Posted by: Helen Philpot | November 1, 2008

Why I Love Margaret

(Seven Posts in Seven Days – Day 5)

Margaret called me last night with an idea for the blog.  She said I could use it for my next entry.  I liked it so much that I decided to put it here without changing a thing.  Love you Margaret!  You always make me laugh more than anyone else.  In her own words…

“We had a few trick or treaters come to our door – two devils, one monster, a ghost, two Sarah Palins, and one witch… make that three Sarah Palins.”

But in all seriousness…  Election day is Tuesday.  Regardless of how you feel about either of these candidates, Margaret and I want you to know that you NEED to vote.  It’s that important.  Write in someone for the top of the ticket or leave it blank if you must.  Just vote.  Don’t forget that your local elections are as important and in some cases more important than the Presidential.  Take about one hour this weekend – at least one hour – and do a little research on the issues that face this country and your community.  Remember, our children are in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan.  You honor their service with your vote.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.  We hope you had a Happy Halloween.  More tomorrow…


  1. Wow, that’s a really clever way of thinking about it!


  2. Who to vote for in North Carolina If you are in Chapel Hill (Orange County) NC and want to know how to vote on some races you did not pay much attention to, cosnult Concerned Citizen and Orange Politics. The debates in the comments at OP are


  3. Well done to think of sohenmitg like that


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    i came to “return the favor”.I’m trying to find things to improve my web site!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!


  5. My thirteen year old took a large white posterboard and wrote:

    Barack Obama
    x John McCain

    (That was the scariest thing I could think of)

    People loved her costume when she went trick-or-treating.


  6. Ack – the prospect of having to sit with Rush freaked me out so much my spelling failed me that’s suffragettes!


  7. Wow! I loved this post so much and thought it would be appropriate to revisit on election day and see what new comments were up and then… JuneauJoe punched me in the gut!

    Please know that I was absolutely sincere when I said that this post moved me to tears. Your call to vote no matter what you believe to honor the concept of democracy from the federal to the local level to be active in that participation through research – it’s what democracy is SUPPOSED TO BE – it moved me.

    And then “Remember, our children are in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan. You honor their service with your vote.” We often get so caught up in the monetary cost of this war that we don’t mention enough the human cost in lives, limbs and shattered psyches not to mention the pain of loved ones left behind. So your call to honor their service through voting further moved me and I didn’t forget that things here started off with a call to women to protect their rights as human beings so I added suffragates.

    I intially typed Obama/Biden NO on 8 at the end and then thought it wasn’t in the spirit of your post so removed it. And for this Joe sent me to sit with RUSH – a fate crueler than death!

    I don’t care what he thinks (although I’ve appreciated his alternative view of Alaska – have you checked out his blog?) just you. Please, please know that I completely appreciate everything you’ve done here and hope that you continue with your polical commentary and maybe a pie recipe or too (I’m still afraid to make crust?)

    I am merely a legal resident of the US and so will not be able to vote today but I’m going to accompany my husband to the polls – I want to see history in the making!

    NO on 8


  8. Oh Sweet Jesus! I loved it. I just pray my best friend and I are like you when we’re older!


  9. I was one of those white, older women who strongly supported Hillary. The major difference I saw between them wasn’t on policy so much as style. It did take me a few months to grieve and then I remembered I was a Dem.


    who said: “She [Palin] respects our founding fathers, their ideals and wisdom, that gave us our Constitution that makes us the most successful, freedom ensuring, benevolent country in the world.”

    Hey, Beckyboo!! Please explain how Palin “respects” our Founding Fathers and our Constitution when she clearly has never read it?

    1) She grossly misstated the job description of the Vice President— more than once.

    2) She has no clue what the First Amendment is or what it means.

    This ignorant and totally incurious woman is dangerous because she is so ignorant that she doesn’t even realize how utterly clueless she is. And one presumes that she doesn’t understand why she is such a JOKE and why the majority of Americans think she is not qualified for VP or President.

    And by nominating her, McCain showed how with him it is not “Country First” but “Ambition First.” And Palin’s nomination was a pander to the Radical Right Wing Religious Wingnuts and to Hillary Clinton supporters who are supposed to be influenced by someone —anyone— wearing a skirt.

    She’s an insult.


  11. This morning, a pollster said that the “undecideds” are mostly white, middle class, older women who supported Hillary Clinton.

    How they can be undecided is beyond me. If they supported Hillary, why don’t they support Obama? Do they honestly believe the McCain-Palin pronouncement that Obama is a socialist? If so, then Hillary must be a socialist too. His policies and ideas are almost exactly like hers.

    McCain’s are not. His plans and polices will mimic Bush’s first term.

    McCain will continue Bush’s economic policies even though many high-ranking Republicans say those policies were wrong. McCain will also continue Bush’s foreign policy…and carry it further. He sides completely with the Neo-Cons that got us into Iraq and advocated a policy of invasion of other Middle East countries to make them pro-American.

    As many who know McCain well have stated, he is not a reflective thinker. He doesn’t think through the pros and cons and consequences of his actions. He’s a gambler. If elected President, he’ll be gambling with our lives, our futures, our children. That’s not what I want from my President. I don’t want someone gambling with my children’s futures.

    Obama, like Hillary, is reflective, weighs the consequences, and doesn’t speak rashly.

    It would be a huge mistake for those white, middle class, older women to break for McCain. If they hate the results of the Bush Administration, they won’t like McCain’s any better. It will be even worse.


  12. My 25 year old married son is in NC and I am here being middle-age in NY. He write me with great excitement of your blog and describes it as ‘awesome’. He didn’t guess I have been reading you faithfully for months! When I grow up, I want to be taller and just like you!


