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Posted by: Helen Philpot | July 11, 2014

Which comes first, the chicken or the vagina?

Margaret, I’m old and I’m tired.  I thought I was ready to hang my quill up for good and then Rick Perry had to open his mouth again and let a whole lot of stupid fall out.   When will that man realize that his brain is older and more tired than even mine?

Last month Perry compared being gay to being an alcoholic.  This from a man who is so light in his loafers that his feet haven’t touched the ground since he got a C in Animal Breeding at Texas A&M University.   Not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you — his being light in the loafers that is. His many C’s and D’s in college is a different story.  Indeed a C in Animal Breeding is something to be concerned about.

Now the man who wants to shrink the federal government just enough to fit inside my vagina is complaining that Obama isn’t doing enough to stop the flood of immigrant children coming across the border illegally.  Evidently the only children Rick cares about are the ones who haven’t been born yet.  Once they are here – screw ‘em!

Thank goodness the clock on Perry’s record time as Governor of Texas is running out.  Sadly, it means he will most likely run for President again.  If you think I am wrong, check out his new look.  Women don’t make passes at men who wear glasses to try and look smarter.  Give it up Rick.  We all remember the Oops.

Sadly for us, the man most likely to replace him in Texas is even more anxious to get in my knickers than Rick was.  Do a little research on Greg Abbott folks.  He is the real deal when it comes to crazy.  He is suing Obama over the border issues.  He hates those children too, I guess.   In fact, the only thing Greg Abbott seems to hate more than immigrant children is the ability for women to limit the number of unwanted children they bring into the world.  This Republican conundrum is troubling indeed – which comes first, the chicken or the vagina?

Margaret, dear, my work on this earth is not done.  Texas needs another  woman in the State Capitol.  I’m for Wendy.   I mean it.  Really.

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  1. I tried listening, but I have never been able to sit still for more than 2 minutes when she is talking. Her voice grates on my nerves as much as the words she is saying. But, thanks for the link. She is definitely slurring. Perhaps too much moose milk?

  2. Glad your back girls!!
    Hey! Did you see this?
    Sarah Palin’s Odd, Slurred Speech In Denver


  3. Welcome back ladies, you have been missed……and there is plenty going on that we need you to comment on these days. We need your humor to keep us sane……

  4. […] and left their legion of fans jonesin’ for 168 days. Happily they re-emerged, feisty as ever, and we can thank a certain Texas governor for it, writes […]

  5. […] and left their legion of fans jonesin’ for 168 days. Happily they re-emerged, feisty as ever, and we can thank a certain Texas governor for it, writes […]

  6. The GOP deliberately uncuts the Federal government with their bad policies and obstructionism, then they stand back and point their fingers and say the govenment doesn’t work. It’s maddening. Our government cannot work under these conditions. Vote them out!

  7. I can’t believe that I had never heard of this wonderful blog, and I live in Texas. I got connected to it through a friend who lives in Birmingham, Al. The comments about Greg Abbott are so very on point. But then, I’ve always said that you just need to look at the people we elect to public office, and you will realize that the American people are not ready for self-government.

    The Republicans provide simple answers which is what everyone wants (well, A simple answer: Cut taxes on the rich.) Yes-No, True-False, On-Off. Unfortunately, life’s problems seldom involve simple answers

  8. and I will agree with most libs on Mccain…He’s the closest conservatives could come to a liberal piece of shit

  9. Terri…you still haven’t proved my misinformation….I on the other hand have pointed out your bullshit…

  10. his name rhymes with dick, prick, sick.

  11. I agree Gato. His first instinct is always to use the military. I really can’t stand listening to him any more. His criticisms of President Obama always sound like sour grapes.

  12. Hi, Terri – McCain might as well just have said, “Oh, goody! Now FINALLY maybe we’ll be able to go over there and throw around some bombs and stuff!'” (He was pretty close…)

    Why does anybody care what he says… about anything?


  13. I used to respect John McCain, but then he gave us Sarah Palin. ‘Nuf said.

  14. Oh my goodness, I’m rolling with your style and phrases. Please, keep them coming!

    Erika Dobkins

  15. Hi, Terri… Oh, S**T… A plane full of innocent people shot down? I am weeping about this… The Universe won’t have to send a meteor to wipe us out, as apparently happened to the dinosaurs. We’ll just do it ourselves.

