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Note from Matthew:

This board is not moderated per se. I am Helen’s grandson and I check in from time to time. The normal WordPress systems are in place that sometimes put you in spam or moderated status due to several factors including the number of links in your message. Sometimes you end up there by mistake. My grandmother also asked me to put a mod block on comments that contain certain words. Ex. the n word and the f word to name two. If you get caught in that process, your comment will sit there until I have time to look in.

I should also let you know that I don’t monitor the comments very often, but when I notice that someone is commenting  over and over in a manner that seems to be solely to disrupt the conversation or someone is just being mean, I have been known to give them a few warnings and then ban them outright.  The system can alert me when someone is just trying to post the same stuff over and over while using different names.  Funny thing how that happens most often when my Grandmother posts about abortion.  :roll:  But even then I am pretty open-minded.  I tend to focus on those commentors (often called Trolls) who post the same stuff over and over regardless of the content in my Grandmother’s original post.  Again, it doesn’t happen very often.  My Grandmother’s view is “the more the merrier”.

I have a full-time job and I live temporarily in London so I do this at odd hours.

My grandmother has very thick skin and we haven’t seen her act this young in years. We thank all of you for that.

My only other involvement is to format the posts for Helen and Margaret which sometimes slows down the process as well.

updated 2/7/12

Contrary to popular belief I have moderated and even banned some of the “trolls” that many of you have identified.  Unfortunately they find ways to come back using different emails and even new IP addresses.  I could put further restrictions on comments such as prior-approval or registration-only, but I feel that would take away from the spirit of this website which – for now – reflects a certain spirit that my grandmother seems to enjoy.  I  will quote her now:  “If I can dish it out, I should be able to take it.  I can see through the bullshit and I think they can too.”

updated 6/21/12

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  11. gato…you and i are dealing, i think, in semantics. what we think of ourselves and one another is what we’re taught for the most part. like making winning the NUMBER ONE or how we look the most important thing or if someone else dresses differently, eats differently, etc than we do, that is wrong and so are they. when i say we do not respect one another or ourselves i am saying that it is not our purvue to judge another, nor to decide who is acceptable and who is not based on if they comply with what we think is ‘right’. this is where it could get a tad sticky. there are ‘common morals’, actually as stated in the ten commandments, for example. to me, that boils down to respect. why would i do anything to you if i don’t want it done to me? why would it matter to me if, for instance, your Sabbath was oh…thursday, not Saturday or sunday? why would it matter to me if you have a Sabbath at all? why would it matter if your skin was a different color than mine? in thinking about this i sometimes ask myself when conformity becomes complicity. and then sometimes (lol) i say, o shuddup and have a piece of chocolate.

  12. Please delete comment on April 13 at 12:49. Thank You!!

  13. HI, Penny – I’ll jump in! Basically, I think you make a great point. No; of course someone would not be able to harm another person if she respects herself AND others. But the problem comes in what people are taught to think makes them “respectable,” and every society has its own rules and regulations. In many cultures, the elderly are respected for their wisdom; not true, here, for the most part. In prison, someone is “respected” if he or she doesn’t let anyone take advantage of him or her. And sometimes, in that violent and unhappy climate, earning “respect” may mean even killing someone else. Again, in our society, advertisers, serving their clients, work ceaselessly to tell us – especially the young among us – that we will be “respected” if we wear the right labels, drink the “best” soft drink, and have the latest electro-gadgets. And, of course, around here the best way to be “respected” is just to be rich and famous, no matter whether or not you’ve actually done anything of use to anyone. (The Kardashian Klan comes to mind…)

    Also, humans often feel that they will command “respect” only if they can feel they are “better” than someone else, in any way at all – which explains why, so often, poor whites are so hostile toward blacks. They may be poor, uneducated, and unemployed, but “at least [they] ain’t black.”

    In one society, a tall, athletic warrior, who can fell an ibex at a hundred yards with a spear, is highly respected by his fellows – and a geek who started up a social networking site would be considered totally useless. In another society, exactly the opposite.

    Fortunately, in EVERY society there are a few families who are able to rise above their particular social conventions, and teach their children the basic respect one human should have for him- or herself, and for all other living beings. And, IMHO, those people deserve the respect of all of us!

    Other thoughts…?


  14. I’m sure everyone joins me in thanking you, Matthew. Now I would like to posit a theory of mine and get reactions, if I may.
    I have come to the firm conclusion that the primary root of today’s behavior is lack of respect…for ourselves and one another. How can one damage another in any way if there is respect? Every single sentient being deserves respect until they prove otherwise. I would even contend that they deserve respect anyway…perhaps different than those who have found their way to living well in a ‘decent’ society. This is where I lose some degree of articulation. lol. I know what I mean. So, to beat a dead horse for a moment…can you steal if you respect yourself? or from someone you respect? Can you hit or attack someone you respect? How do you ignore the needs and wants of someone you respect? If you really respect life, how do you eat a full meal knowing that others are actually hungry? How do you take a vacation when there are people without shelter? I look forward to what y’all have to say.

  15. Wonderful website. A lot of helpful info here. Iˇm sending it to a few pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks for your sweat!

  16. i wondered where all u guys had gone. if one does not participate for a while is it considered ‘finished’?
    i wanted to comment on the gov of florida (where i live) and his proposal to arm teachers in the schools. it struck me that perhaps he could also arm crossing guards, check-out clerks, garbage pick-up people, lawn cutters, maybe even baby sitters…then my partner suggested we also arm the children. that sort of cemented the whole ludicrous idea. i know it isn’t a funny situation but i’m losing any sense of sanity here. must we rise and fill the streets w/disgust and revolution? and then will some lunatic carry a gun into that? what must we do? lamenting doesn’t seem to be working.

  17. Please let us know that everything is okay? It’s been a long time since any posts.

  18. Matthew,
    I would love to read some background on your grandmother. Where she grew up, education, jobs, etc….. Maybe she could write a short biography so we get to know the person behind the blog. She writes so well & is so entertaining, I am sure people would enjoy it. Just a thought if she is tried of flexing her political muscle.

  19. Have not seen anything here recently and I’m just wondering if Helen and Margaret are OK? Keeping them in my prayers, just in case! I hope they are well.

  20. Matthew, you should publish your email somewhere on this blog so that others can reach you. I couldn’t find a way to contact you except comments.

  21. Kristy….just hit manage button on the left side of this very page under the words “You are following this blog” (manage), and you will go to your account account where you can remove yourself from receiving any updates or posters comments. There are something’s that you have to do for yourself. Will surly miss your common sense insights. Keep on keeping on!

  22. Please remove my email from this listing. I have enjoyed your Grandmothers blogging but now I posted and am being harassed. I am asking you as the moderator to please remove my email. Also if my posts are so offending, I was trying to offer a view point from a victim who does fight for stricter laws. That just didn’t work out. These people made me feel the same as the attorney and police did in the days after, this is not a healthy or productive site to mention rape or abortion. Please just remove everything. I don’t understand the koolaid comments except I know people have been poisoned that way.

  23. If you don’t like it GTF off amd take your BS elsewhere.

  24. Hey Matt…I didn’t appreciate my posts being changed and now I’m being accused of things I didn’t say….Thanks a lot…..

