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Posted by: Helen Philpot | August 31, 2012

I wonder if Clint Eastwood’s Imaginary Friend Speaks to Michele Bachmann’s Imaginary Friend?


Margaret, while God was deciding which state he hated more – Louisiana or Mississippi – the Republicans pitched the biggest circus tent I have ever seen in Tampa and my -oh-my what a show they put on. Do you remember that clown car of candidates that led up to this circus?

Not long ago that car was packed full of nut jobs and we really weren’t sure which one was going to be in the center ring. Gov. Tim from Minnesota was the first clown out after admitting he wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare to balance the budget. (Funny how he’s out but Paul Ryan is in considering they share the same brain.)

Then there was Congressman Thaddeus McCotter who came and went pretty quickly. If you even remember his name, it’s probably not from his presidential run, but rather from the fraud investigation concerning his congressional re-election campaign. But I bet lots of you remember the next clown out – Herman Is that A Pepperoni in Your Pizza or Are You Just Happy to See Me Cain.

I’ll skip Gary Johnson because most everyone did, but that brings me to my personal favorite clown, the Prophet Bachmann. God spoke directly to Michele telling her to run. He forgot to tell her he was just kidding, but this week he did stop by to let her know how much he hates Louisiana and parts of Mississippi. I sure do miss Michele. She was a hoot. But at least we still had Rick Perry to laugh at… I mean with. Seriously, I was sort of sad when he went out because it was beginning to look like Perry was going to be almost as amusing as Sarah Palin. Rick can see Mexico from his kitchen window don’t you know.

And then there were four.

I’m pretty sure Ron Paul still thinks he’s running, but in the end it really came down to Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. It was pretty easy to predict it would be Mitt. After all, Newt was never really campaigning. He was just selling a few books and looking for his next wife – at 46 the current one is getting old. And Santorum didn’t realize that Mitt had already taken his only argument away by switching from Pro-Universal-Healthcare to Pro-Running-for-President. Besides, Santorum should have known if you do your own tax returns, you aren’t even close to being rich enough to be the Republican nominee for President. You have to have at least one or two off-shore bank accounts to get that nomination.

No it was always Mitt. And all he needed to seal the deal was Paul Ryan – a life-long politician who could energize those incumbent-hating Tea Party voters. Like I said, it was some circus. You would have thought, however, that in Florida they could have found at least a few people with a tan to fill the bleachers. I’ve seen more color in a pack of loose leaf paper. The speakers had a litle bit of color but most of it was in their speeches including several Republican Governors going on and on about how well things were going in their States while simultaneously arguing that President Obama had destroyed everything in the other 49.

Even Clint Eastwood made it to the party and he brought an imaginary friend with him. I wonder if he was hearing the same voice last night as Michele Bachmann heard several months ago. But it didn’t really matter that Clint was off message. No one was listening to him anyway. The ones who weren’t throwing peanuts at black people were covering their ears because the imaginary friend in the empty chair next to Clint was saying some really bad words. Bet you can’t guess what color the imaginary friend was?

But the star of the night was Mitt. He gave a good speech managing to talk out of both sides of his mouth and his ass without actually saying much. He did manage to mentioned sanctity of life which is code for legitimate rape stops all sperm. He gave a slight nod to traditional marriage which is code for only one man and one woman can enter into a divorce. And he hinted at religious freedom which I found rather odd considering he doesn’t talk about his own religion because most Republicans aren’t comfortable with Mormonism.

Governor Romney suggested that my proudest moment was when I voted for Obama. Yes. It is pretty high up there on my list. But I was also proud on the day he signed equal pay for women into law. Or the day he ended a war and pledged to end another. I was proud the day he decided American soldiers should be honored regardless of who they love. And again I was proud the day he delivered on his campaign promise to bring about healthcare reform. And you know what, Mr. Romney? I will be proud when I vote for my President again and bring this Republican war on women to an end.

The convention is over and I for one got the message loud and clear – a bunch of white people hate President Barack Obama. But we knew that already.

November seems forever away so y’all might as well pull up a chair and have some pie with me. I mean it. Really.


Clint Eastwood was on? Which movie? What channel? Oh I hope I didn’t miss that one with Meryl Streep and all those beautiful bridges. I love that movie. I knew I should have made Howard turn the channel. He was watching Charlton Heston talk to a chair so I tuned out.

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  3. As a sequel to his empty chair, I humbly suggest the invisible horse. Clint Eastwood Gangnam Style.

  4. Hi, Terry W – I wish with all my heart that the debates will do it. I’m confident that they will do it for me… But there are all those people out there who will not listen, whose minds are already made up. There is not much point in trying to convince them otherwise.

    So… i am going out tomorrow to do something that I just HATE doing – going door to door, campaigning for our local Democratic congressman who is running for the US Senate, against the wrestling lady – another CEO who is sure she knows how to run the country. And she has lots of money…

    So, anything you can do – but I think you said it wasn’t easy for you to get out and about – would help. You can write; you can call your friends… I think every little thing matters. Dammit.


  5. Gato, Linda and all you like-minded ladies – I’m just hoping that the truth will come out in the debates. Robme and Lyin’ Ryan can’t keep up their unfounded, unchecked pack of untruths. We know the Republicans will vote for them anyway but hopefully Independents will recognize the truth when they hear and see it. The truth will set us all free! – Terry

  6. Hi, Linda – I’m very happy for you and your family, and hope many other military families are experiencing the same! Thank you for sharing a really meaningful personal story.

    I’m biased, but I do think that Obama understands that “policies” impact real people, in ways about which Romney seems to have not a clue.

    And, in my opinion, that’s a critical difference between the two!


  7. You ladies Rock!!! I plan on voting fro Obama again!! Because he did what he promised & ended the wars my son’s orders for Afghanistan were cancelled!!! YAY!!! Lets vote all the Dems in & Repubs out!!! Keep on keeping on Ladies….


  8. Hi, Terri – You and I may pay them to compromise and cooperate… But the sorry truth seems to be that the people with the Really Big Bucks pay them to obstruct and defeat…

    What’s that old saying…? FOLLOW THE MONEY. (You know that, I can tell.)

    A very cool thing for me to see happening here, is how many people are really cutting to the chase, and getting beyond the crap. We had a lot of that crap happening here several days ago, and much of it seems to have gone away. That’s a good thing.

    A good evening to all. Thank god I don’t have to stay up until midnight again tonight! And thanks to all for your thoughtfulness, and your willingness to share your thoughts.


  9. Recently I have been completely fed up with the GOP and their obstructionism. When you think of it, at a crucial time for our country’s fiscal health and future, they came to the deliberate decision that they were more interested in regaining power than helping its citizens and their duly elected President. They are so interested in making sure Obama isn’t relected that they would let millions of people suffer. We pay these people to compromise and cooperate. They are not doing their jobs. It is really reprehensible, and in my mind, unforgivable. President Obama has had a jobs program languishing in Congress for more than a year that would add 1 million jobs. The GOP won’t vote on it, instead they found time to vote more than 30 times to repeal the Affordable Health Act. I cannot take these people seriously any more. And I don’t want to hear any more of their phony outrage, phony facts, and phony piety. And I mean it. Really.

  10. Amen, Sister!. Vote in Democrats. The Republicans have sent a clear message that they WILL NOT compromise. Vote them out.

  11. To etylerjc and Gato and all the rest of you like thinkers: I too was impressed with the speeches last night. It’s been hard to hear criticisms of what was or wasn’t said, what was taken out of the platform and put back in. That being said, the main concern I have now is that in addition to the actions to disenfranchise a large group of voters is the reality of our current system. Obama can’t do it alone; he’s not a dictator. He has to have cooperation, a word the Republicans seem to have removed from their dictionaries and compromise, a word they believe has only four letters! I have my own definition of compromise. You pull that word apart to make two words: ‘come’ and ‘promise’. I think of it and all politicians should think of it as ‘coming together with a promise’. A promise that includes the ability to give and take for the common good. Mitch McConnell set the tone when he said their goal was to make sure Obama was a one term president. Like pouting toddlers they’ve stuck to their guns and said “NO!” every chance they got without any concern for us or this great country. Which brings me to the best part: we’ve got to do everything we can to vote in every Democrat running for Congress. Obama can’t do it alone and, as we’ve seen, he can’t do it with a Republican Congress. The circus tent has been folded but the clowns are back in that car and they’re headed to a location near us. Now I understand why some people profess to a fear of clowns. I’ll never wear my own clown costume again without that hanging over me!

  12. Hi, Julie – And Terry, and Terri, and everybody else… We’re all good!

    These are not easy times… I stayed up late to watch President Obama last night… and I was initially disappointed… But then I realized that it was because my expectations, and, yes, my HOPES, have been so high… Even he seemed to acknowledge that he realized that about himself… That he, like all of us, is flawed, and human. So, this morning, I find myself so impressed with, and inspired by, his MORAL COURAGE… To stand there, in front of an entire nation – and even the world – and acknowledge his own shortcomings… And to make it clear to all of us that he knows that, even with those flaws, he has been given – and accepted – the monumental job of serving as OUR PRESIDENT, and that, as such, he must continue to work, and strive, and try to do his best for all of us… Flaws and all.

    This is so different from someone who (delusionally, in my opinion) seems to believe that he must tell us that he is right about everything; to insist that he knows what is best for everyone, and will not be challenged by anyone on any of his actions, and is insulted that anyone would even question him about anything… That he, unlike the rest of us, is without flaw, and has been “chosen” by his faith, by his god, or as some consequence of his father’s “failures”, to tell the rest of us what is right, good, and just…

    That kind of person will draw those of like minds to him – and only those. The rest of us, who can live with the knowledge that we are not perfect, look elsewhere for leadership. And I think we’ve found it.


  13. I’m sure many of you were sitting there wiping your eyes as I was last night as Joe Biden was introduced by his son, as Gabby Giffords led the pledge of allegiance, honoring our military, and at so many, from-the-heart speeches. Every speech was so eloquent I thought. I watched the RNC too and I remember actually being impressed with a couple of speeches, but after the DNC, I honestly cannot remember them. My daughter would probably say it’s because my memory is going — at the ripe old age of 65, but hey, I read the other day that people with Alzheimers forget that they forget, and I still remember forgetting so maybe I’m okay for now. Anyway, there is just one itty-bitty thing I wish they had brought up in their talks and that is that they should not only vote Obama/Biden, but also vote DEMOCRATIC All.The.Way. Let’s get these obstructionists out of there!

  14. Oops that was Terri! Until my iPhone corrected it!!

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  15. Go Terry GO!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  16. Such nonsense about the Dems dropping the word God from their platform. They referenced faith numerous times; and then immmediately added God back in to shut up the morons who were making an issue of it. This is all the right has: BS about petty things. Keep trying to pretend Dems are godless people. It’s pathetic. And Romney didn’t even agree with his own party’s platform plank on abortion. That’s leadership for you. And spare me the outrage about things the left says. I’ve listened to three and a half years of the birther, socialist crap.

