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Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 16, 2012

I wonder which Mitt Romney will show up at the debate tonight? The one who talks out of the left side or the right side of his mouth?


Margaret, I am not sure if you read the story in the paper about Paul Ryan’s visit to a soup kitchen in Ohio, but it’s a real lulu. Evidently he and his wife and children stopped by after the place was already closed, but they had cameras so Congressman Calculator smiled and washed some already clean dishes before heading off again.

I tell you what. That, my friends, is some good bullshit. In a desperate attempt to show how the Romney / Ryan campaign really does love those pesky poor people, they faked a visit to a soup kitchen where Ryan quite literally didn’t even get his hands dirty. I hear next week he is scheduled to stop by a battered women’s shelter to watch a football game and have a beer or two with the ladies.

If you had any doubts that the Republican Party was pandering for your vote, it should be crystal clear now. But really, now that Palin is out of the way, are any of us going to change our vote based on the candidate for Vice President? The guy we really need to focus on will be debating tonight. I wonder which Mitt Romney will show up this time? Will it be the guy who thinks 47% of Americans are moochers or the guy who believes in universal healthcare? Wait a minute. That’s the same guy. Now I am confused. Which one is black? That’s the guy you can’t trust, right? One of them is a Muslim from Kenya and the other one is a Mormon from Mexico… right? Who is the Republican candidate again? I can’t keep them all straight. Let’s review:

Mitt Romney. Is he the Pro-Life or the Pro-Choice guy?

  • “I respect and will protect a woman’s right to choose.” ~ Mitt Romney
  • “I never really called myself pro-choice.” ~ Mitt Romney
  • “Roe v. Wade has gone too far.” ~ Mitt Romney
  • “I believe that since Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years we should sustain and support it.” ~ Mitt Romney
  • When I am asked if I am pro-choice or pro-life, I say I refuse to accept either label.” ~ Well. There seems to be a ring of truth in that one.

Hmmm. Maybe we should just move on. That’s one of those topics that people are pretty luke warm about anyway. You know us women… we change our minds about abortion about as often as we change our hairstyles. What about a really hot topic like immigration. Is Romney the Dream Act guy or the Put Up a Fence guy?

  • Immigrants should have a chance to obtain citizenship.” ~ Mitt Romney
  • “I think there should be no special pathway to citizenship. I feel that’s the course we ought to take.” ~ Mitt Romney
  • I mean, I say that jokingly, but it would be helpful to be Latino.” ~ Mitt Romney

OK. Look. You can’t be set in stone about these things. A President has to keep an open mind. What we really need is an honest guy who will level with us. So is Romney the guy who tells the truth or the guy who lies just because he can?

  • “I have a gun of my own. I go hunting myself. I’m a member of the NRA and believe firmly in the right to bear arms.” ~ Mitt Romney
  • “I don’t personally own a gun. My son does.” ~ Mitt Romney
  • “I think the global warming debate is now pretty much over and people recognize the need associated with providing sources which do not generate the heat that is currently provided by fossil fuels …” ~ Mitt Romney
  • “I have to tell you with regards to global warming that that’s something, which, you’re right, the scientists haven’t entirely resolved…” ~ Yep. Him again.
  • This is a campaign about the 100 percent.” ~ Mitt Romney
  • There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what… My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” ~ Some guy who looks an awful lot like Mitt Romney

Folks. If you want a jackass for President, then any one of the Mitt Romney guys is your guy. I suggest, however, that if you have a brain in your head you should vote for the other guy. I mean it. Really.


Oh dear. Now I am thoroughly confused. Does this mean I need to vote more than once?

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  20. I like Huckabee a lot more this election than I did in 2008. I see him now as an hoesnt person who isn\’t letting his core religious beliefs interfere with his decision as to who is the best candidate to beat Obama and get this country back on track again. And I think he has the ability to get more folks on Romney\’s side. Another thought: Last election after Super Tuesday, Romney realized there was a good chance that he would not win the GOP nomination, so instead of hanging in until the potential bitter end, he did the honorable thing for the party and dropped out. Should he do well on Super Tuesday, I\’m wondering if Newt and Santorum will also show a little honor and do the same thing?

  21. [...] debate this week is the same one who has been showing up in politics for years – the one who will say anything to get elected. Well. I’m done. I’ve seen and heard quite enough and I am voting for President [...]

  22. your full o crap lady, wheel chair or not….My husband was an handicapped WWII veteran and he was smart enough to vote his heart and not listen to folks who don’t care to see the truth.

