not back.


  49. Alaskapi –

    Jim Stafford. Do you remember “Swamp Witch” (Hattie)? I love poetry and always thought the lyrics read perfectly. It hits every cadence just right. (Rumours of what she’d done – and rumours of what she’d do – kept folks off the track of Hattie’s shack – in the back – of the back – bayou.) Delightful! To my eye at least, only “The Raven” by Poe does it better.

    I always thought that “If You Could Read My Mind, Love” by Lightfoot had the best lyrics in rock and roll. It’s a recount of his divorce as a young man. His daughter asked him to change the lyrics when he performs from “…just trying to understand – the feelings that you lack” to “we lack,” and he has complied. On all the later Youtube versions that’s what he says. good stuff.


  50. re: great music. Wow. References to some super performers here. Poolman – Yes? What a group. So very different from everything else. My roomie in college bought at least one album per week of different stuff. I didn’t have any money to buy music – or a stereo. I had grown up on country music but really started liking some of the rock and pretty soon was a convert. I kept asking, “Now who is that playing?” when I heard something I liked. Usually it was Moody Blues; I became a super fan; my younger son’s middle name is Graeme, after Graeme Edge. I saw them in concert in DC two years ago; Edge, Hayward (of course) and John Lodge still in the band. They sounded phenomenal. If you get any extra time, go to Youtube and listen to “Forever Autumn” by Hayward. It’s from Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. I have the album, narrated by Richard Burton. It gives you chills.

    God the time we blew getting ripped and listening to rock! Wonderful memories. Jethro Tull…I had a prof in school who had – get this – FIVE degrees from Georgia Tech in engineering and mathematics, who wouldn’t listen to anything except Tull.

    Did anybody else ever get stoned and try to write down their “insights?” My roomies and I lived in a little house we had rented out in the country and one night decided to classify *all* rock and roll…LOL! We thought we were having the most amazing discussion and wrote it all down (as best we could write in that condition). The next day it read like gibberish and nobody could remember what the amazing insights were…I just talked to my roomies last month and we are getting together this fall; lots of great memories to re-live.

    Skynyrd – love “The Breeze.” Allmans – “Jessica” is my fave. Greg did an album called “Laid Back” and my fave is Midnight Rider, better I think than the version done by the whole group.

    Patsy Cline. I drove to Cleveland earlier this week to see my ailing brother and stopped in Winchester VA to visit her grave. I have the NTSB report on the aircraft accident – classic stupidity by a non instrument-rated pilot (her manager, Randy Hughes) trying to fly in bad weather.

    Just so much wonderful music…I am a little sad that I haven’t listened to my collection more – this discussion has got me interested again! I need to relax more and hearken back to the days when this music meant so much to me and listen to it with my wife. I think of Craig and Val and how tough it must be for them. Thanks James and Donna for getting this line of discussion going!


  51. Raji – white pants – who were you trying to impress? You have to bring your drinking clothes. Although if you were a female the line was three miles long for the ladies room. So I usually ended up being the “designated driver”. There was a bar just across from the entrance/exit to Sebring. They would throw the beer cans out the window and the pile was huge, I mean huge. Bigger than the building. Remember?

    I left the area in 1965 for OK??? so that was the last of my racing knowledge for the time.

    The “chicken man” – don’t remember meeting him.

    @ James, It would be great to see Harry Reid and Mitch McConnel arm in arm as they sang “When the Saints…” How about the whole Congress doing the snake singing “We are Family” with Harry and Mitch arm in arm leading the group.



  52. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Isn’t it delightful to see so many of us here at M&H’s singing and making beautiful music together. It is very much like this You Tube offering.

    While you are on the site, check out other artists’ versions. The Met’s staging is especially moving I think.

    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom. Saalam.

    Auntie Jean


  53. Hello Helen,

    Now I know where you’ve been – busy moving! What a hassle, but like you say, it’s good to get rid of stuff that we don’t need.

    Please try to post more often. You always hit the mark squarely with your sharp wit!


  54. just because I have never seen much TV but saw this ages ago and laughed til…


  55. Lots of fun here to come home to after work-
    Some of what folks brought I’ve never heard!


    Neil Young


  56. Welcome to the party Jacque.

    Here’s my contribution:


  57. Several thousand years ago, Moses said to Israel, “Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land.”
    When Welfare was introduced, Roosevelt said, “Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land.”
    Today, the government has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels and mortgaged the Promised Land to China


  58. 2nd best concert I ever attended – and this one was outdoors in the Summer heat. Hope Helen has some serious bandwidth with all these videos.


  59. Hi Helen,
    I check in here on a regular basis and what a wonderful surprise to see your post! I’m glad that you are comfortable in your new place and hope that you are happy. I visited my Mom a few months ago and she is 89. She is going great guns, but I know how hard change can be. She sold her home that she shared with my dad before he passed and has a lovely apartment. But she had to get rid of a lot of stuff and it was difficult for her.
    Glad to see that we see eye to eye on old BatShitCrazyBachman LOL.
    Good to see you and be well. I will continue to check back for new posts.


  60. Funny you put that there Poolman. I just heard a version of them in the “acoustic” today at a breakfast place. Not too much different than the You Tube video.

    Sounded pretty good too.


  61. one of my favorites from my early youth.


  62. Donna, I agree! My favorite place for real jazz was Preservation Hall in the late 60’s, early 70’s. I wonder if it’s the same. Many a fun time spent in wicked NOLA. You could carry your “Hurricane” from Pat O’Brian’s and sit in Preservation Hall. Just don’t drink more than one!

    Cynthia, way to go. Not many people could manage sneaking on to the track. Sebring you could get away with a lot more than when the 24 hours were moved to Daytona. Eventually I did learn to tell a car by it’s sound and got to spend a lot of time in the pits. My first visit to Sebring, I wore all white, white summer pants, white t-shirt and sneakers. What did I know 🙂 Sebring was 12 hours, wasn’t it. My memory fails as to when it became the 24 hours. Was it when it moved to Daytona?
    We camped out for the whole 24 hours and it took days to get the smoke smell out of your car and clothes. Did you ever meet the “chicken man”. My kids cut their teeth at the track.

    James, the entire history of NASCAR was built on cutting some corners with the law. Big Bill (France Sr.) was behind it all and there was nothing devout Christian about him.

    @ James, It would be great to see Harry Reid and Mitch McConnel arm in arm as they sang “When the Saints…” 😆 😆 😆


  63. My favorite group from HS…


  64. I too agree about Jeff Beck. I also like his and Emada May’s tribute to Les Paul and Mary Ford.

    Charlie Danials’ “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” strikes a happy mood too.

    Jennifer Nettles and Bon Jovi’s “Who Says You Can’t go Home Again?” blend well. I like musicians from different genras performing.

    As far as I’m concerned, politics are gone when musicians begin to sing. I like Green Day though their politics are as far from mine as some of Charlie Danials’


  65. The debt ceiling isn’t about spending more money. It is about paying for what we already borrowered.

    Anonymous, you silly gander. There is no such word as borrowered. And you are only half right, as only a portion of those ‘borrowed’ costs sunk costs. If that was addressed to me, I never intertwined budget and deficit ceiling. I made mention of budget because Obama has never bothered to construct one. How you came to that conclusion I did is evidence that you’re still stuck in ‘borrowered’, progressive thinking.

    If the U.S. gets a downgraded rating then we lose the low interest rates that we truly do not deserve now.

    Long before the threat of not increasing the debt ceiling would impact our bond rating, long before the ‘ceiling’ became an argument, the three major ratings corporations of questionable worth, in 2009 announced that we were in risk of default because of our debt/GDP ratio – hence, the comparison to Greece, Portugal and Italy. Have you now awoken from your slumber to remember this was a part of the discussion during Obama’s infamous and failed stimulus investment rammed through?

    We have been coasting on reputation for quite awhile. Even an 1/8th increase in rate would cause billions in additional interest over the next 10 years.

    And what good is it to have artifically low interest ratings vis-a-vis printing money, when the value of your portfolio shrinks 12% due to nothing more than the deflation of the dollar while printing money? See Anonymous, you think in terms of debt and expense. I think in terms of net worth and growth. The two are not synonymous.

    The budget and the debt ceiling are two separate issues and should not be intertwined. We need to be grownups and pay our bill.

    Well, if a budget is unnecessary as your criticism suggest, why worry about our monetary position and debt at all? Pass everything and print more money to pay for it.


    But I think if I could simplify this for progressives like Anonymous, who IMO have zero understanding of macroeconomics and fiduciary responsibility, and maybe step back for a moment and apply this to only your own household.

    To be an adult and pay your bills means to live within your means – being a responsible adult doesn’t mean to incur more and more debt on credit to buy a vote live large. And to live within your means first requires an estimate of your cash flows balanced against what debts you are incurring. That’s called a budget. President Obama doesn’t have one and neither do we.

    But hey Anonymous?. Who am I to argue, as you think like Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Mussolini think. If you think it’s sound fiscal policy to borrow 40% than you take in and have no idea in the process you are doing so until they foreclose on your home, take your car, and confiscate your HDTV, so be it. Trust me – the last thing you will be worrying about is what is your interest rate at present.

    Just do me a favor and work with me to separate my finances from yours. This blended family situation isn’t working and it has become completely obvious to me that the differences irreconcilable.

    Do we have a deal? That I trouble you no further with “troll” posts, in exchange for you and yours divorcing yourself entirely out of my life, without me being in anyway obligated for you or to you?

    Split the proceeds somehow and go entirely our separate ways?


  66. jsri: totally agree about Jeff Beck.

    This has been quite fun. Makes me think of Charlie Daniels–I sure disagree with his politics but I equally sure love his music.


  67. How about Jeff Beck, one of the greatest rock guitarists playing an operatic piece. As incongruous as it might seem, it is a blow-you-away performance..

    Nessun Dorma was always associated with the late great Luciano Pavarotti. Beck adds a new dimension to the piece.


  68. Ragi, I like Jeff Gordon too.

    Rick Hendrick with family help, built his business from nothing and cut some corners with the law. He nearly died of cancer in the 1990’s.

    Like many associated with NASCAR, the company is devout Christian. In 2004, a company plane crashed during a race. All ten people died. They included Rick’s brother who led the company prayer services, his twin daughters, Rick’s son, employees and associates.

    They didn’t know if the company would go on, but one week later, Jimmy Johnson won the race. He was in such an emotional state, he couldn’t get out of his car on victory lane for several minutes. Others openly cried. The employees said his victory showed them they could go on. Their pulling together like a family helped make Jimmy a five time champion. I think my numbers are right.

    Last year, Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon had anger problems. Rick took them to a room and told them to knock it off. They did.

    Cynthia, our dog can recognize the sound of different cars. Before we bought an axioflow combine with bells and whistles, the combine told me what was wrong with different sounds.

    I like your auto stories. Do you have more?

    I was never in Preservation Hall, but I like music like “When the Saints Go Marching in.” I also liked Homer and Jethro and the Smothers Brothers.

    It would be great to see Harry Reid and Mitch McConnel arm in arm as they sang “When the Saints…”


  69. Two bumper stickers recently and good advice:

    “Don’t believe everything you think”

    “Think! it’s not illegal yet”



  70. Wayne, you silly goose. The debt ceiling isn’t about spending more money. It is about paying for what we already borrowered. It’s like declaring not to make the minimum payment on the MasterCard as a way to curtail future spending. If the U.S. gets a downgraded rating then we lose the low interest rates that we truly do not deserve now. We have been coasting on reputation for quite awhile. Even an 1/8th increase in rate would cause billions in additional interest over the next 10 years. The budget and the debt ceiling are two separate issues and should not be intertwined. We need to be grownups and pay our bills…


  71. Judith – Harry B. and Ella F. (I believe it was she) – on tv. – sang “My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It” together. Do you know the song? And they played their parts to the hilt. It was fantastic piece of humor in my teenage opinion.



  72. Preservation Hall, yep. I was there in the days when the sign read “Requests $1. When The Saints Go Marching In $5”. They still played it 3 times while I was there. I think the prices went up later.

    I enjoyed folk, My dad was an extremely closeted liberal – he felt it was necessary in his line of work and where we lived. Nevertheless, he got and played a lot of folk albums. One of my favorites was Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall, with Odetta and Miriam Makeba among others. I learned to sing The Click Song, complete with clicks, and will always remember their response. “That’s nice, dear. Please don’t sing it outside, where the neighbors might hear you.” And you shoulda heard me roar on “Water Boy”.

    In case I sound too annoyingly precocious, I should mention that I also knew the entire Allan Sherman oeuvre. And a lot of Homer and Jethro.


  73. Donna – “As for Saints Go Marching, anyone been to Preservation Hall? Oh, I love that sort of music.”

    Dixieland jazz – was there in 1966 when a lot of the old timers were still around. My favorite is A Closer Walk with Thee. I went to a concert in 1956 with Louie Armstrong in VT.

    In Nassau, on the back street was a funeral of a local. The procession played the dirge (sp?) on the way to the cemetery but then the lively jazz from the cemetery. Very interesting way to celebrate one’s life.

    However, my taste was more for folk, calypso, bluegrass. Kingston Trio, Everly Brothers; Highwaymen; Joan Biaz; Peter, Paul and Mary; Momas and Poppas; Beach Boys; Simon and Garfunkle are some I can remember. Their music to me had a heart and soul. Then country music became a big thing and one did not have to be embarrassed to admit they really liked it. Also a violin played as a fiddle can make your heart sing. I suppose my children feel the same about the music of their time. At least mine you could hear the voices and understand the words.

    In high school in WPB, FL there were a number of vocal groups. Dances were held on Friday and Saturday night where they performed. Everyone came to them. My children didn’t get to experience these things. It was too bad in my opinion but then they had the concerts etc.

    Raji – Sebring – last weekend in March were the 12 hour endurance races (sports cars). My first time I was with some engineers from work who were “armature racers”. We were sitting at the hairpin turn. As the cars came around they could tell what cars without looking. I asked how did they know. To me it was noise but they said listen to the engine and pointed out what to listen to as they downshifted or accelerated through the gears. After awhile I began to hear the different sounds of the cars but never got as far as knowing what car. Although the Corvettes went blubblubblub. An Austin Healy had the ticking water pump. There was a MG that came from Nyack, NY where my father lived. He would street drive it down, race then drive back to NY. As I remember it was Mario Andredi (sp?) and the Rodriguez brothers were the more popular drivers at the time.

    After one race at Daytona, we, in four sports cars, managed to get a good way around the track before we were politely? escorted off the track! Hey at least we tried.

    I have to say I really miss those days at times.


  74. One by one they’ll drop dead and plummet straight into hell. Good riddance whenever it happens to each of them, not that I’m wishing death on anyone — I’m just sayin’. Someday they’ll have Michele Bachmann and her burning bush to keep them entertained, and no doubt there’ll also be nicotine-laced salt from Boehner’s tears to add a touch of color to the otherwise blistering flicker of embers neverending.

    ❓ 😆 😆 😆

    The tide has already changed – eight months a ago a tidal wave of change – you saw it in part this week. A political tsunami of historical proportion with a 230 year record of state seats exchanging hands. Sorry you missed it.

    Those of us who live in truth, demand integrity from our government and call for peace, tolerance, honesty, social justice and freedom for all will no doubt carry on for as long as the good Lord allows. I believe one day the tides of change will sweep across this great land of ours bringing a new age of honor and prosperity in the spirit of Lady Liberty and everything good which she represents within the heart of mankind.

    Peace and goodwill to everyone including all of you trolls. You know who you are. Get help while you can. Someday it will be too late, and what a shame that would be, now then, wouldn’t it!

    Of all the posts that I’ve read here, this one both tickled and sickened me the most – and was the most utterly confused and devoid of rational content. And that is an achievement. A mixture of rage and seething, swinging wildly and emotional this way and that, followed by some form of faux patriotism under the guise of social justice. Now that is covering the bases.

    Is it patriotic too also leave our children in a mountain of debt? Is that liberty? Freedom? Honor or prosperity? To rape and pillage succeeding generations? Is that your idea of patriotism?

    A website that actively promotes the slaughter of the most innocent, even giving directions for donations as such, and then believing you live in truth, peace, honesty, and tolerance? It if weren’t so tragic and heretical, it could be funny. A Saturday night live skit. As it is, it can only be called an abomination.

    For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. Paul, 2nd Timothy 4


  75. Raji: I hope we don’t! I’d far, far rather focus on things that we have in common or can discuss without rancor or condescension. I’m delighted to learn positive things about people who come here, no matter what his/her politics might be.

    As for Saints Go Marching, anyone been to Preservation Hall? Oh, I love that sort of music.


  76. James, I’m not too knowledge about Hendrick’s as my “racing days” revolved around Bill France and Daytona. They are well thought of in Concord however and NASCAR did award them the Bill France Award of Excellence. I’ve been out of the loop for quite awhile and am not up to date on current drivers except maybe Jeff Gordon. Kind of lost interest after Dale Earnhardt’s wreck.

    Can’t you just picture Congress having to rise up and sing along every AM before continuing their daily bickering. The Saints Go Marching On, maybe 🙂

    Donna, I imagine you would chuckle on Neil Diamond but I’ve got to say there is nothing like the sound track to Jazz Singer to get you moving. My horse, the old fart, could really move out to Robert E Lee.

    Fun way to spend a hot humid Sunday thinking of old songs. We can get back to regular scheduling next week.


  77. Raji, I’ve seen videos of Fireball Roberts including one of the worst crashes in NASCAR history. I don’t remember if he won, but he escaped the crash.He had to be one of the best. Those were the days when cars advertised local garages and the drivers worked on their own cars.

    One of my early favorites was Eddie Sachs the Clown Prince of Racing. He had marginal talent, but all he wanted to do was race and win the Indianapolis 500. He worked very hard and finally made to the big time, but he died in a horrible crash. A hotel maid cried because she said Sachs and his wife obviously loved and were kind to each other.

    What do you think of Hendrick Motor Sports. What about Dannica Patrick?

    It sounds like Greg Allman sacrificed part of himself. Probably he thinks it was worth it.

    Elvis deserved the glory, but I think Chuck Berry was in his class. He combined country, R&B with high energy, but he didn’t sing gospel music as Elvis did. My mother hated rock and roll, but she was a fan of Elvis’ religious music.

    According to some who worked with him, Elvis could have developed into a good actor. Col. Parker did a lot of damage to his career, in my opinion.

    I agree Neil Diamond is talented, but to me some of his music was formulaic.I liked “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show” and “Sweet Caroline.” He grows on one.

    I agree, Donna. I also think that for some, it comes too fast. But that has always been the case.

    Having a Congressional sing along is a good idea. It couldn’t do any harm.


  78. “Names
    I know a man
    Who drowns his sorrows in the cheapest booze
    He knows he hasn’t got that much to lose

    I know a man who speaks the language of another class
    He sees nothing in the looking glass

    I know a kid
    Somehow the ball game doesn’t interest him
    Isn’t this where it all begins?

    She’s twenty-five
    She wants a family and a house to run
    Her sister always the pretty one

    There’s no escape
    ’cause time will do a number on us all
    Your age is scrawled across the office wall
    Old man

    You gave me mine
    At the time I took it causually
    Is that all you really thought of me?

    Names, tags numbers labels
    Other people teach you what you are
    You believe them as a rule
    While my name for you is beautiful
    Your name for me is fool.

    Names, tags, numbers, labels
    Other people teach you what you are
    You believe them as a rule
    While my name for you is beautiful
    Your name for me is fool”

    Albert Hammond sung by the Association

    I really needed this song when it came out in 1971.


  79. Raji: I am laughing because I was never a Neil Diamond fan. But “Melissa” by the Allman Brothers–now THAT’S a great song!

    My personal opinion about music changing: It’s lost the direct link between performer and performance. Now it’s so much about the technology, the hype, etc. Certainly, there was orchestration with music like the Beach Boys–in fact, that was part of its originality. But now it substitutes for the musicians (or may be a different type of “musician,” but one that’s not so appealing to me and perhaps others).

    I wasn’t particularly an Elvis fan at the time, but now I absolutely see his talent.


  80. @ James “I envy your race track experiences. Do you have a favorite driver or team?” Fireball Roberts!!!! Boy could he drive on the beach.

    @Jacque Apparently Elvis did not tour world wide like the Beatles. At one time there were 150,000 fans lined up for eight miles to see them. I would imagine Michael Jackson probably was the closest rival in fans.