  17. Damn….
    Aren’t you’s(?????) really pissed that you didn’t drop GOD from your platform……
    and I haven’t seen anything about you (you’s)being pissed about the DNC delegates statement that she wants to KILL Romney….

  18. sorry Gato….
    I didn’t see anything….
    I was out stealing a job from illegal immigrants…..

  19. Gato, yes I’ll be 73 next month and I’m in unbelievably good health except that I just had my hip replaced in June and it’s taken longer than I expected to get back to my fighting form. I had one knee replaced in ’08 and the other one in ’09. I’m also helping my single father son raise his 7 yr. old so my time is not entirely my own. Having gone to Haiti, Nicaragua and some places here in Missouri on mission trips it’s kind of hard for me to ignore the “least of these” and it really gets my dander up when I hear Robme and Lyin’ Ryan prattle on about how bad it is since Obama’s been in office. I am a born again Democrat after having been married to a Republican for over 30 years and sadly not thinking for myself. Dubya was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I told my ex that which took him totally by surprise. The best thing is that he’s now married to a Democrat who doesn’t hold her tongue. I have a Republican daughter and son-in-law and I’d never get into it with them but I treasure my Democrat friends who share my values and hopes for this great nation. Margaret and Helen have been a God send!
    - Terry

  20. Cynthia… Thank you for sending these last two things. Very moving; very touching… Reminding me how much we humans have in common.

    What M&H – and Matthew – are doing is giving us a format in which we can share this kind of stuff, and be inspired, and… And make sure we don’t give the effing up!

    Peace and grace to you, and to all of us,


  21. And the homeless boy who steals the talent show.

    Pass the tissues!


  22. The Girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes.

    The young lady needs to be heard.


  23. Hi, Terry (you with the “y”!) – Thanks. I keep trying to figure out how I can make some sense out of all of this political stuff. And, yes, I’ll be watching tonight, too, and hoping I have the good sense to get in a little nap between dinner and later… (To be honest…? Chances of that are slim, because I’m getting kind of excited.)

    I’m pushing hard onto 69 – which I have a a little difficulty comprehending, I will admit – so I guess that puts us both in the same demographic. And you’re a real pistol, so that perks me right up!

    I’m just getting over a broken foot (almost three months getting there), so tell you what I’ll do: Since YOU can’t get out, soon as I can, I’ll get out there and sign up some with you in my heart. Deal?

    I’m so looking forward to hearing with the indomitable M&H have to say next.

    BTW, I noticed, last night, a lot of UAW signs being flashed around on the convention floor. Interesting, isn’t it?

    Gee… With the First Lady, and Elizabeth Warren, and Sandra Fluke, and so many others, standing up there, at that odd podium that looks a lot like some strange beer barrel, and speaking their truth… That, and this blog, and so many who post such wonderful comments here, make me feel that the Goddesses are stirring, once again, from their slumber – and calling us to join them.

    Because… We ARE them!


  24. Gato, As usual you have hit the nail on the head. — OOPS! Looking at my previous reply to Cynthia I see that I had my ‘finger up my nose and my mind in Atlanta’ but hey I’m almost 73 and I have a lot on my mind!
    But I digress. My main concern now is that enough people younger than me get out and help the poor, the minorities, or anyone who’s marginalized get themselves registered and obtain photo ID’s so they can vote. If the Grand Obstructionist Party prevails they’ll rob them of their right to vote since they seem to think those votes would go to Obama, well they should.
    I was very impressed with all the speeches last night and I’m looking forward to tonight’s with a great deal of optimism about the effect this convention has had on Independents and undecideds. The Democrats are telling it like it is and why it is the way it is! – Terry

  25. Hi, Terri – and all you others whose comments I’ve enjoyed seeing so far today – thanks to all! (I’ve got a deadline tomorrow morning, so I’m trying not to spend ALL day today, right here… Much as I’d like to do it.)

    Bill Clinton is really fascinating, isn’t he? Some other bloggers weighed in this morning on Clinton’s speech last night, and mentioned a couple of things that really struck me. These are their thoughts – with which I agree – not mine; I’m just passing them on. First, Clinton is a fabulous improviser, using a scripted speech the way a great jazz musician uses the melody line of a familiar song – as just a starting point, on the basis of which he or she brilliantly riffs, making that song entirely his or her own.

    Secondly, Clinton – as someone who has been instrumental in making plenty of policy in his life – connects with people on the basis of POLICY, and the EFFECTS OF POLICY DECISIONS ON REAL PEOPLE. He never panders by telling poignant tales about his childhood, or his personal struggles… And he doesn’t need anyone else to do that on his behalf. In fact, to listen to him, you’d think he’d never had any personal troubles in his entire life! And that’s pretty amazing, considering all the stuff he’s gotten himself into, and somehow out of, over the years. (I loved it when he said that we all want our politicians to tell us they were born in a log cabin they built themselves.)

    Bottom line…? I think we just LIKE some people, almost no matter what they’ve done or do. And we DON’T LIKE some other people, no matter what they’ve done or do. I trust that instinct in myself, even as I try diligently to analyze the bases of my feelings for whomever. The most compelling thing about Clinton is that it is so apparent that he’s really THERE, and is always exactly Bill Clinton, wherever he is, and we feel we know him, and that he wants us to know him.

    Alas, poor Romney… He just can’t seem to be “there”, in reality, no matter how hard he tries. And it’s even more poignant to me when other people try to show us who he “really is”… It’s so apparent that he knows he needs to get people to like him, in order to get elected, and he just can’t make it happen… And he hates having to do it. It’s painful to watch…

    Now, does “likability” have anything to do with governing? Damn straight it does. If you, for whatever reason, are unable to draw others to you, and make them understand that you are paying attention to them, and care and are concerned about what matters to them, you are going to have big problems. (Of course, it is a big help if you really DO care…) A head of state has to be able to do this with his or her own advisors and supporters, with his or her adversaries, with other members of the governing bodies, with voters, with heads of state of other nations, with people of all walks of life and all levels of “importance”. In short, you have to be THERE with everyone with whom you interact. If you’re not, people know that almost instantaneously.

    Clinton is obviously brilliant at this. I think that President Obama is, too. And I am confident that, when he wins his second term (from my mouth to god’s ear), he will be free to unleash it in its entirety, unrestrained by concerns about trying to work with the unrelenting hostility and obstinacy he has endured, at the hands of so many who just can’t stand the fact that this “uppity black guy” is actually the President. And when he does, we will all be the better for it.

    I hope that’s what we will hear and see tonight. I may have to take a nap early this evening, so I can stay up late and watch!

    Now, gotta get back to the ol’ drawin’ board…

    Best to all,


  26. I’m being amused the the GOP’s new “respect” for Bill Clinton. Recently they have been acting as if he is the good, centrist Democrat; and Obama is the radical leftie. I guess they forgot that they tried to impeach him! And called him a drug deal, murderer, rapist. I haven’t forgotten any of it.

  27. Hi Terri – need to correct my mistake. It was not a quote of Lenore’s but the information came from her interview in 1962. The quote was from the article. Sorry!


  28. Amazing quote, Cynthia, by Romney’s mom. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Just proves that government does play a role in its citizens’ success. Maybe somebody should show that quote to Mitt!

  29. The part of the story Romney failed to mention:


    “You see, George Romney (age 5) arrived in El Paso, Texas, as part of 4,000 other refugees fleeing the Mexican Revolution. Once they arrived, the United States did not just wave them by, to let them fend for themselves. Instead, it opened up its arms, welcoming them not only into the United States, but granted to them $250 each, equal to just under of $6,000 today. On top of that, the US provided food, clothing, and supplies. George Romney grew up with his food, housing, and schooling taken care of by the US Government. And he had a large sum of money granted to him, which the family had used to buy stocks and bonds, which George then used to pay for his college, and getting started in life.” – George’s wife, Lenore in a 1962 interview (video).


  30. Terry–totally agree. This was in line with Michelle Obama’s comments, that what is important is not how much money you make, but what kind of difference you can make in other’s lives. (I’m paraphrasing.). I think the GOP seems to worship at the altar of business and money, and they judge success by the amount of money you make. I believe it is one of the fundamental differences between the candidates and parties. We all know Barack Obama could have easily joined Wall St and make a ton of dough, and he chose not to, and instead became a community organizer (which the Republicans love to deride). I admire that. And I don’t need to be reminded that he is now a very rich man, and will continue to be; but I don’t think it has been the paramount concern in his life. I’ve been enjoying the convention, and I’m looking forward to his speech; but most of all I am loving the Dems talking tough, defending their policies and their candidate. Loved Deval Patrick the other night.

  31. Terri in NY, Last night was indeed awesome; full of positive energy that had substance. What a CHANGE from last week. As a Methodist Sunday School teacher myself I was happy to hear Elizabeth Warren’s testimony to helping “the least of these”. I’ve been preaching that to ‘the choir’ for a long time now. I don’t hate Republicans but I do dislike the way they’re ready to dismiss “the least of these” and a lot of us in order to amass larger and larger fortunes. I have a bumper sticker that reads: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace”. I also have one from Micah 6:8 – “do justice, love kindness, walk humbly with your God”.
    I’m just sorry that I’m not physically able to get out and help people get registered and, where necessary, obtain a photo ID to outwit the Republicans’ plan to disenfranchise those for whom this would be a burden!

  32. Clinton’s speech was awesome, and so was Elizabeth Warren’s. Love seeing the Dems fighting back for a change. Loving it!

  33. Hey everybody, I went to Factcheck.org and did a side by side comparison of Ryan’s speech and Clinton’s speech. It appears that Ryan’s speech is filled with out and out lies while Clinton’s speech is filled with exaggerations stretching of the truth and the truth! While I wish both parties would just tell the truth and leave it at that! I certainly have more faith in the party that exaggerates and stretches the truth than the one that out and out lies and makes up things to get what they want!

  34. Yo, UAW… Thought of you often this evening, as I saw so many people holding up their UAW posters, in the crowd, at the DNC. That thing with the big gear on it. I hope you feel proud. Really. As M&H would say, “And I mean it.”

    Whoever you are, you were in my thoughts. In a nice way…


  35. That was me, Skyler (etylerjc). Sometimes they use part of my email address and sometimes they ask for my user name. Go figure, but anyway I am one in the same ;-)

  36. I sure would help people register, Gato, if I were home in Missouri, but I’m living in Canada temporarily. However, I have several friends who are helping people register and I let them know frequently how proud I am of them, and you and of everyone else who is giving of their time and energy to this important cause. I did send for my absentee ballot last week though and really look forward to casting my votes in the near future. Go McCaskill/Obama and Biden.

