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Posted by: Helen Philpot | August 31, 2011

Who has the better bouffant?

Margaret, what kind of moron thinks that God destroys entire towns and kills people with a hurricane because politicians in Washington are being disagreeable? What kind of moron? The kind with the bouffant hairdo and a Minnesota accent. Honestly, if God worked that way, Irene would have headed inland towards Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District.

And speaking of bouffants, did anyone catch Rick Perry discussing abstinence? Evidently it works for him personally. I bet Anita is relieved. But I call bullshit. You don’t go to Texas A&M and make mediocre grades unless you’re spending too much time in the girl’s dormitory… or in Perry’s case the large animal vet school. I bet the cows have an opinion about Perry’s abstinence. And considering how easily he switched from Democrat to Republican, somebody might want to speak to a few of the bulls too. 

I just don’t understand how so many stupid things can come out of their mouths considering how often they claim to be speaking for the Lord. Maybe each one needs to see a doctor about the voices in their head. I mean honestly, Margaret, these two manage to speak out of their mouths – both sides – and their ass without taking a breath… or a shit. Now see if you can follow the bouncing jackass:

  • Rick Perry wants Texas to secede because Washington has gotten too big.
  • Rick Perry takes $17 Billion in federal stimulus dollars.
  • Rick Perry uses those dollars to generate a whole bunch of new government jobs in Texas.
  • Rick Perry celebrates the state’s job growth in hopes that we’ll send him to Washington.

If he makes it to the White House, I’ll be the first to pick up where he left off in the Texas secession campaign.

And then there’s Michele, who doesn’t have the common sense God gave a goose.  A couple of year’s ago, she decided that God’s green earth doesn’t need to stay green when she told folks, “Carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful. But there isn’t even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.” Maybe she inhaled a little too much of that hairspray that keeps her hair so high.

Good Lord. This is the best the Republican Party has to offer? I think Texas has had it’s fair share of Presidents and Minnesota needs to just be satisfied with its largest ball of twine. I mean it. Really.

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  1. Nevertheless, based on research, a lot of predictions do come accurate.
    Wands stand for Fire, Swords for Air, Cups for Drinking water and
    Pentacles for Earth. But is there anything below the sun that
    comes free?

  2. I’m thankful for you guys!

  3. I miss you!

  4. I come back to see no Turkey Day announcements from the ladies. I guess this webpage has run its course and it is time for this old cowboy to move on. It has been a pleasure getting to know many of you.

  5. American Stew. It has mostly conservatives and a liberal poster, and if they indulge in name-calling, it is not personal. Moderators have banned people. It is the only one besides H&M that I visit.

    I have watched three message boards flame out. Two no longer exist. This one may have a little life in it yet. It has been a good ride, but eventually, I will be done with them all.

  6. So I see this blog has probably seen its end of days. I get little blocks of time where I get to indulge in my hobby of political sparing and this used to be one of the great places to do that. I see that time has passed.

    So I wonder what other places you all go to with the same type of format as this place has. I would prefer a place where the hosts do little or no moderation of thoughts from either side of the isle.

  7. Helen: I am hoping you and Margaret are doing well. Please post a Thanksgiving message.

    I hope your family is doing well!!

  8. I found this compelling to the argument.


  9. re: M&H. Last post by blog owners 31 August.

    It’s dead. Just bury it.

    This blog was once a lot of fun, but nearly all the interesting participants have gone and I can’t deal with the chronic link posters. Posting links out of context is like throwing trash out the window as you drive by; no purpose except pollution; nobody picks it up and looks at it.

    I have moderated several very controversial blogs; unless you have an effective moderation policy, trolls like Ko-Tex Piss Ant (alias Tex, Wayne Perram, Anonymous, et al) will destroy any blog eventually. (When I say “troll” I know exactly what that term means and do not use it lightly. You know he doesn’t work and sits around the house all day with nothing to do except bully others, right?) Folks will say you shouldn’t block free speech, but this is not a pubic forum; it is a private blog and it is dead, dead, dead.

    Unless they get an effective moderation policy, M&H is gone and that’s too bad; even the people I disagree with deserve to be able to post without attack. I have other fish to fry; I’m afraid so do they. Too bad; it was a fun place to come.

  10. I’d certainly second that about Orly Taitz. Why on earth would Justices like Scalia and Thomas–much less the others on the Supreme Court–repeatedly reject her efforts? Why would a Bush-appointee sanction her for frivolous claims? I have no idea whether she’s a charlatan or just very deluded, but her arguments have been very much debunked and in a non-partisan fashion.

    And this blog has become the Juneau Joe/Noah show because….? Neither of you will persuade the other or, I believe, anyone else. Joe’s excessive exclamation points are no more persuasive than Noah’s insulting generalizations. It’s unfortunate that the hosts permit it.

    I do hope that Craig and Mageen and others with challenges are doing well.

  11. Perhaps it would be constructive to do a little fact checking on Orly Taitz before promoting her arguments as “evidence,” much less “compelling.” After all, her claims have been rejected by the most conservative Supreme Court justices and by conservative Court of Appeals and District Court judges.

    I see that the same few people are sniping at each other on the blog. For the rest of you, as well as the hosts, best wishes for the holidays.

  12. It would appear we have some very compelling evidence that we have a felon and a traitor in the White House.

  13. uawtradesman, I’d like to spend eternity with you and alaskapi too-also delurkergurl. Pure hell would be eternity with some of the people who no longer write here.

    Also, good wishes toward Mageen, Craig, and their families.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you too UAW! Paradise, eh? It’s very pretty but I’ve always thought paradise had to have salt water and big tides and the aurora :-)


    Joining delurkergurl in special wishes for Mageen and Craig and their partners.
    Thank you Helen and Margaret for having us all in.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving Helen & Margaret. I hope you’re doing “better than you deserve.” You deserve the best, so better than that is what I wish for you! Please know that your fans look forward to your posts, always.

    Mageen & Craig, I really wish the best for your spouses for the holidays. I have a special tiny little friend going through leukemia complications this week and it reminds me how cancer sucks – not like a Hoover, more like a Kirby. I hope your loved ones are responding well to treatment and that you get to have some joy with them.

  16. try this for paradise…..


  17. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving….
    Maybe I’ll see James or Alaskapi in Paradise…..


    and maybe I’ll see I Repost in Hell…..


  18. FOIA.org who’s dumped e mails started “Climatgate” has released another 5,000 e-mails which tallbloke has quoted.

    “I also think the science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it which for all our sakes might not be too clever in the long run.”

    To the anon who thought my showing how Sweden manipulated facts to show the Finns were Asian and the EU used the same facts to show the Finns were European,was random ramblings, I told you so. Again.

