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Posted by: Helen Philpot | June 4, 2012

Am I wearing orange colored glasses or did John Boehner just pretend to care about women?

Margaret, the Republicans are trying to get into my vagina again.  I wish I knew what was up there that they find so interesting.  This time it was about sex-selective abortions with a bill sponsored by Trent Franks of Arizona.  In spite of the pressing issues with the economy, Speaker of the House John Boehner justified Congress spending more time worrying about a woman’s womb by saying, “This is an important issue to the American people. This type of sex selection most Americans find pretty repulsive, and our members feel strongly about it. That’s why it is being brought to the floor.”  Am I wearing orange colored glasses or did Boehner just pretend to care about women?

Yes.  It is repulsive. I agree.  But then again so are most of the “Housewives” shows on Bravo, and Congress hasn’t passed any laws about that.

The bill never had a chance.  Once again this was another Republican with an axe to grind  against Planned Parenthood just wasting Congress’s time by forcing a vote to get on record who supports abortion and who doesn’t.  As if we didn’t already know by looking through the gun scope crosshairs on Sarah Palin’s rifle.  The Republican party caring about women?  Margaret, that dog just don’t hunt.

In truth, this is a tricky one.  Of course the idea of preferring a male child over a female child is archaic and sex-selective abortions should be repulsive to most Americans – if not all.  But once again the Republicans missed the point entirely and created a bill that clearly was just another attempt to limit a woman’s right to decide when or if she will bring a child into the world. I wonder how these same men would vote if the law was about sexual preference-selection instead of just gender selection?

The law (which didn’t pass) was purposely written so that a woman’s husband or parents, by merely alleging that an abortion is because of gender, could seek injunctive relief to prevent the doctor from performing abortion procedures, and once again the women finds herself in courst about an incredibly private and personal decision.  Boehner and his group give very little credit to the woman.  Just like waiting-periods, invasive transvaginal sonograms, right-to-know laws, and personhood amendments, they got this one wrong too.

Goodnight can’t we just move on already?  We get it.  Republicans want to make sure that no woman anywhere for any reason can have an abortion.  Some even want a restriction on birth control of any kind.  Well I have a solution.  Republican men should refrain from having sex of any kind.  I bet the number of abortions would drop dramatically.  And on a side note, I imagine many women could finally get a good night’s sleep.

A sex-selective abortion is just the symptom.  The actual problem is a sex-selective society where men like Boehner and other Republican leaders continue to make women second-class citizens.  Many of the bill’s supporters have rejected equal pay for women and have tried to slash funding for programs that serve women and children.

Create a society where women – and all people – truly are equal and this problem goes away.  But that really never was the intent of this bill.  I mean it. Really.

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  2. I have never heard of sex-selective abortions before this. I seriously think Bohener is pulling this idea out of his ass. I am 31 years old and I have tons of friends with babies. I can assure you none of them would abort a fetus just because it had the ‘wrong’ gender. If this is a thing somewhere, I would imagine it’s a very, very miniscule fraction of the abortions performed. Anyone who thinks a woman could elect to have such a horrible procedure for something so casual as gender is delusional. Just like republicans to insinuate that someone who sought an abortion would do so for such a trivial reason.

  3. W. P., they are more ‘afreared’ than I realized, I suggest we ban Viagra, it is draining their brains and Fox does the rest. Great video, Rachel’s people do an excellent job of researching and she did a wonderfully complete explanation, thanks for sharing.

  4. My edited clip is in moderation. Here’s the complete RMS segment:

    What your wingnut “uncle” who watches Fox News all day is all worked up about. (edit)

    PEACE ~ Δ

  5. What your wingnut “uncle” who watches Fox News all day is all worked up about.

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32545640Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Complete RMS segment

    PEACE ~ Δ

  6. Hi Donna…. as the Justice Dept stated….”The Justice Department has retracted a second statement made to the Senate Judiciary Committee. During a hearing last week, Attorney General Eric Holder claimed that his predecessor, then-Attorney General Michael Mukasey, had been briefed about gunwalking in Operation Wide Receiver. Now, the Department is retracting that statement and claiming Holder “inadvertently” made that claim to the Committee. The Department’s letter failed to apologize to former Attorney General Mukasey for the false accusation. ”

    does that mean Holder lied………or is that just a conspiracy theory on my part and I’m to emotional about it???????

    could use a rain……getting blossoms on the tomatoes…… put 2nd coat of paint on bathroom remodel project…..

  7. Hi, UAW. As mentioned earlier, the Bush administration began the practice of gunwalking. Lots of semantics here in terms of Operation Wide Receiver vs. Fast and Furious–and there is no question that Holder (of whom I am not a fan) has been, to be charitable, less than precise.

    Me, emotional? I’m a pretty calm old gal. How’s the garden?

  8. UAW proves my point.

  9. I’m wondering if Terri, Donna and Newbride are”far too emotional to be entrusted with the vote.”

  10. WOW…

  11. WOW….


  12. WOW…


  13. Terri and Donna, perhaps like me, you would be willing to entertain the thought, we should disenfranchise middle aged white guys, many of them seem to be far too emotional to be entrusted with the vote. If the men who post here are a sample, they are too easily misled by ideologies and conspiracy theories. In my opinion, women, the stronger and more sensible example of humanity, would elect a Congress that worked to get the country’s business done and we would all benefit. And of course, we should make their medical decisions for them as well.

  14. This woman is brilliant! Talk about great satire and parody over the whole broohaha about saying the word vagina and denial of the War on Women.

  15. Please– the whole Fast and Furious investigation is a witch hunt instigated by Issa whose whole purpose is to try to embarass the Obama administration. Read some of the statements he made before he even heard of Fast and Furious. He was determined to hold hearings five days a week no matter what. He didn’t care what the subject was. He is one of the GOP house members who has always had his own agenda and he is using and abusing his power. This is not what the American people want Congress to be doing right now. In an effort to defeat Obama they have refused to pass any real legislation or do any realy work; instead they are wasting their time and our money on this B.S. It’s disgraceful and a perfect example of what is wrong with Congress. Maybe they should go back to investigating Issa’s shady background.

  16. Pf that is one complicated scenario you bought into. Evidence?

  17. By the way, Pfesser: I guess Issa is the source of the claim that this was to ultimately restrict second amendment rights. He’s not exactly objective and never cited anything substantive in support of that theory. Again, because gunwalking was started during the Bush administration, it’s a little difficult to accept.

    Nice to see you stop by.

  18. Pfesser: Let me try an analogy that you may have seen in hospitals. Not sure if your state recognizes a privilege for peer review. But if it does, then the peer review would protect against disclosure of the deliberative process relating to a med mal accusation. It would not protect against disclosure of the substance of the med mal itself. That’s the distinction I was making.

    The gunwalking started during 2006. I think that was called “Operation Wide Receiver” but could be wrong about that–and I (and a bunch of others) often refer to Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious interchangeably. That admittedly isn’t entirely accurate. The Issa investigation was into gunwalking, but was only commenced during the Obama administration. Clearly, there were terrible abuses during both the Bush and Obama administration. I’m unaware of any credible evidence that gunwalking was for any purpose related to restricting second-amendment rights.

  19. Hi Donna -

    I think most people disagree with the idea of executive privilege anyway, regardless of who uses it. I certainly do. This was supposed to he the “most transparent” administration ever. Fooey.

    I’m confused by the “being invoked to protect against disclosure of how the department learned of problems with the investigation, not the problems themselves” part. I don’t know what you mean.

    My understanding is that this Fast and Furious debacle was approved at the highest levels – at least to the level of Holder himself – maybe by BO himself, and was implemented with the express purpose of committing a crime (illegal gun-running) that would be later held up as an example of why we need more gun laws to prevent just such a crime. That kind of nonsense is a complete outrage; any and all data as to who approved Operation Fast and Furious should be immediately available to the public, and if Holder was involved (I don’t think there is any doubt of that), he should be prosecuted, and if the President is involved, I don’t think you would suggest that he is above the law.

    The whole purpose of this exercise was to find another excuse to restrict the rights of lawful gun owners (like me) and to further add to the power of the executive. I not only resent it, but I think one or several crimes were committed and I expect my president to be forthcoming, not invoke “executive privilege” in order to save his own hide, like Nixon did.

