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Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 18, 2012

Herman and Eddie Munster were better when they were in Black and White


Margaret, I can’t imagine that there are many, but if a woman still plans to vote for Mitt Romney chances are she owns a car elevator. I am sure there are a few exceptions to that rule, and I imagine they will leave a comment here soon enough. I’ll keep their head shots in a binder so we can talk about them later.

Everybody is still talking about Mitt’s binder full of women. It makes for a good sound bite, I guess. But look past the sound bite and you’ll really get a good glimpse of the man.

In Mitt’s world, a woman trying to get ahead in her career simply needs a flexible schedule to be home for dinner and bedtime. Sadly, I think he actually believes that. He also says that every woman should have access to contraception, but he supports the Blunt Amendment and the defunding of Planned Parenthood where the vast majority of low-income or uninsured women get contraception. Just to prove how much he believes women should have access, he picked a running mate who neither believes in birth control nor a woman’s right to choose abortion for any reason. When it comes to women’s rights, Ryan believes the Catholic Church got it right. Rhythm method anyone?

Exactly what decade are these guys living in? And just how far back will they take us if elected? They remind me a little of Herman and Eddie Munster. In fact, if you glance at a picture of Mitt’s dad, George, you’ll see a resemblance to Grandpa as well. The Munsters might have been popular when TV shows were still in black and white, but by today’s standards they lack color and there’s a reason we call them reruns. But I digress…

If you paid really close attention you might have also picked up on Mitt’s solution to the problem with assault weapons… I mean hunting rifles. (Sorry NRA) He blamed part of the problem on single mothers. You might find that too bizarre to be true but he actually shares that opinion with others. Mitt World is a crazy place, but he doesn’t live there alone. He is joined by the New York Times Biggest Footed List author, Ann Coulter. I kid you not. She too blames mass murderers with assault rifles on single mothers..

Also In Mitt World, children of illegal immigrants are simply soldiers for the wars he wants to start with Russia, Iran and now China. I mean honestly, Margaret, how much more proof do you need that this guy is a complete jackass? He plodded around that debate stage (a little like Herman Munster I might add) and then looked right into the camera and said those children are not welcome to stay here unless they are willing to take a bullet for him. After all, somebody has to protect the fortune he’s leaving to his sons – all of whom seem like they were quite capable of joining the Army if you ask me. In fact, if even one of his five sons actually had served, he might fool a few more people into thinking that he really is from Mexico. But according to Mitt, his sons are serving their country “by helping their Dad get elected.” Seems a bit self-serving, but what do I know? I’m just an old woman with a grandson and a nephew in Afghanistan.

But again, let’s not stop at the sound bite. Let’s really dig into that one. He also said that if you are smart enough to get a high-paying job you can get a green card and stay. So basically there is nothing honorable about serving in the military. It’s just a consolation prize for being poor… and stupid, I guess.

The Mitt who showed up to the debate this week is the same one who has been showing up in politics for years – the one who will say anything to get elected. Well. I’m done. I’ve seen and heard quite enough and I am voting for President Obama. Anyone in a swing state want to trade votes with me?

The Republicans say that Obama can’t run on his record. Really? You want to talk about records? Mitt Romney was born wealthy, married wealthy and will most likely die wealthy. Bully for him. The other guy is black man born in America in 1961 to a single white woman. He went on to become President of the United States. I’d say there’s no contest. Thanks to Republicans, Obama inherited the biggest mess since the great depression and in his first year in office prevented a total economic meltdown.

As for Mitt’s record – he was a bully in high school and got pretty upset when his father wasn’t elected President. At the age of 46 he was bored with making more money so he decided to become a Republican simply to challenge Ted Kennedy for the Senate. By the way, he claimed that he was more Pro-Choice than Teddy. He lost. Then he spent millions of his own fortune to get himself elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002. Four years later he left with an approval rating so low he ranked 48 out of the 50 Governors. Most of the middle class in Massachusetts got frustrated with his taxes which Mitt called fees – license fees, gun fees, gas fees, college fees… He left with a 38% approval rating. And for the record, Massachusetts’ reputation for having great public schools was in place long before Mitt became Governor. Of course, what he won’t tell you is that record is largely due to academic achievements of the predominantly white, affluent population in the state. If you are a minority, your kids might fare better in say… Maryland. And if you pay attention to high school graduation rates, seven other states rank above Mass. Candy Crowley tried, but she could only fact-check so much while being yelled at.

I know no one wants to drag up George Bush’s name because what’s done is done. Lord knows I would like to forget him. But I take issue when Mitt and the Republicans try to blame all of Bush’s problems on the black guy who moved into the neighborhood. I say bullshit. Mitt Romney is George Bush all over again – same song, second verse. I mean it. Really.


Good lord. I remember when Mitt’s father ran for President. Could we maybe find someone whose father is just a simple man who hopes his daughter might one day grow up to be President?