    I wasn’t particularly crazy about the Allman Brothers but was impressed with Greg Allman’s ability even though he rarely showed that side. He was first and foremost a classical pianist, the band was his route to fame and fortune and he gave up part of himself to achieve that end.

    Definitely Willy and Waylon! I never was an Elvis fan but loved, loved Neil Diamond. (I think that’s a female thing 😉

    @ Jacque “But something changed about 6-8 years ago.” I agree and can’t really put my finger on what but it’s like I lost the taste for music.

    Did you ever wonder what the world would be like if all our political rallies were music festivals with top performers? Maybe we should just get our guitars and head for DC, Alaskapi!

    It’s a world of laughter
    A world of tears
    A world of hopes
    And a world of fears
    There’s so much that we share
    That it’s time we’re aware
    It’s a small world after all

    There is just one moon
    And one golden sun
    A smile brings
    Friendship to everyone


  81. Yes, alaskapi, Sam Baker is right.


  82. Yes, Marvin Gay, and Sam Cook. “When morning comes and you’re still with her… and you’ve thrown away your choice and you’ve lost your ticket. In some time, you’re bound to leave her, but for now you’re gonna stay, in the Year of the Cat” Al Stewart.


  83. and John Prine!

    Fishing! Always fish… 🙂

    And water to fish in 🙂

    Friend heading for a Food Security conference today- very important stuff, eating and having access to food.
    And I’m heading for work
    Sam Baker is right-
    “All we’ve got is this one breath.And then, if we’re lucky, we
    have the next breath.”
    and I’m sick of spending too many of those breaths arguing about crap about divides when so much unites.
    Would way rather make music 🙂


  84. Firefox crashed, and I forgot to add my name.


  85. So, undecided and Mariah, what are your favorite songs and singers?

    I had forgotten Jethro Tull. “Once I used to join in, every boy and girl was my friend. Now there’s revolution, but they don’t know what their fighting.”

    I was in Italy when I heard a cover version at a battle of the bands in San Marco Plaza., and it felt like the song was speaking to us about the crumbling world we saw around us. It was a special night, as hundreds or thousands of us from different countries sang along. But nobody could duplicate that flute.

    Ian Anderson said in an interview his parents had moved to Swanzy “where as far as I’m concerned, old people go to die.” Now, its our turn.

    Maybe it was our age, or the relatively limited entertainment outlets, but music meant more then.

    David Palmer, a key boardist, I think became Dee Palmer.

    Another David Palmer performed with Steely Dan. “You go back Jack and do it again.” The guitar is as haunting as Jetho Tull’s flute. Think about it. the message works today.

    You’re welcome, alsaskapi. I hope this lasts. It is much better than the old way.


  86. Oh, two more: Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke. “You Send Me” and “Witness” are phenomenal.


  87. UAW–you are a marvel.


  88. Lol, UAW! I can just picture it….

    Sweet rocking dreams,



  89. now that I found my headphones….


  90. also saw Cat &Ozzie at Stewart’s rally in DC……..had the tea bag hooked to my hat though…..


  91. And Helen and Margaret-
    Thanks for having us all in.
    We made a lotta noise in here tonight but we’ve cleaned up after ourselves some


  92. oh- jeez, I had forgotten how much Tull did that was so different…
    that flute was sometimes like the pan pipes of the high Andes and sometimes like classical symphony stuff…
    Gotta go to sleep, work in the morning.
    Songs to dream by here uaw- thanks!


  93. where the hell did I put my headphones….


  94. Maybe we should just get our guitars and head for Dc… ?
    Nah- probably not.


  95. holy moley on Meatloaf!!
    didn’t know he was an asthmatic- yikes.

    Go Tull-head!

    some of Iris Dement
    lots of Neil Young
    Billie Holiday
    the Carter Family
    Dr Bernice Johnson Reagon and Sweet Honey in the Rock


  96. uaw- is my favorite, then and now…
    I like dark poetry, dark music


  97. Yup- Honolulu Sally !

    “…they are so short and so quick to pass. And that’s all we’ve got—no matter what …”

    And that’s really all there is


  98. alaskipi…tull-head forever


  99. back to music


  100. Once a Tull -head uaw , always… 🙂

    Joe Cocker !
    I shall be released…
    You are so beautiful…
    Loved Joe Cocker doing Leonard Cohen’s “Like a Bird on a Wire ”
    I like so much of Cohen’s work


  101. An alternate interpretation is that “Selah, [celah], is from the primary Hebrew root word [calah] which means ‘to hang,’ and by implication to measure (weigh). ………back to a load of shit again…..


  102. by the way….what’s selah…..”Selah” can also be used to indicate that there is to be a musical interlude at that point in the Psalm.


  103. mariah…..
    back to a rose by any other name and a load of shit have something in common……and I fear that you know what’s good for me….


  104. alaskapi,

    Couldn’t quite understand Sam Baker’s “Broken Fingers” song, so I read his bio through your link. I loved the ending of it, to quote:

    “I went through the anger and the bitterness—deeply. But that energy didn’t get me anywhere. It’s toxic. And ultimately, I did come to a point where these days are beautiful. Because they are so short and so quick to pass. And that’s all we’ve got—no matter what we hold in our hands, drive around in, put in the bank, or shower ourselves with.

    All we’ve got is this one breath,” he concludes. “And then, if we’re lucky, we
    have the next breath.”


  105. Democrats enforce filibuster against their own debt bill


  106. don’t forget about Sly and I was called a Tull-head back in the days


  107. It has been several weeks now since I posted a comment here. I have been reading right along. The host’s new post brought out several thousand of her fans I had never seen before. Many of them had thought provoking comments. But it didn’t take long for the usual vituperous ramblings of three or four commentators to take over again what they deem to be their own blog. They have convinced me.

    In the meantime, I have visited many other blogs just to observe the general viewpoints, both liberal and conservative. In addition to the national scene in Washington, I have come to a conclusion. I am no longer undecided. I am now a liberal.


  108. and Eric Clapton. He’s one of 3 I would like to be on a deserted island with…

    (of course my hubby comes too.)


  109. Hello parlor people, old and new!

    This exchange of musician favorites reminds me of the good ole times on the porch – it is true, music soothes the soul.

    Who was that guitar man who played – was it in Chicago – someone here sent the link to it – was it Whirled Peas? Fantastic stuff.

    The best band to get things like house cleaning done? Aerosmith – loud as you can, lol.

    Even though they were after my concert going time – Queen. I love their music, and “The Show Must Go On” usually makes me cry. Freddy Mercury had the voice of an angel.

    And before she became “ballad-y”, Linda Ronstadt. She was booed on stage when she sang her new songs, and then well received when she sang her rock and roll men bashing songs here in Honolulu a few years ago in a concert in the Diamond Head Crater.

    Thanks for sharing,



  110. Great post, Helen! Here in our little community we all think quite highly of you and Margaret even though your posts inevitably end up being siren songs for blogosphere comment trolls of the very worst kind. We’re pretty sure it’s because you’re so good at ringing the bell of truth and striking nerves in the funny bones of not-so-funny men.

    It’s a little bit sad yet somewhat amusing to watch them put so much vociferous negative energy into the hatred they fling around much like monkey doo. They’re ridiculously determined to make certain we all know just how “right” they are when, frankly, none of give a good damn. Their “truth” is the very stuff lies are made of.

    I can only imagine the damage these misogynists amd misanthropes are doing to their frail brains with all that hot anger, bitterness, hatred and bile which is seething through their overpressurized blood vessels and sludge-filled hearts. It’s their choice, though, and frankly, I’m not concerned wtih what they think, say or do.

    One by one they’ll drop dead and plummet straight into hell. Good riddance whenever it happens to each of them, not that I’m wishing death on anyone — I’m just sayin’. Someday they’ll have Michele Bachmann and her burning bush to keep them entertained, and no doubt there’ll also be nicotine-laced salt from Boehner’s tears to add a touch of color to the otherwise blistering flicker of embers neverending.

    Those of us who live in truth, demand integrity from our government and call for peace, tolerance, honesty, social justice and freedom for all will no doubt carry on for as long as the good Lord allows. I believe one day the tides of change will sweep across this great land of ours bringing a new age of honor and prosperity in the spirit of Lady Liberty and everything good which she represents within the heart of mankind.

    Peace and goodwill to everyone including all of you trolls. You know who you are. Get help while you can. Someday it will be too late, and what a shame that would be, now then, wouldn’t it!




    A wonderful place to visit and peruse 🙂

    Thanks Donna and James!
    Way more fun than the endless foo fah rah about politics and way more real in some ways/


  112. Sam Baker tells a story most would want to forget with that song


  113. Fred Eaglesmith****!
    Townes van Zandt ******!
    Leo Kottke
    Kris Williamson
    early Bonnie Tyler
    Red Molly
    early Joan Baez
    blind Willie Johnson
    Rev Gary Davis
    Son House
    Silly Wizard
    Tim O’Brien


  114. Hi Congenial Gang,

    I ran across this in my reading recently. Does it remind you of anybody?

    Quote: “William Makepeace Thackeray, the English novelist and poet wrote this a century before William Lederer and Eugene Burdick assailed the Yankee tourists in “The Ugly American.”

    Thackeray wrote: That brutal ignorant peevish bully is showing himself in every city. One of the dullest creatures under Heaven, he goes trampling Europe under foot, shouldering his way into galleries and cathedrals, and bustling into palaces. At theatre and gala, his face never varies. A thousand delightful sights pass before his bloodshot eyes, and don’t affect him.

    He goes to landmark churches and calls the practices there degrading and superstitious, as if HIS altar was the only one that was acceptable. He goes to picture galleries, and is more ignorant about Art than a shoeblack. Art, Music, Literature, Nature pass, and there is no dot of admiration in his stupid eyes. Nothing moves him, except when a very wealthy man comes his way. Then the rigid proud self-confident inflexible boor can be as humble as a flunky and as supple as a fawning harlequin.” End quote.

    Fortunately, there aren’t too many of them, although they are often the loudest and most vocal. Ho hum.

    Speaking of music, I feel it is the music itself that stirs the heart and soul more than the performing artist who plays or sings it. The performers come and go, but the music lives on forever. Witness when we hear the first few bars of a particular melody. It instantly takes us back to a time and place we associate with it. Often we have gone out of our way to collect records, tapes and CDs to play over and over again in order to re-create those feelings.

    In 2006, a well known composer said that, for him, composing music bears some likeness to archaeology. It requires patient digging, searching for the treasure, the ability to distinguish between a treasure and the rock next to it and recognizing when you’re digging in the wrong place. The archeologist takes a soft brush and brushes away a half-teaspoon at a time. Musically, that would be a few notes, or a chord. Sometimes the brushing reveals an especially lovely thing, buried there for so long.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom. Saalam.

    Auntie Jean


  115. A new take on an old favorite…

    Tom Waits from then til now…
    Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer
    Carolina Chocolate drops
    Las Kalchakis

    Lynn Miles- Black Flowers

    Life is too short for all the music there is to hear!!!!


  116. Why does the Messiah say he will not guarantee SS checks if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. Why does the scare always have to do with SS, Medicare, & our Soldiers Pay? Why does he not stop his pay, or his staff, or Congress? Lets hold the paychecks of all house & senate members and see how fast they resolve this mess.


  117. Yes! George and Tammy sang a duet called “Golden Ring.” Two very talented and very troubled people.


  118. That’s too bad about Billy’s son. Its nice Merle’s son is carrying on the family tradition. The next time I see Crazy Heart, I will think of Billy Joe. I like songs with lyrics and stories too.

    Didn’t George Jones and his then wife sing about the travels of a wedding ring?

    Frank Sinatra couldn’t always remember the words near the end of his career. He faultered at a performance in Davenport, and he aplogized. Frank said the crowd should get their money back. They yelled “we love you Frank,” and he pressed on.

    Your being an urban Jewish woman made me think of our Jewish grandmother. Our daughter was doing a history day report on the Holocaust, and was interviewing a survivor.

    She had a set speech she reserved for such occasions, but I told her a little of what I had seen in the service. She then decided I could at least understand, put aside her paper, and for two hours, she told us how it really was. She asked us to give the tape to her family after she died, because until then, they didn’t know. Her story also went to the Speilberg project.

    We were friends until she died. ” You keep my secrets hope to die. Promises sworn to the sky.”


  119. I heard Grace Slick say the same thing on television several years ago. She said music was in a down cycle.

    My wife says a lot of the songs sound like metramomes. She and I like Adele, a British singer, and I like The Naked and Famous, a group from New Zealand.

    sofia, if you are still out there, what is your favorite singer?


  120. well, of course, Willie. And of course the Highwaymen. Kris Kristofferson really is a poet.

    Billy Joe was, indeed, from Texas. His boy Eddy was an amazing musician–died of a heroin overdose a few years ago. Actually, Merle’s boy is a fantastic guitar player. Merle’s been sick but is still touring.

    Garth was someone I didn’t expect to like because he was so orchestrated and I like the old stuff. But he does put on a good show.

    I believe that Billy Joe was the basis for the character in the movie Crazy Heart.

    George Jones was phenomenal–in fact, Frank Sinatra once said that Jones phrased better than anyone he’d ever heard. I still go to his concerts and he can’t do wsith his voice what he once did, but he still is fun to hear (and he’ll always do He Stopped Loving Her Today).

    So, I’m an urban Jewish woman who would be expected to like the sort of music I actually loathe–over-orchestrated crap like Mariah Carey (apologies to any Mariah fans). But loves songs with lyrics like “I turned 21 in prison doing life without parole.”


  121. I wonder if a limit on the number of characters (as twits do it) could help with the load time later on.

    Try getting up to speed and away from having to plug your land line phone into a modem. AOL ain’t cutting it anymore – like your insults.


  122. Yes, you have to name Willie. He and Waylon were almost twins.


  123. I have tried very hard to not be like my dad – everything ended at Elvis.

    I kept up with rock & roll thru the 80s and 90s – and some of the music was pretty good. I liked U2, Van Halen, Nirvana – even liked some Kid Rock, Green Day, Guns & Roses, MatchBox 20, and Melissa Etheridge. I”m sure I could name more.

    But something changed about 6-8 years ago. Either I’ve grown jaded, or music really begin to suck. I tried watching the Grammy Awards this year, and it was so awful and music so bad, I felt like I had wasted three hours of my life.


  124. Helen, good to see you back and glad to know you were just BUSY! Also good to see so many “old timers” back too. Luckily we’ve all had practice bypassing the spewed and concentrating on the reasonable.

    I wonder if a limit on the number of characters (as twits do it) could help with the load time later on.


  125. OK: I’m in. Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, and Billy Joe Shaver.

    Not bad. If you’re going to name Waylon, you certainly got to name Willy.

    I actually saw Garth Brooks perform for $2-3 bucks in Stillwater, OK, before anybody knew who Garth was – before he went public. And even then, he put on a good show. And I wasn’t even into country.

    Those were the days.


  126. OK: I’m in. Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, and Billy Joe Shaver.

    Not bad. If you’re going to name Waylon, you certainly got to name Willy.

    I actually saw Garth Brooks perform for $2-3 bucks in Stillwater, OK, before anybody knew who Garth was – before he went public. And even then, he put on a good show. And I wasn’t even into country.

    Those were the days.


  127. Yes to all three Donna.

    Waylon Jennings was a lucky man. He nearly rode in the plane which crashed and killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valenz, and the Big Bopper. Holly rented a plane because he wanted to get to Fargo from Clear Lake in time to do his laundry– or so I heard.

    I especially like “Did Old Hank Really do it this way?” Merl Haggard’s voice took well to the Mule Skinner Blues.

    Wasn’t Billy Joe Shaver from Texas?


  128. Jacque and Noah I agree with you about the forum, but sometimes, I feel like the good cop to your bad cops.

    I do like you Honolulu Sally. You were always nice to me from the beginning.

    Jacque, I agree with your comments about singers too.

    It is interesting that Garth Brooks, a business major, I think, retired when he decided the time was right. Doesn’t he still perform once in a while?

    I liked Lynyrd Skynyrd too. I also like Kid Rock’s semi- cover of Sweet Home Alabama.

    Several KFAB talk show hosts said Kid Rock and Lady Gaga are two of the nicest performers back stage. Lady Gaga is a hit in our area because she visits so often and treats people well. She just finished a video near Omaha and said she would like to cross over to country music.

    She could be major long term star, but she may burn herself out first.


  129. OK: I’m in. Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, and Billy Joe Shaver.


  130. The Allman Brothers were not my favorite group, but I liked and played a lot of their music. I wouldn’t have suspected Greg could play classical music. Did he consider another career or was classical music a hobby?


  131. I just finished reading the 50 year history of the Beatles. I am curious if any other group or single reached the pinnacle of Beatlemania.

    I would say the Beatles are only rivaled by Elvis, Michael Jackson., the Rolling Stones, and believe it or not, a man that lives down the street from me (in significantly more style) named Garth Brooks – the latter is kind of forgotten, though his record sales are astronomical. He could sell out a football stadium still today.

    Groups like The Who, the Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Eagles have to be in the running. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a hundred more.

    As far as your Allman Brother’s comment, I liked them too. The only group I liked better of that genre was Lynyrd Skynyrd – still one of my two or three favorite groups of all time. And Billy Powell was pretty good on a piano too.


  132. Raji, if we want to go back in time, we have to consider the first modern singing star, Ruddy Valley. Hordes of screaming flappers attended his shows. He also had a movie career.

    I think Elvis is still the king of sales and change.

    .I was still in grade school, but Elvis was cool. All the boys sported duck tailed hair styles

    As far as musicianship and writing skills I pick the Beatles too. We watched them on the Ed Sulivan show, and our dorm lounge was so packed most of us were standing. My wife and I Iived in England in the late sixties to 1970, and we saw John Lennon on a London street. We were composed enough to stay away from him.

    I liked Carly Simon and John Travolta too. Disco was good excercise if your back could stand it. Fire and Rain by James Taylor was so sad. It is one of my favorite Taylor songs.

    I also like Santana, and the duets he sang with Rob Thomas and Michel Branch.

    I envy your race track experiences. Do you have a favorite driver or team?


  133. HonoLulu Sally,

    And this doesn’t apply exclusively to you, but many like you here.

    This is really very simple. Progressive politics is the biggest problem we have in America today, though it is not the only problem.

    You’re probably a friendly soul who means well. But if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. And your naivety, misrepresentation of facts or at least their acknowledgement as fact, and lack of vision and depth play a small part of America’s ongoing failures.

    Being nice or polite doesn’t resolve you of the fact that you and millions like you are still responsible for our current dilemma of an inept, inefficient and mammoth government, that is not only draining the productivity out of our country, but enslaving millions of people in poverty who need not be there. A quick perusal of our the Bill of Rights is a clear indicator that the federal government was intended with very specifically designated roles and no more. We have slowly evolved into those from which we broke away – with the Federal Gov’t now substituting for King George.

    This board is not set up for cordial nicety debate. Nobody can convince me of that, as the vulgarity of most posts indicates as much. It is what it is.

    My take as the blog owner, whomever that may be, doesn’t require an echo chamber of thought. I checked the About Box before ever leaving a comment here. Sure, some of the screed has been overboard – generally in response to the mirror image overboard from the Left. But seldom do I leave something in that regard without an accompanying fact or two backing up my pejorative. And those are never challenged, because they can’t be challenged.

    I am not here to change any M&H regular’s mind about their solutions. To each of you, the bigger the government the better. Your regulars are so ingrained with a lifetime of failed liberal dogma that would be meaningless for me to try and change your mind. But the blog does receive enough hits, that I think it safe to assume for every one post, 4-5 people probably just browse to read – and not all are liberal. I know of at least two myself, who read this board just to stare at the train wreck.

    What many are demanding here are what blogs like Chatty Kitchen are for – so that the seals can bark without interruption, never receive a challenge, share boring stories of without their ignorance being made fun of, and pass on the bald faced lies and twisting of truth presented by MSNBC and company as fact.


  134. Also there were the Allman Brothers. Greg Allman could play classical piano like no other but never on stage. Just another side to him that he wouldn’t let be seen.