  25. Thank you for your prompt and useful answer.

  26. Christine- there is a check box under the comment box so you can be notified of new posts. Also, if you are set up as a WordPress user you can choose to “follow” a blog and be notified.
    Go to the bottom of one of the emails you get- clear to the bottom and click to get to where you can UNsubscribe to comments.
    Also- watch for the check box under the leave-a-reply comment box when you do comment and be sure there is not a default checked box for comment subscription.
    Thank you Mathew.
    I so enjoy this place you have helped Helen and Margaret make here :-)

  27. Hello, Matthew.
    How can I receive e-mails letting me know when there are new Margaret and Helen entries. I don’t want to miss any! Also, I would prefer for my name to be deleted from the “comments” list.
    Thank you, Matthew.

  28. Matthew…Puh-lease tell me how to have my email blocked for all of the comments…I have a ton of unread email anyway, thanks to MSN…long story, but I don’t need each comment coming into my mailbox and filling it up…help…please?

  29. Matthew, you are a true gem.

  30. When I grow up, I want to be just like Helen. (I’m only 55.)

  31. Cynthia on August 30, 2012
    at 9:46 AM
    Matthew will you delete this comment the link contains info personal info.
    Thank you.

  32. My mom is 92, and just before she had a series of set backs, I had gotten her up to speed on email. She was so tickled to use it. (I always thought she would have had a much easier time on a Mac, but c’est la vie. ) Good on you for helping get out this wonderful spunky voice to the world. I’m now a follower!

  33. you both need to start writing about Tod Akin and his newly published rape pregnancy comments asap. This subject is just waiting for you to tackle with elan. Can’t wait to read it. thank you. Love your blog. Keep it going!!

  34. Would you please share your grandmother with me? I’m shackled in Texas (Dallas area) – Mom and Busha are both dead now … and boy oh boy, could I use her wonderful attitude to help me survive here (yeah I manage to tick off a whole lot of people weekly, but still :))…

  35. Love this blog and so gave it the “Sunshine Blog” award (yes, it’s one of those chain-letter type blog awards, but you have the option of selecting the “Don’t Do a Damn Think, I just like your blog” award instead. The award details are posted (along with a link to this site) at my blog: http://waterblogged-by-lynne.blogspot.com/

  36. Hi, Matthew,
    Once again, it’s time to get rid of Noah, Anonymous, or whatever that troll is calling himself today. Your grandmother may call people like him asshats but that too kind to describe how he tries to crush opinions that he does not like. I’ve got no problem with civil discourse – it’s the only way to find some understanding of others. The problem is, he’s not civil nor does he ever add anything new, despite the number of his posts. His posts always wind up nasty. He just doesn’t “get” civility.

  37. I discovered your blog in February 2012, when you wrote about the Komen Foundation’s withdrawing funds from Planned Parenthood. I enjoyed that post so much (Pink Razors) I had to go through the archives and read more.
    But the Komen debacle and your Pink Razors post were some of the inspiration for my own website. Thank you.

  38. This is great!

  39. margaret! helen! i am wendy tucker, i live in w. hollywood, ca. i am 69 and i think you both are just captivating and wonderful and smart and funny and expressive and appropriately profane (i love profanity–use it whenever possible). i so admire you, and i thank my friend jilly for sending you my way. i am about to connect you to my like minded peeps. i KNOW they will be in awe of you. thank you to your grandson matthew! whadda guy! stay well and healthy and connected.

  40. Matthew, I love your grandmother’s blog! It’s terrific! And to heck with the trolls. :)

  41. I’d like to take your Grandma to see “Marigold Hotel”! I saw it last week…with a decidedly older audience, and everyone stood and clapped when it was over!

  42. Matthew! How about t-shirts with the banner picture on them? My BFF and I would wear them with pride!

  43. Holy Cow!! I have a vajayjay!!?? You mean republican men truly and unequivacly know what it’s like to have a several pound baby pass through their six letter word “vagina” and live to tell the tale??? God really is a miracle worker! But what if those republican men don’t have the money or wherewithall to support a baby?? Or what if that baby was made through an adulterous affair??? a rape?? incest??

    I hereby propose a new law through the Congress and Senate of the USA. Every congressman and senator of this land who vote against the law of the land that makes abortion legal and medically necessary and against the legal multiple services of Planned Parenthood (Ever had a vaginal infection?? I did and Planned Parenthood took care of it. I had no medical insurance.) must adopt every fetus born because the mother could not afford it, was too ill to care for it, could not live a full life because of it, was raped, the fetus was malformed and would be institutionalized for life, etc. The teapublicans would have to pay for feeding them, clothing them, for giving them constant medical care and a full ride college scholarship. Only then would the teapublicans be free of that burden.

    You teapublicans are now and forever in charge of and charged with caring and adopting these sick, accidental and unwanted pregnancies this country will have from now into eternity. God would rather have them back in his hands than to give them over to the likes of you!

    So, go girls! Yes we have something no teapublican has, including their women!! A big six letter word!! V-A-G-I-N-A!!! It belongs to us and no one else. We and our physians are the only two that can make this kind of serious decision! It is not to be taken lightly!


  44. Hi, Matthew,

    PLEASE pull my e-mail off my comment posted today. I see that the more usual sequence of Name/e-mail has been reversed to enter e-mail first, username second, which accounts for why I and a few others have found this a bit confusing. I’ll know better in future but PLEASE help. thank you.


  45. With the single exception (need I say more) I find this absolutely delightful! Thank you for taking the time to patrol, and keep this up. Definitely thumbs up.

  46. Matthew:
    Please pull my email off this comment:
    Hi all:
    I’m a volunteer with Voice of Choice and I recently recived an email from them asking for volunteers. Voice of Choice was was founded by the guy whose daughter’s middle school was picketed by anti-abortionists (with the family name on their signs) because he rented space to a clinic. Here’s the need:

    Commented on June 8, 2012. Thank you.

  47. Matthew: I have posted a request on the new post asking that you remove a horribly hurtful and insensitive comment that was posted at 9:22. Thank you.

    [you are welcome :-) ]

  48. Dear Matthew: Long time reader, rare commenter here. I was very happy in February, when you made clear to Noah/Anonymous that you would not tolerate the rudeness and the constant commenting. Despite his commitment to be civil, he is doing exactly the same thing. The insults about “hens nests” and claims about what “everybody” feels, the nastiness, and the mean-spirited attacks on “liberals” and certain posters have only increased. I believe that many of the long-term porch dwellers may have left because of him. I know he claimed to start a blog and apparently nobody used it–that is no reason for him to ruin this one. I respectfully ask that you do what you said and put the “blocks” back up. Thank you.

  49. http://margaretandhelen.com/2012/03/05/rush-saw-his-shawdow-today-six-more-weeks-of-stupidity/#comment-74495

  50. Hey Matt / MOD?, can you pull my email off this comment?



  51. Just found your blog. Love it!

  52. Thanks for making this possible for your grandmother. I am delighted to have stubbled upon her musings, and greatly entertained.

