Posted by: Helen Philpot | November 14, 2008

Now It Is Your Turn

Last month I called Sarah Palin a bitch.  Oh my, what was I thinking?  Oh yes, I was thinking she was a bitch.  Of course, I thought that I was only saying it to my dear friend Margaret.  But then all of you showed up – all 900,000 of you.  My goodness.  Who knew?  What a hoot.

Now, as a proper Southern lady, I did the only thing I knew how to do.  I put out cake and iced tea and tried to make you all feel welcome.   Well… except for an idiot Realtor who got under my skin [see post titled “Idiots are so easy to spot…”]  You know, I thought it was pretty silly that she kept coming back for more, but that was her choice.  Idiots do what idiots do.

But now I seem to be running out of cake.  It was so easy during the election.  Each day I just woke up and turned on the TV to see what the bitch, the ass, the jackass, the moron and that other one were doing and then I wrote something.  It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Now that the election is behind us I have tried my best to keep up the hospitality, but watching The View everyday is too much to ask.  I mean I love you and all but that show is torture.  I had no idea what Proposition 8 was all about but so many of you left comments that I knew I needed to respond.  Who knew that while the Straight Talk Express was attacking Un-Americans,  a bunch of Mormons were attacking the Un-Mormons.  Sad.  Just sad.

So Margaret and I have been talking and we wanted you to know that we have enjoyed your comments – your conversation – as much as you seem to be enjoying ours. In that spirit we have asked my grandson to add a page where you can leave ideas and ask questions for us to write about on this web page blog.

But be warned.  We are not Dear Abby or that other one – her sister.  We call ’em as we see ’em.  We won’t hold back no matter how much we like you!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for leaving a comment.  We mean it.  Really.




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  7. Margaret and Helen,

    Please comment on the last minute attempts to destroy the environmental protections, which were meager.

    Here is a clip from Rachel Maddow’s show with Robert Redford.


  8. What do U think of Palin on that turkey farm? If that was not the most insane thing she has done yet!

    Please let us hear from you on this! If you go to MSNBC, they did a great job of reporting on this one!

    I really think something is REALLY wrong in that woman’s head that no one has touched on. Yet!


  9. Helen and Margaret, I am making yet another plea. With the number of readers you seem to have I implore you to do a piece on the Senate runoff in Georgia.

    As I’m sure you know Saxby Chambliss did receive a majority of the votes in Georgia. However he did not get a 50% majority, so Georgia is headed to a runoff. Jim Martin is the Democratic challenger and he needs your help.

    This seat is crucial to the Democrats taking a 60 seat majority in the Senate.

    Come on Helen, Saxby is a jerk with a stupid name. This could be fun!

    In addition we have a recount underway in Minnesota and Al Franken could use a little shout out!


  10. I love you guys. Your posts are insightful, witty, and absolutely delightful.

    Hug yourselves for me.


  11. *standing ovation*


  12. Can you believe this internet phenomenon? Thing is, there are huge groups of liberal people talking and listening to one another on the net and you happen to say it well and with a forthrightness that is damn refreshing. Many people who get up into your age bracket seem to become more rigid but you seem to have sidestepped that nasty tendency.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t worry too much about your internet groupies (of which I count myself one) as we will happily read anything you dish up but we can hit the other parties too if you aren’t in the mood.

    I would love to see a place where you and I actually disagree. So far, you’ve been 100% spot on! Thing is, I am so impressed by you that if you had an opinion counter to my own, I would likely really examine my side since you have such a great head on your shoulders.

    So, in conclusion, thanks for all the great fish, er conversation. It’s been quite the joy! We did it! Yes, we did!



  13. It’s nice to be able to laugh through the tears. Yep….oil companies. They destroyed the air travel business, beat up destination travel, drove the price of everything from shipping to groceries straight through the roof, and beat the auto business near to death.

    Then there is the banks. The killed the housing marking, the construction market, joined in on pummeling the auto business, and we’re still not to the upcoming credit card crisis (josh…it would be nice to actually be able to pay back bills. Kinda hard to do that when the apr is raised to near 30%, and that’s just part of the “punishment”).

    I think you ladies should take them ALL to the woodshed.

    And leave them there.


  14. I went to the ER last Sunday after a week of inadequate med. tx . I was treated and admitted and had another day of 1 antibiotic iv, 1 injection of steroid(that I would not want) 2 mucinex tablets along with my regular pill,2 times on the nebulizer, 3 times on asthma meds, saw the Md 2 times, ate some food, watched the TV, had blood work, 1 chest xray— no insurance, and I was billed $16,000.The bill was reduced 70% if I payed at checkout. I have no insurance because I have a non active prexisting condition.I can pay some–but not like that!!I heard last night that they jack up the price 70% for uninsured people! What do you think of this!!!


  15. I am in Shock and AWE….. I was just on my Internet Explorer and saw this article that I just CAN’T BELIEVE>>>>>

    This talks about all of the HATE that Morons from across the country are displaying because of their hate of Our President Elect. It amazes me that People are such idiots….



  16. First: thank you Helen and Margaret. . .
    Your blog is a spot of sanity in what is often an insane world.

    Second: I agree with those who also think Health Care should be, at the very least, a core issue near or at the top of the “to-do list.” I was so grateful to Obama when, during the debates, he said he thought health care should be a right (McCain did NOT agree). My adult son was diagnosed with a disease (that I’m convinced from my own research and anecdotal evidence was the result of chromosomal damage, the result of his father’s exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam). When he graduated from university, we were no longer able to carry him on our insurance policy. Every time he applied for health insurance, he was denied. Why? Because he needed health care. What a country! Joseph Heller could write a novel about the health care INDUSTRY, and use Catch-22 as his template.

    Okay, that’s my rant, for now.
    Thanks again, really. I mean it.


  17. Thank you for your hospitality.

    Whatever moves you to write is just fine with me. Small things are just as important as the big things in life.

    Cake and ice tea. YUM!


  18. I just saw this slideshow of photos of Barack Obama on election night. It was really amazing how low-key he was, especially when watching John McCain’s concession speech. Enjoy!


  19. smteaches,

    I am totally with you. But you forgot to mention that a felon almost got re-elected to the senate.

    I have been here less than 2 years so I am just learning about politics in Alaska. I must say it is a bit weird, however, I have lived in Oregon with an active Repub right wing that got defeated again.
    Wyoming: The wild west is right – Dick Cheney is still a hero, except for a few proud and dedicated folks.

    We have a Repub legislature in Alaska so the impeachment must go through her friends?
    By the way, she has been trying hard to get the Capitol taken out of Juneau and moved to Anchorage. I am in Juneau and this is not her favorite place to be.

    I, personally, would like to see impeachment but I would guess that she would give everyone another 500.00 check and all will be good for another 6 months.

    We have sunshine in Juneau today! It rains a lot here, so this is a big deal. I have to get outside.


  20. I definitely would love to see you comment more on The View. This show is such a disappointment and insulting to women. Most of the hosts were nobodys until this dumb show, but I am also disappointed in Whoopi. I can see that a gig is a gig but she really sold her soul on this one. Looking back I can say now that Rosie was right to take a stand. I hope you contineu to call them out every day if need be. There are too many wonderful women out there who are intelligent, funny, beautiful and worthy of having America tune in every day. Keep watching this show for us please!


  21. Northern Exposure, Alaskan Pi, and JuneauJoe –

    When are the great people of Alaska going to impeach Governor Palin?

    1 – She violated state ethics laws and abused her position of power to get her former brother-in-law fired from his position as a state police officer

    2 – She unlawfully abused her authority by firing AK’s public safety commisioner

    3 – She illegally released a state employee’s personal information – a misdemeanor in AK

    4 – She allowed her husband illegal access to confidential personnel files, documents, and e-mails. She also allowed him to sit in on many of her meetings, including those executive sessions in which confidential matters were discussed.

