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Posted by: Helen Philpot | January 23, 2012

The Passion of the Newt


Margaret, let me see if I get this right. The political party that brought us Family Values now gives us Newt Gingrich? South Carolina likes to say that they elect presidents.  They also elected to keep the Confederate battle flag above their statehouse until this millennium so I kind of question their judgment… or lack thereof.

Let me tell you a little bit about the man who won the hearts and votes of South Carolina’s predominately born-again-evangelical-Republican-family-value voters:

Leroy Newton Gingrich was a Lutheran when he married his high school teacher at the age of 19.  He was a Southern Baptist when he divorced her 18 years later while she was in the hospital recovering from surgery.   A former staff member said that Newt felt she was a political liability because “she’s not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of the President. And besides, she has cancer.”  Very good reasons I am sure, but I bet the affair he was having with Marianne Ginther had something to do with it as well.  Newt “married” Marianne  in 1981.  I used quotes around that word because according to Marianne, Newt wanted an “open marriage” which is to say his divorces were getting kind of expensive.  Instead of 7 years, Newt’s itch comes around every 18 years because that’s how long he was married to his high school teacher before he had the affair with Marianne, and that’s also how long he was married to Marianne before he began his affair with House of Representatives staffer Callista Bisek.  I assume she asked him to become Catholic because they don’t believe in divorce.

Now she’s a pretty one that Callista.  She is 23 years younger than Newt and so pasty white you can almost see through her, which makes her the perfect wife for a Republican president. They married in 2000 so Callista probably needs to find a lawyer in about 6 years.   That means if Newt gets elected he’ll be well into his next affair  and his next religion in time for his re-election campaign.

Of course all this really is Newt’s private life and I am probably “despicable” for even bringing it up.  But Margaret, I find it odd that Newt takes offense to being asked about his private life when the Republican Party spends so much time worrying about my uterus and your nephew’s gay marriage.  Maybe they should care a little more about what’s going on with all the uteruses (or is it uteri) in Newt’s bedroom and leave the rest of us alone.

To be honest, Newt recently took a pledge to “uphold personal fidelity to [his] spouse”.  He explained that his earlier infidelities were – and I quote – “partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country…”  Margaret, I ask you: Is that some good bullshit or isn’t it?  Makes you wonder about Herman Cain’s claim that it was the color of his skin and not where he hid his pepperoni that knocked him out.

But we don’t have to stick to Newt’s private life to find the bullshit.   The man who screwed women because he was passionate about his country, also screwed his country while acting as Speaker of the House.  Eighty-four ethics charges were filed against Gingrich during his term as speaker. After extensive investigation and negotiation by the House Ethics Committee, Gingrich was penalized $300,000 by a 395–28 House vote.   Talk about bipartisanship.  It was the first time in history a speaker was disciplined for ethical wrongdoing.

So here’s how it all stacks up, Margaret.  Herman Cain goes out because he played Newt Gingrich in blackface.  Then Michele Bachmann dropped out because Jesus told her he missed their quiet moments together.    Jon Huntsman dropped out because we already had one Mormon in the race. Rick Perry didn’t mean to run in the first place.  Ooops.   Ron Paul might still have a pulse – somebody check.   But Rick Man on Animal Santorum won Iowa.   And Mitt Today  Pro-Choice Tomorrow Pro-Life Romney won New Hampshire.   And now Newt Does This Tie Go With My Religion? Gingrich won South Carolina.

Three states and three winners so on we go to the land of the hanging chad.  This year’s Republican Primary has a very good chance of winning next year’s Golden Globe for Best Comedy.  I mean it.  Really.


Helen, dear, the only thing I know for sure is Newt Gingrich will be one challenging role for that Meryl Streep to play.

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  2. OMG I just Love you ladies and the way you see through the Bullshit of the world of Politics! Margaret, I couldn’t agree more but, If anyone could pull it off … it’s Meryl!!!

  3. Helen…I just discovered your blog as was reading this evening’s Daily Kos comments. Your site was mentioned. What a find. I was beginning to think I was the only senior citizen following liberal sites. You are a treasure! Been reading your past essays and I can’t find any daylight between our opinions of todays political environment andn the players. Must say to you that I think Obama’s “compromise” today was brilliant. I was getting a bit worried about his caving in but hopfully those days are behind us. I feel almost desparate that he be re-elected. I actually would fear for my chuldren and grandkids if he lost. I’m praying that the republicans take suchna drubbing they are forced to rethink their alliances with the religious right and war-loving neocons.
    Here’s hoping. Bev

  4. Roger,
    Why don’t you check the facts before talking about Obama and the debt he has caused. Before he took office, Obama inherited a $10 trillion debt, around $400 billion in interest on that debt, and REPUBLICAN administrations were responsible for over 80% of the $10 trillion debt. All spending by our government is CONTROLLED by the House of Representatives via the House Appropriations Committee, and the House is controlled by the Republicans and has been since January 2011. Are the Republicans limiting our spending? Of course not. Will they ever? Of course not. Also check the tax revenue Obama has had due to 40 years of tax cuts. It was 7.5% of GDP for his first two years in office – the lowest in US history. When our US economy was healthy, we had around 10-12% of GDP tax revenue.

  5. Great post, however, you missed the main reasons that Gingrich should be “Newtered” ( his ex wives would agree).Has has made millions of dollars by selling out to Corporate interests by peddling his influence. He supports the “Patriot” Act, NDAA & ALL OF THE OTHER ENCROACHMENTS ON OUR LIBERTY! Over 1 million Americans have paid with their blood for our freedom & Newt & his ilk want to throw it all out!

  6. Bain Capital, Mitt’s old company, is now stripping American Airlines workers of their PENSION FUNDS. They have been called out because of President Obama’s man in charge of The PBGC saw what they were doing and called them out. Bain Capital gets paid 14 million per month to strip American airlines of workers pensions.


  7. heh ill just try again later.

  8. Ironic Report: Mitt

  9. Republican Jesus Joins Team Romney


  10. “Jose” -

    God, dude. Why do you need so many aliases? Why don’t you just settle in as yourself – and of course you know that *I* know who that is – and try to help make this blog go?

    Yeah, I think many folks find JJoe’s link storms pretty annoying, but at least we know who he (she?) is. These anons, aliases, and anonymous cheap shots etc. just muddy the water so much it makes it not fun to come here.

    I hope that’s not the intention.

  11. Corporate/Elitist Welfare vs. Personal Welfare – An In-Depth Analysis


    The thirty big corporations analyzed in this report paid more to lobby federal policymakers than they paid in federal income taxes for the three years between 2008 and 2010, despite being profitable.
    Despite making combined profits totally $164 billion in that three-year period, the 30 companies combined received tax rebates totaling nearly $11 billion.
    Altogether, these companies spent nearly half a billion dollars ($476 million) over three years to lobby Congress—that’s about $400,000 each day, including weekends.
    In the three-year period beginning in 2009 through most of 2011, these large firms spent over $22 million altogether on federal campaigns.
    These corporations have also spent lavishly on compensation for their top executives ($706 million altogether in 2010).

  12. Ok so first..Jo is it? No tips? No leads for that job?

    \”And, just because I need to hone my reputation as a crazy mean woman,\”

    So all this time Jo turns out to be a chick? splains a lot I guess.

  13. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!! From JuanitaJean’s blog. I’m writing a check!

    Longtime customer and good friend Fenway Fran came up with a grand idea in the comment section that I did not want you to miss.

    You can donate as little as $5. to Planned Parenthood and they will send a thank you note to the person you wish to honor with your donation.

    That’s pretty cool, because you can chose to honor:

    Karen Handel
    Senior VP of Fail
    c/o Susan G. Komen Foundation
    P.O. Box 650309
    Dallas, TX 75265-0309

    Come on, you’ve got $5. to make a large point, don’t you?

    Then, you can also go here, and select “Report Improper Conduct” from the drop-down box and leave a comment that politicizing breasts is improper and that women will die because of their decision. That’s heavy improper.

    And, just because I need to hone my reputation as a crazy mean woman, I am mailing Ms. Handel a coat hanger.

    Thanks to Fenway Fran for the dandy idea.


  14. http://www.youtube.com/user/politicalpoopy

  15. Well stated

  16. Here is one JuneauJoe will appreciate

  17. Seems Obama doesnt stand a chance

  18. In response to D in D post. This person left out the majority of the information about this event, I am guessing purposefully. Here is the real story with all the facts.


  19. Interesting take on right to life.


  20. Bain as explained by Stewart: sounds like the Barbery pirates of old. They were largely sea-going nomads who would prey on smaller less effective vessels (unarmed or lightly armed and manned) by overtaking and boarding them. The crew that survived was usually sold at slave auctions and if the vessel, less the cargo, was worth saving they would do so but very often the ship was so damaged by the onslaught that it was destroyed either by opening everything below the waterline or blowing it out of the water.

  21. Jo…could you hook me up so I can get paid to work for juanitajean and crooksandliars for spreading their links and advertising their website? Sounds like a good way to make money…if I would be competition for you or endanger your job..then don\’t respond.

  22. How wrong is this? More to the point, sad how many on here would think this is ok!


  23. No link Jo? You mean all that time you took to post it, and it was meaningless rhetoric? That must make you mad that your own richers wont practice what they preach.

    On the topic of changing ones mind, I do not hold it against a politician for a change of beliefs. The things I knew for sure were right in my 20\’s were not the same as what I knew was right in my 30\’s, and 40\’s and 50\’s for that matter. Its called wisdom, and it is only gained through life\’s experiences.

    That aside a politician is a politician. You are naive if you think Democrats are immune to making a decision based on polls rather than their beliefs. Look at John Carry. The man could not give you his opinion without asking the polls what they through he should say.

  24. Mitt Romney on Abortion: Can anyone say FLIP FLOP?


  25. My understanding Jo is they can donate as much money to the IRS as they want if they feel they are not being taxed enough. If he really means what he says can you give us a link to show how much he gave in extra taxes to back up his claims? Just so we know its not hollow rhetoric you know.

  26. A Billionaire who reinvests his money into his community and is upset at how little the taxes are on people like him.


  27. This sums it up nice if you ask me.

  28. This makes some sense if you ask me.

  29. Yea…this should work!

  30. Ok so maybe Obama did create some jobs

  31. Jon Stewart on how Mitt got his money at Bain Capital. Stripping functioning companies of assets for profit is a money maker.


    STEWART: It’s like putting ten percent down on a car, then using the value of that car to get another loan and repay yourself that ten percent and and maybe a little twenty percent… on top for your troubles and then walking away, leaving the car on the hook for the payments.

    But, for Bain Capital to borrow money from other people, knowing that those debts might never be repaid, while still profiting themselves, I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel about that business practice. Does it make anyone else uneasy?


  32. I know this is OT, but my nephew sent it to me and I had to share.

    Put down your drink first. You were warned. LOL.

  33. Introducing: MITT ROMNEY. the quarter Billionaire regular guy

  34. I didn’t say Paul was a conservative, I said his voting record was the most conservative. He is anything but a social liberal; that can’t even be stated with a straight face. Besides his stance on drugs and war, what are his liberal stances?

    Short but sweet:


  35. JuanitaJean sorted out the Komen taking money from Planned Parenthood.
    Just a bunch of right wing crap – nothing to do with helping women.

    Save The Ta-Tas
    January 31, 2012

    A year after the Susan G Komen Foundation hired new Vice President Karen Handel, who ran unsuccessfully for Governor of Georgia on an anti-abortion rights campaign, the Komen Foundation has politicized ta-tas by withdrawing funds from Planned Parenthood to perform breast exams for poor women.

    My left ta-ta is left of center but my right ta-ta is practically socialist. I guess I’m screwed and can’t ever wear a pink ribbon again.

    I have heard that since all doctors will now be busy performing unnecessary sonograms on women, the Republican Party has partnered with the very experienced Newt Gingrich to perform all breast exams.

    Lucky us.


  36. As Palin says: ANYBODY BUT THE MORMON!!!! What the hell are you people thinking??????

    Colbert: NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN on Hispanics


  37. oye..and Were he an agent

  38. correction Passed a law to hold American citizens indefinitely

  39. So we have a President that has:
    Run up our national debt to massive levels
    Sunk our economy
    Passed a law to hold American citizens indefinably.
    Working to pass legislation to take over the internet.
    Defunded our military.

    We he an agent in China or Russia he would be hailed a hero for doing to us what they could only dream of. And people want to vote for him because……?

  40. Study finds low IQ for Republican Base


    Here are some of the findings:

    People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb.

    The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults.

    Strict right-wing ideology might appeal to those who have trouble grasping the complexity of the world.

    The study compared 254 people with the same amount of education but different levels of ability in abstract reasoning. They found that what applies to racism may also apply to homophobia. People who were poorer at abstract reasoning were more likely to exhibit prejudice against gays.

    Prejudice is of particular interest because understanding the roots of racism and bias could help eliminate them. For example many anti-prejudice programs encourage participants to see things from another group’s point of view. That mental exercise may be too taxing for people of low IQ.

    There may be cognitive limits in the ability to take the perspective of others, particularly foreigners.

    Roger/Anonymous is proof that the headline is correct!

  41. JuanitaJean makes it official:

    Bile Beats Bitterness in Florida
    January 31, 2012

    Looks like its going to be a blow out in Florida. Good stuff that Noot is taking it to the convention. He’s got a new Thesaurus to find words to use for crooked, mean, and despicable.

    Is this a whooping’ or a butt kicking’?

  42. Why we need reform

  43. Anonymous at 6:13 AM: A populace voting themselves benefits might work without much harm in a very small population but this country has outpopulated itself on just about every level. A slow down on that front could actually help.

  44. Thanks for that bit of good news D in D

    Here is a nice bit of perspective on our debt and spending.

  45. Thanks for that bit of good news D in D

    Here is a nice bit of perspective on our debt and spending.

  46. “Komen cancer charity halts grants to Planned Parenthood

    “The nation’s leading breast-cancer charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, is halting its partnerships with Planned Parenthood affiliates – creating a bitter rift, linked to the abortion debate, between two iconic organizations that have assisted millions of women.”
    Arrgghh. People, please contact Susan G Komen and ask them to retract this move. Here is their contact page http://ww5.komen.org/Contact.aspx Here is their phone number 1-877 GO KOMEN(1-877-465-6636)
    Speak up for your wives and daughters, sisters and mothers. Do it now.

  47. JJoe -

    I forgive you for all the links. That hilarious story about the Virginia legislator made me spit out my coffee.

    I’m forwarding it to everybody I know.

  48. If it is funny, there must be some truth in it?

  49. With 13.1 million Americans waking up every morning with no job to go to, how should we make sense of the three-time Senate “no” vote at the end of 2011 to President Obama’s commonsense, job-creating, infrastructure-improvement bill? Is there a defensible explanation for this knockdown proudly embraced by every Senate Republican and aided and abetted by two now-retiring senators—one Blue Dog Democrat and one Connecticut Independent?

    What could have been

    The American Jobs Act (S. 1769) would have provided $50 billion in immediate investment for highways, transit, rail, and aviation. An additional $10 billion would have been provided as seed money for a newly created National Infrastructure Bank intended to jumpstart private investment in construction. All was to be responsibly paid for by a scant 0.7 percent surtax on wealthy Americans earning more than $1 million a year. Most importantly, forecasts published by independent agencies indicate that S. 1769 would have boosted non-farm employment to the tune of hundreds of thousands to 1.3 million jobs by the time we’d be ringing in the new year in 2013


  50. No cold weather for me. I’ll stick to Phoenix where it may occasionally dip down to freezing. If I want snow, I can get to it in about 2 hours. Often I can see it on the mountaintops, which does look nice. And the driving in it I surely don’t miss.

    On the other side, we do enjoy some 120 degree days in summer. I suppose it’s all relative. Weather has always experienced extremes and we have a great capacity to adapt.

    Of course now we are used to artificially established environments. Few would consider going through the summer here without AC for their cars and homes. It may provide comfort, but ultimately it weakens our ability to adapt and thrive.



    I agree with your 6:13am anonymous comment. On the topic of drugs, I have been in the “legalize them” camp for a long time. It really has been detrimental to our society to maintain this fake war on drugs. All these manufactured wars are destroying us.

    We may be reaching a tipping point where people will realize how they have been MANipulated™ over time. I hope so. I am just sorry I spent most of my life ignorant to the real facts behind these government campaigns.

    The youth are waking up…

  51. from JuanitaJean

    Virginia State Senator Janet Howell, I Love You
    January 31, 2012

    Janet Howell of the Commonwealth of Virginia ain’t talking no crap off The Boys Club.

    No, sireeee. She feels that if the State of Virginia, like the State of Texas, wants to require a woman to have a medically unnecessary ultrasound prior to having a legal abortion, then it’s damn time for the table to turn.

    Republican lawmakers are pushing for legislation that would require pregnant women to have an ultrasound before terminating their pregnancy. In response, Howell introduced an amendment that would require men to have a rectal exam and a cardiac stress test before obtaining erectile dysfunction medication like Viagra.

    I’d say Governor Rick Perry goes first, but I read Glen Maxey’s book and I think he’d enjoy it too much.


  52. Alaskapi -

    I’ve done my share of winter camping and been in some pretty cold conditions, but you are ‘way out of my league. I moved to Beckley, WV in 1983 and during that winter we had one night of -28. I think that set a record. My wife was visiting her folks; the cat and I pulled the couch in front of the fireplace about two feet away and slept there. My firewood was wet and if stacked properly, the burning wood on the bottom put out just enough heat to dry the wood above so it would burn too. Froze my arse off. Blistering, dangerous cold. Not to be trifled with.

    You be careful, hear? Cold air in your lungs sends cold blood back to your heart and can give you a heart attack or a fatal irregular rhythm.