  23. Robert and JC – Thank you. I questioned when I was young and received no answers I could trust as believable. However, I have yet to give up on Santa!


  24. Robert, I think the people who mistake Genesis for scientific fact also believe that Cinderella, Snow White, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and other fairy tale creatures are “real” too. And rather unfortunately, their actions demonstrate that many of them believe in incest and polygamy as well – or at least that the little lecture on putting aside your wife doesn’t really apply to them. Current event example: D D’Souza and the Kings College. More hypocrisy.
    PS I like Cynthia’s posts too!

  25. Cynthia, I appreciate your short to the point commentaries especially when they show the hypocrisy’s of organized religion. Isn’t it interesting that we have a fairly large portion of our population that denies science and evolution but have no problem with the Adam and Eve story that is based in incest, and that most of our politicians pander to that very crowd. I wonder how many who believe in the Adam and Eve story of creation, ever wonder who their first sons Cain and Abel had sex with to further populate the world with humans?

  26. If only Mitt Romney’s name could be on that Zumba Studio list in Maine…problem solved! :-)

  27. Dear Religion,

    This week…

    I enabled a man to jump from the edge of space and land safely on earth.

    You caused a 14 year old girl to be shot in the head for wanting to go to school.



  28. oh, and for you Newbies, we have a long term troll. He haunted the blog under a number of names and now posts as “Anonymous” because he thinks it makes it more difficult to get rid of him. Just assume that any anti-Obama or anti-liberal “Anonymous” is this fool. He has never had an original thought and quotes Drudge and equally ludicrous sources. He plagiarizes with some regularity. He offers different and very inconsistent explanations of why he is here. And, when busted, he will claim that whoever criticizes him is “obsessed” with him. Sorry–I may point out a dog turd on the sidewalk without being obsessed with the dog. This is no different. It’s a pile of excrement (albeit one looking for attention).

  29. please don’t feed the troll. And it’s lying again. Ms. Crowley made very clear that she was correct in her correction.

  30. Well now we know which Romney showed up; the lying, angry, arrogant Mitt!

  31. What is the full Crowley quote, with context, clearly-well-meaning-Anonymous?

  32. Romney says he’d go to Staples to buy some white-out to erase his binder story but the profit he’d make from the white-out purchase wouldn’t adequately compensate him for his time.

  33. Lol. As a Canadian I agree with you COMPLETELY. And I have to say it’s a lot of fun watching you American’s debate from here Some of you, yes, Elizabeth from the View is one, are so passionate that it makes for great entertainment…. Good luck with your election!

  34. strange how Candy Crowley also says Mitt was actually right…he just used the wrong word…..
    so if Mitt was right does that mean Obama lied???????

  35. Hi, Terri – The “right” is going to be upset about anything they can. At some point they are not going to approve of President Obama’s tie, or the size of his flag lapel pin, or the job the groomer did on Bo… (“Why does the dog have that little fluff on the end of his tail? According to the American Kennel Club’s breed specifications for Portuguese water dogs, that tail fluff is indicative of a dog actually born outside of Portugal, possibly to a single mother who was raised and bred by socialist owners. We demand to see Bo’s birth certificate and geneology!”)

    Alas, poor Romney is so used to telling everyone what to do that he doesn’t seem to know what it is to be even moderately courteous, to men OR women. He’s just barely on this side of being a real bully, by the merest whisker. And his blithely taking (totally unjustified) credit for the work done by MassGAP to provide information on qualified female candidates for his Massachusetts administration is absolutely infuriating. (A crude word referencing a component of male anatomy has come to mind just this moment, but I shall refrain from “inserting” it here…)

    Now I must somehow struggle out of my binder and flexibly think about preparing dinner… Or think about preparing dinner flexibly.


  36. One more thought about the debate. The right seems pretty upset that Candy Crowley fact-checked Romney’s statement about Libya. I don’t see what the controversy is. What she said was correct and provable, and I am so glad she didn’t let an obvious falsehood pass unchallenged. Also, Romney definitely tried several times to intimidate her. As a woman, I did not appreciate that and I hope it comes back to bite him in the ass.

  37. I agree sidney. I’m not sure what Obama’s strategy was for the first debate, but he did create a hole he needed to dig himself out of. Last night’s debate helped a lot though. One way to know Obama won: today the right is bitching and moaning about Candy Crowley’s moderating, the audience questions, Obama’s answers, everything but Romney’s performance. They never accept any responsibility when things don’t go their way. They are such sore losers.