  13. My sister and brother-in-law are not voting this year. I planned on encouraging (begging) them to vote. I figured since my brother-in-law is black, he could be persuaded to vote for Obama. Sorry for playing the race thing, but I’d stoop to even that in order to get Obama in. Upon thinking it through, I decided it would be better if I just left well enough alone.

    They aren’t voting because they’re SUPER RELIGIOUS. They claim these are biblical times, that this is all God’s will and their votes won’t matter anyway. With thinking such as that, if I did convince them to vote, they’d probably vote for witchcraft Palin.

    Both my sister and brother-in-law are wonderful people and never try to cram their beliefs down my throat. We have respect for each other’s opinions. It’s just when religion enters the picture, their good sense and good natures fly out the window.

    If any of you know my sister, don’t ask her to vote!


  14. My Mom is 82 and she came up with this ditty the other day…

    No L, No L
    No L, No L,
    Remove that there L,
    and what you’re left with is Pain.


  15. And here in Arizona we also have a marriage prop to vote on. We already shot one down, but now it’s back and me and all my happily paired, or somewhat more angst-ily single gay friends hope this one goes down too.


  16. Helen, you rock my socks right off! (That’s a good thing) I’m so glad that you got on the internet, because there just aren’t enough people saying these things, and few of them are half so funny. You’re an inspiration and a much-needed breath of fresh air.


  17. Regarding the prank phone call.
    Palin doesn’t even know who the Prime Minister of Canada is!!!! We’re right next door! Yep, that’s who you want one heart attack away from running in the world! I think we can put her in the “moron” category with Elizabeth.


  18. Greetings. I love your posts, and I think you are right on target. I can’t help but wonder about all those “undecided” voters out there. I want to have faith in the American people; I want to believe that we don’t see color. However, I can’t help believe that some of the apprehension these people feel comes from a place they don’t want to admit. I want to just say, close your eyes and listen to Obama’s message and where he wants to lead this country. Can’t you see this is the direction we need to head? It may be uncomfortable for people to examine inner prejudice and move forward. It is time to do what’s right because it is the right thing to do! We have a man, just a man, who is willing to lead our country in a different direction. The time is now!


  19. Just keep saying Obama’s going to win, so when McCain wins because the Dems were to lazy to go out and vote, I can cheer and you can complain about “stealing the vote’. Even MSM says it was Gore trying to steal the votes in Florida. Wasn’t it in Washington where the gov. race was won by 20 votes or so after 3-4 recounts. When only 25% of the people vote shit happens. I like the guy from Australia…..give everyone a voter ID and you must show it to vote(stops the people in cemeteries from voting) What really pisses me off is the one comment “if I was still in Chicago I’d vote early and often” Talk about stealing elections…….


  20. Just to let you know that many people in Australia have been following the campaign closely and are hoping for an Obama presidency. It will be a marvellous achievement and he has the makings of a strong President.
    I know voting is not compulsory (Australia is in fact one of the few countries where voting is compulsory), but anyway please do anything you can to assist in this election.
    It sounds as if the voluntary effort has been exceptional, so if you can assist, join in and you will know you’ve been part of history!


  21. Every vote should count and there should be a papertrail, so that if an election were disputed, you could count the ballots.

    No more stolen elections like in 2000.


  22. the link I suggested you follow above was above when I wrote my last post. I was refering to the post Martha unalaska posted. That also was an interesting read.


  23. this is a link to a darn good editoral I just read in the Anchorage Daily News. If you like check it out. You can follow the link above then click on the link titled Amid debris of our once-great nation, a vote is unveiled. Pretty much sums every thing up.


  24. My partner/wife and I have already voted, and we’re anxiously awaiting the results with everyone else. Her brother is about to deploy to Iraq for the third time. We want him home, as do all family members who have loved ones over there.

    Thank you!


  25. Hi Helen, love your stuff. Have you heard about the Canadian comedy duo that just prank phone-called Sarah Palin? You can hear the call here:

    I’m sure you’ll find that it more than confirms everything you’ve already said about America’s saddest VP nominee ever.


  26. @ beckyboo

    “She (Palin) respects our founding fathers, their ideals and wisdom, that gave us our Constitution that makes us the most successful, freedom ensuring, benevolent country in the world.”

    Can I quote Joe Biden for you?

    “Is this a joke? You’ve got to be kidding, right?”

    Snort, choke, snort, ouch! Where have you been hiding, dear? Palin couldn’t quote the constitution if it were glued onto her nose! And mind you, too – she’s not the least bit benevolent. I’m only posting one link because otherwise I’d fill up the whole doggone page, you betcha:

    You don’t know her like we do – but if you hang out long enough, soon you will be cringing yourself. Palin is vindictive and sports a pretty big personality disorder called compulsive lying.


  27. Just putting this up for everyone’s listening “pleasure” … The idea that this woman could be anywhere near the Oval Office is staggering:


  28. Amen sister…JUST VOTE is what I keep saying too.

    Happy Halloween!


  29. Happy Halloween to you, Helen!


  30. Wow! you ladies rock.

    check out Caribou Barbie with hoof in mouth disease.


  31. Thanks for the blog, gals. I am a senior also and, along with my husband and another Medicare card carring citizen am heading ffrom Arizona to new Mexico for the duration of the campaign. That’s where the Obama headquarters tells us they need help so we will be there. Besides, I would eat dog shit if they said that would advance Obama’s chances and going to NM is a lot better.

