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Posted by: Helen Philpot | May 30, 2012

In the Republican Party the American Dream is Just an Oxycontin Hallucination


Margaret, only in America can a white, Christian woman grow up to marry a white, Christian man and live in a lovely home and shop at a Piggly Wiggly.  Maybe I should run for President.  Of course I would need to go back to school and get a degree from Harvard or Yale first.

Now I thought the American public was smarter than this…   Or maybe they are but the Republican base is just messing up the grading curve.  Dress him however you want, but Romney is a rich son of a bitch.  Period.  He can talk all he wants about “Only in America…” but honest to God doesn’t anyone in the Republican Party see the irony in that?  Only in America?  He should say In America Only a wealthy guy in a business suit can get the Republican nomination.   For Christ’s sake, the other guy is a black man raised by a single white woman.  He’s a Christian mulatto who gets confused for a Kenyan Muslim. Now there’s your Only in America story.  And evidently only in the Democratic Party as well.

I don’t have issues with a poor man becoming wealthy any more than I do with a wealthy man becoming President.  But is that all you’ve got?  Mitt’s father’s family was temporarily poor during the depression?  Get in line. His Dad had a pet pony named Monty.   Wow.  Life was real a pile of shit for that guy.  Who names their pony Monty?

Mitt Romney is George Bush all over again. Wealthy kid of a wealthy politician who has no earthly idea what it means to make the money stretch from one paycheck to another…  Only in America my ass.  Only in the Republican Party is more like it:

Only in the Republican Party can a college dropout, married four times with no children call women sluts for using birth control. Maybe the addiction to Oxycontin made Rush sterile?

Only in the Republican Party can a blonde with big feet claim the widows of the 9/11 attacks “enjoyed their husbands’ deaths” and then go on to be a NY Times best-selling author and conservative analyst for Fox News.

Only in the Republican Party can an idiot from Alaska run for Vice President on a platform of abstinence only while keeping an early pregnancy test strip in her purse for when the kids want an after school snack.

Only in the Republican Party can Newt Gingrich, divorced twice (cheated thrice?),  give stump speeches about the sanctity of marriage.

Only in the Republican Party can John Boehner and Donald Trump get their skin that orange.

And only in the Republican Party can Mitt Romney claim to be an example of the American Dream. Of course, in this case the dream is that a pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, liberal governor from Massachusetts grew up to become the conservative nominee for the Republican Party.

Honey, I’m not scared of Romney.  I’m scared of the idiots who vote for him.  I mean it. Really.


Only in America will they sell you a sour cream on Monday that has an expiration date on Tuesday.  Now how am I going to use an entire pint of sour cream in less than a day?  And how can you even tell when sour cream has gone bad?  But you know what I say?  When life gives you too much sour cream, make a sour cream coffee cake.  Turn off the news and let’s put that in the cookbook, dear.


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  2. Love it! Every word.
    To me, the American Dream is that our descendants will never have to experience the plights of our parents and grandparents. I think it worked too well and has reduced the intelligence and common sense of the average citizen.

  3. obama’s drug use? man you conservatives just made stuff up because you cannot win with the truth

  4. um…tom, bush inherited a surplus…what recession are you talking about? you get your “facts” from Fake News?

  5. BFD
    Reading comprehension isn’t all that good for you is it? First. Look at my original post, I said it was borrowed. So what fraud did I do? Second. The proofs I provided were the words of the people on this blog, to match up to the definitions I list3ed of what actions you typically see from Leftists.

    So to be clear….again…I took posts made by people on here….I then said see…look at the post…now look at my list of leftist traits. I said I could make hundreds and hundreds of such comparisons showing this is a hard core Leftist blog. I will try and keep it dumbed down as best I can for you in the future.

    As for the end of your post…told ya so Pi. you make personal attacks, then plug your ears yelling la la la la. I cant hear you now!!!!!!! LMAO I love being right. Quick someone step in and defend him. lori? Donna? Delurk? LMAO. cant make this shit up.

  6. Margaret and Helen, you two crack me uo ! I misss you when you don’t post !

  7. I fail to understand why Pfesser wanted to stay on this page long enough to write his terrific (sarcasm!) post. This is what I don’t get about the trolls on these sites – ALL of them, including CNN, Fox, etc. – if you don’t like it, CLOSE THE BROWSER AND DON’T COME BACK. It’s really that simple. I don’t go to sites that I don’t like, and neither should you. Your post convinced no one of anything other than your idiocy, in spite of your claims to any type of intelligence. Move on to your Kool-Aid party, and leave the rest of us alone, please. PLEASE.

