Posted by: Helen Philpot | March 3, 2009

If the Republicans want new leadership, they simply need to flush

Margaret, do me a favor and ask that Republican husband of yours a quick question:  During this very difficult time for the country, who does he want in charge?  A Harvard law graduate and former constitutional law professor, or a disc jockey with a drug addiction who flunked out of college, divorced three wives and publicly made fun of a disabled person?  Because that is the choice we have between Barack Obama as leader of the free world and Rush Limbaugh as leader of the Republican party. 

Sure, you can try to justify Rush Limbaugh by citing the number of people who tune in their radios to hear him vocally masturbate each day – roughly the same number of people who think Bush was a great President.   But trust me, pandering to idiots isn’t anything to write home about.  All it takes is a microphone and a failing public education system.  If it wasn’t Rush, it would have been some other cynic who decided respect and honor is no substitution for fame and fortune.

In my opinion Rush Limbaugh is a piece of shit that really needs to be flushed.  But the Republican party has let him get so big, it’s going to take more than one flush to get rid of him.  Until then, the rest of us have to live with the smell.

Truly it must be embarrassing to admit to being a Republican these days.  Just look at your current list of alternative leaders to Limbaugh:

The Governor of Louisiana could barely form a complete sentence much less a meaningful metaphor.   The Governor of Alaska couldn’t handle an interview with Katie “What magazines do you read?” Couric.   Ann Coulter opens her mouth and instantly inserts a size 17 foot.  Karl Rove’s nickname in the Oval Office was Turd Blossom.  And finally, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are so corrupt that their votes can be purchased for less money than a whore with lockjaw. 

It appears that without Bush starting a new war, the Republicans have nothing to offer the nation except Rush Limbaugh.  Which means the King of the Republicans is an aging college drop out who would prefer the nation fail rather than see his ratings drop.  So I ask the Republicans out there:  Which is it going to be?   Do you join us and try to salvage what is left of our great nation, or do you become just another inarticulate caller to the Rush Limbaugh show? Whatever your answer, at least remember to put the lid down before you leave.

That’s all I have folks.  Sorry it took me so long to get this one to the table.   It’s hard to laugh when so many are having such a hard time.  But laughter is better than cynicism any day so come back soon.  I mean it.  Really.


  1. Obama says majority rules but when bribes and back room deals got the 60 votes for health care and then use the nuke plan with 51 votes to ram it down the peoples throats is wrong. Before Obama was elected he said about 8 times all this would be on C Span.

    Obama is a liar. He said before the election to judge him by the people around him and I did. I’m glad Obama won because America is waking up before the progressive movement takes us over. LETS GET BACK TO THE COSTITUTION AND SMALLER GOVERMENT. Let the people vote on pay increases and retirement plans for government, teachers and so on. This country has gone down hill sense God was taken out of school, nothing farther needs to be said about that.

    Both the Democratic and the Republican parties both need to be cleaned up. Especially the Demarcates. The speaker was going to drains the swamp, what a joke. There would not be any one left hardly. She would be one of the first to go with Harry Reid, the peter puffer Frank and so on. Thank God for the Tea Party movement.

    May the cap and trade fail along with the health care plan. Al Gore needs to be brought up on criminal charges for his green house lies.






  4. now I’ll be tuned..


  5. It is an interesting article. With our slow dial up, it took me over an hour do download it and some other sites. While it contains truth, Joe McGinnis has produced a hit piece.

    I live in a culture similar to what exists in the Matenuska (SP) Valley, and though I am not really a part of my culture, I resent slurs urban characters cast upon it. Urban Republican conservatives are as guilty as Democrats. Fly over country is America’s third world as a friend who used to work in a New York City publishing house observed.

    McGinnis implied Palin told us the pipe line already existed. I interpreted her campaign statement to be that the pipeline did not yet exist. The state was making progress in getting the pipe line built. He, not Palin was shading the truth or he didn’t understand what she was saying.

    Palin was obviously learning on the job, as Obama is. McGinnis portrays her as someone in over her head at times, which we already knew. It further supports my contention that neither Obama or Palin is ready to be president without several more years of training. “She shapes facts into what others want to hear” describes Obama too. The article reinforces my belief that Obama and Palin are faces of the same character.

    Someone described Alaska as a virtual colony of the big three oil companies. Palin seems to have tried to weaken their influence while still trying to get the pipe line. She was looking out for her state. The Governor illustrates her ability to learn. She now says she is willing to negotiate the tax rate on natural gas to attract oil companies to the pipe line project.

    Several politicians, Democrat and Republican said they were pleasantly surprised but Palin’s latest revelations. Unlike former governor Murkowski, Palin promised the negotiations would be open.

    One more thing beyond Palin’s control is the price of energy. The oil companies will have to justify its effect on their income. If the numbers don’t add up, Alaska will have to offer more incentives than they have to get the pipe line. Canadian shale oil and gas may be be more competitive than Alaska’s natural gas.

    A Palin spokesman refuted the article with specific examples of the governor’s contacts and negotiations with the oil companies.

    The article was interesting, and educational for me, but McGinnis was unable to support his contention that the governor will prevent construction of the pipeline.


  6. Thanks for the article suggestion. I will check it when I have time.

    My friend used to work for Ms. Magazine part time for a few years. She didn’t have an office there. She just submitted stories. My friend thought the editor and staff had little business sense and were running the magazine into the ground. She will be happy to know someone else confirmed her judgment about the former editor.

    I read that one church Palin attended was a little strange, but so was Obama’s. His church believed in black separatism and its minister claimed AIDS was a CIA plot. Obama also displayed “an apparent lack of intellectual curiosity” when he claimed he didn’t realize the Rev Wright and his church held such extreme beliefs. Obama’s church’s beliefs were as pernicious as anything Palin’s espoused. I don’t care if a politician worships trees or Lilith as long as it doesn’t adversely influence how he/she does the job.

    Bush’s Republican Congress did let religious conservatives influence its actions as in legislation to protect Terry Shivo. We wouldn’t let a dog die as she did. A bullet to the head would have been more merciful than what she endured.


  7. as am I. Since I am an old gal, I am familiar with the early feminist literature!

    Check out the article on Portfolio about Palin–you might find it interesting.

    Truth be told, her religious beliefs and apparent lack of intellectual curiosity frighten me as much as anything. No, that does not mean that I use religion as a litmus test for politicians–far from it. However, having experienced the danger of her particular brand of religion, I wouldn’t want her anywhere near a center of power. The same is true of anyone else espousing that theology.

    p.s. Your friend is right. The former editor IS an idiot.


  8. It might surprise you, but I agree with some of what you write, though I rationalize it. Yes, she relies on her “superficial charm in lieu of substantive qualities” but so do most men and women. They do it in business, politics, and anywhere people compete against each other. It’s biological, but I don’t like it.

    Obama uses his charm too. I agree it is wrong, but we are programed to react to charm. It is also why it would be dangerous for the country with Palin or Obama to be president at their level of experience. Obama and Palin energized the campaign because they were both inspirational characters, and they could inflame crowds. They did it with charm and charisma. “Substantive qualities” played a minor role in the campaign.

    Your criticism of her per diems etc. except for details apply to President Obama and most other politicians. I don’t trust him as president any more than I would trust Sarah Palin as chief executive. But someone has to take the job.

    Politics is a sleazy business, and sometimes, we must vote for the lessor evil. So far, her scandals and potential scandals seem pretty penny anti. I might consider both Palin and Obama as political role models, but I don’t yet know how many bodies they have buried to do that. True political role models appear infrequently.

    I believe we will rue the day we elected Obama, but aside from that, he is as good a role model as Sarah Palin in my opinion. Both rose to fame out of nowhere, and they did it largely though their own drive and talent. I separate their personal qualities from their political performance. In my opinion, they are good role models as people, not necessarily as politicians.

    Read some early feminist literature. Back in the seventies, except for her politics, Sarah Palin would be considered a good role model and she also would be today. A former editor of Ms. Magazine called Palin a “brainiac.” She disagreed with almost everything the governor stands for, but Palin impressed her.

    To be fair, the woman who wrote a cover article about Janeane Garafalo for Ms. Magazine around 2004 is a friend of mine, and she thinks the former editor is an idiot.

    I hope I’m not boring you. I have been enjoying our exchange.


  9. Interesting and I appreciate your thoughts. Here is my counter.

    Palin is an astute politician–no question about it. However, she relies on her physical appearance and superficial charm in lieu of substantive qualities. Is she the only one who does? Of course not. However, I don’t view that as role model material.

    Yes, she was popular in Alaska but her approval ratings have dropped significantly. And she has taken a number of actions which I view as unethical, whether taking per diems for staying in her own home or charging taxpayers for taking her children on boondoggles.

    Her religious affiliations frighten me, as does her willingness to appoint cronies to important positions, regardless of their merit. Her propensity for exaggerating, if not downright lying, about issues such as the “Bridge to Nowhere” and the pipeline are equally of concern.

    So while I respect your opinion, I don’t believe that, if she were a liberal, I’d have any greater regard for Sarah Palin. Nor, again, would I want any young woman to emulate her.


  10. I don’t have enough time to check, but later I will and may try to give a little money to the Alaska village. It would have to be cash. I don’t use credit cards or checks for unknowns in case of identity theft.


  11. Donna, Sarah Palin had relatively modest beginnings, and she took advantage of what fate gave her. Her drive and determination earned her the nickname of ‘Cuda on the basketball court. College requires dedication, and Palin graduated.

    She didn’t have to get involved in local politics, but she did, and she worked her way up to state leadership. Nobody handed it to her, she pushed herself through her own party when it stood in the way. Palin administered Alaska well enough to have the highest approval ratings of any governor in the United States.

    Sarah Palin married, helped create a partnership with her husband and they raised a large family. She hunts and fishes and can gut a deer. Palin also seems to have a spiritual side to her.

    Governor Palin is a strong woman willing to try almost anything to better herself and her community. Turn her into a liberal, and she is everything Gloria Steinham would want for a female role model. Sarah Palin is behaving like a stereotypical man.

    I like strong women because I am a strong man, and I am not criticizing men or women who aren’t like Palin. I have seen too many people afraid to take a stand and who let spouses or others dominate them. Society, in many ways has given women a raw deal, and though the situation is changing, old prejudices remain. People like Governor Palin are changing it.

    That doesn’t mean I would vote for her if she was running for president. I don’t think she is perfect, if for no other reason than she is a politician. I also disagree with some of her political views, but as a person the press has shown us, I consider her a good role model. And I am not the only one.


  12. a nice blog 🙂
    thanks for info 😡


  13. James–could I ask how Sarah Palin is a role model for young women? From my perspective, she is exactly what I would not want my nieces, daughters of friends, or anyone else to look to.

    I’m not being mean–I genuinely am interested in your response.


  14. If you have a few dollars to help a village in AK, please follow the following link:

    Alukanuk Village needs help with fuel and food. In the villages on the Lower Yukon River, the river remains frozen well in to May. I left May 22, 2008 and the River was frozen. There is a little talk and not a lot of action from Palin.

    If you want to help some wonderful people, here is your chance. A small box of food or a small check to help with fuel goes a long way.

    I happened to spend a day in Alukanuk in Mar 2008 and the people I met were great people.


  15. I’ve enjoyed visiting with you as well. Thanks for the information about Hawaii.

    I agree when a few people refused to vote for Obama because of his shady associates they were not making valid decisions on which to base their votes, just as people who voted for Obama because they wanted to be part of the historic time of electing our first black president. If they uncritically accepted his hope and change message without comparing his past to his statements.

    I lived in Britain for two years, and I have spent time in other countries. As you write, they sometimes regard us as a necessary evil, and they resent our paying little attention to their political and cultural events. Canadians, for example were well versed in our last election, but how many of us can identify the current prime minister or to which political party he belongs.

    Those little gaffs, while inconsequential to us, have meaning to residents of other countries. We wouldn’t consider needlessly insulting our friends, even if a thoughtless work was too insignificant to end the friendship. Thus, we ought not throw minor insults toward our allies. The incidents were minor, but they illustrate my point that Obama is still on OJT.

    The New York Time reported that Obama signaled to Congress that he may consider taxing some employee health benefits to help pay for revamping the health care system. He criticized McCain when he suggested something like that.

    His “buy America” message angered our customers, so he retracted it. He said he opposed domestic spying before he favored it. He swore he would have no contact with lobbyists until he learned he needed their expertise in his government. I don’t know if this is true or not, but Fox News reported after Obama overturned the ban on Embroyo research, he quietly banned it again.

    Too many of his potential cabinet members were rejected or have clouds over their shoulders because of tax and other problems. Poor vetting is to be expected, but Obama has had more than his share. I chalk it up to inexperience. He will learn, but so far he is still training on the job. Being a president is different from campaiging for the office.

    I hope we meet again here. You seem like an interesting and nice person.


  16. James,

    Rather nice to be able to use up some of Helen and Margaret’s blog space and be “pen pals” for a little bit.

    I don’t really follow the tourist numbers, I just know that we usually are booming with tourists in February, and it was not this year.

    Our weather patterns are mild. Summer can reach the 90ºs and winter high 50ºs (very rare). Air conditioning was not necessary when I was younger. We have so much concrete and global warming, our summers are very hot and humid, and now most houses have at least some air conditioning. It is humid here compared to the mainland. You can check out our local newspapers: or from time to time for info. I stopped subscribing to newspapers last year and when I want to read the news, I go online.

    Criticism of Obama and Clinton will continue as long as it is “news”. My feeling is that Britons tend to look down on Americans as uncouth, and Russians still fear and envy us. The 2 incidences are so minor in the big scope of the new Presidency thus far, but play into both country’s bias toward us and is comfortable for them.

    I’d rather not do the nit-picking or defending of mistakes. I like to look at the greater picture, and what my role in it will be to help.

    However, when “facts” are construed and stretched to be the truth, I do step in. Just because one or two people say they wouldn’t have voted for Obama because of his shady associates doesn’t make it a valid truth. For those people, I would hope that Cheney and Bush are put on trial. However, even if they are found guilty, those people will not accept the verdict and say it was rigged. Their minds are set in stone.

    I voted for Barrack Obama because his message rang true for me. Hope for a better America, Change from the ways of deception, greed, poor decisions, trampling of rights, resource waste, research blocks, and environmental ignorance.

    For me, thus far, he had done an exceptional job. He has had some bumps in the road, the largest of which has been building his Cabinet, through no fault of his own. What I find amazing is the tax problems all of them have had exposed, from very minor to larger yet “fuzzy”. The tax reviewer was from Bush’s carryover regime. It is not amazing to me that the tax reviewer is finding tax problems of all these new candidates. It is amazing to me that ALL of Bush’s Cabinet members were seated without much ado and without tax faults, small, large, or fuzzy. I think the same person used different yardsticks.

    Perhaps that is our problem, our differences are irreconcilable at times because of our differing ways of measuring success, failure, good and bad, depending on which yardstick we hold up for which politician/event/news source/rumor.

    Nice talking to you James. I won’t be checking into this corner as much, have a bunch of paperwork to attack again.



  17. You’re welcome. I hope you get enough rain without severe weather.

    Graydog A, some thunderstorms produce strikes out of the blue as you mentioned. Instead of coming down from the middle of the storm, a spark will jump sideways from the side of a thunderhead and may touch the ground up to thirty miles away apparently from a clear sky.

    My parents in law’s neighbor’s family was returning to the barn with a load of hay. The sun was shining when suddenly lightning struck and killed their teen-aged son. Storms like that are why meteorologists warn people to stay inside when thunder is audible, even if the storm is miles away.

    Lightning sparks have passed through me before. The worst felt like touching an electric fence or power mower spark plug. A dime sized burn was on my ankle bone. When I was much younger, I took lightning pictures of a storm five or ten miles away. The developed pictures showed a lightning like spark of electricity which had touched the ground from the power line 1/8 mile west of me. The power line ran over my head. That scared me enough, I never did that again.

    One of the safest outside places to be is inside of a car as long as you don’t touch a metal frame. The electricity will flow through it and you will be safe. An old wives’ tale is lightning will not strike a car. It will and can blow out the tires, but as long as you don’t touch the metal frame, you are safe. A car radio tuned to the lower band of an AM station makes the same screeching noise.

    My wife thinks I am crazy to do some of the things I do, but you only live once, and I don’t want to miss anything I don’t have to. I like weather more than politics, so I had better stop now before I get carried away.

    Honolulu Sally, our press didn’t say much about it, and we don’t care, but the British were not happy. Some, like my British e- friend felt insulted. Combined with Obama’s returning the bust of Churchill to the British after they gave it to Bush as a symbol of their support after 9/11 the incident gave the British a bad taste in their mouths.

    I saw Hillary’s giving the gift to the Russian foreign minister on television. They both got a good laugh, and Hillary handled it well, especially since it wasn’t her fault . However, Russian newspapers mocked our government for being so stupid. Neither of these incidents will harm us in the long run, but they illustrate what inexperience will do.

    Ia. Rep Steve King listed the four or five pieces of pork he got onto the stimulus bill which he later voted against. He explained that when legislators requested the earmarks, they understood them to be considered on a different bill. Obama unwittingly, I assume, let his origional bail out request grow into something else because he did not try to squelch Pelosi and Reid. I think that is another sign of Obama’s inexperience. He will learn, but he needs more time than someone who has actually run a large organization.

    You have a good business for Hawaii. How much cooler is the weather in winter? Is your business cyclical because of weather variations? Do you get mainly thunderstorms or showers? I have heard that some parts of the islands get extremely heavy rain with other fairly close places nearly desert. Is it a sudden cut off, or does the rainfall and vegetation change gradually over several miles? Are most days humid, and how far inland do sea breezes influence the temperature?

    You are wise to keep learning at seminars. Farmers have similar seminars during the winter.

    What is the unemployment rate in your area? Have housing values maintained themselves? Are foreign tourists coming in the same numbers or are both domestic and foreign travelers staying home?

    Our area is still doing quite well. A financial magazine listed Siouxland of which we are a part one of the most vibrant parts of the United States. Housing values are fairly stable, and the unemployment rate is about 4.5%. Sioux Falls, South Dakota had a 3.5% rate earlier this year.

