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I never dreamed Helen’s writings would inspire so many. I also never thought the popularity would last this long. We all assumed you would go away. :-)
Now that I know you are going to stay, I want to make sure more people find out about Grandma Helen and her dear friend, Margaret.

Why Support MargaretandHelen.com?

First of all, you don’t have to. Margaret and Helen will always be free for everyone to enjoy.

Second, the money does not go to Margaret or Helen. It goes to me. I don’t want to mislead anyone. BUT here is what I will do with it::

1. We have secured www.margaretandhelen.com. Nothing has changed with how you get here (formerly MargaretandHelen.wordpress.com). However, during the last election someone took the Dot.Com name and used it to display political ads. Now you can come to Helen’s blog regardless of which address you type in.

2. I am working on expanding her site so that you can see more of her writing and learn more about her life. We have enjoyed being hosted by WordPress but the blog has now grown large enough that we need to move the site to be self-hosted. Nothing will change on your end.

3. I will spend more time working on how her posts are formatted so you will have access to links of the books she reads, the articles she reads… all the research she did before posting. Don’t worry, it will still be Helen writing to Margaret. Same humor. Same salty language. But now when you say, “How did she know that?” you can click on the link and see how she found out about it. Helen is fond of saying “Use your head for something other than a hat rack!” She also thinks people should read more.

4. We are working on the cookbook. It will be filled with some of her favorite posts, some of your favorite comments and – of course – her wonderful recipes passed down to her from her mother. Margaret has agreed to contribute as well. They are both going through recipes to decide which ones to use. I am going through all of her writings to see which ones can be “sprinkled” throughout the book. Much of the funds raised here will go to pay to have the book produced and printed.

6. I find that the more popular she gets, the more time I need to devote to “monitoring” the comments. You wouldn’t believe the lengths some people and groups go to take down this site and ruin the community conversation. I now consider myself a part-time employee for MargaretandHelen!

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  3. Please give me more details as to how exactly this works and if there are any costs involved. Please don’t have anyone call me, just send me an email reply. Thank you. Sarah.

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  5. Michael Dormer – Lovely professional phoots. Crisp, high definition and focus. Some great family shots, Lily being the true star.Well done.May 15, 2012 2:56 pm

  6. Hey, that’s a clever way of thinking about it.

  7. My sister just shared this blog with me, love it.

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  10. JT Posted on Sounds like you can do a lot better. You may not think so, but you ralely can. WE all deserve someone who REALLY loves us for who we are.

  11. Wow I must confess you make some very trenchant points.

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  13. Really get a kick out of reading the articles.

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  15. HI, Carol W – And you base your conclusion that Margaret and Helen are really “some guy” on exactly… What? Just a hunch that no octogenarian women could possibly think or write like this? If so, you haven’t read many of the comments from followers, either. But maybe you’ve discovered something a little more concrete…

    Hey! Maybe YOU are “some guy,” yourself… Perhaps even one of the frequent rabble-rousers who like to sneak around and insert themselves under various names when people are no longer responding to them in their earlier incarnations.

    Even if you are correct, why is this any more of a “travesty” than Samuel Clemens writing and publishing under the name “Mark Twain”? (There was no real “Mark Twain,” either. So what?)

    Gato… Or maybe not!

  16. There is no Margaret. There is no Helen. This is some guy who has found a creative although totally deceitful venue for his ideas. Granted, his writing is so creative that I would have totally supported him if he had just been honest. But this is a travesty. Shame on you!

  17. As a Texas woman, I am now spending all of my spare time trying to cultivate a penis.
    I will, however, take a moment to read the blog and donate a little to the cause.

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  20. Why would I support your blog when you let your fans be abused so? You have azzholes lying in wait and do nothing. Address it, or shut the blog down, please. Anything else is disrespectful to your grandmother. She would never stand by for this.

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  26. Ever wonder why the donations page makes it clear that the dear grandson won’t share a penny of the donations with Helen or Margaret?

    Because it would be felony consumer fraud to accept donations under the pretense they are going to fictitious people.

