Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 7, 2016

Mike Pence might have won the debate, but Tim Kaine was the only one who left with his dignity still intact.

Margaret, the problem I have with Donald Trump is that he actually believes his shit doesn’t stink.  And the problem I have with his supporters is that they are pretending nobody just stunk up the bathroom.   Honey, have you seen these lunatics that keep going on TV to either defend or otherwise try to make sense out of the things he says? I have to wonder if they they can still look at themselves in the mirror these days.  Of course, there’s a good chance they no longer have a reflection. 

Now they are celebrating that Mike Pence can walk and chew gum at the same time.  Bless his heart but Pence was so tied in knots that I’m pretty sure he no longer knows whether to check his ass or scratch his watch at this point. He spent the whole night claiming that Donald Trump didn’t say what we all have heard him say.  If we learned anything at all from that debate it’s that Tim Kaine really likes being Hillary’s running mate and Mike Pence has never met Donald Trump.

Donald is a dying breed, that one. He actually believes that a woman’s only value is her looks. He comes from that fading era when women stayed at home to have kids and clean house and once our figure was gone, we were at the mercy of a forgiving husband as to whether to keep us or not.  Trump really believes this bullshit about women. When Hillary called him out about his insults, he didn’t say it was a poor choice of words or  that he had regrets.  He said, in a Presidential debate, that Rosie was mean and she deserved it… and then he tweeted like a teenager all night that Miss Universe had indeed gotten fat.

Trump actually believes that all blacks live in one neighborhood in every town and they wake up each morning to gun shots.  According to Trump, they all live in hell and the only thing that is going to make it better is more police and more jails.  I am not making this up.  His spokespeople can go on the news all day long and say what he really meant but that doesn’t change what he actually said.  For crying out loud, we don’t need interpreters.  We have the Internet.  As my son says all the time – Google it.

He truly believes that all Muslims – American citizens or not – should be forced to register with the government so they can be put under surveillance.  He has implied that they really shouldn’t be allowed to be here at all.   And his solution for imigration – for a country of immigrants – is a huge wall that would forever be a scar disfiguring our otherwise great country.  No wait. I should have just said “our country” because according to Donald Trump we are not a great country anymore.

Trump thinks Putin is a great leader because he has great control over his country. Yep. He said that. Nevermind that Putin is a dictator, am I the only one worried that Donald thinks the President of the United States is supposed to control us? Good Lord but what world does that man live in?  And does he really think his supporters want to be controlled?  They don’t even like being told to use seat belts or that President Obama isn’t a Muslim.

But back to the debate… Let’s not forget that Mike Pence was supposed to be defending Trump… defending  a man who made fun of a disabled person.   The reporter Trump mimicked has a disability that limits the use of his arms and restricts his joints.  It’s called arthrogryposis and Trump actually mocked and made fun of his appearance in front of a crowd of supporters at one of his hillbilly rallies.  Let me repeat that.   Donald Trump, while running for President, made fun of a disabled person by mocking the way he looks. And Donald didn’t just say it, he said it and acted it out in front of television cameras.  It’s no wonder Pence didn’t attempt to defend his running mate. How does anyone continue to support this man?

But seriously, what did we really just learn?  We learned that even Mike Pence  can’t get through a debate without offending an entire ethnic group. I’m not sure what that Mexican thing was, but I am for damn sure Donald Trump actually said:

They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.

He doesn’t know if any of them are good people.  He just assumes some might be. How very open minded of him. Was that the Mexican thing Senator Kaine whipped out, Govenor Pence?

And did anyone else catch Mike’s defense that Hillary is worse because she insulted half of Trump’s supporters and Donald only insulted one Miss Universe.  Uhmm, let’s do the math:

Half of Trumps’s supporters is about 7 million (based on primary voters) or if we believe current polls it could be 25 million Americans who are about to vote for him .

To Pence’s credit, that is indeed a lot of people to have insulted.  To her credit, Clinton has said she was wrong to have said it and regretted it.  But let’s look at Trump’s ever growing talley:  

US Generals – 652

African Americans – 37 million

Population of Mexico – 120 million

Disabled people worldwide – 1 billion

Muslims – 1.6 billion

Women (all weights) – 3.5 billion

To date, Trump has issued no apologies. In fact, while Pence was declaring that Clinton ran a campaign of insults, Trump was tweeting insults not about what Kaine said but about the way Kaine looked.