    We have a local project going here and hope some of you will adopt the idea. We think this will be an historical, watershed election. We are buying trees to plant in celebration. Imagine. In 20 years there will be whole Obama green areas of the country. Of course, I won’t see them, but my grandchildren will breathe easier.

    Peace to all and GET TO WORK!


  32. Hi all and Margret and Helen!

    I am so glad I found this site! I was on a site and they did nothing but bash and call Obama names. Then when they found out I was for Obama the did the same and became so ignorant and rude! I continued to be nice and post site regarding Obama and site on McCain. They didn’t like it at all! It was so easy to get them riled up, and I sat back and laughed. They were saying nasty stuff! Ya all need to go there and put them in their place, lol.

    Obama 08


  33. Sorry Jean I don’t find the “human race” defined in those terms. It is mainly “us” Americans. Many cultures and religions have evolved further.


  34. Hi Helen,

    Wow! Sarah Palin can only dream of receiving this much fan mail. You go girl!


  35. Dear Helen and Margaret,

    I’m sure you both know how fortunate you are to have each other. I had a similar dear, dear friend for over fifty years. She died of brain cancer a few years ago. I can’t tell you how devastated I was and still am. I miss her so very much and will forever. You wouldn’t believe the mischief we managed to get into and how we laughed!

    Only a few more days and we will know the fate of our country for the next four years. I sincerely hope that the American people will wake up and no longer snooze warm and comfy under their security blankets of ignorance by letting somebody else do their thinking for them. Once the election is over, I don’t think there is anything to be gained by tossing brick bats back and forth anymore. That’s a waste of time. Rather, we should knuckle down and get on with solving the myriad of problems facing us.

    So here we are: Male and Female; Democrat, Republican, Independent; Christian, (Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical); Jew, (Orthodox, Reformed, Sephardic, Ashkenazi); Muslim (Sunni, Shi’ite, Wahibi); Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu; Gay, Straight; Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple; Whatever.

    For a moment, let’s look at the BIG PICTURE. Although it may sound Sexist, in the interest of language simplicity, I beg to use the generic masculine pronoun “he” when referring to all of the above.

    It seems to me that the Human Race is still in its infancy. At best it may have progressed to the toddler stage of the “Terrible Twos”. He has only rudimentary language skills but is very fast on his feet. In the words of a famous pediatrician, “The typical two-year-old is pot bellied, bow-legged and bent on self destruction!” The toddler is a perfect example of LEADERSHIP! Before long, he has his parents’ lives and their home rearranged to revolve around him and suit HIS needs.

    The human race has not yet learned to get along well with his brothers and sisters. He can only occasionally play nice and is terribly selfish about his toys. He can throw frightful temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.

    That is the human race so far, but he has enormous potential. Whenever he is loved, well fed, dry, secure and warm, he is a joy to behold. When he is asleep, he is beatifically angelic. He is curious, eager to learn and can melt your heart with shining eyes and radiant smiles when he has accomplished an amazing feat, which he does on a regular basis.

    It is curious that the human species can exhibit infantile behavior well into what should be mature adulthood. We admonish our children to “be nice and share.” Shouldn’t we grown-ups do as well? It couldn’t hurt. How hard can it be?




  36. Please don’t assume that anyone can write in a personal choice of candidate on their ballot. In Oklahoma, you can’t; it will invalidate your ballot. We also only have two choices for prez — the worst ballot access laws in US.


  37. I just discovered your blog thanks to a referral by Left Wing and Prayer Yahoo group. Love your thoughts. I am looking forward to hearing from you regularly. I am really upset by all of the suble and not so suble racism generated by this election. thank you for your common sense.


  38. When I turned 21 (35 years ago) and attained the right to vote, I never missed an opportunity to cast my ballot. This morning when I voted for Obama/Biden, I said a silent prayer as I submitted my ballot – I have never done that before in the voting booth !
    Ladies – thank you for your uplifting spirit ! You are treasures !


  39. It saddens me that we are here in 2008 still discussing if gay people should have the same rights as other people. In California we will be voting on Prop 8, which would overturn the right of gay people to get married. This kind of proposition should, in this millennium, not even be discussed. Everybody should have the right to marry whoever they want. We should not discriminate against any race, religion, or sexual orientation. By doing so, we have proven that there is no equality under the law in California – for anyone.



  40. what can i say that hasnt already been said? Your terrificL stunning. beautiful smart witty you speak the truth . You end th debate about blacks voting for obama simply because he is black I personaly thank you for that. please PlEASE Please! continue after obama wins with wip cream on top of a freash hot piece of pie. i reaaly enjoy reading your blog.


  41. I just saw that prank call that Palin got!!!…my word!!…

    America…..please, please do not unleash this woman on your selves and the rest of the planet….please, please I beg….



    How can Obama raid the SS trust fund as you if it is empty? If it is empty he can raid it all he wants but he will not get anything out of it… And the Republicans try to scare the “good christian” folk with the idea that the boogey man is going to come and getcha. And what about Palin’s husband joining the AIP? This seems to be something no one wants to talk about.


  43. JMC,

    Thanks for dropping by, DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ASS ON THE WAY OUT!!!! Rush called and he wants to give you more information. Bye!

    Helen and Margaret have this blog covered! JMC, Come back when you get a brain.

    Vote Obama!


  44. Helen,

    You’ve made me laugh and now you’ve made me cry. Those are our precious children.

    Honor all suffragates and soldiers VOTE.


