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Posted by: Helen Philpot | January 20, 2012

John 3:16 or Tom 45:10

Margaret, I really thought Rick Perry would do so much better.  It appears, however, that outside of Texas – the great state that gave us George W. Bush – Rick Perry can’t get above 10 percent.  Worse yet, he can’t even get a little love from Jesus himself.   Rick Perry was going to be the Tim Tebow of the Republican Primary only to be surprised that Jesus loves Tom Brady more than Tim Tebow.  And then to throw salt in the wound, Rick has to find out that Christians gathered in his own backyard to determine that Jesus likes Rick Santorum more than Rick Perry.  I hear, however, that the vote was close.  I guess when it comes to impressing Jesus with how much you hate homosexuals and Planned Parenthood, the Santorum Rick just edges out the Perry Rick.  But then Newt had to come along, a guy  so religious that he’s been a Lutheran, a Southern Baptist and now a Catholic.  I guess he lets his wives pick out his religion along with his ties.  And if you are going to make this about Jesus then little things like the number of wives you divorced in a hospital bed becomes relevant.

If Santorum Rick would just step aside, Newt could surge ahead of Mitt.  Or maybe it’s the other way around?  I don’t know Margaret.   What will Jesus do if he ends up with the Mormon or worse yet, the Libertarian.  My head is spinning and Jesus must be exhausted.

The Morality Play happening within the Republican Party is just ridiculous.   Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass who is the most Christian or whose wife loves him more, and I certainly don’t care how much you hate the sin but love the sinner.  Your morals mean squat to me because they seem to go away once elected.  At this point, the Republicans shouldn’t care if their candidate is a Neo-Paganist as long as he can articulate how to create jobs, reduce poverty, fix our education system and leave the world with one less war not one more.  Imagine how much more we could get done if politicians would just agree to disagree on gay marriage and abortion.  Your church doesn’t want to marry two men… fine.   My church is okay to marry two women… so be it.  Your daughter doesn’t want to have an abortion… no problem.   My daughter decides not to bring another child into the world… that’s between her and her doctor.   When the hell did those two topics become of utmost importance in the political world?

Honestly, Margaret, when is the Republican Party going to pull its collective head out of its collective ass?  When you mix religion and politics, nobody wins.  Stick to mixing Gin and Tonic I say.

Let’s all have a drink because I’m pretty sure it’s not all going to end in South Carolina.  Thanks for stopping by.  I mean it.  Really.

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  1. I revisited this thread to see if Sybl had answered. I don’t know what else is going on here and I’m not checking.

    Farsight, I was nice at first, and when they turned, I warned them that my past would make me counter attack with relish. Yes, I was a “complete dick” because I was throwing back what people who behaved as “dicks” and bullies were doing to me and a few others. They may be nice people but they behaved badly. I explained all of that.

    When a bunch of them voted me off the site, I knew they would eventually get so tired of me and several others, they would essentially leave. I didn’t engineer anything. I was patient, because experience told me what would happen. When most of the bad apples left, the mood improved. Look it up.

    “I left for a long time, because I needed a rest from politics in any form…” Some wrote that people like me had ruined the site and they didn’t want to do much with it any more. They wanted a rest from “me.” Thanks for supporting my point.


  2. I’ll drink to that, ladies…….



  3. James, I have to admit that regardless of your past experiences, if you are the same James that was here a couple of years ago, you were a complete dick!!! I left for a long time because I needed a rest from politics in almost any form. I must admit that the newer kinder gentler James is easier to converse with. I also don’t think you made anything change to this forum.


  4. Slbyl, someone told me I should check the forum and look for your post, so here I am. You provide an interesting combination of bigotry and limited comprehension skills. As the speaker in the youtube statement Iowa Nice wrote, “stop worrying so much about what you know and spend a little more time worrying about what you don’t know.

    I never claimed to be a hero. I was brave. There is a difference. I also know you would have been one of the people who would have tried to kill me. Here is one part of my story so that even you can understand.

    I was transferred to a foreign base in an isolated area. Medics lived in six men quansit huts about 3/4 mile from the rest of the base. We were in our own little world, and squadron leadership was lacking. Our base had the highest suicide and alchohoism rate in the command. An extortion-prostitution ring was well established, and everyone was afraid of it.

    People complained and said someone should turn them in, but now one did. At first meeting I attended our NCOIC shook his fist in the face of one of the men and yelled “I’ll get you if its the last thing I do.” The man complained to the commander who made the NCOIC applogiize.

    They broke a man’s jaw with a board. Rats were thick, and we had cats to eat them. They strangled a mother cat and her kittens and hung them in front of our door like laundry. They tried to burn our replacement cat alive in our stove, but she escaped with a smoking tale and hid under our hut. The men got shovels and tried to dig her out.

    This was not jungle combat, but it was a bother. When a man broke the lock on our window, climbed in and let the others in, they wrecked our living quarters, including knocking our lockers over. I filed a complaint. People told me there would be repercussions and I should reconsider. The leadership promised to protect me, but they had another plan. I would be bait to encourage them to do something worse, so squadron could file heavier charges against the entire group.They didn’t share that information with me.

    I soon became a pariah, and men who had wished someone would stop the bad guys decided they weren’t so bad after all. Some joined them. An unofficial office pool bet on when I would be hospitalized and whether or not I would be killed. A number appeared on the hospital bulletin board, and each day it was smaller. The NCOIC took it down each morning, and told the men to stop, but they continued.

    I didn’t work directly with any of them, but we worked in and around the same hospital. They lept out from door ways and I adopted a karati stance so they would think I knew martial arts. Others were afraid to be seen with me for fear something would happen to them.

    One of the men in our hut was so mad at me, he moved out and took his key. I had no way to stop the men. They came in at night and surrounded my bed. Sometimes there were five or ten; other times about twenty. I taught myself to wake up angry and to trade insults. One night, they held me down and twisted my right wrist where it wasn’t meant to go. Then they slowly twisted it the other way. They told me this was only a sample of what I would get if I didn’t rescind my complaint. That was torture. it gave me a 1.5% disability which is too low for government benefits, and I didn’t try to collect–another example of how ineptly you understand what you read.

    After I woke with a knife on my throat, I got my own knife and rehearsed how I would kill as many as possible before they killed me. It went on for four months. They tried to kill me three times as far as I know, but they weren’t very good at it.

    It finally got out of hand, and the leadership dropped all charges, including potential charges against me. Yes, my nickname became “killer” but I’ll let you guess why. Maybe it was just a nickname for some other than an obvious reason. Everyone agreeded to behave. After my being totally alone, everyone was my friend again.

    I didn’t know until I met someone from the base years later that we were being watched. Odd things began to happen. One by one all of the gang was eliminated through various charges and untimely accidents. I don’t think anyone caused the accidents. They were just fortuitous. For example, the man who broke through our window was cut so badly part of his face was hanging down to show some of his teeth and part of his cheek. I was one who wheeled him into the ward. I should have felt sorry for him, but I didn’t. He survived though with all of the stitches and discoloration, he looked like Frankenstein’s monster for awhile.

    I had other adventures which probably would have not affected anyone here, but they changed me.

    Grad school was like reliving those days because some people didn’t like Vietnam era veterans. Sometimes I lied about being a veteran. Several fellow grad students tried to get rid of me by sabatoging my work or ganging up on me in classes largely graded on discussion. They failed.

    My advisors and other professors liked me. The two job counselors who told my Navy friend and me to lie about our military service were trying to help us.

    Even someone as thick as you should understand farming is a full-time job. I did most of the work and planning. The family helped because it is why farms are family operations. Everyone has a job, and the operation depends on them all.

    When many people piled on me here, I knew they would have tried to kill me back when it was rough. I told my service stories to convince them I was not normal and I would out last them. It was a warning they didn’t understand. I wanted them changed or gone as back in the service and they became surragates for old battles.

    I was not a supply sargeant. I was a medic who ran supply after my promotion. I still took x rays, helped in the dental clinic and sometimes on the ward, pulled call, and drove ambulances.

    I knew some were political bigots as you are, and I knew others merely wanted to keep their cozy echo chamber. I did what I could to irritate, because I knew the miscreants would choose to leave.I took great delight in reminding them of the times I was right, because I knew it angered them. Others who wanted more open discussion also posted. And soon, most of the name-callers were gone. Imagine that.

    I expected a void which began when most of the discussion was between I report and anon. But I also knew replacements would come. The more open-minded old guard would also be back. Again, it happened as I hoped, and the blog became a better spot than it once was. I am proud that I played a minor role in the change.

    I was wrong about Solyndra at first, and I said I was. I applogized to several people when my insults were too harsh.

    Farmers needed the subsidies to survive. NOP and I agreed that they should be reduced or ended now that the ag sector is prospering. We also agreed that they would be reduced to help our government become solvent. You couldn’t even get that right.

    Instead of wrecking my credibility, you have shown that anyone who believes your interpretation of events is a bigger fool than you are. Google Iowa nice and listen to the first sentence. I mean it sincerely.

    I haven’t checked any comments or new threads. I hope everyone is getting along. Good bye again.


  5. Forget the comments – but thank you, ladies, for posting the proposal to agree to disagree. Nice to find some grownups again.

    The pie is in the post.



    FROTHY; What is your military experience?

    FROTHY; Here is Steve Schmidt (of Palin VP fame) talking about the potential meltdown of the traditional Republican Party, Interesting stuff




  7. Maybe we’re all burning in hell and just don’t realize it yet! Colorful may have nailed it. The jury is out.


  8. Frothy Anonymous Troll (FAT): “I am not surprised you do not understand the concept of attacking the idea, not the person. Don’t agree, fine..blast the idea out of the water. To go after the person as Liberals always do is a sign of weakness. It is a shame your time in the military didn’t teach you better. I’ve no doubt a dishonorable discharge is part of your resume. ”

    Wow, looks like FAT is projecting!!! IN THE SAME PARAGRAPH, he does exactly what he accuses “all liberals” of doing! Using his own admissions, does this make him weak?


  9. AlaskaPi: I miss Colorful

    She kind of blew it on her 24 hour burning in hell prediction. I think it will take a while for her to get her nerve back to come on here.

    I just had a note from Jesus. Sorry, that was a nervous twitch. Seems that FROTHY ANONYMOUS GOT IN MY HEAD and I have developed a tick. Dang – I was hoping it was Jesus giving me more information to pass on.



    FROTHY; You Got inside my head? OK, if you say so.
    Honestly: I was thinking what a stupid comment from a stupid person myself. It seems as if you have a severe need to make yourself important by, ‘getting in my head.’ If that rocks your boat – believe as you incorrectly wish.

    FROTHY; SCARBOROUGH was bad mouthing both NEWT – THE FAMILY MAN and Romney. Where is the love in the Republican Party? I need to buy more popcorn. This is going to be fun watching the Republican Party circus.




  11. jeez.
    I almost wish Irish would stop by for a visit and fling a molotov or 2 into the works.
    Even a visit by ole Colorful would be welcome…


  12. FAT – Frothy Anonymous Troll


  13. Slbyl, you are either not very bright or purposefully dense. I don’t ask James or Pfesser because I do not care. they think about one topic or another. I am limited by the scope of my experiences, but I don’t just go out and seek out others in different places in the world with alternative beliefs systems so I can grow as a person. I don’t need to know if your story is true. I don’t care because it is irrelevant to my primary purpose of learning. Now if I wanted to understand James better, I might ask him the context of his opinion by asking personal questions, but the thought of passing judgement on those experience is pointless to that quest either, and that is my point.

    This is a conversation. James, like you are welcome to talk about whatever is on your mind. James talking about himself is not a nefarious act. You don’t like James. You don’t like what James posted. You have a problem so you find a way to shed a negative light on anything he says or does.

