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Posted by: Helen Philpot | June 29, 2012

You’re Damn Right Obama Cares. Why Doesn’t Romney?


Margaret, a few months back I joked with you about Dick Cheney having a heart transplant.  If you recall I told you it should be called a heart implant because he didn’t actually have a heart to begin with.  Yesterday, I was shocked to discover that Chief Justice John Roberts at some point must have undergone a heart implant as well.  Who would have ever thought he would be the deciding vote on the Affordable Care Act or as I like to call it  – Christianity 101, taking care of the sick and the poor.

The existence of Robert’s heart has been a mystery to me for some time now.  He was the champion of the pro-life movement until he announced that Roe vs. Wade was “settled law”.  Then he voted against the Arizona immigration law and I began to think I could hear a faint beat coming from his chair.    Of course he also took a piece of his rib and breathed life into inanimate corporations so creating a heart from nothing is certainly possible if not probable for him.  It does appear that his new heart implant might be taking hold while Dick Cheney’s is extremely unlikely.  But I am not yet ready to test that theory when it comes to a woman’s right to a safe, legal abortion.

And lest you think yesterday’s ruling has nothing to do with abortion, let me remind you what that orange speaker of the house said just before Congress took the vote on this bill:

“A ‘yes’ vote for this government takeover of health care is a ‘yes’ vote for sending hard-earned tax dollars to pay for abortions.”

Now Margaret, I know you hate that I write so frequently about this issue because it brings out the crazies – or as you now like to call them – the asshats.  But what might be “settled law” for Roberts is far from settled for the Religious Wrong who have high-jacked the Republican Party.

Many people will tell you that the Tea Party is about fiscal conservatism, I say bullshit.  It might have been at one point, but today it is an all-out war on women.  The only interest the Tea Party has in making government smaller is that a smaller government will more easily fit in a woman’s vagina.  Oh goodness. I said that nasty word again. Someone should ban me from this webpage blog.

Tea Party-backed GOP candidates—Nevada’s Sharron Angle, Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell, Colorado’s Ken Buck, Kentucky’s Rand Paul, Alaska’s Joe Miller, Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann, and New York’s Carl Paladino to name a few – while not all elected to office all believe that abortion should be illegal even in the case of rape or incest.  When Sharron Angle was asked about it she said, “I think that two wrongs don’t make a right” and went on to advocate turning “a lemon situation into lemonade.”  That’s right honey. Your uterus is Sharon’s lemonade.  Well that’s one recipe that won’t be in my cookbook and now that’s one image I fear I won’t be able to get out of my mind. I’d like to punch Sharon Angle right in her lemonade stand.

They couldn’t get Santorum so now the  Tea Party will settle for Romney.  That’s right, the devil himself, the man who invented Romneycare which led to Obamacare is suddenly acceptable because he is a recent convert to the pro-life movement. Mitt Romney supports the “personhood” initiative that would give human fertilized eggs the legal rights and protections that apply to people, and outlaw abortion as well as some of the most widely used forms of contraception and in vitro fertilization.  Eggs are people.  Corporations are people.  Women, evidently, are not.

Of course, if you want more proof there is my favorite Tea Party Poster Child – Rick Perry – the governor of my great state of Texas.  In the war on women, here’s your General.  This guy must have a pecker the size of a peanut because that is the only reason I can give for his unnatural hatred of women.  Is my description of him too much you ask?  Well let me cook you up you some food for thought:

Texas has several peanut-pecker laws that make access to healthcare more difficult, more expensive and more degrading for women.  Texas requires that abortions after 16 weeks take place in licensed ambulatory surgical centers even though there is no medical reason for that.  The only reason is that ambulatory surgical centers are expensive and therefore hard to come by especialy in many rural communities where healthcare facilites are controlled by the Catholic Church.  Texas also requires that you make two visits to the clinic in order to obtain an abortion.  The first one is for an ultrasound and then you must have 24 hours of mandated reflection.  Your doctor by law must also describe to you in detail how black your soul will become after the procedure as well as provide you with factually inaccurate information such as abortions cause breast cancer. That law was ironically called the Women’s Right To Know Act just in case women thought they were in a Starbuck’s instead of a Planned Parenthood.   That means that most women, especially poor women in rural communities must travel several hours and take off from work not one, but often two days.  I know. I know.  It’s such an important decision and women are so stupid that they would practically fall out of their boudoir and into a Planned Parenthood for their daily abortion if Rick Perry didn’t save them from their own vaginas.  The latest Perry attack? If Planned Parenthood in Texas gets any family planning money from the Federal Government, then no women’s health clinic in Texas will get family planning funding.  We’re throwing the fetus out with the bath water.  This guy is a real jackass.

In truth, the poorest among us, the ones least likely to afford an unwanted child, the ones most likely to have agonized over this decision, and the ones most likely to have found themselves pregnant as a result of abuse – those women are the least equipped to afford additional fees,  travel any distance from their families, and take off any time from their work.  Four hungry kids at home…a husband without a job… you’re working in the morning as a hotel maid and in the evening as a waitress to make ends meet?  Ole’ Rick doesn’t care.  He just wants to make sure he can deny another child that expanded Medicaid funding he just sued the Federal Government over.

Mr. Speaker, read my lips – “ NO MORE VAGINA LAWS”.   Margaret, forgive me.   I know that last sentence was more than you could stand.  But war is hell honey.  Today we won the battle, but the war is far from over.

If you’re a woman voting Republican in the next election, just shoot yourself in your lemonade stand right now and save yourself some time.  I mean it really.


I have always enjoyed that you speak your mind, dear.  It’s just that the asshats are mad enough already.  Do we need to rattle their cage more?  Of course, I do live in Maine and it’s a little more civilized up here.  I guess it’s the heat in Texas.  Have some lemonade and find some shade.  Oh goodness.  I guess you better make that iced tea.

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  7. Love this post. I don’t understand how I hav 11 fans of Romney on FB and 9 of thm are women. Really??

  8. I take issue with this, Pat Buchanan is the devil. Perhaps Romney is his pupil.

  9. “One is Dec. 7, that’s Pearl Harbor Day. The other is Sept. 11, and that’s the day the terrorists attacked. I want you to remember Aug. 1, 2012, the attack on our religious freedom. That is a day that will live in infamy, along with those other dates.”

    Mike Kelly R-PA regarding: Wednesday marked the first day private insurers must include birth control coverage in their plans without charging a co-pay, per requirements in the Affordable Care Act.


    What??? You can choose to use birth control or choose not to use it. How is that attacking someone’s religious freedom, Mr. Michael Taliban from PA?


  10. Not all CFA’s are bigots:


  11. Today is “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day”

  12. Not only is your tone snazy and your writing clear as usual, this post was very informative. I knew there was a war going on, but was unaware how even bolder and uglier it had gotten. Keep on posting. Your voice is greatly needed in the blogosphere.

  13. So Mageeen…any comments on NYC and Bloomburg….
    cannot question/talk to a woman about an abortion but “With each bottle a mother requests and receives, she’ll also get a talking-to. Staffers will explain why she should offer the breast instead.””Since newborns need five to six bottles in a 24-hour period, that’s going to be a lot of lecturing.”

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/bloomy_bottle_boner_rCg0FYQGvEWauYeoCf5LuN#ixzz22E4o9lWV



  14. Arizona is at it again, Helen. They did not get your previous post on vaginas. Someone who allegedly has one is leading the charge. As usual this legislation is headed for a federal court. Keep your fingers crossed . . . oops! I mean, keep your knees locked together.

  15. In case you haven’t seen it:

    A powerful clip from the
    opening scene of The Newsroom
    And here is the complete first episode.

    PEACE ~ Δ

  16. Helen, we miss your perspective on the news.

  17. Borrowed…….
    ║║██░DURA-LIE BATTERY░░░░─║║║

    I believe these belong to Obama and his teleprompters……

  18. I’m a little embarrassed about how excited I am about Dancing With the Stars All Stars! Lots of GREAT people coming back. :) Also, too, Bristol Palin. Can’t win ‘em all I guess.

  19. Helen, every day when I listen to the news, I wonder if you’re going to do a blog post on the topic of the day. Because, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, there’s a great deal of material out there to work with!!! Love your website.

  20. Borrowed…….
    ║║██░DURA-LIE BATTERY░░░░─║║║
    Somebody needs to replace the batteries in Robo Romney’s back. His lies are starting to slur.


  21. kinda funny, but where’s the truth?
    don’t come to a rodeo without a horse.

  22. Oh, SNAP, Sophia.

  23. http://98country.com/politicians-lie-lewis-black-breaks-down-presidential-campaign-ads-video/

    Most of us are here because not only do we agree with what is written, but we enjoy the way it’s written.
    Why are you here?

  24. some more whacked out tea partiers…..


