Posted by: Helen Philpot | November 28, 2008

Sarah Palin, sit down and shut the hell up!

I thought I was done.  Really I did.  Obama won.  Bush is almost gone.  I was ready to sit back and enjoy the ride.  Damn it to hell.  She’s back.  One day she’s standing in front of a dying turkey talking about how she needs to get back to the business of running Alaska and the next day she’s making plans to head on down to Georgia to campaign for that devil, Chambliss.  

You see Chambliss is the guy who won the Georgia Senate seat from Max Cleland a few years back.  Now pay attention folks because this is important.  Chambliss suggested that Cleland was soft on homeland security.  Cleland, of course, is a war hero – one who came home from war with three less limbs than when he began.  Yep.  Cleland lost an arm and both legs in defense of his country, but Chambliss defeated him with ads suggesting he didn’t have the courage to protect us from terrorists.

So Chambliss is an ass.  That’s a given.  His opponent in this run-off election is Mr. Martin.  Now Martin  has all of his limbs so Chambliss is not sure how to attack him.  So he called in the Republican attack dog…  a certain pitt bull in lipstick who apparently has more political lives than a pitt cat.  Heads up folks.  Sarah Palin is back and my heart goes out to all our dear friends over there in Georgia.  She’s sort of like headlice.  You can’t just shampoo your hair.  You have to boil everything afterwards.

But let me tell you why I am up on my soap box again so quickly, because I really did plan to relax at least until after the turkey had digested.  The other night we were visiting with neighbors at a kind of pre-holiday block party.  By the way, if you don’t know your neighbors, you should.  People live right next door to complete strangers these days and that just isn’t right.  Neighbors should be part of your extended family. Life was better when we all knew our neighbors.  But I digress.

At this little gathering I met a couple of idiots who live around the corner from us – couple of morons who still have the McCain/Palin sticker on the back of their car.  Here is just a few of the quotes from the evening:

“We are just so worried about what is going to happen to the country now that a Muslim is President.”

“William Ayers raised a lot of money for Obama’s campaign and now Obama owes him a lot of favors.”

“Did you know that no one has been able to prove that he actually graduated from Harvard?”

Trust me, that was just a sampling.  I asked them where they had heard this load of crap and I got various references to Limbaugh and Fox News.   Complete and utter idiots. I wanted to tell them to sit down and shut the hell up, but they are neighbors.  So before I left I told them if they wanted to live in fear that was their choice, but when they were ready to rejoin society do drop by for a piece of pie. 

When I got back home, I made the mistake of watching the news.    Now I don’t know what Margaret thinks about this because she is visiting family and probably hasn’t turned on the boob tube even once.  But when I heard that Sarah Palin will be heading to Georgia to campaign for Chambliss…  Well Sarah Palin is not my neighbor.  And the last time I checked Alaska was a long way from Georgia.  So I hope my friends in Georgia will join me in saying, “Governor Palin, sit down and shut the hell up.”

And while I am on the soap box:

Rush Limbaugh has had the mic entirely too long.  For years he has kept this country divided with hate speech and lies.  Quite frankly he probably has done more to harm this country than even George Bush.  He is neither funny nor relevant anymore.  And have you listened to the morons who call into his show?  Poor man has to pander to idiots day in and day out.  His open mic Friday must be pure torture.  OxyContin is a powerful pain pill.  Is there any doubt why he would need it so desperately?   Together we should all tell him and his callers to sit down and shut the hell up.

Same goes for Ann Coulter.  Have you read any of her books.   I read a few pages of her last one and it made me wonder if she ever actually went to school.  My daughter is a teacher and the kids in her second grade class can write better than that.  Ann’s an idiot who also needs to sit down and shut the hell up.  And while you’re at it, Ann, cross your legs.  Nobody needs to see that.

Sean Hannity is a waste of the time it took me to type this sentence.  Sit down and shut the hell up, Sean.  Winning in a debate against Alan Colmes is like Michael Phelps lapping me in the pool.  This is the best Fox News can give us each evening?  Shameful.  Just shameful.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  Well, actually I have nothing to say because I am pretty sure no one is listening to her anymore.  I wonder what rat tastes like when it comes back up?

Take a hint from your leader.  Bush has pretty much checked out.  Of course that assumes he had ever really checked in.  But my point is that Obama isn’t President yet and he already seems to be running the show.  Thank God.

So Sean, Ann, Rush, Sarah et al.   I am not asking for you to give up even a single limb for your country… just your tongue.  We’ve heard enough of your crap.  We’re ready to move on to better days and smarter people.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, and I am sorry if this rant ruined your holiday.  I mean it.  Really.


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  6. “dcbarton: You have been listening to Lying Limbaugh. Say lies and they will believe.”
    Actually, no, I don’t listen to Limbaugh, while I do agree with what he says (refer to my blog “The Ugly Truth About Rush) he isn’t yet on xm radio so I don’t hear him.
    It’s “Al-Qaeda”, I understand not everyone spells it the same, however, most people will at least show enough intelligence to at least spell it the same way each time they spell it, you seem to spell it differently each time.
    “BUSH/ CHENEY WANTED TO FIGHT TWO WARS and our President and VP were incompetant in running one war! Remember Rumsfeld! That guy blew it big in war strategy!”
    Do you have proof that they “wanted” to fight two wars? Or is it just that they felt one war with two fronts was necessary? I tend to believe the latter. A war against Islamic extremism is a war against Islamic extrermism, I don’t care how many groups, I think Iran and Hamas should be on that list as well, but I remember the day 3,000 Americans were murdered by these animals.
    “Right! You want everyone to drive around in Hummers and I think we need vehicles which get at least 30 MPH around the city. You feel I am unAmerican! I think the Hummer Mentality has bankrupted our auto industry!”
    No, I want people to have the right to buy the car they “want.” I also want them to take responsibility for that decision when the gas prices go up, instead of blaming the auto companies and the government because they wanted an SUV. This country was built on individual rights and responsibilities, and on a free market system where the consumer dictates to the manufacturers what they will purchase.
    “Halliburton WASTED BILLIONS! We need a full accounting of the monies which went into Iraq! Will you join me in asking for a full accounting?”
    No, I won’t. What you are asking for isn’t a “full accounting”, what you want is a witch hunt. While I do believe each dime spent should be accounted for, I don’t seek to merely punish people because you oppose the war. That would be like me demanding a full accounting of Clinton’s mishandling of Somalia.
    “Did you go to a TEA Party? A lot of stupid people sure did.”
    No, I had to work, but I did give my moral support. Exactly what makes them stupid? The idea that they oppose unrestricted government spending? Excessive taxation, based only on the government saying they have to pay more? Maybe you think they are stupid because they are demanding “accountability” from the government that works for them?
    Maybe you think that all of the democrats, republicans, and independents that were at the Tea Parties are racist? I know that the far Left has called them all racists because they oppose Obama. You might be surprised to learn that Obama has little to do with it, they oppose excessive government that overreaches its constitutional limits. In other words, they are honest enough to oppose republicans and democrats for the same things, while you are only willing to oppose republicans, and to allow the democrats to do the same things with impunity. You are either “stupid” or so politically biased that you are willing to cut your own political throat.


  7. It should have said Alaska papers and blogs. Sorry about the misinformation.

    I am moving to Oregon this summer. Got Oregon on the mind I guess.


  8. dcbarton: You have been listening to Lying Limbaugh. Say lies and they will believe.

    Al Quada was a post Saddam. Even Cheney has backed off that one. An operation – maybe, but Al Quada operations were not happening in Iraq! Sorry!

    Read the 1% Doctrine – got lots of good info which will help you get your information correct.

    BUSH/ CHENEY WANTED TO FIGHT TWO WARS and our President and VP were incompetant in running one war! Remember Rumsfeld! That guy blew it big in war strategy!

    Right! You want everyone to drive around in Hummers and I think we need vehicles which get at least 30 MPH around the city. You feel I am unAmerican! I think the Hummer Mentality has bankrupted our auto industry!

    Look up the EV1 – GM had the future with that electric car and they had them crushed BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU! Now, we are scrambling trying to learn how to make electric cars again. STUPIDITY! You are so brilliant!

    Halliburton WASTED BILLIONS! We need a full accounting of the monies which went into Iraq! Will you join me in asking for a full accounting?

    Did you go to a TEA Party? A lot of stupid people sure did.


  9. Halliburton bid on their jobs in Iraq? Does Cheney know this? Didn’t some low level flunkie get the memo? ALL contracts to Cheney’s posse.. .
    Is Christian xtremism a Christian problem when it starts to dictate governmental policies and warp the intent of our Constitutional Union? Is America following Pakistan’s example in “because they failed to stand up to (Christian)extremists, and are now inundated with the same (Christian) extremists.

    People like you. . . what an infantile argument. Sigh. Time to put your toys away boys and go to bed.


  10. “That should have been Oregon Papers but even better information comes from blogs.”
    Thanks, but I prefer to getg news from news sources, I have a hard time sticking with a liberal propaganda machine, it tends to upset my stomach.
    “DCBarton: You don’t have to leave mad but please, DO LEAVE! (Take your peanut sized brain with you!)”
    Typical of the Left, make some crazy claim based on opinion, call it fact. Then want the opposition to go away and shut up. And they say the libs are all about freedom of speech.


  11. “Al Quida was not in Iraq until after we went to war.”
    Joe, Al-qaeda was in Iraq, in fact the “one-legged shiek was there for medical treatment after suffering injury in Afghanistan, that is where the “one-legged shiek” became one legged, Saddam’s personal doctor amputated that leg to save the terrorist’s life. Saddam was paying blood money to the families of suicide bombers. You may choose to ignore it, but as Bush said, “9/11 changed everything.” We were in a war with all terrorism, not just just with the ones that had already attacked us, but alos with the ones that could and would attack at some point in the future.
    “LIES GOT US INTO IRAQ – truth is truth. Right – we went for weapons of mass destruction! WMD WERE NEVER FOUND IN IRAQ!”
    WMD was only one of about 22 reasons for going into Iraq, and since you obviously wereen’t paying attention, we did find several hundred artillary shells containing sarin nerve gas, we also have a former general from the Iraqi Air Force, Gen George Asada, that says he sent the WMD to Syria under orders from Saddam, himself.
    “Afghanastan: We are still looking for Osama! We had a good start at getting to the people who planned the attacks in NY but took our troops to Iraq!”
    Do you not understand how big our military really is? We have never had more than 20-25% of our military tied up in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. Placing troops in Iraq had no impact on the fight in Afghanistan.
    “We have been losing ground in Afghanastan since we took on Iraq, have you noticed. Pakistan is also falling apart because BUSH/CHENEY decided two wars was more fun than one.”
    We fought two major fronts in WWII, or did you forget? And we won, but only because the American people were behind winning, whereas people like you are all about losing today.
    Pakistan is falling apart, but not because of Bush and Cheney. Actually Pakistan is falling apart because they failed to stand up to Islamic extremists, and are now inundated with the same Islamic extremists. It also didn’t help that the American Left didn’t want to cast a wide net and call Islamic extremism an Islamic problem. They want to be “politically correct” because if “we are nice to them, they will be nice to us.”
    “Hate to correct you but Halliburton WAS NOT the only company able to take on the job.”
    Haliburton was the only company able to to do the job in several instances, it was also the only company to bid on certain aspects of the job.
    “You are definitely on my idiot list!”
    I’ve been on your idiot list since November, likewise you have been on mine since you insisted that Bush forced you to buy big cars that you didn’t want. The difference is that I base my “idiot list” on idiocy, and you seem to base yours on political ideology.


  12. That should have been Oregon Papers but even better information comes from blogs.

    DCBarton: You don’t have to leave mad but please, DO LEAVE! (Take your peanut sized brain with you!)


  13. As for Palin! It is actually sad to see how she governs.

    The last two weeks have been a steady barrage of stupidity coming from Sarah Palin. Sorry to upset you but the truth hurts.

    Read some of the Oregon Papers and blogs. If you spent time following the story, you too would shake your head.

    Can you get Sarah on Dancing with Stars so she can get the attention she needs?

    Find her a soap opera to star in or something. She should not be trying to govern.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.


  14. dcbarton: Iraq: PRICETAG – 3 TRILLION DOLLARS!

    Not one bomber was from Iraq! Al Quida was not in Iraq until after we went to war. LIES GOT US INTO IRAQ – truth is truth. Right – we went for weapons of mass destruction! WMD WERE NEVER FOUND IN IRAQ!

    Afghanastan: We are still looking for Osama! We had a good start at getting to the people who planned the attacks in NY but took our troops to Iraq!

    We have been losing ground in Afghanastan since we took on Iraq, have you noticed. Pakistan is also falling apart because BUSH/CHENEY decided two wars was more fun than one.

    Where did many of the terrorists on the airplanes come from: Saudi Arabia. Look up Carlisle Group and see how the Bush Family is connected. Bush did not and would never call out the Saudi’s for funding terrorists, which they did.

    Hate to correct you but Halliburton WAS NOT the only company able to take on the job. Cheney gave his friends no bid jobs and it put money in his pocket. You are wrong again friend.

    You are definitely on my idiot list!


  15. Joe, you certainly seem to throw that “idiot” term around alot, and without any evidence other than your own short-sighted opinion.
    “I happen to live in Alaska and YOU SIR, ARE AN IDIOT! Palin is a walking, talking SOAP OPERA, and Obama is a statesman and scholar when compared to the previous administration.”
    Mere opinion, apparently you are an expert only because you live in Alaska.
    “Cheney/ Bush created a mess which will take decades to undo. THE FAILING ECONOMY IS A CHENEY/ BUSH PROBLEM! How many Trillions in wars and sweetheart ‘no bid’ deals for war money does it take to take down an economy – 8.”
    Again, merely opinion. And flawed opinion at that. You may have forgotten exactly how we got involved in those wars, so I will remind you. Islamic terrorists murdered 3,000 Americans in the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and in a field in Shankesville, Pennsylvania. Bush had no choice but to recognize Islam for the threat it was and to respond, unless you would have preferred that we all just lay down and die. As far as the “sweetheart, no-bid” deals, the only documented no-bid deals went to haliburton or its subsidiaries which happened to be the only companies that had the resources and experience to do certain jobs completely and cost effectively.
    As you said to Beavercleaver, “YOU SIR, ARE AN IDIOT!” And I personally think you should get a little experience in the real world before you continue to call others idiots. IDIOT!


  16. hey Beav,

    I happen to live in Alaska and YOU SIR, ARE AN IDIOT! Palin is a walking, talking SOAP OPERA, and Obama is a statesman and scholar when compared to the previous administration.

    Cheney/ Bush created a mess which will take decades to undo. THE FAILING ECONOMY IS A CHENEY/ BUSH PROBLEM! How many Trillions in wars and sweetheart ‘no bid’ deals for war money does it take to take down an economy – 8.


  17. Yes, but can she speak “Austrian”? Obama is proving to be quite an idiot. His sidekick moron, the court jester Biden, is a whole ‘nother story. Now he is coming up with fictitious conversations scolding Bush. He is always good for a laugh. At least Cheney was a serious adult. We are at the mercy of spoiled children for the next 4 years.

    Sarah Palin is looking like Einstein in comparison.


  18. Yes, but can she speak “Austrian”? Obama is proving to be quite an idiot. His sidekick moron, the court jester Biden is a whole ‘nother story. Now he is coming up with fictitious conversations scolding Bush. He is always good for a laugh. At least Cheney was a serious adult. We in the hands of spoiled children for the next 4 years.

    Sarah Palin is looking like Einstein in comparison.


  19. Indeed Jayna, it is a rant. But ranting is not writing. Ranting involves lots of name calling and extreme rhetoric. Writing is persuasive, makes intelligent points and supports them with facts.

    I never object to writing. I try hard to ignore ranting.


  20. Actually I quite loved your rant Helen! LOVED IT! thanks!

    Much love,

    Jayna Pavlin


  21. Ditto, ditto, ditto & ditto!!!

    Yes, The Caribou Barbie came to Georgia for Chambliss—and evidently enough of my Red-State bandwagon riding fellow Georgians were so chaffed about the GOP’s loss they got out in the numbers necessary to re-elect Saxby. (Sounds like a fast food chicken place doesn’t it?)

    You’re exactly right. Rush, Hannity, all of Fox News and especially Sarah Palin need to sit down and shut up……but you don’t need to!!!

    Keep on talking—I love you!


  22. After long abstinence I am back and wish to respond to Juneaujoe regarding his question of who ran up the debt over the past eight years.
    First of all, I visited your blog and found your writing and deeds to be commendable.
    Is the United States of America a government “OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE,” or are we “OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE—-except when being governed by George Bush Jr. wherein we become a “GOVERNMENT BY GEORGE?” If that one man is that powerful, we should never, never, never let him go!
    If you should go back to the day when the twin towers of The World Trade Center fell, you would find that the monies held by the Federal Government hadn’t been separated, and the Social Security Revenue was still a part of the general fund. Even with that money combined, the government was ‘busted’ when the sun set on New York City! THAT WAS EARLY IN THE BUSH PRESIDENCY. There is no man [nor woman] alive that could have gotten us through the last eight years debt free.
    At the very least, Barack Obama will have a ‘United States of America’ to govern. I know that no one could even imagine that what happened in The Soviet Union could happen here in the United States of America; we have too many safeguards in place! I must now point out that those “safeguards” were also supposed to prevent this present crisis.
    I don’t even pretend to be a smart person and I was most surprised of all Americans when a little provision called “BLUE SLIPPING” allowed a bill to originate on the floor of the Senate instead of the House where all revenue bills are supposed to originate. WHY WAS THAT PROVISION NOT USED DURING THE LAST TWO YEARS OF THE BUSH PRESIDENCY WHILE THE DEMOCRATS HELD THE MAJORITY? Remember; OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE.
    The truth is, We the people in the housing industry, we the people in the banking industry, we the people in the news industry and now we the people in the auto industry have screwed up like ‘Hogans Goat’ and now we need a ‘Scape Goat.’ Enter George W. Bush.
    If we knock the blame of the first two years of the Bush Presidency off and then subtract the blame of the last two years, we can only come up with four years of blame. Can we then place the blame of the last two years on the incoming President, Mr. Obama? Of course not, it still comes back to ‘we the people’ being less than scrupulous in how we allow our representatives to express our demands on governing.
    No Sir, we have seen a lot of change but one thing hasn’t changed; we are still a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE. Our voices have been heard through the people that we elected to represent us. George W. Bush has danced to the only tune that was played for him and he may have stepped on some toes but it’s now time to pay the fiddler.


  23. i hope iam doing this right

    look at this


  24. Feel the BURN!!!

    The Bush Depression™ ®2008



  25. Helen, you are an inspiration to many of us and a trouble maker by the standards of others among us! (why am I saying they’re among us?! They’re not part of us and I would not associate with bashing bigots)

    Keep up the good work!


  26. “You sound like you’ve got a bit of a gated community going yourself. Be careful you do not become the very thing you criticize.”
    Don’t worry hon, I’ll be fine.
    Anytime I get close to setting up some kind of easy-to-handle lil world, the larger world reasserts itself.
    Easy as pie…


  27. […] ladies whom I respect very much, and just love their blog, Margaret and Helen, wrote an article recently about “Oh sit down and shut-up” which I found great humor […]


  28. troutay…thank you, I am surprised that they’ve allowed me to stay in the kitchen as long as they have here; just shows you that Helen forgot to latch the screendoor first.


  29. […] Thursday, December 4, 2008 Reaching Across the Aisle Posted by Alli under politics | Tags: politics, Barack Obama, election, Republican, Democrat, womens issues, gay issues |   While on my wordpress homepage, and I came across this blog. […]


  30. Sorry, Abuck6,
    You trolls are all alike; getting personal and nasty while blaming others for the same thing. As far as my pic, it’s from the beautiful honeymoon I shared with my physicist husband in Mexico earlier this year.

    I don’t speak your language (hate and spite).

    Instead, I choose the high road:
    I’ll keep a good thought that whatever is plaguing your life and making you a miserable person will soon pass.

    Peace to you.


  31. Alaska Pi

    Regarding your comment, “You have a lot of American neighbors who are not going to just shake your hand and move on. I am one of them. I have had it with the portion of Americans who have pretended anyone not like them is some vast unwashed minority.”

    You sound like you’ve got a bit of a gated community going yourself. Be careful you do not become the very thing you criticize.

    The irony is that it’s the winning party that’s doing the complaining here. My guy lost, but I seem to be dealing with his loss better than my counterparts are dealing with their win.




  32. troutay-
    Thank you for your kind words.
    I always enjoy your voice here too.
    I almost howled though with my inclusion in your note.
    My dear ma , used to say -kindly-that she almost despaired of ever civilizing me.
    My boss tells me to go outside and compose myself when I start shooting my mouth off too loudly at work…
    I spend a LOT of time outside too- trying to calm down and deep breathe. I don’t know about your northern zone but it is useful in my neighborhood to do all that swearing outside… the neighborhood bears know where you are and stay away.


  33. Charles, Whirled Peas, P. Amazon and Pi:
    I can not put into words my concepts and beliefs the way you can. But I am glad you are part of “my team”.
    I tend to get too angry to verbalize properly, and I snip. I have never been a violent person, but when I hear the comments some of these people make, I want to whack their heads and see if they just might wake up. And no, I am not advocating violence, but it infuriates me to no end.
    Keep saying what I am thinking. Your skills help me keep the faith. I come here on a daily basis. It helps me be stronger in my own belief system and lets me know I am not alone in the world.
    I learn by your posts. So keep it up. Perhaps others will learn something too.
    Thank you.


  34. Political Amazon-
    “You are absolutely correct about this being a problem that cannot be solved with a handshake. And it’s not just between GOPers and Dems, either.”
    It has been feeling systemic lately- to me.
    Your take on the situation helps me name some of the shadows on the horizon. Am afraid my rural smalltown eyes had not pegged a great many factors you pointed out. Lots to think about and info to fill in. Thanks!
    If it’s not blood poisoning, as I’ve feared, maybe we’ll get through it ok in the end.


  35. giovanniworld-

    “The problem with the statement of yours is… it has been, and will be for the foreseeable future, you and your leftist friends that are dividing us!


    Ta-ta dear.

    I have seen you on other blogs- being more polite,or not- than you have been here but always going on about communism and advising others that Mr Obama will be able to manage to to make us all into communists behind our backs. Mr Obama may be many things but he is not a magician or a wizard. Sorry- plain old human being- you are vesting him with superhuman powers. I don’t.
    Now- I do worry about neighbors who punch out their own headlights and drive in the ditch following lines of thought that are fueled by over active imaginations. I do worry about that.
    I well remember a poll taken in the late 60s or early 70s . Given a piece of the Declaration of Independence , far too many folks rejected it as UN-American and unacceptable. Sounded too revolutionary to them… A semi-good call in that it WAS a declaration of revolution, scary that people had lost the sense that they were the progeny of those who deliberately struck out on a path to free themselves of tyranny. To rule themselves under laws, not men.
    We hired Mr Obama to be our administrator- that’s all. The checks and balances which have seen us through , though SORELY tested these last few years, still exist to curb excessive power grabs.

    If you need to believe this gobbeldgook, I’m
    sorry. You have something at stake in this that isn’t apparent …Pretty tired of folks who use “lefty” like a swear word.
    So, sorry- don’t have any leftist friends. Don’t know what you mean by it, doesn’t mean anything anymore…


  36. “LOl Well, I’m sorry if I got it wrong, Charles. The way it was worded, it seemed to me you were making the opposite point.”

    Thank you, though amused that I was mistaken for a troll…though with how my job is going, I might be living under the bridge looking for Billy Goat Gruff eventually…it was somewhat a shock to have what I thought was blatantly satire be taken as an actual viewpoint. I should have realized that typed words on a screen can be harder to tell the tone by and yes, I am the type who used to hang out with a very militant, lesbian feminist friend in college (not making a joke, she happened to be all three…she used to get confused when we were talking because sometimes she would remember I was a guy) and after she had gotten on her soapbox for quite awhile and then I would say something over-the-top mysoginist just to watch her explode before she would stop and look sheepishly because I was laughing so hard.

    I agree that there are a lot of very serious things to look at but I also think humor, sarcasm, satire and just plain out silliness can be a good thing.

    A great example for all of you who got f–ked over by prop 8 and missed dinner first…

    Well…back under the bridge for me.


  37. Well the Wasilla hilily probably, helpped the evil saksby chambless win and to yuor chagrin she will proably give God the credit! Sweet!!!!


  38. from Ann’s New Friend to
    “Whirled Peas

    You’re very open-minded. You accept anyone. Just as long as they agree with you. How facile to insult people for expressing a different view and then brag about your intelligence (while showing no evidence of actually possessing intelligence). ”

    Oh dear… go back and read again, dear. A VERY important distinction was made by Whirled Peas.
    A distinction we need to get hold of again in this country…There is a natural, healthy pushme-pullyou in opposing views that tends to keep us from veering off into the ditch. We have lost that healthy oppostion.

    You have a lot of American neighbors who are not going to just shake your hand and move on. I am one of them. I have had it with the portion of Americans who have pretended anyone not like them is some vast unwashed minority. These folks have acted like they need to gate themselves into a phony “Real America “enclave so they won’t catch some kind of cooties from their neighbors.
    I work hard, raised a family, pay taxes- played by all the rules and have been told for over 8 years that I am not a real American because I accept the reality of ALL of us.
    It might be tidy to have a small world where you set all the rules… I kinda wish the world worked that way. It doesn’t. Pretending it did for the last 8 years has put us in a monster mess…

    I ,for one , am terribly tired of the Allan types- who sneer and belittle- even when they do know big words. I like big words and a well reasoned argument , whether I agree with it or not. I am ,however, royally tired of snotty put-downs like Mr A Erickson’s. Put-downs JUST to put-down .
    Sometimes we all need to be told to cool our jets by others but never just to satisfy some nasty urge to hurt -like his remarks.

    So, sorry- Mr A Erickson did NOT express a different view for which he got slammed. He was nasty just to be nasty. He got slammed.


  39. “Then again, perhaps there are certain holy cows which are too serious to poke some fun at, even if it is at the expense of the detractors…and for my next trick, I will gladly insult and make fun of your religion, or any other sacred belief system that you or anyone else might hold…”

    LOl Well, I’m sorry if I got it wrong, Charles. The way it was worded, it seemed to me you were making the opposite point. But I must admit, no, I have very very little, if any, sense of humor where Palin is concerned. I certainly don’t want to be accused of being a nutjob knee-jerk liberal who can’t think or reason past the emotion, but with the economy the way it is, my health benefits costing more and covering less, salary freezes, everything, the fact that this woman got as close as she did, the fact that some people are still saying “Palin in 2012!!” amid news stories of school children in Idaho chanting “Assassinate Obama!” on the school bus, has me absolutely terrified. Can’t bring myself to even crack a smile, I’m afraid.


  40. Whirled Peas

    You’re very open-minded. You accept anyone. Just as long as they agree with you. How facile to insult people for expressing a different view and then brag about your intelligence (while showing no evidence of actually possessing intelligence). If Gov. Palin is so stupid, then why the need for Tina Fey? Half of the “stupid” things attributed to Gov. Palin were actually said by the comedian who portrays her.

    You might endeavor to evolve some yourself. Perhaps in the direction of becoming a better listener, a nicer person, and less of a hypocrit.

    Just a suggestion.


  41. “Typical leftist tyrants hoping to silence all opposition, insisting on freedom only for themselves and those who support their cynical myopia.”

    By: Allan Erickson on December 3, 2008
    at 12:53 pm

    Allan, Allan, Allan…we’re not trying to silence all opposition as much as trying to silence STUPIDITY (which weakens us as a species). Opposition, on the other hand, is what makes us stronger…but that’s the basis of EVOLUTION, something IDIOTS like The ‘Wasilla Hillbillie’ just can’t understand so she relies on the “GOD DID IT” excuse.

    As long as you come here without your head up your ass…

    …everybody is welcome to comment here at M&H.

    ~ PEACE ~


  42. I am beyond sad. I now have to put on my wading boots to read your delightful blog. I once asked you if you censored your blog and you told me, “No” and I was satisfied. I realize now that I was wrong to ask the question. You OWN this blog and you can do anything you want with it…could you please have Matthew bring your blog back to all the nice people who used to visit you? Could you ask him to get rid of all of these nasty people and their filth? Would you PLEASE censor these cranks & kooks? And I don’t mean the people who disagree with you…I mean the insane ones; the totally creepy ones; the ones who keep posting the same crap over and over again…the people who have ruined your beautiful forum for beautiful people…the people who want to destroy you just because you say what you mean and mean what you say! Please? Take back what is yours, Helen! The 1st Amendment does NOT apply to blogs!

    Love as always!


  43. Typical leftist tyrants hoping to silence all opposition, insisting on freedom only for themselves and those who support their cynical myopia.


  44. AlaskaPi:
    You are hearing the DIVIDED, not the dividers….
    This isn’t some kind of kiss-and-makeup-thingy that can be solved with a handshake. We ARE divided , in America, now. This is going to be a lot of work.
    If we can throw all this out in the open and kick it around, in the open, maybe we can remember what unites us ALL.”


    You are absolutely correct about this being a problem that cannot be solved with a handshake. And it’s not just between GOPers and Dems, either.

    Some Hillary Clinton supporters will not let go of the outcome of the primary. I think part of this has to do with sexist remarks made regarding Hillary.

    However, to my knowledge, NONE of these came from Obama and/or his campaign staff. So these Hillary supporters appear to be projecting on Obama and his supporters their residual anger about sexist remarks made in the media.

    Also, some Hillary supporters cast every criticism of Hillary Clinton (even legiimate ones) as being “sexist comments.” This clearly is not the case, and as long as they keep making these false accusations, the division will continue and may actually widen.

    I totally agree that it is unrealistic to expect a handshake will make it all go away.

    The comments made by the GOP towards the Obamas were indefensible. Sarah Palin inciting violence against Barak Obama was, IMO, criminal. The horrible racist crap spewed by conservative media and their viewers/listeners were horrible, and embarassing to America as a country.

    The Clintons also made veiled racist remarks, and padered to bigots. They also said terrible, inexcusible things against Barak Obama. I also believe that Hillary raised the specter of Obama being assassinated as a reason for her to stay in the primary longer, past the time that she had any real chance of winning.

    These insults are not going to be easily dealt with, and it will take time. It will help if our leaders can stop with the evil comments about other politicians, but even then, it’s going to take time.

    This is so similar to the GOP’s theft of the 2000 election. After the GOP defiled the sanctity of our votes, Bush Jr almost immediately after being shoved into the Oval Office by the SCOTUS started saying, “Get over it, move on.”

    Pardon, but he and the GOP destroyed forever our belief that our votes actually counted for something, that they were important to politicians, and that our votes would be counted.

    The sanctity of our votes is almost a religious belief with Americans. It is sacred. To defile that belief is like defecating on a church altar: it is something that will not be soon forgotten, and the defiled object–our votes or the religious altar–will never be the same afterwards.


  45. Refresh. Refresh. Helen has done it again. This one deserve an award of some kind!!!


  46. JuneauJoe:
    “Political Amazon,

    That was great! President Eisenhower warned us about the Military/Industrial Complex taking over.”


    Thanks, Joe. It is a long post, but blame-fixing on one person for a complicated problem or situation is one of my hot-button issues.


  47. “The point of the Grandma post: DON’T MESS WITH GRANDMA!

    Cheney Indictment- New Information is out!”


    Yesterday’s LATimes published a very short (perhaps 2 paragraphs long) “article” indicating that the charges against both Cheney and Gonzales had been dropped.

    It appeared in one of the middle pages of the A-section, below the fold.


  48. Political Amazon,

    That was great! President Eisenhower warned us about the Military/Industrial Complex taking over.



  49. “No, the thrust of this latest rant is NOT that Republicans should sit down and shut up. The thrust is that the dividers like the gov and some of the sillier talking heads make way for those of us who need to patch up relations in this country.”

    Now that’s funny. How’s that patching up relations work coming along?

    Keep up the good work. No dividers here. No sirree.

    You are hearing the DIVIDED, not the dividers….
    This isn’t some kind of kiss-and-makeup-thingy that can be solved with a handshake. We ARE divided , in America, now. This is going to be a lot of work.
    If we can throw all this out in the open and kick it around, in the open, maybe we can remember what unites us ALL.


  50. “It’s Bush’s fault for this BS war

    It’s the Democratic Congress that started this financial melt down and didn’t take action when they saw the warning signs.

    Most of all it’s our fault for letting this happen by electing them… own it!

    It is easy to lay blame.”


    1) IRAQ WAR: Agreed Bush Jr is responsible for the war.

    But I would like to add that he could not have done it by himself. Every politician, media outlet, and website that believed Bush Jr, despite plenty of evidence that what he and his surrogates were saying had major flaws (major enough to hold off committment until they could be sorted out) bears partial responsibility.

    For as much as people, especially co-workers at MSNBC, blubbered over the death of Tim Russert, no one ever mentioned the fact that it was under Russert’s watch that MSNBC–except for Keith Olbermann–supported Bush’s plans to invade Iraq when Russert had to know Bush Jr and his surrogates were lyng about the evidence to go to war.

    I don’t buy the BS excuse “He tricked us by lying to us.”

    Look, representatives in Congress have access to information, and resources to find out more, way beyond what normal Joes and Josephinas like us have access to and resources for. If people like me could find problems with the Bush Jr go-to-war disinformation being fed to the American people, then those with better resources and better access certainly could have done the same thing.

    This leaves us to a troublig conclusion no matter how you look at it:

    Politicians: They knew but, for their own political best interests (i.e., didn’t want to be attacked as “weak on defense,” whih may have hindered their chances for reelection) they went along with Bush’s lies and, in the case of congressional reps, used the power we, the voters gave to them, to give Bush Jr the powers to go to war.

    Media: They knew and did not speak out (indeed, actively supported the invasion of Iraq) because they did not want to suffer the public-relations (and advertising dollars lost) from opposing going into Iraq, which may have hurt their opportunities for better positions or other career goals.

    Politicians: They knew and supported the war anyway because of being beholding to lobbyists and defense/oil contractors, which provide lavish perqs and funding to their pet congressional politiians.

    Media: They knew and supported the war anyay because the media outlet’s owners and/or advertisers profited from the defense/industry. If owners of a media outlet are threatened by what the media outlet reports, they may suffer decreased income, leading to decreased advertisement…or the owners/advertisers could use their power to penalize the media people who spoke out against the owners/advertsers’ best interests. Either way, the media outlet, it’s budget and, therefore, it’s staff might find itself being cut.

    Politicians and Media: Theyare unable to use the significant resources available to them for research and fact-finding before such an important event like America going to war.

    They are also so gullible that they would believe, without researching, Bush Jr’s reasons for going to war (an action which his largest campaign contributors, and the huge corporation Cheney ran before naming himself vice-president), even though Bush Jr had been, even at that point, repeatedly proven to be a liar regarding important issues in which he or his cronies had financial interests.

    If it’s a) or b), they are ethically unfit for political and/or media positions of power because they have already shown themselves to be willing to put their own best interests ahead of the best interests of the American people, and the positions they hold are significantly powerful where what they do can negatively impact the future of America.

    They should be removed from office (or fired from the media outlet) immediately, and barred from holding a similar position of power in the future.

    If it’s c), then they are mentally incompetent to hold such political and/or media power and responsibility. Can you imagine them negotiting with, or interviewing, someone from the Chinese Government (well known for lying about anything and everything)? They would be so mentally feeble that they would accept without questioning or research what they were told, which could result in a very bad outcome for America.

    If they are so mentally feeble, they should be immediately removed from their position, and barred from seeking other similar positions of powerin the future.

    Indeed, if the accurate conclucion is c), they should not be in Congress, but should be in the Meals-On-Wheels program because they would be a danger to themselves and others if they had to use an oven or range-top.

    2) ECONOMY: You cannot accurately lay blame on the Democratic majoity in Congress since 2006 for the economy melt-down. By most reports, the recession started AT LEAST as far back as one year ago and, here in Californa (a major player in the economy) it is thought to have occurred even before that.

    But blame can be placed on everyone who supported Bush Jr’s invasion of Iraq, because we all had the opportunity to make wiser decision and didn’t. The Iraq war has been one of the major negative impacts on our economy, and drained us of sufficient resources, as well as ran up our national debt, which weakned the ability of the economy to respond to economic challenges.

    In addition, there is evidence that Bush Jr knew about the impending economic melt-down by at least a year ago, but–like the warnings about the 9/’11 attack–did nothing to try to stop the disaster from happening.

    Of course, the long-term problem was deregulation and lassaiez faire economic approach. Both policies go back for decades.

    So, while I see Bush Jr as bearing the majority of the responsibilit for the economic meltdown, every president and politician in Congress during the decades of deregulation bears responsibility, as well.

    I see it as like the sinking of the Titanic and large number of deaths that accopmpanied it. The ship design was faulty, and there were many marine engineers who pointed out the obvious flaws. So people with the power to not launch the Titanic until the problems were addressed ((the ship’s owners and the captain) had the information to do the right thing but, because of fears for their careers and/or financial profit, chose to risk the lives of the passegers and let it set sail, anyway.

    But it was the captain who ultimately had the power to not take the ship from port. True, they could have found another captain, but when the original captain made his reasons known for not taking the ship from port, there may have been enough public outcry that the ship owners would have been forced to suspend the launching until the problems were addressed.

