Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 15, 2008

The Angriest Man in America

Well, I thought it was a good debate.  My hats off to Bob Shieffer… and my blouse too if he plays his cards right.  (Just don’t tell my husband.) But who the hell is Joe the Plumber?  Seriously.   What the hell was that all about?  Joe the Plumber?  Joe Six Pack?  The new McCain strategy seems to be banking on a lot of guys named Joe with a beer in one hand and a pipe wrench in the other.  Is this a political campaign or a dating service for the Palin women?

And while I am talking about Governor Good Hair from the North I just want to say good for Sarah Palin that she has an interest in helping special needs children.  They need all of our help and every child should come into this world being wanted and loved.  Sarah you have my full support on this matter.  It’s just too bad you also have to worry about a special needs Senator for a running mate.

John McCain thinks Americans are angry?  Really?  I think he needs to look beyond his rallies.  Americans are not angry.   Republicans are angry.  Bush screwed ’em over and now McCain is rubbing salt in the wound.  It looks to me like The Straight Talk Express is stuck in traffic and its driver is experiencing a little road rage.   The rest of us are hopeful and anxious, but certainly not angry.  We want change and it is so close we can almost taste it.  The next three weeks will be the longest of my 82 years. 

Folks, I’m tired and I don’t have another fight in me.  It’s now or never.  So to all of you I say this:  Give your money.  Give your time.   Give your voice.   Get up.  Get out and do something.  Anything.  If America takes a chance on Maverick the Clown and his side kick, Clarabell, we will find ourselves so far down the crapper even Joe the Plumber can’t reach us.  Get out there and vote!

Thank you for stopping by.  I mean it.  Really.


  1. Maybe you’re heading out to a date after a long day at the office, for example.


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  3. Obama est fils d’un autre.


  4. phoenixofdiscordia-

    Momentary lapses of civility and short term meltdowns are therapeutic if not indulged in too often… short rants are too.
    Almost time for all of us to pick up and get back to work on this nation of ours… no matter which way it falls out…
    Helen and Margaret, in her own quiet way, have been very kind to all of us here… thanks for having us all in ladies…


  5. Alaska Pi,
    Well, thanks for the thanks, but I don’t think I really deserve them. I have yet to find a person who says “Oh really? Mr. Obama spent 10 years in the Illinois legislature? Well, that’s a bit of experience then.”

    They usually respond. “Well, Sarah Palin was governor of Alaska (I’ll add here that Alaska has 2 or 3 MILLION less people than Chicago alone, not to mention the rest of Illinois, but I’m sure you, Alaska Pi, knew that one already), and she was mayor of Wasilla (like it was NYC, or something).”

    Seems like everybody chooses to ignore this time, but got no problems trying to argue things like “Obama supports patial birth abortion (false, Obama voted against a ban that did not provide provisions for the health of the mother)”, “Obama voted for sex education for kindergardeners (true, but he voted for a bill that stated “age-appropriate sex education for grades K-12” or something similar. Which is not comprehensive sex education, by any means.), and my personal favorite, “Obama voted against a law that would make doctors treat babies that lived through an abortion procedure (false, that law already existed in Illinois, and it is an unneccesary law anyway, as any doctor worth his salt would never dream of letting the baby die. They do take an oath to help all people, y’know.)….

    Sorry, that I got off on a rant there. And sorry for hijacking this comment thread, Helen. I’ll try not do it too often. 🙂


  6. phoenixofdiscordia-

    It has been an endless source of amazement to me that Ms Palin’s political credentials have been so easily accepted by so many Outside. I realize there has been a shift, in recent weeks, of folks’ perceptions of her personally but the credential thing hangs around like a bad smell in an unvented outhouse.
    Twenty months in state office does not begin to stack up to Mr Obama’s 10 years in Illinois. Also, Alaska had not YET fully vetted Ms Palin as governor when the McCain campaign swooped in and scooped her up. The “wait and see” attitude of those of us who did not vote for her contributed to the high favorables on that damnable 80% poll in July. Lacking a “cautiously optimistic ” or ” she hasn’t blown it yet” choice a lot of folks answered “somewhat favorable” to be polite. A favorable opinion poll of a governor , still in the honeymoon phase of her 1st ( and better be last ) term seems to be the heftiest credential Ms Palin can lay claim to. Her two successes – renegotiating oil royalties and the gasline- were with the full will of the people and more importantly, a bi-partisan majority in the legislature, without which she could NOT have prevailed over the old line conservatives in her own party.
    I have tried not to despair for the last 8 years but folks’ willing acceptance of Ms Palin’s empty portfolio and purposeful ignorance Mr Obama’s state service has just about worn me out this go-around . I am glad folks like you have been out there stepping up to the plate to try to pass the word. Thank you.


  7. Alaska Pi,
    Yeah, I’m really tired that people tend to ignore Obama’s 10 year career in the Illinois State legislature, and when I bring it up people tend to ignore it, even though I’ve been here the whole time. It’s like when I speak, I’m just another California wacko or New York liberal (nothing against the wackos and liberals from those fine states, of course).

    I don’t think people really care that he was a politician before he was in the Senate. But Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, sure, her state office is recognized. Ugh.. I dunno.

    And I agree, it seems for every rational person I meet, there’s three more with one of those conspiracy theories you’re talking about…. It’s really a shame.

    Ms. Delgado,
    Why? Why should I tell you, of all people, that if Obama doesn’t get around to acomplishing the things I personally want him to, I will vote for someone else? It seems quite asinine to me. Should I send letters to him every day, hoping that I get through, and accomplishes them? The more you speak, the more you remind me why people dislike us leftists in the first place.

    Why does Obama not introduce his health care and taxes plan in the Senate now? Simply because of the way the Senate works. There is a procedure called a filibuster, in which the minority party may stall a vote until the Senate adjourns, at which time, the bill will die. To counteract this, a vote of 60 members can get around this, and force a vote. The Democrats do not have that type of majority, and therefore he couldn’t get his plans through, because the Republicans would filibuster any such bill that came down, out of sheer principle.

    I think you’re analysis is spot on. Unfortunately, the people who lean too far to the left tend to overestimate their own numbers. Sadly, they are much like the far-right, in that regard. And, I think, you’re addition of “at the present time”, is quite apt. We need a little bit more time before the left-leaning policies really start to come through. Also, my French is not so great, what were you telling angrynana?


  8. Like

  9. That first paragraph was so funny I had to stop reading to comment!

    Joe the Beerbelly Plumber! That is some dangerous Plumber’s crack!


  10. angrynana: s’il-vous-plait, abstenez-vous de dire de telles aneries! Ou, au moins, si vous proferez des betises pareilles, vous devriez developer des arguments qui soutiennent votre point de vue.
    Votre commentaire se resume a du vent, rien que du vent! Vous auriez mieux fait de vous abstenir. franchement!

    Jennifer Delgado: I surmise you imagine the majority of the American people to be much further left than they actually are.

    While I consider myself to be in that left minority, I understand that the future President of the United States will govern a country mostly center right.

    If you ignore this reality and run on a radical left platform, there is no way you’d get elected in this country. Not at the present time anyway.


  11. Monsieur Soetoro est le pire candidate pour le President Des Etats-Unis. Rechercheons ses fautes. non, il y a trop. Cherchez la verite.


  12. Ms Delgado-
    You have been asking these questions on here for days…
    And ignoring the answers people give you for days.
    You have challenged folks here to prove things to you…
    When a few have tried , you have ignored them or accused them of attacking you.
    I don’t understand what you have at stake, here, or in this election but please , get your feet underneath yourself, take a deep breath , and stop smacking people down when you invited comment.

    You , and you alone , are responsible for the mark you make on the ballot you turn in. If you choose to vote differently than most of the people posting here, our world will not end.

    I can also tell you, contrary to the crap circulating nationwide, America will not cease to exist no matter who wins this election.
    For most of us posting here, it would be a terrible disappointment if Mr McCain were to win .
    America is ALL of us though… it would not cease to exist.


  13. “One other thing, Obama has done far from nothing”

    Please tell me, because I haven’t been able to find it, what has Obama done with the power he has now to justify him having more power?

    If his healthcare plan/ tax plan is SO great, then why didn’t he introduce them now in the senate when the democrats have majority control?

    How about we talk in four years?

    You pick the 3 top things you want to see “Change” and if they don’t change despite an Obama presidency, then you agree to vote for someone who really would change things in 2012.

    If Obama really is as amazing as everyone here keeps saying and does change the US for the better then I’ll vote for Obama.


  14. phoenixofdiscordia-

    Thank you for speaking up from Illinois- I’ve grown so weary of the secret-Obama-alien scenario …
    It doesn’t seem to make a difference for a lot of folks to hear from his neighbors and constituents though…
    Why do you think that is so?

    I’m getting tired now, in this election cycle… I’m beginning to think people prefer wacko conspiracy theories and un-signalled turns against oncoming traffic as a form of NOT-keeping-their-eye-on-the-prize to the prosaic cares of everyday life .


  15. Obama who? he is an idiot. what is wrong with you people?


  16. Ms. Delgado, You seem to overestimate the number of people who are like me. I can already tell you are not like me, and there are even fewer people like you I’m afraid.

    Obama was unknown when he started, but, that was two years ago. Tell me, how can McKinney get the type of national media coverage a major party candidate gets in that time in just 4 days?

    Second, Obama was unknown to people who are not deeply interested in politics, because he was not a national figure yet. As an Illinoisan, I knew all about him for 10 years before he came onto the national scene.

    One other thing, Obama has done far from nothing, and I can already see that trying to argue otherwise is no longer worth the time and effort I would need to get at.

    So, Ms. Delgado, I am truly sorry that I could not convince you to vote for Obama. Every vote DOES count, and I would rather you vote in a manner that will be lasting.

    Ah, c’est la vie. Despite that, I truly do wish you well, and I do hope you keep fighting the good fight. God bless you. And God bless Helen, for not being afraid to speak her mind, and God bless you all for supporting her.


  17. Dear phoenixofdiscordia,

    “What good will a vote for McKinney do, save get the third parties a little closer to the percent they need to be on a national ballot, and throw aaway a precious Obama vote? If I did so, and everyone else like me did so, then McCain would actually win”

    No, actually McKinney would win if everyone “like you” voted for her. Not many people knew of Obama when he started.

    And you know what? If you vote for Obama and McCain wins, then you’ve thrown your vote away anyway, right?

    “if Obama’s in the White House and as popular as I think he’s going to be.”

    Doesn’t this make you wonder why Obama is going to be so popular? What does he even really have to DO to be popular?

    “Strategically, Obama will allow a younger, more liberal generation to reach voting age, and increase our numbers.”

    I disagree, I think “strategically” all Obama will do is get young voters used to the idea that all a politician has to do to be good is do NOTHING. We are growing more and more content with politicians that don’t do anything for us.


  18. Hmmm, Ms. Delgado, I believe I need to have at least a chance to respond to your state that referenced me.

    Sorry if this came a bit too late. But, I am not willing to vote for a candidate who says that he or she is more liberal. I base my votes on theirs, if you will. And as for holding government accountable, I agree with you, but unfortunately, you must realize this, we can’t, in anyway, get a beter President at this moment than Senator Obama.

    As for your choices of candidates, Nader, to me, is not a good person, though I did admire him not so long ago. HE is, to my mind, vain, ambitious, and interested in Nader first.

    McKinney, yes, she does support single-payer healthcare. But, how many people know who she is? What chance does she have of making it? Not much, to be honest.

    What good will a vote for McKinney do, save get the third parties a little closer to the percent they need to be on a national ballot, and throw aaway a precious Obama vote? If I did so, and everyone else like me did so, then McCain would actually win, and then we would be in a much worse situation than with a person who doesn’t go far enough, and have a person who is actually going in the OPPOSITE direction we want to go.

    Again, you’re thinking tactics and not strategy. Sure, if I and everyone like me would vote for third-party candidates, then they would be national. BUT I can’t say that we should do that, because this is a tactical battle, too, and there aren’t enough of us to get a candidate in like that. Yet.

    This is the thing, in 2012, I’ll probably show love to a third party candidate, if Obama’s in the White House and as popular as I think he’s going to be.

    I am afraid you don’t seee the full problem we face, and I cannot explain clear enough evidently.

    You questioned my reasoning when I said Obama is the first baby step to change. That is not true, because, George W. Bush was.

    George W. Bush won 2 elections mainly for one reason, socially conservative Evangelicals. Conversely, thanks to George W. Bush, fiscal conservatives are losing support for the Evangelicals, which is going to cause them to break their unity and we will see much more in the way of social liberalism in the coming years.

    But, that is only IF we can keep McCain out and more importantly, Palin from validating the Evangelical point of view by getting within 20 miles of the White House.

    Strategically, Obama will allow a younger, more liberal generation to reach voting age, and increase our numbers. Tactically, unfortunately, that generation is still very impressionable, if McCain gets in, there will be a lot of mini-Palins out there.

    So, you see, with McCain Palin we lose. With McCain-Romney, we would have been less likely to be in such dire straits if Obama lost to them, but still, we’d be in trouble for awhile, as a country, not as liberals.

    What we are seeing is a historic turning point, because the era of Reagan has finally ended. It is from this point that we must make a decision. Do we want to usher in the budding age of American Liberalism, or do we want to usher in the death of the U.S. Constitution and the rise of Jesusland? And I am afraid that title is false, because Jesus was the biggest liberal of all.


  19. Happy Halloween!!! Love you!!


  20. I hope all of you pathetic people who sit on your ass’s will feel the same way when and if your idol gets to the White House. I hope you feel the same way when he appoints some of his terrorist friends to great positions. This guy is a fake and so is his running mate. Biden said in Oct. in the debate with Palin that he was against gay marriage. Then on the Ellen Degieres show he said he was for it.
    I could go on and on but you people on this blog are such idiots you would not believe me anyway.


  21. I believe you mean the “ad hominem”. Since you dabble in latin let me answer via one of my favorite quotes from Virgil’s Aeneid…”o socii, neque enim ignari sumus ante malorum. o passi graviora, dabit deus his quoque finem”. I just love that speech. It doesn’t really answer your question, but it speaks to where we are right now in this campaign. As I said before, Obama is a mere mortal. I am not an idolater and I can’t predict the future, so something may come up that will make me less content with him as a person. But I think he has the intellect, the disposition and the ideas to govern well. Salve, Jennifer!


  22. I was waiting for the ad homeniem. Thanks Marina. I suppose it is ridiculous of me to question what most everyone else is ready to believe. Let me ask you one last question, is there anything Obama can do that would make you discontented with Obama?


  23. Ah, Jennifer. There is no such thing as perfect, there is no utopia. The world is a complicated place and you have to use your best judgment to navigate your way through it. Argument for the sake of argument really has no purpose, unless, of course, you are simply enchanted with the sound of your own voice. Good luck on your quest for the Holy Grail…I’m content with the mere mortal Obama.


  24. At least Obama *has* a plan to get out of Iraq.

    McCain would be more than happy to stay there his full term (saw an article that he’s now predicting “war over by 2013”) or more (100 years would be “fine with me”).


  25. “OK well…I’ll be voting AGAINST the candidate most likely to ’stay the course.’ ”

    By voting FOR a candidate who will ‘stay the course’ for at least another 16 months after he is elected?


  26. quote:

    “I can’t vote for Obama, because he just really isn’t a change of anything.”

    OK well…I’ll be voting AGAINST the candidate most likely to ‘stay the course.’


  27. Thanks for the responses, it’s forced me to do more research into these issues!

    Marina said “The present system is an abomination, and Obama is the only candidate that seems willing to take on the health insurance industry.”

    This depends on how you define candidate. I went and looked at websites for Nader and McKinney(the green party candidate) and they both support a single-payer health care system which would provide universal health care. I agree with you that Obama is not going far enough, but there are candidates who would do more than he would. If this issue is really important to you, as it is to me, then why not find a candidate who would really support it?

    Marina said “Getting out of Iraq in 16 months is ambitious. It won’t be easy, but I support Obama’s plan. I really don’t think it’s feasible to get out any faster.”

    Why? What is Obama waiting for to get out of Iraq? Is he waiting for some kind of stability? What is REALLY going to change in 16 months?

    Marina said “As for changing the entire situation in the middle east, we really won’t have any progress until we honestly address the Israeli/Palestinian issue, which is what fires up all these militant groups.”

    If the Israeli/Palistine issue is what is the source of the trouble, then why doensn’t Obama support a two-state solution? Why is he willing to stick by Israel no matter what they do? How is this not further radicalizing people in this area?

    Finally I just want to bring up one more point. Here is what Marina and phoenixofdiscordia said:

    Marina said “The fact that he is liberal. It predisposes him to allow more individual freedom. Like Roe v Wade, like gay marriage eventually…”

    phoenixofdiscordia said “We can’t win in the long-term by radically making changes at a tactical level. Change is slow in coming, and in order to achieve viable, lasting results, people must first become acclimated to the idea. To do so, our first goal is to get people used to liberal thinking, a baby step at a time. Barackk Obama is the first baby step. If all goes well, in 8 years, we’ll be voting for a more central Republican, and a bit further left of a Democrat. By then, I hope people have grown a great deal in the ways of tolerance.”

    I don’t understand this reasoning. If “being liberal” were enough to change the country for the future, then why didn’t having Clinton in the White House make America more liberal even after he left office?

    Obama is against gay marriage, he supported FISA (despite missing many other bills, he made it in to vote for this one?), he won’t work to provide universal health care, he won’t pull us out of Iraq for more than a year after he is elected, he changed his mind on supporting Palistine and he also didn’t accept public financing. So HOW is Obama liberal except by comparision to McCain? If we vote for him, without him having to promise what we want, then we won’t ever get real change. Which is what I think you were trying to say here:

    ” Are we going to hold our Representatives and Senators to task when it comes to health care reform, military actions, civil rights? In short are we ready to become active participants in the governing of this country, or remain passive observers?”

    I can’t vote for Obama, because he just really isn’t a change of anything. He doesn’t have to change anything. People like you and pheonixofdiscordia are willing to vote for him even if he doesn’t do anything just because he claims to be more liberal!

    So what are you going to do if he doesn’t change America? Are you going to remain a passive observer waiting to vote for the next “liberal” candidate who won’t actually change a thing?

    Or are you going to demand more from your candidates than just not being as bad as the other guy?


  28. Helen Rocks!! When will you be posting more?


  29. Marina, thank you for organizing your thoughts so well. It is much easier to read than what I have to say, and well, far more coherent. In that note, I agree with a majority of what you had to say. Thanks for trying to help educate people about Senator Obama’s plans.

    I think we are on the right track, friends. Let’s not forget why we’re having this discussion though. We all must work together, for our sakes as well as those of our descendants. A better today for the best tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen. That is what we are fighting for.


  30. Helen, your wit is refreshing, your position defensible, your purpose admirable! I could not read all the comments today but I would like to add that it is my understanding that Palin has both a downs child and an autistic child. As we get closer to election day, blog away and make those contacts that will bring us closer to success.


  31. Sorry! I have to amend my first point…I meant to say that 95% of us would either pay no more in taxes or receive a tax cut….alas my brain works faster than I can type…


  32. Jennifer,

    1. I like Obama’s stance on taxation, that being tax cuts for 95% of the population, and more taxes for the very wealthy <1%. The trickle down theory has never worked, not during the Reagan years and certainly not during the last eight years. I have a vested interest in Obama’s plan, so I have looked into it carefully. My husband is a self employed physician, making him the owner of a small business. We would not pay more taxes as Mr. McCain would have you believe.

    2.His desire to make college more affordable. I will have two kids in college next year, and my 11 year old Honda may not last forever…

    3.Health care. The present system is an abomination, and Obama is the only candidate that seems willing to take on the health insurance industry. Mr McCain keeps jabbering on about having all medical records on line, but does he have any idea how much it would cost a primary care provider like my husband to do this? Mandating immediate record transfers would be the last nail in the coffin for small business owners like my husband. While Obama’s plan is not perfect (I believe in some form of socialized medicine), it is more comprehensive than anything else I have seen.

    4. Getting out of Iraq in 16 months is ambitious. It won’t be easy, but I support Obama’s plan. I really don’t think it”s feasible to get out any faster. As for changing the entire situation in the middle east, we really won’t have any progress until we honestly address the Israeli/Palestinian issue, which is what fires up all these militant groups. Sadly, I don’t see that coming, but at least Obama is willing to talk to these people instead of further marginalizing and radicalizing them as Mr. McCain would do.