  135. I just finished reading the 50 year history of the Beatles. I am curious if any other group or single reached the pinnacle of Beatlemania. Not only were they musicians and song writers but the forerunners of recording techniques.
    In our forties, the names of the day were James Taylor, Carlye Simon, then John Travolta hit the scene with disco dancing and we became an Orthopedic’s dream. Ah, those were the days!

    James, I spent many a day at the race track in DB, FL and especially at the 24 hours of Sebring as well as the Daytona 500.


  136. lot of errors in that one..ill proof read more


  137. Honolulu Sally, my problem of late extends beyond this board. As i stated in a post not to far above, I have noted that Liberal people that I know, almost without exception, all argue those those on this board does. They are happy to to do a fair and equitable argument in both directions on every other topic, but when questioned about Liberal ideology, all the rules change. I cannot begin to comprehend the mindset, or the forces that are at place, that cause this almost universal condition in Liberals. I cannot find common ground with a people so closed minded that they refuse to converse with some semblance of fair and open play.

    All the arguments and “facts” will not sway me to give up my way of liberal thinking.

    That has been my point all along. I don’t care to, nor am I interested in changing anyone’s mind. It happens or doesn’t happen but that is beyond the purview of what I hope to accomplish. I want to understand a thing that by definition seems to contradict itself at every turn, yet smart and honest people cling to it as a prized and cherished ideology.

    This just isn’t the place for them if you are only on the attack against the attacks.

    No matter how many times someone has made personal attacks against me, if there very next post is sincere and insult free, my response is the same. Sadly there are so many nasty people on here who cannot tolerate anyone who doesn’t think as they do that we cannot keep ourselves out of the mud for more than a post or two.

    IMO, finding solutions is a process. My ability to come up with solutions is based on the knowledge I have at hand. When that knowledge becomes insufficient to coming up with a viable answer, I find having conversations with those who think differently than myself to be invaluable. These conversations often take me to places I might not have ever considered. Who knows, maybe one day someone on here will come up with that one brilliant thought and write into their representative that will help solve this whole mess. It could happen.


  138. Noah,

    I do believe you are capable of seeing more than just one side of the coin. You may agree with the opinions and definitions of liberals by those who hate liberals, but I hope you also have the heart to not hate us.

    All the arguments and “facts” will not sway me to give up my way of liberal thinking. My liberal thinking actually encourages me to accept others that feel differently from me.

    When I was younger and went to rock concerts, my parents and their generation thought that rock and roll music was bad, evil, unhealthy, etc. They had “experts proving” their viewpoint. Didn’t change my mind – though now that my kids are young adults, I think much of their music is garbage, and I have become my mother.

    I come here to Margaret & Helen’s because it is the “concert” of my choice. I love Helen’s wit, her viewpoints, her zingers. Most of the readers also come to enjoy the M&H “concert.” The ones who don’t like it make a lot of noise and get even madder when they are told to shut up.

    I can just imagine my mother showing up at a Santana concert telling us all to go home, the music is too loud and bad for us as the smell of pakalolo wafted everywhere, and Black Magic Woman blasted from the stage. She would probably have gotten really mad if people told her to shut up and go away. Her idea of a good concert was Lawrence Welk with his “and a one, and a two, and a three….”

    You have some good arguments. This just isn’t the place for them if you are only on the attack against the attacks.

    All the “facts”, statistics, quotes, and opinions on this blog don’t really do crap to solving our problems. In fact, as I write this, I know I should be off doing other things to improve my life. What can I do to improve our country? That’s the $14 trillion question.

    Besides moaning and cussing out the other side, what would you do?




  139. I have just ordered that book. I find it comforting that I came to most if not all those same conclusions being on this board. Too bad I had to go through all the brain ache and time to learn what I could have read in a few days.


  140. Helen! It’s wonderful to see you back on the ‘net. Much happiness in your new adventures. You’re absolutely right about Orange Man—bitching, pissing, and moaning all over the TV (not that the opposition is much better). I wish they’d get serious about “the good of the country,” except that I don’t think they would recognize it if bit them in the ass.

    Hope to hear from you again soon.


  141. Jacque, great post.


  142. OH so happy to hear from you, Helen! We’ve missed you. Please tell us all about the new town & new life! And be happy.


  143. HoneyJorumples, all personal attacks, no content, no talk on topics of merit…yep she is a Liberal…Heres your sign.


  144. Donna, I agree with you. Thank you. I think I could learn a lot from you.

    I don’t know if you looked up Paralyzer by Finger Eleven or not, but here is another I like.

    The Dandy Warhols- Sleep 2000-Thirteen Tales from urban bohemia hosted by rayoflightcanada is a video showing a pictorial history of he Middle East from the Balfore Declaration to Obama’s first Middle East conference. One picture shows Winston Church hill on a camel.

    I doubt you will check this one, but here it is just in case. MIchael Waltrip’s Emotional Win Daytona 2011 by Marc250294. It is the final chapter of a Shakespearian drama which began ten years earlier when Dale Earnhardt died. It almost ruined Waltrip, so I like the closing interview.


  145. Excerpts from The Liberal Mind…excellent, excellent reading and resource:

    Like all other human beings, the modern liberal reveals his true character, including his madness, in what he values and devalues, in what he articulates with passion. Of special interest, however, are the many values about which the modern liberal mind is not passionate: his agenda does not insist that the individual is the ultimate economic, social and political unit; it does not idealize individual liberty and the structure of law and order essential to it; it does not defend the basic rights of property and contract; it does not aspire to ideals of authentic autonomy and mutuality; it does not preach an ethic of self-reliance and self-determination; it does not praise courage, forbearance or resilience; it does not celebrate the ethics of consent or the blessings of voluntary cooperation. It does not advocate moral rectitude or understand the critical role of morality in human relating. The liberal agenda does not comprehend an identity of competence, appreciate its importance, or analyze the developmental conditions and social institutions that promote its achievement. The liberal agenda does not understand or recognize personal sovereignty or impose strict limits on coercion by the state. It does not celebrate the genuine altruism of private charity. It does not learn history’s lessons on the evils of collectivism.

    What the liberal mind is passionate about is a world filled with pity, sorrow, neediness, misfortune, poverty, suspicion, mistrust, anger, exploitation, discrimination, victimization, alienation and injustice. Those who occupy this world are “workers,” “minorities,” “the little guy,” “women,” and the “unemployed.” They are poor, weak, sick, wronged, cheated, oppressed, disenfranchised, exploited and victimized. They bear no responsibility for their problems. None of their agonies are attributable to faults or failings of their own: not to poor choices, bad habits, faulty judgment, wishful thinking, lack of ambition, low frustration tolerance, mental illness or defects in character. None of the victims’ plight is caused by failure to plan for the future or learn from experience. Instead, the “root causes” of all this pain lie in faulty social conditions: poverty, disease, war, ignorance, unemployment, racial prejudice, ethnic and gender discrimination, modern technology, capitalism, globalization and imperialism. In the radical liberal mind, this suffering is inflicted on the innocent by various predators and persecutors: “Big Business,” “Big Corporations,” “greedy capitalists,” U.S. Imperialists,” “the oppressors,” “the rich,” “the wealthy,” “the powerful” and “the selfish.”

    The liberal cure for this endless malaise is a very large authoritarian government that regulates and manages society through a cradle to grave agenda of redistributive caretaking. It is a government everywhere doing everything for everyone. The liberal motto is “In Government We Trust.” To rescue the people from their troubled lives, the agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. With liberal intellectuals sharing the glory, the liberal politician is the hero in this melodrama. He takes credit for providing his constituents with whatever they want or need even though he has not produced by his own effort any of the goods, services or status transferred to them but has instead taken them from others by force.

    Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom, and for that reason it is a genuine evil.


  146. maybe you’ll take Jon Stewart a little more seriously.

    No. The fact that you ask us to take anything a left-wing comedian seriously may be an indicator of mental instability. It certainly is an indicator of depth – or lack thereof.

    Stewart can be a funny man. But Stewart is first and foremost a partisan hack from the left-wing, with the most superficial audience in cable television this side of Bill Maher. A laugh track.

    I don’t question your “results”, nor did I shit on your post. The material itself was gibberish and bad physiology as brain chemistry is in a constant state of flux; simple neural anatomy. How do you propose you form a memory, for instance?

    Your authors found exactly what they went looking for – confirmation bias of a meaningless preconceived result which proved nothing.

    Here, I recommend you read this for further information to better acquaint yourself with “real science.”


  147. Honeyjo Rumples, others have printed that study and used it to slam conservatives. Such studies have a long history.when I was in college a sociology prof cited studies to show conservatives were more anti -social or rigid than liberals.

    I wasn’t necessarily trying to attack you. I was merely musing. They told you it was gibberish. I didn’t. All I did was observe that political beliefs are different from temprement, and that liberals may be the true conservatives and vise versa. Or maybe it is a mix.

    I also didn’t call you a godless heathen or the other insults. Conservative and liberal personalities are neither good or bad. They just are.
    Political liberals are having a hard time right now, and like stereotypical conservatives, they are clinging to old tried and true ways.

    Noah and Wayne HAVE been supporting their views with more facts. Since you were writing “gee wiz, look what I found,” I was wrong to include you with the others. I’m sorry.

    A drunk driver caused an accident which briefly put me in a coma, and made my brain swell a bit. My left side went numb. Given that, I don’t mind a bit if you correct my spelling. I’m lucky I can still find my way home.

    Yes, we have the government we deserve.


  148. we are retired as were our fellow shoppers this morning, but I do understand about the young people still serving, you wouldn’t of course.

    What more do I need to understand than to know most of our serviceman don’t think like you or vote like you Puppet? Doesn’t matter you sponging at their commissary, as if you’re one of the gang. You’re the exception to the rule. That is undeniable.

    If left to a vote of nothing but military personnel, we would by an overwhelmingly vote, be saying Pres. John McCain right now. In fact, each Presidential year, we find liberals have attempted to marginalize the military vote, whether it be not counting ballots, sending out ballots late, etc…one of the more insidious violations of trust the left has managed to facilitate the last 30 years as they have driven us to the precipice of default.

    Once again, you have avoided the hard questions Puppet. So I will ask it again.

    Would those holding cash prefer instead of holding their cash, joining the ranks of President Zero’s millions of “unemployed?” Because that is exactly what your ilk Puppet are proposing – whether Carter, Clinton, or Zero. Massive cuts in the defense budget on the backs of the very people who serve.

    Conservatives have always been the most loyal supporters of the military – progressives, the least. Most military personnel are Conservative. A rabid partisan dog like you bites the very hand that fed you, then has the audacity to brag about it.

    Like I said to Pfesser above. Most of you are not rational creatures Puppet.


  149. James: I accept that cyber hug and am happy you understand why I did it. The bickering and insults are silly and accomplish nothing constructive. I stayed away from the blog for a bit and stopped by because there was a new post. I really am pretty busy these days so won’t be here often. However, when I am, my choice is to ignore the negative stuff and to see if there are things that people of opposing political viewpoints have in common or at least can discuss with civility. There really is more to a person than their political orientation and, since there seems to be no way to discuss politics here without denigrating the opposing viewpoint, I choose not to discuss politics at all.

    And there’s no reason to be critical, even when the subject isn’t politics. Easy example–Pfesser. I’ve criticized him and what was the point? Didn’t do anything for me and he understandably could have given a rip. It was meaningless. The fact is that, by offering a different subject, I learned that he has a rather amazing knowledge of some esoteric stuff and that he and I actually share some musical taste. Who knew? Not I, certainly. But it’s kind of nice.

    I’d prefer to see common ground between people, and hopefully to learn some new things. In fact, when the subject turned to music, you already told me some stuff I didn’t know. I appreciate that and would like to hear more. And if the people who are so busy attacking others get nasty in response, it just indicates that they really are only interested in attacking or belittling others–and that is true regardless of where they lie on the political spectrum. I simply won’t participate or engage.


  150. And since you just HAVE to shit all over anything I say, maybe you’ll take Jon Stewart a little more seriously. And if you don’t, I don’t have to take it so personally. But he says it better than I could, anyway.—special-victims-unit


  151. Noah, this has been a bad summer for liberals. Things are coming undone for now. Its understandable.

    PFessor, ELP was a great group, and they must have made enough money to retire well. It surprises me how many of those bands still perform in their seventies and beyond. Iowa Public Television had a show featuring old do wop groups of the fifties.

    Yes, I am familiar with Denis Prager. He used to have a syndicated television show played here. He made sense sometimes. He may be right about that comment. I’m not especially conservative, at least by standards away from this site.

    However, II chose to farm for the personal freedom and to be able to control my own destiny.

    Mageen, I tend to agree with you. My mother in law had what she called sick headaches. It didn’t happen often, but when they hit, she stayed in her room and kept the lights off.


  152. Pfesser,

    Prager is excellent, intelligent and Conservative.

    I like to look at liberals as fundamentally flawed and irrational creatures.

    IMO, the real intent of the liberal “wishes for equal outcomes” is actually to acquire power for themselves. That may not hold true for all from the left – some may have pure intentions – but their methods are flawed.

    One can look at what they’ve done to the black community or public schools and see the end results of their utopian dreams of empowerment.

    To borrow a question for the left from Victor David Hanson, “Do blue states have smaller deficits and better employment percentages than red states, do the blue-chip Obama economists—a Goolsbee, Orszag, Romer, Summers—still write and argue that their massive Keynesian agendas brought prosperity from 2009 to 2011?”

    The answer is clearly no.

    And that to me is the worst characteristics of most of the left. No matter how many times they have been proven wrong in the pursuit of their utopia, they cannot bring themselves to admit their methods have not worked.


  153. “Honey Jo, I have just demonstrated that study is a two edged sword, and it may show that you are tempermentaly conservative. Environment can change brain structure, so your apparent position that people don’t change, so why argue politics is shaky.

    Oh dear GOD! And I don’t mean that as a swear or in vain. Though I’m liberal, therefore I must be a Godless, faithless heathen, right? Of course environment can change brain structure, as well as the brain’s chemical balance, which also has an affect on how it works. Here’s the thing, James. It wasn’t my intention to show off some impressive body of knowledge to wow and astound “the opposition” to prove to myself and the world how brilliant I am. I know what degrees I hold and what my GPAs were and I’m secure enough to not really care what some faceless turd on the net thinks of me. I popped in to see what was going on in pie-land, and I see the likes of Noah and Wayne being hateful and hurtful. And no, it doesn’t matter at all to me that you don’t think they were, anymore than it matters to you that I do think they were. I’m just tired, James. Flat out, plain old tired. I can’t even come onto a blog with mostly like-minded people and say “gee, I read this interesting study” without being jumped on and being told it’s gibberish, I didn’t present enough facts to be allowed to make a statement, blah blah blah. Just plain old tired, that’s it.

    “Wayne and Noah have produced more facts to support their position than you have. Your case is weaker than theirs, so you retreat into projecting red herrings like the a six thousand year old earth or “knee jerk” and “closed minded.” You say arguments won’t accomplish any thing. Maybe they won’t because like a steriotypical conservative you find it hard to accept new ideas.”

    This would matter if I were “presenting a case.” As I said, I was not. I was just sick and tired, I made a statement, it was jumped on and ridiculed, so I provided one link to show simply that ist was not something I made up out of thin air, that it was in fact something I read. And yes, for it to be ridiculed as gibberish out of hand was in fact closed-minded and yes, knee-jerk. And again, I don’t care whether you agree with that or not. I find it amazing that I mention something I read, was ridiculed for it, so I provide a link and am still ridiculed, and *I* am the one you are accusing of not being accepting of new ideas. Utterly amazing. And if I may stoop down to the level of YOUR ilk for a moment, the word is sterEotypical, not sterIotypical. See how frustrating it is to have some petty asshole pick apart the trivialities to dismiss out of hand something you said? I’ll say it again. We have the government we deserve.


  154. Considering the fact that Helen’s opening post focused on migraines, I felt it was more that coincidental today that I listened carefully to a friend of mine describe how her migraines come about and how she handles them. I have to give her props for all the good stuff she told me today as she is a registered nurse and knows more than just a few things. Her migraines are induced by stress. The major symptom consists of Thor’s hammer banging on her head. The supposedly great state of the art stuff she has been prescribed does diddly to help. She simply has to batten down the hatches and pull out of the mainstream for awhile until everything settles down in her brain. She also wishes that more people realized the connection between migraine (way more than just a headache) and the brain. Also have another friend who migraines virtually every day. She also has the latest and greatest migraine medicine and it takes it all down to just a dull roar. Again, her best bet is just to pull up stakes and tell the world to go to hell. Neither of them can believe Bachmann’s contention that the migraines are under control.


  155. James/Jacques Poolman –

    My nephew is pretty right-wing and he turned me on to Dennis Prager. Are you familiar with him? I looked at a little of his stuff and was struck by something he said. I don’t remember it exactly, but it went something along the lines of: “I always thought that liberals and conservatives all wanted the same things – good schools for their kids, freedom of action, nice house, etc. – but I have reconsidered. I think that conservatives value complete freedom far above any considerations of fairness and basically think the idea of fairness is nonsense since everybody has different abilities. Most on the left think fairness is most important and are willing to give up a lot of personal freedom to get that.”

    Kind of had me chewing on it for a while. Maybe he has a point. Maybe the sides really are fundamentally different and will never be able to cooperate.


  156. James –

    Yes, Keith Emerson of ELP. I’m an ELP fanatic. Old ELP that is. I saw them on TV last year and Greg Lake’s beautiful voice is just gone. God what a beautiful young man he was at one time! Looked like a child.

    Anyway, they should quit, as they say, while they are ahead. Emerson’s knuckles look like Quasimodo’s from years of abuse, but boy he can still play! I always said he must have made a deal with the Devil to play like that. He and Moog collaborated very closely to develop the final versions of the Moog Synthesizer. I actually emailed Moog several years before he died and asked if I could drive to VA and take him out to lunch, but no response. I think he was past going even then.

    I built an airplane in my home workshop in the ‘nineties and of the 1628 hours it took to get it built, I’d say about half were listening to ELP. Another third listening to Gordon Liddy, for God’s sake…


  157. Not particular worried about it James. It smells of pure desperation. Hard to imagine someone of her advanced years with so few redeeming character traits.


  158. NOP, you are wrong about them, of course, but the imagery made me laugh. I pictured a large hoist lifting a fat man from bed. No reflection on Wayne or Noah. It was just funny.


  159. NOP, nothing of substance, personal attacks, uncalled for pettiness to someone who is reaching out and being nice, Yep shes a Liberal, Heres your sign.


  160. Yes, our military people are probably holding on to their cash because they don’t know what the future will bring. So are my wife and I because of the flood..

    Banks and businesses are also holding tightly to their money because they worry about our economy, future taxes and future regulations. Its normal behavior in uncertain times, and its too bad.


  161. Well I’m not in their, the airmen and women, shoes, we are retired as were our fellow shoppers this morning, but I do understand about the young people still serving, you wouldn’t of course. You sacrificed after 9-11 by, what exactly? I picture both of you as half-ton men on Medicaid, unable to leave your beds, I pity you, but that would explain your vitriol.


  162. I liked Linda Ronstadt with the Stone Ponies. “I’m not saying you’re not pretty, I’m just not in the market for a boy who loves only me…”

    I also remember her joining with Dolly and Emmy Lou. Awesome. Emmy’s and Dolly’s reedy voices were a perfect match for Linda.

    “You’re no good, baby you’re no good…” with that guitar playing in my head.

    Linda also had an affair with Jerry Brown when my aunt and uncle lived in California.

    When I heard Good Vibrations, I thought “what are they doing?” It was the first time I was aware of a synthizer like that and I didn’t know what it was.

    Its interesting you were so close to Dr. Moog. I assumed he was in a large city somewhere. Is that the Kieth Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer?

    Donna, if it wasn’t unseemly, I could give you a cyber hug for starting the music conversation.


  163. No Ones Puppet, I am speaking only for myself, and I have already explained why I am here as I am.

    Listen to “Born in the USA,”
    read “The Art of War”
    watch a NASCAR race
    read “Tipping Point”

    Its about motivation, tactics and strategy. You are a smart woman, and if you really want to know, you will then understand.

    poolman, do the same if you are interested. It will explain what I am doing.

    uawtradesman, you couldn’t be more right.


  164. Our military families are hanging on to their cash on hand, because they are afraid they won’t be paid. What a wonderful frame of mind our warriors are in at the moment.