  53. Sorry again. That was me.

  54. farsight delta -

    re: Paul. Where to begin…

    Firstly, he is not a conservative; he is a libertarian. That is a very different thing. Simply put, he is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I am the same. It has become clear, at least to my eye, that the well-meaning govt programs when taken on balance have been very destructive and the same objectives could be accomplished far better via private enterprise. You may disagree. The problem with govt programs is that once they are in place, it is not only nearly impossible to cut back or eliminate them, there is some pain involved and the voters don’t want that.

    Secondly, he does NOT advocate elimination of all corporate rules. The first principle of libertarianism is that it is the the govt’s job is to protect the weak from the strong, so that is not correct.

    Thirdly, re: drugs. I have some problem with that, but one of the greatest conservative thinkers of this era, William F. Buckley, Jr. advocated the same thing – and it’s the conservatives who began and continue to fuel this crazy drug war. What we are doing is not working and gives the govt a really good excuse to abuse us and take away more freedoms, all in the name of “protecting us.”

    My study of history tells me that the rise and fall of civilizations always follows the same path: revolution, then the need for some form of govt. The people, having just got rid of an oppressive regime, fetter the govt to keep it from doing what govts do: become more and more powerful. The govt then manufactures all sorts of bogeymen and external foes and tells the people, “I can’t protect you with all these fetters in place.” The people, being afraid, slowly give up their freedoms one after another and pretty soon….

    Rinse and repeat.

    The second thing that happens is civilization collapse. Here’s how it works: after the revolution there is a need for a govt so that commerce can happen, since that is how people get the things they need – food, clothing, shelter. The rules are initially fiscally positive and facilitate the creation of goods, services, money – for example, laws creating an even playing field, so all businesses can compete fairly, etc. Then as time goes on, there is nothing left to legislate, but legislatures, being what they are, look for other things to work on – things like mandating wheelchair ramps at public schools. Don’t get me wrong, we need things like that, but they cost money and they do not MAKE money.

    Well, there’s no end to the good you can do, and the govt keeps doing more good, but each good COSTS MONEY and that money has to come from somewhere. DeTocqueville said that America would do well until the people discovered that they could vote themselves benefits out of the public treasury. They’ve discovered that. We are demanding more from our govt than we have money to provide. We have lived well beyond our means, and anybody with a family knows that cannot go on forever. The borrowing and spending have to stop. So far, nobody in our govt has the guts to stand up in front of the people and tell them the truth, but that’s OK – almost nobody in the history of man has either…

    Rinse and repeat.

    Apologise for the length of that missive.

  55. Skipping all the comments to say “Thank you, Helen, and Margaret, for posting again so soon after the last one; Margaret, you made me laugh until I cried. But it is possible that Maryl Streep could manage that role; it might be harder for her to play Callista, don’t you reckon? I mean: ewww. Imagine!”

  56. “Weird: So 51% of Republicans say they don’t think President Obama was born in the US.”

    Critical thinking skills… a majority of republicans know how overrated they are!!!

  57. Taxes paid by Presidential Candidates now and in the past


  58. crap forgot “get” between I and free

  59. Lordy, lordy, if women in a bar find you dull and boorish, why do you thing women here will engage in a conversation with you?

  60. farsight…i saw that….LOL….
    do I free Viagra with no copay?????I’m do for my yearly….
    laughing my ass off right now watching the daily show……

  61. not sure why they need all the donations….

    “35% Say Congressman or Governor Can Be Bought for $10,000 or Less”


  62. Jo I am a bit amazed after the meltdown you had yesterday that you didnt have a response to my choice for President. Did I make to much sense to bother with or did your meds kick in?

  63. 42% Are Fiscal Conservatives, 11% Liberal on Money Issues


    Voters Still Trust GOP More on Economy


  64. OWA, here is a State Senator, that should she ever become a US Senator, you will be hating as much as DWS.


    I absolutely love women with this sort of spunk!!!

  65. AlaskaPi: You are not in Juneau at 40 below. I spent time at 30 below – that first breath outside every day was something.

    Birtherism is alive and well within the GOP ranks, and their 2012 nominee preferences tell a story about the difficulty Mitt Romney faces in trying to appeal to an electorate that’s a whole lot further out there than he is.

    Birthers make a majority among those voters who say they’re likely to participate in a Republican primary next year. 51% say they don’t think Barack Obama was born in the United States to just 28% who firmly believe that he was and 21% who are unsure. The GOP birther majority is a new development. The last time PPP tested this question nationally, in August of 2009, only 44% of Republicans said they thought Obama was born outside the country while 36% said that he definitely was born in the United States. If anything birtherism is on the rise.


    Weird: So 51% of Republicans say they don’t think President Obama was born in the US.

  66. maybe i should start posting whole articles….how about a 47 page pdf file…..double spaced….

    glad your OK Alaskapi….

  67. UAW-
    doing ok in my patch of Alaska.
    We had deep cold 2 weeks ago with wind chill which took it down to -40+ but have been warmer than that and snowing like mad since. Setting snow records now. Getting over chapped face from then, now.
    Between home and work I’m shovelling 3-4 hrs a day. Good for my girlish figure or a heart attack – take your pick! :-)
    Folks I know further north are pretty darn cold. Imagine riding to work 20 miles on frozen river on snow machine at -60. Wife fighting balky generator at home to keep house warm.
    Most folks doing ok. I’m ok.
    Folks down my street not happy today- town grader bombed out on high berm and slid into 3 rigs. Yikes.
    Take care all.
    Snow shovel awaits!

  68. JuanitaJean on Jan Brewer

    Governor Waggy Finger Has Some Tales That Are Taller Than They Are Wide
    January 30, 2012

    Governor Jan Brewer knows something about thin skin. She also knows about fibbing over and over and over and not minding about being caught.

    Back in 2010 as she defended her state’s harsh immigration law, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) told a newspaper reporter that she was deeply hurt by the terrible names people were calling her. The worst, she said, were the comparisons to the Nazis.

    “They are awful,” she said. “Knowing that my father died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany, that I lost him when I was 11 because of that…and then to have them call me Hitler’s daughter. It hurts. It’s ugliness beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.”

    Problem is, her Dad died of lung disease ten years after WWII ended.

    I think that was right after she found the decapitated head in the desert that she finally had to admit was “an error” IF she ever said it.

    She lies so much that she has to get her husband to call the dogs.

    The other day I was telling Thelma that we need to make some major changes in the Texas Democratic Party if we can’t even beat Rick Perry. I think the Arizona Democratic Party needs to join in on that. I’ll send Arizona the housecleaning broom soon as we finish with it here.


  69. And now for something completely different. Watch the video with this article. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/30/adorable-dormouse-snores-loudly_n_1242397.html

  70. Snoop Dog backs Ron Paul…..


  71. haven’t had a drop in 2 day….more interested in Alaska and how things are going with Alaskapi….-80 degrees…..


  72. With the Fundamentalists and Evangelicals getting so much attention it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that there are reasoning and reasonable religious organizations out there. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/30/obama-birth-control-religious_n_1242680.html

  73. PFesser, this link is very slanted and inflammatory. That being said, it probably nails how I feel about Paul: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bob-cesca/ron-paul-is-no-friend-to-progressives_b_1185055.html

  74. Ugly is definitely what you become when you drink and start posting. Seen it in the last few weeks, but I’ll have to say you have mellowed in the past couple of years.

    Not sure what you think I meant by “little” but what I meant was an understatement for “very” tense and you seem to be confirming it.

  75. monday funnies…….


  76. farsight….you can spin a good story but I think that I took the “little” just the way you meant it….
    “You started drinking early today UAW?”…..Hey…. Did you take your ugly pills today….
    shall we continue??????

  77. PFesser, as I said, IMO…

    Paul wants to legalize all drugs, get rid of social security, get rid of medicaid, get rid of medicare, remove at least 3-4 departments, including education and energy. Remove all regulations on corporations (because any sane person knows that corporations are never greedy ). The foregoing is not all inclusive but if he were to be successful in his desires this country would implode. Ron Paul would turn a relatively densely populated USA into the wild wild west.

    I liked Ross Perot, but after reality hit, I realized that gridlock has its place in politics; it slows down or stops poorly thought out plans.

    On the not crazy side he has the most conservative voting record of anyone in congress. I am nothing if not a progressive liberal, so you can imagine how his record sits with me. The fact that Obama is a little right of center does not really sit well with me. The reason that I supported him vice Hillary in 2008 is because I thought he would be more liberal than she. Well… not so much.

    Remember PFesser, consistency does not make a person sane.

    I could come up with some more reasons for “teh crazy”, but in all truth I just don’t want to work that hard. :-)

    The delta (Δ) was something posters added to their names back 2-3 years ago on this site. It was a symbol for pie. The community was much closer back then.

    Have a good day PFesser.

  78. “Little (very) Tense” is name calling??? You started drinking early today UAW?

  79. I just cannot get behind Newt unless he wins the nomination. In that case it is a lesser of 2 evils vote. Newt is to much on the \”inside\” of what I think is wrong with our congress and government as a whole. Still better than Obama though.

  80. GO NEWT….
    if he’s good enough for Chuck Norris he’s good enough for me….


    Microsoft window crashes every time Chuck Norris blinks….
    they once made chuck Norris toilet paper but there was a problem: it wouldn’t take shit from anybody
    Chuck Norris can get true stories for FOX NEWS…..

  81. Probably not the endorsement Ron was looking for


  82. Go ahead I\’ve a thick skin. I\’ve noted that this place always shuts down anytime a non Democrat makes a good point. Rational discussion of differences or approaching anywhere near anything resembling agreement with a Republican is to be avoided at all costs.

    My choices are centered around the premise that we need to head down a new path and have the conviction to follow it though. I think Santorum and Ron Paul both have conviction in abundance.

    For me Obama is a non option. My opinion on his policies aside, I think he is an ineffective President and to me doesn\’t have is heart into the job. While I think he can give a good speech I do not find him to be very Presidential. With our economic situation such as it is we cannot afford another tax and spend President, not right now. Our economy is a living breathing thing and sometimes it is time to spend, sometimes it is better to conserve. Right now is the time to reign in spending and put in some fiscal responsibility. Obama is not the man to do that.

  83. Gosh, I didn’t mean to stop the conversation by being nice to Roger.

    I could cuss him if you want…

  84. No matter how many times it changes its color, a chameleon is still a slithering little lizard with the same IP address.

  85. Appreciate the well-thought out comment, Roger. (God, if Paul were the head of Treasury, though, I could see the money-printers there committing mass suicide…LOL)

  86. On the topic of Jo, I do find it worthy of note that whenever anyone asks for an answer to a question, the ladies of this blog come out in droves denouncing and complaining and crying foul. Jo does it a dozen or so times, not a peep. Just another double standard to add to the list.

    As for my choice at this time. I look at all the candidate and ask myself what does this country need most. Our national economy for me is at the top of that list. Reform in our government and campaigning ranks 2. So then I ask myself who would do the best in these areas. I like a lot of things about each candidates. and I dislike a lot about each candidates. Since none are perfect the only measure that makes sense for me is who will best address my top concerns.

    Ron Paul is an obvious choice. Santorum is another. Mitt a distant 3rd. So of my first two choices, I think both would strongly address my top choices of issues needing to be addressed. So I then move on to which has the least negative. Santorum is more Presidential. Ron is better on Fiscal policies and reform. Santorum is a bit strong on religion. Ron is weak internationally.

    My choice were I allowed to create my own ticket would be Rick Santorum for President, Jon Huntsman VP and Ron Paul for Treasury

  87. “Ron Paul has about 3 issues I strongly agree with. Other than that, he is bat shit crazy!!! IMO”

    replace Ron Paul with Obama….

  88. farsight delta -

    I have followed Paul for a long time – I might characterize him as boring, but crazy? Never. It’s interesting to look at all these candidates’ pasts. Except for Paul, they are all over the board, but his message has been consistent since the ‘seventies, and that’s a long time.

    Can you elaborate on the “crazy” stuff specifically, or is that just an overall impression?

  89. shame shame nearsight….name-calling this early in the morning…..want to bend over and find out how “little”….I could get you a “little” FROTHY…..we’ve played these games before….solved nothing….
    just remember…”sticks and stones will break my bones but whips and chains excite me”

    as for the rich and elections…..
    “Romney has drawn the most support from billionaires, with at least 42 donating to his campaign. Obama is not far behind, with at least 30 billionaire supporters.”


  90. Nerve, yeah right. Ha ha. You just seemed a little tense. (little is code for very)

  91. “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”
    John Kenneth Galbraith

  92. did I hit a nerve….

  93. and remember JJ….It’s a lot easier getting a dollar out of a million people than a million out of one person….

  94. Take a pill UAW…

  95. Obama 100%
    If Romney were running against anyone but Obama, I might consider him in the chance that, considering his past, he might actually be somewhat centrist. I wouldn’t trust that though.
    Ron Paul has about 3 issues I strongly agree with. Other than that, he is bat shit crazy!!! IMO
    Santorum is whacked out and is so obsessed with homosexuality, and invading both women’s uteruses and our bedrooms that I would sooner cut off my hand.
    Newt, Palin, Cain, Perry and Christie >>> GIVE ME A BREAK!

  96. what the hell got into JJ’s shorts….talk about rambling….

    and you are also a liar JJ..

    “As far as name calling: I use FROTHY with respect!”

    which brings up another thought…..why don’t the rest of the libs here say anything?????….are they being “respectful” also…

  97. This is just funny.

    Washing Machine… I did wash yesterday.


  98. Even Chris Wallace is saying all of the debating is stupid..


    I am 100% Obama by the way. The Republicans are just plain nuts. There are things I like about Paul but I sure wouldn’t vote for him over Obama.

  99. poolman -

    I like that idea – step up to the plate and say whom you are supporting.

    Right now, the probability of getting my vote in a 3-way election……….hmmmmm……Ron Paul about 60%. Romney ….. I’d say about 30% ….. Obama 10%. Two-way: Romney – 55%, Obama 45%. Newt/Obama – Newt – approximately 0%, Obama approx 100%. For any combination of ReBiblican right-wing religious nutcases like Bachmann, Perry, Klondike Kardashian (Palin) —> Obama 100%

    Why these numbers? “Follow the Constitution” – 70%. Fiscal competency – 25%. Other – 5%.

    OK – who’s next? Play nice.

  100. Roger’s MO is curiously familiar, and he has established the fact that he is a passive aggressive (sometimes aggressive) troll. I think you could put VonFrude, Roger and our old Frothy Anonymous Troll in a barrel, and roll them down a hill. When it stopped and the lid popped off it wouldn’t matter which one popped out first because you wouldn’t be able to tell which one it was.

    Cynthia, I loved your post. If you can do that without a thesaurus, you are better than I. If you used a thesaurus, it was still a thing of beauty.

  101. I think it’s fun watching Newt be ‘shocked, just shocked’ that anyone would have the temerity to question his personal life and infidelities when he went on a taxpayer funded “penis scavenger hunt (thank you Jon Stewart).” And while he was so interested in blue dresses, and what did and did not count as sex, he was having an affair of his own. I doubt Obama will go after him, but frankly, some people should be repeating that little tidbit loud and often. I’m not that old, and I remember what a total blowhard he was.

  102. Dang; My new friend Roger must have gone to bed. I think it has been a long day for him. Playing with his computer all day and making new friends can be tiring.

    Since he has not been able to pick his Republican Candidate for President. I wanted to put one more think up for him to consider.

    Roger: Consider these words from Andy Borowitz when you consider your choice for Republican Presidential Candidate.

    Andy Borowitz
    There are people running for President right now I would cross the street to get away from.

    Sleep tight Roger. It was nice being your online friend today. I really did need you to keep me on the straight and narrow. Thanks again.


    COWARD: You figure out which Republican Presidential Candidate you support yet? You owe Margaret and Helen fans an answer!!! Please Tell

    FROTH: There have been 300 hits in an hour or so. Your fans love seeing your brilliance. Don’t disappoint them by looking STUPID or COWARDLY!!!
    Be Brave: Tell all of US Margaret and Helen Fans who is your candidate of Choice please. You have spent a whole day playing with your computer on this site and WE REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHO YOU SUPPORT!!!

    In this link: Romney compares NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN to Goldilocks.


    COWARD: Please stay on this site for a while longer!! I have about 4 more links to get up. Post faster please.


    Hey Coward: “This will not be a sanctuary where you get to post recklessly and not be challenged, sorry” I figured I better get the quote correct!!

    Thanks for straightening me out!!! I appreciate it!!

    COWARD FROTHY: Still to embarrassed to say who you support?
    Taking the COWARD’S way out???

    A widow of a man who James O’Keefe committed VOTER FRAUD on has filed charges with the police and a warrant is out on OKeefe.


    The U.S. Navy veteran died Dec. 31 at an assisted living home. His family held funeral services Monday, his widow said. “Oh my God, I know what he would say, ‘Call the cops, call the police,’ ” Rachel Groux said.

    Whatcha think COWARD FROTH?

  105. Yes Jo, looking at your post…I must conclude that it is me, and not you, that is looking the fool. Thanks for straightening me out.


    FROTH: 600 Hits on this site since you were going to ‘not give me a free ride’

    Poolman gave you an out: I will too: ANYONE BUT PRESIDENT OBAMA is an acceptable answer, UNLESS YOU WANT TO CONTINUE AS A COWARD
    and embarrass yourself further.

    COWARD FROTHY: Thank You for straightening me out. I really needed it.

    Who is your choice COWARD? NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN, MITT, THE Quarter Billionaire, or Santorum?

    FROTHY: You are looking like a fool!!!!! You owe Margaret and Helen Fans an answer!!!

