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Posted by: Helen Philpot | January 28, 2010

Train Wreck

Thank you for the flowers, Margaret.  You always know just how to cheer me up.  And yes, the tree is still up.  This year is going to be one to remember.  I can already tell.

I got halfway through Sarah’s book and quit.  Quitting is not like me, but I figure if Sarah can quit pretty much everything she starts then I can quit her book.  She can’t write worth a damn but she can certainly draw a crowd… then again, so can a train wreck. 

Life is never difficult in her world.  There is never anything to ponder.   There is no thought… no debate.   The world is simply black and white… oil and snow.    Her approach to politics is simple.  Government shouldn’t do anything.   Because doing something would need thought.  And thought is too much to ask from Sarah Palin.  She has other things to do like getting even with anyone who has ever exposed her stupidity.

People like Sarah used to believe in creationism.  But like a 10-year-old who realizes believing in Santa Clause has run its course, Sarah now believes in intelligent design.  The problem with that concept is you have to be unintelligent to believe it.  This is a woman who thought she was being smart when she pointed out that Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein.  Life is complicated… mysterious even…. but intelligent?  Hardly.  Intelligent design can’t explain the existence of a mosquito anymore than I can explain the existence of this book or her rise to politcal fame.

So, Margaret,  I am done with her book.  But I fear that I am not done with Sarah.  Like Harold’s gas, she has a way of sticking around despite how much you want it to go away.  And I mean “it”.  Really.
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  1. Helen, you give me hope that the country isn’t being completely infected with Palinia pestis (sort of like the plague but instead of death one becomes an unthinking zombie). Go, girl!

  2. This is the funniest and smartest blog I’ve read in a long time! Happy to find you.

  3. Helen, it has been a month since you told us you stopped reading the Palin book. I am so thankful. I wouldn’t have been able to cope with a play by play of that book. Hope life is getting simpler for you.

  4. I just learned of your website from my friend and I love it. You make me laugh out loud!

    Regarding Sarah Palin… Have you ever noticed that when you do a spell-check on her last name it always comes up as “plain”? I think eliminating the “l” would do the trick!

  5. Helen,
    I am certainly glad you are feeling better. I wish you would write a book. You are a wonderful writer and definite worth the read unlike Palin’s crap on toilet paper.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and making us all laugh everyday.

  6. Hella entertaining as usual. Keep up the writing!

  7. I love you, too!

  8. MIKE…
    In your original post you quoted snopes.

    Now you claim to be a “factcheck” contributor.

    Which is it Mike?

    Meds Mike. You need to remember your meds.

  9. Anyone catch Jon Stewart or Colbert the other nite? What a brilliant way to show just how stupid the “don’t ask don’t tell” logic is. Just substitute old for gay. They really showed MCCain for what he is. A flip flopping, can’t remember what he said, bow to which ever way his right wingnut party blows asshat. But the worse for me was cringing with embarrassment when our illustrious Redneck criminal Rep Saxby Chambliss spoke. I thought it was 1954 again.

  10. Mike,

    It is best to not feed the trolls. Craig is a regular that has a penchant for controlling as many posts as possible. He’s not very bright but loves attention. He’s a very sad POS.

  11. Craig,
    President Obama was there. Yes. former president Bush did go to the post. It stated that the WH asked Bush to leave, as claimed was undetermined, but the other comments, if you read them, are false.
    You guys put this crap up , pass it around, and it’s always false-every time . I use factcheck and have helped them on occasion with getting the truth out on this bs. I don’t know what your motivation is except to hurt the country. Go crawl back into your hole please.

  12. As a first time reader I have to thank a friend on Multiply for leading me to you. I read the past three blogs and found them hilarious…and to the point. Thanks.

  13. In response to your above post..I saw Snopes and it did confirm that Bush did go to Ft. Hood.
    It also said that the visit was undetermined as to what surprise value it had on the post at Hood.
    Obama not being there…no surprise.
    Case closed.

  14. Craig, take a look and read this
    http://www.snopes.com/photos/military/forthood.asp. It is not been demonstrated that President Obama asked Pres.Bush to leave. butI’ll bet that is also untrue. Everyone of these wingnut posted things eventually turn out to be untrue, and posted by liars who have nothing better to do but run down our President. If you read the text of what I posted, you will see that much if waht you say is not true.

  15. Speaking of Train Wrecks: Craig is Back!


    Here is President Obama having a discussion with Democrats yesterday,


    Helen and Margaret – this post is amazing!!! Thank You for Blogging again!

  16. (The author of this note) sent my cousin in Fayetteville, N.C. (retired from Special Forces) that picture of Geo. W. visiting the wounded at Ft. Hood .. I got this reply:

    What is even better is the fact George W. Bush heard about Fort Hood, got in his car without any escort, apparently they did not have time to react, and drove to Fort Hood.. He was stopped at the gate and the guard could not believe who he had just stopped. Bush only ask for directions to the hospital then drove on. The gate guard called that “The president Is on Fort Hood and driving to the hospital.” The base went bananas looking for Obama. When they found it was Bush they immediately offered escort and Bush simply told them to shut up and let him visit the wounded and the dependents of the dead. He stayed at Fort Hood for over six hours and was finally asked to leave by a message from the White House. Obama flew in days later and held a “photo ” session in a gym and did not even go to the hospital. All this I picked up from two soldiers here who happened to be at Fort Hood when it happened.

    This Bush/Obama/Ft.Hood story is something that should be sent to every voter in the US.

  17. Email these people and tell them to pull the Tebow Ad
    during SuperBowl

    lwade@cbs.com, gwcaraccioli@cbs.com, rlbrendle@CBS.com, jsabatelle@CBS.com

    Richard Dawkins on Abortion


  18. http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/scarce/ed-schultz-rails-against-lack-health-care-l

    A free Clinic set up because of Keith Olberman served 1000 people yesteday. Ed Schultz talks about what he saw.

  19. OT Corporate terrorism :grin:

  20. DeLurker Girl – I am with you. What will Sarah do now?


  21. Welcome back. I missed you. I hope you had a chance to see Obama Q and A with Republicans at their retreat. If you didn’t try to find a tape of it. You won’t regret the effort. Watching Obama adeptly answer those questions was like heaven on earth. Sigh, we can finally see and hear an intelligent president speak (no teleprompter needed — the man had his own ‘google’ search engine in his brain!!)
    After it was over some Republicans admitted that televising it live wasn’t the best idea. As Steven Colbert put it (paraphrasing) it was like the (Republicans) challenging AquaMan to a duel and saying ‘But first, let’s get in the water!”

  22. I keep looking for Mooselini’s attack on Rush Limbaugh after he publicly 10x’d what Rahm Emmanual said privately. Rush has an audience of multi-millions. What? She hasn’t gone after him? Surely he should set a better example! Sarah, don’t miss your chance – he’s handed you a shiny platform!

  23. So glad you are back, missed you a lot..really.
    Do you suppose, just maybe, McCain didn’t really want to be president and selected Palin because he knew that was the most absolute sure positive guarantee that he would not be elected?

  24. tradesman, that AD is placed after the judgment of Dr. Tiller’s murderer for a reason and it is why I oppose it. I made that clear. Normally, I don’t have a problem with that sort of thing its the timing and the message it sends.

    What doesn’t make sense is that you seem to like the video opposing the AD? Did you even watch it? Did you see it is a PLANNED PARENTHOOD Ad? lol! Honestly, you crack me up sometimes.

    BTW, you guys will get a chuckle out of this, promise.


  25. “Methinks Limbaugh mixed Obama’s speech up with one of Palin’s old campaign speeches.”

    Or with one of his own broadcasts, for heaven’s sake.

    My first time posting in a long while: SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK!

  26. So good to see you posting again. I worry when you don’t.

    Love your rationale for quitting the book. You’re right–quitting is best met with quitting, especially in La Palin’s case.

    She creeps me out; her mission in life is to make others as ignorant as she is feel as if they deserved a shot at governance.


  27. Is that you Helen or Margaret – back row?


  28. Freedom of speech my ass!
    You better watch what you say or you will end up like Barry Jennings, or David Kelly, or John P. O’Neill, Pat Tillman, David Wynn-Williams, J. Clifford Baxter, and Milton William Cooper.

  29. Sarah, I can trash you but don’t dare talk bad of me,
    Palin is warming up for her teabag festival.


  30. OK Juneaujoe…
    just who do YOU want to loose their Freedom of Speech…..make a list ….then ok it with the ACLU

  31. auntiejean….
    you forgot to add that the U.S. Gov. is required by law to protect Taiwan…..
    yes Taiwan is buying jets and Patriot missile systems……
    the big argument with China is not the arms themselves but the dollar amount(course more money=more arms)

    U.S. Taiwan Relations Act of 1979
    (Jimmy Carter)(House controlled by Dems.)
    (Senate controlled by Dems.)


  32. KKK like the Freedom of Speech discussion!

    The Bin Laden corporations in the US also like the Freedom of Speech discussion!

  33. Finally: House will take on the Health Insurance Companies!


  34. palinshutup….
    your you-tube post about the Tebow ad was good……alot different than your idiotic rant earlier…..”Demand CBS Pull Anti-Choice Superbowl Ad”…….

    Shouldn’t Freedom Of Speech be for everyone instead of just liberals…..

  35. Another person, happy to see you are sharing your wisdom with us once again, don’t stay away so long.

  36. Yes, this is on the long side, but its worth it! Found this as a link on AOL.

    Alaskans Ready to Move on From Palin Mania
    Andrea Stone Senior Washington Correspondent
    WASILLA, Alaska (Feb. 3) — It is not exaggerating to say that these days you have a better chance of a moose sighting than seeing Sarah Palin here.

    “She’s been invisible,” said Anchorage Daily News columnist Julia O’Malley. “Unless you count the book signings.”

    Well, there is one other way to catch her. “We see her on Fox,” said state Rep. Les Gara, an Anchorage Democrat.

    With an undeterred Palin scheduled to give the keynote address at the first-ever and increasingly controversial National Tea Party Convention in Nashville on Saturday — and having recently announced plans to campaign for fellow Republicans, including former running mate Sen. John McCain — the distance between Palin and her roots in the permafrost will only continue to grow. But whether they count themselves as Palin fans or detractors, Alaskans hold a few shared views of the career turn their former governor has taken.

