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Posted by: Helen Philpot | November 5, 2012

Vote early. Vote often. Just to piss ‘em off.

Margaret, it’s all over now. I’ve said all I can say about these asshats in the Republican Party. The fact that they would prefer to see fewer people voting rather than more should tell us all we need to know. They’re in it for themselves.

But now it’s up to the people. And there are a few Republican Governors who should be ashamed of themselves. Do a little research on Rick Scott and you will quickly find out Florida has a fox in the hen house.

Go out and vote. It’s important. If you don’t vote you’re no better than Scott and his Republican friends in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Their efforts are proof that Romney has never been about 100% of Americans.

I suggest we offer immigration reform in the form of an immigration exchange program. If you are caught trying to suppress or otherwise discourage voters, we can deport you in exchange for an immigrant who wouldn’t dream of taking democracy for granted. I mean it. Really.

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  6. Well my Dears I live in Florida and I am AMAZED that you know all about our ROTTEN Gov. Scott!!! I did work for the Obama campaign and the saddest thing I saw was on election day we all went out 1 last time to help get the votes. Well I worked in a low income ( okay black) neighborhood and there polling place was at least 5 miles as the crow flies. Now in my neighborhood there were 5 yes FIVE in a 2 mile stretch. I was so upset when I was working that neighborhood to learn they had to get over to my neighborhood to vote..WHY?? Okay Mr Scott answer me!! I met this very, very old black woman who chances are her grandparents were slaves, she even had pictures of Mr Obama up on her wall–can you imagine what he means to her? I ended up giving her my Obama button that I had ordered. She held my hands with her very tiny thin ones and just kissed them and thanked me so much, I had tears in my eyes. I then told her grandson to make sure she gets to the polls. See her grandson couldn’t vote because he has a Felony ( for DUI )..now when Gov Christ was in he was changing those to 2 TWO years, but good ole Scott has stopped it. HMMM I wonder why, do you think there might be to many young black men with very simple felony’s that could change the VOTES in FL???? I never knew about this till Election day..I sure learned an awful lot in that neighborhood that day!!!!

  7. Typical liberal bs

  8. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/2012/11/for_the_ages_4.php?ref=fpblg

    To Cynthia: I hope I did this right……….I flipped to faux news immediately and watched Karl Rove meltdown……..It was absolutely beautiful….all that money spent by billionaires and they lost………. YEAH !!!!!!

  9. I’m glad Alan Grayson is back in the House of Representatives. This guy is authentic. We need more like him on our side.


  10. I am shocked, shocked I tell you that UAW hasn’t posted on the board tonight to congratulate President Obama and his supporters! I guess he has to keep his eyes glued on fox news and rightwing web sites to get the newest GOP talking points about the scandalous conspiracy regarding the election.

    Was it just me or did Romney seem HAPPY that he didn’t win?

  11. What I will remember most about this past election season is Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.

    On a more somber note, chances are, in 4 years we will be experiencing the same disappointment the right is feeling right now, so don’t get too comfortable. The battle is far from over.

    A little song to celebrate our win, My Guy.

  12. What with working and caring for my terminally ill husband, I was able to squeeze out only 2 hours at the Obama campaign office, but look what those 2 hours did!

    Noah, you know darn good and well that PA brewed its own election troubles with its state legislative campaign to screw the vote with mandated photo ID for voters with the announced intention that it would definitely end up winning PA for Romney. To hell with all the other voters of any other party, not just the Democrats. You may also have heard how the Republican poll workers had been trained; i.e., to do anything to discourage voters standing in line by giving out false information on voting eligibility despite what the court said. Slow the vote and maybe a good number of people would just drop out of line and go home. As for those guys dressed up as Black Panthers, considering the “pranks” being pulled in the past two years, they may well have been paid actors.

    And Mitch McConnell, professional troglodyte extraordinaire, obviously has not backed down one inch from his bigoted platform of obstructing anything, absolutely anything, that would promote even the most positive Obama legislation. This will hurt McConnell more than the President.

    And say buh-bye to the all white male majority, mostly male, for the Republican Party. They really, really blew it with the parts of the populace that don’t fit the lilly-white construct the party depended on.

  13. I can’t wait to hear your commentary on the election results.

  14. No Cynthia, I don’t watch Fnews, not even to gloat. Hope not to see Carl Rove throw his hissy fit. My daughter called and told me she watched the channel for a while and felt sorry for the bunch.

