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Posted by: Helen Philpot | August 14, 2012

Two Wrongs Make a Right Wing Republican Ticket

Margaret, I remember what it was like to be Mrs. Harold Philpot rather than Helen Philpot. In fact, I still sign my checks that way. Mrs. Harold Philpot. Despite what people like Rush Limbaugh will tell you, it wasn’t about not wearing a bra and being a slut. It was about being equal to a man in every aspect. We didn’t fight for women’s rights because we hated men. In fact, there were many, many honest and noble men who joined our fight. That’s why I married Harold and was happy to be Mrs. Harold Philpot. We saw the world in a similar way, him and me. And when we didn’t, we found a way to agree to disagree. We had different beliefs about some big things, and there were even times when we went into the voting booth and pulled different levers. But we still found a way to coexist. Harold was a good man. Except when it came to football. Then he could be a real horse’s ass.

And speaking of a horse’s ass, Romney picked a Vice-Presidential nominee. They say Romney needed to pick a conservative like Paul Ryan to distinguish himself from Obama. I’m not sure why. Romney and Obama look nothing alike. I mean they look nothing alike on paper. Obama campaigned on universal healthcare and then delivered universal healthcare. Romney hates government controlled healthcare. Obama was pro-choice and then he became President and was still pro-choice. Romney is pro-running for President. That Obama even ran as a black man and wouldn’t you know it – he’s still a black man. Romney is a white guy. Which is probably why so many people in the Tea Party are so excited about the Romney/Ryan ticket – neither are black.

I’m sorry, Margaret. That was low… even for me. Obama’s color has nothing to do with it. He’s black. So what. In contrast to Obama, Romney is a man of many colors.

Nope. He’s just a white guy.

What I meant to say is that Romney is white but he has a coat of many colors. No, that’s not right either. That was Donny Osmond. Margaret, what is that expression about a horse of many colors? You know. The one that means you can’t trust Romney any farther than you can throw him?

I can’t think of the expression right now, but what I am trying to say is that you can’t throw Romney very far. He’s too rooted to his principles and an unwavering commitment to his beliefs. Like the way he was pro-choice and now is not because it would prevent him from being a Republican president. And how he believed that government-controlled healthcare was needed and now it isn’t because it would prevent him from being a Republican president. And how he was proud of his record at Bain Capital but only the good stuff. If anything bad happened it was on a day when he called in sick…

Two faced! That’s what I meant to say. It had nothing to do with the color of his face or his coat at all. And I am not even sure why I was thinking about a horse.

When you have as many faces as Mitt Romney, you can understand why he might pick somebody as truly unwavering as Ryan. I mean this guy is solid. Abortion? No way. Throw that woman in jail. In cases of rape? Who cares. Incest? Doesn’t matter. Mother’s life in jeopardy? Screw the mother. The Catholic Church says no, so Ryan says no. And then there’s that age-old Catholic stance on screwing the poor… oops. I guess his convictions to his belief system only go so far considering 62% of the cuts in his budget plan are for programs for the poor. When that child comes into the world be sure and take away healthcare, food, early childhood education. Anything that costs money. That’s not in the budget. Just get that baby here and forget about it. A man of principle with an unwavering commitment to the Catholic Church… I mean his beliefs… I mean the spreadsheet. Now I know why I was thinking about a horse. Paul Ryan is a horse’s ass.

If you are a woman under the age of 39, you might want to trust me on this one. Never vote for a horse’s ass. I mean it. Really.

If I recall, Helen, you were under the age of 39 for about 59 years. Howard says that the expression about a horse changing its colors is a racing term and you should just stick to what you know. I’m not sure about this Ryan fellow, but Howard sure likes him. Of course, Howard’s a numbers guy too. The last thing I need is another budget in my life. I haven’t had a new coat in 40 years much less a coat of many colors.

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  2. [...] can read type that small? PG knows about cntr + +, and decided to visit. There was a dandy post, Two Wrongs Make a Right Wing Republican Ticket. Here are a few quotes, and then we will explain what this has to do with Dolly Parton forty years [...]

  3. Gato – Do you suppose that is why they call themselves CONservatives? They are just con-men conning everyone into believing one thing but then doing something else.

  4. Guess he should have asked your Messiah for advice for how to put together a campaign fun raiser? I mean he has campaigned to raise money more than the last 5 Presidents combined, more than any other President in history.

  5. Hi, Cynthia – What a dilemma for Candidate Mittens! There were evidently at least TWO DIFFERENT “KINDS” OF PEOPLE IN THE ROOM! Oil people/donors AND reporters…! Good grief – how could he possibly know what to say to two DIFFERENT groups? I mean, if you’ve got a homogeneous group assembled, you can figure out the “right” thing to say, maybe… But “different” people…? And… REPORTERS? Who might tell someone else what you said…? Now, as everyone knows, you can’t just say the same thing in front of two “different” groups, can you? That’s just too much to expect… It just isn’t “done”!

  6. Cynthia…you need to spread the bullshit in the garden…not here…….

    actually I don’t know where you live so I don’t know if rain/lack of rain is a problem……it could be late wilt ….do you have blossom end rot….. I had some early….. also don’t plant tomatoes in same spot next year…….I have a few leaves turning yellow but I don’t think it will affect mine……and I only grow enough for myself(my mother-in-law,her sister,my mom,my brother-in law, my girlfriend, her sister,and friends) I don’t sell any….

  7. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/21/mitt-romney-energy-plan_n_1819682.html

    Mitt Romney started to lay out his energy plan at a Tuesday event of 125 donors, but because there were reporters in the room, he decided against going into details.

    We need you to help take our country back……but how, well that’s a secret. You don’t really have a right to know! Just trust me. He may find out that by the time he is ready to tell, no one is left to listen.


  8. HI, Cynthia – If candidates don’t let us know what they think, then we just have to guess, huh? And, of course, be bombarded by all the ads, robocalls, and glossy mailings… Some of us will guess one thing; others, another.

    The whole idea of hiring media people to “present” you seems somewhat wacko to me, although everyone does it (and my ex-husband was in the business of designing elaborate shows and films to “present” new cars and other products). Aren’t we supposed to kind of “present” ourselves, at least to some degree?

    As I watch Romney and Obama in action, in public, I get impressions of each of them. One seems incredibly at ease with all kinds of people, everywhere; the other seems nervous and uncomfortable almost all the time. And I’m sure that Romney really IS uncomfortable in situations where he feels he needs to try to get people to like him. I have some compassion for his discomfort. If you’re a CEO, people don’t have to like you; they just have to do what you tell them to do, because you are the CEO. So all the required glad-handing and baby-kissing and question-answering must seem incredibly bizarre to him. Just as, apparently, is the fact of people he doesn’t even know, for heaven’s sake, asking to see his private papers, and pry into his private life.

    I often wonder why on earth Romney is putting himself through all of this. THAT’s the question, far as I’m concerned. And that’s one of the many he won’t address. To be honest, I think that service to his church must be one of the reasons. He can’t be doing it for the money. He can’t be doing it for the public adulation, since he seems to dislike public scrutiny intensely. Is he doing it for power? (Why would he need more?) I suspect he is doing it for service, from his point of view. And there is nothing wrong with doing service for your faith – good people do it all the time, and proudly. But if you don’t say, up front, that such is your motivation… Then you are a dissembler, and worthy of neither the respect of your faith nor of the public at large.

    How the majority of Americans would benefit from his concept of service is not yet clear at all. I wish it were. Then, at least, voters could make an informed decision, based more on real information, and less on public relations programs.

    Romney seems to me to be a very conflicted human being. He’s often been called to task on his changing positions. How, for example, does a bishop of the Mormon Church justify his acceptance of millions of dollars from a “casino magnate”, when the Church very specifically opposes gambling in all its forms? And how does he justify expenditures for riding therapy for his wife, while stating it’s imperative to cut back on medical support for others with the same condition?

    Many questions; very few answers from the candidate himself. A little more honesty might serve him well, and might even let him sleep better at night.

    Gato (the long-winded today)

  9. Noting Cynthia still chickening out on backing her claim that the unborn child has more rights than the mother. What were those rights Cynthia?

    HR 3 had 7 (D) co sponsors.

    I find it funny anyone concerns themselves too much with abortion issues as a GOP plank item.

    No matter what else can be said of Paul Ryans stance on abortion he did just like the rest of the House voted YES on a piece of legislation that in section 308 states:

    ‘Sec. 308. Treatment of abortions related to rape, incest, or preserving the life of the mother
    ‘The limitations established in sections 301, 302, and 303 shall not apply to an abortion–

    ‘(1) if the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest; or

    ‘(2) in the case where a woman suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury, or physical illness that would, as certified by a physician, place the woman in danger of death unless an abortion is performed, including a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself.

    Yet President Obama tweets that all the women in our lives should know Ryan is out to hurt them. A total lie,how presidential.
    Last thing. The thing has died in the Senate so its really not much of anything. I must say though that the dissenting democrat dumb asses have a lot of gall bitching about taking away tax exemptions and credits for a “health care item” especially in light of the taxes and fees they have imposed on “health care items”. ~~Alfie

  10. It will be interesting with the proposed personhood ammendment to see if women who use IUD’s for contraception will be charged with premeditated murder. Are their husbands/partners to be charged as accessories? Surely the doctors and drug companies will be.

    Thanks Cynthina for posting Eve Ensler’s essay on rape from Huffpost. Such a great post.

  11. Delurker – my concern is these repubs will stop taking questions, stop giving interviews, restrict reporter access etc. then we won’t know what they think or planning. Romney has done a bit of that and now they have told Ryan to stay off politics and talk about things like cows, the out doors etc. I wonder if he knows how to get milk from a cow or the difference between a cow or a bull. The sad thing there will be people who will vote sight unseen so to speak for them.


  12. Agreed, Gato. I don’t see any point in Akin dropping out for saying what he believes. At least he was honest. Now the voters know what they’d get if they chose him. MO women & men, does he represent YOU?

  13. UAW – how are your tomatoes? My plants are loaded however the leaves are all browning up and dying. Started on the bottom but now working their way up the plant. New grow looks healthy to start. Did some research but hard to decide which discription fit my problem. I grow heirlooms and cherry to sell…long story. This was the first year I was really organized after learning from my mistakes in the past. Now I am afraid the plants will die before the tomatoes are ready. (No, I don’t make much money because I end up giving most of them away.) Maybe I’ll do better selling black market birth control pills to pay for my Vouchercare! Any suggestions?


  14. Oh… That’s right….
    2-3-even four or more wrongs make a left-wing Democrat ticket…..

  15. you got that wrong Goto…..you need to keep donating to Akins…..

    Democrats spent $1.5 mil to help Akin win GOP primary


  16. Hi, Iris – Just struck me that now would be a good time to make a donation to Claire McCaskill’s campaign, which I did.

    If the GOP heavyweights do get Akin to drop out (for “the good of the party”, of course), they will undoubtedly redirect their massive funding machine to support somebody less “controversial”… But you can bet that whoever is selected, he/she will be equally supportive of the overall GOP platform – just maybe a little more subtle. (Same horse, different colors, to reprise an analogy Helen was searching for a while ago.)

    The GOP will disavow anyone running for office on their ticket who gets in trouble for saying, in public, what the party actually believes and wishes to make the law of the land… Because they REALLY WANT THAT SENATE SEAT!

    And I don’t want them to have it…


  17. Hi, Elaine – When you typed “R/R”, I realized it looks just like a railroad sign.
    How appropriate, since the GOP is trying to RAILROAD its retrograde agenda on a distracted and miserable populace.

    And additionally appropriate, since the “case” the Supreme Court relied upon was a court reporter’s summary of a nineteenth-century case involving railroad rights of eminent domain. (And, surprisingly enough, that very court reporter then went on to work for… the railroad.)


  18. Thanks for pointing that out, Cynthia. Of course, with marijuana set to lose its status as an illegal drug, and perhaps narcotic pain killer sales taking a dive, contraceptives will be the new illegal drug. And, there is always more money in illegal drugs.
    At least before, RvW, the mother’s life could be saved. As I understand it, this amendment to the Constitution gives no latitude. The fetus always takes precedence over the living, breathing woman, even if it is not viable. Have an ectopic pregnancy? Just die. Have cancer? No treatment for you. Have a miscarriage? Maybe you’ll be charged with murder. How odd to think women have rights, then get pregnant, have no rights, then deliver, and have rights again. Back alley abortion clinics, indeed.

  19. Iris – They will only raise the “War on Drugs” to a new level. The new drug dealer will be dealing birth control pills. With Canada, Mexico and the internet there will be a supply available, the big pharmas will see to that. Unfortunately it will not under medical supervision. And the back alley abortion clinics will spring up, hopefully more knowledgeable than in the past. It will not stop women but they will make it more difficult and it will come with more risks. Stupid Black or White thinkers!


  20. I knew there was a real problem when Rush Limbaugh said he hoped the country failed under Obama.

    How do you know when you support an immoral agenda? When you have o tell lies to protect and promote it.

    This line, taken out of context by people of nefarious intent, was from a show I heard personally. He said he hoped Obama had a failed Presidency, ie, failed to pass his policies to minimize the damage Rush predicted would happen under his administration.

    I would ask you to look objectively at the posts over the last 5-8 pages and tell me who is, and is not open minded, and willing to discuss openly different ways of thinking? List for me the number of Conservatives who have told people they don’t belong here, to stop commenting, to tell others not to talk to them? Then look at the list of Leftists on this blog and count how many are there. Lets see if you are what you preach, or are you empty words spouting a double standard?

  21. You’re so right, Patty, about no independent thinking from the right. Whatever they say on “that silly TV station” is gospel to them. I knew there was a real problem when Rush Limbaugh said he hoped the country failed under Obama, and they cheered that evil bastard ON. What’s scary is with R/R’s total lack of regard for women’s rights, some women will ignore that fact and still vote for the jackals!!

  22. No worries. My sense of humor did not take offense. It can be pretty warped.
    The lines have been drawn. This is not an issue one can be neutral about. It affects everyone or someone close to them. No wonder voter suppression is in full swing.

  23. A news worthy tid-bit.

    but Republicans may be amping up the pressure: presumptive GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan called Akin to ask him to drop out of the race, according to CBS News’ Chris Licht.

  24. This makes zero sense. First we have…

    They are also known as unreliable in their data and their operations.

    Then we have…

    Ever try to get them to honor their contract to cover a stated condition for a small child? They will do anything to get out of honoring a contract and then throwing all sorts of bushwah at you in their defense.

    There is no connection with these two parts of your argument. What do you have as evidence that they falsified these findings? This information came directly from a insurance to doctor message informing them what they will have to charge in the coming years based on the new policies of Obamacare.

  25. Hi, Iris – I just checked several sources, and am still in a state of disbelief that something like this could, yet again, be part of a major party’s platform in the United States of America in 2012. (And I certainly did not mean to cast any aspersions on your sense of humor!)

    I think I’d better get out in the garden for a bit and see if I can somehow re-establish a connection with reality…

  26. Good point, Patty. :) The more you swat them, the more rabid they get. Just leave them alone to flail around. It’s entertaining, and at least they’re spreading their rage and lies in a safe place here, where they don’t have a snowball’s chance of fooling anyone into voting for the R&R Wayback Machine.

    Have a great day everyone.

  27. Sorry, Gato. My sense of humor is not that warped.


  28. Oh, Iris, PLEASE tell me you’re kidding about this!! I suspect you are not…

    Or assure me that there is an attendant “plank” demanding that all Republican men be required to show proof of vasectomy, in order to vote…

  29. The GOP has announced its party platform of banning all abortions by the introduction of a “personhood” amendment to the Constitution. By extension, this will ban most forms of contraception used by women. I can’t imagine the amount of revenue that will be lost by big pharma. Wonder what sort of back room deals are going on.
    I’d like to think with this platform, they have lost the election.