    Hey “Matthew”, I dare you to say you’ll give Margaret and/or Helen even a tiny percentage of the donations.

    By the way, where will the proceeds of the cookbook go?

  27. They’re not done. They need to keep speaking Truth to ‘Murica. Please keep this blog alive…

  28. Thank you for your “wisdom”. I know you support the ERA and wondered if you had seen this petition? https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/vigorously-support-womens-rights-fully-engaging-efforts-ratify-1972-equal-rights-amendment-era/16XQWXpS

  29. Wow, your post sums up all my thoughts on this exactly! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. Hopefully we will blow their cover this time. I thought it was interesting that they made us wait until Friday to hear this BS. I truly think we all need to invest in some paddles. http://www.shitcreekpaddleshop.com/distressed-tshirt-with-shit-creek-logo-p-98.html?osCsid=b8b47edff80af726ffee4f9c29a98422

  30. Firstly, thank you Margaret for featuring my Lapis ring. I am so falttered that you keep coming back to Unique Beaded Gems. Folksy really is a great place and having buyers like Margaret around makes it even better. She is always supportive, constructive and a great member of the Folksy family!! I am loving my experience of Folksy and look forward to a successful Christmas period for us all!!

  31. You go girls!!!! Rock on!

  32. The letter to the family could of been written by my Mother. For me and my eleven siblings Thanksgiving was a Holiday that Mom claimed to celebrate with “ALL” her family. Any other Holiday she was completely flexible but Thanksgiving belonged to her. The rules were pretty much the same as described but the personal advice was much more suttle and descreet but carrying the same message. This is are third Thanksgiving without Mom but the first that we did not gather in her precious home of sixty years. We are all starting new traditions that haven’t fully formed yet but you can bet none of us will ever have a Thanksgiving Dinner withou dreaming of our amazing Mother and Grandmother , Ruth!

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  34. Well thank you girls, for say’n it the way that it really is!!! we often forget what the real meaning of Holiday family time is, The times have changed but Holiday traditions should never. Marget & Helen your invited to my house any time!!!

  35. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  36. I love you, Margaret and Helen. It’s so refreshing to read an intelligently written blog from two people who have the gift for telling it like it is. Keep up the great work!

  37. Ladies, Thank you so much from reminding me that we can still kick butt after 50. Being politically correct much of the time during my career has left me with a bad taste in my mouth; I will know longer bite my tongue but tell it as it is – as should all women of worth, like you. I have step-children who will be in for some surprises this holiday season when they neglect their Dad who gave their mother and them everything in the divorce so they would be taken care of properly and now has to sit back and see them put him last in visits, phone calls and invitations. He made child support that was twice what the court ordered and paid it for a year longer than he had to for each child. He gets no recognition for that and now that his ex is going through another divorce (an ex who refused him a sofa bed when he asked for that one piece out of a house full) they are concerned about her because “she is trying to be fair and split everything equally and he might be taking advantage of her.” Well, let’s just say the next time they bring up the subject they will have to explain why they didn’t speak up for their father when would not let him have one piece of furniture so he could have a sofa to sit on and a bed to sleep on. Thank you for reminding me we don’t have to have scars on our tongues and heart burn in our chests by keeping quiet. It’s time to kick some butt.

  38. It broke my heart when Ann Richards and Molly Ivans died…not “passed on” or “went to their reward” or “being with Jesus.” Molly and Ann DIED, dammit! Sugar-dipping the death word won’t make us miss them any less, and it sure won’t make them come back any sooner. Now, with Margaret and Helen’s blogs, I can feel a good giggle and perhaps a loud, really rude HOOT about ready to come out. Keep it up, brave ladies. There’s nothing nicer than a crusty old broad (or 2 or 3) willing to call it like it is. I was taught that getting old meant being sweet and sappy, fearful of any adventure or offending someone who might then shoot you a scowl. You ladies ROCK!!