    And McCain (why do we EVER have to listen to him again these days?) comes right out and says, essentially, “Oh, good; now we can send weapons and get right in over there.”

    Oh, Yippee s**t: more war! It’s so cool! Good god; help us…


  16. So good to hear your pithy comments again. You are a breath of fresh air! I feel a bit restored.

  17. Hi Gato!
    Yes, it’s so nice that M&H’s return sparked all this friendly conversation.
    However, the return of the troll is a bummer. I have completely lost patience with right-wingers. Their positions are almost always predictably negative, retrograde and intolerant. They are ruining our country (imho).
    Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather here in the northeast.
    Best wishes.

  18. Ya think, Terri…? Is there really only “one of them” out there? (Well, maybe just our ol’ favorite here on the porch…)

    Must say that whatever’s happened has gotten the Feisty Troops here up and goin’ once again, and that’s a good thing!


  19. Yes, you xenophobic sot, they probably ARE in “better shape” than many of our sugar-stuffed, couch potato, overweight, unvaccinated little darlings. (That’s not every American kid, of course, but we have more of them than most “civilized” countries.) You might want to keep in mind that most of them have endured harrowing journeys of thousands of miles, basically unsupported, and got here in one piece. Wonder how many of our little “Happy Meal” sweethearts could manage that! (Many of them don’t even have “phys ed” in school any more…)

    The problem is that the CDC can’t “screen” them as rapidly as they’re coming in, not that they’re infested with vermin and disease. That kind of screening takes money, and personnel, and Congress sure as hell isn’t going to provide any of THAT – because Obama asked for it. Plain. And simple.


  20. Overall, these kids may not be in better shape than US kids. But in regard to preventable diseases, ones that can be prevented through immunization, yes, they are.

  21. .
    Talk about an Oops!
    ;) ~ Δ

  22. And don’t forget…

    Stonekettle Station:

    Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…

    Well, give me your tired and poor yearning to be free just so long as they’re from Ireland or Scotland or Germany. The Netherlands? Italy? We’ll take them. England’s okay too. Maybe Poland and Greece. Even the stinky French. Why, we’ll even take the Russians. Sure what the heck, welcome to America! Come on in.

    Brown Spanish speaking children from where now? Central America? Whoa, not so fast.

    Bonus: Peter Griffin discovers America


  23. Anyone needing a fix between M&H
    posts can find some from TBogg:

    Panic in Funland

    Enjoy responsibly. ;)

    Peace ~ Δ

  24. so the children illegally coming across the border are in better shape than american children????????


  25. Most Voters Want to Send Latest Illegal Immigrants Home ASAP


  26. Hi Helen. Welcome back (waving to Margaret),

    Always a pleasure to see a new post.

    Keep ‘em comin’. I mean it. Really.

    As far as that cartoon of a governor,
    I’ll just let Stephen Colbert tell it:

    Rick Perry Makeover – Uncensored

    ‘Oops!’ of course, was also the rallying cry of anyone who donated to his campaign.”

    Peace ~ Δ

  27. some more numbers usa info


  28. numbers usa

  29. It’s interesting to see how the “desperate” mothers are being portrayed as being so great and then a SC woman is arrestedand looses custody) for dropping off her daughter at a park

  30. According to Numbers USA this Cornyn Cuellar bill would weaken existing law.
    More smoke and mirrors from the same folks who profit from the labor of the undocumented while at the same time condemning them.

  31. Just wishing Obama would get out there and campaign along with Dem hopefuls


  32. what misinformation Terri?

  33. Helen and Margaret, welcome back! You were gone so long I thought at least one of you was ginning up a political campaign of her own! Not a bad idea, that!

    My father was an immigrant. He spoke English, French and German. He was better educated than what he ran into here. He couldn’t believe the majority of people he met had never heard of Canada! Can’t repeat some of his experiences but thank God he was a first class athlete and could handle himself no matter what.

    Been working with immigrants for over 50 years! Yup. That’s right. Why? I don’t know most of them in any way personally but I do this in memory of the most famous refugees in the New Testament: Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus running from a local homicidal king for refuge through a desert in Egypt.

    Simply cannot think of them as “illegal” immigrants.

