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Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 1, 2013

Let’s hope Republicans don’t need health insurance to recover from pulling their heads out of their asses

helen-mug1 From Helen

Margaret, the more Republicans I meet, the more I like my dog. Just once I would like to see a politician with an ass too small to fit his own head. It has been a rough few weeks sitting back trying to get my rest and stay out of politics, but honestly, there seems to be no end to this madness and I once again find myself not able to keep my mouth shut. I used to have a handle on life, but it broke. Let me count the new ways the Republicans found to wear their ass for a hat…

One. I heard a Congressman from Texas today say that Obamacare was forcing hard-working, middle class families to purchase health insurance they don’t need. Now there is a congressman who has definitely put his head in a place where the sun doesn’t shine. Show me someone who doesn’t need health insurance and I’ll show you the second coming of Jesus. And for the record, it’s called the Affordable Care Act because before it was passed, healthcare was no longer affordable for most Americans. Do these Tea Party asshats really take us for fools?

Two. We are a country that blindly followed Bush’s codpiece into “preventive” war not once but twice. Now a bunch of children get gassed to death by a dictator and we are suddenly too weary for war. Really? Republicans too weary for war. Sounds to me that they are too weary for a black commander-in-chief. Oh dear me. Did I say that out loud? God forbid someone suggest that Republicans are racists. He’s a Muslim from Kenya with a fake birth certificate…short version: he’s black.

Three. Not crazy enough for you? How about thinking the answer to gun violence is more guns? We’re up to what, about one mass shooting a month now? It sure seems like there are plenty of guns to go around. How about we try a different approach like asking ourselves why we need more guns than actual people in this country. Are there really that many deer to hunt? And something tells me if the British are coming again, it’s not with muskets. One thing is for sure: Guns don’t kill people… but they make it real easy.

Four. Oh but for the love of God if Texas wasn’t dealing with enough crazy already with Rick Perry, we now have to deal with Ted Cruz. Now here’s a guy who talks in circles so effectively, it’s no wonder his head eventually ran into his ass. In an effort to show off his grasp of the situation, he had to go and bring Dr. Seuss into the mix. For the record Senator Cruz, the moral of Green Eggs and Ham is to try something new… you might like it. For example, 40 million people might actually like having access to healthcare. Cruz staged his ridiculous talk-a-thon against cutting off debate only to then turn around and join 99 other senators in voting to cut off the debate. He’s no Wendy Davis. That’s for sure. But exactly what should we expect from a man who said, “We need 100 more like Jesse Helms in the U.S. Senate.” If brains were leather, Cruz wouldn’t have enough to saddle a junebug.

I could go on, but must I really? Let me sum it up for you. Now that the government is closed, will hard-working, middle class federal employees get paid? No. Will Congressmen get paid? Yep. They’ll continue to get their $174,000 a year, and they will have health insurance as well. Asshats everywhere. I mean it. Really.

margaret-mug1 From Margaret

Helen dear, you would think their heads would be too big. Then again, thinking doesn’t seem to work in this situation. I wonder which part they hate more – the Obama or the Care?

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  1. . “I suggest he go as a Secret Service agent and blend in.”Gibbs sgeeustgd there wouldn’t be any photo opportunities, telling reporters that he doesn’t want cameras stalking the man when he is trick or treating. FromPolitico.com

  2. YB- well, as a real socialist, I disagree with you pretty thoroughly on your take about/on our general situation in this country but I’m always appreciative of folks who correct themselves when they have more information.
    Mr Obama is so far to the right of me I can barely see him on the horizon.
    I would urge you to go have fun and read here:


    I’m so far in the left-libertarian zone I almost fall off the scale-
    When Mr Obama’s actual stances are examined, it is easy to see he is no real threat to the right, either in his 2008 barely-to-the-left-of-center nor his more current much-closer-to-the-right policies.
    Rhetoric unhinged from reality has overtaken much of our public discourse.
    My largest complaints about Mr Obama have more to do with his neoliberal economic values – which have nothing to do with liberal in a political sense and everything to do with economic values .

  3. I meant to say “our children”

  4. Alaskapi, you are right, and I was wrong. He was a state senator. But nevertheless he was for fire cruise missiles from ships at sea onto military targets in Syria, without Congress approval, he is not a Messiah. He is such a disappointment as a President, it is sad. To encourage people to depend on the government, that is wrong. I hear people from all walks telling me that work is not an option, he has created a nation of entitlements and he has succeeded in dividing us. I hurt for America, the best country in the world. I have lived in other countries, but this is the best. Americans born here, are such a cry babies, and believe that they are entitled to everything, it is unacceptable. Goodbye, and lets pray for our President, for Congress that they would do what is right, because we are going down the abyss, pretty fast. My husband and I have worked, paid my taxes and thank God, have never applied for welfare, to us that is a disgrace, and that is what we are teaching our, that being on welfare is not a career.

  5. YB- you can be whatever you want to be and think whatever you want, but fact is our current President was still a STATE Senator when we went to war in Iraq. He could not vote on the aid package Congress voted.


    You know, that whole period 1996-2004 when he was in Illinois state government, as a legislator himself or working for the State Legislature.
    You know that period during which R’s like to pretend he was nothing but a community-organizer, blah, blah, blah…

  6. YH – I always appreciate a thoughtful and (if you will excuse the expression) “enlightening” response such as yours. Such replies do so much to add clarity to your position that “our country is screwed up,” and “ACA is a disaster…” Pointing out that Democrats are like Christmas lights really hammers home the incontrovertible veracity of your opinion, in a way that only those such as yourself can do!


