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Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 4, 2012

Somebody over in the Romney campaign decided to go ahead and shake that Etch A Sketch


Well Margaret, once again I am going to say what the media won’t. Mitt Romney is a lying sack of shit and he wouldn’t know a middle class tax cut if it bit him in the middle of his gold plated ass. Evidently the media seems to think that the person who slings the bullshit the farthest wins the debate. Well if that ain’t the damnest thing.

Who exactly was that man debating the President last night? Clearly somebody finally decided to shake the Etch A Sketch and now Romney is against lowering taxes for the wealthy. He’s also pro choice and for entitlement programs. But what the hell he has against Big Bird is beyond me.

If lying whenever your mouth moves is what they mean by style points then, yes, I would definitely have to say that Romney won the debate. He had to temporarily become a Democrat to do it, but yes he won. And it was clear that even the President didn’t see that one coming.

According to Etch A Sketch Romney there will be no tax cuts for the wealthy. After all, the 14% that Romney has been paying wasn’t so bad once he compared it to what everyone else was paying. Also there will be no government interference in healthcare decisions for Americans. Thank goodness because that government ban on abortion the Republicans want and Romney has promised really was a deal breaker for me. I am also delighted to know that Romney is going to force all of the states to finally implement healthcare reform. Considering they haven’t done it yet, I am not sure what he has in mind but I say bully for him. Yes. Romney needed a game changer and tonight he changed the game alright. He changed parties and became the liberal democrat we all knew he wanted to be.

If anyone out there has any idea of which Romney is running for President, please let me know because I can’t keep them all straight. Is he the guy who wants to end Medicare or the guy who wants to spend more money on Medicare? Is he the guy who wants to control my vagina or the one who believes that government shouldn’t be making healthcare decisions? Is he the guy who thinks that 47% of Americans are victims or the guy who thinks that tax cuts for the wealthy are a bad idea? Is he the guy who wants to work on day one with Democrats in Congress or the guy who on day one wants to reverse everything the Democrats accomplished? Is he the guy who likes Big Bird or the guy who will cancel Big Bird?

Margaret, that man has more faces than I have chins. I can’t keep up with which lie is the real lie. All this would be so much easier if Governor Romney would just do what he says his five sons do: pick a lie and stick to it.

The way I see it, we’re all just a bunch of Big Birds. Romney looks right into the camera and says he likes us, but given the chance, he’ll fry us up and serve us on the closest ironing board Ann can find. I mean it. Really.


Helen, I couldn’t follow either one of them most of the time. They both seemed a little too angry for my liking. The one I felt sorry for was that poor Jim Lehrer. I’ve left the house many a time and forgotten my teeth too.

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  1. gatodicima: “There is nothing nice and rational about lying, no matter how nicely it is stated; to me, outright lying… is much worse than a little bit of honest cussing.”

    Un mensonge mène au meurtre. (A lie leads to murder.) To bury the truth, ultimately the liar must bury any who would tell it — witnesses, whistleblowers, sellers of secrets — thus dictators bury dissidents.

    While truthful information for the voting public is the lifeblood of democracy, lies are poison. Attaching “cuss words” like bu11sh!t to such lies associates them with the aroma of excrement, makes the poison less appetizing and less likely to be swallowed.

    I’d rather have someone tell me the ugly truth than pretty lies, or ugly lies for that matter. Don’t bu11sh!t me.

  2. Never NOT friends! :) and I explicitly agree with your positions. I absolutely could not vote for Romney and Ryan! As you have pointed out so eloquently to those two guys whose comments I pitch without reading, the facts are out there for anyone who will do a little research. But there are many who are fooled by the plausible liars. They believe that the problem is people who won’t work, not people who won’t pay. They are worn down chasing their dreams and easily convinced that their hard work is paying for someone else, that they should have more It’s insidious!

  3. JC……ok thanks for the reply, i understand what you are saying and thank you for explaining it more thorough. The way I see it, had I included one simple word, you would of not felt the need to call me out on my rant. And that word is MORE. I care more about the least amongst us. There a many poor Americans who do what they can, give to their church, donate used cloths, drop off some beans at the food bank, but even the poverty stricken red state republicans who vote republican believe that the government has no legal reason to use our tax dollars for social programs. They want to, and will do everything in their power to stop these programs. I see this country as a society, as one big family who working together can help the helpless. It wouldn’t benefit me, I’m in good shape. But I would never WANT or support a government that for the benefit of a few can find a constitutional or religious reason to leave the poor flapping in the wind, and that is the republican vision for this country.
    I might be wrong, but it seems to me that you have a problem with Romney the man, I on the other hand have a problem with the entire republican ideology.
    Friends now?

  4. Hi, Craig – We’re glad to have you on Helen’s porch, especially at this really difficult time in your life…

    I suggested that my husband (a life-long Republican) take a look here, and, when he did, his first comment was that he doesn’t understand why Helen uses so many “cuss words” (her description), in much the way you do.

    Let me share my point of view, if I may… Sometimes we “nice ladies” (formerly known as “good girls”) just can’t stand the lies and garbage that keep getting put out there, unquestioned and unchallenged. And often a nice and rational argument is just run over, once again, by the liars – and that makes us mad! There is nothing nice and rational about lying, no matter how nicely it is stated; to me, outright lying (and “clarifying” and “walking back” and “resetting” and all that kind of thing) is much worse than a little bit of honest cussing. (Maybe we should just try to stick with Irish Joe’s lovely word: “malarkey”… Has a ring to it.)

    So you may see an occasional outburst… But you will see scatological – and truly offensive – references to private body parts pretty much only from those I think of as “under the porch”, and not from the rest of us. (UAW’s “Monica” avatar is consistently offensive, and he knows very well that it is.)

    As for myself, I find M&H’s orneriness to be refreshing. My husband is with you on this, however, and always chastises me when I “cuss.” Sometimes I do it, anyway… (And I cuss with my GFs all the time!)

    Wishing you the best, and glad we keep hearing from you.


  5. Hey Sid, let me reiterate: my sympathies are with you and I am betting that we would agree on many many things! In your reply to another commenter you said “the difference between you and me is I care about” and you went on to describe many of the situations that concern me as well. But the unspoken implied finish of your statement is that the other person DOES NOT CARE. And I think we should be careful about saying stuff like that, it escalates tension and can lead to the sort of ad hominem crap that is absolutely destroying any sense of community in this nation. I did it myself, on this very blog: I called UAW out on a comment he made that implied a certain outlook and made an enemy for life. I’m not crying in my beer or anything over it, but I could have been less blunt and combative and personal and avoided the whole thing!

    The example about the charity was meant to illustrate that someone who takes the time to research the places he gives to and wants to promote the project not the organization, is someone that thinks things through and puts effort into the deal. We agree the nation had been going in the wrong direction, we disagreed on how to correct it then, he doesn’t think there has been a correction, and I do. We disagree on what is important even! But he does CARE, and he doesn’t think that poor people are worthless, either.
    The reason we argue so much is that I CANNOT vote under any circumstances for a man like Mitt Romney; I have worked for too many people like him and recognize certain traits and patterns. My poor brother has not!

  6. JC….if that was a response to my post which was a response to Craig, I really don’t get your entire point. But it seems that one message you were trying to get across was that there are many republican supporters that give to charity. Good for them! I fed several homeless people daily for over 5 years, but what we do separately can not compare to what we can do as a nation. Charities are great, but if they were the answer we would not have hungry homeless Americans living among us. I believe that the government has a responsibility to help the “least among us”, I have a hard time watching those commercials showing starving helpless children from third world countries while asking for donations. I don’t want to see that same scene, up close and personal on my street and in my country, when, at the same time we have GOP positions boasting that the USA is the wealthiest country in the world. We are. There is no excuse that this amazing country that was started as an experiment iin democracy that was built on the backs of the millions that came before us to look the other way.

  7. Agreed..but too stretched to argue…
    Question about the host. And here is where I will have my head handed to me. But why does the host persist in using profanity in order to try and make her arguments? Most debaters and people knowledgeable in their area of expertise do not have to rely on profanity to get their point across….

  8. Careful! I am related to and friendly with a whole bunch of people who are convinced that I care about poor lazy deadbeats at the expense of everyone else, and that I DON’T care about hard working middle class Americans. I happen to be in your boat regarding my opinion on how to best rescue our country from what I consider to be the brink of disaster. But many of these others only have a different idea of HOW to save things. Myself, I think they are falling for plausible lies, but I do NOT doubt that they care! One of “them” is my brother, who spends a great deal of time checking into which charities are the least admin loaded. He always passes the info on to me: Food For the Poor is the best so far, 92 cents out of every dollar goes to the project, only 8 cents to admin! So having a different idea doesn’t necessarily mean uncaring!

    We’ll just leave our little buds anon and UAW out of this, they just like to piss people off. I’m NOT defending people like that!

  9. Craig…my husband and I have run our own business for 25 years and managed to “pay ourselves first” also and saved a nice chunk. We worked over 60 hours a week physical labor and raised our three daughters there, so my entire family has “skin in this game”. We have paid more in taxes then many people make in a year. Nobody helped us, no government loans or aid, we are the perfect example of those bootstrapes that the GOP are always talking about. Now although I am a liberal, I am very conservative with my personal finances and I did not make any easy stock market money, but I applaud your dicision to invest in apple stock as it shot through the roof. The difference between you and I, is that Im aware of and care about the millions of Americans that didn’t invest in Apple, or inherit money, or even have the oppertunity that my husband and I did. There are people who worked hard all their lives and were never able to accumulate enough money to survive on, and to have the social safety net pulled out from under them is just cruel. And I would never begrudge a family the food stamps that they spent in my store in my store, I treated everyone with respect because I knew, I just knew…that there but for the grace of god, go I.