  45. Hi ladies, you seem so sweet, but like a lot of sweets, you are bad for a healthy ‘system’.

    I don’t know where you get your info, but I’m afraid you have been mislead. Palin has more experience that counts toward running a country, period. She respects our founding fathers, their ideals and wisdom, that gave us our Constitution that makes us the most successful, freedom ensuring, benevolent country in the world. Despite our mistakes, and faults, our Constitution guarantees the only freedoms and rights in the entire world, that have enabled more rights to be granted to more people. It has also enabled the most people to be successful. It has also freed more people, and rebuilt more countries, after we have gone in and fought for their citizenry’s freedom, that their own country’s could not guarantee, or totally usurped.

    Obams is backed by people, has been taught by people, is endorsed by people, with great power, who do not value freedom for individuals. He believes that our Constitution and our courts have not gone far enough to guarantee economic and social equality. That is totally wrong. No other form of government can offer anything close. People leave Sweden, Switzerland and other countries in droves, to come to the US, where they have the freedom to prosper and grow.

    Our, and your, forefathers would be appalled at Obama’s politics and his manipulation of the electorate to gain so much control over people’s lives. All for George Soros, and Al Gore’s, and their cronies financial gain and rule of world economies. Your vote for Obama will help to speed us toward a banana republic with third world politics and poverty.

    Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. Obama’s financial advisors are going to raid the, ‘cough-cough’ SS trust fund. (it’s been empty for the past 20 years)
    He is going to raise SS taxes from the worker ‘bees’ to pay for his ‘promises’. Hope you are healthy and won’t need to go to Canada for your health care. BTW, did you know that Democrats have used the SS ‘scare’ in every election for at least 50 years? Only I’m not using a tactic, it’s true. Al Gore knew there wasn’t anything in it when he tried to scare you last time.


  46. Do you realize that your blog now has more hits than there are people in Alaska? Helen and Margaret in 2012!


  47. You girls are dolls!


  48. Did you hear about the witch in Michigan that refused to give kids candy on Halloween if they or their parents were Obama supporters?

    GROSSE POINTE FARMS, Mich. — A suburban Detroit woman has decided to scare up the vote among neighborhood children by just offering treats to John McCain supporters.

    Shirley Nagel of Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich., handed out candy Friday only to those who shared her support for the Republican presidential candidate and his running mate Sarah Palin. Others were turned away empty-handed.

    TV station WJBK says a sign outside Nagel’s house warned: “No handouts for Obama supporters, liars, tricksters or kids of supporters.”

    Nagel calls Democrat Barack Obama “scary.” When asked about children who were turned away empty-handed and crying, she said: “Oh well. Everybody has a choice.”

    Fax and phone messages left at numbers for Nagel were not returned.

    It’s one thing to throw your support behind your candidate…no matter which one it happens to be. However, this is just ridiculous. Those little children aren’t old enough to vote and not old enough to really understand politics. Why would you punish them? Some of these kids left her home CRYING! I’m not a violent person, but if someone had done that to my kid, they would have been eating fistful, of well….MY FIST!

    I’ve gotten dirty looks because I live in a town full of republicans…a very small town. However, nobody refused to give my 6 year old candy because of it and nobody passed up my house where my 18 year old was passing out candy because we have an Obama sign in our yard. What the hell is wrong with people?

    I’ve been told that Obama supporters are mean, hateful and rude individuals. I don’t think so. It seems to me like it’s the republicans spewing all the hate.


  49. Sounds like you had seven Sarah Palins…


  50. My state has a referendum for early voting. I plan on voting for it. However, I know quite a few who are really against it. My voting precinct is small enough that I don’t have much of a line to wait in. However, I have friends who live in urban areas who will be forced to wait a couple hours. Early voting would be a great solution to those folks who, normally, have to leave during the middle of the work day to cast ballots, or wait for eternity.


  51. Helen my dear

    You go girl! I found your blog surfing around from another blog and I couldn’t agree more..!!



  52. OH, and speaking of McCain…

    I spend a great deal of my time in DC. I can SEE the observatory from our balcony. The boy, judging by the frequent comings and goings of Marine 2, I would say he’s not home much and doesn’t like traffic jams.


  53. I can’t tell you, at least in a short note, how much I enjoy reading your work. Please make an effort to write a book. Please.

    And, frankly, she is a bitch.


  54. Oh, Helen! You and Margaret are exactly the kind of ladies that my best friend and I want to be when we finally grow up! I’m living in Japan right now, and the day I received my absentee ballot (September 29th), I filled it out and drove it over to the post office immediately! I can’t tell you how *tired* I am of feeling like I have to apologize for being an American to every single person I meet. I can’t tell you how *sad* it has made me that I can’t respect the person who has held our country’s highest office for the past 8 years.

    Every time I meet someone and they ask me if I’m an American, they usually ask me, “Who will you vote for, Obama or McCain?” When I tell them that I already filled out my ballot for Obama, the smiles of approval and relief are incredible to behold. One of my former students, now studying English at our local International University, told me that he wishes he could vote in the U.S. election, because then he’d vote for Obama. I asked him why he felt that way, and he said, “Because he’s a kind person. He’s intelligent. I think he will care for the environment and try to stop the wars in the Middle East.” Most of the non-American expats I meet express the same sentiment.

    I have long dispaired that sanity, intelligence, and compassion were all but dead in America and in American politics, but Obama and the people he has inspired–people like you–have given me hope that we can be better than our basest selves. Thanks for being a beacon of light in a very murky, foggy time.


  55. Oh, Ann, what a great idea — let’s send all their hatefilled ads back to them to dispose of!


  56. These have been the longest 3 days of my life! I just hope that the wait will be worth it on Tuesday. This election could go either way, and I’d like to finally know whether to exhale and feel hopeful, or I should be looking up immigration rules in Canada.