    Warren Buffet is from Omaha, as you know, and when he first started, he sold stock to many people in our county. Those who held on to it are pretty rich. One retired farmer gives a lot of money to our school and started a scholarship fund. Now that Buffet’s fortunes have faded a bit, we don’t know if he can give as much money this time next year. Things are tight, but so far, our area has suffered little from the recession. Our county is getting inquiries about moving here from both coasts.

    Our farm survived because I made worst case scenarios and plans for surviving them. My wife hated seeing figures scrawled on the margins of our newspapers. It was all guess work based on probabilities and extrapolation. You probably do the same thing with your business. We can say we know something happened or will happen, but no one really knows. It’s why I am a big fan of “time will tell.”


  18. Oops, forgot to add. We have a mountain on the Big Island that houses the world’s largest observatory. The mountain is named Mauna Kea (White Mountain) because it has snow on it much of the time. I never went there – seems that tourists go there more than the locals. The thing I love the most about our tourists is that they do so much in their few days here and they have a ball.

    I posted in the latest M&H blogpost about the gift “exchange” between PM Brown and Pres. Obama. I didn’t think it was such a biggie booboo.

    I saw a video on the gift from Hillary Clinton to Russia’s official. It was a red button, with a Russian word that was supposed to mean “RESET”. Hillary explained how it was to represent the two countries resetting their relationship, i.e. starting off fresh. The Russian official opened the box, looked at it, and said that the word was the wrong word, and instead of “RESET”, the word meant “OVERPRICED”. Hillary just busted out laughing, joined by all those present. They then both went on to press the red button together. It was actually a good moment. Laughter together. Egg on Hillary’s face, but she dealt with it and if anything, endeared her to those in the room.

    I hope more people look at the intention of the acts rather than the fumbling of them. So Obama’s gift was deemed embarrassing, as was Hillary’s button. Big deal. Two little bumps on the way to going forward.


  19. James, Hawaii is beautiful, and extra special for “land-locked” states. We have beaches all around, although it is too crowded. Still, it is beautiful, and today is quite chilly (70º) and sunny, after a few days of drizzle and wind.

    We are in one of the best businesses here – air conditioning. However, I believe in keeping our options open, and like to go to seminars to learn.

    Your lightning story reminded me of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. I didn’t really care for the movie though it was pretty amazing how changes were made.

    Thanks for being open minded enough to state the age old truth – Time will tell.

    Keep on keeping on,



  20. James, don’t need or want to photograph lightening. Once got caught on the beach when a storm moved in really fast – but behind us. We could smell it, knew it was coming – could see it even. . . BUT We were in full HOT sunlight and BAM! Everyone just froze. It was as if the whole beach just lit up! Within in seconds the sky turned black and opened up on us – a raging thunderstorm. But thanks for the tip about the radio. Starting in a couple of months, we will (hopefully) have daily afternoon showers which usually become lightening events. So off this weekend to purchase a little radio to carry with me – I’m usually out in pastures and stuff so that will be very handy. Thanks!


  21. I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh (tell-it-like-it-is) air your column is. You are on my customized bookmarks, and whenever I think the world is going to hell in a handbasket and what’s the use anyway, I read one of your columns and end up laughing and hopeful. Thank you for your out-there voice!


  22. Thanks for the kind words and the offer of a pie. I love pie. It is beautiful out today with ice covered trees and just enough snow for cross country skiing, which I did yesterday afternoon and again today. It is 7 degrees after a low of four, and the wind is about 25MPH.

    If you want to scare yourself, videotape a thunderstorm with close lighting from a safe place. Then run it frame by frame. You will see things too fast for your naked eye. You will see all manner of lightning streaks, some only five or ten feet high, and some very close to you. Most lightning begins as streamers riding down from the clouds. Then, electrons surge upward. I caught a streak of lighting before the return stroke made it to the clouds.

    I always carry a portable radio turned low on the AM dial. It registers static from lightning strikes, the louder the closer. If the radio suddenly begins a high pitched steady screech you are in danger. It means lightning is about to strike you or something nearby.

    Bias is in the eye of the beholder. If a news show reinforces what you already believe you accept it and discount what you don’t believe. We are all guilty of it.

    The Washington Post apologized for being in the tank for Obama and another reporter said he was almost ashamed to call himself a reporter. We don’t have cable because we live too far in the sticks, so I don’t watch Fox cable. The yelling talk show hosts are biased because it is their job. We watch Fox News Sunday on network television, and they seem fair. Their panel has two liberals and two conservatives, and they ask what I think are fair questions.

    However, studies showed straight news stories tended to be biased during this election. More favorable reports of Obama than McCain made the cut.

    Fox reported Obama’s need to have a teleprompter at all times. The other networks shied away from telling us to the point of positioning their cameras to keep them from view. There is nothing wrong with using a teleprompter.

    They all do, but to give the impression Obama is a more eloquent extemporaneus speaker than he is makes a false impression. That is especially true when we compare him to Bush, who didn’t use a teleprompter in press conferences. Maybe he should have used a teleprompter more often or spoken in Spanish. He used English like a second language.

    Someone studied how many times a wrong- doing politician is identified by party. Republican was mentioned more than Democrat. I don’t know if it is true or not, but before I read the article, I had noticed the same thing.

    Here is one reason I think Biden might have been a better president in the early days. It is a small thing to us, and important to the British. The HMS Resolute was stuck in Arctic ice and eventually, the captain gave the order to abandon ship. When he returned to Britain, he was court martialed. Later, the United States retrieved the ship and sailed it back to Britain.

    Years later, the British made two desks from the wood. One went to the Queen. They gave the other to the United States president. FDR had a door put on the desk to hide his wheel chair.

    Obama claimed he was too tired from doing presidential work which was much harder than he expected. The Americans did not conduct a joint press conference or host a state dinner appropriate for our closest ally. PM Brown gave Obama a pen carved from the Resolute, a gift with important symbolic meaning. Obama gave Brown 25 DVDs of American movies which Brown apparently cannot watch in Britain because their technology is different from ours.

    Meanwhile, Hillary gave her Russian counterpart a big red button with an incorrectly translated word. It was diplomatic amateur hour Biden or McCain would not have sanctioned.

    I agree, new blood sometimes shakes things up for the good. Maybe it will in the long run after Obama realizes Pelosi and Reid rolled him on the first stimulus bill. I hope Obama changes Washington culture for the better. Maybe he will. His hope and change spiel was just politician speak. He just found a way to capitalize on Bush fatigue. I’m too cynical. I think Obama’s principle change will to change who wins and who loses the way most politicians do. Time will tell.

    Warren Buffet lives in Omaha. He told a local news caster he supported Obama, but some of his plans are bad for business, especially in a severe recession.

    Thanks for the complement. We farmers are becoming an endangered species. When I returned home, one encountered farmers parked along road sides to visit. Sometimes our neighbor and we chatted next to the fence bordering our two farms when we took a work break. Those folks are all gone now. Our nearest neighbor lives two miles away.

    This is the second year we have rented our land to a neighbor. I am 66 and have a bad back. Otherwise, I am fine, and I still have a small truck farm. We plan to raise watermelons on sandy soil under a neighbors’ center pivot.

    I agree about going “Galt” but I mentioned it to illustrate the possible roots of a tax revolt. Your way seems better to me.

    A funny thing about “Rich Dad Poor Dad”‘s advice to accumulate assets instead of pay checks is is how we lived our lives. My great aunt said “never sell the land; it will take care of you.” Last year, our banker told us how much our land is worth, and I told my wife. “Then why do I feel so poor and drive a ten year old car to buy thrift store cloths?” Since then it has lost nearly a tenth of its value, but it doesn’t matter to us. We also have a 1991 Festiva which did wonders for our money supply when gas was so expensive. You can think rich while living poor.

    I’d like to visit Hawaii some day. People from here who traveled there enjoyed it. What sort of business do you have? Last winter or before, we saw a news story of snow on your highest mountain. How often does that happen?

    Now, I must start getting our income taxes ready and making a net worth report for the bank.


  23. James, I need to correct you about my opinion of Joe Biden. I like him as our Vice President, but would not rather see him as the President right now.

    Obama’s very consistent platform during the campaign was hope and change. He was a newcomer to Washington, without years of close association with fellow politicians. Joe Biden would not have been able to take down the old and push for change, because he was part of the old, just as John McCain was part of the old. I will go out on the limb right now, and make a prediction: Obama will introduce a bill to have term limits for Senators, and possibly Representatives. This is change that no old boy in Washington would ever push for. They get fat the longer they are in office, and then get to retire with mucho mucho dollars, health care for life, and fringe benefits matching their years of tenure. I don’t know how to check, but I do believe our President has a salary of $400,000/year, and many Senators make much more than that.

    You can believe in the report you read about Fox News being the most impartial, but I’ve got to give them the medal of bias, subtle racism, and twisted stories. One of their most recent was a report that beer pong (game of tossing a ping pong ball into cups of beer) caused herpes. This was a false report that they had picked up from questionable news sources without basis. But, if Fox said it was true, for their fans, it must be true…

    Those small business owners who hope to avoid higher taxes by limiting their business to less than $250,000 are idiots. We own a small business, making over $250,000. For us to limit ourselves to make less is Business 101 for Spiteful Idiots. What we do to pay less taxes is give more away – to our employees in the form of SEP Iras, cafeteria plans, bonuses, and if we pay a higher tax rate on the amount over $250,000, then I say it is fair, and God bless America.

    I just finished listening to a book on tape, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. It gives one a different mindset on money. Makes you rethink the normal definition of assets and liabilities.

    You, James, are the heart of America. I say this because you are a farmer. America is truly the most blessed land in the world, for it grows the food. The U.S. government has a lot of respect and tax credits for farmers, and I hope it continues.

    Hawaii used to be a leading agricultural producer of sugar cane and pineapple, but no longer. We had vast expanses of plantation land, but no more. We’ve evolved into a tourist vacation spot almost exclusively, and we’re hurting right now because we don’t have tourists in our peak period. Airfare and hotel stays are on fire sale right now. Maybe all those folk in your freezing rain, sleet, snow and thunderstorms should come visit us here to escape, swim in our ocean and stay in our hotels.


  24. Okay james I’m hooked. Erudite conversation AND a storm chaser. Keep on coming back and here’s some pie
    ~ Δ ~


  25. I was going to mention Ho Chi Minh’s request for help. We were loyal to France at the time. Imagine what other things might have changed if we hadn’t had Vietnam to fight.

    Nice talking to you too, Honolulu Sally. I agree about Biden. He, not Obama should have been at the top of the ticket.

    Its not so much that I am an admirer of Sarah Palin, though I think if one discounts her politics, she is a good role model for young women. I think the press gave her raw deal, and if they had done the same for Biden, I would have defended him.

    I read that Sarah Palin is a product of the Depression. FDR tried to relieve pressure on farmers by sending some to homestead Alaska. Mostly Scandinavians from states bordering Canada went north. Sarah Palin’s parents moved to Alaska from Idaho about a year later.

    I agree about the bail out. However, since it is our money, I think the government needs to oversee how it is spent. I hope they can regard it as a loan and pay it back. Warren Buffet predicted our recession will get worse before it gets better, and we know how few cars auto manufacturers are selling. I think it will take them longer than they estimate to be profitable again because of the poor economy.

    I don’t remember who did the survey during the presidential primaries. Who ever did it compared stories and frequency of negatives and positives as they related to Obama and Hillary. They found Fox to be the most impartial network surveyed. Granted, it was only one small part of network broadcasting.

    The tax increases will influence our recovery even if they don’t take effect for several years. They are contributing to the falling stock market because the exact plan is still unclear, and it makes investors nervous. No one knows much about the cap and trade scheme or possible future energy costs. Until we know, future taxes will hurt us. Uncertainity is bad for investors. I know that from personal experience. A volatile time when one must decide when to contract grain or order inputs a year ahead is stressful.

    Small business people who may be affected if they earn over $250,000 are discussing a tax revolt by going “John Galt.” They will lower their incomes to stay under the limit, whatever it is to avoid the higher taxes. A few people opposed to the Iraqi war did the same to lower the taxes they had to pay.

    Once the economy improves is the time for higher taxes. Warren Buffet, I think said he thinks it will take about five years to pull ourselves out of the doldrums. Kenesian economics suggests deficite spending and lower taxes during hard times and more balanced budgets during prosperity.

    The Republican spending during our recent better times and extra Democratic expenditures since 2006 have put us in thrall to the Chinese and other creditors. We need to be very nice to them for the next few years.

    I worried about the economy for a long time. We barely survived the farm depression, and when we started making a little money, we couldn’t bring ourselves to invest in stocks or a 401K plan. We felt foolish as if we had missed the boat two years ago. All of our money went into farm land and US savings bonds.

    Your welcome about the Vietnam comments. I was hoping I didn’t bore you. I was trained as an historian, and I think it is my duty to describe how it was for me and other people. Years ago, I interviewed some WW1 veterans for an oral history. One told me a few stories he had heard from a veteran of the Indian wars. Those stories would have been lost without my asking questions.

    Someone suggested we need a third party. I am so dis enchanted by politicians of both parties, I might join.

    Thanks for suggesting body armor. I will look for mine. I also appreciate with everyone’s putting up with me and my long posts. I am a volunteer weather observer, and some time storm chaser. We are supposed to have freezing rain, sleet, thunderstorms, snow and blowing snow tomorrow as the temperature falls toward zero. That is my kind of weather, and I will probably be out in it, not at a computer.


  26. Margaret and Helen
    Lord love you!
    What I don\t understand is what Limbaugh wants to happen. Is working on solely priming his base to scream bloody murder should he be found prosecutable?
    Coulter and Rush.
    She makes me think of a very odd child who thinks she is charming
    She has found a fetid niche within which to proliferate her venomous outlook.
    They are both vile.

    CosmosLaundry Jourmal


  27. Great discussion!! Wow. I love these types of discussions where everything is thesis-antithesis-synthesis.
    May wander back in with some input – but lots to synthesize right now and I want to take time to digest it all.
    One note – IF we had bothered to listen to Ho Chi Minh when he approached us for help in securing independence from France (in Paris 1945), we may not have had Vietnam. Would have, could have, should have always seems to win.


  28. James,

    Great discourse from the other side of the fence. I used to think Cramer was the great guru of finance, but now he’s a shrunken shell of what he was, and because the stock market is sour, he, and all the other financial gurus are sour on anything coming out of Washington. I used to care about the prices of stocks, but now I don’t. It was a vehicle to get rich with risk, and if I wanted safety, a money market savings account was the safest place to park.

    I still disagree with almost anything political you espouse, but I have many friends who feel the same as you, and we have fun jabbing each other with our points from time to time. I also have one who doesn’t want to talk to me anymore – she is so angry that Obama won, blames him for the economic mess we are in, the crisis Social Security might be in, and thinks it was only Bush keeping us safe from another attack. She got pissed because I said Obama wasn’t in Congress long enough to mess up the economy or Social Security, and the only time prior to 9/11 that we were attacked was Pearl Harbor in 1941.

    As much as you admire Sarah Palin, I admire Joe Biden. So that is deserving of a handshake and a hands off of debate. I don’t want to insult you, so will not talk down Alaska’s governor (at least not right now).

    Your Aug 2006 Fox news poll was interesting. Coming from Fox news, I was surprised to see the high percentage of Democrats wanting Bush to succeed. I would think their numbers would be more skewed to making the Democrats look more unpatriotic, given that Fox is a really conservative right wing leaning media station. I don’t pay much attention to the polls presented by individual news stations, Fox is for the conservative followers, and MSNBC is for the liberals. The polls they run are biased because of their viewership.

    Thank you for your insights into Vietnam. The few people that I knew that served there do not talk about it.

    The war in Iraq was and is costing us $1 billion dollars per week. That is $365 billion dollars per year. And we have been there for 6+ years. Bush did not include that cost in his budget for 6 years. A question to you, do you think Iraq was responsible for 9/11? I believe we all agree that bin Laden’s Al Quaeda was responsible , and many Americans also bought the bull shit that the Al Queda and Iraq were in on the attack together or one and the same.

    The uproar about raising taxes at a time like this being disastrous is distorted. The tax increase for those making over $250,000 will not kick in until 2011. That means it will not affect us for last year (we are filing for our 2008 taxes now), or the next 2 years. It will affect us in 2011, by which time we may be out of the economic mess we are in today.

    I just saw an interview on CNN of 2 UAW General Motors workers, both of them laid off. (thought of our UAW Tradesman). The younger one is looking for another job, and the older one was looking forward to the review team coming from Washington to their Michigan GM plant. He was hopefully optimistic. What he said surprised me, although I don’t know if it is true. He said that GM would definitely get back on its feet with the bailout money, and then look to repay it. He felt that the bailout was a loan to GM. Now THAT sounds like a good policy to me.

    Nice talking to you, James. Just be ready to put on body armor in case some of our more passionate parlor animals feel like bashing in their own succinct ways.


  29. An Aug, 2006 poll from Fox News asked this question: “Regardless of how you voted in the presidential election, do you want President Bush to succeed or not.
    Yes No Don’t Know
    Democrats 63% 32% 5

    Republicans 90% 7% 2%

    Independents 63% 34% 3%”


  30. Hello Helen and Margaret! You might enjoy this from John McCain’s daughter:


  31. Sorry about that. I miss spell words because I type fast, and on some days my eyesight is poor. I was referring to the Iraq where al Qiada was imposing harsh religious rule as the Taliban did in Afghanistan.


  32. I don’t have a lot of time, and if I did, I would read other sources. I used to listen to Air America. I used to post on, and I read the Daily Kos or Huffington Report on occasion. Sometimes, I read prisonplanet.

    Our local newspaper and letters to the editor give different views also. The Drudge Report doesn’t write most of the articles on its site. It merely links to stories. Paul Krugman, a liberal Nobel prize winner is one writer I read. He also is worried about some of Obama’s policies. Jim Cramer is one of several liberals who have become disenchanted with Obama though they agree with many of his policies. He is no lover of Bush as a rant showed when Bush was president. He just doesn’t like what Obama is doing now.