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  6. I think the President hit it on the had last night when he said, to mr.changehismindallatime, we don’t have as many horses or swords as we used to either…or words to that affect.
    In the 50′s, I was ‘the’ stay-at-home mom (my youngest ‘child’ is 56) and that was the norm then. Papa went out to slay the dragons and Momma stayed home to tend the hearth. Frankly I thought, and still think, that made for happier,healthier homes but I do recognize that times have changed somewhat and now Mom has to go out to work as well. Siiiigh

  7. Actually I’d take the heads in the sand image a little further. I see them as having both feet in their mouths and their heads up the behinds, to put it ladylike! It’s a wonder they can even talk being in that pretzel type position but it does explain their remarks.

  8. Just a share with y’all. My buddy designed a bumper sticker. There are 250 of them in our area.
    for the women in my life

  9. I have given up paying a whole lot of attention to the ridiculous claims made. Rape cannot result in pregnancy, women need flexible schedules so they can get home to cook dinner, binders (did you see Bic pens for women…at higher prices?), and Anne’s question to the audience…we are all mothers, daughters (etc), right? It’s all part of the yesteryear mentality of the Repuglicans. A bunch of head-in-the-sand morons. argggggggggggggh

  10. I have my issues with Obama (drones, GMO food labeling) but I find the thought of Willard becoming president truly terrifying. I really can’t wrap my head around that and I hope I won’t have to. Not only does he lie, all the time, he just doesn’t get it. He never will “get” normal people. The idea that single mothers are responsible for mass shootings still angers me and I am glad you brought it up. No one ever talks about what those shooters have in common…legal drugs. Really almost all were on a combination of or recently weened from prescription pain, sleeping, psychiatric drugs. There are real side-effects to those drugs, they make crazy people even crazier sometimes.

  11. Puts me in mind of something Golda Meir said. She told reporters that when the Palestinians love their children more than they hate us, there would be peace.

  12. Penny, I’m a grandma and I have to agree with you. I also have a bumper sticker that says “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, The world will know peace”. After all didn’t Jesus say, “Love your enemies” to which someone else added, “It will drive them crazy!” – Terry

  13. Why were they not yapping about the security breach of 911?


  14. When the other side is picking on Libya – where were they when there was that faaaaaar more serious security breach known as 911?


  15. Hi, Penny – And goddess bless the grandmothers! I’m about to hit sixty-nine, and have just one “actual” step-granddaughter, but all my great women friends are grandmother-wannabes in heart and spirit, like myself… In fact, my dearest soul sister is absolutely convinced that the grandmothers are hard at work right this minute, trying to bring us all back to our senses, and our reverence… And I think she’s right. It may be that they’re doing some of their finest work right here on M&H!

    RE: The “limbs” thing… I made a smarty-pants reply to one of the anonymous posters here who evidently made a typo with his contention that not all women are “limbs”, when I think he meant to say “libs.” Most of us M&H fans are wiser than I am, and don’t reply at all to trollish posts, but I just couldn’t let that opportunity go by. So that’s the explanation, from my point of view, anyway. And I thought there was something funny about being considered a “limb”!

    Hope you’ll keep posting… And check out my new blog at the address below.



  16. On October 19th, Gatodicima commented on women being limbs. I must have missed something. Could you explain? I am also an old woman, 82, who speaks out and adore each and every letter you Crones write. Yeaaaaaaaay for us. The native American says there will be peace when the world listens to the grand mothers.

  17. Women in the swing states still don’t like the new Romney model, especially after seeing it malfuction on Wedsday evening. Can you imagine the mess it would leave on your carpet if you brought that thing home? The MSM can trumpet Gallup’s national poll all they want, we aint buying.

  18. love, love, love you both

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  20. I know you’ve moved on, but do you know the joke about the rhythm method?
    Q: What do you call women who use the rhythm method as their only form of birth control?
    A: Mothers

  21. I’ve never seen a single woman who is “not a limb”, not even in the check-out line at my local Stop & Shop, not in sixty-eight years. My husband says he hasn’t, either. Where are all those “not a limb” women hiding out?


  22. Chris Stevens was killed at the Consulate in Benghazi, which is 400 miles away from the Embassy in Tripoli. Additional security at the Embassy wouldn’t have saved him.

  23. The upload didn’t post for some reason…I’ll try again.

  24. Just had to share this with all of you – pretty sure you’ll appreciate the humor!

  25. I wish the people who are asking questions about the Benghazi situation would just come out and say what they are trying to get at. Do you think Obama is glad someone killed our ambassador and three other Americans? Do you think he is psychic and knew what was going to happen and then he just stood by? Do you think he is personally overseeing security at our 2,000 or so embassies around the world? Or are you just looking for an excuse, any excuse, even someone’s death, to score political points??

  26. UAW, how do you explain that Reps. Issa and Chafetz (R), both trying to place the blame on the President, voted to cut the State Department’s embassy security budget in both 2010 and 2011?


  27. GPS up date; there are many millions of women who are not limbs and do not buy into your views.

  28. Must be the gene pool –

    “The private equity firm run by Tagg Romney—Mitt’s eldest son, who is now taking a leadership role in guiding his father’s presidential campaign—misled reporters last year about its involvement with a company run by men accused of taking part in a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.”….



  29. I just watched a video of Obama speaking at the Alfred E. Smith dinner last night in NYC. Everytime the camera caught Mitt and Ann they had sour, dour, pinched looks on their faces. Neither of them seems to have the capacity to be gracious at all. I really don’t like those two.