  57. Helen,
    You are wonderful. I can’t wait to read your blog every day. Please, I hope you continue to write after the election. You have thousands of fans who adore you.
    P.S. You should be president!



    Best Obama ad I’ve seen yet!


  59. Love you! Love the T-shirts!!! Mine arrived yesterday!!!!!!


  60. I would send a postcard or thankyou note to Obama. Today I mailed back all the scary RNP of Florida postcards to Talahassee.


  61. Smartandfemale,

    I know exactly what you mean, this has been the longest election season possible, I am about worn out!

    I also remember 2000 only I did not go to bed that night I sat and watch that mess play out in total dismay! Now I warn everyone not to go to bed Nov.4th because while they slept Bush stole the nation right from under them!

    Lord only knows what will happen in America if this one is stolen from Obama, I really hate to even imagine that, but it won’t be a pretty sight!

    These polls are driving me mad enough that I don’t even want to see another, every last one of them are showing something different. McCain’s camp is lying as usually now it’s about the polls, they swear he is either ahead or 1 point behind, some say they do this to mislead their supporters to still get out there and vote, but that’s fine because it only inspires Obama’s to do the same.

    I just wish I could go to bed tonight and wait up and this race is over so we can move forward already with our President Obama leading the way!

    I think we all should do something nice to show Obama just how much we appreciate all that he has already gone through for our nation,this has been a long personal struggle for him. Maybe we all could send postcards or somthing?


  62. I voted yesterday for Obama…as did my family and the friends I talked into getting off their butts lol!
    Loved the Palin/witch remark! Def true! Haha


  63. I agree get out there and vote! But as an election judge, I can say that we don’t like the “write-in” votes. We have to sift through them and pull out the “approved” write-in candidates, and the other write-ins we don’t count at all.

    We don’t count them UNLESS they are on the list of “approved” write-in candidates. That means the individual has filed papers stating their intent to be a write-in candidate.


  64. Wonderful Helen! My husband and I voted early last Tuesday, even though we had to drag our 2 year old and wait in line for two hours. We did it, and it never fails to be exhilarating!

    Vote people!


  65. Love the 3 Palins remark, except it’s an insult to witches everywhere. I’ll take Margaret Hamilton in green face over Palin any day.

    Much the same way, I wouldn’t apply the rhyming “b” word to her – it implies a certain strength and respect worthy of a female dog.

    I prefer the word “cow” for women like her. And I have no respect for her woman who doesn’t like other women attitude.


  66. My sentiments exactly Helen. I always tell everyone that, in the end, it doesn’t matter who you vote for just so long as you vote. I’m voting for Obama and pray that everyone else does also but even if you’re voting McCain, please make sure you don’t forget to vote. Margaret I loved the quote about treaters. I’m betting that Sara Palin was one of the big ones this year.


  67. I just found this blog via Connecting.The.Dots, where Robert Stein is mightily impressed with YOUR Straight Talk, Helen.

    You go, girl!

    Between now and Tuesday at 8PM I’ll be praying that the Apocalypse won’t be happening any time soon. Or I’ll have to move to Canada…which unfortunately is one state and one province closer to Alaska.

    Which reminds me, I USED to enjoy taking 7 day cruises to Alaska. No matter how this election turns out, it won’t have nearly the cachet it once did for me.

    P.S. I voted early, and yes indeed, for That One, and Joe the Biden.


  68. Helen, I wish my grandma was here to still read you, because I think she’d get an almighty kick out of this blog, I sure do. Did you hear about that woman out in the Detroit suburbs who actually denied candy to children trick-or-treating whose parents she knew were Democrats, or if the kids had pro-Democratic costumes?? The Republican Party: Taking Candy From Babies And Proud Of It.,0,3308020.story


  69. The link posted above is TOO FUNNY! A couple of radio guys from Montreal somehow managed to convince a Palin staffer that French President Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to speak with her and they actually get Palin and keep her on the line for more than 5 minutes even though some of the comments by the Sarkozy imitator are clearly ridiculous. It is almost painful to listen to but if you dislike Palin as much as I do, you will love it!


  70. Da heck! I went out early today to get my groceries. I went to two separate grocery stores – walmart and Safeway. Both have republican election workers giving out McCain-Palin bumper stickers and what nots! Can you believe that? McCain feeling threatened in his own home state? But of course!

    Hey if Obama’s camp is given more time to work this state out, it’ll turn blue, I swear. The greatest issue here is EDUCATION. Our public school system is at the bottom nationwide which made the educator’s association endorse Obama!

    Go out and vote, everyone.


  71. I also voted early and will be so happy not to hear any more about Joe the Plumber…(the average guy who did not pay his taxes – you know the story by now) and how just for asking Obama a simple question the democrats dug into his life and staked out his home. I have been waiting for some interviewer to reminded McCain et al. That it was ‘McCain’ who mentioned the guy at the dabate in the first place. And it is my opinion that the Media not the Obama people who started digging into the guys life. Now some newspeople have tried to get the point across that by paying taxes all these many years we are already ‘spreading the wealth around’ — but it seems the staunch repub’s don’t hear that.

    Nervously awaiting Nov 5th. I also hope that you both continue to blog and continue to let the rest of us visit with you both.


  72. Excellent blog…I am in love with you both. From another broad for Obama.


  73. Another ten cents worth Ladies (it was 2 cents before inflation):
    Alaska will be voting 100% for MCCain/Palin because they DON”T WANT HER BACK !!!


  74. By the way, love the THREE PALIN’s, Margaret – you two are a real joy – keep it coming after the election – there’s always something to rag about.