    Sources I trusted were right about the surge when few accepted it, and they were right about our economic crisis nearly two years ago. They were also right that Al Gore’s version of global warming was wrong. Thanks in part to what I read, we prepared, and we have lost no money in this crisis yet.
    Rush was misquoted. He did not say he wanted Obama to fail as president. He said he wanted what he saw as Obama’s socialist policies to fail. That is no different from Democrats saying they wanted Bush’s Social Security privatization scheme to fail. I wanted it to fail too. The Democrats tried to turn it into a sound bite implying he or Republicans were unpatriotic, but he was being political as Democrats are.

    There are few friends in foreign affairs, only interests. FDR said of a dictator friendly to the US, “He may be an SOB, but he is our SOB.” We like other countries used countries to further our ends when interests coincided.

    As far as regulation is concerned. Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and other Republicans including McCain tried to pass legislation tightening control of Fannie and Freddie. Democrats including Obama refused to help. Bush also spoke the need for greater regulation. Too. Yes, Republicans pushed deregulation too far, but in this case, so did the Democrats.


  33. James, you wrote:
    “Al Quiada imposed harsh religious and cultural rule on the people it controlled.”
    Spelling aside, it was the Taliban, not Al Qaeda, that imposed the religious rule in Afghanistan.


  34. Thanks for the complement Honolulu Sally. I don’t have much time for message boards, but I did post for two years on one which played rough. Donna, I was not being disrespectful, I was responding in kind to a disrespectful post. I learned to give more than I got on that other forum. When people were nice to me, I was nice to them. Some of us have become e friends.

    AlaskaPiA, what besides ideology makes Governor Palin so ghastly? What awful things has she done to Alaska that I have missed? Why did she have such a high approval rating before she ran for Vice President? I’m not being sarcastic. I really want to know.

    If Palin was running for president, I would not have voted for her because like Obama, she lacked experience, and I didn’t agree with all of her politics. Even so, she has been an executive longer than Obama. She would not have said as Obama did that the job is harder than he expected. Obama is on a steeper learning curve than Palin would have been.

    I opposed the Iraq war until it started, and on the message board I mentioned above, I predicted guerilla warfare in the summer of 2004. Early managers of that conflict should have been publicly mocked and scorned. Rumsfeld had a plan to change our armed services to a quick hitting military with a “light foot print.” Iraq was his obvious failure.

    The surge worked, in part because Bush stood up to his detractors and ney sayers of both parties. It was an unusual situation which may not succeed in Afghanistan. Al Quiada imposed harsh religious and cultural rule on the people it controlled. When a leader ordered a tribal chief to give his daughter in marriage, he refused. Some of his people were killed, and he approached our soldiers against whom he had been fighting with a deal. Similar dramas helped create the Ananbar (sp) Awakening which helped the surge win.

    The Iraqi war did not wreck our economy. The expense was a small part of our GNP. The same people who complained about the money then seem quiet about the money we are wasting now.

    Benefits are acrueing which may give us a return on our investment. At the very least, our invasion improved the lives of millions who suffered under Hussein’s regime. Iraq’s economy is improving, and so are the lives of its people. The country has a long way to go, but the signs are positive.

    An article linked to Drudge a couple of weeks ago reported that electricity and water are becoming available for more hours per day than before the war. More women than ever hold political office. Iraq and Isreal are the only countries where Arabs can vote in relatively honest elections.

    I read 40% of the extraneous parts of the bill were the fault of Republicans. It doesn’t matter if it is 40 pr 60%, they don’t belong in the stimulus bill. I think some Republicans who put goodies in the bill intended to vote in favor, but Nancy Pelosi’s autocratic behavior angered them.

    Moreover, a wave of opposition from constituents swept in over the internet and telephone lines. The result was Republicans and a few Blue Dog Democrats voted against the bill to improve their chances of being reelected.

    Bipartisanship is both parties working together and compromising to create a policy neither really likes. The Bush administration worked with Democrats from time to time as when Teddy Kennedy helped write the No Child Left Behind act. John McCain was so bi- partisan one of his first choices for Vice President was Lieberman. Years earlier, Newt Gingerich (sp) and Bill Clinton were preparing to revise Social Security before the Monica Lewinsky affair diverted attention to Clinton’s political survival. During the Eiesenhour and Johnson years, Republican and Democratic conservatives worked together in a sometimes virtual third party.

    Bipartisanship has become rarer since 2004, and we are suffering for it. I usually vote for about half Democrats and half Republicans. This was the first time in my life I voted for a straight ticket. I knew Democrats would sweep the board, and human nature being what it is, one party with overwhelming power is dangerous. Were the situation reversed, I would have voted a straight
    Democratic ticket.

    Vietnam began as a civil war between north and south after its leaders defeated the French. It became a proxy battle between the West and the Soviet Union because both sides were afraid direct confrontation would escalate into nuclear war. Our approving a coup against the Diem government did create instability on our side.

    However, from my experience a majority did not want the Communists to win. Remember when the South fell apart, panic stricken southerners clogged the highways in their desperation. A percentage northerners had fled to the South over the years. Others as during the American Revolution were apolitical and didn’t care who won.

    Yes, drug use was widespread during that time, and not just in Vietnam. I heard of a man stationed in Turkey who reported a drug ring in his unit. Unfortunately for him his commanding officer was in on it. He was permanently disabled before his congressman could rescue him.

    No matter that some veterans were messed up. Soldiers were emotionally damaged after all wars. What the anti- war movement did to its returning warriors exacerbated whatever emotional troubles they brought home. The hard core perps who insulted and tried to beat up our soldiers were truly un American.

    When I came home, it seemed most of the country had betrayed us. It became hard to feel much except anger. Lots of soldiers and veterans turned to alcohol and drugs, but I never did. I concentrated on putting my life back together.

    For two many years, our country threw veterans away like no longer needed tools. Listen to the words of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.” I never became the person I was when I left, though I tried. But maybe I am better for having been tested.

    I attended some anti- war rallies out of coureosity when I was in grad school. Most people were clueless about issues surrounding the war. They were there to meet potential dates , or because it was the thing to do. A small group of organizers led those sheep. They have blood on their hands. Millions died because of their protests. Speak to a former boat person and hear what happened to them.

    Vietnamese General Giap wrote a book about his experiences, and he thanked the anti -war movement for helping win the war. During the hard times the North Vietnamese were dispirited and losing hope. They finally decided the anti- war movement would let them win politically what they could not win in battle. I believe their war museum devotes a wing to the anti- war movement.

    I can respect arguments anti- war people used. I will not respect the way many let themselves be used.


  35. Thanks for your nice post. I’m not accusing anyone here of being un American, and I wouldn’t have said what Governor Palin said, but she was making a political speech to fire up a crowd. She was right, but she shouldn’t have said it.

    What Palin referred to is that a large number of people believe a new culture is being imposed upon the old which they consider to be the true America. As I wrote, the author of “What’s the Matter With Kansas” touched on the subject. From their viewpoint, old traditions of God and country are being erased. Prayer is outlawed in schools, an anti- military mood, is afoot in some quarters. Political correctness dictates that they keep quiet about it, but the feeling is still there. Abortions are legal, and gay marriage is on its way. Freedom to own a gun is at risk, and affirmative action denies jobs to the best qualified. From their view point, this is not the country they knew, and the author of the book says such people hold more tightly to their cultural and social beliefs than they do policies which would enhance their economic welfare.
    (Prayer and religion is acceptable. What is not accceptable is people who pervert God’s words and accuse other of not being Christians based on ridiculous arguments: Gay, Queer or Abortion. Christ did not say to create division amongst with your neighbours nor to use God’s name in vain.)
    I have heard leftists make the same observation during the Bush administration. Michael Moore and others said it was time to take our country back. They were just as unhappy with the socially conservative agenda the Bush administration and the Republican Congress imposed on the country over eight years. They dragged us into an unnecessary war, they lied to us, and they spied on their own people. They stuck prisoners in jail without trials. They refused a woman’s right to choose, and their homophobic religions beliefs impinged on the rights of minorities. They want to round up and deport illegal aliens who are mainly here to make a better life for themselves.
    (And that was the problem. Republicans who care so much about President’s birth certificate are the same who violated their own constitution and ideals. Michael Moore did not encourage people to say I want Bush to fail. In fact, given the PATRIOT Act , I’m not sure if anyone could say that.)
    Both sides are creating and making stereotypes and they believe they are working to better America. I have met such people, and some are my friends. Michael Moore and Governor Palin said roughly the same thing. They were both wrong to say it and descriptively right.
    (I’m not sure if a governor who forces raped woman to carry the foetus to be a strong symbol for the people)
    I really hope my gloomy predictions are wrong, but the trends look bad. Gateway Pundit, a conservative blogger wrote that several economists in addition to political writers are coming to believe Obama was not the moderate they believed him to be.
    David Luskin at Smart Money wrote ” Today’s stock market isn’t just the worst since the Great Depression like they’re so fond of saying. No its even worse than the Great Depression.”
    He superimposed a current stock market chart over the Depression’s. As of Thursday, the market has lost more value than during the depression and to match the ’30’s low point stocks’ value would have to rise 17%.
    (Today’s stock marekt and financial crash is as gloomy. If you see it as another pin prick, that’s heading towards fantasay)
    The good news, he wrote, is if trends match the Depression, we are half through it. “We can’t blame President Obama for the mess he inherited. But we can definitely blame him for making it worse. Stocks are off 28.4% since his election, and 17.2% since his so-called ’stimulus bill’ was enacted. To say the very least, whatever he’s doing, it ain’t working.”
    (Please read Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman and others before believing spending does not work. Tax cuts delivers only a small bang for the buck)
    Obama said in an interview that conditions may be bad through the remainder of the year, and he asked people not to hide money under their beds. Another economist predicted serious inflation within two or three years. I am not an economist, but several college courses and running a farm taught me a few things. Our economy is in a precarious position, and our borrowing and spending is putting the US in the same position as a family with a second mortgage who’s main breadwinner is living on unemployment insurance.
    (Excuse me, who was the President who initiated massive spending for unjust wars and tax cuts for only the rich?)
    It may have been on Drudge, but another person connected with the White House said Obama is feeling stressed because the work is harder than he expected. They mismanaged a state visit from the British Prime Minister because Obama’s staff wasn’t aware of the proper protocol. The Russians are teasing Hillary because she gave the foreign minister a red button with the wrong Russian translation. Obama traveled to Ohio to celebrate graduates of a police academy who would not have been hired without the stimulus bill. That was fine until a reporter observed that without more government money those jobs will be gone when the stimulus payments end. They also were not private jobs. They were government jobs. This is a sign of the inexperience I mentioned.
    (Please. Is this criticism or nit picking. Bush couldn’t construct sentences together. The red button stuff wasn’t as bad as Powell lying to the UN about Iraq’s WMD. And what is wrong with allowing a PM to address Congress?)
    I am a veteran. Some unusual things happened to me, including brief torture which gave me a slight disability. People also tried to kill me, and I them. When I came home, anti- war protesters beat up some soldiers in uniform. At my first grad school orientation party, I revealed I was a veteran. A student said “you don’t belong here you fascist. We’ll get rid of you. ” Several tried and failed. That was un American.
    (WWII people are veterans who fought a just war. Your war was based on oil, money and a fiction of democracy promotion)
    I earned a MA with thesis, a 3.75 GPA, certification to teach in community college, and nine hours toward a PHD in four semesters during an accelerated program. A job counselor told a Navy friend and I we should never tell prospective employers we were veterans if we expected to teach in a northern university. My friend and others transferred to law school. I dropped out to farm. I was an angry young man in those days and reliving nightmares. People who discriminated against veterans were un American.
    (That’s because America has never fought just wars)
    The people who cut off funding for South Vietnam and left people who had risked their lives to help us standing out side of our embassy waiting for rescue helecoptors which never came were un American. I met some of the boat people and know the horrors they endured because of us. We made South Vietnam dependent on our money and culture. After negotiated peace which turned the country into another Korea, our government betrayed and abandoned the South Vietnamese. That was un American.
    (South Vietnam was ruled by a dictator who kills his own population more than the North. And he was backed by:America. What an example of democracy and American-ness)
    The Congressional leaders who opposed the surge because they wanted the war to be a political issue were un American. They did a disservice to their country, and to the troops. Some of those same people helped lead us to our economic disaster . They are also the same age as the anti- war protesters who hassled veterans and soldiers. Its irrational of me, but I wonder how many of them were throwing tomatoes at returning troops.
    (So please tell the families who losts sons and daughters the WMDs were found)
    I am not trying to convince anyone to change his/her mind. Once in a while, it happens. Sometimes, I change my mind. Otherwise, it is little more than a game. However, every idea deserves to be challenged and tested. Everyone with a view ought to know how to defend it without resorting to name calling and stereotyping. If you suddenly began to unfairly trash Obama, I would defend him. My father in law used to switch sides for the fun of it when we argued politics or religion.
    (Ok fine.)


  36. Interesting that you people harp on Vietnam. Through out the Cold War, America support right-wing dictatorships (yes) in Latin America, a ruthless Sha in Iran, heartless leaders in Africa and even corrupt politicians in Korea and Taiwan (the “beacons of democracy”). Stop saying Vietnam is a lesson. It’s not a lesson of communism vs democracy it was a lesson of fighting a people who only wanted peace.

    And now you harp on Iraq as a “free” nation. It was “free” and “friendly” to America in thw 1980s when it battled Iran. Then it wasn’t and you had to invade it.


  37. James,

    I was thinking. The total pitch of the Repugnants now is, “We want Obama to fail” but they throw in,
    “Give me the Stimulus money.”

    Thank You Rush for making the message simple and clear.


  38. James, linking to the Drudge Report, or even thinking it is a reliable news source, is no proof of accuracy. And as far as taking Jim Cramer as a reliable source, I present this to you:

    “One of Rush’s strong points is he began at the bottom and worked his way up.”

    Uh, no. He was born fairly priveleged and managed to screw that up, dropped out of college, and was basically aimless until he found a niche attacking the more vulnerable members of society. Look at some of his earlier shows for proof. Personally, they made me want to hurl. Rush loves to dump on people on welfare or collecting unemployment, but hides the fact that he was on it once himself:

    James, just some constructive criticism: please expand your sources of information. If that is all you listen to, of course they will sound correct. Both sides embellish the truth for their own ends.The question is: what ends are they leading to?


  39. James,

    Bush got 6 years to allow his policies to fail. Any person to talk against the war in Iraq or the massive tax cut by Bush was unAmerican – remember that.

    Rush also was a draft dodger – don’t forget that. Rush had a pimple on his butt and instead of having it taken care of, he got deferred from the draft.

    Rush is an idiot, plain and simple. I feel sorry for Rush apologists.

    It is time to move aside and let President Obama rebuild a country ripped apart by the NO REGULATION years of Cheney/ Bush.

    Repugnants were wrong of massive tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% and it is time to move money to the middle class.

    Under Cheney/ Bush, middle class famiies have lost an average of $2,000.00 per year. Wealthy get more and the middle class got less and less.

    James: You are wrong – move out of the way and let President Obama do his job!


  40. “Jim Cramer of Mad Money wrote.. “When Obama trounces both unemployment and house-price depreciation, he will have the power to enact anything he wants. But all the initiatives he wants to rush, like tax hikes, changes in health car, tinkering with the mortgage deduction–good grief, right now in the midst of the worst housing downturn ever– and the tough cap-and trade rules, will derail any chance we have of turning this economy around. So instead, they put the Second Great Depression smack on the nation’s table…The markets thought he could stop it, hence the giant relief rally when he was elected. But in fewer than 50 days,of his ascendancy, the markets’ hopes were totally dashed and the averages are now forecasting the worst decline since the Great depression. As someone who listens to what the averages are screaming, I think they are accurately predicting the future.”

    A link to Cramer’s entire article is at the Drudge Report. He also said though he appreciates Rush’s support, he disagrees with almost everything Rush says. Cramer said he is learning the right may be wrong many times, but they are more polite about it than the left is.

    As for Rush Limbaugh, he is not evil incarnate as some paint him. He is a talk show host who made himself popular by channeling a point of view that was frozen out of the main stream media twenty years ago.

    He is like Johnny Carson. Many tried to take his crown until they realized how hard the job is. Air America, which I used to listen to on our computer built to turn AM radio liberal and defeat Bush. They failed because they didn’t understand the nature of talk radio.

    Susan Estrich, a liberal Democrat, apparently has a talk show. She wrote when the Obama-Rush dispute began that she disagrees with most of what Rush says, but he is the talk show gold standard. Susan wrote that she listened to Rush daily to learn how he does his job. He was her unwitting teacher.

    One of Rush’s strong points is he began at the bottom and worked his way up. He was able to identify with his listeners and convince them he was just like them, but with a microphone. Liberals, can do the same. I read of a liberal talk show host who began broadcasting from his van in North Dakota, and by five or six years ago was syndicated on 34 stations.

    Rush called Obamas’ bluff with an offer to debate, and the story died down with Limbaugh laughing as higher ratings advertising money poured in. Engaging a talk show host the way Obama did was another sign of his inexperience and thin skin. All he accomplished was improve Rush’s ratings and elevate him to higher position than he deserved.

    One theory is that each day confers ownership of our crisis on Obama. The Republicans are so dispirited and disorganized there is no one to blame as when Bush was in power. Rush is a public figure unpopular with independents.What better way to keep Republicans attached to the crisis than to demonize the most visible conservative around? Rush ought to send the White House a nice Christmas gift for what they have done for him.


  41. Reading all of the talk on Rush’s influence on the Republican party reminds me of an article I read a while back. It stated that the end result of this financial mess will be a viable and significant third party rising up and giving both the Dem and Reps a run for their money. With Rush and his ilk pushing out the moderates, I think that may very well happen.


  42. Ah Helen- Poking my head in for pie and a chuckle…cuz you are right that laughter is better than cynicism and pie is better than anything!

    Oh -don’t be flushin Rush though… there’s not a line made big enough to carry that sewer rat .
    Run him right out in the light of day… he’ll shrivel in the light.
    Sorry- Judy – respectfully disagree about the venom and James’ respectful facts and all…

    Sorry James. I less respectfully disagree with you about the ghastly gov. I do not automatically discount voices because they are Republican, so why do you for Dems?
    Also, too, non-partisans outnumber Dems here and undeclareds out number Reps… the list you waved at as all Dems has A well-known Rep and a few nonnies/undecs…

    Alaskans may shoot themselves in the foot regulalry but they do it in a clearly undeclared and non partisan manner.