  15. Suck it , Noah!!!!

  16. Obama WON! Wingnuts REJECTED! Lemonade for everybody!

  17. YAAAAAYYYY!! And all those other ladies: Claire McCaskill, Elisabeth Warren, Tammy Duckworth, and a guy from CT… Chris Murphy. I am beside myself with joy.

    Gato… And, Mageen… Thinking of you, too. I’m sure your husband would be proud…

  18. Hearing Karl Rove threw a hissy fit when he was told Obama won. Anyone see it? Also hear there is a call for a recount in Ohio??? Any one know for sure? No TV in this house.


  19. Yes, we did!! Thanks Helen and Margaret and thanks to all on this porch for the unwavering support for our President. I can breathe easy not worrying that an unneeded war will erupt tomorrow. Should that ever happen, I think much thought and discussion will be put into it. I also hope our Congress will work for this country, leave divisiveness aside and put efforts into ensuring a good future for all our children.

  20. WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Woohoooo!!!!!
    Suck it and die, UAW!!!

  22. Suck it, UAW, suck it!!!!!!!

  23. Finger gnawing night, but I am hopeful. Sorry the House remains in republicans hands. Let’s hope that the president wins reelection tonight. If that should come to pass, I am hopefull that since making the president a one-term president would no longer be their priority, our country our country will once again be at the forefront of our elected officials’ agenda.

  24. Suck it UAW

  25. Yay! Elizabeth Warren won!

  26. Gato, it’s OK… Cull’s clearly been here to bring the humor. No intelligent being would spew that crap unless it were satire. Thanks, Cull. Very funny.

  27. Oh, yeah, Carl… Rape is about “life”…? Rape is about power, dominance, brutality, and subjugation. It’s an F-ing crime in this country; don’t you know that? If you want to go somewhere it’s not, head for the Middle East.

    I left my burkha at the cleaners. Bummer, huh?

    Get off our porch, or we will kick the crap out of you. Really. We mean it. You won’t be happy. And you won’t be able to rape anybody.


  28. Carl – Tell me when you were last raped, and then maybe you’ll be worth hearing. Jerk.


  29. Float the pear! Peace.

  30. If Obama wins he and his supporters have the blood of a million babies on their hands. If you believe in God then rape can be seen as life rather than death. Think about what a gift that is. This election is not valid because the United States kicked God and Jesus out of our highest office and put a Muslim in charge.

  31. There should be NO VOTER INTIMITATION, NO VOTER SUPPRESSION and NO ELECTION FRAUD by either side in this country. Show me your links to what you are accusing these Black Panters of doing. I show you mine although if you have been paying attention outside of Fox, The Blaze, Drudge, Washington Times etc you would know what I am taking about.

    Voter ID is not the solution to the problem. Perhaps when a child is born he/she should be tatooed with a number across their butt. I did not need an ID when I voted today.


  32. Please ignore the pathetic, creepy little troll.

  33. Oooh Nooo! Those Black Panthers intimitating people by just standing there.

    Lets be honest here. They are not just standing there. They are in military outfits carrying weapons. This is the very definition of voter intimidation. If you cannot at least admit that then your opinion isn’t worth anything.

    As for the rest, link your proof or it isn’t true. For the record, any intimidation or any other activity that endangers 1 person 1 vote is bad, no matter which side it is. The fact you are trying to justify the panthers actions based on what someone else did just shows how bias you are.

    Voter ID is absolutely needed. 177 people in Minnesota alone were arrested for casting some 1900 fraudulent votes. Every illegal vote cast disenfranchises a legal voter. If you are truly for honest elections, then you should want to do everything we can to ensure it is so.

  34. HI, Mageen – You have a lot of friends out here. I know we can’t be the same as your husband, but we’re all sending all the support we can. Goddess love ya for getting out there and voting today. If there’s goodness somewhere in the world, and it looks like we might be able to get our hands on it, that’s exactly what we should do. You’re a fine example to all of us, as I’m sure you are to your family and “real life” friends.


  35. Oooh Nooo! Those Black Panthers intimitating people by just standing there. But the True the Vote people and others who selectively challenge voters who may vote Democratic are okay with you, right? Asking for ID in states that legally DO NOT require it is okay with you, right? Giving the wrong polling place information or the wrong date to people is okay with you, right? Knocking people off the roles because you don’t like their name or the way they may vote is okay with you, right? But a couple of black people with GREAT BIG BILLY CLUBS just standing there are wrong, right? Really???? Noah, STFUYFA and go spread your doom and gloom bullshit somewhere else!