  19. I did dome follow up reading on the video showing students being pepper sprayed. The police had told these people they needed to dispurse. So they were already guilty of participating in an unlawful gathering. One female student was resisting arrest. The police wanted a no hands dispursal of the unlawful gathering so they used a diluted pepper spray to try and get the students to leave peacefully. While there havebeen a lot of videos of late of police acting in an improper manor, in this particular case they went way out of their way to be accomidating. The person resisting arrest wast not charged. These OWS people are clearly the problem and fortunatly appear to be their own worst enemy.

  20. Margaret and Helen,

    I hope all is well with you two and your families.

    I hope you have your Thanksgiving post up soon.

    Wishing you ladies the best. I am Thankful for you.

  21. I report, I remember the Supreme Court ruled flag burning was freedom of speech. If veterans were the people who sued, it still doesn’t tell us who burned the most flags. I support the ruling, but I don’t support pushing little old ladies down stairs or demonstrations causing people to be laid off.

    The pepper spraying incident looked pretty bad. The video showed one officer’s trying to pull a student from the sidewalk and then stopping. Our son, who lives in California, said it might have been because some protesters bodily moved from one place to another have sued for hard to prove back and other injuries.

  22. Ever wonder what they think of Obama around the world? While I do not understand much of the conversation, the host on live news uses the international language of support for our President.


  23. We have always known that Europe in general is Liberals taken to its furthest extreme. This just in, the EU claims that water does not prevent dehydration, and will back this claim with the full force of the law.


  24. Helen and Margaret-
    Just stopping in to wish you the best at Thanksgiving. Hoping all is well with you.
    Wishing the best to all who stop by here , ideological friends and foes alike.

  25. Things are so bad for this administration that Liberal MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews, who is known to throw some jabs at Republicans during his daily show, is SLAMMING Obama and his GREAT MANY FAILINGS!!! OH MY!!!

  26. I Repost claims that more people support this administrations policies than don’t. Funny thing is, the first lady and second lady was booed at a NASCAR event they were invited too.


  27. As if we didn’t already know how f*cked up Liberals are in their morality, out of California, a woman has to pay her rapist.


  28. Simply put Conservatives are a class act. For proof all you have to do is look at the tea party. Liberals are inhuman monsters who will stoop to any level to achieve their goals. For proof all you have to do is look at OWS and I Repost. Nuff said.

  29. Those who know least about what is going on in the world watch FOX news.
    Interesting study.


    pepper Spraying at UC Davis and other places where quiet, calm gatherings were being held was excessive by any measure. Police should not be paid thugs for Wall Street. The support for OWS is high and increasing by the way.

  30. Helen, I miss your posts. I hope you, Margaret and your families have a great Thanksgiving.

  31. Hey I Report….
    did the supreme court also say that pushing people down stairs is freedom of speech……or terrorizing school kids……or shitting in public…….
    the people that did those things need the shit slapped out of them…..
    we went from land of the free to freedom of speech…… so what did happen to the land of the free??????? am I free to slap the shit out of someone that pushes me….or terrorizes my children…..or shits on my doorstep…….or offends me by burning a flag…..
    Come on…..tell me what happened……tell me why the occupiers rights have more importance than the rights of a child trying to go to school or a woman trying to go down a stairway, or a person finding shit on their steps…….
    better yet have Helen explain it…..

  32. I’ve got to be honest with you I Repost,what little credibility you might have had on here has been spent. You support a group that has all the makings of a terrorist organization. You blather on about OWS and the things that benefits you and turn a blind eye to the grievous crimes they commit. You link websites that use misleading or just plain false information to back your outrageous claims. You don’t don’t care what is true or what is best for this country, and you certainty don’t care about the common man. Simply put dude, you’re a F*cking Joke and a real piece of shyt. Just sayin.

  33. I believe there was a supreme court ruling because of the Vets burning the flag which said in essence, ‘Flag burning was freedom of speech.’


    “Left” Anti-Supercommittee Views Supported by Almost 3 Out of 4 Republicans

    We’re already hearing that the unwillingness of some Democrats to sign on to cuts in Social Security and Medicare – the few, the proud, the real Dems – is a sign of “ideological rigidity on the extreme left.” Pundits are referring Senators like Bernie Sanders and Representatives like the members of the House Progressive and African-American Caucuses.

    Extreme left? Their position is supported by three out of four voters – Republican voters, that is. A new poll confirms what previous polls have shown: Once voters have these proposed deals explained to them, they hate them.

    Nearly three out of four voters are against changing Social Security’s cost of living adjustment (COLA), as the White House and some Democratic supercommittee members were prepared to do. That includes 70 percent of Republicans and 78 percent percent of seniors, who turn out to vote in larger numbers than other age groups.

  34. Anon, 1150 AM, so I’m a Nazi now, am I? So far, I’ve been figuratively walking all over you, and I don’t need to goose step to do it. You are one of the notches on my key board. I may have to carve a new one for you.

    I report, anecdotal stories don’t tell us much about flag burning. I watched college students burn several flags on television, and I know veterans burned flags too. Neither of us knows who burned the most flags.

  35. Wow…just wow.


  36. The Daily Newt!!


    Okay, so who is the one man on this planet who can unite George Will and Paul Krugman?


    Oh, it’s such fun!

    “It is an amazingly efficient candidacy in that in embodies everything disagreeable about modern Washington,” Will said, running through a long list of problems he had with Gingrich.

    And Krugman may have the best line e.v.e.r. about Newt by saying, “he’s a stupid man’s idea of what a smart man sounds like.”

    Burning the Flag: I remember the burning the flag incidents during and after VietNam. It was generally a veteran from the war who was denied or having trouble getting health care benefits he needed. Some of them were military vets who were homeless and frustrated by not getting any help with housing.
    I think you would have had a fight on your hands with those fellows if you tried to beat them up.

  37. Wow, I guess there really is nothing these Liberals won’t do. First off it is telling what kind of person I Repost is that he would support them. Secondly not one Liberal has stepped up to denounce this kind of activity, to tell us that this does not represent them. What kind of monsters are these people anyway?

  38. Yes I Report….what happened to the land of the Free???????

    free to walk down a stairs……
    Occupy DC (O.W.S.) Pushes Elderly Women Down Stairs

    free to go to school…..


    free to shit on the sidewalk….


    Hey I Report….am I “free” to slap the shit out of someone if I catch them burning the Flag….


  39. Newt Was Right On The ‘Super Committee’

  40. Go Newt—Go Newt—Go Newt—Go Newt!!!! Oh MY!!!!!

  41. More substantive commentary from the Left. Maybe this IS the best the Liberals have to offer after all.

  42. GO NEWT

  43. Keep goose stepping James it becomes you.

  44. Well I think it is safe to say I Repost is stumped. He walks the rhetoric line of the Liberal party well, but when has to think outside the box, and take his ideas out into the real world, he is as much a failure as his political party. Thanks I Repost for showing that like your Liberal party, that there is nothing beyond your talking points. Like your Nazi forefathers, you may continue to spread your propaganda. But I have now shown conclusively that you and your Liberal ideas/party are a sham, and no greater victory could I ask for.

