Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 29, 2008

Is there a draft in here?

(Seven Posts in Seven Days – Day 2)

I cannot believe this is even close.  How did America get so far off track that a week out from this election many still think it is too close to call?

It was either a few years ago or a few months ago… at my age it all blends together.  But I remember it was all over the news and on the cover of all the magazines.  One of those new “starlets”… Paris or Brittney or Lindsey or Chutney or something like that – one of those starlets got caught getting out of a car without her under garments.  That’s right.  Photographers all around and her hoo-ha was out there for everyone and God to see because she forgot to put on a pair of panties.

I know you all know what I am talking about.  It was all over the news.  Scandalous they said.  Out of control.  She needs help.  What is the world coming to?  EVERYONE was shocked and EVERYONE was talking about it.  How could she?  What kind of a role model is she for young girls?  I know you all remember it.  If my scattered brain can remember it, I know you can.   People didn’t have to be told how the cow ate the cabbage on that one.  We all knew it instinctively.

Well imagine my shock and surprise today when I came across this little item.  The latest polls show that only 55% of Americans think that Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President.   55%!   FIFTY FIVE PERCENT!  This about the woman whose best qualification for the job to date is that she can see Russia from her house.  So what exactly does Sarah Palin have to do before the other 45% of this country is shocked enough to realize that she is a “whack job”?  Please Lord don’t tell me she has to show her hoo-ha in public.

If, in fact, you are reading this blog and think that Sarah Palin is actually qualified to run the country… well I suggest you check and see if your panties are on because the joke just may be on you.

And as far as McCain goes. Panties or no panties, he’s got to be questioning what he has unleashed on the Republican party. That whack job isn’t going anywhere and the closer we get to election day who knows what she will try. So hang on to your panties everyone. There might be a few skid marks before this is all over.

Harold and I voted early and we voted for Obama.  Margaret hasn’t voted yet.  She is reading these comments and talking to me every night.  If I had to guess today what she will do,  I would say that on election day she is going to put her big girl panties on and tell the whack job to go to hell.  See, Margaret loves animals and the whole shooting wolves from the air thing has her really upset. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Get out and vote.  I mean it.


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  8. […] found this as a comment at Margaret and Helen. It is written By: Patricia on October 29, 2008 at 8:53 pm from Trinidad & Tobago. Ok…let me […]


  9. Last time I checked, she wasn’t running for president.


  10. Helen, I know you are currently impatient with people who can not decide 🙂 but I have to tell you I can not decide on which of your post is my favorite!

    I enjoy reading your posts and hope to read more and more and more of them!


  11. Good for you! That’s 2 more Obama votes and let’s hope that Margaret follows suit!
    I wish we could vote early here in PA! As it is, I have to wait until Tuesday…

    Thanks for brighting my day, once again, Helen!


  12. Helen, keep this up and I’ll need to read your column every day, like breathing. Hoo-ha indeed! lol Last time I used the term “Cow ate the cabbage” on a website, a friend of mine from upstate New York told me to leave Missouri as quickly as possible and don’t look back. rofl

    Rock on!


  13. OMG yal’ll are THE BEST ! This is THE BEST Blog i have read in a long time , I cant help but love ya’ll ! ROCK ON LADIES !!!
    OBAMA 2008


  14. Shari,
    are you for real?? Do you take everyone literally? you are a sad case.


  15. Sarah Palin can’t see Russia from her house! There is only one place in Alaska where you can see Russia. CNN sent a reporter there and they have never seen Sarah Palin. In fact, it is so remote that most of them didn’t even know Sarah Palin was running for VP. Even if she could see it, it doesn’t qualify her to deal with international relations. I can see the moon from my window – does that make me qualified for space travel? I can see the top of Mt. Baker from my front porch – but I don’t think that qualified me to go mountain climbing. I, too, am amazed that only 55% think she is unqualified. I just don’t understand how even ONE person (other than family) can even be thinkiing of voting for McCain/Palin.


  16. Helen, you are amazing.

    I hope to be as dead-on as you are some day.

    And just as an FYI, Britney was the one without her panties.


  17. Margaret, I want to tell you that you are one of my idols. I love that you’re not afraid at all to tell the world how you feel, and not only that, but you’re able to back it up with solid facts! There are few McCain supporters who can say so much. One of my friends from high school recently posted a blog on Facebook making fun of Obama supporters, and he’s also commented on my profile about his perceived negative notions of Obama. I really want him to read your blog, so that he can learn how to back up his claims beyond “because I said so.” His blog post also made me laugh because it seems that the only argument conservatives can come up with in support of McCain’s insanity is that “he’ll go back to normal once he’s in office.” Personally, I’d like to see you write a blog on that; I’m interested to hear what you have to say about it.

    Keep writing, I’ll keep following!


  18. David, very good points but I will never become a socialist.

    “Power always thinks it has a great soul, and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all his laws.” – John Adams


  19. tbrightwater 1) Actually what I mind is that I have to work three jobs so people who are on welfare collect their checks to buy cigarettes, alcohol and get their nails done while I work three jobs getting my kids through college.

    2)The armed forces volunteered and is over Iraq.

    3)As far as the government bailouts for greedy and short-sighted financial institutions…the house is mostly democrats that voted for that…what up with that?

    4)The global warming, I am still not convinced that even exists. It was in the 30 degrees here yesterday and it’s still October!

    5)The baby that is aborted could of been that person with all the answers. But we will never know because it was ripped out of a mother’s womb.

    6)When your mom was asked who the president was and answered “jackass” are you sure she wasn’t referring to Clinton? I voted for Bill Clinton for both terms and haven’t admitted to that until now.


  20. to Barry Lauterwasser:

    thank you for giving the kid a shot. 🙂 god bless you.

    from manila, the philippines


  21. Amazed,

    It’s clear where your bias is toward. Watch a lot of Fox News, don’t you?

    Since you brought up who’s liberal…

    Let’s see what your republicans are doing… Trillion dollar tax cuts to the richest Americans. Capital gains tax cuts for the rich and big corporations. Instigating unnecessary wars and not willing to end them. Torturing prisoners and breaking international laws. Eavesdropping on Americans without a warrant. $500+ billion deficits. Happy to have a $10.2 trillion debt and unwilling to pay it off. Massive deregulation that has no transparency or oversight causing extreme corruption. Privatizing social security, medicare & healthcare, education, military, really everything. Continuous scandals. Keep pushing for oil drilling when we need alternative energy like solar panels for homes and electric cars. And bailing-out corporations when they fail by greed, corruption, and incompetence!!! I think Abe Lincoln would be so ashamed of this republican party. It looks to me the republicans are MORE LIBERAL than the democrats!!!

    I don’t mind standing for the national anthem, but the hand over the heart is a bit much. And I will not say the pledge of allegiance, because I consider it idolatry.

    You are dumb if you think McCain is for a change from Bush. Or that McCain will pick Supreme Court justices that do not agree with him.

    You said, “In the past 50 years EVERY time a Democrat has been elected President taxes have gone up.” but……

    Under President Clinton’s leadership, almost 6 million new jobs were created in the first two years of his Administration — an average of 250,000 new jobs every month. The economy created 7.7 million new jobs in the first 34 months of his administration. In 1994, the economy had the lowest combination of unemployment and inflation in 25 years. As part of the 1993 Economic Plan, President Clinton cut taxes on 15 million low-income families and made tax cuts available to 90 percent of small businesses, while raising taxes on just 1.2 percent of the wealthiest taxpayers. President Clinton signed into law the largest deficit-cutting plan in history — saving more than $1 trillion over seven years.

    You must follow the republican spiel that raising taxes on the rich is the same as raising taxes on the working class.

    You said, “Obama says he WILL NOT raise taxes unless you’re making over $250,000. That [big] company is going to have to cut jobs if its taxes are raised.” No, it won’t. Yes, corporations have a so-called “35% tax rate”, but they are not paying 35% corporate taxes. They find some offshore haven to cut their taxes. Corporate tax receipts dropped from an average of 4.8% of GDP during the 1950s to 1.3% of GDP in 2003. The U.S. collects the 3rd lowest of any country in corporate taxes by GDP. What we need is regulation of corporations! They shouldn’t tax dodge or pay executives tens of millions of dollars! No way should a corporation cut jobs and still pay millions in dividends to shareholders and pay millions in bonuses & salary to executives. BTW, income taxes are not the same as corporate taxes.

    You said, “Anyone care about doctors?” Absolutely. When American society thinks it is ok to pay an actress $1200 an hour to portray a doctor on TV while a real doctor gets only $120 per hour, then something is wrong. BTW, hospitals cover malpractice insurance for their doctors, nurses, and other staff. Private practice doctors are not hurting either considering all the big homes and brand new mercedes that I see them buy.

    You said, “the top 10% wealthiest people in America already pay 90% of our taxes.” GREAT!!!! They are still wealthy!!!!!!!!! Let’s break it down for you. Say there are 100 people in a town. 98 people get paid $30,000 to work at a plant owned by the other 2 people from town. The two owners get paid $1,000,000 each. Ok, so we need to raise $150,000 to repair roads and build infrastructure. Who do we tax? I guess your suggestion would be to a flat tax. But the 98 people who get only $30,000 a year are struggling to get by. Would it be better to tax the 2 owners 7.5% each or would it be better to tax everybody 3.1%? The struggling 98 would have to pay $940 with the flat tax which is nothing to the 2 owners. Or the 2 owners could pay the whole $150,000 ($75,000 each) which is still nothing to them, because they are now making $925,000 each! PLEASE STOP CRYING FOR THE WEALTHIEST AMERICANS!!!!

    You said, “40% of people who make under 250,000 a year already don’t pay ANY taxes.” Despite all the republican bullshit they spew on TV, ALL AMERICANS WHO GET A PAYCHECK PAY TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!! The poor may get most of it back in a tax refund, but they do PAY TAXES! The government uses the working poor’s hard-earned money to collect interest from banks when the poor need their money or could use it to collect their own savings interest.

    You said, “If a company in America is going to keep getting taxed more and more for creating jobs… ” but….. Obama has already stated that he will cut taxes to business that create new U.S. jobs and will not give the current tax breaks to those that send American jobs overseas.

    You said, “McCain suggests a different plan when it comes to taxes. Keep it the way it is.” Yeah, and the USA has a $500+ billion deficit, a poor economy that has a historic widening gap between the rich and the poor, a $10.2 trillion debt that taxpayers have to pay $1.24 billion in interest EVERYDAY, and guess what…John McCain doesn’t have any solutions for this and doesn’t want one.

    You said, “All those taxes go to the government, the government decides what they pay for.” I would more likely trust Obama to eliminate excess spending from the budget than John McCain who has 59 lobbyists on his campaign staff and hired a lot of the Bush campaign staff.

    You said, “During the next two years there will be what’s called a “Super Majority” in the Senate and in the House of Representatives.” GREAT!!!! The republicans have royally screwed up the country over the past 8 years and we need quick action from the democrats next year!!! The republicans have ONLY themselves to blame!!! A lot of the pork that Congress spends is from “compromising” with the other party!

    You said, “Don’t vote for [Obama] just because he’s African-American…VOTE FOR THE MAN YOU THINK CAN LEAD THIS COUNTRY.” BTW, he’s half-white, but I already have voted for the best “man” to lead this country. I am a white Independent American male that has lived in southern Virginia all my life. Obama’s race has no bearing on my vote. In fact, I don’t even think he cares about what color his skin is.


