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The Cookbook

Hello all.  As you might already know, we lost my Grandfather a few months back.   My Grandmother is doing well and while she didn’t post as often, she said it helped her get her mind off things when she did.  The family reminded her she could stop at any time.  It appears, fueled by her love of politics, that she is back.

I want to give her a project to work on.  Something she can do to honor my Grandfather. She loves to cook.  He loved to eat.  What would everyone think about a cookbook?  I think, if she agrees, we could get it produced and sell it here on her blog.  Nothing big.  Just something to keep her amused and active.  I imagine Margaret will submit a few of her recipes as well.

Responding to the poll below is not a commitment on your part.   I am just curios.

~ Matt

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  1. A tee shirt would be great. I don’t cook!

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  3. YESYESYESYES to a teeshirt!!


  4. Rather than a cookbook, I would love to see a Margaret and Helen t-shirt!!

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  7. When is the cookbook coming?

  8. I learned how to cook in self defense. Seriously. I requested my first cookbook as a present back when I was in elementary school, so I wouldn’t have to continue suffering with my parents’ “cooking.” With that background, I discovered I love to cook and am always wanting to try new recipes. I hope you’ll make the cookbook.

  9. I used createspace.com to publish my mom’s cookbook with color photos and some extended writing. Best price & great to work with–I was able to us a word document and convert it.

  10. I used CreateSpace to put together a cookbook with photos and writing included, and they were great to work with–you can use a word document and convert it. Check it out.

  11. I would love to see a cookbook with recipes dating from the 1940′s and back…as a kid I never thought I would miss the food my mom and grandma made…so wish now I had learned their recipes…maybe a cookbook from that era would bring back some of the memories I have…with kids grown and gone I am learning to cook again for a friend but it is still sometimes a hit or miss deal…back when I was younger we were able to eat squirrel and rabbits that my grandfather would hunt, and there were vegetables from the garden, and the chickens and eggs…many fond memories…

  12. I’m a 77 year old male and still cooking, and I’d like to see what is being served up in your home.

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  15. I’d be happy to buy a cookbook if the proceeds go to this blog or whatever keeps these ladies full of piss and vinegar!

  16. Hi Margaret & Helen & Matt, hope all is well with you and your loved ones as summer 2013 arrives. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your posts and hope to see an update (and cookbook) soon. However, if putting a cook book together keeps you from your blog postings, I choose the blog, I miss you! ;-}

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  22. Do you take S&H Green Stamps?

  23. Looking forward to the cookbook.

  24. I am looking forward to the cookbook! How long must we wait, dear ladies?

  25. I can’t wait for the cookbook, I’ll start saving my bacon grease now!

  26. Based on the Thanksgiving column, I would *love* to see a cookbook.

  27. My grandmother died 10 years ago. She gave me her recipe for potato salad. I’d love to purchase, and hopefully contribute to, a book from Margaret and Helen. Count me in!

  28. hey..I agree about Sarah Palin and I am Alaskan..so you ladies dig right in. Love your blog but can’t seem to get it on share on FB..maybe iPad problem. And my grandmother used a few swear words when she ” really wanted to get someones’s goat” as she used to say..her favorite saying to me and my sister’s “men are like buses, no worries, there is a new every hour”

  29. A recipe book sounds wonderful. If you can intersperse it with some of the “best of the blogs” that would be special. I love both of them btw…they remind me of my Mom and her Mom, my Nana. who have passed on. I’d give anything to sit at their tables again and talk about politics.

  30. Dear Matt so glad you are helping bear your Gran up! A little sorry to miss the ‘sip updates (card carrying aggie fan for 40 years now, degree in 93 WHOOP) because I still remember when all that was serious good fun. Will keep you guys in my heart over this holiday season, could be a little rough :( thanks for sharing Helen with us!

  31. Hi, SCN – Or how about a visit to Jon Stewart…? Wouldn’t it be wonderful!!


  32. Cookbook – yes! But what I’d really want is a talk show!!! Imagine if after Rachel Maddow your grandmother had a show? Or maybe CBS Sunday Morning can give her 5 minutes at the end of the show like Andy Rooney had on 60 Minutes? We need to hear viewpoints like hers.

  33. Just found this blog a few weeks ago and i love it ! Would love a cookbook, just let me know when to sign up. It would be super with some stories.

  34. Just discovered your blog today, Sept 7. I want more of Margaret and Helen and I want a cookbook too!

  35. What about the vagina, or should I say vaginas? If vaginas are under stress, would that in any way affect the quality of the cookbook? That concern needs to be addressed.

  36. I would love to have their cookbook…especially if they include some stories about the recipes.

  37. Sorry, Matt, I got that backwards, didn’t I? Helen is in Texas and Margaret in Maine. I apologize for the confusion; I’m a newbie on the blog, so I’m still getting things down. Anyway, I’m still a great editor and still in Texas, and willing to help with the cookbook if you’d like.