    I sympathize with you for having to listen to Fox because of your “misguided and misinformed” husband. I had a husband like that once, may he rest in peace. I loved him in spite of it, however, just as I’m sure you do yours.

    Now, back to the DNC!

  37. Yes Terry….
    I’m also hoping that “the Independents will wake up and smell the dung ”

    S.C. Dem. Chair Compares GOP Gov. to Hitler’s Mistress
    The DNC has now added God back into their platform language after originally taking it out.
    Ark. lawmaker pleads guilty to election charge
    Democrats change platform to add God, Jerusalem…oops repeat….
    Rahm Emanuel in June: When President Obama arrives the rain stops

    I think I’ve heard enough garden fertilizer….

  38. Hi, Skyler – Thank your lucky stars that you don’t know the names of all the Fox people. I do, because my (goddess love him) husband watches it every night. We live in a small house, so while I’m making dinner, I hear it all.

    Tonight’s Fox “coverage” of the DNC, for example, consisted in a great part of Bret Baier (the guy with the “haier”) ostensibly “interviewing” Romney, in the style so characteristic of that program. Bret puts out a “statement”, which then Romney “answers”. It’s never really a question; it’s always a lead-in to a position statement.

    Whatever… Michelle was great. Period. The only “complaint” that I’ve heard was reported by Charlie Pierce, who evidently chatted with some relatives after a family funeral. One of them said to him, “Well, Michelle’s a racist.” Charlie asked, “What has she done or said that makes you think that?” And the person replied, “She doesn’t have to do or say anything. You can just tell by the look in her eyes.”

    And there you have it!

    Take a deep breath and hang in there… And help people vote.


  39. Yes, great speech by Michelle. I have just been waiting to hear people on the “other side” tear it/her down, and I have yet to hear one single person (even on Fox) run her down. One person started to by mentioning how much her dress cost or some such, but other Fox media persons immediately shut him down. Sorry, I’m not familiar with the names of all the Fox newspersons, but I do tune in occasionally just to see what they’re saying. Watching the DNC last night makes me more proud to be a Democrat than I already was !!

  40. Krikeys, Whirled – That was an amazing speech, and our First Lady is an amazing woman! It didn’t even seem like a “political” speech… It was a HUMAN speech – about beliefs, compassion, understanding, hope, determination, respect, concern, love, and parenthood. And not a snarky put-down, or disparaging remark in it… About anyone.

    Just points out how jerky and crappy all the little junk is, doesn’t it?

    Gato (feelin’ proud and inspired!)

  41. In case you missed it:

    Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech

    “[Barack] believes that when you’ve worked hard, and done well, and walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you, you reach back, and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed.”

    “For Barack, success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

    What a wonderful woman and a great First Lady.

    PEACE ~ Δ

  42. Here’s a perspective from the floor of
    the Republican National Convention
    that you didn’t see on Fox News:

    ‘WE BUILT IT!’

    And here’s why:

    They sure did!

    PEACE ~ Δ

  43. Cynthia – Good one – an empty chair where Robme thinks he’ll be sitting. Thanks for the image.
    Last night was a real treat, seeing such a diverse crowd in that Atlanta auditorium and hearing all the up beat positive messages. Now that’s real “CHANGE”. No Lyin’ Ryan to bear false witness, no Mrs. Robme to sugar coat her man. This Democrat grandma is hoping the Independents will wake up and smell the dung heat the Grand Obstructionist Party is shoveling in their path. – Terry

  44. Cymthia…..
    I’m glad that you agree that Romney will be sitting in the Oval Office…….

  45. http://www.nrsc.org/campaigns/demand-a-budget/

  46. uaw

    Here is Romney sitting in the oval office in 2013.


  47. I could do a massage today (Wed.) or Thursday in the afternoon. My number is 913 262 9564. Call me.

  48. At least Clint didn’t accuse the Dems of being Hitler-like……
    Hope everyone had a good Empty Chair Day……



  49. Love Margaret & Helen and love being a Democrat!

  50. Terri from a Terry who is also female! I am so excited just watching what I’ve seen so far of the Democrats telling it like it is – not in the imaginary world of Robme and Lyin’ Ryan! How refreshing to hear an inclusive message to ALL Americans and see the diversity of the audience.

  51. Looking forward to the Dem convention. My prediction, and it’s a safe one: Michelle Obama, Clinton and Obama will hit the ball out of the park; with some other hard-hitting speeches sprinkled throughout. Lots of enthusiasm already evident.

  52. Yo, UAW,,, Got to admit that I’ve kind of missed you these past few days. (I am a sick puppy… Maybe not.)

    Hope you had a great holiday weekend, and birthday. Really. I mean it.

    And now back to work, eh?


  53. Thanks Gato…..
    Had a great BBQ…..hope your and everyone’s holiday went well….

  54. A fellow Democrat sent me to a site she subscribes to, to see a wonderfully uplifting video. You can watch it at http://www.onetermmore.com/video_subtitles.html
    It’s something I watch often because I also love the music. It’s a parody of the song “One Day More” from Les Miserables. – Terry

  55. Thanks, Whirled! Love it!

    Have you heard that choice.org has a petition going to get Betty White to introduce President Obama at the convention? Talk about a M&H-like “lady”…! She says things like, “I may be off my rocker, but at least I’m not talking to it.”

    What really moves me is that when women rule, we tend to “rule” with compassion and humor and community. And the men who know that about us are the ones we love…


  56. I thought “you ladies” would appreciate this:

    Buttons at the DNC…

    going “like hot cakes”!

    PEACE ~ Δ

  57. On one of my Internet blog searches this morning, I read an interesting comment and I apologize for not giving the credit where it’s due but I’m unable to find the blog right now. Anyway, the blogger said that the question should be are we better off now than we would have been if Republicans had been in charge. OMG, that is a sad, sad thought. I immediately see more war, more debt because of their dumb-ass refusal to raise taxes during wartime, the rich getting richer, the middle class getting poorer, the senior citizens being on their own and the list goes on and on. GO OBAMA/BIDEN!!

  58. Hi, Dawn – GREAT!! And thanks for sharing that. I’ll bet lots of other people are, too… And I really do think Obama’s just getting started. (The fact that he got ANYTHING done is pretty much of a miracle.) If he gets a second term, maybe – JUST MAYBE – the obstreperous and totally non-cooperative GOP will get the message that a whole lot of us ain’t buyin’ what they’re sellin’…

    As Chris Matthews put it this morning, “If, four years ago, you were standing at the edge of a cliff, and now you’re ten feet back from that edge – EVEN IF IT’S ONLY TEN FEET – you’re a whole lot better off…”


  59. As a matter of fact, I and my family indeed ARE better off than we were four years ago!

  60. Hi, JC – Thanks for the reminder about juanitajean. And you, Cynthia, about stonekettle. I’ve seen them both, thanks to some earlier posts here, but will check them out again.

    I was talking with a friend this morning (yes, actually TALKING… On a TELEPHONE!!), and she asked me what I thought the most important thing I could actually DO in the next several weeks to combat the R/R financial juggernaut. I said I thought I need to get out there and help people register to VOTE – in whatever way I could.

    She suggested that maybe those who feel the same might want to share with each other what we’re actually doing – how many people we’ve been able to sign up, and so on.

    What do you all think about this idea? I know it would certainly inspire me to get off my duff and get out amongst “the peoples”. As I’ve mentioned, I get so sucked into the national craziness, I have to keep reminding myself that EVERY SINGLE CONGRESSIONAL SEAT REALLY MATTERS, even here in my historically “blue” State (CT)… Maybe even more here, since the Democratic candidate for US Senate is being opposed by a very wealthy Republican. (Is there any other kind, I’m beginning to wonder…)

    Let me know… Guess I’m asking you all to help inspire me to take action, even more than you already do!


  61. Isn’t she wonderful?! Go to Stonekettle frequently myself, great information, not as uplifting as JJ JC Sent from my iPhone

  62. JC – thanks for the invite. I visit JJ’s everyday on my run around the Internet. And would recommend Stonekettle.com – Jim Wright. He can be a bit rough at times but really makes a point. Interested in your gardening invite also too there.


  63. Margaret, I love your post! Helen, you are spot on about the color of the crowd. A roomful of old white men and a few trophy wives.

  64. Yes, but my skills are rudimentary, Gato-I never met a recipe I couldnt try! Love to cook; love to eat! And yes, it is such an awesome form of sharing!
    Speaking of sharing, we uns down here in Texas have a fabulously smart and funny lady whose website is juanitajean.com I’d like to invite you and Cynthia and Whirled and Terry to come on over to the “beauty salon!” Seriously, there is great humor to be found there and someone else posted how necessary it is to approach all this with humor. It’s the only way to stay sane!
    I know you can make pasta too…

  65. Hi, JC – Glad to hear it! I regularly scarf down Bob’s five-grain cereal on my best mornings, but I’m not as skilled as you are, making your own pasta. Good for you; good for all the Bob’s Mill people; good for me; and good for everyone. Isn’t that what so many of us are looking for? Things that nourish us, and others, and help us all thrive? And our families, and our loved ones, and people we don’t even know?

    The great thing about the real Bob, is that he’s passed himself, and his vision, on to everyone who helped make it happen. And he evidently did it with a lot of gratitude.

    I just remembered that, at some point, there was some inquiry here about a M&H cookbook… Can you imagine what these two great ladies might have to say about each and every recipe?

    Oh… Laugh while you’re cookin’… I love it.


  66. I buy their flours! Great for making fresh pasta!

  67. I pray every day for whirled peace!!!

  68. HI, Julie – I think the only thing the uber-Republicans really “know” about small businesses is that they may be likely candidates for being bought out, “streamlined”, and swallowed by some large multi-national maw… Sometimes being bought out is a boon for the owner(s) of the busines – but it almost never is for the employees, as I’m sure you know.

    You may be aware of a company called Bob’s Red Mill. They sell all kinds of organic flours, grain mixes, cereals, and so on. If memory serves me, I seem to recall that, for his sixty-fifth birthday (I believe that was the number), “Bob” – the founder and CEO – GAVE the entire company – lock, stock, and grain mills – to all of his employees. And they have continued to do very well as owner/employees.

    I think he said that he felt this was the best “birthday present” he could have.

    Now, that guy, in my mind, is a real business hero! (And should maybe be sainted, as well…)

    Hope you and yours have a restful evening!