  8. Pfesser – IMO M&H was never meant to be a serious political blog. It is mostly humor mixed with a little politics. The host does not participate and it is not moderated. The more knowledgeable people move on partly because of the lack of moderation and the intelligent level of some trolls.

    I read Rutherford’s blog and consider it to be a more serious political blog and he does participate in the discussion and keeps some control. Most of the commenters are conservative leaning and the few liberal leaning are not treated all that well considering it is a liberal blog. It seems they are people with a lot of free time. However there is a liberal amount of d*ck flinging, IMO.

    But at the day what have you accomplished by all the debating/arguing that go on. It is not like people with the power and authority to make change are listening. The voices/solutions need to be hear/made in Washington not on some blog.


  9. And Pfesser–I’d like to respond a bit more. I appreciate that you view the blog in the manner you describe. But I disagree. I think there have been many times that people with different viewpoints have come here and been welcomed (certainly I’ve been happy for the diversity). However, the relentless unpleasantness of a small group who claim to be conservative but who appear to be disinterested in anything but insulting others has not been welcome. When someone’s comments are nothing more than an insult, then I think they are accurately and understandably referred to as a troll.

  10. Well, Pfesser, I’m not sure coming here and calling the group “NAGS” (emphasis in original) is really conducive to discussion.

    And the photo i.d. meme has been whipped to death–people have stated their opinions to the proverbial fare thee well. Just because one person hasn’t been able to persuade others to his point of view doesn’t mean that others are interested in discussing it further. I speak only for myself.

  11. Photo ID is not required for cigarettes or booze.

  12. Peeking in occasionally, I see that we are back to the, “everybody who disagrees with me is a troll” stuff. LOL. How sophomoric.

    For edification I would recommend the NAGS’ reading Rutherford’s current post on “Why do Liberals Censor?” A confirmed liberal himself, R has the rare gift of self-examination, which allows him to actually concede points well-made by ANY side of the argument – unlike here, which has become little more than a giant echo chamber for the Left. The currently worldwide very unsuccessful Left, I might add.

    That openness may be why Rutherford is so flooded with comments that he has to post a new article every few days, instead of every few months.

    Disgusting. Really disgusting. No serious discussion found here anymore.

    Sorry do disturb your reverie; go back to outing and name-calling, girls; that seems to be the current modus operandi. Feh.

  13. Anonymous on June 3: my driver’s license bears my photo. It is one of those new kind of licenses that involves some sort of holographic technology which makes it very hard to illegally manufacture bogus licenses. All my state has to do when I go to the polls is to ask to see the license along with my voter registration. The folks who don’t drive might be in a pickle unless they have an employee ID that bears their photo like I once had when I worked at the Pentagon. Then you get to the folks who would have to take a day off work to personally obtain a state sanctioned ID and that becomes impossible since so many jobs nowadays do not allow for personal time, vacation time, or even sick time. Since so many are looking for work, an employer could be as callous as desired and offload anyone for any reason, and I’ve seen this happen. Then there are the housebound who are old or ill. These are the folks who are often brought to the polls in volunteer vehicles. Their chances of personally going to the proper office and obtaining special voter ID are rather remote but as citizens they have the vote. It is vastly unsettling to see these state level voting roll purges handled the way they are. In pursuit of the few who may not be eligible to vote, many who do are harmed.

  14. I find it very interesting no one is interested in an honest election. We require photo ID for cigs and booze, but not to vote? Seems to me this is motivated by self interest as the illegals want to vote for those who till give them the most stuff for free, ie the Democrats. Why should not one of the most important acts a citizen can do for his country do everything it can to guarantee that the process is pure. Both sides will feel the result from this as no one is saying just card Democrat or Republican voters.

  15. For Pat on May 31st: If Tex et al. were welcome on the far right wing blogs, that is exactly where they would be instead of roaming so far afield. Even the right wingers have their criteria for congeniality.

  16. Florida just can’t get it right! They tried to keep a 91 y.o. war veteran off the voting rolls despite the fact that the info on him was correct and he had been voting for years. Can’t wait to see the video of the great old guy with the flag in the background spitting fire at the purgers! What Florida did to him was an insult to us all.

