Posted by: Helen Philpot | January 24, 2014

Uncle Sugar Needs To Meet Aunt Flo

helen-mug1 From Helen:

Margaret, as sure as the sun is going to come up tomorrow, some Republican peckerwood is going to say something stupid about a woman’s baby maker.  I’d say “uterus” but that just confuses them even more.  In this case, it’s Mike Huckabee attempting to redefine the war on women.  Of course, with a name like Huckabee, need I really say more?  (My sincere apology to any Huckabee’s out there who can walk without dragging their knuckles across the floor.)

Mike said:

“If the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control, because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it.”

Now, Michael, Dear…  Let’s talk a little about the reproductive system.  I’ll try to use simple terms so as not to talk over your tiny little head (the one on your shoulders and not in your pants).  I don’t know much about Uncle Sugar, but during a certain age that can be shorter for some and longer for others, we women get a monthly visit from Aunt Flo.  She’s fairly predictable that Flo, but sometimes she can throw you for a loop just for the hell of it.  It’s certainly far from foolproof, but if you are very careful you just might be able to time your “relations” around Flo’s visit and avoid a pregnancy.  Pay no mind to those large Catholic families.  They might just be bad at math or maybe they thought Aunt Flo was a heavy sleeper.  (Think about it.)

Now for some women, sex is something they would prefer to avoid.  Just look at Janet Huckabee with her three children.  But for most women – and most men – sex is something that happens more than just the third Thursday after the second Friday of odd-numbered days in months that end in R.  Like I told you, it can get a little tricky.  In fact, most women don’t equate having sex to getting pregnant at all.  Why?  Because we don’t have to.  Birth control gave women the freedom to be planned mothers (or not) rather than livestock existing simply to grow the herd.  Come to think of it, maybe Janet Huckabee didn’t tell Mike about everything that was in her medicine cabinet.

Most women use birth control for… well, birth control. But some women actually use it for other reasons like less painful periods, PMS relief and relief from endometriosis.  Yes, Mr. Huckabee – medical reasons beyond just limiting the number of unwanted pregnancies and children.   God forbid that birth control be covered by health insurance companies. What could be worse than that?  I don’t know… maybe a prescription drug commercial ending with the phrase “if an erection lasts longer than 4 hours seek medical attention”?  But that is what this is really all about.   It’s not about fighting for women’s rights.  It’s not even about fighting for the life of the unborn.  It’s about sex.  Specifically it’s about sex being ok for men but not women.  And honestly, Mr. Huckabee, that makes it even more difficult to understand why Republicans hate the gays. Hell if it were up to me, I would have insurance companies pay for condoms and early pregnancy test sticks too.  One would reduce the number of STDs and the other would save those Palins a lot of money.  Poor things up there in Alaska just waiting for Aunt Flo to fly in on a bomber from Russia…

Now if Mr. Huckabee would like to redefine the war on women, I’m all for it.  But let’s call it what it really is – the hunt for Red November Voters.  So I have a solution.   If you believe women should have the freedom to decide when and how often to bring children into the world, vote for your friendly Democrat – preferably a female.   If you would prefer that sex exists simply as a means to procreate, vote for Huckabee or any other old, white Republican.  

Now, if you actually believe that men will abide by that no-sex-rule, please don’t vote at all because the new computerized voting machines might be too difficult for you to understand. I mean it.  Really.

margaret-mug1 From Margaret:.

Aunt Flo?  Now I haven’t heard that one in many a year. Nowadays, the kids call it Shark Week. And if you ask me, that’s what has Mr. Huckabee so scared.

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  1. More good news today for Obamacare:

    How will the GOP run against it this fall when the news looks like this?

  2. Anyone in San Antonio intetested in interning @ Joaquin Castros office this summer TODAY is the last day to apply!

  3. Now that the Republicans have blocked the Fair Paycheck bill, anxiously awaiting Margaret and Helen’s thoughts on the matter.

  4. We need to keep Kay Hagan’s seat. Please urge your NC friends and relatives to vote. Koch money is pouring in here.

  5. I think you’re exactly right Terri! I have seen a MI poll that has us up by 5+ and today I saw an AK Poll where we ate up by 3! ( Senate generic) Both of which we were expected to lose 2 weeks ago. Look for Iowa to flip next . ;)

    If we vote we will win!

    I just received the Wendy / Willy info today ! I am going !!! :)))

  6. Hey Lori,
    I think now that the initial sign-ups for the ACA have exceeded expectations (7.5 million! Yay!), the GOP’s predictions of “Armageddon” have not been realized and it will lose some of its potency as an issue. I think things are starting to look up. And yes, we must get people out to vote. I hope all the Republican voter suppression efforts will backfire big time and will encourage people to get out and exercise their right to vote.
    On another note, I hear Willie Nelson is going to perform for Wendy Davis’s campaign. Good news–who doesn’t love Willie?
    Have a good weekend.

  7. Terri & JSRI I thought of you while reading this

    We need a 6 point + popular vote to have a 50-50 chance to retKe the house & a 9 point to make it happen. We are more than 1/2 way there , if we do toe things . 1- VOTE 2- Celebrate ACA! :)

  8. BTW Helen, I have been wanting to tell you how much I enjoy seeing you on twitter lately. :) I’ve missed your biting wit. ❤️

  9. Morning Guys!

    Here I go being devils advocate again… :) First let me say I whole heartily believe in publicly funded elections & 100 percent disGree with Citizens United… Having said that , one can argue the ” campaign finace reform law ” i e limiting individual donations, are what drove the money underground & created Citizens United in the first place. Right?

    Look , the money is going to find its way into campaigns one way or another. I’d rAther know who & how much as opposed to ambiguous PACS & “action groups” that wealthy individuals have been using since ” reform “.

    Sooooo my opinion is nuanced. No I don’t like – believe money = free speech , no I don’t like companies = individuals, no I don’t like money = winning, but until we as a country find the appetite to change , not ” reform” the Way we campaign and elect our officials we will ALWAYS have money = power AND a two Party system. Imho

  10. Hi, jsri – Not sure to which “Mr. Moneybags in CA” you are referring; there are plenty, all over the place. And now we will be able to experience their virtually unlimited influence everywhere, thanks to the Foul Five…

    Now that corporations have been ruled to be “persons,” the floodgates are open even wider. (I know; I know; we’re all aware of that.) Oddly, these Corporate Personages have not yet been held to any of the OBLIGATIONS of the rest of us mere mortals – things like responsibility for breaking the law, the willful elimination of others of their kind (delicately referred to as “mergers,” in CorpSpeak), or even, as far as I know, being subject to potential charges of slander, harassment, stalking, or anything of that nature. (And wasn’t the whole idea of making corporations “distinct legal entities” originally to “protect” actual humans from such potential liabilities…?)

    If only I could get the SCOTUS to rule that my car, or my toilet, or my dog, is a “person.” Just think of the possibilities!


  11. Gato:

    The door is now wide open thanks to the latest SCOTUS ruling and it’ll be Mr. Moneybags in CA buying elections all across the USA.

  12. Gato,
    Hope you continue to feel better. Boy, I’m with you on the Supreme Court. These 5-4 decisions are disgraceful. What our politics don’t need is more money pumped into the system!

  13. Thanks, Lori – Things are going along pretty smoothly these days, health-wise. I’m grateful that everything (at least so far!) has been either “fixable,” or “deal-withable”…

    WOULD THAT I COULD SAY THE SAME FOR THE ACCURSED FIVE ON THE SCOTUS!!! Having made that abominable “Citizens United” ruling, they are now using their own precedent to continue taking this country down the lucrative-for-a-few, disenfranchising-for-the-many, road of legitimizing the plutocracy we already have.

    And NONE of this is based on ANYTHING in the Constitution – even though my dear husband keeps insisting it is, and that all these rulings are “laws.” They’re not; they are just rulings, and laws are sometimes changed to reflect them. Period. The Constitution granted certain rights and responsibilities to “citizens,” and, as the years went by, SOME of these were extended to legal entities, as well. Citizens United was a huge step in that direction, and has pushed us into an ever more rapid descent down that slippery slope…

    One great quote, unattributed, from some of the political blog post comments: “When money is speech, ONLY money is speech.”

    I’ll pass on your greeting to my friends. Austin sounds like a town even this Yankee, née Midwesterner, would like!


  14. Agh sorry to hear about your recent health challenges Gato! Hope Spring is kinder to you!

    Yes, I agree, gerrymandering is an obstical for taking back the House ( one of many) . It has nothing to do with the Senate or State wide elections. OR the GOP totally losing their National significance .

    We are the data driven Party and use science ( political & otherwise) to our advantage . We’ve got this . :)

    Please send your friends my personal ” welcome to TX – keep Austin weird” greetings. :) I love that city ! Hope I see them at a rally soon. :)))
    Xoxoxo to all…

  15. Yay, auntie Jean! Sleeping in your own bed again very soon! You and your husband are both going to be so happy to have you home!

  16. Yay Auntie Jean!!! So happy to hear you are going home Thursday! 😘❤️👍👏👏👏

  17. Hi, Auntie Jean – Sorry you’ve been having first-hand experience with our medical system. Me, too, for the last six or seven months, starting with insomnia, then a detached retina, and then congestive heart failure, and now about to embark on PT again, for “frozen shoulder.” Fortunately, things now seem to be under excellent “control,” and I’m – FINALLY – feeling like a human being again. (An old human being, but what the heck…)

    And, like you, I’ve found plenty of wonderful caregivers and have learned how to be my own best advocate AND a “good patient.”

    Agree with your points about how, once the med people and big pharma figure out how much money they can get, they’ll suddenly be all supportive.

    As I am about to once again consign myself to the frozen shoulder workouts, which are like being on a medieval torture rack, I thought I’d send along a set of rules my therapist gave me the last time we did this. Good for a chuckle, IMHO… Number 7 is my favorite.

    The Top Ten Rules for Physical Therapy, by Your Therapist

    1. Never say “I can’t,” because you’ll do it anyway.
    2. Never say “It’s easy,” because we’ll just make it harder.
    3. Never say “I want to go home,” because you’ll stay longer.
    4. Never lose count because you’ll start at “one” again.
    5. Never complain, because we never listen.
    6. Never argue, because you’ll never win.
    7. Never scream or cry, because it just encourages us.
    8. Never look like you’re enjoying it, because we’ll put a stop to it.
    9. Never hold your breath, because if you pass out and die, we have to fill
    out the paperwork.
    10. Never lie or cheat, because we know the truth and you will live to regret


  18. Hi, Lori – I’m sending down two new very blue CT pals who have built a house in a suburb of Austin. (I know; it’s already pretty bluish there, already!)

    Well… They’re moving there; I just like saying I’m “sending” them…

    Think jsri’s and Terri’s concerns about gerrymandering are certainly legit, and I LOVE Terri’s comment about how we’ve gone from voters choosing their pols to pols choosing their voters! Ain’t that the truth.

    Keep your enthusiasm going; it’s contagious! (A blue Texas will give my bro-in-law, somewhere in the plains between Godley and Joshua, a serious fit of apoplexy. Frankly, I think he deserves it, after all the right-wing/birther/fascist dictator crap he’s emailed me for so many years!)


  19. aha! newt gingrich…all i needed was time

  20. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Nice to see some familiar names here once again. Things are lookin’ up all around I think but you would never know it from the usual BS the right wing is putting out. It’s hard to believe they are still carping about Obamacare. Well, actually not, considering that they are still carping about Medicare after it was enacted how many years ago and has generally been accepted as being successful for countless people. If only Obamacare were a single-payer program. Perhaps it will sometime morph into one in the future. Medicare evolved along the way. In fact, it was an offshoot of Social Security. But of course, the conservative politicians will never permit that as long as they can find ways to bamboozle people. Just wait a little while though. As soon as even big pharma and some of the insurance corporations get a whiff of some hefty profits to be made off the results of Obamacare, they will jump on the bandwagon. In the end, they will claim it was all their idea in the first place! As long as they have tunnel vision and lively imaginations, they don’t need to pay attention to reality surrounding them.

    Still, I would like to remind them of this little insight since they are so enamored with wrapping themselves in the flag and the constitution. We all firmly believe that “we the people” are guaranteed the RIGHTS to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (That includes Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and people of either gender of any ethnic or racial origin. As long as we’re splittin’ hairs, blue-eyed and brown-eyed people qualify too!) However, without HEALTH, those basic rights are hardly feasible. So it seems to me that access to healthcare that all of we the people can expect to have in our lifetimes is also fundamental. Now, is that a concept too hard to comprehend for even the most hard-nosed-born-and-raised-dyed-in-the-wool Republican?

    I am bringing this up now knowing full well that the “Obamacare battle” will have to be refought before the mid-term election campaign get fully underway. I don’t hear of any other legs they can hobble around on, do you?

    This happens to be a subject rather dear to my heart right now. I have learned the hard way recently much more about the intricacies of the U. S. health system than I ever really wanted to know. I have found out that it is efficient with the very latest up-to-date technology. It is comprised of hard working, well trained, dedicated people across the board. At least that’s how it is where I live here in my town. After two months and a few days in first, the full service hospital and then now, in the rehab facility for primarily physical therapy, I am fully recovered and going home Thursday.

    Aloha! :-) :-) :-)

    Auntie Jean

    P.S. The people here are extraordinarily kind, exhibiting the Aloha Spirit in everything they do with one exception. In the physical therapy gym, the lovely young ladies turn on a dime into cruel and heartless witches! The place looks to me like a medieval torture chamber. I keep telling them I am an AESTHETE, not an ATHLETE. I have always believed that “exercise” is a dirty word. I truly do think there is something to be said for couch potatoes.

  21. Oops my fat thumbs hit the wrong button !

    Anyway yes Gerrymandering is ONE Issue to over come when we talk about the House. It doesn’t effect National or State wide elections. we combat that by running good quality candidates at state levels. As I said people are moving towards our districts . It is fast becoming red state blue cities! We have this! :)

  22. The number of red & blue districts are relatively even. I think Obama took 209 & Romney what 236? Something like that? My point is, it’s not insurmountable odds & remember that only matters for Reps.

    Yes both sides Gerrymander & yes its tough to wrestle power back once it flips

  23. Jsri — happy to see you here. I totally agree about gerrymandering. We find ourselves in a position where politicians are choosing their voters intead of voters selecting their pols. This is an issue that definitely need to be remedied.

  24. True JSRI, but we have a definite advantage down ballet in National election years. Its the off years where we struggle to GOTV. So theoretically we only have to minimize the damage in those years, and build in National years. Remember it is state houses & Gov that matter when it comes to redistricting.

    And as Gato mentioned, their electorate is literally dying off. Couple that with the fact people are moving TO democratic districts at a rapid pace & you have a Party whose territory is shrinking.

    Don’t get me wrong I don’t think the GOP will end tomorrow or next month or year even! I do think we have a fight on our hands this year to keep Senate and take back the house. But if we can minimize damage this year we only have two years until we can tKe it back. Sure we will have two years of unprecedented Vetos! LOL but The writing is on the wall IMHO. They are just on the wrong side of the demographics . We are in the cat bird seat , now we (Party) just need to stop wringing our hands and act like it!

    Gerrymandering and preventing people of color & women from voting is all they got. That won’t matter one bit, especially when we turn TX blue.

  25. Lori
    My biggest concern is the way the R’s have Gerrymandered voting districts across the country and are in danger of complicating, even stealing, elections for years yet to come.

  26. Hi, Lori – You’re certainly no more “cynical” than I am, if that word can even be used in regard to something that seems so unarguably true…!

    I just keep harping, endlessly, on the French Revolution… Nobody, even someone as wealthy as a Louis le Roi, or a pair of Kochs, can hide forever from the masses they have downtrodden. Keeping the unwashed hordes poor, hungry, unschooled, and half of them pregnant, doesn’t always have the hoped-for results. At least in the United Arab Emirates they’re smart enough to make sure everybody’s rich…

    And, Terri, the Hobby Lobby story is just delicious – but SCOTUS probably won’t be “able” to take that into account, if it’s true, because it hasn’t been presented as a part of the case, as far as I know. Also, I’m going to let it percolate a bit because, at least so far, the only places it’s being reported are unabashedly progressive websites. I check EVERYTHING on Snopes, but it hasn’t shown up as a story there, yet. Sure as well wouldn’t surprise me, though, if it turns out to be fact. Then they’ll just say, “Oh, we had no idea…” Like Christie. Right…


  27. This example of hypocrisy is just stunning:

  28. Morning friends!

    I am afraid I am a bit more cynical when it comes to why the R’s don’t want ALL Americans healthy. The same reason they don’t want them educated or able to make a living wage. And as for us women folks they add home & pregnant to the list of things that will secure the white mans strangle hold on power, just a little bit longer. All done mind you, under the guise of “Christian” morals & values.

    I am convinced, after seeing their failure to “rebrand” after their humiliating loss, that the GOP is content to just be a local Party & weild their power from the legislative branch. Clearly , their losing positions , especially on minority and women’s issues, are not something they are running from, but rather doubling down on! Opening the door for the Rand Pauls. Who is nothing more than a Repub on steroids although they like to call themselves ” Libertarians” pffff.

  29. Hi All,

    If you haven’t seen the new ‘Cosmos’, it’s well worth a viewing; even if just to see what the young-earth creationist fundies are freakin’ out about.

    Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

    Aaaaaaa…I always loved science. ;)

    Peace ~ Δ

  30. i think what helps the anti obama people is that everyone (well pretty near everyone) has a need to ‘blame’ someone else. i gave up ‘blame’ years ago. what does it matter? what is, is and that’s where we are, let’s deal with it. but i’ve noticed that most people’s first reaction is “i didn’t do it”, then, “it’s not my fault”, then…blame…blame someone ELSE. so when a few speakers come along and tell you who to blame you don’t even have to find the one at fault…they provided him/her…so it’s accepted that this guy is at fault, is blamed. frankly, i don’t care who goofed…just let’s fix it…but that leaves us all w/some responsibility and that’s what is too hard for most people to live with. that guy, the one who isn’t as good as you anyway (color, ethnicity, nationality) is the one who did it…he’s at fault…he’s the one we’ll blame. and everyone says YEAH…(phew, i knew it wasn’t me)

  31. it’s racism…simple, raw racism…given license by the likes of boehner, cruz, ryan, kantor, palin, whosits…having a senior moment, gray hair, was a senator, is married for the 3rd or 4th time…gee…not a usual name…it’s flying off the tip of my tongue…the guy who said black kids never see an example of working people…and good old rush and his like. racists. that’s what they are.

  32. Hi Gato,
    Yes, nice to see a little conversation on the porch.
    I think the real sign that the ACA has succeeded will be when the right starts to claim credit for it. Millions of hits today on the website! Yay!
    I take your point about how the insurance companies have somehow morphed into kindly entities who never cancelled policies, or denied coverage, or delayed payments priogr to the ACA. Anyone with a memory knows what complete BS that is. I read that the percentage of people who have supposedly “lost their coverage because of Obamacare” is annually virtually the same as those who would have lost their coverage before the ACA ever existed.

    Have a good evening!

  33. Hey, again, Terri – What a fun afternoon we’re having, huh…? Good to see some chatter on the porch that has not apparently been generated by (theoretically) “lesser” primates shackled to keyboards… And, no, I’m not speaking specifically of the Ryan/Cruz/Santorum/Gohmert/Et Al Contingent, although I certainly could be…

    I would love to agree with you 100% about the “mindless” thing… But those “minds” have been carefully fed (relentlessly and repetitiously) with lies, groundless fears, and hatred about the AC and – lest we forget – the POTUS for whom it was originally derisively nicknamed, from the get-go. And, somehow, by some miracle of smoke and mirrors, the insurance companies, hospital corporations, and big pharma have been presented as just a bunch of simple, good, honest, all-American “entrepreneurs,” who just want to help people through medical research and tireless, self-sacrificing innovation. (Of course acne is a pre-existing condition; god knows where it could lead…!)

    Some day, from my mouth to God’s ears, may residents of this country look back on these first steps toward something like Medicare-for-All, and say the word “Obamacare” with nothing but gratitude.

    BTW, Public Citizen ( is very focused on pushing for a single-payer system, as you may already know. Check it out.


  34. The most annoying thing is that this is NOT government healthcare. I wish it was, because then it would be Medicare for all! This is private insurance, where exchanges present numerous private insurance options for folks to choose from. Isn’t that what capitalism is all about? Competition for business, which supposedly keeps the prices down and quality up? Seriously, if you listen carefully, the people who oppose the ACA never give a reason, they mindlessly repeat “Obamacare is bad” or “Obamacare is a failure.” I’m not sure how they can declare it a failure since we are still in the process of signing people up!

  35. Oops – I meant UNDONE, not DONE.

  36. I know, Gato. This newest ad is being done by the ‘star’s’ own facebook and linkedin pages.

    They aren’t always young, though.One I saw a month or so ago was an older guy, clearly on medicare. No way that guy is going to have any part of gubmint inshorance.