  7. Gato, another thing, if you can’t figure it out what I meant about the hat, don’t worry. We all know that Obama supporters are like Xmas lights, half of them don’t work and the ones that do are not that bright. Merry Xmas.

  8. Well, Gato if I remember correctly our President voted to send the troops to Iraq. But lets not change the subject. Our country is screwed up. ACA is a nightmare, whether you want to accept it or not. I hope and pray our country can recover from the damage that was done in the name of hope and change.

  9. Hi, YH – Just curious: How did/do you feel about all the lies you were told by your Republican leadership, prior to our invading Iraq? You remember… The aluminum tubes, the WMDs, the ongoing “enrichment program,” all that stuff? Talk about not knowing what was “in” something!

    What’s the “round hat” thing about?

    So glad to know you’re not a racist, just a Republican…


  10. Well Gatodicima, what was it that you said? The President said what? I don’t know but he sounded pretty apologetic to me. The man didn’t even know what was in the legislation. Sad? Sad? Sad? HE LIED TO US. A lot of you have disappeared, where are you all now? I don’t know, but I believe that Helen’s wish has finally come true and most of you are enjoying your beautiful round hats. By the way, I am a minority, a republican, I am not racist. I just love this country and believe that the Democrats, the welfare party is not good for this country. A party that incites people to depend on the government can’t be good.

  11. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. […] http://margaretandhelen.com/2013/10/01/lets-hope-republicans-dont-need-health-insurance-to-recover-f… […]

  13. Hi Helen and Margaret! Thanks again for speaking for the rest of us. The “American people” constantly being referenced by the Tpartiers to justify their idiotic stance are simply not representative of most of the people commenting here. I hope we vote them all out in 2014. The irony of it all is that many people do not know that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the same as Obama Care as one late night talk show host set out to prove it last week by asking people in the street. Yes, most thought the ACA was good and Obama care not so good. The propaganda is winning in some quarters and repeat it long enough, it may get some traction, they are thinking. However, they mistake their own press for popular opinion. They should ask Mitt.

  14. John, you’re wrong on every point. The ACA includes subsidies for uncovered individuals making up to four times the poverty limit, so nearly everyone can now afford healthcare. The deficit is in decline and has been for the last three years, so your argument concerning intervention in Syria is silly. The president has managed to get a healthcare reform bill passed and signed, has ended our involvment in Iraq; and is on schedule to end our combat mission in Afghanistan by 2014; and he’s done this in the face of implacable opposition from the Republican party who made defeating him their primary goal throughout his first term. And those are just some of his accomplishments. As to gun control, the president didn’t make that a campaign issue but has attempted to pass some gun control legislation in the wake of several horrifying mass shootings. He has not ever threatened to take people’s guns away, although I’m pretty sure nobody who calls himself a teapartier is mentally fit enough to be a gun owner. Finally, no, Congressmen are not allowed to indulge in insider trading and they do not have special privileges regarding ACA. I have no idea how you could get so much stuff wrong, unless maybe you have your head stuck up your ass.

  15. Absolutely love this blog. Millions of people are already seeing the positive impact of the ACA. While most on the Left would have preferred a single payer healthcare system, the ACA is a good first step. Republicans haven’t even put an alternative on the table. Do they care about the millions of their fellow citizens who are uninsured?

  16. You sir, should leave the rest of us alone and go watch FOX news. That’s where the sun don’t rise and you will be happy!

  17. Margaret and Helen, what thou sayest!

    As for John, I am exempt because I already have coverage. That goes for everyone else who has coverage, including the President, Congress critters, et al. If you want to pay less for coverage you can now go to an exchange which cannot deny you as they have previously done if you have an existing condition. John, have you ever been aware of those doctors who do pro bono about twice a year and go into the hinterlands and provide services? They advertise first and all of the folks without money and insurance show up, many arriving a day or so before to assure themselves a place in line, and they arrive in the thousands. The docs are on site for days. In between those pro bono occasions people die of stuff that is so simple to treat and overcome if captured in time. It was all the folks showing up poor to be treated at ER’s that had this country in a medical pickle for way so long. And believe me, John, if Rwanda can do universal health care coverage so the hell can this country! And it should!

  18. Dang… *his/her life refilling…

  19. Ha! I think when a republican pulls his/her head out of his/her ass, he/she becomes a democrat and spends the rest of his/her refilling their void.

  20. I feel like you are looking at these actions from the wrong direction

    Your one) despite being called the Affordable Care Act not a lot more people can afford it. Despite what was said about those “needing healthcare”, the policy used in creating the act is only helping a small portion more because those can slightly afford it more than those who can’t. Those who can’t, are being fined for not having the insurance plan. How ignorantly lawmakers created a universal healthcare system without trying to understand working universal healthcare in other countries.

    You two) war isnt just about sticking your dick in places it shouldnt be but its entirely based on funding. The government is shut down because theres no money, actually tons of negative money. Whose going to pay to go to war? You? Clearly, the democrats or the republicans cant see that this debt is a lot more damaging than any other issue.