  38. Terri….I agree with you. Obama should of slipped that little factoid in about the people that knew him best are rejecting him to lead this country by over 20 points. I would of also liked him to talk about that company, I believe the name is sensor, that is being shut down by Bain and moved to china.
    But when you think about it, there were so many lies, and only a small amount if time to rebutt then all.
    Had Obama been like this at the first debate, after last night he would of put romney away.
    And I would be able to sleep at night.

  39. Makes me wish Obama had been given a chance to talk about Romney’s record as Massachusetts governor. Obama is expected to win that state by 20+ points. So, the very people who best know Romney and his style of governing don’t plan to support him for president. Maybe it was the huge deficit he left, or maybe it was being 47th in job creation.

  40. Arrrrgggg:



  41. To me, by far, the most touching moment of last night’s debate:

    <a href="http://www.theonion.com/articles/romney-tells-heartbreaking-lie-about-single-mother,29945/&quot;Romney Tells Heartbreaking Lie About Single Mother Of 4 He Never Met

    Chokes me up every time! :’(

    PEACE ~ Δ

  42. Another winner M&H. Keep ‘em comin’!

    MittWit: A lie every 1min20sec.

    He beat his own previous record. ;)

    PEACE ~ Δ

  43. Sorry to not credit the original source but I’m not sure where it came from originally. You’d think the man would be covered in bruises from flopping so much.

    “Tonight when Romney said he supported a mandate for employers to cover contraception on employee health plans, that was another blatant lie:

    In the Senate, Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., sponsored an amendment that would exempt employers from providing any service that went against their “beliefs or moral convictions.” At the time, the issue put the Obama administration on the defensive and the president himself appeared at the White House briefing room to explain a work-around for religious affiliated hospitals, universities and the like.

    A few weeks later, with a vote on the Blunt amendment pending, Romney was asked where he stood. He told a Boston radio interviewer “Of course I support the Blunt amendment.”

    CNCnews.com, a conservative news service, seeking clarity, wrote about putting the question directly to the Romney campaign.

    “Will Mitt Romney, on day one, rescind this mandate in its entirety — as the Catholic Church has urged the current administration to do — so that individuals, employers and insurers who have a ‘moral or religious objection to contraception or sterilization’ will not be forced to violate the tenets of their own faith or act against their consciences?”

    Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams responded: “Yes–Gov. Romney would rescind the mandate in its entirety.”

    In April, Romney reiterated his opposition to the current rule at a meeting of the National Rifle Association. He said, “As president, I will abolish it.”

    We conclude from those comments that Romney would not just abolish the requirements for religious organizations, but for any employer that had a moral or religious objection.”

  44. So Mitt never asked where the women were????? I knew that was a trough of crap when I heard it! And further, the number of women in high level positions DECLINED to 27.6% during his tenure – a quarter? Why making up a stupid story like that, and wrap it with a binder shaped bow? What a feckless phony.

    At least he is flexible enough to make sure women can get home in time to fix dinner for their husbands. Pretty sure that was the truth. The other truth is that he’s against the Ledbetter act, though wouldn’t admit it this time.

  45. Correction…..the bipartisan group that collected the binder full of qualified woman before the election in 2002 called itself MassGAP. Romney never asked for any binder. It was prepared before they even knew who won.

  46. In 2002, before the election and not knowing if there would be a dem or repub administration a group of bipartisan woman noticed how few woman there were in the mass. Government. They formed a group called MassPASS. This group prepared a binder full of qualified woman for positions in whatever administration won that election. Soooo to wrap up, this binder was prepared and presented to Romney before he won the election. He never ASKED for it. Once again…..he lied

  47. I was struck by how many times The MittWit said “I know how to do that” last night. It reminded me of how many times McCain used that phrase in 2008.

    I wasn’t confident that McCain did “know how to do that” then; I am not confident that The MittWit does now. The President did a masterful job of demonstrating that last night. The MittWit is selling from an empty cart.

    With most indicators trending in a positive direction in this nation, this hardly seems like a good time to change course and return to the same policies that got us into this mess in the first place. Even if it were, The MittWit and his sidekick, Doogie Hauser are unacceptable and not fit to govern.

  48. YOu tell ‘em Margaret.

  49. These people are fast! :D :D :D


    My favorite is the Patrick Swayze one, “Nobody puts baby in a binder.” Beyonce’s “Put 3 rings on it” made me laugh, too.