  37. Hi, Lurker – All we have to see is the “Americans For Prosperity” tag at the bottom of the ad, and we know what we’re going to get: Emotional WASPY thirty-something women, surrounded by their adorable fair-haired children, and obviously-long-suffering husband, just really crushed by how their family has been “hurt” by the ACA.

    I loved it when Ms. Boonstra admitted, some time ago, that she had not, and would not ever, “go on that Obama website” (the one that outlined policies available through the ACA). You can bet that every employment contract given to any and all of these performers, from that day forward, included something about never speaking publicly, following the release of the ad, on penalty of heavy fines and/or incarceration… (Just a guess!)

    The question in my mind is why the “Americans For Prosperity” apparently don’t WANT people to have affordable health care… (Are they ALL shareholders in insurance companies/big pharma/hospitals…?) Or is it just part of that delusional idea that anyone who “makes it” in this country does so solely on his or her own, without any “help” from the government? They all seem interested in purchasing a good deal of that “help,” in the form of Congresspersons, these days…

    Ooooohhhh… But that doesn’t “count,” because what’s good for the AFP is good for the nation, dontcha know…


  38. Hi, again, Terri – Yep; I’m pretty danged good for an ol’ broad… Even though it !!##@! SNOWED again here this morning. (All gone now, though.)

    It’s a shame that the MSM can’t tear itself away from its endless and repetitive self-pleasuring back and forth about The Missing Airplane (“Best Leads Found”; “Hopes Dashed”; “Search Intensifies”; “All Lives Lost”… and on and on and on…) to just maybe MENTION some of these enrollment figures, just ONCE.

    So Americans “don’t want government interfering with their health care,” eh? I guess they don’t want insurance companies “interfering” even more.


  39. If the ACA is so bad, why can’t they find any true stories for their attack ads? Good grief!

    This first one is very interesting to me.

    And this one has a math-denier.

    Thanks, WP, for the facebook link. That was incredible!

  40. Hey Gato,
    Hope you are well. Here’s more good info from the LA Times.,0,6550360,full.story#axzz2xXi9QgVU

    As for Ted Cruz, you would think he would trying to prolong the lives of all his elderly, Tea Party followers instead of thinking of ways to eff it all up! He’s such a loser….

  41. Hey, Whirled (and you, too, Terri) – You’re on a roll today, women!

    I’m sure “Poco Teodoro” was a bit surprised by the responses… And is already telling everyone that it was just an email bank of disgruntled moocher/Commie “sheeple” who’ve been brainwashed by that Muslim Kenyan (b-l-a-c-k) guy who was illegally elected… Twice… Or something like that.

    And, Terri, when I saw the calculation of the number of “preventable deaths” likely in states that have refused to participate, I wondered if any of the Repubs are going to get the idea that they’re killing off primarily their own Red State constituencies…

    Maybe they think “voting” won’t be an issue when they finally get Lord Sheldon and the Kings Koch installed as the ruling triumvirate.


  42. Thanks Whirled! Those responses on Ted Cruz’s Facebook page are priceless! Here’s more interesting commentary:

    You have to wonder about people who are rooting against this law. Are they really against everyone having health insurance? Or is it just because President Obama did something no other president was ever able to do and it sticks in their craw?

  43. .
    GOP’s Obamacare spite =
    body count for red states

    [T]he math works out like this: States rejecting the [Medicaid] expansion will spend much more, get much, much less, and leave millions of their residents uninsured. That’s a lot of self-inflicted pain to make a political point.


  44. From his own Facebook page…

    Senator Ted Cruz

    Quick poll: Obamacare was signed into law four years ago yesterday. Are you better off now than you were then?

    Peace ~ Δ ~ ;)

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  47. how many of the 6 million had coverage cancelled and how many have paid any premiums….

  48. Geez Anon….”untrue”…and then you use Huffpo!!!!!

  49. Six million signed up for Obamacare! That doesn’t count the young people able to remain on their parents’ insurance until age 26. Looking good!

  50. C. Christie didn’t do nothing wrong…and his own investigation can prove it!


  51. How about some laughs on this spring day…well somewhere it’s spring just not here…today…this year…maybe ever!



  52. Anonymous on March 25, 2014

    UAW’s been shoveling that sort of manure for years and his stupidity is one of the reasons a whole lot of folks have dumped this site.

  53. UAW–Jeez, stupid pictures, that’s what you have to offer? Stupid, offensive, untrue pictures? Really? How dopey, how juvenile, how utterly devoid of thought or reason.

  54. Oh, why the hell not,;you’re mad at me anyway!!!!!

  55. liked the comments on woman’s inequality…

    He(Obama) also pays female White House staffers 13% less than male ones.

    Equal Pay Day 2013: Democrats’ Hypocrisy on Full Display

  56. Pictures are worth a thousand words…
    Go Sharpton

  57. and yet i bet he supports both patriot acts which insist that if u have a check made out to mary a jones, the account it goes into must read mary a jones…not even mary jones..or m a jones…UNLESS (splain me how this makes any sense) it is electronically wired into the account…then it doesn’t have to read as the check is made out. that’s the law now.

  58. Hi Terri , I am very well . Thanks for asking. I know many of my friends here have had a brutal winter . It was an unusually cold winter here too. BUT spring has sprung and my States democratic convention is about to begin , which always feels good. :) I hope spring finds you happy and healthy ?
    My hubby & I are just hanging out today watching a little BB. ( and perhaps having an adult beverage or two) enjoying life.

    I couldn’t agree with you more concerning the SCOTUS.

    As you know I have been screaming for publicly funded elections forever! If the ” Libertarians” & Independents TRULY understood their own self proclaimed labels, they would be first on the band wagon to join me. RIGHT? Sadly they either don’t or won’t understand the way of modern day politics. It truly IS all about money .
    If one HATES the 2 Party System, then the ONLY recourse is publicly funded elections OR LONGER terms for elected officials. And everyone HATES that idea. Statewide elections , especially in large states , absolutellllly need it & in district elections its important because they run every 2 years! National elections go without saying…

    SMH…. And on we go

  59. Hey Gato and Lori,
    Hope you’re well.
    I think Citizens United will go down in history as one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever. The damage done by Antonin Scalia et al is almost incalculable. What it is doing to the democratic process is disgusting. It also has the all too well known taint of “I, me, mine” that seems to run rampant through the right wing.

  60. I neglected to place a much needed comma in the sentence about my CU discussion.

    My discussion was between a CNN anchor, a staunch Libertarian & myself. :) just makin it clear …

  61. Yikes! Senate flip? Sorry I just don’t understand how anyone can conclude that yet. Out of the 12 seats that could flip none have even held their primary, so we don’t even know who is running against us.

    On top of that Im not convinced we cant steal Kentucky & Georgia!

    Its just WAYY to early to speculate on that – I at least need to see the match up & one poll, before I can concede the Senate.

    Gato, I had a conversation about Citizens United the other day . It was between a CNN anchor a staunch ” libertarian” ( he didnt even understand the term – but I digress) & myself.

    I, like you , just couldn’t comprehend why ANYONE would agree with CU. Sooooo I listened to this guys argument. Basically, the people who support the law, do so on ” freedom of speech ” grounds. He feels he should be able, as a private citizen that owns a company , to give as much money to a candidate as he wants – period and be damned with where the money comes from. He IS his company. He feels to take away or diminish his ” voice” and in this case voice = money , would be to take away his right to free speech.

    I disagree on a multitude of levels butttttt that is the other side of the argument.

    Oh and just to be clear RE Hobby Lobby: ACA requires the INSURANCE company Hobby Lobby uses to cover birth control deductibles not Hobby Lobby itself.

  62. Hi, Penom, and all – Speaking of ridiculousness, here’s a fun little thing to think about… The SCOTUS is evidently about to rule on a case called “Sibelius vs. Hobby Lobby.” The issue is, yet again, corporate “personhood.” Hobby Lobby is arguing that, as a corporate “person,” “it” should not be forced to violate “its” (“his”…? “her”…?) “strongly-held religious beliefs” by being forced to offer certain kinds of contraception to “its” employees.

    Never mind the mind-boggling concept of having to prove how “strongly-held” any belief is (we’ve already seen what happens there with “stand your ground” laws), and shaping legal action based on that… If a corporation really is a “person,” and it is bought up by another corporation, and essentially obliterated, is the purchasing corporation essentially committing first-degree murder by ending the “life” of another corporate “person”? If not, why not…? Can two corporate “persons” of the same sex (!!!) marry? And shouldn’t a corporate “person” be arrested for defecating in public, just like the rest of us would be? You know, like when it “defecates” tons of toxic material into a public water supply, for example?

    That accursed “Citizens United” ruling created a real Frankenstein – except that the good doctor’s “monster” at least had a bit of a soul in him.


  63. ok, first let me assure u i couldn’t agree more on the idiocy of woman, minorities of any description and lbg’s who support the republicans. it is simply beyond my ken. meanwhile, back at the ranch, to the best of my knowledge, there is not one democrat with the cajones to stand up and repeat ad nauseum proof that what is being said is total nonsense…but there are people who support the bachmans, boehners etal…they were elected, for g’nesake…and it loox like they might even take the senate! if that’s the case, i’m retiring from life altogether. just gonna pull my little cocoon around me. i can’t stand anymore mental derangement than is going on right now.

  64. Terri , I wonder iF those women gOT paid as much as their male counter parts given the Republican candidate tends to pay his women staffers 20% lower than their male counterparts.

    I think Ill ask! Lol

  65. I find it amazing you could find three women to make those nonsensical statements (paid or not), and it’s even more amazing that anyone believes any woman would actually take them seriously. Sheesh!

    On a more positive note, five million people have signed up for Obamacare! What will the GOP use as a campaign motto? “Vote for me and I’ll take away your healthcare”?

  66. LOL exactly Gato! And, as Ann Richards said, ” we do it all in heels” .

  67. Hi, Lori, and all – So the GOP thinks that women are just “too busy” to care about equal pay, and learn to be “better negotiators”…? Since when has anyone cared about women being “too busy” to do all the eight million things the “average woman” does in a given day? Of course, most members of Congress haven’t the faintest idea what “too busy” might actually mean, since they’ve apparently just decided that 126 “working days” should be considered a “full-time job” in 2014. (Just ask Eric Cantor…)

    Are these people on drugs? Have these women been “Stepforded”? TIME TO ANTE UP MORE CASH FOR BGTX!!

    Good god… All this stuff that, for sentient beings, should be a no-brainer, and now many of these same people saying that Putin’s “manly” moves in the Crimea are justification for us to get back to nuke-making. Maybe they’re just trying to drive us nuts by taking us back several decades to a place we thought we’d left well behind…

    We know who’s brewin’ up the Kool-Aid… And I’m not that thirsty.


  68. Those women in that video are paid employees of the Republican Party – PAC ( basically actresses ). LOL

    This all came about because their candidate made a huge gaffe when discussing his opposition to the LL equal pay issue. They had the brilliant idea to double down on his extreme anti woman message and hope that repeating the idiotic gaffe ” woman are just to busy to worry about being paid equally” would somehow make it seem more ok! LOL LOL Good luck with that!

    As I said the Republican candidate for Govenor isnt whatcha would call a great campaigner !

    I can only hope Auntie Jean is correct and these types of mistakes & our hard work will be enough to bring out our vote! Fingers crossed!

  69. I hate to pick on the state of Texas, but really, what’s up with all the nonsense Texan women are saying about the Lily Ledbetter Act and equal pay for women? First one woman said (in a very incoherent way) that women are “too busy” to be bothered by equal pay, another said the problem is that “women are not good negotiators”, and a third one claimed special laws to protect equal pay made women sound like “whiners.” What century are these women living in?

  70. Hi lori,

    Good to hear from you as always. You are doing a good job of keeping the home fires burning here at M&H’s. It’s never easy to keep Dems focused since we don’t have the single, one-track-minds that the right-wingers do. When it gets to crunch time though, just you see. We will come together en mass and give ‘em a run for their money they won’t soon forget. There are just too many of Obama’s policies and programs that are moving right along and worki ng!

    I’m working on a post for the Bin of general personal chit-chat for all our buddies..…..I can’t help but share with you (and a few select pals if you care to fwd it) of…..uh… some would say racy stuff.
    ..getting a chair-lift for the stairs!!!!!! Its going to be sort of a production but……..My husband can sure use it too. Just think how handy it will be for hawling groceries, etc, upstairs from the Wednesday shopping sprees. Also all other kinds of stuff that gets piled up on the landing for whoever makes the next run up or down the stairs. Sort of like a dumb waiter.

    To either shock you or make you chuckle, more later.

    Aloha! :-) :-) :-) Namaste. Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

  71. Mikat, yes, we do like to wait untill fall ( after Labor Day) to start spending our real big money. BUT, we always play midterms ” not to lose” as opposed to ” play to win”. It drives me CRAZY!

    As I’ve said a million times is the ONLY thing the R’s have going for them is mid term voter enthusiasm. We, on the other hand, have everything BUT mid term enthusiasm . We always always always run away from our base ( roots) & away from the President’s agenda in mid terms and consequently don’t get the turnout we need. In generals, its a different story. We are great about getting behind our National candidate , but abandon him ( her) as soon as we can. Uggggh I always want to spit nails every summer b4 midterms…

  72. hold back? wait? for what? no! NO…the lies must be ‘truthed’ out now

  73. Lori,
    Are we just playing the “waiting” game here? I mean it IS still early, maybe the Dems are just holding back a little and waiting for Summer to start hitting hard and fast. Lots of advertising, commercials and getting out there and speaking to the public. Calling out both the lie’s and the lyers. But really, WHY are we not out there right now screaming at the top of our collective lungs how the ACA is helping people? Or that the Corporate States of America are taking over every little piece of our world? You can wake people up and frankly I don’t know anyone who is not interested in leveling the playing field just a little!

  74. You’re singing my tune Penney! Ugggh ! Believe me I’ve shared exactly that point of view more than a couple times with more than a few Dem candidates recently. When will we ever learn?

    I have to give credit where credit is due though . Obama is coming down to the University of TX in April and Wendy IS going to appear with him! THANK the heavens!

  75. yes, it is ve4ry hard to watch the dems shoot themselves in the feets again. man, i’d be out there explaining in short, one syllable (why have i forgotten how to sp ell?) sentences the good that has come about in this administration AND the good which this congress has prevented. simple. to the point. where it hits everyone…in the pocket. i would call a lie a lie, a liar a liar and prove it. i’m beyond angry, i’m beyond disgusted with all of them.

  76. :) not to fear yet Terri! Let’s put a pin in predictions until Julyish…. Things will be a lot more clear then. Xoxo

  77. Hey Lori,
    Your optimism has cheered me. I hope the Dems get out and vote in November. I truly believe the GOP has become the party of resentful old white men, which makes it difficult to contemplate a GOP house and senate. Lots can happen between now and then, so fingers crossed they are positive for our guys.

  78. Hi Terri! Yes! Its always great news when the good ” girls” is ahead in the polls! I hope the upward trend continues. Wendy’s opponent has a horrible horrible last week – well month actually. Begining with his Ted Nugent debacle and ending with a huge gaffe concerning equal pay for women. He is a TERRIBLE candidate which surprises me. You would think that a guy who has spent much of his adult life in and around elected officials he would be better. But then I realized, he like Perry, has never really been a tested or contested candidate being a Republican in TX. So this is really his ( and his staffs) first real rodeo .

    Fingers crossed he doesn’t catch on anytime soon. My gal Wendy has made a few mistakes herself . Well to be fair, again, I think it has been more of a case of bad advice from her staff than Wendy herself.

    Our challenge in midterms has always been and it looks like this year will be no different, is exciting our base enough to get out and vote. We had a TERRIBLE turnout for primaries…. That HAS to improve or we will be in a heap of trouble come November.

    As I said before about the negative chatter surrounding our chances for the House & Senate , it not only is still too early to make a good guess, but the early predictions are predicated on an old metric IMHO. The pundits begin their analysis with the 6 th year of an incumbent President always spells disaster for his Party If his numbers are below 48-50. I’m Not convinced Obama #s are going to stay where they are. I think much of what we are seeing in polls now are aftermath of website fiasco .I think we will be seeing better poll numbers late spring early summer as the success of Obamacare begins to become more apparent. Add to that the Republican Party’s inner turmoil & the whack a doodle ness of the Teahaters and I just think its too early to call it – especially the Senate.

  79. I hear Wendy Davis is closing the gap in Texas! This is good news.
    Hard to believe GOP will retain the house and may win the senate in November. That’s depressing news.

  80. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Believe me, Cynthia, I really feel for you and your deep freeze brethren and sistahs, Our son and grandson from PA were here last week with some hair raising tales of their winter. Gawd!!! NOBODY should have to contend with such misery and for so long,

    It doesn’t really matter if “climate change” comes and goes in natural cycles or is man-made (or possibly a combination of both.) Rather, it’s about time we quit arguing about it and prepared to deal with it.

    Aloha! :-) :-) :-) Namaste, Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

    P. S. My new computer is giving me fits!!! It’s hard teaching an old bitch new tricks.. So what was wrong with pen, paper and ink and the pony express?

  81. I just want to say this has been the worst winter in my lifetime and it doesn’t want to end anytime soon!

    Also too, we need a cleanup in aisles 1 – 4 and 7. I wish something could be done about these “spammers”. It is sad to see M&H become a dumping grounds.

    Peace and Spring.

  82. wot the idiots get out of their gibberish is attention and tee-hee’s. if ignored, they finally go away. frankly i don’t mind them…they r not insulting (oboy) and only take a second or two to see that they’re not worth reading. so let the children have their fun, it’s harmless and we can get on w/life.

  83. Hi, Auntie J… What is it that these “people” get out of putting up these nonsensical posts, I wonder… Actually, I’m not thinking they’re “people,” at all, but just machines that keep cranking out “sentences,” over and over again… AND if an actual human hears a bell going off, of some sort, he or she will jump on it, for whatever reason. Selling something? Probably.

    Some of the alleged email addresses are hysterically funny, as are the posts. Siding? Air conditioning units? Handbags? Advice for starting a website? I haven’t dared to reply to any of them, but, HTG, I’d kind of like to do it…

    Okay; Here’s some “reality check,” based on just one POV from the East Coast of the US of A, not at all like where you are, for sure. Things are starting to MELT… The large snow piles, covered with dirt, are actually getting smaller. I heard a couple of birds today. And we’ve switched to Daylight Savings, so now it’s not dark until after 7:00 pm. First time my honey and I have had dinner while it’s still light out, for as long as I can remember!

    Happy, happy, happy… As only those who’ve longed for Spring, for so long, can ever be…


  84. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Yep! gurl, there is a solid core of smart, well-informed people here ready to jump in whenever the right-wingers get out of hand with their usual nonsense. You know, the type that likes to stir things up, especially if they can invent issues with sexual overtones. We have all seen and heard them not only in our own lives and times but in the annals of history. The repetition does get to be pretty tedious though, doesn’t it.

    Aloha! :-) :-) :-) Namaste. Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

  85. Dear Helen and Margaret,
    I hope that you know real people still check this blog in hope that you’ll post another gem. Sorry that the spammers have found your site. I promise they aren’t the only ones attracted here. :)

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  87. Paid positions open @ Wendy Davis FW campaign headquarters !

  88. TX is a big ass state! Period. Crazy things occur that don’t necessarily reflect traditional political models. This years primary was no exception.

    I will leave it at that.. Everyone can read and decide for themselves what , if anything it means for November.

  89. These GOP guys just keep making stuff up.

    And he delivered it so earnestly! Pretty pathetic.

  90. WOW Lori,
    It seems facts mean nothing to certain people. Proof, you just can’t fix Stupid!

  91. As if we needed more proof that arguring with trolls is useless . :)

    Congratulations Wendy Davis, Leticia Van De Putte, DR David, & Steve Brown !

    Lets do this! #turnTXblue

  92. Hi Congenial Gang,

    I haven’t been able to find out if Holly Berry wore the silver sequined sheathe to the Oscars tonight. Or was Gwyneth Paltrow decked out in her pale green chiffon. Which one was showing the most cleavage?

    But the Olym[ics are barely over and Russia is iinvading rhe Ukraine or the Ukraine is invading Russia or something. To make matters worse, hoards of Syrians are fleeing across the border into Turkey. On top of that, Obama is doing absolutely nothing about any of it. Sheesh!

    But Ted Cruz has issued a statement that registered 8.6 on the Righter-Wing Scale from dumb, to dumber to dumbest. It was so monumental I have aleady forgotten what it was.

    Aloha! :-) :-) :-) Namaste, Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

    Hi Congenial Gang,

    I haven’t been able to find out if Holly Berry wore the silver sequined sheathe to the Oscars tonight. Or was Gwyneth Paltrow decked out in her pale green chiffon. Which one was showing the most cleavage?

