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Posted by: Helen Philpot | August 2, 2012

I morally object to being morally objectionable to Republicans.


Margaret, my late husband Harold was a sports fan but he hated the Olympics. He said if your score included style points then it wasn’t a sport, it was a show.  He still watched the Olympics though. I guess there was just enough sport in between the show to keep him interested. But when it came to gymnastics and figure skating he turned the channel. He used to say, “If you want to make it a sport put all the skaters  or gymnasts on the floor and tell them to do flips. No scores. No judges. Last one standing wins.”   I, however, love the Olympics.  I think those Brits probably would like a few more medals, but they do put on a good show… even if the Queen couldn’t be bothered to pay attention.   Funny how we went from Obama and Romney all the time to suddenly two weeks of Michael Phelps all the time.  It’s been a nice break.

But while the Olympics will be over in a week, the Republican war on women rages on.  The Affordable Care Act is finally making birth control, paps smears, breast exams and even breast-feeding supplies at least as affordable as Viagra.  But Republicans were already putting forth bills to reverse that action.  While the rest of us were watching the American women’s gymnastics team win gold,  Denny Rehberg,  a Republican Congressman from Montana,  released a labor, health and education spending bill  that would defund Planned Parenthood, block the implementation of the Affordable Care Act,  and allow any employer to deny women birth control coverage for “moral reasons”.  It would also increase spending for abstinence-only education.   And then there is Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt who has a  bill to allow insurance plans to opt out of the requirement on contraception coverage if they have moral objections.

An insurance plan can have moral objections?  So corporations can vote and insurance plans can find me morally objectionable.  What’s next?  Fast food companies can make kids gay?  No wait.  I’m getting confused.  I’m old.  It happens.

Yes.  Not having sex is an alternative to taking birth control pills.  But then again not eating fatty foods is an alternative to open heart surgery.  Anyone have a moral objection to insurance companies covering Cheney’s bypass… es… what’s the plural for bypass?

You know what?  I have a moral objection.   I object to the Republican party deciding that a separation of church and state doesn’t apply to their churches.  Last time I checked, my church didn’t have a problem with birth control and wasn’t trying to force anyone to use it or not use it. If Blunt and Rehberg object to birth control they can certainly start abstaining anytime they wish.  Something tells me their wives already have. I have yet to see any law passed by Democrats that forces Blunt and Rehberg to eat cottage cheese.

Maybe it’s just me, Margaret, but I smell a rat.  In the name of God, love of country and apple pie, the Republican Party’s biggest criticism is that  President Obama is making healthcare affordable.  They can’t even call it The Affordable Care Act.  They have to call it Obamacare.   What does Obamacare even mean?   Sure sounds like “I hate poor people” to me.  But I don’t always hear well at my age.  Maybe it just means “I don’t like a black man as President.”  Because I can’t for the life of me understand how else you explain their constant whining about taking care of the old and the poor.  I thought that doing otherwise was the morally objectionable thing.

Oh well.  Back to the Olympics.  Maybe the gymnasts from Great Brittain can get that Queen of theirs to crack a smile.  She’s beginning to remind me a little of Dick Cheney.  I mean it. Really.


I don’t understand it either, dear.  The idea of politics not getting into bed with religion is a pretty simple one.  But lately religion and politics aren’t comfortable with anybody getting into bed with anyone.  Even Howard and I eventually gave up our twin beds.  Now about the Olympics, I am afraid I can’t help you there.  Howard and I don’t watch them either.

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  5. I covered this too and I am not sure he is ready to be caelld the front runner this far out. But, he certainly is making a mad dash. The question is can he sustain the pace? All I have to say is remember the Republican and GOP primary seasons in the 2007-08. We had two expected front runners who got sent home and ended up with two unexpected long shots in the general.

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  7. Good one Annoy-nymous. I suggest next time you might wanna contribute with an original thought, you MegaDittoIdiot.

    But that might be expecting to much. I suspect you and your ilk couldn’t find your a$$h*le with both hands and a funnel. ;)

    PEACE ~ Δ

  8. LMAO!!! that shut everyone up!!

  9. A new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report says that under the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, 30 million non-elderly Americans will remain without health insurance in 2022.

    One of the main arguments the Obama administration made for passing the Affordable Care Act was that it would provide coverage for the uninsured.

    Currently, accoriding to CBO, there are 53 million uninsured persons in the United States, including uninsured illegal aliens. The CBO estimates that in 2022–8 years after the Affordable Care Act has been fully implemented–30 million people will remain uninsured.

    Moreover, under Obamacare, 8 percent of legal U.S. residents will remain without health insurance in 2022, according to CBO.

  10. Report Reveals IRS Failing to Detect or Prevent Fraudulent Tax Returns


  11. “The great irony is that the candidate most likely to raise taxes on the middle class is Mr. Obama.”


  12. Maybe everyone who dislikes the tax laws should contact Rep Charles Rangel…….Oh wait…..he’s not the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee anymore……????????Oh ya…cheating on taxes……ethics violations……..

  13. Here’s all everyone needs to know about Romney’s taxes……..if he did nothing wrong what’s the problem……….complain about the law(the same law used by Nancy Pelosi,Harry Reid, Hillary and Bill Clinton,and George Soros) not about following it………..

  14. Here’s all everyone needs to know about Obama’s grades: They were good enough to get him into Columbia and Harvard, and they were good enough to get him elected as President of the Harvard Law Review. It’s fine if you don’t agree with his policies, but why question his obvious intelligence?
    For fun, here’s something Romney DID release, his freshman report card. Not very impressive.


  15. I just signed up. Way to go Helen! Hear, hear, Margaret! I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Comments, however, see to be more about “heat than light.” Think I’ll skip them in the future. Here’s hoping I have as much gumption in a couple of decades. And smarts. Thanks again!

  16. got that Cynthia…no more wee-wee jokes

  17. Dear Helen and Margaret Fans:
    Somehow we seem to have wandered far afield from Our Ladies’ actual post, and have gotten all tied up in Romney’s tax returns and, frankly, spending a lot of time arguing back and forth with one blogger who is just not going to stop commenting, or change his or her opinion, no matter what anyone else says.
    I must suggest that – at some point – engaging in this kind of thing becomes a waste of our valuable spirit and energy – I am totally culpable here, myself – and I have reached that point.
    No one enjoys a witty riposte back and forth more than I do – so long as it is intelligent and free of vulgarities and redundant irrelevancies. And there have been many wise and thoughtful comments here. Let’s stick with those, and try to avoid falling down into the outhouse hole with anyone who would like us to join him or here there…

  18. Not to change the subject but how about a YEAH for Kim Rhode’s gold medal in woman’s skeet shooting…..how about a YEAH for Jamie Lynn Gray for winning a gold in the women’s 50-meter three-position rifle…..My contributions got to USASHOOTING…..




