Posted by: Helen Philpot | September 15, 2010

The Real Housewife of Wasilla

Margaret, that Sarah Palin sure seems to be enjoying her moment in the spotlight.   And it appears she got another one of her Tea Party candidates one step closer to November 2nd.  Now,  I for one don’t begrudge her all this newly found fame and fortune.  I still think she is an idiot, but I don’t begrudge her all this success.   I just wish she came by it in a way that didn’t involve the fate of our nation…. like maybe being on The Real Housewives of Wasilla

I hear she is about to have her own television show on the Learning Channel.  Do you think she will learn anything?  And when exactly did the Learning Channel become the Learning Deficiency Channel?

Well, I say good for her.   If there was ever a person who was destined to be on one of those dysfunctional reality shows it would be Sarah Palin.  Maybe she will eat a rat like that little one on the The View. I hope she has huge ratings and gets out of politics for good.  Because stupid on television is one thing.  But stupid running our nation… well George Bush proved that to be a really bad idea.

Before that jackass preacher down in Florida decided not to burn the Quran, Ms. Palin sent out a little one of those face tweeter things.  She said she thought burning the Quran was as bad as building that mosque in Manhattan.  Leave it to an idiot to denounce one form of religious intolerance by promoting another form of religious intolerance.   

It’s a damn Burlington Coat Factory.  Did you know that Margaret?  This building they consider to be on sacred ground – or at least sacred ground for everyone but Muslims – is a Burlington Coat Factory.  Has everyone gone crazy?  It’s not at ground zero and it’s not even a mosque, honey.  It’s a cultural center.  And as far as sacred ground goes, we really should be careful.   They have a whole lot of “sacred ground” in the Middle East and it tends to cause never-ending wars.   This country already goes to war too often for sacred oil.  We don’t need to add sacred ground to the list.

When exactly will common sense return to America?  Just how far can the Republican Party – now called the Tea Party – throw the bullshit before someone calls them on it?  You just have to pay attention to Sarah Palin for all of ten minutes before you realize just how deep it gets.  And now this Christine O’Donnell has waded into the mess.

Margaret, it just makes me want to cry sometimes.   But you know me.  When faced with idiots and jackasses, I don’t cry.  I bake a pie.

So have some pie and a little coffee.   I know you prefer tea, dear, but skip the tea and have some coffee for me until after November.  I mean it .  Really.


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  3. Yeah, I know I’m late on this one, I get side-tracked by meat life and forget to keep current on my cyber life.

    The only sacred ground that I recognize are places were people did something that I found valuable, that placed a higher value on something other than their lives. Places that I find sacred are places like Gettysburg and a little strip of beachfront property in France that was once called Omaha.

    Not everyone will agree with me, but those are places that I hold as sacred ground.


  4. Helen and Margaret, you now have a fan from Sydney, Australia. You rock girls!


  5. I would love to subscribe to this site and receive your comments. Thank you. Sharon L. Buffington


  6. Dear Helen and Margaret,

    I just wrote you to see if you were going to DC on October 30th to the rally- and then I closed up and went to Huffington Post- and look at what I found:

    Sarah’s reality show trailer.

    You can’t make this stuff up fast enough that it doesn’t come true these days….

    Anyway- be well. Amanda


  7. Love this blog – so look forward to new posts.


  8. Great writing! Thanks for your ability to poke fun at the absurdities that pass for politics nowadays.


  9. […] The Real Housewife of Wasilla […]


  10. Helen, I took a look at the Presidential schedule. Between travel and office work, Obama is out of the office more often these days than in it. Question to myself: is it possible to adequately govern under these conditions? If answer is no, think about this. His presence on the campaign trail is pretty much dictated not so much by his own party but the party in opposition. If they can keep him focused on speeches and public appearances, they can gleefully screech about his lack of governance. Is this the point in time where we should consider doing things like other countries;i.e., having one top person out in public all the time and another in the office. As for his predecessor’s governance, GWB was hardly at the White House, stopping by usually just to change his clothes. His governance consisted of social welfare for the richest Americans, two wars and making sure everyone knew what the terror threat level was.


  11. Districts are divided up in favor of republicans. Republicans are outspending democrats by almost 9 to 1 this campaign cycle – this primarily due to corporate donations and many are foreign owned. Republicans have been served historically by election fraud.

    I admit, publicly funded elections would help. Term limits would help. Getting rid of the 2 party system is a must. Getting corporations out of control of our laws and lives would be the GREATEST remedy.

    If we really want change, that HAS to happen.

    If we haven’t gone too far down that path to turn back.

    If people will get off their couches and demand it.

    If we apply the laws of the land equally to ALL citizens.

    If we learn that the almighty JOBS are not the be-all and end-all solution to what ails us. Everyone with a job in a company that in ANY WAY contributes or profits from war is not innocent of the blood that is shed as a result. Other corporations oppress peoples and pollute lands. A job with those companies also carries the same guilt. Doing business with these companies also helps enable their sins. It’s all interconnected. It isn’t easy to unravel. But knowledge IS the first step. Knowing there is this problem IS the first step to solving it.

    I am solution driven. In my work I have become knowledgeable in many trades and encounter countless circumstances that require solutions. I don’t rest well until I solve the issues that confront me. Until people wake up to reality, NOTHING will change. Just because the beast is huge, doesn’t mean it can’t and shouldn’t be slain.


  12. Like Lori, I like to find solutions, but then I ruminate about unexpected consequences and how to fix them. Its how one runs a business.

    I agree, public funding would solve many of our problems. I would like to see 100% public funding. Its the only method which would work over time in my opinion. I also would like to see the time for campaigning limited.

    It might create new problems, such as how are splinter candidates funded? To be fair, each candidate needs to have equal financing. What if they disputed the formula in court? Would the government create a financial support formula based on petitions or poll numbers? Would the courts support forbidding voters to spend money on their favorite candidates? Would 100% government funding freeze out dark horses who might have a chance at winning, given unusual circumstances? Would in kind campaign work count as a non -funded contribution, or would a financial value be attached to it as it is in some grant applications? How could third parties be born?

    I don’t know the answers. I don’t even know all of the questions, but I agree with Lori.


  13. Well Poolman you can have all the theories you want and who knows maybe there is some truth to them. However until we have publicly funded elections there is no solution.

    I am a more solution oriented person and I like to fix problems not just ruminate about them.

    So, if those who believe in the conspiracy theories would put some effort into working for and nominating candidates who are pro publicly funded elections as opposed to just shaking their fingers at “narrow minded tunnel vision democratic and republican voters”, perhaps we COULD take control back.

    Until then it’s just a lot of smoke and mirrors.

    Unless one of the two major parties are backing you, you have no chance of winning a state wide election. If you need proof, just look at the stats for this years elections.


  14. “Creating a whip from some cords, Jesus – in his only recorded incidence of violence – drove the money-changers out of the Temple of Jerusalem; it was a moment of spiritual enlightenment, described in all four gospels.”


  15. Poolman–that’s terrific!


  16. Vote Republican!! 😀


  17. Helen, you are right on about the hypocrisy. Here’s in a link that can be copied and pasted in a browser. It is an excellent story about Lou Dobbs and his own illegal immigrants ala Whitman.


  18. Mageen in Old Virginny, I’d have handled the letter differently too, but as I wrote, maybe they didn’t want to know.

    Whitman’s Spanish language ad is definite proof of dishonesty. Maybe the maid is took but I’m more sure of the ad.

    Its too bad we don’t have a witch in the government. Maybe she and her coven could conjure up enough money to rest government printing presses.


  19. delurkergurl. I don’t know if Whitman knew or not. The letter stated an employer should not interpret it to mean the employee was illegal and to fire someone on the basis of the letter could be against the law.

    I think maybe she and her husband didn’t want to know. Its splitting hairs, but to be fair, I don’t know enough to judge.

    However, our son said Whitman was caught making Spanish language ads with different views than what she was saying in English. He was furious because he doesn’t like the choice between Whitman and “Governor Moonbeam.”

    In my opinion, the illegal maid is not yet proven. Her advertising hypocracy was. So, I basically agree with you, but for different reasons.


  20. Delurker gurl, yes, there was a change in my demeanor, and since you did a nice thing for me, I will tell you what happened. Prepare to be bored. No body cares about something like this.

    When I counter attacked against what I regarded as unfair food flinging, collectively “YOU”, it was as much an attack on “THEM.” Here is the shortest version I can give. Other things were happening then, but they are irrelevant.

    When I was in the service, my superiors on a new base used me as bait to catch an extortion ring. They promised to protect me, but they secretly decided to let something violent happen so they could press heavier charges against them.

    You know human nature. Troops who were afraid and said someone ought to stop them decided they weren’t so bad after all, and I became a pariah. I lived in a six man quansite hut, and one of the men was so mad at me he moved out and took the key.

    They came for me in the night, fifteen or twenty of them. Finally, some of people who I had considered friends joined them. Our squadron had an office pool as they bet on whether or when I would be hospitalized or killed.

    They tried everything in their power to make me recant the charges I had filed against them.

    It finally ended, and my enemies were eliminated, but I wasn’t the same person.

    I was a token veteran phone in guest on NPR’s Science Friday, Talk of the Nation. They discussed a new method of deprograming and counseling returning Iraqi and Afghanistani veterans. I told my story of that and other events. One of the men said I was a perfect storm, and I was the type of person they were trying to help.

    I had talked to a counselor at the Vet Center after I came home, and he said he was worried by the violence I had seen without a support system, and that I seemed emotionally detached from the events. Another counselor told me I was in an unusual form of combat he considered light because it only lasted four months.

    So, when people ganged up on me, it triggered another time as it always does, and I was attacking men long dead as much as I was attacking anyone here. You aren’t as real to me as those men. In my mind, we are in our twenties and still fighting. Like anyone, I’d have counter attacked if I’d had a different past, but in my case, it was against two sets of people. It made me more creative than I might have been and added a little panache.

    My emotional quirks work fine for me; for some others, not so much. The way I regard it, is my country inconvenienced me for four years. Now they can put up with me.

    I don’t know to which nasty personal attack against Jean you refer. I made a lot of them. I don’t hold grudges. She has also attacked me. If she apologizes to me, I will apologize to her. I might even apologize for hurting her feelings if the day feels right. I am erratic that way.


  21. Wingnuts are such cowards:

    Δ ~ PEACE


  22. The “I am not a witch” ad left us laughing hysterically. Well, I figure there goes the pagan vote!

    As for the letter to Whitman about the maid’s purported Social Security number, such a letter is not a penalty free zone no matter how it is worded. It is a definite shot across the bow. There is no way Whitman or her husband can wiggle out of this. Giving the letter to the maid and telling her to take care of the matter was totally not what they should have done. The letter was addressed to THEM. Period!

    As for the maid’s lawyer, I couldn’t care less who she is.

    The maid herself is probably in not that much danger of deportation, at least not immediately. The lawyer has no doubt gotten some legal protection for her in this situation.

    The cult of funeral screamers is meeting with opposition at military funerals, the kind they never thought they would ever see obviously. Those motorcyclists include a lot of veterans.
    Anyone want to bet that the court will come out with some kind of space requirement? I can only hope its a minimum of a mile!


  23. Oops. Allred.


  24. James, Whitman’s recall of the letter or what she should have inferred from it is debatable, but do you really believe she didn’t know her maid was illegal?

    Gloria Elrod is an opportunist but I don’t think that says anything about Whitman’s honesty.


  25. I’ll bite delurker gurl.

    Many Muslim countries don’t let Christians build many new churches. Insulting Islam is more challenging than deriding Christians because most Christians don’t riot or kill people over imagined insults.

    Constitution gives us freedom of religion. Thus, Muslims, wiccans or any other group has the right to build a house of worship.

    That cult which calls itself a religion has the freedom of speech to do or say anything it wants. I hope the Supreme Court decides in its favor. The rest of us also have the freedom to sue them as happened in Nebraska.

    I also agree about the fire fighters.

    “Christine O’Donald’s “I am not a witch” commercial was one of the funniest so far. The whole issue is stupid. Her flirting with wicans in high school has nothing to do with her qualifications now.

    I’m not sure Meg Whitman was a hypocrite over the illegal alien. I read a copy of the government letter and it said the message should in no way be interpreted to imagine her maid was illegal.

    Gloria Elrod has put the maid in jepordy for political gain, because she has been outed.

    Our son in California found a more clear cut example of Meg Whitman’s hypocrisy.


  26. Thanks, James. I understand why you could be wary.

    Actually, I have occasionally defended you here. I read your commentary and viewed it as carefully thought out and explained, even when wrong. 😉

    At one point, there was a distinct change in your demeanor and I am sure I even said I was concerned about it. Over time, I got really tired of you, and the more people got tired of you the more it fueled you. I’d have liked it if you’d gone back to being a thoughtful contributor, or left. I like it better when you’re too busy to play games here.

    Your personal attack on Jean was nasty and I will not forget it.

    However, I am an honest and compassionate person. I feel for your family situation and admire your desire to seek information that may be helpful. I think it stinks that you have to wade through people bashing you to have a discussion with someone you seem to be taking comfort & value in corresponding with. If the side porch is useful for you, I encourage you sincerely to consider using it. No purgatory implied.


  27. Sweet baby Hank. You want someone to shoot me eh?

    It was done when I was in the service. I’m here and they are not. I will be here as long as I choose, and there isn’t a thing a big talking little boy like you can do about it.

    That good enough for you Anonymous? No denouncing this time. Just a statement of fact.


  28. Well, we could talk about the supreme court case regarding people’s legal right to be butt heads. We could talk about the hollow and generally false argument that we can’t build churches in Muslim countries, so Muslims shouldn’t build mosques here. Unfettered spending by foreign corporations and special interests on elections. Inability of the firefighters at the house fire in Tennessee to do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do. Meg Whitman’s hypocrisy and lies. People fighting for the right to bully gay people. Christine O’Donnell. We could even gossip about Bristol Palin’s stint on Dancing With the “Stars”. We could encourage M&H to put up a new post!


  29. Delurker gurl, ever since the service when a false act of kindness from an enemy (not that you are an enemy) would have killed me, I have been suspicious of people who stray from a specific pattern of behavior. We have mauled and insulted each other in the past, and you seemed to be part of the group who voted me gone.

    I don’t deserve a thing from you, and yet you have given me a gift more emotionally significant to me than you will ever imagine. It doesn’t matter about your possible ulterior motives, desire to send the PFessor and me to purgatory, or any other evil intentions. I choose regard your motives as pure. Given that, it doesn’t matter whether or not the Pfessor and I use it to discuss my brother in law. The fact that it is there, and you took the trouble to create it means a lot.

    Two people have posted there, and that means a lot too. Donna, like the site delurker gurl created, I didn’t deserve any nice comments from you. Thanks. I agree, I can be too strong with “I told you so’s.”

    This is tied to more than my brother in law and his family. My sister in law and I have known each other since she was eight, and we became the blood brother and sister we never had. We look out for each other.

    I like the Pfessor. He helped when I was grasping at straws. He also told me not to tell the family because he was only guessing. When my sister in law nephews and nieces freaked out because my brother in law was turning yellow and thinking he was fixing an air compressor, I told them I had met a doctor on line who told me this could be expected. They felt better.

    Doctors will not always tell everything, and I don’t think they are now. The PFessor gave me general things to look for without actually predicting anything. Jean listens to different news shows than I. I have never heard a newscaster discuss the possible danger of bone marrow floating through the blood stream.

    Unlike the doctors who said nothing, my BIL went into a decline as Pfessor speculated might happen. He still hasn’t regained his strength as fast as doctors expected, and thanks to the PFessor, I’m watching the signs.

    In the past, I have called area hospitals and tried to get a nurse or doctor to give me another opinion sight unseen, but it takes a lot of time and effort to find someone to help in a meaningful way. I didn’t have the time this go around.

    Thanks again delurker gurl.


  30. “Somebody shoot James. Please.” -Hank

    Oh boy! Get ready for the massive denouncing of hateful wingnut rhetoric!



  31. If it wasn’t for the mad rush to the new annex or sending J & P over to purgatory, what else would we have going on?


  32. Oh, well, Delurker….Like the scorpion said, you knew what he was when you picked him up. (Old folk story).

    However, unlike the scorpion, there isn’t anything he can do that would actually hurt you. Just chalk it up to ‘you did the right thing, you have no control over what he does’.

    Moving on.


  33. Somebody shoot James. Please.


  34. Auntie Jean: I had refrained from weighing in on the “medical advice” issue but noted it. This wouldn’t be a question of confidentiality–it’s one of offering advice on an “off the cuff” basis, without adequate information. And doing so in a jurisdiction other than that in which one is licensed to practice medicine (if, indeed, one is licensed at all).

    Obviously, James is in a difficult situation. Were someone to genuinely wish to help him, that person could certainly offer support or even direct James to an appropriate source. There’s no reason, particularly in light of another option, to do so on this blog. However, there are people to whom it is more important to show off than it is to exercise basic courtesy.


  35. Hi Congenial Gang,

    It was quite thoughtful and generous of delurkergurl to use her time and expertise to set up a separate site for two of the tiresome trolls to communicate with each other to their heart’s content.

    Predictably, an audience of one is never enough for the inflated ego. Of late, the ‘medical advice’ being so freely given demonstrates some interesting points. First of all, none if it was anything beyond what the layman, who has ever paid attention to the 6:00 o’clock medical news on TV, is acquainted with.

    No qualified physician would venture to make a diagnosis let alone prognosis without personally examining the patient or at least in consultation with the attending physician(s). This especially applies to medical expertise outside any doctor’s specialty. And of course there is the matter of doctor-patient confidentially. It poses a serious question and violation of the Code of Medical Ethics.

    This particular tiresome troll has carefully failed to mention what his medical specialty, if any, is. I doubt if he could have patients beating a path to his door to seek out his particular brand of the ‘healing arts’ with such an arrogant and abrasive style. I cannot imagine any sincere physician having the time to daily, sometimes hourly, ‘regale’ on and on with his pseudo-science.

    More and more I am becoming convinced that he is a low level techie hovering on the periphery of the honorable medical profession. (Dispensing snake oil?)

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  36. Congratulations! You have obtained the Orb of Deception! This orb will turn you into a member of the opposing faction for a short period of time. You can find a detailed list of what exactly you will turn into below…


  37. “but” unpleasant.


  38. Delurker–I don’t think James is a malicious person at all. While I think he sometimes takes this “I told you so” business too far, he seems by and large well-meaning. In contrast, Jim is obnoxious and appears to take pleasure in being so (e.g., the “hehee” comment).

    You were being kind. He is an ass. And more than that, he is someone who takes pride in offending and annoying others. Feel sorry for those who have to deal with him–it can’t be anything buy unpleasant.


  39. AH those “ENTITLEMENTS”…agree that indeed seem OVER EXTENDED BUT…would say that IF BY MIRACLE, the WASTEFUL and FRAUDULENT elements were removed, there would be far better “servicing” able to be rendered. There is a great deal “off kilter” and too often, PROFITIBILITY is THE prime consideration and JUST “profitibility” but EXCESSIVE profiteering . There is NOT a “problem per se withthose seeking “profitibility” however, the element of ” greed” has become INGRAINED.
    Find it astounding that many have not realized that THEIR “benefits” costs are shoved more onto their own shoulders and CUT –NOT just a “cost of living” increase, OUTPACES the general populations “rise of CoL” while the upper echelons reap/rape unseemingable huge salries along with BIG bonuses/perks/benefits and little of the “PROFITS” put into the “servicing” …proportionately WAY OUT OF WHACK and a major contributor to the downfall of a system that COULD serve us all quite well.
    KNOW IT FIRST HAND here…from various (perhaps NOT all but a goodly majority !!) The insurance industry is NOT alone in it, the FINANCIAL folks are “rapist” too and NOT to OUR general benefit. Greed is an inherent human characteristic with shortage of it around and about.
    KNOW folks who have NO NEED for the “chump change” of SS checks…one in particular considers it a “bother” that fouls up bamk accounts who never worked a day(no need to and married QUITE well) who gets a MAX payment each month and complains..Know others at other end of spectrum, hardworker ALL thru life, unfortunate events in the years and what was thought reasonably provided /salted wiped out thru illness to destituion and basically BELOW poverty level at end of life but carefully tends to expenses, the SS “assistence” ALLOWS not to be on street or DEAD for that matter . Another, employed over 40years, paid the increased “portions” of benefits and even the added for IN CASE OF a whatever…DID unfortunately have a WHATEVER, but was DENIED the disability coverage payments (leg was amputated in end result, caused loss of employment and more..And btw, the corporation had MANDATORY transferred him to MEDICARE when had reached age 65 ,not elgibible for the employers insurance program coverage thou the family was allowed to stay at INCREASED COSTs. Same individual WITH SS coverage and the additional insurance coverage offered to SS recepients to cover medical needs/etc…Shortchanged there as well..would have been better off IF had stayed on STRICTLY Medicare, more needed equipment would have been covered but that too is another long involved tale. Leg amputated, unable to be “independent”, fitted (too early and hence improperly) for a prothsetic after having spent over 3 and 1/2 month in ICU due to life threatening INFECTION that took hold when ORIGINALLY had been released TOO EARLY from ICU care and sent to rehab (a bit ahead of the mention of amputation for that was caused by the EARLY release and “seeming” missed /wrong infection diagnosis..the amuptation came AFTER that initial release with INCORRECT INSTRUCTIONS for “rehab” at a nursing care facility which put him ON infected foot which caused infection to SPREAD which then became LIFE THREATENING and so many, many etc’s…ACUTE ICU care for the 3+ months trache/life threatening and again many etc’s..then sent to ACUTE CARE facility FOR rehab/etc which was SPARSE and inadquate and then FINALLY release three motnhs later with a Wheelchair and walker and “promises” of assistance to be forthcoming…There was the matter of a proper “bed for the home..They, the insurance WOULD provide..THEY RENT IT…They did send out a MANUAL bed which was NOT what was needed for someone that was determined to be able to eventually at least INDEPENDENT and recover movement ability …Personal purchase on own OF an “electric” bed that would allow personal descretion on own to move up down/etc and NOTE, after searching, purchase NEW, with mattress/dlvry and etc for a mere $950 from medical supply where the insurance folks would have had THOUSANDS of dollars (some recoupement from SS to THEM) and as IS a LONGTERM NECCESSITY, IF THEY cut out what is likely “kick-backs and such”, there SHOULD be $$$ available for OTHERS to have such equipment but only if the MARKUPS are curtailed and yeah, less profit perhaps….Same goes for regards to some of the therapy offered…physical and occupational which IS NOT exactly “adequate” but BILLED and PAID FOR by the insurance who then too recoups again $$$ from SS programs as well.
    COULD go on and KNOW not alone in “knowing” these situations and KNOW TOO that things SHOULD and COULD be so much BETTER but NOT likely to change anytime soon on any number of levels. These folks have been hard workers, NOT SLACKERS by any means , paid INTO THE SYSTEMS, have done their community work too all thru the years and frankly , accept to great extent that THINGS HAPPEN IN LIFE and rather KNOW NOT ALL WILL ALWAYS GO WELL or etc. Not looking for HANDOUTS but appreciate and hand of assist and frankly, deserve it !!!
    The contrasts are rather abhorrent…one complains of the inconvenience of her entitlement that she does NOT refuse, others remain in NEED and willing to continue the best they can to do their share and thensome.
    FOR SURE among the ranks that would indeed LIKE to see an overhaul of THE SYSTEM…The “scare/complaint” of arbitrary “death panels BEING instituted was NOT something NEW…they already exist but foolish fearfuls obviously have NOT done due diligence in checking FULLY into their own coverage and what it DOES /does NOT cover or limits and allows DENIALs when too expensive to the profit lines that pay MORE in salaries and bonuses than outlayed elsewise FOR the benefit of those held hostage in their enrollment rank and file !!!
    We may have some of THE best medical practitioners and facilities but NOT ALL CAN have access–that IS the reality and thensome and IS MORALLY UNACCEPTABLE and thensome !!


  40. Yes, Jim. You got me. You have exposed the fact that I’m not a good door mat. Your powers of revealing the obvious are remarkable! You turned a nice gesture into something it wasn’t, insulting me in the process, and I defended myself because I’m human. Whoa!

    I knew my gesture would be questioned (which is why I clarified in advance that ‘I come in peace’) and you reacted rudely & predictably. Hey, I can reveal the obvious, too! Whaddayknow!


  41. And in other news, the fighting over who controls the territory continued today in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, and M&H.


  42. delurkergurl –

    Hehee…I didn’t *think* it would take very much to slide that membrane back over those sharp little fangs! Your “I come in peace” nonsense was as transparent as a windowpane; I just didn’t think it would be so easy to expose. Thanks!

    And thank you for the well-wishes. I *always* have a good day.


  43. Delurker that was very kind of you.


  44. Jim, I don’t think you read what I said. It’s not at all about word count. James said the reason for not using email was because email doesn’t work well for him and blog comments do. He didn’t say, “I only want to talk here.” He does what’s simpler for him, and I tried to make it even simpler yet. Look at the crap he had to wade through yesterday if he wanted to hear what you had to say. I can empathize because I have to wade through it, too. Unlike James, though, I am not on dial up and I don’t have a loved one in terrible medical condition in a hospital.

    I realize games and rodeos are what you’re accustomed to. It’s why the great majority of us are sick of you. But in this case, I simply did something KIND because I feel bad for James’ stress & current hardship.

    You have a good day. It sounds like you really could use one.


  45. So many churches have lost their way. If they truly honor God and follow His Spirit, nothing can hold them back. If they are on their own agenda, as this Baptist group seems to be, they will fail. They already fail to win souls for Christ in their obvious disregard for His compassion for all people, no matter what place they are in this journey. Love IS the most obvious and greatest charasteristic of a true believer.

    So whether they can do what they do legally or not, doesn’t make it right, imho.


  46. Hi all –

    Did you know that the Supremes are going to hear today the court case re: Westboro “Baptist” “church” and their protesting at soldiers’ funerals?

    Yes they have the right I’m sure to do what they do. Their little protest in WV at the miners’ town didn’t go so well this past spring, I’m told. A friend told me they had no idea just how close it came to not going well at all.

    I think someone, somewhere will bring this sad little “church” to an end; the question is where.


  47. delurkergirl, that’s a wonderful idea! Thanks for doing that!


  48. delurkergurl –

    I appreciate your effort; however, if you look back over the past few months, you will find my and James’ word count quite low compared to that of some other posters, and certainly no more off-topic than, I would say not only some, but most. As Greytdog mentioned:

    “Tristan – we post according to original post, comments, tangents, etc. Very much like a regular conversation. This isn’t a meeting with an agenda. It’s just folks getting together, arguing, yakking, throwing food sometimes.”

    I think that’s pretty accurate.

    This is not my first rodeo; I find that M&H is like most blogs and newsgroups: conversations ebb and flow, topics change, posts wax and wane in number. We all tend to post directly to each other rather than in response to “Helen’s” posts, which are, in fact, quite few and far between. It just happens that trauma is my area of expertise and another member of this blog needs some help.

    This time it is James; next time it could be me – or YOU.


  49. yesterday was a day of remembrance. Met up with some cousins and we went to the Vimy Memorial honoring the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. My grandfather, barely 16, fought with the Canadians there. He was one of a handful who made it out alive. There is an stillness there on the ridge. One woman expressed it as peaceful. I didn’t feel that. It felt like the earth was holding its breath. . .waiting. For what? For humans to realize that war is not the answer? The earth will wait patiently and when we will not learn that lesson, the earth will accept the blood sacrifice we demand. . .
    Conor, my wonderful vagabond harper cousin, played Albioni’s Adagio in G Minor. It was all we could offer to those who rest there.


  50. James and Jim, I understand the communication issue created by James downloading speed. Since posting on a blog works better for James, I created one for you folks to communicate without the hassle of trolls & members here telling to go find somewhere else to talk. The other benefit is that the pages on M&H’s blog can take a long time to load once there are several hundred comments.

    I come in peace!I don’t mean to be presumptuous at all. James, your time must be very limited with your current situation, and I don’t imagine you have any interest in figuring out how to create it yourself. Especially over dial-up! I hope that you’ll enjoy using it without the bashing you’ve been getting here from trolls and people who have encouraged you to create your own blog.

    I set it up the way it is here so there won’t be any learning curve. Comments are not at all moderated. If spam becomes a problem you may wish to change that to require approval for first-time commenters. I used a throwaway email address. I can give the blog password to one of you and you can reset it. Just let me know where to send it.

    Here you go:

    Your concern for your BIL is very clear, James. I’m glad he’s in good hands. I pray he makes steady progress towards full recovery.


  51. A strange thing happened with our son’s and daughter’s classes. The farm crisis caused some to lose their homes, and most lived with the prospect of near destitution when they were children.

    When they reached high school, the entire class decided education was their only way out. They invented their own No Child Left Behind plan and followed it. All or none would make it. They became their own mentors, siblings and parents. When a classmate was raped, she didn’t tell anyone but her classmates, and they took care of it. They also agreed there would be no drugs.

    The class was like a giant clique, and the rest of the school regarded them as an oddity, but our daughter’s class began to copy them.

    On the day before the last class, they all left at 5AM and had a good bye breakfast in Council Bluffs. That has not happened before or since.

    At graduation, they had earned more schollarship money than any class over the previous twenty years or the next ten. Two thirds of the class had made the National Honor Society.

    Things fell apart for many after they separated and went on to college. After he graduated from university, our son attended a high school graduation party for the younger brother of one of his classmates. She had also graduated from college. Her first words to our son were “Not many of us made it did we?”


  52. Poolman–
    I do everything possible to keep them focused on their work and listening to direct instruction.
    The only thing I haven’t tried is tap-dancing.

    encourage your HS senior to job-shadow several people.


  53. Thanks again PFessor. Doctors have delayed getting my BIL on his feet, but they have been using the inflatable leg splints you mentioned. These doctors are some of the best in the region.

    If any one tells me, I will send you a list of his injuries.

    That’s too bad about your friend. I agree, he should take up a less dangerous hobby.

    Someone suggested we exchange e mails. We have, but as I wrote before, our slow dial up delivery system sometimes won’t let us get e mails for two or three days after someone has written them. This message board was the easiest and fastest way to ask for information.

    I agree, entitlements are a major problem. Once established, they continue to grow, and eventually we will not be able to pay the bills. Many European countries are reaching that point, and they are cutting benefits as we increase ours. The British are even considering bringing competition into their National Health Service.

    A witness to the shooting at the Creignton hospital where my brother in law is, was a Canadian who’s daughter was having a liver transplant. If the Canadian national health system is so robust, why didn’t they get the transplant at home?

    Bozly84, President Obama has demonstrated his inexperience in executive leadership by his actions. Even Dunesbury has mocked his detatchment.

    This is not to say most of the Republicans are any better. I can’t think of one front runner who would do much better than Obama, except they wouldn’t take the country so far left. Some, like Sarah Palin would give us the opposite effect, governing so far from the right the public would rise up as a large segment is doing against the Democrats.

    The Democrats froze Republicans out of the major decisions. They did try to negotiate with selected Republicans to peel off a vote or two so they could claim the legislation was bi partisan. Republicans introduced at least one version of a health insurance plan, but Democrats ignored it. Senator Ben Nelson said not only Republicans didn’t know how the health insurance plan was being created, but he and some other Democrats were also in the dark.

    Democrats and Republicans are doing what they think benefits the special interests who buy them. There is no difference except for the groups they represent.

    Yes, Obama promised to change the political tone, but he used his majority like a sledge hammer. He is just another politician, and I’m sure experience is making him a better executive than when he started.

    I agree we need both sides to work together to get us out of our mess. Neither side has all of he answers.

    The Tea Party movement and its sometimes super conservative candidates is a symptom of the failure of both parties to cope with fiscal problems. Some of those candidates will win, and our politicians will have no one to blame but themselves.

    I’ve never been on a school board, but my wife is a teacher, and she hears things. Our local boards often know so little about their school’s day to day business that they rely on the superintendents for their cues. In that way, they become more like rubber stamps than the independent agents voters elected them to be.

    I agree, the quality of a school building or its teachers doesn’t matter as much as a student’s desire to learn. If the drive exists, a person will learn in spite of the obstacles.

    Thanks for the complement to teachers, poolman. My wife has noticed a change in her students over the years. For one thing, more of them are medicated. Girls are behaving more like boys and throwing punches in fights.


  54. vgman –

    Great quote. I keep a bulletin board in my office that has nothing but quotes on it; I will give that one a position of prominence.

    There is another, from Einstein I believe. “Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn…”

    My HS senior is starting to turn it on academically – kind of late, but I’m grateful for anything at this point. He wants to do a post-grad year to pick up some extra classes before going to college. I hope he does well; he and his brother are the only reasons I get up in the morning.


  55. Homeless man under pressure.


  56. vgman, I often wonder how kids today, bombarded with so much media and entertainment, will function over time. My grandkids don’t get to just go outdoors and run free like I was able to do. I wasn’t in front of a video screen for much of my youth. Back then it was just me and nature. Today we have the teevee, videos, the Wii, computer games, social networks, cell phones, etc. You can’t even see much of the stars at night with all the light pollution. Farms and farm animals are far away and mostly corporate.

    I think it takes a lot more for a teacher to get the kids excited about learning. Attention spans are short. Distractions are plentiful. I’m sure it takes its toll on the teachers. Then you also have to deal with all the politics of the education system, discipline challenges, bomb threats, etc. The deck’s stacked against you. God bless you teachers. I know the rewards are not financial ones. Keep up the good work! 🙂


  57. Excellent point, poolman. Learning does start from within one’s self.
    Today I watched two kids walk away from a pond with fishing poles and tackle boxes. Made me wonder how many parents give their children experiences in life from which to learn. Fuel the desire to experience more, learn more, see more, talk about more.


  58. Learning happens everyday and not just in the classrooms. It starts with a desire to learn. Just got to keep the criminals from stealing our opportunities. “Barbarians inside the American national security system have destroyed our liberties and freedoms based on false pretenses.”


  59. “You forfeit your chance for a life at its fullest
    when you withhold your best efforts in learning.
    When you give only the minimum to learning, you receive only the minimum in return.

    Even with your parents’ best examples and your teacher’s best efforts, in the end–it is your work that determines how much and how well you learn.

    When you work to your full capacity, you can hope to obtain the knowledge and skills that will enable you to create your future and control your destiny.

    If you do not–
    you will have your future thrust upon you by others. Take hold of your life. Apply your gifts and talents. Work with dedication and self-discipline. Have high expectations for yourself and convert every challenge into an opportunity.”

    These are words from the report on education entitled “Nation at Risk”–1983 or 1987.

    I’ve been teaching since 1987.
    I teach these words to my students every year.
    They memorize them. We recite them together.
    Don’t paint education with a brush so broad that your opinion covers up or clouds the magical unfolding of learning that happens in classrooms every day across this nation.


  60. Amazing. Sometimes Fox is really news. Now that we (the Pentagon) have bought all 10,000 copies of Shaffer’s book and destroyed it, what next?


  61. anon –

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I get the Times and had read it, but it was good to go back and look again.

    There were so many disappointments on the Board. Interesting statistic I remember from back then was that almost nobody who had served on a school board ever ran for another public office. The best analogy I heard was of a bus driver with brake and gas pedal, and forty passengers, all with a brake. Any one of them could stop any project by just putting on the brake. So the boards end up building new schools with their names on plaques at the door – nothing else. (I made a lot of enemies by opposing every construction project, noting that the buildings at Oxford dated back to the 1300s and they seem to get the job done there.) We constantly engaged in suboptimization – that is to say, elegantly solving the wrong problem. It was awful. The worst thing was that the system still had a lot of the older teachers – really good ones – who remembered the days when the system wasn’t tied up in its own dog chain.

    Now the parents blame the teachers, the teachers blame the parents and govt fashion now is to blame the unions. Lots of blame but no desire to work *together.* The system surely let my kids down, and a lot of others. It’s really sad.


  62. Re: PFesser on October 5, 2010 at 2:41 PM

    Maybe you should read this first. Notice the school board is a non factor.


  63. No One’s Puppet, the title of this article made me think of you. Are you related?


  64. Great education post by Arianna Huffington –

    I served on a local school board in the late ‘eighties. It was a sobering and disheartening experience, and it took me a long time to come to a conclusion about what is wrong with our system.

    At first I thought it was the “stinking bureacracy.” Then the teachers. Then the parents. Then I didn’t know.

    I think I know now. It comes down to one thing: Will.

    Before *anything* else, parents, teachers, administrators, politicians must first ALL come together and decide they want the kids educated and that they are SERIOUS. Once that is done, we need to pay the teachers well so we can attract a higher caliber of individual into the field than we do now. We need to go to year-round school, like the rest of the industrialized world. Parents need to not only support discipline in the schools, they must *demand* it. That means not attacking teachers verbally or physically, and doing whatever they need to do at home to ensure the students know *WE MEAN BUSINESS*. Politicians must provide protection for the administrators from predatory lawyers who keep everyone in fear. These are essential, but by no means sufficient; there must be a wholesale overhaul of the system, with nothing off the table.

    “A Nation At Risk” was published when, early 1980’s? Nothing substantive has change since then. As Arianna notes, our failure to educate our children is fueling our race to third-world status faster than anything else – not to mention its allowing loony politicians to ascend the ranks as ignorant voters continue to fall prey to their nonsense.

    But enough about the ReBiblicans.


  65. Bozly84 great post! I am in SoCal also. We GLADLY pay for our fire protection. These people who don’t want to pay are selfish and very ignorant.


  66. Hi Congenial Gang,

    I don’t claim omniscience in anything, least of all economics and political matters. When it comes to choosing a candidate to vote for, especially in the mid-term election, I think it is important to select someone who more generally reflects my basic philosophy of life. And I’m not talking about whether s/he looks and sounds like Lady Ga Ga or Elmer Fudd. I think if you watch or listen to a little of what they have to say beyond the usual political speak, it is easy to understand where s/he is coming from in personal ideology. Political personalities come and go, they always have and will continue to do so. However, fundamental principles endure.

    I have been reading a fascinating book (for me anyway) in a series of books on the New Perspectives in Music History and Criticism. This one has to do with the Politics, Patronage and Music in the life of one celebrated singer in the 1620-1650’s, during the so-called ‘Seicento’ period of Italy. It is a tome and not an easy read. The author has researched and documented it thoroughly, to the point that every other paragraph has a reference or footnote. I am only paraphrasing and hitting a few salient high spots here along with my own observations.

    I am struck by the similarities between the ‘Patronage of the Nobility and Aristocracy’ and the multinational ‘Corporations and Interest Groups’ we have today. It is mostly semantics – different wording but the same basic concepts apply with only a slightly different meaning in time.

    Of course, patronage began way back when, with ‘Paterfamilia’, the absolute authority of forced domination with rigid rules of privilege for those of wealth, power and influence, (or at least the pretense thereof). More often than not it stunted the emotional and intellectual growth of offspring. The thrust of patronage was to retain and expand that wealth, power and influence by whatever means, fair or foul. That meant going outside the confines of the small circle of nobility/aristocracy to find the talents to accomplish those aims.

    So the economics of patronage evolved into a complex system of reciprocity with personal bonds of obligation. Each party owed something to the other. A master cannot be a master without a slave and a slave cannot be a slave without a master. Mutual dependency. A few extraordinarily talented people could distinguish themselves but within certain social limitations. If s/he had social ambitions for prestige, say to marry into the nobility, gain (buy) a title or even become a gentleman courtier, there had to be plenty of fawning going on. (Kissing up and brown-nosing???)

    To give credit where credit is due, it is thanks much to the patronage of the Roman Catholic Church that music found a way to be written. Monks hidden away in cloisters were the ones who initially took folk and church music that everyone sang and developed it into the sophisticated written form it ultimately became today. Just as written language began, not with literature, (much to the dismay of scholars) but with Phoenicians traders around the Mediterranean with a ‘Bill of Sale’.

    Of course, monarchies and empires of the past collapsed from within as a result of their own excesses despite the usual ideologically perceived threats (excuses?) from without such as ‘Barbarians ‘, ‘Huns’, ‘Goths’, ‘Turks’, ‘Vandals’, ‘Vikings’, ‘Visigoths’, or ‘Huns’.

    (Or maybe ‘Muslims’, ‘North Koreans’, ‘Iranians’, ‘Illegal Aliens’ or ‘Little Green Men from Mars’?)