    Greyt- we have a Grameen type thingy in the oven at Anony B – keep your fingers crossed!
    fre∆- perfect!!!!!


  43. Judy, the internet and its anonymity makes it easy for venom and spewers on both sides. It is the most unregulated vehicle of communication, good and bad. It allows total freedom of speech with the written word as well as disturbing videos, pictures, and information.

    Although I do get upset at some of the posts, especially those hastily made in the heat of battle gear, I also do have a chuckle at the personalities that are revealed and the passion and joy they possess. In the confines of the internet, we can push the limits of good manners without fear of being banished into the corner.

    Repeatedly, people who bring up ethics of behavior get bashed because they want to be the rule makers on a blogsite owned by Margaret and Helen.

    Both James and Juneau Joe did get heated for a bit, but then, great discourse followed. We have a UAW Tradesman that constantly gets bashed and keeps coming back for more, and he is really like a pet dog, abused, funny, irritating yet lovable.

    Just chill, Judy. James is a big boy, and he handled himself in a class act way, just like Juneau Joe.


  44. excuse me, Judy. What about “it is to be expected from a person like you” is respectful? Kindly scroll back up to James’ post to Juneau Joe and see if you feel that he was showing the sort of respect you suggest–or if whatever “venom” you perceive may have been in response to his rudeness.


  45. Judy,

    Bipartisan: 60% of the Pork in the Stimulus was put there by REpublicans but they then voted against the bill. Here in Alaska, we have $300,000.00 for PTA programs by Murkowski (R) but she voted no. Young (R) bragged about his stuff and voted NO.

    Please define Bi-Partisan.

    The Dems won: It is time for the Dems to set the policy and spend money. We spent how many Trillion on Iraq? That money helped sink our economy. We need to use money to get people back working and providing for the health of the people. It is time to back away from Wars, which we got lied into in the first place.

    The 2 Trillion dollar tax cut for the top 1% was money down a rat hole.

    Give President Obama a chance to move this country forward! (Bush had a free ride for 6 years! President Obama deserves time to allow his approach to work as well.)


  46. Judy – please reference the “venom” spewed in response to James. . . seems to me the corresponding comments were equally respectful. Is that the folks were not swayed to James’ way of thinking that you believe the comments written were venomous?


  47. Someone asked will an intelligent and educated Republican please stand up? Did you notice James? He makes his points respectfully with facts to back them up. You all ask for bipartisanship, yet what a lot of venom you spew!


  48. James,

    You bring up many points.

    Economy in shambles: Bush lied us into Iraq which dug a big financial hole that ultimately has a large part in sinking the economy.

    Surge in Iraq: The war in Iraq was SO POORLY RUN by Cheney/ Bush that the surge was finally tried. Most military men said we needed to start with more troops if we had any chance at success. Rumsfeld did not want to listen to the military folks and fired those who had winning strategies.

    Rebuilding Iraq: I just read an article about women and children in Iraq. They have less water and electricity than they had two years ago. Can we ask Haliburton where the money went?

    Vietnam: That was a war which was not backed by the people of Vietnam. We put a government into place but it did not reflect the wishes of the people.

    Since you mentioned Vietnam. I know many people who went there and got hooked on drugs there. They felt they could die the next day so they would get high back in their hootch. That drug addiction followed them back home. Vietnam produced some pretty crazy people. I too was a soldier but missed Nam by days. (I still thank the protests that stopped the shipping of soldiers over.)

    Will the Stimulus work? WE KNOW THAT TAX CUTS DO NOT WORK! Bush got his 2 Trillion Tax cuts and his war in Iraq! I was a quiet doof and let the fool sink my nation into the economic mess where we find ourselves now! I was quiet and we are paying a severe price now.

    We need a new way and I feel Obama’s plan makes sense. It took a massive works program to get us out of the last depression and this one has promise. I am offended THAT REPUBLICANS HAVE 60% OF THE PORK IN THE STIMULUS and they voted NO on the stimulus bill. I wish Obama would have just been able to pass a stimulus without the pork, but it is certainly better than any plan put forth by the Republicans.

    RUSH, PALIN, BUSH, CHENEY, COULTER and Fox noise – are the problem, not the solution.

    Bush/ Cheney had their chance and blew it. Let President Obama have his chance to get things moving forward!


  49. Thanks for your nice post. I’m not accusing anyone here of being un American, and I wouldn’t have said what Governor Palin said, but she was making a political speech to fire up a crowd. She was right, but she shouldn’t have said it.

    What Palin referred to is that a large number of people believe a new culture is being imposed upon the old which they consider to be the true America. As I wrote, the author of “What’s the Matter With Kansas” touched on the subject. From their viewpoint, old traditions of God and country are being erased. Prayer is outlawed in schools, an anti- military mood, is afoot in some quarters. Political correctness dictates that they keep quiet about it, but the feeling is still there. Abortions are legal, and gay marriage is on its way. Freedom to own a gun is at risk, and affirmative action denies jobs to the best qualified. From their view point, this is not the country they knew, and the author of the book says such people hold more tightly to their cultural and social beliefs than they do policies which would enhance their economic welfare.

    I have heard leftists make the same observation during the Bush administration. Michael Moore and others said it was time to take our country back. They were just as unhappy with the socially conservative agenda the Bush administration and the Republican Congress imposed on the country over eight years. They dragged us into an unnecessary war, they lied to us, and they spied on their own people. They stuck prisoners in jail without trials. They refused a woman’s right to choose, and their homophobic religions beliefs impinged on the rights of minorities. They want to round up and deport illegal aliens who are mainly here to make a better life for themselves.

    Both sides are creating and making stereotypes and they believe they are working to better America. I have met such people, and some are my friends. Michael Moore and Governor Palin said roughly the same thing. They were both wrong to say it and descriptively right.

    I really hope my gloomy predictions are wrong, but the trends look bad. Gateway Pundit, a conservative blogger wrote that several economists in addition to political writers are coming to believe Obama was not the moderate they believed him to be.

    David Luskin at Smart Money wrote ” Today’s stock market isn’t just the worst since the Great Depression like they’re so fond of saying. No its even worse than the Great Depression.”
    He superimposed a current stock market chart over the Depression’s. As of Thursday, the market has lost more value than during the depression and to match the ’30’s low point stocks’ value would have to rise 17%.

    The good news, he wrote, is if trends match the Depression, we are half through it. “We can’t blame President Obama for the mess he inherited. But we can definitely blame him for making it worse. Stocks are off 28.4% since his election, and 17.2% since his so-called ‘stimulus bill’ was enacted. To say the very least, whatever he’s doing, it ain’t working.”

    Obama said in an interview that conditions may be bad through the remainder of the year, and he asked people not to hide money under their beds. Another economist predicted serious inflation within two or three years. I am not an economist, but several college courses and running a farm taught me a few things. Our economy is in a precarious position, and our borrowing and spending is putting the US in the same position as a family with a second mortgage who’s main breadwinner is living on unemployment insurance.

    It may have been on Drudge, but another person connected with the White House said Obama is feeling stressed because the work is harder than he expected. They mismanaged a state visit from the British Prime Minister because Obama’s staff wasn’t aware of the proper protocol. The Russians are teasing Hillary because she gave the foreign minister a red button with the wrong Russian translation. Obama traveled to Ohio to celebrate graduates of a police academy who would not have been hired without the stimulus bill. That was fine until a reporter observed that without more government money those jobs will be gone when the stimulus payments end. They also were not private jobs. They were government jobs. This is a sign of the inexperience I mentioned.

    I am a veteran. Some unusual things happened to me, including brief torture which gave me a slight disability. People also tried to kill me, and I them. When I came home, anti- war protesters beat up some soldiers in uniform. At my first grad school orientation party, I revealed I was a veteran. A student said “you don’t belong here you fascist. We’ll get rid of you. ” Several tried and failed. That was un American.

    I earned a MA with thesis, a 3.75 GPA, certification to teach in community college, and nine hours toward a PHD in four semesters during an accelerated program. A job counselor told a Navy friend and I we should never tell prospective employers we were veterans if we expected to teach in a northern university. My friend and others transferred to law school. I dropped out to farm. I was an angry young man in those days and reliving nightmares. People who discriminated against veterans were un American.

    The people who cut off funding for South Vietnam and left people who had risked their lives to help us standing out side of our embassy waiting for rescue helecoptors which never came were un American. I met some of the boat people and know the horrors they endured because of us. We made South Vietnam dependent on our money and culture. After negotiated peace which turned the country into another Korea, our government betrayed and abandoned the South Vietnamese. That was un American.

    The Congressional leaders who opposed the surge because they wanted the war to be a political issue were un American. They did a disservice to their country, and to the troops. Some of those same people helped lead us to our economic disaster . They are also the same age as the anti- war protesters who hassled veterans and soldiers. Its irrational of me, but I wonder how many of them were throwing tomatoes at returning troops.

    I am not trying to convince anyone to change his/her mind. Once in a while, it happens. Sometimes, I change my mind. Otherwise, it is little more than a game. However, every idea deserves to be challenged and tested. Everyone with a view ought to know how to defend it without resorting to name calling and stereotyping. If you suddenly began to unfairly trash Obama, I would defend him. My father in law used to switch sides for the fun of it when we argued politics or religion.


  50. Honolulu Sally, you are so smart and thoughtful. Thanks for bringing your voice to these comments.


  51. […] (The list comes courtesy of Margaret and Helen.) […]


  52. James,

    You had a well written, well thought out sharing of your opinion and view. The fact that it differed from most of us here is obvious, and brave to the point of having to defend it.

    You can point out the errors of our leanings, just as we could point out yours. But it really won’t change our minds, or the fact that Barrack Obama is now the President of us all.

    Glad you aren’t one of the truly blind followers of Rush, at least you have an independent mind and sound like you have both your feet on the ground. But please don’t say some of you are more American than some of us. We just say and think whatever kind of patriotism is true to ourselves. It is personal and undefinable, so please don’t do the condemn and judge act on voices that live in the big cities and weren’t wearing red, white and blue to rallies.

    I disagree with most of your comments, and for every source you can point to for proof, we have sources that can dispute it. But it really doesn’t matter, for you will believe what you believe, and vice versa.

    All I can ask is that you give the man a chance. You can hang on to your fears of doom and regret. We know exactly what that feels like – we had major fears and doom in our hearts for the previous 8 years. But somewhere, buried and shoveled upon for 8 very long years, we still had hope. Obama’s message of hope and change rang so true and right for us, and we, along with the youth and vigor of America, voted him in. It is just so unfortunate it is bitter and sometimes unacceptable to those that are still rooting for Palin/McCain.

    I think you are the type of person that will do your part to get America back on track. It has been knocked off of it, and will take more than the 51% that voted for Obama to pitch in. It will be an easier faster task with you, than without.


  53. James,

    My paperboy’s mother’s ex-cousin-in-law is a proctologist in Alaska and he just loves Sarah Palin. He couldn’t stop singing her praises. But then again, he was just arrested for Medicaid fraud and non-payment of child support.
    Typical RUSHpublican.
    ‘Do what I say, not as I do.’



  54. James, my cousin’s best friend’s mother’s sister’s daughter’s son-in-law said Obama was the best candidate, so you can’t argue with that!


  55. Brilliant post as always. You summed it all up perfectly so I have nothing to add!


  56. Wow–a friend’s son tells a different story!! Now, there’s research for you.

    Actually, my husband and I had planned to vote for McCain. We are politically moderate and believed him to be as well. But when he picked Palin and we began to research her (yes, research), there was no way that we could do that.

    Putting aside the utter lack of intellect or curiosity about the world, Palin’s association with a religious movement that advocates taking over government, education, and the media was enough for me. And the McCain campaign turned into the ugliness and most destructive one imaginable–and she played an obvious part in that.

    I may not agree with every thing that Juneau Joe says but he is smart and well-informed and I respect his opinions. And I’d certainly defer to him over someone whose opinions are based on what a “friend’s son in Anchorage” has to say. [and by the way, there is a difference between “pecs” as in muscles and “pecks” as in a measure]


  57. Juneau JoeA,

    I was polite, and I don’t appreciate name calling, but it is to be expected from someone like you. Sarah Palin is imperfect, but so is Obama who can’t seem to put together a team of advisers who paid their taxes. I know a little of what is happening in Alaska.

    A friend’s son who lives in Anchorage tells a different story than the Governor’s detractors. Democrats knew Palin attracted fans like Obama, and they knew she was a future threat. Two Democrats were quoted at the Republican Convention. They said they had to destroy Palin because she was a vote getter. You may live in Alaska, but your partisanship has made you blind enough to qualify for a seeing eye dog.

    Thanks for suggesting the cheer leading site. Is there another dedicated to Obama’s glistening pecks which you visit when your leg tingles?


  58. James, I am in Alaska and I feel you are a fool at best. You might try teamsarah, I think it is her cheerleading site.

    I could try to talk to you about the realities in Alaska but it is obvious that you have no interest in seriously considering what I have to say.

    My own suggestion for you is to go back to SNL, Saturday Night Live, and watch our dear Sarah in action.

    If given a chance, I would vote for Tina Fey because at least she is acting. I will do all I kind to keep Sarah Palin from any more state or federal elected offices.


  59. Helen, you rock. Thank you, I just laughed alot.


  60. Thanks for the links. Our dial up server is slow, and I only had time to check four of them.

    They are all Democrats and so one would expect them to be slanted. I learned Governor Palin appointed a state Supreme Court justice who is the more liberal of the two, and it may anger conservatives. The bloggers would love to find something wrong with her decision, but so far, they suspect unknown motives. One called the appointment “brilliant” but possibly politically costly.
    Her choice fits with how Republicans advertised her, more willing to do what she thinks is right than to play pure politics. That appointment confirms the view we have of her.

    One claimed Mr. Palin has had less connection with his Eskimo roots than advertised. Maybe so, but we can say the same about Obama. In the beginning we heard he was raised by his Kansas grandparents when they didn’t even live there.

    Celtic Diva complained Palin cut funding for monitoring fishing boats. The
    statement was unclear whether all of the budget or the $650,000.00 increase was cut . It seemed to me she was cutting an increase, not the entire budget. Financial aid to villages was a sore point, but Alaska is trying to be solvent. It serves little purpose to spend itself into the same condition states like California are in. There may be more to it than that. All the information I had came from the blog.

    Iowa is also cutting corners. Our county is so strapped for cash county plow snow plows only cleared our roads four times this winter. My wife and I had to dig snow in a four four hundred foot strip so she could get to school where she teaches. The temperature ranged from -15 to -8 at the time.

    She also complained that Governor Jindahl opposed volcano monitoring in the bill. He was right, and she was wrong. While monitoring volcanoes is important, it does not stimulate the economy. The stated purpose of the bill was to spend only what was necessary to end the recession. With so many extraneous projects added, we will be hard pressed to know whether or not the bill accomplished its purpose. The volcano feature is one of many which should have been debated separately.

    Another quoted her autumn speeches, especially one where she implied some liberals are not true Americans. I wouldn’t have said it, but she is right. She was referring to attitudes and values associated with the old United States. A new culture is super imposing itself on the old. Many people like her audience feel threatened. “Whats’ the Matter with Kansas” touched on the same issue. The author, a liberal, wrote Heartlanders often vote for their values instead of their financial interest. Maybe Palin also read the book.

    Moreover, many leftists and isolationists so hated Bush, they wanted our war in Iraq to fail. Congressional leaders saw the costly war as a campaign opportunity during the election.

    Rep Murtha described it as a “slow bleed.” They would oppose the surge to keep the status quo which would maintain the death toll. Harry Reid said the war was lost. Since we had family members and aquaintences over there, we took it personally. To my mind, those people are no different from the anti -war movement who mistreated we who served during the Vietnam war. They were un-American then and they were un-American to use a war for political gain.

    The day Palin’s nomination was announced, bloggers, news people, and lawyers began a feeding frenzy to find out about the Governor. I spent two hours doing the same, and so far the bloggers have not told me substantially what I did not already know. In fact their criticism of her was much milder than I expected.

    Another difference between Governor Palin and President Obama is he is addicted to teleprompters. News cameras are positioned to hide them from view. I read that Palin’s teleprompter failed during her nomination speech, and she carried on. I taped it and noticed a spot where she looked confused and hesitated before continuing. If the teleprompter failed, I know when it happened.


  61. James – go to these sites for the real information on Palin’s governing of Alaska

    Also check out
    The Immoral Minority
    Andrew Halcro
    Celtic Diva
    Real Alaska Politics


  62. Thank you for your nice post Honolulu Sally. Yes, Obama is an inspiring speaker. On his best days, he approaches old time oratory. However, the president relies on teleprompters and when on his own, he has his incoherent moments like other politicians do.

    Speaking and governing are two different talents. Palin has as far as I know, run Alaska fairly well. Her state is one of the few with a large rainy day fund. She stood up to her own party, and has experience with with managing a bureaucracy. She also has also helped run a small business. That is not to say I would have voted for her as president any more than for Obama, but she did have more experience. Palin was the anti Obama. She energized the campaign and were it not for the banking crisis, I think McCain might have won because of her . The ticket was pulling ahead in the polls and with a short time before the election the momentum might have sustained itself. McCain was a terrible candidate in my opinion. My view of he campaign was avoidance avoidance.

    Few in the media bothered to explore Obama’s past. Most of his mentors were socialists or communists like Saul Alinski. Stanly Kurtz researched his work on the Annenburg Challenge and the Woods fund. He also showed Obama’s ties to ACORN and its role in the financial crisis. ? Cramer of Mad Money and ? Brooks have both said they would not have voted for Obama if they knew in November what they know now. You weren’t, but many of Obama’s admirers had little clue about his true nature. They bought his hope and change mantra with little knowledge of his origions. I’ve heard many people say Obama will solve all of our problems and change the everything for the better. Many don’t even know Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006.

    The news media is like a school of fish. The bi coastal new reporters and commentators with exceptions are of such like mind they react to similar stimuli. The Washington Post appologised for leaning too heavily in favor of Obama. A west coast writer called Obama a light master. Chris Mathews said Obama made his leg tingle. Time magazine put Obama’s picture on its covers many times. ABC altered Charles Gibson’s interview with Palin to make her look worse. She made herself look bad with Katy Couric. Several studies showed more favorable coverage of Democrats. Fox, of course leans more conservative, but many people don’t watch Fox.

