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Posted by: Helen Philpot | February 6, 2012

Pink Razors


Margaret, do you remember how angry we were the day we finally realized that women’s legs are not harder to shave than men’s faces, but rather razors made for women can’t hold a candle to those made for men? And the women’s razors are more expensive to boot. I’d like to meet the asshats at Gillette and give them a piece of my mind. Did they really think we wouldn’t mind just because they made the razors pink?

And speaking of pink, this whole mess with Komen should be a wake-up call to women everywhere. Komen knew damn well that this had nothing to do with mammograms and everything to do with politics. They just thought we wouldn’t notice because the ribbons were pink. They knew what they were getting when they hired Karen Handel. She ran for office in Georgia with a campaign promise to close down Planned Parenthood. Exactly what women’s health clinics did they think we women were using for years before we started racing for a cure? Did they think that the millions of us who had gone to Planned Parenthood before we had health insurance (and even after) weren’t aware of the services we were provided? Trust me. When you go to a place and have a doctor poke around your hoo-ha, you pay attention.

Nancy Brinker, shame on you. You honestly thought your fellow women were so stupid that we would think your reason for defunding Planned Parenthood was somehow different than the never-ending cry for defunding that comes from the far right every election cycle? Well I am here to tell you that it is bad enough when it comes from the male-dominated, testosterone-filled legislatures. But when it comes from a supposedly apolitical women’s health organization, it’s unforgiveable. Your original intent when you started this organization was noble and I commend you. But honey, you have lost your way. So much so that you were willing to put tens of thousands of women in harm’s way because the Republican party wants to keep women barefoot and pregnant.

I, for one, am tired of pink razors. And I know I speak for millions of women when I say that from now on if you push us, we will push back. From this point forward, when someone says that you fight like a girl, they had better watch out. We girls know how to fight when our backs are against the wall. No longer is it acceptable that we are half the population but only 16% of the Senate, 16% of the House of Representatives and 16% of the Governors. Margaret, did you know that the proportion of women in America’s Congress is about half the average for national legislative bodies throughout the world? Well honey, you and I are not dead yet, and we sure as hell aren’t leaving this world anytime soon if the women’s movement to date has only gotten us this far.

In the past Margaret and I have stood up for Planned Parenthood. But that is no longer good enough. Today, tomorrow and every day that we have left on this planet, we won’t just stand up for them, we will stand up for women everywhere. We will vote for them. We will advocate for them. We will fight for them. And we will start right here. Right now. My grandson tells us that people from all over the nation and even from other countries read this web page blog of ours. Well, I can’t imagine why, but if you are going to read it, then you should use your head for something other than a hat rack and learn a thing or two about the real Planned Parenthood.

Yes. They provide abortion services. Deal with it because they also do so much more and we remember the world before them. It wasn’t pretty.

I called a Board Member for Planned Parenthood in my community and we had a good talk. I found out that even I didn’t know the whole story. And after you read this, I challenge you to do what she asked me to do: inform the uninformed and educate the misinformed.

Planned Parenthood provides healthcare – pap smears, breast and pelvic exams, colposcopies, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and birth control for both women and men – most without access to any other health care services. About 97% of their services are for this basic healthcare. If you want to talk about abortion services then you should at least know the truth. Providing that service for women who are faced with that daunting decision accounts for less than 3% of what Planned Parenthood does nationally. Less than three percent. They also provide prenatal care, vasectomies and adoption referrals. One Planned Parenthood clinic does more in a day to prevent abortions than the entire Pro-Life movement does in a year. We might not agree on abortion, but we should at least be able to agree that they should be safe, legal and rare.

If you want to talk about Planned Parenthood then talk about the thousands of uninsured women for whom the doctor or nurse at Planned Parenthood is the only health professional they will see this year. Tell them about the divorced 40-year-old woman who, for the first time, finds herself without health insurance and how she turned to Planned Parenthood to ensure that she is able to maintain her health and wellness. Planned Parenthood has never been just about sex and birth control. It has always been about ensuring women are healthy enough to care for the children they one day may bring into this world. And yes, it is also about making sure they are informed in their decisions not to bring children into this world.

Tell your Tea Party friends what good fiscal sense Planned Parenthood education and prevention programs make – that for every dollar spent providing family-planning services, $4 are saved in Medicaid costs. Remind them that more than one-third of the individuals who seek help from Planned Parenthood make less than $50 a week. That’s right – $50 a week.

If you are going to talk about Planned Parenthood, then at least have the courage to speak the truth. We knew the Komen decision was politically motivated because we know that far right politicians are the ones who continue to spread untruths and misinformation about Planned Parenthood.

Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich all stand ready to restrict a woman’s access to birth control and her right to make her own childbearing decisions. They will cater to the far right and happily deny essential health care to millions of women. The Republican field is united in its determination to overturn Roe v. Wade; to appoint Supreme Court justices supportive of that goal; and to end government funding of any kind to Planned Parenthood for family planning services, cancer screenings and other vital health services provided to low-income women. By the way, Planned Parenthood does not receive government funding for abortions. Although for the life of me, I can’t imagine why not.

Mr. Gingrich has called for punishing judges who make abortion rulings not to his liking. Mitt Romney supported the “personhood” initiative in Mississippi that would have given human fertilized eggs the legal rights and protections that apply to people, and outlawed abortion as well as some of the most widely used forms of contraception and in vitro fertilization. For goodness sakes Rick Santorum, the candidate who won the first primary this year, doesn’t even believe in birth control at all.

If you really, honestly want to reduce abortions in this country, the last thing you want to do is vote for a Republican. If you want to reduce abortions start in your own home by educating your children. Teach your sons to respect women and arm your daughters with information about birth control. If you are so outraged by abortions that your only criteria for a presidential candidate is that he be obsessed with my uterus, then arm your daughters with all the information she needs to protect herself from all those sons who were raised by politicians in Texas and Virginia. And if you really care, make a donation to Planned Parenthood or this other organization called Annie’s List. My grandson says that if you “click” on the underlined words in the previous sentence it will take you to a place you can make a donation on the internet. It couldn’t be any easier than that.

This November, I say we show them what it really means to Fight Like A Girl. Somebody call Gloria Steinem because we’ve got some more balls to bust. I mean it. Really.


Clicking on those words and you can make a donation? How fancy. I hope they know what to do with yours and my checks when they arrive in the regular old mail. Don’t forget. Stamps have gone up to 45 cents dear. Why isn’t anyone outraged about that? Howard keeps mumbling something about it being privatized.

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  1. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently! ddcabgkgbadb

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  3. […] Pink Razors: An 82-year-old’s thoughts in the Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood brouhaha of last week. […]

  4. Abortions and birth control DO NOT cause cancer. I cant believe that old wives tale is still out there. Do your homework!

  5. I agree with your position that we do need to become more vocal. While we thought the “great fight” for basic womens’ health care was over, the sneaky Republicans have been plotting and planning, planning our demise and taking away our hard won rights.I just have one question, left over from the 70′s, when FDS was invented. What genius marketer (Male?) decided that womens vaginas were so smelly we had to spray them with flowery, unhealthy perfume? I have never and will never spray or pay for an unnecessary product that assumes warm water and unscented soap are not sufficient for female cleanliness. Oh and why do we still call it “men-opause?” I know menses is probably latin but I prefer femopause since I’m the one who’s still waiting for the night sweats to stop — and I’m 57! Ain’t it a bitch?

  6. MArgaret and Helen you even have readers in Australia. And even though we have universal health care I understand the issues of access that PP helps address. I love reading your blog . You are both inspirational. Thanks for having the courage of your convictions to blog.

  7. I haven’t read all the comments yet, but so glad to hear others voice my opinions. I, too, although a retired oncology nurse, am a little tired of pink, pink, pink. I keep reminding people that heart disease is still the number one killer of women. It seems politicians should concentrate on the real problems in our country, rather than trying to control women’s lives. I can remember what it was like, as a student nurse, to see the aftermath of abortions performed by crude methods.

  8. I stopped contributing to Komen after reading an article in Mother Jones Magazine. The foundation had more dark sides that most of us are unaware of. Komen has “repeatedly dismissed possible links between breast cancer and the common chemical bisphenol A (BPA) even as it accepts millions of dollars in donations from companies that use the compound in their products”. An update on the article appears in the magazine issue Jan/Feb 2012. I went on line to check this BPA – truly scary effects. The Komen executives are adamant their sponsors have no effect on their policy decisions. I now believe they r full of bs and r lining their Pockets on the work of those preceding them in the organization.
    Thanks again to you two beautiful ladies who make us sit up and pay attention!!

  9. [...] clear, simple instructions on how to tie a Celtic heart knot. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Pink Razors: An 82-year-old’s thoughts in the Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood brouhaha of last week. [...]

  10. Kathie: That theory has been completely discredited. I think it would be a good idea to check into its viability before continuing to disseminate it.

  11. Medical research does not support that at all. There is no link between cancer and the pill or abortion. None.

  12. Did anyone ever consider the fact that the pill and abortions are a direct cause of increased breast cancer risk? Is there any room in this viral discussion about the possibility that there might be a conflict of interest here.

  13. I loved this article. I wholeheartedly agree with these lovely ladies. As the Japanese said after they bombed Pearl Harbor ” I think we have woken up a sleeping giant” …. Be aware Politicians…. You have woken us up!

  14. Love you, Helen and Margaret!

    We over at the MOMocrats.com started a petition to get Karen Handel fired (check!) and now urge the Komen Foundation’s Science Advisory Board to reaffirm funding support for stem cell research (another area where Komen has caved to the religious right).

    We think science and women’s health should come before politics, don’t you? And we think the esteemed MD/PhDs on Komen Science Advisory Board should say so too — publicly and with their research dollars.


    Thanks for keeping it real.

  15. Haven’t read the comments yet, BUT… You’d think the things you ladies say wouldn’t have to be said. Duh, in fact. But there you have it, so thank you for saying it, and thank you for repeating it, and maybe if we all got together and said these things with the “human megaphone” thingy the Occupy people use, we could finally make enough noise that those in power would just HAVE to listen.

    I’m getting a tee shirt made that says “I FIGHT LIKE A GIRL” “throw like one, too, but I’m practicing”

  16. You are my heroines! Fight on and vote for common sense.

  17. May I link to this post? You said it so much better than I can.

  18. Linked to Facebook. Best, most heartfelt rant about the Komen debacle. Best-written one, as well. Thanks.

  19. Just a huge thank you! Awesome post! Post of the year.

    Fight like a girl. I love it!

  20. [...] proprietors of the Margaret and Helen blog. When you get a few minutes, take a peek at Helen’s epic rant, which is as scorching in its condemnation of the politicization of funding for breast cancer [...]

  21. people like noah give me a stomach ache. just shut up already. no one believes your lies and your anger and hate don’t win you any friends or influence rational people. you aren’t going to change anyone’s mind any more than we will get you to accept there is another side besides yours….. all the posts in the world will only serve to make us like you even less. you have no supporters here… go post to some right-wing nut job blog where you will be appreciated….

  22. Cynthia
    You can watch the video, you chose not to. Youtube works for anyone with a computer made past 1995. The truth is you watched them, found them to be credible, so made up this lame excuse.

    ” I ” am not crying anything. It is always your kinds way to discredit the person to discredit the argument. Google is your friend Cynthia. It is being investigated. That was what this entire post has been about. It was why the Komen foundation discontinued their funding. Every assertion I have made I sourced and linked to back it up. Sorry you missed the headlines. Maybe understand your topic better before you comment next time.