    In addition, it was the captain who was in command of the ship when the decision was made to travel at night at an unsafe speed for the ice-berg infested waters where she sank. It was also on the captain’s watch that half of the lifeboats were removed from the ship for esthetic reasons.

    3) In the Iraq invasion and the economic melt-down, the voters also bear at least partial responsibility because they continue to support these ethically or mentally incompetent politicians or media outlet personnel. Without voter (or viewer) support, these people and/or organizations would be powerless.

    In the case of the Iraq invasion, the voters who voted for Bush Jr (especially the ones who voted TWICE for him) bear more voter responsibility than do the ones who did not vote for Bush Jr.

    So there is clearly enough blame to go around, and we all played a role in these two major disasters we are now dealing with.


  51. “No, the thrust of this latest rant is NOT that Republicans should sit down and shut up. The thrust is that the dividers like the gov and some of the sillier talking heads make way for those of us who need to patch up relations in this country.”

    Now that’s funny. How’s that patching up relations work coming along?

    Keep up the good work. No dividers here. No sirree.


  52. […] Sarah Palin, sit down and shut the hell up! So he called in the Republican attack dog… a certain pitt bull in lipstick who apparently has […]


  53. So, what is all the hub-bub about? I mean if a woman is a Democrat, and her husband is a Republican and they move to L.A. and then decide to get a divorce … Are they still legally married in Arkansas?

    Lighten up people …… Geeze. Now all of you, sit back take a deep breath, and remember … I love you.

    Now wasn’t that easy.



  54. I would like some of the righties who come here to give me a good definition of “American Values”.
    I am sick to death of hearing those words.
    If they mean denying members of our society equal rights, if they mean the war in Iraq was the right thing to do, if they think they have a right to stop others voices because they don’t agree, if they think their religion is the only path of the righteous, then they are not believers in American Values.

    Shut up already! We have dealt with your ilk for the past 8 years. You voted for this lame duck president who has accomplished nothing worthy of any historical note that has been positive. You support a woman who feels she should be able to burn books. You have supported vile mudslingers like those on Fox News. I could go on and on but what is the point?
    You come to this blog to push an opinion that is no longer popular. You are angry, and we understand that. But understand that as passionate as you are, we are just as passionate and you aren’t going to change our minds.


  55. Obviously you have only read this one post of mine…the point attempting to be made and poorly perhaps, or perhaps not, seeing now it received such an impassioned response, was how stupid the concept of having to support Palin because she is a woman, if you are a woman. This is why I included the quote :
    “Anyone claiming to be feminists and at the same time attacking women for not supporting someone just because they are a woman is a complete joke to the feminist movement.

    Amen, three cheers and here here!! People who think Palin is a feminist, and who think it’s feminist to support her, has no idea of the meaning of the word in its deepest, truest sense.”

    I have made a lot of responses to stements made here, some that I have agreed with and some which I have found plain stupid…and though I respect the passion with which you responded and to be honest, I agree with you…I have posted several times for me to support a candidate because he was make would be dumb, that to support anyone because of the group they belong to is stupid, or party or any other line like that…so, if you want to accuse me of being small minded and making the inference I am small minded, well go for it…I completely agree with your point but I am saddened that you have such a limited sense of humor that you were either incapable or unwilling to sense severe sarcasm when you read it…and not sarcasm against ‘feminists’ but rather exactly who you accuse me of being.

    “Feminism is the notion that women are individuals, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses, abilities and qualifications, shortcomings and talenst, just like men. A woman deserves to be judged by her intellect, her abilities, her education, drive, fortitude, qualifications, not by the fact that she doesn’t have a penis. Feminsim does NOT mean that you support a woman just because she’s a woman.”

    Very well stated and then followed up by the fact that you didn’t actually read what I wrote but heard what you EXPECTED me to have written:

    “Can you see how hypocritical that is? Hmmm…probably not. You apparently see very little. ”

    No wonder the f–king wingnuts think that ‘liberals’, progressives or dems are haters…sometimes, the intensity of passion colors what is read, interpreted or said overrides what actually was intended.

    Then again, perhaps there are certain holy cows which are too serious to poke some fun at, even if it is at the expense of the detractors…and for my next trick, I will gladly insult and make fun of your religion, or any other sacred belief system that you or anyone else might hold…


  56. I totaly agree we need to learn from history, when I said it is easy to lay blame, I was talking mainly about the bashing of parties.
    This mess was started long before the Bush Admin. with assistance of the restrictions on lending forcing a default swap to name one.
    I will also agree that I will back the decisions of the electorate as long as they are sound, I have to tell you that after all this my congresswoman is on the speed dial.
    The real question is; what can we say we are proud of about our country as a whole?
    I can think of nothing in recent memory


  57. “Well, if you hate people of another ‘race’ makes you a racist, then if you hate females you must be a feminist…is that the type of meaning of ‘feminist’ you mean”

    Well I’m glad you crack someone up. Perhaps men look at it from a different point of view. It seems to me that most men believe that the dumbest man is still better than the most brilliant woman. A man will support another man over a woman no matter what, simply because he’s a man. I guess, of course, unless that man is black, or otherwise “undesireable.” Let’s look at the flip side. Ann Coulter bad mouthed and put down Hilary Clinton every chance she got, for every little thing. But when Sarah Palin came along, suddenly it was great to be a feminist and to support the woman!! People like Ann Coulter and you obviously either simply don’t understand the concept of feminism, or it’s not convenient to your small minded world view to work within the definition of it. To break it down for you as simply as I can, I saw a bumper sticker once that said it all. It said, “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.” Feminism is the notion that women are individuals, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses, abilities and qualifications, shortcomings and talenst, just like men. A woman deserves to be judged by her intellect, her abilities, her education, drive, fortitude, qualifications, not by the fact that she doesn’t have a penis. Feminsim does NOT mean that you support a woman just because she’s a woman. All the women who didn’t support Hilary Clinton, are they women haters and anti-feminists too? Can you see how hypocritical that is? Hmmm…probably not. You apparently see very little.

    I didn’t support Sarah Palin, but not because she was a woman. If she had been a man and had given such feeble answers to Katie Couric and Matt Laur and then blamed them for aking him look bad, if he had refused to answer the questions asked of him during the vice presidential debate, if he had taken action to ban books, fired a museum curator for basically bringing art that made peoople think too much, ran his governor’s office by bullying and firing anyone who didn’t agree with him, lied to the American public about the earmarks he took, and about a pipeline project he claimed he didn’t support, but actually did support, until congress’s support dried up, but kept the money anyway, encouraged people at his rallies to scream “TERRORIST!!” and “KILL HIM!!” at the mention of his opponent’s name, especially when his opponent just happened to be black, thereby bringing race into it, and weak-minded people’s fear of it, and using it as a tool to gain their votes, took action to kill sex educatin and supported the criminalization of hormonal birth control, making abstinence the only option for our daughters while he had a pregnant teen daughter at home, curtailing her high school experience and forgoing college to marry some drop out goober who describes himself as a “F*&$king redneck” and sacrificing her potential, and by his policies demanding, practically forcing MY daughter to do the same, (and at the same time parading that pregnant daughter around like a showpiece as she entered her third trimester and shouldn’t have been flying at all anyway) if that man had been of such a feeble mind and so filled with arrogant, ignorant hubris as to thumb his nose at brilliant scientists like Robert Bakker and Carl Sagan and many others by denying and ignoring their findings, thereby demonstrating a gross inability to effectively delegate and defer when needed, I wouldn’t support that man, either. A penis or a vagina is not the issue with Palin. It’s the no brain that’s the issue. Pure and simple.


  58. lingeringmethane:

    Bush is now saying he had no part in any problem which developed in 8 years. Right Wingers are in agreement. We are in a RECESSION! Congress was owned by Republicans most of the time Bush was in office. I believe he Vetoed 0 times during that 6 years – they got whatever they wanted.

    Bush recently said: He wished the intelligence on Iraq was more accurate. Cheney went to intelligence officials and pressured them to toe the line of what they said. Cheney and Bush got their intelligence and that threw us into a war of lies.

    I agree, it is easy to blame, however, we should learn from history. We need to lay out the facts and make changes if things were done poorly.

    We have a long list of how not to do it from the Bush Administration!

    Again, Let us now agree to back the decisions of President Obama and the new Congress knowing that they have a hell of a mess to get us out from under. (That mess was created with the Republicans in charge!)


  59. It’s Bush’s fault for this BS war

    It’s the Democratic Congress that started this financial melt down and didn’t take action when they saw the warning signs.

    Most of all it’s our fault for letting this happen by electing them… own it!

    It is easy to lay blame


  60. “Anyone claiming to be feminists and at the same time attacking women for not supporting someone just because they are a woman is a complete joke to the feminist movement.”

    Amen, three cheers and here here!! People who think Palin is a feminist, and who think it’s feminist to support her, has no idea of the meaning of the word in its deepest, truest sense.

    Well, if you hate people of another ‘race’ makes you a racist, then if you hate females you must be a feminist…is that the type of meaning of ‘feminist’ you mean 🙂

    As my kids will tell you, sometimes I crack myself up…


  61. Abuck6,

    Tell me about your assessment of the last eight years please.

    While your Fox News was cheerleading the wonderful Republicans, THE ECONOMY WENT TO HELL, WE GOT INTO TWO EXPENSIVE WARS – (WMD – remember?) The two wars were put on credit cards? Good idea? Who pays and when?
    GLOBAL WARMING – man made? Should scientists who study global warming have their papers edited by a 28 year old political hack who is making brownie points with higher ups? Saudi Arabia? Cheney: Energy Policy was set in secret meetings with ENRON! Good Policies?
    AFGHANISTAN- IS IT GOING TO HELL BECAUSE WE DID NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO DO THE JOB? Did we in fact get caught up in a second war that squandered our resources and is causing quagmires in both places. BY THE WAY, DID SPENDING A TRILLION OR SO ON WARS HELP CAUSE THE ECONOMY TO TANK? Katrina – Did Brownie do a good job? Guantanamo: Good?.
    Shredding the Constitution by Gonzales/ Bush/ Cheney? Good?

    Palin: She is super Bush! BUSH CAUSED THE ECONOMIC MESS WHICH OUR COUNTRY AND THE WORLD NOW FACES! Hate speech: Palin sure used it? Fine with you?

    I put up with Bush for 8 years. I did not do a lot to impede his efforts. I ask that you give President Obama time to sort through the mess that Bush/ Cheney/ Rumsfeld/ Rove/ Gonzales created in 8 short years.


  62. Alaska Pi
    “She told the dividers to get out of our, collective, ALL of America!, way and let us patch up our sad old country.”

    The problem with the statement of yours is… it has been, and will be for the foreseeable future, you and your leftist friends that are dividing us!



  63. “Anyone claiming to be feminists and at the same time attacking women for not supporting someone just because they are a woman is a complete joke to the feminist movement.”

    Amen, three cheers and here here!! People who think Palin is a feminist, and who think it’s feminist to support her, has no idea of the meaning of the word in its deepest, truest sense.

    Interesting the studies I’ve read recently, that say that republicans experience few if any deja vu and other things like that. I think it’s a small, narrow, linear, stubborn mind that just is naturally drawn to the republican party. Oh, and of course, easily manipulated. All you have to say is “I hate the gays and outlaw abortion!!!” and it doesn’t matter how stupid you are, the conservatives will give you as much power as you want.


  64. To Ann’s New Friend (11/29, 5:30 pm post): “There’s only so much hand-wringing and self-pity that a country can take.”

    You’re right. I wish you Repubs would cut it out.


  65. She’s an IDIOT:

    Get over her wingnuts. We’ll all be better off when the Wasilla Hillbillies are back in the trailer park.


  66. They’ve called the election for Saxby Chambliss. I really kinda want to cry.


  67. I love your blogs. The malcontents who want to villify you for speaking the truth need to turn off Fox for a while and pay attention to the real world. Don’t worry about their asinine comments. They think Sarah Palin is smart, so that tells you just how limited their intelligence is. Since she’s so great, perhaps they ought to move to Alaska and join “First Dude’s” AIP so they can start their own lily white, hypocritical, dimwitted, right wing, homophobic, misogynist, xenophobic Utopia. They’d better hurry up though, because Alaskans are getting smarter and Caribou Barbie probably won’t be re-elected.


  68. Why does Fox News dominate the ratings? All of the left wing stations are a joke! Anderson Cooper and Keith Olbermann…how do they have jobs?

    95% of newspapers are extremely biased…the Wall Street Journal is the best out there. If you are getting your news from the NY Times or the Post you are definitely drinking the left wing Kool-Aid!

    I enjoy Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly more the rest of them…and that’s because they aren’t afraid to speak the truth! They openly bash both sides when they try to get answers! Newt is good, Gretta is good, Megyn Kelly is good…Hannity is just OK in my opinion.

    It looks like Al Franken hasn’t been able to steal the election in my state…Lord knows that he’s tried!

    Please let the Big 3 go bankrupt!

    Go Saxby!

    To all of the bleeding hearts…get over Sarah Palin! She’s not a bitch…she’s just a good looking conservative that threatens your radical beliefs! Go kill your babies, go ask the government for more handouts, go continue to be a leech on society…that’s your problem.

    Skyewriter…I’m guessing that you are a troll yourself? If that’s your picture attached to your posts, I already know the answer. You are probably a victim of the system as well?

    Helen…I enjoy the passion that you spew in your blogs! It’s hard to fault someone like that. You may want to hold back a little though…you are starting to sound a little “nuts”. I don’t agree with anything that you say, but I still visit your blog…Thanks.


  69. Love you!!!!! LOVE your blog. Ignore the haters they are just jealous of your fame and glory!!!!! Brilliant!!!! Keep it up!


  70. “Sean Hannity is a waste of the time it took me to type this sentence. Sit down and shut the hell up, Sean. Winning in a debate against Alan Colmes is like Michael Phelps lapping me in the pool.”

    LOL! Brilliant! Easily the best thing I’ve read all day (and I read a lot).

    Love your blog!


  71. Wonderful post, brilliant rant. Love it!


  72. Anyone who supported Sarah Palin just because she’s a woman is not a feminist. They are a sexist. Feminism is about a woman’s freedom to choose. Not about getting as many vaginas as possible in government.

    Sarah Palin is about as bad as they come. She is just plain horrible as her job.

    She claimed she said “Thanks but no thanks” to the bridge to no where but still wasted 25 million dollars on it’s construction only to abruptly cancel it when the political wind shifted. Not only that but she has the same horrible foreign policy that got us into Iraq and would have likely taken us to Iran.

    She would have made an absolutely shitty president. Not because she has a vagina but because she has a pea sized brain.

    It’s sad to see so many rabid so called “feminists” attacking two women for exercising the rights real feminists fought so hard to give them.

    Anyone claiming to be feminists and at the same time attacking women for not supporting someone just because they are a woman is a complete joke to the feminist movement.


  73. Oh crap- the rats came back. The ones who think they are reasonable…
    The rats came back the very next day…


  74. […] (Guantanamo), a defunct second political party (GOP), bitter partisanship (Rush Limbaugh), public ignorance (Sarah Palin), terrorist attacks around the world (Mumbai), home loan default, unemployment (auto […]


  75. […] (Guantanamo), a defunct second political party (GOP), bitter partisanship (Rush Limbaugh), public ignorance (Sarah Palin), terrorist attacks around the world (Mumbai), home loan default, unemployment (auto […]


  76. Jon Paul, your own words: “Look if you don’t like Fox News don’t watch it. By the way, that’s not a right it’s a prerogative. If you don’t like Limbaugh and Coulter and Hannity et al., then don’t listen to them. Remember…prerogatives”

    If you do not like Helen’s blog, don’t read it. Have a good evening.


  77. Wow, do the peeps who keep commenting on this post realize that the pathos of their comments only reaffirms that Helen is right?

    Since the election the unspoken fear of conservatives is that no one [important/mentally stabile] is listening anymore. Not even those closest allies who they could always rely on for support in the past. They can’t handle winning without breaking a country in two, starting an unjust war, and putting the constitution through the shredder. So we’ll see how gracefully their constituents handle losing. Right. But I’m not looking forward to the societal manifestations of their angst once the shock of loss really passes and they finally begin to accept that no one gives a damn anymore. Not even the dupes (majority of Americans). History doesn’t have very good things to say about what happens when conservatives have to accept their place as merely one franchise amongst the others. Plurality is to the GOP as cancer is to my balls; or better yet, plurality is to the right as fertilizer bombs are to government buildings. God Bless America.

    Helen’s right, STFU.


  78. Hi Helen,

    I stumbled upon your blog and love it! I actually discovered it through a comment left on my blog by a Sarah Palin lover.

    Evidently our blogs and particular posts related to Sarah are considered to be a “List of Trash Palin Blogs.”

    See goodtimepolitics

    We must be doing something right.


  79. Dearest Helen:

    One word:



  80. Of the first part I understand that this is your blog. And just like every writer on earth we have our good days and we have our bad days. So ‘sit down and read.’

    Far be it from me, but someone has to do it…there is a significant difference between homeland security and heroism in battle. Enough said.

    All politicians utilize those others’ in the party who are hot, and bring attention to one’s campaign. Every business does it; however, do me and your readers a favor and gripe about General Motors Corp., for breaking its contract with Tiger Woods of approximately 8 million dollars.

    You are the reason that I don’t want to know my neighbors other than by mere platitudes. I have and hopefully will continue to post on your blog; however, this post is the most vile I’ve seen from you.

    Look if you don’t like Fox News don’t watch it. By the way, that’s not a right it’s a prerogative. If you don’t like Limbaugh and Coulter and Hannity et al., then don’t listen to them. Remember…prerogatives.

    Funny thing however, the news I watch and the papers I read are full of praises for President Bush and his entire administration’s willingness to assist Barack Obama during the transitional phase which I hasten to remind you is an extremely important aspect of homeland security.

    Oh hell, don’t be so angry!


  81. Palin has more character, political intelligence, common sense, patriotism and leadership skill than most people in our country.

    Her so-called extremist views were mainstream not so long ago. At least half of us still honor traditional American values, not the BS new morality LeftWingLoons pedal, with a vengeance.

    She has the right to free speech, regardless of the cranks and critics who whine and moan for no good reason, leveling unfound accusations, insults and idiotic remarks.

    Only a true fascist tells another American to shutup.


  82. Helen,

    Your posts are always the highlight of my day! This one included! And you’re right you really should know your neighbors! In our neighborhood we are like one big, happy, dysfunctional family!…And it’s the best dysfunctional family I could ask for!

    Thanks again Helen!


  83. LOL, never thought a couple of old women would be so harsh.

    “So Sean, Ann, Rush, Sarah et al. I am not asking for you to give up even a single limb for your country… just your tongue. We’ve heard enough of your crap. We’re ready to move on to better days and smarter people.”

    So, it’s ok for me to listen to you spout off and say what you want, but if my opinion (or theirs in this case) differs from yours, I have to be quiet?

    No thanks–don’t particularly care for people telling me I have to be silent because my views “offend” them. Deal with it.

    Your views are offensive to me yet I’m going to be the last one to say that you don’t have the right to say it.

    I think it’s sad that you’re being so spiteful towards your neighbors whose views are different. Glad I don’t live in your neighborhood 🙂


  84. An Coulter has no right to free speech because your genius three year old daughter can write, in your opinion, better than a Law School graduate who clerked for a Supreme Court justice.

    Have you compared your writing to that of your three year old genius daughter? You may reach a very surprising conclusion.


  85. The comments from your neighbors are exactly what I hear from my grandparents ALL the time. It is hard to hold your tongue around people like that.


  86. How did you manage to survive so long without the ability to hold a cogent thought?

    You “ladies” need to get a life, dearies. Hatefulness toward those who disagree with you isn’t conviction and being “frank” about folks you can’t understand isn’t being honest.

    It’s just being old, cranky and bigoted.

    You must be a joy for the family during holidays. . .


  87. MIN VAN-
    ” I have donated to planned parenthood in Governor Palin’s honor.”
    YAHOO! Love it!
    You are now an honorary ornery Alaskan!
    Come see us all when we manage to fire the gov-somehow. We’ll show you around. You like salmon? Halibut?
    heeheeeheee…wish I could see the envelope get opened…


  88. Kudos to you dear Helen, I am SO tired of all the parroting I hear day in and day out! Just a peice of karma, Ann Coulter has her jaw wired shut (hahahaha!!!) I heard that and smiled all day long!!!



    you absolutely did not ruin my holiday w your rant!

    Kudos to you for your wonderful response to the neighbors who parrot the s… they hear from Ann Cultbrain, Flush Limbaugh and Faux News!! let them live in fear, the poor idiots!


  90. Something Wicked This Way Comes! We are suffering from Saxby-overload here in Georgia. I was appalled by the way he trashed Max Clelland in the last election! Bringing in the lip-stick-pit-bull just adds to her undeserved 15 minutes of fame.
    To help me deal with the Palin-drones here in Gwinnett County (Big RED county!) I have donated to planned parenthood in Governor Palin’s honor.

    When asked where I would like the notification sent, I chose the Governor’s office in Alaska.
    Juneau Office
    Alaska State Capitol Building
    Third Floor
    P.O. Box 110001
    Juneau, AK 99811-0001
    Just to let her know how special I really think she is.


  91. Rick the Dick,
    Be sure to read more before deciding who’s what (Hint: I’m a former Republican, as are many others here).

    You also want to make sure that after you say “Yes, I can say that because I think the right and the left are all greedy self absorbed nut’s!!”

    that you don’t immediately follow up with

    “…enjoy it you brainwashed hags…it will be back on the Repubs side in 4.”

    You sound like a Bill O’Reilly dissembler.


  92. OMG…another kook from the left! Yes, I can say that because I think the right and the left are all greedy self absorbed nut’s!!

    Seems like anybody that doesn’t eat, sleep and digest the proverbial Left Wing agenda is an ass, irrelevant, stupid etc…. no wonder the Dems have to work so hard to finally have the media give them the presidency.

    …enjoy it you brainwashed hags…it will be back on the Repubs side in 4. You all make me so sick…no wonder this country has so many problems. Start with the Congress, fire them all…then put folks like you and the far right in a mental institution.

    Enjoy the Holidays! :>)


  93. Just like the horrendous tragedy of 9-11-01, we will never forget the saintly caribou Barbie – Sarah Palin. Although she and John McCain lost the battle, the war for conservatism, national security, and Christian principles rages on.


  94. GoingNutzinGA, the trolls *always* prove the point of wonderful people like Helen. They never have verifiable truth or facts of any kind to back up their “arguments” because facts don’t exist to back up their arguments. All they have is vitriol and hate and badly mangled Bible quotes (or Rush Limbaugh quotes or Sean Hannity quotes, etc.). And you’d think they’d be better at crafting their insults since that’s all they do, but they’re not even good at that. They don’t even realize how ridiculous and ignorant they sound.


  95. Helen, I officially adore you. I sincerely and deeply wish you were my neighbor, because I would bring you some of the pie and turkey frame soup I made over the weekend just so I could sit and talk with you. Words cannot adequately describe how much I enjoy reading your blog. Brava!


  96. While I love my MIL she is a high school drop out, but has her own opinios and told us that “He’s (Obama) going to sell us out”. Now what is that suppose to mean, uh I think we’ve already passed that, have you noticed the unemployment rate because of jobs leaving the country?!?


  97. PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) is a beautiful thing to behold! LOL.

    Great blog ladies. I will definitely be coming back for more hijinks! I disagree with your post completely but you do it with such style!
    *claps and bows* !!


  98. First time to check out your blog. Wow. It is now bookmarked and I will check back often.


  99. But, please, go suckle Sarah Palin. I’m sure she’ll kick your raggedy ass to the curb, right after she’s used you as an object lesson why Democrats and Obama are so evil.

    Almost as rich in irony as the hens clucking over the maturity level of the trolls. Now that was a real study in contrast.

    In your fervor to degrade them, you have become them.


  100. Wow! This is the first time I’ve read Helen’s blog, but the trolls sure proved her point. If you can’t win with facts and logic, spew hatred and filth and hope it obscures the truth.

    As a Georgia voter, I have been disgusted with the runoff election advertising — all of you in other states, be thankful you don’t have to deal with this! As someone said, there are lies, damn lies and statistics, and both sides of this election have certainly skewed facts and statistics to support their position. But the award for the most hate-filled fear-mongering certainly goes to Chambliss and the “not sponsored by any candidate” supporters.

    It’s particularly ironic that Chambliss and his backers say they have to defeat Martin to prevent Obama and his policies from ruining the nation’s economy. Hello? In eight years we’ve gone from a budget surplus and growing economy to an enormous deficit and industries collapsing all around us.

    As for Gov. Palin, she lost any shred of respect I might have had for her when she held campaign events and encouraged the audience to boo the opposition. Certainly, everyone has the right to different opinions, but if you can’t express them in a civil manner — then sit down and shut up (to quote) — and that goes for people on all sides of the political spectrum.


  101. go sarah!


  102. After the fools this weekend, I was pleased to read this:

    Karen DeYoung at the WaPo had an interesting report on the change of style that Obama is bringing to the White House, particularly in how it approaches the military:

    Obama has been careful to separate his criticism of Bush policy from his praise of the military’s valor and performance, while Michelle Obama’s public expressions of concern for military families have gone over well. But most important, according to several senior officers and civilian Pentagon officials who would speak about their incoming leader only on the condition of anonymity, is the expectation of renewed respect for the chain of command and greater realism about U.S. military goals and capabilities, which many found lacking during the Bush years.

    “Open and serious debate versus ideological certitude will be a great relief to the military leaders,” said retired Maj. Gen. William L. Nash of the Council on Foreign Relations. Senior officers are aware that few in their ranks voiced misgivings over the Iraq war, but they counter that they were not encouraged to do so by the Bush White House or the Pentagon under Donald H. Rumsfeld.

    “The joke was that when you leave a meeting, everybody is supposed to drink the Kool-Aid,” Nash said. “In the Bush administration, you had to drink the Kool-Aid before you got to go to the meeting.”

    There’s no better way to lose a war than to have your on-the-ground decisions be forced through an ideological prism. And it was obvious even to outsiders that this was how Bush was conducting the Iraq war — indeed, it was the decisive factor behind the very decision to invade in the first place. It’s even more telling that the military minds involved saw that this was occurring too.

    But in truth, this constitutes not merely the entire Bush approach to governance, but conservative governance as well. Thus — to use one example out of many — during Bush’s tenure there was not a single economic problem that could not be solved by anything other than tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulation of the financial sector.

    Of course, we now realize that this was simply a prescription for gobbling PCBs after a diagnosis of cancer.


  103. Alaska Pi….”being of an age when maintaining a heartbeat and breathing constitutes multi-tasking”—that’s a hoot! God bless ya! You are definitely one of Helen’s warriors, too, in spite of your bad hip and arthritic hands. I look forward to your offerings when I see your name here.


  104. charles-
    You have been one of the heavy lifters in this cyber-smiting thingy-along with chalk, Political Amazon, Voltairesreader,smteaches, JuneauJoe, Jean( yay- yes, MAJOR distinction and major shift in human thinking when we moved from religious based moral doctrine to economic) and so many others.
    You all can hang in the pantry…
    What with my bad hip, arthritic hands and being of an age when maintaining a heartbeat and breathing constitutes multi-tasking I haven’t been able to do much except throw distractions at trollies while you folks collar the rats and smite em…I’ll tell Helen I had an uncontrollable fit when I heard the gov was off to Georgia to account for the mess here…
    I am SOOOO tired of the gov skipping out on her chores here at home.


  105. I love this blog. As for the bashers who love nothing more than attacking Helen for what she says – go away. If you don’t like what she has to say, don’t read it. Go watch Fox News or listen to Limbaugh or Ann Coulter. Go start your own blog. Leave Helen alone. HELEN – KEEP TALKING! WE LOVE YOU!


  106. Yo, JuneauJoe…Like you, I’m a child from the 50s and 60s, so I know when I need to “duck and cover”. Putting Helen’s home here back to order yesterday and last night, I felt, was best left to her finest warriors. And what a fine job you all did!

    Knowing that you are back at your post this morning reassures me that all’s right with the world!


  107. […] |               Helen and Margaret are two people I discovered this past weekend. Click here for a visit to Helens site. Prepare to be blown away. Not necessarily by the fact that Helen is 82 […]


  108. JuneauJoe, you have been a heroic fighter here and I expect that you must be pretty tired.To all who defended the site-I write as more of a cheerleader than a participant: It was wild but worth it. I hope Helen and Margaret appreciate it. Change requires some destruction.


  109. Dee-NJ: You have to REALLY pretend hard to give a pass to Palin on intellect, world knowledge and being politically savvy.
    That is an excellent point about flying late in pregnancy – hadn’t thought about that.
    Palin has 2 kids who have dropped out of high school. How many governors or Potential Presidents? can boast about that.

    Elsie – You almost got blamed for the mess but I thought you were still online.


  110. As always, I’m amazed that it seems as though you read my mind. Thanks for the voice of sanity!


  111. Hey, troutay. It was quite a firefight around here recently, but it seems that most of the trolls, roaches and rats returned to their own debris fields. You were mentioned in your absence as one of the contributors respected by Helen’s many friends. I was here late last night (central time zone) and have now returned to check in (too) early this morning. So I’m going to get me some coffee and try to wake up. I look forward to your posts today. I hope that Helen will have some pithy wisdom to impart this day about whatever she cares to. Her blog here, and a good cup of coffee, get my day off to a fine beginning.


  112. Oh My! You all have been very very busy.
    Good morning from Minnesota.


  113. The Alaskan Governor must go away !
    Let’s pretend that she is intelectually gifted. Let’s also pretend that she is politically savvy – even regarding national and globals issues.
    But there is no way we can pretend that she was ever a sensible married mother of four children.
    She was EIGHT months pregnant with a FIFTH child that could very likely have a risky and complicated birth.
    However, in her maternal “wisdom”, she chose to FLY from Alaska to Texas to make a speech ! Then, when early labor begins, she (on the advice? of her Wasila doctor) decides to forego choosing a nearby university hospital and FLY back home to deliver that precious child !
    There are usually no facilities, competant obstetricians or pediatric specialists on those flights. In fact, late term pregnancies are not usually allowed on commercial flights.
    Again, I repeat – she NEEDS to go away !


  114. mccain did it. the msm told me.


  115. well ,more out my soabox and going baxckto lurcking in the pantry so somoone elseeeee can take the fall for the mess at helen,s house


  116. So neighborly of all of you teaming up on your story – but Grandma’s don’t ground you. They give you chores & make you go to the drug store. AND they might withhold the pie and cake & wouldn’t we all be bummed if that happened?

    There’s not a whole lot of spilled Troll blood left – it kind of looks like ketchup so maybe she won’t notice.


  117. She won’t ground us…that means we would be sticking around and never leaving the house. Think about it.

    Jean, thanks for the history on Communism, I haven’t had to study Marxism for over twenty years when I first ended up dropping out of University…didn’t think much of it then either, though I did study the connection between the utopian theories of Marx and Freudian theories and…well, at least it was marginally more interesting than over two years studying St Augustine.

    I think that in America, especially in ‘political’ discourse Socialism is used as another term for Communism, calling into question everything from not trusting labor unions to McCarthyism to any other evil that we can imagine…the boogeyman emerging from the closet. Yet, socialism appears to have been used to great good in certain European countries, providing everything from healthcare, college level education, actual care during retirement…those Damned Swedes anyway…and Swiss and…well, you get the idea.

    Another statement I agree with was the one concerning confusing Democrat with Doormat (sorry, I don’t recall who wrote that), I do not think that should be missed…personally, I am opposed to a lot of the gun legislation, though I am not a member of the NRA, I oppose legislation that censors art, I oppose legislation which tries to shroud certain religious beliefs within a civil structure…I understand the actions taken by groups in the past and present which dissent from the status quo, from the Women’s Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the Labor Movement, ELF, ALF and other direct actions. I do not believe that ‘loving’ this nation means blindly accepting what our society or our leaders tell us but rather acting, thinking, attempting to change, continuing to evolve…and perhaps even getting to the point where we do recognize that class inequality is not a moral issue.

    Well, wore out my soapbox and going back to lurking in the pantry so someone else can take the fall for the mess at Helen’s house.


  118. yes, sarah palin is a woman, but she doesn’t represent ALL women. therefore, when we call sarah palin an idiot, we are calling HER and not the female sex idiots.

    why is this so hard to grasp?


  119. JuneauJoe: Being grounded is better than Palin for President!

    LOL…no way can I read all 600+ responses tonite.

    But I agree with you JuneauJoe—being grounded is definitely better than Palin for President.

    Keep up the good fight, all of you!


  120. Good night all!

    Being grounded is better than Palin for President!


  121. in the morning… when we get our story straight.


  122. Hey, Alaska Pi: So I have been able to read through only about the first 200 comments; you all have been fighting the good fight for TWO days! I wish I had had internet access. I love me some troll-talkin’.

    What a bunch of tools that have found this lovely little corner of the web and have been hurling their dog doo-doo over the fence into Helen’s virtual yard.

    Oh well, not everyone can be born smart, witty, and articulate–that is to say, like Helen and most of the fine folks here.

    I am off to see the Sandman; if anything else goes down, here’s my alibi that I was asleep (hubby can corroborate said alibi).

    G’nite all and sweet dreams of trolls with cramped typing fingers dancing in your heads.


  123. “Okay, here’s the deal. Cyber-smiting Trollies is good exercise! We were working on a new aerobic video concept for H&M!

    Yeah, that’s it. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.”
    Oh my…elegant! “cyber-smiting”, eh? “aerobic video concept”?

    Juneau Joe!!!
    We have a plan!

    G’night all- from the big land and sky and water that is my home…this cyber-smiting thingy REALLY is tiring.

    Thanks Helen and Margaret for having all of us in. Well, not all of us this go-round but we’ll tell you about it in the morning…


  124. Let’s put on our big-girl panties, bring the tea and cake, and tell Helen honestly that she inspired us to stand together to tell them to sit down and shut the hell up…..then when all chaos ensued, we simply tried to protect the furniture and the heirlooms and keep the house in one piece, and now we’re cleaning up the mess and patching up our wounds.

    If she doesn’t believe us, we’ll blame the little ones…..we’ll tell her we went to an adults-only post-holiday gathering and while we were gone the little ones ran amuck and threw a wild party, but we’ve grounded THEM and we’re making THEM clean up the mess.

    I think she’ll let us off the hook with a stern warning and the understanding that we’ll all be grounded if it happens again.

    And to all a good night!


  125. Blame someone that has already gone to sleep!

    I was going to take the blame because I am here in Alaska. But then I thought, Palin is in Georgia, she could go to Texas to pick up Helen and bring her back here and my ears would be pinched and squeezed and I would be saying SORRY MAAM! I will never, ever do that again. Then she would see my fingers crossed and

    Can’t do it.

    Skyewriter is in Trouble! or the video
    or blame someone who is asleep already.


  126. AMEN and AMEN


  127. “Political Amazon-
    Been worrying about all of us getting grounded too.
    Should we take it like grown-ups or should we run for cover now…?”


    Okay, here’s the deal. Cyber-smiting Trollies is good exercise! We were working on a new aerobic video concept for H&M!

    Yeah, that’s it. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.


  128. Toast- we are toast.

    skyewriter – did you REALLY look around at the mess here? didigerdoodles was merely the last of a whole gob o ratty messiah-unto-thyself types that got in… there were a few interesting new folks … but, boy …



  129. debbie – you have an idea there! Obama, Bush, Clinton –

    Nixon!! He was evil! But GW is just as bad. Can we still blame GW or does he have the too stupid to blame thing going on?

    Skyewriter – stuck – YOU ARE IN TROUBLE! unless someone can figure something out quick.


  130. Thanks for taking the hit Skyewriter. I think Helen will be nicer to girls. She would probably take me by the ear and I hate that.

    We owe you!


  131. PS: I think digidarpsiedoodle or whatever needs to head back to his niche and think about why he might be the only one occupying it.

    I’ll take the blame for the silly string and lingering stench from whoop-ass empties. Love to you all,


  132. Let’s just blame it on Obama. I mean everything else is his fault.


  133. Will insurance cover the window?


  134. Blame Skyewriter – she had the last post!

    They deserved to be thrown out though – they badmouthed Helen!


  135. Well…
    maybe you have something there JuneauJoe…

    You have any smart ideas for explaining the broken front windows you… uh, we tossed that last batch o rats through?

    Helen’s too sharp for just any old story…I think we need a whopper!


  136. You know that you are reading a good blog (and good blog commentary) when the trolls are lumbering in and out in greater and greater numbers, but still with the same lousy verbal coordination.

    My brother (an attorney) and one of my brother’s-in-law (a contractor) got in a screaming match Thursday over Sarah Palin. SARAH PALIN!

    Brother: “She’s a scary, stupid, racist, idiot”.

    Brother-in-law: “Obama pals around with terrorists”.

    Notice that B-in-L did not address the Palin issue? Kind of like most of those whose chosen candidate lost the election. Can’t get a straight answer out of ’em and boy are they testy if you try.

    Their only defense is to cry foul that they are getting bullied, instead of saying: “yeah, we got the crap beat out of us because most folks had the brains to vote for an intelligent, well-spoken, American rather than the “Imperial Doofus/ Blue-Blood-of-the-month” (or 96 months, I suppose).

    Trolls. *Yawn*. Go ‘way now and play with the other drips in the sand box.

    I missed you all! Lots of comments to read through. . .


