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Posted by: Helen Philpot | October 10, 2012

The fact that Romney is better at lying is no longer debatable

Margaret, once again I am going to have to call bullshit. I get that most people thought President Obama didn’t put in a stellar performance at the debate. And I understand that his not doing well was newsworthy. After all, he’s done much better in the past with much less on the line. But I can’t believe that I actually need to tell the media just how the cow ate the cabbage on this one.

It’s pretty simple really. The other guy lied.

How can the media continue to make Obama’s poor performance the top story rather than the fact that the other guy looked really, really great while he lied through his teeth?

In the primary debates, Romney is on record as saying that he would lower taxes for the wealthiest Americans because that would lead to job growth. That’s not an assumption on my part. It’s almost a direct quote. But in the debate last week, he said that he wouldn’t lower taxes on the wealthy. Now, one of the two is a lie. So shouldn’t we be focusing on which one is the lie rather than on which candidate looked more excited to be there?

Romney actually claims he will lower taxes for everyone. At the same time he will increase defense spending, not cut Medicare or Social Security, keep most of Obamacare (while simultaneously repealing it) and somehow in the end he will decrease the deficit. I don’t know what he’s smoking but I bet its illegal in the Mormon church.

How in the world can we continue to claim that Romney won the debate? He couldn’t have taken more opposing positions if he was playing a game of Twister.

Left foot yellow. During the debate, Romney claimed that Obamacare “puts in place an unelected board that’s going to tell people ultimately what kind of treatments they can have.” Another lie. But wow what energy in the delivery! The point goes to Romney on style alone. Never has talking out of both sides of one’s mouth looked so good.

Right hand red. Romney wants to repeal Dodd-Frank because the bill designates banks as “too big to fail” and therefore gives them “a blank check.” Yet another lie. But he looked very presidential while saying it so we’ll let it slide.

Right foot blue. Romney also took Obama to task on the economy’s performance over the past four years. Romney said that we have “23 million people out of work…The proof of that is that 50 percent of college graduates this year can’t find work.” In case you didn’t notice that’s a lie followed by another lie. But hey, the President was looking down at the time, so let’s hire a body language specialist and make that the lead story for the next seven days.

Right hand green. Obamacare cutting billions from Medicare was one of Romney’s favorite attack lines. Romney looked straight at the camera and said that $716 billion was cut from Medicare because of the Affordable Care Act. Yes. It was another lie. At this point his pants were literally on fire. You just couldn’t see it because of the podium. However, President Obama looks like he doesn’t want to be here so let’s focus on that and ignore the smoke coming from Romney’s magic underwear.

This country went to war twice because the media was so afraid of appearing liberal that they were too scared to report the truth. I really thought we had learned our lesson with Bush. Calling a liar a liar, even if that liar is a Republican, doesn’t mean you have a liberal bias. It means you are reporting the facts.

Well if the media won’t do it, I will…

This just in: It wasn’t clear at first, but we checked the facts and Romney was lying. He also failed his urine test and is being stripped of any debate medals. It appears now that Obama won the debate. Feel free to call me liberal. I can take it. I mean it. Really.

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  6. Yes I like Romney.I think he’d do a good job!McCain would have us at war for four more years.I hope they derail the Straight Jacket Express and send that McCain paickng for voting for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens!

  7. I somehow missed reading this earlier but now have and I’m laughing out loud. Magic underwear, Twister, sounds like a slumber party of teenage
    Mormon girls.

  8. OK. You two are far better than mainstream media on calling bullshit. Thank you so much.

  9. “And Truth, thanks for posting that message. Shows I am able to step up and admit when I am wrong, and I did so.” Anonymous on October 13, 2012 at 10:47 AM

    You did admit you were wrong but blamed him for your immature outbursts as he fails to give you his total undivided attention. You then proceeded to insult him. You had to make amends as you have no other blogs where you would be accepted to spew what you fantasize as being intelligent thought.

  10. BIDEN: “We went out and rescued General Motors.”

    THE FACTS: Actually, the auto bailout of General Motors and Chrysler began under President George W. Bush.

    BIDEN, when asked who would pay more taxes in Obama’s second term: “People making a million dollars or more.”

    THE FACTS: Obama’s proposed tax increase reaches farther down the income ladder than millionaires. He wants to roll back Bush-era tax cuts for individuals making over $200,000 and couples making more than $250,000.

    And Truth, thanks for posting that message. Shows I am able to step up and admit when I am wrong, and I did so.

  11. Dear Auntie Jean,

    In the old days it was the quickening, the first movement of the baby. And men called their sperm seed because they thought they were planting their seeds in our wombs – as usual, they only got it half right!! The Catholic church “defined” life as beginning at conception as a CYA affair because they can’t know when the soul and body are joined. This is a matter of PHILOSOPHY not SCIENCE for petes sake, and silly me, I always thought it applied to voluntary subscribers! In point of fact, although the termination of an ectopic pregnancy is an abortion, they are an “exception” allowed by the church.
    Back to the philosophy thing for a second. The free exercise of religion clause in the Constitution is meant to forestall the federal and state governments from imposing a philosophy the current persons in power like upon everyone else.

    Why is that so hard for some people to understand?? Aloha

  12. Auntie Jean….thank you so much for the walk through 7th grade sex-ed class It made me rhink of modern day brazil which has outlawed ALL abortion and many woman have died from tubal pregnancies which are not legally able to be treated until the fertilized egg erupts. There are many hundreds of woman in jail, due to this same law.
    What most people don’t realize about this personhood amendment is how it can, and will ensnare millions of woman in our legal system…….
    Think if you will of the consequences of a missing 2 year old child, maybe from the mall, maybe from your front lawn. Law enforcement would be immediately be called in and an investigation would begin, crimes scenes would be mapped out and all persons of interest would be looked into. If, god willing the child was found, the kidnapper would have his day in court and sentenced to decades in prision. If the child is found dead, the murderer would be hunted down and arrested and will be tried for this horrendous crime, receive life in prision or the death sentence.
    Now the same routine would have to be used if a woman has a miscarriage, and personhood rights were the law of the land. If your Dr. confirms a pregnancy at 1, 2, or 3 weeks of gestation and the zygot is expelled or absorbed by the woman’s body, there must be an investigation and a trial. Your uterus would become a crime scene and authorities would have to determine what took the life of the “person” who is now missing. Did the woman smoke or drink? Did she eat properly? Did she lift something heavy? Did her husband cause her stress? Maybe the slip she took in the grocery store contributed to this loss of life. Between my 2nd and 3rd child I had a very early miscarriage. My Dr. at the time told me that up to 50% of all pregnancies will be lost to this phenomenon, they don’t know the cause most of the time, maybe the zygot is defective and would of been incompatible with life. He told me that millions of woman lose a pregnancy without ever knowing that they were ever pregnant, which means EVERY WOMAN AND GIRL who are menstruating could be pregnant at any time and under a personhood law would have to be monitored monthly, lest a “person” be in danger. Maybe a woman or girl would have to be watched closely in a medical situation until the birth of the “person” reached completetion if she is known to not take care of herself or is involved in a dangerous activity such as lifting weights, skiing, jogging ect.
    We might hope that this personhood amendment never sees the light of day. We might believe that this personhood amendment would never see the light of day. But it might. And if it does it would affect everyone. And if the republicans take the majority this could pass within the blink of an eye.
    And oh how happy and proud the fundamentalists would be, they would be doing gods work after all. Because for some reason, their god, who is omnipotent, knows all sees all, answers all prayers, watches each and everyone of us, made the universe and this planet in 6 days and all who dwell here, somehow this god needs a hand. He needs their help protecting a lump of cells, which under the right conditions will become a breathing living human. These people are nuts, they are dangerous and they are no different the The Taliban and other Islamist extremists. And this is one reason that todays republican party and political power do not belong together. Ever. Never. Ever.

  13. Anonymous on October 12, 2012 at 7:01 PM
    “What else could explain why the both of you spend so much time belittling others?”

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others.

  14. Hi Congenial Gang,

    If I may, I would like to interrupt the proceedings here for a sort of infomercial. These are a few of the “Facts of Life” I never knew until I had had two children and was 32 years old! I learned the hard way.

    I never went to medical school to say nothing of specializing in Gynecology. Probably not too many bloggers have either. But let’s review what little we do know about it from scuttlebutt and practical experience. The two ovaries in the woman produce and release an “egg” once a month, sometimes more than one. The egg travels from the ovary down through the skinny little fallopian tube into the uterus. Sperm travel UP from the vagina, through the uterus into the fallopian tubes to unite (fertilize) with the egg. It is quite a journey for both these microscopic little LIVING cells. Therefore, the idea that LIFE begins at conception when the sperm penetrates the egg is a male chauvinist concept and a misnomer that got started somewhere back in the mists of time before of anyone knew much about Biology, Physiology and Gynecology. It probably had something to do with when men finally made the connection that they actually had anything to do with procreation.

    Both the egg and the sperm are living cells with life and mobility to begin with. A dead sperm cannot penetrate a living egg; conversely a live sperm cannot penetrate a dead egg. And only ONE sperm out of innumerable in a single ejaculation can fertilize ONE egg. The rest of them die. (Twins, triplets and other multiple births are a different story I need not get into now.)

    The lining of the uterus has a specialized tissue found nowhere else the body, certainly no where in the male body. The sole purpose of this tissue called the “endometrium” is to provide a “nest” for the fertilized egg to burrow into and begin dividing to become an embryo. The endometrium has a rich blood supply of oxygen and nutrients for the developing embryo. The embryo cannot survive without the endometrium. When all goes well, the embryo grows into a fetus and in approximately nine months is born into a fully developed human baby. If the egg is not fertilized, then the endometrium lining thins out and the egg dies. Then both slough off and are ejected in what we know as the menstrual period.

    Sometimes, for poorly understood reasons, endometrial cells turn up elsewhere in the abdominal cavity, often in the fallopian tubes. During the menstrual cycle, those extraneous cells enlarge just like the endometrium and eventually “bleed” as a result of hormonal activity. That can cause blockage in the fallopian tube(s). Then the egg and sperm cannot get together. The condition is called “Endometriosis”. It is fairly common in women and often a cause of infertility. It is probably heritable. The symptoms besides infertility can be pain (menstrual cramps) or none at all.

    If a woman happens to become pregnant, for nine months the endometrium and extraneous cells do not “bleed”. Thus the extraneous cells elsewhere sorta shrivel up for that length of time, until after the birth of the child and the menstrual cycles begin again. So pregnancy is a good treatment for endometriosis. However, if pregnancy is not possible, the same hormones, estrogen and progesterone that promote the uterus to prepare the uterine “nest” for a fertilized embryo are often prescribed as treatment for intractable endometriosis. Estrogen and progesterone are the hormones in birth control pills.

    Occasionally, a fertilized egg mistakes a little patch of endometrium inside the fallopian tube, burrows in and begins to grow. When it does, it is called an “Ectopic Pregnancy” a very dangerous situation. When the fallopian tube ruptures because it cannot expand to accommodate the growing embryo, it is like a tire blow-out on a car from nearby blood vessels. The embryo promptly dies from lack of oxygen and blood supply. Without immediate emergency medical intervention, the resulting hemorrhage can be fatal to the woman. There is no time to consult with religious, political leaders and insurance companies to see if they approve.