    Like Gi Jo Gina, do what you have to do, it will change nothing. If your time is better spend on me, knock yourself out. I am flattered my commentary has instilled upon you to put forth this much effort. In this I know my message has been received and considered and I am inside your head. Mission accomplished. IT is because I have stuck a cord within you as I have Jo that you react so. I disturb the things you cherish and hold to be true and you are lashing out at me in fear. I am not offended. Do your worst.


  14. JuneauJoe,

    Thanks for introducing me to JuanitaJean. Due to you, I went to her site several days ago. Good for a laugh and perspective.

    Keep on needling the FAT. I totally rescind my, don’t feed the trolls, stance in this case (not that you need my approval or blessing). It is obvious that you are getting his goat.


  15. As for the blow me thing, you deserved it as is intended. I am flattered I have gotten inside your head. Another “firsts” feather in my hat. To bad you turned out to be a bitch.


  16. Made me LOL


  17. “Pfesser took me by surprise once or twice, but in a good way with his penis,” must be all the talk about Santorum. Somehow I doubt anyone get a bigger laugh from that comment than PFessor, although I’ll be laughing all night, every time I think about it.


  18. JuanitaJean has another NEWT, The Family Man comment which I just have to get up.
    Hope My Luck Holds Out
    January 22, 2012

    I got an email from Newt today. He wants money. Ain’t that the shoots? The guy has got a half million dollar credit line at Tiffany’s and he still wants your money. (Click the little one to get the big one.)

    Newt, there’s a probloem here. If you and Mitt Romney have all the money in the world, which appears to be both of you guy’s goal, there none left for the rest of us.

    Personally, I don’t think either one of you really wants to be President. I think both of you just want to buy the one thing you can’t – bombs. Big ones.

    I know that because you leaked it. You want us to “bomb” you with money. Newt, I would not be so anxious to remind people that if you’re elected President, you will have nuclear bombs at your disposal. You are missing a few moving parts in your personality, Honey. If we can’t trust you around a mattress, how the fool tarnation are we gonna trust you around a large phallic Tomahawk missile?

    Okay, I’m sorry I brought that up, but somebody had to.

    FROTH; SEND YOUR MONEY BOMB SOON, Newt – The Family Man needs more money.


  19. someone else with a little FROTHY #1 on their chin…..
    your supposed to swallow Sybil…..



    FROTHY; I think you will have your come up ance soon. Sibyl has your number – BIG TIME.

    About helping the village: I person who got one of the cookies said they were not very good and there were not enough to feed everyone. Everyone got a Bible as well. Sarah also said no to using State Airplanes for flying food to the villages, thus we had to use the Post Office.

    FROTHY; I am now thinking that you feel you are making your Conservative Republican Candidates look good. I hate to break the news to you but the opposite is happening.

    FROTH; SANTORUM I have decided that he is a homophobe and talks alot about bestiality which makes me wonder about him.

    Your Blow me comment: That is issue related? Just wondering. You are big on issue relatedness.

    FROTH; Keep chatting. You are looking more and more foolish with each post! WHAT IS YOUR MILITARY RECORD? I have an honorable discharge – can you say the same?



  21. ARE WE HAVING FUN YET!!!!!!!


  22. Gi-Jo-Gina. No one but you said you don’t have the right to question Santorum.

    I’m really hard . One last attempt sport.

    All people who put themselves up for consideration have to expect to have everything they have said in the past to present placed into question, and they should answer for it. What should not happen is this Froth thing you keep doing, or attacking someone’s children for political points. This stuff serves no purpose other than to detract from the democratic process. We need the best people in office, especially now. If there existed a Conservative Democrat who could get things done, he would have my vote. Whoever wins the Republican nomination has my vote, because of the aforementioned record I posted above on Obama.

    So lets recap. Attack every vote Santorum ever cast. Question everything he ever said in any speech. Understand why he believes what he believes and weigh his strengths and his faults against what our nation needs and decide. THen blow me.


  23. Anonymous,

    Perhaps you would like to explain how you can direct attacks toward millions, possibly billions of Liberals around the world whom you have never met or have never done or said anything to you personally, attacks or otherwise. You have no way of knowing whether I have ever met St. James or Dr. PFesser. All you really know is we are on opposite sides of the political fence.

    St. James precedes you here at Margaret and Helen’s by several years. It might be best if you asked St. James himself directly about the retaliatory tactics he has employed against those he believed were attacking him. Ask him why his fellow service men called him “Killer”; about his own brother and some of the people here whose comments he did not like. I can cite dates and times in Helen’s previous posts in the Archives so you can read them for yourself in full context.

    While you are at it, check Juneau Joe’s work early on in helping to co-ordinate vital aid in food, canned baby formula, diapers, clothing and other help to desperate people in villages in Alaska under Gov. Palins’ watch. At the time in the winter, fuel was $9.00 a gallon- – – if they could get it. We sent hundreds of Post Office flat rate boxes that were acknowledged by several lovely ladies up there helping to distribute them over time. When Palin finally became aware of their plight, she offered in front of the microphones to fly down and take them a plate of cookies. Alaskapi could tell you more about that than I can.

    Meanwhile, back at Margaret and Helen’s blog, St. James was busy re-telling his sad tales of people burning to death in a truck fire, how he was mildly tortured, the nasty professors he had in college when he was such an outstanding student, and on and on and on and on.

    Yes, we Liberals at Margaret and Helen’s have a soft spot in our hearts for Juneau Joe. Most of the time now, whatever he posts is just tongue-in-cheek to get a rise out of you. He is succeeding magnificently, isn’t he.

    As for you, Anonymous. I have decided to give you more time and rope before I complete your dossier.


  24. Like


    FROTHY; The same could be said of Santorum. He badmouths gays and links them to bestiality. We should be able to judge him based on his words and actions, NOT JUST WHETHER I HAVE MET HIM. \

    FROTHY; Badmouth President Obama all you want. However, we can have the right to badmouth Santorum, NEWT – THE FAMILY MAN, Romney or whomever as we wish. Both sides can make their points. (What is with you and the Penis thing? You did it a second time.)

    FROTH; Here is a story of Romney, Bain, and the El Salvador Civil War.
    A significant portion of the seed money that created Mitt Romney’s private equity firm, Bain Capital, was provided by wealthy oligarchs from El Salvador, including members of a family with a relative who allegedly financed rightist groups that used death squads during the country’s bloody civil war in the 1980s


    FROTHY; I have more time, if you do.



  26. Hi…me again,
    Like I said earlier, Love the blog!
    But I just don’t get these “comments”. I’m lost.
    This “anonymous” person is F’d up.

    Whatever…guess I’ll just enjoy reading the actual posts by these ladies and leave the “comment” to the whackadoos.

    Peace out


  27. Gi Jo Gina. Look at my last post on Obama and his time in office and dispute any of my numbers. Everything I have said is factual and source able.. We both know you won’t but there you go. Fact is kiddo, you cannot argue points of Liberal vs Conservative values/ideology of any merit. You go after the people, you make childish personal attacks..go after their children. You have shown everyone here what you are. I think we have said all we need to say. Go back to doing all you know what to do. Reposting other people’s content and driving traffic to your other site.

    Matt. Why do you keep editing the content of my posts? Makes one wonder how much you alter other content on here. You don’t strike me as a coward. Why not just step up and speak your mind rather than lurking behind the scenes?



    FROTHY ANONYMOUS: You sure bad mouth President Obama a lot and make gigantic judgements of him without having met him. Why can’t I judge Santorum on his record? Seems weird actually. So, according to you.
    If FROTHY DOES NOT LIKE THE POLITICIAN, HE CAN BE JUDGED SEVERELY, but if FROTHY LIKES HIM (Republican) then he cannot be judged. Is this a fair statement of your beliefs?

    Here is JuanitaJean on NEWT – THE FAMILY MAN
    Newt: My Dream Candidate
    January 22, 2012

    So this is what America has become? An old white has-been greedy pudgy whore of a man who most people hate? Is that what we are?

    Newt Gingrich has a 56% unfavorable rating among all likely voters. Last night on CNN, some Republican pundit said, “Gingrich has more lives than Rasputin.” James Carville replied, “Yeah, but Rasputin would get more votes in the general election.” (Speaking of Carville, don’t miss this, especially the last line.)

    Molly Ivins said that a Presidential candidate should have a little Elvis to them. They’d throw Newt on a spit in Memphis, and serve him with a side of cole slaw. He ain’t got a shred of Elvis.

    President Obama is not only Elvis, he’s Rev. Al Green, too.


    Tnank You Gaki for confirming my thoughts.

    FROTH; You are looking foolish, my little friend. You need to know when it is time to take a nap and I think you would benefit in watching the car video and then take a long nap. I will watch the blog for you to make sure no crazies come on here.



  29. But big works for me too.


  30. Sorry. Meant to type blog not big.


  31. This Anon dude is just plain touched in the head.

    Nice big ladies. New fan here from Japan.



    FROTH; The headache thing – You were talking about you!! Got it. My head is fine.

    FROTHY; You have had a long day!! I had a video for you to watch. A friend just sent it to me and I thought of you. Actually, I thought – I bet that is you in the car. (There is some swearing and laughing so you might want to turn down the sound.)

    FROTHY; You have some weird fantasies. Stay away from my Grandkids.

    FROTHY; Relax and enjoy it! Is that you in the car??????




  33. Sorry Gi Jo Gina. I don’t know Santorum but I met his dog once. If you want to know more about a person then I would suggest you ask that person. Second hand information might make you popular among other Liberals, but out here in the real man world we consider that to be a first date. This however helps me prove to Alaskapie that this is the party of personal attack. You could have chosen any topic, and you chose to attack a person rather than chose an ideological political topic.

    Between Gi Jo Gina’s post above and Slbyl, you still want to hold your ground Alaskapie? Can you be honest enough to admit after all of this overwhelming evidence that I have made my penis?



    Where did you get the ‘My head hurts…’ Not from my

    The sexual deviant stuff – self reflection? SURE NOT ME!

    To me, it looks like you have a fantasy (I hope) and try to project it onto others. Good luck with that.


    FROTHY; Speaking of sexual deviant: Why does Santorum always bash Gays and talk about animal sex? That is a major topic of his. Please tell! HONESTLY, he sounds like a closeted gay when he does that. What is your take on it.



  35. I love myself
    I want you to love me
    When I’m feelin’ down
    I want you above me
    I search myself
    I want you to find me
    I forget myself
    I want you to remind me

    I don’t want anybody else
    When I think about you
    I touch myself
    I don’t want anybody else
    Oh no, oh no, oh no


  36. My head hurts from your logic and questions. You dodge all my questions and then attack me. Bring it and we will se who is wiser.


  37. “FROTHY; YOU ARE A DUMB BLOW HARD. Use your brain on occasion please”

    Either bring it or don’t. Take me on. Show everyone here how superior you are to me. What are you afraid of. You know that everyone will join you and save you as you fail like you do with everything else. Any topic kiddo. Next post do or don’t. I won’t bother humiliating you anymore past this if you cannot step up.

    As for the rest, your sexual deviant side is coming out and I wish to have no part of it.

    As for answering a question of mine, I didn’t ask any. I noted that you probably were discharged based on your attack on children, your sexual deviant nature, your racial issues. Lets see if you step up or turn and run. Next post says it all.



    FROTHY: It was an honorable Discharge. Was that a negative attack by you?

    FROTHY: I answered your question, now answer mine.

    WHAT MILITARY EXPERIENCE DO YOU HAVE? ( I hope it is more than Rumsfeld, Cheney or NEWT – The Family Man, or ROMNEY had.)