  45. this is really good….
    Mr.(I am going to keep my yacht in another state so I don’t have to pay the taxes) Kerry is complaining about people not wanting to pay more taxes…..
    What a dildo…..

  46. A new Record in Green House Gas levels for 2010.. When should we worry? I think now myself.

    Concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere rose to yet another high in 2010, according to the UN’s weather agency.

    Levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) – the major contributor to climate change – rose by 2.3 parts per million between 2009 and 2010.

    That exceeds the average for the past decade of 2.0 parts per million, the World Meteorological Organization says.

    The latest round of UN climate talks begin in South Africa in two weeks.

    “The atmospheric burden of greenhouse gases due to human activities has yet again reached record levels since pre-industrial time,” said WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud.


    BTW: The case for people under 100,000.00 yearly income keeping their tax cuts is that they spend the extra money they get on goods and services which helps expand the economy. The millionaires and billionaires put the extra cash in the bank or in the stock market.


    Treasury estimates the costs of making the tax cuts permanent for everyone is $3.7 trillion over 10 years.

    Of that, $3 trillion accounts for the cost of extending them for the vast majority of Americans, as the president has proposed. The remaining $700 billion is the cost of extending them permanently for the high-income earners.

    The cost would obviously be less if the cuts were extended for only one or two years. There are no formal estimates for a short-term extension, but based on Treasury Department estimates, the cost is likely to range anywhere from $200 billion to $500 billion, depending on whose cuts are extended and for how long.

    Those who support extending the tax cuts note that if the cuts expire and the economy suffers as a result, the deficit will get worse because the government will have to borrow more.


  48. THE LAND OF THE FREE!!!! Does this still apply today? (We had the papper spraying incidents of people at UCD and other places as they peacefully protested.)

    The United States if now rated below average on the Social Justice meter.

    Compared to the rest of the world, the United States ranks surprisingly low when it comes to “social justice” metrics. Those watching or participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement would only disagree with the surprise-aspect of the graphic. They’re aware of the problems facing Americans today.
    Still, it’s amazing to see some of the countries ranked better than the US on these metrics. What happened to “the Land of the Free”?


  49. I can only chuckle as I Repost and his kind look at the Bush tax cuts as taking away THEIR money. It is if they have suspended reality and forgotten that the money belonged to someone else in the first place.

    Then their is the notion that Tax increases are “Saving Money” The government is an entity that does not generate money. It takes money and spends money. For there to be a “savings”, the government would have to spend less, not take more.

    I Repost, how do you suppose the government is able to pay its bills? A tax on the revenue generated by the country as a whole, yes? So it stands to reason, that the more money the country makes, the more that the government received in taxes. Here is where the rubber meets the road.

    For ending the Bush tax cuts to be of benefit it must not harm business. So to meet this criteria, you need to show me how business will not be harmed in anyway. Because if business is harmed, and business generates less revenue, then there is less for the government to tax, thus loosing the benefit of the increased taxes.

    Now considering when the tax cuts were implemented, I would like you to show me a direct causal relation to the tax cuts and jobs being lost and being the primary reason why we are at 9% unemployment. Just so you are aware I have some strong video evidence that the Democrats and their failed policies on home and toxic loans had more to do with it than the Bush tax cuts, but I look forward to reviewing your concrete evidence backing your claims. You do have evidence, don’t you?

  50. The Bush tax credits did help create jobs, and brought more money into the government. The unemployment rate during Bush’s second term before the crash was about 4^%. The New York Times also mentioned the “surprise windfall.”

    The crash took our jobs. Had the Bush tax cuts not been in effect, we might have lost more jobs than we did.

    I agree with some of your comments about tax reform for businesses and investors. However, a straight tax increase on people who earn $200,000 or more will not increase revenues much as Democrats predict because the extra drain on the economy will raise less tax revenue.That will happen because the economy will remain stagnant.

    We could cut spending by defundng parts of Obamacare. The money has not yet been spent, so there would be no additional pain to the economy.

    Democrats don’t want an agreement because failure will given them a political talking point.Some think our military should be gutted, but they will be able to cry crocadile tears about how Republicans are leaving our nation defenseless. This also puts Republicans in a tricky position.

    Republicans are not afraid of Grover. They are afraid of the Tea Party. Some think they can get a better deal if they wait for Democrats to lose the next election.

    As in Blazing Saddles, Democrats are holding a gun to their collective heads and begging the rest of us to do what the gunman says.

  51. Cutting the Bush Tax Cuts SAVES US FROM BORROWING 800 BILLION PER YEAR!!! Cutting the Bush Tax cuts saves us from borrowing money – every day, week, month and year. If we DO NOT HAVE TO BORROW THIS MONEY FROM CHINA – THAT IS A SIGNIFICANT CUT IN MONEY WE OWE. It will cut the deficit spending by 800 Billion per year.

    If the 10 years Bush Tax Credits created jobs, we would not have 9% unemployment. We would have jobs begging for help but THE BUSH TAX CUTS DID NOT WORK in making jobs for US citizens!

  52. You still didn’t answer the question. IF taking it all won’t pay for even 1 year of Obama’s budget, what do you hope to accomplish by raising taxes?

  53. Juanita Jean has information about Grover Norquist, the man who stopped the Super Committee Cold!!

    Now if you’re wondering how Grover Norquist, a rather homely little man with limited reasoning and kindness skills, came to be the most powerful man in the world, it’s because he devised a plan to get people to sell their souls and their belief in America to him in exchange for an ego boosting congressional seat.


  54. What do you do? You cut the Bush Tax Credits. You pass things that will get people working. You do some cuts, including military. Hanging onto the Grover Norquist Pledge at this stage is totally crazy.

    There’s only one–let me repeat this. I want America to understand this. There’s one thing standing between us and avoiding a sequester and doing $1.2 trillion, and that one thing is the Republican unwillingness to not push for the Bush tax cuts to be extended now. We’ve even talked to them about guaranteeing them a fast track for tax reform. We’ll do tax reform before next December. We’ll do tax reform for business. We could lower the corporate tax rate. We could wind up with a major initiative that will create jobs and do our country well, avoid the sequester, show that America works…


  55. Let me try to put this in a way even someone like you can understand I Repost.

    We are in the middle of the ocean in the great ship Titanic. We have just struck an Ice Burg. You get up off your knees from servicing the captain to see a sign on the Ice Burg labeled, National Debt. You see that at this present time the Gash in the side of the ship is about $15 trillion wide. You then estimate that about $100,000 every 5 seconds on Liquid Interest is poring into your ship through this enormous Gash. What do you do?