  10. I knew when I made that comment it would be used against me..or against the man I’m voting for. Quite frankly, a young lady from this blog contacted me via my email. I made the same statement to her that I’m about to you.
    I don’t know if either one of the candidates are the best by any means…
    It’s just after 3.8 years we have an auto industry, and yet how many people “off the record” that have quit looking for work or are acting as independent contractors that don’t show up the records. I have one friend who was 61. He tried from 2009 thru 2011 and finally just took Social Security and quit.
    Have not the bankers,institutions and insurance companies always played the $ float? Whether it was a republican or Demo president in office. Is it right? No. And especially since I’m in the middle of some things that ” middle America” has no control over. Val and I have done well in savings. I’ll be ok, I believe…we always were able to pay ourselves first and at age 31 started our IRA’s…and other investments. My best bet though after the debacle of 08 was going against my financial advisors “advice” I put 90% of our holdings in Apple stock.
    But I’m getting out after this Xmas. I was lucky…but what is the saying…I have everything yet I have nothing because I’m a very lonely man with a broken heart.

  11. Craig: Ah, yes, banks, insurance companies, and other money-bureaucracies are always so understanding, sympathetic, and helpful at such times of personal crisis and bereavement.

    It gives real depth of meaning to Mitt Romney’s remark:     “Corporations are people too, my friend.”

    And Romney promises to be President of all the people… presumably including the 7,353,000 corporations… his base.

  12. Raven, I agree totally with your getting out and being involved. My current issue is health insurance which I never planned on being an issue. Val passing four months short of ten years employment put me on a three year Cobra funded plan to provide the $470 monthly insurance ” I had” until the anniversary of Val’s death at which time about three weeks later when I turn 65 I can apply for Medicare. That along with all the other minutiae of forms,certificates, charge accounts and the multitude of things that I , as a supported spouse, am having to deal with insurance companies holding Val’s life insurance hostage…and freezing our Wells Fargo accounts where the bulk of our liquid assets are..until October 23rd when I can get letters of evidentiary from a judge to break the chain.
    Yes I use to go to a gym 5-6 days a week until the last two months of Val’s life,I stayed with her and driving Ms Daisy to work and home while attending to the house and making sure she had the care she needed.
    I know your hearing excuses..but I hope and strive to be with others as much as I could. Normally my cul de sac is full of neighbors but its unusually quiet.
    I’m leaving next Tuesday to be with my son and granddaughter next week…after that I’m going to California to be with friends for a week.
    Val and I cancelled three vacation getaways this year due to the need for treatments. If Val were here now ..she might have second thoughts about the fight she took..but she kept getting praise and hope from the doctors up and until to hours before I was notified to one to Val’s bedside. Her Specialist called me that night before at 10pm to ask about Val..and then tell me “Craig,normally after the cancer goes to the brain you have 3-6 months”.
    I did the mental math and Valerie had just passed the three month mark.
    So my gut was wretched at that point and two hours later I called the hospital and the rest is history.
    But in essence…yes you have very valid points and I’m sorry for your loss..as it appears you lost your father way too soon.
    Warmest regards,

  13. Craig, I lost my mother two years ago, and my father (to cancer) half a century ago. The empty hurt feeling never entirely “went away” for my mother and me, but we learned to live around it, saving happy memories too, and comforting each other when tears could not be contained.

    I think it’s important to know that you can still give and receive love, even if it’s a pet dog or cat, and not be completely alone.

    Finding friends just to talk to over coffee a few times a week, so you don’t lose the knack of conversation, is worthwhile.

    Make the effort to stay social, whatever that means to you — dinner parties, church meetings, fish fries, SCA or SF events, things that keep you involved in life, and get you and other people involved with each other. Anything you can teach, or coach — hey!

  14. uawtradesman: As to who killed Chris Stevens, I think the actual militias who carried out the attack should get the primary blame, and note where the sympathy of the Libyan people went — they forced those militias all the way out of the city.

    But as to who weakened embassy security: GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Admits House GOP Cut Funding For Embassy Security: ‘You Have To Prioritize Things’

  15. Hey uaw,

    The Onion is a well known satire site.

    Though it does confuse some people. The one thing the confused have in common is they usually don’t have a sense of humor.

    IRAN used an Onion poll/article in their media.

    SO you’re in good company. ;)

    PEACE ~ Δ

  16. UAW: “Obama killed Ambassador Chris Stevens.” That’s a new low, even for you.

  17. Jean,
    Imagine that .. We have a connection. My wife
    With all her education relied on me to get her on food and recipe sites.
    I also have several friends older than me as of
    Today Oct 9 , I’m 62. But I’ve got a 81 year old girl friend at the gym. She lost her husband some 10 years ago but we kid and walk together. I even got her a part time job at
    Medical school acting as a patient with a script to be a challenge for Med students to try
    And figure out her issues or medical challenges.
    I specialize in Psych disorders and have developed quite a reputation as being Dr Robinsons husband… By osmosis I’ve learned to be manic , bi-polar .. Etc .
    Thanks for knocking at my door if you wish.
    Ps… I don’t have horns and can be congenial.

  18. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Thank you, Craig, for your invitation to “friend” you on Facebook and e mail. Unfortunately, I do not “do” Facebook or Twitter. Don’t know how. I am technology challenged and just barely computer literate from the get go. Ever since my infinitely patient computer guru died (of cancer), my only social networking has been M&H occasionally and of course delurkergurl’s blog. It’s very hard to teach an Old Bitch (83) new tricks. Besides that, my e mail inbox is backed up from April awaiting my responses. Sigh. Time consuming.

    However, I trust you will check in here from time to time and let us know how you are coming along.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

  19. WTF ….Whirled Peas….
    the Onion……why don’t they call that site horseshit……their not as factual as the Daily Show…..OK…their better than HuffPo……
    lets get real….Romney wants to kill BIG BIRD and Obama killed Ambassador Chris Stevens ……YEP…He’s glad Obama’s looking out for him….

  20. I left an email if people who are interested and can or want to have a discussion..I’m always doing debating with a gentleman in Colorado..and of course he and are on different sides of fence but amicably we agree to disagree. I just don’t need people with bad “karma”
    I certainly don’t want to cause a dust up on the porch..I feel I’ve got some real friends I do not want to re-arrange the chairs on the porch.
    Peace and love to all who have expressed such.
    I wish only the best to those who continue to fight this hideous disease
    And would be glad to discuss with her and share..but I know she is doing good just to stay afloat as cancer keeps the caretaker busy 24-7.

  21. Tine–how nice to see you.

    Craig–thank you. That is lovely of you. However, I’m not on facebook. I do hope to see you here. You obviously have friends on this blog who care for you.

  22. Craig-

    Like a few others, I too am an “oldie” here who doesn’t comment much anymore. (I read regularly, but resist getting drawn in because it gets too infuriating/distracting.)

    I clearly remember you and Valerie, and I want you to know how sorry I am for your loss. I hope you won’t mind having the prayers of a heretical Catholic, because I’ll be praying for peace for you and your son and all who love Val. And…although it seems strange to congratulate you in the same breath…congratulations on your granddaughter! May she bring you comfort and delight.

    Mageen, I’ll be praying for you as well. May the time you have left with your husband be filled with joy and love.

  23. Romney Proudly Explains How
    He’s Turned Campaign Around.

    “I’m lying a lot more, and my lies are far more egregious than they’ve ever been…It’s a strategy that works because when I lie, I’m essentially telling people what they want to hear, and people really like hearing things they want to hear. Even if they sort of know that nothing I’m saying is true…It’s a freeing strategy, really, because I don’t have to worry about facts or being accurate or having any concrete positions of any kind.”

    PEACE ~ Δ

  24. belltvguy@yahoo.com

  25. Craig- there’s a whole other thing too, right now. You just spent 2 years working very hard with and for your beloved Val without a whole lot of thought for yourself.
    Getting used to living inside your own skin after such a sustained period of looking outward can be as disorienting as mourning the loss of your life partner Val . Be kind to yourself.
    Most especially, be kind to yourself.
    Blessings on you, neighbor.

  26. Craig: In response to your question about time, I think that JC put it very well. At this time, I think that you hold to your faith and get through each day by living the way your Val would want you to live. She would want you to take care of yourself and eat right and enjoy your dear son and beautiful grandbaby. She would not want you to neglect yourself. I truly believe she is watching over you.

  27. Jean, I trust you , Donna and Delurker and Olr Virginney.. I’m located on Facebook in Lubbock Texas as Craig Robinson. I would like to friend ” you all” that a Texas thing.
    I await your response.
    Thanks to all of you who have offered me
    Your live and support in my grieving
    And if I could help Ole Virginnay pardon the misspell .. I will.
    If you can’t get thru ill offer my email…

  28. Auntie Jean,
    Thank you..I remember that name from way back..Kubler Ross
    I’ll pick that up..
    Reading the daily devotional my Val read ” Jesus Calling”
    Has been unusually on in my day to day life..not an astrology thing
    But it’s 365 daily words and thoughts from God extracting bible verse along with additional words make for a pretty straight on version of what my days are or will become..either looking forward or backward as I did..concerning the day of Val’s death..it was if God was telling her to wait patiently..I’am with you …etc etc…had I been Val…I know she was expected somewhere else.

  29. Dear Craig,

    I lost two loved ones to cancer. Here are a few thoughts that might help you through this so, so difficult time. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the Swiss-American Psychiatrist was the pioneer in dealing with such traumatic events in our lives. You could get her book “On Death and Dying.” If that would be a little too heavy right now, some of the shorter literature from Hospice could help you through the five stages of grieving we all experience.

    The most important aspect is NOT to get stuck in one of the stages and stay there. Your beloved Valerie would not have wanted that for you.

    Again, heartfelt aloha!

    Auntie Jean

  30. The empty feeling will be filled up with other things, in time. The business of living takes care of that – not so much a distraction as a counterirritant, perhaps. The hurt is different. The wound will heal over and not be so raw, but things or songs or circumstance will remind you poignantly and without warning. Right now it will feel like a body blow, but later it will dull to an ache, and even sometimes make you smile reminiscently.
    Please don’t expect too much of yourself: to help someone you dearly love out of this world and into the next must be one of the hardest things a person ever does. All of us are pulling for you, some even are facing their own similar issues. You will be able to bear them up when they need a friendly word – and they will!