  17. Florida is defying the Federal order to stop the purge of voter rolls.

    “We have an obligation to make sure the voter rolls are accurate and we are going to continue forward and do everything that we can legally do to make sure than ineligible voters cannot vote,” said Chris Cate, a spokesman for Detzner. “We are firmly committed to doing the right thing and preventing ineligible voters from being able to cast a ballot. We are not going to give up our efforts to make sure the voter rolls are accurate.”

    Apparently “accurate” doesn’t also mean making sure they aren’t denying legal voters their right to vote. And they are! They won’t even show what criteria they are using!

  18. Dear newbride, when you are so desperate that you have to leave negative comments on here, YOU ARE A TROLL. If you don’t like this site, then simply stay off of it. Margaret is spot on, and I will continue to read as long as she continues to write.

  19. Great job Matt on keeping those trolls and vulgar comments off the Blog. You deserve every dollar in the donation box. Not!

  20. Bernie Sanders is so wonderful!! Bernie tells it like it is.
    In response to the Koch Brothers’ plan to spend $400 million on Republican election campaigns, Sen. Bernie Sanders called out the Kochs and urged America to stand up against Citizens United.
    …Koch plan to spend more money influencing campaigns in key states ($400 million) than John McCain raised in 2008 campaign ($370 million), Sen. Bernie Sanders said, “The Koch brothers’ bid to buy elections in America speaks to the obvious need for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and subsequent rulings. In the short term, Congress must pass legislation to require disclosure of the corporations and wealthy individuals behind the ads by outside groups.”


  21. Helen, you’re great and spot on, once again. I wasn’t a fan of Mitt’s father, but I do think he had an idea of what he really believed and had the courage to stand up for it. Mitt doesn’t seem to have any idea what he stands for until someone tells him – and then he switches to something else when a louder voice confronts him.

    I’m a bit astounded at the nasty little troll who is so persistent. Hey, Tex, you have so much to say, why don’t you start your own blog instead of trying to take over someone else’s. At any rate, it’s definitely time for you to ride off into the sunset and find that herd. They might like listening to your tripe better than the rest of us do.

  22. Wow, Margaret and Helen have trolls! Ladies you *have* arrived!!!

    Oh and my dad is hot for you.. :)

  23. Policies matter. Romney would return us to policies that almost ruined us in 2008. Don’t let that happen.

  24. Margaret: Use the sour cream in a cheese sauce. It works great.

  25. Yeah, maybe I’ll come up with a “real” name like Tex.

  26. No need to quote Krauthammer, Anonypus. You’re so inane, I can throw about anything out there for bait and you’ll bite. So Rambo, why don’t post a name to your profound bravery? :smile:

    You asked a question, and I answered it. I think you’re a moron. Simple as that. I was hoping even you could grasp that.

    Tell you what, boner. If I were pulling hind teat at this place like you are in your argumentation, I would give serious thought to giving it up and finding a new hobby.

  27. I’ll get my head out of the sand when you get yours out of your ass.

  28. Hey little man, you’re not nearly as smart as you think you are. Maybe you can quote Krauthammer again.

  29. Hey puss. You can’t even spell Buffett right, much less understand the concept.

    Get your head out of the sand.

  30. Sure coward with the anonymous moniker. I have a point. Two actually.

    To demonstrate your profound ignorance and gross incompetence of history, economics, accounting, and finance – and to point out your tendency to propagandize and lie through your teeth. You don’t even make a good water carrier as Obama lackey.

    How’s that taste now, boner, when you get to choke on your own propagandized shiite sandwich?

  31. Typical right wing BS. Obama never said the Buffet rule would solve the deficit problems. Nice to see you kissing the asses of the rich.

  32. I am no fan of Mitt Romney, but in fairness to his father’s pony, George probably grew up on Owen Wister’s “The Virginian,” who named his horse Monte.

    (We now return you to your regularly-programmed political content).

  33. Hey Jethro, Do you have a point? Glad to see you making good use of WIkipedia.

  34. By the way Anny.

    I realize you dolts who worship at the altar of Dear Leader Margaret are mathematically challenged, but let Charles Krauthammer explain in one sentence how ludicrous Obama’s proposal to “tax the rich” is at effectively solving the problems of debt – the debt you leftists are now so concerned with after three years of almost $4,000,000,000,000 in federal spending per year, adding 17,000,000 people to the Food stamp rolls, courtesy of President Food Stamp.