  30. but Gato…
    they asked for more security and were told no…..

    Libya Embassy Security Officer: Obama’s security strategy was ‘hope’


  31. Hi, Easier – I may have already mentioned this, but never mind if I have. From what I’ve read about Ambassador Stevens, he loved the Libyan people, and was often out among them. He spoke their language, respected their culture, and knew many of them well. I doubt that he ever wanted our Embassy, on his watch, to be an armed fortress. In short, he seems to have been exactly what an Ambassador should be, IMHO. Many Libyans grieved his death.

    The R/R constant nagging about this says much about their “foreign policy” position: That we should be a giant impenetrable and arrogant monolith, wherever we are, fully armed and ready to kill. I don’t think that’s what Ambassador Stevens ever intended to be, and that’s evidently not how he conducted himself or how he ran his/our Embassy.

    Those who killed him are to blame for his death, and for the death of the others who died in service to our Country. Nobody else. Period.



  32. I usually agree with everything you say, but as a long term resident of MA who sent her kids thru public school I think you have a wrong idea of what an affluent school system in MA is about. First of all, MA is now a VERY diverse state with populations from all over the world. Seconf, you forgot METCO, a program that busses from the inner city to suburban schools to further aid in diversity.

    Mitt did screw the public schools, but because of Prop 2.5, towns couldn’t raise taxes without voting an override. Mitt did change the state curriculum and standardized tests, both of which screwed the schools. But Mitt’s single worst attack on public schools was to cut and cut mental health services (now nonexistant) so kids that needed help for drug and mental illness were ignored and allowed to disrupt classes.

  33. Polls and pensions! My stars and garters! First of all, the majority of polls anyone saw are OLD. The bulk of them were done just before the 2nd debate. Where Mittens is polling well is among old white men in the deep South. That’s it. Let him have MS and LA. Obama has already taken the states he needs for electoral votes. When it comes to pensions, especially pension plans attached to a job, the whole shebang is already set up and running before you are even”hired”. Some plans have been running so long that they no longer have the basic information one would ask for concerning the individual planks in the plan. It may even be necessary to hire someone to do all the digigng to discover the “moral” side of the investments. The point here is that Obama did not deliberately with aforethought invest in China via the Caimans whereas Mitt most certainly did. The fact that Mitt has not devested himself shows that he still does not know the job description for President of the United States and the president of a vulture capitalism company and if elected will continue on with his old Bain-ity.

  34. Love you two, xo

  35. I think it’s just awful that fact-checkers aren’t setting off alarms all throughout the debates, or at least running facts at the bottom of the TV screens on both candidates. People who only hear Fox News obviously watch Rob-Me in all his eloquence and have no idea how many lies he just told them. I also think that anyone who votes for wars should first be willing to send a loved one to harm’s way. It makes me sick this evening listening to Lawrence O’Donnell explaining how Rob-Me and ALL of his sons weasled their way out of serving in the military because they are, after all, Romney’s. And furthermore, I am so sick over these polls, I can’t stand it. I think I’m going to fix myself a strong drink.

  36. Hey, Riley – And then there’s the high-functioning Asperber’s person, at the top of the autistic scale. Someone who can’t quite get the social signals from someone else. Can’t empathize. Can’t quite get what someone else is saying, or meaning, and does his darndest to get there with them. Makes his best effort. And then might have to go somewhere else, talking about how the trees are all the right size, and how much he loves cars, in an effort to make that connection, god bless, when he realizes he is somewhere where there are both trees and cars.

    It’s a real burden, and, lord knows, people try hard to work around this, and many do very well. (A dear friend has an Aspie son, who’s about to graduate from college with an aeronautical engineering degree, thanks to his parents’ getting him plenty of special tutoring, and to his own great efforts.)

    But that kid is not running for President, and he never would. He’s going to have a great life, accepting his challenges, and working with them.

    I’ve never quite figured out anything that makes sense about why Romney is doing this. His own party doesn’t even seem to like him much. He seems to just hate doing all the stuff he’s been asked to do, by his Church, and by his big money donors. And they don’t seem to always agree. among themselves, about what they want him to do. He’s got to answer to them all. Talk about conflict!

    I think he’d just really prefer to be left alone, to spend his time with his lovely Ann, and their many strapping boys, none of whom has ever left this country to serve it in sand and misery, and all the grandkids. We should let him do that, don’t you think?



  37. Hey Gato! Hope your prescription works! :) In a perfect world, the President would be way ahead in the polls because things have gotten better, all economic indicators are pointing to that fact. Next Monday, I hope the President closes the deal. Mitt will come back with the subject of Libya next week, I know. They will prep him well to say what he failed to say on Tuesday. I hope the President has an equally good answer. Intelligence sometimes fails, as simple as that. The President does not live in Libya, and even if he did, the terrorists were not going to let him in on the fact that they were going to attack the embassy. In addition, that stupid movie was also out there, muddling things. Embassies have been attacked before, other targets have been attacked under every President. So, why is it that this President is supposed to have been a psychic, that would have foreseen this event? People lost their lives in the service to this country. We are not honoring their memory trying to find the President guilty of their murder.