    A quick observation.

    Since Dimocrats refuse to address burgeoning costs of Medicare & Medicaid, or the numerous worthless Depts. and Czars that could be cut in their entirety and never missed, they do still apparently sing in harmony about severely cutting Defense to cover all those “wrong” wars (like Libya).

    Perhaps you and other military families would prefer to be gainfully unemployed and receive no paycheck period, joining the ranks of millions of Obama unemployed? Because that is the end game for them if Obama and his minions win the debate.

    There is plenty of money for your Prophet to pay the military, SS, and our creditors too, credit increase or not. I don’t know if you’ve noticed Puppet, but approximately 1/6 of the country draws food stamps under Obama. Super job. 😉

    Or are you unaware of that fact? I thought you always were in the know?


  165. But at least they have Messiah care..that counts for something eh? Almost better than food?


  166. Real people, real life, I’m just back from the commissary (military base grocery store, for uninitiated), first time I ever saw cashiers waiting for shoppers, it is Saturday, there should have been dozens of people in front of me. The lady, who bagged my groceries, told me it has been slow like this for the last few days. Our military families are hanging on to their cash on hand, because they are afraid they won’t be paid. What a wonderful frame of mind our warriors are in at the moment.


  167. re: Theremin. I think this was the schematic. As I recall I ordered it from Dr. Robert Moog (yes, THAT Dr. Moog), so that sounds right. Notice the voltages printed at various places on the print. I thought it was 500V but it looks like 300 is the highest. Plenty high enough. If my dad knew what I was doing…LOL

    Hell, you can still get the tubes…maybe my sons and I will see if we can duplicate it.

    re: Moog. His lab is not too far from where I live. I think he died a couple of years ago. He and Keith Emerson put the Moog Synthesizer on the world stage. Most folks don’t know that it only plays one note at a time, so there is no chording possible. Didn’t bother Emerson, but a lot of folks wouldn’t use it. As I recall the Brits had something called a Mellotron, but the technology was entirely different and some kind of patent dispute kept the rock groups from bringing it here.

    Long ago and far away. Not sure about most of the details.


  168. I love Linda Ronstadt! An Arizona gem, for sure.


  169. Helen, Glad to see you back! Please write more. I think you are great!
    Thom Hartmann on Jobs being sent overseas! Job Creators – wrong!


  170. Pfesser: Trio is outstanding. And I have known about 5 people in my life who even knew what a Theremin was. Very cool.


  171. merde. Pair of roller skates, not pear. The pear was elsewhere…


  172. James/Donna –

    re: Emmylou Harris, et al. Have you heard the “Trio” album? Parton, Emmylou, Ronstadt. Just sets me free every time I cue it up. Not many people know Ronstadt’s history, but she was in the “Stone Ponies” in the sixties and sounded like a bellowing calf. Horrible voice. She then did a stint on “Lawrence Welk” as their token female country singer. We only got one channel on our antenna out in the country, so if I wanted to watch TV I had to watch Welk, but when Linda came on, I sat up and listened. She had this beautiful face, pouty lips and a proclivity to tie her shirt right below her breasts, all of which was very interesting to a teenaged boy. LOL

    In the ‘seventies she came into her own and was a real superstar. She did a red vinyl album as I remember, with her likeness impressed into the plastic, wearing a pear of roller skates. (?Is that right?) Her voice didn’t improve much, though, but with her looks she was a knockout performer.

    She later took voice lessons (somebody must have talked to her) and then did an album of Nelson Riddle songs. Talk about an angel!! She finally came into her own as a singer. I think one of her parents is Spanish and she later did an album called “Songs of My Father” or something like that – in Spanish.

    re: Beach boys. “Good Vibrations” was one of the very first mainstream rock songs to use a Theremin. I made one of those in high school. It used vacuum tubes, for God’s sake, which require a high voltage supply of about 500V. Wonder I didn’t fry myself… Talk about a bitch to play! Never could make it do anything musical…


  173. So all it takes is shoe size IQ to upset an entire collective of Obama drones “leftist” intellects, and one broke pool cleaner? Most screaming for censorship and mercy? Save Us Helen! Save Us MOD! Save Us Barack!

    Waaaaaaaaaaa…..this is our blog. 😥 Waaaaaaaaa….this is a progressive blog. 😥 Waaaaaaaaaa…retreat back to Chatty Kitchen. 😥 😥 😥

    I thought these “intellects” were the ones that lived without fear?


  174. Jacque Merde

    A room temperature IQ tops a shoe size IQ every time.


  175. HoneyJorumples! Avotresante! Hello! Long time no see. I hope that you’re having a good summer.


  176. just another day of libs insulting(name calling)others while they complain about being insulted…..a rose by any other name and a load of shit have something in common….

    Exactly. And to put a cherry on top of their shiite sundae they try to serve, they have the unmitigated gall to play “victim” while they’re busy insulting – and then claim from “scientific studies” they aren’t the ones “fearful” – like that Honey Pot from above.

    These moonbats live in fear – it’s why they beg for moderated censorship so they are not challenged. They could learn a thing or two from their author – she dishes it out; she states in her about box she expects it in return.

    If there was anything past a room temperature IQ amongst the Chatty Kitchen lot of them, they actually could be mistaken for Casey Anthony clones. Perpetrate the crime; claim they were assaulted.


  177. Oh my. A little beating around the Bushes and just look who we are able to flush out, it’s Jacque Merde. I am well acquainted with his American cousin, n’est-ce pas?


  178. just another day of libs insulting(name calling)others while they complain about being insulted…..a rose by any other name and a load of shit have something in common….


  179. Oops – make that new name.


  180. Wayne is trailing, but packs the most bile per post.

    Poolman, I think you’ve found your talent. It certainly isn’t running a business, paying a mortgage, or knowing you have to pay your taxes for almost an entire decade. I’m glad you finally found a form of simple math suited to your limited talents.

    One might consider giving each of his entries a higher toxicity rating, thereby placing him in the forefront.

    I feel obligated to pack as much wallop as possible. I figure it takes one objective piece of bile to offset the Sarah Palin, Michelle Backmann, Rick Perry pejoratives of being called bitch, c…, or asshole.

    But to be fair, he is operating here on borrowed time with a borrowed name, the owner of which may emerge at anytime to recover it.

    Technical know how has never been your forte either Mr. Mortgage. Would you prefer a knew name; as far as the borrowed time, of my choosing. 😉


  181. maybe I would never have at all*


  182. Yes Raji. There is much repetition. Much cut and paste.

    FA-fa-fa-fa, FA-fa-far better.


  183. What this board has taught me. First and foremost, my misguided notion to be complacent in the notion that we all have different beliefs and that is ok, in all cases. In at least once case, Liberalism, I have learned being complacent is as bad as being like them. The damage they have wrought cannot be ignored or wished away. Action is required.

    I have also learned that Liberalism isn’t about logical arguments. Some of the smartest, most analytical people i know, who rely on facts, logic and evidence in their everyday life and career, suddenly abandon those principles when the subject of politics comes up. After a time on this board I started paying attention closely to these people. In other topics I would make purposeful, but tactical fallacies I knew eventually they would pick up on and they would request/demand I back up my statements with proof/facts. Yet when we turned to politics, it is as if was almost improper or rude of me to ask the same of them. In any other instances these were honest and fair minded people.

    As to those who ask why I subject myself to your barrage of personal attacks, the above is why. Were it not for my time here it may have taken me another decade to learn these lessons, maybe I have never at all.


  184. Interesting Poolman! However, what I would find more interesting is a recap of M&H comments in the past several posts by Helen that contain the same wording. It almost smacks of copy & paste with a few name changes.

    I am reminded of a story of what the dog hears when it is being yelled at:
    dadadadada “Spot” dadadada “Spot” 😆


  185. So glad you’re back!! We missed you! They say “a change is as good as a rest!”. Hope you’re enjoying your new home. Can’t wait to read more … you ALWAYS bring a smile to my face!!


  186. So glad you’re back!! We missed you. They say “a change is as good as a rest!”. Hope you’re enjoying your new home. Can’t wait to read more … you ALWAYS bring a smile to my face!!


  187. Answers to the 7 big what-ifs of debt default | Reuters


  188. I’ll keep score:

    of the 238 posts so far:

    50 are attributed to James
    30 are attributed to noahwestmichigan
    21 are attributed to Wayne

    So in the volume of posts, James is a clear winner. In terms of the length of each post, James also excels in that category.

    noahwestmichigan has quite a way to go to catch the leader, it seems he was late to the game (new computer glitches cited). We’ll see, given the time between postings, if he’ll be able to close that gap. Of course, given his propensity for fixing the missplelts with another post and the quick insult response, he could easily emerge victorious in the long run.

    Wayne is trailing, but packs the most bile per post. One might consider giving each of his entries a higher toxicity rating, thereby placing him in the forefront. But to be fair, he is operating here on borrowed time with a borrowed name, the owner of which may emerge at anytime to recover it.

    Place your bets early and often.


  189. Honey Jorumples

    It’s obviously one of those “lib propagandist” facades passing as fact “Honey”. Like global warming…another hoax propagated by Goebbel’s students.

    I saw that study months ago and laughed at it.

    Libs without fear? That’s parody. That’s why you ran to churches after 9/11, then when the danger passed reverted back to bad mouthing God. I’ve never witnessed weaker people. You live in fear as evidenced by your continual support of big daddy gov’t. Half on you dopes would starve to death if it wasn’t for the generosity of others. The other half would be wearing burkas as you practiced Dhimmitude because you are cowards. Perhaps the latter is not a bad thing, as the world would certainly be better if all we saw of you were eye slits.

    You keep applying ignorant leftist cliches to my knowledge and ability. I’m not a Creationist – certainly not the way you apply it.

    But if you want to debate science, by all means, be my guest. Here’s wagering I’ve forgotten more than you know.


  190. NOP, your understanding is not required. This is just attempt # infinity to derail an argument that quite frankly blows your Liberal agenda out of the water. If somehow I could wave a magic wand and have everything you Liberals do effect only yourselves, I would gladly leave you all to patting yourselves on the back while you ride your own train to oblivion. As it stands you are taking all if us with you, so we shall continue to debunk your fallacy ridden believes to the end of time, be it yours or all of ours.


  191. James, this is not a debating society, the general reader here at M&H tends to be liberal and we are here, because we enjoy Helen’s political humor. We are puzzled, that a group of right-wingers, with no sense of humor, have decided to squat here and float their dark clouds.


  192. Here are some headlines on the Drudge Report:

    Illegal Aliens Head South to Mexico in Search of the ‘American Dream'”

    Rebel Feud Puts Libya Policy in Jeopardy

    Obama Takes Debt Battle to TWITTER Loses 33,000 followers

    Harry Balafonti: Obama has failed…

    Peggy Noonan Obama is a Loser…

    Black Middle Class Eroding as Unemployment Rate Soars

    Obamacare tax Medical Device Maker to Eliminate 1,200 jobs

    Hiring in China

    MPs set to quiz James Murdoch again…

    Scare: Meatloaf refuses to quit after collapsing on stage

    Hope and Change


  193. Helen, it’s so good to have you back. What a challenging year you’ve had! Best wishes for a smooth transition to your new experience.
    Your posts are always a joy to read; you give us food for thought as well as a good chuckle. I appreciate that with all you’ve been through lately, you’ve made the time to visit with those of us who enjoy your perspective.
    What you’ve shared with us about your life reminds me of times long ago and far away when four generations of my family lived together in one large house. As a child, I heard stories of events that took place as far back as the civil war. I grew up eating wonderful food from the countries of my ancestors, and I learned self reliance and meaningful work from the examples of my elders. I don’t know if you’re in the position of “having” to live with family members, but I can say from experience that such a situation creates cherished memories and blessings for those who follow.
    So now I’ve talked myself into it — in your honor I’ll make a kringle!
    It’s great to hear from you again.


  194. Whirled Peas A, our recent history shows much of your interpretation to be wrong. At the very least, a comparison with the Obama and Reagan eras show life was better then.

    It is better for our family now than during the Reagan years because we were suffering from the farm recession, but we are atypical.


  195. I’ve read the study before. Human variability is too complex to make hard and fast conclusions based on a gene. Nature does not overwhelm nurture. There is evidence of a shyness gene, and studies show women are more attracted to “bad boys” at certain times of their lives though they also want men who are good fathers. Exceptions abound.

    I think there may be some truth in the study as in others. However, “Conservatives tend to be more receptive to threats of terrorism and like to plan for worst case scenarios.” That is a good thing. Maybe it explains why we have had more domestic terrorist attacks during Obama’s than Bush’s administration.

    Liberals’ rosier outlooks certainly don’t work when the defense of our country is at stake. It can also be a handicap in the business world. Planning for the worst can mean the difference between a prosperous business and an auction.

    Then, we have “liberals tend to try new things.” Liberalism and conservatism are not genetically ordained. According to the study a way of looking at the world may be influenced by genes. Thus, “liberals” may actually be “conservative’ and conservatives “liberal.” The current crop of liberal politicians by and large is not willing to try new things. They are clinging to bromides and policies generations old. When their schemes fail, they are unable to consider new options.

    This board is a case in point. A large minority is comfortable with the old ways and finds it hard to cope with novelty. Their mind set resembles the Democratic racists of Bull Connor’s era. Many of those people were probably no more racist than northerners, but they were resistant to change, and they had a difficult time distinguishing between individual differences.Change threatened the natural order.

    Honey Jo, I have just demonstrated that study is a two edged sword, and it may show that you are tempermentaly conservative. Environment can change brain structure, so your apparent position that people don’t change, so why argue politics is shaky.

    Political beliefs become part of our identity and a threat to the viability of a particular doctrine is more than being right or wrong. It threatens our concept of who we are.

    Wayne and Noah have produced more facts to support their position than you have. Your case is weaker than theirs, so you retreat into projecting red herrings like the a six thousand year old earth or “knee jerk” and “closed minded.” You say arguments won’t accomplish any thing. Maybe they won’t because like a steriotypical conservative you find it hard to accept new ideas.


  196. HoneyJorumples I think its more to the point your drivel is out of place. It has no bearing to the topic at hand. Your last post here especially so. None of what you blathered on about was brought up.

    I forgot. Science. Intellect. Research. Empirical evidence. Education. Anathema to most republicans.

    I spell checked your quite for you. Now on to the quote. Are you freaking kidding me? Check the few dozen posts above. Check the thousands of posts prior to this. We few who you are whining about have linked more facts backing our assertions than any 50 like you. We have stood behind our every claim while your ilk has continued on the quest of personal attacks and insults.


  197. Oh yes, Wayne. I forgot. Science. Intellect. Research. Emperical evidence. Education. Anathema to most republicans. “Incapable of rational thought,” “cowardly, self-serving.” What??!! The earth is millions of years old??!! Gibberish!! Bad physiology!!! Of course the earth is 6000 years old and carbon dating is liberal propaganda!!This is not debate. This is juvenile name calling, and nothing more. Serving absolutely no purpose whatsoever to anyone. But actually your closed-minded, knee-jerk response just kinda proved my point there, Wayne. There is no debate anymore. But I’m posting a link to show this is not something I just pulled out of my ass. And I’d be willing to bet a year’s pay not one conservative on this board will read it all the way through. They might actually learn something, and they can’t have that.'fear_centers'_in_their_brains?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzRss&utm_campaign=alternet


  198. But there really is no sense in debate. I read a scientific study that showed people with high activity in the amygdala, where fear registers, and liberals have higher activity in the anterior cingulate cortex, where sensitivity and pain are registered. You can’t change the way someone’s brain is wired, so why argue politics?

    Gibberish and really bad physiology.

    Typical Lefty spew without purpose or merit – lies upon lies, masquerading as fact. Like Global Warming. 😉

    But it is possible that a secondary conclusion might apply to liberals, explaining why they are incapable of rational thought and reactionary, working on nothing but cowardly, self-serving instinct.

    Hard wired parasites.


  199. Donna, I have been researching for a story I have to write for an economic development news letter, and after I finish, I want to be away from a computer for awhile.

    I am afraid after you see this song, you will question my taste in music, but my son and I like it. I gave Carolyn a link to Mule Skinner Blues, and she liked it. So here it is as I hope for the best.

    Our son and I like it. The song is Paralyzer by Finger Eleven, a Canadian group. This you tube video is hosted by Alone84. I like the drum and the dance routine.Its almost a metaphore for my wife and me. We are soul mates.


  200. Yes, Donna, this is nice.I wish we could do this more often.

    Our tastes are similar. I was smitten with the Beach Boys music the first time I heard them. They visited Omaha when they were barely out of high school.

    Good Vibrations takes me back to the Air Force when I was in med helper school and on 24 hour CQ. Their synphonic sound in the wee hours of the morning was otherworldly. Pet Sounds blew me away. I also like “God Only Knows.” Yes Brian Williams was a talent. What do you think of “Be True to Your School?” I like the background rah rahs.

    I think Glenn Campbell played back up guitar for the band, but I don’t know for how long.

    When I hear Emmy Lou Harris, I think of Linda Ronstadt and their duets. Both had good voices. Emmy Lou has gray hair now, but she can still sing.

    I saw a televised segment of Cream’s farewell tour, I think that was it. They were good.

    What were Janis Joplin’s and Jimmy Hendrix’s shows like? Were their audiences wild and crazy or more sedate? Jimmy could make his guitar talk. Its too bad they burned out and died so young.

    What do you think of Harry Chapin and “Cats in the Cradle?”

    Its weird, but I don’t remember the name of the group at the first concert I attended. They weren’t a known band.


  201. Wow. Skimming through these posts and seeing words like cretin, inane, slugs, whining, Messiah, etc etc etc. No, these aren’t people who want debate. Much like the people they support, they don’t want compromise, or to even reach a solution. They just love the sound of their own voice, and to impress themselves. They are angry and they just want to verbally beat up on someone and to do it anonymously to some stranger on the other end of a computer screen is easiest I guess. But there really is no sense in debate. I read a scientific study that showed people with high activity in the amygdala, where fear registers, and liberals have higher activity in the anterior cingulate cortex, where sensitivity and pain are registered. You can’t change the way someone’s brain is wired, so why argue politics? And what is someone trying to achieve when they call a liberal all these nasty names? I don’t know. But just like in Washington, nothing is changed. Perhaps we do have the government we deserve.


  202. James: Also really like Emmy Lou Harris. And think Brian Wilson is amazingly talented. “God Only Knows” is one of the best songs ever.


  203. James: Love “Feel a Whole Lot Better” and “Chestnut Mare.” And yes, Pete Seeger wrote “Turn, Turn, Turn.” Didn’t go to any of their concerts but did watch then on T.V. Actually, the first concert I went to was Janis, pre Holding Company. Second concert was Hendrix.

    Also loved Cream.

    See–isn’t this nice?


  204. And considering the disdain and opposition to EVERYTHING he tries to do, he’s done a pretty good job.

    Fortunately, fewer in America are that blind and/or willingly stupid as each day goes by. The reasons our charges and posts are not answered is you have no answer. I already knew that and unlike the others, require no answer. I just like demonstrating how foolish and wrong you always are about anything of importance.

    You and your pack are nothing but a conglomeration of lies, distortions and propaganda – as is Obama, the worst President in U.S. history. He is neither intelligent but a gaffe a day, nor is he to be trusted, as he is a malignant narcissist and product of a Marxist upbringing.

    As Marco Rubio correctly stated, America is worse off in every capacity under Obama – only the weak minded can possibly deny it now.

    That said, I understand the contempt from his foes, as I felt the same way for 8 years under GWB.

    Good. Then you’ll understand why we disdain Obama and have zero respect for his toadies. Your eight years of abhorrent behavior during the Bush Administration, doing everything possible to aid and abet our enemies who attacked us to score political points once you felt “safe”, i.e. all the excusing Obama in Libya and Yemen, blindly following the cretin’s asinine policies, demonstrate you are incapable of real debate or arriving at sound conclusions.

    So you slugs can quit whining when you don’t get a post that mouths your inane platitudes like “Yes We Can”….destroy America in four years.


  205. Don McLean’s American Pie was also one of my favorites.


  206. Donna, I love the Byrds. Do you have a favorite? One of mine is Turn Turn. I believe Pete Seeger wrote the song, and Bob DYlan sang it, but the Byrds’ melodies gave it emotion.