    “If you were to collect the ‘Buffett Tax’ for the next 250 years – that’s longer than the life of this Republic – you will not have covered Obama’s Deficit for 2011. . . . This is a preposterous statement and he knows it.”

    Even your gimmicks are moronic. :twisted:

  35. anonymouse2,

    [The “debt explosion has resulted not from big spending by the Democrats, but instead the Republican Party’s embrace, about three decades ago, of the insidious doctrine that deficits don’t matter if they result from tax cuts.”]

    Doesn’t change the history that Stockman was one of the architects of Supply-side economics, does it rube? Doesn’t change the fact that Stockman still believes in what do you call it, “trickle down economics?”

    So why doesn’t Obama buy your argument? Guess Obama also buys into the ‘Bush Tax Cuts.’ Or have we forgotten this, Mouse2?

  36. Well, Tex, you could brush up on some history yourself. Here’s a quote from David Stockman
    The “debt explosion has resulted not from big spending by the Democrats, but instead the Republican Party’s embrace, about three decades ago, of the insidious doctrine that deficits don’t matter if they result from tax cuts.”

  37. Oh, one other thing John, as I was getting long winded. I’m so glad you like what David Stockman has to say about the shortcomings of spending. Undoubtedly, history isn’t your bag.

    I would remind you that David Stockman was committed to the doctrine of supply-side economics, and also he assisted the approval of the “Reagan Budget.”

    Glad you’re on board.

  38. Thank you very much, John MacDonald!
    Misandry? LOL!

    Was I mistaken? I thought abortion and man hating were the two sacraments of this board? :grin:

    You can clap when John responds with more tripe. You stand back in the background and bleat for a time.

  39. Sorry John. You’ll need this to verify my numbers are indeed correct.


  40. I like you John. You’re actually a rube that reads the NYT and Washington Post and believes it is gospel instead of bleating like the rest of the sheep here. It’s always more fun to debate a stooge that believes he’s on his game. I’ll bet you think Paul Krugman is heaven sent too?

    So tell me John. There is no disputable fact that one Mr. Obama is currently spending $4.1 billion dollars a day more than the federal government takes in. Two questions:

    (1) Exactly how much of the deficit is Obama responsible for then?
    (2) Why is the work force participation rate at its lowest level in 31 years, according the Wapo Bible of Obama? Are you going to try to excuse it on Baby Boomers retiring like Journolist Ezra Klein, even though the average net household worth in America about $18,000? Is it only Baby Boomers that have savings and can afford to retire? :smile: Is that why the current mantra is working until 80? Because Boomers are falling out of the market by choice? Why aren’t they being replaced then by all these college graduates that can’t find jobs? Why is it that corporate tax rates are now the highest in the industrialized world? I thought Obamacare was going to save the world? I’ve got so many questions for you.

    The incredible shrinking labor force


    you can’t reduce a deficit by lowering revenues

    Well, yeah. Actually you can two ways. You can dramatically cut cost and expense, a concept foreign to Dimocrats, or you can accelerate the revenues as we did under Slick Willy Clinton with an influx of capital gains taxes before the serendipity of the tech bubble hit. That’s the only reason the budget was balanced in the late 90s (which actually it never was a surplus, contrary to popular myth).

    ; a brief review of the Bush years and the effects of his tax breaks will show you that it is the largest impact on the deficit by far.

    This one is your biggest whopper. Let’s do review. As you can see from this chart below, not only was the annual debt ratio trend decreasing in comparison to GDP growth, in 2003-2007, but we were at full employment of an average of 4.6%. Before the real estate fiasco, the annual debt was 1/3 of what it is now? Obama promised to halve the deficit, then tripled it. So how do you balance that, John under Obama’s raging economic successes.

    What are when in now under Obama? Our third recovery summer? Understand quarterly growth was unfortunately readjusted to day to a sizzling 1.9%. Outstanding. :wink:

    As soon as you answer at least a few of these questions, I’ll be glad to add to the rest of the mix of how grossly incompetent Obama, the Washington Post and the New York Times really are with thousands of more fun facts.