  25. http://www.flackcheck.org/taking-down-the-worst/2012/comedians-attack-flackcheck-org/

  26. If one can ignore all the seriously whacked out teapartiers driving the GOP, good on you. Michelle Bachmann’s reincarnation of Joe McCarthy (she must have lifted her rhetoric straight off his old stuff from the 50s) is just the latest example. Doesn’t change the fact that in Calif, the GOP isn’t recruiting new members, isn’t doing much of anything to grow the party. Some say as goes Calif. so goes the nation. You don’t have to believe it, and I don’t have to defend it.

  27. Iris
    Democratic sane people??????????
    and then you mention California….NOW I AM CONFUSED…..

    “Why Are So Many Democrats Taking Campaign Contributions From Predatory Lenders?”


    and I wonder what oil companies have done with profits…..OH YA….

    “Obama biggest recipient of BP cash”….have you forgotten that…..


  28. Rmoney cares…
    …about bringin’ home THE GOLD!!!

    PEACE ~ Δ

  29. And I’m paying near $4 a gal.?!!

  30. What Five Oil Companies Did With Their $375 Million In Daily Profits


    This is insane!

    “The five biggest oil companies earned a combined profit of $375 million per day, or a record $137 billion profit for the year, in 2011, despite reducing their oil production. In 60 seconds, these five companies earned $261,000 — more than 96 percent of American households make in one year. These five oil companies received $6.6 million in federal tax breaks every day.”

  31. “There are a lot of people in government who help us and allow us to have an economy that works and allow entrepenuers and business leaders of various kinds to start businesses and create jobs. We all recognize that. That’s an important thing.”

    ~Mitt Romney

    It was outrageous when Obama said it but common sense when Mitt said it. (IOKIYAR syndrome)

  32. .
    Mitt Romney……Boxed In.

    PEACE ~ Δ

  33. Not only is the teaparty in trouble, but the GOP is becoming extinct according to Republican members (at least in California). It’s too bad we have become a nation of Democratic sane people,Republican wackos and Independents. I would prefer to have at least two sane parties. Independents need to step up.


    And, yes, where are the jobs? Congress members get paid an enormous, at least to me, amount of money for their job. They need to work much harder at it.

  34. Well said, majir! I couldn’t agree more. Many on the right are very good at pointing their fingers at others, but many of the Teaparty members in Congress have done virtually nothing but obstruct. For this they are getting a good salary (and wonderful healthcare which they want to deprive others of). We all need to be aware of what our congress men and women are doing, and hold them accountable.

  35. @Malinda
    Boehner promised throughout 2009 and 2010 that if voters gave power to republicans the focus would be on jobs, jobs, jobs. Where are those jobs? I’m a retired civics teacher, and the ignorance that I see in my fellow Americans about how our government operates is appalling to me. Nothing reaches the president’s desk without the approval of both houses of Congress, so even if the president’s jobs council met, without Congress doing its job, there is little any American president can do. It’s surprising to me that some on the right fail to hold their members of Congress responsible for anything and place all of the blame on the president. You should be vilifying the members of your party. Boehner promised jobs, but he and the republicans who have blocked every jobs bill the president has sent to them. The republicans have blocked two jobs bills in the past two weeks: one would have given tax cuts to small businesses as an incentive to hire more employees, the second would have brought jobs back to America from foreign nations. Since many conservatives seem to hate on foreign nations and republicans blocked the bill, it would seem you all would be very angry with the republicans, but you aren’t. This says to me that your concern about jobs is fake. When democrats do something I don’t like, I call their offices and send emails to express my displeasure with them. I do the same with republicans. Ranting on blogs and condemning the party that has actually tried to pass bills that would create jobs seems a little backwards to me. Also, for a party of people who scream about the need for fiscal responsibility, it’s sad that I hear none of you complaining about spending $174,000/yr + thousands in benefits on your politicians who have failed miserably at delivering on what they promised. After reading your comments, I see the same trait in you that I see in your party’s politicians: a refusal to accept responsibility for your own actions. Where are the jobs Boehner promised?

  36. you got that right Cynthia….One of us is confused(and it’s not me)…..
    Had 2 rain storms getting about an inch and a half total plus I water……just planted some more beans and summer squash…..no tomatoes yet….

  37. UAW – I am confused at your confusion over which one of us is actually confused.

    How is your garden? Are you dealing with the heat or lack of rain? We are in need of rain; even the weeds refuse to grow in my tomato garden.


  38. A refresher course in history and why we need to learn from it –

    “Un-American Activities, The More Things Change…” by Jim Wight at http://www.stonekettle.com/

    ….“If you value your freedoms, if you value the country you live in, if you value the ideals we veterans put our lives on the line for, if you remember all those lives ruined and destroyed by the likes of Senator Joseph McCarthy, if you believe that you have the power to hold back the darkness, then stop what you’re doing right now and contact your own representatives and demand that Michele Bachmann be held to account before the American people. She needs to show proof, not vague accusation and insinuation, but proof, solid and irrefutable – or she needs to be censured and relieved of her duties on any House Committee. And there needs to be a public polling of the House and Senate, we as Americans have the right, no the duty, to know who stands with her and who does not.”…..


  39. amen sister

  40. Yes Cynthia…….Confusion is a terrible state to be in ………Sorry for your confusion…..


  41. Confusion is a terrible state to be in these days! To help translate Romney speak:

    “Real Americans”?
    That would be the folks who don’t question anything I do or say.

    “You People”?
    That would be the folks who do question what we do or say.


  42. Bernadette, Thank you for putting it so succinctly. The Grand Obstructionist Party has been so intent on making Obama a one term president that they have totally missed the opportunity to do anything positive for this country, for the 99%. Their negative mind slant towards women, the poor, the non-heterosexuals is disgraceful and is dragging us back to the Middle Ages!

  43. Man you guys have been marinating in Fox news, I watched and listened to President Obama’s speech last week in Penn. he did not say what Mr “we showed you people enough” said and if you had listened you would know it. Quit drinking the kool-aid and do some research. I cannot believe that there are such easily led and weak people in the US. They just repeat whatever they hear, do not research nor have an opinion of their own. I almost feel sorry for you. You want this man who has done nothing but make money off the backs of hard working Americans lead your country…..he will lead all right, he and his friends will get richer and you will be the ones filling their pockets. That is what he has been doing while President Obama has tried to curtail credit card intrest, lower student lones, save jobs, prevent the US from going over the cliff and trying to assure that all Americans can have decent health care. Wake up you guys. I have too much faith in the American People, they know in their hearts who is fighting for them and it is certainly not the phoney Romney bunch.

  44. I have to say for a man who cares he has so little faith in the common man trying to do better for his family. His job speech was a disgrace to his office and an insult to the American entrepreneur. I found this to be a remarkable rebuttal to his speech. Sorry if someone else posted, I can no longer make heads of tails of the comments people make or what order they are in.


  45. If Obama cares so much, why hasn’t his job council met in over 6 months?

  46. k2atmb,
    couldn’t have said it better myself!

  47. Craig – Good to hear from you. Half truths are better than no truth at all! But then again it all depends upon who is telling them, eh?


  48. Craig- disagree with you as ever but happy to see you.
    Sending best wishes.

  49. Craig, I’ll excuse your ignorance and insensitivity because you’re a guy (on second thought, no, I won’t) and never will need an abortion. But Krystal Ann, I don’t understand you at all. Do you really hate yourself that much?

    Any woman who votes for a Republican should take of her shoes, get into bed and tape her mouth shut since the GOP wants to see all women barefoot, pregnant and silent.

  50. Not surprised to see this blog still spreading half truths. Best to all. It’s been a while. Been busy.

  51. God bless you adorable hilarious ladies! I haven’t laughed so much in forever! Keep up the good work:))!!

  52. Oh Noah you make me laugh!
    It was funny though.

  53. Awesome, hilarious blog!! I love your wit and your way with words. I’m so glad my sister in law shared this on facebook. I also “Dugg” this. Here’s to hoping you get more followers. :)

  54. Mitt Romney is the only person who is capable of getting America back on track. Yes, President Obama is a nice man but he does not have the answers. Mitt Romney does.
    VOTE ROMNEY and save AMERICA!!!!
    God Bless Mitt Romney and God Bless America!!!!

  55. I just have to say I love you post and the fact that you tell it like it is.

  56. Bunnies for Barack!!
    I’ve started a new blog, http://bunniesforbarack.blogspot.com
    I hope you will visit. Maybe you’ll feel like sharing a picture.

  57. Jesus came out of a vagina.

  58. Jesus Rules.

    You are cruel.

    You are a couple of vaginahats!