  137. That never worked before, probably won’t work this time either.

    How do you say? Deep Shit



  138. We could say we were defending her honor and we held back as long as we could take it but then….

    it just happened too fast. I think they threw the first punch. We need to tell her that the police did not come – thank god. So it really is ok. She needed new furniture anyway. Just helping her out.


  139. Patch up the walls. vacuum and act like nothing happened. When she asks about the broken furniture, blame Margaret.


  140. Political Amazon-
    Been worrying about all of us getting grounded too.
    Should we take it like grown-ups or should we run for cover now…?


  141. I keep thinking that Helen is going to sign on Monday morning after she’s cleared out all the remaining Thanksgiving guests, and ground us all.


  142. “Wow, talk about hate speech! I couldn’t believe all the hateful name calling in your blog! “idiots, morons,” etc. It sounds like you have alot of hate in your heart. Arn’t ultra-liberals supposed to love everybody?…”


    Your mistake is the same one smug Republicans made in the last election…you confuse “Democrat” with “Doormat.”

    Your definition of “hate speech” is wimpy. Calling someone and idiot and moron when, in fact, they evidence that they are, indeed, feebs, isn’t hate speech. It’s calling a feeb a feeb.

    There isn’t a Republican or conservative on this planet worth the effort to hate them. Besides, once you progerss to “hate” you really become less effective in taking them out.


  143. “I’m a gay conservative and I have been called more names and been hated for no good reason by people like Helen and some of the rest of you than any Republican I ever came across.”


    Well, I DO wish you would have been here when I returned from a glorious vacation in Hawaii visiting my daughter.

    I returned to my home only to find “Yes on Prop 8” signs EVERY-FRACKING-WHERE. It seems the homophobes had been partaking of steroids and meth in my absence.

    Had you been here to advise me how much you have suffered from people like Helen and I, I would have been glad to let YOU pull up the 58–yes, 58, I counted them–signs that were on the grounds of the polling place in the church across the street from me, and on my own fracking property.

    I’ve stood up for the rights of all people, including G&L, often taking hits square on the chin.

    But, please, go suckle Sarah Palin. I’m sure she’ll kick your raggedy ass to the curb, right after she’s used you as an object lesson why Democrats and Obama are so evil.


  144. Many times, I have wondered at the relationship between McCarthyism and the lies and hatefulness spewing forth today from the Republican Party du jour.

    At 3:30pm today, Black Dog Ferry Stop pointed out an excellent article online. I second Black Dog’s recommendation to read this article in its entirety, but here are some excerpts that I found particularly insightful that I’d like to share.

    “The GOP’s McCarthy gene
    Think Goldwater is the father of conservatism? Think again.”
    By Neal Gabler
    November 30, 2008,0,1009632.story

    …Goldwater “lacked McCarthy’s blood-lust. McCarthy’s real heir was Nixon, who mainstreamed McCarthyism in 1968 by substituting liberals, youth and minorities for communists and intellectuals, and fueling resentments as McCarthy had. In his 1972 reelection, playing relentlessly on those resentments, Nixon effectively disassembled the old Roosevelt coalition, peeling off Catholics, evangelicals and working-class Democrats, and changed American politics far more than Goldwater ever would.

    “..Nixon simply mastered what McCarthy had authored. You demonize the opposition and polarize the electorate to win.

    “…George H.W. Bush used it to get himself elected, terrifying voters with Willie Horton. And his son, under the tutelage of strategist Karl Rove, not only got himself reelected by convincing voters that John Kerry was a coward and a liar and would hand the nation over to terrorists, which was pure McCarthyism, he governed by rousing McCarthyite resentments among his base.

    “Republicans continue to push the idea that this is a center-right country and that Americans have swooned for GOP anti-government posturing all these years, but the real electoral bait has been anger, recrimination and scapegoating. That’s why John McCain kept describing Barack Obama as some sort of alien and why Palin, taking a page right out of the McCarthy playbook, kept pushing Obama’s relationship with onetime radical William Ayers.

    “And that is also why the Republican Party, despite the recent failure of McCarthyism, is likely to keep moving rightward, appeasing its more extreme elements and stoking their grievances for some time to come. There may be assorted intellectuals and ideologues in the party, maybe even a few centrists, but there is no longer an intellectual or even ideological wing. The party belongs to McCarthy and his heirs — Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and Palin. It’s in the genes.”


  145. My goodness, over 600 posts in response to Helen’s original post.

    This thread is beginning to remind me more and more of a sourdought starter one forgets about in the back of the refrigerator, only to discover It Has Conquered The World when one returns from vacation.

    Helen, may all your posts manifest in a Sourdough Starter From Hell reaction.


  146. “…It’s hardly a straw-man argument to educate people about how quick we are to label others and to expect certain behaviors of them based on the label we give them. And it’s hardly a straw-man argument to help people become aware of this bad habit so that we are all becoming more aware of this tendency and we fall into the trap less often.

    Methinks one sounds a bit defensive.”


    Defensive? This is a good example of what happens when one assumes things about other posters.

    The original poster was talking about gays who are Republicans, which is like African-Americans embracing the Ku Klux Klan.

    I didn’t read the OP as saying that gays weren’t represented in every-day life. It was a particular reference to gays being Republicans, not gays being everything else.

    It seemed like you built up a straw-man and then ran with it, when that wasn’t the OP’s point at all.

    Often I read something and it reminds me of something else I want to post on, and I always try to say, “Not that you meant this at all, but it reminds me of something I wanted to say earlier…”

    It helps obviate confusion, IMO.


  147. Palin gets her hands slapped by the Anchorage Daily News for going to Georgia to support Chambliss


  148. Dear Helen and Margaret,

    Socialism is very much in the news these days and here on your blog. There are a number of DEMOCRACIES, especially in Europe, that have various forms of Socialism. A dictionary definition is somewhat limited. Many, many people in the U.S. confuse Socialism with Communism and freak out. Shades of Lenin and Stalin in Russia. You can verify this info if you wish. I like to check at least three reliable sources before I get up on my soapbox.
    There is no such thing as objectivity. Try as they might not to, even historians and encyclopedists inject their biases into their work as all writers do. Even Wikipedia invites editing.

    Karl Heinrich Marx (1818-1883) was born in Trier or Tréves in the Rhine Province of Prussia. His father was a Jewish lawyer. The family converted to Christianity in 1824 when Karl was six years old. He entered the University of Bonn to study law when he was seventeen and later transferred to the University of Berlin, Germany. There he ultimately took his PhD. in Philosophy in 1842 after studying a wide variety of disciplines. Georg W. F. Hegel, a philosopher, was an enduring influence on Marx during his years in Berlin.

    After an unsuccessful attempt to secure a teaching position, he made his living as a journalist. His outspoken opinions nearly resulted in arrest so he went to Paris. There he met Friedrich Engels who became his intellectual partner and lifelong friend. As an economist, Marx became the foremost exponent of “SCIENTIFIC SOCIALISM” with his working-class theories.

    In a nutshell, this is what he postulated:

    Historically, slaves performed the primary means of production as in Greece and Rome. During medieval times, society changed and feudalism emerged as the political, economic and social system. Landowners protected and allowed the vassals (with variations of the names, serfs and peasants) to use the land; providing tribute, military service and utter loyalty to the lord were rendered in return.

    The medieval GUILDS produced a majority of the craftsmanship and labor. In a round about way these guilds became the precursors of Labor Unions. With the exploration and discovery of new lands and trade routes, feudalism faded and CAPITALISM came into view. Machinery and factories completed the cycle with the Industrial Revolution.

    The French Revolution combined with the Industrial Revolution to form a synthesis against a social structure that had been unchanged since time immemorial. For the first time, social doctrine was based on and supported by ECONOMIC rather than RELIGIOUS MORAL factors.


    Wars had traditionally been fought for territories and trade routes. The new wars would be fought over ideology.

    Marx saw society, especially Capitalism, comprised of two warring classes:

    1. The BOURGEOISE, the property-owners, was a small percentage class of the population. Ownership of private property had been and continued to be obtained through birth or the production of others.

    2. The PROLETARIAT was by far the vast majority class of workers who had to sell its labor to the Bourgeoisie at a subsistence level in order to survive.

    Marx was convinced that reconciliation between the interests of these two classes was impossible. The proletariat could never hope for any help from the bourgeoisie. ARMED REVOLUTION was the ONLY means of liberating the Proletariat in its struggle against Capitalism. This was the core of Marx’s theory of “Scientific Socialism”.

    Socialism was already in existence to a certain extent as a result of the reforms that had taken place all over Europe when the absolute power of monarchies had been weakened by the rise of various elected constitutional means.

    The idea of COMMUNISM had been around for a long time. The MAZDAKS of the Persian Empire and MUslIm ISMAILITE SEVENERS that evolved into the CARMATHINIANS are two examples.

    Obviously, Marx did not think much of Capitalism. He thought that Capitalism would become extinct because of the very methods it employed to preserve its class. These means gave the Proletariat the motives for revolution as long as the rich became richer and fewer and the poor, poorer but greater in number.

    He believed that Democratic constitutions would be of no value as the class distinction heightened. He foresaw that once Capitalism had been obliterated, the Proletariat would take complete control and Socialism would prevail for an intermediate time as a PROLETARIAT DICTATORSHIP.

    Socialism would be succeeded by Communism when the entire population evolved from working class to a classless society. This concept would work only if Communism were achieved WORLD WIDE! BY MILITARY MIGHT OF COURSE!!! Then in the final stage of development for civilization, society would live happily ever after in Utopia.

    In 1845 Marx was exiled from France and went to Belgium for three years. He founded the first Communist Political Party in 1846. His party differed from the Socialist Party already in place. He and his family spent the rest of their lives in poverty in London supported mainly by contributions from Engels.

    His most famous works were The “Communist Manifesto” and “Das Kapital”. He died in London in 1883. These books are very long, actually boring reading. (I wrote a paper on this in college. I read the English translation of the books since I couldn’t read them in the original German.)

    Marx considered religion to be the opiate of the people. He would have been surprised that Communism took hold first in Russia and then China rather than England and the United States. At that time the West was far more industrialized than Russia and China.

    Hitler’s Germany and Moussolini’s Italy, both Facism, were REACTIONARY, that is, reacting to the growing threat of Communism in Russia. They all three turned out to be mirror images of each other in oppression and brutality.

    It is easy to see how Communism, ON PAPER and rhetoric at least, would appeal to the working class. But it is all in the METHODOLOGY. What Marx and others seemed to have over-looked were a few other intrinsic human attributes; personal initiative and aptitudes coupled with healthy competition and incentive. In other words, the inequality of ability and the equality of greed!



    P.S. Well accepted in this country, what is Social Security but a form of Socialism?


  149. Oh shoot- Charles I forgot you too!
    Good on ya neighbor!

    That young man with all his junior-high burp and fart -on-everyone attitude…digidar?
    Reminds me of the years I thought I knew it all…
    Wonder if he will wise up and realize we don’t start knowing UNTIL we know we know nothing…
    Wonder if he’ll think about wearing a paper bag over his head in public til people forget his smartypants phase… I know I sure thought about it…


  150. “Step 3: Ridicule. Since logic takes a back seat to disruption, flaming trolls can be great fun. Points you may get from others for artful troll smackdowns are a bonus.

    Happy shooting, it can be good sport!”

    Can we do it from a helicopter?


  151. I am new and already love it!!! You are officially the only political blog I read!


  152. Holy smokes!
    The day crew has been busy! Good on ya neighbors! Go JuneauJoe, smteaches, Chalk, PoliticalAmazon, elsie, troutay, Black Dog !

    No, the thrust of this latest rant is NOT that Republicans should sit down and shut up. The thrust is that the dividers like the gov and some of the sillier talking heads make way for those of us who need to patch up relations in this country. You and I having been lobbing insults across our divides for too long… Guess is that our voices are rusty and we’ll be back to square one defining terms before we can see what unites us all.

    “The left continues to be afraid because Sarah Palin is a truer conservative BY FAR than McPain was, and stands a very real chance of returning America to her Federalist roots next election. ”
    IF you define conservative like the neo-cons- she’s your gal.
    If you have hopes of re-vitalizing the fine old tradition of Hamilton etc. -The gov will take the money and run.So I sure hope you are not pinning your hopes on the gov to build this dream. We THOUGHT she was a reformer here in Alaska and have a lotta egg on our faces.
    We want her to come home and do the job we hired her for. We have a lot of important things for her to attend to…

    “We Conservatives are not going to lay down and be trampled by this Communist puppet, so telling us to sit down and shut up will only infuriate us further. There is a large battle coming and it’s exactly because of people like yourselves that it will happen. It makes me wonder if you love your country?!”


    for crying out loud!
    You keep popping up all over different blogs worrying about Communism. This time I hear a less than veiled threat …Battle? What battle?
    Helen did NOT tell you to sit down and shut up… she did not even tell her deluded neighbors to sit down and shut up. She told the dividers to get out of our, collective, ALL of America!, way and let us patch up our sad old country.
    I grew up in the cold war and watched the damage all this red-baiting and fear-mongering did. We have just lived another spell of cowering behind our doors and hating and fearing ourselves and our neighbors over the terrorist fears we have…
    For crying out loud! I think some of us baby-boomers smacked our heads too often on those desks we were always jumping under for atomic bomb practise or something to have let this come about a second time in our lives.
    I am your neighbor.I don’t forget that… you seem to… Battle? What battle?



    Though this PROVES Obama is evil, roflmao!!!

    Maybe the far right is correct and we are all doomed, thank God Digidar’s generation will take care of the future.


  154. Giovanni…
    I suppose Snopes is in on the conspiracy as well.


  155. digidar, I am hurt, you mentioned chalk, you mentioned RepoMan and Black Dog Ferry Stop by name but just made an inference to me by my World of Warcraft remark. Though, I do not believe that I have ever been referred to as a moron before, many other names, a lot that are obscene but never moron…usually assh-le, sometimes that I can be dismissive or even demeaning but never a moron. I like that.

    Your argument is well, pitiful, you mention shopping at Whole Foods and that business leaders are looking for leadership qualities from players of WoW and that my old ass is capable of making it through the internet is a wonder in and of itself.

    I do enjoy the blog here, am even amused by condenscending little sh-ts like yourself…not part of the Geritol demographic though, early forties but I am certain that seems like a dinosaur to you. Watched the businesses and their ‘sucess’ let’s see…everyone clamoring for bail outs, screaming that the sky is falling because they can’t meet their quarter’s expectations because the business model now for most corporations are based on three month periods and younger managers getting kicked to the curb because they can’t find their ass with both hands, a roadmap and gps.

    Actually you remind me of some of the other students that I used to attend university with all attempting to go into the academic field, full of their own sh-t, though most of them were only capable of regurgitating what they were fed by their professors and minor instructors who were filled with theirselves as well, yet very pissed off when some punk would call them on their sh-t.

    I do sorta hope you and your filet mignon rotting in your young, condenscending colon stays though, I do appreciate the fact that you are capable of using words which aren’t monosyables and that you hold onto the belief system that because you are young that you might have a corner on something resembling intelligence.

    Myself, I would rather have my varied life experience over your self-perceived concepts of superiority.

    Oh, and personally, I do enjoy misusing the grammatical and punctuation rules that I had learned by either using fragment sentences or ending my sentences with “…” but that is just me…though run-on sentences can be a source of entertainment as well.


  156. I love this blog.


  157. Er…”whatevia” isn’t an alias for Larry Craig, is it?

    (Just kidding — but you have to admit using the words “gay” and “conservative” in the same sentence is going to raise a lot of eyebrows.)


  158. I’m a gay conservative and I have been called more names and been hated for no good reason by people like Helen and some of the rest of you than any Republican I ever came across.


  159. I’m a gay Conservative and I have been called more names and been hated for no reason by people like Helen and some of the rest of you than any Republican I ever came across.

    But what can I expect from a site that is built on calling a woman a bitch? Wow. So Sarah Palin is a bitch, hm? Ooh, that is a brilliant point. So insightful and intelligent. I’m so glad I learned that. Now I know everything.


  160. Bless you Helen and Margaret. I haven’t felt this young in years. I don’t know if you are 82 year old women who have been friends for life or some 20 somethings having a little fun. Frankly, I don’t care. From where I sit you are the fountain of youth.


  161. This is like shooting fish in a barrel.


  162. I wish you could see the smile on my face. Sweet satisfaction…


  163. @ digidar

    “And like I said, thank God the future of this country is in my generation’s hands and not yours”

    Each time you post, you make a lot of assumptions and use faulty logic. The country is in the hands of those who choose to be vigilant and involved. Take your nasty words elsewhere since you show no respect for the elderly or anyone else.


  164. Dot dot dot? Is there more to your comment or do you not understand proper punctuation? And you won your bet. I did leave another comment. What were we betting? IQ points? You could use a few. I’ll quit while I’m clearly ahead. Enjoy wallowing in your ignorance with a million of your closest friends. I won’t be back. Promise.


  165. Oh and Digidar… I met Ray LaMontagne recently at his concert at Austin’s Paramount Theater. My son is in the music business. Missed Hannah when she was in town as my grandchildren weren’t interested. I made a bundle on Whole Foods stock a few years back. Have been a customer since they opened their first store in town years ago. I actually live in walking distance from their flagship here in Austin but I prefer going to the Wheatsville Co-op instead of such a huge store. Also, I am part of a Garden Co-op so that I get fresh locally grown veggies each week. Oh and one last comment for you son… my daughter is doing quite well with her gaming company here in town. You might be surprised how “plugged in” some of us old timers are…


  166. Yesw digidar. The difference between not understanding and not giving a rat’s ass is sort of like dropping by, reading it and leaving vs. returning and posting three times. A couple of long comments too. You seem to give a rat’s ass more than you want to admit. Bet you even leave another comment. Son, quit while you are behind…


  167. did ann richards come back to life? you two are the best. keep it up. kudos from a growing blue patch in the formerly red state of montana.


  168. Dear Chalk-
    Please learn the difference between “not understanding” and “giving a rat’s ass.” I’m befuddled that a couple of old women with little to offer the world in the way of intelligent commentary can capture the interest of large quantities of people. Please understand that I don’t have aspirations of drawing those same large quantities of people. Therein lies the error in your thinking.

    Let me quote your response to save you from hunting through your thousand responses to this post:

    “Seems to me Helen gets the technology much better than you do. How many hits at your blog, myspacepage or facebook?????? Helen is over a million, has been in the top 50 for 6 weeks and today has the top post AGAIN!!!!”

    What I don’t give a rat’s ass about is the relative success of the Golden Girls’ offering to the blogosphere. Considering my blog is geared toward a much smaller niche market than the idiots at large that frequent this domain, I don’t have hopes of achieving a million plus hits. Followers like you confirm my theory that the lowest common denominator will always be drawn to ignorant loudmouths like moths to a flame. I’ll take quality over quantity any day of the week. So go buy your Swiss steak in bulk over at Sam’s Club. I’ll come home from Whole Foods with only enough filet mignon to make one meal as you prance about, rambling about how you have “more.” If you’re playing along at home, I’m suggesting that Margaret and Helen’s followers (that would be you) are a lower grade of meat in bulk.

    From another angle, you appear to be making the argument that something is superior if it is consumed by a large number of people. By that measure, Britney Spears must be more talented than Marvin Gaye was. Hannah Montana must be a more skilled performer than Ray LaMontagne.

    “When you get a million plus hits to your blog, be sure and let us know. ”

    After only two months of blogging, my visits are increasing every time I look. But let’s keep in mind that I don’t look too frequently. I blog to share my thoughts with like-minded people who belong to the same niche that I do. If I were blogging for stats alone, I’d write posts that appeal to mindless sheep like you.

    “Like I said, not a very intelligent member of your generation.”

    And like I said, thank God the future of this country is in my generation’s hands and not yours. The fact that you can’t make the distinction between a person who is not intelligent and a person that you just happen to disagree with is a clear indicator of your own ignorance. As if being a vocal supporter of this blog weren’t enough.


  169. There is a handy dandy little book titled “Mrs. Goose Goes to Washington” that I would highly recommend you pick up one day soon. The poem about Coulter will make you laugh hysterically. She’s such a waste of good oxygen.


  170. Kevin,

    You are bound and determined to keep this the #1 site.

    We could meet at The Walmart and talk Palin during your break.

    Thank You for making this the #1 site. (I hear the Palin site even shows her legs – better get over there before they pull the picture for indecency.)


  171. […] ▶ Comment /* 0) { jQuery(‘#comments’).show(”, change_location()); jQuery(‘#showcomments a .closed’).css(‘display’, ‘none’); jQuery(‘#showcomments a .open’).css(‘display’, ‘inline’); return true; } else { jQuery(‘#comments’).hide(”); jQuery(‘#showcomments a .closed’).css(‘display’, ‘inline’); jQuery(‘#showcomments a .open’).css(‘display’, ‘none’); return false; } } jQuery(‘#showcomments a’).click(function(){ if(jQuery(‘#comments’).css(‘display’) == ‘none’) { self.location.href = ‘#comments’; check_location(); } else { check_location(‘hide’); } }); function change_location() { self.location.href = ‘#comments’; } }); /* ]]> */ […]


  172. kev: I would suggest you go join the Palin site. Palin has her own Rev from Africa, who does voodoo or something like that.

    Todd Palin and Sarah had some association with the seccession movement – remember that.

    Check out how they got their house. HouseGate

    The Sarah Palin sites have nice pictures of her too so you can salivate.


  173. Helen and Margaret, I love you.


  174. ketch22:”Also, Obama’s rallys had as much hatred for the other side as McCain’s rally’s had for Obama. To say otherwise is ignorant or makes you a liar.”

    that is an outright LIE, I attended a couple of rallies in Seattle and not one person yelled out the hatred that was spewed in Palin rallies. Not ONE. Not inside, or outside. As a matter of fact, as people were happily exiting one rally in Tacoma two skinheads came by us yelling furiously ‘OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST!!!’

    the people of the UNITED States of America spoke loud and clear.


  175. Quotes form Digidar:

    ” I cannot for the life of me understand how this blog frequently makes it to top of the WordPress charts. ”

    a few hours later…

    “And Chalk seems to believe that I give a rat’s ass that a couple of old geezers have a popular blog…”

    So which is it Digidar? Like I said, not a very intelligent member of your generation. Go back to gaming if you can pull yourself away from this blog. When you get a million plus hits to your blog, be sure and let us know. Maybe you’ll get there before you are 82 and the younger folks are suggesting that you go ahead and die. What a lame ass…


  176. Re: Sarah Palin, sit down……….

    Wow, talk about hate speech! I couldn’t believe all the hateful name calling in your blog! “idiots, morons,” etc. It sounds like you have alot of hate in your heart. Arn’t ultra-liberals supposed to love everybody?

    If you could, could you please inform your readers of a few things, such as how Obama won his senate seat in Illinois, how his lawyers stiffled free speech in Ohio, how he was able to campain in “57” states, and how much governmental experience he has compaired to McCain and Palin.

    Before you get your undies in a bunch, I am a republican, and I did not vote for McCain. I voted for Palin, and I will again.

    People say B. Hussain Obama is not a muslim. That might be true. His father was a muslim, and raised him as a muslim for the first few years of his life, and he said in one of his books that if it all came down to it, he would stand with the muslims. Maybe Rev. Wright did make an impression on him, and convert him.

    Finally, I have been a resident of Illinois all of my life. I can tell you without a doubt that all politicians from Illinois, from the state level on up (with a couple of exceptions for mayors), are crooked. The last honest politician from Illinois was Lincoln. Everyone since ol’ Abe has been a lying scumbag. Not a good one in the whole bunch.

    PS. Locally, I have always voted for the current states atty., Jim Glasgow. He’s a democrat, and he’s a good guy in spite of it. I’d vote for him for president if he ever ran. (choke, choke, choke)


  177. I am not worthy…I am not worthy.

    You ROCK!

    Someone needs to get you on The View. Or your own TV show.

    And somehow, I’m going to have to come to Texas just to hang out with you. You are that cool!


  178. to JuneauJoe:
    No, I am not a veteran, and no, I have not seen the commercials. My point is that opinions that favor Sarah Palin are being ridiculed unfairly. Every comment against her here ridicules her or her supporters. If the commercials were wrong, then they were wrong.


  179. I choose to use facts to back up my arguments against SP.

    Thank you for the signature website, this is what I posted to it and what I want everyone to know.

    The pro lifers/SP are talking about reclassifying birth control methods as abortion, including the pill and its “sisters” such as norplant. There is talk on the pro-life front that hormone based birth control CAUSES abortion.

    Pay very close attention to SP’s 1st interview with Couric, did you hear her mention “the culture of life?” didnt you wonder what she meant by it? it is no wonder they kept her away from the press google Culture of Life on WIKI and “Palin reignites culture wars” Google “abortion including birth control pill” and “Family planning groups object to abortion plan” a reuters article. She is not as ‘harmless’ as they will make you think.


  180. So the thrust of this latest rant is that Republicans should shut the hell up?

    Pretty soon the two “sides” are not going to be able to talk to each other at all, and anyone who thinks that is a good thing needs to have their head examined.


  181. Neither the left nor anyone else has to discredit Palin; she does a fine job of discrediting HERSELF, every time she opens her pit bull, lipsticked mouth.

    (all together now)….Ya betcha!


  182. whew! looks like they left.
    Thanks to all you good uns out there (Pi, Joe, Sm, Juneu, etc.) Keep the faith!
    Yep! We Can!


  183. It couldn’t be simpler, really. Get the press out of her back pocket. The only reason you are offended is that Sarah Palin speaks truth you don’t want to hear. Get the media lefty lap-dogs out of her back pocket, tell them to stop trying to find any and every flaw in her existence, and you won’t have to listen to every freaking word she says. The left continues to be afraid because Sarah Palin is a truer conservative BY FAR than McPain was, and stands a very real chance of returning America to her Federalist roots next election. The left CONTINUES to try and discredit her so that she’s not elected POTUS in 2012. How about being objective reporters instead of a propaganda machine? I want to know truth with no spin.


  184. This used to be a favorite ‘safe haven’ mecca where I would come to protect myself from Fox News, my narrow minded neighbors and associates, and now I see many ‘haters’ (probably still grumbling and being poor sports cuz Obama won) are here …..upset at Helen and Margaret’s ‘hatefulness’. (WHERE have you been during the whole election? WHERE was your concern for ‘hate’ while Palin and company accused Obama of being a terrorist every turn? ) GET OVER IT. Helen and Margaret, don’t worry a tad about these sourballs. If you are concerned about hate go find it in your own circles w/the likes of Rush and Ann!

    I can’t believe Sarah Palin being interviewed in front of a turkey slaughter…and she is so ‘unmoved’. She ain’t right! And she needs to go away!


  185. dear helen and margaret,

    don’t let the haters get you down. i think you’re just hitting them where it hurts. all that vileness that they spewed about obama and the democrats, didn’t work and they get testy when people want them to stop it. enough already, haters! sit down and shut the hell up!

    keep it real, ladies!


  186. dear helen and margaret,

    don’t let the haters get you down. i think you’re just hitting them where it hurts. all that vileness that they spewed about obama and the democrats, didn’t work and they get testy when people want them to stop it. enough already, haters! sit down and shut the hell up!

    keep it real, ladies!

    p.s. i disagree with haters who say “ladies” wouldn’t say “shut the hell up!” ladies wouldn’t say what i’m about to: shut the fuck up! (i’m no lady.)


  187. It was entertaining to read the responses to my comment from the supporters of this overinflated blog. I particularly liked the one moron who makes the assumption that a gamer is not an intelligent human being. Interesting, as businesses are starting to realize that the GM’s of high level guilds in World of Warcraft tend to have leadership skills that most never learn in business school. But, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You’re clearly a moron, so I’m sure you’re just filled with similar ignorance, RepoMan. Nice to see your old ass successfully made it onto these here interwebs though.

    Black Dog Ferry Stop is so offended by “trolls” that he can’t seem to stop himself from scribing a neverending diatribe that couldn’t have even made sense to him during the pre-post proofread. I hope to God you enjoyed writing that nonsense because you left everyone with an IQ over 6 scratching their heads and waiting for a translation from Idiot to English.

    And Chalk seems to believe that I give a rat’s ass that a couple of old geezers have a popular blog, even going so far as to question my intelligence in the process. My stats on Facebook and MySpace? Couldn’t tell you. Just because you’re a pathetic social networking whore, don’t assume that the rest of the world is. If my target demographic was the Geritol crowd and I was in some kind of competition for readers, then yeah… I guess I’d be losing this mystical technology war of which you speak. Guess what? I’m not. But if you want a bit of friendly competition, you’ve got it. I can guarantee you that just about every blog on the planet, including mine, will have a larger readership than this one in about five years. You’ve gotta be alive to blog. Advantage: Digidar.

    As for the rest of you, enjoy the rest of your lives. When the years remaining can be counted on one hand, you need to start to accept that you can no longer impact the future of this country. Simply put, you’ll be buried under it. As for my generation of stupid game-playing trolls who lose technology wars to a couple of dinosaurs, we’ll be just fine. Now go ahead and have your soup before it gets cold. Jeopardy will be on soon.


  188. RubyTopaz, I was sent that link from a friend, immediately went and signed the petition!
    To the great community organizers, peace activists, whale watchers, spotted-owl lovers ~ thank you for coming over from mudflats and helping clean up the troll mess.
    To Margaret & Helen: thank you for your terrific blog and inviting us all in. We will watch your back so you can kick butt!


  189. Ah, your insights are always a nice comic respite from the craziness that is the world. For more fun tidbits about that dumb Alaskan snow bunny and other colorful characters, check out:


  190. I am surrounded by Republitards at work and I’ve had to bite my tongue so many times I might have to have it reattached soon. The last comment I heard was, right after election, “well, I guess we’ll have to start reading the Quran now”. I looked at my idiot co-worker and said “do you REALLY think so?”. She just said “well, there’s a lot about Obama we don’t know”. I just shook my head and went on with my life. Trying to reason with a moron is like trying to nail jello to a wall.

    BTW, here’s a petition to try to get Mooseolini to shut the hell up. Don’t know how well it’ll work, but the comments are hilarious!


  191. swittersb, History Chaser, ronbtr,B. Sabakovic, Bob, Wazoo(most people think, btw, that a “wazoo” is an asshole–guess you’re living proof) and the rest of the reichtard dysintelligentsia:

    You guys are such badasses. I’m guessing if these two ladies spotted you a fall that they’d kick your ass in a cage match.

    Sarah Palin is a vicious, vacuuous bitch and the people of Alaska may wake up to that in sufficient numbers to send her packing next election. You people are truly pathetic, but then when you pin all your hopes on sociopathic misanthropes what else would thinking humans expect of you.


  192. Amazon,

    What I’m implying is that “othering” for any reason is unacceptable…and I’m hoping that many readers here will read my response and be more aware of the language they use so that they do not unintentionally foster stereotypes or bigotry.

    Of course it’s illogical for gay persons to vote for Republicans who devalue and demoralize them — but heterosexual persons vote for politicians all the time who devalue and demoralize them…all persons (regardless of sexual orientation) are going to make poor, uninformed, careless decisions….gay, non-gay, and any-other-label- you-can-insert-upon-people.

    It’s hardly a straw-man argument to educate people about how quick we are to label others and to expect certain behaviors of them based on the label we give them. And it’s hardly a straw-man argument to help people become aware of this bad habit so that we are all becoming more aware of this tendency and we fall into the trap less often.

    Methinks one sounds a bit defensive.


  193. GREAT article!,0,1009632.story

    “McCarthyism is usually considered a virulent form of Red-baiting and character assassination. But it is much more than that. As historian Richard Hofstadter described it in his famous essay, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics,” McCarthyism is a way to build support by playing on the anxieties of Americans, actively convincing them of danger and conspiracy even where these don’t exist.”

    This article describes the troll gene to a “T”! I feel so sorry for those sad blokes. They are losing what they thought they had once. We are so used to their ugly faces now that’s it has become quite easy to laugh and spit back!

    Troll talk: “We HATE that “gotcha left wing”! There you go, Joe – stripping us of our illogical arguments & exposing the putrefaction of our dead souls that lay within!”


  194. Demanding people sit down and shut up is very un-American. But considering your new hero, I understand the reasons.

    Funny how things may blow up in your face in the end, I mean we still don’t know if Obama is eligible, do we? Click on my name to find out.

    What wil you do if Obama takes the oath and then we find out he’s not eligible???


  195. Amen and Amen!!!! Say it and say it loudly!!!!!


  196. […] […]


  197. “Sarah must be doing something right when people who are old enough to reproduce and vote are reduced to sputtering, incomprehensible rage by her. …”


    Sputtering? Rage? Dream on. She’s not worth the energy and effort for either.

    However, loyal Americans will speak out against abuse of power, lies, bigotry and racism, and that is why we speak out against Sarah Palin and her ilk.

    However, if my son or daughter was in Iraq right now I would gladly kick her ass to the curb for supporting Chambliss. I will never understand why Republicans–who are so eager to pimp “Democracy” and “Freedom” as excuses to get our children slaughtered–have not tarred and feathered her months ago.


  198. Ann…I imagine they’ll blitz this site a few more times w/ their hate-mongering, but eventually they’ll leave because they won’t find any nourishment here for their steady diet of vitriol, poison, and fear. Too many neighbors here telling them to sit down and shut the hell up!


  199. “…Thank Christ the future of this country is in my generation’s hands and not yours. Keep trying to remember what you were doing when Pearl Harbor was bombed and JFK was killed and step away from the keyboard.”


    The young-voter demographic was overwhelmingly for Obama. I would guess that they also rejected Sarah Palin, but I have not seen statistics one way or the other for that.

    So, since the young voters overwhelmingly support Obama, I think we are in good hands as that demographic ages.


  200. Smeatches:
    “Just had to comment on your statements that you don’t understand “gay republicans.” Won’t it be a great day for our society when everyone realizes how REGULAR gay people are? We do all the things that heterosexuals do on a daily basis…we clean regular houses, work regular jobs, pay regular bills, pay regular taxes, buy regular groceries, cook regular meals, worry about gas prices and home mortgages and loved ones in Iraq & Afghanistan just like regular folks….”


    I think you’re trying to create a straw-man argument by constructing something out of another poster’s post which you can successfully argue against, when perhaps you cannot argue against the real issue raised.

    Being a gay Republican is about as logical as being an African-American member of the Ku Klux Klan.

    For most people, it seems illogical for a person to be a member of a political party that actively seeks to use your sexual orientation, or your race/ethnic group, to deny you rights that all other Americans have, and which are guaranteed to you by the Constitution.

    It also appears very illogical for a person to belong to a political party that uses your sexual orientation, or race/ethnic group, as a scapegoat and scare-tactic, demonizing who you are.

    There is nothing illogical about gays being any of the things you mentioned (except for Republian), and I believe the original poster knew that, as do many of us here.

    We all know that gays are normal people, and I wonder why you would have to go out of your way to build a straw-man argument, implying that the Left-Eyed and Community Organizer had made statements stating that gays weren’t involved in careers, leisure activities, and religions that straights are.


  201. Wow …amazing party this at Helen & Margaret’s! Glad to hear from Juneau Joe ,Emcar, Proud Community Organizer, Alaska Pi,Troutay,Whirled Peas, SM Teaches &quite afew others;an amazing virulent strain of rats came in….yech


  202. “If you two are truly women, you’d best hope like h**l God is not a women!

    There is a special place in hell for women who bash other women. Whether or not you like Palin is so beside the point. There is enough mysogynism and sexism out there without you adding your ugly remarks…”


    Criticising a politician is not sexism or misogyny, and you cheapen the negative impact of both when you claim sexism/misogyny when none is present.

    What would be your reaction if you found out that a male politician wouldn’t criticize another male politician just because of his male gender?

    And how about the likes of Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham criticizing female Democratic Party politicians? Please provide us URLs to your previous posts where you criticized those two for criticizing Hillary Clinton.

    We, as Americans, can no longer afford the luxury of voting for someone because of their race or gender. We have to vote for the person we feel will best do the job.


  203. Left-Eyed Jack & Proud Community Organizer:

    Just had to comment on your statements that you don’t understand “gay republicans.” Won’t it be a great day for our society when everyone realizes how REGULAR gay people are? We do all the things that heterosexuals do on a daily basis…we clean regular houses, work regular jobs, pay regular bills, pay regular taxes, buy regular groceries, cook regular meals, worry about gas prices and home mortgages and loved ones in Iraq & Afghanistan just like regular folks.

    Got heterosexual Democrats? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual Republicans? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual Independents? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual non-voters? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual elected officials? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual Christians? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual non-Christians? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual atheists? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual agnostics? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual civil servants? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual community organizers? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual activists? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual athletes? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual travellers? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual homebodies? (so do we!)
    Got heterosexual [insert any regular ‘ole thing here] (so do we!)

    Now, believe you me I wish that being gay meant that a person was perfect in every way…impeccable designer, home decorator, chef, fashion expert, political opiner, etc….don’t fall for it — that’s just the way we’re portrayed in the media. The fact is (sorry to disappoint) we’re just as regular as the next heterosexual neighbor, which means that some of us gays think, act, talk, and behave like Republicans — even ultra-conservative, intolerant, evangelical, fundamental, close-minded Republicans…yep, we’ve got our fair share of those to deal with, too. Heck, some gay people even voted for Bush — twice! — so we’ve got our own educating to do, too!