    Well, your first plan is to go down there with a bucket. So you grab the nearest bucket, and you notice a sign on the bucket that says New Taxes. So with your New Taxes in hand you run below and start to bail. You work and you work but you know almost instantly that you cannot bring enough New Buckets to take on the Liquid Interest that is poring in. Now what do you do?

    Hopefully at some point it would occur to you that we need to reduce the size of the Gash. If we could only shrink the Gash, reduce it some how, then less Liquid Interest would poor into our ship and prevent us from sinking. So you start to reduce the size of the Gash. You shrink it down, and you start to notice that less and less Liquid Interest is coming in. Eventually, you notice that without bringing in any New Buckets, the Liquid Interest is going out faster than it is coming in, and you have saved the day.

  56. Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred.
    Jacques Barzun

  57. explain to me how Bush ran a war for 10 years??????the last 3 are Obama’s I believe……
    lets see…….Obama and the surge…..Obama and Guantanamo bay……Obama whacked Bin Laden……Obama whacked Gaddafi…..Damn I’m starting to like this guy……Who’s next—–
    aneedahandjob maybe……

  58. I Repost, I think we all understand you think Bush is the Debil. The Debil I tell you!!!!. OK…so….now that we have established Bush did all that is evil in the world. Let us set that aside, ok? Just push it on over there to the side, and lets move on to things not of Bush…..so…

    Obama”s budget. It costs a lot of money. A LOT!!!. Now, if we take everything from everyone over 100k, All their Money…All of their houses…All of their possessions, and sell them. Sell Microsoft, and GE, and everyone else. If we do all of that, we still cannot pay for Obama’s budget. So, if after all that we still cannot pay for Obama’s budget, what is it you hope to accomplish with raising taxes?

  59. A man who has both feet planted firmly in the air can be safely called a liberal as opposed to the conservative, who has both feet firmly planted in his mouth.
    Jacques Barzun

    By the way: Why did Bush continue his wars for 10 years? Had they been run reasonably well, they could have been done much sooner. Who got Bin Laden? I forget.

    800 Billion per year borrowed from China for tax cuts for the wealthiest adds up. All on my kids credit card but Bush and his buddies got the Maybach and/ or Bentley.

    Palin/ Anonymouse 2012
    Grover Norquist got his wishes with the Super Committee!!! Whoopee – let the interest rates rise!!!

  60. You may not have heard I Repost, Bush isnt President anymore kiddo!!! Now my man, lets go slower so you can keep up. If everything is taken from those than earn 100k+ and it still wont pay for 1 year of Obama’s budget, what do you hope to accomplish by raising taxes?


    Where are the jobs which were to be created by our being trickled on?

  62. since it has been proven that if you take all the wealth above 100k, and all their assets and sell it off, that it would fail to pay for even 1 year of this administration, what do you hope to accomplish with anything less than a 100% tax on all income over 100k?

  63. EPIC FAIL! Super Committee fails!!! Why?? GROVER NORQUIST AND HIS NO TAX PLEDGE set up the failure which will impact our economy negatively.

    A member of the group called PATRIOTIC MILLIONAIRES talked to Grover Norquist recently and from the discussion, feel Grover needs to live in Somalia.

    “[Norquist] raised an issue we get all the time which is, ‘Well there’s nothing stopping you guys from paying higher taxes, just send a check to the government!’ And this to me is frankly an absurd position; I don’t consider it to be a very serious argument. Government is not a charity and we can’t rely on voluntary contributions from people to support the things that government does. And I also said to him, ‘Look would you be willing to sign a pledge where you’re willing to forgo all the benefits that government provides? Are you willing to sign a pledge that says you don’t want the U.S. military to protect you? That you will refuse to contact the police if somebody steals from you? That you will refuse to contact the fire department if your house is on fire? Because that’s the equivalent! Why should you get a free ride? Why should you benefit from my willingness to support the government? Let’s do it together.’ And he said, ‘If I don’t have to pay any taxes for it, I would forgo all those things!’ To which my response was, ‘Well there’s an easy way to do that, move to Somalia!’ And his argument was, ‘Somalia doesn’t suffer from too little government, it suffers from too much government.’ I don’t even begin to understand what that means, but again there’s only so much you can go into in these conversations.”, said Eric Schoenberg, member of Patriotic Millionaires.

  64. UC DAVIS CHANCELLOR walks 3 blocks to her SUV after her students get Pepper Sprayed. Very compelling video.

    Palin/Anonymouse 2012 – It is either them or Romney!!!

  65. I’ve my doubts I Repost’s mouth would hold out till 2016.

  66. Had a thought that scared the shit out of me…..

    Obama/I Report 2012

    Oh shit…..

    Biden/I Report 2016

  67. I wonder if just for a few days we can be Thankful for all we DO have. Start with the computer you are reading this on, and electricity, and the freedom to let fly our opinions and this wonderful sight that has given me so much to think about when Margaret and Helen decide to gift us with their conversation. I am also thankful for the education that made me able to write, read, type and think clearly. I am thankful for a bright hardworking model of a president that we have in Mr. Obama and his lovely family. I wish those, even those who seem filled with unrest, at least a happy, family filled, joyful day in which we can be grateful for the thousands of good things in our lives. For one day can we back off and wish each other peace of mind?

  68. Pepper spray doesn’t equate with dead bodies at Kent State. I watched the show as it happened. Some of the protesters were provocative. They knew what would happen. Some of the police were injured too.

    You give Grover Norquist too much credit.

    I forgot that our son in law told us another product from Finland was the Linux computer system.

  69. Mention promises one more time and I will list the 53 broken promises by Obama each time you do from this point forward.

  70. College Students Pepper Sprayed as they quietly protest. Over reaction by the police. Remember Kent State?


    There is wiggle room with Veterans, no wiggle room with Billionaires and Grover!! Priorities!!

  71. I understand about what we call “rent a cop”s here. One of my wife’s former students was a police officer. We were at their house when he got a call from a client, and he was gone for the evening.

    What I don’t grasp is Wall Streets’ paying for the police to up date their equipment and then expecting special service. How did they pay the million dollars? Did they bypass the city and give it directly to the police department, or was it a tax payment to the government?

    I can understand the city’s trying to stop a Wall Street shut down with or without Wall Street money. Many of we normal people work there or have schools and businesses in the neighborhood.

    I’ll admit when a man knocked over a barracade section and the police chased and arrested him. I felt like yelling “storm them!! There are more of you than of them!” The barracade was only about three feet high. I didn’t understand why more didn’t just step over it.