    5 – She used state travel funds to stay at home, charging AK taxpayers $16,951 to stay in her own home in Wasilla (a per diem expense that’s meant for hotel stays while on official business…she even charged the stated each night that she stayed at home for 8 weeks after her baby was born, yet claims she never took “maternity leave”)…and she charged another $19,000 to eat meals in her own home (the per diem meant to pay for restaurant meals while on business trips.)

    I understand the need for governors to charge the state a per diem for business trips, but when you’re living at home, you don’t pay yourself for living at home — it’s so unethical that a former AK state senator resigned over ONE NIGHT at home that he charged to the state.

    6 – She charged the state per diem expenses for herself & her entire family for working on Thanksgiving Day 2007 — they attended a a state college basketball tournament

    7 – She charged AK taxpayers nearly $75,000 to fly her husband and children around the state – claiming they were doing “state business” (if that’s the case, then she should be prosectured for violating child labor laws)

    8 – Her husband charges AK taxpayers a “daily allowance” for official business & business trips that he conducts for his wife…while at the same time leading state movements to convince AK taxpayers to secede from the US

    9 – The state of AK donated $25,000 to the Juneau Christian Teen Center, a ministry of the church Palin & her family attend when they’re in Juneau (how’s that for separation of church & state!?!)

    Obviously, some of these things are just unethical (though not necessarily illegal) – but at least numbers 1-4 are ILLEGAL and enough grounds for impeachment.

    So, Northern Exposure, Alaskan Pi, and JuneauJoe, will you do all of America a HUGE favor and lead a grassroots effort to impeach your “good ‘ole girl” governor so that we can breathe easier about election 2012, as she’s obviously already started her campaigning for ’12?


  22. I join everyone! Don’t give up (if that was your intent–it could also be a basic questioning–blogging is throwing “it” all into unknown space).

    I spent today’s noon meal with my husband, who’s been terribly ill and faces Consequences, stressing (!) how important, of all the zillions sites I visit: that This One Matters. It’s about friendship, attempting to keep hope (of friendship) alive: that people/women in particular participate. I mentioned to him that “this” is the place where I find hope. That’s a lot on your shoulders M and H, but that’s what friendship is about. We–don’t we participants in this good place–don’t we want that to work everywhere? And where else do we start from but from the ur duo: two life-long friends who talk to each other–not simply imagine or stylize their relationships.

    Thanks you two; andiamo==it’s just a tirgger for the rest of us, but you put us on the right path.


  23. Why didn’t I find you sooner. I love you and your candor, your sense of humor and IMHO your right on assessment of “things” all the way from Sarah Palin to the Mormons. Please keep the cake and hospitality out and the conversations flowing.


  24. I have had friends tell me that they wish they had a grandma like you. And you remind me of my nana, so please don’t change. And don’t lock us out unless you have to.

    Thanks from a fan


  25. Helen, we’d read anything you write. You have quite a way with words.


  26. Irisheyes…Please accept my condolences on your loss. It’s not right that you have to be so concerned about healthcare during a time when you’re grief must be overwhelming. We hurt for you and with you.


  27. Irisheyes in PA, I sincerely hope President-elect Barack Obama could take a peek into this great blog of Margaret’s and Helen’s. I most certainly pray he does, really! Your grievance needs utmost presidential attention, indeed.

    As much as I dream of getting a Green card, I am very blessed to be living in my country now where healthcare is still free for all citizens. All we need to pay is less than a USD for G.P consultation fee. Three years ago, my mother underwent a double heart bypass and we didn’t have to pay a single cent for such complex surgery. May God bless my Abode of Peace… 🙂


  28. Trust me Helen, the idiot Palin will not go quietly into that great night. You will have plenty of fodder for your blog. The right wing lunatic talkers and FOX News have only just begun their assult on Barack Obama. They have become insignificant and they don’t like it. Their rhetoric is even worse than it was during the election. I am hoping the congress looks into The Fairness Doctrine and considers bringing it back……….that’ll make the little right wing piggies squeal !!!!

    Looking forward to your continued posts


  29. Please discuss healthcare. My husband was just killed in an accident and now I am without healthcare coverage. I am scared to death and still have several years till Medicare kicks in. We paid our own insurance costs for almost twenty-five years and now I will have to pay a giant premium and a more giant deductible. The uninsured are the largest group yet we can’t be considered a group for healhcare coverage. It is just not fair.


  30. I have added a link from my blog to your blog because I admire you so much. Mine covers local issues and politics, but your remarks are universal – and a reasoned view compared to my ravings.


  31. Hi. Just checkin’ in for a post-election visit. Enjoy the company here.

    Now let’s get to work on support for health care reform–for us being healthy–not the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

    And on sustainable economies and a healthy planet.

    I am still dancing about the election results nationally–and am hoping the best for Begich in Alaska (my home), Franken in Minnesota, and Martin in Georgia.

    Thanks Helen–for being Helen. And Margaret–for being Mararet. And all the company for dropping in and sharing thoughts, feelings, and ideas.


  32. Funding for education would be a good topic. The way the educational system is funded creates inequalities that should not be accepted in this country. Just because a child lives in one area versus another determines what type of future that child might have. Every child should be given a decent chance. What a great idea you had Helen! As usual, very inspiring. Thanks for keeping your blog up!


  33. I would like to hear your thoughts on Medical Insurance issues from your perspective. Seems to me that it is all about the insurance company and to hell with the person who needs the medical help. It is especially bad for people with a pre-existing condition.

    You are almost at a million hits! You two are amazing. you get any calls about the Inauguration?

    You two deserve to go see President Obama’s start to serving us. I would love to hear what you have to say about such a historic event. You helped to make President Obama possible you know! Really! You Did!


  34. Helen, I would love to know what you think about the ‘right-center country’ comment we keep hearing about.


  35. […] Now It Is Your Turn Last month I called Sarah Palin a bitch.  Oh my, what was I thinking?  Oh yes, I was thinking she was a bitch.  Of […] […]


  36. Margaret,

    Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty to talk about in the coming year. Palin got a taste of the limelight and we haven’t stopped hearing from her since the election was over. Kind of wish she’d shut her moose-burger hole already but I digress.

    The idiots at Fox, the GOP in Congress, Palin, Limbaugh, O’Reilly are going to give you more material than you care to handle over the next four years.

    Obama’s landslide victory only means they’ll get nastier. They can’t help themselves, it’s who they are. I think it was Bob Cesca on HuffPo who said today’s Republicans are like stalkers…rejection only makes them crazier.

    And it’s true, a whole gaggle of them have been on cable TV claiming we’re a center-right country and the reason they lost was because they weren’t conservative enough.

    I for one am looking forward to you having the opportunity to call them out on their bullshit and reading every word of it for at least the next 8 years.


  37. yay, keep telling it like it is!!!


  38. you are wonderful people and more fun to read than anything else on this box. How about doing interviews with people in the news? I’m sure by now your names have gotten around enough so that some brave souls (or arrogant jerks) in congress or the Senate would be willing to talk with you. Then you could report it all back to us along with your special, acid-tongued slant. What do you think?


  39. Boy i thought you were going to walk away form us leaving us with the B**** .. Don’t do that . There are so many topics out there that need your attention to telling it like it is . You go girls USA needs you. ….Vie


  40. I’ve only recently found you and would love to read what ever you chose to write about.I enjoy your no nonsense viewpoint.


  41. I am with those that would like the issue of health care taken on. I am hoping President Elect Obama (I love the sound of that) stays on his promise of addressing it.

    I have loved reading your blog and will continue to come back often to see what you have to say on any topic you decide is worthwhile to discuss.