    While I know it doesn’t make sense for a gay person to support a politician who devalues them and wouldn’t make a single decision based on what’s good, what’s right, what’s fair, & what’s just for the voter, heterosexuals do it all the time…which means gay persons do it all the time, too. There’s even a national organization for Gay Republicans (Log Cabin Republicans…google it if it fascinates you) to organize, endorse & campaign….just as there are organizations for non-gay affiliates of any other party.

    Please don’t “other” us by saying how surprised you are when you find out how “regular” we are. If a heterosexual does it, so do we. Please try to educate your gay republican neighbors on the real issues & the real benefits of working together to help resolve the real problems in our country…and I’ll do the same for my heterosexual neighbors!


  204. Wow, many of you people need to re-read the Constitution. The idea that you would even demand people to sit down and shut up is just more proof of the type of government you want, an Obama goverment.

    We Conservatives are not going to lay down and be trampled by this Communist puppet, so telling us to sit down and shut up will only infuriate us further. There is a large battle coming and it’s exactly because of people like yourselves that it will happen. It makes me wonder if you love your country?!

    What will you do, if and when Obama is found ineligible to take the oath?


  205. @ 1superdave

    You need to sign up for classes at Troll U. I’ve seen your comments for a long time now and they always give me a big chuckle. Notice I didn’t say “READ your comments, just SEEN your comments”. They aren’t very readable LOL! Get a life and go back to your wing nut blogs where the 10 of you trolls can all gnash your teeth and clutch wildly at the air as your spit runs down your face.


  206. Digidar pouts:
    The lesson to be learned here is that the ignorant old senile liberal demographic is apparently alive and well.

    “Lesson to be learned” by your kind. However, the open minded will use what works best for them. An oldie but goodie from a Gulf War veteran and former Republican, who somehow, has come to many of the same conclusions as M&H:


  207. @ digidar

    Poor sot – nothing to do! Like SP, with her tonque hanging out and licking her lips – trying to decide how to get that jacket on the center line with the bus coming – you are hanging out at WordPress with your glazed eyes focused on the top blog that might bash your zealot idol! You guys should have a Trollstock, but I think there are just about ten of you all together so I guess that doesn’t make much of a party does it?

    By the way – I MUST COMPLIMENT you, though! Someone, you maybe? found a Troll University and actually learned a bit of grammar and spelling – hurray! Such a refreshing change from the usual garbled, badly written and couldn’t spell if your life depended on it comments we’ve been laughing at for months!

    That’s IT! You can have your Trollstock at Troll U. Have fun – and don’t invite me because I think you are all a very sad lot and I’d rather play with my smart buddies!


  208. The point of the Grandma post: DON’T MESS WITH GRANDMA!

    Cheney Indictment- New Information is out!


  209. The Sarah Palin comedy hour continues….. When watching the turkey’s getting their heads lopped off by the grinning man, I couln’t help but think that the wrong turkey was being put in the machine. She needs to have the stuffing kicked out of her stupid ass.
    I guess the country is infatuated with stupid people being govenor and all the stupid things that go with it.
    Wonder if her clothes from the convention are now on close out since they aren’t worth a thing. Who would want to wear them?
    You gals rock !


  210. JuneauJoe…cool op-ed piece.

    “Digidar — don’t worry about it. If you don’t understand it by now, you never will. Go on back to playing your video game and leave the conversation to us adults…”

    Laughing…you know, Dig, your generation is doing what? Okay…a little, G8 protests in Seattle but a lot of that was based on the philosphies of some old guy in Eugene. “Bust a Starbucks”…how revelutionary chic. Or perhaps your generation is more interested in the mainstream? I don’t know…I see a lot of first person shooter video games, stoners, drop outs and some kids trying to go to college…I see some interesting music but most of it made by older people, most of the political stuff I hear is from underground rap and though I am not certain most are into Black Panther influenced lyrics, I certainly understand. I remember the first time my daughter tried to explain punk to me…I broke up laughing, actually almost crashed my car at the time, we came home and I played her some punk, told her that I remembered punk…and hardcore.

    Shrub didn’t become as much of a catalyst for decent music like Ray-gun had but hey…

    I don’t think this blog ever tried to present itself more than opinion, not even as much as ‘commentary’…but it is presented quite well, is actually entertaining, has some followers that actually try to educate themselves, some that don’t bother…but as far as ‘your generation’…hell, the boomers thought that their generation would change things after the sixties and where did they bring us? Every generation thinks they are the sh-t…and ends up not being any different than the one before them and still there are voices of dissent, voices pointing out that the emperor is actually in the raw, not dressed well…and most tend to be stupid, ignorant of what brought them to the place that they are but rather wallow in their sense of self-worth.

    So Dig…I gotta agree, check out the new Gears of War 2 or World of Warcraft or whatever gets your synapses firing and don’t worry about it all…


  211. Proudcomunityorganizer; The constitution states that the government should provide for the common defence. that is it primary role ,period. the states have the responsibility of provideing other sevices as requested by it’s citizen along with how to pay for it.


  212. Proudcomunityorganizer; The constitution states that the government show provide for the common defence. that is it primary role ,period. the states have the responsibility of provideing other sevices as requested by it’s citizen along with how to pay for it.


  213. Grandma Story:

    I was about 16 and my 82 year old Grandma was eating dinner with us on the couch, floor, wherever we could find room. I was in the kitchen and my mom said, “Go get the salt from Grandma, she is not to have salt, It is bad for her health.”

    I went over and said, “Grandma, I have to take the salt, it is not good for your health.”

    She looked and me, with the salt shaker in her hand and said, “If you try to take this salt from me, I WILL KICK YOUR TEETH IN!”

    Grandma got the salt!


  214. LOVE your blog ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you rock


  215. Of course she should sit down and shut up, but don’t you think in some ways Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving? When you think about it, no comedian in the country is talented enough to have made up even half of the stuff that comes out of her mouth, or the brain-dead stuff she has done. Her turkey video was like a special holiday treat. Don’t you wonder what delights she’ll have for us this Christmas? Maybe she’ll shoot Dancer, Prancer, and Rudolf from a helicopter.


  216. Digidar,

    Please read this true story from a 10th grade girl in Palmer, AK, which is next door to Wasilla. It is about politics.


  217. Digidar – not a very smart representation of your generation are you? It’s popular because people like you come here and read it and then leave a comment. Seems to me Helen gets the technology much better than you do. How many hits at your blog, myspacepage or facebook?????? Helen is over a million, has been in the top 50 for 6 weeks and today has the top post AGAIN!!!!


  218. ketch22:”Also, Obama’s rallys had as much hatred for the other side as McCain’s rally’s had for Obama. To say otherwise is ignorant or makes you a liar.”

    Sorry kiddo but I attended several Obama rallies here in florida (where red went blue blue blue) and the crowd was respectful, if anyone booed at McCain’s name the candidate AND his supporters immediately chastised the booing minority – and Obama rallies did not cause the uptick in Secret Service security for McCain/Palin, but boy oh boy! Those “real American” rallies hosted by Palin sure did ~ so watch who you’re calling a liar, bubba


  219. ketch22:”Also, Obama’s rallys had as much hatred for the other side as McCain’s rally’s had for Obama. To say otherwise is ignorant or makes you a liar.”

    Sorry kiddo but I attended several Obama rallies here in florida (where red went blue blue blue) and the crowd was respectful, if anyone booed at McCain’s name the candidate AND his supporters immediately chastised the booing minority – and Obama rallies did not cause the uptick in Secret Service security for McCain/Palin, but boy oh boy! Those “real American” rallies hosted by Palin sure did ~ so watch who you’re calling a liar, bubba


  220. Digidar — don’t worry about it. If you don’t understand it by now, you never will. Go on back to playing your video game and leave the conversation to us adults…


  221. I cannot for the life of me understand how this blog frequently makes it to top of the WordPress charts. The lesson to be learned here is that the ignorant old senile liberal demographic is apparently alive and well. I’m not a fan of Rush Limbaugh, but the ignorance that you consistently spew without citing any substantial evidence to support it is just as bad as that retarded old fatass. Thank Christ the future of this country is in my generation’s hands and not yours. Keep trying to remember what you were doing when Pearl Harbor was bombed and JFK was killed and step away from the keyboard.


  222. Great blog. Thanks, Helen & Margaret!

    JuneauJoe — just took a look at your blog. Really enjoyed the teaching stories. I’m not a teacher myself, but I did some volunteer work in a classroom last year, and no doubt about it, that is NOT an easy job. The teachers worked their tails off!

    My hat’s off to you and all other teachers!


  223. Elsie what a very nice post! I agree with your list and have read many insightful and hilarious posts by the bloggers here.

    Left eyed Jack I agree gay Republicans just mystify me. I really don’t get it at all. Maybe they are hoping Sarah Palin will come and pray the gay away for them?

    Everyone have a wonderful day and remember trolls make great speed bumps!

    Off to get ready to see a movie the Mr. thinks I need to take a computer break.


  224. Like you, I went down the road to visit with some neighbors the other day. Believe it or not, a couple of gay guys who live out here in the country. They’re nice, and generally I like them. But they are a couple of idiots when it comes to politics. They are both Republicans, and to me “Gay Republican” is an oxymoron.

    Anyway I hadn’t been down to see them since the election and wondered what they thought. They were both scared to death about where the country was headed. One of them even said, “I just love that Sarah Palin so much that I would have liked to vote for her twice.” I guess my stunned expression gave away my utter disbelief. Then he a said, “She’s one of us.”

    That was it for me. I told him that she may be one of you, but she is not one of me! I wish I had had the foresight to ask if he thought she was a drag queen or something. But it would have probably been wasted on the idiot.

    Now, that I have read your insightful piece, I realize what I should have said: Sit down and shut the hell up!

    You’re a caution, Helen. This old Texan loves you and hopes your husband is taking care of business, if you know what I mean! He’s got a gem in you.

    Thanks for making my day once again.


  225. I just want to say Thanks to everyone here for standing up for what is right. It was a pain in the butt dealing with Right Wing folks but I think it worked out for the best.

    You folks are very insightful and bright. This whole Margaret and Helen blog is such a pleasure. I just do not like Right Wingers smelling the place up.

    I think one of them crapped in the corner.


  226. Hey there, Political Amazon. I confused you. “I” didn’t write that I’m a Palin hater, but only that I thought the earlier post by “womanwithsardinecan”
    on November 30, 2008 at 7:54 am was a hoot.

    At the end of her entry, “womanwithsardinecan” gives a mental picture of throwing a designer jacket under the bus for Palin to go fetch. The EARLIER writer wrote: “…and as for being a Palin “hater,” I would have to say, yes I am. I have taken off the civilized gloves and begun fantasizing about her being hit by a bus. A BIG bus. The bus with all the gore on its wheels from the people she has thrown under it. Hey Sarah! Isn’t that a designer jacket in the road? Right there, near the center line.”

    I just thought that idea of tossing a designer jacket under the bus for Palin to chase after was funny, her “just desserts”, and worth repeating. TRUST ME: I’m not investing any energy into “hate”. I agree with you, that wasting time and energy on hate only harms me.

    I enjoy your comments, Political Amazon, and those comments of many others, too, like JuneauJoe, Alaska Pi, smteaches, Charles, Jean, proud community organizer WA, troutay, whirled peas and many others. I am thankful this holiday weekend that Helen, Margaret and Matthew have brought us all together.


  227. Political Amazon


    We try our best to serve the community.
    You don’t have to be modest!
    Just keep singing out about logical fallacies used as devices of style in rhetoric…
    Maybe we’ll be able to dust off that fine old tradition and be proud of it again…REAL rhetoric, I mean… NOT the poisoning-the-well and so on.
    My least favorite is hasty generalization from the particular… though irrelevant appeal to authority is right up there… ugh.
    Good on you neighbor!


  228. A weeks worth of Caribou Barbie at Doonsbury.


  229. Doonsbury did a whole week of cartoons dedicated to ‘Caribou Barbie’:;_ylt=AvQUn3SNaY079sEw9dtYkgTV.i8C



  230. […]… […]


  231. ““….as for being a Palin “hater,” I would have to say, yes I am. ”


    Elsie, truly Sarah Palin isn’t worth the effort it would take to hate her.

    You can take off the boxing gloves and let her have it without putting out the energy to hate her.

    Besides, her kind of filth is simply empowered by the hate. Like the rotting undead, she feeds on it.

    So consider yourself a type of “surgeon.” Make the cuts where needed and when needed, but don’t let hate or anger cloud your judgment.

    Truly, she’s not worth it.


  232. “You two ” apparattly old hags” don’t seem to respond to any of the comments. WTF. Maybe I should put up a rantings from the ‘looney left” spot for sites like yous. If you have a position, defend it. Don’t just let it go on. If not SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE HELL UP.”


    This is H&M’s blog. They run it as they wish. If you don’t like it, go start your own blog where you may run it the way you wish.

    Besides, the opening post made a strong argument, and logical fallacies posted by the likes of you have done nothing to present a valid rebuttal that needs to be refuted.


  233. “Buh-bye ketch- Thank heavens we bored ya to tears…
    Whew. Good job gang!”



    We try our best to serve the community.


  234. Idiots abound. Thanks for keeping it real! Really. 🙂


  235. “smteaches, Oh, like this blog? No hatefulness shown with the language toward Palin here? Does that make the initial blogger a troller?”


    This is a common unethical tactic some posters use. It started with the Bush supporters, but quickly was adopted by the Hillary supporters, and now the Palin supporters.

    Here’s a clue: If you criticize a person, and the criticism is legitimate, then it is not “hate.” It’s stating a criticism of something a person did.

    Example: I write “Bush Jr is bad for our country because he lied to get America involved in an unwinnable Middle Eastern war.”

    Some Bush supporters would say that is “hate speech” or I only wrote that becuase “I hate Bush.” Neither is true.

    This accusing someone of having an ulterior reason for criticising someone is called a “logical fallacy”…specifically, “poisoning the well.”

    Poisoning the well is a logical fallcy that attempts to trick a reader who doesn’t know better into assuming the statement, opinion or argument offered is invalid because of something that is wrong with the person giving the statement, opinion or argument.

    By claiming that a person is criticizing Hillary Clinton because they hate her is “poisoning the well,” since most people think it is possible that someone who hates another person or situation will have their comments colored by emotion, and therefore may not be inaccurate.

    Poisoning the well, and other logical fallacies, are a strong indication that the person using the fallacy has a weak argument themselves and cannot debate the issue using honest and ethical means.

    Arguments and statemetns come in all forms, and sometimes colorful language is used. This does not mean the argumetn or statement is invalid or wrong. It simply means that it is stated in a way that is evocative…which is actually a good thing when making an argument, as long as a logical fallacy isn’t used to do the evoking.


  236. Hello Ladies:

    I find your blog to be refreshingly honest and a testament to the power of friendships. Where I don’t agree with you about Sarah Palin, I would like to say that I find your spunky approach to blogging quite refreshing. I am a former Democrat, kind of turned Conservative-Libertarian, but I do understand your concerns and honor our troops and their sacrifices in all generations. Keep up the spirit and welcome to the blogsphere! God Bless both of you!


  237. The First Amendment provides that the government shall make no law restricting freedom of speech. Last I checked, Margaret and Helen are not the government, and are not making any laws. They are free to tell any one at all to STFU, just as O’Reilly has been doing to guests who say things he doesn’t like, for years now!

    As for Palin, she apparently is equipped with the same genitalia as me. How nice for her. Some people seem to think that obligates me to support her. NEWSFLASH: About half the population of the world is equipped with the same genitalia as me – and that doesn’t mean that I agree with, support, or even like many of them!

    I think Sarah Palin is a typical stupid but pretty woman who trades on her looks to advance her career – just like every stupid cheerleader who was popular in high school, only this isn’t high school, this is serious! I find that as reprehensible in a woman as I do in a man. Telling me I should support Palin because I am female is like telling me I should vote for Dan Quayle because he’s “a cute white guy.” So what? I don’t vote for people because they are pretty or female, I vote for them because I like what they stand for – and I don’t like what Palin stands for. Period. If she was a man, I would not vote for her. If she was ugly, I would not vote for her.

    I do think the world would be better off without the likes of Limbaugh, Coulter, et al – not because I don’t think conservative voices should be heard, but because they make up lies merely to inflame stupid people – for the purpose of making more money for themselves. They are “entertainers,” period. If Coulter could make more money by eating a live rat on TV, she would do it. These people are not serious commenters, they are a sort of freakshow, and are in the same class as bat boy and the lizard woman. The truly stupid are those who believe they are any sort of serious thinkers.

    I read real conservative columnists like Will, Krauthammer, etc. even though I don’t agree with them – but for the most part, their arguments are based in reason, and they don’t make their points by making up lies or trying to inflame others. Sure, sometimes they are intellectually dishonest, but all opinion writers are sometimes intellectually dishonest. I especially enjoy watching David Brooks trip over himself – that’s entertaining!

    Margaret and Helen, thanks for telling it like it is, and by all means, keep writing!


  238. dear margaret & helen,

    i am so sorry you had to get so worked up, but i thank you for sharing! it’s unfortunate that we will be stuck with these septic tanks for mouthpieces, but as long as there is an audience (and i use that term loosely as there are many names i’d like to call the “dittoheads” etc. that aren’t as polite) they will continue to rant. but we know better than to listen. i honestly can’t listen as it gets me too angry and i am pregnant and don’t want high blood pressure. anyway, keep up the good work!


  239. Well, ladies, looks like the morons have found your blog. Enjoyed your comments, as always, and looks like I will be reading the blog but not the comments from now on. Too much idiocy, it makes me crazy.

    Keep it up, we love you.


  240. dc- You and others have mentioned the war or terrorism. Don’t you people realize that terrorism is a tactic not a war? You and your ilk who consider this a “war” are clearly making the world more unsafe. Please get your head out of your ass.

    Quiet intelligence work, coordination with allies and law enforcement should be used as much as possible. There may be times when military action is needed, but it should be minimized because of its negative effects.

    Just check out what I wrote at


  241. JuneauJoe-
    Tree is on south porch. Had the lights on Thurs when I was coming home from work.
    Fraid we have to wait for the gov to come home to do her pass-out-cookies thingy before it stays lit…
    Douglas has it right… now is the time, in the long dark, to light our way …


  242. JuneauJoe-
    Good job! You can stand down for a bit . Looks like dayshift has arrived. Get some rest neighbor.


  243. Proud Organizer,

    Idiots got me mad. I wanted to take a break but couldn’t till I finished. I finally got off and went to eat but the place I wanted to eat at was closed by the time I got done. I went home and ate salmon. it was quite good.

    AlaskaPi – I saw the Gov’s mansion lit up but no tree.
    The tree in Douglas is lit up.


  244. Calyxo, I’m following your line of thought here, but could I add one additional thing? Both my husband and I only have bachelor degrees, but I’m okay with that!

    I’d like to suggest that perhaps your point is to suggest that the more education one has, the more likely one is to lean toward the Democratic party. I say this because I’ve met a great number of people without advanced degrees who are extremely intelligent, so I don’t believe you must have academic credentials in order to be highly intelligent. However, the more education you have, perhaps the more likely you are to support the Democratic Party’s principles. That’s just my 2 cents.


  245. Excellent! You managed to convey my exact feelings without using disgusting language or gunfire.

    I was pondering the existence of these “lesser informed” a few days before the election, and it occurred to me……

    The highest concentration of Masters Degrees in the world is in D.C. and the surrounding area.-and it’s 90% plus Democrat leaning.

    Conversely, if we take the *least* number of Masters Degrees, we find ourselves where?

    Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, etc.-Republican bastions of democracy (pun intended).

    There appears to be a definite relationship between intelligence levels and Political Affiliations.

    Do your own search using any two cities and see if the theory doesn’t hold up!

    I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on the Heritage Foundation or Brookings to investigate this.

    *disclaimer-my apologies to any R’s that I may have offended, but it’s not too late for you to correct your misguided ways. : )


  246. Sorry, Ketch, after all the bullshit that they’ve thrown at so many others, I do NOT wish either Palin or Coulter well. Nope. Just can’t do it. And if that bothers you, please do find an avenue that agrees with you somewhere else. Because I seriously doubt that anything you say in support of failed Bush policies, or, the lack thereof, will influence Helen to change her own blog to accommodate you and your beliefs. And, I LOVE HELEN. She knows her own mind, and she speaks the truth, which, sadly, too many right-wingers just can’t stomach, even now, after BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA won the election, fair-and-square, unlike Dubya in Florida. yes…Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the “community organizer” from Chicago…who knew enough to mobilize the country via the Internet and build a force to be reckoned with against Rovian tactics used by McCain who is too damn old to use his own computer. Wow. Let’s hear it for the young guy who’s Internet-savvy…guess that ol’ community organizer showed the old dog and Rovian politics a few things after all.

    One more thing….let me share something that I read a while back:

    Jesus was a community organizer;
    Pontius Pilate was a governor.


  247. JuneauJoe: You are my hero! I had to leave yesterday as my stomach lining was taking a hit! I was letting the crazy get to me.

    Scott from Louisiana: Great post! I have watched the different rallies and speeches online. I even attended the Biden Rally here in WA. My husband was very worried about protesters being there and told not to take one for the team. LOL

    I have to tell you over 12,000 people showed up and it was amazing. It was the most diverse crowd I had ever seen and everyone was polite and happy. What was missing? The feeling of fear and anger.

    The speeches given by VP elect Biden and other state officials were very positive. When McCain was mentioned it was all about policy differences period. No personal attacks, no questioning his friends and associates, no veiled statements. Just this is what we want to accomplish for all Americans. It was refreshing and moving!

    So my own personal experience just reinforced who I was voting for, this was the America I wanted to see again. Not the divided and sadly, hate mongering idealogies that were being thrown around with a cavalier disregard to all Americans.


  248. Buh-bye ketch- Thank heavens we bored ya to tears…
    Whew. Good job gang!


  249. ketch;
    “Obama’s rallys had as much hatred for the other side as McCain’s rally’s had for Obama. To say otherwise is ignorant or makes you a liar.”

    I tried to view every rally that was available while making my decision. Both those by Obama and McCain. I also tried to see as many Palin and Biden videos as possible.

    The only ones that I found any hatred being fomented were the ones done by Ms. Palin. McCain had a few comments made by the crowd, but I give him the benefit of age and not hearing the comments.

    Every Obama rally I’ve watched had no words by the candidate to foment any rage, usually a mention of respect for his opponents, and no angry crys from the crowd. I challenge you to post any digital footage of anything nearing what was being spewed at some of the Palin rallies (and before and after the rallies). I’ll be happy to post links to what I was able to hear.

    You support your contention that Greytdog is a liar by posting something along the lines of “Hang the old POW” and I’ll allow your liar contention to stand. Otherwise, consider it toast.


  250. Elsie,
    Nice post. Just think, the way you perceive others and wish them ill will… somebody, somewhere is wishing the same for you.

    Somethings in this world will never change. I am done with this site… nothing worth any value here. Good luck with your lives!


  251. Stupid decisions were made back then – yep. But oil was not imported at the rate it is today.

    60% of today’s oil is imported and we are still making gas guzzlers = BUSH WAS PUSHING THEM!
    “He wants to take away your SUV.”

    Arguing with yourself? Can be a problem.


  252. Wow, you’ve still got spunk!!! Good on ye!


  253. ROFLMAO:l

    Re: womanwithsardinecan
    on November 30, 2008
    at 7:54 am

    “….as for being a Palin “hater,” I would have to say, yes I am. I have taken off the civilized gloves and begun fantasizing about her being hit by a bus. A BIG bus. The bus with all the gore on its wheels from the people she has thrown under it. Hey Sarah! Isn’t that a designer jacket in the road? Right there, near the center line.”

    Thanks for that. I’m wiping tears out of my eyes right now! What a funny thought…

    As soon as I heard that Ann Coulter’s mouth is wired shut, I hoped that she would fall yet again, if that is how the jaw problem began, and the next time, break all her own fingers so she can’t type anything, either…. Then she might get what she truly deserves…Where is the Mafia when you really need them, anyway? I’m joking, of course…(yeah, right…)


  254. Joe Jumper,
    You said, “We also had electric cars built by GM back in the 60s. They were leased only. the oil companies complained and they were taken back and destroyed. They were to cheap to operate. GM would be getting a shit load of money today if they had continued.”

    John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson were the Presidents throughout the 60’s. They were democrats. Does this mean that the entire electric automobile industry failed because of the Democrats? Say it isn’t so, Joe! You blame the economy on the President, even though it is a world recession. You blame the President for everything that goes wrong during his Presidency… so are you saying the Democrats are responsible for the electric auto industry failing?


  255. ketch:

    You argue with yourself a lot?

    Could be a problem.


  256. Joe Jumper,
    Your verbage sounds very juvenille, how old are you? It sounds like a 12 year old trying to spar with the big boys. Your ideas and thought processes sound like a temper tantrum. “dc – You are a real idiot!”, “If you don’t agree with me, I am going to start shouting IN BIG BOLD TYPE!”


  257. June Joe,
    First you call them trolls because they come here with “so called” hatred… and then you follow it up by calling somebody an idiot. Just like the far right and far left… labeling somebody something because of an action and then performing that action yourself.

    June Joe said,

    dc – BUSH WAS WRONG!

    On TWO WARS – One was started by lies. (Where are the WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION?) Ask Clinton and the rest of the liberal government… they thought they were there as well.

    ENVIRONMENT – Global Warming – caused by man? Yes, it was caused by man, but also caused by other things.

    SEX EDUCATION – all options mentioned or just say NO. (Who ends up getting pregnant?) The one using other options… if you say “no”, will the sperm jump across the air? The other options don’t have 100% success rate.

    ECONOMY – The bailouts speak for themselves. BUSH AND FRIENDS RAN UP BILLS TO SET RECORDS!! The bailouts were voted unanimously in favor of by both parties.

    GET REAL – The Republicans ran the show and ran the economy into the ground! Moronic conclusion based on moronic ideas.

    dc – YOU ARE AN REAL IDIOT! Does this make you a troll?


  258. Gretydog,
    Your comment was overly faith biased. You have the misconception that “one nation under God” will ever happen. I don’t wish for that as I know, by reading, that this cannot occur. America is not and never will be a Christian nation… it is a myth. So your argument holds no water. Also, Obama’s rallys had as much hatred for the other side as McCain’s rally’s had for Obama. To say otherwise is ignorant or makes you a liar.


  259. Official word from the UK is: you’re great. Consider yourselves well and truly subscribed-to!


  260. It is 4 AM here in Alaska. I was just wondering if idiots got back on- THEY DID! Glad I checked.


  261. Being nice does not work with the trolls.

    That is why Helen scares them shitless. Why do they come? MUST BE STUPID!


  262. If you live in Georgia, Vote Martin!

    Retire Chambliss – HIS HATE IS OLD NEWS! Ted Stevens is gone and Dole is gone – now it is time to show Chambliss the door.


  263. Well aren’t these trolls just the cutest? lol. I love the bizarre world of wordpress trolls. My favorite from a few weeks ago, from a troll who showed up on mudflats: “every time I go to wordpress, some moron has bumped up a Sarah Palin story. Don’t you haters have anything better to do than be jealous of a smart, successful woman?” That wasn’t his direct quote, but covers the gist. Of course, one has to ask why he feels compelled to run around to all those blogs if they bug him so much. The part that cracks me up is that these Palin minions run around wordpress and other blog hubs just looking for liberal anti-Palin sites so that they can spew. I know that most of us liberal types have to FORCE ourselves to occasionally brave one of the right wing sites to see what they are up to. And I certainly never bother to leave a comment those places, but these trolls feel compelled to spew their ignorance wherever they go, as though their brain dead rantings would turn all of us away from “the dark side.”
    And whoever commented about the troll who threatened to “report” this blog, thank you. That was my big laugh for the day, after first enjoying Helen’s soapbox.
    Oh, and as for being a Palin “hater,” I would have to say, yes I am. I have taken off the civilized gloves and begun fantasizing about her being hit by a bus. A BIG bus. The bus with all the gore on its wheels from the people she has thrown under it. Hey Sarah! Isn’t that a designer jacket in the road? Right there, near the center line.


  264. dc – BUSH WAS WRONG!

    On TWO WARS – One was started by lies. (Where are the WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION?)

    ENVIRONMENT – Global Warming – caused by man?

    SEX EDUCATION – all options mentioned or just say NO. (Who ends up getting pregnant?_

    ECONOMY – The bailouts speak for themselves. BUSH AND FRIENDS RAN UP BILLS TO SET RECORDS!!

    GET REAL – The Republicans ran the show and ran the economy into the ground!



  265. dc – BUSH WAS WRONG!

    On TWO WARS – One was started by lies. (Where are the WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION?)

    ENVIRONMENT – Global Warming – caused by man?

    SEX EDUCATION – all options mentioned or just say NO. (Who ends up getting pregnant?_

    ECONOMY – The bailouts speak for themselves. BUSH AND FRIENDS RAN UP BILLS TO SET RECORDS!!

    GET REAL – The Republicans ran the show and ran the economy into the ground!



  266. dc, you really are an idiot

    I can use coal too! I would be putting carbon into the air and KILLING THE ENVIRONMENT! I spent time in a village and people had outhouses next to a stream that ran into the river that the people drank from – IT WAS LEGAL, BUT STUPID.

    We also had electric cars built by GM back in the 60s. They were leased only. the oil companies complained and they were taken back and destroyed. They were to cheap to operate. GM would be getting a shit load of money today if they had continued.

    TWO EXPENSIVE WARS – when we have the manpower (and BUSH/ CHENEY/ RUMSFELD STUPIDITY IN CHARGE) for one war means we will run up ENORMOUS DEBT AND FAIL IN BOTH WARS!

    I think you are deluded!!! Your thinking is a lot like Bush and his idiot friends actually.


  267. “Bush’s job is just to sign the budget or to veto it. This has been his only failure, he capitulated to the Democrats way too often in an effort to get along with them.”

    Give me a freaking break.

    Eight years ago when George W. Bush, a man I simply abhorred, was given the presidency by Katherine Harris and the Supreme Court, I resignedly said “OK, the country is in such good shape after Clinton, this little twerp can’t possibly ruin it in four years.”

    I was wrong. It took him two. And in the succeeding six years, he’s driven us so far down the road to hell, I’m not sure anyone can bring us back. But I think we’ve elected a man who’s going to give it his all.

    The comments about how socialism doesn’t work amuse me. Obviously it does work, most of the world practices a form of it. I keep seeing people who are so afraid Obama is going to redistribute the wealth. Do they actually think he’s going to rummage around in their bank accounts and give the money to a homeless bum on the corner? Idiots.

    As for the war hero thing – I am so sick of hearing McCain called a hero. Yes, his plane crashed. Yes, he was captured and held a long time. But he also spilled his guts to the enemy. I’m not saying I would not have done the same thing. But then I’m not holding myself out as a hero and trying to become president.

    And for the person who complained about M&H on scooters – they are on an aircraft carrier, do you know how big they are? I’m 66 and would appreciate a scooter if I was trying to tour an aircraft carrier. I don’t mind M&H having scooters, what I mind is the 30 year old man who uses one during the day so he can draw his SSI and then leaves it behind on weekend nights so he can dance at the local redneck bar.

    Haters, just go away. This is M&H’s blog, they can say what’s on their mind. If you disagree with it, there’s no call to call them and other posters names. Just go away. Let us who love them keep our Margaret and Helen.


  268. JuneauJoe,
    you are forgetting that we have a right to buy any legal product that we can desire and can afford. While that right is not “constitutional, it is the basic precept of our economy and way of life. As for the CAFE standards, people turned to the SUV’s for the safety standards that the CAFE standards cannot meet.
    Regarding Afghanistan, we did go in and are still there. You might try reading the news beyond the opinion pages (and I suspect only the opinions that agree with your opinions). The war against radical Islam is a world-wide war. We aren’t really fighting two wars, it is one war on multiple fronts. While I tend to agree on Saudi Arabia, I have yet to see any serious evidence of the Saudi government funding the insurgents, at the same time, there is plenty of evidence that Iran and Syria are funding and training the insurgents.
    We can leave the economy, science and parental rights for another time.


  269. “We will NOT let you destroy America and turn into some multicultural kumbaya Detroit-esque hell.”
    You right wing robots have ALREADY destroyed America…………………………..
    It’s going to be a real job to rebuild it!
    Why is it that the conservatives have thought it is OK to be verbally abusive to liberals for so many years? And yet what is good for the goose is NOT good for the Gander?
    For close to 6 decades I ahave been polite, living a good “christian” life, ( without needing a regular Sun. pep talk,) “doing unto others as I would have them do unto me”…………..but now the muzzle is off.
    I was having lunch with a friend, and we talked to the couple at the next table, a lovely couple, I THOUGHT, She worked for Exon in Houston, and was trying to sell me on how sweet those guys were, ecologists ALL……….photographing seabirds from the oil rigs in the gulf…..( diesel fuel was at it’s high of just under $5.00 a gal. then, & unlike these people who had the money to drive to Maine from Houston, I couldn’t have gone to Phila to visit my relatives!) when my friend brought up the election
    ( this was June pre Obama as nominee, pre palin’s exhistance outside of Alaska …..and I think I said I was voting for John Edwards ( before his fall from grace) THIS “lovely” woman got the ugliest sneer on her face and said “Oh but he’s a ‘LIBERAL”.
    I grew up in a town with a majority of intelligent, wonderful, liberals with a higher than average moral ethical code. And I just lost it! I stood up and started screaming ( TRUTH/FACT, not insults…..) at the top of my lungs………….the woman was scared of me and sidled out the door sidewise like a crab, her banker husband had already run out to get the car……………..
    My friend then scolded me because there was a fundy preacher with his wife and 6 tow headed kids, and she didn’t like my scaring them. So I went over and apologized to the entire family…..which was accepted graciously, and the preacher asked if I had a prayer I would like to include in his grace. I did. I asked God to defeat the Republicans in this election………….and he DID!
    The kids came to say Goodby when they were kids have an eye for the truth when thye hear it!


  270. Like a good friend of mine used to say; Rent space in their heads for free.



  271. Helen, LOVED this post – and particularly loved seeing confirmed that studies showing that the average right wing pinhead has an IQ lower than the average hand towel are actually TRUE! You can tell when someone hasn’t got a real argument when the best they can muster is a slap at your: age, gender, place of birth, appearance, religion, etc.. instead of addressing the issue.

    It’s like having an argument with a child – when you say something they don’t like or don’t agree with and they don’t have (yet) the education or brain power to respond, they yell, “I hate you”. (oh, um, yeah, that’s an argument)

    How pathetic that these trolls are adults (kind of) who have such little intellectual capacity that the best they can do is call you names?!

    ROTFLMAO!!! You GO Helen, keep ’em up at night, angry and confused because they know in the back of their tiny minds that you are right! LoL!!

    You made my week, really. I mean it. 🙂 🙂


  272. Your insights are always delightful. For more fun tidbits on idiots from Alaska and the like check out


  273. the village set their troll idiots lose to bark at Margaret & Helen

    This is how the extreme right operates, they have been brainwashed to think they can intimidate the country into keeping quiet. Like when Palin wanted to pull books from the library and wanted to classify birth control as abortion.

    I have to be honest, I love seeing their true colors, it only makes me happier Obama won!!


  274. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
    Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.


  275. Keep up the good work Helen!!!! You remind me of my dearly departed feisty grandmama. Just keep telling it like it is and forget about those nasty old trolls.

    I love your blog. I’m glad I found the link to it on another blog.


  276. Greetings from Down Under, ladies! It’s a shame you’re catching so much grief from psycho losers. How did they get linked to your blog? Must have been the “Let’s swarm here like flies to a fresh dog turd” Pick-of-the-Day on Free Republic or something. (Not that I’m likening your blog to dog poo, of course.)

    Keep up the good work! If you’ve enraged the trolls, good onya. Seeing the sickness of people like them reminds me of why my wife and I won’t be moving back to the U.S. anytime soon despite Obama becoming president. We were born in America when Nixon was VICE president, but we left the country in 2005 because our consciences wouldn’t let us keep paying taxes for realPresident Cheney’s genocide. When the Bush Depression hits, insane people like the ones who slag you are likely to go on murder sprees when their jobs disappear and theif families desert them. I’ll be glad to watch it from a safe distance.

    In the meantime, keep giving idiots like Palin and Chambliss the drubbing they deserve. Pretty much everyone in Australia thinks as you do, ladies. You’re in good company.


  277. Dear Margaret and Helen: Have Helen’s grandson show you how to check IP addresses. Then check the troll IPs. Don’t be surprised if most of them are coming from the same IP address (meaning: the same unique internet address).

    Right-wing trolls love to create multiple fake identities (known as “sock puppets”) to make it look like they are more numerous than they really are. (John Lott, who used to go online as “Mary Rosh” to talk up his questionable research, is a prime example.)


  278. Do not feed the trolls – unless you enjoy picking off trolls like it’s some kind of turkey shoot.

    Step 1: Identification. Make sure they’re not debate students, devils advocates, or decent citizen loyal opposition types, from which you may learn from any intelligent exchanges.

    Step 2: Analysis. Once you’ve smoked em out and know they’re a troll, know this: when trolls are not 50 year old stoners living in their mother’s basements, they’re usually mental and/or emotional defectives who didn’t read the “* or one month free” fine print when joining AOL for their “10,000 FREE HOURS!” and don’t know how to shut the dang thing off, and also don’t have psychological health insurance. Flaming them is like shooting fish in a barrel. But if they’re really obsessive-crazy, then deleting and banning is usually the only option.