  59. Heyyyy WTG M&H! Another shout out from Cheers and Jeers dailykos! You have hit the big time once again… Congrats!

  60. [...] …from Margaret and Helen: Texas has several peanut-pecker laws that make access to healthcare more difficult, more expensive and more degrading for women.  Texas requires that abortions after 16 weeks take place in licensed ambulatory surgical centers even though there is no medical reason for that.  The only reason is that ambulatory surgical centers are expensive and therefore hard to come by especialy in many rural communities where healthcare facilites are controlled by the Catholic Church.  Texas also requires that you make two visits to the clinic in order to obtain an abortion.  The first one is for an ultrasound and then you must have 24 hours of mandated reflection.  Your doctor by law must also describe to you in detail how black your soul will become after the procedure as well as provide you with factually inaccurate information such as abortions cause breast cancer. That law was ironically called the Women’s Right To Know Act just in case women thought they were in a Starbuck’s instead of a Planned Parenthood.   That means that most women, especially poor women in rural communities must travel several hours and take off from work not one, but often two days.  I know. I know.  It’s such an important decision and women are so stupid that they would practically fall out of their boudoir and into a Planned Parenthood for their daily abortion if Rick Perry didn’t save them from their own vaginas.  The latest Perry attack? If Planned Parenthood in Texas gets any family planning money from the Federal Government, then no women’s health clinic in Texas will get family planning funding.  We’re throwing the fetus out with the bath water.  This guy is a real jackass. [...]

  61. That incident with the call from Jail happened to a friend of mine. She said tell me when is your mothers birthday. The person hemmed and hawwed and then hung up. She had a follow up question if he got that right.

  62. July 2007 – July 2012: happy FIFTH blog birthday you wonderful women

  63. OT – but since things are quiet I am passing this scam info on. This just happened to a family member.

    Grandfather (late 70’s) receives a call from grandson (mid 20’s). Gson is in jail, picked up for a DUI last night. Gson is coughing, crying sounding very sick, and doesn’t want father to know. Gson turns phone over to his lawyer who tells Gfather $1500 is needed to get Gson out of jail. Says Gson is very sick and money must be wired to a certain location. Gfather doesn’t have $1500 so calls Daughter-in-Law who is in the middle of a business transaction and can not respond at the moment. DIL is upset and angry with son but is also confused by the situation.

    Meanwhile, Gfather calls the police station and told they do not have Gson and no record of a DUI. Meanwhile, DIL decides to call husband/father at work (son and father work at same location but a different shift). He spoke to his son that morning at work, no way was he in jail or sick.

    If Grandfather had had $1500 he would have wired it off and lost his money! I am curious if this was local or they just pick a number from the online phone book by age.

    So if you get one of these calls just leave the kid in jail!


  64. Omigosh! Almost missed it. Someone mentioned the Canadian Health System. Have family in Canada. They work for the government. Sometmes they are posted in the states. When they lived in D.C. for about 4 years they would gladly drive 600 miles no matter what the time or the weather to get across the border for medical care despite the fact that a doctor lived next to them. They considered the privatized medical care here unmanagable. I recently lost a doctor to a type of retirement. Went from city to country. Too far away for me to commute. Prior to this move, that practice stopped taking any kind of insurance whatsoever. This had been coming on for some time. It seems it wasn’t only Medicare that was a problem. It was outfits like Blue Cross et al. Too bad! This practice was really interested in the patients. Often ordered reams of tests when only one item was of any real centered interest. Got the idea that Blue Cross et al. simply stopped paying for them, especially based on the diagnosis. Am now with another much younger practice. Only one test is ordered for me and it is right on the button. So far, no problems and really don’t anticipate any.

  65. Spoken like a true “Atlas Shrugged” fan!

  66. joni ….no.

  67. UAW -

    Don’t waste your time getting wrapped around the stump. The bottom line has always been and always will that the govt cannot take your money by force and buy something for you as cheaply and efficiently as you can buy it for yourself. Why do you think medical care is so expensive? Very simple: it wasn’t – until the govt became involved in the ‘sixties via Medicare. As time has passed, they have become more and more involved, distorting the supply/demand curve – always upward – and the prices have gone up and up. It is what always has happened in any socialist system – and always will.

    UAW, I don’t think there is any stopping it now. Sometimes it it better to keep your powder dry, take care of yourself and your family, and let the system collapse under its ever-increasing weight and hope to pick up the pieces one day, rather than try to fight it. Every socialist system since the 1800′s has collapsed and every one will. It’s a real shame; such a fine, fine country, too.

    Like every doctor I know, I decided to quit as soon as I was financially able. That would be two weeks ago. My time is now worth more to me as *time* than it is as *money*. Add the terminal frustration of Obamacare and the choice was easy. I have spent the last two weeks playing with my granddaughter, flying model aeroplanes with my sons, plumbing my solar hot water heaters. It doesn’t get any better than this. Now not only will I have the pleasure of depriving this govt of a lot of tax dollars since I have closed my practice, I will easily qualify for the continued Bush Tax Cuts under Obama’s new tax plan. The parasites in DC never learn; people *respond* to bad policy.

    My colleagues and I will take care of each other’s families; for the rest of you, enjoy your death panels. Hope you make it, especially you old folks, Jean, “Margaret” and “Helen,” whoever you really are. I really, really mean it.

    Back to the adult board. Care to join me, UAW?

  68. @Joni: Allen West says SSI is a form of enslavement, so if you looking to the GOP for salvation, maybe you’d better start refusing SSI so you can be free. Because the Democratic party has you beholden to them by your accepting SSI, don’tcha know. If you vote for Willard, no doubt the Republicans will be happy to cut you off – in your own best interest – of course. LOL
    BTW, your arguments are degenerating into babble. Your friend can no longer get oxygen under the ACA? The ACA would not have affected her Medicare in that way. Your highly qualified arthritis expert only accepts cash? Is that also true of your pharmacy? Oh my.

  69. The alledged tax is more like a fine, and who ever heard of jail time for a tax ? The percentage of the tax goes up every year. FYI : My 72 yo friend is no longer on 02 as a result of it. She couldn’t remember her own name after three weeks. It has been two years now. Physicans can certainly refuse to see patients on any insurance the office no longer accepts. Such as my arthritis expert. I choose to pay cash rather than see someone less qualified. On the upside, this has given the republicans fodder for the election, no?!

  70. Joni, I don’t have medicare yet, though my partner does. I have a private healthcare plan, and he has a medicare supplemental with the same provider. His coverage is better than mine. We both have preexisting conditions that create significant costs to monitor and treat.

    In our frequent doctor visits, I have yet to see a sign that says medicare is not welcome. Quite the opposite: we have some of the same doctors, and I pay more.

    We know how much the medicines cost without insurance, and we know how the procedures are billed to people with insurance and without. So you probably are aware that when you pay for medical treatment you are paying “top of the card” rates.

    If you can pay for this, and you find it to be cheaper than buying health insurance, you have been very lucky so far. You are in the vast minority of folks in this country.

    I didn’t question your sincerity until the line “I have too many Canadian friends who will attest to the socialist form of medicine being a quick killer of humans.” I too have Canadian friends and we joke about healthcare. Not a one of them wants our system. When Canadians are injured in this country so badly they can’t seek treatment at home, their bankruptcies are so egregious it makes the news.

    The “socialist form of medicine” is certainly not a quick killer when its Medicare we’re talking about. This country is over brimming with seniors so uninformed, they protest socialized medicine out of fear that it will change their Medicare benefits. So your comment seems out of place, and suggests that you’re driven far more by ideology than the situation you describe.

    Your situation may be accurately described. The ACA has lots of problems, one of them is that Medicaid will probably not be the safety net it was intended under ACA because the Supreme Court struck down the state mandate.

    Or your situation may not be accurately described. At this point, I think the chances of you being a poor, unfortunate disabled woman in a donut hole between affording health care and having it provided by a safety net versus you being an inside-the-beltway minion are about equal.

  71. Joni, have you actually read the ACA. you are who it was designed to help.
    you can’t be denied, you can get affordable healthcare, your needs can be met. ( i knda think you’re really noah, but…)
    do you drive? do you pay for auto insurance? how many times have you used it? what have you spent on it, total? would you still have to pay a deductable if you did have to file a claim? in my state, if you are stopped by police and don’t have that insurance, that’s a $400 ticket.
    so now health insurance is required. The mandate requires people to have health insurance, unless they are below a certain income threshold. but unlike auto insurance, you can decide not to participate. Those who don’t get coverage will be subject to a tax of 2.5 percent of their adjusted income beyond that threshold, up to the cost of the average national premium.
    that’s at tax time, not monthly.
    the only reason the healthcare industry is putting so much effort and $ towards the effort to over turn the ACA, is because it now puts rules for them into place. (can’t deny anyone with a preexisting condition, 80/20 rule, no limits, it goes on and on …) that means less $ in their pockets and more actual care for you/us.
    it sounds like your family has been having a bad time of it.
    that should never happen in america.
    you deserve the best healthcare this country and technology has to offer.
    now it’s the law!