    One is that the national stage suits Palin well. Another is that after the frenzied months that followed her return from the presidential campaign trail in November 2008, the calmer, post-Palin political atmosphere is welcomed.

    Indeed, many of those who knew her when now seem ready to talk about something else.

    “There is a weariness. Why don’t we just turn the page?” said Michael Carey, an Anchorage radio host. “There was a point where she was new, fresh, what’s gonna happen next. She was about tomorrow. Now she’s about yesterday.”

    Lynn Gattis, 53, a self-described and unabashed “tea bagger” — unlike most in the movement, she embraces that spin on its name — takes a different view of Palin’s trajectory. “She’s a small-town girl who made it big,” said Gattis, who is proud of Palin’s increasing role in rallying national conservatives. But she, too, could do without all the fuss.

    “We have so much happening with our economy, jobs and whatever, she’s not necessarily front and center,” Gattis said. “And I don’t mean that in a negative fashion. But holy smokes … Sarah probably isn’t in our top 10 list.”

    The Q Factor

    In July 2008, before McCain named the then-obscure governor to his ticket as vice president, 80 percent of Alaskans viewed Palin favorably. A new poll of Alaskan voters found fewer than half now do so. If there’s a central cause for her decreased home-state popularity, it’s expressed by Mary Lowrey, 55, a nurse from Kotzebue, above the Arctic Circle: “She was a quitter.”

    In interviews with dozens of Alaskans, the quitter theme came up often, both from critics who feel she lost interest in the governorship after barnstorming the country as a vice presidential candidate, and from Palin partisans who believe she was the victim of a political witch hunt.

    “She cashed in and left,” said former Democratic Gov. Tony Knowles, whom Palin beat in 2006 in his bid to return to the governor’s mansion in Juneau.

    At downtown Anchorage’s 5th Avenue Mall, Palin supporters Alison Bodewitz, 83, and her husband Ben, 78, paused to consider her sudden departure last July.

    “I don’t know where she’s going,” said Alison. “Do you understand her anymore, Ben?”

    “No,” replied Ben.

    “A lot of people were disappointed when she left,” Alison added. “She was doing a good job.”

    The Bodewitzes don’t blame Palin for quitting with more than a year and a half remaining in her term. They called the ethics controversies swirling around Palin at the time “trivial” and blame Palin’s political opponents for making it impossible for her to fulfill her duties.

    So does Crystal Nygard, 43, a businesswoman in Wasilla: “She looked at what it was costing her to be governor — the taxpayers don’t need to fund a bunch of attorneys.”

    But to some observers, the true cost of Palin’s tumultuous final months in office was borne by the state’s civic culture.

    “There was this really unhealthy thing that developed” after Palin returned to Juneau, said Gara, the state representative. “The state divided into pro- or anti-Sarah camps. Every issue was discussed not on the merits but on whether Sarah was for it or against it.”

    It was a tension felt throughout Alaska. At Wasilla’s Pandemonium Booksellers and Café, where “Going Rogue” is the biggest seller — either as “a gift or a joke,” says owner Shannon Cullip — the mere mention of Palin’s name would inflame passions.

    But that’s ebbed in recent months, Cullip said, noting, “It’s mellowed a lot” since Palin resigned as governor. “It used to be really extreme — they loved her or hated her.”

    Gerald McBeath, a political scientist at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, credited the de-escalation to Palin’s successor, Gov. Sean Parnell.

    “He’s laid-back, taciturn. He doesn’t come up with a press release every day,” he said. “And he can write and speak in complete sentences, sort of like other people.”

    The Sarah They Knew

    The day after President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, local Republicans gathered for lunch at Evangelo’s Restaurant on Wasilla’s western outskirts. Dining on French dip sandwiches and black bean chili, they listened as conservative gubernatorial candidate Ralph Samuels held forth.

    When Samuels said that “government needs to get out of the way,” several in the crowd answered, “Amen.” During the question and answer session, one man referred to Obama’s “lecture” the night before. Another said environmentalists were “assaulting” Alaska, which had to stand up for “states’ rights.”

    This was Palin’s crowd.

    Yet as the group broke up, a couple of attendees offered a darker view, one that has lingered since Palin gave her resignation speech last summer by the shore of glimmering Lake Lucille. The lake is now frozen over, and so too the feelings of some of Palin’s most ardent supporters.

    “I’m glad she’s gone on to do what she wants to do,” said Karen Tucker, 62, a Wasilla teacher whose pastor husband led the luncheon’s opening prayer. She spoke of how Gov. Palin had tried to oust the state’s GOP chairman, despite wide support for him within the party.

    Moments earlier, another woman, who called herself a conservative Republican, spoke incredulously about the “cynicism” of national Republicans in choosing someone clearly unqualified for the vice presidency. “How in the world could they?” she asked. “The phenomenon of Sarah Palin exists because people are uninformed politically.” (Like several people interviewed, she refused to be identified for fear of “retribution” from Palin and her allies.)

    Sitting next to a stack of hair curlers in her Guys & Gals hair salon, Alice Massie, president of the Alaska Federation of Republican Women, said that despite what people from “outside” say, Palin is no conservative. Massie notes that as governor, Palin worked with Democratic legislators to pass an oil company tax that her fellow Republicans opposed. And despite the Tea Party movement’s infatuation with Palin, Massie disputes her reputation as a budget hawk, noting that as mayor she plunged Wasilla into debt.

    “Sarah is better suited to the media. She’s for people who are looking for an ‘American Idol,’” Massie said. “She’s brought a lot of attention to Alaska, but what has she really done for the state?”

    Parnell, who goes before voters in November, is already chipping away at Palin’s legacy by pushing legislators to roll back the oil tax increase she championed, and it’s not yet clear what lasting impact Palin’s truncated stint in Juneau will have. But if she does launch a presidential bid in 2012 — despite a recent nationwide CBS Poll finding that 71 percent of Americans don’t want her to — it’s not as if she’ll be running on her record in Alaska anyway, as one local political pro notes.

    Palin has “what any politician out there would kill for,” said Andrew Halcro, who competed against Palin as an independent gubernatorial candidate in 2006 and is challenging U.S. Rep. Don Young in the Republican primary this year. “And that is the ability to make substance irrelevant.”

    Speaking of her new side job as a news-network analyst, Halcro said, “It’s brilliant for Fox. She brings in a built-in audience who want to listen to Sarah Palin and not listen to what she says.” It’s also, he believes, an opportunity that fits her better than her old position did.

    “This is her sweet spot. This is what she was always cut out to do. She’s found her groove.”

  37. Oh, I do hope Miss Margaret is well? Do let us know, won’t you?

  38. I just discovered your jewel of a blog and LOVE it! Well done and very well written. And funny! I have my work cut out for me looking at some past posts. Thanks!

  39. Thanks for posting, I missed you! Agree completely with your thoughts on S.P. Blessings on your month of February! You are a gem!

  40. Juneau Joe, this line from that Wall Street CEOs really made me laugh

    “The big banks, the lobbyists say, have become increasingly alarmed that the legislative process may move in unexpected directions outside their control.”

    wave bye bye to your welfare CEO’s bye bye…bye bye!

  41. Sean James and Al Joyner respond to the Tebow Super Bowl ad

  42. You might say Jean, that America’s borrowing is preventing inflation in China.

  43. yeppers, $arah is a disgrace, glad you “quit” reading her garbage..also, glad your back…another reason to smile, i know it will be a very good day if you can laugh..keep em coming ..:)

  44. Oh, P.S.

    The INTEREST on the National Debt we pay to China, as well as other countries who hold our paper, add up to tidy sums for their economies.

    Aloha :-)

    Auntie Jean

  45. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Nice goin’. We just sold a whole bunch of military arms to Taiwan. In case anyone is a little fuzzy about Taiwan, it’s an island across from Mainland China with a few smaller islands. It is not quite one-third the size of the state of Maine. Taiwan passed through a number of imperial hands. Formerly known as Portuguese Formosa, as well as Dutch, Japan acquired it from the Quin Dynasty in 1895. Taiwan was returned to China after WWII in 1947 and so cherishes its independence. It now is the 26th largest economy in the world and is known in economic circles as one of the “Four Asian Tigers”.

    For centuries, China had emperors and was something of a feudal society. The Qing Dynasty was overthrown in October 1911 with Sun Yat-sen as the president of the Republic of China and later Chiang Kai-shek. There was a protracted civil war and ultimately the Communists took over as the Peoples’ Republic of China on October 1, 1949. Mao Tse-tung became the first Chairman of the Communist Government. Chiang Kai-shek and his government retreated to Taiwan. Perhaps he didn’t want to suffer the same fate as the Russian Romanovs.

    I remember seeing gigantic portraits of both
    Sun Yat-sen and Mao Tse-tung in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Sun Yat-sen is regarded by BOTH China and Taiwan as their equivalent of our George Washington.

    Ever since, China has considered Taiwan a province of China. Taiwan still feels it is the ONLY legitimate government of China and Outer Mongolia. So this is a family feud that has been going on for 61 years. Naturally, in our usual American Imperialistic mode, we have to meddle.

    For a U. S. corporation of the Military Industrial Complex to sell anything to a foreign country, it has to go to the Department of Commerce first. If the ‘product’ is considered classified then it is referred to the Department of Defense. (I seriously doubt if the arms sale to Taiwan was about crossbows.) As of 2006, 40% of the DOD budget was secret. So the odds are that the corporation also has military contracts with the DOD.

    It doesn’t hurt if a member of congress from the corporation’s district happens to put in a good word to the DOD for a deal with, say, Taiwan. After all, the corporation does employ plenty of people who happen to be voters. Of course, it would be nice also if that corporation made a generous contribution to the senator’s or representative’s re-election campaign. The Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 decision makes that all very easy – and legal. So everybody’s happy, right?

    Everybody except China. She is pissed to a fare-the-well. As a major player, she could nuke Taiwan right off the map but has chosen not to do so. However, she holds a few trillion dollars of U. S. National debt she could call in and then we would REALLY be over a barrel. She doesn’t much want to do that because Wal-Mart and plenty of other U.S. markets keep her economy going very well, thank you. (Yes, I shop at Wal-Mart regularly.) China is selling vast quantities of consumer goods to the U. S. that we don’t manufacture anymore and we are selling weaponry to Taiwan. Go figure.

    And so the Merry-Go-Round continues to go round and round and round…….