  107. I scrolled up poolman and I did not see you requesting anywhere who I am supporting. I will scroll up more as time permits. In the meantime you are welcome to comment on my previous topic on how the Democrat party is owed if you so chose.

    While I do not agree with your sentiments on politics, I do agree the system has been corrupted beyond anything we have seen in our history. From the laws congress has passed for itself and itself alone, to the liberties we have had stripped and are about to have stripped, we are in a fine mess.

    Jo you are becoming quite the train wreck. Relax my friend, wont do to have you stroke out on us.

  108. I scrolled up poolman and I did not see you requesting anywhere who I am supporting. I will scroll up more as time permits. In the meantime you are welcome to comment on my previous topic on how the Democrat party is owed if you so chose.

    While I do not agree with your sentiments on politics, I do agree the system has been corrupted beyond anything we have seen in our history. From the laws congress has passed for itself and itself alone, to the liberties we have had stripped and are about to have stripped, we are in a fine mess.


    FROTH: Speaking to yourself again, I see. “When you find your political beliefs unraveling and all the rhetoric fails you,”
    FROTH; Honestly, you are looking like an idiot!!! Have you noticed the number of hits on this web site watching you LOOK STUPID!!!

    Again: BE BRAVE!! Please tell all of the Margaret and Helen Fans who YOU, FROTHY ROGER, SHOULD BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?

    Only a COWARD will not make his wishes known. Let me guess, you were for Trump, Cain, AND NOW YOU ARE TOO ASHAMED TO SAY BECAUSE NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN AND MITT are both IDIOTS!!! Too embarrassing?

    Quit the COWARD stuff FROTH!!! Please Tell???

  110. My political beliefs are intact. I also retain the same name.

    First, I believe politics is a waste of time and totally ruined by money. But as for my vote, it’s between Ron Paul and Barack Obama for me. As an independent, I can wait until November to decide if necessary.

    But you still haven’t said who your choice is. Is it just whoever the GOP candidate ends up?

  111. Dont worry yourself poolman. When you find your political beliefs unraveling and all the rhetoric fails you, it is always policy to attack the messenger. I wont take it personally.

  112. Dear voting public,

    Please don’t let Jane Jetson be our First Lady.

    Thank you.


    HEY COWARD FROTH: Your choices are: NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN, MITT the quarter Billionaire, or Santorum. STILL TO EMBARRASSED TO SAY?

    COWARD FROTHY: Which is your pick? Be Brave, be BOLD!!!
    It is your duty as an AMERICAN to express youself!! You have plenty to say about my candidate: WHO IS YOUR CANDIDATE? Coward!!

    Here is NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN talking about Mitt. Looks like you need more information.



  114. Roger? Are you just pulling names out of your hat? And here I thought there was method in your madness. :roll:

  115. ok Jo you keep on with the caps and the name calling and the freaking out. You are obviously distraught. I would be happy to converse with you once you have regained your composure. Hope the rest of your evening goes better Jo. ;)


    HEY FROTH – THE COWARD, Maybe you need to know more about your Presidential Candidates to make a choice? I think all of them are idiots myself.

    You picturing me: I go skiing and you picture me all upset because of President Obama – that was a laugh. Just tells me there is someone who does not have a life. I am not upset.


    As far as name calling: I use FROTHY with respect! You truly have earned the honor with your ramblings and not saying who you support.

  117. IJo I never asked you who you were for. I think that is pretty obvious to everyone. I did however make certain claims that you and your party are bought and paid for. I presented information proving that out definitively.

    Cynthia, I have always known I have my shit together. I also know for the most part you, Jo and others like you do not. That is why you retreat in the face of evidence each and every time.

    Jo I picture you in a small dark room pitching a fit. Really man this name calling and getting all upset just isnt worth it. Maybe it would be better if you just ignored my responses to your mythology.

  118. “I apologize for having my shit together when I make claims.”

    I am happy that you finally recognize it. Your apology is accepted.



    FROTHY ROGER: I told you I am for President Obama and you say I am foolish. YOUR TURN; WHO IS YOUR CANDIDATE? I FEEL YOU ARE A COWARD. Not telling who your man is happens to tell me that you know your man is less than President Obama.

    FROTHY ROGER: Quit the coward stuff: Be brave; tell us who your GREAT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IS or keep up the coward way!

    FROTH: Be Brave!! Who is your wonderful Presidential Candidate?
    Coward!!! Keep playing with your computer pal!!

    The daily show; Weekly recap


  120. p.s. to Cynthia. It isnt cherry picking information. It is called having a premise, then finding information or research that backs up ones premise. I apologize for having my shit together when I make claims. You should try it sometime, I find it to be very gratifying.

  121. Jo, conversation is a two way street my friend. If you care to reciprocate and answer my questions I would be happy to answer yours. Otherwise please feel free to get back to doing whatever it is you do posting other people’s links.


    FROTHY ROGER: Who is your candidate? I would be embarrassed to say if I were a Republican as well.

    YOU ARE A COWARD ROGER!! You knock my candidate and Margaret and Helen’s BUT YOU ARE TOO ASHAMED TO SAY WHO YOUR CANDIDATE OF CHOICE IS!!!


    Again: Be a brave fellow and tell us who is better then President Obama in your mind!!

  123. Cynthia, you are welcome to your myopic opinion. Fortunately for me I do not let other people s ignorance deter me. I promise you my feelings wont be hurt in the least as you sit up there on your high horse passing judgement upon me. I understand the facts I have presented have made you act this way and I do not hold it against you. Character is a rare commodity these days. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  124. ROGER; Who is your candidate?

    Here is a cartoon which explains the Republican Party very well!

    Rog: Still playing with the computer I see? Good boy!


  125. Jo, we just don’t agree about topics of a political nature. Why all of the hostility towards me? I really am not worth getting your blood pressure up over. Try and relax a little and have some fun with this ok? I understand you cannot or do not want to answer any question of a political nature so I wont direct anymore towards you. If you should ever feel the desire to stretch yourself by all means respond. Thing is, if you keep posting your brand of nonsense I will feel compelled to correct all the propaganda you put forth. If that bothers you please feel free to scroll past me. This will not be a sanctuary where you get to post recklessly and not be challenged, sorry.

  126. Roger –

    I do not believe any one here is going to debate, discuss, argue, converse, deliberate, bandy, chew over, dispute, hash over, moot, talk over, hammer out, thrash out, consider, weigh, or attempt to reason with your tunnel vision view and cherry picking “facts” of the topics or political conversations discussed here.

    It would on our part be a useless act or gesture, futility, abortive, barren, bootless, empty, fruitless, ineffective, ineffectual, inefficacious, otiose, profitless, unavailing, unproductive, unprofitable, unsuccessful, useless, vain, hollow, idle, meaningless, pointless, valueless, worthless, hopeless, impossible, lost, no-win, unattainable; inadequate, insufficient, lacking, wanting and counterproductive at most.

    All your attempts to humiliate, intimidate, abase, chasten, cheapen, debase, degrade, demean, discredit, disgrace, dishonor, foul, humble, lower, shame, sink, smirch, or attempt to take down will not work here.

    This applies to all alias or “nom de jour” you have used or will be using here.

    I think that about covers it. eh?


  127. Helen and Margaret – You’ve done it again. Keep ‘em coming, dear ladies.

  128. Roger: I am really feeling sorry you and your Troll self.

    I ski and you make that into a bad thing? GET A LIFE!! You want to hang on your computer all day and push for NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN? or Mitt?
    Which one?

    Instead, you hang out in a site where people know you are full of crap and harass them for knowing their hosts, Margaret and Helen, and people like me believe in a better choice: President Obama.

    Roger: NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN OR MITT? Please tell…

    Your life seems to be having fun playing with your computer?

  129. Not really interested in your current conversation, but I did notice and mention about the bailout. You might try to call the Democratic party by its real name or be considered as at least a passive aggressive troll.

  130. First time here. Sent by my friend Helen. I LOVE the way you write. Get on over to Facebook and tell them a thing or two. I’m just not sharp enough to get them back. I may be 71 1/2 but that isn’t why — I’ve always been a bit naive.

  131. farsight Δ Sorry to burst your bubble but I really did not give that any thought. Reading between the lines too much, but a brilliant want to not talk ab out the part of it that was really important.

  132. Roger, don’t you mean: The bailout was the doing of Bush The Stimulus (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) was the doing of Obama.

    Also Roger, do you understand what you tell people about yourself when you use the term, “the Democrat party”. I’m most certainly not naive enough to believe that you don’t know exactly what you are doing when you leave the “ic” off the end of Democrat. It’s such a transparent passive aggressive tactic.

  133. Great idea Jo. Skiing is a great way to help repress all of the things Obama has done to go against everything you believe in.

  134. A great study on media bias. Just facts and numbers.


  135. Why does it take 6O VOTES for President Obama to pass anything when GW Bush could pass TAX CUTS FOR BILLIONAIRES with 51 votes? (I might add that the TAX CUTS FOR BILLIONAIRES and de-regulation and two unpaid for wars DESTROYED THE ECONOMY and then President Obama has his hands tied in fixing the GW BUSH MESS!’

    Off to ski.

    Here are some Sunday Funnies!!


  136. Another person in direct control of the Democrat party. Billionaire Peter Lewis.


  137. Again Jo, your commander and chief signed them into law. How do you feel about that?

  138. No One’s Puppet
    So what of my evidence?


    Bill Moyers on INCOME INEQUALITY!! This is an hour long but it is well worth the time. We now have winner take all politics and Big Money is buying up our government and making Billions by doing it. WATCH IT AND YOU WILL LEARN A LOT!!


    Who’s the culprit? “American politics did it– far more than we would have believed when we started this research,” Hacker explains. “What government has done and not done, and the politics that produced it, is really at the heart of the rise of an economy that has showered huge riches on the very, very, very well off.”

  140. Right JJ! “Because, in the end, there can never be a place like Galt’s Gulch”, but there was the French Revolution.

  141. The bonus thing was your bought and paid for media and your bought and paid for party misrepresenting the facts Jo. The fact you think the bonus system was reinstated tells me you know nothing about the workings of wall street and how most people there are paid.

    The bailout was the doing of your commander and chief.

    Your past paragraph Jo tells me that maybe you are starting to wake up and understand how completely owned you and your party are.

  142. The 1% have the power and the 99% have less and less power and less and less money as well. The concentration of money and power to the top 400 families has gotten larger AND LARGER since Reagan.


    the financial crisis and its long, dismal aftermath have changed all that. A multibillion-dollar bailout and Wall Street’s swift, subsequent reinstatement of gargantuan bonuses have inspired a narrative of parasitic bankers and other elites rigging the game for their own benefit. And this, in turn, has led to wider—and not unreasonable—fears that we are living in not merely a plutonomy, but a plutocracy, in which the rich display outsize political influence, narrowly self-interested motives, and a casual indifference to anyone outside their own rarefied economic bubble.

    …The lesson of history is that, in the long run, super-elites have two ways to survive: by suppressing dissent or by sharing their wealth. It is obvious which of these would be the better outcome for America, and the world. Let us hope the plutocrats aren’t already too isolated to recognize this. Because, in the end, there can never be a place like Galt’s Gulch.

  143. I understand the size of the article might cause people to skim or read it, but of particular interest in that article is the following:

    To develop the Shadow Party as a cohesive entity, Harold Ickes undertook the task of building a 21st-century version of the Left’s traditional alliance of the “oppressed” and “disenfranchised.” By the time Ickes was done, he had created or helped to create six new groups, and had co-opted a seventh called MoveOn.org. Together, these seven groups constituted the administrative core of the newly formed Shadow Party:

    America Coming Together
    America Votes
    Center for American Progress
    Joint Victory Campaign 2004
    Media Fund
    Thunder Road Group

    These organizations, along with the many leftist groups with which they collaborate, have played a major role in helping Soros advance his political and social agendas.

    According to Richard Poe, co-author (with David Horowitz) of the 2006 book The Shadow Party:

    “The Shadow Party is the real power driving the Democrat machine. It is a network of radicals dedicated to transforming our constitutional republic into a socialist hive. The leader of these radicals is … George Soros. He has essentially privatized the Democratic Party, bringing it under his personal control. The Shadow Party is the instrument through which he exerts that control…. It works by siphoning off hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions that would have gone to the Democratic Party in normal times, and putting those contributions at the personal disposal of Mr. Soros. He then uses that money to buy influence and loyalty where he sees fit. In 2003, Soros set up a network of privately-owned groups which acts as a shadow or mirror image of the Party. It performs all the functions we would normally expect the real Democratic Party to perform, such as shaping the Party platform, fielding candidates, running campaigns, and so forth. However, it performs these functions under the private supervision of Mr. Soros and his associates. The Shadow Party derives its power from its ability to raise huge sums of money. By controlling the Democrat purse strings, the Shadow Party can make or break any Democrat candidate by deciding whether or not to fund him. During the 2004 election cycle, the Shadow Party raised more than $300 million for Democrat candidates, prompting one of its operatives, MoveOn PAC director Eli Pariser, to declare, ‘Now it’s our party. We bought it, we own it…’”

  144. Criminal Bank Activities finally being seriously investigated, Enron Style?
    People who lied and distorted and made millions could end up in jail?
    It may be possible, given the direction President Obama is currently talking about. FINALLY!!!!!!


    Taibbi says the settlement being discussed would leave major banks exposed to criminal investigations. Taibbi speculates as to the potential repercussions of the ruling, saying, “If they do this for real, if they do this like a real, Enron-style investigation, you know, you could have half the luminaries on Wall Street doing prison time.”

  145. This is one of the most complete guides to some of the manipulation of the Democrat party. This shows an undeniable web of organizations to manipulate our country at almost every level by George Soros.


  146. Remember this from 2007? http://www.heritage.org/research/commentary/2007/11/democrats-wake-up-to-being-the-party-of-the-rich

    On the topic of the aforementioned post some more

    Chuck Schumer (New York) Recived $2.7 million from Wall Street. Defended loophole that allows hedgefund billionaires to pay only 15 percent in taxes. May back a tax “amnesty” to allow giant corporations to evade billions in taxes on profits they’ve stashed offshore. Key quote: “$250,ooo makes you really rich in Mississippi, but it doesn’t make you rich at all in New York.”

    • Ben Nelson (Nebraska) Corporate America’s most dependable Democrat. Provided the 50th vote for Bush’s tax cuts; helped the GOP downsize the stimulus and weaken health care reform. Voted against jobless benefits for the unemployed while supporting $21 billion in subsidies for Big Oil. Key quote: “One of the biggest challenges our job creators face is overregulation.”

    • Joe Manchin (West Virginia) Appeared in campaign ad firing a rifle at Obama’s climate legislation. In office barely a year, has accepted $600,000 from coal interests – and voted for a GOP measure to permanently bar the EPA from regulating big carbon polluters. Key quote: “The EPA’s overreach is destroying jobs in my state and all over the country, and it must be stopped.”

    • Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) Accepted almost $1 million from Big Oil; prevented $13 billion in industry tax breaks from being diverted to clean energy. Opposed a temporary halt to offshore drilling, even after the BP spill. Key quote: “If I were one of them,” she said, defending beleaguered oil executives, “I’d be tempted to just shut off the spigots and go elsewhere.”

    • Kay Hagan (North Carolina) Won praise from Rep. Eric Cantor for co-sponsoring GOP bill to allow America’s richest corporations to pay only 5.25 percent in taxes on $1.4 trillion in offshore profits. Voted for GOP “jobs” bill to repeal withholding tax on federal

    So let us be a little more careful who we point fingers at, no one is clean, especially the Dems. More to follow.

  147. Roger: My new and dum friend.

    HATE? You must be talking about this. Actually – I think you are talking to your self a lot and then projecting onto me.

    Enjoy this cartoon Roger – draft dodger.


  148. “Lee Atwater: The man who masterminded the HATE CAMPAIGN which the GOP excels in today.”

    Jo, after all the hate you have talked about on here do you not feel a little hypocritical making these claims about anyone else?

    No One’s Puppet, no offense but the manipulation of information by the media is clear. The trail of money is clear. Look at Jo, his entire existence seems to be centered around parroting this manipulation. Jo is a clear example of the Dems who have drank the cool aid

  149. And every wealthy person donating to the Democratic Party also knows, their taxes are going to be raised, no they don’t control this Party.

  150. Lee Atwater: The man who masterminded the HATE CAMPAIGN which the GOP excels in today!! This is interesting” Atwater taught Rove.


    Richard Nixon, Lee Atwater and Newt Gingrich pretty much invented the modern conservative movement by harnessing the power of Barry Goldwater’s Birchers and bigots, funded by corporations eager to buy the kind of legislation (or lack of it) that would allow them free rein to empty America’s pockets without having to give any of it back.

  151. Jo, I am sorry to tell you but some of the richest people in this country are in control of your party. You are either purposefully ignorant or just not well read. I will do a little digging so I can as concisely as possible prove this point out.

  152. MITT and NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN don’t have a clue!!
    This cartoon says it all!!


  153. Dems aren’t perfect BUT THE REPUBLICANS ARE AWEFUL! I notice that it is the little donations funding the Dems and Millionaires and Billionaires who are funding the Republicans and their Super Pacs.


    This link is the best showing the Republican debates. Watch the video Sanctuary video which is there. I liked it.

  154. Do you really want to get into a discussion who is funding what in the political parties Jo? Both parties have issues but the Dems have some massive conflicts of interest going on and some clear cut money trails showing the rich of this country and in control and steering the Democrat party.

    As for jobs Obama already has put politics above getting jobs, so again you have little room to talk.