    Nobody cares the president is black, wake up to the 21 century. Hes a liar. Hes never followed through with one thing he ran on. Im surprised nobody has even noticed. He’s not transparent and doesn’t give asylum to whistle blowers (and thats just two topics) These were removed from his website recently because of what’s happened with NSA and Snowden.

    Your three) I’m not one who holds weapons but I’m not about to give up my right to. Just because a shooting happens once in a while doesn’t mean that all weapons should be limited or taken away. Thats like saying just because car accidents happen that cars should be taken away except driving isnt a right. Anybody who wants a weapon can still illegally get a weapon, I.e. a psychopath who would shoot up a school. Weapon laws should be updated with psychological tests and gun classes (like driving). Getting a weapon is waaay too easy in this country. That’s the issue that needs to be fixed, not taking them away. Psychological tests can be routine.

    Your four) our lawmakers have downs syndrome or something. He might have been forced to look the other way. Congress is allowed a lot of things that shouldn’t be. Nobody is doing anything about it. They even have the right to insider trading.

    I’m a republican because I can manage a budget. I’m a democrat because I have an open mind. These parties are fighting each other and are making no compromises and its gridlocking and going nowhere. They need to be shut down and new parties (as in more than two) need to rise up. I refuse to vote for either party because of their ignorant “my side is better” mentality.

    I dislike this time I spent trying to reply (because this text box is impossible) to your mindless rambling about bashing the “other team”. If you don’t have constructive criticism on how to improve such issues, please keep it to yourself.

  21. Here’s a resounding “bravo!!!” from a Canadian who enjoys your posts and spreads them all over the world. Please keep it going for ever.

  22. So many good comments here! To Helen, you are the sunshine in our lives, keep up the good fight and also believe you have 100% support from those that care about our fellow American.
    Head up the ass, lol, you go lady.

  23. I love waking up and finding a post from Margaret and Helen in my inbox. It is almost always what I was thinking but don’t know how to say. It seems you both speak (write) for many of us. I hope you are writing and calling the asswipes that are supposed to be representing you in Washington. Alas, I live in Wyoming and my non-representatives are charter members of the tealiban when I write or call I get nothing but tea stained blather.

  24. Cynthia, please do your own research on Obamacare and how it will work!! Do not just accept what FOX news says and what Republicans say. The people with health insurance NOW will continue to have it whatever it is…it is the people without any health insurance who go to emergency rooms and whom we now pay for through our premiums who will now have health insurance and have help paying for it if they need help!! Give it a chance..if it needs tweaking, it can be tweaked. What we have now is NOT working, and also another point is that 80% of bankrupt filings is caused by health costs!!! Please do some critical thinking of this…If you want to complain, complain about the special health care that Congress gets now!!!

  25. If Obamacare is the right thing- why has Obama exempted himself and his political supporters and the unions from it? It has already cost hundreds of thousands of full time jobs in a country where unemployment is too high. It will get worse. And when you don’t have a doctor to treat you you will wish we were back to the old system.

  26. gato-
    I agree. The ‘you people” thing stinks but generally makes me laugh. Who people? You people? Which people? Those People? These people? :-)

    It was the scolding which torched my shorts. Having to drag out the community-organizer crap yet again ( what is it with ignoring Mr Obama as an Illinois State Senator 1997-2004 and his 2005-2008 US Senator seat AND his 12 year stint teaching Constitutional law whilst getting stuck on a 3 year stint as a community organizer right after college? These doofs want to be defined for the rest of their own lives by the podunk jobs they took when they first hit the workforce? Didn’t think so! ) .
    Add in the ageist snark and all the rest of the blah, blah, blah about wrecking the “best” healthcare system in the world and I am close to yargling .
    Best in what sense? We have more fancy equipment than everyone else?

    We ranked 33rd in life expectancy in 2011.


    “The figures reflect the quality of healthcare in the countries listed as well as other factors including ongoing wars, obesity, and HIV infections.”
    That says SOMETHING about our healthcare system, doesn’t it?
    Like maybe it is out of reach of too many? Inadequate to the needs of citizens on multiple fronts?

    Will have to go find the Colbert piece online. I don’t have TV. Good because I don’t see FOX crap, sad because I miss great stuff like Colbert.

  27. Did not know about this!


  28. Hi, Pi – Good reply to Damian; well done!

    Any post that uses the phrase “you people” early on hits, my trash with amazing rapidity!

    Saw a recap of the Fox Logic on Colbert tonight (last night’s show), in which they point out that the healthcare.gov overloads, caused by the unanticipated number of people trying to sign on, “proves” that the system is deeply flawed.

    Right – only the inimitable Foxes could conclude that surprising popularity is proof positive of undesirability!


  29. The operative word here is southern. It’s something in the water !!!!!!

    Sent from my iPad

  30. Terri in NY-
    Mr Sanders caucuses with the Dems but identifies as an Independent on the ballot in his state.
    He is a super rare jewel- with we had another 99 of him ;-)

    Pffft! on Damian too-
    1- HC is NOT through the govt under ACA. It is through private industry.
    2- We had/have a ridiculously expensive healthcare system of which way too many $$s go everywhere but to actual healthcare and way too many people are locked out of affording and accessing what we do have.
    You can yap all you want about Ds being lazy non-working freeloadery entitlement freaks but until we dump the socialism for the rich and corporate hoo-bobby routine , no one can touch the freeloadery they all enjoy all the way to the Caymans.
    3- Mr Obama is not a socialist . He is a Centrist. Go look up Centrist.Whole different critter and no matter how many times y’all yap about him being a socialist, it doesn’t change that he is not.
    I am, however. Bring on single payer!!!!! Bring on living wages!! Bring on the end of certain notions of “property”!