    Please tell me FROTH!!




    FROTHY; YOU ADMITTING TO CALLING Cynthia a whore? I sure didn’t.

    FROTHY; Tell me about your military background. You like to bring up military, you must have quite the experience. Please tell!!

    Frothy – ‘Old Hags’ What was the idea or just a hateful attack, I saw it as the latter and that is why I decided again to be a regular on this site. I would drop by a little before that. You welcomed me back with words of hate to the people on this blog so I decided to stay, so we can have discussions such as this.

    FROTHY: I find you to be a sad individual but I am glad you are here?



  40. “Gi jo Gina. I am not surprised you do not understand the concept of attacking the idea, not the person,” says the guy who called Cynthia a whore with no caused.



    FROTHY; You are a master at blasting people, not ideas. Please tell me again why I am Gi Jo Gina? Was it idea based? You called Helen, Margaret and women of this blog ‘Old Hags’ What idea were you talking about then.

    I thought the penis thing was weird – totally you. No comment was needed until you brought it up.

    FROTHY: I like your ‘BRING IT’ You sound like a real tough guy. That impresses me a lot.

    Again, FROTHY: Use your brain – not your penis, unlike NEWT, and make rational decisions based on facts.

    Enjoy your day FROTHY!!

    The Ironic Report for you FROTHY!!




  42. Gi jo Gina. I am not surprised you do not understand the concept of attacking the idea, not the person. Don’t agree, fine..blast the idea out of the water. To go after the person as Liberals always do is a sign of weakness. It is a shame your time in the military didn’t teach you better. I’ve no doubt a dishonorable discharge is part of your resume.

    Pick a topic if my brain is so weak. Step your ass up and prove it. Thing is we both know you will just go link something and run away like you always have. Another character flaw the military I am sure found intolerable. Either way I don’t need to knock you down anymore, you do a far better job showing what kind of man you are than I. The fact James defended you and you threw him under the buss says it all. Step up or don’t.


  43. Best Blog Ever!!!
    Margaret and Helen rock!!!



    FROTHY: I was just thinking about what Sibyl said and your response.

    You, FROTHY ANONYMOUS, are a blowhard and an idiot. This is an open blog and she has the right, and obligation really, to express herself and make comments about you, James or I, if she feels the need and or desire.

    Lord Knows, YOU HAVE SPEND LOTS AND LOTS OF TIME, making up stories about me – YOU STARTED THE DEFINING PEOPLE and putting them in a certain category on this blog, more so than anyone else. I just kind of sat back and thought – weird dude.

    I FIND IT COMICAL that you go back to the “BRING IT’ language. Isn’t that what GW Bush said to Osama Bin Laden just before Bin Laden moved to Pakistan to hide in plain sight. (Let me think, it was President OBAMA who found him and had him taken out by SOLDIERS instead of Drones thus risking his Presidency. Remind me where we can find Bin Laden now please!)

    FROTHY; YOU ARE A DUMB BLOW HARD. Use your brain on occasion please. Sibyl, I am looking forward to what you have to say.


    LINK: Even David Stockman, Reagan’s economic guru is saying bad things about NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN.



  45. I meant points not penis in my post below. I’m sure some high horse Liberal will launch an unprovoked attack about it being something more. I await that attack. Maybe Slbyl?



    Even Chris Christie is saying bad things about NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN.
    There is a rumor that the Koch boys and a few other Billionaires have him tagged as the man to take the nomination, could he be warming up the pipes for the convention?


    FROTH; I expect to be blasted. James likes to hear himself talk and you just like to complain about President Obama, the man who be re-elected in November.



  47. Slbyl, quite a speech. I wonder what motivates you to draft such a document against two individuals that have done nothing to you. Now me I expect it and I look forward to your commentary. Though I will say the gloves will be off, as will any concerns for language. I will call it like I see it. That said.

    James is a story teller. I am interested in only about half or less but I can respect it nonetheless. He has never once went out of his way to attack anyone. He does respond to attacks in a much kinder way than I would. I wonder if any Liberal on here who James has stood up and defended time and again will flat out condemn this unprovoked attack? Not a half assed, apologetic, where they try and see both points of view, but actually step up as James has done and be the friend to them they claim to be and this tramp in her place. I will bet probably not. End of the day, James isn’t one of the sheep, so he is ultimately expendable.

    Pfesser took me by surprise once or twice, but in a good way with his penis.. open minded point of view on topics of a risque nature. While I would not go quite as far as he did once or twice, it tells me the man does it like he needs it, and just spoke his mind. What is there not to respect about that? I will go ahead and answer that. He is not a Liberal, he does not conform, so he is to be attacked and mocked. I doubt he will have any defenders.

    Gi Jo Gina, I will make special mention of you. James has been your biggest champion and you didn’t say a word. So I doubly so say now that you are a disgrace and should be ashamed of yourself.

    Slbyl, bring it. I eagerly await your insightful commentary.



    FROTHY: Thank You for the ethics lecture. I might add that you and NEWT THE FAMILY have similar ethics, as does dear Sarah. If President Obama or President Clinton had children who did not go to school, did poorly in school, dropped out of school and/or got pregnant – IT WOULD BE A BIG DEAL! Well, Sarah – adopts a handicapped child and then has her 8 year or high school child old carry him around the US, when she should be in school
    but then you say – it is off limits. A string of drop outs and out of wed pregnancies tells me a lot, can someone in that family break the tradition?

    Sarah, NEWT – The Family Man, and probably you are the DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO kind of ethical person.

    JANUARY 22, 2012
    In Confident Sign, Gingrich Changes Facebook Status to ‘In an Open Relationship’
    Newt to America: ‘Join Me. Join Me in My Marriage’

    CHARLESTON, SC (The Borowitz Report) – In a sign of renewed confidence, just minutes after former House Speaker Newt Gingrich romped to victory in the South Carolina primary he changed his Facebook status to “In an Open Relationship.”

    Mr. Gingrich made no reference to his new Facebook status during his victory speech, in which he made an emotional appeal to the American people: “I say to each and every one of you: Join me. Join me in my marriage.”

    The former House Speaker used the speech to highlight the differences between himself and the current resident of the White House: “The American people have a choice: do they want a President who issues food stamps, or one who runs up a $500,000 tab at Tiffany?”

    Mr. Gingrich drew cheers and a standing ovation as he concluded his remarks, saying, “In closing, I am staying at the Marriott, Rm. 205. Ladies?”

    In yet another boost, Mr. Gingrich received this nod from former rival Herman Cain: “I am not endorsing Newt Gingrich, but I am endorsing Newt Gingrich’s lifestyle.”

    FROTHY; Enjoy!



  49. Almost from its inception, St. James has been posting comments here at Margaret and Helen’s blog. More often than not they are of a personal nature depicting himself in his own words as a survivor of vicious persecutions. He actually seems to believe himself whatever he writes. And certainly he is always right. Never, never, never a mea culpa.

    For example, repeated recounting of his military service and expectations to be hailed as a War Hero from Viet Nam. A George Washington crossing the Delaware at least. Instead he was greeted by some protestors of the war and took it personally. Did he see combat action? No. He was a supply sergeant. Then innumerable times he told of being mildly tortured. But when backed into a corner to explain in detail, he had to admit he was not a war prisoner like McCain but abused by his own unit after he snitched on them to superior officers. Another time he admitted he has a small military service disability pension. A Section 8 Disability?

    Next he lauded his academic career as grandiose and exemplary but didn’t finish because an advisor was uncomplimentary about his military service. Sure. So he went home to his father’s farm that had been homesteaded and paid for by his family. Eventually he inherited it. His wife and children worked the farm. His wife taught school for many years and supported him with her health plan coverage. No mention of ever having had a job himself. But as a true Republican, he has no problem with government farm subsidies.

    So now he is a landlord collecting rent from his flood ravaged farm. An Iowa slumlord? With these and many other self-aggrandizing embellishments and some outright fabrications, it is not possible to give any credibility to anything he writes. He is strait laced to the extent that there are very few direct allusions of a sexual nature in his comments. Cyber sex is Dr. Pfesser’s specialty. These two have vetted themselves, hardly showing humility as a strong suit.

    Take note that they set themselves up for rejection by coming to an openly liberal political blog in the first place and exposing themselves. Then they are outraged when they are not embraced with open arms. But they do get the attention they crave. Negative attention is better than none at all that they would get on a conservative blog.

    Next time, an expose of Anonymous.


  50. This “anon” really needs to have his meds checked.
    I feel sorry for the REAL people in his life…if there are any.
    Just saying…


  51. 11:46…things that make you go hmmm.

    And for the record I don’t mind the Frothy thing, nor Gi Jo Gina’s thoughts that I am promoting it. It tells more about his personal character than it does mine. What Gi Jo Gina missed in his military training is that defeating your enemy and how you defeat them is equally as important. If you won the fight but lost your honor, its no victory. And as UAW noted, its on his chin, so it makes me chuckle every time I see it.


  52. 그리고 공식적으로 전 거품 일을 마음이나 내가 홍보임을 기 조 자이의 생각하지 않습니다. 그것이 내 않는 이상 자신의 개인적인 성격에 대한 자세한 내용을 알 수 있습니다. 기 조 자이가 놓친 어떤 자신의 군사 훈련은 당신이 그들을 물리칠 방법은 적을 패배하고하는 것은 마찬가지로 중요합니다 것입니다. 당신이 시합에서 우승했지만 그 승리도를 귀하의 명예를 잃지 않을 경우. 그리고 UAW는 바와 같이, 그 자신의 턱을에, 그래서 그것은 나에게 내가 그것을 볼 때마다 킬킬 웃음합니다.


  53. Gi Jo Gina, you made comments about SP Daughter. Again a despicable act. Her mom put herself out there at one time and that opens her up for discussion. Her kids played no part in that. What gives you the right to keep going after them with your poisonous comments?


  54. FROTHY is harmless.

    If you or anyone else wants to call him FROTHY,
    I don’t think he will mind.
    We are both pretty good at accepting our nick names. We both agree that the nick names fit us. (I still do not get the Gina part)

    I am out of here for a while.


  55. Lol. He’s a nut.



    FROTH; I made comments to Anonymous – no more, no less. Sorry you were offended.

    FROTHY; Here is your link to enjoy while I fall in snow: Enjoy!!


    FROTH; You really do need to get a life!



  57. Dang: We have some great new snow so I have to go ski. I was hoping FROTHY ANON would be posting so I could put up some great links. I try to put up great liberal link when FROTHY posts, along with the GOOGLE; SANTORUM and/or GOOGLE: SPREADING ROMNEY

    We have had crappy snow so I have actually had time to respond quickly to FROTH. I bet he will pop in and smell the place up while I am gone.

    Off to fall in snow. I have my links ready for when I return.


  58. Farsight you are just mad because you do not get to be a bigot and not be challenged.

    As for why I am going to post Delurk’s top 50 list, it is not to call attention to me but rather to debunk her lie that these were not personal attacks. She always like to make false statements, then give a variety of reasons why she can no longer participate in a conversation she started. She like all Liberals run from their own words when they are about to be held accountable. If you can show me how to do this without siting evidence please by all means suggest away.

    Gi Jo Gina. I do not care what reason you give for attacking a child. There is no honor in it and you disgrace your military brothers with your conduct. You should be ashamed of yourself. Period!!!


    I like that one too.

    He started out with one, don’t even recall it but then switched to the current Gi-Jo- Gina.
    Me, being less brilliant than FROTHY, had to take a few months to figure out that he was referring to me. That is when Santorum had his strong showing in Iowa and FROTHY ANONYMOUS seemed to be the perfect nickname.
    I kind of look at his nicknaming me kind of like being adopted. He chose me out of all the commenters here for special treatment. It is a show of affection on his part. I will give him similar special treatment to show my affection in return.