    Step 3: Ridicule. Since logic takes a back seat to disruption, flaming trolls can be great fun. Points you may get from others for artful troll smackdowns are a bonus.

    Happy shooting, it can be good sport!


  279. Can someone in Georgia please pass a message to our governor? Please tell her that her employers, a.k.a. the people of Alaska, want her to stop laying out of work and to do the job for which we pay her. Please remind her that she was hired to administer the affairs of Alaska, not to campaign for a politician in Georgia. Please tell her that our patience has worn thin, and that we expect her to clock back in on Monday and get back to work.


  280. Dear Helen and Margaret,

    I don’t tune into political drivel if I can help it. So I didn’t know until I read it here that Ann Coulter had broken her jaw and had to have it wired shut! If true, then my strong religious faith has been restored. THERE IS A GOD! Talk about poetic justice!!!

    For anyone upset about Palin, Coulter and such being denigrated because they are women, may I remind you that roughly 50% of the population are women. I believe in equality of opportunity for all. Men no longer have an overwhelming monopoly on stupidity.




  281. Well said 🙂 Don’t ever stop speaking your mind.


  282. ROFLMAO…just checked the “WordPress” homepage…and Margaret and Helen was the first listed under Community posts.

    Thank you trolls…ya made the two cool ladies number one blog for now!!!


  283. To all my M&H friends. Hopefully I threw the cheese far enough away… fingers crossed.


  284. Hey you Palin-loving, Republican voting, religious freaks if this post from Helen bugs you, you should see what Helen said about her when they first met a few weeks ago. To read when Helen called Sarah a bitch go to


  285. […] “Sarah Palin, sit down and shut the hell up!”… […]


  286. Great post!!! I agree…I thought the interview with the turkeys in the background was an SNL skit in disguise! Was disturbed when I realized it was not!!


  287. Before Nov 4, I was honestly scared to read some of the political blogs (why I didn’t watch TV during the pre-election crap — yes folks, I did watch the debates!!). On November 5, I finally thought I could breathe again after eight years of oppression.
    Thanks for your wonderful post that I agree with 100%. We need to be sure the nutjobs don’t take this away from us!! Keep up the good work.


  288. Helen!

    Thanks for your posts. You are my heroine!

    Keep speaking your mind and keep writing…


  289. Helen, God bless you. Don’t stop writing after all this vitriol unleashed on your blog. They will get bored and go away, I hope. Generally, it’s not good to engage them in further discussion, just ignore them. However, I do appreciate PoliticalAmazon and JuneauJoe for trying to set them straight. Thanks also to Carol for explaining the link to Hillary’s village, wherefrom the trolls escaped. Keep the posts coming, and no, your diary didn’t ruin my Thanksgiving; some of the negativity of the responses made me a little sick to my stomach though. I’ll feel better tomorrow. ‘Night.


  290. You are the best!
    Did you hear that that awful Ann Coulter fell down and broke her jaw and now it is wired shut!
    The doctor should get a welder and make that permanent!


  291. RE” HoneyJoRumples on November 30, 2008 at 1:08 am “…anyone ever read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale?”


    Good one!


  292. Smr-
    Thanks for wiping up the last of the spills here! We’re getting this place back to presentable.
    Talk about taking liberties with the hostess’ hospitality! Califpat- -make sure you sweep that mess right on out the door!


  293. John Skookum:

    Do your homework. One of the first things SP did as mayor of Wasilla was hire a lobbyist, and got a lot of earmarks for her town. She pushed for a sports center, and then left Wasilla- in debt.

    Then she used Stevens as a mentor to get elected as Governor, running on an anti-corruption theme. What a joke: she continued to garner earmarks, she used private email for state business, appointed her good friends to government positions (they had no experience or expertise)…

    Does that sound like an outsider, a new breed of politician? Nope- typical Republican.

    Start looking at objective sources for news instead of a diet of Limbaugh, O’Reilly, and Faux News.


  294. HOLY MOLEY!

    Who let all the nasty TROLLS in here?

    H&M…you ladies rock!

    Just remember, do NOT feed the trolls!

    HUGS to you, and to all the Mudpuppies!


  295. RE: John Skookum on November 30, 2008 at 12:33 am…”It will really drive you around the bend when she is sworn in as our first female President in 2013…”

    This will never happen. If SP gets elected in Nov 2012 the end of the world really will happen on Dec 21, 2012, as forecast by the Mayan Calendar!


    But seriously…if the American people are ever to actually elect her for such an office as President or even VP…I’m outta here. Canada, France, somewhere…no matter. I will have given up on my country if they do.

    But I don’t think the American people are quite that stupid. Hell, we all got together and actually finally elected the best man for the job by such a landslide that the Repubs couldn’t call foul and try to steal the results…yet AGAIN!


  296. Here here, califpat. I can see America under Palin’s rule now…anyone ever read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale?


  297. B. Sabkovic: You have to be in the same micro-mental midget intelligence bracket as Sarah Palin. You are probably one of the one’s who dont know what books you have read and probably thinks that Africa is a country too. You have to be stupid to really believe that that imbecile Palin will make it ti the White House in 2012. She will be back in the Slaughter house pardoning turkey’s mindlessly in 2012.


  298. Formerly-registered Alaskan Republican checking in!

    Just wanted to give my vote of support for Margaret & Helen bringing home the truth!

    Changed my voter registration after that whack-job Palin was added to the McCain ticket! There goes over 20 years as a Republican! Buh-bye!

    Once she opened her mouth at the RNC it was painfully obvious that she was revving up her hate-base, and that is not something that my husband (also a reg Repub) and I wanted anything to do with!

    We’re down with the fiscal conservatism, we’re down with the government-free business thing, but we’ll pass on the overt racism, hatred & bigotry, thank you very much!

    The trolls here are a fine example of what drove us away from the Republican party, and to vote for CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN.

    Are those townhall/rush limbaugh/sean hannity haters disgusting or what? Ewwwww, the stench of thwarted neo-con dreams…

    Oh yeah — Sarah Palin sucks as a governor, said it long ago, and I will say it again: she sucks. Doesn’t know a thing about the oil & gas industry (30 years experience between husband & I, so I think we know what we’re talking about when we say someone is an idiot about it!). Doesn’t know a thing about health care. Nothing about education (two high-school drop-outs out of two, batting one thousand!). And ethics has totally eluded her as well.

    If Georgia wants to keep her, they are welcome to her, we’ll pay for the one-way tickets, hell, my husband and I would pay for them if we thought they’d stay there and become the next Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker!

    Night all — and keep up the good work Margaret & Helen. You are on my daily blog read list, appreciate the humor & straight-talk.

    Hey Trolls, tell John McCain this is where his bus got to!


  299. @ HoneyJoRumples

    “anyone really smart would never have gotten on the Palin band wagon in the first place” “nanner, nanner!” Funny! I don’t feed trolls, but your post was actually quite good and got right to the point:

    “Start looking now for a candidate reasonable, thinking people can consider getting behind.”

    Excellent point!


  300. History chaser: You are so wrong because sadly we do know Scary Palin,Let’s see now..umm. Oh yea, she is a serial liar, an imbecile, an abuser of power, a horrific mother and the worst Public Servant I have ever encountered. The ugly side of America that you claim you saw was all those racist cowards that Scary Palin whipped up with her lies who wanted to drag out a rope and murder our President Elect, as they screamed, “Let’s kill him” during the campaign. I dont think Scary will be going to heaven with all the lies and sins she is committing, so I wont have to worry seeing her there.


  301. Charles-
    Thanks for picking up all that garbage! I apologize for not helping. Some of that slop was so ripe I couldn’t get close enough to snag and bag it.
    You’re the bomb! Thanks neighbor!


  302. …but of course anyone really smart would never have gotten on the Palin band wagon in the first place…


  303. This was the longest thread! Amazing! Yes to paraphrase another blogger, I quickly learned to skip over the offensive blogs. Most of them are quite unentilligent. Proud Community OrganizerWA, I have to bow to you on your latest entry. Hillarious! Now, if the people who believe the stupidities out there could only think a little before posting! Where did some people’s brains go? Could we so sell our souls to ideology that we do not let our brains perform the functions they were designed for? Do we have to believe everything spewed out there hook line and sinker? Pitiful! No wonder our country is in this sorry state. Brains went into hiding! Common sense has left us!


  304. “It will really drive you around the bend when she is sworn in as our first female President in 2013, after the lightweight empty suit Obama totally screws things up and the people decide they are ready for a real outsider.”

    First of all, if things get screwed up any more than they already are, there won’t be much left, and voting for anyone at all will not be on anyone’s priority list. But like I said, if you want to continue to be stubborn and keep trying to force down the throats of the American voters a candidate we’ve already so clearly said no to, and if you want to make the same mistake you made in 1996 and try to oust a popular democratic incumbant with a republican candidate we already said no to, thereby handing the democrat the re-election, by all means, please feel free to do so. If you actually want a chance in hell of winning in 2012, you’ll be smart and get off the Palin band wagon and start looking now for a candidate reasonable, thinking people can consider getting behind.


  305. Troll alert – preeeeety obvious.

    Juneau is going to be very weird come this next session, and SP is so awkward here. She even sounds shrill and a little panicked whenever she says “Down there in Juneau…”. More of that big rubber monster screech, ya know?

    JuneauJoe – YES WE CAN!


  306. Kudos to Charles for the wonderful cut and paste job that must have teken some time. Obviously, anyone who says that the dissenters have been polite and have been wrongfully attacked here, well that’s someone who hasn’t been paying attention.


  307. Love your blog, Helen.

    Being a Georgian, I gleefully voted early to send Saxby into early retirement. He has been a horrific senator – environmentally trashing the Great State of Georgia and sucking up to every corporation that would line his pockets. Good riddance, sir. You’re another who thinks a lawful subpoena doesn’t apply to you and I sincerely hope that eventually you and Ted share a cell at our local Federal Corrections Institute. Hope they’re teaching ethics.


  308. Glad to see Sarah Palin is still making the Left crazy.

    It will really drive you around the bend when she is sworn in as our first female President in 2013, after the lightweight empty suit Obama totally screws things up and the people decide they are ready for a real outsider.


  309. JuneauJoe-
    I walk a half block and peer over the hill at our lovely Governor’s Manse. Did you see the tree is up and they were testing the lights?
    We have to make her come home. We have to clean up the mess we made with hiring her too. I’m sorry, but we have to.


  310. Hi Gramma Helen,

    Just checking in after recovering from the Holiday and I think you rock, as usual! I don’t know if you’re even going to get as far as my comment being that I’m late and with all the activity already posted here! But I just have to say my piece and give you my encouragement…

    I agree with you…why can’t SP stay in her state and do her own job for a change? I also follow the Mudflats blog ( ) and he (being in Alaska) has quite a few things to say about SP, her ethics and on-goings. If you haven’t checked him out yet, I definately recommend him. Intelligent, informed, and right up your alley!

    As to the new crop of nastier-than-usual trolls that seem have so recently invaded our little corner of heavenly tea and cake that is your blog…I WOULD PAY THEM NOT EVEN ONE TINY BIT OF ATTENTION! I don’t know how they all got here at once, but I would guess from the amount of ’em that someone got pissed off enough about something you said and steered a bunch of others of their ilk our way.

    I can’t believe some of these creepy-crawlies can be so hateful to you! Their comments show an obvious lack of familiarity with you, as well as ignorance of your posts. And I really wonder if some of them even read this post in its entirety, but rather just jumped on and commented based on what some other small-minded reactionary told them second-handedly!

    You are lovely, Helen…Don’t you dare let any of what these other idiots say hurt you. You seriously rock my world…and those of a lot of us others here! And that is a very good thing!

    Blessings from Seattle…


  311. Face it, people – the Bush years never happened.

    Everything that happened before 2001 is Clinton’s fault.

    Everything since 2000 is now Obama’s fault.


  312. Helen and Margaret keep up the great work! I love you ladies. Not feeding the trolls here, I just skip over those posts.

    Sarah Palin should be doing her job she was paid in Alaska, not flying all over the country like she is. How much vacation does a governer get anyway?

    As for Chambliss, I hope Georgia ditches him. Did you see that video of his family and their Thanksgiving message? It made me gag, especially with how he gropes his granddaughter. It’s time that change came to Georgia too!

    Margaret and Helen keep up the good fight!


  313. Miley,

    Rove needs to be nice – he could face criminal charges.

    Palin and the book deal: Legally, I believe, she cannot take on an outside contract as long as she is Gov.

    I think I knocked over the tea, Sorry AlaskaPi.
    I will help clean.

    I am in Juneau, does she really have to come back? Juneau is so quiet with her out of town.


  314. Oh crud- HOME work… the gov has HOME work… My tea musta been spiked too!


  315. […] Again, that’s, people… do check them out. Published by […]


  316. Helen-
    Whew. Some of the folks we all know have popped in now. We’ll pick up some of the furniture that got knocked over in the tussle here in your parlor. Whoever spiked the iced tea is gonna get it!!!!
    Don’t know about you- folks have always told me I would get patient with age. I find I am less patient every year with time-waster, nasty , junior high school posturing passing for argument…Yelling “hater” for an answer to anything is such a dang bore… and my years are short now.
    Some of you out there- will you , puhleeze , send the gov home. she is gonna end up with a curfew if she doesn’t quit putting off her HONE work!
    Thank you Helen and Margaret for having us all in. We’ll clean up the rest of the mess before we leave…


  317. I also heard a lot of unbelievable statements over the last week, including:

    “What was he thinking putting the Clintons in charge of the State Department! It’s a co-presidency…he’ll be in charge of us and those two will be in charge of the world…”

    “A lot of crazy liberals paid money to put him into office and now they’re going to expect pay back…”

    And my personal favorite:
    “I wonder when the race wars are going to start.”

    Seriously. Seriously! Even the evil Karl Rove was quoted in the Wall Street Journal two days ago saying he was very happy to see such strong, mainstream people being chosen for Obama’s cabinet. Karl Frickin Rove!!! Okay, so even he is thinking rationally… so who are these uninformed, ignorant people? Sarah Palin lost, she’s back in AK feeding icicles to her kids, and that’s probably the last we’ll hear of her until her book tour, then she’ll be a blip on People magazine and she’ll be over. Get over her. McCain and his buds ruined her career and she let them. They deserved each other. It’s OVER PEOPLE! Get on to the bigger problems — look forward to the fact that for once in eight years someone SMART WHO CAN DRIVE is at the wheel.

    Helen, seriously, you are a rock star.


  318. Love your blog and have since I first found out about them in September. I hope you will ignore the heaving, pulsing, poisonous trolls and focus on the love that I and your other virtual grandchildren send you way. I only have one (extremely smart and politically outspoken) grandparent left, and it’s nice to have you bolster the ranks for me. You are hereby adopted! Hugs and kisses!


  319. I think it is the cockroaches that are trying to sneak into this site! They must be the ones eating the pie meant for me! i noticed there were sure a lot of cockroaches on this site last night and early this morning as well as this afternoon.

    it must be the cockroaches! Damn them!

    The thought is what counts though, I still think Helen and Margaret are the best!


  320. Wow, Helen and Margaret… they are SCARED of you!! I love it. Your truth-telling drives them nutty. Keep on speaking your mind because you say it so well, like so many of us wish we could. As Palin would say, “don’t listen to a bunch of bloggers in their parents’ basements wearing pajamas.”



    You hit it out of the ballpark again. LMBO! Thanks


  322. I second Black Dog!

    Margaret and Helen, keep up the great work! We are your neighbors and we appreciate your kindness to let us hang out and chat. Funny thing though: The pie is always gone by the time I get to it!


  323. Helen, you’re the cat’s pajama’s and the bee’s knees! Please, keep doing what you do!


  324. Helen & Margaret – you make me howl! She’s my gov and she’s like something out of a B grade horror movie – or maybe she’s a Japanese rubber monster who screeches loudly and often – enough to really hurt your ears.

    Boy, how funny that the Palinbot weirdos don’t have anything else to do? They just crack me up – stupid and mean beyond belief and so childish! And oh so predictable – ho hum. There is never any humor, or pizazz in these poor folks’ writing and that almost makes me sad for them – how unexceptional they are. I’m so glad to be ME and not one of those poor sots.

    But YOU two are wonderfully exceptional bloggers, and we appreciate you very much! We can giggle, or gulp, laugh out loud, think something witty, write something cute, learn a bit – it’s all HERE! We ARE your neighbors Margaret and Helen – and we really love you for sharing the pie and chats! This is where it all comes together, thank you!


  325. dc:

    Had we gone in to Afghanistan to win, we might have had a chance there. HAVE YOU NOTICED IT IS GOING TO HELL!

    Instead of doing one EXPENSIVE WAR, we started number two. We had to hire haliburton and Blackwater, BECAUSE WE HAD NO MORE TROOPS! We were fighting two wars and only had the resources for less than 1. All of the projections on Afghanastan, Iraq and the peoples of middle eastern countries were wrong. By the way, Saudi Arabia was funding a lot of the insurgents but we are not to talk about that because they are part of the Carlisle group which is a Bush Family Money Maker.

    You like to make stuff up but you are mostly wrong, as was Bush/ Cheney/ Rove/ Rumsfeld and other Bushies with the economy and scientific matters. it is interesting that places where kids are only taught abstinence have a higher pregnancy rate – Bush/Palin and their ideas don’t work too well.


  326. “Sarah Palin is your neighbor. Do you plan on going to a different Heaven?”

    Oh and F–k no I don’t plan on going to the same ‘heaven’ as this stupid, manipulative bitch…

    Too many concepts over the centuries of what heaven is…in fact the Greek Bishop Irenaeus in the second century didn’t believe that all who were saved would even go to heaven. He also was the one who wrote that cool book against the Gnostics but that is another story.


  327. dc:

    Bush said, “He is trying to take away your SUV’s” when he ran for re-election. Bush said it. Rush and the idiot crew had fun with it.

    We had gas lines during Carter’s time. Carter said, We need better fuel economy. We had less than 10 MPG average when Carter took office. When he left, we had an average MPG of 18. Bush did nothing to increase the milage standards because big cars made more money – THAT WAS THE FOCUS!! Bush was also sure that we would clean out Iraq, get the oil and we would have oil for the US!

    WAR FOR OIL! He did not think through his strategy and we are in a quagmire. We have increasing dangers because we go so many, with so much less than us, hating the US.


  328. “listen to you and your rabid little following…none of you would blink to report inappropriate thoughts, speech, literature to the authorities would you? Dutiful little ‘bots like you and yours have filled death camps, gulags, prison cells.”

    “And even though you don’t like Chambliss, you should realize we need a two party system.

    I have seen an ugly side of America these past few weeks.A side that won and still is being overbearing and rude.

    Sarah Palin is your neighbor. Do you plan on going to a different Heaven?”

    “Hey Bitch, Cleland lost his limbs having a beer with some buddy’s while accidentially dropping a grenade on himself. If you going to use the guy in your rant get your story straight, bitch.”

    Dear foolish, over-resource-consumed, overtime-aged bints: be good Democrat oldsters and line up to jump into a food processor vat. Obama will eventually make you anyway, so why waste time?

    Leave the future to the young…And Sarah will lead us. Don’t like it? Eat spit. (You don’t have to die, your Obama will force you to without any help from us. That’s why he’ll lose in ‘12.)”

    “You ladies are an embarassment to all women. Its always particularly revolting when women tear down other women.”

    “Get used to it you smelly old bitch, we’re going to be your worst nightmare for the next 4 years. You will NOT enjoy obama’s victory.”

    “There will be a day of reckoning and it will not be one of your liking! SO go ahead and spew your foul filth fo hate and lies, because once the one TAKES THE REIGNS OF POWER, there will be no stopping him and the hordes of flies that are part of his cabinet of horrors.”

    “Randy, your comment is blatantly false. The majority of comments in dissent are actually nice. It’s the commentors commenting against the dissenters that is hateful. Go back up and count them. ”

    Ketch…dude for the most part you have been pretty cool, different than some of the commentors but cool about it…this cut-and-paste job was just a few of the first postings by ‘dissenters’ before there were any responses except for mentioning ‘trolls’ and one comment about a brainectomy…and which is the ‘haters’?

    I could comment about pro-life here like some, except it would be more about how the best part of these people dripped down there mother’s leg (a comment I got from an 82 year old man talking about one of his neighbors) or another comment by the same older gentleman about how if his father had thrust one more time, they would be complete idiots and one less time they wouldn’t be at all…but that would just be spreading the ‘hate’…although an example of rural octogenarian humor.

    Still, I think that the act of replying at this point has crossed to the point of being useless…the definition of ‘troll’ I found on the internet has to do with coming in, making inflamitory remarks to get people off subject and just pissed off…and I think they have accomplished that.

    Though I do think that the ‘tolerance’ of the ‘far left’ is a myth…not that most of these people responding would actually be defined as ‘far left’ I haven’t seen any responses from the Black Bloc…but I do think that ‘average’ people, with liberal leanings are fed up, which is why Bush and Shrub both saw huge demonstrations here in Portland…and I still know people who are proud of GHW Bush characterization of calling My town “Little Beirut”…


  329. JuneauJoe,
    Bush didn’t push bigger cars. Come on, get a grip. He never came to me and said, “hey, get a big car that burns alot of gas.” It is the consumer that decides what cars the Big Three will build, not the President. It is true that he pushes for more oil drilling, but he also pushed for new green technologies, like he has said, oil is now and green technologies are still several years from being reliable. Bush didn’t “lie us into war.” He used the same intel that the rest of the world used and came to the same conclusion that the rest of the world reached. The only difference was that Bush had the spine that the UN lacked, or maybe it was due to the fact that Bush wasn’t taking bribes from the UN’s “Oil For Food” program.
    Iraq may well have been projected to only last a year, but did we ask the enemy how long until they would surrender? No. The enemy also thought we would roll over in six months after 9/11 but we are still fighting, aren’t we?
    In you response to Tyler you forgot an important aspect of the American system. The President doesn’t spend any money, he doesn’t even write the budget, Congress does that. Bush’s job is just to sign the budget or to veto it. This has been his only failure, he capitulated to the Democrats way too often in an effort to get along with them.


  330. This is a great blog. And we love Margaret and Helen. Two feisty ladies who have seen and experienced more of life than most of the folks who visit their blog. And they call it like they see it. BUT when someone comes into the community and starts calling Margaret and Helen names simply because THEIR blog posts their opinions (opinions which echo many of our own), our community hackles rise up and we defend our Ladies. Best you go back to prayer and saving your soul,Ketch22 – it’s not disagreement we object to – it’s the hatred contained in many of the troll postings. Hatred that is part and parcel of the Republican mantra – or didn’t you notice that at the Obama rallies no one called out “kill him” or accused McCain/Palin of being Anti American, or accused those of us who live in cities of not being real Americans. You want a relationship with God? Begin by asking your God how come one nation under God continues to promote “us” vs “them” ?


  331. Randy, your comment is blatantly false. The majority of comments in dissent are actually nice. It’s the commentors commenting against the dissenters that is hateful. Go back up and count them. People come here to read a good blog, and some will disagree. Are they not allowed to comment? Or is it only the ones that are allowed to say, “I agree!, This is the best blog ever!” But when the disagreement starts… the haters come out of the woodwork and the name calling starts.


  332. Keep up the cutting commentary, ladies.

    When the Republican Party grows some brains instead of balls, they may have a fighting chance as a party. Right now, their lack of majority is the result of poor reasoning, bad judgment, and ill equipped candidates and it will keep the Democrats busy for more than eight years.

    I just hope when we dems start getting all floppy eared and unprepared, that you two are also willing to tell some of us to SDASTHU.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll be back to read you often.


  333. I’m with you, pineapple. Palin is a walking, talking hatemonger of vitriolic lies, inconsistencies, incomplete thoughts, run-on sentences, ineptitude, and political chicanery. She is completely devoid of any extemporaneous expression of intelligent thought. And, 2012 is a very long time away for her to REALLY hang herself. So, I “betcha” if we just wait, (wink, wink), we’ll just see some more amazin’ stuff spew out of her painted mouth that might even eventually get her crucified on Faux News!


  334. […] won’t she go away?  Like a vaginal yeast infection, Sarah Palin is hard to shake.  Here’s a blog entry that beautifully describes just what’s so repulsive about her, and why we’d better hope […]


  335. Dear Helen and Margaret:

    I am sorry that some of the comments have been so intolerant and personal. Really says a lot, doesn’t it?

    Have a piece of cake!


  336. In Helen’s words:

    Don’t Feed the Trolls

    Don’t Feed the Idiots

    Only then will they leave!


  337. AMEN, HELEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When will people realize that spewing hate and lies (twisting, editing, or spinning truth) is more evil than cuss words and worse for democracy, too? For shame Sarah, Rush, Ann, Sean, Rupert, and all of you others who choose the dark side for the power. For shame.


  338. frankly, i think they should just let sarah palin run her mouth as much as possible between now and 2012. the more press conferences she holds in front of dying animals, the better.


  339. …yeah.


  340. Wonderful post! Looks like the sore losers have come out to rant and rave with their vile hatred. Jealous of Sarah Palin?? There’s nothing to be jealous of. These ladies who post to this blog obviously have an IQ above 85 so they are already way ahead of Sarah Palin. You must have hit to close to the truth because a lot of anti-Americans are on here throwing temper tantrums because you refuse to listen to re-gurgiated lies. To bad they can’t think for themselves. Can’t wait to read more.


  341. HATERS: This is a family blog. Keep it reasonable please!

    Margaret and Helen can say whatever they want though. They have experience and it is their blog.

    WE ARE GUESTS! Please be polite in regards to these wonderful women!


  342. WOW! I posted a response earlier with a link to my blog pieces about Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter. I find your pieces humorous and I find some writers on the right humorous too- but my goodness the vitriol and venom by some people on the right is scary crazy. There is a real problem when people are idealogues.

    Beyond some of the more hateful comments aimed at both of you there are some absurd items in these comments.

    First- Obama has as much experience in elected office as Abraham Lincoln. One of the responses mentioned that he is the least qualified since Franklin Pierce. Abraham Lincoln came after Franklin Pierce – who is also the great-great-great-great Uncle to George W. Bush through his mother Barbara Pierce Bush. This particularly ill-informed individual needs to read my piece – which thoughtfully looks at the issue of experience and Presidents.

    It seems that you have a number of people here who think that they are world class economists including Tyler who says he is a college student studying economics. Well I guess that makes him an expert- NOT! Maybe he should read some of the writings of Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman.

    I hate to say it but these right wing idealogues are just mean. Like Ann Coulter they only know how to tear down people like you.

    It’s fine to criticize those who are elected to public office- be it liberals like you and me, but I’ll respect those on the right who do the same with some intelligence to their arguments.

    But as soon as people become personally abusive of people like you– average people who are expressing their viewpoints- that is over the line and is the refuge of people who really have no argument whatsoever.


  343. P.S. Not that I don’t care about Chambliss completely for the record… I just don’t think its newsworthy until we get a yes hes back in the senate or no hes booted out. I bet the rest of you out there don’t care about Tom Harkin! (BTW he did get reelected! yay!!) Palin makes me sick to my stomach.


  344. Gee I guess Hawaiians don’t get security clearences. Hmmmm I hope the secret service, the FBI and CIA are aware of this.

    Sorry Hawaii.


  345. Where was Obama born, and why couldn’t he get a security clearance?


  346. You’re a big breath of fresh air, Helen.

    rshalomw, on the other hand, you need help. Just because someone asks an ignoramus to sit down and shut up doesn’t mean anyone hates her, by the way. Get a grip. And stop fantasizing about her; it’s embarrassing for the rest of us.


  347. to TexasDarlin-
    here are the facts…. the first amendment provides us the right to free speech. If she wants to call Palin a bitch she is entitiled to her opinion. Frankly I agree with Helen on this deal… I would even extend it to say she is a dumb hypocritical willingly ignorant bitch. Helen is no less of a woman for calling Palin a bitch… in fact I would say that its one of the things that makes her the tough ol woman that she is and that made a lot of us have come to love her writing.

    I think that it is appropriate to call the women that truly deserve it bitches. There have been too many things that women have worked for throughout history that people like Palin with her bimbo tendencies are unknowingly taking away from the womens movement. It is disrespectful however to call women who do not deserve it bitches. Obviously the jury is out on this one… But on this timeline with the way that she has handled herself since she was named John McCain’s VP candidate and even after the election in my opinion categorizes her as a Grade A Bitch.
    I am sorry bitch is such a dirty word… I am sorry that bitch is the only thing that describes that hypocrite… but hey if the shoe fits….

    Helen- I am so glad that you have returned to blogging on political matters again! It makes for good reading!
    I don’t know a whole lot about Chambliss as I live in Iowa but I do think that the fact that Chambliss has gotten so much media attention and attention from Palin, Mccain etc.. is a senseless media fix which is just drawing attention away from what matters in the rest of the country. There is nothing that most of us can do about the fate of Chambliss anyways. I want to hear about the auto bailout, education, healthcare, the wars….. stuff that matters!
    Keep up the good work Helen you make me smile!


  348. You completely missed O’Reilly! I cringe every time I hear of his latest embarrassing on-screen attack. The man won’t shut up, even though he is sitting down (most of the time).
    As for Coulter, I can’t even get on the subject without feeling an acidy burn in my stomach. She is revolting and ignorant. She is grouped in the same category as O’Reilly for being a loud, crass, ignorant louse.
    I notice a similarity between everyone on this list- they are all:
    1) obnoxious
    2) ignorant- even stupid
    3) refuse to go far far away, possibly into a cave- forever.
    Great stuff.
    You make a very good point about knowing your neighbours, and I know this isn’t the point of the post, but thought I would include that!
    But those two who think Obama is a Muslim? I couldn’t stop laughing. Because I’ve heard it all before. And it saddens me a bit.
    You’re a breath of fresh air out of America.


  349. To all Palin haters, think about this:

    All people are occupied with the daily processes of life on this planet, eating, sleeping, drinking, working, raising a family, daily chores and responsibilities, entertainment, etc. We rarely give a thought to the reality of eternity. We live our lives as if we have a guarantee of tomorrow and even the years to come. There are those who think that when they die it is all there is, just death. Others, push the thought of death far from their minds. They may say, “I don’t want to be bothered with that thought”.

    There are 8,760 hours in a period of a year. According to The World Fact book, updated as of June 10, 2008, the average life span for a male on our planet is 64.18 years, and for a female 68.2 years Total average hours of life on this planet is as follows: 56,221.6 for a male, and 59,743 hours for a female. The World Fact book statistics can be found at this link: All of us live our hours in both times of joy, and in times of sorrow.

    In the Book of James ( In the Bible) 4:14 it says: “What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes”. In the natural, our finite minds cannot comprehend eternity. Ecclesiastes 3:11 (Speaking of God) says: “He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end”.

    Eternity should be a major part of our thinking process, but why is it not? 2 Corinthians 4:4 “The god of this age [Satan, The Adversary, The devil] has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so they cannot see the light of the gospel [good news] of the glory of Christ (Yeshua, if your Jewish) , who is the image of God”.

    We will all face death at some point in our life, there is no guarantee of our next breath. Hebrews 9:27 :Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgement”. What should we be saying?, James 4:15-17 “Instead, you ought to say, If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that. As it is, you boast and brag. All such boasting is evil. Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins”. Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. Romans 3:10 “There is no one righteous, not even one”. How can we become righteous (right) with our Creator? Romans 3:22 “This righteousness from God comes through faith [trust] in Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach, if your Jewish) to all who believe”. Jesus (Yeshua) took the punishment of eternal separation from God, which we all deserve, because of our sinfulness. How does a person come to salvation? First we must be humble because it says in James 4:6 “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble”. John 14:6 Jesus (Yeshua) said: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” We must acknowledge to our heavenly Father that we are a sinner, in critical need of salvation. Tell Jesus that you want Him to be the Lord and Master of your life, and surrender your life to him. Ask Him to change you and make you like Him. Read the Bible and obey what it says to do. The New Covenant (Brit Hadashah if your Jewish) is the greatest commentary on the Hebrew Covenant ( Old Testament [Tanach] if your Jewish)

    Jesus spoke more about hell, then about heaven. No matter what anybody else has told you, hell is a real place Mark 9:48 “where their worm does not die , and the fire is not quenched”. Jesus (Yeshua) said in Luke 12:4-5 “I tell you my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more. But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who , after killing the body, has power to throw you into hell. Yes I tell you, fear him.” Jesus (Yeshua) said in Matthew 25:41 “Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.” Not to come to Jesus (Yeshua) for salvation is rebellion against the Heavenly Father’s only way that he has graciously provided for us. Remember that our life here on this earth is like a “mist”, in comparison to eternity. It would be beyond foolishness to reject Jesus (Yeshua) and spend eternity (never ending) in the fires of hell. The absolute worst conditions you can face here on this earth will be like heaven, compared to the separation in hell from our Heavenly Father

    Remember that our life here on this earth is like a “mist”, in comparison to eternity. It would bebeyond foolishness to reject Jesus (Yeshua) and spend eternity (never ending) in the fires of hell. The absolute worst conditions you can face here on this earth will be like heaven, compared to the separation in hell from our Heavenly Father.

    For those who consider themselves atheists and are reading this, you need to ask yourself the following two questions. 1. What if I am wrong? 2. Am I willing to allow my stubbornness and pride to casue me to make the gravest choice possible?. Remember that you will choose your own destiny, and have no one to blame, except yourself.

    My words echo the words of Paul ( Shaul, if your Jewish) ” We are therefore Christ’s (Mashiach’s, if your Jewish) ambassadors , as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s (Mashiach’s) behalf: Be reconciled to God. God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God”. All the love and joy and peace that you can ever imagine are found in Jesus (Yeshua) 2 Corinthians 6:2 “I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation”.

    If you know you are not right with God, repent [t’shuvah in Hebrew]. Repent means to turn from doing things your way and turning to God’s ways. Trust in Jesus [Yeshua], not yourself. Ask Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit [Ruach HaKodesh] Attend a Church that believes that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Get baptized. Read your Bible daily and follow the teachings of Jesus [Yeshua] Walk in His Love to all you come in contact with.

    Shalom in Jesus (Yeshua)


  350. I am loving this post!
    You make a very good point about knowing your neighbours, and I know this isn’t the point of the post, but thought I would include that!
    You completely missed O’Reilly! I cringe every time I hear of his latest embarrassing on-screen attack. The man won’t shut up, even though he is sitting down (most of the time).
    As for Coulter, I can’t even get on the subject without feeling an acidy burn in my stomach. She is revolting and ignorant. She is grouped in the same category as O’Reilly for being a loud, crass, ignorant louse.
    I notice a similarity between everyone on this list- they are all:
    1) obnoxious
    2) ignorant- even stupid
    3) refuse to go far far away, possibly into a cave- forever.
    Great stuff.
    And your neighbours who think Obama is a Muslim? I couldn’t stop laughing. Because I’ve heard it all before. And it saddens me a bit.
    You’re a breath of fresh air out of America.


  351. Well crap dcbarton and Tyler just convinced me I am a communist! I thought I was going to a socialist but nope got it wrong again communist. I suppose I could even claim to be marxist at this point. Shite I now have multiple personalities!

    Yep it was the dems who were philibustered and vetoed at every turn that cause this mess I get it now. Not Bush and his buddies taking their companies overseas and making money left and right to line their own pockets. Nope it was the Dems and anyone who does not agree with the Bush policies, but hell according Sarah it is all going to end soon and we will all be raptured. Judgement is coming and all that.

    Lord hear my marxist, socialist, communistic prayer. Help save all of us who are disallusioned and can not read or think for ourselves. Will you deny me because I thought I could help people and my country? Will you deny me because I voted for someone who seems to hold the same beliefs that it should be people who are helped and not corporate entities? Will you deny me any salvation because I did not see the error of my ways until these enlightened people showed me the way?

    Yes this is all sarcasm!

    Because I am a bitch and tired of people who will not read and think for themselves.

    I blame America for not taking the wheel sooner before the bus was driven over the cliff!


  352. :). I’m 23, and I absolutely love it when I come across those two, three, even four times my age who have the same (gasp, actually informed!) views on politics and some “news”/talk personalities. You just made my day! I’ll have to roll in here more often. You go girls!


  353. dc: I could waste a lot of time but I will say that everything Bush touched went to hell in a hand basket. He pushed bigger cars when we needed smaller, he pushed oil and gas, when we needed Green technologies, he cared less about Carbon and we face environmental issues.

    Haliburton and Blackwater were needed because Bush lied us into Iraq and we were overstretched.

    WE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN IRAQ IN THE FIRST PLACE which would have saved hundreds of billions. When we did go in, it was projected to cost 300 Million and last 1 year. Right!

    Tyler – Overspending was the issue that did us in. It was on Bush’s watch. I would never expect to be involved in getting us out of this economic quagmire, however, I do expect President Obama to have people around him who will lead the way.

    Thanks for your input actually – You do seem knowledgble, which is a good thing.