    Anony- ;-) !

  31. Yep.

  32. Do you people really need insurance through the government? If you stop and think, that only adds another layer of cost to the insurance plan. Why on Earth do you want the IRS to charge bill you for insurance on a sliding scale? The more money you make, the more the insurance costs you. I got my ACA Notification from my employer just prior to 10/1. It’s a nightmare. The price of the policy is going up, and you will, unless you’re rich, have a hard time paying the deductable. When I was a Democrat, it was a party of working people. Now it’s a bunch of freeloaders praising a Socialist as he dismantles the country we love. We had the greatest healthcare in the world and you people gave this community organizer the green light to dismantle it. You should all be ashamed of yourselves! And quit the “head up the ass” dialog, you all look a little too long in the tooth to talk that way. Republican and proud of it.

  33. Nice!

    Now: your thoughts on Wendy Davis as Texas’ Governor?

    Chris in Oregon

    Sent from my iPhone


  34. As always, ladies, your words couldn’t be more true. Keep ‘em coming, please!

  35. Hi Pi,
    I think Bernie Sanders might take exception to your statement that all the Dems are moderates or blue dogs. He considers himself a bona fide socialist. Just sayin/

  36. gatodicima on October 1, 2013 at 10:13 AM: The correct wording is “emergency essential” or “non-emergency essential” government workers. We got rid of “essential” and “non-essential” years ago, but people keep using them for whatever reason.

  37. THANK YOU, Pi! ☮

  38. Golas are for them ferriners who dont speak no English.

  39. Bless your big hearts, Helen and Margaret! I do so love you ladies! You are the sanest voices I’ve run into in a long time. Keep on kicking ass and taking names! Lots of Love from Asia!

  40. LOL at yourself Pi :-)
    I’m pretty sure the Pres has GOALS and promises rather than golas and promises…

  41. LOL, Cheryl!
    As a Liberal DemocratIC Radical, I can tell you there isn’t a Democratic radical in the Senate, not one.
    They are all middle of the road capitalist-oriented centrists or blue dogs.
    The demonization of the BARELY left or middle of the roaders as wild eyed lefty hippie commie socialist fascist ( do the tea cakes even know what these words mean? ) gooks who want your guns, sell you out to furriners, and make your kids go to school to brainwash them has its humorous sides but is functionally a load of bull.
    Your whole argument is that the poor old Rs in the House have tried to be reasonable and the Ds in the Senate haven’t returned the favor? That Mr Cruz is a paragon of truth and veracity and promises kept?
    Mr Cruz is a grandstanding blowhard just like our quitty pants half-term governor is- ole whatzername, Sarah Palin.
    And the tea cakes in the House have not been reasonable. They have attached conditions to the budget bill which should not be there. De-funding programs passed into law is a strategy much beloved by certain folks as a way to do an end run around law they don’t like.
    Having the Senate majority stand firm against that is not unreasonable, it is applaudable.
    Take your false equivalencies somewhere else.
    And take the he-didn’t-keep-his-promises crap about the Pres somewhere else too. You can’t have it both ways hon. Mr Obama has been stonewalled by the House especially from Day 1 of his first term. Just like now.
    That he has gotten a damn thing done he hoped to is a miracle.
    You don’t get to block, obfuscate, obstruct, throw yourselves into every blocking stance you can think of and then point to the Pres as willingly, purposely failing to meet his golas and promises.

    M & H get visited by flying monkeys of the non-political type now and again. Just duck when they let fly and carry on the conversation.

  42. Cheryl, you really need a reality check. The Affordable Health Care Act was one of President Obama’s “promises” that he kept. It passed the house and senate, was signed by the president, and was upheld by the Supreme Court. That’s how our system works. The GOP doesn’t get to “negotiate” on settled law. Why in the world would President Obama give up any part of his signature achievement? Just to satisfy a little group of ignorant Teapartiers who don’t even consider him the legitimate president of the U.S.? Ted Cruz is a sneering little demagogue who is partially responsible for this whole mess.

  43. I had the perfect person to forward this to! I will also send it to my son who gets nothing but Republican propaganda where he works. Monica

    Sent from my iPhone


  44. When you hear a Tealiban say ” they are just doing what their constuients want”. Please remind them, not only did we win the WhiteHouse and Senate, we also won the poplular vote in the House. ACA won…

  45. M & H
    I opened your blog yesterday and nothing and I thought this is too big, they are going to break the silence. And there today…
    This is theraputic to read. Please don’t hold the words in. You’re to the point and funny at the same time. The others have said everything I would say. Do we have an Amen?
    Thank you, M & H. I’m a government worker. I’m not furloughed as I teach American kids at overseas US military bases and I think they don’t know what to do with the kids if the schools were closed (education anyone), but the garbage services on post are shut down. Our janitors are furloughed (I’ll be doing the one-room schoolhouse thing and sweep out my classroom in the morning, forget about halls and bathrooms). The base is getting our cafeteria cleaned daily because the base commander made it a priority. Yes, big government here. We waste so much money…the money I see wasted is on Congress. Did they send their janitors home?
    Any rate. Thank you.
    Why aren’t you picked up by a media outlet? You make more sense than all of them.