    I am self employed and my husband and I love to travel. He has VA health ins. and I have to purchase my own. We can work from anywhere so we have lived in 4 states the last 4 years. One move from Utah to California my health raised from $235 a month to $420 a month just because we were in a different state. I switched companies for a year, until our lastest move to Oregon. The company I had did not cover Oregon so now I have to go thru the whole thing again, finding a suitable company, the hour interview, reading the fine print, it is impossible to find something that is what it says it is. I just want major medical. It just makes no sense.


  42. Someone may have already posted this link, if so, sorry for the duplication:

    The article isn’t very long, but is well worth reading re our fav “pig in lipstick”.


  43. I believe THE VIEW is the most wasted air-time on television. Cheryl? talked about all her abortions (several she said, didn’t say how many)
    but can’t speak on gay marriage? B. Walters wrote a book on her affair with a married gov. employee??? Elisabeth is simply a JOKE, her bigotry is disgusting. Whoopie is just there. I can’t abide the show, I watched it for awhile, but that blond just absolutely turns me off, so I turn off the tv.
    I don’t have to agree with someone’s choice of life-style, but I feel I have to speak for their right to make their choice. Thanks for the blog.


  44. For several months, I have voiced the opinion to anyone interested (basically my OH) that Hillary would make a better Secretary of State than President. It’s a job for a genuinely strong woman – someone sane, rational but not afraid of banging heads together when the need arises. In the UK, the late lamented Mo Mowlam was the REAL architect of the Northern Ireland peace deal using exactly those methods. If she’d been around to be Foreign Secretary in 2003, I wonder if we’d have been dragged into the mess in Iraq.

    As to healthcare, thanks to Nye Bevan’s work in 1948, health is a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEDGE. It may have its faults (too much money going to managers, not enough to nurses), but the National Health Service is still one of the greatest British inventions.

    As to the Obama family pet issue – maybe they should take advantage of the huge amount of space at the White House and set an example in these times of financial constraints. Turn part of the lawns into a homestead – plant a kitchen garden and get the girls some chickens and maybe a couple of goats!


  45. Do you “adopt” grandchildren? If so I want my name on the list.

    As for ideas to blog on – this world is filled with stupid you won’t have a problem…..


  46. Dear Dears,

    There is a big silly grin on my face right now…this wise blog is apt and entertaining and authentic, regardless of who says what. I was never comfortable with Ms. Palin, my biggest fear had been she was just one heart attack away from being president…a position often held by imbeciles, but a perky, pesky imbecile is inconcievable to me.
    Margaret, I’m moving to Maine in the spring…would love to read more about you adventures there.
    Take care-


  47. Frances D. You should read the Hand Maid’s Tale too. Its by Margaret Atwood, and would make a nice counterpoint to Lolita in Tehran. Its about just such a scenario happening in the U.S and is considered a classic.


  48. This is only my opinion, but I find certain laws more than suspicious when I consider the big picture affect they have on our individual rights. This is certainly true around the issue of gay marriage, but also true in many other arenas, such as the legalization of prostitution, abortion, or any law which is designed to control groups of people in one way or another.

    If those in power can criminalize self expression it is easier to control people & discourage them from organizing for their own interests or the interests of others by making it difficult for them to identify themselves for fear of “prosecution”.

    These laws “against” are examples of the many ways individuals are stripped of their right to fully express themselves, own their own bodies, and exercise our right to The Pursuit of Happiness.

    In many cases, our country’s laws directly conflict with our country’s constitution, don’t you think? I, for one, do not believe this is an accident or a coincidence.



  49. Frances D: It’s actually worse with the Mormans…. we, the taxpayer, supports those children born by the ‘extra’ wives…. by not listing a birth father on the birth certificate, they instantly fall into Aid to Families with Dependent Children…. welfare. Imagine, one man, four or five ‘wives’, five to six children each, adds up to quite the income. And we pay. And yet, nothing seems to be done about this rape of the system. Why? They are part of the GOP base that all their candidates pander to and coddle.

    Unfortunately for me, I’m just a gay man in love with one man. Our voices don’t often count.



  50. Thank you for your blog! When I started reading today I thought you were saying “good bye”! Phew! It is part of my daily routine to come here and get a dose of good old fashioned common sense in plain speak. I’m glad you don’t watch The View every day – I think it’s not good for our health. I just watch clips here and there in You Tube or in Huffington Post articles. That Elizabeth H makes me too mad to watch her. Palin needs to be called out for what she is and McCain needs to apologize for putting this country in danger – people actually VOTED to put her that close leading the country and affecting my son’s future. Thank goodness America did the right thing for a change. pun intended. Thanks for the blogging!


  51. Would you like to address the Republican version of welfare babies – AIG with their corporate retreat jaunts to luxury hotels – and the other Wall Street companies providing executive bonuses now that they have received the check in the mail . . . from us. Somehow, I don’t think they realize exactly what their party platform stance of being fiscally conservative means.


  52. I love reading your blog. I’ve been so addicted this last couple of months to reading all the good blogs I could find.

    Okay, firstly, there is a petition to “shut Sarah Palin up”. Here is the link:

    Next: I am reading the book “Reading Lolita in Tehran” and it is scary because this could happen to us. Do you know that after they were taken over by the fundamentalist religion that they lowered the marrying age of girls from 19 to 9? Is that familiar? Like the fundamentalist Mormon church? These people who think that they are religious usually are the ones who exploit girls and women. They keep on changing the rules to suit their wants and desires. Let us stand strong against these people.

    Yes, they are against abortion, but do they ever place responsibility on the men who get these women pregnant…….to support these mothers?

    Did you know that when Clinton was president abortions went down by more than 20%, and during Bushes first 4 years, it went up by more than 20%. These administration is against abortion, but they exploit everyone so that many people cannot make a living wage. I am sick and tired of people telling me that the poor are lazy.

    The comments of these blogs are also fun to read.

    Please keep it up ladies. I admire you for watching the View. I can’t stand that program since that moron started got in it.


  53. I have to confess . . . sometimes I check in more than once a day because I just have to reread your posts (okay, maybe I need to get out more). I suppose I should just copy the great posts and have them tatooed on my arm for future reference – I never meant to skew your hit count.



  54. Hi, Folks–

    I’m a contributor to the New York Times and Vanity Fair who was asked by to list my favorite ten blogs by or about senior citizens, and I picked you. You can see the list here:

    If you want to be a good egg and humanitarian, maybe mention the article on your blog? (And I can be found at, where I blog about seniors.)

    Congratulations, and thanks!

    Henry Alford


  55. Tell us about the election of 1960, or any other
    previous election you have emotional memories of.


  56. Did Sarah go back to Alaska yet? Is she really gone? damn

    I missed the bon voyage party!

    And, ladies, please don’t torture yourself with watching “The View” on our account. The only one worth watching on that show is Whoopi. But Elisabeth makes my blood pressure get too high, and for that I resent her because she’s made me have to give up my beloved Whoopi.

    As for subjects to discuss here: well, how about some ideas from your readers for Obama’s cabinet picks?

    Me? I just have total faith in his judgement. And here’s how I feel about this election: with gratitude to the author, Courtney E. Martin:

    “Sometimes you believe in someone and they inspire you right back. Sometimes kindness and wisdom triumph over fear and brutality. Sometimes this country is as amazing as your wildest imagination of it.”

    And…. one last thing…. watching Obama and Michelle and their darling girls reminds me of this
    “….. a more congenial spot, for happy-ever-aftering than here in Camelot.”


  57. My mother is 85. She doesn’t do e-mail, she doesn’t blog, but she took me to see JFK in 1960 and had me march in civil rights marches in the 60’s. I call her every week and we talk about politics. I love you two because you are my Mom.


  58. I enjoy your take on the world, you’re a hoot, too. I wish more older people would get online and throw their weight around.

    I’m interested on your take on parenting. My parents lectured me about reading too many parenting books when we made their grandchildren. They were right. (the kids are 7 & 9—still young enough that we can fix the damage).