  39. Yes that is the wonderful part about growing older you can say what you want when you want and I agree with absoloutly everything you said in the thanksgiving letter especially the part about the one male who has made bad choices in wives , could have been my brother you were talking about . My s.i.L . is the worst cook in the world !!! the girl could burn water . LOL .. now the other S.I.L. she would rather die than to invite someone to her house for Thanksgiving . Heres a little clue lena I never expected an invite LOL there you have it . Im done with all of my relatives on my mothers side . Oh well thanks for the wonderful memories of why I dont visit for the holidays .

  40. This is awesome! Love it!!!!

  41. Amen to Molly and Ann Richards. But at least John Hightower continues to shoot down those who deserve his opprobrium.

  42. Y’all are funny. And pithy. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  43. Love it…

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  45. Dear Harry, please reconsider: our poor state would be EVEN REDDER without you, and I’m pretty sure the IQ drop would register in a big way too! Please come join us on Juanita Jeans at the beauty salon as we plot to flip our state, get rid of Perry and Co, and solve some of the social issues we suffer from, like terminal stupidity for instance, and that marriage issue that is penalizing you and your intended! ;) Juanitajean.com

  46. @Anonymous-if you feel so strongly about Mitt and his beliefs why are you anonymous? How do you know about Obama’s decisions that haven’t been published? Let’s get some facts, not speculation.

  47. Are you lovely ladies from Wilmington, NC? That looks like the USS North Carolina to me!

  48. Surprised we didn’t bump into each other at the Fox zoo. I also visited and was entertained, in a scary sort of way. I now understand why Jon Stewart calls it Bulls**t Mountain News! Don’t visit too often, just keep writing.

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  50. Love you Helen and so does my 15 year old daughter. I forward your emails to her and she loves them.

  51. You are very wrong about Mitt. When he was 17 his brother-in-laws’ sister had an illegal abortion and she died. He was so upset he made up his mind abortions should be legal. Over the years, he has become to believe unborn children have a right to be born. You need to understand the other’s person’ reasons sometime and quit running them down. I am sure he is a better person than Obama…..are you aware Obama said “no” to help for the four
    deceased in Libya? It will be in the news shortly. The media is not reporting this.

  52. Wow – you are doing this at 80? I have ten more years to raise hell before I get as sharp and sassy as you!

    Newly retired and loving it – time to work for the Democrats

  53. I am so glad that someone is speaking out for women. I worked so hard 40 years ago to establish a rape crisis center in the town I lived in and was a feminist therapist. Now you can not even use that word anymore.
    We are going back to positions you would not dream of stating 40 years ago and we have to start to fight all over again.We won’t stop, because it is too important. Equal pay for women, Unite!

  54. When can we get one or both of you on Jon Stewart? I may be 20 years younger than you two, but you make my day so very often – and I think he would love to have you on!

  55. God Bless you both, and keep it up !!!

  56. I can’t believe that the hard fought for small victories that women have achieved can be so easily be dismissed by politicians who will say or do anything to get elected or get their candidate elected.

  57. I very much support this. I think this is an awful, awful, and tragic crime! Even women who are married can be raped by their own husbands, maybe some of these political men have done it to their wives and, both husband and wife don’t realize it is a crime Would be nice if we, no matter the gender or age, could leave our rapable body parts on a shelf when we leave our homes, maybe then rape would go away. Oops, forgot, gotta have our mouths to eat and speak with. Lil sarcasim..Thankfully there are people out there with connections and ability to speak up. Keep speaking. Thank you

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  59. Just discovered your blog, looks like I have 5 years of blogs to read, couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time…

  60. Dear Margaret and Helen – I am an old broad myself – and a bit round about the tummy as well. You are right, so right, about Mitt. I am from Massachusetts – up here we call him VoMitt. He is a liar, a say anything, his wife seems a bit like a Stepford to me, but what do I know? He lied to get elected to the state house here in Mass, then spent the next three years running around the country making fun of us to get Tea Baggers on his band wagon. What a Masshole!