  60. What nick did he give you?


  61. A month or so: I came up with FROTHY’S nickname after Santorum got big in Iowa. He gave me a nickname or two about 6 months ago or so.

    I waited until I had the right nickname to join the game.


  62. Just googled it. Too funny. You don’t even have to include Frothy. Just google Santorum and you get it. LOL

    How long has this been going on?


  63. UAW- in light of Rossi’s resignation and the charges against him , we are finally getting a chance to air serious concerns about the Wildlife Dept’s straying from it’s mission here.
    It’s such a different situation here- we have constitutional mandate for wildlife to be managed for the benefit of all Alaskans and for itself.
    The big business big game hunter types have taken over too much of the situation in the last 3 administrations- hoping we see a return to that which makes sense.


    There is real evidence piling up that so-called abundance based management creates as many, if not more problems than it says it will solve and we haven’t been been able to have a public discussion about it .


  64. Google: Santorum

    Then click on the frothy definition. I want FROTHY Anonymous to realize that he is helping to keep FROTHY as a lead Google search

    FROTHY ANONYMOUS gave me nicknames and he said it was ok for me to give him one, so I affectionately gave him the nickname FROTH OR FROTHY. (Just enjoying bantering with each other basically)


  65. JJoe what does that mean?

    “google; Santorum; keep frothy #1″


  66. UAW- the lack of gasline infrastrucure HERE is a huge deal.
    Lots of arguing with the metropolitan majority in Anchorage and the valley over such things. Half of state’s population is clustered in that small area and they mostly just tell the rest of us to move if we say anything (oversimplification but true enough to stand )
    Nome has an option which is being explored right now – in geothermal.
    Hoping they have good luck with that and get off diesel power generation- would sharply reduce need for petro products there.


  67. alaskapi….
    it’s terrible when people use their office to bend laws/save money…..Rangel, Pelosi, Feinstein, Geitner come to mind……
    I don’t eat horns (don’t even make good soup) but I’ve got a couple hanging that I use to hold ice fishing poles and hats…..


  68. Additionally, the times when Frothy doesn’t post for short periods are quite refreshing. Well, unless UAW goes on one of his drunken rudeness sprees.


  69. alaskapi….why don’t they pipe the gas into Nome (less fuel oil)…….


  70. JuneauJoe,

    I think you have hit on the most accurate unique identifier for the troll. Frothy has come back to the comments section on the current post in a rather testy state. He plays the victim card more often than any liberal he could ever accuse of the same behavior. I’m sure that along with any examples he provides of his victim-hood he will not be providing any examples of his posts the earned him the well deserved “responses”. Any post he makes that is over about 4 sentences is so tedious, repetitive and slanted that I rarely even skim them.

    So, spending an incredible amount of time on this blog as a resident troll is not enough. He takes examples of the responses he gets and goes to other sites whining like the victim he envisions himself to be.

    So, Frothy it is. I will only be using it in reference to him as I rarely ever converse with trolls. I am still of the school of thought that direct interaction only encourages the sad behavior.




    Stephen Colbert might be funny, but his exploratory campaign is no joke. The point he’s been assiduously making on “The Colbert Report” is a smart bomb wrapped inside of an absurd conundrum. Simply put, there is no greater force for campaign finance these days than Colbert. By following the tortured laws and starting his own super PAC, Colbert has unleashed a prank that could embarrass the body politic into real change

    … Colbert mocked the reductionist absurdity of the law that danced around limits to corporate influence in politics.

    “It’s how much speech they can express, because money comes from speech. … Money equals speech,” said Colbert, who then challenged (ABC’s George) Stephanopoulos: “Corporations are people. You won’t weigh in on whether some people are people? That seems kind of racist.”

    Is any of this more absurd than Mitt Romney denying culpability for what his super PAC does because, as he claimed in Monday’s debate, he hasn’t talked to those guys in “months”? Or, for that matter, Romney’s contention that corporations are people?

    FROTH; Enjoy (I bring in the Palin child because of the FAMILY VALUES OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, of course. Sarah will have her props (children) around her on stage but ignore them at home. If President Obama had children who drop out of school and have shot gun weddings, it would be the end of him.)



  72. Go Helen Go!


  73. ROTFLMAO…..
    JJ posts something about hypocrites and now Delurker posts about the golden rule……….
    and its “turn the other cheek”….not “bend other and spread the cheeks”


  74. Gi-Jo-Gina, think I have said this, if not here it is again. I would vote for daffy duck over Obama at this point. So yes..if Newt gets the nomination, hell if an alternate reality takes over and SP gets the nomination, they will have my vote. 4 more years of your Messiah will be the end of this nation, of this I am 100% certain.


  75. PFesser- this is for you.
    We’ll see if it gets settled before the hearing. Not much hope that this Gov will really stand for us sensibly whatever the outcome.
    Cool thing for school kids though, hunh?



  76. UAW-
    This is for you. Been watching this unfold here with some horror and a lot of about-dang-time!


    The last 3 administrations have made a mess of wildlife management and thank heavens it’s finally getting into the light of day.




    I see Sarah and Todd are backing your favorite Republican Presidential Candidate: NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN!! I am so very pleased to see them working together – great entertainment. I hear the 17 year old Palin is engaged and dropped out of school – PALIN FAMILY VALUES match NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN’S values well. (rumor has it she is with child)


    FROTH; Enjoy



  78. Surely 8:57. I highly suggest you start your own business, build it into something, then let a competent in-law take over and go live life however you see fit to do so. I promise you it is the closest thing to true freedom our world will allow.




    I agree with PFesser: You can waste your time on this blog going after a few chosen ones but I think it is foolish. If it were an issues, the blog hosts would deal with it. Too much time on your hands it looks like to me.

    FROTH: Enjoy your day.



  80. Wait, what? You have time for other blogs?


  81. No worries then. If you cannot admit to it I will be happy to highlight your finer moments delurkergurl. Maybe it will give you an insight to yourself.


  82. Sorry, Anonymous. My day isn’t going to revolve around you. Have a good one, OK?


  83. Pfesser
    As these attacks come in, for a time I copied them all to a document for later use. As it became the norm no matter what I said, and so numerous, I then just selected the more notable ones. So this is a document that has been created over time, not one I intend to draft anew. Sorry if I wasn’t clear on that.


  84. I thought perpetual victimhood was a Liberal thing?


  85. anon –

    “I will list out no less than 50 such examples I have saved in a document to use as examples on other blogs”

    Think about that for a minute. Why would you spend that kind of time, when you could have used it profitably for your family?

    Remember, this is not real; it’s just electrons. You don’t know anybody here, nor they you. Maybe you have too much time on your hands.


  86. disregard the unintended double negative there.


  87. “I am sorry if you feel personally attacked by me. I try not to do that. I try to focus on the behavior and not the person. I’m not sure I agree that having your intentionally inflammatory behavior called out is a personal attack.”

    Tell you what I will give you an hour to mull it over. If at that time you do not feel the comments do not fall into the “personal attack” category, I will list out no less than 50 such examples I have saved in a document to use as examples on other blogs. Many of which will feature you. We can then revisit and see if we then feel this is an stylized fact or just my opinion.


  88. Sorry, Anonymous. If that’s the definition we’re working with then I guess it applies more to UAW than to you. ;)


  89. Parrot heads untie! (That’s not a typo, LOL)


  90. You’ve misread the rule, Anonymous. You aren’t called to do good when the opportunity presents itself, and you don’t do unto others as they have done unto you. “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. (NIV)”

    Gosh, now that I read the actual wording again, maybe that’s EXACTLY what you are doing. Wow.

    I am sorry if you feel personally attacked by me. I try not to do that. I try to focus on the behavior and not the person. I’m not sure I agree that having your intentionally inflammatory behavior called out is a personal attack. It’s exactly what you want, though. You refuse to be ignored. Most days I can ignore you just fine. Other days I’m angry at you. Today, I’m just sad for you. I hope things look up for you soon.


  91. delurkergurl:

    Thanks so much for the Buffett video. We are having a mini ice-storm here. Of course, I’m at work – again – so the vid perked up my psyche immensely.

    Years back I had a beat-up pontoon boat we used for scuba diving and captain’s rule was that once under sail it was all Buffett music until we made port again.

    I actually met him about 25 years ago at a flight school in Florida. He came up to the check-in counter and announced that he was there to train for – I think – his commercial license. The lady asked his name without looking up and he said, “Jimmy Buffett.” I did a double-take and she glanced up and, not recognizing him, said, “Yeah, right, what’s your name.”

    I looked at her, leaned over the counter and said, “Take my word for it; that’s his name.”

    Good guy.


  92. What is a Curmudgeon anyway?

    A curmudgeon’s reputation for malevolence is undeserved. They’re neither warped nor evil at heart. They don’t hate mankind, just mankind’s absurdities. They’re just as sensitive and soft-hearted as the next guy, but they hide their vulnerability beneath a crust of misanthropy. They ease the pain by turning hurt into humor. . . . . . They attack maudlinism because it devalues genuine sentiment. . . . . . Nature, having failed to equip them with a servicable denial mechanism, has endowed them with astute perception and sly wit.
    Curmudgeons are mockers and debunkers whose bitterness is a symptom rather than a disease. They can’t compromise their standards and can’t manage the suspension of disbelief necessary for feigned cheerfulness. Their awareness is a curse.
    Perhaps curmudgeons have gotten a bad rap in the same way that the messenger is blamed for the message: They have the temerity to comment on the human condition without apology. They not only refuse to applaud mediocrity, they howl it down with morose glee. Their versions of the truth unsettle us, and we hold it against them, even though they soften it with humor.


  93. delurkergurl

    I would say that you and yours should consider the very same. My retribution towards the ad hominem attacks I’ve been subjected to(that you have participated in dozens of times) has always been as a response, and never preemptive. I do unto you as you have always done unto me. If you desire that to change, then change yourself.


  94. For our resident Michigan curmudgeons. We understand about winter up there. Don’t take it out on your freezer, or Margaret & Helen.


  95. PFesser
    I take a spiritual outlook on life and my religion. I share my point of view with those who would listen. I do good when the opportunity presents itself. I give a little time each week to do something for someone that doesn’t benefit me in any way, other than the gratification of doing said deed. Even if I back the wrong horse I have hope that karma will on my side at the very least.

    I understand your point of view, but if Pascal and Gert were given more consideration I think this would be a lot nicer world to live in.


  96. Anonymous, they’re preaching the Golden Rule at church today. I hope you’re able to make it. There will be cookies and coffee after the service. Take two. They’re small. I hope today’s a much better day for you.


    Have you all been following Stephen Colbert’s exploratory campaign? Hooking up with Herman Cain was a brilliant way to get his message heard beyond “preaching to the choir.” I wish everyone could hear & understand what they desperately need to know about campaign financing, etc. We need to insist on getting the laws changed!


  97. You-and-I-know who –

    Cute passing remark about Pascal’s wager, which, briefly stated, says that since the existence of god can neither be proved or disproved, you should “wager” that she does, and live accordingly.

    Of course, that is a fallacy of framing the argument, isn’t it? The question is not one of existence or non-existence, it is actually two: existence or non-existence of SOME (or more than one) supreme being and, if exists, which god (or gods) is/are the right one/s?

    This of course changes your probabilities manifold, doesn’t it? If there exists such supreme being(s), then you are right (YAY!) in one respect, but have a very high likelihood of backing the wrong horse, as it were…

    Of all folks, ol’ Blaise should know that opinions, like gases, deform under heat and pressure. Even our heroes have feet of clay sometimes. Alas…


  98. Gi-Jo-Gina. That is not Bush spending to much time in the sun, we have a black man in the White House now. Bush is no longer President, just thought you should know.