    In my view, CNN wanting to be right after using somebody’s private diary and revealing his private fears has held on to this story and fanned the flames. They should be ashamed. I never felt the need to hold any administration responsible when attacks happened on foreign soil because most of those things are outside of the control of even our intelligence services, as great as they are. I am thoroughly disgusted about this subject, about the way the press has handled it. There was a lot of confusion around that time. Let the administration sort things out. How something is qualified at the moment of an attack may change after facts are sorted out. Why is that so difficult to understand?

  38. I too want to give my thanks for your blog. It is one of the few bright spots on our political landscape. I am extremely terrified about our upcoming election. If the polls are indeed correct (and I am skeptical of our press), the fact that the duo team of a narcissist (Ryan) and a psychopath (Romney) even have a chance to lead our country is truly frightening.

    Just for kicks: According to the Psychopathy Checklist – Revised, the characteristics of a psychopath include superficial charm, a grandiose sense of self-worth, manipulative behavior, lack of empathy, impulsivity, shallow affect, failure to accept responsibility, and a lack of realistic long-term goals. Other than the lack of realistic goals, this seems to fit with what I’ve seen and heard of Romney.

  39. Hey, Easier… Dang. i think that, for some reason, we just don’t stand up on our hind legs and scream, at the top of our goddess-given lungs, “You are a lier! A real lier! And everything you say is a LIE!”

    That “good girl” thing kicks in, and we feel we’re going to be somehow safer if we just behave nicely. I don’t think we really get the enormity of our own power. But, thank heavens, we have M&H right out there, saying they don’t give a flying F, and they call it like it is. And all us us porch sitters are going to get right up there and do that, with them, aren’t we?

    Howl like the woman you are.

    And think about calling yourself “Harder,” from this moment forward. I will not be ruled any further by some group of doughy white guys, and i don’t think you will be, either.



  40. Check out Romney & Ryan As The New Munsters.

  41. Helen and Margaret, thanks so much for helping us keep our heads up. The pols are getting me depressed. I can’t believe what the people are seeing in Mitt. Most of the time, I just want to scream at the TV. Is the press so bought that they all are choosing to ignore his many different positions on so many different issues? They are matters of record and it should be news that someone who likes to just float with the winds would be pursuing a job that requires steadafastness and steady hands. We want to trust our children’s futures to someone like that and it is okay? What is wrong with us?

  42. Thanks, Sidney… Meant to say that myself!!

    Been a while since we’ve heard from under the porch.. Going to check out the rest. Lemonade, anyone?


  43. just saw the link you posted–thank you. However, that article is premised on the notion that Romney actually “left” Bain in 1999. I think it’s been subsequently and very clearly shown from the Bain SEC filings that he did not. Of course, one could determine the answer from the tax returns–but Romney won’t release them.

  44. Hi, UAW. I was not weighing in on your views about abortion–I don’t think I ever heard what they were. It’s just that Romney keeps carrying on about how pro-life he (now) is.

    The blind trust issue is an interesting one. The trustee is Romney’s personal lawyer and close friend. He is not independent. What is interesting is that his ethical duties to a client would require him to disclose any information to Romney that could affect Romney’s interests (i.e., pretty much anything). There is no duty on the part of a “blind trustee” that is comparable, so the attorney/client duty would trump it. This is wny a true “blind trust” would be with an institution, not one’s personal lawyer. So calling this a “blind trust” is a misnomer.

    By the way, even Romney claimed that blind trusts were b.s. and can be easily circumvented. He did so when running against Ted Kennedy.

    Returning to Stericycle, it has been a huge issue for the pro life community. Pickets, attempted boycotts, etc. My point is simply that Romney claims one thing and, when it comes to making money, throws those sentiments out the window.

  45. and some more on stericycle….


  46. and…
    “And, of course, this was a situation in which Obama was not making the decision about which fund to invest in–your own link makes that clear.”
    and Romney’s is in a blind trust…something he can’t control…..
    so if one is guilty of impropriety isn’t the other????? Just saying…..

  47. sorry Donna but you seem to think that I’m prolife….wrong again…..as long as that company followed all the laws I have no problem….do you have a problem with disposing of medical waste…..
    I quit smoking in 2004 but still own Altria….it pays a good dividend…..
    So what’s the problem with Romney and Stericycle……
    are you saying that Romney can’t do something that Obama does ……
    or is this just some political BS that you are fooled into thinking will change the inevitable outcome…..

  48. by the way, UAW–if you have investments in mutual funds, do you know what the funds invest in? I don’t and I think I’m pretty savvy and informed. I believe that to know that, you’d have to get the funds’ prospectus and disclosure of every investment. And, of course, this was a situation in which Obama was not making the decision about which fund to invest in–your own link makes that clear.

  49. Hi, UAW–I can answer the question about the President. He has a small pension from when he was an Ilinois state senator. It has roughly 50-100,000 in it, which is invested in mutual funds. Some of those funds invest in foreign companies, including in China. It is a very small amount of money, indirect ownership, and the investments were not directed by Obama at all.