  30. Hi, Patty – Good point, with which I agree. (Although I’m not sure I can really say I’m “glad” certain people post here, especially given the repetitiveness and pettiness of many of the comments. I keep my well-worn Delete key ever at the ready.)

    My first marriage was to someone whose political positions were nearly identical to mine. Consequently, our “discussions” were more like ever-accelerating “agreement fests”. For the last eighteen years I’ve been married to… A card-carrying Republican (a wonderful husband whom I love dearly, I will add). Fortunately, he’s generally much less interested in politics than I am, but when we do get into a discussion, I have found it necessary to really do my homework, check my facts, sources, and numbers… And I am now a MUCH better-informed liberal! (While he’s in the front room watching Fox, I’m in my office at the back of the house, sending money to moveon.org, Obama 2012, Emily’s List, Truthout…)

    And he brought along Libertarian and Tea Party relatives, who live in Texas and Georgia. As you say, so much of their “arguments” seem to consist of forwarding mass emails they’ve found, with no personal commentary whatsoever. When I get them, I go immediately to snopes.com. Nine times out of ten, I find that their emails are re-hashes of something that went around the web several years ago, and are generally rated “not true”, with plenty of documentation provided for that rating.

    In fact, the listing of supposed “Medicare premium increases” through 2014 that were posted here earlier is exactly that: old news, and not true.

    So, as you suggest, hearing from the “opposition” can be very instructive!

    Have a nice day, and stay sane!


  31. Personally, I am glad that Noah and UAW comment here. I live in Kansas – one of the reddest states in America – so for sanity’s and safety’s sake, I only have political conversations with like minded liberal friends. It’s good to know that if N and U are examples of the other side, then we got this! There seems to be no independent thinking on the R side. It’s all just stuff they’ve heard on the radio or that silly station on the TV that last night acted like there wasn’t a national conversation going on about rape, etc. The caliber of the competition is low……. I thought that perhaps the average Repugnant was smarter and more ethical than their politicians, but apparently not. Good to know.

  32. For Anonymous, August 21: Blue Shield of Alabama? Familiar with them. They are actually run from California which supplies their data. Hence, the figures you got. They are also known as unreliable in their data and their operations. Ever try to get them to honor their contract to cover a stated condition for a small child? They will do anything to get out of honoring a contract and then throwing all sorts of bushwah at you in their defense.

    As for this senior’s chances if Obama is re-elected, I would rather vote for him inasmuch as he has walked my walk which was and still is an unending obstacle course of all the out of the blue messes that can be thrown at people without $afety nets.

  33. I’d like to know what a “non-forcible” rape is, if such a thing exists. Doesn’t the term rape itself imply force?

  34. For those without Facebook, that link I posted talked about the increased costs to seniors.

    The per person Medicare insurance premium will rise as follows.
    Monthly fee of $96.40 rises too
    2012: $104.20
    2013: $120.20
    2014: $247.00

    These numbers came from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. How is Obamacare a good thing again?

  35. Well here comes Obama care, seniors dont stand a chance if Obama is reelected.

  36. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eve-ensler/todd-akin-rape_b_1812930.html

    Dear Mr. Akin, I Want You to Imagine…

    The use of the term “legitimate” or “forced” rape are vague terms open to interpertation. The victim now has to prove it was a forced rape and/or if she is impregnated from it then it wasn’t a legitimate rape. Once again they put the blame on the victim.


  37. @Cynthia: Well, she’s certainly entitled to her opinion. I take issue that women’s body autonomy is not tied directly to their economic status. She’s married and has had a three decade long career. How could she have worked in government for 3 decades without access to contraception which her hero wants to take away from women? This is a conundrum I do not understand.

  38. Want to know how Republican women think?


    independent thinking

    While I agree with her that women today are concerned with the economic issues etc.. But to suggest women aren’t (or shouldn’t be) concerned about “women issues” is wrong. It is just one more concern for them to deal with. Her admiration of Ryan is based on inaccurate research. Although his father died, the family did not suffer the same hardships as her father. (The article first posted Ryan was 6 when his father died; it has since been changed to 16.)

    Is saying just keep your eyes on the shiny object and don’t worry about what’s behind the curtain?


  39. It will take more than a couple of million dollars to pull that off. A super miracle is needed to make Robot and Radical look like real human beings.


  40. Thanks, Terri.

    If you’d like a bit of “daily uplift”, check out theobamadiary.com. It’s an unabashedly and unashamedly pro-Obama blog, with words, pictures, links, and plenty of political cartoons I don’t see elsewhere else.

    Have a great evening, all. Feed yourselves, feed your family, feed the fish, have someone else feed you, read a good book, listen to great music, play with your kids, do whatever works for you and helps you stay strong.

    Thanks for all the great posts today!


  41. Hey Gato, I couldn’t agree more. Obama has a impotant quality that Romney lacks, the ability to empathize with other people.

  42. Now Terri in with the lies, how droll.

  43. Hi, Terri – When I just look into Ryan’s eyes, I find them scary and extreme enough! (Oops; forgot my good manners already – but I don’t think Helen and Margaret would mind this little slip on my part…)
    Thanks for the heads-up on the personhood thing; I was aware of that.

    A real contrast was presented this morning with two things that showed up on the web. One was a video of a Lakota woman in the White House, there to give a speech including how she had been raped in front of her children when she was younger. She began to break down, and was unable to begin. Obama, who was scheduled to appear after she’d finished, just walked out, said nothing, indicated with a gesture that the audience need not applaud, put his arm around her, and stood silently beside her until she was finished. I wept when I saw this.
    Then there was a news bit about how R&R have hired a group of “media experts”, or whatever they’re called, for a couple of million bucks, to put together a show at the Republican Convention to introduce the “real” warm and fuzzy Mittens. Nothing has been very successful in that area for the last many years, but they’re evidently going to give it another shot.

    (From The Wizard of Oz: “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…”)

    What really struck me was that it cost no one a single dime for one person to show his humanity and compassion. It evidently takes literally millions of dollars for another to hire professionals to attempt to show what he himself is incapable of doing.

    Dammit; character matters!

  44. Hi Gurl – Trying to find an answer but my computer is too slow and my frustration point is too fast. However I found many reverse situations where the rapist was a woman and the victim/boy had to pay child support.


    In California, an appellate court upheld an order (San Luis Obispo Count y v. Nathan J., 1996) forcing a 15 year old boy to pay child support to his rapist after she became pregnant and gave birth.


  45. Thanks Terri, that is very true. While Romney is trying to distance himself from Ryan’s views, he also has at various points in his career espoused such views (and then of course back tracked, like the good flip flopper he is). Whatever gets him the most votes. Right?!

  46. Everyone should be aware that Paul Ryan has co-sponsored a personhood bill with Akin. They both share these very extreme views. the Romney-Ryan campaign is trying to soften Ryan’s pro-life stance, but look into Ryan’s stated positions–they are scary and extreme.

  47. “Could you show me any legal documents showing whee the position of teap party US Congressman exists?”

    Legal documents? He’s a member of the Tea Party Caucus. Is that sufficient evidence (or do you need a college transcript too :P)?

  48. He is actually a tea party US Congressman

    Could you show me any legal documents showing whee the position of teap party US Congressman exists?

    The guy committed political suicide with that comment, his career in politics is over.

  49. “The Committee on SCIENCE, Space & Technology…?!?” Good grief…
    I can’t wait to hear Jon Stewart tonight!

  50. Hi, Beth – As you probably already know, all the Dem & progressive groups have jumped all over this, and rightfully so. But, sadly, if this kind of thinking were a contraindication for government service, the halls of Congress would be decimated…
    Alas, there are many people in this country who remain firmly entrenched in the “She Must Have Asked For It” school, in all its sorry and misogynist permutations.
    I read a very interesting piece today – I forget where, darn it – saying, basically, that a lot of people running for office these days feel they must say “something” that might possibly placate the hard-core, unshakable, “pro-life” people, rather than just admitting to themselves that they are a relatively small group and just ignoring them. Aiken’s incredible discomfort, and the biological idiocy of his statement, seem to indicate that he is one of those squirming placaters.
    This said, let me make it absolutely clear that this in no way ameliorates his guilt in my eyes – it compounds it.

  51. He is actually a tea party US Congressman running for US Senator against the incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill (D). He also sits on the House Committee on Science, Space & Technology.

  52. This Akin guy is a US Senator (or is he a Congress Person?). He is on a committee. He should not be able to make such ridiculous uneducated, and harmful comments and keep his position!

  53. lol should have seen this coming. No thinking person takes this Akin guy seriously. He is a loon pure and simple.

  54. If a woman is raped can’t or chooses not to abort, does the rapist have a right to file for custody? Is he responsible for child support? Will he have to sign away his parental rights if the woman wants to put the child up for adoption?

  55. http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/20/opinion/carroll-akin-rape/index.html?hpt=hp_t1

    This just confirms what most of us already know…..well not Rep. Todd Akin who believes pregnancy from “legitimate rape” is rare. Legitimate rape as opposed to illegitimate rape? So he back paddled on this by saying he misspoke. So asked today did he mean forcible rape. Yes he meant – forcible rape. So I ask…..is there a non forcible rape???

    Geeze here I thought rape is rape.


  56. I feel bad for today’s seniors should the Messiah get reelected. They are loosing $716 billion in funding on medicare so that the illegals in this country can have coverage, among other things. But hey, they are old, we should be caring for those younger people breaking the law, right?

    I am just wondering, all of those budgets that Obama has gotten zero votes on, all projecting a $26 trillion deficit by 2025, how do you all think we will pay for all this socialism. Because we all agree that it is cruel to make promises of social care if its not sustainable right?

  57. You’re embarrassing yourself

    Terri, you have been doing that to yourself since I arrived, you just lack the capacity to understand it. No worries, I will feel embarrassed on your behalf.

  58. Hi, Iris – No departure plans here! Sorry if I gave that impression. And as for my concern about M&H possibly “feeling bad” about the drivel, a quick check on some earlier posts (thanks to Beth’s suggestion) has put my mind to rest on that issue. They don’t abide no garbage – yet another reason to love ‘em. They’re an inspiration, as are the many wise and thoughtful posters who frequent this blog.

  59. Hi, Pi – I checked out that post you suggested, and loved it. Guess I don’t need to spend much time worrying about M&H being “hurt”! :-)
    That was great. And, yes, it’s up to each of us to do whatever we need to do to hang on to our own sanity. Thanks…

  60. People of Helen’s generation – what are you doing for medicare supplemental insurance? My mother-in-law’s rates are getting jacked up another $200 per month because of her age. She’s very healthy and wouldn’t go to the doctor unless she was on her death bed. Her only risk factor is her age. Can she do without the supplemental insurance? Would medicare cover the kinds of expenses that her age puts her at risk for, like a broken hip? Or is the financial risk of unexpected medical costs too high to take a chance? She has already eliminated every expense she can, so she really is down to the food-vs-insurance choice.

    She’ll be voting for Romney. Shrug.

  61. Anonymous, STOP! Nobody wants to talk to you. You’re embarrassing yourself. Take what little dignity you have left and stop.

  62. I think grey gets the ignorant comment of the week. Considering those competing in this grouping you have really accomplished something. Congrats.

  63. lol the passive aggressive approach, the old stand by of this blog, lets talk about how we are not going to talk. LMAO, the bliss of having a simple mind.

  64. So, have you guys ever heard of “legitimate rape”?

    No? Then ask Republican Rep. Todd Akin! (Though, he’s busy backpedaling right about now.)

    Really. I echoed M&H’s sentiment from a previous post -

    “If you’re a woman voting Republican in the next election, just shoot yourself in your lemonade stand right now and save yourself some time.”

  65. Hi Gato:

    Well, I totally agree, ignoring the trolls is the best policy. Usually, I can tell from the name or lack of one in the upper left-hand corner when I open the email. Sometimes I scroll down to just the first line. It’s always obvious in the first line or two, who is posting.
    Do not think you are at fault here. If the blog hasn’t banned a couple of regular posters here, you are far, far away from having anything to worry about. Anyway, you are a voice of reason. Don’t go.
    And, because we all need to laugh, here’s one of my favorite Ellen dance dare videos:

  66. gato-
    well another comment with a link to one of my favorite posts here has disappeared in the “tubes” or moderation or whatever.

    Go look at Helen’s Oct 2008 post “What was I thinking when I called Sarah Palin a bitch?”
    and note the new, new rules.

    Yes, the issues are serious and Helen , in particular, nails them down succinctly with wit and humor .

    But don’t take it all too seriously. You need to be in good shape, with a clear mind, to cast your ballot soon :-)

  67. By: Cynthia on August 20, 2012 at 7:40 AM

    Not sure what point you are trying to make. We were talking about your claim that the unborn child has more rights than the mother. Could you list all of those rights for us? Many of us here are starting to think you don’t know what your talking about. Help me prove them wrong.

  68. Hi, BFD – I very much enjoyed your post; thank you. I am relatively new to H&M, so not aware of much of the history. I came along for the very reasons you did: a real delight in M&H’s candor, wit, and insights.
    Even in the short time I’ve been following along, and posting, there have been more than a few mornings when I’ve opened my inbox, and found fifteen or twenty “new comments”, almost always written within five or six minutes of each other… And have sometimes been tempted to just throw up my hands in frustration and annoyance, and just give it all up.
    And, more often than I’m happy to admit, I have responded to some of the vitriol with more of the same (always assuming, of course, that I have managed to be more scathing than scathed!)
    But, of course, none of my remarks have ever had any noticeable “impact” on anyone whose goal is, apparently, simply to be annoying, without end. Any time anyone responds, in any fashion, the provocateur “wins”.
    So – taking a deep breath – whenever I see something posted by someone who has been only a consistent irritant so far, I hit “Delete”… As often as necessary.
    That’s certainly not as much “fun” as responding, but ultimately the only sane response, as far as I can tell.

    I also cannot bear the thought of leaving M&H “alone” out there, with only garbage to show for their efforts. That would be just too awful… They deserve much better than that from us! I think you would agree…

  69. Anonymass

    “Reading comprehension is really low on this blog.”

    My comment RELATED to the PROPOSED Ryan BILL. The PROBLEM with ”It is either BLACK” or ”It is WHITE” THINKERS is they have NO COMMON SENSE and LACK CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS.

    And their READING COMPREHENSION really SUCKS also TOO there.


  70. Thanks for the links, Beth.
    And since that’s the result, I think we can safely assume that’s the intention.

    I have to remind myself of this frequently, since I am so easily sucked in to meaningless arguing over all kinds of paranoid drivel!

  71. Photo ID isn’t required to buy alcohol or cigarettes.

  72. Cynthia We all noted you couldn’t back your claim that the unborn child has more rights than the mother as you claimed. Just thought I would give you a second chance to leave with a shred of your integrity.

  73. Basically voter fraud is often overblown and frequently used to justify policies that disenfranchise legitimate voters

    Sorry Beth, you are just wrong on this topic. There are hundreds of articles about hundreds of thousands of cases of voter fraud. You just dont have a clue as to what your talking about.

    Beth is it safe to assume you are against photo I.D. for buying booze and cigs?

  74. http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/17/world/americas/dominican-republic-abortion/index.html?hpt=hp_bn2

    If abortion becomes illegal there will be more of this type of situation happening in the US.


    This gentleman would benefit from a conversation with his granddaughters on sex ed or take a class himself. If you are in a position to create or sign bills into law you should know what you are talking about.