  99. FROTHY;


    Here is a link re: The Prosecution of GW Bush
    I found it interesting




  100. Gi-Jo-Gina, seems you have a new fan. If I were the predicting type, I am guessing many more are soon to follow. Just a wild hunch you know. Sorry I left you for a time little man, duty calls sometimes. You will just have to learn to carry on without me sometimes.

    Everyone’s Puppet, low even for you. As often as I’ve had to say this to you, one would think I would quit being surprised. Cynthia, have to agree, you calling for a 1 on 1 conflict is probably the most hypocritical comment to come from you to date, and that is saying something.

    Blog hosts, we already have you down on your racial slurs, now we have some pretty clear blasphemy. While I won’t take it quite to the level of others, it nonetheless surprises me ladies of your advanced years treading so. I would think a Pascal’s Wager mindset would have taken over by now. Kudos to holding onto your atheist mindset to the bitter end.

    Again I would like to point out it is you and your pack of Liberal sheep here that help cheapen the political process. Your “nothing is off limits” approach almost ensures that the best among us will never come out to lead this nation back to greatness. And that only those elite rich few who are above the care of public opinion to themselves or their family will step forward, almost ensuring that corruption and corporate control keeps a death grip on our nations throat.


  101. FROTHY,

    You heard the results of the vote in South Carolina today then? It seems to upset you. I thought you would have been pleased that NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN, won in South Carolina. He is only on wife number 3 and we are talking about Family Values and the Republican Party.

    Did you finally take your meds?

    It was so peaceful when you were gone but welcome back?

    Frothy: You were missed?


  102. dont feel the need to do anything for me Joe..im sure you are some old child molester and this sex thing you have going on here gets you by inbetween visits. Straight up freak.


  103. FROTHY,

    You had a long day? Did you vote today?

    I pulled these two comments of the internets JUST FOR YOU!! I bet that makes you feel special. Enjoy!!

    I’m hoping Gingrich wins this one & Paul comes in 2nd. The longer all four stay in contention, the more mud will be slung by the candidates & the absolute idiocy of all of them will do some more serious damage to the GOPTP party. They’re all a joke to the rest of the world & denigrate the US.

    It’s hilarious that now they’re declaring Santorum the winner of Iowa. Could there be anything clearer about the GOPTP when they can’t even run their own election without missing ballots, inaccurate counts & declaring a new winner with 8 districts missing? That’s how they govern. A bunch of lying, hypocritical incompetents without a grain of common sense – or any other kind of sense or reality.

    Sarah is a ding-a-lingJan 21, 2012 08:39 AM
    LMAO @ the national evangelical leaders who urged Republican voters in the SC primary to coalesce behind Santorum as the alternative to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

    The Palins could not resist the urge to stab the evangelical leaders in the back.

    FROTHY – feeling at home again??? We were actually glad you had left but welcome back again?



  104. You are a straight up freak Joe. Sexual Deviant, Racist. Quite a resume.


  105. FROTHY;

    Interesting Question. I have seen the Playboy Swim suit edition a couple of times in the past 10 years.

    Now about you: When did you first start talking to yourself?

    FROTHY: We are here to help you through this! PLEASE DO NOT SHITE YOUR PANTS LIKE LAST TIME or you will clean it up!



  106. Joe, are you some kind of porn freak?


  107. Frothy:

    You might get back on the medication. You are sounding kind of FROTHY AT THE MOUTH actually.



  108. Mariah it is a shame you like our hosts are such bigots. Go live your life and let others live theirs.


  109. Hello Gang, I just wanted to pop in for one hot minute to let ya’ll know I’m still here, cool as a cucumber and fresh as a daisy on a fine spring day. No fire has befallen me. So much for the supposed almighty power of Colorful’s god who doesn’t even have the wherewithal to take me up on a simple dare.

    Meanwhile, I send my love to you, Helen and Margaret, and I wish peace and good will to all the good folks who support this fine blog.


  110. Can someone translate for me this JuneauJoe person?


  111. FROTHY; You sound troubled? You feel there is a conspiracy against you?
    Oh My? You are a fine detective and I am sure you will screw up the investigation like you do most things.

    Why the anger? You still upset that you were not able to get Helen and I blocked from this blog? Can I help in any way? I hate to see you upset?



  112. I noticed on review of some old posts from those I had saved that some posts have had their content modified, added to, or just flat out changed. I would like to know how long this has been going on, to what extent, and most importantly why? It has to be someone with administrator rights.


  113. Poor Mitt Romney! I just heard his concession speech and he is upset. He paid for this election so damn it, he deserves it!!

    Mitt spent as much, or more, time saying NEWT, THE FAMILY MAN, is the wrong person for the job than anything else. I am actually feeling kind of sorry for Mitt. He says he is in it until the end though. He spent 45 million of his own money last time, looks like he will be cracking the account in the Caymen Islands before this thing is over. DAMN IT. He will need to get a set of extra special Magic Underwear. He could sell the old ones on ebay and help pay for his election costs, which will only go higher because he came in second. Damn it. On to Florida!!!!



  114. Interesting: The Democrats are throwing a party because they are so happy for NEWT, The Family Man. Lots of People are happy for you NEWT with your win in South Carolina! Republicans are serious about Anybody but Romney!!!



  115. NEWT, The Family man wins!!! The Party of Family Values sure knows how to pick em.

    Here is a link to honor NEWT, The Family Man!!! ENJOY!!



  116. GO NEWT….
    haven’t seen what Cain/Colbert got


  117. got that NOP…what James said…..


    translation: got some FROTHY#1 on your chin


  118. Eric, yes to all of the questioins

    NOP, big horn sheep would kill for that bone mass on your forehead. For someone so smart you are one of the densest people I’ve met. You were as wrong about my comments as you were about the flood which changed our lives. Your lack of mental agility is astounding.

    You wrote what I interpreted to be an accusation that I “got” my good fortune and having it was somehow unfair. I have given hints but down played events in my life.

    You have no idea how what we survived or what happened to me in the service. You are also clueless about how we help our neighbors, including helping fund the food bank. You apparently forgot or didn’t read my offer to help delurkergurl when she wrote her father didn’t have medication because of a temporary money shortage. Its unseemly to brag about that sort of thing. I’m doing it now to set the record straight.

    As Juneau Joe noted, I did thank good luck. We were blessed with good luck when we needed it. Cynthia is right. I can defend myself on line or in person, and I can do it alone. But it really does a heart good to hear a few words of defense.

    I am rightly proud, and I’ll be damned if I let someone like you intimidate me into feeling guilty because others are unfortunate.

    No, it was easier to let the hatred that rules your heart jump to conclusions and excoriate me for something I didn’t say or do.

    You hurt me when no one else was able to. I trusted you. My superior officers asked me to help catch some bad guys. I trusted them also. They didn’t tell me they were using me as bait and wanted violent things to happen to me to press heavier charges against them. Since then, I ask myself when I meet a new group, including this lot, “Which of you would try to kill me if you were back then?”

    I know that is sick, but at last I have found someone sicker than I. You are a puppet to the dark anger which blinds you to reality.

    Most people won’t care. Some will cheer. Maybe one or two will miss me, but you all will eventually forget me. Maybe I will return, and maybe I won’t. I do know that if I stay, my anger at NOP will evolve into hatred, and I will not feel that again.

    You know I like drama, so here it is, and you get the last word. I won’t be reading what you write.

    This is for you NOP Heed the message.

    “The words that you wrote me made me stop and wonder why
    But I guess you felt like you had to set things right
    Just remember this, my girl, when you look up in the sky
    You can see the stars and still not see the light, that’s right

    Well, I know it wasn’t you who held me down
    Heaven knows it wasn’t you who set me free
    So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
    And we never even know we have the key

    But me, I’m already gone
    And I’m feeling strong
    I will sing this victory song
    ‘Cause I’m already gone

    Yes, I’m already gone
    Already gone, all right, nighty night

    The Eagles


  119. Texas Lies! Drinking water with too much radiation so they CHANGE THE TEST RESULTS! This Crap is why we need the EPA!!!


  120. Thank you, wise woman. Keep telling it with humor and perspective.


  121. So well said, as always!


  122. Mrs. Philpot,

    I am another of the “Data Diggers”, here with the question of the week. It is divided into four broad classifications of Genetic Modification (GM). Participation in answering the questions is entirely voluntary.

    1. How do you feel about human GM? Approve, Disapprove, Don’t know.

    2. How do you feel about plant GM? Approve, Disapprove, Don’t know.

    3. How do you feel about GM in medicine, e.g., disease carrying mosquitoes? Approve, Disapprove. Don’t know.

    4. How do you feel about GM in microbes, e.g., biofuels? Approve. Disapprove. Don’t know.

    Your age category: 20-30; 30-40; 40-50; 50-60; 60-70; 70-80; 80+.

    6. Gender.

    7. General geographic area of your residence within the U. S.:
    Deep South; East; Far-West; Mid-West; West.

    8. Country other than the U. S.

    Thank you,



  123. Poolman: That is terrible! The next step is to keep those who would vote against Republicans from voting. My guess is that there will be a ID law and a purging of voter rolls of areas that vote Democratic.

    Here is another one: VOUCHERS: A wonderful way to get funding to Christian Schools. So, you and I are funding Religious Education. There is concern on the Religious Right that no money go to Muslim Education, etc so the intent is to fund Religious Right Schools.


    Eight years ago Congress established what became known as the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program. It provided scholarship vouchers of up to $7,500 for 1,000 students. The vouchers were portable and could be used by families at any private school in D.C. Almost all of the private schools in the area are religion based. After 5 years the program was phased out. The program did not produce the predicted result. The children in most need did not get the vouchers. Children involved showed no statistical gain in achievement. The net result was that several millions of dollars were transferred from the federal government to churches through the hands of the 1,000 families involved.

    In the eyes of the First Amendment there is no difference between a Baptist school, a Jewish school, a Catholic school, an atheist school and a Muslim school. Under the establishment clause of the First Amendment, BJC believes none of these religion based schools should receive a single dollar of government support. I agree completely.

    The First Amendment does not allow government funded school vouchers for use at a religion based school. The First Amendment is one of our truest friends.


  124. I think James is quite capable of fighting his own battles, just saying.

    IMO – This is our next fight to get the money out of elections.

    “Last week, the Republican National Committee filed a legal brief in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals arguing that the ban on corporations giving unlimited contributions directly to candidates is unconstitutional.

    The RNC have asked the Supreme Court to EXPAND the Citizens United decision to allow corporations to donate directly to campaigns. And to give as much as they want. With no limits.

    If that hasn’t caused you to mutter amazed expletives to yourself, try these numbers:

    The total cost of the 2008 Presidential campaign for EVERYONE — both candidates, PACs, 527s, you name it — was $5.3 billion.

    Citigroup’s gross profit for 2011 was $60 billion.

    In other words, ONE COMPANY could underwrite the entire campaign of any presidential candidate it chose — and not even breathe hard.”



  125. Looks like Arizona is trying to keep up with Texas in the truthiness of history department. :neutral:

    I’m not sure we’re operated in a post racial fashion just yet.


  126. NOP….WTF…..
    James responds to you for trashing him and you have the nerve to blast him for “bragging”….what an a$$hat….actually that’s being polite…..

    and JJ…..
    “Hey, listen up Republicans, it’s not about the s-e-x. It’s about the hypocrisy.”
    Dems should be listening also…..any comments about Barney Frank running a whorehouse in his home……


  127. NOP –

    James has had his share of hardship too, remember? And recently, too. I can’t think much worse than being driven out of your home and having your fields – your source of income – ruined by floodwater for months and months.