  61. From one fat, old broad to others – there is wisdom in age. We learned to listen to what we hear and judge by words spoken. When we hear people talking out of two sides of their mouths – and have seen the record of higher taxes for the middle class, jobs (including Mass. state jobs) outsourced, etc. – not to mention hidden cameras that I believe actually tells how he really feels, I can’t see how people can even consider voting for them. My experience, as a writer of business plans, is that if a client were to present a plan to an investor that said, in essence, “I’ll tell you the whole plan after you give me the money,” I don’t see that person getting any capital.


  63. Usually I can pretty well judge a book by its cover. The book by ROMNEY and RYAN shows me their true characters. The pages of their campaign instills the facts that they are warped and coached by idiots that are trying to perswade women to like them. NO THANKS! SCAREY!

  64. Thanks to you two, Margaret & Helen, and Jon Stuart, I’m making it through the last dregs of this campaign. Laughing beats crying any day. I appreciate your efforts. Keep ‘em coming. Really.

  65. Thanks, Helen….this stuff is really good! Incisive insights. Keep ‘em coming!

  66. Love, love, love you. Too much fun. And you are wise. And that’s goes a long way these days! Thank you for adding fun and class to the debate!

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  68. Totally enjoy your comments, are you sure you haven’t been reading my mind? There were two other ladies – that I sorely miss. They also told it like it was, with no BS – Ann Richards (former Texas Governor) and Molly Ivans.
    Keep telling it like it is – with no BS – I mean it really!

  69. This is sooooo great about time someone told those kooks what they think margaret and helen are people after my own heart

  70. I’m sitting here with a grin from ear to ear. Great comments!!!

  71. I’m so happy that someone/s using the term snake oil salesman for Romney. I’ve been using that term for the better part of a year for him. It sums up everything about him in a concise manner. Perhaps we need to write a short definition of it so the youngsters can understand the usage of it.

  72. Holy Cow.This is newly found and what a fresh breeze. I will look forward to future blogs.

  73. i love it and God bless you…………

  74. Love it!

  75. Margaret and Helen, I would like to take the time to thank for your service to this country in sitting through and providing the most clear and concise recap & take on last night’s debate! (I tried but could not do it!) If you would be willing to do the same for the next 2 debates, I know where I will be going to get the information straight. You are both national treasures!!!!!

  76. Thank goodness Margaret and Helen use the venacular in the responses to Mitt Romney. I watched the debate. My response was, in regard to Romney, was “What a snake oil salesman!” (The guy is smooth as glass and will tel you any lie, he possibly, can to get you to “buy” his product.) I’m sure that Mitt convinced some people, but I hope, not enough to get him elected. keep on saying it for real, women!
    Sorry, I can’t contribute, I’m living on a fixed income of Social Security & Medicare which Romney wants to cut even more the son-of-snake!

  77. [...] Click here to support Margaret and Helen’s website. [...]

  78. I guess this makes Margaret and Helen job creators, doesn’t it?

  79. How do we do this…? Matthew? Would Helen and Margaret do it? That would be asking a lot… I would not ask them to do more than I am willing to do. But I don’t have the following they do. Can you help us out with this?



  81. Love your website, Margaret and Helen. Thanks.

  82. Thank you for enlightenment and wonderful humor.

  83. Hurray, Hurry for MargaretandHelen! Some very funny truthful and funny stuff!

  84. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I can always count on this blog to make me smile. No one can take the garbage in the political arena and spin it into gold like Margaret and Helen. Thanks for all the laughs and the inspiration. I’ve started my own blog because of you. My friends and family love it, and I’m glad to have the connection. Bright blessings dear! (You remind me of my grandmother…she had the same spirit! :) )


  86. Helen, thank God it’s an election year. I sure have been missing you, and just reading your latest posts brings back plenty of good memories of reading your blog in 2008. You are a champion! You light up the political blogosphere with your wit and wisdom. You inspire me to stay sharp through every decade of my life!!! What a contribution you are making to the world…I could go on forever! Keep up the dynamite work!