    As for the Karma commenter – I would not care to reap a crop of her sowing. Bitter indeed! Do not give it a second thought. There are people I don’t like that don’t like me here, but I do not wish them ill, although one I like to annoy. Not nice, merely human! I don’t particularly care if they wish me ill, but I wish they would not be so unkind to people I like, like Gato! Even the trolls: I wish they would go pester someone else and I just delete their silly posts! So don’t let that Terri disturb you: it is HER problem not yours!

  31. Does the empty hurt feeling ever go away…people say a year..or two..
    I can’t imagine putting any time limit on it.
    She was “MY” life.
    Thanks Man for your thoughts

  32. downloaded The Rumble 2012 O”Reilly vs Stewart

    this is good also

  33. Sorry for your loss Craig………been there…….

  34. Craig:
    Like many posters on this site I’ve been somewhat lax about coming here lately because the tenor of the comments so I almost missed your message about Val. Belatedly, please accept my condolences on her passing.
    I’m sure we’ve had conflicting views on this site separating us but, as someone who is much farther along in life, I share the pain of Valerie’s illness after having been exposed to similar situations within my own family in the past and while currently facing others today and with still others most likely in the future. It is a sober reminder to all of us of the fragility of our existence on this planet and the best way to compensate is to do good on behalf of others at all times possible.
    It is obvious from your comments that Val was a very special person and her dedication to the healing arts and sciences is so ironic because, in the end, those same healing arts couldn’t save her. But your devotion to her needs was paramount in making her as comfortable as possible under impossible circumstances. I admire that.
    Again, I’m truly sorry to hear of your loss..

  35. Craig,
    It has been awhile since I have posted here myself. I am a daily reader and a huge fan of M&H, but I have so many things going on in my life right now, that it is just too much energy to comment.
    I just want to tell you that you are a wonderful husband and a true and devoted man. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. Cancer is such a destructive force. It has touched us all in one way or another. I pray for the day it is irradicated. I wish you peace and joy where ever you can find it. A new grandaughter is a blessing, may she help you keep joy in your heart.

    Peace to you and your hubby as well. I will donate to the childrens cancer fund here in your name. Best wishes for a full recoverery.

  36. Delurker, donations to any cancer research group would work. Thanks to you and everyone who has come forth and commented so humanely.

  37. You had me so emotional at “quiet house” Craig. It must really be difficult for you right now. I lost my father 33 years ago today and it was the quiet that got me, every day for the three months I stayed in the house after he was gone until I moved away. Might I add that there were other people in the house besides myself and still, the quiet in his quarters was something I could not get used to. I can only imagine your quiet. Please do get out some time and try not stay by yourself too much right now. That granddaughter is sure a godsend. Congratulations on being a grandfather. You and Val sure did have something special and I am glad you shared your story with us.

  38. DeLurker..anything you can do is a $ more than they had yesterday.
    Thank you.

  39. It is a beautiful story and tribute, Craig. Thank you for honoring us with it.

  40. Donna, I met my Valerie in 1965. I turned around at a high school game and was introduced to these big eyes and smile…she was an ROTC sponsor but I was in a different unit. I pursued her every weekend …calling on Mondays for a Friday- Saturday dates. I had only one date with another girl the week before this. Val was 16 ..and I was 14 turning 15 in three weeks on Oct 9.
    She died almost to the date we met some 47 years later. She went abroad after her senior year as an exchange student in Belgium since she was going to be a French major. Upon returning she entered TCU as a French major freshman taking senior courses. She felt un challenged and since her mother was a nurse and sister was studying nursing as well she went that route.
    We dated thru college..sending her roses sometimes twice a day getting the attention of the dorm mother…and other girls. On a dare from another student and before she entered masters of nursing she took and past the MCAT test. She applied to Texas Tech Medical school in 72 and was admitted in their first class graduating 3 years later in 75. I kept AT&T and Braniff air afloat by my visits and calls from Fort Worth. We married two weeks after she graduated and she matched at UT Southwestern where she became a pediatrician…but in her last year a young 11 year old girl with cancer came to her and asked her to help plan her funeral. With that , Val found her calling…and switched over to three more years to become a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. Me, I was a TV producer for Southern Baptist Radio-Tv, then the medical school, ED’S and Ross Perot for a year then 21 years with Bell Helicopter till 911 when I was laid off with the man who hired me. A white collar lay off no one saw coming. I basically went back to work for about 4 years from 2003-2006 working part tie and making 4 times more than they had paid me…until they hired a 30something..sound familiar.
    We had a charmed life..with a great son who became a Lt. In Navy for four years and just blessed us with our first grand child July 30th.
    The circle continues. God took my angel Valerie home…but gave us a beautiful baby girl for me to dote on. More than you wanted to know..but it takes my mind off sitting here in a very quiet house.
    Take care Donna. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

  41. Oh jeez.
    Karma crap?

    May your toilet back up and flood your home with the same kind of horsepunky you dumped here, other- Terri.
    Call it karma if you want…
    I call it horsepunky

    Craig -

    I remember very well when a dear friend of mine dropped dead of a heart attack after losing his job of many years how thoughtful your remarks and concerns were.
    On a human level you were always very reachable though I often wanted to pinch your face off over politics :-)
    Take best of care neighbor.

  42. Craig: If (and only if) you’d like to say, how did you meet?

  43. OK, Craig. Since I have a Sunday school student with leukemia and a dear friend with lymphoma, I often give to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I will do that for you. I can’t ever give a lot at one time, but my small donation is matched 100% by my employer. Nothing will bring Val back but it’s all I know to do to rage against the evil that is cancer.

  44. Not really..but any children’s cancer fund.thank you.

  45. Craig, I am very sorry about your wife. I pray God carries you through these dark days and that you find comfort in your memories.

    Mageen, I don’t know what to say. I had hoped that your dear husband’s treatment would do the trick. I pray that the treatments he’s getting are affording you guys more time for accumulating memories and sharing your love.

    I would like to make donations on both of your behalf to the cancer research organization of your choice. Do you have a preference?

  46. Thank you Auntie Jean,Donna Meagen,Alaskipi,Cynthia,Easier…all of you for your respect and thoughts…
    Some people ..that’s all of us will have to stand before our maker one day
    And will have to answer for our actions,deeds and words…
    I forgive this lady/ person. They evidently have some serious issues.

  47. Hi, again, Craig – As I’ve mentioned, I didn’t know you “when”… All I know is what you wrote recently, which I found very moving.

    Karma, in my understanding, anyway, has nothing to do with anything other than how we react to whatever the Universe hands us. As far as I can tell, both you and your wife have dealt with a dreadful illness, and you with a heartbreaking loss, with courage and great love for each other. My guess is that if anything impacts your “karma”, it will be that.


  48. Donna, thank you.
    I saw that post about Karma…and I thought to myself..I’ve been gone for almost two years. Really I caused that much hatred?
    Before I left, yes I tried to be a moderate, listening more than talking.
    I can only say this person will have to look in the mirror every morning and some day will stand before God to learn his version of Karma, which I believe
    Is a forgiving God.

  49. Mageen, may the universe hold you and your family tight in its embrace. Your husband gave it his all and is still fighting the good fight. Keeping you in my prayers. Cancer sure is a b…My father succombed to it. It was no fun to watch him waste away, big burly man that he was, being reduced to nothing. I really empathize with what Craig went through and what you are going through Mageen. Wishing you continued courage.

  50. There was no question about that–you’ve never been ugly. This was.

  51. Just to be clear, that’s a different Terri from me.

  52. and I will say one thing more. When Helen’s Harold passed away, even the nastiest and most juvenile bullies who visit here were respectful. Nobody mocked his passing or suggested it was “deserved.” You have hit a low that hasn’t been seen here before.

  53. Terri: you are a jerk and totally out of line. Craig came on this blog and insulted the hosts. He had some moments that weren’t great. But he apologized for that and we ended up having some great discussions. Nobody here could doubt the sincerity and depth of his love for his wife, Val. And all of us, regardless of our political views, rallied around him when she was diagnosed. And all of us worried and looked forward to his updates. And now, those of us who are decent human beings, share his loss.

    My political views may be similar to yours. If you’re liberal, they are. But your comment is despicable.

    This has nothing to do with karma. It has everything to do with a terrible disease that crosses all political and economic lines. And, even though you did something truly cruel and vicious just now, I hope you don’t have to deal with it. But this is one occasion when I hope Matthew deletes your post. Shame on you.

  54. Craig, from what I recall you were a wretched troll on this site. Hmmm. Karma is a bitch after all.

  55. If someone cheats at a debate,
    what else might he cheat on???

    His taxes maybe?

    It would be irresponsible not to speculate. ;)

    *Make sure you view the post-debate C-Span video link.

    BTW: Peace be with you, Craig ~ Δ

  56. Dear Craig,

    I can hardly see my keyboard as I try to type. My deepest condolences and prayers for you and your family.

    I haven’t posted for quite sometime and so I want to say “hi” to all who have been either busy with life or had stopped posting as I did when there was too much nastiness that ruined the great site Helen and Margaret offered on their porch for us to enjoy. Nice to see the familiar faces, I mean names, such as Lori, Donna, etc. Welcome to all newbies who have joined.

    To all who are suffering themselves from illness or their family members, I am sending my thoughts and prayers.

  57. (((Mageen and husband )))

  58. To all the porch dwellers old and new …. keep fighting hard! It’s important. Xoxo namaste

  59. Mageen … all my love going your way. Give that boy of yours a hug for me.

  60. I am so sorry to hear of Val’s passing Craig. I have had you two in my thoughts over the last couple of years. I will continue to send warm wishes your way as you begin your journey of healing from this horrible experience. <3

  61. [...] Somebody over in the Romney campaign decided to go ahead and shake that Etch A Sketch [...]