  75. Another voter fraud article, more recent:


    New Nationwide Study of Election Fraud Since 2000 Finds Just 10 Cases of In-Person Voter Fraud
    Sunday, 19 August 2012 09:29 By Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog | Report

  76. Iris, Thanks for the support. That is what I was talking about. The problems in FL and other places are all about trying to get legitimate Democratic voters off the roles.

  77. UAW and Anon and for those of you so worried about voter fraud here is a link to an article about voter fraud that will hopefully lay your minds to rest. http://www.truthaboutfraud.org/ Basically voter fraud is often overblown and frequently used to justify policies that disenfranchise legitimate voters! And by the way, I am not saying that voter fraud never happens. We don’t live in a perfect world with a perfect system. It happens by both sides! But all of this legislation deflects attention from real problems that need solving.

  78. That is ridiculous. When I vote, I sign my card and can’t vote again, even if I really wanted to do so. Which I don’t! And while I know that there is certainly some voter fraud (no system is perfect) I would rather err on the side of not keeping people, honest citizens from voting. I believe there are countries that have found ways of having centralized registration methods that have solved many of the problems of voter fraud. Perhaps this could be a method we should consider, rather than inconveniencing people who have neither the time nor the resources to jump through the hoops of a paranoid Republican party. And, of course I don’t believe one should be able to vote more than once!

  79. Does anyone have a shred of doubt why “Noah in Western Michigan”‘s blog was a complete and utter failure. Nobody wanted to read what he said, so his only choice is to come and bother people on other blogs. You know the old saying about “those who can do?” Well, in this case, it’s “those who can’t, troll.”

  80. Hi, Iris: Jay Smooth is a refreshing hoot! Thanks for the link.

  81. By: bo on August 19, 2012 at 5:59 PM

    In this post we have the typical mindset of the Leftist drone.

    We have his opening volley of
    [It’s a typical, teabaggerish, republicany tactic]
    Followed immediately by
    [1: combine distraction, distortion, insult]

    He IS the very thing he claims to loath. This then is a perfect example of the Leftist double standard. Thank you bo for helping me highlight why Liberalism is a disease. Not because I say so, but because you prove it on here everyday.

    End of the day kids, you are a bunch of emotional arguers with little care (or ability) for point of merit or facts. Every legitimate piece of evidence that has been presented by credible sources is dismissed out of hand. Bottom line is you don’t care for the truth, you just want to be right. Even if you have to lie, cheat, and deceive to get there. It certainly explains your unwavering devotion for your Messiah.

    Do as you will, I will enjoy my time here just the same.

  82. Evelyn
    You can give us any range of excuses you like. You either take responsibility for your own actions, or you let other people’s actions define yours. I cannot help you there, that is on you. You want to keep up the uncivilized discourse, by all means keep slinging mud. I could always use a good laugh.

  83. Bo: You certainly nailed it about the bagger’s comments.

    Also, thanks for the video – I forgot who posted it, but my sides were splitting at the GOP’s keeping-elders-alive-to-vote satire.

    In return, I offer Jay Smooth’s thoughts on Why Internet Trolling is a Good Thing. His reason #4 is a little unconventional, but I think he makes a good point. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kGnw_RqIgQ&feature=relmfu

  84. Bo–you are wonderful!

  85. Really, Evelyn! This is a very normal thing for Noah to do. It’s a typical, teabaggerish, republicany tactic. Step 1: combine distraction, distortion, insult and disinformation in desired proportions; Step 2: transfer your noxious mixture into a comment thread; Step 3: when someone calls you on your bull-pucky, reaction with indignation and arrogant outrage; Step 4: simmer and stir frequently; Step 5 (also known as “the alternate Romney-Bain method”): retroactively change the ground-rules and accuse respondents of “violating certain basic principles”.

  86. Anonymous, you are so funny! You wouldn’t recognize a fact if it fell on your head. Nobody here needs your self righteous lectures on debating.

  87. Oh–and let’s follow now with the predictable “but I have never done it first” routine. Sorry–that was refuted long ago and repeatedly. Noah–you are, among your other serious flaws, a complete and utter fraud.

  88. I am laughing hysterically–Noah is so full of crap it is unbelievable. Coming on this blog and throwing the constant references to “your Messiah” into his comments is hardly the sort of reasoned discourse that he claims is acceptable. On a regular basis he comes here with insults and snotty comments. He is the absolute opposite of “intellectually honest,” under his own “standard.” And, of course, after years of his nastiness, I think most people tune out if he manages to type something that, in and of itself, is not offensive.

  89. The social aspects set aside, if you want to “fairly” engage others on here, and not be the troll you all “claim” to despise, then there are only two points you should concern yourself with, and leave all the personal BS alone.

    There are two intellectually-honest debate tactics:

    1. Revealing errors or omissions in your opponent’s facts.
    2. Revealing errors or omissions in your opponent’s logic.

    That’s it. If you decide to go beyond that, then you are probably guilty of all the things you are accusing others of. To head off the obvious retorts, no this isn’t me telling you or anyone else what to do. It is a suggestion. The rest of the civilized world generally agrees with and operates under these two rules. If you cannot, or will not, then don’t complain when others follow suit.

  90. Let’s back up here for a minute folks. When H&M’s website first appeared on the scene five years ago, it attracted a huge following, mostly people from around the country and beyond who were drawn to the site by the wit, wisdom and creativity of the writers. A few opposition voices appeared but for the most part their opinions were civil and welcome. As a result many contributors became on-line friends who were not afraid to reveal their thoughts or inner feelings when they were in disagreement with other posters. For the most part each new posting by the H&M brought together a new meeting of old friends.

    However a couple years ago several right wing thugs began assaulting people for no other reason than they were at odds with the comments made by those in agreement with H&M. As a result, more and more of the regular contributors withdrew from commenting. Although a new crop of H&M fans have taken up the cause, that simply emboldened the thugs whose comments have become more and more obtuse, vulgar and insulting.

    Even some of the original people with counter views have withdrawn but the thugs never seem to get the message. For a group that has been such an utter failure at communicating, I just don’t understand why they hang around. But it’s obvious that they don’t have the debating skills that would make them welcome so what they lack in intelligence they make up for with crass and insulting behavior.

    I’ve learned to ignore them and concentrate on the message of H&M but I have to admit that I miss the responses of the original acquaintances I used to look forward to hearing from.

  91. Anonymous: This isn’t really a “reply” to you; your latest post, of ever so many, just happened to remind me that I feel that many of us have digressed far afield from the subject matter of Margaret and Helen’s latest post. If I recall correctly, Helen expressed her concern about R&R’s records in regard to women’s rights and integrity. (I happen to share those concerns, I will add.) I applaud her for having the courage to do that – and adore her wit and candor, as well.

    Blogging can be a great way for people to share information and opinions. Unfortunately, it can also become little more than an outhouse.

    I have, I’m sorry to say, allowed myself to get into many a pissing match over the years. Whoever “wins” or “loses” in such a contest, both people end up covered with you-know-what – and rarely is any insight gained by either.

    When it comes right down to it, we are all GUESTS of Margaret’s and Helen’s here (and Matthew’s, as administrator), and are permitted to post here entirely at their discretion. Their tolerance and forbearance has been remarkable.

    Were we speaking to each other – and, of course, to them – in their living rooms the way some of us have been “speaking” here in our comments, they would be entirely justified in showing us the door – immediately – and making sure we never showed up again.

    And I wouldn’t blame them.

    Not only have we digressed far from their topic, some of us have forgotten our civility, our decency, and our humanity. I think that’s a shame.

  92. And speaking of voter fraud
    Here’s how the rethugs pull it off.
    No mamby pamby one voter at a time thingy here. They do it en masse..


  93. All of Obama’s faults and problems aside, no matter what side of he isle I could never vote for a President or candidate who would do things like this.


  94. Matthew I believe it is time again to bar Evelyn and Cynthia. Its obvious they only want to bring the blog down by personally attacking everyone who comes here who does not immediately agree with them. They make it impossible for any kind of meaningful discussion to take place with their bitter and spiteful attitudes.

  95. Matthew–I believe it is time to again bar Noah. Obviously, he’ll just try to get back on again. However, it is a start.

  96. What Cynthia on August 19, 2012 at 12:26 PM shows us is that there are any number of ways that the Leftists can make you a victim. No need to take any personal responsibility, because you too can be a victim. Puh-leaze.

  97. The people who are less likely to have the ‘proper ID’ are often poor, uneducated, old, minority and frequently vote for the Republican candidates.

    I have read many statistics that state voter fraud is a pervasive problem…

    *EAST LONGMEADOW – Selectmen Chairman Enrico “Jack” Villamaino III left the state Friday as the town voter fraud probe continued following the search of his home three weeks before the Sept. 6 primary.

    **Last month, City Commissioner Al Schmidt, a Republican, issued a 27-page report on irregularities he found in a sample of Philadelphia precincts during this year’s primary. The report, which looked at only 1 percent of the city’s 1,687 districts, found cases of double voting, voter impersonation, and voting by non-citizens, as well as 23 people who were not registered to vote but nonetheless voted.

    ***Besides the more than 720,000 registrations without a birth date, Taitz and her NATO expert said there were over half a million registrations without a country of origin. Additionally, employees of offices of several registrars admitted that in some cases, where the databases did not contain a birth date, they simply created one, assigned a birth date such as 01.01.1850 (Jan. 1, 1850) or 01.01.1900 (Jan. 1, 1900).

    The attorney also noted that thousands more “potentially invalid registrations are contained in the databases, where data shows individuals, who are 150 years old and 200 years old still voting.”

    Nuff said.

  98. And no I won’t back off from my statement. You have your opinions and beliefs as do I and we will never agree so I will not continue to play this game with you. I have already broken my promise to myself to scroll on by.

    Good call, its what you have always done on here when you are losing, run and hide.

    The fetus has more rights then it’s host.

    The rule of law says you are a liar, but that is nothing new, you have always been one and it has been shown on here time and again. Lets keep this simple so you can keep up. Since the women can terminate the child’s existence at any point, how does the fetus have any rights at all, let alone more? You claim it has more, then list them. We know you can’t so you won’t, but that’s just how you roll.

  99. Cynthia…in rebuttal to your August 18, 2012
    at 9:54 PM dailykospost…….(fair and balanced?????)

    “This week’s liberal talking point fact-checking effort from PolitiFact comes in the form of giving Stephanie Cutter a “True” for her claim regarding Paul Ryan’s budget. Once again, in lieu of an actual investigation of the facts, PolitiFact settles for good old fashion electioneering.


  100. alaskapi – being told not to show your anger is about control. And yes as (some) young girls we were told – don’t you use that temper young lady. Later – don’t you speak to me in that tone of voice or don’t you get angry with me. Some times shaking their fist at you. It is control. As it is with the other things you mentioned, just control. Then they wonder why so many people are passive/aggressive (if that is the right term). They keep the anger in until they explode. There are moments when I wish Obama would just say – F*ck You. I’m through being nice; from now on we are doing it my way. And I wouldn’t blame him if he said – You can take this job and shove it! But then he would be the angry black man, eh?

    Is it snowing yet?


  101. a question Beth….How many times should a person get to vote in one election???????…..a lot of people say there’s no fraud but haven’t said if they agree/disagree with multiple voting….you know…vote early vote often…..

  102. sorry to disappoint you Bo but I am NOT Anonymous…

  103. sorry Terri…
    my contributions go to USA Shooting…..hint…the Olympics…..

  104. LMAOROTF That was so funny. I almost thought it was real for a moment.

  105. The people who are less likely to have the ‘proper ID’ are often poor, uneducated, old, minority and frequently vote for the Democratic candidates. I have read many statistics that state voter fraud is not the pervasive problem the Republicans are claiming. Just look at what is happening in Florida. The governor there has tried over and over again to get the officials to purge registered voters off the the lists and the officials refuse, citing example after example of people who are legitimately registered. Things like this are happening all over in one way or another. By the way, why a re you anonymous? Don’t you have the courage of your convictions? If you want to have an open and fare discourse, disclose your name. You know who I am, why shouldn’t I know who you are?

  106. There is nothing wrong with being angry folks. It is what you do with that anger which matters.
    Time to get past the idea that anger is not ok- especially for we ladies.
    Phony notions of good manners have long included sucking it up , being conciliatory with those making paternalistic remarks and demands , blah, blah, blah.
    Same with Ds getting shouted down by Rs over whether something will start a class war( like we haven’t been in one for at least 20 years ?), reintroduce race into a (not on your life ) post-racial society, blah, blah, blah.
    Anger has a place. It should give way to better strategies or it will eat you up but the mere fact of anger is not a bad thing.

  107. Besides outright lies and voter disenfranchisement, the GOP is betting heavy on this:

    A crucial strategy to winning the White House. ;)

    PEACE ~ Δ

  108. Nice to find your blog. I’ll be back!

  109. Anonymass –

    Angry – nah. I asked you a question – where do we go from here? And what do I get back?

    “You are a really angry person. It is a shame you haven’t the emotional maturity to maintain your composure. A nickles worth of advice, take a deep breath and gain some perspective. I know your goal is to paint me in a bad light anyway that you can, but in the end all you do is highlight your own faults.”

    “You can’t handle the truth, you want me on the wall…..”. You do a far better job of proving who you are then I could ever attempt to do.

    And no I won’t back off from my statement. You have your opinions and beliefs as do I and we will never agree so I will not continue to play this game with you. I have already broken my promise to myself to scroll on by.


  110. Cynthia-

  111. @Beth: It is amazing, isn’t it? People spending so much of our tax money, so much of the state legislators time (not to mention getting the DOJ involved), and the state election officials’ time to correct a problem that doesn’t exist. In some cases, like Fla., it seems to be obviously about getting Democratic voters off the voter rolls – nothing more. Too bad the Regressives think they can’t win in a fair election and have to resort to undermining our election system. Is this Soviet Russia we’re living in? Much better use of our resources would be in vetting those electronic voting machines that I understand are subject to hacking and leave no paper trail.

  112. Terri
    By what means do you make your assumption?

    I will consider contributing when the authors reveal who they are. It is obvious the blog has changed writers and I am curious who it really is.

  113. Cynthia on August 19, 2012
    at 8:33 AM

    You are a really angry person. It is a shame you haven’t the emotional maturity to maintain your composure. A nickles worth of advice, take a deep breath and gain some perspective. I know your goal is to paint me in a bad light anyway that you can, but in the end all you do is highlight your own faults.

  114. Beth, you are VERY misinformed on voter fraud. I do have one question for you. Since any legislation to improve the process such as requiring an I.D. would equally apply to both Republicans and Dimocrats, how do you see it as being an attempt for one side to gain an advantage over another?

  115. The fetus has more rights then it’s host yet once it is born it has few rights to healthcare, food, roof over it’s head, education, a job.

    I am feeling especially kind this morning. I will give you the chance to back off this statement before I lay into you on it. You sure you want to hold onto this claim?

  116. Hey UAW and Anonymous,
    can we assume you have $ contributed to this blog? You wouldn’t want to be freeloaders taking advantage of what the rest of us have contributed to would you? You certainly use the comments section more than anyone else.

  117. I don’t read the comments on this blog and I can’t remember having left one before but I can’t continue to read without telling you what a great writer I think you are. I generally agree with what you have to say, but not always. I always enjoy reading what you say, however, because of the great skill you have in making your point. If they have prizes for the best written blogs, and maybe they do, I don’t know. You should get the Gold Medal.