  41. Thank you very much, John MacDonald!
    Misandry? LOL!

  42. Respectfully, Mr. Tex Taylor, I think if you review figures provided by the Washington Post and the New York Times, based on the Office of Management and Budget, I think you’ll find that Mr Obama’s spending did not increase the deficit by anywhere near the 5.5 Trillion you mention. I think it’s pretty arguable to blame the S&P downgrade in the US’s _credit_ rating on Mr Obama, since there were multiple parties involved. From my liberal-pinko point of view, John Boehner kowtow’s to the minority Tea Party mob (I don’t know what kind of “tea” they smoke, but it must be pretty good stuff). In that respect I think that Boehner is a spineless, petty bourgeois, follower of The Party line, without a single idea of his own and unable to do simple math. Simple math includes: you can’t reduce a deficit by lowering revenues; a brief review of the Bush years and the effects of his tax breaks will show you that it is the largest impact on the deficit by far. If you don’t believe me, look up what David Stockman has to say on the subject of the deficit and the inability of the Republicans to do anything constructive about it. If you don’t know who David Stockman is, then shame on you.

  43. A lot of the negative, nasty name calling on this site just confirms what we already know about a lot of people on the right. Somehow I don’t think M&H had these people in mind when they created a comments section. But the haters are here, they won’t shut up, they need to be in other people’s faces to validate their existence, so best to ignore their pleas for attention.

  44. Margaret, sour cream has a long shelf life (no telling how many preservatives are in it) – if yours has an expiration of the day after you bought it, that means it has been sitting there for a LONG time. Next time take one from the back. Or shop at another store.

  45. One question I have been waiting for Mitt to answer and he has had every chance to clarify his position on, namely, does he actually know the difference between job creation and job exploitation.

    Only in America at a feckless lefty blog could somebody ask this question while being an Obama groupie and not be laughed at out of existence.

    I’m tempted to ask, does Obama even understand the definition of the word job period? Because after spending $5,500,000,000,000.00 of monies deferred to future generations, overseeing our first debt downgrade as a nation, Obama hasn’t been able create net job one yet with pushing work participation rates down now to their lowest level in over 30 years.

    Herbert Hoover would be a god by Mageen’s definition of success.

    My gawd, you sheep really are deluded, aren’t you? Nobody of sound mind could come to these conclusions. This blog is kind of a hybrid of Molly Ivins, misandry and Marxism. A train wreck.

    But you do keep me amused with your visions of Obama sugarplum fairies.

  46. Helen, Margaret–right on the nose, as always, ladies. Thank you. Some days, with the country in the mess it’s in, it’s hard to keep my spirits up; but a post from you always works.

  47. A friend just sent me your above observations and the are SPOT ON! Thank you.

  48. Actually, they sell sour cream that late in other countries, too.

  49. good morning, BFD: Thank you for your kind thoughts. But, in the process, let’s not criticize Christians as a group. There are many wonderful ones.

    I am grateful to Matthew. Have a good day, all.

  50. Once agan, ladies, you have hit the ball out of the park!

    Frankly, there is precious little similarity between Mitt and Obama. Mitt had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Obama certainly did not. One question I have been waiting for Mitt to answer and he has had every chance to clarify his position on, namely, does he actually know the difference between job creation and job exploitation? And no, I do not want a businessman in the WH. We allegedly had one recently for eight years (GWB’s time in the oil and baseball business). You have to be at least as smart as a fifth grader and be able to tell the difference between government and business administration. They are two completely different things.

    We the people are supposed to use the time prior to the election to give ourselves a type of amnesia which will block out all memory of the Republican debates and primary season and anything we may know about possible VP picks. Given their recent experience with the latter, I advise taking very strong medication starting now! Their field of VP possibilities gives me as many nightmares as their POTUS pick.

  51. M&H, thanks for this essay, and I would love to have the recipe for sour cream coffeecake.

    As for Mr. Romney, he’s an oligarch, pure and simple, and he wants the presidency because it’s like the biggest mega-yacht, private military, art collection, and mansion collection EVER and well, he ought to have it because he just should.

    Mr. Obama is not perfect and I don’t like everything his administration is doing; but as he said in 2008, if there IS the worst, sh**tiest job in the world, you’re gonna get a black guy to do it, right?

    I will be voting for the calm black guy in the White House, because nothing about Willard the Wealth and his cohort is remotely honorable, and my expectations may not be high but they are higher than what he has to offer: bigotry, obstructionism, lies, opportunism, international aggression, and a deep-seated hatred of women and the poor. Those are not principles by which we can run the country.