    There is an old French saying, “Plus ça change, plus c’est le même chose.” The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  67. (DID catch several news broadcasts of this..even saw some of Oberman where the homeowner was on(in deepshock/depression abut ACCEPTING the firefighters “verdict/decision while lamemnting the total devasting loss of his home and the three dogs and cat that belonged to his Grandchildren death in the flames…Thought to self, such as this occurrence could stoke a mindset in some that could result in domestic terror for vengeful revenge and NO , no indication that this homeowner was of such thought but frankly COULD imagine it arising in others. Good read and KNOW, due to have taken the writeup from Alternet, some will immediately dismiss–the account of this incident IS avaiable elsewhere, google it up and then sto to consider the VARIOUS ramifications of PRIVATIZING EVERYTHING where ONLY PROFIT is considered THE goal. Here in SoCal, have had fire folks put on “shutdown”/furlough days…Think of firemen/paramedics and police officers short staffed and cutback hours of PUBLIC SERVICE…will YOUR needs be met “adequately”–perhaps will if YOU are fortunate to have deep pockets. Here, if in say an auto accident, ambulence called–you may NEED transport or may not..either way, YOU WILL BE BILLED whether was YOUR request for the service or not.
    Many do NEED to think about the ramifications such “utopian” small government/priatizationing entails and truly figure out whether it TRULY will function for even a deep pocket individual or IF the alternative of SHARRING “EXPENSES” does indeed make sense for ones OWN mere survival in general and in specifics. We can wail all we want, complain and bitch/moan and groan but true common sense does need to prevail for THE truer greater COMMON good of ALL not just (momentarily) for the deep pocket sorts !!!
    ((–_firefighters_let_family%27s_house_burn_down_because_owner_didn%27t_pay_%2475_fee?page=entire )
    Ayn Rand Conservatism at Work — Firefighters Let Family’s House Burn
    Down Because Owner Didn’t Pay $75 Fee
    Talk of limited government is appealing until you see what it actually means in practice: a society in which it’s every man for himself.
    October 4, 2010 |

    Thanks to 30 years of right-wing demagoguery about the evils of “collectivism” and the perfidy of “big government” — and a bruising recession that’s devastated state and local budgets — we’re getting a peek at a dystopian nightmare that may be in our not-too-distant future. It’s a picture of a society in which “rugged individualism” run amok means every man for himself.
    Call it Ayn Rand’s stark, anti-governmental dream come true, a vision that last week turned into a nightmare for Gene Cranick, a rurual homeowner in Obion County, Tennessee. Cranick hadn’t forked over $75 for the subscription fire protection service offered to the county’s rural residents, so when firefighters came out to the scene, they just stood there, with their equipment on the trucks, while Cranick’s house burned to the ground. According to the local NBC TV affiliate, Cranick “said he offered to pay whatever it would take for firefighters to put out the flames, but was told it was too late. They wouldn’t do anything to stop his house from burning.”

    The fire chief could have made an exception on the spot, but refused to do so. Pressed by the local NBC news team for an explanation, Mayor David Crocker said, “if homeowners don’t pay, they’re out of luck.”

    Ironically, Obion County describes itself as a “progressive community.” In a recent report (PDF), town officials wrote:

    We continue to recruit new industry …. We’re building new roads and new schools and making improvements in health care, law enforcement and tourism. The implementation of a Regional Airport, the construction of the I-69 corridor through Obion County and improvements to our local infrastructure reflect the commitment of our county commissioner and municipal officials.

    But last December, a county commission on which every member is a Republican voted to rescind a resolution passed years earlier that would have established a countywide fire department. Their rationale was, of course, the need to keep taxes low, but according to the county commission report, that decision was penny wise but pound foolish. “Because there is no operational county fire department,” the officials noted, “Obion County has missed the opportunity to actively pursue receipt of FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) and Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), which could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding.”

    Firefighting is perhaps the most frequently cited example of a good that the private sector simply isn’t suited to provide. We now deem the task of putting out fires a “public good” — something individuals can’t decide to forgo without the potential of hurting others. But as I note in my new book, The Fifteen Biggest Lies About the Economy, it wasn’t always so. In the early years of our Republic, in cities like Boston and New York, small, privately operated fire brigades vied for property-owners’ business. You’d pay a small fee, and they’d give you a placard to hang on your door identifying you as a client. If a fire did break out, the company would—in theory, anyway—come and douse the flames.

    It was a libertarian wet dream, but it was utterly disastrous. Sometimes, several fires broke out simultaneously. Small, independent fire companies could respond to only one or two at a time—they were constrained by their own limited personnel and equipment. It wasn’t profitable to maintain the capacity to deal with a rare occurrence like multiple fires breaking out at once; if a fire company did devote the resources necessary to maintain that capacity, it would then be at a competitive disadvantage with its rivals. That’s why in the modern world, if a massive fire breaks out, fire companies from across a municipality can respond together, specifically because they’re not in competition.

    And although one can live just fine without consumer goods—nobody ever died for lack of an iPod—society as a whole suffers a lot of damage from less-than-ideal fire control. While hiring, or not being able to hire, a fire brigade was a private matter that accorded nicely with the principles of the free market, it was also a transaction that came with what economists call negative “externalities”: effects that a transaction between two parties can have on a third. In this case, those effects are fairly obvious: a fire that isn’t properly extinguished can spread rapidly to neighboring homes, potentially resulting in a disastrous conflagration that could consume the whole neighborhood. In Obion County, the firefighters who watched Cranick’s house burn down only responded to the fire once it had spread to the property of a neighbor who’d paid the fee.

    Fiddling While Your House Burns

    Firefighting is like many other goods that are vital to a healthy society but which the private sector isn’t suited to provide. That’s why the conservative rhetoric about “limited government” is only appealing in the abstract — people really, really like living in a society with adequately funded public services. They like what government does in the specific, even if they have an inherent suspicion of the idea of “big government.”

    Translated into the real world of politics and policy, limited government looks something like Arizona governor Jan Brewer’s response to her state’s fiscal crisis. Earlier this year, Brewer signed a budget that eliminated the Children’s Health Insurance Program, denying health care to 47,000 low-income kids in Arizona. She also proposed a hike in the state sales tax—the most regressive tax, whose burden falls disproportionately on working people.

    Joining Arizona in eliminating health insurance for the poor was Tennessee, which cut 100,000 people from its Medicaid rolls, including 8,000 children. One of those people was Jessica Pipkin, who lost the use of her arms and legs in a car accident in 2005. Pipkin requires round-the-clock care—at $37 per hour—but was told she would lose her benefits because she and her husband earn too much to qualify. Are they rich? Well, her husband makes $19,000 as a satellite television repairman, and Pipkin receives another $14,000 in Social Security benefits.

    In Minnesota, Governor Tim Pawlenty, a contender for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, submitted a budget that slashed funds from student aid, financial assistance to counties and municipalities, a job program for the blind and the mentally ill, low-income housing programs, mass transit in the Twin Cities, and a state insurance program that helps cover people with costly preexisting medical conditions. It was approved by a Democratically controlled legislature; lawmakers justified their budget by pointing out that they’d rejected Pawlenty’s proposals for deeper, even more painful cuts.

    Clayton County, Georgia, a mostly African American suburb of Atlanta, eliminated its bus service into the city, leaving tens of thousands of Georgia’s working poor without a way of getting to their jobs. “I don’t know what I’m going to do,” a 57-year-old worker told the Los Angeles Times. “So many people here, they’re going to be sure enough messed up. We need this bus bad.” Oregon, Florida, New Jersey, and Maryland are also looking at deep cuts to public transportation systems to make up budget shortfalls.

    Perhaps the most striking vision of the libertarian utopia comes from Ashtabula County, Ohio. It reduced the number of sheriff’s deputies patrolling the 720-square-mile county from 112 to 49 and cut the number of prisoners in detention from 140 to 30. More than 700 people were put “on a waiting list to serve time in the jail.” Some were facing relatively minor charges, but the list also included, according to Sheriff Billy Johnson, violent offenders. When a county judge was asked what citizens should do to protect their families “with the severe cutback in law enforcement,” he responded, “Arm themselves … Be very careful, be vigilant, get in touch with your neighbors, because we’re going to have to look after each other.” A gun instructor told the local news station he agreed with the sentiment. “You don’t have any other option,” he said. “We don’t have the law enforcement out here to handle it right now.”

    These are but a few examples of what “limited government” looks like in the real world. They help explain why, as Think Progress noted last week, there’s an ”ever-growing list of Republican candidates and lawmakers” who talk big about “cutting spending” but, when pressed, “can’t provide a single item they would cut from the budget.”

    Limited government only sounds good as an abstraction, but the principles of the free market won’t get you too far when your house is on fire


  68. Pfesser..rather beg to differ in regard that having the LARGE uber profittible corporates and HIGHEST income folks PAY “more” is detrimental to “our” wellbeing in regards to say such as employment. IF one fact checks where those bailout funds went and WHAT was done, would find there indeed those who took the funds , squirrelled them away and/or invested ELSEWHERE in other countries and did so for profit margins able to be reaped by sending manufacture/jobs/even research and development THERE rather than putting those in THE HOMELAND to work manufacturing/employed and etc. and those too with large incomes , who have the LOWERED tax rate–they either squirrel it away or self indulge and where they MAY employ a few here and there (as caretakers, construction,and various other services as they indulge themselves with the “windfalls”, they are being asked for what, a measly 3-4% tax hike –chump change actually to them .Think that line that gives them (FALSE) credit for BEING THE EMPLOYERS/jb creators is overworked,overdone and way far overblown based on too many FACTS !!! Check out the ‘overseas” INVESTMENTS of our corporations…is quite interesting and with such moves of those $$$$, doing biz elsewhere gets rid of OTHER pesky rules and regulations and then there is offshore HQ’s establish to escape even further rules/regulations/taxations. THAT is a prime way of being considered a smart business…supposedly and to boot, many claim to BE supreme “PATRIOTS” while doing so.
    Doing away with OVERSIGHT and rules and regulations and laws and TAXES that support INFRASTRUCTURE(of which OURS is found to be rather deteriorated due to lack of keeping up due to supposed lack of funds and etc and which IS in desparate need of NOT just “upkeep” but overhaul and renovation from coast to coast which IF FUNDED would indeed stimulate EMPLOYMENT and serve US ALL for the better and our safety as well !!) WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and it will need honest effort to solve our myriad delimmas and problems .We DO need to decide whether we DO have the fortitude to do so or if we are just going to sink back into MORE of the same-o that got us into the harmful quagmires we now find ourselves enveloped in and with. WE ARE INDEED OUR BROTHERS KEEPER just as they are OURS…We can NOT afford to go backward no matter how much of a snit we are in over whatever. NONE with a good sense of mere common sense or sensibilities should be even considering either merely NOT VOTING or voting for ANY GOP. Give the Dems a CLEAR majority–noting the bluedog variety remains a factoring…see if further “things” don’t get accomplished or implemented for OUR greater common good …If not, pressure the GOP to come up with REAL TIME SOLUTIONS and some VIABLE REAL CANDIDATES that would work for US ALL, NOT JUST THE FEW…Do remember that the true majority is NOT whacked left nor righteously right but are found to be CENTRISTICALLY inclined who doubledip, taking a bit from various sides but primarily seek a balance and seek no overt harm . We want to “survive” and thrive ourselves but we know it COULD be a lonely existence if OTHERS do not as well !!!


  69. Too funny! He/She is making fun of James and Pfessor!!!!


  70. Oh, dear. It’s the silly “Look at me!” crowd again. Sighing & scrolling………


  71. order a salad. In your condition you should stay away from carbs. Your BIL will be fine. Trust me, I know….it all.

    Don’t forget to vote.


  72. Lunch? But what would I order??
    Gosh…Life is hard.


  73. Bozly84 –

    re: Medicaid cuts and others. I think Americans need some straight talk on these things. My understanding is that what is killing the federal budget is multiple entitlement programs which have built-in increases, which occur no matter what the economy is doing. When someone proposes reducing the INCREASES, the other side jumps up and down and hollers about CUTS. That is not a cut; it is lessening an increase.

    Economics is classically defined as “the study of the use of scarce resources which have alternative uses.” That is a very important definition. There are no extra words, and each one is very, very important. There is just so much money available, and it has *alternate uses.* Having the government provide a program that could be provided by the private sector guarantees much higher cost for the same service.

    I have a lot of trouble with the Wall Street geniuses who precipitated the current disaster, as well as the ReBiblicans who enabled the whole thing by eviscerating the regulations. I have very little criticism of President Obama’s handling of it. However, there is such a thing as the Laffer Curve, and the fact is, above a certain tax rate on the “rich,” Federal revenues actually go down. I would advise everyone to not wish too hard for severe taxes on the “rich” – they are the people who create your jobs for you, and overtaxing them will hurt YOU, not them, since they make far and away more than they use to live on. Think about it; don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

    Lynnda –

    I believe hate crime laws DO violate the Constitution, since they presume to punish you for what you are thinking, not what you do. How does someone know what you are thinking? How far do we go down this road? I met a fellow who had been convicted of a crime and absolutely maintained his innocence; he was not eligible for any reduced sentence, since he did not show “remorse” for a crime he says he did not commit. So, all he had to do was lie, sell his soul, and he could serve less time. Seems crazy to me.


  74. Go out into the hall…turn left….second door on the right is the men’s room. You might need to eat a little lunch after you are finished. Wash your hands first.


  75. Airway clear. Thank you, Prof. Now I think I need to go to the bathroom.


  76. Check his airway for an obstruction…oh, and don’t forget to vote.


  77. Seems firm enough. I think he will be okay.
    Now it looks like he might be turning blue.


  78. Depends on size and firmness. Can you check this?


  79. Okay, my BIL just had another bowel movement.
    What do I do now??


  80. I have been a follower of Margaret and Helen from October 2007…..I was thrilled to find this website even though I did not comment much, however Helen’s beliefs have always been in line with mine. That said, I also very much appreciate the support of my comments from fellow readers.

    Since President Obama has been elected our country has established the dumbing down of the education of our country’s voters and has produced an unprecedented amount of candidates, who continue to flaunt their ignorance, their lack of knowledge of politics and lack of morals and ethics. The right and extreme right are fighting and voting for the following whether they realize it or not:

    Health insurers pour money into GOP campaigns, hoping to limit new regulations

    The Republican Party wants to keep the rich… rich

    Chamber of Commerce Campaign Fund Bankrolled By Foreign Donors

    Tea Party-Backed Joe Miller Says Minimum Wage Is Unconstitutional, advocating the need to “transition out” Social Security to suggesting that “hate crimes laws” violate the United States Constitution

    Rand Paul Calls Medicaid ‘Intergenerational Welfare’

    Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, Michelle Bachman, $arah Palin, Jan Brewer, Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina are prime examples of “not fit for political office” candidates.

    The fate of our country, our health, our seniors, our children are in the hands of the voters. God help us all if these political hacks that believe in the above were ever to gain power in this country. We are paying the price now for decades of the politically uneducated and mislead voters, and now it’s time to vote for the well being of all our citizens.


  81. …in response to O being good facilitator but inferring NOT an executive leader is NOT giving proper credit w here definitely DUE..most glaringly when viewing the present “calculating/calculated political stance by the (myoptic) GOP party members..Stating that NO GOPer was given due consideration for “input” is NOT true as the GOPs were/have been/are on a strategy to DISRUPT/OBSTRUCT having offered LITTLE to nil in HONEST EFFORTS to move THE NATION towards recovery OR forward due to prime concern was TO obstruct and cause what could be destructed to BE destucted even if it was NOT in “OUR”(as a nations) BEST INTERESTS . They have catered to THEIR special interests who have poured huge sums their way , and payback is to OBSTRUCT /block/hamper/water down and give NO CREDIT to Obama for if such increased HIS percepted prestige, it hindered the GOP ability to regain REINS/ of being in control. Will give credit for the GOPs ability as a minority party ..they have proven to be strong adversaries..BUT, unfortunately, we at this time in our nation NEED concerted effort to get us out of the hole that past policies have allowed. Takes negotiations..and O did indeed state up front in original campaigning, he was wanting to accomplish CHANGING THE TONE of how things “get done” which , being a facilitator, means negotiating in good faith, even compromises and bendings but the GOPs HAVE NOT DONE SO IN GOOD FAITH and THAT IS AN OUTRAGE that the voters have in considering just who they will cast votes FOR or against and ALL need to give it serious thought.
    Doubtful that could find ANYONE pleased with the entire O agenda , but there has been some progress done by serious/sincere effort to try to bring all /as many as possible TO THE TABLE. These times we are in, we definitely NEED/require a eader who IS a facilitator ,one who IS patient, who gives due consideration to the various sides of the many important issues and one who realizes there are convoluted twists and turns thru-out the messy process which IS “governing” the governments various entities..To many who step back and view, , it is seen that indeed he HAS tried but the “loyal” opposition IS obstinate and determined in their preferred stance. There IS chatter ..a bit of a whine actually from the GOPers that O and the Dems “disregarded” them thar inputs made by themthar GOPs…BS and thensome for there are inclusions in the various “bills” FROM the GOP ranks but there has been basically outrageous ZIP FROM the GOP to their targeted opposing comrades !! (as further example, review that so called PLEDGE recently (resurrected) by Boehner..WHAT IS NEW OR IMPROVED ? Answer ZIPPO and presently they have the GOP candidates running on such as THEY will REPEAL the “O” Healthcare and THEY will curtail spendings and THEY will keep the TAXES from being raised…Like OH REALLY ? ALL that SHOULD give every voter , let me repeat E-V-E-R-Y voter pause for , take taxes…THE MAJORITY ARE NOT IN THE UPPER 1-3% bracket that WOULD be effected/affected along with review just how “swell” those folks were in RE INVESTING THOSE TAX SAVINGS in AMERICA, the homeland, job growth,etc….NOT SO MUCH if FACTS are to be used for such assessment. DO check out how LARGE CORPORATES take TAX SAVCINGS and BAIL OUT FUNDS and INVEST ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD and all sorts of other ‘INCENTIVES/privilidges” that benefit the CORPORATE PROFIT MARGINS IN THEIR FAVOR.They have taken the bailout, but NOT put the $$$$ “BACK” into OUR economy which WOULD help to get us more stabilized even stimulate employment growth and more. For sure folks ARE “fearful” and unsure what the future holds The decimation of the American MIDDLE CLASS has been underway for some time , the assault to “lowlife”(considered) labor union/workers/people ..Presently there are Tparty/GOP candidates (as well as present sitting members) who advocate NO FEDERAL MINIMUM WAGE–One voice despair that a WAITRESS gets FED madated minimum wage AND TIPS…Wonder if HE realizes , that waitress gets TAXED on those “tips” whether she GETS THE TIP OR NOT(and ‘stiff’s) abound in dining ranks , no matter the establishment) The EMPLOYER automatically TAKES the tax bite on those “tips”..they use an “averaging” of what THOUGHT typical tip which in too many cases is NOT REALITY and true too can go either way zip,skimpy or tremendously generous but zip and skimpy far the outcome over the generous tipper no matter how tremendius the server performs (uh, don’t get me started as family been in the business many a years !!!)
    The GOPs are saying they WILL cut medicaid/medicare (now revising a tad to say they are just considering the need for such to advise the “younger” workforce to be prepared as nothing will be THERE for THEM when their time comes due/etc (think on par with what could indeed be labled “fear mongering” and NOT an HONEST discussion of the myriad issues involved or what IS RESPONSIBLITIES INVOLVED if we do NOT take care of those at life stages and see a REAL DEATH PANEL in the GOP who come off as having NO PROBLEMA lopping off many on the SS rolls !!) The GOPers wan INDVIDUAL RIGHTS upheld, want govt. OUT OF THEIR lives and all those silly rules and regulations (THAT DO SERVE the BASICS of GREATER COMMONGOOD for the FULL citizenry, including themselves such as work hours/pay/safety standards in workplace/food/transportation and WITHOUT we ALL would be far greater peril /etc/etc/etc but have too many so beholding to special interest groups that fund their campaign and give “employment” paths once out of office/etc that as they (supposedly) serve as OUR/the citizen watchdogs/etc, they water down so much to have rules and regulations UNENFORCEABLE, ignorrable and meaningless…..A major point has been made in regards to the DISGUST/fed-uppness folks HAVE for our ELECTEDs…there is good reason to be disgusted with BOTH major parties but the GOP has earned particular scorn and earned WITH fact checking, due for some more !!!
    Here, will NOT vote for ANY GOP candidate local or national but WILL vote DEM (and even if NOT all that thrilled with the particular candidate for the GOP are far too radical and represent the far greedier concerns over the general wellbeing of ALL. Much as some like to proclaim “not brothers keeps”, wrong way for own survival REQUIRES IT, no way around that “fact’ !!!


  82. I used to tell my students (young adults) who wouldn’t stop talking that I had a bag of dirty socks and a roll of duct tape in my locker! Wonder how that would work on internet?
    James and Pfessor – just a suggestion – why do’t youexchange emails?


  83. fan that Sunshine. 😉


  84. breast cancer awareness month!

    “I like it on my kitchen counter”!


  85. Lynnda,

    I so agree with your statements about $arah’s poison spreading across the land as soon as she started to campaign. Those have been my thoughts all along. I don’t comment often, but you connected with me. Her exterior melted men’s hearts and sent thrills down their spines and legs, and her delivery at first was cutesy and funny. But, her interior is not so cutesy. Her intelligence is very limited as shown by several interviews she had with reporters. She then blamed the media for her ignorant answers. She lashes at everyone and everything. It just rolls off her tongue. Like most have said, her motives are money and a lot of “notice me” as well. Unfortunately, so many people have been hurt by those mean spirited words. I have never seen so much meanness and hate spewed about against our President, Democrats, gays, etc. etc. There is no more respect for the President or one another, nor is there any real WORK being done. $arah deserves a lot of credit for that.

    But, I think people are starting to see what the Tea Partiers and Repugnants want to accomplish, or should I say, DESTROY . Now is the time for our Democratic Congress people and we, Democrats and Independents, to get out and vote to change this sickening trend. YES WE CAN!!


  86. Today is the last day to register to vote in Illinois!

    Check with your Secretary of State dept for the easiest way to register.


  87. Poolman –

    ref: Palin’s lies. It’s really amazing how she gets any credibility anywhere, with so many outright lies having been exposed. The thought of her being president is scary beyond anything I can imagine, yet her supporters completely ignore all evidence of her feckless incompetence and dishonesty.

    My wife believes that if she runs for president, somebody in the McCain or Obama camp will release the real story about Trig’s birth and put her out of business. We’ll see…my personal belief is that she got preggers in Kuwait, with no husband in sight, and having discovered a Down’s baby, ditched him somewhere until fate put her in the limelight and she had to resurrect him for the cameras. Just my theory…


  88. Ahhhhh….community…..
    “Schools throughout the country are shaking up the cafeteria through new initiatives to improve children’s health while giving a boost to local farmers. It’s time to give the mystery meat a break and bring out locally produced apples, squash, tomatoes, and chicken.”


  89. Sarah’s chickens coming home to roost.


  90. “Dinkus Tard”

    I LOVE that!!!!!!!!!!
    (made me LOL almost as much as Helen’s post)


  91. James –

    “Now, that it has been nearly two weeks and my brother in law has survived several complications, do you think he is out of the woods?”

    There is never any way to be sure, but every day gives him a better chance, as his internal control and healing systems get re-organized and back in sync. Catastrophes would be unlikely after his final surgery, but you never know. It sounds like his docs are really top-notch; especially right on the money to get him moving ASAP. Alzheimer’s patients for example, once they get bedbound, don’t last long, often due to leg clots. Much of the blood return from the legs is due to muscle contractions and stagnant blood pools and tends to clot. They now are using rotating inflatable leg air splints to simulate that effect in debilitated patients until they can get on their feet. Big advance. I’d surely like to know a laundry list of his injuries and their severity.

    A fellow pilot at my airport was riding his m/c to the airport and hit a deer. Not that fast, actually. He suffered a fractured scapula, all ribs except one on the right, and facial fractures. I think he plowed a furrow down the pavement with his chin. That’s why I prefer dirt bikes; I don’t ride on the pavement without a full coverage helmet; saw that kind of injury before. Ugly. He ended up on a blower in ICU for nearly a month. Second bike wreck for him; he’s 65. Needs to take up aerobatics or something else safe. He’s back to flying now; lucky sumbitch; I hope your BIL does as well.


  92. Thank you Greytdog. I hope the crisis part is over. Yes, it will be a long road.

    I wouldn’t mind your writing an account of your travels that was pages long. I’m happy you have been able to take this trip.

    I hope Craig writes something too.

    PFessor, if you can, visit Holland in the spring when flowers bloom. My wife and I got to watch the computerized flower auction. That was pretty geeky too. I think it was the first in the world.

    I think a good WW1 museum is at Yper.


  93. Tristan, I live in the sticks, and we only have slow dial up service. An e mail exchange often takes two to three days. As far as I know this site doesn’t provide for private messages. Hence Pfessor and my communication here.

    If the demons in your head force you to read posts you want to avoid, you need a shrink or exorcism.

    “Dinkus Tard” Right back at you sister.

    PFessor, my BIL is in recovery after his latest surgery. The doctors are worried about blood clots, so they plan to start physical therapy as soon as possible. A nurse guessed the liver malfunction might be an internal injury but no one has said anything else.

    Now, that it has been nearly two weeks and my brother in law has survived several complications, do you think he is out of the woods?

    Lynnda, your mother is lucky to have you as a daughter. We may disagree politically, but you are obviously a good person. My wife and I were where you are. It was hard enough for us, but to be the sole caretaker for my mother, father and aunt would have been overwhelming. We spelled each other. I hope you can find people to help out.

    And that you’re doing all of this as a refugee from Katrina is even more impressive. I hope the gushing doesn’t embarrass you, but your mother is lucky to have you.

    We are probably about the same age. I didn’t protest, but I observed anti- war demonstrations was also gassed but never clubbed. I’m sure nothing as relatively mild as the weekend rally would have intimidated you, but not everyone has been in a sixties style protest. This one wasn’t, but some of the signs would have offended some Democrats.


  94. Greytdog –

    How about a report from you, too? Are you going to visit any of the WWII battlefields or memorials? I’m hoping to visit Normandy next year or the next, but life has a way of getting *in* the way. I think Bruges is more tuned to WWI, if my history is correct. That is in Flanders? right?


  95. Craig –

    We expect a full report when you get home! My wife has been half-heartedly trying to get me to move to Sicily for years and read x-rays over the wire. She spent some time as a teenager as an exchange student in France. Says it is a whole different attitude and lifestyle over there.

    My experience I’m afraid is limited to a short stint in Amsterdam. I did manage a few limited adventures there; I guess it is revealing that the visit to a huge Internet data center stands out the most. Oh well, you can’t spell geek without EE.


  96. Today’s jaunt is to Bruges to meet up with some friends. Spent weekend catching up with folks I haven’t seen on over 20 years – good friends, conversations continued as if we’d just seen each other the day before. So nice to be with folks who really really know you and still really like you! 🙂

    We’re heading home soon – we just keep saying “one more stop” . . .

    Tristan – we post according to original post, comments, tangents, etc. Very much like a regular conversation. This isn’t a meeting with an agenda. It’s just folks getting together, arguing, yakking, throwing food sometimes. Are you like Dwight from The Office?

    Anyway – James hoping your BIL steadily improves. Long road ahead with plenty of ups and downs, but it does sound as if he has a good medical team. Glad PFesser’s around to help explain the medical-speak.

    Take care all! See you stateside soon!


  97. Lori, that’s fantastic news!

    Welcome, Lynnda!


  98. James, as the sole caretaker of my 98 year old mother I haven’t left the house in 5 years except to grocery shop once a week. I am still evacuated from Katrina and can not wait to move back to NO, I do see a light at the end of the tunnel now however. And if I had been in a position to travel to Washington I would have.

    As I lived in San Francisco and Berkley in the late 60’s I have no fear of rallies or demonstrations I was there for all the Vietnam marches and demonstrations tear gassed and all. My Democratic roots go along way back and have always been as involved with politics as I can. By either making donations, gathering support from my friends and family across the United States or making phone calls and sending emails. I don’t give up! I suppose some would expect changes to happen over night….well it didn’t happen overnight that our country run by the Party of NO has deteriorated and the changes that are needed will not happen over night either.

    From day one when everyone was laughing and making jokes and quips about $ister $arah I always knew in my heart she was and is dangerous, I saw the writing on the wall. $arah has done more harm to this country by unleashing her fear mongering propaganda than any human has a right to do. She has brought out the worst negativity, racism, and political division in our society by promoting, backing and unleashing on the public like minded individuals that will destroy what America stands for.


  99. My point exactly, James….it is between you and the “Pfessor”. So communicate privately.

    You Dinkus Tard.


  100. Alright my grass root dems!!!!! WTG Yet again we have shown what real grass roots is all about.

    In the month of September, small donors (5 – 10 dollar people), the ones that put our President in the White House, have opened their wallets and contributed more than 16 million in ONE month!

    Now that is real grass roots! WTG dems I’m proud of you.



  101. PFessor, they are sharp doctors, some of the best around. If my brother in law walks again, and they think he will, it will be through their work.

    The Omaha World Herald printed Thomas Friedman’s column about the Tea Parties yesterday. He also split the Tea Parties into two groups, sort of how I did earlier. The “amorphous self generated protest against” the growing government and deficit is letting off steam, and has no plan to “restore America to greatness.”

    The real movement composed of moderate Republicans, independents and moderate Democrats could form the nucleus of a third party.

    Lynnda, Democrats could have traveled to the rallies just as Republicans and others did. Given some of the sponsors and what happened there, I think they were sensible to stay home.

    Extremist groups helped pay for the rally, and judging from their signs, many attended. Someone assaulted Emily Miller, a Human Events reporter, while she taped Charlie Wrangel during his speech. The incident is on tape.

    If you can vote against a “luney”Tea Party candidate, more power to you. I can’t because none are running here.


  102. Thanks Pfessor. I haven’t spoken to any of the doctors, of course, because I am only an in law. My sister- in law said they told her they didn’t know why the jaundice occurred. They were still investigating, and my brother- in law’s telling them he spent his days drinking a beer every two hours sent them on a wild goose chase that cost time.

    Blood tests showed no alcohol, but he had been in two other hospitals that night before he was transferred to Creighton. They also told my sister -in law they were still trying to understand the mental lapses too.

    I wondered about internal bleeding, because my brother in law was really banged up. His back also has hair line fractures. Whether it is happening spontaniously or through treatment, my BIL’s color is improving.

    His next surgery starts this morning, and it is possible he faces another bout after this. Doctors aren’t sure. Thanks again for your information.

    Trish, you are clueless about my life. The Pfessor is a compassionate man, and he is making an educated guess about what is happening to a family member so we will know what to expect. The doctors here may not be telling everything. They certainly didn’t warn us about the potential problems. Thanks to Pfessor, my wife and I were not surprised when things went down hill.

    Tristan, others post about their trips, old family stories and “history lessons.” Why don’t you criticize them? The Pfessor is a professional, and I owe it to him to tell him what is happening. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. This is between the Pfessor and me, not you.

    Claire, if you don’t like things as they are, post. Nothing is stopping you.


  103. Lynnda –

    I think you are absolutely on the money. Having been a Republican more than twenty years ago, I have to admit their current condition is an embarrassment. Total disarray. Extremists climbing to the top of the candidate lists. It’s terrible. But once again, I think James is right; it is a reflection of many Americans’ complete disgust with Washington, and no real plan to fix it except to get the incumbents out.

    If that’s the plan, so be it. I surely aim to do my part.

    Tristan –

    “And James’ Brother-in-Law has what to do with Helen’s post????”

    The very same as rambling posts about personal travel. None whatsoever.

    And neither has to. There is no prescribed format here, either for form or content.


  104. We must not loose sight of the fact that just because Dems could not travel to WA or LA for this past weekends rallies does not mean by a long shot that we are not out here all over the United States! The caliber of Tea Party and Republicans running for office across the country are an embarrassment to what this country stands for!

    We will be out to vote in Nov. proudly standing against this wave of lunacy!


  105. And James’ Brother-in-Law has what to do with Helen’s post????

    Come on, people…


  106. James –

    I am a little surprised by the jaundice. Do the docs have a theory? Maybe he is getting hemolysis from his internal bleeding? That’s pretty unusual. Do they think he has some liver failure? You had mentioned he was a drinking man…hmmm…something is not fitting together here.

    I suspect his lunacy is liver-related. Liver failure can make you pretty nuts. Patients with cirrhosis – for whatever reason – drinking, hepatitis, etc. – will scar their liver to the point that blood returning from the gut with nutrients is unable to get into the liver for storage and will spill out into the bloodstream in general. High protein foods are the worst; a hamburger will send these folks into la-la land for days.

    Good luck to you all. It sounds like his doctors are pretty sharp.


  107. Hi all –

    Tom Friedman has a pretty interesting article in the Times on the probability of a third party:

    In it he quotes Mumford on the decline of Rome, which is chillingly like the current situation in America, IMHO.

    “Everyone aimed at security: no one accepted responsibility. What was plainly lacking, long before the barbarian invasions had done their work, long before economic dislocations became serious, was an inner go.”

    Precisely. When I voted for President Obama, I thought he was the leader of a new sort, a charismatic man with a far vision. That may still be true, but he doesn’t have in my opinion what it takes to deal with the obstructionists in the ReBiblican party and the pussies in his own. Next, please.


  108. Sure wish Pfesser and James would get a room. I used to enjoy reading the comments on this blog. Now, I won’t even be coming back. It doesn’t belong to Margaret & Helen’s fans anymore.


  109. James. Please go get a life and check back every so often. Thanks much.


  110. Sorry about the repeat. Our computer did some strange things and I lost the link including the first of my post, so I wrote it again, not realizing it had already made it onto the message board.

    PFessor, you made some general predictions about my BIL, and based on what happened, your prognostication was pretty good.

    He became paranoid and incorporated the hospital shooting into his delusions. He became jaundiced, and had to be put on oxygen. He then behaved like a dying patient in the Stand, as he pulled out all of the tubes stuck in him. My brother in law was put in restraints and his surgery was postponed.

    Then, he developed a fever, and doctors looked for the source of the infection. They also asked him questions about his drinking as they tried to find answers. He lied and told them he drank six beers a day.

    Doctors changed some of his medication and pain killers. That seemed to help. He has mostly been in his right mind, but not quite since yesterday afternoon, and the yellow is slowly fading. He no longer needs oxygen. He is still too weak to feed himself.

    Doctors are anxious to get my brother in law on his feet to avoid blood clots. Since he has made steady improvement after yesterday afternoon, four hours of surgery are schedualed for tomorrow.

    Do you remember Kenny Rogers and the First Edition’s “I Just Dropped in to see What Condition my Condition was in?” The song described the aftermath of an auto accident. That was my brother in law after Wednesday. Watching him was a real trip, a bad trip.


  111. Bosley84, yes, George Bush was a fortunate son, and yes, he was sometimes a screw up.Yes, Jeb like John Kennedy’s older brother Joe who died during WW11, was the designated presidential condender. I agree, he is not new rich. He just behaves that way sometimes, because the culture which contributed to his early emotional development is the way it is.

    He spent many of his formative years in west Texas, and he adopted their attitudes and values. Our auto repair man is a self made owner of his own business and a Marine veteran of the Vietnam war. His daughter is engaged to the brother of one of our daughter’s best friends from high school. I have known him long enough to trust his word. He has met George W more than once.

    If he says W is a good guy who is fun to be with and who treats most people well, I believe him. That combined with what I have read convinces me he was only treating Tony Blair like a golfing buddy. Bush’s success as a president is a different issue.

    Obama may well have been a facilitator as a state senator, much as he was when he was a college instructor. Business and governments need such skills. However, an executive in government and business plays a different role. He/she weighs possibilities and chooses a path often based on information given by facilitators. A leader must by the force of personality and logic convince sometimes recalcitrant people to accept his/her judgment. That is a skill Obama is learning now.

    A mark of President’s inexperience as an executive, in my opinion is how he managed the health care and a couple of other bills. He appears to have given some guidelines and turned the rest to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and other ghost writers. He even admitted he didn’t know what was in the bill, but as it turns out nobody knew what was in the health care bill.

    The Democrats used their huge majority to force legislation through without giving Republicans much of a voice. Some of their legislation was misguided and though intended to help our economy created conditions which may cause the economy to recover in spite of the new laws. They went to the left of the majority of the country, and Republicans capitalized on it.

    History will also show that the Democrats played at least as big a role in creating the recession as Republicans.

    One reason businesses and banks are sitting on their money is fear of the unknown future.

    Like you, I live in GOP territory, and my wife and I also plan to vote. I usually vote for Democrat Tom Harkin and Republican Chuck Grassely. This year we will vote early for our Republican representative to even the Congressional playing field. It is unhealthy for one party, Republican or Democrat to hold so much power. I’m glad you vote.

    I also hope I don’t irritate you too much because I enjoy our discussions.


  112. Bosley84, yes, George Bush was a fortunate son, and yes, he was sometimes a screw up.Yes, Jeb like John Kennedy’s older brother who died during WW11, was the designated presidential condender. I agree, he is not new rich. He just behaves that way sometimes, because the culture which contributed to his early emotional development is the way it is.

    However, he spent many of his formative years in west Texas, and he adopted their attitudes and values. Our auto repair man is a self made owner of his own business and a Marine veteran of the Vietnam war. His daughter is engaged to the brother of one of our daughter’s best friends from high school. I have known him long enough to trust his word. He has met georgere than once.

    If he says W is a good guy who is fun to be with and who treats most people well, I believe him. That combined with what I have read convinces me he was only treating Tony Blair like a golfing buddy.


  113. ….another mmmm’ering…in regards to GWB coming off as a GOB(good ol’ boy), rather more like aan aged frat boy and canNOT assign him as NEW RICH..his family has several generations where they gathered up their “wealth” and he is at least several generations down the line of comforts it has afforded him thru the years. Where POPPY did accrue some social refinements, Jr.G abstained and was known to be quick to inflict priviledged status when suited whatever the whim. It IS /remains a “fortunate son” and due to family connection has managed to skim along. He IS “affable enough” but never a good idea to get his dander for is known to hang onto grudge/resentments/etc and seek out solutions to remind others not to cross. He took GREAT joy in grabbing the CIC title, was out to “show” that he was NOT the major family screwup that was a title bestowed on him by even his Mother. Jeb WAS ‘the” son that great expectations were held…trying to resurrect him and the family “name” and IS whispered figured there IS a chance for a “BUSH” comeback. George Jr. was indeed a screw business and elsewhere..He enjoyed the “respect”given the titles he held but HE was truly all HAT/show..He in other circumstnaces other than his birth family etc’s would have been at best a great used car salesman(no offense to UsedCar salemen meant..!!!) He does NOT possess true empathy unless it has recently been developed but he has been able to game it and there were folks willing to USE him as well ,especially in his terms as CIC of these United States. As he was NOT a detail sort, that was fine with him..was content to be THE FACE and willingly took “credit” for (supposed” successful decisions/etc. Those around him, his inner circle KNEW to appease the ego properly or ALL would suffer consequences.
    So much REWRITING of the ‘recent” history/historical FACTS but surely in future years the GWB reign WILL BE properly assigned its proper tagging….truth has a way of bubbling up no matter how tried to suppress !!
    Part of the present dismality is that MANY folks reject the notion that we MUST MOVE FORWARD , hence stymied is any attempt to PROPERLY hold folks ACCOUNTABLE/RESPONSIBLE…THAT remains a deepseated frustration that keeps getting played out(look at the FINANCIAL folks who took BAILOUTS but rather than RE INVEST those funds into helping to jumpstart the economy, THEY POCKETED BONUSES and KEPT THEIR JOBS while ordinary folks LOST JOBS/houses and more !! Makes ORDINARY folks MAD AS HELL and not wanting to take it anymore(SOME joined forces with the TPartiers hoping for something different but other forces in that TP grouping have maniulated too much of it to the fanatical fringe and THAT is a TRUE TURN OFF as well and pathetically laughable for the group keeps sloganning NO GOVT. is WANTED messing in THEIR private life’s/etc but look at what they propose TO MESS IN PRIVATE LIVES should they somehow gain control/be installed/etc….We as a nation can NOT afford the TPARY or the GOP at this time…we do need a saner approach to our woes, no way around it and hence, this November, if we ARE to stand a chance of RECOVERING, we are stuck voting for DEMS (but we need to be hot on THEIR cae as well for too many of them come off as wishywashy/etc…need to instilk/install a backbone in them !!) Am NOT impress with Dem Congressional/Senate…but WILL vote DEM if only to give support to Obama who do have confidence in for being sincere in HIS attempts to govern in thee unweildly times. As far as merely being “present”, a facilatator most often IS present but hardworking in negotiations which do encompass compromises in order to find balances…(unfortunately, it takes more than JUST one side in SINCERE negotiations and the GOP has NOT been sincere in the quest to reach solutions for the nations best interest but primarily BUT concerned with recapturing the reins whether it damages US in the process or not comes off as of little concern to them…Hence, no way, no ho, no VOTE for ANY GOP candidate ….and LOL, preently reside in MAJOR GOP terratory but know am NOT alone in such regard.


  114. We are all just goyim. Take the red pill.


  115. Δ ~ PEACE


  116. judith –

    “GWB looked up from his meal, looking very cross and mouth visibly full of food, and snapped “Hey! Blair!”, summoning the Prime Minister over to him.”

    Wow, that’s really something! I never heard about that. Do you have a source or citation?


  117. Heyyyyyyy congratulations Helen and Margaret you made the big time in the world of blogs!!!!!!!

    Cheers and Jeers straight up whiskey Friday.



  118. Greytdog, thank you very much. My BIL is supposed to have four hours of surgery tomorrow, but I’m not sure he is up to it yet. There was a minor complication yesterday.

    I’ve forgotten the details, but a tour guide in a castle told us about the MacGregors and Campbells. Now I’ve “met” someone with a connection. Wow!

    I agree, as I wrote I didn’t think Michelle’s behavior was a slight–more like the actions of the new rich. I don’t think the Queen was offended either, because of a story we heard in Scotland.

    A man said a friend was hitch hiking when a car stopped and gave him a ride. He didn’t know until he was in the car that the person who gave him a lift was Queen Elizabeth.

    Yes, she is more than the Queen of England. I remember reading the monarch has considerable power which is no longer used. I agree it must have been like living in a gilded cage. The royal family is expected to live to high standards and adhere to an inescapable duty while everyone watches.

    Genetics play a role in longevity, and we know how long the Queen Mother lived. Prince Charles may be quite old before he assumes the throne.

    I agree, Barbara Lake, when in Rome… We are independent but courtesy dictates we try to follow at least some of the rules.