  354. Did anyone hear about the trademarking fiasco with the store that she buys clothes from in Alaska?


  355. […] Winning in a debate against Alan Colmes is like Michael Phelps lapping me in the pool. This is the best Fox News can give us each evening? Shameful. Just shameful. Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Well, actually I have nothing to say because I am …[Continue Reading] […]


  356. Joe, you seem to be lacking an understanding of how these things went down, Bush tried to get regulators back into these mortgage companies, it was blocked by the dems. As far as Blackwater and Haliburton, guess again. Still can’t blame Bush, these companies have been around since before Bush, even Clinton relied on them during Kosovo, more commonly know as the Battle of Lewinski. The fact is, these companies are the only ones capable of doing the jobs they do at the size the military needs. That is why they always win the bids.
    The wall street bailouts can’t really be laid at Bush’s feet either. It was the dems again, they are the ones that twisted the bailout to cut any oversight, and to give the government control of the financial institutions with 80% stock ownership. While those of you on the left are pointing fingers at Bush, the dems are communizing this country, unoticed by anyone but a few of us on the right.
    The two wars, necessary. The option of not fighting these wars is worse even than democratic control of congress and the white house


  357. Tyler: Forced is the right word! Bush is forcing the world to print money! The Bush Doctrine is causing a drag on the world economy! BUSH CAUSED THE MESS – in 8 years.

    Get real!!! War, War, War – Privatize and spend more, deregulate everything!

    Bush made a mess which we now have a big bill for.


  358. BTW! I am a grad degree and 30 yr. veteran stockbroker and commodities broker.

    Wanna’ spar?


  359. I forgot to mention that his mind worked fine!

    Thanks GW Bush for your wise decisions?

    I really do appreciate that we have a President who will be thoughtful in his decision making. I am pleased that President Obama will get people who know what is going on.

    Bush failed us the last 8 years! Forget the excuses for him! He is big on accountability except for him and his administration – sad really!


  360. Tyler, honey, you have your head up your elitist ass.


  361. Juneau Joe….

    I’m going to keep my post very short in order to not waste time. What a precious commodity to waste!

    What education do you have in economics in order to create your irrational economic hypothesis? Learn how to read and apply a simple supply and demand graph before posting any opinion on economics. You’ll do the world a favor by not spreading ignorance.

    Obama will be forced to create more money for his governmental programs. Ordinarily, America would be forced to borrow from other countries. Now, many countries are scared of the US dollar. We have many companies going bankrupt and thus other countries don’t receive the payments for the goods that they created. Why should they lend to the US? To add to that, other countries are hitting economic lows and have no money to lend.

    Even if the other countries had strong economies, it’s still against economic wisdom to take from the businesses to give to the consumers. All it does is add to the supply of dollars which results in an increased product price. So, rather than the consumer having $1 to buy a product that it worth $1, the consumer has $1.25 to buy a product that is now worth $1.25 because the business owner was taxed and had to make his profit and loss sheet look the same as pre-tax. The product may even be up to $1.30 – $1.50 now due to the fact that the government isn’t going to run 100% efficiently.

    My credentials for correcting you? I’m a business major, and I trade foreign currency. I make about 10% a month. I’m also in contact with many international traders who are managing millions of dollars. They all agree with me.

    No more posts for me. Just pointing out the glaring failure of most Americans to understand anything about economics. It’s definitely not just you, JuneauJoe. It’s something I’ve had to explain to many people…. Republicans and Democrats.


  362. Sarah Palin is a disgrace to womanhood. Plus, she is freakin’ stupid…. which might be construed as a compliment. And, yeah. I am old.

    Margaret and Helen represent the congeniality of times gone by. May we live in the present and share that “neighborliness” with others.

    They just might learn something.


  363. While ranting: Here is a true story: A friend of my kids went to war. His Humvee was hit. He was married with a child on the way. After the accident in Iraq. He could not eat, drink, walk, talk and he would not get better. He got back to the states and was on life supports. He could be like that or he could have the machines turned off. For you money folks – it costs a lot to keep him alive for another 30 years like that.

    He decided to turn off the machines and is now a hero who saved the taxpayers a lot of money.

    There are many stories like this and worse!

    Bush is the one who created the mess!
    Be Honest!


  364. Bush made sure that Wall Street and Banks get bailed out! How about AIG parties for 400,000 dollars after getting the bail out. That is money my grand kids will pay

    At the same time, We have more people going bankrupt for HEALTH CARE BILLS and no medical Insurance. That is another proud legacy of Bush/cheney/Rove/ Rumsfeld!

    The cost of wounded soldiers is staggering. Again, a cost of our two wars. those costs will be there until they die.


  365. Love this post!


  366. Remember also: TWO WARS = on credit cards.

    Iraq was started by lies! We will hit a Trillion on wars soon dear.

    10 Billion here, 10 Billion there – it adds up after 8 years.


  367. dc: Bush took a bad idea and mastered it!
    He took it well beyond where Carter, Reagan, or Clinton went. He wanted to give the Wall Street Gang control of the Military = BLACKWATER! Haliburton and that group. Bush perfected giving away money to his friends while letting us regular folks pay the bills.

    BUSH/CHENEY and his friends were certainly to blame! (Others can be thrown in later but, we need to look at the major players first.)


  368. Who are these idiots? Bashing Palin isn’t about bashing women. It’s about bashing a lying, deceitful, do-anything-to-get-elected politician: Sarah Palin.

    Exactly. It’s got nothing at all to do with the fact that she’s a woman. It has to do with the fact that she’s brainless, couldn’t put together a cogent, cohesive sentence and then played victim and blamed the interviewer. She refused to answer the questions that were asked of her during the debate. Thumbs her nose at brilliant scientists like Robert Bakker and insists that man and dinosaurs existed together 6000 years ago, poo pooing the life’s work of people with doctorites in paleontology, zoology and anthropology, 10 times more brilliant than she could ever hope to be with her college-hopping little undergrad degree in journalism. That was the main reason I didn’t want her anywhere near the white house, and why my gun loving, NRA card carrying, Republican brother, who has never voted democrat, couldn’t bring himself to vote for her. The unmitigated hubris. Hubris, and not knowing how to defer to people who know more than you on a specific subject is the earmark of a very, very poor leader.

    But hey, you Neo-conservatives, please, by all means, be stubborn and stupid. Insist on putting this woman on the ticket in 2012, even though the American voting public has already very clearly stated they don’t want her and will never vote for her. I don’t know why you would want to hand Obama his re-election like that, but if that’s what you want to do, go for it.

    Looking at the vile, hateful, and irrational replies from conservatives, I’m not surprised they want this woman to be their leader.


  369. Sofia: The Chambliss attacks are terrible! Just the attack ads alone should disqualify him for the office.

    He needs to go away like Ms. Dole. The Republicans are smear tacticians, thanks to Mr. Rove. it has to be put to an end so we can start talking issues and not deal with all these red herrings which just destroy.

    I blame Bush/Cheney/Rove and the Republicans for taking everything to the gutter.

    Just Vote Martin! Do the US a favor! it is time to move forward and leave Bush and friends facing a judge, if they did illegal or unconstitutional acts.


  370. Juneaujoe,
    “Bush is responsible for the economic mess! The buck stops with Bush!”
    Where did you hear this? Certainly not from a history book, or from the legislative record. It was Jimmy Carter that started this with the community reinvestment act, Bill Clinton made it worse by forcing still more regulations to force mortgage lenders to loan to people obviously incapable of repaying the loans. To make matters worse Clinton cut regulatory monitoring of the mortgage lenders and provided financial punishment for any company that didn’t give the loans to the poor people. When Bush tried to monitor these companies closer, it was the democrats that resisted any regulation of these companies. The quote that comes to mind is, “follow the money.” It was the Obama and the top democrats that collected the most money in campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and freddie Mac.


  371. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.


  372. I only read about halfway down the comments before I just couldnt anymore.

    Helen was not bashing Palin because she is a woman. Quite the contrary. She is bashing her because some people have foolishly tried to label Palin as some sort of revolutionary feminist… name one VALID reason why she was chosen as McCain’s running mate? Show me some amazing things she has done as governor. I’ll wait.

    the fact is, she was chosen for SOLELY political reasons. and it backfired. If he had chosen someone with a bit more experience, and not just a pretty, ambitious, relatively dumb lady to yell all the right slogans, he might very well have won.




  374. All I have to say as a Georgian is THANK YOU!! Glad somebody else out there shares our pain.



    The buck stops with Bush!


  376. First time I’ve read this blog. Very well written. Thank you for not making a politcal-based rant sound so boring.


  377. Ketch: Are you a vet?

    With your thinking all CEO’s that need thanks because their decisions did not cause them to fail – right. they actually deserve the extra million dollar bonuses which they have grown used to.

    Ketch: My parents passed away also. Sorry for your loss.

    De-regulation, greed and wars on credit cards caused the downfall. This economic mess is way bigger than anything in my life time. That is 59 years by the way. BUSH HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ECONOMY?? Get real!!!

    Ketch – you have to better than that. That is pretty pathetic!


  378. well now, maybe not ALL Americans are idiots =]

    in fact, that was quite spectacular!


  379. Joe, the idea that Bush ruined this country is a fallicy. This country isn’t close to being ruined. We have gone through worse than Bush. I am tired of “impeach Bush”, “Bush is a liar”, “Bush ruined this country”, “Bush stole the election”, etc… Let us just say, “I didn’t care for Bush’s run in office, good thing we have a fresh set of ideas”, and move forward. Those who think 911 was a government set up, and Bush is what is wrong with America, as well as those who think Clinton had somebody killed in Arkansas are usually those who are blind. We are what is wrong with America. Us and our greed, pride, etc… Bush has nothing to do with the economy and housing market tanking. We do! We bought houses we couldn’t afford because we were offered them at low interest rates… even though we knew we would get a hike in the near future. We are the ones who spend and live outside our budgets. Take the beam out of your eye and see America for what it is, a country full of ignorant people who think somebody else is to blame other than ourselves.


  380. You know you’re saying something right when all the trolls and haters come out of the woodwork. Keep it up, ladies. You are spot on!


  381. juneau joe… re the old mccain, I agree with you. I seriously considered voting for him until he picked Sarah Palin and his campaign went so wonky. I’m not sure if he’s really changed, or if he just sold out.

    I would have voted McCain in 2004, until Bush/Rove knocked him out of the running with their incredibly dirty tricks in the primaries…

    Either way, I’m not sure the ’08 McCain is the same man as the ’04 one. It seemed to me he sold his soul, embracing the very thing that hurt him so badly back in the day.

    And, as always, Margaret and Helen, I love you guys. Sorry about all the craziness in your comments!


  382. My thoughts are with you and all my sympathy. Now, I appreciate living in Quebec City where we have our very own Palin: Pauline Marois LOL

    My greetings to you gals.


  383. some people just need to shut the f**k up cause Obama is not a muslim. He’s a Christian. IF U HATE HIM THEN GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY!!!! LIVE SOMEWHERE WHERE IF YOU DON’T DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU TO DO, THEY WILL KILL YOU. AND YES, SARAH PALIN NEEDS TO SHUT THE HELL UP AND START CARING!!! That freakin racist.


  384. You made my T-day, not ruined it! Well put.


  385. When you talk about Sarah Palin, you need to hear 2 women from Alaska.


  386. Beaver: I honored the old McCain. I honor his service. McCain fell short in this campaign. He went Bush/Cheney/Rove and then picked Sarah Palin.

    McCain was his own worst enemy with this election.
    He had a chance if he were the old McCain.


  387. Funny how much sympathy Max Cleland gets, but McCain’s 5+ years being tortured by the VC is scoffed at by the Obama kool-aide drinkers. You guys mock him when he can’t use a keyboard because the VC crippled his hands. Cleland is a hero who was lied about, though.
    Your Messiah is turning out to be quite an idiot, isn’t he? So much for the third Bush term, welcome to the third Clinton term! Michelle will castrate B. Hussein if he so much as looks at an intern, so at least we can let our kids watch the news when the scandals start to erupt. Wonder where Michelle will move to run for Senate?
    Palin/Jindal or Jindal/Palin 2012 – REAL CHANGE!


  388. ketch: Bush is the President for a while yet!

    He is the one running up the debt for Obama to find a way to pay off. It is also cute that Bush is putting his idiot friends into positions they are not qualified for thus taking time away from Obama to go through the process of getting rid of them. A Poly Sci major was given a major Position in NASA. Cute trick. Bush ineptness at work. Just like Browny did a great job with Katrina. (Browny shoved shit in stalls before his big appointment – or something like that.)


  389. Helen,

    This was hilarious! My wife and I are also from Texas (although we have been living in the Washington, D.C. metro area for the past 6 years). You’re spot on with regards to Chambliss and Sarah Palin. The Republicans have lost all modicum of respectability with their behavior this past November. I’ve heard similar comments from friends and neighbors –“Obama is a secret Muslim,” “He’s a socialist,” “He won’t release his school records or SAT scores,” “Ayers is pulling the strings.” It’s all a bunch of nonsense. The Republicans are catering to the lowest common denominator and are have found their constituency by promoting fear.

    This entry was wonderful. Keep up the good work!


  390. Ketch,

    I am not asking for a perfect President who makes no mistakes. I am pleased we have a President who can think and take in information and then make a decision based on the economics or science or whatever is needed.

    Global warming is a good example. Bush said it is not real and let us keep building the SUV’s to keep his base happy. He had his underlings stripping scientific papers of facts because they did not suit his wishes.

    Obama will consider real information. I am thankful for that!


  391. I totally agree. Keep ranting!


  392. Ketch: I have voted for Republicans, independents and Democrats. I have seen the ineptness of a straight republican run and now MY GRANDKIDS have to pay for the mess. Bush and the Republicans put two wars on credit cards and guess what – THE ECONOMY TANKED! Who could have figured that out. I happen to be where I see close up how Sarah Palin governs. She is as foolish as the interviews is what I am finding out.

    Are you a vet? Ketch – Here is more on Max Cleland. Please read it.

    In 2002, what Cleland calls “the second big grenade in my life” blew up in his face. Running for reelection to the Senate, he was confronted by a Republican challenger, Saxby Chambliss, who used the George Bush/Karl Rove playbook to smear him as a weakling on national security. Chambliss (who sat out the Vietnam war with a bad knee) ran a commercial that depicted Cleland’s face morphing into that of Osama bin Laden. Cleland lost the election, a blow from which he says he still hasn’t recovered.

    Since then, Cleland has thrown himself into working for Iraq veterans. He campaigned on behalf of Tammi Duckworth, who recently won the Democratic nomination for an Illinois Congressional seat. Duckworth is an Iraq war vet who lost her legs in 2004 when a rocket-propelled grenade downed the helicopter she was flying.


  393. aahhhh! i agree with you that Chambliss is an ass.
    and your right. I fully thought that Sarah Palin was just going to crawl back to Alaska and we would never hear from her again. sighh. how dissapointing.


  394. JuneauJoe, Obama is already running up the debt some more with his ideas of bailing out even more industry. The argument regarding the debt doesn’t wash. The only one who did anything about it was Clinton. So you can’t use the debt as a reason to defend your views on Bush. We all know Bush messed up. Doesn’t make him evil, just wrong. We are all wrong. Obama will make mistakes as well, maybe some worse than Bush, only difference is, you and your kind won’t see or accept them as mistakes.


  395. The cure for Battered Liberal Syndrome (BLS)

    Any one boy from the hood could beat Limbaughs fat ass into oxycontin pulp.


  396. Concerned: Who ran up the debt the last 8 years?

    Please tell me!


  397. Tony: Are you a veteran?

    The Vile stuff by Chambliss is shameful at best. Have you seen the commercials? Max did not deserve the crap thrown at him.

    VOTE MARTIN! I wish I could!


  398. Oh Boy, I like that; I like that a lot; “sit down and shut the —- up.” Just recently someone asked Juan from the Fox News Network if he felt that Obama could cure this current financial crisis. His reply, “sure, he has already held three press conferences.” Oh, really?

    If much talk can solve this problem, why not hold six ‘press conferences’ and balance the budget? Better yet, go for nine and pay off the national debt? Twelve press conferences might even end world hunger, and I am sure fifteen would provide Heaven on Earth. Let the lady talk; I am sure we are all going to soon learn that ‘talk’ is going to have very little impact upon the woes we face as a nation.


  399. A person has the right, and the privlege, to respect Max Cleland for his sacrifice to his nation. We are in his debt for his service to freedom. A person also has the right, however, to disagree with him about the current war, and to see it as a necessary instrument for preserving freedom, just as the Vietnam war. A person further has the right to campaign for his oppnent in a close election. One has this right even if one has not worn the uniform.


  400. In 1999, Cleland received a phone call from a former Marine who had just watched a History Channel show on combat medics in which Max was interviewed. The caller, David Lloyd, had been in the helicopter with Max. He was also the first to come to his aid, tying off the bleeding on one of his legs with a tourniquet fashioned from strips from Max’s uniform and web belt. Lloyd then attended to a young soldier who was wounded by the blast. The soldier kept crying, “It’s all my fault!” Fresh out of basic training and only in-country for several days, he had foolishly straightened out the pins of his grenades for quick access. That made them live grenades. When one fell loose from his pack, it exploded.

    Lloyd’s call changed Cleland’s life. “David had given me an invaluable gift, the gift of peace of mind,” Cleland said. “Finally, I can say, ‘It was not my fault.’ That is a great burden off my shoulders. It makes all the other burdens in my life seem less significant and more manageable.

    Ketch: I read lots of the other side actually. It is kind of a weird thing about me, I am in awe of the stupidity and amazed at how they make things up and then act as if it is true – Bush like.


  401. 12/2/2008

    Chambliss 53
    Martin 46


  402. JuneauJoe, I don’t love Palin, so I wouldn’t visit that site unless I wanted to see what they had to say. I voted for Obama… however, I can see you subscribe to the notion that you should only stay where people agree with you. That would be a fun society. Do you read what those who differ from you have to say? Sounds like you don’t. Or else why would you ask me to leave.


  403. Here is some information about Max Cleland. Just for those who say Chambless is the hero because he was a DRAFT DODGER 5 TIMES!
    Photo by AP/Jennifer Graylock

    Max Cleland

    April 3, 2006 | Max Cleland grew up in Lithonia, Georgia. After graduating from college he entered the Army as a signal officer and was given a desk job, but requested a transfer to Vietnam. During the siege of Khe Sanh, after surviving five days of point-blank rocket attacks on his hillside position, Cleland boarded a Chinook helicopter to set up a new communications post. Upon leaving the aircraft, he saw a grenade at his feet. Thinking that it was his, he reached down to pick up the grenade. It exploded. It was April 8, 1968.

    “When that grenade went off, I was totally conscious. Totally,” Cleland recalled. “Saw the bone sticking out from my right arm. Body was on fire, filled with hot shrapnel. The flash burns seared my flesh and was the only reason I didn’t burn to death right there. I was bleeding to death. Three men ran to me after the smoke cleared. I was burning. I was literally smoking, dying, and bleeding to death. They staunched the bleeding. Called in a chopper. Put me on the chopper and medevac’d me 50 miles to a hospital. A Quonset hut. I was just about to pass out by then. I said, ‘Do what you can to save my leg.'”

    Those who criticize Max need to tell us if you were in the military!


  404. To say that someone is a hater for appreciating the merits of Sarah Palin is unequivocally mistaken. It’s a tactic to subject people to ridicule. It’s a tactic to get people to not express their opinion out of fear.


  405. The cure for Battered Liberal Syndrome (BLS)


  406. […] Sit down and shut up. […]


  407. “You two ” apparattly old hags” don’t seem to respond to any of the comments. WTF. Maybe I should put up a rantings from the ‘looney left” spot for sites like yous. If you have a position, defend it. Don’t just let it go on. If not SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE HELL UP.”

    Simply brilliant. If this place was called “Boyz from the Bighouse Keepin It Real” none of the cowardly wingnuts would have been gutsy enough to comment.


  408. Ketch: I am sure you can find the ‘I love Palin’ sites should you desire that.

    I would suggest you go to and get a feel for the Sarah that we know and love here in Alaska.

    As we find out more and more about her shenanigans, the more lawyers she needs to defend her questionable decision making.

    Thank You for your interest in Sarah Palin.


  409. I’m shocked at how fast the trolls found this blog.

    Those of us who agree/ like to read what Helen and Margaret have to say please stay.
    The rest of you, why are you here?
    There are plenty of blogs that agree with/support your view.

    Those of us who do not like Palin are not jealous of her and as a women, I have a right to criticize any women who I feel is incompetent.
    Which I believe most of us who read this blog feel.


  410. smteaches, Oh, like this blog? No hatefulness shown with the language toward Palin here? Does that make the initial blogger a troller?


  411. Thanks, freD. I was wondering what “BDS” stood for.


  412. “Bush Derangement Syndrome” was originally coined by Krauthammer in a satirical piece, with his typical dry humor. He was only partly serious about the over reactions of some.

    But it’s been certainly interesting how mental defectives throughout winguttia, including “Hillarysmygirl08” types, have taken this thing so seriously – expanding it into PDS, etc. I wonder what Clinton Derangement Syndrome might mean?


  413. Wow! Over 400 comments. This must be a record for your blog! Great going, ladies!

    Have you noticed how the trolls keep referring to Obama as “the messiah” or “the Chose One” (or simply, “the One?” Where the hell does that come from? Is there some communal vat of kool-aid they’re all drinking from?


  414. “The only thing you haven’t got now is your liberal tolerance which I thought was the trademark of you Democrats.

    You are an embarassment to all women. Its always particularly revolting when women tear down other women.
    shame , shame…”

    Harry Truman…now there was a bastion of ‘tolerance’.

    Laughing, calling the people here as well as the blogger ‘sore winners’ because they choose to voice their opinions in a satrical, straight forward manner? Believing that thinking the good of more people is more important than the good of a specific group or corporate structure means being weak, laying down with your ass in the air and saying “May I have another”? Personally, I find the thought that people who see things which need to be addressed in this country feeling that they can stop now that Obama is elected are as pitiful as those who think that “Conservative” ideology is the only answer…

    “Carry the battle to them. Don’t let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive and don’t ever apologize for anything. ”

    Harry Truman

    Nothing about being milquetoast there…

    As for the comment that essentially says you must support a woman because she is a woman…that type of logic is frightening. Just ask Albright who supported Palin fullheartedly after she was misquoted. I find the concept of supporting anyone because of their race, sex, party, military service, religion or any other artifice stupid…I don’t care if it is as a politician or a friend. Depending on the situation, they might be good or not for it… if I cheat on My partner, should all men support Me? If my ex-wife cheated on me should all women support her? If a white man who knows nothing about accounting wants to be my accountant should I hire him? This argument’s position is stupid, so I suppose if you are stupid, you should support it.

    If you believe in a politician’s position, support it, not because he is a Republican or she is a woman or he is an Asian or … but rather because of what they have done, what they are doing…or in some cases because you are voting against the person running against them.


  415. Hillarysmygirl08,

    If Hillary was your girl you would have noticed that she stumped for Obama.

    “only racists allowed Obama into guilt tripping them into voting for him”

    Whoops. Looks like Hillary isn’t your girl anymore? Sub-Retarded.


  416. I need to clarify: You HATERS are entertaining but in a sad sort of way! It is kind of like watching a car crash. You see someone making a stupid move with their car and they go into another car. Actually, it is kind of like watching Bush be in charge of the economy for 8 years.

    Give them Hell Ladies.

    I just got some new information about Max Cleland which I will be sharing soon. CHAMBLISS IS TERRIBLE! VILE ACTUALLY!


  417. It would be better if The Messiah was a Muslim, but the sad fact is that he is a card-carrying follower of the same racist hate-monger theology as Rev. Wrong.

    I love how the same people who popularized Bush Derangement Syndrome are the people now saying “it’s time to unify behind the new president.” Really? I can’t wait to get my “Not My President” shirt this Christmas.

    Oh I’m sorry, did that offend you? I guess I should’ve said “holiday season.” Awww.


  418. Obama a Muslim. And they never stop to think for one minute how that would conflict with Obama’s pastor, the Rev. Wright, being a liberation Christian?

    These are the people who voted for Bush twice. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they were giving out free lobotomies again.

    Keep up the good fight, ladies!


  419. Helen and Margaret: You Ladies are great! You really should be on Oprah or Ellen. I wish I could make that happen.

    The fact that you got so many HATERS making noises says how great you are!

    Hillary is going to be Secretary of State and she will be great!
    Did you know that here in Alaska, I just paid $3.03 for gas. The lowest it has been. In the villages, they pay $10.00 a gallon. Sarah Palin sure has reduced gas prices, ha, ha.

    Since Bush, Insurance no longer has to cover birth control. Can you guess why we have pregnancy issues? In a village, a lot of folks have 4 to 8 kids and they live in 20 by 30 foot houses or so. Birth Control should be offered to all. On the good side: The ore kids, the more PFD money!



  420. This posting is so unfair that it’s amazing. Sarah Palin is a decent person and the campaign against her is clearly indecent. I hope she runs in 2012. Margaret and Helen should allow her the freedom to campaign for her side.


  421. […] In response to By boudicabpi Sit down and shut up. […]


  422. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a liberal is more outraged over turkeys dying than a baby who survived a botched abortion.


  423. hey , ladies ,
    there is a cure for BDS and its called “Get Over It”………You got your Obama, you got your house majority and your senate majority.

    The only thing you haven’t got now is your liberal tolerance which I thought was the trademark of you Democrats.

    You are an embarassment to all women. Its always particularly revolting when women tear down other women.
    shame , shame…


  424. That website does not represent Hillary at all nor does it represent PUMAs…let’s be clear. Real Hillary supporters supported Hillary for her policies and ideals period. That website is a front site run by neocons and does not and never did support Hillary Clinton.


  425. I really enjoyed reading this post. You’re just saying what a whole bunch of us are thinking! 🙂


  426. Just one word with all the “PUMA”s showing up, you know why I didn’t support Hillary, was it because she was a woman, no??? Known a lot of strong women, support that 100% but rather between Reagan/Bush(more Reagan)/Clinton?Shrub…it is three families in power since 1980…not a good thing in my thoughts and another 4-8 years? Almost 30 years down this path is frightening enough…or just over twenty years between two families.

    Just a thought on ‘dynasties’…I recognize the politics behind appointing Clinton as a potential Secretary of State but do question th ewisdom of it…


  427. Looks to me like the racist Hillary’s Village is speaking for itself. The burka comment was over the top and proves who they really are. These are the kind of women that are an embarrassment to all Americans. And they do not represent real Hillary supporters or PUMAs in any way.

    Racism in action:


  428. You two ” apparattly old hags” don’t seem to respond to any of the comments. WTF. Maybe I should put up a rantings from the ‘looney left” spot for sites like yous. If you have a position, defend it. Don’t just let it go on. If not SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE HELL UP.


  429. Just to be clear,Hillary’s Village is in NO WAY representative of PUMA or their idealogy.These are a bunch of fanatical women posing as Dems to bump up the numbers on their site.In reality,they are mostly conservative Republicans who posed as Democrats at another forum.They are Pro Palin and pro anything conservative but claim to be liberals.They are at best suffering from multiple personality disorder and extreme bitchiness.They have threatened ON THEIR SITE to report this blog to wordpress.They are under the misguided impression that someone died and made them the internet police.They try and report every blog that does NOT agree with them and their effed up idealogy.
    I find it hysterically funny as these are the same women who bitched about supposed Obama supporters doing this very thing.
    I know them well.I used to be affiliated with them all at another forum.They are complete nutcases and persist in living in a bubble of hate and fear.


  430. “You two are an embarrasment to women everywhere. You are probley racist white women because only racists allowed Obama into guilt tripping them into voting for him.
    Women will never get anywhere because of women traitors like yourself.
    I also hope you enjoy wearing that burka since you love Obama.
    I am an African American PUMA Democrat. Obama and screwed up women do not represent me. I just wish traitor women would shut the hell up. YOU are both sexist pigs.”


    Racisit? You, a Hillary supporter, dare call Obama supporters “racist”?

    After the Clintons turned their backs on African-Americans, whom the Clintons had repeatedly use to gain them power and keep them in power? After the Clintons did worse than outright racism…the pandered to racists and bigots in the primary.

    And your antics on the internet SUCK. If anyone dares to criticise Hillary or Bill Clinton, the attacks begin immediately.

    Here’s a clue: both Hillary and Bill are NOT the Baby Jesus.

    They are ruthless politicians, as bad as Karl Rove or worse. I’ve never seen Karl Rove pander to racists and bigots, have you?

    Personally, I think Obama is nuts for even thinking of Hillary as Secretary of State. I know there are strategical reasons, but there are so many negatives to having the Clintons within 4 miles of the Whitehouse, it just doesn’t make sense in the long run.

    And you can give up with blaming Obama and his supporters for Hillary’s loss.

    The reason Hillary lost is because of Hillary and Bill Clinton, not because of anyone else. The primary was hers to win, but she ran her campaign terribly….truly, at times it seemed like she had a box of ferrets running her campaign. And she squandered money. $4million a month for Penn?

    When she and Bill grew desperate and started the pandering to bigots and racists, that was the end for her for many supporters.

    In addition, your “burka” statement shows how much Hillary supporters are now turning into Limbaughettes.

    There will be a woman president, but it won’t be just any woman. It will have to be the right woman at the right time. The 2008 election might have been the right time but Hillary Clinton was the wrong woman.

    So you can give it up with the accusations of “sexists” to those who didn’t want Hillary in the WH. It wasn’t because she was a woman that we wouldn’t vote for her…it was because she was Hillary Clinton, and we are not short-sighted enough to vote for a person based on their gender.


  431. Democrats are not just sore losers. Apparently, they’re sore winners too. The current form of the Democratic party is never going to be satisfied with anything, because the party’s philosophy is built upon whining. Republicans like Palin are supposed to apologize for simply existing.

    Multiculturalism! Yeah, right.

    I predict one term, then adios Obama. There’s only so much hand-wringing and self-pity that a country can take.


  432. Hey, “Hillarysmygirl08” aka PUMA Democrat. What ever happened to the 18 million Hillary supporters who were “going” to vote McCain. LOL give. it. up.

    I guess Im a woman, woman traitor because I voted for Obama. Oh well, life goes on, and Obama is going to the White House. So, get a life, its over deal with the fact that Obama is now your president 🙂


  433. “What did you expect? Was she supposed to lay down and die or something?

    BTW It is still President George W. Bush. Obama isn’t president until sometime in January. Maybe he needs to wait for his turn.”


    The economists and investors certainly don’t think Obama should wait until January. Every time he makes an announcement on appointments, the stock market rallies.

    And what has Bush Jr done? NOTHING. His economic plan was a disaster, as is his numb-nuts appointment, Paulson, who clearly wants to grab the title of WORST Cabinet Appointment Ever from Michael Brown.

    There IS no direction of this country now, except for down the toilet. Bush Jr is doing nothing but making things worse. Already sporting the approval raties of genital warts at an orgy, he is now doing what he can to gut protections from our environment so that, once again, his cronies can get richer.

    The country needs a leader. Obama is doing what he can by announcing his appointments as he makes them, to let the country and the world know that there IS a leader who is ready to lead the country out of this Bush-Jr/GOP mess.

    As far as what Sarah Palin should do–quit making an ass of herself would be a refreshing start. But I am amazed that the GOP voters aren’t arising en masse to kick her ass for going to Georgia to support Chamblis, who called a bona fide war hero a coward and dared to show his picture and bin Ladin’s in a campaign ad.

    But no…the groveling, slobbering, gullible mormons in the GOP are worhsipping her for every thing she does.

    She could take a dump on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, scoop it up and call it caviar, and her idiot worshippers would eagerly gobble it up, calling it the best caviar in the world.

    So as disgusted as some of us are at Sarah Palin, we are equally disgusted at the GOPers who are encouraging her on, because it means that the GOP has voters that are as stupid as they were when they voted for Bush Jr twice.

    And this is more of a danger to our country than Al Queda could ever be.


  434. brilliant.


  435. You two are an embarrasment to women everywhere. You are probley racist white women because only racists allowed Obama into guilt tripping them into voting for him.
    Women will never get anywhere because of women traitors like yourself.
    I also hope you enjoy wearing that burka since you love Obama.
    I am an African American PUMA Democrat. Obama and screwed up women do not represent me. I just wish traitor women would shut the hell up. YOU are both sexist pigs.


  436. McCain’s first ‘executive’ decision was choosing his running mate. Obama was inexperienced and mysterious. All McCain had to do was choose from a variety of competent “conservatives” to seal that deal. Or a woman, if that would get him the votes. Hell, if he needed an attractive young journalist, any of the ones they have on Fox News would never have said stupid stuff like this:

    Ann Coulter is the only one who comes close. Okay, ED Hill too. But Palin went to 5 different colleges, finally graduating from U of I with that journalism degree:

    Any of you yahoo’s ever been to Wasilla? I have. It’s a shit hole. Say, why don’t you take a little tour for yourselves:

    Now that’s experience! I say, let the Moose MILF keep talking. She’s great entertainment. And she provides great material for entertainers like the ladies at this fine website. It’s the american way. Plus you can’t beat all the wingnutty comments too!


  437. “…I do have to disagree with Helen’s directive to Palin to sit down and shut up, because where else is Tina Fey going to get such good material?”

    Perhaps we can convince Palin to become a professional mime.

    As long as there is a lot of gullible, slobbering, sychopant fans to heap adoration on her, Sarah should be happy.

    AND we won’t have to listen to her anymore.


  438. “You voice your opinion, more about your dislike for the G.O.P. Yet no factual arguments for your political choice. It sounds like the media has more facts than you….”

    1) This is a blog. In fact, it is Helen and Margaret’s blog. If you don’t agree with their posts, then, by all means, start your own blog.

    2) Helen, Margaret and most readers have a grasp of what is current in politics. Therefore, references and footnotes really aren’t needed.


  439. She has every right to think she can help in Georgia – after all she’s used to a constituency that fought to vote a convicted felon back into office – remarkable really.

    My favorite line was Jon Stewart (I think) when he said the only people who want to see Sarah Palin stay in the running more than the Republicans are the Democrats – which I thought was wildly funny.

    We do know our neighbors and we are the black sheep of the community. I can’t decide between two of my most favorite moments – the time when a couple from New York told me I’d be sorry when I’m wearing a Burka and begging for food next year or my “ultra-Christian” neighbors from Virginia telling me that Obama was the anti-Christ – this was end of days and the next 4 years will be hell on earth (you know – old testament HELL…). This evening sadly degenerated into the realm of… If you don’t believe exactly the same (crazy) thing I believe about everyone and everything you are (pick one): Un-American, Un-Patriotic, Un-Christian (and by that I mean Godless heathen, of course) and, my personal favorite, If you don’t like how it is here in Bush world you should just leave the country.

    Oh and I just remembered another highlight – the local gun shop folks who just printed 20,000 flyers telling people to stock up on their weapons now because when Obama takes office he’ll take away the right to bear arms and then steal their homes unless they can defend them. (big fans of Sarah)

    Clearly Georgia doesn’t have exclusivity on the redneck element. You can’t fix stupid

    I can have a conversation / debate with a Republican but there is no conversation with that. My main issue with this type of conservative is the fact that I can say to their face – “I respect that you have the right to your opinion” and they can’t do the same…

    So, I don’t care whether some voted for Obama with no loftier justification then just wanting to hang on to the little they have left – a win’s a win. Thankfully the Republican smear machine will always operate on greed and fear – I’m hoping they will find much less fuel for their fire and decency (about so many things) can rule the day for a while.


  440. “Dutiful little ‘bots like you and yours have filled death camps, gulags, prison cells.”

    And how many times did you vote for Bush Jr? When you’ve figured that out, get back to me on the ‘bots thing, because only a ‘bot would vote for a person who is an asshole AND a moron once, but twice? Those folks belong in the Robot Hall of Fame.


  441. Helen does not need anyone – even Matthew – to moderate comments for her. She’s a big girl, she can handle dissension, opposing views, and even trolls who spew bullshit.

    I do have to disagree with Helen’s directive to Palin to sit down and shut up, because where else is Tina Fey going to get such good material?


  442. Whoa, looks like you really flushed out the neighbors this time. Good work, Helen.


  443. I just discovered your blog and already love it. You’re brilliant! 🙂


  444. Hi from Canada…this is the first time I’ve seen your are fantastic and right on!! I love it!
    I was so relieved when Obama won. Living so close to the U.S (I live near Niagara Falls, right on the border) we are affected by U.S. politics and Bush was HORRIBLE….and the thought of Palin being V.P. I didn’t think it could get worse than Bush.
    Congratulations and way to go U.S.A. for electing Barack Obama!!


  445. It’s funny how much hatred there ladies’ opinions are garnering today. How can you chastise someone for calling someone she doesn’t like a bitch, when resorting to calling her a liar, a dried up old bitch and unlady-like? I don’t see anywhere how she is promoting hatred of all women by thinking of Sarah Palin as a bitch. Where is the public outcry when some one calls Hillary Clinton a cunt or derides her for being too strong willed? As for the constitutional right of free speech yes the conservative media darlings have the right to spout off what ever line of crap they feel like that week, Hellen also has the right to want them to sit down and shut up, it is her right to say that as well. Furthermore for those of you crying about these Democratic ladies’ opinions violating the Constitution, where the hell have your voices been when more and more power was given to the government to piss all over those freedoms with phone tapping, surveilence measures, etc. in the name of National Security? Oh but that’s okay isn’t it? It’s for the greater good after all, for our protection no that doesn’t reek of fascism.
    Seriously, both parties are flawed, the fact that Helen is standing up and voicing her own opinion she isn’t saying you have to agee with her, I don’t think she gives a rat’s ass one way or the other. Ultimately you can just read other blogs if you don’t like what she has to say.