  46. .
    Rachel Maddow has an observation.


  47. Another winner M&H.

    Keep ‘em comin’. We miss you.

    Here’s a perspective
    from Joan Walsh in Salon:

    The real story of the shutdown: 50 years of GOP race-baiting

    Peace ~ Δ

  48. Hey, Cheryl – Remember the classic Aesop fairy tale that brought the phrase, “crying wolf,” into our culture? A young lad, bored with tending his sheep, and looking for attention, thought he’d be clever and play a trick on his neighbors in the village – so he hid in the woods, alone, and, at the top of his lungs, cried “WOLF!!” Naturally, the villagers thought he and his flock were in danger, and so ran to rescue them. When they found the boy, he laughed at them, very impressed with how he’d fooled them all. There was no wolf; the lad was just playing a joke on them.

    Having so enjoyed all the attention, and full of his own cleverness and his apparent ability to get the villagers to do what he wanted, he shortly thereafter did the same thing again. And, once again, the villagers responded to his cries, and came running. And, again, there was no wolf in sight. The boy was thrilled with his own momentary importance, and loved being the center of attention of the entire village.

    The village press could not get enough of this story, and hypothesizing about the potential dangers of even a theoretical wolf – and, after having these possibilities drummed into their heads so many times, some villagers began to think that there “could have been” a wolf, that only the boy had seen – and spent endless time discussing how possibly prescient the boy must be, and how courageous… And how only he had the wisdom to alert the villagers to the impending potential dangers of the dastardly “wolfiness” hidden all around them.

    Well… One day a wolf really did show up, and, once again, the boy cried “WOLF!!’ But this time, the wise village elder stood firm, and said to his neighbors, “No; this time we are not going to run to the rescue. This time, there will be no compromise.” The wolf happily devoured as many of the boy’s sheep as he could eat.

    A few of the villagers accused the wise elder of intransigence, and of not responding to the “will of the village” – but those with a shred of intelligence were pleased that, finally, the lying, egotistical, foolish boy had gotten exactly what he deserved.

    And that’s the moral of THAT story.

    Do not look for any further debate with me on this subject, because there will be none. “Cry wolf” all you wish; no one here is listening.


  49. Dear Helen and Margaret,

    Thank you, thank you, thank, you for your brilliant summarization of the current political scene. Judging from the number of hits in a 24 hour period, almost 11,000, there are vast numbers of us who concur.

    Looks like the Teabaggers WON and shut down the gov’mit. Won what? Seems to me to be something of a Pyrrhic victory but what do I know. Well, the responsible public figures in DC will clean up the carnage mess just in time to do it all over again in six weeks. My my, how that extreme right wing element LOVES to create crises and emote on and on with the ensuing drama. Remember the mantra before the election about making sure Obama was a one term president? Well, that didn’t work out for them so now its repeal Obamacare – or else.

    President Obama is doing his job which is more that we can say about Congress. In the midst of all this hue and cry, he has talked to the new MODERATE president of Iran and even signed off their phone conversation in Farsi. He has talked to Netanyahu and is maintaining our relationship with Israel. Before that he talked with Russia’s Putin and softened the Syrian crisis. Anybody still remember Whats-his-name who took all the secrets and ran first to China and then Russia? That coulda started WWIII in any other hands. Signs of weakness or concessions on Obama’s part? I don’t think so. He is willing to negotiate and keep a dialog going rather than digging in his heels to have all or nothing. As of today, he has been instrumental in kicking off the Affordable Health Care signups for people who have none. Yes, there are some glitches to be ironed out as there always are in life, but he and his administration are working on them.

    What has mystified me right along is why the big pharmaceutical and insurance companies have not been gleeful about it. Just imagine the premiums and profits on drugs they could be racking up with new “customers” that they have never had before. Oh, right. Big business of any kind doesn’t want any gov’mit regulation or oversight biting into their bottom line. Greedy bastards.

    Aloha! :-) :-) :-) Namaste. Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

  50. This is the best f’ing blog ever. Those last few comments are just odd. Republicans need to grow up.

  51. Just like Kathy are her unborn twin

  52. Jim and I both know that MaryJane ate that first baby.

  53. Nice hat, Cheryl

  54. Can there possibly still be people out there (like some here) that don’t know that the house has shut down the government because they don’t like a bill that was passed three years ago. In addition to already being a law the Affordable Care Act survived a challenge by the supreme court. Had they won the presidency or the senate in the last election, they might have been able to change the law, but they lost. These asshats can’t change the law or make a new law in the way prescribed by the constitution because they don’t have the power or the votes, so they are having a temper tantrum and trampling over the working people, our system of government and our constitution. Shame on them and shame on those defending these sore losers.