  23. Don’t feed the troll…donate in his name!

  24. Great post! You two should be on tv!

  25. Noah
    I am not able to view your video….. But IFit is a fact, is it Planned Parenthood the Orgnization or someone working for PP that is exploiting children? IF it is true, why has it not been investigated? IF it is true why have you not gone to the police with this information? IF it is true, you will not stop this “exploitation” by bring it up on this blog.

    You have cried “Wolf” too often and this is the reason no one is listening or responding. There seems to be an epidemic of “blind hate” here and in this country.


  26. Helen and Margaret–thanks for the new post. So glad that you are standing up for Planned Parenthood.

    The Komen dust up really was a blessing, because it brought to light the outlandish salaries and administrative expenses of the organization. Certainly, the organization started from an admirable wish to find a cure. And it undeniably did raise awareness and do many fine things. Unfortunately, management made some counterproductive choices.

    Thank you, Matthew, for making clear that certain behavior won’t be tolerated.

  27. I cannot help Jo’s ignorance or Puppet’s blind hate. Both are Liberal qualities at best, genetic traits at worst. You use me as a scapegoat Puppet because you are not able to debunk anything I have shown. Don’t be mad at me that your hard earned retirement dollars have gone to support these heinous crimes. What I do know is with this much video evidence that children are being exploited, I don’t know that I could sleep at night giving money to PP until these videos were explained, but that’s me., I’ve noted everyone that asked for evidence has retreated into the ether.

    On a side note, I love the pink razor. On the occasion that I have to dry shave,, ladies razor blades are set further apart and I can save without fear of carving myself up like a thanksgiving turkey.

  28. hehehe, great idea about pink razor
    maybe this day close to valentines day
    good article

  29. I will be making a donation to Planned Parenthood this Saturday as well. This one will be a tribute to the troll. It is so nice of him to encourage us in this manner.

  30. I agree Joe, I too will give more just because of the troll. He is irritating, but even worse so pathetic, my mind just runs to all the different scenarios which would explain how it is he has so much time to be here and why he bothers when the isn’t a chance in hell he will change anyone opinion. Everything I come up with is sick, real sick!

  31. Republicans: Your Problem is Mitt! ( 20% of Republicans are leaning towards President Obama – recent polling.) The Republicans are looking at a BIG loss in November because of the idiots they have running.


  32. Sheepol. Only thing than can explain it. How exactly is it trolling when I am presenting truths you cannot dispute? By the by Jo, not that you have ever donated a dime, but please feel free to pretend to donate all you like, I am not against the idea of PP, just the underage child prostitution they support.

  33. Count me in for a donation too. For all trolls on this blog. Helen you are Queen!

  34. I am making a new donation to Planned Parenthood on Saturday because of the troll.

  35. Fight Like A Girl! That is brilliant, Helen.

  36. Great post! I will make a donation to planned parenthood. Keep up the good work, Ladies!

  37. So we have established that Planned Parenthood s involved in supporting human trafficking of under age minors by the video evidence(no one could dispute any part of it), why is there such a strong push to support them?

    It has already been shown also that they are at best a duplicate service as state services do everything PP does and more, which has lead states to stop medicaid payments for PP.

    Setting that aside, I am rather amazed that you people cannot set aside your political differences. To let politics get in the way of the good the Komen foundation does to me is just wrong. Would you all rather they close up shop and stop offering their services all together?

  38. Helen – two posts in such a short time! wonderful! My afternoon has been busy – reading the past two posts. To have these two organizations so well defined was excellent.! I have always had a funny feeling about the Race for the Cure.I am not physically or financially able toooparo tiicipate but positive thoughts are always with you. And I Vote!
    Juneau Joe glad to see youand love your posts!

  39. Helen, I want YOU to run for office, too !

  40. Margaret, I wish YOU would run for office – we could use many more like you !

  41. Helen I’ve been reading your blog for three years and never felt as close to you as I do now. I too used those horrible pink razors for years and then one day I was out of them and used one of my husbands. I remember being totally dumbstruck! What was this I thought, it glides over my skin so smoothly, no nicks, no pain! I felt so enlightened and betrayed at the same time. Haven’t bought the pink ones since. Love your blog and always get a lift when I see a new post.

  42. From one Helen to another, thank you for this post. I too will continue to fight like a girl. They better watch out!

  43. Money, it’s all about the money. If we as women and as americans could just get down with the fact that it’s all based on money, we could take the power back. Komen didn’t cave because people bitched, Komen caved because people took the money away and gave it to PP. Learn a lesson from this one people and put your money where your mouths are in EVERYTHING.

  44. Directed to Anonymous on February 8, 2012
    at 11:03 PM, well it certainly is Biblical, therefore can any of us fault a law against wasting sperm. Girls also fight with their brains!

  45. I couldn’t have written this any better. Margaret, you’re my she-ro!

  46. Clicked and donated.

    Fight Like A Girl!

  47. Maybe Komen’s defunding of PP was a little more personal than it appeared at first glance. PP’s president is the daughter of the late, great Ann Richards, one of those fine, strong Texas women in the vein of Molly Ivins and Helen – and unlike Brinker, no fans of Bush.

  48. Thank you! xxx

  49. Rather liked this.

  50. Interesting excerpt from an article I read today:

    “In this post-Citizens United era, every presidential candidate needs the backing of a super PAC, one of those independent political action committees that can accept unlimited contributions from corporations, unions, other groups and individuals. That even applies to President Barack Obama, who on Tuesday reversed himself and asked his financial backers to donate money to super PACs supporting his reelection campaign. Previously, the president had called unlimited spending by super PACs “a threat to our democracy.” Now, says the president, to campaign without one would be to unilaterally disarm. “

  51. Once again, Margaret & Helen call out the bullshit. I’ve always felt that Komen profited off of “survivor’s guilt” – our family has a history of breast cancer and we’ve always donated to cancer research. But never to Komen. They’re a brand, not a scientific/medical group dedicated to finding a cure. If a cure for cancer was found, Komen would lose money.

  52. Thank you Margaret for digging into this topic and uncovering the truth about Planned Parenthood. This information is not only for the PP naysayers, but also the people, like me, who supported PP, but weren’t armed in the past to eloquently explain why. Whoever reads this, please absorb the message and help teach others…

  53. The old Susan G Komen pink ribbon and the NEW SUSAN G KOMEN, Pro-Life ribbon are now ready for viewing.


  54. I found a few more Cynthia……

    Because not everyone can be on welfare

    You Are Not
    to what I earn

    Keep your Kool-aid
    I Drink TEA

    Silly Liberal
    CHECKS are for WORKERS

  55. hey Cynthia…..
    bumper stickers (without the graphics)

    The American Dream Is Not A Handout

    I’ll Keep My Freedom,Guns, and Money
    You Keep the Change

    Contrary to Belief
    Nobody Owes You Anything

    Grasias for the Free Healthcare, Senor!


    Republicans: We Work Hard
    So You Don’t Have To




  56. Fantastic post!!

    In the past I have supported Komen as my mother is a survivor of breast cancer. I thought I was involved in supporting an honorable foundation in a worthy cause. The cause is still worthy, but I will never, ever again in my lifetime spend one dime of support to Komen.

    For years, I’ve known of the great health care and services provided by PP and their common sense approach and support for those who need it most whether it be pregnancy care or general women’s everyday healthcare of Paps, mammograms, etc. From now on, whatever I might have spent going towards Komen is now going to PP.

    Women must have the right to choose how, if, or when they will handle a pregnancy. Education is an absolute must … and birth control is essential.

    I am stunned at the idiocy and stupidity of these political SOBs spreading lies and BS in thinking they have a right to tell me — or any woman in this country what we can or cannot do regarding reproductive rights and decisions. I believe strongly that it is up to every woman to discuss issues with her health care providers and it is a PRIVATE medical decision and no one else’s opinion needs to be interjected into that situation.

    For 30 plus years, I have typed medical reports for hospitals and doctors. I know what goes on out there and I’ve seen more young women not knowing or having a clue what or how their bodies function or how to prevent pregnancy and I’ve heard far too much over the years.

    I’m so ever thankful for my mother who sat me down at a young age, with a good set of books that explained and illustrated all of this to me in terms that a young teen could understand so that I had a full idea of what was going to happen in my life, and to my body. As I entered a small rural high school, I also saw half a dozen girls in the sophomore class all pregnant. Back in those days, once you had your baby, you were no longer in school at all. No more classes with friends, no more chance to go to the prom, no more cheerleading or fun in school … they had to grow up really fast and become mothers too early. That lesson sunk in real fast with me … that wasn’t a path I wanted to be on. I wanted to be in control of my life and what happened to me — I wanted choice!

    So from now on, I’m supporting PP and adamantly voting Democrat strongly. We need to protect women’s rights in this country and all stand together!!

    Thanks Helen and Margaret for saying it so well!!!

  57. Helen, you are awesome. Have you considered running for office? I mean it, really.

  58. JuanitaJean has her hand on the semen? (That does not sound quite right.)


    Senate Bill 1433 sought to define human life as beginning at the moment of conception, saying, “the unborn child at every stage of development (has) all the rights, privileges, and immunities available to other persons, citizens, and residents of this state.”

    And in Oklahoma, where men are men and sheep are scared, Ms. Johnson added this amendment —

  59. I love every word you have spoken and am just as outraged as you are! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will now be following you!
    Mz Jai

  60. A bit of humor!
    Bumper Stickers (without the graphics.)

    Republicans 2012
    Keeping Millions Out of Work
    to Put One Man Out of a Job.

    Tea Parties
    are for little girls
    with imaginary friends.

    You want to take the country back.
    We want to take it forward!

    Don’t Want Government?
    Move to Somalia.

    I’ll hug your elephant
    If you’ll kiss my ass!

    Teabaggers gave
    America a Boehner!

    Proud to Be Everything
    The Right Wing Hates

    Tea Party?
    White Whine is More Like It.

    8 years of insanity
    and NOW you’re mad!

    Save America!
    Spay or Neuter Your Republican

    If Liberals Hated America
    We’d Vote Republican!

    democrats are sexy.
    who ever heard of
    a nice piece of elephant?

    Am I Liberal
    or Just Well-Educated?

    Tea is the New Cool-Aid

    When Did Jesus Become
    Pro-Rich, Pro-War
    and Only Pro-American?


  61. Goodness you two are inspiring! Helen, thank you for reminding me of everything Planned Parenthood does to assist people in staying healthy and well.

    You are a terrific writer – it’s like I’m getting to eavesdrop on your conversation. Thanks for sharing with the world wide web.

    I’ve tuned out this election process, but finding you ladies just made it more interesting :o)

  62. Pink Stinks

  63. Great post, Helen! Like another old Texan, Molly Ivans, you call ‘em like you see ‘em! Sure do miss that lady’s column, especially when your guv was running his mouth.

    I highly recommend this article to sort the wheat from the chaff:

    “Busting through the media firestorm: 6 Essential facts about the Komen controversy” by Susan Selzer, Assoc. Editor
    AlterNet.org [ http://bit.ly/xS1M4H ]

    “The media saw this grassroots outrage growing on one hand — and then got crickets, or contradictory information from within Komen. And thus, a narrative was born.” ~ Sarah Seltzer

    Sarah Selzer is a freelance writer who is published at the Nation, the Christian Science Monitor, Jezebel and Washington Post. (sarahselzer.com)

    Hugs to everyone who’s cheering in the grass along with me! ~ Moms

  64. I love this blog — you are an inspiration.

  65. No, UAW, I am not getting them mixed up. Nancy Pelosi isn’t perfect by any means and has made some major gaffes. But she is lightyears beyond Palin in the qualities I mentioned above. You are entitled to hold a different opnion.

  66. Boom, there it is! :-)

  67. Margaret, I see that you live in Maine. Where about?
    Would love to have you over for Lunch one day.

  68. Helen Philpot can write! When can we expect the book?
    You’ve got a gift, Lady!

    Your newest fan!