    5. His innate intelligence. Good Lord, that is almost reason alone to vote for the man! He has maintained his civility and calm demeanor through this very contentious campaign. His ability to communicate will serve us well both nationally and internationally. Words do matter. Thought does matter. Being able to analyze does matter.

    6. The fact that he is liberal. It predisposes him to allow more individual freedom. Like Roe v Wade, like gay marriage eventually, like better education for everyone, not just kids like mine whose parents are willing/able to make every sacrifice to make sure they get what they need.

    In summary I think that everything takes time, but Obama possesses the tools and the ideas that will serve us well initially and extremely well in the long run. I think that we, as Americans, have to step back and ask ourselves if we are willing to take the appropriate personal steps that will enhance Obama’s programs for change. Are we willing to change our energy consumption habits? Are we willing to really address public education, community by community, so we can compete in a global community? Are we going to hold our Representatives and Senators to task when it comes to health care reform, military actions, civil rights? In short are we ready to become active participants in the governing of this country, or remain passive observers?

    I’m voting for Obama.


  33. Wow, you got a lot of responses but I have to add mine, ‘cuz that’s how we roll in America. ;o)

    Americans ARE angry … it’s the white guys that have been working hard all their lives and are watching it all be taken away. The problem is, they’re angry at the wrong people. Instead of being angry at our govt, they’re taking it out on the gays/lesbians, blacks, pr’s, etc.

    Random fact: The top 1% of our country is making more than the bottom 50%. How scary is that.

    You gotchyerself a good blog when you got so many folk leaving comments. Keep it up. :o)


  34. If he was willing to take action, he couldn’t get elected. A vote for Barack Obama is a strategic move, if you are a liberal. If Hillary Clinton were the nominee, she would not be any closer to supporting liberal policies, probably further away, in truth.

    You see, it’s all an issue of electability. Somone who leans too far left won’t stand a chance, just like someone who leans too far right won’t stand a chance. The moderate/compromising state of America is a good thing, but also leaves us with cntrist politicians. I agree “civil unions” are a separate but equal doctrine, in a way, but on the other hand, in this regard, does it matter? true equality is all that matters, if it isn’t… then we have right to complain. However, how can they seperate it except by semantics?

    As far as he war in Iraq: it takes time to organize any movement of troops from one country to another, and the overall state of the nation we are leaving must be considered. First of all, a rapid withdrawal of a large amount of troops would be an invitation for disaster, and should be avoided. Frankly, I agree the war has gone on long enough, and when I get my commission, I’m glad I’ll be heading over to Afghanistan and not Iraq.

    As for healthcare, Obama’s plan is supposed to lower the costs of healthcare universally, as well make business that can afford to do so supply their employees with it. Not quite as far as it should go, but a step in the right direction.

    I will ask you this, who will you vote for instead? Which person do you see providing the best options? Bob Barr? Ralph Nader? That Green Party candidate? Ron Paul? Hillary Clinton? Someone else?

    Personally, healthcare and gay marriage, while important to me, are long-term goals. One step at a time. To me, the most imporatant issues are climate change and energy.

    Hurricane Ike was the first hurricane I’ve ever seen in person. I live in Illinois. This, to me, is the ultimate evidence I needed. Not that I had ever disbelieved in climate change. In any event, the emission of greenhouse gasses needs to be drastically cut back. But, as it stands, our country is far too dependent on coal and oil. We need clean coal technology to lessen the impact our current power needs have, while we prepare long term solutions like solar plants. Both candidates support this. However, I support the use of ethanol fuel, as it does, in fact, burn cleaner, by a small percentage. Again, temporary measure while we tighten fuel effiency standards, and eventually, move away from petroleum producs all together. It helps, that nearly all gasoline in my state is 10% ethanol these days. And it’s averaging out to be slightly cheaper too… but tae it as you will.

    John McCain said more than once that there’s a difference between a strategy and a tactic. This is true, and while I shan’t be painfully specific, let me say it a slightly oversimplified way: a strategy is a sort of long term plan. A tactic is a short-term, typically reactionary solution for an unforeseen, unexpected, or unplanned for occurence. Success, in anything at all, is a combination of strategy and tactics.

    We can’t win in the long-term by radically making changes at a tactical level. Change is slow in coming, and in order to achieve viable, lasting results, people must first become acclimated to the idea. To do so, our first goal is to get people used to liberal thinking, a baby step at a time. Barackk Obama is the first baby step. If all goes well, in 8 years, we’ll be voting for a more central Republican, and a bit further left of a Democrat. By then, I hope people have grown a great deal in the ways of tolerance.


  35. Thanks for responses, and sorry to Margaret and Helen to have so much back and forth.

    I guess I still just don’t get it though. Why should I want to vote for Obama just because he is more liberally leaning, even though he won’t fight for liberal policies?

    How is it liberally-minded to say that it’s okay that some of us don’t have the same rights as everyone else, just because they live in another state? How long should American citizens have to wait for these rights? How are “civil unions” not a “seperate but equal” doctrine?
    Why is 16 months the soonest we could get out of Iraq? What will happen in 16 months that isn’t happening now? What is it exactly that Obama will change about that region to make it so that we can leave then?
    How will Obama’s healthcare plan give Julia’s husband the health care coverage he needs?
    Why wasn’t Obama’s liberalism questioned when he supported FISA?
    Will he support continuing the Patriot Act?

    His website doesn’t answer these questions, if you’re voting for him, don’t you want answers?

    What does it matter if Obama is sympathetic to these issues if he doesn’t do anything about them?
    If he can’t or won’t change these things with the power of the Presidency, then why should I even vote for him to be President?


  36. Hey Helen,
    I have no idea if you read all of these responses, but thanks for the daily laugh. (a dating service for the Palin women!) Keep writing. I mean it! Really!


  37. The guy who posted the fake Barack Obama comment usually makes his posts as John McCain. But the website with the dirty word is the same. As the amish say, he’s just a nixnuz.

    Like your site, ladies. Highly recommended over at mudflats.


  38. Yes, Ms. Delgado, I agree most completely with Canadian Woman. I am also not so concerned about Mr. Obama’s stance on gay marriage for Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California have taken the steps to begin legalizing it at a state level, and from my perspective, the rest of New England, New York, Maryland, and my state of Illinois will most likely be following suit sometime in the comparitively near future. At that point it will be a matter of time before other states do the same.

    I can completely understand people’s aversion to it, as a Catholic, but you can be sure that I am in full support of it, because after all, I see things in the Bible, and in the United States Constitution that tell me that our homosexual brothers and sisters should be accepted and granted complete legal rights.

    In a passing note, the objection seems to be primarily to the word itself “marriage”, and btw, Barack Obama supports granting full legal rights to “civil unions”. I despise arguing over semantics, and this is no exception, but if it will assuage the masses, then call it what you will.

    As far as single payer health insurance, I am… confused as to what you mean, but I do not feel that Barack Obama’s healthcare plan goes quite far enough. However, it is most assuredly a step in the right direction.

    As to why Barack Obama’s so great. Well, he’s not my ideal candidate. I feel he is too moderate, BUT that said, if he is elected, he opens the door. With him in power, it is quite likely we will see a “liberal realignment”, which will push the center farther left.

    In short, Barack Obama was not my first choice for the Democratic nomination, but he is, in hindsight, the best. This nation is a stark dichotomy in many areas, but on the whole, moderates rule the day. A very conservative person stands no chance, likewise a very liberal person the same. Barack Obama is far from being a left-wing nut, BUT he tends towards left center.

    Small victories now pave the way for big victories down the road.

    God bless you Ms. Delgado, for trying so hard. And God bless you, Helen, for speaking your mind. And God bless all you others here too.


  39. I don’t think America is angry the only angry ones are McPain and Bush.


  40. Hi Helen,

    You are great as always.

    Why McCane and Sara Parrot don’t make any comment about the video below.

    McCane should talk about how he got involved with Keating and screwed up a lot of Joe the Plumbers.

    Keep Posting.

    You ROCK


  41. “John McCain thinks Americans are angry? Really? I think he needs to look beyond his rallies. Americans are not angry. Republicans are angry. Bush screwed ‘em over and now McCain is rubbing salt in the wound.”
    His continual call to “FIGHT” scares me into sleeplessness.

    The Nascar/Military commercials shown before every movie in TN are being shown to those under 18 and the aged…those 18-30 are getting killed.


  42. Hi, my friend referred me to your blog and I am amazed. You speak so elequently and straight talking which is what this country needs. I am so glad there are people out there who UNDERSTAND WHAT THE F@$$ is happening in the world and want to change it. More people need to be like you and quit living on their knees. One of my favorite quotes is “I would rather die on my feet then live on my knees” – so true. Another one is “people would rather live with the enemy they know than the one they dont”. People would settle for 4-8 more years of Bush-shit like politics because most of them are scared of change. They would rather take it up the rectum and eat whatever the government dishes out than say HEY, were not gonna take this anymore!

    An example of why we need change:We just found out 3 months ago, my husband has cancer in his kidneys and weve been fighting insurance that wants to claim its all a pre existing condition due to him going into the hospital and complaining about his stomach a few times before??WTF! Obama is fighting against that

    Ugh, I could go on and on….Thank you for seeing the light-for understanding the urgency we need CHANGE. Its people like you that give me hope that things will change. Its people like you that truly help me to get up in the morning, to believe life is still worth living because things could get better, that change is on the horizon, and the strength to continue to fight for whats right, you give me the hope my fight for change and others like me won’t fight in vain!


  43. I know I’m late to the party. And I know we’re not supposed to feed the trolls, but…I can’t help myself.

    Um, Tom?

    NO ONE (male or female) Helen’s age died in a war defending this country.


  44. Hi Jennifer,
    I can’t answer for everyone and I have no actual say in your election, however, I can give you my honest opinion. The answer I would give you is faith and hope. No matter who your choice of politician might be you are still going to have them telling you what they think you want to hear to get your vote. No politician has all the answers to every crisis. All you can do is have faith that they can make things happen. With the idea of gay marriage very few politicians will be for gay marriage because of the groups that are so against it. I am a little confused about your single payer health care system. I am from a province where health care is paid for by the government through tax payers dollars and the pharmacies are regulated. As for pulling troops out of Iraq it is impossible to just get into office and pull everyone back. Like all things it takes time. However, with Bush’s agreement it is not a sure thing and chances are the 16 months that is the bare minimum will turn into the full three years or even longer. You just have to have faith that the person you choose to vote for will bring the troops home when he says he will. The only thing you can do is look at your choices and decide who you feel will do the better job at solving what you feel is the most important issues right now.
    I will just say to you excercise your right to vote because it wasn’t that long ago that women had no voter rights.
    I hope that I was able to help you in some way.


  45. I’m just going to ignore the fake “Barack” comment.
    I did look at Obama’s website, and frankly couldn’t find much. I guess I just don’t get what’s so special about him. Yes, he is an eloquent and inspiring speaker. But what *really* is the change he wants to bring? Why is everyone so excited by this change when they can’t even tell me what the change is going to be? He won’t start pulling troops out of Iraq until after the first 16 months he is in office (ironically this is about the same time as the agreement Bush has just signed into). He doesn’t believe in gay marriage rights . He doesn’t believe in a single payer health care system, so utimately big pharm still gets big bucks. What is he going to change?! Why is he supposed to be so flipping great?! Somebody tell me please, I’m not just trying to argue and I don’t endorse McCain. I just want to understand.


  46. Don’t vote for me.
    Vote for John McCain. He’s the better man.
    I will only raise taxes and I am friends with terrorists.


  47. Ah, Ms. Delgado, that is a good question. I can’t say why you should vote for Obama, but I can tell you why I am. I am voting for him because he is an intelligent, eloquent, and calm man, who realizes the mistakes of the past, and has a good chance of bringing that “change we can believe in” he talks about. I have followed his career from the beginning, as I have said elsewhere, and I thought then he was a rising star. I’m sorry if you were looking for more concrete details, but it is not my place to give you ideas that may be incorrect. I will not try to quote facts for you, because I don’t want to give you false information. Best advice: look up Barack Obama’s stances on the issues, especially those that are immportant to you. If you agree, vote for him, if you do not, then vote for whoever you wish. It is your vote, and yours alone. Use it how you see fit.


  48. Hi,
    Just found your blog and it makes me giggle. I do have a serious question though. You had lots of good reasons not to vote for John McCain, but I couldn’t find anything (not in the recent blogs, I didn’t go that far back) about why I should vote for Obama. Why should Obama get my vote just because McCain doesn’t?


  49. Helen, you rock. Your blog brightens whatever day I happen to be reading it. If you are looking for some additional political reading on , there is a great recent cover story (10/16/08) on John McCain titled “Make Believe Maverick.” I thought he had fallen as low as possible, but this article sunk his reputation even further. Speaking of an angry man, did you know he was known by school chums as McNasty? Here is the article:

    P.S. Just realized you are from Austin–what a great city! I went to the LBJ School awhile back and try to get back down there ever year. Missin’ me some breakfast tacos.


  50. Helen: You are a Goddess! Thanks for saying out loud what is so obvious and needs to be said!!
    Regarding Palin: My Mom always said the most dangerous people in the world are ambitious stupid people!! she scares the hell out of me!
    God Bless, take care and keep writing.


  51. helen – are you ok? 3 days without a post and some pretty hot news. i’d drive over and check on you if i knew where that was!!! 🙂 just what you need.

    hoping all is well


  52. A friend sent me your address, and I am so hooked on you! That comment on the dating service for Palin women totally cracked me up. Rock on, dudette!


  53. I wonder how angry McCain is now that Mr. Powell endorsed Obama. I hope he puts one of those “Republican for Obama” bumper magnets on his car. I’d love it!!!!


  54. I just found your website this morning while perusing the “Best Blogs” site, and I am so happy! You are so freaking funny! Your observations ( “special needs senator” and “dating service for the Palin women”) are so spot on, so succinct, so clever, so funny…I wish you were a pundit on cable tv. I’m sharing your URL address with eveyone I know who enjoys politics and humor.

    You go, girl(s).


  55. Colin Powell will vote for Obama!


  56. Helen & Margaret,

    Thank you for your willingness to share your blog with us. What a beautiful friendship you share! Friendships like yours don’t happen by accident – they take decades of nurturing, commitment, love, acceptance, and willingess to love one another unconditionally despite all differences. You are an inspiration and a blessing to the world!

    (Republican) Gen. Colin Powell endorsed Sen. Obama this morning on “Meet the Press.” His reasons were well-thought-out and eloquently expressed. Helen, I thought you’d be thrilled to hear that he strongly agrees with you re: McCain/Palin. Heck, as popular as you are, your blog was most likely his deciding factor! ;o)

    I wish you both two more decades of health, happiness, friendship, and joy!


  57. @ Prowlland,
    You ought to check your ‘facts’ before slinging them- Bill Ayres was sufficiently remorseful for what he had done that he *Turned Himself In In 1980*. Got his wife to turn herself in too. So he was an idiot, and he faced the music. He also apologized, personally, to one of the people his idiotic bomb making had injured, in the summer of 2001.
    To the “Wish we’d done more” quote, he can be faulted for making an easy-to-misread quote, but has maintained all along that what he MEANT was that he wished he’d done more to end the war in Vietnam. Yeah, what he said wasn’t particularly self-aware on his part, but I suspect that’s how the guy is. This is all in Wikipedia, by the way, not very hard to find.

    Regarding Communists, Socialists and Senator Obama- sounds like you know more about the formalities than I do. Somewhere in the 1970s I learned that Soviet government published a phone book sized volume once a year that gave the price of everything- all goods and services, for the official economy. This was done by “Gosplan”. Its such a completely crazy idea, and yet one you’d have to be led to if you utterly reject market-based pricing. Before that I’d given them credit for good intentions, but I couldn’t do that any more. There’s a zillion theories, making something work in the real world is MUCH harder.


  58. Hi Helen, Margaret and fans, just wondering what happened to the idea of mandatory national picture ID cards that would provide legal identification for every citizen. Wouldn’t that make voter registration and voting more valid? Of course, there also needs to be fool-proof counting methods, which worries me. I’d like to think that every vote would be counted. “Barack Obama is a decent family man – and not a president anyone should be afraid of” – McCain’s words !


  59. My sister-in-law e-mailed me your blog, which I just read.
    It’s fabulous!
    I think I woke my woke my husband LOLing so hard…


  60. Thank you for this. This is my favourite blog by far.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I put a link to your blog on my blog and ask all to read it.

    Thank You, you make the absurd sound fun. I just make the absurd sound absurd.


  61. I love this site, Margaret & Helen! Thank you!

    here’s a cool site to check out things like:
    – McCain’s Questionable Ties
    – Palin’s latest trouble, “House-Gate”
    so much more – someone sent me the link recently and it’s entertaining but in a frightening, pee-your-pants way.


  62. I love this blog.

    Speaking of Crazies…. you ought to check out what Michelle Bachman, R-MN has been spouting off.

    I’m from MN, and I sincerely hope that those who are in her district inform her on election day “sell crazy elsewhere… we’re all full up here.”


  63. I love you Helen!!!! You go girl!!!!
    Vote Obama!!!!


  64. My dear Helen…you are my new idol; my hero. When I grow up I want to be just like you! I have 18 years to go! Speaking of your age…I’m counting on you dishing during the 2012 elections. Don’t let me down, okay?! You’re priceless! And, right on the money, too! Thanks for the laughs. Bob Shieffer should be so lucky! Me ke aloha…


  65. Hey Helen, you’ll get a kick out of this:

    No one is talking about Palin’s brilliant sale of Alaska’s corporate airplane on EBay. I have to mention that should she have sold it through normal aviation sales process, she would have netted several million more for the coffers of Alaska. What a great business person to lose all of that money for her constituents. Google Alaska Sells a Gulfstream Aircraft.

    This would make a great SNL sketch!

    This lady work hastily to get rid of anything in her way no matter the consequences. Is this the type of person we need to run our government? I ask you???


  66. Dear Margaret: Here’s your answer as to who Joe the Plumber really is. Remember the Keating Five?


  67. Obama drew a crowd of 100,000 in St Louis Today.

    Yes we can!!!


  68. Helen – I love your blogs. You are a smart, well spoken woman, and for that I love you. I’ve read your blogs from the beginning, but am only now commenting because I just had to say something.

    I am a 27 year old woman, young enough to know I have much still to learn, old enough to get myself informed.

    There is so much hate in the comments, though! To our democrats: Barrack Obama has kept himself polite and even serene, let’s try to take our cues from him.

    Republicans! I hate you not; I have family members who are republicans. However, your fanatical concerns about conspiracy worry me.. Do you also have places where you discuss the Magic Bullet and the grassy knoll? Also.. It’s very amusing to hear the McCain/Palin supporters accuse the democrats posting here of being nasty or of name calling…

    McCain supporters chant “kill him” and kick reporters at McCain/Palin rallies! There is an undertone of hatred, violence, and intolerance there that frightens me. Many people wonder why we are, as a country, so disliked by the general world.. Well.. If Americans hate each other, how can we expect anyone to like us at all?


  69. Helen- I just got wind of your blog and I have to say, you are gifted (and freaking hilarious!)


  70. Helen you are my AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  71. OH, good grief ladies and gents, still accusations of socialism and no facts to back it up?

    Come now, poor Barack Hussein Obama, the new FDR and the new JFK all rolled into one, BHO, if you will, is not nearly a socialist. Prove it if you can, but since I am a real socialist, I think I know a little better than you what a socialist is.

    I’m also smart enough to know socialism wouldn’t work out in practice in large country like the U.S., and only works when the government is purely benevolent. Tch, too bad I’m also a cynic, and don’t believe it can be achieved…

    Ah, well, guess I’m stuck with the best government in the world, when it’s democratic processes aren’t messed with.