    You may also be interested to see the news today about the extent to which Mr. and Mrs. Romney made at least $15 million from the auto bailout–the one that Mr. Romney and his running mate claim was so immoral. And, of course, the newly pro life Romney fails to disclose his investment in Stericycle, which disposes of medical waste, including aborted fetuses. Apparently Mr. Romney will make money in any way possible.

    Facts are our friends, dear UAW.

  50. What’s the matter Sidney….
    Are you upset that Obama has money invested overseas or his pension is through the Cayman Islands………..

  51. HI Sidney…..

  52. Hey UAW………why don’t you go F yourself.

  53. hey Gato…what are you babbling about…..
    “disenfranchised, discouraged, unemployed, fueled by religious fundamentalism, and packing plenty of firepower.”
    are you talking about conservatives or about the liberals that are advocating riots if Romney wins…..(what liberal is fueled by religion????)

    I myself want to know more about the offshore accounts and foriegn companies Obama is invested in…..


  54. Again and again Romney returns to “you’ve had four years to fix it and you haven’t!” This is exactly the same as saying “We spent eight years digging this hole, and in four years you haven’t filled it in, so give us back the shovel.” AS IF!

  55. Thanks, Bo, for including the link to the Amazon reviews of the Avery Binders-literally hundreds of hilarious comments.

    During the first debate,we saw Romney interrupt and bulldoze over the moderator Jim Lehrer-much less tell him he would fire him-so I tried to watch more carefully on Tues to see how he treated this moderator. I think I counted 6 times where he did the same thing-but at one point she managed to tell him to sit down! And yes, Obama interrupted her a few times, too, I think, trying to get a response in. All in all, Romney’s arrogance and bullying scare me. Evidently he started his marriage that way: as I read Ann’s parents weren’t allowed at their wedding in the temple because they are not Mormon. And as scary as his policies toward women are, it seem Ryan’s are even more Neanderthal.

    Thanks Margaret and Helen for your spot on comments and humor-it’s so refreshing!

  56. Definitely a spot on assessment!! One thing that comes to my mind is that if George Romney was alive today, would he be supporting his son? From what I’ve read, I think that George Romney was an honorable person. I don’t think his son is!!! I was a lot younger when George Romney ran for president, so don’t remember the campaign.

    I love your comments and I’m looking forward to Monday night’s debate — I hope the President rubs Mitts nose in the BS he’s been spouting.!

  57. Here is what the GOP/Tea Party brethren are up to today. Heads up, Ladies. They want to take your vote away after they put you in a binder!


  58. Great post! I refer to Romney and Ryan as “The Eddies” referring to Eddie Haskell and Eddie Munster. For those of you too young to remember Leave it to Beaver, the following is from wikipedia: “Eddie was known for his neat grooming — hiding his shallow and sneaky character. Typically, Eddie would greet his friends’ parents with overdone good manners and often a compliment such as, “That’s a lovely dress you’re wearing, Mrs. Cleaver.” However, when no parents were around, Eddie was always up to no good — either conniving with his friends, or picking on Wally’s younger brother Beaver.” Seems to me a perfect description of Romney.

  59. Sidney – I should always remember to read your posts before I open my mouth (or move my fingers, to be more accurate).

    Right on…



  60. Hi, Robert – I love your idea of “getting” those parents to be responsible for their children, but how in the world do you suggest that “we” do that? Especially how do “we” do it when “we” are considering electing people who plan to take away so many possibilities for them to get a decent education, or job training, or jobs themselves, or health care, or the right to vote, and on and on and on?

    If you want to see what happens when you have a bunch of disenfranchised and discouraged and unemployed people, many of them young men, fueled by religious fundamentalism, and packing plenty of firepower, just look to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and any number of other countries in that area of the world. These are the people who shoot a young girl in the head because she wants to go to school. And they do it because they are disenfranchised, discouraged, unemployed, fueled by religious fundamentalism, and packing plenty of firepower.

    And that’s where we could be heading unless we get our stuff together and realize that a relatively small investment in the well-being of every citizen of our country is the only thing that will keep us from societal collapse.



  61. The polls of likely voters today have Mitt in the lead at 52 percent to 45 percent for president Obama. All of us Obama supporters need to make sure we spread the word to everyone we encounter in the next couple of weeks that the President needs our help. We need to fight for every vote! Love M&H.

  62. Kase your google is broken. I search and find many hits. Most of it comes from her hateful book called “Guilty”.

  63. Some days no one can write better than Margaret.  Today, like so many others, she speaks to my heart.  BH


  64. Once again, well said!

    Oh and I’m a grown child of a single mother who owns guns and does not commit crimes. :)

  65. Peas……the Herman and Eddie photo is…..as Romney would say……marvelous, just marvelous!!

  66. Your mention of Ann Coulter also believing that mass murder, assault rifles and single moms are correlated — where did you come up? If you Google these terms, you get … No results found for “mass murder” “assault rifle” “single mothers”.