We also learned that Mike Pence believes his religious beliefs should be turned into law so that women can’t make their own religious decisions.  And we learned that Mike Pence is clueless as to how many children are still waiting in foster care to be adopted (over 400,000) or that nearly 23,000 thousand kids age out of foster care every year in the United States alone.  

If we really have become a country where it doesn’t matter what you say as long as you look good while saying it, then we might deserve what we get.  My gut tells me it’s just the media keeping us intested for the sake of ratings. At least I hope it is.  

Mike Pence might have indeed won the debate by successfully avoiding the questions.  But Tim Kaine was the only one that night who got to leave with his dignity still intact.  I mean it.  Really.


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  1. Hey, Bob and Sue – Well, welcome to The Porch!! You’ll love it here…

    This time, before you put your heads under the pillow, get yourselves out there to your local polling place and VOTE!


    I just made that up, but I like it… Complacency on the part of both the GOP AND the Dems has allowed this unsuitable critter get as far as he’s gotten – and complacency COULD be his best friend, even now…

    Gotta all do our damnedest to make sure that doesn’t happen!


  2. OMG–I just found your site and was totally in love from the get-go !!
    Thank you so much !
    As I am nearing 75, I’ve managed to endure many political “games”.
    Both sides, at times, have caused me to just put my head under the pillow and wait it out!
    Thank you so much for your site !!


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  4. gato- I mostly agree with you. The “burn down the house” feeling is real and it is common. The Democratic party has failed to take heed almost as badly as the Republican party in many ways.
    Ms Clinton ought to do just fine though I don’t see her getting much done if we don’t get the Senate back.
    Mr Trump is a fool but between the deplorables and the disenchanted he does have a following.
    I don’t give a damn about the deplorables . I do care a great deal about the disenchanted. Let’s take the Presidency AND the Senate and get to work folks!

    Ah jeez Drew- boring! I’m really tired of the wannabe clever putdowns folks drop here – on our hostesses and the rest of us. No style, no pizzazz, no zing… just fart and leave kinda remarks. Boring.


  5. Speaking from experience, Drew? Feeling more forgetful these days?

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  6. Yes, Helen, thank you very much for putting it all out there. You really outdid yourself. I wish the newspeople could visit your site and take lessons in reporting the truth, grow some backbone and learn how not to sidestep reality for the sake of ratings or fake balance.


  7. Both human Trump and human Pence are equal in their deplorable attitude.
    They both are despicable humans.
    I personally did not think Pence won anything, he looked like a compete fool denying his running mate made all the taped and forever documented horrible comments about women, disabled, vets, anyone other than orange in color of the skin.
    So enjoy your blog, keep it up!

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  8. This is what happens when we don’t spend enough money on Alzheimer’s research and we spend too much money on AIDS research…….


  9. This is your absolutely best post yet! Wow!


  10. Hey, CoBlu, and All –

    I’m going to try to answer your question as seriously as I can, here in my brief before-making-dinner hiatus…

    “Why would anyone vote for these two?”

    I truly believe that this is the nightmare result of the GOP spending countless years demonstrating to people, by their inaction, that “government” is totally ineffectual, and does not have their interests at heart. (Citizens United, the power of the NRA lobby the failure to appoint a ninth Supreme Court justice, the filibusters to shut down the government, and on and on and on…)

    I believe they HOPED that their doing so would convince people that it was all the fault of the Democrats, and especially that Muslim Kenyan Usurper who somehow got elected twice.

    And they simultaneously hoped that they, the GOP, could somehow present themselves as the viable alternative.

    HOWEVER, things didn’t work out quite that way. They created a monster, and they didn’t have the foresight to see it coming, or the balls to stop it, once they saw it happening. Too many decided to “stick with the plan,” despite all evidence that the “plan” was turning into a nightmare.

    Trump “supporters” have noticed, CORRECTLY, that government no longer “works,” and certainly doesn’t work in their favor. In that, they are right. We need to admit that, and understand it.