  36. Oh, my goodness, sir…! When the butler brought me your message, I dropped my lorgnette and had to call for my lady’s maid to loosen my corset and bring me some smelling salts… Im afraid your news has brought on a severe case of the vapors…! I’m quite sure I won’t have the strength to appear at His Lordship’s dinner this evening. Please do understand… And ask Cook to bring me some broth and a bit of the 1874 brandy from the cellar.


  37. Good people gathered on the porch, many thanks for your kind thoughts. This is the first of many firsts for me but I know I am not alone. My precinct turned out in force today and swamped the little elementary school. People were in line at 4 AM!!! There was no let-up at 9:40 and I did the endless shuffle dance for an hour before I got to vote. When I left there were even more people in a growing line outside the school. I live in a working class neighborhood. The really gorgeous new big houses you see around me were once little places on slabs. They were bought up by industrious people and rebuilt. Our neighborhood is looking better and better.

    Now, must have pie!

  38. Hanky panky……your in the wrong board dude (or child). So why don’t you run along now before your ignorance gets us mad. You wouldn’t like us when we’re mad. Really.

  39. Annie in Maine…how does Yes on 1 look?

  40. Woman shouldn’t have the right to vote. God created them to have children.

  41. FOUR MORE YEARS! Time to finish what we started and continue moving this country FORWARD! Keep calling everyone you can and encourage them to re-elect President Obama.

  42. Forward together…

    Keep calling, keep knocking on doors, keep shuttling to the polls my friends! Fight hard…

    Mageen I’m so so so sorry … Sending love and light your way. xo

  43. Hank, you’re stupid because you don’t seem to know who created this “mess.”

    Stupid? This still middle school here? No Obama didn’t create it. Chris Dodd and Barney Frank did. Obama just continued it and perpetuated it in his own way.

  44. Hank, you’re stupid because you don’t seem to know who created this “mess.” Here’s a newsflash–it wasn’t President Obama.

  45. No, JC, not yet… But I do see we’ve received our first “excuse,” from Hank…

    If Obama wins, it’s because of Sandy. This will undoubtedly soon be followed (in no particular order) by:

    Voter fraud
    Declining moral fiber of the Nation
    Influence of secret Kenyan Muslims
    George Soros
    Media bias (left-wing liberals… You know, like Rupert Murdoch)
    the French
    Black Panthers with billy clubs attacking voters
    Rabid feministas
    College professors
    The 47% voting for more government handouts
    And so on…


  46. Oh Mageen, so very sorry! Sending every kind of good thought and positive energy your way and will lift you up in any way I can. And I voted at 7:08 this morning our time, thus canceling old UAW’s vote for the dark side, WHOOP!

  47. Anybody have an idea how things are going yet?

  48. If Obama wins it will be because the storm shifted the country’s attention away from the mess he put us in. Romney is the man this country needs. You democrats are going to cause the country to crash and burn. You all are too stupid to see that Obama is bad for this country. Romney is a God send!

  49. The title says it all, advocating cheating at the polls. Interesting the Black Panther party is out with the billy clubs again intimidating voters. It is also interesting in the same state that Democrats in charge of voting are barring any GOP from being in the voting areas, kicking some 75 out. Are these the actions of an honest people?

  50. Mageen, words can’t express my shock even though you tried to prepare us. We though we knew your husband, through you. Please accept my sincere condolences.

  51. Mageen, I’m so so sorry about the loss of your husband. I wish you the strength and courage you’ll need to adjust to your loss and changed life.
    I’m thinking of my mom that I just lost in September…I helped her vote for Obama in 2008 and I’ll be voting for the both of us when I vote for him again today.

  52. Just got back from voting and I am fuming!

    As I began to park in front of the Mittens party, I realized I was about to take a handicap spot. When I realized my mistake, one of the sign holders spoke up and said “go ahead, it’s ok!” then moved his sign over the marking sign. I looked this man dead in the eye and said “No! It’s wrong, besides, I’m betting one of the 47% needs this spot. I’m a 47%er too but I’m not lazy and I’m NOT looking for any handouts!”

    Buttheads! GOOOOO VOTE and keep the Buttheads out of the White House!