  155. I mentioned that the GW Bush tax cuts for Billionaires is off the table for Republicans. The Republicans just got their marching orders from Grover Norquist. If President Obama is able to stop the GW Bush Tax Cuts then Norquist says he will push the Republicans to Impeach President Obama.
    (10 years of GW Bush Tax cuts and de-regulation have cut away 50% of the retirement money which the middle class need to live out their years in retirement. Also during this time, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS have been sent overseas and the Corporations got tax breaks for sending them overseas to also.) We could talk about it but in reality, the big bucks folks have their plans and the money to implement them, unless, the little people, like me call BULLSHIT loud enough to make reasonable and responsible changes.
    CITIZENS UNITED now allows BIG MONEY to buy politicians and policies easier than ever.

    Here is the Grover Norquist plan:


  156. Where was the double back flip when I said I disagree with Dem Centrist philosophy, PFesser? :-)


    A disagreement which stretches to most elected Dems in Congress?
    A disagreement which extends to the current Centrist President and backwards to Mr Clinton, the 1st Centrist Pres?
    A disagreement which extends to Dems sucking along with Phil Gramm and the rollback of the Glass Stegall Act?

  157. PFesser: Sorry about your frustration. I have to read, post and run.

    I have spent time talking to FOX conservative types and came to the conclusion that is why we came to such a dismantling of scientific studies during GW Bush years as well as legislation on abortion and taking away women’s rights for health care. The Republicans got elected on JOBS, JOBS, JOBS but that topic has not been a legislative priority for them. Then they insist that 60 votes be required to pass anything. Talking has gotten us to our current legislative mess which is terrible or worse. We cannot even discuss the option of taking away the GW Bush Tax cuts, for Republicans, they are off the table.

    Here are some great questions which should be asked of Republican leaders on today’s talk (news) shows. I bet they will not be asked though because it would take more than a sound bite.


  158. Call me crazy, but I would do a double back-flip if on M&H:

    Self-identified liberals would say something to the effect, “These liberal politicians are MY boys and I like a, b, c that they do, but let me tell you, policies d, e, f really suck and are taking us down the wrong road.”

    Then self-identified conservatives would do exactly the same thing, and God forbid, a conversation would ensue. Both of their credibilities would go out the roof, (ascending from the toilet in which they reside right now – at least to MY eye…)

    But that’s silly, isn’t it?

    As it is, there seems to be this notion that, if I shout the same BS loud enough, often enough, over and over, I will somehow convince somebody of something other than that I am a partisan hack with blinders on.

    You boys think your side has a lock on the truth? Christ on a crutch; give me a break.

  159. Republicans are always thinking ahead:
    Now they have produced another crazy bill:


    Although there are no current efforts to use the pre-born in food products. evidently in OK a new bill is being introduced.

  160. Could I get a translation on this JuneauJoe? I’ve read it 3 times and I cannot make heads of tails of what you are saying.

  161. JuanitaJean on Herman Cain endorsing NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN.

    His Brother With Another Mother and Sausages
    January 29, 2012

    Herman Cain endorsed Newt Gingrich

    When doing so, he said —

    And I also know that Speaker Gingrich is running for president, and going through this sausage grinder — I know what this sausage grinder is all about,” Cain said.

    Okay, I’m not an expert in visual metaphors, but I’m wondering if sausages being ground is the image that the sexy boys want to bring up. Okay, I’m sorry I said bring up.


  162. And just so no one thinks this is a one sided problem, I think it is long past time we had a group like this surface.

  163. Oops! Typo! Not “mouse” but “mous”. I need prayers, too!

  164. Anonymouse, thanks for asking. Despite the good news recently (the tumor did not show up on the scan after weeks & weeks of chemo) I think it is best just to keep on praying inasmuch as at his age he has a litany of health issues.

  165. So I watched this entire video, what is objectionable about any of it? I look at what the right says and does, I look what is done on here by the left, I see no difference.

  166. The disrespect of the Republican Party towards President is unprecedented.

  167. I didn’t mean you…

  168. I can’t get used to this Chrome browser. I think it keeps trying to publish in the anonymous mode. That last post was mine.

  169. Mageen -

    Not to pull the conversation off of bitin’ and scratchin’, but how is your husband doing, if you don’t mind saying?

  170. How great, how awesome is this?

  171. Massachusetts based Beacon Power, green energy storage plant that got $43 million in stimulus funds, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

    California-based solar panel company Solyndra, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last fall before being raided by the FBI. $535 million stimulus funded loan.

    Ener1, which makes batteries for electric vehicles, announced Thursday it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company had been awarded a $118.5 million from the Energy Department through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as the stimulus.

    One bankruptcy may be a fluke, two could be coincidence, but three is a trend. A trend of poor choices, a trend of wasted tax payer dollars. How much more incompetence are we willing to take? Seems like this administration keeps rolling the dice and coming up snake eyes, at our expense.

  172. Read the Alinsky “How to” stuff in my local paper . Nothing shocking there. Most women are born knowing all of that.

  173. JuneauJoe, to add to your Alinsky link it appears that Newt has created something new.



  174. VonFrude, you start with your first post:

    “Rough double standard on this blog. They talk nasty all day long about Repubs, but you so much as blink sideways either as a Repub or at a Dem, and suddenly these people become all civilized and moral. Shame we don\’t just hold to one standard for everyone…but no one wants life to be fair, an no one wants everything to be fair…do we?”

    Then you continue in 90% percent of your posts to either rag on posters who are aligned with M&H or single out JJ for a quadruple dose.

    You really haven’t added anything beneficial to the discussion, but then you go on and on about how JJ has not been contributing in any meaningful way (I totally disagree by the way). You never expressed a political opinion for which you were attacked but immediately went on the “offensive”.

    Just sayin’…

  175. What ship are you ladies on in the photo??

  176. Great Post Margie and Helena! Dos Mas Cervases Por Favor!

  177. Is what we have here the beginning of an infestation or amoeba reproduction?

  178. A Billionaire who is attempting to buy himself a Republican President in 2012. Quite the bargain if it works. He is pushing for NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN to win and Mr. Billionaire would make a BIG Profit.


  179. Joe how does it feel to have your false god finally being proven to have lied about his birth place. Any luck treason charges soon to follow. Next we can turn this new law to detain traitors like yourself and give you a taste of what this country you hate so much is capable of. One only hope we are so lucky as to have it be public. I\’ll buy the popcorn.

  180. Herb Cain. as Palin says, is backing NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN, for the Republican Candidate for President. Popcorn please!!!!


    That anyone but the Mormon sentiment sure is strong.

  181. dont sweat it poolman, like your life-mate joe you havnt contributed on here in ages, somethings thankfully never change.

  182. Looks like Noah is trying on a few more aliases. At least that way more “people” will agree with him. :roll:

  183. I think its funny even Cynthia admits the merits of the case wont be ruled on but rather the politics of the situation, and she has no problem with this.

  184. President Obama and the Georgia ballot. My thought is that it would be shot down in a higher court pretty fast. It will make Orly and birthers happy but I think it would be shot down fast.

    This video is just plain scary. It shows graphically, the decline in science during the Bush Years! It shows the scientific research of the US before GW Bush and then during GW Bush. It is just scary to think we sank so far so fast.

  185. The statement that Obama was taken off the Georgia ballot is a bit misleading and a bit premature according to this article:


    … California attorney Orly Taitz, queen bee of the birthers and a proponent of the latter belief, stood before what Jay Bookman of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution described as “100 people … most of them older white Americans” to argue her plaintiff’s case……..

    ….Even with the decision by Obama’s legal team to completely ignore the supposed merits of the case, Bookman writes that Secretary of State Kemp is likely left with only one choice:

    At any rate, the final decision is Kemp’s. Regardless of what Malihi recommends, Kemp does not want to become the Republican secretary of state who ruled Barack Obama off the ballot in Georgia. Becoming a birther hero would not begin to compensate for the lasting infamy such a step would bring him, especially because such a ruling would be challenged in state or federal court and almost immediately overturned on any number of reasons. Kemp would then look like a fool and put an end to any further political ambitions he might have. I doubt that’s the course he will choose to take.


  186. Sarah Palin is mad about how NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN, is being treated by mainstream Republicans. I could not make this kind of thing up if I wanted to. Sarah calls it a Stalinesque attack on NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN from the GOP!!! Dang – I need some more popcorn.


  187. Keystone Pipeline and John Boehner: So he has stock in companies associated with Keystone. Lies have been told about job creation and minimizing environmental risk re: Keystone. The lies were/are and attempt to get President Obama to pass Keystone even though it looks like it WILL NOT benefit the US. So now there is an ethics investigation because it looks like it was an attempt to raise the stock prices for the Keystone Companies and that is illegal. There is even a serious push to get Boehner to resign.
    OH MY!!!


    It would be unethical for any person to use fallacious numbers for personal financial gain, but it is beyond the pale that the Speaker of the House knowingly lies to the American people and the media to boost Canadian tar sand companies’ profits and TransCanada’s balance sheets and share price. Boehner’s almost daily Keystone XL propaganda is not only unfair to President Obama and the American people, it misleads potential and current investors. Manipulating share prices is a violation of SEC regulations and if their investigation finds Boehner and other GOP shareholders deliberately inflated job numbers, a House Ethics panel will be the least of Boehner’s problems.

    egznbacon: If I telling lies or using incorrect information. please point it out.

  188. I just got back from skiing into a glacier. (On a personal note: I see the Glacier shrinking with each month. It is in fact shrinking faster than predictions – THINK CLIMATE CHANGE Folks.) I actually am resting before taking a second ski trip this afternoon.

    Since we have wonderful winter conditions now. I am out in it as much as I can thus my time for ‘discussions’ is limited. I will keep up the links if I feel they are worthy of sharing. Yes, they will have liberal leanings. If I put the link up, I believe it. If I had the time, I would explain why but generally, I don’t have the time for the chit chat. BTW: I also work about 50 hours a week and I have to shovel snow as well as dealing with friends and family. So, I am kind of busy. If I have to pass on something – it will probably be the discussions. Every now and again, when things slow down, I might, or might not, join in a discussion with a particular individual or two. As long as we have Right Wingers hanging out at this site: I will be posting stuff. A Right Winger Posting just says to me – find something worthwhile to put up.

    BTW: Any nickname like FROTHY, is used with affection and respect as is the nickname he/they/it has chosen for me. I am not upset by it and they are not bothered by my nickname.

    This is for Right to Lifers: When children have a child growing in them, what should be done? Here are a couple of real examples: Please tell me the Right to Life response if you would please.

    Here is my new link: Graphic pictures – careful


  189. LOL- even M& H have a limit for what they can stand !
    Will see if this makes it through moderation this time

    JJ can take care of himself.
    I’m not apologizing for him.

    Of course , that is exactly what plenty of folks here do no matter what their ideology is. That’s why I say it is an epidemic.

    I disagree with JJ and a whole lot of others much of the time and would like nothing more than to have a rollicking argument with PFesser over the difference between our right and left libertarian views but we don’t seem to get past the hall monitors on either side for any length of time around here.
    This foodling over whether JJ should be called to account on every lil thing seems to be more important than anything else to too many folks.
    Go for it. Make your moral argument that we have to take care of this before anyone can say anything else…
    We can spend a bazillion more electrons on it… sigh.

  190. Mrs. Philpot,

    I am another of the “Data Diggers”, here with the question of the week. Participation in answering the questions is entirely voluntary.

    1. Do you feel that stay-at-home moms and increasingly, stay-at-home dads should receive salaries, benefits, and once they reach retirement age, pensions?

    2. Your age category: 20-30; 30-40; 40-50; 50-60; 60-70; 70-80; 80+.

    3. Gender.

    4. General geographic area of your residence within the U. S.:
    Deep South; East; Far-West; Mid-West; West.

    5. Country other than the U. S.

    Thank you,


  191. Not to put to fine a point on it alaskapi, but isnt that exactly what JJ and others do on here? JJ spouts his point of view and puts his head or insults anyone who disagrees with him.

    I also think most of us here are not so naive to not be able to tell what is opinion and what is fact. I think you are being a little apologetic on behalf of JJ. That or I am just not as easily deceived as others.

  192. As for the spreading of false information?
    The line between opinion and information is so blurred anymore that I’d say it was an epidemic… the spreading of poorly constructed opinion based on cherry picked facts and refusal to accept any further information except as it supports shaky hypotheses is an epidemic.

  193. Anyways, I have to say I find it interesting that I am finding very little news coverage on Obama being removed from the Georgia ballot. Especially with other states considering doing the same. Makes a strong case for those claiming bias on the part of the MSM

    Maybe it is because their hasn’t been a final decision, but I would think just that it is being considered is newsworthy.

  194. egznbaccon-
    Then why don’t you outline what you think is false information and discuss it?
    See if anyone agrees or not?
    Don’t expect JJ to engage however, that’s my point.
    There is no rule here that people must engage with rebuttals to their specific stance no matter whether any of us think they should.
    You want to engage the larger group of readers on issues, go for it.

  195. At this point, who cares if any of it is propaganda or merely opinion some don t agree with and would like to argue about ?

    Well I do, and so should you. What value is there in spreading false information. I would go so far as to say it is harmful.

  196. I would suggest, egznbacon, that JJ does stand by it AND does take the ridicule that goes with it (and has for 3 years)
    And is pretty unfazed by the ridicule and all- that’s what I mean by same old, same old.
    Scroll on by if you want, read it and fuss over it, whatever.
    At this point, who cares if any of it is propaganda or merely opinion some don’t agree with and would like to argue about ?
    JJ rarely engages – that’s a given. Why get stuck there?
    And that is more objective than all the hall monitoring that goes on here from both sides…

  197. I couldn\’t…man\’s name – VonFrude’s comment

    wasn\’t disrespectful…..didn\’t do as…AlanR’s comment

    I think someone is talking to themselves. eh?

  198. While I think both sides have a point, it is foolish to think you can do as JJ has done, put himself out there, a lot of the time posting propaganda from questionable sources as often as he does and not expect to have people call him on it. I dont think you are being very objective or fair alaskapi, as JJ kind of does it to himself. If you are going to write something, stand by it or take the ridicule you have coming to you.

  199. Load of crap AlanR.
    Sign of weakness, double standard, blah, blah, blah.
    Piss off yourself if you don’t like it.
    Deciding whether others are showing a lack of respect for themselves based on your standards is just as much hooey as anything else which shows up here.
    Same old, same old.

  200. The notion that you will or will not do something based on the actions of others shows a lack of personal respect for yourself and a sign weakness. I would not subscribe to such foolishness. He asked a legitimate question. It wasn\’t disrespectful, and he didn\’t do as Joe did by call him any names. Joe\’s first response was to be insulting and rude. As there was no call for this he called him on it. If you don\’t like it then piss off. The double standard here is unbelievable.

  201. “I want to understand why you were so rude to me? This is an online blog, I can\’t reach out and grab you so why are you so afraid to answer?”
    I would suggest you get with Helen’s “rules” and get over it VonFrude.
    “NEW, New Rules:
    If you are not for me, you are against me. I’ll get over it. Now kindly return the favor.”


    This endless revival of personal affronts and slings and stabs at whether anyone, JJ included, is afraid to answer anything is a rut we get into on just about every post. Doesn’t change anything. Doesn’t change anyone’s mind about anything.
    Say what you want to say about something. Just do it . And stand by it if it is important to you..

  202. NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN, has more support. Former Congressman, Duke Cunningham supports NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN! Go, Newt, Go!


  203. So it is beyond rude now.

  204. try again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hxx33V4WuY

  205. NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN, has support!!! Thank you Dr. Keith Abelo for explaining how NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN, is a better family man because he had 3 divorces and dumped 2 women when they were ill. GO NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN!!!!


  206. Obama to be taken off the Georgia ballot for 2012. More states to follow. Justice being served!

  207. http://www.americansforprosperity.org/green-scams-2

  208. Poor NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN, he is being dumped on by mainstream Republicans. I really feel sorry for him, as you can tell. I sure hope his weekend ads bring his polling numbers back up in Florida. Go NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN!!!


  209. http://www.cagle.com/2012/01/state-of-the-union-4/

  210. some more cartoons….


  211. A wonderful teacher TURNS DOWN an Martin Luther King Award from Paul Ryan. The teacher used the word hypocrite to describe Ryan giving an award at the MLK gathering. Thank You Mr. Al Levie of Wisconsin.


  212. To be a responsible adult, means never having to do something you will have to apologize for later. This also means having the character to admit when you are wrong. JuneauJoe, you are either not a good human being, or an immoral one as you could do neither. I am not sure why you are scared to own up to your own behavior, but I am sure you are probably a coward. Anyways, off to work, enjoy your day in the office Joe. Enjoy a political cartoon with a little dose of reality in it.

  213. I agree RLK, Margaret and Helen are the best.



  214. I couldn\’t disagree more RLK. First impressions are formed by what people say. Valid opinions are based on what people do. All you Dems talk about caring and compassion, but nothing but venom comes out of your mouth and actions. What your words claim, and your actions show, are two very different things.

    There is no humor in this google manipulation to redefine a man\’s name. If this were to go on in a school, we would call it bullying. We have lost many of our youth to suicide for this very thing. Why is it we condemn this kind of activity in schools, but call it humor here?

  215. Get a room, you two….People come here to read Margaret & Helen.
    It is FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read it for the FUNNY of it all!!!

    Not hard really.

  216. It is funny that you mentioned that. I was just reading the statistics page and thought the exact same thing.

  217. JJ is just running for poster of the year. He got mad that Pfesser won for 2011

  218. Frothy Junior:

    You figured me and this blog out, I cannot tell a lie. Margaret is a kazillionaire and Helen is a Bazillionaire: They pay me to make this blog look like people actually come here. Last week, I got a $5;00 gift certificate to McDonald’s to buy some apple pies. Honestly, I have been promised a REAL APPLE PIE if I ever do a real good job – hasn’t happened yet though. I keep trying.