    Judith, I’d forgotten until you mentioned it.

    George Bush also reminds me of the new rich who some might regard as uncouth. Our auto repair man played golf with W twice. He said he was as familiar with wait staff etc as he was with his friends. Bush treated them all the same. He was a nice man who acted like the stereotypical “good old boy.”

    Tony Blair and Bush were friends and allies. I don’t think his “Yo or Hey Blair!” was demeaning. He was treating Blair like one of his buddies.

    I winced too when I saw it. Bush should have followed protocol. Sometimes he reminds me of a couth version of Larry the Cable Guy. Larry, by the way, is from Nebraska and is turning into a local philantropist.

    Bozly 84, I have never been a state legislator, but my experience in leadership positions is nodding and smiling and voting “present” for an extended time is not being an effective leader. It does work if you are not an executive. Sometimes, you have to gather allies, climb out on a limb and fight.

    I agree with Rupert the immigrant.

    Judith, think Larry the Cable Guy and George Bush.


  119. The protocol question reminds me of the (on camera and on mike) event at the summit in 2006 – Group of Eight, I think.

    GWB looked up from his meal, looking very cross and mouth visibly full of food, and snapped “Hey! Blair!”, summoning the Prime Minister over to him.

    There was a dispute as to whether he said “Hey” or “Yo”. Either way, I saw the footage at the time and was appalled. Nothing like being represented by some Visigoth who treats other international leaders like hired help. And this comparison may be an insult to Visigoths. Actually, I think hired help should be treated better.

    I’ll take Mrs. Obama’s behavior any day.


  120. The Queen’s (who is very shy but is a mimic that could grace any theatre stage along with the best if them) attitude has changed since Diana. Unless one has studied the British monarchy it”s hard to understand their way of life. It must have been challenging, having been reared on duty to country, a certain way of life, no interaction with ‘real’ people etc.. etc.. to be dragged into the 21st century.

    Having said that, I do believe that ‘when in Rome……’ and if protocol dictates a certain code of behaviour towards a Head of State, then that should be respected no matter who you are. If nothing else, it’s just good manners. I’m not talking now about Michelle’s way of greeting the Queen – that’s acceptable – I’m talking about the lack of courtesy shown by an ex movie star (NR), a ‘cowboy’ (GWB) and Tony Blair’s wife’s towards a Head of State. Her Maj has seen plenty of British Prime Ministers and American Presidents come and go and I’m sure she’s treated all of them with equal courtesy

    I see the Queen is often referred to as the Queen of England – that’s true but she is in fact the sovereign of the United Kingdom and reigning Queen of 16 independent sovereign states known as the Commonwealth Realms. As Head of the Commonwealth, she is the figurehead of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations. She’s been at it since she was 25 so at 84 I would think she knows what she’s doing!!!! Eat your heart out Sarah Palin!!

    Murdoch talking about immigrants?? On whose behalf? His own? He’s Australian and if that doesn’t make him an immigrant I don’t know what does!!


  121. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Something has come up that might, but probably might not preclude us from making it to the polling place for the all-important mid-term elections. So we opted for absentee ballots.

    Barring some radical events, we are pretty much all set with our choices for the national and statewide seats. It is somewhat different at the local level. I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but we have a field of fifteen to choose from for our county council. We can only vote for seven, (or less.)

    Also there are a number of ballot measures pertaining to changes in the charter. Those can be tricky, with lots of weasel words. Unless you are very careful, you could easily be voting ‘Yes’ when you mean ‘No’ or vice versa.

    Over the years, different people we have talked to have said they didn’t know anything about the local people or issues, so they either left them blank or went eenie-meenie-miney-moe.

    We kinda like the idea of sitting at the dining room table or out on the Dinky Deck at our leisure with the absentee ballots and carefully filling in the bubbles. It is easy to make a mistake in the ballot booth.

    We can check out the bios of the county council candidates and research some of them we don’t know much about. After all, these are the people, some of who may ultimately work their way up the political chain of command into state and even national positions. One man who was on our local council years ago was a guest in our home once on a social occasion. He successfully ran and became first a state legislator, then a state senator and is now running for lieutenant governor. He is a nice and capable man. (We don’t invite people who are not nice into our home.)

    This is a gentle reminder, well more like a sledgehammer, to FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! GET OUT THERE AND VOTE, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  122. (…Being QUEEN likely has its downsides…semi STERILE environment filled witth various “expected/”demanded”/called for “protocols” steeped(creeped up) thru the centuries/now considered SACRED tradition/expectables/etc…Her Majesty did seem to enjoy the HUMAN TOUCH as it appeared to be a natural/sincere one not a put on “air” about it…LOL, we Americans are NOT well known for bowing down/etc and we often put on airs and seem oblivious that we often come off as arrogant and too “dull/dulled” to not realize we are perhaps out of place/out of step with what IS considered “proper/expectted protocol…(and YES, likely WAS “well briefed on PROPER PROTOCOLS beforehand but human/natural nature took precedence…was NOT likely done to deliberately offend, just a humans nature coming forth naturally…We HAVE had “other”FL’s…remembering Nancy who REFUSED to BOW/curtsey while wearing borrowed dazzeling jewels in a meet up with the Roayls and then there was dear GWB when his Father was CIC and had the Roayl visit and at dinner was noted to have “passed gas(farted) there at the dinner table being shared with the Royal guests and then giggling/laughing…and OH, that a tale from his Mothers book done before he WAS installed as CIC himself….just more innate human nature showing !!
    Did any catch Rupert M . testifying on BEHALF of immagrants and what SHOULD be available to them ,then questioned as to his admirable/eloquent stance presented there on Capitol Hill before the committee, WHY did HE not use HIS position as head of his media organization to move such thoughts to a broad audience instead of the barrage of derisive and enflamatory rhetoricals that emaninate from one of his holdings (ie FOX) to which he replied that HE thinks FOX presents BALANCED coverage on the issue as well as other issues…said that part with a straight face too!!!


  123. Neither Michelle or us ,for that matter, are subjects of the Queen. Perhaps the Queen was surprised that Michelle responded in kind when the queen touched her, but she also seemed pleased.


  124. The Queen wasn’t at all upset by Michelle’s form of greeting. Taken aback a little maybe but certainly not upset. That’s why I said that the British press loved it. That was at least one positive out of the visit.

    Oh yes there is a major British news house that likes to make trouble!


  125. Frodo?


  126. ….finding Barbara Lake’s assessment” that the Brit PRESS” has much to do with promoting the SUPPOSED DISLIKE by Obama OF Great Britain rather close to the target/appropos…thinking of a major “media” player that holds sway there (as well as here and other “there’s such as footprints in China?Australia and etc)…Thinking of NEWS CORP…thinking of OUR Faux FOX brigades who DO so go out their way to embelish TRIVIALITES into supposed ‘truthmaticals” but WHEN fact checked, found so often/regularly FALSE and thensome.
    As for Obama resume versus Palin…Ya’ GOT to be kidding to claim SHE has MORE experience as an EXECUTIVE/on an executive level than what he has …The notion that HE is to be derided for his “present” response and that no vast record of “initiation” is making a specius assumtion that there was NOTHING going on with him or “there” there other than JUST being “present”, no aforethought, just biding time(ala Newt G.sort of stance that was merely biding time and conning ALL…etc) REALLY ? Yeah REALLY…there are times to register JUST present and bide time to further “negotiate/review/etc” and Obama is rather cerebral, contemplative as he goes about considering ISSUES from various points of view and NOT seeming to be one who merely jumps emotionally in when clear contempated thought process IS necessisary. Again, he AIN’t perfect…but wil take HIS way over what we had with our former CIC, the BRING IT ON GUY who was supposedly so respected for his “resolve” even thou it was too often JUSt blustering. Do indeed wish, folks had JUST invited and he responded to backyard BBQ’s and shared beers rather than what he and his did indeed quagmire and muck up for ALL of US !!! Things are rarely IF EVER
    “just” simplified black/white-right/wrong issues and so much has been and IS at stake for ALL OF US regarding so very many important matters…I appreciate someone who is sincere in way/approach , in giving full review and contemplative thought to THE issues and one who encourages /listens to and reflects /inspects OTHER POINTS OF VIEW . Think we are indeed FORTUNATE he came along to serve at this onery time of ours…think wise folks realize it too. Again, he is NOT perfect, but we are damably fortunate to have him and damnably deserves OUR support….Imagine the difference if we ALL truly WORKED TOGETHER, and for sure, that includes give and take from ALL sides …Todate, the GOPs have stalled THAT ability–been quite succesful in doing damage and they have a willing guillible following willing to be their willing minions/supporters even if it IS harmful to themselves…The Dems are NOT stellar, but they HAVVE managed to squeeze out SOME progress…the disgust is that they have NOT succeeded in squeezing out more as well as NOT having held TRUE CULPRITS FULL ACCOUNTQBLE –we get that mantra that can NOT fully concentrate on the past as we have so much in the way of NEEDS that we must simply try to move forward …THAT goes against the grain for many for it SEEMS to indicate NO LESSONS LEARNED or etc…that is a galling point for sure but at the very least, the DEMs represent OUR ‘safeguard” from the absurdities of FULLY REPEATING the GOP platforms which cater to THE wealthiest/true ‘elites” and use the ordinary folks as acceptable collateral damagee fodder who can bear the various bruntings that have them PAY THE FREIGHT while others OVERSTUFF their private coffers using mythicals that by taxing the wealthiest it will hamper the economy/cut jobs etc….Yeah, would have been SO unfortunate to have had some of those top ranking FINACIAL sortee’s forego their million dollar salaries /bonuses and seen the BAIL OUT FUNDS used to pump the actual economy of ordinary folks creating perhaps some EMPTY chairs so that OTHERS of competency could have had a seat/been employed. UNBRIDLED GREED IS FULLY DIDAINED…not a problem if able to make profits…WE GET THQT/ WE ACCEPT THAT…but the price has proven too high DUE TO THE ABJECT GREED !!!
    Ah, and whatever…going to step down off high horses/soap boxes/etc…sorry…just find it amazing that so little in the way of some to disdain basic mere common sense, so willing to defend the truly /more likely disdainables !!!


  127. My great uncle in Melrose Scotland still holds the Campbell Clan in great disdain for the harm the Campbells did to the MacGregors in the 16th century.

    As for Michelle and the Queen, the Queen didn’t seem upset – in fact she likes Mrs. Obama. Sometimes, humanity is more important than protocol (and the PR generated by Mrs. Obama’s embrace of the Queen and vice versa was good for the Royal Family, especially after their debacle with Princess Diana)

    James – I’m so sorry to hear about your BIL. Keeping him and your family in our thoughts and prayers.


  128. Alaskapi, the Journalost folks contemplated criticizing Palin for her lack of experience but decided not to because Obama’s resume was as thin. This is from news people who wanted Obama to win.

    A state senator needs different skills than does a chief executive. This is just from memory, but I remember reading Obama voted “present” a lot and didn’t initiate much controversial legislation. That was not the sign of a strong leader.

    Sarah Palin battled elements of her own party, and her ratings show she was doing something right, even if the honeymoon was ending. A CBS or NBC reporter said with the possible exception of McCain’s being a commander, Sarah Palin had more executive experience than any of the four candidates combined.

    I’m not saying she would have done any better as a president. Her personality might have created other problems as you have noted from your observations in Alaska. However, the fact remains Palin had been in charge in ways Obama wasn’t. Obama had to learn a new way of thinking. I’m trying to give the president the benefit of the doubt to explain his administration’s behavior toward the UK.

    That’s why I speculated instead of being vindictive, Obama may have still been learning the job.

    Barbara Lake, I agree about Brown. I wouldn’t give him a present either, but as you know, diplomacy demands it. I also thought it strange Obama sumarily sent Churchill’s bust into exile.

    Michelle’s physical familarity with Queen Elizabeth didn’t seem vindictive to me, but I understand why the British thought it was disrespectful. It reminded me of a newly rich couple who had not learned the social graces associated with its new status.

    You could be right about Obama’s trying to avoid Ceasar Chavez. I also agree about the Falklands.

    We don’t know what Obama is thinking, but circumstantial evidence shows something has changed. As I wrote, if the British had tortured my grandfather, it would be hard for me to hide my hostility, though I’d know I had to.

    I don’t have time, but it would be interesting to see if Obama has treated other European countries like Britain.

    My ancestors from both sides of the family came from Wales and central England. My wife and I lived in Great Bardfield and Finchingfield, Essex for two years so I probably noticed those slights more than the average American.


  129. Yes James there’s plenty in the British press about Obama’s supposed dislike of the British. However his treatment of Brown does not necessarily reflect his like or dislike of the British nation as a whole. Personally, given what the NuLabour party did to the UK during their time in office, I wouldn’t have given Brown a present at all!

    However, the Obama administration does need to keep its nose out of anything to do with The Falklands – under Margaret Thatcher, we went into a very bloody war with Argentina over them. The administration can say anything it wants to about Britain – that’s its right. Whether or not Britain decides to react is entirely its right too.

    Maybe protocol is not the Obamas’ strong point – I mean, who else but Michelle would dare to kiss the Queen and get away with it!!??? Oh the British press loved that!

    Obama did not make an appearance at the closing of the Summit of the Americas here in Trinidad last year. He chose instead to meet and have a photo call with Brian Lara followed by a press conference on the roof top of the Hilton Hotel. Some saw that as an insult – I think he was trying to avoid Chavez!!


  130. James-
    Ms Palin’s portfolio was MUCH thinner than Mr Obama’s.
    His 8 years in the Illinois Senate provided a much heftier resume than her years as mayor of Wasilla- esp after she transferred most of the administrative “grunt work” to a city administrator.

    Her less-than-2 year Governor administration ( at the time of the VP nod) was just beginning to unravel from it’s honeymoon phase into what it became after she returned.
    Her firing of John Bitney removed the cloak he had provided for her nasty, vindictive nature.
    Ignoring the mess in Western Alaska that winter except to drop off some cookies and tell folks to get a job …
    Getting into a personal vendetta with my district because our State Senator was on the Legislative Judicial Council which commissioned the Branchflower investigation…
    Oh, her list of administrative failures would fill the Bering Sea…
    Our Legislature differs from most in that the Majority and Minority caucuses are bi-partisan…
    She managed to tick everyone off over almost everything the last session…
    and not because of any lofty stance …
    Her resume as an administrator has a big fat F on the cover page… for Failed.


  131. Bigot, “a person who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular creed, opinion, etc.” Bigoted “like or characteristic of a bigot.”

    Criticizing or mocking people for their political beliefs is fine. Attacking them personally with sexual names is not. It is the same as calling a class of people the N or some other disgusting word, and it says more about the attacker than the victim.

    Bozly84, off hand the only person I can think of who fits the criteria mentioned in Thomas Friedman’s column is General Pretraeus. Obama has some good qualities, but he has fallen short.


  132. Thank you Barbara Lake. Thoughts like yours mean a lot. I don’t have time to scroll back to her real handle, but I also checked the vineyard link the Arizona grandma suggested. Thanks to her also.

    Family traditions are tricky, but they can be long lived. Our family has detailed stories from the gold rush and Civil War eras so a family legend about Obama’s grandfather isn’t much of a stretch. As I wrote, if I were Obama, I’d be mad at the British too.

    I posted from memory, so I googled the subject and got an eyeful. The first part gave 22,900 results.

    On December 5, 2008, the Chicago Times posted a headline, “British tortured Obama’s grandfather.” “Obama’s stepgrandmother has told the Times of London the grandfather Obama never met spent two years in a high security prison” and he was tortured because the British were trying to get him to tell what he knew about the insurrection.

    Nile Gardner a Daily Telegraph commentator wrote an article titled “Obama’s top 10 insults against Britain.”

    They included the administration’s neutrality over the Falklands, undermining British influence over NATO, “There’s nothing special about Britain. You’re just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn’t expect special treatment.” from an administration official, Gordon Brown’s shabby treatment including cheesy gifts during a state visit, declining to meet privately five times when the Prime Minister attended a UN General Assembly meeting, Robert Gibb’s insulting the British press, etc.

    Big Government reported Obama left Queen Elizabeth out of the D Day commemoration ceremonies, and he abruptly canceled a planned conference celebrating 60 years of intelligence sharing.

    There’s more, but you can look it up. Another unmentioned possibility is Obama’s pre- election resume is as thin as Sarah Palin’s, and she had had more executive experience than he. Maybe he didn’t know much about protocol.


  133. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Where is the Oracle of Delphi when we need her? Or a bunch of High Priests solemnly digging through and pondering the entrails of sacrificial animals? Oh, yes, nowadays they are called Polls and Political Pundits.

    My crystal ball broke a long time ago and never was working too well to begin with. However, for what it’s worth, here is my opinion. Some people are fascinated by Lindsey Lohan’s antics and Bristol Palin’s performance on “Dancing With the Stars” while seeing Mama breathlessly watching to see of darling daughter makes it to the next round – or maybe quits in mid-cha-cha-cha. Of course, somebody is bound to drag out the old chestnuts about Obama’s citizenship, religious affiliation, ancestral hearsay handed down by word of mouth and presented as ‘fact’. Gossip is always good to fill up time, especially when reported on “The News” (Fox “News” Network that is.)

    I think the vast numbers of the rest of us are busy living our lives, taking care of our families and homes, (if we still have one that has not been foreclosed on) or working hard at our jobs (if we are lucky enough to still have one.)

    Comes November, most of us will remember why the country is in such a mess after 8 years of mismanagement and neglect; two wars, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam. The Gulf Oil Spill is still fresh enough in the minds of many of us as a result of poor or no oversight of the oil industry, so dear to the hearts of Bush and especially Cheney.

    I firmly believe that people, quietly going on about their business without any fanfare, will remember and turn out to vote, hopefully in record numbers. It won’t shut up the teabaggers or the devout conservatives, but in spite of them, the progressives will get the job done. In the final analysis, results are all that count.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean

    P. S. On second thought, maybe living in Fantasy Land is not the sole province of the teabaggers and conservatives. Those of us on the left side of the political spectrum are quite capable of it too.


  134. James, what? Why do you think President Obama has any beef with the United Kingdom? Where is your evidence?


  135. James I hope that all goes well for your brother in law.

    As a Brit I have absolutely no idea why, or if indeed Obama has a dislike of us at all. It could be that he just didn’t like Gordon Brown or rather the Labour party’s policies which would be on a par with most intelligent thinking Brits.

    Perhaps Obama feels that he doesn’t have to fawn over the British government in the way that Bush did and maybe he had no intention of creating a monster in Brown in the way that Bush created a monster in Blair. Maybe, just maybe Obama was more concerned with sorting out his own country rather than taking time to make nice with a group of nasty politicians who were in power when the Dems were elected.

    It has been said that Hussein Obama who worked as a cook for a British officer in Kenya, was imprisoned by the British for two years during which time he was tortured. This account of events has been apparently handed down by word of mouth, generation to generation and we all know that for the most part, those stories tend to change little by little as the years go by. Obama however, wrote in ‘Dreams From My Father’ that his great grandfather was ‘found innocent’ and held only ‘for more than six months’.

    I am more than certain that Obama is aware of the truth which is that “the Mau Maus were vicious guerrilla fighters. Contrary to popular folklore, the Mau Mau slaughtered far more Kikuyu citizens than the whites they were supposedly rebelling against.” (Canada Free Press)

    I don’t believe that a man of Obama’s intelligence, so many years later, knowing the truth of that guerrilla war, would have an axe to grind even if his grandfather was part of the so called ‘freedom fighters’. I think the British media has had a great deal to do with promoting Obama’s so-called dislike of Britain and using his family connection to the Mau Mau to strengthen its argument My message to the British press would be: “Obama is black. He made it to the White House – get over it!”


  136. Sarah Palin for President.
    Britney Spears for Vice President.


  137. ..and James, somehow find “that” theory/speculation rather truly questionable on a number of levels and notably as the “reason’ he is considered /speculated NOT to be “fond” OF Great Britain….has such “attempted” urban myth/etc quality to it!!


  138. .. looking for a leader with three characteristics. First, a patriot: a leader who is more interested in fighting for his country than his party. Second, a leader who persuades Americans that he or she actually has a plan not just to cut taxes or pump stimulus, but to do something much larger — to make America successful, thriving and respected again. And third, someone with the ability to lead in the face of uncertainty and not simply whine about how tough things are — a leader who believes his job is not to read the polls but to change the polls. ”….from the Friedman article quoted “from PFesser comment earlier)
    Gee PFesser…sounds like Tommy F. describing Obama…many of us DO see those particular characteristics IN BHO !! Are we ALL pleased/thrilled with EVERYTHING to date…lol, HELLE NO for we KNOW this nation has a long way to go and CHANGE AIN’T EZ nor RARELY QUICK !! Remarkable what HAS been accomplished in the last 18+ months and WE KNOW MUCH YET TO DO…Remarkable tht much of anything accompished in “progressing” wht with the EVER, INCESSANT tactic of blatant obstructionismaticals being PLAYED self riteously by the GOPs ! When folks queried whether they figure “WE”(collectively, as a nation on correct path) , many WILL answer HELLE NO/NO/NO/NO for what we have been getting is a barrage of fear mongering blatherings which has been INCESSANT and ZIPPO is seen in REALTIME BI PARTISAN CONCERN OVER OUR ACTUAL NEEDS…The Dems sure as the devil AIN’t PERFECT…they stumble and bumble and FAIL miserably to ARTICULATE the positions to which THEY were elected to PURSUE VIGOROUSLY and yet claimed they supported and etc/etc/etc…but at present when comparing the two mainstream parties who ARE in those positions that DETERMINE OUR OUTCOMES in so very many ways on the various issues…The DEMs come off MORE for US than the GOPs who come off ringing (perhaps should be “wringing” or more like OOZING) BLATANT HYPOCRITICAL stances that DO NOTHING TO ACTUALLY SOLVE or EVEN WORK TOWARDS getting OUR needs under control and working for US !!! They ARTICULATE well, will ‘give” them points there until one DOES FACT CHECKING AND THEN MOST of what they PROPOSITIONING is hot air/bloated SPINMEISTERINGS that truly would go for ENRICHING the ALREADY QUITE RICH at the expense of majority OTHERS and they lable it /catch phrase it well but if dug into, HOT BLOVIATIONS that are indeed harmful to the NATION, its security (for REAL), its people/citizenry wellbeing for REAL as well !!
    “FORMER” GOP family–lol, in so many ways (grew up in Michigan, the Romneys were neighbors but in the town were also Roosevelt clan as well but do remember well, as childhood where we ALL LIKED IKE tremendously and thensome and MacArthur and , well Romney and others as well….Worlds expand and we gratefully CAN learn better for times as THESE present days and what the GOP has become …)
    Undeed, see that TF summary quote as = OBAMA…He IS the RIGHT LEADER for these perilous times indeed and willingly, proudly support him and this with the REALIZATION that NO, he AIN’t PERFECT and CAN NOT WALK ON WATER nor WHIZ MIRACLES…Am counting on that America IS NOT SO STUPID to HANDICAP HIM FURTHER by voting FOR ANY GOPERITE…he needs a GOOD MAJORITY to get further things moving out of the GOP energized DITCHES !!! (would willingly cut some Dem blueDogs, but will hope they too LEARN ‘mo’better” with a larger majority there “nudging” even THEM forward and onward to tend to OUR/we the REAL people/citizenry !!!!!


  139. Newt lost me a long time ago. I read that Obama’s grandfather was a member of the Mau Mau revolution. The British held him for three years and tortured him inhumanely. It was one of the stories his grand mother handed down to Obama. I don’t know if it is true. Whoever wrote that speculated it was the reason Obama doesn’t lose much love for England.

    If, and it is a big if, Obama’s grandfather was tortured, Obama’s dislike of England is understandable. I would feel the same if it was my grandfather.


  140. Pfessor, my brother in law is luckier than we knew. This morning there was a shoot out in the Creighton University Medical Center where he is a patient.

    The shooter apparently wounded two police officers and he died after surgery on the third floor where my brother- in law was in ICU.

    The man was despondent and led the police on a 90 MPH chase before he crashed into a pole. He escaped and made his way to the hospital.

    He operated a 3,000 acre hunting lodge about fifteen miles from our house across the Missouri River. Some of his friends included businessmen, politicians, and other notables. Those interviewed on television said this was out of character.

    Part of the hospital is still in lock down. At the least, this could have broken the surgeon and his team’s concentration during my BIL’s twelve hour operation yesterday.


  141. Hi all –

    Has anyone seen Gingrich’s latest commentary?

    Dinesh D’Souza recently published an article in Forbes called, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” in which he opines: Our president is trapped in his father’s time machine. Incredibly, the U.S. is being ruled according to the dreams of a Luo tribesmen of the 1950s. This philandering, inebriated African socialist, who raged against the world for denying him the realization of his anti-colonial ambitions, is now setting the nation’s agenda through the reincarnation of his dreams in his son.”

    jesus. What filth. But wait! It gets worse…

    Gingrich, building a turd salad on this sewage, notes, “This is a person who is fundamentally out of touch with how the world works, who happened to have played a wonderful con, as a result of which he is now the president.” He then notes that D’Souza had “the most profound insight I have read in the past six years about Barack Obama” and that you can only understand him if you “understand Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior.”

    Bastard. He knows exactly what he is doing: appealing to the very worst elements in America in order to get a goddamned vote. I hate these people. They don’t care about their country; all they care about is power, but power is like sand: the harder you grasp it, the more it pours through your fingers.

    I once admired Newt Gingrich. I don’t know what happened to him and his party, but it just makes me want to vomit. Keep it up, boys; keep it up. And you may lose it all.


  142. Right on, lori!

    My wife and I voted early for the last election, and we plan to do so this time too.


  143. Early voting in Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Vermont, and Wyoming.

    Vote early!!!!!!


  144. Thanks Pfessor. My brother in law is in his fifties, fit, and not over weight. He is physically very strong and works outdoors.

    His only vice is drinking, and he has never smoked.

    We think he has sleep apnea and will be tested for it against his will. I forget the name of the condition, but in simple terms, he donates blood regularly to cope with a red blood corpuscule disorder. Otherwise, he is healthy.

    Yes, his femur was broken and his pelvis was a mess.

    Thanks for taking the time to give me the rest of the story, even if it is disquieting. Considering our family circumstances, I will keep it to myself and hope for the best. They’re worried enough all ready, and the doctors will be watching for signs of trouble.


  145. Grandma Katie, I’ve always believed that, but didn’t always practice it.




  147. Helen, you have made my day!


  148. Same here. Just found out about you from Harriet. Looking forward to many more posts!


  149. I LOVE you ladies!!!


  150. Hi Hannah! 🙂

    Generally I do agree with you about your blog etiquette comment. However, Margaret & Helen actually encouraged discussion here.

    Many of us have been here for at least a couple of years and become friends. I agree that at some point it becomes more courteous to start your own blog than to dominate another, especially if your point of view is entirely contrary to that of your hosts. I enjoy chatting with friends here so much that I created one to do just that. I’m not outgoing enough to write a blog people will go out of their way to read, but I enjoy good company and don’t like to hog the ‘porch’. (And then there’s the troll thing…)

    Just thought I’d share a little background on the community here. Have a super day.


  151. no one’s puppet – see you are ariving at the same one’s I did for NY resolutions!
    !1 scroll on past the trolls
    2 Ignor them

    Only thing is my scrolling finger is getting very calloused.


  152. About that alleged voter apathy on the Dem side and the Dem women leaving in droves. . . have not seen it anywhere around me in a highly political area. People here are not going to simply roll over in bed and continue to snore on Election Day. The alternative is just too unpalatable to believe. Not even the Republicans I know (Eagles) want Mr. Orange Glo as House Speaker. They take one look at his constant tan and equate him with a certain Hollywood star of some years ago (George “My God I’m so gorgeous with my tan” Hamilton). After all the abuse hurled at Nancy Pelosi, they think the stuff hurled at Mr. Coppertone House Speaker would be even worse and harmful to the party. As for the Teahadists, if one is elected, who in the world would they caucus with? They would run into deep suspicion with both parties. Hence, totally ineffective in getting legislation passed.


  153. I don’t understand. I thought this blog was about two women who have been friends for years and how they communicate thru their blog.

    Why are commentors using this blog to communicate with each other???

    As far blog etiquette goes…isn’t that kind of rude?


  154. Thomas Friedman was one of the few liberals who supported our invasion of Iraq for reasons I understood. Weapons of mass destruction were a smoke screen, he wrote. The real reason, which Bush had suggested was to create a beachhead in the heart of Muslim territory. He criticized the Bush administration for not trusting Americans to understand instead of relying on their fears to drag us into that war.

    I think he is right again.


  155. James –

    I also forgot to mention: if he has numerous fractures, particularly of the long bones like the femur, he can get what are called “fat emboli,” which can be fairly dangerous. Bone marrow gets into the blood stream and is carried to the lungs, where it blocks the arteries and also sets up a strong pneumonia-like condition as inflammation sets in. Pelvic fractures can do it, too, and it sounds like he has quite a few.

    He is a very, very long way from out of the woods. If he is fairly young and strong – and has no co-morbid conditions like being a diabetic, smoker, obese, etc, he may do just fine, but for right now, all bets are off.


  156. James –

    Of course the usual disclaimers apply – without seeing your brother-in-law I am a little bit hamstrung, but I can offer a little:

    Firstly, we are now beginning to understand the dangers of pelvic fractures. The pelvis tends to shatter, and these multiple fractures literally ooze the life out of you as they continue to bleed. It can be very difficult to find and clip enough bleeders to make a difference, and of course the surgery itself is very debilitating. Many years back, in an attempt to save a young man who had rolled his truck down a mountainside in West Virginia, I moved the power injector into the operating room and put the contrast directly into the aorta to try to identify pelvic bleeders so the surgeon could clip them. Did not work, and the boy died. Nowadays the interventional radiologists can put gelfoam or occluding coils into the vessels to clot them without opening the patient and they do much better. Bottom line: your BIL is – so far – a lucky man.

    As to his head: I’m sure he’s a bit addled from the rattling around. We worry most about “diffuse axonal injury” where there are strong shearing forces that break the nerves in the brain but all the damage is microscopic and the brain looks normal on CT scanning. You won’t really know what is going on with him until he can do without pain meds and has a couple of weeks or maybe months to recover. He may not be like the other kids when he recovers, or at least not for a long time. Don’t be surprised if that’s the case. I would prefer you not tell that to his wife; I’m too far out of the loop to be very specific and could (I hope) be wrong.

    Best I can do with what I know. Good luck to him and his family.


  157. Pfessor, the surgeon said he had never seen a case as bad as my brother -in law, but he fixed him with pins, rods, wires and glue. They will try to get my brother- in law on his feet in a few days. Four more hours of surgery come Saturday or next week.

    Mike R., I was answering the Pfessor’s questions. Give me one reason why I should care what a nonentity like you thinks? Even mosquitoes have more impact on my life.

    Best wishes to you Greytdog. I am glad you are having a good time.

    I always vote.

    Poolman, don’t judge the real Tea Party people by what you see on television. Stations want viewers and wackos sell better than normal folks.

    Betsy’s page, a blog discusses Tea Party motivations. The Daily Caller cites a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll showing how the Tea Party is ousting much of the Republican leadership.

    People who were paying attention saw this coming a year and a half ago. Why did our political elite miss it?

    Jean, earlier you bragged about being in a talented and gifted program when you were in school. So was I. In fact my fourth grade teacher created one just for me and two others. Talented and gifted programs don’t impress me. I’m not that smart.


  158. Hi all –

    Tom Friedman has a great perspective on America; his book “Hot, Flat and Crowded” should be required reading for anyone who believes we as a country are headed down the wrong path. Neither hewing to Left or Right, he eschews political arguments unless they contribute to *solutions* and – unlike most, rather than just complain he offers real, concrete plans.

    This morning in a NY Times article, he discusses the differences between what he calls the “Tea Party” and the “Tea Kettle Party” – people just letting off steam. After a long discourse on why the “Tea Kettle” party doesn’t matter, he continues:

    “The issues that upset the Tea Kettle movement — debt and bloated government — are actually symptoms of our real problem, not causes. They are symptoms of a country in a state of incremental decline and losing its competitive edge, because our politics has become just another form of sports entertainment, our Congress a forum for legalized bribery and our main lawmaking institutions divided by toxic partisanship to the point of paralysis.

    The important Tea Party movement, which stretches from centrist Republicans to independents right through to centrist Democrats, understands this at a gut level and is looking for a leader with three characteristics. First, a patriot: a leader who is more interested in fighting for his country than his party. Second, a leader who persuades Americans that he or she actually has a plan not just to cut taxes or pump stimulus, but to do something much larger — to make America successful, thriving and respected again. And third, someone with the ability to lead in the face of uncertainty and not simply whine about how tough things are — a leader who believes his job is not to read the polls but to change the polls. ”

    IMHO, there’s a fellow who should have a Cabinet post.


  159. Helen you are a dream!
    I LOVE you!!!!


  160. Hi Congenial Gang and Greytdog,

    It’s good to hear from you and know you are having such a great time! I envy you getting to see all the fantastic places in Europe. We will require a full, detailed accounting when you get back.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  161. Seem’s most of the fracas is over in Ask, so it might be safe here for awhile. In the past, I’ve tried to club my share “trolls,” but realistically, all it did was raise my blood pressure and I would have been ashamed in anyone in my family read what I wrote. So I am done with the nonsense! There is plenty of room here for all and I know how to scroll.
    Greytdog, did I read this right “hubby”? Best wishes to both of you!


  162. Good to hear from you Greytdog. It’s always good to know you aren’t dead. 😀


  163. LOL, Greytdog! Good to “see” you.

    I’ll definitely vote and have been persuading everyone I know to do the same, though I’m seeing a lot of apathy. The tea party is sure riled up and foaming at the mouth, sending their minions out to stir shit up. I guess that is ALL they have in the playbook, since there is NO real platform. With their corporate sponsors and MSM mouthpieces, they appear much bigger that they actually are. Their math skills don’t seem to be any good, either. What a loud and shallow bunch! At least those that are shown on le boob tube, anyway.

    On the bright side and for the most part, they clean up after themselves. LOL… I’m always looking for the positive. 😉


  164. Right on, sister friend and I will continue to drink tea. Just because some wackos have used tea as a rallying cry for dissent doesn’t mean I should stop drinking it. I try not to let crazies dictate my life, so I never miss an election and I don’t make eye contact and back away slowly when confronted with the true crazy.


  165. 2 men from Iona monastery opened fast food seafood restaurant. One was the fish friar, the other was the chip monk.

    Heading to Berlin soon to meet hubby’s family. We plan to be back stateside in a couple of weeks.

    Please VOTE!!!


  166. Nobody cares, James, nobody.


  167. Morning Congenial Gang,

    If ever we needed an antidote to voter apathy, the newest troll just handed us the incentive to talk to people, encourage them to register if they are not already and to be sure and vote.

    I am tempted to print out a bunch of his vitroil and pass it around. Then ask, is this the kind of thinking we want in charge of our government, not only in Washington, but in our own backyards.

    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  168. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying yourself, Craig. I love Italy and the Italians, on the whole, are some of the nicest people you will meet. They can also be wild drivers.


  169. PFessor, my brother- in law rolled his pickup truck only seven miles from home. He flat lined several times at first, and his blood pressure surged up and down. However, his head seems OK. Half of my brother in law’s pelvis is shattered. Hence the twelve hour surgery.

    Seven of his ribs are broken, his back has numerous hair line fractures, and his ankle is also in pieces. Surgeons put pins in it as soon as he was stabilized for fear parts of the bone would die.

    He is only capable of two word sentences and tends to fall asleep. It is hard to tell if it is due to the pain killers surging into his system or his using sleep to stop conversations when he is bored.

    If today’s surgery succeeds, more will occur on Saturday to repair his ankle. Then, comes the hard part, of course with a slow recovery.

    My wife and I plan to be at the hospital after work when the surgery is finished. I need to call my sister-in law before then to be sure nothing untoward has happened. The surgeon said he might interrupt the operation if my brother in law has unexpected problems.

    Do you have any theories about his possible future as he heals? So far, no one is talking here.

    I agree with what you and no one’s puppet wrote about bickering.

    Craig, as Pfessor wrote, those people are good at their jobs. Sometimes groups of boys surround tourists and beg for money. They are not above stealing anything they can grab.


  170. Helen you are brilliant!


  171. Early voting has begun in OHIO!…..

    Here we go!! Yes we can!



  172. It is good that people disagree, but this turf war business, who does that benefit?


  173. Black people steal.


  174. James –

    What were your in-law’s (is that right?) injuries? Did he suffer any oxygen deprivation to the head? What is the long surgery ahead?

    Craig –

    My father-in-law had his wallet stolen in Europe – twice. They are very slick at it. Sometimes they ride double on a motorcycle and grab ladies’ purses.

    Here in the South we just shot them off the bike and they quit doing it. That’s a joke.


  175. Teri and Patti Mac –

    Thanks for some sanity. Sure is nice not being the Lone Ranger. In general we waste 9/10 of our time here on interpersonal bickering and very little on issues. The interpersonal stuff *guarantees* nothing ever gets done.

    I for one like to hear what people have to say on the topics; their opinions may not match mine, and I may think their delivery inappropriate, but once you start attacking someone for his POV, (which is very different from being critical of someone’s methods) the discussion is over until the fire gets put out. What a waste of time.

    C’mon back Teri. I love a good scrap, and somebody who can see the forest is really good to have around…

    Jean –

    I was in 4th year medical school when my father died from a heart attack. Back then there were no thrombolytics (clot busters) or catheter techniques or any emergency cath lab tricks. All you could do was hope to keep them alive and hope that there wasn’t too much damage to the heart muscle. And in his case, watch him die. Glad your feller did well.


  176. Hi Congenial Gang,

    We have been fortunate in that the medical practitioners we encountered, both professionally and personally over many years, have been professionals dedicated to the practice of their art. I don’t recall any of them who gave the impression they were in it for the money or prestige. I know that most of them spent a great deal of what leisure time they have, keeping up to date with the astonishing advances in medical science that occur almost on a daily basis.

    I will never forget when my husband had been pulled out of the woods after one of his heart attacks. I was standing with the cardiologist out in the corridor when he said, “Five years ago we didn’t have the knowledge or skills to save him.”

    I’m very grateful that he did!

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  177. Wow! Just read some of the posts, this site really does come across as “the Crips and the Bloods,” there really is room here for everyone’s ideas and comments.


  178. see previous post.


  179. Once again, Teri’s complaint was about posts which consist of _nothing_but_ the nasty. She even copped to not minding the mud as long as there is something in there worth the rolling around.

    You didn’t really just say that I should do what many of you do and just ignore the posters that I don’t enjoy, did you? No wonder hypocrisy gets under your skin. Its merely seeking its own level.


  180. Alright: I’ll deal with the substance since I have a little break at work. Of course, that ignores that I already dealt with the substance–having explained at least twice that my objection to Teri was that she was engaging in the sort of behavior that she was criticizing. But why not try again?

    1. I come on this blog because the hosts are extremely funny and interesting. I also very much enjoy some who post here–frequently and infrequently.

    2. I don’t enjoy others who post here. For the most part, I simply skip their posts.

    3. Occasionally, I see something that strikes me as hypocritical. Teri’s posts were among them. As I said, it was inconsistent for Teri to castigate others for making personal attacks in the same emails in which Teri insulted their intelligence.

    4. I am wholly unimpressed by people who make statements such as “you never do” or “you pay attention to one thing” since those sorts of statements are, by definition, uninformed.

    5. Your references to a “coven” and to my getting a “new broom” also are pretty juvenile. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion but you sound foolish.

    6. Teri was not “treated” in any inappropriate way. She attacked people, her inconsistency was noted, she decided not to stay. That was her choice. I don’t think people particularly cared either way. I know that I didn’t and don’t.

    The issue is not that you choose not to use your name–I don’t use mine. But you apparently choose to post under at least two names, which is a little strange. The strangeness of that, however, is exceeded by your admitted anger at your exaggerated view of how someone you don’t know was responded to on a blog. “Cumalative” or not, it’s the equivalent of getting angry at a commercial on t.v. and bespeaks a certain lack of balance.

    If you don’t enjoy the blog, don’t come here. If you don’t enjoy all the posters, do what many of us do and largely ignore them. But your little cyber crusade just makes you look like childish and I don’t intend to engage further.


  181. The moral of the story of Teri and the M&H Campers is that it doesn’t matter what you say, it matters who you say it about.


  182. So what, Donna? I chose not to use my name. How does that matter? How about dealing with the substance of what I wrote?

    You never do though. You pay attention to one thing – who you can fight with over which one of the coven needs backup.

    Sure, anger. Yes, at the way Teri was treated. Anger is a cumulative thing sometimes.


  183. This apparently is Sharon from yesterday–see the avatar.

    You know, it takes a certain, well, oddness to be “totally pissed off” about the way someone you don’t know was supposedly “treated” on a blog. Most people might think “well, this isn’t the most enjoyable place” or “huh–that person sounded like a shmuck” or something along those lines. But to actually experience anger because some people said that someone else who was being critical of personal attacks was doing so by way of personal attacks shows a remarkably porous self.


  184. I would like to offer a rebuttal to what Easier calls “the two Teris” on September 26, 2010
    at 10:50 PM

    As I followed the posts, in order, it seems to me that what may have set the shun of Teri in motion was that she attempted not to be hypocritical in her complaint regarding posts that – listen carefully – consist of nothing but vitriol. She tried in vain several times to explain that she was “talking about the posts where NOTHING is discussed; where all that is offered is name calling.” (September 26, 2010 at 7:39 AM).