  20. should have said that the privilege does not “necessarily” mean the President–obviously, it can.

  21. Hi, Pfesser: As I understand it, Executive Privilege can be applied to anyone in the Executive Branch. It does not mean the President, although the President must approve the invocation of the privilege. Bush 2 invoked it 6 times, Clinton invoked it more than a dozen. This is Obama’s first time.

    The privilege is being invoked to protect against disclosure of how the department learned of problems with the investigation, not the problems themselves. So your assumption that a particular level of government was involved in (or even aware of) the illegal gun-running is not one that can legitimately be made.

    As with any privilege, it is often invoked in order to avoid waiver on related subjects/documents/information. It’s for that reason that assertion of a privilege doesn’t give rise to an inference against the person (or here Department) invoking it. The only exception is when, in a civil case, someone invokes the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination.

    This is not to say that I agree with the invocation–I disagreed with it when both Bush and Clinton did it.

  22. Pf, quit acting like a drama queen!

  23. If I ever had any question about the November election, it is gone. Now it appears that the highest levels of government were involved in the illegal gun-running into Mexico by the Department of Justice – gun-running that cost the life of an American border agent. Obama invokes “executive privilege” to prevent Congress from knowing just what took place.


    Bloody damned crooks, with the President hiding their crimes. Hell, maybe he’s involved. This reminds me SO much of Watergate; I know and I remember all about it, because I was THERE. Feh.

  24. LMAO….

  25. Obama creates jobs….


  26. WOW
    try googling NBC edits Romney speech
    “…..The next time Juan Williams, or some other leftist crank, lectures the conservative media on fact-checking remember this: Today’s liberal media is nothing more than a bunch of corrupt and mean-spirited Democrat operatives. They will do anything to prop up the Democrat machine. As Andrew Breitbart said , they can “Go to hell.” What liars.

  27. A interesting column by Harold Meyerson in the Washington Post about how wages declined as unions declined:



  28. IMO “court room drama” only happens in movies, both sides know most of the questions and evidence before they enter the court room. Mr. Zimmerman’s ego is too big and has caused him to get in way over his head. We will never know what happened unless he decides to tell the truth. I don’t think he has been truthful as yet. However, the Stand Your Ground law allows for a gun/weapon to be put in the hands of scared, fearful, unqualified people which can lead to a morally unjustifiable death. Would Zimmerman have followed Martin if he wasn’t armed?


  29. Not sure I agree with Florida’s sunshine law that put it all out there in public view pretrial, but it occurs to me, that George Zimmerman did not just lie to his lawyer and the judge, but he lied to his parents and his grandparents. As you might recall, both his father and stepmother remorgated their house, but so did his grandparents. Who does something like that?

  30. Cynthia on June 15, 2012 at 5:26 PM

    Even better one is Myth Robme. Deals with two of his major shortcomings

  31. Just came across a great name for Rommey – Robme


  32. Hi Lori,
    I hear you, and my enthusiasm with return at some point, but I admit to being really discouraged by what I am seeing in regard both to Citizens United, and the general tone of the presidential campaign so far. The GOP seems so intent on regaining power that they don’t mind screwing the entire country as long as they can obstruct Obama; and then they have the gall to complain that nothing is being done and the economy is not improving fast enough. They seem to think the rest of us have amnesia and don’t remember how we got into this mess and who is responsible.

  33. whirled peas….
    how about Obama’s head on a spike……or with Jeff Dunhamn and on a stick…..

  34. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0612/77453.html

    An interesting article on the inner workings of the Koch brothers and their quest to buy a country.

    It would be fun to watch when someone else decides to knock the Kochs off the mountain top and declare themselves the King of the Mountain. I wonder who that would be.


  35. LOL @ Delurker, have you seen the movie Moneyball? That is fast becoming our model to combat the huge onslaught of $ that is/will be flowing in for this campaign cycle.

    @BFD .. sending all good thoughts your way.. always. We look forward to you spending as much time with us as your schedule allows. <3

    Donna sooooo correct on SCOTUS being a (one) reason to vote Obama-Biden 2012..

    Terri, I can't tell you how discouraged Citizens United makes me. But we MUST continue to push the pile forward. Our freedom depends on it.. literally..

  36. This one is right in Margaret and Helen’s ballpark. A woman legislator in Michigan was banned from speaking on the floor of that state’s legislature because she used the word vagina in her rebuttal to all the men voting on an abortion bill, as in “Thank you very much for your interest in my vagina but no means no.” The speaker of that cameral body insists that he did not impose the ban because of one word but because the woman was “having a tantrum.” I used to live in that state and it has totally wondrous beauty but I think I will hold off going back to visit and certainly never live there again. I have sent an e-mail about this to the Michigan legislature as in “Let her speak!” From all that I can tell, a male legislator in that body has never been banned from speaking because her “was having a tantrum.”

  37. Dear Helen and Margaret-
    please forgive me for bringing this here.

    UAW- the militia case has gone to the jury.
    I don’t know why I’m finding it necessary to argue with Mr Olson but I’m getting kinda tired of the hoo-bobby from the militias here flooding every story about this.
    You have these folks in your area?
    Anyone else?


  38. BFD: I hope you’ll stay! You are smart and interesting–and we now know there is a great deal to admire about you.

  39. BFD-
    Is ok- I never feel left out. I’m short, nobody sees me in the crowd anyway :-)
    Best wishes to you and your wife.
    Hoping you still stop by now and again.

  40. Sorry Alaskapi. I didn’t mean to leave you out.

  41. Donna, Delurker, UAW
    I had no intention of coming back here but a friend pointed out that you folks had responded to my last entry.
    My wife’s condition is an autoimmune disease for which there is no cure for her but its effects can be ameliorated somewhat. The only real cure requires full body radiation and a bone marrow transplant. But she is too old to qualify for that so we just muddle along the best we can. .
    She is an amazing trouper and never complains but it also leaves me doing most of the things at home she usually did plus whatever was my responsibility. Despite it all, she is as upbeat, friendly and reliable as she has always been but I know that this can’t go on forever. I also know she’d be embarrassed if she found out that this knowledge was out in the public so this is the last I will say about it.
    But I thank you for your thoughts and concerns.

  42. GWB’s head on a spike? Toooo funny!

    Now how about Dick, Rummy, Wolfie and the rest of those neocons warmongers.

    PEACE ~ Δ

  43. To learn who rules over you, Simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. –Voltaire.

  44. joining in here- sure hope your family member gets better BFD.

  45. Donna, thanks for responding, although I wish the reality was different. I know how important Supreme Court appointments are, and they are among the many reasons I support Obama. I do,however,feel very pessimistic about the court and what other awful decisions they may make in the future. I know I am not alone and their approval rating is at an all-time low.

  46. that’s really cute….
    “Hey Anonymous of many names” by Anonymous….

    did BFD get you a Micky D’s application……

    BFD…I also hope your family member gets better….been there and it sucks…..

  47. Hi, Terri: Realistically, no. It won’t be overturned, but it may be limited. But that won’t happen any time soon. Theoretically, it is possible that the composition of the Supreme Court could radically change to the extent that it could be revisited, but that would be so far down the road. And regardless of how much a justice might dislike a decision, he/she is likely to have sufficient institutional respect to try to distinguish or limit, rather than to overturn.

    As for an ordinary citizen, sadly, no. This is why, when my far more liberal friends complain that the President hasn’t done many things that they would like and that they are thinking about not voting for him again, I say that it comes down to 2 words: “Supreme” and “Court.” We obviously are aware of the ramifications of the decision in Bush/Gore. But Citizens United goes far beyond one election and changes the very nature of enfranchisement in this country.

  48. A question for Donna as a lawyer, realistically is there a chance of Citizens United being overturned? And what can an ordinary citizen do to make that happen? Thanks for your input.

  49. Delurker: He’s just given an interview to Forbes in which he has said he will be giving far more. Given the size of his fortune, he could bankroll the entire cost of the Presidential campaign.

    It’s a disturbing thing. Obviously, you can’t say that nobody should be able to give more to a candidate than anyone else. That’s ludicrous because you have people who don’t have $10 to give and you don’t peg a limit to that. But to have a very few people so far beyond what others can give is clearly subject to abuse, whether you are speaking of George Soros or this guy. Citizens United is a terrible decision.