  22. I don’t get why they say the polls are all over the place because where I’m sitting they are going straight up for Obama.

    You should write Jack Cafferty on CNN with some of your responses to his questions. You’re my new hero.


  23. “Obama said that when he appoints people to the Supreme Court he will base it on whether or not he feels they will make good decisions (thats in his opinion, in other words people who agree with him will get appointed)” -Amazed

    Any Supreme Court pick still has to receive Senate approval. While Senatorial Courtesy is big we saw just recently with Bush that the Senate can and does disapprove of Presidential appointees…just an aside to help assuage random panic


  24. I’m with you. How can any sane, intelligent person possibly want Sarah Palin anywhere near the White House.


  25. To “Amazed”: Thanks for the insightful post. It is nice to see someone making points for or against a candidate’s policies, instead of attacking him/her personally.

    I have voted Republican for Pres since I was 18, that’s over 25 years…but for this election I feel we need change… dramatic change.

    This administration and it’s policies are why we are, where we are today…in a complete mess… One we’ll get out of for sure, but a complete disaster nonetheless. Their failure to monitor what’s going on, and relentless pursuit of dregulation, and McCain’s failure to admit it is a bad idea makes me cringe.

    If McCain had been stronger on making a case for regulating and monitoring the financial system, and bothered admitting that perhaps the tax code had leaned a little to far to the right and need perhaps some adjustment, I’d probably be giving him a chance.

    Like you, I do not like super-majorities, but we could change that in two years if these two get carried away, which I don’t think he will.

    O’Bama strikes me as a thinker. A thoughtful person that will consider his moves, and consult with people that have more experience than him before making his decisions. I don’t know where you draw conclusions that he feels you have to agee with him or you’re out, but I haven’t seen it yet.

    As far as being smooth talkers…we’ve had tons of those, including Ron Reagan, one of my favorite President’s of all time. And remember…the Nicaraguan rebels arms deals? that Ollie North took the fall for? I think we can all agree that all politicians have “stuff” in their closets that they’d like to keep there.

    I’ve read the tax plans, listened to all the debates, educated myself to the eye-teeth, and I can not help it…I’m going to give the kid a shot. In the end, if he turns out the be the terrorist, marxist, communist that I read about on many blogs…well…there’s good old fashioned impeachment…



  26. Thank you again. I too agree with the 55%, though I wasn’t polled. I think Sarah Palin is a IDIOT! I think John McCain is a very angry old man that needs to croak already. I’m sorry for his POW time, but he wasn’t the only one. I think he got a fair enough life to make up for his struggles. Afterall, he cheated then left his disabled wife to marry into a rich family. WOW!!! Now that’s the American Dream. I guess that’s what McCain will teach us how to do when he talks about giving everybody the chance to make the American Dream.


  27. You tell ’em, Helen!

    Amazed, you don’t like the government telling you how to spend your money, but you don’t mind it spending your money for you – on pointless wars and bailouts for greedy and short-sighted financial institutions? And then telling you what you can and cannot do with your own body?

    If we’ve got all this money to bail out the banks, who got themselves (and us) into this mess, then we can find the money to clean up the environment and guarantee health care for everyone.

    The Republican approach to problems like global warming and the high cost of health care has been pretty much twofold:

    1) Deny that there is a problem.

    2) Distract people by getting them anxious about things that aren’t problems, like other people’s sexual preferences and reproductive choices. Oh, yeah, and don’t forget Harry Potter – Heaven forbid children should learn about _real_ morality.

    The fall-back position is that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is anti-American. I’ve had enough. “If this be treason, let us make the most of it!”

    By the way, when I took my mother in for a psychiatric evaluation a couple of years ago (she had a stroke and suffers from dementia,) the doctor asked her a lot of questions to see just how “out of it” she was. He asked her what day it was, what month it was, the season and the year – she got all of those wrong. Then he asked her who the President was.

    Her answer? “A jackass!” (And yes, she did know his name also) Her caregiver and I just about hyperventilated and I could see the doctor wondering if he should say “Well, she got one right, anyway.”


  28. We’ve all heard it, it’s the most important election in history. Well I do think it’s important so I thought I’d throw some stuff around and see what you guys think. Please feel free to comment back, try not to get too out of hand. I’m just sharing some facts and some opinions. This election effects everyone so please be a part. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or Independent (like me).

    McCain will be the oldest man ever elected President

    Obama could be the first African American elected President

    McCain served four years in the House of Representatives and has served in the Senate since 1986.

    Obama served three years as a Junior Senator.

    McCain before entering government served in the United States Navy as a pilot during Vietnam, he was shot down and tortured. He was offered early release because his father was an Admiral. He chose to stay until every man that was imprisoned before him was released. (I wouldn’t have the balls to do that)

    Obama before entering government was a “Community Organizer”. This job title included things such as providing hundreds of thousands of dollars to ACORN. ACORN is a group that registers inner city people to vote, it is also currently under investigation for voter fraud, they have been registering dead people and people who are under the age of 18 to vote for Obama.

    McCain can’t raise his arms above his head because of his torture during Vietnam

    Obama can’t put his hand over his heart during the national anthem because he believes it conveys a “war message”

    Obama is the most Liberal Democratic Senator in the Senate (this means he only votes Democrat)

    McCain is the most Liberal Republican Senator in the Senate (this means a lot of Republicans don’t like him because he votes both Republican and Democrat, he does this because he listens to both sides of the story before voting)
    *** JOE LIEBERMAN (former democratic vice presidential nominee) says JOHN MCCAIN IS THE TRUE CANDIDATE FOR CHANGE this is an example of how McCain has support from both parties.

    Obama said that when he appoints people to the Supreme Court he will base it on whether or not he feels they will make good decisions (thats in his opinion, in other words people who agree with him will get appointed)

    McCain said that when he appoints people to the Supreme Court he will base it on how well they adhere to the Constitution. (that means whether they agree with him or not, he will appoint them on how well they stick to the Constitution)

    Important things to remember…

    In the past 50 years EVERY time a Democrat has been elected President taxes have gone up.

    Obama says he WILL NOT raise taxes unless you’re making over $250,000. That sounds great to the average guy right? Well here’s the deal… 1) If any of you are in college and plan on working for a big company, guess what? That company is going to have to cut jobs if its taxes are raised. That would be bad news if your parents or someone you knew worked for a big company too! 2) Anyone care about doctors? Many doctors make over $250,000 a year. However, OBYNs and other doctors pay about $70,000 dollars in malpractice insurance. If on top of that they have to pay all of their other taxes plus more… well all of a sudden it just doesn’t become worth it to be a doctor anymore. THATS NOT GOOD 3) Lastly, i just thought you should all know… the top 10% wealthiest people in America already pay 90% of our taxes. 40% of people who make under 250,000 a year already don’t pay ANY taxes.

    Think of it this way… If a company in America is going to keep getting taxed more and more for creating jobs… they’re just going to take their business to another country, like China. Its common sense and it’s already happening.

    McCain suggests a different plan when it comes to taxes. He isn’t raising taxes on anyone. Not the middle class, not the upper class, not the lower class. Keep it the way it is.

    One more point… All those taxes go to the government, the government decides what they pay for. Unfortunately a lot of it goes to government officials’ wallets. I.e. a $3,000,000 over head projector for Obama’s community center.

    During the next two years there will be what’s called a “Super Majority” in the Senate and in the House of Representatives. What does this mean? it means that there are so many Democrats in Congress right now that:
    if Obama was elected… anything that he wanted passed would go right through and Republicans wouldn’t be able to stop it, no matter how wacky it is if McCain was elected… any bills that he wanted to pass he would have to compromise with the Democrats. This means if a bill go through it would have to be fair for both Democrats and Republicans (this is how the government is supposed to work)

    In Closing… just think about what kind of man you want as President. I will admit Obama is a very smooth talker. He’s nice to listen to, however Martin Luther King preached that you should not judge a man by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. Don’t vote for him just because he’s African-American that is just as racist as NOT voting for him simply because he’s African-American. VOTE FOR THE MAN YOU THINK CAN LEAD THIS COUNTRY


  29. You are now my favorite blog in the blogosphere. Love for you both!


  30. If I could derail your fascination with Governor Palin for just a moment:

    You and I are both old enough to remember the Carter years and the complete misery of hyperinflation, a prime rate of 18%, a miserable stagnant stock market, an unemployment rate of 10%, and a demoralized military that invited attacks and aggression from Russia, Iran, and others.

    What is it about those days that you’re so eager to return to? If a pacifist foreign policy, high income taxes, high capital gain taxes, and high corporate income taxes didn’t work then, why will it work now?

    If UPS gets its corporate income tax raised, will prices go up or down?

    If UPS has to pay more for its SSI payroll tax, will prices go up or down? Will they be more likely to hire new people or not?

    It’s fun to make up smacktalk about the opponents but I have yet to see anything in Obama’s economic policies that makes me think “oooh, that looks functional and neat.”

    When I look at Obama what I do see is:

    1) A mania for secret keeping that makes George Bush look open and honest.

    2) A habit of throwing friends and colleagues under the bus the moment they’re not convenient

    3) Some rather *special* methods of fundraising.

    Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.

    By the way, how’s Obama’s aunt doing?


  31. Another political ‘article’ without one sentence discussing an actual issue.


  32. Amazed…..

    Here is why people are going OBAMA!!!!
    These appear to be all Republicans talking…

    Also, something that I have picked up on is that every time OBAMA talks he talks about His ideas for the country, specifics on jobs, retooling closed up auto factories, plans for moving technology toward environmentally safe means of power, etc, and specifics as to what and what and how he plans to accomplish this etc…. He also speaks of Hope, Togetherness, of future days of being inclusive to All Peoples…

    McCain has done nothing but bad mouth Obama, continue to tell his constituents that Obama will do nothing but increase everyone’s taxes… I have yet to hear, after all of this time, McCain talk specifically about his plans for the country, what and how, specifically he wants to do to make the changes that he speaks of.

    Your vote is just that Yours, but remember, in his own words, McCain has “voted with Bush, over 90% of the time, and is one of the few Republicans to have done so”….. so if you are happy with how things have been going by all means…..

    I think we need to reassess how we do things, and make some changes !!


  33. I was undecided but after reading all these comments, my vote is for McCain/Palin. No one mention about the issues but useless information about fruit flies, moose meat, Palin’s teenage daughter, McCain being at death’s door…you get the point. If you want the government to tell you what to do and how to spend your money…I can see why you are voting for Obama; which is certainly your choice.


  34. I’m not putting it past the McCain/Palin advisers to suggest inducing labor for her pregnant teen daughter sometime this weekend, just to get the spotlight off of Obama


  35. Just to add to point 1. above
    Why was that even close?


  36. Hi Helen,
    Hi to the undecided,
    and Hi especially to the naysayers here.

    I’m a member of ‘the rest of the world’. You know, all that part of the planet that is not America. How else can I put it? The majority of the earth.

    I feel compelled to write a little something here to reiterate what has been said before. The rest of the world really does think the USA is a joke. Sorry, but it really is true. Individually you tend to be lovely people, but as a collective? Stupid mindless lemmings.

    American stupidity is world renowned.