  75. Palin thinks she’s so cute when she talks TRASH about Obama ! Isn’t it amazing that Biden never spits up McCain trash – like Keating, and Libby, McCain’s speech at an ACORN event, his approved donation to that Palestinian guy, John and cindy’s adultery, and her drug problem, McCain’s brother’s 911 call (using the F word) because of a traffic jam last week, etc. etc. etc. And the cable news is making a molehill out of a mountain with the Palin’s AIP involvement! And by the way, where the hell has McCain’s lapel flag pins been hiding for the last month or so?


  76. Ha Ha Bev…Did you notice that the Republican campaign and associates sends out these scary Halloween type mailings about Obama; promote all sorts of scary rumors and certainpeople believe it- meanwhile the folks who support Obama write funny songs for YouTube and imagine terrible but funny scenarios about the mind of McCain and an absurd future. Of course voting is no joke! Thanks Margaret and Helen for saying it so well.


  77. I love this blog. Some experts pointed out that the undecideds actually KNOW they just do not want to say. We can only hope. I believe however that, just like some folks don’t give a green goshdarn about quality food, that some people really, REALLY do not care. They do not believe that their vote makes a difference or they just don’t realiz how the president and the congress dictates their life. These people would do well with some third world travel but I’m betting as someone once said to me when I was traveling home from NYC to NC, ..”Nah sir..Knightdale is big enough for me.” Bless their hearts!


  78. OMG…just had to let you know…Dick Cheney is alive and in Wyoming! I don’t think he’s well: he’s telling the flock to vote for Insane McCain and Peppy Palin.

    I honestly started to think with Big Dick’s absence for so long, they were pulling the scenario as seen in Kevin Kline’s “Dave.” Me a skeptic? Nah!


  79. Query of the Day: Given the McCain/Palin penchant for devolving everything into catchy little toddler sound bites (aka Joe the Plumber, Tito the Builder, etc) coupled with Bush’s nickname for Putin (“pooty poot”) I’m trying to imagine (without the aid of drugs) a McCain/Palin address to the UN – will there be shout outs (hey! Thanks to the kids in Mrs Woods 2nd grade world geography class for the replica of the UN Building – I couldn’t have found this place without your help), will there be nicknames (hey, there’s Ahmed the Terrorist, there’s Hugo the Communist, there’s Sun Yang the Gook, there’s Prince Said the Oil Guy, there’s Sven the Socialist, there’s Colleen the Mick, etc), will they do their winkin’, blinkin’, and nod routine, and will Cindy stand there hanging on to dear life with her new BFF, Lady de Rothschild? And another thing, how long are they going to make Bristol care for Trig?


  80. I voted already, and hoping it counts and no voter fraud goes on and stolen elections like our last two!

    Hope you ladies had a terrific halloween!

    Obama 2008
    no on 8


  81. I’ve always maintained that it was never Barbie Palin’s brains that should be focused on but her worldview. Turning the spotlight on whether she is smart or not, made the bar way too low.

    God (or whoever) knows that there have been many diabolical individuals throughout history that have been intelligent. Not that Palin is a genius – far from it. However she showed that she is smart enough to hoodwink some Americans’ intelligence with her ability to memorize and wink-just like a dumb blond on her first date. Sadly her girly performance is a potential date with destiny.

    In order to determine whether she is “marriage” material however, its crucial to examine whether her ability to flirt and charm those who are looking for a “trophy wife” rather than a serious emancipated marriage with the entire world is enough.

    That can only be accomplished by examining her values and what she will actually bring to the relationship, regardless of whether she pronounces her g’s or not.

    Even if she were as articulate as Colin Powell or as brilliant as Einstein, the entire world cannot lose focus on where she stands on issues that will either make or break the US. Because as I stated in a previous post, when America sneezes, the rest of us catch pneumonia.

    The facts are that on every issue from Global warming to the economy; from freedom of choice to a separation of church and state; from science to superstition, and from stem-cell research to her belief in the “end of days” she gives a wink and nod to the forces of ignorance.

    If you want to flush women’s rights, free choice, the environment , foreign policy, health care, education and the economy down the toilet then by all means she’s your soul mate.

    If all you want is a “looker” to go hunting moose with she’s your gal.

    If all you want is someone to sit in church with and listen to some fundamentalist preacher, she’s your gift from God.

    If you think that global warming is just a left-wing conspiracy to put big oil out of business, she’s your your dream gal.

    If you believe as she does that a victim of rape or incest has no business getting an abortion,and you prefer to throw stem cells in the garbage rather than save lives you’ve found your life partner.

    If you believe that the world began 6,000 years ago just like it says in the bible, that dinosaurs lived together with humans and that witchcraft is real, you’ll be deliriously happy together.

    For the rest of us this would be a match made in Hell.

    My advice to those who want to marry Sarah is to pack your six-packs and your guns, elope to a banana republic and spend the rest of your days there in wedded bliss. Just don’t turn America into a 3rd world laughing stock.

    You willl not only destroy the American dream. You will destroy the hopes and dreams of the civilized world.


  82. Afternoon Ladies,
    I’ve been reading all along. Thank you so very much for your wisdom and humor. My Nanny died last year and therefore will miss out on voting for Obama Tuesday. She was a wonderful grandmother and my life was enriched by her being in it. You humore reminds me of hers. When I’d call to chat and Bush would come on TV, news or something, she’d ask me to hold saying Bush is on and I have to mute the TV. She so disliked him and what he was doing to our country. Frankly I’m glad she didn’t see what’s happened this last year but she sure would’ve loved voting for Obama!
    Love ya Ladies! Julie


  83. Carmen, I heard “Catholics for Obamas” talking the other day saying that the # of abortions actually go down when we have a Democratic President. Don’t know where they got their data, but might be interesting to look into.