  19. Yeah
    With a big”ol hunk of dumb ass

  20. Geez….I don’t know what Obama’s college records will reveal…….Just like to see them…..and have the media look at them…..kinda what everyone else wants with Romney’s taxes…tit-for-tat……I myself would like to see Obama’s tax records from the time he was a community organizer…..BFD thinks that it won’t show anything…OK….. SHOW IT…..SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT…..OOPS Potty mouth again……

  21. Anyone who would suggest that others “zip it,” simply because their conversation is displeasing to him is a sadly limited person. And anyhone who refers to the President as “Messiah” or “God” is an immature asswipe. Many people, including myself, believe that Romney’s refusal to allow objective testing of his many claimed qualifications (Bain and the duration and nature of his ties there after 1999, the Olympics) is inexcusable in light of the many inconsistencies in his public statements.

  22. Thank you Helen for another fabulous post. I have to wonder how any woman could vote Republican when it is the party who doesnt give a flying rat’s behind about them. Must be a patriachal thing.

    I put my money where my words are, I $upport this blog. I hope all of you who use it to spew your shpeal, be it left or right or center-ish…put your money behind your words as well.

    Missourians Pass ‘Right to Pray’ Amendment, hmm…I wonder if those who pray to the devil have the same rights?

    I wonder if this will just be another excuse to skip science, history…classes? Just what we need, more ignorant Americans running the country.

    BTW, would be nice to get real religious instructions as in ALL RELIGIONS so above mentioned Americans wouldnt be so afraid of those who do not practice same religion as theirs.

    Have a nice day folks!

  23. Heres the Deal. Romney has released all the tax records he is required to do by law. If you Messiah worshipers want more, then have your God release his optional records. Otherwise zip it.

  24. BFD, I think uaw is looking for a listing of grad school classes, anything such as labor economics, that sort of thing which to the minds of some people would prove to be grounds for impeachment. My grad school records would reveal only that I attended a school somewhere, took a certain number of hours, that kind of thing. They would not contain anything such as the honors society I was voted into, etc. Any kind of school records would leave my eyes glazed over. They would be waste of time reading.

  25. UAW:

    What exactly do you expect academic records to show? My undergraduate records were middling to moderately high, just enough to get into a top tier graduate school. But they say nothing about holding down a full time job and commuting 65 RT miles every day to get to class. So they are modest, at best.

    My graduate course records are similar to my UG grades but since I was required to take a large number of courses for which I didn’t have undergrad prerequisites, they show the same range of grades. But there were no failures.
    Nevertheless, I fail to see how they might be relevant if I were seeking a political office. Also, they were not a barrier to getting my first college teaching position.

    My thesis committee in grad school was satisfied enough approve me for my graduate theses but that approval only shows as “Satisfactory” with the only alternative being “Unsatisfactory.

    I realize this may be over your head given that you probably spent most of your life as a production line robot, but that’s the way it is sometimes Growing up in America.

  26. here’s the deal…what could Obama be hiding in his college records???????no precedent yet but there’s always a first time………just like tax records……..
    some people forget about the stink about George W belonging to the Skull and Bones until it was pointed out that Kerry was also a member……..inquiring minds want to know…..

  27. Here’s the deal. What could Romney be hiding in his tax records that have routinely been released by presidential candidates for decades?

    Maybe the only thing he’s hiding is that he gets massive tax breaks and intends to push for even more of them, while raising taxes on the middle class. That’s probably the least rotten thing he could be hiding.

  28. No, HERE’S the deal. Obama’s records are not sealed and millions have not been spent in attorney fees to do so. You have been manipulated.


  29. Here is the deal, why seal the college records in the first place. Why spend millions in attorney fees making sure these documents stay hidden? What could possibly be in those records from 29 years ago that would matter to go through all this effort?

  30. OK Terri…cheating was the wrong word……. impropriety then………Damn…..Romney’s in trouble for obeying the law…..
    haven’t noticed you chastise Cynthia about the”worn out wee-wee” comment…..or did you think that was funny?????

  31. There is no precedent to release college records. How does it have any bearing on Romney’s refusal to release his tax records, for which there is a precedent? A precedent that his own father firmly believed in, who said ““One year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show.”

  32. UAW For the record, Harry Reid did not say Romney “cheated” on his taxes, he said he didn’t pay any. Nobody knows the facts, because Romney won’t release his returns. If you’re happy with that, good for you.
    And please spare us the Viagra comments. They’re gross and inappropriate.

  33. W – WAY
    T – TO
    G – GO

  34. Hi everybody.

    Have you seen the news?

    Some people say:

    Mitt Rmoney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years!

    It must be true, they said it on Fox News.

    Some other people say he hasn’t stopped beating his wife. I don’t believe that…though…he hasn’t denied it either…so maybe I’m not so sure. ;)

    It would be irresponsible not to speculate.

    PEACE ~ Δ

  35. Just when you thought you heard it all about Obama…..

    Emails obtained by The Daily Caller show that the U.S. Treasury Department, led by Timothy Geithner, was the driving force behind terminating the pensions of 20,000 salaried retirees at the Delphi auto parts manufacturing company.

    The move, made in 2009 while the Obama administration implemented its auto bailout plan, appears to have been made solely because those retirees were not members of labor unions.

    The internal government emails contradict sworn testimony, in federal court and before Congress, given by several Obama administration figures. They also indicate that the administration misled lawmakers and the courts about the sequence of events surrounding the termination of those non-union pensions, and that administration figures violated federal law.

  36. Cynthia….you seem to forget that sticks and stones will break my bones but whips and chains excite me…..

  37. good one Cynthia………and I don’t know what I’ll find in Obama’s records…….why do you want to see Romney’s tax returns???????Is it required to become president?
    as far as Viagra….it’s the best recreational drug made……pound nails with it again…….

  38. Geez gatodicima……
    you seem to forget that we all fill out our taxes with the same laws……Harry Reid apparently has accused Romney of cheating on his taxes……what’s the problem if he took all of his legal deductions……do you take your deductions when you file your taxes???????your problem seems to be that Romney uses the same section of the tax law as George Soros ,Warren Buffet,Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi.


    and I still don’t know about Obama’s college records after 4 years….maybe Mitt should wait 4 years…..Maybe Obama should put up or shut up……

  39. Oh, good, uaw… I’m so glad you’ve expressed nearly total agreement with me here. You’ve reiterated my main point, also in nice big capital letters; thanks so much. And my point that we all use the same tax system… Dems, Republicans, Tea Partiers, Independents; those firm Ron Paul supporters (bless their hearts), and whoever else. Excellent! Just what I was saying.