    Eight Miles High is another favorite. Were you old enough to watch them sing on television or did you attend any of their concerts?


  207. Won’t talk politics, James. Will talk music. I’m very much a 70’s sort of gal. Think of the early Byrds stuff.


  208. His boosters have compared Obama to Lincoln, Reagan, JFK, and FDR during the past two years.

    Every president is unique, of course, but I think he is more like USS Grant.


  209. pm, I don’t hate liberals. I was a moderator on a Jeanene Garafalo blog . I was banned in the early weeks, but twelve of the people created another message board so I could keep in touch and they could tease me about being banned. I was reinstated when they threatened to leave if I wasn’t allowed back. They were all as liberal as they could be.

    In my opinion, the point of a discussion is to match wits as with a game of checkers or chess, and in the process to let people get to know each other better. No one is likely to change another’s mind, but defending one’s beliefs with documentation focuses the mind.

    Surprising things can happen.
    A man I met on the site edited a farmers almanac for a former boss for three years. My friend knew I was interested in the weather, and let me guess the national weather for the three years he edited the almanac.

    Several of us met face to face in California. We got closer because the site had private messages.

    I’m not looking for friends, and I don’t care what people think of me, but I like “conversations” about music, Mars, politics or almost anything besides mud flinging.

    I am combative in person as well as on line, but I won’t call you stupid in a discussion.

    I think Bush was personally adrift before 9/11. That attack gave him his purpose and for awhile he united our country and made Al Quaida pay for the attacks.

    I only voted for Bush because he was better than the alternative. Bush’s policies, Republicans and Democrats helped create our modern mess. Republicans deserved to lose Congress in 2007.

    I agree Obama inherited a mess.

    I basically support Obama’s war policy, and it is not far from Bush’s. I think his bailout of the auto companies was wise. Obamacare will be a disaster, but I blame Pelosi, Reid and their staffs more than Obama. He is detached and seems to let others lead. The current debacle supports my opinion. He is a good politician. After all, he beat Hillary who was the heir apparent.

    In a discussion with Honolulu Sally we agreed time would tell. It has.

    See, common ground–sort of.

    If you are still out there, what do you think we can do about our long-term deficit? Will our polticians realize it is time to stop partisan battles and work together? There is no right answer for that.


  210. A shout-out to all the ‘wedgies’ (Δ) in the house:

    Little Green ReaganApples

    It took 30 years and 204 days, but on Tuesday August 2, 2011 the fruits of the Reagan Tree of Life will finally have reached its peak when the over-ripened, low-hanging, worm-filled Reagapples will begin to pound the ground, not with sweetened blossoms, but with a dead thud. 30 years and 204 days of belittling and ignoring the American education system, calling ketchup a vegetable, telling us trees cause pollution, cutting taxes to create trickled-down imaginary jobs (OK there are a few more maids and gardeners) and teaching Americans that they could have everything they want and it will cost nothing – the Teadras educated Republican party is willing to take the ultimate bet and tell the piper (or croupier) this time to shove it.

    more here…

    PEACE ~ Δ


  211. All do respect James….really, what is the point of engaging in a discussion? You are not going to convince me of anything, and I am certainly not going to change your perspective. We both have misguided “conditions”, and we believe what we want to believe and hear what we want to hear.

    And yes, I’m sure in some lunatic world, we probably common ground on some things, in fact I’m sure we do. But, in getting there, we’d both be awfully muddy. I’ve read a lot of your posts James, and you do throw around some insults, and I too have a propensity to haul them back if I feel attacked. So while you may or may not enjoy the road to getting to common ground, I find it exhausting.

    Bottom line, I support Obama. Do I think he perfect, no, a messiah, certainly not, but I think he was handed a heaping pile of garbage. And considering the disdain and opposition to EVERYTHING he tries to do, he’s done a pretty good job. That said, I understand the contempt from his foes, as I felt the same way for 8 years under GWB. I feel his presidency was catastrophic for this country. So, we might have common ground somewhere in there James, I’m just not sure where? 🙂

    I just come to this site to read Helen’s posts. They crack me up. I’m still not sure why folks who hate “liberals” spend time on THREADS 🙂 here, but hey, to each his own….

    Best of luck to you James in trying to reason with us ignorant “liberals” 😉


  212. Time for a little peace and quiet, like the title of Helen’s post implies. Here listen to the king…


  213. Thanks Donna, I believe the same of you. In case you remember, our group won our court case.


  214. pm, its nice you can read my mind. What other things have your powers divined?

    I am only speaking for myself. Look at the record. I have never called anyone stupid, and I tend to argue politely. I may call you misguided, but that is not an insult. It is a condition. You have the right describe me in kind. I was serious when I suggested a discussion. Neither of us knows much about the other. We might find more common ground than we think. What could happen? At the worst, I would call you a name and you could say ” I told you so, he is a liar.” At the best, we might even agree on some things.

    I don’t like Obama as a politician because I think he is an inept failure, but what I feel for his behavior does not translate to how I regard him or a defender as people. The issues are separate.

    I like Noah, and he is probably a better man than I. Honolulu Sally wrote Noah was me without the nightmares. I like how she thinks, but Noah and I are not a matched set.

    However, your powers of clarivoyance already tell you that.

    I accept your apology.

    “I don’t feel enough of anything to harbor the kind of disdain that you maintain
    You painted me into what you wanted to see
    And that’s fine
    But you will never know me.”

    Ben Folds and William Shatner Fear of Pop


  215. Delurker: Thank you for your post. I have not been here for quite a while (that was not me yesterday). But I have read the comments to this post and really wonder what people are trying to accomplish. You aren’t going to change anyone’s mind by insulting them. You aren’t going to educate them by insulting them. All you’re doing is being self-indulgent. If you have nothing else to occupy your time, that’s unfortunate.

    This is not an issue of political orientation. I find Crypto’s posts as abhorrent as I do Tex/Wayne’s. And James–I may disagree with you on some issues, but I believe you are a well-meaning person.


  216. The last was me, not sure why it keeps logging me out.


  217. delurkergurl, you are barely able to account for your own actions let alone trying to tell others what I want and don’t want. Go back to the kitchen bitch, your not wanted. Its you and your kind that keeps the toxic atmosphere alive on this blog, not us. I extended the olive branch your way more times than I care to count only to have it thrown in my face. Look in the mirror, you’ll find the true villain staring back.

    pm, you are a master of talking a lot, yet never managing to say anything at all. Anytime you are ready to stop the personal attacks and try something of substance please feel free. In the future save your plethora of excuses why you can’t or wont, no one really cares.


  218. Moreover, you will notice how I tried to get several of those folks to trade arguments about different topics instead of insults, but I got no takers.

    I keep reminding everyone we don’t own the blog because some of you consistantly behave as it is yours.

    Have a nice weekend.


  219. James and Noah,
    You really want debates here? No you don’t. You want an excuse to trash people who disagree with you. Does it really matter what I believe? Does it matter what my point of view is? ….No. You’ll keep calling me stupid, misguided and brainwashed and I’d say the same thing about you.
    I will admit, I did say some things that were insulting, and for that, my sincere apologies. Now you should admit that you don’t come here to debate. You come here to express your hatred for Obama the “liberal” point of view because you think you are smarter and better…

    After all, you said it yourself Noah:
    “As far as your fantasy life, please don’t feel the need to justify your miserable existence. ” and I’m “so brainwashed that you lack the capacity to understand”….

    Have a lovely weekend.

    And Helen: So glad you are back. Hope you are doing well and continue to post.


  220. Delurkergurl, I am not playing victim, but a review of this thread shows I and the others were personally attacked first. I am only speaking for myself, but I prefer civility. You know that from my history.

    Yes, there is a cancer here, but it comes mainly from the left. Some, like you at least tolerate people with different views if they are polite. If I am so toxic, why did Carolyn and I trade insults and later joke around? Once we got to know each other a little we decided the other was not evil.

    Yes, a toxic force lives here, I will respond to it when it raises its head. Some of the libs who post here are intolerant, and I will call them on it when I feel like it. Intolerance is the true cancer.


  221. I have a gentle suggestion for my dear friends here. I attended a hokey development seminar years ago where I learned about the energy circle, and how you get more of what you focus on. An example is your child carrying a glass of milk across the room. If you warn the child not to spill it, they are so focused on the potential spill that they are much more likely to spill it. It’s less likely if you say nothing or focus on how well they were doing at carrying the milk. Cheesy :D, but it works. If you want to focus on Noah and Wayne’s rabid behavior or James’ (and it’s only a matter of time – Pfesser’s) rediscovered hostility, you’ll get more of it. So much that it saturates the place eventually. If you focus on your friends here, or the agenda you feel is important, or your hosts, or your goals, you’re more likely to get more of that.

    My goal is to avoid reading the crap that’s being thrown about here for the sole purpose of getting a reaction, and staying focused on what’s real and right. It’s not like real dialogue is their goal. It’s just bashing. “Libs” are expected to roll over and take the crap that trolls fling, or they are intolerant. Bull. For example, Mageen and Craig deserve our support and positive energy towards their spouses’ full cancer recoveries. That shouldn’t be sacrificed because others want to BE a cancer. I’m not going to give up on a place where my friends gather just because there are people who have nothing else to do but disrupt it. It may mean I rarely have anything to say, but I’m not going to be a substance that feeds the cancer.

    I am not going to tell anyone else to do. As James has pointed out ad pukeum, this is not OUR blog and we don’t get to call the shots. Apparently anyone who wants to be a toxin has that right whether it’s logical or constructive or not. But I can share observations and my observation is that the addicts are taking over because they keep getting their crack fix (attention).

    I hope everyone here has a fantastic weekend. I hope my kids get back home safe from their journeys and our home project gets finished and our government strikes a deal that causes minimal collateral damage because posturing with people’s livelihoods at stake is truly sucky. I mean that, really.


  222. At last, President Obama is doing what President Bush could not do, send illegal aliens back home. A headline in the Sacramento Daily News says “Improving Mexican economy draws undocumented immigrants home from California.”

    And all this time, I thought our president was misguided and inept. The one truly has a plan.

    What do you think pm? Anyone? Crickets?


  223. Sadly I knew that would be the best you have to offer pm. I don’t fault you for it, I am sure you are doing the best you can with what God gave you.


  224. …and yet, pm you won’t discuss anything of substance. Your “banter and insults” are as old as grade school. So are ours, but our case is stronger than yours. A lot insults are flying around these days. The center is crumbling, and in time threats to your basic assumptions will intrude. I don’t care what you do. I’m just making and observation.


  225. Noah and James…you sound like very lovely, fun people. Your banter and insults are tired and old..


  226. So glad to see a new post!! Now, if I only had time to read the comments. Sigh. Happy to hear that you have been able to get moved and start the next chapter of your life. It’s always interesting, that’s for sure. I love reading your posts . . . please don’t wait so long in between next time.


  227. Mr. Murdoch, we might remind people, is in a bit of trouble on the other side of the pond. Good times! Good times!

    And not a bit of trouble in America. Therefore, your comment is irrelevant. But then, that is status quo from you.

    But I do understand Puppet, your talking points author Sugar Daddy for Media Matters and Nazi pal George Soros is in some serious trouble right here in America. Seems MM may be losing their non-profit status. ‘Tis a shame.

    Do the words Air America ring any bells? 🙂

    Acting as “oracle” (I think you’ve been watching The Matrix again), I will say this for the Puppet’s benefit:

    Stick around – about this time next year, we’re going to stick a fork in O’Blamer and frogmarch him and his Big Butted Wife to the curb – preferably in hand cuffs.


  228. Sadly pm, you are so brainwashed that you lack the capacity to understand, even though I have explained it sever times using as many one syllable words as i could come up with.

    As far as your fantasy life, please don’t feel the need to justify your miserable existence. First and foremost because I do not care, and secondly, you should not care what I think. Now if you are able to debate and defend your liberal stance please by all means do so. If as I suspect you are only talking points that your masters have fed you, please go on being insulting and go after your opponents personally. Seems that is all Liberals can do as they have not an intellectual leg to stand on.

    NOP, you are seriously sounding desperate. Yet another fine example of Liberals ignoring facts and instead going after their opponent personally. Elegant proof Liberalism is intellectually indefensible.

    End of the day folks, you can come up with the 101 reasons, or what we in the business world call, excuses, why you cannot perform. I really don’t care to hear your incessant wining why you cannot defend your beliefs. You either can, or cannot, that is all that matters. Step up, show why you believe you are right, or don’t.

    This isn’t about me. I know I am right, And this isn’t about me trying to prove I am right, the facts do that for me. This is about showing you why you are wrong. If that scares you so be it.

    As for why I do this. I follow and live by Gert’s Rules as best I can. Especially the part where it says live your life anyway you chose, whatever makes you happy, so long as you actions do not deprive another of their happiness. Maybe it took having a daughter to finally open my eyes. Liberalism is dangerous and causes harm to all. Its very base concept is to take indiscriminately from those that have, for no other reason than because the have it, and to give it to those who have not, regardless of the reason why. It does not matter than you worked hard for what you got, success is a crime that is to be punished.

    If you have, then you are a criminal, if you have not you are a victim. The state plays the roll of the hero coming to save the day. A wonderful story predicated on fallacy. Contrary to what your masters have told you were are not to stupid too handle our own affairs (though this Liberal band on here is working hard to prove me wrong), we do not need our hands held, we do not need our government to tell us whats best for us, or how to raise our kids, or how to spend our money, or how to love our lives.

    If I am wrong, prove it. IF I am right, then muster up the character and admit it, or in sticking with Liberal tradition, go after me personally and ignore the argument completely.


  229. Noah and Wayne don’t need me to defend them, but pm, you wrote that Noah insulted liberals in his first post on this “blog.” Do you mean on this thread, or did you travel back to the first time he wrote something here?
    If you did, you’d know our hosts devoted a thread to Noah. He has a right to be miffed.

    So you own a successful business. Good for you! That gives you and Noah something in common. Maybe you can compare notes. My wife and I also own a successful business, and we are financially comfortable.

    What do you think of Obama world as it crumbles around us?


  230. Caitlin, thanks for your “haters” comment and for “dark-self serving perspective…” Its nice to be able to use your own words against you, but so many of you have given me the opportunity it seems odd. Your talking points are the same.

    Do you all belong to some sort of cult with instructions to pollute the world?
    Do you take class work in bigotry or does it come naturally?

    This is not a gated community, but you are behaving like a white person when the first black moves in. I know bigotry when I see it.

    I like many of the liberals here. They probably wish I would leave, but they are too nice to say so. They tolerate me.

    You should know that anger begets anger and kindness begets kindness.


  231. Ugh, whatever noah…you’re boorish

    I just don’t understand why you come to this site, say insulting things and then play victim? Your very first posting on this blog you called liberals low life’s and accused them of “having no back bone”…how do you expect respect and a good dialogue with that? If that is your belief, then go.
    You’re not an intellectual Noah, you’re an instigator. You don’t have an intent for open conversation, your intent is to provoke, nothing more.

    Oh, and sweetie, I work very hard and run a successful business. I probably have more $ in the bank than some make in a year…cute welfare jab though….


  232. So glad to see you back, Helen. I hope you are happy in your new place. Change can indeed be good–and challenging–so best wishes for your smooth transition. (And hopefully, you’ll ignore the “haters” at your wonderful, humorous, smart blogsite. It’s fairly clear that their world view is shaped by a dark, self-serving, small-minded perspective. I shake my head in wonder how those burrs find just the spot to irritate, yet offer nothing more than that.)


  233. All comments from Wayne are written and approved by Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Fox News and WSJ, Wayne is one of his American oracles. Mr. Murdoch, we might remind people, is in a bit of trouble on the other side of the pond. Good times! Good times!


  234. Timeout for those from the Right, they need a little time to change their catheter bags; how else can they be so glued to the porch?

    Perhaps with the same glue tying you to the Chatty Kitchen and all those other echo chambers of prog chat you stick around?

    Better #1 than #2 with that colonoscopy.bag you carry around your neck to catch the stinkin’ horse crap that comes spewing out of your lying mouth every day.

    Here, while you work on some new lines with some desperately needed new humor Puppet, read that the national press is now calling “The Won” a loser. Did you catch that? A LOSER! From a former supporter.


    And the only thing lower than a loser, is the mealy-mouthed loser’s puppet.


  235. Helen, I’m so sorry for your loss. It must have been so hard to go through all the belongings from the past 47 years, all while you were grieving, but now it’s done–what an accomplishment! Your attitude about your new adventure is admirable and so typical of you. Many hugs and best wishes to you.


  236. Timeout for those from the Right, they need a little time to change their catheter bags; how else can they be so glued to the porch?




  238. WOW….name spelled wrong…..50 lashes with a wet noodle…..


  239. pm, you all sound the same.

    Do you belong to a secret society which gives you talking points around a camp fire? Your leader needs a better script writer.


  240. Delurkergurl, I wonder about Craig and Val too.

    The time of Courting Her Highness was interesting. I can guess who Sarah Churchhill resembles now. However, Agigail Mashiam was quite a woman too. The court had as many subplots as a soap opera.

    I hope your summer picks up.


  241. pm, go cash in some of those welfare bucks and get someone to write something for you of merit.


  242. Paige, I am calling your bluff. I have no doubt in my mind you are inept, and unable to defend the Liberal position. Personal attacks are the last recourse of a weak mind in a place of ideas. Lets see if you are different from 99% of the Liberals on here and see if you are anything more than just insults. I would be happy to even make it easy for you and let you chose the topic. But if you are really all that and feel up to the task I would be happy to chose the topic.


  243. James and Noah clearly love teabagging…
    You guys are like the teacher on the Peanuts cartoon….blah blah blah


  244. Another thing Page. I misspelled your name on purpose to show my lack of respect for you.

    Learn from the past.

    Review t if your reading skills are up to it. Carolyn and I insulted each other, but we parted “friends” as we exchanged knock knock jokes and she listened to a you tube song I mentioned.

    This is an open forum. No one has the right to tell another to ignore another’s comments.


  245. Page, I think you are lying. It didn’t read like a rhetorical question.

    What battle of wits? Your name calling and attitude show no signs of wit. “Xenophobic, ill informed cretins?” Projection dear lady, projection.


  246. Delurkergurl, thanks! The name of the book is Courting Her Highness. I had to read it all the way through cuz as soon as the Duchess of Marlborough came up in the first chapter I could swear that I had met her modern counterpart somewhere. You may have the same reaction.


  247. James, if you can’t even remember that there are 5 letters in my name for the short time it took you to write your insipid reply, you are obviously unequipped to engage in a battle of wits with me. Do yourself a favor and do not address me. Continue to argue with those who are foolish enough to actually think you are worth the time it takes to debate with you. There may be someone who is on this site to speak with you, but I’m not the one. Noah, your condescending reply was as imbecilic as your buddy, James’. As someone said earlier, it’s not always about you. Perhaps being extremely self centered prevents you from understanding that the comment was a rhetorical question which was addressed to Margaret (and Helen) not you and the other belligerent instigators on this site. I will not address either of you again. I come to this site to read the witty remarks of Margaret and Helen, not to debate the validity of the remarks with mental midgets. I don’t go the Fox News website because trying to have a civilized conversation with xenophobic, ill informed cretins is not my idea of an enjoyable way to pass time.


  248. Hi, Mageen. It’s wonderful to hear from you. I hope the treatments have been effective. It’s a long and horrible road. Finding less toxic therapies is so important. Thank you for the book suggestion. I’ve been caught up in home improvement projects so haven’t had much time for a good read. I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing? I think that’s only if you’re 8.

    I wonder how Craig and Val are doing. He usually stops by if there’s a new post.


  249. There is only one compromise I would accept from the Republicans. Since the Messiah insists on a debt cap raise, but also insists any spending cuts be phased in over several years (which is total BS since each year congress votes in their own budget and had no obligation to honor previous years agreements) Lets phase it in both ways. I will even give the Messiah the edge. For every $1 cut in spending he gets $2 in debt cap increase.


  250. Florida Congressman Connie Mack introduced a one percent spending act. If it passed, every government department would not spend 1% of its budget in the next cycle and 1% for each succeeding year. After seven years, the budget would balance.

    How would you like to argue the merits of that bill cryptoclearance? Then again, “why is the sky blue” seems to be more your speed.