    But the pile on had already begun. Fueled by erroneous assumptions (nice going D-gurl) and self-righteous umbrage rich in irony (Jean’s hallmark), combined with encouragement from the resident knaves (the ultimate vexation) – Teri’s fate was sealed and the mob mentality took over and ruled. The “regulars” have once again bullied another one out of the blog.

    And yes, Donna, I have “burst on the scene” with my remarks. So what? They have no less value than yours, which evidently consist of the same old smackdown of the same old scamps. Get a new broom.

    No apologies for being totally pissed off about the way Teri was treated.


  185. Good news in the polls today!

    Conway continues to gain on Rand Paul in the KY senate race. Most polls have him in a dead heat, up 13 points from August! Nothing short of a miracle in the Ruby Red state of KY!!!!!

    Barbara Boxer continues to trend upward now ahead 5. She always closes strong.

    The upward tend continues for Jerry Brown. Just goes to show even all of Whitman’s money can’t erase the horrible failed policies of Tea party-Republicans!

    Lets continue to fight like hell!

    Yes we can.


  186. Linda, I backed up my argument with “FACT.”

    Though I cited an obscure quote from around September, 2008, a more important support to my conclusion that Palin was one of two people who energized the last election is Journolist. Look it up.

    Journalists and others discussed how best to neutralize Sarah Palin. They wouldn’t have done it if they hadn’t considered her to be a threat. I think Sarah Palin was the only candidate worthy of their attention.

    Reihl World View quotes Russ Douthat:
    “Their eccentric elements notwithstanding, the Tea Parties have something vital to offer this country: a vocal activist constituency for spending cuts when politicians desperately need their spines stregthened on this issue…

    …It wouldn’t be the first time a protest movement won a rhetorical victory without achieving a major policy shift. The anti-war movement, for instance seemed to effectively take over the Democratic Party in the middle years of the Bush administration without achieving a lasting policy shift… ”

    Granted it is another opinion nearly identical to mine, but it is based on “FACTS” like this.

    Here is empirical evidence from Politico “Democrats fear Midwestern meltdown.”

    Newsbusters reports a Tea Party related group, True the Vote has uncovered evidence of voter fraud in Texas. They submitted their findings to the Texas secretary of State’s office and Harris County attorney.

    Love them or hate them, the Tea Party groups are the main driving force in today’s political landscape. They are determined, and they are aggressive. Sarah Palin would like to control them, but she can’t. She has her own powerful constituency, though and in some cases is a king/ queen maker.

    Much of this movement is female driven.

    I repeat, separate from their politics which I am not discussing now because I wasn’t writing about their political views when I maintained, Sarah Palin, other like minded politicians, and the Tea Parties are power houses the Democrats and many Republicans have not yet been able to stop.

    The recent primaries also support my conclusions. The results are “FACTS”you can read about in any newspaper.

    Where are your “FACTS” which prove me wrong? I’m waiting patiently.


  187. Azgrandma, I forgot to thank you. I have heard of vineyard, and I will check out the site. My sister in law really needs a life line right now.


  188. Alan Grayson FTW! (For The WIN!)



  189. The seeds of revolution won’t germinate in Astroturf!

    Δ ~ PEACE


  190. That’s only about the 6th pickpocket warning I’ve gotten. From tour books and friends.
    Rome 4 days with side trips to Florence and Tuscany wine tour,Monte Casino and Anzio day trip.
    Then join official tour group..see Pope for cocktails.
    Usual Rome stuff.
    Bus to Naples.
    Board 4 masted schooner and sail Amalfi coast and over to Lipari island.
    Then 5 different ports in Sicily with a last stop in Malta.


  191. Pfessor I agree with you. Our doctor said we will be in a “world of hurt” within ten years for the reasons you suggested.

    Our local hospitals have strong ties to Omaha and Sioux City hospitals. The larger institutions share doctors and equipment. When I had pericarditis 25 years ago, a nurse woke me in the middle of the night because someone at the same Omaha hospital where our brother in law is noticed one of my electrodes had come off.

    Craig, if you can, visit San Marco Plaza, and watch out for the pick pockets.


  192. Debbie R, you are like a cockroach crossing the table at a fancy dinner party. Big brave Debbie who rarely if ever posts. Shame on you, “plain and simple.”


  193. Thanks Terri, poolman, and the rest for your prayers and concern. My brother- in law is so drugged up with morphine etc. feeding into his system, it is hard to know if reactions are due to fatigue or the drugs. Though he only gives two word sentences, he is himself.

    The twelve hour surgery is still scheduled to begin tomorrow morning, because the doctors think he is making progress. For some reason, he didn’t want any one to leave last night. That is out of character.

    Thank you poolman. That isn’t the first time our minister has been insensitive. Could you also pray for one of our in law’s priests? He told my wife’s sister that her worries about money, getting their unfinished house re -sided before winter, and what happens next are “evil” thoughts placed there by the Devil. She should write those concerns on a list and confess them.

    Their regular priest has been very supportive.

    My sister-in law is a social worker in charge of intake. Things are piling up. She and our nephew drove 170 miles to get home in time for work this morning. They will return to Omaha this evening as will we.


  194. Hi all –

    Just back from a three-day conference in Chicago on “Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians.” As my son the Web programmer and I build our business, sitting in a dark room looking at black-and-white pictures and talking to myself looks less and less attractive. Part-time work is easier and easier to find as rural hospitals do whatever they have to do to hold onto a dwindling cohort of practitioners; add on the hassles of dealing with insurers and the everpresent liability threat and it’s a no-brainer. Wheeeee….! more time for my family!!

    The most interesting part was how many young physicians were there; guys like myself nearing retirement are not surprising, but there were probably 300 attendees, most of whom were under fifty – young for a physician, who generally does not start practice under the age of thirty. Most I spoke with cited government intrusion and insurance companies as the top reasons they “just wanted out.” Uncertainty about Obamacare generally ranked third. It looks like the experienced practitioners are retiring; none are recommending medicine to their kids. Soon we should have the situation we have with teachers: once the brightest students, now education majors are the laughingstock of the colleges; I expect medicine may go the same way.

    The socialists will never learn; people are always able to *react* to the grand schemes the anointed have dreamed up for them, and those who can leave won’t stay in unpleasant situations. The grand schemers in Washington may find themselves presiding over a medical Flying Dutchman. I think I’ll try to stay healthy.

    Craig – enjoy your trip to Italy. Say hi to the poop for me if you’re in his town.


  195. Alaskapi, who knew I had feet in the dark side? Heh Heh.

    Sometimes when your part of Alaska has wet weather, ours is mild and dry, especially if low pressure stalls off the coast of Juneau. After a stormy month of dueling autumn and summer seasons we now have Chamber of Commerce weather with clear skies, highs in the sixties and seventies and lows in the forties. Just a few of our leaves are starting to turn. Harvest is beginning.


  196. Very interesting, Auntie Jean. I always thought it cool the Magi found Jesus, whereas the Jews where mostly clueless. And that they, along with many others, see Him as a prophet or teacher.

    I had to offer this also too. I guess the tea party IS a party of momma grizzlies. OMG! Here’s one grizzly gal offering a much simpler constitution for the Tea Party folk. And she learned all she knows in just one year! I used to think this was an act and laughed at her on SNL back in the day. Now, however, I feel kind of queasy seeing what is apparently sincere. 🙄 After lambasting the POTUS and other humans she offers Ephesians 6:12 in defense:

    “For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against the evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against those mighty powers of darkness who rule this world, and against wicked spirits in the heavenly realms.”

    I guess by “powers of darkness” she isn’t referring to skin tone, right? I’m sure growing up her crayons had that “flesh” color, too. I wonder what unseen world holds the dingbat in high esteem?

    These are your “public faces” tea partiers. I think the “Taxed Enough Already” is your intellect. Trust me. Step away from the teevee. It ain’t pretty. This is your brain. This is your brain on Fox.


  197. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Whenever it’s a slow news day and we get to bickering here, I figure it’s time for a new post from Helen. In lieu of that, maybe one of my history lessons will tide us over. This will revive the time-honored feud over the joint power of religion and politics. BTW, how much of any of this do I personally believe? I dunna know. I’m just reporting what I have learned from a wide variety of historical sources.

    Once upon a time, long, long ago there was another Empire that rose and fell – twice. In the West it has all but been forgotten but just as the Roman and Byzantine Empires did, it too lasted over a thousand years. This was the Persian Empire from 600BC to 640-42AD. By the third century AD it encompassed all of what is now Iran and Iraq, Afghanistan, and Baluchistan, (an area that is now in Southern Pakistan) and much of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. This was accomplished and maintained by military might of course.

    The hereditary kings held supreme power and twice, queens were on the throne. The title of the king was, “King of Kings, King of the Aryans and the non-Aryans, Sovereign of the Universe, Descendant of the Gods; Brother of the Sun and Moon, Companion of the Stars”. Quite an exalted opinion of self-importance!

    The state religion was Zoroastrianism. They redacted their holy book, the Avesta, to encompass a great deal of astronomy, metaphysics, and medicine picked up from the Greeks and India. There are still some Zoroastrian followers to this day in some small areas of India.

    (A little aside: The Greeks called the Zoroastrian priests “Magi”. The “Three Kings from the East” who visited Jesus in Bethlehem were reputedly Zoroastrian priests from Persia.)

    Manichaeism was one of several religions that grew out of Persian soil. Manes or Mani began his ministry about 240AD in the Persian capital of Ctesiphon near Baghdad. He borrowed from Mithranism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Christian Gnosticism. Shapur I, the Persian king, tolerated Manes’ preaching and the sect became quite successful. The religion spread throughout Persia and East, far into the central part of Asia, Chinese Turkistan, and West to Rome and Carthage in North Africa.

    Before his conversion to Christianity, St. Augustine was a Manichaeist for ten years in Carthage. Much that is known about Manichaeism was learned from St. Augustine’s writings against the belief. (The Roman Catholic Augustinian Monks patterned their order on the teachings of St. Augustine.)

    In 270AD the Zoroastrian priests, jealous of his growing influence, executed Manes by crucifixion. His body was flayed, his skin stuffed with straw and hung from a city gate. (So let that be a lesson to ya!) Indicative of the wealth of Persian society, silver and gold trickled out of Manichaeist books when they were burned. However, Manichaeist followers continued his faith well into the thirteenth century AD. It survived under Islamic rule until the Mongolian invasion. The Christian Roman and Byzantine Empires persecuted Manichaeism out of existence in their realms.

    Manes theology was based on a well-known myth at the time on the origin of the universe. He reasoned that there had been a cosmic conflict between the “Prince of Light”, God and the “Demon of Darkness”, Satan. God had “Divine Messengers of Light” and the Devil had “Messengers” too, the “Archons”. The Demon had stolen light from God and used it to build the earth and all its inhabitants. Thus, man was part of the Devil’s dominion. But God gave to Adam and his progeny the “Message of Light” in order to free themselves and thus, be reunited in the cosmos with God. Manes considered Eve to be a creation of the Devil. (It seems unlikely he would have had very many enthusiastic female adherents!)

    He acknowledged Buddha, Zoroaster and Jesus as prophets, with Manes himself as the fourth and final “Messenger of Light” in victory over Satan and his Archons. The doctrine of the religion was similar to the virtues of other faiths of the time. However he postulated a quite different distinction between the ordinary people, the “Hearers” and the hierarchy of the “Elect”. The upshot was that the “Elect” became ascetics and the “Hearers”, licentious. St. Augustine probably stated it best when he prayed to God for chastity – but not yet!

    Does any of this have a familiar ring? It seems to me that all you have to do is change the names, the dates and geographic location; and it could be almost any time and anyplace.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  198. I would like to offer some insights on what I call the two Teris.

    On September 20 2010, Teri wrote the following about another poster:

    “Becky the Brainless wrote: “Just wait til these sheep wake up and find Sarah Palin as the next President of this country.”

    Should this tragedy ever occur I will be even more grateful that I own a home in Canada.”

    Is it the same person who many days later made some of the statements like this one: “I love the intelligent give and take. I try to read everything posted but, when stuff gets too far “out there” or gets insulting I skip it. Having been active in Forensics I love a good debate. There is no reason to get personal unless you have nothing intelligent to offer and/or you are incredibly immature.” I say it does not appear to be the same person. One Teri called somebody brainsless, right? And for good reason! Would she admonish the rest of us if she engages in the same behavior?

    I do not believe the two Teris are one and the same. One is the lady who is an artist with some wondrous work on display on her website and she has been a poster for a while. Believe she had some health issues a while back. Hope she is doing ok. The other Teri’s style is different from hers and she does not appear as nice.


  199. Poolman,
    We all inhabit this piece of earth.
    I want to get along with all despite differences.


  200. The tea party movement, though sincerity or mathematically challenged, provides much in the way of entertainment. Or maybe it’s just the circus come to Buffalo early this year. 😉


  201. Fair and balanced reporting overtakes entertainment in the land of Fox.

    Fox news has taken over all of Fox TV and The Simpsons get the ax!



  202. Donna,
    Nice and decent response.
    People should not just be called one word syllables
    and left it at that.
    There should be some response to why they are saying what they are.
    It’s just discourse unless someone gets off base and
    launches a cuss word laden diatribe without base.
    I do not think that’s what Margaret and Helen wanted.


  203. Have all you windbags been here all this time? I can remember, during Obama’s campaign, that this was the one place I could turn to for a good laugh! It got me through some pretty unlaughable days.

    Now? It’s like just a small handful of you have decided that this blog belongs only to you. So you let out all your gas here and I am offended by the smell, to say the least.


  204. HRH Sofia EQ:
    at 12:04 PM

    Linda, please don’t be mad at me for something I didn’t even say. You are responding to James’ response to what I said. If you’re interested in what I said, check my post By: HRH sofia EQ on September 24, 2010
    at 6:23 AM
    If you just want to react and skip what you’re reacting to, just keep on keepin on.
    And by the way, I’m NOT you people who reproduce etc etc etc. I’m just a bit insulted by your remark.

    Aplologies to you – I should have deleted your name. But the message to James et al stands. NONE of these people can back up their “Opinions” with FACT. and heeaven forbid they get called racists. That is what gets most of them so reactive. If you don’t like what I post don’t read it. Nothing personal.


  205. Craig- if you didn’t find it upthread:

    “Alakspi” offering nothing of substance yet again here…


  206. Craig,

    I think it’s that “pot callin’ the kettle black” thing Donna is gettin’ at…and in this case I was smellin’ the same thing! I wasn’t offended by teri but did find what she had to say ironic and somewhat funny!

    Honestly, poolman, I at least use the spell checker! Doesn’t mean I correct everything it shows me! I prefer to “write” as I “speak”, ya see! My, my! Off to the kitchen later to see what kind of cookies delurker has out tonight! First I must water. Oh for the cool off to get here in earnest!!

    May God visit you all in the night season! Peace 🙂


  207. Wow….I’ve been outta pocket all week long…wow.
    I generally like to have ice-cream when watching fireworks! 😀

    I think the term is “If you don’t have anything (nice) to say about someone, don’t say anything at all”… opposed to “anything intelligent”.

    Sorry…San Antonio born, small town raised, Texas gal here!

    I heard that phrase at least 10 times a week while living in my grandparent’s house whenever my daddy was on an icebreaker or an aircraft carrier.

    He’d ship us back to the middle of Mitchell County via Greyhound until he had shore duty again, and then we’d Greyhound it to the next duty station. This took place approximately every 2 years or so. Parents divorced the beginning of my 3rd grd. year, and it was back to my grandparent’s. Moved around alot even then and consequently grew up pretty darn mouthy at times.

    Grandma had to stay after me constantly when I was in her sphere of influence! LOL! 🙄 I can still hear her voice when saying that phrase to me!! And assuring me it was gonna be alright, to be a little sunbeam and let my light shine…to do unto others as I would have done unto me. To do my best and always think of others before I did of myself. Really tough then! Still tough today…but Well worth the effort!

    Figure if I’d been around this past week I would’ve felt the need to get “Grandma’s Rod of Correction” (ye olde trusty wooden spoon), out to whack some knuckles!…all around pretty much. But then decided that probably woulda just got pfessor discombobulated! 😉 Which of course we want to avoid!

    Took the test you linked to alaskapi! I couldn’t be more surprised!! econ. l/r -7.38; soc. lib/auth -6.00! Thought I would fall a little to the left of center…but honestly don’t mind sharing close proximity to Gandhi!! I can respect what he had to say about my Jesus, but not liking very much some of His followers…an opinion I can relate to on a very deep level.

    What an awesome reference from the book of Ezekiel poolman! I concur and say it couldn’t describe our current state of affairs more accurately! I got another reference in the book of Ezekiel for ya! Chapter 34. Grab an amplified version as that translation is much more succinct…specially notice in verse 2b, where God is against the [spiritual] shepherds! This whole chapter could be directed towards the preachers and pastors today who really aren’t taking care of their flocks! Darn powerful chapter! Would tend to make my hair stand on end if I found myself to be amongst those being addressed…….

    James, I am so sorry to hear of the trouble your wife’s sis & your BIL are having! I will keep you ALL on my prayer list!! And James, if I may, please check out if there is a Vineyard church in your area!!! I know that you and your’s would find rest for your souls! If not, check out my Vineyard community online! triple w dot vineyardnorthphoenix dot com
    Todays message was God’s Grace–How to get more and the things that keep us from receiving it. You can see the whole service! In the meantime I pray God’s grace for you and your loved ones and the peace that comes from Jesus…not the world’s peace in anyway shape or form!

    Well this post has taken me the better part of the afternoon to get on the thread, so I’ll be curious to see how many posts there are between me and you poolman @ 2:37pm!

    Peace ya’ll! 😀


  208. See, Craig even you’re growin’ on me. 😉


  209. Obviously the reading of this blog has not improved everybody’s grammar, attitude, or spelling. I, for one, have enjoyed all the different personalities displayed and the stageful display. I have learned much and have many people and events to pray for. Just grab a piece of pie, drop a scoop of vanilla bean on top, pour yourself a beverage and thank God your still breathing. That could change any second. Just sayin’.

    Peace. Shalom. Salaam. 🙂


  210. Margaret and Helen, you two are priceless!

    I have never been guilty of name calling….until now.
    James and Craig are Ass Hats….plain and simple.


  211. As I believe was clear, Craig, my objection is to someone criticizing others for “name calling” in the same post in which she stated that she was clarifying for the “intellectually challenged.” If Teri does not see the inconsistency in that, so be it. I believe it is manifest.


  212. Teri,

    Hopefully you won’t be driven off by the campers like so many others have been. They love to dish it out but they can not take it.



  213. And I have hardly “burst onto the scene.” I have posted here MANY times over the last 9 months. Yes, not an “old time” but hardly “burst onto.”

    I had hoped that this blog would be a place where people could read and enjoy Margaret and Helen’s funny and insightful posts as well as DISCUSS both sides of the issues presented.

    Initially it seemed the Right Wingers had cornered the market on rudeness, name calling and inane posts. I see now that this is not the case.

    So be it. I’m out of here. If I want to hear people calling each other names simply because they have differences in opinion I can tune to the news and listen to the Tea Baggers or go hang out with the pre-teens. You all think you are so much better than those Tea Baggers but, in reality you are just as narrow minded and mean spirited.

    James, I will continue to pray for your brother-in-law.



  214. Donna,
    Surprised to see you here. Or post.
    I don’t think Terri wanted an argument.
    Or wanted to start one.
    But your sure taking offense to what?
    The name calling that she says exists?
    Is that the reason for this blog? To name call?
    Rather than to actually respond and have discourse
    about people places and things that effect our lives?


  215. oh–no need to go and find examples of what you might suggest is inappropriate posting. I certainly get disgusted with those who hog this blog or who post nonsense and have expressed that disdain. I also think that those same people have made this blog far less than it was or should/could be. The regular offenders have gotten so tiresome that I simply ignore them–shades of Grandma Katie.

    But you burst onto the scene here doing precisely what you criticize in others. You want discourse rather than insults? Great–go for it. But kindly don’t insult others’ intelligence in the same posts.


  216. Actually, Teri: I wonder if you might want to read what you write. Do you think that someone who posts and then says they are clarifying for the “intellectually challenged” is displaying what you contend is the appropriate level of courtesy and respect? Or suggesting that you don’t have a problem with taking “DISCUSSION to a level a 6th grader can grasp?” I might suggest that, under the guise of criticizing name-calling, you indulge in precisely that.


  217. Craig, that test that alaskapi posted is located from the post on September 24, 2010 at 2:23 PM. Want that I should take it for you? LOL.


  218. James, I am now adding your wife’s minister to my prayer list also. How can a “man of God” say such things? With God, ALL things are possible. If He chooses to completely heal your BIL, He can and will. We are wrong if we impose limits to the limitless. May the Almighty Father convict that man of his words which show a real lack of faith and may the Holy Spirit permeate his very being and cause him to truly turn to God for forgiveness and a right heart. As a shepherd, he needs to be humble and open to what God wants him to do and SAY on behalf of his flock. It sounds as if he is operating under his own authority. Too bad. That does nothing to promote the Kingdom. I ask for a miraculous intervention in your BIL’s life, to the glory of God, in whom all things are created and for His divine pleasure.


  219. Alakspi wrote: “I am not seeing any gain in pretending the higher discourse you are proposing will help much…since it shuts out rather than includes.”

    Maybe you should try actually READING what I wrote. I have no problem with taking DISCUSSION to a level a 6th grader can grasp. What I DO have a problem with are the posts, on BOTH sides, that consist solely of name calling. Accomplishes nothing. But, if you enjoy rolling around in the mud, and offering nothing of substance, have at it.


  220. Alakspi wrote: “I am not seeing any gain in pretending the higher discourse you are proposing will help much…since it shuts out rather than includes.”

    Maybe you should try actually READING what I wrote. I have no problem taking DISCUSSION to a level a 6th grader can grasp. What I DO have a problem with are the posts, on BOTH sides, that consist solely of name calling. Accomplishes nothing. But, if you enjoy rolling around in the mud, and offering nothing of substance, have at it.


  221. alaskapi ,
    What and where is this test for where you stand on issues?
    I would like to take it.


  222. James- you old lefty you!

    Autumn is in full swing the state over… the interior where leaves do change is well along…
    Where I live is mostly evergreen . The limited color we get has been blowing right away somewhere in the heavy wind and rain we have been having…


  223. Alaskapi, thanks for your prospective. I wondered about TP.

    According to the Omaha World Herald weather, Fairbanks was supposed to be down to 20. Are leaves changing yet?


  224. I took the test. Economic Left/Right -3.12

    Social/Libertarian -2.15.


  225. There is no question everyone was here digging for information -including dirt- on SP.
    I just get tired of her spin on it all…
    The bad soap opera aspects of the Wooten thing shocked a broad array of Alaskans- esp when it came out that SP and hubby had been warned by the court to leave him alone , in relation to the vendetta they were carrying on, before she became governor.
    TP is an ass. He had an extraordinary chance there as First Spouse/ Dude to highlight and advocate for DV issues from a male perspective- DV is a terrible problem here… and he just kept up the private vendetta…


  226. Thanks Alaskapi. I agree. Rural America will continue to have problems as cities grow faster than the hinterlands.


  227. Alaskapi, I think McCain’s first choice was his friend Joe Lieberman. When his advisers said it wouldn’t happen they picked Palin because she had a high approval rating, seemed to be doing a good job, and she was an attractive woman. I’m sure they were flocking all over Alaska to learn more about her.

    I also read from several sources, Democrats and their sympathetic news readers were also digging for dirt. With all due respect, I believe those reports because to do otherwise would violate the rules of human nature.

    The Troopergate incident reads like an inbred soap opera. The Palin family’s vendeta against Trooper Wooten is understandable. I’d have handled it differently if someone had threatened to shoot a family member. I would have goaded Wooten into assaulting me or pulling a weapon. Then, I would have pressed charges.

    My method works. When our county engineer tried to bully us into giving up twelve acres of our land and access to a ditch bank road awarded to us through court order, I told him I would put myself in front of their construction vehicles until something happened.

    Our battle of the bridge had already been splashed across television and the papers for two years. I looked him in the eye and politely told him I had seen violence in the service, and I would see to it my injury or demise would bring the maximum of bad publicity to him and the county. We got a new bridge, and we kept our land.

    My wife just got home from church. She put our brother in law on the prayer list, and afterward, the minister said “You know, they’re never the same after that.” Another reason why I rarely attend church. I am on the church board, and at our meeting this afternoon, we will vote on next year’s salary. Why should I vote to give him a raise?


  228. James- you are correct about Baker v Carr.
    It was heralded as a step up for the common voter but has contributed mightily to the problems rural America faces as time goes on… as best as I can see.


  229. Thank you Alaskipi. It was another long night last night. I’m worried about my wife’s sister. She barely holding it together.

    I don’t really know how Baker V Carr has affected farming communities in our area. Maybe I am thinking of the wrong case, but I think it had to do with reapportionment. Let me know if I am wrong, please.

    If it is what I think it is, the main effect has been rural-urban conflict over a number of issues. One has been who deserves most of the money to maintain roads, bridges, and the rest of the infrastructure.

    Western Iowa is more like Nebraska than the rest of Iowa.

    Our voting district is near the western border, and its political influence is the virtually unbeatable Steve King. A few years ago, Iowa Democrats discussed changing the district so King would have a harder time on election day.


  230. Oh dear, James-
    The meme that large groups of reporters flocked here to discredit SP is hers.
    It is not what happened.
    The very real questions folks had everywhere about who-is-this person brought reporters of all types and bents here.
    Missing in that meme of hers is the descending upon Alaska by the McCain campaign strategists and attorneys who worked day and night to obstruct and derail our very legitimate Legislative Judicial Council investigation regarding all the issues which grew to be called Troopergate- a broadly supported investigation which she, to this day, refuses to recognize the outcome of…
    She points instead to her own narrowly worded suit to the State Personnel Board against herself as the real Troopergate investigation and only accepts the portion of the Judicial Council’s report which allowed that she had the right to terminate Mr Monegan without cause.
    Her increasingly contentious behavior with the whole Legislature upon her return from the VP run was bizarre to watch unfold and I sure wish some of all those reporters who came here before- whatever their agenda was- had hung around to watch her in action. We might all be rid of her by now if they had…


  231. Omaha radio station KFAB can be heard on line, I think. Some of the talk show hosts archive their shows on the web site.

    Yesterday about 5 AM, Skip Maxwell, I believe, talked briefly about the Tea Parties and his belief they won’t be able to change much if their candidates gain power.

    A caller, not a Tea Party member, described how the local movement began. He named towns and names. People, many of them women communicated and gave advice to each other on line. A woman in Red Oak, Iowa started a group, and later she went to Lincoln, Ne to help another woman who was organizing her neighbors.

    That is as grass roots as you can get. Its true rich donors are helping candidates, but the candidates are separate from the movement. Their beliefs and goals are similar, and they are using each other.

    Several towns are planning demonstrations on October 2, and I doubt anyone but the participants are paying the few bills.

    They are about as extreme as some of the Democratic leadership, only Tea Parties are on the other side of the spectrum.

    The ones I’ve met are as patriotic as you.

    Contrary to what you might think, many Tea Party members don’t like Sarah Palin.


  232. James- hoping BIL is doing ok.
    What did Baker V Carr do to farming communities in your area?


  233. teri-
    From this old blue collar liberal’s POV you come across just like the “East Coast elitists” the Tea Party loves to hate…
    And seem to have the attitude which sent working class people out of the Democratic Party in droves… right into Carl Rove’s arms.
    (where are you UAW? I miss you!)
    I have hung in with the so-called liberal agenda all these years because the I think the alternative is worse but sure am sick of educated-supposedly-moral-high-ground put downs which flow from remarks like
    “that’s fine if you enjoy discussions on the level of a 6th grader.”
    Assuming the failures of the Tea Parties lie merely in name calling is missing the boat.
    The legitimate fears of those folks are as spit on by the educated-liberal world as by the corporate aristocracy which makes use of them.
    So- yup, I’m happy with 6th grade level discussions – given that is about the American average for reading comprehension.
    I am not seeing any gain in pretending the higher discourse you are proposing will help much…since it shuts out rather than includes.

    Thank you Helen and Margaret for having us all in- even when we throw teacups and pie at each other.


  234. Poolman, earlier you seemed to take umbridge at my “gaming the system” comment. The day a job counselor told me I should lie about my military service because too many people were equating my service with criminality and drugs was the day society lost its right to criticize me for gaming the system.

    I never wanted to farm. I wanted to live somewhere else, but farming gave me freedom to control my own destiny. I don’t like the paternalistic socialism that is American agriculture. Its intrusive control grates on most farmers, but the checks are life- savers during emergencies.

    In many ways, farming is one of the nation’s most dangerous occupations. I followed the rules, used what we were dealt, and we built a mini- empire which we can now use to help local poor families. I am proud of what we did as we gamed the system.


  235. Thank you Teri. My brother in law nearly died twice yesterday, but he is better now. Though he is heavily sedated, he is in a lot of pain, and he swore at the doctor this morning. The doctor said it is a good sign. Even his wife is not allowed to spend much time with him. They plan twelve hours of surgery on Tuesday to fix his shattered pelvis if he gains enough strength.

    I don’t remember where I read the destroy Palin in 72 hours comment. It was sometime in September, 2008. I have better proof that Palin was considered a major political force during the election–Journolist. Reporters and others tried to make sense of her nomination and discussed the best ways to discredit her. One was her lack of experience, but they decided not to use that ploy because Obama’s resume was as thin as hers. From what I read, she was the only candidate they considered worthy of their attention.

    The large numbers of reporters and lawyers who flocked north to find dirt in Palin also supports my contention she was the anti -Obama in the last election. They were the only two candidates to excite the voters.

    Sarah Palin has proven herself to be a king maker during the primaries, and today, she still attracts large crowds. Her book sold better than most of her liberal competitors’.

    I wouldn’t vote for her, and I don’t send her money. I also don’t care if she eats fried puppies for breakfast. All I care about is she is energizing a block of voters who are frightening Democrats.

    If, and its a big if Republicans win a majority or a larger minority, Sarah and her minions will become a problem, but I think the moderate majority will dilute their influence. Right now, we are on the same side–to get more Republican votes. I care no more about Sarah Palin than I do a hammer if I am shingling. Both are nothing more than a means to an end.


  236. Actually, at no time was I referring to Jean. I was RESPONDING to Jean. And Alaskapi, that’s fine if you enjoy discussions on the level of a 6th grader. But I am not even talking about discussions. I am talking about the posts where NOTHING is discussed; where all that is offered is name calling. Name calling is the provenance of the Tea Party members. I had thought Liberals tended to be better educated and capable of actual intelligent conversation. At least the people I hang out with are. YMMV.


  237. Hi Congenial Gang,

    My ‘boy toy’ is a voracious reader, everything from stop signs to the fine print on soup
    can labels. We are members of AARP and received their monthly Bulletin as well as their Magazine. It is sort of a mini-newspaper. (He likes to read about those Old People.) In the Bulletin he called my attention to a full-page list of fifty books that have been banned by American public schools and libraries. Many of them are well known classics. I don’t think this is wide spread knowledge with the general public. I was not aware of it.

    Included are:

    “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”, 1791. “This book was frequently censored from 1789 to the early 20th century. The essays were often ‘sanitized’ by publishers so that schools would buy copies.”

    “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1850, “Conservative clergy have condemned the novel since 1850 for its adultery theme. The most recent school challenge was in 1999.”

    “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck, 1939. “Burned in California, New York and Illinois; challenged or banned in 10 states.”

    And of course, the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowlings, 1997-2007.

    There are 10 books considered ‘too political’, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe; “All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria, Remarque; “A Farewell to Arms” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Ernest Hemingway; “The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck; “Animal Farm” and “1984” by George Orwell; “Doctor Zhivago” by Boris Pasternak; “Slaughterhouse Five” by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. and “In the Spirit of Crazy Horse” by Peter Matthiesen.

    Then there are 15 books that contain too much sex. Those titles are much too racy for me to list.

    Five are too irreligious. Of course one is “The Origin of the Species” by Charles Darwin.

    Twenty books are way too socially offensive, including “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain.

    My God!!! At one time or another in my life I have read all of them! No wonder I am such a progressive mess! You don’t suppose that’s why I am such a Pinko, Liberal, Feminazi, Facist-Socialist, Left-Wing Nutcase do you? Of course, maybe geographic origins, ethnic heritage and life experiences have a little of something to do with the development of thinking.

    I never was too fond of “Beowolf”. So maybe banning, and/or burning books is not such a bad idea after all. There is one book though I wouldn’t mind seeing banned from public schools and possibly in a big bon fire in front of the library – Euclid’s “Elements’.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namasta. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  238. The tea party is disillusioned if it thinks it is a grassroots movement. They are being played, though most probably are not aware. Patriots my ass. Just keep thinking you are. Yeah, yeah… that’s the ticket.



  239. Well, I prefer immature, unintelligent repartee with some bickering and table pounding myself if it means we can do without prim chastising lectures…


  240. Personally I don’t just scroll past Madame Taureau, I lead foot it.


  241. Teri, I don’t know if you are specifically saying that’s how Jean behaves, but if you are then you are wrong. She’s had a lot to contribute over the years here. I agree that drive-by attacks are bad. I don’t think Jean does that.


  242. Adoro visitar “Margareth and Helen”. Me agrada e muito ler os textos que aqui são colocados…
    Abraços com a alegria do Brasil.


  243. Jean, I never claimed to have authority. Yes, I have chastised and admonished those who have nothing intelligent to share. Whose only contributions, or the majority of their contributions tend towards calling names and tossing out insults. What is the point of that? Yes, you are free to exercise your First Amendment rights to free speech. But good grief, how about ADDING something to the discussion rather than behaving like a pissed off pre-teen? But hey, those who have to resort to name calling and insults (whether overt or thinly veiled in passive-aggressive speech) only succeed in looking ignorant and immature.

    Pardon me if I’m looking for a mature and intelligent repartee…..


  244. What a surprise! The right in the past 10 years has pushed me even farther left!


  245. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Oh dear, we continue to be thoroughly chastised and admonished for the content and language of our comments here. By whose authority, I don’t know. The only criteria of parameters imposed on Margaret and Helen’s blog that I am aware of are the exclusion of two words. Otherwise, we are free to express ourselves and our opinions in any manner we wish. As far as I can see, that is a privilege claimed by ALL contributors.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  246. Alaskapi and poolman I’m -5.25 and – 6.10.

    I’ve taken many of these types of tests so I wasn’t too surprised with my score, but they are always fun. 😉

    In the 30+ some years I’ve taken them I haven’t changed all that much. I always hang somewhere in between Nelson and The Dahli Lama.


  247. Bozly84 ,
    Many here like to back up their arguments with
    quotes, facts and figures with links to such.
    I realize I’m not going to change the masses here.
    But I believe what I believe and I watch many different news sources. I read the Wall Street Journal,USA Today and my local rag.
    AS I was trying to get across to Lori..Statistics,data
    and even facts or stories can have a life of their own.
    Sometimes if we can believe hard enough..those ideas can become least in our minds.
    Such as the 911 theories,Kennedy assassination
    and on and on. But I’m not here to change peoples minds as much, as to see and hear how they tick.
    Its amazing the vitriol and hate that can be thrown about.
    It’s easy since its the internet and it’s impersonal.. No human beings on the other side, unless you are good enough to harass people to the point that some, as in a little girl would be driven to suicide by people who are cold blooded and would hound her via the internet to the breaking point.
    But Bozley you have posted some good retorts
    and I appreciate the fact that you have not succumbed to the name calling as Terri has pointed out. Its an interesting site and I’m what I’am. A registered Republican with no loyalties to the party or candidates..and not a TEA party activist.
    So happy to have you here and be able to read your discourse.


  248. Pfesser- I love the intelligent give and take. I try to read everything posted but, when stuff gets too far “out there” or gets insulting I skip it. Having been active in Forensics I love a good debate. There is no reason to get personal unless you have nothing intelligent to offer and/or you are incredibly immature.


  249. LOL Poolman-!

    I too thought I would land just left and slightly below center and was stunned to find I landed at 8.75 points to the left and 7.33 below.

    Since I don’t identify at all with anti-statist and other social libertarian thought, I was ready to say pffft ! on the whole thing.

    Interestingly, some recent reading put it into perspective – one which makes sense as a measure of my current political stance.

    We embraced the neoliberal economic paradigm as a way to solve certain problems here- roughly around the time of Mr Reagan’s presidency.With that we accepted a de facto social /cultural change which I am deeply uncomfortable with to this day and more so each year.
    Struggles to define ourselves as humans have given way to measuring our all interactions with and within our economic institutions .

    “A final summary definition of neoliberalism as a philosophy is this:

    Neoliberalism is a philosophy in which the existence and operation of a market are valued in themselves, separately from any previous relationship with the production of goods and services, and without any attempt to justify them in terms of their effect on the production of goods and services; and where the operation of a market or market-like structure is seen as an ethic in itself, capable of acting as a guide for all human action, and substituting for all previously existing ethical beliefs.”

    Not the same as I was 10 or 20 years ago either… 🙂


  250. The collapse of western morality permeates all our endeavors. We are so far off track, I wonder if we can get find our way back.


  251. Alaskapi, thanks for the link to the political compass site. I had thought my present views placed me center or just slightly left of center. I was surprised to be 4 points left and 3.38 points below. Interesting. I would not have been there 10 years ago. I am curious how the rest here would score.

    I really enjoyed Stephen Colbert’s testimony before Congress yesterday. He is one of my favorites. I just loved the scowl on Steve King as he tapped his fingers on his desk. Priceless. 😀


  252. Craig please go check out the “men” behind the curtain at

    I think you will find that site most informative.

    They have workcited on each article. That will make it easier for you to do your own factchecking.

    Have wonderful day friends! Im off for a day of football.. 😉



  253. “Find the answer you want and the man behind the curtain will tell you what you want to hear. mmmm’ering Craig…so THAT’s how you DO what YOU seemingly DO…explains a great deal . IS semi true for many on both sides, especially in our whizbanging days where one CAN find a stat or fact profferred to bolster our whatevcer’d stance. It does take due diligence and time and effor(preferably sincere effort) to delve and dive in to seek the FACTS of the matter which then need to be “reasoned/comprehended/etc” before proclaiming to FIRMLY KNOW BETTER or SUPPORT. So many have lives that DO need to be tended , so many barely able BT to take the info on the fly hence the rise of manipulated sound bytes get established easily as IF FACTUAL/ACTUAL…..In this “information age” no shortage of “sources” for sure, “consumers” do need even greater diligence and fact checking abilities, need to NOT JUST blindeyedly go along to get along and etc. Factor in too, too many truly UNABLE, perhaps even INCAPABLE of handling too much of the truthmatically inclined sort…sad too is that difficult truth IS hard to discern when so very much put out is deliberate manipulated “halvf-truths” as well as balderdashed ‘fantasies” that for acceptance, merely/clearly depend on the perspective held and desired FOR preferred/ desired outcome.Quite a quandry for everyone…hence expect more “clingings” as such are basic/considered comfortable as CHANGE is REALLY,REALLY HARD to DO let alone accomplish !!!


  254. JeanΔ ¥
    So LORI can pick a particular little piece from here or there and all of a sudden it is bible.
    Fact check,Daily Kos, all are skewed to what you want to believe.
    Find the answer you want and the man behind the curtain will tell you what you want to hear.


  255. teri –

    Thanks for having the courage to point out the emperors and empresses (and princesses) with the bare backsides. Such nonsense has gone on so long ’round here that being an abusive bigot is now defined by some as “having the moral high ground.”

    Nobody has all the answers, but some of us have surely wasted a lot of time trying to reason with those who think they do. Good to see you here. Not so lonely now.


  256. :Is Gideon Levy the most hated man in Israel or just the most heroic?”

    Peace. Shalom. Salaam.


  257. “Too many hamburgers? China is forging the future while we stagnate and argue”



  258. Hi Congenial Gang,

    lori, you did a real service for us by putting up your factcheck comment above. It must be confusing as hell for conservative thinking to be confronted with actual information instead of the usual spin they are spoon fed on a daily basis.

    Bruddah poolman, got another link tracking chore for you. Thanks to you, I now know how to Google and find stuff, but getting it here or on into the Kitchen remains a mystery for me.

    It is Thomas L. Friedman’s:
    “China’s can-do-system is imperfect—“. His appraisal pretty much mirrors our impressions when we took an extended circular tour of the whole country of China, starting a week after 9/11.

    Thanks bruddah.

    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean



    FactChecking ‘The Pledge’
    Republicans’ “Pledge to America” falls short on some of its facts.
    September 24, 2010

    The Republican “Pledge to America,” released Sept. 23, contains some dubious factual claims:

    It declares that “the only parts of the economy expanding are government and our national debt.” Not true. So far this year government employment has declined slightly, while private sector employment has increased by 763,000 jobs.

    It says that “jobless claims continue to soar,” when in fact they are down eight percent from their worst levels.

    It repeats a bogus assertion that the Internal Revenue Service may need to expand by 16,500 positions, an inflated estimate based on false assumptions and guesswork.

    It claims the stimulus bill is costing $1 trillion, considerably more than the $814 billion, 10-year price tag currently estimated by nonpartisan congressional budget experts.

    It says Obama’s tax proposals would raise taxes on “roughly half the small business income in America,” an exaggeration. Much of the income the GOP is counting actually comes from big businesses making over $50 million a year.