  118. And furthermore Anonymass –

    “Reading comprehension is really low on this blog. It was like I said earlier, anytime anyone says something that you cannot refute, we get personal insults……”

    You are very good at putting Liberals down. But I watched you “debate” Sally, Simon, Donna and Alaskapi. You could not hold your own in it without using the strawman etc. And those Liberals wiped your sorry butt all over hell and three places in Texas. You are too immature or stupid to realize it. And then your arrogant sorry butt declare yourself the winner because of some insignificant detail they failed to answer.

    You can’t even hold your own on that conservative blog can you? And then you have the arrogant nerve to insult the host there. You do there what you claim we do. So either grow up or STFU!


  119. The fact is there is really no reason for all this because the amount of voter fraud in these and any other states has been negligible. I can’t remember the exact amount but it was found to be in the tenths of percents. This is an attempt on the Republican party to make it more difficult for people to vote who would be more likely to vote for the Democratic candidate, pure and simple!

  120. Anonymass – if you didn’t act like one I wouldn’t call you one.

    I posted it because I can not comprehend how, in 2012, an intelligent, educated US politician would write a bill containing this insanity. Where are we going with this? What comes next?

    Will we punished a woman for having her period and wasting an egg or a potential human? Will we punish boys for having wet dreams and wasting sperm or a potential human? Will we make masturbation illegal for wasting sperm or a potential human? Will we make illegal any and all sex except that which would assure the potential for conception?

    We have been there before!

    The fetus has more rights then it’s host yet once it is born it has few rights to healthcare, food, roof over it’s head, education, a job.

    This is not rational, reality based, logical or sane.


  121. Cynthia:[ Anonymass – incase you have not gotten the memo Romney hasn’t been elected.]

    First off, name calling…wow, u go gurl.
    Second, what does this have to do with you loosing your mind over the Ryan budget, something that is not being considered or used?

    bo, wasn’t about who you were responding to, it was you claiming I was talking about someone that it was obvious I was not.

    Reading comprehension is really low on this blog. It was like I said earlier, anytime anyone says something that you cannot refute, we get personal insults, conversations about trolls and who is or is not worthy to respond to, and thanks to the host for the blog. Go ahead and stick to these dishonest tactics, because you are under the mistaken assumption I am looking for approval or acceptance of any kind. One thing for sure is you can never look your kids in the eye saying you didn’t know the truth.

    alaskapi it is a shame you have fallen in with this lot, once upon a time you were capable of independent thought. Its a shame to see how far you have fallen. Just another puppet of the cause.

  122. Well- if this election cycle is at all like the last we’ll be seeing great numbers of folks stopping by to pee on the floor here because Helen does such a dang fine job of calling horsepunky on the punk-iers.
    Sometimes I almost miss silly old colorful showing up to tell us we’ll all be smited down in an hour or those very strange people called Hilary’s something or other who swarmed here last election,
    The flying monkeys haven’t stopped by in a long time to do their special dance but I don’t miss them.
    Nor do I miss the weird real estate lady who was just sure the housing bubble burst was a commie plot or something, nor the Palinsta’s who were ticked because Helen called her a bitch. Got so tired of them here at home and having them here was just yeck!
    Anony Noah is just a pill, a bitter one to be sure but just a pill…
    the circus has yet to hit town :-)

  123. Bo, well said, UAW and the counter ego anonymass, thanks Cynthia, aren’t worth responding to. Hesheit? has such a narrow world and mind, heshit shouldn’t even be considered, hesheit is lint, dust, nothing. I think the best thing we can do for hesheit is to not stir up the small mind.
    Margaret and Helen, keep up posting. We will keep reading and passing on the words of wisdom (that has nothing to do with Romney’s religion) and hopefully UAW/annomyass will get the hint that we understand hesheit has a problem that we cannot remedy.

  124. Anonymass – incase you have not gotten the memo Romney hasn’t been elected.


  125. Sorry about that, anonymous. But I also mistook you from someone worth responding to. I won’t make that mistake again . . . whether you hide behind the “anonymous” handle or post under your “UAWtradesman” name.

  126. bo, you simple minded twit, I was talking to Evelyn. Look at the first word of the post.

  127. gatodicima, tell if you are able…and you are not able by the way but I shall ask regardless…what does this name gatodicima tell me about you that Anonymous does not? What would having a different tag do to change the course of the conversation? You want a tag because like all the other leftists you cannot talk in substance, you can only attack the person. It frustrates you and others that I don’t take a handle, and that is more than enough reason not to. Until such time as you are able to engage in civilized conversation, I feel no need to indulge your insecurities.

    p.s. Cynthia, you may have not got the memo, but Romney is not using the Ryan budget, a budget that, by the way, many Libs voted for, and received 200 more voted than 2 of your Messiah’s bills combined.

  128. I must step in here and stick up for Helen and Margaret. They aren’t bitterbitter, withered old women with nothing but spite and hate in their hearts. In fact, they’re not republicans at all.
    Now, may I suggest that we all quit feeding the trolls?

  129. Evelyn, you are obviously a bitter, withered old women with nothing but spite and hate in your heart. Sorry life has been so unkind. You do what you do best, ie, finding fault in others, and then attacking them. Whatever works for you princess.

  130. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/17/1121283/-PolitiFact-sets-its-own-pants-on-fire-for-Paul-Ryan

    So what does Ryan’s bill say?

    (1) the Congress declares that—
    (A) the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution is vested in each human being, and is the paramount and most fundamental right of a person; and

    (B) the life of each human being begins with fertilization, CLONING, or its functional equivalent, irrespective of sex, health, function or disability, defect, stage of biological development, or condition of dependency, at which time every human being shall have all the legal and constitutional attributes and privileges of personhood; and

    (2) the Congress affirms that the Congress, each State, the District of Columbia, and all United States territories have the authority to protect the lives of all human beings residing in its respective jurisdictions.

    (If you notice there are no exceptions mentioned. And that would be that there are no exceptions.)

    OMG – they are going to start cloning right wingers!!!!!!!!! They can’t create enough doing it the old fashion way?????? I guess you will do what ever you have to win an election even if you have to clone GOP voters.


  131. O/T – If GMOs bother you – This will tell you, at least, about fruits and vegetables. I will never complain about those stupid stickers again:


    1.If there are only four numbers in the PLU, this means that the produce was grown conventionally or “traditionally” with the use of pesticides. The last four letters of the PLU code are simply what kind of vegetable or fruit. An example is that all bananas are labeled with the code of 4011.

    2.If there are five numbers in the PLU code, and the number starts with “8″, this tells you that the item is a genetically modified fruit or vegetable. Genetically modified fruits and vegetables trump being organic. So, it is possible to eat organic produce that are grown from genetically modified seeds. A genetically engineered (GE or GMO) banana would be: 84011

    3.If there are five numbers in the PLU code, and the number starts with “9″, this tells you that the produce was grown organically and is not genetically modified. An organic banana would be: 94011

    Many thanks to jayszip.

  132. At this point, Non, I have no more interest whatsoever in what anything “seems” to be to you. HTG, I’ve tried. “Death threats”…?
    Just go and have a life. That’s what we all want.
    You don’t even have the cojones to say who you are. Happy keyboard, Dude. Hope it’s workin’ for you.

  133. Actually, there are many intelligent conversations here, Noah. They simply don’t involve you.

    Here is the deal. I have yet to read anyone greet any of your posts with a positive response. I have yet to see anyone say “wow–that’s interesting” or ‘I didn’t know that” or in any way suggest that you are being informative. Why? I believe it’s because you were such a complete jerk for so long that any legitimate message you may ever have had was buried in your obnoxiousness and lost. You burned that bridge repeatedly and long ago. When you are a relentless ass, people tune you out. So you, by your constant postings, accomplish nothing whatsoever in terms of persuading anyone of anything. You’re farting in the wind.

    Let’s take this to the next step. Because you have not seen anyone suggest that anything you post is of interest or value, you must–if you have a shred of social intelligence (accepting that for the sake of argument)–realize that you aren’t educating anyone or changing anyone’s mind. That leaves only one possibility: you are coming on here for no legitimate purpose at all. You simply come here to clog the blog comments and to insult people. And that says volumes about you. You’re the cheapest sort of bully, because you engage in your thuggery anonymously. You are the opposite of a worthwhile and constructive human being.

  134. What Cynthia was so kind to point out is that this is all the Leftists have to offer. Antics and catch phrases. They cannot defend logically any of their positions, they cannot defend their Messiah, so they make poems.

  135. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/18/1121614/-Hilarious-poem-about-Mitt-Romney-by-92-Year-Old-Retired-ND-Judge-WWII-Vet-needs-to-go-viral


    By Ralph Maxwell
    O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou, Mitt Romney?
    You flip-flop here, you flip-flop there,
    You flip-flop almost ev’rywhere.
    You ballyhoo what you’re gonna do
    And then you pull a switcheroo;
    You now malign what you found fine;
    Seems like you’ve got a jellyfish spine.
    Obamacare, by you begun,
    Now you’d trash it on day one.
    Gun control you did extol,
    But now you’re preaching decontrol.

    O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou, Mitt Romney?
    We’ve got no clue what you will do
    Or what new view you’ll pander to.
    Time was you championed women’s choice,
    But you no longer heed their voice;
    On gay rights, too, guess you withdrew
    Support they once enjoyed from you.
    Global warming, EPA,
    Immigration, minimum pay,
    Roe V. Wade, also fair trade,
    All joined your flip-flop cavalcade.

    O, Romney-O, Romney-O Wherefore art thou, Mitt Romney?
    So many things that you were for
    You’ve turned against and slammed the door.
    Stimulus and cap and trade,
    Education, foreign aid,
    Campaign reform, tarp rescues, too,
    All victims of your switcheroo.
    You take your stand on shifting sand,
    We never know where you will land;
    You vacillate, you fabricate,
    A wishy-washy candidate.

    O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou Mitt Romney?
    As gov’nor you let taxes rise,
    Now ev’ry tax you demonize.
    You say regardless of the facts
    You’d take an axe to the millionaire’s tax;
    You’d feed the greed of the richest few
    The poor and middle class you’d screw.
    Your tax returns you hide from view
    What evil lurks there we’ve no clue;
    If they’re not bad why hesitate?
    Is it that they incriminate?

    O, Romney-O, Romney-O, Wherefore art thou Mitt Romney?
    At Bain you plundered with a flair
    And walked away a zillionaire.
    You shipped off-shore, good jobs galore
    To China, India, Singapore;
    A job creator you are not.
    And to boast you are is tommyrot.
    As a total fraud, Mitt’s got no peer;
    What we must do is crystal clear:
    Let’s give Obama four more years!
    Yes, it’s Obama – four more years!


  136. lmao between bo and Evelyn we might eventually get a complete thought. Just remember kiddies, your the ones spouting insults, from personal to death threats. Seems to me it is you who cannot have a civilized conversation.

  137. this is for you Iris…

  138. Geez Gato….I’ll even agree with you…..
    1..get rid of Citizens united and also the unions stealing dues for polital contributions..
    2…state after state are busy redistricting….ever hear of “Paybacks”…
    3..Arizona is refusing to give drivers licences to aliens…and the vote also….
    4..yes abortion right are being challenged….I think more liberals need to have abortions……even late term(think death row)…..
    5..you do realize Obama OK’ed the southern portion….

    and on and on…I also kick myself from all the bullshit….

  139. UAW: I think you replied to my comment, but all I read was yada, yada, yada.
    My eyes tend to glaze over at your 100th or is it 1,000th rant – full of fury – lacking substance.

  140. Hey Gato…hope the bus your going to ride in doesn’t use any oil from the Keystone pipeline….actually I hope the price of your ticket goes up because of you….

  141. I guess that would be a”F” you Bo…..I do know how to read between the lines….

  142. Gato…..yes you should be taking everyone to register that wants to …..or are you going to kick the 80+yr old conservatives out on the side of the street….

  143. We all know who’s the asshat at this part, UAW . . . and it’s not Helen.
    You really are one neuron short of a synapse, aren’t you, sweetie pie.
    See ya; wouldn’t want to be ya.

  144. YES Iris….our congress USED to work bipartisan…….at least up until “W”….the conservatives worked with Clinton…..the liberals drove us to poverty…..I don’t say the Repub are alway right but I do say the Dems are wrong once in a while…..unlike some “KOOLAID” drinkers here…..and if Helen can’t see that than she’s an ASSHAT also…..talk about 2 faced…..next comment omitted….

  145. Gato – an AA woman called into the radio show I listen to. As a child she took part in the sit-ins during the Civil Rights fights. She suggested a sit-in in polling places where people (or the individual) are being denied the right to vote. Might be an idea.


  146. On the whole, I can’t say it would be so bad if people died out on this planet – at least – not so bad for the rest of the planet.

  147. While I sympathize with your view, I wonder why more people aren’t being registered for absentee ballots. I am unfamiliar with how it would work in the “showing ID requirements” in the states you mentioned. I am hoping that at least people are encouraging students, who can’t vote in their college states, to apply for absentee ballots in their home states.
    Personally, I’m for an exclusive vote-by-mail in every state. Who wants to stand in line?

  148. Evelyn
    Well stated, you took on every point that you had a valid argument for. Help me if my math is off but I believe the count stands at ZERO!

  149. Gato – I don’t come here to change people’s minds, I come here for sanity. Here I find others with similar thinking so I realize I am not going crazy from all the bs going on.

    No one with the power to change Washington reads these blog or comments. So to argue among ourselves or even come up with solutions is meaningless and waste of time. No one with the ability to change things gives a good flying fig leaf in hell what we think.

    So come, enjoy, ignore the trolls and add to the conversation.

    Personally with all the money being poured into this election by the rich I believe we are heading toward an oligarchy. And when they squeeze every dollar and pollute every inch of this planet; they will be right along side Noah and UAW gasping for breath, drinking their pee and fighting for a dead rat to eat.


  150. Heh I just noticed the writing on your avatar UAW…lmao that is awesome. Stealing it.

  151. Hi, Iris, and other followers of the wonderful Helen and Margaret; Gato here.

    I certainly understand, and share, your frustration.

    I have to keep telling myself to bite the proverbial bullet, and realize that there will never be any “explanation”, other than more of what we read. We are all entrenched in our opinions.
    I think the more important thing is to do what we can to help those whose voices are being quashed, to be heard: Seniors with no photo IDs or driver’s licenses; Legitimate citizens who have voted for years, who have no idea where their birth certificates might be, and are consequently about to be silenced; People who don’t have the luxury of doing what we are so fortunate to be doing.
    Believe me, I much prefer sitting comfortably here in my home in CT, driver’s license, birth certificate, and every other danged “newly-required” thing, readily at hand. But what I SHOULD be doing is getting on a bus and going to Pennsylvania or Ohio, knocking on doors, and taking people wherever they need to go to get their IDs, helping them fill out forms, and doing whatever is needed to make that happen.
    If this coming election is “won” because hundreds of thousands of people have been denied their right to vote, we will have primarily ourselves to blame. The opposition knows exactly what they’re doing, and they’re moving right along. I find that a sobering thought.

  152. UAW: Why do you continue to promote divisiveness & think it’s ok to insult Helen? Seriously, you aren’t changing anyone’s mind. It seems your only aim is to shock or insult people (which is why I refuse to click on your links). Most blogs would not allow you to get away with this. Imo, you only post here so you can act as badly as you are not allowed to on other sites. Is there some explanation for this bad behavior?

  153. UAW: I didn’t click on your link. Assuming it’s true: what’s your point? Our Congress used to work on a bi-partisan level?