  34. Re Anonymous: There you have it folks, a typical conservative–hateful, full of misinformation, intolerant, xenophobic, ignorant and proud of it. I think we can guess who this is.

  35. get the story right Gato…..corporations can deny 4 out of 20 birth control meds…..that does leave 16 that they pay for

    as for the flak jackets


    “Shots fired south of Rincon Village from Mexico,” the source told Breitbart this week. “Unknown if smugglers are f—king with game wardens or what the deal is.”

    A short time later, the official clarified the shooters are not aiming specifically at game wardens, “but shooting to be a nuisance.”


    and now I feel better….

    Texas lawmakers Senator John Cornyn (R) and Representative Henry Cuellar (D) introduced a bipartisan solution to the immigration problem …only to have Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid say he would not support the bill because “the border is secure.”


  36. Gato- gracias again. Look at my blog post Surprise in the Mesquite at emilievardaman.wordpress.com. Last one I posted.

  37. Reblogged this on Whoopsie Piggle and commented:
    Love you ladies, for real!

  38. I’ve missed your clear and humorous perspective on politics. Thank you for picking up the pen again. There is an awful lot to write about as we turn into a country with haves and have nots with nothing in between. Corporations now are not only people, but people with feelings — unbelievable!

  39. Right on, Emilie – My BGFF is here visiting, and she pointed that out to me, about the vaccinations. Also showed me the totally revolting selfie of Perry and Hannitiy, apparently at the border, all butch-me-upped in camo and flak jackets, with a BIG GUN that I guess we’re supposed to think they’re ready to use on the little brown kids.

    Does anyone ever think how DESPERATE these parents must be to relinquish their children, and send them away, knowing they may never see them again…? Or do we think that, somehow, Central American mothers and fathers are nothing like “us,” and are just looking for handouts…?

    And, meanwhile, we’re all so busy being a “Christian nation,” allowing corporations to deny full access to birth control to their employees, cutting funds to feed our own poor, treating our veterans like so much garbage to be ignored and abandoned, and making sure that every GD idiot who wants one can get a gun…



  40. Just read a good article in the (Texas) Observer. It seems those “diseased” children are doing better than the kids in Texas. Because medicine is more socialized in Central America, virtually very child has all his/her shots and immunizations. There have no measles outbreaks there since 1990 while there have been many in the US due to lack of immunization.

  41. Hello, Blank Person – Is there something you’d actually like to suggest here, or is just fussing about the possibility of communicable diseases – and your apparent certainty that most refugee children must be riddled with lice, dysentery, malaria, leprosy, or whatever – enough for you? BTW, I trust that all your, and your neighbors’ children, and every other kid with whom they go to school, have been vaccinated. Maybe you should check that out… Just to be safe…

    Now, who WAS that weird middle-Eastern bearded guy who lived a long time ago, and kept saying stuff about, “Suffer the little children…”? Was he specific about the color of the children…? Maybe I missed that part…


  42. and I feel a lot better now….


  43. Ellis Island Did Not Accept Unattended Children

    1891 Immigration Act :

    Any person who could become a public charge on society was also not allowed to enter. The immigrants who came to the United States carrying a contagious disease were also not permitted entry. Anyone who had been convicted of a felony, misdemeanor, or any other crime such as any activity deemed contrary to the beliefs and standards of society such as polygamy were not granted citizenship. Any person whose ticket was paid for by another was not allowed to enter into the country as well. The United States wanted only those who could care for themselves with out the assistance of others.

    The 1907 Immigration Act prohibited “all children under sixteen years of age, unaccompanied by one or both of their parents.”


  44. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” ….check out Ellis Island…

    Sick children age 12 or older were sent back to Europe alone and were released in the port from which they had come. Children younger than 12 had to be accompanied by a parent.


  45. Just wishing Nancy, Debbie,Diane, and other libs would go hug those wonderful little refugees….(scabies,lice, swine flu,TB, and other diseases)(whats next…Ebola)…lets just fly them around the country(coming to a state near you)….where’s the CDC in all this

  46. Happy guy 5 – and you have a seat at y table any time.

  47. Hey, Happy Guy 5 – There’s also a place for you here on “the porch,” too. Your post made my morning… !

    If more people could just “own their stuff,” and stop trying to tell everybody else what they think “god” wants them to do with it, we’d all be in a much better place. (I don’t always take this advice myself – especially when it comes to Perry, Palin, Rush, Gohmert, Cheney, Boehner, Hobby Lobby, D’Souza, and their ilk – but at least I know I SHOULD.)