  260. Margaret and Helen…funny as hell!
    All you other people…get a life.


  261. …btw, never has been ANY guarentee that life would be “fair”, and surely most are reality based enough to realize it is a hard job and requires much to get thru and that too being said…is kinda why tribes/clans/villages/etc were brought into being for we are in it together and when we do work together MUCH CAN BE ACCXOMPLISHED and true too, there will always be differing opinions and unfortunately too, always measures of greedy sorts as well…but, well, IF we can learn from PAST mistakes and errors and etc, we can make some worthwhile progress and here in the grand USA, our founders gave us some pretty good things strive to FULLY accomplish and make our TRUE reality…it’s worth the effort !!


  262. from Jon Stewart, JS previews the GOP Pledge…….

    and another, Bill Maher just posted something new:

    Eems some folks “upset with Cobert, his appearance at the import committee gathering today that dealt on issues such as “immigration…GBO, some of the folks who encouraged his presence have serious regrets and Conyers even asked him to leave, basically due to what many felt was DISRESPECT…Frankly, CHEERS to Cobert, who did go there ,’in character” and double cheerio’s for the wittfully put comments/observations that contained many truthmaticals as well !!
    The real insult is that THE members of Congress have such presumptive/assumptive gall in their OWN “PERFORMANCES” , supposedly serving OUR greater common good BEST interests !! THEY NEED A REALITY CHECK, they remain so seemingly truly CLUELESS and far too esconced in THEIR OWN BUBBLES and primarily concerned with taking care of THEMSELVES and their own and the very lucrativenessings of those that offer them chunks of $$$ to KEEP them there and econced ,willing to do the bidding of the “special” special interest folks with little care the DAMAGE they do to US or the nation as a whole !! They are oblivious to the outrage “mainstream” folks feel as the DC cadre dance …They ain’t hearing OUR music …and figure THEY can keep dancing to their own tunes ad infintum…The backlash against INCUMBANTS is growing but we too need to be careful for cutting off noses will serve NO ‘useful” purpose, likely cause greater delays in attempting to get the nation OUT of the ditches for sure !! A protest vote has its ‘feel-good” momentum, but deliberative consideration NED to be put first and foremost on how best we CAN attempt to goad them to act on OUR behalf…Likely will NEVER be truly their first and foremost concern but now is NOT the time to give up either…too much critically at stake —if nothing else, need to do so for the”sake of the children” and their future which could indeed grow dismally far more dismal than we ever imagine.


  263. To make my previous post a little more clear for those who may be intellectually challenged:

    You hang out with pigs, you’re bound to get mud on you.

    I still support the President. He’s fighting a battle against Republicans who pledged to thwart him no matter what he does. They don’t care if it’s for the good of the country, only that they are going to prevent him from succeeding so they can tell the citizenry: “see, he’s worthless. He’s a liar. He hasn’t done anything he promised.” And the majority of voters, who have an average reading age of grade 4, also think the President of the US is able to do anything he wants. They do not understand the concept of checks and balances built into our government. To them, the President should be omnipotent and that, if he doesn’t accomplish what he said he wanted to do in his campaign, it MUST be because he either isn’t trying or was lying. And the Republicans are using this to the hilt. And they are also using the bad behaviour of people the President has been associated with to discredit him. And, unfortunately, some of President Obama’s former colleagues and friends, are less than choir boys which makes it easy to convince some people that the President is also not without blemish. Unfair? Yes. But it’s a fact of life…..


  264. By: linda on September 24, 2010
    at 12:04 PM

    Linda, please don’t be mad at me for something I didn’t even say. You are responding to James’ response to what I said. If you’re interested in what I said, check my post By: HRH sofia EQ on September 24, 2010
    at 6:23 AM
    If you just want to react and skip what you’re reacting to, just keep on keepin on.
    And by the way, I’m NOT you people who reproduce etc etc etc. I’m just a bit insulted by your remark.

    I say almost everything in our world is about either sex or money… bottom line…. I think the admiration of some for Sarah is about sex, and I think what SP is mostly about is acquiring money.


  265. “Its about the company you keep, that make or define somewhat who you are.” – Craig

    Linda responded: Keep beliving the bullshit. But then again, you are clueless, and buy into the fear and hate, xenophobia, AND RACISM. GET A LIFE.

    You know, I love this blog. Margaret and Helen are funny, informative AND intelligent. I wish I could say the same about some of the posters. Linda, first of all, Craig is partially right: who you associate defines how other people see you. Appearances are everything…even when they are false. It doesn’t matter what the truth is. What matters is what people THINK the truth is.

    And your vitriolic verbage places you squarely in that 6th grade playground….Is it really beyond you to disagree with someone in an intelligent manner? Is it beyond so many of you? I come here to enjoy intelligent and sometimes witty repartee. Lately the vast majority of posts consist of name calling with no intelligent content what-so-ever. When you resort to name calling you sure don’t help the image of the Democrats. To paraphrase an old saying: If you don’t have anything intelligent to say (and you can’t say it without tacking on childish insults) then don’t say anything at all.


  266. Many of you have undoubtedly seen this but urging those who haven’t to go look
    and take the test.

    It’s an interesting place to define conversation from…

    wayside616- The number of people who think SP is credible has dropped dramatically but there are still way too many who overestimate her understanding and intelligence for a variety of reasons .
    As best as I can tell, many who hang on have made no real study of her governorship , preferring to accept her take on it -at face value.
    That alone is grounds to question their ability to sort information sensibly.

    After the shock of her abrupt quittership wore off here, most of us turned and looked at ourselves and the strange alliances we had made to push back at her . Conservative, progressive, libertarian… all loosely allied to meet the challenges of dealing with her ever increasing BS.
    We all act like it never happened now 🙂

    There is a generalized feeling here that she would have been on her way out the door after 1 term had the VP thingy not come along. The original Troopergate investigation by the Legislative Judicial Council , if it had proceeded as it started, before the McCain campaign and Focus on the Family mobbed the process was really a turning point for many Alaskans…


  267. Not to beat a dead horse, but most dead horses don’t generally vote or voice their opinions…



  268. A semi gbo to C’s response that thought was an interesting “response” to his remarks ..gather missed the gist …Rather gathered was NOT a vote FOR Obama…shudder at what likely where that vote cast and if truly figured somehow, some miraculous way we all would BE in BETTER straits had Mac & P taken the reins and reigned !!!
    Yes indeed MANY did indeed cast their vote and held hope CHANGE, MAJOR CHANGE would come that would serve OUR nations NEEDS..True too, many still CLING to that hope and unfortunately, many naively if thought it would be INSTANEOUS….Change , true worthwhile change does NOT come easy add to the factoring, many going thru “changes” of their own …OUR BUBBLES DID INDEED BURST and many of us crashed into the “new” reality that there are indeed LIMITS and we DO need to worry about not only TODAY but tomorrow and that NO, we can NOT afford the indulgencies we willing/readily succumbed to ! ! Many “listened” to the “EXPERTS” who kept us enticed with jabberings like “no where to go but upand up and UP !! Many scrambled to “cash in” and “presumed” that SURELY somehwhere, our BEST interests were being “tended” and many of us did indeed have one raucous/helluva’ time and like even in the aftermath of 911, we were ENCOURAGED to KEEP ON SHOPPING (the realtime “basis” of how OUR national economy was flourishing…seemingly flourishing !!! Add in the INDUCED fear mongering that took hold to KEEP US IN CHECK …merely adding to the “perfect storm” of all this. In “truth”, the goodly majority NEVER DID SUPPORT/agree with the DECISION to instigate WAR with Iraq…Voices of the majority were indeed rather surpressed and hey, there is a definite strain, semi inherent that when hit, we DO “like” to at least strike back /etc…rather human inherent human nature /etc but the true majority was “content” / WANTED to hit the Taliban/AQ sympathizers so the conflict in Afghanistan was easier to “support”…but we really thought/figured that it was going to be a QUICKEE, in/out and a “WIN”…We really did NOT want to get bogged down there either. Some who had paid attention rather had configured what a true losing affair that WOULD eventually become if we stayed and stayed and stayed, they knew the “HISTORY”, they understood and hey..The USSR venture(as well as others in the past) was fairly RECENT history and a lesson for others to be wiser, pragmatic if nothing else.
    Well, as things did “go” we got bogged down…Iraq was a CHOICE, and a very bad one and had NOTHING to do with AQ/911 but it was indeed a strategic choice for we HAD been scouting a new place to put a firm footprint in the region as we HAD been informed we needed to exit from SA due to the Royals there having difficulties with such as BinLaden who fervently thought it an egregious affront to have dirty western feet on sacred Saudi soil and used such as their selling point…adding there are other etc’s to that portion of the story/history of ALL the boondoggeling that HAS transpired…Iraq was chosen and frankly, it WS INDEED thought that the takeover WOULD be a big EZ….proved not and too many factorings were ignorred as well. It WAS known that Saddam was ruthless and hated and disliked…it was also known he was rather “toothless” in real time . Much was deliberately IGNORRED, rather on purpose for it did NOT serve good purpose and THAT was DISASTEROUS. The ‘decisionmakers” used Chalibi for “cover of their “storylines”, some indeed knew better but were arrogantly predesposed to what was considered the greater agenda and folks, make no mistake..Iraq was about OIL…a valuable commodity…and too, WE , here in AMERICA figure it OUR GGR to consume and use as WE CHOOSE…WE should NOT EVER BE RESTRICTED…even if it means periling our actual national security…It IS our “right” to CHOOSE whatever we WANT to drive/etc…and choose we certainly have …gander the guzzlers on the roadways…Not only “wasteful” guzzling extravagances, but hard on our infrastructure (roads/etc which eat our tax dollars in repairs…not just roadways…have you gandered the local parking lots at the malls/etc ?…LOL. like gee, if we had majorly invested in public transportation or smaller vehicles for ourselves, all the more could have been crowding into the malls shopping with “excess” dollars to boot from the cost savings…AH what tangled webs on so many levels we have helped to weave..becomes, is rather mindboggling when thinking about it “all” which is difficult to do and besides, if we search, we’ll find a media outlet/etc that will reconfirm what we would RATHER be our reality and that it’s all somebody elses fault and that we are THE good patriot/hardworker/Christian/level thinker/doer and its OTHERS who did this all to “us” and ..well, blah, blah, blah.
    Wonder if, hoping for a WHEN answer, When WILL WE figure out that we ARE all in this together and importantly, figure out it is in OUR best interests to work on this TOGETHER…Yeah, differing opinions , differing thoughts on how best but take a gander at our WHIMPEY, “SELF INDULGENT/SELFISH SELF CONCERNED elected reps in Congress and the Senate…CAN blame Obama..that is an easy way..but here remain that he did campaign on trying to change the TONE/TENOR of DC…think he HAS tried , by example in reaching out and like, NO SURPRISE if he does NOT agree with ALL the opposition has (purportedly) offered as their solutions…NOT thrilled with the SPINELSS DEMS who wishy wash themselves along seemingly of NO REAL TIME CONVICTION..not ones they care to mention outloud or get FULLY behind…but am far more disgusted with the GOP who have distributed so much GARBAGE /OUT RIGHT LIES as well and even if offer “corrections” do so in a way that is blantant in affronting basic folks with intelligence (who too “go along” cuz it suits their preferred positionals..) BAH HUMBUG and a POX on them of BOTH parties which indeed gave impetitus to rise of the TP folks ….some of whom ARE sincere in their general disgust but who have been masterminded and manipulated to what the GOP figures they need to get themselves back as THE rein holders (but who think too, that somehow , somehow the elders will bring the TP’s into line/etc though some ARE trepidatious about the mix and clinging to hope but not fully assured/etc….lol…another viscious web woven that is not easily to be unraveled….)
    ALL in ALL…amazing times we live in , we DO need to remember , we ARE in this together and OUR collective BEST INTERESTS are indeed at stake…Need to stand up, do OUR part…need to demand our elected reps do theirs as well and to hold them accountable..That does NOT mean throwing out babies with the bath waters….There was NO WAY, NOT EVER that CHANGE was MIRACULOUSLY to occur INSTANTANEOUSLY…Obama has had the reins for UNDER two years….REALITY CHECK TIME and start LOCALLY folks, then let it rise to the top…Its our best shot at getting ourselves out the quagmired ditches.


  269. @JSRI – good comment


  270. Linda.
    I’m sorry for your loss. You need those meds.
    “There is no trying to get these people to see any other way, when they have little or no research skills, and already aspire to the things I mentioned.”…and Woe…”But then again, you are clueless, and buy into the fear and hate, xenophobia, AND RACISM. GET A LIFE.”

    You live in a small little world.
    I did not attack you. And I don’t resent you. I don’t know you. But you persist in putting me in nice neat little box with a label on it. knock yourself out.

    And Delurker..I don’t care if anyone knows I’ve associated with a couple of lil old lady socialists. At least I don’t deny it or my participation in being involved in this social circle, vs. going to church and saying I never heard those racist anti American rants before.

    Not being involved in debate would be far worse than burying my head in the sand and ignoring others thought processes and their politics.

    This is an interesting place and far better to know what and how the other side thinks, rather than sitting in a vacuum and just watching Fox.


  271. linda, from James today at 7:15am “…two Democratic observers at the Republican convention say “we have 72 hours to destroy her”. is a repeat he posted here: posted by James on June 14, 2009 at 7:25 AM

    I don’t know what the original source was, but after two years of discovering all about Palin, it baffles me how anyone can still find her credible. Her entire platform is built on lies and deceit.


  272. Thanks for your enlightenment jsri.


  273. >>That was then; this is now. Fortunately we are moving past the time that such cheap shots can shut down the conversation. They are just seen now for what they are – pure intellectual laziness.

    How about giving it another shot. We’re all adults here; this time address Craig’s arguments and leave the personal stuff out of it.<<
    FESSER:Yes it is NOW and that stuff is still the bais of their rantings. This is not personal – if you think so, don't read my posts. There is no trying to get these people to see any other way, when they have little or no research skills, and already aspire to the things I mentioned. All of us are sick of this ignorant ranting with "personal opinions" with little to even debate.


  274. Jean –

    I agree with your assessment of the “Pledge,” although several analysts believe it is really a method for the ReBiblicans to corral the Tea Party and bring them into the fold. (It’s not working.) ReBiblicans fear the Tea Party more than does the Left, if that’s possible.

    As for my Boy Rudyard:

    “What the conservative thinking mindsets failed to mention is that Kipling was a major celebrant of British Imperialism and Colonization as the Standard of Superiority to all other peoples of the world.”

    Yep, he sure was. However, you fail to show how “conservative thinking” has *anything* to do with an appreciation for Kipling’s poetry. Maybe some folks just like it.

    Secondly, you are also of course blithely ignoring the First Principle of the Historian: You Can’t Judge Historical People by Modern Ethical Standards. C’mon – you know better than that…

    no mas, te


  275. Craig on September 24, 2010 at 9:58 AM

    You wrote: “Regarding Ayres: Lori..Its about the company you keep, that make or define somewhat who you are. It was more about who Obama associated with as opposed to him “Ayers” being a political force to recon with.

    That was my point.”

    Craig: Your “point” is a blunt hatchet. Guilt by association is the cheapest form of demagoguery unless you can prove that Ayers and President Obama were involved in a “recon”, of some sort although I can’t imagine what form that “recon” might take.

    Through my life I have interacted with some very interesting characters from Mafia soldiers to con artists to nationally known politicians. The fact that I knew them in no way defines who I am. Nor does Obama’s association with Ayers define who he is.

    Craig: time to get some rational talking points. BTW, “somewhat” is a real weasel word.


  276. linda on Craig –

    “you are clueless, and buy into the fear and hate, xenophobia, AND RACISM. GET A LIFE.”

    Race, sex, class are legitimate topics for discussion; unfortunately they have been off-limits for many years because when anybody brings it up, somebody else sees an opening, runs over and shouts, “racist! sexist! classist!” and the discussion is over; you lose.

    That was then; this is now. Fortunately we are moving past the time that such cheap shots can shut down the conversation. They are just seen now for what they are – pure intellectual laziness.

    How about giving it another shot. We’re all adults here; this time address Craig’s arguments and leave the personal stuff out of it.


  277. >>He isn’t Craig, he isn ‘t a factor in the democratic party, he never was a factor, even though FOX NEWS did their best to make you believe that. Unlike the T party THAT is A PART OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.<<

    But these people that keep listening to Hannity et al with their hate will keep repeating the bullshit, because they have nothing else to constructively say. What it all boils down to is SHIT we have a N****R telling us what to do! Can't have that.
    These racist nutcases are coming out of the woodwork big time. Sick, and actually, sad.


  278. Well, Craig, here you are keeping company with a pair of unrefined old lady socialists and their ignorant fans. What does that say about you?


  279. HRH sofia EQ, before Sarah Palin entered the race McCain’s rallies were as lackluster as McCain’s poll numbers. After she spoke, a blogger overheard two Democratic observers at the Republican convention say “we have 72 hours to destroy her”.

    And where is this source????? Also Palin was a mess before anyone thought eye candy and dumb ignorant babble would draw voters. She destroyed herself. But apparently got lots of financial gain from it. more sheep that don’t know how to do some real research. you people reproduce and vote.


  280. “Its about the company you keep, that make or define somewhat who you are.” – Craig

    Keep beliving the bullshit. But then again, you are clueless, and buy into the fear and hate, xenophobia, AND RACISM. GET A LIFE.


  281. James…I am SO sorry. My prayers are with your brother-in-law and the rest of your family.


  282. wayside616, total agreement. And yes, I had read your posts. The ignorance and arrogance makes my blood boil. Did you see the link I posted some time back regarding the symbolism behind the yellow ribbons? It was from the Indian wars in our country. Part of the calvary uniform. They wore them around their necks. When they went out to kill the “savages”, they would tie that in the hair of their wives or girlfriends until they came home safely. Just more hegemonic symbolism.


  283. “Its about the company you keep, that make or define somewhat who you are.” – Craig

    I know. Look who Jesus ran with. Sheesh.


  284. True that Lori. And our ally Saudi Arabia is probably one of the worst offenders of human rights, yet we “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” where they are concerned.

    “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

    But I think this is where most folks are at today, especially Tea Party advocates:

    “Son of man, you live among rebels who could see the truth if they wanted to, but they don’t want to. They could hear me if they would listen, but they won’t listen because they are rebellious.” (Ezekiel 12:3)


  285. Regarding Ayres..

    Lori..Its about the company you keep, that make or define somewhat who you are.

    It was more about who Obama associated with as opposed to him “Ayers” being a political force to recon with.

    That was my point.


  286. I am somewhat incredulous that after more than two years people still consider Sarah Palin a credible and somewhat intelligent human being. I have no grasp what these people base their judgment on. Please point out indications of above average intellect and job qualifications for high office…or don’t you believe either is necessary to run for the Presidency?


  287. This is my last post for awhile. My brother in law rolled his pickup into a water- filled road ditch. He flat lined several times and was sent to progressively larger hospitals. He is now in an Omaha hospital 170 miles from his home and still in critical condition.

    No one really knows what happened because he is still in no condition to talk or recognize anyone. Assuming doctors are right about his prognosis, he has surgery on Tuesday after he gets strong enough.


  288. I’m happy the University of Illinois refused tenure to William Ayres. Lori is right. He is not a political power, though he is one of the president’s friends. However, he should have served time, and he deserved the symbolic slight.

    Thanks, lori for telling about your family’s relationship with Barry Goldwater. He revives vivid memories. Though I knew his loss was inevitable, it broke my heart. I was in a funk for days. To my twenty-one year old innocent mind, his defeat meant all of my plans were gone, and a lot of people were going to die. I was ignorant as H…, but I “knew” LBJ was trouble.

    Two years later, my sobbing fiance and I were in a car as I told her it would be all right. Even then, I “knew”, but I couldn’t tell her. It wasn’t all right. Nothing was the same again. My little part of the war came home with me.

    Thanks, Poolman. I have heard of the Coffee Parties. Their views may be more congenial to me than some Tea Party positions, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t know if any are active in our area, and in any event, they can’t get crowds in the streets as the Tea Party does.

    The Tea Party has no clue who I am except for a few people in the crowds who recognized me from radio or television. The ones I have met are just nice people with beliefs as honest as yours.

    Listen to “Bullet Proof” by La Roux. It describes my attitude toward politicians and a lot of things. Friends are where you find them, even if you have little in common. Some of my attitudes are probably irrational, but they work for me. I’m still fighting a long dead war, and I only care about what works.


  289. HRH sofia EQ, before Sarah Palin entered the race McCain’s rallies were as lackluster as McCain’s poll numbers. After she spoke, a blogger overheard two Democratic observers at the Republican convention say “we have 72 hours to destroy her”.

    Palin drew huge crowds and for awhile the team nearly scored even in a few polls as the momentum shifted. That was in spite of intense Bush fatigue. The economic crash changed everything. McCain came off looking old and puzzled. Obama sounded composed and cool and portrayed himself to be a moderate when he was not.

    I can’t afford a selective memory. After the crash, and maybe before, Obama was virtually unbeatable, but the last election was still about Palin and Obama.


  290. Poolman….

    In response to your posting:

    “I don’t know why it always boils down to “did you or your spouse ever serve this country?” I’m sorry, the nobility in that rank has been greatly over-rated. I’m sure most signed up with noble intent or out of loyalty to country. But those declaring and sending our children to war are/were a great part of the reason we are in the predicament we are in today. We’ve been lied to. We’ve been used. The repeated maltreatment of those that did serve should be a litmus test to the nobility of it all. Ask a vet. True patriots and heroes like Pat Tillman are eliminated when they question the motives of their government. I don’t see any of these past conflicts and wars as noble, in light of the truths revealed in retrospect. The troops are merely the enablers, misguided pawns of their warmonger leaders, defenders of the corporates that profit from these battles. People like the Bushes that were doing business with Nazi Germany. Like McNamara escalating the military’s scope and growth. Like the Kochs that amassed wealth from helping Stalin. Like Dick Cheney and Haliburton and KBR, planning and raking it in for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    The small group of hoodlums and criminals were also being used by others to further an agenda. The FBI hasn’t even accused them in this crime. They are NOT officially accused! And we talk about justice and human rights – innocent until PROVEN guilty. Bullshit! Some have not even been proven to have died that day. It’s a real Spy vs Spy scenerio.”

    Take a look at this:


  291. By: James on September 23, 2010 
    at 11:23 AM
    “We both know Sarah Palin and Barack Obama were the only politicians to excite the public during the last election.”

    James, If that were true, why do you suppose President Obama won the election with such a large margin? I see this as the kind of “selective memory” used by the Tpartiers and some others who get a lot more press than their ideas warrant.

    Nominee Barack Obama John McCain
    Party Democratic Republican
    Home state Illinois Arizona
    Running mate Joe Biden Sarah Palin
    Electoral vote 365 173
    States carried 28 + DC + NE-02 22
    Popular vote 69,456,897[1]
    Percentage 52.9%[1] 45.7%[1]

    In contrast, in 2000 when GWB said he had a “mandate,” he won with LESS than 50% of the popular vote and only 5 electoral votes

    EXCITEMENT??? you say???


  292. Poolman, nice try. I brought up that stoning was outlawed in Iran (most Middle Eastern countries) months ago. People believe what they want to believe and listen to what they want to listen to.

    Isn’t it ironic that some American’s use the example of some Islamic countries using amputation, as a means of punishment, to justify how bad bad bad Islam/Arab’s are? They even use it as a justification of war in some cases. BUT yet genital mutilation goes on everyday in Kenya as a religious practice and we don’t see those people foaming at the mouth to bomb the snot out of those countries/people. They seem to be perfectly content to allow the UN to take care of those situations. I wonder why that is? Could it be because Kenya has no oil? Just a thought.


  293. Ok Craig let me see if you can see the difference between Ayers and the T party leaders (founders) and their ELECTED Candidates.




    If Ayres was the DNC Chairman or if he was the man behind the curtain of democratic think tanks, or bankrolling a major faction within my party THEN you would have a comparison.

    He isn’t Craig, he isn ‘t a factor in the democratic party, he never was a factor, even though FOX NEWS did their best to make you believe that. Unlike the T party THAT is A PART OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.


  294. Hi Congenial Gang,

    The GOP has dusted off the ‘Contract with America’ and renamed it ‘Pledge to America’. I guess the old name (‘Contract’) was a little too recently reminiscent of a business deal with a là BP or Halliburton whereby the general public gets screwed again.

    Nothing was said about trimming the gargantuan budget of taxpayer dollars to the Department of Defense for implements of war. And I’m not talking about cutting the already meager benefits, especially medical, for veterans of our previous perpetual wars. Remember the shortage of body armor? There was recently a terrible scandal about the appalling care at the huge Tripler Military Hospital in Honolulu.

    Several days ago, Margaret and Helen were treated yet again to a wonderful, mutual black-slapping session and reunion with an 8th grade recital of Rudyard Kipling’s poetry.
    Most of a generation or two back is well acquainted with Kipling’s fictional novels and poems.

    What the conservative thinking mindsets failed to mention is that Kipling was a major celebrant of British Imperialism and Colonization as the Standard of Superiority to all other peoples of the world.

    Of course, Kipling was perpetuating the romanticism of such novels as Jane Austen’s; extolling the virtues of the English lifestyle of the ‘elite intelligencia’ of the British gentry, without ever dreaming to acknowledge it was made possible as a result of exploitation of the people and resources of the ‘Colonies’. I believe that sort of thing is called “Sins of Omission” or the ‘Truth but not necessarily the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.”

    This is not to say that we cannot appreciate the literary styles and contributions of any time past. I fully appreciate Homer and Virgil as representative of the historical relevance of their writing for their times in the progression of civilization. That certainly does not mean I embrace the mythology of their ‘pagan’ religion nor their political points of view. At an adult stage of life, most of us can differentiate between exciting tales in the fiction of novels and the realities of non-fiction.

    Uh, I seem to remember in 5th or 6th grade something about the American Colonies fighting two wars to rid themselves of British Imperialism. I believe these wars were called the American Revolution and the War of 1812. But once again, no respectable conservative would ever refer to that silly business of turning right around and following British footsteps into launching American Colonialism by military means from sea to shining sea and beyond. We just changed the name to “Manifest Destiny.” However, it is hard to expect the continuing elementary school mentalities to make such a complex connection of events however.

    So we have come full circle: Changing the names of “Imperialism and Colonization” to “Manifest Destiny” and now, “Contract with America” to “Pledge to America”. Not exactly very original ideas to say nothing of progress.

    Of course, some would say it is just semantics.

    I say, linguistics matter.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  295. Craig: Get over it. Just more ignorant fear and hate mongering. And idiots like you buy it.

    Get over it.


  296. My wife read a couple of your blog entries to me this morning. I laughed my ass off! You two are hilarious and so right on. Keep up the great work of getting the message out in your real world ” shooting from the lip” style of exposing the far-right, lunatic-fringe, wack-job, nut-cases for what they are, a true plague upon our country. I’m hooked on you and looking forward to your next post.


  297. In a very unusual move, University of Illinois trustees today denied giving emeritus status to controversial retired professor William Ayers.

    The vote, at a U. of I. board meeting in Urbana, was unanimous and came after a passionate speech by board chair Christopher Kennedy, who invoked the 1968 assassination of his father, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in saying that he was voting his “conscience.”

    The other trustees, without comment, also voted against the appointment.

    Ayers, the Vietnam War-era radical, had been an education faculty member at UIC since 1987. He retired effective Aug. 31 and then sought the emeritus faculty status, a largely honorific title that includes some benefits such as library privileges.

    A co-founder of the Weather Underground anti-war group, Ayers was frequently in the media spotlight and, as such, was one of the university’s best known faculty members.

    While trustees regularly vote on emeritus appointments, they rarely comment about them.

    But in an emotional statement, Kennedy discussed his reasons for voting against Ayers’ request.

    “I am guided by my conscience and one which has been formed by a series of experiences, many of which have been shared with the people of our country and mark each of us in a profound way,” Kennedy said.

    He said he could not confer the title “to a man whose body of work includes a book dedicated in part to the man who murdered my father.”

    Kennedy was referring a 1974 book co-authored by Ayers, “Prairie Fire,” which was dedicated to a long list of people including Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan and “all political prisoners in the U.S.”


  298. teri, I’m sure there are radical factions that still stone adulterers and practice sharia law. I’m also certain their government can’t be trusted to follow all their own laws as ours certainly does not. Further, I don’t trust most news outlets to merely report facts without bias. With the ongoing war on “terror”, most are tasked to keep that threat in the forefront.


  299. Interesting, poolman. I think they (the government of Iran) puts stuff like that out there to get a rise out of us. They must like seeing us foaming at our collective mouths just like some Yanks like to rattle their cages to get them all riled up.

    Still, there HAVE been whippings which are pretty bad (and sometimes fatal), and they do cut off the hands of thieves, etc. And please don’t tell me that’s more propaganda because I have family in the military over there who have seen it firsthand and a good friend from Syria who confirms some of the atrocities reported.

    But yes, the media is not above exaggeration nor prevarication if it sells……


  300. Just more of that neozionist spin, folks. There never was going to be a stoning in Iran. STONING IS AGAINST THE LAW IN IRAN. See how they get your panties in a bunch by appealing to your emotions? Wake up America. If the media says it, verify, verify, verify…

    “French essayist Bernard-Henry Levy and President Nicolas Sarkozy have mobilized French public opinion to save an Iranian woman, accused of adultery, from being stoned to death. Overcome with emotion, the French did not take the time to verify the allegations, until actor Dieudonné M’bala M’bala traveled to Teheran. Once in the Iranian capital, everything turned out to be false.”


  301. Craig, I don’t care who you support or why you support them. That is your business. But if you think the organization and candidates you support are pro choice you are wrong.

    I’m just saying 2 things.

    The Tea party is not a grass roots movement made up of moderate bi partisans. They are extreme right wing republicans who r about to join forces with the religious right.

    The Tea Party candidates are being bought and paid for by BIG Oil, BIG Coal, Big Business…. They ARE being controlled by those who fund them and their candidacies.

    Oh and 3.. Barry Goldwater would NOT be a Tea Person, hell I’m not sure he would even be a 2010 republican.


  302. Lori,
    Sorry for the cut and paste..but I did not want to describe all the issues being promoted.
    You are probably right.
    What I support and what I’m being offered may be different.
    But right now..the women’s and gay issues are not what are bringing the economy and country down as far as “I” see it.
    I’m talking about the constitution being ripped apart..sorry for the imagery.

    But most of my friends,people of my community do not need a community organizer changing the seating arrangements on the deck of the Titanic at this moment in our nations history.

    Yet, you are saying its all about women’s rights.
    I hear you and agree with “your” platform. But the Pugs are not going out and killing babies tomorrow or for the vast amount was it a “big”
    deal in the last election as an issue. At least Ms. Obama has been all about gardening and education. Not much unlike the former First Lady Ms. Bush.

    I just feel that the women’s issues are an emotional issue that the democrats can hang their hat on. Not that they are not important.


  303. This one?


  304. Hi Congenial Gang and poolman,

    Bruddah poolman, could you do me the favor – again – of tracking down another article by Gene Lyons entitled, “Never mind the tea party, what about the crumpets.” Maybe you could put it up in the Kitchen too. He has a delightful take on the ‘Cupcake Factor’. Speaking of which, I forgot which one of the Cupcakes is saying out of one side of her mouth she wants less government and to keep its nose out of our lives, yet out of the other side is expounding against masturbation. Which is it? How could it be enforced? By the Masturbation Police Patrol, door to door?

    Believe it or not there are some devices, along with chastity belts, to prevent such practices. I have seen a few in museums in Europe. Seems to me a little Medieval. (This should get the pfessor going again.)

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  305. It sure did Linda! 😉


  306. He was a friend of my Grandfather’s James. I was very little when I first met him and only saw him a couple of times after that. I remember the smell of his after shave when he picked me up and put me on his knee. I remember thinking he smelled! LOL He always had a camera with him and would take tons of pictures whenever he came to the house. He and the males of my paternal family would play cards on the front porch when he visited. He had a kind face.

    My family liked him ( and his family) very much despite their political differences. My Grandfather died when I was 10 years old and I don’t remember seeing the Goldwaters after that time.


  307. Lori, you beat me to it!

    The election of a highly educated, intelligent man of mixed races really brought the fear and hate mongerers, racists and xenophobes out of the woodwork. Actually they are rather scary.


  308. I wouldn’t be much different than Barry Goldwater, lori. I am pro- life and pro- gay marriage. Hillary Clinton and I campaigned for him, though of course we didn’t know each other. Several of my professors gave me grief. One chewed me out when he saw me putting up Goldwater signs.

    As I wrote before, the Tea Party is too libertarian than I and wouldn’t vote for some of their candidates. However, they are the only viable opposition to the current Democratic leadership which will make a difference.

    What was Barry Goldwater like in person? I always liked his outspokeness.

    No time for anything else.

    Now, I am leaving to chase a strong line of thunderstorms approaching with a cold front.


  309. For a truly grassroots and informed group, check out


  310. Craig you could have saved yourself the copy and paste. The real life ELECTED Tea Party Candidates, the ones that the T party funded and continues to fund, the ones that are running for office RIGHT now, like the ones I mentioned above are NOT pro choice. They are also ANTI gay marriage. One of those T party candidates thinks being gay is a mental illness. They are running ON those issue Craig.

    Barry Goldwater would abhor those T Party candidates Craig and he would NOT be supporting them. He was stanuchy against the religious right wing of the party because of his strong views about those two issues and his strong libertarian leanings.

    Now you may still support those T Party candidates regardless of those issues Craig, that’s your choice, but what you THINK you are supporting and what you really ARE supporting are two different things.


  311. “I would only accept such designation from a trained psychologist who had extensively interviewed Palin. The same applies to Obama’s narcisissim.” – James

    On one hand you claim to be willing to accept only that which is considered doctor/patient confidential – in other words, you have already decided NOTHING would have you admit her psychopathic characteristics. Then, on the other hand, you turn and take a shot at the POTUS by falsely implying he’s narcisistic. IMO, you take assessments regarding Palin as personal attacks.

    “a businessman who games the system to survive” – James

    Socialism is not a bad thing. Much of what we enjoy in America is socialistic. National this and that… the heart of socialism. Brainwash has given it an ugly connotation. Communism has been given much the same makeover. The problem with all systems is that not everyone plays by the rules. Some feel more entitled to a bigger portion. We step on others to increase our position. This creates a pyramid system, with control concentrated at the top. Those beneath must support the entire weight of those above them. This is the model of capitalism, and what has virtually destroyed this country. “Gaming the system” implies the system is rigged. Playing the game helps keep it that way.


  312. Lori..I first googled women and tea party then I went to
    smartgirlpolitics…from there I was directed or went to another site called What Tea Party women want…

    This is what I read…

    What the Tea Party Women Really Want, Really
    Posted on September 17, 2010 by freemenow
    Ranting Again: BettyJean Kling
    Peggy Drexler Author, assistant professor of psychology at Cornell Medical School asks in the Huffington Post today Women of the Tea Party: Who Are You, and What Do You Want?
    Drexler ponders
    “There’s no doubt that women are good for the Tea Party. But is the Tea Party good for women?”
    She goes on to bring us March release of the Quinnipiac University poll that revealed that 55 percent of those identifying themselves as members of the Tea Party are female and point out the obvious such as “women have had a real impact on the Republican primaries — including shockers from Delaware to New York to Alaska.”
    I was particularly annoyed that she read about us in Slate Is the Tea Party a Feminist Movement? yet still asks the question as if perplexed by Hanna Rosin’s in-depth report including Democrats who were interviewed.
    But some would surprise you with their straightforward feminist rage. For the last few years Anna Barone, a Tea Party leader from Mount Vernon, N.Y.,
    has used the e-mail handle “The way they treated Hillary is unforgiveable, and then they did it to Sarah Palin,” she said. “I’ve
    been to 15 Tea Party meetings and never heard a woman called a name just because she’s powerful. I guess you could say the Tea Party is where I
    truly became a feminist.”
    The mama bears are not the only type of women in the movement. Local parties in Seattle, New York, and California, for example, breed more-straightforward feminists. (Remember Some of the women I interviewed are longtime women’s activists who feel alienated from both parties and are happy to have a fresh start. Betty Jean Kling runs a group called Majority United, dedicated to getting more women in office and fighting violence against women. Like many activists I talked to, Kling thinks social issues such as abortion are just wedges to drive women apart. (Varley, who is Catholic and pro-life, said the same thing: “We would be stupid to bring up abortion at a meeting.”)
    Kling says the two parties “just throw crumbs to women” and insult them. She has given over her radio show to women Tea Party activists and candidates, and started a network of local chapters. “Each woman has her reasons for joining,” she says, “but I would like to believe that deep down she has a degree of pride in knowing that when she is voting out the incumbents she may be voting in a new woman with new ideas who will be really amenable to women’s rights.”

    So get her information and poll data from Rosin and the Slate Drexler has the nerve to ask- “Unfortunately, good and bad, are hotly subjective when it comes to issues like choice, gay marriage and single parenthood.”

    I am reaching out to some journalists- to get our side of the story out.
    It is time that they stop putting all of us reformers or Tea Party types into a box!
    Go ladies Go Christine, Sarah, Michele, Hillary, Carly, Sharon, Blanche, Jan, – Go ladies Go!
    Christine represents a “Throw the bums out ” movement. She represents a wave – she does not speak for every individual and how they feel about every little idea in their personal lives. She is not part of a religious movement- she is part of a political movement and she happens to be a religious person.
    She speaks for how we expect our Government to run.
    Why must they try to paint us all as little robots? Who cares if she believes in masturbation – that is her right and her religious belief and not foisted on us by any stretch as a Senator? Our Government never forces religious beliefs on us and never will – so why bring her religion into it? They certainly didn’t bring Jeremiah Wright’s religion in did they?
    We are talking here about biggggg governmental issues not personal religious beliefs?
    Let me say it again the tea party is worried about big government, big spending and big taxes- health care, war and peace, jobs jobs jobs, small businesses, the unemployment numbers, the poverty line, truth- justice and the American way, and Our Constitution in spite of issues like gay marriage and choice which cannot and should not take over any entire platform. When any women has to write a column asking all other women such a question – she diminishes women to
    Such an extent as to never be able to crash through that biggest glass ceiling but forever is held back by other women who refuse to release us from this bondage. Free-US-Now don’t hold all women hostage to your issues. All issues are our issues not just those you deem women’s issues. We will pick our own fights.


  313. Check out the T Party’s candidate’s platform Craig. Start with the one running for Senator in Nevada, then hop on up to Colorado and then over to Delaware.


  314. Lori I don’t want to govern women’s wombs.
    I’m for women’s bodies as am I a liberal?
    Is that a platform of the TEA?


  315. Ohhh and btw James, Barry Goldwater was a person friend of my family. I can PROMISE you he would not be a T Party person nor would he approve of their candidates. Especially the ones who seek to govern women’s wombs.


  316. Now here is a guy that most TEA “Taxed Enough Already” Party afficinado’s link to the LEFT and what most people on this blog define as their type of guy. This is one of the millions of little people that formed the “grass” roots for “CHANGE”

    Peter Lewis, Progressive Insurance Company’s CEO.

    With an estimated net worth in excess of a billion dollars, Lewis frequently donates money to charities and political groups. Lewis has made donations to:

    Marijuana Policy Project (Donated $3,000,000 to MPP in 2007.)

    America Coming Together and (with George Soros matching his $10 and $2.5 million, respectively)

    American Civil Liberties Union

    The Democratic Party

    Lewis is an advocate of taxing and regulating the use and sale of marijuana and is one of the main financial backers of the recent, partially successful, campaign to legalize the use of marijuana for medical use in the U.S.

    In January 2000, Mr. Lewis was arrested and charged in New Zealand for possession of marijuana. Lewis pleaded guilty to three charges and paid a substantial fine, though under New Zealand law he was not required to serve time in jail or prison. According to his lawyer, Marie Dyhrberg, Lewis used the marijuana on the advice of his doctor for pain relief after the partial amputation of his leg in 1998.

    Yep..That’s your kinda guy.

    And lets see..Clinton did not inhale nor did he have “sex”..but define what sex “IS”.


  317. No James they didn’t start off as a bunch of angry people wanting a change. They started off as a bunch of FOX News Rebublican viewers who were mad as hell Obama was elected and just as pissed at their own party and they weren’ t going to stand for it.

    A rich oil/coal billionare (Koch), a nasty racist radio host (Williams) a Media mogal, Rupert Murdoch and a couple of his employee’s saw an opportunity for $$$$$$. They proceeded to lead the flock of sheep that are either too ignorant or too lazy OR just don’t care enough to research their “movement’s” origins.

    The offer still stands James. Show me ANY data.. bias or otherwise that disproves my assertions about the T People.


  318. Yes Poolman I have posted under different pseudonyms.
    But none that took Annon.
    That started because I was booted off two years ago
    almost… so I reinvented myself.

    But Annon would not be me and another thing is, I will not self promote or defend myself “Craig” as anyone other than myself.


  319. I forgot to tell lori the Tea Party demographics around here lean toward small business owners, people over fifty, Republicans and Independents. They tend to be better educated with higher incomes than average.

    They support Iowa’s and Nebraska’s congressional representatives Steve King and Lee Terry. Lee Terry’s Democratic opponent is parroting Tea Party doctrine to cast himself as the conservative candidate.

    Poolman, I am not not willfully blind. I regard the Tea Party movement, Sarah Palin, and others as the only viable political force we have to counter balance the Democratic juggarnaut. We both know Sarah Palin and Barack Obama were the only politicians to excite the public during the last election. We also know the Republican party has behaved like a bunch of bystanders instead of a political party which wants to win elections. The Tea Party became their catalyst.