  53. Jsri……..great job!! What these rightwing poll watchers are taught to do is to take a picture of people who are coming to vote if they notice a Obama sticker on their bumper, then they are to send the picture to someone they are working with inside, and that person will try to question your right to vote and intimidate you. Your actions made my day, thank you!

  54. While walking up to the voting station this morning, I saw a young woman taking taking cell phone pictures of arriving voters. I walked up behind her, startled the hell out of her, and asked what right she had taking pictures of potential voters. .She mumbled that she was with “mumble, mumble voter awareness” or something like that. Although I managed to control my language I told her very calmly that if she tried to take a picture of my wife or me her phone would find itself in a place where daylight seldom penetrates.
    She wasn’t around when we exited from the voting station an hour later but I suspect that whatever mischief she was up to was already finished..

  55. I have my “I Voted” sticker and am pleased to say that our quite liberal district is out in force today. The lines were longer than I’ve ever seen them and every one seemed to be in a good mood. It took five minutes to vote but more than an hour in the line. Makes hard on all the “oldies” like us in the crowd but I didn’t see anyone turn away.

    GO President Obama!!!

  56. I have just returned from casting my vote. I hope and trust all of you have or will do the same. I am confident of the outcome. I support our President. And I think he governs by the same philosophy as a former great president whom he strives to emulate. This is the true spirit of our Founders, our nation and our future. I am sharing that former great president’s words here as an inspiration and reminder for us all:

    “This is essentially a People’s contest. On the side of the Union, it is a struggle for maintaining in the world, that form, and substance of government, whose leading object is, to elevate the condition of men – to lift artificial weights from all shoulders – to clear the paths of laudable pursuit for all – to afford all, an unfettered start, and a fair chance, in the race of life. Yielding to partial, and temporary departures, from necessity, this is the leading object of the government for whose existence we contend,”
    – Abraham Lincoln, Special Message to the People of the United States, July 4, 1861.

  57. Thank you Canada and the rest of the world for being able to see clearly without the venom of hate, the filth of billionaire’s money and the lying Media, who this Jackhole romney and the baggers really are.

    Thank you Helen and Margaret for using your humor and your intelligence. You do make a difference. Don’t stop after this election. There is so much more to do and another election in 2014 at the mid-terms. I hope by then the hate mongering Nazi Koch brothers have met their maker ( in hell) .

    Loving your immigration exchange program !!!!


    So our only “friends” on the world stage, with a Romney presidency, would be Pakistan… And Israel (although not in the survey). That sounds really promising, huh?


  59. Condolences, Mageen in Old Virginny. We’re fired up and ready to VOTE!!!

  60. Mageen,
    I am so sorry about your loss. Please know you and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers. It was a good fight, fought bravely. He is at peace now. Bless you both.
    Our votes were sent in last week. Six more for Obama. I am on pins and needles, I keep telling my husband that for him, it does not matter either way, but for me, as a woman it is the most important vote I have EVER made. If Obama looses, we become second class citizens at the mercy of men and our wombs.
    Go PBO!!!!

  61. We are the world….we are the people…….

    ”If the world could vote for a U.S. president this week, the outcome would be less than a thriller. Several polls indicate the overwhelming majority of people outside of the U.S. would vote for Barack Obama if they had the chance.”


    @Margie James – Will join you in that big ole shout out and ……!!!!


  62. ((((Mageen)))) – so sorry to learn of the passing of your husband. His fight is over and is at peace now.

  63. Sorry, Robert! Guess you’re not “Robert G”…

    Gato (you can still have the “b’vrakha”…)

  64. My precinct always gets the most broken down optical scanners they can find, and as few voting booths, and ballots as possible. ( I wonder why?) There will be none of that B.S. for me this election. The President suggested that we vote early, so I made sure everyone in my household did so. Smart guy, our President, not only is it more convenient,it also gives me more time to help out with the final campaign push. I like to give a big shout out, and a big old FU, to FL Gov Rick Scott, Ohio SOS Jon Husted, and MI SOS Ruth Johnson for keeping me fired up and ready to go. Four more years for PBO because hell, he deserves it!

  65. Never mind, I see there’s another Robert now..

  66. Gato, I never said that? What are you referring to?

  67. Hi, Robert – Where did you get ever that “Obama has nothing but disdain for Jews” idea? I live in a primarily Jewish community; my ex-husband is a Jew. I don’t know a single Jew who feels as you do… OR one who would ever dream of voting for Romney!