    An egg does not discriminate between the sperm of a rapist, loving spouse or incest. But if an ectopic pregnancy results, the woman’s life certainly hangs in the balance. When the right-wing politicians, obviously untrained in medical science and/or followers of the Gospel according to Saints Limbaugh and Beck start expounding on about “abortion”, I’m sure they would classify and invoke a prohibition on ectopic pregnancies if they had ever even heard of them. As far as I am concerned, they can rave on to their heart’s content about whatever they think might get the attention they crave for their ratings. As for the rest of us, we can choose to seek reliable medical advice from well trained professionals.

    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom. Saalam. Peace.

    Auntie Jean

  15. you’re confusing me, Truth Teller. Can you explain?

  16. “What else could explain why the both of you spend so much time belittling others?”

    297. Noah | October 4, 2012 at 7:22 pm
    Going to step up and apologize for going there R. No excuse for it no matter how much you exasperate me. Probably still wont hang out much as any kind of meaningful debate is predicated on some level of honesty/objectivity. Not sure how much you truly ever had in the past, but what is clear is you have none now.

  17. Oh, and UAW–here I stand up for you and you say something really gratuitously crappy. That was uncalled for.

  18. Hi, Terri: Here’s how I look at it. Although I only “know” UAW from this blog, he and I have dealt with each other here for several years. As much as a fellow poster can be, I view him as a friend. So it makes me feel bad when you bash him, just the way I am sure you would feel if someone were to bash someone you liked. I enjoy your posts and don’t want to feud with you. Perhaps we can leave it at that. Thanks.

  19. BIDEN, on whether U.S. should have beefed up security at the U.S. Consulate in Libya before the deadly terrorist attack there: “We weren’t told they wanted more security there.”

    RYAN: “There were requests for more security.”

    THE FACTS: Ryan is right, judging by testimony from Obama administration officials at a congressional hearing this week.

    Charlene R. Lamb, a deputy assistant secretary for diplomatic security, told lawmakers she refused requests for more security in Benghazi, saying the department wanted to train Libyans to protect the consulate. “Yes, sir, I said personally I would not support it,” she said.

    Eric Nordstrom, who was the top security official in Libya earlier this year, testified he was criticized for seeking more security. He said conversations he had with people in Washington led him to believe that it was “abundantly clear we were not going to get resources until the aftermath of an incident. How thin does the ice have to get before someone falls through?”

  20. lol Donna your Obsession with me cracks me up. your rock “girl” lmao

  21. sorry Terri…
    I probably shouldn’t have got on the kitty cat but she kinda asked for that one…..”My name conveys what I(am)….so I looked…..

  22. People who want to be treated like a human being should try acting like one.

  23. YEP…great debate…..
    Biden claims he voted against war in Iraq and Afghanistan…..to bad that it’s on record that he voted for it…..typ…..

  24. Gato, take a deep breath and ignore him.

  25. looked up Gato on google….LMFAO….
    sneak thief…..moneybags…..syphilis……

    dar gato por liebre
    figurative,….. colloquial to swindle, pull the wool over someone’s eyes

    gato encerrado
    figurative ……something fishy

    no hay gatos or no hay un gato
    colloquial…… there isn’t a soul


  26. Bill Maher’s tweet summed up how my husband and I were feeling throughout the evening watching the debate. Mr. Ryan was being whipped. He definitely looked and acted like the little kid next to good old Joe. I felt for the other side when they started complaining about how un-vice presidential (is that a word?) the Vice President looked, about his laughter, his posture, and what have you. Reminded me of a recent debate when the other person was smirking and kept interrupting. Heard not a peep out of them. Our side did complain then I know. Now, we are even.

  27. Breaking news…..someone shot a bullet threw the window of Obama headquarters in Denver. There were people working in the office at the time. No one got hurt and the police have a description of a vehicle.

  28. HI Donna….
    If someone treats me like a human being, then I’ll do the same…..
    F YOU Sidney….
    that’s from my technical writing college course…….simplify things……don’t write 75 words to say 2…..

  29. Donna, while we’re at it, and with all due respect, one other thing that doesn’t need to be reiterated again is your support for UAW. You like him, we know, but he is consistently rude and some of us don’t share your feelings.

  30. you got that right Sidney…….Can’t fix stupid….
    If you would crawl out of the hole your in maybe you could be “enlightned”……
    and as far as Biden beating up on a kid,….it was more “be polite to the senile old f^%K…..

  31. UAW–you crack me up.

  32. Now their planning a “Million Muppet March”….
    A “Save Our Embassies March” makes more sense……

  33. Some of my favorite moments from the debate: when Biden confronted Ryan with the fact he had requested stimulus money after constantly trashing the stimulus program. Also, when Biden repeatedly told Biden his 20 percent tax plan wasn’t mathematically possible. And Biden’s answer re abortion was perfect. He owned Ryan. And the proof Biden won: the whining from the right about the moderator, the number of times Biden laughed, etc. They are overcome with the vapors from the trouncing Ryan received. Good job Joe!

  34. Thank you, Sidney–I see that you came to the same conclusion. So now we can live ignoring him, and not talk further about doing it. Deal?

    I will continue to deal with UAW. You don’t have to, but I do have a history with him and I do know that he’s a good person. You’ve told me that you disagree–I don’t need to hear it again. I like him and imagine that I will continue to do that. When I disagree with him, I’ll tell him. But I do wish him the best.

  35. Gato: This is not an “order” or anything of the sort, and I trust you know that. It’s a request. Please, now and going forward, ignore him. No exceptions. The pathology is building up, as it has in the past, and Matthew will ban him again. Let that happen, please. Thanks and have a good weekend.

  36. Gato….I loved the entire debate, Biden was masterful, confident and showed compassion, not to mention his beautiful white teeth and that laugh…..now Ryan looked like a little kid, completely out if his league and it seemed like his ears were getting bigger with each lie, by the end of the debate he looked like Mr. Potato head.
    I love your posts and get so much out of them. I”m sure that there are many porch dwellers who feel the same.
    As far as anon and UAW, I almost responded to that last idiotic post that he sent to you. But I stopped myself. He has no interest in discussion. Every post mocks us and our ideals. I am going to do my best to completely ignore all his drivel. No more peanuts for him, no matter how much he spins and begs. You can’t enlighten him, or get him to see things from a different point of view, you just can’t fix stupid. Let’s make a pact…..and ignore the trolls.

  37. Biden said he wasn’t told…..
    means….I haven’t got a clue……

  38. You are, like Donna, obviously an insecure person. What else could explain why the both of you spend so much time belittling others? I am sorry you cannot get past the anon thing, that is your problem not mine.

    Now you should be a good little trooper like Beth and do as Donna says. She expect others to follow her orders.

    FYI what you label as BS is in actuality anyone who disagrees with you. As noted by a previous post, the real aggressive people here were listed. Please continue to be as nasty as you feel you need to be. Team misfit is always good for that, and a laugh.

  39. Gato: the story about the guy whose kids were killed was one of the most calculated and hateful moves possible. Ryan knew that Biden’s wife and daughter were killed in a car wreck. What a tool.

    Then stop responding. Seriously. You accomplish nothing and the fighting cats comment is, with all due respect, a little silly. Just share your interesting thoughts and disregard the mold in the corner.

  40. Hi, Donna – And then there was the moment when Ryan was telling the story about how Mittens went to see somebody (a fellow Mormon) and brought Christmas gifts and promised to send his kids through college… And Joe replied, mentioning that he had lost his wife and child… And didn’t make a sob story out of it. He said just what needed to be said. A powerful moment, IMHO…

    BTW, I am getting sick to death of Non’s bullshit. Maybe you noticed my reply. (I know; I shouldn’t even bother…) OH, YEAH, I USED A DIRTY WORD!! Well, Lordy, take me down for that. Not going to happen.

    I can hardly wait for Non’s obsequious reply: going to be some lecturing, some very long sentences, some righteous posturing, as always. I’ve got my Delete button at the ready.

    Best to you, and Porch Sitters all. Hang tough!

    Helen and Margaret: Love you both…


  41. Non… There is no whining here. And there is nothing “poor” about me. I am a fighting cat, and you have never seen the like of someone like me, and all my sisters, with claws out, who will use them to pull you out from under the porch, from the darkness where you lurk. My name is all women. We are all fighting cats.

    My name conveys what I, and my sisters and brothers, are: fighters. Your “name” conveys exactly what you are: Anonymous. Meaning nothing.


  42. Hi, all–hope you enjoyed the debate. I certainly did. Favorite moment: Ryan muttering about how he just made a request “for a constituent” when he asked for stimulus money. Second favorite moment: Ryan trying to rationalize his vote for the sequester. Sure, Joe was a bit out there–but I’ll take it.

  43. Ahh poor poor gato. Whining because I do not follow the rules you have set forth. Tell me dear gato. Is there your real name? No? I didn’t think it was. So what we have here is you are using a name other than your own, and I am using one other than my own. Does yours convey any additional information than mine? No? Well then it makes one wonder why you all cry so much. Could it be that your main line of defense, that is, to attack the messenger rather than the message is made a little bit harder because I do not make myself an easy target? If you truly had good intentions, I should be able to post without any identification of any kind. After all, who I am is quite irrelevant in a place where we are discussing political ideology isn’t it? But as you and your misfits have been dishonest on just about everything else I do not expect you to be honest here. My lesson in futility for the day I suppose.

  44. <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHQeFSQQaMY&quot;SMACK DOWN!

    Also, too: Why ‘Malarkey’?

    PEACE ~ Δ

  45. Hi, Dent – Il think that UAW has been both challenged and cherished here. He’s got a life, a GF, and – I think – a dog… Or maybe some other pets. (And the lost cat… Sad. Been there myself…) And when his GF gets hurt, he’s there for her, and he gets plenty of support here. How I wish we could hear from her, as well!

    Actually, in my very recent experience, it is that “non” person who gets the most flack. And rightfully so. Non seems to be a pompous and bloviating individual. Every time I get the lecture from him, about what I am supposed to do and say, and how I should speak, I just want to throw up…

    And maybe even use some of Helen’s cuss words!

    Well, Krikeys Almighty, if someone insists on posting as a nonentity, doesn’t that pretty much say it all? If you don’t own who you are, your words mean nothing. You are a wiener. Gutless. Period. (And don’t even start, Non, with that stuff about how we’re going to pick on you… Of course we will, as long as you’re an anonymous jerk.)

    I got over listening to this kind of pompous lectury stuff my first year in college. That was freshman year… Then I started to grow up.

    Somewhere, out there, is someone glued to his keyboard, hoping that someone will listen to him, and reply…

    Guess I just did… Dang… I need to do better…


  46. Dent
    Same thing was done to me as was done to UAW. It is a not so rare thing for Republican posters to have their posts altered to make them look foolish. Nothing new to people who have been here awhile.

  47. Funny how everyone good and bad seems to post freely but somehow UAW is the only person picked on by the “multitude of moderators”. What an ego. Get over yourself and get a life. It will do you and your attitude good.