    If the Republicans win a majority, it will be by default.

    We also know their opponents are trying to discredit them. Its what politicians do. If a group of raging moderates took the field as the Tea Party has, I would root for them. If you know of such a movement please let me know.

    Characterizing Sarah Palin as a psychopath is just another form of attack. A panel of psychologists who had never met him declared Barry Goldwater unhinged when he ran in 1964.

    I would only accept such designation from a trained psychologist who had extensively interviewed Palin. The same applies to Obama’s narcisissim. I don’t buy it without an expert who has actually interviewd him. Even then, I’d opt for a second opinion.

    I told you a long time ago how socialized American agriculture is. I also told you why it takes the form it does. Yes, I belong to a coop. No, it doesn’t make me a socialist or communist. It makes me a businessman who games the system to survive. So, no, those terms don’t offend.

    Alternative energy, higher demand and other factors are making farmers less dependent on subsidies than we were.


  320. Craig, sorry I pegged that Anonymous as you. I unfairly assumed so, based on your history here with different monikers. I am so glad your man McCain with Palin as shotgun did not get elected. You think our military is on steroids now? Those two would have us in WWIII for sure. I am much happier with a thoughtful peacemaker at the helm.

    It just baffles me how no one looks at the wake these “leaders” create as they traverse the sea of humanity. Look for the fruit. That is how we are to know whether they are good or not. Positive family dynamics. Beneficial social contribution. Supporter of peace. Striving to better humanity. Sympathetic of others. Defender of truth and justice.


  321. James, your repeated support for Palin and the tea party, though loyal, shows you to be willfully blind. Do a fact check on Beck and Palin to see how much truth comes out of their mouths. Do a background check on either and then assess their sanity. Research the characteristics of a psychopath and compare attributes. Our language carries emotional baggage. Strip that and get to the truth, the meaning of words. Do you, as a farmer, receive farm subsidies and belong to a coop? Does that make you a socialist or a communist? Do those terms offend, and if so, why?


  322. Alaskapi, I don’t know anything about John Miller except that he won, has some far out libertarian views, and that he had a lot of organizational and financial help. Its not surprising that outside interests care more for the candidate than the state. It applies to both parties.

    The people who voted for him apparently did because they agreed with his opinions. That doesn’t mean they are being controlled by nepharious forces. It means the voters, politicians, and financiers basically agreed. I would have voted for Senator Murkowski.

    Lori, we had no local Tea Party candidates. One ran in Omaha but he was defeated. I think much of his major funding came from local businesses.

    If you read my excessively long previous post, you will see I agree most of the Tea Party candidates get the majority of their support from large blocks of money. I don’t know of any modern candidate who bought a campaign with $10 or $15.00 contributions.

    Scott Brown, for instance received major contributions from financial interests such as banks. Freedom Works, Steve Forbes and others also contributed money.

    Its how the system works for Democrats and Republicans. For example BP oil, labor unions and others gave a lot of money to Barack Obama. Nickles and dimes won’t buy any candidate these days.

    Its like the Jerry Lewis telethon. They make a big deal of small contributors, but the real money comes from corporations and labor unions.

    Again, the rank and file Tea Party members are separate from opportunists who are supporting candidates. They are using each other for a common goal– to decimate the Republican Party by removing as many RINOS as possible.

    I don’t know which is worse, Republicans risking a good chance to take over both houses of Congress or a room full of Tea Party legislators.

    Democrats and Republicans should have been afraid of the movement when it first began and tried to make common cause. Now, it may be too late.


  323. PFesser, your logic in dismissing Chomsky’s expertise regarding politics is akin to claiming James Michener had no credibility writing anything about history, since his schooling was psychology and English. I’m not buying it. How many politicians are political science majors? Why is the military nation building? If we all better understood linguistics, politicians could not so easily steer our emotions. Though I disagree with much of Chomsky’s philosophy, he is totally accurate in the interview I linked. Discount the man if you wish, but truth is truth, no matter the source.


  324. Delurkergurl, I stretched a point, but it still stands. We have free choice and nobody controls how we think or feel unless we let him or her.

    Alaskipi, your description of Sarah Palin makes her sound like a jerk. She probably has many emotional flaws as we all do, but she shows few signs to me that she is mentally ill. We meet fully functioning successful jerks every day. Some of them become tenured professors or presidents of companies.

    Thanks for the links, lori. Your sources are biased, but the facts seem right. I know about the Koch brothers. What they are doing is legal. They are only one source of money for the Tea Party, and I mentioned several others in an earlier post. A few days ago, an anonymous donor gave the movement a million dollars to be split among various chapters. David Axelrod was wrong to say the Tea Party is an astroturf group.

    It began as a bunch of people worried about our national spending binge. Word of mouth and the internet turned it into a national movement. I have met many of those people, and no one controls them. I can’t speak for Delaware or any other state, but I can for our local area.

    I also watched politicians and others try to take control and turn the local movement into a structured virtual political party. So far, they have failed, here and elsewhere.

    Others like the Tea Party Express and similar groups are of but separate from the movement. They provide the structure and organization to help sympathetic candidates campaign. As one article you posted mentioned, one of those groups provided training sessions for Tea Party members in Texas. None around here attended any training sessions.

    It looks like a symbiotic relationship to me. A political movement needs money and organization, especially when most of its members are politically inexperienced. Opportunistic rich folks are happy to further their own interests by helping groups who agree with them.

    The actual Tea Party members are different from the money people, though both groups agree on many issues. They are using each other, and that is different from rich industrialists sending down marching orders to a movement they created.

    Americans for Prosperity is different. I think it began as artificially as the Coffee Parties. The same for the 912 group, not that there is anything wrong with that.

    The left has its own benefactors like George Soros. One of the many groups he finances is Do you think he is forcing his views on the organizations he helps, or do they share the same attitudes and values?

    If you don’t already know about it, read about the New Left movement of the late sixties and seventies. It had some of the same populist features of the the Tea Party. The allied anti- war movement did too.


    Read about the Omaha Platform which was the result of another grass roots movement which matured into a political operation as the Tea Party doing now.

    Another interesting political movement took off during the late 1970’s and 1980’s farm depression. John Melencamp’s song “Blood on the Plow” described crosses on the court house lawn. Our court house lawn had crosses too.

    The American Agriculture Movement was only one organization which began as the Tea Party and New Left did and evolved into something else. The same applies to the Civil Rights movement. Maybe the American Indian Movement too, though I’m not sure about it.


  325. For those who want to know where the money is coming from and where it is going in this mid-term election season, here is a start:

    There is now a 3rd branch of the Tea Party.
    The Tea Party
    The Tea Party Express
    The Tea Party Patriots

    Today’s screen at Open Secrets is carrying a story concerning Christine O’Donnell’s money.

    This is a very interesting site. If you are interested in state level stuff, there is even a link for that provided in this site.

    Its worth it just for the experience to read this.


  326. The Tea Party Express- who are said to have ties with the Koch Bros- is returning to Alaska with the express and single purpose of making sure Senator Murkowski (R) is defeated in her write-in bid.
    They could care less about Alaska.
    The tea party candidate, Joe Miller, is a hypocrite in the first degree as well as an unrealistic fool but these folks accept that he wants to de-fund the govt, roll back regulations on business (isn’t that what got us here?)…
    Why in the world is this called a new grassroots movement when the so-called platforms are bankrolled by the same old big business bunch who gleefully led the charge for the last 30 years?


  327. Sorry for the flood of posts today friends. I just couldn’t take one more off the wall, unfounded, silly assertion of who the Tea party really is and who is funding the movement. Or who it’s leaders are and (were), and who “belongs” to it.

    James if you have polls/surveys/financial disclosures/campaign financial’s of T party candidates orrrr ONE candidate even, that disputes any of what I have posted I would LOVE to see them. Please just point to ONE T party candidate that illustraits where their “grass root” money is coming from. You know what I mean, the 5 10 15 dollar contributions that indicate grassroot efforts. You have been a life long republican that holds a chairman seat, surely you have seen inside polls and surveys…The repubs want to know who the T partier’s are just as the dems do … They have those reports….Please show me the republican think tank reports. I know you have access to them. Pleaseeeeeeeeee dispute my claims with some documented facts. And I mean it really!

    I am off to do some yoga!!! Lord knows I need it today.



  328. Just who is a t partier?

    pay particular attention to pages starting at 37.. that is where you they begin to talk about demographics.


  329. Poolman,
    Yes I voted McCain,Bush,J Carter,Perot,Bush.Regan.
    Look whats yer point?

    ..and the moniker…
    “Anonymous Craig”

    No Poolman, not me. Whoever it is, thank them.
    But I don’t need to write my own defenses as an Annon.

    Good pick up on the Saudi deal. They are sure wiley cats. You never hear about them..but you know they have to be the puppet masters for the whole Arab world. Then they get 20 plus billion in arms, minus some avionics.




  331. righttttttttttttttttt grassroot efforts…. that no one has been able to control…

    One last time the people are the extreme right wing of the Repubican party. They are repeat GOP voters, white, male, mostly southern, rural.

    And they are about to share their tea cup with the religous right.

    Don’t p on my boots and tell ME it’t rainin!


  332. and more

    and more and more


  333. Thank you for posting that, Greytdog, I wouldn’t mind visiting that place myself. The pictures only half down loaded, but my favorite is the person on a cliff. I like rock climbing and hiking–also the part about being close to nature.


  334. and more



  335. and in case we need more evidence of who Koch is


  336. OH yeah right the T people are not controlled by anyone… unhunnnnnn. You betcha


  337. James-
    I have to disagree about Ms Palin- she IS unbalanced.
    She has an extraordinarily thin skin for someone who seems to want public attention.
    She is well known here for her vendettas, personal and public.
    She lies , BIG lies, without a second thought , far too many of which don’t even serve her revisionist
    view of what America is and what she wants it to be… she seems to lie merely to lie.

    These are not political attributes of hers, though she plays them out in the political arena… these are personal attributes .
    They speak of a fundamental immaturity at best and point to an unbalnced mind at worst…


  338. Greytdog, that’s beautiful! Enjoy your trip and your retreat. I miss your comments.

    James, you’re significantly stretching what I said and your analogy was dim.


  339. Poolman, you behave like a gentleman. However, you are overly generalizing about the Tea Party movement from the extremes. I could as easily say voters just as ignorant hired Obama for his job.

    Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are not crazy. They are good at what they do and they know how to work a crowd. You might as well say Bill Clinton or Nancy Pelosi were nuts. There messages might be crazy, but that is another matter. Otherwise, I agree with that post.

    I agree with the PFessor, Noam Chomski has no relevance except to a true believer. It is like citing Glenn Beck.

    delurkergurl, I am not a door mate either. That is a good thing. We have free choice and make conscious decisions whether or not we attack the message or the messenger.

    The most irritating poster on a message board cannot hurt us. To say someone makes us so angry we are forced into an adhominan attack is as much a cop out as our telling a judge a motorist forced us to push him/her off a road because he/she cut us off in traffic.


  340. Can’t upload pics to the blog but wanted to Share this with you – especially with Jean & James. This is where I am right now until Friday. then Friday I head over to stay at the Abbey at Iona for a 3-day retreat.


  341. I loved this post, Helen! Thanks for saying it for all of us.


  342. poolman –

    re: Chomsky.

    Wikipedia lists Chomsky as a “linguist, philosopher, ‘cognitive scientist’ – whatever that is, political activist, anarchist.” Anarchist. Hmmm…..There are some very interesting comments concerning Noam Chomsky in Hitchens’ memoir, as well as a book I just finished by Thomas Sowell, “Intellectuals and Modern Society.”

    Chomsky has no credentials – and very little information – in the field where he plays most often: politics. He is, I believe, a true huckster and one of the few people in America who truly hates his country; if you don’t believe that, look at some of his own writing. Like all those I like to call the “pseudo-intellectuals,” he goes off the rails when he tries to comment outside his very narrow field of expertise (linguistics).

    I think your other references are persuasive; Chomsky would be the last person on earth I would seek for advice in anything.


  343. “John is an asshole.”

    Wrong. An a**hole has a function.


  344. Or how about this? The largest US deal selling fighter jets to Saudi Arabia – an oppressive Theocracy.

    “The Saud family’s support for an extreme interpretation of Islam known as Wahhabism (which persists in Saudi Arabia to this day) is a blatant violation of the notion of separating church and state, but this fact was deemed irrelevant…
    …realities in Saudi Arabia: specifically its legalized slavery, its notorious repression of women, and its reliance on corporal punishment (in forms such as whipping and amputations for criminal offences such as stealing).”

    But hey, it’s jobs… it’s cheap oil… just bidness.


  345. Got more room on that wall? Let’s see if this sticks…

    “UN rights council: ‘Clear evidence’ against Israel in flotilla raid”


  346. You voted McCain, Anonymous Craig? His daughter is the only good fruit he’s got.

    Oh, and stick this to your neocon wall…

    Noam Chomsky explains the reality of Israel’s actions to Canadian interviewer Evan Solomon.


  347. I post an observation…
    and someone writes a treatise.

    I did not claim a thing Mr or Ms. Bozly…

    “REALLY have the audacity to clamor and claim tis all the Dems/libs faultings and , well all those sort of blah-ables…Think overdue the time to realize that we DO have differences and differing opinions and approaches but we DO NEED to realize, we are in this together”…….
    DA DA..that is where you are wrong…You see I did not vote for the POTUS..thus do not lay what is currently at your feet as my responsibility or fault. You asked for CHANGE and YOU GOT IT.
    “and tis time to REALLY wonk things out so that true progress is made towards OUR greater common good for all NOT JUST THE FORTUNATE FEW FIRST AND FOREMOSTLY !!!”

    Sorry. But it was an interesting response to my post.


  348. John is an asshole.


  349. Craig and James are pathetic.


  350. Oh dear I’ve just clicked onto the link and I’m getting “error”

    It’s out of Toronto. I received it in an e mail today and thought it would be worth sharing.


  351. The following paragraph is in the well-worth-reading article: Gwyn: Obama too smart, too black for declining America –

    “That a sizeable number of people should want Palin for president is irrefutable evidence their society has gone dysfunctional. She’s a third-rater, except in demagoguery (and in faking sincerity). Paris Hilton would do the job as well, probably better”


  352. Craig, Woodward’s book seems to reveal what I have suspected all along. As a peacemaker, Obama’s biggest battle is with the Pentagon and the warmongers in power. Afghanistan is and always was an unwinnable war. To think otherwise is insanity. Recall the definition of insanity?


  353. ….a mmm’ering to Craig….Uh, regarding that General that was “fired”…basic military code of conduct was breached and hence, the speaking out was a breach and a demoralyzing factor ans he was up the chain of ‘command”, sets an etreme/poor example …The ranks of heirarcy work sorta that way and consequences incur “consequences”. If allowed to “speak” without proper authorization, it undermines authority, incurs demoralyzing attributes IN the general ranks as well where such is NOT tolerated well either.
    Are you truly astonished that in the WH, NOT all is rosy and gum=droppings and etc ? I for one am pleased that within the worker-bee’s there there is differing opinions and are those who speak out and up and can handle that some of the conversations are what may be considered confrontational for they truly believe in their particular position /take on the matter and in speaking out hope to influence the various decisions being made while all are scurrying with the intent of securing OUR best interests…bei t abroad/elsewhere in the world or here at home in the homeland. I sure as heck do NOT want a bunch of go alongs to JUST get along sortee’s and syncophants in there JUST collecting paychecks until the next gig comes along…I rather appreciate this President , find him to able to handle DIFFERING opinions but not one who goes bananas over the disagreements . Think he does a lot of introspection/considers many/multi factors in seeking the best options and IS open to those who totally disagree, tries for comprehending their positions , decies the revelency/validity and weighs much in seeking the proper balances of the pros and cons. I find him deliberative and LIKE that quality. Am of the opinion , the man truly “cares”…and is NOT in it just for himself and HIS close associates…Find believe he REALLY, REALLY does care about this nation and its people as a whole…think him one of those pragmatically inclined but at heart, eternally optimistically inclined and truly wish him well for can NOT fanthom how one does it, it is a thankless job for sure in so very many ways, most especially and unfortunately for this particular POTUS…he handles it well, with grace and style and love the NO major drama/trauma or whining. SO wish we had more like him, we’d stand a far better chance of achieving that ultimate REAL American dream for ALL not just the favored few who abuse positions to grasp just for themselves , their buddies/cohorts and favored few. Kinda’ figure there IS a sincerity on O’s partt, in his intent/etc…The “splaining that is needed is WHAT is with all the utter crappola thrown around and about and at him andit comes from not only the “opposition” but those that proclaim how THEY did support him/blah,blah,blah but somehow are Soooooooounhappy that he has NOT delivered on so much of what they perceived as THE “wanted/expected” agenda and are seemingly willing to throw him under the national bus ..and blah, blah, blah. Did ANY truly think he had a magick wand /etc and that NO hard work or sacrifice would be involved or difficulties in getting our nation back on a track that was at the very least life sustainable ? None grasp the depths of the ditch “WE” allowed ourselves to be “ditched” in…we too are quite complicite in so much of the various messes and ain’t no way around it. We readily grasped the “straw” promoted to us that hey, don’t worry about tomorrow cuz it’s a day away…keep shopping til you dro and so many surprise when we collectively started dropping ..or a goodly portion of us did as bubbles burst and, well etc.
    S’plain it Craig…do you REALLYm, REALLY have the audacity to clamor and claim tis all the Dems/libs faultings and , well all those sort of blah-ables…Think overdue the time to realize that we DO have differences and differing opinions and approaches but we DO NEED to realize, we are in this together and tis time to REALLY wonk things out so that true progress is made towards OUR greater common good for all NOT JUST THE FORTUNATE FEW FIRST AND FOREMOSTLY !!! Time for some common sense/sensicals to prevail. Our survivability rather depends on the very least, the QUALITY of our survivableness does.


  354. OK..I have to throw this out there and see if it sticks on the wall.

    First the President fires a General for talking to the media.

    Now the Woodward book comes out with revelations by White House insiders that make the General and his aides comments look tame.

    As Ricky Ricardo use to say..
    Lucccy..! You have some spalining to do…


  355. Teri and Poolman, I sure agree with you in theory. However, I do think there are some considerations to keep in mind. If a person provokes and provokes and provokes with the sole intent to trigger a reaction, responsibility for the reaction isn’t solely up to the person who gets fed up and reacts. It’s a noble calling to always be uplifting and helpful, but there’s nothing noble about being a door mat. If someone has a hundred times tried to be constructive and gives up, I think that’s pretty understandable.

    Also, I think there’s a difference between people who participate in discussions and occasionally get frustrated and react, and the drive-by posts from people who don’t participate in any meaningful way.


  356. Agreed teri, and well said. Most only have that in their playbook. I don’t agree with a lot of the opinions and ideology expressed herein, but I do not think it very mature to attack the individual.

    Like the tea party movement, I am not pleased with our government or the lack of representation we have with its policies and decisions. Unlike most that claim to be members or sympathizers, I realize it is more than just the present administration or democrats that are to blame. I research and fact check for myself and assume everyone has an agenda and I try to see it from that point of view. Unfortunately most that adhere to the tea party are poorly informed and easily corraled into believing gross inaccuracies, ie: We pay more in taxes now than we ever have, Obama’s a muslim or a socialist, this country began as a christian nation, to name a few. The scariest part about the tea party are those behind the scenes that front the money and push the lies, promoting psychopaths like Palin and Beck, and supporting unregulated freemarket capitalism.

    If we could turn off the televisions and radios for a while and begin to communicate with our respective neighbors in our communities, we will get a better grasp of reality and maybe we could work together toward progress and heal our nation, thereby providing a positive problem-solving society for ALL to thrive in. The only way I see us bringing this country around is by stopping the continual barrage of propaganda and hate speech keeping us at each other’s throats tearing down people instead of uplifting and helping them.


  357. teri –



  358. My compliments to Teri for the intuitive insight.


  359. DeathbyDonuts- that’s exactly the kind of ignorant attitude we DON’T need. If you can’t contribute something intelligent then try living by the adage: “‘Tis better to remain silent and let others think your are ignorant than to speak up and remove all doubt.” I may not agree with everything James and others have to say, but I DO take the time to read what they say, think about it, and research a bit.

    Same goes for all of you ripping in to Craig. Yes, I don’t agree with a lot of what he says and, when provoked, he responds by jumping into a pissing match with whoever. But posting “Craig is an idiot” or whatever doesn’t say much about YOUR maturity or intelligence level. I THOUGHT we had adults on this blog….how about trying responding to arguments or disagreements with logical, well-thought out, intelligent statements. Good grief, many of you sound like a bunch of 6th graders on the playground.


  360. Jean,
    Well by my calculations you should be in the neighborhood of 81 to 84 years of age. That is by your description of doing bandages during the war. And I assume you meant the Second World War.
    Husband pilot flying B-26’s “widow makers” and B-47’s during Korea would or should put him in age of about 83-86. That’s just a “SWAG”,
    Scientific Wild Ass Guess.

    I’m heading to Italy and a Med cruise next week Jean and actually have a day tour booked for Monte Casino and Anzio Beach. Hopefully we will have time for a visit to the American Cemetery. Was your brother interred there or was he brought back home?

    As to the discussions about the confederate flag.
    I found it interesting that back in 2003, I took my son on a tour to Gettysburg and other famous battlefields.
    On our way from Washington and after we entered the countryside of Maryland, I was surprised to see a number of Confederate flags flying in yards and on road sides leading to Gettysburg.

    I don’t know if that’s just a homage that’s paid up in that area, but I was surprised. I have not seen that prominent display in Texas or anywhere else in my southern travels.


  361. You’re welcome PFessor. Yes, those were the days when we had to memorize everything our teachers threw at us. Then, we couldn’t get rid of the words if we tried. Yes, I think Gunga Din was by Kipling. Do your mean The Raven as in “quoth the raven never more?” I think that was Poe. I loved the Tale Tale Heart.

    Bosley84, “do we ever learn…?” Rarely, because each time we think we know better, and since we are in charge, the outcome will change this time.

    Mageen in Old Virginny, I agree. But in John Kerry’s case, he left early when he didn’t have to. I was a medic in much less danger than Kerry, so I’m not really condemning him. I just would have stayed. I kept working part time for a week after I out processed because they needed me.

    You don’t abandon your people. You also don’t ask them to do anything you wouldn’t do.

    Death By Dougnuts, I promise you, you will care.


  362. Posted By: TJ on September 22, 2010
    at 8:04 AM

    Craig is an ass..

    …and later…
    Craig is an idiot as well.

    My God its so good to see a poster with such a great degree of communication skills.


  363. James –

    re: Kipling. My older brother is eighty and can still quote “Tommy” verbatim. He and I went to schools in a better day; we learned quite a bit of poetry, much of which I still remember. In my high school we had a competition; I memorized The Raven and Gunga Din, which I think is Kipling too, right? Of course Poe is a local hero, hailing from Richmond, and being schooled at “Mr. Jefferson’s School” as they say ’round here.

    Thanks for the memory. I hadn’t thought of Kipling in a long time.


  364. James, personal experience. Believe what you want, loophole or not, even in the guv’mint folks who hang on past a certain time no matter what are in some way shown the door ‘cuz they cost money some way or other. Commendations, promotions and whatever simply don’t count like they used to. So it could just be a matter of loyalty on both sides.


  365. mmmm’er,James…semi agree Woodwards book just befor the election /selections being a read…Have but caught bits and pieces of its “dissection” /previewing gistings and took that GRATEFULLU, not all are full fledge syncophants there in the WH serving the POTUS and US…Frankly, WANT DISAGREEMENTS/DESENTION and FULL GO-to/AT-it,racous debates and discussions in exploring and trying to determine THE VERY BEST STRATEGY….Enjoyed the notations that contrary to attempt to PRESUME Obama INABILTIED/INEXPERIENCED/OUT OF HIS LEAGUE in ability to handle such matters, points given that he has seemed proven, ABLE to digest and analyze the various in the war strategy delimma’s with a perspective that IS seeking a GREAT/the greatest/best EXIT strategy that will AID OUR NATION as a whole for it IS recognized that we ARE embroiled in onehellof a quagmire due to “poor” decisions originally and we absolutely NEED the BEST solution that we can muster to extract us from a that particular quagmire that is a drag on US , on OUR security and well being. As he originally “campaigned”, we need to be as careful getting out as we were CARELESS getting in !!!
    Sigh…am REALLY grateful that we have a pragmatic in the WH…It is a hellofa job for sure,but TRULY, just “imagine” the full fledged quandrified mess we would have been in HAD Mac and P been declared the winners of the election…We’re in onehellofa a mess as it is…and YES, much due to the previous faulty admintrations administerings–to deny that whether in regards to the “war(s) or present economic straits is repulsively stupid quite frankly. Many of us ARE disgruntled that we are told pragmatically that we can NOT “keep” just faulting the previous etc’s and that to actually hold them accountable would “waste” time and effort and resources that we need to get ourselves OUT the ditches they ramrodded us into..We get it, not pleased and see history being rewritten and more and that adds to the despair incurred/held. We’d truly like/want to believe that GOOD will triumph over some of the “evils/etc…but , pragmatically, we ain’t so assured that WILL ever really occur for scoundrels DO seem to ever prosper and thrive and survive and unfortunately, at OUR expense far too often.
    Gist of the Woodward book, indeed, Obama is indeed following thru with being as careful/responsible in getting OUT as others were indeed so very careless getting us in !! (makes ya’ wonder why even say, the Russians odysey in that reagion did not provide some insight as to how the region operates/etc…it bankrupted them , was a causetive of their nation going belly up…yeah they “recovering” to some extent but…..amaing and begs the question DO we ever learn…especially from past mistaken notions that get implemented and thrust forth too often and prove to be far too costly and more !!)


  366. “The people who set these things alight always claim that the message is ‘We don’t like you and we want you to move.’ Bull. You can say that all day long outside my house, and I can come right back over to yours with my own sign. I don’t like you either. No problem.

    If you’re the recipient of one of these toasty messages, you know quite well that it says ‘We know where you live and we’re coming to get you.’ Some messages are a threat, the verbal or incendiary equivalent of assault. This should not be protected speech, just because it was said with a cross and a match.”

    Very well said, Judith.


  367. Screw yourself, DeathByDonuts.


  368. nobody cares, James. nobody.


  369. PFessor, my wife and I are slowly recovering, but this virus has put two of her students in the hospital with pneumonia and many more teachers and students have recovered at home. We are still coughing a lot.

    An Omaha radio traffic reporter and sometime talk show side- kick was the first of the on air talent to get sick. She had herself tested, and learned the virus was a stain of flu.

    The Nebraska public health chief discussed whooping cough which is causing problems around here. She also said this flu strain makes you feel as if you were hit by a truck. Beware if it comes to your neighborhood.

    The Tea Party fringe elements concern me too, but as long as the movement remains a vaguely organized pressure group, it serves a good purpose. So far, nobody, has been able to control it. For that reason, it remains the most dynamic political movement in the United States.

    Consider seemingly unrelated situations: Arizona, the ground zero mosque, the health insurance law, success of Fox News and talk show hosts relative to the rest of the media, President Obama’s last town hall meeting, big business groups giving more money to Republicans than they did last time, and relatively unknown politicians coming from nowhere and wining when conventional wisdom gave them little chance.

    Conventional wisdom says the Tea Party will split too many Republican tickets to let them win a Congressional majority. Probably. But what if the above situations are signs of an approaching tipping point? What if Tea Party candidates sweep the board?

    What if the Democrats retain control and they forget the scare the Tea Party is giving them now? Clinton fled to the center when he needed to. Obama and the Congressional leaders won’t. What if this is morphing into a people’s revolt against elitist rulers? I haven’t seen something so interesting since the New Left took over the Democratic party in the late 1960’s.

    Yes, let the Tea Party as racists etc. comments begin. To date, it has only energized them.


  370. Greytdog who posted a poem and Poolman might appreciate this one.

    “I went to a public-‘ouse to get a pint o’ beer,
    The publican ‘e up and’ sez, ‘We serve no red coats here.’
    The girls be’ind the bar they laughed and giggiled fit to die…

    …You talk o’ better food for us, an’s chools, and fires, an all:
    We’ll wait for extryrations if you treat us rational.
    Don’t mess about the cook-room slops,but prove it to our face
    The Widow’s Uniform is not the soldier-man’s disgrace.
    For its Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ Chuck him out, the brute!’
    But its ‘Savior of ‘is country’ when the guns begin to shoot:
    An’ its Tommy this, an’ Tommy that , an’ anything you please:
    An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool–you bet that Tommy sees!”

    Rudyard Kipling


  371. James –

    Good to see you’re back! Hadn’t heard from you for a while and thought you might have had a relapse.

    I think your analysis of an “underlying problem” is right on the money.

    I have been beating the drum for a while about not underestimating the prevalence of the Tea Party sentiment in this country, but from what I have read recently, maybe *I* have underestimated it. I have to say that some of the fringe elements concern me quite a bit, and I really do not want us to go any further Right. I hope that if they gain some traction, they stick to their general platform of low taxes and smaller government and keep their promise to have no position on social issues like abortion.

    We’ll see. As the old Chinese curse goes, we definitely live in “interesting times.”

    (OK- I’m ready. Where are the comments on the Tea Party as “racist, classist, sexist”), so we can get off track again?)


  372. My wife and I were away from home for historic preservation classes.

    A mason told us one doesn’t treat a symptom such as a crumbling foundation without researching the underlying causes. The Tea Parties, Sarah Palin, her clones, and other agents of change like deteriorating bricks are only visible manifestations of a hidden problem.


  373. I was in an unconventional form of combat and still have the scars. It becomes a localized concern for your safety and little about giving anything to your country. PFessor, you could also mention loyalty. It is why I couldn’t understand why Kerry didn’t stay with his boat mates when a loophole let him leave early.

    The Woodward book will make interesting reading just before the election.


  374. TJ is a troll.


  375. Craig is an idiot as well.


  376. Greytdog –

    I have fortunately never been in combat, but I have heard from those who have, as well as from that source of all knowledge – The Military Channel – LOL that when it really comes down to it, soldiers fight for each other, and to get home – and their worst fear is that they will show the white feather in front of their buddies. Hence the combat pilot’s Righteous Prayer, “God don’t let me screw up.” (Not, god don’t let me die.)

    Honey Jo –

    I’m sorry you feel that way about the South. My only regret is that I spent so much time *anywhere* else. I may close my pool this month – or I may not. In any event, I’ll sit on my back deck overlooking the pond and enjoy the warm, dry weather and good Southern cooking until much of the North is buried in snow. Had to give my Honda snowblower to my brother up North, since the total snowfall was four inches for the last three winters. Ah….life is tough down here.

    And, I might add, I literally haven’t heard the word “muthaf**ka” a single time in the last four years. Good stuff.


  377. Craig is a royal ass.


  378. ” Some of those cultural defenders are still with us and some of their progeny didn’t crawl too far away from the rock they lived under.

    Except for the ones who moved to Arizona.”

    You sure have that right; they can vote and reproduce.


  379. “6. Teaching Math In 2007
    Un hachero vende una carretada de maderapara $100. El costo de la producciones es $80. Cuanto dinero ha hecho?”

    Yet another xenophobic. Some of us here in the USA are bilingual. As most Europeans are. Sorry you aren’t as fortunate. And how ignorant.


  380. I can’t post anymore, don’t know why.


  381. test


  382. PFessor – well,just because you’ve never seen anyone have a problem with it doesn’t mean no one has. I think people are just more accepting of it down there, because if they want to stay down there, they don’t really have a choice. If they don’t accept it, they move. Me personally, you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to live in the south. I don’t even like to visit there, but went to Branson and Nashville a couple of times, and I like to play a game, seeing how long it takes…


  383. “talk to any soldier who’s been in combat and they will tell you they weren’t fighting for God, Country”

    Not sure about that. I come from a military background and my father always said “Queen and country first” .

    In Austria, after he asked my mother to marry him at the end of WW11, he told her that he would always be a soldier first. I’m not sure her English at that time was enough to understand what she was letting herself in for!l But she turned out to be a true army wife and over the next 30 + years, it was said in our house that she was the one who won all the medals – and there were enough of them!


  384. Jean,
    I apologize.
    I should not have let my emotions get away from me.
    We both have lost. But don’t ever assume you have lost more than another.
    Kinda like, if you have not walked in their shoes…


  385. insomnia. ugh.
    PFesser – talk to any soldier who’s been in combat and they will tell you they weren’t fighting for God, Country,or Flag but for each other. And to get back home.

    Actually, I think we’re experiencing something very akin to the 30 yrs war of the 17th century. Just one war after another, each more costlier in human life & monies than the one before it. . . we have a generation now in this country that has never known our country at relative peace.

    Bravo Craig on your service. Doesn’t make you better or worse than the next person. So you can withdraw your head from that echo chamber in your torso anytime.


  386. Symbols are, on the whole, protected speech. If we can ban the Confederate symbol and the swastika, we can ban the star and crescent of Islam – and I’m pretty sure there are some in America who would like to do just that.

    That being said, I’ve always had a personal argument with the symbol of the burning cross. Our Supreme Court has ruled it constitutional – I’m not so sure.

    The people who set these things alight always claim that the message is “We don’t like you and we want you to move”. Bull. You can say that all day long outside my house, and I can come right back over to yours with my own sign. I don’t like you either. No problem.

    If you’re the recipient of one of these toasty messages, you know quite well that it says “We know where you live and we’re coming to get you”. Some messages are a threat, the verbal or incendiary equivalent of assault. This should not be protected speech, just because it was said with a cross and a match.

    I would like a little more data as to whether blacks in the South are all that comfortable with the Confederate flag. I’m not willing to take your word for it. Part of the battle over states’ rights in the fifties and sixties involved the cultural right to another tradition – lynching. Some of those cultural defenders are still with us and some of their progeny didn’t crawl too far away from the rock they lived under.

    Except for the ones who moved to Arizona.


  387. All symbols point to something. Thus the meaning of the word. We operate a good deal on our visual intake of the world. A symbol is the first fake. The very first form of idolatry. It is merely a reminder or clue to an event, entity, or ideal. We create a symbol to remind us, since our memories tend to wander and become inaccurate. Many symbols have been hijacked, representing a distorted precept from their original mark. A symbol or icon has a power of unifying emotions and beliefs. It has a “spell” over us, if we embrace it. It represents a memorial, a coat of arms, an idol, a team, a side. It can be an identity we clothe ourselves with. It has the ability to wall us in, closing doors and windows. Many symbols are designed to divide. What may be insignificant to you, may be sacred to another.

    If you must, choose your symbols wisely. It is just one more chain to anchor your spirit. Free expression and speech should not intentionally aggravate the masses, IMO. Better to live the golden rule. Peace.


  388. Honey Jo –

    “At the end of the day, “rational” discourse about states’ rights and majority rule and pride in region and community goes out the window for me.

    I see the Confederate flag as the American Swastika, as do the majority of blacks. ”

    I appreciate that sentiment. In point of fact, I have four stepchildren that are 1/8 black (octaroon), so racial problems are not just academic to me.

    However, everything is a balance: it seems to me the question is, how important is it for everybody to have the right to display symbols that are important to them vs. the rights of others to not be offended by those symbols. I’m no Constitutional scholar, but I believe it goes very, very far toward the rights of the first group, and I agree with that.

    (Not that it has any bearing on the argument), but I now live in the South, although I am a transplant from the North. People here are very proud of their heritage and for them the War is very important; you never hear about it in the North. I am very sensitive about that. Interestingly, race relations here are very good – far better than anywhere I have ever lived; I work in a hospital and haven’t even seen one interracial fight since I came here in 2006. Everybody calls everybody sir and ma’am and I have never seen so many interracial couples *anywhere.* The Confederate Battle Flag is a non-issue here – for everybody. Blacks, whites – everybody – wonders what the problem is up North, and just wishes they would mind their own business.


  389. Helen/Margaret 2012!

    Helen, you are who I want to be when I grow up. Keep inspiring us! We love you!


  390. I can send a photo of me in uniform circa 1970 to via another poster on this blog site to confirm I was in uniform during Vietnam. I even had a draft lottery number of 342 so go figure…
    Auntie Jean I owe you nothing and now my son who has served 4 years navy active and is now in reserves is going back to ground duty in Afghanistan in 8 months rebuilding schools etc.

    So Nope you don’t owe me a thing Auntie..but YOU brought it up Dearie.
    Why and what was the point of bringing it up, as if you could “one up” someone for their service or duty to country? You were wrong Jean. Bad fight to to pick.


  391. poolman –

    “I don’t know why it always boils down to “did you or your spouse ever serve this country?” I’m sorry, the nobility in that rank has been greatly over-rated. I’m sure most signed up with noble intent or out of loyalty to country. But those declaring and sending our children to war are/were a great part of the reason we are in the predicament we are in today.”

    Agreed. Very well spoken. But note that question has been brought up by *several* folks, not just one – to wit:

    “BTW, I don’t remember either one of you having bravely served your country in any of the armed services. Maybe you are a just couple of chicken-hearted, lily-liveredcowardly, aging American white males.”

    Yep, that’s me all right…When I was up for the draft, Vietnam was on and the draft was by lottery. You were in or out, no deferments or anything else. I was delighted to get my lottery number, >300; having been shot at, I didn’t find much glamour in it, and like Muhammad Ali, had “nothing against them Congs.”

    Eisenhower very eloquently described how he “hated war, as only a soldier who has lived it can.” Nuts. It’s always been nuts; it *is* nuts; it always will be nuts. Sometimes you have no choice except to fight, and when that’s the case you fight with everything you have, so as to get it over with for *both* sides, but you never relish it.

    Talk to a veteran who has really been in combat. He never wants to talk about it, except to say it is a stupid, futile waste of humanity and resources. Non-combatants talk about patriotism and valor to fool ourselves into sending good men and women to be slaughtered, but those who we sent see it a different way. I have always fantasized about all the world’s countries agreeing that, in any conflict a politician must lead every squad into battle.

    It could herald The Millenium.


  392. Roz, you are so correct. Letter writing, blogging, phone calls, just talking over the back fence are all effective tools in the GOTV campaign. In fact just talking to our friends and neighbors is the BEST way to get out the vote. It was THE most effective tool in the 2008 presidential election.

    Just remind everyone you see TO VOTE like their way of life depends on it. Because, in cases, it just might. I don’t think we can afford to go back to the Bush ways.

    Someone up ^ mentioned they donated to Russ Fiengold’s (D) WI campaign. Well good news! I just saw a poll that has Russ closing the gap. He picked up 3-5 percentage points in ONE week (depending on the poll). Every little bit helps!

    Yes we can!


  393. Phantom votes and even votes that are discarded??? Remember Florida???


  394. Ooops!



  395. The Tea & Crumpets Party

    The New Yorker 8-30-10

    Δ ~ PEACE


  396. It isn’t enough to just get out and vote. It is also crucial to to watch out for the Phantom votes. This historically seems to help the republicans. I understand many on the right are zombies, however, they are still only entitled to one vote each. 😉



    Worth a look. Once again, a hypocritical bagger is caught in his own lies.


  398. Thanks for the constructive suggestion, Roz. People like us can stress the importance of voting on blogs like this, but we’re be preaching to the choir. We need to reach people who think it doesn’t matter, or who vote emotionally – “voting the bums out” by voting against your own agenda is like burning your house down so nobody can break in.


  399. I agree with Mary Anne.
    Craig is a pain in the ass.


  400. Personally speaking, I agree with Wilfred Owen on the whole “patriotic service” thing:


    Bent double, like old beggars under sacks,
    Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge,
    Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs
    And towards our distant rest began to trudge.
    Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots
    But limped on, blood-shod. All went lame; all blind;
    Drunk with fatigue; deaf even to the hoots
    Of tired, outstripped Five-Nines that dropped behind.

    Gas! Gas! Quick, boys! – An ecstasy of fumbling,
    Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time;
    But someone still was yelling out and stumbling,
    And flound’ring like a man in fire or lime . . .
    Dim, through the misty panes and thick green light,
    As under a green sea, I saw him drowning.
    In all my dreams, before my helpless sight,
    He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.

    If in some smothering dreams you too could pace
    Behind the wagon that we flung him in,
    And watch the white eyes writhing in his face,
    His hanging face, like a devil’s sick of sin;
    If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood
    Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs,
    Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud
    Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,
    My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
    To children ardent for some desperate glory,
    The old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est
    Pro patria mori.

    8 October 1917 – March, 1918


  401. Jean, re your Sept. 20th post… I share your frustration. Hopefully there are democratic folks out there who will vote come November. However, in the meantime, writing a letter to our local papers could be helpful in bringing out additional democratic voters. I hope everyone on this blog will do so as well….. any ideas for such a letter are most welcome!


  402. Craig is a great big pain in the ass.


  403. I may have mentioned this story previously, but if you’ve heard it, don’t stop me; I want to hear it again.

    Several years ago I stopped along the Interstate to pick up some diesel for my pickup truck. While standing in line, I noticed the fellow in front of me was paying for some gum with a $2 bill. As a Jefferson aficionado, I am quite familiar with $2 bills, and try to pick up a few every time I visit Monticello (usually twice a year).

    The young female clerk was turning the bill over and over, obviously surprised at the denomination. In a hurry, I said to her, “It’s good money; take it from me.”

    She said, “Oh, I know it’s good; I was just wondering who that was.”

    “It’s Thomas Jefferson; do you know who he was?”

    “He invented the telephone, right?”