    Thanks for posting, and congratulations on being you!


  48. Yikes, perry said that?
    I will say this: MY TRUTH IS THAT I AM GAY, AN ALCOHOLIC (in recovery), im also HIV positive, a vegan, amongst many many other things.
    And you know what? “God” made no mistake with me! My life has value! There is an equal place for me at the table!

  49. Welcome back! It is so good to hear from you again. Quite frankly, I was getting very worried about you. It is good to know you are OK. Please don’t “retire” you have a following now, it is both a curse and a blessing. We love your wit and wisdom, please keep writing!
    As for Perry, he does love to keep his face on the TEE VEE doesn’t he? maybe some producer will offer him a job on a soap opera. You know, the “aging” playboy in town. He will be so excited, he couldn’t pack up fast enough!
    I am all for Wendy, I can’t vote for her cause I am not in Texas (Thank God) but I can send her $$ as often as possible.
    Refugee’s, people. Those poor kids are refugee’s. As was said by another poster, America has always opened her doors to the worlds opressed people’s. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

  50. Yay Helen!
    Glad to see you !
    We have our own mess here what with working to get Cap’n Torpedo out of the Gov’s seat (And we thought no one could be worse than whatzername- sheesh! ) so I’ve been sorta ignoring TX up til this current disgusting crap about people hatin on these youngsters, Congress’ failure to move sensibly on immigration and all the blaming of this President for everything still, even, as usual, always…
    I hope you get Wendy, we need Byron, and whatzername can stuff her impeach-the-pres gobbeldygook!

  51. So happy to hear from you again! I too was wondering about you in the past week..did I miss posts?? Where are you?? hehe. Okay 1st the problem with these women & children coming over the border.In 2008 George W. Bush signed legislation, passed by Congress, that gives special consideration to unaccompanied minors from countries OTHER than Mexico or Canada. Children covered by the law cannot be sent home before completion of a lengthy process to determine whether there is any reason they SHOULD be allowed to stay. This can take as long as two ( 2 ) yrs. In the interim, they often stay with family members already in the country. The INTENT of the law was to combat human trafficking, the result was the opposite! Now your wonderful Sen. Ted Cruz R-Tex. loudmouth that he is has been blasting Mr. Obama for ” Lawlessness” pretending not to understand that the flood of children is primarily caused by Mr. Obama’s adherence to the LAW!! If congress wants to really stem the flow it needs to get OFF there DUFFS, and change the 2008 law!! Now I quoted most of this word for word from Eugene Robinson from the Washington Post. He knows whats happening up there in the capital and speaks so much better than I do. Thank you for informing us!! Now to Perry, another loudmouth..does the hat make him see better? All of a sudden I am seeing him in a cowboy hat, which he didn’t wear while campaigning the 1st time haha. Good grief can’t we just put him and Palin in the “do not use again ” list??? Why are all the loudmouths like my own Rubio R-FL from backward states? Wheres the brainy people from Oregon, Washington, Mass, Conn…ah the list is a lot longer then these southern morons!! By the way WHY are we worried about people coming from Canada??? They are a heck of a lot smarter than my neighbors here in Florida!!! :) Nice to have you back!!

  52. You are so good at clearly stating the hypocrisy of Perry and the anti-choice republicans. Thanks.


  53. Keep it going girls…..you are the best. Rita

    Sent from my iPad


  54. Oh Boy you had me in a tether !! WE need you! The people of Texas really need you! Thank you and don’t stop till you really really have to.

  55. You young ladies, Helen and Margaret are a breath of fresh air. I am also a ‘young’ lady and I can agree with your thoughts and comments on all subjects. Have a sunshine day ladies.

  56. Great to see you back and on fire, Helen!

  57. Helen, so great to see you and Margaret again! I hope that you are both well. Thanks for this posting – Rick Perry is really an uneducated idiot! Here’s hoping that Texan women will wake up, go to the polls, and vote for Wendy and Leticia. That would be such a great leadership team!