  68. Huh? But Obama has nothing but disdain for Jews. This video would have been so much more “cute” if it had been done by some Palestinians or maybe Ahmadinejad calling a pretend old person

  69. Mageen……..my heart goes out to you for the loss of your husband. I was at my fathers side when he passed after a 6 month battle with kidney cancer. Cancer is an evil, evil illness, it not only effects the person in its grasp, the entire family suffers. Evil evil evil.

  70. Dear Mageen,
    I, too, am sorry to learn of the loss of your husband. And bless you for voting for the two of you…


  71. I early voted for the right choice, Obama. I am also in Florida and appreciated your comment about Scott. We were picketing pink slip Rick a while ago as I am not a fan. thank you for your blog. I have shared it with many. I always look forward to hear what you have to say.

  72. you are absolutely wonderful to read. i love to start my day reading your posts! keep up the good work. went to vote early this a.m. hope our candidate wins. you are right about rick scott–i live here!

  73. Luv you gals, M&H. Keep ‘em comin’.
    delurkergurl 11/5/12 @ 8:31 PM

    I saw a list recently of things the Republican senators have filibustered, even things they are in favor of.

    Does this help?

    The Republicans’ Unprecedented Obstructionism by the Numbers

    Vote early. Vote often. Vote for revenge! ;)

    PEACE ~ Δ

  74. I would give anything to see Margaret & Helen sitting on the CNN Election Results panel tonight! You two are amazing!!!

  75. On inauguration day, Obama vowed to serve and defend this country. That same day, Republicans vowed to make Obama a failure.

    What did the Obama administration accomplish in his first term?


  76. (((Mageen))), I am so sorry. I did not know your husband but in my mind I picture him being as wonderful as you deserve, which puts him way up there in my book. I pray for comfort and strength for you, dear lady.

  77. Oppress women through the law. Lasts longer than a roofie!

  78. (((Mageen!)))

    Thank you Helen and Margaret for having us all in- especially these last few weeks of craziness.

  79. Will be voting as soon as I get the frost of the windshield! My husband of 44 years passed away on Nov. 1 from cancer that left his mental capacity unable to register for absentee but before that happened he definitely told me he favored Obama. Frankly, when I vote today it will be for both of us. Will not tolerate any slackers today! Get out there, people! Vote your ass off!

  80. Help get out the Jewish vote! Watch and share this cute video –> http://callyourzeyde.org/

  81. As an onlooker from Canada, I have so enjoyed reading Helen & Margaret’s view from there … Good luck Obama ! …. from here !

  82. Your video is weak at best. Very misleading and such a pathetic attempt to equate what is happening in Florida and Ohio.

  83. How about we get rid of all cheaters including these:


  84. I have everything crossed, fingers, toes, legs and ankles, will be so happy when they announce President Obama as the winner tomorrow night. Thank you both for your wonderful post, xo

  85. Best wishes to you, Helen & Margaret, and to all you bundled-up folks standing in line to cast your votes!

    I voted by absentee ballot which I mailed Oct. 22. It should be there in plenty of time, as the average letter takes 10 days from South Korea to Maine, 14 time-zones east of us. (I *did* send it registered mail! Figured the intimidation factor was worth the Korean equivalent of 3 bucks.)

  86. Sending both of you my love for being a bright spot in this long, tortuous campaign. Sending prayers to our President for a big win (so we don’t have to listen the the GOP whine tooooo much) and for strength for him to continue down the road he has been filling the holes in the last 4 years, and get the country all the way to a safer, saner, healthier, kinder, more secure nation.

  87. In the lead-up to election day, polls were reported with their accompanying “margins of error”. Tomorrow night, the actual vote totals and electoral college projections will have to be tempered with a corresponding “margin of suppression”.

  88. Hi, Sidney – You and your girls go! Goddess bless you all… They’re lucky to have you… And you, them. Gato

  89. Bo, that’s on a lot of people’s minds. I wonder how Nate Silver’s method of analysis takes into account the potential of a Katherine Harris type environment in all the key states? We know darn well the rightwing wants to destroy Nate Silver and his methods.

  90. Thank you Helen and Margaret for the sanity in this election season. You have given us a place to find others who think as we do and vent our frustrations. We needed you and we appreciate it!

    For those of you who live in the hot/cold climates consider bringing extra water or hot chocolate, a bag of snacks, lifesavers….if the lines are long. Make sure your cell phone is charged. Don’t let them intimidate you. Google “voter intimidation at polling place” for more information. Know your rights before you go.