  50. What would motivate Sheldon Adelson to give $36.5 million to Romney PAC, and potentially over $100 million for this election by the time it’s done? That kind of money has got to come with strings attached, don’t you think?

  51. Remember the “good ol’boy days“?
    When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories
    PEACE ~ Δ

  52. BFD: Sorry you have a difficult family situation. He/she is lucky to have your help. Hope things will be alright.

  53. Oh my word! I can’t believe all the war veterans being disenfranchised in FL!

  54. BFD, I’m sorry about your family member’s health situation. Unlike a conservative (?) I have compassion. :D Sure hope the situation improves and will say a prayer for you. Thanks, gals, for a dose of normalcy around here.

  55. Hey Anonymous of many names

    I see you have your twisted soulmate UAW backing you up. You make a great pair, one specializes in stupidity and the other is just plain vulgar. Have a nice wedding.

  56. hey BFD…..
    It’s nice to know that your looking for a job you can handle….

  57. Truly, I adore you.

  58. LMAO look at BFD tuck tail and retreat. Class dismissed.

  59. Anonymous on June 13, 2012 at 11:55 AM

    I understand Mickey D’s is hiring. Time for you to get a job or seek help.
    And don’t try to drag others into your mess, they probably find you are as boring and predictable as I do.
    Meanwhile, I’ve got to run. I have a family member who is quite ill and it is my responsibility to see to her needs and that takes a lot of time. But I’ll think of you every time a bug smashes into my windshield.


  60. How people can cross political lines: hubby is not conservative but he had a great time with Barry Goldwater one day discussing their mutual hobby – - photography. It was a chance meeting in a camera store. Hubby values that time and will never forget it.

  61. Posted in wrong section….BFD
    Reading comprehension isn’t all that good for you is it? First. Look at my original post, I said it was borrowed. So what fraud did I do? Second. The proofs I provided were the words of the people on this blog, to match up to the definitions I list3ed of what actions you typically see from Leftists.

    So to be clear….again…I took posts made by people on here….I then said see…look at the post…now look at my list of leftist traits. I said I could make hundreds and hundreds of such comparisons showing this is a hard core Leftist blog. I will try and keep it dumbed down as best I can for you in the future.

    As for the end of your post…told ya so Pi. you make personal attacks, then plug your ears yelling la la la la. I cant hear you now!!!!!!! LMAO I love being right. Quick someone step in and defend him. lori? Donna? Delurk? LMAO. cant make this shit up.

  62. Anonymous on June 12, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    You made the assertion: “My post was based in fact BFD as provided by the people on this blog. I will be happy to provide hundreds of examples that prove the claims of what I posted.”
    That is tantamount to saying, that you found the quotes you cited somewhere on the H&M blog.
    The truth is that these are haggard old right wing comments that are found all over the Internet and can be discovered in about ten seconds using a Google search. Your assertion that they were provided “by people on this blog” is just so much hot air.
    I think its time for you to move out of your parent’s basement and get a job. You have too much time on your hands which lets you wander into issues that are beyond your grade three comprehension.
    Whether you respond to this or not is of zero consequence because, if you do, it will be nothing more than your usual bloviating. And I have no interest in continuing this conversation because I have too many more important things to take up my time.

  63. LOL LOL yes it’s been years since I visited these names/philosophies. It’s good to revisit the the path I/we took to arrived at our present day political views and party identification.

    Dusts the cob webs out so to speak…. lol lol

    I too liked Papa Buckely and of course Barry Goldwater. I have talked about my families connection with him here before.’

    In this day and age it seems soooo odd that a staunch, staunch, democratic family could be friends with iconic Republican names like Goldwater doesn’t it? But we were. JFK was one of his personal friends! Seems impossible now.

    I have hope it can someday return to that atmosphere…There is always hope? Right ? LOL

  64. lori: It’s not that I agreed with Buckley, but he was so smart and a voracious reader and funny. And he was able to find common ground and friendship across a huge spectrum of people. But thanks for the additional suggestions–so much happier to get those than to hear parroting from Drudge or Fox or the Blaze. Critical thought is sorely lacking.

  65. ;-) was a fun evening, would be nice if it continued and expanded.

    Donna while you are reading this weekend take a peek at right libertarianism, particularly, what names like Nock, Garrett,Lane (kinda), Rockwell, Tucker (that will lead you to others) have to say about the “old right”.

    Left libertarianism and right libertarianism are two different beasts.

    I know how you liked Buckley and I am pretty familiar with some of your other political views, I think you might identify with a lot of their thinking. Not all but some. ;-)

  66. Delurker: I completely agree. It was like the old days. I (the “radical leftist”) hadn’t even heard of some of the people that Pi and Lori were mentioning, and it’s always fun to learn something new. Will read about those names over the weekend. That’s how to expand knowledge on any topic–not the snark and insults and generalizations.

    I share your hope that we can retake the blog and begin to enjoy and benefit from it again. And maybe we’ll have some constructive conservatives drop by for mutually respectful give and take. I would love that. Great day, all.

  67. Now and again I dip into what the rightwing media call ‘sources’. The article by Charles Krauthammer cited on someone’s comments from that link above, for example.

    There isn’t a single, verifiable citation from a reliable, acknowledged, audited source in his entire article.

    You know, we need to engage with sane people to move the country forward. I’d be happy to try and communicate with people who hold different views or interpretations of political philosophy or praxis, but we have no common dataset from which to work. We don’t even have a common understanding of what, hypothetically, constitutes valid data to be included in such a discussion.

    I am reverting to leaving the Pajamas Media crowd to their own private snakepits; and compassionately suggest everyone does the same.

    Until next time, M&H!

  68. Donna, Pi and Lori, it was so great to read your back-and-forth from last night. It reminds me of how dozens of us used to talk to each other here long ago, before it got “noisy”. Sure hope this encourages others to renew friendships and rivalries here and not be deterred by the apparently inevitable efforts to poison it. Pie anyone?

  69. Finally in from the DCCC: Ron Barber wins the special election in Arizona for Gabby’s seat! Thank you to everyone who made phone calls, knocked on doors, or donated a few dollars. We believe in campaigns built by people, not corporations.

    yay … one for the weak side! 35 + 1 more to go!

  70. ok – as close to kumbaya as outlaw Pi ever gets

  71. Love you too Donna.. <3

  72. Lori and Alaskapi: You are so wonderful.

  73. … and only by equality can we obtain true freedoms. ;-) sing it sister!

  74. Me too, Lori, very much me too ;-)
    That’s the crux of it Donna.
    I have spent my life working for parity at the table for Alaska Natives and women.
    I have fought the adoption of colorblind policies and laws because we don’t live that way yet and they harm the people they propose to assist and leave PoC flapping in the breeze between white liberal guilt and racist hoo bobby. I’m a Native sovereignty advocate – which I’m pretty sure means nothing to most who visit here but it means I’m a leftist :-)
    I’ve worked harder than the guys around me and beat them over and over head to head in jobs in the trades ( and enjoyed working with most of them a great deal) and am madder than hell that a bunch of stuffed shirts in DC dropped the hammer on fair/equal pay legislation for women
    I really am the one who you rail against .

  75. My oh my PI.. Steiner–Vallentyne Left-Libertarian… It’s been years since I have debated that theroy. ;-)

    So you come firmly on the thought that government can meet the needs of it’s people without taking away personal liberties and freedoms eh? LOL LOL

    Me too. ;-)

  76. kamwick-
    The “cons”, they are neoliberals (not to be confused with the way liberal is used in this country as regards politics )


    The notions of mutualism inherent in your POV and most moderates and shared by me way out here in left field are not shared by those folks.
    And yes, the devotees of Ms Rand have their hands out pretty darn often :-)

  77. But Alaskapi: YOU are Noah/Nagic’s “pal!” You, whose beliefs are probably the most terrifyingly foreign/abhorrent to him. And I am the off-the-chart-radical-leftist. It is downright hilarious that Mr. Pomposity pegs people’s political/social/economic views on whether they are nice to him or not. Egocentric much?

    You and I have had some great go ’rounds and I very much respect your ideas. And I have marveled over Noah/Nagic’s sucking up to you as his supposed philosophical ally. You’re just a very nice person who stood up for someone, even though that person had behaved like a genuine turd.