  53. How wonderful! Can’t wait to read all the posts. Thanks to your grandson…what a great person.

  54. Thank you Matthew. I am a “scroller when it comes to mutliple postings by the same few people. Give my regards and hugs to your grandma. She seems like one heck of a lady!

  55. This particular mod is not letting me see my previous post waiting on moderation. Should you decide either way you can add a smile or eye roll to your introduction on this page. I will check for it in the morning.

    Note from Matthew:
    I know you think this took a lot of my time. It didn’t. It is easy to anticipate seemingly random IPS numbers. Get out of line, and the blocks go right back up. The extra 5 mins a day is no skin off my back. You can disagree all you want. But dozens of posts a day are annoying to everyone involved. It’s not what you say, it’s how often you say it. And for the record, Helen reads the comments for about 30 mins after the posts goes live and then she goes back to “watching her shows”. Margaret reads a lot more of them.
    :-) :roll:

  56. I will offer up a truce. I will treat your mother and friend with greater respect, but still reserve the right to vehemently disagree with them. I will use greater diplomacy in my interaction with others on here and keep the tone of my post at a more civil level in exchange for the ability to post unhindered. I will also stick to one name.

    Or we can just do this endless dance if you prefer. As this past year or so has shown I have nothing but empty time on my hand. I would prefer the former but happy to live with that latter. If additional conditions are needed feel free to present them. I wont bother you with another request should you ignore or decline. Smile to agree. Eye roll to decline.

    :-) :roll:

    Note From Matthew: Here is a perfect example. I will lift the ban on “Anonymous” for now. We’ll see if s/he behaves or not. Please remember, you can disagree with my Grandmother as much as you want. But replying to almost everyone who leaves a comment is unacceptable behavior, especially if you are replying with the same information over and over. My Grandmother would tell you to stop interrupting. :-)

  57. Thanks, Matthew.

    Geez, witless anon thinks you control WordPress and can throw out cookies at will? I’m surprised his super sleuth cyber patrol in BFE Michigan haven’t told him he’s insane. Perhaps they’re just popping popcorn and waiting for the inevitable fallout that comes from “paranoia will destroy ya.”

  58. This is wonderful blog. Thank you.

  59. Frothy, You sound upset. Can I help in any way?

    Are you trying to get Helen and I blocked from the blog again?

    Wishing you the best?


  60. Bitch move Matt. Game on!

  61. Matt, bit of a bitch move on my 12:01 post adding text to my post then altering information on another. Installing a invasive cookie though crossed a line. Type “enough” on this page when you think we can go back to playing nice. Until then let the games begin.

  62. Thanks for keeping this going. Good grandson.:-)

  63. Dear Helen,
    I haven’t been here in a while, but I’m glad to see you are still fighting the good fight. I hope you survived Trudy’s gravy and had a lovely Thanksgiving. I was sorry to learn Harold had passed. The first holidays are always the hardest. Look at me, talking like I actually know you!
    Anyway, I want to thank you for continuing to call Republicans, FOX news, Rick Perry, and other scary monsters, on their crap, and I’m especially thankful for you posts about Rick Perry’s terrible ultrasound bills. This was my favorite line: “regular ‘ole women who made peace with their God and don’t need to hear from yours.” That’s the key right there, isn’t it?
    So thanks for doing what you do and always making me chuckle.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  64. Is there a way to subscribe and to receive your FABULOUS correspondence via e-mail each time your are posting another one of your hysterically funny pearls of wisdom? I am a great fan of yours!

  65. I just love you two. Bless Heart!

  66. the ones that complain the loudest are really idiots and have no life. Tiny brains etc. No other blog gives them so much freedom to show what fools they really are!

    please MOD, can you do a little looking at what is again trying to dominate your grandmother’s great blog? thank you

  67. CAROLYN, those ignorant circlejerks have no life. Apparently there is no other blog that tolerates them.
    SOme of them really get off on tryijng to inflate their _______ or egos.

    Matthew *please* check the new posts.

  68. Yes I came her to complain also… and agree 100% with what cryptoclearance posted… I’m glad to see someone else agrees with me!

    So unpleasant and unnecessary… what a delightful blog. I won’t click on comments coming to my inbox any longer. Just full of hate stuff.

    Hope your grandmother posts often! Love her wit!

  69. Many of us just don’t go to the blog because of this. We are here to enjoy your grandmother’s wonderful posts. thank you.

    What’s so racist about pointing out it’s blacks and Hispanics that have been hurt the most under this feckless President O’Blamer? Do you hate blacks and Hispanics Clearance? Do you want them to live in further abject poverty under this Clown-in-Chief? Can’t you defend your lies. distortions, twisting, and propaganda any better than this? Do you require an echo chamber to operate? Whaaaahhh..

    I thought you were the intellects? :lol: Let’s see you debate the facts instead of bark like a seal replete with Soros talking points.

    And trust us – the last word in our minds when dealing with your ilk is “fear.”

  70. PLEASE, can you moderate your grandmother’s latest blog post? It is SO very wonderful to see her post again, only to be replied to by fear, hate and racist nasty people. They have no real arument nor replies. PLEASE REMOVE THEM. Many of us just don’t go to the blog because of this. We are here to enjoy your grandmother’s wonderful posts. thank you.

  71. wonderful!

  72. Wow, I just found this and I am in heaven!!!!! I am a politically active womn with a big potty mouth who is trying to figure out how she become middle aged and this blog is so deeply wonderful for me on so many levels..KEEP it coming!!

  73. Please, please, Matthew, tell us whether our favorite, radical, outspoken bloggers are still with us. :(

  74. We need to know if M & H are doing okay or if either of them could use our help and support. Please check in Matthew, even if they can’t.

  75. Where is Margaret and Helen? Nothing posted since January. I am worried and miss her comments. Hope she is still kicking and nothing is wrong with her. She is my hero and we need her.

  76. ANY chance somwone HAS info regarding Helen and Margaret…the last entry from them is ‘ancient’ and rather UN-accessible as well eluded to possible personal health issues/etc…IF by chance anyone DOES have info regarding ,please at least post ‘”here” as the ‘other’ is unavailable to load to “see” if perhaps there IS some NEW news/etc.

  77. YO Mathew….Could by chance UPDATE ALL hereabouts in regard to Margaret and Helen…It has indeed been a LONG while and there was referenced health issues regarding spouse and add in the mix the general concerns given folks of particular (semi) advanced accumulated years/etc. MANY admirerers and fans and seekers of the worldly wisomaticals that the general majority who visit hereabouts thoroughly and enjoy and RELISH as well as many CARE for their general well beiningnessings/etc….IT INDEED would be appreciated if ‘we’ could be updated (and further note, the length of the comments on the last post is rather overwhelming many of our various computers in trying to access to even check further in search of updates regarding Margaret and Helen and their respectives….) (some of us are still on ol’ dial up which makes it nigh impossible to boot —here have dsl/high speed and presently keep getting site unavailable after lengthy attempt to load up the comments which are over 1500+….Thanks and please pass on to them “WE” send our regards and are now just truly concerned/etc/etc/etc….
    Thanks, an assist in this regard will be deeply appreciated

  78. I know you were a proponent of Obama, and I was too, however there are many things he has done while elected that have amost blown me away.. The massive spending, the health care bill I just don’t understand why he would want to do that to old people. Right now I use my medicare to pay for a lot of my medical treatment. I don’t know what will happen, if I can’t afford to buy health care, and medicare disappears. I live on my social security which is hardly anything.. and have a lot of medical problems.. I am 72 and I am scared I will get something that will not be treated because of my age. Please tell me that something good will come out of that healthcare bill. thanks, Ps. I looked for a search place to see if you have commented on this issue before but didn’t find one.