    We have since changed course to parenting the way my parents did in the 70s. Our kids are responsible for entertaining themselves, they are allowed to play outside with minimal supervision (because we don’t let cable news freak us out). They eat what I cook them or not at all, etc.

    I saw an interesting map online recently, that showed the range of childhood wandering that parents have allowed over the generations. The great-grandfather had about 6 miles of area to wander around, go fish, find trails, poke at dead stuff. The grandfather had 2 miles to wander around. The father was restricted to his neighborhood or subdivision. Kids today, their yard, or, if lucky, their street.

    What is your opinion on this? I know you have kids, and it is likely they have kids now, too. So you have a frame of reference.



  59. […] […]


  60. Aloha! I was intrigued by the picture above and wondered the name of the ship it was taken on.

    Now back to Sarah Palin: Did you know:

    Who is she related to?

    Have a great day.


  61. Here are some pics I think ya’ll will like:


  62. The first paragraph of this blog made me smile genuinely. Glad you’re here. Definitely staying tuned.



  63. Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence. I appreciate it. Now if you’d like to hear a real roast other than the one on this site, go to, and let me tell you. I gave it to her good. It’s called, Sarah Palin says she will be back in 2012. I am embarassed with the way I spoke, and being a young southern girl, I feel so bad, but hey, I had to speak the truth. LOL, you go girl.


  64. Dear Helen and Margaret too,

    What an outstanding idea to have a page for questions to ask you! You have been serving delicious tea and cake as well as creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Your many readers and I are so grateful you are going to keep it up. You had better get cracking baking and brewing,
    ‘cause you are going to host a whole lot of tea parties!

    I would like to talk about Xenophobia. Everyone knows what a phobia is, an IRRATIONAL FEAR of something. “Xeno” comes from the Greek word meaning ‘stranger’, so Xenophobia is the irrational fear of strangers. A stranger could be defined as any anyone we don’t know well; that looks different from ‘us’, that speaks differently, that wears different clothes and has different ideas about just about everything. Gender, socio-economic status, cuisine, religion, politics, smoking, nationality, sexual orientation, ethnicity; obesity and a whole laundry list of differences between ‘us’ and ‘them’. How about short, red haired, sinister left-handed people with ingrown toenails? In French, the word “gauche” has two meanings – ‘left’ and ‘sinister’. However, there are plenty more similarities between ‘us’ and ‘them’ than differences, starting with being members of the human species. As the French say, “Vive la difference!”

    I have a phobia about snakes. Before school bus days, when I was in first grade I was walking home from school with some of my little friends. An older boy, a bully, hollered that he had found something. We went to see and it was a nest of baby snakes. He wiggled one in front of my face and I took off. He chased after me and put it down the back of my coat. He howled with laughter as I of course freaked.

    Turned out it was a harmless little garter snake, but how did I know? Ever since, whenever I even see a picture of a snake, I can almost feel that thing wriggling at the nape of my neck and my heart goes pitty-pat for a split second. When we were scouting out where to retire, I learned that Ireland and Hawaii have no snakes. Now those were the places for me! Ireland gets pretty cold though. We chose Hawaii because it is also beautiful and we wanted to stay under Uncle Sam’s umbrella. So here we are.

    I suppose that most people have a phobia or two. It may not be from a traumatic personal experience. More than likely, it is the result of a lively imagination something like a bogeyman under the bed that was going to come out and eat you in the middle of the night. However, most phobias are LEARNED from people in authority that we have reason to trust and therefore believe without question.

    There are valid reasons for some fears to be taught in order to protect a child from dangers. The trouble is kids fill in the spaces of fears without fully understanding WHY.

    Case in point. We no more triumphed over Hitler, Mussolini and the Emperor of Japan than we had to make Russia the big bogeyman. We were swaggering around with the biggest nuclear toys but Russia beat us into space with Sputnik. So the competition was on to conquer not only outer space but also each other with nuclear weapons. Hence, the Cold War.

    In those days school children were carefully taught in drills how to hide under their desks in the event of a nuclear attack. Nobody told them that they would probably be vaporized along with the desks and everything else. Didn’t want to scare them. Right. What it DID teach several generations was to be phobic about Russia and everything Russian. We are friends now, more or less with Russia. Today the phobia “du jour” is terrorists from the Middle East. That’s why we have to take off our shoes to get through airport security.

    In the summer of 2007 we went on a river cruise from Moscow meandering up the Volga River to St. Petersburg. We encountered innumerable Russian people, not a one with horns and a tail. Along the probably close to one thousand miles, we watched the countryside from the ship’s railing. Not once did we glimpse the rugged coastline of Alaska. Maybe we were at dinner or in the shower and missed it.




  65. Helen and Margaret- you should be advisors to President Obama. I love your clarity and no-nonsense way of expressing your views. I am glad you will be staying with us, I am on your porch daily. =)


  66. I am thinking the healthcare mess should be fodder for you. I have to (again) sort through my 90-year old mother’s list of meds, and attempt to make an intelligent decision about which provider to choose for her part D coverage. This crazy system was set up by people sure that capitalism and free enterprise would give us a good prescription drug insurance plan. I think the whole setup is nuts.

    Other healthcare woes affect many of us, whether old or young. You would be amazed how many people have to take bankruptcy to get relief from enormous debt.

    Aside from healthcare issues, which I fear will be shunted aside as the country deals with economic woes, I also like the idea of your sharing life stories, which I am sure you would do in an inimitable way, and probably with a moral to boot. Tell us about the adventures you two girlfriends have had together.


  67. Hi Margaret and Helen. What a great idea. I just love you blog. You’re the best!!!


  68. Love your blog – and I’d love to have you comment on Sec. of the Treasury Henry (Hank) Paulsen. Mr. Paulsen, along with George Bush the Younger, reminds me of the same kind of leadership provided by Michael Brown and George Bush the Younger after Hurricane Katrina. Remember how effective that leadership was? I feel like the same degree of idiocy is in charge now.
    Didn’t your stomach hit the floor when ‘Hank’ told us he was changing course, no more buying up toxic assets (which he initially told Congress he had to have $700 Billion to do or we would be in flames in nothing flat, hurry hurry!). Now we are not going to do that anymore, but we are going to give certain institutions ‘access to’ funds to ‘get credit moving’. Sigh.
    Just like the occupation of Iraq – no plan, no foresight, just do one thing for a while, then switch to another. First they were doing it with our children’s lives, now they are doing it with our money (vet’s mom talking, here). I am in a slough of despond.


  69. Let me echo what some other comments are suggesting. What do you think of Hillary Clinton accepting a cabinet post? What does it say about Obama’s style of leadership that he would consider her?
    I think to be fair, you really should blog about major decisions of the Obama administration.


  70. Your blog rocks the world!!!!!!!!!!


  71. For the love that is all holy do not hold back.


  72. Please keep writing! You have articulated my thoughts exactly on so many things, and I love the bluntness and perspective. I’ll try to think of things to contribute for ideas and questions, but for now, I just wanted to say how I look forward to seeing new posts from your site in my reader!


  73. Keep it up Helen! I really missed you when you took time off after the election.

    I think I saw someone else recommend you watch Rachel Maddow instead of The View. One thing that keeps me coming to work everyday is daytime television. Rachel Maddow comes on at 8 on MSNBC. She is a Rhodes Scholar with a Ph.D. from Oxford University – but do go thinking she is a stuffed shirt. She is FUN and I think you will like her. I suggest you record her show each night and then watch it the next day at the same time The View comes on, if you can delay gratification for that long.

    I’ve really enjoyed this time since I discovered your blog and I’m really looking forward to reading your posts.


  74. Helen,
    I am confident that you will continue to find things of interest to you (which will interest us) and will continue to comment on them (which will interest us even more.)