  128. Richard Schmidt –

    Haven’t seen you here before. Welcome! You are bloody hilarious! Well done…


  129. Billionaires are out to buy the White House to get back to the glory days of GW Bush


    At least James said some luck was involved in his success. Most people do not have the good luck which James was fortunate to benefit from.


  130. James, some readers of this blog are down on their luck through no fault of their own at the present time. Bragging about your own good fortune is unbecoming in the best of circumstances, but really repugnant at the present moment, didn’t your mother explain this to you?


  131. Great post Helen.


  132. James: Have a good day.

    I feel we need to look at economies worldwide that are moving forward positively and see if there are trends. The trend I think we will find is that if you take care of your workers fairly and make sure that the wealth is not concentrated and getting more concentrated among few people, there is steadiness and growth for the country.. We also need to consider those economies which are flat or moving backwards and make sure our policies are not similar to those countries. IMHO

    There are a few people who are well worth listening to and Bill Moyers is one of them in my mind. His historical perspective counts a lot. He has definite thoughts of the current Republican Party and has the historical knowledge to make a comparison to the past. Here is Bill Moyers.



  133. JuanitaJean on NEWT, The Family Man
    Stories like this should be taught in school as well.

    It’s a Great Day To Be a Democrat
    January 21, 2012

    Confusion is reigning like manure at a horse show in South Carolina and I love it.

    The latest is some sweet Karl Rove karma.

    Just hours after a fake CNN news release went out claiming that Newt Gingrich asked his ex-wife Marianne to have an abortion, a fake Gingrich statement responding to the allegations also made the rounds.

    The Gingrich campaign says the release, which is mocked up to look like an official statement, is a fake. The fake press releases reads, in part:

    “I have said many times, including on the debate stage last night, that I am not a perfect human being and I have made mistakes in my life. This was one of them.”

    Come on, with Newt’s record of mattress thrashing and lady killin’, it is a miracle someone hasn’t started a fake email about him being the ground zero of social diseases in three states and District of Peru.

    Hey, listen up Republicans, it’s not about the s-e-x. It’s about the hypocrisy.

    Oh wait, I forgot that Republicans think hypocrisy is a sacrament.

    Sorry, never mind. Go about your business.



  134. Thanks Juneau Joe. Now I have to leave for now for real life experiences.


  135. NOP’s comment about “getting” gives me a chance to write about Marc Bolan. He had a dream. God intended that he be a rock star, but no matter how hard he tried, record producers and disk jockeys heaped scorn on the funny little guy with medeocre talent. He asked God what was wrong? Why wasn’t he able to fulfill His will? But Bolan got no answers.

    He was likable and a few friends gave him advice for self improvement which he took. He hired new band members and when it appeared he was on his way, another disaster took him down.On occasion, his band’s instruments were repossessed after a performance. Finally he moved to France and spent a year writing poetry, some of which he put to music. He told his wife if he failed that time, it would be his last attempt.

    The band developed a cult following, and then, they decided gain more customers by lowering the price of their tickets. It worked, and people flocked to see the band which compared to others was practically giving its performances away. On a whim, Bolan wore some eye shadow and glitter makeup. His gimic was such a hit, audience members copied his look.

    The luckless, loser had become a star through perseverance, marketing strategy and luck. His band, T-Rex became one of Britain’s top selling bands, and “Get It On” was a hit in the US.

    Bolan and his wife moved the the US to avoid high British taxes. He died in an auto accident in California before he was thirty. Stories of people like him should be taught in schools.


  136. James;

    Great reply and well stated.

    I would like to point out that the Auto Bail out worked, as did the bank bail outs started by Bush and then with President Obama. The Stimulus got needed infrastucture projects going and put people to work which helped our economy. There is plenty to complain about but our economy is moving forward because these were done.

    From my readings, the US economy is generally doing better than the countries that took the austerity approach totally. Again, getting people to work is the fastest way to get an economy moving forward.

    From my limited reading, I see that the countries (Europe) which have strong Unions, living wage jobs, health care for all and support for those unable to work have stronger economies than those who go austerity.

    AGAIN; WHY IS THE PRESIDENT OBAMA STANDARD 60 VOTES IN THE SENATE when it was not for any Republican President. I missed the answer.

    Here is more Bill Maher: NEW RULES – Mitt Romney – quite good



  137. “The economy is improving because policies Obama implemented are kicking in…”

    A weather blogger at Weather Forecasting for Traders, Investors and Businesses wrote “Saying the same thing over and over and over again…only to see the pattern finally change…is not really forecasting the weather But now you seem to have trouble figuring out what was going to happen and when or if the pattern change is going to occur…that is probably a clue you are dong something wrong.” Change the context to the economy, and it means the same.

    The administration expected change long before now. Obama even said if the economy was this bad after his second year, he didn’t deserve a second term. He made an heroic effort, but little worked. His party passed the stimulus plan, Cash for Clunkers, greening home aid, and Obama Care in spite of Blue Dogs and Republicans. Obama Care would have little effect on the economy because it was not implemented until the future, but the other projects failed. And yet, with no new stimulus laws, the economy is showing signs of improving.

    I believe our world economy over time will operate independently as cycles ebb and flow. The European Central Bank’s repo operations are reducing stresses in the region’s banking sector and that helps us too. The cost at which European banks can borrow dollars has declined for nine days.

    Large cash infusions from the European Central Bank and reviving willingness by US investors to lend money shows the banking system is beginning to use some of its large cash reserves. One reason is the long dormant housing market is improving with sales of used homes rising to an 11-month high.

    In China, the manufacturing sector has been slowing, but policy makers have been lowering banks’ reserve requirements so they can loan more money.

    Greece is working on a deal with private bondholders which may prevent it from defaulting.

    The better news and easier money from banks and some governments has a psychological effect on traders, businesses and consumers.

    Locally, the Union Pacific had such a good year, they will spend a billion dollars upgrading their facilities, and some of that money will be spent in our border county. Their new wealth will create many jobs. No one company has ever spent a billion dollars in Nebraska.

    Not all is good. The EU could still blow apart, and many other factors such as war scares or higher energy prices could set us back.

    So, no disrespect to you, but your comment was too simplistic. Neither Democrats or Republicans deserve much credit for the changes. They were like the fictional weather forecaster mentioned in the blog. Human psychology, normal economic cycles and pent up demand play at least as important a role.


  138. Bill Maher talks about NEWT, the Family Man. So very Good!!



  139. Congress nor the President can take credit for the economy.


  140. afjkldjfkldslfjaewjfiomaklsdmoarjiofqjfjifaiodsfaiofpjaoiapsdipajfpfkokopdsakfdopaaposkdaopkfpodfkapokopkfapqefqkopfpkafkkfpapkfpdskpaksdopafsopkasdopfkapokopakfpoakopksapocolorfuljslfjsdjfsjfsjfsdjjlfsdjiswrongwroiklalfkmalkamofjiajoijsofofadosfisdjaijfoaioi

    A new note from Jesus: He said,’ CoIorful I have two women doing my will, let them be. Let them use the talent I gave them.’


  141. My only question about South carolina is, does Jesus prefer delusional sociopaths over cranky Catholics with an obsession about the Nazi Pope and his coterie of rapist priests?? Mormons probably don’t figure much into the minds of the South Carolina Christian Taliban, after all, since they aren’t real . . . you know . . . Christians . . .


  142. I agree with NOP, we need a Congress which puts the needs of people over the needs of corporations and Billionaires. The first Congress had enough Blue Dog Dems (Republicans) that the 60 vote threshold could not be reached.
    The economy is improving because the policies President Obama implemented are kicking in, even with Republicans doing everything they can do slow, stop or reverse the economy. Where are the jobs bills from the Republicans? Even tax breaks when new jobs are created could not pass and that is a no brainer for moving our economy forward. WHY DOES PRESIDENT OBAMA NEED 60 VOTES TO PASS ANYTHING WHEN THAT HAS NEVER BEEN THE STANDARD BEFORE?

    GMO FOODS: It is past time that Genetically Modified Foods be labeled as such. We also should label farmed fish and GMO fish, including salmon. People need to be able to make informed choices about what they put into their and their children’s bodies.



  143. NOP, I earned mine though hard work, good judgment and luck. I didn’t “get” mine. How did you “get” yours?

    Obama had a Democratic Congress he could work with during the first part of his term and look where it got us. Our economy has improved slightly since the present Congress took power. Why do you suppose that is? If you don’t know, I’ll tell you.


  144. LIbertylover, pardon the tardy response to a very good question. You may recall that Perry has been in Texas government for quite some time. Also, any military service is also counted in as a credit towards their retirement plan. Perry himself is not in charge of the retirement plan. He was surprised when that section of Texas government informed him just awhile ago that he was eligible. Considering what was stockpiled in his plan’s account, he jumped in.


  145. Yep


  146. Helen, you have a gift of words. Enjoyed your post – always makes me laugh and shake my head because you speak the simple truth with your one-two punch and jigger of humor.

    Mahalo from Honolulu,



  147. Good Night Margaret and Helen! We love you!
    Off line…………..


  148. No prob. I plan on going in drag. :-)


  149. You’ll regret that chocolate cake week after next when someone says, “Is there a Weight Watchers Convention in town?”


  150. Great blog, Ladies. What ship are you on in that photo?


  151. What DID ever happen to Margaret?? She hasn’t been a part of one of Helen’s posts in ages. I sure do hope she is well. WE MISS YOU MARGARET!!!!


  152. Not if I get him first.


  153. oooo girl, I just posted on a blog thinking it was my iphone text.
    sister girl be lit!


  154. Girrrrrl, I knows your baby daddy ain’t out yet. What cha doing in SC, girl?


  155. Where is Margaret anyway? Did she meet her maker already?


  156. Amazing Grace, Is that you girl??


  157. Is the heater on cause it’s hot in here. How close to hell are we? Do fat women burn brighter?


  158. There be any black people on this blog?
    ALl you white people goin on and on bout politics.
    Ain’t no thang. Don’t make no big diff who be prez.
    nothing gonna change in SC. for sure like.


  159. James, you’re right, I got mine; too bad about you! 2012 give President Obama a Congress he can work with.


  160. Thanks Helen! Appreciate the post. I love, love, love, the “wives picking out his religion along with his ties” bit about Newt. Hilarious! The Newt knows how to work the crowds though. Knows how to lie with a straight face. It is serving him well with his base. They are lapping it up.

    Yes, I wish they would all leave Jesus out of it. You are so right on the money on that.


  161. Cynthia- I agree with James- thank you.
    I had been wondering why Mr Franken was on board with the legislation and what he said makes sense. However, we don’t need a poorly crafted law to deal with the problems though and I hope Congress gets it’s act together and addresses the whole thing sensibly.
    We have way too many crappy pieces of legislation which get tooted up as solving something or other but reality and stated intent never meet up.
    I do have a family member who makes a living writing software and know full well that piracy is a problem but PIPA and SOPA don’t/didn’t really address piracy.
    Just like that wierd initiative which passed in CA a number of years ago where teachers and medical people were required to report anyone they thought might be an illegal immigrant and it was tooted up as being the be-all, end-all of in addressing illegal immigration…
    Yeah. Right.


  162. Thank you for posting that Cynthia. Al Frankin’s letter shows our representatives still listen when we make noise. Theft of intellectual property is a crime, of course. It has happened to me also, but I don’t depend on products from my brain to feed my family.

    The legislation we complained about was well-meaning but contained the seeds of unknown consequences, as we know.

    Thanks for caring about this issue.