    As for whether or not Romney has filled out his tax forms “legal like”… Gosh! I haven’t seen more than one of them, so I can’t really say. You apparently have some information the rest of us don’t have, and, if so, it would be great if you could share your sources for that information with the rest of us. It would mean a lot to the Nation. That’s what so many people seem to want to know. Don’t hold back!

    As for all the other people you mentioned, if and when any of them decides to run for President, and especially if they decide to run for President on the basis of their business and financial acumen, I can assure you that I’ll be hounding any and all of them to show us their tax returns, too.

    Tell you what: Let’s both of us ask to see more of Romney’s returns first (since he actually IS about to run for President, far as we know), and then he can ask for yours and mine, and anyone else’s he thinks we all should see. And then we’ll all have to put up or shut up, right? Seems fair, doesn’t it?

    UAW: You got any problems with this?

    (Margaret and Helen, Great Ladies that you are… And one of your grandsons, too, who helps you keep this all going… How much can we thank you for this forum? NEVER ENOUGH! When can we all take a cruise together? NOT KIDDING! You could do a “Margaret and Helen Cruise”, and it would be sold out in a week. I can’t imagine anything more delightful and inspiring. We could have great political conversations AND do the napkin folding thing. That’s always lots of fun. I can no longer stay up late enough to attend the obligatory midnight dessert buffets, with the ice sculptures of swans, frogs, and mermaids, but my Mom, in her eighties, always could, and I always took her. But I’ll bet, these days, someone could bring all those sweets to our rooms, and turn down our blankies and sheets at the same time… And fold our towels into cute animal shapes. Nice, huh?)


  40. yes Sophia,,,I have a potty mouth
    having been raised on a farm I also know what bullshit is……..
    my 88 yr old mother also knows what bullshit is…….
    what’s worse…a potty mouth or lying????????
    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a liar, according to the fact-checking outlet PolitiFact.


  41. uaw – what do you think you will learn by seeing Obama’s college transcripts? Who are the other presidents who released their records? Is it required to become president?

    I guess your daddy didn’t tell you those thingys only work a certain number of times before they wear out and fail. You would not be in need of Viagra if you had practiced more abstinence along the way, eh?


  42. Cynthia….send me the link to find Obama’s college records…I can’t find then on google……I never said he sealed his records ….I want to know why he won’t release them…..


    as far as Viagra and lobbyist …why…its not a constitutional right….

  43. no gatodicima
    The point is not that Romney may have used any different loopholes than anyone else. The POINT IS THAT THE RICHER YOU ARE, THE MORE YOU BENEFIT FROM THOSE LOOPHOLES…..the point is actually that he used the same laws that the Dems use ……….and filled his taxes out legal like……not like Geithner,Daschle, and Warren Buffet…..
    the point is also why can’t we get Harry Reid’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, and Debbie Wasserman Schulz’s taxes when they demand to see Romney’s…….sure I’d like to see Romney’s but I want to see the other’s also…along with Debbie Stabenows’ and Carl Levin’s…..

  44. uaw – obviously you and I have different information and understanding which is why you did not answer my questions. I would like to understand the whys but I will drop it.

    Uou might find this interesting:


    As for the free Viagra I would suggest you find a lobbyist and push for it.


  45. Hi, Shawn,

    What does “WTG” mean? (Kind of new to posting, and the language, here…)


  47. wtg and well said

  48. What color is the sun in your world?
    Does your mom know you have a potty mouth?!

  49. The point is not that Romney may have used any different loopholes than anyone else. The POINT IS THAT THE RICHER YOU ARE, THE MORE YOU BENEFIT FROM THOSE LOOPHOLES. That’s the way the system currently functions, and the more the hyper-wealthy get their hands on the reins, the more it will continue to go in that direction.

    It’s really that simple.

    I do not begrudge the hyper-wealthy their money, whether they earned it themselves, or got it handed to them by their parents. They can buy all the ponies and airplanes and casinos and whatever they want. I DO object to their using tons of that money to buy legislators of any Party who promise to continue to modify the system to benefit themselves and only themselves.

    And you can dial down the scatological rhetoric; I get it that you have an opinion. And maybe check your spelling… (I assume you are referring to Hugo Chavez, not Hugo Chevas. Chevas is the misspelled nickname of a very nice Scotch: Chavez is the President of Venezuela.)

  50. OK Cynthia….
    1) Outlaw abortion…….ever hear of Roe vs Wade
    2) Severly restrict access or outlaw birth control…..that would be free birth control(where’s my free Viagra)(where’s my free band aids)
    3) Teach abstinence-only sex education, which Republicans KNOW doesn’t work….. abstinence does work, I can think of only one immaculate conception…
    4) Eliminate all access to assistance for women and children in poverty…..WTF….or are you talking a few restrictions like taking a drug test or being a US citizen or eliminating fraud…..”Food subsidies will cost taxpayers $79 billion in fiscal 2009 and account for about two-thirds of USDA’s budget. The largest food subsidy programs are food stamps; the school breakfast and lunch programs; and the women, infants, and children (WIC) program. The federal government as a whole has about 26 food and nutrition programs operated by six different agencies.”

  51. Hey Sophia….
    just wondering what tax laws Romney used that Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and George Soros didn’t?????? are the people here advocating that the tax laws be changed for Republicans but not Democrats….
    I can see it now…if you voted Dem your tax is 1% if you voted Rep. your tax is !00%………..
    I’m calling bullshit on this rant…..
    Romney could probably get more Liberals votes if he
    Had an affair
    drowned some hooker
    dumped his wife when she got sick
    shit on the American Flag
    bent over in front of Hugo Chevas

  52. even Rush wants Romney’s tax returns….when….. Obama releases his college transcripts what is being hidden Barack??????were you listed as a foreign student???????I would like to know……

  53. cynthia,
    republicans will never work for a better country
    until it benifits them
    and right now denying other americans basic needs / civil rights
    is more profitable
    thanks koch brothers!!

    ya know..
    reagan never could get things to trickle
    bush 1 was drowned in iran contra
    bush 2 managed to spend a surplus, create a deficit and start a war
    and never a harsh word for them
    those men of vision :-p

    but for obama they spew..
    “he has 4 yrs to repair it all or it’s all his fault”

    the 1st republican who…
    signs their child up for a “tour of the war”
    and rejects their family’s government healthcare
    and their social security check
    and abstains from sex
    and and uses no loopholes to get out of paying his/her fair share of income tax
    and probes their daughters vagina
    and who doesn’t hide behind the bible
    is the 1st republican i will vote for

    i am old enough to have been here to see the likes of
    barbara jordan, ted kennedy, robert kennedy, ann richards
    and other people of true american character
    i just wanna see it from the other side
    and i’m not getting any younger!

    anyone wanna lay odds?