  79. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do to Matthew. I discovered this blog during the elections and have read it ever since. Margaret and Helen are my heroes! Keep up the good work and give your grandmother a big hug from me – one of her biggest fans!

  80. I wish I could match the witty repartee’…I can’t. Really. I love reading this blog. These two women touch my soul. I have three daughters (17,18 and21) and I read the blog entries to them because I have to. Really. Love you Helen. Love you Margaret. Love you too Rob.

  81. I’m so glad I found this blog!

  82. Matthew, take that apostrophe out of the word “commenter’s.” It’s just plural, not possessive. Really. I mean it.

  83. Thanks so much for this blog, it is a breath of fresh air. I check periodically to see if there’s a new post, and today was treated to 2 brilliant pieces about abortion. Once again, thanks very much, you’ve somewhat restored my faith in Texas.

  84. Hi Matthew, is Margaret and Helen alright? Haven’t seen a post since November 2010. Want to make sure all is well on the home front.

  85. Does it take cash money to get in on your family?? Margaret is now taking the place of the political rants my mother used to go off on. She passed in March of 2008 and missed the fiasco that has ensued since. We were both Hillary fans but will dance with whoever brings us to the party! I have often wondered what Mom would have thought about and said about The Paliban. I read this blog and I swear, I can hear her voice in these words. Keep up the good work, this is great!

  86. on the latest Thanksgiving blog letter, the comments are3 being dominated by what somw would call trool. They make so many posts that it turns the rest of us off. Can these “one upsmanship” people be moderated or dumped? just getting tired of the right wind BS. They don’t care about tis blog.

  87. I wish my grandma were like that. That post by Tawnya with the Glenn Beck transcript was too much. Just the link, ok?

  88. Matthew,

    I’ve looked all over for your Grandma’s stuffing recipe, with bacon, and cannot find it. Perhaps you could start a folder for “recipes”? Or, just this ONE. Help!!!

  89. Hooray—a great blog that I can take 4-5 days (during a blizzard) to read from start to finish. I’ve already emailed the link to two of my children announcing “I’ve found a new best friend”. I’m 68 and agree with everything she says. I also have to ask my son to bail me out on the computer occasionally.

  90. Greetings!

    I really like this blog! Helen, I like dogs and my mother has been gone over 35years. She mostly only swore in POLISH. Otherwise her curses were pretty tame. Dr. Oz just reported a study that found moderate cursing to be good for your health. Anyway, I am adopting you and Margaret. My mom would be 81. I have little doubt that she would have been of a similar mind.

    Cheryl from Michigan

  91. All I have to say is thank you.

    Okay and I have to add, wow.

    And one more thing:

    If only all Margarets and Helens had grandsons to help them help the people trust in speaking their minds.

    I am so happy I found you all.

  92. Love it!

  93. Thank you. I cry sometimes while reading these blogs. Mom always says, “The pendulum will swing.” But it’s such a scary time. Helen and Margaret give me hope. Thank you.

  94. So right. All the time!

  95. Again Test

  96. And I mean it. Really

  97. Sorry. I meant Aug. 19th.

  98. Cheryl, dear, there was a new post on May 14th.
    All is well with the ladies!

  99. Grandson, please check in on Grandma and her friend, I am very concerned for them, we haven’t heard from them in some time.

    They are in my prayers and praying they are just on vacation! Hopeing for the best! Please let us know if there is anything we can do for them!

  100. I think someone took care of it.

  101. The Captain post is @:
    By: Captain on May 24, 2010
    at 8:37 PM

    It is a comment on Helen’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow post”

  102. Matthew, there is a porn link in the comments of the current blog post. Look for the comment by “Captain”.

  103. NOP

    As a long time contributor to this site I think you aware of the low level, vulgar comments that have been aimed at H&M from time to time. My point is simply that most of them add nothing to the discussion and hang around too long. Believe me, I’m not a prude but some comments are so far off the scale of propriety they wouldn’t even be heard in the gutter. People who persist in this behavior should be banned. If they want to poison a blog, let them set up their own.

  104. jsri, I’m sure the issue isn’t a matter of inability, but of time, Matthew has a job and a life of his own to live, so it is very kind of him to delete the rudest of the rude comments when he can. Tea baggers chose their own name, so be it, they are tea baggers, maybe, but I doubt it, they will learn to do their research first.

  105. By: Michelle on May 18, 2010 at 8:10 PM

    Yup. He’s just another troll. The site has too many of them with nothing to say.

    I know that Matthew is the moderator and he should have the capacity to block useless comments. But it is the vulgar comments about Helen and other contributors that deserve to be removed. They serve no useful purpose.

  106. JSRI…you do know that this “oh my heck” person is NOT Matthew, Helen’s grandson….don’t you????

  107. I’d be rather surprised to learn that you are more than nine years old.

    Actually since you ignore my concerns I’ll return the favor and ignore yours.

    Goodbye and have a nice day. This is so boring.

  108. Oh please. That tea bagger argument is pathetic. First, it isn’t even true. Second, what would it matter if tea baggers attempted to pull the stinger out of a word that is clearly meant to hurt them by using it on themselves? Would that be the first time that has happened? Does that make the word OK to use to hurt or disparage others?

    As for the rest of your diatribe, you seem to have no trouble condemning people on the right who speak or act ugly but you bend over backwards making someone with a mouth like a sewer out to be right. Are you kidding me with that?

    And I suppose you’re volunteering yourself and probably your trying-too-hard-to-be-hip friend there as the thoughtful posters who would help flag and ban the offenders.

  109. When someone is called a “douchebag” in public, intelligent people understand that term as a figure of speech. When someone is called a whore, that is an allegation that the person has engaged in illegal activity and unless the person making the statement can prove the accusation, such a characterization constitutes libel and is answerable in court. And don’t for one second think that an anonymous handle on the Internet is protection. IP addresses can be traced and the poster can be identified.

    Tea baggers often refer to themselves as such. So I expect that you think they should be banned too.

  110. It is calling people bitches, fatasses, tea baggers, and douchebags that have coarsened public dialog.

  111. Then I assume you approve of statements like those of Cyril on may 10 and Leah & jorja on Apr 20. If so, it is that sort of thinking that is coarsening the public dialog.

  112. Greydog can call whomever she wants a douchebag. She should not be banned for her smut mouth. You need to lighten up, sir.

  113. Matthew:

    I happen to be an age cohort of your grandmother Helen and thoroughly enjoy her writing. Sadly, some don’t appreciate her at all and express themselves in vulgar terms that should not be allowed to go unchallenged. I have found that whenever I go to right wing websites and try to make a comment, no matter how mild or innocuous, it gets deleted and never appears in print. Is there any way the same rejection can be suffered by the obnoxious posters on H&M’s site?