  78. Donna- I laughed so hard over the calling you a radical-lefty my dog got up and ran out of the room!
    I’m one you’ve argued with over corporations and the like with in the past so I have a pretty good sense of what you think on a number of things.
    I’m pretty sure most here are much closer to you than me too.
    I am most closely a Steiner–Vallentyne Left-Libertarian with a distinct twist as regards what is owned in common which comes from my Native background- I fully realize I am a tiny minority out in the leftest of left fields.
    I’ve never seen you in my neighborhood here, either :-)
    Noah is shy on social skills , yes. And could benefit from a basic class in formal and informal logic study.

  79. By the way, alaskapi, I consider myself to be a moderate liberal, and yet I stand for ALL the things you do. Truman wanted universal healthcare, as did Nixon. Even Maggie Thatcher, much as she personally hated it, didn’t dare touch it. Why? Because its a darned good idea.

    Ironically, repealing Glass-Steagall SHOULD be supported by conservatives, because that would be the height of fiscal responsibility. Sometimes I think that many folks today calling themselves conservative are just that: “cons”. If they were honest, they’d just admit that they’re really Ayn Rand type social Darwinists….the “I’ve got mine” crowd. Until they don’t, that is. Then, like the good Ms. Rand, they’re demanding their social security.

  80. Anonymous says ( in response to my prior post),

    “Can you quote me where this is the case? I bet you can’t. Everything I showed was people’s direct quotes matching up against the definitions I listed”. Which ” people”, Drudge? Or someone of his ilk?

    Dude, your disingenuous act ain’t working. All your definitions of ” leftists” are a bit over the top ( the whole ” they want to take your money and feedom away” whine), and you know it. I haven’t seen anyone here try to take away anyone’s money. Do they believe that taxation should be equitable? You betcha. And if you think taxation in this country is “fair and balanced ” then I have a bridge you might be interested in buying. (I wouldn’t be surprised if you think the taxes on the wealthy, the LOWEST they have been in ages, are grossly unfair).

    Many here are of the old-timely, moderate classical liberal republican stripe ( remember Teddy Roosevelt? Eisenhower? ). The ones who understand that the very wealthy didn’t make their money all by themselves. The fact that you can’t even recognize the folks’ comments here as moderate and liberal in the true sense just shows how far right your viewpoint is.

  81. Alaskapi: I am on the floor laughing. ME part of the “radical left?” Remember the disagreements that I’ve had with folks here about abortion and corporations and how I’d have supported McCain until he picked Sarah Palin for a running mate? The posts about my admiration for the late William F. Buckley? Oh, Lord–Noah/Nagic is even more superficial and childish than I realized. Which is saying a whole lot. I am howling at the idea of “radical Left-ish Donna.”

    Do you think that Noah/Nagic is really as dim as he seems? That he truly doesn’t understand that people diss him because he has, virtually without exception, acted like a jerk here? It has nothing to do with his politics and everything to do with his utter lack of social skills. In fact, the only person who I can recall being so disdained is Cryptoclearance, who nobody would suggest was not FAR to the left. Although Kathleen Wynn (equally on the margin) was a close second.

  82. Sorry noah- you have it backwards
    Donna is a centrist, a moderate liberal , someone much more like the moderate Rs of my father’s type.
    I’m the leftist- the universal healthcare for all, living wages for all, amend the Constitution to deny personhood to corporations and secure equality under law for women and all other citizens of the human type explicitly. I want neoliberal economic policies to go away , repass Glass Stegall, erect a few more barriers between big business and govt- and these are the things i think are moderate requests. :-)
    We won’t start on what I think environmental policy ought to be or education policy or the like.

    the nyah, nyah toldyaso routine is just as silly as the rest of it.
    I stood up for stopping underhanded treatment of you because I don’t like underhanded crap.
    Somewhere along the way that translated into something silly for you and all the rest of this silliness has gone on and on.
    I will get over my flaming fall from whatever 6 inch pedestal of liberal whatever you had of me without any trouble. I’d still stand up for no underhanded treatment but I’d wear a bag over my head to obscure who I was…more so even than the nom de blog provides.
    I am the leftist- don’t forget that.

  83. I would like to thank Donna for helping me show Alaskapi that I have always been right about the radical Left. All that rage and anger…all that posting, and all she could do is talk about me. She always makes it about me. She cannot challenge my points (because I am right) so she comes after me. Told ya so Pi.

    BFD Thanks for proving me right, you chose the wise path to not accept my offer, no surprise. But lets continue to prove I am 100% right again.

    My original premise.
    A liberal is willing to play by fair rules, a leftist will break every rule and blame you for it.

    BFD posted
    You are such a fraud. It took about ten seconds to see the source of some of your original pirated comments.

    In my original post I said.
    Borrowed but how well it applies to the vast majority of those attacking the “unaccepted” visitor.

    I never claimed it was mine. I didn’t take credit for it nor did I try. I made it absolutely clear, yet BFD tries to claim otherwise.(Also this was not my source kiddo)

    As Donna proves daily now with BFD following suit, the radical Left cannot be honest. Told ya so Pi.

  84. Hi, UAW–what’s growing these days? Our onions are just started and we are trying asparagus (2 year project).

  85. newbride….I guess I’ll vote for Romney because I know where Obama wants to take this country…..and I haven’t seen anything positive yet……unless your talking about Eric Holder positively being an asshat…..or a lier….or an accessory to murder/manslaughter…..

  86. Anonymous on June 12, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    You are such a fraud. It took about ten seconds to see the source of some of your original pirated comments.


  87. BFD: You are dealing with a very simple mind. Noah/Nagic doesn’t understand the difference between (a) a handful of people who comment on a blog and (b) the milions of people who share certain ideological beliefs with some of that handful of people and yet (i) never have heard of this blog; (ii) may have heard of it but don’t post here; or (iii) don’t post on blogs at all.

    It is a fascinatingly juvenile approach to the world that Noah/Nagic takes: extrapolating from a small number of people to an entire belief system and population. Actually, it’s the philosophical equivalent of a dog sticking its head under a bed and believing that nobody can see it–while its whole body and wagging tail are out there for God and everyone. And Noah/Nagic is no more in touch with reality than said dog.

    What this approach does is allow Noah/Nagic to regularly self-validate. He comes here (where most people are thoroughly sick of and bored by him), doesn’t receive the warm welcome that would be inexplicable in light of his history of obnoxious and insulting comments, and then claims that he has proven a rather childish theory about an entire very large group. What is equally fascinating is that nobody here has extrapolated from Noah/Nagic’s immaturity and superficiality to the entire conservative population. It’s very much a one-way street but it’s important to keep in mind that it says a great deal about Noah/Nagic’s severe limitations and absolutely nothing about conservatives in general. There are many very fine ones, with lots to offer, with whom it would be terrific to have a discussion.

  88. My post was based in fact BFD as provided by the people on this blog. I will be happy to provide hundreds of examples that prove the claims of what I posted. Can you do the same? No you cannot, nor will you for a multitude of reasons I like to call excuses. This was a desperate attempt to respond to something that you have no answer for because the truth is really hard to argue against, as you have proven here. Should you decide to step up, as no one on here has or will for the aforementioned reasons, please feel free, I will hold up my end.

  89. Anonymous on June 11, 2012 at 7:36 PM

    I know that you lifted the entry you posted from somewhere else but I had to make a few corrections. Sorry! But I’m sure you’ll agree they’re needed.

    Conservatives vs Liberal and the distinction
    A liberal wants to try a different approach; a conservative wants to destroy the system.

    A liberal believes in fair play and honest disagreement, a conservative believes in hiding the truth.

    A liberal wants equality for all persons regardless of gender, color or creed, a conservative wants class and racial warfare foremost, but will divide people along any suspect class, real or invented if it personally benefits them.

    A liberal wants to take the poor and give them a chance to be rich, a conservative wants to take from the poor and give it to the rich.

    A liberal sees the beauty in our Constitution; a conservative sees an old document that needs to be destroyed.

    A liberal is willing to play by fair rules, a conservative will break every rule and blame the victim for the resulting chaos.

    A liberal wants the system to help the disadvantaged; a conservative wants to disadvantage the system by overloading it until it collapses.

    Once upon a time I mistook this for a Liberal blog. I was very much in error. It now belongs to the con artists.