    You have a wonderful perspective and an even better way with words. So please continue with your thoughts on politics, culture (forget the View!) and whatever strikes your fancy.

    Your advantage, it seems to me, is that time has loosened your tongue and allowed you to just say it!

    Just write it, Helen! And I’ll keep coming back for more!

    Oh, and btw, I heard that in Syria— SYRIA!— merchants are vending T-shirts inscribed with Obama’s name in Arabic!! Isn’t that amazing????


  75. What a great idea!! Love it!! Love your blog. It is because you call ’em like you see ’em and shoot from the hip that I visit here daily. You are an inspiration.

    What would happen to the economy if we all just decided to forgive everybody’s debt? It is not a new idea. It was done for soldiers in WWl and for other countries after wars and for third world countries. Would it throw everything into chaos? What would it be like, how would it work?

    Looking forward to more Helen and Margaret in the future.

    Cheers. And thanks for writing.


  76. Ladies, you are both so inspiring to all of us who read and share you with the rest of our friends and family.
    I wish Rosie still had her show. She would totally have you both on. It would be a hoot!! I found out about you two from her blog site.
    You are my lunch time reading 🙂 What ever you decide that will work for you is great with me.


  77. I love the brutal honesty.


  78. a page where we can leave comments and questions? I thought that was how people used the comments section. Hmmmm…oh well…as you wish.

    Helen, there is plenty for us to discuss. You have such wisdom, such common sense, I love reading your comments.

    So let me ask you a question…one from the debates…given that there are all these pressing issues facing us: education, health care, energy, the need to cut taxes to those of us earning under a quarter of a million a year, it is clear we won’t be able to meet all of these in light of the economic downturn. Helen and Margaret, what would your priorities be?

    Thank you as always for your wisdom,



  79. Pinching Pennies. Living within our means when the means are gone. Introducing the grandkids to politics. That’s three for the two of you.


  80. At age 51 I’m known for brutally “telling it like it is.” I call them as I see them. And so glad to have a mentor like you who says what’s on her mind, in the most efficient way possible. Keep on telling it, and we’ll keep reading.
    Brenda in Tyler


  81. How about the 500+ million dollars that Goldman Sachs is planning to give as bonuses? Bonuses for what? A good job done driving the company into the ground? And after taking their chunk of the tax-payer funded emergency 700 billion?

    I’m ready to bust a gusset.


  82. I love the fact that you call Sarah Palin a bitch. It’s much nicer than the way I’ve been referring to that snivelling little see you next tuesday.
    Just so you two know, she’s trying to stir up all kinds of trouble at the Republican Governor’s meetings by saying the exact same things she said during the campaign. All the while talking about moving forward. Dumb. Ass. If she had two brain cells to rub together, she might actually be dangerous. Mainly by setting fire to all that hair product.
    But my point is, she’s determined to not be ignored. The best part is she’s going to give you LOTS of ammunition if she keeps this up.
    I love you two.


  83. I think Hillary would be a wonderful secretary of state, but wouldnt her talents be more useful working on reforming the health care system? She has been trying for this for years, and who has studied it more than she has? This needs to be addressed in the very near future, or the entire health care system will be bankrupt.


  84. As another proper Southern lady of a certain age, thank you for the ice tea and cake.

    Whatever you choose to write about will be spot on and brilliant and I, for one and I know I’m not alone, will be checking back and sharing your
    site with others. Even those who need to be educated above their pay grade (can we say “Palin” boys and girls? Yes, I think we can.


  85. Margaret and Helen:
    (If you build it he will come. – “Field of Dreams”)

    Just look at local or national newpaper headlines, or any of the articles (online or hardcopy) and there is PLENTY to blog about.

    I agree, The View is not worth the aggravation. However, how about BW on 20/20 tonight? She’s got Thomas Beatie (the first pregnant man, now pregnant for a second time) and BW is SHOCKED by the revelation.


  86. Have a great weekend ladies, I am gonna celebrate.


    (your friendly sheep lover in Oklahoma)


  87. I bet you don’t have many four-legged readers, but count me among them. I have some opinions about where you can take this …. There can be a lot of research involved in writing a blog and pressure to regularly come up with something pithy to say (and to keep people returning–face it, for some, ego often expands due to the blogging experience). Not to mention there is a good bit of time required to revise and proofread. I never lack for things to mouth off about–but every now and then I have to take a few days to catch up on naps and to “just be a cat” (my “owner” always frets about that).

    I have a couple of suggestions to help ease your workload. Why don’t you pick a day–Monday or Friday, perhaps–and just do a commentary once a week. Just like the op-ed folks in the paper do (though so many of them are not as brilliant as you). My other suggestion would be to make it an advice-like column. I know–obvious, but workable … and still highly entertaining and educational to your readers. You wouldn’t have to limit it to that format. But it could be one of the premises.

    I get my dander up (without shedding it too much) over the ridiculous things many humans do–particularly the ones in positions of power. But I also have opinions about seemingly benign topics like fashion, pop culture and NFL football that I often share. So, I don’t think it matters what you two choose to write about–even if it’s stories of some of your exploits from 60 years of friendship. Maybe a diary entry from long ago–or a letter from someone that reminds you of something you’d totally forgotten about. Other ideas: How you met your husband. When you got your first TV set and how long it took before you became totally disgusted with it (as I suspect you did). Your take on overrated (and underrated) events of the 20th century. Unsung heroes. Whatever.

    Take a little vacation every now and then when you need it. We’ll still keep coming back and also sharing this link with others.

    A fellow hep cat,


  88. Thank you for the hospitality. The cake and tea was delightful. I am looking forward to future posts from you both.
    I’d like to ask all of you to sign the petition to remove Lieberman. He is a thorn we need rid of.

    Thanks, I mean it. Really, I do.


  89. I, too, was afraid this was a good-bye forever post. Phew!

    I have never watched the view. I work during the day (except when I’m checking for new posts on my favorite blogs). For a quick and thorough wrap up of the day’s events, you might try Olbermann or Maddow on MSNBC. OR, if you want your politics with some humor, try The Daily Show or the Colbert Show on the Comedy Channel.

    For now, I’m really ticked off at that Catholic Priest who refuses communion for anyone who voted for Obama. And, I think that Hilary for Secretary of State is a bad idea. I’m just thinking that we are still in the thick of it in the Middle East and, regardless of how OUR society works, THEY don’t hold women in very high esteem or respect them very much at all. I would put a man in that spot for sure.


  90. Lisa,

    While the Obama puppy story is one of those cute and cuddly human interest stories, I’m betting that by now ol’ Barack is sorry he ever mentioned it.

    What was once private a family decision has been snapped up and repeated endlessly by the news media. Now the family is bound to be criticized no matter what they choose, because it’s not what the country wants.

    It’s bound to be hard enough to satisfy all four members of their family, let alone every dog lover in America. So I think the public should leave it alone and be happy with whatever the Obama family chooses.

    ; – )


  91. You have a lot of young people coming here daily to hear your opinion. I say go with what you know ladies. HISTORY! Those who refuse to learn and doomed to repeat it.

    So maybe, if you tell us how you made it thru the tough times of the pass, we can all learn what trip-wires to step over in the present/future.

    What do you see happening today that reminds you of something in the past?

    Now run with that! ~PEACE~


  92. I think Helen and Margaret should go on the View to replace Cherry and Elisabeth. THEN it would be worth watching.

    You might try watching “Countdown” with Keith Olberman or the Rachel Maddow show instead (on MSNBC). Much easier to take, and then you would still have plenty to talk about.

    Keep up the good work!


  93. It would be so cool to be a part of the process, especially when people as wickedly fun as you are!

    Another bitch: The people who call Obama a “Marxist,” “socialist,” or just like “Hitler.”

    Another ass: Hank Paulson/TARP/the bloated government along with NO OVERSIGHT of that bloating/all the companies now trying to feed at the trough.