  67. Another winner M&H. Keep ‘em comin’.

    Here’s a graphic for ya. Maybe you can get Matthew to embed it at the top of the post. ;)

    Herman Romney & Eddie Ryan

    PEACE ~ Δ

  68. Anon….we will continue to do our part and we ask that you join us by voting strait democrat. Deal?

  69. Love you ladies!! Please don’t stop saying what needs to be said! I am SOOOOO weary of the rhetoric we get from Mitt World. Keep up the good fight girls. We’re with you!!

  70. Yeah you liberals keep believing this crap you’re spewing if it makes you feel better. It’s a bunch of ignorance and in many cases, outright lies. Just because Romney wants to de-fund Planned Parenthood, you want to reduce this great country to a socialist nation run by a marxist, where those who CAN are attacked and those who CAN’T or WON’T are awarded.

    All you’ve done is the very same thing Obama and the rest of the liberals do — blame Bush and Class Warfare. Bush is not to blame for the mess we’re in. That is 100% the blame of Obama and the Democrat party. The fact that you people don’t get that is proof of how far this country has fallen. I do hope that once Romney wins (and he will win), you people pack up and get the hell out. Conservatives can live without liberals, but liberals cannot live without conservatives.

    Have a nice day.

  71. Product review of Binders for Women!



  72. S

    Sent from my iPad

  73. Here’s a shocker for all those MittHeads who think D’Souza’s “2016″ book and movie is going to tip the balance of this election –> http://talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/2012/10/dsouzas_hard_fall.php?ref=fpblg
    That sound you’re hearing is fundie heads exploding!

  74. The statement by Romney that made me stand up and shout BS was when he said that under his administration, there will be SO many jobs that employers will be GLAD to hire women. I’ve worked for 30 years, and neither of my jobs came to me because they ran out of men! Jeez I can’t stand that guy!!!

  75. Romney’s Bain Capital Is Sending Many Jobs to China the Day Before the Election


  76. For some time I’ve had this suspicion that Ann Romney wants the presidency more than Mitt, and that she’s really the one who “rules the roost” at home. And after the debate, I had visions of her going on a tirade against him for his performance. Do you suppose he’s a battered husband? Not that that changes anything, just wondering…. Most likely they’re two of a kind. And deserve one another.

  77. I love your blog — thanks for writing so correctly, so clearly, and so wittily!

    One thing, though, needs to be clarified in today’s entry. Helen wrote: He is joined by the New York Times biggest footed author, Ann Coulter.

    I suspect you meant the NY Times “Bestseller List,” because the Times would never in a 1,000 years let someone like Ann Coulter write for it. (I hope!)

  78. Romney comes across like a lot of the senior management types that I’ve met over the course of my career…bullies who use their position to demean their “subordinates.” He was trying to do that to Obama on Tuesday. But as soon as Obama challenged him, he went to pieces. Just like all bullies. James Lipton, who does the Actor’s Studio interviews, summed it up nicely…the question Americans must ask themselves, he said, is whether they want to elect a president…or a boss.

  79. Wow…. did not know this! Mitt’s really overhyped those college scholarships.


  80. Ann Romney promises Mitt won’t run again if he loses. Thanks, Ann!

  81. Robert…it would be wonderful if every parent took as good care of their children as you and I. But they don’t.
    And thay would really mean something if feeding all these children were bringing this country to the brink of economic distaster. But it’s not.
    You are looking at crumbs while we are shoveling trillions of loafs of bread to the weapons of war manufactures, the oil industry and the financial industry.
    The cost of living in a modern society is that we don’t get a say on what our tax dollars are spent on, if we did the pentagon would be running bake sales.
    I can not watch the commercials showing children from third world countries, sick, hungry and homeless while asking you to donate money to feed them, I certainly don’t want to see these same children up close, in my state, in my town or living next door.
    If charities alone could take care of this problem, they surely would of done so already. But they can’t.

  82. Iris says, “If that’s your preference, so be it. But, at least be honest, and stop blaming children because their parents cannot or will not feed them.”

    You’re exactly why I left the democratic party. Lack of introspection and inability to see root problems… ah, the poor children, that guys picking on them…instead of how do we get those parents to be more responsible and care for their children whose parents most likely can afford to feed their kids but take advantage of programs that make us all responsible for feeding them… you’re comments no more the solution than mine, but at least I have a conscience and see we got lots of cleaning to do in our own house…

  83. Trying to talk factual truth with a republican is like trying to save a panicked drowning person. You are trying to save their life but they don’t realize that. They are not in their right mind and as you continue to try to help them out of the dark, deadly water….they are trying to take you down with them.

  84. I just recently found your website and what a breath of fresh air!

    You’ve summed up what my partner has been saying – well said.


  85. The Munsters was written and produced by the people who brought us Amos & Andy, and Leave It To Beaver. Just sayin…

  86. So grateful for your take on this situation! Both R & R do not interview very well for a job. So what if you have been x for y years, you have to be specific and explicit on why and how you were so good at what you did, For instance, did you edit a newsletter every week and if so how many recipients? Snail mail or e-mail readers? Was there an increase or decrease in your readership? How did you handle that? Can you supply some copies? If you cannot provide solid proof to back up her talk then take walk! (Those accursed old IRS forms from years ago for one.) You cannot simply walk into any given group and say “Ta-dah! Here I am! Your one and only!”