  69. Just found your great blog today. Wonderful and very funny, while making a point. I’ll be back. Thanks for writing.

  70. OMG…you two are amazing! Thank you for this article. I will donate to Planned Parenthood now AND I plan to start shopping at J.C. Penny’s too.
    Let’s show all of these whackjobs that there are people in this country who can make a difference. FIGHT LIKE A GIRL? Hell yes!

  71. Great Post! It was sent to me by my friend of 40 years!
    I guess I’m Margaret to her Helen.

    You two rock!

  72. Evelyn…..
    I think your getting to 2 mixed up……

  73. and I can’t spell either…..”SAVE”….

  74. And Palin was not bashed because she’s a woman, but because she is woefully uninformed, lacking in any intellectual curiosity, dishonest, and panders to the absolutel worst in people.

  75. ???????That was me…..

  76. I just thought I’d say that my bowling teammates and I are still wearing (every week and tournaments) our pink “SAFE THE BOOBIES” T shirts with ribbon……..don’t think the donation went to Komen though….

  77. Thank you ladies. Just thank you.

  78. Point taken, voiceofreason, but when most of us sent money to SGK for the Cure or walked and solicited donations, we thought we were supporting breast cancer awareness and efforts to find a cure. We later found out a small percentage of the money raised went for those causes. Why would the Komen foundation spend over a million dollars lobbying against the Affordable Care Act? Why would the executives get paid exorbitant salaries? Why would the foundation defund PP and Johns Hopkins stem cell research programs – both of which directly impacted breast cancer care and cure?

  79. I’m sorry Barbara Salem but Pelosi wasn’t bashed because she’s a woman…she was bashed because she’s stupid……(HINT)”We need to vote on this so we can find out whats in it.”
    what if she said and did that and found out it outlawed abortions….Would you then say “poor Nancy”

  80. I am always amazed at how quick we are to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We are talking about two organizations, both trying to support and help women in difficult situations. As with any big organization, there will be individuals within them that make choices that are contrary to the mission of the organization. When those mistakes are brought to light, they are corrected, people fired, policies changed, etc. Both have problems, but both are doing tremendous amounts of good. I hope all you good people are more forgiving in your own life with your family and friends. I for one don’t want to be judged exclusively on one mistake that I might have made, especially after it has been corrected and is no longer being made.

    If you look at the top of most non-profit organizations, I think you will find people taking a salary that is more than those working in it make (just the same as you will find in any private business, or government positions – this isn’t really a new fact) And another fact is, the larger the organization, the more waste and inefficient it will be.

    The REAL issue is there are too many people making stupid decisions out there (people raping, participating in prostitution-both genders, not having safe sex-and some multiple times, not parenting their own children, society treating others wrongly, etc.) And you can’t legislate stupidity. All we can do is try to educate people so they can make better decisions that will positively impact their lives and society. Both of these organizations discussed are trying to do that.

    If we could all look at social issues from BOTH sides, and walk a mile in each others shoes so to speak, we might be closer to finding a solution to problems that we have. Open minds, cooperation, and compromise are the only way to find a solutions to any of these issues. The truth and solution are somewhere in the middle. Sometimes it seems like everyone is yelling so loud for their position to be heard, that we can’t tell the person you are fighting against wants the same thing. They might just go about getting there a different way.

  81. M&H, I have printed out this comment you wrote and sent it to the President . I think it needs to be read by more people.

  82. YEs!!! Thank you Ladies!!!
    Donating to Planned Parenthood…..and now will shop at J.C. Penny’s thanks to Ellen!!!!

    FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Please sign and forward to every woman and the “men who love women” you know. We must get our act together and start fighting this right wing, religous BS.

    Thank you Stephanie, Carol and Cynthia!!


  84. I tracked down the Rosie tweet.

    Jane Devon, Author of Elephant Girl: A Human Story, tweeted this:
    Best article on PP/Komen yet comes from Margaret & Helen, my favorite seniors: http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/pink-razors/

    And Rosie O’Donnell retweeted it!

    I don’t do twitter so if there’s a better way to share it go right ahead. :)

  85. I’m in! call every woman who has worked her ass off in field,home or company and received LESS….LESS money,LESS help,LESS credit and every other injustice.

  86. Thank you for this wonderful blog post. <3

  87. As a young woman I am so encouraged by this post to stand up and make my voice heard. Thank you for this.

  88. Ladies, if you think we can ban together than we should STOP media bias of conservatives as well as liberal woman. Unless you haven’t noticed, every woman running for office has been bashed to the ends of the earth. Pelosi cuz she’s liberal, Palin cuz she’s conservative. ALL have had their worst portraits on the cover of Magazines. We are our own worse enemies. We can’t unite until we stop squabbling over tiresome topics. Our middle class is getting squeezed and our debt higher. What will it take to gather together? Our children will suffer by our lack of action.

  89. The discussions continues:


  90. Love the blog. Great information and FUNNY writing.
    Go Margaret & Helen!

  91. i don’t care if you two are real or not. i. just. love. you.

  92. Hi Ladies! Sent here by Rosie. WOW!
    You two are incredible! :-)

  93. Congratulations on yet another wonderful post.
    I am proud to be a fan.

  94. WooHoo!!!! You ROCK!!!!

  95. Just sent this link by my sister. Will pass it along to others.
    Great writing. In reading a few of your past posts, I must say you two are very funny as well. Keep up the good work.

  96. Great Post Ladies! This is just wonderful and I hope MANY more people read it. FIGHT LIKE GIRLS!!!!

  97. Sorry Stephanie I did not mean to ignore part of your post. The proof on the mandate of the 2013 change


  98. Oh I’m smiling!!! 2 posts in the few days I’ve been gone. I’m reposting because while this is not a funny subject, M&H are. And I am donating. Count me in as one of those who has been helped in areas of contraception and general health care when I was younger.

  99. Hey ladies. Did you know you got a retweet from Rosie?

  100. And last, I think all this hype about what a necessary service is intelligently brought into question by these two videos.

    This video clearly shows 800 other options women have just in the one state shown.

  101. [...] want to get involved in this discussion until I had something I wanted to share. And then I read this by Margaret and Helen, a phenomenal blog run by two 82 year old women that have been friends since [...]

  102. Couple more and I will have covered the so called disputed facts in the argument I presented.
    Stephanie I think this is the person you were attempting to discredit

    Do you have any evidence that her claims are a lie? If not should they not be taken seriously and investigated to see if there is any truth? They receive significant tax payer dollars, this makes them accountable in my opinion.

  103. Lets clear out the general dishonesty because no one said all PP does is abortions. I am disappointed people are taking the easy and dishonest way out in this discussion.

    Stephanie, Elsie, Carol
    Could you show me where these videos are doctored or edited for content. Just show me the time index and I will be happy to consider your evidence. Here are 10 videos and a map of PP violations across the U.S.


    I was questioned as to what evidence I had to back up my claims, you have my evidence. If you are just stating an opinion that it is all doctored, great. It does not however dismiss my argument. Let us see your proof.

    I also noted all of you listed above and Pfesser on many occasions, refuse to tackle the heart of the situation which I have presented many times. When should an unborn child have rights. The ONLY argument is that we will not be happy until they are all banned. While that is true for some, it is not so for all.

    I am pro-life at home. Outside of my home is a different matter. Many of us crazy religious types you all try and vilify also agree what is right in our own homes is not necessary right for the country as a whole. For the nation I advocate choice until the 3rd month. Testing is such that “most” can determine if they are pregnant by this time. We do not legislate for the worst case scenarios that you can dream up to debunk my argument, so if that is your lone argument don’t bother.

    Also your information on the lady pulling together this information is inaccurate Stephanie. Here is her bio.


  104. I will gladly make another donation to PP in the name of Noah/Anon.
    Better to fight with cash donations than with words of hate. :-)

  105. I want to be like Helen and Margaret when I grow up and I am 51 now….you ladies are the bomb.

  106. Thank you. I am so very happy to know that there are true ladies, kickin’ it in their 80s, watching out for ALL women. Rock on, sisters.

  107. Perhaps you have received a similar email:

    One Million Strong for Women

    Time and again, our opponents have come after women — women’s rights, women’s health, women’s economic security.

    They tried to defund Planned Parenthood through the budget process. They tried to restrict women’s health care through Medicare and Medicaid. This time, they tried to get Komen to cut off support for Planned Parenthood.

    Enough is enough. We may have won this latest round, but our opponents aren’t going away. They’re launching endless attacks against women every single day, and we need to rise to the challenge.

    We’ve got to build a grassroots force that’s ready to take them on whenever and wherever they attack women’s rights and women’s health.

    And we’ll do it by coming together. Join us.

    One million strong for women — add your name, your voice, and your support now.

    Kirsten Gillibrand, Barbara Boxer, Ben Cardin, Frank Lautenberg, Bob Menendez, Patty Murray, Chuck Schumer and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee



  108. P.S. if you believe that all PP does are abortions and they traffic children – then please take a look at the personal testimonies of women at:


    Last I looked yesterday, there was almost 30 pages of testimonies from women who have had life saving experiences with PP. Please consider their stories. Please listen and stop spreading the lies you have been told.

  109. @ Anonymous at 4.12pm – thank you but I can’t take credit for wisdom that’s come from years of following a good and gracious God =D He is faithful to give wisdom to those who ask Him.

    Here’s the thing everyone – not all Pro Life people are stupid. Most are just as intelligent and passionate as Pro Choicers. In fact – I despise these 2 labels and I should stop using them. Pro Life….silly label because who is Pro Death, exactly? NO ONE. Pro Choice….silly label because OF COURSE we want the choice and the options but some options are almost impossible to consider.

    So let’s just dispense with the labels and get to the point – Planned Parenthood has been the subject of endless smears and lies. So much propaganda has spewed forth about this organisation, it’s ridiculous. I can promise you that most people who are against PP have some or all of their facts distorted. Misinformation is rampant. So thank you to those who have posted TRUTH here on this blog. Please continue to do so – we have to fight the lies.

    Lies are despicable – if you read here and have seen people repudiating the lies you have bought into, please reconsider. If you don’t want to send donations to PP because less than 3% of the services they provide is abortion then by all means, do not donate to them. But stop trying to defund PP because you are taking away health care for poor women who have little to no other alternatives. And you’re doing this based on shoddy misinformation aimed at tugging at your heartstrings and goading you to make an emotional misinformed decision.

  110. Has anyone mentioned the 6 figure salary that Brinkman gets for administrating this “Non-Profit” organization?

  111. Years ago I read an article written by the Star Ledger-NJ paper investigating fund raising companies. (I have since forgotten names and exact figures). I did reconized many of the charities. For those charities that 1-2 million was raised the most the charity received was between $32,000 – $38,000. Others raised between 5 – 11 million but the most one charity received was $250,000 the others received less. A number of charities used the same company so the “intrastructure” was in place. If it cost 1-2 million to raise $32,000-$38,000 something is seriously wrong with the way it is being done. After that I thought twice about where I donated money. How many of us donate our hard earned money thinking we are helping when we are just making a few people very rich?


  112. ditto Margaret.

    Can some one please tell me where to get the non pink version of Yoplait yogurt. Pink sucks.

  113. This is the best blog ever. You ladies are sensational!

  114. Sadly it seems as if the Democrats are as bad as the republicans when it comes to women’s health: Mr. Obama is about to through us under the bus again:

    “WASHINGTON — Facing vocal opposition from religious leaders and an escalating political fight, the White House sought on Tuesday to ease mounting objections to a new administration rule that would require health insurance plans — including those offered by Catholic universities and charities — to offer birth control to women.”

    We need a female POTUS – should have happened in 2008.