    Here is another link to consider: REPUBLICAN DEBATE


  219. JJ is just running for poster of the year. He got mad that Pfesser won in 2011.

  220. I want to understand why you were so rude to me? This is an online blog, I can\’t reach out and grab you so why are you so afraid to answer?

  221. Frothy Junior:

    You were supposed to keep posting so I am not posting alone!!!!
    Dang: I guess I will post the weekly news update alone!!


  222. Google: SANTORUM


    Here is more Bill Maher: Enjoy (Republicans: You probably do not want to look at this link.)


  223. I just caught the, \”I will remain here until November.\” I think Pfesser hit on something. You are either driving web traffic or are employed by a political organization. All this wasted spam make more sense for sure now. If you were doing some sort of community service you would think you would stay even after the elections, so you are obviously a paid, invasive entity. Hell I wouldn\’t be surprised if these 2 \”ladies\” are paying you to make the blog appear more active than it is. Wouldn\’t be the first time.

    So why is it you are so rude again?

  224. Frothy Junior:

    Here is New Rules with Bill Maher: Enjoy, my new friend.
    Check out the link if you are interested, if not, don’t – seems simple to me. My momma once told me I could go wrestle a skunk, but I would get stinky and getting the smell off is a lot of work and waste a lot of time.
    I think you want to argue with PFesser: He is a smart guy and he likes to discuss and cajole.



  225. JuneauJoe
    You seem very hostile. What is it you are doing that you are afraid people are going to find out about? Do you act this way to people you talking with in the outside world? They ask you a question, and you act all bad and rude? I am not sure what bringing in the board host has to do with your activity. I find it just a bit redundant to spam the same stuff over and over.

  226. Frothy Junior: If you have not noticed, this is a website by two wonderful liberal women. If you do not like my links – don’t check them out. You want to argue – PFesser said he likes to argue – go at it. At times, I might or might not join in.

    I will provide links. I have had others with less capable computers who said they use this site to get information from my links They also said the funnier the better. Again, this is a liberal leaning website so my stuff will have a liberal slant. Ignore me – I will remain here until November.

    Here is another: NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN link:


  227. VonFrude -

    I was hoping to figure out the purpose myself. I, too, am somewhat baffled by JJoe’s approach, but thought there must be a reason for it. Just posting links with no real discussion doesn’t seem to add to the conversation (to my eye, at least) because folks just get inured to it and scroll right by. As they used to say, your friends already agree with you and your enemies won’t believe it, no matter what, so as you say, what’s the point? I thought he was promoting some other site, since M&H gets a lot of traffic, but he says no.

    Oh well, a different way of doing business I guess.

  228. JuneauJoe
    II think Pfesser is talking about the endless links to the same websites saying the same thing over and over. You must have 30 posts about Newt and family values alone. I am wondering myself what would make a person post the same stuff day after day, week after week. You don\’t post then want to talk about it, so what is the point of it all?

  229. The US is a warrior nation? Good discussion.


  230. PFesser: No Clue what he is talking about actually. Just another theory which makes no sense to me.

    NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN, just values each of his families more than the last family.


  231. [...] [reprinted from Margaret and Helen. I don't mean to pick on Newt, but this was just too much fun. Helen writes:] [...]

  232. These candidates kind of write the jokes themselves, don’t they? Note to angry Repubs: we hated W too and yet he got re-elected. Hate and anger don’t win elections. You have to have something worthwhile to offer as well.

  233. Love it

  234. “She is 23 years younger than Newt and so pasty white you can almost see through her, which makes her the perfect wife for a Republican president. ”


  235. Just follow the money

  236. one for you JJ…..(not a news organization)


  237. Great cartoons JJ….got any from a news organization….

  238. One thing comes to my mind when I think of a possible President Newt Gingrich…remember Martin Sheen’s president in the movie The Dead Zone?

  239. JuneauJoe -

    This is a serious question: “Anon” et al continuously accuse you of some kind of Internet traffic-driving scam via all the links you post. What are they talking about?

  240. My internets was off this AM, so I was not able to stuff some links on earlier and I have to make up for it now – SORRY.

    This one of NEWT – THE FAMILY MAN, and Calista is just to wonderful to wait. Conan Obrien


  241. Some GREAT cartoons for Friday. (WARNING; Do NOT look at them if you are a serious Republican – it could be bad for your health.) UAW – The warning is for you.


  242. This is just beautiful:


    The GOP Presidential candidates continue to play their parts in an implausible story of a world that could never exist, acting out nonexistent conflicts while delivering dialog that insults the intelligence. That’s not because they’re stupid. It’s because they think you are.

    Three of the candidates are selling an nearly identical story of hardy earth people who are only able to save their planet once they’ve been freed from taxes and regulations.The fourth, Ron Paul, is offering a different script, a 10,000 Years BC scenario of unparalleled economic savagery.

    The New York Times analyzed the tax plans put forward by Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum to determine how much each of them would add to the national deficit in a single year. Romney’s would add $600 billion. Santorum was tied with Gingrich at $1.3 trillion, or more than twice as much.

    Let’s be clear: All of those deficit estimates – $600 billion for Romney, more than twice that for Santorum and Gingrich – vastly understate the true explosion in the deficit we’d see under any one of them.. They only consider the income lost through tax cuts. But other aspects of their economic plan would lead to greatly increased unemployment, prolonged recession, and an increased likelihood of another financial crisis brought about by deregulation.

  243. I vote for Poolman’s links over the new Republican Idiot’s links.

    In this link: Romney makes the case for President Obama’s medical plan and then says he will repeal it. PRETTY AMAZING ACTUALLY when you listen to what he says.


  244. You just might be a redneck a republican…

    “… there is reason to believe that strict right-wing ideology might appeal to those who have trouble grasping the complexity of the world.”


  245. You don’t like it here – the door is right over there, as my momma told me.

    Another, ANYONE BUT THE MORMON, is sinking quickly in Florida. The flavor of the month, NEWT – THE FAMILY MAN, is fading fast!!! Help Mr. Wizard!


    VONFRUDE: FROTHY was a gift from God actually. I was being called names by a weird bird and let it go. Then finally with the Iowa caucus – GOD SPOKE, and said FROTHY shall be the name of the vile person on the Margaret and Helen blog. My momma told me to go with what GOD says so FROTHY it is and was. You will notice that it only used when Anonymous Frothy visits. I am quite selective as to its use.

  246. That doesn’t really seem surprising. It’s a progressive blog, not fair & blanaced Faux Noise.

  247. AMEN

  248. I couldn\’t agree more Pfesser on all counts. I think however Repubs get dismissed out of hand and are held to a higher level of conduct than the Dems on here hold themselves and others too. If we are going to slander one candidate like has been done for weeks with the frothy thing, then there should be no slander off limit for anyone else, considering the disgusting nature of that particular slur.

  249. I like this one better.

  250. Don’t know about any double standard; I can only speak for myself. I think it’s really healthy and fun to give the politicians hell and point out their incompetence – and there is plenty on both sides of the aisle – but the minute it gets personal between the blog posters themselves, progress stops until that animosity works its way through the system.

    It’s a massive bloody waste of time, IMHO, because every insult begets a retort; I do it myself – can’t help it. Eventually the hubbub dies out and we get back on topic, but it really takes the fun out of hanging out with a lot of smart people who, like myself, love to argue.

  251. Rough double standard on this blog. They talk nasty all day long about Repubs, but you so much as blink sideways either as a Repub or at a Dem, and suddenly these people become all civilized and moral. Shame we don\’t just hold to one standard for everyone…but no one wants life to be fair, an no one wants everything to be fair…do we?

  252. WOW…Now I’m supposed to mellow out….I didn’t bring up red states and porn….I gave a very factual reason to watch porn…..it’s “healthy for you”……
    I don’t like Debbie….I didn’t bring up her religion….I don’t give a f#ck what religion she is…….an asshole is an asshole……give mageen hell for bringing religion up…….OH that’s right….you can’t say anything bad about a liberal on this blog…..Oh wait….I can…..

  253. NOP -

    I’m with you; sometimes it just ain’t that much fun, is it?

  254. UAW mellow out, all this venom is bad for your testosterone level which I know you care about, and it is not so hot for the rest of you either.

  255. maybe I should donate….


  256. now I get it…..Debbie Wasserman Schultz is Jewish….BFD…..with a name like Schulz I’d have thought she was Lutheran….

  257. nearsight??????threatened….not me…..

  258. Mageen???????……Religion????????…..If worshiping Keith Olberman is a religion than yes…..She also goes on rants like Ed Schultz????????….any relation……
    iambic….is colorful back??????is that like knuttin as in knuttin valve…..

    and I find the comments funny….


  259. Back it all up a few iambic feet, UAW! Are you dumping on Congresswoman Schultz because of her religion?

  260. Guy from Bush, Alaska takes 22 cats 250 miles to Anchorage where he is looking for a woman and to get supplies. The police see the cats in the car and take the cats. He can’t find a woman who will live with him and 22 cats . Now he just wants his cats back so he can go back to his home where it is 40 below zero. A true Alaska story.


  261. Jeff he’s hiding in plain site.

  262. Whats to feel threatened about. You made an emotional, irrational point without any merit whatsoever. It was petty and pointless, as was your retort.

  263. Sounds like someone is feeling threatened.

  264. Conservatism and cognitive ability

    “There has been an increased interest in the construct of
    conservatism. Recent evidence indicates that some existing
    stereotypes are not supported by the available data. For
    example, Brooks (2006, 2008) reports that conservatives
    engage more than liberals in charitable activities and people
    on the political right are nearly twice as happy as those on the
    left. The work of Napier and Jost (2008) shows that conservatives
    tend to be happier than liberals because of their
    tendency to justify the current state of affairs and because they
    are less bothered by inequalities in the society.”


    sounds like horseshit to me…..except for the charity……Mitt gave appx 10%,Obama gave appx 1%, and Biden gave $369…..hell even I gave more than that…..

  265. Did “Anonymous” go away or did he finally give himself a name?

  266. No she’s not threatening…..just waiting for her to start spitting like Olberman…..makes as much sense as him also…….OH..that’s right…It’s Bush’s fault….

  267. Farsight Δ What kind of an argument is that? How does political affiliation affect how a person reacts to another human being? That is just inflammatory hate speech from a small minded person.

  268. Delukergurl,

    I believe it is because DWS is a strong, capable and assertive, if not aggressive, woman. She threatens most males who consider themselves Republicans. OWA has posted some things here in the past…

  269. I don’t understand the venom towards Debbie Wasserman Schultz. It seems very personal, not just partisan. What’s that about?

  270. He is and always has been a moderate. Jeez you Republicans are shallow in you cognitive abilities.

  271. Being against the death penalty is more about recognizing that our justice system is far from perfect.

  272. Or maybe it’s a civilized way to make sure the least among us are taken care of during a time of suffering?

  273. tax breaks to spur job creation……less regulations…..starting to like Obama….you sure he’s not a Republican…..

  274. Hey JJ….
    why is a party that is for a woman’s right to choose against the death penalty……its just late term abortion….and who gives a shit if it hurts…..

  275. I apologize for using Gabby to insult DWS…….Debbie doesn’t need help being insulting…..the word I was thinking about for debbie also starts with a C….and its not class act…..and yes its a capital C

  276. This is a dup post at Rutherford’s, but I thought you would get a kick out of it.

    New indication for pelvic ultrasound:

    “23 year-old white female who states her boyfriend can feel something during intercourse.”

    (I thought that was the whole point of the exercise.)
    Medicaid by the way…My government is paying for this?

    If you wonder why your medical insurance costs are so high, you should sit with me and read x-rays for a week. The waste will boggle your mind. Those with good insurance are tremendously overcharged, because Medicaid doesn’t begin to cover the cost of delivering medical care and the money to pay the nurses, doctors, power bill, etc, has to come from somewhere. And, of course, we HAVE to accept medicaid patients, so it’s basically nothing more than a program for the government to buy these folks’ votes with other people’s money.

  277. Change and President Obama


  278. Helen and Margaret. Great stuff!! Some of the best writing about the circus currently in town! Please keep at it, we need you!!

  279. MITT ROMNEY spends so little in taxes that he can give a like amount to Charities. (Poliitically: If you are running for President it is a wise investment. I am a rich guy how is giving my money away.)

    But what does he give his money too?


    As it turns out, he gave almost as much of the nearly $43 million dollars he made in 2010 and 2011 to the highly politically active Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints — at the center of a firestorm since 2008 for its backing of Prop 8 in California — as he paid in taxes: roughly 10 percent vs. 13.9 percent.

    …And for moderates it’s a reminder that Romney is a strong adherent — morally and financially — to a church that is on a moral crusade against women’s right to choose and, most prominently in recent years, against gay rights. (The Mormon Church Funded the No on 8 campaign in CA)

  280. Speaking of wealth and Republican Economic Theories: Meet Mitt Romney!!

    MITT ROMNEY earns $42.000 every 4 working hours. Shutting down factories, stripping pension funds and sending jobs overseas is a big money maker for Mitt and his buddies.


  281. Jon Stewart interviews Elizabeth Warren. She will show you how this country is really run. Wealth buys power, tax breaks and makes the Middle Class pay for those breaks. A realtiy based lesson in Republican economic theory.


  282. NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN: This is so very well stated by Jon Stewart
    A thing of beauty


  283. Facts!


  284. “Herman Cain goes out because he played Newt Gingrich in blackface. ”

    Do you realize how brilliant you are? That line is so insightful and used so delicately. I am in awe of you. Please seek an agent. The literary world needs you.

  285. right on ladies!

  286. On what basis do you call them lesbians? What are you, 12?

  287. Class act Gabrielle surely knows much more about her good friend Debbie W-S than ni-class UAW who has never met her.

    Seriously, did you need to exploit Gabby in order to get your insult of Debbie a little air time?

  288. You two old lesbians sure can write!
    What a hoot!

  289. Ann Coulter blasts NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN for being a sleeze ball.


  290. I admire Debbie Wasserman Schultz as well. Such a loss that Gabby must leave to heal.

  291. UAW- for you.
    cuz some of yours have made me laugh :-)


    real life is too busy right now to stay and read what folks are saying but happy to see Helen and Margaret both here.
    thanks for having us all in!

  292. Why do you dislike Debbie Wasserman Schulz? I am not being smart I just want to understand why you and others don’t like her.


  293. Yes…Gabby Giffords is a class act…..
    Not the words I was think of for Debbie Wasserman Schulz…..

  294. Love t!

  295. Gabby Giffords resigned today. Gabby is such a class act.


  296. I don’t think Romney is “shifty”, analytical, rigid, unbending, yes! A good article to read:
    The Dark Side of Mitt Romney | Politics | Vanity Fair

    As to putting your money in the Caymans that is no different than the corporations who use the state of Delaware as their home office. The Caymans are an offshore territory of the UK and abide by their laws. Would you have a problem if Romney’s money was in London? It’s all about taxes not hidden secret accounts.

    Sanatorum, disgusting? Don’t see the reason for that statement. Now Newt I feel is disgusting. That man has so much baggage that he would have to pay overweight fees on an airline even if he left his luggage at home.

  297. This is an excellent article on the presidency of Obama.

    The Obama Memos
    The making of a post-post-partisan Presidency
    by Ryan Lizza


  298. How did I miss a new post for two whole days?! Ladies, you are, as always, the best! Helen, you are absolutely right–that man is a disgrace to the proud race of newts, and the current Republican party deserves him. The rest of us, however, do not–nor any of those other clowns. Margaret, you are the Mistress of Understatement. We don’t hear from you often enough.

    I’m hoping Ron Paul runs as a third-party candidate and the GOP implodes. For that, I’d get excited about politics again.

  299. Margaret & Helen are the bomb!

  300. Seal Team 6 defeating bad guys while our commander in chief was cool and collected on TV. Again. I like the pattern!

  301. cynthia…
    all I remember about Dems is “do you want it dry or with sand on it”……

  302. delurker – Anything to keep from taking down the tree and putting all the decorations away. And then putting the furniture back in place! Sorry!!


  303. LOL, Cynthia. You’re in rare form today!

  304. UAW – If the Republicians win and get their way we will be so scr*wed over even you won’t be thinking about more.

  305. cynthia…
    isn’t Obamacare all about keeping yourself healthy before illnesses set in……what’s next…our tax dollars going to the Obama Porn Channel……

  306. Margaret, i just love you !

  307. Cynthia…its just like jogging…..my neighbor does it twice a day(jog)….

  308. UAW – I think you need to slow down on that “staying healthy naturally” regiment. It is making you toooooooo testy.

  309. Jeff????????what summary…..if your talking about the porn….try it….you might like it…..

  310. yes Cynthia….lets see if it true……

  311. Romney is bad; Newt is pathetic. Family values? Christian values? Each of them could care less about either. Where is the concern about the poor and disadvantaged instead of tax breaks for the rich? By the way, I am one of the rich who benefits from the current tax system. Spending cuts and jobs? Unfortunately these two things are diametrically opposed to one another. Like it or not, all spending eventually goes to employ people in some capacity. Cut $500 billion in spending with each person that is employed earning $50,000 a year and you will have to fire 10 million people. You then stop getting all the tax revenue those fired were paying. If you don’t cut large numbers like $500 billion, you don’t do any good about our deficit and debt. Smaller government? What do they want to cut out? It doesn’t matter what it is, you get more unemployed. Balanced budget amendment? Ok, today we are about $1.5 trillion in the hole. To save $1.5 trillion in spending (at $50,000 per person employed) you have to fire 30 million people. But then there is the interest on our $15 trillion debt of around $500 billion. That’s another 10 million or so more unemployed. Then there is paying down a little of the debt – say $250 billion. That’s another 5 million out of work. Spending cuts is an irrational and almost insane solution to jobs.