  54. I understand Romney gave McCain 20 years of tax returns as a VP candidate. However, McCain has yet to speak up one way or the other. Why?


  55. Two things interest me:
    (1) Romney seems to be remaining remarkably consistent in his refusal to release additional tax returns, despite pressure from all sides. This is quite a departure from his history of “walking back” any number of his positions, depending on who’s pushing him one way or another, and whom he may be trying to placate and/or woo.
    (2) IF he is, in fact, running almost solely on the basis of what a great businessman and financial manager he is, you would think the would throw a whole lot of his tax returns right out there, pointing out with pride how – within the bounds of legality – he is brilliant enough to have “worked the system” better than most everyone else, demonstrating to others how they can be as clever as he and his advisors are, and making a strong case for his ability to handle OUR national money as well as he’s handled his – for ALL our benefit, not just his.

    Of course, there is the downside to that: A whole lot more people would be made aware of how heavily our current tax laws favor the Romneys of the world… And pretty much eviscerate everyone else. And the possibility of more people being awakened to that is probably the most serious concern of Romney and his wealthiest backers, as far as releasing tax returns go. (Wealthy Democratic backers would also feel the heat, lest we forget, but I doubt that’s much of a concern to the Romney group – and, frankly, it isn’t to me, either.)

    If the majority of Americans could actually see that the tens of thousands of dollars deducted on behalf of horse food, grooming, transportation, and training was just the tip of the financial loophole iceberg… What kind of outrage might break loose…? My goodness gracious!

    I suspect that I’m generally “preaching to the choir” here, but just thought I’d mention it…

  56. A couple of things: first, a few mayors saying they do not want Chick-Fil-A in their cities is not the same as right wingers proposing literally hundreds of pieces of legislation designed to control women and curtail their rights. No one has passed any legislation banning Chick-Fil-A. It’s a really dumb issue, on both sides.

    Re Romney: I for one want to know how it is that he has a $100 million dollar IRA. Last I knew, most of us were limited to a MUCH smaller IRA. I’m pretty tired of his whining about this issue. He wanted Ted Kennedy to reveal his tax returns when he ran against him for the Senate. Why is there a different standard for him? I’m sure everything in his returns are legal, but I’m pretty sure they will cast some doubt on his morality.

  57. uaw – you called bullsh*t on Concerned Woman’s rant and listed concerns. Okay if it is not to control women what is the reason?

    Chick-fil-A – I think the mayors are wrong to deny a business. The whole thing is doing nothing more than to gin up the hate on both sides. Nothing to gain from it.

    Reid called Romney bluff. I imagine Romney’s tax returns are legal according to the tax laws; he found ever loophole and probably stretched them bigger; so why not show them.

    I am assuming….. Romney wishes to run for President of a country out of being patriotic, love of country etc. Explain what is patriotic about using every loophole, perhaps devaluating assets and putting your money in off shore accounts. I need to understand why this is the man who should be president.


  58. Concerned Woman…
    nice rant……but I say bullshit……..
    talk about control…..how about mayors who would stop a business(chic-fil-a) from opening because of an owners religious beliefs…… not because of any illegality……. that’s control….


    isn’t it funny that Harry Reid won’t let anyone see his tax returns….someone (HEHEHE)told me he hasn’t paid any taxes in 20 years……
    while your at it Harry prove that your not a pedophile……I read something about it on the internet….google Harry Reid pedophile…..


  59. Beverly -it is not the “real” Noah- unless he’s taken an anger management class. If you are using that name as a synonym for troll, I never felt comfortable with that- troll pretty much says what it means and Noah never did.
    just don’t hold your breath . the kind of education you’re talking about – the kind where you practice spouting unevaluated aphoristic horsepunky, rules you made up yourself , create and slay straw men a mile a minute and all is too expensive for us hippie commie liberal weirdos who don’t work or do anything useful, ya know.
    now you don’t have to say all that stuff yourself
    hippie commie liberal weirdo Pi

  60. We can consider the conversation on this topic concluded then. Maybe when you are better educated on the topic you wont need Cynthia to chime in and save the day with a passive aggressive conversation ender.

  61. It would be lovely if we could ignore Noah. He does have absolutely nothing of substance to offer.

  62. Sophia-
    Yup, you are right… sigh.
    Cynthia- I know- I don’t know why I do that. Dang.
    No, no snow yet but neither has all of last year’s melted away in many places. Record setting chilly, wet summer while so many of you have been too hot and dry.

    Yes – the worst of the paternal, patriarchal thingy is back on the horizon and as deadly as it is for women it is not good for men either on a number of fronts either. Boy children raised in poverty by mothers who cannot protect or care for them properly … well, not good for any of us.

    anony- you just don’t get it but I don’t really care either.

  63. I love you! And I think you are correct that if the Republicans get to make moral objections, then so can we. I morally object to extramarital affairs and greed!

  64. Hi, Concerned Woman… One of millions, I might add – and not just here in our good ol’ US of A!
    I agree with your thoughts that it’s a control issue, but must add that I don’t recall anything in the Bible (which I haven’t looked at for a long time, I will admit) about treating anyone as chattel. Maybe I’ve just skipped over a lot of the scary Old Testament parts… And I’m glad you put those quotes around “Christian”… BTW, if you are interested in seeing what some evangelical Christians, in the best sense of the phrase – something I never thought I’d say – are doing on behalf of social justice, check out the Sojourners at http://www.sojo.net.
    When I saw your phrase, “hungry, poverty stricken, and desperate”, all I could think of was the French Revolution. (I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately… Just pondering, not necessarily advocating…)
    The most reliable plan for the downfall of any society is to have a very small group of incredibly wealthy people, isolated in their walled compounds, surrounded by a large mass of hungry, poverty stricken, and desperate people – many of them religious fanatics, and plenty of them with lots of guns and ammo. In France, all they had were shovels and rocks…
    People will only tolerate so much.

  65. 1) Outlaw abortion
    2) Severly restrict access or outlaw birth control
    3) Teach abstinence-only sex education, which Republicans KNOW doesn’t work
    4) Eliminate all access to assistance for women and children in poverty

    The net result? Control over a population that is hungry, poverty stricken and desperate.

    This is all about control, control over a woman’s body, her health, and her choices. It has absolutely nothing to do with sex or health or family. They want to punish women for having sex outside the very narrow definition of marital relations for the purposes of procreation only.

    You only have to read the Bible to see that women were considered nothing more than chattel to be raped, traded, punished and killed. This is where white conversative “Christian” men want to take us.

  66. alaskapi – OMG there you go again using common sense, logic, facts and your own opinion! What is wrong with you? You know that is not allowed on this blog.

    Do you have snow yet?

    PS – Thank you Margaret and Helen for allowing us to do so!