  90. oh gosh–poor Alaskapi! Someone who spends his life coming onto blogs under a slew of identifties and insulting people is disappointed with you! You have lost the admiration of such a prince! How will you ever recover?

  91. Its a shame Alaskapi, one of the things I USED to admire about you was the ability to admit when you were wrong. Seems over the years hanging with these raging leftist has made you lose your appreciation for the truth and honesty. You have become a very shallow person, you disappoint me.

    Trouble is, to him/her, a liberal is only a liberal until they speak up. Then, according to him/her, they suddenly morph into radical “leftists/Marxists/communists” and probably “Muslims”.

    Can you quote me where this is the case? I bet you can’t. Everything I showed was people’s direct quotes matching up against the definitions I listed. There is no opinion of mine injected. Pure comparison. Pick it apart if you are able. If I am right (and I know I am) pick me apart personally, be passive aggressive like Donna, invite me to leave like lori, or ignore it all together. Pick whatever your radical leftist trait is and run with it.

  92. Forward…..

    Obama-Biden 2012

    I’m all in…. Women’s rights depend on me. My daughters and future g-babies depend on me…. I’ll answer the call. ;-)

    Back to work. real work……

    wink wink.. LOL LOL

  93. I agree with everything Anonymous said. Trouble is, to him/her, a liberal is only a liberal until they speak up. Then, according to him/her, they suddenly morph into radical “leftists/Marxists/communists” and probably “Muslims”.

    Ive been reading your blog, and you ladies definitely fall under the liberal category. You also fall under the category of The kind of folks that dont mince words ( in other words, the kind of people I like to hang out with). Let’s definitely have some cheese and French bread (or would Anonymous prefer “freedom bread”) to go with his/her whine.

  94. lori- me too, me too! :-)
    hippie commie liberal child eating feminazi racist Pi
    ( I think I forgot some )

  95. As an independent moderate, I asked for at least one reason why I should consider voting for Romney, guess I should have specified at least one positive reason to vote for him. Looks like I’ll stick with Obama for another term, at least I know where he wants to take the country.

  96. LOL LOL PI… I donno bout you, but I’ve been called a hellofalot worse by a hellofalot better .. ;-) and on we go…

  97. oh get over yourself noah-
    the chest pounding about liberals and how rotten they are wore itself out ages ago.

  98. Donna- there is no encouragement meant, though encouragement was obviously taken.
    In the last 20 years or so, the redefining of what is a leftist , liberal, progressive , what is social justice, what is just about everything by the fairly far right to ultra right has changed the discourse in this country dramatically.

    So whatzizname shows up with a tidy set of premisses and associated definitions and uses a series of remarks made in snark, not argument (some of them hilariously delightfully rude BTW :-) ) as “proof” that since folks here aren’t running around kumbayahing over another POV they cannot be liberals and must therefore be leftist and some kind of aberrant leftist to boot .
    Insult on so many levels it is hard to sort em all out.
    Laughable on many levels too.
    Nonsense at best.

    If folks here were running around kumbayahing over this other (untidy) POV, that would be bad too… such is the bind the left , even the tiniest bit left has allowed itself to be boxed into.
    Nonsense- more nonsense.

  99. See even Donna cannot make a comment of merit, and in true Liberal fashion, offers up a passive aggressive attack going after the person rather than the substance of the post. Told ya so alaskapi. I dont expect a response as Donna has proven, when faced with irrefutable facts, you all fold and revert to true form.

  100. Alaskapi: Why encourage Noah/Nagic? Same old, same old.

  101. Did you know? Romneycare covers abortion, illegal immigrants and has a public option. Obamacare does not.

  102. alaskapi
    Not at all silly. We have hundreds of pages and thousands of posts on this blog alone proving most every single point out dozens of times. Just look how rudely anyone who has an opposing point of view is treated.

    Cynthia being passive aggressive on June 11, 2012 at 7:19 PM

    BFD on June 11, 2012 at 2:06 PM in his dozen + post on trolls ie people who are not Leftists.

    lori on June 10, 2012 at 3:56 PM inviting a poster to leave the blog for an opposing point of view.

    klander24 on June 6, 2012 at 9:14 AM Inviting a poster to leave the blog

    Then there is Bev on June 4, 2012 at 12:46 PM & By: Joyce Beaman on June 4, 2012 at 2:03 PM. Just well thought out, meaningful posts. Can really take something away from that.

    B.W. on June 4, 2012 at 10:20 AM Pure leftist comment according to my posts theory. yes?

    Debbie on June 4, 2012 at 9:49 AM Pure leftist comment according to my posts theory. yes?

    lori on June 4, 2012 at 9:05 AM PURE leftist comment according to my posts theory. no question about it.

    Amanda on June 4, 2012 at 8:34 AM Pure leftist comment according to my posts theory. yes?

    Shall I go on alaskapi? I can find you hundreds more that will fit the definition I posted EXACTLY. Show me how I am wrong?

  103. anon- you get that silly liberal/lefist doohickey from the newsrealblog definition of both from a year ago? there are a bunch floating around on the “tubes’ about every different group there is which are as equally silly and just as non-sensical. you can define people anyway you want and however you want and still not get what’s going on around you

    Dear Helen- Mr Boehner is incapable of caring about women in any meaningful way. Wouldn’t matter except the dip is in Congress
    Please keep shining a light on this stuff.
    Been reading a lot about the equal protection clause in the 14th amendment lately. It has a rather strange history of intent, application, and court battles . Is totally inadequate for protection from gender discrimination but is all we really have in the Constitution along with right to vote.

  104. Borrowed but how well it applies to the vast majority of those attacking the “unaccepted” visitor.

    Leftist vs Liberal and the distinction
    A liberal wants to try a different approach; a leftist wants to replace the system.

    A liberal believes in fair play and honest disagreement, a leftist believes in hiding the truth.

    A liberal wants equality for all persons regardless of gender, color or creed, a leftist wants class and racial warfare foremost, but will divide people along any suspect class, real or invented if it personally benefits them.

    A liberal wants to take the poor and give them a chance to be rich, a leftist wants to take the rich and make them poor.

    A liberal sees the beauty in our Constitution; a leftist sees an old document that needs to be destroyed.

    A liberal is willing to play by fair rules, a leftist will break every rule and blame you for it.

    A liberal wants the system to help the disadvantaged; a leftist wants to disadvantage the system by overloading it until it collapses.

    Once upon a time I mistook this for a Liberal blog. I was very much in error.

  105. I have some great cheese…any one care to bring some crackers, grapes or French bread? Hate to see a good whine go to waste!


  106. I love reading the comments from sites….

    “My father was a staunch conservative and voted straight line Republican until the day he died, now he votes Democrat.”


  107. very good BFD……..if your talking about liberals………the rest of us have work to do…..so some people don’t have to…..

  108. Troll being defined as anyone who does not have a hard leftist philosophy. Hope this is a REALLY part time gig for you Matt. With people like lori klander24, BFD and others on here inviting everyone not to return that doesn’t fit their standards, you wont have much to moderate.

  109. I’m sure Eliot had something like the resident trolls in mind when he penned the following –

    We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men
    Leaning together
    Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
    Our dried voices, when
    We whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass
    Or rats’ feet over broken glass
    In our dry cellar
    Shape without form, shade without colour,
    Paralysed force, gesture without motion.
    ― T.S. Eliot

  110. but we got president shit-for-brains……

  111. Whatever happened to President Michele Bachman, President Herman Cain, President Frothy mixture of body fluids…. Weren’t you guys all hot for their future Administrations?

  112. newbride seems to forget that another candidate started out slow…..Bill Clinton……..and only got 43% of the vote……

  113. poolman….PREMATURE????????
    Do you have that problem often??????

  114. I’m kind of getting a bang out of the Republicans trying to foist Romney on us. It was not so long ago that he was not even their first choice, their second choice, their third choice…. Was he even their tenth or twelfth choice? No thanks guys, we don’t like him any better than you did and unlike you we have an excellent choice.

  115. here is a thought anon… if you don’t like the practices of this private blog….. don’t comment? I donno just a thought…

  116. This is the most heavily edited blog I have ever visited. Every Liberal point of view post I made got through. Anything with a Conservative slant or defending a Republican point got either edited or didnt get posted at all. Whats is the point if there is someone cherry picking what gets on? At the very least if it is allowed on the content shouldnt be edited and rewritten. That to me seems wrong.