    On the other hand, let’s say you don’t yet cut anything and simply raise revenue by taxing the very rich. By the way, keep in mind that all these cuts lead to substantial loss of tax revenue as well as a major reduction of our GDP. If people lose their jobs, they don’t pay taxes and don’t consume anything in the economy. Increased tax revenue lowers the deficit and nobody gets fired. You could even hire new employees for things like infastructure projects. Again, like it or not, the government is our largest single employer!

    Like our current tax system? Prior to Reagan, the maximum income tax rate was 70% or higher for more than 40 years. Reagan alone tripled our national debt with his tax cuts. G.H. Bush added another $1.5 trillion or so. Clinton RAISED taxes, added 20 million new jobs, reduced our debt every year of his two terms, and actually had supluses his last three years. G.W. Bush cut taxes again, our debt sky-rocketed while he added only 1 million new jobs in 8 years. Kind of get the picture? Cut taxes and debt goes up; raise taxes and debt goes down. Want more debt? Just cut more taxes.

    Who’s controlling the government spending? It’s actually controlled by the House Appropriations Committee, and the House is controlled by the Republicans and has been since January 2011. The Republicans have further been in control of the House for 13 of the last 17 years! The guys who scream the most about spending have been in control of it for the majority of the past 20 years!! How’s that spending control going?

    Romney and Newt sing from the same songsheet. They actually want to not only continue the present tax cuts, they wan’t even more!! There is no nexus between tax cuts and jobs! There is a nexus between tax cuts and new debt. They also want to cut entitlements for our vulnerable seniors who no longer work. Ok, whatever they want to cut can no longer be spent by the seniors, so our GDP will decline again. If you don’t cut a lot, you won’t do any good. If you do cut a lot, you devastate our seniors and reduce our GDP.

    Raising taxes, and raising them a huge amout is the only scenario that makes any economic sense whatsoever. It is amazing to me that people are continuing to vote for people that are against their own best interests. I encourage all of you to become more informed of where we are today and how we got here. Please don’t blindly follow ANY politician. They don’t serve you; they serve those who line their pockets at the expense of us all. There is a special place in hell for people like Romney and Newt who profess to be Christians while they scheme to get elected even if what they propose is completely irrational and has no chance of success.

  312. I hear what Nancy Pelosi has on Newt Gingrich is:

    Newt was going to accept a 10 million dollar bribe to lift the oil embargo on Iraq.

    I guess we will have to wait to see if it is true.


  313. Wow UAW. That was a well informed, intelligent retort. How many information sources did you go to for that summary?

    Spoken like a true Fox Bot.

  314. Margaret, you made me spit out my coffee.
    God bless you.

  315. YOU GO, GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!

  316. LOL. That was pretty good UAW.

    Perverted, but funny.

    That’ll get a rise in the liberal ranks. :wink:

  317. My but you ladies sure do know how to tell it like it is.
    Good for you! You are a dream team for sure.
    More power to you both!

  318. LMAO….
    take a long hard look….


  319. “And here I thought it was because it was the only s*x you could get! eh?”

    actually it is a way to increase testosterone as a man ages……as good as or better than using drugs….ever see the commercial for low T….I’m doing my part to remain healthy naturally…..


  320. Another great post. Anonymous should get an identity if he expects people to pay any attention to what he says. I say let them have Newt, or FrothyMix, or Romney, or Paul. None of them are electable. Perhaps if the GOP stood for something instead of being against everything, or maybe if they fielded a candidate from a more recent era than the 90s they’d stand a chance. Until then, I’m having a blast watching the infighting.

  321. Sorry. Lost track of the conversation. Never mind.

  322. Who is Jefff?

  323. hey Jefff….
    “Instead we seek out news and information from a variety of sources so as to keep ourselves well informed and open
    to several points of view.”

  324. Cynthia -

    “And here I thought it was because it was the only s*x you could get! eh?”

    That, too. Touché. LOL

  325. “”What can we take from the popularity of PORN in red states?” Simple, really. I’m surprised you didn’t think of it. WE like GIRLS.”

    And here I thought it was because it was the only s*x you could get! eh?

  326. Mother Jones
    Just hours before Giffords made her way into the nation’s Capitol, an unknown provocateur was stalking the halls of the Missouri Capitol, tagging the doors of lawmakers—most of them Democratic women—with images of rifle crosshairs:

    THE CAT INCIDENT: A pet cat was killed and LIBERAL was written on the dead body, which was found by the politicos children when they got home.


    WILL either case be presented on FOX and if so, will it be. ‘just a random nutcase’ and it has nothing to do with Conservatives type of discussion?

  327. Newt, the Family Man, and the divorce from wife number 2. Newt should have quietly made a settlement instead of justifying his 6 year affair and putting the facts in front of a judge. The facts are starting to come out and haunt, NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN.


    Judge Brook Hedge had ruled that Bisek had to turn over most of the records that Marianne Gingrich’s attorneys had sought from her — including telephone bills,
credit card bills, bank statements, correspondence between her and the ex-speaker, appointment books, gifts from Newt and other materials dating back five years. (Neither Newt nor Bisek attended the hearing.)

    Bisek’s attorney, Pamela Bresnahan, had argued that the request was an invasion of Bisek’s privacy and that most of the material was not relevant to the divorce proceedings. But Judge Hedge shot her down, noting that Bisek is “not just a bystander” in Gingrich vs. Gingrich. Consequently, Marianne Gingrich’s lawyers — John Mayoue, an Atlanta attorney, and Victoria Toensing, the Republican talking head and lawyer who once counted Newt as an ally — will have the opportunity to comb Bisek’s papers and seek out information about the secret affair Gingrich maintained while he was rising to power.

  328. “What can we take from the popularity of PORN in red states?”

    Simple, really. I’m surprised you didn’t think of it. WE like GIRLS.

    (Sorry, you just made that too easy.) LOL

    ***rim shot*** (pun intended)

  329. Margaret and Helen,
    What a great post! You are Fabulous! Keep em’ coming, we adore you.

    My President gave a Stompin good speech last night, AND he took care of business at the same time. GO OBAMA 2012!!!!

  330. Obama had the Navy Seals got out two hostages last night.


    UAW: Popularity: Interestingly: More PORN is watched in RED STATES (Conservatives) than BLUE STATES (Voted for Obama). I now wonder if Porn is watched more than FOX. What can we take from the popularity of PORN in red states?

  331. Yes UAW. I know about Fox cable ratings. Conservatives get their news primsrily from a single news source which should disturb any intelligent person as it means information is easily manipulated and focused at the lowest common denominator. You might do a little research in what happens to groups with limited access to opposing view points.

    It is far from popular and in total viewing audience worldwide remains behind CNN.

    If I cared about ratings I and other Progressives could all tune into to MSNBC and then come here and boast Most Watched as well. Instead we seek out news and information from a variety of sources so as to keep ourselves well informed and open
    to several points of view.

  332. even I’ll say it…..WAY TO GO BARACK…….

  333. Ever notice how this President pairs things up? Release of official long form birth certificate in the news while Seal team is doing business on the other side of the world very successfully. Last night: SOTU combined with great photo ops of Gabby Gifford, Leon Panetta and now this AM news release that he was referring to when speaking with Panetta: another Seal team success on the other side of the world.

  334. http://www.foxnews.com/recipe/crispy-testicles-onion-pepper-and-caper-sauce?intcmp=obinsite

  335. thats right Jeff….you really cares what the most-watched cable news channel has to say……???????MOST WATCHED??????


  336. Really JJ…you think I care what Addicting Info has to say about anything……

  337. http://www.addictinginfo.org/2012/01/24/republicans-and-the-hypocrisy-of-flag-pins-image/

    As I watched President Obama deliver a strong State of The Union Address, I couldn’t help but notice the flag pins the President and Vice President were sporting on their suits. I was proud to see how much President Obama and Joe Biden love this country. So I glanced over at House Speaker John Boehner to see if he too had worn a flag pin, and was very disappointed to see that he failed to wear one.

    There is a lot of hypocrisy in this failure. If President Obama and Joe Biden had not worn pins while Boehner did, Republicans would be screaming to the roof tops that our President was insulting America and our flag. I know this because Republicans have done it before. Many Republicans openly criticized Mr. Obama’s decision to not wear a pin during the 2008 Election.

  338. Really UAW. You think I care what Fox News has to say about anything?

  339. President Obama’s State Of The Union Speech. Great Speech!!!


  340. LMFAO…..
    Liberals believe they are generous by giving away other peoples’ money. this is the only reason they want higher taxes. Gore, Obama, Clinton , Biden and the whole lot, only end up giving when they milk their positions for all that it is worth.

    Read more: http://nation.foxnews.com/mitt-romney/2012/01/24/whos-greedy-obama-gave-1-charity-romney-gave-15#ixzz1kRYpCRdc

  341. GO MITT…..


  342. NEWT, The Family Man, impeached President Clinton for a blow job while yelling and screaming about the sanctity of marriage while he was banging Callista and asking for a mistress or an Open Marriage.

    November, here we come.


    The more Newt climbs in the polls, the better President Obama looks. So, Go Newt, Go!

  343. abortion……
    I guess I’m proabortion……prochoice…..
    hell …..I’m post abortion……
    lets get rid of Pelosi and Reid……

  344. Al gore ran for Prez……..separated…..I think she’s always believed there was something going on between Al and many of the women in his life.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1287145/Al-Gores-40-year-marriage-ended-wifes-jealous-rages.html#ixzz1kRSZxq6Y


    john kerry ran for prez….first wife dead…..
    john edwards ran for prez….. wife dead…..
    Newt….running for prez….first wife still alive……
    Just wondering why its apparently OK for Dems….

  345. Newt, The Family Man, didn’t want an open marriage, he just wanted a mistress. Wife #2 was not cooperative – imagine that. Interesting read.


    The thing is, I don’t think Newt Gingrich was actually asking for an “open marriage,” per se. Even Marianne admits that’s her phrasing. What she specifically said that he asked for was that she accept that he have both his wife and his mistress. Which, while we are all having a good snicker at Mr. Family Values asking his wife for this, the reality is that a powerful man having a wife to take care of him professionally and socially while keeping a mistress to care for him emotionally and sexually fits right into the traditional culture that Gingrich is always blathering about bringing back. This was even enshrined in the law of Victorian England, for instance, which allowed men to sue for divorce on the grounds of adultery, but didn’t extend that right to women.

  346. Delurkergirl and Poolman,

    I just read your posts and saw the links and I want to say thank you very much. I am learning a lot from what you write. Thank you for making this forum a wonderful place to visit.

    Margaret and Helen, you have the greatest people who come, visit and make their points of view know in a decent and worthwhile way. (I am the exception of course,)

  347. I think Margaret and Helen should be appointed to the President’s cabinet.

  348. President Obama hit it out of the park tonight!


  350. I just watched the State of the Union Speech, and that folks, is why no Republican of substance chooses to run against President Obama.

  351. Barb,

    In between bible study, try taking a creative writing class. Helen is perfectly pointing out the hypocrisy you represent.

    To you I say: :roll:

    Peace out.

  352. You gals . . or whoever writes this . . are wonderful. I try to do some political commentary, too, but nothing comes up to M & H.

  353. So can this be blamed on OWS, too? (/snark)


    It’s pretty gross and involves someone killing a liberal candidate’s pet, so if you’d rather not have that image in your head just skip it.

  354. Thanks for the great facts. Don’t stop ladies

  355. Delurker, I saw it on HP, looks like, a psychiatrist stated on Faux News that having cheated on wives would make Newt a better president. Tops the cake.

  356. Helen, Jon Stewart agrees with you about Gingrich, the “career marriage sullier”


  357. I have a comment from earlier in moderation.

    I thought 2 links were okay.

    Maybe just me? Hmmm…

  358. This is an incredible blog site that has been gifted to us by Margaret and Helen!
    Thank you both

  359. Well said, delurkergurl!

  360. If Clinton were running I would probably vote for him too. My point was however given what we know now, would you have been equally as critical of him in a primary and disqualified him?

    Newt in my opinion is a good politician, but not Presidential material.
    Ron Paul, brilliant in economic areas, good Constitutionalist, I think at heart a more honest man that 95% of politicians. Foreign policy is a mess and he is a tad quirky. What the country needs he has, so worth considering but end of the day I think that he isn’t Presidential. VP possibilities, and even that in doubt, cabinet position for sure.

    Santorum, his work record, his experience, and how he presents himself, very Presidential. Maybe a tad young, and rules a bit much from the Bible, but we could do far worse.

    Romney. Presidential. Though as others have stated he is a bit out of touch with the common man. I think of those running he probably feels our pain the least.

    Obama. I do not think the man has his heart in what he is doing. I think the job turned out to be very different than what he expected. With a failing education system, failing infrastructure, and cost burden of our new health care system, with social security in jeopardy, debt, I just think we are heading in the wrong direction.

    Corruption is everywhere. Republicans and Democrats are both deeply involved and I think neither has the upper hand on the other. The economy is to top heavy. I am not aware of a society that has successfully dealt with this issue once it became a problem at the level we are at today, short of tragic and severe outcomes.

  361. Helen, you’re one outspoken woman! I love it. Keep those posts coming.

  362. One more thing – my parents aren’t Republicans any more either. They’ve had it. They blame Bush and the current rhetoric. They feel their party has left them.

  363. Hi Benja.

    I have never met any of the candidates, so I’m stuck with having to form my opinion based on the media, interviews and history.

    I always considered myself to be an independent, and was fairly moderate, but the past 4 years has shoved me hard left for many reasons. For example, the distribution of impact of the recession, which highlighted some essential systemic unfairness that need to be resolved. Republicans are working hard against that, and it bothers me. Another part is the unprecedented Republican obstructionism, and the (IMO) colossal lies they spread to scare people into voting against their own interests. There wave of recall efforts speaks to that, from the last big election where people “voted the bums out” without realizing what they were voting in. Another part is the wingnut contingent of the tea party, the birthers, the first lady haters, the extreme rhetoric, etc.

    The worst of it is the way Republicans are getting in the way, EVEN ON THINGS THEY DON’T DISAGREE WITH. They are obstructing for the sake of obstructing, and several have said so openly. Filibusters and obstruction have been around a long time but never to this extreme. Both parties are into power, of course, but I feel like Republicans are taking the people hostage and threatening to shoot if they don’t get what they want. Now that the level of obstruction has been raised, I don’t see it coming back down regardless of who is in power.

    There are crooked politicians and ugliness everywhere you look. It’s not party dependent. But the Democrats want more of the things that I think we need.

    There are also Democrats I can’t stand. I think Gore has lost his mind. I think it’s not fair that Elizabeth Edwards died young while her husband gets to keep on being him. (I’m not saying I wish him dead. I’m saying it’s a shame that she’s gone because she was a much better person than he is.) Rangel should have gone to jail and it makes me sick to see him on TV. Weiner is colossally stupid. I hate the detention language in the defense authorization bill, and am seriously disappointed in both parties defending it. The OWS was poorly organized and failed at getting their message across. Joe Biden is far smarter and more effective than people realize, but he comes across as a big doof. The media leaps on his blunders, and I think his image is a problem. I think Obama has made some bad cabinet choices.

    Fortunately, none of those people are running for President.

    On the other hand, Bernie Sanders (independent)and Elizabeth Warren are heroes who care about this country and all of its people. I like Kristen Gillibrand a lot. I wasn’t sure at first, but I think Hillary Clinton was the best possible choice for Secretary of State. I think the loss of Gabrielle Giffords is really sad. There are many gems in the house and the senate.

    Obama was elected during a disaster-in-motion, with impacts still emerging. I’m disappointed that he hasn’t gotten more done but I understand why, and I am am impressed with the promises he’s been able to keep. He’s not everything I’d want in a President, but at this point I don’t see an alternative.

    As for Clinton, I wasn’t old enough to vote at the time. If I’d been old enough to vote I might have voted Republican since my parents were Republicans. His sexual escapades and the cover-up were gross. I’m offended that he did it in the oval office. Heck, I hold it against Hillary that she didn’t leave him. I think he was a better president than either Bush, though.

    As for Newt and his serial adultery… philandering and power have gone hand in hand for generations. It’s sadly common. But the way he preached and ranted and foamed at the mouth about Clinton while doing it himself is gross, and the way he has defended his behavior is also gross. If he’s repented and stopped that behavior, good for him. I have my doubts. I suspect he’s still messing. I bet Clinton is, too!

    Sorry so rambly! No time to proof-read.

    Mitt and his taxes were probably all perfectly legal. It’s his lack of understanding of the unfairness of the structure and lack of empathy for the people who are suffering as a result of that unfairness that bother me. Among other things… but I’ve written enough.

  364. “Benja” -

    re: Clinton. Now? In a heartbeat.

    re: Santorum being disgusting. I think she meant santorum with a lower-case “s.” I think it’s disgusting, too, but sometimes that stuff just can’t be helped. Try something new that just came on the market: baby oil gel. Much improved lubricity and a resistance to foaming. Also coats any undesirable material so it’s not so sticky. You’re welcome.

    re: offshore accounts. That’s fine. I just wish the laws were changed so the average Joe could play on an even field with the big boys and maybe we could all get ahead. It’s very, very hard to get that first couple hundred $K. After that it gets a lot easier, says Charlie Munger.

  365. Barb, I know you likely felt your rant was somehow helpful. Yet I find it strange that you needed to include it in Helen’s comment section, as it obviously is critical of Helen’s POV in these posts and all those others that are commenting in agreement.

    But to each his/her own. I’m certain you have your own reasons, likely an attempt to “set things straight” from a different perspective.