  72. Sorry about your cancer and lot in life, Joni. What did you do for a living? You seem very intelligent. It’s a shame that you can no longer work, because you clearly still have qualities and strength that would benefit yourself and others. I can’t seem to write that in a way that doesn’t sound like I think you SHOULD be working but that’s not what I’m saying at all. It’s just too bad.

    Under the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid will be expanded to cover individuals earning up to 133% of the federal poverty level. Perhaps this will include you.

    The Affordable Care Act is not perfect. It’s a start. Nothing screams “what we have isn’t working” louder than stories like yours. Even doctors turning away medicaid and medicare patients is evidence that what we have isn’t working.

    Only people who don’t understand it are completely happy with the current ACA. The politicians and money shakers took a lot of the best components out of it, and added garbage to it, just to get the thing passed. It’s a place to start, though. I believe it will help more people than it hurts, and that we need to work on fixing the pain points that remain.

    And we need to fix the tax structure.

  73. Clearly you mistake or assume anger with resignation. It is the ignorance of folks thinking that this alledged healthcare act is A- free B- affordable. It is neither. I am saddened by the lack of knowledge by the ill advantaged who truly believe the “affordable healthcare for all” is just that. It is not. I have too many Canadian friends who will attest to the socialist form of medicine being a quick killer of humans. I have also seen far too many NEW notices in doctors offices when I drive less fortunate vehicle-less friends. The new notices say “THIS OFFICE WILL NO LONGER TREAT MEDICARE OR MEDICAID PATIENTS. PLEASE RETRIEVE YOUR RECORDS FROM THE OFFICE.” Even the doctors are bailing.

  74. So why is your anger directed at being forced to buy something you clearly need, instead of being directed at the government safety net not being robust enough to protect you?

  75. Due to my continued state of “broke beyond repair, the catastrophic cancer” I had when I did have insurance is being cover by my oncologists due to my being in a long term study. But no, anything new I do not have the cash for (read as anything but a common cold) I will sit home and waste away, as my sister who had no insurance did when she died, of cancer. If Obama thinks forcing citizens to buy insurance is going to stop anything he is dead wrong. When they ultimately start swiping money (and yes I consider it stealing) out of my check that I will have no control over, I will have basic medicaid but will not be able to afford the 20% it does not cover nor medications. As it stands now, I go to the doctor when I need to, and buy the drugs. I will not longer be able to afford to do that. Oh life just gets better doesn’t it?

  76. No, this is a tough economy. I assume, Joni, that you don’t have the financial resources to be able to cover the cost of medical care if you get sick, particularly with a catastrophic illness.

  77. I am over the poverty limit, also over the limit that would qualify me for state aid, but it is still not enough to live on with the economy the way it is due to the price of rent heat etc. Luckily I paid for my car before I had to leave work due to my disabilty. Registration, insurance and gas, nevermind upkeep are the next things to fall by the wayside. It just ain’t gettin’ any easier.

  78. @Joni: Are you saying you don’t qualify for Medicaid on SSI? Hard to believe you are paid more than the $14k federal poverty level for a single person.

  79. Gee whiz, how can I put this gently. Or even a bit diplomatically. Or how ’bout just downright honestly unlike many politicians these days….
    I cannot afford Obamas alledged health care plan. I will also not be able to afford my humble rented abode when the government starts sucking 238.00 out of my already inadequate social security disabilty check. Nor enough food to eat. I cannot afford medicare which is why I do not have it.

    So, *heavy sigh* I’ll probably be waiting for you girls on the other side, cause I’m not gonna last too long in Obama’s perfect world.

  80. I love you.

  81. http://www.ijreview.com/2012/07/9876-9876/

  82. what sense of humor……Bob know’s……

  83. Wow!! UAW actually has a sense of humor.

  84. IMPORTANT: Check this out before next Tuesday. https://forms.fbi.gov/check-to-see-if-your-computer-is-using-rogue-DNS

  85. other peoples views……




  86. Tax/mandate all right already. Those who CAN afford insurance should buy it. “I’m healthy, I don’t need it” is a fools excuse. My question regarding the tax/penalty is what does the government do with that money? Does it “buy” them health insurance for when they have the unexpected appendicitis, ectopic preganancy, dog bike, bike accident, camp fire burn, corneal abrasion, fracture extremity from fall/accident WHATEVER, or is it just a penalty and are emergency rooms still stuck with taking care of them for free?

    Love the post by the way!

  87. Geez Whatif………and they talk about a war on women?????????
    Have they put a bounty on you??????

  88. Helen, I totally share your opinion of Rick Perry( especially the size of his you know what) and in fact, I am totally on the same page with you on just about everything– You rock, sistah:-)

  89. @Cynthia: Interesting symbolization. I’m convinced (and it’s not a new thought in the world) “the holy grail” is actually a vagina. It is the source of life – at least, for humans that is.

  90. A thread late but interesting –
    6 Famous Symbols that Don’t Mean What You Think


    The Jesus Fish Is a Vagina
    ….the most ubiquitous symbol of Christianity is the ichthys, known to us as the Jesus Fish…

    The Origin: It’s a vagina.
    One of the names given to the pre-Jesus Jesus Fish is the vesica pisces (vessel of the fish), and it was used as a symbol of every female fertility god ever, from Atargatis (the Syrian fertility goddess), Aphrodite/Venus (the goddess of love and sex) to the pagan Great Mother goddess, where it symbolized her life-giving vulva. Basically, whenever you encountered an image of fish in the pre-Christian world, it was probably an opposite-of-subtle metaphor for lady parts.
    According to some researchers, Christians adopted the vagina-fish symbol simply because of how common it was, but later looked for all sorts of non-vaginal justifications for it. Even actual Christian scholars admit that their second most popular symbol has a colorful history, just not one you want to bring up during a family dinner party.


  91. I’m sure most have noticed the loss of Noah and the sudden appearance of Melinda a few days ago. Given the similarity of their thoughts one can only wonder if one suddenly morphed onto the other and then it all became quite clear. Noah has undergone a gender change that could occur for one of two reasons.
    Reason 1: Noah had an operation. No need to explain that one.
    Reason 2: Noah has been so completely emasculated by the women on this blog that he is now neutered so the change is wholly psychological.
    I vote for No 2.

  92. UAW: There will be no President Romney. And I’d God forbid there was, he still couldn’t overturn the law. Do you have health insurance? If so, you will not be taxed or fined or penalized. So stop pretending everyone will be affected. Only about one percent of the population, those who can afford insurance and refuse to buy it, will be affected. I’d rather think about the thirty million people who will now be covered. How is that a bad thing?

  93. I would like know why you support ACA, if you do, and what you would like to have instead of ACA. I hope the alternative is not leave everything as is. Does anyone think that is working?

  94. question for Terri…..When Romney changes the law(through tax rules) will that now be unconstitutional????????

  95. The law was declared constitutional by the Roberts Supreme Court. Let’s move on to other important issues.

  96. horseshit by any other name is still horseshit….and Chief Roberts called it….

  97. Read the entire decision. Roberts’ share of the output was huge!!!! Followed by Ginsburg and so on down the line to the Dissent which was not so huge. Thomas’s contribution of two paragraphs looked like a footnote. After reading Roberts’, I do not think he changed his mind somewhere in mid-stream. HIs portion is just too detailed and took way to long to draft, tweak, and finally produce as camera ready copy, even with the help of his staff. He knew what he was about early on. Basically he took every precendent relevent to the case and ran over and through them to prove his point. He may have saved what is left of the SCOTUS reputation which hasn’t been doing too well lately after Citizens United and what Scalia said about the rights and powers of the states (their laws ont he treatment of escaped and freed slaves).

  98. no worries, Cynthia! It’s a pretty arcane point. Hope tomorrow is better.

  99. Donna – I trust you are more knowledgeable than I. I was listening to Thom Hartmann today and I wrote what I understood him to say. The conversation also discussed those who felt Roberts had betrayed the conservatives when in fact he had handed them the ammunition to repeal Obamacare. So now I am left wondering what they were talking about….certainly not the only thing I misunderstood today!!! And I will admit I still don’t understand so I will step away from the keyboard now. This has just not been my day.


  100. UAW: I understand why you’re reaching for the low-hanging fruit. Jon Stewart is a very smart guy, and the piece you link to is very funny. But if you’re going to argue the decision, then there’s nothing like reading the decision itself, specifically the opinion written by Ginsberg, with whom Kagan, Sotomayor and Bryer substantially agreed.

    They said the mandate could be construed as a tax, but they also believed it could be construed under the Commerce clause, which wouldn’t make it a tax.

    if you want Obama care to be found unconstitutional, you don’t want it to be a tax, because 5 of the 9 Supreme Court justices believe the individual mandate would not be permissible under the commerce clause. Roberts tried to get some of the other conservatives to see his point of view, but they declined. So you’re arguing for the constitutionality by arguing that it is a tax.