  251. Joyce, when I was nineteen, I watched a man and his daughter in a wrecked truck incinerate alive. I promised myself that to give their deaths meaning, I would live a good life. I have. Revenge has noting to do with it for me.

    Read my earlier post. The man who claims to run this site explained why some who accuse people like me of being trolls while calling us names are the trolls.

    Bashing liberal lies is getting easier. The signs are all around us. A friend who always votes Democratic and thought Obama was the best thing to hit our country in years is unemployed and now says she will vote for anyone but Obama.


  252. Pfessor, you described the flaws in human-caused global warming programs very well. The Climategate climatologists found the same problem. Conditions were not as predicted, and they discussed ways of “fixing” the data.

    Another unintended consequence is the pollution China, India, and other newly industrialized nations send into the atmosphere may be a cooling agent.

    Mars has slowly been getting warmer. If what I read is true, it implies the sun may be influencing our weather.

    The flood water is still high, but projected to fall a bit after the Corps of Engineers begins to lower the flow after August 1. A few inches of water is against a section of our four foot dike surrounding our farmstead, so we will stay safe.

    The river is projected to be within its banks by late September or October. We could put a duck blind on our farm. My cousin was on television last week after a break flooded the house she grew up in.

    Our dog hated it, but my wife got a collar on her and discovered she is leash trained. We could probably get her into a car if we needed to.

    This year’s vacation was a trip to Gavins Point Dam. It has become quite a tourist attraction, a cross between Yellowstone’s mud pots and Niagra Falls.

    Mageen, I hope the best for you and your husband. We already do that sort of thing, especially for the poor. We aren’t doing as much of it now since much of the valley income has gone with the water.


  253. Joyce14419, not out to squash anyone’s fun, just to bash the lies that is the Liberal disease.


  254. I am glad to see you again, Helen. I hope you live long and healthy in your new place. I am happy that you plan to write more often. It’s even better watching the trolls heads explode when they’re desperate to squash our fun. Living well is the best revenge. Gotta love it!


  255. Donna and Delurkergurl, greetings. While waiting on my husband as he went through yet another chemo infusion I was able to catch up on all the entries on this site. As my perspective on life has been totally altered by a really rotten, nasty disease afflicting my husband of over 4 decades, I am always amazed at some of the stuff I found here. It still seems that some of the bloggers are wasting time on “personal injury” stuff when such energy could go a long way towards activities such as raising funds to defeat cancer. As a mental health break while his five hour infusion experience went on and on I read a book about Sarah Churchill, alias the Duchess of Marborough. Very interesting! Her eccentricities took me right out of myself. As I completed the book by Jean Plaidy I realized that the D o M was a much earlier version of a contemporary personality. I guess the wheel keeps turning and the cycles keep churning up then down. The Duchess of Marlborough was her own worst enemy and succeeded in destroying herself. Fascinating! Recommend this as a gotta-read and hopefully for everyone on the Front Porch, under better circumstances.


  256. That was an interesting article on heat loss from the earth, thanks. I always wondered about those models, since heat radiated generally goes as the 4th power of temperature – which is to say, raising the temperature a tiny amount causes heat loss to go up a great deal, restoring the balance. Ditto the buffering effect of water vapor – a little rise in temp causes tremendous increase in atmospheric vapor, buffering the temp change and minimising it.

    Another problem is the “butterfly effect” in the models themselves. If you change one variable just a half percent, the output may change twenty percent, so any error in any of your thirty or so starting assumptions may completely change the result. These models are just not robust enough to use them as a basis for effectively destroying the economy, in my opinion – especially when nobody else – China, for example – is willing to do the same.

    Then there is the problem with the promoters’ being contaminated by their own interests. I don’t know the exact numbers, but when Al Gore left office, his official net worth was 2-3 million dollars. After a few years of promoting “climate change” and investing in related activities, it’s more like a couple hundred million. Hmmm…and you see how devoted he is to reducing his “carbon footprint” when you see reports about the energy use of his mansion in (?Tennessee?) A quick trip to confirms the report.

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks – as my old roommate, Bill Shakespeare used to say.

    How is the water level out there, James? Did you ever get that damned dog to behave? LOL


  257. I’ve been WORRIED!! Thanks for an update, and good luck with new city and home! You two have been SORELY MISSED!
    Your humor wit, and wisdom keep me from the ‘edge’!


  258. I wish you the best of luck with everything – onwards & upwards !


  259. Page,

    this blog is run like a wild west town. Most of the insults originated from the liberal side of the hall. If you don’t like it, state your view and defend it. You have as much right to do that as anyone else. Otherwise, tough tarts.


  260. Paige, some people have the capacity to converse with those that are not like them. Some people have the desire to learn more than what is in their small world. Some people want to expand their knowledge and become more tomorrow than what they were today. Granted this is a philosophy that is embraced by a precious few, especially on this board, but there you go.


  261. Hollyberry and cryptoclearance. This is not your blog. We have as much right here as you do. So cry me a river if you don’t like it. Your outrage amuses me.


  262. Glad to see you posting again. I wonder, though, why people come to this blog if all they’re going to do is insult you and those who agree with you? If I didn’t like what you said, I wouldn’t waste precious time reading your blogs.


  263. Wayne, I read those articles. They are a continuation of Climagegate e mails which also make interesting reading. A television meterologist told me some of the weather stations in places like Siberia are too close to city centers for accurate reading.

    Al Gore’s version of climate change is a scheme to make Al Gore rich.


  264. Convent girl,

    read my post to NOP. This is another example of tokenism which won’t change the world but will remind me I at least tried.

    I am pretty open, and I have shared my strengths and weaknesses because it reveals hints on how to deal with me. Besides, I like to learn about people so they are more than words on a screen. Sometimes, if I tell about myself others will share parts of their lives.

    I saw a therapist after I came home. Then, he had to see a therapist.

    If you really lived in a convent I would avoid a church which accepted someone like you.


  265. NOP,
    I agree with you. A Weather Chanel rep spoke at a weather seminar I attended, and several people in the audience complained about the lack of coverage of weather in the Heartland. He agreed. There are more people to watch in highly populated areas. I understand the ways of the world, and i won’t change anything.

    However, I don’t suffer well in silence. I may not change the world, but a token effort satisfies me when I know I at least did SOMETHING. For example, FEMA reps met with the county last July and told us places which had not been flooded for years would be listed as flood prone etc. This had awful consequences for several towns because businessmen could not develop the land they had purchased. People, including us would be restricted to what we could do with our homes.

    A lot of angry people were there that day. I was nice to the reps because they were errand boys and girls, not policy makers. I waited until the important business questions were asked. One of the reps admitted to several us that “you’re screwed.” No one but I heard the janitor say he was locking the court house, and I kept my mouth shut.

    The FEMA reps and I were locked in for twenty minutes, and I didn’t tell them how to get out. They had to find their own way. I couldn’t change government plans. We had to live with what they dictated, but it was satisfying for me to be able to inconvience them for twenty minutes.

    Do you remember when our group was sued and I fled from the process server for a week? Nothing changed, and I finally went home and collected the summons, but I felt good about it. I was tilting at windmills, but I did something. That is what my flood stories are accomplishing. Nothing will change, but I feel good that I at least tried.

    Even better, I was able to tell the Corps “I told you so” about the innundation maps and also to FEMA, because areas they assumed would be flooded remained dry, and dry areas were under water. FEMA may go back to the drawing board.

    I speak to our government representatives frequently. It doesn’t change any thing, but I know I did SOMETHING.

    You don’t have to tell me our climate is changing. I record and report the weather to the National Weather Service and several television stations. We are getting wetter, and more woody vegetation is spreading onto the prairies. Farmers still have to irrigate for optiumn crop yields, but very heavy rain storms are more common. We are part of a cycle which is leading up to a thirties dust bowl scenario. We are also overdue for a major wide -spread drought. Our growing season averages a little longer, though the time between first and last frosts is shrinking a bit.

    We would be getting wetter whether the earth was cooling or warming since it is part of a natural cycle. Yes, more floods are coming.


  266. Le Creuset, blue


  267. otto katz, pot, kettle, black?


  268. Have to come in here and call people names, I bet you call the cops on your neighbors, too.

    Otto? Why do I picture you with a German Waffen SS Helmet upon your block head?

    No kids to kick off the lawn fortunately. All angels in my neighborhood, as we don’t allow libs within the confines. You know? Dopers, tats, red diaper babies, code pinkos, Alinsky goons, sexual deviants, high school dropouts, and union thugs – all persona non grata.

    But I love you too Otto! It’s a shame I can’t give you a kiss since I shaved especially close this morning. Maripat will have to do. 😉


  269. Otto: I love you.


  270. Wayne, you bitter old man. Can’t you find some kids to kick off your lawn? Have to come in here and call people names, I bet you call the cops on your neighbors, too. Does Maripat know you spend your days on an old lady blog calling people names? You should spend more time on freep, they’re more to your liking, keep your blood pressure down.


  271. Then James, there is the liberal criminal who lied about the “deaths” of the drowning polar bears:

    APNewsBreak: Arctic scientist under investigation

    JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Just five years ago, Charles Monnett was one of the scientists whose observation that several polar bears had drowned in the Arctic Ocean helped galvanize the global warming movement.

    Now, the wildlife biologist is on administrative leave and facing accusations of scientific misconduct.

    The federal agency where he works told him he was on leave pending the results of an investigation into “integrity issues.” A watchdog group believes it has to do with the 2006 journal article about the bear, but a source familiar with the investigation said late Thursday that placing Monnett on leave had nothing to with scientific integrity or the article.

    It’s as if the Divine has decided the lies have gone on long enough, and now it is time for Barack Obama and his toadies to “fess” up to the egregious and insidious game they have played.. 😈

    And I predict the news is going to get a lot more ugly for these folks. I think it important for them to now be called on it, explaining why I feel the requirement here amongst water carriers for this charlatan for President, to set the record straight.


  272. I’m happy you’re back, Helen, and happier to hear you’re doing well. Stay cool and have a rockin’ good adventure. Write when you can – I check in frequently to see if you’ve put in another great 2 cents.


  273. I wouldn’t worry too much about “Climate Change” James. Beginning to look like all but the most diehard rubes still haven’t gotten the message that Anthropogenic Global Warming, Global Warming, Climate Change has also been exposed as perhaps the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on a gullible American public, besides Barack Hussein Obama. 😉

    New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism

    Many of the global warming alarmists are also criminal.


  274. If there’s a shred of decency in your bones, move on.

    Decency is predicated on truth. A majority of the posters here are by definition not decent.

    I truly am sorry Holly if the truth bothers you. Truly I am. But the lies must be challenged, and the election of a fraud for President indisputably proves this. Obama may have irreparably damaged this country.

    You’ll note not one of your detractors has even been challenged about the facts. The complaints are about not allowing the lies to go unchallenged.


  275. Illanoy Gal , I’m sorry I wrote the same analogy as you, I hadn’t read the posts before I so quickly posted, so glad Helen’s back.
    I’ve been saying that about St. John since this whole kerfluffle started.


  276. Oh Helen! I’m so glad to read your post, I was so worried, hoping you were alright, and that if anything was wrong your grandson would let us worrywarts know. St. John of Orange is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and I would bet the farm he could change places with almost anyone else in the US. It’s almost like a movie, except it’s real.
    Glad you’re back, please write as often as you can. We missed you


  277. Typical Prog Politics….

    This is as much a scandal for Pelosi and her failed leadership as it is a scandal for Wu. We’re talking about the same proud feminist leadership and the same dysfunctional ethics panel that have dragged their feet on cleaning Capitol Hill’s mountain of other dirty laundry while providing cover to other predatory Dems:

    They slapped New York Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel on the wrist for serial tax-cheating.

    They have yet to bring California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters to trial after charging her last year with three violations related to her crony TARP bailout intervention on behalf of minority-owned OneUnited Bank in Los Angeles.

    They are just now looking into former New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner’s possible abuse of government resources while sending lurid messages and photos to young women across the country.

    And they have only recently reauthorized a probe into the aftermath of allegations that former New York Democratic Rep. Eric Massa sexually harassed several young male staffers.

    In that case, you’ll recall that Pelosi’s office and Democratic Rep. Barney Frank’s office had both been told by Massa’s top aides of the out-of-control abuse of underlings — but said and did nothing for months.

    Wu’s a creep. But the pattern of malign neglect on the part of his Washington enablers is even creepier.

    Throw in a criminal and blatant racist for Attorney General named Eric Holder, and you can begin to understand why the country is going down the tubes. Most Libs are amoral at best – many are unprosecuted criminals.


  278. conventgirl I never said anything was about me. This is a place to talk, if you don’t like it get the fck out.


  279. Whew! It is very hard to articulate how HAPPY I am that you are back posting online. You’ve been missed.

    Very sorry to hear of your loss and hope that your new home in a new city will turn out to be a fabulous ‘adventure’ for you.

    Noah and James: Time to grow up. Everything is not about YOU. You both seem to be so darn needy for attention. Please, find another website, or better yet, see a therapist.


  280. James, your complaints about media coverage are one of my peeves, the news media isn’t about news, it is show business. Let’s face it, your belonging strung out even from coast to coast wouldn’t give them the visuals they want for national news broadcasts. Honestly, unless Anderson Cooper is hanging a foot below the top of a flag pole and potentially he will be hurled through wet muddy currents racing towards the Gulf in the next fifteen seconds, no chance you’ll see your place or your neighbors’ on the nightly news. Now if you were in a city and all ways in and out where shut off and life was in the balance…. Sorry, but that is just the way it is. And nothing, but allowing time to pass, is going to change things up your way, and the worst of it is, you need to get use to it, CLIMATE CHANGE; you, in all probability, will see a lot more floods during your lifetime. Best advice I can give you, buy flood insurance.


  281. I heard that Margaret died. Say it isn’t so…


  282. Hi Helen! Thanks for the post. Glad you are doing ok. Hope you enjoy your new surroundings. Wishing you all the best.


  283. Crypto, seek help…your preoccupation with sexual insults has me concerned. Holly, when this blog is turned over to your oversight, you can dictate at will who comes and goes.


  284. hollyberry and pm and the rest of us that really like M&H’s blog: these jerks really cannot seem to post anywhere else. why not post whe people reply to them?
    what a circlejerk. and they get off on it!


  285. wayne, noah, james, pfesser, please, don’t do this again. If there’s a shred of decency in your bones, move on. Sincerely, from those of us sitting on Helen’s porch relishing our new digs


  286. I’d say the same about you noahwestmichigan, coming to a “liberal” website to spout your rhetoric garbage, there is plenty of other places you can get off on your ideological nonsense….


  287. pm showing the best of what Liberals have to offer.


  288. Hey noahwestmichigan…..suck it…go to “fox News”…your only friends are there….


  289. Yeah! My cyber gram is back!! You rock girl, and good luck in your new digs


  290. Take note, every single Liberal post, find fault in someone else, insult them, then pat themselves on the back. Not one has had the ability to offer any idea of any merit. Further proof all they want is to win. They could give a good God dam if the country gets flushed in the process.


  291. Helen, thank you for continuing to write and now let the soap opera continue. These are indeed strange times, Whirled Peas.

    We identify the problems as we see them from the perspective of our own limited experience in our own teensy-weensy little corner of this world in a teensy-weensier little corner of the universe.

    We dig in our heels with our biased opinions, and won’t budge an inch. Then continue to justify and bolster those opinions with minutiae, ‘ad infinitum’ and ‘ad nauseum’. All the while sitting around pontificating like pundits on TV.

    PEACE ~ Δ


  292. Emax, I am not whining. I am describing a disaster which the bi- coastal media has largely ignored.

    Our things are in three different neighbors’ houses on higher ground, we have a dike around our farmstead and extra sand bags. We have an escape plan, and a place to go. We packed a suitcase around June 1, and all of our important papers are with the suitcase.

    Like you, we have survived tornadoes, grass fires, droughts, blizzards, and when I was a boy, floods.

    We will survive this one too. However, many people won’t. A few local businesses have closed, and it will take years for farmers who have lost most of their crops to pull themselves out of this hole. Some people can’t even get to their homes to inspect for damage. No one knows what refugees living in camp grounds or a defunct college dorm will do when school starts or the weather gets cold. Rental properties are scarce.

    The Corps of Engineers faces an upheaval reaching to Congress. Its operation manual will be changed. FEMA told me this flood is a game changer. They will have to rethink old assumptions.

    City and country governments are hard-pressed to pay flood related bills. Levies and roads must be rebuilt before next spring.

    This largely man-made flood is one of the most expensive in US history. A Corps of Engineers rep told me it is unique for its duration. This may change how FEMA and the Corps do business, and that will affect you if you need their help.

    Your taxes will help repair the damage. You ought to know what your money is buying. Your taxes will also help southerners survive one of the worst droughts in recent years. Both disasters are located in or near flyover country which the national press largely ignores.

    I don’t really care if anyone is interested. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. As Honolulu Sally wrote, I have the skin of an armadillo. A few of you will know what is happening in spite of yourselves.


  293. As kids we liked to go fishing in a muddy backwater where we could always catch a sucker or two. Suckers were bottom feeders that were essentially worthless, easily caught but inedible. If it were today we’d probably call them Waynies.


    You can’t even tie a hook, much less fish.

    Mindless sponges, many that reside on this board sucking Obama’s squirrel sized balls and living off the dole and the producer’s labor, are the largest part of problem. That makes you a thief too.


    Not a one of you progs can make a cogent argument to explain:

    – Why we haven’t had a budget from a majority Dimocratic Congress in 3 years
    – Why Obama has spent in excess of $4.5 Trillion dollars of debt and we’re still talking Depression (your feckless party’s words, not mine).
    – Why nothing was gained from O’Zero’s Pork packge of $862 billion and unemployment went up 2.5%
    – Why the Iraq War with Dimocrat approval was bad, but the Libyan War without any approval but the U.N. is good
    – Why the dollar has lost 12% of its value under Pres. Zero
    – Why Medicare is now 1000% higher than originally forecast and why that is not a problem
    – Why you dolts feel we are not regulated enough when we already spend $1.75 Trillion – approximately 1/8 of the entire aggregate market to regulate.
    – Why Social Security is broke
    – Why Zero’s buddies at Fannie and Freddie are not in a Federal prison for theft.

    Want me to go on you mindless minnow? Can you answer any of these questions EHack? Hell no.

    Obama’s economic policies can truly be defined as cash for clunkers. The entire three year reign of abject failure.

    The only one pleased is the previous worst President in U.S. history Jimmah Carter. Now Jimmah is #2.


  294. So glad you’re back. Have missed you much! Am looking forward to more spirited posts from you. The topics just keep coming.


  295. Glad to see you back. Ignore the trolls and write again soon:-)


  296. Glad to hear from you, Helen! Missed your wonderful insights!


  297. Helen, bienvenidos! I could have sworn that was you moving in on my street! Wherever you landed, God bless you! And Margaret! Yes, definitely missed you. Figured you were doing something like moving. This is a really good reason for a piece of pie!


  298. I can understand taking a measured approach when it comes to bullies. It can sometimes be difficult to identify who the bully actually is. When I was riding the school bus, we had a student who bullied me something fierce. He was 2 or 3 grades ahead of me and a much bigger kid. My response, I got all the kids together a few at a time, and when he came on the bus, we would stand up and extend a hand and yell hiel Hitler! Before weeks end, the entire bus would rise and greet him in this fashion each and every day. I remember looking up and saw the bus driver chuckle. We had slayed a bully. Now someone coming in late could very easily determined that I was the bully in this case.

    One has to consider the bigger picture when you start talking about zero tolerance. What the term says to me is that innocent people WILL be hurt in order to do a greater good, it is unavoidable. We had a girl here locally in the news not long back on her birthday, she brought 2 cakes to school so the entire class could celebrate. With those cakes she brought a plastic knife to cut said cakes into individual pieces. The girl was suspended from school for 30 days because of the schools zero tolerance policy about bringing weapons to school. These laws have to be crafted in such a way as to minimize innocent people like this girl from being effected, while stopping others from exploiting potential loopholes. IMO not always an easy task.


  299. Wayne:

    As kids we liked to go fishing in a muddy backwater where we could always catch a sucker or two. Suckers were bottom feeders that were essentially worthless, easily caught but inedible. If it were today we’d probably call them Waynies.