    Raising taxes during a recession is a mistake. Higher taxes strangle already suffering economic activity. Our daughter is a therapist for a private company, and her bosses are already discussing plans to cut their business to put its income below the tax target whatever it is. They are also discussing layoffs. Such discussions are taking place or will in business offices across the country.

    Cap and trade taxes will further damage economic activity. Not only will they add to private energy bills as I wrote, but they will force power companies to raise their prices. I’m sorry, I don’t have the link to the figures, but a google search will find them. I think one of Obama’s reps made the statement on a television show in October.

    Obama’s lack of experience, I think led him to let Democrats write the stimulus bill. It was not the temporary, focused aid package to energize our business system Obama first advertised. It has become an engine of economic and social change we can’t afford. If the Chinese and other benefactors stop underwriting our debts all of that money will have nothing but dreams and ink to support it. Many of the programs will grow over time. I think the administration is overestimating the strength of our recovery.

    I didn’t support our invasion of Iraq either, though I did after we were involved and couldn’t pull out without creating more mayhem. Besides our niece her husband and some other people we knew were in Iraq at the time.

    However, after the surge, it is a better place than it was. The stock market in February reached a record high. Incomes are improving, and the death toll has fallen. Al Quiada who declared Iraq the central battlefield and used Iraq as a recruiting tool lost. Iraq is a non- hostile proto democracy and may counter balance Iran’s influence. It is a net gain for us, and given the current economic spending money spent on Iraq is minimal.

    We have our own farm, and we invested in land instead of stocks or bonds. The only bonds we own are issued by the government. We figured farming was enough of a gamble without playing the stock market.

    Here is what I think may happen during the next two years or so in my worst case scenario. The recession will worsen and reach close to or beyond the definition of a depression which is the loss of 10% or more of GNP. We will have a period of stable prices or deflation. The tax payers and small business people are already muttering about a tax revolt if the government raises their taxes. A large scale tax revolt will make the economy even worse and put more people out of work.

    Credit card companies will cut some people off or raise interest rates too high for them to afford. More people will become dependent on the government for their incomes. The government will further nationalize banks and other businesses. General Motors will either become a government subsidiory or it will declare bankrupcy, putting even more people out of work.

    Civil unrest as in the sixties may erupt in larger cities. California and other broke states may collapse to be sustained by our tax dollars. Already coastal people are inquiring about life in Iowa and Nebraska. We may see large scale migration from failing states.

    Once the economy improves as much by its own efforts as because of the stimulus bill, inflation will set in. I think it will be as bad or worse than during Nixon and Carter’s administration. If the United States has to default on its debts it will be much worse.

    This doesn’t take national emergencies or wars into account. I hope and assume I am wrong, and I hope you are around to say “I told you so.”
    Robert J. Barro a Harvard professor and fellow at the Hoover Institution studied past recessions and depressions. He calculates a 20% chance of a depression. If the worst happens, I think we will be well on the way in two years.

    The voters who had only a hazy concept of Obama and mainly voted for his hope and change message will turn on him and life will be as unpleasant for the Democrats as it has been for the Republicans. Both parties are to blame for this, and many of Rush followers are as blind as Obama’s. I am really afraid of what will happen when they see what has been done to them.


  63. “Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are so corrupt that their votes can be purchased for less money than a whore with lockjaw.”

    As an Ohioan…I have to say….Ain’t that the truth! He was the slimeball standing right behind Obama when he was sworn in…the one with the sourpuss look on his face.


  64. Rush is not anybody’s leader. He gave a speech. He talks for a living. He started talking while our leader was in diapers. But who cares?

    I think Michael Steele is the proper head of the Republican Party. There are plenty of republicans who have been elected or chosen to serve in politics. Rush Limbaugh is not one of them.


  65. Helen you do remind me of that great woman Molly Ivins.My OH is now reading Bushwacked at my recommendation.We watch Faux News so we know what Murdoch’s et el are thinking.


  66. John Gall

    In the spirit of mister Haarmann of Hannover / Germany:
    Any sausage recipes needed?


  67. Maven Δ, I wandered over to spectator. The stench is pretty bad – a bit like slogging through an open sewer, so if you go, wear hip waders. I moseyed about the place for awhile – it’s all bright and shiny, but there’s a smell of decay that lingers over all that pretty web architecture. I opened the door to the Archives, hollered out “Hellooo” and sure enough, a long, wailing “Hellooo” echoed back. A few moonbats went squeaking past my head, but when one bounced off the wall, I realized their echo-location mechanisms must have degenerated from staying too long and too rigidly in one dark cave. So I propped open the door, and with some trepidation, wandered down that passageway. Numerous doors, so finally I picked one labeled “Rush” – and wasn’t really surprised to find a group of barely recognizable folks ravenously dining on a picked clean skeleton they called “Pinko Liberal Fag Feminism”. I tried to point out that there was no sustenance to be found gnawing on those brittle bones since every time they touched it, it would crumble into dust, but they insisted they were feasting and feasting well. They kept howling and growling, and debating their own relevancy. . . so I quietly shut the door, heading back up the hallway, climbed the stairs, and left. It was a relief to walk into the sunshine. I know we all have skeletons in our closets, so to speak, but I’ve never met people before who invited their skeletons to dinner and demanded others treat them as kings and queens and gave them such power as to be called “They Who Shall Be Feared” . .


  68. ROFLMAO John Gall! You sound like my kind of cowboy!


  69. Ms. Helen,
    If you’re really concerned about Rush needing multiple flushes, I’d like to offer the services of myself and a couple of good friends who all have considerable experience and all the necessary equipment to un-zipp hogs. We can do it hair on, hair off, or hide off in a lickety-split and can have that old sow in pieces small enough to pass through even a 1937 Airstream johnny.
    I would guess you’d want to watch. Let us know where to meet you. . .


  70. If I follow the suggestion of earlier commenters to *say something* at americanspectator dot com… won’t it be filtered? (That, or any other site-that-does-not-agree-with-my-personal-opinion.)

    I know how I dislike the folks who we label “trolls” here… Wouldn’t any comment from ME on a site like that be treated likewise?

    …just wondering.



  71. […] – I love Margaret and Helen. […]


  72. Jamie-

    I apologize to you only slightly.

    I agree with Michael Moore’s message, but I do think he is a little over the top in delivery…. However, the rest of your republican comrads have allowed Rush to become the unofficial, but yet most vocal leader that you guys have.

    We have a huge problem when your republican elected leaders flock behind a guy who wants Obama to fail and wants this country to fail.


  73. Haven’t even read all the comments, but this one stopped me:

    Republican Dummy (a more worthy name even I could not have made up) at 3/4/09 12:23 AM: “..hope it makes you feel better to trash half of your own country. well done. keep spewing your passionate political vomit all over the place…”

    Um, can you say Sarah Palin?


  74. Helen, are you and Bob Cesca related? He nailed it on HuffPo:


  75. Flush the Repooplicans!


  76. Just because Rush happens to be the loudest thing out there does not mean that all Republicans fall into that catagory. How would you feel if it was said that all “leftists” believed and followed everything Michael Moore had to say? If your argument for switching can only be articulated by calling someone a foul four letter word and using potty language my 6 year old uses, sorry not enough to convince me. The president I do have high hopes for. There is a lot of talk about bipartisan, however, he seems to want it to all go in one direction. I do stand behind the Republicans who refuse to let millions of dollars be diverted to things that have nothing to do with stimulating the economy in the name of “helping the country”. Some Republicans have used wrongful scare tactics in the past (i.e. Obama is a muslim/terrorist) but I believe the Democrats are now trying to use the economy as a scare tactic to divert millions of dollars of funds to their agendas.

    If you want us to join, don’t pick on one big blowhard that makes for an easy target. Come up with a more intelligent and decisive argument then “hey poopyhead, you need to be flushed”.


  77. Loving it all! Judith, Honolulu Sally, and Greytdog, just loved your insightful comments. I do like it here because of the critical minds, the ability to reason, and the positive attitudes. I could be suffering from some bias of course, but I like my side. Thanks all.

    I, for one, still cling to the word hope. We should not lose sight of that word. Without it, patience will be in short supply and we do need some patience to see things through. We should not let the naysayers win with their negativity. It is the negativity that is working against our country right now and the person who is the topic of the comments in this present blog represents the worst kind of hopelessness and negativity. That is what I cannot understand, this selling of hopelessness and people buying into it.


  78. Okay – last post before night-time walkies with the muttskis. Enjoy!
    From The Washington Monthly’s Steve Benen’s response to Time’s Michael Scherer’s “outrage” at the Obama Administration for being mean to Rush:
    “Reasonable people can disagree about the strategy of making Limbaugh the de facto leader of the Republican Party. I happen to think it’s a good idea; your mileage may vary. Either way, I don’t see why the larger controversy is President Obama’s fault. He didn’t push GOP officials to apologize to Limbaugh; he didn’t encourage Limbaugh to hope for failure; he didn’t vet Limbaugh’s CPAC speech; and he’s certainly not keeping the story alive by arranging for the RNC chairman to go on the “Today” show to talk about it some more.
    Obama, as far as I can tell, is focused heavily on policy matters right now. Are some of his aides thinking about political considerations and taunting Limbaugh? Maybe a little, but the White House isn’t driving this controversy. If we’re looking for someone to blame, I’d recommend Limbaugh (who’s loving the attention and promotion) and Republicans (who can’t figure out what to do with Limbaugh’s influence over the party’s base”


  79. Donna. . . yummmmm. Think I’m gonna have to head over to the farmer’s market this weekend and stock in some beets. Striped beets? Haven’t seen those –
    I’ve also julienned beets, then lightly blanched them, cool them in an ice bath, and then toss with julienned jicama, sweet onion, and tossed it all in an orange-sesame vinaigrette.
    Okay – I think I better go have some supper. I’m hungry. (obviously)


  80. Hurrah, Helen! You’re eloquent and insightful. Really sad that RL is the nominal head of the Republican party and that so many pols are sucking up to him. But, it’s good in a way: it might mean the extreme right that’s run this country for so long might dry up and disappear.


  81. a to the men!


  82. “In my opinion Rush Limbaugh is a piece of shit that really needs to be flushed. But the Republican party has let him get so big, it’s going to take more than one flush to get rid of him”

    Courtesy flush, please!!


  83. mmmmmmm I am really starving now.


  84. ah…golden beets. Or red beets. Or striped beets. Greytdog, my fellow corgi-fancier, I find it easier to roast the suckers with their skins on, then the skins come right off. Then I toss them with the olive oil, salt, and pepper. Divine.


  85. ah…golden beets. Or red beets. Or striped beets. Greytdog, my fellow corgi-fancier, I find it easier to roast the suckers with their skins on, then the skins come right off. Then I toss them with the olive oil, salt, and pepper. Divine.


  86. Sophie, you hit the nail on the head.


  87. Troutay – take Golden Beets and Red Beets, peel, slice or quarter. Toss with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste . . . roast in 350 oven until crunchy tender Yummy.


  88. I’ll be the first to tell you that Rush Limbaugh is a bloated egocentric id who has the corner on right-wing nuttery. I’ll also tell you that I find it both ironic and rather stupid to see all these so-called leaders of the Republican Party groveling in abject submission below that bowl of jello that wiggles and jiggles with each bellow. And I admit that I happily took part in the “Apologize to Rush” widget – my PS was lifted straight from “Wayne’s World” – BUT. Just because the Republican politicos are in terror of RL and his rapid pack of wingnuts does not necessarily translate that ALL Republicans are 1) wingnuts, 2) see Rush as “their leader”, and 3) all Republicans want Obama to fail. I think we could be falling into a precipice of self-parody if we keep acting as if the Republican wingnut is somehow nuttier than a Democrat wingnut. . . that said, IMO and my opinion only, I am very pleased with Alan Grayson, our new Representative from Florida, who issued his own apology to Rush Limbaugh
    and I admit I howled out loud when I read Chris Orr’s apology here
    Nonetheless, I think we need to not “overdo” the heaping on of Rush lest we make him seem more powerful than he really is. If Michael Steele et al wish to debase themselves before the hordes of Rushies, let them. I just think maybe we shouldn’t let RL and AC have a larger megaphone than the ones they have. . . just my opinion.


  89. I have said for years that Rush is hugely responsible for the level of bipartisan crap that goes on in this country – him and his ‘dittoheads’. He was the first radio show host to get hugely popular based on shouting down anyone who disagreed with him. No longer can we have rational debate on anything – everyone instead must be subject to namecalling and ridicule if they don’t line up the “Rush” way. Palin got right on that bandwagon pretty fast, didn’t she?
    All these people disgust me, but what disgusts me more is the hypocrisy. Throw drug addicts in jail, but hey, it’s okay if Rush steals drugs. Divorce is bad, but hey it’s okay if Rush does it. It is truly sad that this pathetic, hateful man has as many followers as he does.


  90. Now for something completely different….
    I have discovered Golden Beets. If you have not tried them, they are wonderful!

    I know, I know, strange comment but I am just waiting for Helen’s new post.


  91. Thank you Helen for covering that hateful man named Rush. My Dad used to call him Rush Slimbaugh! That always made us giggle. I think it is hard to understand how he continues to thrive on the airways. I thought he would be gone by now.


  92. Ms Philpot,
    You can do anything you want. Even make mistakes!
    We love you.


  93. Something fun to do:

    If you go to (Stephen Colbert from Comedy Central), then follow his link to NASA’s website to name a nodule, you can choose from their 4 names, or choose your own name.

    Stephen Colbert is a pretend Republican comedian. Makes me laugh, although sometimes he is just plain weird. His show last night asked us to help name the one of the nodules “Colbert”.

    I just did – went to NASA’s sight, put in Colbert, went through the letter recognition confirmation, and saw Colbert’s name leading in the independant category.

    Fun. He’ll need more votes to put him over the top of the 4 pre-picked names, but wouldn’t it be funny to see his name up in space?

    Hope the LimpoWalrus fans don’t try to name the nodule after their guru.


  94. You ladies rock, I’m proud of you.


  95. Dear Readers,

    I messed up again. Don’t worry because Matthew will fix it soon enough. A new stroy has been written and it will be here soon. Thank you for coming back. I haven’t talked to Margaret for two whole weeks but I know she enjoys it as well. You are all just too kind for words. Take care.


  96. Sorry for the multiple posts you guys, it didn’t look like it went thru on my end.


  97. Well, dang! Can’t find the exact thing but it is
    in a book by Thomas Ricks “Gamble”. There is a blurb on NPR but it does not specify anything he said in the interview.

    It was very interesting


  98. Honolulu Sally:

    Great post. You are a brave soul. However, there is now much skepticism on whether the Surge worked.
    It has yet to live up to the basic premise as was intended. I heard a show on NPR and will go and try to find a link.


  99. Helen…I am having a problem with having my post go thru??? help.


  100. Anyone who attempts to claim that Limbaugh has something constructive to say is ideologically insane. Rush is a blatant racist who hides behind a wall of insecurity and bullying behavior. Most psychiatrists or other mental health professionals could have a field day diagnosing his particular personality disorder. Narcissistic, and sociopathic would be at the top of the list. Any person who has nothing but hate and derision for so many members of the human race is a dangerous individual to be speaking on air. To listen to his ravings is to be de-humanized–that is the very essence of Limbaugh’s particular brand of poison.

    Conservatives appear to be impressionable, credulous and powerless to resist authority. Generally, un-critical thinking is the norm. Faux news has gaslighted a good third of America’s population. My own eighty-six year old mother is sadly one of them. Faux news blatantly twists the facts, claims black is white, up is down, etc. The truth is hardly ever spoken. It is what is not reported combined with the outright lying that is so heinous.

    Whereas, progressives tend to question the status quo, and do not blindly follow. As a participant on a few far more “radical” blogs, the norm has been to question everything Obama is doing, from cabinet appointments, to the newly minted budget. Some individuals don’t like to be critical of Obama, but there are far too many of us who will never forget the last eight years. In my opinion, the jury is still out on the Obama administration.

    The Limbaugh/Steele debacle brings to mind one critical question: what does Rush have on the Republicans? Why are they so terrified of their dear leader, King Limbaugh? I nearly felt sorry for Mr. Steele, when initially he had the temerity to speak the truth re Rush and then faced a massive smack down from the wingnut blogosphere, with the most severe being from Rush of course. They have succeeded in putting Mr. Steele in his place, and the fact that he is the RNC’s very cynical answer to Obama does not diminish the racism the party of hate now clearly represents. I’m sure Mr. Steele has already learned that lesson, although his calls for redefining the Repug party as the party of hip-hop, “street smart cool,” etc. was patently absurd.
    Michael Steele was chosen to lead the RNC because he is black of course, and is the right’s blatant attempt to project the false image of being all cuddly with “diversity.” If the attendance at the Repub. Nat.’l convention is any indication, there is no diversity within that political party–that fact cannot be disguised.

    Racism is on the rise in reaction to Obama becoming POTUS. If some individuals do not believe that, then they are not living in reality. The FBI has reported an increase in the organization and activity of hate groups in the last several months, including yet another recent assassination plot against Obama.
    Limbaugh knows very well what he is doing, and has no regard for the fact that he has already influenced extremists in this country–for that reason he should be taken off the air.

    Oh, and good luck to Margaret and Helen, I’m going to try and get my mother to take a look at your excellent blog.


  101. Thank you Helen for another great post.

    @ Donna …”I occasionally will force myself to listen to Limbaugh or Hannity or Levin or Savage, so I’m familiar with their nastiness and dishonesty.”

    This remeinded me of a post awhile back by, correct me if I’m wrong, Greydog? who referred to an article about bloggers that flock together and don’t necessarly go out of their comfort zone.

    Can anyone find that and repost it? Much appreciated.

    While I prefer to stay snuggled up in my little pastel green quilt with glass of cab sav in hand, I have been venturing to the ‘other side’ of late, espeically while I’m waiting for Helen’s next post.
    (FYI Helen a week is a loooong time to wait for your wonderful comments, insights etc.)