    Don’t forget to put the coffeecake recipe in the book.

  52. are you sure he has sex w/ said wives? he doesn’t seem to have a clue. ergo, no rush spawn.

  53. Another post from M&H is a fantastic way for me to end the day! Thanks! FYI, for those of you who may remember, after 2 1/2 years and over 1300 applications my husband has finally landed a job! :-)

  54. Donna:

    Many who were onetime regular contributors to this blog stopped contributing once it was taken over by people who have lost all sense of decency or rational thought. Most of us have discovered that their unprincipled and unseemly comments are better left ignored because their act of hiding creepy multiple personalities behind assumed names hasn’t fooled anyone but themselves
    But I agree that the comment you cited should be ejected for the reasons you outlined. Not everyone on this site is religious but it is telling of the tenuous hold that Christians have on reality when they condone by inaction such scurrilous thoughts promoted by one who claims to be a Christian.
    I’m neither a Jew nor a Christian but I too am pained by the use of the Holocaust as a casual throw-away line in trying to make a juvenile point. But my pain comes from the awareness of the possibility that perpetrators of those horrors could well have been distant relatives.

  55. Sorry. Not just anonymous virus – also a few more. Ignore them and they will go away – just like Palin and Coulter and soon Limbaugh.

  56. Is there an anonymous virus attacking this site???

  57. Now Margaret and Helen, all this talk about butter and sour cream has been quite interesting over the months, but I’ve begun to think you’re taking some swings off the rum in your rum cake. Unicorns? Really? Why does this article have your names written all over it? Mermaids I could buy. Maybe even Pixies. But Unicorns??


  58. Only in America can two elderly liberal women continue to recycle the same sound bits that the Democratic Party loves to throw around. George W. Bush was a spoiled, dumb rich kid who never earned a dime himself. They completely forget that Bush graduated from Yale with higher marks than Kerry. Got an MBA at Harvard. Was a fighter pilot. Was a two term governor of Texas and a two term President of the United States. They love to forget that when Bush became President he inherited a recession from Clinton that was made infinitely worse by 9/11. He didn’t whine about it like the current President – he lowered taxes and created incentives for businesses to prosper. And before any of you Democrats jump up and claim that those tax cuts caused the current recession – keep in mind that under George W. Bush’s 8 years the US treasury took in almost $5 trillion dollars more than Clinton did during his 8 years.

    And as for Rush Limbaugh’s drug addiction. Isn’t it interesting that the Democrats don’t like to talk about President Obama’s drug use. And for sure they don’t like to talk about Obama’s accomplishments to date. Why is that? Oh yeah he doesn’t have any.

    But let’s get real here. Do any of you think that we can continue to borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend? Four more years of Obama will being this country to its knees. And if that happens you can be sure that Barack Hussein Obama will blame someone else.Tt


    Attorney General Eric Holder Speaks at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library & Museum
    Austin, TX ~ Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    Since January, more than a dozen states have advanced new voting measures. Some of these new laws are currently under review by the Justice Department, based on our obligations under the Voting Rights Act. Texas and South Carolina, for example, have enacted laws establishing new photo identification requirements that we’re reviewing. We’re also examining a number of changes that Florida has made to its electoral process, including changes to the procedures governing third-party voter registration organizations, as well as changes to early voting procedures, including the number of days in the early voting period.

    Although I cannot go into detail about the ongoing review of these and other state-law changes, I can assure you that it will be thorough – and fair. We will examine the facts, and we will apply the law. If a state passes a new voting law and meets its burden of showing that the law is not discriminatory, we will follow the law and approve the change. And where a state can’t meet this burden, we will object as part of our obligation under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.


  60. ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER “Protecting Our Democracy, Protecting the Right to Vote”


    An Evening With Eric Holder, Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 6:00 p.m., LBJ Auditorium

    U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder pledged to use the Voting Rights Act against any attacks to deny Americans access to the ballot box. Holder spoke at the LBJ Library in Austin on “Protecting our Democracy, Protecting the Right to Vote” and called voting rights a legal and moral imperative. President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law in August 1965.


  61. We can only pray that Rush is sterile and will never ever procreate….You Ladies Rock the Blog world….Thanks for your voicing what we all think ….

    Romney & the Repubs are a party of deceit & lies…hope fully some people will wake up to that fact before November…

    Can’t wait for the next post!!!