  38. First, I echo the affirmation for you, Matt, being such a help to your grandmother. Your efforts to get her wisdom out bless us all.

    Second, if you need help putting the cookbook together in a timely fashion, I’m a great editor and would be delighted to help. I live in Dallas, so I’m closer to Margaret than Helen, although with the Internet we’re all closer than we used to be. I’m experienced in both print and digital publication, so you could offer it in more than one medium. We can discuss further details by email.

    Finally, please give your grandma my condolences on your grandfather’s death. I wasn’t aware that he had passed until I read your note. I was afraid that something had happened because the blog posts slower down, and now I understand. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss, and I will say a prayer for her.

  39. I would love to have a cookbook by two of my favorite bloggers!

  40. Margaret & Helen is where I strive to be some day. Here’s hoping that the cookbook gets published & includes a lot of their “spicey” outlook on life. You go, gals!!!!

  41. Hope the cookbook is as spicy as the girls’ blog.

  42. Matthew, you are a terrific grandson! Just thought someone should say so!

  43. A friend just sent me a copy of the blog. What a treat. Why don’t we have a Congress with such terrific common sense? I would love to buy a cookbook, maybe two, especially if it would help with the expenses!

  44. Make it an online cookbook, please.

  45. Cookbook!! How much? When will it be ready????? I’m raring to get my hands on it. Helen and Margaret are going to be my lifeline in this upcoming election and I would love to have a cookbook with their wisdom and lifetime of learning to have in my kitchen. I would love to give them out as Christmas and birthday gifts!!! Even to my Republican friends! :)

  46. id be happy to buy one if the proceeds or a portion go to planned parenthood.

  47. What’s happening with the cookbook?

  48. Cookbook!?!?! I want a BOOK!

  49. I want a cookbook, a novel, and to win a weeks stay with them. I have new idols!!!

  50. If Margaret and helen were actually real, I’d be interested.

  51. oh yes! esp. with recipes for political events… like what to serve (or not!) at a Labor Day rally, or a fundraiser brunch for 50, all with political wit, of course!

  52. Considering that Helen seems to think bacon should be its own food group (as do I) I’m in!! Sign me up!

  53. Great idea and please include the pithy comments.

  54. Yep. Sounds like a great idea…as does the extra $ for Planned Parenthood! I’m in.

  55. I bet she and Helen have some good recipes and tips: for example, I would be so grateful for what older cookbooks called “wrinkles” detailing how to pull together a truly light pie crust. You could re-lead a church roof with mine and I need some help, preferably with stage-by-stage photos showing what the dough looks like just before Margaret would roll it out. Thank you, yes PLEASE. Sign me up for a copy!

  56. Yes, it should have some political commentary “relish” recipes too. I have made several cookbooks, and the ones with stories are the most popular.

  57. Pie!!

  58. Even better if some of these blog posts are included!

  59. I would love to have a cookbook full of their recipes.

  60. Encourage her to include gluten (wheat) free recipies please

  61. I’d love a cookbook from Helen and Margaret, especially if the ingredients include political humor, lol.

  62. Would love one, but could it be made available in an ebook addition also? I have been converting or collecting recipes and putting them into my MacGourmet program and then can access them on my iPad. So an ebook would be out of this world.

  63. Helen & Margaret along with Rachel Maddow were the ones who got me through the last election without eating my liver out, it was so stressful! If they do a cookbook, I will buy copies for all my commie-pinko-liberal friends for politically correct holiday presents and I will even send one to my very sadly unthinking childhood friend who drank the Limbaugh Kool-aid. I am truly glad to hear that Helen is doing okay after losing her dear husband. I think of her often and miss her blogs. Thanks for thinking of this idea.

  64. Yes, it’s a great idea. And I especially like the ideas of having commentary in it and increasing the price by a dollar or two to give to Planned Parenthood!

  65. Bring on the cookbook already!! Love the idea and have my credit card in hand – just tell me where to buy…

  66. You write it (Leave Grandma to her wonderful blog), we’ll buy it.

  67. Vegan?

  68. I’d like it with or without politics (it seems Margaret is less comfy w the politics). If Helen and Margaret want to make it have more family anecdotes (like Erma) and dedicate it to their families, that would be so cool. I love the thanksgiving posts (as an example). Please let us know if you are taking advance orders or need to do a kickstarter or somesuch

  69. Yep!

  70. Yes, the cookbook is a great idea. Maybe add pictures or your grandmother and her family over the years. and adding a donation to Planned Parenthood would be fitting.

  71. Can’t wait to see the finished product. I love the idea of giving the profits (if any) to some sort of charity. Count me in.

  72. If this is a project your grandmother would enjoy, then by all means – encourage it. track down an really excellent food photographer OR put out a call at UT Austin to see if any students would like project. gas stipend would be included, of course. whatever path you choose on this, just take it one step at a time and JUST DO IT.