    This may be an example of why you infer that–at least around here–liberals’ statements are viewed as humorous and wise, and conservative statements are viewed as arising from ignorance and hate. Though I guess watching a comedy show to understand a Supreme Court decision is better than doing nothing at all.

  101. Hi, Cynthia–afraid I have to disagree with you. It was not declared a tax in the decision. The ACA was upheld under Congress’s power of taxation, which is a subtle but very real difference from a legal perspective. That is why our dear UAW is not correct when he says that people who denied that ACA was a tax were lying. They actually are entirely consistent with Justice Roberts’ analysis.

    Now, my favorite development is what is coming to light about Romney and Stericycle. Less for the abortion issue than for the fact that the SEC filings (signed by Romney) prove that Romney was dissembling when he claimed he had left Bain by the time of the investment. And my bet is that this is why he’s refused to produce tax returns for any years before the very last ones: they refute his claim to have severed ties with Bain.

  102. UAW – Yes it is/was declared a tax. And as I am sure you know (exact words ??) only Congress or Senate can levy a tax. So what they giveth they can taketh away. The Turtle has already said if he is the Majority Leader next year he will repeal Obamacare with just 51 votes. What do the Repubs plan to replace health care with ….ask Alan Grayson.

    God Bless those proud Republicans!


    PS – “liberal says something it is humorous and wise and not hate-speech…..”

    Because it is humorous and wise! Republicans lack the humor gene. And because they don’t understand humor they have to believe it’s hate-speech.

  103. OOPS…Pants on Fire!

    PEACE ~ Δ

  104. hey Cynthia….
    Just wondering why when a liberal says something it is humorous and wise and not hate-speech…..
    Oh Yea………

  105. I’m not the only one calling it a tax….


  106. UAW – Call it a fee, assessment, fine, tax, price or cost of having health care so YOU THE TAX PAYER doesn’t have to pay for his/her illness. Kinda like the doctor who said it is “just a pinch” with the Novocain needle to put 14 stitches in my hand due to a dog bite recently. This is the price of admission to a civilized society.

    At least it isn’t the same as the lie about WMDs just so W could prove to his father what a big d*ck he was. This so called Obama “lie” is to save lives not take lives. How many died in Afghanistan/Iraq because of W’s lie? How many returning troops have committed suicide so far? How many marriages have been destroyed? How many kids have lost a parent? Find something else to complain about.


  107. no OOPS, UAW. The decision provides that Congress’ power is gained from the taxation clause–not that this is a tax. In fact, even Romney’s spokesperson admitted today that it is not a tax. So the people you list weren’t “lying” in the least.

  108. “Eggs are people. Corporations are people. Women, evidently, are not.”

    Quote of the year. You ladies are so awesome.

  109. It’s just nice to know that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi didn’t lie when they said Obamacare wasn’t a tax………OOPS

  110. ‘When pre-existing conditions are outlawed –
    only outlaws will have them!’

    PEACE ~ Δ

  111. My husband just loves your blog. Whenever I ask him if he’d like me to read something you wrote, he sits in his easy chair and tells me to go ahead. We will definitely vote as you do.

  112. There is also so much humor and wisdom too. Considering the vitriol that has been coming from the conservative right, not to mention actual legislative harm for the average American, this blog is an understandable response.

  113. That Melinda. What a wack job. She sure knows how to prove Helen’s point. The Tea Party is simply the religious right – homophobic, racist, anti-woman morons.

  114. It occurred to me today that Republican is now a 4 letter word! They have gone beyond just being the entertainment flavor of the week with “Send in the Clowns” as their theme song now that they’ve stopped their infighting and taken on the Democrats, the poor and women. If I were a poor woman I’d certainly be hitching a ride on the Democrat Express!

  115. I would love to see discussion, deliberation, and general civil discourse on these comments. There can be much to learn from that. But the opposing view sems to always show up in the form of the Melinda’s of the world. They don’t deliberate they just hurl insults and tell people of the opposing view how wrong they are. I am one who wanted to hear the TP accomplishments from her point of view but she seems to be unable or unwilling to post that. I do see the danger of group think and deliberation, honest deliberation, could help keep that at bay.

  116. Well said, Whatif. I was thinking that just when it seemed we would have space for reasonable discussions, Melinda shows up. As you pointed out, she sounds very much like the past disruptors on this site who seem to have no purpose other than shouting: look at me, me, me.
    Contrary to Melinda’s POV, I think we are much too kind to them. We spend way too much time refuting their ill-advised arguments in hopes of what? Having a reasonable discussion? Hasn’t happened yet. They just segue into some other inflammatory talking point with no rhyme or reason. Melinda’s last post – case in point.

  117. Thanks for the support, Elizabeth!

  118. Melinda on July 1, 2012 at 1:45 PM

    When you wrote: “M & H do a lot to keep us divided and very little to bring us to the table to find solutions that can make both sides happy,” you totally missed the point,

    One thing that brings us here is that we mostly agree with H&M’s writings. And contrary to your belief that “M & H do a lot to keep us divided” – we are gathered here because it is one of the few places where we agree with the writers of the post and share their feelings and ideas. We could go to some of the hate filled sites presented by those promoting alternative views but we have already found out how unwelcoming they are to alternate points of view and how vile their personal attacks can be. We come here because we know we will be allowed to present our unblemished views and even see alternatives presented by others like you who come here not to present reasonable alternatives but to disrupt the followers of H&M. I see no other reason for your diatribes and I’ve noticed that you don’t have the courage or intelligence to answer the questions that have already been asked of you.

    In fact, you appear to be nothing more than the same banal characters who have been harassing people on this blog for years.

  119. Hooray for Iris! I was thinking the exact same thing…the chutzpah of calling a person who doesn’t agree with your assessment of a fetus a “murderer.” It really boggles my mind. I am willing to listen to ANYONE’S opinion if it is based on facts, issues, and reasoned argument. But the minute someone resorts to ad hominem tactics…well, apparently they have run out of good arguments to make.

  120. Melinda: You are welcome to your opinion. However, calling people who are pro-choice murderers, and writing that you will never have common ground with people who believe in bodily autonomy shoots your entire argument about having respect for the views of others right out of the water.
    I may not agree with your choice that a clump of cells has more rights than you do, but I am not attempting to force you to have an abortion or to take contraception or even to engage in sex for pleasure rather than procreation. That’s what pro-choice is about.
    We are waiting for the list of accomplishments of your tea party.
    Here, I’ll help – what do you think of the emergency manager’s total control of Benton Harbor, MI? A person who is not elected, but is appointed by the governor, disbanding the city council, taking away authority from the elected mayor and basically imposing taxation without representation on the people of Benton Harbor? A person who commandeered the lakeside public park bequeathed to the residents of Benton Harbor The park has been turned over to the monied interests across the lake wanting to build a golf course. The residents of Benton Harbor have lost their park, their public access to the lake, their elected officials, their public radio station and are still paying taxes. How could that happen under a GOP governor, and why isn’t your tea party taking up their cause?

  121. Melinda, you value our views but blast them and us as humans at the same time?!
    I never insulted you.
    I did suggest that if you didn’t share the tea partys racist views, you should leave.
    And this blog does welcome your views! It was posted wasn’t it? If you can’t take a deserting view, don’t post. It’s that easy and painless.
    Oh and…answer he question…with facts…what has the elected tea party done to better my country?
    I’ll wait……

  122. Melinda:

    You may think it is a shame that people get all testy and cantankerous when you make statements that suggest you want to take away their rights, but that is just how it is. This isn’t about your belief that zygotes are children, it is about your obvious intent to impose that belief on others who do not share it.

    So acting all hurt and offended that people have posted comments like “mind your own vagina and leave everyone else’s alone” isn’t going to cut it here. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of very respectful questions asking you to point to the tremendous accomplishments you claim for the tea party. I’d like you to respond to them, but you apparently prefer to act hurt and offended.

    What I have seen is a lot of the same kind of passive-aggressive posturing that seems to be a tea party talking point. Maybe it’s just my ox being gored, but I think its worst with gay and racial issues. Are you really so myopic that you can’t see why an argument whose underlying point results in taking away someone’s rights isn’t the same as “I like chocolate but you like vanilla?”

    There’s room in this world for every point of view, but points of view that impose your religious beliefs on people that do not share them are going to promote heated and intemperate reactions. The fact that you don’t even seem to understand that makes me question your understanding of more complex things, like civics.