  48. yes claudette ..my comments were changed….last M&H post……..from 10-5-12….7:41 – 8:54 – 9:04 – 9:18 along with others that were deleted…..the ones deleted were me complaining about the moderator(s)….9:06 was completely different…..
    I’m glad someone had fun though……

  49. UAW: Yup, that was a good one too.

  50. Hey Terri…
    I like Mahar’s other statement…
    “someone took my million and spent it on weed”

  51. I can’t WAIT to hear what you have to say about the VP debate.

  52. The Real Paul Ryan Is Bad for America
    By Charles P. Pierce

    …[Ryan’s] blithe dismissal of any demand that he be specific about where he and his running mate are planning to take the country generally, was so positively terrifying that it calls into question Romney’s judgment for putting this unqualified greenhorn on the ticket at all. Joe Biden laughed at him? Of course, he did. The only other option was to hand him a participation ribbon and take him to Burger King for lunch.

    You know what’s the difference between Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan?

    . ;)

    PEACE ~ Δ

  53. Bill Maher had the best tweet of the night: “Call 911, there’s an old man beating up a little kid on my tv!”

  54. Yeah, no kidding! You use religión, if you like, to guide your own activities, not as a bludgeon to control other people’s activities! I’m pretty sure Mr Ryan is a convenience Catholic, and he is demonstrably unfamiliar with the Gospel! Mind you, those white fundies you refer to seem to have a love affair with the Old Testament too, despite all their yapping about Jesus! I swear they would kill him again if he showed up tomorrow-he would definitely be one of “those people!”

    I’ll say one thing for UAW. I don’t like him; I disagree strongly w Donna, he likes the c-word too; and based on his own comments on an earlier post he appears to be racist. He does not, however, prose on about his religious beliefs and try to trump everyone else’s views with that schtick! It’s about the only good thing I can say about him!

  55. Ryan lied about Senator Wyden’s (OR) participation in the Medicare re-vamp that Ryan is pursuing. Wyden’s denouncing of his claims is in our paper again today, but somehow R/R keep repeating the lie (how unusual, NOT). …”Wyden will undoubtedly be unhappy to hear him described as the “co-author” of a bill with Ryan. Actually, Wyden and Ryan drafted a joint policy paper that discussed this approach, and Wyden has taken pains to say that he never reached agreement with Ryan on actual legislation.”… So this is what happens when you reach across the isle, the gesture becomes contorted and it becomes a stretch. Liars, filthy rotten liars they are, and then they parade around talking about how religion is such a big part of their lives. I thought religion was supposed to be about truths, apparently I’ve been misled all along, even about what religion was supposed to be about. The word charlatan comes to mind. In other words, they’re a couple of frauds and the far right, white religious folks will say it doesn’t matter how we win, just that we do. No wonder the younger people are falling away from organized religion. Look at the examples they have to lead them.

  56. Sidney, I didn’t save anything, I just went through the posts. What I did was to clearly show by the preponderance of evidence, who were the hostile posters on this blog. Obviously of late, you are bar none the most hostile person on this blog. Why don’t you be a better person, and argue the ideas and leave the personal crap off the blog.

    As for UAW and I talking to each other, that is just how the adults do things. We don’t always agree but we can be civil to each other. Fortunately your approval is not required. What I find comical is that you talk of collaboration, when you and your band of misfits use your circular validation to back up all of your lies and distortion. That is your MO to a T.

    Let me bottom line this for you. Until you are able to honestly defend Oblama’s record, you have no credibility except with your fellow misfits. Telling everyone why Romney is bad is not the same as telling us why we should vote for Oblama. As I’ve said before, our defining difference is I can admit Romney’s faults, because I own my party. You cannot talk about Oblama’s faults because your party owns you. Class dismissed.

  57. Do you think that was Kool Aid that Ryan was drinking during the debate? I always thought that term was just a metaphor, but apparently its true.

  58. Biden did great! He exposed some lies and presented a lot of facts. A snap poll shows that he won. Did anyone else notice that Paul Ryan’s ears seemed to get bigger every time he looked at the camera. He looked like a child, a little lost boy.

  59. Anon….I must say how flattered I am that you saved so many lines from my posts!! I didn’t know I meant that much to you!! I delete everything I get from you and UAW, because it’s garbage. I loved how and UAW banded together to talk about the other posters, I imagaine it makes you feel braver when you have a little friend on your side, a bully always needs a side kick and now you have each other….how sweet!!
    You post nothing but useless, idiotic, propaganda and I have had my fun and I am done with both of you. Like any stray dog, if you don’t feed them they will eventually move on, and take their mange covered asses somewhere else. Have a nice journey, I hope you find a home, because this certainly isn’t it, and oh….watch out for the cars….you wouldn’t want to get run over by a car with an Obama bumper sticker.

  60. Good job Joe, you schooled Ryan on his lying quite effectively! Hope you told Ryan’s mom to sit Paul down tonight and make him write, ‘I will not lie’ a thousand times. And take away his dessert for a week as well.

  61. That is your choice Beth, it is only fun to engage people able to defend their beliefs. Please continue on.

  62. Another message to Obama. Whenever the R/R team bring up how well Romney reached across the aisles and had no problem getting cooperation, why don’t you speak up and say, “No wonder! He was dealing with DEMOCRATS! Not obstructionists. I thought Biden won hands down!

  63. Helen’s tweets are pretty damn sweet tonight too :-)
    You go girl!!!

  64. Message to President Obama…
    Joe’s kick’n ass tonite… we expect you to do the same when its your turn again, got it. No more Mr. Nice Guy! PS – this evening’s moderator is excellent. EOM

  65. Thank you Margaret & Helen! Well written and all true. Now I’m watching Romney’s elf lie to Biden. I look forward to your response to this!

  66. Robert, Sidney (on fire!), and Beth, love your comments. Robert, you especially made your point very well. Most people on this blog are informed and they know you are telling the truth. You only have to look at the inferior quality goods being sold in the stores nowadays. They want cheap labor, cheap materials so that they may sell goods to us very cheaply and still have good enough margins to pay the high salaried CEOs. Fine, but I don’t want to buy the cheap stuff. They end up at goodwill and other such places at the end of the season, mountains of them. It will catch up with all of these companies, you will see. However, they will find a way to blame the democrats and taxes for their failures, as always.

  67. Anon, you and I have been through discussions like this before and I have found it fruitless to have them. You claim to be open minded but clearly are not. You claim to want to have an open discussion, but clearly do not. I therefore choose not to have discussions with you about my preferences, etc. When I present facts and or opinions on this forum you can chose to dispute them and if I wish to I may respond. But I will not get into a fruitless discussion with you because it is a lost cause. You don’t really want to know my ideas, you just want fuel to be able to spew your bologna.

  68. What I love about this blog is that M&H can put a humorous spin on just about anything. I think it’s high time to put humor and kindness back into debates. Keep it up ladies! And I look forward to your critique of the Biden/Ryan debate, which is blathering on in the background as I type.

  69. claudette
    Frankly most of your posts are aggressive and resort to name calling..

    Actually you have it 180 degrees wrong. Proof..

    “ANON, you are an ignorant foolish little person.”
    “Oh UAW….what a big boy you are. You put your little brains to work”
    “Good try nazi-boy”
    “go do something with your little sad life”
    “Oh Don…..you learned how to spell Benghazi!! What a big boy!!”
    “Please Donny, there are soooo many rightwing nutjob blogs and sites, go to one of them and spew your bullshit.”
    “Dent….I think your probably correct about UAW. He is a racist. A racist nazi.”
    ” You are nothing but a asshat nazi and the boys in Germany would be proud.”
    “I don’t doubt that you would of cast your vote for the nazis.”
    “You are either a racist, a fool, or both.”

    “UAW is probably not a Nazi. He is most likely a racist.”

    “Please don’t feed the troll.” to ~ and beyond!

    “Yeah Dent, a harmless name calling racist.”
    “You know, I’ll say one thing for you, you obnoxious, racist, epithet spewing loser of a troll”

    Kelly R.
    “UAW, you are a sad wretched person”

    “He wasn’t Gov of Mi. Moron”

  70. Donna, as always you rock. I always enjoy your takedowns of Anonymous. They
    always put a smile on my face.

  71. uawtradesman, Are you saying your post was altered? It’s so far back, I cannot find it. My understanding is that the moderator is the grandson of either Margaret or Helen. Is he a typ Lib, also, you suppose, and that they should be ashamed of him? Frankly most of your posts are aggressive and resort to name calling. Why do you even post here, if you have so much dislike of Democrats? Wouldn’t your opinions be more appreciated at a more right-leaning blog?

  72. Beth–Anonymous flatters himself that I’m “obsessed” with him, which is typical of his grandiosity and unwarranted arrogance. Nope–not in the least. However, because he chooses (deliberately) to post as “anonymous” in order to try to draw in newbies like yourself, I think it’s only courteous to warn those who might otherwise be tempted to engage with him. He’s posted under probably eight-ten different names, been banned, and is so desperate for attention that he goes through the machinations of sneaking back on. He has called people here “bi-ch” and “c-t,” and I am told actually went so far as to call the African American host of another blog “n–r.” Certainly, you should feel free to engage with him if you wish to do so. However, I think it’s appropriate to let those who might not otherwise know what they are dealing with.

    UAW is different. He can be inflammatory and a grouch. But he’s a genuinely decent human being and if you deal with him courteously, he will reciprocate.

  73. claudette..I glad that you brought up my “taking down this blog”….
    you do remember my other posts and that one that was changed by the(or multiple)moderators on this site……..
    you just accused me of something I didn’t do and M&H should be ashamed of the people “helping” them…..but then typ lib comes to mind….

  74. Beth, as you will notice Donna’s obsession with me means you will see her repeating this message on a very regular basis. She has taken it upon herself to decide who is allowed and not allowed to speak, and demands of others to obey her wishes. Just another online bully. Listen to her, don’t listen to her, your choice.

    I think I asked a valid question based on your response because I feel strongly that government power should be very decentralized.

  75. Beth: Anonymous is a long term troll here. He is only looking for attention. Despite his having twice claimed that he is here so that liberals can’t say we “weren’t warned” when the whole nation collapses, that is transparent b.s. Were that his goal, he’d have satisfied it two years ago. It’s not–it’s to get nice people like you to engage with him. Please consider ignoring him because there truly is no up side to doing otherwise.

  76. Etch-a-sketches and now Twister. Your commentary makes sense of the political scene better than all the talking heads in the media! Thank you for calling bullshit.

  77. Beth
    Since you prefer Big Government over smaller government could you explain why? I think history supports the notion that the bigger government gets, the more corrupt and wasteful it becomes, and the more we lose our individual rights and freedoms.

  78. UAW you either completely missed the point of my post or are purposefully ignoring it. Politicians flip-flop all the time. Even President Obama. What Romney does is not flip-flopping. He says one thing about his positions from one moment to the next depending on who his audience is and then has his campaign put out a position statement correcting his statements. He does not change positions with careful and considered thought after weeks, months or years. That is flip-flopping. All politicians do it. Some do it because they come to better conclusions after thinking things through. Some do it because they have tried things one way and decide things will work better another way. And some do it because they think it will get them more votes If I feel the candidates change agrees with something I agree with AND I trust s/he will stick with this change of opinion, I might feel inclined to be be less disagreeable toward that candidate’s flip-flop. Romney’s tactic IS NOT flip-flopping. It is pandering in the worst degree. It is dishonest and or just plain stupidity. Does he think we are all that stupid? I have never said that I agree with everything President Obama has done, or that I think he is the perfect candidate. But I far prefer him to Romney-Ryan on all counts. I just don’t trust them and never will. And I agree with the Democratic Party principles of governing over those of the Republican Party.