    Good Luck!

  91. My husband and I voted 2 weeks ago. Our college kids voted by absentee ballot before that, so we’ve done what we can. I’m just glad I don’t have to stand in line tomorrow!

  92. Yet another reason not to vote for Mittwit, a blog post entitled An Open Letter to Women Concerning Roe v. Wade: http://whativebeenthinkingabout.wordpress.com/
    Thanks, M&H, for your unceasing efforts to keep it real.

  93. Thank you for your contributions to this political dialogue, Helen. You are a joy to read, and your candor is the essence of our political right of the freedom of speech! Thank you for speaking on our behalf and on behalf of our va-jay-jays. Let the best man win! GO OBAMA!!!

  94. Thanks to M & H and MOST of you posters here for helping us through a yucky election season! Let’s hope we are all celebrating Obama’s victory tomorrow night.

  95. So proud of my girls who are all Obama supporters. My youngest turned 18 on Sunday, 4 years ago she knew that she would be able to vote this year, so she registered 3 weeks ago. I will be going with her tommorrow morning so she can cast her vote. We live in Florida and I want to make sure that nobody try’s to jerk her around or intimidate her. She knows what is riding on this election and she is so looking foward to casting her vote.

  96. Quite a few of us here in Ireland are praying you get your wish!!! I love your blogs and have laughed so much about them. To quote Will and Grace – It’s funny, because it’s true! Fair play to you, ladies!! Looking forward to celebrating with you!! Many thanks from the bottom of our hearts and best wished – for now and always!

  97. The popular vote will go to Obama, but the electoral vote? Depends, doesn’t it? sheeesh!

  98. You girls warm my heart, please keep up the good works. Regardless of how the elections turn out. Kharma will take care of the evil doers. I may not get to see it. It may be another day, another way. But kharma will prevail.

  99. We voted for Obama last week. I hope there is still a good turnout four him tomorrow!!!! Keep writing Margaret. I love this blog. Get a facebook too.

  100. Helen, my you be especially happy with the results after we all vote. Please keep writing. I mean it. Really.

  101. Margaret, my you be happy with the results after we all vote. Please keep writing. I mean it. Really.

  102. I adore Helen! Helen for President!

  103. I saw a list recently of things the Republican senators have filibustered, even things they are in favor of. Does anyone know what I mean or where I saw it?

  104. Yes, I am afraid that the ghost of Katherine Harris may end up haunting this election just as she did the 2000 post-election fiasco. The GOPers have become even more brazen in their voter suppression schemes this time around . . . I think it is a clear indication of desperation and that they know The Mittwit is going to lose if all votes are counted.

  105. I will be casting my vote against Mitt Rmoney and Lyin’ Ryan tomorrow morning, bright and early. It will be freezing cold and could take a while but I don’t care. I can’t wait for this to be over. Ah, to be able to answer the phone again! Sadly, the last minute shenanigans could drag this out a while. Why isn’t election reform a priority until the last few months before an election? Is it too much to ask to implement reform with enough time to avoid disenfranchisement of legitimate voters? One has to wonder about the timing.

    My business trip to NJ tomorrow was cancelled because of the storm damage. I’m relieved and glad that I won’t be using gas someone else needs and using a warm hotel room someone else wants. I’m also glad I won’t be worrying about getting back home when the next storm rolls in later this week.

  106. Scott spent over 70 million dollars to buy the election…our only hope is to SINK him in the next election…

  107. Thank you Helen! I thank you so much in behalf of all people who yearn for truth and justice for all. It is disheartening to learn that in the land of freemdom and liberty, people are not able to speak their mind a make their own informed choice at the voting booth. If corruption and voter suppression are to be resorted to in order for one party to win, I believe that we are descending into the abyss. What about knowing within your own self that without cheating you would not have won? I would most certainly hang my head in shame if I were such a candidate and the beneficiary of such unspeakable actions. Here is hoping that truth will win over darkness. Thanks again Helen and Margaret for this election season! You have done the best you could for all of us, regardless of persuasion.

  108. I would be more than happy to help escort those who are trying to suppress voting onto the planes.

  109. You go, girls!

  110. Yes! Particularly, if you live in a swing state. YOU will make or break this election. I hear some of the early voting lines were 6 hours long in Ohio. Stand that with your good coat on so you don’t freeze. But, DO NOT leave. Make sure you pull that lever for our president!

  111. LOL. You rock!!!!

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