  87. I very much enjoyed your read and agree with every single word. to bad you can’t run for office one day.Godbless you beautiful silver foxes

  88. Just a marvelous read! Thank You

  89. Matthew…I want to see you raise funds to keep M&H online forever! But, how about an e-book instead of a printed book? Or, self-publish and print books for the orders that come in. There are lots of sites for that. That way, all the donations go to you!!! Regardless, keep on keeping on. This is my favorite site and I’ve turned so many friends on to it.

  90. What a hoot! Love this blog I almost p my panties

  91. Oh my god. This is my first Margaret and Helen read and I laughed until I peed out a little. Keep up the good work girls.

  92. Again you are right on, ladies. But I wonder why they marry at all unless it is because the outright purchase of women is illegal in this country.

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  95. This is a website every sane, logical and decent person should frequent on a regular basis. I know, I know–that leaves out almost all republicans! ;)

  96. [...] SUPPORT M&H [...]

  97. Two girls with more sense in their heads than the whole Government. More power to your fingers girls!

  98. Priceless! You are becoming an American Icon! I’m your age and loving every word you write! Thanks for the memories and laughs.

  99. [...] SUPPORT M&H [...]

  100. You go girls! And I believe vaginas are a lot stronger than balls!

  101. Right on, girls!

  102. Incredible! You are the Betty Whites of blogging for the rights and dignity of women! Keep blogging–you’re reaching and encouraging us to give voice too in a nation that simultaneously oppresses women and hypocritically brags about equalities in liberty for all! Thank you!

  103. I Love This. Will be sending it to all my Vagina Friends!

  104. Margaret and Helen rock!!!

  105. Go girls!

  106. Loved it…

  107. Margaret speaks truth to power in an inspiring way that is simply too funny —and too terribly true— to hide under a bush.

  108. Dear Margaret and Helen,

    Your essay is funny, well-written and right on track! I do feel obligated to point out, however, that the correct term for your peeper —that is the visible female genitalia— is VULVA. Just saying…

  109. I am so tired of men voting on things that have to do with women.
    That is so criminal . It is a big disfavor to women.

  110. Not since Molly Ivans passed have I read such fine writing from Texas. The Sharron’s and Christine’s and Michele’s of politics should put Helen on their reading list in order to know what a real, thoughtful woman thinks.

  111. You’all should watch the movie “Shirley Valentine”

  112. At 56 I still search for role models… from a cursory glance and solid read I’d say I’ve found two more. Thank you ladies for insight and humor!

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  114. I am 82 years old and can not believe how far stupid men want to go back to the bare foot and pregnant days. Where are their wives and mothers?
    Aren’t we the majority ? Let’s Vote the A holes out!!!!!

  115. Ladies, good for you we should start a movement. It is what it is!! Men should not be allowed to tell women what to do with their bodies!!!

  116. Wow you go girl.

  117. I support you gal’s, stand your ground and keep believing in you and all the women in this country.

  118. My friend Anna has a new boyfriend. She calls him her bushwhacker.

  119. This is wonderful. Thank you both! and you certainly have my support!

  120. As someone that moved my site from self hosted to WordPress.COM – WordPress.COM is much much easier to be an Admin on – nothing you note in your reasoning seems to me a reason to move – you can still add the extra links and back stories etc.

    Their own cookbook should be able to be sold here

    Their blog gets a lot of traffic and that means that you will probably have to get upgraded hosting – remember bandwidth is free at WordPress.COM it is not free on other hosts.

  121. Ex- boxes!!??!! Hysterical!

  122. I LOVE you MargaretandHelen! I only wish my own mom had lived to read your blogs. She would have loved them, too!

  123. You say vagina, I say vajayjay. It’s all the same, but there is no shame in calling it what it is. Who are these puritanical maniacs to make such a big deal out of a who-ha, couter, pouter–etc.? Not to mention the pornographic words that have been created to excite some pee pee; wee wee; johnson; tallywhacer; trouser snake, etc. Did they just step off the Mayflower or what? They need to get their heads out of their underwear (particularly MY underwear and yours). You go, go, go, Helen and Margaret. What a hoot. Nancy

  124. Wonderful stuff. Adore it!

  125. I’m in! you just brought back my grandmother! bad language and all!

  126. Margaret and Helen rock! Carry on!

  127. I have a vagina and it votes.

  128. Will look forward to buying that cook book! I really get tired and sick to see so many ED commericals but let the word Vagina be used then it is wrong. Good grief, If people know what ed is, that includes children, then they know what vagina is, wake up people!