  72. Margaret and Helen
    I am not affiliated either the Democrats or Republicans and as an Amerian citizen I have done my own and would ask that you do your own research. If you are as you seem there is some information you need to know. Please check out and its base group JustSayNoDeal and read what the silent majority thinks of the current situation on politics and the mainstream media. I ask you, can that many people be wrong? To be sure there is some misinformation there as well but, people are fallible, judge for yourself.
    I am an independent and as such will vote for whomever facts dictate is the best for this country. I have been researching for months and would strongly suggest you vet Barak Obama.
    Best regards,


  73. Is Obama a U.S. citizen?

    Perhaps Obama’s birth announcement in the 1961 issue of the Honolulu Advertiser was a mastermind plot by whacko Democrats who just somehow knew that little Barry O would grow up to run for president? Those cagey Dems …

    Anyway, prowlland, as much fun as this has been, I have to move on. I suspect there’s a core of Republican voters who would follow McCain into the abyss, regardless of the facts and evidence.

    The inherent beauty of the American system is the ability of its people to decide their own destiny. Regardless of the outcome of the election, I wish my American friends peace and prosperity in the uncertain times ahead.


  74. I could read your views all day long.. How true with just the right amount of humor.. It’s sad but I think if McCain wins, the suicide rate in this country will go up…
    Keep up the good work…


  75. You republiKKKons that support a person who voted with G Bush, by his own words, 90% of the time just amaze me. Now why would be believe there is a huge change coming from the republiKKKons? Because McBush has flipped on almost every issue he’s now running a a full reichwing member of the republiKKKon party. He shares the stage with “the agents of intolerance” just like he likes them.

    He used to be pro-choice now he wants Mothers to die if necessary to prevent a fetus from being delivered dead. His “health” comments concerning a woman’s rights were appauling at the debate. How is that a “conservative” approach to anything?

    A true “conservative” starts with fiscal responsibility. GBush and John McCain have supported deficit budgets and have not even put the oil war in Iraq on the books. “Conservatives”, I think not. Just ask China how much of America they now own thanks to the Bush/McCain policies.

    Barry Goldwater was the last conservative to be in the republican party. Ronnie Raygun just ran the money presses and (God forbid) he raised taxes while handing off a deficit to the Clinton. All that under the “leadership” of Phil (champion adulter) Graham who is now “advising” the McBush camp.

    Oh boy, four more years if we vote for Bush/McCain policies. Has anyone else noticed how off business is for resturants/stores, other than grocerystores/shopping centers? Places that were mobbed are now relatively easy to get into. It’s the republiKKKon economy that is heading America into a second republican depression. It’s about the most real thing to be worried about other than a McBush/Palintology administration.


  76. I have enjoyed reading both sides on this blog. It is my opionion that those spewing McCaine talking points and things heard all over Rush L. type radio talk shows should broaden their reading and listening by visiting sites like (there are several others out there). This is not to prove that the McCaine group is lying — they point out false statements and exagerations by both sides. Neither side can only rely on what their particular side is saying. That is no way to get the FACTS to make an informed decision.

    It is also my opinion that the Repulicans sound alot angrier than the Democrats. Some from both sides just sound like spoiled children or school yard bullies. Just my opinion.

    Also interesting to read what the folks from other countries have to say about this election and Americans in general.

    Helen if you are reading all these posts I (and I’m sure others) would be interested in hearing your take on the various posts.

    I do commend you for not deleting the comments of those who disagree with you.


  77. I love you two! Couldn’t agree more with your insight! The Republicans must really believe that we are all dumb as dirt to believe anything they have to say.

    Did you catch the Michele Bachmann debacle on Hardball .. would love to hear your views.


  78. To all those Muslim haters posting on this site:
    Get a freakin clue. Do you even know any Muslims? Or are you the spazzes that cross the street as soon as you see someone who isn’t a pasty skinhead like yourself? Neo-Nazi, KKK loving moron. Your kind should be pushed under a moving subway train. Scum like you polute the world with your nonsense spewing bs. Do you even know what the Muslim religion is about or do you just believe whatever you read or hear from your nazi friends and idols.
    The US was not built on religious persecution like you seem to be trying to accomplish.
    I can honestly say that I have been friends with Muslims for most of my life and they are a hell of alot more honest and more understanding of other peoples beliefs than the christian extremist POSs like you.
    Go crawl back under your rocks where you belong. True Christianity does not accept the smack that you spew. Go back to your cross burning and book burning that you are so good at.
    Oh and thanx for your pointless useless comments because they only prove what everyone else has been saying all along, that you are ignorant.


  79. Axiom wow …there is also a lawsuit by a guy named Berg… hummm


  80. Helen – You are the freshest voice to come out of Texas. And the rest of the lower 48 as well!


  81. Helen – You’re one heck of a woman!!! I agree 150% with everything you’ve said. You go girl!!!!


  82. Here I am Margaret, one more fan. Please accept the “I love Your Blog” award, humbly offered in delight of your awesome voice!



  83. @ prowlland

    You mean the same Andy Martin who is known for excessive ligitagation and anti-semitic comments? Is that the guy you’re referencing? The guy who wants to “exterminate Jew power”?

    This guy?

    This guy?

    You’ll note that Martin “has filed so many lawsuits that a judge barred him from doing so in any federal court without preliminary approval.”

    Yeah, that guy. *He’s* scary.

    Helen for VP!


  84. I meant angle, not nagle. Whoops!


  85. airmilitaire, I decided I’ll change my middle name to Hussein too. Will that make me a terrorist? All that crap has already been proven false. Go over to Fox or NR and find a new nagle of hate to lie about.


    Obama/Biden 2008


  86. You go girl I’m 72 and seen alot of dirt going on in politics overmthe years ,but this is the worest it has ever been. The past 8yrs lies stupid acts.Where is Bush Sr. He has no respect for his country. You are so on the right track.,you are wiser than than the perky fake from that other big state. I.m from NH and we’re turning blue. I love reading your BLOG. God Bless you and this country.


  87. This is for the haters to check out:

    Have a good day Helen and Margaret:

    Having the haters dropping by just shows their desperation. It is kind of like the McCain campaign. They had been talking to themselves, NOW THEY ARE ARGUING WITH THEMSELVES! I feel sorry for them.

    Vote Obama/Biden


  88. God love you, Helen:

    You are a feisty, opinionated, and dear Lady. You are a bit younger than my mother (who passed away 2 years ago come December 5th), but you have the same ability to see through all of the political bull-cr*p. God love you.

    I look forward to reading your posts from now on.


    For your information:
    Did you know that Alaska (Troopergate / Palinland) only has 3 electoral votes?

    Rode Island, the biggest little state in the union, has 4. It all has to do with population numbers.



  89. Why do haters come here? It is obvious that you disagree with Helen, so why torture yourselves by reading her posts?


  90. Whats going on ?

    Honolulu lawsuit filed to open Obama’s secret birth records



  91. We the people have been taught to consider our president (whoever it is) as a role model and follow him and support him pretty much wherever he goes. This is a good thing unless we have an uninformed, ignorant, incurious, stubborn, and worst of all incorrect person as a leader. That’s why the last 8 years under such leadership made some people focused on the wrong things without independent thinking and curiosity.

    Some of the rants on this site are coming from those individuals who have been left in the dark because they followed the leader there. When we get a cool-headed, reasonable, and intelligent leader who is willing to listen, those people will start seeing the light again. I believe. Yes we can.


  92. @ Tom

    Read Janney’s post. Then come up to Canada and see for yourself how people live in a society where there is equal access to education and health care.

    Then read KiwiB’s post.

    Stop looking at the world as a place to conquer, and start seeing a global village of shared values and resources. Have you ever heard the phrase “a high tide floats all boats”? Well, Obama is that high tide.

    And as far as Helen’s perceived “negativity” goes, she’s right. Someone had to say what the rest of the free world was thinking. As well as most Americans.


  93. What an incredible blog you have here, ladies!

    Do you have a program or something to help McCain into the 21st century – or at least something that will help him see something good in the world so he will not be so anxious to “bomb, bomb, bomb” anyone and everyone?

    That man needs therapy, counseling and a long vacation – and he needs to stop reminding everyone about “his five years without a table”.

    We care – but we don’t care.


  94. RIChris and the other idiots,

    Hi, Voter Fraud is real and THE REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN PURGING THE VOTER ROLLS FOR YEARS! If a person lives in a democratic area or if they are a minority which historically voted democratic, CARL ROVE WORKED LIKE HELL TO GET THEIR VOTER REGISTRATION PURGED.

    The lists of purged folk is long and they happened in democratic areas only. I also had the opportunity to talk to a fellow who worked for Diebold (sp) the computer company that made the voting machine. He told me how easy it would be to manipulate the vote with little twitches in the software. He said it would only take a couple of people at the top and a little software patch or update put in at the last minute and the machine could vote 2 votes for candidate X and 1 vote for candidate Y. He stated such a thing happened in Florida.

    ACORN is a red herring: You have homeless folks making money by filling out fictitious names to get fifty cents. Those new voters will not show up at the polls.

    THE REAL FRAUD is when we have computerized manipulation and PURGING OF THE VOTING ROLLS WHICH IS HAPPENING.

    GrannyK: 401K’s disappearing: Bush and the Republicans got what they wanted – deregulation.
    Now the republicans can run off with their golden parachutes which you and I will pay for will disappearing 401Ks.

    Bush and the Republicans got what they wanted: OUR MONEY!!!!



  95. Helen, you rock! I love your commentaries. Keep ’em coming.


  96. I think you need to go back to your dementia ward. As people age you are suppose to get smarter, not nastier. Is this what we are teaching our children? Fighting, name calling? Is this why we have such problems with bullies in school? Look at the facts, not the lies. Get rid of the “I am buying your vote” by the lobbyists. Why not make it illegal for lobbyists or special interest groups to give anyone money, including senatros and representatives. I’m sure Helen, you have your Social Security and are comforatable in your golden years, People are ANGRY they’re 401k’s and retirement plans are disapearing. Get your facts straight and reign in the disrespect for another human being.


  97. Damn right Republicans are angry. We have been watching as Obama perpetrates voter fraud, as he has insulted every demographic in the country, as he has provided no transparency into his past, as he has hijacked the media and tries to suppress free speech (Missouri gave orders to prosecute those who disagree with him, radio stations are jammed when their content is disagreeable with him, computers are hacked, his web site changes as often as necessary to cover inconsistancies).
    The insecurities exhibited on this site are overwhelming. Only when women are who they are, unmindful of what is expected of them and without need of ‘validation’ can they consider themselves free. Otherwise, they are just an extension of and a mouthpiece for, something/someone else.


  98. HI Helen –
    I have been following your blog and have yet to comment. You are great. Funny, smart, honest. To Helen’s faithful fan’s – just try to ignore the right wing ranters that come over here. I have a couple of my own blogs, and I have some real crazy ‘take the blinders off please’ Republicans zip by and say the most ridiculous things. I respond to them on my blog, and they never seem to come back!
    I even invite them back, but I guess my answers make too much sense and they cannot comprehend common sense.

    Let Helen come on and give them the what for, that might make them leave, otherwise, I suggest ignoring them. Or you can send them over to:


    I would be glad to waste my time shouting in their narrow minded out of touch ears, and that way they wont interrupt the nice flow of the group here.

    Helen, keep up the great work. I have done my volunteering and donating, and right now I have my hands full with a small problem – I just moved across the state, and am having a very strange issue go on with getting registered to vote. I am going to be posting my problem on on of the above blogs.

    And I agree with you – the next three weeks are going to be very long, and very tense. I am tired of all of it, and at the same time, we are in the middle of history, and I do not want to miss one minute.

    Congratulations to all of you who did what Helen asked – went to an Obama site and donated. Everyone, let’s keep our noses to the grindstone and not for one minute think we have won this until the eve of November 4th.

    Obama/Biden ’08


  99. You are awsome. I love your blog. You keep on writing what you are thinking and feeling and I will keep coming back. I also plan on telling all my friends too.


  100. How many plumbers earn 250k a year this guy did not even have a plumbing licence something smells very bad here???


  101. Well they say ol’ Average Joe The Plumber / Six Pack / Butt Crack isn’t really a plumber:

    (doesn’t actually bother to PAY his taxes either)

    but according to Caribou Barbie’s criteria (“I can see Russia, that makes me experienced in foreign affairs”) Joe probably took a dump in a toilet at some point…so that makes him qualified.


  102. Hey, I love this weblog, love the theme… keep up the good work


  103. […] Margaret and Helen. Margaret does most of the blogging, she’s 82. Joe the Plumber? Joe Six Pack?  The new […]


  104. Helen, your officially my idol.

    and obama is not a sociallist. I live with a sociallist. i have found that winding him up is a good way to relieve pre law exam stress. he does not like obama or mccain. if it were up to him the US would not have a president. the workers would rise up blah blah blah etc etc.

    and he is not a muslim. it takes a grand total of 0.005 seconds to google his life story (or you could read one of his books…)

    please america, regain your sanity!! you used to be respected, the land of the free, where everybody wanted to go and live.
    the last eight years have made you into a joke. Bush IS a joke. Palin is bush in a badly cut suit minus a few years and a Y chromosome. look at their policies.

    from a kiwi, living in a land with universal health care, free education, tax credits for families and one of the worlds oldest stable democratic societies. Also, I had never seen a homeless person till I visited the states.


  105. Tom,

    Read the responses from the Obama voters and see how the personal attacks go… Let’s see I just read your hyperlink article, and my guess would be maybe 50% of that article is accurate. Surely the article is written by a McCain supporter with a motive. Surely this man is handicapped and he voted. That part I would say is 100% true, but forcing him to vote for someone he did not want that is probably 100% false. There is no way of knowing from that article just how mentally challenged that man is. Is he able to even pick a candidate and vote on his own? Can he only choose a candidate at another person’s suggestion? Give me a break. He maybe so mentally challenged and unable to make a wise voting decision no matter what. Quite possibly the relative (Nancy) who is upset and got this story in the press in the first place is mad because she was unable to pressure the mentally handicapped man this time into voting for McCain as that could have been how she wanted him to vote.

    Maybe we should talk about the personal attacks, shots, false accusations and outright lies, and fear inducing behavior coming from the McCain/Palin supporters and camp against Obama.

    Honestly people, stop trying to link Obama to terrorism. Stop grasping at straws. Give it up. He was 8 yrs old when William Ayers was going around bombing buildings. He crossed paths with William Ayers a few times later in life. I bet that you, myself, and just about everyone else in America has crossed paths once or twice in their lifetime with a person who has a questionable pass. I certainly know of people whom I have crossed paths with in the past that are sitting in prison right now with no possibility of parole for crimes they have committed. How do I know this? I know guards who work in these prisons. The guards know these prisoners too because we all grew up in the same neighborhood, and went to the same schools. Does that mean I or the guards’ pall around with criminals? Hardly. It just means we knew someone, knew of someone, crossed paths with someone who did questionable things and went to prison.

    Stop insinuating this man is a Muslim (although a persons religion shouldn’t matter one way or the other) this man is a practicing Christian and has been attending Christian churches for years. Stop grasping at straws. It’s quite sad to see the intolerance of religion in this country and how may people in America fear a religion that is different from their own, and their paranoid beliefs based on these fears.

    Would be nice if this country for once could have a presidential election campaign without the mud slinging and false accusations. America has to be the laughing stock of the world. Just a pure joke in everyone’s eyes with Palin on the ticket. Definitely the greatest amount of mud being flung in this campaign is coming from the McCain/Palin camp, with Palin being the biggest slinger of them all. Must be hard for McCain/Palin to play fair in the sandbox when the numbers show they are trailing. Guess all you can do is grasp at those straws, flinging mud, and in Palin’s case, start to bring out the claws.

    It is so nice to see how cool and levelheaded Obama is being through all of this. A man with grace, dignity and humility. A man who is not bowing down to dirty political tactics in a vain attempt to pick up an extra vote. A man who is not out there distorting the truth like the McCain ads, or lying like Palin and telling the American public that she sold an airplane on eBay for a gain, or that she was against a bridge to know where project when the opposite was true. Obama is a man poised to be the next great leader of our country. I can not wait for this election process to be over and Obama to be our president. This country needs a serious change.

    Besides that how many people on this blog site think our countries election process really needs to be revamped? The entire campaigning process goes on way to long. Honestly if a country can not pick a president in lets say a four month time span then that country has serious issues. There is no reason why the whole election process should take as long as it takes (a year or more) from start to finish. It truly is ridiculous how long we take to pick a president. Think of all the money that could be saved by not having the campaign/election process drag out for months.

    Tom, it really doesn’t matter who becomes our next president, because whoever it is will have their hands full trying to clean up the pile of crap that Bush and his administration has made of this country over the past eight years. We really do not need a candidate in office that is going to continue with the same Bush/Republican policies. What a freaken mess! If you think McCain will come in on a white horse and not raise taxes you are crazy. Budgets will be cut, program funding will be cut. It’s what has to happen; it’s what’s going to happen. Doesn’t matter, Republican or Democrat president will have to make these choices. Either presidential choice is going to have to raise taxes to start paying down the 10.3 + trillion dollar debt this nation has as of today. A debt that was increased by 4 trillion dollars while Bush and his Republican congress were in office and in control for six out the eight year Bush term. A debt created by an unnecessary war built on a lie by the Bush administration. A debt that is increasing everyday due to the countries latest financial crisis which was also brought on by the Bush administration and their regulation changes in the banking and financing industries. Think about it Tom. Think about what the Republican party has done to this great country in the past eight years. It is time to clean house. It is time for a change.


  106. Tom, have you been bitten by a bat recently? I know it’s going to cost you a pretty penny, but seek treatment. Please.


  107. To Helen and my new friend Tom,

    Another must see for Tom,

    Vote Obama


  108. Helen, I love you. You’re the kind of woman I’d like to spend hours with every day. What great conversations those would be! I envy Margaret your life-long friendship.

    Your blog is the best thing I’ve read in years and years. I’ve been sending the link to everyone in my address book.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  109. Tom,

    This is great too!

    Helen, I would vote for you!




  111. Tom,

    Check this one out! Scroll down to Obama is hilarious

    12 TRILLION IN DEBT TOM!!!! This during the time of Republlicans in charge!! We had a surplus 8 years ago, friend.



  112. Clearly the angriest man in American is Tom. Hey Tom, put your tiny talleywacker back in your pants and go home. We’re not impressed. You’re making a fool of yourself partner. Living in fear is pathetic.


  113. Joe said “I AM VOTING FOR OBAMA! Obama can add, subtract, which helps keep us from 12 TRILLION DOLLAR RECORD DEBTS which Bush/ McCain piled up.

    John McCain is no George Bush, sir. And you are right about obama being able to add. He will ADD your taxes to the money he is planning to give other countries, along with the welfare money he plans to distribute. We did not ONLY have a war in Vietnam, we had World War 2, and many brave soldiers died for our freedoms there, too. If you want so badly to redistribute your wealth, just pass it over to my house. We can find a good use for the money you want to give away.


  114. I can’t believe you are for real, but I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

    And even if you are only a cover personality for a clever younger person, it’s a great schtick and I will continue to read your posts, gladly.

    Live long and prosper.


  115. Janney C. A. on October 17, 2008

    Thank God you can’t vote! America has enough enemies with-in! And obama will be enemy number #1.

    16 years, . . we could have had 16!, but Obama was greedy, unvetted, arrogant, and so full of himself. This race has divided this nation more than it should EVER have been at this time in our history. I remember the first time I heard him speak at the DNC convention years ago. . “We are not red states, blues states, but the United States of America. WHERE IS THAT UNITY NOW??????


  116. leslie in montana on October 17, 2008

    “there was some pretty exciting stuff about voter fraud that got me going for a few minutes. I just kept coming back to your page and gigling. ”

    You’re right leslie, voter fraud by a person who purports to be the President of the greatest nation in the world is EXTREMELY funny. I never realized there were somany people who hated America and our freedoms!


  117. read the responses from the obama voters–see how the personal attacks go? obama cannot be defended with his flip-flopping policy stands, but , by God, his supporters can certainly call you some names! People that support obama do things like this..
    Someone took advantage of a vulnerable citizen; this handicap man was taken to the voting booth to cast his vote for President without his family permission by a REhab Center. He wanted to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket, but they told him NO that they casted the vote for Obama instead, apparently they had to write it in. SAD SAD SAD. I am so freaking mad…The McCain Campaing and All the media outlets should hear about this–This needs exposure so that the pressure would allow for this family to be able to overturn this vote.


  118. Helen, you are amazin’! I just found your blog and am loving reading your writings.


  119. I got wind of your blog through Rosie O’donnell’s blog and I am oh so glad I did! Helen, will you PLEASE adopt me as your grandchild? There isn’t a journalist out there who could put my thoughts down as well as you do! You are a blessing and more people need to read this blog! Rock on sister friend! Keep writing, I will be back frequently!