  73. Yes, yes, yes. I’d definitely buy one and I agree with others who have suggested added commentary and an additional dollar for donation to a worthy cause. Some new recipes would be so welcome and if they come from Helen and Margaret, that’s icing on the cake. :-)

  74. I’d buy one. I love non commercial cookbooks like the ones produced by women’s groups for fundraisers, i.e., churches, schools, etc. They are the best. My cousin did one of all his mother’s recipes. I cherish it.

  75. Please include photos of Zach Efron!

  76. How’s the cookbook coming along? I hope there are Jello recipes!

  77. I will buy anything to keep the words coming.

  78. YES YES YES!!


  79. yes please! With commentary, and photos! And I love Celeste’s idea of pricing it so that some could be donated to a pet cause of the ladies’!

  80. Well, if the cookbook included commentary with the recipes…that would be great!

  81. And stories, stories, stories! A thousand times yes.

  82. I can tell you there have been enough tips about the Thanksgiving meal alone to get me to buy at least one copy if not more.

    Go for it ladies!!

  83. It would be wonderful it Helen could publish a pie recipe with the same colorful detail as her posts. My father, our family pie baker, passed on a couple of years ago and took all of his knowledge and skill with him. His recipes are still here, but I haven’t been able to come close to duplicating his flaky crusts. Our Thanksgivings have never been the same. I would pay any amount for a cookbook from Helen and Margaret. Best wishes to all of you on your special project!

  84. I, too, love the cookbook idea. I’ve always enjoyed the “herstory” of cooking. (I still have the pages I tore out of women’s magazines since back in 1967 and all the cooking magazines I’ve subscribed to since the 80′s as well as many cookbooks from yard sales etc. Regional and church group published books are especially interesting. My sister’s group’s book had a jello recipe on every other page!) It’s amazing how much you can tell about a group of people from what they do in the kitchen.

    So I think it would be a great way to hand some of Margaret and Helen’s “herstory” down to you, Mathew. Especially with those comments requested by others here.

  85. Love the idea! Hoping she’ll add an extra helping of her wit and wisdom throughout.

  86. Lead off with that stuffing recipe with the bacon and I’ll get two copies. Leave out the infamous jello stuff tho. Now- could you pass the butter to me please?

  87. Oh, yeah! Lots of recipes with clever comments strewn throughout . . . bring it on!! Even if I can’t even eat any of the foods while on this Ideal Protein Diet, I’ll still buy a copy just for the pure enjoyment. I LOVE Margaret and Helen!!

  88. Soups and stews please!

  89. Yes!

  90. I have a cookbook that was my Grandmother’s (who I didn’t really get to know since she passed when I was 5). She wrote little comments on the sides of the recipes and it cracks me up to see comments like ‘Tastes like shit’ next to recipes! I wish I could have known her – your blog makes me wonder if she would have been like you! Bring on the cookbook!

  91. Would DEFINITELY buy one and will recruit my sister to send in recipes, too!!!

  92. My mother collected cookbooks and I seem to have inherited the tendency from her. I would love to add a cookbook by you feisty broads. ;->

  93. Yes!

  94. Yes please!

  95. How about a cookbook interspersed with some of the juiciest blogs?

  96. I would LOVE a cookbook! I hope it’s as honestly portrayed as the posts – in just as colorful language!

  97. So very sorry for your loss, but we need them more than ever! Yes!!! I would love a book, maybe more than one.

    I don’t get here that often and only stumbled upon the cookbook today by accident. Without a doubt and it would make a wonderful gift for some of my friends, especially if there were some spicey comments sprinkled in a chapter or so. :) How do we formally sign on?

  98. I would love to purchase one!!! I think it’s a great idea!

  99. Would love to buy an M&H cookbook! Drop me a note if you need someone to lay it out for you

  100. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. Hope Helen is okay. I love Margaret and Helen

  101. Absolutely! And love the ideas on commentary, pictures and donations to Planned Parenthood. I would buy for myself and for gifts. I think I’d send one to my Republican brother and his wife who love to cook but who continually send me religious tracts trying to tempt me back to Catholicism. A little ‘get even’ would be fun! I’m a greatgrandma and also collect cook books.

  102. sure, but i’m assuming we’re talking lots of comments and stories along with the recipes.

  103. Please donate a portion of profits to Planned Parenthood!!!

  104. Weird, I know, but please include “Cloe’s jello crap” recipe. We always had something like that on the table for Thanksgiving or Christmas and since my mother’s gone now, it would bring back some good (okay maybe not so good) memories. Is it orange jello? lime w/ cottage cheese and pineapple (Watergate something)? cranberry relish? strawberry and maybe pretzels?