    But the Olym[ics are barely over and Russia is iinvading rhe Ukraine or the Ukraine is invading Russia or something. To make matters worse, hoards of Syrians are fleeing across the border into Turkey. On top of that, Obama is doing absolutely nothing about any of it. Sheesh!

    But Ted Cruz has issued a statement that registered 8.6 on the Righter-Wing Scale from dumb, to dumber to dumbest. It was so monumental I have aleady forgotten what it was.

    Aloha! :-) :-) :-) Namaste, Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

    Hi Congenial Gang,

    I haven’t been able to find out if Holly Berry wore the silver sequined sheathe to the Oscars tonight. Or was Gwyneth Paltrow decked out in her pale green chiffon. Which one was showing the most cleavage?

    But the Olym[ics are barely over and Russia is iinvading rhe Ukraine or the Ukraine is invading Russia or something. To make matters worse, hoards of Syrians are fleeing across the border into Turkey. On top of that, Obama is doing absolutely nothing about any of it. Sheesh!

    But Ted Cruz has issued a statement that registered 8.6 on the Righter-Wing Scale from dumb, to dumber to dumbest. It was so monumental I have aleady forgotten what it was.

    Aloha! :-) :-) :-) Namaste, Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

  93. Hi Congenial Gang,

    A resounding YES!!!!, Penny, to your observations about EDUCATION. There is a huge chasm of difference between “Knowledge” and “Data”. Any phone book has a wealth of data in it but can hardly be considered a source of knowledge. And where do we gain the knowledge and enduring wisdom to help people find their own individual moral compasses? From data banks and instant popularity polls? Uh, I don’t think so. Anyone who has studied the science of statistics in depth can tell you how easily the results can be tweaked (if somebody is so inclined) to reflect whatever you want them to be.

    I don’t know when the idea of “insurance” got started. I vaguely remember a story about how a small group of “patriots” in Boston were alarmed at the number of their friends and neighbor’s homes burning down because there were no such things as manpower and equipment to quickly put out fires. After repeated stops and starts of ideas, they finally formed a rudimentary volunteer firefighters association and co-op to buy some firefighting equipment. Everybody pitched in. Well not everybody. As we all know, altruism is usually in short supply when it comes to each one’s time and money. So it was commonly agreed that if you were not a member of the volunteer firefighters, then you either put out your house fire yourself the best you could or stood around with your kindhearted firefighting neighbors and watched it burn to the ground. Well, after all, shit happens. Too bad. God’s will. Tough luck. Ya win some, ya lose some. That’s life, right?

    So if you didn’t want that to happen to you, you had better join up and pony up money and your time. Before long the insurance concept became a thriving enterprise – worldwide – branching out into other areas of potential disasters affecting life, property, vehicles, health and quality of life. Pretty soon, for the benefit of public health and safety, some types of insurance became not voluntary but legally mandatory.

    Naturally, society divided into different camps on ideological grounds – some for it and those agin’ it. However, there is another camp who quietly saw opportunities for big bucks to be made from just about every aspect of insurance, especially health insurance. Simply exclude anyone from future coverage for “pre-existing conditions” that are difficult and usually expensive to treat. Then the premiums for healthy people continue to flow in and fewer claims have to be paid out. Thus more profits on the bottom line to be divided between the investors. Of course, that means getting state and national legislators to introduce and pass regulations favorable to the insurance companies point of view.

    That sort of thing in politics is nothing new. It is also known as the time honored tradition of “political corruption”. “Quid lucrum istic nihi est?” again.

    Somebody has to do the incredible boring grunt work of collecting and collating the data on who has what medical condition, for how long, what the prognosis is, tabulating known and often speculative possible origins of any disease or condition. Can’t you just see yourself sitting at your desk at your computer, crunching the nice impersonal numbers, compiling actuarial tables according to different demographics such as age, gender, ethnic background, geographic locations and any other possible factors anyone can dream up.

    Next, crank all that seemingly personal data on thousands and thousands of people into the big statistical pot of stew, mix well with a bunch of daily “polls” and you can convince yourself and almost anybody else watching the 6:00PM news tonight of just about anything we want them to believe. That’s the foresight of the “Plague of Incompetence” that is so profitable in the near term. But…….. hindsight has born out that in the case of the insurance industry weaseling out of coverage for potentially high risk people, the numbers of the uninsured become unsustainable and impossible for society at large to handle. We currently are living with the results and trying to figure out ways to rectify the situations.

    Aloha! :-) :-) :-) Namaste, Shalom. Saalam. Peace,

    Auntie Jean

  94. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is is a really stupid dumb guy with a gun!
    Sad but true.


  95. delurkergirl and Gato,
    Amen to all you write. This is a particular sore point with me. Somehow the GOP has turned affordable healthcare into something evil that must be stopped. And some people buy into that crap. I, for one, have heard only positive things from people I know who have actually used the ACA to obtain insurance. Apparently the GOP can’t even find real people with real stories who have been “harmed”, but that doesn’t stop them for rushing to every microphone within a 20 mile radius to denounce the ACA whenever they can. Their phony concern about people losing their doctors or policies is ridiculous. Those things had been going on for years and it never bothered them before. The GOP has nothing to offer voters. They are against healthcare, they have obstructed every attempt by Pres. Obama to create jobs, they don’t like immigrants, teachers, women, poor people, gay people, etc. They worship “small business” at the expense of every other segment of society. I am sick of them.

  96. Hey, Lurker – I wish I could totally agree with you that this woman’s story has “bit[ten] the dust,” but it sounds more like she’s just digging in even deeper – with, of course, lots of help from her conservative “friends.” Reminds me of the woman whose story was cited in the Republican response to the SOTU, who said she “had” to cancel the insurance for herself and her workers because the alternative policy “offered” by her insurance company was prohibitively expensive. When asked, by a state insurance official, if she’d even considered any of the policies available through the ACA, she said she hadn’t, because she “wasn’t going to go to that Obama website.”

    What the GOP has done, and continues to do, so successfully is to tie the ACA so closely to that uppity black Kenyan Muslim Communist who somehow got elected to the highest office in the land… twice… that some people don’t even consider it to be “health care” at all – they are told that it’s just an evil plot to separate them from their beloved doctors and charge them a whole lot more money. And, of course, death panels! Government overreach! The end of America as we know it!

    Of course, we would ALL rather have an insurance company decide which procedures are “necessary,” and which doctors we can see, wouldn’t we? HTG, I have no idea why people do this kind of thing to themselves, and kiss the bottoms of those who tell them its a good idea.

    I have what is considered to be a pretty good Medicare supplemental plan: Connecticare. I am still shaking my head over the fact that, when I broke my left arm really badly (major fracture in one bone, dislocation in the other, cracked radial head) that required surgery, and the installation of a nine-inch-long metal plate and several screws to hold everything together, they paid the major portion of all the surgical costs… And would not pay for the brace that I was required to wear for six weeks after the surgery. I was told they would have paid for a cast, which my doctor did not recommend, but not for the brace. Go figure…!


  97. Another one bites the dust. They aren’t even trying, are they?

  98. i know i sound like a broken record (a term which holds no meaning for my grands who see records as caveman history) but education is the closest thing there is to a panacea…for privacy/information and everything else. when we learn the constitution, the history of our nation…and others…and how society develops…we also learn what the parameters could be. the right and wrong are inculcated from infancy…by example mostly, and by teaching, at home and in the religious locale of choice. there is nothing else that compares. it’s knowledge. we need the knowledge of what came before so, if we repeat it, its by choice, not out of stupidity. i’m so tired of repeating this.

  99. Hi Congenial Gang,

    jsri and Penny Abrams, your cogent comments always garner more thoughts about most anything. The Privacy vs. Security issue is no exception. As soon as Power and Politics are thrown into the mix, and they invariably are, we are off and running aren’t we. Where can we draw the fine line between innocence, naivete and idealism and that of the very necessary need for protection from fraud, getting ripped off and the ever present possibilities of violence; both personally and nationally. Beats me! So what precisely are privacy and security anyway. Time was when being holed up in a fortified castle with a high wall and a moat with alligators in it provided both.

    I’ll return to Jeron Lanier’s observations from his perspective as one of the initial innovators in the digital age. He said it best so I’ll quote:

    “In the information age, privacy has come to mean, nakedly, information available to some but unavailable to others. Privacy is the arbiter of who gets to be in control.

    Information has always been an important tool in contests for power and wealth, but in the information age it has become THE most important tool. Information supremacy becomes harder to distinguish from money, political clout or any other measures of power.

    Thus privacy is at the heart of the balance of power between the individual and the state and between business or political interests.”

    OK. That is one side of the more historically familiar aspect of this complex issue, but there is another that can be somewhat more sinister in the end. Surprisingly though, it comes about through what Lanier calls ”A Plague of Incompetence”. It does not begin in secrecy in some smoke-filled room of evil schemers. Rather it is the culmination of “algorithmic privacy destruction as a means to wealth and power that always seems to end in a similar massive bungle.”

    The Romans spelled it out a long time ago in the greedy ole phrase – “Quid lucrum istic nihi est?” “What’s in it for me?”

    Later, with two prime examples,

    Aloha! :-) :-) :-) Namaste. Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

  100. Some good news!

    After the recent dust up over the racist, child abusing, rapist, over the hill rocker( who’s name shall remain unwritten) , appearing with Republican candidate for TX Govoner at several campaign stops. His poll number have dropped 8 points!

    This is only the candidates most recent blunder. He has proven to be a horrible candidate. Handing Wendy Davis this gift just MAY prove to be the thing that puts Wendy in the Govoners mansion.

    That blue hue you see rising from the south west isnt an illusion :) It WILL happen!

  101. I have always thought there is someone behind the curtain pulling Snowdens strings. The story just doesn’t make sense otherwise.

    Hero or villain?

    Probably a little of both , however I always come down on the side of openness . Letting the sun shine on our policies & procedures is always a good thing at the end of the day. Even if it makes it more difficult for our CIA (& all other agencies). Just my 2 cents.

  102. The subterranean mind set is not exclusive to our government and some of the “heroic” ones cited are notably more subterranean than ours. My son works in computer security for a major computer manufacturer and anyone who thinks we are the only government that uses such tactics, is sadly mistaken. Also, exposure of the finer details of how our security works could easily be used against us and is probably being done as we read about it. When that knowledge turns into a catastrophe, and after all the weeping, wailing and finger pointing is over, who will be the villains and who will be the heroes?

  103. Auntie Jean…i can understand your theory that, perhaps, the wicked spy isn’t but might be a pawn and how are they financed…the reporter and the ‘spy’…and what you say is logical and certainly possible. i would posit, however, a different scenario. spose lowden (is that right?) is a young, idealistic fellow who discovers the subteranean mind set of our present government (i did not say administration) and after weeks of tortured inner debate decides he must save his country…or the world. he cannot go to his overseers…they are part of the problem. he cannot reach anyone he trusts. he takes a deep breath and plunges into welcoming arms…chinese, russian, it doesn’t matter…they will give him the ability to tell it like it is so his fellow countrymen can gasp, rise and claim justice. in his naievete (niavete?) he makes a grave error. he exposes himself to the very people he is trying to take down. and the u-kno-wot hits the fan. the reporter smells something awry bu isn’t sharp or heroic enough to put it out there, seeing what’s happened to lowden. i think we’ll never know the truth. i think we haven’t known much truth for a verrrrry long time, since nixon if not even before then. even father reagan lied in his teeth, before he lost it; johnson lied about viet nam; they’ve all lied, with the possible exception of harry truman who didn’t give a flying hmm for what you thought of him or developing a major political career. the trick here is to ‘read lies’. we’ll be home by the end of the year means…end of some year or other. like that. i am convinced that if a politician stood up and told the truth, said precisely what he believes instead of what some whackaloons are dictating/a poll tells him the voters want, he would win in a landslide. we’re sick of the malarkey, and we can all smell it.

  104. Hi Congenial Gang,

    One on-going controversy that we have been hearing and reading about right along ever since it broke is that of Snowden vs. the NSA et al that quickly gained widespread attention. If memory serves me, Snowden was a young low level techie who had worked only three months for a private company contracted by the federal government. Somehow, apparently (?) he gained access to lots and lots of info and decided to be a hero. But he had to split to first China and later Russia with his expose. He was in way over his head. As I have said before, that kind of travel jaunts would max out his credit cards in a hurry.

    Next, enter another young man from Britain, a Greenwald (is that his name?) who perhaps did and still does fancy himself as an investigative journalist. I seriously doubt if either young man with his lofty career ambitions initially had the independent financial resources to launch his chronicle. Something just doesn’t compute about the whole drama. As Gato mentioned in M&H’s blog in a previous comment about the “Wizard of Oz” behind the scenes curtain, I have a hunch there is somebody in the wings, picking up the tab and bankrolling the whole operation. Who? We can only speculate. Perhaps just the usual suspects. But hey, who hasn’t revelled in the international espionage tales of the likes of master spies such as those of Ian Fleming and Robert Ludlum’s books and movies.

    And then there are the recent “hackings” into Target and other retail company credit card records, during the holidays especially. We who frequent social media blogs are only too familiar with a few self-styled “sapients” on the inner workings of technology who try to use that “knowledge” to change their identities and engage in other kinds of mischief. Their style gives them away every time though.

    Which brings us to “Privacy vs. Security”. It seems to me that the technology of computers is still in its infancy but developing at astonishing speed. I can’t even begin to keep up! By the same token, we discuss it with our families, friends and people we encounter in our daily lives to say nothing of learning about it from other sources of info such as the gossip cult, the mainstream media of old fashioned newspapers, magazines, periodicals, books, TV, the internet and social media. At least we can go get a snack or take a potty break during the lengthy commercials on TV, On the internet, we can quickly skip on by the “pop-up” ads. Most of the time on the social media we can scroll on by the trolls and mischief makers.

    However, on a serious note, for some in-depth coverage on both sides of this issue, I would refer you to what Jaron Lanier has to say. To quote one of my sources, “He is the author of ‘You are not a Gadget’ and ‘Who Owns the Future’. He is a computer scientist, currently at Microsoft Research and probably best known for his contributions to the field of virtual reality. He has received multiple honorary doctorates and other accolades. Time Magazine has named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world. His work was featured on covers of the magazine twice in the 1980’s, when he was only in his 20’s.” Beside that, he is a classical musician.

    So in the meantime, let the games begin. Oops! They already have. The Olympic Games, that is.

    Aloha! :-) :-) :-) Namaste. Shalom. Saalam. Peace

    Auntie Jean[

  105. Hey Lori,
    What’s the reaction in TX to Greg Abbott having Ted Nugent make appearances on his behalf. To me it seems pretty disgraceful!

  106. Heyyyyy don’t forget my Texas friends early primary voting has begun!!!!!

    You will need an ID and the name on the ID and the name on your voters registration need to match exactly .

    Remember every election matters.

    See you @ the polls!

  107. High 5 Gato!

    Penny that is exactly why I am so grateful for people like you! It takes a village :) ❤️❤️❤️ Lol

  108. i couldn’t agree more that action is what is needed. absolutely. all this dithering and waffling and peering around to see who thinks what is not only boring, it irritates the wotsis out of me.
    however! in order to get others to join in the action (there is strength in numbers) they must be convinced.
    my experience has taught me that short, simple, every-day-logical statements are highly successful in, at the least, opening the eyes of one who might not hold your same ideology. sometimes in the form of a question.
    example: sitting next to a woman at lunch, listening to her complain about taxes and how ‘they’ want to increase taxes and her husband has worked very hard all his life to attain the financial security they enjoy…when she took a breath, i asked her…Joann, if there were a little kid who needed dental care and the parents couldn’t afford it, would you help out? o, she surely would. i took the next step. joann, if you had…o, say…a thousand dollars less per year, would you even notice it? she smiled and said she surely wouldn’t. i nodded…and if that thousand dollars were in the form of increased taxes, which would pay for the dental visits of a hundred children yearly, would that be okay with you surprised? she said of course it would, how could i ever think otherwise. well, i said, that’s what we’re talking about. now that’s a thou from you, maybe only 50 from someone else, maybe two thou from another, depending on how much you make a year. i think you spend that much at chico’s easily…right? and she grinned, right. and then went on to explain how the quality of chico clothing isn’t what it was. how could i resist? where is it made now, i asked. china. where was it made before? you could see the light dawn…now she knew…she knew i had been talking about ‘other things’ than kids’ dental care…she turned very sober…i never thought of that, she said. but she is thinking now. will she think my way? perhaps. if i hadn’t spent the time,patiently, going through daily crap, she’d never think.

  109. AMEN! Sistah Lori… And again I say AMEN, and AMEN!


  110. Hiya Gato,

    I am the type of person that takes a LONG time to make up my mind. I weigh and parse and pick apart EVERY decision / opinion I make. So much so , during my decision making process I appear wushu washy to most . However once I have arrived at a decision I move very quickly to action.

    I decided a lonnnnnnng time ago we – Americans on a whole , value one human life over another depending on many things. One of which being the color of ones skin. The lighter the better.

    After reaching that conclusion I set about to change this cultural characteristic .

    So for ME , ruminating about the whys and wherefores of a certain person or case or present policy is boring. That is not to say I don’t think discussion is a BAD thing or that people who engage on that practice is wrong… Quite the contrary. Just that its not my style. I just don’t have the patience to go over and over a subject once I make up my mind. :) that is why I am a horrible policy person and a horrible person to discuss policy. Many here including yourself is MUCH better at that. My bailiwick has always been the political side of politics . I try very hard to stay in my lane.

    Having said all of that.. I took away 3 things that need to be done to correct these terrible injustices that occur every single day in this country. An example of that being the Dunn case.

    1. Implicit racial bias MUST be discussed and understood & changes need to be made in every aspect of our culture especially within our everyday vernacular & social consciousness.

    2. Guns need to be taken off our streets … Period…

    3. We MUST be vigilant in getting representation of ALL people into the voting booth.
    :) and that concludes the gospell according to lori for today!

    Peace all :)

  111. Hi, Lori – Headline today on CNN’s web page says that Dunn is “in disbelief” about what happened. Really? “Disbelief…?” I guess he “believed,” as do so many others, apparently, that you can just get off ten shots into a car, drive to a hotel, order pizza, and that’s about it. THAT is the unavoidable consequence of all this “stand your ground” crap. Since no one has spent even a moment addressing what “your ground” might rightfully be, it can be anything you decide it is: somebody else’s texting near you, somebody else’s preferences in music, somebody else’s error in thinking that it’s okay to walk on a public sidewalk at night wearing a hoodie, your psychotic belief that speaking “disrespectfully” to you is as much a “threat” to you as cocking the trigger of a nonexistent shotgun. (“Your ordering that double ranch cheeseburger and a large fries was an obvious deliberate insult to my dollar meal, and I just cannot be expected to tolerate that kind of thing.” BANG!)

    (Don’t you love it that “cocking” is the word for preparing to fire a weapon? Wonder who came up with that…)

    The really scary thing (as opposed to the truly awful thing – killing an innocent person) is that Dunn “admitted” that he had “tunnel vision,” or some such s**t, and momentarily lost his awareness of what was happening. That occurrence is not at all uncommon in high-stress situations. So, instead of making it more difficult for people to have easy access to a loaded weapon at hand when we go temporarily insane, billions of dollars are spent to make sure we all have the “right” to have one available even then… Or ten weapons. And ammo.) Absolute insanity.

    BTW, speaking of “tunnel vision,” what did Ann Romney say now…?

    Time to go shovel again, I’m afraid… (Jeez… I hope none of my neighbors have a problem with where I’m dumping the snow… I won’t be armed…)


  112. Good morning friends!

    Love the troll post Delurker! LOL especially the comments. Speaking of trolls I was following the #Dunntrial yesterday on twitter! Shewww some of the trolls on there put M&H ‘ S to shame! Odd lot those trolls I am just happy I can’t begin to understand their motives. The nice part about twitter is you can report and block a lot easier than the blog world.

    I was spammed a couple weeks back . What a PITA! Some of the spammers are pretty good at disgusting themselves – so if the subject line looks suspicious , even from an email address that looks familiar , best to delete it and never click on links contained in the emails if you do decide to open . My spam last week was ” selling Paula Deen merchandise ” . LOL apparently the spammer doesnt know my feeling about Paula Deen! :)

    Terri, I agree with you about Mitts wife! She is one vindictive shrew isnt she? Wowser !

    Take care my friends! Spring is on its way.

  113. Hi gang. Enjoying the Olympics?

    Seems like lots of spam here these days – it even outnumbers the trolls!