    M & H-ers please join me in infiltrating the other side, adding your two cents and if nothing more than to really piss them off. I mean I have never ever been offered a piece of pie, over there, not once 😦 !

    i.e: (Read the comments)

    and…the comments are actually scary on this one.

    as in: jon galt| 3.3.09 @ 6:35PM
    “Much easier to just assassinate the top five democrats and watch what how the rest respond…”

    Commented on from this article:

    other articles on and I recall Greydog had a few other wingnut sites as well.

    Wish I was as erudite and articulate as most of you commenting here, but hey two cents is two cents…now where’d I put that glass of cab…:)

    Peace and a piece Δ


  102. Honolulu Sally, I am standing in ovation as I type this. Wow, that post really rocked the house. Have some pie, you deserve it.


  103. OH yeah, and for cost cutting measures the first ship entirly made out of paper (Old loans?)


  104. jwmcsame
    no, the only battleship ever sunk by a thrown shoe!



  105. fantastic. you have another daily reader. you two look like you’re ready to kick some ass rolling round that battleship. which battleship is it? you know there is a gwh bush naval ship now. god forbide they ever christen a w the shoe dodger ship. it may be the only ship in history to sink in dry dock.


  106. Sally – bravo, well said.


  107. Honolulu Sally
    I bow to you and your really really good post!

    I meant it, and you know me by now, I don’t bow easily (might be my back, or my stubborn mind, most prob. both!)

    This shows best how this blog became so successfull, Helens rambling and margarets replys starting off one excellent discussion after an other…..

    Respectfully(!) yours



  108. Sorry for another post so soon, but BlueDogAustin, yeah, I am tired of the Republicans complaining about the liberal “elite” media being biased and the reason for Obama’s win.

    They can’t see what and who they have become. Self-serving, foot dragging, stupid (i.e. Bachman), juvenile fraternity fellows. They were asinine as a group of Representatives in making a pact to unanimously oppose Obama’s stimulus bill, knowing full well that it would pass anyway. They were proud of their unity, and their conservative media pundits thought they were strong and right. They rather be dead right, than work with the friggin’ President of the United States of America and get our country back on track.

    There really is one thing that those Republicans are superior at, and need a medal for. They know how to complain and oppose. Let them keep it up. They are a minority, and if they think that will win them points, they are writing their own defeat on the wall.


  109. This is my favorite internet place to be, by far. Finished my year end filings, so have a little time to play.

    To the latest round of dissenters to Helen and Margaret’s posts, welcome. Your voices of opposing views and presentation of data are interesting and brave, since they will be dissected here as you well know. They aren’t troll posts, but posts of difference.

    Mizzoujgrad: Rush and his blowhard unsubstantiated bellows test the limits of free speech. Not the Constitution’s free speech, but the moral and acceptable limits of decency and wisdom. To have 14 million avid listeners buying into his wanting Obama to fail, or branding policies of economic recovery money as socialist utopia, or basking in the glory of wimp-assed Republicans apologizing to him says volumes of his influence on a group of people NEEDING a conservative figurehead to blindly follow. He is one step away from leading a revolution with his scared disappointed flock. A better man would criticize the policies, offer workable opinions, and accept our newly elected President as America’s President, and if he can’t get on the train, at least stop shitting stink piles on the track.

    As a small business owner, I don’t see Obama’s new taxes as taxing us into oblivion. Yes, we have enjoyed the lower tax rate during the Bush years, but higher taxes like those during the Clinton years will not bankrupt us. We’ll get taxed more if we make more. That is fair enough for me, because we will still be making money.

    Our health care premiums for employees have increased every year, and we are now paying 3 times more for each employee than we did pre-Bush. We used to pay $119/month for single employees, and now pay $375, and it will go up again this year.

    Truth to tell, I couldn’t believe the irrational tax cut Bush gave when he committed to war in Iraq. A billion dollars a week would be spent there. Surely our taxes needed to go up to pay for it, but, No, our taxes were reduced. Did not make sense, but it made people think well of Bush as he led our troops to a war based on lies.

    James: your post was also interesting to me, for it differed so much from how I felt and thought. Your analysis of Obama’s lack of executive experience vs. Palin’s was what I was musing upon the other day as I heard Obama’s addresses and the reaction they invoked. I felt proud to have an intelligent inspiring compassionate President with a vision that raised the well being of the whole of America. I imagined Palin up on the podium – she would not have had 1/10th the respect or know-with-all delivering her appeals even with her dazzling smile and Jimmy Choo shoes.

    I also differ in us being labeled as blind followers. Rush’s flock are blind followers. He is their leader, he basks in it, the Republicans bow to him, and millions tune him in. These are the same people that believe (REALLY believe!) that FOX news is fair and unbalanced and thus the only news that they will believe. [side note: Fox’s Rupert Murdoch once was asked about MTV during its inception: “Do you realize you are influencing the minds of the youth of America?” His reply, “I OWN the minds of America’s youth”.]

    btw, just in case the Rush/Fox fans want facts: Obama is NOT a Muslim, he IS a Christian, he IS an American citizen born in Hawaii in 1963, Hawaii became a state in 1959, and he is for pro-CHOICE, not necessarily for abortion.

    We Obama supporters are not blind followers of a media figure. Name me one media figure that we en masse (14 million +) tune into, or one cable station that we believe is fair and balanced that we subscribe to exclusively. We check them all out. Each of us has his or her favorite, and if Obama says or does something we don’t like, we are allowed to think it. The thing is, so far, he’s been pretty dang good.

    Your case about stock and commodity traders predicting the future as traders gamble…. That’s right. They are gambling. When I go to Vegas and lose, tough shit. If I win, great! I am happy. The stock market is a worldwide game. Stick to the fundamentally strong investments, and when you put in your money to make a killing, realize that you are gambling. My husband plays the stock market regularly and is losing his pants. I learned long ago to not count on stocks in entirety.

    You mentioned Obama predicting electricity rates increasing $400-$1400 per household, haven’t heard that one, please send link. Pre-election or recent? Reasoning?

    Obama and the Dems being wrong about Iraq… yes, they were wrong in opposing funding the SURGE, which did work. I do believe Obama stated that going into Iraq was an unwise decision, and I agree with that. Once in, after BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars and years in Iraq, a surge was the boost that strengthened our troops and turned the tide. Okay, I give you that point.

    In that same vein, Obama’s Growth and Recovery Package is a surge package.

    I am not an authority on economics or political science or history. Yet, I can proudly say that I voted for Barack Obama. It wasn’t because he was Black, or from Hawaii, or a Democrat. He just made sense.

    You predict in 2 years we’ll long for the good old days of now. Okay, write down your predictions. Same thing my husband does when he plays the stock market and thinks he knows if the market is going up or down. Write down your prediction, and then check it in the time frame you used.

    Meanwhile, as one who sounds opposed to President Obama and his policies, principles, and think us blind, I humbly ask you, just give the man a chance without blinders on.


  110. Is it just me or is everyone tired of hearing the Republicans complaining about media bias? In my humble opinion, the Democrats did a much better job of enticing and working closely with the media to sell their political agenda (you catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar). The Republicans were pushed into a corner because their agenda was old and sour and wasn’t working for the American people so they decided to blame it on the liberal media and continue to pound the table with their poor strategy and we aren’t buying it.


  111. Okay, you’ll never again hear anything like this out of my mouth, but in the case of the “wanting Obama to fail” thing, I actually feel a little sorry for Rush. He was misquoted, or at least taken out of context. If you read the transcript, what he was saying is that he thinks Obama has a liberal agenda for the country, and he hopes that Obama fails in enacting that agenda. He didn’t say he wanted the US to fail; he didn’t even say he wanted Obama to fail as president.

    While I disagree with Rush on two points — I think Obama’s agenda is centrist rather than particularly liberal, and I want him to succeed gloriously — I don’t think what Rush said is actually that bad. For example, when Dubya was ginning up his war in Iraq, I wanted him to fail. That doesn’t mean I wanted the war in Iraq to fail; I just wanted the mealy-mouthed pushover Dems in Congress to somehow grow a pair big enough to say, “Not so fast, Junior. Let’s give weapons inspectors a chance to actually DO THEIR JOBS, not jump in declaring we know the weapons are there whether we do or not.” Unfortunately, they didn’t, Bush succeeded in getting what he wanted, and IMO, the world is not better for it.


  112. Thanks Margaret and Helen. Another great post.

    It’s nice to read like minded supportive comments with an occasional riff from the ‘other side’.

    While it is comforting to hang around here and snuggle into my nice pastel green quilt w/ cab sav in hand, I do venture to that other side every once in awhile, just to get an idea what the ‘Right minority is saying about being Wronged: It is some very scary stuff.

    i.e: be sure to read their comments

    ***Greydog, was it you who left a really good comment about how these blogs attract like thinking contributors? Could you please re-post it again. It motivated me to get out of my comfort zone.

    Here’s another one, the comments are something else…

    Time for some of M & H and Muddies to infiltrate and other conservative sites (Greydog I think you came up with others as well) and give them our two cents as we do here. It really pisses them off. BIG TIME. Trust me as I have never been offered a piece of pie 😦 not once.

    I am not as erudite or articulate as some of you, but I give it my best shot:)!

    Take care and Peace & Love to all.


  113. Judith–you rock. And let’s not forget Limbaugh’s statements about how feminism was invented so unattractive women would have a chance in society.

    RIP, Molly Ivins. You are sorely missed.


  114. Substance? Ideas? Cogent arguments? From Rush Limbaugh?

    This is the High Poobah of the Ad Hominem attack we’re talking about, isn’t it?

    Molly Ivins of dearest memory quoted one call and response like this: Ted Kennedy “We need better health care”. Rush Limbaugh “Ted Kennedy is fat”.

    That’s not out of context and not an exception – Rush and his followers actually consider this to be debate. To the rest of us, it sounds like the taunts of a schoolyard bully who can be counted on to go blubbering to the teacher if anyone dares turn on him.

    “Turn on him” is, of course, to be defined as anything other than complete dittohead agreement. No compromise, no respectful agree-to-disagree, no discussion. No shades of gray in this black and white world, and certainly no technicolor.

    If Republicans are the party of projection, is Rush “Jabba The Hut” Limbaugh the screen?

    (Yeah, that’s ad hominen, but Molly Ivins also said “my momma may have raised a mean child, but she raised no hypocrites”).


  115. CAB from CT! Yeah! I think I just had the wrong town in mind! I think we’re Multiply buddies – if so, you know me as the cat whisperer!


  116. – Free Radio Stations with Internet Radio.


  117. The day I hear anything of substance from Rush, anything that is not a mean-spirited and hateful personal attack, anything that is not the cheapest sort of pandering, I’ll reconsider my views. I’m always happy to rethink my opinions but I certainly have never heard anything remotely approaching substance, much less intellect or insight, from Limbaugh. I do recall him making fun of Michael J. Fox, referring to Obama as a “Black manchild” and making statements about “Half-rican Americans.” Oh, and there are the regular Lesbian jokes–can’t forget those. Yes, he certainly elevates the level of public discourse.


  118. Agreed. Here again though you bring up the democrats vs. republicans.

    The leadership that will bring both sides together is from Ron Paul.

    Hope everybody likes being poor…er after Obama policies kick in.


  119. Donna,

    Sure there is a place for mockery in public dialog, but it’s no substitute for SUBSTANCE. The blogger and most of the commenters seem to think they are the same thing.


  120. “In my opinion Rush Limbaugh is a piece of shit that really needs to be flushed. But the Republican party has let him get so big, it’s going to take more than one flush to get rid of him. Until then, the rest of us have to live with the smell.”

    Helen, That was worth waiting for!!! Thank you for taking aim at this national embarassment.


  121. Another sterling example of projection: it isn’t RUSH that relies on personal attacks and name-calling. I’m on the floor laughing.


  122. At least Rush talks about ideas and attempts to formulate arguments. As long as the opposition relies primarily on personal attacks and name-calling, Rush wins.


  123. troutay:

    It just drags on and on. The recount would have resolved all of this in December. It’s now March, and Franken’s lawyers are just NOW getting their opportunity to make their arguments.

    The right wing has preemptively started frothing about the “biased” judges. One is Independent, one is Democrat and one is Republican. You can’t get much more balanced than that.

    And word around the campfire is that Normy’s just laying the groundwork for an appeal, and then going to the supreme court. It literally looks like the GOP plans to bury Franken’s side with paper until he concedes just to get it over with, which I SINCERELY hope he does not do.


  124. And JuneauJoe,
    many thanks for thelink, superb and classy, as always!


  125. MiserlyGrad

    …..shining white knight to the mAnn and Rush Slimepouch……

    How does it feel to be on the top of the world?

    (since you seam to have an IQ slightly above my shoe-size you MUST be the head of the Rep “Think”-Tank, no?)

    take”head” in nautical terms, please……


  126. Jon Stewart takes on the GOP’s fearless leader Rush Limbaugh (R-Himself) by reminding us all of just what a great compassionate conservative he is.



  127. I found your site by accident and decided to contribute a contrary view to stir things up. I don’t worship Rush, nor do I like Ann Coulter.

    However, Deek1973’s description of Rush’s minions as blind followers also applies to Obama’s followers. Many, including the press swooned over him as if he was the second coming. Tom Brokaw and Tony Rose admitted they didn’t know much about Obama before the election. Yet it was their job to know. Few people cared, because he made their legs tingle.

    Obama has less executive experience than Sarah Palin, a back woods Alaska governor, and it is showing.

    Obama and Democratic leaders were wrong about Iraq, and they tried through what Murtha called a slow bleed to hand us a defeat to hurt Bush. Now, even Obama has in effect, said we won and he is basically following Bush’s policy of transfering more troops to Afghanistan while leaving a force in country for the time being.

    Obama said before the election, some of his tax hikes and cap and trade scheme are intended not to help the economy but to make it fairer. That is socialism, and it fails in the long run. Consider Western Europe’s sluggish performance over the years. He admitted that his cap and trade system will add $400.00 and up to $1,400.00 to our electric bills.

    At the DAVOS conference I believe, Putin warned the United States not to follow the Soviet economic model. He said it took down the Soviets and it will do the same to us.

    Both parties have sold us out, and the press helped them, especially the Democrats. The Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006, and now they have the White House. They are attacking Rush because they are running out of people to blame for their failures, and they may be creating the ground work for shutting down talk radio.

    The stock and commodies markets predict the future as traders gamble on what they think next year’s prospects will be. Right now, they are afraid of the uncertain future Democratic policies imply. Two years from now, we will long for the good old days of this year.
    I predict inflation we have not seen since the Carter and Nixon administrations, if we are lucky. For a worse scenario, read about the Wiemar Republic.


  128. “….pandering to idiots isn’t anything to write home about.”

    But it sure pays well.


  129. mizzoujgrad-
    I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh that often because he makes me sick, but every time I have listened to him all the guy does is justify his arguments by saying such classic lines as, “If the stupid liberals would just get with the program” Idiocracy such as that does not make a good argument. If we were really “stupid liberals” as Rush claims, Rush would be able to come up with a better argument than that to justify his love affair with George Bush and Sarah Palin and especially justify why he wants Obama to fail. Yes I heard him say that on TV Rush himself….

    So since he wants Obama to fail it obviously means that he doesn’t give a shit about this country! Hello asswipe! By wanting Obama to fail you obviously want the country to fail in place of your party, which screwed everything up in the first place!


    As always you hit the nail on the head. You go from an obviously trying experience reading the shit-on-a-page Coulter to analyzing Rush and Boehner and all the rest of the jealous idiots in the other party. The interesting part about it, is even Mccain himself has started to come on to some of Obama’s beliefs (even though he did criticize the earmarks that were on the stimulus plan) despite his party affiliations and the defeat in a hard election. Despite everything that went on in the election I gotta respect that. Jindal has the same problems as Bush and Palin do with sentence structure and smarts obviously…. and hes supposed to be one of the new leaders of the republican party…. ha!

    What the republicans do not realize and many people do not realize is that in order to get anything productive done in government there has to be a little give or take! Yes there was probably more earmarks in the stimulus bill than even Obama wanted, but something needed to be done and done as soon as possible. Obama would have vetoed it if he had a huge problem with it! It was mainly the republicans that had the huge problems with it! Demint from SC had a huge problem with the money going to school spaces used for religious practices… I am sure that there were other people in congress that picked out little things to have a huge problem with it because of their power struggle and their tendency to act like babies at times!

    Anyways! Keep up the good work Helen! You are a joy to read and a girl like me could learn a lot from a woman like you!


  130. Jeb Bush and Rush Limbaugh on the ticket
    This could turn into a BRush (to clean the latrines?) or a new party BRushlicans.

    Ok! Ok! your are right this does not make any senses. But the existing repubicans does not either. The court jester running the kingdom.


  131. Joe,

    Don’t forget about Ann Coulter. She is the epitome of classy. Gee we should all be like Palin. A thin veneer of class on the outside that just barely covers the white trash and hate filled inside. Or we can be like RUSH and want everything to fail just so he can prove his point and say I told you so. Or how about Jindal, we can talk to others like they are morons. Is this all that they have got?

    I watched the clip of her meeting Nick Tucker in Emmonak and she looked like she was tasting something foul and couldn’t wait to get out of there. It is too bad she doesn’t even consider the native populations as her consituents


  132. Helen, as always, great post! The comments on this were rather entertaining as well. So, thank you to all who commented.

    It seems rather unfortunate that there are still people who follow blindly and that’s what rush’s minions seem to be – blind followers.

    Keep ’em dumb & confused and rush will always have followers (can’t even bring myself to capitalize his name).


  133. Helen, You are great!

    Miserlygrad, You will show me how to be classy, along with Palin and Rush – the classy elite!


  134. too funny Summer! I would have worded my letter to Rush much differently, but it is humorous!


  135. Another funny one for everyone to enjoy 🙂


  136. mizzoujgrad, plenty of us have listened or read up on rush, myself included. He’s nothing more than an over-inflated glob of silly putty with shit for brains. I’ve read transcripts of his radio show many, many times, and even read parts of his books. The man is certifiably nuts.


  137. Hi Imaginist – Nope not the CAB from Cambridge, I’m the CAB from CT but thanks for the meow.


  138. Maven, Thanks for pointing out the link on Gingrich. It was worth the read.

    “Another repug to watch is Newt Gingrich. Here is link to interesting (but long) article. Worth a read.”