  62. Craig,
    I wish you peace in your sorrow and comfort in your love. My deepest condolences for your loss.

  63. Mageen–my thoughts are with you and your family as well.

  64. Craig, oh God!

    We are in a countdown around here, too. Husband has been through three different cancer centers, chemo, radiation and experimental stuff. Was offered Immune Therapy but that meant five days a week for several months. At 77 that was not the way he wanted to spend whatever time he had left shuttling from home to hospital with a less than 50% chance of anything working. He has opted for hospice. Ever since his diagnosis in 2010 he has never uttered a self-pitying word. He just put one foot in front of the other and you’ve got to respect the decisions a guy like that makes. Just wish I had the safety net to let him enjoy even one small thing on his bucket list. I know the kids and grandkids and I are going to make it just like he did for so long, one foot in front of the other. The one thing that gets to me the most outside of his loss is that something could happen to the research on cancer at NIH. All such research has allowed him this extra time and I know that someday cancer will be something that hardly anyone remembers.

  65. My condolences to Craig at the loss of his lovely vibrant wife Val, who was taken much too soon by cancer. Cancer is an evil, evil disease, and when a loved one is diagnosed you want to reach in and rip it out of their body, but it’s grip is tight and we are reduced to a spectator, watching, praying and hoping that our loved one will be the recipient of a modern medical miracle.
    Several years ago my father was taken by kidney cancer. I watched as my prayers went unanswered and my father went from healthy, strong, retired bricklayer 72 years of age, to a frail radiation burned man who screamed from the pain as the cancer ate away at his bones and then hallucinated as cancer tightened its grip. The hospice nurses tried to treat the pain and I, alone was with him as he took his last breath and left his loving family behind. I thanked god for the Medicare program that allowed him access to all his medical care and provided the only hope available in our hopeless situation. I would like to take this time to remember all those families facing this situation without health insurance, who will be diagnosed too late in a cold emergency room only to discover that no oncologist will provide treatment without cash payment. This is a frightening horrific evil killer and I pray that our government never stops programs that support the medical community in its quest to stop this mass murderer that comes, silently, like a thief in the night to take our loved ones away from us too soon.
    Even though I am new here, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you travel through this unchartered terrority without your beloved wife. May your memories keep you strong until you meet again.

  66. Hello, Craig – I am probably not a name with which you are familiar, since I’m a newbie here. But I, too, send my condolences to you. And send you my gratitude, as well, for your candor and openness. It is posts like yours, and the replies you have received, that make me aware that doing this kind of thing is something worthwhile, and can be – at its best – an incredible way to share our humanity.

    May you find peace in your heart, joy in your memories, and courage to carry on… And may the light of your Christmas tree shine on you and your family, and on all of us. Thank you.


  67. Dear Craig, I keep urging everyone I know to vote, regardless of affiliation. I feel that if enough people vote, we will get where we should be regardless of what I or you or anyone else thinks!

    All that aside, there are some things that are so universal they eclipse everything else. Your lovely and talented companion sounds like a more than wonderful person, whatever side of the fence she preferred. Anyone who loves, or has loved can feel at least an echo of your anguish. That day has come or will come for all of us.

    You have done me a great favor tonight. I can hardly see my screen to type as I share your sorrow, but I renew my commitment to those I love most, right this minute, and will do my best to demonstrate to them how much I love them and how wonderful I think they are!

    And, as a companion to those thoughts I will lift you and your son up in prayer that you may receive comfort to sustain you! Please forgive any typos, I am very distressed for you.

    JC Sent from my iPhone

  68. Dear Craig,

    I grieve for you in the loss of your beloved wife, Valerie. From what you have told us about her, she was a fine and remarkable lady. You spoke eloquently of her. I had hoped her treatments would have prolonged her life. It seems it was not to be.

    I’m sure the memories you and your son have of her will help sustain you through your most difficult times now. Just know you have friends here at M&H’s who care and that you can turn to for consolation anytime.

    With Heartfelt Aloha,

    Auntie Jean

  69. We are all human in birth, life, and death Craig. Republican or democrat, does not matter really where and when it counts; we are all human and I can assure you, we are all feeling your pain. I feel for you and know you have suffered a great loss. I am truly sorry to hear about your Val. She surely was a great woman. Please accept my sincere condolences.

  70. I see do many names I use to duel with.
    You all finally accepted me as I had to lean on
    You after Val’s diagnosis.
    I’ve been a busy man and made sure she was
    Always as comfortable as could be. During
    Her last year she learned how to kayak
    And trout fish in Montana. We had our last
    Vacation with our son in February when he joined us in Vegas. Since March it has been a constant chemo and radiation fight. She withered in front of me.
    I learned from my female pastor that when asked if she was afraid of dying she responded no… She was afraid of losing her mind and faculties to practice medicine.
    She also confessed she was sorry that she had never apologized for yelling at me for little things… But I knew it was the cancer yelling.
    It’s a dark and moonless night and the stars will never look the same. My Christmas tree is up.. Due to a knee surgery I had before last Christmas. It has been wrapped with with sheets until two days after her death. It is lit
    And giving me some relief to see the ornaments we exchanged over the years.
    Thanks for all of your kind words.
    She Was a remarkable lady and I’ve had patients as young as 12 tell me that Her doctor Valerie would give her the undivided attention and knew that Doctor Valerie was indeed understanding what this little girl was enduring…I can’t say anymore…

  71. Craig,

    I am so sad to hear this news. Val fought her long battle of cancer with dignity and courage and you at her side to give support and encouragement. I offer my condolences to you and your family for the loss of a dear wife and mother. “We do not remember days; we remember moments.”


  72. Craig-
    I am so sorry. Sending very best wishes to you and your son and wishing I could do more.

  73. and my condolences to your son and all those who Val touched. She sounds like a remarkable person.

  74. Oh, Craig–I am heartsick for you. I hadn’t posted here for a good while and when I stopped back, the first thing that I asked was if anyone had heard from you or knew about your Val. Please accept my condolences–your love and devotion for Val was so clear. You are in my thoughts.

  75. To all..
    Ive not been here for a while.
    But I still recognize many of the names posting here.

    My wife Valerie R. Robinson M.D. of 37 years and lover of 47 years passed away on September 21 when I had her removed from life support.

    She fought Triple Negative breast cancer for 22 months. She worked up until a three days before she was admitted to hospital for breathing difficulties.
    She continued as a Child and Adol. Psychiatrist and Associate Professor at Texas Tech Health Science Center.

    Over the course of the last 22 months she endured a lumpectomy and removal of lymph node removal in left neck and underarm.
    This past March it spread to her liver….and was eradicated..
    On June 30th it had spread to her brain.
    She endured radiation and then chemo up until the day she was admitted she was put in a hospital bed and wheeled from chemo to Medical ICU.
    She had developed a staph infection in her chemo port.
    Admitted on Sept 17th she was treated and was doing better. The doctors removed nearly a liter of fluid which helped her breathing. My son flew in on his 31st birthday and was able to spend a couple hours talking with her. that was our last conversation.

    I had to remove her from life support when called on early am of the 21st.
    We entered the room to say our goodbyes.
    She was still sedated and I had untied her arms.
    As we talked to her..her hands started to raise in unison.
    Nick and I each held a hand ..within seconds her eyes parted halfway and she squeezed our hands for all of 3 seconds..closed her eyes and then passed.

    I’m still a Republican, but I’m grieving for the love of my life that God holds in his hands.
    I wish all out there the very best. My wife’s cancer was not detected due to the fact that it was far back in the chest wall. She was diagnosed in December 2010.
    We were told we would have years but Triple Negative is a
    death sentence.
    I’m not a Pink drum beating cancer marcher..but I wish all out there to support the fight against this monster.
    Peace to all…and just love and hug the ones close to you..it may be the last time you get to.
    Craig Robinson

  76. nah…more to our pal Gato.

  77. It was a Don’t feed the troll please. I just go it this evening, a little while ago.

  78. which post, Sidney? And the smirk IS pretty awful.

  79. Did you mean to sent that post to me? Romneys smirk is still giving me nightmares. I haven’t posted since the 4th.

  80. Please don’t feed the troll.

  81. A Nice summery

  82. Um, lets go back to the $50,000 a plate dinner on a May evening in Miami where MIttens badmouthed 47% of Americans and now retracts what he said let alone how he said it. Do those diners get their damn money back? Do they feel like total Capital C-chumps? Maybe now they know how others who believed Mittens, took his word as gospel, feel. Nothing like learning from experience.

  83. M&H be lit!
    Street cred thru da roof!

  84. I think the Romney of the debate is like the guy on a date who wants to get laid and says the magic words….many positions Mitt, makes him an interesting spouse, but…

  85. According to the website http://www.romneytheliar.blogspot.com, Romney told 27 lies in the 38 minutes he spoke during the debate!

  86. UAW: I am so sorry about your cat. She was lucky to have you as her owner.

  87. I’m puzzled why someone isn’t talking about the plant in Freeport, IL which is closing next month…leaving many family’s who have worked for the company for years….out of work. I guess right now they are camped across the street…occupying! And “laid off” at the holidays, too. Guess who owns the plant and shipping jobs overseas? Bain. Now that’s carazy making. MR says he wants to create jobs. Must be his attitude is “do what I say, not what I do.” Whattaguy!

  88. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Please excuse me while I gloat a little. Uh, the jobs report. Uh, I don’t think all those jobs were created in just the past few days since the “debate”, were they? There seems to be a strong possibility that right along, Obama has been pursuing the multiplicity of tasks that land on his desk everyday. And as we can see, they are coming to fruition – slowly and not as fast as many of us would like but he’s working at it! I certainly couldn’t do his job, nor would I ever dream of wanting to!

    Meanwhile, back on the campaign trail all Romney has to show for it, as far a progress for the country as a whole goes, is throwing brickbats at Obama. Romney is looking pretty flat footed about now, don’tcha think?

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom. Saalam.

    Auntie Jean

  89. Hi, JC – I pretty much thought so… I’m really trying to hold myself down to just one brief Troll Retort per twenty-four-hour period… But maybe even that is one too many…

    Instead of hitting this dude, I should have sent condolences about UAW’s cat; that is sad. (Been there; done that.)


  90. Drainage Gato dahlink: more pond scum!

  91. Margaret is a hoot!

  92. Davol… I beg your pardon…?

  93. You Ladies are just the best! I was introduced to your incredible blog by the members of my book club. You have a huge following here in Vermont! Keep up the great work, Ladies!
    Vote Obama!!!!!!