    My reaction was as inappropriate as when I rooted for Thelma and Louise.

    We made a promise to the people who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. My niece, her husband, and others we know fought there. Breaking our promise to them is like the man who said during the Reagan years, “lets re draft the Vietnam era veterans.It would cost less to retrain them.”

  72. My brother , a police officer, would make extra money by going to various private functions. His overtime wages were paid for by the company who rented the policemen.

    Wall Street paid a million dollars to the NYPD so they could update their equipment. So, when they get a crowd, they get first priority on service. The businesses and city determine how much of the overtime is to be paid by each entity.

    Colbert figured it out: MAKE THE 1% PAY. That is, the 1% who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan for our country! Lower their benefits and health care costs. Of course, Colbert would not ask the wealthiest among us to pay more in taxes.


    Palin/Anonymouse 2012 – We need a good laugh.

  73. What? “Police are paid by the highest bidder?” Are they mercenaries, a private army that you or I could buy if we spent the money? Virtually everyone who works for an employer works for the highest bidder. If wages are too low, they move on.

    Everyone’s taxes pay for the police. Is the retired officer daft?

    Does he think the wall street folks slip a little extra into the police officers pay checks?

  74. It seems like only men post on this old lady’s blog. Is it an inadequacy thing?

  75. Someone really needs to teach I Repost basic economics. When the interest on the debt you owe grows exponentially because of Obama $1 trillion+ a year spending spree, that takes away money that should be going towards the programs he covets. When you bury your head in the sand and pretend the debt doesn’t exist, it grows, as does our interest payment. Meaning that each and every quarter we have to pay more and more towards our debt, meaning less and less for those in need. Republicans are the true compassionate party. They realize we have to get our economy up and running, pay off our debt, so we have the money to fund these social programs. They don’t believe in making our grand kids pay so we can live easier today.

  76. A Philly Police Officer (retired) got arrested in NY at the protests and talks about the experience. He calls the NYPD ‘paid thugs for Wall Street’ I think it is true. Police paid for by the highest bidder. Quite Interesting Discussion!

  77. Yes, I know Finland is classed as a welfare nation. So are the other Scanidavian countries. I’m glad you recognize that Finland does have a fine educational system.

    The government pays students to attend school. Advanced degrees are considered a right. A country with over five million people has fifteen or twenty universities. Unfortunately, it creates an educational imbalance. Too many people are earning PHD’s in under water basket weaving and too few are becoming plumbers or electricians.

    Still we could learn a lot from them. The Finish system gives teachers much more freedom than ours does, and society holds teachers in high repute. “Free” or not the system and the culture hold many features we ought to borrow. Finland spends less per student than the US, I think.

    Increased spending is creating deficits as it is in other countries. Taxes are high, and many officials are corrupt. The government has been reducing spending on welfare programs to control the deficit.

    Its a stretch to call them conservative or akin to the Tea Party, but a protest movement, the True Finns, is gaining political power. They consider the poor EU nations to be deadbeats, and they want to abolish Swedish as an official language.

    A meteorologist in charge of we Omaha area volunteer observers visited last week. His family, like my wife’s grandmother is from Sweden. They also spent a few days in Finland.

    The Finns they talked to are unhappy with high taxes and their stagnant incomes. They also don’t like the Swedes.

    The Fins and Scandinavians are so advanced because of who they are, not a welfare system. They have been able to manage with and in spite of welfare better than we because their populations are homogeneous and fairly low. Their system has served them well, but they need to adjust it now. The Sami and Fins are indigineous Europeans as our Indians are. They are survivors of the ice age. Socialism or capitalism won’t stop them.

    You will not do it, but if you google Sami singer Sofia Jannok “Liekkas” and especially Marie Boine– ” I Come from the Other Side” you will know what joiking is. It is at the end of the songs. Sweden outlawed joiking for years.

    Swedish folk singer Sofia Karlsson: Jeg Vanter is good. Its your loss if you don’t hear her sing.


  78. Jesse LaGreca discusses OWS!!! Jesse is amazing!!! I am so glad FOX found him.

    when you look at the solutions that the Republican Party offered, it`s the same nonsense they`ve been showing on us for 30 years. Tax cuts for the rich. We just give the rich all the money they want, then they`ll finally feel secure and create jobs for us.

    On the other hand, they`re busting unions, making it hard for us to put food on our family`s table, denying us health care, what is it, 40,000 people in America die every single year because of lack of health care, preventable diseases. It makes me laugh that the guys who literally fought to give corporations the right to freedom of speech want to deny Americans the right to protest in a public place.


  79. About Finland, do you know that the country is classified as a welfare nation? That’s right free education beginning with daycare and universal health care. That explains why they are so advanced!

  80. The Democratic party crashed the economy. The video proof in their own words linked above.

  81. $850,000 to discredit the OWS. WallStreet is worried, and they should be. They crashed the economy and are insisting that the middle class and poor pay for their blatant disregard their lavish parties, 2nd and 3rd mansions, Bentleys and then smirking all the way to the bank.

    Great Link: A must see actually.


    Palin/Anonymouse 2012 – Sarah, “I Quit as Gov to make millions” (Then she bitches about other Political figures doing the same.)

  82. Whining ill becomes you.

    I watched the live feed of the protest from time to time. The OWS used their chance at free speech, and unlike the right wingers, they disobeyed police orders. Compared to what I saw during the Vietnam war, it was pretty mild with little blood shed on either side. They should have been marching on Congress and the White House. They make the rules.

    Sarah Palin earned most of her money after she left office. The Clintons and Johnsons did well too. Michele Obama got a good hospital job because her husband was in the Illinois legislature.

    You know singling out Sarah is dishonest and that someone would call you on it They all do it.

  83. Sarah Palin talks about politicians becoming wealthy by being in office. (Sarah is an expert on this topic.)


    Palin/Anonymouse 2012 – We need a new flavor of the month.

  84. OWS – Some people go out on a windy and cold night to protest Wall Street.
    They get beat up and pepper sprayed.

    Free Speech only for Right Wingers??

  85. NEWT: Jon Stewart says Newt will not be the Republican Candidate.
    The Serial Adulterer is not having a good week – DANG!!


  86. Thanks anon 1:28PM.

    Finland is a small underpopulated country, but it has managed to affect our lives.

    H. R. Tolkien based his famous story “Lord of the Rings” on a Finnish legend. Middle Earth was borrowed from “Kalevala” the Finnish national epic.

    The Nordic Mobile Telephone system in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden began in 1981. It was the first mobile phone network to feature international roaming. An electrical engineer working for the company is considered by some to be the father of the cell phone.

    In 1991, the first GSM network of cell phones began in Finland. This second generation combined with more transmitting stations and new technology to allow for smaller cell phones.