    Lying about approaching womens groups in order to gather resumes when it was exactly the other way around and they were the pro-active ones, and lying about cleaning up an already spotless food program kitchen and worse yet, involving your wife and kids in the farce as well just does not work! There is a force in the universe who will get you for that and usually not in a very expected way.

    Luv yah, Margaret and Helen!

  87. I always feel like I’ve time-traveled backward whenever Mitt opens his mouth. He really hasn’t got a clue! Love you two, keep those posts coming.

  88. Margaret and Helen, you’ve made my morning so much brighter!

  89. Thank you Margaret and Helen for your great post. I don’t understand the polls either.
    To those of you who feel we, as a country, spend too much money on the children, I just want you to remember, in R&R’s world, the children will not have a safety net. But, Blackwater, Halliburton, BP, Bachmann’s farm and Palin’s reality show will all have hefty government subsidies. In addition, our national resources will be sold for a pittance. Look at what happened to that tiny city’s municipal park that was sold to developers for a “Jack Nicholaus” style golf course for the rich people across the lake.
    If that’s your preference, so be it. But, at least be honest, and stop blaming children because their parents cannot or will not feed them.
    Yes, Romney’s iteration “if” women work was quite telling. Maybe he envisions polygamy for the Mormons who can afford it, and the rest of the women in the country? Well, they can clean his basement or do “odd jobs” or starve – culling the herd, if you will. Prep them for service to the Mormons on their own personal planets. Make no mistake, Willard & Paul are quite aware of how much power women have over their own lives if women are able to plan their pregnancies. And, it scares the poop out of them.

  90. Now, you’re getting the idea, Margaret. Bravo! GO girls! Love you.

  91. Umm, you have to be 35 or younger to sign up for the Army. Tagg Romney is 42 years old. It’s actually much worse than if Romney’s ‘kids’ weren’t actually middle aged men too old to join the Army; they are already more of the same as their father.

  92. Robert…..I get what your saying but I believe that you have to pick your battles. Kids getting free lunch??? Would you rather them pay for the sins of their parents and go hungry? Now when bush lied us into war, our tax dollars were spent to the tune of 4 trillion dollars, now that is the big bucks. This country is not going bankrupt, we are the wealthiest nation on earth, we could and should see to it that no children go hungry.

  93. KOS: Romney’s weird ‘if’ statement about women in the workforce

    This is important and slid right by me!


  94. Terri, I think most people just sort of expect people to be basically honest. Even when the lies are explained, most people just can’t accept it.

  95. They always say, “When someone shows you who he really is, believe him.” I think Mitt and Eddie Haskell have shown us quiet enough thankyouverymuch.

  96. Great post, as usual. I cannot fathom why the polls show this is going to be a close election. And why has Romney been closing the gender gap? I feel discouraged by my fellow citizens who cannot seem to differentiate between two radically different visions for this country being offered by two men who could not be more different. The economy is improving, one of our wars is over and the other is ending, and for the first time in a long time I feel pride in our president.

  97. I send all your posts to my aunt because she’s a feisty senior citizen like you fine women. Her politics are different, though.

  98. I read that Bain had 27 male executives and only 8 women while Mi$$ was at the helm. People should know what Bain did under Mi$$ RobMe. Here is an eye-opening article. Bain bankrupted companies and giggled at the number of people that had to stand in the unemployment line. Please read:


    Oh, and RobMe is expected to ‘earn’ $8 million on the current off-shoring of Sensata in Freeport/Bainport, IL to CHINA. Yes…you read that right …CHINA!

    RobMe will do and say anything to get what he wants and is ever so charming went he has to be….you know what that is? A SOCIOPATH! He has no conscience. Do you want a sociopath with his finger on the Nuclear Weapon Button????

    I love you both! Keep us smiling….I really need it.

  99. All of those Birthers have been yapping about whether Obama was qualified to be President because of where he was born, yet we hear nothing about Romney Sr. running for the office having been born in Mexico. Hmmmm…

  100. Romney and Ryan are not on the same page, Romney wants his ego stroked and his wife wants the presidency more than he does, so she can be his queen and their church will be there along with them.

    But Ryan, he is the real thing. His goal and the real goal of the republican party is to dismantle every social safeguard and business regulation since FDR and they will succeed. Ryan is the kingpin in that pair. He is there to further the republican agenda and Romney is there to be whatever he is told to as long as he can wear the crown and his wife the tiara.

    But seriously people, when we have over 50% of kids in public schools in many major cities across the nation, getting as many as 3 meals a day on the tax payers dime, something is terribly wrong. Times are tough, but 50%? I know the corporations get their own kind of welfare too, but let’s talk about the people for now. Being poor in the USA has a whole new definition. How many of these same kids have cell phones and up to date fashions on their backs and feet, and HD tv’s not to mention free healthcare. I can see why many of the conservatives are upset. What I don’t understand is why aren’t the liberals too? Whatever happened to parents taking care of their kids.