  67. We’re still on you deciding what the topic is? And whether you get to frame the whole argument?

    No you are being purposefully dishonest again. I am deciding what MY topic is, to which YOU chose to respond. If you find your argument failing and you need to change subjects, please feel free to say so. Don’t cry foul to me otherwise.

    “The poor are the people who will be covered by medicare and medicaid, until your party takes that away.”
    ideological and rather silly because mostly untrue

    Not my statement so not sure what/who you are talking too.

    The charm about Helen and Margaret’s place here is that we can choose to respond however we want to whatever we want within basic boundaries of civility- you and me both. ( thank you ladies! )
    There is no rule that either of us can frame the conversation and demand adherence to what we want it to be

    Again you may take a conversation anywhere you like. But when I see you changing subjects and avoiding the facts with your “nuances” I am also free to call bullshit. You know you went off topic, I know you went off topic. The reasons why are open to speculation. As you are welcome to go off on any tangent I am also welcome to remain focused on my original topic.

    To be honest it is kind of boring to talk about how we talk or why we talk or by what conditions we talk, so while you are welcome to ramble on about talking, I would rather have something more substantive.

    ideological and rather silly because mostly untrue

    This isn’t an answer. It is either 60′s hippy talk or a Native American philosophical rant. You are welcome to take the easy way out if that is all you have to offer. None of that bs will feed anyone or solve any problems. If you have anything of substance to contribute I would be happy to debate you on it. Otherwise the truth of my statements still stand. With have X amount of money to spend and we have exceeded our lifetime allotment by a massive amount. The responsible thing to do is to pay your own way. The irresponsible thing to do is to steal from someone else to solve your own problems.

  68. alaskapi – don’t bother
    treat anony like a rude child
    stomping his/her feet in a crowded living room
    ignore it
    and it will find something else to do
    funny how it has subscribed to this site
    or is sitting tirelessly in front of it’s computer waiting for a reply

    geez i sound like that strange guy in lord of the rings
    forget “it” my precious

  69. We’re still on you deciding what the topic is? And whether you get to frame the whole argument?
    The argument , in the larger sense, is ideological . It has to do with what we all think of ownership, property, and rights to the fruits of our labors within our organized society as well as our responsibilities to ourselves and that society . Folks would do well to be more clear about where their own feet are to my mind- the conversation would be more honest.

    hehehe… not about who my messiah is?

    “they are some of your Messiah’s biggest contributors.”

    Without the messiah crack , it is a fairly spot on remark and has a lot to do with why Mr Obama is not my favorite President. Mr Clinton wasn’t either, but you missed that too.

    “You want to steal from another and claim that makes you better? Bullshit.’
    ideological – disagreement about property and societal responsibilities

    “The poor are the people who will be covered by medicare and medicaid, until your party takes that away.”
    ideological and rather silly because mostly untrue

    ACA? A semi attempt to rein in the insurance companies and increase the pool of dollars for medical insurance. Good law? Hardly. A start? Yes.
    Could we get either so called side of the debate to really work at making healthcare more affordable or accessible? Not yet. Too many sacred cows involved .
    Should we wait until we are debt free to address healthcare? No.
    What is it? the ACA will increase our debt or it will reduce it so slowly as to be non-useful in that regard?

    The charm about Helen and Margaret’s place here is that we can choose to respond however we want to whatever we want within basic boundaries of civility- you and me both. ( thank you ladies! )
    There is no rule that either of us can frame the conversation and demand adherence to what we want it to be. We step into the “ring” we agree to let the chips fall here.
    and I don’t accept your terms of engagement- these are not black and white issues nor are they answered by building up a straw man and then knocking him down.
    Mageen- I fear we , as a country, are on the verge of institutionalizing the Scrooge mentality.We have financialized so many human activities that we risk forgetting that it was done in the service of humanity, not the other way round.

  70. Looking back I did not see that the conversation was about anything to do with your political ideology, or who or what your Messiah is, or who your favorite President is. If you care to comment on topic to what I wrote you are welcome too.

  71. Alaskipi, you are right on! Humanity forever! And for those who don’t cotton to the traditional Four Gospels of Christianity, there is always the fifth gospel of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, about an unrepentant money grubbing miser named Scrooge who makes a decent human being of himself just in time.

  72. LOL, anony!
    When in doubt, yard out the litany of rules-as-made-by-you and references to this President being somebody’s messiah.
    Sorry to disappoint you, hon. I’m a left-left-lefty. Mr Obama is a Centrist
    just as Mr Clinton was, and as such, is not only not my messiah but rates not much more than some points as a line-holder for me. And even as a line holder he’s been yarded further and further to the right but getting lost in deriding him as a messiah for somebody you may have missed that.
    Mr Clinton was probably the best Republican president we’ve had since Mr Eisenhower, regardless of the Democratic tag. Mr Obama is is about the same. Centrists think neoliberal economic policies beloved by the right can be made humanist by legislation which keeps humans in the loop. I disagree.
    I think we need to dump the neoliberal economic policies, erect barriers like Glass Stegall again and generally bust crony capitalism in the chops. I’m all for melting the Iron Triangles which are strangling us right along with figuring out how to rein in the foolishness Citizen’s United has visited on us.


    Money is anything we want to make it be, we made it up. We agree on a bunch of rules and all but we change our minds all the time about those rules and fight about what they ought to be but in the end the value(s) we attach to money are made up. Playing games over access to decent healthcare and letting for-profit entities call the shots has been one of our darker money games.

  73. It is not up to the ACA to retire the national debt.

    No one said it is…except for maybe you?

    Are you proposing we do nothing except pay the debt down until it is paid?

    I am sorry you missed this the first two times I said it. I said you are welcome to any social programs your little heart desires, as long as its…….wait for it…….PAID FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were going under water before Obamacare, now the trillions and trillions this adds is enough to send us over the edge. Remember social security that was going under before Obamacare? What about that? Dont you want to save it?

    In one comment you proposed to going after the insurance companies who make insurance so unaffordable- how do you propose to do that in a meaningful way?

    I am sure many people said the same thing about socialized medicine. People got together and found a way. Point being..that you missed, is there is a right way and a wrong way. This is the wrong way.

    And those pigs you speak of…they are some of your Messiah’s biggest contributors.

  74. What you fail to mention is that your straw man has holes in his underpants.
    It is not up to the ACA to retire the national debt.

    Are you proposing we do nothing except pay the debt down until it is paid?

    In one comment you proposed to going after the insurance companies who make insurance so unaffordable- how do you propose to do that in a meaningful way?
    Why do you think we ended up with ACA?
    Everyone in the crony capitalist loop dang near peed their pants ( esp the insurance lobby ) over the idea the gubbamint might regulate business in some meaningful way so we got a watered down something or other which is better than nothing because it is all we could get those yahoos to get done.
    Single payer would have been considerably better and cheaper all around- for everyone except the pigs at the insurance trough.
    But dog forbid , we do something which is really for the people of this country!