  94. I think Jim Lehrer needs to be replaced. He is not a good moderator of debate. What’s wrong with using a little ingenuity, put lights on the podiums; the opponents and the moderators; green, yellow and red. When you have one minute left the green light goes out and the yellow light goes on; then it is time to wrap it up or hang it up; when the light goes form yellow to red your mic goes off. All on a timer. Problem solved. No more bullying. It is clear to me that Romney knows rules don’t apply to him. He got away with lots of interference the other night.

  95. Clearly Romney won the debate and deserves the ensuing boost in the polls. So please consider voting this November for Mitt Romney you bunch-a lazy good-for-nothing, government dependent, victims who won’t take personal responsibility for your lives. Vote Mitt Romey for President.

  96. You don’t understand Romney’s Tax plan? That’s ok neither does Romney
    read how http://www.mittromney.com can’t even get it right:


  97. GOP denial machine in overtime today. Can’t believe unemployment has gone below 8%, therefore number must be result of a conspiracy; just like the polls favoring Obama. Losers.

  98. I’m really sorry about your cat, UAW. It’s AWFUL losing a fur baby.

    I’m glad your girlfriend is on the mend. You should be spending lots of time with her and not us lefty liberal hags. ;)

  99. UAW-
    I’m thinking the won’t-works are a lot less common than you think.
    We have a lot of ill-prepared-for-work young people, a fair number of folks with unrealistic expectations , and the like but real won’t-works are pretty scarce in my 40 years in the work world.
    Sure glad to hear your GF’s burns are healing! Probably better the “kids” don’t come back if they think it is too hard- don’t need folks who can’t keep up their end around slowing everyone else down.
    Sure sorry about your kitty. RIP kitty of UAW.

  100. Yeah Dent, a harmless name calling racist.

  101. and I agree Alaskapi…Let’s put everyone to work…….with good pay, benefits, paying taxes……..but what do we do with the people that won’t work….I didn’t say can’t work(disabled), …….won’t work………”there’s no such thing as a free lunch”(Heinlein)

  102. thanks for asking…the burnt skin is just starting to crack and peal….new skin is tender……she missed one day of work(and then went in for overtime the next day)…….a large turnover where she works…..apparently the “kids” get 1-2 paychecks and then decide its easier at home……

  103. just buried my cat(Girl)…16 yrs old….RIP…..

  104. Leave poor UAW alone. He’s harmless.

  105. Conspiracy theories too? Wow UAW. Your badge spoke volumes. Your posts even more so. Another nut job for Mitt.

  106. UAW- looking more like the Irish is hijacking you than Mathew doing anything.
    You have a distinct “voice” and there’s some odd things coming in under your “name” which don’t “sound” like you
    Still- please answer me-
    tax breaks which allow low income wage earners to keep more dough- especially the child care thingy- help keep people working.
    I’d rather see better jobs out there for folks.
    We ship out too many which used to pay decently and tell folks they should be happy cleaning hotel rooms and the like? Oh and pay a bunch of income tax on piddly ass part time wages too?
    Don’t get me started on what happens here with the abuse of the J1 system ( which thankfully will be changed to benefit locals and students on work visas next year ).
    Full tax coffers come from full employment at decent living wages.

  107. UAW, take your ball and go home

  108. UAW, how is your girlfriend doing now? Better I hope.

  109. C’mon, UAW. What do other governors or other presidents have to do with the fact that the same people who once favored Romney enough to elect him are now overwhelmingly rejecting him? They experienced life under his governance. They put him in charge and despite his alleged success there they won’t put him in charge again.

  110. alaskapi…did you like matthews changes to my comments

  111. Hey Alaskapi….I know that they pay other taxes….the statement was federal income tax…..

  112. aw UAW- Irish Noah back?
    Or the flying harpies?

  113. UAW- problem is you’re not a troll. You’re the token curmudgeon tire kicker.
    As I’m the token far left libertarian I just have to ask how it is so many of those “lazy” people do work, pay payroll taxes and the like


    and yet deserve so much scorn.
    We’d be better off talking about falling wages , crappy service jobs , the kind of phony baloney subcontracting Walmart and the like do to reduce employee costs and so on.
    And talking about the NFIB Mr Romney relied on for projections of job loss in his debate talk.
    NFIB. Seriously. The boss and I severed ties with them 4 years ago when their rep screamed at each of us in turn on the phone that we had, HAD to understand that minimum wage laws were ruining this country.
    Yeah right.
    When folks are fully employed at decent wages, instead of cobbling together 2-3 part time jobs for nothing just to feed themselves we’ll see more folks paying taxes. When we stop supporting the kind of crappo jobs Walmart types offer, which all too often end up with fully employed people having to end up on Medicaid, food stamps and the like to get by- then we can bitch about the everyday folks who don’t pay income tax.
    When. Then.

  114. yes Delurker they”choose” him….just like the 2 Rep govs before him….

  115. OK Matt…you win

  116. But UAW, MA *chose* him as their governor. The majority there were *for* him at the time. Clearly they aren’t now.

    Mitt’s dad was governor in MI and brought MI back from financial ruin, and still MI is going for Obama. California will of course go for Obama, and probably NH and Utah. Any of those states could be considered Romney’s “home” state depending on how you define it. None have embraced him.

  117. Just showing how easy it is to manipulate all you sheep.

  118. Love love love Margaret & Helen!!!!
    (UAW, not so much)

  119. UAW, please.
    You won’t be missed. Really. I mean it.

  120. LMAO….reading some of my past posts(and the changes made to them)

  121. someone is still having fun

  122. Hey UAW, take your meds. You’re tripping!

  123. You know, I’ll say one thing for you, you obnoxious, racist, epithet spewing loser of a troll, you can stay on your message, no matter how stupid it is. The problem is, Rmoney can’t! He’s a putz, and we haven’t recovered from Putzy W Bush’s reign of misery yet. And whoop de doo MI, they don’t even rate as a swing state: MA does.
    I still can’t wait to vote for Obama and negate your vote grumpy little troll! Four more years of Mr Obama coming right up!

  124. By NBC News staff and wire reports
    UPDATED : The nation’s unemployment rate dropped to the lowest it has been in almost four years in September, giving President Barack Obama a potential upbeat talking point as the presidential race heads into the final innings.

  125. someone is having fun….and I have nothing else to do but try to bring it to an end. This site is for liberal hacks. I’ll bring the whole thing down. The whole damn site.

  126. your comment is awaiting moderation….and changes and rewording and additions….

  127. UAW, you are a sad wretched person

  128. never said he was the gov of MI…..said I was more interested in the vote in MI….

  129. just wondering who is changing my comments…
    I did post the part about the poor and elderly…..but not the crips……(typ lib bull)

  130. He wasn’t Gov of Mi.


  131. Yeah, M & H, Jim Lehrer looked and acted like he could’t take a bite out of anything – or anyone. But then, PBS’s news coverage hasn’t had teeth in it for several presidential elections. They just present speakers for both sides of the argument/issue -no matter how many lies are spoken- e.g. the Swiftboat lies/fiasco. Providing both sides of the issue with equal weight and no fact checking isn’t reporting or journalism in IMHO. Feh!!!!

  132. what do you expect from Mass….
    Gore beat Bush by 27%
    Kerry beat Bush by 25%
    Obama beat McCain by 26%
    more interested in the MI. vote

  133. Holy smokes! Romney is losing Massachusetts by 28 points. 28! He was their governor!!!! He wiped out their deficit and implemented a health care plan and still they are overwhelmingly rejecting him. Hmmmm…. Seems like we should listen to them!

  134. was Romney’s 47% comment stupid…politically yes….
    was the fact that 47% pay no federal taxes a lie….NO….
    The poor and the elderly should get off their lazy asses and work harder. Period. Same goes for the disabled.

  135. Hey Gato……
    I’m still waiting for the “troop of trolls” to show up…..what is there….3 of us…..kinda miss James and Proffs

  136. Ha ha, one of TPMs headlines this morning is “Romney Denounces his 47% Comments”
    so let me parse that for ya: “that thing I said about the 47% of freeloaders was wildly unpopular, so I shouldn’t have said it!”

    What a flipping putz, I can’t believe anyone takes him seriously as Presidential material. I bet poor old George is writhing in his grave, jeez!

  137. Dang, but Mittens is really in deep doo-doo now! Little children are writing him angry letters about firing Big Bird. I kid you not! At the next debate, there should be hundreds if not thousands in Big Bird costumes. And Crowley should know that she can set the rules ahead of time. I vote for the debate rules of the Oxford Union. If either one strays, she can cut off their microphones and dim the lights. If they don’t like them apples they shouldn’t even show up! Have to go now and do something to cheer up my grandchildren who are pro-Big Bird!

  138. One thing the RRW never mentions. They tout (incorrectly) that a Board (of qualified medical professionals and consumers) will (supposedly) make the medical decisions on your health care. They never mention that the CURRENT private insurance method is to have some minimum wage temporary clerk to type some info into a computer, and the SOFTWARE will make the decision – whether the entered info is correct or not. The designers of the system and the programmers were never elected either. So, THAT’S preferable? Geez. Give me a break.

  139. Great post M&H. Keep ‘em comin’.

    ‘Stench’ Romney: One lie every 1m24s.

    As expected.

    PEACE ~ Δ

  140. Wow, an entire post copied from CNN/MSNBC talking points.

  141. Mitt looks like he spends a lot of time in Ann’s Dutch oven.

  142. Is it just me or do other people find the latest bevy of boys on Glee scrumptious?

  143. Derrrr

  144. Thanks again, ladies, for swing it like it is.

  145. Well that explains some of your bitterness but not all. Please work your 12 steps out somewhere else.

    You can dish it, but can you…

  146. That Carlin song Delurker, he is right, I guess stupid is as stupid does! Stupid will be with us as long as humans walk this earth. But what has Marylin Quayle done? :) I know I am off topic. Should have stopped while I had the chance.

  147. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Thank you again Helen and Margaret for your insighful post.

    About the “debate”. My bias is showing here maybe but…….