    How has this come about? Well I’m not here to give diplomacy, international history or geography lessons, although I’m sure they’d help, but to point out 3 things.

    1. A few years back, you guys had a close call between a jackass who is a very failed businessman among many other shortcomings, and someone who believes in tackling the big issues that affect everyone on this earth, like climate change.

    2. We know who won, and EVERYONE knows that election was rigged. AND YOU LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!

    3. You are on the cusp of an amazing opportunity to turn your country around. Internally, for all citizens, and in the eyes of the world. Or you can continue further down the plughole.

    Your choice.
    Please folks, listen to Helen. She talks a lot of sense. Please vote. And please, do us all a favour and FFS vote Obama.


  37. M & H rock!

    I see our next Secretary of the Interior and maybe a Secretary of Education in these pages.

    Peace, out!


  38. Ceclia,

    If after last night you are still undecided, take a look at this video….. I think it sums it up for Most of us.


  39. Thank you for your wonderful blog! I agree with everything you’ve said and hope you continue to write as often as you can.

    We went on a cruise to Alaska in May and I’m actually ashamed to wear the T-shirts and have put them away, I sure don’t want anyone getting the wrong impression and thinking I’m pro-bitch.


  40. You are amazing and just what I needed to read this morning. THANK YOU!!!!!


  41. In the last 80 or so years, Texas has given us at least 3 incredible women–Ann Richards, Molly Ivins, and you. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog.

    I discovered it yesterday on Andrew Sullivan’s blog and sent the link to friends and my daughter in law (who really is also a friend, I don’t know why I’m putting her into a separate category). They loved it, too. My friend Sonya enjoyed it particularly because she just came back from visiting her very Republican family in Real America, Oklahoma (S-C-A-R-Y, she said), and your blog gave her some much needed perspective.

    So thank you from UnReal America, Massachusetts.


  42. Helen, I love your blog, someone posted it here×4333081
    now it will be daily reading for me.
    Do you have any relatives in San Deigo, Ca? My OB who delivered my kids shares your last name and sense of humor. Sadly he is gone and my children are grown but my memories of his wit remain.


  43. I think I’m in love with you, Margaret and Helen.


  44. Paris Hilton (Please summarize your presidential platform) said this, “I will carry out a foreign-policy platform that will transform America’s role in the world to that of a proactive, not reactive, superpower that will use diplomacy and incentives to head off trouble in unstable regions before they unravel out of control.”

    Sarah Palin’s now infamous quote, “Well, it certainly does because our — our next door neighbors are foreign countries. They’re in the state that I am the executive of. And there in Russia … We have trade missions back and forth. We– we do– it’s very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where– where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border. It is– from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. They are right next to– to our state.”

    Who is more qualified? Isn’t it TERRIBLE?


  45. Hey Margaret and Helen, at least 2 (Lindsay, Paris) of the 3 starlets without panties think that Palin isn’t qualified. That’s pretty stark, isn’t it?.

    Wink Wink.


  46. I can only shake my head with the rest of the world ! How can a somebody with even only half of commun sense vote for people like Palin and McCain ?
    If there is a god, we all say : God save America !!


  47. Loved your blog that I stumbled on down here in little old New Zealand. You go girl, very cool!


  48. Well Hello I’m a newbe here. This is the first time I’ve read your post Helen This Margaret and Helen site is quite a read. I love the way you express youself. Great to see someone with humor at this time of the day.
    I agree with you about the undecideds and who ever else can’t make up their mind.
    My Mother is 91 and a first time voter. She said she had enough of the McCain/Palin camps ways of trying to ruin a good man. She said she wanted to vote. So I got things rolling for her. I guess they really crossed the line in her years of watching politics.
    I’ve seen some dirty politics but this is unbelievable. How evil does some one have to get because he wants his way so bad?
    The only thing about early voting is IT’S DRIVING DOUG [MY HUSBAND], MY MOTHER AND MYSELF CRAZY!! The outcome seems so far away. We have lost sleep or our days have turned around.
    In the last election I cried [for real] when Bush won. Now we are stuck to the tv watching polls, dirty play, lies, and that JTP. [I can’t even write his name out.] He makes me sick talking like he knows anything. He’s only showed us he likes the attention he’s getting from the McCain/Palin camp. What a con artist! No wonder Palin likes him and had him come out on stage in her rally. He knows even less than she does.
    Maybe she’ll start her own party. Have people that believe her be all in one party. The Republicans talk nice but you can tell they don’t like her. She thinks she can take over the republican party . She has no real creds in DC. What does she think she’s doing?
    For goodness sakes read some books. My Grand kids ask me why She and McCain lie so much. At 11 and 10 my Granddaughters know more about the fruit flies than Palin does. My Grandson 15 just shakes his head. Even the newly 2 yr old runs around saying Bawak Bobama. The girls research on the COMPUTER what they don’t know.
    I have to quit now. I’ve vented enough. This is to much blah blah blah.
    As I said much earlier I love your site.
    Juanita near A2


  49. I miss my grandma when I read your blog. On the one hand, I’m glad she didn’t live to suffer Sarah Palin; on the other hand, I would have loved to hear the string of obscenities from her mouth.

    Thank you and please keep it up!


  50. I know you are going to shoot me for this, but I am considering changing my vote to Republican. Here is my reasoning:

    I cannot understand why this race is even vaguely close. Why is it that Obama is not at 70% (at least).

    So I say – let those _____s have their way. Let them have some more years of McBush, and then a year or two of Palin.

    Then maybe they will see how awful things can be and the Republican party will sink irretrievably into its own mire.


  51. And after reading into some of the insulting comments that you’ve mentioned…I laughed because I find it humorous that so many people think that someone with an ope, free-thinking mind like yourself would do anything other than burst into bouts of laughter with some of the mundane things they attempt to offend with. Thanks again for your amazingly accurate opinions and views!!!


  52. Andrew Sullivan linked to you on his blog for The Atlantic and I’m glad he did!

    Helen you’re the greatest. You remind me of my mom who’s not quite your age but just as feisty (and she’s starting to cuss more too, good for her). Keep speaking truth to power Helen, you’re a treasure!


  53. Yeah, Americans are stupid. This election should be a complete landslide by now, but……


  54. I just started reading your blogs today and have made it through almost 6 months of postings! You’re both witty, quick and have a sass that many could never match. I’ve forwarded your blog address to quite a few people whom I know will enjoy your perspective! I look forward to reading more of your posts and hope that you are having a fantastic pre-election week! Much love from Vermont!


  55. What a great blog!

    At the risk of being a little macabre, in reading this I was reminded of my dear grandmother, who passed last month. She was witty, quick, and always ready with a swift one-liner to put just about anyone in his/her place. She “did it her way” until the end (she was 88). But even when she was issuing a verbal smack-down, she did everything with a kind heart and a chuckle, like you. Your blog was a welcome reminder of my grandmother’s spirit, and most of all, her wit. Thank you for that, and keep writing.


  56. Helen: Has a major newspaper offered you a column yet? You make me Laugh Out Loud!


  57. Pardon me for being so blunt, but honestly, just who IS worthy and qualified of running our country? Every election year it’s always another big shocking story with just enough twists and turns to distract from the actual reality at hand; We could not trust ANY of them to give a blind man correct change. I’ll leave it there.


  58. Did Margaret see the picture of Palin in her office on the Victorian sofa with a bear skin with its head hanging on the back of it? That really creeped me out.


  59. You are wonderful.


  60. ladies. i just found your website thanks to my best friend gina and can i say that you are a delight to read. witty and wise. im pretty much a fan for life. thanks for being such cool nanas.



  61. I just discovered this tonight.

    Helen: I want to be like you when I grow up.


  62. I don’t want to get cocky, but I don’t think it is really too close to call.




  63. This is my new favorite blog. I love your expressions and point of view. Keep typing. You make me laugh.


  64. This blog is great! I no longer need a time machine to see what I’m going to be like in 30 years. Thanks, ladies.


  65. Shooting wolf pups in their dens should bother you more folks…it’s the newest “predator control ” gig here…


  66. Living proof that age imparts neither wisdom nor tolerance. God protect in your ignorance and anger.


  67. The shooting-wolves-from-helicopters thing bothers me a lot too. It’s–barbaric.

    Sarah Palin, putting the “ick” back in “maverick”!

    Your blog is fun! 🙂


  68. Helen I really hate you because of your opinions. Here I am slowly getting sleepier and sleepier, minutes before turning into bed, when I’m directed to your blog. oh man. Now I’m wide awake because, despite that fact that I have to wake up early tomorrow, all I want to do is read the entire site. Keep up the good work, it’s appreciated.


  69. Doohickey-
    Get over yourself…Damning with faint praise is not the way here in Helen’s parlor.
    I’m not sure it IS obvious my governor is smart…
    Nor, unless we define stupid, that she is stupid.
    It is dangerous to underestimate her ambition and sense of entitlement to get ( note get- not acheive ) anything she deisres. That does not make her smart.
    There are all kinds of stupid- we have an enormous number of Americans who are so afraid of 1-change, 2-terrorists, 3-ad infinitum or 4- all of the above that they have been struck stupid with fear. Note- stupid with fear, not dumb with fear.
    We have Ms Palin showing how stupid Alaskans can be…
    We were only just getting on to this here in Alaska when she got tapped for the VP nomination by Mr McCain…You know- she was going to save us from ourselves by being open and transparent and ethical…We found she’s a pretty fair magician in pulling big meaningful words out her hairdo and keeping our eyes on that prize while she stuffs her pockets with no-nos like conducting state business on private email accounts -out of public records view… stuff like that.
    Now, she’s out there -running the same con on the whole country…Stupid with power. Note-not drunk with power- she doesn’t drink.


  70. Hi Helen,

    I just stumbled across your blog and am enjoying it immensely. Thank you for taking over for Molly Ivins.

    My favorite so far: “Maverick the Clown and his side kick, Clarabell”

    You’re right. This is the biggest election we’ve had in many many years, certainly the biggest I’ve been involved with (I haven’t been around the block as many times as you have.

    Keep up the good work.


  71. Helen, you are WONDERFUL! You are able to perfectly express exactly how I feel, in a much kinder way than I do.
    Thanks so much for blogging some rational common sense.
    I already voted for Obama(voted yesterday). Felt dayum good too. It’s an amazing feeling knowing I am an active participant in a history defining time in this country.
    Keep up telling it like it REALLY is! I am lovin it!!


  72. Hi, Helen! Sorry I haven’t commented in a bit, but I’ve been busy mothering and daughtering.

    Speaking of which…I took my 87-year-old mother to early vote here in north Texas today. And I had a little flashback, to her paying “poll tax” back in the 60’s.

    I put a little blog post up about it today, but I was wondering if you and Margaret had any thoughts about the tremendous changes (and the sad lack thereof) since the poll tax disappeared federally in ’64 and locally in ’66?


  73. Thank you for the laugh..we all need that right now. It warms my heart to read your blog as I argue with my young 64 year old mother and 92 year old grandmother (i’m 42) about this election. They both are leaning toward voting for McCain. It’s hard to understand how they both had such influence in my life, yet we see the world so differently.

    My husband and I have been working hard for Obama in Northern VA for the past year. I am hopeful that more will see the light and we will win this election.

    I’ve worked in senior living for 20 years ensuring that, as people age, they are respected and live their life to the fullest.