    Does anybody here have any ideas on how to unscramble this mess OVERNIGHT? I don’t!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  46. I love you, Helen. Can I adopt you as my honorary grandma?

  47. Donna,

    I had to see the craziness of Palin in AK. People were starving in the villages and she ignored and ignored some more Finally, she went to a village and took cookies and told people to leave the village and look for work.

    Witchy woman that Palin.

    I can’t wait for Levi’s book to come out and tell about Palin from his perspective. I believe she was know to say, my down’s boy and she even used the word retarded.

    Palin is nuts!

  48. JJ: I also just love the Palin feigned outrage over the Rahm statement. Was she equally enraged in November 2000 when Limbaugh said that Gore was “bussing retards” to the polls and that he had “locked up the retard vote?” What a complete fraud.

  49. OK, I just found this post, and I LOVE it!! Boy, do you have Ms. Palin’s number!! THANK YOU for saying this so well, and with a sense of humor.

    Unfortunately, I agree with you, she’s not going ANYWHERE!! (Cue horror music!!)

    Thanks for this! I am a new fan!!

  50. Donna,

    Rush is such an idiotic elitist! It is hard to live on $250,000 a year. Poor baby.

    Goodbye tax cuts!!! Rush needs to pay a bit more in taxes. He would not even miss it.

    Let the tax cuts sunset!!! Goodbye taxcuts!

  51. and if congress leaves out Barack’s proposal??????get in touch with your congressmen and demand that the tax cuts be included…..

  52. Budget proposal extends Bush tax cuts for “98 percent of all households.”……good going “W”……you to BO……..

    as far as tax breaks expiring you’ll have to go back and check the gridlock at that time and the Reps trying to work with the Dems….I think someone was trying to “BORK” “DUBYA”

    don’t you just hate when Rep. act just like Dems.

  53. Good job–JuneauJoe. And do you like the Limbaugh statement (now being defended on Fox) that $250,000 a year isn’t a lot of money on which to live?


  54. Wall Street CEOs are calling on Congressmen not to insist that they give the money back or take away their 6 and 7 figure bonuses. Pity the poor Millionaires



  55. Rahm Emanuel..
    What a great individual to have as a role model
    inside the beltway. using the “R”ded word..
    I’ll bet he has used the “N” word as well.

    In a post titled “Are You Capable of Decency, Rahm Emanuel?,” Palin wrote, “Just as we’d be appalled if any public figure of Rahm’s stature ever used the ‘N-word’ or other such inappropriate language, Rahm’s slur on all God’s children with cognitive and developmental disabilities — and the people who love them — is unacceptable,” adding, “it’s heartbreaking.”

    Politico reported today that an administration official informed them that Emanuel had already reached out to Special Olympics chairman and CEO Tim Shriver, who recently launched a campaign to end the use of “the R word.”

    “Rahm called Tim Shriver Wednesday to apologize and the apology was accepted,” the unnamed official said.

    “It should be noted that Emanuel, who is rumored to have once mailed a dead fish to a former coworker he disliked, has not offered any apology to the liberals his slur was aimed at, and it’s highly doubtful that he ever will.”

  56. Jon Stewart on the President Obama – Republican gathering. GREAT!


  57. Just realized I didn’t deliver the Saturday link:

    President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 1/30/10

    ;) ~ Δ

  58. I see why the original link no longer works. The story was withdrawn:


    Evidently there were some factual errors.

  59. President Obama’s YouTube interview


  60. President Clinton passed a mild tax increase without a Republican vote AND WE ENDED UP WITH A BUDGET SURPLUS!

    Let the tax break expire!

    Bush started 2 wars and lowered taxes = economic mess! All other wars had taxes passes to pay for the wars! We need to get back to pay as you go which the Republicans voted against last week.

  61. President Obama and Helen Philpot are the best!!!

  62. Gates is making his announcement about DADT.

  63. That link didn’t work for me but this one did:


    “In the 2010 budget tabled by President Barack Obama on Monday, the White House wants to let billions of dollars in tax breaks expire by the end of the year — effectively a tax hike by stealth.”

    Letting temporary tax breaks expire on schedule (which party set that schedule?) is Obama stealthily rasing taxes?

    If ground beef is on sale at my store this week, then when it’s not on sale next week is that a stealthy price hike?

  64. For those who enjoyed President Obama’s remarks at the GOP retreat last Friday….
    (w/interactive transcript, click and the video jumps to that spot)

    Of course…
    Jon Stewart reviews the ‘happening’.


  65. poolman…..
    glad you liked the posts…..I even used moveon.org……just kicken the tires

  66. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20100201/bs_nm/us_budget_backdoortaxes

  67. How about a word from Margaret too? She hasn’t froze to death up there in Maine, has she?
    We love you too Margaret! :-)

  68. So glad you’re back! A voice of reason!

  69. Bible Spice! (*snicker*) :)

  70. Game playing by Republicans: A review


  71. The UK is having inquiries into the how and why they got into the Iraq war.

    I wish the US had done the same.

    It is interesting that 7 Republicans (and Dems) signed on to start a committee to look at potential cuts to the budget.
    President Obama agreed.
    When the official vote came up on the floor, the republicans voted NO on their proposal. Bi-partisanship – Nice game for Republicans

  72. Palinshutup, thanks for the link. I’ve signed it and am happy to pass it on.

    For those against abortions don’t have one.
    For those against gay marriage, then don’t marry a gay person. Plain and simple.

    Unless Cbs airs a counter ad for Pro-choice then the other needs to be pulled.

  73. reader, apparently, it is not uncommon that the president be referred to as “President Obama” the first time he is mentioned in a particular piece, and then as “Mr. Obama” thereafter. Here’s the NPR take: http://www.npr.org/ombudsman/2009/12/why_do_you_call_him_mr_obama.html

  74. I was catching up on Jon Stewart. If you didn’t catch this one it was quite good, imho.

    Blues Clueless

  75. Welcome back, Helen! I’ve missed you. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Margaret and the boys.

  76. Thanks Candice Franks
    We must have met at the convention last week.
    Say hello to the husband!

  77. Amen, Poolman.

  78. While listening to the news today – I believe it was ABC but it really doesn’t seem to matter which one — the newsperson referred to “Pres. Obama” as ‘Mr. Obama. I wouldn’t be as surprised however if it was FOX. Has anyone else noticed how often they refer to him as Mr. Obama? Just seems a wee bit disrespectfull.

  79. On the heels of the GUILTY verdict of Scott Roeder for the murder of Dr. Tiller?? Give me a freaking break.

  80. the KKK should have freedom of speech but I doubt CBS would run an AD campaign for them.

  81. Whew! I was starting to contemplate a blog post on why M&H couldn’t possibly be two little old ladies, just to see if I could get a rise and get a new post out of you! Anybody tweetin’ this stuff at Sarah?

  82. LMAO! PSU posts link to petition against the anti-abortion ad, UAW posts link to petition to run the ad. Almost the same are signed on for as against. With it that controversial, they should pull it. Afterall, we are a politically correct society.

    I submit we petition to have all superbowl profits go to the homeless and devastated in both America and Haiti. That would be what a true Christian nation would do. But no. I know just how important football is in the scheme of things.

    “Wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will also be.” Matthew 6:21

  83. http://civic.moveon.org/cbs//

  84. https://secure.lifesitenews.com/np/clients/lifesitenews_us/campaign.jsp?campaign=20

  85. Left Wing Media? Really? – Demand CBS Pull Anti-Choice Superbowl Ad


  86. So pleased you are back and hope all is well with you. Missed you!

  87. Glad you are back. I was very worried about you when you didn’t post for so long.

  88. From the Daily Koz:

    Sarah Palin has been using her political action committee to buy up thousands of copies of her book, “Going Rogue,” in order to mail copies of the memoir to her donors, newly filed campaign records show.

    The former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate had her political organization spend more than $63,000 on what her reports describe as “books for fundraising donor fulfillment.” The payments went to Harper Collins, her publisher, and in some instances to HSP Direct, a Virginia-based direct mail fundraising firm that serves a number of well-known conservative politicians and pundits.

    Sarah PAC spent another $8,000 on colorful bookmarks designed by a Nashville-based event branding firm. And her committee paid her publisher $20,000 for what appears to have been the cost of sending her personal photographer and another aide along on her book tour. Those expenses are listed by the PAC as travel repayment to Harper Collins.

  89. Glad that you are back — I’ve missed you! Life is too short to waste on “Going Rogue”. Hope whatever it was that you needed cheering up for is lots better now. Sending more good cheer and if I may be so cheeky — big cyberhugs as well.

  90. Don’t worry, Craig…you are not normal.

  91. WoW..
    And I thought I was a BAD Troll.

    I’m starting to feel a little normal.

  92. Rock on sister! Glad you are doing well…

  93. As a long time reader but infrequent contributor to H&M’s blog it is readily apparent that some new trolls have arrived on site. From the quality of their comments it appears that they are 4th graders who just learned some gutter language and think they will shock adults by using it.

    You’d like to say to them, “Kiddies, go back to daddy’s porn sites and you might learn about where babies come from even though you’re probably still too young to understand what’s really going on there. At least it’ll keep you occupied while you slobber all over the keyboard.”

    It’s best to avoid commenting to them directly. If ignored, they will eventually go away but not before resorting to even more depraved language and comments. You just have to be prepared for what will come next

  94. @ reader on January 31, 2010
    at 9:38 PM-
    The latest batch of wahoos are kindergartners compared to the batches which flooded in before the federal election…
    M&H ignored them then and will continue to do so.


  95. Oh yes. Maybe now people (I never have) won’t have to read the droning vitriol that comes out periodically on Palin’s Facebook. Her ghostwriters were outed by Patrick at Palingates and some of his commenters. I mean c’mon we all know Palin writes like a three year old so we knew this all the time.
    They are dancing in the aisles at C4P trying to fake that they are ecstatic Bible Spice has been outed as a liar, ’cause they had kept the secret for her. I’d feel sorry for them if they weren’t so stupid.

    So I have been giggling.

    Also Sarah pretty much shot herself in the foot denouncing NOW on Thursday–when “she”
    posted amazing things about them on Tuesday
    to Greta on FAUX. Tee hee.