    It seems to me that most of the pundits I have heard and some of the bloggers think that Obama “lost” and Romney “won”. Probably many people were hoping for fisticuff or at least zingers back and forth. I thought Obama was behaving presidential and statesman like. Peace is always better than warfare. Romney alternated condescending or was spoiling for a fight. He can save that for the campaign trail.

    Obama is very intelligent and well informed on the issues our country and the world face today. Instead of shooting from the hip as he goes about the hardest job in the world, he THINKS before he speaks. Better to “lose” a preliminary round in order to “win” the election. Obama is also a master politician. You have heard of the old adage, “Give him enough rope and he will hang himself, haven’t you?” By being a gentleman and not calling Romney out in his blatant contradictions, Obama successfully just handed Romney plenty of rope and played it out gradually. Let the media ferret out Romney’s inconsistencies, which they will. That’s their job. Then Romney will have to do some fast and furious back peddling unless he is so ego driven that he thinks he can rely on the infallibility of his deniability.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

  148. Jeez Petmolester…
    I’ve only been here for about 4 years…..
    don’t know where you came up with “her” when I’ve already posted that my wife lost her battle with cancer…..

  149. I confess I don’t know much about the Romney governorship, but I have this hunch that if Romney ran as HIMSELF he would be doing better than he is at trying to transform himself to whoever people want him to be wherever he goes. The tea party has him utterly constipated and befuddled. He wouldn’t dare be honest in front of any crowd! I suppose that could be overly charitable but it’s just something that’s occurred to me lately. He has to lie everywhere he goes just to keep plowing through this.

    Easier, in these times I think George Carlin had it right. The least common denominator is pretty low. “Look at it this way: Think of how stupid the average person is and then realize that half of them are stupider than that.”

    Couldn’t find a site that knew the difference between their and they’re but here goes:


  150. Easier-
    It is very sad.
    Hang in there.

  151. HEY Alaskapi and Donna….
    since you missed her….


  152. Pi, sometimes, I just wonder. Do people in this country know how good they have it? People die for the right to cast their vote. People have died in this country to afford us such right and some of us waste the opportunity by either not voting or by statements such as the one you and I spoke about. Sad state of affairs.

  153. Easier-
    take a deep breath, neighbor.
    I was a poll judge (chairperson in current lingo) when I was in college.
    Yes, that is a real part of the electorate, as is the slob who comes roaring out of his booth yelling about how Mr X’s name is not on the ballot and by damn he is only voting to vote against the SOB. The slob was unimpressed with my point that he would have had to move to district A 30 days previously to be able to have a vote on Mr X. ( Only heading for the phone to call the cops to remove him shut that fool up) There were way too many folks who couldn’t remember what party they signed up for – in a closed primary. !!?!!
    It goes on and on.
    All you can do is try to be informed, do what you can do encourage others to the same, and vote.
    Well- and call out the BS when you can.
    Hang in there.

  154. Yes!!! Helen and Margaret, thanks once more for your clarity. I knew etch-a- sketch would show up before it is all over. And voila! There he was, last night. He is all things to all people. How do you like your eggs? Over easy? fried to a crisp? Scrambled? I can be them all, at once. I am the magic man. He does not fool me. You have to have been hiding under a rock to have missed the almost liberal democrat phase, the severely conservative phase, and all of the phases in between. Come on, one night of glibness should not change anybody’s opinion of the man. However, well, I know, the low information voter thing will come into play.

    For example, I was in line yesterday at the airport with this lady. The President’s plane was on the ground, about to leave. All other planes were grounded, whether in the air or nearby until after Air Force One leaves. This lady was pissed. She stated that the President was in her way coming in, and now he is going to be in her way leaving. If he does not take care, she will not vote for him. I usually would not have said anything. But well, I don’t know what came over me. I asked her how could her vote hinge on something so trivial? She stated her time was valuable and the President was wasting her time. There you have it, that is our electorate.

    It is so disheartening that people are not getting this. All Mitt Romney wants is a feather in his cap. I want somebody who cares what happen to the people, in this country, all the people. The President has shown me by deed that he does. He just does not know how to sell his accomplishments. It is a shame that he has to, but well in this day and age, it looks like that is what has to be done.

  155. Oh the PUMA lady!!
    The night of the flying harpies…
    The Palinistas galore.
    Those were the days!

  156. oh my gosh, pi!! I forgot her. And remember Kathleen Wynne, Queen of the PUMAs? Where are the trolls of yesteryear?

  157. Most of the increase in haters here isn’t a coincidence. They often bring friends, sometimes even within their own heads. It’s free entertainment.

  158. me too, Donna :-)
    I did get tired of the obnoxious real estate lady though…

  159. I loved Colorful!!!

  160. gato- go back and look at the trollage from October 2008 posts here. you ain’t seen nothin yet :-)
    ignore em if you can
    we haven’t had ol colorful drop in and tell us we’re all going to hell and the world is ending in an hour yet… dang. I used to get a kick out of those

  161. I love you Margaret.

  162. A thought – Ima thinking Romney isn’t the only one on a manic! The trolls will be showing up now and believe me they will be so full of Mitt. I know how tempting it can be…..but please just scroll by them.

    Second thought – Reagan had GWH Bush running things behind the scene. Bush had Cheney. Romney will have Ryan. (I don’t think “they” really wanted McCain to win as they knew the shite was about to hit the fan and better to happen on the Dems watch). Reagan, Bush and Romney were/are likeable and they cleaned up nicely. Didn’t “they” (Norquist?) just want someone with enough working digits to sign what they put in front of him? Romney wants to be president sooooo badly he will tell/lie you what ever it takes to accomplish it.


  163. Hi Gato,
    I think in the coming days a more realistic view of Romney’s performance will emerge. Already today we have been hearing about all the lies Romney told. Ron Reagan said “he lied his ass off.” Ha! Obama will recover, and he has my support. I’m glad he’s our president.

  164. Hi ladies.
    If I wasn’t already married (43 years) I’d propose to one or both of you.
    Maybe we could go steady? :-)
    But seriously..you guys are GOOD, and hilarious.
    Keep it up.

  165. Hi, Jean – Maybe… I’m not sophisticated enough about all this stuff to know how that would work. Maybe it’s just that all of Romney’s manic weirdness last evening rustled more of them out of their stupor…

    Why aren’t they more riled up about all Romney’s dramatic changes of “position” (and I use that term loosely)…?


  166. I’m glad I’m not the only one who found Mitten’s smirk annoying! I hope Obama takes of the gloves next debate!

  167. The new trolls are possibly coming as a result of people posting their message on Face Book..don’t ya thing?? What ever keep on ladies..:)

  168. Hmmm… Now I’m “replying” to myself!

    But I have a question for the Porch: Has anyone else noticed a rather dramatic increase in troll-like communications today, all of a sudden, all in one day, ever since the debate…?

    Could it be that our M&H have now generated such a vast and loyal following that they have been deemed sufficiently “dangerous” enough to merit the deployment of a whole TROOP O’ TROLLS, rather than just the few we’ve come to know and… Well, to know, anyway…?

    If that’s the case, I, myself, am danged proud that a couple of ladies like myself (only much more clever) have really riled up a bunch of people who sincerely deserve all the “riling” they get.

    Way to go, M&H! Keep ‘em coming!


  169. HI, Robert – Yes; lots of us were praying for more of a smackdown, if only to get Mittens to shut his smirk for five seconds!

    One thing that the President did VERY well last night, IMO, was to explain quite clearly and concisely how a “voucher system” for health care would ultimately destroy Medicare. Insurance companies would offer great rates to the relatively young and healthy, and much higher ones to the older and less well… Thus stocking themselves with customers much less likely to need expensive care and treatment… And forcing the rest, by default, into the Medicare system, which would soon collapse with such an unsustainable pool of customers. A basic premise of affordable insurance: The biggest possible pool of insured…

    No wonder the insurance companies so love the “voucher system” and the party that supports it – it would be an absolute gold mine for them… And, in the not too distant future, they could look forward to be the only game in town.

    All this crap about “government standing between you and your doctor”, and “a government board deciding what treatments you can receive” is absolute lying garbage designed to frighten people into giving the insurance companies total control over their health and well-being. You or your kid can just go ahead and die, so long as the shareholders get their piece of the action. So that basic explanation was “One for the Pres”, I think…

    I hope that Romney is enjoying is day of Pundit Praise today; I think it’s the last good time he’s going to have for quite a while…

    OFA raised something like $150M last month. (Not 100% sure about that number, but it was big…) Yay.


  170. “Do not cast your pearls before swine”
    That’s SO appropriate! Thank you, Dee!

  171. The song “Return to Sender “should be “Return to center, the plan unknown…”

  172. wonderful post! Yes , I wish Obama had been more forceful, but thinking about , made me think of that bible verse”… do not cast your pearls before swine…” in the new testament. Obama and Lehrer, who is a very principled gentleman, were probably, wondering what Romney had taken before the broadcast. Otherwise, there is no way I want a crazy man in the white house with his hand on the “red phone” and the weapon combinations.

  173. good job ladies, your assessment of the debate was spot on! either that was a Romney body double, or Romney from five years ago came on there , or maybe five years ago romney had a chat with stunt double romney, and they came up with some talking points, or maybe they both hogtied the real romney and left him in the mens room, or…oh hell i’m just as confused as you were

  174. sad write by you … not humorous, language unnecessary, sad.

  175. There’s lots of emphasis on this board about Romney’s shortcomings. We know them. No need to rehash and rehash them over and over. I’d like the candidate I’m anticipating voting for, to be a lot more aggressive towards his opponents. Obama has no problem talking tough when he’s in front of a crowd of Democrats but he doesn’t show that side much when in mixed company. I hope Obama’s performance last evening was a strategic move and not the sometimes weak showing it appeared to be. Sure he countered some of Romney’s illusions (delusions is more like it), but many he let pass. When Romney kept hammering about the 716 Billion cut to Medicare that is part of Obamacare, Obama should have said ‘you mean, the 716 Billion savings in Medicare that Paul Ryan notes in his plan to reduce the budget?” It was obvious, considering the amount of times Romney mentioned the 716 Billion as a fear tactic, that he knew he could energize his side and those on the fence with that jab. Listen up Obama, I want to support a winner, not just the better candidate.