  129. You are inspiring and funny, I have always resented the fact that middle aged or older men think they have the right to tell me (and other women) What We can and cannot do with our bodies…..engaging really……more women need to get involved,but who would want to work along side of narrow minded old men with control issues? It’s no surprise to me that women shun politics…….

  130. Bravo, ladies! I admire your sensibilities, and I promise to stop thinking like the south end of a horse. Please, carry on

  131. Funny how men want to pass laws about them but don’t support trhe product(s) they produce!!! We need more women in politics — maybe we would at least get some common sense in DC!
    An older vagina!

  132. Even my granddaughter, who is 3 years old, asks is he a boy or is he a girl. Does he has a Penis or does he has a bagina.

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  134. Would you please see about Margaret & Helen being a guest on the Daily Show, the Colbert Report, or Real Time with Bill Maher? this country sure can use massive amounts of Margaret & Helen. I don;t get paid until next week but I will donate. I’d rather send the money to them/you to support your endeavors than any political party.

  135. hiya where’s my post from last night?

  136. These women really melt my political butter. Let’s bring ‘em on.

  137. Count me in! I love these posts…

  138. I’m in…these two ladies are sugar and cream in a time of vinegar.

  139. Please just use the money for the website, no cookbook needed.

  140. [...] SUPPORT M&H [...]

  141. YEs, I would be happy to donate. I can not tell you what this site and Helen & Margaret mean to me. I have always been outside the box it seems yet Here are these two Grand Old Dames and they think like me!!! I wish I could get my point across as well as they do..its the same point as theirs but they have a way of really saying it! My love and admiration to both!

  142. Great idea! How about some ground rules and some volunteer moderators to enforce them? The honor system isn’t working at all.

  143. I will be happy to contribute to the site and to all the great work that you do. You guys are the best!


  145. of course I had to donate…..my favorite blogsite!!! adore Margaret & Helen!!!!
    hugs to all of you……..and more thanks for this site than I could ever express!!!

  146. Will willingly donate at another time…………..this site rocks!

  147. I check every day to see if there’s a new posting. I have also passed the address on to my kids! If my donation can help keep this going (and make it so you can monitor the hostile ones), so much the better :)

  148. Made my donation. Thanks for the effort.

  149. [...] SUPPORT M&H [...]

  150. I can’t wait to read the blog everytime it comes out. It is always my favorite and the first thing I read that when it hits my mailbox.

    Thank helen and margaret!!!

  151. Just promise *not* to waste my $$ on postage to solicit MORE donations (year, after year, after year!), like most of the non-profits do! (That just p*sses me off!!!)

  152. Spectacular! Thank you so much for introducing me to Margaret and Helen. Our country sorely needs the voice of common sense. And I really like that it is spiced with a bit of profanity.

  153. Grandson, I don’t remember if I ever learned your name. I love Margaret and Helen, and am sad we haven’t heard from them since March 5th, unless I am missing something?
    I am waiting for the cookbook, I will donate a few dollars after payday. Thank you.

  154. The comment above says it all. Your aunt and her friend are indeed national treasures. I love /agree with their take on subjects. I loved the Limbaugh comment. I am retired with a very limited income so cannot donate at this time but I wish you the best. You are so lucky to have M&H in your life. Tape them while you can!

  155. I wish I could donate. Alas, I am poorer than Rush Limbaugh’s chances of going to heaven. What I have done is pass on a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award at my site. It seems a silly bit of fluff, but someone did it for me and said ‘pass it on’, so… Anyway, if my fortunes improve I would be happy to donate. Meanwhile, keep up the good work and take care of M & H. They’re national treasures.

  156. I love this idea but I will not fund Noah’s hostile takeover of your grandmother’s site.

  157. Count me in!

  158. Great Idea! Good Luck!

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