    Welcome back and please don’t stay away so long – or let us know if you are going to be away for awhile. Otherwise, we always worry that something is wrong personally – we always know that something is wrong politically!

  58. Three reasons why Perry should not toss his hat in the POTUS nomination ring again:
    1) He’s already convinced most Americans that he’s a buffoon
    2) When he asked God if he should run, the Good Lord did a face-palm and sighed.
    3) I can’t remember the third reason …

  59. Gato – gracias. And Emilie is correct.

  60. Hi, John – “Personal rights” to WHAT…? To leave a loaded gun in Toys R Us? To tell women what medical choices they can make? To make it “okay” to shoot somebody if he or she makes you nervous…? To consider corporations to be “people”? Are those the “rights” you’re talking about?


  61. HI, Emilie (assuming that’s right!) – And thank you for your humane and personally-experienced POV. The only thing that could put the drug dealers out of business is if people stopped buying the stuff… Until that happens, no dealer is going to give up on the profits; no human will be considered anything more than expendable; and we’ll have what we have now… Desperate people fleeing horror and death.

    How can we have anything less than compassion for these children? Plenty of money for arms and weapons; plenty of money for capital gains and obscene CEO “salaries” and “bonuses”… But the bloody Congress wouldn’t even VOTE on spending some money on this! Disgusting.


  62. Never retire the quill, Helen! Same for you Margaret! You have a gift of words that squeeze! There are many to educate! Stay true!!!

  63. Amen, Helen………….the only reason to elect him to anything is to have someone who needs a man………..we need someone who can fulfill OUR needs and I think Wendy is by far the best offering to do that since Ann lost to Dubya………two fools in Texas in a row, don’t need another……and we don’t need another fool in Washington. Obushma has already set a terrible president for the 21st century with his 14 yrs assaulting personal rights.

  64. So glad to see you back blogging!
    I live two blocks from Mexico and am intimately familiar with the problems of immigration and migration. Yes these children and their others are refugees. I have been to Guatemala three times and can tell you first-hand of some of the horrors there. The women and children flee a violence we here cannot comprehend. Our “war on drugs” has made the situation there and throughout Central America and Mexico quite horrible.
    I NEVER refer to people crossing the border as illegal. It is also illegal to rob a bank and to drive over the speed limit. Would anyone ever refer to a person driving 85 in a 75 zone as an illegal driver? I think not.

  65. The people on the border are not ‘Immigrating’. Not even illegally. We have ‘REFUGES’ on our border running from a CORRUPT DRUG WAR waged on this nation, and theirs. The death tolls are staggering and have destroyed communities. We have desperate women who are running from violence and the death of their children. Refuges. Refuges Refuges. Please, let’s start using the correct language. Corruption is the poison on both sides of the border.
    Remember Fast and Furious? Shame on the U.S.

  66. Dam, I am so flipping happy to see your post today. I as well was wondering you been and you made my day!!!! Thanks and don’t stay away so long.

  67. I LOVE YOU HELEN! And Margaret too! Was just mentioning that you haven’t posted in a while. I sincerely welcome your insights and sanity!!!


  68. So nice to see a new post up Helen! Now you’ve made my day. Was worried. Keep that quill handy and our spirits up! We all need your wise words!

  69. Glad to see you back. Please don’t ever put down your quill for so long again. You’ve been missed.

  70. Glad to have you back. Please don’t ever put the quill down for so long again. You’ve been missed.

  71. Oh, Helen, how I love reading your posts! Between the poor kids being demonized for trying to find a better life and the Supreme Court deciding Hobby Lobby can make up their own facts about birth control, life has been bleak. We need you!

  72. Helen, I am so glad you are back and just in time too! The idiots are swarming like a hive without a home. . . maybe Rick Perry would look good with a behive hairdo! Welcome back.

    Love and Blessings coming your way,

  73. Thank you for coming back!

  74. It was so great to see your names in my inbox! I love your columns and your down to earth common sense look at the world. If only women ran the world…

  75. So glad you are back – I’ve missed you!

    Wendy, Ann richards – amazing women. Just need to remove all those neanderthals….