  123. Cannot believe anyone would quote these examples and be proud to do it. If a country only focused on one issue “taxation” there will be people sleeping on the streets, children not educated, more food bands etc. but the rich will continue to build their investments and grow richer. Why would anybody want a President who keeps his money in offshore accounts? Taking advantage of one’s country, is that being a loyal citizen? Looking out for others would be something to be very proud of……

  124. andrea, SOPHIA, Mary, it is a shame you are so bigoted and hateful. There should be room in this world for every point of view. It is a shame that this kind of reaction always seems to be the first emotion for you folks. I value what you people think and have to say, I just happen to disagree. I suppose the writers of this blog have promoted these kind of feelings and that is why you are all here. M & H do a lot to keep us divided and very little to bring us to the table to find solutions that can make both sides happy. It is a shame these ladies do not use this venue to promote a more positive message.

    Based on what I have read the last few weeks I am sure I will be invited to leave and receive more personal attacks. Have at it “ladies.”

  125. Cynthia-
    Viewed that way, perhaps :-)
    The tea parties do tend to side with an “originalist” POV of the federal constitution though which is why I asked.
    The tea parties tend to be very Spencerian in some ways- at least the
    right-Libertarian factions do. What a curious blend of perfection of (hu)man being found in encouraging social darwinism and elevating economics above all other human activities .

  126. Alaskapi – I had to look up the word. But considering the money we owe China she may have a point!

    Definition of ORIENTALISM
    1: something (as a style or manner) associated with or characteristic of Asia or Asians
    2: scholarship or learning in Asian subjects or languages
    — ori•en•tal•ist \-tə-list\ noun or adjective often capitalized
    First Known Use of ORIENTALISM – 1769



  127. testimony!

  128. When British tea became so expensive a few enterprizing colonists smuggled tea from the Dutch and other European countries. In 1773 the Tea Act was passed giving the British East India Company a monopoly on tea sales. Smuggled tea became more expensive than the B.E.I.Co.’s tea. This undercut the business of colonial merchants. Smugglers like John Hancock and Samuel Adams were “trying to protect their economic interests” by opposing the Tea Act, and Samuel Adams sold the opposition of British tea to the Patriots on the pretext of the abolishment of human rights by being taxed without representation.

    Ah ha! So we have a few wealthy people looking to protect their assets conned the Patriots into rebelling. Kinda like today with the so called “Tea Party Movement”. A few wealthy people and corporations “trying to protect their economic interests” conned some old white people.. and a bunch of uninformed people… and a few dumb political types who would do as told… and a bunch of wannabe millionaires into believing THEY had to SAVE America.

    What’s that about not knowing your history….


  129. Melinda- you left out the guiding principles of that Contract from ( less than 0.5 mil ) Americ(ans)-
    They are full of holes and big on assumptions- not the least of which is the confusion over market economy and free markets.
    That we now have a whole gob of Representatives who don’t know the distinction screwing up Congress’ mission is nothing to be proud of.
    Assuming you meant originalist with “orientalist” – which kind?
    Intent or meaning?
    Different critters.
    And neither very useful unless we intend to amend the Constitution every other year like we are prone to do with state constitutions- because the assumption that if it’s not in there , the fed can’t do anything about it would not sit well with way too many of us as times have changed what we are dealing with .




  132. Dear Melinda
    Mind your own Vagina and leave everyone else’s alone.

  133. Easier, couldn’t agree more! This whole universal health care idea was actually started on the Republican side many years ago. Orrin Hatch had a hand in it. Then Romney grabbed it and ran with it. Now the Democrats have made it a reality for the country and the Rethugs are having horned kittens. They just don’t make sense! Over 60 years ago the sitting president and vice president discovered that men showing up for military duty were not physically fit. They were a good snapshot of what the rest of the country looked like. They hadn’t the money for medical care even if a doctor was available to them. Health equals strength. Even George Washington knew that. Is that what bugs the heck out of the current crop of Rethugs? That the healthier we get the less submissive and stupid we are and the less they can control us?

  134. Re: Melinda
    Wait for it. Wait for it…
    There it is! Right there in her last paragraph. I knew the judgement against women would come out eventually and you didn’t make a liar out of dear Helen after all. She certainly has your number.

    :roll eyes:

  135. Melinda,
    I’m also curious about what the Tea Party’s concrete accomplishments are. Would you please list them, preferably point by point? Also, once you do list them, could you indicate how they are for the good of the entire nation and all its people?

    Your latest post is only an explanation of what the Tea Party is. Could you give specific examples of what the 87 Tea Party-elected representatives have done to promote jobs and getting back on our feet economically as a nation? What concrete steps have they taken to ensure that the U.S. is still the land of opportunity for everyone and not just the richest and best-connected?


  136. Holy Cripes! You two are brilliant!! Thanks so much for helping to keep me sane!!! ;)

  137. The Tea Party has been quiet… Too Quiet.

    PEACE ~ ‘V’ ~ Δ

  138. Y’all are hilarious, but so truthful! Keep the posts coming.

    Go Obama 2012!

  139. Helen and Margaret, thanks once more for keeping the fires going. It would be easy to become cynical in this day and age when opportunistic situations abound. How could one explain Mitt Romney basically disowning his own creation as in spearheading the health care laws in Massachussetts? And to have the republicans now applauding the fact that he will repeal “Obamacare” once elected makes sense? How can they not read the phoniness and the hypocrisie in those sayings? Some days, I feel like I have been transported to another planet. Some of the earthlings don’t make sense to me anymore.

  140. There’s so much anger and judgement in this blog.Hope you find out the meaning of this statement before you leave this earth:

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: “If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?”

  141. 87 freshmen House Republicans were elected in large part to the Tea Party.

    Tea Party representatives are making a positive impact on restoring responsibility, accountability, and transparency in Washington.

    In state houses and legislatures Wisconsin has become the pacesetter. Wisconsin Tea Parties successfully elected a Republican governor and Republican majorities in both houses of their legislature and defeated a recall election on Governor Walker.

    The Tea Party movement is an American political movement that supports the United States Constitution, adherence to an orientalist interpretation of the United States Constitution, reduced government spending, reducing taxes, and reduction of the national debt and federal budget deficit. This is what separates us from the always vague OWS movement. We have always been very clear what we are about. I wonder why OWS was not?

    The Tea party brought to Washington the Contract from America which states:

    Identify constitutionality of every new law
    Reject emissions trading
    Demand a balanced federal budget
    Simplify the tax system
    Audit federal government agencies for waste and constitutionality
    Limit annual growth in federal spending
    Repeal the healthcare legislation passed on March 23, 2010
    Pass an ‘All-of-the-Above’ Energy Policy
    Reduce Earmarks
    Reduce Taxes

    The Tea Party wrote the book on how to protest in America. They accomplished more with less violence than almost any other movement in American history. OWS had some of the most violence of any movement in resent memory and accomplished very little.

    As for paying attention in school, the name “Tea Party” is a reference to the Boston Tea Party, a protest by colonists who objected to a British tax on tea in 1773 and demonstrated by dumping British tea taken from docked ships into the harbor.

    As for forcing women to have children. They (for the most part) chose to have sex. There are potential consequences of that action. As a previous poster said, not every women who gets pregnant was raped. So to legislate from that perspective is ridiculous. . Someone has to champion the cause of a person who cannot do it for themselves. The problem I have with your position is that you give the unborn child no rights whatsoever. Until that changes we can have no common ground, and we will always consider you a murderer.

  142. You Ladies Rock!!! Helen Thank you for your speaking out against all the vileness, evil, racist & misogynistic attitude that seems to be rampant in this country ….Thank You!!!!

  143. Thank you, ladies, for fighting the good fight! Helen, I want to be as outspoken, caring, and all-around fantastic as you when I’m your age. Keep up the good work!

  144. Melinda

    I am another lost soul who doesn’t acknowledge the tea party’s “vast accomplishments.” That’s because I don’t know what they are. Do you? Can you name a few? Or just one?

    By the way, if you had been paying attention in school you would not only know what the original tea party was about but you would also know that the government has always been able to reprimand you for your choices and behavior–that is what laws do. You violate them, you pay.

    By the way, tell me how forcing women to have unwanted children is not reprimanding them for choices and behavior. Are you a government employee or the spouse of a government employee? I live in Nevada where most tea partyers are government employees out there saying people need to get the government out of their lives. That position alone shows us that we need to strengthen the Department of Education.

    Helen, you keep on speaking your mind. The asshats need to be poked.

  145. Another wonderful post by my favorite bloggers. I don’t know if Mitt Romney has a heart or not, but he does have a ass, where brain should be, and that is just where he can stick Paul Ryan’s plan. Mitt is crazy as hell if he thinks we’re going to bite the bullet on social security, so that he and his rich pals can get a bigger tax cut.

  146. Helen, I live in Texas also. Thank you for your comments about our “governor for life” Perry. What a “maroon” as Bugs would say. But I was surprised that you didn’t mention our state mandated “rape” of a woman seeking an abortion by trans-vaginal ultrasound. And by the way, if you live anywhere around me, I would be honored to buy you dinner!