    Reading your blog gives me so much hope. You kick ass and tell it like it is. Your blog is not just a political statement, it’s a ringing truth of the fire for life that exist in all of us no matter of our age.

    Thank you for doing your part for Obama and sharing your humor, intelligence, and opinions. Reading your blog today not only made my day, it was a validation of all I hold true.



  74. Helen, I have read about four of your posts now and am convinced that I am smitten.

    Will you adopt me? At least be my Auntie?

    Not only is everything you say 100000% in align with my passion and beliefs about all of what is happening, but you articulate it with style. YOU HAVE TALENT!!!!!

    And you can freely call Sarah Palin a bitch without offending my sensibilities. I have been doing it atleast a couple of time a day since she has invaded my TV screen.

    Thanks for sharing your passion and humor with all of us, Val


  75. Actually, I think Sarha Palin is stupid. She is stupid enough to think that her hokey down to earth talking and her cute little eye winks will sway intelligent people into voting for her.

    She has done NOTHING for the women or children in Alaska. Consider this. Most insurance companies in Alaska do not cover birth control. There is no sex education in Alaska. Sarah packed the hospital board with her evangelical friends and made it so there would not be any abortions done there (until they were sued). Is this how you help women? Alaskan children are the THIRD least insured children in the UNION! Hello, if you are living off the oil riches then you should damn well be taking care of your constituents. Sarah Palin is taking care of only herself.
    Anyone who believes that dinosaurs walked the earth with humans is someone to be wary of. Anyone who believes that she will see the End Of Days in her lifetime is someone who should never have power.
    Sarah Palin scares the living daylights out of me. I pray she and McCain do not manage to steal the election, because if they do, we are all in serious trouble.

    Helen, you rock! You are awesome, and you remind me of my mother and grandmother. Don’t let the turkeys get you down!



  76. I especially liked your comment on the wolves.
    In fact, the only reservation I have about sending Sarah back to Alaska is that she’ll go back to strafing wolves from a helicopter.

    Hmm, I wonder if there was some way to issue Stingers to wolves and train them in their use…


  77. I love you!

    You guys rock! You insoire me. And you are politically astute. Keep it up!


  78. Darn! I wish I’d found you earlier…this stupid election would have been so much easier to take with you around. People who think! Amazing…I honestly wondered if there were any left and here you are (I was going to say almost as real as moose in Alaska but then I remembered there aren’t any left – Sarah & Todd killed them all!) Well, good for you and keep fighting the good fight…God knows you know more than they know (if you know what I mean)!


  79. Congrats on the Daily Dish link, ladies. I live on the West Coast but as a Texas boy born and raised let me just say that it’s refreshing to see folks from your generation who still have the spirit and fire to embrace something new. Go Obama!


  80. Helen, love your posts. Please keep it up. You are definitely a very funny voice of reason. Cecilia, this may have been said since I haven’t read all the posts. But I do not think your aunt is lying to you. Rather, she is repeating all the lies the Republicans are putting out these days. Others have answered your question much more eloquently than I; but I wanted to let you know that to go against your aunt would not be disrespectful to her. Hopefully, she will see that the Republican party she probably once believed in is no longer her Republican party.


  81. Interesting. Same old rhetoric in a cute little package. How disappointing. Obviously Sara Palin is not stupid. What a lame catch phrase to fall back on! I’m depressed that you weren’t more clever in your banter. I was expecting more. Your dry wit made me think you weren’t just another sheep following the herd in a mindless stupor.



  82. All I can say, is 45% of the voters are from Mars, or Venus, some other planet in a far away galaxy, or can’t read and rely on (out)FOX(ed) news to formulate their opinions.

    I’d hold onto my panties, but I haven’t worn any in YEARS. I do know how to keep my hooha from the media though. A lesson I wish our unqualified neighbor to the north knew how to do. She shows worse than her panties (or lack thereof). She shows her ignorance.

    I read somewhere ‘she’ had an IQ of 120. Don’t know if it is true, but she sure acts as if her IQ is much lower than that.

    One of the many, many — okay, unlimited things — wrong about Ms. P (for piddly squat) is that she thinks she is a bad ass. There, I said it. But you know at 59, I can say what I want. I’ve earned the right!

    Bad ass?? My ass!! She hasn’t a clue about much of anything, as far as I can tell. She is so narcissistic that the DSM will have to include her in the new definition!

    I think one of the things that really “irks” me is that she thinks she will run for Prez in 2012 (ah, the Mayan Calendar), without McCain holding her back, and that people will really vote for her!!

    Ah, the ultimate narcissism. You are a piece of work Sarah Palin!


  83. ladies, Andrew brought me here, as well. my thanks to him and to you both- this is a true delight. you are very generous to share your friendship with others. thank you, so much!

    i will be heading to bed with a huge smile on my face tonight!


  84. That’s you bucky and sal………


  85. The trolls were here tonight…but don’t get your panties in a bunch! It’s our time now, and they can’t take it away with words, and it’s not worth arguing with them because they are intermarried, and their brains are altered and their hearts are stone.


  86. I love you Helen, will you please be my Grandma? 🙂

    GoBama! 6 more days to change in America!


  87. God bless you both!
    I just got sent here by a friend in her Lj and I just have to say that I am thrilled to see somebody saying what I’m thinking.

    Keep preaching sister!


  88. Helen-
    I look at it this way: Just because Mr. Choke-On-a-Pretzel slept in the White House for eight years, while the Puppet Master pulled his strings, does not mean that we should allow someone else with the IQ of my big toe (and I am being charitable with that) the opportunity to even consider running for Pres. Hell, I’d switch my party affiliation to Republican just to vote someone else in for the primaries. Mind you, switching my affiliation means that I will have to give up my wonderful spot at an Independent, which I have come to enjoy… even while living in a closed-primary state. However, I will do it if that broad runs… and then I will be bitter at having to fill out a form, followed by another form to switch back after the vote. Caribou Barbie needs to leave the lower 48 and not return. Period!!


  89. I actually ran into a person today who mentioned McCain winning, McCain dieing. Palin being President. Something about Bill Clinton and the UN and then the End Times.

    What the . . .?

    Have you been encountering this?

    Tina Fey did a bit on SNL where she said that Palin thought that global warming was getting ready for the rapture and I wasn’t sure if this was based on something Palin had ACTUALLY said, or just extrapolated. But now, a real actual person that I have met before made reference to the same thing. I’m completely floored by this.

    Even IF we are expecting the end times, wouldn’t it be best to TRY to maintain our planet up until when that was to come about? This is one of my concerns–that Palin, given the chance, would not try to do anything about pollution or global warming, or war, because those will all be sorted out and the bad guys “left behind”.



  90. Helen, I just found you via the link on Andrew Sullivan’s website and had to tell you how wonderful you are. This is easily the most I’ve laughed about the whole awful McCain/Palin affair since it all began. Thank you, thank you–your take on Palin in particular had me in stitches. I’ll definitely be checking back to enjoy your dead-on posts as they arrive…

    Best to you, your family, and Margaret–


    Robyn in Houston, TX
    OBAMA ’08


  91. PS > The Phillies Won…….

    See Senator McCain, Senator Obama’s broadcast didn’t deter the spirit of us in PA…….. guess you should have vetted that too, huh?


  92. Patricia: Well said and all true. I couldn’t agree with you more!


  93. Molly Ivins has found a worthy successor. You’ve just been bookmarked. What a great voice.


  94. abuck6: Pls look at for the truth about either candidate.

    Also, Senator Obama sponsored or co-sponsored many bills and worked closely with some Republicans as well. He is open-minded and is willing to listen to all sides before making an educated decision.


  95. Helen, your prose rocks. You make me miss my grandmother. She was funny too. (Although I wish she had cussed in front of me and not just her best friend Paula.)


  96. Ok…let me try something here, directed especially at Cecilia (just in case you are still undecided)

    I live outside your country. On a tiny Caribbean island nation called Trinidad & Tobago (right next to Venezuela…yeah right next to that guy)…

    After your election of 2000 left the entire planet with the worst president to have ever led the US, I made a specific effort to follow this particular election because I have always wanted to understand your process, and more importantly not be shocked by the eventual choice this time around (back in 2000 I had convinced myself Al Gore won, well he did but that’s another story).

    So I have been following the elections since the primaries. I had never heard of Barack Obama before the primaries. I have to be honest, I really didn’t think that America would embrace a black man to lead a major party, far less to run the country.
    So when Mr. Obama won the primary in Iowa, I and the whole world sat up and took notice.
    Then I started hearing that people shouldn’t vote for him because he’s an unkown. I made it a point to find out what I could about him. I bought his book “The Audacity of Hope”

    Cecilia I can tell you, everything you have heard him say is right there in that book, written about 2-3 years ago. He had a vision for your country and the world and he still does.
    He has been consistent the whole time. Yes he’s a politician, but he is a rare politician. He seems genuinely concerned about people and the world around him.
    You and your country men have nothing to fear from Mr. Obama. For example, I can never reconcile how a country with some of the best health care systems in the world can have millions who can’t access it??!!….That’s lunacy…
    Apparently, by trying to fix such things Mr. Obama is a socialist??!!…good lord give me a break.

    The system you currently have to decide who gets health care and who doesn’t, is clearly not working and perhaps, just perhaps, he may have the solutions.
    And as for him being inexperienced, for heaven’s sake the man’s not going to run the country by himself. He knows he has limitations, his pick of Joe Biden shows that.

    Ok….I’ll shut up now, but Cecilia…..if you are not swayed by my rantings above…..just close your eyes and think that if McCain/Palin wins this election….Sarah Palin will be running your country should something happen to Mr. McCain….if that doesn’t scare the living daylights out of you….then woman you are not capable of being scared out of your wits by anything….

    To everyone else…..please vote wisely….vote Obama/Biden 08….


  97. Wow, a big THANKS to Andrew Sullivan for pointing me to your blog. I laughed while reading it in its entirety, cheering you on!! Loved your rules in the previous post!

    I’ve voted early, donated to Obama’s campaign, and even spent a weekend canvassing for him in Colorado- where it will make a difference, unlike the red state I live in, Utah. Never done that before, but I’ve never been so scared for my country before.

    Keep it up!!


  98. I’m only 55 but I want to be just like you when I grow up.
    From one Texan to another, you rock!


  99. mistake in sentence:

    I have many other reasons for voting for Senator McCain, but I getting tired. It has been a long day

    That sould have read ” I have many other reasons for voting for Senator Obama, but I getting tired. It has been a long day”.


  100. As my husband says-“You go girl!” I just discovered you and you get the bookmark. What a find!


  101. ms-helen.
    i just found your blog today – wishing i’d found it a while ago ^_^

    i’m in a night class at the moment – so i can’t write very much – but you’ve been a inspiration~! i hope you dun mind, but i’m linking one of your articles from my LJ…

    Colorado College Student; Republican
    mailed in my ballet last week – Go Obama!!


  102. Curious on October, I’m only speaking for myself.

    I am voting for Senator Obama because I can relate to him more than I can relate to Senator McCain.

    I like Senator Obama’s policies. I like that he is calm in the mist of the storm. I like that he will be able to calm the waters between the US and our allies.

    I travel around the world and I have to say that I, as an America, is considerd scum to most people I run into to on my travels. Senator Obama will be able to improve our relationships and the perception that the rest of the world has of us. Senator McCain is just too angry and he does not control his temper. We don’t need someone who will cause us to alienate our allies.