    I’ve been a reader of the site from very early on, almost three years now, but chose not to comment until about a year ago. So I am familiar with some of the more obnoxious posters who never seem to get the hint and go away. Therefore, would it be possible for some of the regular more thoughtful posters to be able to flag the most obnoxious comments and have the posters banned from the site?

    There is no question that public discourse has coarsened considerably in recent years and some people think they have free rein to say anything at all irrespective of its relevance or the degree of its crudity. I also realize that some may say that Helen’s salty comments would fall into that category but I don’t agree. I know the difference between “salty” language and downright vulgarities and I have never seen anything that Helen has said that would fall into the latter category.

  114. You ladies are wonderful you helped me survuve……

  115. Thank you! The world needs more Margret’s and Helen’s

  116. This is the best reading I’ve done in along time. I agree with everything.

  117. Hi Matt :-) Sending best wishes to Margaret and Helen.

  118. It’s hard to believe anone was taken in by this fraud of a blog. Especially to the pointing of getting worried about the (ficitional) writers.

    Then again, these are the same people that believed “hope and change”, so…..

  119. Matthew,

    Please remove Jimmy Z and Joe Schmoe. Helen established the rules — disagreement and strong language are fine. Hatefulness and use of the word f*** are not. Jimmy and Joe have crossed the line on several occasions and it’s t ime for them to get booted.

    A Thousand Thanks, Matt!

  120. Matt,
    Is everyone OK? I sure ghave missed reading the post and I hop all is well with M&H.

  121. looking forward to more. Thanks for writing!

  122. Mathew,

    Congratulations on having such a wonderful grandmother. Her comments remind me so much of my father who we lost 3-09-09, at the age of 84.

    Please let us know how she and Margaret are doing. It’s been a LONG time between posts, and many of us are getting worried about her.


  123. Matthew, I second reader’s request. We are getting very concerned out here and hoping all is well with Helen, Margaret, and you. Perhaps an open thread could be started while we are waiting for the next post?

  124. Matthew — hope you are still checking in here — we are all getting concerned for Margaret and Helen. nothing has been posted for such a long time. Could you please let us know that things are OK with them and possibly clean us the conversation stream — is getting very long since we are still checking in and spending some time on the porch. Thank you

  125. Attn Matthew. I just found a strange comment on “Now it’s your turn” which might be a problem. don’t know if you will read this but I’ve asked for advice from the posters on the current page and hope you will see this to remove it.

    It gives a button to download free money or some such nonsense.

  126. Have you ever thought of writing a book?

  127. I look forward to your wisdom filled blog.

  128. Crumbs, your blog got a mention on Popbitch.com in the UK. I’ll tweet you to my friends and send them over too.
    I always thought most Americans were bonkers right wingers who lost their sense of fun and loving – you proved me wrong.
    Good work ladies.
    Enjoyed reading this.

  129. Matt,

    PLEASE clean up the porch.

    From this comment:


    by: Betty Ftizpatrick November 15, 2009
    at 12:19 AM

    Greytdog is NOT DEAD.

    The next one

    by: susie q

    links to a gross video
    (2 girls / 1 cup)

    and I think the next one from Frederick was just to sell us on Greytgod’s demise.

    THX ~ PEACE ~ Δ

  130. This is the funniest blog I’ve have read in years. My mom’s neighbor told me about you today and I’ve had a great time today reading all about Margaret and Helen.

    I’m just starting out as a grandmother and I’m really hope I can be as much fun and sassy as these two ladies are.



  131. I’m a 60 yr old Texas grandmother who was recently introduced to Miss Margaret and Miss Helen. I’ve just whiled away a delightful Sunday reading some of the archives and wondered why there’s a gap from November 07 to October 08? I was really into Thanksgiving dinner. Anyway, if more posts exist, I’d love to know how to read them. If not, I regret not knowing the ladies sooner. Thanks.

  132. There are more out here than you know and we all are concerned. Please, just a few words to let us know why no blog. If there is something wrong let us all participate in our own way to help..light a candle, pray, meditate. In the meantime I will just think good thoughts and pretend you are all on a cruise and don’t really give a hoot because you are all having a wonderful time and all is good in the world..well, here’s hoping

  133. I too, am worried regarding the absence of Helen’s spot-on wit and humor. When irresistible world-shaking events occur (i.e. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize), and there is no comment, I know something must be wrong. Please up-date if you can, my thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  134. We are all very worried and concerned, without wanting to intrude on anyone’s privacy, but are Helen, Margaret and you okay?
    Sending positive energy your way.

  135. Not sure if people use it, probably because there is no driving factor now, but if google starts indexing that metadata, we’ll see more videos have metadata injected in. ,

  136. Matthew? Should we worry? I don’t want to nag Helen, as I’m sure this has spiraled into a lot more than she ever expected, but it’s never been this long between posts before.

  137. It’s been a while since I’ve checked this blog, Matthew. I just wanna say that someday i sure would like to be a granny like your granny and have a cool grandson like you… I need to find some margaret & helen wanna-bees in my community so we can get rid of that old biddy michele bachmann…she’s in my district!!! oh lordie, lordie.

  138. Just a note to let you know that I’ve included “We Is America” on my 100% non-commercial podcast. I credited your fabulous grandma and gave a link to her site. Thanks so much for making this project a reality.

  139. Can I borrow your Grandma?
    My Dad is 82 and this year I helped him publish a book with his drawings and a story. We had such a good time.

  140. I think your Grandma is the bomb!!! She’s very funny and sassy and she reminds me of my Grandma who is 20 years gone. I’ve never laughed so hard as when I read the first post after I found the website. My husband will be reading these posts ‘cos he loved my Grandma too. A fan for life!!!!

  141. Thank you so very much for this site. I laugh out loud as well as feel inspired by your wisdom and delighted by the way you write.

    I only recently found this wonderful blog, but I have been sharing it with everyone I know…including posting it on my facebook page.

    You are definitely a little bit of magic…

    Sending a giant hug and lots of encouragement your way! I will wait on the edge of my seat for your next post. :)

  142. I’ve just discovered this wonderful site.:) Love the discussions keep it up :-D






  144. Matthew, would you be able to help set this blog up with an RSS Feed? I would love to get new posts immediately upon their posting!! This is the best blog I have EVER read. It’s H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!

  145. Please, please, please compile these posts into a book. I just found this blog and am amazed by the brilliance and wit. It is so rare to find these days and is such treat. Helen should be named a National Treasure.

  146. Having to see Rush Limbaugh in the news and see his inane remarks, makes seeing and reading Marget and Helen a breath of fresh air. What would we do with out them. I look forward to reading them as long as they keep writing. Thanks!

  147. Yay for Matthew!! You are a rawkin’ grandson. I’m sorry I never saw this blog until today but am really really enjoying the archives and laughing my head off. My sixteen-y.o. daughter is another instant fangirl, like me.

    Margaret and Helen, You Rule!

  148. Dearest Matthew; I just love M&H.. I hope and pray that everything that they wrote and will write is saved, maybe even the responses to their delightful observations. The reason I say this is; if you publish them in book form, people will buy. I would need copies for many family members. There are so many followers here who love them. Sane and funny two fresh voices to counter the media infotainments’ useless, vapid, surface coverage. Book Please? Pretty please?