  69. Joe, I’m going to share Robme with my Peeps. I’d like to add an appropriate one for his running mate in honor of his speech at the RNC: Lyin’ Ryan.
    Finding humor in this fiasco is the only way I can pull myself up out of the dumps when I hear their vicious attacks on Obama. I told a phone caller I give as much as I can to the Democrats so that I don’t have to move to Canada. She was laughing with me. – Terry

  70. I’d settle for Eric Cantor to pick one day to not be a jerk. We r entrepreneurs too, just on our way home after starting at 630 am and a trip for groceries.

    Republicans don’t know a damn thing about small business. And they could not possibly care less!

    Sent from my iPhone

  71. Hi, Whirled – As a small entrepreneur, myself, for most of my working life – and as a sentient human being, as well – all I can say about Cantor’s announcement is,


    Oh, yeah, and… REVOLTING… And maybe… INSULTING.

    This is not “Small Business Day”… It is LABOR DAY. Cantor should have picked some other day to be a jerk. And I’m sure he doesn’t give a poop about making anyone angry – that’s the real wake-up call for the rest of us.


  72. The right wing version of Labor Day:

    Celebrating Business Owners?!?

    PEACE ~ Δ

  73. Amen :D

    Sent from my iPhone

  74. HI, JC – Or, it may be that so many of those who believe hurricanes are Divine punishment, visited upon sinners, were gathered in Tampa, that Isaac took a more westward course to avoid the faithful… (Please, all, understand that this is said in jest – and is about as believable as the “NWB Conspiracy Theory”.)


  75. Yeah buddy, and you KNOW that if the error had gone the other way (Tampa out of danger, etc, then hurricane hit) it would have been a clear case of attempted MURDER! Sheesh!

  76. HI, Cynthia – Great link; thanks for posting it. I am going to try to find an intelligent conservative (maybe my very own husband!) and ask him/or her to go through it with me, point by point, to see how, and if, they he or she can convincingly refute any single one of those points.

    The comments that followed were interesting, too, including the absolutely breathtaking assertion that “anyone” who has followed the “birth certificate” controversy believes that the certificate is “false” – and continues by asserting that the National Weather Service, at the insistence of the White House, deliberately forecast that Hurricane Isaac might impact Tampa – just to prevent Donald Trump from speaking about the “birth certificate” on Monday! Now THAT’s a conspiracy theory of impressive creativity…

    Hard to believe that The Donald (not known for his reticence about sharing his thoughts) has had, as far as I know, anything to say about the RNC at all, let alone commented on a supposed cancellation of his speaking spot.

    The battling over the legality (and partisanship) of redistricting and voter disenfranchisement is going to get really ugly, really quickly. I anticipate “hanging chads” on steroids…


  77. Alaskapi – sorry to hear about your tomatoes. Shall I Fed-X you a BLT?


    …..”Ryan let loose “a couple of lies so blatant that he’s practically saying to the Democrats and the media: ‘F**k you, come and get me. You can’t touch me.’”…

    Gato – Yes, we are becoming Frog soup!


  78. What do you think about this?

    A Legitimate President or a New American Apartheid?


    …”During inaugurals, Americans consistently take pride in the peaceful transition of power but can that be considered an absolute virtue under any circumstances? And what is the alternative to passive acceptance when the facts require the rejection of an election outcome as illegitimate?”…

    ….“The fundamental question: Are there any circumstances under which an American election outcome would be considered illegitimate? If so, what would we then do about it?”….


  79. A review of the RNC:

    Crazy Never Sleeps!!!

    Andrew Breitbart would be proud.

    PEACE ~ Δ

  80. Hi, Joe – Actually, I can’t recall much of anything Romney said in his speech, even though I watched the entire thing. (It was a little past my bedtime, so maybe that’s the reason…) I just recall his looking kind of exhausted and stressed out.

    Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve EVER heard him say much of anything about troops, war, veterans, other countries (other than Israel), international affairs, or anything other than how he has a “plan” to “put America back to work” – whatever that plan might be. I think it has something to do with cutting social services (which would probably include the VA, along with everything else), and making the world a safer place for both his wealthy donors and – finally being mentioned out loud and duly praised by the brethren – for the members of his Church.

    As always, I offer no moral judgement here on those goals – just attempting to accurately identify them.

    As things come slowly into place, it becomes more and more clear what Romney’s candidacy is really about. I think we’ll be learning more in the next bunch of weeks. Stay tuned, if you can bear it!


  81. Did anyone notice that Robme never thanked, or even mentioned, our troops serving in Afghanistan? In fact, with all the lie-filled speeches Afghanistan was mentioned a measly four times, and one of those was during Eastwood’s ramblings where he implied that President Obama started the war in Afghanistan! They’re a clown car alright. A clown car at an insane asylum!

  82. Wow, Julie! You’ve got a voice. Love hearing it.


  83. Good grief you are sensitive! Most commercially available seedlings and liners are VFN with 1s and 2s to indicate strains. Some are even TMV resistant. Old ones are not. If you haven’t tried heirlooms it’s unlikely that your plants WOULD have it, so it would be outside your experience.

    So this cunt/slut/bitch invites you to take a flying leap and hopes to heaven that you have to spend the next four years whining about our wonderful clever articulate Prez and his rebuilding of our economic stability. I assure you, it will be more successful than anything the GOP has offered up over the past 30 years!

    Sent from my iPhone

  84. To all – One of you predicted recently (and I’m so sorry I can’t, at the moment, remember who) that there will likely soon be a real battle between the Koch dynasty (and their cohorts) and the Mormon Church, for dominance of the US Government. You also pointed out that neither will be willing to go down without a fight.

    This struck me as profoundly prescient. And then, today, two pieces of “news” began floating around the web. First, David Koch has evidently expressed his dissatisfaction with the GOP platform, and stated that he is in favor, at least, for exceptions in abortion regulations in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the life of the mother – which the GOP platform denies. Secondly, several articles have appeared stating how pleased the Mormon Church is that Romney has gained the GOP nomination, and that they are confident that his having done so will bring the Church more into “mainstream acceptance”, and may even draw more people to membership.

    Now that Romney has done his job, achieving official designation as chief spokesperson for both his Church and his faith, both factions are evidently now starting to feel that they can come out of the proverbial woodwork and enjoin the battle for real. Brace yourselves.

    This is now becoming ever more plainly not a struggle for dominance between “progressives” and “conservatives”, but between a consortium of incredibly wealthy and determined corporatists, and a very wealthy and evangelical Church – both of which loathe anything remotely “progressive”, whether in the fiscal, or the social, arenas.

    A “victory” by either faction will not serve this nation well.

    I am grateful to whichever of you first brought this up… And may all the rest of us be afraid… Very afraid. And may we then suck up that fear and do anything and everything we can to insure that neither of these two groups gains control of our lives.


  85. Woohoo! Thank you Helen! Love ya.

  86. Hi, Cynthia – You may be familiar with the “parable” (I guess that’s what it is) about the Frog and the Water… If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it immediately jumps right out (of course). However, if you put a frog in a pot of tepid water, and very, very slowly and quietly raise the temperature, so the frog hardly notices, you eventually will have a boiled frog.

    And, to add my own personal take: If, as you are slowly and steadily increasing the temperature of the water, you are constantly distracting the frog from any discomfort she may be feeling – reassuring her that things are going to be much better if she just lets you take charge of everything, and that she is truly an “exceptional” frog, whose unique greatness has been taken from her by the “wrong-headed policies” of unscrupulous “other” amphibians, many of whom are of questionable origin, and not even the same shade of green as she is… Your chances of achieving “boiled frog” will probably be even greater…

    Maybe there’s another tee shirt idea here: “THIS FROG WILL NOT BE BOILED!”

    Possibly a little too obscure… But, hey, who knows?

    Peace to you, as well,


  87. Gato – I heard a short but interesting conversation that a “coup” is taking place now. It has been a slow, subtle take over and this year it is the final move to control the country.
    Very much along the lines of what you said.


  88. Oh Cynthia- Mr Ryan is lyin’ again.
    Not mere spin, not a partisan view- straight up pants-on-fire lyin’.
    I have 2, count em 2, Glacier tomatoes the size of a quarter. Always say I’m not going to try to grow tomatoes and always do it anyway. Coldest summer in here in 70 years so those 2 teeny tomatoes are a victory of some sort :-)
    Bears by the front door every morning on their way to finding last snacks before hibernation.
    UAW- nobody can make SP look smart though I have to say Mr Ryan is on his way to being a serious contender to take over her liar title.
    Also, too- I thought cucumbers grew in the grocery market :-)
    (If you have wilt, true bacterial wilt, its all over. Plants are done for.I try them every 5 years or so too – often lost em to something in the mildew, mold, fungus world before I found the milk and baking soda thingy http://www.veggiegardener.com/preventing-powdery-mildew-on-cucumbers-squash-melons/)
    Happy Birthday to you!

  89. UAW – Sounds like you’re going to have a very nice birthday today. Enjoy… And don’t worry about spelling…


  90. Hi, Carol – Well, here’s one reader who totally agrees with you, and I’m confident we’re not alone. The process of shutting out voters has been going on under the national radar for quite some time, and is only accelerating now. GOP strategists – led by the entirely reprehensible, but highly-skilled and laser-focused Karl Rove – have openly stated that one of their goals is to get as many LOCAL politicians in place who will vote for favorable “redistricting”; who will vote for changes in voter ID requirements; make it very difficult for citizens in rural and low-income areas to even obtain the newly-required IDs; limit hours at polling places in traditionally Democratic districts and extend them in GOP districts; and so on. They are well aware that this is the make-it-or-break-it election for them… Because in another four years, they will assuredly be a significant minority in this country. So, before that happens, they must bend as many rules as possible in their favor; seat as many judges as they can to back up those changes, all the way to the SCOTUS; and buy as many members of Congress to vote for legislation in their favor. Should they succeed, they know full well it will take years to reverse what they’ve done.

    (Since even they cannot actually “remove” the offending individuals – non-whites, a majority of women, people of varying sexual orientations, the poor, the old, and so on – they are trying their best to make damned sure that at least “those people” won’t be able to actually VOTE for anything, heaven forbid…)

    In the meantime, they distract the citizenry from all this activity by endlessly bringing up totally irrelevant issues, making consistent “misstatements” (known by some as lies); disseminating blatant – if “coded” – appeals to racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and scorn for women, minorities, and the poor; and shamelessly decrying the supposed loss of belief in “American Exceptionalism” and the very “American Dream” they are in the process of gutting.

    They have been doing a very good job at all this – because too much of the citizenry is wiling to listen to them, and because they are focused on nothing else, despite any protestations about “caring” about the middle class, small businesses, “the American family”,the sanctity of life, and whatever else.