    I like Senator Obama medical health policy because I believe as he does that it is a right.

    I like his stance on education and education is important for our future. We can not afford to have uneducated generations of people. I certainly don’t want ignorant young folks running the country while I am in my rocking chair. It hurts me so much when I travel around the world knowing that folks from foreign countries know more about our country than we do.

    I am the middle class and I like what he wants to do for the middle calls people. When I was in graduate school, I struggled to pay for my education and it took me ten years to pay for my graduate degrees; to pay back those student loans. I had to work during the day and go to school at night and on the weekends. I had great grades, but I could have excellent grades if I had had just a little help so that I didn’t have to work while going to school.

    I want the war to end. I want mothers and fathers and sons and daughter home so that they can put their own children to bed at night. Grand parents are wonderful, but young children need their moms and dads. We, right now, have a generation of childrens who are either suffering or who will be suffering when they get older. They will have relationshihp problems and most likely will not be able to cope.

    I remember at the start of the war, an Iraqi in New Jersey was interviewed on the News. He said that after the war, he and his family planned to go back to Iraq and start a business. He was in college here, getting an education so that he has an education that will alllow him to support his family …….. I couldn’t help but stand there in fury that “here you are, in America, you put your kids to bed every night and you see them in the morning and there are American moms and dads who are dying for your freedom and the fredom of your country and country men and you have the nerve to get on TV and announce this so boldly…….. I was livid….. I want the Iraqi people to grow some gonads and take back, support and protect their own country and people.

    You want to know something else? My family is mostly a matriarchical family because most of the men in my family have died because of fighting in foreign wars. They have either died in battle or died later from war wounds. We need moms and dads and sons and daughter home with their own families, moms and dads raising their own children.

    I am also voting for Senator Obama because he has a secure backup in Senator Biden that if anything happens to him, Senator Biden has the experience to run the country. Senator McCain can’t say that and the republican campaign is now seeing that. Their eyes have become wide open and they are now wondering, “what d’hell did we do?”

    Another thing is that Senator Obama’s campaign is a well managed campaign. He has shown that he can organize and manage people. He has super people skills which is something that is very important to the presidency.

    I like the fact that when Senator Obama and his wife gets in the White House, they will not spend somehting like $50,000.00 on things like dinner ware like some others have in the past.

    I like the fact that Michelle shops at Targets and J.Crew and buys off the rack just as I do and don’t spend $300.00 for a dress.

    I have many other reasons for voting for Senator McCain, but I getting tired. It has been a long day.

    But let me finish with this; In Senator Obama, you have a man who comes from both Black and White races. He is a portrait of the majority of the people (Black and White) in America.

    Since 1789, this country has been run by White men; some who have done great things and some who have just run this country in the ground. It’s time for a change. Give someone else the opportunity to try and fix what’s wrong with this country.

    “I was standing on the highest mountain of them all, and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world. And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being. And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was holy…but anywhere is the center of the world.” ……Black Elk – Oglala Sioux


  103. I read your blog with fascination. You have a very nice turn of phrase. And I like the way you think. Not simply because we tend to agree, but because of the rational thought you put into your remarks.

    So from an old infantryman, thank you for the expressions justifying my time with the colors. It’s nice to see that it wasn’t in vain.


  104. voted for Obama today!!!! what a good feeling and his infomercial this evening was awesome…. i think i fell in love all over again!

    jeanne from seattle


  105. Helen- I want to be like you when I grow up. It is so refreshing to see someone from my father’s generation excited about Barack.

    -A 44 yr old white female Texan who voted for Obama


  106. Keep speaking the truth Helen!


  107. You are great! Thanks for saying what I’m thinking. Can’t wait to have an intelligent President in the White House. We’ve waiting 8 long years!


  108. Thank you , thank you, thank you!


  109. Bless your hearts! You rock. And you are role models for all feisty broads everywhere!

    I want to be you when I grow up.


  110. I can’t help but laugh at loud.

    The people sitting near me (I’m peeving some free wi-fi at a local diner) are amused by what I’m reading out loud to them.

    Thank God your kin taught you how to blog. A voice from your generation is a breath of fresh air up my panties!



  111. Oh my God I LOVE this site!!! I’m right there with you ladies. 🙂 🙂

    The other thing I was thinking about is why so many think she’s qualified just because she has a son with down syndrome. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t empathize with that, but to say she is qualified just because she knows what it’s like to be a parent of a child w/ a disability is way out there.

    I mean, if she can connect with Americans because of that “downfall”, then hell, I should run for office because I could connect with those who are OCD, can’t parallel park, have black hair, are short, have wack-job family members…where shall I stop??? 😉


  112. OMG I just found you through Andrew Sullivan. I love you and trust me I will be back after the election if you keep it up.


  113. I just want to say that you are both beautiful. 🙂


  114. Helen, I live in Texas, am 47, female, and you are my new favorite person. You are so correct (I would say right, but that word has a new meaning entirely).

    I want to meet you, hug you and thank you over and over and over.



  115. Hi I found your blog through Andrew Sullivan as well. You rock! I have to sit at work and listen to my boss talk about the McCain/Palin ticket all day long. It drives me crazy so your blog will be one I visit daily to keep my sanity. You will find this amusing. The other day another co-worker said to my boss, “What if McCain died then Sarah Palin would be the President”. He actually said that he would like her as president over McCain. She is closer to what his views (very Catholic man which makes it even funnier because her views really aren’t close to Catholicism if he only knew) are! OMG I can’t believe how stupid people are. OBAMA all the way baby!!!!!!!


  116. I don’t think it’s as close as they’d like us to believe. We are up in Colorado, Florida, and Ohio. Virginia has slipped a bit (I’m ashamed), but we’ll rally. Lets not forget Pennsylvania is going to do us right as well.

    I do however think it is important that we keep getting the word out to vote. I could care less what the national polls look like, it’s electoral votes! And we’re winning both!

    Only downside to winning. Crazy Palin will be running in 2012. YUCK!! What an embarassment to women!


  117. I just followed a link to your blog from Andrew Sullivan. Apparently you have knocked his socks off (thank you for not knocking his undergarments off!). I must say, you are on the money. Keep writing!


  118. Helen, this blog rocks the house.

    You flat get a prize for, well I suggest you check and see if your panties are on because the joke just may be on you. That’s teh awesome.

    There’s on more thing you need to get your grandson to show you, and that’s the hyperlink. This argument, The latest polls show that only 55% of Americans think that Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President. needs a source. And, your grandson can show you how to hyperlink a source to that argument so as to rocket your credibility into the stratosphere.

    What separates bloggers on the web from the fish wrap otherwise known as a newspaper, is bloggers cite sources. That’s why blogs are exploding, and newspapers are shrinking.

    Gotcha bookmarked, Helen. You can thank Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic, among others for an uptick in traffic. You are keeping track of your stats, right?

    Best wishes on your blogging adventure.


  119. You go, Ladies!!! WOW. You call it as you see it, and if folks get upset, c’est la vie! This is the United States of America and we have this little thing called Freedom of Speech. So have at it, Margaret and Helen – say what’s on your hearts and minds. . . and let the world figure out for themselves how they want to react


  120. Greetings neighbor, from San Antonio! I always enjoy your blog.

    FYI, me, my big girl panties and DH went and voted for OBAMA this morning.

    These are, once again, historic times. I feel like 1968 all over again.


  121. Your blog is fabulous! When I was little, I thought that ALL ADULTS would be like you. Imagine my suprise! McCain said that Palin has been an “inspiration to women” in the third debate…um…not for me–but you are. 🙂

    I’m going to promote you in my blog as well. Keep up the great work!


  122. Ma’am;
    please accept my deepest gratitude FOR MAKING SENSE!
    Theres so damn little of it these days. .
    Ah. There. thats better.

    Yr Obdt Svt,


  123. I have already voted and it was not for Whack Job and Mr. Mean.

    Keep blogging.


  124. You thought the site was busy before? Well now that Andrew Sullivan linked to you, you will have all kinds of us tramping through the house.

    I just love your writing and what you have to say. Say it loud, say it proud – BeezelDubya and McNasty are assholes and Sarah Wasillabilly is a bitch. GOBAMA!!!!! Grannies unite!


  125. Helen, I have another topic you can discuss with Margaret. It’s about Katrina.

    We all know what happened in New Orleans. What did Congress do about that? Were there any Senate hearings?

    Do you think maybe there should have been?

    Who was then chairing the committee that would have held investigatory hearings if that senator had decided there should be an investigation?

    Do you think it showed good judgement that she decided an investigation was not something she was going to do?

    If you don’t, do you think that senator should be re-elected?

    The name of the senator I’m speaking of is:

    Susan Collins (R-ME)……………..


  126. y’know Helen, where I come from in Texas, we call’em drawers and mine are up around my neck.

    I hear that Palin, when asked about her career after McCain loses, said “I’m not in this for nothing”. I also hear that the Repub campaign is aghast.

    The thought ought to scare the hell out of everybody.


  127. Dear, dear ladies,
    Thank you for being the lady my grandmother – bless her – will never be. Outspoken. On top of it. Not just voting the way she always has or as her husband and family does but as SHE wants to.

    Massive amounts of kudos to you. Sadly there are still tons of people out there who WILL continue voting with the GOP no matter whom they elect. Who will choose a simple statement about abortion and ride it all the way to the polls despite all the other issues at hand. The only excuse I can think of for the 45% of nitwits in this country who feels Palin is capable of leading is that they have never turned on a computer, watched anything other than fox news, spoken of politics to anyone but their own tightly knit republican group or read anything other than their heavily right winged paper. And pooh on them for not looking farther than that.

    Margaret I am with you on the wolf thing. Chilled me to my bones it did.


  128. The last time I put on the big girl panties, my wife was not amused…


  129. I hate to point this out, but a goodly chunk of the 45% supports Palin in the hope that she’ll show her hoo-ha. Bill Kristol, Hannity, that set.


  130. I cam here from Andrew Sullivan’s site as well.

    I’m another new fan. Keep up the good work.


  131. A question if I may…can you guys tell me what exactly Obama has done for this country that warrants such a strong belief in his ability?

    I’m not trying to cause any drama or anything, I’m not saying I’m voting for McCain because I hate him just as much but I’m just curious to know why I should vote for Obama because anybody can say anything to get votes but what in his history of work in the Senate has made it glorying obvious that he’ll do what he says he’s going to do?


  132. Helen: Thank you. as with nightshift66 I found you thru AS.

    Here is the neat thing about “old ladies”: they aren’t trying to impress anybody anymore. They have nothing but wit and wisdom to offer. And by God, if you don’t like it, you know where the door is.


  133. I heard Elizabeth H. is getting death threats.
    This is not what we are about! this sounds more like the crazy right wingnuts, not good democrats or people who care about change and a better life.
    We may not like her, or her sputterings, but we can
    not stoop to the level of the radical right.


  134. Hello, ladies. I just today was directed to your site by a link at Andrew Sullivan’s blog, and I am enjoying your posts very much. I hope to be reading you both for a long time to come.


  135. Dear Mr. Anonymous

    Why do yo keep coming back? Please go!


  136. Great Blog, you so remind me of my NaNa, God rest her soul….

    I must agree, our Little Miss Sarah just ain’t ready for the big time, but rumor has it that with the Stevens situation, and if all plays out right, she could assign herself to take his position in DC, to give her more exposure for 2012…..