  50. Thanks, Cynthia – A good laugh to start off the morning!


  51. Sent from my iPhone

    On Oct 16, 2012, at 9:25 AM, Margaret and Helen wrote:

    > >

  52. “And how come Mitt needs a “dating service” to find cabinet level women? Is his world really that small?”

    Mageen, you nailed it! Wishing you a blessed day.

  53. Back to the audience? Back to the camera? What was Mitt thinking? Body language speaks volumes. And speaking of volumes, about the binders. Mitt, the word bind and women should never be used in the same sentence. It conotes stuff like bondage fantasies in at least some of the men watching even if they were not immediately aware of and in tune with their fantasy side at the moment. The women watching knew instantly. And how come Mitt needs a “dating service” to find cabinet level women? Is his world really that small? Heavenly days! I thought all that money would have brought the world to his door in more than one gender!

    And Ann Romney’s after debate face said it all. Yeah, her husband wants the job but there is a huge difference between wanting and doing the job. He might have a presidential suit to wear but it takes way the hell more than that to be president and it is obvious he does not understand word one of the job description. He thinks it is more than enough if he runs the country like he ran Bain. And that was such a huge moral triumph, wasn’t it, Mittens! Wow! That comment you made about cost versus benefits in going after Bin Laden. Tells it all, baby!

  54. Good job by Obama. Romney totally disrespectful and obnoxious. Who the hell does he think he is talking to the president of the United States that way? Obama’s best answer was on Libya. He nailed Romney.

  55. The telling thing about Mr Stevens is how much the Libyans loved him. He was a wonderful man and, happily, did not let being an “American” interfere with that, as many seem wont to do. I’m with you, I wish I could have known him; it undoubtedly would have improved me.

  56. OT – but still on the theme of Obama, I think its time Maria Bartiromo is shown the stage door exit. Her comment about Obama was unwarranted. She should be relegated to the level of a Faux News anchor, because that’s where tired, B level and lower quality broadcasters end up. She’s shown us her lack of objectivity and basically that WS hacks have no moral or ethical compass. She needs to put her fast talking skills to work on the folks that like that kind of style, the dolts that find Faux News appealing.


  57. Finally…. the answer to Romney’s Tax Plan!



  58. Now we know which Romney showed up tonight. The smirking, lying, entitled bullshitter. The man who wants to be president because there is nothing left for him to buy. He is a man who has everything and he wanted to be the top dog in the billionairs boys club and the king of the Mormons. Obama did a damn good job to stop Mitt Romneys hostile takeover.

  59. Yeah, Sid, With you on that (the vodka part.) And pie on the porch. Let’s hope there’s a goddess, as well. Now gotta go to bed!


  60. Obama did GREAT tonight!!i am one happy camper. Maybe, just maybe, there is a god. Somebody make the lemonade, I’ll bring the vodka.

  61. Hi, Robert – Lots of stuff tonight, and I’m really TIRED!

    There was a moment when Obama said, “I am the President”, and I think he was talking about the Libya attack, and that’s when he had me, and won me once again. Romney has no idea about what being President entails.

    BTW, I think the thing that very few people mention is that Chris Stevens apparently loved his job, and loved the people in the country where he served, on behalf of all of us. He spoke their language; he knew them well; he spent much time among them. I doubt he would have ever wanted an armed militia surrounding him, standing as a wall between him and them. He gave his life for his love for them, and plenty of Libyans knew that. And many Libyans grieved his death. They suffer from their own crazies more than we can know. The good people there loved him back, and they showed it after his death. I wish I could have known him; I could have learned a great deal from him. He must have been a great American, and a great man.


  62. @ Bo, well said!

  63. What it boils down to for me is do I want a president who must placate and pander to the most far right elements of this country, in particular the hard religious right, otherwise known as the American Taliban, or do I want a president who believes in science, the separation of church and state, basic access to affordable public education and healthcare, social programs for those who have need of them especially the elderly, maintaining a safe modern infrastructure, effective and fair legislative oversight of both business and social programs, fairness and equal opportunities for all citizens conceived from the union of a sperm and an egg (corporations are not people), and see’s government as an instrument to ensure those aspects of life in the USA are available to all. I want the latter, I’m voting for Barack Obama, again.