    “Nooooooo….but he did write the American Declaration of Independence, was President, and did a couple of other small things.”

    “Oh”…………………..”Well, I knew he was somebody famous.”

    Teach your children Mandarin. It’s your best shot.


  404. A little humor. I found this on an old thumb drive. As you go to the polls this November, consider the effects the teachers’ unions have had on our national IQ during the past fifty years, and which party they support – and invariably supports *them.*. I apologise for its length:

    Fifty Years of Math 1957 – 2007

    Last week I purchased a burger at Burger King for $1.58. The counter girl took my $2 and I was digging for my change when I pulled 8 cents from my pocket and gave it to her. She stood there, holding the nickel and 3 pennies, while looking at the screen on her register. I sensed her discomfort and tried to tell her to just give me two quarters, but she hailed the manager for help. While he tried to explain the transaction to her, she stood there and cried. Why do I tell you this?

    Because of the evolution in teaching math since the 1950s:

    1. Teaching Math In 1950s

    A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit ?

    2. Teaching Math In 1960s

    A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100 His cost of production is 4/5 of the price, or $80. What is his profit?

    3. Teaching Math In 1970s

    A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is $80. Did he make a profit?

    4. Teaching Math In 1980s

    A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is $80 and his profit is $20. Your assignment: Underline the number 20.

    5. Teaching Math In 1990s

    A logger cuts down a beautiful forest because he is selfish and inconsiderate and cares nothing for the habitat of animals or the preservation of our woodlands. He does this so he can make a profit of $20. What do you think of this way of making a living? Topic for class participation after answering the question: How did the birds and squirrels feel as the logger cut down their homes? (There are no wrong answers, and if you feel like crying, it’s ok.)

    6. Teaching Math In 2007
    Un hachero vende una carretada de maderapara $100. El costo de la producciones es $80. Cuanto dinero ha hecho?


  405. Craig,

    Once and for all, yes, my husband served 5 years flying B-26’s and then B-47’s during the Korean ‘Conflict’. My dad and father-in-law served in WW I. A beloved cousin’s B-17 was shot down. His remains were never found but years later a kind farmer found his dog tags in a field in the Netherlands and returned them to the War Department, as it was called then.

    Throughout the war, I cut, folded and helped sterilize bandages with the Red Cross because they were not pre-packaged in those days as they are now.

    If you were to check back on my ‘ramblings’, you could read about my entertaining patients at Fitzsimmons General Army Hospital in Denver with a USO-type troop when I was 14. We visited the wards afterwards. Hundreds of wounded soldiers. The blinded, the amputees, the broken young bodies and shattered spirits.


    My only brother was killed at the Anzio Beachead during the invasion of Italy after 387 frontline fighting days in North Africa and Sicily. He was wounded once and sent back to a field hospital for three weeks and then to the front again.

    I have documentation of my family’s history that is not on Google.

    I choose not to respond to any more of your questions or comments.

    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom.



  406. I don’t know why it always boils down to “did you or your spouse ever serve this country?” I’m sorry, the nobility in that rank has been greatly over-rated. I’m sure most signed up with noble intent or out of loyalty to country. But those declaring and sending our children to war are/were a great part of the reason we are in the predicament we are in today. We’ve been lied to. We’ve been used. The repeated maltreatment of those that did serve should be a litmus test to the nobility of it all. Ask a vet. True patriots and heroes like Pat Tillman are eliminated when they question the motives of their government. I don’t see any of these past conflicts and wars as noble, in light of the truths revealed in retrospect. The troops are merely the enablers, misguided pawns of their warmonger leaders, defenders of the corporates that profit from these battles. People like the Bushes that were doing business with Nazi Germany. Like McNamara escalating the military’s scope and growth. Like the Kochs that amassed wealth from helping Stalin. Like Dick Cheney and Haliburton and KBR, planning and raking it in for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The small group of hoodlums and criminals were also being used by others to further an agenda. The FBI hasn’t even accused them in this crime. They are NOT officially accused! And we talk about justice and human rights – innocent until PROVEN guilty. Bullshit! Some have not even been proven to have died that day. It’s a real Spy vs Spy scenerio.


  407. vgman and Boz, I couldn’t agree more.


  408. Another great post Helen. I know how you feel. Since I don’t bake or cook, I usually end up shedding a few tears every day over the sad state of our political discourse and the prospects for our country. I’m planning on volunteering for the local Democratic Party so I can do some small thing to feel I have a chance to improve the situation. If that doesn’t help, I guess I’ll just bury myself under the covers for the next two months. I’d love to move to Canada, but since I’m retired, I don’t qualify for emigration. I’m close to giving up.


  409. By: JeanΔ ¥ on September 18, 2010
    at 3:51 PM
    Please don’t go off the deep end. It makes everyone look bad on this blog. You ranted about something that someone posted.


    ““It was a small group of HOODLUMS and CRIMINALS that their own home countries had denounced as such long before 9/11. Some even had jail time! ” Jean…

    And I said….:
    And they were financed by thousands of dollars of money for months of training in the United States. Living in apartments under the radar. Able to fly back and forth on airlines in first class seats to scout their targets. Now what lowly class of hoodlums can pull that hat trick off without a high degree of support and financing.
    Jean you wrong on that one dear.””
    In respect to your age and standing on this blog,
    I think you took an offense to a retort to your ramblings. You can either stay in the kitchen or go to the porch.

    But please do not babble about your version of “googled” crappola of what you seem appropriate to deem as history. Just cause you have walked this earth longer does not give you credence to pass judgement on others.
    You asked about several persons on this blog and their service to country…Respectively, Did your husband serve? Does it matter in any discussion that was served up?
    Don’t go whitewashing everyone with crap.
    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.


  410. Hi Congenial Gang,

    I am seriously appalled. I need to get this off my chest. Our primary for the mid-term election was out here all day Saturday. Thus, it did not interfere with work, school, shopping, errands or sporting events. So unless you were in Intensive Care, there was absolutely NO valid excuse for failing to choose the representatives of your views. Further, you would have to have been living in a cave somewhere to be unaware of the issues or personalities in the current political scene.

    The polling place was efficiently run. We were in and out of there within 15 minutes. We still had plenty of time for some shopping and back home in under an hour. We didn’t need it, but provisions have been made for people who are not ambulatory and there is always the option of absentee voting.

    Yet there was less than a 50% turnout of the REGISTERED voters. Who knows how many eligible citizens have not even bothered to register? For shame!

    I cannot forget the untold millions of people in history who have paid a terrible price for that honor and privilege – and yes, DUTY! There are many, many more in the world today who would give anything for, but are deprived of, that right.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  411. Hey, ya’ll.

    So, it’s back to the daily reflection time after a day in the classroom.

    Haven’t been posting much lately. But for what it’s worth–
    I’ve been participating in a teacher’s discussion group around topics in history and it’s been a whole lot of interesting talk already.

    Last session, we all read Black Robe by Brian Moore. Jesuits and Hurons and all the that goes with that…..
    Our next session is focusing on Religion and Self.
    Assignment: Read “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” (sermon by Jonathan Edwards, Connecticut, 1741)

    Just a few words from the above to really get things going on the political/religious realms…..

    “We find it easy to tread on and crush a worm that we see crawling on the earth; so it is easy for us to cut or singe a slender thread that any thing hangs by: thus easy is it for God, when he pleases, to cast his enemies down to hell. The sword of divine justice is every moment brandished over their heads, and it is nothing but the hand of arbitrary mercy, and God’s mere will, that holds it back. What are we, that we should think to stand before him, at whose rebuke the earth trembles, and before whom the rocks are thrown down?”



  412. I LOVE Margaret & Helen!!!!!!!!


  413. HoneyJorumples: P”L”esser doesn’t want any disrespect; but calls others “chronic soreheads”.

    Just likes to see its own words in print…..thinks that makes it a relevant human. *yawn* is the reaction I always get, though.

    Please trust that most here do understand and agree with what you said about bringing our own life experiences to the table when forming our own opinions. That is just plain common sense and truth.

    And I call it P”L”esser, for the simple reason that I’ve learned to think less of its ramblings the more I read them.


  414. Can we all say $arah Paylin?

    Great day to all! Peace ya’ll! 😀


  415. My daughter sent me an email of the 15 most unusual animals in this world. When I got to #15 I almost fell off my chair laughing. It is a picture of t he Right-winged ding bat. And yoy’lll never guess who it is!


  416. PFesser…

    Are you intimating in your postings that there is some intellectual bent in the sloganeering of the Tea Party that some of us are not aware of? I find opposing points of view of great value and a prime source for self education, but I cannot for the life of me, see what creative problem solving is going on in the Tea Party. Yes, I find a good deal of racism present in that group, and yes, I find a good deal of purposeful divisiveness being generated by them. What is it that we are supposed to be tolerant of or examine for greater understanding?


  417. Good Morning Congenial Gang,

    I appreciated the love and kind thoughts you sent my way Saturday. I feel exactly the same way toward you. In my book, dear caring family and friends are to be cherished above all other treasures.

    alaskapi and Honeyjo, your comments above are heartfelt and eloquent. Thank you for giving us some thoughts to ponder.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  418. Lori, you are definitely NOT alone in your observation of where the TRUE majority are esconced..WE, the TRUE majority are NOT whacked left nor overly riteously right in our core beings/beingness !! We go with ebss and flows and DOUBLE DIP, take a bit from various perspectives but generally due to rational thoughts on how WE best SURVIVE, THRIVE and etc, we moderate ourselves in much, seek balance and too, we find ourselves with frustrations ,get fed up and can indeed froth a bit but generally, WEfind ourselves AMZED by what WE are TOLD our positions ARE when that IS NOT the case at all.
    Back in that 2000 election selection time period..Media sorts were TELLING us WE were BORED by it all and just wanted it over and done with,pushing the NO FACTUQL RECOUNT upon us ..consequently we did get GWB and his crew via a vote tally that was garnered by LESS THAN 25% of the total voter ranks..We still have not had “voting machine/counts and etc” rectified to have accurate factual tallies/counts that give give us the REAL selection. We’ve voting machines that are hackable…PROVEN hackable and uncomfortable for many was knowing that those that manufactured/programmed/installed them were aligned POLITICALLY with one party who they favored and curried did not let many of us feel assured WE were indeed able to have our votes/voices counted.
    In the run up to Iraq, THE MAJORITY DID NOT FVOR THE INVASION but the protests were DOWNPLAYED and reported as but FRINGE and then harassed as NON PATRIOTS of high order who did NOT support our boots(even thou we had family,friends and even oursleves in those boots!!!) Once the invasion occurred, there was a definite drawback for NONE wanted to incur harm to the boots/nation and that old sawed garble that claims MUST APPEAR UNITED to THE enemy/etc…Pitiful, as those that DID stand against the invasion were indeed PROVEN CORRECT in their assertions of how WRONG that invasion was. We are remaining in one helle of a quagmire to this day and will be so mired for some time to come due to the ERRORS by those that DECIDED to go for it.
    How many realize that the Saudi’s had previously “requested” that we, the USA, make arrangements to vacate our presence on their sacred soil as THAT was an irritant to their”rebellious” sortees (BinLadin/etc..) or at least an excuse that was used in the abuse that was being carried out that could/would topple the Royal Reigners there..There was an agreement and was known we had to find an alternative place to continue our presence in the region…Oil being a highly prized commodity, very lucrative/profittible/etc…Was NOT diffixcult to have the B/C crew select Iraq..even KNOWING they had NOTHING to do with 911…they had OIL , the considered, second largest supply of it..also Saddam had “fallenb out” of favor, the population was indeed somewhat progressive and the regressive sort of tactics of Saddam was thought an added measure of assurance that the Iraq population would indeed welcome relief/etc despite OTHER factors as well that “SHOULD” and likely were KNOWN. No matter how they want to frame it for historic record in the writings of it here…WE LOST and frankly THE winner is likely IRAN…Saddam kept Iran in check(much by mere bluffings which WE did know !!!) but the truer interests was getting a footprint esptablished, thought to guarentee oil access…Time to REALLY seek alternative energies folks…the nations actual survivability really does depend upon it. Time to step up and face the reality of that issue…our guzzling ways HAVE to change..we are but funding those who are ready and willing and just waing THEIR “opportunity cycle” to rise up and establish eminence/control/domination/etc.
    May sound rambly and absurd, but really needs protracted thought/thoughtfulness/etc.
    Often reminded how Gibbons “Rise and Fall of Rome” could be reissued with mere name/date changes…T’would be nice if we REALLY considered the children and their future and then took initiative and steps to perhaps provide them a viable one ….we’ve indulged ourselves too much in too many ways and time comes that the pipers want payment. We all need to REALLY do our share and that is difficult cuz we keep getting the feeling we are alone or just ignorable.


  419. LOL I agree Boz!


  420. ….When one considers that vast influence astrology HAS had thru history..its influence on the leaders of “tribes”/heads of various states from early on which found those “leaders” of the packs took advice and heeded the advice and MADE decisions…trickly down to even modern times (any remember the bruha of Nacy R consulting then forwarding advice to Ronnie ? )..Has more influence than acknowledged…Folks prefer to let religous missles be claimed as their “advisors” …just another formulae in many respects (sorry, in these later years , especially, find am inclined “agnostically”….)Foks seek out “the meaning” of whatever and take comfort in assumption/conviction that there MUST BE a all ppowerful guiding force who has masterminded and controls existence…too overwhelming elsewise, the randomness OF existence…need a “goal” and rather knowing we individually rarely if ever ACTUALLY have ALL the answers/etc, tis comforting to allow the presumption that there IS someone/some force in charge and in control and has a master plan ..preferably one that DOES seek the greater common good of ALL , NOT just the few…We often blindeye so much cuz it does get a bit overwhelming if we figure we are in this alone so we cling to alot of notions and embrace the various guru’s who CAN dazzle us….ARR, hard to resist checking daily horoscope , just in case …….LOL and a :- ) !!!



    I was pleased to see this article on the dailykos this morning. I have been screaming this for years! My head just about explodes every time I hear the wing nuts declaring “our country is right leaning”. When you combine these social issues with our changing demographics and look at the results of our last national election there is undeniable evidence/stats we are NOT a right leaning country in fact I see a slight tilt to the left currently and a huge slant to the left on the horizon.

    The right (leaders) MUST make their followers believe they are in the majority… still….. They must continue the illusion “they” are fighting with the majority and their “way of life” is under attack by a small number of “left fringe”. They keep these statistics and info under seal, facts be damned, as long as they keep perpetuating their lies, no matter HOW loony the lie, they have their followers by the nose.

    Control by fear and lies…. couple that with the “liberal media” giving these lies credence in the name of “fair and balanced” we have ourselves an ignorant population…..


  422. Fan that Honeyjo!

    Jim, in the tropical zodiac, the sun is in the sign of Gemini roughly from May 21 to June 20. If your birthday fall within those days, yes your sign is Gemini.


  423. It is too bad you can’t ban the ‘Beckys'” of this world off your wonderful site. I don’t know if it has always been this way, but I for one would just like one site that only rational people can post on. I am so sick and tired of all the bigots and racists and the uneducated people of Faux news and their loyal viewers butting in on a great website! There are plenty of sites that would suite their needs, like sites for IQs under 40.


  424. The victim game. Who is really behind all this?


  425. oh- Honey Jo- you are 100% correct…
    unless all peoples can come to the table in parity none of what issues from the table is worth hooey


  426. The notion that some line of conversation is rational and another is not is often founded in uninspected values folks have.
    One of the biggies we have here is about urban cash economies and rural mixed subsistence and cash economies.
    The prevailing “rational” thought is that rural folks should just move to urban areas because they cost the rest of us too much money .
    The prevailing response from the bush is dismissed as emotional and irrational- most folks in the bush are Native and prefer to figure out how to blend what the old ways were with the new ways. This is dismissed as backwards, lazy, blah, blah, blah…
    Economically , the bush doesn’t cost us much more and adjusted for what stuff costs there it’s even less. Most of the wealth of the state flows from the bush and the livilhoods of the rest of us depend on those dollars flowing OUT of the bush to us.
    But getting urban dwellers to look at evidence to the contrary of the prevailing attitude is almost impossible. It’s much easier to fall back on tried and true arguments about welfare states and such crap than it is to try to look at a bigger picture.

    Unless we look at our own underlying attitudes, here the idea that all human behavior is measurable in cash , our “rational ” thought can be as faulty as any other endeavour.
    Reason and logic don’t necessarily lead us anywhere sensible…
    Without constant vigilance they can get us in real messes…
    Kinda like the mess we’re in here with neo-liberal economic policies run to their extremes…


  427. No one likes to be disagreed with, that’s just human nature, especially about things we care passionately about. And yes, we do all have to listen to each other and take other opinions into consideration, but to discount someone’s life experience as a woman or as a minority, as poor, or whatever, because it’s not YOUR experience, is really the ultimate disrespect.


  428. I see the Confederate flag as the American Swastika, as do the majority of blacks. Assuming you are a white man, you do not have a family history of slavery, nor the knowledge that if things hadn’t changed, you might be a slave, too. You don’t get the rush of blood, the adrenaline, the pounding in the ears, the tunnel vision, the thumping heart, the dry mouth, just at the sight of the Confederate flag. To deny or discount that as “knee-jerk” is a disrespectful slap in the face.


  429. For example, we could discuss dispassionately ad nauseum about the Confederate flag and whether it should be one or in tax payer funded gov. buildings. But the fact that some of my ancestors were actual slaves will affect how I feel about the issue, as it should. At the end of the day, “rational” discourse about states’ rights and majority rule and pride in region and community goes out the window for me.


  430. PFessor – I’m having trouble posting so I’ll break this up…

    I for one wouldn’t even really know how to discuss these things without bringing sex, race, or even things like education or socioecomonic background into the mix. I dont’ think it’s a matter of being reasonable or rational, but just using the things that help shape who we are and how we process information and see the world.


  431. NOP –

    “and see if they can’t resolve the problem themselves”

    Thanks for a little common sense. Solving any such “problem” is very simple: mutual respect. Talk to me respectfully and discuss ideas, not personalities, and we will get along fine. I love a real knock-down drag-out debate on IDEAS. However, if someone attacks me personally, I’ll knock them on their ass; their age, sex or race – or mine, for that matter is irrelevant. Count on it.

    The Sowell book has really opened my eyes. For the chronic soreheads – he calls them the “intelligentsia,” it always follows the same pattern: if you don’t agree with me, it’s not that we respectfully disagree; no, it becomes a matter of race, class, sex. YOU are improperly motivated, a racist, classist, sexist. It’s not that we just don’t agree; now it’s *personal.*

    This blog, with a few notable exceptions, is for the most part a giant circle-jerk; many – if not most – folks wast their time blowing sunshine up each other’s butts, and get testy when someone with a contrary opinion shows up. Instead of genuinely trying to understand the contrary point of view, it’s an automatic insult, or – my favorite – “This is my personal blog; you leave.” Always get a grin out of that one.

    lori –

    I just wondered. I don’t know anything about astrology. I know the zodiacal constellations fairly well, but nothing about the theory, and of course since I don’t believe in the supernatural, have never had any interest in “signs.” An old girlfriend told me I am a “Gemini.” Is that right? (May)

    As for any “nasty” comments to Jean, you will find that any unpleasantries are entirely as a response to swipes by her; otherwise her unfortunately often-rambling posts are of little interest. However, nobody should be a target – even for an elderly marksman.

    Grandma Katie –

    “Til then -go find a blog that fits your life. STay out of ours.

    It’s not your blog. Vide supra.


  432. there’s a lot of sacred ground on the north american continent — and it was stolen by europeans!! now all of a sudden we’re getting our panties in a bunch over sacred ground? please. this is (very) thinly veiled religious intolerance and hatred.

    i keep hoping the sane and rational amongst the republicans will rise up and put this new incarnation of the religious right back in the closet where they belong. The one good thing about their current high-profile is that people will see them for the idiots they are.


  433. JeN – i KNOW YOU HAVE A BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH i THINK. mAny Happy ?Birthdays to you. There are many of us who love your writings.


  434. Joey Z – So sorry to hear of your loss of your friend. Keep up with your attntion to her daughter. It will be appreciated when she gets older to hear about her Mom.
    There are many of us who love Jean and her stories. Pfessor- if you reach your 80’s and can write as eloquently as Jean does of her life experiences, then you ucan say you huave learned some lessons along the way. Til then -go find a blog that fits your life. STay out of ours.


  435. Jean, I gotta ask….are you a retired nurse by any chance?


  436. Condolences to Joey Z on the loss of your dear friend. I am so sorry. It’s very hard I know to lose someone especially one so young. It was time for her to soar with angels and you are blessed to have had someone in your life who brought you such joy. Think good things and hold the precious memories close to your heart – she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


  437. Jean and Jim have entered a dialogue with each other, before we all pile on, why don’t we just chill, and see if they can’t resolve the problem themselves.


  438. Jim,

    and your nasty comments to Jean are exactly the reason I thought so! (no offense to the scorps out there who have embraced their light) LOL You have tried every which way to intimidate her ever since you first graced us with your fast knowledge of ….. mathematics? LOL

    I can only speak to what I’ve read of Jean’s posts, but it seems to me she is an extremely happy person wherever she is and she is CERTAINLY well liked. I have a sneaking suspicion Jean blooms wherever she is planted!

    Maybe it’s you who has a tough time finding sunshine?


  439. “Jean”…blah-blah-blah….”I think you would be happier here – and in general – if you tried to stop being a sorehead, opened your mind a little and considered – *really* considered – other points of view” … blah-blah-blah…

    Yo, “p”fessor:

    Jean’s stories of her travels and her interesting take on a wide variety of things experienced in her long life have entertained us now for a couple of years.

    She visits WITH us, like an old friend. Unlike YOU, she doesn’t pontificate; she simply entertains.

    Based on your history, I know you will return what you ASSUME to be a clever retort.

    I have no interest in responding further to you.


  440. Joey Z, welcome to the porch. I’m really sorry for your loss. Sounds like a person you were fortunate to have as a friend. It also sounds like she was lucky to have you.


  441. Jim, Jean has had a rich and satisfying life and has survived into her 80s without your guidance. She has dozens of friends here who don’t see this grudge that you apparently see. I’d guess that you have not made dozens of friends here, and that perhaps the one who needs introspection is you.


  442. yes Jim


  443. Jean –

    “I’ve been trying really, really hard to change my thinking and attitude into that of a conservative troll so I can join their exclusive little club here. But it’s hard to teach an Old Broad (Bitch?) new tricks.

    Maybe if I just keep practicing diligently, I’ll get better at it.”

    I’m sure you are a pretty nice sort, and I am going to speak to you frankly.

    I think you would be happier here – and in general – if you tried to stop being a sorehead, opened your mind a little and considered – *really* considered – other points of view, instead of always seeing the world through the prism of what Thomas Sowell calls “grievances of race, class, sex.” The fact is, most people who disagree with you are really nice folks who just happen to hold a different opinion; it would be appropriate to show them the same respect you claim for yourself.


  444. Lori –

    “I would have never guessed May in a million years Jim. Goes to show what I know.. or don’t..

    Thanks for answering.”

    C’mon now…you have my curiosity piqued. Astrology?


  445. Joey Z, I’m terribly sorry for your loss. May white light surround and comfort you.



  446. Joey Z, thanks for adding your voice here. You sound like an amazing friend. My condolences to you on your loss. The knowledge of your friend that you would remain behind and keep an eye on her little girl must have provided some measure of comfort as she traveled so quickly from her diagnosis to her passing. Please stay in touch here.


  447. Hi Congenial Gang and poolman on September 18, 2010 at 9:52 PM.

    Oops! I just read your link to “This seems a bit freakish.” Last night I finished reading the book,
    “The Scientific American Brave New Brain” by Judith Horstman. I got it from Amazon. It is sort a compilation of a number of Scientific American’s articles by some of America’s leading scientists on a wide range of advances and studies going on.

    Much of what is in your link is in there and a great deal more. It is a rather small book, only 174 pages including the Sources, Glossary, Index , etc. It is not highly technical, an easy read. You might want to look into it.

    Now it really is nighty-night time.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  448. Hi Congenial Gang,

    I’ve been trying really, really hard to change my thinking and attitude into that of a conservative troll so I can join their exclusive little club here. But it’s hard to teach an Old Broad (Bitch?) new tricks.

    Maybe if I just keep practicing diligently, I’ll get better at it.


    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  449. Helen that was excellent. I’ve never commented before, but wanted to now. A very close and dear friend of mine turned me on to this blog a couple years ago during the campaign, and I’ve loved it with her ever since. She was diagnosed with Breast cancer in May, and died on september 16th. she was 28, and has a nine month old daughter. I just wanted to say Keep it up. She loved your wit, and your wisdom, and I love seeing common sense still being spouted. I hope to be able to share posts such as these with her Daughter someday, and be able to explain to her a part of who her amazing mommy was. Keep it up! and Thank you, a new post always brings a smile to my face.


  450. Yup Lori – I know what you mean!!! Scorpio and Capricorn though – phew!!!! What a combination. I know all about that!!

    Poolman: freakish? You think???


  451. This seems a bit freakish. Glad my tax dollars are being put to such good use.


  452. Jean,
    I think you need a cold one.
    Shower or a drink.


  453. hahahahaha barbara mine is scorp sun, moon AND rising! You wanna talk intense! They do have one particular quality I find rather satisfing though! wink


  454. Yes Lori – a sting in the tail – ahhh but the rub is the stinging of oneself!! I tell my husband that he so sharp that one day he’ll cut himself – yes – he’s a Scorpio!


  455. ahhh a fire sign that make sense to me poolman.. I can see that


  456. 0 for 2.. I think i better uit while I’m behind. LOL

    and yes Barbara i did think so, he has strong scorp. Of course if he is he wouldn’t tell me! lol


  457. Nope, but close. April – Aries.


  458. alright poolman I’d guess mid feb to mid march


  459. LOL it helps if you can see faces..LOL!


  460. One woman once guessed my sign and it was the first time she’d met me.


  461. Oooooooo…guess me! Guess me!


  462. I would have never guessed May in a million years Jim. Goes to show what I know.. or don’t..

    Thanks for answering.


  463. Lori thinks PFessor is a Scorpio (Scorpian!!) A Scorpian is a tank!


  464. Dave –

    I have somewhat mixed feelings about the death penalty. While I am very sure there exist what my doctor friend and ardent Trekkie, Joe, calls “defective carbon units” that are just too dangerous to be among us, the finality of the act and numerous exhonerations of death row inmates makes me very, very sure it is a bad thing.

    Given my training and temperament, I could not participate in an execution (well, maybe Susan Smith) and I know of no doctors who would offer any assistance with the act itself, although an anesthesiologist could do it perfectly if he wanted.

    If you have had dealings with criminal law, it horrifies you the things that take place in its name. If I were king of the world, in no way would I give anyone permission to take a life in the name of the law. Never.


  465. Lori –

    “Jim, a personal ? for ya… It goes without sayin just tell me to get lost if you don’t feel comfortable answering.

    I’m so curious to know is your birthday late Oct (after the 17th) early Nov (before the 17) by any chance?”

    Nope. May.

    Now you have “me” curious. Why would you think that?

    I hope I don’t regret asking, but what the hell; it’s just electrons.


  466. Bozly84 –

    I remember the gas lines. Wow. Wayback machine…

    This was when Nixon decided to set gas prices by fiat. As always happens with price controls, the supply dried up. You could buy gas on certain days depending upon whether you had odd or even license plate numbers.

    I always kept a full tank of fuel in my Mustang; I just conserved and was able to get to classes and back for a full month before I needed fuel.

    Boy, the bad old days! You can keep them.


  467. Jean –

    Calm down. You could stroke out and strokes ain’t pretty.

    To answer your concern: a ten gallon hat is perfectly fine. It does not hide your face. It’s simply a matter of public safety, is established law, and was settled well before you were born.

    Fallacy: red herring. Next rant…

    Poolman –

    You work in a *very* interesting industry. I just spent a whole day doing pool-related activities. My sand filter system has never worked well, and after taking my filter system down completely, I found that a) the previous owners had filled the filter with creek sand and b) my putting the shock directly in the skimmer caused it to eat up the gasket in the valve. (What the hell was I thinking about?) I put in a new gasket and sand. Unfortunately, when I put in the last bag, I forgot to plug the vertical tube and filled it with sand. AGGHHHH! I called the local poolman and he said hook a shop vac to a piece of conduit (which I had) and just suck it out. Man I was not looking forward to taking all the sand back out of the filter! Worked like a charm.

    What do you use to glue the gasket in? I have been using Pliobond for a long time to repair whitewater rafts, since it will set up underwater. Good stuff, and seemed to work OK.

    I have a whole new respect for this system. Simple, elegant, and works perfectly now. I am designing a “slow sand filter” to utilize my rainwater runoff. Cool stuff.


  468. Wow Peas I think you’re right! LOL

    BTW nice to have you back.


  469. Hi Congenial Gang, PFesser on September 18, 2010 at 6:48 AM and Craig on September 18, 2010 at 11:13 AM.

    You poor two guys, trembling in paranoid terror as you cower under your beds (cribs?) in a panic because of all them imaginary boogiemen/women out there comin’ to git ya!

    That’s not my style. I would have missed out on meeting plenty of interesting people and having lots of fascinating experiences and adventures in many corners of the world.

    Off hand, I don’t recall the exact numbers, but I think the ‘Muslims’ in the world outnumber the ‘Christians’ in the world in a ratio of about 3-1. You are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy outnumbered.

    Maybe the wearing of cowboy hats in Texas should be outlawed unless you have written documentation of the exact cattle ranch you work on. ONLY REAL AMERICAN COWBOYS WEAR TEN GALLON HATS!

    BTW, I don’t remember either one of you having bravely served your country in any of the armed services. Maybe you are a just couple of chicken-hearted, lily-liveredcowardly, aging American white males.

    Oops! There I did it again. Stereotypical name-calling. Sorry about that.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean

    And Craig, Adios, Arrivaderci! (????) We can only hope.


  470. I think Bill Maher reads M&H.

    Gotta see the last 10 seconds of this clip.

    Δ ~ PEACE


  471. This is rather a great COMMON SENSE site…quite appropos for these times we exisitng..The observations made are MAINSTREAM, would dare to say rational minds of the real majority agree. Well written, good observations based on REAL REALITIES …Would venture that IS a good site to peruse and join in as well.REALITY BITES us all, still amazed that some deny it and excuse it and quick to get in a snit and somehow truly believe THEY are absolved and protected from some /any/all of similar fates and so quick to point fingers at “others” while denying REALITIES…Think that pointing out ” good idea to be nice with/to others on way up for never know just who will meet on the way down and NEED” is common sense “survival” if nothing else that is worth taking to heart !!!
    (do find that where is stated as in JUST the last decade, find that wrong for it did take hold several back…personally experience the start of the throes of MEGA corporate buyouts and take over and downsizings and salary cuts and freezes and noted losses to the average amongst us in the work force that led us to our NATIONAL predicterment of today..I do remember leaving home in the AM, getting gas at 28cents a gallon and by eve, was over a dollar a gallon and then came “rationing” of odd/even license numbers days…and NO, was NOT during Carter era, was NIXONS time …time when HE dawdled with NAM endings to be timed for his re-election timeframe and more. Many deride Carter to this day and blame a sackful of woefuls on HIM, need to seriously REVIEW the reality based history and note too , not just IKE who warned us of “indsutrial complexes” and oil dependencies…but unfortunately, we , as a nation paid NO HEED…we were sure SOMEONE was truly minding OUR best interests and blah, blah,blah then too….We as a people need to get some /several/and even more grips on reality and stop clinging to myths just because they are comfortable and besides involve a lot of heavy lifting and are time consuming and deep down, we generally do realize TRUTH is difficult and not always pretty and we so prefer “PRETTY” and now have inherent ability to blindeye so much somehow figuring evidently that SURELY SOMEONE is out there looking out for US and OURS and….so it goes….will add, IS important to get out and vote this November and to give it full thought when doing so…Are you really prepared to cut off noses and hand such as what the GOPs DO represent these days and return THEM and theirs as THE rein holders even thou they were and are some of THE most flagrant abusers of OUR GREATER COMMON GOOD FOR ALL WHILE EMBRACING SO MUCH FOR THE FEW ? Truly astounding if such proves out to be the case !!!! Would LIKE to think we are smarter than that and HAVE learned lessons but we shall indeed see !!)


  472. JeanΔ ¥ ,

    “It was a small group of HOODLUMS and CRIMINALS that their own home countries had denounced as such long before 9/11. Some even had jail time! ”

    And they were financed by thousands of dollars of money for months of training in the United States. Living in apartments under the radar. Able to fly back and forth on airlines in first class seats to scout their targets. Now what lowly class of hoodlums can pull that hat trick off without a high degree of support and financing.

    Jean you wrong on that one dear.
    Namaste, Adios, Arrivaderci!


  473. Really I don’t think it’s the burkas or the covered faces we should watch out for. It is the ones in clear view we need to watch!


  474. By: Dave on September 17, 2010
    at 4:26 PM

    Pfesser, your post on ways to die was, er, um, interesting. I am strongly opposed to the death penalty. I cannot recitify that our law says its is illegal to kill, but if one does, they themselves will be killed (most likely). I mean killing is wrong, evil and a sin, no matter or for what matter who is doing the killing.



    I couldn’t agree with you more.


  475. give or take 5 or so days.. LOL


  476. Jim, a personal ? for ya… It goes without sayin just tell me to get lost if you don’t feel comfortable answering.

    I’m so curious to know is your birthday late Oct (after the 17th) early Nov (before the 17) by any chance?


  477. Yes Auntie Jean we MUST be afraid veryyyyyyy afraid of everyone…Danger lurks behind every corner and under every piece of clothing…. Don’t you understand that? geeeze….


  478. Jean –

    Nobody has the slightest interest in what fashion the women wear. It’s not about that.

    In the same way – as my Boy Anatole would say – “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread,” – the law in many countries, including our own, forbids *anyone* to hide his face in public.

    It’s not a matter of caring what women wear; it’s a matter of public safety, and like stealing bread, it is forbidden to men as well.

    And, of course, that “woman” under the burqa in front of you in the airport line, who does not speak or handle her own papers – or show her face – could be a man for all we know – not that mere ownership of a second set of lips in any way excludes secreting a non radio-opaque – and thus undetectable – explosive compound in any of several interesting body cavities, or precludes the predisposition to do so.

    Lots of the islamist – very different from “islamic” – girls are nut-cases, too. But if the plane goes down, at least we’ll have a picture of their faces and can figure out who they were.


  479. Now on a lighter note:

    Andy Borowitz chronicles the “Million Masturbators March,” billed as the “largest pro-wanking protest in history.”

    Poe’s law applies here, too. Just a heads-up for you serious types.


  480. Poolman et al. on forms of execution (killing): hanging and quartering and so on were wrong and I have my doubts as so many others do as to the “painless” lethal injection as a counter to those who oppose all capital punishment as savage. It has occurred to me that what happened to William Wallace arose out of a culture of feudalism, where one lord controlled everyone in a certain jurisdiction from cradle to grave. This could include that nasty thing called droit signuer (sp?). The U.S. lives as neighbor to at least one country in the world that has done away with capital punishment. In sum, this means that sometimes a culture/society can actually change for the better. It does seem though that humanity has been doing its best, exceptions aside, to clean up its act in this regard albeit in the usual highs and lows pattern. There is still hope floating around out there.


  481. PM Newton, that’s a nice thought but I don’t see it happening. It would be much harder for them to ignore trolls in person.


  482. Brilliant.

    Here’s hoping that Helen & Margaret can make it to the Rally to Restore Sanity in DC. A couple of women on motorised scooters chasing Stephen Colbert – the stuff that dreams are made of.


  483. Hi Congenial Gang, Barbara Lake and Party Piper,

    Thank you Barbara Lake and Party Piper for your excellent comments. I have been repeatedly saying essentially the same things now ever since 9/11 but it seems to fall on deaf ears. My experiences in predominately Muslim countries and with Muslim people are SO similar to yours.
    Muslims have as many sects as Christians, for heaven’s sake!

    I wish somehow we could get the point across that it was not ‘Terrorists’ who brought down the Twin Towers. I wish we could lose the terms ‘Terrorists’ and ‘Extremists’ Those terms have been drummed into the public’s collective consciousness over and over again until it is now in the common lexicon.

    It was a small group of HOODLUMS and CRIMINALS that their own home countries had denounced as such long before 9/11. Some even had jail time! As if we have no hoodlums and criminals here. Sheesh! Last I heard, our prisons are full of them.

    So why does there continue to be such a fuss being kicked up about the way SOME women dress, here or anywhere else? Out here, many women wear mummus sometimes, including me. They are very comfy and for some,, hid a multitude of calories and an expanding waistline. What about Indian saris? Or bikinis on Waikiki? I’ll tell you a little secret about a beach here on our island that is a well known NUDE BEACH. Should it be nuked?

    (I don’t look so good in a bikini at my age – – and nude? I would frighten everyone!)

    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  484. It seems to me that the line of reasoning on the Muslim center is that because the hijackers were Muslim, that no mosques or Muslim based things should be within a certain distance of Ground Zero. That anything associated with Islam is in bad taste, because it was Muslims who perpetrated that crime.

    By that reasoning, there shouldn’t be a single Christian Church in all of the United States. After all, some people who called themselves Christians decided that they deserved this land, and did whatever they could to get it, since the Native Americans didn’t deserve it and weren’t human anyway. Their death tolls far outstripped 9/11, and the inhumanity took place over the course of several centuries. They were converted by force and coercion. So, guess all of the churches are going to have to close, since well, someone terrorized Indians all over the place, and those people claimed to be Christians.

    And while I sympathize with the relatives of survivors, one guy said that his son didn’t die because of strippers, so the argument about what was in the neighborhood was invalid. So is his reasoning. Some EXTREMISTS killed his son, ones that have been repeated and vehemently renounced by Muslims in this country.

    You can’t hold an entire faith tradition to the standards of a few wackjobs. Thank goodness for those of us who call ourselves Christians, because well, the Teahadists certainly don’t speak for me.


  485. She should put her big girl panties on and deal with it!


  486. But what if she is ugly?


  487. Dave is right about total purdah in Saudi but the again Saudi is a law unto itself – hence the term ‘The Kingdom’ and everyone knows which country one is talking about.

    I too lived in the Middle East in the late 70s/early 80s – in Qatar – long before it became what it is today. We female expats were fortunate in that we were allowed to drive whereas Qatari women were not. I had one female friend who would sit in the up-to-date kitchen of her villa (on an orange box!) supervising the staff whilst her husband entertained his male friends – local and foreign. The amusing thing was that she’d be sitting there in all her finery – Dior dress more than likely, wearing her diamond studded Rolex!! She was never seen outside of her home without her burka and her husband’s best friend from childhood had never seen her unveiled.

    Yet, another friend, also a Qatari never had a dinner party without his wife sitting at the opposite end of the table no matter who the guests were. She was never covered.

    I was a guest at a Muslim wedding recently here in Trinidad. The Imam made a very interesting statement: paraphrase – if there is a problem in the marriage whereby the husband feels that the wife is not being a true Muslim wife, do not blame Islam – blame the husband.There is nowhere in the Koran that states that a woman must be covered from head to toe.


  488. Sorry: it’s actually being called “Rally To Restore Sanity”.


  489. Actually I have a hijab complete with head covering and veil from Yemen hanging in my closet, I’ve had it on, but never been outside the house in it. It is a beautiful garment, black silk with ornate embroidery, and the part over the eye is quite thin, so it more or less works like sunglasses.


  490. delurkergirl: You so totally made me laugh all over again by reminding of this from The Daily Show:

    “Speaking of Jon Stewart… his comparison of Fox News and the dog from the movie “UP!” were so accurate it was sad rather than funny. OK. Sad AND funny. “SQUIRREL!”

    Hope I see a lot of you on Oct. 30 at D.C. for the Jon Stewart/ Stephen Colbert “Rally Against Insanity”!!


  491. You are correct Dave as to how Islam is practiced in certain countries or countries at this time, I was speaking as to the origin of veiling, etc. For instance there is no evidence that Mohammed’s wives were veiled. As a matter of fact, there is written evidence from the time, that Mohammed’s youngest wife tied her skirt above her knees to make it easier for her to carry water on a battlefield.


  492. BTW Poolman, all I can say is it sucked to be William Wallace and his brothers.

    You should take a read of the Spanish Inquisition, that dirty little chapter of the Roman Catholic Church would like you to believe never happened. They were into some sick guresome sh*t. That was of course, before they were into school age children. I thank God I got through Catholic School unscathed.


  493. Mirror Man, it really gets old to be turning the other cheek. More, I refuse to be “nice” to those people, like Becky, and will speak up. On the other hand, if they are just being nasty, I’ll ignore them.

    No ones puppet, sorry hon, but gotta take exception to your last post. I worked in Saudi Arabia and Yemen for 2 years. The mullah, religious police, required all Islamic women to be covered head to toe at all times in public. With the only exception to not cover their eyes, but there were burkah’s that had sheer over the eye area for those who wanted full coverage. That said, I am abhorent of the French law outlawing burkah’s as I do see it as more of a religious persecution than anything else. Tho, frankly, am surprised its even an issue in that I would have assumed arabic women would be thrilled to get rid of their burkah’s. That said, perhaps the French meant to assure that arabic men could no longer force their women to cover themselves to the extent they don’t want to. Its something that I have to look into as the whole thing took me by surprise.