  115. Love Margaret and Helen. They tell it like it is. Right-on sisters!

  116. I am glad the moderator(s) decided to take a more active approach. As I have stated in multiple prior posts, effective moderation is key to a successful blog. The link wars and broken records over abortion take all the fun out of being here and cause the more timid (or disgusted) to simply find other places to spend their time.

    Let’s see how it goes. Perhaps we can even bring some order to the Anonymous Hydra.

  117. Yes! This is amazing and so full of truth. I want to print it out and paper my town with it.

    Planned Parenthood is so much more than an Abortionplex. Before I grew up and had health insurance (and even after) I went for basic women’s health. They were always kind and supportive.

    I don’t understand Republicans at all. They don’t want anyone to have access to safe abortions, especially the poor, but then they want to cut funding for social services. They have no intention of caring for all these unwanted children who would be born. It’s almost feels punitive. It’s disgusting.

    My husband teases me about voting down party lines for Dems, but I tell him over and over again, I will never vote for anyone who thinks they can tell me what to do with my body.

  118. Helen and Matt – Thank You for the clean up on Aisle 7! Hopefully people will return to the porch and enjoy the conversation and a piece of pie again!


  119. AMEN! preach it sister!
    never again will anything related to sgk be allowed into my home. (i’ve already thrown away everything i already had, t-shirts were shredded and coffee mugs were broken)
    never again will sgk see our yearly donation. (my husband and i used to donate a portion of our income tax return to them every year)
    my yearly donation to planned parenthood has been doubled. (what used to go to sgk will now go to planned parenthood instead.)

  120. Thank you Helen! I wish you were my neighbor.

    Planned Parenthood saved me in the 1970s when I was a girl kicked to the street by my parents (devout fundamentalist Christians) at 17, and entirely ignorant about sex. My first boyfriend took me to a Planned Parenthood because I was clueless about anything and everything to do with reproduction, birth control, and my own healthcare in general.

    It was at Planned Parenthood I was taught about reproduction, birth control choices, and healthcare. Planned Parenthood provided me yearly exams and birth control at very low cost to free, depending on how much money I had when I went there. Anything I needed in between, I went to Planned Parenthood. Thanks to Planned Parenthood I didn’t become pregnant until I was 25, instead of at 17 or 18. Given how easily I get pregnant, it would have been 17 if it were not for Planned Parenthood.

    And for the idjits claiming Planned Parenthood is a baby killing endeavor, when I did become pregnant with my first child, I went to see a Planned Parenthood doctor and counselor and I was not talked into an abortion. Not even close. I received supportive, concerned, respectful care. I made my own choice and went through with the pregnancy and married. 31 years later, my husband and I are very proud of the beautiful, charming, intelligent, thoughtful, good citizen daughter we raised. We resent efforts to control her life through control of her womb.

    Planned Parenthood will Always have my support, and my gratitude. And people, it needs our support more than ever because the greed that has overtaken our nation has also choked off much of the low-income to free help young people used to be able to get. Most have no health insurance, and they are working long hours for low pay. The young adults coming up behind us and behind our adult children need help just as many of us needed it, but they are facing a more cruel environment that cares too little about them. Help Planned Parenthood help them.

  121. Thank you for doing this.

  122. Thank you for this post, for your well-articulated outrage and for the links you provide in order to take action. I will donate to PP and I’ve posted your blog on FB. I’ve learned a hell of a lot about Komen this past week, and won’t be picking up anything pink from now on. Instead, we should march for PP and donate.

    It’s been great to read the post and all the comments. Good to know that there are so many people angry and active on this issue. It’s the only way we’re going to keep our rights as the country moves further and further to the right.

  123. ^ to *play* nice, not place :oops:

  124. Well good. Noah is back as himself and wants to place nice. Good for him. Now we can choose to read him or scroll on by. Thanks to our gracious hosts, all flavors of humans are welcome on the porch. Rejoice! Let there be peace and progress.

  125. Can I be like you girls when I grow up?? I’m a mere babe in the woods – at 61. But I am now aspiring to be like you! Stay strong!!

  126. Eddie,

    He’s being nice. You try to as well. OK?

  127. Killer blog! I’m so happy to have learned about you and am linking on Facebook.

  128. Noah,

    I am not sure if you know it, but much of your information (i won’t use the word facts as it would not be accurate) comes from a disgruntled Planned Parenthood Employee who “found Jesus” after two abortions and the tried to make some money writing a book for her newly found friends at a Pro-Life organization.

    You might be interested to know that there are many spiritual leaders from many of the world’s largest religiions (and some of the smaller one too!) that write passionately about the moral justification for legalized abortion. Check out a progam called Sacred Choices.

    Also, you should know that America’s issue with abortion and women’s right to control her pregnancies is something we share with what most people call the world’s under developed countries. Most developed countries put this issue to bed years ago realizing it was a private, medical decision and not a political one.

    For this to be a religious issue for someone would also mean it is a personal issue. Your religious views are not necessarily my religious views. My church supports a woman’s right to choose. Does yours? Which religion should our government follow? yours or mine?

  129. Look everyone… Noah aka Anonymous aka about a dozen other names is back. The party is officially over. Now we get to have every comment commented on regardless of his qualifications for having the opinion on our comment. Matt? Really? Your Grandmother is one hell of a tolerant lady. Makes me love her even more.

  130. Thanks for the post Noah.

    Where to begin.

    Well, let me leave the pictures for last.

    I am a doctor and a Planned Parenthood Board Member.

    PP has no quotas and no mandates. Many, many, many PP clinics do not provide abortions services. PP’s stance on abortion is about access. If women in a community have options – access to doctors, hospitals or other clinics for an abortion – then PP believes that access is not an issue. If within a community, the local PP clinic feels that even with options, some women don’t have access due to cost or other restrictions, then they strive to provide access. You do not have to provide abortions to be a PP clinic. And that isn’t changing in 2013. And PP has no quotas on the numbers of abortions or even on the number of patients they see. In fact, as a PP Board Member, the only quota I am aware that we have to meet is the number of minority members on our Board.

    Because of the split between federal and state law, legal access to abortion continues to vary somewhat by state. Geographic availability, however, varies dramatically, with 87 percent of U.S. counties having no abortion provider.

    I have seen plenty of examples of your videos from Live Action and other such groups. At best they are edited and doctored. At worst they depict a Planned Parenthood employee behaving in a way not acceptable to PP. Just like any employer, when poor employee judgment or actions are brought to our attention we take action. Sometimes we provide them with additional education and sometimes we fire them. But I ask you this? Considering how much scrutiny and attention and money and power and political will gets thrown at PP every day, don’t you think just maybe we’d be out of business or in jail by now? After 8 years of George Bush as President, I can promise you that if PP was as terrible as you suggest, there would have been swift and effective action to close them down. The problem with the Right to Life movement is that they have to use lies and misinformation to get what the want. Why do you think that is?

    Which brings us to the pictures:

    Pictures can be deceiving. As a doctor, I can assure you the pictures you want everyone to see are medically, factually and artistically not accurate. Check a medical journal or see a medical professional if you don’t believe me.

    I could, on the other hand, show you picutes of severly compromised fetuses that, if they had been brought into this world would not have survives or would have lived a tortured life. I can also show you lots of pictures of starving and diseased children brought into this world to live in a life of poverty and/or neglect.

    I won’t change your mind. You won’t change mine. I am not a doctor who provides this service. It is outside my specialty. However, I will tell you what I tell all of my patients who ask me for advice. “Talk to your doctor. Talk to your family. Talk to your Pastor. Talk to God. Above all talk to your heart. You will know if now is the time for you to bring a child into this world. Life will always find a way if that is God’s desire. You nor I are powerful enough to stop God’s will. His will might be that now is not the time for you to bring forth life. Ask him.”

  131. Noah:

    “video evidence”?

    “assistance that allows many illegal activities like underage prostitution and other forms of human trafficking”?

    “Abortion quotas”?

    Read my lips: B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T, BULLSHIT, and, oh yes: Bullshit.

    Oh, BTW, Toots, if you don’t agree with abortions, especially to save the mother’s life, then don’t have one.

    (I’m sorry, Matthew; sometimes ya just need to call “bullshit” on lies, more lies, and damned lies.)

  132. Planned Parenthood “kills babies”? That’s like saying stepping on an acorn kills trees. And James O’Keefe has been discredited long ago.
    The fundies and the righties eagerly swallow any and all misinformation about PP and its founder Margaret Sanger.

  133. I am increasing my donation to Planned Parenthood!

  134. So Abortion.
    To say https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=342500522438447&set=a.256501774371656.64362.254455071242993&type=1&theater
    this has no rights worth being represented to me flies in the face of reason. My eyes, my heart, and my brain tells me we have to consider what we see before us.

    When I step back and take a historical look at some of our darker times in history, I think of something along the lines of https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150771269443662&set=o.254455071242993&type=1&theater
    and my eyes and my mind and my hear tells me this cannot be right. We learned the hard way, by doing it wrong first, that these things were wrong. Looking back with today’s eyes, I do not think any reasonable person could mistake these things as being acceptable.

    Why does it have to be the woman’s right or the child’s rights? Why cannot both be taken into consideration? Both are beautiful, both are of value, why cannot we find a solution where both are given consideration?

    Were I the Komen foundation, I would have made the same, original decision they did. Why you might ask?

    1. The video evidence against PP is incredibly strong and equally disturbing. There is significant evidence that they have provided assistance that allows many illegal activities like underage prostitution and other forms of human trafficking to occur. Not once, not twice, but multiple times.

    2. PP has mandated that all of their clinics be able to be able to perform abortions by 2013. This is a major shift for this organization to take and they cannot expect to make changes like this and not have people who have partnered with them to reevaluate their relationship with PP.

    3. PP has a quota in place that each facility must meet each year regarding the number of abortions performed. This policy flies in the face of reason. They are supposed to be there to help women, to help coucil them into making the best choice for them, not coheres them to into making a decision that helps them make their quota.

    Regardless if one is pro-life or pro-choice, it is reasonable to conclude these are not activities most people would want or support. I could not in good conscious ever support an organization that either operated in this manor as a matter of practice or failed to have safeguards in place to prevent such activities from ever occurring once, let alone multiple times.

    Even this aside the Komen Foundation performs a service that we are better off having than not having in my opinion. Knowing all the facts, while you may agree or disagree with their choice, can you really be surprised they felt the need to review their relationship in the first place?

  135. Fabulous post. This will be kind of buried in the outflow of support, and that’s a good thing.

    It is possible to estimate from demographic data on income, birth year, education, and other variables just how many unintended pregnancies were avoided because current members of Congress, at some time in their lives, had access to Planned Parenthood for themselves, their partners, or their daughters.

    Stop the hypocrisy now.

  136. Like what you women have ot say!

  137. Thank you UAW- yes, life sucks sometimes. Losing people to cancer totally sucks. Condolences to you too, JuneauJoe.
    thank you for pointing to the services PP has for men!
    Casting around for some help with answering the big questions teens have, whether they say they do or not, I found PP did a great job with information, counselling, and all for teenaged boys.
    After my son came home talking about how sad he was a couple of his buddies had been “trapped” by girls who got pregnant I decided I needed help his absent alcoholic father couldn’t provide.
    Some won’t/ wouldn’t agree with me but I thought boys need/needed to have respect for themselves before they could truly respect girls. I told him that being a victim was up to him but that I’d rather he took control of making his own decisions about when he was ready to be a parent and if he wasn’t ready to commit to abstinence I was taking him to the PP clinic so he could understand what his options were and how not to be a victim of STDs or unwanted parenthood.
    The clinic was great and gave him a lot of info, counselling ( and a darn bag of condoms- picture a red faced ma saying “gee, that’s great son !” ) which truly made a difference in how he saw relationships, sex, himself, and women.
    He has a family he planned with his wife now. Along with me he donates to PP regularly and I’m still so thankful all these years later for the help they provided to a young man who really needed it.