  446. This is great. Thanks for sharing 🙂 You have lovely writing and you seem very informed–a pleasure to read! I completely agree with your politics and it IS a shame that people don’t know their neighbors anymore.


  447. A guy with an opinion on November 29, 2008
    at 4:25 pm

    Oh- for crying out loud…
    What one might call a factual argument , another might not…
    That being said , I for one have had it with folks who think everyone will have the SAME opinion if they read/see/hear all the same things.

    Let us unite on what unites us and sort out enough of our divides to get on with business!!!!!!!!!


  448. You voice your opinion, more about your dislike for the G.O.P. Yet no factual arguments for your political choice. It sounds like the media has more facts than you.

    Here is some Obama wisdom.


  449. Hi from rural Alaska. Spent the day yesterday sending out letters to editors across Georgia for the fresh new perspectives that Jim Martin can bring to the Senate. Chambliss and Sarah Palin’s political style is dated, fear-mongering, and divisive. This way I can speak in more places on one day than Alaska’s sorry Governor.

    Obama has taken the reins and whatever the outcome in Georgia, President Obama is going to pull people together, forge new alliances, and move this country into a healthier place. It’s not going to be easy and Jim Martin can help.

    Keep up the good work, Helen Philpott. Look at your amazing following!!


  450. “Commnets needed, and no sign up is necessary.”

    From a comments restricted, typical conservative dissembler blog. The only way today’s conservatism has a chance is by conning naive mobs into emotional “action”. Goldwater was right.


  451. I can appreciate your opinion but based on what I am reading here no one is recognizing that the crazy ass politicians are from BOTH parties.
    The problem we now face is that ALL or most of them are in it for themselves even the newest of the elite, Obama.
    You want a great representative, elect someone who actually worked for a living (not a lawyer) and understands what most of us deal with on a daily basis.
    If you do not think this is the case just see who voted for the bailout. Both sides almost in entirety when over 75% of voters were against it.
    It happens on the hill every day.
    It is time we move away from party politics and start electing people who will actually represent us with our concerns in arm.
    Noce blog and thanks for a place for me to rant.


  452. jmurph16

    “Great post. As a registered Republican (maybe and Independent soon if things keep going the way they are) I am ashamed of my party.”

    Boy , I hope what’s left of the loyal opposition gathers itself under your banner! We Dems have had a number of years of re-grouping and fessing up to our own mis-steps internally and are starting to get hold of our direction. We need the natural pushme-pullyou of opposing views to keep the ALL in all of us headed in a sensible direction.
    I am really sorry about so many of the folks that moved in on your block. They used to live over here til Mr Nixon invited em all in over there. Honestly, we didn’t know what to do with them either…
    That said, some of these folks who have elbowed in and are enjoying Helen and Margaret’s hospitality seem to have missed the sampler hung in the entry hall…

    “NEW,new rules
    If you are not for me, you are against me. I’ll get over it. Now kindly return the favor.”

    For those who are proposing that Helen is calling for a suspension of Freedom of Speech , that is clearly not the case. Tolerance does not equal acceptance or agreement. To have tolerated some of the voices she’s ranting at now does not mean folks have to continue to listen. Nor is it as simple as turning off a TV – these voices have tread right up and in some cases actively poked their their mouths into unacceptable behavior.
    My gov lost me, forever, with her tacit approval of folks calling Mr Obama foul names and uttering threats. There is enough there for me to think the gov ,ignorantly or purposefully, stepped into “inciting to violence” territory- a NON protected form of speech.

    The danger of playing word games with our words for values is that we lose track of what we have defined them as…
    For those who want to wave a dismissive hand at anyone who doesn’t agree with them – the world may be small and tidy but you will be ill-prepared to meet the challenges events beyond your small horizon thrust upon you… The last 8 years taught a bunch of us that.

    For those who want to go on about the % of voters who did not elect Mr Obama – we know you are out there. You are our neighbors after all. We are not pretending you don’t exist like some of you have pretended we don’t exist or meet your criteria for what is an American for the last however long…

    It’s going to take all of us to tackle the messes we have made. Mr Obama may be the adminsitrator of the outfit now but we ALL have work to do.


  453. I just looked at that disgusting website that all the trolls are coming from. It looks to be a bunch of middle aged housewives with no lives, no education, and no opinion worth mentioning. Immature idiots would be a nice way to describe them. I mean they got together their little mob to attack a blog – can people get any more irrational?

    Seriously, they are total losers and trying to shut down this blog because it doesn’t agree with them. Based on what I read, they are Republicans claiming to be Independents and trying to spread Republican propaganda under Hillary Clinton’s name (there is a picture of Sarah Palin and Hillary together at the top of the site). The owners of this blog need to save these posts in case these embarrassments to women succeed in their mission of censorship.


  454. I’ll reserve judgment until four years from now. Obama is still fairly unknown and untested. I’ll decide what I think about his competence and fitness as commander in chief sometime before the 2008 election, but definitely not before he has even taken the oath of office.
    That said, nice rant. No holiday-ruining whatsoever.


  455. Outstanding rant!!


  456. Hi Helen,

    Please keep speaking out. You have the gift of telling it like it really is quite beautifully!



  457. We understand your position and respect that. For those who dont support Palin, what is the big deal if she wants to endorse someone. How does that make her look bad. Weather Chabliss is a good candidate or not, Palin can support anyone she wants. The same goes for Clinton. Republicans dont tell Billl or Hillary to sit down and shut up when they endorse a political candidate.

    You may not like any of the above media folks such as: Rush, and most everyone at FOX news and you continue to bash most all without any intelegent argument. If your going to state your case, make it a good one and tell me what they did or said that was incorrect or wrong. Not just the fact that they dont support Obama/Biden.

    In the end. Obama is our president. Like him or not, he is our guy and we all should support him.


  458. I actually read through all the comments and followed the link to the Hillary Village post…ending with one stating that they never wanted to leave the ‘village’ again…

    I will state that I would enjoy an intelligent debate considering the different viewpoints but that has not happened here. You have a few people posting hatred stating that they are responding to hatred and throwing around a few words like Messiah, Marxist, socialist around as if those who feel differently are dumb and then stating that they are not tolerant.

    I find this as disheartening as some of the responses previously regarding religion…neither seemed to be rooted in any historical fact nor capable of responding a logical, rational fashion. Granted politics and religion both seem to fall into the emotional more than anything else and when a paradigm is threatened then either accepting evidence of the new paradigm or threatening the new paradigm seems to be the common reaction.

    As for this post, I found it from the first “Sarah Palin is a Bitch” thread and have read it ever since, I find it entertaining and I find it presented as opinion only…as for the language, the grandson would pull my post if I used the language which I normally use…and for various statements that ‘little old ladies’ don’t use such language…laughing, well, get out more. I have found little old ladies and little old men both using worse and a lot of times very funny.

    Myself, I do not think that obscenities are a replacement for thought but I do know it can be used for various means to accomplish and I haven’t read anything here yet that I would find worse than “pg”.

    Definitely find the fact that websites are saying blast this site with comments, or that site or whatever…nor do I feel that everyone will agree.

    I also want to state that I do not trust Obama, he is a politician and I have grown up distrusting politicians…I feel that the two major parties that we have had my lifetime have grown closer and closer together and that the similarities are frightening…but I feel that this choice was better than the other choice presented and that it is too bad we were only given essentially an “either-or” choice.

    Personally, I have never received any direct government assistance besides unemployment in my twenties…my own decisions have not allowed an opportunity to finish college or to fully pursue my own interests career wise, though I am aware that I am capable of more than I have been allowed to achieve…neither here nor there but one thing I do believe, that government should represent their citizins, provide a strong foundation for the people and be representative of the interest of their citizenry over the interest of the corporations and ‘business’ interests…that corporate interests are not what is necessarily what is best for everyone.

    The other thing I know is when something is funny…this post is funny. The reactions of hatred against this post is amusing as all hell.


  459. What did you expect? Was she supposed to lay down and die or something?

    BTW It is still President George W. Bush. Obama isn’t president until sometime in January. Maybe he needs to wait for his turn.


  460. Okay, I did not mean that mom deletes my sisters brain cells unread. I meant, Mom deletes the emails unread. But, it’s all the same thing really.


  461. M&H, keep up the great posts. The comments (especially the wing/lug nuts) alone have me laughing my ass off.

    Palin’s Greatest Hits…

    “If Ignorance is Bliss, Alaska must be Nirvana.”
    Palin/Bullwinkle ’12


  462. I thank the many responders to this blog for improving my speed-reading skills.

    Within the first few words of a response, I know which ones to scroll past.

    I would just like those who post their hate-filled missives here to know they are NOT being read.
    (To M&H fans: Those folks have places where they can commune with like-minded citizens. I suggest that THAT is where their comments would be most appreciated. Responding to them here only encourages their return. As someone stated in an earlier blog, please don’t feed them.)

    P.S. To Helen: Thanks for another wonderful post.


  463. “When I am old, I shall wear purple, with a red hat that doesn’t go”

    You Rock, woman! Keep on keepin’ on. I love your style and way of thinking. I only hope I am half as feisty as you when I am your age!

    hugs from Moon in MO (a rabid Obama supporter and tree-hugging patchouli wearin’ 43yo hippie chick)


  464. Loved the blog, but as a left-winger, I think Palin needs to stay on the minds of Americans because
    1) if she runs in 2012, the Obama mandate will become an Obama landslide, and
    2) a politician so daft that she doesn’t even think twice about giving an interview in front of a turkey killing machine? You cannot make stuff like that up.


  465. […] November 30, 2008 in America’s morals, Elections 08, Republican soul, Sarah Palin, Socialist Republicans | Tags: Sarah Palin sit down and shut the hell up… […]


  466. Let me be the latest, but certainly not the last, to say you are GREAT! I just found your blog, but I’ll be back:)


  467. Helen, you did NOT ruin my Thanksgiving. You gave me my laugh for the day. Of course, there is a lot of frustration with it. When I lived in Wyoming, every single small business I went into had Rush Limbaugh on the radio for all to hear. It seemed like no matter what the time of the day was. He can insult people, he can lie, he can get arrested but he still gets to keep talking.

    Unfortunately, those idiots are just like my relatives. I have a sister who has stated to me that she is a bigot and proud of it. She sends daily emails out to our mother about Obama being a muslim, etc etc etc. She hasn’t a single brain cell that can think for itself. Mom says she just deletes them unread.

    Sure wish, you could get a tv show.


  468. So Obama won, the Dems are going to take over in a few weeks and things may get better or not get better. Who really knows? I don’t find much difference the parties and the reality of real “change”. The government is the government and us little people don’t really have a say at the end of the day. I do not 100% believe that those in power really care about anything more than what’s in it for them and their power base. Cynical, yes, but it’s all we have known for a while.

    Even if I don’t totally “get” Sarah Palin’s politics, I do respect her for getting to the level she is at in politics. Good on her! It’s a mean and nasty world in politics, and we have seen how hateful it really is. We have had to endure so many years of “Not my President” and the ongoing hatred of Mr. Bush and the GOP. It’s been tiring to say the least. So, McCain lost, Palin lost, the Repubs are out of power and can we all just shut up and see how things shake out? Do we really need to keep ripping on Ms. Palin? Can’t we just be happy that Obama won and let things sort themsevles out? She is free to campaign and speak out. Again, good for her.

    This country needs to pull together to get out of the economic mess we are in, and get over the negativity towards the country and our leaders. We need to act as one, for the good of our friends and neighbors. The constant negativity will do us no good.


  469. mwoda and idiot friends,

    You came to this site. If you do not like looking like the fools that you are, leave!

    Chambliss: 5 deferments to get out of the draft in VietNam! Max is not the issue but he is a hero who picked up a grenade dropped by another marine.

    Palin is disaster adn she has some answering to do here in Alaska. Check out if you want the real information.


  470. I love Sarah!! Go Sarah!! Im rootin for you Sarah!


  471. 1superDave

    “Proudcoumunityorganizer; The answer to your question is if you want the government to pay for it, that is the definition of it.”

    So by that definition what is the war and military?

    Seems to me we already pay for socialized Libraries, Public Schools, Police and Fire fighters, etc….

    So Advanced Education like College (which by the way my tax dollars already pay to the state and community colleges and my children or myself cannot afford to attend) or healthcare for everyone is less important in our already partially socialistic society?

    Hello Socialism is already here. To argue that it is now going socialist because of the election of Obama is ridiculous to me.


  472. Speaking of “enough” – you won. Celebrate. Enjoy. Stop bashing the losers and move on!


  473. Nearly normalized writes:

    “the right winged lug nuts who make the assholes seem righteous. Thanks!!! Phuque Palin and those dead old white men with bad hair and bad attitudes!!!”


    “the reality of dumbness that surrounds the ‘compassionate conservatves??!!!'”

    …and I rest my case.


  474. Like you sat down and shut the hell up after the Democratic attempt to steal Florida in 2000 failed?
    Sorry, but we have a democracy in America, and you’re going to have to deal with the frustration of having people disagree with you whether you like it or not these next four years

    The fact that Sen.Cleland was wounded when a grenade he was playing in a rear area went off (and not in combat) does not mean that we owe him less gratitude for either his service or his sacrifice. But neither do his service or his sacrifice make his positions as a member of the Senate less terrorist-friendly. A nice, emotional argument, that- but one that hardly makes Sen. Chambliss “a devil.”


  475. Get used to Sarah Palin. She will be America’s first female president in 2012.

    After Obama’s redistributionist tax and spend policies tax full effect, and when they begin hearing about 12 year old girls getting abortions without their parents’ knowledge (which Obama has pledged to allow in his support for FOCA), Americans will realize the mistake they made and you will not be able to stop the stampeded to the polls in 2012 to right this terrible wrong.


  476. Sarah Palin will always be relevant. She was a sensation during the campaign. She’s a celebrity.

    With that said, she was a major liability to McCain. Even if she sits down long enough to memorize a world map, she still won’t be savvy enough to lead the free world. She’ll never be President, but she could nonetheless find a leadership role within the Republican Party, where the standards are apparently pretty low.


  477. “Would some one tell me why the hell wanting education, healthcare and protection rights as consumers and workers is socialist? ”

    Proudcoumunityorganizer; The answer to your question is if you want the government to pay for it, that is the definition of it.


  478. Scott, get real…It is not hate; the reality of dumbness that surrounds the “compassionate conservatves??!!!”


  479. Helen and Margaret, this is the best blog going. Keep it up.

    I do want to correct “nobody” that the name is “Franklin Pierce” not Benjamin Pierce. But, the worst president ever has been GW. Yup, he has proven to be worse than Pierce!

    I wish the people who are in disagreement would acknowledge the fact that Obama is being very thoughtful in choosing cabinet members. I have confidence that he could be the next FDR. There will be hard unpopular decisions that will be made, and we will suffer (we already have for eight years), but in the end we will be a strong and respected country as we were before Bush and Cheney destroyed it.

    Have a good day and thanks for listening.


  480. My thoughts on the matter of Sarah Palin’s life after political death can be found on my own blog here:

    In some ways it’s not even Sarah Palin’s fault that she’s retained the campaign soapbax; like a horrible accident the media, and by extension the country, can’t seem to bring themselves to look away lest they miss some gory detail, in this case the instinct being reinforced by aforementioned turkey incident.


  481. Keep it going ladies, you give me the spirt to keep going and pay attention to the right winged lug nuts who make the assholes seem righteous.
    Thanks!!! Phuque Palin and those dead old white men with bad hair and bad attitudes!!!


  482. I find it ironic, amusing, and a bit disturbing that the Democrat party, the self-proclaimed “party of compassion,” is the one that is always proclaiming their hatred of the other side.


  483. Woah…. TJ…. that’s the kind of scary maniac ranting that keeps all us “liberals” knowing that we’re right. I think you need to to take a little look at yourself and your own behavior before lecturing ANYONE else on hateful behavior. You’re damning people to hell and hoping for the death of elderly women. You, my dear, are mentally ill.

    And when things start getting better now that the primate Bush is out of office (and we kept his female counterpart Palin away from power)- we will be happy. We don’t need people to hate… we actually don’t thrive on hate and judgment the way that the right wing conservatives do. We’re trying to do away with the hate and judgment, and get some peace and tolerance back into the country. You’re painfully misguided. But it’s ok… once you’re properly medicated, you can mentally float on through the Obama years and pretend that they aren’t even happening (and none of us will have to endure you’re nutso babbling- so it’s a win-win situation).


  484. Helen, hope you had a good Thanksgiving aside from the encounter with your brain-challenged “neighbors”. As for the infestation of pod people on this comment thread, ladies and germs, meet your typical Palin/Chambliss et al supporters! I only hope this is a one-time outbreak and they move on from polluting one of my favorite sites.


  485. It’s tasteless to use that kind of language on a blog.


  486. I understand, liberals can’t have a meaningful debate, so your idea of freedom of speech is to tell those who disagree with you to shut up. Yeah, I wonder why the rest of us are so scared of you…


  487. Helo,
    I am Georgica.
    You are sewit.


  488. Here’s hoping that Voter from Michigan is entirely correct.

    It is absolutely pitiful that Palin might have been just a heartbeat away from the presidency. The fact that McCain picked her is reason enough for his judgment to be deemed entirely unequal to the tasks of being president.

    Thanks for jumping back on your soapbox. We need your vigilance.


  489. Of course I’m sure you’ve heard of the bill of rights. Only communist countries don’t allow free expression ,but go figure. It is obvious you don’t listen to rush because you have totally miscaracterised him and insulted 20,000,000 million plus , listeners. I ‘ve herad of sore losers but sore winners
    . I think you could take your own advice and shut-up.


  490. Will the last sane conservative post a comment that is more rational/well thought out than emotional/idiotic?

    A one party system is not what America’s all about, but we’re headed that way fast.


  491. I think TJ is off his meds. Either that, or his tin-foil cap has slipped off…


  492. TJ: Can you please tell me about the 10 Trillion dollar debt that Bush and friends created! How about more people WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE than ever before – Bush success!

    My Grandkids are the ones that Bush expects to pay for his ineptness. THANK GOD FOR


  493. Motto for the day “Never match wits with the Witless”


  494. Hi Helen, keep on blogging. You’re a joy to read. I needed a good chuckle today and you brought a smile to my face.


  495. What are all you hate mongers on the left going to do when your messiah takes office? You’ve thrived on hate and lies for eight years. Now what? Keep taking cheap shots at Sarah Palin? String up Bush and Cheney?

    Your adoration for your false god B.O. will not suffice. Hate needs an outlet — especially yours. “Fortunately” for you, you’ll have plenty of time to vent in hell. Starting with the pathetic hags that host this blog. Margaret and Helen, you’ve lived too long.


  496. Mr. Tolerance,

    Please get a clue. I’m not sure if you realize this, but this comment string is for intelligent people (sans a few morons, of course). GWB stole the election. If you don’t know that by now, you really must begin a newspaper subscription or something. Oh, and read them when they come. That helps.

    Listen to Palin’s words about Obama. Ask yourself if she is being tolerant. Ask yourself if she bases her comments on fact. For Christ’s sake, she called the man a Muslim. Not that there is anything wrong with being Muslim. Hell, maybe he should just convert to Islam to shut all of you ignoramuses up!

    Concentrate on keeping your job and paying your mortgage. Leave the thinking to everyone else. And don’t focus your anger on the president-elect. Look to GWB for that. But make sure you’re real tolerant when you see him. After all, GWB just destroyed your country in 8 years or less 🙂


  497. There is a certain subset in this society (or probably anywhere) that thrives on fear and hate and paranoia. I had decided that they were in the majority…this election proved me wrong. Glad to be proven wrong.


  498. I love it when my ultra-conservative mom says things like “I even watch non-mainstream news like FoxNews”. I think she’s one of the few republicans that voted for McCain instead of Palin…


  499. Just wanted to note this commentater is an independent-registered, liberal, lesbian, pro-choice CHRISTIAN who is going to stand up and speak up for Obama, for marriage equality for same-sex couples, for change, for hope, and for godspeed and good riddance to both Bush and Palin.

    Margaret & Helen,
    Keep speaking up – we adore you and your insightful words of wisdom! You bring joy and laughter to thousands of homes and we adore you for it!


  500. And to prettythinker:

    I am the first to admit that Obama is not the savior of the world, but would you just give the man a chance? He will surely do more than McCain could have done (the man can’t even keep his mind straight).

    Let’s face it: George W. Bush has been in office for 2 terms – whether or not he stole both elections (which is entirely plausible given the man’s –and the party’s–ethics) it’s clear that many Americans wanted him in (for whatever reason). GWB sucks. He’s effectively destroyed this country with his bad decisions and warmongering. One has to ask if the man’s a patriot.

    Obama’s ethics and mission are clearly more in line with this country’s founding fathers.

    And as for you: na-na-na-na-na– we won and you lost!!! haha


  501. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Reading blogs like this make me feel less lonely. There are a lot of uninformed people out there like your neighbors. Sometimes it seems as though people like us are swimming in an ocean of stupidity.

    You may slant left but that doesn’t mean what you say isn’t the truth. Thanks for this post.


  502. To the people saying something negative about Mrs. Helen and Margaret…..SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE HELL UP!!!
    If you don’t like what she is saying, its simple, DON’t READ IT…They must be doing something right with this blog for you HATERS to keep coming back.

    Anyway…GREAT BLOG!!! It’s scary that people actually think Sarah Palin is the future of the republican party!


  503. Hi, Helen. Your ignorant neighbors are wrong. Barack Obama isn’t a muslim, he’s a MARXIST.

    As for Chambliss, that ad IS creepy…


  504. […] November 29, 2008 by shestartedit I got the most wonderful surprise this morning when I logged in to wordpress. This blog was featured.  It’s a blog written by two best friends for over sixty years. These women are in their eighties! And the best part? We have the same political views. […]


  505. Awesome blog! I have gotten into one of these headache-causing conversations of fear and they just make my head spin. Some people would rather make outlandish statements and blame the President ELECT for the last 8 years of BS we have experienced in our country and it’s sad.

    Thanks for breaking down the logic of the situation so clearly.


  506. The neighbors you mentioned certainly sounded misinformed to say the least. But your words confuse me. They sure sound like “hate speech to me” I agree with some of what you say about Elizabeth Token Hasselbeck whose sole purpose is so that the liberal women on that show can have their say and have it loudly enough to be heard over her. It’s a joke.

    Rush? I think we need both sides. Often, yes, he is sarcastic and rude and gets on my nerves. But don’t we need both views?

    Obama. Don’t even get me started. If he’s a Christian, then I am that rat Elizabeth coughed up.
    Practicing Christians don’t support abortion.

    I don’t know what he’ll do for the country or won’t do.
    I know he’s ore gray now than ever.
    I think he’ll end up being less left than anyone realizes. He’s already renewing the Clinton years.

    It’s going to be a rough road ahead.
    He’s not the Messiah, everyone. But neither is Palin.

    But when you get right down to it, she’s promoting her career.
    She’ll no more shutup than Hillary did.

    They’re politicians.

    Thanks for the thought. I enjoyed it.

    (by the way, not everyone is as ignorant as those neighbors. And not all liberals are the devil’s spawn)


  507. Helen, you’re hell on wheels!!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Palin sucks. I am astounded at how many Americans believe the ignorant, xenophobic, hateful crap that spews from her lips. I say throw them all back to the dark ages where they belong. I digress. As for you and I: let’s revel in our new country, with Obama at the helm. We all have a lot of work to do.

    Happy holidays — xoxo



  508. I was about to post my own blog, but I had to stop and read this. What will it take to get Mrs. Palin to crawl back into her igloo and stay there?


  509. i love this.

    to everyone who thinks obama is going to fix everything.

    i hope you don’t choke on your words while you’re eating them later.


  510. Dear Helen: Keep on doing what you’re doing and tell Margaret to get DSL so her internet isn’t so slow. It’s cheaper than a second phone line!


  511. […] by Phoenix Woman on November 29, 2008 Here’s some of what Helen Philpot has to say about the Chambliss-Martin race and Sarah Palin’s […]


  512. Even my conservative friends are saying they made a big mistake and the country is in much worse shape by supporting Bush! The Bush legacy of failed policies and inept administration of failed policy has made a world wide recession. Bush policies have intensified the hate towards the US by minorities and non christian religious groups.

    Thank God we have Obama – just couldn’t be soon enough.


  513. I guess I am sick of those who come here and say things about people dying for our freedoms, and
    how Bush saved us from 911. What does that have to do with this blog? Its the same old attack that the right nutwings have been spouting for so long. Any one that doesn’t agree must be wrong.
    We as Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, or anyone else that is sick of the last years of Bushshit have been too quiet, too polite, too willing to take it for too long. Not any more!
    Margaret and Helen are our voices too. And to say that Obama only won with 52% of the vote says we are all sick of the crap we have been forced to eat. And we aren’t gonna do it any more!


  514. ketch22 – trolls aren’t those w/ differeing opinions…trolls are those w/ differeing opinions who spew hatefulness and hurtfulness and divisiveness BECAUSE of their differeing opinions, rather than explain their opinions & worldviews w/ some modicum of courtesy and respect.


  515. I would be reluctant to admit that your ‘rant’ ruined my Thanksgiving – I’d be afraid you would call me an idiot.

    It’s clear you’re a regular listener of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Coulter. You’re lucky – apparently without them, you would be lacking vitriol to fuel your blog. Then what?

    More time for thanks giving. That would be a holiday I’d welcome.

    I hope you’re not offended. I mean it. Really.


  516. All I can say is AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!


  517. I am sorry you all feel this way. Nice to see we are all so open minded! Maybe I should start pasting my “Impeach Obama” sticker on my car, being I had to endure “Impeach Bush” for 8 years.


  518. Helen and Margaret: You get an invitation to the Inauguration yet? I hope you get one, you deserve it! I hope you are on stage with Michelle and the kids.

    THE HATERS being on this site (right wing fools) just show that Helen is RIGHT ON! This site will be the #1 rated blog soon because of the Right Wing idiots!

    Good entertainment watching idiots make fools of themselves.


  519. I find it interesting that when there is a negative view of a blog, the commentators are called “trolls”. I guess it goes to prove that those name callers only read stuff that agrees with their “wordly” view. Try reading some stuff that goes against your comfort zone, make some comments, and maybe you will learn a thing or two. By the way, there is no real difference between Obama and McCain, Biden and Palin. They all have their own individual ways of looking at the world, and by its very human nature, will be flawed. Obama will probably make a good President by our standards… but are our standards enough?


  520. I am a friend in Georgia, and I will certainly join you in telling Palin to sit down and shut the hell up.


  521. Chalk,
    Thanks so much for checking the spelling on reap.
    I am so glad that there is someone out there that is checking spelling on blogs.


  522. I have a feeling that by 2012 all Sarah Palin will be is an answer on a JEOPARDY question.


  523. I’m not an American and I have no politically biased upbringing that makes me lean one way of the other. I came across this blog as it was featured on the wordpress homepage and after spending the last 10-15 minutes reading the responses I felt it necessary to put in a response (especially to a couple of comments above).

    First up, kudos on the article, I know several people who believe in things that are close to those words of ignorance spewed by your neighbors and it scares me to see the underlying racist undertones to a lot of the anti-Obama arguments. This is probably the most racially diverse country in the world and yet you have hundreds (maybe even thousands) of these people who believe in lies and think Obama is part of some kind of socialist Muslim plot to take over the country.

    Second, I saw a couple of comments saying FoxNews is the most balanced news channel out there just because it represents right wing views. Since when has leaning to one side implied balance? I know enough Republicans who flock to FoxNews only because its probably the only pro-Republican news channel out there. They do this citing “balance” and “rightness”. I do not believe that twisting news to suit your stance on things while ignoring news that does not agree with you makes for balanced reporting.

    Third, for all those people who believe Obama is communist, I would like to ask you just one thing. If Obama is so communist, why is it that your Republican government is the one that wants to pump in funds into the economy in order to save it? Isn’t taking control of Fannie May and Freddie Mac already on the path to communism? OR are you all just afraid of Obama’s policies on taxing the rich more to get more funds for the country?

    Fourth, all the republicans saying Sarah Palin will be president after Obama, I hope you know what you want to get yourselves into. You want someone who has proven to abuse her power to get personal scores settled. You want someone who believes that the fact that Russia is close to Alaska and that people flying from Russia have to fly over Alaska gives her foreign relations experience. You want someone whose speeches all sound like the same dish just made by adding the ingredients in a different order. You want someone who was probably so inexperienced that your own party kept her out of the media spotlight for as long as it could. You want someone who wanted to de-list the polar bear from the extremely endangered species list just so that she could exploit Alaskan Oil reserves. Well there’s more but I just thought I’d remind you about what you wanted to get yourself into.

    Lastly, for all the bitter republicans right now who are still targeting Obama and saying that his supporters are going to be in for a shock, I only have this to say. The only shock that the Democrats and especially President Obama will have is the shock at the magnitude of the mess that W and the Republicans have left for them to clean up. I already see the bashing of Obama’s Change campaign by freaks like Limbaugh and the Republicans are going to keep harping on it all while the new government clears up their enormous mess. It is a pre-made excuse for the republicans to bash the democrats. By the end of these 4 years, America will be lucky if the mess of the Bush Administration is cleared up and it will be extremely unlucky if it brings the republicans back at that time because of a “lack of progress” by the democrats.


  524. Matthew,

    Looks like your grandma has riled a few hate-mongers w/ her spot-on, speak-the-truth, call-a-dog-a-dog comments. We may need you to monitor, delete, & block a few of the more hateful commenters….you know, the dittoheads and Caribou-Barbie-Worshipers who spew hatefulness, hurtfulness, and deviseness.

    Thanks for helping us keep this blog a place for thoughtful reading & insightful commenting rather than a place for spewing hate.

    As Helen has graciously stated in the past, even idiots are welcome to post comments here – but there’s no need for the likes of swittersb, history chaser, indievoter, dan, and all their troll-buddies to come here and spew hate.


  525. Sarah must be doing something right when people who are old enough to reproduce and vote are reduced to sputtering, incomprehensible rage by her.

    Your perception of her is totally a media creation, just as your perception of Obama is. Let’s see: smart accomplished woman vs unqualified, no accomplishment creature of the Chicago political machine.

    Yep. I know which one of those two I wish would shut up and go away!


  526. Well Girls interesting responses to say the least.

    I always read the comments from the Republican camps with interest. I am always amazed by the depth of their vile comments.

    My response to them is has anyone in your immediate family served in the military? Have you volunteered to fight this so called good fight to keep our country safe?

    When I get a chance to ask this question it is usually NO. They do not even want their children fighting the good fight heaven forbid!

    My answer is that I do have family members fighting some have been back 3 times. One was in the first wave and you know what their response is now. This is all bullshit and the only entities we are protecting are the corporations over in Iraq. Hmmmmmm

    Would some one tell me why the hell wanting education, healthcare and protection rights as consumers and workers is socialist?

    To make fun of someone on Medicare or Medicade is indecent and did you stop to realize those people paid into that system also you moron?

    As far as the whole sexist bullshit. I am so over it? Sarah Palin is not qualified period. She opens her mouth and spews nonsense! If you understand her nonsense then I question your reasoning and education! As many have said if you want equal rights then you take the good with the bad. Oh and real equal rights are the brave women who are fighting for this country too. Imagine that? I don’t hear them spewing everyone is sexist.

    Last but not least. I wonder when I became qualified to be elitist? I rasied 5 children on a very middle class income. My husband I struggle every month to pay the bills and wonder if their will ever be a day we can retire. My car is almost 20 years old and our roof needs replaced, but guess what I want education for all, healthcare for all so I guess that makes me a liberal left wingnut or maybe a socialitst. Well Sign Me up!

    Oh and community organizer that is me. I work every week at the local food bank all volunteers! We have watched our lines in the last six months get longer and longer. Damn guess all of those people we are feeding deserve what they get huh???

    I’ll be sure to tell that to the many people we are seeing that have lost their jobs and are struggling to feed their families and are embarassed to ask for help.

    I guess in your world they should all be living under a cardboard box or bridge so you don’t have to see them or think about them. Oh I know they just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps! Except they can’t afford the boots anymore!

    I usually don’t comment but it is time for me to take Helens cue and tell these idiots to shut up and sit down! Charity begins at home and all I see are people who seem to have forgotten that little homily!

    Ok signing out sorry for the rant but I have just about had it with morons trying to lead the world!


  527. stitch76,

    you’ve got your facts mixed up (or your head up your ass)

    This is what let 9II happen:

    August 6, 2001 PDB (Presidential Daily Briefing) Item Entitled “bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US”

    Totally IGNORED by W.
    (You know…the “Bring ’em on!” cowboy)


  528. I’ve watched & enjoyed Barbara Walter’s “Ten Most Fascinating People of the Year” Special for several years now.

    Since she’s including both Palin & Limbaugh this year, I’m going to have to boycott it — just can’t bring myself to watch even a snippet of people who are so hateful & devisive.

    The fact that Limbaugh just signed a $38-million-a-year contract w/ a $100-milion-signing-bonus just proves how backwards our priorities are.

    I hope the majority of you will join me in boycotting Walter’s program.


  529. What a hilarious post!


  530. I’ve heard it all from my ultra-conservative, right-wing, fundamentalist Christian mother who lives in CA and voted yes on Prop 8:
    -Obama is a Muslim
    -He wasn’t born on American soil & isn’t “technically” a US citizen
    -No one can locate anyone who actually attended Harvard w/ him & no records exist to prove he was ever there
    -He wants to change the Nat’l Anthem to the old Coke anthem (I’d like to teach the world to sing…)
    -Blah, blah, blah [insert anything here that you hear Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, or Fox News say]

    Ane, yes, I had to hear it on Thanksgiving Day…what a relief to come here for some sanity!


  531. You ladies rock!

    . . . and I love your store . . .

    Hope you don’t mind, I put a link to your blog on mine, Musing By Moonlight.

    Jamie Dedes 🙂


  532. Stainfree: I saw you came on! I was hoping you were going to talk about the two wars which have been put on MY GRANDKIDS CREDIT CARDS. (A 5 yr old and a 2 yr old.) Or I thought maybe your were going to discuss how the 8 years of Bush has created 10 Trillion dollars in debt! (There was a surplus when Bush took office – remember!)

    Here is another video for my hate monger friend, Stainfree: By the way, saying nothing is when Stainfreemedia makes sense.


  533. “Sarah Palin is one “Crazy Bitch”:


  534. Go Girls! You’re right on, and hilarious, which helps the medicine we are try not to listen to, from, your un-right little c-unchristian name list, go down.
    Love to see 2 ladies who look to be as old as I am, recognising where we’ve been these past few years, and now continuing speaking out, when like you, we ALL thought we could rest a bit.
    My computer math-geek but wonderfully humane son sent me an e-mail — 11pm, Nov 4:
    Mom, allow yourself tears of relief.
    But you gals are even more to the point: don’t fall asleep again and let this world shattering moment of relief drift away, helped along by the same old same olds, the never weres and so can’t even be called has-beens. Let’s SHUT THEM the &*%$# UP!


  535. We have been taught for eitght years by you Enlightened Folks that “DISSENT IS THE HIGHTEST FORM OF PATRIOTISM”. You wouldn’t want us to start muttering about you lot “squelching dissent” would you?

    PALIN ’12……..the campaign began on November 5, 2008…


  536. boudicabpi, you say “Palin for 2012”.

    Have you really thought that through? Do you think Sarah Palin has the brains to lead this nation?

    Of course, in her favour, she isn’t a Muslim Socialist


  537. I live in Georgia. Trust me, it’s terrible. I guess the thing that saves me is that I won’t pay for cable so I don’t see the ads. =)


  538. Helen, you’re as stupid as they come.
    Palin has every right, as an American, to speak wherever she is invited to speak. If you don’t want to hear it, turn off the TV.
    Obama, by his own words, was and is a muslim.
    YOUR so-called unbiased media simply won’t play the tapes. And when Rush and Hannity do, you call it “hate”.
    You are truely one of the great idiots of our time.
    Small minds like yours led to 9/11. And small minds like yours is laying the groundwork for the next one.



  539. Like

  540. Helen and Margarite are telling it like it is and THE HATERS are looking like fools!

    Here are two Alaskan women speaking about
    Sarah Palin.


  541. Love your posts. You speak my thoughts beautifully. Looks like there are those who really dislike hearing things as they actually are. Oh Well!

    You have the support of so many people, so you just keep on keeping on.

    Love ya,


  542. Thats a great post. If Mr. B. Sabakovic ever comes back to read this, you have no brain. President Bush made the world hate America, Sarah Palin makes people believe Americans are stupid. We know this is not the case, but if all someone is seeing is someone with no brain… NO BRAIN… speaking from a pulpit of power, well then its only natural to connect that with ignorance, stupidity and laziness of the people – but now that she is defeated, she must leave. Leave and never come back.


  543. Your a disgruntled bitch. You seriously need to shut your mouth. Honestly, Liberals say they are open minded and they call conservatives close minded, when the truth is Liberals just say that because they think anyone who doesn’t think like they do is stupid. Barrack Obama is weak, a tool, he will do whatever the Democrats want him to do, not what the nation wants. Liberals showed their true character 3 years ago. They ran around New York holding up signs saying 2000 dead in Iraq. It’s like they celebrated it . They hoped 2000 would die so they could have a reason to bitch at Bush. If our country gets attacked, we will see how Obama Handles it. I bet he doesn’t do half the job Bush did in the days after september 11.