    I find the outrage of the national political process frequently so compelling and infuriating that I have to continually remind myself that it’s equally important to WORK LOCALLY. So I’m making those dreaded “cold calls” and trying to help identify neighbors who are not registered to vote and get them registered, and so on – doing everything I can to make sure that my State District Representative defeats the very wealthy Republican wrestling magnate contesting him in the race for the US Senate. Every Congressional seat is going to be critically important, even if the result of the Presidential race turns out to be what I would call… Unthinkable.


  91. uaw – we need Murray to go over the budget! Or an independent group of honest experts that have no political agenda to influence their decisions to create a budget.


  92. OOPS…2007……
    or was that a lie….

  93. and how about lyin’ Barack….
    Joe Soptic lies
    Ryan medicare reform lies
    the “bringing Democrats and Republicans together to pass an agenda” lie
    the”Secure the borders” lie
    the . “We will bring federal pay scales that have become so exaggerated into line with market rates.” lie
    the “Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act “lie….(a bill introduced by him in 2009)

  94. Cynthia…..
    the problem with Simpson-Bowles was that the Dems should have picked the Republicans on that panel and the Republicans should have picked the Dems…….instead we got the extremists from both parties…..

  95. Carol… “shutting out voters” brings the New Black Panther Party to mind for me …..and “rigging election”brings the past election stories of voting in Chicago……you know Vote Early-Vote Often


  96. Let’s just call him Lyin’ Ryan. He even lied about running a marathon in less than three hours. What a douchebag.

  97. True or False?
    “(The President) created a bipartisan debt commission (Simpson-Bowles). They came back with an urgent report. He thanked them, sent them on their way, and then did exactly nothing.” – Ryan’s acceptance speech.



  98. as a side note I’ve got heirloom Brandywines, Better Boys, Cherokee Purples, Roma’s , Mr. Stripeys, and some volunteer cherries(just keep coming up) in my garden in MI.
    Most are in home made cages made out of concrete reinforcement wire mesh(6×6 opening)…..the plants that are caged are over 5 ft tall……
    so any ideas on cucumbers and how to stop the wilt in them….I’ve heard of a weak bleach solution (Amish), or a milk/baking-soda solution…..should have tried something this year…..

  99. Jeez JC…..
    “which happily for him, looks like it is outside his experience”……
    so you looked in a seed catalog….whoopy fringin do…..
    I did mention late wilt/blight and mentioned not to plant tomatoes on tomatoes(rotation)
    I also mentioned that the bullshit(horseshit in Cynthia’s case) belongs in the garden, not posted here….

  100. OMG! “Eastwooding” stands a chance of making it into the dictionary! I would herewith like to apologize personally to all my friends of any political party, spiritual belief system and color for the totally crude “joke” Dirty Harry aimed at the President of the United States. Can you imagine the immediate reaction if Dirty Harry was not Anglo-Saxon but the President was?

  101. Bill Maher: New Rule:

    “Republicans don’t have to accept evolution, economics, climatology or human sexuality, but [...] I need them to admit the historical existence of George W. Bush.”

    PEACE ~ Δ

  102. I don’t know about how any of the other readers feel, but I am just terrified that the GOP will go to any lengths to win the election, including rigging voting, stealing states electroral votes, shutting out voters. Anything! The very idea of Mittens and his minions taking over government and taking us back to the last midcentury makes me nauseous. It’s not myself I’m mainly concerned for but my children and grandchildren who will have to put up with all the mess that will result. Of course I still have my small social security benefits and medicare to worry about, but my concerns about birth control and abortion are long gone (for myself, not my granddaughters). We all have to make sure we get out and VOTE on election day come hell or high water!

  103. Another great post ladies! It had me laughing and I just had to share it on facebook so everyone can get a smile.

  104. Thank you SO much for this!! You leave me having faith and hope again!! And laughing so hard–please know that my soul is restored once more…

  105. http://www.stonekettle.com/ – Yep, Jim did it again!
    Good, Bad, and Ugly
    “But as a parody of the Republican Party itself, of the disintegration of a once great institution, Eastwood’s act was just plain brilliant – even if that’s not what he intended.”


  106. The garden is an excellent place to experience peace! Thank you!
    New York Extension (another waste of tax dollars !!?!) would be another resource. The info page I picked was from Ohio State, a great land grant Uni. Got my BS in horticulture from Texas A&M (WHOOP) another land grant great and home of Texas Extension Service (ag, eng, hort, etc) a bountiful source of info. Perhaps we could exchange info in a not-so-public venue? Love exchanging w other gardeners, pro and am; experience is the best teacher!

  107. JC
    “More modern cultivars (early girl, celebrity, carnival, etc) are VFN resistant” – this explains what I notice about those growing “regular” tomatoes. My plants now look like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree with decorations, but are still producing tomatoes. I have talked with others with heirlooms and they are experiencing the same thing. I do have two Black Krum plants in buckets and they are looking better but are in a different location from the others. This year we had a warm March and then a cold May and a hot dry June. The local peaches and apricots were hit hard; actually all the support crops here have been affected. I waited all year for more donut peaches. I just heard the apple crop is down too. Hay is at a premium as well. Thank you for the information. Will do some research or email Cornell. Finger Lakes region of NY.


  108. Hi Cynthia, you asked UAW about a tomato problem, which happily for him, looks like it is outside his experience. You may have Fusarium or Verticillium wilt, which are soil borne pathogens. More modern cultivars (early girl, celebrity, carnival, etc) are VFN resistant: they are bred from genetically resistant parents. The N is nematodes, which is my own nemesis here in Texas. I planted an heirloom variety called “Mortgage Lifter” and they are doing what yours are, so I think we have fusarium wilt. My Early Girls this spring were prolific and flavorful and have fruit at about 55-60 days. Don’t know where u garden, I am in zone 8b.

  109. Feel free to call me whatever names you like. It won’t bother me one bit, because I am only interested in the opinions of people I respect and admire. You are neither. Feel free to continue to vote against your own best interests as well. 30 years ago the PUBLIC sector was the largest employer in the nation, and the salaries were not huge, but reasonable. People could live on them. They traded the glamour and risk of the private sector for the security of the government at the state, local or federal level. You have done much the same thing by enrolling in a collective group that allows you bargaining power that you could not have on your own. You also passed on the freedom of entrepreneurship in favor of a stable career in a corporation. The point of all this is that you are mistaken in believing that a man who has made a career of profiteering by cutting the labor force of the companies he acquired and passing the costs (debt, usually) of his refitting on to the subsequent owners is in any way shape or form qualified to rescue middle America from this recession. For the rest, I was bewildered by your animosity; you appear to be articulate, so I presume stupidity is not your problem. You revealed the source of your animosity in that post and the puzzle was solved! If the shoe fits, wear it. Meanwhile, you may exercise your mind with further insults to my female person and my female parts – you are underscoring my argument by such, and neither I nor my parts are much troubled by it. I would be far more perturbed if Gato or Terry or Margaret or Helen had something blighting to say.
    Furthermore, Gato is correct: labor, current and retired is still the biggest cost companies face. Why do you suppose GM moved assembly operations to Mexico? The daily wage in most of Mexico is $3.50 – 4.00. Day laborers in Texas make at least 2x that per hour! I think their pension rules, etc. are not so strict either, and there may be no collective bargaining. Labor is the big cost in the US, thus the outsourcing issue. Take the work to some other place where it is cheaper seems to be the popular solution. If you can’t move the work, bust the unions and remove the collective bargaining rights of the workers. Romney and Ryan are all for this, and it will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs-the middle class.
    Have fun with your chores. Hope you are benefiting from rain, whereever you are.

  110. uaw – Happy Birthday!
    “I believe it’s the Dems that are mad that Romney hasn’t had an insescretion.” I am going to disagree with you on this one; I believe the Republicans really like to play this game. They actually search for the info then wait for a time to use it. At least the Dem’s have the decency to be embarrassed and resign…..which is maybe why the R’s use it. The R’s are just as guilty of dickey dunking but stand there saying…. Me? No not me! You expect me to quit over something like that? Must make a note to Dem’s…don’t quit.


  111. You’re brilliant, and funny, and on target, as always. We need Margaret & Helen, the book, tv show, radio show, and LOTS more blog posts!!!!

  112. one bit of good news…..


  113. actually Gato I am having a fine Labor Day weekend…..mowing lawn…..picking tomatoes…hoeing……hanging laundry on clothes line…..cleaning chickens to BBQ on Monday……getting ready to celebrate my birthday tomorrow…….
    Thanks for asking…..

  114. DAMN…kant spel todaie

  115. oops…

  116. etylerjc….I believe it’s the Dems that are mad that Romney hasn’t had an insescretion

  117. very interesting Gato but labor is not one of the most expensive component of almost every company:
    Labor equals about 10% of the cost of a car….
    don’t know what business you started but was it labor intensive…..(hand knitted sweaters being one)
    depending on the company advertising can be as much or more that labor……

  118. Very well said, Gato. We paid into Medicare for at least 40 years so it’s not like we’re expecting the government to give us something for free, and I certainly don’t mind still paying into it with my taxes even though I’m now drawing it. I just wanted to comment on one more aspect of the RNC. I wanted to shoot the TV screen when JEB had the nerve to say that at least his asshat brother kept us safe? Excuse me, but nearly 3000 people died on 9/11. It was a miracle from God that kept us safe after that, certainly not the shrub. And am I hearing right about some SEAL writing a book about how the capture of Bin Laden was actually arranged BEFORE Obama? If I heard htis right, and I only heard bits and pieces of this news report. But if so, this makes at least TWO books that are coming out recently against Obama and all his faults. Nice timing conservatives. They will stop at nothing . I’ll bet they are furious that there’s never been any infidelity on his part that they were able to find.

  119. The Romney campaign banned small independent vendors of political buttons, banners, tee shirts etc from selling their wares. They had their own vendors.


    They also paid convention workers below minimum wage.


    “The Republican Party has been touting its support of small businesses throughout the RNC. The official theme of the first night of the convention was “We Built It” in order to present a contrast to “You didn’t build that,” a quote by President Barack Obama that has been used out of context by Republicans to highlight the importance of small business development independent from government intervention.”

    “Media outlets have moved to point out alleged hypocrisy in the GOP’s choices for spokespeople for the “We Built It” campaign. Two small business owners who spoke at the RNC on behalf of the Republican Party’s “We Built It” campaign actually benefited from government contracts, government loans, or both.”


    “You’d have a president who has spent his life in business — small business, big business — and who knows something about how jobs are created and how we compete around the world,” he said at a campaign stop last month at Buddy Brew Coffee in Tampa, Florida.”

    “What Romney skips is his experience in eliminating jobs. It’s a facet of his career that presents a particular challenge for the Republican primary frontrunner: Tough business decisions don’t necessarily translate into good politics.”


  120. Thank you again ladies! And Margaret I am still laughing at your Charlton Heston talking to a chair. You made my day.