  138. Thank you!! You two are wonderful, and good to know there are women like you standing in the same crowd as women like me:)

  139. YOU TELL ‘EM MATT!!!!!!

  140. Ladies, I thank you. You are an inspiration to me. The Margaret to my Helen has been fighting breast cancer for years and even before this, I’d had it up to here with Komen “fighting for a cure” but teaming up with companies that create products that can cause cancer and not dedicating anything to metastatic cancer, the real killer.
    I’m so happy for the two of you every day that you have had each other’s friendships for so long. I love your posts, keep ‘em coming!

  141. Give ‘em hell Matt. We love your Grandmother. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  142. Matt,

    All we care about is that you take good care of your Grandmother. Keep up the good work son.

  143. Note from Matthew:

    I updated the moderator page to clarify some recent activity on this site. Please know that my Grandmother welcomes all points of view… I, on the other hand, do have my limits. :-)

  144. Helen I believe you speak the truth with clarity, honesty, and emotion. Anonymous, you hide behind a false name, and you sit there and fart into your recliner, read off 3x5cards with talking points and have not had an original thought for the last 100 years. Poke the bear anonymous??? If you had any balls you would use your name, but not only do you not have any courage, you use O’Keefe videos ( or some other right wing wannabe) to try to hijack this sight . You are purely pathetic Bring it on? You are a piece of crap without an idea that your wife hasn’t told you what to say, do or think. Now go vote for Santorum. Sheep? You give clarity to the definition.

  145. Statisically they are not tight fisted , but those statistics reflect the bulk of their giving is to their church.

  146. Sounds like a clarion call to action to me!

    I will never again buy anything with a pink ribbon…not even if it’s on my favorite fudge brownie ice cream. This fiasco brought in a lot of donations to Komen from the far right, but that won’t continue because they’re tight-fisted. It’ll be interesting to see how much Komen will lose from all those people no longer buying their sponsored products.

    When I came down to L.A. right out of high school, a friend recommended PP for birth control. I considered myself very lucky to have them…and their non-judgmental care. This was back in the 60′s.

  147. Ah, the trolls have come out to play. I say let them play with themselves. It’s what they do best, and it’s the best they can do. Pathetic little trolls…

    Planned Parenthood gets my support each and every day as do Helen and Margaret. I stand firm in my conviction that we hold the moral high ground on this matter. No amount of ranting, raving nor idiotic declarations of damnation and doom from the trolls will make any of us change our views. Onward and upward, ladies!

    I urge everyone who reads this to donate directly to Planned Parenthood today! The need is real, and your donations are courageous gifts of love and hope.

  148. You rock, Helen and Margaret. Let’s indeed show ‘em what we can do.

  149. Looks like some of the most faithful sheep got scared away by this one? Chicken JJ? Alaska? Delurker? Bring it.

  150. WEll I knoew it was too good to be true. The morons had to get here eventually. How long before we start getting videos and links to sites that prove PP is run by the devil? Whatever.

    PEACE to Margaret and Helen.

    45 cents for a stamp.

  151. I cannot beleive you people are eating this up? Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory. A killing company. Babies are being murdered and you sit here and cheer and donate money? You are all going to hell.

  152. I wonder if that “personhood” status would apply to zygotes who might, one day, become homosexual?

    (Sorry – that just popped into my head.)

    Helen, once again, you are spot-on with your post and, yes, I will be making a donation to my local Planned Parenthood.

    Thank you for telling it like it is!!!

  153. Really?

  154. Take a Loot at this

  155. Planned Parenthood kills babies. That is all I needed to know.

  156. Thank you Margaret and Helen!!!!

  157. you know you’ve angered Helen when her blog post is lengthy…well, there was a lot that needed saying….Thank You Helen! Thank You Margaret!

    @ Carol, I wish all Pro-Life people were as smart as you.

  158. Great post ladies! Thanks for getting the facts out. Komen can do whatever they want – but they should also know that I can do what I want with my money that would have gone to donations to Komen. We can disagree, which is fine and hey, if Komen wants to cut funding to PP then so be it. But at least treat us like grown-ups. Do your thing Komen and let us respond how we see fit. The lies and the obfuscation were embarrassing. Also – the jig is up, most of us know that your funding to PP isn’t exactly guaranteed. Again – we’re not children, we CAN think for ourselves.

    Here’s a link to a tumblr with stories from women who have been helped by PP:


    I am pro life and believe abortion is wrong – which is why I support Planned Parenthood in their work of providing proper education to women about birth control, providing access for a range of women’s health care issues and giving counsel and advice on adoption and alternatives to abortion. If an abortion can not be avoided then I agree with Helen – it should be legal, safe and rare. The life of the mother is as precious as the life of the child. I pray that women won’t have to make the agonising choice between either. This is what pro life looks like – not political grandstanding and pandering.

    Here’s a link to another blog talking about this issue:


    P.S. Turn off FOX News, they are a network dedicated to Republican and Far Right propaganda.

  159. Tim, I hope you are reincarnated as a low-income woman in your next life. It will be good for your wretched soul!

  160. Thank you, Thank you for this insightful and truthful post!!! I have been donating to Komen for several years, but that will stop after what they tried to pull. My money will go to Planned Parenthood from now on. As a breast cancer survivor myself, I don’t want to see politics play a role in any of these organizations. It’s just plain sickening. To risk women’s lives for the sake of the silly politics that these damn Republicans are trying to shove down our throats makes me sick. And to think that people really “buy” this crap. I appreciate your BLOG and speaking the truth. Too bad all of these people who watch FOX and listen to the lies and ridiculous spewings by the right wing can’t see through all of the misinformation.

  161. I would like to follow your blog. Love your point of view

  162. You two rock! Love the blog and so true 👍

  163. [...] Check out Margaret and Helen’s blog: “My name is Helen Philpot. I am 82 years old. My grandson taught me how to do this so that I could “blog” with my best friend Margaret Schmechtman who I met in college almost 60 years ago. I have three children with my husband Harold. Margaret has three dogs with her husband Howard. I live in Texas and Margaret lives in Maine.” Great furious post on the Susan G. Komen fiasco here. [...]

  164. Don’t bother looking up that youtube video Anonymous posted about. It’s nothing, but farce. The actor “pimp” was indeed reported before the video was made public. The woman at the NJ PP was obviously more concerned with getting those girls into the clinic to be treated than chastising that man then and there. People who believe that PP supports underage prostitution and is all about abortion are so simple minded they will probably believe anything with a simplified message. The less fact available, the easier to understand!!

  165. Thank you for speaking the truth we need to hear in a straight forward way! I have made my contributions to Planned Parenthood and will follow your example in the fight!

  166. I think the PP aiding in trafficking of minors in prostitution is worth of note. There are 2 videos out showing this going on so the fats are not in dispute. Now is there any dispute that they are mandating all of their facilities have the ability to perform abortions and have a quote that all existing facilities must follow. The only thing that is in dispute is what we as a nation say about it.

  167. Another interesting article on the subject:

    7 Lessons From Komen-Gate: What the Komen Controversy Taught Us About Race, Class and Cancer



  168. Thank you.

  169. @ Ted, your stupidity is astonishing..

  170. I must say I am in love with you ladies and what you do for human rights!

  171. jsri -

    Damned fine post. Great story and very illustrative of where we are headed if we don’t work together.

    Nobody should ever think that history just goes forward; sometimes we are dragged into the past and the bad old days once more. All it takes it to let your guard down.

  172. Planned Parenthood is evil. They promote prostitution and child pornography. I hate Planned Parenthood.

  173. As a former recipient of health services from Planned Parenthood and a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood, I’m delighted with this post. Helen is right – the best way to reduce and eliminate abortion is to fund health services, including access to information about contraception. You go, girl. I’m right there with you!

  174. Please allow another perspective on this issue from a male who is an age cohort of Helen and Margaret.
    At some point I’ve told these stories before but here goes.
    I grew up during the Great Depression and even as a second grader I knew where the abortion mills were in each town we lived in. At first, I had no why cars arriving there always went around to the back door but I knew enough to walk to school on the other side of the street. I also knew that women sometimes went there to die but I never knew why.
    Later when I learned how babies got started inside their mothers I also learned that in each community having an abortion mill also had a lyinig-in hospital where women went to cure “women’s problems” or to have operations preventing pregnancies forever. Of course this hospital also delivered babies but that was not its major business. And the cars arriving there were usually Cadillacs and Packards, not the Fords and Chevys seen at the other places.
    Later when I was an adult, I learned about work of Planned Parenthood. This was long before the Komen Foundation came on the scene. I once called to volunteer at PP but they were not friendly. They had no idea what I could do for them except give money. Shortly after my overture to PP was rebuffed, Komen came on the scene so I became a supporter. This was mainly because every female in my immediate family, (mother and 2 sisters) had been treated for breast cancer and my brother’s daughter died of it after a manic run chasing cures via the herbs, spices and salves route. Her turn to conventional medicine was too late. At age less than thirty she left three children.
    Recently I was at a reunion of grad school classmates that included five women, all now retired. During the meeting I became aware that every one of them had had a similar cancer battle at some point and were all Komen supporters. I suspect all are now having second thoughts.
    So, given the recent Komen blunder, I am now a Planned Parenthood supporter once again.
    After all these years I would never have thought that the future might see a return of the abortion mills but recent political events don’t give me that confidence. Now is not the time to take the foot off the gas.

  175. I don’t get over here often enough, shame on me!! I do know that each time I do get here I come away feeling nothing but charged up to continue to push for the ‘right’ thing!!

    I have given to PP off and on, that frequency just went up!!

    Thanks for reminding us that we ‘girls’ can fight like hell!!

  176. wow

  177. Way to go smart ladies! Way to argue civilly! Bravo

  178. I just made my donation to PP. I want you both to know that you are role models. I don’t mind growing older if I can be like you.

  179. For one thing, I am now going to look much deeper into the backgrounds of any organization seeking my financial help and, ladies, even if that means the PTA! Second, for those men who have responded most anti-woman to the previous blog, listen up! Any government who thinks it can tell us women we must procreate no matter what is the same kind of government who can take away your choice over getting snipped! It thereby forces you to procreate no matter what your circumstances.

  180. As a true child of the 70′s I have always believed in ‘girl power’. We are perfectly capable of making decisions about our health and our bodies. These are my decisions and mine alone. If we change the dialog to one about prostates and erections and start trying to legislate them, the dialog would change instantly. Ha!
    Best post yet on this debacle. Thank you.

  181. You had me at ” asshat”..well said!

  182. Keep on keeping on!

  183. you gals are badass.

  184. Ann Marie,
    I can’t tell you how to vote, you are a citizen and make your own decisions. But I cannot begin to count how many times I have hear or said myself, “why do people on the right vote against their own interests”? In other words, do any of the other issues affect you as a woman as much as control of your own body and your own health? Do you want to make equal wages? Do you think everyone should have a good education? I am sure many here, could raise other considerations for you to think about while mulling your decision. Personally I don’t vote ideology, I vote my interests, my children’s interests, and my grand children’s issues; anyway that is how I roll. Best of luck.

  185. Fantastic post! You had me clapping and cheering halfway through!
    Now as for the postal service, it’s got a huge problem, but honestly, postal costs are not one of them. Look at how much postage is in other countries; our rates are much, much lower than theirs.
    My husband works for the postal service. They are planning on closing hundreds of post offices and processing facilities around the country. What does that mean for us? That means that our mail will take longer to get to us, for one. The mail processing facility in our town is slated to close within the next year. We have the only processing facility in the northern half of the state. All the mail here will be transported to another city, 100 miles away, processed, and much of it returned here to be delivered. In states like North Dakota, there will be one processing facility for the entire state! That’s not counting the hundreds of people in every state that will lose their jobs. Now that is worth a rant, in my opinion!