  62. Damn…..
    where is the separation of church and state?????

    Why Does Holder and IRS Brief Black Pastors Only How to Help Obama


    Can anyone imagine a Republican Attorney General of the United States counseling white churches on voting rights?

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/05/eric_holder_integrates_church_and_state_in_anti-voter_id_pushback.html#ixzz1wOSJKvAL


  63. OMG! I think we are related! Well, politically, at least. My friend Gattina sent me the link to your blog, and I am thrilled!! You are definitely my kind of women! You might be interested in reading my current post, “Bunctious Buncombes,” on my blog. Now that I have read your post, I have decided to really cut loose on the far right “Christian” conservative wing-nuts when I come back from vacation. You have inspired me!!!!

    Oh, and that sour cream? I keep it in the fridge for WEEKS, and I haven’t gotten sick yet.

  64. guess what Margaret……
    “Now I thought the American public was smarter than this…”

    yes we are!!!!!!

  65. damn …..Romney goes to a private school…….guess what…..
    “in 1971, Obama returned to Honolulu to live with his maternal grandparents, Madelyn and Stanley Armour Dunham, and with the aid of a scholarship attended Punahou School, a private college preparatory school, from fifth grade until his graduation from high school in 1979″


  66. H&M, I so look forward to reading your blog. You always seem to ‘hit the nail on the head’. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  67. damn….JJ can post a link from Mahar about the “Mormon wifes” but nothing is said about Obama’s father being married to 2 women at the same time!!!!!!!
    “At the age of 23, Obama Sr. had come to Hawaii to pursue his education, leaving behind a pregnant wife and infant son in his home town of Nyang’oma Kogelo in Kenya. Dunham and Obama Sr. were married on the Hawaiian island of Maui on February 2, 1961, despite parental opposition from both families.[7][17] Dunham was three months pregnant.[1][7] Obama Sr. eventually informed Dunham about his first marriage in Kenya but claimed he was divorced. Years later, she would discover this was false.”


  68. Thing I appreciate most about Mitt is when he’s campaigning in rural states and puts on those barely worn jeans of his. He might as well put on lipstick at the same time, he looks so fake.

  69. Your latest on Romney and the Republican party is awesome. I have been writing all my life, and honestly wish that I could have written this. I would have been so proud!!

  70. To Zippitydewdaw on May 30 from greatestnumber on May 31: Your “grammer” is misspelled, and probably your thoughts as well. Look ‘em up in the dictionary.
    PS – Margaret and Helen are delightful; can’t say the same for you.

  71. To Zippitydewdaw on May 30th from greatestnumber on May 31: Your “grammer” is misspelled and probably your thoughts as well. Look ‘em all up in the dictionary. PS: Margaret & Helen are delightful – can’t say the same of you.

  72. Mitt Romney has released his birth certificate. I assume Anonymus et al will be carefully checking it out.

  73. No need for backpedaling, Augie–that’s not why I made the comment. Many people disagreed with things like the grape boycotts. My point was simply that I can absolutely see honoring someone for humanitarian activities, regardless of their politics. The elder George Bush was awarded the Medal last year. I disagree with his politics but think it was completely right to honor him for the work he has done with Bill Clinton. Not sure that I agree with him being honored for his foreign policy decisions, which President Obama singled out, but sure don’t disagree with him receiving that honor.

  74. Donna:
    Bingo! Now we’ll see how fast the eminent Pfesser can backpedal on his unicycle.

  75. Pfesser: We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. This is someone who almost single handedly is responsible for improving the truly horrific (almost slave-like) conditions that had been endured by agricultural workers. You may really object to her beliefs, but she was honored for the humanitarian work that she did and what she accomplished.

  76. OMG! Margaret and Helen, I love the two of you.

    And to all of you haters – this is a blog. If you don’t like what Helen has to say then don’t read it. As for me, I think she hits the nail on the head every time!

    Btw, although I’m no fan of Ann Coulter, I think Jon Cooksey’s comments are out of line.

  77. I see that President Obama just awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom – the highest civilian award in the US – to Delores Huerta, the honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America.

    Wow. If he doesn’t bother to disguise his feelings now, what is going to happen if he is re-elected and doesn’t have to ever worry about any more elections?

    Really, I mean it…

  78. Anonymous is every bit as brave as Mittens, who supported the Viet Nam war, but elected to not fight in it, and Rush Limpblah, who’s anal cyst “kept him out of the war” but is making millions for him by doing his broadcasts for him.