    God help us all…..

    Here is a website about her history as Mayor in Wasilla, and some Fun Facts that we all need to know…..


  137. I wanna be just like you when I’m 82.




  139. I LOVE THIS BLOG! You two ROCK! Thank you so much for doing this…I’m a huge fan.


  140. Sing it, Sister!


  141. You ladies are my new heroes and I love you both! 🙂 I hope you don’t mind adopting me…Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this blog. And you just call Sarah Palin or Dubya or Cheney whatever you want to call them. hey, it’s your blog after all.


  142. Which is more shocking?

    A. 45% of Americans still think Palin is qualified to be president.

    B. 25% of Americans still approve of Dubya Bush’s job performance.

    C. In January 2006, 63% of surveyed 18-24 year old Americans could not locate Iraq or Saudi Arabia on a map of the Middle East.

    D. In Fiscal Year 2006, the U. S. Government spent $406 Billion on interest payments to the National Debt. That’s $1.112 Billion per day.

    There should be a test before Americans can vote, such as locate the US on a map (6% of 18-24 yr olds can’t even do that).

    And there should be a test before somebody can run for Congress or the Presidency. We don’t want anymore dumbasses in Congress or the White House!


  143. Cecilia…I also have issues with both presidential candidates but I ended up voting for Obama/Biden because I felt that they would do a better job of improving the image of America and improving the lives and security of Americans, in general. Obviously it will take time and alot of work to undo the damage that the past eight years have wrought.


  144. Helen,
    You are the greatest! So glad that I was led to your blog.

    As a blue state girl in a red state, it can real a little discouraging sometimes. It gives me joy to know that someone like you lives in the same state! I wish you were my neighbor!

    I went to vote early in my super Republican area, and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people in line that were excited to be there to vote for Obama.

    The Republican Party is getting scary. Here is the ticket for 2012:

    Thanking for writing!


  145. Just found your blog. I heart you gals!


  146. Hi Helen, I discovered your blog today and I just wanted to tell you I LOVE it! I think I’m adopting you as my online grandmother!


  147. Helen, you are the best! Please be my grandma.


  148. OOOps I should have said Vice President but we all know that she thinks she is in line for the starring part. LOL


  149. Oh my god…this is the best blog in the history of the world. I just found you through Sullivan and have read every single post.

    I LOVE IT!

    Keep posting Helen!


  150. Helen,

    Panties firmly in place and I have voted! Why Obama of course!

    Why anyone with a living brain cell left would even consider this woman as president is so mystifying to me that I just have to slam my jaw shut when her name comes up!

    If I hear she is a breath of fresh air one more time, I swear to god I am going to start carrying a can of aerosol room freshener and spray it on them and yell WAKE UP!

    PS I think they polled all the hard core right wing churches to get that 45 percent. The women of course had to ask their husband if they could respond to the poll!


  151. I want to be like you when I grow up!


  152. Helen,
    I voted today, too. Stood in line 2 hours, happily, proudly for Obama. How in the hell anyone with half a brain would vote for anyone who has chosen Palin as his runningmate is beyond me.


  153. I’m 52. My sincere hope is that, in 30 years, I’ll be at least half the person you are.

    Rock on, Helen!


  154. Helen: another wonderful post! I look forward to reading you every day after work.

    Cecilia: I visited to see what it was (had never heard of it before).

    Please realize that that list of questions they use for rating was created before the PRIMARIES and much has happened since then, especially related to the US economy. If I were you, I’d pitch whatever *results* were obtained from that site.

    Here’s my simple advice: If you make under $250,000 a year, go with Obama/Biden. (Republicans vote their pocketbook all the time, too.)


  155. Please America, please don’t vote for a man who has the worst comb-over hair-do I have ever seen.

    Barack Obama is NOT a socialist, NOT a terrorist, NOT a threat.

    Sarah Palin and John McCain will be no better than George W.

    The world is watching.
    The world was stunned when you voted Dubya back in.
    The world wants you to choose right.
    The world has its fingers crossed.

    The world is watching.


  156. It was Britney who got all the press for hoo-ha flashing. I think Paris flashed her’s before too(guess she was jealous).

    Don’t give Sarah Palin any ideas(desperate people do desperate things). When the show is over on Wednesday morning and Caribou Barbie has to go back to her igloo, I hope she doesn’t starting flashing her hoo-ha for more press. Enquiring Minds really don’t want to know.


  157. Great blog Helen! I shared your blogs with my best friends. We’re still laughing at your line, “Please Lord don’t tell me she has to show her hoo-ha in public.”


  158. Helen, you kick ass! Thank you.


  159. I’m pretty sure my discovery of this blog ranks right up there with my discovery of Maker’s Mark Manhattans. Helen, you are a right broad.


  160. Helen, you’re my new hero!

    I’m from Alaska, & I think she’s a bitch too!


  161. Yesterday was my first time here thnx to a friend. Helen you really tell it just like it is and should be.Lordy THAT ONE has to win. McNut/Pain just can’t win. You are now on my daily list. Thanks so much for the humor.


  162. I love your blog. It really makes my day! I found this article about Palin that I thought would interest you. Hope you enjoy.

    Jane Mayer on “The Insiders: How John McCain Came to Pick Sarah Palin


  163. and check out this new ad from Obama – It’s great!

    it questions McCain choice of Palin as running mate.

    Susan in CA


  164. PS ACORN is sueing Repub in NH for voter fraud.


  165. I don’t understand either. I can’t believe so many people really think she’s qualified. It’s actually kind of amazing. What does an unqualified candidate look like to these people? Would such a person even be breathing?


    And, thank you.


  166. Will you marry me?


  167. I happen to have a few nut-jobs in my family who are voting for McPalin (bro and sister-in-law). They are republicans and proud of it They’ll vote noecon all the way. As neocons they believe everything that comes from McCain – it doesn’t matter if its something is proven not true “don’t listen to leftist media!” – McCain said it and so its true. And if all this stuff is true then all the other bad stuff they hear is true too. They won’t even talk politics unless you are one of them.
    How do you get thru to someone so thick? Answer is, you don’t.
    They live in their own little world and never peek out to see reality. It won’t even make a dent in their perspective when they pay lower taxes because of Obama.
    I won’t even give them this blog-site. The humor and wit and wisdom would be totally lost on them.
    I have asked my Mom if she dropped my brother on his head when he was a baby, but she denies it.
    Oh and a friend of mine from VA said she like Palin ’cause she is feisty. I gave her feisty and then told her to go to to get a better picture of both McCain and Palin and let her in on some of the stuff written about both. She’s leaning Obama.
    God please save me from feisty!

    Helen – once again a wonderful post.

    Susan in CA


  168. You tell ’em, Helen! I don’t wear panties but I sure as hell know McCain/Palin aren’t the answer to America’s problems. I bark for Obama/Biden!
    Isabella The Dog


  169. Aloha Dear:
    You are a breath of fresh air. I’m very glad to find your blog as we’re all hungry for a straight-shooter such as yourself.
    You have my admiration; I’ll be back!
    Aloha & Blessings from Waikiki


  170. yep,I was just checking it out as we speak, Thanks! :o)


  171. Cecilia…you might find helpful in determining what is and isn’t so. I know that my husband and I disagree on many things political. He’d start ranting about stuff that he’d hear from the right and I finally just referred him to At least he’s no longer being emotionally manipulated as so many of the things said about Obama seem to try to do.

    Helen…love your comments! Keep them coming!


  172. Reader – I wish you hadn’t responded to “abuck6” with insults.

    “Abuck6” – voter registration groups, like ACORN, are REQUIRED to turn in every voter registration card they have been given/collected. They (the registering group) go through all the cards and sort out “suspicious” cards into a seperate group before they turn them in (that’s how people learned of this) that I believe the Election Commission then researches and validates or invalidates. Now ACORN hires people, as many employers, do in good faith but cannot control what they do. They can only check the work and bring suspicious names to the proper authorities and in fact ACORN turned in one of their collectors who ended up serving a prison term for not performing the service he had been hired to do.

    And speaking of hiring people … the boss in America (that’s you voters) needs to carefully check the references and past performance of candidates. Are you better off now than 4/8 years ago? Do you think that the “ruling” party has done a good job representing you to the world? Has the “ruling” party set up a good future for your children and grandchildren? Does the “ruling” party respect and honor the diversity and variety that made America a great place in the past?

    And I’m surprised that I haven’t heard this – If McCain is elected and we stay in Iraq and expand our military presence in that part of the world – which seems to be a fact not openly stated – how long will it be before a draft is instated and we start sending the country’s future off to die or survive a horrible experience that no young person should have to through – have you heard about the suicide rate amongst young veterans?

    Oh sorry for monopolizing so much space Helen – I should blog myself instead of that. Keep it up – please!


  173. Wasnt asking Palin to be VP just to get the Womens Vote? Thats the way I see it!!


  174. hi kat
    very interesting.I do not like the way mccain & palin rattle off the same old thing, I have checkd out, courtesy of the View show, I didnt even know it existed till I heard Whoopi talking about it,I am Sick of the way the Republicans have handled or should I say MIShandled things for the last 8 years. They should be ashamed of themselves!


  175. I’ve only recently discovered your blog.

    I love you guys. I really do. I want you to adopt me. You ladies are wonderful.

    We voted early. We voted Obama.

    I heard comments that if you don’t vote for Sarah Palin (just because she’s a woman), then you’re a misogynist. I think if you DO vote for her you’re more of a misogynist… thinking that she represents American Women. If that’s the kind of representation that American Women are supposed to have, I’m cashing in my uterus.

    I hope to raise my Critter to be as smart and clever and wise as you ladies. (Critter’s got seven months of growing left to do in there, so I really hope I DON’T have to cash in my uterus in protest.) I hope I can be half as wise to get Critter on the right track.

    Can I come visit you? *HUGS*


  176. Margaret and Cecilia
    I saw Obama speak in Pittsburgh 2 days ago. He spoke about building a better world for everyone, about bringing people together, about being responsible for ourselves and also to our communities, about looking at politics, the country, and the possibilities differently. He had a positive message. And what struck me most was the sincerity with which he speaks. He means what he says. I don’t believe McCain does, esp. since he has changed his ideas so much over the years. McCain is so negative and only talks about how bad Obama is. I have no idea what his policies are because he never says. So much of what I hear from the Republican party turns out to be lies once the facts are checked. I’m tired of the old way of politics. I believe Obama will make a difference in our world because he honestly believes in it. McCain believes in saying what is necessary to get elected.

    So, listen to both sides, if you’re undecided, but ask for answers, not empty words. Check out what you are told to make sure it is true. There are lots of websites to do it. And remember that much of what is said is empty rhetoric — ask “what does McCain/Palin mean when they say that?” Think critically about the words.

    My husband (born in US, raised in UK) has switched from Republican to Democrat. He can’t believe we require our older Americans to pay taxes, pay for prescriptions and healthcare etc. He keeps reminding me that most of Europe is socialist and they are all doing pretty well — his 82 year old mom has a pension, gets free prescriptions & healthcare and pays no taxes. He wants to be first in line Tuesday to vote — no early voting in PA 😦 He has never been political, but the lying of the Republicans has angered him so much. If they get in power, I’ve been informed we are moving to England to be with his family. I won’t complain!