  186. Reblogged this on Tam's Think Tank and commented:
    Margaret and Helen have it all figured out…

  187. Click. Donated. Girl Power!

  188. @Ann Marie, hold your head high and think about why you support what you do. In the meantime, join us in trying to work out the differences between our parties and let’s find good compromises so we can move forward.

  189. Well said!!!!

  190. Handel resigns from Komen!!!!!!!!!!

    Girl Power!!!!!!!!!

  191. “Oh my, how some people will go to such lengths to support abortion.”

    Oh my, how some people will twist an issue to make it about abortion.

  192. Uh, apologies up front and no offense, but womens lib is sorta over once women started getting their hands in the cookie jar as much as men did. As far as komen foundation, that is something that women pushed for initially and now it has run its course; it was a good thing, but it is no longer needed and now purely serves as a money funnel for those with their hand in the pot.

    As for pink razors, don’t freakin buy them. True, “back in the day” womens razors really sucked; I know I had ended up using one or two, but now, honestly, I choose to use a womens razor on my face, since they are actually better than mens razors, due to them lasting longer and being designed for smooth skin. Heck, if I use a guys razor, the thing may last three times before it is dull; even though it dulls a little, a womens razor will still get the job done two or even three months down the road and not yank hair out of my face.

    Trust me, I’m all for women supporting women to strengthen confidence and promote balance in our lives and careers, but let’s face it, the 60′s even the 80′s/90′s are over. This is a whole other ball game, where women shouldn’t just be yapping their heads off anymore. I’m a guy, I’ve known forever that if you want to change the system, you have to get dirty; join a guys club, work with your resources, advertise specifically and motivate laws while blocking/locking down groups from doing stupid crap in their favor.

    Sure the once in a while complaint is necessary, but you can only fight fire with fire in this scenario, and some of these komen women know this and are supported by men who are taking advantage of the system, just as much as these women are. I should know, I’ve met them during a closed interview I helped shoot, you can always tell who knows how to play ball.

    Again, apologies all around. This isn’t directed at any one individual. I was raised by a single mother and I know what women struggle through. I’ve just come to realize that in order to really make a change, you have to become as powerful as what you are fighting. I can’t wait for the day to see an underground womens society that men fear. Think about that.


  193. I need some help ladies, I am a 41 year old woman who is very proud of women of today. I 100% beleive in our right to make our health decsions in regards to OUR bodies, not anyone else. However, here comes the part where I will get blasted, I firmly do not beleive in the Democratic way except on this issue. So what am I to do? I truly ask your help. I am torn!

  194. Sorry to comment twice, but I just had to say this in case anyone’s fooled by the Republicans: they do NOT care about children. Just for the record I am also hoping abortions can be lessened. But Republicans want to protect the baby until it is born, then five days later when it gets a fever and Mom has no health insurance well, they can both rot as far as the right wing is concerned. And education? No, that’s a consipiracy.

    And you can’t be against abortion while opposing simple birth control for consenting adults.

  195. click!
    love ya!!!!!!


  196. Mittens steps into it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/06/mitt-romney-susan-g-komen_n_1258653.html

  197. I will never go to a Planned Parenthood because no one touches my hoo-ha but me!!!!! Leave my hoo-ha alone!!!!!!

  198. I love reading your blog !!!!! Perhaps the Republican candidates should be first in line to have their teeny weeny sperm makers lopped off. That ought to take care of the problem of “choice” No weenie, no problem !!!!

    For centuries the Catholic church forbid birth control in order to populate their religion. Pretty sure that still goes for the Mormons and the off-shoot weird religious freaks who think it is ok to have as many children as “God will allow”…….trust me, God does not decide how many children you should have, who wins football games or who should be President.

    It’s all about the fetus until it becomes a child and then all bets are off. It is never about the real issues with the Republicans. It is always the hot button issues and scare tactics and it is the same ignorant people who continue to belive their crap and vote for them.

    I’m buying a BLUE RAZOR !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Colorado Blue

  199. Oh my, how some people will go to such lengths to support abortion.

    If “Thou Shall Not Kill” is good enough for God, it is good enough for me.

    May all the babies being murdered by PP RIP little angels.

  200. Bravo. I know what it means to fight like a girl, and it sends Republican men crying to their mamas. I never liked the pinkwashing. The Red Sox look ridiculous in those pink outfits (plus people strutting around in pink Gap clothes as though a 1% donation from tshirtts makes a difference). The few women who did speak out against the pink junk were ridiculed. Glad to hear someone else who hates that stuff. I’m hoping Obama will nominate Jill Stein as his running mate. It’s about time we had a smart female physician who cares about health care in the White House.

  201. Handel resigns

  202. I am…blown away, simply blown away by the quality, tenor, gravitas and honesty by nearly all of the responses to this blog entry, and moreso stunned by the rightousness of the original post. Somewhere along the long list of comments someone (sorry, I was scrolling too fast through an impulse to add my voice to remember who) said this post made them proud to be a woman.

    This post makes me proud, too. Proud that it made that woman proud, for it fills me with hope that Helen’s words resonate so strongly–because they should. Proud that one of the core social/political issues facing America in this transformative time is receiving the attention (I got here via a heads-up from Abby Zimet at http://www.commondreams.org) it deserves–because it should. Proud that so many recognize the fundamental wrongs in America’s patriarchical and politicized health care system to know deep down that Planned Parenthood is an undeniably vital (I could have said “critical” or “essential” but etymologists would agree “vital” is most appropriate because it concerns life itself!) organization–because IT IS!

    It is, but it shouldn’t have to be. Bible-thumping Tea Party Kool-Aid drinkers should open up to Luke 9:48. Conservatives worried about wrongly-labelled “handouts” should think hard about what an age-shift in a population implies for Social Security–take a look at Japan if you need training wheels. Actuarians wielding far too much power within the dank bowels of private health insurance companies should take a wee peek at infant mortality rates in Sub-Saharan Africa for clues as to how to keep new mothers and new babies alive and healthy–or rather, for warnings as to how NOT to proceed in a paradigm of “biological imperative” plus “lack-of-appropriate-resources.”

    World population is–let’s be honest–out of control. It needs control. But the human population needs so much more than that. It needs, to be brutally honest, healthy mothers producing healthy babies in healthy proportions in a healthy environment. To achieve that, it needs to be managed, it need to be encouraged, it needs to be supported, and it needs to be planned. Planned when resources are available. Planned when health conditions are amenable. Planned when it is most wanted. Planned by the parents.

    To me, that’s what Planned Parenthood is about: giving control to the parents over the monumental and sacred act of becoming a parent. That control must needs include health, and Planned Parenthood is primarily about supporting the health and well-being of the only members of our species who can give birth to a child: women.

    I know how girls fight. I know how women fight. “Fight like a girl” means business. This post and these comments make me proud, too, I said. Proud to be on the right side.

  203. Kudos ladies, one of the best posts on this issue I’ve read.

    You may also like to check these two out:



  204. Helen, The more information there is out there about Komen, the worse they look. I think Komen will shrink fast and they set up their own demise.
    Planned Parenthood is the organization that has helped my daughters and we will no longer march for Komen. Anybody working on Planned Parenthood March for Respect?


  205. I love you!! You are awesome!!! This article is fantastic!!!!

  206. Copy this onto a yourtube search. Tried sending a link but mods are blocking all posts showing PP in a negative light.

    Perish Ramboy, NY Planned Parent Full Footage Part 1 of 2

  207. Applause

  208. “life”

  209. alaskapi…
    sorry about your friend…….and JJ….sorry about your sister…..sometimes like sucks………..

  210. Thank you, Helen. So very well said.

    And this latest debacle isn’t the only reason to stop supporting the Komen foundation. Among many other reasons, I don’t think they really give a shit about a “cure.” If they did, they wouldn’t lend their pink-ified name to scads of products containing the carcinogen BPA.

  211. In a way, I’m glad this happened.
    Women have been letting the republicans take away our rights to health care from Planned parenthood and our right to make health care decisions for ourselves.
    We have been letting them, instead of standing up for ourselves.
    I am continually surprised that the women of today were so accepting of this outrage. I remember the 70′s. I remember the days when abortions were illegal and OBGyn’s did not want to prescribe the pill unless you were married or engaged.
    Rick santorum want the states to be able to decide IF women should be able to use the pill at all. He wants to ban the birth control pill.


  212. You have gained a follower and I will post this on facebook and send it to my email list. Wow! Great letter! You said what I wanted to! Thank you.

  213. I’ve just found you Helen! I am so glad I did.

    And you are right…we must stand up more for women everywhere. Rev. Tutu even said that we women should kick the men aside and take over. After all, could we really do a WORSE job than they have done running the world?


    I say it is time…no, PAST time, for the formation of a Women’s Progressive Party… And that we run progressive women for every office to be had…from Dog Catcher to President.

    “Fight Like A Girl” indeed…. It’s time…

  214. I keep seeing Anonymous posting negatives. What I see here is positives:
    People supporting each other and their strong feelings on human rights.

    Perhaps we all need to start organizing walks, runs, etc for PP instead of
    Komen “Enterprises”.

    M & H as always, you hit where it matters, where it might hurt, and where it might do the most good. You are always right on. I will be forwarding this post to every woman I know. And men too!

  215. Helen, thank you again and again for your courage in speaking up for women. You tell the truth, plain and simple. You’re a champion ass-kicker because you not only fight like a girl, you fight FOR EVERY girl!
    (You’re mentioned on Common Dreams, too).

  216. Anyone else get that warm fuzzy feeling when you are surrounded by so much bitterness and hate?

  217. Thank you Helen and Margaret! I think this is the BEST and most powerful post I’ve ever seen you write. I donated to PP last week, via the ‘click’ at the Mudflats blog. But I’m glad to see you (& Grandson) offering a link too! After payday I’ll come back to check your ‘click’ link as well.

    Thanks again! You Rock!!!

  218. Thank you ladies!

  219. Helen and Margaret,

    Thank you for sharing your lives with those of us who are lucky enough to have discovered your blog.

    In the past several months, I have posted approximately three comments although I have been a longtime reader of your blog.

    It is against my nature to share personal information but I believe Komen’s decision politicizing women’s health is unconscionable and unethical.

    I am a 100% service connected disabled female American veteran. I have never used Planned Parenthood because I receive my medical care at the bastion of “socialized medicine”, my local VA medical center. Let me say that I love “socialized medicine” and I am grateful to receive the wonderful medical care provided by VA.

    I am going to share quite a bit about my personal history so please forgive the length and the very personal nature of my comment to your blog.

    In 1984, a maternal aunt was 38 years old when she died of breast cancer.

    Among the various ways I tried to honor my aunt’s memory, I have supported Komen. I purchased pink merchandise even though I personally think pink is a child’s color. Never again will Komen receive another cent from me.

    Since last week, I have educated myself on Planned Parenthood. I cannot help but think what I have learned about this organization might have been beneficial to me during painful episodes in my life.

    I experienced sexual trauma as a child and what is now termed military sexual trauma during my time in service. Thankfully, I was not impregnated against my will. I did not have to make a decision to terminate a pregnancy resulting from sexual trauma but I believe it is important to have a choice.

    Rick Santorum and his ilk would take the option to terminate a pregnancy, birth control, and IVF away from women. They would outlaw abortions in any case, no matter the circumstances.