  120. Oh Helen, you are a so wonderful – I just have to thank you. And thank my lucky starts that my thoughtful boss suggested your blog after a particularly challenging week at work, not to mention the particularly unstable economy and the pending doom in the middle east resulting from our dismal foreign policies. I swear, I had declared humanity a doomed experiment before I read your blog. It’s good to laugh about it! I sit here with my sig. oth. while he watches the targeted analysis of all the stuff you should know but we happier not knowing: Friday night PBS. Though I did actually learn a lot, as usual, and there was some pretty exciting stuff about voter fraud that got me going for a few minutes. I just kept coming back to your page and gigling. Usually I don’t sleep well Friday nights but I’m hopeful tonight thanks to you. Tomorow night I’m going to make him take me to see Religiuous which will set me up well for another week at the rat races! Thanks again! ~leslie


  121. Post for Carol the McCain/Palin supporter it appears most of the poster on this site get it, but honey you don’t. The thought of McCain/Palin as the next incharge of the country is extremely offensive and disturbing to most of us. Wake up honey, slap yourself in the face. That duo will be the worst thing this country has ever seen.

    Obama all the way. Time for a freakin change in this country.


  122. I am a Canadian woman who has been watching all events related to the protracted election process in the US with great and increasing trepidation. After the financial crisis broke in September and the subsequent loss of 42% of my investments to date it really seems as if this election is beyond anything imaginable in importance. The immediate world-wide impact of the sub-prime fiasco severely underlies the fact that how the US election turns out, how the US is lead forward is of vital importance for the entire planet. I certainly realize that I am not alone in having so suddenly lost so much financial security – few have escaped. This election matters so much and how anyone can believe the Republicans can do anything but significantly worsen these problems is beyond me.

    Bear with me, I have a lot to say, but I am urgently on the side of the Democrats here. First, the issue of health care in Canada.

    I am not a rich person, in fact I am not currently employed. I have been caring for my father for the past 6 years. He is 86, totally blind from glaucoma, crippled from Parkinson’s Disease and has recently suffered multiple massive strokes. He has obviously had to receive ongoing and often extreme medical attention including frequent and prolonged hospitalization for this unfortunate combination of conditions. His medical bill for the entire year is $600.00 (Canadian). He is not in a special category under our Health Plan – this is the standard cost for a single adult of any age or health – no one is denied health care in Canada. Not only has he received excellent care, his life has been saved twice in this past year. I, on the other hand, pay zero – that is zero dollars for my health plan because I have not had an income during this time of caring for my father. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a serious condition and had to undergo an operation to save my life. My life was saved at zero cost to me. We have an excellent health care system in Canada, one that is available to all of our citizens.

    I am mentioning this because a myth of the evils of a degraded “socialist” health care system is being perpetuated by McCain. He repeatedly sneers “do you want to be like Canada” when he is arguing against a Health Plan for all US citizens. US citizens are being lied to on every topic by the Republicans.

    I have yet to come across any mainstream news on the actualities of Canada’s health care system in the US media. This is merely one issue that leads me to believe that Republicans are masochistic in the extreme. How anyone – Republican or not can support McCain/Palin is unbelievable to me after the fiasco of Bush.

    I do not understand how Republicans can be pro-life and pro-war at the same time. I do not understand why Republicans cling to their guns. Have your guns – hide them if you want – Obama is not going to take them away – I believe he only wants to limit your purchase of guns to a still ridiculous level of one gun per month. Besides if Obama gets in he’s really got a whole lot of other shit to clean up before he goes routing out these deadly toys.

    I do not understand Republican’s belief that their leaders represent God’s will? I’m not going to step on anyone’s religion but how can you believe that Bush or McCain and especially Palin is acting in accordance with God’s will. I do believe that every politician first and foremost should be judged on how self-serving they are – there’s is just so much evidence that sociopathic individuals find a way to slot themselves into leadership positions. Fact – 4% of all Western people are sociopathic, supported in their cold self-serving goals by the masses of sheep that looks to me comprise a majority of the Republican party. (It is estimated that culture differences – ie. less emphasis on the individualism that characterize Western society, account for the fact that in Eastern countries 3% of the population is comprised of sociopathic individuals)

    Read this about McCain’s military history:

    for truth about the hero status that people attribute to McCain. I’m sure that his imprisonment was hell for him all those years and good for him for surviving but he doesn’t seem to have actually performed well in the miliary. I think it says a lot that Obama has not brought up the issues of the details of McCain’s dubious hero status in a decidedly poor military career. This article exposes his four plane crashes – one that led to the fiery death of over 130 other military men. He’s experienced first-hand the consequences of war, the destruction of human lives and yet it looks like he, even more than Bush, wants to go to war with still more countries, destroying countless more lives.

    It really is something else that Palin is pretty. It’s wonderful. There are many, many pretty women on the planet – I’m pretty too but let me tell you from firsthand experience that looks mean nothing. I have no respect for her lack of intellect, especially for her inability to know what she doesn’t know. The whole world is screwed and I can’t even begin to fathom the degree to which we will be screwed if this team gets to power.

    Also, can any of you Republicans get it that your fears of socialism are now being realized by the fact that this financial crisis is a direct result of non-regulation of the Bush regime and now you have suddenly been plunged into your vision of hell with the bailout and government ownership of the banks – albeit partial (at the moment).

    Someone said it best on this blog that Obama is for modernization not socialism. It is a new world, an unstable world, and a decidedly interconnected world. It is a dizzyingly speeded-up world and it looks to me like Republicans are clinging to the 1950’s. The best financial chance that we all have is for a growth economy – the biggest growth potential for jobs and wealth is to invest in alternative energy. That is growth from near zero to the heights of realization. Job creation via saving the planet is an elegant solution that accomplishes many goals with one action. Further, there is gathering understanding that alternative energy can be implemented on various and multiple local levels to connect to the power grid in a variety of ways – much like we are now connected via the internet. This allows for projects at all levels of magnitude to be implemented in an infinite variety of locales.

    There are great possibilities for the future and the sooner the better that we get on the right track. Obama is the one with the intelligence to grasp this. Obama is also intelligent enough to understand that he has to surround himself with the highest caliber of expertise and listening before deciding.

    Finally, doesn’t the quality of discourse, the quality of the campaign coming from McCain/Palin disturb the right – all those lies and dirty tricks – is that Christian? Perhaps it is. It doesn’t look like Obama has stooped to any of these tactics. He’s been too nice really.

    Good luck to us all. Please vote. I can’t.


  123. Tom,

    I just wasted some of my time checking out your idiotic rants. Take a few minutes to check out the video which I have selected for you to see.

    Enjoy, then take a nap. You have had a long day, or life. Tell Rush hi for me and also tell him that he is an idiot, like you.

    Vote Obama!! Change is coming and I am so thankful.

    Vote Obama!

    Thanks Helen, You are the best!


  124. Like

  125. Just take a look before you write it off, stretch your minds a little and lift yourselves into the FRESH air of freedom!!


  126. this is some of the best shit I’ve seen in a long time. thanks for the laughs and unedited verbage telling it just how it is. i’m honored to read your blog, love your speaking the truth and no holds barred approach to this thing we call the presidential run for the white house.
    i’m with you helen. keep it up.


  127. Helen,

    Lock the doors, the idiots are back! We fought a stupid war in VietNam – we lost! Tom is probably upset about that.

    BUSH LIED to get us into Iraq FOR OIL. The Iraq war was not for America, it was for the oil companies and Haliburton. Let us be honest here.

    WE HAVE A BILL OF 700 BILLION for Iraq. We now have a 800 Billion dollar bail out of Wall Street.

    I am a veteran. WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING, as Helen stated.

    I AM VOTING FOR OBAMA! Obama can add, subtract, which helps keep us from 12 TRILLION DOLLAR RECORD DEBTS which Bush/ McCain piled up.

    Bush is an idiot! McCain is another Bush! Palin is a joke!



  128. I found a place where they have already put the facts together for you “little old ladies”. And they provide links so you can check it our for your selves. How many people are too lazy to do that? Do you really want your grandchildren to be denied the freedoms that we take for granted? If obama wins, sweet grandmas, with all his radical friends, America will be changed forever! Ayers, Rezko, Wright, Mansour, Davis, …You ARE the company you keep!


  129. Quit taking the medicines, granny, they have fried your brain.It is sad to see someone as old as you SAY you are, supporting a Socialist like Barrck Obama! A lot of the men who are your age DIED to make this country FREE and here you sit trying to GIVE it away! For shame. You have a computer, you don’t have to get off your a** to research this man’s policies, so what is your problem? I can only conclude that you do not care if America becomes a socialist country. Disgusting that AMERICANS are so stupid! No wonder other countries make fun of us, so many stupid people who will believe anything you tell them as long as you do it with a smile!


  130. @ CanadianWoman

    I’m in Calgary, where the concept of universal health care has been rattled a little by Klein and his ilk.

    I only *wish* we had an Obama option here; I thank God we don’t have a Bush. Americans potentially have a gem of a leader in Obama. He makes sense. Is he perfect? Probably not. But he’s a hell of a lot close to the bulls-eye than McCain.

    @Prowland … Dude. Cutting and pasting a definition of communism out of wikipedia doesn’t make you look knowledgeable, it just makes you look trite and boring.

    Anyway, best wishes to my American friends on this very crucial election.


  131. SNAP!
    Come out of your koolaid trance.
    A high colonic might help rid your body of the toxic build up before Nov. 4th.
    You are fed up with Bush? So are many.
    You cannot bring yourself to vote for Senator John McCain, a true hero and patriot who has proven his love for our be it.

    If you cannot understand why people will not vote for Obama, ponder these words:

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    Those are the words of Senator Obama from a speech in Colarado, July 08.
    Powerful words that have not been challenged by the media to discover his true intentions.
    This is part of the great “Change” a-commin?
    Count me out.


  132. Helen,

    You are wisdom wrapped in hilarity!

    I like you.


  133. Loved the blog,first good laugh in days thanks Helen.


  134. JuneauJoe
    sounds like your going to nap right through the whole election.


  135. Prowlland

    Take a nap. Close your eyes, the world will be here when you wake up. You seem pretty disturbed at this time.

    You may vote for whomever you wish. I am voting for OBAMA because, I see an implosion of the economy which came under 8 years of GW Bush and his de-regulation ideas. He also like tax breaks for the wealthy and he has this thing for starting wars by telling lies. The Iraq fiasco is now at 700 Billion and he is leaving that bill for the next few Presidents and my grandkids to pay.

    I might also suggest that you take you silly little suggestions to a Rush blog, I am sure he will read every important word.

    Prowlland, I think you seem as dumb as Bush and Palin. If you have something to say, make your case, but spamming is stupid. Are you Sarah by chance?

    It is past time for a real change.


  136. Helen, I love reading your blogs. You remind me of my Granny who lived to be 105, may you do the same!!

    Watching the final debate, McCain reminded me of this old man that lived across the street from me when I was growing up. You probably had one, if your ball went into his yard, he wouldn’t let you go in to get it. He’d scream some rant at you and you’d run home crying.

    That old man scared the crap out of me back then. This old man scares the crap out of me now.

    I just pray that people don’t hear about Obama’s lead in the polls and get complacent. Please people remember to vote! I never thought W would get elected the second time, so I wouldn’t count Mccain out no matter how far Obama is in the polls.


  137. Communists?
    Communism is a socioeconomic structure that promotes the establishment of an egalitarian, classless, stateless society based on common ownership of the means of production and property in general.[1][2][3] Leninists have attempted to produce communist societies by setting up political parties, which in some cases have become governments. These attempts have never produced a communist society, and have frequently led to totalitarian states.[citation needed]

    Communism is usually considered to be a branch of socialism, a broad group of social and political ideologies, which draws on the various political and intellectual movements with origins in the work of theorists of the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution.[4] Communism attempts to offer an alternative to the problems believed to be inherent with capitalist economies and the legacy of imperialism and nationalism. Communism states that the only way to solve these problems is for the working class, or proletariat, to replace the wealthy bourgeoisie, which is currently the ruling class, in order to establish a peaceful, free society, without classes, or government.[2] The dominant forms of communism, such as Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism and Trotskyism are based on Marxism, but non-Marxist versions of communism (such as Christian communism and anarchist communism) also exist.

    Im trying to figure out you logic Bill… not sure i follow you ????
    Sounds like goverment run things to me,


  138. In 2001 right after 911… Ayers said he was sorry he didnt do more .. ?
    It would be differant if he was sorry about the things he has done.,,,, but he is not… since he is not sorry ,I consider him still a Terriost…


  139. I’m on the no call list. If I get a robo call, guess what I have the right to do and will do?????????????????


  140. Hi Helen,
    Lovely. Your posts are graciously written, and wise too. Its a pleasure to drop by, I’m glad you’re here. I love the photo at the top too. Is that the USS TEXAS?

    Check out the guy who who responded just before me- that astoundingly persistant lie about Obama being a Muslim and associate with terrorists and radicals.

    Hey, airmilitaire, whatever your real name is,
    1) Being a Muslim ain’t a crime. You’re associating the stupidity and evil of a small number of criminal wackos with the religion of millions, perhaps more than a billion, people.
    As it happens, Obama isn’t a Muslim, but to hear people criticize him for being one, you’d think it was some huge deal. It isn’t. Read the Constitution.
    People who make charges like this show a willful ignorance of the history and Constitution of the United States that is approaching treason. Love your country, and know its laws and principles, Airmilitaire, or get out. You like approved state religion? Maybe you should try China, North Korea, Iran or Saudi Arabia… USA isn’t like that.

    2) Lets see, the “Radical” you are talking about is probably the Rev. Wright? The Christian preacher? That’s a funny form of Islam that you imagine Obama practices- decades of going to an extremely Christian church every week. Could the problem be that you’re stupid, Mr. Airmilitaire?

    Have you actually read what Wright has said? He’s a bit older than I am, but I saw some of what he saw. I can understand where he’s coming from. I don’t agree with him, but I’m not surprised or shocked by it. Lovely thing about our country, he’s allowed to SAY that stuff. Any time he wants. That’s the freedom that isn’t free. The stuff that young people sign up to defend and protect with their lives. You have a problem with the freedom that our military defends?

    3) Terrorists. The plural comes from? You’re talking about one guy, Bill Ayres. What he did must be fairly well in his past, since he’s out walking around, a college professor and member of the board of directors of this and that. Plenty of people ‘associate’ with him- he’s not hiding, More guilt by association and inuendo, more treasonous misunderstanding of our country’s ideals and underpinings. If you people can’t understand the country that you were born in, why don’t you go somewhere else and try it there for a while.

    I’m not defending the Weather Underground, they were murderous idiots. Its old news. The Republican Party is destroying our nation in real time right now! McCain wants to bring the “benefits” of deregulation to health care, just like he did for banking and finance. People who rattle on about abstract economic theories that doen’t work in the real world USED to be known as Communists, or Ayn Rand fans….

    Its pathetic, really.



  141. does this scare you ? It does me…ugh


  142. Hawaii ends universal child health care program just months after adopting it
    11 hours ago


  143. Do you find it interesting that the national media surrounded Joe the Plumber’s house and has barraged him for days and has yet to put a satellite truck in front of Bill Ayers’ house?


  144. Oh My! What a wonderful blog!!! Helen, you are awesome! You are a hero!

    My mother is almost 80 and regularly participates in a peace vigil every Saturday morning in the city where she lives. (I’d be there too, but I work on Saturdays, so she stands for me too) She also has an Obama sign in her apartment window (not like anyone can see it from the street, but it makes her feel good) and writes passionate letters to the editor.

    Seems like many elder folks “get” it. When we were protesting the rush to war, standing at the four corners in our podunk town with signs and the flag, we found that elder folks (veterans especially) were very supportive of what we were doing.

    Anyhow… I’ve jabbered enough. Helen, I am so glad I discovered this blog!


  145. i. love. you.


  146. Why haven’t I come across you sooner? This is good stuff!


  147. I am your biggest fan. You are right on the money and yes, those poor Repugnants are running scared….look at poor carole! Extremist leftist socialist. All big words meant to scare the little folks. How much more extreme do you need to get to vote for an extremist right wing, anti-choice, moose killing “I can see Russia from my house” bitch, now that’s scary. Shut up carole and go run and hide….CHANGE IS COMING!


  148. OMG – I love your blog. I am 50 years younger than you, and you are saying exactly what I am thinking. Thank you – I just came here from Rosie’s site, and I ahve been on the net all day – your blog is the best thing I have read in ages. Keep On Sister Friend!


  149. She’s the most angry in america!
    We’are the most displaced in the world !

    She’s got the best reasons to be, and i approve.

    clap clap


  150. I’m a Patriot and believe in the principles that this country was founded on, Christian Principles, and if people can’t accept that LEAVE! If you go to any other country in the world, do they change their rules for US? Do they change their language for US? Do they help US? HELL NO! So why should we change our ways for every alien immigrant, whether legal or illegal? We shouldn’t! and we shouldn’t vote for a man that wants to take his oath on the Koran! It isn’t a King James Bible or anything close to it!


  151. Things may not be perfect with McCain, but do you want a president [Barack Hussein Obama] a muslim, that associated himself with radicals and terrorists?


  152. If America takes a chance on Maverick the Clown and his side kick, Clarabell, we will find ourselves so far down the crapper even Joe the Plumber can’t reach us.

    That is the best thing I heard all day!
    Love it!!

    I’m adding you to my blogroll, baby!


  153. Dear Helen and her fans:

    It should be brought to your attention that you’ve been nominated for a Blogger’s Choice Award ’09!

    To vote, click here:




  154. Oh my goodness, Helen, I just cannot get enough of you. You crack me up and tell it like it is. I love you!


  155. This is some of the best political comment I’ve read anywhere. Fabulous thinking and superbly written.

    Thank you!


  156. I LOVE you ladies! More people need to be exposed to your viewpoints, as they are RIGHT ON THE MONEY! Keep the blog going, as I’m going to keep checking in, as you are going to have quite a following. I’m forwarding this to my friends, as I know they’ll appreciate what you both offer!!

    Keep it coming — you’ve got my attention!!!


  157. We have a new winner of the title “angriest man in American”. And yes, we meant that MAN part as much as the ANGRY part.


  158. Hello Helen & Margaret, Your blog was brought to my attention. What a fa-ricking hoot!

    Let me say I love you gals on your rascal scooters…I picture you two having wheelie competitions! Be careful, it’s all fun and games until someone breaks a hip!

    To give you a laugh during the dwindling campaigns, please visit my blog page for a campaign video I made for my kitty, Dweezil, the DemoCat Fat Cat. It’s a good chuckle. (He ran 4 years ago, then ran for Pope…he likes the process but I think he’s really in it for the free food!)

    I just got back from the Salvation Army to buy a Palin suit & heels, brown spray-on hair color and a toy M-16 to strap over my shoulder for Halloween. My chihuahua-lookin’ doggie is wearing his Xmas antlers and going as my moose. This is the MOST FRIGHTENING costume I could think of.

    Thanks for some intelligent humor…sort of like Mort Sahl of yesteryear, before he became allergic to liberal thinking!


  159. Someone posted you link on Rosie O’Donnell’s blog, so I got myself a WordPress account in order to check you out.

    I LOVE YOU! I swear, what a hoot to find two in-your-face ladies who’ve lived long enough that they don’t give a rat’s rear end about what people think of their opinions! You two are falling-down-funny.

    I’ll be comin’ back for more…


  160. To Axiom:

    I love it. Your sarcasm reminds me so much of myself. Man, would it ever suck if the US became like Canada. Who would ever want to live in a country that wasn’t overpopulated and where the health care and education system were sound.
    Do these people who bash Socialism even understand what it actually means?
    By the way what part of Canada do you hail from? If you don’t mind my asking…


  161. When you’re adopting a son I want to be first in line! I’m sharing your link with my mom with the hopes she is open to your point of view. Funny thing parents, they raise you to think for yourself and when you do they get mad! The republican party has changed the platform from the fiscal conservatives to the adoption of socialism for free thought. Your opinions on the dynamic duel are hilarious. Keep up the good work and bless the two of you.