  114. So now we’re going from “It’s Bush’s fault” to “It’s Mitt’s fault” Geez

  115. A random observation: Mitt Romney is the most ungracious losing presidential candidate ever. He is constantly on Faux News criticizing President Obama, and his wife does her share of complaining as well. Classless sour grapes. Makes me doubly glad he wasn’t elected!

  116. scan ur computer thoroly with anything u have to protect u. it appears there’s a lot of that going on right now. i’ve just had a teck here, had to ‘go back’, all kinds of stuff and, finally, had to get a super duper anti spyware program. at least it’s alleged to be. i was also robbed. majorly. i dunno…i think i need a quiet hole to climb into to recover. wotever happened to respect? OPEN NOTHING FROM ANY SOURCE YOU DO NOT REALLY KNOW

  117. Porch sitters… My curiosity led me to hit “reply” to one of those weird, and incomprehensible, replies that seem to be showing up here these days…

    To my alarm, I saw quite a few alleged “replies” from many of you, and, ostensibly, from ME, that I never wrote, and don’t recall any of you ever posting, either. I think this is pretty scary…

    I’ve always thought that wordpress is quite meticulous about protecting our identities; lord knows we provide plenty of ID and passwords. As it should be. Anybody have any thoughts about how to deal with this…?


  118. Wavingggg to Auntie Jean !

    Happy to hear from you. You had me a little concerned. Glad all is well. :)❤️

  119. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Lots happenin’. Just getting caught up reading, Got a brand new computer with all the bells and whistles, #1 son is getting me checked out on it.

    Everybody here is doing great work getting news and the resulting words out, Let’s keep it up!!!


    Aloha! :-) :-) :-) Namaste Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

  120. To: Terri in NY on February 6, 2014 at 2:36 PM

    Why am I not surprised?

  121. A little bit of news about that nice lady on the settee who gave the GOP response to the SOTU:

  122. Alaskapi – tell me your zip code. I will be more than happy to box up my snow and send it to you.


  123. lori- We are having a totally weird winter here.
    Whilst you all are freezing and having ice storms and the like we are setting records for rainfall and high temps. We are way behind on snowfall though way over the norm for the season- heavy warm snows in Dec and nothing since.
    In the last week temps have dropped back to 20s, about where they should be, and snow is due by early next week.
    Time will tell whether a January in the low 40s and too many plants trying to get going too early has robbed us of the berries and so on that we and the bears :-) all rely on come summer.
    Fun to watch the shifts in TX.
    Not sure we can do it here but keepin on keepin on…

  124. poppa sorry Pi I didnt see your post the other day until Cynthia pointed it out . Happy to hear your friend is meeting the challenges that face her. Please give her my warm thoughts next time you chat with her.

    Hows the weather this year? I am looking at a snowy day in TX today…. Uggggg – come on SUN!

  125. Hi Guys!

    Did you hear google zapped that fake GOP fundraising website? Apparently Google’s security apparatus picked it up as phishing! Hehehe The website has now been changed to a legit anti Alex site. :)

    Sometimes good does over cone evil! :)

  126. Alaskapi – Thank you for the update. I wish her and her girls a happy life.
    It is not just an NAK problem as we know. It still is surprises me the number of boys who are subjected to this abuse . Silence is one of the biggest problems IMO.

    gato – The first big tsunami – Christmas? I read a report of two strangers, a young woman and a man, caught in the water struggling to survive. Finally they each reach dry land. After resting a bit, the man rapes the young woman and then just walks on his way. I just fail to understand this.


  127. As much as I admire Sandra Fluke I am happy to hear this news. :) she has plenty of time. She will need it to assemble a team and get some money behind her.

    I’ll certainly send her a few pennies. :)

  128. Just heard Sandra Fluke will not run for Congress, but has instead decided to run for California State Senate. Good luck to her.

  129. You’re exactly right Mikat. Keep talking, keep registering, keep making phone calls and knocking on doors. :)

    My gut feeling if the election was tomorrow we would keep the Senate by one and lose the house by 6. As you suggest a week in politics = a year in dog years. :) longgggg way to go.

    Oh and I would bet money on 2016 too!

    Have fun celebrating with your City- even if its at work! ❤️❤️

  130. Thanks Lori,
    I knew I could count on you to help put it into focus. I know we have got a long road ahead and many hurdles to jump, but I think we can do it in 2014 AND 2016! We just have to take some of the GOP play books and use them. Keep talking, loud and clear, Do not let the GOP shout us down, repeat over and over again the GOP failings such as shut down and war on women and most of all keep talking about the Banks, CEO pay, immigration and Economic inequality.
    Yes, JSRI and the “trickle down theory” that’s a big one.

    It’s party city here in Seattle!!! 700,000 people lining 4th ave watching our Hawks head to the Stadium. I think most people got a case of “bird flu” today and called in sick…Wish I was one of em! Love those guys!

  131. I’m often perplexed as to how to counter arguments by right-wingers who boldly claim that the route to economic success is by lowering taxes, ridding businesses of complex regulations and giving the private sector free rein to rake in tons of money that will then “tinkle down” to those at lower income levels. Anyone who has suffered the same puzzlement will be encouraged by the writing of Charles Derber of Boston University and his concept of ”public goods” and the “public goods deficit”. Check out his article recently published in the Tikun Daily and go from there.

    Tikkun Daily The Public Goods Deficit

    Also check out: The Institute for Local Self-Reliance

  132. Hi Mikat! I thought about you during the entire game Sunday. I knew how much fun you must have been having. Your Hawks played a great game… Congrats!

    The is answer to your question gets a little wonky but Ill try and keep it short and simple. If you want a more details Ill ” link” you to various articles.

    The short answer is NOR and others are basing their analysis on three factors.

    1. The 2008 Senators are up this time around. The conventional wisdom in politics is at least a few of these Dems came in on Obama’s coat tails. This far out & of course not knowing out come coat tails cant be a factor in predictions in a non incumbent election year.

    2. The Rebubs , even though they didn’t take the Senate in 2010, did better in vulnerable seat than Dems. In fact if it weren’t for the loony tune Tea Pers they put up they may have taken it. I’ve said it many times the Tea Party save our Senate.

    3. At the time of this conventional analysis Obamacare – website was getting beat up in the press. Obama’s numbers tanked and consequently the wisdom is , so will his Party in the next election.

    There are several things to consider though . First Obama’s numbers are climbing back up. Reid ( DCCC) has told his Senators to embrace O-care not run away from it. The money is there ( so far) and we have done well in some special elections.

    Second, and probably most importantly, the GOP as a Party is a hot mess. The whole Cruz – Tea Party shut down fiasco REALLY hurt the Senate campaign. It will be critical for the GOP to handle the debt ceiling deadline ( politically) perfectly in order to regain some sort of legitimacy AND to show their supporters ( Donors) there is an adult in the room.

    Third, it is imperative to the GOP Senate races, to marginalize the Loony Tea Party candidates. If they run more Sharon Angle look a likes or old white men tell women that they can just ” shut that whole process down”… They are toast. The money will dry up and the GOP brand will forever LOSE national – state party viability .

    But as usual the bottom line is its still to early to tell how all these things will all shake out.

    Watch for Obama’s numbers to creep up to 47 or above. The HOP in fighting to continue & money to decrease . If these things happen the conventional model will go out the window.

  133. HI Gang,
    I am so excited to see things are really moving for Wendy down in Texas and Now Sandra Fluke is joining the competition up north. I would love to see even more women enter the race for Congress and Senate, it would not only make it way more interesting, but more women in our Government would be a vast improvement. I have a concern though- I listen to NPR on my way to and from work. Over and over again I keep hearing that the Democrats are going to have a very hard time keeping the Senate in 2014. They keep repeating that we are most likely going to loose seats. That Pres. Obama is so unpopular now, ect..ect…How are they coming to this conclusion when we hear all over the country that people are leaning more Democraticly than ever? Yes, of course you have your hard core RED states and most likely nothing is ever going to change states like Oklahoma or Mississippi, but why is it going to be so hard to keep the Senate? As a matter of fact I thought we had a pretty good chance of getting the House back. Where is the disparity?
    Hey, How about those Seahawks! We are having a HUGE parade for them downtown today as they return home!

  134. I should probably be more specific :) about Wendy’s fundraising . She had a great December & first half of January. Her opponent, after the 6th month fundraising report came out, realized he was getting his ass kicked and called in a couple if billionaires to boost his war chest. Wendy’s supporters still outnumber her opponents by more than 2 to 1 .

  135. Gato I dont know if it is so much that as it is an awakening. Our party went into a deep sleep a couple decades ago and are just now beginning to emerge above ground. :)

    Wendy’s campaign had a GREAT December & January pulling in more $$$ than her opponent. Not too shabby considering she is getting the benefits of the GOP national smear machine . She still has a lonnngggg row to hoe but she is working hard. She has promised to leave it all on the field. :)

  136. Cynthia-
    The CNN story, sadly, is not news here . The person reporting did relatively well but there are things missing or not fleshed out well enough which would show the problems better.
    The reporter missed something very important . It has been too easy here to just say it is a Native problem and shrug it off in the larger population even though the violence cuts across all boundaries.
    The large report from the Justice Center, referred to multiple times in the article, shook up a lot of folks. We’ll see if we actually manage to do some of the things we need to do to turn it around. Also, the VAWA reauthorization of 2013 had special problems for addressing violence against Alaska native women.
    There are 3 parts- some , most of it, mind numbingly boring in detail.
    We’re not done with the series but life got too busy here for some months to give the right kind of attention to the project.

  137. HI, Cynthia – I was so impressed to see that your attachment about rape in Alaska was the headline story on my new CNN home page.

    I left Yahoo, because all I got there was outfits on the red carpet, and movie star junk. Probably my own doing, but now I feel I at least have a slightly cleaner slate.

    Lordy… So many women suffer so much… I just can’t figure out how “men,” as a category, can do this kind of thing.


  138. Cynthia and lori- She’s doing ok. First couple years were (understandably) very difficult.
    Since then life is somewhat better though very busy with 2 little ones to raise on her own.

  139. Way to go, Lori and all! Are you drawing in the “anybody but Perry or his ilk” crowd these days? Must be plenty of people who feel that way…


  140. WTG Emmitt Smith! #turntxblue

    @UniteBlueTX: Emmitt Smith gives Wendy Davis committee $10K #DallasCowboysMVP #UniteBlue

    Thinking bout my buddy JSRI.. <3


    It is amazing how people figure out how to game the system. Only these are the “big” people doing this and they make millions or billions doing it. Yet all you hear about from the right is about little people who make only a few extra dollars from food stamps or a cell phone.

    We are lucky to get yet another snow storm! 7 to 13 inches. Don’t know where my plow man will put this snow. Already have 4 ft piles up my drive (300′) from the last storm. I would move back to Florida but it has turned too crazy for me. Mexico sounds like a possibility.


  142. When my wife passed away last week, I’m sure the insurance company sighed in relief because they knew we already had an understanding of how such a decision would play out. We took them off the hook when we transferred her to hospice care where the costs for her four days there were covered by Medicare. Gone were the usurious hospital room costs, and cumbersome costs for added CYA tests and medications. However, the resultant stress has been enormous and the paperwork seems endless. It could make it so much less onerous if we had a single payer system where such end of life decisions were less complicated and concerns about finances became invisible.

    Gato: much of the complexity you cited only adds to the cost of insurance based plans and often does little for the patient. In fact we’ve paid for medical insurance for many years during which we had no medical costs at all and we also had car and homeowner’s insurance that we’ve never drawn from either. That’s the nature of insurance and I’d be willing to bet that most people would prefer to pay a bit more in taxes for medical protection if they were assured that it would be there when they need it. I realize it is a hard sell for younger folks who try to maintain a healthy lifestyle but they have to be made to understand that good health, despite the barrage of pharmaceutical ads that promise you can have it forever, is not a guarantee at advanced ages.

  143. I think about that woman too Cynthia.

  144. All true Gato. Folks seem to also forget that we have insurance companies making medical decisions, sometimes in opposition to what doctors recommend. One of the most common complaints of doctors is the time and effort they have to put into dealing with insurance companies who are trying to curtail costs and in the process end up denying folks proper treatment. Our system is far from fixed, and we would be much better off a system like France, Canada, and the UK have, but of course, that would be (gasp!) “socialized medicine.” Sigh.

  145. Hi, Penom – The countries you mention have a very different attitude about health care than we do, and the opinion is shared by the government AND the citizens of those countries. They seem to be in agreement that universal health care is the RIGHT of every citizen. Here, we seem to have been brainwashed into thinking that (1) health care is a “privilege” available to only those who can afford it, and the more you pay, the better “care” you deserve; (2) that health care is a business, just like everything else around here, and so should exist primarily to benefit the executives and shareholders of the suppliers; and (3) as a business, it is duty-bound – like any business – to cut quality and services wherever possible, while still wangling ways to convince people to “buy” it, in order to maximize profits for said executives and shareholders. The actual quality of the “product” is, to put it bluntly, just something that frequently gets in the way of maximizing those profits.

    Of course, government-run health care also needs to make money – enough to keep it going and to pay those who work to provide it. And maybe some extra to provide better care. But its primary goal is not profit; it’s delivery of health care.

    And that makes all the difference.

    Obviously, the details are infinitely more “complex” than what I’ve stated, but, IMHO, it seems that the alleged “complexity” is too often used to justify continuing the “belief” that it “is better for everyone” as a business. It’s not; it’s better for the business. Period.


  146. Alaskapi – Question – I’m out of the loop but this article reminded me of a young woman I think about on occasion and wonder how she is doing. Do you know?

    Palin-Mudflats-food drive. Young Native Alaskan woman helped deliver food in those remote villages. Her young husband died of a heart attack.


  147. Which state leads US in rate of rape reports?

    This is an eye opener and very upsetting to read but should be read.


  148. in the UK (i have a friend there) if you have an ostomy, you have an ostomy nurse. in florida you can barely find one let alone have that available, and free. in the UK if u have cancer, u are seen every 3 months by the specialists until declared well. all part of their nationalized health plan for which everyone pays some (taxes) and everyone benefits a lot. in canada, having a baby is the cost of the phone in your room…from beginning to end. in israel all medical care is available…to anyone living there, and to guests. in s. africa, medical care is less than half the cost of in the US. all of the above cited places have excellent medicine. so do we. but our delivery system stinks.

  149. “The National Republican Congressional Committee is doubling down on its use of websites that appear to be in support of Democratic House candidates but actually direct money to the Republican campaign effort. However, the NRCC said it would give refunds to donors who were confused or misled and contributed to the organization inadvertently.”

    Just how low will they sink trying to win? Don’t be fooled!


  150. Hey, Penom – Good for your son. It does seem that the ACA is working more than it’s not working. And isn’t that a BIG PLUS??!! Of course it is. Why does the GOP want us to continue to dawdle behind every other “advanced” country in the world?

    Ever looked for medical care in France, for example? Krikeys, twenty-plus years ago I was living there for a few months. One of my guests, and her toddler, joined us, and the toddler developed an ear infection. A doctor came to the house, and dealt with the issue – no charge. And, in other situations, the pharmacists knew plenty about more simple medical conditions, and were almost always able to provide something that worked, with complete instructions, and a phone number to call if, for whatever reason, it didn’t work.

    Bottom line: Many other countries seem to believe that it is the right of every member of society to be as well and healthy as possible. And it is the job of medical professionals, supported by their governments, to do their best to make sure that happens.

    I think that my primary care doc feels the same. The difference here is that he must do it while dealing with the insurance companies. He does a great job, and I’m sure it’s not easy.


  151. my older son is now saving $400 a month for a better health plan in NY; in FL where the gov will not join in the federal plan, it is only better for those who had no ins before ’cause of prior condition or inability to pay for it. we’re hoping to get rid of him very soon.

  152. Yaay, Terri – Good on your friend!

    HTG, I don’t know why the GOP keeps hammering on this “all for me and screw all the rest of you” thing. (I was going to say “meme,” but I don’t know very clearly what a “meme” really is…)

    In my experience, we just don’t get along very well without each other. Doesn’t this blog reinforce that? I just HATE feeling alone, in any situation. The first thing I do, when I’m unhappy about something, is call or email a girlfriend. I don’t think this means that I am weak; I think it means that I am smart and resourceful.

    The cruelest punishment we inflict on anyone, short of death itself, is solitary confinement. We know it’s awful.

    I can’t understand why the GOP wants to make personal isolation the foundation of its “platform.” I doubt they’ll do very well with that.

    Hope you’re enjoying something about this snowy day, and the snowy days to come.


  153. Hi Gato, I couldn’t agree more about the moral component of economics. What has amazed me is that the GOP cannot seem to come up with one legitimate case of someone whose premiums were raised to the point where they couldn’t afford it. “Bette’s” story was part of the official GOP response to the SOTU–you would assume they would get the facts right for this important rebuttal. And here’s my Obamacare story. My best friend had been paying $1200 a month for her health insurance. In November she went to the Obamacare website and found a comparable plan for $468 a month with a $2,000 deductible. She will be saving thousands of dollars every year!

  154. gato – It is a crazy sick monstrous parasite sucking control, money, knowledge, freedom, democracy, and the life from the people to feed it’s huge perverted ego.


  155. Hi, Terri – Reading Paul Krugman over the past several years has made me understand that there is always a moral component to economic theories.

    Our Lady of the Settee (I love that) presents the story of “Bette” as an economic issue. It isn’t that. Bette and her husband have thrown themselves and their employees under the proverbial bus because SHE “won’t go to that Obama website.” Nice…

    There are, apparently, a couple of kinds of people in the world. There are those who have some compassion for their fellow humans, whatever their circumstances, and feel a moral obligation to offer what help they can. And then there are those who feel that offering assistance to anyone else somehow diminishes their own security and ability to survive. I can’t think of a single culture in history that did “better” when everyone was out solely for himself or herself. Usually the rise of that attitude has signaled, and still does, the beginning of the end of said society.

    Just remember the old “divide and conquer” rule: Convince people that their fellows are their enemies, and you’ll have them.

    And see Cynthia’s post about the Kansas legislature’s deciding that Kansans should not have unrestricted access to the internet.


  156. Hi, Cynthia – It’s hard to believe that “the market,” in its great wisdom, is not screaming bloody murder about this. A bunch of state legislators want to PREVENT an entire business sector from offering its products/services to residents of their state…? Isn’t that, you know… anti-American…?

    What is ALEC getting out of this? The recent smack-down of the “net neutrality” premise already allows ISPs to now, even more blatantly, winnow out who gets what content, and for how much “extra,” so what more can they possibly feel they “need”?

    It’s the absolute shamelessness of this sort of thing that just blows my mind.


  157. Paul Krugman hits the nail on the head again.

    Apparently the GOP can’t find any real stories of people having their healthcare premiums increased outrageously, so they concoct these fake stories. And mind you, this was in their official response to the State of the Union! It looks like our lady on the settee wasn’t being completely forthright.

  158. This is the work of ALEC it seems.

    “The state of Kansas Legislatures took on a new target: Stop Google Fiber. And not just google fiber, make sure that cities cannot invest in any broadband network technologies.”

    Living in a rural area fast Internet service has been a problem. We have been working with one company to bring broadband service. Hopefully by summer. Dial up was slooow because of old phone lines but had unlimited access. I have wireless now but need to learn how to make the most of the “limited” time/use.

    Heard talk that ISP’s want to be allowed to monitor the sites you go to. Then they could charge to use news sites, shopping sites, Genealogy sites, etc. You would not have to access to sites you have not paid to use. Sounds like one could no longer surf the net or research. What’s next, charging for the air we breathe. Land of the free, eh?


  159. Hi, Cynthia – That makes sense… If you really want a bully, it’s probably better to have a BIG bully. I’m not much of a fan of bluster and swagger, but evidently many people are. And Christie is still swingin,’ that’s for sure.

    The thought of how he might be behaving at home, when he gets back from the office, is pretty scary!


  160. gato and all – this goes beyond Bridgegate and NJ. This is about who wants CC as president and what he could do if elected.

    Wall Street & The Security Apparatus Want A Real SOB … Chris Christie


  161. i needed time to think out the claim that mandatory insurance results in additional profit for insurance companies and nothing more. i’ve thought. it does increase the market for insurance companies while at the same time, it increases competition for that market which means that value-for-dollar must be competitive in order to gain the business. also the ACA (obamacare) provides that the ins. companies must use a % (i forgot the number) of premiums for medical care and if they don’t the insured gets a refund. my daughter gets a refund because her premiums are just too high. what the mandate does for people is even more important. forget the medical advantages…if you can. the ‘people’ advantage is that if we all chip in to buy medical insurance, it costs each of us less. stay with me here. if, at 30 i buy life insurance and hardly ever use it…after all 30, healthy, active…but older people get the advantage, the same will redound to me when i am older and my grandson is 30 and healthy, etc. it’s called paying forward. it’s called planning for the future. it’s called sharing. it’s called a community. for those relatively few who object…well there are those who object to speed limits too…and there is always eminent domain, a very reasonable approach. when we have health care from birth…actually from conception, we are healthier and need less doctoring and medications and are more productive. i didn’t make that up. there are studies from lots of countries that prove that. no, i can’t quote them…how much can i remember anyway? at 83. i’m fighting for obamacare…for improvement to obamacare and there’s ample room for improvement and it won’t help me one bit…i’m on medicare. i’m fighting for it because it is the right, honorable, just and moral thing to do.