  64. The President laid some serious wood on The MittWit tonight . . . and it’s about time he got called out in person, face-to-face and in front of a large audience.
    Mittens is probably still all tangled up in his magic underwear. The poor soul couldn’t do much more than smirk in the background and then walk to center-stage and tell smarmtastic, smugtacular lies!
    I fully expect that Willard’s surrogates are already playing the “victim” card and pissing and moaning about how rude the President was. Perhaps, those surrogates should look closer to home in their own backyard. If they hadn’t put up such a slimey, deceitful, craven candidate, the President wouldn’t have had to take him down and field-dress him so effectively this evening.

  65. Romney sounds like McCain…..I know how to get Bin Ladin I know how to do it. I know how to create jobs…. I know how to do it. But no real answers…. Also doing a lot of dick flinging, IMO especially on Romneys part. How is he going to deal with the heads of other countries when there is a conflict? How is he going to tell China what to do and does he think they are going to listen? Really? Bully!


  66. Mr Obama did just fine tonight.
    Mr Romney torched his shorts while doing a half flip off his soapbox.
    Had 3 windows open on fact checking outfits while debate was going. Pres did ok,
    Mr Romney… not so much. Actually, not very well at all.

  67. Sidney, I do not have to fib for the president. He did very well tonight.

  68. Rmoney looks ill.

  69. With you all the way Sid! These debates are a little pro forma pr exercise IMO anyway.

    I thought he won the last one on the grounds that he was MORE courteous, and told NO lies. I do think he made a couple mistakes. Poor man had only been running the damn exec branch since 4 am his time, sheesh. These things don’t happen by magic, and someone had better tell Romney fer petes sake!

  70. Yeah, Easier, it’s… Pretty serious. And shuddering might be just the right reaction, dammit. Im OLD! Life should be simpler now, and it’s not. Goddess bless M&H for all they’re doing. They inspire us all.

    And all of you porch-sitters inspire me, as well. I love your great posts.

    BTW, you may have noticed that I’ve just started my own blog. It’s at http://partyandsoul.wordpress.com. A few of you have signed on to follow already, and for that I’m mighty grateful! No politics there yet, and I’ve just done one post so far. But I’m working on it. Wish I were a geek! Hopefully another one coming this weekend.

    I’ll get there. I also got quoted today, thanks to one of you, on The Obama Diary. If y’all don’t know that site, go for it. http://theobamadiary.com. Chipstix does a fantastic job of all pro-Obama, all the time. It will make you remember that you believe.


  71. Helen Philpot, I live for your next post. Seriously. You give me a reason to live.

  72. I read that post of yours on the last tread Gato and I shuddered. If Mitt is the chosen one, we are done. And Sidney, I will not change my vote based on a debate. I do promise not to bash the President if he does not do well.

  73. thank you ladies…soo true..

  74. I am sure you realize that no matter how well Obama does tonight the right will find something to fault! Screw them!! Go Obama!!


  75. You bet, Sidney! I’m there, too.


  76. Hey, Easier (and what a great name; wish I were!)

    Romney does seem kind of like a bought guy, which I’m thinking is kind of like a “made” guy, if you ever watched The Sopranos. Once you’re in there, and they’ve “made” you, you are theirs, and they call the shots.

    And, yes, he’s been after this for a long time. You may recall my mentioning that my former sister-in-law was asked, fifteen years ago, by a member of the LDS Church with whom she was working, if she’d heard of Mitt Romney. When my former sister-in-law said she hadn’t, the woman replied, “Well, you should, because he’s going to be President.”

    There is so much we don’t know… And I find that a problem. A really big problem.

    Get out the popcorn for later.


  77. I’m with you sidney!

  78. I love you Helen

  79. I have decided that I am going to take a page out of the GOP play book.
    Even if Obama collapses in a heap on the floor, babbling and drooling like a maniac, i will not post my disappointment. I will boast at how he kicked romneys ass and made him look like a fool. I will shout from the highest mountain, that our intelligent President wiped the floor with the flip-flopping moron, and how lucky we are to have an honest leader steering our country. Tonight’s debat…….OBAMA WON….OBAMA WON.
    What do you think…..anybody with me??

  80. Delurker, that video is priceless! Phony is as phony does.

  81. Good lord Pfesser. Is that the best you’ve got? A typo about a stunt? Really, son, you need to get a life or grow a brain. Your posts here, all too often, are irrelevant and lack insight. Please try harder as a sign of respect for the time and talent displayed by our hosts.