  79. And why did the Congressional GOP kill the American Jobs Act — which would have cut taxes in a deficit-neutral way to create jobs? [Because it was Obama’s idea, and it would have improved the economy during his administration.]

    And what did Romney fail to mention when falsely claiming that Obamacare cut $716 billion from Medicare benefits? [That his own running mate, Ryan, budgeted a $716 billion cut in Medicare benefits to pay the Pentagon instead, so Romney isn’t planning to “restore” that money to Medicare!]

    Oh, go see factcheck.org and politifact.com for exposes of the Romney vs Obama and Ryan vs Biden debate lies. Those are nonpartisan sites, so they’ll cheerfully peg both sides.

  80. Anon: I beg your pardon? leftists in the Democratic party are “much like the Islamic terrorists in the middle east?? (Middle East) You don’t have to try to figure out how to work around this “mindset”, you can just stop making such inflammatory comments. And UAWtradesman, also; who in one post threatened to “take down this blog”. As if he could.

  81. On the topic, about being honest as it seems so very important to many of you. Could you help me out with WHO SAID???
    “I promise to end all Muslim Unrest” –October 2008
    “I promise that I support traditional marriage -1 man -1 woman.”
    “I promise 100% transparency in my administration.”
    “I promise NO NEW TAXES on a family making less than $250K a year.”
    “I will allow 5 days of public comment before I sign any bills.”
    “I will remove earmarks from PORK projects before I sign any bill.”
    “I will end Income Tax for seniors making less than $50K a year.”
    “I will bring ALL of our troops home within ONE year.”
    “I’ll put the Health Care negotiations on CSPAN so everyone can see who is at the table!”
    “I’ll have no lobbyists in my administration.”
    “I’ll close Guantanamo.”
    “I’ll resign if I don’t cut the deficit in half by the end of four years.”
    “I’ll cut the debt by half in my first term.”
    “I’ll unite the people of this great country.”

    We all know now these were lies. Why don’t they matter to you?

  82. Is the background picture the USS Missouri? Just wondering. She used to be docked in my home town for many many years.

  83. I hear you UAW. I would have almost no problem with any of these jokers if they would hold their own to the same standards they hold the Republicans too. Hundred and one ways to skin a cat and both sides have something to contribute. Unfortunately the Democrat party has been taken over by the Leftists. These are not people who want to be reasoned with. Much like the Islamic terrorists in the middle east, they are s entrenched in what they believe in, diplomacy and negation are no longer possible. It will take a smarter person than I to figure out how to work around this kind of mindset.

  84. A Wisconsin school bus driver has been fired after reportedly telling a 12-year-old boy he should have been aborted because his family had a Mitt Romney yard sign.

    WISN 1130 report, which said the 78-year-old female driver had “been harassing the boy, making rude comments to him related to politics.” When the boy responded that President Barack Obama supports abortion, the driver allegedly replied, “Maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you.”

    Someone should direct this lady to the M & H website, I am sure she would be warmly welcomed.

  85. Noah did you get laughed of Ruthless’s blog again?

  86. Sidney wants another example…how about Eisenhower and the interstate highway system…..

  87. And why did the Congressional GOP kill the American Jobs Act, which cut taxes in a deficit-neutral way to create jobs?

    And while Romney lies about Obamacare cutting Medicare benefits by $716 billion, that’s exactly what Ryan’s budget does.

    Oh, go see factcheck.org and politifact.com for an ongoing list of Romney vs Obama debate lies. (Yes, they’ll cheerfully peg any by Obama, too.)

  88. well anon…( I wish they would at least number themselves)
    I stop here just to let all the koolaid junkies here know that some people don’t believe all the bullshit being spouted here about how good the Dem party is…….Does the Rep party have all the answers…NO….all they all totally honest…NO….
    Don’t expect me to believe that the Dems do or are……..
    I don’t believe any of them…how can I tell their lying….THEIR LIPS MOVE….
    I do believe with more people working and paying into the federal “Kitty” things will get better instead of sucking out as much as they can without putting something back…..theirs a lot of people out there surviving with either no or a little help by doing “jobs that American won’t do”….my problem is with the people that won’t lift a finger…….
    I just gave a bushel of potatoes, a 10lb bag of onions,,some tomatoes and a 5 lb bag of navy beans to a 47 yr old single mother with a 6 yr old……she was looking for a tractor driving job!!!!she said she finally broke down and got a bridge card………she needs the help a lot more than some lazy-ass college student that won’t work in the student cafe or McDonalds to pay for beer money….do you see the difference….

  89. UAW I would do point for point. Give Sidney one answer for every point he/she/it responds on Obama’s record. Considering who we are dealing with, I would make Sid go first.

  90. UAW….your giving us google number now. Really? Really? Romney says something that sound like a moderate viewpoint, and withing MINUTES, MINUTES, his spokesman comes and says “he really didn’t mean that”. If it was possible for you and your idiot friends to be the only ones to take the brunt of the destruction of a republican government, well then, I would vote for Romney too because the look on your face when you realized you have been screwed would be AMAZING, and I would take great joy in seeing that.
    Are you a child, middle aged, a senior? You might get a white man as president, but the America that the GOP has planned will affect everyone, even you.
    I figure that you are collecting unemployment, SS, or SS disability.
    Oh, before I forget…..name one thing that the republican party has ever done that has benefitted everybody.

  91. Terry in NY
    I by far prefer you don’t respond. As you have a complete inability like most of the other leftists on here, to argue without the personal attacks and twisting/manipulating of information, you just muddy the waters and make my job a lot less fun. So by all means please continue to ignore me.

  92. don’t know about you Sid but my mom’s(88yrs old)drug bills have gone way down….are you saying that this is a bad thing….not for my Mom….
    and under budget…..


  93. Anon and UAW …..what do you come here for? Do you think that you will convert us to your views?

    I answered this before, I will do so again.

    To believe that I could change your mind, or anyone else on here, is to believe that you have an open mind. As you have show us, post after post, you and yours have the most closed minds of anyone I have ever met. I hold out zero hope I could change any of your votes. I actually believe(no really, I do) that Oblama could declare martial law, and he would still get your vote.

    My only purpose is, should Oblama get reelected, that when it all falls apart, and it will, you cannot play the ignorance card. You were shown and told exactly how and why what he is doing is wrong, and you ignored it.

  94. sidney, I admire your fight and spunk; but I’m afraid you’re wasting your breath. I never respond to anonymous, even when he practically begs for it, it’s completely pointless; and UAW is a lost cause as well. Best to just move on. I do read and enjoy your posts, though.

  95. Jeez Beth…
    Romney lies and Obama “evolves”…

    President Flip Flop: Barack Obama’s Broken Promises, Policy Reversals and Continuous Flip Flops


    Jeez Sidney…this google thing is great….put in Obama flip flops and get 13,000,000 results…….


  96. UAW….. I asked you to name one thing that the republican party ever did that benefitted all Americans. And the only thing you could pull out of your ass (I guess you had to dig really really deep) was Medicare part D. Now if you did any research, you would see that that DOES NOT benefit seniors. Our tax dollars go directly into the wallets of the pharmaceuticals and private for-profit insurance companies and it has cost over 1 trillion, the 5% of the population that use it end up spending over $350/year more. Medicare part D was, and is meant to destroy Medicare.
    Now little man, let’s try it again. Name one thing, one, that the republican party has done that has benefitted this country. Maybe you should take a little nappy first, and when you wake up after dreaming about nazis and the KKK, you will have something to say. Until then….your an asshat.

  97. Anon and UAW …..what do you come here for? Do you think that you will convert us to your views? Have you ever posted something so profound that one of M&Hs rational, intelligent, informed posters read something you placed here from, brietbart, daily caller or some rightwing YouTube videoand they suddenly LOST THEIR MINDS and said “oh my god, I have seen the light! I am not a rational, intelligent American, I am really an ignorant right wing nut job”.
    If that’s what your going for, well, it ain’t gonna happen. The posters here are wicked smart, and your just wicked.

  98. methinks Sidney partook of to much koolaid…..

    you asked for one…..you got it……..

    some people swear by the Patroit Act and others swear at it……..4 years of Dem control of congress and 2 with the Prez and guess what…we still have it…..earlier it was complaints about profiling and Muslin civil liberties,now its cripples in wheelchairs being groped and children being mollested….Yep…big improvement……brings back nightmares of janet Reno…..
    and since I can’t seem to find all this knowledge…..send links…..but you have to send something not from Media Matters,Huffpo, or MSNBC……

    I’m still trying to get the “FREE VIAGRA” that I’m supposed to be getting according to the Dems…..not happening here….OOPS…was that another DEM LIE…..

  99. Anon……you and your babbling bullshit gets flushed down the crapper with all the other turds. It is meaningless. It is ignorant. It is childish. I am expecting your next post to be written in crayon.
    What I do find absolutely amazing is that people like you are able to vote, which is no different then seeing someone crack themselves in the forehead with a hammer and then wonder why they are bleeding. Your bleeding because you vote republican.

  100. “So I figured I’d give it to them. There can be no rebuttal of the facts I’ve placed in evidence. I’m sure they will try, but I will not bite and be drawn into their web.”

    What you have here is the best (only) way leftist can win arguments. You make a case, you show your fabricated evidence, claim it is irrefutable, then refuse to respond to critique. I can imagine this was the method use by Oblama that caused him to have to violate the Constitution and misuse EP in order to get things done. I would also imagine because of this methodology might have something to do with why he received zero votes not once, but twice on budgets he proposed.

    Obama should take a page out of Romney’s playbook. Romney managed to get things done despite having 267 Democrats in his legislature.

  101. Sidney18511 Leftist credential verification.

    Personally attacks posters…check
    Circular validation….check
    Mentions the word troll at least once…check
    Makes wild claims with no supporting evidence….check
    Attacking religion…..check.

    Credentials confirmed, you are a Leftist.

  102. Sidney, I know that on this blog I preach mostly to the converted. But there are a few, who shall remain nameless, who are always asking for proof and evidence, etc. So I figured I’d give it to them. There can be no rebuttal of the facts I’ve placed in evidence. I’m sure they will try, but I will not bite and be drawn into their web.

  103. I’m confused. Is Margaret posting this latest or is Helen? Everyone is commenting on Margaret’s post. I thought Helen was the main poster. THey are both wonderful. I think Margaret is a hoot and a half. Helen is so good as well. I’m just confused about this.

  104. Beth….we can all see what he is doing, it is the low information voters that he is sucking into his web. Romney is attempting a HOSTILE TAKEOVER of our government. Lying is second nature to him. As a Mormon, part of the doctrine is known as “lying for the lord” in which members will say nothing about the religion that others will find shocking, and if you take a look at mormonism, there is a lot to be shocked about. As a capitalist, he also used his lying skills. When taking over a company they were not told that Bain would load them up with debt, so that they could scoop that into their wallet, and that the business would have to fire employees and move or close down plants, these companies didn’t know what hit them until the Bain truck was long gone and it was too late.
    But these lies have revived the republican party, many who were not excited about him know exactly what he is doing and they like it. He is a dangerous man, representing a dangerous political party, who work for the wealthiest men this world has ever seen.
    This is nothing but a sales job for him and we all better hope that he doesn’t succeed.