    I came from a lower middle class background, our cars were old, our furniture draped with covers to hid the holes, and our clothes were a mix of one set of new each fall from Sears (that my parents charged and paid back over the remainder of the school year, only to repeat the process the following August) and the rest hand me downs from family members. Does anybody know what hand me downs are anymore? But we always had good food and plenty of it. My parents priorities were in the right place. They along with our extended family members took care of their own. That way of thinking is gone for the most part. Families aren’t the same anymore and that’s what I think conservatives find so appalling. And I don’t blame them. I know its real easy to point our fingers at those across the isle, but it takes more character to look introspectively at ones self and the movement we’ve aligned ourselves with. If we on the left and anything not republican are going to throw stones, maybe we need to be sure our own homes aren’t going to be damaged by the ones thrown back at us by the other side. Ok, go ahead, beat me up for daring call bullshit on our own side of the tracks…but you know I’m right.

  101. Again, when I grow up (that should really be “if”!) I want to be just like you. Mittens showed his true colors in this last debate, and they’re white, beige, and (very) tan. I’m baffled that there are women who will pull the lever besides his name. Here’s my take on why Romney/Ryan are a recipe for disaster: http://debralschubert.blogspot.com/2012/10/romneyryan-massive-disaster-for-america.html

  102. Terry Waggle, I do believe that black/white does have a hand in this election but in reality ANY DEMOCRAT in the whitehouse brings out the rights hate. Remember what they did to Clinton? They accused him of murder.

  103. Although I am not far behind you ladies, I only hope I am as sharp and wise and brilliant. You make me smile, Helen. You are so on the money. And, AMEN MARGARET!!! To quote a smart woman…I mean it. Really.

  104. Speaking of “binders full of women”, some product reviews on Amazon are taking this meme to new heights of humor!


  105. Sadly we’re still dealing with black and white! I’m amazed at the angst a sophisticated, very intelligent, attractive black man has caused in so many people’s bigoted, ignorant minds. Add an equally attractive, smart, sophisticated wife to the mix and it gets even worse. I heard a woman complain about the First Lady showing off her upper arms and not looking or acting like a real First Lady. I guess they prefer a ditzy blonde.
    As for the lying that goes on, that causes me angst. Evidently the people who overlook or don’t believe that the R&R Train Wreck is lying to them,
    will be jostling for the front of the line when the Kool-Aid is being handed out.

  106. Ladies, another day of “right on the money”. Thanks for making me smile this morning. I needed it!

  107. I really love this blog. It makes my heart sing a little song when I see an email in my inbox from Helen & Margaret. I share it on FB all the time. I love the idea of trading votes with someone in a swing state. Too bad that isn’t an option. Forward.

  108. Thanks ladies! You are a breath of fresh air in this polluted campaign. Romney’s lies have left such a stench everywhere!

  109. H&M…if I only knew that at least half the voting population understood politics the way that you do…I would sleep better at night.

  110. HI, Bo – What a riot! And the “R” women will be pretty close to the back of the book in that binder, huh?



  111. Another great post! You are a bright spot in an eternal election season. And Margaret – YES!!!

    Just heard a good one – I’m more interested in Romney’s binders of tax returns than his binders of women!

  112. YOU are so right on. If you watch the The View and listen to Elizabeth , it makes me wonder if she reads anything but the bible and republican carp-ola.? I don’t get how 1 man who supposedly had a good education can continue to lie to everyone?and with a straight face? I guess when you lie taht much it becomes normal. I do hope Mrs. Romney gets in the voting both and votes for women, heheehehe After all when we are in that both it is OUR choice not hubby’s or Dad’s or anyone elses. I still feel it more about a black man in office than anything else. Keep up the good work lady’s .

  113. Well, thats a pretty accurate picture of Romney and what he can offer the U.S. We should be amazed that he hired women–at least once in MA. His indignation to the moderator was noticeable–a woman should know her place. I’m an Independent and will vote for Obama mainly because I’m afraid of what will happen on the Supreme Court should we get a Republican this term. We need a moderate court not a far right or left. Also, give the man a chance for his policies to work. We’re moving in the right direction although at a snails pace. I see house building in my area again, and more job openings in the local papers. Just think what could be done if our legislative branch would do what it was designed to do. Happy voting everyone. Thanks Margaret and Helen, always enjoy your posts.

  114. Dear M&H – I just can’t figure out what these people WANT! They certainly don’t seem to want to do anything “helpful” for anyone other than themselves and their own; their disdain and discomfort when they are forced to be out amongst the Help is palpable (even a totally clean and nearly empty soup kitchen seems to make at least one of them very nervous); and they seem have no problem with lying, day in and day out. (I always thought that if you were caught lying and wouldn’t fess up, you weren’t worth much. At least that’s what my Mom and Dad taught me. Oh… But Karl Rove hadn’t been born yet. That must explain why things have changed…)

    I always stop whatever other keyboard junk I’m doing when I hear that little “incoming” ding, and see it’s a new post from you two. My husband thinks you, Helen, have a dirty mouth. I say, what other kind of mouth can one have when talking about crap? There are only so many polite euphemisms for doo-doo, and I myself am starting to run out of them these days…



  115. another great job.
    love you ladies

  116. Jimmy Kimmel has a great line on this topic: “We learned from the second debate what Romney’s policy on women is . . . they must be alphabetized.”

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