  162. Love the life in you


  163. @ Carol

    I understand your fears about Obama. Heck, if he were in power, you might become just like those crazy socialist Canadians to the North. That’s scary, isn’t it?

    Your Canadian Neighbor

    PS: Helen, this is a fabulous blog. Keep fighting the good fight.


  164. The “straight talk express” could learn a lot from you, Helen! Keep it up.


  165. I love your blog. You have a strong voice and lots of experience and living backing it up. You made my day. 🙂


  166. My daughter linked your blog to hers. You are awesome! I’ll be sending links to your blog to my friends. Love your pic – I think I have been on that deck.
    Keep up the commentary – I would much rather read your material than listen to the boring, predictable pundits who try to tell us what the candidates just said.


  167. Helen, I’d like to bake you a pie. You’ve just made my Greatest Uppity Women Ever list.


  168. Helen, you’re great, I’ve been following this blog for sometime now, and I think you are one smart lady. Keep writing.

    As for the trolls and negativity spreaders, I would like to see some solid evidence of Barack Obama as a “raging socialist”, I can tell you that from the perspective of someone who has born witness to his entire political career, starting right here in Illinois, that he has done nothing to convince me or anyone in this state of such a thing.

    Au revoir, mon amis. Let’s all pitch in so America will be the great country it should be.


  169. Earth-Lisa – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    re: abortion –

    Also Pro-choice DOES NOT = Pro-Abortion. It means it’s NOT the government’s business.

    If you don’t agree with something, don’t do it! Your beliefs should not become laws the rest of us must obey. Likewise, my beliefs should not become laws you must obey. Works well. Leave it alone!

    Helen, you are a Most Worthy ELDERWOMAN! Thank you!!!!

    Love the quilt blocks, too!


  170. Helen you are a hoot! How come when I voice the same exact opinions, I get smart ass comments from staunch Republicans and practically death threats anytime I slam Failin Palin. I think you have age on your side. Nobody’s gonna mess with you lady! Keep on keepin on. You remind me of the lady Gladys that used to call in to the Ellen show regularly. I love her too! You must’ve been a real whip in your time. A smart, tough lady that speaks her mind! I love you


  171. Great blog! I love your sense of humor, I agree with your assessment of the political situation, and I am doing what I can to get out the vote. Looks like you’re doing pretty well, yourself. Stop by my page when you get a chance.


  172. Oh Helen, that was freaking hilarious!
    I know, what is with all the damn Joe’s? Joe Six Pack, Joe Plumber, Joe Mama…
    You know, God love Obama.
    I know it took a hell of a lot of restraint not to go there when they started asking about Sarah Painsme’s qualifications.
    Keep on Helen, you’re awesome!


  173. I think you are FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work, we NEED your voice!


  174. Dear Helen,
    Thank you for some of the funniest, most insightful commentary on this whole mess that I have read yet. I keep clicking back to your site to see if you’ve written anything new. I love it and hope you can keep it coming!


  175. I thank you for putting this blog out here! You honestly give me hope and the belief that better days are ahead- for our country and for all of us as we enjoy each year!!!!

    Perhaps Sarah Palin should read this site and learn some things? You are WONDERFUL!!!!!

    I’ll be checking on you!


  176. Helen, you deserve your new star status. If you ask me, you are a national treasure/hero. Calling Sarah Palin a bitch is kind of like that million dollar idea we all wish we had come up with.

    You’re a very intelligent, articulate woman, and I appreciate your honesty at such a crucial time in world history. Thank you for all of the thoughts you have contributed to our American political dialogue, and thank you for reminding us (or making some aware) of the fact that we really have a lot to learn from our experienced, wise elders. You’ve been bold and brave with expressing your opinions, and I applaud you.

    p.s. Thanks for the infinite laughs. Love it! Can’t get enough of it…


  177. Why do people keep thinking that by voicing our opinions we have to be angry? I can voice my opinion to you and you can voice your opinion to me without us having to hate each other. Rather I think we recognize the fact that the only difference between us is our opinion it does not make either one of us better or worse than the other.

    I watched a video on ( and I amazed me that every time someone shouted out something to another person they were so angry. Yet when they were confronted with defending their statements they all looked like kids with their hand in the cookie jar. They did not know what to say. There was a video of a woman saying if Obama were to become president the blacks would take over. I’m like are you serious! She was almost terrified of the thought. Then she goes on to say this is a Christian nation. Oh really? And are you the example of a Christian. You are the light of the world? You can see the video here So no I am not angry because there is nothing anyone can say that really hurts my feelings so badly that I will become angry. Some things people do and say are hurtful but all you can do is pray for them.


  178. You go girl…. awesome posts!


  179. Oh I loved your blog!

    You are so so right.

    I’m so happy to see that there are people out there who see through the muck to the real issues. I was beginning to loose Hope that they existed out of my circle of friends.

    I will be back to read your blog often!


  180. your blog is GREAT! I love your sense of humor

    Go OBAMA / BIDEN!!!!


  181. Why do people keep thinking that by voicing our opinions we have to be angry? I can voice my opinion to you and you can voice your opinion to me without us having to hate each other. Rather I think we recognize the fact that the only difference between us is our opinion it does not make either one of us better or worse than the other.

    I watched a video on ( and it amazed me that every time someone shouted out something to another person they said it with such anger and hostility. Yet when they were confronted with defending their statements they all looked like kids with their hand in the cookie jar. They did not know what to say. There was a video of a woman saying if Obama were to become president the blacks would take over. I’m like are you serious! She was almost terrified of the thought. Then she goes on to say this is a Christian nation. Oh really? And are you the example of a Christian. You are the light of the world? You can see the video here
    So no I am not angry because there is nothing anyone can say that really hurts my feelings so badly that I will become angry. Some things people do and say are hurtful but all you can do is pray for them. I am honored to be among you all because as far as I can see we recognize the difference between anger and sadness and opinion and facts.


  182. Please oh please don’t burst my bubble and turn out to be a 40-ish professional writer guy who’s playing an elaborate viral marketing scam on us like lonelygirl15.

    I’d like to believe that it’s possible to hit 82 and still have more wit and brains about me than most people half that age. And be able to write amazingly well about it, to boot.

    So here’s to you, Helen, whoever you are — avatar or actual person. Thanks for the entertaining posts.



    At a recent Sarah Palin rally a supporter kicked a reporter for disagreeing with him.

    I think this says a lot about the politics of the McCain/Palin ticket.


  184. Just wanna join in on the Helen love. I was tipped off to you by my buddy Janiece, who appreciates a smart, salty-tongued broad as much as I do. Y’all dost rocketh muchly.

    BTW, KMG365 has it totally right re: Carol (why does such a misinformed person have such a beautiful name! *sniff*) posting comments on a personal blog. This blog can be considered Helen’s virtual home and she’s just having us over for a big ol’ party. Lots of conversations happen during parties, including ones where people may not agree. And that’s okay. But what’s not okay is if one of the guests decides to start to provoke other guests into a fight. Carol, if you want to exercise your freedom of speech and say whatever you damn well please, set up your own damn blog.

    Or, to paraphrase the ol’ internet saying: This site is Helen’s living room. I’m sure she’d appreciate if you didn’t take a crap on the floor.

    bonho is also correct: we can have civilized disagreements without devolving into “hippie librul” and “neanderthal neo-con” style epithets, as long as both sides present logical, well-researched reasons for their viewpoints that don’t sound like a list of talking points. People may not be able to sway the other side to their points of view, but folks may well learn something new.

    (So sayeth the tree-hugging, neo-hippie vegetarian who thinks Obama is a bit too centrist, but will vote for him because she wants a president who can control his anger and select qualified staff and advisors – something McCain has proven unable to do.)


  185. Helen…why you don’t have yer own nationally syndicated talk show yet…is BEYOND incomprehensible 🙂

    smart..witty…break’n it down fer even the dim-witted across america to understand…says Mattress


    you are a true gem…keep it up as long as you can

    5 stars


  186. People are UPSET about Palin because she is unqualified for the position of vice president. She was chosen after Hillary’s race for the democratic nod was so close. McCain’s campaign figured that as long as they had something with a vagina American women would want to vote for her. His vp pick is insulting to women everywhere. She may be a woman but her voting and policies show that

    -she does not respect a woman’s own right to their body. Her radical right evangelical Christian views do not belong in a nation where there is a CONSTITUTIONAL separation of church and state.

    -she has governed under policies that included making rape survivors pay for their own kits and treatment in Alaska

    -she has increased the debt of her tiny town Wasilla by leaps and bounds in a short amount of time

    -she basically tried to have her sister’s husband fired after they separated. When the guy in charge refused to do the firing (because it was a personal vendetta) she had HIM fired

    -she did not and has still not said publicly that it is UNACCEPTABLE for someone at her rally to shout “kill him” in reference to senator Obama

    -she is a former beauty queen and while I don’t hold this against her as a person, it makes me feel pretty absurd and fired up to think of her objectifying her body by parading on a stage for viewers in her BATHING SUIT

    -she was in full support of a group who wanted to extract themselves from the USA and become their own COUNTRY (Alaska)

    -she does not and has not answered a SINGLE QUESTION put to her by officials, citizens, moderators, or opponents.

    -She is an embarrassment to women and to US people. Her attitude and cheesy smile do not fool us and I find her uneducated sounding “you betcha” comments extremely offensive.

    I do not want someone helping to run my country and meeting with (or should I say refusing to meet with) foreign entities who does not represent herself as smart, polished, educated, and assertive.

    She will (sadly) already have a hard enough time just by the fact that she is a woman.

    If you think I am just another liberal trying to lash out at republicans…consider this:

    Please check out a speech or doctrine from Condoleeza Rice. She was Bush’s right hand woman and is far more qualified and representative of what I would like to see in a VP. You would never catch her ducking every question or saying things like “Joe 6 pack”.

    I am not angry at Sarah Palin, I am upset that McCain is so egotistical and power hungry that he would sink this low just to get votes.

    I am sad that people think they can identify with her because she’s “backwoods”. We do not want a president dealing with THE REST OF THE WORLD when they JUST IN THE LAST COUPLE MONTHS OBTAINED A PASSPORT!

    So, Kalamazoo I hope that explains some of what you’re seeing on here with our little group of Helen lovers. We are in disbelief. We are in shock. We think it is absurd. We are sad. But the one reason that Senator Barrack Obama has proven himself so effectively is in direct response to all of this…

    In spite of all of it, they have not succeeded.

    I am not scared.

    All I feel, is hope.

    ***OBAMA BIDEN 08***


  187. Helen,
    You are so my hero. I can only hope I’m as awesome as you are when I reach the fabulous age of 82.

    Much love. Keep up the good work


  188. I am with previous commenters. I love you. You are down to earth honest. We don’t get much of that these days. I’ll be back every day looking for more.


  189. I found you by accident and I’m adding you to my blogroll because you are awesome. Like everyone else who’s said it, I wanna be like you ou ou (King Louie in Jungle Book). I love your wit and your friendship. You’re both beautiful and I thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.

    All the best!!


  190. Helen, I think I love you. 😀 Your blog has totally made my day.


  191. I found your website posted on Rosie O’Donnell’s blog and I have to say what fun I’ve had reading your posts. Forgive me if this is un-pc, but you remind me of my wonderful Irish grandmother! She had a way with words, as well. And she surely would have had plenty to say.

    Your candor is refreshing and I hope you’ll continue to post. As long as you do, I’ll be reading.


  192. Helen and Margaret, who is angry? Look at the remarks made about Palin in the Recent Comment column. Don’t you read the comments on your own blog site?


  193. I love you! You are fabulous. Keep up the good work. Please tell your California friends to vote NO on Proposition 8, which is a hateful attempt to amend the California constitution to take away rights from gay people. It’s an effort to distract everyone from the mess that the GOP has made of the country by scapegoating gays. We don’t need to take away civil rights from anyone.


  194. Puttering around the deck of the battleship Texas could not be more appropriate a photo.

    Shaffer? God lord, I thought all the old Cronkite/et al news men had left the airwaves. His council at the end of the debate was superb- His mother said vote, you feel stronger when you do.

    Be strong. Be courageous. Demand lawful, Constitutional Government.

    Don’t just vote for president, throw out the crooks in Congress who sold out the nation and constitution, whither they are Democrat or Republican.

    If a congressman does not honor his oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution- flush him.

    There was a specific instant, when accusing past associations, that I said, God Almighty, he just blew himself out of the race. It was something I have never seen in a presidential debate, nothing even close to it.

    The battleship Texas at the San Jacinto battle ground is hallowed ground, second only to the Alamo.

    Let’s live up to those days.

    Gird up the loins of your minds.


  195. First visit! I like your feisty spirit!

    I wonder why Republicans are angry. The time for Republicans to be angry was when they casted their votes in the House and Senate during all the years Bush was President.
    As far as I know, they supported him every inch of the way.


  196. This is my first visit to your blog Helen, a link from a friend who read about you on Rosie O’Donnel’s blog, it certainly won’t be my last visit! You Rock!
    I’m in Canada but I love Obama…..wish we could vote for him!


  197. thank you for your blog You really give me hope for the future. I love your fiesty-nish!


  198. Hi Helen—Love your blog—I read about you on Rosie ODonnels blog—
    You know all McCain can say about Palin is he is proud of her—can you imagine if Obama could only say he is proud of Biden—ridiculous isnt it?’


  199. I think I love you.


  200. You’re amazing. My favorite place for a recap on the debates and anything politics.


  201. My hat’s off to Letterman by the way. He pushed him to a point that he (McCain) got angry again. Watch it on youtube if available.


  202. McCain was on Letterman last night and he again referred to Palin as a “role model.” This alone says all we need to know about the “values” and “judgement” of this guy. Very dangerous and downright insulting.


  203. Love your posts!!! Keep up the great work.


  204. OOOOHHHH Helen your blog might be going viral….someone posted the link on Rosie O’Donnel’s blog….Your blog is a must read!!…. I just got here & haven’t looked around much, but I am PRAYING for a section detailing your 82 years on this earth…..I can only believe it will be a great read!!….Just made another contribution to Obama….Come on America, put your money where your mouth is & skip McDonalds this week…Money talks & bullshit walks!!!!!


  205. My sister just brought this blog to my attention. LOL, very funny, Helen. Good on ya’! Now I have to go read your other entries. You two birds must have 25 years on me, but I should be half so lively! Good stuff. Nice start to the day – thank you.


  206. Once again – a WONDERFUL post! You are so special!!


  207. Oh so refreshing 🙂


  208. I had to check in again to see what you had to say about the last debate. You’re right on target! I couldn’t help but think that McCain was just grasping for straws. To me Obama remained quite composed and presidential.

    What continues to surprise me is how people can actually still support this “maverick” and cosmetic coated pit bull. I spend most of my time discussing the election with like-minded people, so at times I think it gives me a false sense of security.

    I also feel like it is important to hear what the other side is buying into…I’m not talking about the goofy radicals that are being poked fun of on SNL Weekend Update. I’m sure there have got to be intelligent people (eventhough I have my doubts) who support the McCain ticket…how do they justify their allegiance to him…and to her? I don’t get it.

    Rock on sister!


  209. Love ya, Margaret.
    Palin is NOT a role model unless you think vile, racist, hate mongering rhetoric and actions are something to look up to………shouts of kill him, off with his head, traitor, liar and much worse pepper the air at her rallies.
    She slashed funding for sp ed programs in Alaska as well as programs to keep pregnant teens in school and pregnancy prevention programs for teens. Rape victims are made to pay for their rape kits………

    The report from Rolling Stone is that Republicans have managed to purge enough names from voter rolls that the election is over and going to McCain unless it is a total landslide. Colorado’s Sec of State has purged 1 of 6 regristrants and the Repub hands are dirty in all the other states as well.
    Vote early, check to make sure you are registered because you can fix your info up to election day. Get the word out in the hispanic and balck communities because that is where it is the very worst with the purging.
    They have stolen the election far too many times. don’t let it happen again.


  210. Carol, you do have a right to free speech. We all do. So what if the the thought of Obama being president is disturbing and offensive. Eight years ago a George Bush presidency disturbed and offended. We’ve all had to live with it. Your feelings are not worth more than mine.


  211. test


  212. Legendary 😀


  213. I know you can’t possibly read all the comments posted but I’ll add mine anyway. You are my first laugh of the day and I love your blog. I blew my coffee out my nose on the “special needs Senator”.


  214. Keep on thumpin’ on every table in sight. We live in such media blitzed crazy times, and yet we still aint learnt a goddam thing (I use goddam advisedly, wherever whoever he she or it is). The fact anyone is even considering voting for the so-called ‘maverick’ is a testimony to how truly medieval our (global) society continues on being.


  215. Thanks, Helen.

    Guess I’m not enough of “straight talker” to get the numbers of responses you get. but we’re both on the same side, with much of the same philosophy.

    I’m 62 – almost – and I hate what has been done to this country. The fact that this country is going down the the crapper really pisses me off. Even worse, I’m pissed off by the large number of people who refuse to even see it!


  216. Also saw your link from, so glad to know other American’s feel exactly the same as we feel. What a great laugh I just had. Keep writing please, we need to relieve stress…..
    Go Obama!


  217. Thanks to Rosie O’ for posting your blog site!

    You are delicious! I haven’t laughed so much in a very long time.

    Thank you thank you thank you for being you.

    Write on!!!


  218. Like

  219. that’s what happen when you forget to take your medicine before debates


  220. I found your site through Rosie O’Donnell’s site. The View just hasn’t been the same since she left. I can’t watch that show anymore because Elizabeth is just too shrill. That vacant look she gets when faced with the mounting evidence against McDaddy and his Running mate just drives home the fact that there isn’t anything more in her head than is in Alaska’s HeadBabe.
    Is that the USS Alabama you are on in your picture? Do you think if more young people visited great war memorials they might have a sense of what the greatest generation went through so that they could have color coordinated iPods?
    Love the site, my granmother would have loved it too.


  221. LOVE THE BLOG! I saw a link on Rosie O’Donnell’s site, and headed right over. I’ve also linked it in my own blog(s). I’ll be looking daily for new entries. Rock on, ladies!


  222. Go, Helen (and Margaret)! You’re awesome!


  223. and McCain kept stressing that you could go anywhere in the country to buy your drugs…I mean medicine….WHY WOULD I GO TO ANOTHER STATE AND BUY MEDICINE THERE? :/ Why can’t I just go to my local Wal-Mart or CVS pharmacy and get the medicine I need? What he should have been saying was that medicine would be alot more affordable for us and that we wouldn’t have to do all that traveling to go somewhere else to buy it. Heck, some of us will be dead by the time we get to the next state to get what we need to survive!


  224. John McCain must have an expensive plumber, because I don’t know of any plumber that makes $250,000/ yr. If so, Great for him, but he might be overcharging just a little! 😉 lol


  225. Rock on!


  226. Saw a link to your blog on Rosie’s blog so I checked it out. I sat here at my computer and laughed out loud!!! I will be checking in with you on a regular basis. I love your wit.


  227. The buzz is out ladies … your wisdom and wit are burning like a brushfire through the internet. I’ve bookmarked you, and breathed a sigh of relief that there are still some real THINKERS out there. You give me renewed hope in the citizenry of this sometimes inexplicable country. Keep it up, you make me happy to be a woman heading toward the 1/2 century mark. BTW, my best friend has been in my life for 42 years!


  228. McCain is proposing a $5000 tax CREDIT. That does not mean someone is giving you the money. That means you have to actually spend the $5000 to buy that health insurance and then claim it on your income tax for that tax year, to get the tax credit the next year after you have filed your tax forms. What if you don’t have the $5000 in the first place? No insurance–that’s what.


  229. Helen, Oh how I love a good wordsmith! As a 50ish first time Democrat, I feel a real kinship on your blog. Here in Florida early voting starts on Monday and I can’t wait to give my support to Obama. Thank you for your wonderful insight.


  230. This is my first time to your blog and I am bookmarking it! Keep on telling it like it is! You’ve got more balls than the entire MSM put together (okay, minus Olbermann and Maddow and a couple of others whose names are slipping my mind right now).


  231. Hey ladies just wanted to let u know that ur website is going to get hit alot u have been mentioned on Rosie O’Donells weblog. Keep up the good fight. Peace out.


  232. Helen, you are amazingly cool. I discovered your blog thanks to the Stephanie Miller Show and I am absolutely and totally with you. Can my wife and I adopt you? We’d love to have you as our aunt. Keep on blogging and telling it like you see it. Cheers!