    However, Rick and Karen Santorum made the choice to end her pregnancy when it involved their family. Rick and Karen Santorum decided her life took precedent over their unborn child. Please do not think I am not making light of their decision and their sorrow. I have nothing but sympathy for them. However, Rick and his wife would deny others the choice they made for their family.

    Sadly, I have had 6 miscarriages. Rather in medical terms, I had 6 incomplete abortions. In 3 of the 6 cases of incomplete abortions, the complete abortions occurred without medical intervention. For the other 3 incomplete abortions, I had to have 3 emergencies D&C’s due to hemorrhaging.

    Let me add that each pregnancy was planned and desired. Each pregnancy loss is and was heartbreaking, devastating, and always with me.

    If Rick and his ilk had their way, my life would have been forfeited because my doctor would not have been allowed to perform the necessary medical procedure to save my life even though each pregnancy was no longer viable.

    Medical decisions should remain a private matter between patient and doctor.

    I shared my personal history because I believe women’s issues should not be politicized. I do not want anyone making decisions regarding my healthcare but my doctor and me.

    I will also be visiting my local Planned Parenthood organization to personally deliver a donation and to learn more about their services. I will allow Planned Parenthood use my donation as the organization sees fit.

    Thank you for allowing me to post to your blog.

    Best wishes, Tante

  220. [...] And be sure to read Margaret and Helen’s rant about Komen. [...]

  221. Oh, and I’m a man.

  222. Amen! This may be your most important piece ever.

    I mailed equal-sized checks to PP Federation of America and to my local chapter last week.

    I heard a speaker several years ago who said quite bluntly that those who want to save a fetuses life are simply going to cause more adult women to die. Those with money will go elsewhere, those without money will resort to things that endanger their own lives.

  223. Brilliant post, Helen. There is nothing like a fiesty mature woman who tells it like it is!!

    The day a man can get pregnant is the day he can tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies. Until then, they can mind their own business.

    Can you imagine the result of a politican telling men what they can or cannot do with their bodies??

    Keep telling us like it really is, Helen and Margaret. We need to hear from you…….often!

  224. No more dollars from me for SGK! I am disgusted that they think women can be so easily manipulated. Thanks for the great post Helen and Margaret.

  225. What we need is a million Margarets and a million Helens and we’d never have to worry about those Republican douchebags again.

  226. I love how this latest post of yours has brought about SO many comments from women…very few comments from men….and almost no attacks by the spineless trolls that usually attack this blog….like “anon”.

    Keep up the good work, Ladies!

  227. Well said, Seanna.

  228. Balls to the walls, Ladies!!!!

  229. Amen and amen! Planned parenthood saved my life in my early 20′s. I was appalled by Komans decision and was pleased by the resulting outcry. Oh, I clicked and it does work, Helen!

  230. Such a wonderful post!!!!!! Thank You!!! Keep the posts coming…

    I will send off another donation to Planned Parenthood.

  231. Kat, Komen did not do an about face. Read their statement closely. They are allowing PP to apply for more grants. That’s it. What are the chances of PP getting more grants. I’d have said close to nil, but with thousands of women watching, they just might succeed.

    Regardless, my money goes directly to Planned Parenthood. By offering many birth control options at reasonable prices, PP does far more to prevent abortions than those people chanting on the sidewalk outside the clinic.

    Helen, standing ovation. We must spread the word.

  232. Thanks girls, People like you give me hope.

  233. Yes. And beautifully said.

  234. You ladies rock! You make me proud to be a woman and you’ve reminded me of our power and the need to use it “for good”. Women unite!

  235. What an incredible battle cry: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!

    Re-blogged, Facebooked, and I’m doing a lot of forwarding.

  236. I’m right there with you! One of my personal credos is not to support any politico or any organization that will not support Planned Parenthood. And the more I learn about Komen, they less I like them!

  237. You two are amazing! Thank you for taking the time to clarify what most of us didn’t know about this. I am sick and tired of a penis telling me what the hell I can and cannot do with my body. Planned Parenthood was there for me when I was in college……annual exams, birth control, advice, counseling, etc. Considering the state of this country right now, we definitely need an organization who is there for the uninsured and those who cannot afford regular health care. Stand tall, Planned Parenthood! Watch out Komen, and all the stupid penis bearing members of our species. We are women, we are strong, and we will be heard!!!!

  238. Margaret and Helen, I am in awe. Thanks for educating me because I did not known the extent of the services Planned Parenthood provides. I wish this post is published in every newspaper, picked up by the networks, and really read by any man or woman concerned about the future of women.

    The right has been so strident about PP that the organization was becoming sidelined. In a weird way, I believe Komen did PP a favor. Talk about the boomerang effect. Komen has just awaken a sleeping giant. Women power, yes!!

  239. [...] http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/pink-razors/ [...]

  240. Amen. What about those pink guns?

  241. Yay, you gals! And thanks for the extra info about PPF. I didn’t know they took care of men’s health issues. (and am sorry to be reminded about colonoscopies in general). Keep writing. I am trying to develop an audience for MY feisty missives.

  242. I am so glad you are back and in full voice – I mean it, really! xox Rob

  243. I’m 52 and can barely keep up with all the technology and social media, but what I learned this past week was this: Women + Social Media = RESULTS. Like you, Helen, a lot of us gals did not sit by just because Komen tied pink bows on things. When I got the word of what they’d done I signed every petition and sent every ‘e-letter’ expressing how offensive it was to play political football with women’s health. I was so please to see that women all across the nation did so as well and we kicked some butt. The Mouse is mightier than the sword. (Oh, and to the right wing whiners who are calling the reversal of the Komen foundation the result of “bullying” from the ‘left’ — cease the planning for your pity party.Pu-leeeez! It wasn’t bullying, it’s called Democracy.

  244. I love it. I feel just like you do and just let them try to stop me from being a terror they never wished they let loose. My first instinct as this unfolded was FIGHT. My second instinct, FIGHT. My current state of mind, FIGHT. Good luck with that, Komen asswomen.

  245. You are awesome. I read you religiously, but this is the first time I’ve ever commented. I agree with pretty much everything you say, and just don’t understand why people don’t see what you and I see. Lack of common sense maybe?

  246. You said Ladies! The Government can’t tell me what I can do and can’t do with my Hello Kitty!

  247. SING IT!

    Never been here before, but I do believe I’ll be coming back. That was spectacular.

  248. Thank you, Helen and Margaret. I am glad that you posted about what Planned Parenthood does, other than the less than 3% that has the right wing running off a cliff.

    One of their education programs is aimed at young girls who are under age 11. I took my daughter to a class (when she was 9 or 10) that taught her how her body was going to change and gave her the oportunity to have factual information. Because we went to the class together, it opened the door for us to have those conversations as she moved into her teens and beyond. Because she had attended that Planned Parenthood class, it was easier for us to have conversations about safe sex and contraception later. And as her parent, it was up to me to tackle the morality issues.

    I would hate to see that kind of information taken away. There are too many young girls whose mothers (or fathers) would never find the courage to bring up the subject on their own.

  249. Linda in Vegas agrees with our dear Helen:


  250. Reblogged this on Jezerae's Book of Reflections and commented:
    I think this is something worth the time of all women and maybe some men to read and share with everyone.

  251. You are absolutely correct. Planned Parenthood does a marvelous job providing health care and family planning services to those who need it and may not be able to afford it. My contribution to Komen just nose -dived while Planned parenthood’s rose accordingly. You go girls!

  252. Margaret and Helen tell it like it is. They speak in easy to understand language and metaphors that make it easy for anyone to grasp. Thank you. Thank you so much ladies! Here’s to November!

  253. Hi Helen and Margaret,

    Here’s something that will tick off Nancy Brinker and the rest of the women who think like her. What little brains they have left may just explode!

    Prescott Bush (George H.W.’s daddy and G.W’s granddaddy) was involved with the American Birth Control League as early as 1942, and served as the treasurer of the first national capital campaign of Planned Parenthood in 1947. Bush was also an early supporter of the United Negro College Fund, serving as chairman of the Connecticut branch in 1951.


  254. I am going to forward this to all my friends.
    Amazing work, Ladies!

  255. Helen, you are a Hoot!

  256. Oh, I do like the way you two ladies write. You make me proud to be a woman. I can do more than vote. I can knit as well.
    Bless you both and best of luck in your fight for justice.

    Mrs. Lorean A. Snatch

  257. Love the way you think ladies! I’ve got a solution for all those men who want to stop abortions and stop contraception, well here’s a stop for them…………stop having sex with them! See how long THAT takes for the men in this world to understand just how powerful we women really are!

  258. I believe this to be the best presentation of information that I have ever read.
    You are a remarkable woman. I hope that this post goes viral.
    It would do this country good.

  259. Hay Dios Mio!
    Dos mujeres es muy fantastico!

  260. Yippeee for the days we wake up and hear the truth! gO GIRLS!

  261. Dear gods, I love this blog.

    Thanks to SGK’s ill-conceived policy change, the anti-woman, anti-poor agenda of the far right has come into even greater focus. You watch, this Komen klusterf*ck will give us much-needed inspiration to be a lot more vigilant when evaluating which charities to support, and a lot more aggressive in our push-back against these would-be theocrats who think (white) women should be in bedrooms submitting to husbands in order to make more (white) babies, and then in kitchens cooking for their quiverfull broods.

    And some of these (white) women theocrats dare to call themselves feminists?

  262. Oh yeah!!!!
    Helen is the Bomb!!!
    Go, Helen, Go, Helen, Go Helen!!!

  263. You go, girl! I joined the movement in 1974, but admit that family and job (full time) have shoved me off the bandwagon. I qualify for the DAR, have planned all my children, and have utilized health clinics for birth control. Republican men (and women): stay out of my uterus!!

  264. Helen and Margaret – thank you. You make me think and question.

  265. I’m sorry to hear that lahgitana, no woman should have to go through what we did (or worse). Sadly it is statistical fact now that what, 1 in 5 women will be raped in their lifetimes?

    Many of these states trying to strip funding for Planned Parenthood are also stripping funding to women’s shelters and domestic abuse organizations who refer women to PP after a rape. These organizations often provide health services of their own.

    How sad is that… chances are one of their female relatives WILL be raped in their lifetimes, but these politicians destroy any chance of a support network for those ladies.

    I haven’t read that but I will be sure to now. Thank you for the kind words of support and the recommendation. <3

  266. Helen and Margaret, you have such a way with words. Thanks for telling it like it is.

  267. Helen, you want to talk courage. You are editing and changing post content, you are deleting entire posts. You have become Nazi propagandists. IF you want courage, show some first.

  268. Amen, Kat. And I’m sorry for the terrorizing you endured. I have also survived a rape attempt, but it was in high school.

    I am in my mid-50s and have been afraid of very little political stuff–GDumbya could have blown up our world, Sarah Palin…. However, whoever decided my personal health could be the subject of political debate should be ashamed.

    Have you, or anyone here, read Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”? Her story is the tale of what happens after the religious ultra-conservatives take power. It is a chilling tale and all too plausible.

    This kind of power-weilding is terrifying to me.

  269. HAH!!!!!!!!!! http://www.aclu.org/blog/reproductive-freedom/komen-foundation-just-tip-iceberg

    “I’m thrilled that the Susan G. Komen foundation just announced that they would continue funding to Planned Parenthood. Their quick reversal was a response to the PR nightmare their defunding decision sparked. People from all walks of life and from all over the country criticized Komen’s decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood, and took to the streets (well, their computers) donating money to Planned Parenthood and demanding that Komen stand by its commitment to women’s health. ”

    What a shocker. “Oh wait, we are going to lose money over this? ABOUT FACE!!!”