  82. Thanks Helen and Margaret! Your zingers are so hilarious Margaret! Yes, Mitt would not mind you voting more than once for him. It would be fitting wouldn’t it? I don’t trust Mitt. I have said it before, and I am repeating myself. I like people with core, I like people who remain steadfast in their beliefs. I like loyalty to deep seated ideas. Mitt has none of these qualities. Nope, can’t shift with the wind and be my guy. I really don’t care which one of the Mitt’s shows up tonight. He has been running for a long time and I have had many opportunities to listen to him over the years. Toninght would not change my opinion of him. People should be allowed to change, definitely. Although, changing or maturing does occur with age, what has been happening with Mitt does not qualify. Pandering to different groups or to the highest bidder and changing our positions over and over to suit whatever situation and audience we are addressing means catering to the lowest common denominator. I would like to have somebody with principles in the Hhite House and Mitt does not appear have any.

  83. Well, you know, Gato, that guy looked like one of the 47%. You know, one of the moochers Ryan and Romney have such disdain for. No sense paying him any attention, and Ryan’s “work” at the soup kitchen was done–time to beat a hasty retreat.

  84. Hi, Terri – Yep; I do think they have a low opinion of most everyone else. To be honest, I remember how cool I thought I was when I was younger. I didn’t know poop!

    What really gets me is the lack of the simplest humanity, the most basic ability to connect. Ryan barges into a soup kitchen, when the whole staff would like to go home, with his photo crew (and his family, for god’s sake), and there’s a guy leaning against the wall. The guy hasn’t a clue who this dude is, but he reaches out and says something about himself… “I was born in Youngstown, and I’ve lived here my whole life.” And Ryan just walks by him, with the briefest pat on the shoulder, and says, “Oh, yeah. I’m from a town like this, too. Janesville.” Doesn’t even say it to the man’s face. And Ryan just keeps walking… Toward his photo op. Because that’s why he’s there. That guy was just a little bump in the road for Ryan, not really worth much bother.

    It’s disgusting.


  85. I saw Paul Ryan’s staged dish washing at the charity kitchen. The pans he pretended to wash were already clean. He put aprons on his kids then staged the scene. What an example to set. Fakery over honesty and disregard for the fact that he was not granted permission for the photo op. We can add this to his lies about his marathon time, and the date of the Wisconsin plant closing. None of them necessary and none of them in response to questions. Seems to be a pattern. Add his actions to the flip-flopping of Romney ……why would anyone believe anything they say or do?

  86. Gato, you hit the nail on the head. Did they think no one would notice that he was “washing” clean pans? Do they have such a low opinion of us, the people, that they imagine we will just mindlessly accept whatever they are selling? It’s insulting. I’m not sure if a big deal is being made of this elsewhere, but everyone should see it and come to their own conclusion. I read the administrators of that soup kitchen are livid their facility was used in that fashion. Sometimes these small things tell a larger story.

  87. OK, ok! Blame it on my grad work in psych. I have often wondered how many MItt Romneys are inside Mitt Romney. Talk about multiple personalities! Wow, holy bankruptcy!

  88. a little OT: MSNBC says, “Felix Baumgartner Laughs in the Face of Special Relativity!”


    When libs say they don’t do math, what they really mean is that they CAN’T do math. Geez…

  89. The MittWit/Doogie Hauser campaign has released the specific details of their tax plan! You can find it here –> http://www.romneytaxplan.com/

  90. Thank you again, Margaret and Helen. Bo, Sidney, Gato, et all: your comments were spot on. R&R are both obsessed with the power and prestige of the presidency and vice-presidency. Neither one has an INKLING of the wisdom and skills needed for the responsibility of those roles. I loved “hostile takeover.” And those poor kids-they must have been very confused. What a shameful thing to do to his children; they knew something was very wrong with the whole scene. He underestimates and deceives HIS OWN CHILDREN.

  91. Amen, Amen, Amen! By the way, there’s a typo. Palin’s name came out “Plain.” I had to think about it a moment to decide whether it was intentional. :)

  92. also too… something I just learned this cycle is when you see our opponents web ads on a website click on it. They have to pay for every “click” they receive. Opposite goes for an Obama ad. DON’T click on it. It you want to view it go to youtube or Obama’s website. ;-)

  93. ugggg keep forgetting to sign in .. that was me down there…

  94. Love it Helen!

    But to my friends, remember our poly sci class 101 when posting the pic of PR “doing dishes” at the homeless shelter.