    Another jackass: Sean Hannity/Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck or anyone else who fits the hate-monger title.

    Another moron: The NRA.

    That other one: Joe “Any Way the Wind Blows” Lieberman

    Blog. On. Sisters.


  94. Lisa,

    Although the idea that the Obama family is getting a puppy is one of those cuddly human interest stories, I’m betting that by now ol’ Barack is regretting he ever mentioned it.

    Now there endless discussions on news channels about what their family should get, what they should name it, etc. etc.

    The decisions regarding this no longer seem to belong to them and their children. The nation has claimed it and if the Obama family’s decisions vary from what the nation wants, (or really no matter what they decide) there will be criticism, which may end up ruining the joy of it for the whole family.

    I think this should belong to the family and the public should leave it alone. Whatever they decide will be “mighty fine” with me.



  95. I really love the spice in your cake.

    I have no particular questions for you at this time. I’ll let you know if I do, though. Thanks for being there and for being you.


  96. What would you respond to this comment: ” Why should an 80-year-old in this country have medical coverage under medicare and a 3-year-old not have the same if his/her parents are part of the uninsured?”
    Thank you for sharing your many thoughts with us. I am a true fan. Really. I mean it!


  97. Oh yes, Oprah…yes yes yes. That would be a hoot! I love you girls and would love to see you on the Oprah Winfrey Show! I mean, it can’t be as bad as The View….


  98. Sorry about all the mighty fines in that post. What was I thinking?


  99. I would never even think to ask you to watch that awful show, The View, everyday. That might just drive you mad!

    Ok, I wonder what yall think of the puppy dog the Obama kids are going to get. I dreamt last night that I was Michelle Obama’s assistant which was mighty fine but when I didn’t answer a question correctly in the dream I have to give the little Obama girls my beloved Boxer dogs. That is just not right. But it was just a dream. There have been speculations that they need to adopt a shelter dog or a rescue dog and name him/her Maverick. I think that is mighty fine.

    What are yall’s thoughts?


  100. I agree with so many here that we don’t care what you write, just keep writing. While it is great to get your perspective on things like the major issues effecting this country right now, I’m happy hearing your thoughts on issues like how to make a friendship last 60 years or what you thought of Dame Edna. And I agree with what Seeing Eye Chick said as well — we come here for the special viewpoint you share with us. Keep on sharing!


  101. Mrs. Helen, it doesn’t matter what the hell you talk about, I’ll read it…

    BUT….May I suggest….Let’s talk about views on pregnancy outside of marriage….I must admit I was PISSED the hell off when the Bitch’s (Palin) daughter came out pregnant and EVERYONE was saying “AWWww that’s great, she chose life.” BUT when I got pregnant at 20 (Yes shit happens) EVERYONE looked at me like I was the worst person in the world. So why is it that the Bitch’s daughter was praised for choosing life, but regular people like me get ridiculed. I must add that I am still in school graduating in May and getting married to my child’s father (haven’t set a date until I graduate)….

    I had to get that off my chest!

    Great Blog, Keep em’ coming!


  102. Yey! I’m doing the Snoopy happy dance!! More Margaret and Helen…Yey…Can’t wait!

    Helen, you make me laugh with your humour and and you make me nod in agreement with your wisdom…

    Thank You!


  103. By all means, keep saying what you want to say. I will continue to check in and enjoy whatever is here. It’s been a great ride and I’m so glad that you are blogging.

    Keep it up, in whatever form you want to. It’s your show!


  104. You scared me there for a minute. I thought you were leading up to saying you were closing the blog. Please, please, don’t think of doing that!

    I really look forward to whatever you have to say about just about any subject. I will try to think up some good ones, and get back to you. Meantime, how about really going to work on this same sex marriage thing. Human rights are a civil matter, and church and state shouldn’t be intertwined. And we can’t be selective as to who is allowed those rights.


  105. First – I was so afraid you were signing off and glad you’re both staying with us.

    I agree with Seeing Eye Chick – While I was very involved with this election and loved reading your posts every day pertaining to it, I’d love to hear stories from yours and Margaret’s life experiences – things you’ve learned. We can visit news sites for all the political crap.

    Of course, your colorful opinions on the politicians are always welcome.

    Some very important issues for me in addition to what others have already suggested are the environment and the creatures we share this earth with. While we are finally hearing “green lifestyles” being talked about, we all need to keep the big picture in mind and how everything we do has an affect on the earth.

    Love you both and glad you’re still blogging away!!!
    Phyllis in NC


  106. There is a nationwide protest tomorrow against Proposition 8:

    Find the protest nearest you!


  107. You don’t have to watch The View for all of us to keep coming back for more of your wit and wisdom! Just write about whatever, whenever, and we’ll lap it up like eager puppies! And as long as “the bitch” insists on prolonging her 15 minutes of fame, there will be plenty to write about. It’s hilarious how when she was actually a contender for the most important job in the world she was in press blackout; now that we don’t need to know anything about her anymore she just won’t shut the hell up! At least she’s comedy gold. Matt Taibbi’s latest in Rolling Stone is a good example:


  108. I can understand. I write a political blog and I actually have to do a bit more research for material now.


  109. Good afternoon and happy Friday to you!

    I want to hear your opinion about anything and everything. Sorry, I know that wasn’t helpful, but, gosh, its like a breath of fresh air every time I visit this page!

    I’ll try to think of something good, but in the meantime, I send hugs and thanks! and I’ll keep listening!


  110. Hello mrs. Philpot! I like your blog so much! I am from Venezuela and I am very happy that you have elected president to Barack Obama. I have the best wishes for you and your family… and for your good friend Margaret too!


  111. It can be overwhelming. Every post doesnt have to be brilliant, but so far, all of them have been.

    Why dont you write about the things you believe are important.

    In this short time, you made many of us feel less alone. I see more than a few Dems posting from uber-red states. You made me feel like my perceptions of being continuously gas-lit by the RNC and my own government were well founded.

    I knew that, but it sure is nice to get that validation.

    You made it possible for me to find other blogs and their authors and share with them.

    I dont believe anyone here expects you to watch the View everyday or Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern. This is the blogosphere–not Purgatory.

    So write what is important to you, from your perspectives, and in your expreinces.

    So many of us have missed the wisdom and experience of the generations before us, because we lead such separate lives. And through you, we hear so much.

    So many of us are tired of Rush Limbaugh being hailed as some elder statesmen–a legend in his own mind he is–and all the other frail, golden age stereotypes out there. Through you, we are reminded that there is fire, intelligence, and understanding.

    That Getting older isnt about wrinkles, its about seeing the big picture.

    And you two ladies are able to deliver perspectives of that picture from a variety of subjects.

    So just do what you do best.


  112. I think we all kind of know what you mean.

    Vistors are like fish. It is good for about 3 days and then it starts getting old.

    You have so many people looking up to you now, it is hard to keep up with the demand. Maybe Helen should get a little bit of a blogging vacation to spend some quality blogging time with her family and Margaret.


  113. You should get a life time achievement award for watching the view at all. That show kills me.


  114. I only just found your blog and I hope you are able to stick around! You voice is so refreshing (okay, it reminds me of my grandma and I miss her).


  115. I was scared for a second that you were going to quit! I should have known better…

    As for the mormons, I find it ironic that a group of people who fled because people thought their ideas on marriage were “different” or “unwholesome” would turn around and do the same thing to others. Pretty hypocritical.


  116. HOORAY You’re not going AWAY!!

    As always, thank you for being you & sharing yourselves with all of us.



  117. I am SO relieved that you don’t watch The View every day. I don’t watch much television but, in years gone by, have ended up there one or two times. I lasted about 2 minutes and had to leave.