    Vote Obama!


  177. Thank you Thank you and Thank you!
    Please keep writing.
    I am sharing your blog with as many people as I know this election will effect everyone around the world and the world needs to know that we are good, caring, and intellegent people.
    Your words are clear, to the point and cut to the quick. Do not stop.

    I wish I could write half as well as you.

    Be Well and keep us all laughin!
    We Believe


  178. Thats DEFINITLY not the reason I am undecided. I can say proudly that its never been an issue for me.
    Never & I agree about Biden, I find him to be more “real” than any of them, I love the way he just talks from the hip, even though it may get him in trouble sometimes! :o)


  179. Helen,

    I will tell you why it is so close. I read the other posts and everyone is beating around the bush here. The single solitary reason this race is so close is because Obama is black. Yes, folks, it is race. There are too many racists in this country that cannot fathom voting for a black man. You see, they still feel that they should be riding in the back of the bus, they should be drinking at separate water fountains and that they have no place in a white CHRISTIAN government. (Isn’t it amazing that there is so much judgement from that woman and yet she alone is the route to Jeeeesus.)

    Well, here’s one white woman who will step up to the plate and vote for the SMARTEST MAN (smartest team because I love Joe Biden) for President, that would be Barack Hussein Obama, thank you very much. Hell, I have been volunteering since he came through Seattle and there were so many in attendance that no everyone got into the building!

    I have my Champagne chilling!!!

    Your friend,


  180. hi carol,
    my Aunt is on the right !
    she says she wouldnt stear mr wrong….how can I dissagree with that?!


  181. I just found your blog via recommendation on Facebook. Just wanted to say I’m happy I did. I’ll have to catch up on all the recent posts!


  182. thanks for the insight.oh his rallies are incredibl,I see them on the news…when he had that record crowd it was really something to see.
    I checkd out & I am in the middle.
    Thanks again


  183. To Cecilia,

    It’s simple: STOP listening to anyone on the “right!”


  184. Cecilia,

    I wish you could have been with us at the rally last night. Read my post (2:50 pm). I have friends and family voting for McCain, and have always been reluctant to “rock the boat”. But I believe with all my mind and heart that Obama is the right man for the job at this point in time. He is intelligent, sincere, and truly wants to help America get back on track. I recently retired from teaching & have seen a lot. Michelle & Barack are strong proponents of education and family. Please do some research & vote with your heart.


  185. okay.I think :o)
    I have issues with both of them, cant stand McCain & Palin , but I have issues with Obama too..


  186. Cecilia, vote for Obama and be undecided in your thoughts. It is the correct action.


  187. hi
    I just recently discovered your blog & visit daily. I am so undecided about this election…I read what your saying & I totally agree with you, but then I speak to someone on the right & then I agree with them. I am having such a hard time with this election…
    I cant seem to find anything to help make up my mind. Can anyone help?


  188. That poll must have been done in Palin’s Surreal-America.

    Another fantastic post, Helen!


  189. Dear ‘abuck6’ (cents)- that is either your brain capacity or what you will have left in your pocket if McCain wins. Listen up it has been explained over and over again Voter fraud is NOT registration fraud which Acorn has been accused of????!!!!!!!! Voter fraud is stuffing ballot boxes. The registration fraud was a few people hired by Acorn to go out and get people to register – these same people wanted the money but didn’t want to go out there and find people who had not registered. That would have been work. They just put names on the forms and turned them in. This is probably a waste of my time – because you probably will only visited this site once – write some nonsense then go on to the next blog who supports Obama and strike again. Never to return to hear our argument about your post. If you do return you and read some of the post you may begin to see the light.


  190. Great post today, you always make me smile!


  191. What does “Your comment is awaiting moderation” mean? (Next to my comment posted at 2:47 pm.)


  192. She’s an idiot abuck6. We all know it and if you need some facts to back that up, read the earlier posts on this blog.


  193. As someone who is originally from England, and now living in Canada, I can honestly say that Obama would bring back the respect for the USA around much of the World (as he has said he wants to do)! I agree with ‘Musings from Kay’ that most Canadians know more about the USA then 45% of your population…..which is a disgrace….and those same 45% know even less about Canada or the rest of the World! Especially Sarah Palin!


  194. Helen! Love you! The discovery of your site has been crucial to my emotional health. 🙂
    I’ve been surrounded by McCain supporters. I live in Colorado Springs & had the pleasure of attending a rally last night that featured Michelle Obama. Wow. She is poised, articulate, passionate, and comes FROM THE HEART. In our ultra conservative town, we had an overflow crowd. The site of the rally holds 2500. There were hundreds unable to get in that stood outside throughout the rally. … I was hoping I haven’t been overly optimistic in my belief in Obama & his ability to make it to the White House -that he truly is the leader we need in these chaotic times. Well – listening to Michelle convinced me. She and Obama “get it”. Both are intelligent, healthy, balanced individuals who are part of a strong new force whose numbers & influence are growing! Change! It’s here! Finally! We are all one & we can build anew. Humanity is going to make it out of the muck & mire. These are truly exciting times!


  195. abuck6, It sounds as if you haven’t done any research on Sarah Palin and her record in Alaska. Check these sites out (read them thoroughly!):

    Helen isn’t the ONLY older, white female who thinks as she does! I myself am 61, white, raised as a military brat, originally from GA (most of my family still lives there) and (as much as I still shudder to think about this!) my mother’s 2nd husband (notice I did not refer to him as my step-father!) was a card carrying racist of the worst kind! Thank GOD I overcame being raised by him!


  196. Reader,

    You mean with all of the PROOF of voter fraud (for Obama)…much of it lead by Acorn, that you would be surprised if McCain could overcome this obstacle? Sounds like the left is up to their same old tricks.


  197. Yep Palin did a great job making sure that Female Tax Payers had to pay out of pocket to have their rape kits processed.

    She–Rocks {note sarcasm}

    I especially like her funny anecdotes about Witch Hunting in S. Africa–I can always get behind a holy rolling witch hunter. I mean without a superstitious fool in office, what will the world do–how will this change how they deal with us?

    And I am very impressed with her appearance at Secessionist Meetings and her requirement of other American Citizens for Loyalty Oaths.

    That almost makes me have to change MY PANTIES—

    Hows the Chicken Cooked?


  198. Helen,

    You are way off as usual! I’m thinking that you really aren’t as old as you say…maybe not even who you say you are?

    Take a serious look at Palin’s record vs. Obama’s record…she has done more positive things for the people she represents than Obama has. Look at what Obamy has done for Illinois…nothing…the state is a mess! To say something about Palin seeing Russia blah, blah, blah is just you being naive and being a little jealous that a woman (who isn’t a liberal feminist) has gained so much support nationwide. Sorry that she isn’t a baby hating, tax raising, government growing bitch. She speaks with passion…something Obama lacks! Obama is a great reader of the teleprompter. He can’t even deliver a joke properly (Alfred E. Smith dinner). Your personal hatred of Palin, Hasselbeck, and conservatives in general is pretty amazing…you come across radical to normal people that read your blog.

    To all of the liberals reading this…what will happen if Obama doesn’t win? That would be a great early Christmas present!


  199. So what exactly does Sarah Palin have to do before the other 45% of this country is shocked enough to realize that she is a “whack job”?

    Nothing would move them. 45% of the people in this country are whack jobs. And most of them are armed. What a country, eh?


  200. With all the talk by republicans about Acorn and voter fraud – I get a little concerned. Then there are the reports of the GOP eliminating some voters for rediculous reasons. Are they trying to prepare us for a squeek by win for McCain – so we won’t be soooo surprised if it happens. I say if The GOP pulls this election off again like the last two we all need to stand up and scream foul. The last two elections they ‘won’ (one where Kerry was so far ahead according to the lead up polls but still ‘lost’) were questionable. Then the Gore non-election decided by the supreme court??? Now with most polls showing Obama ahead and early voting shows democrates out voting 2 to 1. I’m not putting it past the GOP trying something fishy. These machines with NO PAPER proof scare me. Watched a clip some one posted here or another blog where a man was testifing either at state or federal level (not sure) how he was asked to come up with an undectable program to switch a percentage of the votes to GOP side. I would rather have paper ballots and enough people to count them. If anyone questions this clip I will do my best to try and find it again. Just something that has been bothering me.


  201. margaret, helen, jennifer – anyone who has undeciderers or disillusioned former supporters of the great deciderer, these are a must.

    heck, they’re worth looking at even if you’ve been a supporter from day 1.



  202. PS

    lets all write Ellen to get Helen and Maragret on

    What a ray of sunshine

    I am going to my blog to post the info

    Hope they get the gig!!


  203. Thanks Helen, I look forward to your whit and wisdom on a daily basis and you haven’t let me down yet!



  204. Hi Helen, You are my hero!
    Show Margaret this-(off of Obama’s web site)-
    Under Obama’s Plan we will-

    ELIMINATE INCOME TAXES FOR SENIORS MAKING LESS THAN $50,000.: Barack Obama will eliminate all income taxation of seniors making less than $50,000 per year. This proposal will eliminate income taxes for 7 million seniors and provide these seniors with an average savings of $1,400 each year. Under the Obama-Biden plan, 27 million American seniors will also not need to file an income tax return.
    I am not a senior yet, but I would want someone like Mr. Obama representing me if I was. Give Margaret a hug from me and one for you too! Cat


  205. I think I love you. No, I know that I love you.

    Thanks for laugh. It’s nice to know that people of all ages can see through Sarah Palin’s phony bullshit.


  206. Right on Helen,

    I fully agree, how can people be so blind, so stupid, so brainwashed, so gullible to ever think that this team is a good idea. How can is possibly be so close. I know many fairly intelligent people who support them and even supported W no matter what and I think to myself “Have you ever heard them speak?” They are morons to the greatest degree. I remember the sovereignty question that was put to W regarding Native American nations. He repeated the question and the word so many times, it was completely obvious he didn’t have a clue what it meant. When Palin actually tries to answer a question, she sounds the same way, like she hasn’t got a clue.

    Wow, am I anxious about what is going to happen. Now with the dirty tactics about polls being for Democrats on November 5th. How low does the Republican party have to sink to try to win?


  207. I read your blog every day .. its sunshine to me .. so I am thrilled its a post a day for the next 7 days.

    Tell Margaret hi!


  208. And these dummies still think George Bush is doing a bang up job, that the problems are Bill Clinton, Nancy and the democrats.

    Love your blog Helen………

    Hell how anyone can watch either of these idiots Johnny McBush and Moosemeat and believe a word they say is beyond me.


  209. OMG!!! If I did not know that you had written this my friends would have thought I did. whoo ha omfg, our “circle” of friends call it that too!! Tears are rolling down my cheek I am laughing so hard. I have sent Ellen another email to have you on her show as well as her friend Gladys that lives in TX too. So, if you get the gig, I better get an invite. As a matter of fact, I am going to write her again. Maybe if I become a stalker they will have you on.

    Praise God for you and keep on writing!!



    1) How has Republican governance been working for us?

    2) When you do a rotten job at work, you get fired. Well it is time to start firing people.

    3) If McCain cannot seem to manage and run a campaign cohesively, how can he run this country?

    4) What is McCain’s vision for this country? He has not said it because he does not have one. Obama has said, I want to get middle class America growing again, I want to restore America’s good name in the world, I want to improve our educational system, I want to see America lead again.