  55. I hate to cause any of you concern about what is happening to our government right now. First off, the GOP has offered numerous options to go with the funding the government, and zero offers from the Democrats. All their leadership says is “We will not negotiate on this, period”. Now how do you expect the two parties to work out any kind of compromise when one side refuses to negotiate, compromise or even talk with the other side? This includes our President and the Senate Leader, Harry Reid. Second, it is not disgusting for Cruz to give back his pay during this government shut down; he made sure the military and all other national security jobs were left open and paid, so don’t talk down on him, just because he represents a part of the Tea Party and you have disgust plain and simple for them. Cruz is at least doing what he said he would do when he campaigned for the job and won. That’s much more than I can say for even our President. He has (I can’t say lied due to people who have said he didn’t lie, he just did not keep his promises) broken almost every promise or campaign promise he ever made. And three I’m so sorry you are angered that the house and senate are still being paid (that’s why Cruz has given his pay check back that you said disgusted you), yet they are still not doing what the public wants. I have to beg your pardon on this as well. The House has passed numerous bills and sent them to the Senate for a vote and Harry Reid and the President ignore every single one of them with not even taking a vote. Yes, the House is doing what their constituents want, it’s the Liberal Democrat Radicals that are ignoring their constituents and chewing on that bone (ObamaCare) like it’s life or death to Obama’s time in history. Boy did he have to break every part of the Constitution and sell us out to the foreign countries in order to get it. He is the disgusting one my friends.

  56. Let’s send these asshats home ( with our votes) so they’ll have to go out and work for a living. They don’t represent me!

  57. Thank you!

  58. I love your input on Obama, etc. You have a funny wit but everythinng is so true.

  59. Thanks for saying what the rest of us thinkers are thinking! Love you.

  60. The Repuklicans are doing everything they can to loose their seats in the House and Senate and this is a wonderful way of doing it. Here in Minnesota, they created a shut down and as a result, they lost the House, Senate and governorship. I hope we have the same results in 2014 on a national level. Love you ladies!!! Stay well.

  61. So true. Thanks for expressing it so well.



  62. Thank you Helen and Margaret………………so wonderful to hear from you again……………you’re always right on the money!

  63. Hi, Daryl – I think it’s kind of an elephant grey…


  64. What flavor is the koolaid this month?

  65. Hey, Wha – Now THAT is pointing out that the emperor really DOESN’T have any clothes! Goddamn good for you!


  66. Amen. Exactly what I was thinking. You’d think they would want to see the sun shining for a change. The one good thing they are accomplishing is the demise of the republican (notice no capital R) party. Good riddance to them, they deserve it. They are doing everything they can to hobble the American Citizens and put us all out on the street. Shame on them all!

  67. Fox News and the Tealiban mouthpieces can call it whatever they want. When my husband had to come home midmorning today and is now without pay until they decide to get off their asses and do their f**king job, I call it a shutdown!! In the meantime, there are about eight people trying to run an IT department in a military hospital that usually is staffed by many times that more, and I have to wonder just how the wounded soldiers and vets are enjoying their reduced level of care, if they’re lucky enough to have even that, since hospitals are ALL electronically-controlled these days. But do the Tealiban care? Of course not! They’ll prove a point over a whole pile of dead bodies if they have to because they don’t give a rat’s ass about anybody but themselves!

    I have seldom in my life been so furious as I am right now about this whole mess. Selfish, tantrum-throwing, racist children, who honestly believe that he with the loudest voice (and, of course, the most money — and, of COURSE, whitest skin) wins!!

  68. Well said!

  69. Romney made it very clear that Republicans believe that poor people are poor because they choose to be. Add to that belief another: if poor people could not vote, Obama, a black man from Kenya, would never have become president. Then there is the issue of sex: homosexuals, contraception, abortions. My goodness gracious! The country is going to Hell, and Obama and his voters are the ones to blame. As Ronnie said, “The government is the problem,” so they think it is OK to shut it down. That is indeed what they are saying today. Michelle Bachman said so today.

  70. I was so happy to see a new post in my e-box today and shared the love with my Facebook friends. If anybody doesn’t like, tough boots.

  71. Check out Fox News! It’s not a shutdown. It’s a slimdown! It seems to be a site-wide strategic euphemism. It’s a hoot!

  72. My daughter suffers from severe migraines, has done since she was 6 years old, twenty years ago. They have gotten so bad she misses three or four days a week with them. Because of these pains, she is clinically depressed. She comes off her father’s insurance in two months. We need the Affordable Healthcare badly! We cannot afford her meds without some help, that’s for sure. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find a cure for her?

  73. I love, love, love your blog! Absolutely brilliant writing and right on target too.

  74. Your perception and hopes for the Republicans may well be “dead on” Helen.
    I believe thouigh that they are going to seriously require the services of an oncology specialist to treat and eradicate the cancer within their ranks (aka The Tea Party Express) before the prognosis becomes hopelessly terminal.

  75. A new Margaret and Helen is better than the first cup of coffee of the day. And I would never say that lightly. So glad to see you back snortin’ fire!

  76. OMGG!! (Stands for Oh my God/Goddess!)
    Is there any way this entire letter be recorded and put on a megaphone to be broadcast EVERYWHERE?!

    I chuckled and gafawed my way thru this incredible brilliant critique!

    It sorely needs to be heard by more than just this choir. This choir, from the reads of the amazing plethora of fine, dignified, and generally RIGHT ON Comments, is missing the ears of those who cry out in their ignorance! Notice the word ignorance contains the word IGNORE (!). Ignorance declares that those in ignorance are ignoring what is before their very eyes.
    Case in point — a major step along the way to affordable everything for everyone!

    And special KUDOS to the tho’tful comment of Gato. Yes, your “Looney” version is an excellent addendum!

    Gratitude and Blessings to all and especially the voices of Margaret and Helen. I only wish I was financially able to support your voices being heard thru’out the land. However, I must count my change in my effort to make it thur’ the month. Still, I will proclaim your voice from the mountaintops!