  176. Welcome back, Helen! Please stick around this election season – we need you to keep us from going crazy!

  177. I have been watching replays of different parts of the performance last night at U/Denver when it struck me to think of this: Joe and Jane public at home on the couch, kids in bed, watching all of this. Romney avalanches them with his aggressiveness to the point where nothing can sink in adequately and they end up thinking what the H. did he say? They can probably recall more of what Obama said with accuracy than Romney. Next time maybe Mittens should pass up that shot of cortisone in the ho-ha before he takes the stage. Can only think of this sort of steroid that would have accounted for the manic display we saw.

  178. Thanks M & H for another great new post. Mitt Romney proved that he is his old etch-a-sketch self. Just as you said!

  179. [...] Margaret & Helen: Somebody over in the Romney campaign decided to go ahead and shake that Etch … [...]

  180. uawtradesman besides being gross with her badge is a Republican troll..you can tell by the profile.

  181. Who is this (uawtradesman, or what’s her face)? She writes in the manner of a troll or else she is paid by the GOP to post on any site that is liberal slanted.

    I have never seen so many comments on one blog from the same commenter.

    I enjoy reading thoughts that are not always in line with what the blogger has written but the above mentioned commenter was allowed on this blog site far too many times.

  182. Ron Paul !!!
    you old haggs

  183. I loooooooove your post. Well said.

  184. I just love you guys!! Telling it like it is!

  185. and it only gets better….

    AARP to Obama: Don’t mention us again


  186. Harry Reid ..at “it” again…..didn’t Frankin write a book about Reid…..LIES AND THE LYING LIARS….

    Reid misquotes Romney to make immigration attack


  187. Great posting!!! I’m still laughing…

  188. Hi, K2 – I think there’s still lots to come, and I’m not ready to give up yet, much as I would like to have seen Obama take apart Romney’s lies and entirely new “positions” last night. But sometimes, when one’s opponent is on a manic rant, the best thing is to just let him run with it, and lay the foundation for his own undoing. It’s not over yet, not by a long shot.


  189. Donna M. Crane–I’m in total agreement with everything you said. Good post.

  190. [...] Helen Philpot autopsies the debate. If lying whenever your mouth moves is what they mean by style points then, yes, I would definitely h… [...]

  191. Brock Lee-that link was so tasteless and so off-topic. Who were you trying to insult? Please stick to the topic of the debate.

  192. I’ve been watching Romney for this whole election season. He’s twisted himself into so many pandering positions that I call him Gumby. I didn’t used to dislike him but I’ve heard him take one position and then switch to the opposite side so much I can’t stand to listen to him anymore. I dislike the GOP but thought the GOP voters had actually picked a moderate….they did, unfortunately that’s only one side of him, the other 3 sides are Conservative, Tea Party Extremist, and Liberal and all of his faces talk out of both sides of his mouth depending on who is in front of him at the moment. Basically, the man is unable to discern “his north pole” and therefore he has no moral compass.

  193. Great Post Ladies!
    Uawtradesman, get a life. Really. I mean it.

  194. female idiocy knows few boundaries: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5OdQGbVNa4

  195. Margaret, I think you should debate Romney..and then afterwards send him to the woodshed :)

  196. Spot on, Ladies….would you mind if I sent your factual information to both of those men who happened to appear last night? I just wasn’t sure who they were.

  197. IMHO Colorado Blue OD on Chris Mathews and Ed Schulz…..

  198. and better

    Obama Jobs Panel Urges Broadened Tax Base, More Oil Drilling


  199. it only gets better…….

    Report: Members of Obama’s Job Panel Outsourced Jobs to China


  200. Was I the only one who saw that Jim Lehrer lost control of Mitty from the beginning? Romney rudely interrupted time and again not only Lehrer but President Obama. Was that a blatant disregard for Lehrer’s ground rules as set forth at the debate’s beginning? Of course it was. And what was with that silly pasted-on smile all about? In the next debate the moderator absolutely must stop this lying sack of ____ from taking control of the debate as he obviously did last night. I must be one of the few who thought President Obama did very well. He stood there taking in all the lies Mitty spewed forth and responded remarkably well, that is, when he was allowed to finish his response. This ain’t over yet and I’m hopeful POTUS comes out swinging in the next debate. He absolutely must be reelected or the middle class can kiss goodbye any thoughts of economic recovery.

  201. Helen, you are the smartest person on the planet apparently……….Romney is a practiced, consummate, paid LIAR. This is Carl Rove and the TEA PARTY at work. They have said time and again that they will tell the biggest lie, tell it over and over and their ignorant low information supporters and apparently our ignorant media will believe it. Last night LIAR Romney was playing right to his ignorant low information voters who bought his crap hook, line and sinker along with apparently every media person in the country.

    Mitt Romney is bought and paid for by the billionaires Tea Party members headed up by David and Charles Koch. THEY plan to run the country if this fool Romney wins. The billionaire CEO of GE said in an interview that the Tea Party does not care who the candidate is as long as they can manipulate him. BINGO !!!! They will NOT pay 14% in taxes. They will pay ZERO and the middle class will pay more. count on it. They will repeal affordable healthcare because the billionaire health insurance company execs and the billionaire pharmaceutical company execs want to make more and more money. Count on it. They WILL repeal Roe v Wade. Count on it. They WILL charge more for women’s preventative tests like mammogram and ovarian and cervical cancer screenings. Count on it. Ann Romney has money so she will never have to worry about how to pay for her MS treatments and doctors. Count on it. Mr and Mrs middle class will once again be paying exorbitant rates and see their insurance canceled if they suffer from MS, cancer, heart disease. Count on it. Retirees will die because the cost of Medicare will rise 6500 for them per person per year and they will no longer be able to afford medical care. Count on it. And retirees will lose every bit of SS when the Tea Party invests it in the stock market and the market goes back down to 5 and crashes. Count on it.
    We will be involved in not only one but two unnecessary wars. Count on it. Billionaires sons will not be serving in combat during those wars. Count on it.

    Mitt Romney is a LIAR…………count on it. If you believe Romney’s crap then you will get exactly what you deserve……CRAP !!!! Count on it

  202. Chris Mathews Has An EPIC MELTDOWN After First Debate

  203. Funniest Blog ever!!!!!

  204. As an ardent Obama supporter, I watched in horror as Mitt Romney walked all over the President and Jim Lehrer, telling lie, after half-truth, after lie and getting away with it. I watched in horror as President Obama seemed to phone in his performance, not mentioning Romney’s 47% remark, not asking about the years of Romney’s undisclosed tax returns, not pointing out that Bain Capital bought companies only to strip them of assets, not pointing out that while Mitt was Governor, Massachusetts had the worse job record in the country, not calling Romney out on the fuzzy math involved in giving everyone (rich people and corporations, too) a 20% tax cut without somehow hurting the poor and middle class (the math just doesn’t add up, Mitt), not challenging Mitt’s comments about “reaching across the aisle” when that’s all President Obama ever did, only to get shot down by Boehner/McConnell, et al., on and on and on.

    Yes, President Obama is not the greatest debater. Yes, President Obama had to defend his record rather than promise the moon. Yes, President Obama is out of debate practice, while Mitt has about 20 of them under his belt in the past seven months. And yes, President Obama has to stay presidential, but his performance last night allowed the undecided voters to see Mitt as “presidential.”

    Early voting started this week in Ohio. President Obama blew it.

  205. I tried a custody case to a jury once where I thought I had prepared for every angle the other party would bring up…I had been told that he sold and used drugs so at a break in the action, I had the judge send the parties for drug testing…Sure enough lo and behold he cam back positive for marijuana and do you know what he told the jury about why he tested positive? He pointed at me and said I had baked marijuana cookies and sent them to him via his wife and he didn’t know they had marijuana in them…Well, that was just the beginning of his quick thinking lies on the stand…The next big one was that he knew his wife didn’t have money to pay attorney fees so she must be sleeping with me to pay her attorney fees…And my favorite of all was when he trotted several witnesses up to the stand who my client had identified to me were his regular pot buying crowd (especially at the first of the month when their monthly checks came), and do you know why they said they came to his house so often? Because he was holding Bible studies several days a week!!! My point is, you can’t always anticipate the lies that your opponent is going to put forward when you go into the battle…You can think you are prepared and then you get blown away with something you have no way to defend yourself against…Anticipating lies told by my clients or the other side is one of the hardest things to prepare for…I think Obama will recover and MItt will be exposed…just hide and watch…

  206. uawtradesman: if they were doing that, we wouldn’t see any of your inane comments.

  207. Love these gals—–they are right on.

  208. I see that whoever is moderating this site is changing/deleting things…

  209. gramiam……
    you are speaking about Truthseekerisretarded @10:28????????

  210. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Your language is disgusting.

  211. Surprise, Romney we are not as stupid as you think we are, we are not your sheep and will not buy into your bullshit.. You go Helen, tell it like it is!!

  212. o.O. , the other thing I wanted to say; uawtradesman:-) STFU nobody likes trolls. U should know that by now.

  213. I used to work in venture capital and saw ‘CEO’ BS like this all the time in presentations made to investors. It looks impressive until you start digging into the numbers and see what’s really going on underneath the surface. And the problem is, Romney has no real plan.

  214. http://factcheck.org/2012/10/dubious-denver-debate-declarations/

  215. so much to say:-) BUT, here I will just say: VERY good blog! iluvthis

  216. Obama and dope in the same sentence….Fits….

  217. Thanks, ladies! As usual, you are right as rain about Romney. I appreciate your perspective and needed to hear what you wrote. Lots of people were disappointed in the President that he didn’t call out Romney on his lies. But soon enough the truth is going to come out (like today when the Fact Checkers get finished) and Romney is going to be exposed for the liar he is.
    Thanks again for giving me a much needed laugh this morning and a reality check on what happened last night. Romney has not won this game by a long shot.