  163. FYI from Al Franken –

    As you may know, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided not to bring the PROTECT IP Act (the Senate’s version of SOPA) up for a vote next week. And since I’ve heard from many of you about this issue, I wanted to take a moment to share why I support copyright protection legislation – as well as why I believe holding off on this bill is the right thing to do.

    As someone who has worked hard to protect net neutrality, I understand as well as anyone the importance of keeping the Internet free from undue corporate influence. There are millions of Americans who rely on a free and open Internet to learn, communicate with friends and family, and do business.

    At the same time, there are millions of Americans whose livelihoods rely on strong protections for intellectual property: middle-class workers – most of them union workers – in all 50 states, thousands of them here in Minnesota, working in a variety of industries from film production to publishing to software development.

    If we don’t protect our intellectual property, international criminals – as well as legitimate businesses like payment processors and ad networks – will continue to profit dishonestly from the work these Americans are doing every day. And that puts these millions of jobs at serious risk.

    That’s reason enough to act. But these criminals are also putting Minnesota families in danger by flooding our nation with counterfeit products – not just bootleg movies and software, but phony medications and knockoff equipment for first responders.

    We cannot simply shrug off the threat of online piracy. We cannot do nothing.
    I have supported the approach Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy has taken in crafting legislation to respond to the threat of online piracy – and I appreciate his leadership on this important issue.

    But I’ve also been listening carefully to the debate – and to the many Minnesotans who have told me via email, Facebook, Twitter, and good old fashioned phone calls that they are worried about what this bill would mean for the future of the Internet.

    Frankly, there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there: If this bill really did some of the things people have heard it would do (like shutting down YouTube), I would never have supported it.

    But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take seriously the concerns people have shared. And if holding off on this legislation gives us an opportunity to take a step back and try to bring everybody back to the table, I think it’s the right thing to do. This is a difficult issue, and also an important one. It’s worth getting this right.

    I strongly believe that we need to protect intellectual property – and protect the free and open Internet. I think most people, even those who have expressed concern about this particular bill, agree. And it’s my hope that we can now build a stronger consensus around how to accomplish these two important goals.

    Thanks for reading. And for those of you who have written to me about this issue (even if it was an angry letter), thanks for being honest with me. I’ll always return the favor.
    Al Franken



  164. Grandma Katie:

    Here is a good link about Newt. I found it very funny.



  165. Grandma Katie: Glad to see your post. I have not been your way since the time I saw you. There is a slight chance I might be that way this summer.

    There is a serious attempt to over turn Citizens United. Here is the link to learn more.



  166. Helen, so glad to seer poost! With allthe politics these dys, it is refrreshing to see you posting again.
    Juneau Joe, what a delight to see your posts! They hit thehspot.
    I’m still in samespot.


  167. Bravo Helen. Fantastic.


  168. […] John 3:16 or Tom 45:10 « Margaret and Helen. Share this:EmailTwitterFacebookMoreStumbleUponRedditDiggPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This entry was posted in Funny Stuff, Politics and tagged humor, Margaret and Helen, politics. […]


  169. Bravo! Great Post!


  170. Stephen Colbert had a rally with Herman Cain: He was basically mocking the Citizens United decision. This is really quite good.



  171. IMHO, the Rethugs mix politics and religion, e.g. abortion and marriage because it goes down better with folks than their actual interest-money/power and the more of it the better!
    We the people better work together to rescue our democracy from corporate interests/monies ASAP- the interests that fund all the repug clowns running for president. Yeah, the democrats ain’t angels but they’re the ‘better’ choice in that they do remember to represent/support the 99% some of the time.
    I’m a one note Sally these days but we need public finance reform and we need to work for it together – now. No, YESTERDAY!
    M & H, help me out please -you could say it a lot better than I do….as always! Thanks for the light you bring….


  172. Mageen….He’s already receiving his retirement checks in Addition to his Gov’s salary? How is that possible?


  173. Thank you, again, for wisdom & wit.

    I was hoping one Republican Candidate would Defend the Prayer Banner of Rhode Island’s Cranston High School West. The nasty issue of separation of church and state was raised by a freethinking student….and lo, the ACLU was activated & a judge (of Christian background) agreed the Prayer belongs outside the school !!

    I love your posts. They make me think of Mark Twain…


  174. Libertylover, feel not sorry for Texas upon Perry’s return. With only 2.5 years on his term to go, he too might just pull a Palin! What makes me think that? He has already qualified and is receiving his retirement checks.


  175. Delurkergurl:

    Almost exactly one year ago I resolved to change the way I do business and I think I have done that. Occasionally folks get my goat and I fire off a round or two but I try to make that rare; a bad temper is not a good thing. I try to be even-handed and focus on WHAT’s right, not which SIDE is right. There’s surely plenty of criticism to go around for both sides; these people in Washington absolutely disgust me. At least we nailed their sorry arses on the PIPA/SOPA and kept the entertainment industry from using OUR “representatives” – yeah, right – to screw the public.

    There are really good folks on M&H; some – including myself – are often a little too rough around the edges, but I think everybody wants the same thing, and that’s to carry their country forward in a better condition than when they arrived. I learn a potful from (nearly) everybody with whom I interact; lately Alaskapi has really helped me understand the Alaskan perspective.

    OTOH I am really offended by those who feel disagreement gives them the license to belittle others or name-call, and sometimes I go after them with a vengeance – can’t help myself. That stuff just shuts down the discussion and ruins the fun for everybody. This place can BE really a lot of fun but we have to take care of it.

    Not to get too philosophical there; just my .05.



  176. “PFessor. I wish the Anons would identify themselves with numbers, at least.”

    Well, there’s one I’ve mentally assigned a number to. Definitely #2.


  177. Pfessor, it is a strange feeling, agreeing with you so often lately! I think we have both lightened up a little. ;) I have had so little time for blogs the past several months, even my own. Politics has gotten too infuriating and depressing – rarely fun. And the trolls, how they SUCK!

    But I did recently stop by R’s place. I can’t imagine hanging out in that cesspool often. Is it a man thing? :D Anyway, I was impressed to find you & Poolman kicking arse. Good work!


  178. Helen,
    Thanks again for making my day. I SO agree that god and abortion and who’s marrying who is not what these politicians should be making this election about. But doing that is easier than coming up with a REAL plan to save this country. Which is ok…just means the Pres will have an easier win!;-)

    DiatribesandOvations: I’ve come to that conclusion too. They are gonna kill their chances all by themselves by continuing to open their mouthes and inserting their whole d??n leg!


  179. Carol Stewart, you call out uawtradesman for citing Fox and you write about my idiotic ramblings. Then, you show us what idiotic ramblings are with examples. Next you should work your way up to moronic ramblings. .


  180. PFessor. I wish the Anons would identify themselves with numbers, at least.


  181. Cynthia and Pfessor, Cheers! Don’t let down your guard. The bill will return in one form or another, but victory does taste sweet.

    Pfessor, you might investigate my ancestoral religion. The Sami were only yanked from the Stone Age about a thousand years ago, so the memory is still fresh. They do throat singing, joiking, and dancing. They also sit in hot steam and beat each other with birch branches.Then, they dive into icy cold water. No brush piles for them.

    I have Welsh ancestery too, so maybe we could combine the two traditions.

    I don’t think Colorful is real.

    Good stories uawtradesman.Happy days, but not for us.


  182. James –

    There are “stylometric” softwares out there that make identification of “anon” trivial, and I’m sure you would not be surprised as to who that “highly likely” (>95%) is. Same inability to play nicely with others that has made this person unwelcome on other blogs. Lack of world contact will do that.

    As the ancient Arabs said, “Dogs bark; the caravan moves on.”


  183. Sandra, and Anon the Pfessor is smarter than you both.

    I am not unemployed. I am now a land lord, and with the cash rent, our farm is an interest bearing annuity. My wife and I own it all without debt. That is much different from being unemployed.

    I wish I could be stuck here with little contact from the outside world, but it is different than you imagine. I also do other computer work than this site. If you knew where to look on the internet, you would see it.

    The subpoena problem was solved with a court victory for our Town and Country Arts group and at our next meeting we will make plans for a county-wide show.

    I’m telling you this, Anon to provide perameters for they fantasy world you like to create for me. It should have some basis in fact or it is worthless. I have given you a lot to work with. Have fun!


  184. Republicans have the worst since of humor and are no fun. Stuffy and racist. That’s how I see it. Good thing they are all going to heaven becuase hell is going to be way more fun.


  185. Sorry – we burn the brush piles and sit around them in the dark and tell stories. Left that part out. No naked dancing, though – my neighbors would talk. LOL


  186. Mariah –

    You sound like my kind of gal!

    I have several Wiccan friends and my eldest daughter has a degree in religion (of all things) and has studied the Celtic traditions very extensively. I build one or several brush piles from deadfall on my property every winter and we have a Beltane celebration each spring. Everybody brings their kids and we have a blast.

    Our gods aren’t into that “smiting” stuff. They are all friendly and we drink to their health. Good times.


  187. Helen – you have risen to the occasion once again! You bring a huge smile to my face in this otherwise politically dismal primary season. Thank you and keep on keepin’ on!

    To Colorful: You and your god dare threaten us with fire? I say let the hellfire rain down on me, baby! I dare your god to so much as touch even one single hair on my beautiful body. I’ll even bet my eternal soul that you are utterly full of p**p and that I will still be here tomorrow with nary a char on my supposedly sinful bones. Get a life already, preferably one like mine, you miserable excuse of a loser!

    Bless you and yours, Helen! You rock my world!


  188. I just read this on the internets and found it compelling:

    Of course so much of the GOP hot air about “job creators” is really referring to the worst aspects of competitive capitalism; what is being labeled as job “creation” in such measures as lowering tax rates on capital gains and dividends, providing tax breaks for offshoring assets, undermining the National Labor Relations Board’s power, racing to break unions and pass “right to work” laws, and doling out hundreds of millions of dollars in state money and tax breaks to lure industries is not creating jobs at all, nor fostering innovation that benefits the greater good, but merely stealing jobs from one state to another (along with a race to the bottom in worker protection and decent wages), encouraging financial maneuvers and the merging and acquiring of companies that eliminate jobs and competition, and diverting wages to profits.


  189. Helen- I’m sending you my much tattered SP for VP bumpersticker . I’m thinking you can change her to him and it will work just grand for you there.
    it says ” Don’t want to send her on, Don’t want her back”.


  190. Cynthia –

    Yee Hah!

    I am peripherally involved with a couple of Internet businesses and this morning we did something we have never done: emailed all 20,000 people in our database and asked them to contact their congressmen.

    How gratifying to finally be able to put the skids under those bastards – even if only a single battle. But I think there are more victories to come.

    Thanks to you and everybody else who made this happen. I’m going to splurge a little tonight: I’m going home and have a nice big Grand Marnier, cigar and a nice soak in the hot tub!!


  191. “In light of recent events, I have decided to postpone Tuesday’s vote on the Protect IP Act,” Reid said in a written statement…..

    “In the House, Smith had been planning to hold a committee vote on SOPA in February, which lobbyists on Capitol Hill expected to closely mirror whatever legislative language passed the Senate. While the delayed Senate vote does not necessarily mark a final failure for the anti-piracy legislation, it almost certainly delays any vote for months. During an election year in which lawmakers are particularly cautious about bringing up controversial legislation, the bill’s supporters now face a steep uphill battle to pass anything on piracy at all”….. .

    The Internet is safe for a little while at least. We need to keep working on this to keep it safe from censorship and privatising. I think this calls for another celebratory beverage of your choice. Cheers!!!



  192. Can I get a big ol’ AMEN and a THANK YOU Jesus!!?


  193. if you liked that Carol watch this….