    Also, if we can file unemployment, buy from Ebay, and have totally on-line bank accounts, why the hell can’t we vote safely and securely from our home computers? Just asking — GO Vote OBAMA!!!


  84. Just found you girls today. Sending your address to all my friends. Now I’m only 63 so I guess I’m the kid here but, love you both. Keep on truckin’


  85. OMG…are we at the end yet!! I’ve voted, but still wear my Obama button, t-shirt, and have my signs in the yard and still working on NO on 8. I’m going crazy, and can’t wait to open that iced bottle of champagne!!!!


  86. You ladies ROCK! I found your link on Huffington Post today and have emailed it to several friends – bloggers, commentators, Republicans, Democrats. As an educator, you are inspiration to the young and young-at-heart as someone not afraid to embrace the 21st century and take it for a great ride! Thank you so much!


  87. I wish I’d had a Halloween party to attend this year, I’d have dressed like Palin and walked around with a foot in my mouth.

    I worked several hours this morning at my local Obama office phoning registered voters encouraging them to vote early and garner their help on election day.

    Two people told me they weren’t voting (NOt VOTING! SHEESH!), about five told me they would be voting for McCain, and one very crabby 86 year old women (who obviously isn’t as cool as Margaret and Helen) told me she’d like to spit in Obama’s face.

    I can’t imagine NOT VOTING, not in this election.

    VOTE, exercise your right!


  88. Hi Helen,

    Thank you so much for helping me maintain my sanity and hope through this. I did some volunteer work yesterday and it felt good to be a part of history. John Kennedy was my president and I remember how good that time in America felt, we can have it again.



  89. You are brilliant. What a role model. I’m a Canadian who is addicted to this election. But I am worried about all of the election day trickery that the Repugs will likely attempt.

    I really wish the US government would atke a lesson in voting from Canadians. We have a federal agency called Elections Canada that standardizes ballots across the country. And yes, we still use paper ballots and mark our choice with an “X”. Archaic – Yes! Smart – Definitely! Our Federal elections are too important to have the Provinces screw ballots up. After all of your recent fiascos, why are you still leaving the ballot designs up to the individual states? That allows partizan states to design partizan – skewed ballots.

    If its any consolation to you, I’m up here holding my breath along with all of you and praying for an Obama win. I can’t even begin to describe how ridiculous McCain has made the US look to the rest of the world with his nomination of Palin the creationist, ani-choice, anti-science, anti-global warming proponent from so called “middle” America or what I would prefer to term “middle” ages.

    Maybe on November 5th Russia will give her a dacha from which she’ll be able to see America .

    This isn’t just about Democrats verses Republicans. Its not even just about the economy. Its about intelligence and tolerance verses so called “intelligent design” and the dark ages.

    I wish I was qualified to vote. Because, after all, when America gets sick, we all go into intensive care.


  90. Regarding Helen’s comment on the importance of local elections, I wholeheartedly agree!

    Here’s a side note:
    In the past couple of weeks, I have received countless robocalls on behalf of candidates for local/state office. A few were made by hired script-readers, most were taped candidate blather, all but one were Republican sponsored.

    In the second call I received today, at the other end of the line (to my utter astonishment) was the Democratic candidate for a state office HERSELF. Of course, I had to inform her that she already had my vote — no persuasion necessary. But I was so proud of her… to work the phone bank alongside her volunteers. Now I am CERTAIN she will be the right person in office, if elected.


  91. HAH!

    I said something almost as funny the day before Halloween.

    We have this hateful co-worker. People in the office were talking about what they were going to be for Halloween. I asked, “So is Elizabeth coming as a witch, or will she be dressing up?”


    Same goes for you, Palin! Leader of the New Republican party, my ass, they will be packin’ ya up and sendin’ ya to that place that ya can see from your porch, what’s that…Siberia? Ya that’s it!


  92. I am absolutely in-love with your blog!! You are two AMAZING women, and I appreciate your willingness to actually take the time to blog about important issues. I have lived in Oklahoma most of my life, and I am currenty living in Texas. Most people around here are the type of Christian that tells you that you are going to hell if you vote for Barack Obama because he is pro-choice. As a Catholic Christian, I am in an odd position because I could not disagree more with them, and I find your blog to be utterly refreshing. I appreciate your words and your humor, and I say, “You go girls!”


  93. LMFAO! Darlene re: The “Undecideds.” These people should first be checked for a PULSE, and if they ARE alive, then they should immediately be given an IQ test.

    I heard an interesting theory on polls/undecided peeps last nite…that they just can’t admit they have a “problem” voting for a (half) black man. But they’re okay with voting for a (half) dead man with a peppy, breeding cheerleader ready to take his place should something happen.

    Wait! They’re racist and stupid. Dang, no revelation there after all!!

    And this crap about how precious human life is at any stage but any other living creature is fair game to mow down with an M-16? I missed that passage in that book that gets thumped on as their defense of “why we’re so compassionate.”



  94. The only bad thing about this election coming to a close is the possibility of Helen (and Margaret) no longer blogging for us. Thank you for the fun glimpse into this election.

    P.S. I’ve already voted.


  95. I love the comment on Palin making it three witches. Very funny! Also love drbuzzieboombatz’s calling Fox news Faux News. I have to remember that. How about those undecided? I find that unbelievable.