  149. How lovely that you are so connected to your Grandmother and what an inspiration both of them are to us all!

    Thank you so much for the “odd hours” you are able to contribute!

  150. I’ve just been introduced to Helen and Margaret’s plain talk and I’m already addicted! Matthew sounds wonderful too.

    I wish that the comments were reversed with the most recent ones on top so that one could go back in time rather than wading through the past to get to the present.

    Just a suggestion.

    I also love the quilt blocks.

    Dear Helen and Margaret,
    Write on!
    Stay healthy and be of good cheer.
    Ciao, Giovanna

  151. How right you both are! If only those who give money to her campaign reslized how stupid she is, but then if they are giving money to her camgaign, they are pretty stupid as well. I really liked Helen’s comment about Palin not wanting more governemnt involvement except of course, on abortion. Keep them coming Helen and Margaret, you two are the best!

  152. Fantastic. Simply wonderful. *bookmark* Hugs!

  153. Had my grandmother lived longer, she’d have made a fantastic blogger. She is my hero. I miss her heaps. Glad to see other amazing ladies like you are blogging.


  154. I LOVE this blog, and thought Margaret and Helen might enjoy these. I am addicted to writing limericks about disgraced Republicans.

    I need a small break, said the gov.
    I go hike on the trails that I love
    But he went incognito
    In an Argentine speedo
    Then came back and cooed like a dove.

    The gov’s explanations were tenuous
    “Appalachian trails can be strenuous…”
    But ’twas tan-lined hips
    And Argentine lips.
    No wonder he needed no stimulus.

    and watching Sarah resign amid talk of a full court press…

    While Mark’s mourning his Argentine love
    Sarah’s defense is starting to shove
    While she’s making her quips
    I’m licking my lips.
    If it’s not one gov it’s anoth.

  155. I just found this terrific blog through a commenter on FireDogLake. (Love the internet!)

    I’m 71 years old, just a peanut in Margaret and Helen’s world, but I blog, too. In fact I wrote a blog today about those two remarkable ladies and cross-posted it on Talking Points Memo.

    Here: http://ramonasvoices.blogspot.com/2009/07/82-yr-old-blogger-skewers-palin-and.html

    and here: http://tpmcafe.talkingpointsmemo.com/talk/blogs/ramona/2009/07/82-year-old-blogger-skewers-pa.php?ref=reccafe

    Note the comments on TPM. Lots of new readers–including me.

    The blog is on my bloglist, too.

    (Got the age wrong on the link but changed it on the blogs.)

  156. Matthew – lots of nasties in your grandmother’s blog “Summer of Love” – you might need to disinfect. And Kriss on this posting needs to red-flagged as a spammer

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  158. Matthew-2.25 an hour! I feel like I should write you a check I have laughed and have been educated.I have also faced some nasty ghosts from my own past thanks to the blog and some of its thoughtful posters I have been able to do just that thanks for all that you do.
    I know how much I enjoy the blog from the recipes to the commentary

  159. H&M – Here’s something I bet will get you feeling better! It’s another dumb move by your favorite former VP Candidate …http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2009-04-13/palins-new-disaster

    Is this yahoo for real?

    Thanks for keeping me interested in US politics, Ladies and have a great day!

  160. Matthew – looks like the blog has been hit with robospam. Might want to check it out and firewall

  161. Hey Matthew – life gets busy, we all know that. The new post will come when it comes, no earlier, no later. In the meantime, keep doing what you do so well. . . and if you’re still in London, take some time and wander over to Spain. . .

  162. Matthew, I’d like to see a book come out of all these posts. I’ve been a fan since they started, and it looks like a lot of others are, too. Maybe that could get the three of you a lot more than $500. :)

  163. matthew – i didn’t know you were in london! i travel there from time to time for work so if you’d ever like to grab a cuppa with a texan, email me offline and i’ll let you know when i’m there next. thank you for all you do to keep this site going. all 3 of you rock.

    bee caves, tx

  164. I wish I had known, when I met two lovely ladies at the Sippin for the Seven fundraiser in my hometown last night, that I was in front of two of my cyber heroes! Ladies, thank you for letting me take your picture, for your warmth and generous support and I hope you look me up next time you’re in town!

  165. This is my favorite web site. I’d give anything to have a grandmother like Helen! Thanks to Helen and Margaret and to you for making it all possible.

    This reminds me a bit of our family business. My mom, who is 77, recently started writing murder mysteries (which we self-publish). I’m the editor, my sister does layout and designs the web site, and my son designs the covers. As with your grandmother, this new adventure has kept my mom young and enjoying life.

  166. You are so lucky to have these two ladies in your life. They remind me of my mom, who is just as salty and exactly their age.

  167. We love your grandma and Margaret. Thanks for helping out with the website. Say hi to the Queen for me. :)

  168. Matthew,
    Just came from the last post from Helen…and it is getting nasty in the kitchen.
    I have made the suggestion before and I really think that this project of Helen’s has hit a deep nerve of a lot of people…and there are some great people here. I come to read their thoughts as much as to read Helen’s.
    I really think it is time to evolve a forum from the original blog. That way, topics of needs in Alaska, needs elsewhere, just bantering can happen and if people don’t want to read a thread, they don’t have to.

    You guys, especially Helen, has attracted a cool, caring, fun, interesting, playful and sometimes frustrating group (sounds like family)…and I think it would be great to expand the kitchen so the thoughts, shenanigans can continue.

    Just My opinion…and that and $4.00 will get you a mocha at Starbucks.

  169. hey matthew – just thought i’d drop in again and tell you how much we appreciate your setting this up for your grandmother and keeping it alive!

    bee caves

  170. Matthew – Merry Christmas! Thank you thank you from all of us who have come to adore Margaret & Helen. Thank you for sharing them with all of us. And thank you for the care and time you have given this blog. You are a totally awesome person – I think the world will be in good hands with you around.

  171. Matthew – thank you for sharing your wonderful grandmother with us. I only wish I had a grandmother like her. But, at least I know have a role-model for who I want to be like when I grow up… :)

  172. love it! I wish they were my grandma’s !

  173. Matthew, hoping you get home for the holidays; if not, head up to Scotland and enjoy the holidays there. Thanks for all your hard work – and patience. Cheers!

  174. Matthew – I’ve been thinking about how all of this might have taken over all your free time. Glad to hear you have a handle on it.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

  175. Matthew-
    Thank you for your part in making Helen and Margaret’s virtual parlour so comfortable.

  176. I hope you get an extra present under the tree at Christmas from your grandma…. you deserve it!! Thank you both for this blog – I love it.

  177. You are the BEST! Wish I had such sassy and thought provoking grandmas!

  178. Atta boy!!!

  179. Lovely ladies,

    Have you seen the transcript or heard the interview of Joe the Plumber with Glenn Beck? I found it on the huffingtonpost and followed it to Glenn Beck’s site. What follows is very long… it is the full transcript and my rantings on a message board. I don’t know what I expect y’all to do with it, but y’all have a bigger audience than I do, and I’m just so BEYOND on this whole type of “journalism” and speaking about things in shadow rather than taking the facts as they are and going from there. Thanks.



    full transcript here: http://www.glennbeck.com/…ticles/article/198/19055/

    GLENN: 888-727-BECK, 888-727-BECK. Joe the plumber is on the phone. Joe, some of us have written three New York Times best selling times. Who do you think you are, just picking up a pen and writing some sort of drivel?