    Quote from the article
    Gingrich said he was focused on building his own movement, his party of the American people. “Now, if in that process I end up helping to shape the ideas and the language and the solutions that for a long period of time define the choices in America, then I’ve succeeded,” he said. “If in that process personal ambition leads to the presidency, that’s fine, but it’s a secondary achievement, I think.”

    Great post, Helen. Now if we can only keep tabs on the power group (the shepherds) behind the King of the Repubs (Rush) who is only the dog that keeps the sheeple from straying.


  139. Helen, tell us how you really feel!

    You do realize your comments express the opinion(s) of many of us. I am just glad to see someone express it. I would love to see President Obama, just once, look into the cameras and just lay Limbaugh, Boehner, Cantor, McConnell and McCain out.


  140. One thing that is interesting to watch is the psychological phenomenom of projection–attributing one’s own motives/feelings to someone else. For example, anyone objectively reading this site would find an emphasis on humor. Yet, a few people (fortunately, very few) see hatred and anger and respond with juvenile attempts at one-upmanship. It’s particularly funny in the context of a post about Limbaugh–someone who makes his living by pandering to the ugliest qualities in his audience.

    I occasionally will force myself to listen to Limbaugh or Hannity or Levin or Savage, so I’m familiar with their nastiness and dishonesty. While I have friends and relatives who are very conservative politically, I know nobody who thinks anything positive about these clowns.

    As for the most recent trolls, I’d say “look in the mirror” but I don’t think they have the insight to do that.

    Great post, Helen, and great responses.


  141. Last link before heading out. :
    Michael Isikoff of Newsweek covers the recently released secret memos of the Bush Administration – I think a special prosecutor needs to be named. Is Patrick Fitzgerald available?

    Helen once again – thank you for a very succinct and extremely funny commentary on the de facto leader of the Republican party.


  142. Create your own apology to Rush:


  143. 1. Helen swatted the troll. Nice lob off the porch and she did it so cleanly, there was just a bit of slime left that Talea deftly swiped away. Ladies, well done!
    2. JuneauJoe is always classy – and passionate about this country – thanks for the link to Jon Stewart! Sat here and laughed so hard the dogs came to the desk to see what was going on. . .
    3. Michael Savage is a Limbaugh wannabe. ‘Nuff said.


  144. America did not defeat communism and I bet your college drop out does not know that capitalism itself has failed


  145. What about Alan Keyes? Bob Barr? Even Ralph Nader. That sounds like change I can believe in.

    screw Limbaugh. Check out Michael Savage “The Savage Nation” There’s a guy that would have Obama curled into a ball within 10 minutes.


  146. mizzoujgrad:

    I’m also a mizzoujgrad. And, frankly, you scare me.

    Yeah, I’ve listened to Rush for years. Since I haven’t been a working journalist for over a year (after 30 years in the biz), I feel like I can finally remark on this as a “normal” person and not as the impartial observer I’ve been trained to be.

    I think Helen nails it.

    Rush is all about hate and fear; he rarely rolls out facts. He once did, but those days are LONG gone. Same with Bill O’Reilly. Heck, even Brian Williams declared himself a McCain supporter on his newscast. What the heck is THAT all about?

    These days, I’m disgusted with both parties — I think few politicians have the ability to look impartially at the facts and make pragmatic, reasoned decisions.

    I’m also disgusted with most journalists — they don’t do that anymore, either. And it’s a shame — the country was founded on a free press as the fourth “estate” of our governmental system — separate legislative, executive and judicial branches — AND a free press.

    In our biz, mizzoujgrad — it SHOULD be all about facts, reason, illumination — not emotion and NOT party rhetoric.

    You should have learned that in j-school. I certainly did.


  147. wow. lots of angry people. guess now that Bush is gone you guys needed somewhere to channel your overflowing hatred – so now it’s Rush and the Republicans. hope it makes you feel better to trash half of your own country. well done. keep spewing your passionate political vomit all over the place – i’m sure it will help.


  148. just go ahead and post this everywhere. Has Molly Ivins’s old publisher called you yet? They ought to.


  149. Honey. I don’t write about it unless I have researched, listened, questioned or otherwise made myself aware of the facts. How about you?


  150. Stay Classy JuneaJoe.

    Perhaps you have a substantive response to my points. Or are you just playing the “politics of personal destruction” that President Clinton talke about so much.


  151. miserygrad,

    Watch this video about Rush and his slime ball friends. Kind of funny but real!! The palin site is looking for you – seems you are the brains of the outfit. (Shit for brains)


  152. Helen,

    Have you ever actually listened to Rush Limbaugh, so you might actually know what you’re talking about?

    Somehow I doubt it.

    You mention “salvaging what’s left of our great nation.”

    Which of John Edwards two America’s are you referring too?

    Are you speaking of the free capitalist America that kept the world free of fascism and defeated communism . . .

    or the socialist utopia that President Harvard Law Grad seeks to build by pulling school vouchers from poor minority children in Washington DC, taxing small business owners into oblivion, and forcing us all to pay higher energy prices to combat “global warming.”

    If the only “wisdom” you’ve gained in your life is that dependence on government is preferable to freedom, you’ll get the country you deserve. Enjoy. I’m sure you’re social security check will arrive right on time with typical government efficiency after it’s pulled from the piggy bank of your grandchildren.


  153. Thank you again for saying what I would like to say, if only I were a good enough writer! You are really too good to be hidden away in anonymity–let’s see you on TV and hear you on the radio in place of RL…


  154. In keeping with the Blog topic of Flush Rush, this is from American Prospect
    JEDI MIND TRICKS by Adam Serwer
    Source: TAPPED (American Prospect)


  155. Ah-ha! Helen, I’m so glad to see you pointing your rapier wit at Rush! I’ve been reading since you blasted Palin for the first time. At the time, my MIL, who was disappointed with McCain, was quite pleased with his pick and decided to not sit out the election after all. Given that she had previously expressed that she couldn’t wait for my son to grow up so he could “learn the TRUTH” from Limbaugh with her, I wasn’t really surprised, esp b/c her library includes everyone of Coulter’s books.

    Anyway, I know half the people commenting here have said this before, but Helen reminds me of my own Grammy whom I miss terribly. She had the same anti-stupidity attitude and truck-driver vocabulary.



  156. OK….I’m listening to my 5th graders give group presentations to the class on the topic of Life in Colonial America. One boy, elaborating on the rich diversity of the Middle Colonies, says….

    “And there were many coultures too, such as Swedish, Dutch, and Germans.”

    This made me smile in the back of the room and I had to stifle a laugh because he said “coulters”–
    and I didn’t think it the right time to expound on the person to which he accidentally referred.

    Oh, the little things that make us laugh during a regular school day lesson.

    Great post, Helen. People like Rush are only thinking of what they want to say next instead of truly listening to others. They love the sound of their own voice. Flush Rush. Instead, focus on those who lift others up. They are the true leaders among us.

    Just my thoughts.



  157. From two (2) conservative sources:
    From The Daily Beast –
    Though a new WSJ/NBC poll shows a record 70% dissatisfied with the economy, 60% of American approve of President Barack Obama and 41% of Americans say the country is headed in the right direction. Before the 2008 election, only 12% believed America was moving in the right direction; in mid-January 26% thought so. This is the most positively Americans have rated the nation’s future since January 2004. 44%, however, say the country is on the wrong track. One Democratic pollster says the number reflect how modern America is “apprehensive about the future, but willing to undertake big, bold policy initiatives.” Democrats and African-Americans are the post positive, but Independents’ and Republicans’ views are increasingly negative. Nonetheless, 80% approve of Obama’s Iraq plan, and while approval is still high on the president’s healthcare plans, its waning, likely due to apprehension about taxes and spending. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also achieved an all-time approval rating high in the WSJ/NBC poll.
    See also Source: Wall Street Journal


  158. FYI:
    President Obama Rescinds Bush
    Administration Regulations That Weakened the Endangered Species Act
    Source: Center for Biological Diversity


  159. FLUSH RUSH! FLUSH RUSH! FLUSH RUSH! (and Coulterrhia too!)

    Helen You ROCK!

    I love ya!



  160. Helen you tell it like it is all the time..Rushless and and all the talking headless @ the fantasy news network can herald their party right down the tubes…serves them all right…



  161. OMG, Kel, there for a minute I thought we Texans were going to have to apologize for yet another P.O.S. thrust upon the nation (when you wrote that Rush had flunked out of SMU). But you meant Southeast Missouri State U, not the seat of W’s library-to-be in Helen’s neck o’ the woods. Whew. Dodged another bullet.

    You are my hero, Helen. Got any bluebonnets up there yet?


  162. Overflowing toilet alert:
    All the Rush(publicans)
    you wish you could flush.



  163. Helen, once again, we bow down to your innate wisdom, sharp wit, and sharper tongue.

    What did you think of Limbaugh’s “summit” on why women hate him??? (sound of yakking up lunch and then toilet flushing)


  164. Thanks Helen! Wonderful post, the words you chose are right on the mark! Unfortunately, half this country is losing its brain being fed day after day with all the negativity, non-thruths and sometimes downrigh nonsense! Argh!! All wonderful posts today actually, enjoyed them all! Bravo to all! Like your post best Honolulu Sally! You have the left, progressives, liberals, whatever (labels we are saddled with) described just right. Thanks.


  165. I compare Rush to Rachel… because at most, Rush is just a political commentator. Airbag. He doesn’t have to think of policies like Senators, he doesn’t have to govern like… erm Governors. No need to take any responsibility for what he says or does, unlike Senators or Governors who are accountable to their constituents and voters. Like passing gas actually.


  166. As I’ve always said, Rush Limbaugh offers criticisms without meaningful solutions. It’s easy to hate the world, but to make the world a better place? Not much. Rush was born RICH (family of lawyers and judges)… never had to work hard one day of his life… and never attained the level of his parents’ achievement.

    1. Flunked out of every class including ballroom dancing in SMU

    2. Dodged the draft due to a “pilonidal cyst” or more commonly known as a butt cyst.

    3. Tried to smuggle Viagra from the Dominican republic, but doesn’t support the President’s efforts to overhaul the health care system.

    and they idolize this leader? Their leader? Really?

    At least on the other side, Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar with a degree with Stanford (on scholarship) and a PHD from Oxford.

    I don’t know. It seems that the GOP is really losing their standards.


  167. lol….. more than two flushes.

    definately more than two , helen.
    with lots of blue rush/ing disinfectant!


  168. Another repug to watch is Newt Gingrich. Here is link to interesting (but long) article. Worth a read.

    Helen, a wonderful post. Keep aiming at those republican “leaders”… we all need to keep them in our sights.



  169. Hammer? Meet nail.

    Bingo. Right on the head, you are.

    He really is a piece of dookie. And his supporters are no better.


  170. Helen, Glad to see you move onto Rush. The man is so full of himself that watching him at CPAC dancing around like that, I thought he would explode with his won arrogance.

    I think he’s still on something. Did you see him dance around in his mafia outfit? Really, he’s the hired hitman for the GOP. Professing caring about all the little people and then complaining that Obama has the audacity to go after Wall Street for spending when they took millions in bonuses while Americans are suffering.

    What I just don’t understand is how his demographic, which cannot be the Thain’s of the world, what are these people doing listening to that crap?


  171. Hey PartyPiper:

    Is there any more about Normy’s “SuitGate”?
    I am so damned tired of the whole thing.
    Funny, Normy back tracked so fast after it looked like Franken would win. I am sure Michelle’s people are rooting for Normy.


  172. I agree. And who cares about the people Obama brought on board and their tax problems? I just hope I get a chance to beg the president for a house with a nice bathroom. Oooh! Maybe a nice car too?


  173. Hey Rush!!! Can you hear me now!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???

    Keep tanking and distracting the Republicans so that they all look like a bunch of losers and couldn’t even steal an election.

    God, our kids and grandkids are going to be like “how the f- did you let that happen? No way!”

    Speaking of Republicans who don’t really care how they damage their image…. Normy Coleman wants a reelection in MN…. yeah, I”m sure that would turn out GREAT for Norm, since first he wanted to halt the recount, then he wanted Al Franken to concede so that there wouldn’t be a drawn out counting battle, then when the recount proceeded AS PER MINNESOTA STATE LAW and Normy didn’t like the results, he mounted this ridiculous and asinine trial to try and SUE his way into the Senate seat.

    Meanwhile, back in MN…. we’ve only got half our representation.

    Needless to say we know how all of Rush’s fans would vote….but one hopes that in Blue MN, most people don’t listen to him.


  174. Let’s see now, for the opposition we have Limbaugh, Coulter, McConnell, Boehner, Steele, Jindal, Palin, Rove, Shoot Yourself The Foot McCain and Shoot Your Hunting Partner Cheney. The Democrats couldn’t find a better group of opponents if they would have picked them themselves.

    I left president emeritus Bush out of the above list because the sooner we forget about him, the better off we’ll be.


  175. BRAVO Helen! Another great post making my day!

    Rush must be even more full of himself now with all the media focusing on him, good or bad. He’s the center of the limelight, too bad they aren’t laser beams.

    J9 made a good point about the need to improve our education system – otherwise the dumbed down America we now have will follow the Limbaughs/Palins/Bushs like lemmings.

    There was a rather radical woman on Keith Olbermann’s show the other day. She was so articulate and spot on, Keith hardly had anything to say (really!). She totally blasted Rush, called him an idiot.

    She also said that the people who voted Republican ALL were all defective. I forget what she said the defect was exactly, but it was the reason for them to follow and listen to an idiot like Rush.

    She’s right. I am filling out my Arbitron radio listening schedule, and there are NO liberal radio stations with Obama or Democrat supporting programs here in Hawaii (and this is a VERY Democratic state), but at least 4 religious conservative radio stations, 2 of them having Rush on as well as other political Republican commentators. They use the Bible to get people in line, send in their contributions, put the guilt trip on their followers, and use fear like a whip.

    People who listen to these stations are very very needy of someone to listen to. They need someone to follow. And they need to validate their being Christians by doing what they are told.
    They are defective in the sense they are dependent rather than independent, trapped rather than free, scared into a cocoon instead of reaching out and living fully.

    Liberals do not have the need to be brainwashed. We more or less take in info, and make up our own mind of whom we think is best qualified based on the merits of the candidates. We tend to channel surf, do research, listen, debate, and respect (except that is getting harder to do). We are more independent and free than our fearful counterparts stuck and sticking with Rush and Fox News.

    I thank you Helen, Margaret, and all of you (again and again) for being who you are. This Leftist Wonderland is really a fun place to be. We even have our own pet turd – UAW Tradesman. Who could ask for anything more? (sung to the tune from Oliver)


  176. Thanks again, Helen, for telling it like it is.

    Rush is a scab on the a** of progress and I so wish that we could not only flush him but ALL the Rush-bots as well. The world would be a much better place.

    People who have surrendered their brains to such as this man are beyond hope and help, I’m afraid. But an education system that works and a breakup of corporate for-profit control of the airwaves would be good starts at breaking the cycle.

    The problem with Bush is that he did NOT fail. He wanted a war in Iraq; he got one. He wanted to outsource governmental functions; he did so. He wanted tax cuts for his rich friends; he got them. He wanted deregulation and an unfettered “free” market … we’ve all seen what that has led to. He wanted unconstitutional dictatorial powers and his “pet” lawyers at the Justice Department gave them to him. He was likely the most lazy, unqualified, mentally incurious, rigid individual who saw everything only in black and white and in its relationship to his own interests that we have ever seen in the US Presidency. He never realized that there would be serious consequences to these actions.

    We were very lucky for more than 200 years. One of the most surprising things of all was that it took so long for so many to realize just how bad he was. It would probably have been better for our nation if he HAD failed at these particular goals. But when one initially gets a job by flagrant cheating (e.g., FL in 2000) and continues to get away with unacceptable actions, one apparently believes oneself invincible.

    Your humor is a terrible swift sword. How much I wish that we had all had the much-needed benefit of it years ago! But we do appreciate it now … and that’s for sure. Please do NOT change!


  177. I wouldn’t know how embarrassing it would be to admit to being Republican, but I do know it’s really embarrassing to admit there do exist American Rush Limpball fans.


  178. Zorpheous, your comment had me thinking of my favorite poem, “Reincarnation,” by a cowboy poet, Wally McRae. I think it sums up Lush Bimbo quite well.


  179. Hurray Hurray Hurray!!!Great Post….time to flush


  180. Helen My Dear,

    You are an old, crotchity, cranky, foul mothed lady.

    Please, don’t change!

    If more people took the time to speak the simple truth like you do, we would be in far better place right now, instead the USA is cleaning up after the worse Presidential Administration the USA has ever seen.

    Keep the posts come Helen, you are a true gem (maybe a little in the rough) among the billion of river pebbles.

    PS, Rush is a freak, he places himself first, then his ideology, then party, then his country. I personally can’t wait to take a dump on his grave.


  181. Rush is the perfect example of the excesses of the Bush years from his jets to his cigars to his (really poorly tailored) clothes.

    Really, $400 million for his latest contract?

    He must know something about upper GOP members that we don’t know and they don’t want him to blab about.

    Why would Steele crawl back to him (quickest turnaround in even Rush-kiss-butt-terms)? He (Steele) is not even running for anything as far as we know…

    Rush must have files and files of dirt on these people.

    Every one of them has crawled back for forgiveness.

    Something stinks, and I think it’s more than just Rush…


  182. Helen,

    I haven’t had time to read through the comments so this might have already be addressed.

    Please don’t read one of his books!!!

    “…laughter is better than cynicism any day so come back soon…”

    You come back soon, yourself, young lady!

    We all need a good dose of laughter more often these days!



  183. Another masterpiece! I thought Keith Olbermann’s report on Rushblow was good, but this one’s the best. Keep on tellin’ it like it is!

    Old joke: What’s the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenburg? One’s an enormous flaming Nazi gas bag and the other’s a blimp.


  184. Funny!


  185. I just don’t understand why Republicans are keeping Rush so well paid. Where are their brains? Where are their morals?


  186. Hi, Helen: So well-said. I love your comments. Keep them coming!


  187. Glad to see you back in form after a brief vacation. Your post made me make inappropriate-for-work snorting noises, so you’re doing great!