  96. Good morning, all! I’ve been out of town for a few days and am so glad to see that our hosts are back.

  97. Bernie Sanders: The man is great!


    There has been a lot of criminal activity to bring us to the economic mess we are currrently in. Why haven’t there been criminal charges? Because FBI agents were taken away from blue collar crimes to focus on terrorism. More agents are needed to find those who brought our economy to the brink.

  98. A little blogger investigative work turned up an interesting theory on who is most likely writing Palin’s facebook posts. Hint: former C4P writers.

    Go to http://www.palingates.blogspot.com/ for more information.

  99. lefty, you might try the Egan dinners sponsored by the Mat-Su Democrats on the 3rd Friday of the month. They are a pretty friendly crowd.

  100. Helen,

    Your new post is music to my ears. It is a relief to know that you are alright. I probably check this blog more than just about any site I frequent.

    Remember, 99.5% of us love you and the other.5% don’t really matter.

    Take care.

  101. I think “reader” has intimacy issues…just saying.

  102. I wish Matthew would or could put some blocks on this blog to keep the ‘dirty mouth’ trolls off. We here welcome folks of different oppions and are willing to debate. But to just spew what several have today is really uncalled for and should hereafter be ingnored completely. Let me also add — Do I care if Helen and Margaret are real, or if they are really two 80 year old friends who started this blog to communicate with one another — the answer is a big resounding NO. I keep coming back to this porch (they graciously opened for us) just because I enjoy their writing and their wit — and the comments/links (pro and con) from those others that visit this porch.

  103. I am so glad that you are back and hope that you are feeling better. I have been checking the blog and have soooo missed your insight! I have been so discouraged with the latest political rhetoric.. I am 65 years old and I wondering if we will ever have sanity in Washington DC. I had such hope for Obama, but there are such forces against him and they are so loud and people actually believe them even when they speak lies! I am discouraged.
    But enough–be well and don’t worry about Palin–remember, we reap what we sow–even if it is manure!!

  104. Glad you are back. You and Margaret were missed. Despite what some people profess, there are valid reasons for burning books: Palin, Beck, Coulter. . .

  105. By: Raji on January 31, 2010
    at 7:32 PM
    Hi Raji, actually, I HAVE given all that information to the census people. It was for a different survey about 20 years ago. The census person met me at lunch break and I went over wages, savings, interest (I told her “about $.67 for the interest part) but it was called the survey “of income and program participation.” Some of the other census surveys you might be asked to participate in give us unemployment statistics, housing starts, and consumer price index. They really don’t share personal information with anyone else. They DO give the statistics that result to many businesses and agencies. Once you start noticing how much of their information is used by everyone, you understand how valuable it is. People like Michelle Bachmann are idiots, please don’t believe her. Ron Paul is against the Census but again, he doesn’t like too much. And, bottom line, do you really believe the GOVERNMENT is clever enough to use your information against you? Their right hand really does not know what their left hand is doing. You can also just not answer any question you are uncomfortable with and you don’t have to give them your name. You can do the survey anonymously.

    From Ancestry.com
    “The census gives us a glimpse into the lives of Americans in 1930, and contains information about a household’s family members and occupants including: birthplaces, occupations, immigration, citizenship, and military service. The names of those listed in the census are linked to actual images of the 1930 Census.”

    I’m looking at a lot of Canadian Census material just now. My relatives were back and forth across the border in northern Vermont/Quebec. I’m trying to figure out why they left the US and again why they left Canada. The Canadian censuses give more info than the US ones. They even asked religion which was useful back then to figure out which ones were your relatives and which ones were “those heathens” (joke)

    And if you think about it, LOTS more people (companies) know LOTS more about you than the government does. I get creeped out by the websites that remember what my credit card number is and the others that track what I shop for online and what news sites I look at. That information is gathered by your browser every time you use your computer. Have you checked your credit score lately????

  106. Now days you don’t have to fool all the people all the time – just keep them occupied. Keep them at work for 40 to 80 hours a week and make them spend hours in a car getting there and back listening to their favorite ear candy or political prophets. Provide “opposing” political parties to keep them choosing sides and fighting among themselves. Market sports, food, clothes, cars, electronics, movies, books, diets, vacations, religion, music, porn, and self-improvement programs to them. Fill the tubes and airwaves with countless stations and endless channels to keep them worshipping in front of the video screen 24/7/365. Or provide them with false dreams of fulfillment to constantly chase and acquire.

    Faster and faster and faster we go, when it will stop, nobody knows. Life In The Fast Lane.

  107. Helen and Margaret: You are Great!


    I read about a fellow who found out he had cancer. The man then got a letter from his insurance company saying they will pay $5000.00 for his condition. The man is as good as dead with that help.

    Without Federal oversight and regulation, that is the type of insurance policy we could expect with the buy from any state scheme being put forth by Boehner and friends.

  108. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!
    Margaret & Helen are not REAL!!!!

    I am a mother of three in south Florida…not really. I am really a 47 year old accountant in New Mexico and my hobby is surfing the net as teenage girl looking for other teenage girls to chat about vampire things…not really. I am a 58 year old priest who inappropriately touched your sons in the late 80′s and early 90′s…okay, that part is true. My point is….DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!!!!!!!!

  109. Margaret and Lady Gaga are the same person.

  110. HRH sofia EQ, I tried to put the correction through that it was the American Community Survey, but for some reason it wouldn’t go through. Thank you for responding. As I understand the survey is sent out to about 250,000 addresses yearly. I still contend that one should not have to put in a survey their income, place of employment, amount of mortgage and utilities. It also asks for past addresses. One question asks for interest, dividends, along with social security amounts received.
    Example: 47 b. Self employment income from own nonfarm businesses or farm businesses, including proprietorships and partnerships. Report NET income after business expenses.
    47 c. Interest dividends, net rental income, royalty income or income from estates and trusts.
    If you have provided your name and address and phone number, would you provide the above information to a census bureau?

  111. Ahahahahahaha

  112. @Kaye I dont know what part of FL you live in, I found like minded folks by volunteering for Dems and public radio.

  113. Episcopalians eat their young.

  114. JJ…….
    so I googled GOP response and ended up with….


    takes a while to read….can’t figure MSNBC response…..

  115. I’m not sure I’d read that bitch’s trash even if it were a gift to me, but I’ll take your word for it that my premature disdain for it is totally justified.

    Hope you two are well.

    Kimber, Fellow Austinite

  116. Creck….
    I’m not your daddy…..

  117. Margaret is a tired old queen living on some tired old island in Maine.

  118. It isn’t coming from Fox either, moron.

  119. “I’ve said this before, but I’m a big believer not just in the value of a loyal opposition, but in its necessity. Having differences of opinion, having a real debate about matters of domestic policy and national security; that’s not something that’s only good for our country, it’s absolutely essential.”

    Tell that to Nancy and Harry(closed meetings) and a wasted year..

    “It’s only through the process of disagreement and debate that bad ideas get tossed out and good ideas get refined and made better. And that kind of vigorous back-and-forth, that imperfect, but well-founded process, messy as it often is, is at the heart of our democracy. It’s what makes us the greatest nation in the world.”

  120. where oh where is the next Tim Russert…….when bull$hit was called bull$hit no-matter who spoke it….it isn’t going to come from MSNBC

  121. Margaret and Helen: Thank You for your amazing forum and thoughts! Palin is sure dumb, but she sure is making a lot of money.

    TROLLS: Still time to buy your $550..00 to listen to Sarah Palin and her word salad. Sarah is so smart but so is my dog.

  122. Helen Philpot is some old tired Drag Queen from Austin.

  123. President Obama having a discussion with the Republicans


    We need President Obama out more!!! President Obama is GREAT!

  124. http://tvtownhall.com/

  125. Joe Schmo, MJT, and Jimmy Z…..
    make like a tree———–and leave…..
    your giving us trolls a bad name…..

    enjoyed the State of the Union so much I watched the rerun…..put an imaginary bulls-eye on Nancy and shot spitballs at her….took three hours to clean the tv screen….

    since we’re bashing, lets have a big cheer for John Edwards…..

    Palin and Pelosi on the same stage—–CAT FIGHT……..

    Palin or Biden=same intelligence

  126. Prediction: I think the Margaret and Helen blog will hit 3 Million on Feb 8 at Noon.

    Any other predictions – it is getting close folks.

    Helen and Margaret: YOU have made an amazing forum and have such amazing wit and wisdom. Thanks!

  127. http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/2010/01/tea_party_nation_speaks_out_we_never_did_this_to_b.php

    Helen: Thank you for putting the Palin book of lies and blame down. There are so many better ways to spend your time.

  128. TROLLS: There are still $550.00 tickets available for the Teabagger Convention. Sarah would love to meet you and TAKE YOUR MONEY to her bank.

    Helen and Margaret: You are national treasures! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR GREAT COMMENTS!

    Health and well being to you and your families!

  129. Stupid bitches.

  130. Looks like we ALL missed you both. And missed you dearly. I hope every thing is alright and you are both doing fine.

    Take good care of yourselves. We need to have you blogging for many more years to come.

    Love to both of you and your families.

  131. @No One’s Puppet.

    Re “You can fool all of the peoplesome of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

    Unfortunatley there is a corollary –

    You CAN fool MOST of the people MOST of the time.

    Explains the terrible state we are in now. Republicans hoodwinking everyday folk into thinking tax cuts for the rich will somehow help them. (People would rather think that they might become rich than face the reality of being poor.)

    LOVE Margaret and Helen!

    You rock!

  132. PSU

    I live in FL now–

    It is still a lonely place

  133. Thanks H&M for taking the time to entertain us with your writing talents.

    I appreciate your writing prowess and your generosity.

    Your willingness to allow us to wax poetic on your front porch does not go unnoticed. Thank you and be well.

  134. In defense of Napoleon, from a National Geographic program and website.

    “CLASSIC FACT: Napoleon’s troops have long been blamed with blowing off the nose of the Sphinx in the 18th century, but a 15th-century Arab historian reported that it had disappeared in his time.”

  135. Thank you Helen, for another post. I’m glad to know you’ve come to your senses and put down that book. My new policy is to just ignore what these people (Palen, Hannity, Beck, Bachmann and a few others) say. I know they’re out there but I’m done with listening to them. I don’t click on clips about them or stories in blogs about them (except Mudflats because they have a lot more to say) because I don’t want their popularity to continue. Eventually they will just go away.