  154. Hi, BO,
    Very clever!

  155. Q: What’s the difference between Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin?
    A: Lipstick!

  156. Cynthia: Gato here, again.

    Know what really makes me mad at MYSELF?
    I get sucked right into all this kind of pointless arguing – because ridiculous comments (NOT YOURS!!) make me really annoyed, and it’s feels good to get my annoyance off my chest.
    And, while I’m spending my time with this, here’s what else is going on:
    (1) The accursed Citizens United judgement remains on the books;
    (2) State after state is busy redistricting and passing new “Voter Identification” laws, both of which are unarguable partisan efforts to disenfranchise great numbers of long-time voters;
    (3) Arizona is refusing to follow a Federal mandate concerning illegal immigrants;
    (4) Abortion rights are being challenged, and midwives are fighting to stay in practice;
    (5) Construction has begun on the Texas portion of the XL pipeline, despite massive opposition.

    And on and on… I kick myself every time I am distracted by smoke and mirrors, and vow to wear my Delete key right down to the bone!

  157. Way to go, Cynthia! Witty, incisive, and spot-on sarcasm like yours almost never causes any entrenched ideologue to go, “Oh, my gosh – I now see the error of my thinking”, but it does remind people like me of the absolute lunacy and irrelevancy of so much of what’s going on these days. Rock on!

  158. Noah: You truly are an idiot. There are so few people whose lack of intelligence and knowledge are only exceeded by their arrogance. And of course, in your case, the lack of any constructive sort of life–so that all you apparently do is haunt blogs and spew b.s.

  159. uaw – Obama IS responsible for creating lots of jobs.

    1. The army of paid trolls and bloggers to harass the liberal sites.
    2. The seamstresses (non union of course) making the flowing robes and pointed hood head coverings. Made in the basic bleached muslin to the custom or designer style lightweight breathable fabric to the wool blend. Chapter insignias and sponsor logos are available. Monogramming, reflective tape, glow in the dark face covering are optional.
    3. Gunsmiths working 24/7 making guns and ammunition to provide the mandatory 10 gun minimum and 1 million rounds one must have on hand for when the shite du jour hits the fan.
    4. Gun dealers to distribute their products.
    5. A number of investigators employed to search for Obama’s REAL birth certificate. Also too the marriage certificate for his first marriage to his college roommate.
    6. Photographers and printers employed to supply voter ID to prevent non-existent voter fraud. Software programmers to rig the election computers.
    6. The number of people employed to think up the most creative, fearful bullshite their little fantasy minds can conjure up……just off the top of my head.

    One can find justified fault with this administration and President as well as all other administrations. But the level of hate, anger and disrespect leveled at this man is not rational, reality based, logical or sane. The world is watching us self destruct.

    To bastardize? a quote from Charlie Wilson – We were glorious and we changed the world… and then we f*cked up the end game.


  160. Every time your offensive avatar/icon appears on my screen, I feel spat upon. And that’s been far too many times in the last two days. My Delete key is wearing out…

    I’m perfectly willing – sometimes – to read your “facts” and “figures” and “arguments”, but your whining – and crowing – about someone else’s apparently “disrespectful” behavior is absurd, given your obvious enjoyment of doing the verbal equivalent of same, on a regular basis.

    Surely you will allow others the “flexibility of expression” which you yourself exercise with very little restraint. Maybe 83-year-old Mary Hoglund, the alleged “perpetrator”, has no access to a keyboard and a blog.

  161. The lack of civility and respect by Republicans on this website and on the whole, is very disturbing. It seems that they cannot accept that they live in a democracy where people voted and they lost. It’s a very sad commentary on American politics and their disrespectful attitude towards their elected President is being noted all over the world.

  162. 41 straight months of over 8% unemployment, something to cheer?

    In the last 6 months your Messiah has had 10 golf trips, over 110 fund raisers, camping more in the last 3 years than the previous 5 Presidents combined!!!

    $16 trillion in debt…good? Remember this speech?

    Hypocrisy much?

    Billions of tax payer dollars wasted on failed green energy projects due to lack of investigative research before the money was lent and lack of oversight after.

    Billions of tax payer dollars sent to overseas companies.

    GM looking to default on $25 billion in tax payer dollars. Auditors predicting they are heading for bankruptcy again.

    21,000 auto workers stripped of their pensions because they were not union.

    Obama pulled the trigger? Obama gathered the intelligence that lead to finding Osama? Give credit where credit is due, to the military personal who put their lives on the line to get the job done. PERIOD!

    Obama’s own budget, twice receiving zero votes, projected a $26 trillion deficit by 2025. Nuff said.

    What is our current economic growth at? 1.5%? That’s good?

    Obamacare costing 3 times what we were told it would cost. Either he is incompetent or he lied to us, which is it?

    Federal spending is currently at more than 24% of GDP

    And just how proud are you of your Messiah and his most transparent administration in history invoking executive privilege in the Fast and Furious scandal ? Don’t you think the 200+ dead Mexican citizens and the US border patrol agent’s families deserve justice? (another point no one can comment on)

    I could go on and on and on but here is the tip of the iceberg for you all to ignore or attack me on.

  163. HEY Helen….any relation to you……..

    Romney Supporter Spat On by Protester in Wisconsin


  164. yep …….things are just rosy under Obama….full employment ,everyone has a job with healthcare benefits, no one on food stamp rolls……HURRAH HURRAH….


  165. A few facts to prove Obama’s policies have helped save the US economy:
    Jobs lost in January 2009 when Obama took office: 700,000
    Jobs gained since he took office 4.5 million, 29 months of job growth.
    163,000 jobs gained in July 2012.
    Dow Jones in November 2008 when Obama was elected: 7,449
    Dow Jones yesterday: 13,275
    American auto industry thriving
    Osama Bin Laden: dead
    For all you haters, try looking at the objective facts instead of looking to blame Obama for what the GOP wrought during the Bush Administration. Last time we had a balanced budget along with a surplus: during Bill Clinton’s administration.
    Paul Ryan is a deficit hawk??? WTF. He voted for TARP, auto bailout, Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Medicare Part D. More tax breaks for millionaires are all we need to get the economy growing faster? He’s no economist, that’s for sure.

  166. and from Forbes….
    Fact-Checking the Obama Campaign’s Defense of its $716 Billion Cut to Medicare


  167. Sorry Evelyn, CBO has just a touch more credibility than your hack source. Those are their numbers after a recent audit of the bill, up from $500 billion on their original projection. Lets not forget that Obamacare is now projected to cost 3 times what we were originally told it would cost. If their original projections were $500 billion and the cost has gone up 3 fold, the $716 is probably a gross understatement.

  168. Politifact only today refuted the “taking $716 billion out of Medicare” lie. Give it up, Noah. The fact that a Congressman is also a physician is meaningless–the facts establish that these cuts are for waste (of which Medicare Advantage is a prime example). Yes, certain providers will face cuts–beneficiaries will not. And any reasoned analysis refutes the notion that this is not a sane, sound way to deal with the program. Peddle your crap elsewhere.

  169. IRIS …..something to read……
    “Of the 975 bills Ryan cosponsored since coming to DC, 22% were introduced by Democrats. ”


  170. the Democrats are at it again….


  171. WHAT OBAMACARE IS REALLY ALL ABOUT ~ FROM U.S. CONGRESSMAN BILL POSEY, FLORIDA: Sharon, This is the latest analysis I have seen. Congressman Price is a physician on the policy committee.

    ObamaCare cuts Medicare by more than $700 Billion – August 15, 2012

    Medicare – a vital lifeline for millions of America’s seniors – is on a path to insolvency. House Republicans have put forth a positive plan to save and strengthen the program that makes no changes for those in or near retirement age while ensuring future generations have greater health care choices. This positive message of reform that we are taking to the American people stands in stark contrast to President Obama’s health care law which raids Medicare to pay for a new health care program.
    …On July 24, 2012, the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation provided an updated estimate of the budgetary impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. A previous analysis by CBO predicted that PPACA would cut Medicare by about $500 billion. However, the most recent analysis predicts that once fully implemented, PPACA will have cut the Medicare program by over $700 billion. This number is comprised of cuts from many parts of Medicare:

    • $294 billion in payment cuts to hospitals, including DSH (disproportionate share hospital)
    • $156 billion in Medicare Advantage cuts
    • $39 billion in cuts to skilled nursing
    • $17 billion in cuts to hospice
    • $66 billion in cuts to home health
    • $33 billion in cuts for all other provider services in FFS Medicare
    • $111 billion in cuts from IPAB and other Medicare provisions

    As a result of ObamaCare, the cuts to the Medicare program amount to $716 billion overall. The cuts to Medicare Advantage will affect one-in-four Medicare beneficiaries who rely on the program. Medicare’s own actuary predicted enrollment in MA could decrease by as much as 50% by 2017. According to the 2012 Medicare trustees report, many hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies are all expected to operate at a loss or go bankrupt in the near future.

  172. It isn’t just that Paul believes in no abortion. He is a big cheerleader for personhood rights, and he is for criminalizing abortions and even the use of IUDs to the point of calling women who have/use them premeditated murderers. So a woman who is having a miscarriage can’t get medical help without the doctor facing prosecution. That’s pretty whacked out, even for the crowd who wants to take women’s rights back to the 1850s. Never before has any legal system granted full and greater rights to a fetus over those of a living, breathing woman. Paul wants a platform so radical that the fetus would always take precedence over the mother’s life, even if the fetus was not viable. Here a Chris Matthew’s video:


  173. Capital gains tax at 30% – that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. LOL

  174. and so people worry about Romney’s religion when

    Reid: No, I don’t plan to bring a budget to the floor this year


  175. and something I’m for…
    ‘No Budget, No Pay’ Measure Debated With Skepticism In Congress


  176. And thanks Alaskapi……you apparently got those others figured out also….

  177. Geez Terri….did I get snarky on you…..Lets talk about the almost 3 1/2 yrs without a senate budget…..tell me just how good of a job Reid has done…..tell me why the college educated without jobs have turned their backs on Obama…..
    Still hoping for change….GO MITT….

  178. Cynthia….how many jobs did Obama create because he didn’t do that …someone else did…..

  179. FYI…I clean the cat box ever since my wife died and I don’t have a NOBAMA sticker on either my car or pickup……other than that…..WAWAWA!!!!!…..
    and FYI most people don’t really care if Romney is a Mormon and they are actually more concerned with Obama’s faith….and (I forget who)really gives a shit if Romney tithes or not…..surely not a liberal who usually complains about the Christen Right….

  180. Sorry for not proof reading that before posting

  181. [It is a fact that the US corporate tax, as of April 2012, is the highest in the world. On paper, anyway. But, the tax is spread out disproportionately. Utilities and mining companies pay the least – retail and construction pay about double that. This is due to tax breaks and loopholes for certain industries.]

    If that is the case that is all good and well but then its a tax code problem not a we are not taxing the rich enough problem.

    [People like Romney who make 10s of millions in passive income are adding nothing of value to our economy. There is no good reason for them to pay such a low tax rate while receiving huge amounts of money for doing nothing.]

    I am sorry but our schools have done you an injustice. That is EXACTLY what you are supposed to do. How many people do exactly this? I call the retirees. The better you are at this, earning this kind of income, then sooner you can enjoy life and your family. I don’t know about you but I don’t intend to spend my entire life working for someone else.

    [The capital gains tax really needs to be increased not decreased. ]

    It is already over 30%. How is this unfair or unreasonable?

    [Increasing the capital gains tax would give a much need cash infusion for infrastructure. ]

    It would be meaningless until we get spending under control, We can tax everyone that makes over $100,000 at 100% and we would not pay for Obama’s 2011 budget.

    [Assuming the Defense budget is off the table for cuts – which it always seems to be.]

    Considering a Russian nuclear sub spent a month in the gulf undetected, would you want to cut it at this time?

    [Leveling the playing field for corporate taxes would create more revenues]

    We are the highest in the world, and you still consider the playing-field not level. I think it is safe to say at this point, nothing short of full blow socialism would satisfy you.

    Doe to shareholder responsibility, I assure you that the added costs end up being paid by us. If the cost to do business increases, so does the cost of the end product.

  182. I think my comments went together perfectly for 100% pure snark.

    I would be interested to hear from small business owners regarding the problems they face and how taxes affect their profits/business etc.

    Hey last I heard you are a small business owner.


  183. It’s not so simple as corporations must make the most profit. There are a variety of corporate setups. From public with Board of Directors and CEOs that make millions per year to the private neighborhood hydraulic shop staffed by the owner and his wife. Corporations can be set up so that the investors (shareholders) are paid out dividends or they can be partnerships or even singly owned with all profits funneled through to the shareholders so that corporate tax is non-existent and the taxes on the profits are paid by individuals via their 1040s.
    It is a fact that the US corporate tax, as of April 2012, is the highest in the world. On paper, anyway. But, the tax is spread out disproportionately. Utilities and mining companies pay the least – retail and construction pay about double that. This is due to tax breaks and loopholes for certain industries. As long as our Congress is for sale to the lobbiests for special interest the playing field will never be level for corporations or individuals, for that matter.
    Individual taxation really needs to be revamped. People like Romney who make 10s of millions in passive income are adding nothing of value to our economy. There is no good reason for them to pay such a low tax rate while receiving huge amounts of money for doing nothing. The capital gains tax really needs to be increased not decreased. Increasing the capital gains tax would give a much need cash infusion for infrastructure. Assuming the Defense budget is off the table for cuts – which it always seems to be.
    Leveling the playing field for corporate taxes would create more revenues and give small corporations more incentive for startups and investment. At least, that’s the theory.

  184. Oh, Non, have you done any other thing today?

    Just sittin’ here, typing. I know how seductive this is. I do it myself

    Margaret and Helen: Thank you for enduring all of this, and for giving us a space in which we can spout off… And maybe get to know each other a bit better. That would be a good thing.


  185. 1) If we need to lower the taxes on the wealthy because they create jobs.

    2) How many jobs has Romney created since he is no longer employed by Bain?

    Two completely unrelated points, thus making each an incomplete statement, well 1 anyway.

    Fact, most new jobs come from small business. Fact, many of the wealthy you want to see pay more (We are the highest corporate tax rate in the world already) are small business owners. It is relatively easy for someone employing 25-50 people to generate more than a $1 million in income.

    A company I worked for hired in mentally challenged kids to do moping and other menial cleaning duties. They did a poor job but that wasn’t why the company hired them. Now if you go increasing taxes on these small businesses, who do you think is the first to go?

    The B.S. about Romney and Bain has already been blown out of the water conclusively.

  186. Hi, Cynthia,

    They don’t create jobs. If you run a corporation, your main task is to make sure that your company is profitable. To do so, you are compelled to eliminate all of the expensive stuff you can. And the most expensive thing you’ve got… Is human beings, working. You want to find people who will do the same work for less. You’ve got to eliminate as many of those expensive workers as you can. So the smart corporation goes overseas.

    These expendables are American workers. They are just too expensive for the shareholders.

    If you’re a corporation, this is what you must do.

    There is something totally immoral going on here. I look forward to replies from all. And,yes; I mean all.


  187. If we need to lower the taxes on the wealthy because they create jobs. How many jobs has Romney created since he is no longer employed by Bain?


  188. I have noticed a pattern: when UAW is obnoxious and someone either points it out, or responds in kind to him, there are a couple of people here who immediately defend.

    You should look at it with your blinders off. That happens many times daily with the Leftists here jumping in on any non Liberal point of view.

  189. Alaskapi, sorry if my use of the word excuses offended you, but I’m still not sure why. I have noticed a pattern: when UAW is obnoxious and someone either points it out, or responds in kind to him, there are a couple of people here who immediately defend him and assert he is a good guy. To me, this seems to be aimed at invalidating the opinion of the person who was taking exception to his comments. All I know about him is what I read here. Most of the time I ignore him. He’s entitled to his opinion and he frequently expresses it, including telling people to go f&@k themselves. You think he’s a good guy, an opinion I don’t share. Just a difference of opinion. Peace.