  105. Mitt Romney – Two-Faced Liar In Chief

    Mitt Romney’s campaign would be funny if it wasn’t so frightening. Time and time again we have seen him say one thing to the press or at a rally or even a debate only to have campaign officials come out later that day or the next and “clarify” his position by stating the exact opposite. Here I site many examples:

    In August on 60 Minutes, Mitt Romney said in an interview that he thought abortions should be allowed in cases when the health of the mother was in danger. Later, a statement was put out saying that Mr. Romney did not believe this at all; that he did not believe abortions should be allowed in cases where the health of the mother was in danger.

    In September, Mr. Romney told David Gregory, during a Meet the Press interview, that he would not repeal all of Obamacare. The campaign later put out a statement stating that he would not keep any part of Obamacare.

    In a September interview with George Stephanopoulos, Mr. Romney said that he would have the same red line for Iran as President Obama. Later the campaign said Mr. Romney’s red line would be far before President Obama’s.

    At a September 17 Latino Issues for President Forum, Mr. Romney stated that he didn’t know Mr. Kobach, the Arizona “papers please” law guy and Mr. Kobach wasn’t an advisor to the campaign. What do you think happened next? You got it. The campaign came out and said, Mr. Romney does know Mr. Kobach and he is a periodic immigration advisor to the campaign.

    Mr. Romney conceded that President Obama had not raised taxes while in office at a September 25 rally. Later the campaign came out with another one of their walk back statements saying that Mr. Ryan was talking about additional taxes.

    On October 9 Mr. Romney told the Des Moines Register Editorial Board that he has “no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.” Later the campaign came out and said, “Governor Romney would of course support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life.”

    More importantly, Mr. Romney has repeatedly answered this questions and related questions during this campaign very decisively. During the Republican debates he stated that he would be “delighted” to sign a bill to ban abortion. Also while running he stated that he would absolutely support a personhood bill. Passage of a personhood bill would effectively make most forms of birth control against the law as well as in vitro fertilization. He has also firmly stated that he would support a Supreme Court overturn of Roe VS Wade. And he has stated unequivocally that he would completely defund Planned Parenthood, effectively ridding us of one of the largest providers of women’s health care.

    Last year, Mitt Romney signed a Pro-Life Pledge. It states, “ I will advocate for and support a Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to protect children …”. If these things don’t speak to his position, I don’t know what does. How he can tell the Des Moines Register that he has “no legislation with regards to abortion …”, as part of his agenda, I just don’t just don’t understand.
    He also told the Des Moines Register that he thinks people should be able to choose health insurance that covers birth control. However, in a statement the campaign stated that Mr. Romney does back the Blunt amendment. This amendment would allow employers to not offer birth control coverage options to their employees. So if an employer has a religious belief that does not believe in birth control s/he can impose that belief on the employee by not allowing that employee to decide for hem or herself whether or not to have birth control coverage.

    This goes far beyond the normal flip-flopping of politics. This is not a candidate having one position and then years or even months later changing his mind after careful consideration of the facts. In all these cases, Mr. Romney when pressed in situations to tell his position, he fudged, hedged, or outright lied about his position. Then the campaign had to come out with a position statement restating his real position. Why does he do this? I am not really sure. He has no moral backbone? He wants everyone to like him? He doesn’t know what he believes? He changes his beliefs from one moment to the next? All of the above? None of the above? I don’t know. You tell me.

  106. Marlene…..thank you for addressing that issue. It can be exhausting responding to the trolls, but you did a wonderful job. Whenever the Iraq war comes up, they always bring up the names of democrats that voted for it. The warmongers had this planned before 9/11 even happened, and even to this day, after all the blood, death, torture, destruction and trillions spent, they can’t admit they were wrong. The GOP has turned into a frightening evil machine of death, all for the benefit of the 1%. That people can’t see that is truly baffeling.

  107. ANON, you are an ignorant foolish little person. You want Terri to present you with, to hand you on a silver platter…THE TRUTH! It is there for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.
    Is the sky blue? Is water wet? Is the snow cold? YOU WANT PROOF! Look it up yourself, you can do it on the very same computer that you use to come here and spew your mouth diarrhea.
    So why don’t you get cracking!!!

  108. Oh UAW….what a big boy you are. You put your little brains to work and came up with Medicare D. Good try. Your wrong. Very wrong. This does NOTHING for the seniors, it wasn’t meant to it was designed with a “poison pill”. The government couldn’t negotiate drug prices with the 12 big pharma companies, and it paid private insurance a profit to take customers, it is designed to TAKE 600 billion OUT OF MEDICARE, to speed along its death.
    Funded with our tax dollars, it has already added 1 trillion to our deficits.
    It actually cost $368. MORE a year for those who use it and only 5% do.
    Good try nazi-boy, but Medicare D only helped private insurance, private pharmaceutical companies and the 14 men in congress who got jobs with the private medical system making millions a year.
    A little advise….this computer your on, can actually be used for RESEARCH, and FACT FINDING and all sorts of interesting things. It can take you to the place that all the knowledge is stored. Instead of coming here and regurgating your bullshit turds, that means NOTHING to us, go do something with your little sad life. You might even learn something. I’m sure you can find all this info in German, sooooo alls good.

  109. Terri in NY
    “My point is you never answer anyone’s questions or defend your positions”

    I think you are the last person who has any write to say this. You made it a practice not to defend any point you made. I called you out on several occasions and you couldn’t be bothered to respond, all the while demanding I answer you, to which I did. When your circular arguments finally backed you into a corner, you suddenly became to good to respond to the “troll”

    Bottom line, don’t hold others to standards you could not hope to keep for yourself.

  110. Just a drive-by shot or two. Yes a lot of Dems voted for Iraq war – and I zipped off e-mails expressing my dismay however I also remember the attitude of the country and particularly the GOP. If you opposed anything W proposed you were not only unAmerican, you were a traitor, a terrorist lover and no one was hesitant about using that in local elections. Any Dem who voted no was the spawn of the devil so while I didn’t like it I realized they would have to be in a complete Democrat state to vote against it. As for the recent tragedy in Benghazi – outside the Issa witch hunt yesterday a GOP member had to admit to the press that the GOP had recently refused to budget more money for security of all embassies including the ones attacked. So yes embassies were requesting more security and none was available because “ta-da” GOP cut funding. This is called cause and effect but GOP sticks fingers in their ears and blame EVERYONE else while they had a lot of cupibility in what happened. Only Dems seem to take responsibility — name the last time a Republican got up and said “it was wrong, it wasn’t right, thank you for presenting me actual facts.”

  111. Yep Sid…..Bush’s war in Iraq…..
    and who voted for it…..

    “Dems. who voted for the invasion include:
    Virtually ALL of the most powerful people in the Dem. Party!”


  112. so you want 1 thing…
    how about medicare part D……
    not perfect in the first bill and needed to be tweaked…………
    how many here will agree that not everything in Obamacare is perfect and some things need changing…..

    Don’t you just love Clinton and NAFTA…..YEP….. Bill really helped our economy……

  113. […] “Romney actually claims he will lower taxes for everyone. At the same time he will increase defense s…“ Rate this:Share this:EmailPrintFacebookTumblrMoreTwitterLinkedInStumbleUponPinterestLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. […]

  114. UAW: My point is you never answer anyone’s questions or defend your positions. I don’t know how to say it clearer than that. sidney has repeatedly asked you to give her an example of a GOP policy or program that has benefited Americans. You ignore her and then try to blame everything on Pelosi and Reid. To answer your question, here’s what the Dems did when they were elected in 2008-09. They brought the economy back from the brink of disaster. They stopped the hemorrhaging of jobs that was ongoing under Bush/Cheney and they started creating jobs. They saved the U.S. auto industry. They helped the stock market recover. They got a huge health care bill passed. They passed financial regulation laws. They got rid of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. They allowed stem cell research to begin again. They stopped torturing people. They ended the senseless war in Iraq. Want more? There’s plenty.

  115. You know y’all, the repubs are just getting evermore strident and hysterical as the election approaches…I am inclined to rate that a good sign. Also thinking of voting absentee and early because it will circumvent those cheating machines bushy-wushy’s palley-walley put in place!

  116. Go to YouTube and look up Robert Reich-7 Lies (about the economy). He explains it perfectly. Sorry I was unable to copy the link over to M&H. I’ll be mailing in my absentee ballot for Obama (and also Claire McCaskill) tomorrow! Have a great day, everyone!

  117. Robert………….great post! Why can’t repug sheeple figure this out? We all need to get out and vote democrat or we really will be doomed this time around. I already voted for Obama the morning of the first debate !

  118. Dang! As part of my job I have to read all sorts of stuff from everyone everywhere. No I do not have a blog site. But yesterday I discovered that Mittens had issued a white paper on a subject of interest to the people I work with. I clicked on the link and it opened to the cover of a 16 page document. Wow! Easy read! No. Instead this document was “locked”. That meant it could not be highlighted, copied and transferred to a new page and printed out. I had to agree to download software that would allow me to open it. Shucks! I already had software that could read pdf stuff, but inasmuch as the document was of some importance, I agreed to download the new reader. I suddenly had not just a new pdf reader but games, weather and all sorts of junk I did not need. The “instant” installation took a chunk of my time. LIke most people these days I was multitasking and my other tasks had to take a back seat to this bad boy software. Finally, I just put a stop to it, went into my control panel and had to remove everything that sucker threw at my computer. This meant that my other work which was just as or even more important than a white paper was backed up and deadlines were looming. Final decision: if this damn white paper was so important ten to one I could find it elsewhere without being suckered into downloaidng software I did not need. Wait! Maybe this software was spawned by one of the companies Mittens created! Gosh! Life without this software! Thinking, thinking. Aw, nuts! Thanks a helluva lot for the mess I had to clean up after this software, Mittens! And no, I am not going to offer you my “fair” price just to see your white paper! Toodles!

  119. Oh Don…..you learned how to spell Benghazi!! What a big boy!! You people are going nuts looking under every rock for some conspiracy to hang around Obamas neck. How did fast and furious work out for you? Nothing, huh?
    Your head must of exploded when Bush was in office, and he ignored all 9/11 warnings about terroists flying plans into buildings. And then……when we found out that this crime was caused by Saudi nationals and our fearless leader attacked IRAQ causing 100’s of thousands of needless deaths and cost over 4 trillion dollars….you must of been so shocked and upset that you pooped in your panties.
    Please Donny, there are soooo many rightwing nutjob blogs and sites, go to one of them and spew your bullshit.

  120. Robert…….thank you for that wonderful explanation about the job creators.you hit the nail on its greedy little head. the next thing that the republicans would like to do is abolish the minimum wage and child labor laws. Then they will be crapping our dollar bills. And when these fox watchers end up working for $3.00/hr and living under one of our crumbling bridges with their hungry, uneducated children, they will hear their GOP leaders boast that America is the wealthiest country on the globe, and realize that they were played for fools. Maybe not.
    And the look on the faces of these poverty stricken red state voters living off of food stamps and welfare when they REALIZE that they are the 47%, the moochers, the lazy ass teat sucking “takers” that the GOP has been talking about, well, that look would just be precious.