    Pfesser, your post on ways to die was, er, um, interesting. I am strongly opposed to the death penalty. I cannot recitify that our law says its is illegal to kill, but if one does, they themselves will be killed (most likely). I mean killing is wrong, evil and a sin, no matter or for what matter who is doing the killing.

    Everyone, I read today that Palin is going to Iowa today to unofficially start her campaign for President in 2012. If that doesn’t get every democrat from California to Maine to Florida out to vote in November, nothing will. I actually saw a headline, “Is Palin the new Obama” you have got to be f’ing kidding me. I couldn’t read the article or my pie, I did make the key lime pie yesterday kids, would end up smashed on the wall yet again. My husband tells me I have to stop that, its getting expensive.


  494. MAGEEN…


    I love that!


  495. There are thousands of gruesome ways to die and some more “humane”. We “christian” white folk think stoning is brutal (and it is), but they don’t got nothing on us when it comes to cruel. Ask anyone in Guantanamo. Or how about from history, like William Wallace…

    “Following the trial, on 23 August 1305, Wallace was taken from the hall, stripped naked and dragged through the city at the heels of a horse to the Elms at Smithfield. He was hanged, drawn and quartered — strangled by hanging but released while he was still alive, eviscerated and his bowels burnt before him, beheaded, then cut into four parts. His preserved head (dipped in tar) was placed on a pike atop London Bridge.[15] It was later joined by the heads of the brothers, John and Simon Fraser. His limbs were displayed, separately, in Newcastle upon Tyne, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Stirling, and Aberdeen.”


  496. The two above “anonymi” were me.


  497. Poolman –

    “Is a hanging more ethical? Or a firing squad? Or electrocution? How about lethal injection?”

    Unless the spinal cord is broken by the stretching, the person strangles. I see hangman’s fractures all the time from auto accidents, and usually they do just fine. An Iranian who had been “half-hung” and rescued said it was like having a hot poker down your back as every nerve in the cord was stretched. Not a good thing.

    Electrocution? Painless, but a horrible, violent spectacle. See P = I^2R, E = P*t about 10A X about three minutes. Very, very hot corpse to remove. Severe nosebleeds very common as every muscle in the body tightens down on the blood vessels, including the muscles in the arterial and arteriolar walls. Gruesome.

    Firing squad. Most who have been shot in the chest say it is utterly painless for about a minute, more like being hit with a fist. Since the heart is the target, in 1-2 seconds the blood pressure in the head goes to zero, uncosciousness in 4-5 seconds after that. The last guy in Utah had been shot previously and was unequivocal in his choice.

    Lethal Injection: Just like going to sleep for surgery if done right. Unfortunately, anesthesiologists won’t have anything to do with it and it is always done by amateurs, leaving the possibility of a very, very unpleasant experience for everybody.

    Rocks? You gotta be f’in kidding me.

    Hyperacute lead poisoning looks like the way to go.


  498. Hi all –

    This just in at the DC:

    “Jon Stewart announced on “The Daily Show” Thursday night that he’ll hold a rally on the National Mall in Washington D.C., on October 30. He showed some of the signs that organizers would be handing out at the event, which had slogans such as, “9/11 was an Outside Job.” He said the message would be to “take it down a notch for America.” The event is called the “Rally to Restore Sanity,” and is for people who think neither Barack Obama nor George W. Bush is Adolf Hitler.”

    Hmmm…..neither Obama nor Bush is Hitler…I guess that eliminates most of this group. Craig, I’ll pick you up at six.

    I’m sure this will be reported by much of the right as the real thing, not a parody.

    Reminds me of Poe’s law: Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing. Ditto parodies of the extreme Right or Left.


  499. Peas, I though that was probably you! That Jimmy quote made me laugh so hard the cat jumped off my lap.


  500. Jimmy Kimmel examines the political chances of a woman who’s against masturbation.

    “I have a feeling Christine O’Donnell opposes masturbation in the same way Bristol Palin opposes pre-marital sex.”



  501. I have missed your posts Whirled Peas!!!!!!! So good to “see” you! You need to come have cookies and coffee in the Kitchen! The pie is great here, but I have a monster of a sweet tooth! And the cookies never run out!

    Everyone have a wonderful day!

    Peace ya’ll 🙂


  502. Yes it is azgrandma but WordPress keeps eating my posts (sorry ’bout the doubles). Not sure what the problem is but it seems to work better without my name, email and website.

    Hi everyone. ~ Δ


  503. Burlington Coat Factory is “Sacred Ground?” Oh goodie now I can go “worship” at a nearly defunct mall close to my house! Geez what idiocy and Becky, let’s see if I can post down to your level, ugh, well, hummmmm, nope nothing but “blank verse” (blankety, blank verse at that). I can converse with my 18 month old grandson but I just can’t get any lower!


  504. Is that you brudda Peas?? As Jean would say…?




  506. And watch out for Christine O’Donnell…

    …the Palin is strong in this one!



  507. “When exactly will common sense return to America?”

    Answer: 10-30-10 in D.C.

    Δ ~ PEACE


  508. Way to go Helen.

    Another hit ready for the Broadway.

    As far as “When exactly will common sense return to America?”

    Answer: 10-30-10 in D.C.

    Δ ~ PEACE


  509. Islam does not require a woman to be veiled, Islam only asks that men and women dress modestly, some might argue, that when a western country, one draws less attention when the face is seen, not covered. This bit is for information only, I personally think, it is up the individual, not the government, the father, or the husband to make this decision.


  510. Mageen in Old Virginny, I don’t advocate killing anyone in anyway. Is a hanging more ethical? Or a firing squad? Or electrocution? How about lethal injection? If we had a hand (or stone) in killing every man, woman, and child that our unmanned drones take out – guilty or innocent (who decides) – I think there would be less apathy and I hope much less of it going on. We certainly don’t carry the torch of morality anymore – if we ever did.


  511. Poolman, you just jumped your imaginary horse over an equally imaginary fence. What blows people away is the consummate cruelty of stoning anyone for anything. The stonee is first placed ina hole in the ground, all but the head covered with soil. Then a bunch of self righteous gusy have at it. If the stonee is still alive after a certain time, they do it all over again with a new load of rocks. Plus, the charge of murder is questionable as it is in many of these cases against middle eastern women.


  512. Sarah Palin’s response when asked how she felt about her daughter being on Dancing with the Stars:
    “Todd and I are thrilled for her. She is a good dancer and I told her to remember, if it gets too difficult just quit!”


  513. Did everyone realize the girl they want to stone in Iran also murdered her husband? I thought not. The MSM is only talkimg about the adultery part, a sin (crime) we are pretty okay with in our country.


  514. Oh hell Greytdog, Let em have the right to stoning at the Arc de Triomph as well.
    Tell me..If you can’t see their face are they a male terrorist? Maybe just a Tranny Terrorist?’s there country ..I thought “we” were not suppose to be into dictating what other countries do?


  515. France has now banned Islamic women from wearing the burqa & the veil in public. The claim is that by doing so they allow these women to more fully participate in French society – where, as Christopher Hitchens writes, “I have the right to see your face”. That Amnesty Intl has condemned this law as being highly and singularly discriminatory has been totally ignored. That this law now forces Muslim women to choose between their religion and going out in public (to jobs, to the market, etc) likewise has been ignored. THat this law only applies to Muslims (thereby reeking of religious persecution – yes because of the steep fines and possible prison time to offenders)has likewise been ignored or totally discarded. Even here, in this most idyllic of spots in all of Scotland, these matters touch our lives – because injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

    As for the hallowed ground of the WTC – puhleeze. I find it both irritating and somewhat amusing in a very wry way, that the folks most outspoken against the Cultural Center are folks who 1)originally believed that NYC is the Sodom & Gomorrah of the USA 2) believed the decadent lifestyle of NYC is the reason for the WTC attacks in the first place – yeah looking at you Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham, and 3)never even heard of the WTC until the attacks on 9/11. Therefore they don’t know that there was an Islamic prayer center in the WTC, just as there was a nondenominational chapel as well as a Buddhist center.

    And based on the current Pro-Corporations Are Citizens attitude in the US, the true sacred ground isn’t at the WTC – it’s on Wall Street. That is really the sacred and divine center of the GOP and this nation.

    Okay now I am off. Tomorrow my cousin & I head up to the Cairngorms for a 3-day hiking/camping trip before heading over to Skye.


  516. Hmmmm. If one or 2 Teahadists actually ever did make it onto Capitol Hill, who in the world would they caucus with? Hey, yeah! You’ve got to do that in order to get any legislation up and kicking. Who in the world would have them and trust them? Next question: do the Teahadists every think ahead? (10 to 1 they never heard of that caucusing thing) Without membership in a caucus, they become an extremely small package.


  517. I am cracking up. Tarred? Tired? But absolutely NOT The.Word.That.Must.Not.Be.Used.Other.Than.By.Limbaugh.In.Which.Case.It’s.Funny


  518. “Sacred ground” is what has kept the area of all the plots of pland around the Sinai and the Red Sea which have had different borders marked on maps of them a bloody battleground for about 4,000 years.

    The Tea Party people are fine with blood and murder “in a good cause”, just as the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about 50 years ago is fine with mayhem, too. If pictures of Hell were still fashionable they’d have raw flesh and blood dripping from their mouths, this lot, as they were dragged off to the depths protesting “Nobody told us! The Lib-ruls suppressed it!”.

    Here’s a poem for you all.

    e.e. Cummings 1926

    [plato told]

    plato told

    him:he couldn’t
    believe it(jesus

    told him;he
    wouldn’t believe

    certainly told
    him, and general

    and even
    (believe it

    told him:i told
    him;we told him
    (he didn’t believe it,no

    sir)it took
    a nipponized bit of
    the old sixth
    el;in the top of his head:to tell



  519. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Gee, this is a Red Letter Day! The leadership of the Roman Catholic Church and that of the Church of England decided to kiss and make up after over 500 years! Progress is being made! Now if we can just get the Shi’a and the Sunni Muslims to follow suit. How about the Orthodox and Reformed Jews. Maybe the Hindus and followers of Jainism, Buddhism, Confucism, Shintoism and Taoism could join hands. Then the world could live in peace and harmony.

    Oops! I forgot about the Fundamentalist Christians and the GOP/Tebaggers who want to set up their own little American Theocracy, rewriting the Bible and the Constitution, of course leaving out all the parts about loving-kindness. So never mind.

    Years ago I read something but off hand I can’t remember who wrote it. I committed it to memory because I thought it was so profound. I’ll share it with you:

    “The legacy [of history] included evil as well as good. We have not fully recovered from the Dark Ages: the insecurity that excites greed, the fear that fosters cruelty, the poverty that breeds filth and ignorance, the filth that generates disease, the ignorance that begets credulity, superstition, occultism – these still survive amongst us: and the dogmatism that festers into intolerance and inquisitions only awaits opportunity of permission to oppress, kill, ravage and destroy.”

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  520. Shame on you all, for being so mean and unforgiving to Becky, Tanya, Craig, and Justin B.!

    Have you not heard the word of our Lord Jesus Christ, who said Do Unto Others as you would have them do unto you? Even though they mock you, even though they cast aspersions upon you, you should show them kindness and not hatred. For our god is a god of love, and loves all equally, and hates none!
    For those that believe shall enter the realm of Heaven! And Have no enemies there!
    I pray for you all!


    Sorry about that.

    Of late, my posts have become very….



  521. You’re probably right, Elsie. But it was probably being used jokingly, like rushbo used it, so it wasn’t like the derogatory use like by that Jew democrat Rahm, you know. I know it is a little hard to distinguish those subtle nuances, but those down-to-earth real everyday red blooded troop supporting hockey moms and dads can differentiate.


  522. Donna and poolman, maybe the child meant “retard”, to be pronounced with equal emphasis on each syllable, and used as a noun. But that couldn’t be, since the word is forbidden in its use by Sarah Paylin, who is, most likely, a person who fascinates him greatly, just as any other shiny object might, as well, also, and, too.


  523. I think maybe it was “tired.” Or perhaps he meant “tarred,” speaking of being coated with an asphalt-like substance. Or possibly “too hard,” as in a kind of text-speak.


  524. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that I thought was so appropriate.

    It had a picture of the Mayan Calendar with the following caption.

    _____Palin for President in 2012_____
    The world is coming to an end anyway.


  525. I believe that’s spelled “turd.” Or perhaps you meant “tarp,” speaking of protection from the weather. Or possibly “bard,” in reference to Shakespeare.


  526. Tard.


  527. “Sacred ground” is merely a key phrase used to illicit an emotional response. We love our monuments and symbolism and spend copius amounts to show how humane and benevolent we are. We stage heroic acts and memorialize them in words, songs, pictures, and statues, whitewashing our national image, quelching truths and burying them along with our fathers, sons, and daughters.

    These are just PR for the bureaucracy. They have continually not been truthful or forthcoming, haven’t respected life or our soldiers, honored liberty, or yielded to the pursuit of happiness by the people for whom they are supposed to be representing. Why are we the only ones expected to adhere to moral principles?

    Corporations make the rules. They own the votes. The own the candidates. They control the military. The control the money. Many of us are obligated to them for our livelihoods. We are the enablers, and therefore willfully blind to this nation’s transgressions.

    If we keep contributing, they’re going to keep eating it up. The capitalist machine has a very strong survival instinct. It dwarfs us as individuals. However, as a whole united body of citizens, we can take it down. They WANT us fighting among ourselves and taking sides. They pay their mouthpieces well and control all the outlets except the internet (so far). They know and use those key words and phrases that illicit the response they need when they need it. We need to see through the propaganda we have been fed through marketing to us over the past 60 plus years. We need to wake up and talk neighbor to neighbor, no matter what race or religion or political persuasion.


  528. And when exactly did the Learning Channel become the Learning Deficiency Channel?
    HAHAHAHAHA ! Awesome !


  529. “YOu are just a tired old bitter bat. Sarah Palin is what this country has needed for years. Get used to it, you old hag.”

    In what way, Becky? What is it EXACTLY that you think Sarah Palin can do for this country? What has this country been lacking for years that Sarah Palin can provide?

    Give me some more information, please. Because it sure as hell eludes me.


  530. Pie? You bake a pie when it really gets to you? What a great idea. If you’re gonna drive yourself to the grave, do it with pie. What’s your favorite? I should make a lemon meringue, which was my mom’s favorite. Haven’t made one in years. Maybe I’ll save it for when I see Newt Gingrich’s blog on Huffington Post. In case you haven’t heard the good news, Arianna was with Baba Wawa not long ago, and they ran into Newtie and his current bride. Lots of air kissing and “good luck on your book” and that, and then Arianna offered Newtie blog space on HuffPost, and Baba invited him on the “View.” Sweet jebus. That’s two pies right there. Two pies in one day….gaaaaaaack.


  531. A curious point about the “sacred ground” complaint is that one of al-Qaeda’s driving issues was the presence of American military on Muslim “sacred ground” of Saudi Arabia. They achieved their goal, of course– everybody went to Iraq. GWB was always OBL’s most obliging tool.

    “…Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”


  532. Was NEVER a big Mac fan…really finished off with his pick of Palin and what he allowed unleashed on all the rest of us..AM disgusted by him on many levels but he presently seems destined to be returned to the Senate for one last time…Too bad it is NOT his daughter Meghan…a better hope there for perhaps restoring some form of honor to the McC name….(Mac’s full history is spotted and has been allowed a free pass for sometime, he comes off as a very pathetic character due TO what is obviously his TRUE character !!)


  533. Poolman in answer to WHOSE puppet is she”…she goes with the highest bid…it varies a little as she does have that “rogue” gene and DOES have the street smarts to go where she will be most enriched. Bets are Todd, her boy toy does a lot of the figuring/deciding…hard scrapple life to some extent grooms some for such “savviness”…She does indeed have good instinct to “run” with whatever and turn into an advantage to her…that is a semi awesome talent..her HISTORY/record speaks to all that. She is a great manipulator..on one(far fetched hand) could admire her and her skills however, as was said, the COSTs to the NATION are far too high and frankly, here, hold McC in great disdain for unleashing her on all the rest of us…Proved disasterous to him and to us for the nation is really getting swiftboated bigtime with all the flagrant yahoo=nessings …It’s like where has the SANIETY gone in this nation and how come we’re NOT hearing from the rank and file calling for a HALT to all the\is BS’ing..We got REAL problems that need tending and the ditch we ALL were driven into has not gotten any shallower!! I resent being held hostage by all these folks..they have indeed sompromised our progress and retrograded a goodly segment !! There is a new media poll..think NYT/CBS put out today that CLAIMS 40% PLUS now have a “good” opinion of the T-party and supposedly 54% say they want TAX BREAKS EXTENDED FOR THE UPPER 3%….Would like stats on the number of Americans and their actual incomes and find it UNBELIEVEABLE that THE MAJORITY find themselves in the realms of $250thousand a year or anywhere NEAR achieving such..For sure folks who have “houses/RE” have seen upswung value…ON PAPER and many did use such value to extract for various purposes/indulgences in the mix and it felt good and were assured that was fine and dandy and prices would ONLY go up and up and up and now find themselves a bit “crushed” due to the false bubbled assessment and many clinging and hoping and praying that somehow someway prices WILL escalate again in time to give/save some big dollars …We hear the refrain that is a GREAT time to BUY real estate…we also know is difficult to get the mortgage and difficult to pay for it with the rise of so many other things and job losses and benefit costs being shoved FURTHER on our shoulders–which brings up the WOEs associated with the HealthCare bill being blamed for a RISE in costs which were happening anyway but the EASY scapegoat now is to blame matter that it DID extract SOME measures that were missing or that employers were already shoving costs and cutting benefits and insurance was cutting/restricting more and more as well…blame Obama and the Dems for getting SOME small measures that addressed some of the pressing issues and at least it IS something/some relief where before there was NONE IN SIGHT..Why figure that at least some steps forward and figure that more steps could follow …WE WANT IT ALL NOW and if Obama and Dems “refuse” to deliver , well HURUMPH and we picking up OUR marbles and going …well elsewhere or nowhere or sitting out or, well, HURUMPHABLE x ten or twenty !!!
    Find it unfanthomable that a majority of folks are WILLINGLY to vote back the GOPer’s and their latest version=Tparty regressive folks…If it truly happens, buckle up folks, the ride to date ain’t been as bumpy as what would come if GOPs were put back as THE rein holders…Just review their record of holding those reins thru the previous administration (and even before that…) Even as a minority, they obstruct at every twist and turn and NOT to our benefit and far too often NOT for OUR greater common good of ALL for sure !!
    It is truly bewildering…it’s like wilful self destruction to vote GOP and against our truer better interests makes no sense but seems there are those truly willing to do so. Truly befuddling, truly amazing and disheartening…especially if one TRULY is concerned “for the children” and theirs and the future…No one said it was EVER going to be easy, that’s a true given….but the preposterous absurdity that we are told is to be played out in these midterms defies mere common sense and logic. I for one truly figure we were smarter than all this..come November, we will see.

    (btw, did NOT take ROve long to REVERSE and support Delawares, claims he did her a favor as she raised (supposedly) over a million dollars and Palin is advising her to strictly do FOX for interviews and to ignor her “go-to/know it all “handlers”….LOL…SHOWTIME !!)


  534. Teri! Haven’t seen you around here in ages. I remember enjoying your comments. Good to see you.


  535. Becky the Brainless wrote: “Just wait til these sheep wake up and find Sarah Palin as the next President of this country.”

    Should this tragedy ever occur I will be even more grateful that I own a home in Canada.


  536. Outstanding, Wyndwalker. That’s exactly what we need to hear.

    As for Craig, first let me congratulate him on yet another “polly want a cracker” moment: yes, ROTFL, most original. And, if he thinks that pfesser pushed a button with me, he is very much mistaken. I’m no more impressed with ethnic stereotypes than I am with adult males whose sexual development was arrested at the age of 14. While pfesser appears more intelligent than Craig (although that bar is set awfully low), he has yet to offer any observation that was particularly impressive. I doubt the next one will be any more so.


  537. @Dave, I live in California, and I did not vote for the current governor. Actually he is a Dem in Repub clothing. The big $$$ Repubs put him there. the reason this state goes “blue” is because of the 2 large cities, LA and SF. the rest of the state is red. Lots of rednecks with their “midwestern VALUES” gag me.


  538. > “We are not going to let a black man tell us what to do, we will not show respect to a black man, we are white and this is OUR country, not theirs. It makes me sick. Obama brought hope and courage back into vogue. And they will do anything they can to knock him down, ONLY because he is black.>>

    @Dave, you have SAID IT! they will never admit this, but this president has really gotten them out of the woodwork. Ignorant fear and hate mongering racists


  539. WTG wyndwalker!


  540. Et–Ohh Professor…

    I think you just pushed a button.


  541. “Obama brought hope and courage back into vogue.”



  542. Dekurkergurl, you’re oh so right. I have come to ignore these people, they are not open to an exchange of ideas, they have no justification for their statements, they become a waste of time and energy. Why bother? If I get to the third or forth word in a post and realize what it is, I simply move on. My blood pressure can’t take it.

    The justification thing….these people just say the same thing over and over again hoping it sticks, without justification. Like, President Obama was not born in the U.S. How could anyone believe this is beyond me, but last I heard the beleivers were up to like 21%. Are you kidding me? When the issue of marriage equality come up, they say, “Gay marriage will be the death of Hetero marriage, it will ruin the nuclear family.” Okay, then I ask how, why. No answer. Why is there no answer? Because there’s no way of validating that and other statements. They just say it.

    Wayside616, thank you for pointing that out. When they say “We want to take OUR country back” as if the rest of us stole it and are hoding it in Fort Knox or something…what they are really saying is “We are not going to let a black man tell us what to do, we will not show respect to a black man, we are white and this is OUR country, not theirs. It makes me sick. Obama brought hope and courage back into vogue. And they will do anything they can to knock him down, ONLY because he is black.

    Helen, you were right on the nose when you talked about Sarah Paininmyass saying that the burning of a Quran is as bad as building a mosque on sacred ground. I hate this bitch. Only she would make such a stupid comparison such as this. Truly, if somehow she is elected President (listen if California would elect an action movie hero with no governance background, anything can happen) I will leave this country behind. Seems like alot of people are moving to France. Always loved France and French Fries, and ‘jambon et fromage’ sandwhiches. Ham and melted cheese, its to die for!

    Okay, making a key lime pie today, gotta go. Good seeing you all, shout out to no ones puppet too.


  543. i love you helen!!!
    keep saying what we all think!

    and “let the haters hate”


  544. “Hitler loved little blond haired blue eyed boys…” that’s a line from a Jewel song. Everytime I listen to it, I think of Glenn Beck…

    I just felt like telling you all this: For the first time in my life I have sent a (moderate, but substantial to ME) monetary contribution to my incumbant Democratic Senator Russ Feingold. His Republican opponant Ron Johnston has claimed he will spend his entire personal fortune–15 million dollars–to beat Russ, if he has to.

    I hope he spends every cent of his 15 million–and Russ (who has spent less money than his opponant in every election he has won) wipes the floor with the Repug.

    There, I got that off my chest!


  545. AH! Sorry, my Coffee Party Link broke! Just copy and paste the whole thing in your browsers, those of you that are interested, or search them on Facebook/Google! 🙂


  546. Dear Helen,

    I love love love when I get a little morning gift (of your posts) with my coffee! My husband normally finds them first and sends me the link while I’m reading my morning emails! (He loves you too!)

    If you all are sick of the Tea Party antics, you can joint the Coffee Party – Their Facebook Page link is here:!/coffeeparty?ref=ts

    I found them several months ago online and I think they are very rational. As an American living in Canada, I have been unable to go to any of their gatherings, but if anyone knows more about them, please do share as I am interested!

    Thanks again, Helen! You’re the best!


  547. “young, fresh and pretty” Hey just like the blonde haired and blue eyed Germans in Nazi Germany. Maybe we’re all supposed to be “Saryan” now.

    Also, I HAD a shred of respect left for the Republicans who wouldn’t give her any money to spread her drivel. Now, they’re sending her checks. Well, they deserve the scary they’re planting, but what about the rest of us?


  548. Morning has broken…

    Sending blessings out to you all! Blessings, grace and mercy are New with each rising sun….may we ALL be wise enough to seek them out and appropriate them in our lives. Not just to benefit ourselves, no, but to hold out to those on this journey with us! God Bless!

    namaste, shalom, Peace ya’ll 🙂


  549. Thank you Helen for another outstanding post, your comments as always made me laugh, shake my head in agreement and seeing the following comments gives me some hope that American voters are not as stupid as Fox wishes they were.

    Heard a very interesting fact (to me anyway) that in the twin towers for years before 9/11 there was a special space reserved as a Prayer Center and another area in the stairwell near the Window on the World (?) restaurant so waiters, cooks, etc. could attend their spiritual needs without having to go far. Those same people died on 9/11 since the damage was below those floors. Some responders who died were also Muslim and were trying to save others. We have soldiers fighting and dying who are Muslim and still we have so-called Christians trying to deny citizens their God-given rights under our Constitution. They want the government to deny rights to someone simply based on religion while demanding the government stay out of THEIR business and THEIR religion. I think that’s why I can never be or vote Republican. They have no tolerance for anyone who does not believe exactly the same thing as they do. To me that’s unAmerican, the country founded on individuality.

    I am also waiting for the Tea Party protestors to surround the strip club that is on “hallowed” ground and demand they move or at least only strip to patriotic music.


  550. Princess Donna –

    I had a few minutes this morning to briefly scan some old posts; I didn’t realize you were a Jewess! Delightful! I have some observations for you to comment upon when I get the time to put them together. Don’t have time right now, though; big lightning storm just took out my business network and I have a lot to do to get back online, but it appears my offhand comment about your name being similar to my friend, the Real Princess Donna, might have been closer than I thought!

    no mas, te

    (duplicate post to that on “Book Burning”)


  551. Wow Helen! I really needed that. I spent yesterday in the school library babysitting for the middle school brats who couldn’t be exposed to the President of the United States talking about trying harder at school. I really wanted to smack all of them, but it’s not their fault their parents are idiots. Keep the faith!


  552. Watch ouy Palin, there’s a younger version of you right behind you. Geez, she even dresses like you (black skirt, red jacket, glasses, long hair).

    How long before Sean dumps old lady Palin and starts courting Chrissy?


  553. Another gem, Helen……….the Repubs let THE IDIOT out from under her rock and now she has wrecked their party and is about to wreck this country. Sadly, they have no clue how to control her and they are terrified of her. They thought she was cute, just dumb enough to make her appealing to the under informed who will follow the hate and fear mongers to the ends of the earth and will vote against their own best interests time and again……..a gross under-estimation. Thanks McCain !!!!

    Once again we have sound bite politics: “No more taxes”. That little snippet is all they hear. That is the tip of the iceberg. These Teabaggers want to rewrite the Constitution, they want one religion, they want subservient women who will be told what to do with their bodies, they want only white people in the United States……….read the fine print all you dumbasses who are willing to line up nose to ass and follow these lunatics to the end of the earth.

    “No more taxes”…….seriously?? Who do you think is going to pay??? It won’t be the top 1/10 of 1%…….. they are the puppet masters who are pulling the strings on their Bagger candidates. How stupid are you people??? How did you like the puppet show from 2000-2008??

    The media shoulders a lot of the blame for giving these Baggers airtime. They think it’s entertainment………big business, The Koch Brothers, Carl Rove and that vile fox news with the idiot Palin as their front(wo)man are behind this big time. Rove is sniffing another turn as a big shot in the White House. and The Koch Brothers are sniffing Oligarchy-Fascism.

    I challange all you Republicans who say you are not like the Teabaggers: PROVE IT !!!!! These Baggers sure make your party look stupid.

    And don’t think for one minute that the IDIOT Palin won’t be running in 2012 as THE Teabag candidate……..fool us once(electing Bush):shame on you; fool us twice(re-electing Bush): shame on us……….but, fool us a third time( with THE IDIOT Palin): Lord have mercy !!!!!


  554. Pies are in the oven at my house too, Helen!


  555. Helen, you are the best.


  556. Sure wish that there was a land far far away that we could send all the uneducated tea partiers, along with Limbaugh, Gingrich, Beck and Palin — and Fox News to. Then they could hate each other, call each other names, write stupid letters to the editors of their own papers, pontificate to their own, the women could be barefoot and pregnant and the men could be their masters. They could tell lies about each other, they could intimidate each other, and they could continue to invent stories about how bad the others were and more importantly about how great they are. They could set up their own government and yell “NO, NO, NO!” at each other. They could all carry guns, set up their own armed forces and militias and declare war on each other to show who was the most powerful among them and whose religion was the one and only true religion and they could all make sure the rest would certainly go to Hell. If only we could build very high walls around them to keep the sane people out and nobody would have to listen to them ever again. What a wonderful world this would be!


  557. Actually, I’m hoping the Tea Party becomes just that…their own political party, separate from the GOP. This will allow the GOP to swing back to a more sensible moderate position, balancing the extreme left’s own brand of flakiness.

    Let the fringe rant and be nuts, without dragging all the rest of us along for the ride!


  558. As always “Margaret and Helen” are the flowers in the desert. Thanks for the sanity.


  559. $arah PayPal. I love it, John K! I will probably think of it during a meeting and chuckle out loud at an inappropriate moment and people will think I’m nuts. 🙄


  560. RE: Rove vs Palin dust-up.
    Every word the man says in public is scripted. Every word he utters is for a purpose. That purpose is always two fold: to advance his agenda and therefore his bank account.
    His purpose for yesterdays words were to get a seat at the tea people’s table. It was a shot across the bow. He said to the T people, you want me to shut up? Give me (my agenda) a seat at the table. We will see if the t people capitulate. The only way WE will know that is if Karl goes silent on the Delaware race.


  561. Thank you Helen for another straight up post.

    And because of her ever increasing desire for money (and fame), in our house she’s now known as Sarah PayPal.


  562. The republican party and the pee pee party is so out of touch with reality, its sad. They first spout the bad thing with Rev. Wright and Pres. Obama’s affiliation with them, mind you it’s a Christian Church, then they call him a Muslim, is there such a thing as a Christian Muslim?
    As my 13yr old granddaughter said; If they are Christians don’t they know that Jesus loved everyone, it doesn’t even matter if your bad, he still loves you, right grandma!
    Sarah Palin could learn a lot from…..well, scratch that, she couldn’t learn anything.
    Please keep them coming, you have to be one of the best blogs I read. Now time for some pie (the bread pudding is going to have to substitute the pie), and coffee.


  563. Sarah Palin for president?

    I would suggest that Palin’s followers read The Handmaid’s Tale to see what will come next – but that would require a degree of literacy beyond them.

    She does, indeed, have the potential to go down in history, if not as the U. S. A.’s first woman president, then, most definitely, as the U. S. A. ‘s last president.


  564. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Oh dear, I put up a comment on the wrong post from Helen. I’ll repeat it.

    I sneezed this morning – twice.

    I got the sniffles this afternoon.

    I must be coming down with something dreadful and am in tougher shape than I thought.

    Please send lots of sympathy and hand wringing my way.

    Aloha! 🙂 Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  565. Yeah, where is the outrage for the shopping mecca being built on the actual ground zero? Oh, it comes complete with underground access to the subway, too. Yet, it’s horrible that several blocks away, an AMERICAN wants to build a community center with a prayer room. Ugh.

    The tea party….it’s just ignorant. I’m hoping that the votes are split between the tea party and the repukes , effectively shutting them down so the Dems can take the election. Boo-Yah!


  566. It took you ten minutes to figure out Alaska’s dippy ex-governor? You must be slipping, dear Helen!

    Just kidding–great post. Keep it up.

    By the way, Alaska actually has an honest to goodness Democrat running for Senate this time around. His name is Scott McAdams. Learn more and help him out a bit if you can.


  567. You tell it like it is Helen! God Bless you!
    It’s amazing how much the “Tea” folks are out of touch! You just have to look at one of their “rallys”
    to get an idea of how fringe they are….scarey!


  568. I hope common sense shows up pretty soon. I miss it too.


  569. someone i know suggested this for a palin bumper sticker…

    Palin for prez.
    Did YOU throw up in your mouth a little?

    frankly i think it is genius…


  570. Helen

    Keep ’em coming.


  571. Thanks once more Helen! Your wonderful posts, coming so close together of late are real treats. Today was totally unexpected. Your efforts are appreciated.

    The republicans are getting what they deserve. We do reap what we sow. They have done everything in their power to divide this country, along economic lines, racial lines, you name it, they use it. Ms. Sarah was fostered on us to be their standard bearer. Like the dutiful student, she learned quickly how to divide and conquer. And guess what? Here comes the tea party! Let the party begin!


  572. Just watched Keith Olbermann. He showed a clip of Karl Rove in a snit about Tea party favorite and winner of the Republican primary, Christine O’Donnell. I wonder if I’ll be in trouble for enjoying it so much that they will accuse me of pleasuring myself. (for those who don’t understand my innuendo, see .. PFesser on September 15, 2010
    at 10:47 AM)


  573. i have not believed anything the australian government have said for some time now… Why would the american governing body be any different…. I must say this though, fighting over land that is still going to be here long after we are gone, is stupid. We have the chance to stop taking and start giving back but we are still blinded selfishness of land that will never belong to anyone except the universe.


  574. Good blog post, Barbara. I’ve bookmarked it for the next time I feel like I’m justified in correcting a person who is hell bent in making me have precisely that reaction. Resisting manipulation requires effort and a whole lotta faith in karma.

    Sorry to keep posting over and over tonight… I just wanted to make it clear that I wasn’t preaching. Believe me, I need the lesson more than many do!


  575. I agree with delurkergurl and on reflection, I’m rather sorry that I said what I did about Becky. Funnily enough I wrote a blog on my site a couple of days ago, promising myself that in an effort to preserve my sanity I would not get involved in certain discussions. I’m probably very wrong and am subject to correction, but I find it’s only on WordPress that people are so aggressive and rude to one another. I cannot believe that I actually joined in the ‘cat fight’ after reading such a great blog. Mea culpa!


  576. fyi. i voted for the paramount not because they told me to, but because Helen and Margaret have brought me so much enjoyment that I likened it to the joy of Helen watching movies in that little theatre. Good luck on your little place winning that money. And Thanks again for such a wonderful assessment of the hillbillies from Wasilla and all their friends in DC and around the US.


  577. GOP Ransom Note


  578. ty ❤


  579. Here’s the first google result on it. Olbermann is having a ball with it.


  580. Nop, delurker, I missed it. Where did you read/hear about it?


  581. fets, I loved your pie comment! I love great pie without having to clean up the kitchen. 😀


  582. No one’s puppet, I find it awfully disconcerting to agree with Karl Rove! It’s interesting, I agree.


  583. wow..past 4 1/2 million hits. Who knew eh? Well I guess there is always room for one more bright shining star. The way things are going might have to open a bakery for all the pies you will be baking.


  584. Actually there is some interesting back and forth between Karl Rove and Sarah Palin today about Christine O’Donnell. Becky doesn’t interest me in the least.


  585. Dear friends,

    I suggest that you please lay off Becky. I know she’s an easy target, but from experience we know that this will only encourage her to become a lifer here. She won’t be swayed and we’ll be chronically annoyed. Even more of our friends will drift away in frustration.

    Margaret & Helen deserve our best.I’m pledging to try (here, if not in the kitchen!). I hope you’ll join me!


  586. Voting done! I’m all for National Heritage and Preservation as long as they don’t want to preserve Sarah Palin!


  587. HoneyJorumples, my respect for Buchanan took a nosedive quite some time ago. Candidates that are “fresh, young and pretty” are what every cracker wants from his women. They don’t need brains or education. In fact, that just gets in the way. Besides, they don’t need to do the thinking, anyway. That’s not what they are there for. Plenty will do that for them, afterall that’s “man’s work”. And that’s the point. Just pretty puppets.


  588. Fantatastic read as always.

    Wow Becky Boop – what an evil, twisted, vicious minded person you are. Who rattled your chain???? You’re leaving? Aawwhhhh ….I’m sure you’ll be soooo missed!

    America needs Sarah Palin like Guyana needed Jim Jones!


  589. You’re right, HoneyJoRumples. The 98% of the country that has gotten tax cuts often thinks their taxes have actually gone up, and Obama is trying to cut their taxes again and they’re going all “tea party” because they listen only to the talking points and dramatists. Democrats want small businesses to get tax cuts and the people who would benefit are stuck on the “tax increases” they don’t even understand were engineered by the Republicans several years ago. Facts are irrelevant. It’s exhausting.

    Speaking of Jon Stewart… his comparison of Fox News and the dog from the movie “UP!” were so accurate it was sad rather than funny. OK. Sad AND funny. “SQUIRREL!”


  590. Pat Buchanan just said that people are all excited about Christine O’Donnell because she’s “fresh, young and pretty.” It would seem that the people in the Tea Party movement think that young, fresh and pretty are all that is required to make law and legistation that we all have to live by. Not education. Not intelligence. Not an experience in political science or running anything. Not a degree. Not paying taxes like we all have to. Not any kind of semblance of tolerance or middle of the road inclusiveness. Not even holding a steady job. Just cute, pretty, fresh, a sexy wink and a “you betcha!” I wonder what O’Donnell’s catch phrase will be.

    Someone asked why Palin fans are so mean. What else can they be? They listen to nothing but Fox, which distorts and downright lies. Jon Stewart caught them in another lie just the other night. They actually believe Obama has raised taxes and wants to raise them again. They don’t even KNOW he’s simply letting tax breaks for the very rich expire because trickle down economics don’t work. In light of Halliburton, Enron, WorldCom, BP et al, smart American people no longer believe that the big corporate muckity mucks will take care of us if we just give them enough money and power to do so. They don’t even know that republicans are blocking tax breaks for the middle class.

    What else are they going to say in support of Sarah Palin? Yay, she supports abstinence only, but couldn’t make it work in her own home? She can negotiate with heads of state even though she has absolutely no foreign policy experience besides being able to see Russia from her house? Of course they have to defend her with anger and outrage and nastiness. What else is there? Anyone with the facts and half a brain would puke with terror at the thought of her being president.


  591. So while the “Housewife”, half-term governor, & reality star is out self promoting, who is taking care of Trigg & Piper?


  592. Real men know how to cook, so they don’t starve in a pinch.


  593. “writers cramp”
    “Lets here it” (a twofer)
    “junior senators road”

    It sure is nice to have a teacher among us…
    At least one without vitriol commentary to go along with it. Thanks.


  594. […] Margaret, that Sarah Palin sure seems to be enjoying her moment in the spotlight.   And it appears she got another one of her Tea Party candidates one step closer to November 2nd.  Now,  I for one don't begrudge her all this newly found fame and fortune.  I still think she is an idiot, but I don't begrudge her all this success.   I just wish she came by it in a way that didn't involve the fate of our nation…. like maybe being on The Real Housew … Read More […]


  595. Given Palin’s support and platform, we know there are people using her to MANipulate the public. Whose puppet is she anyway? The scary part is she may actually be leading the bull by the nose. Those investing so much in her and the tea party aren’t after just pissing off the dems or running off the moderates. Theirs is a much grander and more sinister and plot.


  596. He who suggests that others might not have the highest SAT scores might do better than:

    “writers cramp”
    “Lets here it” (a twofer)
    “junior senators road”


  597. M&H must be hitting the trolls where it hurts, Im doing a lot of scrolling these days.

    Thank you Helen!

    I want that loser/SP to run for office, nothing would give me more satisfaction than to see the Repubs split in as many ways as possible!

    Love ya!


  598. 3 posts in less than a month. But why let reality get in the way?

    Sometimes it takes the Brits to tell us the Emperor has no clothes.

    “The truth about Iraq and Afghanistan is finally emerging.”


  599. Great post Helen!

    Craig, blow it out your hole with the rest of the usual crap that you post here…over and over and over.


  600. WEll..Helen must be getting writers cramp..or at least Harold is not getting dinner on time. Two posts in less than a month?

    First of all to the visitors to the porch..there sure is a lot of BS flying around.

    I mean, I’ve never seen so many one timers hit this page be it pro right or pro left…

    You would think that you could control your vitriol on the internet and post something without
    expletives. But then again look at the SAT scores for most of the participants.

    Lets here it for the Right and the Tea Party as to possibly getting this country back on a road that will deliver us from the junior senators road to recovery.


  601. Is the paramount in Austin?? I thought it was in Houston.

    Love the post, Helen!!!


  602. Wow! Helen thank you so much for posting about the Paramount. We miss seeing you. Please tell Matthew we appreciate his adding the links. Hope to see you soon.


  603. Voting for the Paramount is the least I could do for all the chuckles and laughs you’ve given me over the last couple of years.

    I love your blog!

    Good luck to the Paramount!


  604. some people are pretty ignorant about researching things, and pooy Becky is one of the followers of the racist, fear mingering, hate mongering jerks who profit off her ignorance.
    great post Helen! Looking forward to more.


  605. Thanks for another great post and I voted for your theatre!!!!!!


  606. Hi Helen. Great post. I just voted for your theatre there in Austin. Good luck!


  607. I just love this blog and always anxiously await the next one.You do have a way with words.

    You know, all this time I thought the Tea Party wanted to take our country back to the time of Reagan, but now I realize they really want to take us back to Hoover.


  608. I would simply like to point out that while Becky continually refers to people here as sheep, her posts have continually said – over and over – “Sarah Palin is what this country needs.” No supporting argument, no variation on theme (or even in words), just the same statement over and over.

    Why do I hear a “baa”-ing sound?


  609. Dear, dear Helen,

    Thank you for another right on post! Just keep making those pies. We love them and keep coming back for more.

    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom.



  610. I donno this one might be my new number one! High five Helen ^