    Another new feature was text messaging. It soon spread to other cell phone networks.

    In 1998, the first downloadable content sold to mobile phones was the ring tone, launched by Finland’s Radiolinga company. Advertising on cell pones first appeared in Finland when free daily SMA news headline service began in 2000 sponsored by advertising.

    Nokia, a Finish company is the world’s biggest cell phone manufacturer.

    Finland has also produced a number of formula one sports car drivers.

    Finland’s insistance that Greece offer collateral or it would refuse to offer more loans created fear that Greece might default. World stock markets fell.

    According to “Sami Culture”, the Soviet Union invaded Finland in 1939 because it refused to permit military bases in their country. Finns retaliated in what was described as “one of the world’s greatest examples of the triumph of local knowledge and sheer tenacity over brute force.” The Soviets lost 27.000 men, and the Sami 2,700.

    The Finnish Miracle site wrote if you are a teacher, the word “Finland” fills you wit awe. Because everyone in the schooling industry knows that Finland is the international all-star of education.” Someday, the United States may adopt Finish methods.

    He who laughs last… Don’t forget to thank a Finn the next time you use a cell phone.

    “Oh to one day have witty and substantive commentary like a liberal.” Obviously, you are not a liberal.

  87. Bachmann wants to move up in the polls. Here is her commercial – she says she is the real thing.


    Bachmann/Anonymouse 2012 – just not the same ring to it

    Palin/Anonymouse 2012 — Only the real idiot will work – The Real Thing

  88. Oh to one day have witty and substantive commentary like a Liberal.

  89. James:

    And what effect does this great Finniness have on the world? ROTFLMAO

  90. Hey I Report….
    I found this one funny….


  91. OH SHIT!!!!!!…..or business as usual…..

    What censure? Charles Rangel’s back


  92. I just think it’s neat that other people realize that I Report swallows……
    He must be like Freddie Mac…..won’t listen to anyone’s advice……

  93. Very well stated James. Most impressive post of the month..maybe 2

  94. in home care…, its nice that your caregivers let you use the computer. Lets read more from you.

  95. Anonymous, a Newsweek ranking of the world’s best countries based on education, government, economic opportunity and living standards, ranks Finland at number one. The United States is eleventh on their list. Finland’s economy is comparable to Britain’s, Germany’s, and France’s. They rank as the twenty- third richest country in the world after France.

    Finland’s educational system is one of the world’s best, and their literacy rate is about 100%. They belong to NATO. Finland was also one of the richer EU nations campaigning to expel Greece if they submitted EU terms to a reforendum.

    According to one source Finland has the largest per capita number of blonds and members of Mensa in the world.

    It doesn’t matter whether or not you are blond, and you obviously don’t belong to Mensa, so I will spell it out so that you can understand.

    Issues like global warming, Newt, and OWS remain unsettled. You, I report the other anon, uaw tradesman, and I are privy to the same information, but we interpret it differently. Anon asked a rhetorical question about why I report sees the world so apart from his. I offered my opinion with an example.

    I illustrated my point by showing how politicians, scientists, and national leaders twist the same information to fit their agendas and convince people to believe them. Unlike here with our current debate, the Finish status argument has lasted more than two hundred years with time to change collective conclusions from one extreme to the other

    It is as if President Obama’ tells us tomorrow that the OWS protest movement is bad for the country and that we need to embrace the methods and values of the Tea Party movement. Then, Sarah Palin endorses Obama.

    All of this happens with no new information and it is done in such a way that you become critical of OWS and conservatives vote for Obama. Manipulation of information is used to change public conceptions and political views here as it is in Scandinavia. The liberal press, for example, tries to portray OWS and the Tea Party as what they are not. Thanks to the internet, the truth comes out.

    More importantly, my shameless use of Finland educated you though you didn’t care. Next, I will try to include Wales, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden, just for you.

  96. Wow you are hilarious! Please keep posting!

  97. James:

    Is there some point in all this random blathering on about your Finnish relatives? In the scheme of things don’t the Finns rank somewhere on the world’s stage down around the level of the Somalians and Marshall Islanders?

  98. Makes one wonder what I Repost is all about. He will never defend anything he says he supports, he will only put links to it. Only thing we know for sure is he is someone’s bitch, just not sure who.

  99. POOR NEWT: It was only 1.6 Million but people are getting bothered by it.
    Andrea Mitchell is not buying it… Poor Newt..


    Palin/Anonymouse 2012

  100. Called it. Sadly Liberals ARE that predictable

  101. Saying Freddie Mac needed a bail out after Newt’s advice is a stretch. We don’t know what he told them or if they followed his advice. I doubt they got into trouble on the advice of one man.

    Anon, I don’t know if I report knows why he supports OWS more then we understand why we interpret the facts differently. Why do some people support Newt and others not based on the same information?

    I did some research on my Finnish cousins and learned more than teachers told me in school. The fact is maybe a quarter to a third of Finnish and Sami people have varying degrees of noticable Asiatic features, even if they are blond. Others, such as Ukrainians, Russians, and Irish do too on rarer occasions.

    Recent genetic tests show Finns and especially Sami are European but they are genetically and linguistically different from other Europeans.

    When Sweden ruled Finland, they twisted scientific information to argue that Finns were not European. As transplanted Asians, they were inferior. Later, the Soviet Union influenced the region, and Finns found it to be in their interest to emphasize their eastern roots.

    In the United States, Finns were clannish, hard workers and socialist. Employers began to prefer them to other nationalities. When they helped organize labor strikes which turned violent, a group tried to get them deported under the Asian Exclusion Act.

    The Soviets are gone, and Finland has joined the EU. Now, Finland is European and researchers who say differently are guilty of “voodoo science.” Basically, the same information was twisted to fit the political agenda which was in vogue at the time.

    People believe what they want to believe.

  102. The latest on Newt. Looks like it was close to 2 Million that he got for giving Freddie Mac great advice. (Interesting that Freddie needed a 54 Billion dollar bailout after his great advice.) Michelle Bachmann is bothered by Newt taking millions from Freddie.


  103. I watched some of the live links as OWS milled about the edge of Wall Street, Zuccotti Park and back. The commentator, who is sympathetic to the movement, asked for estimates of the crowd size at that time. Some gave numbers as high as 3,000. He repeated it, but said asking the protesters was biased because they might inflate the numbers. Others gave lower estimates, and he settled for a compromise of several hundred.

    The protesters were split into two groups and tried to out flank the police officers.The second group also probably numbered several hundred. Several times, the police herded them onto sidewalks or locked them in the park. Other times, when they were outnumbered, they let the protesters march.

    It was rather intense several times, and I can understand why the police would feel threatened. However, it was pretty mild compared to what I saw during the anti-Vietnam war protests-very little shed blood from either side.