  190. gato-
    Like I said, maybe you had to be there. Feel free to go back and read a lot of Margaret and Helen’s old posts – the posts are all worth it anyway, even if a lot of our comments aren’t :-)
    UAW’s avatar obviously bugs a lot of folks and that is your/their right. I get a sideways chuckle out of it , at the same time I think it has a high “obnoxious” factor, but it doesn’t bother me really.
    It is ok with me if no one wants to deal with my explicit irritations with the (my) Democratic party but those irritations have a lot to do with my acceptance of the tire-kicking thingy.
    You and your neighbor are wise on multiple fronts. I do have to say people who yell in my face in real life don’t do it a second time. Getting up on a chair or table and yelling in theirs ( I’m very short) has always made those “conversations” end in laughter and some rules-of-the-game changes thereafter. :-)
    gotta go- fish to take care of…

  191. Hi, Pi,

    How do you know that UAW is the strong-shouldered, tire-kicking, neighbor-that-you-turn-to-when-your-basement’s flooded-and-your cat-is-stuck-up-a-tree kind of person…? He gives the impression that he spends most of his time searching the internet, following talk radio, and blogging. (How many posts back and forth this morning…?)
    Did I miss some information somewhere?

    BTW, I have a neighbor who would get along famously with UAW (that impression is based solely on UAW’s posts here), and my neighbor IS that kind of person. HOWEVER, in any discussion of “politics”, which I no longer allow with him in my house, he is a yeller and a hollering bully who is incapable of listening to anyone else.
    Since you seem to be basing your defense of UAW primarily on his potential neighborliness, I was just curious as to how you have arrived at that conclusion.

    Would I ask a potty-mouthed someone, wearing a semi-pornographic Monica Lewinsky button and “NObama” stickers on his back bumper, to kick my tires or get my cat out of a tree? In an emergency, I probably would. But I would continue to think that he’s a somewhat dangerous far-right ideologue who was kind enough to get my cat out of the tree…

    In the spirit of “full disclosure”, let me add that I feed my UAW-like neighbor’s four cats, clean the cat box, walk their dog three times a day, and pick up their mail whenever they are away, and they do the same for me. (Actually, our cat died last year and we don’t have a dog…) We have a mutual agreement that being good neighbors to each other will not be violated, and that works for all of us. It’s a strong bond.

    We just never, never, EVER discuss politics!


  192. Iris-
    I let loose my whole urban tyranny routine in Anchorage on 2 of our premiere liberal bloggers a couple years ago when the group I have a collective blog with (which focuses on rural issues) was visiting the big city. We, including me, were guests one the radio show one of them has and one of us was on her TV show. We had multiple meetups and yak fests- I admire them enormously.
    I stay in regular touch with 1 and keep an eye on the work of the other-mostly because she does some damn fine work.
    I can usually tell the difference between folks who belong to a group I disagree with who are fine people anyway and the ones who are not.
    This whole dealie is getting weird- how did a couple shout outs about why some of us like UAW and a couple responses about why turn into all this?
    You can just say Pffft! to me and/or Cynthia- you don’t have to agree.
    Terri saying “excuses” just ticked me off. I gave reasons- nobody has to agree with them but please spare me the putdowns.
    Calling me an idiot is preferable… really I mean it.

  193. Not sure what happened, but the last post wasby me.

  194. Alaskapi – I am very near to the last person in the world who looks for hidden meaning in people’s words. I, often to my detriment, take people at their word. That’s why I attempt to mirror back people’s words in order to make sure I understand what they are saying. I have learned some hard lessons over the past few years about looking at people’s actions, not their words. However, I am puzzled as to how to judge people on their actions on a comment thread.
    I would gently point out that frequently when we generalize negatively about a segment of the population, we are missing out getting to know some fine people within those ranks. And, conversely, when we put one group above another, we can fail to see the individuals within that group for who they are. I can say this, because I have been and probably still am guilty of this. However, it does not serve us. We are all in this together. Yet, I have my boundaries. Reconciling the two can be challenging.
    I do miss your frequent comments on issues you are passionate about.

  195. Iris- You are reading too much into my comments
    Don’t look for lurking meaning there.
    No- we don’t have to put up with UAW’s smart aleck stuff . We can ignore him, we can scroll on by, we can engage, we can call him names, whatever.
    I live in a place where we constantly assess neighbors and ourselves as regards who to turn to, who you can count on, when the stuff hits the fan, because it will. That measure doesn’t operate in your world- fine but don’t put words in my mouth.
    100 mile hr wind off the icefields takes my roof off, UAW is the neighbor I’d look to. Likewise I slide in the ditch out the road because he would stop -unlike most of our current transplants from urban areas down south.
    If you want to think I’m chastising you for being snooty- you are wrong- but read it however you want.
    If I wasn’t clear, let me make it clear :
    Dems are no more immune from failure to keep an eye on their shortcomings than Reps – it is a human thing, not a political thing.
    Also- to be clear, I have a deep and abiding disagreement with much of Centrist Dem philosophy as well as a longstanding argument against the tyranny of the urban majority- no matter what political stripe that majority is, wherever they are.
    In this state at least 85% of all wealth flows from the rural to the urban and the urban can barely manage to send peanuts back out to rural.
    Those are the people who would do well to check on the smell of their own stuff.

  196. Food for thought “ladies”

    “It is not allowable to arraign the motives of a member, but the nature or consequences of a measure may be condemned in strong terms. It is not the man, but the measure, that is the subject of debate.”

  197. Anonymous: I certainly don’t need a lecture from you, of all people, about hypocrisy. I stated my opinion, pure and simple.

  198. Well, if I read Alaskapi’s comment correctly, we have to put up with his behavior because we might need his services to get out of a tight spot or we might need help with something. Apologies if I got that wrong. Oh, and I think she was calling me out for being too snooty.
    i don’t know what his avatar represents. From your comment and Gato’s, I don’t think I want to know.
    Change is difficult for some. For a long time this was a very small group. M&H may welcome differences of opinion, but it seems difficult for some of the people who comment on here unless it conforms to the long term parameters of the group. Personally, I thought the group was way too insular to welcome newcomers. I like hearing from all sorts of people.
    So now I have blown my attempt to lurk moar. Oh well.

  199. Terri Google hypocrisy.

    While you are doing that , consider how you and your party blather on about tolerance and fairness and acceptance, then re read your statement.

  200. Your ears burning yet UAW? :-)
    I’m still pissed you didn’t save any BBQ, can you tell?

  201. no “excuses” for UAW , Terri
    A respect which has grown out of almost 4 years of “listening” to each other.
    Give me a smart A**, blue collar won’t-bow-his-head-to-the-bigwigs , disrespectful everyday guy to the smarmy phonily civil, piddle on you, stab you in the back run of the mill self righteous type of R any and every day!!!

  202. Iris, I agree with you. I do not understand the folks here who constantly make excuses for UAW and assert he is a “good guy.” From what I’ve read, he’s almost always disrespectful, and often crude and lewd. Just look at the photo next to his name. It says it all.

  203. UAW has visited here clear back from the beginning when M and H’s blog became widely known during the 2008 election.Somewhere along the way Helen made it quite clear that she could get over people disagreeing with her and required folks to return the favor. ( I have a comment stuck in moderation with a link to that post)
    UAW used to just tick me off but somewhere along the way it became obvious he is a tire kicker- ( UAW- sometimes you try to equate some things which do not equate which still ticks me off but I figure we’re about even cuz I tick you off too sometimes… hehehehe. )
    I’m a left, left, lefty which means I have a fair amount of disagreement with the Centrist Dems who have framed the party’s focus now for years and quite appreciate some of the yeah-well-you-do-it-too-don’t-you UAW hurls at that arm of the Dem world.
    As per the neighbor thing- maybe you had to be there.
    I don’t have to agree with people to live in the same world with them, neither does UAW. The stuff hits the fan, look for neighbors like UAW. Kick him for his smart mouth and accept the help his strong back and wide shoulders offer.
    We have gotten awfully snotty about certain groups of people in this country, no matter which side of the endless fences we sit on, and as someone who fixed peoples’ potties , septic tanks, etc for many, many years I’m even more sure than UAW that some folks would do well to question the notion their own stuff doesn’t stink.
    We don’t kick tires, we’ll be gobsmacked when one falls off.
    Helen and Margaret have been very gracious hostess’ about us all blabbing away on or off topic between posts. I appreciate that. I also appreciate the idea we do not have to agree to comment here- UAW accepts the return volleys from us, others do not.
    I like UAW.

  204. No doubt you are correct. I am puzzled by the support you & Cynthia give UAW and wonder how you can attest to his actions. Perhaps I will lurk moar.

  205. heh same tactic different messenger. Cant hang intellectually, there is someone always to chime in with a conversation ender.

  206. Iris-
    This is an endless loop dealie. Engage UAW- he’s rough around the edges but solid. You need help, he’s the kind of neighbor who is always there , ready to lend a hand whether either of you agree on any political stuff or not.
    Somedays I’d like to kick HIM for kicking the wrong tires but I always want neighbors like UAW.
    Anony? Not so much but oh well. We really can’t choose all of our neighbors…

  207. Some people are so confused, they have no idea what the definition of a child is.
    Additionally, some people are even more confused about taking responsibility for making decisions about one’s own body. Sad, really, the arguments some will use to enslave living, breathing, autonomous human beings in order to force their will upon them.

  208. In his best Yosemite Sam “Reeeetreeeeeeaaat”

  209. Actually Iris, I am saying you don’t give the child the same rights you do a dog.

  210. Since the vast majority of legislators are men, it boils down to men legislating someone they have no experience of.

    Anyone care to point out the fallacy here?

    [I am not fooled, this issue is about control, and those who think they deserve to have control over women’s reproductive organs. A sure sign of insecurity is wanting to control others.]

    I am not fooled, this is about control, and those who think they deserve to have control over a child’s right to live. A sure sign of insecurity is wanting to control others.

  211. Sounds to me like certain insecure people want to equate having ownership of a dog with having legislative rights over a woman’s reproductive system.

  212. On this topic I have said nothing inflammatory, so stop the lies. The truth is you advocate that one party is given rights while the others is suppressed. People own dogs. People have rights over their dogs, not the there way around. We have laws that govern how you treat said dog. Yet you would argue that the child is not afforded that same, or any, protection.

  213. Actually, legislating a woman’s reproductive health presupposes other people know better than she does. Since the vast majority of legislators are men, it boils down to men legislating someone they have no experience of. Twisting the vernacular to suit one’s needs also presents low intelligence. If one had a cogent argument, one would not need to resort to inflammatory language and promote a presumption that women are incapable of making their own decisions.
    I am not fooled, this issue is about control, and those who think they deserve to have control over women’s reproductive organs. A sure sign of insecurity is wanting to control others.

  214. Inserting himself into the biographies of past presidents on the White House website apparently wasn’t enough for President Obama. His State Department is now editing its descriptions of foreign countries into yet another taxpayer-subsidized campaign commercial for the Obama Administration.


  215. I apologize for arguing with facts in such a way that it would cause you to personally attack me rather than make a valid, substantive point.

  216. The child cannot speak for itself. We feel it is absurd to say the child has no say. I think it is safe to say that if the child could talk, given the choice, would chose to live.

    [To have a say presupposes some sort of right over a woman’s body solely because they are a woman.]

    If we were to take this statement at face value, are you not presupposing the right of not only the child’s body but its very life?

  217. Spin & deflect. So boring – a sure sign of low intelligence.

  218. A TV spot from the president’s reelection committee says women are “paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men.” That’s not true. The ad falsely states that the pay gap is for doing “the same work.” It also implies that discrimination by employers is responsible for the difference. That’s an exaggeration..

    The main point of the ad is to tout Obama’s signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009. It was the first bill he signed into law, just nine days after he took office. The ad’s title is “First Law.” The legislation relaxed the statute of limitations governing when women could sue employers over alleged pay discrimination.

    The IWPR study found that “median earnings are lower than men’s in nearly all occupations.” But for the most part, the gap for “the same work” is not as wide as Obama’s figure suggests. Of the 36 different occupational categories in the study, in only seven were women paid 77 percent of the pay of men or less.

    Female bookkeeping clerks and stock clerks actually made slightly more than their male counterparts, for example. Registered nurses made nearly 96 percent, elementary and middle school teachers made 91 percent, secondary school teachers made 94 percent, and police officers made 99 percent.

    War on women, yet another invention of the Left.

  219. Again, the bigger question is what gives anyone the right to have a say. To have a say presupposes some sort of right over a woman’s body solely because they are a woman. That’s just plain wrong.

  220. Well as you ignore the proof of total lies by your party, I will make it simple.

    When an abortion occurs, there are always 2 or more parties involved. You advocate that only 1 party gets a say, we advocate both get a say.

  221. The bigger question is why anyone has the right to legislate a woman’s reproductive organs. And, why anyone thinks they know better than a woman herself knows whether she needs to use contraception, has sex or chooses an abortion. The sheer hubris of it all is appalling.

  222. The Obama campaign is out with another ad making the false claim that Mitt Romney “backed a bill that outlaws all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest.” Romney’s consistent position through this campaign, and the last, and as far back as 2005, is that he opposes abortion except in cases when the life of the mother is in danger, and in cases of rape and incest.

    The Obama campaign is a repeat offender with this distortion of Romney’s position on abortion. Then, as now, the Obama campaign rests its claim, in part, on an answer Romney gave during a 2007 debate, when he was asked if he would sign legislation to ban “all abortion” — assuming, hypothetically, that Roe v. Wade had been overturned. He gave a rambling response that ended by saying he’d be “delighted to sign it,” if there was a national consensus for it. But, he said, “that’s not where America is today.” Neither rape not incest were mentioned in the question, or in Romney’s answer. Meanwhile, Romney made clear — both before and after that debate — that his fuller position was that he opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother.

    Most recently, Romney reaffirmed that position in a June 18, 2011, piece in National Review called “My Pro-Life Pledge,” his most fully articulated position on abortion during the current campaign. The piece begins: “I am pro-life and believe that abortion should be limited to only instances of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.”

    Sorry for another dose of truth.

  223. I LOVE how this group makes uninformed opinions without doing any research. mageen, they played a cut on the radio today of about a dozen Dimocrats including your Messiah praising Ryan. Many saying he was the best math person they knew, the smartest man in the room, a lot smarter than they were.

  224. Thanks Margaret and Helen! Really nice piece. “Bring the child here and forget about it”. Yes, that about sums it up. How asinine is that?

    As for Mr. Romney, nice summary about him too. Loved it.

  225. uaw…. I can see that your have answered my question, You will bow your head when they pray to the god of this earth.
    Also, I can see that trying to have a conversation with you is the same as having a conversation with John “Boner” or any of the other Republicans. So I will just say “goodbye” and let you live in your delusional world that thinks Mormons and Muslems are wonderful “god fearing” Christians…… and that Romney will not interfere with women’s rights or the middle class.
    Oh, I will check back and see if you answer this question:
    Where did you serve your mission?

  226. Gato – I agree with you. I think a candidate for any political office is actually an “applicant” interviewing for the position. We as the voter or “employer” have the right to know just what he will do for us. And we have the right to ask any question we feel will allow us to know them better. They should give us as much information as we ask them for.

    Romney acts like he doesn’t have to answer to us for anything. Geeze, he’s been running for President since he got out of diapers; he should have the answers by now you’d think.