    GLENN: Joe, you obviously have seen the New York Times review, haven’t you?

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Yeah, I saw that. I kind of laughed about it.

    GLENN: Have you ever seen — you should wear that as a — I’d have T-shirts made with that review on it. Have you ever, have you ever read anything so full of hatred?

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Unfortunately, yes. I have received a couple of letters and I’ve had some composed. I’ve seen a couple of letters out there. What amazed me is I haven’t done anything of late. So why stir everything back up again. I understand the book and everything. Just, that wasn’t news. I mean, just more or less this guy’s opinion and he just wants to stir the pot, you know. I was a reporter (if I was a reporter in New York Times, I think I’d actually go for something a little bit more hard hitting myself.

    GLENN: Well, I have to tell you it makes me want to go out and buy your book just to piss the New York Times off. What a bunch of snobs. First of all, who’s the publisher? Who published your book?

    JOE THE PLUMBER: PearlGate Publishing, a small company out of Austin, Texas.

    GLENN: Oh, well, what do they know then. They don’t know literature.

    JOE THE PLUMBER: No, but they do know struggle and strife, you know, a small company trying to get into the publishing business. That’s a pretty hard road to –

    GLENN: They’re not too big to fail. You know what I’m saying? This won’t be a company that we’ll have to bail out. I mean, nor would we, nor should we when so many great companies like the New York Times need to be bailed out.

    Joe, tell me about the book.

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Oh, essentially it goes through the 2008 election, you know, what transpired a little bit as far as me. It gives you an inside look. You know, I like to think I’m a little bit more educated than some out there in politics just because it’s interesting to me that, you know, Washington talks about knowing your government and, you know, and actually keeping it in check and so I’ve always been interested in it, and getting the inside look, though, I honestly felt even more dirty after I had been on the campaign trail and seen some things that take place. It was scary, man.

    GLENN: Like what?

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Well, I spoke to John McCain pretty in-depth and, you know, I’ll tease you here. A lot of liberals are going to love that passage. Right now I’m painted as the right-wing conservative nut, but I’m just an American wanting, you know, what every other American wants and that’s, you know, honesty from our elected officials which, you know, has not happened in a very long time. So it’s just a straight talk about John McCain, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, some other people I met along the way.

    GLENN: Well, okay. Let’s take them one by one. Tell me about John McCain, something that I don’t know.

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Well, something you don’t know, actually it’s probably stuff that you’ve already guessed and has already been painted in the different media spotlights. Just, well, you know, the bailouts. When I was on the bus with him, I asked him a lot of questions about the bailout because most Americans did not want that to happen, yet he voted for it. At the same time he’s talking about how he’s going to make somebody famous if they even think about putting pork in the bill? We all know how much pork was in the $700 billion bailout package. And why did he vote for it? And I asked him pretty direct questions and some of the answers you guys are going to receive, you know, they appalled me, absolutely. You know, I was angry. In fact, I wanted to get off the bus after I talked to him.

    GLENN: Really?

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Oh, yeah.

    GLENN: Why didn’t you get off the bus?

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Honestly because the thought of Barack Obama becoming President scares me even more.

    GLENN: Okay. Now, let me just —

    JOE THE PLUMBER: I almost —

    GLENN: Let me play devil’s advocate here and let me play the New York Times, except I’ll be fair. Isn’t that part of the problem, Joe, that people will sell out their values because they will say, “No, well, I just don’t want that; so I’ll take this, I’ll settle for this.” Isn’t that the problem with our system of government right now is we’ve settled for so long, we keep getting something that we don’t want and it just gets worse and worse and worse.

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Well, and that’s exactly right. I mean, you know, hopefully I wasn’t too big a proponent of that, this — what do you call it — tripping post, if you will. There isn’t somebody. Neither campaign put out a — no, I’m not going to speak for the Democrats but I mean, the Republicans didn’t put out a candidate for us to really vote for. It’s the lesser of two evils. When you get to that level, you’ve compromised your principles, you’ve compromised your values so often and you owe your soul to whatever special interest group or lobbyist has padded your campaign finances and everything else that you no longer are your own man. So you can no longer stand on your own feet because they’ve been cut out from underneath you years ago.

    GLENN: What did you think of Sarah Palin?

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Sarah Palin’s absolutely the real deal. You know, I only got to spend a short amount of time with her but, you know, it was been asked if I felt any presence when I was with John McCain or Barack Obama. You know, with Sarah Palin, I don’t want to say I felt a presence but she definitely had energy and she definitely went to work for American people, and it disgusts me on how often they try to bash her just for her sincerity. It’s just, you know, she really wants to work for America and I mean, I wish people would listen to her and let them, and let her work for us. You know, she wants to serve us. She’s not looking for power.

    GLENN: Don’t you think that people would listen to her but between the people in Washington that won’t let go of power and the people in the media that also don’t want to let go of power, they need to destroy her because she’ll destroy their power structure.

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Oh, their way of life, absolutely. I mean, she would curtail that. She would bring in, you know, common sense answers to — you know, you were just talking about how you need to be a genius to run a system that, well, when you can’t run it. I mean, you need to break it down, really scale it back and start over a little bit. Maybe back where our founding fathers are at. I mean, you know, for example, you know, Hillary Clinton, the whole deal with her as far as becoming Secretary of State. You know, it’s kind of against — well, it’s not kind of. It’s against the Constitution right now where it stands. But they’re talking about getting around it. You know, seems like every time they want to do something, if something’s in the way, they will get around it. What are we teaching our children? What are we teaching people, just even ourselves? You know, if something’s in the way, we’re going to get around it? It’s there for a reason and I mean very good reasons. Our country’s been the greatest country in the world for a very long time, yet these people think they’re good enough or smart enough and they will get around it so that way they can serve? They don’t want to serve. They just want that power is all it comes down to, Glenn.

    GLENN: Well, I think you are right on the money. I will tell you this in talking to one of my guys who’s deep in the Constitution, he’s saying that she can’t have two offices. That’s the problem. She can’t occupy the two offices and then two different branches, but it’s kind of iffy on that. It’s not really clear. And if she gets rid of her office, then it should be fine. But she couldn’t be a senator and Secretary of State. That’s the real problem there.

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Oh, yeah.

    GLENN: You would still have a problem with that?

    JOE THE PLUMBER: No, I wouldn’t. You know, I have no problem with her being — well, I don’t want to say that. I mean, you know, will ultimately she become Secretary of State? I don’t question that. It’s just the fact that I believe I was watching Hannity and Colmes. You know, they had one of their guys on there saying that they will get around it and it will be okay. That’s the problem I have is the fact that, you know, if the Constitution gets in the way, they will have a lawyer or judge get around it. Kind of like God in their country. Gosh, it’s hard following them, we’ll get around it. We’ll just take this part of the Bible out because it’s hard. They are always looking to get around something, you know? Life is not easy, and to be a good person you’ve got to work hard at it. And people just want to kind of get around it and, you know, it’s just not — that’s not the moral fiber that this country was built on.