    Stop whining. During my lifetime I’ve been through 6 major hurricanes, including one at sea, two flash floods, including one that wiped out a business where insurance wouldn’t pay off because we should have had flood insurance. Of course we didn’t have flood insurance because we weren’t in a flood plain but we were offered low cost loans to help offset the loss, then couldn’t get the loans because our collateral was all washed away. Been through 3 major blizzards including two where the snow was over the top of our 2 story house and have been through 2 major ice storms where the power was out for 5-7 days.

    And we survived and got on with our lives. Try it, you might make it.

    Based on all that I’ve get four pieces of advice that are valuable but free which you can take depending on your present conditions. 1.) head for higher ground, – 2.) gather a collection of sandbags, – 3.) buy a boat and – 4.) stop whining because nobody is really interested.


  300. Hey Helen,

    Great to hear from you. Hope you’re getting settled in nicely. Please write whenever you can. These strange times need your voice.


    Wingnut-wise: Victims? Did someone say VICTIMS?

    PEACE ~ Δ


  301. Carolyn, I like how you look at life. I can picture you and your son singing to David Allen Coe. Good times.


  302. Mad Max, this is just for you since you don’t like reading about the flood.

    The Corps of Engineers says the Missouri River will return to its banks some time in October. Parts of I 29 will be closed into 2012, and that will be the longest time any highway in the system has been impassable.

    The nuclear power plant will be off line for many more months. Parts are under water, and no one knows the extent of the damage. Investigators still don’t know the cause of a fire which injured a worker last month.

    You compared me to Forest Gump, but I think you borrowed it from Jsri. Let me know, and I will help you think of better insults.

    Thank God you and crypto never met. Think of the children…


  303. I also believe Bachman is right, but school authorities don’t always do enough to teach students to defend themselves or to look after true victims.

    The Omaha area had two schools with suicide epidemics lasting a couple of years. You can’t stop someone determined to end it, but understanding the group dynamics causing the deaths may help.

    My parents gave me good advice in coping with bullies. “Don’t leave marks.”


  304. ”For all us, our experience in public schools is there have always been bullies, always have been, always will be. I just don’t know how we’re ever going to get to point of zero tolerance and what does it mean? … What will be our definition of bullying? Will it get to the point where we are completely stifling free speech and expression? Will it mean that what form of behavior will there be – will we be expecting boys to be girls?”

    There are so many things I want to say about this and yet I cannot form a coherent intelligent response to it because I want to stab something.

    Maybe you can’t form a coherent intelligent response because Bachmann is right?

    Perhaps the problem isn’t bullying or schools? Perhaps the problem is liberal academics, where up is down, right is wrong, black is white, “tolerance” and “self-esteem” are all that is important? Where expectations are low and counselors run to provide psychological counseling.

    When kids are taught they one step from glorified apes, all opinions are of equal value, America is imperialistic, racist and unfair, and marriage and two parents of the opposite sex aren’t necessary to raising children, especially boys, you are getting the predicted results. It amazes me that progs continue to deny the obvious. And prog’s solution? More of it. More counseling, more money, more administration – followed by more dysfunction and death.

    There is no epidemic of teen suicide in private schools. Ever wondered why?


  305. The last post was mine.

    Absence of alternatives, you asked some good questions.Your comment was “coherant and intelligent” in my opinion. That school deserves special attention because as you noted suicide is contagious.

    Zero tolerance is counter productive because it leads to ridiculous problems for students who don’t fit the pattern. For example, a student may be suspended for bringing aspirin to school.

    I think school officials need to be especially sensitive to problems and be ready to help.Students should be taught and encouraged to defend themselves. Too many schools ignore such potentially dangerous situations until it is too late.


  306. cryptoclearance, liberals have used the race card so long it is losing its effectiveness. Such a pernicious practice devalues the words. Racism and sexism are still endemic, and when you spew unfounded charges, you hurt those who still suffer.

    I don’t know if you are a bigot or not, but you come across as one. To accuse innocent people is disgusting, vile, and loathsome. I am trying to explain this as simply as possible, because I suspect you have to work hard to reach the level of quarter wit. I may be a half wit, but I know bigotry and sexism when I see them.

    Are you really that sick and twisted, or is it an act? You give liberals a bad name. They ought to pay you to claim you are a conservative.

    Since you asked, I am ambidextrous, and I can also write with my feet. I taught myself to do that when I had physical therapy in the Air Force.
    I only have time for this and another blog.

    What about you? Stegosaurus had such a small brain, a ganglion grew near its hips to control its hind legs. Where is your ganglion?

    I knew you wouldn’t accept my challenge. You don’t have the right stuff.


  307. You are back just in time to bring a dose of sanity to the nonsense world!

    The best of luck in the new place. I am sure in no time it will feel like your home. Enjoy the chance to discover new. It is scary, but exciting.

    Keep us all posted on how the transition goes. Feel virtual love and hugs from us all.


  308. OH so happy your back, I know it is hard to give up all our wonderful things we have been hoarding all those years. But,yes change is good. Missing you very happy to see you are writing to us to keep us sane. Please drop in more often.
    Vie San Marcos Texas


  309. Lordsy, the old bag is back and it makes me sing for joy! About this blog, all I can say is: You got that right, Helen!


  310. Dear Helen,

    It is so wonderful to find your new post today! You are in your usual rare form. Congrats on your new life and home. You have been sorely missed. As you can see from the hits, your friends, including me, are very happy to have you back. I look forward to many more of your on-target, insightful commentaries on the current political scene.

    Uh, about hoarding. It has been my experience in moving that, within a week the “stuff’ begins to accumulate again. It takes on a life of its own. It always multiplies, sort of like rabbits.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom. Salaam.



  311. Hi Helen,

    Glad you’re back. We went through my folks’ house, and cleaning out is a hard task. Glad you finished and have been able to move.

    Hope your new home is comfortable, and that you make good friends nearby! Us online folks are good, but nothing beats a face-to-face and sipping tea 🙂


  312. Dear Ms. Helen, congratulations on the move and the new house. Perhaps this is not the news you want to hear while you relax and enjoy some well-deserved peace and quiet after the move, but there shall no peace and quiet for Michele… Mother Jones reported that the school district in her district has been identified as a “suicide contagion” due to the unusual numbers of children committing or attempting to commit suicide, and it is believed these kids were driven to this because of the extremely hostile environment towards gays (and anyone that does not conform to the gender norms) created by the official policy of the school district. There has been a strong opposition to passing any effective anti-bully bill by Bachmann and her supporters. There is now a recording being passed around on the internet of Bachmann questioning the effectiveness of Zero Tolerance policy towards bullying: In 2006, Bachmann went to a congressional hearing and said,

    ”For all us, our experience in public schools is there have always been bullies, always have been, always will be. I just don’t know how we’re ever going to get to point of zero tolerance and what does it mean? … What will be our definition of bullying? Will it get to the point where we are completely stifling free speech and expression? Will it mean that what form of behavior will there be – will we be expecting boys to be girls?”

    There are so many things I want to say about this and yet I cannot form a coherent intelligent response to it because I want to stab something.


  313. Welcome back Helen! As always, your good attitude prevails, and your wonderful humor is what I need from time to time.

    Just keep saying it from the pulpit, and I’ll “Amen!” it every time.

    Thanks for the post,



  314. Noah, I’m calling the EMTs, they must have a forklift strong enough to get you out of the house, good god, get a life.


  315. But two ways to judge a person accurately, their actions and those they chose to surround themselves with. Take a look at our hosts, one hate filled speech after another, and look who they chose to surround themselves with, look at what their posts have attracted. How right I was when I claimed they were projecting. I can see why Wayne doesn’t bother with diplomacy, because it is a total waste on this lot. Never in all my years have I found such a gathering of small minded, spiteful, and hateful people as I see here.

    I truly had hoped at some point, these…people, would burn out on hate and eventually engage in intellectual discourse. That will never happen. The KKK and the Nazi party should be taking notes, because they have nothing on these folks when it comes to intolerance, hate, and bigotry. The gloves are off. I am done trying to make peace with you folks. As always you want to engage in debate, I am game. For the rest I will call it like I see it, and treat you for what you are, the enemy. As the saying goes, typically the greatest threat often comes from within.


  316. Don’t any other blogs get you off?

    This blog “gets you off?” Kinky. 😈


  317. “Will you accept my challenge, or will you run and hide behind more insults? I am waiting. I am a patient man.”

    I bet you are. nothing much better to do – gee are you right brained/handed or right brained/handed?

    Don’t any other blogs get you off?


  318. >>And then there’s James, the Forrest Gump of the blogosphere. But he tries to do the best with what God gave him. Nothing more needs to be said about that? Holding back the flood waters is a superhuman feat but it gets boring after about the five thousandth telling.<<

    he has some "small" issues and no life. some people like to be flogged….must feel good.


  319. Ehack,

    The only bait I’ve seen here is the typical running of the bleating sheep back to “The Kitchen” – you’re the lame one I’ve picked out to chew on this week. Bbbbaaaahhhh….

    You never did answer my question to your boasts last time you were proven wrong with your “beloved” Auntie Jean ‘scientific’ claims. Facts are a bitch, hey?

    You slithered off without comment after mouthing off, then getting your pointed head stomped. What’s wrong?

    Forked tongue frozen in place?


  320. The bottom feeders`surfaced and swallowed the bait.


  321. lmao… well? it’s been a while since I heard that, James sooo I wandered over to YouTube and am listening to it now… HAhaaaa

    My son and I were singing at the top of our lungs Monday on a yucky 6 hour trip ol David Allen Coe’s – You Never Even Called Me By My Name

    Hahaaaa… altogether now… got rain over by a damned ol traaaaaainnn

    Ol club in Dallas – Adairs… best damn jukebox on the planet…. worked for attorneys and we’d head there at four …. suits and pantyhose and let er rip…



  322. Cynthia wrote,

    >>1. If the shoe fits… wear it. If it is not your size ….DO NOT try it on.

    2. It is not always about YOU.<<

    LOL is so paranoid and is worried aboutthe size of his penis – the same as his little mind.
    We don't need these jerks with the hate and twisted minds on this great blog.
    That is why we now can uncheck the receive replies box.
    What a circlejerk you little dick idiots


  323. Carolyn, “What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?” Don’t know and don’t care.

    My mind is twisted to think it is funny.

    Do your remember the Fendermen and “Mule Skinner Blues?” I found a you tube video of the surviving duo singing the song for the first time together in forty years.


  324. Yes… and I hope you do a better job than you have in the past…. seriously… makes a person seek apathy elsewhere…


  325. Its a shame but certainly not at this point a surprise Carolyn, just as your masters you have nothing to contribute and always look to others to save our collective asses.


  326. Yes, James… my point… 😉 and oh, baruther … the knock knock jokes… HAhahaaaa…. that’s a whole nother thing…

    Knock Knock!
    Who’s there?
    Cash who?
    No thanks, but I’d like some peanuts!


  327. I like them Carolyn. Do you remember “your mother wears combat boots?”

    Knock knock.

    Who’s there?


    Disco who?


    I like your humor. Isn’t this better than insulting each other?


  328. These are back in the late 50s early 60s… so you kiddies might not have heard of them… this was along about the same time as little moron jokes and elephant jokes …

    You know why an elephant sleeps with his tail up in the air?
    He likes to trip birds….

    You know how you can tell if an elephant has been in your refrigerator?
    Footprints in the jello….

    You know how to get six elephants in a Volkswagon?
    Three in the front and three in the back….

    I gotta million of em…


  329. I got another one! ….

    aw, your Mother wears high heeled tennis shoes….


  330. When your done with your antics Carolyn, please take a stab at a substantive response. I look forward to seeing if there is anything under that hat of yours.


  331. I like “up your hose with a rubber nose.”


  332. I knew it. Carolyn, you and your fellows are predictable. Once facts and logic overwhelm them, they resort to “up your nose…” I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

    Thanks Carolyn for demonstrating your stunning and predictable devolution.


  333. oh and I will apologize for using truth and facts. I know it is a dirty and underhanded trick, but there you go,


  334. As for taxing our way out of Messiah care, and entitlements, and stimulus,

    Feel free after watching this to tell me how more taxes will save us.


  335. Debbie Coulsey, I couldn’t agree more. When people such as yourself come on here and act prejudiced against anyone who doesn’t agree with you they should get the boot from this board.

    Deb. Do you always base all of your rhetoric on assumptions? Have you ever once fact checked something before speaking on it like you are an expert? I don’t think I watch Fox news more than 2-3 times a month. It was bigoted assumptions that lead to the extermination of millions of Jews. Why work so hard to join that elite club?

    There JOBS are to compromise for the country…NOT there own political party. This is something you apparently haven’t learned either.

    I hope I never learn to have situational morality and ethics like you have. I believe that being morally right is something we should be no matter if it is in our benefit to be or not. I believe it is a sign of character to keep ones ethics when it is not in their benefit to do so. I know this concept is so alien to you that you could not possibly understand it. That said…

    I do not want the people I elected to compromise and do what is not in our countries best interest. It is compromise that got us where we are at now. We have years of mess to clean up and my ethics will not allow me to pass it on to the next generation. I hope facts don’t scare you away. Here is some education for you to chew on before you post next.

    I personally think ALL religions should be banned from any discussions in the capitol..your beliefs may not be mine or my neighbors. I will give in on this if you will give others there right to CHOICE.

    I will have to ask you to restate this. I have read it several times and I am not sure what you are getting at.

    Carolyn you are welcome to live in your ignorance and raise you children to plug their ears and yell la la la la every time someone disagrees with them. Please do not try to dictate your ignorance to others. You and your kind started it yet again in this thread, it was not us. We only responded.


  336. Good thing you don’t watch NBC Noah. Debbie Coulsey has her set of facts wrong.

    That’s typical for an over-the-hill liberal with zero math skills and no sense. Nonetheless, I will now try to give Debbie and her band of elderly dimwits an education that she can depend upon next time she opens her trap with advice. Read up Deb and learn something of truth for once.

    It showed that we spend about 170 million a day MORE then we take in, it then showed what those top 12 or so expenses cost us monthly.

    Wrong Debbie. You need to find a new channel to watch. Simple math Debbie. Are you capable of multiplication?

    Try $4,100,000,000.00 dollars with a “B” more than we take in per day. You’re math is off by about 2,500%. Congratulations.

    Simple math Debbie – courtesy of one President Barack Obama. Since 2007 and under the purview of a controlled Dimocratic Congress, you and your ilk who you elected have tallied a $4,500,000,000,000.00 in debt. Or to perhaps put in numbers you can understand, $14,600.10 per United States citizen is now indebted and attributable to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.

    You don’t get there with millions Debbie – you get there with billions.

    Hopefully, this has proven that being elderly does not necessarily equate to being intelligent, nor to being in the know. Being elderly does not grant correctness anymore than being young equates to being pretty.

    It is your generation, that has stolen from each succeeding generation for years to come and put us in this position. It is time for you to go to pasture and let someone with better math skills take a shot.

    Obama couldn’t make change at a fruit stand.


  337. Carolyn, the hate is coming from you, not us. You are seeing righteous anger.This thread is a graphic illustration.

    Look at the archives. Most of the name calling came from the left after they discovered their cases were weak.


  338. Debbie Cousley, who are the idiots “who spew hatred and have nothing good to say about anything?” Look in the mirror. Other enlightened ones started the fight, and if history repeats, they will stage hit and run attacks while avoiding original thought.

    A long time ago, so many people called me names and troll, the nephew, Richard ? the moderator posted that on a regulated message board, the people who wrote “troll” would be considered the trolls, because I had not attacked anyone except in self defense nor had I called anyone names.

    Debbie, are you so emotionally and intellectually weak that you can’t hold your own against a few people who disagree with you? For shame!

    Helen and Margaret excepted, because I won’t insult our hosts. Age doesn’t bring wisdom. It brings wrinkles. I know a lot of wise old people, and I know ignorant old folks.

    This is for you Mad Max, since you don’t like my flood posts. KTIV in Sioux City’s news report just confirmed what I had already written. The flood has cost us five figures, and aside from crop insurance, it is gone. The reminder puts me in a bad mood.

    Donna, thanks for staying out of this.


  339. Debbie, yes… is there a way someone could contact him? just enable a block on those who only want to spew … I unclicked the subscribe block because I don’t want to receive the comments any longer in my inbox.

    But! obviously that hasn’t worked. If these jokers continue like they did on the previous post… so glad I didn’t subscribe before! There were over 2,000 comments??? I quit reading after the 5th or 6th spewing hate and name calling bullshit posts… so don’t know how it ever turned out or give a rat’s ass.

    I hate to just click on spam but … hmmm wonder if that would work for just those who are exercising their childish foot stomping… I’ll try that! hah!

    I just want to read intelligent post discussions … people who can disagree as adults and believe that everyone has something to say and learn from…


  340. Noah, just to let you know if you bothered to watch NBC instead of Fox news Brian Williams about 10 days ago had an actual run down on our TOP 12 or so expenses. It showed that we spend about 170 million a day MORE then we take in, it then showed what those top 12 or so expenses cost us monthly. Then they tried different ways to cut them…bottom line was that somebody is going to be very hurt if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. I agree that we need to cut expenses..lets start with the politicians salary’s. Of course that is a drop in the bucket even adding all there pensions, medical care and bennys. I am sure you just love our don’t mind if there paychecks are cut right?? Especially since most of those family’s already collect food stamps since they make so much to put there lives on the of course donate to the troops right? I am sure you are aware that Mr Obama has quietly been talking to the heads of all the different departments in congress for months and only went public in the last 6 weeks because they won’t do there JOBS. There JOBS are to compromise for the country…NOT there own political party. This is something you apparently haven’t learned either. We ALL have to give a little on our own personal beliefs so that the majority is served or what is best to keep this country from imploding. I personally think ALL religions should be banned from any discussions in the capitol..your beliefs may not be mine or my neighbors. I will give in on this if you will give others there right to CHOICE.


  341. Helen, I love you and your blog but to be honest I think its time for your grandson to block some of these idiots who spew hatred and have nothing good to say about anything! I want to read the comments that are actually intelligent, interesting, informative and of course encouraging you to write more! What amazes me is none of these idiots stop to think that you have lived long enough to see so many changes in our country and might actually have a better understanding of where we are going! I wish you did move near me, I would love to sit and have a cup of tea with you and just chat for hours! You are an amazing woman and Margaret is so very lucky to call you her friend…I wish I was also!


  342. Going to make this real simple kids. Could any of you tell me what positive effect of raising the debt ceiling and giving our country more debt? I know if I were that far in debt, adding more debt would seem counter productive, especially if I ignored what got me there in the first place.

    Question #2. Since Messiah Care got us to this point in the first place, are you still for keeping it? Did you know if we returned to 2007 spending the budget would balance itself? What do you find wrong with doing this?

    I heard a lot of pissing and moaning about what the Republicans are doing wrong, but like your Democrat leaders, you offer no alternative. Are you all just talking points of your masters, or do any of you have a mind of your own. Think you have all the answers? Then step up and show us just how much better you are than the conservatives who are sticking their necks out and at least trying to come up with a solution.


  343. Hi Helen, It’s wonderful to have you and Margaret back. You’ve been through a lot and transitions are difficult, but you have the attitude to keep moving forward.
    Bravo……and let us hear from you often as there is a lot of material out there.


  344. The Tea Party is arguably the force responsible for at least forcing the nation to discuss our coming financial disaster. The Democrats gave us nothing but more spending and regulating. Republicans were morribund. Obama certainly didn’t talk the talk until he was forced to.

    Look around. The center is not holding. If you think it is bad now, wait until Republicans take the Senate. I don’t predict it, but it could happen. The gun running scandal may reach to the White House according to testimony, and at the least it will cost Democrats more votes.

    Even worse, Obama is timing our withdrawals to coincide with the election, and we are abandoning people who helped our side. They are already being murdered.Once our troops are gone, the blood will flow. Clinton used the Guam option. People were interred there until they were judged good security risks, but we are doing little or nothing.,

    Democrates put rocks in his mouth and shouted at the sea, but maybe I am confusing the man with our Washington DC crop.


  345. To those of you who don’t like nastiness, clean your house. Tell them it is unseemly.

    “We didn’t start the fire.” I didn’t even make a political comment. Yes,some of them are “high value bullies,” with poor learning skills, and we are relentless.