  162. As always, a witty response to the bizarre ways in which people like Huckabee express their intolerance for any social aid that they feel they don’t need so thus, by “reasonable” inferencing, they decide it is obviously not something that we as a nation should consider for anybody else. The condescension in his statement is so blatant, I find it hard to believe that he didn’t even bother to disguise it even a little better.

  163. 4th try…the others were too long. I guess.

    As far as the Texas situation, Jim at Stonekettle Station has a powerful and moving post.

    Decisions and Regret

    After the post and before the comments (which contain a wealth of personal stories), Jim added this:

    Since it’s glaringly apparent that evangelicals, anti-abortion nuts, and other such shrill fanatics have trouble with reading comprehension, as the roughly 200+ and counting discarded comments from such can attest…

    2) Keep your religion to yourself. I won’t be proselytized nor will I allow you to preach at my readers, not in any way whatsoever, period. If your God is offended by something I said, he/she/it is welcome to contact me directly, I don’t need you to act as an intermediary.

    When asked about the counter responses he has had to monitor out, Jim replied this:

    I have received exactly ZERO intelligent, reasoned, and well written counters to this post. Zero.

    EVERY SINGLE ONE is composed of screaming, illiterate, hate filled religious bile. I’ve been called things you can’t begin to imagine. Every single counter response – and that’s about 350 or so now – is completely nuts, disturbingly so. Frankly, given the sample, I have to wonder if religion, and particularly religion driven right-to-life, isn’t some kind of rage disorder or a cult on the order of Westboro Baptist Church. These people are functionally insane, there’s no other way to describe it.

    Peace ~ Δ

  164. Hi, Penom – Of course I agree with you, and you said it very well.

    It does occur to me that, in a more homogenous society than ours, there are certain cultural “norms” that are known and followed by most everyone. Someone who doesn’t adhere to that “norm” is ostracized – and sometimes punished – by society as a whole. Sometimes this is a “good thing,” in that it keeps the society together, and sometimes a “bad thing,” when the norms are devoid of compassion, and people are jailed, tortured, and stoned for their failure to comply.

    We are a huge and diverse country, so we apparently must have laws in place of those norms. Historically, I think the laws were designed primarily to keep the society civil and reasonably cohesive, while allowing for a certain amount of relatively harmless deviation from those norms. More recently, though, many “laws” are passed specifically to favor the interests of one group over another – things like more restrictive voting requirements, the elimination of many women’s health clinics, the gerrymandering of voting districts, and – the most odious of all – the Citizen’s United ruling you cite. IMHO, laws of this sort are most assuredly NOT a “good thing.”

    But, in order to be acceptable to the citizenry, these laws must be justified, and their real functions obscured, by hitching them to some long-standing American “value” – something like “free market,” or “national security,” or “individual liberty.” (Did we ever hear the phrase “homeland” before 9/11?)

    Here’s what I think is a good example of that kind of thing: Not long ago, the “patriarch” of Duck Dynasty (a show I’ve never seen, and never plan to see) caused a momentary brouhaha by making some pretty inflammatory remarks about homosexuality, connecting it to bestiality (among other things) and calling it some kind of heavenly punishment for our sins, or whatever he said. Then, a few weeks ago, while checking out at my local grocery store, I saw the cover of one of the weekly tabloid mags featuring a smiling photo of said “patriarch” and his wife, with the headline, “Defending Our Beliefs.” Now, what real American could argue against the idea of “defending our beliefs,” no matter how repulsive those “beliefs” might be? So the issue of what he actually said was quickly obliterated by subsuming it to a premise with which one can hardly argue.

    This kind of thing happens here ALL THE TIME. Corporations are ruled to be “people.” Money is determined to be a form of “speech.” Domestic spying is labeled a necessary component of “homeland security.” The unlimited ability to accumulate weapons and ammunition is called a “Second Amendment Right.” And so it goes, on and on and on…

    Sometimes, when I think about this stuff, as I’m doing now, I really feel that we’re living in the Land of The Red Queen, and it gives me a headache.

    It’s a bit above freezing here today, so maybe I should go out and get a bunch of firewood, so we’ll be ready for the next Big One, which is either right around the corner, or coming next week, depending on which weather service you follow.


  165. the mandate for insurance is no different than the mandate for a driver’s license, a marriage license, a license to operate a business or to cut hair or to trade in raw materials or to leave/return to our country or what happens should you find gold or a wrecked ship.

    I disagree. Driving is a privilege. Marriage is a choice and a license only required if you wish to gain benefit from the issuer of said license. Doing business in a place that requires licensing is cost of doing business and, again, a choice.

    Mandatory health insurance enforced by government with a guaranteed PROFIT to private industry? I can’t see your point beyond all the red herrings. Don’t bring up past acts that have been made law and ask me where I was. I do not support the patriot act (and never have) or ANY of these Orwellian edicts. I do not give consent.

  166. “An arcane Texas law allowed John Peter Smith Hospital to override a family’s decision to remove a brain-dead woman from life support––because she was 14 weeks pregnant.

    After months of struggling with Texas courts and the hospital to respect her predetermined wishes, the family was finally able to put the mother and unborn fetus to rest––ending the torment this family has endured.

    But this hellish nightmare isn’t over. Now the grieving husband is getting medical bills for his wife’s unwanted and contentious treatment.”

    Crazy! I hope he sues the hospital for billions.


  167. Hi, Lori – Great sidebar on that article: “Texas turning blue is Republicans’ worst nightmare.” Pretty exciting work you’re doing down there!

    But I think my very favorite part is the presented assemblage of “types” of Americans the GOP evidently finds dangerous: “…Hispanics, African Americans, gays, teachers, young professionals, atheists, unmarried women, even suburban married women.” (They seem to have forgotten to include Blue Texans, but I’m sure that was just an oversight.)

    I’ve often noticed how all these “groups” tend to bond with each other, haven’t you? Yessiree, you just can’t keep all those atheists from hanging out with the (predominantly Catholic) Hispanics, or the young professionals (corporate techies) agreeing on every issue taken by those (Commie/Socialist) teachers… And African Americans (often urban and poor) and suburban married women – SO much in common!

    That certainly explains the imminent doom of the American Way of Life, doesn’t it? I guess it does if you’re a Republican – or whatever now-hideously-disfigured remnant of that once-great party still exists…


  168. the mandate for insurance is no different than the mandate for a driver’s license, a marriage license, a license to operate a business or to cut hair or to trade in raw materials or to leave/return to our country or what happens should you find gold or a wrecked ship. there are rules for civil living. there are regulations for almost anything we do…grow food, buy food, sell food, eat food…that’s pretty basic…eating. there are regulations for child care. your child could be removed from you for abuse and that abuse is decided by someone you probably never saw before, nor will you see her again. i’m sick of the cry that we’re losing our freedoms. where were you when the idiot congress passed patriot acts one and two? or the supreme court decided a corporation is a person, thereby allowing them to donate to political candidates as they wished…whatever they wished. do you speed and not expect a speeding ticket? how about paying taxes. that’s a mandate for sure, isn’t it. gimme a break. either tear down the entire govt…incuding roads, cops, fire rescuers, schools, the VA, blahblahblah or recognize we all have to do something we’d rather not do. period. finished.

  169. Which makes it a tax – worse – one where private insurers get 20 percent off the top – guaranteed! I find it pretty unAmerican. Making it mandatory goes against our Constitution. But then, it’s expected nowadays. The Constitution is basically history as we’re controlled by corporations that bought our supposed leaders and we’ve deemed them all too big to fail. These people do the revolving door between industry and the governing entity that regulates them. And we keep sending them back.

    We’re a far cry from single-payer.

  170. but it’s the law…by march 31st everyone must be insured. bette is a pia


    And remember the author is a self identified republican conservative! :D

  172. Reminds me of the old facebook meme: I Dont care if you don’t like our President. I just care if its because of a lie.

    People can find fault with Obamacarw. Hell its a huge piece of new ground breaking legislation . There are bound to be areas that need fixed and tweets. But spinning our wheels over lies is maddening . I am with you Cynthia , I have no time for those people.

  173. watch for a dead fish on his doorstep… is this similar to a horse head in your bed. (I met the people who prepared the head for the Godfather movie. It was put down for medical reasons).

    Bette is a fool. I hope she doesn’t have a serious medical issue in the mean time. Hate can twist one’s thinking in a huge bunch. Sad. I no longer have time for these people.


  174. Hi, Cynthia – Mr. Wildstein (great name, or what???) better watch for a dead fish on his doorstep… (Further explanation available, if needed.)

    And today we learn a bit more about the famous “Bette,” whose medical insurance was canceled, and her premiums were about to go up by $700 a month, thanks to the ACA, as “reported” by the enchantingly sincere Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers. (Forgive me for not including the link.)

    Turns out that she was offered a replacement – and much more costly – policy by her insurance company. (Surprise!!) But, by golly, “Bette” wasn’t even going to go to that Obama website to see what else might be available because, you know, it’s Obama… And she’s not going to have her freeeeedom compromised by the gummint, gol durn it! So, in her wisdom, “Bette” has decided that she, and her small company’s few employees, will just go without any insurance at all for the time being. Now, THAT’ll show ‘em, won’t it?

    Well, that puts five or six of her employees out there in the hunt for something reasonable. Maybe at least a few of them WILL go to the ACA site… Unless, of course, she’s warned them that they better not.


  175. gato – Those people CC threw under the bus seem to be speaking out.
    CC should have said – No comment, next question.


  176. .
    Preview: Super Bowl Commercials
    . ;)
    Peace ~ Δ

  177. A little Friday morning WOW. Just some talent, an idea, any kind of canvas to create a masterpiece.


  178. I think I am in love, Helen.

    Peace ~ Bear

  179. I don’t believe that Christie did not know what was going on in his office or with his people. He is a smart man, pays attention to details, knows how to work the system to reach his goals/agenda. Doesn’t seem like someone who would allow his people to have a loose rein. Too much at stake for him to allow that behavior.

    I lived in NJ for 28 years about 30 minutes from NYC. Still have connects there. Now live in the Finger Lakes region – NY.

    Not everyone is pleased with what he has done in NJ. I haven’t paid enough attention to have an opinion.

    IMO neither side has any good candidates to run for president. The ones I do like won’t run….too smart. We are in trouble!!


  180. Hi Lori! I sure am excited about the shades of “blue” peeking through the clouds in Texas!

  181. Oh, Jeebus, Cynthia – How is it that things might actually be so much worse than we can possibly imagine…? I’m always looking at sources. Okay, this time it’s the NY Times. Good, solid reporting, or a lib/progressive rag? (I live in the NY metropolitan area, so I’m inclined toward the former, for whatever that’s worth.)

    What if our gut feelings really MEAN something…? (If they don’t, why do we have them…?) What if looking at Christie and his size, and his pursed lips, and listening to his endless mea culpas, make us feel kind of queasy? Does that tell us anything? And what if we look at Ms. Cathy last night, and her “smile” seems… kind of nauseating? Does THAT mean something?

    WHEN are we going to get scared enough to start realizing that we might possibly be the frogs in the water that is rapidly approaching boiling…?


  182. gato – Chris Christie – have you read this?


  183. Hi, Whirled – Biden is everything we love about Jack Nicholson, and nothing we don’t. Isn’t that amazing…?

    What a cool dude, in the best possible way. And, as far as I know, he has NEVER used his own personal tragedies (and there have been many) as political fodder. Now, THAT is class.


  184. .
    Meet the daughters of Wendy Davis


  185. .
    BIDEN !

    Peace ~ Δ


  187. She definitely gave off that “Stepford Wife” vibe, but what I didn’t appreciate was the sort of lecturing tone she took, along with a big dose of moral superiority. I preferred Obama’s “let’s give America a raise” message much more!

  188. Hi, again, Terri – Let’s all get together and send her a copy of Barbara Ehrenreich’s book, “Nickled and Dimed.”

    Ms. McMorris Rogers’ little chat was addressed to the very “average American family” that the GOP is doing its damnedest to obliterate in its entirety. If you’re lucky enough to be sitting at the kitchen table worrying about paying your bills, at least you have a kitchen, and a table. And if you’re kissing your kids goodnight, at least you’re there when they’re going to bed – and they have beds. If her idea of coming from “nowhere” includes growing up on a farm with orchards, barns, and livestock, then she might as well be coming from Oz, as far as too many of her fellow citizens are concerned.

    And, yes, dammit, those families living in low income “housing,” six to a room, and three kids to a bed, stuffing plastic bags into the holes in the wall so the rats can’t get in, ARE her fellow citizens! And so are the people living in cardboard boxes under a bridge, who line up outside the soup kitchen between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm for their only meal of the day.

    Every time I think of her prim posture, her constant “smile” that bordered so frequently on an awkwardly painful grimace as she swallowed, and that damned gold brocade settee, I just want to scream…

    Her only fault, though, was her apparent failure to understand how infuriating every bit of this might be to those Americans who’ve just had their food stamps cut, their unemployment benefits cut, their kids’ school lunches cut, and even their voting rights made more and more difficult to exercise. I wonder if she even asked her “handlers” how they thought she might be seen. Did she even ASK whether or not she might be able to present any specific ideas about all those “plans” she was required to mention…?

    But, as Penom has pointed out, the “handlers” don’t give a flying f**k about how she is “seen.” She’s a female, with kids, married to a person of a different sex, and sort of pleasant – that’s all they can “handle” in a woman, and that’s how they think women should be. They really seem to believe that if they can just find a nice enough lady to dole out their rat poison, people will readily swallow it. I hope to god they are not correct…


  189. Yup, Gato, they spared us one of their usual shrill, abrasive members and instead gave us her. She said absolutely nothing, and her story about her son was nice, but I wonder how she would talk if she was a single mother making minimum wage and trying to take care of her kid with an extra chromosome.

  190. Cecelia Israel won TX house seat 50 with 60% of the vote !!!!!! Get use to a lot more of this :) TURNING TX BLUE ONE DISTRICT AT A TIME.

    And on the subject of the GOP rebuttal ( i use that word lightly ) I thought this tweet was spot on!

  191. From Juanitajean:

    “Dish Network and DirecTV on Monday announced a plan to jointly give political advertisers the ability to microtarget their ads down to the household level. That means that any of over 20 million homes in the United States will soon start getting highly personalized campaign spots that were meant just for them.”


  192. gato – I don’t have tv and my radio station kept fading in and out so I missed parts of Obama’s speech. Oh the joys of country living!

    I did catch some of the rebuttal. To be honest all I could hear/imagine was her doing an imitation of Bobby Jindal (which I had actually watched…poor man). Only way it was worth listening to her. All words little detail/action…like their health care, jobs etc.

    I read Stockman walked out. Hey Texas, has ‘the crazy’ polluted your water, food, your air maybe?


  193. Exactly, Terri – “Where was her needlepoint?”

    Here’s how they probably originally wanted her to appear: Sitting on that nice (old-fashioned; “gold brocade”… really?) settee, wearing a full-length snuggly and her well-worn cozy slippers, with her hair in rollers, doing that needlepoint, while two or three adorable kittens snuggle next to her, and a cup of warm cocoa steamed on the side table. But the “stylists” stepped in, and suggested that might be going a little TOO far. So what we saw last night was the GOP rendition of a “strong, contemporary woman”… Sigh…
    (They evidently thought that might be better received than their only apparent alternative… The Ann Coulter model. I’ll give them credit for that decision!)

    There was also the unexplained folded flag displayed behind her. As far as I know, those are only provided to the next-of-kin of a deceased member of the Armed Forces. I kept wondering whose it was, and why it was there… Did I miss something?

    And finally, yes FINALLY, after the litany of cheerfulness and empty fairy bubbles, there was the unmitigated gall of her talking about her “special needs” son, and NOT mentioning the GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED HEALTH CARE THAT WE PAY FOR AND FROM WHICH SHE AND HER FAMILY BENEFIT!! (Hark! Do I hear an echoing voice from the great state of Alaska…?)

    The problem is not just that the GOP is, IMHO, morally wrong about so many things, but that they are so CLUELESS about how they present even their most vaporous chimeras of the sparkly wonderfulness which so inspires them… Fortunately, the chances of this little fireside chat winning over any new converts are probably less than zero. For that, at least, I am grateful.


  194. That was a really lame Republican response to the SOTU. I also thought the staging was weird; sitting on an old fashioned sofa, wearing an outfit that didn’t look very professional, and talking about her own family. I think that’s the GOP’s ideal woman. As someone said (I’m paraphrasing) “where was her needlepoint.” And count me in as one of those who are sick of them talking about “government controlled healthcare.” In case they haven’t noticed, we have private insurance companies who run healthcare in this country and prior to the ACA the GOP never gave a damn when they cancelled policies, denied benefits, and dropped patients. Now they care? Give me a break.

  195. well, poor woman is right. but they used her ’cause she’s a nice looking nice lady who has young children, one of them in trouble, is married to a person of the opposite gender and will never run for pres so whatever she says can’t be used in the coming presidential campaign…and she’s a woman, not the older white man who genuinely represents the repuglican party. she really didn’t say anything. ok. she had her moment in the sun. now on to business

  196. You suck. Both of you.

  197. Hi, Cynthia – That poor Republican woman…! As David Brooks said, her speechwriters didn’t do her any favors. (She also looks to me, somewhat disturbingly, like Laura Bush…)

    After several minutes discussing how well her son is doing with his Down’s syndrome, and how we ALL have a lot of potential, just as he does, and how the GOP is working on a lot of “plans” (and not giving even a hint about what those “plans” might include), she ends up with saying, essentially, that she COULD offer us a prayer. I laughed out loud!

    She said, in earnest, precisely what I said, with total sarcasm, at the end of my last post here… And said it on national television. And the GOP evidently thought that was a really good idea…

    The Kool Aid stand was open extra hours tonight, that’s for sure.


  198. Gato, if anyone must pick a 3rd world country to get help with health issues, try Rwanda. Yeah, I know. They had a really, really, really bad go of it not all that long ago but they now have affordable health care. I figure if they can afford it, so can we.

  199. gato – I totally agree with you. I just don’t understand any positive motive/solution to their ideas. I have an ethical objection to penis pumps and Viagra. Where in the Constitution is it stated a man has a right to an erection? (He’ll have one when he dies…. that should keep him happy for an eternity.)


  200. @cecilaisrael ***

  201. @cecileisreal ( the democrat ) is up 59% with early voting!!!!!

    HUGE huge huge for battlegroundtx efforts! YAY US turn TX BLUE!

  202. Waving to Easier . I have missed you. How have you been?

  203. And thats why I luv you Cynthia ! ❤️❤️❤️🙌🙌🙌

  204. You are welcome jsri. It really must be hard for you without “wonder wife”. One day at a time, and God will see you through it.

    Well, you are not going to believe me when I say this. I don’t read all the comments. To keep from getting aggravated, I am selective in the comments I read. Therefore I read mostly the “old timers” comments, and the not so old timers, whose views mirror mine. The rest does not pertain to me and does not concern me at all. That is how I deal with this site. I just find it offensive that some people come to a blog and show no respect to the hostesses. They are not people I would like to hang around with, whether they are on the internet or in my living room.

  205. Austin you still have time to vote! Don’t know your polling place ?

    Other news 30 minutes until SOTU . some reallllly good discussion going on @ #baracktalk come join the fun! :)

  206. Gee, thanks, Terri!

    And I’m really glad to see some of you dropping by over at partyandsoul. Come by any time!


  207. Hi, Cynthia – It’s hard to know where to begin with this garbage…

    The GOP actually “thinks” (??) that “sensitizing” people to the costs of health care is going to help them and their doctors make “smarter” medical decisions? What the hell is the “smarter” decision when you’re told that cataract surgery will cost you $6000.00? Deciding that you just can’t afford it, so will contentedly go blind? Is that the “smart” decision…? Maybe the “smart” decision is to become a citizen of some third world country, where surgeons from a group like Doctors Without Borders will take care of your cataract in twenty minutes, either for free or maybe for $15.00, if you can afford that much… Good god…

    Why the hell don’t they consider the possibility of “sensitizing” hospitals, doctors, big pharma, and the insurance companies to the fact that some of their incomprehensibly high charges are causing people to stay sick and die…? (Let me just add that I’ve had more medical treatment in the last two years than in the entire rest of my many decades. I’ve always received excellent care, and it seems to me that the actual providers themselves often are extremely sensitive to the financial burdens of their patients. And they’re frequently under plenty of financial and paperwork pressure themselves.)