  227. uaw – I tried to post an excerpt of the sermon but it is in moderation I guess. I strongly suggest you read the whole sermon not just a sound bite. While I don’t expect you to agree, I do believe you would understand what Wright was saying about the government.
    Actually if anyone has not read it before you should. Even though it was given in 2003 it still pertains to today’s situation more than ever, IMO.


  228. I don’t suppose you’d like to consider removing your borderline-porn “icon”, which seems to define you and have an influence on the nature of any response anyone is likely to make to your posts. Just a thought…

    Why may we not ask Romney about his faith, and why will he not speak about it? Hasn’t he at least hinted that it’s really important to him and to his family? Shouldn’t he be proud to speak about his beliefs?

    For heaven’s sake, Mormon men are required to spend at least two years in service spreading the gospel of their church. When I was a kid, my family, in Ohio, rented out a small apartment to many of those good and diligent souls while they did their service. And they were great and cordial tenants; we enjoyed their company.

    Romney won’t talk about his faith, and won’t let anyone ask him about it… He won’t talk about his service as Governor of Massachusetts; he won’t talk about his health care plan for that State (which is evidently hugely popular and successful); he won’t talk about the details of his financial acumen in running his companies and how he’s so successfully managed his personal finances.

    So we are left with… What? A cipher. Someone who has decided what we may and may not know about him and his foundational beliefs.

    You may be okay with that, but…

    Darn… I’m having a problem with it!


  229. gatodicima…….

    Poll: Voters unconcerned with Romney’s Mormon faith
    A vast majority of voters who know Mitt Romney is a Mormon say they’re comfortable with his faith, but doubts about President Obama’s religion persist.


  230. Martin Luther….WTF……..
    Obama only went to the church for 20 years…..”The title of Obama’s 2006 memoir, The Audacity of Hope, was inspired by one of Wright’s sermons, which was also a theme of Obama’s 2004 keynote address to the Democratic National Convention.”…are you trying to say that Obama slept through 20 years of Wright’s sermons…..I myself actually believe in loving oneself fully with touch and that Obama took the phrase “GOD DAMN AMERICA” to heart….

  231. How did I suddenly become “anonymous”? This is so not what I wish to be!

  232. Hi, Martin Luther, and posters all,

    I wonder if the “elephant in the room” phrase has anything to do with the Grand Old Party… There are so many elephants in that room!
    For some reason, there seems to be an ongoing tacit “understanding” that no one may ever bring up Presumptive Nominee Romney’s religious beliefs as a politically correct topic of discussion – or even of inquiry, for heaven’s sake. Odd, since JFK’s faith was certainly an issue, and the more dramatic statements of the pastor of one of President Obama’s churches has certainly ben an “okay subject” for endless debate and opprobrium.
    I would guess – or, more honestly, hope – that Romney’s faith is very important to him – as are his family and his finances. He seems to work very hard to maintain and protect all of them.
    As you point out, there are many things about the Mormon faith that seem “unusual” to those who are not Mormons. So be it; we strive to be a tolerant and inclusive nation, as we should be.
    HOWEVER… It seems to me that when the Nation is asked to select a President, the Nation has every right to ask that candidate any question it chooses to ask, and not just accept the notion we are entitled only to know what a candidate has decided is suitable for us to know. And the candidate, in my opinion, has an obligation to do his or her best to let the Nation know who he or she is, and what his or her guiding principles are – and, in my opinion, any candidate ought to have the conviction and guts to do that.
    I have been thinking about this issue a good part of the day today, and wondered if I, myself, have the similar guts and conviction to bring up this subject…
    Evidently, I have decided that I do. This should not be a “delicate issue”; this should be the very least of what we have a right to know from anyone who wishes to take the reins of our country.
    Look forward to hearing other thoughts about this.

  233. UAWTRADESMAN, Obama didn’t say he agreed with the guy who said that, Romney does agree that his church, like Islam, wants to take over the world for their god.
    If Romney is elected, will you bow your head when the prayer is said to the “god of this earth (whom the Bible calls Satan)” and the Mormons say they worship?

  234. It’s true, mageen. Yet, people call Paul “serious” and “intellectual”. The guy can’t even out-debate his constituents at a town hall meeting – he has to have elders arrested when they ask questions he can’t answer. Can’t you just imagine him and his running bully in charge of the military? Oh, boy.

  235. One of the saddest things about the GOP VP pick is that both he and Caribou Barbie agree on everything.

    Seriously, if this is the best they can do . . .

  236. don’t you hate those damn right-wing tea baggers on top …….OH WAIT…….

    Cops: LGBT volunteer shoots conservative group’s guard

    AP later confirmed that Corkins is a liberal activist who volunteers with a left-wing group in the D.C. area.



  237. To Evelyn 8-15-12 5:01PM.
    Loved your entry……right on the money.

    Everyone should look at “The Ed Show” which was just on. The two men who created Romneycare and the Affordable Care Act were on and called both Romney/Ryan liars. Obama “stole” nothing and insurance premiums dropped 50% for Romneycare. Guess these two liars look pretty deceitful right now.

    The portion of the show called “Dissecting the details of Romney care” is the
    part you will enjoy listening to.

  238. Hey Martin Luther…….
    I’m just fingering myself about a presidential candidate whose minister says “GOD DAMN AMERICA”

  239. PFesser…I agree……
    “somebody is going to have to be the adult and say, look we can’t pay for all this. Ryan has been willing to do so, and I could cuddle with him for it; integrity is a rare commodity in this Congress.”
    strart spending your money on precious metals……BRASS AND LEAD…..


  240. Ladies, I realize that everyone does not agree with your views of the illustrious candidate running on the Republican ticket, but no one seems to be addressing his religious background and its meaning. Is everyone that brainwashed that they think a Mormon would be a good President. Their first Prophet thought so and he and the brains behind the start of the Mormon Church, Sidney Rigdon (google him if you have never heard of him) ran for President and VP back in the 1800′s. People were a little more aware then and they didn’t get to first base, so they started their own party.

    Also, Romney, although he seems to want to down play it, is Mexican American. His paternal grandparents denounced the US Government and moved to Mexico, where Mitt’s father was born. I don’t see any Mexican American movement behind his candidacy. I think they have had a gut full of Mormons coming down there and taking over large sections of land.

    Also, another question. Mormonism teaches to get to heaven all males must have multiple wives. They get around the pologamy laws by marrying them in a “Temple Ceremony” where they are “sealed for time (now) and eternity (forevermore).” My question is, Will Mitt’s “other wives” be considered “First Ladies” if he is elected?

    It has been told to me, by several prominent Mormons, that there is, in the Washington DC Mormon Temple, an exact replica of the Oval Office of the President of the United States. Joseph Smith, their first prophet, said that the United States Constitution was hanging by a thread” and indicated that when the thread broke, “The Elders of Israel (Mormon Leaders) would step in and Rule with the Priesthood.” Do you think Mitt will address the nation from the Mormon copy Oval Office, if he is elected? SCARY!!! VERY SCARY!!!!!

  241. Hey Gato: I get what you’re saying. Why let others define our actions? We can be the same people we are no matter how others act. I’d like to add that I have the luxury of deciding whether or not I respond to a comment here. I do appreciate the reminder to cultivate mindfulness. OTOH, as Popeye says – I yam who I yam…
    BTW, your last comment on Willard & Paul blew me away – it was great. I so wish I had said that. Keep up the good work.
    Jeb Lewison on Daily Kos had this quote from President Obama speaking in Dubuque, Iowa on his diary dated today:

    “I think they know their plan is not very popular,” the president said. “You can tell that because they’re being pretty dishonest about my plan.”

    “Here’s what you need to know,” the president continued. “I have made reforms that have saved millions of seniors with Medicare hundreds of dollars on their prescription drugs.” Obama was referencing the fact that Obamacare closed the donut hole, which Romney and Ryan would reinstate. “I have proposed reforms that will save Medicare money by getting rid of wasteful spending in the system. Reforms that will not touch your Medicare benefits, not by a dime.”

    The right can spin all they like, but the fact of the matter is President Obama has a great record. True, he did not close Guantanamo – thanks to the obstructionist 112th Congress. He has passed health care reform. He ended the war in Iraq. There have been 20-something straight months of job growth. Corporations are making record profits and the stock market is up what – 5,000 points? I can only imagine what he could accomplish with a Congress that actually works for the welfare of the nation. So get out and vote everyone – Democratic, Republican, Independent. And if you can, help someone else, get an ID, get registered, and/or get to the polls. We’re all in this together.

  242. Sorry Gato, but I disagree. There is no reason for people to validate some nasty posters need for attention. They show absolutely no respect or regard for others and so they shouldn’t expect to be taken seriously.

  243. Gato: you are very wise. I unfortunately was subjected to something like 2 years of Noah’s stupidity. So I won’t give him even that measure of respect. But I will try to ignore him.

  244. Hi, Evelyn… And I’m posting this to basically everyone on this blog. You just happen to be the most recent poster. Hope you don’t mind!
    I do understand, absolutely, your frustration and annoyance with someone who seems to only want to be a pain in the neck.
    But we don’t own this. (Actually, I think Margaret and Helen, and the wonderful grandson own it, if anyone should.)
    I have a brother-in-law in Texas, god bless him, a uber libertarian. He sends me endless stuff, most often things that were originally posted months and/or years ago by whomever, and which have already been discredited by snopes, factcheck, or wherever else. I have realized that I am his “go-to liberal.” I spend a fair amount of time replying to his mass emails, and he never replies. Exactly Non’s complaint – nobody replies.
    I suspect that Non, and UAW, like all the rest of us who do this, just wants to be heard. I can certainly understand that; that’s why I’m here. We’re not likely to change their opinions, just as they are not likely to change ours.
    Maybe the best response would be, “Thanks. I hear what you’re saying. I’m going to check it out.”
    Sticks in the craw, I know. But when things get into a pissing match, we end up with everybody covered in piss…
    Deep breath (I’m doing more than one) and namaste…

    Thunder is rolling around here. Wish it were happening in our national midsection.


  245. Noah, you are being deliberately obtuse (rather than your normal gibbering stupidity). I said–and please write this down if you need to–that I don’t give a rat’s ass what you come on here and say. You could say that 2 times 2 is 4 and my reaction would be “oh, that pathetic buffoon is back.” I don’t respond to the substance of what you say because you aren’t worth any substantive consideration or discussion. You really are the downside of the internet–a dim-witted, ill-mannered, mentally ill failure who gains some sense of legitimacy and worth by posting on blogs. Guess what? It doesn’t change what you are. And what you are is a failure.

  246. Evelyn

    Yes I invented the CBO, I invented their report. I kidnapped Ryan, held all those congressman and Obama at gunpoint to hold a conference so I could make up all this info in the video that I and PF linked. Sorry my dear but you are a loon.

  247. It says that, as usual, he comes onto this blog and spouts some lie. Then when people ignore him, he claims that as some sort of win. When someone notes that, no–it’s that he’s a jerk–he claims that is a reflection on “leftists.” It’s all about making Noah feel like he has a little bit of power or impact in a world that almost certainly disagrees that he does.

  248. Noah has failed to respond to the epic faceplant his medicare lie is. What does that say about him?

  249. And note that I’ve already explained that, because I think you are an odious jackass without an original or worthwhile thought in your head, I don’t care to. Anyone who is so pitiful that they have to keep sneaking onto a blog from which they have been banned is about as worthy of engagement as a garden slug. You could come here and discuss anything–virtually anything, regardless of whether it had to do with politics or flavors of ice cream–and I would choose to merely point out that someone who wastes air and food has returned. I doubt that you do have a family, but if you do, you must thoroughly bore them as well.

  250. Evelyn
    Leftist manifesto states that if you have no ground to stand on and you are getting your intellectual tail end handed to you, attack the person. You do your party proud. Noted that you still have avoided commenting at all on facts presented, even by unbiased sources.

  251. Oh–and who can forget: if you don’t respond to this childish parrot, it reflects on your “character.” Noah: I think that most sociopaths are more admirable than you are. You are nothing but a miserable sad sack who trolls the internet looking for attention. You have never once indicated anything worthwhile or admirable about yourself.

  252. oh, yes–now Noah the Odious starts in again. He claims to speak for what “everybody who reads this blog knows,” even if he’s probably the most universally disdained person who has ever appeared here (judging by people’s reactions). And, of course, he repeats his worn out “Messiah” b.s. Noah–have you ever had an original thought in your whole sad life? You really are a pathetic POS.

  253. Sure hope you aren’t allergic to irony, Noah.

  254. yes, the CBO is well known for being a propaganda machine. You are all welcome to bury you heads in the sand as you blindly worship your Messiah. What it tells everyone who reads this blog is you cannot refute the facts and that only works to our advantage as you have no argument to support your position. Giving excuses why you cannot just reflects on your character, not if you are right or wrong.

  255. That is correct, “Non”; you are the only one who notices.

  256. Jeez anonymous, give it up! Nobody is going to read the propaganda you link to. Most of us can figure this stuff out on our own without the help of the opinion section of the Wall Street Journal (a right-wing Murdock rag.) Maybe you should give it a try. Indpendent thought can be a lot of fun.

  257. This should dispel most of the lies.


  258. I’d personally like to thank Mittens for putting a face on “The Ryan Plan” by putting it’s author on the GOP ticket. Damn brilliant. Two villians, on one ticket, running the same scam.

  259. For all you Paul Ryan lovers out there who claim he is a deficit hawk, how do you explain the fact that he voted FOR all the spending that created the GOP’s mess in the first place. It seems he only saw the light when the Dems took over the congress and Obama was elected. I for one have not forgotten who got us into this mess, and all tax cuts in the world won’t get us out. He is one more rich guy who is looking out for the wealthy, and he doesn’t mind screwing the middle class. If I hear one more Republican call him bold, I’m going to lose my lunch. All of his policies are old ones that have been tried. They don’t work!

  260. Medicare cuts were not from the care budget, and are the same cuts as in the Ryan budget.


  261. Evelyn

    Yet no one commented on PF’s post…me thinks you lie.

  262. Not a question of intellect or lack thereof, Noah. I think it’s that virtually everyone here believes you aren’t worth engaging–on any point. Hence, the yawns. Reflection on you and nothing other than the disdain with which people here hold you.

  263. I posted that video a few days ago PF. The total of responses were two people saying “Yawn.” Pretty intellectual group we have here.

  264. Anonymous “chicken” on 8-15-12, 10:22AM. You are a damned liar. Try telling the truth once, it won’t hurt too much.

  265. Am I the only one that notices whenever someone makes a point that puts this communist grouping in their place, that they all chime in thanking the guys penning this blog for the blog rather than respond?

  266. Isn’t it interesting its the Republicans who are saving Medicare from Obama’s $716 Billion evisceration?

  267. Two two-faced candidates, huh? They can see you coming from any direction and I’ll bet they will still only see half of what’s there.

  268. You tell him ladies. I can’t wait for these blogs to come out. I enjoy everyone of them.

  269. Helen, I really admire your ability to voice your concerns and commentary. It’s always a pleasure to catch up on your blog. I’m not politically savvy or up on the latest news, but I have to say that Romney and Ryan scare the hell out of me. I believe that the president truly cares about this country, men and women, but I don’t get that feeling from the other side. I can’t believe that in 2012 I am worried about what will happen to women’s rights! That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Romney & Ryan make no apologies that they support the big companies and the rich – that leaves little hope for the middle and lower classes which make up the majority of this country.

  270. I think this video very neatly sums up this administration’s duplicity and dishonsty – not that they have any monopoly, mind you.