    If we liberal/progressives have fault here, and we probably do, it’s that we didn’t do enough to stop this runaway train before now…

    Time and time again, we stood back and chuckled at voter disenfranchisement, at “religious freedom” laws that allowed businesses to discriminate against whole segments of our society, about laws passed designed to regulate who could pee where, and how much control a majority of our population should have over their own bodies, or who would get to pray how, and where. We were kind of smug, weren’t we?

    All this seemed ludicrous, because it was… But it happened!

    And when people no longer had jobs, no longer could enjoy the dignity of being heard and respected, could no longer support their families, what the hell else would we expect them to do, other than turn to whatever they were offered that seemed to offer “change,” even if that “change” would mean destroying just about everything in which they believed, and most of the principles on which this country was founded.

    A democracy dies when its citizens feel that they have no influence on their government. Dictatorship and oligarchy soon follow.

    Obama has done his damndest to straddle this divide for eight long years. I fear for our country’s future. Incredible damage has already been done, and President Clinton (Redux) will be dealing with that damage. Thank god I think she’s just the woman for the job.

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  11. If you gave stupid a colonoscopy, this election is what it would look like.


  12. Trumpkins should be made to sit through some of those videos that compile the lies, contradictions, attacks, insults, absurdities, etc. that have allowed those of us who never bought into the fascist demagoguery, to see this dung pile for what it truly is.

    Many of them just never do–they have bought into the empty promise that this clay mesiah will magically make their lives better, and have never truly looked at the person making all these promises.

    And after having this orange clown shrilly yelling at them how the media lies, they don’t trust the written word, or filed documents, or anything similar, fearing that it has been manipulated by their idol’s ‘enemies.’

    However, perhaps, if they were made to sit through video clip after video clip of this waste of space contradicting himself, backtracking, outright lying, stumbling, and being…well, himself, they may be moved to rethink whether or not they can trust him.

    Not holding my breath though.


  13. There are growing number of Trump team members who are saying he did not say things that are actually in the public record, many which are said more than once. The Donald’s denial that he ever said that climate change was a hoax invented by the Chinese to steal our jobs is in print, plus he has doubled down and tripled down on the hoax idea in public, at the same time his golf course in Ireland is asking for money to build a seawall due to climate change. I find this a tad deceptive.

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  14. Why in heavens name is ANYONE voting for this ridiculous pair of T Rump and Pence ?? Why is the media not screaming about these awful people……..oh that’s right, the pathetic reporters and newsreaders are owned by the T. Rump supporters. Disgusting and very scary that there are so many ignorant people who can not figure this out. THEY all think he is hilarious. We don’t need a clown dictator !!!! T. Rump is not fit to lead.

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  15. You ladies are on fire again!

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  16. Thank you for your spot on descriptions of Trump and Pence. You clearly have their number and it’s important that as many people as possible hear about what these two clowns really stand for before the election.

    I would like to point out that you kept your post only about what Trump has actually said and that you did not even go into what he has actually done in his life and in his business before running for president. There’s another fine kettle of fish right there and it should give people an idea on how he will behave if he ever became president. He has manipulated the system and conned and stepped over people his whole life to get his way and benefit himself. This run for the presidency is just another one of his cons to satisfy his enormous ego, game the system to make even more money for himself and possibly also to get back at President Obama who has mocked him and his birther crusade at that fateful 2011 correspondents’ dinner.

    It’s hard to understand how people could be so blind and uninformed to support these two clowns when on the other side you have Hillary Clinton who has spent her whole life in public service, who has a proven track record of legislation and actions aimed at improving the life of people, especially children, and who is eminently knowledgeable, experienced and qualified to assume the responsibility of the presidency. Republicans have launched crusade after crusade to bring her down for the past 30 years and they haven’t succeeded once because their accusations were baseless. The only thing that they were successful with was to create an aura of suspicion around Hillary through lies, innuendos and relentless propaganda and right-wing medias.

    I do hope that the American people can see both candidates and their running mates for who they really are, what they really stand for and make the right choice, the only choice.

    Go Hillary!

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  17. Yes, it was like Kaine was Hillary’s friend and that Pence had never actually talked to Trump. I don’t get it.

