Posted by: Helen Philpot | July 11, 2007

New York City

ladybird.jpg New York City view from our hotel room MAry Poppins Beast Poster

Hey Margaret.  We are back from New York excited from our trip, but saddend about the news of Lady Bird’s passing.  She was a sweet woman.  I got to sit next to her a few times at the theatre we both went to occassionally. 

New York City was crowded and hot, but we still managed to have fun.  Harold wasn’t feeling well so we left him in the hotel most of the time.  I mean that fool doesn’t feel well more often than not so I can’t just not enjoy life, right?

 Anyway, we took our youngest granddaughter to see Mary Poppins and it was wonderful.  At the end of the show Mary flew right out into the audience…right up to our seats and winked at us…best seats in the house if you ask me.

We weren’t going to see Beauty and the Beast but when I saw the poster that was taller than the tallest building in Austin announcing its closing, I had to get us tickets.  We loved it.

We had a great view from our hotel room, but I will not stay in Times Square in the future.  It is just too crowded all the time with a bunch of people who don’t watch where they are walking.

More later… still tired from the trip.


  1. электрошокер


  2. As a born/bred New Yorker, Helen, I will tell you that staying in Times Square in just insane! Hell, if I can avoid it, I do! There’s a cute boutique-type hotel called The Blakely Hotel on West 55th Street; it’s lovely.

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  3. Hi Helen and Margaret

    Next time you visit NYC, stay in Brooklyn (less crowded and more trees than Manhattan) and email me. My wife and I would happily show you around and recommend restaurants and such.

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  4. I’m here, dear…I fell, but I’m okay.
    Now… tell me all about New York City…


  5. Margaret? See me.


  6. Maraget…. you didn’t die on me honey, did you? Tell Howard to get off you and let you blog a bit. (PS. How are you both doing?)

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