  121. Gato, I always enjoy your input. I’ve been tempted to buy myself a t-shirt from Northern Sun that speaks to part of what you wrote. It reads: I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one”.
    And thank you for responding to the nay-sayers in these discussions.

  122. Julie T…typical liberal post…..anybody that doesn’t like the Dems is a RACIST….BLAH BLAH BLAH….can I pull an Ed Schulz and call you a slut or a Bill Maher and call you a cunt???????? I don’t see any difference between you and myself with the manecalling….
    still think that Biden makes Sarah Palin look smart….

  123. HI, UAW – Hope you’re having a pleasant Labor Day weekend.

    What’s to be “sorry” about…? Just wonder why you so trust the Republicans to get people working, when so much of that party has been consumed by people who function only to serve only their shareholders, not workers. (And – again, in service of full disclosure – my husband I have money in “the market”, so he and I are in that game.)

    Like you, I have worked my entire life – babysitting as a kid, working at least twenty hours a week at various jobs during my four years in college, full-time from the moment I graduated. Eventually formed my own small “corporation”; paid my taxes; paid into Social Security; and so on. Never got any government assistance during my entire life, nor did my parents – although now I’m on Medicare, and damned happy to have it! After all, it’s what I paid for… And I get the same benefits for MUCH less than I paid when buying my own “private” medical insurance.

    People are working now at GM because of a Government infusion of funds. Rick Perry’s much-touted “Texas job growth” was due to Federal money. Thousands of returning vets now have jobs, thanks to a Government sponsored initiative for companies to benefit financially from hiring them. And so on…

    As a taxpayer, I am HAPPY to see my funds going to pay American workers in American businesses, or working on infrastructure projects that benefit us all, and help all businesses thrive here. I also understand that the goal of large multinational corporations is to make themselves as “lean” and profitable as they can. To do so, one of their highest priorities is to minimize the cost of the most expensive component of almost every company: Labor.
    It is in their “best interest” to get the cheapest possible labor wherever they can, so that they and their shareholders can make as much money as possible. That’s just what they do. I am passing no moral judgement here on that (although I certainly could). I do not agree with the misguided (and self-serving) notion that “corporations are people”, but corporations ARE structures with their own goals, and they want to survive. Wishing them to be any different is just like wishing a porcupine wouldn’t stick you with her quills when she feels threatened…

    They’re not likely to be changed, which is why they need to be “regulated” by some entity outside themselves. If you have a dog, you’re going to train that dog, and insist on certain behaviors while that dog is part of your household – unless you’re happy to live with a dog who poops wherever she wants, steals food off the table, and bites you whenever she feels like it. And, at all times, you understand very clearly that she is a DOG.

    I suspect that my even mentioning the word “regulation” may send you off on a rant, but I’m taking that risk. Maybe just think about it… Living among ourselves is a constant balancing act between freedom and restraint. Not easy, but it’s the only thing that works.


  124. I love this, Gabe – Think I’ll remember it when I’m out knocking on doors myself. Thanks!


  125. HI, Blue – What a great – and terrifying – post…

    I wish I could disagree with just one single thing in it… But I can’t. I think you’ve assembled a stunningly accurate summary of the current situation in the good ol’ US of A these days. Our founders, wealthy though many of them were in their time, would be horrified to see how their brilliant concepts of governing have been distorted by the effects and influence of amounts of money they could never have imagined one single individual, or small group of individuals, ever having.

    You also bring up the Thing That May Never Be Spoken: The influence of the Mormon Church in all of this. Before I continue, I want to be absolutely clear about one thing: I MAKE NO JUDGEMENT ON THE VALUES AND BELIEFS OF THE MORMON CHURCH. I am not a Mormon; I do not even personally know any member of the Church. (I do have a former sister-in-law who lived in Salt Lake City for many years, and visited her there. And, when I was a child, my family rented out a small garage apartment to many young Mormon men who were doing their obligatory missionary work.) As far as I know, the Church does an enormous amount of good and generous work offering assistance to those in need, whether members of their Church or not. And, because this is the US of A, I believe in their absolute right to worship any way they want.

    HOWEVER, the for-the-most-part-secretive role the Church is playing in national politics is, I believe, something with which we should all be concerned. (Remember their vast homophobic work in California.) “Missionary” work is a fundamental tenet of Church service. And, as you mention, their acceptance of African Americans as Church members is both relatively recent, and limited. And the most traditional members apparently adhere to the idea that a woman’s primary job is to bear and raise children in the faith.

    It is often apparent that Romney seems incredibly uncomfortable in his public appearances. I suspect that he realizes that he is in a position in which very few of us would ever like to find ourselves – trying to simultaneously honor his father’s “legacy”, to follow the dictates of the elders of his Church (and his own faith), AND accommodate the wishes of those who are funding his candidacy. As you have so astutely pointed out, the inevitable wrestling match between the Kochs and their fellows, and the Mormon Church, is likely to be a “Battle of the Titans” that will shake this country.

    And I think Romney knows very well, in his heart of hearts, that he has been designated the “point man” by all parties in this growing maelstrom – a position his own political party reluctantly, and unenthusiastically, knows, too. How could he NOT be squirming in discomfort…?

    How does the “average person” combat this juggernaut – especially when so many of us don’t even know it’s happening…? THAT’s the question!

    I found your comments very insightful and disturbing. Keep up the good work; tell it like it is. We need to be “disturbed”! Thank you…


  126. Your analysis is good: immediately upon birth fetuses become children to hate or ignore. Look up Eisenhower though. You will find that he “balanced the budget” by adding the government pension funds books to the general ledger. Kind of like Newts congress buddies screaming that Social Security is bankrupt and has no funds – because they have borrowed from them for years! Obama 2012!

  127. You ladies are so right on and so dang funny !!!! Clown car and all !!!!

    But, seriously, R&R are the real axis of evil, bigots, birthers and baggers (theTea Party dream team) Notice how no one mentions Tea Party anymore? These two were hand picked by the Kock brothers whose father began their descent into hate by starting The John Birch Society………look it up if you don’t believe me.

    The Kochs along with Carl Rove hand picked the idiot Palin but she turned out to be too unmanageable and too ignorant and stupid even for them to handle. It’s no wonder Michelle Bachmann was done before she began. They can manipulate men a whole lot easier. Make no mistake, there will be trouble brewing within their own party should these two hate mongering Tea Party candidates win in Nov. The Mormon church is even more powerful than The Koch Brothers who are pouring their billions into this campaign along with the other 15 angry old white billionaires in hopes of their Oligarchy. They even have their very own secret society…….bet black people can’t get into their inner-sanctum temple, either.

    The Mormons are not going to allow the Kochs to be the puppeteers. Each group sees visions of becoming Gepeto…….maybe they, along with poor old Clint, hear Gepeto’s voice as well.

    President Obama didn’t ruin anything. Please remember that the President does not make the laws. He requests but The house of Representatives has to bring a bill to the floor for a vote. So far they have been true to their threat in 2008 and again in 2010 ( by the Orange Man) to disrupt this presidency by either refusing to bring a bill up for a vote that would actually help America or if something did get through to the Senate, those Repub senators were to filabuster. And filabuster they did………the most filabusters in the history of this country by one party. From day one in 2008, it was a game for them and they could care less about their constituents or any one else who was not paying into their re-election coffers. They could care less about the American people. They hate the 99%. They hate the elderly, the poor, the middle class, the sick, the children ( except for the fetus) the minorities, and women of all colors !!!!
    If you are unhappy about the state of America you have only the Republican party to blame………..they have screwed their own right along with everyone else.

    Sadly there is no longer freedom of the press in this country. They are not allowed to print or speak the truth or question the lies. If they want to keep their jobs they have to sit down and shut up. The media outlets are owned by the 17 angry, old white men and so the lying and fabricating continues. Show us your tax returns, Mitt. Anyone with a brain knows you have off shore accounts. Anyone with a brain knows that you and your pal, Ryan are simply mouthpieces for the most radical, right-wing portion of the republican tea party. Isn’t it interesting that they have no real plan to help Amercia. All you hear from Mitt is that it is HIS turn to be the president because HIS daddy didn’t get to win.
    Bush wanted to be the pres so he could finish the job his daddy didn’t finish and destroy Iraq and McCain was desperate for his daddy’s approval…….good job, Johnny…………how sad that Bush, Cheney and Palin couldn’t even get a ticket to the dance.

    ***BTW: the last Republican president who balanced the budget was Dwight Eisenhower in 1956 !!!!! They all squeal about it, but none of them can do it.
    Nor do they want to. Since Ronnie and Fancy Nancy were in the White House their MO has been, spend, spend, spend and when we lose the White House, blame the Democrats…………….

    Better watch out Mitt………..your nose if growing !!!!!

  128. Loving my new best friends..who ever they are..:0

  129. I knew Mitt would win the nomination the first time I saw his hair. Very managerial.

    I want to sing to Clint that nobody cared, not even the chair.

    If we elect a Mormon, how many First Ladies do we get?

  130. I knew Mitt would win the nomination when I saw his hair. Very managerial.
    I want to sing to Clint that nobody cared, not even the chair.

    If we elect a Mormon, how many First Ladies do we get?

  131. Thanks for your insight and wonderful humor.

  132. Margaret sure doesn’t say much, but when she does, it’s priceless.

  133. I couldn’t wait to receive your email, Margaret and Helen, to see what your perspective was on this. Helen, you are such and excellent writer and thinker. Thanks for telling the truth and making me laugh at the same time. Margaret, thanks for the loud GUFFAW at the end. If you are on Twitter, you should check out “Invisible Obama”. Lots of funny stuff there… Thanks for writing, ladies.

  134. What a perfect representation of today’s GOTP:

    Angry old white men yelling at an imaginary President Obama.

    Jon Stewart calls Clint’s ‘performance’…

    A Fistful of Awesome!

    Maybe Eastwood should have used the teleprompters. ;)

    PEACE ~ Δ

  135. Hi, UAW – I am well aware of the specific points of view of the various “sources” you mentioned, as I am aware of the point of view of Faux News, Rushbo, Hannity, the US Chamber of Commerce, Karl Rove, the Governor of Wisconsin (the midwest branch of Koch Industries) and so on. So not to worry!


  136. Oh, my… what a wonderful wrap up of the RNC and all its whackos! Thank you for making my day!

  137. The Republicans have gone so far off the deep end that they will now deny facts. They think if they assert something, and repeat it often enough, it automatically becomes true. With the help of Faux News and talk radio, they have created their own alternate reality. Pathetic but true. They have done nothing to help the economy for the past three years. They are a disgrace. I’m sick to death of their lying and mendacity.