  75. The CBO insists the ACA will reduce the debt.

    What you fail to mention is how long it will take before we see the imagined savings. Also these savings were assumed before trillions of dollars of additional cost was discovered in the bill. Even if we were to ignore these facts tell me what good will these savings do us when we have a $1 trillion dollar interest payment due on our debt before they are realized?

  76. anony-
    you are conflating the national debt with the ACA?
    not the same thing. The CBO insists the ACA will reduce the debt.
    Not enough to lift the yoke of our wild off the books spending on 2 wars whilst reducing taxes to “starve the beast” but nothing to ignore either.

  77. Yeah, the “moral justification” is that we should give a a S##T. Does that work for you? Hope this explains this a bit for you

    Yes we should and it didnt even start to cover it. The question was is how do you morally justify stealing from your children and grand children. As romantic a story as Robin Hood may seem, there is nothing noble in doing harm to one to help another. You want to spend all your money, great, You want to steal from another and claim that makes you better? Bullshit.

  78. Hey, Anonymous… What? I’m (partially) covered by Medicare, and I pay the rest… Because I can, lucky – and old – girl that I am. And I also pay for the poor, and the uninsured, with every premium and copay I submit. And you do, too, every time somebody arrives at the door of an Emergency Room anywhere in the US of A. If any of my monies go to save one single life in that situation, I’m glad of it.
    Spend one evening, maybe a Friday or Saturday night, watching the incoming at Bellevue in NYC, or at any other major trauma center in any large city. If you’re willing to watch someone bleed to death on the street, because he or she doesn’t have insurance, then you have an argument. Until you’re willing to do that, you don’t.
    It’s not about the money… It’s about the humanity.
    Yeah, the “moral justification” is that we should give a a S##T. Does that work for you? Hope this explains this a bit for you…

  79. The poor are the people who will be covered by medicare and medicaid, until your party takes that away. Don’t pretend to care about their needs when really it’s just a talking point emotional faux argument.

  80. Hey anonymous: your assertions are laughable

    Which assertions? That we are spending our kids future? That the government is penalizing poor people by forcing them to buy a product or be fined and go to jail? For going after the people instead of the insurance companies or lawyers? Which assertions exactly do you mean?

  81. Margaret and Helen: another great post. Thank you!

    Hey anonymous: your assertions are laughable, even more so since you like remaining “anonymous.” We all know who you are since you can’t even be bothered with original thoughts in your endless divisive posts.

    You add nothing to the discussion.

  82. Share this with your friends and family.


  83. Please go away troll, and find another blog. These great women don’t need your comments.

  84. Barefoot and pregnant keeps them uppity women in their place. Neanderthals are intimidated by them damn, uppity women.

  85. Maybe it’s just me, Margaret, but I smell a rat. In the name of God, love of country and apple pie, the Republican Party’s biggest criticism is that President Obama is making healthcare affordable.

    Now I say this know this is all rhetoric and that you are probably not capable of a meaningful response. This statement presumes that before Obamacare, healthcare was unaffordable. How does it make it affordable? How does it lower medical cost? Everything I can see shows the costs are going to go through the roof. A lot of companies that pander to your Messiah stand to make a great deal of money because of this act.

    Here is the deal “ladies” ( I say that not knowing who is “penning” this blog as it is no longer the original authors), you may not have heard, but women get to vote now. Black people get to vote now. These are elected officials that you make these bogus claims about, showing no proof of their actions. You ASSume their intent very well, but you fail to give conclusive evidence that their intention is to wage a war on any particular group. It is political suicide to alienate any voter group, so on that basis alone your argument is bullshit.

    How about this. Instead of penalizing people for not having health insurance as this bill does, why not go after the insurance companies who make insurance so unaffordable? Why not go after all those lawyers who litigated malpractice against doctors that cause their insurance premiums to rise epic levels?

    And last “ladies” I don’t care what all you Dems want for social programs. Take whatever you want but you better start paying your own way. You have already spent more money than all of us collectively living can ever make, and we are spending future generations money. Anyone want to explain to me the moral justification of this act because it eludes me.

  86. No one says it clearer nor truer than Margaret and Helen! You women ROCK!

  87. i love your comments and agree totally!… here is something for you to take a look at. Perhaps it’s time:


  88. Helen, you’re back! Campaign season just wouldn’t be the same without you, and once again Margaret, I enjoyed your Yankee wisdom.

  89. Great post as always. I also have a moral objection — to those who oppose birth control but take a pill to achieve an artificial boner.

  90. Hey, Peas,
    We just want to cringe when Stewart does that, don’t we…? And, at the same time, I’m saying, “Oh, yes! So right on!” Just as I seem to be saying to every post here…
    Grandson: You’ve done a wonderful thing…

  91. Jon Stewart discusses the Chick-fil-Ators:

    “Finally, a form of activism that Americans can embrace, affecting social change by eating a fast food sandwich.”

    “What better way to stand up and say ‘I oppose gay people’s right to get married’ than to head down to a Chick-fil-A, grab a-hold of two buttery buns, split ‘em open and gobble down some of that hot, greasy cock?” ;)

    PEACE ~ Δ

  92. I would think the Republican party would be quiet for a while now since their candidate was such an embarrassment on his overseas trip. Why they think they have a right to tell women what to do with their bodies is absolutely ridiculous, this GOP group is almost sad to watch. I believe in the American People, they will do the right thing in November and that is vote for President Obama……not just a good man but a great man. History will show him to be one of the best President’s ever! Mr. Romney is so out of touch with every day people, he is hiding something from the American people, it is obvious. His excuse that Democrats will find things wrong with his return is ridiculous, although I am sure they will as he is so sneaky. Every Presidential candidate has had to go through this scrutiny. John Kerry’s wife wasn’t running to be President and John McCanin’s returns are filed and made public as he is in the senate. Every time Romney opens his mouth he is lying, it seems the christian right don’t care if he lies or not, all that matters to them is that Romney is white…….

  93. alaskapi – Well said, and thanks for the references! So, instead of discussing actual racism, we are encouraged to just call it the “race card”, as if it’s just some silly game piece, instead of naming it the corrosive, divisive, destructive, and vicious mind-set it really is.
    Helen has gone where so few dare to go… (Yay, Helen!) And, since she’s opened the door, I might add… “And that guy is really attractive, cool, charming, and smart, and my girlfriend/wife/boyfriend thinks he’s really hot.” My guess is that it’s THAT thought that the “doughy white guys” find so alarming, as they contemplate the impending and inevitable waning of their total control of this country.
    Fasten your seat belts, Ladies; it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  94. [...] A snippet. Read the rest. It’s worth it. Maybe it’s just me, Margaret, but I smell a rat. In the name of God, love of country and apple pie… [...]