  121. Susie smith…….I am a business owner. Have been for over 25 years. I would like to explain something to you. If the government brought my TAXES to zero, I would not expand or hire if I didn’t have a healthy base of middle class customers with job security and money to spend on my products. Think about this…right now the “job creators” on SITTING on the biggest pile of capital ever, trillions and trillions of dollars. They could hire millions of people and open up branches of their business in every state of the union with that money. They really don’t need more tax relief. Now why aren’t they expanding or hiring? Because there are no customers or demand for their products because it’s the middle class that are the JOB CREATORS.
    Why doesn’t Bain capital or 7/11 open up businesses in Haitia, right in the middle of tent city??? Because there would be no customers, get it. Business let the demand for their product tell them whether expand or hire, not taxes. You see, as a business, everything you sell, you make a PROFIT. No business sells anything for cost. Soooo…with that as a incentive, the money that they make, they will hire and expand. IT IS THE MIDDLE CLASS THAT ARE THE JOB CREATORS. IT IS THE 99%.

  122. Dent….I think your probably correct about UAW. There is nothing more intolerable then an intelligent black man living in the whitehouse with his beautiful family and making all of America proud. He is a racist. A racist nazi.

  123. UAW…..oh what happened? Did I hurt your whittle feelings? I think I did hurt your whittle feelings, because you threatened to cut off my balls? My balls? And my families balls? You are nothing but a asshat nazi and the boys in Germany would be proud.
    Still waiting for ONE THING, only ONE, that the republicans have ever done for the good of our society.

  124. UAW….soooo the dems took over the house and senate in 2007. What happened, did Bush LOSE HIS VETO CRAYON?
    Still waiting for ONE thing that the republicans have ever done that benefitted this society at large. Whatsamatter, having trouble?

  125. Susie Smith, the reason corporations are moving their production facilities off shore isn’t because of taxes, its because of our wage levels here in the USA. The wages of the American worker out grew their ability to compete with other up and coming nations.. But the heads of these corporations can’t say that because they take so much in compensation, it would make them look like the greed b**turds they are, so they complain about taxes and get their republican hacks in the senate and congress to shill for them, and somehow gullible people (mostly FOX News viewers) fall for it lock, stock and barrel. Corporations have all sorts of ways to avoid paying taxes. The taxes they don’t like paying are the ones that pay the other half of your social security portion (I’m assuming you work or have worked in the past). They don’t have to pay that when they ship your job overseas. They lump all their complaints under higher taxes, but that’s not it at all. It’s all those benefits that they used to offer to get the best and the most qualified applicants to apply is what they’re really talking about. They don’t want to offer as perks to lowly manufacturing employees, things like healthcare insurance, paid vacations, sick pay and retirement programs, because they take away from the profits and those bonuses the CEO’s like to get for basically doing nothing but being a name on a placard that hangs on a fancy office suite door. Corporations discovered they could get their products built for pennies on the dollar offshore and not have to pay all those perks and higher wages to their American employees. Why is it you can’t understand that? Why is it that you can’t understand, you’re the problem in their eyes. You, the American worker, are the person they had to pay a higher and higher salary to that eventually caused the corporations to say, heck we can get those people in China and India and Mexico to work for less than a dollar a hour, why are keeping our factories here in America. So when you go off making those thoughtless statements about taxes, realize those very people you are defending left because of people like you and me and all the rest of us who only sought to provide a days labor for a days wages, but eventually those wages and those raises (admit it, you liked those raises) just outgrew what the competition in other countries could offer. So every time you hear the politicians talking about its them there high taxes that’s scaring away our manufacturers, just replace taxes with wages and you’ll have a better understanding of just who you are siding with. Because they’re lying to you about the tax burden, it’s your high wages they don’t like to pay, and those benefits that make you feel safe and healthy they don’t like, and all those fancy safety regulations that made your work environment one you could feel safe in that they were able to get rid of when they shipped those good paying jobs offshore. Wise up!

  126. When it comes to lying, we are watching “real time” Obama’s Administration get caught in a big pile of Benghazi. Obama’s life has been built on lies, deception and exaggeration.

  127. @Susie Smith: “To (sic) many people depending on the state to help them to stay alive.”

    You’ve been sold a bill of goods by a party that will do and say anything to get into office just so corporations will have more power over the people.

    No Susie, we have too many corporations trying to get more and more from government in order to raise their profits. These robber barons aren’t trying to stay alive; they want more money to buy a third or fourth home or perhaps send another dancing horse to the Olympics.

    The robber barons don’t build bigger businesses or employee more people. No, they shut down factories and move jobs to other countries. Moreover, they expect tax incentives to do this.

    Of course, they also expect the middle class to shell out more money to keep building roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

    One only needs look at our economy and balanced budget under Bill Clinton to know they are lying.

    Finally, I’m wondering how any woman — rich or poor — could possibly even consider voting for a Republican at any level of government when they make it very clear we will be second class citizens when it comes to our own health care.

    Please wake up and take a deep breath. That’s bullshit you’ll smell, not roses.

  128. We need to get more people back to work. The way you do that is lower taxes on big bussiness, so they will keep our jobs here and put more people back to work. more people working more taxes paid by more people. instead of just a few people working paying taxes.
    That is why we have no money. To many people depending on the state to help them to stay alive.

  129. Yep….
    5.75 years of Harry Reid…4 years of Nancy Pelosi…..Still Bush’s fault……
    HAHAHAHAHA…..I’ve also got a bridge to sell you…..

  130. We’re still digging out of the hole your guy put us in.

    Angry much?

  131. Auburn, I was denied coverage by my new insurance company for follow-ups to a procedure that I had under the old insurance I had at work. My employer had switched companies. I needed to justify why I needed to see this doctor, even though all follow-up have been covered up until that time. This decision was made by a clerk sitting at a desk. I was asked to request justification from the doctor and all kinds of stupid things. Is that what you are referring to when you are speaking about the panels that will make decisions about our healthcare? Like Sidney stated, they are already in existence, each insurance company has one, I am afraid, and they are not made up of doctors either.

  132. hey Lucky….

    “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America ‘s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America ‘s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, “the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

    ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006

    In fiscal 2007, the federal government spent $2.73 trillion and ran an annual deficit of $162.8 billion, according to the Treasury Department. In fiscal 2009, the federal government spent $3.52 trillion and ran an annual deficit of $1.4157 trillion. In fiscal 2010, the federal government spent $3.46 trillion and ran an annual deficit of $1.2941 trillion.

    So, Mr. President, what happened to “Americans deserve better”……..

  133. Helen, even if the hope guy was not stellar in the debate, I still want him at the helms and thanks for giving me hope. Thanks for telling it like it is. The media is chicken, totally lacking in substance. They like flashy and content be damned. How could they not call Mitt on all his lies and his constant changing of positions? I guess the media thought that since the President did not call him out on most of it, they shouldn’t either? I was flabbergasted. I thought that his lies would be the story the next day also but it was not. I am so disappointed. To quote something I read during the 2010 elections, it is like they are supporting the party that set fire to a house and are helping the electorate fire the firemen (the other party) which came to put out the fires. How short our memories are! Mitt is itching to go to war with Iran and we will be here like sitting ducks and let it happen, just like we did with Iraq and Afghanistan under Bush. I am tired of the posturing. Let us spend that money taking care of our crumbling infrastructure, fixing education, invest in research to make our lives better and create jobs. That is what I want. I don’t want wars and will never support a warrior.

  134. way to go Dent….typ lib again…throw in the Racist bullshit…..

  135. Keep on telling the truth women. One of the reason’s I like watching MSNBC Rachael Maddow because she researches her facts!

  136. UAW is probably not a Nazi. He is most likely a racist. He is definitely an angry old man who is upset the world is changing. Poor thing.

  137. To “one of the guys—–”
    You are not paying for her upkeep or anyone else’s on SS and Medicare.
    They put their money into the programs for many years and in the case of medicare are still paying monthly.
    I a sorry for you that you are unable to read and learn. Some people would say you are ignorant.

  138. yes Terri…and your point is….I act just like the libs on this site and now their pissed….
    see previous post….

  139. hate to tell you this Sidney but Pelosi and Reid only got those positions because the DEMS had control of both the House and the Senate…..
    Not 2 people…1 party had control……..and look what happened……
    But hell…just keep saying …..it was Bush’ fault…..some idiots out there will believe you….

  140. Same old, same old from UAW. He never answers a question or defends his position, he just goes for the same old tit for tat. Point at the other guy. Zzzzzz

  141. yes Helen…
    When you point out Romney saying A and then saying B don’t forget about Obama saying A and then doing B….

  142. UAW You have got to be shitting me! All our problems were caused by 2 democrats? Wow, that was something that I would of loved to have seen. But I couldn’t have. Because it didn’t happen. 2001-2006. The repubs ran the show, they were the majority and what did they accomplish. They blew a surplus, allowed 9/11 to happen, passed a law for the poor to be able to get mortgages (with the governments help), shifted Medicare to for profit companies, Medicare part D, attacked a country that did not attack us, caused over 100 thousand deaths in Iraq and over 1.5 million to lose their homes, payed for the war, without ever putting it on the books, spent 4 trillion there, made private defense contractors wealthy. Implemented torture.
    Pick something, you nazi, even hitler took good care of Eva Braun and his dog.
    SS, Medicare Medicaid, unemployment benefits, minimum wage laws, regulation that saved lives, child labor laws are just some of the democrats accomplishments, funded medical and technology programs (yes al gore really did bring that legislation to the floor) that benefited 99% of the population. NAME ONE THING, JUST ONE, THAT THE REPUBLICANS DID THAT BENEFITTED ALL OF SOCIETY. They’d were against EVERYTHING that the dems ever did for the good of society. ONE UAW. ONE

  143. helen, I appreciate your commentaries. Perhaps a lot of this bullshit banter would be more productive if you provided more references- when he said A and then when he said B. The more specific we can be about Romney’s inconsistencies and lies the less vague counter arguments can be made.

  144. Yep, no need to worry about Voter fraud for sure.

  145. Eeyore, Romney will believe what ever the 1%, the Mormons, the evangelicals, teabaggers and ever other brainwashed rightwinger wants him to believe.

  146. Sidney, my guess is you are right!

  147. way to go Sidney…typ….throw in Hitler…what’s next….RACIST…..

    the question is what have the Dems done for us other than tanking the economy under Reid and Pelosi….someone keeps forgetting who was in charge for 4 years!!!!!!!and it wasn’t Boehner……

  148. The problem with Romney is that I don’t think he really knows what he believes. He says one thing one month, something else the next month, and something entirely different the third month. I don’t want a president who is so wishy washy on what he would or wouldn’t do. That kind of person can’t be trusted.

    Thank you, Helen, for once again pointing out what should have been obvious to all of us, especially the media.

  149. Anon, you are nuts. Please don’t regurgitate GOP talking points on this blog, because when we see you throw up all your ignorance, it makes us nauseous. Your not going to bring anyone into your bubble, so stretch out and enjoy, the bubble is all yours.

  150. No matter how you spin the math, when you lower tax rates by 20% across the board, you take in less revenue. And something has to go. My guess would be that everything and anything the wealthiest DON’T NEED, such as public schools, Medicare, SS, food stamps, unemployment WILL BE GONE.