  76. Please keep these “letters” coming! Each one makes my day and I copy (with acknolwlegement) at least a part of everyone to facebook.\

  77. I am thrilled to see you back and, of course, I agree with yourbservations. Perry, like so many already in elected office, proves my point. If there is a panacea, it is education. We need to make sure we are actually teaching and the kids are learning history and mastery of English and daily life skills. there is much more but if we can achieve a better thn 75% level of those items, we will see amazing, beneficial changes. No one who knows history can buy the crap being spewed by the right. A little basic biology would also be a good thing to learn. Then we’d ALL know that women’s bodies do not have “a way to shut down all that stuff when raped” and that in the first trimester of a pregnancy there is no viable life! We would also recognize hunger when we see it. Never mind. I have been absent from the porch so I could heal my ulcer. This is not helping. VOTE VOTE VOTE

  78. Glad to have you back. Hypocrisies abound in politics. The motto from some is “I only want government to infringe on your rights, not mine.”

  79. Wonderful to see you back. Please write more frequently–we’ve missed you!

  80. Glad to see you back, Helen! Dumb is dumb, and putting glasses on it doesn’t change that. Don’t live in Texas, but I, too, am pulling for Wendy. Y’all get out and vote!!

  81. I’d vote for you, Helen, and I mean it

  82. Glad to see you writing again. You have been missed.

  83. Dear God, Helen, please don’t EVER put down your quill and retire! There are far too many things in this world that need a good look from your beady eye and sharp tongue. I check in every day without fail to see if there’s something new, and when there is, my whole day is made. You are my vitamin.

  84. Although I don’t believe this author to be a 80/90 year old woman, I do believe the creator of this post is an incredibly gifted writer. Would have huge success writing books! Simply brilliant.

  85. Oh Helen, I was just thinking about and missing you yesterday. Thanks for hearing me!

  86. Right on sister. Lived in tex , 65-74 no desire to go bAck. Except to visit—now in il, not much better

  87. Kathy Hounsel, when all those Republican business owners were working the undocumented for all these many years, do you think they really expected that the men would be single and celibate?

    The Republican Party that is so up in arms about undocumented should send back the millions they have collected from those builders, restaurant owners, donut makers, food producers, especially Bob Perry Homes.

  88. Oh, Helen…..I’ve missed you so! Keep on keepin’ on…..


  89. Thank Heaven you are back to brighten my day! I have sent you along to all my “thinking” friends. Don’t stay away so long
    dear lady, we miss you!

  90. I was just yearning to for an update from Helen, and then this posting appeared in my e-mail. Perfect timing, perfect blog post! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  91. Welcome back Helen.

  92. Well, Kathy – You may recall the Prez requesting funding from the Congress in order to provide more border surveillance, security, and whatever else – which they “declined” to provide. (Gee! What a surprise! They’re usually so cooperative…) And, of course, Texas COULD have had ACA funding and expanded Medicare… BUT, by goldurn, Texas wurn’t gonna take any Fedral gummint money, were they…? No, siree, bobtail! (And plenty o’ Texans don’t want any of them gummint inspectors traipsin’ around, neither, do they?)

    Sooo… They refused to provide what was needed to “do something,” and now these very same doofuses have the cojones to holler about how the President isn’t “doing anything.”

    Just wanted to add those items to the “facts” hopper here…

    Glad you’re voting for Wendy!


  93. To Kathy Hounsel: NO, the are not illegal immigrants, they are refugee CHILDREN. Why don’t you try and figure out why people come here? Why don’t you have any compassion for people so desperate that they would put their children on buses and send them to a place where the ONLY thing going for them would be HOPE…hope for a better life.And what would YOU suggest we do? Perhaps get some of those gosh darn militia idiots to go down there and pick them off one by one with their AR-15s? Yeah, killing children, that’ll show ‘em! Honey, try not to forget the words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” Perhaps if we stopped f-ing around in other countries, making situations so bad that people have so little hope that leaving is all they can do; maybe if we stopped spending billions (and trillions) on wars that only profit the rich and the military/industrial complex (that is welfare too – welfare for corporations); maybe then we could figure out a way to make the lives of those that come here better. Personally, I’ll take a hard-working immigrant over a lazy, white corporate CEO any day of the week. In the long run, they cost us less money.