  136. http://www.inebriateddiscourse.com
    If only…still it is a great laugh, “you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all the time.”

  137. Raji on January 30, 2010
    at 5:19 PM
    It’s actually called The American COMMUNITY Survey. It’s actually replacing the long form of the Decennial US Census we’re all familiar with. (I’m looking at copies of the 1860 and 1870 Censuses to find out who my ancestors were and where they came from though that’s not the intent of the Census)

    If you read the form you will understand you don’t have to answer all the questions. Some pages don’t apply to all families. It’s the same stuff they would have asked SOME of the people in the Census every ten years. They’re trying to get more timely information which will help local communities plan for the local government services needed by you and your neighbors. Don’t you agree that it’s better to have information from last year rather than 10 years ago to make these decisions?

  138. thank you Auntie Jean, you condensed several thousand years of history into a few easily read paragraphs and made a great point. Unfortunately most of the folks I know can’t recall the last 8/9 years of history,let alone the centuries past.

    I’ve been re-reading my Leon Uris collection (yes I know he is a author of fiction based on facts) (being out of work and all its one of my lists of things to do), just finished Armageddon (the battle and division of Berlin). I ‘m amazed at how some things never change. I guess what I’m trying to say is people in power are too concerned with doing the POLITICALLY CORRECT thing instead of the right thing, just to save their asses or careers or whatever. The true martyrs are almost never recognized or if they are its to little and way too late. Yes our president did us proud with his speech, but I think its late. Yes he finally handed their repugnant hats on a platter but I want him to get really pissed and mad and yell at the son’s of bitches. I want him to quit playing politics with either side and start laying down the law. Now.

    Sorry about that, we just got the news that my husband has lost his job come monday. So thats two of us out of work now. Hey Mudflats, go ahead and add us to the uninsured roll.

  139. OMMMMM

  140. Waving madly @poolman

    uh oh, looks like the trash followed you here LOL!!

  141. oh, and about the Palin/Beck books I have a great hiding spot

    inside luggage lol! pick the ugliest and most expensive :)

  142. Sooo glad to see you back!
    The world is a better place with you two here.

  143. Father God, please forgive Joe Schmo, Jimmy Z, and MJT for their bad manners. They were brought up a product of multi-media marketing in today’s U S of A and therefore have absorbed all the bs that comes with that. In today’s world it’s garbage in – garbage out. Hope they had their fun. Bless them as they go, I pray.

  144. Touch me in the morning… Again… No there.. Yes. Again but with a pencil this time. Everybody now.

  145. Now let me think. Was it Ed or Peter who popped my cherry? Too many to recall. Thank God butt babies don’t live.

  146. Swing low sweet chariot. Coming forth to carry me home. Swing low sweet spot between the balls and ass . Coming forth to carry me home.

    Lick it. Lick it real good.

  147. Onward Christian Soldiers marching into war. I killed one baby but then spit out three more!

  148. Jimmy Z do you hear me? This site you love so much is just a bunch of dried up old hags who hate America and Jesus. Puke!

  149. What a blow hard!!!!!

  150. Hi Congenial Gang,

    It seems to be obvious that we need to have an enemy. Someone who has a different language, religion, and cultural heritage; who doesn’t looks like us, who wears weird clothes and eat gross food like Haggis, Escargot, Couscous and Spaghetti. Since we are so superior to THEM, we have to MAKE THEM look like us, speak like us, worship like us and eat like us.

    The whole civilized world was horrified in March 2001 when the Taliban in Afghanistan dynamited the huge monumental third-century AD Buddhist statues carved into the side of a limestone cliff.

    Then there was when Napoleon’s army blasted off the nose of the ancient Sphinx in Egypt with cannon balls. Why they did it, who knows. For sport? After all, plenty of young people who don’t know any better do stupid destructive things.

    Farther back, the Vandals were ‘Barbarians’ who ran around all over Europe and North Africa, killing people, sacking, defacing and looting the countries they overran. (Including Rome!) One of their specialties was knocking off the noses and genitals of the ancient marble statues they found. That’s why those parts are missing in many statues you see in museums. Also it accounts for the origin of the words, “vandals” and “vandalize”.

    And then there was Julius Caesar who ‘accidentally’ burned the celebrated Library of Alexandria in Egypt with the tragic loss of countless manuscripts of Greek knowledge.

    These are all the ‘Bad Guys’ who do awful things while we are the ‘Good Guys’ who wouldn’t dream of doing such things. Just imagine how ENRAGED Americans would be if some ‘Bad Guys’ came along, looted the Smithsonian Museums; carted off whatever they could carry, trashed the Aerospace Museum, burned all the First Ladies’ Inaugural Gowns, took Judy Garland’s Ruby Slippers from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and Archie Bunker’s chair. Such acts are not of the magnitude of atrocities or a tally of unnumbered ‘collateral damage’. They are only material things, but they are treasured parts of our cultural heritage.

    Here are a few items typical of any war no matter who started it. If they were reported at all, they were in the back pages of newspapers or footnotes to the TV news.

    On April 8, 2003, George Bush and Tony Blair issued a “joint statement on Iraq’s future.” “We reaffirm our commitment to protect Iraq’s natural resources, as the Patrimony of the people of Iraq, which should be used only for their benefit.” Apparently, the only Patrimony they knew about was oil. The oil fields and the Oil Ministry in Baghdad were secured but the Iraq National Museum was left unguarded. As a result, it was looted on Apr. 11-12, 2003. The National Library and Archives and the Library of Korans at the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments were torched on Apr. 14, 2003, with the loss of priceless manuscripts.

    No one knows for sure who did the damage. No doubt, there were plenty of people who saw an opportunity to get their hands on quite valuable antiquities or perhaps souvenirs. Along with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of DEFENSE, was of the ‘crème de la crème’ of Republican ideology for many, many years. Rumsfeld blew off the vandalisms with the comment, “Freedom’s untidy…..Free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes.”

    Next, I think the Iraqi people speak Arabic. I don’t know how well they are acquainted with Latin. Scholars, historians and archeologists regard that part of the world in what was once known as Mesopotamia as the “Cradle of Civilization”. The three major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam revere Abraham as their common Patriarch. It is general accepted that Abraham originally came from the city of Ur near Nasiriyah in Iraq. This six thousand year old Sumerian city has a massive ziggurat built c.2112-2095 BC and restored by Nebuchadnezzar III in the sixth century BC. The U.S. Marines’ motto “Semper Fi”, (for the Latin, “Semper Fidelis”, ”Always Faithful”) was spray painted graffiti style, on the walls of that ancient monument.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  151. You two old bitches hate America. Shut the hell up.

  152. palinshutup, good to see you. I went to that site you linked and the comments are just outrageous. Did these people watch the same event? Don’t they remember our last leader’s (in)ability to debate? It is just amazing to me how they can come out with such a warped sense of reality. There isn’t any that will admit to being a part of the problem or admit to any wrong at all. Whew! A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  153. But, you have to hand it to her – Sarah is a gifted grifter.

  154. @lefty I lived in FL some years ago, it was a lonely place LOL!

  155. ‘She can’t write worth a damn but she can certainly draw a crowd… then again, so can a train wreck.’

    Amen. Glad to see you’re back!

    I wish Glenn Becks eyes would have truly hemorraged while seeing Obama’s speech. Oh well. A girl can dream.

    so what does everyone think of Obama vs GOP smackdown? They were crying and whining today in the comment section.

    Link to the Daily News – President Obama slams obstructionist Republicans at GOP issues retreat


    Yea, I threw in my occasional cheap 2 cents.
    I’m not much for long diatribes.

    I love the photo also. That’s my Prez!

  156. And that wasn’t a typo-she’s only got one hand since
    she’s never finished anything she started

  157. Welcome back, Helen. I know that at 82, life is a crap shoot, but as long as you’re here to “tell it like it is” the work will keep turning. Sarah Palin and her minions scare the S**t out of me…I thought Newtie Gringrich was bad, but Sarah has him beat hand down.

  158. So glad you’re back. Many thanks for the post. As usual, it’s spot on.

    At this point, my formerly feral cat has more sense than Mrs. Palin, the 1/2 term, 1/2 wit.

  159. Hi Congenial Gang and jsri,

    jsri, your post of 1/30, 4:03P. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!!! Well and eloquently said.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  160. I love people like you who don’t beat around the bush! Love your blog and happy to see a new post.

  161. How proud I am of our President. All I can think of is how Ms Sarah would handle the State of the Union Address, but, also important, coming up with intelligent answers and figures to a group of congress people, Democrats, in that case. Nightmare!!! No comparison, in my opinion.

  162. Just wanted to ditto all those saying you were MISSED! Hope all is well and so happy to see a new post from you today.

  163. Today is a stellar day – my introduction to your site. I just moved to Wasilla and a friend introduced me to your posts. Tough to be a lonely liberal in this ‘neighborhood.’ Thanks for making my day. I look forward to hearing more from you and from your fans.

  164. Helen, I’m so glad to see you are back. You had everyone worried.

    Question for all the posters and readers here. Have any of you received the American Consumer Survey?
    The law, Title 13, Sections 142, 193 and 221 of the US Code authorizes the ACS. It is a 28 page survey that asks for everything but your SS#. I did receive one and there is no way I would answer all those questions to be recorded for the Census Bureau or any government agency. They even want to know if you need assistance in bathing along with your source of income and your employer. Just curious if anyone else had a strong reaction to the survey. I understand they only send out about 250,000 a year so there hasn’t been too much press about it. Yes, I did google and am still researching.

  165. I feel like I just found my favorite blanket that was lost. So glad to see your words of wisdom. You are a treasure in our house. Flying tackle huggles to all of you and yours. Love you, Tap

  166. Yea Helen ,you made my day !! I always look forward to your post !

  167. Ah Helen !
    I’m afraid you’re right about our gone gov hanging around like particularly noxious flatulence does but the breath of fresh air you provide everytime you post will help clear the air.
    Take care and thank you for having us all in.

  168. President Obama handed the rethugs their hats in grand style. It was a joy to watch but I’d bet they’ll think twice before they set themselves up that way again. Their “questions” were for the most part nothing more than the same banal bumper sticker talking points we’ve all seen or heard a thousand times before. And Obama was ready for them. The rethugs came to play tiddly-winks but Obama came to play chess and checkmated them at every turn. Part teacher and part preacher he gave them solid lessons in rhetoric – without breaking a sweat. His delivery was flawless and he was conciliatory, patient and sometimes funny but always on point. Perhaps the funniest part of the whole process was watching his audience sitting there looking like the Easter Island maoi.