  117. their cheer? Oops. Premature.

  118. Hey newbride, any relation to Colorful? :lol: Camels are pretty valuable, UAW. How many humps did you put in?

    Almost 5 million hits! Is it due to all the Romneybots spreading their

  119. It can’t get much better…..

    Al Qaeda Offshoot Offers Camels for Obama’s Head, Hens for Hillary Clinton’s


  120. If you can read the following, you might be a fan of M&H’s new format.
    ?redro fo tuo sgniht gnidaer yb aixelsyD tcartnoc ot elbissop ti sI

  121. Republican Leaders in Congress literally plotted to sabotage the US Economy on January 20, 2009.

    PEACE ~ Δ

  122. BINGO ! As usual, Helen, you just nailed it !

  123. Yes, we need spending cuts and increased revenue. This is what Obama has been saying ad nauseum. It’s the Republicans who refuse to raise any taxes any time. They have done nothing but obstruct every attempt to get our economy growing. All because they want to defeat Obama. This is done at the expense of us all. Simple as that.

  124. My brothers thought they should get the bigger piece of cake or bowl of ice cream because they were bigger than me! Instead they were just selfish, greedy sobs, really.
    Sorry your parents didn’t do a better job of raising your siblings. Maybe they should have instilled some better values?

    Why are we giving subsidies to oil companies who are getting our oil cheap?
    less than .01% of our burden.

    Why are we paying billions to Halliburton to perform the jobs the military did for less and allow them to move to another country to avoid paying tax?
    less than .01% of our burden.

    Why have we privatized (or attempting to) the prison system, education, roads, police, fire etc.? It is not cheaper.
    Really? Anything to back this up? Could you list for me the things the government does better and cheaper than the private sector when competing?

    Why do we give tax credits to companies that ship jobs overseas?
    Why do we give billions to green companies that go out of business outside of a year and no one is held accountable and no investigations?

    but do we unrealistically over inflated the amount of money a company/individual can/able/needs to make.
    Really? What is that current number so I can judge for myself if it is too much? Who decides what is enough and how do you measure it? Socialism likes to put a cap on how much people can make, just to be fair you know….you sound like a socialist to me.

    IMO there was a time people were happy to started a business to take care of their families and for retirement
    So you really do think being rich is a negative thing, that it makes people evil? To want more is to be immoral? Could you explain this to me because it doesn’t make any sense. To be moral is to only be successful to a certain point?

  125. Sing it sister Cynthia! xo

  126. “Those (few) economists without a political axe to grind will tell you to the last man that getting out of a hole like this one requires both tax hikes and REDUCTION OF SPENDING.”

    IMO most people agree we need to reduce spending and raise revenue. We disagree where that reduction/revenue should be. Some think it should be on the backs of us little people. Some say we shouldn’t raise the tax on the rich….reminds me of growing up. My brothers thought they should get the bigger piece of cake or bowl of ice cream because they were bigger than me! Instead they were just selfish, greedy sobs, really.

    Why are we giving subsidies to oil companies who are getting our oil cheap?
    Why are we paying billions to Halliburton to perform the jobs the military did for less and allow them to move to another country to avoid paying tax?
    Why have we privatized (or attempting to) the prison system, education, roads, police, fire etc.? It is not cheaper.
    Why do we give tax credits to companies that ship jobs overseas?

    I don’t have the right words….. but do we unrealistically over inflated the amount of money a company/individual can/able/needs to make. Not all are able to make money equal to Microsoft or Walmart for example but are these little companies/individuals thinking/wanting they should become another MS or Walmart. IMO there was a time people were happy to started a business to take care of their families and for retirement. Now they think they are a failure if they are not millionaires in the first year. Greed!


  127. THANK YOU Margaret and Helen….otherwise I would think the world was full of Republicans who have collectively drunk some really dangerous koolaid.

  128. hey…..slvrtxnrd@gmail…..and let’s make it a felony to speak of gun laws if you don’t own one………

  129. Hi all:
    I’m a volunteer with Voice of Choice and I recently recived an email from them asking for volunteers. Voice of Choice was was founded by the guy whose daughter’s middle school was picketed by anti-abortionists (with the family name on their signs) because he rented space to a clinic. Here’s the need:

    Voice of Choice would like to turn the tables once again, this time on people who think they can limit choice by dividing the general public. We would like to write and introduce legislation that would make it a felony to give healthcare advice to a pregnant woman if you are not a currently licensed healthcare professional. That would include clergy, “option” centers, and the protesting general public.
    The legislation would include anyone that provides information about the risks of abortion, “options”, cancer, or emotional distress. It would include people who hold signs that offer dubious medical claims like “abortion is murder” or “abortion stops a beating heart” or claims that a fetus can feel pain (all interpreted as medical opinion) in places pregnant women might read them.
    If they can introduce bills that restrict access and divide the nation, we can introduce bills to make their lives harder.
    I need help. I am looking for someone to draft the bill and for people willing to bring the draft to their state delegates and representatives in the House and Senate to have it introduced.

    Voice of Choice is on Facebook or you can go to their website.
    Time to face down the bullies. Please spread this far and wide. Thanks.

  130. Here you go – instead of just spouting off about the goodness/badness of debt, take the time to print and read this scholarly article. As you will see, debt is neither good nor bad; in the right proportions it can markedly spur real economic growth. In the wrong proportion it can be devastating – to an individual, or to a country.


  131. Along those lines, there is some indication that the US is deleveraging, which has to happen before recovery is possible:


    Best prediction is several years of slow growth, followed by better times after we dig ourselves out of this hole. And in fairness, I think much of the blame lies at GWB’s door. We’ll see how it goes, I guess…

  132. I hope the angry libs stop making death threats to Scott Walker on twitter, and let the Feds handle him.

  133. The Republicans got their marching orders at the Mackinac Policy Conference, and are about to introduce new regulations for abortions in Michigan too. They don’t bother to have hearings, or count the votes in the Michigan House anymore, so the bill will probally fly through the congress at warp speed. Will Governor Snyder be dumb enough to sign it in a election year? Who knows?

  134. Vinaigrette girl opined:

    “History tells us that the only way to get out of a depression is for the nation to fund infrastructure and capital investment programs which get people back into work.”

    Nonsense. Yes, it is important to keep the wheels of commerce turning – which means there may be some injection of new money required to prevent a depression, but a heavy debt load will grind up any profit made. Those (few) economists without a political axe to grind will tell you to the last man that getting out of a hole like this one requires both tax hikes and REDUCTION OF SPENDING. Spending, remember, is how we got here. Hair of the dog that bit you is just an old wives’ tale; it does not work in real life.

    “History also tells us that even if a community lives on the same ten-count of ten dollar bills changing hand to hand, that is better than one person holding on to one hundred dollars by themselves and the other people having none of it.”

    You cannot reduce a nation’s economy to sound bites and talking points. Yes, of course a large middle class is preferable to a nation of haves and have-nots; what else is new? The question is, how do you get there? We have tried the “soak the rich” approach several years ago, when a heavy luxury tax was levied on yachts. What was the effect? The rich took their money elsewhere, and boatbuilders – you know, ordinary people? – lost their jobs. Class envy is sooooooooooo seductive; unfortunately it always leads to a situation worse than you already have.

    “Republicans today read no history.”

    Some do; some don’t. At least those that do, learn from it. We’ve tried the socialist approach worldwide. How did that work for the past 150 years? Know any success stories? Now we are trying it here. Look around you; how is it working for you now? What is that line about insanity being the doing of the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

    “As for abortion rights, the party of small government and individual responsibility can’t get its collective head around the theology, the legal issues, or the biology of termination decisions.”

    I *think* I agree with you – can you expand?

    “This bizarre concatenation of ignoramuses purports to have the qualities necessary for government. I can’t begin to imagine why.”

    Ignoramuses don’t “concatenate.” I think you don’t know your word very well. What are you trying to say? Are you looking for “conglomeration,” perhaps?

  135. History tells us that the only way to get out of a depression is for the nation to fund infrastructure and capital investment programs which get people back into work. History also tells us that even if a community lives on the same ten-count of ten dollar bills changing hand to hand, that is better than one person holding on to one hundred dollars by themselves and the other people having none of it.