    Some of them apparently occupied an empty building and threw pamphlets from the windows. Based on the number of papers tossed from the same windows, maybe ten or twelve were in the building.

    Based on what I saw, I think the 30,000 figure was inflated. Several thousand sounds more accurate. Their numbers did go up toward evening when labor unions arrived.

    I have no more sympathy for Dorli Rainey who, I think is 84 than for anyone else who was there. She shouldn’t have been checking the protest out. She is old enough to know better. I believe, somewhere, a pregnant woman was pepper sprayed too. If they were pepper sprayed, others were also. What makes her more special than the others? Someone is trying to use sweet little old lady, Dorli as a martyr for emotional effect.

  104. I Repost. I wonder could you explain why you support OWS? Seriously. They have all the makings of a terrorist organization. From yelling over and over for hundreds of more 9/11 attacks on the U.S., to raping and murdering innocents, to desecrating the 9/11 memorial, to child and drug abuse. Also, in what ways do you find this terrorist organization superior to the Tea Party?

    Are you a cheer leader that just swallows for the Liberal party on command, or are you capable of answering the harder questions? Having seen what you have been able to post at this point I expect you to either totally ignore this or toss a meaningless one liner laced with insults. If you are a true supporter then step up to the plate and do them a large one, and defend them. Or be a coward…your choice.

  105. OWS – It is important for people to pay attention. Corporate Run USA is the problem. Until the political class starts to listen – OWS will continue to GROW AND GROW!!! (I will mention that there is no yelling of FOX for people to attend these rallies as was done with the TeaParty.) OWS is truly an organic uprising of people tired of being trickled on.


  106. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!! Dorli Rainey, a Seattle, 80+ year old woman talks about her getting pepper sprayed by the Seattle Police. She checked out Occupy Seattle and this nice lady got pinned in and Pepper Sprayed.

    Dorli is my newest hero!!!! I love this woman!!!! So will you.


  107. President Obama represents America well Down Under!!!
    Could you even imagine ANY of the current crop of Republican hopefuls being received by other nations in such a way? Or representing our country with such warmth?

    There is much more to the job of President then protecting our shores, and fixing the economy. There is also standing before the people of the world as the living embodiment of America. And this President does an outstanding job at that.


  108. 30,000 walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. OH SHIT!! It is not disappearing,,, Me Thinks the Republicans and the 1% are in trouble.
    (30,000 without FOX spending weeks yelling at people to attend a rally – Oh shit!!!! GOP is in trouble!!!)


  109. Liberalism is a disease and it is the enemy. This political correctness that has been rammed down our throats is going to far but its intended effect is clear. Liberals seem to think everyone but us Americans,especially white Americans, are allowed a heritage.




  110. Well since the Liberal bitch I Repost brought up this topic again it is only fitting to replay this.

  111. NEWT – Abramoff says what he did was inappropriate. Newt got an insider deal. Freddie – let me think, the Republicans were making noise about their bad loans. Looks as if Newt was making big money being their advisor. OH BOY – Sounds Presidential to me??? Cough, cough, sneeze.

    GREGORY: Transparency of government is still an issue. It’s an issue on the campaign trail and Newt Gingrich, a former Speaker is now caught up in this with Freddie Mac, a large housing giant controlled by the government. He claimed he got $300,000 to be a consultant to them. Bloomberg’s reporting was well over a million dollars, providing strategic counseling. What do you make of all that?

    ABRAMOFF: Well, this is exactly what I’m talking about. People who come to Washington who have public service and they cash in on it. And they use their public service and their access to make money, and unfortunately Newt Gingrich is one of them who’s done it. But far too many of them do it and one of the reforms I propose in my book is to close permanently the door, the revolving door, between public service and cashing in as a lobbyist.


  112. You’re a 19 year old kid. You’re critically wounded and dying in The jungle somewhere in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam . It’s November 11, 1967.. LZ (landing zone) X-ray. Your unit is outnumbered 8-1 and the enemy fire is so intense from 100 yards away, that your CO (commanding officer) has ordered the MedEvac helicopters to stop coming in. You’re lying there, listening to the enemy machine guns and you know you’re not getting out. Your family is half way around the world, 12,000 miles away, and you’ll never see them again. As the world starts to fade in and out, you know this is the day. Then – over the machine gun noise – you faintly hear that sound of a helicopter. You look up to see a Huey coming in. But.. It doesn’t seem real because no MedEvac markings are on it. Captain Ed Freeman is coming in for you. He’s not MedEvac so it’s not his job, but he heard the radio call and decided he’s flying his Huey down into the machine gun fire anyway. Even after the MedEvacs were ordered not to come. He’s coming anyway. And he drops it in and sits there in the machine gun fire, as they load 3 of you at a time on board. Then he flies you up and out through the gunfire to the doctors and nurses and safety. And, he kept coming back!! 13 more times!! Until all the wounded were out. No one knew until the mission was over that the Captain had been hit 4 times in the legs and left arm. He took 29 of you and your buddies out that day. Some would not have made it without the Captain and his Huey. Medal of Honor Recipient, Captain Ed Freeman, United States Air Force, died last Wednesday at the age of 70, in Boise , Idaho May God Bless and Rest His Soul. I bet you didn’t hear about this hero’s passing, but we’ve sure seen a whole bunch about Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen and the bickering of Congress over Health Reform. Medal of Honor Winner Captain Ed Freeman Shame on the American media !!!

  113. Well it would appear that I Repost supports the Obama administration in its wasteful spending of hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars and wants the practice to continue.

    For the record I Repost, I am pro life for my family, and pro choice for the nation. Know what you are talking about before you make a fool of yourself again.

    Report, You Decide! ” I am for the terrorist organization known as OWS. Rape, murder, and forced sterilization are acceptable means to an end to achieve victory for the Liberal/Socialist party.”

  114. I DO NOT!. Pay attention.

    As I wrote before, I oppose increasing taxes on people earning $200,000 or more because many of those people are small business owners.

    About half of people earning a million dollars or more already pay at rates of 30% or more. Many of those people are also small business owners.

    People like Warren Buffet would remain relatively unscathed because most of their income comes from capital gains. Even a 5.6% surcharge would only raise his rate to about 24%, still lower than some who now pay over 30%.

    We need to increase taxes on capital gains and return to the 1986 tax reform law with lower maximum rates and no loopholes sheltering capital gains and dividends. We could make it harder for companies to shelter incomes in other countries.

    Increasing taxes on people who actually earn money by producing a product or hold jobs during a recession is foolish. Taxing the rich at even a 100% rate would not solve anything because our deficit it too large.

    If you are interested, google Hot Air. The site is linked to live feed of the OWS New York City. Protesters have knocked down park barrackades on one side of the park.