  218. I would happily shag two of Romney’s five sons. Otherwise, I have no interest in him at all. Go Obama!!!

  219. Wait for it…Obama is a master of the game called “rope-a-dope” and he’s got a big one on the hook. I expect debate #3 to be the one to watch…that’s when all the lies said by R’money in all the previous debates will come crashing down right in front of R’money and that smirk will turn upside down…then maybe we’ll see what Ann eluded to when she mentioned being concerned for R’money’s “emotional well being.” I can’t wait! Obama played last night just the way he wanted to. A good boxer allows his opponent to show all his stuff in the first round…then comes back with all the best counter punches. Wait for it…

  220. looks like the liberals are into name-calling again….
    Must be Bush’s fault….

  221. His teeth aren’t the only thing Lehrer left behind. And to top it off, Romney tells him, oh by the way,he’d end funding for PBS-to his face, in front of 50 million people! (“I like to fire people”).

  222. IMHO….
    “maybe one reason the President seemed somewhat “subdued” last evening was ” because he hasn’t got a clue…..
    I hope we change 2012…….

  223. Seriously truth seeker? Do I just listen to attack ads and the liberal media? No, I listen to the WORDS AND POLICIES THAT COME STRAIGHT OUT OF MITT ROMNEYS MOUTH AND CAMPAIGN. You are an ignant ct if you can’t realize this.

  224. The Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, should have been part of the debate. If a candidate has successfully gained enough support to be on the ballot, they should be heard along with the Republican and Democratic candidates. The other thing is, it is congress that keeps spending us into oblivion. The President just doesn’t have that much power on his/her own (thank goodness). They can promise us pink fuzzy slippers, but if congress balks it isn’t going to happen. How about we all give up the government perks and lower our taxes and buy them for ourselves? Oh, you might have to spend your money instead of someone else’s?

  225. I do agree with the posters who noted that Romney seemed “manic” or at least highly caffeinated. I think Obama now knows what to expect and will be better prepared for the next debate. Would one debate be enough to change voter’s minds? I believe they are smarter than that, but then again, we do have a segment of the population who believes whatever Rush, Sean and the rest of them tell them to believe. I am wondering though, how people on the right feel about all of the new Democratic policies Romney adopted last night.

  226. I wish it were all over by now, plain and simple. I cannot abide liars and posers.

  227. No matter what Romney says, he will be beholden to the Republican line and that line doesn’t resemble what he said last night. So if you don’t like the Republican line but kind of like Romney, don’t vote Republican. I really really wish a third party candidate was included

  228. I just received an e-mail from Barack, with the subject line simply stating – Hey – kinda says it all for me:-)

  229. Obama came to the debate, prepared to argue against the positions that Romney has been defending over the past year, in stump speeches and interviews, etc.

    THEN, lo and behold, Romney comes out on stage and starts arguing in favor of Obama’s side of the debate!!! It’s like Romney secretly swapped sides without telling anyone in the Obama camp.

    When Obama tries to set the record straight, Romney calls him a liar.

    No wonder Obama was acting confused during the debate — ANYONE would have been, under those circumstances! He probably wondered if he had suddenly and unknowingly entered The Twilight Zone!!!

  230. Helen was great as usual but Margaret’s toothless analogy for Lehrer was priceless!

  231. Yay, Margaret and Helen! Made my morning… Good point made by several of your Porch Dwellers – that maybe one reason the President seemed somewhat “subdued” last evening was because he was trying to figure out who on earth it actually was standing behind the other podium, wearing the Romneysuit…

    There have been so many “hints” thrown out there that Romney would give almost anything to get out of this whole thing: His constant changing what he says he said; the vague look in the eyes; the smirk that persists no matter what anyone is saying; his insistence on going on and on when he’s been asked to stop; the story yesterday about how he didn’t get any sleep Tuesday night because of noisy trains; Ann’s concern about his “mental well-being”… To say nothing of everything he said in his “47% speech”. He can hardly stand at least half of us – and probably more. He’s been forced to go out from the walled security of his Church and his money into what he so obviously feels is a dangerous and extremely unpleasant place: A “real world” full of hungry, angry, frustrated, and different-colored “others”… He so often behaves like an animal – probably a mink, in his case – caught in a trap, and desperate to get out…


  232. But Obama should of known what Romney was going to do because Romney made a statement that “Obama lies so much during debates”. I KNEW that the rombot was just going deny, deny deny, surly Obama’s team should understand that the truth means nothing to the republicans. At the very least he should of smacked that smirk off of Romneys lying face.

  233. Clearly Obama had come prepared for the Romney we have seen from the primaries until Tuesday the 2nd of October. He’s as hard to pin down as a ball of mercury.

  234. I saw very clearly last night the way Romney would govern this country if given the chance: bully, never give anyone else a chance to speak their piece, tell people what they want to hear and then go behind their backs and do whatever the hell he wanted to do in the first place. This is NOT leadership and he was not, in my mind, “presidential” in any way, shape or form. And btw, who chose Jim Leherer to moderate this debate?????

  235. You really don’t live up to your name truthseeker. The facts, the real facts do appear to have a left leaning bias, but this entire conspirisy is nothing but bullshit. Romney will say and do anything just to win. Why do you think he is in hiding this morning. Because he knows he would be confronted with his lies. A 20% across the board tax cut for everyone would cost 5 trillion. It’s math. And Romneys math just doesn’t add up.

  236. Brilliant and to the point as usual. Romney won on style, lost on jibberish. Margaret and Helen is my number one favourite blog.

  237. Those “so called” Obama cell phones began being distributed in 2008 in a program offered by the Bush Administration. It is an extension of a program called Lifeline, begun in the Reagan administration, to provide subsidies for land line telephone service for elderly and disabled or very low income people.If you qualify you may choose either cell phone service or land line, but not both.

  238. Now I understand how he became governor of MA. I love you two women…I feel much better after reading your analysis.

  239. Perhaps it seems to left leading folks that Romney is lying because the liberal mainstream media has misrepresented him all this time. Do you actually believe the political ads you see on tv and what you read in your average newspaper??

  240. Wow! Helen nailed it again. Even I know that R’money’s plan is right out of the Goebbles Playbook. The blatant lies were too much for moi, so I had to move to another TV so I wouldn’t kill my DH who is still a Rethuglican. No polite discussions about politics here. Helen and Margaret ROCK!

  241. Thanks, Helen & Margaret. I honestly don’t think Romney even knows who the middle class is. Mageen, saw your posts in the old thread. Best wishes in his continued treatment! And I think you are onto something with the manic thing. I hadn’t thought about it that way before.

  242. I liked how Obama squirmed every time Romney called him a liar….
    wondering how many more Obama phones will be passed out between now and Nov.6th….
    HEY Obama….”Your chickens have come home to roost.”

  243. I think Obama did very well..I also think in watching the President he never jumps right into anything. If I were robme I would be very afraid right now cause a quiet person is the scary one..Obama is a thinker and he has a plan.

  244. You two ladies are truly amazing!!! Mittens has every intention of lying his way into the White House. He is now becoming a Democrat to have any chance at all
    I love this!.

    The way I see it, we’re all just a bunch of Big Birds. Romney looks right into the camera and says he likes us, but given the chance, he’ll fry us up and serve us on the closest ironing board Ann can find. I mean it. Really.

  245. Helen, honey, you’re one of the finest political commentators I’ve ever read; I promote you at every opportunity. Your column is a lifesaver for cutting through the bullshit. And Margaret’s responses are the perfect ending notes. Keep up the great work, gals!

  246. I could never support anyone who threatened any harm to either Mr. Lehrer or Big Bird. Not every home gets cable. PBS is a lifeline for children in those homes.

  247. Jim Leher really didn’t have a bite did he?

  248. Did I miss some thing or is Romney now a Democrat? He stood there and lied one right after another. I would not trust him at all. I do hope the American people will remember all his mean and evil ideas for women, 47&er’s. Did he not say don’t go to college? What about his idea of just letting every thing just fail? The automotive industry?
    He got up there and just said whatever he thought the people wanted to hear no matter what he really plans to do.

  249. Thanks for cheering me up. I refuse to believe the Anerican public is as stupid as the media seems to think we are. You go Helen. Thank God for this website!!!!!!

  250. Never mind. I figured out how to post it on facebook.

  251. Helen and Margaret, I think you should be moderating the next debate.

  252. Mittens gave his very best B-School elevator pitch last night. That is to be expected. After all, he is behind and desperate.

    The aftermath of the debate, however, will be devastating for him. He raised more questions, created more confusion and generated more distrust about his supposed tax and economic plan last night. It will take some time to sink in . . . but it will sink in.

    A presidential campaign is not a B-School marketing exercise. The GOP’s main challenge is not a “branding problem”. Winning an election is not an end in itself. The real task is the hard work of governing and neither Mittens nor his party has ever shown any appetite nor capability for it.

    I wish that Obama had been more forceful and effective in countering the lies, vagueness and downright craven smirk that Mittens brought to the debate but, for some reason, he wasn’t. Those of us who support this President just have to hold tight while the GOPers take their victory lap over this first debate. I still believe the voting public is leery of a vulture capitalist and a math-challenged adolescent who trot out a shiny sales pitch but are unwilling or unable to back it up with anything.

  253. How do I post this on Facebook?

  254. Helen, I’m with you. Romney disavowed everything he’s been saying for the past two years and the media says he won! He hasn’t got a clue about the lives of the poor and middle class. For most of us, PBS is the closest we’ll ever get to the opera, ballet or broadway. Big bird and Sesame are great for the children, But what about all the other educational show the whole family can enjoy like Nova and Nature? I wish President Obama had been tougher though; I think in an effort to make him appear less “professorial” his advisors reigned him in too much. Next debate, let the President be himself.

  255. “Evidently the media seems to think that the person who slings the bullshit the farthest wins the debate.” Margaret summed it up way better than I could.

  256. According to Romney……..Big Bird is why we can’t have nice things.

  257. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Helen over at Margaret and Helen nailed it. Who the hell was Obama debating last night? It definitely wasn’t any of the Romneys I’ve seen over the past several months.

  258. You two are fabulous! Thank you for making me laugh when all I want to do is cry.

  259. “If lying whenever your mouth moves is what they mean by style points then, yes, I would definitely have to say that Romney won the debate.” – YES!!!! Why doesn’t content and substance have anything to do with who “won”???

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