    If you show a picture of someone doing something, and then talk about how they are a hypocrite, people will remember the image and forget the story. (also true with saying, writing our Opponents name).

    Tell the story as many times as you want … careful posting the pics! ;-)

  95. Hi, Majeral – What’s really sticking in my craw about this little display of arrogant self-aggrandizement is how STUPID they must think people are! That would be you and me they think are stupid, and just about everybody else in the country.

    Do they really think that people won’t notice that the kitchen was already totally clean? And that there wasn’t a speck of tomato sauce, or burnt-on onion bits, to be seen anywhere? And don’t people usually take off their watches when they’re going to stick their hands into hot soapy water? (My husband does, even though he has a waterproof sports watch.)

    And he did it with his wife and kids?! And she took part in it?!

    If you compare this to the well-known photo of President Obama bending down to let a little kid touch his hair, to see that it was like his own… Or Obama walking out silently, ahead of schedule, to stand at a WH press conference, without saying a word, next to a Native American woman who choked up when starting to give a talk about how she’d been raped… An action on the President’s part that brought me to tears myself…

    Dammit; this stuff matters! I know I’m preaching to the choir again, here; please forgive me… These two scare me to death.


  96. Good words from wise mouths…thank you, Ladies!

  97. I love your posts! The hit the nail on the head everytime!

  98. I just tired to watch that video with Ryan. It was so embarrassing I had to shut it off. what and A**

  99. “he takes the clean dishes and says he’s going to “water them” and the kids can dry them.”

    You just can’t beat Paul at being phony

  100. Thanks delurkergurl: that video of Ryan is hilarious! What foolishness. Couldn’t someone have given him a dirty pan to wash? It’s amazing that no one even attempted to make it look real. That he did all that nothing with a straight face tells you all you need to know about him. He’s a total phony. And what kind of message did he just convey to his children? Pretending to do something is the same as actually doing something?

  101. Based on the quote below, he doesn’t even understand what global warming is all about. It ain’t the heat, it’s the cupidity.

    “I think the global warming debate is now pretty much over and people recognize the need associated with providing sources which do not generate the heat that is currently provided by fossil fuels …” ~ Mitt Romney

  102. Dear Margaret & Helen~

    I’ve been recently introduced to your posts by my dear (and quite twisted) friend, Phoebe. This one was so “right on,” it made me want to break out my pom poms to cheer for you (unfortunately, I was never a cheerleader, so I have none close at hand.)

    In reading the comments left here, it’s hard to have a favorite–I must say, though, that it’s comforting to hear from like-minded people. I have stopped going into my Facebook page with any regularity because of some of the negative comments (more like rants!!) made about President Obama, posted by people whom I consider to be friends.

    It’s refreshing to hear from people like Gato, Bo, Bernadette, Annie & Sidney (and pretty much everyone else who posted a comment here before me.) Romney is, in fact, more interested in a “hostile takeover” than being a true President. And, don’t even get me started on Ryan!! Thank you, Gato, for pointing out the resemblance to Eddie Munster–now I know why he’s always seemed so creepy to me!! That video was so “over the top” offensive–I’m blond, and I could see he was “watering” clean dishes!!

    Thank you, Ladies, for telling the truth, and giving your readers a place to have a “say” as well!!

    ~Pamela D.
    Obama/Biden 2012

  103. Lordy, Lurker – That kitchen was totally cleaned up already, and those pans were spotless when he picked them up. If ONLY one of his little munchkins had said, “But, Daddy, that one isn’t even dirty…” And then Mommy could have cuffed the kid up the side of the head and said, “Pipe down – this is one of Daddy’s photo ops. You remember what we told you about photo ops… He doesn’t have to actually DO something; he just has to look like he is.”

    Next time he should bring a professional dirty pan stylist along; then it might have some semblance of reality.

    And wasn’t he cordial, brushing off the man who said he’d lived in Youngstown his entire life?

    Insulting all around.


  104. I am re-posting as it was late and on the previous blog. If you have not read this I think you may it very interesting.

    November 7th
    Though their agendas are hidden, both Romney and Obama have plans to dramatically remake the size and character of American government. Very, very quickly.



  105. Of course you can, Anna. I’d be honored…


  106. Thank You once again M&H!

    Perhaps our dogs should be the ones voting!