  270. Wow! Another post already!

    Pink’s over-rated. I pulled the pink ribbon off my wife’s SUV. I think it is great that they shot themselves in their feet like they did. We’ll see if they are still here in a year. Now maybe more donations will actually go toward real needs.

  271. I love you Helen! Signed, a 38 year old mother of two in Georgia. PS- We know Newt up close and personal and let me tell you…. you don’t want this guy anywhere NEAR the White House.

  272. Komen can rot. I’m with Planned Parenthood all the way! Thank you once again for speaking the truth, ladies. Together we can truly change this nation for the better.

  273. Atta girl M&H…

    Count me in as one of those women who has given her last dollar to the SGK foundation…. or anything “pink”. Until or unless they purge themselves of all politics AND politicans.

    Women’s health is not up for vote.

  274. As a young woman, I am frightened by the thought that one day, I will not have access to choice. I quite literally break down into a primal fear response that my body will not be my own if these jerks have their way. I would like to share with you all why.

    I was very nearly a victim of rape in college. Ironically, I was walking to my car from a self defense class- my attacker ended up running in fear from me. Well… I should say “hobbling” in fear from me. I guess it’s hard to walk when your testicles get kicked up inside you.

    When the adrenaline faded, I was struck with the realization that I was very nearly a statistic in more ways than one. I was on the fertile part of my cycle. I can’t take birth control due to health problems and asking an attacker to put on a condom makes his attack consensual sex by law.

    Yes, that is really the law in some states.

    I asked myself “what would I do if I couldn’t fight him off?”. I would need medical care, surely, but what if the rat bastard had knocked me up? I am on several medications that would result in severe problems for a developing fetus. My doctors are unsure whether or not I can carry a child to term. I would have had no choice at that time but to have an abortion – not to end a life, but to save mine.

    Today, a bunch of male politicians who supposedly support small government are trying to federally regulate the goings on of my uterus. If that isn’t micro-managing and big brother mentality, I don’t know what is. It is literally as if politicians are saying “you are too stupid to make an informed decision on your own, so we will do it for you”.

    There are women seeking abortions for rape, ladies who were not as lucky as I was that dark night in the parking lot. In some states, these ladies are forced to have a non-medically necessary vaginal ultrasound to obtain an abortion. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, these ladies are literally being raped again – this time by our own government.

    I for one am going to show these schmucks how *I* fight like a girl to protect my right to be healthy – and as my attacker would surely tell you, I don’t pull punches. F*ck Komen for not standing up for women’s health care – they will never get so much as another dime from me. F*ck the politicians who want to get their rosaries tangled up in my ovaries.

    It’s my body and only I should have a say in what happens to it!

  275. Wow. You are right on target. Thank you for this column. I fear for the ovarian rights of my daughter and granddaughters–and a lot of other things that these wackos want to do. Keep up the great work! We need you to write more of this critical topic.

  276. Tell it, Sister Helen.

  277. Thank you; thank you; thank you! You and Margaret restore my faith in Womankind, Helen, every time it takes a beating at the hands of Republican wingnut ladies. You’re fighting the good fight, and winning. Bless you both.

  278. Wow Helen, talk about coming out the gate swinging – you are one hellova woman and I love you and Margaret all the more for it. Never stop standing up for what’s right.

    SGK Foundation have ruined their brand forever with their personal politics as there is no going back and nothing they say from here on out can ever be fully believed again. I have a funny feeling that when they have their next walk for the cure, they will wonder where all the women [and men] went because they certainly won’t be walking with them anymore, but rather running to PP for all the positive help PP provides to women [and men] as well. Thanks for telling it like it really is once again. I really mean it!

  279. that’s my pal julie delio up there and she knows what she’s talking about. i’m on her side. and yours too, apparently. great piece.

  280. Sooooo good. Thank you.

  281. I’m sorry to hear that women still feel they have to shave in the U.S. and that y’all are having to fight for rights that were so hard won by my generation and my mother’s. I’m a 57-year old Canadian and I think things are going crazy down there.

    I dislike the “pink” charities somewhat anyway – there’s far too much emphasis on heroic medical interventions – the “cure” instead of prevention…cut down on fat, alcohol, smoking and increase exercise. Would it kill you to get off the couch, for example?

  282. Thank you so much for telling it like it is. There of course are those who only believe what they want to and not the facts. It is interesting how the truth is being revealed and the back lash.

  283. I’m a Gillette Mach3 gal myself.

    Great post! Thanks.

  284. I love you. No, really.

    I became involved with Komen in 2002 when I walked in the first 3-Day in the Dallas/Fort Worth area together with my best friend. That friend died as a result of breast cancer in 2005 and my involvement in fighting breast cancer became personal. I volunteered for the local Komen affiliate, I walked in 4 or 5 Races for the Cure in Dallas and Fort Worth, but my hear was with the 3-Day.

    Most of my friends think that I showed an unusually strong commitment to the cause, but they didn’t see the young women who were bald from chemotherapy walking 60 miles in 3 days, after raising more than $2,000 minimum, or see the soldiers who had lost their moms to breast cancer walking 60 miles in 3 days with their full packs on and walking in their combat books (or see their blister filled feet), or see the young women who were 8+ months pregnant walking with sonograms of their daughters pinned to their fanny packs with signs saying “I’m walking so she doesn’t have to.” Together, these people and thousands more have raised more than $500 MILLION dollars since the inception of the 3-Day. I for one will not raise one more dollar for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

    It is not that I don’t want to see the end of all cancers, it’s that I want to have my money allocated by organizations who are honest about their motives. I don’t have friends who are liars and I won’t finance charities that lie.

    Thank you for your honesty and caring. Love to you both.

  285. Margaret and Helen,
    Bravo! I stand with you. I will never walk for the “cure” again. I will find alternatives for my donations and I will stand with PP as I always have. As for women (and men) who fight to have abortion outlawed. They will change their minds quickly when they start seeing their daughters and granddaughters dying in “back Alley” abortion “clinics”. The only way to make abortion a rare occurence is through education, healthcare and access to birth control.
    We must fight long and hard! Don’t let the RWNJ’s take our rights away and put us back in the kitchen bare foot and pregnant!

  286. I may be only a male, but that’s the most powerful statement in favor of a woman’s right to choose that I’ve heard since the seventies! I love you, Helen Philpott!

  287. Thank you for a really informative post! With more information out there, maybe more women will stop voting against their own best interests.

  288. Helen for President!

  289. How great a morning is this that I get another Margaret and Helen post so soon! You are right on about the Komen thing. You are doing a great service for women. Thanks as always.

  290. I totally agree with you! Planned Parenthood was the first place I ever went to get birth control when I was young and on my own, too. However, the gender of the folks in government is not always the problem…just look at that crazy lady in Arizona (and of course, the crazy women who just tanked the Komen organization with their politics). Unfortunately, some of our own sisters are so misguided.

  291. Yes, you do have readers from around the world – your grandson is right. Waving from Ireland. Wonderful post as always. And Handel and Brinker need their asses kicked to the curb.

  292. VOTE DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!

  293. Good post. I don’t know about that lack of power thing, though. You control 80% of the money and all the p*ssy, as they say, so that’s REAL power. LOL

    What I don’t understand is all the *women* who have gone off the reservation and are actually at the forefront of the anti-choice “movement.” (as in bowel movement) What the hell is that all about?

    The other thing I don’t get is the apathy of the young women; they don’t seem to get it that their right to choose CAN go away; they just take it for granted. A hell of a lot of women (and a hell of a lot of men – like me) put forth a lot of sacrifice for them to be able to make a choice and they need to wake up and get to work to be sure they can keep it.

  294. We need to start a gigantic blitz all over the internet telling people where they can donate $$$$ directly. Perhaps through facebook and twitter where the addresses can be shared and move throughout the country quickly. This middle management that takes 75% of the money raised is bull crappola.
    Thanks for saying it like it is.

  295. AMEN! Lets show them what a really, really ticked off group of Women are capable of accomplishing when they put their minds to it!!


  296. Yes, just yes.

    I’ve long stood with Planned Parenthood, and this whole mess has reaffirmed my belief in the services they provide.

  297. Thanks for another great post, Helen & Margaret. I look forward to reading the next one, and the next one, and so on!

  298. I just love you two hellcats. Helen, I will be making a donation to Planned Parenthood Thursday when I get paid. Thank you for the kick in the ass and for reminding me what I owe an organization that helped me with basic health care, and with birth control, when I was too young and too poor to afford to get pregnant or to seek regular medical care. I am so grateful that they are here for those who need them.

    Anybody else going to donate with me? Maybe in honor of Margaret and Helen?

  299. You two are a force to be reckoned with! Somehow you manage to cut through the bullshit and tell it like it is.

  300. We stand with you, Helen and Margaret! The Republican party is waging an all-out war on women and any woman who votes Republican is woefully misguided and a traitor to her sisters.
    The Republicans are also waging an all-out war on the US Postal Service, in an attempt to kill the Postal Workers Union and bankrupt USPS in favor of 100% privatization of mail services. THEN you’ll see the price of those stamps go up!
    In 2006 the Republican Congress passed the “Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act” that included a poison pill requirement that the Post Office pre-pay health benefits for their employees for the next 75 years during a 10-year stretch. In the past four years, those prepayments have totaled $21 billion! If they didn’t have this insane accounting requirement, which by the way NO other business public or private is subject to, they would be operating totally in the black. So if you love your mail service like I do, and you don’t want stamp prices to go up again real soon, we need to take back the House and get a real 60% majority in the Senate.

  301. As a man who supports a woman’s right to choose what to with her own body, I have always said, “1 penis = 0 votes on women’s healthcare choices”.

  302. I agree 100% with you, Helen! I hope that women all over the country remember that the current Republican House started out trying to redefine rape in order to keep rape victims from receiving federal money for abortions despite the fact that very little federal money goes there. Any woman who votes for any Republican next November is very, very foolish.

  303. Komens and Handler don’t know the half of it. By the time outraged woman are finished with their top heavy pay the boss organazation they will rue the day they played politics with their money maker.

    Pink? I don’t hate pink, but Komens doesn’t own pink. And Planned Parenthood isn’t run for commercial reasons and top heavy, obscenely paid staff on top.

    It is run to help women.

    A wonderful video over at Andrew Sullivans, by a women in a pale BLUE robe… She tells it like it is, and suggests Komens can kiss her a** at the end since they played politics.

    Handler? Well she’ll get a golden parachute.

  304. Love you, Margaret and Helen! I wholeheartedly agree with you. Each of us should have the right to control our own bodies and our own fertility. I do not need to have the sex police making personal decisions regarding what happens in my bedroom. I am perfectly capable of making those decisions myself, and resent right-wingers sticking their noses in something that is none of their business.

  305. Thanks so much, ladies!

  306. *applause*

  307. Reblogged this on IMPACT Books & Art.

  308. Spectacular as always! This is a great education of what Planned Parenthood really means to so many, and thank you for putting it out there in no uncertain terms.

  309. Wow.

    What a Fantastic Post! Couldn’t agree with you more!!

  310. Somebody hit a raw nerve. You go girl!

  311. Helen should have been in Madonna’s half-time show.
    Power to the women!!!!

  312. Ever so happy to have you back. Both of you. We couldn’t do this without you. Keep posting. Keep fighting. Keep Obama.

  313. You two gals are ball busters for sure!
    Give ‘em hell!

  314. Short for Edina… I will stand with you gals any day.

  315. Wow. Just wow. I am proud you are on our team.

    Girl Power!

  316. You gals deserve a standing ovation ~ but since you can’t see me anyway, I’ll stay sitting down. My heart is rejoicing, though to hear you supporting all the gals of the world. Bless you.

  317. Oh, great post Helen….sorry.

  318. Margaret, start using the “forever” stamp and you won’t have to worry about it forever! :-)

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