    GLENN: Joe, you’re just a regular guy. You just, you know, feel what you feel. You are hanging out with normal people, unlike our politicians. You listen to this program, if I’m not mistaken, right?

    JOE THE PLUMBER: You are absolutely correct.

    GLENN: Okay. What do you think is coming our way if things don’t change in Washington? What do you think’s — where are we headed?

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Well, I mean, you know, I’m not comparing anybody. You know, I don’t want you to stir up a hornet’s nest here but, you know, when Adolf Hitler had come to power, one of the first things he did was take guns away. You know, we’re a country that doesn’t really listen to history. Let me go that route. And so we seem to, our country repeating the mistakes that other countries have already made and they are bogged down in now and, you know, some of the things that our current elected President Obama is suggesting really goes down a socialist road and that’s just —

    GLENN: So but I want to ask you, because I see where we’re headed. I mean, they are talking about nationalizing the car industry now.

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Oh, Lord.

    GLENN: I mean, you want that crappy car, what was it, the Zil or whatever it was that they made over in Russia, that’s where we’re headed. But what I want to ask you more is what do you feel from the average person? How is the average — is the average American going to take a socialized state, a huge nationalized state or are they going to want to reset the Constitution?

    JOE THE PLUMBER: Well, you know, it really depends on the other 2/3 of Americans that didn’t vote, Glenn. They are so disenfranchised with the political system currently, they don’t feel they have a voice or that their vote even counts. So they stay home on election day. It really depends on them people, if they are going to actually get off their duff and become educated and get involved. As of right now, yeah, everyone who has their hand out. So you know, I see a lot of people out there who would much rather let the state take care of them and screw everybody else. “I want to look out for me.” It’s no longer “I want to look out for my country, I want to look out for my neighbor,” I want to look out for me and only me. Very selfish.

    GLENN: Very quick, last question. Are you going to run for office?

    JOE THE PLUMBER: I’m going to do my national watchdog group. Hopefully I have more of an impact in that process than congress. Congress would be one voice amongst many and that’s going into the snake’s den, so to speak. That would be real hard, Glenn. I’m not real sure about that.

    GLENN: Strengthening your local community is the way to go. Joe the plumber, thank you very much. The name of the book is Fighting for the American Dream.

    My Posts to a message board follow:

    “That’s the problem I have is the fact that, you know, if the Constitution gets in the way, they will have a lawyer or judge get around it. Kind of like God in their country. Gosh, it’s hard following them, we’ll get around it. We’ll just take this part of the Bible out because it’s hard.” WTFFF?

    I hardly even know where to begin with this. Let me start by saying that JTP doesn’t even know what he is talking about? He doesn’t have a full scope of not one issue that he has been given a platform and an effing book deal to spout off about. “People need to know history.” Yes, MFer, you do!

    The slippery slope and spectre of socialism negates any government efforts to make the country work better?

    Washington is afraid of a straight talking, sincere Palin destroying their power structure?

    And people who look to sources like Glenn Beck, Hannity and Colmes (soon to be just Hannity), and fox News for their primary source of information, are being handled a load of S.H.I.T. and don’t even know it!! (and by s.h.i.t. I mean, misinformation, convoluted hypothesis, tangents coupled with scary outcomes, hyper focus on misleading and discredited issues, etc.) But because these media people look like them, seem relatable to their upbringings, and try so hard to make themselves one of the people, then the people believe what they are being told.

    I don’t say this to demean the people who do watch. I say it to CONDEMN the media people who are playing to the peoples’ fear of their rights and traditions being taken away by all of the “others.” (and by “others” I mean liberals and “liberals,” feminists and “feminists,” non-evangelical Christians, non-Christians, big-city dwellers, and a whole lotta other folks).

    This is but one example of the hyper focus on non issues that I am talking about.

    JOE THE PLUMBER: “… I mean, you know, for example, you know, Hillary Clinton, the whole deal with her as far as becoming Secretary of State. You know, it’s kind of against — well, it’s not kind of. It’s against the Constitution right now where it stands. But they’re talking about getting around it. ”

    GLENN: “Well, I think you are right on the money. I will tell you this in talking to one of my guys who’s deep in the Constitution, he’s saying that she can’t have two offices. That’s the problem. She can’t occupy the two offices and then two different branches, but it’s kind of iffy on that. It’s not really clear. And if she gets rid of her office, then it should be fine. But she couldn’t be a senator and Secretary of State. That’s the real problem there.”

    So JTP, you and Glenn have brought up this scary scenario of Clinton and her lawyers crapping on the constitution so she can be both senator and sec’y of state?

    But then you say that it doesn’t look like she’s actually trying to do that… but if she did, then she’d be trying to find lawyers and judges to help her get around it? WHO THE FUCK is trying to hold on to two seats? WHO THE FUCK is trying to get around it? Clinton? Not a lick of truth to that assertion/implication/insinuation/piece of crap. You are not a responsible journalist/commentator or whatever else you call yourself Glenn. You are a s.h.i.t. stirrer. Cloaking yourself in the good, hardworking American coat. You are an imposter. A Fraud.

    JOE THE PLUMBER: “No, I wouldn’t. You know, I have no problem with her being — well, I don’t want to say that. I mean, you know, will ultimately she become Secretary of State? I don’t question that. It’s just the fact that I believe I was watching Hannity and Colmes. You know, they had one of their guys on there saying that they will get around it and it will be okay. That’s the problem I have is the fact that, you know, if the Constitution gets in the way, they will have a lawyer or judge get around it.”

    And JTP, you are an idiot who has not done his own research on issue one.

    “…and it disgusts me on how often they try to bash her [Palin] just for her sincerity.” False.

    ” It’s just, you know, she really wants to work for America and I mean, I wish people would listen to her and let them, and let her work for us.” Doing what? Championing which causes and platform? If I don’t agree with her, then I don’t want her.

    You know, she wants to serve us. She’s not looking for power.” I will give the benefit of the doubt and not say “False.” But I will say “a-hahahaha!!”

    GLENN: Don’t you think that people would listen to her but between the people in Washington that won’t let go of power and the people in the media that also don’t want to let go of power, they need to destroy her because she’ll destroy their power structure.

    People at home are nodding along to this mess because they believe the messengers. Who here has an FUCKING break? Because I need one.

    JTP “So you know, I see a lot of people out there who would much rather let the state take care of them and screw everybody else. “I want to look out for me.” It’s no longer “I want to look out for my country, I want to look out for my neighbor,” I want to look out for me and only me. Very selfish.”

    The whole conflated capitalism vs. socialism saga is mish-mashed together in this statement of supreme stupidity and irony.

  180. I guess I should quite googleing “who are Margaret and Helen REALLY?”

    If this is legit and I hope it is then they are my heroes.

  181. Wow, $500… raking in the big bucks!! You can almost buy a plane ticket with that.

    Seriously though, glad to see that some parameters are in place to weed out some of the worst haters.

  182. Keep up the good work, Grandson. We love your grandma and her good buddy Margaret. They are real delights to read.


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