    “Dogs — and, in fact, all animals that live in packs — will never follow an unstable leader. They know that balance and calm, assertive energy in a leader are essential to the survival of the entire pack. But humans will not only follow an unstable leader — sometimes we will even go to the polls and re-elect them for a second or third time! The difference is that instead of trusting our instincts, we actually listen to all those words.”…

    “If we really want to be sure of the right outcome, then we need to know our Pack Leader has the right principles: honesty, integrity and trust. These are qualities that dogs pick up on right away.”



  107. I think the other Mitt will show up. NO…wait! Maybe… I give up.

  108. What Mitt will show up tonight? I’m thinking all of them, this man will morph into middle class Mitt, military Mitt etc. right before our very eyes. It doesn’t matter to me, I can’t stand the sight of any of them.

  109. gatodicima, you are spot on. Can I quote you?

  110. Sorry – one more. Here’s the video of the phony photo op. My favorite is when he takes the clean dishes and says he’s going to “water them” and the kids can dry them. What a tool.

  111. How odd. I agree with Rudy Giuliani! I may need to lie down! Rudy on Mitt Romney, December 2011:

    “This is a man without a core, this is a man without substance, this is a man that will say anything to become president of the United States.”

  112. It’s difficult to “debate” somene who changes positions so often. Mr Romney is taking us back to the box of chocolates analogy. You never quite know what you’re going to get!

  113. Which one? Any of ‘em. All of ‘em.

    A picture tells a thousand words – it’s why all politicians do those photo ops. In this case the thousand words the soup kitchen photo tells made me laugh! Not the thousand words Ryan hoped for! At least he was smart enough not to go there when it was full of people Ryan couldn’t connect to if he was holding their only lifebuoy.

  114. Wish you could send this blog to the president and make sure he brings up these points tonight at the town hall meeting.

  115. You two are wonderful, loved it!

  116. My first thought this morning, which Romney is going to show up tonight? It’s okay I have a good feeling about tonight’s debate, the honest man, the one who cares about all Americans, the one who loves his country, oh yeah he is the one who will definitely show up tonight…..Obama/Biden 2012

  117. As always you get me laughing and fuming simultaneously. Sent this post out to the Twitter world via @KellyMOSullivan. I’m voting for the Hawaiian. He seems like a good guy.

  118. I believe that Romney doesn’t even know why he wants to be the President of the USA. To him this is a business deal, something that he has done so many times in the past. He is attempting nothing less then a hostile takeover.

  119. Right on, Bo – Not only untrustworthy to serve, but, as far as I can tell, without a clue as to what governing might be about. If he looks at this country as he seems to look at everything else, as CEO of a company that specializes in LBOs, he sees only a collection of “units” (the several States), already cluttered by a “workforce” that is 47% slackers and ne’er-do-wells, ready to be stripped down even further, made “lean” and looking falsely profitable, and then sold to the highest bidder. The only question is whether they will go to China, India, or one of the many emirates – and how much personal wealth he and his “fellow investors” will make on each and every one of them. (Utah, however, might remain off the table… And maybe Wisconsin, Texas, and possibly Nevada – or at least Las Vegas.)

    And, as Helen says, I mean it. Really.


  120. Think I’ll go with the guy from Kenya, much more exotic. I hear he tells the truth a lot more and really does care about the 47%.
    Turn Romney into a pretzel tonight Mr. President! He’s not that bright, just rich.

  121. Mitt will say anything he thinks the group at hand wants to hear. He is a pathetic excuse for a candidate, and would be a dangerous excuse for a president.

  122. Thanks Helen, another good post. Let’s hope President Obama is “fired up and ready to go” tonight!

  123. Dear Margaret & Helen – Yay! You’ve done it again…

    Just read about the soup kitchen visit on The Obama Diary. The manager there says they are resolutely apolitical, and some kind-hearted worker just let Eddie Munster & entourage in because they insisted. The manager would have turned them away because it’s against the rules…

    Shameless. But YOU TWO are wonderful! Thanks again.

    Now if I can just stand to watch tonight… Hope you will post shortly afterward, even though I know we all keep asking a lot of you. We need you!


  124. The answer is simple and obvious. The Romney that shows up tonight will be the same one who’s been running for president continuously for years and years. It will be the shape-shifting empty suit who talks out of both sides of his mouth ALL the time.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a microphone on each lapel of his $4,000 suit for that very reason.
    Romney is a salesman . . . he’ll say anything to close the deal. That is the ONLY thing that I would trust him to do. In other words, he is essentially untrustworthy when it comes to actually “serving” as President. His only objective is to “be” president.

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