    And the GOP doesn’t want to “force” people to pay for someone else’s abortion when it’s against their ethical “principles”…? Really? What if you have an ethical objection to appendix removal, or flu shots (as some people do)? Do they want to ask every taxpayer to fill out a list of medical treatments they personally find unacceptable, and make sure that nobody ever gets any of those, either? Surgery for diverticulitis? Not going to pay for that because I consider eating red meat immoral. Heart attack? Not going to pay for that, either, since you should have gone to the gym more often. Fell down and broke your leg after a Super Bowl party? Sorry – Drinking is a sin. Meds for depression or ADD or psychoses…? Nope; I believe those are punishments from the devil for your sins. But I will sit and pray with you for the lord’s forgiveness and mercy…

    So it’s the GOP’s brilliant idea that one group’s “morals” should determine what kind of medical treatment anyone in the country can receive – unless they’ve got the money to pay for it. This whole thing is TOTAL LUNACY, and a MUCH more alarming example of “government interference in citizens’ private lives” than ANYTHING in the ACA act.

    Talk about “sick”…! This “plan” beats all…


  208. And it just keeps coming! No war on women. Yeah, right

    Three Senate Republicans unveiled an alternative to Obamacare Tuesday, offering their party a path forward if the GOP is ever successful in its ongoing attempts to repeal the health care reform law.

    The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (H.R. 7), sponsored by Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), would prohibit insurance plans sold in the new health care exchanges from covering abortion, and it would eliminate tax benefits for small businesses that purchase insurance plans covering abortion. The bill would also prevent the District of Columbia from using its own locally raised funds to subsidize abortion care for low-income women.

    One of these days these may pass if we are not careful.


  209. Easier on January 27, 2014 at 10:59 PM

    Thank you for your kind words. It’s truly devastating losing the one who has been the core of your universe for more than 61 years but that’s also a part the totality of life.

    If I recall correctly, you are one of the earlier commenters on this site back in the time when we came here to sample Helen’s humorously skewed view of politics and to share comments from friends in very different parts of the country, and even beyond. I keep coming here hoping to recapture those moments but I fear that they are in danger of never being restored.

  210. Don’t forget to vote Austin! I know its cold but think of the consequences of staying home!

    Popping my popcorn for SOTU! ❤️My President.

  211. I think we all know what a talented writer Gato is. I encourage you to visit her wonderful blog to read more, you won’t be disappointed.

  212. I so look forward to your writing. You just get it better than most !!!! Keep doing it !!!!! Helen in 2016 !!!!!

  213. o, yes jsri…i’m amused because when my grands tell me with careful patience and i can see they r aggravated…”but it’s quantum science…” i always respond with…”so far” i keep saying we have learned X…so far…when i was a kid buck rogers was a the whole world is buck rogering all over the place. there is always more to learn, things we haven’t ‘found’ yet so nothing is so absolute that there isn’t room for, at least, conjecture.

  214. Pete Seeger died. There will be singing in heaven! I saw him on the Clearwater many years ago. He was part of cleaning up the Hudson River. We sang his songs around a campfire more than once. He will be missed!


  215. “Poor things up there in Alaska just waiting for Aunt Flo to fly in on a bomber from Russia…” Gem-quality, I tell ya, gem-quality.

  216. jsri, I have not been to this site for a while. Just got a hint about something awful happening to you when I read Auntie Jean’s comment and then Whirled spelled it. I am really sorry for your loss. We got to know your wonderful wife through your posts. What a big loss for you and your family. Please accept my sincere condolences.

  217. Just about to turn in for the night and decided to check if anything new has been posted. Thanks for the chuckle Helen and Margaret! You have been missed.

  218. Hi, Jsri – And god love you for finding the time, and the inclination, to post here these days. James is just going to continue to be James, here, enjoying this forum to convince himself that he’s right about everything, all the time. It’s apparently what he needs to do. We are tons more fun for him than some blog that would agree with him all the time!

    You might want to check out my blog at My most recent post is based on some of my posts here, and it’s about people who must be RIGHT all the time. You might like it; I hope you do.


  219. Whenever James starts claiming he has “proof “ supported by “facts”, stomachs churn. As one long retired from a field of science, I learned early on to question anyone who carelessly flings these words around. Scientific arguments are based on accumulated “evidence” because as soon as one lays claim to a “truth” or a “fact” such an idea is open to testing and re-evaluation and if evidence changes when new data is acquired or as new technologies come forth, these so-called “truths” or “facts” change, often dramatically. Proof, should may be reserved for scotch or hard liquor because, in the world of science, applications of these words are deemed slipshod or imprecise. Repeating identical opinions from different sources may be passed off as evidence but opinions are not proof of anything. It’s easy to deliberately misinterpret and misstate an opponent’s position and then declaring “I won”, but when using the words “truth” or “facts” as the basis of a rebuttal makes the “win” immediately suspect.

  220. Hi, Penom – Just say you agree with whatever, and that will be an end to it. James seems to be very… focused, shall we say.

    With you, and evidently Auntie Jean, in your eighties, I see that I have something to which I can look forward! (And not that far in the future, I might add.)

    I consolidated a few of my recent remarks here into a new post on my own blog, and I will take the liberty of giving you the address…

    It’s I’m not so good at linking, but I think if you type that in, you’ll find it.

    Thanks for being an inspiration!


  221. Guess I wound Dana up….Blowing Republicans!!!!!!…..
    James…James…James…don’t confuse Liberals with facts or truths…
    do I need to explain the other half of the condom writing joke(when they say NO, say I didn’t think so)(implies shortness)

  222. Hi Auntie Jean,

    Glad you liked Attraction.

    It was actually my Mrs idea. I told her about jsri’s wife passing and MsPeas knows how I like to make brief posts with a ‘thoughtful’ link, she suggested that.

    And believe me Jean, with every cold snap I think of taking you up on the invite to come and visit you out there in Hawaii. I lived in Fla for 25 years before moving back north and these bone-chilling temps are enough to make me run for the beach. :)

    As far as everyone else (you know who you are), sorry I didn’t get back to ‘youse guys’. I had soooo much more about the TeaParty but this new post brought that thread to an end. I’m sure we’ll have plenty more opportunities to wade into that fetid swamp. ;)

    Peace ~ Δ

  223. there can be five people present at the same time at the same event and one can obtain six different reviews of what happened. it’s a duplicate, so to speak, of ‘he said, she said’. have none of u ever been somewhere with a friend/partner and started telling what happened and the other looked at you and asked…were we at the same place? so, when james makes his declarations, it is thru his lens that he sees and when i make mine it is thru my lense that i see. what, to james, might be more of an attack on the democrats but to the rest of us is an obvious attack on women…is his lens. now that i’ve made such a reasonable argument…. lemme tell ya james…the republicans and the tea party are so blatantly anti female that it boggles the mind…including that moronic woman (there r some) whose name i have blessedly forgot and whose outrageous fairy tale i have also forgotten. lily ledbetter notwithstanding…every single move against choice has been repub/tp originated and pursued; the denial of food stamps, the plots to overturn any social program that helps mothers (pre school, after school, planned parenthood) has been viciously attacked by the repubs/tp: AND still they come…those old white men…to deny and accuse women, to lay fault at women’s feet. it takes two to tango and when the ‘father’ departs, who stays and fights for her child/ren? not him! no, sir. who is it that defaults on support? not her! she’s busting her tail trying to earn enuf (at less than he makes per hour) to feed her kids, do the laundry, keep the house in decent order, pay attention to the children and their medical and educational needs. where is he? out bragging he knocked her up? or hiding under a rock because the authorities r trying to find him to support his progeny. u have a grand daughter. u share in her upbringing. u share in her life. can u imagine what it’s like for one adult to try to do it all? can u possibly imagine what it is for a child to have one very tired, totally beset adult to turn to? o, james………….tsk tsk

  224. Most of you realize James is just here to play games with us. This “game” makes sense only to James. Personally I think he spent way too much time by himself making huge mountains out of something he should have learned by the time he entered high school. But, of course, it couldn’t be his fault so he created his own version of the event and accepted the comfortable position of Victim.

    Most of us realize we can make a freaken a$$hole of ourselves at times. We accept those times and move on trying not to repeat them. Others never realize it and continue to be one.

    Uncle Huckleberry as governor required insurance companies to include birth control in their policies. So why is he blaming Dems for the same thing? Why shouldn’t it be included? It benefits both the woman and the man in her life. I needed to ask why?

    “But like the original federal regulation proposed by Obama, the Arkansas law did not exempt church-affiliated hospitals and universities. It exempts only “religious employers” that are nonprofit organizations whose primary mission is “the inculcation of religious values,” and primarily employ people who share the same religion, a standard few Catholic hospitals meet.”


  225. Hi Gato,
    Loved your long post. Yes, I agree, Joe Biden is a national treasure. And yes, he sometimes sticks his foot in his mouth, but he is never malicious. He’s the genuine article.
    I totally get your point about talking with folks with different viewpoints, and I like to think I can be open-minded, but jeez, around here I sometimes feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall when trying to respond to a certain poster. But, that’s a mistake that is mine, and one of these days I hope I can remember to just let it go; although the condescending tone and the insistence that he is right just rubs me the wrong way.

  226. James –

    When someone calls you a name, whether it’s a pleasant or an unpleasant one, may I humbly suggest that the simplest, and most likely, conclusion that should be drawn from that statement is that he or she actually feels that way about you, for whatever reason. Whether or not the statement is “true” or “not true” can certainly be debated, but the only hard “fact” in the situation is that the person made the statement.

    For you to come to any other conclusion may be seen as strictly the result of your own creative interpretation – an interpretation that most always seems to lead you to yet another positive conclusion about yourself. That’s fine, of course, but does little to bolster your declared position that you are purely and simply a cool-headed fact checker who seeks nothing but pure and simple “truth.” Sadly, some might just as easily find your “conclusion” to demonstrate exactly the opposite: That you are much more interested in presenting yourself as ever-omniscient than you are in any truth-seeking at all!

    The same logic may be applied to your statement that some people have been “snookered.” Your simply saying that has no bearing, whatsoever, on whether or not the statement is “true.” (See first paragraph, above.) All it really tells anyone who is looking for real “facts” is that you said it.

    Were I to state that the sky is always a deep magenta on a sunny summer day, and then add that it must be true because I have “proven” it (and have several other “sources” who have also stated that the sky is magenta, and could find many more if I just had the time), would that make me correct…? Would you dare to disagree…?

    (And, by the way, your disagreement with my statement would not prove, in any way, that I had “won the argument”! Well, it wouldn’t, unless I were you…)

    I realize that you may find my opinion disappointing. I’m sure you won’t let it ruin your busy day!


  227. Good to see you back. Great post. I think you mean “fool-proof” not “full-proof”.

  228. Why, after reporters corrected themselves, did you not know Huckabee was ostensively criticizing Democrats and not women? Why did it take you so long to understand after the facts were presented? because, james, that’s your interpretation. it isn’t a thing to ‘know’, it is what YOU think. and i say what he said is…get a grip u females ’cause no one’s taxes r gonna pay for your libidinous behavior.

  229. i’m smiling…yes…just when i’m full of pleasure at being so smart or so intuitive or so anything, God taps me on the shoulder (w/some event in my life) and whispers, “shmuck.”

  230. I don’t have time to play today. When Lori calls me a boring troll, I know I have won the argument. My point was that you were snookered. The fact is that you were. So far, no one has answered these questions.

    Why, after reporters corrected themselves, did you not know Huckabee was ostensively criticizing Democrats and not women?

    Why did it take you so long to understand after the facts were presented?

  231. Hi, Cynthia – Now that’s an interesting question: Bill the family or the State…? And you wonder how the family’s (and the hospital’s) insurance companies will come down in this… Can’t imagine that there won’t be dozens of lawsuits coming. What a shame all around.

    This is a “perfect” example of how there just isn’t any “certainty,” no matter how much we humans think we can anticipate any and every possible way something could go… Whatever is ruled here, though, is bound to become precedence in the future. And then something else unforeseen will happen…

    Don’t mean to be pessimistic here! We – at least lots of us – do the best we can. It’s when one single-minded, obsessive, ideology is the ONLY thing considered (in this case, “protecting unborn children”), this is very likely the kind of thing we’ll get. In my own life, I often find myself hearing the Universe saying, “Oh, year? You’re so smart? What do you think about THIS?” And, HTG, it usually makes me laugh… Sometimes with delight, at a totally unexpected wonderful something that happens, but always with the acknowledgement of having been “found out,” and surprised, by forces at work much greater, more imaginative, and more creative than I.


  232. Cynthia, intetesting fact : the co author of the bill went public to say the hospital has misinterputed the law from the beginning. The law was never meant to be applied on this situation .

  233. The pregnant woman in Texas has been taken off the machines. This is a difficult situation for her family to have to go through. Hopefully they will find closure and peace. Very sad.

    And the hospital as well I suppose. I wonder if the hospital will bill her family or the state of Texas for her care these past two months.


  234. J.J. You’re right. The troll is such a douche. He is not only ignorant, he is so boring. Is there anything worse than a boring troll?

  235. Great post Margaret & Helen!

    This “James” person needs to get a life.

  236. Arrrggghhhhh… James, you just don’t get it. You are twisting what Huckabee said in a concerted effort to somehow condemn the Dems. I give up.

  237. Yes, Cynthia, Huff gave the same quote my other source did because it was true. Both writers said roughly the same thing. I could have given you many more citations. The fact is that reporters inaccurately told the story, corrected themselves, and many people didn’t realize what had happened. Huckabee was dumping on the Democrats, not women. I already told you I didn’t like his statement, but he was accusing Democrats of treating women that way. He was not describing women. Something is either true or untrue. That Huckabee was criticizing Democrats, not women is true.

    Check my sources, Jan. Then, do your own research. My miss- spelled words don’t change the facts.

    Terri, I don’t like the term “Uncle Sugar.” Our government spends money on most of us, not just women I support birth control aid for poor women. Therefore . I can’t give you something I don’t believe. Since you want an example, I give you Sandra Fluke. I don’t know her, but she doesn’t seem to have an out of control libido. Some people do think she is a symbol of our government’s spending too much on things it ought not be doing.

    With the implied presence of Sandra Fluke in the room, I think Huckabee parted the curtain on his own subconscious thoughts. He sounds like the creepy uncle who trades candy for a kiss on the upstairs landing. That’s what should anger you.

    . I already wrote Huckabee’s comments were stupid. Men and woman have equally diverse lives and ideologies. The Democrats’ patronizing assumption is that they speak for all women. For example, they tend to denigrate pro – life people when the numbers of pro- choice and pro- life women are about evenly split. They also imply through “Julia” etc that their paternalism will care for women because they can’t make it on their own. .

    They also take advantage of comments like Huckabee’s to portray Republicans as regressive prudes and that Democrats are their champions when the White House can’t even pay women an equal salary as of a couple of years ago.

    Republicans are helping them win the PR battle through their inept heavy- handed cluelessness. Huckabee handed the Democrats a gift they will use to inflame emotions. More disturbing is that so many people didn’t realize they were duped into believing Huckabee said something he didn’t. It is another sign the Democrats are winning the debate. They are surely happy so many people are reacting to something which didn’t happen.


  238. Hi, Terri – Let me just start by saying that Joe Biden can get his foot out of his mouth faster, and with more grace and humor, than anyone else on the planet! (I LOVE THE VPOTUS!!)

    That noted, it seems somehow “unkind” to expect Huckleberry, or Christie, or Rand the Paul, or even our own James, to be able to achieve the same unassailable pinnacle. But, HTG, you’d think they might at least TRY to do a LITTLE better, wouldn’t you? Inevitably, a story about the “clarification” of remarks they made, on average, about thirty-four minutes before they started “clarifying,” follows hard upon their original utterances. (Actually, James seems to have studied more in the “If three sources won’t convince you, I have seven more just like them that certainly will” school of clarification.) If you can’t be “clear” about what you’re saying in the first place, why bother saying it at all…?

    Have you ever come across anyone in your real life who just had to be “right” all the time? (I actually married someone who was much like more like that than he is these days, I can assure you…) I’m not talking about someone with a strongly-held POV, even one that is bolstered by any number of “facts” and “sources.” I’m talking about someone who makes it very clear that his or her entire view of the Universe and its functioning, and where he or she stands in that Universe, would be totally obliterated by having to say, even once, something like, “I’m not really sure,” or “You have an interesting point there,” or even, “Hey… How should I know?”

    In any disagreement, two of my loved one’s most frequently summoned phrases used to be (1) “If you knew the facts, you’d agree with me,” and (2) “Everybody agrees that…” Only rarely would he fall back on, “I just can’t waste my time with you on this any more right now; I have to clip my nails/blow my nose/go see if the mail’s come yet/check my emails/scratch my backside.” After years of my reacting to any of these phrases in a loud, insistent, and distinctly unladylike fashion, he finally let them go. (For my part, I did make a concerted effort not to snort, roll my eyes, or whisper “What a revolting slime ball” under my breath, when certain pundits appeared on a certain faux news channel…) Neither concession has changed either of our opinions, but it’s certainly made for a less contentious shared life.

    But we don’t always have the opportunity to put such effort into many of the more casual encounters in our lives, nor are many of those efforts really worth making, frankly. The older I get, the more comfortable I am with the notion that I actually do not know EVERYTHING (although I know plenty); that I CAN be incorrect from time to time, and that nobody dies, not even myself, when I just admit that. And it can save so much time and energy!

    Real “facts” are, it seems to me, few and far between. Is the proverbial glass half full, or half empty? And, in reference to Penom’s wonderful analogy, is the person who only eats ten cookies really “on a diet,” because someone else ate thirty-four…? Yes, and no. Ten cookies can seem like a “diet” to one person, and like wanton indulgence to someone else who’s never eaten more than two at a time.

    Ideologies, religions, economic theories, moralities, and a whole lot of other Big Things, are based on hunches, opinions, and feelings – and our backgrounds. But our culture gives little credence to any of those things, so we have to look for some other justification, and we seem to especially like “facts” for that purpose. These days, the number and variety of available “facts” are practically immeasurable. We happily pick and choose the “facts” we think will be most useful in supporting our points of view, or taking down someone else’s. And then we argue about whose “facts” are the best. (Of course, we don’t know any more about that than we do about any number of other things, but it rarely slows us down…)

    We struggle endlessly for proof of a certainty that, it seems to me, has never existed, and never will. I have never seen any real “certainty” anywhere in the natural world. There are plenty of very likely probabilities, and a world of potentials, but I am hard-pressed to think of any “natural law” that has functioned precisely the same, without fail, in every single case. Why would any of us think that only we, in the midst of all this, would find any “certainty”?

    It seems to me that life is much more like a Zen parable than it is like fundamentalist dogma…

    But, as I’m well aware, that’s just my opinion, isn’t it?


  239. This Huckabee nonsense is just more of the same old conservative crap about putting women back in ‘their place,’ the home. We women are having nothing of it, his idiotic comment just means more votes for our candidates. And while they are trying to take us all back to the nineteen forties and fifties, I want it known, I am not giving up my automatic washer/dryer, my dishwasher, or my microwave. While the pill and IUD might have liberated my performance in the bedroom, and I don’t recall any complaints at the time, my timesaving appliances freed up my time so I could go out into the world. Men need to accept responsibility for their own lives and quit trying to gas light women, we are not the cause of your problems. And to our allies, the strong masculine liberal men we married, I want to say thank you for being a part of our lives, I love you.

  240. […] Uncle Sugar meets Aunt Flo. […]

  241. “… victims of their gender …”
    Interesting choice of words.

  242. James,
    Please provide an example of a Democrat calling on “Uncle Sugar” to assist women in controlling their out of control libidos. I’ll wait. The man’s comments were stupid and untrue, so don’t try to obscure the real issue with diversions about which media commentators misrepresented his comments.
    Also, please remember that it was Obama who passed the Lily Ledbetter act in spite of the GOP’s opposition.

  243. Democrats tell women ‘they cannot control their bodies with the government
    “The Huff Post “Mike Huckabee. “Democrats tell women ‘they cannot control their bodies with the government”.” – James

    (We may not speed read but we know to read the article for info not just the headline. Huffpo gave the same quote your source gave.)

    “Our party stands for the recognition of the equality of women and the capacity of women,” Huckabee told his audience at the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting in downtown Washington. “That’s not a war on them. It’s a war for them. And if the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control, because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it.” – Huffington Post

    “Huckabee told GOP leaders on Thursday that women are “outraged” when Democrats paint them as nothing but “victims of their gender.”