    Republicans today read no history.

    As for abortion rights, the party of small government and individual responsibility can’t get its collective head around the theology, the legal issues, or the biology of termination decisions.

    This bizarre concatenation of ignoramuses purports to have the qualities necessary for government. I can’t begin to imagine why.

  136. Hi, UAW. In my view, absolutely despicable about Walker and should be prosecuted. Period. As for the Holder stuff, let me read a little more–I confess I’m not up on it.

  137. come on Helen…..You like to mention Sarah Palin and gun sights……..why nothing about Walker and gunsights…….


    Oh… thats right…liberals can do no wrong………..BULLSHIT…..

    but the one I want you to comment on is Eric Holder….that lying piece of motherfukin shit…..


  138. R.I.P Ray Bradbury. The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451 have never been equalled.

  139. Newbride – I hate to break the news to you, but PFesser is already one word (more or less…).

    English major?

  140. I’m sorry, Pfesser, why are you still here?

  141. and the nuts arrive….


  142. Pfesser in one word “Zimmerman.”

  143. Pfesser – “We shall see” said the Zen Master.


  144. I spent a good part of my day yesterday glued to C-Span watching the Senate work on the fair pay act. This legislation would have protected people who found out at work just what the other guy (yup, guy) was earning. Right now an employer has the right to fire anyone who asks that question at work. Why? Well, cuz Mr. Boss has something to hide, namely, that women are usually the ones who are earning less than the guy doing the same job despite identical qualifications. It is amazingly sad to see the Republicans, even the women among them, vote against this bill on the pretext of saving American business from trial lawyers. This is an outright admission by them that women are being robbed in the work place yet they don’t give a damn. This legislation followed in the footsteps of the Lilly Ledbetter law and the original and much older pay act of many years ago. Despite the defeat, the bill will be brought back to the Senate floor for yet another fight. It never ceases to amaze me how the Repubs don’t even bother to disguise the fact that they have only one use for women. Keep on fighting, Margaret and Helen. Keep on keeping on.

  145. Sorry – a bit OT – Well, as you all know by now, Scott Walker, with the help of untold amounts of Republican cash, shoved it down the unions’ throats – and elsewhere. Perhaps this will be the start of some serious change in the direction of America; I surely hope so. Where Paul Krugman, The Bernank, Geithner – and of course the Prez himself, got the idea that a country could spend itself into prosperity is beyond me. If that worked, every spendthrift and gambler in the world would be a millionaire, wouldn’t he?

    On to November! (((LOL LOL LOL)))

  146. Thanks for taking a stab at it for awhile Matt, Helen writing style is so distinctive I would know it anywhere. When will your grandmother be back to writing the Blog herself? I hope everything is alright.

  147. sorry to disappoint you Helen but there isn’t any Republicans that want to get into your vagina…….

  148. @piscean

    I agree that, as a parent, you should be aware and do all the testing you can, my issue is with the idea of testing to weed out perceived inadequacies. It is difficult for me to be ok with the logic that if a fetus is found to have down’s syndrome or spina bifida or any other “testable” issue then a “responsible” person would have an abortion to prevent the stresses and burdens on that child. My disability (while not as life threatening as CF or MD) HAS caused stress and hardships throughout my life, but it’s still a life and a damn good one for all that.

    If you choose abortion in this case, that is your choice and your business. Just like NOT having an abortion in that situation is mine. It does not make me irresponsible or unclear of the stresses my child would have in that situation.

  149. @Eeyore,

    What you’re saying makes lots of sense. I agree 100%. As someone who may be a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis, and a woman who is a medical professional, I can understand both sides of the argument. My sister had a son who was born with CF, a recessive genetic illness (therefore my chance of being a carrier, since my sister has the trait). She never found out until she was pregnant with her second child, who is now being tested. She doesn’t regret her decision, and I would never wish away my beautiful nephew.

    But that is something that i would take every precaution to prevent. If I am a carrier, and my partner is a carrier (it’s a common trait amongst those with Irish descent, and western European descent), and I one day decide to have kids, you can be sure as heck I’ll be doing the genetic testing required to see if that child has that illness, and you can be sure that if it was positive, I’d be having an abortion. For the reasons that I don’t want to put a child through the stresses of having the illness, or the stress on my family who must already deal with those consequences. It’s not like CF is debilitating, but it does cause problems and stresses that can hinder a life, and it’s too short to hinder when one has the power to change things. To not stop it when I have the power to is, in my opinion, absurd.

    And I know there are people out there who will be ‘shocked’ at my disregard for human life, but honestly, what life would I be destroying? At the point in time that ‘abortions’ are even viable options, the little ball of cells, without even its very basic components formed, isn’t even alive, more than one considers a yeast cell or an amoeba alive. But this is my opinion. I don’t want to ruffle feathers here. To each his own. In the end, this post is about a woman’s choice. I believe that, since it’s her body, it’s her law.

  150. Sorry but this was not John B “caring” about women. It was about his preferring women to be part of Men’s chattel. It was more about keeping women unequal personally and professionally and financially. Another case of men wanting to control female vaginas and uteri and bodies because men are afraid of women. This is more pseudo-republican anti-female warfare.
    Thanks for naming the name of the evil being tried.

  151. If y’all want to be TRULY infuriated at the slipping-it-in-under-cover-of-night shit done by state legislatures to impinge on every woman’s right to choose, check out the flaming horseshit just PASSED in the LA legislature: NO abortions after 20 weeks, unless the “mother” (who doesn’t wanna be one) is about to DIE. Little creepy fetal steps, that’s how the do it. They don’t take it all away at ONCE, they’ll NEVER pull THAT off, they just steal from you, a little bit at a time until they’ve taken EVERYTHING and you’re already screwed. Cop drones in the air in U.S. cities this summer, Big Brother cameras in your house by xmas? Where, exactly, will the republicunts STOP when it comes to OUR cunts? When they’re choking us from the inside?

  152. @Eeyore:

    Dear God that was a scary post. Those children are gifts, regardless of their disabilty. You object to the government costs associated with their upbringing, and state that you would have made a different choice. Wow! Am I glad I’m not YOUR kid!! I can’t imagine knowing my parent thinks me a burden.
    I am not against abortion, a woman’s right to choose or birth control. I AM however against making a judgement call on a person’s worth based on ignorance.

  153. It’s documented that there are about 150 million “missing women” in Asia, mostly China and India, of course. This is how many more men there are than women. The reason is gender-based abortion. Women abort baby girls more than they do baby boys. Yes, it is an Asian problem, not really American – yet.

  154. Speaking of orange. A WV woman testifying before a House committee about the failure of the coal industry to protect the water supply in her area wanted to show a photo of a girl in a bathtub filled with orange, polluted tap water. Some of the bought and paid for, morally corrupt members of the committee want her investigated on child porn charges.


  155. And now Republicans won’t support the Fair Pay Act? What can they possibly be thinking? Why is this issue even controversial?

  156. Newbie here. I love it. I’ll be back for more! Can I share this post with friends?

  157. Abortion is sin.

  158. Right on! Keep on writing. We love you gals

  159. Margaret and Helen, your hammer never fails to find the head on the nail! This proposed legislation also ticked off yet another demographic in this country. Now besides women in general, Hispanics, and several other groups that vote, they have ticked off Asian Americans. If you read the backgrounder on Trent Franks effort, it mentioned that sex selective abortions are really an Asian thing that he did not want carried over to this country. Keep it up, Trent! By the time you yahoos are through ticking off everyone in this country the Republicans will not even be a footnote in history books!

  160. I have never in my many years seen the republican party so F*** UP.. If i was a republican I would never tell anyone I was, I would be so ashamed of them. THEY HATE WOMEN they hate everyone who does not look like them. Their religion teaches them to hate. What happened ? A LOT OF ANGRY WHITE MALES. I feel they don’t like the idea of a black man in office. period thats the bottom line how sad.
    Keep blogging Ladies this country need you

  161. Reblogged this on While you were sleeping and commented:
    Gotta love Margaret and Helen…<3

  162. Always great to see a new post Helen.

    Keep ‘em comin’. THX.
    If today’s Rethugs had landed at Plymouth rock:


    PEACE ~ Δ

  163. @Eeyore – while I understand your point, and even agree with you in principle, as a geneticist I have to tell you that the genetics you’re proposing in your example are impossible. If the man in question carried a recessive allele for MD, he would HAVE MD, because it’s X-linked, and he’s got only one X. So Mom is a carrier; Dad can’t be. It’s thus, not possible to know every son would have MD. Half would get it, at random. Girls, as you say, would not. They’d be carriers. (If it worked like you laid it out, then the girls would have the exact same chance as the boys of inheriting MD – 25%. Which is how non-X-linked recessive alleles work.)