  147. Melinda, would you please enlighten me by expounding on the Tea Party accomplishments? As for their future accomplishments, you make them sound ominous and threatening. Hmmmmmm………..

  148. Melinda-
    oh pffft!
    The failed tea-party senatorial candidate here, Joe Miller, who received tons o bucks from the Tea Party Express and far right wing orgs, was all about a whole lot of things which are not woman friendly ,and overall not everyday person friendly, no matter the gender.


    As we watch so many state legislatures enact or try to enact throwback legislation as regards women’s healthcare issues, keep in mind one of the major issues for a lot of tea party groups is to try to repeal the 17th amendment of the Constitution which would put election of our federal Senators back in the hands of those same state legislatures. No way, no thanks!
    The twit would also like to see an end to minimum wage laws and unemployment insurance and repeal the ACA.
    Do you realize the ACA is really an old right/conservative plan, recycled and passed largely because the right wouldn’t even think about what makes the most sense, single payer? Ole Joe,here, and the tea party folks in the state R party are working really hard to convince everyone the ACA is some big socialist plot- forgetting their own conservative think tanks thought it up quite awhile ago.
    Go ahead and yammer about a punitive tax. The rest of us are gonna work to keep this . We’re gonna start working towards single payer too.
    The idea that our Constitution is all about “I’ve got mine, go get your own ” is peculiarly tea party, as is “all humans are an island unto themselves , only bound together by what the “free market” bestows upon them, and thus are free insofar as the market is free”
    I reject it entirely.
    Free markets , my patoot.

  149. I began following your blog during the last Presidential election. Well, here we are again. Many of the issues then remain issues today and — like four years ago — the Republicans offer no solutions. Keep up the good fight, ladies. I’m with you all the way.

  150. I love you both!

  151. Back by popular demand:

    Michael Moore’s SICKO

    PEACE ~ ‘V’ ~ Δ

  152. Absolutely priceless. I love your last line Helen. I don’t know how any woman can vote Republican with their obvious hatred of women.

  153. I feel like being childish right now:

    Melinda. Mark my words. You’re stupid.

    There. I feel better.

  154. Melinda, you sound like you have been marinating in Fox news. I am Canadian and we have health care. I have the same plan as our Prime Minister and I totally deserve it. No one tells us what kind of treatment to have or doctor to see or what cars we can buy or drive. These are our choices. What is wrong with you? You listen to others who are ill informed and it is obvious you have not done any research on this new health care act. You have taken something easy and made it very hard, the tea party shows no respect for the President, or other Americans and now they are attacking the Supreme Court. Glen Beck has had t-shirts made with Chief Justice Roberts picture with coward written under it, ah you can disagree but to show such a lack of respect for millions of people, leader of a wonderful country and anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant. When your President walks into a room they play Hail to the Chief, when you and your group walks in they play “Here Comes the Clowns” It is time to grow up and respect the laws of the land and the majority that rules. Your weak and false threats scares no one except the Republicans in congress, you might show up in their districts. I feel sorry for you, you must be a very unhappy person. Unhappy people usually get sick but don’t worry President O’bama has your back.

  155. Many people will tell you that the Tea Party is about fiscal conservatism, I say bullshit. It might have been at one point, but today it is an all-out war on women.

    Helen I am sorry to say you are talking about something you obviously have no first hand experience on. I am a very active Tea Party member and a woman. There is no aspect to what we do, what we say, and what we advocate that has any anti-woman sentiment.

    What you “ladies” fail to realize is we have as much right to believe in as you have to believe what you believe in. I dont want you to stop going after the things you are passionate about. Why should we? If you really hate all of the people in this country so much that do now think as you do then give me your address and I will give you a one way ticket to anywhere in the world you like to go with the condition that you renounce your citizenship.

    As far as this ruling goes you are blinding yourself to the travesty that happened. Obamacare became a secondary concern because our government now has punitive taxation. The government can now force us through punitive taxation to behave as THEY see fit. If the government decides that if you own two cars, and one of them is not a hybrid, then they can now fine us, thanks to this ruling. We can now be reprimanded by our government for choices and behavior. Welcome to the United Communist States of America.

    Dont fool yourselves ladies. Government is one of the most wasteful entities known to man. For every dollar they take in, fifty cents is eaten up in bureaucratic costs. They are the destroyers of wealth. There is no free lunch. The government is not here to help. They are here to control you and tell you how to live your lives. Thanks to today’s ruling, that job just became a lot easier for them. Congratulations.

    I know you are unable ot acknowledge the Tea Party’s vast accomplishments, but if you think they accomplished anything before, I assure you their future deeds will greatly outshine what they have done to date. Mark my words.

  156. Isn’t it just amazing? Thank you for putting into words what I am thinking on a daily basis. I don’t understand all the hate and just pure meanness going around. I keep thinking that it will fester and pop like a pimple and just go away…

  157. You are the greatest!!!

  158. I was so delighted when Obama laid out the ACA in plain laymen’s terms so that anyone could understand it. But, wait, wait the Religious Wrong don’t fall into the “anyone” category. They give Christianity a bad name when they ignore the basic teaching Jesus left us with to care for “the least of these” as if they were Jesus himself. Men are trying to move us back to the patriarchal society that we thought we’d advanced out of. Considering that 90% of women, regardless of their religious beliefs, use birth control it seems silly to deny them coverage. I would also invite the Pro Life folks to extend their concern for the unborn to birth and beyond; making sure each and every baby they insist be born has all the love and nurturing they deserve. As a grandma of 6 I know how precious these babies are. It breaks my heart every time I see on the news some child has been physically abused and/or murdered by a parent or parent’s friend.

  159. Helen and Margaret, I am your number 1 asshat. Even though I disagree with you, and refuse to shoot myself in the lemonade stand after I vote Republican this election, I do admire your spunk and your opinions. I don’t see Obamacare as one mighty step for womanhood, but one giant cut in the jugular to health care and the future of the health of the entire nation. (This opinion I have come to with not just a background in healthcare, but the law as well) I don’t agree entirely with Romney either, but given to the choices, he is the one I must go with. Keep up the good work, ladies. I do love reading your opinions.

  160. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up until now… after this post I aspire to be like you two! Thank you for speaking your minds and for giving great background information about why you feel that way! There are so many issues today that are a no-brainer once you approach them with thought, love, and logic… but the Republican Party, and the Tea Party in particular seem to want to just feed their constituents a sound bite to live by and not encourage them to think any further about weather the things being proposed are for their own good or the good of the Super Rich who they aspire to be like but with little to no real hope of that ever happening.

    I may never be rich in money, but I pray that I will be as rich in though, opinion, and courage to be outspoken as you two are now, and for what I now have hope through ObamaCare will be the rest of my long life.

  161. “This guy must have a pecker the size of a peanut because that is the only reason I can give for his unnatural hatred of women.” just…awesome. Although, is it hatred or fear??

  162. Ladies, thanks for the laughs and (hopefully, for American voters) the education. Keep it up! ;)

  163. Will you both be my honorary grandmothers?

  164. Helen, Margaret, I love you both. :)

  165. What a wonderful blog you have, I must thank Vicki Lane for introducing me to it. So enjoy how you enlighten people with facts and humor. Keep it up girls, I am your newest fan….:-)

  166. Oh my, finding this blog is my favorite thing so far this year! You really should add a Facebook button on here so we can share your hilarious words of wisdom! Punch her in her lemonade stand… love it!!!

  167. I heart Rachel Maddow.

    PEACE ~ ‘V’ ~ Δ

  168. Remember that, for all the insidious effects CItizens United is having on our political process, it was decided as a first amendment issue almost precisely the way the ACLU amicus brief argued.

    So while not many on the left may agree with the decision, those of us who are also strong first amendment advocates think it was the correct application of law for the case that was at issue, and hope that corporation law can be amended to change the status of the speaker instead of limiting the speech of real persons.

    Roberts’ vote in striking down the Stolen Valor Act underscores this. He voted in the same liberal block on this issue too, with Kennedy joining.

    So Roberts may in fact be coming around to reason, and his Citizens United concurrence may not be the outlier that it first appeared. He may just be more supportive of the first amendment than not only his conservative fellow justices, but the liberal ones as well.

  169. Write on, ladies!

  170. You need to have your son fix you up with some “share” buttons. That way I can share on Facebook.

  171. Thanks for this blog Helen and Margaret. I just discovered you wonderful ladies a couple of weeks ago. I have now introduced you to my husband and children. As they say, you are awesome! The posts on here are awesome as well. It does me good to see how many reasonable people still exist. I live in a very conservative, religiously wrong, community and sometimes I forget just how many kindred spirits I really have out there. When I read the comments I feel I am not the odd person out and that I belong! Thanks

  172. You women are the best. I just wish my mother was alive to read your blog.
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. Brilliant! As usual, kudos to you, and keep those sensible thoughts coming. Sometimes it’s only words like these that make me realize that not everyone has gone crazy.