    “Women I know are outraged that Democrats think that women are nothing more than helpless and hopeless creatures whose only goal in life is to have the government provide for them birth control medication,” he said. “Women I know are smart, educated, intelligent, capable of doing anything that anybody else can do.” “- Huffington Post

    What states/party are/is teaching “abstinence only”, no biological reproductive info, attempting to outlaw many forms of reliable bc, or making a legal procedure almost impossible in many states because women are not capable of making those decisions for themselves? The Gasping Old Perverts party that’s who.


  244. May I also comment that while the right wing is screaming about organizations or the government paying for women’s birth control, they are overlooking the fact that health coverage through their employment is in lieu of part payment for doing that job. Therefore, I would say that the company or the government is not paying for that birth control, the woman herself is paying for it. We are just saying the insurance company should not be discriminating on the basis of gender/ sex.

  245. I just discovered this blog, but I have to comment to James that if he wants to educate other readers, he should cut out the misspellings. It is hard to take someone seriously if he cannot spell a simple word. Also, some of us are obviously older than he is and has seen more history and have more perspective on these subjects. I doubt very much if he lived through the misogyny of the 70s etc. To see it rise again is very irritating to those of us of the female persuasion.

  246. HI, again, Penom – At this point, “Lawdee, lawdee” is probably the perfect response… Rather predictably, several more sources were brought to bear, before (also rather predictably) what might have been an even more detailed “rebuttal” could be mounted, due to the clarion call of grandfatherly duties. (I gotta remember to thank that little girl sometime!)

    When somebody has so much personally invested in being absolutely, totally, one hundred percent, unquestionably “right” about something – or about everything – there comes a point at which looking toward the heavens and/or leaving the fray are the only reasonable options. (And, yes, you will hear that “leaving the argument” is the last refuge of the ill-informed… But, hey! Wait a minute! I don’t think you’re the one who had to “go to Omaha,” are you…???)

    At any moment, I expect to be told that, according to The Daily Caller, Moses has descended once again from the mountaintop, carrying a new stone tablet that says, “James is correct. About everything, forever and ever. Amen.”


  247. a wrong is a wrong is a wrong. the fact that u also commit the wrong doesn’t make me right. i.e. if the dems don’t pay women equally with men, they are just as wrong as huckabee is in his statements. that always drove me nuts. if i accuse u of eating 10 cookies and claiming u r on a diet, the fact that i ate 32 cookies doesn’t change a bloody thing. u still ate the 10 cookies and claimed u were on a diet. period. it’s like if ur late to a meeting and, gasping, explain…”i had a flat tire on the way here…” and someone else says, “o, that’s nothing, i had two flat tires last week.” ok, so now there are three flat tires and not one of them relieved any of the others. what does that mean? (eyes rolling ceilingward) lawdee lawdee

  248. Richard, that comment about circular firing squads is almost good enough to be posted on court house walls. I sometimes wonder how a variety of Republicans manage to find their way home at night.

  249. I don’t have time to look up more citations, because we are preparing to return to Omaha and our grand daughter. Later, if you want.

    You can do some research. The Obama White House, for example doesn’t pay all women as much as the men, or it didn’t in 2012. A female Colorado legislator countered a Democratic resolution criticizing the Republicans’ war on women by adding an amendment supporting equal pay for women in the White House.

    Forbes “The Republican War on Women is a Fiction of the Liberal Media Elite. 11/2/2012.

    You will probably disagree with its conclusions, but you can double check with other sources.

    Pay attention to Huckabee’s latest tempist. See if liberal commentators use it as an other example of the Republican war on women when in reality it was a really dumb comment by a man who was pandering to conservative crowd Such people do not represent all of the Republican Party though Democrats would like us to believe they do.

    The same process is ongoing when Democrats portray the Tea Party as something it is not. Republicans do the same to manipulate us into voting for them.

  250. Democrats can have no greater allies than Republicans who can’t resist a circular firing squad

  251. PENOM, I saw the comment too. Yes, the man is a fool.

    Here is the quote.

    “And if the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them from a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then, so be it. Lets take that discussion all across America, because women are far more than Democrats make them out to be.” DC Decolder Peter Grier a Christian Science Monitor editor.

    The Huff Post “Mike Huckabee. “Democrats tell women ‘they cannot control their bodies with the government”.

    David Weigal of Slate Magazine was there and taped the comment which he quoted in his post.

    The two reporters who misunderstood and started the uproar admitted their mistakes. Others manipulated people to inflame anger ahead of the next election.

    Many of you were had.

  252. james…democrats ‘also’ pander to women? who panders to women? o, wait…it must b the TP, right? i’m gettin’ really annoyed.

  253. Well said, Penom – And brace yourself for an extensive reply and a detailed “justification.” Despite occasional proclamations to the contrary, James apparently builds his life on a foundation of being “right,” and knowing the “truth” about pretty much everything. Not an easy job, and one that requires constant vigilance!

    And now Rand Paul is busying himself with trying to “clarify” his recent remarks about how unmarried women with one child “probably” shouldn’t have any more. It’s pretty hard to make any reasonable argument denying the interconnection among being an unmarried woman, having many children, and living in poverty, because it’s statistically clear that those things do impact one another. Of course, every woman has the “right” to have as many children as she wants; but, as we all know, having a “right” doesn’t mean the exercise of it is a good idea in certain circumstances. (See: “Gun rights,” or “Second Amendment rights,” for example.)

    You’d think, given Paul’s contention, that he’d feel that easy access to affordable birth control would be a “right,” too, wouldn’t you…?


  254. no, james, u have not demonstrated anything other than we disagree…which is just fine. if you cannot see the total insult to women (and to intelligent, sensitive men) in huckabee’s statement(s) then we could never get together on this. i would think, i am surprised that you don’t, see the insult. u r intelligent and, i thought, sensitive. how anyone, ANYONE, can possibly believe that women are less able to make their own health choices than men are to make theirs is beyond me, frankly. the same women this society leaves the rearing of our future to, the same women who run households which includes their financial activities and health care…are considered unable to determine when to have a child and when to use birth control?

  255. lolllllllllllll, no, auntie jean, i am 83…so we r the same oldth. i type as i do in rebellion. as an old english major, as an author, as one brought up by strict new englanders, i rebel…i do not spell nor do i punctuate nor will i except when it is essential (like submitting a mss or article or when it is imperative that there be no misunderstanding at all). as for texting, for me that is a dirty word. when daughter and i enjoy our weekly ‘girls’ night out’ if she takes out that terrible ithing, i glare and it gets shoved out of sight immediately. i’m here now, with you, take advantage of that or let’s go our separate ways. when ur ready to njoy my company, it will b w/o that damned iphone or ipad or iwotever.

  256. u know uncle sugar pays not only for viagra but insurance companies pay for…lol, senior moment here…vasectomies. don’t u see? these men cannot conceive, carry and deliver and then sustain life. it’s the only thing women can do that men cannot. it drives some of the batshit nuts. (no pun intended)

  257. whoa james. i heard what huckabee said myself. on TV. (on abc, as a matter of fact) no one had to interpret that for me. the man is a fool. uncle sugar? what the hell is that? does he deny saying uncle sugar? no, this time u cannot blame those networks u don’t like. i heard precisely what he said, which was precisely reported on msnbc programs that i watched. no, james. the man hasn’t a clue. none. u wanna point out dishonesty or mistakes in reporting? go for it, i’ll b right there w/you. but not this one, james…this one i heard myself. i turned to my partner to ask him if he heard what i did and he was still sitting with his mouth open and an expression of confusion on his face. and this guy (my partner) graduated two major universities and built a highly successful career. so he isn’t a dope. like huckabee. sheesh! u can do better than that, james.

  258. Searching for Uncle Sugarman was a good (although inaccurate) documentary.

  259. Mageen, we had a 50 degree temperature early this morning, and by after noon we are supposed to have snow squalls, 60MPH wind gusts, and a temperature falling to -7 tonight. We have had several fifty to sixty degree temperature swings with wind gusts as high as 67MPH this month with drought conditions..

    Democrats also pander to women and minorities. They just do it differently.

    At least, your genealogy shows some notables. Mine has Vikings, Sami, and witch craft trials. However,most of the women were not shrinking violets.

    Tacitus wrote that a Sami woman prepared a hammock in her tent. Then she gave birth,. wrapped the baby in fur and put it in the hammock. Others were there to watch the baby, so after a few hours rest, she joined her husband in a reindeer hunt.

  260. Dear porch dwellers, greeting from the frozen South. In the past few days we have hit temps that registered us as colder than Bismark!!! Believe me, that was not our ambition! As for Huck’s truly dumb comments, they are not unusual. He is following in the footsteps of certain other pols and wannabe pols in his party. There is apparently a tremendous fear of women, especially as competitors in any domain. Historical? Yes. See Salem witch trials. What the churchmen were after was really the assets these women had such as land. It was nothing more than gender genocide. We women are very aware of these historical events and in this day and age, we actually thought we would never see such attitudes again but OMG there they are! And yes, we will defend ourselves and our daughters and grand-daughters.

    And what the heck is this about the French? Golly Moses! As a pup I went
    back and forth with my family to my father’s hometown in Canada and I picked up the language enough to communicate my needs in a restaurant or yell for help. My geneology also revealed that on my mother’s side I am related to the wife of the Marquis de Lafayette, a women who stuck like glue to her husband no matter what he went through. Ten to one if anyone even hinted at her libido, the Marquis would have challenged himto a duel and won.

  261. Clayo, I agree. it seems Huckabee’s underlying attitude is rigid. I know little about the subject, but if Viagra is subsidized so should women who need it get help for birth control etc. Double standards are unfair.

    As I wrote, the song “I shot the Sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy vaguely applies.

  262. First, I don’t agree with Huckabee’s social views, and I wouldn’t vote for him. I think his comment was just plain dumb. He should have criticized the Democratic party in a less inflammatory However, for so many people to react so emotionally to an error is disturbing.

    Gato, Terri, etc. I am very careful about researching something because if what I write is wrong, people will tell me. I learned in grad school and college classes to document everything from right and left. I also learned that if someone attacked one of my sources, I had others in reserve.

    I have to multi- task sometimes

    Had you read the Daily Caller, you would have known about the mistake. The Daily Caller quoted the Washington Post, and I later quoted the BBC. A blogger I cited posed a time line with actual tweets from the reporters as they got it wrong and then with their corrections. One was on television with Andrea Mitchel as the story unfolded.

    I also heard with my own ears what Huckabee said . Two reporters did too and got it wrong. They corrected themselves. People with an agenda repeated the error for their political advantage.

    I HAVE demonstrated that many here were duped because they heard what they wanted to hear.

    Just like Emily Litella,

  263. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Penny, before I get too distracted I want to mention that it looks like you can text. I admire you for that! Our kids and grandkids do it all the time. I wish I could. I can usually read it but I haven’t learned how to write it – - – yet. But then I am much older than you. I’m 84.

    Also Peas, Ole Buddy, I have always enjoyed your brief posts and fascinating links. You are one of my favorite computer geniuses here! You make it look so easy. I don’t know how or where you manage to find the links. As you know, we have invited you, your wife and cat to move in with us so we can have an in-resident technology expert, but so far you haven’t taken us up on it. The offer still stands. We will feed you and do your laundry too! Your cat can hobnob with the neighborhood felines while your wife and I do silly girl talk.

    My husband and I especially loved your link on 1/23/14 @ 3:49PM of the “2013 in Review” post here. It’s about “Attraction” – The semi-finals on “Britain’s Got Talent”. If anyone here hasn’t watched it, it’s well worth tracking down. It is by far one of the most artistic expressions we have seen in a long time. Soooooo creative!!!! We have sat here and watched it 3-4 times. That’s a keeper going into our personal memorabilia file.

    Thanks. It is always good to “see” you.

    Lastly, jsri, I’m glad you could take a little time off from this, undoubtedly one of the most difficult experiences by far of your life. Just know we are here for you. Hang in there dear friend.

    Nighty-night, everyone.

    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

  264. Hi Congenial Gang,

    penny, before I get too distracted I want to mention that it looks like you can text. I admire you for that! Our kids and grandkids do it all the time. I wish I could. I can usually read it but I haven’t learned how to write it – - – yet. But then I am much older than you. I’m 84.

    Also Peas, Ole Buddy, I have always enjoyed your brief posts and fascinating links. You are one of my favorite computer geniuses here! You make it look so easy. I don’t know how or where you manage to find the links. As you know, we have invited you, your wife and cat to move in with us so we can have an in-resident technology expert, but so far you haven’t taken us up on it. The offer still stands. We will feed you and do your laundry too! Your cat can hobnob with the neighborhood felines while your wife and I do silly girl talk.

    My husband and I especially loved your link on 1/23/14 @ 3:49PM of the “2013 in Review” post here. It’s about “Attraction” – The semi-finals on “Britain’s Got Talent”. If anyone here hasn’t watched it, it’s well worth tracking down. It is by far one of the most artistic expressions we have seen in a long time. Soooooo creative!!!! We have sat here and watched it 3-4 times. That’s a keeper going into our personal memorabilia file.

    Thanks. It is always good to “see” you.

    Lastly, jsri, I’m glad you could take a little time off from this, undoubtedly one of the most difficult experiences by far of your life. Just know we are here for you. Hang in there dear friend.

    Nighty-night, everyone,

    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

  265. Emily Litella

  266. James – “Leftists and Democcrats” have no monopoly on “feigning rage,” and THAT’s a “truth” you have NOT demonstrated. (Not all young black men can play great basketball, either, BTW…)

    And I do wish you’d stop telling us how relatively careless you can be when you are not “writing for money.” Makes me wonder how careful you are in your research if you are playing with your granddaughter while putting together your broadly-documented opinions… (And that’s what they are: Your opinions.)

    But maybe you consider yourself to be a fabulous multi-tasker, as well as a speed reader and fast typist… Could be! I, myself, find that concentrating on one thing at a time usually produces better, and more thoughtful, results.


  267. James, we all heard with our own ears what he said. I, for one, don’t need anybody interpreting it or analyzing it for me. And jsri is right, the Daily Caller is a rightwing rag.

  268. to me, it sounds like he is really angry about women having the freedom to enjoy our natural libido, bodies, youth, personal private choices, and freedom to plan our families with affordable birth control. So what is his take on Viagra, its affordability, availability, insurance coverage for same? Does Uncle Sugar pay for Viagra?

  269. jsri, I speed read and I type fast. I also rarely proof- read when no one is paying me to write.Sometimes, I am talking on the phone or when we are with her, entertaining our grand daughter.

    Daily Caller is in my opinion as credible as MSNBC or Daily Kos. Maybe if people read a variety of sources they wouldn’t be duped as Emily Latella was on Saturday Night Live.

    If something is true, other sources will report it also. The BBC News Echo Chambers “Huckabee draws fire, women, libidos, and conservative nazis.”

    “The initial media firestorm was based on a misquote of what Mr. Huckabee said. Several news correspondents,such as CNN’s Dana Bash said that it was Mr. Huckabee who thought that women couldn’t control their sex drives. Although the record was later corrected, that didn’t stop the story from going viral.”

    The Corner “Time Line of Huckabee Hysteria.”The media was quick to jump on Mike Huckabee’s remarks…quick enough to misinterpret what he said, correct it and then continue on as if the story hadn’t really changed.”

    Dana Bash’s first tweet is displayed. Kasie Hunt of NBC News spoke to Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC Live from the meeting.They didn’t discuss the speech. Dash corrected her earlier tweet, but Hunt later repeated the erroneous tweet. Dash corrected her tweet three times. Hunt corrected herself a few minutes before she rejoined Andrea Mitchel on the air.

    This is a fine example of manipulation. Leftists and Democrats feign outrage because they know Huckabee has given them a late Christmas present. They continue to act as if Huckabee was directing his statement toward women when he was attacking Democrats. Obviously, someone hit him with a stupid stick, but his enemies are pillorying him with a false narrative.

    People should direct their anger not at his attack on Democrats but his implication that people who use birth control are slutty. At least, that is how I interpreted it.

    This fits the song, I shot the Sheriff, (but I did not shoot the deputy) performed by Bob Marley and by Eric Clapton.It discusses guilt and innocence in the same context that I believe Huckabee is innocent of the charge
    but guilty of what has gone largely unnoticed.

    That is the truth as I have demonstrated.

    I’ve already told you why I “come” here.

  270. Thanks Auntie Jean. Its actually a button designed for “The unruly mob: ” rally being held in Austin today. I’m sorry I can’t give props to the designer, but hopefully they won’t mind if I spread the word! LOL

    You might remember when Wendy Davis was filibustering the anti choice bill being pushed through the TX congress , the Republican caucus referred to her supporters as ” the unruly mob.” Wellllll they are back in Austin this weekend holding a rally to highlight the problems this legislation has caused women …. Especially poor women.

  271. Mais, non! Pas du tout!! I love France, and my best ancestors were from Alsace. (I’m sure they always leaned toward the French side of things, rather than the German… Although I have German ancestors, too.)

    I think the frogs are related more to the frogs we (so heartlessly) “dissected” in high school science class…

    Més amitiés!


  272. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Gato, are you by any chance taking a swipe at people with a French heritage with you frog analogy? For shame.

    lori, LOVE your new Avatar. I’m one of those too.

    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

  273. Hi, Poolman – The recent shoot-down of “net neutrality” is another step along this slippery path. It will now be painfully obvious that the ISPs, honoring the wishes of their sponsors, of course, can pick and choose what we should be accessing on the web. They don’t even care about trying to be “subtle” any more… Perhaps that fact is the most disheartening of all.

    You know the story of the two frogs in two pots of water? One frog was tossed into a pot of boiling water. Naturally, she jumped right back out immediately. The other frog was put into a pot of tepid water. The temperature was slowly… very slowly… increased, and the frog didn’t even notice any change until it was too late, and she was thoroughly boiled.

    The temperature is rising…


  274. Thank you Helen and Margaret!

    While I think the uncle-sugar crap and the swipe at cannot-control-their-libido horsepunky deserves the Pffft!s it is getting here and elsewhere, some of the rest of what Mr Huckabee said is of as much interest as what was included here.

    “Our party stands for the recognition of the equality of women and the capacity of women. That’s not a war on them; it’s war for them.”

    “Republicans don’t have a war on women,” Huckabee said. We’re having a war for women. To empower them to be something other than victims of their gender.”

    Read more: Huckabee: GOP Waging ‘War For Women’ |

    Soooo…he’s proposing that the GOP is a meaningful ally as relates to issues faced by American women? Really?
    Am I seeing this correctly- that the GOP sees them as victims of their gender if they have insurance which has to cover birth control? Even if they choose not to avail themselves of this insurance benefit, they are victims of their gender merely because the benefit is available?
    Ignoring his gratuitous swipe at Dems, aren’t we looking at the age old Madonna and the whore dealie right here?

    And no, Poolman- this is an important and relevant divide, not a pretty bauble to keep folks’ minds off other things. Mr Huckabee may be a doof , along with so many other so-called conservative voices on this set of subjects, but the set itself is fundamental to our community existence.

  275. Apparently the Mike Huckabees of this world DO fulfill their intended purpose, one of keeping us occupied arguing among ourselves regarding known divide issues always brought on by corporate media shills in order to distract the population from present and real threats by the state. ‘Hot button’ issues garner plenty of attention and have amassed devotees

    Not too many are getting real news from the popular media outlets to chew on, and there is plenty of real to be had. But you won’t find much real truth among these corporate media propaganda sources. Their corporate allegiances and biases are well-documented. Their record’s abysmal and rife with lies and censorship. ALL of it has to be government approved before it can be broadcast. Obviously the fourth estate has been hijacked long ago.

    It is a most depressing thing to watch this once great nation slowly rot from the inside. Folks are in denial or reluctant to realize that there is no political solution to be had.

  276. Hi, Sue – I don’t believe Medicare pays for oral “ED” medications, unless the “dysfunction” is proven to be a side-effect from taking some other drug. Different insurance policies may well have different policies, perhaps depending on the number of male “adjusters” it employs…

    Now that I think about it, one could just as easily make a case that the state of erection itself is the actual “dysfunction,” since it is not the prevalent condition of the male apparatus, at least not in a majority of cases, no matter what some guy may tell you. The equipment is designed primarily, biologically, to “rise to the occasion” (so to speak) of possible procreation, not just to make the possessor of said organ feel good. Or, at least that seems to have been the original intention. Were it not, one would think that a permanent state of erection (or at least one lasting more than the famous and often secretly-desired “four hours”) would be the goal, rather than an alarming situation that should be brought to the immediate attention of a medical provider.

    (Oh, dear… I hope I haven’t given anyone any ideas…!)

    I’ve never understood the “two people in separate bathtubs” campaign, either. And I can’t help but notice that, inevitably, the ads suggest that it is practically a man’s god-given DUTY, as a REAL MAN, to be always “ready” to respond to any shyly expressed desire for that erection – a self-sacrificing and noble act of permanent preparedness and the ability to comply with someone else’s uncontrollable libidinous yearnings, whenever they may appear… It’s really just an act of generosity and compassion, isn’t it?