    Topics —

    Those who pray that their friends will see the ‘light’, or the world their way

    The devout who see having a child out of ‘wedlock’ as a sin even as they carry banners wanting to ban abortion

    The beauty of people who set aside all their learned biases and see each person as they are, also beautiful

    The peculiarity of a country in which umpteen percent believe in God, according to polls, while the ‘cultural’ offerings (movies, books, television) become more and more secular, violent, sexual and absurd

    The great fortune we have to live where we do right now, when we can talk about these things publicly in an intelligent, and sometimes silly, way

    Don’t go away!!! You bring such smiles to my face.


  118. I just recently found your blog, but I love it tremendously!


  119. Thank you for the hospitality.

    I am another that will not be going anywhere.

    And I thank you for telling it as you see it because there are too many people on this planet who only have a talent in butt-kissing.


  120. Hi Helen,

    I missed you yesterday. There is a world of ignorance and otherwise misunderstanding that needs inteligent no holds bared comment like yours so please keep blogging and I’ll keep coming back.

    You’ve helped my hold on to my sanity and affirmed that there are good people in the world. The sad fact is that the idiots scream loudest so it only seems that they are the voice of the people, not true.

    By the way I got one of your tee shirts last week and love it. My partner ordered one for herself and another one for a gift. Love ya!



  121. I agree that one of our most immediate concerns should be health care…come June, my entire retirement check will go to cover my insurance premium. I’m lucky in that I am healthy and my husband’s retirement is great. So many don’t have that advantage. My daughter has insurance through her work, but can’t afford to get it for herself or my grandkids…my son-in-law got ill, and even WITH health coverage, they had to claim bankruptcy…the stories go on and on throughout our country. No one should have to give up their lives or chose illness over health because of the costs or lack of health care. I’m scared for all of us.


  122. I think Margaret and Helen should be given a cabinet post in the Obama administration;
    B.S. Czars. They are the ones who call a bitch a bitch and point out the obvious when politicians think they can pull the wool over our eyes. In your posts you point out the obvious and that is that the Emperor is buck naked.
    I’m thrilled that I found you. Keep calling it like you see it. We should all follow your example. Maybe the world be in better shape because of it.


  123. I vote Al Gore for Secretary of State and Hillary for Secretary of Defense. During the primaries, the dudes at the Pentagon kept saying she was best qualified to be commander in chief, so give her a job she can sink her teeth into. She has too much baggage with the AMA and drug companies to be Secretary of Health.


  124. I haven’t posted before, but have really, really enjoyed reading your blog.
    I’d love to know what you think about the car industry bail-out. I can see this one from both sides.


  125. Whatever you say, I’m gonna read it. I love how you think and how you write. I too, a mere child at 66, am learning that there are huge benefits in being “elderly” in that what was bitchiness has now become “old lady who tells it like it is”, plus I no longer worry over my makeup or holding my stomach in.

    Health care is a biggie. Let’s take the control away from the damned insurance companies. I ended up paying an extra $30 last week to buy my own blood pressure medication rather than use the employer-provided insurance, because the insurance company would not let me refill the pills for two more days, and I did not want to have to walk back to the drugstore after dark three days later.

    I retired about four years ago. Funny thing, you can retire here at 62 but you can’t get Medicare until you’re 65. And even when you get it, it costs almost $100 a month for Part B and god-knows-what for Part D (where is Part C? what’s that all about?). That’s a crime. Many retirees are struggling to live on their social security benefits, and then the government takes back 10% so the retirees can see a doctor twice a year? That’s not right.

    And everyone deserves insurance. Anyone see Michael Moore’s “Sicko”. Worth a watch. If nothing else, it shows what other countries offer.

    While I was retired, I tried to get on the state health insurance for the indigent. I was living on $867 a month. Yes, it can be done, although it’s more fun to have more. Do you know, my income was too high to qualify me for the state plan?

    Wonder why I went back to work, and at 66 am spending 3 hours a day commuting and 8 hours a day working in a stressful environment (law firm)?

    Schools need help. Highways need help. This whole country is in such bad shape… back when W was running, and when Katherine Harris gave him the election (and lord knows what else), I thought “Oh, we’re in such good shape, he surely can’t ruin that in four years.” I was wrong, it took him less than two years, and in my lifetime I have not seen so many things that need fixing and talking about. You could put on a blindfold, spin around, open your eyes, and probably come up with six months’ worth of blogging off the first thing that you see.

    You all just talk. I’m listening.


  126. ‘Morning, Gramma Helen!

    Wearing my “Margaret and Helen: Victory 2016” shirt today and drinking my coffee from my new “Old ladies speak their minds…” mug! You are LOVED.

    REgarding skyewriter at 10:40 am…ME TOO!! I so thought you were going to tell us all so long! You scared me a little bit there, Helen!

    Truely, whatEVER you want to write about, I’m here for the duration! I check your blog first thing when I turn my ‘puter on every day! And yes, I’d read recipes if that is what you wanted to post (hmm…that’s an idea right there! You know, post a little story to go with each recipe, like the time our dog stole the turkey off the kitchen counter before we could get it to the table one Thanksgiving…)

    Don’t worry…I’m pretty sure you’ll find plenty to say already without too much help. But I’ll keep my ears our for topic suggestions and let you know, anyway…just like I’m sure everybody else will, too.

    Love Bunches from Seattle!


  127. Thank you. The cake & tea are delicious.


  128. I think if you blogged on old family recipes and a dog running loose on your front yard you’d probably make it entertaining. You make me feel like I need to step up my own game at my blog.

    Thanks, Helen (and Margaret, too, though we don’t see much of you…)


  129. If you’re not to shy, I think everybody would like to see a picture of our favorite senior blogger…




  131. I agree with what Skyewriter said above. I too thought that this was a goodbye post. I was starting to panic!



  132. Help Obama help our country!

    As many of you know, there are three undecided senate seats. The results of these elections could make a huge difference in the makeup of the U.S. senate.

    There is a run-off election for senator in Georgia, pitting a nasty, hate-bating incumbent (whose previous ads compared Osama bin Laden with a triple amputee U.S. veteran) against a newcomer.

    Why get involved in another state’s elections? The votes in the senate affect ALL of us. Obama will have a much better chance of making changes if there are more democrats in the senate. On some issues, every senate vote counts.

    If you can spare $5 or $10 for this campaign, please consider helping Jim Martin.


  133. I followed a link and got here before the election. I have been coming back since! And all my friends also love your writings and thoughts!

    I thought today’s reference to being a Southern woman would be the “but bless her/his heart” comment that they add after a derogatory comment about someone. But the cake and ice tea made a more a delightful picture. There we are, all 900,000 of us on your porch.

    You could write about any topic and delight the majority of us. But I like Darlene’s suggestion of Universal Health Care as a topic. The economy, the bailouts, even books you read and recommend, all could be topics. Whatever you are inspired to write will thrill us. We do so enjoy your writing!


  134. Can I just say that I LOVE this blog? Would that when I gain some years I am as brilliant as you two wonderful ladies are. Thanks for showing my generation (GenO!) the way.


  135. Helen,

    There’s sooo much to discuss…. so many topics not just of interest, but of urgency.

    Healthcare…. what can I say, we gotta fix it so everyone has access. And there are many other subjects, but what I’m getting at is that the conversation and debate here, on your blog, is invigorating and necessary. I know you never chose this role, it just evloved, but isn’t that how the best things happen?

    Secretary of State: No, although I’m a huge Hillary supporter (in the primaries as well), I really would like to see NM Gov. Bill Richardson as Sec of State…. he’s done the job without the title….. I still think we need Hillary in the Senate, where she can be point-person on such a variety of issues…. and there’s such a huge future for her ahead.

    And what about Michelle Obama…. I really think there’s a political future for her…. what class!

    And the ‘bitch’…. Saturday Night Live is going to keep her in the forefront of the news because she’s their “Cash Cow!”