  188. Ah Helen! You once again made my day.
    I agree that the new progressive mantra should be “flush Rush”. Your humor and verbiage is wonderful!


  189. Helen, once again you’ve found just the right words to describe the disintigration we see going on in the Republican party. I watch them and listen to them, and think that I’m watching someone drown. My instinct is to reach out a hand to save them, but they don’t seem to want help from anyone who isn’t one of them. Oh, and they’re all in the same cess pool, so . . .

    It would be sad, except that I was so sick of hearing all of them for the last eight years. And listening to the repubs during the election gave me heart burn.

    But I do think you are right. They are in serious trouble if all they’ve got is what they’ve been trotting onto the stage lately. And I can’t believe that they are standing by and letting that blowhard take over. Incredible. It just proves how lost they are as a party. Shows what happens when you put all your eggs in that very small extremely right wing conservative basket.



  190. Here’s a fascinating take on the Limbaugh Mess the Pubs are faced with:


  191. Helen,
    Wonderful post, as usual!
    But here’s the good news, folks – I just saw at lunchtime that the CPAC has found a new spokesperson to supplant Rush – a 14-year-old boy!! The story was on HLN.
    Whew! Dodged that bullet!


  192. Bless you Helen. But I must ask how you manage to be the great gal you are, living in Texas?!? My Darling Hubby is vacationing in Texas right now, and sits on the beach reading the local/state papers, and says Repugnaliens run pretty much everything in Texas.

    You must be a strong woman Helen, a strong woman!

    Nancy (I stay home in my blue state!)


  193. Helen-
    Phenom, as usual. As long as we’re throwing republicans under the bus, though, how did you miss Michelle Bachmann?
    I had to give you a shout-out in this post, because frankly, your blog is what I want mine to be when it grows up:) Keep it up.


  194. Here’s my new Democratic Party slogan:

    Being a Dem means never having to say you’re sorry…to Rush Limbaugh.




  195. verbal masturbation is going to be my word of the day!


  196. Heather
    ….who are these 20 million people tuning into his show everyday?! I’d love to know the demographics of his audience.

    Me I rather would be scared knowing they AREN’T fake!!!


  197. *applause*

    Once again you’ve read my mind and said so eloquently that which I could not.

    Rush is irrelevant. (I liked to call him “Douche Windbag).

    So are the Republicans, now. They just look . . . stupid. Arrogant. Self-centered. Heartless.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go flush my toilet.



  198. I live in a raving hive of republicans, Boehner’s district, yet I have never met anyone (except my in-laws) who can stand Rush….who are these 20 million people tuning into his show everyday?! I’d love to know the demographics of his audience.


  199. Rush is about Rush. If saying he wants the country to fail because we had the audacity of hope to elect Obama gets him ratings/money, he’ll say it. And his lemmings will hang on every word even if it is proven he doesn’t know shit from shinola. Hell, he doesn’t even know the difference between the preamble to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and he broadcasts his breathtaking lack of preparation and knowledge via the big CPAC mic.

    So Rush gets to be the head of the party of Epic Fail; yippie ki-yo, boy howdy for him. That the party itself is actually kowtowing to this flab-assed moron is a good indication they don’t have even the seed of a comeback plan.

    All they know is he works in much the same way Palin did – he solidifies the base consisting of nothing more than a zombie club of racist, cheeto stained Gomers. And that’s good enough for them cause that’s all they’ve got.

    Oh… And welcome aboard the Margaret & Helen Hilarity Express, CAB! You wouldn’t happen to be the CAB from Cambridge Mass, would you? If so… Meow!


  200. Here in MD, we know what a spineless turd Steele is. When he was Lt. Gov under Bob “Jerklick” they led to the deregulation of Constellation Energy that is crippling the old and poor in our state. Doesn’t that sound familiar. Being called a “Republican” should be synonymous with “CROOK”, “LIAR”, “SPINELESS TURD” and “THIEF”. They’re not happy unless they have their foot on someone’s throat holding them down. Luckily, here in MD, we only put up with one term and learned our lesson quickly! Thanks Helen. You’re a breath of fresh air to relieve us from the shit stench of the Repugs…


  201. Have you all noticed the similarities between the Rush Repugnant party and the KKK?


  202. Let’s see…

    I choose B.O. over a BM anytime.


  203. Another great post Helen. I can not stand to even hear a hint of his voice. Why, just this morning as I was sitting in the emergency room at our local hospital waiting for a dr to look at the open wound on my head, he was on the Today show and I just got up and walked out of the area.

    I hate that McConnell represents Kentucky. He is such a crook. He had his nose up Bush’s ass so far he lost it in there.


  204. The new anti-conservative slogan “FLUSH RUSH”….love it.

    “a whore with lockjaw”…priceless.

    Glad to get my M&H fix today.


  205. McConnell and Boehner are zombies. Have you seen their clueless stare without a hint of facial expression? That may be the reason they like those zombie banks so much.


  206. I think you really nailed the driving force behind some of the hatred (and fear).

    “All it takes is a microphone and a failing public education system.”

    Obama wants to improve public education and reduce drop out rates. No clue if he’ll acheive that, and it’s got to be further down the list of priorities than digging us out of depression.

    However, with improved education, comes improved critical thinking, which in turn lowers the number of sheeple available to follow RL and his ilk. So really, this is a self preservation thing. If more folks are able to string together the whole picture, they will be less likely to follow the extremists.
    Hmm, all of a sudden I’m reminded of the People’s Temple and Jim Jones.
    Don’t drink the Kool-Aid folks!


  207. Great post, as always, Helen. Worth the wait.


  208. The CPAC convention was such a disappointment to me, as we really need a good balance to be who we are as a nation…intelligent, differing views, but working together….all we got was hate mongering, name calling, jokes, and a lot of slithering…I hope there are some Repubs out there still willing to do the honest work.


  209. The sad thing is that the Republican party allowed itself to get to this point. Republican and conservative were not always scary words. Somewhere along the line, though, the party became more important than the purpose. The extremists took control and the moderates – who are the real voice of the average person – were alienated. Anyone who has ever opened a history book knows what happens when zealots take control.

    The Republicans keep harping about retooling the party and getting back to their core values. I don’t think there’s anyone left who remembers what those values were.


  210. Helen,

    Allow me to make a correction in my comments. I mistakenly typed that, “I was offended.” I meant to type that I WASN’T offended….. I hope that was obvious, but better safe than sorry. I’d hate for you to think I was mentally disturbed (or had Republican leanings).



  211. avotresante
    ….So, using Limbaugh logic, it seems someone in his family tree may have slipped into the monkey house….

    I strongly opose the use of the words “may have” in the above sentence, otherwise, love the post….. (and the link!)


  212. Helen,

    I’ve been waiting for your comments regarding Jindal’s rebuttal to Obama’s address last week, but today’s post goes far in soothing my soul and addressing the ills of the Republican party.

    I can’t agree with you more in your summary of Limbaugh — he’s nothing butt (sic) a giant load. Really, if all I had to recommend me was Coulter, Limbaugh and Gingrich, I’d have to commit suicide (or change my party affiliation to Independent — same thing, to them).

    Though I’m a newbie to your blog, it was obvious that your subject matter caused you much dismay — you were especially caustic with the put-downs. Mind you, I was offended. I’ve thought and said the same. Keep up the good work.



  213. Helen, you’ve nailed it again.
    I would like to add a few things in the manner in which that gasbag, himself would. His less-than-human characteristics might be explained this way.

    Then at you can read about his pilonidal cyst, which was the reason he was excused from the military during Vietnam. It’s a congenital condition at the butt crack where excess tissue and hair collect. (Like a TAIL?!)

    So, using Limbaugh logic, it seems someone in his family tree may have slipped into the monkey house….


  214. Helen,

    Another masterpiece. I LOVE the term “verbal masterbation.” That describes perfectly what a lot of people are doing these days at the expense of the people who are struggling to dig themselves out from the depths of despair and unexpected poverty and displacement.

    Rush Limbaugh has always been a repugnant , hypocritical blowhard whose only purpose in life is to stroke is own ego. Never did it ever occur to me to say, “I hope W. fails.” even if he did behave like the village idiot in an expensive suit. I did say a prayer after the election in ’04 asking that W. not screw up the country worse than he already had. Oh, well.

    For Limbaugh to say that he hopes ANY president fails, especially an American president, says more about his motives and character than anything else. The fact that he doesn’t have the capacity to realize that when our President, whether Democrat or Republican, fails, we, as a nation, fail as well exposes his lack of intelligence and good sense. The “leadership” of the last eight years has resulted in bringing this country to its knees and, for some, even farther than that. The last thing we need is someone who lives on the beach in Florida and kajillions of dollars in the bank basically say for all the world, “screw you little people” in order to help get is guys elected back into office. Didn’t he see all of those little people waiting in line patiently for hours to vote last October and November? What a simp. If he is now the voice of the Republican party, God help them all. A new day has dawned in American and those who choose to continue to bask in their long over “glory days” are going to be steamrolled. I’m looking forward to watching it all unfold.

    Now that I’m done ranting, I need a donut.

    Thanks for the continued laughs, Helen. You rock, as usual. I mean it. Really. : )


  215. To CAB – GREAT post! The pet rock/Elisabeth from the View comment was a luminous piece of writing. I think you’ve inherited some of Helen’s brilliance!


  216. “And finally, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are so corrupt that their votes can be purchased for less money than a whore with lockjaw.”

    This is one of the funniest lines you’ve ever written, and that is saying something, since practically every line you write is beyond hilarious!

    However, Helen, I think you left out one very dapper, debonair member of the GOP – Mitt “Damn I’m Handsome” Romney. I’d love to hear your two cents on that crazy nut job.


  217. The next Republican President of the U.S. will be the first candiate who has the guts to tell Rush and the religious right to go to Hell.


  218. Dear Helen, – Thank you once again for a blog that consistently either makes me laugh or think a little bit more about something I haven’t paid attention to.

    As a someone with Republican leanings I think I can state that at this point and time the party would be better off having a pet rock as its spokesperson. Oh wait, that would be Elisabeth from the View. Never mind. This is why I declared my Independance this year and voted for Obama. 😉


  219. “. . . the Republicans have nothing to offer the nation except Rush Limbaugh.”

    Unfortunately, this seems to be true. I admit I am surprised at the quick ascendancy of this demagogue after the election. He has been around for awhile, but I don’t remember him being so completely infulential. Michael Steele has now performed the obligatory apology, for speaking his mind.

    Not all Repubs do obeisance to RL. I am married to a lifelong Repub who does not listen to him. I have never heard him refer to him at all. But wow, the extreme right wing has totally hijacked their party.

    And David Frum has written an article calling out RL. “Rush is a walking stereotype of self-indulgence” Here is the link:

    He, a prominent Repub, does not like RL and how is influencing his party.

    “And finally, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are so corrupt that their votes can be purchased for less money than a whore with lockjaw.”

    Helen I love you, but if you are alleging corruption, we should see a source. I don’t like either of these guys, but I’ve not read that they are especially corrupt.

    On RL, I think his ascendancy will drive sensible conservatives away from active participation in the Republican party, until it becomes apparent that the majority of Americans really do not like this guy. Most Americans don’t like hypocrites, and that is the least of what RL is.


  220. Once again Helen you are on point! Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade and Rush, Shit.


  221. Remember when those of us that are against the war in Iraq and wanted to bring the troops home were considered unpatriotic. Remember how we were outraged by the monetary and human cost of the war – unpatriotic. Against waterboarding – unpatriotic. Wiretapping – unpatriotic. This list goes on and on. You know, I never rooted for Bush to fail as he was my President. I certainly disagreed with him and his policies but I never wanted him to fail. This blowhard wants our President to fail, wants you and me and all of this nation’s citizens who happen to disagree with him to suffer. Who’s being unpatriotic now? Obama has been in office for a little over 30 days, he inherited the worse mess this nation has faced in decades and this asshat wants him to fail? I truly don’t get why anyone would look to this jackass for answers.


  222. ABSOLUTELY! Keep telling it like it is, Helen!


  223. It can`t be long before Rush self-destructs. He looked like a hopped-up Jabba the Hut giving that speech and was nearly as articulate.


  224. Your writing is sooooo on target!!! Among other things, a whore with lockjaw! Absolutely immortal words! Must cross-stitch that on a whoopee pillow.

    Anyone who does not believe that Rushyflushy has taken over the leadership of the party should get this: Michael Steele, the duly elected chief, has found himself apologizing to Rushytushy for refering to him as an “entertainer”. Rushy was incensed! I hate to see Mike in such a groveling position, but Rushy is right. He definitely is not an entertainer. He’s a slinger, as in, well, you fill in the blanks!

    Keep on keeping on!


  225. ForgotMyGinkgo, you’re right, Rush is profoundly deaf and wears a cochlear implant. I wear one, too, and without it, I can not hear a thing.

    It amazes me that Rush, in all his pomp and glory, has never taken the torch to help people with hearing loss. Oh sure, he’s talked about his experience, but other than that? Nothin, nada, zilch.

    I have read some of the transcripts of his shows off his website. I can’t believe the crap that spews from his lips. For example, he believes that the American auto companies are in trouble because they started making cars that actually WORKED, therefore, reducing the demand for newer American autos. So, basically, he said that in order to keep afloat, GM, Ford, etc., should’ve kept making shitty vehicles.

    Amazing isn’t it? What a dick.

    And Helen? Thank you for your perspective! I chuckle a little bit every time I read your posts!


  226. OMG! Helen.
    You hit it perfectly–as usual . . . . .


  227. I agree, Helen! I don’t know why people listen to this guy, but they need to learn to reason and think for themselves.


  228. Great Post Helen! So true in so many ways.

    If I hear one more person defend this scumbag by saying people wanted Bush to fail I will have to hit them with my bathroom Plunger! I did not vote for Bush and when he led us into to war I was apprehensive but kept hoping that if it was needed that we would succeed and get out.

    I never once said I hope President Bush would fail! Ever! I want any President to do right by his country and fellow countrymen. So they can spin it anyway they want but they are just regurgitating the same old Bullsh1t!


  229. boy, just watching the news, talk about sour grapes from the republicans. This country is in a pile of economic shit and those spoiled babies sit and play with their blackberries while the President (my President) delivers his first speech to the nation!?!?!?!

    They should all be ashamed of themselves.


  230. lest we forget, Rush is deaf. At least, mostly deaf. Not that anyone would ever remember that since he just keeps yammering and won’t let anyone speak otherwise.

    Interestingly, a side-effect of Oxycontin is deafness.

    I think we can pin the beginnings of his oxycontin days down to about 1994. That’s when he started really going off the rails. The Monica Lewinsky scandal made sure that the train was not only off the rails, but attached to a rocket heading straight for the sun.

    I think this is the point that Rush started believing his own bullshit. He really started carpetbagging and held himself as the moral authority in the country. I think that the character turned into the man… or the man turned into the character. And so many people are drinking his kool-aid.


  231. I heard a news story yesterday to this same effect–that there are parts of the Republican party that would rather sink the nation and not see things improve for Americans b/c it would be Democrats in power when those improvements take place and long-term loyalty to “the other guys” would be established and it would be harder for them and theirs to get elected in the future.

    Truly politics run amok but I appreciate the humor you bring in the face of such dark truths about human nature. “Less than a whore with lockjaw”! Only from the state that gave us the real life inspiration for the Best Little Whore House in Texas. You’re killing me Helen. Keep it up 😉


  232. How can they like this man? He rants and rants. He does not know what quotes are in the Constitution and which are in the Declaration of Independence. I suspect he has never read either one, yet they give him some bs award about “Defender of the Constitution.” Why did they do that? All he does is rant on the radio every day, and I fail to see how this defends the Constitution.

    They try to stand up to him a little bit, and wind up sniveling and whining about how sorry they are to “King Rush.” It is really pathetic when you think about it.
    Rush is a really rich guy. He has no idea what ordinary Americans are going through in these trying times. I cannot stand him.


  233. I was wondering when and so waiting for something on Rush. It was worth the wait.


  234. So true. And it isn’t funny that rush would rather see the US go down the tubes than see a DEMOCRAT (gasp) pull us out of this depression caused by a republican.
    As for *Ventriloquist Dummy* mcconnell and *the tanner the better* boehner, truer words were never spoken.

    All 3 are an embarrassment to the country even if the repub party still finds them adorable.


  235. Rush just can’t decide what he is. He claims to be a journalist, until he gets caught in one of his lies, then he is an entertainer.

    Yet Steel calls him an entertainer, and his supporters explode.

    I have to admit, they are right, I find nothing entertaining about him, nor would any thinking person.


  236. Tell them how you REALLY feel!

    You go Girl


  237. Rush is their leader because the republican party has degenerated into a hate group. All they know is what they’re against, not what they’re for. They have no ideas or useful ways to pull the country out of the mess they made.

    W, Cheney and Rove were busy ruining the world but they did find time to keep most of the crazies in their party in line. Without them holding the reins, the hate flows freely and no one can stop that big, fat idiot from piling it on as thick as he likes.


  238. Did Margaret answer by chance ?
    I would be interested in her husbands response.


  239. Well put!!!! I cannot believe what they have become. Steele actually apologized to him. Absolutely ridiculous. I’ll pitch in for the Drano.


  240. Now I know why the Repugs love “Joe the Plumer”!

    They know they’ll need him bad, when they try to flush Rush Slimepouch!!!


  241. Helen

    ….Sure, you can try to justify Rush Limbaugh by citing the number of people who tune in their radios to hear him vocally masturbate each day…

    Love your xcomments, “verbal masturbation” is just the other end of “mental diarrhoea”, both evacuated through the mouth…..


  242. I watched part of the Rush show on tv the other night to see what he had to say and truthfully I was sick to my stomach watching him and hearing people clapping their hands in awe of this disgusting man. I couldn’t watch it. I can’t belief there are people who believe every word that comes out of his mouth and believe me I know a person who does and I have not been able to make her see reason. I just hope so much that our President can turn this economy around in the 4 years he has of his term so he can be re-elected and we don’t get one of these Republican idiots in office.


  243. Rush Slimepouch made it into German news:,1518,610925,00.html

    What a slimebag!


  244. You tell ’em Helen!


  245. Another great post Helen.

    Let just call it like it is:

    The RUSHpublican Party.




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