  164. If the Republicans had their way we would enter a Nazi state…one where women, gays, & anyone with darker skin (not orange!), a different religion or philosophy would be put in a camp and muzzled….or worse…with all human rights taken away from them…..How barren, cold and destitute our country would be then…even the Tea is cold…

  165. Would you still be able to see him if you had orange colored glasses on, or would he vanish?

  166. More Really Ugly people have climbed out from under the garbage at the local landfill. Hopefully whatever viruses are lurking their in garbage-ville will waste these Republican Mafioso. Women are way too important and precious to be worrying about such wierdos, don’tcha think! We have much better things to do.

  167. The Speaker is terrified of the tea party. They want to vote on some silly ass bill, he calls the vote. They could replace him with Cantor if he doesn’t go along.

  168. Another great post! I couldn’t agree more. The Republicans said- after the 2010 elections- that it was going to be jobs, jobs, jobs. And they have done nothing about jobs yet and we are going into another election. Lets just throw the bums out! Vote straight Democrat and help lead others to truth and freedom and get them to vote and vote Democrat too! It is imperative to our freedom!

  169. [...] and Helen, two righteous old ladies who are continually tearing strips off anti-woman asshats. Today, they take John Boehner to task for invoking sex-selective abortion, and pretending to care about [...]

  170. I promise to never have sex with a republican male. Easy promise as I find intelligence very sexy.

  171. Very true, Cynthia. I just watched a Jake Tapper report about bundlers. Obama has revealed his, yet Mitt refuses. These folks get positions of power based on how much campaign contributions they can raise. This escalation will not end well. Might as well make some fun of it…;

  172. IMO we are witnessing an attempted hostile take over of America/democracy by corporations and a few very wealthy people not with guns but with money. They are buying states one by one; they own most of congress and Washington; most of the Supreme Court and most of the media. They are attempting to disenfranchise, dismantle, destroy or privatize those things that have made America/democracy a great country and created a strong middle class. They are being aided by those who see it as an opportunity to make money regardless that it could be considered fraudulent and with no regard for those it would harm. Also with the help of the uniformed who think if they side with the rich and powerful that it will trickle down to them one day.

    Greed and corruption seems to be epidemic in this country. These morally corrupt, greedy, sociopaths aren’t happy with just owning a successful corporation or having a few billions in their bank account they need to own and control a country and a people as well.


  173. Helen, once again you are so right on this latest false issue the republicans are yelling about.

    Atilla the Blond, in regard to choosing to abort a child based on gender you reminded me of a couple I knew a long time ago. They were thrilled when they had their first child, a son. But by the time he was 3 his clumsiness caused concern and the doctors gave them the bad news that he had an agressive form of Muscular Dystrophy. They had to move or have their two story home retrofitted to accomodate a wheel chair because he would be in one by the time he was six. He wasn’t expected to live past his teens, if that long. The other bad news was that when they did genetic testing, any male child they had would have MD because they both carried a recessive gene for it. If they had a girl she would carry the gene but would be OK.

    Well, they got pregnant again and were waiting to have the test to see if they had a boy or a girl and were going to terminate if it was a boy. We moved before they knew and I found out in a letter that they were having a boy and decided to have the baby, even knowing they were going through the same thing all over again. Loving parents? Yes, but IMO they were highly irresponsible for even getting pregnant knowing the risks. But had I been in their same position, I would have made a different choice. I failed to mention that once the severity of their first child’s condition was known, they qualified for all kinds of help from the government and his care was going to be astonomically expensive.

    Of course, it was their decision and each family should do what they think is best for them. And that really is the point isn’t it? I gave them my prayers and best wishes and kept my opinions to myself. It’s not my place or anyone else’s to tell parents in that kind of situation whether or not they should go ahead with a pregnancy that will end with a child whose health is so fragile. And it certainly isn’t the business of some congressmen to make that decision for them.

    With the bill the republicans wanted to pass, this couple wouldn’t even have had the choice whether or not to take on the task of raising and caring for a second son with Muscular Dystrophy. No matter what their decision, they should at least have the choice – those parents are the ones who really bear the burden of the day to day care of the child. The thoughtless congressmen want to pass a law that impacts the lives of people in ways they haven’t even imagined and then they will walk away, leaving the parents on their own.

  174. I can’t, for the life of me, imagine why any woman (and I mean any!) would cast a vote for a republican. My God, are they crazy or have a secret desire
    to be dominated by some male. Why vote against your own best interests!
    I have the same sentiment for middle and not yet middle class voters….are you crazy? There’s an old political saying that if you want to live free and do well, vote for the democrat. There’s a reason for that…..look around you and listen to what comes out of congress these days.

  175. Maybe rose-colored glasses, Helen.

    When will they quit trying to legislate morality? I’m for less “new” laws and for a return to more individual responsibility. I say we hold people to account and don’t expect government to “fix” anything. History proves the “fixes” do not work. It also costs us big time due to inefficiency and redundancy. And why in the hell are we spending half our revenue on “defense”? What is it we are supposed to defend? The constitution, right? Well, it’s being decimated by this administration as it was the last.

    How about let’s enforce the laws already on the books? The double standard of enforcement in this nation is the biggest crime of this century. Money is what buys justice in the USA.

    Why are fractional banking Ponzi schemers exempt from prosecution and why does our government continually bail them out? Why are local police forces militarized and drones allowed to fly in our airspace? Why aren’t documented and convicted war criminals being held to account?

    While we’re busy playing sexcapades, our freedoms are rapidly eroding.

  176. Bohner – bless his heart – was pretending to care about women. He’s not very good at it because, in fact, he doesn’t care about women at all. He’s a very strange man who drinks too much and is patently unsuited for his job.

  177. If you don’t believe in abortions….don’t have one! If you need one, have it. Keep the church and the government out of our uteri!! So far no one has made it a law that we all have to eat fish on Friday. Makes as much sense. The Constitution states that we have separation of church and state. If your church says no birth control and no abortions…fine, abstain! If you want birth control and freedom to have an abortion for any reason, don’t join that church. Boener…you really need to go home once in a while and ask your wife what she thinks of you meddling in other women’s bodies.

  178. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for speaking the truth.

  179. Thee is a GOP/TP war on women going on. American fruitcake “Christians” have too many MALE representatives in Congress and we ought to correct that problem in order to address their cockamamy agenda against women…and total neglect of the important economic issues they campaigned on.

  180. Margaret, you speak the truth! Keep on rocking the boat!

  181. I have an idea! Let’s pass a bill in Congress that Republican Men will support all those children they don’t want aborted. I bet they’d change their tune pretty quickly!!

  182. Did you miss the Vatican report that U.S. nuns “have focused too much on poverty and economic issues and kept, quote, “silent” on things like abortion and same-sex marriage” ? Because, you know, abortion and gay marriage are way more important than social equality. What is it with people wasting so much energy on who marries who and whether or not I choose to have an abortion rather than solving the important social and economic problems that are facing the world?

  183. Republicans want allllll the white male babies possible being born. And they will do anything they can to make that happen, Why? Look at the latest demographics… Republicans don’t understand many things, a demographics chart isn’t one of them.

    Keep it up M&H… love yinz

  184. Amen, Margaret!

  185. Since there are some serious genetic disorders that are gender specific, there are reasons besides just wanting a particular gender child for needing to abort based on gender.

    The House should stop practicing medicine badly and look into that JOBS thing. My OB-GYN doesn’t meddle in their jobs, they should stay out of hers.

  186. I’ve long thought that the resolution to the problem of Republican men caring so much about our uteri is to just stop having sex with Republican men. It won’t take long to work itself out.

  187. “Create a society where women – and all people – truly are equal and this problem goes away.” As do so many problems.

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