  95. I morally object to Republicans…………ignorance and hate are diseases of the Republican Party that appear to have no cure.
    Love ya, ladies !!!!! Keep it up !!!!

  96. gatodicima-
    unless anonymous is willing to explain how and why (s)he is using “race card” it is meaningless but I agree that it is definitely in play as a rhetorical device in the broader “conversation” across the country.

    “George Dei, Karumanchery, et alia, in their book Playing the Race Card[4] argue that the term itself is a rhetorical device used in an effort to devalue and minimize claims of racism.”


    In the form of a white construct to minimize issues surrounding racism on a number of fronts it has been very effective- sadly.
    And, Helen, as always, you are spot on. Thank you!

  97. The Republican Party has long ago ceased to be. It is now a religion, a religion of enforcement which makes it unconstitutional. Everybody should carry a little blue book of the United States Constitution with them wherever they go. It is just that necessary these days.

  98. Unfortunately, the “race card” IS on the table, and is played by people who oppose this Presidency, in a thousand subtle, and not so subtle ways. It’s a mistake, in my opinion, to deny that fact.

    Of course, the players will deny using it vehemently, always. But if you want to know whether or not it’s there, just read the replies from “commenters” on most of the major political blogs. Pretty revolting.

    Helen: I think you’re right on, and have a lot of guts to say it! (But, of course, that’s what we love about you!)

  99. Helen you are spot-on as usual. Thank you for being such a strong voice advocating for fairness and decency in an age when fairness and decency are being brokered away to the palm-greasers with the deepest pockets behind closed doors at the good ol’ boys’ club.

  100. was agreeing with everything until you played the race card. . . at that point you lost my endorsement

  101. Just wondering if the LGBT crowd that wants to have a “kiss-in” at Chic-fil-a would be offended if the other patrons said Grace before eating????????

  102. n

  103. I may be pushing the limit here, but not only do we need to provide birth control without question, I find myself resenting folks getting paid to pump out babies while those who chose not to have kids pay for it. Maybe a break for the first couple of kids, but after that, pay your own way.

  104. Helen, you are my hero. Keep telling it as you see it.

  105. Thanks for these comments Helen. GOP and common sense don’t belong in the same sentence. Add women to the mix and common sense becomes sense common. Yes, women are common, not valuable, not valued. Not good enough for them. Just a sorry bunch.

  106. [...] Margaret and Helen still kicking it. [...]

  107. Dear Margaret and Helen,

    I adore you. I hope to be just like you when I grow up.

  108. Bravo, ladies, on another bang-on post. The Religious Right has decided that the freedom of religion entitles them the freedom to cram their religion down our throats (I won’t expand the analogy to avoid being overly crude)… Corporations are people and now religions are people, and thus need to have full individual citizenship rights, but women – evidently – are not people. Go figure. Vote the scum-sucking neanderthal bastards out of office!

  109. Different states have different laws regarding covering Viagra type drugs by insurance companies; this creates different costs for using it.
    Love this post and appreciate the attention you provide to new proposed legislation. Horrific as much of it is.
    I wish everyone who opposes birth control and abortion would put their money and energy towards protecting babies and children who are born and need safety, food, housing, clothes.
    Some people are questioning when products of conception can feel pain…. I can assure you a child at birth feels pain, but although we have laws against abuse we are not willing to enforce them. We prefer to provide the birthing parent multiple chances to change rather than giving the baby a FIRST chance at an abuse free life.

  110. VIAGRA IS $27 A PILL?!!!

    btw my birth control pills cost $10 a month / thanks united healthcare

  111. I am a conservative, but I also object to these manipulations aimed at preventing insurance coverage for contraception (not abortion. That is a separate issue).

    I also object to stealing $500 billion from Medicare to pay for the ACA when there is already medicaid for people who are poor. (People living under bridges, and drug addicts won’t go sign up for insurance anyway. We need something to help hospitals out with those expenses.)

    And, I object to the fact that if I DO NOT have insurance, I have to pay more for healthcare services than insurance companies pay for the same thing at the same place.

    And, I object to doctors running unnecessary, very expensive tests that even they don’t feel are necessary to protect themselves in the case of a lawsuit.

    And, I object to the lack of a competitive market for health insurance, because it can’t be sold across state lines.

  112. Thank you wise women!

  113. Ah, a new post from Helen full of wisdom and wit as usual. You make my day. Here’s one I like Chic-fil-atio.

  114. I’m well passed the age of needing birth control, but I certainly am glad that women who still need it at least will have the choice and it will be affordable. Family planning is something that everyone should support. If women don’t get pregnant when they don’t want to, then we won’t have so many children being born who aren’t wanted or can’t be financially supported by their parents or single mother. And if the republicans would just think for half a second, they would realize that providing birth control and preventing those unwanted pregnancies will cut down on a lot of abortions.

    The abortions done for medical reasons of health of the mother or because something has gone horribly wrong with the baby should not be the decision of anyone in the government. They don’t seem to realize that most women don’t make that decision lightly and they shouldn’t be made to feel guilty because of their personal choice. Whatever the reason – whether it’s for medical reasons or because a woman realizes that this is the wrong time for her to be pregnant – it’s a private and very personal choice and she shouldn’t have to answer to a bunch of men who don’t have a clue what it’s like to be a woman.

    As for the Affordable Care Act, all the parts of it can’t be put in place too soon. There are so many who still have no insurance or have inadequate insurance. This is not a perfect solution, but it is a step in the right direction. Thank you, President Obama.

    And thank you, Margaret and Helen, for speaking up for so many of us.

  115. Any day that begins with a new Margaret And Helen is a good day! You always give me hope for this increasingly nutso nation.

  116. No Chic-fil-a near me…Had to BBQ my own chicken……

  117. WTF…..birth control as affordable as Viagra??????????
    30 x $23.90= $717……./ month@ 1 pill a day
    someone is spreading manure again……

  118. Just another by product of Citizens United.

  119. Keep ‘em comin’ ladies.

    I mean it. Really!

    The following is a Pubic Service Announcement:

    Join Team Uterati.

    *The uterus you save may be your own.* ;)

    PEACE ~ ‘V’ ~ Δ

  120. I hope that the woman who posted as “anonymous” will double check who the letter she received is from. Some have suggested that she misread or misinterpreted the message, but it is just as likely that it is a case of deliberate misinformation from foes of Affordable Care. Lies and distortions are part of the strategy.