  544. The trolls have come out from under the bridge. I find psychologically interesting that one troll who bleats about socialism and the nefarious sins of liberalism chooses the net name of The Watcher. So either this person has a real hankering to be a stalker or has some sort of psychopathic Manchurian Candidate complex. Veddddddyyyyy interesting.

    Hey Margaret & Helen: Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for everything! We love you here in Florida!


  545. You talk about other peoples “hate speech”, but have you read your own post? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. Just something to think about.


  546. Boo.


  547. I love you. I wish I could give you a big hug, or a meaningful Obama fist bump.


  548. as a blogger from Georgia:

    “Governor Palin, sit down and shut the hell up.”


  549. Our Right Wing friends have left! I was just warming up! HELEN – YOU ARE MY HERO! Margarite too!

    Whirled Peas: I like the: “If Ignorance is Bliss…Alaska must be Nirvana”
    Dear Sarah will be back in Juneau in a month or so!
    Maybe she and Todd will invite me to dinner?

    Here is another Palin memory:


  550. I don’t even know what channel to tune to for Fox. Haven’t watched House in 2 years, never watch that boring show, Idol, so I have no use for Fox. Hell, no use for most of television to tell you the truth.

    The only time I’ve ever heard Limbaugh or Coulters’ voices are in clips on the news and that’s more than enough for me.

    Your rants are spot on and always interesting and fun to read. Don’t slow down, please!


  551. I could not agree more, as for Fox News it has been banned from my house for years trash is what we call it. That idiot on the radio never have heard him, and never will. Thanks for the post it was great



    But I’ve been enjoying every time ‘Sarah of the Wilderness’ opens her mouth. “Gold Jerry…comedy GOLD!”

    Palin/Bullwinkle ’12
    “IF Ignorance is Bliss…Alaska must be Nirvana”

    As for the other Hate-mongers: IRRELEVANT !!!

    ~ PEACE ~


  553. I think my sugar free peppermint mocha is fixin to come back up over that. You know, who gave Sarah the idea that she’s actually credible and has something worthy to say? Oh and the rest of people you cite, yea, they can go under same said category. Here’s an idea, maybe we can all get together and ask for someone cool to run the FCC and take out Fox News and Rush in the same foul blow. Before you start throwing the hate on that sentence my way, think about it. Had a DEM talk show host had same charges against him, he/she would have been thrown to the wolves and license/show removed without a second thought. As for Fox News, if you’re going to call it “fair and balanced” then do it right and stop the continual “war of the worlds” hysterics and banter. /end hannierant (and no, I don’t need nor want to post as “anonymous” because I am me, myself and I….thanks for asking.)


  554. I’m not @ all in favor of violence against women, or anyone, but Ann Coulter is one woman whom I wouldn’t mind if Very Bad Things happened to.

    Anyway. Good blog. I’ve seen & heard a lot of idiocy since Barack Hussein Obama (I just love writing out his full name now ^_^) won, but I try not to let it bug me. He won. That’s the bottom line. Like you say, if these people want to live in fear for the next four years, let them.


  555. You are amazing 🙂


  556. Hi Helen,

    Great post. As a registered Republican (maybe and Independent soon if things keep going the way they are) I am ashamed of my party.

    You are absolutely right, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter are all idiots. Unfortunately they have come to represent the Republican party. I prefer more level headed spokespersons such as George Will.

    The best thing the Republicans could do for their party is to denegrate and discredit Rush and Hannity. I’m not talking censorship. Here’s what I am saying. Every time a Republican party rep goes on one of their shows they should point out the absurdity and lack of knowledge that Sean and Rush have. This will go along way in changing the party. If we can get those two idiots and the idiots who follow them off the airwaves I think we would have a much better country.

    And if the Republicans are pinning their hopes on Sarah Palin in 2012 I’m out. I will register as a Democrat out of pure spite.

    Keep up the good work.


  557. GO LADIES!


  558. You are absolutely brilliant. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was thoughtful? Great blog! 🙂


  559. Helen, It is fun watching the Right Wing Crazies upset! Thanks for the entertainment!

    More Palin highlights:


  560. Why don’t you shut up as well


  561. Give them hell Helen!

    More Palin Wisdom:


  562. I was just wondering if Medicare or Medicaid paid for those scooter chairs you and your friend are riding around on? It amazes me how anyone could reach your age, and still be so ignorant.
    Why are you so threatened by a little woman from far off Alaska. Are you bitter because she has accomplished all of the things that you were to unmotivated to accomplish?
    Your words are like bitter grapes from a “has been generation”
    Do us all a favor and sit back and suck up all of the Social Security that we pay in, and will never collect ourselves. (because M&H need scooters to bitch around the block.) Because we should all know our neighbors so well that we could bitch unrelentlessly for eternity.
    I have thought thru this whole election, that I want a president whose main agenda is Homeland Security. This issue needs to be aggresively attacked, not just on American soil but also all over the world. This was done by my president and leader George W Bush. Homeland Security is not Obama’s biggest priority.
    To sum it up for everyone, of every learning ability to understand, My suggestion is anyone who voted for Obama and wants his protection can live in the South and us fervent Bush supporters will live in the North. You all can get your asses blown off in the name of World Peace. “Don’t you dare spend any money on fighting terror across the world, because that would be a waste of money for us Americans.”
    You Democrats crack me up you don’t mind killing babies, you want to let every low life in the world to move in here, but you don’t want to help free them in their countries. Here’s a new yard sign for ya “Save a tree, Kill a baby.” Whats more important the tree or the baby? For some this is hard to understand.
    Abortion is whole other posting I will grace you with at a later date.

    Until then don’t forget to cash your check and plug in your scooter!@



  563. I meant to say:

    GO HELEN! Give them hell! The Right Wing Idiots showing up just shows how powerful YOUR IDEAS ARE!

    Here is a Palin Clip:


  564. It is really sad how mean spirited you are.


  565. ok, i love this post. brilliant. love. love. love.


  566. Thank You for the Max Cleland information!

    Compare that with Chambliss. Chambliss got 5 deferments to keep his sorry ass out of VietNam. Cheney was another deferment coward!

    By the way, I was drafted during Nam.

    GO HELEN! Give them hell! The idiots showing up just shows how powerful…


  567. geez, sure looks like things have gone a little crazy around here.

    I find it interesting that all of these right wing attacks on Miss Helen seem to be calling her a sexist, yet isn’t the fundamental goal of feminism that women and men be treated equally? Seems to me that criticism of Palin for her rabble-rousing, lying, appealing to the basest fears of the people sort of politics is perfectly fair, given the sorts of attacks lobbed against male politicians.

    So what does the opposition here really have? A bunch of made up conspiracies about faked birth certificates (hey, newsflash, he already HAS provided a bona fide copy from Hawaii for the world to see, it’s just wingnuts screaming that it’s fake. Sorry to disappoint).

    In any case… Margaret and Helen, I hope all this doesn’t get you down. But then, you’ve been around long enough to know that there are people in the world who disagree with things even if it means flying in the face of rational thought. Who will say things like “clean the s*** out of your p****” (which is really quite funny, in that the majority of the comments are objecting to the language in your post… if you’re trying to prove a point, people, there are better ways to do it than others).

    And finally, someone waaaay upthread said something about when Obama takes over… please note that “reins” and “reigns” are different words meaning different things. You may want to invest in a dictionary. 🙂


  568. I just ran across this blog and the only thing I see is the ranting and raving of an angry woman. Life is too short to attack those you don’t care for! 🙂


  569. Helen, several derogatory references to Max Cleland carelessly causing his own triple amputations during the Vietnam war led me to do a little research. Please forgive me for taking up the space that follows with my information. I just feel a real need to dispute the long-standing lies that originated with Ann Coulter years ago about this true American patriot–especially in light of the fact that Coulter wouldn’t know a real patriot if she tripped over him and broke her jaw doing it.


    Cleland…served in the United States Army during the Vietnam War, attaining the rank of Captain. He was awarded the Silver Star and the Bronze Star for valorous action in combat, including during the Battle of Khe Sanh on April 4th, 1968.

    On April 8, 1968, Captain Cleland was the Battalion Signal Officer for the 2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division during the Battle of Khe Sanh.[3]

    On April 8, with a month left in his tour, Cleland was ordered to set up a radio relay station on a nearby hill. A helicopter flew him and two soldiers to the treeless top of Hill 471, east of Khe Sanh. Cleland knew some of the soldiers camped there from Operation Pegasus. He told the pilot he was going to stay a while. Maybe have a few beers with friends.

    When the helicopter landed, Cleland jumped out, followed by the two soldiers. They ducked beneath the rotors and turned to watch the liftoff. Cleland reached down to pick up the grenade he believed had popped off his flak jacket. The blast slammed him backward, shredding both his legs and one arm. He was 25 years old…

    David Lloyd was a gung-ho, 19-year-old enlisted Marine, son of a Baltimore, Maryland ship worker, who went to Vietnam because he “wanted to kill Communists.”

    On April 8, 1968, he was in a mortar pit on a hill near Khe Sanh when he heard an explosion. Shrapnel bounced off his flak jacket. He ran to the injured officer, a man named Max Cleland. ‘Hold on there, captain,’ Lloyd told Cleland. ‘The chopper will be here in a minute.’

    Lloyd took off his web belt and tied it around one of Cleland’s shredded legs. When the medics arrived, he left to help another injured soldier — one of the two who had gotten off a helicopter with Cleland.

    That soldier was crying. ‘It was mine,’ he said, ‘it was my grenade.’

    According to Lloyd, the private had failed to take the extra precaution that experienced soldiers did when they grabbed M-26 grenades from the ammo box: bend the pins, or tape them in place, so they couldn’t accidentally dislodge. This soldier had a flak jacket full of grenades with treacherously straight pins, Lloyd says. “He was a walking death trap.”[4]

    Due to the severity of his injuries, doctors amputated both of Cleland’s legs above the knee and his right forearm.[5]


    #3 12th Cavalry Regiment – Vietnam War
    #4 Thompson, Neal. “30 Years of Self-Loathing, and Then, Finally, the Truth.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 5 Dec. 1999: 1. Find Articles. 11 Oct. 2006.
    #5 “Max Cleland.” Contemporary Heroes and Heroines, Book IV. Gale Group, 2000.


  570. I couldn’t agree with you more – it would be nice if Palin went away- you might want to read my blog piece about the cynicism of the right as it played out with Sarah Palin

    And about Ann Coulter- she is despicable, but I am disappointed to tell you that she does indeed have an education; she and I graduated from the same college- Cornell. Mercifully we can take credit for Keith Olbermann and Bill Maher too. I wrote a piece about this too-


  571. Wow, Obama won and Bush is almost out of office, and you still can’t find anything to be happy about?

    As for me, Obama won and Bush is almost out of office, but I still manage to be generally cheery because I have my life and my health and my family. I may be frustrated politically, but since I did lose big time as a conservative, I think that’s allowed.

    What’s your justification?


  572. So many comments already voicing my exact thoughts but I thought I’d leave my little mark anyway. I Loved this post and I agree with everything you’ve said. This was my first time here but I’ll be back.


  573. I just started reading your blog and let me tell you it is amazing to read a viewpoint that is coming from an older generation of America. I am a Malaysian that will be studying in your country soon and I always love hearing the elderly talk about their past and current lives. I would like to comment that it is sad to see your country in such disrepair and its ever-growing hostilities in keeping a broken fence splintered with factions and colors.

    The disillusioned American public has had enough of the past eight years of a corrupt, Republican government that has not brought in anything good. But we should not blame the government wholly. We need to bring together both sides because no matter how liberal or how conservative we are, the fact of the matter is that most people don’t, as you say, “Sit down and shut up”.

    As a living person and watching my generation, this generation who are influenced from the media of fear, Pat Robertson threats and Teletubbies; it is sad that nobody sits down and listens anymore. We don’t sit down anymore to listen to both sides of the argument but rather let our emotions or surroundings dictate what we should do and think. Sadly, nobody does that and neither can the people in the generation of Sarah Palin or Sean Hannity. We want to run our mouths a marathon of OUR ideas and not take into consideration of others.

    You made a fair point on Bible-ready, Conservative Republicans who can’t really shut up but we need the Liberal Democrats to also calm down a little as well. One side already does not listen and why do want to make it worse? Mahatma Gandhi was attributed to have said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” and turning deaf on each other’s words could do nothing but more damage to an already desensitized country.

    Let’s have a tea party with some nice jasmine tea, sit down on our nice sofas, roll up in the cushion with some scones and sandwiches and, you know, shut up and listen to each other. Oh wait, we have Deal or No Deal coming on. I don’t care… it’s the universal way of life now: the “I don’t care” philosophy. It is a sad world we live in. It is very, very sad.

    Love your blog and will be an avid reader of it.


  574. Chamblis is a five time draft dodger from the VietNam War – No hero there! Chamblis does like to start wars though! He was quick to back Bush in Iraq. Remember: Iraq is the war that lies got us in to.

    Chambliss is a bushie and we are now 10 Trillion in debt because of the Chamblis/Bush policies.

    Helen is a hero!


  575. P.S. good one maggie!!! Cheryl


  576. I sure am glad every one at doe’s not,share your feelings..What ever happened to “All for one and one for all”,I guess women only count if they hold the same nasty, you…Sorry but some of us like Sarah,,and even if we don’t care for Hillary,,we don’ lower our selves,by calling her a “bitch”..How about some common respect… Cheryl


  577. you both rock! Palin needs no more publicity, it is exactly what she wants, her name out there for someone to hear to remind them of her 2012 presidential big, YUK!!!! But that tells a lot about the GOP mentality if she is the best in the arsenal, (or their assinhole!)
    Go read my takes too in archives
    and to relax, go look at my pics


  578. I couldn’t be bothered to read all the comments– your post and the few I read were enough.

    Are you really a woman? You express yourself like an 18 year old male in the throes of hormonal overdrive. You have that Kos patter down pat.

    I would like to suggest that you erase the tape and start looking and reading something other than Kos. Your “discussion” of Sarah Palin and your neighbors’ quite justified fears about the Chosen One simply does not resemble reality.

    But then, you are enamoured of a sleazy Chicago pol with no resume, no accomplishments, a non-existent voting record– who can’t fill Washington with the detritus of the Clinton era fast enough.

    We are in for a rough 4 years, until we can throw that media creation out of office. Yes, Chambliss is a lousy senator but I would vote for Satan himself, to keep the Democrats from a completely unfettered reign over this nation.

    Oh yeah– we already knew that free speech is in serious danger. Totalitarians always try to shut the opposition up first. We won’t give it or any other right up without a fight.


  579. Chambliss is going to win because GA is not a liberal state. Martin is running on “Vote for me and I’ll be Obama’s chief dog washer!” Good luck with that.


  580. If only Rush, Hannity, Palin, Coulter and the rest would actually listen to your advice, how wonderful that silence would be!


  581. Thank you for stating your opinion with passion! I do suggest that it seems you disregard the intellect of anyone who disagrees with you. In other words, if someone has examined the evidence and reached a different political opinion than you have, they must be an idiot. Perhaps this blog was just a rant, hey, I rant on mine at times too. However, I do enjoy finding liberals who think and can discuss things calmly and intelligently. I think it is a mistake to underestimate people like Limbaugh, Coulter and Hannity, and it does your side no good to simply write them off as morons.

    Certainly I have done my share of name-calling: libtards, demoncrats and republicrats, rinos, etc., but I much prefer sitting down with a cup of hot tea and calmly discussing our differences and part as friends.

    You are right about the problem of not knowing our neighbors and taking the time to be with them.

    Happy ranting!



  582. Here is what I just posted on my Blog:

    I urge you to go to Margaret and Helen’s Website (Best Friends for Sixty Years and Counting):

    The photo alone is worth the price of admission. These two bitter sweet old gals really know how to tell it like it is. This is by far one of the very best Websites on the entire Internet for politically relevant and profoundly acicid humor. I swear to God that if I believed in incarnation I would think that Mark Twain has come back as Siamese twins attached at the truly hip. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Here is their latest offering, written by Helen because Margaret is “visiting family and probably hasn’t turned on the boob tube even once.”


  583. I love liberals–they can’t even be happy when they win. I guess you should be prepared to be miserable for a long time to come because you’ll be hearing from her for a long time to come.


  584. It’s entertaining and perhaps a tad annoying to read all the anti-Helen&Margaret comments here. Better to let everyone think you are an idiot than to hit your keyboard and prove it. With the rising popularity of this blog, watch for the right wing lunatics to start bombarding you with comments designed to drown out the voice of reason. If you don’t agree with Helen and Margaret, go watch FoxNews or listen to more talk radio–the obvious sources of your dumb-assed comments.


  585. I live in Georgia. I support Saxby Chambliss, I supported McCain/ Palin. I supported and STILL support George Bush. Get over yourself lady. We don’t need your liberal sympathies and we don’t want them.


  586. You always have awesome posts! Keep them up!

    I think just looking at Coulter’s books makes people stupid. Not that Michael Moore, et al, are any better either.

    I wonder what happened to education.. I guess it got lost in translation.


  587. Helen,
    your bias is showing. Max Cleland may have lost three limbs in Nam, but that does NOT make him strong on national defense. Kerry received three Purple Hearts in Nam, all three from self-inflicted (intentionally or otherwise is irrelevent) wounds. Two tours in Nam, Kerry served a grand total of three months; that can be compared to any other service member who served (barring injuries that sent them home early) a year or longer. Kerry’s injuries were never life threatening, in fact they were never more serious than mere scratches. While Cleland’s injuries were considerably more serious, there do appear to be questions of how his injuries occurred, the consensus is that he was injuried in a barroom when he accidently pulled the pin on his own grenade. Not exactly “war hero” stuff, and it definately doesn’t make him strong on defense now, in a post 9/11 era we need “strong on defense.”
    Saxby Chambliss? Got it, you don’t like him because he is a Republican. There is a big surprise.
    Limbaugh? And his listeners? Stupid because they don’t agree with you? Could it be that we just look at all the facts and base our opinions on those facts and our sense of “right and wrong,” where as you look only at Leftist rhetoric and call that “fact?”
    Ann Coulter? You don’t like her writing style? Ok, got it; Coulter’s writing style is a conservative bent with a substantial amount of humor tossed in, liberals don’t have much of a sense of humor. At the very least, you must admit that it doesn’t ramble incoherrantly like your writing style appears to do. How did you get from hating Sarah Palin to hating Ann Coulter (who said she would vote for Hillary Clinton before she said she would vote for John McCain)?
    Sean Hannity? Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Why not hate Rosie O’Donnell? Maybe you could try hating Arianna Huffington? Sorry, guess not.
    President Bush? Do you really hate him so much? Why? Would you be one of the left-wing nutcases that honestly believe he pulled off the 9/11 attacks to justify going to war in Iraq?
    Fox News? Do you honestly hate the only news network in the country that gives a balanced opinion? Did you not see the reports that while other networks ran stories favorable to the Democrats 75% of the time, they ran stories favorable to Republicans only 24% of the time; compared to Fox News that ran stories favorable to either party 40% of the time? The only reason the Left hates Fox so much is that Fox has the “audacity” to run stories favorable to the Right at all. So much for Free Speech, or even “free thought” since anyone who disagrees with the Left is labeled as a “hater.”
    As far as the comments you heard from your neighbors, add this one from me, and mines is as close to accurate as we can see so far since your good President-elect Obama refuses to answer any questions. Did you know, he had a dual citizenship with Indonesia as a child, not his fault, but as an adult he accepted an Indonesian passport (definately his fault) thereby renouncing his citizenship from America, and traveled to Pakistan when Americans weren’t allowed in Pakistan (proving his intention to renounce his citizenship)? Obama has no right to be President since he is not legally qualified for the job.
    Maybe you should attempt to base your political opinions on facts, not merely on your political biases? If you aren’t willing to do that, perhaps, you could try to be a little more tolerant of those who have opinions different than your own?


  588. More hate for the Republicans. Yawn.


  589. whetever.

    i pity whoever that takes up office at the white house. he sure has a huge amount of crap to clean up that bush has left.



  590. I’ve really fed up with ignorance. We won’t have socialism. What we do have right now is a certain demographic that apparently believes whatever the right spews. It all comes back to corporate greed and corruption. They looked at the people that we most likely to help them breed ignorance and fear while making money off the backs of the middle class. It’s not working anymore because you have many many key republicans speaking out about how their own party has to make a change. We are hardworking middle class people, and I am not worried about my tax dollars going to “unworthy” poor Americans. I AM worried about my tax dollars going to bail out corrupt friends and family of the right.


  591. BRAVO!, Helen, BRAVO!


  592. Helen,

    I respectfully disagree with you. I wasn’t for Sarah Palin when McCain picked her to be his running mate. I was for her when I heard that she was going to have Down Syndrome son and started looking at her. She has accomplished a lot while in office in Alaska and she and her family are real people.

    Other than getting elected and having a long list of radical friends, what has Obama accomplished?

    Sarah Palin for president in 2012.

    Bob A.


  593. I know that Mr Bill O’Reilly on many occasions has used Sweden as an example of a socialist country gone to hell but I feel that I, as a Swede and European, need to adress something: We were all extremely pleased when Barack Obama was elected. Even if John McCain would’ve been better for us economically, at least two years ago when the campaigns started (now who knows?). USA proved to be a great nation again by electing the most qualified person for president. I am not saying that John McCain wasn’t qualified but considering his age his vice presidential pick was crucial. And I couldn’t stand listening to Sarah Palin. I’m very glad she wasn’t elected among with John McCain.

    Now USA need to step up and be responsible and mature. I hope you are all aware that USA is the most powerful country in the world and many of your political decisions have an immidiate effect on the rest of the world. Sweden is now accepting more immigrants than ever from Iraq and Iran and a small town called Landskrona outside of Stockholm with just a few thousand people living there has during one year (1 year!) accepted more immigrants from Iraq than USA and Canada have put together for five years.

    I live in Gothenburg, Sweden where Volvo was founded. Many of my friends and neighbors work in their factories and now all of them may loose their jobs. Two of my neighbors will most likely loose theirs and they are newlyweds, just moved in to a house and expect their first baby in July. This isn’t right.

    I do hope that you will embrace Barack Obama like we have. We know we are gona have to make sacrifices and we are willing to. So step it up America! Prove what a great nation you are.


  594. Wow, you DID seem to touch a nerve, Helen! The irony of the hate-filled comments calling you out for being hate filled is pretty delicious. Also the people who defend Palin’s rights to free speech while denying you yours.

    Oh, I also love the accusations that, since the election is over, we should just get over our anger. Like the right did during 8 years of Bill Clinton, perhaps?

    It’s true that my side won, but the notion that this means some sort of fight is over is ridiculous. I had honestly hoped that McCain/Palin’s defeat would send a message that their brand of slimy, divisive campaigning wasn’t the winning type any more, but I guess Chambliss didn’t get the memo. Or perhaps spewing hatred is the only thing he knows. Good on ya for pointing it out: as Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.”

    It’s such a treat for me to come to your blog, Helen, and read your feisty, salty opinions. It’s like your channelling right from my brain!

    I had hoped that, post-election, I could go back to that state of innocence in which I had never heard of Sarah Palin, but clearly that is not to be the case. Like Paris Hilton, she will not go away. I resent even having to know who these women are.

    And this whole “women bashing women” thing? Oh PUH-LEEZE. If good women don’t call out the bad apples, we do our gender a disservice. The notion that all women must support other women just because of their gender is itself the worst sexism.

    Seriously: if women had to support other women simply out of gender solidarity, Hillary Clinton would be president right now. Think about that for a moment, female Palin fans. I bet you didn’t have any problem bashing her?


  595. With Obama we will have SOCIALISM and socialism is not good for anybody. Honestly until we get some party in the White House other than Democrats and Republicans we won’t be better off.


  596. Helen…don’t let the nut cases drive you away..I wish you were my far as Palin is concerned her fifteen minutes was up a long time ago!


  597. Yeah, I feel the love. See? This is why I am not a liberal. I can’t be this nasty even when I try really, really hard.

    Bless your hearts, I know you are somebody’s grandmothers… but, geeze Louise, your language! Do you have to write like that? I mean, come on, ladies, your opinion is valid (I don’t agree with it at all, it’s a free country and Mrs Palin can do whatever she wants to) but you do your cause no good writing like a first year college student.

    Maybe it’s your schtick, or a way to generate comments, or maybe you really talk that way, but it sure is painful to read.


  598. Marg/Helen (if that is really who you are):

    So Sarah Palin is campaigning in Georgia, so what? If it is a bad idea, then the voters will oust Chambliss from office due to his association with her.

    Just like they booted Cleland a few years back. I always find it entertaining the way Cleland’s election defeat is portrayed as some horrific smear, or that Chambliss cheated his way into office; no, the voters just voted Cleland out, it happens. And if the saintly Cleland is such a great pol, why the heck hasn’t he tried to win his seat back??

    And you want to silence a bunch of right wing commentators due to the “bile they spew” and yet right in this post you resort to ad hominem attacks (head lice for Palin, Oxy for Rush, etc), so how are you any different, other than the fact that you sit on a different side of the political spectrum.

    You write well, and there are a bunch of people who dig your agitprop, apparently, so keep up the “good work”; but really, you are not doing much to solve the problem with lack of civil discourse which you rant about here.



  599. I am totally appalled at the trolls responding to this post. Helen has a blog. She puts her opinions and comments in it. She doesn’t have to be impartial, she can write what she wants. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. There are far, far more of us who adore her and agree precisely with what she says.

    As for her language, I read this post and no startling language stands out in my mind. However, some of the responses have total filth in them.

    I really hope all this adversity doesn’t make Helen shut up. Because I adore her and Margaret, and I don’t want them to go away.


  600. I find it interesting that critics of commentators like Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter, etc. are never very far away from suggesting that they be silent – or be silenced. As much as I disdain their counterparts – Michael Moore, Ariana Huffington, pretty much every “socially conscious” entertainer, etc. I have never believed it wise for their voices to be removed from the national dialog – voluntarily or otherwise.

    For my part, I don’t enjoy any of these commentators any longer. I agree that they have served to polarize us thoroughly. Lots of heat, no light.

    Still, if you don’t like them then just turn them off. If you don’t like the fact that others listen to them, please remember that such emotions provide no legitimate reason to call for them to be silent. And be careful what you cry out for. As soon as popular pressure is used to muzzle one American you can never be sure how far removed you and all of the rest of us are from tyranny.


  601. After reading your blog it’s apparent to start looking at the Divided States of America. 47% of the people in the US didn’t vote for your ideology. Let’s see if can agree on this. Let’s all work toward getting an amendment passed allowing the succession of states. That way you can live in your own intolerant world and not have your thoughts forced to be mine. Or do you everyone should be forced to think like you?


  602. Dear Ms Palin: If you are the person to protect us against communism and force feed God and his magic baby down our throats, then I guess I will take the communism and godless path.


  603. Why is it that you have to show how stupid the far far right is by showing how stupid the far far left is? The unnamed morons you quotes are morons, yes, but what makes your quotes any different, they just come from talking points on the fringe left.

    Take a look at Obama’s choices for his cabinet…. ooooopps, looks like someone has talked a little sense into him at this point, and perhaps he got some briefings that scared the hell out of him and he figured he better actually do something about it. I didn’t vote for him but he is my president now, and he wouldn’t agree with your views any more than I do (IMO). Was a good post for a laugh though, thanks.


  604. Helen, you have certainly struck a nerve, given the ugly bile being spewed by all the trolls-in-heat with this commentary. They must be truly scared that rational people might be listening to your remarks and embarrassed by what the GOP has inflicted on America. I find it comical that those same trolls are boosting your ratings while they’re doing so.

    I have to wonder if many of the Georgians going to hear Gov Palin speak, as they worry about hanging onto their jobs & feeding their kids & wondering how bare Christmas is going to be this year & education budget cuts going on in their state..

    I have to wonder if those same ordinary folks won’t be crooking their necks & checking her legs out – hoping to see if that lady up there on the stage might be wearing those Republican Party purchased Silk Boxer shorts under that skirt? Even the RNC couldn’t ‘donate’ underwear that’s been previously worn. Notice how nothing much has been said further about ‘donating’ the fancy clothes to charity? They cost more than many people pay for a house!

    Those Georgians are probably also wondering about who is making turkey for the Palin family during the holidays while this lady came to screech at them? Perhaps her unwed pregnant teenager is having to step up to run the household while Sarah roams the country doing her photogigs? A lot of good people in Georgia hopefully won’t be simply looking for lipstick on a turkey and buying the BS.


  605. Oh deeeeeer!
    Why are you talking like that to meeee?
    I am the only one who can protect us all from communism and those godless creatures who want to kill us Christians!


  606. This is a job for Super Obama Girl! See:

    The devilish revelry
    “Nothing less than the truth.”


  607. Evidently this so called ‘watchdog’ is suffering from a severe case of ideological rabies or intellectual distemper


  608. Dear Helen,
    I am just so happy to read your post about Sarah Palin. I am a bit disappointed to see that there are some people who still believe to crap like “Obama is a terrorist, Obama is a muslim USA will become a muslim country, and stuff”. I sincerely thought that USA and its people have learnt from the mistakes of its own past. Fortunately we have “watchdog” like you.

    Kiss from Madagascar.


  609. As always, THANK YOU! Somebody needed to say it!


  610. Rather than attack fellow Americans, why don’t make some important contributions to a couple of issues facing our country.


  611. meh, she is the apocolyspe of the entire universe…


  612. A refreshing to read for a person who is drowning in evangelical conservatives here in Salem, Oregon.

    I’m tired of Hannity making new that isn’t there, and painful to listen to. Limbaugh on the other hand is a radio dinosaur who is quickly running out of material.


  613. Those who are questioning whether he really graduated from Harvard should consider just how deep a conspiracy it would be for that to never have been made an issue.

    Not only did team McCain never raise the issue, but Harvard never raised any issues either.

    And it’s not like the University of Chicago just hands out teaching gigs willy nilly.


  614. Hey Alaska Pi,

    Capitalism is driven by greed which is a natural social law of interaction. Each person attempts to satisfy themselves and inadvertently compromises are archived.

    With socialism all trade is regulated by a third party arbitrarily, resulting in unfair trade practices and an artificial imbalance of power.


  615. Hi Helen,
    Ditto on the above from me. As an American in London I don’t think we get accurate news, but what we do get boggles my mind. I found your rant very refreshing and it made me laugh.
    All the best,


  616. Chambliss a devil, or the devil?


  617. Hello Helen,

    Greetings from Ireland, as I was signing into wordpress this morning I saw this post on the front page and your no-bs writing really brightened up my morning, so I just wanted to say thank you,

    Lou 🙂


  618. Wow–great post, Helen! And sorry to see the wingnut trolls showing up here, but I guess they heard about your blog and are really ticked off about the election.

    I do have to say that I’m not sure I agree with your comment about hanging with my neighbors, though. We were at a block party several years ago and the guy across the street from us starting ranting about the “%#$@ liberals ruining our Country” and I politely said, “Well, I consider myself a liberal—I’m sorry if that offends you.” So he walked off and now his wife will only wave hello to me when he is not around and he won’t wave or speak to either me or my husband (who is apparently guilty by association). This year, I put an Obama sticker on my car and parked it in our driveway, where he could see it every time he came home—just could NOT resist that.


  619. This is my first time reading your blog, but it sure won’t be my last. I’m 20 years old and I’m from Chicago, and I think you all are just brilliant! Keep up the good work.


  620. Boy! Helen you write with such clarity. You are as straight as apple pie! And the hate mail you get back from the losers, that have been supporting (not benefitting from the till-raiders of the last 8 years in most cases I bet – nothing more stupid than that). I have a friend in NY, as right-wing as they get (I have right wing friends, too), Armenian origin, hates communists from the family’s last Europe stop in Bulgaria. He went to Texas last week to sell his baubles, rings etc to the Texans. Crisis? What crisis? He said it was like 1999, everyone out at night spending money like there’s no tomorrow. ‘Course it is. They took the money! Oil and arms, done deal. No school, bridges helathcare, but the Texans are rich. So jyd, lawhite, Nobody etc. those who believe Margaret is wrong, go to Texas and see where your taxes have gone. And that fool who says Obama isn’t qualified, has authored no laws, won only one election before this one, Obama won this one in every sense of winning. He didn’t cheat. Against all odds over a very long hard campaign, with every chance to see him for who he is, he WON. Bush won no elections! He stole two, one with the help of the Supreme Court, the guarantor of the American constitution, what a joke! Bush did two things that seemed to qualify him for being President: he was his father’s son (and hated GHW we are told, the true personal reason for the Iraq war, he wanted to better his father) and he killed more people on death row than anyone else before him, at least it seemed that way. Great qualifications. Killed people who had no decent legal representation, whether they did their crimes or not. The great principle of the law is that are all are equal before it. Not in Bush’s Texas you weren’t. Get real people who love your guns in compensation for your small whatsits. Now I even hear people are blaming the last 8 years of utter financial chicanery on FDR, for saving people’s home in the Depression. The mortgage societies FDR created and that the last 8 years manipulated and ruined are FDR’s fault? How long has he been dead? Boy, Margaret don’t give up ever. You have a job still yet to do. Give these idiots hell, open a school and give these idiots an education – basic economics for a start. FDR responsible for Bush’s mess? What a crock of pig-manure. Without FDR America might not have survived the Depression or help save the world from fascism.


  621. Bancheck…
    I hate to say it but Capitalism is NOT a natural law. Gravity is, the laws of thermodynamics are…
    Capitalism is a HUMAN CONSTRUCT, We made it up. It is a method of dealing with our various ways of interacting regarding goods and services… We can change our methods – and do- regularly. The long dead good guys you are yearning for would not recognize what you call capitalism…


  622. Your guy won. Be happy but it doesn’t mean that the other side should cease to exist. That is what they call totalitarianism.

    Those who think differently than you still are here. Yes, Obama got 52.7% of the vote. That means there are still a lot of people out there who didn’t vote for him.

    I have two words for you. Free Speech! Last time I looked the Constitution was still in place. Or do you and your candidate who is now President want to get rid of the foundation stone of our Democracy.

    Sounds like it from your post.


  623. […] Truth Makes a Splash! (3) ‘Truth for Lunch’ Delivered to Sarah Palin’s Anchorage Office. (4) Sarah Palin, sit down and shut the hell up! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Democrats and their minions try to trash […]


  624. How many Trillions will it take to deal with Bush’s bad but not totally socialist ways? Every thing that Bush touched turned to shit.

    I am so totally ready to be done with de-regulation! Then we had the anything goes with the economy and environment crowd so we end up with Enron, Bank bailouts, two wars – which are causing the world to hate us as well as bankrupting us.

    But bancheck made money while most others lost their healthcare and their homes, so more of whatever in the hell she wants.

    Bancheck – go to Rush’s blog.

    Helen: AlaskaPi is right. The rats are back. Bring in the traps.


  625. There are those that except natural laws and those that are blind to them never-the-less gravity will drop even the ignorant.

    Capitalism is a self regulated system based on natural individually-biased social laws. Socialism is a concentrically regulated system based on one individual’s disillusion masquerading as a natural law.

    As our country turns to socialism over this next presidency taxes will increase, jobs will be lost, inflation will abound, and the stock market will stagnate. It will prove interesting to see natural individually-biased socially lawed people forced to conform to a socialist master.

    Don’t get me wrong, Bush was bad but he wasn’t a socialist totally. We really need Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, or Reagan (even though Reagan was not a solid conservative) not this socialistic group that got elected on misinformation disseminated from the mouths of a biased news media.


  626. Helen-
    Boy, your parlor is full tonight! Sure don’t hear many voices I know over the din…
    Hate to tell you this but I think your neighborhood has just been overrun with rats… the gnawing and gnashing and tail slapping is growing in volume.
    Yup- not only does the gov need to shut up, she needs to come home and do the job we hired her to do. Is there anyone out there that wants to take over the contract we have with her? In the spirit of full disclosure, it has 2 years to run yet and we are not getting a lick o work for our bucks these last few months. We are getting lots of “word salad” and dead turkeys…
    (In a whisper)- you maybe need to call Harold or get that charming grandson in- you REALLY do have rats again dear.


  627. by:

    By: docrogerswrites on November 29, 2008
    at 2:31 am

    “I can’t fault Gov. Palin. She is still feeling her oats and taking advantage of her hour upon the stage while she has it. It doesn’t come that often for female politicians. The more eloquant, the more threatening.”


    “eloquent”? Are we talking about the same Sarah Palin?


  628. Rant on, Helen! I unfortunately have to be around some people like your neighbors – sadly, my stepmom is one of them, and I can’t believe that she swallows the tripe that comes out of the mouths of Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Coulter, etc.

    And to everyone who is bashing Helen because she’s “bashing other women” – whoa! There wasn’t a single misogynist remark in her rant; not a word about how Sarah Palin should shut up because she’s a woman. If a woman is perfectly capable of being a politician and a leader, and equal to men, then she had better be equal in being able to be criticized the same as we would criticize a man.

    Anyone who thinks that a woman, Sarah Palin or someone else, shouldn’t be criticized about anything just because she’s a woman is being as anti-feminist as they claim Helen is being – either women need to be protected and coddled, or they need to be equal; you can’t have it both ways. And how many of you who are yelling about how bad it is that a woman is criticizing another woman have criticized Hillary? Probably most of you. Presumably you will go to the same hell that Helen is supposedly going to . . .


  629. I love your blog… and i agree with you on all your sit down suggestions… a few of my own…Paulson, that woman named Bay on CNN, and many more!