  94. Oh I’m with you. What worries me more than Perry or Abbot are the women who will vote for them. That is the real challenge – getting those brainwashed women to understand that their men are not in their camp, just their beds.

  95. What a joy to see a new post from you! I’d been thinking about you just a few days ago and worried that you might have stopped writing your marvelous blogs.

  96. Helen and Margaret,

    So glad to hear from you again… Plenty of idiotic fodder to think about. SCOTUS ruling is bad enough, but the fight will continue. Wendy Davis is a beacon in the dark for Texas. I am frightened for this country like I’ve never been before. The fear and hate mongering from republicans and their ugly step children the Teabaggers are a blight on the country. Thank you for your insight and straight aim at the idiots.


  97. Helen, I think you should run…

  98. Thx Helen, This problem of only caring for unborn, born deadish and saved to vegetate in industrial care centers for the lifelong disabled, caring less about birth control than radiating breasts, despising Mexican, Iraqi, Afganistani, African, hell, any non-white ‘mercan consumer kid, is all about capitalismo. I case you didn’t hear Argentine Foreign Minister Timmerman’s speech to the UN a few weeks ago,Latin American leadership is standing up to policies of governments and financial institutions which put social issues last and bucks for ricos and feathers for politicians above the health of families, education and welfare and concern for the poor. Really, I think the USA is floating like a giant turd upon the drinking water of the rest of the world. I am so sad.

    Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2014 04:04:08 +0000 To: gailparker1@hotmail.com

  99. “Women don’t make passes at men who wear glasses to try and look smarter.” (Especially when the man in question is dumber than dirt.) Oh, Helen, it’s good to hear from you again!

  100. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for the post and good to hear from you! I was a little worried about you, it has been so long since your last post.

    All I know is, President Obama is not making the decision for the parents sending their children into the wilderness, thinking they are sending these poor children to the land of milk and honey. I just hate that we politicize everything and loose perspective on the human aspect of this tragedy. The President has nothing to do with bringing the children here. From my understanding, the law that is being exploited by the traffickers was approved under President Bush. You are not hearing the people who voted for it probably, come forward, claiming their part in it. Of course the same people are not responding with a yes vote, as President Obama is asking the Congress, which votes on appropriations by the way, to vote for a budget on this issue. Of course a lot of posturing is going on as usual. Some of the dimwits are wanting to impeach the President. For what? Stupidity personified in this Congress for sure, and the hypocrisy of it all, just makes you sick.

  101. I miss Ann Richards and Molly Ivan’s, two fabulous women! I think Wendy is what Texas desparetly needs!

  102. Kathy. Whose not enforcing the law? Under Obama we have more border patrol and a larger budget. And Bush not Obama made it harder to depart those coming from Countries south of Mexico. Get YOUR facts straight. Helen, as usual, did her research.

  103. Kathy, read much? Maybe some glasses are in order?

    ” immigrant children coming across the border illegally. “

  104. Hey Kathy. Catch a clue and get your panties out of a wad. She said immigrant children illegally crossing the border. And it’s all relative. Just ask a Native American.

  105. So glad you’re back!

  106. That’s “Illegal” immigrants—not immigrants. And they are breaking a Federal law which Obama refuses to enforce. He just wants the border states (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California) to pay for all the Medicaid and Welfare! They need to get in line with the other immigrants which have entered this country legally. Why should they receive preferential treatment? Let’s get all the facts out here.

    And I plan to vote for “Wendy”, too! Perry is wrong about the abortion issue.

    I enjoy your postings but please give all the facts about every issue you comment about.

  107. Thats my girl! I am all in too. Keep em coming.

    Waving to all my buds on the porch .

  108. Dear old girl, how I’ve missed you.
    I’m going straightaway and spread your message on Facebook.

  109. So very glad you and your quill are back in action! Your wise (ass) words have truly been missed.

  110. The more I hear about Governor Perry, the more I miss Molly Ivins. (I may have said that already, but it’s worth repeating.)

  111. Glad to see you back. Yep, looks like it could get a whole lot worse, which doesn’t hardly seem possible. I was at the Capitol with Wendy. Best thing since Ann. Get out the vote!

  112. So glad to see you again. I’m with you re: Wendy…Ann Richards was a real woman…I was honored to hang out with her for a day in 2003 and it remains a highlight of my life. Go Wendy!



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