  121. So glad I found out about this blog – the words and wisdom ring clear and true

  122. Great Post Thanks!!! The War on Women Continues by the Republicans.

  123. Let’s see…they think men should be entitled to Viagra, but women must not be allowed to have birth control or abortions. Leaving abstinence as the only birth control alternative for women. Oh, and they’re opposed to homosexuality as well. So why do they need Viagra? So they can rape and pillage? And then they say to the woman who gets pregnant “too bad!” because they’re not about provide her with any WIC funds or welfare or child care or even a job with a decent wage. Are they totally insane?????

  124. @ Anonymous on August 2, 2012
    at 8:06 AM

    Affordable care act expands preventative care for everyone, including those on Medicare. If your letter says otherwise it is a total misrepresentation of what the affordable care act does. Here is another link you can consult:


  125. As always, it was a pleasure to read your post. Here in Colorado the Catholic owner of a business has filed a lawsuit because “he is being forced to go against his religious convictions” because of ACA. Hmmm, I think it’s unconscienable, and perhaps even unconstitutional, to force your convictions on others.

  126. Anonymous @ 8:06 – you might that letter read again. I think what will not be required for wellness exams including pap and mammograms is a co-payment. So your cost will be less.

  127. To “anonymous” who wrote on Aug 2 at 8:06 am:

    You must be misunderstanding something. The new Health Care Act covers more, not less, of the screenings you mention.


    * Preventive Screenings

    Under the Affordable Care Act, Medicare fully covers screenings like mammograms, pap smears, bone scans, and depression and diabetes screenings. Many of these preventive services used to require deductibles but no longer do.



    3. A pelvic exam and Pap smear for older women

    Medicare Part B covers a pelvic exam and Pap smear for a woman once every three years. If she has any personal or family medical history that places her at higher risk for cervical or pelvic disease, Medicare will cover the exam every year if her doctor provides Medicare with the reason (meaning the risk factor) when submitting the bill to Medicare. She doesn’t need to do anything except remind the doctor to schedule the exam for her. Medicare pays the full amount of this exam even if she hasn’t yet met her Medicare Part B yearly deductible.

    4. Yearly mammograms for women

    Every woman who qualifies for Medicare is entitled to a yearly mammogram covered by Medicare Part B. Medicare pays the full amount even if she hasn’t yet paid her yearly Part B deductible. If she has the mammogram at a clinic or facility without a doctor’s prescription, she has to make sure that the facility participates in Medicare so that Medicare will pay and the facility will accept Medicare’s payment as payment in full.

  128. It always has puzzled me how a political party that is so attached to the Constitution can ignore the part about separation of church and state and the whole party goes along with it.

  129. Excellent post! I’d love to hear your thoughts on Romney’s visits to England, Israel, and Poland. If he can’t say, “Hello, nice to meet you,” without causing himself international embarrassment, I can’t imagine what kind of trouble he’d bring if he were having conversations that actually matter. I’m at a loss to understand how any thinking person can support him or the woman-hating GOP. Our country is so divided between the sane people and the holier-than-thou-Jesus-says-this-blah-blah-blah folks that we need a North and South America in America! And one more thing: BOYCOTT CHIC-FIL-A!!! I mean it, really.


  131. @Anonymous on August 2, 2012
    at 8:06 AM
    Affordable care act expands coverage for preventative care, including wellness exams and many screenings. Please visit this site for more information.


  132. I can *understand* objections to abortion. BUT OMFG – birth control pills? Seriously?

  133. It’s a good day for American women. FORWARD ….

  134. You’re not wrong. The only thing I do understand is that when the world’s problems get too big to be fixed, it’s easier to focus on women’s uteri.

    But there is a bit of light: a Connecticut judge has stated that the federal law defining marriage between a man and a woman is not only unfair, it’s unconstitutional. Connecticut has taken unpopular causes to the Supreme Court before. (E.g., Griswold v. Connecticut, 1965)

  135. Also I have to say I agree with the British and their renaming Romney as….
    Mitt the Twit!!!!!! :) thank you ladies for sounding off in all our defenses..and no I am not a young woman with her legs open..I am a 46yr. woman with a Loving husband and family… No new babies or birth control for me I’ve been done with that for over 14 years now. But I sure could use the rest of the help … GO OBAMA FORWARD ALL THE WAY :)

  136. Top of the morning to you, ladies! So great to hear from you again.

  137. Missed your wonderful comments. Keep ‘em coming!

  138. I. LOVE. YOU. TWO!!!!!

  139. Helen, honey I agree with you. Every time the Democrats try to do something to help us poor, old, and disabled, Those Republicans try to kill it before we even know whats going on!!! RIGHT ON GIRLFRIEND YOU KEEP ON TELLING IT LIKE IT IS AND i WILL KEEP ON FOLLOWING YOU <3

  140. I do not object to the new health care bill allowing birth control–but I do object to finding out that now my wellness exam (breast, pap) will no longer be allowed. Just in case you will wonder, I received a letter this week that states that medicare no longer will pay for this. My cost of this will be about 400 to 500 dollars. On a fixed income this will be a great burden. But they will give out birth control to the younger women. How about taking care of women young and old. Is this a way to rid mature women from our society? Where would we be without Helen and Margaret. I “DO” want everyone to have healthcare but maybe not this one. Is there anyone in Washington that cares about any of us. –and I mean both sides–

  141. Good to hear from you again. Keep up the good work. I wish Republican men would stop trying to push their 18th century biases on everyone else.

  142. I do not understand the Catholic church putting up with this political circus. If you actually read the papal encyclical regarding human life (and it is not long and complex) it makes you weep with the beauty of their definition of marriage (very unrealistic) but it specifically states-this should never be the subject of politics.

  143. Great post again!

  144. Good morning, Ladies!
    I’ve been missing you recently, and glad to hear from you.
    I actually think it’s kind of nice to be morally objectionable to some people. At first I didn’t like being a Well-known Troublemaker, but I find that once everyone – including myself – got used to it, it has freed me up to do and say all kinds of things that I might not have done or said if I were still trying to make sure that nothing I did or said would ever make anyone angry or upset. Quite a relief, actually – saves me a lot of time and energy, too! I just do it or say it, and then it’s all done and said. Piece of cake.
    I’m sure you two already get that; just wanted to share my thoughts with your readers.
    Rock on!

  145. Sorry she wrote this before she knew about Mike Kelly, a rep from PA, going off about yesterday being comparable to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Hope she does a redo! Check out his fb page: representative mike kelly. He is being reamed!

  146. What is interesting to me is that WOMEN can find reason to object to the many humane offerings that the Affordable Health Care Act grants us. There is a growing chorus of women (I don’t know how loud or large that chorus is) who are actually saying, “What? They are going to GIVE away birth control with tax dollars? How about women just keep their legs closed and guys keep it in their pants if they can’t afford birth control.” I am floored that women, who I am assuming are at least middle class, can actually truly believe this rhetoric that is being sold. CRAZY!

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