    It is so refreshing to have a president who brings such intelligence and composure to the White House. Now if he could only inspire the deadwood on both sides of the aisle to do something useful for a change.

  169. (((Helen))), (((Margaret)))

  170. Focus on the Family and the rest of the Dominionists that are infiltrating our judiciary and legislature need to be exposed for what they are. They are not true Christians and have greatly hindered the kingdom of God. I do hope Brown is an independent thinker and I hope many more will unseat the political shills representing corporate American that have overtaken our government. I am indeed hopeful that Obama is working on the inside to separate them like plaque from the arteries of our nation and return us back to a healthier state. I am hopeful and am keeping watch.

  171. I’m so glad that you’re back. I was worried about you!
    Hey, gang,
    Brown is now on the record saying that he has told the republicans that they won’t be able to count on him to vote with them on every issue. Some of the prominent fundamentalists (Focus on the Family & others) are upset with him because he voted for HCR in Massachusetts, and he approves of civil unions. They’re also saying that they need to “educate” him on these issues, so expect him to be under extreme pressure to conform to the republican/conservative way of thinking. I think it won’t be long before the citizens of Massachusetts will be experiencing buyer’s remorse.

  172. For those of you working on Jean’s history research project, I recommend Asimov’s “Chronology of the World,” it is a cohesive linking of major events and their consequences up until the end of the Second World War. It should be available at your local libraries.

  173. All right, you two. Vacation’s over. You’ve got to critique the SOTU and especially the beatdown in the GOP lions’ den yesterday (Jan. 29th) by our president, Mr. Obama, himself.

    Glad you checked in….was gettin’ kinda worried.

  174. I went to a Christmas meal where I met one of the stupidest women I’ve ever known. She is so stupid I was actually “warned” about her in advance of the day. Mid-way through her tirade about various and sundry topics, she announced that she had received Sarah’s book for Christmas and was that it was so good she could not put it down. Yes. Could not put it down.

    So thank you Margaret. Once again you have proven your intelligence and sense of reason. Had you continued to read the book, worse yet – had you finished the book, I would have been forced to try and contact Helen with my deep concern for your well being. As it is, all is well.

  175. Sarah is making $110,000.00 plus so Sarah will not quit the Teabagger gig.
    She is making almost as much money in 2 hours as she did in a year as Governor. No fact checkers allowed at her speeches either. In AK, she was called out on her lies…

  176. Hey, I guess if Sarah can quit, anyone can.

    Hope all is well with you. As you can see from all
    the posts ahead of mine, you are loved and were dreadfully missed.

  177. “She can’t write worth a damn but she can certainly draw a crowd… then again, so can a train wreck.”

    That made me giggle.

  178. SO happy to see you’re back!

  179. Man. I tell you what. Than president of ours is sure patient and shows extreme self-control. I don’t know if everyone caught the last debate, but if you did, one thing you can’t knock is his tolerance for his fellow man. You could see the tongue bitting going on, but cool. He was cool and smart. You definitely know where the buck stops in this administration. And takes the blame like no other politician I have seen in a long time. I, for one, am pretty impressed. Just wish all the pious knights of nie would do something helpful for a change.

  180. I am so glad you are back. You have been greatly missed.

  181. Sarah Palin possesses a vapid imagination and an insipid mind. She reaches for this and she reaches for that, but all she’s managed to grab and hold onto with any sincerity so far are her husband’s balls. She’s irritating at best. When I rearrange the letters of her name, I find therein the anagram which best describes her true nature: a plain rash.

    Love your blog! I know writing is laborious, but I’d like to think it’s a labor of love. Please, if possible, don’t keep us waiting so long for your next post. We’ve an insatiable hunger for your wit and wisdom, especially in times like these.

  182. So glad you’re back. I’ve really missed you and your take on the insanities of the world….SP right up there at the top.

  183. Too long gone…you.

  184. Helen, so glad you are back and writing for us! You were sorely missed. Take care of yourself–we need your ‘take’ on things around our country.


  185. Hi Congenial Gang, Bruddah Juneau Joe and Grandma Katie,

    Bruddah Joe, I tried – twice – to post a list of reference notes from Chalmers Johnson’s book, “Nemesis” here. It didn’t come up. I don’t know what I did wrong. So I give up. I didn’t send it to you by e mail because I hesitate to give out our personal e mail address. That’s such an invitation to spam! We get enough spam as it is. I’m afraid you are on your own for research material on our little project. You could check out Number 11 on ‘Medieval Europe’ on my web site. I’m sort of all over the ballpark in it, but maybe you could find some jumping off spots there.

    Anyone else who is looking for another good book on American Military Empire Building try “The Imperial Cruise – A Secret History of Empire and War” by James Bradley, published in 2009. He is the son of John Bradley, one of the men who raised the American Flag on Iwo Jima. Among other things, it traces American involvement in the Pacific and Asia through many secret and unconstitutional agreements engineered by Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft that ultimately helped lay the groundwork for WWII.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  186. Welcome back! I missed reading your delightful, intelligent take on life. I hope you and your husband are both doing well.

  187. This comment is posted on a whole ‘nuther blog, letting those readers know that this commenter had just read one of the most creative blog-posts in all his years of scouring the web. Then he goes on to tell everyone:

    Don’t forget the comments!

    Enjoy ~ Δ ~ 8)

  188. I agree with fets!!
    Write a book!!!! :-)

  189. Here in Santa Cruz CA Bookshop SC is selling Palin’s Book with a snack…Palin’s Nutz. Thought I’d send a smile instead of flowers. You always brighten my day. I hope whatever was going on in your life is better now. I love your bright and brilliant writing. How about telling us a little about yourself. Did you always write? How about putting all these essays into a book? I would buy it! Don’t even edit..just print the thing. Many loving hugs to you and your.

  190. Thank you for your post, Helen. You have made my day! As I don’t know where to send it to you, I’m going to plant a pretty rose bush here in my garden in your honor. Know that your well-being is in my thoughts.

  191. It is so nice to see you back. I keep checking your site to see what you have to say. It is always great to read your blog. I was worried about you and glad to see that you are still up and kicking.

  192. 24 Ways Republicans Lie


    BTW… Very nice to have you back Helen & Margaret

  193. Finally finished reviewing Tear Down This Myth by Will Bunch about the twisting of Ronald Reagan’s legacy.


  194. For Hillbilly and anyone else who saw Brown’s “victory” speech — since when does a victory speech include what this man tried to do with his daughters? Not funny! Really! But I guess that’s Repug humor for you. It seems the girls did not much appreciate it either.

    Will never, ever be able to look at that man without thinking of him as Senator Centerfold. Did not get to see this fantastic piece of flesh art before the election. Holy staple! So this guy started out as a male model??? Not a model male? Could not figure out why there weren’t huge billboards all over Mass. with that centerfold picture margin to margin. If a woman had done a centerfold like that and tried to run for office, she would never have made it past the vetting stage. So this is what the Repug party has finally come to photographically! Yikes!

  195. Helen, I hope you had a chance to watch the “come to Jesus meeting” between Obama and the House GOP. POTUS was totally awesome to the point that FoxNoise actually broke away to something else instead. It was a great moment. CSpan will replay the Q&A tonight.

  196. I sure am sorry you stopped reading Palin’s “literary” work cuz I sure as heck won’t buy it or read it and i was SO looking forward to more of your fabulous critique—

  197. gimmethetruth, I took a quick glance at your blog, just one suggestion, white print on a black background is hard on the eyes, that’s why I didn’t finish reading it.

  198. Dear Helen,
    As the many posts here reflect, glad to see you’re back. I hope things are well, and you will continue to post. You have inspired me to start my own post hereon wordpress. It’s called http://www.gimmethetruth.wordpress.com

    Hope I’ll get a few readers and comments myself.
    Thanks and God Bless!

  199. Nice to have you back! We were worried. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  200. Welcome back, Helen! We have really missed you. And – thank you for not finishing Sarah Palin’s book. Life is too short to waste on this type of drivel.

  201. It is soooooo good to hear from you again. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  202. Missed you! I admire the fact that you even tried Palin’s book. I’m 76 and just don’t have time to waste on it. Better things to do – well, almost anything. Stay well.

  203. My little girl’s first birthday is today! And I’m being laid off in two weeks! Yippee!

    Wait, why am I excited about that? Oh, yeah. Cause my job sucks anyway and now I get to stay home with my 5 year old son and baby girl. Not too bad. Plus I’m going to use the time to get into freelance editing and writing, which is what I really want to do. Anyone need a brochure written or web content updated? I’m you’re woman. I’m even willing to do it for free to get the experience.

    On a more serious note, I watched the president’s speech and thought it had something in it for both sides. I was glad he included Democrats in his criticism of partisanship. And hurray if he finally repeals don’t ask, don’t tell. Why did it take so long? Here’s hoping health care legislation doesn’t die.

    Oh, and Sarah Palin in an idiot. Intelligent Design is not science, which is why no one is seriously studying it or publishing any paper arguing it’s true.

  204. Helen so happy to see your post. I missed you. Wishing you and yours good health.

  205. Helen and Margaret

    Sending hugs and best wishes your way.
    I hope you know how special you are to
    all of us—

  206. Yes Chargirl, when I watched Brown the other night I was shocked out of my gourd, and actually said out loud “no he didn’t just try to pimp his daughters out?” I agree that he just may be the male version of sarah. Family exploitation must run in the gop family.

    Leslie, it does amuse me to no end about hiding the book thing. I could try and move it to the isle next to the prep. H. or the laxatives. A surefire way to get your bowels moving.

    Reading between the lines, me thinks the Philpot household may have issues much more important than this blog. I hope all is well there.

  207. You will not get any flowery response from me.


    You’ve been sick?? Well, just how sick? That’s no excuse for leaving us all hanging!! What’s up with harold??? Can’t he use a computer and take dictation from you??

    I expect you to do better. BTW, welcome back!!!!!!!!!! HUGS

  208. AHHHHHH, linking to your blog via Networked Blogs on Facebook paid off today!!! Immediately got your new posting.

    And thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. You are on the mark, as usual. Sending you some virtual flowers, if that helps cheering you up, immediately. Make them whatever colour, smell and type that pleases you.