  233. Helen…what gifts you have! To say the truth and not polish it all up with B.S. and, I have to say, you soooooo get it! Sometimes you have to just cut to the freakin’ chase and say what it is; you do! I am so your fan…visit me at ny blog if you have a moment: just google Conny Van Dyke.
    BTW, I send huge hugs to you!


  234. I’m your #1 fan here in Puerto Rico plus you are named Helen just like my mother.
    I love how you stated “It’s just too bad you also have to worry about a special needs Senator for a running mate.”
    I will sure miss you when the election is over. Hope you find something else to write about.

    Love and kisses from Isla del Encanto
    Puerto Rico


  235. Helen–Love your blog! We Texas grandmas rule! You might enjoy this animation I created on—it explains why John has been so “out of sorts” lately. Keep up the good work!


  236. OMG. This is just fabulous. I love you already, Helen!


  237. I know what you mean when you say “so close you can almost taste it”…


  238. Helen, you don’t need to thank me for stopping by- you never fail to make me laugh, and to find a way of looking at things no one else has thought of. I think that’s the best thing about blogging and the internet- you meet neighbors you never knew you had. Keep on knockin’ ’em outta the park!

    And this may be one of the nicest things I’ve ever said about anyone- you remind me an awful lot of Molly Ivins. You’ve filled a big hole in my heart.


  239. i’m a foreign national and i’d be worried too if senator barbie and old geezer win. because as sad as it is to admit, what happens at these elections ultimately affects the world. look at the mess now. even though the media seems to be making fun of them, look what happened 8 years ago. *shiver*


  240. Hi Helen! I also heard about you on the Stephanie Miller show and she just laughed so much I had to see what this was about. Loved your piece on the “angriest man in America” I just can’t believe that you are a young 80+. Wish I had you for a neighbor. You go girl!


  241. You ladies are wonderful! Keep up the critical-thinking and the great work. You remind me of my Grandmama, who is my heroine of all time (and not just for being a great teacher and political organizer)! I will definitely tell her about your terrific site!


  242. The spirit of Molly Ivins lives on here.


  243. Another great post! Also heard about your blog on the Stephanie Miller show again today.


  244. McCain says his health care plan will give you 5,000.00 for health care insurance and you can go across state lines for health care if you want.

    Now, let’s think about that for a sec. Okay, I thought about it. Here’s a scenario.

    Let’s say you could never afford to pay for insurance. Evidently, you did have the money or enough money.

    Now McCain gives you 5,000.00.

    Somehow, you find an insurance company that sells a cheap policy, (won’t be worth a damn, but it’s a policy none the less).

    Now, let’s say you live in Raton, NM ( right at the bottom of the pass) and your illness is such that care is not available where you are.

    Let’s say the closest care you can find for your illness is in Houston, TX. Oh yes, you can cross state lines for care, remember?

    Now, where d’hell do you get the money to pay for gas to drive to Houston, TX or the money to fly to Houston, TX?

    What if you need reoccurring care and have to travel to Houston often?

    If you couldn’t afford insurance before, how can you have money for travel expenses?

    Chances are you will need hotel stay while you are in Houston. And of course you have to eat.

    You don’t have the money to get to Houston, but you got a 5,000.00 policy.

    Golly geewizzzz! now it’s April of the new year, you have to file taxes and you find out you have to pay taxes on the 5000.00 you used (maybe this is considered ….. income???)

    I’m watching the Charity Event and Senator Obama is speaking and he is telling jokes and McCain is so uncomfortable and his anger even shows when he pretends to smile.


  245. I listened to the debate and thought Sen. McCain sounded tired and if he were up way past his bed time. As far as Sen. Obama being Socialist…No Way in this country’s political system. I believe in Socialism as a way for all to benefit and still have my toys. Most people confuse Socialism and Communism. Please read the definitions.


  246. In regards to this post:

    “By: Carol on October 16, 2008
    at 12:56 am

    Pretty damn big family with over 284,000 hits and counting. Funny, I thought blogs were supposed to be open to both sides of an issue. I didn’t know I was disturbing a BO love fest. I guess I must be getting to some of you since you feel the need to get rid of me. Almost like Sarah Palin gets to the dems……”

    What you neglect to remember Carol, is that this is someones PERSONAL blog. They do not have to allow anyone from either side to post. You do not have the right to post here. Them leaving it public and allowing you to do so is a privilege. If they want, they can delete every single thing you have posted. See, while you do have Freedom of Speech, it doesn’t carry over into someones Personal blog. If you want to blog about how wonderful you think McCain & Palin are, get your own blog. Frankly, Palin does NOT represent me and she doesn’t speak for me. Hell, she’s NOTHING like me. She lives in a 3500 square foot house on a lake, and is worth $1M+. Frankly, I live in a townhouse (owned, not rented), and am lucky to have $1500 in the bank right now. And I don’t get my travel expenses reimbursed. So Mr “I was involved with the Keating 5” and Mrs “I think we’re Mavericks but we’re not; all we are is annoying” can shut up and stop saying they speak for me.

    Helen, I apologize for being so outspoken here. Forgive me!


  247. Dear Helen,

    I heard about your blog on the Stephanie Miller show and I must say that reading it has been the most entertaing and refreshing thing I’ve done this week. You go girl!! And you can call Palin a bitch as much as you want….I am so there with you! Peace and love to you….


  248. There is No WAY McCain/Palin is getting this autism parent’s vote, nor any of my wide circle of parents who now make up the enormous autism culture. The stakes are too high. The future of every child with or without special needs is too great.
    While it wouldn’t be completely fair of me to assume mcPalin hasn’t yet had sleepless nights, midnight runs to the ER, frightening predictions of her child’s “developmental potential,” I can say this with relative certainty. A person in government who claims to be my voice in the white house would never have slashed funding to education. A person in government who claims to be my voice in the white house would have at least attended one IEP meeting before telling me she knows what it’s like to have eduational goals overlooked and related services slashed because of the district’s financial woes.
    No, she most certainly does not represent my voice in the white house, nor my son’s. and by the way, even he can pronounce “nuclear.”
    One more thing on education. Was it just me or did anyone else hear McCain’s answer to the crisis of finding and retaining qualified teachers?
    We are so hard up for teachers, that my son’s current teacher was plucked from another country on a 3 year visa that allows her to come here, learn from her teaching experience then return to her native land to train others in teaching those “pesky spoiled american special needs children.”
    Its a rather sucky system, and children like my son are getting the very short end, because by the time they’re trained, they’re gone.
    But McCain’s novel idea is… correct me if I’m wrong…to allow service men and women come straight out the military and skip all that training and credentialing…..and get them in classrooms.
    yeeeeeah. okay. I guess I’ll keep my son’s highly unqualified, clueless “teacher” over Joe PTSD, any day. I am deeply appreciative of the sacrifices made by the US military and their families. But since when does military experience prepare you to teach 1rst or 3rd or 12th graders?


  249. Sorry, that last link is a huffingtonpost story I put on another thread. The link below is obviously mine.


  250. Helen, you’ve outdone yourself once again. Whenever I meet a mundane point in the day, I just click here and let the laughter roll.

    Check out my blog if you get a free moment – you’ve been proudly featured on my blog roll for awhile.


  251. Hi, Just found this site and it is great.
    Just wanted to
    say something regarding Health Insurance. I am nearly 67 years old, retired Police Lieutenant for the Cleveland Police Dept.

    I am so glad that the pension people take care of my health care insurance. I tried reading all of that gobble d goop and I could not make heads or tails of it. This year they got us a really good plan and I hope they do the same for next year. People NEED TO KNOW.It is always cheaper if companies negociate for health benefits as apposed to individuals doing it for themselves.

    Police traditionally get better rates because their personnel is YOUNGER. If HELEN or I had to negotiate our own health care plan the cost would be prohibitive. WE COULD NOT AFFORD IT JUST FOR PRE-EXISTING AILMENTS ALONE.(HEART ATTACK, STROKE ETC.) A ONE DAY hospital stay would wipe out that alleged $5000. And OH MY GOD! DON’T EVEN LOOK AT PRESCRIPTION COSTS

    Please…please I pray don’t do this to us..with John Mc Cains Plan I KNOW WHAT ITWILL DO FOR ME and no one will care.


    Luv you all


  252. Great post. I think it is funny that just like Joe sixpack is a myth Joe the plumber is not a plumber.


  253. Helen, I salute you! You go girl, and don’t take any crap from anyone. Your naming of Sarah Palin for the bitch she is is refreshing. Good for you and plese, keep posting.


  254. Hi Helen,

    You are truly the most refreshing person I have read lately on a blog. My hat is off to you. You should be writing a book of your adventures in life.

    Keep up the good work.

    Love the blog.


  255. You are one feisty senior…lol! I’m 57 and if I make it to your age I hope to be as feisty!

    I’m gonna link to you on my blogroll at my wordpress site! I hope two of my wordpress friends do the same….


  256. My Mom is 82 years old (83 in December) and her name is Margaret! I know you aren’t her because she is beyond computer illiterate, she is just plain computer brain-dead. But she is voting Democrat for the first time in her life – loves Barack Obama and despises Sarah Palin.

    I absolutely love this blog!

    DO not stop!


  257. The sad thing about Sarah Palin is the horrifc cuts she made to the women’s program in Alaska. She also made large cuts over 30%, I believe in the special needs programs. Now that she has a special needs child, she thinks she will be the mascot for helping children? She has a lot of prove before I will ever believe that.


  258. Please keep writing, you are great. I read your “SP is a bitch” blog but I guess I didn’t realize there was going to be more. Checked back in today (Mudfats mentioned you) and caught up on the rest of your stuff and you are a hoot (very big compliment). You tell it exactly like it is, you could be writing it for me. Really, really impressive, and I mean it.


  259. I wonder how much Palin is “supporting” special needs kids when she can’t even inform her running mate what illness her son has. Autism =/= Down’s Syndrome.

    My cynical side says that McCain was pulling out Trig’s “autism” because a lot of autistic parents are very loud and vocal about finding cures for their children. Maybe he’s hoping that he can get the “autistic parents” vote the same way he got the “female” vote by picking Palin.

    Otherwise.. Totally agree with you!! 🙂


  260. Please count this 60 year old “youngster” as a huge new fan of yours. Love love love you, will be back every day.


  261. Dear Helen,

    You nailed the debate. OK. From the get go, we are both biased. Rush Limbaugh would call me a “bleeding heart, left wing, pinko, liberal femi-nazi.” Hurling derogatory epithets at opponents is what some of the Republicans do best.

    During the debate I was watching more for facial expressions and body language than speech content. Gawd! We have heard it all a gillion times.

    I thought Obama was cool, calm and collected and had a nice smile most of the time. He was attentive to what McCain was saying and looked at him. Obama has been chastised for being ‘professorial’ and he is somewhat. But in a president, I think that is a very good temperament, especially in dealing with international figures and matters.

    McCain, on the other hand, seemed to me, by tone of voice, to be testy and snotty at times. He mostly refused to look at Obama when the later was speaking, showing disdain and occasionally outright contempt. McCains eyes were flashing and he blinked continually. He often looked like he was fuming, even seething and ready to explode. Not good qualities in a president, that’s for sure. (Haven’t we had enough of that with 8 years of Bush?) Does anyone want a vindictive old fart in the White House with a twitchy finger on the nuclear button?

    Things are looking up, in the polls anyway, for Obama and Biden. But as Obama said, let’s don’t get cocky. There are several things that bother me. I’m sure you have heard of the “Bradley Effect”. Lets face it, racism is alive and well in this country. It is not so subtle to substitute ‘Arab’, ‘Muslim’, and linking him to ‘terrorists’ for ‘black’. Unfortunately, I am afraid that the gullible will buy into it.

    Further, let’s not forget Carl Rove and his ilk. His type are still lurking around. This business about tying Obama to ‘Acorn’ is a subterfuge for the shenanigans at which Rove & Co. were so cleverly adept. Remember Florida and ‘hanging chads’? I think we are all hoping for as honest an election “as the ingenuity of human rascality permits.” Another bon mot quote from the historian, Durant.

    I would hope that Obama and Biden can prevail in the election fair and square.

    Last but not least. I think “The Limits of Power” by Andrew J. Bacevich should be required reading for all voters. It is just a small book but it carries a powerful punch. I just finished reading it.

    Bacevich is a retired army Colonel and a professor of history and international relations at Boston University. He is also a distinguished writer. As a conservative he has had a political epiphany. His son was killed in Iraq.

    Ergo, “The IED, Improvised Explosive Devices, which can be built for about the cost of a pizza, brought the American ‘victory’ to a crashing halt.”

    Remember? That ‘victory’ was expressed by the White House inspired ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner with Bushy flying in in a helicopter wearing a flight suit. Where was his Superman cape?

    “To defeat this unanticipated threat, the Department of Defense has invested well over $10 billion (with more to come), hoping to provide its soldiers with better protection and a better ability to identify and disarm bombs.”

    Throw enough American money and technology at anything to solve everything!!!! As Bushy said, “We are going to change the world!” Re-make it in the American image!

    And still the IED’s killed or maimed American soldiers and Iraqi or Afghanistan civilians that the Bush Administration doesn’t even bother to keep a tally on. The carnage continues.

    The thrust of the whole book is the hubris and sanctimony of the ‘War Against Terror’ and for ‘Freedom and Democracy’. Meaningless buzz words, again to ensnare the gullible into supporting the lust for power and global domination. We have heard all this before with the Roman Empire, The British Empire, and Empires out the gazoo. Let’s get off this ego trip that the American Way is the Only Way. That’s not patriotism. That’s Nationalistic tunnel vision.

    There are plenty of nice people around the world who are not American.

    Keep up the good work, Helen!



  262. Accountantgrrl: LOL – “I screamed at the TV when Maverick the Clown suggested that Clarabell was the “role model” for American women.” So did I, so did millions of women who were watching. Role Model?? Maybe back in the 1800’s, but we’ve come a long way, baby!

    And I agree, don’t feed the trolls. Some trolls absolutely FEED on the attention. No attention is much worse, than negative attention. When it is not there, they go away.


  263. Found your site thanks to Stephanie Miller’s Show. She is right, you guys are a riot. Keep on telling the truth. Just think how much better America would be if we were just told the truth.

    McCain bats his eyes because he lies so such. His straight talk is actually the “Forked Tongue Express”. Many people in AZ do not like him either. His base here is the reichwing “religious” folks and the Mormons.

    Without them, he’d be out of office. The Keating Five. EVERYONE should read about McCain and his actions with Charles Keating. It shows you what kind of a man he is. Even the senate ethics committe said he used “poor judgment”. Not the kind of person we want for POTUS.

    GO Obama!


  264. Spot on, dead on. Everyone please take the time to go to Obamas site and do whatever you can. Donate $5. Volunteer to make calls.


  265. Helen, you are so wonderfully smart! A friend just today sent me a link to your blog, and I love reading your posts!

    I know others have asked you to please keep writing after the election. I like to add my “vote” to that! We need your wisdom and humor and your clear-cut view of things!


  266. My mom is 90 and if her English were as good as yours, she would say exactly everything you do as far as McCain/Palin. She refers to the Senator as “that old goat”. I’m so glad I found your blog. You are wonderful!


  267. I wish YOU were running for VP! I ADORE you!


  268. So it appears the plumber ain’t just some ordinary Joe.

    Just had this sent to me:

    Joe the Plumber Related to Keating?
    By Christopher Weber
    Oct 16th 2008 12:44PM

    Martin Eisenstadt, a McCain adviser, says not everyone connected to the campaign was thrilled with the invoking of Joe the Plumber during the debate last night. Why not? It turns out, according to Eisenstadt, good ol’ Joe is related to Charles Keating. Yes, that Charles Keating, he of the Keating 5 scandal.

    They thought they had a real live Joe Six-Pack who’s spurned Barack Obama’s tax plan. But what they forgot to do was check on Joe Wurzelbacher’s background.

    Turns out that Joe Wurzelbacher from the Toledo event is a close relative of Robert Wurzelbacher of Milford, Ohio. Who’s Robert Wurzelbacher? Only Charles Keating’s son-in-law and the former senior vice president of American Continental, the parent company of the infamous Lincoln Savings and Loan. The now retired elder Wurzelbacher is also a major contributor to Republican causes giving well over $10,000 in the last few years.

    And you thought this campaign couldn’t get any weirder.

    Obviously this revelation doesn’t taint Joe the Plumber’s reputation as a regular guy just trying to make a living in hard times. Lord knows you can’t help who you’re related to. But, as Eisenstadt points out, at a time when the increasingly desperate McCain campaign is trying to tie Obama to William Ayers, you would think they would avoid such an easy opportunity to be reminded of a scandal linked to John McCain.

    It’ll be interesting to see if this particular twist in Joe’s family tree turns into a bona fide news story.

    http://news. aol. com/political-machine/2008/10/16/joe-the-plumber-related-to-keating/


  269. This is absolutely the best blog post I have ever read and I read a lot.. LOL


  270. I just found a new favorite blogger. Woohoo!!


  271. I want to be just like you when I turn 82. I’ll have to wait 32 years but I’m getting great ideas already from you !!


  272. Helen, I love you! I want to adopt you as my grandma, new BFF! We need to meet one another! Hang tough, as I know you will…I wil be in the hospital for the next ten days, so, I will look forward to reading your blog! You rock my world!XOXOXo Michelle


  273. Helen, I would humbly ask you to be my honorary grandma.


  274. Helen, your are priceless. Keep on posting I love it. I am sending your site to everyone I know, many of them could use a deep bountiful all out hearty laugh. Your witty incisive commentary is spot on.


  275. I love you, Helen. So happy to have been steered to this site. I’m doing my part…off today for more canvasing and a long list of folks to call when I get home. Thanks for all you do too!


  276. Fantastic post! And I love Lynette’s coworker’s thoughts, that is the true nature of the beast right there.


  277. Love your blog! Thank you for posting. I am telling all my friends. Keeping on posting, Sister!


  278. Don’t be fooled… Sarah Palin cutmoney from theSpecial Olympics in Alaska.


  279. Helen, I love your posts! My daughter sent me the link, knowing that I’d connect with what you are saying. I watched the debate with a group of people last night who were all just hooting at McCain’s grimaces and eyebrow lifting and interruptions. Which smile do you want to look at for the next few years–to say nothing of whose hand do you want on this very shaky economy? Keep it up, girl–you’re speaking for a lot of us!


  280. Good stuff Helen – keep it coming !


  281. You rock my world!


  282. All I can say Helen is LOL! Sending big, wet kisses to ya, you’re quickly becoming my sanity reading!


  283. Helen. Just found you today…and love you! I just have one big favor to ask: plase keep writing! Even past the election. You bring a much needed view to the blogosphere and we are all better for it.


  284. I found you last week and I am ever so gratefully enjoying every minute of my time here. You are like a an Oasis in a sea of dysfunctional sand…

    I loved this part the most:

    “Is this a political campaign or a dating service for the Palin women?”


  285. Lynnette: I agree 100%.


  286. GRANMA!
    You’re aweschum like autumn. What did you do before retirement? My bet is teaching.


  287. Sorry I meant “arcaic.”


  288. Some people are angry because the supporters of McCain , his arcais ideas and alike are in a desparate struggle to keep afloat. Don’t get angry right back. Instead, enjoy it because that just means the level-headed side is winning.


  289. HA HA HA HILARIOUS! You have quite a way with mincing words. You said it all in a nutshell. Hats off to you!

    A new fan!


  290. Right on Onedia! The expression “Palin is your role model” must be considered a slur.


  291. Lynette I so agree! It’s sad but this is what we’re up against! God Speed Obama!


  292. I just became aware of your blog. Kudo’s to you Helen. Dead On.

    The following was written by one of my co-worker’s and this is food for thought. Carol answer these questions and see who you would vote for then!