    Back to healthcare…. In New Mexico we have a program called State Covered Insurance, or SCI. You can make up to 200% of the Federal poverty level income and qualify. There’s no asset test. You may pay a small premium and co-pays depending on your income. In my case, I stay at home, unemployed, caring for my Mom who is sight and mobility impaired and has COPD….. soon, my Dad will be added to my care as his mental faculties are fading quickly. It’s not a burden, it’s what we do, right? I saw an ad in the newspaper about this insurance program…. looked too good to be true, so I investigated. It was for real and I applied. I’ve been worried about me getting sick with no insurance. I qualified. No premium, no deductible, no co-pays, and that includes drug coverage. What a relief and a blessing. Means I get peace of mind and can stay home and care for my parents and keep them from being a State burden in a nursing home. I don’t know if other states have this, but it’s awesome….. thank you Bill Richardson!

    So, you’ve become an important outlet for me, not to mention a source for intelligent conversation and thoughtful debate. We owe you. Really we do.


  136. Just discovered your blog yesterday through a chance comment left by another reader on I was so impressed that I sent an email to three of my friends (urging them to check out your posts). They are very upset by the passage of Prop. 8 here in California and I loved what you had to say about it.

    I was also very taken by the idea of you two sharing your thoughts with us on a blog. I’m almost 63 and was inspired by what you are doing. May you live long and write many more articles for us to enjoy!!


  137. Thank you both so much for making us all welcome.


  138. OH, I’m fairly sure you’ll find LOTS to comment on 🙂 Looking forward to every word of it !


  139. Whew! As I was reading this, I thought it was a “Dear John” letter.

    Thank you for extending your hospitality. It has become part of my daily routine to read your posts and everyone that responds to them.

    Looking forward to your first response to the “Ask M & H” section.



  140. Great idea. I love your writing style. I will be back to read when ever you post.


  141. Whatever you choose to write about, I’m sure it will be honest, critical, clever and highly entertaining. So please, just do what you do.


  142. Gosh! Running out of ideas for the blog? Here is a preview for your upcoming special page:

    1. Resurrecting the Constitution of the United States by first reviving habeas corpus, the one basic right we were all supposed to have no matter what. So much of the Constitution rests on that one item.

    2. Econoterrorists. All the guys with the Golden Parachutes who end up with so much money even after they leave their positions that it makes God blush. They do to this country what islamaterrorists did with loaded airplanes.

    3. Health care. Include in this the SCHIP that Bush vetoed. I mean, taking away health care from poor kids! His arguments made no sense whatever, but then I’m not Ebeneezer Scrooge so I just didn’t get it.

    4. Energy. How bout them oil wells, huh? Leases on underwater sites have existed for some time now from previous administrations, let alone perfectly viable sites on land that were capped and abandoned for some reason. And renewable energy? T. Boone Pickens has actually made it a sexy subject — and he’s 80!

    5. Immigration reform – its not just dark skinned people coming from the south or Asia or Africa. Its also the Irish! Hey! I swear it is! Daddy was an immigrant from an English speaking country. He had a better secondary education than most of the people in this country at the time he arrived,but did he ever get a lot of crap because he was a “furriner”. But he adored this country, warts and all. If I had the power, I would do it just for him.

    6. Education – has anyone in power here ever taken a good look at the way Canada does it? You can graduate at the end of the 12th year or go back for the 13th year which is actually the first year of college. Their university system has really high grading requirements and you must obtain at least the minimum in order to be invited back the next year. None of this sluffing along.

    OK. That’s an even half dozen. If you want more, you know where to find me.


  143. I thought you were watching The View so I wouldn’t have to. Shouldn’t somebody be keeping an eye on those guys?


  144. I read an article this morning that was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Catholic priests telling people they can’t take communion because they voted for Obama. If life is so sacred to these people why aren’t they adopting the starving, homeless children? Just a thought. Keep up the good work, we love you both and need you there to keep the pot stirred.



    See ladies, you are becoming more famous. I noticed when re-reading your Nov. 11th thread that it had gone from the original topic to everyone commenting about their grandparents. Good stuff! How about topics about what is important to us and why or about the way we treat (or mis-treat) one another.

    A shout out to Don Smith. That’s another good blog.


  146. well, i have to admit that i have enjoyed this blog so much i sent a note to oprah with your web address, hoping her show would contact you guys for a show on blogging! i think her viewers would be as smitten with you as we are! so let me know if Oprah’s people get in touch with you!

    keep up the good work. i imagine your daily newspaper will give you some pretty good ideas of topics to write about. i think you need to be thinking about an agent though…you are likely headed to stardom!


  147. ladies I have no doubt about your finding issues to rant about… that mcpalin chick waiting for her message from up above on what to do next to destroy our country certainly provides material for you.
    here’s some issues you could discuss:
    – the failing auto industry that provides jobs all around this country, mexico, and canada. it’s bankruptcy would add to the global financial devastation.
    – health care..oy. what a can of worms that subject is. drug costs. hospital costs. insurance costs. inequities in coverage.
    – the rich fat ceo’s who are laughing all the way to switzerland with their suitcases full of our money.
    – dwindling dollars for education.
    – health care…oh, I already listed that…did I tell you that my post-breast cancer drug is $400/month and my health insurance keeps reaching to $1,000/month because I’m reaching 60? now that’s something to be scared about.

    anyway, I like to drink my first cup of earl grey at work, reading your daily posts. your wisdom is, well…simply brilliant!


  148. It appears that you girls and Mr. Obama have awakened a sleeping giant in this country. People are talking, our hits were not as many as yours, but we are receiving absolutely unreal numbers of people talking about you and the Obama campaign.

    Here is a sample: Yesterday over 80,000 people in one day. There are 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour period. You had almost one reader per second for an entire day. I checked an hour last night between 7 and 8 p.m. and found you had 4,376 readers. That is 1.2 per second. Great numbers. People are telling their friends. Congratulations!
    That is absolutely astounding, you checked this eh? Nothing on television last night? Hahahaha. It has been a remarkable journey and I have so far found it amusing, trying, and interesting as all get out. My new goal is 6,000,000 hits by next Tuesday!

    Take two attaboys outta petty cash for a job well done sisters … You have stirred the soul of a nation.



  149. What are your thoughts about Hillary for Secretary of State instead of John Kerry? Personally, I think she would be great at it! To me Kerry never had enough support.


  150. I’m with Darlene. I am in good health and have good health insurance that I have rarely had to use–until this year when I met my deductible for the first time. I’m stunned by the hundreds of additional dollars I’m having to pay for tests, lab work, doctor visits and one minor (less than $10,000) surgery. Now I’m facing $11,000 worth of dental work and find that maybe $1000 of that is covered by my dental insurance. Fortunately, I have a good job and so far, have been able to pay these bills (though paying for the dental will be a challenge). What happens to people who don’t have health insurance???


  151. I. Cannot. Wait!


  152. Helen, as long as the bitch is hogging the media, we need you to tell it like it is. I can’t believe she’s holding *news conferences* at this point. Do we really have to endure her running for the nomination for four full years?


  153. My friend Janiece and I are so looking forward to our “later years” blog of our own. My family is all back East, so I really enjoy your writing on the regular everyday things. The family events, the dramas, everything.


  154. You two have touched something in me and I guess in a lot of us.
    Common sense and honesty are valued among all age groups.

    Thank you for taking the time to write for us.
    Have a good day!!!


  155. What a wonderful idea. I look forward to reading the posts.


  156. As long as you keep posting we will all be back. It’s because you call ’em as you see ’em that you have such a huge following (I’m jealous). Your witty posts are just wonderful.

    My soap box issue is universal health care. I just posted another rant on the subject. I wonder if, with your large readership, you would tackle this subject. I believe it is a very important one.

    Thanks for making blogging such fun.



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