  96. I voted Thursday in Florida. I made sure my chad wasn’t left hanging! If I were still in Chicago, I would’ve voted early, and often! Weeee!

    Don’t be complacent when most of the polls show their pre-election predictions (and where Faux News gets their numbers, hell, I think they believe Insane McCain will win by a landslide!!).

    As “smartandfemale” above wrote how fast the rug can be pulled out from under us, EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!! If Obama doesn’t win, I’ll be wearing black clothes and a shroud to express my mourning for another 4 years! This can’t happen! (Black clothes make my skin look potato-ey…I look so much better in peppy Palin-like colors!!)

    Check out my Insane McCain, Peppy Palin, Elisabitch Hasselbeck and Billo visual comments…I only have 4 more days to use them as such EASY subjects to make fun of!!! Weeeee! VOTE VOTE!!


  97. Hi Helen and Margaret- As always, love your posts. speaking of post, the postman delivered 4 items today: 1 magazine, 3 hate-filled scare-tactics mailings from the Republicans. For the first time ever, I am volunteering on election day- helping out at the local Democratic office. I’ve had enough of fear and hate.


  98. My dad told me if I didn’t vote I couldn’t complain, so I always vote because I love to complain.( these blog things make complaining so much fun too) I used to vote for a third party or write in a candidate if I didn’t like the Democrat or Republican candidate. After what happened in 2000 when I voted for Nader and Bush ended up stealing the presidency because of the closeness of the vote I decided to stick with one of the 2 main parties. I can’t even remember why I didn’t vote for Gore. I was hoping he would run this time. This time it’s a no brainer choice. You either vote for the candidate that picked someone with no brain as the VP, or the candidate that picked someone that can help him and take over for him if the need arises.
    Anyhow, thanks for blogging. We need the voice of experience on the Internet.


  99. Don’t just get out and vote, but stop by or call your local Obama volunteer center and ask how you can help others to get out to vote. We are going door to door the next three days, driving people to the polls, etc. Let’s show them what community organizers can do when we put our minds to it.

    Vote Obama!


  100. I’m one of those who was turned on to this site by someone else and has since been turning on other people to it. I work in a writing program in one of the big schools in Cambridge, MA, and have passed this url on to my fellow writing advisers – every one of them loves the quality of writing on this site, the effective use of personal voice, etc. etc. I think I’d come here even if you all were for the other side, although you’re far too sane and with it for that to happen.

    p.s. I will be buying a ‘what happens at Grandma’s house stays at Grandma’s house’ shirt for my grandson…


  101. Hopefully that means that Margaret has come around to your take on voting. Wasn’t she ambivalent?


  102. woot! woot! for Margaret. So hilarious. We were lucky enough NOT to get a single Palin. I have voted – never missed an election in 40 years! I can’t encourage people enough, how valueable our votes are. Without my vote, I would have no right to bitch as much as I do!! I plan on doing that till I’m dead and gone!


  103. Margaret and Helen…I think you are two of the COOLEST gals I’ve EVER read. My son called last night and told me I absolutely HAD to stop by and now I’m hooked. Keep it coming!!


  104. Iwait everyday almost breathless to see if BO will win this election, the man has style and grace to lead a country with something other than “fear tactics”. Good luck to all Americans, and oh ya…i wait everyday to see what you will write next. I love your blog so don’t stop even when the election is over. I’m sure Barack will give you lots of positive stuff to write about. Your humor is bar none. love ya
    reallly…i do


  105. I say this, said first by someone else…

    “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.” — George Jean Nathan (1882-1958)

    Get your ass out and VOTE!




  107. I really liked what you said about honoring our service men and women when we vote.
    There has been so much name calling and so little substance about the war and about the economy.
    Can you imagine being in Iraq or Afghanistan and not even hearing the candidates talking about the war and bringing them home?

    If I hear one more socialist remark, I will scream!
    Talk about the issues.


  108. Helen,
    What a wonderful writer you are! So natural and so funny! I really appreciate your gifts and stop here often to read what you have to say.
    I have read a few entries to an 80-something friend of mine, a woman who has totally resisted computers and doesn’t even have cable tv! She loved your commentary and is a kindred spirit. I will be sure to read more of your remarks to her and I am positive she will enjoy them.

    And let me just say, now that I have been reading here for a while, and having noticed that this blog in fact is written by Helen…How sweet, Helen, that you have titled it with your friend Margaret’s getting top billing. Very generous of you and not at all surprising.

    Now if you would just tell us who is winning the scooter race on the deck…?

    Smooches to you both!!


  109. Today’s local news reports indicate that 37% of the registered voters in just my county (1.9 mil) have voted early; the neighboring county has had more that 40% participation from their registered voters.

    My county’s officials predict that a similar number of voters will turn out on Tuesday as those having voted early. They predict that about 73% of all registered voters in our county will participate in this election.

    How ’bout that!? Ain’t that somethin’?!


  110. Is it just me or does election day seem a year away? I just want to win and be done! My nerves are getting shot. I can remember watching in 2000, going to bed, and Gore was President. Then waking up and Bush was. So in 04 I sat up all night watching in utter dismay as Kerry lost Ohio and knowing we’d have 4 more years! I’m not sure I can handle it again!


  111. Helen, you and Margaret are the sanest people in America these days (it seems). Thanks for giving me something to smile about every day. I have sent your blog link to all my friends and family.

    My husband and I are overseas and we voted weeks ago (for Obama, of course!)… but your blog helps me to feel connected to what is going on in our great nation (or least a nation that Obama will RESTORE to greatness!) LoL!

    Thank you – from a huge fan in Kapan, Armenia


  112. You ladies make my day complete!




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