  209. credit for the above quote goes to President Obama

  210. So we face big and difficult challenges. And what the American people hope -– what they deserve -– is for all of us, Democrats and Republicans, to work through our differences; to overcome the numbing weight of our politics. For while the people who sent us here have different backgrounds, different stories, different beliefs, the anxieties they face are the same. The aspirations they hold are shared: a job that pays the bills; a chance to get ahead; most of all, the ability to give their children a better life

  211. Yeaaaa! A new post… was getting concerned about you! As for the quittin’ guv’s book, I’d burn it in my fireplace, or maybe encase it in cement and use it as a doorstop. Or you could take out a Sharpie and “enhance” Sarah-rah-rah’s photo. I used to do that every time W’s photo was in my paper. Made me feel a lot better. :-)

  212. I am giving many thanks that you are alright, and blogging again. Welcome back, we all missed you dearly!

    Loved Obama’s address last night. I especially loved the GOP sitting stoicly during the entire speech. Asshats…

  213. Welcome back! I’ve been worried about you. Check your website every morning just in case. I love to hear what you’re thinking, but somehow that has shifted into caring about YOU.


  214. You are such a welcome presence in my virtual life, which amazingly has merged with my real one.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful ringing truths, so hilariously rendered.

    With much appreciation and love,

    Larry in Austin

  215. I was thrilled that you had still nottaken down your Christmas decorations, as I have as well. I didn’t know that you’d been gone, but welcome back. The words of idiots dispel our minds. In other words our minds scream, “No” Sarah Pallin certainly does have that effect on us!

  216. Nice to have you posting again. I feared that the Palin book had made you quite ill.

  217. Thanks for trying to read Sarah’s Book of Fiction.

    May I refer anyone who actually wants a rundown of the chapters to http://www.mudflats.net. The blog owner showed immense intestinal fortitude by reading all of it. And a post for every chapter.

    But Helen has gotten it pretty spot on. Not worth the paper it was printed on.

    Hope all is well in your world Helen and Margaret.
    Glad that you are back!

  218. Helen is back-yay! The more I think about it, the idea of an omnipotent god doesn’t make sense to me. Why do science in that case? And the world would make a hell of a lot more sense. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in spirituality and that there can be energy that connects people. Unfortunately people assume that not believing in a supreme being means not being spiritual. Does anyone even KNOW what they mean when they say, “I’m spiritual?” ha ha ;)

  219. Good idea Leslie, ever thought about putting them behind the canned hams?

  220. Hillbilly: I do the same at my local grocery store, hiding the Beck and Palin books behind others, and I too feel better!

    Helen and Margaret, I am also glad to see you back here. I would feel ill if I read that Palin book too. Can you believe the Tparty has turned on her? Oh the irony.

    My mom is a Margaret, and her best friend next door, is a Helen–my mom loves reading this blog, but she isn’t as technologically gifted as you are, so I always have to get her to the site!

    Take care, and keep blogging, we love it!


  221. I am so glad to see you posting again Helen. I hope all is well with you and Margaret too. The world needs your brand of common sense.

    Take care of yourself and please keep posting.

  222. Hoooooooooraaaaaaay! You’re back!

    I stopped by every day to see if you had posted.

    I was beginning to get worried.

    I should have known that you would be sickened by that horrible Mrs. Palin book. That’s enough to make anyone sick. I’m glad you put it down. Do me a favor, though, put things in front of it and on top of it, on all sides of it, actually, to minimize its toxic effects.

    Hopefully you have returned to good health. Your wit and wisdom seem to have survived the onslaught of evil.

    I’m glad Margaret was there to send you flowers and make you feel better.

    Best wishes,

    Van in San Diego

  223. Well, nobody that comes on this porch would cast blame on you for not finishing that book. It would have been torture for me to even look at the cover.

    I am so relieved to see you back. The flowers sent by Margaret might be an indication that things were not so well for you healthwise. If that was the case, I hope you are feeling better. You were really missed here.

  224. Helen and Margaret, glad to see you back. We have all been quite concerned about you and yours. We’ve grown to love you and consider you family – and your porch our gathering place.

    Glad you dumped the Palin book. Nobody deserves that. They should use that book as cruel and unusual punishment for violet offenders. Really.

    Hugs to you and yours.

  225. On a completely unrelated thought… has anyone else seen the advertisement for O’Riley and Beck locking horns in the theatres? Am I the only one who doesn’t get this? They’re both screaming idiots whose combined IQs should not be advertised. Anyhow… sorry for the rant… ;-)

  226. Welcome back, you both have been greatly missed. It doesn’t feel like a normal day without your comments, thanks for your post. Keep them coming, Love to you both!!

  227. YEAY!!! Margaret and Helen are back!!

    Chloe, I would love to come sledding with you! I thought about you this morning and wondered if you were prepared to make more hot chocolate!! I’m hoping it isn’t as bad as they are predicting. If I had my preference, I would love to have the day off tomorrow but WITH my electricity. You take care!

  228. In all honesty we probably need to do bag all pundits, even “the friendlies” are going over the top with their rhetoric, comes from competing for the advertising bucks. Things happen all over the world all the time, I want more news less gab.

  229. Excellent idea Auntie Jean. We could possibly solve the energy crisis and avert the global warming crisis altogether. This would also make the right wing part of the solution instead of exacerbating the problem. Fill, baby, fill! :wink:

  230. Hi Congenial Gang,

    This little piece was in the morning paper.

    “I read recently that scientists have concluded that 50 percent of the methane gas emissions in Argentina are produced by their large cattle herds. This amazing finding was achieved by strapping inflatable balloons to the cows’ derrieres and measuring the flatulence.

    It occurred to me that perhaps we could do our part in the battle against global warming by strapping similar devices onto the [conservative so-called commentators’, pundits’ and trolls’] mouths and trapping the voluminous amount of hot air emanating from there.”

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  231. Welcome back!
    Sometimes, there is absolutely no shame in quitting.
    Glad to see you are posting again.

  232. Episcopalians everywhere have prayed for your good health. Our prayers have been answered.

  233. So glad to see you posted today. I missed you! Don’t worry about wasting your time reading Palin’s book. Your life is much too full to clutter it with such drivel.

    Alway, the best for you and your family

  234. Yeah!!!!!!

  235. I had just discovered your blog, and then you disappeared. So glad to read your thoughts again and hope you’re doing well.

  236. Dear, dear Helen,

    Whew! I am so very glad you are back and in your usual inimitable form. Also that you and your loved ones are OK. As you must know by now, you were sorely missed.

    Wise choice to pack it in on Palin’s book. Although your take on her is much more entertaining than any others. She is well on her way to being a has-been.

    However, there are plenty of other important fish to fry. Please keep your skillet hot!

    Aloha! :-)


  237. Welcome back ladies! The virtual sun is shining again!

  238. Helen,

    I was afraid that maybe that stupid book had done you in for good. Get rid of it!!! So glad to see a new piece from you . . . short but sweet. Loved the part comparing Ms. Palin to Harold’s gas! I hope you are feeling better from whatever ailed you. So sweet of Margaret to send you flowers. As long as this winter has seemed, flowers are sounding pretty darn good. Take care! Looking forward to your next writing. Love you lots!!!


  240. Thanks Peas and Shirley for remembering the Challenger. Those of us in Florida will never forget that awful day. . . even now, we all tense up with each launch, waiting for “go with throttle up”, holding our breaths. . .and then cheering madly as those courageous folks rocket into the universe. As we look into the evening sky, I am always in awe of those folks who ride that roman candle so our knowledge of this wondrous world, this magnificent universe, and those beyond. . .can, like the universe, keep expanding.

  241. Welcome back, we’ve all missed you. Hope you and yours are ok, and it was just Pal-indigestion that kept you away so long.


  242. So glad you’re back. Lady, you have been really missed, but just glad you have tossed the book.It wasn’t worth bothering with. Now I wonder what you can do with that thing. Sending it to the dump would cause polution,burning it wout foul t he air, burying it would polute the earth.

    Sorry about the porch. It was cleaned with steam and lots of lysol but guess a few spots were missed. The trolls were pretty messy.

    Wonderful to see a new post, really.

  243. After being down in the dumps about recent politics, the sight of a new posting from you has made my day!

  244. Dear Helen,
    Your fans have missed you, welcome back and take care of yourself, and Harold.

    Clyde and Linda

  245. I was hoping the State of the Union address and the asshats in the ‘audience’ who were texting, tweeting and all together being disrespectful would get your dander up enough to come share it with us… I will ‘settle’ for this Sarah slap … dont you wish you could really slap her? I do. Her and Big Foot aka Ann Coulter

  246. Oh Helen, how good to see your new post this morning. Please know you have been sorely missed.

    I applaud your bravery at starting “the book” and commend you on having the common sense to stop after the first chapter. I’ve read enough about the rest of it from The Mudflats and, believe me, you didn’t miss a thing worth while when you just closed the book and put it away.

    Welcome back!

  247. Helen, I am glad to see you back. That book would make anyone sick!

  248. @Shirley on January 28, 2010
    at 12:46 PM

    24! Where I got 14 I’ll never know. My brain has been a little foggy lately but that’s ridiculous. Better adjust my meds. ;)


  249. Christmas and reading Palin’s “book”! No wonder you needed time to recover!

    Very good to have you back again! Missed you tons!

    Really! I mean it!

  250. So glad I check for a new post everyday! Thank you for the treasured gift of a new post! You’re quickly closing in on 3 million hits!! I hope that conveys how much we adore you!

    As much as I wish all things Palin would go away, your comments about her are as timely as ever now that she has accepted a position with Faux News.

    As much as I detest it, I try to catch a few minutes of Limbaugh every now & then. My parents think he walks on water and they take everything he says for gospel truth, so I have to have rebuttals prepared for every phone conversation. I heard the first 5-6 minutes of his broadcast today — enough to make me think I must live in an alternate universe. I thought Obama’s State of the Union Address was superb. Limbaugh described it as delusional, disjointed, divisive, condescending, and frightening. He repeatedly compared Obama to Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, saying he was talking down to the American people and to the Senate like they were children. He said Obama’s speech was very difficult to understand because so many things he said were nonsensical. He also said Obama is willfully ignoring the needs and desires of the American people in order to establish his own agenda.