  138. OH I am so happy to see your column today. I started to watch Clint but felt embarrassed for for him , seeing and hearing him stumble with words talking to a chair, how sad. I could not watch the whole thing as I felt it was sad to see a good actor, act like and ass.
    I too have felt since the day the President got in office the white Republicans went on a not so silent hate trip to oust him. Oh When will this country stop hating people because of color? The republican party said straight out they woudl block anything that the White house sent over. NOW I ask you not Obama fans how does that make you feel? Do you think your republican party even cares about you, even if you are white and sending them money they don;t need. HELL NO they don’t. All them good Christian folks.

  139. Yes. I’m voting for Obama. I gave my bustle, reticule, corset and high button shoes to some poor Republicans who came around asking for campaign contributions.

  140. Thanks Helen and Margaret! Loved it!

  141. Mitt who?

  142. You ladies are too awesome! Thanks for your insight, wit and humor!! Can’t wait to read more when this election gets to the point where we’ll really need our hip waders!

  143. I door knocked and a man answered the door. I could see his wife in the background and asked for her. He knew I was there for politcal reasons and he asked me why I wanted to talk to her. Knowing he wasn’t going to allow that and that he was a complete controlling ass hat, I replied ” I was just answering an add from Craig’s list under the married female looking for a male section. Did I write the address down wrong?” Then I abruptly left. Love your columns. Love you both.

  144. Margaret, I love you! Thanks for unashamedly telling it like it is. From one aging broad to another.

  145. Well, well, well. Got all the way back to the Biden comment and realized what we’ve got here in UAW – a garden-variety RACIST. Congratulations, ace, but we’re NOT going to let you and your knuckle-dragging brethren take us back to the 1850s. Ixnay. Points for keeping me interested until I found the tell-tale, however.

    Terri and Gato seem to have the smarts here. Aren’t these ladies awesome? still chuckling about Moses – er Charlton Heston! Obama 2012!

  146. There is the Helen, I’ve grown to love!

  147. Oh, I’ve been wishing for a post from M/H on the RNC and I died laughing all the way through it. Thanks, ladies. You hit the nail on the head on so many levels — like only you can do! Keep up the good work. Lots of good laughs coming up in the next few weeks as the Rethugs try to act like they have a good plan for American.

  148. I was feeling a little depressed until I read your blog, ladies. Thank you for feeling the same way I do.

  149. Clint Eastwood gave one of the worst performances of “Harvey” I’ve ever seen.

  150. Derrrrr

  151. I love you two Ladies!!!!
    What a hoot!!!!

  152. good point Gato….
    “This is a CAMPAIGN, after all. Winning is all; truth means nothing. Jeez…

    the Democratic mantra…..

    and I hope your not calling Maddow, Schulz,Matthews, Obermann, the Huffpo, or Media matters “FACT CHECKERS”

    there were times when MSNBC drew significantly more convention viewers than CNN.

    “That’s because MSNBC offers counterprogramming, not coverage. All that arch sarcasm and partisan brio may rev up the cable channel’s fans, but it constrains — and stains — NBC News, its corporate sibling, which is still the country’s No. 1 source in the evening.”


  153. http://www.aei-ideas.org/2012/08/niall-ferguson-newsweek-and-obama-fact-checking-the-fact-checkers-part-i/

  154. bless your clarity of vision. :D

  155. Scott Walker takes on no less than four MSNBC hatchetmen attempting to frame one of Paul Ryan’s speech claims as untrue.



    Fact-checking the factcheckers on Ryan’s speech;


  156. http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&safe=off&biw=1152&bih=745&tbm=isch&tbnid=SMZt3XhwDDFQWM:&imgrefurl=http://seniorcitizenhumor.blogspot.com/&imgurl=http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-iNbY_R8dKoc/UEAIs7xQfjI/AAAAAAAAFGI/FfAIGDMAZog/s1600/romney%25252Bsign.jpg&w=609&h=812&ei=XTxBUOKoH4j7rAGcwIC4Bg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=513&vpy=9&dur=2458&hovh=259&hovw=194&tx=101&ty=169&sig=103297226272082656964&page=1&tbnh=171&tbnw=128&start=0&ndsp=17&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:0,i:82

  157. Right, Terri – And as some Republican spokesperson said, “We’re not going to let our campaign be controlled by a bunch of fact-checkers.”

    This is a CAMPAIGN, after all. Winning is all; truth means nothing. Jeez…

    In my opinion, that’s why Romney appeared so uncomfortable last night. He knows he’s a tool. Don’t you wish he’d just do kind of a Clint Eastwood thing, and say, “I’m going to do what I want, and talk about what matters to me.” And then tell us what those things are…? That would be refreshing, to say the least.


  158. geez terri….
    jobs in thousands Nov-2000=137461


  159. Forbes magazine exposes Barack Obama as the pathetic spender he is.

    Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It’s Barack Obama?


    Darn left wing media. Wait, what? This was FORBES! Forbes acknowledges Obama is the lowest spender since Eisenhower and Fox acknowledges Ryan lies and lies and lies and Republicans are criticizing Clint Eastwood.

    By the way, thank you Obama, for lowering my gas prices 8 cents today even though its a holiday weekend. Since (as demonstrated in my previous paragraph) it’s opposite day in America, you can get credit when gas prices go down even thought it’s not your fault when prices go up. Sweet!

  160. sorry gato….I’m still a UAW member in good standing….and although released because of moving to a new job I’m still a member(non-active) of the USW and the Teamsters….
    Yes I’m still a union guy….does that mean that I blindly follow what the union tells me is good for me….NO….they tried more than once to tell me to “walk off that cliff”or “step on your dick”….didn’t listen………didn’t like their KOOL-AID either…..notice my avatar…..
    Has the union done some good things….YES….I still believe in collective bargaining……..but sometimes we’re now bargaining against our own union…..
    I’ve worked all my lifw and I don’t mind helping people when they need help but it just seems that there is a lot of people that think “WE OWE THEM” because it’s not their fault that they__________…(add whatever you want)
    Right now I trust the Republicans more than the Democrats to get the people back to work…..if your a high schooler or college summer worker taking jobs from illegal immigrants…fine…..get off your ass and go to work…..if you think it’s fine to set on your ass with your hand out than it’s fine to go hungry and freeze your ass off….

  161. Thank you again, ladies. Margaret, I don’t think I ever realized how very funny you are. Helen always makes me smile and often makes me laugh out loud, but we don’t hear from you enough. Thank you both from another old woman who is watching the crazy world spin faster and faster.

  162. More jobs created in the past four years than the whole Bush Administration. Facts are stubborn things.

  163. Hi Gato,
    Yup, lots of things are better, including the housing market. We have to keep saying it since the right wants to paint the most pessimistic picture possible. Of course, things aren’t, perfect, but they are moving in the right direction, albeit slowly. Obama has had no help from the right, and their obstructionism is holding us back. As for that other poster, I don’t know what his deal is, and I don’t care.

  164. yes terri…..less employed….
    in thousands…. Nov-2008=144609………July-2012=143126…..
    looks like 1.5 million less jobs……


    OH ….that’s right…it’s Bush’s fault!!!!!!!!Just keep saying that…..

  165. Oh, shriek! Dirty Harry! That chair thing is what every drama coach uses. Ditto psychologists who are trying to get overly wired shut patients to open up and honestly communicate. Eastwood has a roomful of awards for his acting and directing. No way would he tolerate a speech written for him. Of course, he did his own thing, and the Romneyites were aghast and agog? Eastwood has been around for so many years he is now part of the American psyche and they still didn’t have a clue about what the man was like? Does this tell you anything about the way they don’t see foreign policy, etc. etc.? They seem to have tin eyes to go with the tin ears and they want to run this country? Worse yet, Eastwood’s shtick is all people are talking about! Mitt who? He spoke? Really?

  166. Hi, Terri – Yes, yes, and – of course – yes again. All that, plus the fact that the RATE OF INCREASE of the national debt is lower than it’s been for years, and a whole lot of other things.

    BTW, I kind of assumed that “UAWtradesman” was already part of the auto industry, and a union dude, as well… You wouldn’t know it from his posts… Wonder where it all went wrong for him.

    Maybe “UAW” stands for something other than “United Auto Workers”, as he’s using it. “Unremittingly Antagonistic Writer”, maybe…? Just a thought.


  167. UAW: you continue to say Obama hasn’t improved anything. That’s just not true. Ask people who work in the US auto industry, the soldiers wo came home from the Iraq war, the gay soldiers who can serve openly, researchers who engage in stem cell work, my IRA, people who now have health insurance and can’t be denied because of pre-existing conditions, college grads who can remain on their parents health insurance until 26 years of age, etc., etc., etc. And 29 months of job growth! Go Obama!

  168. Hi, Annie – Great message. Yeah; now comes the hard part: making those dreaded “cold calls”, walking your neighborhood knocking on doors, risking unpleasant verbal responses (and enjoying the supportive ones!), and so on. I have reminded myself, and my like-minded friends and neighbors, that WORKING LOCALLY for candidates you support, as well as doing what you can directly for Obama/Biden.

    In my State district, we have a very wonderful District Representative, of more or less “normal” wealth, who is running for the Senate against a multi-millionaire professional wrestling owner who is bound and determined to get herself into the US Senate. I’d love to ask every single poster here to send him money, but I’m sure you all have people in your own areas who could use your support. I finally got myself off my duff and went down to his headquarters, took the list they handed me, of people to call, and picked up the phone… And will again.

    Lots of people have already absolutely made up their minds, of course, but you may find that there are plenty of people in your communities who need help registering, or getting to the polls, or getting an absentee ballot, or whatever. There’s plenty to do – rolling over and giving up is just not an option this time around!


  169. Thanks M&H another great blog! Now it’s time for all of us to really get to work and do what it takes to re-elect President Obama. I shudder to think of this country being led by Romney-Ryan.

  170. and to be fair Whirled Peas….
    “Chuck Todd: Why Do Republicans Have More Women and Hispanic Governors?”


  171. why thank you Peg…..
    and I know what I am and it’s sure as shit not a 1%er…….

  172. well Anon…
    “Apparently he will fix the economy using his own special Romney magic–no facts or figures needed”……
    instead of not fixing anything…..
    Rush wanted Obama to Fail…..Romney wished he’d of succeed……..at least Romney’s right…..

  173. I love you ladies. I am not in the US, nor entitled to vote in this election, but since everything America does has such an impact on the rest of the world I am really interested in the outcome. So please, please get out and vote Democrat in November!

  174. The GOP convention was a big fail. Same as a potential Romney administration. Can anyone recall one specific policy proposal from Romney during the past 3 days? Apparently he will fix the economy using his own special Romney magic–no facts or figures needed. If this is the best he can do, hello second term for Obama!