  151. Auburn, you are correct, that is the math talking, unfortunatly it is the stupid listening.

  152. Auburn, it is an accountant that makes your healthcare decisions, also check out MIB.com, it is a service that all the insurance companies use when a customer has a medical issue and needs treatment. This service looks through all your applications that you filled out when you purchased your insurance, and they go through all your paperwork, looking for anything, a pre-existing condition or even a misspelling so that the insurance company can DENY, you and your Dr. Payment. Check out the website.

  153. Watching the debate, I kept thinking that President Obama was working hard to keep his cool and not laugh aloud at the ridiculous bullshit from Romney. I think he did an admirable job, since I was jeering and waving my arms, here at home. It’s too bad that the media has been portraying his manner that night as something else. It’s even worse that all of Romney’s lies and flip-flopping aren’t being discussed more widely in the media, and that they’d rather focus on his smile and his handsome hair.

  154. For the life of me I cannot believe that any normal human being with common sense can not see how devious Mitt Romney is, he will say anything to get elected. He is not an honest man, nor even a politician – no he is just an ambitious man. I still believe in the American People, they will see through him and the good, hardworking, honest man will prevail. Oh yes Obama will win 2012.

  155. Anonymous…..”crones”….he has WITCHES??? I would reply to the rest, but you only read this blog so you can stir up stuff. As for “one of the guys paying your upkeep” is this Margaret’s or Helen’s husband??

  156. Funny how the haters who don’t agree are unable to give examples.

  157. How you sleep at night when you accuse Romney of fabricating lies when in fact Obama and his left wing crones invented the word LIE. But one must admit if they were handing out Oscars for Telling the most lies Obama would win the hands down. We don’t need a man bowing to our enemies and allowing them to Kill women, children, seniors etc. If loves them so much let move and don’t let the door hit him in the ASS.

  158. Somebody forward this to MSNBC, CNN and the mainstream newpapers and stations, quick!!!

  159. p.s. Thanks for the nice quilt square. That part I like.

  160. the night of the debates I thought the prez looked down because the unintentional grimaces he would have made as each Romney lie popped out would have brought probably more distain from the media… just sayin’

  161. The Romney tax plan of cutting all tax rates by 20%, even if you take out all deductions for $250k/yr+, and even if you assume 3% GDP growth (very optimistic), still would not be revenue-neutral, and it certainly wouldn’t pay for $2 trillion more in defense spending. Either he’s lying about it not adding to the middle-class tax burden, or he’s lying about being able to give everybody a 20% tax rate cut. Can’t have it both ways, and that’s the math talking.

  162. Some people don’t know the difference between paying a higher tax rate* and paying more taxes.

    Romney said he would lower the tax RATE but close loopholes so that rich people pay more TAXES.

    I don’t know why am I bothering to point this out. Some people don’t really want to know, they just get more thrill out of calling someone a liar.

    Go ahead, call me a liar too. I would hate to keep some ignorant old woman from enjoying a few final pleasures.

    As for medicare, the “benefits” are the same (whatever that means). But the hospitals and doctors get paid less. So good luck with that. Good thing there isn’t a doctor’s union or they would go on strike and you’d die in the waiting room.

  163. Well, well! I’d been wondering if professor was dead since I hadn’t seen a comment! Suppose I’m glad he/she is not, but stll professing idiocies!

    Sure do like Craig R a lot better!

  164. Love this one, Helen. You are so right on.

  165. @Virginia Llorca, the unelected board to which Romney was referring has no authority to set policy determining what treatments will be covered. It is a board of medical professionals that makes non-binding recommendations. I’m sure that eventually there IS a board in the process that determines what will be covered, and I’m sure that they’ll be considering these recommendations. By the by, insurance companies, all of them, have a board that determines what procedures, drugs, treatments, etc. they will cover. These boards are not necessarily made up of medical professionals, and the recommendations handed down are not always in the best interests of the patients, sometimes it’s purely a financial decision. Who’s got the “death panels”?

  166. Marlene, I saw the same video on FB and loved it. It really speaks to all the lies Romney told at the debate.

  167. I see you’ve picked up a few trolls and self-promoters Margaret! Are these folks paid…or are they just stupid?

  168. “puts in place an unelected board that’s going to tell people ultimately what kind of treatments they can have.” Another lie.”

    This is not a lie. Don’t kid yourself.

  169. sidney: you won’t get an rational answer out of him. You’ll either get a link to some ridiculous website, or a deflection of the question.

  170. It’s always a great day when Helen gets going!

    Sure could use less media and more investigative journalism!

  171. UAW. Could you tell me one, just one thing that the republican party has done for the good of the people that live in this country? They run the country for the benefit of the wealthiest 1% and they get fools like you to support them (which I find amazing), had hitler not taken away rights of the Jewish population to vote, and you had been there, I don’t doubt that you would of cast your vote for the nazis.

  172. YEP….

    Voters Trust Romney 50% to 43% Over Obama on Economy


  173. I think the “47%” speech was the real Mitt. He considers half of the country free loaders whose default setting is the desire to be taken care of by government. That is objectively untrue. In reality, it seems to me that it is rich conservatives who want to be catered to by the government. They feel put upon, they don’t want to pay taxes, and they want to be de-regulated so they can go back to the very practices that caused the financial meltdown in the first place. They are very happy to have the wealth in this country increasingly concentrated on the 1% and I am baffled how there can be rational people who do not see this. I cannot express how sick I am of whining conservatives who tout themselves as the “job creators” and we must therefore consider their needs first. Ryan and Romney are lying about their positions and policies and we must not allow them to get away with it.

  174. HI, Dawn… EXACTLY! And may I add Connecticut to your list of close races? We have a wonderful Congressman, Chris Murphy, who is running for the Senate against Linda McMahon, who’s made millions running a professional wrestling organization, the WWE. No governing experience whatsoever, tons of money to spend, and trying to fool people into thinking she’s some sweet grandmother, when she’s really a tycoon who’s made her money selling violence and sex to kids. And it’s a close race, dang it!

    Any contributions to http://www.chrismurphy.com will help keep CT the two-blue State it’s been for so long!



  175. jus great M&H.. keep em comin’!

    Friends, blogging is great, organizing , donating , volunteering are good tooooooo!!!!!

    FIGHT HARD, everyday, everyway!

  176. Thank you Margaret and Amy, too! And, Amy, if I may, I am going to steal your post (adding your name and Margaret’s blog to it, of course) and post it on my FB. Thank YOU!
    Liberal and Proud!

  177. On another note, Craig had been wondering where you were, and am so sorry to hear of your wife’s passing. My heart goes out to you. Have a co-worker who recently retired, and 3 weeks later has been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. She’s already had a lumpectomy and has started treatments. She’s been retired since July 31. From what I’ve read, 3neg has the poorest prognosis.

  178. Another winner H&M. Keep ‘em commin’!

    Marlene mentioned Jon Stewart earlier.

    FDR on TDS.

    THX Marlene. Some people here might remember this on live TV. ;)

    PEACE ~ Δ

    , it is not enough to merely agree with M&H. This is going to be a very close race, and it is up to all of us to help get the message out. Contribute what you can to close senate races (Arizona, Montana, Mass, Missouri to name a few) Contribute to move on, or other of those abhorrant super PAC’s that we are now stuck with. Most importantly, get out and campaign, or help out locally any way you can. Calmly and succintly point out Rmoney’s lies.

  180. Yup, I said it before and will say it again: MR’s “performance” = manic. I’m surprised the guy didn’t have a stroke. And I know that somewhere out there someone was keeping track of words per minute out of his mouth. What was he on? No wonder he drowned out any sort of response. I do think the White House now knows what to do: come with oversized butterfly net!!!

  181. to uawtradesman-You seem to be a little obessed with dropping drawers-all excited are you to seee Mitt’s magic undies?Aren’t getting any is that your problem? President Obama was not flustered-he was DISGUSTED-If romeny gets in and gets us in another war-America will deserve what it gets-and it won’t be pretty-Romney will have that smirk wiped right off his ken doll robot lying face!

  182. I usually skip your asinine posts, but this one is so foolish I must indulge myself, if you don’t mind. Obama has been president for 4 years and has no problem speaking with other leaders and they, him. Romney is an asswipe. He embarrassed himself in 3 countries during his trip. He insulted them and they laughed at him. I spent 8 years watching Bush walk around with his pants down, and it is ignorant people like you, the propaganda eaters who are part of the problem. You are either a racist, a fool, or both.

  183. Keep telling like it is Margaret! Not only was Mitt lying through his teeth, he was rude!

  184. Just Awesome – Just what I’ve been saying – You Go Girl

  185. You said it, Margaret! I am so sick of the media being afraid to use the word “lie”. Romney lied, repeatedly. Nearly every word from his mouth was a lie. Then he had the audacity to call President Obama a liar with the snark, “You are not entitled to your own facts.” Pot meet kettle.

    Yes, President Obama had a bad day. We have all had them. He wasn’t on his A game. He looked depressed. He looked like he didn’t feel good. I have had days like that and sometimes it is just hard to cover. I’m not worried. He will come back at the next debate, and Biden will kick Ryan’s tail.

    As to being a liberal, you bet I am.

    Can anyone name a single advance in civil rights and civil liberties that came from a conservative? No. Frankly, I lump our extreme conservative Christians with extreme Orthodox Jews in Israel and the extreme Califist Muslims in the Middle East and the extreme fundamentalist Hindu in India. They all want to take us back to a time that never was. They all want to dominate, oppress, and strip rights from women. They are all overly militant and think their cause justifies war and torture and terrorism and abuse. No positive advances have come from any of them. They all deny science and endanger us all.

    Regardless of political party, it is always liberals that move us forward.

    Conservatives in this country talk of “freedom” that is based in how little taxes you pay. Somehow in their small minds, paying taxes makes you less free. And yet, they see nothing enslaving about denying women control of their own bodies. They see nothing enslaving about making members of the LGBT community deny who they are and not allowing them to choose their own spouse. They see nothing enslaving about allowing petrochemical companies to pollute our air and water.

    As a liberal, when I speak of freedom, it means the right to control my own body. It means the LGBT community gets to choose who they love and marry. It means the air we breath and the water we drink are free from toxins.

    And to all of you simpering cowards afraid to use the word liberal because the right has demonized it and prefer “progressive” — grow a spine. They are doing the same thing to progressive. Take the word back. You have control of the definition.

    I am a liberal without prefix, suffix, or apology.


  186. Jeez….Obama gets all flustered with(can’t handle) Romney……
    What’s he going to do with other leaders…..Bow???? OH YA…He’s done that already…..What’s next…dropping his pants…..

  187. Keep swinging, Margaret. You are the only person making any sense out there right now. My question is: How can anyone “win” a debate when your opponent just makes stuff up and tells big whopping lies? There’s no way to prepare to defend that stuff.

  188. Helen, thank you. Please to continue to call bullshit. Now I’m going to speak the word no Republican dares to say: Bush! Bush! Bush! Bush! Bush! And I’m not talking shrubbery.

    Yes, I know the word will shock Republicans who happen to drift over to this site, but it had to be done.