  277. what a great post! it really is about punishing women for enjoying sex. i am 64, one of 10 kids in an irish catholic family. my mother almost died with her last pregnancy , a placenta previa, but because it was a catholic hospital no abortion. so that would have left 9 motherless kids. but huckabees and their ilk don’t care about children. they really don’t care about unborn children. they care about keeping their boots on the necks of women.

  278. By: catseternalp on January 24, 2014 at 10:02 PM – That idiotic meme was beaten to death by right wingers following the hearing involving Sandra Fluke and her testimony regarding Conscience Clause exceptions. The case Ms. Fluke cited, for which she was roundly pilloried, was similar to the one about your daughter you referred to in your post.

    By: James on January 25, 2014 at 8:29 AM – I’m not sure how you “site” sources, I thought siting was how you positioned property. Also, to use Tucker Carlson’s rag, The Daily Caller, as a source of support may work on some websites you frequent but is a red flag on this one. I still don’t understand why you come here.

    By: gatodicima on January 25, 2014 at 7:55 AM – Great idea for as bumper sticker. Seeing one might get me away from grinding my teeth every time I see one of those irritating ED commercials on TV.

  279. I believe Viagra is paid for by the insurance carriers. I’ve never understood why that’s okay but birth control isn’t. If God intended for men to have an erection there would be no need for Viagra.

  280. i rightly or wrongly sense criticism from Gato because I site sources which support my views when others do not or can not.. Here is another. The Daily Caller “Media blames Huckabee (Not the media) for mix-up. Jan 24. Matt K. Lewis compared an Obama statement during the campaign with Hucklbee’s. The Romney campaign edited Obama’s comment to make it look worse than it was. A similar thing happened with Hucklbee.

    Dana Bash and Kasie Hunt got it wrong. “You might expect a politician like Romney to play fast and loose with the truth in his campaign ads, but journalists are supposed to hold politicians accountable when they to that–not contribute to the confusion themselves…In fairness, both reporters eventually tweeted corrections, but as the Post notes, Democrats distributed the comments far and wide, rehashing the so called GOP ‘war on women’, and accusing Huckabee” of being like Todd Aiken.

    Male politicians need to be careful when discussing such issues, and Hucklbee stupidly put his foot in it. He clumsily accused Democrats of doing what the reporters wrongfuly put on him. Democrats turned it against him because it makes a good campaign issue.

    However, ” We all make mistakes, but I’d like to see a little more coverage about the perils of mainstream media outlets getting it so painfully wrong on Twitter. What about their responsibility?”.

    Jean rhetorically asked if this has anything to do with the next elections? It is one of the best questions on the thread, because its true. Both sides and the press are trying to manipulate us.

    I am too busy to check in today,So long.

  281. Great post and very humorous.

    Uncle Huck and his wife planned the number of children they were bringing into this world. Otherwise, they would be the Duggars. He hasn’t any credibility because his beliefs change to remain aligned with the Tea Party.

    Mike time to sit your old butt down.

  282. Hi, Auntie Jean –

    Or, to put it another way:


    (I sense a bumper sticker coming on…)


  283. Dear Helen and Margaret,

    I kinda thought Huckabee’s remarks would get a rise out of you. Yep. This is one of your best posts ever! And a kajillion other people think so too.

    I think “libido” is a pretty big word for such a little man as Huckabee. Most Real Men beyond the age of puberty may or may not eat Quiche, but only the Huckabees of the world consult their friendly neighborhood politician or clergyman before embarking on their sexual adventures into adulthood. That is in order to see – (how does the saying go?) – “if it’s right for them”. Real Men are mature enough by then to think beyond the bulge in their wallets or in their pants.

    However, to my knowledge there is only one instance of a Virgin Birth on record. I understand it takes two to produce a pregnancy. But then I have not read the Bible nor the U.S. Constitution lately with their myriad later interpretations and/or Amendments. Excuse me while I go get caught up on what they have to say about “Birth Control.”

    Uh, none of this would have anything to do with the 2014 or 2016 elections, would it?

    As always, thank you M&H for your thought provoking posts.

    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

  284. No doubt F***abee enjoys his insurance coverage for penis pumps.

  285. Great post, as always. Shared it on FB, and glad to read you again.

  286. WRT B&H Infanticide: Where are the Billy Goats Gruff when you need them?

    Shark week–I love it! Although not enough to wish I had to worry about it again. Been there, done that.

    Soooooo tired of the “free birth control” meme….all I ever wanted was to be able to merely pay a copay for it, like my antibiotics, blood pressure medicine, statins, etc. instead of having to pay through the nose. During the 90s when my family was existing on one inadequate salary, I took my daughter to the doctor because I thought she was suffering from a hormonal imbalance. The doctor said she was, and prescribed the Pill, but it was very expensive, especially for our budget. She realized what a chunk it was carving out and eventually said that’s ok, Mom, I can get along without them. Years later she was diagnosed with PCOS, and takes oral contraceptives so that one or both of her ovaries don’t blow up. Fortunately her employer doesn’t care what prescriptions she gets with her quite adequate insurance coverage.

  287. […] Here’s a taste: […]

  288. Margaret and Helen, you are darlins’! Now will somebody tell me how to clean the spilled coffee completely out of my brand new keyboard!

    Keep on keeping on!

  289. Hi, Dana – We always want to respond to the cantankerous ones, even though we know it never does any good, don’t we? I have NO IDEA what someone like UAW might be after, other than attention – and, lord knows, I’ve done my share of responding. And it was always a bad idea on my part, no matter how clever I was.

    It’s so hard to just hit “Delete” when we want to rail…

    Well, rail away… There will always be someone here to hear you. UAW, and some others, are only here to provoke. They generally provide nothing much more than some web stuff that makes them look reasonable.

    There’s an old saying about kids… “Children would rather be praised than reprimanded, but they’d rather be reprimanded than be ignored.”


  290. I love everything you post.

  291. Oh and UAW? I don’t know what planet you’re on, but on mine, Earth, condoms break, and stupid men sometimes refuse to use them and plow right on in anyway. Is it all right with you if we have some backup without having to pay $80 a month or so? Especially if we’re that one unfortunate individual who has to get the special new formulation because none of the other ones work?

    Oh wait, why am I asking a man for permission to police my own lady-bits. I bet he’s got no problem with other people paying for his heart attacks, though.

  292. I blew some Republican’s tiny little mind today (no, not that way) when I pointed out that if you buy insurance, you are NOT just paying for yourself, but for everyone in your insurance pool. Because they tried telling me that when you buy insurance it’s only paying for your own care. If this is what’s voting in elections, I don’t wanna play anymore, Mommy.

  293. Love your blog!! This post is awesome.

  294. Wonderful! I’m going to pass this one on!

  295. That’s all ya got UAW? You’re just gross. I don’t think you need to worry about anyone’s libido, at least vis-a-vis you. What are you doing here anyway if you think Margaret is stupid? Go away, moron!

  296. another day and another stupid post by Helen….
    wondering if she ever got the hang of “installing” a condom or did he have to do that…..and has she ever read the writing on the end…..Muslims started using goat intestines before the 16th century—–in the 18th century the British improved on this practice by butchering the animal first…..

    Didn’t know that the government ever paid for Viagra, but if it was for Raynaud’s Syndrome I don’t see a problem…..let me know if the government does cover it and is it something that is just starting with Obamacare that the Dems voted for and the Repubs voted against..(Damn that Harry and Nancy for giving out free viagra)

  297. The way I read his remarks, he was suggesting that women control their libidos… and say NO to sex. Does that include wives saying no to their husbands?

    And what about men controlling their libidos? Will they be understanding when their womenfolk say no, not tonight, not tomorrow, not any time soon. I have to control my libido because we don’t want any more kids, right? And birth control is bad and unRepublican.

  298. Awesome!

  299. M&H – thanks for keeping us laughing under the circumstances, always! Here in Ft Worth, I am definitely in the minority with my liberal-ness. I am so hoping that we can vote Wendy in so she can bring some reason to our poor poor State of/in Texas. Pretty Boy Rick and his minions – some of which are running for his office now – are hoping to continue to keep us girls barefoot and pregnant, their only way to try to control us. Gato and others, y’all keep on talking too….you are so much better at it than me.

    As to the poor pregnant woman here in FW, wow, I am just glad it is not me or my family having to make such a decision. It must have been gut-wrenching to even try to carry out her wishes to begin with much less have it become a public political issue. In Texas of all places! Sad, sad, sad. We lost our son 18 mos ago. After a life time of kidney disease and thru 2 transplants, he died at home all alone. I say of a broken heart. By the time his wife got home from being out with her boyfriend and the kids all day, Son was gone. What if she had arrived a few hours earlier to catch him just before he died? Would we have had the courage to unplug him later? I don’t know. Our lives are irrevocably ruined by his death, but maybe the black widow could have handled that decision just fine… she was “in a relationship” just 3 weeks later and “engaged” within 5 months to the new guy. Poor sucker – him, not her. And, she’s much better off financially than if she had merely divorced him!

    It is a cold cruel world out there as my Daddy used to say. So, thanks M & H for your humor in trying to keep the Ree-pubs out of our bedrooms. Although, I kinda do like the term Uncle Sugar. Just wish I had one! Shark Week, I love that one too….much better describes what happened to me back when.

  300. Yes Margaret, another day another stupid ignorant comment by a Republican.
    Women, we must VOTE every election in your city, state, country to forever get the hateful Republican men/women out of office. Women we must SECURE our rights before it is to late.
    Thank you Margaret and Helen for a “job well done” as always, keep up the good work.

  301. Dear GOP–Please continue to talk about contraception, women’s libidos, and abortion. Soon your membership will only consist of Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and “Tex.” Looking forward to that.

  302. Darling Helen- In apologizing to other Huckabees out there, you have inadvertently insulted all the chimpanzees of the world. They have better sense than Mike!

  303. Hi, Octopus – Love “Gee-Ohh-Pee”… So à propos…

    WHY IS THIS TOPIC EVEN AN “ISSUE” IN A PURPORTEDLY “ADVANCED” COUNTRY IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY? The same pale males who want to control the use of all the lady parts in this country are only too happy to send national treasure to any other country to liberate them from suffering under the Medieval oppression of fundamentalist religious governments… Do they want the US to be the only one left – is that the “plan”?

    Good grief…


  304. How do we get this to the attention of Republican women voters everywhere?

  305. What Shakespeare was thinking when he wrote Hamlet:

    What a piece of work is Huckabee! How quashed in
    reason, how clogged in faculty! In form and moving
    how waddling and simian! In action how like a dung rat!
    in apprehension how like a pillock! The ugly of the
    world! The refuse of animals! And sure to me, what is
    this quintessence of dust? Huckabee delights not me; no,
    nor Woman neither; …

  306. Thank you ladies!

  307. “Editor”–

    Let’s say we are asking the government to cover birth control just as they cover other drugs. As Helen says, those drugs do more than “just” prevent pregnancy, so you might want to support them for those other functions. And you might be pleased that with them we have fewer abortions (and less demand for abortions) because we have fewer unwanted pregnancies. We also have fewer unwanted kids, fewer children in poverty, fewer children of homeless parents–and all of those save the government money (in more ways than just direct welfare).

    At the same time, where is your outrage against government support for treatment for “erectile dysfunction”? If we can’t pay to help make women (and our nation) healthier, where do we come up with the money to be sure hundreds of men are feeling good about their penises? Are you protesting those, too?

  308. Hi, I love that you are back. I am so angry! No abortion, no contraception, what next burkas? Thank you for your wonderful posts.

  309. question for M&H: do you really believe that what huckabee said is true? that he uses science for anything? that women who object to what he said (again) are anti male? it is people like you who accuse others of bias but ignore the topic or its content who add to the misinformation being spread about.

  310. I laughed right out loud at “without dragging his knuckles across the floor”. I’m still grinning. What a turn of phrase. Hee hee hee, oh, my. As for Huckabee, waddya gonna do? How does one live that long and be so stupid? And he has propagated his gene pool. Sheesh. (oo, there’s a bright red cardinal all puffed up in the gardenia bush outside my window…poor thing must be frozen). I really get furious at the totally idiotic, biased, misleading, hate-filled anti female declarations. I try to meditate, deep breathe, rationalize, but finally I steam and yell bad words…even at the TV. I try to understand that the raging jealousy within the breast (ooo) of the chauvinist male is painful for him; that the idea that the one thing women can do that men cannot is deliver and sustain new life drives him nuts; i can even smile when the (usual) male leaves a trail of eyeglasses, newspapers, shoes, socks, snack plates, empty glasses because, after all, he is marking his territory. i mentioned that to my late husband and he didn’t smile. nope. not at all. lol. ok. i like men, i like the male presence, i like the male point of view and his very being…when he isn’t a moron…which most aren’t i grant you. i would often go along with my husband’s opinion even if i disagreed so that our children would feel his presence totally.i am not anti male. i am most definitely opposed to anyone who tries to control what a woman does to her body and what choices she makes for her life. keep yer filthy paws off’n me!!!

  311. Re: Uncle Sugar and Aunt Flo… For a moment I flashed on sugar and flour and then cookies. Sweet, delicious, blood-flavored sugar cookies. But then I remembered I’m diabetic and can’t have any.

    Sorry about the digression.

  312. Inspirational, funny, and spot on! Thank you, ladies, and keep the commentary coming!

  313. OMG, you nailed it yet again. Good on ya!!

  314. Reblogged this on Big Blue Dot Y'all.

  315. If I had a Mike Huckabee in my life, that would be enough birth and libido control for a lifetime.

  316. Ah, the National Organization of Manhaters has made it’s arrival. Woman, have you landed at the right place! :twisted:

    NOW is one of those groups that actually have two three qualifications in the Venn Diagram of life: (1) Female; (2) Liberal; (3) Abortion on Demand proponent.

    You only qualify for admission if you meet all three.

    How about federally assisted tubal ligations by Dear Leader Obama for anyone that can show a NOW membership card? Prorated by age…

    The younger, the less expensive. Before 21, it’s all free!

  317. Love it!!!

  318. Thank you for the reference to Viagra! For the GOP, a man’s right to a boner (and at an advanced age is it really about procreation or is it about pleasure?) isn’t questioned but a woman’s right to not get pregnant is.

  319. On the upside, these guys provide an endless supply of material for comedians and commentators. LOL! Love you Helen.

  320. Hi, Lurker – Wonderful to hear from Margaret and Helen again, for sure!

    Don’t mind your “hijacking” at all; this is such a disturbing story, to say the least. It reminds me of the awful premise in the film “Aliens,” where humans are captured and forcibly cocooned, barely alive, in some kind of alien slime so they can serve as living incubators for unborn aliens… (It’s worth noting that in the film the “hosts” in the film were both male and female.) I don’t know anyone who didn’t think that was absolutely and positively the most repulsive concept they could imagine…

    And that is EXACTLY what’s going on in this heartbreaking Muñoz situation, IMHO. There doesn’t seem to be any indication that she would have wanted to be kept “alive” in the event of her being pregnant. (And, at least medically, Mrs. Muñoz is NOT “alive” at this point, and her gradually deteriorating body is slowly and agonizingly destroying the fetus, as well…)

    HTG, I am at a loss to explain how the “value” of this particular fetus is somehow more precious than the “value” of a living and breathing three-year-old child who dies of starvation or malaria or diarrhea because we don’t think anybody “deserves free handouts” of food or medicine… Or children who are blasted to bits in the “collateral damage” we are willing to inflict on their countries, in order to bring them “freedom” and “democracy”…

    (I already know what the arguments against this POV are likely to be, and I don’t plan on arguing about any of them with anyone, thank you very much!)

    Go figure… And I don’t give a damn what Mike Huckabee thinks about it, either.


  321. You nailed it again Helen. If we have healthcare that covers prescriptions it should cover all legal prescriptions. It’s no ones business except the patient and his or her doctor and certainly not the patient’s employer. To everyone who is wondering what my doctor wrote for a prescription I say “mind your own business” and I won’t ask you what you’re taking.

  322. Since yesterday, another pale male from the Gee-Ohh-Pee has dribbled onto the public toilet seat: Rick Santorum Defends Huckabee. Being a devout Catholic does not turn Frothy into an expert on Catholic women, who do not always follow the teachings of their own church. An estimated 98% of Catholic women of childbearing age use contraception. What Huckabee, Santorum, and other social conservatives are trying to accomplish is to turn government into an enforcer of religious doctrine. Has any spokesperson for the Gee-Ohh-Pee ever read the anti-establishment clause! Uncle Sugar or Uncle Inquisitor? Funny how you can re-frame an argument.

  323. Right on! How about the idea that abortion rates go down when birth control is available?

  324. OUTSTANDING post Helen! You’ve inspired me to write about this today.

  325. Cage wrestling between Aunt Flo and Knucklebee in the sanitary protection aisle at Walmart. With a Uteri cheer squad.

  326. Until women’s birth control options become as safe, cheap, and readily available as men’s, we have to subsidize.

  327. I do get Margaret and Helen Jo, LOVE that blog. I always reprint it on my fb page. Thanks for sending me that just in case, however.

  328. “Editor” should stick to “editing” “patriot” blogs. They don’t require any knowledge of history, intelligence, compassion, insight, humor, or for that matter even the ability to read and understand verbatim quotes.

  329. Shark Week. lol.

  330. BeverlyB exactly! Geeeze you would think if someone takes the time to troll they would at least know the facts concerning the subject they are trolling about. OH wait…

  331. Editor, when you’ve had your morning coffee and put your brains in gear, you’ll note that NO ONE IS ASKING THE GOVERNMENT TO BUY ANYTHING.
    You should try reading the post like an editor.

  332. We call her aunt flo around here, too. But shark week? Now that’s funny!

    Sorry to hijack, but this is important and distinctly unfunny.

  333. Ladies you have outdone yourself!

  334. I’m all for women using birth control but I wouldn’t expect the government – with dollars collected from my fellow Americans- to buy it for me. That is what Governor Huckabee is referring to. I’m not looking for the government to take care of my every need like Democrats expect them to.

  335. This is just too funny.

  336. When I first heard that stupid remark from Huckabee, my mouth dropped open and then I yelled at the TV. Good thing I was the only one home. So, I still want him to explain what birth control has to do with women’s libido. Can he be that ignorant that he thinks there is some connection? I’m waiting for the republicans to start spouting the nonsense of 50+ years ago that it’s a woman’s fault if she gets pregnant or that it’s her fault if she is raped. They are currently dancing toward that cliff – and I hope they fall off and we never see them again.

    Thanks, ladies, for giving us all a laugh. We need it whenever the idiots start trying to talk about women.

  337. Did someone say “shark week”?


  338. Way to go M&H.

    Another winner!

    Please keep ‘em comin’.

    I luv the way Helen tee’d it up…

    …and Margaret knocked it outta the park!

    ‘Shark Week’ !!!

    Too funny Mags.

    Peace ~ Δ

  339. Right on, as usual!

  340. Well, republican good ole boys must rely on the Palm Sisters for birth control, if not, I recommend it to them.

  341. Great GREAT post. I grew up thinking like Mike Huckabee a little. I ask forgiveness. This man is a jackass of the first order.

  342. He’s fascinated with women having libido but he’s obviously never engendered any and hasn’t got a clue how the lady parts work or how medications can be used for more than one reason.

  343. Good Ole Mikey the gift that keeps on giving!

    Well done M&H- thanks for calling him out.❤️

  344. I tweeted this to Rachel Maddow and told her she needs to start reading this Blog. I adore Margaret and Helen, right up there with Molly Ivins for telling it like it is.

  345. Women’s libido? What about men’s libido. How many women rape or pressure men for sex? Keep your libido in check girls and see how happy these smug republican men are.

  346. Oh my, I am so glad you blogged about this. You gave me a much needed laugh on a very upsetting incident. Love you gals!!

  347. That Huckabee sure is a piece of work! I thought the GOP had given remedial classes to all the “good ol’ boys” on how to talk to the wimmen-folk. He musta been absent, or up in the back row playing with his … smartphone.

  348. Brilliantly logical – as ever!

  349. Great post Margaret! Great put-down of Huckabee, but somehow I doubt that he will even understand it as he is delusional at best, stupid at worst, and I fully believe the latter. These GOP only want to control women and I don’t think that is going to happen. You are wonderful; keep up the excellent work.

  350. We always said Aunt Tammy was coming for a visit and she’s wearing red. You are too funny. Write more please.

  351. Didn’t think it was possible to love you more, but I do. So much.

  352. Reblogged this on Central Oregon Coast NOW and commented:
    You have to love these women!

  353. So very glad you are posting again, Helen. Huckabee is one piece of very dim work. You ripped him a well-deserved new one.

  354. So good to see you post again! When you are off living your real life you are sorely missed here.

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