    As for Christians, the true test of faith is the fruit manifested in the believer. It isn’t what they say or do as much as what their lives reflect. Jesus said the world would know His followers by their LOVE, one for another. The apostle Paul said those who were true believers would possess the fruit of the Spirit.

    Go to Paul’s letter to the Galatians to see those characteristics and compare those with the folks we have running for office. More than once throughout the NT we find the warning: Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Unfortunately America is rife with them, even in the church.

    To Benja, who seems to be in agreement with your rant… Since Romney has been in line for the president for the past decade, I am certain his financial house WOULD show his “Christian-like” giving behavior. The guy is a multimillionaire and can certainly afford to be generous on a very large scale. His biggest backers right now are the banksters, with Goldman Sachs leading the pack. I expect they will want a return on their investment. I’ve also delved into how he earned his millions.

    It is a shame we feel we need to have a “Christian” as president, in spite of our insistence on the “separation of church and state”. So all our candidates have to prove how religious they are. Such a Pharisee-like showing of faith. The white-washed wall analogy comes to mind. Newt has changed sects at least as many times as he has been married.

    From a “believer’s” stand, Mormonism is not the same as Christianity. Many Evangelicals and others have a tough time sponsoring anyone from that “faith”. There are some very distinct differences in the fundamentals. I understand we are a one-size-fits-all people that like to think we are all serving the same “god”, but in reality, “… small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

    I’m not saying there are no generous people in the secular community. There are plenty who give both of their time and funds to charitable causes. To use that giving as a gauge of faith is a very inaccurate way to measure it. There are plenty out there trying to buy a stairway to heaven. Others have different reasons for their contributions. Really our most valuable possession is our time. Where we spend that time is also a testament to our beliefs. Some of us do spend a lot of it in front of these keyboards, for better or worse.

  366. delurkergurl In addition to my question above,. what about Romney do you find shifty. Of what you listed:

    Having offshore accounts is currently a legal act. Is the act of having one of these accounts in your opinion an immoral act? The tax rate was an average over his entire portfolio. Our laws state the majority of his income without deductions is taxed at 15%. Again he is following the law, so why do we pass judgement on him for following that law? Should we not instead change the laws if we have issues with their rate rather than persecute those following those laws?

    “Santorum is disgusting”
    In what way? I am not aware of him doing anything that I would feel comfortable putting into this category. While I agree with his religious points of view, I think he is a touch over the top for the country as a whole. His public and work record do not suggest anything I would call disgusting. He seems to have fought some pitched battles and came out on top. I would think that would make him a good contender for President.

    So I am again wondering is it because of their political affiliation, or do you have some piece of the puzzle I lack?

    I wonder, and this is for everyone, knowing what we know about Clinton, the dress, Monica, lying under oath, over 400 pardons, many to people he had political and business dealings with, would you still have voted for him. If all this had occurred during the primaries, would you have said this disqualified him from being President?

  367. Barb, Helen’s point is not to attack Christians at all. She points out hypocrisy and absurdity. Some of the hypocrites she pounces on are politicians who proclaim their Christianity. They talk the talk but don’t walk the talk. Their actions speak louder than their words.

    She has also attacked some Democrats who have had it coming. Not very often, but Fox News really doesn’t need her help.

  368. delurkergurl
    Great, sounds like you live a good life. I don’t do quite as much as you but I am a regular with my congregation when we do events and I am on my schools board.

    I wonder, your observations on the Presidential hopefuls. Are your observations about them from personal experience, or second hand media observation? I have followed this group for a while now and I am still fairly undecided, but I am no where near as firm on my convictions as you. Is it because they are Republicans, or because you have enough information to know they are bad human beings?

  369. I give more than that, between tithing and charitable giving. It has an impact on my lifestyle, considering my income.

    I fund-raise for charities, too, like Race for the Cure, CureSearch, Living Water International, etc.

    I pay a dramatically higher tax rate than Romney, which also has an impact on my lifestyle, considering my income. I don’t think I’m unfairly taxed. I think he is unfairly under-taxed.

    I don’t bury assets in safe havens.

    I donate my time, though not as much as I would like.

    I give blood.

    I work hard.

    I keep a clean house and a tidy yard.

    I set a good example for my children.

    I listen to my kids and their friends.

    I garden.

    I eat my vegetables.

    I send care packages to military people.

    In other words, I’m a typical progressive!

    Romney is shifty, Gingrich is slimy, Santorum is disgusting, and Paul doesn’t stand a chance.

  370. NEWT, The Family Man, explains his three marriages.


  371. Ahhhhh….a blog post after my own heart. Might wanna look up the meaning of the word “newt” in the dictionary. Comes close to what you wrote about. MisfitWisdom’s blog touches on the ol Newt today and you might enjoy it as well.

  372. Barb, best post of 2012. .

    Interesting article today about Romney. Their tax documents showed that they donated more than 7 million dollars to charities over the last two years, about 15% of their total income. Not to beat the Christian horse to death, but the phrase “don’t do as I say, do as I do” comes to mind. How many of you are giving 15% of your income to ANY charity or anything else you believe in? I don’t care if you are supporting college fund for left handed blue eyed people, are you “making” a difference? Seems to me the man is out there making a difference.

  373. NEWT – The Family Man: Callista defends NEWT – The Family Man’s open marriage ideas. We just need to clarify the Republican Family Values a bit.


  374. You know if all this woman “Helen” has to rant about is Republicans and Christians then she needs to get a life. She hasn’t lived the lives she rants about, her trying to reach into their lives and make innuendos is just gossip. I guess some don’t have lives of meaning and substance that this is what they can do all day. If not having an affair or not being divorced is the major prerequisite to be president then 95% of the United States would be out of the running. That includes Obama, Clinton, Carter, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan, Kennedy, ………. As far as Christians. Get a life. I don’t know which disgusts me more, Obama or people that are not Christians trying to belittle Christians. It’s like a white man trying to tell a Black man to quit complaining. For those that don’t know “Helen” 1) study the bible to see what Christianity is all about. 2) One thing Christians ACTUALLY admit is that they ARE fallible that they DO sin (miss the mark). They ACTUALLY admit they are not perfect and they don’t live in a perfect world. Unlike Democrats that ACTUALLY think they are perfect and do no wrong. They ACTUALLY think they are GOD and need no other. Therefore they have the RIGHT to CONDEMN others. “HELEN” is the biggest of all Hypocrites and needs to look in her own back yard before spreading manure on others. I won’t take the time to read these “Enquirer” blogs unless they spread the wealth. I could write just as much garbage about Obama, Peloci, Reid, Biden, Maxine Waters and just about every democrat, and on and on. These people ARE running our country and don’t deserve to even be on a High School Student Council. “Helen” can’t spread enough gossip that she has to still rag and rage on those that have already conceded the election. and WOW the only thing she ever says about Bachmann is her being guided by Jesus. How horrible someone actually admits to their religion. Obama said he is guided by GOD. He says he is a christian so why doesn’t “Helen” rag on the president? Why isn’t she ragging on the Muslims that want to actually kill her for her lack of religion. Or does that scare her too much. All I can say is if you take this gal seriously, and her rants, then you need to get a life that has more meaning that it must have now.

  375. Margaret & Helen should run for office!!!!!! :-)

  376. Just found you ladies thanks to my sis-in-law. I just know thta I am going to be your biggest fan. I do love what you say and how you say it.
    Congratulations on such a wonderful blog.

  377. This is some funny stuff. Great writing!

  378. Dang it Joe you posted one of my favorites.

    Ha! Casperkidder you just don’t get it but then how could you?

    I may be a thorn in everyone’s side, but I really do think Helen is one of the wittiest wonders of the world, and her sidekick Margaret has sly zingers that even I would be proud of. Just don’t let them know or I’ll have to eat crow.

  379. George Carlin on the American Dream

  380. I like this one:
    Is Romney so indicative of who and what the Republican party really is that the party is scared of what it sees? And I don’t mean an “Oh my god he can’t beat Obama” kind of scared, but more of a “Oh my god are we that screwed up?” kind of scared.
    For all of Gingrich’s faults and delusions of becoming the nominee, he is authentically Republican. He is downright ruthless, perhaps even evil, and will stop at nothing to destroy his opponents. Romney? Not so much. Romney is one of those “trying to be all things to all people” kind of candidates, and let’s face it, with religious nuts and know-nothing tea baggers breathing down the neck of the party, playing both sides just isn’t going to cut it. What more proof do you need? Is losing to Santorum in Iowa after thinking he won not enough? How about a trouncing by Gingrich in South Carolina?

  381. I’m not sure who came up with this, but I like it,

    ‘FAMILY VALUES: Using daughters from your first wife to convince everone your second wife is lying about your third wife.’

  382. Just joking of course…

  383. And here is what you get when you type Colon Newt Colon

    And Colon Santorum Colon

    And Colon Romney Colon

  384. No prob.

  385. Hey! It worked. I just joking put “cool” between two colons.

    WAY COOL. Thanks Jeff.

  386. OK that is way cool.

  387. But honestly, I have to tip my hat to Gail because I think it is odd as well that you would read all the comment twice and “notice minor changes” at the exact same time that asswipe Anon is making the claim. I come here all the time and my comments have NEVER been edited.

    Why does Anon / Frothy get all the luck? :cry:

  388. Casperkidner, you can make that second one with a colon lol colon. Again no spaces.

    My favorite: :oops:

    Colon oops Colon.

    I use it when I see a typo because the answer is No you can’t make changes to your post after you have posted them and if the moderator does it, there will be a “comment edited” remark in the box following the comment.

  389. Whenever Anon / Froth / Frothy posts just type a colon followed by roll followed by another colon. No spaces. :roll:

  390. Try this:

  391. It’s the Congress people. They are the reason we are in this mess. Vote them all out of office and give Obama a group who will at least attempt to put country first and work together.

  392. Santorum didn’t correct the woman. Even McCain had the balls to do that. Remember that crazy haired woman at one of his community rest stops?

    Jeez. The Republicans and their Fox News. Sad.

  393. Well I think I stepped into the middle of something here so I will withdraw. If anyone could provide me with a link or a quick explanation of how to edit my posts, add characters or change the font in my post I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers.

  394. That’s what I thought. Kidner and Anon sitting in a tree. K I S S I N G. First comes lies. Then comes deceit. Then comes Anon… ah WTF Who cares.

    If I knew how to make a smiley face with rolling eyes I would.


  395. That’s right. These two old hags can’t handle my ability to prove them constantly wrong so they change my posts by having their Nazi Matt edit me all the time. The penis thing was a typo but the other stuff was all Nazi Matt. THanks for proving my point Casperkidner. This Blog is fake just like all Liberals and their messiah in chief Obama.

    Personal attacks. Lack of facts. Changing my words. Just what you would expect from these old lesbians and their sheep.

  396. Did Rick Santorum really allow someone once again to say that Obama is a Muslim who legally can’t be President?

    I assume they meant the birther thing, but that was solved. If they meant the Muslim thing, then they are just plain stupid. He’s not but even if he was he could still be President.

    This is what you get from Republicans. How pathetic.

  397. I have never commented before but I follow you on Facebook. I had to come here to say that this post was just way too funny. Love you lots.

    Go Pats!!!

  398. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Newt is a pig. Plain and simple. Everyone who works with him, lives with him or sleeps with him (yuck) eventually has something bad to say about him.

  399. A facebook friend turned me on to this page and for a few days I have been reading some of the content current and past. I have a good reading comprehension so I recall much what I read and noticed what I was reading wasn’t what I remembered. No conspiracy here I assure you. I also notice people like yourself add characters(smiley face) and others add italics and bold face print. I was just rather hoping there was a tool I had overlooked.

  400. Proud to have you as a Texan, Ma’m. These posts remind me of ‘ole Molly Ivins. Another Texas Treasure.

    Margaret, I know you’re up there in Maine. Stay warm and come visit Helen soon. Texas winters are mild, darlin’

  401. Newts got too much baggage in the closet for him to get too much farther but it sure is fun while it lasts.

  402. Just found this new post. Love it.

    You ladies are so much fun. Good to hear from you Margaret.

    Helen, you seem to be doing better. Just takes time, honey. I lost my hubby a few years back. It just takes time.


  403. Now having typed that, I realize tha tI am spending too much time on this board. Good night all. I’ll check in again in a day or two.

    Good night Anon.
    Good night Gail.
    Good night Helen.
    Good night Margaret.
    Good night John Boy

  404. Me thinks Gail is on to something here.

    Nice try Anon. Give ‘em hell Matt.

  405. Oops. There I go with the typos again. Please Matt. Change my post!

  406. Well, here’s what I think Kidner. I think a certain Anonymous poster is hoping to prove to everyone that his posts gets changed. You wouldn’t know anything about any of that would you? Seems pretty odd that you casually read all the posts twice today and noticed “minor” changes and then posted your discovery not too longer after a said Anonymous once again made that claim.


  407. LOL looking back at my typos, I wish I could change things.

  408. I have not posted on this particular blog, but I post on several others and I have never been able to change my own content which is why I inquired. Some of the changes were minor, others were changed quite a bit. To be honest some of the changes didn’t make much sense, so maybe someone is fooling around. Was just curious as I often find better ways to express myself seconds after I hit the post button.

  409. Hmmm. Well, I don;t think you can change your comment after you post it. I supposed the Moderator can delete it etc. Some pretty crazy stuff gets said on this board so I dubt anyone is paying too close attention to be changing things… although some of it probably should get edited at times. I have been posting for months and sometimes I disagree with the hosts and say so and sometimes I argue with other posters but I have not been able to go back and change my comments.

    Have you posted on this site before?

  410. Changes to posts others had made. As I had opened a new browser, I had lost my place so I was scanning through posts and noticed some I had read this morning had changed. So I looked back on my old browser and indeed the content of some of the posts were different from this morning. I assumed the posters altered their own content.

  411. THe Moderator can change things. Other than that, I don’t think you can. Can you be more specific? Changes to the post or to your comments.

  412. I have a question. I was reading this blog earlier this morning. I left the browser open and went to work. When I came home I opened a new browser and started reading again. I noted that some posts seemed to have changed from this morning. I did open my explorer instead of firefox, not sure if that makes any difference but I was wondering… I’ve always wanted to be able to go back and correct errors on posts I make but never knew how to make corrections. Anyone tell me how to change my content after I post it?

  413. Naa not gone, but just picking a fight with this Nazi Matt. I have nothing else to do and I bet he gets a kick out of it. Lets give the man some extra work to do.

  414. I LOVE YOU TWO!!!!!!

  415. Maybe he’s gone? Wishing…

  416. Thanks Helen and Margaret! Laughed till I cried. Appreciate the post. Hillarious!

  417. Of course Matt is…..take your meds, dear.

  418. “…getting your head…” Another typo?

    Too funny. Me thinks you have some repressed issues. Calling women filthy names and a fixation with the penis. You could run for political office for the Repubs as well.


  419. Not that it isn’t obvious but to be clear the penis line was a typo and I am not gay. No worries, I can repost everything a dozen times if needed to get the original content posted. Nice to know I have another distinct honor of getting your head to the point of distraction. Matt edits my posts all the time but I know how to get them through. Bring it.

  420. Margaret and Helen need their own reality show on Bravo! :-)

  421. Helen, you should write a book. It would sell millions.
    You are simply amazing.

  422. Go ahead and laugh, but you people can’t forget that there is REAL news happening today. Aretha Franklin has called off her engagement.


  423. Sorry – that was from me. I’m still getting Google Chrome up on all my machines and forget that it doesn’t know who I am.

    re: Chrome. I am a diehard Firefox fan and Mac user, but there is something wrong with the new Firefox. It’s slower than the seven years’ itch. Chrome really does a great job and is remarkably fast, fast, fast!

  424. Funny, Funny, Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  425. Well, you two are just a hoot! I’m sorry I’m so late to the party around here.
    Count me in from now on!

  426. disparaged -

    No problem. I was just ribbing you a bit. Actually I’m a Hillbilly transplant, and WV went for the North, so I’m kind of all mixed-up. LOL

    re: confederate battle flag. A defeated people never forgets that they lost and they want to hang on to their traditions. The confederate battle flag is important to people here, and regardless of “dog whistle” theories, it has nothing to do with Jim Crow; it is part of their identity and it is important; I see black folks with those flags in the back window of their pickup trucks; they laugh at the Northerners’ getting their noses out of joint about it.

    re: racial stuff. I find these people very tolerant; mixed-race couples and mixed babies are all over the place and nobody gives it a second thought. As an example, I’m a lifelong atheist, but belong to a local church (charity work) and they welcomed me with the proverbial open arms. I haven’t had a single person approach me about my beliefs. About ten percent of our church is black and we all socialize freely; folks talk about “post-racial” up North, but we live it here – at least where I live. (Not to say there aren’t some black soreheads (and white ones too) who still live in the past)

    I don’t mean to go on about the South; it ain’t perfect I’m sure, but I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

  427. Yay!!!! Another BRILLIANT post….and a little something from MARAGRET too! Life is good.

    Has anyone heard from “Auntie Jean” in Hawaii?? I miss her comments.
    Hope she is well!

    Big Hug to Margaret & Helen

  428. Great blog. I’m enjoying the GOP circus. Can’t wait to see who they put up next.

  429. doug, one would think that if Anonymous did not like what he read here, he would simply decline to stay, turn around and go to a GOP site where he would fit right in being as they’re of the same makeup. But no, he loves the fact that he’s offensive, racist and misogynistic enough to get attention from H&M’s faithful followers who want to protect them from such specious people as him, so he antagonizes and deliberately pushes us in hopes of getting any rise from Helen or Margaret. But they’re really smart and won’t give him what he wants. So some of us try to push him away because we know he is a sociopath and sociopaths are frightening. So we have learned to ignore him [and several others here as well] so that we can enjoy our hosts hospitality along with their fantabulous pie!