    What if things were switched around?
    What if the Obamas had paraded five children across the stage,following the debate,including a three month-old infant and an unwed, pregnant teenage daughter?
    What if John McCain was a former president of the Harvard Law Review?
    What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his college graduating class?
    What if McCain had only married once, and Obama was divorced?
    What if Obama had met his second wife in a bar and had a long affair while he was still married?
    What if Michelle Obama was the wife who not only became addicted to pain killers but also acquired them illegally through her charitable organization?
    What if Cindy McCain graduated from Harvard?
    What if Obama had been a member of the Keating Five?(The Keating Five were five United States Senators accused of corruption in 1989, igniting a major political scandal as part of the larger Savings and
    Loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s.)
    What if Obama couldn’t read from a teleprompter?
    What if Obama was the one who had military experience that included discipline problems and a record of crashing seven planes?
    What if Obama was the one who was known to publicly display a serious anger management problem?
    What if Michelle Obama’s family had made their money from beer distribution?
    You could easily add to this list. If these questions reflected a reality, if the tables were turned, do you really believe the election numbers would be as close as they are? This is what racism does. It covers up, rationalizes and minimizes qualities in one candidate and emphasizes negative characteristics in another when there is a color difference.
    And, think of this – the candidates’ educational backgrounds:
    Barack Obama:
    Columbia University – B.A. Political Science with a Specialization
    innternational Relations.
    Harvard – Juris Doctor (J.D.) Magna Cum Laude
    Joseph Biden:
    University of Delaware – B.A. in History and B.A. in Political Science.
    Syracuse University College of Law – Juris Doctor (J.D.)
    John McCain:
    United States Naval Academy – Class rank: 894 of 899
    Sarah Palin:
    Hawaii Pacific University – 1 semester
    North Idaho College – 2 semesters – general study
    University of Idaho – 2 semesters – journalism
    Matanuska-Susitna College – 1 semester
    University of Idaho – 3 semesters – B.A. in Journalism
    Education isn’t everything, but this is about the two highest offices in the land as well as our standing in the world.
    You make the call.


  293. First time here…definitely won’t be my last time! You are great! Or in the words of McCain a Bresh of freth air…lmao!


  294. Your writing about last night’s debate was wonderful; Margaret and Helen, YOU are wonderful. One thing in particular that you wrote struck a chord, as I’ve so long believed this: “every child should come into this world being wanted and loved.” [See my blog Every time I play Elvis singing “In the Ghetto” this feeling is strengthened.
    Obama’s explanation of his health care plan impressed me, as did his “cool.”

    McCain’s body language, especially his facial expressions, said it all; he was trying so hard to rein in his anger, but it seeped out. Truthout News printed a picture of Obama and McCain leaving the stage at the end of the debate. McCain’s tongue was hanging out (seems he took a wrong turn and that was his reaction).


  295. Helen – You are precious beyond belief. Thank-you so much for letting us enjoy a smile in these very trying times.


  296. Ladies, I was directed here, and I may never leave! Thank you so much–you have given me a taste of what I want to be when I grow up (I’m 30, by the by).

    Great posts, and THANK YOU again. I have liked you from my blog.


  297. Hey Julia Walters,
    Others have had their Obama signs defaced/shredded. One small boy decided to take his web-cam and film his sign 24/7. He still has it going. I believe you can find the site linked on

    Helen Rocks!

    Susan in CA


  298. Smart, powerful and open-minded women have found their voice in America and it’s you, Helen. Thank you for articulating the absurdity of it all, for sharing the wisdom of your 82 years and for making us laugh.

    Keep posting girl!


  299. Thanks for helping us keep the faith Helen!

    I know I won’t feel good about this election until it’s over, but I feel ever so much more confident this year. I think this is a great opportunity for our country, and that if we don’t act now, we likely won’t see a turnaround in my lifetime (I’m only 35), much less Helen’s. Let’s get to work to give Helen (and the rest of us, except Carol) something to smile about.


  300. Helen, Helen, Helen!
    You have said it so well.
    You rock!


  301. If life was fair, you would be the leading columnist for the leading newspaper in the country. Alas, that’s not the case, so we get to come here to get our daily dose of reality.

    Love this blog.


  302. Helen, thanks for your intelligent humor. Sometimes I find myself getting really stressed about this election. In my neighborhood the Obama signs are being stolen on a daily basis and Obama bumper stickers are being defaced. After the horrible disappointments that resulted in Bush for eight years, I’m almost afraid to hope for victory. Reading your blog gives me hope that intelligent life still exists in our country. Please, keep it up!


  303. Thumbs Up Helen!!!

    I’ve linked your blog to mine because you rock!

    Thanks for the humorous insight and for the quote below because truer words were never written…

    “If America takes a chance on Maverick the Clown and his side kick, Clarabell, we will find ourselves so far down the crapper even Joe the Plumber can’t reach us. Get out there and vote!”


  304. I think I found Halloween costumes for me and my husband: Maverick the Clown and his side kick, Clarabell. Awesome.


  305. Helen, I truly love your posts. You’re saying what so many are thinking. Your fiestiness reminds of my grandmother.

    Keep it flowing if you can. I am so tired of all the political correctness crap. Call it what it all is “Bush-shit”. Love it. Mean it.


  306. why is Carol so angry? Her posts clearly seethe with anger. Why?


  307. the end of the debate last night chrystallized for me why I am voting for Obama. McCain talked about how he and his family have served this country for many years, as if he deserved to be the President. I acknowledge his service and heroism, but that does not force me to vote for him if I do not agree with his ideology. On the other hand, Obama looked right at us and told us that this election is about us – not him. He is going to work for us, not himself. That is the true meaning of Country First!!


  308. I just found your blog and I think it is awesome (even more than my husband’s). Thank you!


  309. Helen, Great job once again.

    Like Susan, I was wondering about the intakes of breath. On top of the eye-rolling, blustering, and rude interrupting he kept doing, McCain was hardly civil. I don’t let my teenage daughter talk to me like that, I certainly don’t want my president to do so.

    Also, my husband and I were bothered by the down-right lies McCain told. He repudiates everyone? Really? When are you planning to repudiate your RUNNING MATE??? You’re not like Bush? Really? Even your own ads from the primary have you bragging about your voting record corresponding with Bush’s.

    Nevermind. Obama definitely took the highroad, even with the inane Palin comment. How does having experience with a special needs child (and not funding the programs for them in your home state) prepare you to be President?

    Keep writing Helen as I so enjoy reading your blogs. Who knows, maybe Bob S. will come out to interview you??


  310. Love your Post!! 🙂


  311. Hmmm … I wonder if Senator McCain will introduce Joe the plumber to his close, personal friend G. Gordon Liddy, the “plumber” from the Nixon adminstration?


  312. To Helen and Canadian Woman….Brava! I am personally against abortion but I am politically pro-choice. Just because I don’t like something, doesn’t give me the right to tell any other woman how to live her life.

    Palin is NOT a role model for me, but Ann Richards and Molly Ivans are. You say it like it is Helen, sailor mouth and all. (I have one too and it’s gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion.) You’re one of the last of the “big shouldered broads”!


  313. This is for all those sanctimonious stuffed shirts like John McCain who think pro-choice equals pro-abortion and Roe v. Wade should be overturned …

    No uterus, no opinion.


  314. I think I just found my new favorite blog. You two just keep doing what you’re doing and all your naysayers can just shut the hell up.


  315. Hello Helen,

    My sister turned me on to your blog. What a gift you have for saying what you see in plain English, but doing it in such a way that I can imagine all of us out here reading, laughing and nodding our heads!

    Keep it up–you are a sorely needed breath of fresh air as we enter the home stretch. Filled out my absentee ballot last night (I live in New Jersey but will be in Portland, OR on business Nov. 4).

    Obama/Biden ’08

    Liberal, educated and proud of it–



  316. Word to the wise: Do NOT try to drink iced tea and read Helen’s blog at the same time. Its not pretty. I first lost it at the ‘Palin women dating service’ comment. WHAT a HOOT! Helen, you are a riot! Thank you for writing!

    (going to clean up the tea now…)


  317. Helen,

    You are SIMPLY THE BEST!!!


  318. I heart you Helen.

    Please, keep the blogs coming!


  319. Greetings from Rochester, NY! I found you through the post that thewishfulwriterdotblogspotdotcom has.

    My goodness you sure do have a barrel full of followers. What’s your secret?

    McCain used the word “angry” so much that I thought he was studdering at one point. I don’t feel angry. I feel a bit sad. Sad that no one seemed to be at the helm when our ship seems to be sinking. He talks about “Joe Six Pack”. I just feel like drinking a six pack. Things are such a mess.

    Well, your more then welcome to come on over, and view my blog. But I bet you get that offer often; maybe even from Bob Shieffer ;o)


  320. Absolutely love your website. For all those calling you names for telling the truth just remember there are others, like myself, standing here cheering you on.

    I’m not quite 82 yet but I agree that Sarah Palin is an idiot and a bitch – all by her own choice. Oh, by the way, I agree that it’s the idea of having a choice when it comes to our own bodies that most of us agree with. It’s not the idea that we agree or disagree with the choice a fellow woman makes – rather it’s merely the idea of having that choice at our disposal.

    Keep at it, I’ll check back often.


  321. Helen,

    You’re my hero – a woman not afraid to speak her mind, and not afraid to skewer the over-inflated hot-air-balloon that is our political system. I have just started in the blog world (and have one mere, vanilla post to my name) but I can only hope that my future posts are even half as amusing and insightful as yours are.

    Rock on, sistahgirlfriend!


  322. PS I have sent in my vote for Obama/Biden!


  323. Hi Helen, Here in Wisc. we are having the same turmoils – people losing jobs by cutbacks, small businesses folding and a major GM plant closing Jan. 1st. That’s just for starters, I’m sure, as it takes quite a while to get back out of a serious recession.
    your site is just the balm we need here to help soothe our minds with clever humor. Really Helen, you should write a book of political satire or do some cartooning. I would’t be surprised to see you on a late night talk show. I see that you are now world famous!
    Stay the course, Helen!


  324. I was offended by McCain several times last night. I am pro-choice and not an “extremist” as he suggested more then once. Also, his claim that the people have met Palin and find her to be a roll-model would have been laughable if there weren’t so many people snowed by her performances. If she is a roll-model then we have a lot of non-reading, unethical, winking baboons with big hair out there.

    Did anyone else hear the intakes of breath by McCain when Mr. Obama was speaking? I did notice the smug looks and grimaces.

    Also, I applaud Mr. Obama for not going after Palin as so many of us would have liked. He kept with his high-road and didn’t make any personal attacks as McCain did (and will continue to do).

    Helen – Bravo – right on the money as usual. I think you are going to have the American media knocking at your door soon wanting to do interviews with you. Have fun when it happens!

    Love and peace from CA!


  325. John McCain thinks Americans are angry because every day he wakes up, looks in the mirror, sees an angry American and thinks the rest of the country is ditto. NO John, we are not angry, not angry like you, not racist like you, not willing to throw our country under the bus like you to simply get elected. The only thing we are angry about is that the election is taking too damn long to get here.

    Thanks, Helen for being the feisty awesome woman that you are. I won’t tell your husband should you get a call from Bob. I’m sure he will be calling!!! 😉

    Your friend,


  326. Obama supporters, please don’t get complacent! Get yourselves to the polls! I want our good friend Carol to be as uncomfortable for the next four years as we’ve been for the last eight.


  327. Helen,
    I am becoming a fan of yours! Helen for president!
    Seriously, I wish people had 1/10th of your common sense and aptitude to see/seek the truth for yourself.
    I am very happy you are a voice of reason in the midst of it all!
    I wish you all the best and will be your loyal reader.


  328. Hi Helen, I just found you. You rock! Joe the Plummer was the running gag for the evening… did you watch the debate on the split screen? I thought McCain’s head was going to explode at one point. Keep on keeping on Helen!


  329. OMG this was hysterical!! LOL

    TheWishfulWriter pointed me this way — and I will definitely be back! 🙂


  330. Someone above said she shouted at the TV when JM said that SP was a role model for women. So did I, my husband jumped and the cats and the dogs all woke from their slumbers when I shouted and jumped from my seat. I immediately wrote a short post on my own blog. My response to John is this.

    Not just no BUT HELL NO! Not even for my most conservative republican friends. They are intelligent and honorable people who would not use their power to their own purposes and if they did they would own it.

    Nope my role models include Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, Rachel Maddow, Bella Abzug, Aung San Suu Kyi, Mother Theresa, my sister, my grandmother and her sister, my daughter, my blogging friends from around the world who speak their minds, every woman who made a stand for her own rights and for those of others, women I served with in the Navy when women were not wanted there, women scientists, teachers, law enforcement, and all the women who simply make a positive difference in the world and look beyond themselves and their own wishes.

    Those are my female role models but never ever will Sarah Palin be included in that list.


  331. i wake up for your blogs, lady! really! i hope you keep doing them as long as you enjoy them – even after 4 november!

    you nailed it on the anger issue. it IS mostly the republicans and independents who mccain has palienated. before picking her, those who weren’t wholeheartedly in the ObBi camp – mostly because they still had enough wall street-related funds in their wallets to cushion themselves from the reality of the inflated states of america – still held out hope that mccain might return to his roots and get his campaign on track. instead he chose someone who’s going to have to have her hairdresser return to her roots every 6 weeks to keep up the flavor of the month.

    she falls into the same category of “woman” as ann richards, moll ivins, rachel maddow, barbara jordan, hillary clinton, helen philpot about as much as the national enquirer falls into the category of journalistic excellence or leisure suits fall into the category of classic fashion.

    palin epitomizes the dumbing down of america and shes dragging mccain into her neck of the woods at lightning speed.

    pro-abortion does not = pro-choice
    a special needs autistic child does not = a special needs child with down syndrome
    etc etc ad nauseum

    i hope everyone hears you to get out there and do whatever positive action they can in the next few weeks. wherever they are. whatever their means. (btw – there’s a bus of obama people leaving austin tomorrow for new mexico. tons of students have volunteered and some could no doubt use some $$ for meals if anyone’s so inclined in the area of the HQ to swing by there friday evening)

    sorry for the rambling but i thank my god – a/k/a lulu – for you helen philpot!

    i back barack!
    srr/ austin


  332. I read your last political post and loved you, and now I love you guys even more. I love y’all so much, I linked to you on my own blog.


  333. Caught some of the debate on BBC News today. Geriatric Chip Man look like he was about to blow a gasket, as per usual Obama was calm and reasoned. Good for him. Mind you, it could have been pointed out that Nelson Mandela and Moshe Dayan were once considered terrorists. And in hindsight, opposing the Vietnam war could reflect sound judgement.

    Oh by the way – I consider myself a Socialist. I’m of Welsh descent, so it’s genetic. Contrary to what you may have heard, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a bit like being a cynic or a mother – it gives you the opportunity to say “I knew that was going to happen” with impunity. Having said that, I voted for a socialist government in 1997 and I’m still waiting.

    Over here, all we can do is hope. I was at the bus stop on the way back from town this morning, and a couple of pensioners were discussing the election. One of them said that it’s important that Obama gets in as he will observe the Kyoto agreement. The other said that it’s a choice between someone who wants to save the world and another who would happily blow it up.


  334. […] if she isn’t, I like what she has to say, like this (emphasis mine): Well, I thought it was a good debate.  My hats off to Bob Shieffer… and my […]


  335. I just found your blog and I’m pretty well in love with you both.



  336. Kay you are so right – because when all is said and done, sadly, these children are long forgotten about. I, too, feel that Palin is parading her DS son around to gain popularity. This is a CHILD, not an object to use during a campaign!


  337. I was expecting a different approach from McCain for this debate. So far, all he has done is point fingers at Obama and say what Obama has or has not done. As if it were possible, he came out on stage more bitter and angry than before. I thought that he might actually answer the questions this time since the anger and finger pointing has not worked so far. I guess not

    As far as the comments about special needs children, autism, etc… Women all over the world have been caring for their special needs children since the beginning of time (many all by themselves). They should be commended because it is a hard job. People who care for special needs children and/or adults should be recognized all the time, not just because the VP candidate has a special needs child and its campaign season. I feel as though this is being used as a way to play on the feelings of people and I do NOT agree with it. Its almost like it is being treated as a fad.


  338. Also, since when did ProChoice become ProAbortion? Just because you give them the right to choose doesn’t mean they are going to automatically choose abortion. Get a clue McLaim.


  339. Hi,

    I just voted for your excellent blog for the Bloggers Choice Awards.

    Could you please return the favor at:




  340. Conservatives are terribly angry and they have been for some time. For the life of me, I can’t figure it out, because they’ve been running things for the last 40 years. So if they have anyone to blame for the way things are…


  341. What I found really rediculous about McCain was his idea that Canada wouldn’t support Obama’s stance on NAFTA. I am a Canadian and I have been saying the same thing as Obama for years. I was truly disgusted with McCain’s belief that Palin was a role model for women. Also, I can’t seem to figure out how the system is going to take care of all the children who are born by mothers who don’t want them. There are millions of unwanted children in the world so why add to the number? Also, it costs money to take care of these children and as far as I can see the US is already trillions of dollars in debt. Finally, did anyone else notice that whenever Obama opened his mouth to speak McCain cosed his ears? He just kept repeating himself and ignore Obama’s answers. Obama has said time and time again that he won’t be taxing small businesses and McCain keeps saying that he will.
    Keep up the good fight Helen!


  342. Helen, my husband just emailed your blog to me. You are the best! Keep it coming girl.


  343. Carol and We Get It.

    I agree that you have a right to your thoughts however your personal verbal war may best be served if you went to a a forum page for your discussion or you might write counter posts on your personal blogs. If you don’t have them, now is a great time to begin. You both have plenty to say.

    Of course Helen and Margaret have the final say with the delete button.


  344. God bless you. You rock. I not only hope to make it to your age, I am determined to be just as feisty as you.

    You are my hero


  345. Helen,

    Thank you for your wonderful insight.

    I found your blog link in the comment section on and have enjoyed every moment of reading your blogs.

    Keep them coming.


  346. Helen,

    YOU are a GODsend! Who would have thought the “fresh of breath air” we needed would come from an 82 year-old scooter-riding cruise ship nickel slot player like yourself! You sound like my Grandma, may she rest in peace.

    CT DEM in SC


  347. Thanks again for your comments Helen! We sure appreciate it.

    Did you know that birth control is not paid for by many health insurance policies in Alaska. True.
    I see families with 6 – 10 kids as a result. Many families in the villages live in poverty. It is either hunt and fish or die.

    Vote Obama


  348. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to your every post. My 9 year old twins watched the debate with me and were the first to notice McCain’s grimaces and weird facial expressions. LOL. The kids were ROFL!! Why is he doing that, Mom?? My reply– He probably just wet his pants.

    McCain is an angry, flaccid old man who just doesn’t get it. Just what was he scribbling on that note pad?? I found it incredibly rude when he wouldn’t look at Senator Obama when he (Obama) replied to McCain’s comments.

    Poor Joe the Plumber!! I do agree if your income bracket is up there ($250,000) you need to pay a little more to help this country work. What’s wrong with that??

    BTW Carol what do you plan on doing November 5 or 6 when your worst nightmare comes true, President Obama.


  349. Helen I chose to not watch the debate last night because I knew I’d get the gist of it reading your blog. Thank you for your insight!
    I’m a (very) small business owner in Michigan (we are suffering the worst economy in the country). It’s citizens such as myself who keep this country ticking. It’s the Man in the House who decides our fate (how much of our hard-earned money we get to keep, how that money they keep is spent, who we can marry and share our benefits with, etc. etc.). I feel like I’ve been holding my breathe through this joke of a campaign. Reading your thoughts and the comments of your readers is the breathe of fresh air that allows me to believe that President Obama will be making the acceptance speak at his inauguration in January.


  350. How come everytime special needs children were mentioned it was Autism? And how much Sarah understood special needs kids. Doesnt her son have Down’s Syndrome? And is that what special needs kids really need — to be drug around a stage at 11 at night by their “sister”? So much for a loving mother image. As for the debate last night, I thought McCain gave a good performance with his smirky, obviously eye lifted, half-truth telling Republican face on. I thought I would throw-up at one more mention of Joe. I think it would be really wonderful if all of us have all of the benefits we get from work taxed as income, as McCain would do, and then get a $5,000 credit. Gee, that will buy a lot of insurance in MY state! But it wont make up for the additional taxes I will have to pay. What a great plan!


  351. Brilliant Helen, you have a cartoonist’s eye for capturing the whole picture in a few acerbic brushstrokes. You have a growing fan base down in Australia and Argentina too!

    Carol, thanks for the comments on the parotid gland – I feel I’ve learned something today. Speaking of learning, I get the impression that Obama is someone who is willing to learn and who has much to teach us, unlike McCain. More learning about other people’s cultures and less bombing of same, please!