  189. It’s distressing to me that so many people were taken in by Romney’s performance. It was probably the first time they’ve paid any attention to the campaign this year, but the media has been irresponsible in not taking this opportunity to provide some civics lessons to all those who never got them in school. They should also think about engaging in some compare and contrast so the American people have some actual facts upon which to base their decision. I hope that all those who just tuned in to the campaign will start paying attention and look beyond the newest Riomney paint job.

  190. The TEAPUBLICANS are in on the joke. They KNOW that Romney needs to lie to close the deal. In his vulture capital days, the corporations that he took over had no clue that Bain would load them up with debt, skim millions for themselves, force mass firings, closing factories and in many cases lead them to bankruptcy. By the time they knew what hit them, the truck was in the next town.

  191. You are the BEST!! I posted this on facebook saying that YOU TELL IT LIKE IT IS! May you live and be well for a long time!!! We NEED you!!!

  192. Marlene, we are on the same page. I saw that and thought the same thing!

  193. I stand by what I said, if what I said before, is what it was that I said it was, when I said it, but now I am saying what I said before is what I am saying now instead of what I was saying I said before….but on Tuesdays, Thurdays and Saturday I may feel differently then I do on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays except in months with an “r”. Ann insists I STFU on Sundays ~ Romney

    Thank you Helen for wading through the muck and telling it like it really is!


  194. Last week Randi Rhodes played a speech by FDR about how the Republicans would promise to support Social Security, help the poor, education, lower taxes, everything under the sun with the added bonus that it would cost absolutely nothing. Last night Jon Stewart had the actual video of it, poor quality but top FDR with humor and devastating truth. Actually this same ad could be played on every TV channel and it would ring with absolute truth. Why is a progressive radio audience and a basic cable comedy show bringing this to our attention and not the MSM. Thanks to Margaret & Helen for giving us a forum and shining a light in some very dark corners.

  195. I <3 you Helen!

  196. Romney’s “performance” reminded me of an untrustworthy dog, yapping and snapping. He’s totally out of touch with the real world, too. The technical name for that is “psychotic.” He scares me!

  197. Correction:
    I meant to say continuing wonderfully written book……..minus the troll comments……………

  198. Thank you Margaret and Helen for telling it like it really is ! No one can do it better than you do. I couldn’t stop yelling at Romney that night because of his danged lies.
    This site is like a continuing wonderfully written book of which I enjoy reading a little bit each day.
    Thank you for being so honest !

  199. You are right, of course. Romney lies very well, hoping we are all too dumb to remember what he said before. I figure the President is leaving the rope loose enough that Romney will hang himself. (It’s a family trait.)

    You read these strange critiques in the newspapers, or hear them on radio and tv, and some people forget that some of the most clueless people in the world are calling themselves journalists. Romney doesn’t do arithmetic any better than Mr. Dubya, and you know what he did to the economy.

  200. Apparently, Romney also got an Obama stimulus during the dabate because what he said was shovel ready. Good job ladies!

  201. I agree with so many of the comments made here. It seems that Romney’s debate “performance” has taken precedence over the facts. Just because he asserts something forcefully doesn’t make it true! Yes, Obama should have called him out, and I’m pretty sure in the next debate we won’t see him make the same mistake twice. Where are the GOPers who were so outraged at John Kerry’s “flip flops.” Romney is a million times worse. Worst of all, you get the feeling Romney has NO core beliefs or principles, only a burning desire to be president. For example, where exactly does he stand on abortion? He’s been for it and against it so many times my head is spinning. What 65 year old politician does not have a settled view on such an important topic? How in the world is he going to cut taxes, increase defense spending, maintain Medicare and Medicaid and reduce the deficit? We don’t know and he won’t tell us. It’s obvious he can’t do these things that he is promising. Let’s remember he left Massachusetts with an approval rating in the 34% range–not exactly a ringing endorsement from the people he governed for four years.

  202. Totally agree with every word. Your delivery in phenomenal. I’ve shared it with friends! Keep up the good work, Helen!

  203. I think the media is trying to make this a horse race. If it’s a blow out, no one would watch their stupid coverage or pay attention to their pontificating. They are trying to sell advertising. Not that Mitt didn’t have a good night, but listen to guys like Nate Silver who analyze this for a living. There are very few electoral routes for Romney.

  204. OH I don’t know who many of you get Currenttv? I just found it and love it. I watch parts on the net. There are different shows and they are liberal but fair.
    There was a speaker on the one of the shows that felt that the President was taking everything in because the President is a poker player he was gathering his info and will hit the Lying sack of caca next round. I thought I saw some small smiles on the President face even tho his head was down.
    I am sure you have hear the “angry black man ” thing. But the President has never been an angry black man.

  205. You go girl!!!!
    You expressed the thoughts the rest of us old farts, were having as we watched that debate.Woder if I really was hearing the same debate the media heard?
    I also got the impression, not sure how, that Romney referred to lowering the dependent discount tax, as being one of his possible tax savers.
    Hmmm? Working families ,I am sure won’t mind that at all, while he,one of those wealthy people he is not going to raise tax’s on, pays a lesser tax rate than they do.
    Thanks so much Ladies for giving me hope that I am not entirely senile.

  206. I haven’t been able to stomach visiting this site for several months now, but now that I do, I can’t believe that I had actually begun to think it was legitimate. Amazing what a little perspective can do for one’s BS detector.

    A very clever idea, but now thoroughly discredited except by the credulous few who continue to post here. Enjoy.

  207. OH you do brighten my day. And yes what happened TO TRUTH IN REPORTING THE NEWS? OR DID FOX BUY EVERYONE OUT?
    Anyone have any idea’s how we can get truth back in our news?
    These lady’s give me hope.

  208. Several days before the debate Romney mentioned that he was concerned about “All the lies that Obama is known to tell”, and he didn’t know how he would handle all the lies coming from the other podium. Even I knew after listening to that, that Romney stradegy would be to deny EVERYTHING the president said about the gop policies and, with a weasel like smirk (ok I didn’t know about the smirk, but it was a nice touch) call the President a liar. I don’t know why Obama’s camp didn’t realize this.
    The democrats need to realize that everything the republicans accuse them of doing, they are, in fact, doing themselves.

  209. Wow, I am in awe of you M & H. You are awesomely wonderful and brilliant. I was beginning to think I was the only one who noticed the lies that night. I love your Twister analogy

  210. Helen you are so spot on, I just wonder why more Americans can’t see that.

  211. I am and continue to be “gobsmacked” at how the media, the people and the pundits just seem to gloss over the lies coming out of Romney’s mouth. Thank you so much for standing up in the middle of the room and calling a spade a spade! Please people, keep yelling “LIAR” from the roof tops or we may wake up one cold day in November to a president Romney.
    How people can be so utterly gullible, I will never understand. I have never had such a poor opinion of the American people as I do right now. We are better then this and we deserve better then to be lied to, over and over again. Please, as has been said “WAKE THE F$$K UP”

  212. I didn’t watch the debates because I knew what was going to happen. When I watched the commentary afterwards, it was confirmed that I was right. The crew over at MSNBC nearly blew several gaskets over the President’s “performance”, however, in the next breath, bitched about how much Romney lied. To me, debating is about facts or, at least, it used to be. That fact that Romney told one whopper after another was astounding. What’s even more astounding is that the gap has closed in the polls which means that people actually believe the crap he’s selling…for now. Unfreakingbelievable! I guess winning with no integrity is still a win. However, there is still plenty of time for the tide to turn. Trust me, this thing isn’t over by a long shot. I think that it would be unwise to count the President or ever Joe Biden out. Smokin’ Joe may seem like the crazy uncle that the other relatives laugh at during family gatherings, but I think that he is crazy like a fox and that little pipsqueak doesn’t seem to do will when pressed for specifics so it could be quite an interesting evening tomorrow. Look for Ryan to constantly clear his throat when he’s on the ropes. I’ve noticed that he does that in interviews when the questions get too tough. It’s fascinating.

  213. Helen, no one has said it better. Good show.

  214. It was amazing to me that the liberal media, as the GOP calls it, failed to call out Romney on any of his lies until much later and then still insisted he won. I’m a teacher and in my world cheaters never win. They get suspended and get zeroes on their work.

    Check out http://www.romneytheliar.blogspot.com and try to keep up with all of Romney’s lies.

  215. Hi Margaret!

    Thank you for your clear insights in American politics! I completely agree.
    One thing though I think really went wrong is that mr. Romney had a chance to appear to be “a nice guy” and “not so bad after all”. I think that was the excuse many people were waiting for. I am afraid it might make the bounce he got from the debate last. People who wanted to vote for mr. Romney, but couldn’t find an excuse now have one.

  216. Margaret, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Liberals and progressives who continue to bash President Obama since the debate are quitters and crybabies. For heaven’s sake (and ours), the man needs encouragement not endless proclamations of failure! You put the focus where it needs to be, on the facts of Mr. Romney’s statements. And, the fact that his facts don’t add up to anything but lying and incredible disrespect for the President and 100% of American voters.

  217. Thank goodness, someone is finally reporting the TRUTH about his LIES. I dated a guy like that once. Looked so good and sounded so good, it was impossible not to believe him and love him…until all his lies unraveled big time. It is scary how “looking good” seems to be more important than being honest these days. Well, actually for a long time it’s been the main requirement many want in their president and I first started noticing this with Reagan. I mean, come on! The ACTOR got elected as PRESIDENT. If Clint Eastwood had decided to run for Prez, he’s win hands down.

  218. This is brilliant, just brilliant.

  219. Apparently ’tis better to be entertained than to be educated. Pretty sad state of affairs.

  220. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wondering about this myself the entire week. Why is lying acceptable while being kind of unenthusiastic is not. The man was probably tired. I mean all Romney has had to do is campaign while President Obama is, you know, actually running the country and campaigning. I imagine it’s exhausting.

    And I’ve been flabbergasted that liberal is a bad thing now. I am an unabashed liberal because I am proud to be part of the tradition that has promoted civil rights, labor rights, rights for women and minorities, education, the social safety net, healthcare, the environment, peace and other things that are good for our planet and our people. Since when is that something we should run from? When did greed, arrogance, stupidity and just general cruelty come into fashion?

    Thanks so much for telling it like it is and being a bright spot in my day. Keep em coming!!

  221. Margaret you ROCK!

  222. I wrote the following to an ex-pat friend who wrote me about the Maureen Dowd column in the NYT today. I think it could fit in this well written column, too.

    to James:
    I have been saying the last sentence, too, since he took office. It has been my only complaint with the Obama presidency and my only frustration, too.. He should have been “selling, selling, fucking SELLING” all the good things that he’s done. I bang my head against the proverbial wall sometimes…

    However, let’s establish the fact that he HAS done good things, against horrible odds and a recalcitrant Congress, and has put this country back on the road – no matter how rocky – to a better place. Four years of “Bush on steroids” would completely ruin our great country. So let’s look at the horrible alternative; one Mitt Romney. A person(?) eminently worthy of contempt. I think it’s interesting that his blatant lying about all parts of his program gets overlooked by Ms Dowd. “Barry” had an “off night”, eh? Well, Mitt Romney’s entire presidency would be an “off” term for the US.

    So we can be like Maureen Dowd and call our president “Barry”, or we can recognise his accomplishments while gnashing our teeth about his deficiencies and vote. I’m prevoting this afternoon because I’m working as an election judge – not in my own precinct – next month.

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