    Unfortunately for the socialists, at the end of the day the numbers have to add up. Nobody wants to deny anybody anything, but you cannot repeal the fundamental laws of nature – in the end, EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PAID FOR. Just saying “we can’t cut THAT!”, hiding expenditures, overstating income, and hoping it all works out – which is what the Dems AND ReBiblicans have been doing – is not a plan.

    At some point, somebody is going to have to be the adult and say, look we can’t pay for all this. Ryan has been willing to do so, and I commend him for it; integrity is a rare commodity in this Congress.

    The chickens WILL come home to roost; how severe the consequences are depends entirely on what we do ahead of time. If we don’t address our Congress’ fiscal irresponsibility – and do it NOW – we are going to have a disaster on our hands that makes the Great Depression look like a weekend lark.

    As Ned Stark might say, WINTER IS COMING. And M, H – it is YOU, the elderly, who will suffer when the medical rationing begins and there is no money to treat old folks. I had a long discussion with a British doctor ex-pat last week. That is what you face with Obamacare; think very carefully whether that is what you want. I mean it. Really.

  271. Am I the only one who noticed that even Romney himself is uncomfortable with Ryan’s extremism? When challenged about how Ryan would deal with economic policy – about Ryan’s extremist position – Romney gets defensive:

    “I have my budget plan,” he said. “And that’s the budget plan we’re going to run on.”

    The problem, as many analysts have noted, is that Romney has not articulated a budget plan. For someone who hides his tax returns and fails to pay attention when his own company acts unethically, his continual dodging the question is more than a little unsettling. I find myself with vertiginous nausea when I attempt to evaluate what the economy might be like if Rommney – God forbid – gets elected.

    I have a difficult time believing that he has a plan, except to leave us to the dogs of corporate america.

    Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/wires/ap/news/nation/elections/presidential/20120812_ap_romneyseeksdistancefromryansbudgetplans.html#ixzz23b67IZg6
    Watch sports videos you won’t find anywhere else

  272. U – still won’t click on your links. Make your case yourself.

  273. @ gatodicima
    Take back our country – to 1850’s?? Roughly speaking: Every man for himself, no social safety nets to help him. No public education; put those darlins to work. Small government; no EPA, FDA, IRS etc.; no rules or regulations to interfer with a profit. No unions to protect workers; those people not owned outright owed their souls to the company store; pay and hours were determined by the employer. No birth control or abortions (well at least not talked about). Women were the property of their husband or father; women could not vote, children belonged to the father; a man could use or abuse his family as he saw fit…… you get the idea.

    The perfect world for the rich white male……well until that large educated middle class came along and thought they should have a share and benefit from the wealth this country produced.

    I think that is what she is talking about!!!


  274. Margaret and Helen…thank you for a bright spot in my day! Keep up the great work. I love reading your posts.

  275. Helen and Margaret, brilliant as always but perhaps even more so this time.

  276. A Horse of a Different Color:

    Shakespeare used the phrase, as he oftentimes did, as a play on words which indicates that the phrase a “horse of a different color” most likely existed prior to the “horse of that color.”

    This makes sense since knights in medieval tournaments rode different-colored horses in races so that spectators could tell which knight was their knight. We know from historical documents that gambling was a favourite pastime in Medieval times and so it is not unreasonable to believe that those who lost bets in tournaments would be told of their loss with news that a “horse of a different color” was victorious.

    God Bless both of your fine, upstanding ladies. and I really mean that.

    In 83 days, we will hold our Presidential Election along with a few Congress-members and Representatives for the House. I am already tired of the Negative Campaign Messages. This is why I turn to Fact Check for the truth, and to you two, fine upstanding examples of what I want to be when I grow old. (I refuse to grow up.)

    Thank you for speaking your minds. I feel sorry for those who can not see past their political rhetoric to enjoy what you write.

  277. Another good post by Margaret and Helen! My comment has nothing to do with our President’s policies or party, but I’d like to respectfully ask: Why is Obama (almost) always referred to as a “black man” or “our first black President”? Obama is a bi-racial man, not a black man. He’s our “first bi-racial President”. If someone is going to refer to him as black, why not refer to him as white? After all, he’s 50% of EACH race, no? He’s 100% American, so we need to move past the race labels.

  278. actually Iris……. I was thinking about the Separation of Church and State and liberals demanding they stay separate and then Nancy wanting priests to speak from the pulpit…..

    and now Nancy is having conversations with dead people…..

  279. Hi, Pam… Interesting thought, indeed. We might all need to take a deep breath here. I myself find it all so bizarre that I hardly know what to do…

    For disclosure purposes, I live with, am married to, love deeply, and sleep with, a dedicated Republican. Makes for some interesting conversations around here, and a few heated arguments. I can assure you all that while he’s in the front room watching Fox, I’m in my room out back sending money to moveon.org.

    One other thought I had today: Evidently Janna Ryan, in her first “stump speech” of this campaign, said, as the GOP are all endlessly saying, “We’re going to take our country back.” I wondered, “Back from whom? From the majority who elected President Obama last time around?”
    And, should “they” manage to get our country “back” from the pesky majority, what happens next? Not too many ideas put forth about that, far as I’ve seen.

    Let’s just focus on this: Who are the “we” they’re talking about? And from whom do they intend to take this country?

    I think they might be wanting to take it from me.


  280. way to go Obummer……

    Beer stand owner: Obama visit cost me $25,000


  281. This is my Watergate era, Woodward & Bernstein, 1984 paranoid mind at work, but I can’t help but think the Republicans are throwing the election on purpose so they can have 4 more years of fun.

    Just a thought.

  282. Another winner M&H. Keep ‘em comin’.

    As for Paul Ryan’s love for Ayn Rand and his obsession with Atlas Shrugged, follow this link for quotes and the actual audio recording from The Atlas Society.

    But this is all you really need to know about the philosophy:

    ‘There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.’

    PEACE ~ Δ

  283. Well, Ladies, I’m delighted to hear from you both again, and other posters, as well – and I especially love your headline here!
    I’m going to leave my personal opinions out of this one as much as I can; anyone who’s been following along can probably guess what they are, anyway.
    Ryan seems a to be a kindred spirit with the Republican Presumptive Candidate: Another individual who seems likely to tell us pretty much only what he (and the bundlers) decide we “should” know, and whose mixed bag of positions and votes is as confusing as the Presumptive’s.
    At a minimum, I think Ryan is going to be a hard sell to the country at large. Here’s someone whose family money came from a grandfather who evidently worked, and did very well, for sixty years on government-subsidized projects (paving interstate highways); who was able to attend college thanks to Social Security benefits; who lives in a home partially supported by more government funds as part of the National HIstoric registry; and who has basically been a politician his entire adult life, except for a brief stint at a fast food emporium. His wife’s family has been, and still is, involved in politics. And, as a Catholic, Ryan will have to reckon with the fact that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops – among others – has condemned his budget as an “immoral document” that would cause unconscionable harm to the poor and marginalized.
    Debate about his budget will undoubtedly continue, with some saying it is “brilliant” and “tough minded”, and others saying it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.
    Whatever people are saying about the Ryan budget, Romney will likely very soon find himself in the interesting position of having to say something like, “I picked Paul Ryan because of his financial courage and ideological wisdom as one of the great thinkers of the conservative right – but I’m not going to let either of those things influence me because, if I do, I can’t possibly be elected.”

    But, now that I think of it, that sounds like quite a lot of what we hear from Romney, on a regular basis, doesn’t it…?

  284. Bravo!

  285. crackerboy44

    Because there is only 1 kind of health care reform yes?

  286. Hey, UA, that’s your argument? ROTFLMAO. Pelosi carried five pregnancies to term – what is it Paul has done? Oh yeah, driven the Weinermobile. How apropos.

  287. a question for Irus….
    Is Nancy Pelosi also a cafeteria Catholic ?????

  288. Hey Helen…Try to blame this on Romney…..

    The NOAA Is Shopping For 46,000 Rounds Of Ammunition

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-national-weather-service-is-shopping-for-46000-rounds-of-ammunition-2012-8#ixzz23XeUbn99

  289. Gov. Romney used to love government-controlled healthcare, because he needed to. Now he hates it — because he needs to. That tells me all I need to know about him: He can be bought.

  290. GOP ticket – two greedy white guys who got theirs and screw everyone else. Why am I not surprised. Willard can’t even manage to pay the full 10% tithing to his church. Paul is a cafeteria Catholic who chooses to believe only that which will never affect him personally.

    Thank you, Margaret & Helen, for another great post.

    Hey Cynthia – you may like what’s-his-name – but I seriously question your defense of him. Longevity does not give one a free pass to act like an asshat. Style, wit, an ability to poke fun at oneself, perhaps. But, personal attacks because that’s all one can come up with to debate the other person’s opinions? Not acceptable.

  291. and now we have Obamalogna……..

    Clinton White House chief of staff Erskine Bowles:
    “He is honest, he is straightforward, he is sincere. ”


  292. [...] Helen Philpot assesses the Republican veepstakes: And speaking of a horse’s ass, Romney picked a Vice-Presidential nominee. They say Romney needed t… [...]

  293. I wondered what Ryan was going to do about his problem with worshipping Ayn Rand. I read her books too, when I was in high school and enjoyed them at the time. But by the time I finished college, I realized that there was nothing that she wrote that I embraced. It has taken him way to long to figure it out and I, for one, don’t believe that he really doesn’t still think that way.

    So now we have the republican ticket with Romney who doesn’t know what he believes and doesn’t seem to care that he doesn’t know, and Ryan who will stick to his beliefs even if it hurts millions of people. For him, the almighty dollar is the only thing that matters and he has his already so it doesn’t matter that others are struggling to survive.

    I don’t have any respect for either one and will never vote for them. My hope is that when they lose, we will have heard the last of Romney running for anything and that Ryan will also lose his house race in Wisconsin. Then he can go back home and fade away like someone else who lost and is now fading away in Alaska (finally).

    Thanks, ladies, for a another great post. You make my day. :-D

  294. I can’t think of the expression right now, but what I am trying to say is that you can’t throw Romney very far. He’s too rooted to his principles and an unwavering commitment to his beliefs.

    I can understand your confusion. We call that integrity where I come from, something you would have no appreciation for. Certainly not something your Messiah has any use for. As proved by

    I guess his convictions to his belief system only go so far considering 62% of the cuts in his budget plan are for programs for the poor.

    I guess it takes a 100 or so years to get this dishonest. IF, that percent is accurate, and I suspect something close is, it is because Medicaid/Medicare are the largest spending issues we have in our government by far, there is no close second place with over $38 trillion in unfunded obligations. So of course a huge chuck of his budget involves those programs. Lets not forget his budget was co-authored by a Liberal senator and received more than 200 affirmed votes from both sides of the isle. How many times did Obama’s budget get ZERO votes? How many budgets have been passed since your Messiah came into office? ZERO.

    Lets not forget that Messiah-care cuts $710 BILLION from Medicare. Lets not forget that Obama’s budget predicts that should it have been passed, would give us a $26 Trillion Dollar Deficit by 2025.

  295. I am a woman under the age of 39 (just turned 37 actually) and I am trusting your advice: don’t vote for a horse’s ass! It is easy to trust you, actually, because you seem to have the very same thoughts as me. It is refreshing to hear from a woman who actually lived during these romanticized times of the 50s and 60s – those times the Ryans and Limbaughs of the world claim were the best years of America. You know the truth that these men would prefer not to even consider: these were times of greatness for upper middle class white MEN. Well, the rest of us…we kindda had a different experience, didn’t we?

  296. Have you looked at pictures of Obama and Romney lately? Romney is darker. I think he’s trying to literally color himself to appeal to voters of color. Put Ryan next to him as a white guy and Ryan looks like Dracula (or Eddie Munster).

  297. Oh Helen how I enjoy your blog with my morning coffee……I have to say these two “frick and frack” frighten me. The way they spin and distort their policies and budgets, their lies are disgusting. They in no way care for the poor, middle class, women, seniors, these people are just numbers to them. People will see through these two I’m sure. So enjoy your blog girls…..:-)Hugs

  298. Ellie, I’ve been 28 for 45 years! Helen and Margaret, we could be sisters. Keep it coming…..we all love you!

  299. Dead on as usual!! Love you both.

  300. Ryan repudiated Ayn Rand? Maybe that’s why Mitt likes him- his convenient flexibility.

    When I see these two guys together I keep wanting to look over their shoulders for the used cars they’re peddling.

  301. Helen, always right on the money. I have one teeny tiny disagreement, though. I don’t see Mittens as a man of many colors; the only one I see is yellow, as in coward. It makes Ryan the perfect running mate, being the bully he is. Bullies and cowards are two sides of the same coin, or cut from the same cloth (of one color).

  302. Ryan has indeed now turned to Aquinas. That doesn’t erase the past. Aquinas would not recognize him.

  303. Helen and Margaret, you rock for telling it like it is! If any female votes R&R, they need to have a lobotomy as it seems it would make little, if any, difference since they apparently have no brains. I can’t wait to see how many seniors vote for R&R because if they do vote that ticket, they apparently don’t need nor want Medicare or Social Security and certainly could care less as Medicaid would be decimated.

    The nightmare of an R&R win is so frightening [and could happen so easily due to our uneducated and ignorant electorate] that I will make definitive and immediate plans to leave this country and move to Canada. I’m very afraid for the future. Thank you for keeping us so well informed.

  304. Ryan has repudiated Ayn Rand. It’s hard to appeal to the Christian right when your hero is an atheist. He’s more an Aquinas man now.


  305. Calling Ryan a “horse’s ass” is charitable. He is the embodiment of evil in his attitudes toward women, poor people, gays, etc.

  306. Don’t laugh at me; you make me happy. At least I know I’m not the only person who says such things, though I must say, you say them a lot funnier.

  307. Thank you, Margaret & Helen! Love your blog!

  308. Helen, Once again, I want to be you when I grow up, which, of course, will never happen. (I mean the me growing up part.) The one thing I can say about this ticket is, it makes clear what the Republicans stand for: the rich – and what they don’t stand for: everyone else. How anyone can walk into the booth in November and pull the RR (Rolls Royce, I mean Romney/Ryan) lever is well beyond my comprehension. The two of them together make a horse’s ass look like the most beautiful creation on Earth.

  309. Witty, sharp, articulate, inspiring! And you two are a hoot besides!

  310. Couldn’t agree more. Any woman who votes for those two is taking a 39 year step backwards into alleyways and second class citizenship.

  311. I thought Ryan was a Libertarian? Am I wrong.

  312. Couldn’t agree more. Try of think of another candidate who proudly proclaims his Roman Catholicism, and yet has both bishops and nuns condeming his policies, with the nuns going even so far as mounting a bus tour. It says a lot. I think to know Paul Ryan and his policies, is not to love him.

  313. Ladies, I don’t know about horses. I do know a little about wine and how it gets better with age. You two, over 39 years of age, get so much better with each passing day that I really look forward to the future and your writings. I also don’t know about Mormonism. I do know a lot about Catholicism having been a Catholic more than 39 years. Paul Ryan is a disciple of Ann Rand 100% and of Jesus’ commandment to “love your brother” about 40%. That is a high enough percentage for Mitt since he just wants to be in the 0% bracket!.
    Please, keep writing so that all of us can continue to get better.

  314. Helen,
    Another great post. I am used to politicians flip flopping, but Romney is ridiculous. I like to say Romney wants to be our hypocrite and liar in chief. I love your line about not being able to throw him very far. I’ll have to remember that one. I hope you don’t mind if I use it!

  315. You two are an absolute HOOT and a Half!!!!!!!!!!

  316. I’m not sure why Ryan would follow anything the RCC said. As far as I can tell, he worships at the altar of Ayn Rand. Thanks for your blog. I’ve been 37 for 28 years.

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