  194. looking for the rest of the story ….maybe Helen will report …..”about a school (in Utah) who won’t let their students name their sports teams “Cougars” because it might offend middle-aged women who prey on younger men;”


  195. I, AS USUAL, love your post, Helen! I read them all, but seldom comment, since you certainly need no correction from anyone. I must note the persistence of uawtradesman, who even has the nerve to REFERENCE FOX! As if it is a reliable fact source. Not to mention the mad ramblings of James. Personally, my preference is a Bombay Mardi, up and very dry. But a gin and tonic will do at the neighborhood pub. (I keep the less exalted gin around for those occasions that do not merit a ‘Bombay’)
    As to uaws’ comment about asia and Canadian tar sand drek, They have already purchased 90% of it BEFORE Obama kicked it to the curb. There is NO oil worth the destruction of the Great Plains. Not to mention our largest aquifer. And NO JOB is worth it. Especially TEMP. jobs.
    You two and Dorli Raines (Seattle 84 yr. old who was pepper-sprayed) are SOUL SISTERS and my HEROINES.


  196. Re: When the hell did those two topics become of utmost importance in the political world?

    I’ve asked myself this for a long time. What do abortion and marriage have to do with running a country?

    Another great post, Helen. I enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts!


  197. Once again you smack the nail on its proverbial head! You rock, Helen, and I definitely mean it.


  198. Its okay Sandra.

    Pfesser is just expressing his usual pompous assiness. According to his M.O., if you don’t agree with him, he’ll overwhelm you with his usual supercilious appraisal of your lack of talent. Soometimes he can be funny, but not usually

    But you are wrong. James is not about to scurry away. He’s unemployed now and this blog is now his only contact with the world. He doesn’t get off the farm very much, except when he’s dodging subpoenas.


  199. and as for transparency….
    “Federal official in Arizona to plead the fifth and not answer questions on ‘furious'”

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/01/20/federal-official-in-arizona-to-plead-fifth-and-not-answer-questions-on-furious/#ixzz1k1OsBNEd


  200. so now that the debate is over…….

    “Canada Pledges to Sell Oil to Asia After Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline”

    “China gets jump on U.S. for Brazil’s oil”

    Oh Happy Days…….


  201. Thank you Ms Helen for adding a smile to our days. We have followed you for several years. You brought us through the Bush years and know that of all things – you are the most consistent and pleasant! You, in the words of distant Louisiana cousins, are a ring-tailed-tooter! Please keep sending us your words of hope and humor. Some days it is really difficult to find either.


  202. Over 4.5 million hits! You go, girl!
    You are one funny lady.


  203. OMG, you are TOO FUNNY!
    I love this blog and YOU!

    You have a new fan! :-)


  204. Are you sure about James there, Sandy? He’s been here nearly three years now that I know of.

    You? I don’t recall a single other post by you. Either you’ve been scarce or haven’t posted anything of note.


  205. ” I guess he lets his wives pick out his religion along with his ties.”

    You, Mrs. Philpot, are simply the best.


  206. Oh Happy Day! THANK YOU Margaret and Helen!!!!!!!!!!

    (Don’t mind James…he is the resident troll…he doesn’t eat much and is harmless. He will scurry away soon enough.)


  207. Helen, You nailed it again and created another gem of a post. Thank Jebesus for Barack Obama.


  208. Powerful stuff, Helen. Keep up the good work!

    James, wow. Get a life, dude.


  209. Delightful commentary Helen, you made my day, now if you could just make them, the crazies, go away.


  210. Juneau Joe, RJ was wrong and so are you.

    I have written my appreciation of the blog before. I do it if I feel like it, and if I write it because some yahoo tells me to, my complement is worthless and insincere.

    I think Margaret and Helen’s egos are strong enough that they don’t need syncophants fawning on them every time.


  211. Pete, the Republicans impeached Clinton because he made his private life public when he was guilty of obstruction of justice and lying under oath.

    RJ, pay attention, to this thought for Pete so it will have company before yours dies of loneliness..


  212. James,

    RJ was right on that one. You are starting to sound bitter like FROTHY Anonymous.

    Just tell Helen, you enjoy her comments is all he is saying, not a big thing



  213. RJ I’m usually right, and I am probably right about you.

    Some day you will find yourself and wish you hadn’t. While you are looking, don’t let your mind wander. It is too empty to be out on its own.


  214. I’m new to the blog and I love it. I wish Helen and Margaret could be my grandmothers.


  215. wonder why I can’t post the link about Dems worried about the election and wanting to lower the voting age to 16…….google Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.)


  216. Good morning Helen and Margaret!

    Maybe we should drop these candidates all off in the middle of Lake Austin and see which one walks on water. :grin:

    Or, I suppose, continue with the primaries…


  217. hey JJ….even I’ll agree that was funny……


  218. Sorry every body. I thought I was emailing this to my niece. As Ricky Perry said, “Oops!”

    Hi Helen. You are wonderful!


  219. […] for something a bit tamer but still riotously funny? Helen and Margaret serve up views on the current political […]


  220. Guessing no one has the answers to the jobs, education or wars, so they have pissing contests about things that shouldn’t matter.


  221. Colorful – yes you are.


  222. Tess, send this blog to your Mama. She will love it. THis woman is in her eighties and what she writes is just too wonderful. I think I will send it to your Uncle Bob. Might get his blood pressure going. Maybe I shouldn’t.
    Hope you are well and the kids are all healthy. See you soon!
    Love, Aunt Agnes


  223. Oh God. Colorful is back. Everyone hide and maybe she’ll leave.


  224. COLORFUL:

    it is so wonderful to see you again.

    I spoke to Jeses last night about Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann and Frothy and even mentioned Tebow. This is what Jesus said

    nlfnklojweoroewirjijojowjorweofoofowofxlasfnlg nankajng werjljwljrljwljr

    Translated, it says: I would not vote for any of those idiots. Those people are crazy, like Colorful. Amen


  225. UAW – she is pointing out the hypocricy you moron. The Repubs have made this “the election to save the soul of America”. The Republicans tried to impeach Clinton. Most of us would prefer that your private life be left private. It is your party who casts the stones while living in a glass house. Just ask Rick Santorum.


  226. I have been watching and waiting for this moment. You have now gone to far and God, the father of Jesus, will punish you for what you have done.

    People of this blog, hear me. leave now or the mark of the devil will be on you. This blog is deemed ugly in the eyes of the lord. Its authors will be burnt in hell within 24 hours. So sayeth the Lord.




  227. come on Helen….lets hear a little bit about Al Gore’s and John Edwards marriages…..


  228. Great post. Pretty damned funny. And well written, too.

    The ReBiblicans made the classic mistake: they cast about for some more votes in the ‘seventies and ‘eighties and Lo! – they saw the Lunatic Fringe Religious Right and they were delighted! Free votes! Just slide a little to the right and start thumping your bible; how much easier could it get?

    Then the baby tiger they were riding began to grow, but they couldn’t get off then, for they might be eaten.

    Now that tiger is huge, and they have ridden it to the end of the road and things haven’t gone so smoothly. Now they wonder why their strategy hasn’t worked.

    It’s very simple: most people are not uber-religious and most have read enough history to see what happens every time we mix religion and politics. The last time, people got burned at the stake and lots of us know about that. There are many, many former Republicans like myself, standing on the sideline and voting in a very unpredictable way – which is to say, ALWAYS against the lunatic fringe. Very disconcerting, I’m sure.

    Get used to it, ReBiblicans. If the nominee is Romney, I’ll give him a look. If Gingrinch or Frothy, forget it.

    Too bad the only true patriot and completely honest man hasn’t a chance.


  229. LOVE IT.




  230. Another post already……Is”Man who has fixation on Frothy # 1 ” stealing your blog…..


  231. Now that is funny. “Religion like ties” and now Newt is complaining because his wife said he wanted an open marriage. Honestly, money really can buy you anything because someone is actually sleeping with that pig. Good grief.


  232. Glad to hear from you again Helen………….you gave me a laugh or twenty this morning. Thanks for being the delightful lady you are. Keep up the good work……………….and I will be always watching for more!


  233. Oh he’ll be back and probably start complaining again about some mysterious site nazi blocking him or editing his comments. What a loser.

    Love the new posts ladies.


  234. This is pure magic!

    People of the world…forward this post to EVERYONE you know!!!!! :-)


  235. Helen, this is FANTASTIC!!!! You are the best.

    (Looks like that “anon” troll has finally moved on. Yay!)


  236. Helen, I had to read it agein!!! You are so very great!!!!! Thank you again.

    LibertyLover: I really enjoyed your Jesus post – very fitting.


  237. I love your perspective. You made my day!



    Hey James, How about giving kudos to Helen for her new post before you start in on your own usual crap? Just a thought.


  239. What a laugh. Helen you just made my day.


  240. I talked to Jesus last night after the Republican debate of the final four. Jesus wept.


  241. I personally will miss Rick Perry. During the time that he was out of Texas, the less damage he did to that state. Poor Texas, they’re stuck with him for 2.5 more years.

    If Romney wins this weekend, expect the Super Pac ad hate against Obama to begin on a TV near you soon. From Here to Eternity (or at least November).

    Love your comments, ladies!


  242. Helen, thanks to you a fabulously good laugh this morning with breakfast. You ladies rock. Love ya!


  243. Yes, Tine, some do. They have a right to their opinions. We have a right to defeat them, and we will, no matter who is elected president.


  244. Funniest damn thing I’ve read in ages!
    Who are you and why aren’t you on Ellen or CNN?


  245. Helen, you keep us sane, and I agree with Lori (you are sooo much better than any of the “official” political pundits) and Lisa, who wants to hear from you more often. I love it when I open my email in the morning and find a post from you!


  246. Let’s hear it for the Red, White, and Blue Hairs!!!!
    You Ladies ROCK!!!!!


  247. Jesus is a jokester: He gave us Rick (pray to stop the fire) Perry and Michelle (Jesus told me to run) Bachmann. Jesus is just kidding around and watching sinking cruise ships


  248. You make my day better every time!! I love you gals–nobody says it straighter or funnier or wiser–


  249. You’re right, James. But the Republiclowns sure think he does.


  250. Great post. Frankly, I don’t care which of them Obama beats in November.


  251. Cheers! I’ll buy the next round!


  252. Jesus doesn’t care who wins this election.


  253. Why are your posts not in national publications? They are so much better than what is out there!


  254. Helen, you are gift of clear-eyed thoughtfulness and delightful wit. Know that you are beloved by those of us who have the same goals — we hope that will be the majority by voting time.


  255. I think anyone who watched the clowns climb out ofm their cars last night needed a little of your humor this morning . Thanks for not disappointing!

    To steal a line from Obama yesterday, in my best Al Green voice. Iiiiiiii am soooo in love with you. ;-)


  256. I love your columns and wish that you would post more frequently! You both are an Nation treasure and I love how you diss the Repubs in every column! Jesus has enough on his plate without worrying about who will be the Repub nom. And as you point out – politicians and religion don’t mix. That’s why the Founding Fathers put that little point in the Constitution. All these fundies really tick me off! Keep up the great work you are doing for the US and it’s citizens.


  257. Thank you again. I mean it!


  258. Dear Helen,
    I just discovered your blog and I am hooked!
    Thanks for your clear and hilarious commentary…. you say it all so beautifully.

    Your newest fan,


  259. ” I guess he lets his wives pick out his religion along with his ties……” Oh, this is rich ! Thank you, girls, for tellin’ it like it is.


  260. Great start to a great day. Thanks, Helen!


  261. GREAT!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


  262. MY GOD YOU ARE FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


  263. Jesus was so busy last weekend, drowning tourists on that Italian Cruise, that he forgot all about his date with Tim Tebow.




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