  105. Great Idea. . .
    Love the commentaries! Great and funny writer!

  106. I second the notion of vegan recipes. Also have the gals submit their colorful commentary along with the recipes and the cookbook is a guaranteed hit!


  107. I agree with the previous posts about including commentary and adding a $1 to the price to donate to a worthy cause.

  108. Absolutely! The more Margaret and Helen the better.

  109. Don’t forget your vegetarian and vegan fans!
    Looking forward to the cookbook and I agree with Celeste…raise the price by one dollar and contribute that to a worthy cause.

  110. Yes, please!! And don’t forget to include some photos–both old family pics and pics of food. :)

  111. That’s a great idea!!

  112. I’ve been known to make her stuffing just for me to take for lunch.

  113. Would love to see sprinkles of her political wit and humor in it too!

  114. What a wonderful idea! I would love a cookbook written by your grandmother and Margaret. I would be pleased if your grandmother shared her holiday recipes (mainly due to my enjoyment in reading her holiday messages to your family).

  115. I’d buy – and I like the idea of also supporting some form of a charity with purchase – or maybe we can start the Margaret&Helen SuperPAC :)

  116. I’d buy one for myself because I like cookbooks featuring “down home” recipes. I’d buy another for my sister who loves bacon.

  117. I would love to have a Margaret and Helen cookbook! Please have her put in some political commentary too.

  118. Love the idea!

  119. Well, yes! Hope there will be M&H writing throughout the yummy recipes!

  120. But of course…

  121. Please make it simple and inexpensive.
    Will sell more copies!!!

  122. I’d love to see the blogs interspersed with the recipes, as well as Margaret and Helen’s commentary about the recipes or events where the recipes were served!

  123. Yes, Oh please, Yes. I would buy her cookbook in a New Yourk Minute!!!

  124. Love it! And I’d love it more with some commentary or some quotes from the blog- or anything uniquely Margaret and Helen, really.

  125. I would buy a cookbook from Margaret and Helen.

  126. She could write a shopping list and I’d buy it. :cool:

  127. Yes, make it with comments, so much more fun!

  128. A cookbook with commentary, per Cob, would be fantastic.

  129. Please count me in to help in any way and spread the word!

    It. will. be. HUGE.

  130. troutay!!!!!!!!!!!
    waving madly!!!!!!!
    yup- on cookbook- full of bacon fortified recipes, please :-)

  131. I suggest you jack the price up by $1 to cover a donation on every book to Planned Parenthood, or any other charity that would be worthwhile to Margaret and Helen.

  132. Yum ~ Yes !

  133. Make that a cookbook WITH commentary and you’ve got a winner!

  134. it makes me hungry just thinking about it

  135. Yum!

  136. Me Mum’s Lemon Curd

    My mother was a WWII English War Bride who came to the United States to live with my father after WWII ended. Everyone brought something to family gatherings to share. I have such fond memories of the simple, yet delicious dishes my Extended Family would bring to the Family Reunions.

    Here is me mum’s Lemon Curd Recipe


    3/4 cup fresh lemon juice
    1 tablespoon grated lemon zest
    3/4 cup sugar
    3 eggs
    1/2 cup unsalted butter, cubed


    In a 2 quart double boiler, combine sugar, beaten eggs, cubed butter, and lemon zest Stir slowly yet continually while heating the mixture over medium-high heat. When the butter finishes melting add the lemon juice. continue stirring until thick enough to not drip off of the spoon. Transfer to clean and sterile jars and refrigerate. This recipe will produce about 1 & 1/2 cups of Lemon Curd.

    You can make curd up to one week ahead of use. Cover jar mouth with wax paper held in place with a canning ring or rubber band and store in refrigerator. It will keep refrigerated for two weeks. However, it will normally be gone before that time has passed as it is delicious in Tart Shells, on Toast, or English Muffins.

  137. Yes, yes, yes! I have a collection of cookbooks and would be honored to include hers with all of them. Please do! We Grandma’s love our cookbooks!

  138. i want one so long as she names some recipes after political figures – Flip-Flop Romney Omlette? Cain cakes? Perry Oppsidedown Cake….

  139. I’ll buy anything they write!

  140. Matt, I don’t know if you’d want to include these, but a few years ago many of the old “regulars” contributed recipes.
    But hell YES! So many of us think of Margaret and Helen as family; it would be like having recipes handed down from our own mothers and grandmothers.

  141. I’d buy copies for my friends here in South Korea, too.

    We’ve been talking about putting together a Korean cookbook (with home remedies, also), so maybe we could work out some sort of cookbook connection, or start a little web-based business.

  142. Are you kidding? I would buy it in a minute!

  143. I’m in.

  144. Yes, Matt, I think it’s a fantastic idea. Talk about a cookbook with true American heritage behind it — bring it on! Our appetites are waiting.

  145. You bet! Bacon and pie recipes please!!!!

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