  175. Thoroughly enjoyed this post! I’ve had a Republican candidates clown-car cartoon in my head trying to get out since late last year and you put it into words so wonderfully!

    Only in my cartoon vision, Mitt is strapped to the roof and an Irish setter is driving, while squirting Mitt from a big gag flower!

    So glad to have found your blog!

  176. I personally think Margaret & Helen are real.
    Even if not, I’ve never seen better writing and the humor is incredible! It really is all about the funny.

  177. M & H, I love it. Great post. Thanks again for the great read.

    Did anyone see Jon Stewart’s Daily Show Take on the We Can Change It messaging from the convention. It was spot on! Just what the Republicans do best. They don’t like the facts, so they change them to suite their needs.

  178. Hi ladies; here’s a bog I follow. They post every couple of weeks. This is one of the best ones. Laughing out loud funny. Ellie


  179. Cannot believe Romney didn’t mention the war, wounded soldiers or veterans. The tea party have taken away all respect the RP ever held. That convention was really bad, right from the beginning and Clint made it even more embarrassing. Thank you for the logic and the humor, you two “make my day”.

  180. Typical.

  181. Thank you! Plain and simply – thank you!

  182. But to be fair (and balanced)…

    …let get some input from Fox News:

    Paul Ryan’s Speech in Three Words

    Dazzling, Deceiving & Distracting

    “…to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to facts, Ryan’s speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech.”

    “The good news is that the Romney-Ryan campaign has likely created dozens of new jobs among the legions of additional fact checkers that media outlets are rushing to hire to sift through the mountain of cow dung that flowed from Ryan’s mouth.”

    And that’s the Truth! ;)

    PEACE ~ Δ

  183. You made my day! Thank you.

  184. Another great post M&H. Keep ‘em comin’.

    Margaret you are a hooot!


    Paul Ryan: Yes We Can Change It*.

    *note: ‘It’ = ‘Facts’

    PEACE ~ Δ

  185. Thanks ladies! Took the words right out of my mouth! Pie sounds wonderful to get that bitter taste out of our mouths. Can’t wait for next week and some fun sanity!

  186. Jo Ann, I’d like to know how we common folk can stop it. Oh, wait, we don’t have enough money to do that being as how we’re the 99%! – Terry

  187. Not professionally staffed. Too sporadic and off message. This reads like she worked a little each night of the convention so as to offer a summary at the end. But what the hell do I know? You’re reading it so she’s doing something right.

    Matthew, do you make any money off this here site?

  188. They like to point out Obama’s failings, but seem to have forgotten their own part in Stonewalling every thing he tried to do.
    I agree and enjoyed “annonymous” remarks. I also just heard Jon Huntsman state on Colbert that super pac’s are destroying Democracy and should be stopped……immediately afterwards came an email asking me to sign a petition (I did) to outlaw this sort of thing. What is going on and why are we common folk allowing it?

  189. Snap. Wow. Good comeback UAW. Right up there with “I know you are but what am I?”

  190. the real circus will be next week….
    and the one comment that made sense was Biden being the brains of the Democrat Party…..Biden…making even Sarah Palin look good….

  191. Oops! Somehow I messed up my identity. Didn’t mean to! I’ll try again.

  192. Dear M&H – Delightful post, as usual! Just love hearing what you have to say. And, bo, especially liked your summary, too.

    As I was watching Romney speak, half asleep though I was, I kept wondering, “Where are his hands?” He never gestured, or allowed his head and shoulders move independently (maybe he has a neck problem, among other things); I wondered if his hands were tied behind his back…

    And, now that I think about it, maybe they – figuratively, at least – really ARE. He is so beholden to so many big money donors, and seems to feel he must say whatever they demand he say. He seemed to be excruciatingly uncomfortable last night, having to stand up there in front of all “those people” and talk about “things”. I found it painful to watch.

    And all the “USA! USA! USA!” chanting made me squirm, too. Reminded me of a Hitler Youth rally, with funny hats… When you don’t have anything to say about how you’re actually going to make people’s any lives better (and, in fact, have plans that will make many of their lives much worse), you tell them how they’re already “exceptional”. As long as people are given some other group upon which they can look down (in this case, the entire rest of the world), they don’t have to face their own misery which, in this case, has been caused to a great extent by the policies of the very people who keep telling them how “exceptional” they are. All the while, what they’re really THINKING, and saying only to each other, is, “You people are a bunch of impotent losers and we don’t give a damn about anything you think or feel. We’ve got the money and the power, and we’re going to reshape this country so we can get more of both.” Pretty sad. And inhuman. And immoral.

    A very thoughtful GF of mine (wise enough to turn me on to this blog, I will add!) suggested an interesting hypothesis: That “the doughy white guys” are going hell bent for leather to win this election because they know full well that in another four years, given the changing demographics of this country, they won’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning anything… Unless they get in there NOW and change enough rules and regulations so that as many as possible of “those people” can be disenfranchised and rendered powerless. They’ve been hard at work on this for years, already – redistricting, passing new “voter ID” laws, voting in and appointing like-minded local officials and judges, doing everything they can to make sure as many women as possible are forced back into the “barefoot and pregnant” category, making sure that immigrants are “rooted out”, and on and on and on… Seems to me this is what’s going on. The Circus is – literally – just an opiate for the masses. I mean it.


  193. “He was watching Charlton Heston talk to a chair so I tuned out.”

    Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That made my day. Thanks, ladies.

  194. Loved this, but Margaret you really wrapped it up well talking about missing it because your hubby was watching Charlton Heston talking to a chair.

    As usual, all comic relief aside (and I love that) you ladies are spot on!

  195. Thank you Margaret and Helen………you made my day. That clown act last night was so desperate. Mittens just can’t relax and act like a normal person. I, too, am disappointed in Clint Eastwood for doing that awful thing he did last night. I am ashamed for him.

  196. “I love you women!” Truly, I do. You are such a powerful voice and I think the Obama campaign should hire you full-time!

  197. Ooops! I menat Charlton Heston!

  198. Like Ronald Reagan and Charles Heston before him, Clint Eastwood proved that being an old, white, gun nut male is a sure fire way to get Alzheimer’s disease. My how he embarrassed himself and those who share his views.

  199. I agree with tomgnh. Is there a Margaret and Helen.

  200. Thanks, Margaret and Helen. You ladies always make me laugh about things that otherwise depress me terribly. Love it!

  201. I was so sad to see Clint Eastwood reduced to a clown and a shill for the GOP. The President has so much more class than these people and he is not trying to make poor people even poorer – he definitely has my vote as well.

  202. I guess Clint isn’t on the “outs” with Republican leadership any more, for making that Indirectly Supportive of Obama commercial…

  203. Margaret and Helen: I love you!

  204. And I love your blogs! Sorry, forgot to lead off with that. Your blogs are funny but they also make me think. Keep blogging!

  205. What I enjoyed the most about the convention was the absence of facts and a whole lot of promises to kiss the boo-boo and make it better. If the Democrats stoop to the same junk at their convention, I will be very disappointed. Behind all the staging and appeal to emotions last night is a cold and calculating group of elite individuals who only care about their power and money – and how to keep it to themselves. A few months ago, my husband took a job as a financial planner for a company that markets itself as all warm and fuzzy. The first week of training he came home and just about cried when he shared the information from the training videos and how predatory this company really is and that he had to be a card-carrying Republican or get forced out of the company. Ayn Rand has nothing on this group of Republicans trying to get control of the presidency. And why do they want it? Because they believe they can buy it. “They” being the Tea Party – which is the public face of a group of sociopaths.

  206. Margaret, you’re a hoot!
    Helen, your overview of the convention was very helpful to me; I rarely watch tv. I’ve seen the video of Clint Eastwood, though, on the internet, and I was just wondering if they chose him to speak because they still haven’t been able to contact their other favorite senile actor, St. Ronnie. Thanks for watching it for those of us with low bs tolerance.

  207. Save some pie for me, girlfriends…….I’ll be right over. You continue to “tell it like it is”……….and I am so grateful. Clint now looks like one of the old guys in the balcony (Muppets )….and he made about as much sense.

  208. Very sad. For the first several minutes i thought Eastwood was having a dementia attack. Did not realize it was supposed to be a joke.
    On the whole, the GOP Convention was very depressing event laying out a dismal future.

  209. You are SO SO AWESOME.

  210. Early on I decided that the Republican Party should have a theme song: “Bring on the Clowns”. Whenever I had to watch any of their antics that song would be playing in the background of my mind. It also helped me endure whatever coverage of that circus that was playing on my tv or my public radio station. I could laugh instead of cry. I could not bring myself to watch or even tape last night’s final performance under the Big Tent in Tampa but I’ll enjoy seeing what Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have on their shows when they cover it. – Terry

  211. Thanks for putting Mitt under the microscope to make sure he doesn’t steal the election. Going to a bookstore now.

  212. Amen–I agree with everything you said!! Your blog is the only bright spot in a mud-flung campaign!

  213. Of the Minnesota delegates at the convention…….33 voted for Ron Paul and 7 for Romney. But, then you knew Ron Paul was an Independent.

  214. So what happened to Trump and his promise to have something spectacular at the convention? Was Clint Eastwood his surprise?

  215. I love the posts, but have to admit that, since a post and Margaret’s response has shown up so fast after the speech, I am now convinced that, if it wan’t once, it is now, as I previously suspected, a staffed professional site.

    Maybe the transition came after the hiatus, which led to a request for funds.

    But keep ‘em coming- well done.

  216. Oh Margaret, ZING! I think good, old Clint is losing it. Then again, I never really thought he had it to begin with.

  217. this post made me so happy – thanks!

  218. Another great post–thank you both

  219. You two women are so wonderful!!!! Thank You for starting this day with your take on Mittens the clown, the voices and invisible people of color.

  220. Fantastic and Hilarious!!!

  221. All Clint Eastwood accomplished was to diminish my respect for him. (Still, he was really cute in “Rawhide.”)

    None of those Republicans said anything I could agree with — not even “we are all Americans.” I cannot connect with the Romneys at all.

    Bev said it best: I’d like to find a cave to crawl into.

  222. 1. Empty-headed veep nominee lies through his teeth to whip up a lethargic crowd (just like a dim-witted former half-term governor of Alaska did four years ago).

    2. A formerly-esteemed actor/director lectures an empty chair (containing an invisible Obama).

    3. Then an empty suit (supposedly containing a GOP presidential candidate) lectures voters.

    4. Balloon-drop brings an anti-climatic but merciful end to three nights of lead balloons.

    5. After convention ends, republican ticket is “buoyed” by an invisible bounce in the polls.

    6. Clint Eastwood and RNC’s convention planners embark on their own “apology tour” of America to say their sorry for wasting three nights of everyone’s time.

    Ah, the law of unintended consequences — I love it!

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