    Love and Gratitude!

  77. YES Coblu!

  78. Right on time M&H. Thanks for showing up to what quite possibly was the last nail in the ole GOP ‘s coffin party.

    The good news is we arent still pretending the Tealiban is anything more than a small, extremely obnoxious, racist, faction, of the Republican Party.

    For that reason alone my blood pressure has dropped 10 points!

  79. So thrilled that you are writing again. I check everyday and I know politics is more than annoying, but we need people like you to tell it like it is.

    And yes………..it is all about a black president who won a second term, bottom line, pure and simple. It is racist hate.

    Last time the Repub Asshats shut down the government was after Clinton won a 2nd term……seeing a pattern, here. The Koch-Baggers are bought and paid for whores who can not get away from their pimps, David and Charles Koch.

    Do NOT sit out the 2014 congressional elections or your state elections. Governors, mayors, state senate and reps are as important and maybe more to getting rid of the Bagger asshats. Governors can re-district and we have seen what Koch Bagging governors are doing with election fraud and making it harder for people to vote as well as signing ridiculous anti-choice laws in their states. Anything paid for by Citizens for American Progress is THE KOCH BROTHERS and the Tea Bag Party. They are in every state, advertising, using smoke and mirrors and lies. They have bought the Republican party and the Republicans on the US Supreme Court.

    The Koch Baggers want to destroy democracy and America in favor of Oligarchy. The Koch Bros father was a Nazi supporter and began this charge to destroy American democracy as early as the beginning of the 1900s. They have more money than god and their only objective is to be the ones to pull the strings of any and all Koch Bagging Republicans. Sadly, this bunch of asshat Repubs, since 2009, have seen fit to take their money and advance their selfish anti-American agenda.

  80. Right on the money again, Helen. Now, go back and get some more rest. I think we are all going to need it as it doesn’t seem the republicans have figured out how to pull their giant foot out of their mouths or their heads out of that other place. I liked it better when they just wore tin foil hats and said there wasn’t any climate change.

  81. Thank you ladies for showing up today! I have been three hours wading through news and FB and thinking “I haven’t heard from Margaret and Helen of late”. Then I opened my mail and there you were. All the things I have been trying to say nicely, was there bald and beautiful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  82. Great to hear from you ladies!

  83. This is great! All morning I have been trying to think of how to express my feelings about this whole mess without getting too vulgar. This did it. Congratulations!!!!

  84. To all concerned:

    It appears as though Margaret and Helen’s WordPress site was hijacked and sent out (at least to me) under the auspisces of The Salmagundian. (Photo of the email header below first, followed by the html source code and then the email itself.) Perhaps it’s merely a coincidence that I subscribe to both, but thought everyone concerned would want to know.

    Leslie Edwards Humez /clevelandartsculpture.com/



  85. […] From Margaret and Helen: […]

  86. Keep on telling it like it is!

  87. We seem to pay the asshats before the poor and the hungry!! Please President Obama and Dems to not cave to the opposition!!!!!

  88. YES! Whatta great rant! You’re spot on once again! Thx for the laughs also.

  89. Hi Gato!
    It seems that if anybody is “non-essential” at the moment, it’s the House of Representatives! I hope President Obama remains steadfast. I am so tired of the disrespect shown to him everyday by the GOP; this is just the latest example. And really, the only people who take Ted Cruz seriously as a presidential candidate are Ted Cruz and the media who love to shower him with undeserved attention. He’s been a senator for what? all of nine months? I am waiting for someone to wipe that sneer off his face–what a reprehensible character!

  90. Helen, I’ve really missed you. Especially now that I live in Alabama. Hope you are well

    Linda Case-Dietrich

    ~~~”Nothing succeeds like excess” the Dowager Countess of Grantham


  91. So well said! Thanks for hitting the nail on the head again!!!

  92. Hey, BLB1 – Perry again?! Surely you jest…

    If you haven’t already, check out Battleground Texas at . They’re working hard to turn Texas blue, and are doing quite well – well enough so that the “anti-Battleground Texas” ads are starting to appear. They could use everybody’s support!

    As for the military, I believe that, yes, everybody currently on duty will stay as they are – but veterans waiting for treatment at VA Hospitals will be put on hold even LONGER (so much for “supporting our troops”), and the “non-essential” National Guard members will be called off their rescue work in Colorado and the West, among a few other non-important things…

    BTW, why is there such a thing as a “non-essential worker,” government or otherwise, in the first place? Seems like an oxymoron to me.


  93. Reblogged this on Central Oregon Coast NOW.

  94. They did pass a bill so military will get paid. Ted Cruz is a piece of work and rumor is Rick Perry is going to run again for Pres.

  95. Hey, Sidney – Wasn’t Cruz a GOP “presidential candidate front-runner” for about ten minutes, not too long ago…? And then that pesky “born in Canada” thing was discovered, which, of course, would have brought up the whole “born in Kenya” hysteria, and could have gotten tricky…

    Maybe Cruz misses all the attention, and has found a new way to keep himself in the pubic eye – by ranting ceaselessly about how the GOP is doing all this “for the little guy”…


  96. Bravo!

  97. I’ve missed your posts!  It’s good to see you haven’t lost your grasp of current affairs–or your command of the language! ;)  

  98. […] I see with grim satisfaction that Margaret and Helen are in accord with me on how the Republican part of Congress needs a bunch of emergency […]

  99. Damn straight, ladies!
    These doofs painted themselves into a corner and found out they really don’t have lil angel wings to carry themselves to heaven, let alone out of the mess they’ve made.
    And Margaret- it is really hard to tell. They’ve buried themselves in so many false equivalencies and other stoopidifications, my guess is they no longer know themselves which they hate the most.