  346. I guess that the United States of America now has three political parties; The Republicans, The Democrates, & The Teabaggers.

    I’m not sure what Democrates is. Was he Greek? Related to Socrates?

    John McCain. The frump that gave us President Zero and his Marxism? I think you overestimate McCain’s importance in the grand scheme of things.

    Those teabaggers won 70 seats last year from you teabaggees. How’s that sack taste?


  347. Helen, so wonderful to have you back. Enjoy your new home. I have no doubt you will make it all yours in short order.


  348. Helen, enjoy your new home and new adventures. We can’t wait to hear about them.

    I think Rick Perry should leave Michelle to her own prayers. She’s cheap entertainment. We all need some cheap entertainment in these trying times.


  349. Frustrated by the sniping of conservative critics who opose House Speaker John Boehner’s plan to raise the debt ceiling, Arizona Sen. John McCain unleashed on tea party groups Wednesday.

    “The idea seems to be that if the House GOP refuses to raise the debt ceiling, a default crisis or gradual government shutdown will ensue, and the public will turn en masse against . . . . Barack Obama,” McCain said, quoting the Journal article. “The Republican House that failed to raise the debt ceiling would somehow escape all blame. Then Democrats would have no choice but to pass a balanced-budget amendment and reform entitlements, and the tea-party Hobbits could return to Middle Earth having defeated Mordor.”

    “This is the kind of crack political thinking that turned Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell into GOP Senate nominees,” McCain added, still reading from the article.

    While Boehner and the Republican leadership are busy piecing together a plan they think can pass the Democratic-controlled Senate, major conservative groups–including an organized caucus of members within the House–are urging members to vote against him. Tea party support helped usher in many of the 87 Republican House freshman elected last November–and a significant number in that class are now aiding the revolt against GOP leadership.

    I guess that the United States of America now has three political parties; The Republicans, The Democrates, & The Teabaggers.

    God Bless you, Ladies!


  350. You’re right Noah. This EMax The Hack moron was dissing James before he even hit the board. Crypto – which I picture as looking like one foot in “Crypto” – was whining for banishment because of a link about the Poseur for President.

    I have no beef with people who simply like to read the post. Mindless, petulant ranting, with an acknowledgment of occasional clever humor thrown in. We all read blogs supporting our notions and I’m not going to give those people a hard time.

    But these mindless Pee Wee Herman types like Emax the Hack, and fascists like Crypto? Those are high value lefty targets. Low hanging fruit. Time to bully the bullies.

    I guess those two bricks and others like them still haven’t figured out they are exactly why a few us show up to toss rocks. It damn sure isn’t to read the post. 😆


  351. Glad to see you back, hope all goes well in your new home.


  352. You make many fine points Wayne. Now in O-Bomb-a’s defense, the UN did give him permission, and in the Messiah’s own words he said that meant that he did not need congressional approval.

    Like I said in the previous thread, and I think it has been proven out quite well in this post, these old bitties are so set in their ways they consider reality and facts irrelevant to the world they live in. After all, any should they care? They have few precious years on this world and only need to have the country hold on just a little longer. After that what does it matter?

    To add to the hypocrisy, you will take note that before they got moral and climbed up on that high horse they were bashing us before we even posted.


  353. I am still amazed at the low life liberals that post here calling for censorship.

    Well Noah, when you’re left with a 50/50 combination of gutless and stupid, censorship is about all that is left.

    Not an intellectual backbone to be found.

    Intellectual Backbone? I’m still searching for a working pre-frontal lobe that might connect to a spinal cord.

    Reads to me the status quo after Margaret or Helen writes a post, someone pulls the string, and you get one of four responses: (1) Fill in the blank Conservative political women is a ….. fill in the vulgarity; (2) Brainless sycophantic response; (3) Whining, complete with accusations of troll, racist, or chauvinist; (4) Slobbering O’Blamer love fest with absolutely no acknowledgement of the dismal failure of this farce and poseur for President.

    Think about the blatant hypocrisy of these toadies. Remember the shrieks of horror about the illegalities and false pretenses of the Iraq War – a war that 109 Dimocrats voted for? Hell, their false messiah has bombed two separate countries Libya and Yemen, and didn’t even seek approval of Congress period. Nobody even knows what the hell is going on there spending close to a billion a day! Where’s their outrage? Crickets. Is there a word beyond hypocrites we could apply.

    You can’t debate with mindless drones like that. There is no virtue or honesty in most of these goons. They act like insects – pure instinct, pure babble.


  354. Carolyn, I would comment but I doubt you could hear me on that pedestal you have yourself on.


  355. Well crud… so excited to see Helen post … reading right along with the comments then here comes the hate shit… Isn’t this an adult site? seriously! Is it possible you kiddies who love to debate and argue and spew and all that jazz… start a different blog/group/something?

    Leave Helen and Margaret to just be witty and appreciate the satire… JEEEEEEEEZUS…

    So for those of us who dislike spewing… guess we can just eliminate comment responses… always a few who spoil the pot… I’ll go back to just checking her blog to see if she has posted…



  356. cryptoclearance , you and your cackle of post menopausal kitchen groupies calling others racists is like the Andrew Dice Clay speaking up for women’s rights. Your little crew are the most intolerant people I have had the displeasure of meeting. IMO sounds to me like you are projecting just a little bit.


  357. Cynthia, you have really no room to talk princess. You have backed out of every promise you have made on these boards. You snipe and do more hit and run posts that anyone else on here, well NOP and Delurk are in close competition. You are a hypocrite who most certainly does not practice what you preach. Go back to the kitchen where you belong.


  358. That’s good advice NOP. I should take it more often.

    My challenge to cyper still stands. Let her choose something, music, a television show, ghosts, etc. Its better than name calling.

    If she thinks I’m too easy, let her debate Wayne. I’d buy popcorn for that one.


  359. FYI guys, the definition of Troll to these myopic Liberals is anyone who doesn’t kneel at the feet of our hosts, agreeing and parroting every word the hosts and they themselves spout. In other words, take it as a compliment that you take nothing at face value, that you check your facts and ask questions rather than blindly follow your leaders into the dark.


  360. New computer, and could not remember my email address I used to create the Noah profile. Considering what this Liberal group did to other people in other blogs, I was not going to risk my family or myself using any of my usual addresses. That said.

    I am still amazed at the low life liberals that post here calling for censorship. It is a testament to those of us being called out that we have intellectually destroyed these poor folks so completely they that are crying out to their host for emergency assistance. Not an intellectual backbone to be found.

    Helen, since you seem ok with the Messiah breaking campaign promises to you and your kind, 30 some on times, I was wondering if in this particular instance, does it bother you that the Messiah has no plan, other than to bash the Republican plan? I proved conclusively that no amount of tax increase will pay for Messiah care. Which also begs the question, are you willing to sell your country, and your children’s and grand children’s future down the river so you can live better off the government nipple?

    I bet your new digs either have padded walls, or they serve your meds to you in a cup, as your children can no longer afford to pay your way as our social security is about to default and their medical insurance costs have gone through the roof. Not that I expect you to answer, but I wonder how any of you sleep at night knowing you support a President who is doing such a wonderful job running our country into the ground, all so you can live a little more comfortably.


  361. Jill, speaking only for myself, if you treat me well, I will treat you well.

    I am also not a troll unless you define one as a person who disagrees with the predominate view.

    I agree, on the need for civility. “I would try to phrase it in a way that expresses my lack of agreement backed up by facts and cogent arguments…” Look at the archives. It is what I tend to do. We don’t know each other, and we will never meet. We should be discussing ideas, not attacking each other personally.

    I am even more outspoken in person than I am on the internet.

    My experience is different than yours. LIberals can be as nasty as conservatives.


  362. For the trolls here. Would you say those things to our faces? In church? In front of your mother or your mother’s friends? In front of your children?

    For the victms here, would I say it to your faces? It’s sends a tingle up our legs just thinking about the opportunity. Mother or Mother’s friends? You’re an anathema to motherhood – irrelevant question. Church? Never visited the church of pantheism, Church of Satan or Church of I am Woman, Hear Me Roar, so I wouldn’t be given the opportunity to insult you in your church.

    Ugly rants about Obama? Is that parody Those are called hard facts. Get it? You boys and girls so sold your souls for this loser, now you call results rants. Still living in the bubble, I see.

    About this EdiotMax. I had to correct the dummy the other day when it became apparent it was as clueless as Auntie, and it ran off with it’s slithering tail between its legs, red assed and red faced, again without merit. Probably back to the Chatty Kitchen.

    You ready for a rematch in debate sport? Or are you going to hide behind the old aprons so more?


  363. James, a piece of advice, chances are you’ve heard this before, from your mother, and many times since, shut up about always being right! It doesn’t matter, every time you say it, someone wants to stick a finger in your eye, I guarantee you that you invite trouble for yourself every time you say it. Now forget about dueling with cyper.


  364. For the trolls here. Would you say those things to our faces? In church? In front of your mother or your mother’s friends? In front of your children?

    Think about that. It is easy to get on your rude high horse when you are typing into the ether without a face looking back at you. For all you know, some of these people are your neighbors.

    I think Margaret’s posts are gems. However, if I found something I didn’t like, I would try to phrase it in a way that expresses my lack of agreement backed up by facts and cogent arguments or decide if it is worth even posting or do I just want to walk away from this site. I never troll on freepers or the like. I don’t need to since I see what they like to write as they troll on sites I enjoy.

    We all have to try harder at civility, but I will lay most of that blame at the feet of those who tend toward the right wing & republicans. I have seen it time after time.


  365. Great to have you back, Helen!


  366. EMax, I didn’t pick any fights on this thread. You are the disruption, not I. On a moderated thread, you would be the troll.


  367. EMax, Forest Gump won in the end, so you had better find something better to try to insult me.


  368. Yay!!!

    Welcome back Helen. Don’t stay away so long.

    Speaking of pissers, it usually takes 2-3 days for the trolls to show up. So far we have only Wayne’s alter ego Anonymous but you can be sure that he will come back with his later arrivals, Southern Living and Tex for a total of four stand-in stooges. Noah has at least 2 and the others use “anonymous” freely. So far the obnoxious trolls represent four actual people and at least 10 pseudo-people. Makes it look like a bunch in agreement but it’s just so much kiss-ass play..

    And then there’s James, the Forrest Gump of the blogosphere. But he tries to do the best with what God gave him. Nothing more needs to be said about that? Holding back the flood waters is a superhuman feat but it gets boring after about the five thousandth telling.


  369. Cynthia, your comments may not have been about me, but cyrptoclearance’s were.

    I prefer to get along with people, find common ground, and argue in a friendly way.

    I explained it before, but not how. In these fights, I am battling long gone enemies from the war. It is not a game to me. It is therapy.

    Otherwise, that is good advice.


  370. Always wonderful to see a new post from you… best luck and wishes for your new home and new city. They will be lucky to have you.

    Rock on!

    Susan from Ma


  371. James – it is really too early to play this game ….but I will pass on two pieces of advice my momma gave me:

    1. If the shoe fits… wear it. If it is not your size ….DO NOT try it on.

    2. It is not always about YOU.

    Peace from River City.


  372. Welcome back. I’ve missed you.


  373. And as for Anonymous, I hope you pull down his/her ugly rants about Obama. Please exert editorial privilege and get rid of postings like that. Civilly articulated differences are one thing; this is another.


  374. cryptoclearance, by “fight” I don’t mean trading insults, though I’m good at that too.

    Pick a subject, any subject, and we will see who has the better “debating” skills. It should be something in which we both share rudimentary knowledge and opposing opinions.

    Will you accept my challenge, or will you run and hide behind more insults? I am waiting. I am a patient man.


  375. You have been missed. Now that your house move is over, I hope you will be liberated to share MUCH more of your feisty, smart-as-a-whip commentaries on our political loonies, elected and wannabes. Many thanks for your observations. They brighten our lives. I mean it. Really.


  376. cryptoclearance, I have done nothing to you, and yet you spew fighting words. You also reveal your sexism. No wonder you couldn’t get into the kitchen’s inner sanctum, according to your earlier post.

    You’ve got nothing but a bad disposition, so you resort to name calling which would have gotten you suspended from a moderated forum. I don’t need to be more than a half wit if the facts are on my side. Why were you not able to prove me wrong in the past? Are you a quarter wit?

    If its a fight you want, you have it.

    Cynthia, I don’t do contests. All I have going for me is that I am usually right. Look at the record.

    I have nothing against you. If you remember our conversation about our dog and the flood, it has worked out so far.


  377. Helen, I hope you love your new home as much as so many of us love reading what you and Margaret write.


  378. Hi Helen, Thank you for inviting us to your new porch for a piece of pie. Hope all is well for you and your family. The post is right on! Take Care Ladies


  379. Hello Helen, So glad you are well. It is nice to be invited to your porch for a peice of pie! The post is right on … again! Take Care Ladies!


  380. Helen, so sorry to read that the sick morons who have been dominating your previous post are here now,. Pretty sick ignorant hateful racist people. (gee white males playing the my truck is better than your truck game?)
    Then there is the half wit James. GO AWAY you idiots. Go where you can show that your truck is bigger – and be appreciated.

    Helen and friends, great to see you all back posting! It won;t last if the trolls are allowed to keep abusing this site.


  381. A move can be difficult especially when deciding what to keep or what to throw out! Been there done that; we do survive the trauma of it! It is great to have you back with us again.

    Pissing contests seem to be what men do when they have nothing else to offer. Sad little men! There is an epidemic of this problem lately, especially right here in River City!



  382. I’m so happy to see you back. Keep the satire coming.


  383. Nice to have you back! I mean it. Really.


  384. Oh thank heavens you’re back, Helen – I’ve been longing to hear your take on the “budget crisis,” but this will keep me for a while. Mazeltov on the new house.


  385. Yay, Helen! Glad you are well. Good to see a new post. I did the move to smaller digs this year, too. It is certainly a year of transition. Looks like the leech(es) hung on. Hi Tex! You onion booty boy 😆


  386. A new post from Helen-ahh-life is good.
    Sending love and best wishes your way.
    And a big wave to Margaret also.


  387. Missed your commons sense and wit.
    It is sad leaving something that has been so dear to you for so long.
    I wish you happiness in your new home.


  388. So happy you are okay and back in the groove. Eagerly awaiting your new posts.


  389. Great to have you back, Helen! Here’s to new adventures!! Congrats on the new place and may it become a treasured home and sanctuary soon =D


  390. I hope your new house becomes your home soon, Helen. It’s nice to have you back in the electronic world.

    Maybe you can take a look at that GAO investigation that shows the Federal Reserve has shelled out $16 trillion dollars to corporations and banks around the world for the past 4 years while telling us there’s nothing they can do to stimulate the economy for regular folks.


  391. Good thing most of you loons are white while you’re busy packing for the Jan 2013 move. You’ve been some of the rare benefactors of O’Blamer’s Welfare. I can see why gals love Pres. Jug Ears so.

    Editorial: Gov’t Welfare Widens The Wealth Gap</b?


  392. What a wonderful way to start my day! So glad you’re in writing mode Helen, I look forward to reading many more and laughing a lot.


  393. Looks like you moonbats are going to be worrying about the Orange Man and the Migraine for a very long time. Buwahahahahahahaha….

    Things are looking bad for Jug Eared Kenyan and his ugly wife Onion Booty:

    Obama’s Battleground-State Blues

    Get to packing….


  394. O M G !!! I thought you were – never mind.

    WELCOME BACK !!!! We’ve missed you! Now get crackin’ with that wise-assin!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ U !!!! Luv – Jeanne


  395. Ahhh…so glad to hear from you!! I was getting worried! I am really glad you are okay and as for the orange guy, Perry, and Michelle…I think there’s a LOT of stupid voters out there because I can’t believe anyone with a good education would ever vote for any of them!!! Just goes to show our number 1 priority is EDUCATION in America!!!


  396. Very nice to hear from you again Helen! Your wit and wisdom have been missed. Best wishes on the new place!


  397. Yeah! Helen is back! So glad to see a post from you. Wishing you well in your new home and city.


  398. Helen,
    Welcome back, We have missed you a great deal. Good luck and happiness in your new home, May you fill it with family, friends and new memories.
    The orange one can’t help it, he was never potty trained. He has been peeing on himself for years…. you didn’t think that orange color came naturally did you!


  399. So glad to see a post! Love your views…


  400. Now I will pretend Helen moved near me and my city finally has a little class.


  401. Helen-
    Yuck on having to sort almost 50 years of stuff, thank heavens, yet again, I don’t have TV with all the leg-lifting going on this last couple weeks, and yes, to a new adventure !
    Thank you for having us all in and happy to hear from you- hoping the promise to write more often includes all of us , too.


  402. Looking forward to many more posts written from your new home; wishing you health and happiness there!


  403. Oh, I hate moving. So much to unload! Awfully glad to see your name in my mailbox today!!! Best Wishes and Hugs from Asia, ~ Sil in Corea


  404. Moving is usually a pain. I hope it wasn’t too hard.

    Hi Lori and cryptoclearance. Nice to “see” you too.


  405. It’s great to hear from you Helen -wishing you all the best in this new chapter!
    There’s certainly more than enough (already!) material available for your critical eye/pen, as we witness daily in the ‘news’. Unfortunately, few, if any, ‘journalists’ are willing to write anything worth reading. . M & H is just what we need in this corporate ‘news’ climate!
    It’s a happy day for all your fans H & M!!!!!!!!!!!!


  406. SO good to read a newpost from you, Helen! Please accept my heartfelt sympathies on the loss of Harold and the loss of you home of forty-seven years. My heart hurts with you and for you.

    I wish you all the best as you settle into a new season of life in your new home. May you be surrounded by the love and support of the many who hold you dear. You are certainly loved and supported by your thousands of internet fans! ❤


  407. Sorry for the double posting. Seemed like my first post didn’t register so I did it again. Surprise, surprise.


  408. Wonderful to see you back. We have missed you so much. Looking forward to more frequent postings. But, most of all, I wish you love and happiness in this new phase in you life’s journey.
    Welcome home!!


  409. Wonderful to see you back. We have missed you more than you know. Looking forward to more postings. Most of all, I wish you love and happiness for this new phase in your life’s journey.


  410. I’ve got enough to worry about without wondering how you are, where you are etc. Take good care of yourself and keep posting!
    All the best


  411. You don’t have any idea how much we miss you when you’re gone! Best of luck with your new transition. Agent Orange needs to be peeled from the White House.


  412. Pleased to see you back Helen! The only thing good about Mr. Good Hair and Orange Face, is the wit you use when writing about their lastest antics.

    Yes, you’re so right, some men can’t resist a chance to piss on your TV (or computer) screen.

    Best wishes on your new adventure!


  413. Oh, it’s so good to hear from you again. A new house and a new adventure? You deserve it.

    As for that orange guy, I hear he’s caught between a rock and a hard place and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving fellow. It gives me hope that I can hang on through the next year so I can see him squoooshed. 🙂


  414. Wow Helen, a new town, new home and new adventure awaits! You have been sorely missed. Lots of love and good wishes!


  415. Great to see you, Helen! Best wishes to you & Margaret, always.


  416. Good to hear from you again, Helen. We have missed you. Change is never easy, but as you say, sometimes it is for the best. Take care and keep that promise of writing more often. We all love to hear from you.

    Pat, Washington state


  417. I always smile when I see a new post from you. I wish you well in your new home and always know you have many, many friends wishing you well.


  418. give it to them while you can…… have years of information, let them have it. Please.


  419. Good to see a post again. Hope the move turns out to be a good thing


  420. I wish you health and happiness (and better politicians) in your new life.


  421. I love you two ladies exchanging what you think……please keep it up as long as you can.

    You are both a treasure, loved and appreciated! You go girls, forever and beyond!


  422. Welcome back, Helen! We missed you so very much. Your wit and wisdom is so sorely needed to keep the asshats from taking over the asylum!


  423. Helen! Good to hear from you again! I wish you happiness in your new home and all the new things that await you!

    Yeah, he was pissing…. pissing, whining, and moaning……pretty typical for Boehn-head Boehner.


  424. Yes. Or should I say Amen?


  425. Thank God. Don’t ever leave for that long again.


  426. Helen, so good to see you posting! Wishing you happiness in your new digs!
    Hopefully this thread won’t be ruined by the males who’ve been pissing all over your previous post.



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