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  18. The 2 most frightening words in the English language: President Trump!!

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  19. Best analysis so far. The talking heads should do so well. You rock!!

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  20. I am sentient. I am sane. Hear me roar! I support Hillary. I am also in charge of the issue of immigration in my office here near D.C. What I am seeing now is a sudden odoriferous uptick from the Rethugs on not only re-habbing Manzanar in California as an internment camp for whoever they do not like who are already in this country, but shutting the gates on all borders to everyone and anyone who is LEGALLY coming in. I can just see these goons gleefully brainstorming on how to build a wall between the U.S. and Canada (!!!), right down the middle of the St. Lawrence, the middle of four of the five Great Lakes, before going landward to the west! Senator Sessions is finally getting his glory days on this issue. He just plain does not like anybody! And of course these widgets will make Canada pay for it! Ya know, back when we had earmarks, it was actually possible to make a deal! OK. I know! But this bunch of brain reads make me miss Trent Lott!

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  21. Don’t forget in the tally of people Trump has insulted that he disparaged ALL American POW’s.
    And basically, Pence is a liar, just as Trump is.

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  22. I’m annoyed by the general opinion among the media that Pence “won” the debate. From my viewpoint he lied through his teeth for most of the debate, and he pretended Donald Trump was a totally difference person than he actually is. Tim Kaine kept trying to correct the record while Pence condescendingly smiled at him and show his head. Interrupting too often is a far smaller offense than straight out lying!

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    Can i please a like from you


  24. Thank you always for your comments!!!


  25. Again, one of your best. Please keep posting, we need you!

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  26. Once again Helen you have responded perfectly to the Republican asshats! While Hillary said she probably shouldn’t have made the “basket of deplorable” comment, she was one hundred percent correct in her depiction of “The Donald’s” supporters. I wouldn’t say half of them, I’d say all of them! So looking forward to the election of our Great county’s first female president and I hope I never have to see that orange idiot again!

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  28. Pence is a religious fanatic. He left the Catholic church his freshman year in college and has become a born-again christian. He really wants to establish Sharia Law to control all females, Christians who are Pro-Choice, disabled, all immigrants, elderly etc. They are going to take this country into a Dictatorship with Putin as their model leader. Let’s hope that the population will vote for Hillary….who will “Keep America Great”….and get Rid of the Trump crazies in office now.

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  29. Pence is a religious fanatic. He left the Catholic church his freshman year in college and has become a born-again christian. He really wants to establish Sharia Law to control all females, Christians who are Pro-Choice, disabled, all immigrants, elderly etc. They are going to take this country into a Dictatorship with Putin as their model leader. Let’s hope that the population will vote for Hillary….who will “Keep America Great”….and get Rid of the Trump crazies in office now.

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  30. Great take on the situation. I keep saying I hope I’ll be happy when it’s over. And as one responder said, Hillary won’t get anything done as President if she doesn’t have the support of Congress. How sad when there’s no compromise on the big issues because the spoiled brats who sit on the Republican side can’t think of the big picture, what’s best for our country. As my mom would have said, they’re cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

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  31. Helen- I want to be you when I grow up! Thanks for telling it like it is:)

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  32. Thank God for you. The media is failing us.

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  33. Thank you again

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  34. Now they are celebrating that Mike Pence can walk and chew gum at the same time. Helen, you’re so right. I am so sick of this election. I can’t wait until I can look at the headlines and not see the words ‘Donald Trump’.

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  35. You nailed it alright. I am so tired of hearing my friends that support him because “Hillary lies” and “she put us at risk with the email fiasco” or “he doesn’t believe in abortion”.

    My biggest concern if she wins Congress will not do anything but block her like they have done with Obama.

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  36. One of your best.

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  37. Again you nailed it, Margaret & Helen. How anyone with a mind can be for little tweety trumpers is a mystery. He has proved over and over that he is unfit to be a member of humanity. And dense Pence fits right in. Neither is a Christian. In fact both are anti Christian. I doubt that either is aware of the New Testament. Their hate and just plain stupidity is sad enough but that they want to inflict themselves on me is unbearable!

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  38. Helen and Margaret – it is so good to have you back!


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