  100. In the midst of the dire state the Republicans – every last one of them – have put our country in, this description nevertheless brought a smile, “If brains were leather, Cruz wouldn’t have enough to saddle a junebug.” Thanks, Helen!!

  101. Call and leave a message for John Boehner at (202) 225-6205

  102. A little info…..Ted Cruz’s real name is Rafael Edward Cruz. Born in CANADA. American mother and his daddy was part of Cuba’s Castro’s army.

  103. Hooray, M&H – Here you are again, at last!

    So the Republican “party” (mosh pit, anyone?) has its two factions: The Loonies, and the rest of them who can’t/daren’t publicly admit that The Loonies are actually running their show, and that they’re letting The Loonies do it. When the Tea Partiers first “swept in” to the hallowed halls of government, and were immediately allowed such “influence” and power, it struck me as pretty weird. In what other organization have the newest, most inexperienced, and hot-headed, initiates EVER been given so much “authority,” right from the get-go? (“Hey; they’ve been here five minutes, and don’t know anything about anything; let’s have them take charge…”)

    So now The Loonies have been allowed to hold their breath until they turn blue, throw a tantrum, and scream and kick, while their embarrassed “elders” just hope and pray they will, at some point, stop. They won’t – just like the kid in the grocery cart seat who wants those “Sugar-Sweets,” and knows that the way he’s guaranteed to get them is by making clear to everyone else the absolute powerlessness of the attending adult, until the adult gives in out of sheer embarrassment and throws the junk in the cart.

    Well, the junk is now in the cart…

    And what is The Loonies’ goal here? It’s to render ineffectual – sort of – a Federal LAW that has been in place for a few years, that has failed to be overturned in any way after more than forty attempts to do so, and that has been validated by the Supreme Court (that same Supreme Court who so mindlessly decided that, since the Voting Rights Act worked so well that we didn’t need it any more). And The Loonies KNOW that this ISN’T GOING TO BE PASSED…

    And, irony of sweet ironies, the full-tilt implementation of that law is going into effect SIMULTANEOUSLY, TODAY, since the funds to make that happen are completely unaffected by any financial “shutdown.” Gotta love that… I do.

    As everybody around here already knows, this shutdown will “only” affect families who count on SNAP for dinner; a bunch of government workers (What the hell – this just proves that “government” is too big already); National Park workers and the people who want to visit the Parks (Only poor people go there, anyway; the one percent go to Dubai or Mustique); people waiting for a mortgage (For just their first house…?); and, of course, all those people out West who are still trying to dig themselves and what’s left of their lives out from the ravages of Biblical fires and floods… Let’s imagine what might happen should another major storm hit the country during all this, or how loud the US Chamber of Commerce will start hollering when China starts to call in all its loan cards…

    And Helen, I’m glad you said “it” out loud. The President is not an Aryan. He was re-elected. He’s the Commander-in-Chief. He’s stopped trying to play nice-nice; he’s being “uppity.” He’s going directly to the American people and saying, “See the screaming toddler in the grocery cart? He wants the ‘Sugar-Sweets,’ and he’s not going to get them.”


  104. Did you hear the news?  Cruz is giving his pay to charity for the length of the shut down.  How INSULTING!  Obviously he has ZERO compassion or concern  for the hundreds of thousands of citizens (including some of our Military), h e has cause to lose their pay .     

  105. Perfect, excellent, I think we should deport these bastards to Iraq.

  106. Who was the Republican Congressman? That deserves wider attention.

  107. Better than the first cup of coffee in the morning, finding your post in my email has made my morning. You again have called it like I see it. Thank you.

  108. Thank you Ladies!

  109. Sent from my iPad

  110. Interesting, how the GOP has attracted enemies of the people.

  111. Welcome back!!! Please don’t even try to keep your mouth shut!!!

  112. I only pray the Dems and the President don’t cave making the situation worse in the long-run.

  113. Thank you for always helping me endure the craziness.
    Love and best wishes to you both.

  114. Awesome! As usual. So good to have you back.

  115. Dave – Several months ago Sarah sent me one of these and thought I might like it….eeek! Love, mary

  116. Whoever thinks Democrats and Republicans are interchangeable in this situation, need to look again. Thanks, Margaret and Helen for making the situation understandable for any idiot. If only the idiots would read it.

  117. Republicans and democrats are interchangeable.

  118. Thank you. I really needed to hear your unique take on the current round of idiocy. It helps – just a little – to laugh at it.

  119. You have been missed!

  120. Rock on Ladies!

  121. Helen and Margaret, you and I are soul sisters from the git-go! I have yet to find a professional pundit with the wit and wisdom of you two sagacious ladies. Thank you so much for putting into words what the rest of us are feeling about the political circus our federal government has become. M&H 4-Evah!

  122. Amen to that! Welcome back ladies.

  123. Brilliant.

  124. It really angers me that the house and the senate are still being paid……and they DON”T DO WHAT THE PUBLIC WANTS! J.H. Price

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