    John McCain somewhere along the way, lost his way and he became a slimy and nasty as the Bush crew. G.H.W. Bush is not even half the man his father was. I did not vote for G.H. Bush, but I respected him. Jr. not so much.

    Moreover, John McCain is allowing Sara Palin to divide this country along cultural lines. Well I am black, live in Baltimore and I love this country as much as the white folks who live in rural North Carolina. This is no Pro-America nor Anti-America and to think otherwise is wrong!




  211. Like many folks, I’ve just recently discovered your blog and I can honestly say I find it refreshing and honest to the point of pain. Keep up the good fight because there are more of us frisky old women in the world (and yes, we drink, smoke and cuss like sailors) and we agree with you 100%. Call a spade a spade and a bitch a bitch. A moron is a moron. When it’s staring you in the face, how the hell can it be denied? I’m glad to see someone is stepping up and saying it out loud. If you need some new words I’ll be happy to help you out!


  212. If my granny were still alive she would say that someone needs to show Sarah Palin how the cow ate the cabbage because she’s crazy as a bessy bug. She would have loved this blog!

    Love ya, Helen. Keep it up.


  213. Whack job or not, there are people out there who think she’s just so cute they have to vote for her. And what does that say about the electorate? It’s just plain scary.
    Kay, from Musings said it. It would be an awful embarrassment if that pair made it into office.
    Frankly, if I was younger I might even consider moving out of the country. let’s pray it never comes to that.


  214. LOVE YOU HELEN!!!!! You are a gem!!!!


  215. I have told my husband that I want to be you (well, at least very much like you) when I grow up (I’m a childlike 52 right now). His exact response was “You go, girl!” It is refreshing that someone out there is telling like it is, at least in my humble opinion.


  216. Margaret,

    Please trust what your friend of over 60 years is telling you. Helen knows her stuff an only wants the best for all of us, and that plan doesn’t include Gov. Moosemeat. Remember that? She kills Moose…for fun.

    Everybody put on your big girl panties and vote with Helen!


  217. Whenever we travel we reassure people from other countries that we’ve never voted for Bush and don’t know who did…. well…. actually, I do know of two people and I still don’t understand them. Anyway, if Palin and McCain should somehow become our President, I don’t think we’ll be able to travel because we’ll be MUCH TOO EMBARRASSED. 45%??? That’s pathetic!

    Also… Do you know that when we’ve reassured people from other countries that we never EVER voted for Bush, they are as friendly and helpful and wonderful as can be… especially Canadians who know more about our country than 45% of Americans. Shameful.


  218. Helen, YOU SLAY ME!
    Spot on!


  219. You never cease to impress me.


  220. Margaret,

    When you go into that voting both to vote, just ask yourself one thing. If you had to hire either of these men to work for you in YOUR OWN business to run YOUR company, who would it be? For me, the only answer that I think of is to;


    Once again Helen, another great post…


  221. I read your blogs every day and even have it listed in the number one spot on my personal blog roll. But I never felt the need to comment before now.

    A) I love you.

    B) You just wrote, “how the cow ate the cabbage.”

    My family is from Odessa and I grew up hearing that phrase from my funny Aunt Bette. She’s a laugh riot, so I thought it was something she made up! I am so excited to hear someone else use it. It just made my day!

    Obama will be our next president and that’s how the cow ate the cabbage!


  222. I’ve already voted as well. Absentee ballot for Obama. I’m a Democratic election judge in my county and I can’t wait to hear what the Republican judges have to say about Caribou Barbie. I also can’t wait to see the turnout.

    I hear talk that she’s thinking about running for Pres in 2012. Seriously?

    The hype right now is about this 30 minute Obama info-mercial that is airing tonight. I’m just not understanding why this would be a bad thing.


  223. Hell, it has me upset too. That girl was Britney Spears. I’m sure someone in a comment above has already told you that. And I doubt she forgot them. And I’m sure you know that too. I don’t know what people are thinking about this Sarah Palin/ John McCain dilemma. I’m beginning to think too many cousins have intermarried.


  224. I think I almost fell out of my chair the other day when I read the words “Palin- 2012!” *insert heart attack here* And all I could think was “Oh HELL no.” I would help like hell that the Republicans out there with brains (and their heads not up their asses) wouldn’t allow that to happen when the primaries come around again in 4 years. However, that being said, putting Palin directly against Obama? It’s like putting the MENSA kid up against the kid who eats paste during art class. hehehe

    Please Helen, continue to encourage others to get out there and VOTE. It’s SO SO important, now more then ever. Obama needs each and every one of us to back up our support with action. I live in the swing state of Ohio and I’m praying that enough of us Obama supporters get out there and make it happen- since a nominee hasn’t won the White House without winning Ohio in the past half century.

    OBAMA, FTW! 😀


  225. I love your wit and humor in these tumultuous times. I’ve been visiting for weeks, and consider myself one of your “new” grandchildren. My grandma is kind of lame, and hasn’t voted a day in her life. Embarrassing! I’m glad the nasty people have lain off of your site because reading their remarks is like reading mainstream news and their Godforsaken polls, useless. Looking forward to the ensuing week, and am glad to spend my lunch hours with you.


  226. About Palin in 2012:

    I’m not worried about Palin clawing her way up to the top of the Republican leadership in 2012. Four years leaves a lot of time for her to screw up even more, and, even worse—lots more opportunity for even more scandals.


  227. hope i can fuel a little more on the ridiculousness that is the Republican ticket:

    McCain and Palin on Socialism

    From this week’s edition of the New Yorker:

    During the 2000 campaign, on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” a young woman asked [McCain] why her father, a doctor, should be “penalized” by being “in a huge tax bracket.” McCain replied that “wealthy people can afford more” and that “the very wealthy, because they can afford tax lawyers and all kinds of loopholes, really don’t pay nearly as much as you think they do.” The exchange continued:

    YOUNG WOMAN: Are we getting closer and closer to, like, socialism and stuff?. . .
    MCCAIN: Here’s what I really believe: That when you reach a certain level of comfort, there’s nothing wrong with paying somewhat more.


    A few weeks before [Palin] was nominated for Vice-President, she told a visiting journalist—Philip Gourevitch, of this magazine—that “we’re set up, unlike other states in the union, where it’s collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs.”


  228. Helen,

    If I wake up on Nov 5th and McCain/Palin are on the way to the Whitehouse, I’m gonna strangle myself with my panties!


  229. Just in case you are wondering, and despite the fact that it isn’t important, it was Britney Spears.
    I feel the exact same way as you Helen.
    We up here in the frigid north were mostly laughing at her. Likewise, we are laughing at McSame/Failin’ for their stupidity.
    Unfortunately for Americans, McSame/Failin’/Bush have made the US the laughing stock for the entire world.
    A vote for Obama is a vote for respectability in the real world.
    Vote Obama and regain respect.


  230. I have been reading the Anchorage Daily News blogs this week, the paper endorses Obama. The writers that want McCain are using all the arguments that can be fact-checked, all the old brainwashed Republican tirades. However, what I found most interesting is the numbers of Alaskans that are furious with Palin and her antics. I pray when she goes home to Alaska they keep her there, but again Palin is not stupid she is dangerous and obviously has her sights set on future political jobs…beware.
    In the meantime here in Mississippi the fight continues with racial ignorance and truly unbelievable rationalizations that represent the true constituents of the Republican base. I guess the following video says it all, and the irresponsibility of these people is a shining example of the true Republican base.

    Thank you Helen, keep working on Margaret, ask her to please pull up her big girl panties and vote for “that one”.


  231. OMG you slay me. LOL

    And I agree — she’s DEFINITELY gonna be on some Three’s Company-esque type reality show.

    You know… either that or running our country.

    :::I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I typed that::::


  232. My big-girl panties are held on with a belt and suspenders! Hey, these days you can never be too safe. Thanks Helen.


  233. Lmao…I cant even find a response lol lol this is funny


  234. Helen, dead on as usual!

    Your shock and surprise is mine as well. I scratch my head in puzzlement when I hear people say that she is qualified to be the president. What planet did these people come from? Are they really – REALLY – that stupid that they cannot see that this woman’s intellect is not even as high as fifth grader and even worse, she doesn’t care. Now I hear that she’s planning to run for president in 2012 – What!!

    OMG – the world must be laughing at us. We need Obama to help us gain respect in the world again.


  235. You are too funny Helen!
    Lord knows we need some humor to get us through this election!
    I’m on the floor with tears rolling out of my eyes, reeling in laughter!
    So everyone, “Put on your big girl panties and get out there and vote!”


    You rock Helen, I love you!


  236. I agree with you 100%, but I think people are kind of losing focus. Let’s say the earth tilts off its axis and McCain wins. He’s 71 years old, hardly at death’s door. Why are we so afraid that he’s gonna kick off and leave Ms. Mooseburger as President? My Dad is 91, with dementia, and he has a better chance of being President than she does. And trust me, if she does become VP, even the people who claim to support her will eventually turn on her. Seems like that’s what always happens in politics. Maybe we should be more fearful of who’s next in line if some looney tooney skinhead offs Obama.


  237. My God. I just visited this site and after reading the first two entries, I want to be like Helen when I grow up. Creative, witty, and SO on top of things. I am however a bit suspicious. Is Helen Philpot really a ghost writing name for Rachel Maddow? And Helen, if you really are as old as I am or older, you are brilliant.


  238. Two more votes for Obama:
    Sunday, my daughter stood in line for an hour; yesterday, I stood in line about 45 minutes.

    Third vote:
    Husband is waiting to vote for Obama ’til the last minute. He thinks that since a quarter of all the registered voters in our county will have voted early (ain’t that amazing?), he can waltz into the voting booth next Tuesday. I tried arguing with him, but he’s a big boy.


  239. Sometimes I wish that I could hug you for being so wonderful!


  240. I don’t get it either.

    Here is a post that if you vote for Obama you are going to hell.


  241. Helen-had lost my link to your blogspot and only rediscovered it yesterday (a computer genius i am not!) In any case, just finished catching up on the missed posts and you are so right on with your comments! I have passed along your link to a number of friends now so we can all not only benefit from your wisdom, but have a great laugh while we do.


  242. I hope that when I am your age I am just as uppity and outspoken as you are. I love your blog. Thank you for saying what I’m thinking better than I could ever say it!


  243. let’s just assume, margaret dear, that you looked at poll results gathered by right-wing pollsters. I mean, the results I see are all over the place.

    but we do have to prepare ourselves for the idiot mcpalin’s fox network tv show that will probably be launched the day after she and her grey-haired friend, mcwhat’s-his-name, lose the election.


  244. Oops. Just went out to the mailbox and the new New Yorker was there, so I mean that the David Sedaris piece is in last week’s issue. And online.


  245. I just love coming in and reading your blogs!! I need smiles and you always give me one!! You are right on!!


  246. The woman is a certified idiot. Did you see the stuff she said about fruit flies? And this is the woman that says she’s going to help kids with autism? You’d think she’d have a clue that autism research relies heavily on fruit flies and their genes. Hopefully when she’s got nothing to do after November 5th she can crack open a book or two.


  247. David Sedaris wrote a great and funny piece in the current New Yorker about undecided voters. I believe it’s available on line also, so check it out!
    And thank you for your piece too!



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