  174. Helen, you are always amusing — but seriously right!

  175. Oh sweet heavens ladies!! I love you!! Will you be my friend?? You can come over for Thanksgiving and tell my mother in law all about Romney. Darn it. That would be after the election. How about, you come on over for Halloween and you can tell her then? ‘kay?

  176. I love your Rants Helen. And of course, you are right.

  177. It should not be called Christianity 101 but rather Judeo-Christian. It is not only applicable to Christianity.

  178. Prediction: “Lemonade Stand” is the new hoo hoo, around town Sally brown, front butt…thanks for yet another classic and on point post.

  179. No one tells it better than you, Helen. Along with Jon Stewart your humor is a delightful and a refreshing way to point out the idiocy of the Republican garbage. I wouldn’t miss one of your posts for all the lemonade in the world.

  180. Sorry just re-read. Punching. Well that’s a little better. :wink:

  181. Pinching someone in their lemonade stand…. ouch! :oops:

  182. Keep the rattling at maximum intensity. The more upset they are the more obvious their ‘wrongness’ is to those wavering about where to cast their votes. I really miss Molly ivins.

  183. “That law was ironically called the Women’s Right To Know Act just in case women thought they were in a Starbuck’s instead of a Planned Parenthood. ”

    You are funnier than anyone I know! :lol:

  184. Anyone else notice that the conversation parlor seems to be a lot tidier these days? Thanks Matt for keeping things picked up!

  185. Dear Margaret and Helen,
    Can’t add much to your statements, you say it probable better than I can. However I will add that the Christian wrong churches should do one of two things: either stop preaching politics from the pulpit, stop telling members how to vote or lose their tax exemption. They can’t have it both ways. Those peanut brains are either churches or politicos. And judging from past performances, they would probably shut up rather than lose one precious penny. What a sad situation! When did they stop being Christians? When did political power become the most important thing and Christianity low down on their list of priorities? Republicians have been so quick to jump in and exploit the void left by the deletion of Christian values. And the republicians fan the fires of fear and guilt. I have never in my 64 years seen so much hate preached by a political party or a religious group. And hate is a horrible thing, it moves like a fires through dry grass and destroys all in it’s path, even those who started it. As it now stands, the republican party and the Christian wrong are a greater threat to the liberties of this country than al Quada.

  186. Helen, I miss Molly Ivins, but I think you are even better! Thanks to bluemaninredstate for making the connection between you and Molly. I own several of Molly’s books and am looking forward to yours.

  187. Silhouetteman wonders:

    WTF is wrong with Americans?

    PEACE ~ ‘V’ ~ Δ

  188. I always wondered why there is a waiting period for an abortion, but I can walk in and get a gun on the same day…

  189. Brava!!!! I enjoyed this very much.

  190. I don’t think men have ever trusted women with their own vaginas… it was a man that created the chastity belt. Heck, even Adam wanted to control Eve’s vagina (he was jealous of another snake in the garden)… and how else do you explain all that begetting and populating the world with God only creating 2 people? Never did figure that one out.

    BTW, the ACA has a provision that prevents women from being penalized for the pre-existing condition of being a woman and having to pay extra for health care. And that’s a very good thing. (But I suppose that we will still have to pay more for our haircuts and dry cleaning. Where is our amendment for that? :-) )

    Thanks for the entertaining post, ladies, as always…. awaiting the appearance of the usual asshats in 3, 2, 1…

  191. I think the Religious Wrong have really picked the wrong fight for them. Oh, well (sigh). Let them figure that out for themselves. They have never listened to anyone outside of their own echo.

  192. You just make my day! Bless you my dear. I stumbled into Texas as a youngster and expect death to take me out of here; its not fun, and its hot, but you help speak for me and so the suffering is less today. :O

  193. M&H,

    Another winner ladies. Keep ‘em comin’.

    REPLAY: Doonesbury on the Texas Sonogram Bill

    *read the whole week.

    PEACE ~ ‘V’ ~ Δ

  194. I love you ladies. So very, very hard. <3

  195. Thank you so much for ‘reminding’ everyone about the laws and policies that have been enacted by our Gov ‘peanut-pecker’. The residents of TX need someone to carry on the torch, now that we no longer have Molly Ivins (rest her soul). While I loved Molly’s nickname (Gov Good Hair), I think ‘peanut-pecker’ is now even more fitting. Kudos for telling it like it is!

  196. Fabulous, as always, ladies. So true – women are not people for the Regressives. The Regressives think women should have less rights than blastocysts & corporations. They think – I use that word loosely – women need teh Regressive menz to edumicate them on their reproductive systems. LOL As thought teh Regressive menz know anything about biology – they wear their ignorance like a flag – oh wait – I know that flag – it’s got a big X in the middle of it..

  197. If I were republican, I’d ask God for forgiveness! Love you M&H, so please keep telling it like it is in the REAL world.

  198. If Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, John Boehner et al were as upset about sperm drowning as they are about egg killing, they wouldn’t be such jerk-offs.

  199. Hugs and kisses to, and blessings on, you both! Live long and prosper.

  200. It gets so hot there Margaret because of all the hot air being expelled by the bunch of idiots that are currently the powers that be. I’m constantly fighting with people who believe the line the teabaggers are uttering about the costs of Obamacare. I don’t think the package is anywhere near where it should be, but people need access to affordable healthcare, and in that case it is at least a big step in the right direction.

  201. Brilliant and funny. You are a rare gem!

  202. Ladies, thank you for allowing me to “read in” on your exchanges. It’s a joy and an enlightenment. I’m a native Texan and I cringe whenever the Guv opens his mouth.

  203. The title for this post is a win! Reading such a good rant makes it an awesome morning. Thank you!

  204. I want to adopt you both.

  205. Things in Maine can get dicey too. Our governor here is doing all he can to make us like Texas. The poor and sick are just in the way, sucking up the poor taxpayers’ money… Love your blog, keep telling it like it is!

  206. I could not love both of you more this morning! Down with asshats!

  207. Ladies, you made my day. Thank you for your informed, insightful, and LMAO funny approach. Keep it coming.

  208. True! Along with Eugene Robinson, you two keep us sane through the hate.

  209. A friend of mine says “Stupid should hurt,” and I agree. Stupid is the only way I can think to describe Perry and his cohorts.

  210. Well said, Helen! And it definitely needed to be said. In fact, say it again soon! I read that the Texas legislature was screwing around with the school system again. Ironic for a bunch that insists on Abstinence Only.

    Margaret, I’m not sure the cooler air in Maine is the reason for the civility there. I mean, how would one explain Sarah Palin?

    Keep on keeping’ on, Ladies!

  211. Oh Lady’s I can never get enough of your wise thoughts. It amazes me the out right hate the Republican party has for women, poor people, anyone who is not white and rich like them. And they call them selves Christan? Boy am I glad I am not one. Mine says to help people be happy, healthy, and live peacefully with each other. I urge all of you to give to the Obama compain something each month I give $10.00 every month out of my SS when it comes in. Enough small donation will add up to be a big pay off in Nov.

  212. Seriously, how did I not know about your blog before this week? I love every word in this post. Your effing rock my world.
    ps: Asshats is one of my favorite words. :)

  213. Always good to hear from you!

  214. You two are awesome! I have never subscribed to a blog before but absolutely had to subscribe to yours. I just found this entry in my inbox and i loved it. Carry on ladies, you are amazing.

  215. Thank you Helen and Margaret for telling it like it is with the Republican party.
    You go girls!!!!!! We women support you completely and our lemonade stand will be at the voting cetner in Nov for Obama.

  216. Simultaneous with the SCOTUS ruling, I found out that a former (high school-aged) student of mine was raped by her father. Those asshats (I’d call them worse) would have forced her to remain pregnant and to bear a child by incest! Oh, wait, she took care of it all by committing suicide.That’s real life in both cities and rural schools where women and children are considered property. I’d wax eloquent but I’ve got to cry.

  217. These people aren’t “pro-life”; they’re “anti-abortion.” If they were pro-life, they’d would care about the moms who, for whatever reason, need access to safe and legal abortions and about the children who need food, clothing, medical care, and education. They would absolutely oppose the death penalty and they would want gun laws that keep things like Columbine and Virginia Tech from happening.

    It’s all about the vagina wars.

  218. Go for it ladies.

  219. I just found your blog recently and couldn’t be happier. Margaret and Helen: you are voices of reason in a wilderness of wacko. Brava and thank you!

  220. That was me down there.

  221. Thank you M&H… Say it loud and say it as often as you can!

    “If you’re a woman voting Republican in the next election, just shoot yourself in your lemonade stand right now and save yourself some time.”

  222. I don’t know whether some asshat will destroy the bill. But isn’t great to have a president who understands the meaning of “the right thing to do”?

  223. Brava!

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