    And on a side note, can somebody explain why modern American politics and culture is so obsessed about whether the candidates have the ‘right’ religious affiliation. Your own founding fathers would be unelectable in the current climate – more interesting reading here:


  352. I just love your blog. Its the best thing on the net. Never fails to make me laugh. I live in Northern Ireland and I have told everyone about you. You are world famous.


  353. Hey, Helen!

    From one Texan to another, thanks, again, for giving me a good laugh. Maverick the Clown looked more like Grouchy the Grinch to me last night. What were those sneering looks about anyway?

    Looking forward to your next post. Really, I mean it!


  354. I thought the debate was great….really reaffirmed my belief that Obama is the right man for office.

    I almost puked a little in my mouth when McCain said that Palin is a “role model”….and then I laughed hysterically.


  355. Helen, I *adore* you! Wish my grandmothers had been as cool and up on current events as you are!

    As for those of us in Virginia, we have over 400,000 new registered voters, for a total of 5 million registered voters! I am hoping that all Virginians, will see this as our opportunity to let our voices be heard.

    Looking forward to more from you, Helen!

    Take care!


  356. Bonho said: “….Carol has her opinions about Obama, as misguided and talking-point-y as they may be. There’s no need for the rest of us to play into the far-right definition of intolerant liberals by calling her names and telling her to go away.

    It’s far more effective to ask her to expound on her talking points and get to the root of the issues she has with Obama. Healthy debate is fine. Personal attacks, not so fine….”

    BRILLIANT and I couldn’t agree more. Name-calling certainly doesn’t win the argument. Healthy debate indeed, I’m all for it! We’ve outlined in detail why we strongly support Obama/Biden so yes, Carol should share why she does not WITHOUT going to the level of name-calling (I guess that really goes for all of us).


  357. Dear Helen,
    your page is saved in my favorites.
    I LOVE your blog and I’m sending it to everybody I know! I feel the same way you do – what a hopeless mess it would be, if Mc Cain and Palin would win this election. I never understood why Americans even reelected GWB! Things do look good this time, but I am still afraid that racism and conservative narrow minds might somehow prevail. I’m keeping my fingers crossed until Nov 4th. Greetings from across the pond!


  358. This is my first stop at this blog, but it certainly won’t be my last! Great stuff. Please keep it coming! I’m directing all my friends to this blog.


  359. Just found your blog this morning and reading back posts.

    When McCain talked about Palin last night, calling her strong and a role model for women I thought to myself that in no way was that true. I didn’t know you had said these profound words a few days ago just after you called Palin a bitch:

    “And it’s not because she is a strong woman – I like strong women… worship them… It’s actually the opposite. She is a weak, pathetic woman who thinks big hair, winking, baby talk and self deprecation is somehow becoming of a woman who wants to lead the free world.”

    Thanks for giving voice to what needs to be heard by people all across America.


  360. Helen

    I just started reading your blog a couple of days ago and I have to say you are funny, articulate and on point with your views.

    I wear my Obama button proudly!


  361. I just found your blog yesterday, and I spent my lunch hour reading your posts. You are witty, funny, and dead on!! I love to see a woman who is willing to speak her mind.


  362. but you see Helen, if Sarah Palin really does care about special needs children & their families, why does she want to cut funds for them? And why should we all have to make the same choice she made? Couldn’t I decide what is best for my family if my health of my child’s health were in question? And maybe, if I did decide to carry to term a pregnancy with a genetic anamoly, maybe I wouldn’t want to have my child’s picture on People magazine as proof of what a great gal & compassionate mom I am. But that should be my choice too.


  363. Much love to you Helen. You are so spot on. I love your blogs and I love your insight and I love YOU. I hope everyone comes to your blog and get us out of this mess. Obama was so cool and collected last night and McCain needs to shut his eyes because you can read every thought he has with those eyes. Reminds me of Bush’s beady eyes only Mc Cains are bigger.


  364. Aye, Aye, Helen!


  365. To: We get it

    Carol’s comment did not bother me one bit. Just as she said she has the right of free speech she however may have forgotten that it means everyone has the power of free speech. So it really does not matter to me what she says. And if she is so much of a McCain fan why does she spend so much of her time on this site reading what we have to say. I guess in the hopes that she will convert us to support McCain? I definitely will not because it rubs too much anger out on people who are within range of his rants.
    But a comment like this just proves that some people say things that they themselves can not or do not do themselves… (free speech). I call it “the pot calling the kettle black”. Perhaps those enlarged parotid glands are enlarged due to mumps or some other infection or the parotid gland may have become enlarged upon trying to eat. ( and what happens when you eat? Your mouth usually does some type of grinding motion to break up the food.


  366. Helen,
    I agree with you about Bob Schieffer. I think he moderated the best debate yet, with substance but also reigning in political rhetoric. The questions were excellent.
    Although I have been a Republican in the past, this year I will have to vote for Obama. The disturbing images of the Republican mobs chanting at the McCain rallies, even if is is just “USA!USA!” are too chilling a reminder of how ugly a mob can be when they think they are the majority. McCain walked all around the question but it is true that his supporters are becoming angrier, uglier, and more dangerous. The shouts of “terrorist” and “kill him” should have been more strongly repudiated, but McCain is a desperate man, and cannot afford to alienate the core fanatical group that is showing up at these rallies. I hope that we can avoid a truly national divide after the election.


  367. In all fairness, Palin allegedly is the aunt to a child with autism.

    And this being the blog of a private citizen, I’m not sure if Carol’s first amendment rights are covered here, but let’s assume that Helen’s a liberal thinker (which is different from Carol’s skewed definition of the word “liberal”), and is okay with Carol posting her opinions here.

    Carol has her opinions about Obama, as misguided and talking-point-y as they may be. There’s no need for the rest of us to play into the far-right definition of intolerant liberals by calling her names and telling her to go away.

    It’s far more effective to ask her to expound on her talking points and get to the root of the issues she has with Obama. Healthy debate is fine. Personal attacks, not so fine.

    Folks, has Barack taught you nothing? And, for that matter, has the behavior of McPalin taught you nothing? Hate begets hate. Counterproductive!

    Carol, welcome, but please do go into more detail as to what precisely makes you think that Obama is an “extreme leftist with socialist ambitions.” What is it about Obama’s policies that you dislike so much?


  368. Oh wow, We just found your blog yesterday and we are both absolutely delighted with it.. I am 70 and now I know who I want to be when I am in my 80’s.. as the young say…. You go girl.


  369. Another spot on post Helen.

    I was very impressed that Bob Schieffer asked them each how their VP choice measured up against their opponent’s VP choice. This would have been the perfect time for Obama to launch into a much deserved rant about Palin’s lack of, well, everything necessary to run this country.

    But Obama didn’t go negative. He chose to talk about his running mate’s qualifications.

    And old grouchy? He attacked Biden while at the same time never mentioning keywords about Palin like intelligence or competence. Basically he said she is a reformer (and hey! that’s OK, even if you have to abuse your power!), she is a role model to women everywhere (ummm, not this woman!) and she understands special needs families.

    When asked directly if he thought Palin was qualified, Obama very diplomatically said that Palin was a “capable politician” who had excited the GOP base. He didn’t say anything negative at all, and come on! He could have, easily.

    I’m just trying to make the point that while McCain says the Obama campaign is MORE negative than his, you only need to look at the content of last night’s debate to see who was ready and willing to sling mud and who took the high road and remained reserved and presidential.

    I’ll be on the phones tomorrow night at Obama’s headquarters here, because I definitely feel the need to do my part to get this man elected.


  370. I screamed at the TV when Maverick the Clown suggested that Clarabell was the “role model” for American women.

    Oh yeah, I’m sure every woman in the USA wants to sound like a stupid hick and have a daughter knocked up in her teens.


  371. Helen, I LOVE YOU!

    I started a fan club on Facebook called “I heart Helen Philpot”. You might not be into facebook but your grandson surely will.

    Please join us, folks! We need to get the word out about this wonderful woman!


  372. Early in the debate, McCain said he is not Bush. Yet, the rest of the debate betrayed him- he is an older and angrier Bush (to his merit, he sounds more cultivated, though).

    The “Joe” demagoguery is unbearable. If we agree that in this difficult times the government will have finance constraints, the Joes of the world making more than 250.000 $ a year should expect to pay some more, if only because if everything goes ugly they are the ones who have the most to lose.

    Both candidates are promising a free lunch (more perks AND tax reductions), while at the same time they criticize the federal deficit. Something will have to give.

    Greetings, Helen.


  373. I was on the AARP website, looking at the discussion boards regarding the debate.

    A lot of the seniors were for McCain. And they seem to believe all the smears about Obama.

    Being an AARP member. I was beginning to feel discouraged, that seniors were buying into this.

    Thankfully tonight I heard about your blog from another website.

    You are funny, you are a good writer, and you are spot on.

    Regarding the B word, I have also thought that about Palin. She is a piece of work.

    AM SICK of Joe Six pack, and tonight, Joe the Plumber. The only Joe I am voting for is Biden.

    I have listened to both sides to be fair. Obama is cool and McCain patronizing and ill tempered.

    McCain picking Palin sealed the deal for me.
    I sent in my absentee ballot for Obama last week.


  374. Trig has Down Syndrome? Really? How would anyone know?

    It’s compassionate to give birth to a baby you know will have special needs. It’s incredibly dishonest to be the grandparent of a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome baby while running on a “Family Values: meme.

    With all the shennanigans and secrecy surrounding the birth of Trig, I can’t see what else it could be.


  375. Thanks again for your wonderful sense of humor in this most serious subject. I posted my ballot at the post office yesterday and the staff and patrons actually clapped whjen I told them I was voting for the “smart guy”. As I put my envelope in the box, I felt like I had cast my vote for all Australians.

    BTW I LOVE our government provided health care. The government provides the money and the doctors provide the medical care. Easy Peasey Lemon Squeezy.


  376. And bravo, Helen, bravo. 🙂


  377. @Carol:

    Our nation is only as strong as its winkest link; its weakest person. Obama is far from being a socialist (I love how people throw that word out there as a scare tactic- HE IS NOT A SOCIALIST) and it’s good to see someone who gives actually gives a shit. I’m far from being a bleeding heart liberal, but it’s time we pull our heads out of our asses- in eight years, the republicans have run this country into the ground. McCain is the same old song and dance. I’m over it. I hope most people are, too.

    Me (and my small business owning husband) are both voting for Obama this year.


  378. Helen your a bresh… I mean, breath of fresh air!

    And bunny fufu, I couldn’t agree with you more.


  379. Margaret gets an A+ again!! Maggie, it’s hard to believe you’re really 82. I think this election may well be the beginning of the long, dark winter for the Republican Party. They brought it on themselves.


  380. Oh Helen, Bob should be so lucky!

    It’s interesting that the candidates’ current obsession with a “typical” middle-class American always seems to focus on one person — a guy. Named Joe. I mean, what are WE, chopped liver? Newsflash to the candidates and the press: some of us aren’t guys named Joe who swill brew while fixing the loo. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But sheesh.

    H, I admire your way of telling it like it is and being so damned funny! Hands down, this is my new favorite blog.

    Your call to action really moved me. I signed up to be an election observer tonight, which I will do in your honor.

    Long live Helen and Margaret! Blog on.


  381. Did anyone notice that McCain spoke about autism and mentioned that Palin is a champion of the cause since she has an autistic family member? I could have sworn that her son has Downs Syndrome, which is completely different from autism. McCain=Jackass. Then again, I believe that has already been established.


  382. @Carol,
    Any ambitions of an “extreme leftist with socialist ambitions” as president would/should/will be tempered by Congress. That’s what the founding fathers set up the whole checks and balances of the governmental branches. That’s the reason why Congress is the only body able to make laws. Notice how the bailout bill that Bush pushed didn’t pass the first time and needed to be amended (McCain’s campaign manager admitted McCain sank the first bill, btw). What’s really dangerous is having a potential president so ignorant that earlier this year, he did not know the difference between the two major factions of Islam. That is dangerous foreign policy. And let’s not get into the fact that pit-bull-Palin thinks being governor of a state sandwiched by two other countries qualifies as experience. Does that mean that the next ambassador to Mexico should be a UCSD frat boy? That woman is the most dangerous threat to this country. Ask Helen.

    Also, I realize that Rolling Stone Mag ain’t exactly the tippy-top political periodical, but there are some things i learned from this article about McCain that just make me think that he was never a viable candidate and that the one we’ve seen lately is the real John McCain. I didn’t take RS’s word for it, but just looking at verifiable facts like plane crashes and at what place he graduated from Annapolis, he’s not the sharpest tack at Home Depot. I know… character assassination isn’t nice… but… yeah. I’m weak.


  383. Helen, first time at your site, and I love it. Thank you. Bless you.

    And I would recommend ignoring trolls like Carol. I almost feel sorry for her – it seems she has nowhere to go -must be awfully lonely for another angry Republican. But seriously, ‘these ones’ get off on tying people up in meaingless rhetoric – sort of like Republicans in general – like O’Reilly, Limbaugh, McCain, Palin, etc. They have nothing to contribute to life, so spend their time always ‘against’ something rather than ‘for’. They seem to be joyless people so try to take away the joy from others. As I said, I almost feel sorry for her. Anyway, sorry for the diatribe.

    Thanks again Helen. My absentee ballot is already in the mail – another vote propelling Obama right into the Oval Office.


  384. rotfl ???


  385. bye. bye.


  386. No, Carol, you’re just an unamusing chewtoy in cyberland.

    Sarah Palin doesn’t “get to me”, she’s a gant, a blip on the historical radar who’s provided unbeliveable comedic fodder for the last month, even more so that Dan Quail would ever hope to.

    Now do everyone and yourself a favor and go play in traffic on the closest major highway.


  387. rotfl, we get it, rotfl!


  388. Pretty damn big family with over 284,000 hits and counting. Funny, I thought blogs were supposed to be open to both sides of an issue. I didn’t know I was disturbing a BO love fest. I guess I must be getting to some of you since you feel the need to get rid of me. Almost like Sarah Palin gets to the dems……


  389. Hey Carol,
    Why don’t you go away and leave us alone? Really.
    We have a tight-knit family going on here, and you’re the coke-head cousin
    Love ya


  390. Oh -and I had to read up on Joe the Plumber on CNN. I had no clue who he was either!


  391. Well said! I just bought some merchandise from the Obama Website. If I’m gonna give money I may as well get some refrigerator magnets out of it.


  392. You are truly a typical liberal, we get it…tossing around ridiculous insults when you have nothing else to say. You don’t know me, have no idea of my level of intelligence, my religious affiliation or not, my views on race, or my sexual behavior…so why bring them up?


  393. Helen, this is the first blog of yours that I’ve read, but it certainly won’t be the last!

    I’m so sharing your words with my friends on MySpace and Facebook.



  394. So be it Carol. Helen’s comments make you look like a kindergarten student by comparison. By all means, continue your idiotic rants. It just gives me more energy to go out and get “BO” elected so that you have something to talk about at your next KKK meeting.


  395. Helen,

    You my dear are witty, have a wonderful sense of humor, and are dead on with the issues. Keep it coming.


  396. Don’t feed the trolls


  397. Nice we get it. I have no interest in making a case for McCain. I don’t particularly like him, BUT he is far less dangerous than having an extreme leftist with socialist ambitions running our country. I will not go away, especially because it obviously bothers you soooooooo much.


  398. Great Carol. Then make your case fro McCain. But your little one liner responses to everyone about nothing is just stupid don’t you think? Everyone knows he isn’t storing nuts in his cheeks! Go away and practice your freedom of speech at your Wednesday evening church service or your sex addiction meeting.


  399. “…we will find ourselves so far down the crapper even Joe the Plumber can’t reach us.” It’s super funny but Halloween scary at the same time.

    This is the first time in my life I have given any mentionable amount of money to any campaign. I definitely see the urgency. Thanks for the humor and reminder to help.



  400. Helen, you are amazing. I just got home from work and looked you up. I got the chuckles that I sadly needed. I agree with everything youve said so far…and yes get yourself an agent because you should be on tv some where. Keep up the great work..


  401. We get it….you clearly don’t. Since for the time being, I still have the right to free speech, I can blog anything I please. So sorry if it offends you, but the thought of BO as president is extremely offensive and disturbing to me.


  402. I was so looking forward to reading your blog tonight after the debate Helen. And I wasn’t disappointed. Thanks for staying up late and writing it.

    You are always right on!!


  403. You go Helen! you always have the right words to say what I am thinking..

    also, I wanted you to know they read your blog today on Air America talk radio 1150 in Los angeles. the one where you called Sara a bitch. You are a rock star now!!! <<>>


  404. Helen, you are such a breath of fresh air! Glad to have found your blog.


  405. Go on Helen, you’ve earned your pie once again!


  406. You’re the best Helen, I couldn’t agree more!

    Too bad McCain thinks Sarah’s kid is autistic. WTF? Trig has Down Syndrome. He made the mistake several times during that exchange.

    Loved his “Senator Government” slip, good for a laugh.

    Agreed, these are going to be a very long three weeks to come. We need to do everything possible to keep the momentum going. This election is simply too important to lose.


  407. Carol. Get a life honey. Quit correcting/commenting on everyone’s posts. You are ruining this site for the rest of us with your humorless, moronic comments. Go away. Get.


  408. Helen, your blog is just the best! I agree with one of the earlier comments that you should be on CNN to give that crew some levity. Get an agent because SNL is going to come looking for you too!
    I mean that. Really.


  409. McCain did a great job tonight ….. for Obama ! I just knew you were gonna love that Joe Plumber rant. And the agony on McCains face tells me that he probably forgot to have his prune juice last night. But, you’re right – we need to keep the pressure on – Good night, ladies !


  410. I heard about you on the Stephanie Miller Show on Air America Talk Radio this morning. I’m so glad I looked you up, and I can’t wait to tell all my friends about this site. You rock lady!


  411. Thanks for bringing up the anger issue. Bad decisions get made in the heat of anger. We’ve had enough of those. Enough energy spent on anger. Let’s get some stuff done. Luckily Obama supporters (and of course the man himself) are doing just that.


  412. obama/biden fan…those “built up cheeks” are the result of enlarged parotid glands…


  413. Helen, I clicked over to your site after the debate to see if you had left a post. God bless your heart. Why aren’t you on CNN? They need a little shaking up over there, and a little entertainment too. I think Barack played it too cool tonight. He has to not play it too safe thinking they can glide to victory. Now’s not the time to rest, when you have a pitbull and the angriest man in the USA on your heels.


  414. Helen, I linked your blog to mine, , but, when folks click on it a whole bunch of “computer code” comes up. You may want to check on it.

    Did you notice that Senator McCain said, I think, that all folks that attend his rallies are patriots? If that so, then are the folks that scream, “kill him,” patriots too?


  415. Bob Shieffer wishes he was lucky enough to have a woman like you!


  416. I love this: “It’s just too bad you also have to worry about a special needs Senator for a running mate.” McCain just keeps getting stuffier and angrier and stupider every time I see him. And he’s definitely the angry one, not the “American People.”

    Also, Joe the Plumber, who was mentioned far too many times to count this evening is this guy (although why everyone they mention is named Joe is beyond me). Blown totally out of proportion, as usual.


  417. Hello Helen
    I just love reading your posts. I think McCain needs to let some of that anger go. He has gritted his teeth so much he has built up his cheek muscles very well. He looks like a chipmunk hiding nuts in his cheeks. I can not wait to see Obama in the White House. I agree also that we need to focus on special needs children and we can only look to Sarah Palin as evidence of that. Keep blessing us with your wit as evident from your fan base we love you….


  418. You gave me the 1st laugh I’ve had all day with the dating service for Palin! Thanks, I needed that!

    One correction, though. Palin might SAY she’ll advocate for special needs kids (and, duh, you’d think she would, considering) but in reality, she’s voted against spending proposals for kids with special needs more than once.


  419. OMG! Another Gov. Goodhair just like the one we have here in TX. That’s a great one, Helen. My 8-year old said, “My Cinderella Barbie has bangs like that. Yuck.”

    If those close-ups of Scary McScary don’t win the election for our side, I don’t know what will.

    And I’m with you on Bob!


  420. Love you Helen. I mean it. Really.



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