  430. I see you’re being taxed for bringing up Newt’s hypocrisy regarding his ‘family values’ versus the way he behaves. As has been pointed out, nobody’s personal life is really anyone else’s business, UNLESS the person in question has made a career of disparaging the morals of others. Note that Newt was making his “open marriage” gambit at the SAME TIME he was screaming in Congress that Clinton must be ousted for the Lewinsky thing! You can’t have it both ways — go on and on about others’ behavior and then claim that your own pecadillos are off-limits.
    Thank heaven for the two of yez, Ladies, you give me hope.

  431. Margaret, your like caused me to laugh with gusto. Thank you.

    Remember folks, this is the man who was working in impeaching Clinton for his Monica lies at the same time he was boffing his own mistress. Oy.

  432. delurkergurl, I used to always read Gryphen’s blog, but with it continually being the same old with Palin and her unpleasant terrible kids, enough just got to be too much, so I stopped reading several years go. But I just checked it out and it’s just too funny. Santorum has ‘CUM Bomb’, variations, but with all his lashing out about gays and perverted sex, this could NOT have happened to a more deserving guy.,

    It’s a total hoot and Noot might like having a hoot too, so Santorum ought to call him and ask if he wants to be turned on with that hoot. Thanks for passing on the blog today. Actually for anyone who wants another laugh, go to the site and laugh for yourself.

  433. Where have you been all my life? BRAVA!!

  434. You make me laugh out loud!!!!!!!!!! I love this blog and you are so right I mean correct, so often!!

  435. How correct you are, Doug! ^

  436. Re comments by Anonymous;

    It is typical of the right to look at this fact based blog which points out the hypocrisy of the GOP and try to discredit it by questioning the integrity of the writers. References to old age and private female parts is offensive and mysogynist. This ugly vitriol is a product of a devious and sociopath’s mind bent on distortion of the truth and clouding of fact and argument. In fact, I see no argument or presentation of fact at all in response to a clever and honest expression of frustration over an obvious bigot, hypocrite and liar. Intellectually these comments by anonymous are a complete miss. It once again points out the sociopathy of the current leadership and commentators of the right.

  437. What a rreat to find a new post frooom you! You manage too pt into words what I ithink! keep them coming as iit is going to be an interesting year.

  438. Wonderful Blog. Had me laughing out loud. And like someone else commented Margaret’s understatement was the icing on the cake. I’ve passed this on. Love to you both. Keep up the good work.

  439. Every time I read your blog I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have stumbled upon it. You and your friend so eloquently illustrate what so many folks who still possess common sense feel about this country these days. And while I would love to see you do a cookbook, I believe, if you were so inclined, that you could create a wonderfully masterful compilation of your musing that would surely be a best seller! Thanks for continuing to share with us, your fans……

  440. M & H, thanks for another (Yay!!!) posting of your insight and wit applied to the craziness that is the Repug campaign road show. And, for another another opportunity to point out the need for public campaign finance reform…Newt’s Passion is for the Cash-in.

  441. Pfessor, I did NOT mean to imply ALL southerners are of one ilk and ALL urban-ites are of one and the same because at my age, I truly know better. I did live in FL for a much longer timeframe than ever intended, so I’m aware of the fact that not all people are alike [unless they are sheep]. So please excuse me for the ‘ALL’ categorization, it truly was unintended. I shall be far more careful in my comments from this time forward. After reading all your intelligent and witty comments since finding this blog [quite a while now], I never would have guessed that you were from the south because you sure don’t write like any southerner I know [ha, ha]! I will mind my manners now and thanks for pointing out my assumption.

  442. Sorry, I need to double check my typing before I hit the enter button. My Dyslexia sometimes kicks in and if I do not double check, typos can and do occur.

    I meant to type:
    … imagine the jobs that could have been created …

    … been corrected …

    Yours in service,

  443. One last thought.

    Please try to imagine jobs that could have been corrected if the Super PACs were building long term Jobs rather that tearing down Candidates.

    Yours in service,

  444. Thank you Margaret and Helen.

    I enjoy reading your perspective on The United States, It’s good and bad things, and how we all need to step back and look past the smoke and mirrors of politics so we can see what is actually there.

    This site is here to give people some laughter in their lives. It is not a place for readers to post hate, disrespect, and anger at the authors. Some people may not agree with Margaret and Helen. I am alright with this notion.

    However, if you really have a problem with what these knowledgeable and outspoken women have to say, please feel free to go somewhere else. I am sure that Rush Limbaugh would agree totally with your perspective.

    Oh and by the way, when a person hides behind “Anonymous”, it means that they are afraid to stand up for what they believe.

    Yours in service,

  445. Wonderful post ladies. I’m still laughing and Margaret’s comment was the icing on the cake.

  446. Is that, a crowded clown car, how this, “took me by surprise once or twice, but in a good way with his penis,” happened to you Anonymous?

  447. The clown car seems full but I did not know Kerry, Edwards, and Gore were running, too!

  448. margret…..
    care to report on how many women Newt’s drowned…..
    how about 1st wife dead…..that would be Newt 0 – Kerry 1 -Edwards 1…..Gore is tied with Newt…….
    wonder if google will change the frothy mixture to Edwards after he’s convicted…..

  449. Get thee on TV!

  450. Just read Andrew Sullivan. The Casino owner gave Newt’s Pac $13,000,000.

    Nice bit of change if you can get it.

    The plot thickens.

    Love your Blog.

  451. The only thing Newt Grinch cares about is his pepperoni. And his Bank accounts.

    Callista likes her bling from Tiffany’s.

    Now with his very pro Israel Casino owners cash infusion (How many millions? 5 or 6? after all what’s a million here or there between friends). Gingrich is willing to start a war with Iran in order to aid Israel?

    Since when is a small foreign country running American foreign policy enough to start a war? Of course Kuwait and George Bush 1. Then Iraq and George Bush 11.

    It has gone beyond ridiculous into frightening world War 111 scenario’s.

  452. James -

    I am an Alison Krauss fanatic and was thinking about you today when I heard this song again.

    The lyrics are available, although you can understand them pretty clearly from the song. Also, did I ever ask you if you had heard Muddy Water, by the Seldom Scene?

  453. You two are an absolute joy!!! Love the new post.

  454. WOW! My best friend of 40 years just sent me the link to your blog.
    Incredible! This is the best blog I’ve ever read. You two should go on the road! I’m your newest follower….lead on, Ladies!

  455. Margaret: Ma’am you are the mistress of understatement… hmmm.. maybe I shouldn’t mention mistress in a post about Newt.

    And Helen: Very well done. I salute you.

  456. Can’t get enough of Helen….and Margaret too!
    You two are the best ever!

  457. Yet another hilariously stinging commentary from our ever-witty harbingers of truth, Margaret and Helen. Thanks for being who you are, ladies, and thank you for speaking your minds. This nation needs it, really!

  458. Thanks for posting. I’m concerned that Jeb Bush might be the nominee, since the candidates are all out to destroy each other. What a nightmare.

  459. I am so glad you two are on our side of things!

  460. I am in love with you two. You make me laugh so that I don’t cry about the state of affairs. Don’t ever stop sharing your world with us.
    Margaret and Helen can say it all!

  461. Margaret, what a delight, your humor is still as sharp as ever, hope we hear from you a lot this year. And my dear Helen, once again you’ve proven yourself the country’s best political humorist.

  462. I love it. I can’t believe there are real people out there that think Newt is presidential material. But then, I guess there are a lot of things about this country and its people that I have a hard time taking seriously anymore.

    Thanks for the giggles. :grin:

  463. Hey Joe, did you see this?


  464. Another gem from my two favorite ladies. Keep shining light on the hypocrisy of the GOP. Sane Republicans are coming around – they’re realizing their party has been hijacked by the fanatical “Christian” fringe.

    And, so far as zingers go, no one does it better than Margaret and Helen.

  465. Well that is just the best thing I have read on the internet in AGES!
    You two are my new favorite bloggers.
    Long may you wave!

  466. Funny Post, Ladies.

  467. Helen, I just love your rants! They are all on the mark. Thanks so much for sharing.

  468. Helen, you’ve hit a bullseye again, and I look forward to your comments on the Newt in the future. You are so awesome in the way you can write about something so repugnant and make it so funny.
    Margaret! It’s so good to hear from you! I agree that it would be quite a challenge for Meryl Streep since she’d have to wear such a huge, square prosthetic head.

  469. Helen, you are just utterly awesome! Thank you! I am so looking forward to your commentary as this circus continues. Love ya! :)
    - shireen

  470. I wonder if he had to show ID……


  471. just wondering if anyone here wants to know that Newt was cleared of all violations(that means he did nothing wrong)….maybe he should get his money back….

  472. Great Post!

    (Juneau Joe, best not to respond to you know who….as they say, don’t feed the troll)



    YOU ARE ONE SORRY FELLOW! You might want to find a new home if you are so troubled by what our wonderful hosts write about.
    FROTHY: THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS IN DISARRAY! All of the Information coming to light is from Republican sources.

    Margaret and Helen: You two are heros!!!! Post again soon!!


  474. I almost can’t breathe I am laughing so hard.
    I love you!

  475. What an absolute hoot!
    This is truly some funny stuff. I will pass this on to many of my friends!
    Thank you!

  476. LOVE IT!
    You Girls are the best!

  477. I *love* you gals!!! Keep up the good work, as I depend on you for the true news. The commercial media seem to be chasing these ”celebrities” that I don’t even know or care about.

  478. OMG, I just heard some talking head on the TV saw that there were plenty of people in the SC debate audience and in the state itself who could identify with Newt the Sinner and vote for him! Really??? Good grief! If I were a South Carolinian I would be out on the sidewalk right now yelling, “not me! not me!” But, hey! These are the same kind of ReBiblicans who cheered executions and boo-ed a soldier. Messy, messy!

  479. Wow..really?

    “Margaret, let me see if I get this right. The political party that brought us Family Values now gives us Newt Gingrich?”

    Helen by your standards, you could make this argument about anyone, and you do. You are tired and boring and your record is stuck on autoplay. Get some new material already. Everyone has baggage, you especially. Newt imo has to much for me to vote for him unless it is him or your Messiah.

    “South Carolina likes to say that they elect presidents. They also elected to keep the Confederate battle flag above their statehouse until this millennium so I kind of question their judgment”

    Its called heritage. It is part of their history. As a bigot and an old fart yourself I am surprised you have a problem with traditions. Some of it was good, some of it was bad, but not everything was about your favorite topic, race. I know your not an idiot so you are being purposefully deceptive, and it shows.

    Ladies, no one has cared about that withered of a husk between your legs for a long time. Just some of us have ethics about taking a knife and carving up a helpless life that cannot defend itself from a butcher like yourself.

    As for your history lesson on Newt, there is this new fangled thing called google. There is also things new little thingy called the internet. We know Newt is, your herd of sheep know who Newt is, believe me you have taught your minions well. You have blinded them and robbed them of any possible chance of objectivity, congratulations ladies. Maybe next time when your writers are out and you are lacking content, just make a shorter post rather than bore us with your version of history. The cancer thing is implied and you know it.

    Helen, where was your moral outrage when tricky dicky Bill was with his intern? Don’t you think it is wrong for an older man in a position of power to dominate and abuse an Innocent young intern? Where was your concern about his vows to his wife? How messed up is that? How nice you put your hypocrisy out in the open for all to see.

    Ladies I am not sorry for being harsh but you are a massively popular destructive force to the democratic process. You are so riddled with old age you cant see past your own nose and so backwards thinking I cannot imagine how you make it in the world. Though now that I see advertising I suspect that 2 old ladies are not behind this blog but rather a political action group, but that is neither here nor there. Of course, I realize that WordPress controls all the advertising so there’s that.

    Newt has enough baggage that you can honestly point out his flaws without all the other bullshit and lies. I am 100% certain it is to keep your sheep fixated on the site waiting for your next outrageous statement so you can keep your corporate sponsors and keep the money flowing. Guess that makes you all a sellout.

  480. If Newt owned the truth of his marriage to Marianne his response would have been totally different. His defensiveness simply proved Marianne’s statements were true.

    Margaret, I was actually thinking of the guy who plays Dame Edna for the movie about Newtie. But, hey, that’s just me . . .

  481. it would all be laugh out loud funny (and I did get a laugh out, reading your post), if it weren’t so damned scary. The older I get, the more disheartening and disgusting the people who run the world seem. Maybe they’ve always been this way and we were too young to notice, but the fact that the inmates are running the asylum is just plumb inescapable.
    Thanks for the laugh, Ladies, I needed that.

  482. Margaret, your parting shot totally made my day.

  483. Newt is just what Obama needs to get fired up. Has Newt asked for an open primary in FL?

  484. disparaged -

    ” it’s quite evident [especially in the south], they have no clue what their pols are actually like.”

    Now doggone it, don’t start with that “south-ism” stuff. There are peoples of all stripes everywhere, and as a resident of the South, I can tell you that a great number of people (myself included) – find The Newt to be most repugnant. You realize, of course, that the arch conservatives say exactly the same thing about the urban-ites, don’t you?

    Anyway, M&H. Great post. The most fun you can have with your pants on. Glad I had put my coffee down.

  485. Fantastic post, as usual! I truly did laugh out loud!!

  486. I am laughing so hard but have to keep quiet so I am tearing up now. Kudos to you ladies! Although the SC result was a big WTF moment for me, I had to thank Newt and his costars for bringing out the best in you ladies! And if they are in the race for the next Golden Globe, I say we start the campaign now to bring back Ricky Gervais!

  487. Amen, Amen, Amen…..Very Good!!! Very True! Can’t wait for my Republican BF to read this.

  488. Alan, I agree with your comment wholeheartedly. When will the electorate be required to take a psychological test that would prove they don’t live in the State of Denial, because without education, it’s quite evident [especially in the south], they have no clue what their pols are actually like.

    Again Helen, thanks for your wit to help combat the ignorance surrounding us. To think S.C. could eradicate Noot’s past is beyond the pale. Margaret it is good to hear from you too. Love you ladies!

  489. This is funny stuff…..

  490. “To be honest, Newt recently took a pledge to “uphold personal fidelity to [his] spouse”. He explained that his earlier infidelities were – and I quote – “partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country…” Margaret, I ask you: Is that some good bullshit or isn’t it?”

    As I read this morning, I’m telling myself, wait for it, and there it was, first smile and guffaw of the morning, compliments of you two fantastic ladies.

    Thank you and kudos!

  491. You all are some smart cookies!

  492. “Maybe they should care a little more about what’s going on with all the uteruses (or is it uteri) in Newt’s bedroom and leave the rest of us alone.”


  493. Hy-sterical! Thanks for helping me to start off the week right. Oh, and Margaret, your comment is the zinger of the day. Someone should contact Meryl immediately.

  494. So glad i do not live in South Carolina anymore. 25 years of that kind of thinking was more than enough for me.

  495. Hilarious and so true. I love your posts Helen and Margaret. I forward them to my Republican friends. You should write op-ed pieces and become the next beloved Molly Ivins. (How I miss that wonderful lady).

  496. Perfect way to start my week. Thanks.

  497. “Makes you wonder about Herman Cain’s claim that it was the color of his skin and not where he hid his pepperoni that knocked him out.”

    Just like you said it honey. Republicans hate blacks. When Cain did it he gets knocke doubt. When Newt did it, it was for love of country.


  498. Repub voters – lke their Congressmen – will vote against their own self interests and against what’s best for their country because they come from a place of hatred and bitterness. It is disgusting that a major political party has sunk this low. Pull you heads out of your asses.

    Helen you are brilliant and you make me laugh. Will you marry me? I can be like Newt and then cheat with Margaret… just kidding.

    Love you both. Meant it. Really.

  499. Who are you? I love you? Be my valentine.

  500. Jesus that was funny.

    “so pasty white you can almost see through her, which makes her the perfect wife for a Republican president”


  501. How funny. I love this. Spread the gosple ladies. Newt is HIPPO-CRIT!

    No offense to hippos.

  502. FAN-EFFING-TASK-IT!!!!!

    You ladies are holllar better than a dolar wanna be your caller shoutin out your praise. That be right!

  503. Helen, I still want to be you when I grow up, but today Margaret made me laugh harder than you did.

    Cheers, ladies! I’m glad you’re still here.

  504. I truly wish one of the “news” stations would pick you up to analyze the follies of the Republican primaries. You sure hit a bullseye on this one. Love your point of view.

  505. Funny and True!! I need to get more popcorn. The Circus is only on ring one.

    Thank You Helen!!! This is a great way to start my day!

  506. SMH The hypocrisy is really just too much to bear isn’t it? LOL LOL Thanks for the laugh.

  507. THANK YOU! You two have made my day! :-)

  508. Newt the Hoot! And some people believe Newt is qualified to be President!
    You two are on a roll, Helen and Margaret!

  509. Thanks for the post. It is now on my facebook page for many more to read! Carry on the excellent writing!!!

  510. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! You gals are a hoot and a half! Thank you! You’re an awesome way to start the day.

  511. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! You gals are a hoot and a half! Thank you!

  512. What a fun way to start my morning, reading the two of you having fun! Thanks, ladies, for your continued love of each other and sharing it with us.

  513. WOW!!! Helen, you have hit this out of the park!

    We need to hear from Margaret more often!

    Happy New Year to you two and keep up the good work!!!

  514. Nobody expected GW Bush to become president, but he did.
    Never underestimate the ignorance of Americans.

  515. Love your blog…53 and appreciate all you say.

  516. Fantastic Post, Ladies!
    Helen, you are amazing!
    Hi Margaret…great to hear from you again…you are a hoot!!
    Big Hugs to you both!

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