    Excuse me? Methinks Limbaugh mixed Obama’s speech up with one of Palin’s old campaign speeches.

  251. Welcome back Helen and Margaret. Boy, have you been missed. It was like waiting to get an ice cream for sooo long. Hope the families are all doing well.

  252. I don’t usually comment but I am always here. I just wanted to say that we missed you. I hope everything improves for you.

    P.S. You got further with Sarah’s book that I would have since I wouldn’t waste the gas to get to the bookstore for it.

  253. Hooray! Glad you’re back & hope things are going better.

    Nobody’s going to worry about the rest of the grifter’s book. We got the gist with the first chapter – God is on her side, the facts don’t matter and she’s completely above the law (even while committing the felony that is theft of a motor vehicle). Be it a wardrobe, a position or a snowmobile – if she wants it, it’s hers, without any regard for requirements or responsibilities beforehand or afterwards. Find something appropriate to do with that waste of paper and move on.

    Please take care of yourselves and family. Don’t post if you can’t spare the time or don’t feel up to it. However, a brief “can’t post now, but thinking of you” would let us know you’re ok and also keep the comments section under some kind of length control. Stay warm and dry, and send a call out if you need anything. You know someone here will be able to help.

  254. Helen and Margaret – FINALLY!!! A new post, You made my day.

    Scary thought: Sarah Palin could have been sitting in Joe Biden’s chair last night if McCain won!!! (State of the Union Speech) Imagine…. the disaster.

    Check out The Mudflats , Immoral Minority, and Shannyn Moore if you want information about Alaska.

  255. Dear Helen and Margaret, Oh happy day! A new post!

    Really, my dears, I was very afraid that reading Palin’s book had done Helen in for good.

    And my tree’s still up too. I only stopped turning the lights on a few days ago – just to keep the neighbors from talking.

  256. Challenger Disaster….24 yrs. ago! :(

  257. Helen, Helen, Helen. Please when you are going to be gone for a few weeks have Margaret or someone else let us know if you’re OK or if you need some chicken soup or maybe Pepto Bismol or Rol-Aids cause you pick up THAT book again.
    It’s obvious how many miss you when you’re not out on the porch. Every day you’re gone there’s a little less sunshine.

    PS – I hope some of your friends above read back through the comments as I would suggest the Palin “lovers” look at The Mudflats.com. It’s an Alaskan blog from folks right in her own neighborhood and frequently very interesting.

  258. So glad you’re back and hope all is well.

    My tree’s still up too.

  259. Fourteen years ago today:

    Challenger Disaster 1/28/86
    :( ~ Δ

  260. Don’t worry about not finishing the so called book, Helen. Just tune in to Fox and you can hear her blather the same lies and ignorant statements live from her mouth. Your ears will hurt, but you can save your eyesight.
    You know how I know she has never passed gas? Because when you hold in farts, they travel up your spine, into your brain & give you shitty thoughts – thats all she’s ever had.

  261. Glad to see you back Helen. Hope you and Margaret are well.

    So, Palin = Harold’s gas. Conjures quite a mental (and olfactory) image!

  262. I don’t comment much but do enjoy reading this daily for quite a while now. I am very happy that you are okay and will keep watching for new entries. Keep on trucking ladies………….YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

  263. I echo all the post above wishing you both well and very happy you are back.

  264. The sun is shining, God is in Heaven and all is right with the world now that you’re back in the fight. It is VERY good to hear from you again!

  265. Has anyone noticed that Brown of Mass. is a male Pallin? She has an underage daughter with a baby and he pimps his daughters! I think his intelligence is about on a par with her’s. “I’m really cute and I can go to Washington and solve all the problems. But don’t ask me anything that a high school sophomore should know.”

  266. Dear Helen, thank you for your newest post, we were worried and are thrilled to have you back! Sorry about the mess on your porch, some people just refuse to be good guests even when offered a slice of yummy pie.

    I hope everyone in the path of the approaching ice storm is prepared to hunker down for a few days. The meteorologists are predicting it will be pretty severe, nothing so far but it’s supposed to start this afternoon.
    Oceangypsi, wish you could come over to go sledding with us!

  267. Oh Helen! I’m so glad you are back in action. I was so worried about the two of you :)
    Lie is to short to waste any time on SP!
    Wishing you and yours well!

  268. You’ve made my day by posting again. est thoughts for you and yours.

  269. Helen, if attempting to wade through umpteen chapters of Mrs. Palin’s magnum dopus is what kept you away from the porch for so long, then that is just one more reason to avoid her, her useless drivel and anyone associated with her at a looooong distance! Apparently she is even more toxic than any of us imagined.

    So glad to see you back; maybe you noticed you were missed!

  270. Yay! You’re back! How we’ve missed you! Life, once again, is Good.

  271. Dear Helen,

    Intelligent Design is as pea-sized a concept as the size of the rational part of SP’s brain.

    RE: reading her “book,” I applaud you for your bravery at attempting such a tedious goal, and for having the sense to step away from the inane lunacy.

    I’ve missed you something awful, by the way. Please don’t stay away so long next time.

  272. Especially glad you have returned in time to save me from even wondering just how awful palin’s book is…now I know!
    You’re a martyr to the cause and I bless you for it, lol!

  273. Hi Helen, it would seem you‘re at the same place I am, my time is finite and I refuse to dabble in nonsense. Palin’s book, being the perfect example. Not only can’t she write, even with a ghost writer she isn’t coherent, you’ve done more that your share to expose her ignorance and we all thank you for your wisdom and humor. Now that Sarah is so overexposed, she is Fox’s problem, not mine. I’m moving on, checking out the credentials of various candidates and just as soon as I am stoked by a couple of them, I’ll do what I can for their campaigns, when I’m not eating pie on your front porch.

  274. glad that you’re back!

  275. You warm my heart and make me laugh. So happy to see your post this morning. Be well.

  276. Welcome back. I was getting worried about you, Helen. I honestly don’t know how anyone could wade through the tripe, drivel, paranoia, stupidity and lies that would constitute a book by SP (or GB, AC etc.).

  277. Oh Helen! I’m so glad you are back! We missed you. And good that you put down miss quitty pants’ book. Life is too short to spend any of it on that trash. There are too many other things that demand our attention that are much more relevant in the long run. May God bless you and Margaret and your households today, I pray.

  278. Good to hear from ya, Helen. Hope all things are well.

    As far as Intelligent Design

    …I like charts. You know math & science based stuff. 8)

    PEACE ~ Δ

  279. So happy to have you back writing, Helen. You always make my day !!!!

    You can put lipstick and a cute dress on a pitbull, but you can’t take her out because she bites,. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and you certainly can’t make the idiot Palin any smarter. No one MADE her look stupid. She just IS !!! Stupid is as stupid does.

    Unfortunately, as long as the functioning ignorant like Limbaugh, Beck and the teabaggers think she is “all that”, she will remain on her pedestal.

  280. You sure know how to make a 50+ year old man on the prairie laugh. Glad to see you’re still able to write sensibly after being exposed to ramblings of Na-Nuts of the North.

  281. Missed hearing from you for what seemed like a long time. Really glad you’re back! Stop by my place and say “Hi” anytime!

  282. Thank you for returning to your family of readers. Your commentary is, as always, wise.

  283. Helen and Margaret,
    It is so good to hear from you again. I was very concerned their was more illness in your family. We here on this blog send our love and best wishes your way.

    I don’t think anyone will be upset you did not finish the nasty little “book of lies” the mistress of the dark claims she wrote. You have to step away from the hate and let the sunshine back into your world. I hope you have lots of healing sunshine to help push out the dark.

    Be well and keep telling it like it is!

  284. So glad to hear from you this morning!

  285. Margaret & Helen, so glad to hear from you! We’ve been very worried – you two have touched our lives and changed them – so we worry when our two favorite people are silent for so long. I think if the silence had lasted much longer, a caravan of caring would have been headed down your way to check on you – complete with soup and pie!

    I am glad you quit reading that book – sometimes, you just have to stop inflicting that kind of abuse on yourself. Perhaps you can send it back to the person who gave it to you. . .

    Anyway, so very happy to know all is okay with you both. Take care of yourselves, and have a great great week!

  286. glad you are back : )

  287. Thank goodness you’re back, Helen. I missed you very much, really! I hope you and your’s are doing well. I can’t blame you for not finishing the Quitter’s book. If she can quit her job, we should be able to quit her and everything she does.

  288. Hi Helen, we missed you and hope all is well. Another get post on your end and I doubt anyone can blame you for not finishing Caribou Barbie’s book.

    Hope you caught President O’s speech last night. It did the man and our country proud. Mitch “the bitch” McConnell looked to be having a stroke at one point and one can always hope.

    Great to see you back in action!

  289. Helen, it’s SO good to hear from you. I hope you are well. I mean it. Really.

  290. Welcome back, Helen.
    Every morning I click on your site to see if you have posted, and today I was rewarded. Thank you.
    I hope listening to Palin say the words “fact checkers” last night does not cause a relapse. I snorted my Earl Grey when I heard her say that.

  291. Was really looking forward to your comments on her book but I never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. Thanks for trying!

  292. yay helen! i missed you.

  293. Glad you’re back, Helen! We missed you lotsa lotsa!

    I noticed last night two large portions of President Obama’s speech that did not bring applause for quite a while–the beginning and the end.
    Both sides of the aisle looked stunned somewhat by the words. It was a great speech.

  294. so glad your back. I do hope all is well. It sound like you should sue who ever gave you that book.. It made it hard for you to even blog.

  295. Welcome back, I hope you are feeling better! We missed your humor and insight!

  296. Helen,

    Welcome back! You were missed. Hope all is well in your world.

    Don’t be a stranger again. Really, I mean it.

  297. Wonderful to read your insightful & humorous comments again, Helen.

    Was beginning to think the worse. Welcome back!

  298. OMG Your back. Thank goodness and hope all is well with you and yours. Forget Palin, she isn’t worth your aggravation.

    A little confession, when I was in Kmart the other day I hid all of Glen Becks books behind other books so that they were not on display. Petty I know, but it made me feel better.

  299. Helen, I hope you are doing better. I was worried when you didn’t post for so long.

    I think you’re right about Ms. Palin. I’m sorry to miss a further detailed review, since I could use the laugh, but I can’t say that I blame you for stopping.

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