  79. Hey Anonymous 5/30/12 11:07 AM:
    I agree with Zippitydewdaw. Your post makes no sense.

  80. Reblogged this on While you were sleeping .

  81. I understand why you don’t want to sign your comment. Your grammer is wanting and your thoughts are confused. Have another cup of coffee and try again.

  82. Ya’ll crack me up.

  83. Well, I think both parties have had ample opportunity to prove they were on our side and they have flubbed it time and again. We are the definition of insanity if we keep playing this game of politico football for any longer.

    Red shirts or blue, we’re being sold down river to the highest bidder.

    Why is the liar we have better than the liar they prop up? Better sponsors?

    Wake up and smell the coffee. The “change” wasn’t good…

  84. I believe that the majority of American voters will see through the lies and crap and see what the President has done for real people in spite of the Republican obstructionist party. I pray that I am right.

  85. Eureka!! I just found you and I’m thrilled. You are a voice for us: the reasonable, the thoughtful, the fair-minded, the people who love their democratic country and want it to be the leader in the 21st Century. Only Obama will and can accomplish that goal.

  86. Ann Coulter is nothing but a stupid flat out whore. She’s just pissed because the 9/11 widows are after the truth. May her stupid whore ass rot in hell.

  87. Great ‘analysis’ of the Republican party today. What really scares me, as you alluded to, are the people voting for them. Swallowing the BS whole. Are they that stupid or so bigoted and prejudiced that they cannot believe anything anyone different from them says or does?

  88. Love it.

  89. Helen & Margaret speaking truth to power and allowing us to share early in the morning in your wisdom makes for a fabulous day all around. You ladies rock!

  90. You’ve got that right Alan,the Democrats aren’t trying to tell me what to do with my reproductive system or make it harder for me to vote.

  91. Romney certainly wouldn’t be my first choice, but he did take money and make a hell of a lot MORE money, as opposed to his rival, who took someone else’s money and spent it “community organizing” – which is to say, pissed it down a rat hole.

    The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money – Thatcher. If you want to HAVE any money to give away, you are going to have to at least get off the producers’ backs so they can earn it for you.

  92. Oops! It appears that there are no recipes in The Cookbook, but hopefully the ladies will create one and I definitely would love to be able to purchase it as an e-book also.

  93. Only in America,can a man who professes to be a fiscal hawk, seek validation from a man who has filed for bankruptcy multiple times. Only in America, can a man who did everything he could to avoid the military, want to build an even bigger military.

  94. Thanks for another great observation of how the GOP sees things from their “only in America” perspective – a totally screwed up perspective at that. Keep up the great work ladies. I truly enjoy your blog – now off to read your recipes.

  95. Only in America do we have M&H. Keep it up!

  96. P.S. Nancy, there is no equality of stupidity in both parties. The Republicans have it hands down.

  97. Margaret, make a lot of enchiladas. They taste great with sour cream on them.

  98. I enjoy your posts but am not sure that only the Republican Party is full of idiots and weirdos. I think there are more than enough of these people in both parties! Only in America can we claim victory in Iraq while our men and women continue to fight , suffer horrific wounds, and die in Afghanistan – if memory serves me right our current president sent our troops in large numbers to Afghanistan – how about sending them home instead?

  99. Thank you!

    Margaret, I always wondered how sour cream could spoil. Sourer cream? Great idea with the coffee cake. Put your recipe in the book!

  100. Only in the Republican party will they call compassion “socialism,” while they line up to collect their government subsidies and tax credits. Keep up the good work girls!

  101. Only in the republican party will they call compassion “socialism,” as they line up to collect as many government subsidies and grants as they can. Love reading you girls!

  102. Thanks for another wonderful post.

  103. Only in America is intelligent design is still trying to make its way into public schools. Only in America is Fox News considered to be a news program. Only in America is the stupid birther theory still taken seriously by a sizable population and promoted on CNN by some guy with strange hair who got into an argument with the reporter on the air and accused CNN of being stupid.

  104. Only in America, do we have Margaret and Helen!
    The Republican Party – What do they serve at the conventions to make people that way?

  105. i love that you ladies have a tag for “Oxycontin”! only in America! keep it up, ladies, i love hearing from you.

  106. Love you M&H… keep on bloggin girls, I’ll keep on reading.. Really I mean it…

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