  115. Anonymouse: YOU ARE FOR PERSONHOOD!! You would deny a raped women the right to an abortion. YOU WOULD DENY A WOMAN WITH A TUBAL PREGNANCY the right to an abortion and she would die.
    If the choice if the mother dying or keep the zygote alive – ANONYMOUSE AND THE REPUBLICAN GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES SAY, “LET THE MOTHER DIE!”

    UAW: Robert Kennedy is not running for President.

    Both Republicans and Democrats have been bought off but the GOP are pushing every PRO – CORPORATION, ANTI MIDDLE CLASS BILL PRESENTED. JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!!!!

    Palin/Anonymouse 2012!!! I will even kick in $10.00 once she declares.

    Good one I Report….
    Newt got $1.8 million over 9 years……or was it his for profit consulting firm that got paid??????
    I’m now asking if Freddie Mac followed his suggestions…….or just pissed the money away……

    but what really pisses me off is……

    President John F. Kennedy’s nephew, Robert Kennedy, Jr., netted a $1.4 billion bailout for his company, BrightSource, through a loan guarantee issued by a former employee-turned Department of Energy official…….Ironically, in 2008, Kennedy wrote a CNN article praising Obama as reminiscent of his famous father and uncle. The article, titled “Obama’s Energy Plan Would Create a Green Gold Rush,” proved prophetic. However, the “green gold rush” came in the form of $1.4 billion of taxpayers’ money flowing into the pet projects of rich venture capital investors like Kennedy, not average citizens.


  117. I Repost, when you are not being the bitch for the Liberal party, have you ever given any thought to the fact the administration you swallow for has wasted hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars? Have you ever once considered we need to fix the mess in D.C. or all these new tax dollars you fantasizing about won’t ever get to the people that need it? Obama has already showed us time and again he is for big corporations before the little people.

    I Report, You Decide! ” I am for the terrorist organization known as OWS. Rape, murder, and forced sterilization are acceptable means to an end to achieve victory for the Liberal/Socialist party.”

  118. The Daily Newt
    November 16, 2011

    Now he can’t count.

    Do we file this one under Hypocrisy, Too Stoopid to Breathe, or Lying Sack o’ Crap?

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich acknowledged an extended consulting relationship with mortgage giant Freddie Mac, though he said he couldn’t verify just how much he or his firm received in fees.

    Gingrich denied having lobbied on behalf of the mortgage giant, but said his staff was looking into a Bloomberg News report that said Gingrich “made between $1.6 and $1.8 million in consulting fees” in his work for Freddie Mac between 1999 and 2008.

    So, Freddie Mac paid Gingrich a cool mil and half for his “advice as a historian?” For Pete’s sake, I know some history majors who will give you their advice for free at the drive-through window.

    Well, this pretty much explains the Freddie Mac bust.


  119. James: Norquist says NO NEW TAXES, Period.

    SO DO YOU!!

    You are pushing the Norquist ideology.

    Palin/Anonymouse 2012 – Help, Mr. Wizard!!!! or at least Sarah.

  120. NEWT: JacK Abramoff calls Newt corrupt for getting a million plus from Freddie and Fannie… Oh Boy,


    Palin/Anonymouse 2012 – Please Anonymouse – talk to Sarah ASAP

  121. Herb Cain: Some people think that Herman Cain is making a mockery of Republican Candidates. Imagine That.


    Palin/Anonymouse 2012 – Sarah, Please think it over, YOUR GOP NEED YOU!!!! Save the GOP!!

  122. Its no harder than being a Democrat with its broken promises and dashed hopes.

    I ignore Grover Norquist. He is no more than a mosquito to me.

  123. I often imagine that the toughest part of being a Republican is the daily tongue baths they have to give Grover Norquist. That just can’t be pleasant. Yet there they are at his doorstep, every single day, worshiping their false God while ignoring the American people.

  124. You could be right.

  125. Jon Stewart on Herb Cain.


    Palin/Anonymouse 2012 – The only hope!!!

  126. The GOP are setting themselves to lose a 2012 election which was theirs for the taking… Kind of funny to see such a major implosion.


    Palin/Anonymouse 2012 – The only hope left

  127. Their family values are in Al Gore’s lock box. You are funny.

    Fets, speaking only for myself, I am not angry, and though it would be nice, i don’t expect to change many minds. This is a form of combat, and my goal is to collect as many notches on my keyboard as possible. I took the last one at 4:36PM on November 8. Its been a good month.

  128. and with my FAMILY VALUES I should vote for Clinton, Edwards, or wiener……what I can’t figure out is while the libs complain when Republicans do the same things they do……you like to bring up Family Values….does that mean Libs don’t have any???????

  129. and don’t ever accuse me of being politically correct…….

  130. a productive deer season so far…..and then……..it appears to me that I repost had some intelligent DNA in his head……and then he swallowed it……

  131. It depends on which OWS you visit, BFD. The small Omaha group seems to be as you described. Several were arrested when the police and later snow evicted them from a park. They were all civil to each other.

    A third of OWS people surveyed said they would resort to violence. I think only two Tea Partiers were arrested and the total is at least 3,000 for the OWS protesters.

    The rapes, murders and other attacks are real. I have seen videos and pictures. Its true as noted here a majority of protesters is non -violent, but the rest are guilty of ruining the reputations of all. OWS owns the bad apples. They have had two months to get rid of them. Its their fault if they suffer for it now. The sixties anti war movement had the same problem. They lost public support and their riots helped elect Nixon.

    Barack Obama asked supporters to condemn financial institutions which took TARP bailout money and later gave top executives large bonuses. Our taxes also bailed out Fannie and Freddie, and both organizations need still more of our money. Now, their executives have received large bonuses.

    Several more green companies are in trouble after the Obama administration gave them billions of dollars in loan guarantees. E mails show that the administration asked Solyndra to delay publicizing their financial problems until after the election.

    The companies, including Fannie and Freddie contributed a lot of money to Obama and other Democrats.

    The CBO admitted that the stimulus program while giving the economy a short term boost would shrink the economy in the long run.

    Obama delayed a decision on the Canada oil pipe line until after the election because labor unions support it and environmentalists oppose it. Forbes claims that decision is helping bring up the price of oil.

    Republicans are no angels, but the OWS protesters ought to include Obama and his allies. They are also part of the 1%.

  132. Since when do peaceful people ask for more 9/11 attacks and use incendiary devices to bomb local business? OWS fits every definition of a terrorist organization.

  133. Went down to the local OWS encampment yesterday, admittedly with some trepidation. After all, the lamestream press and rightwing blogs have made a potent effort to keep people away by emphasizing the rapes, murders, and personal attacks that have taken place there. But I was reassured by the complete absence of such incidents locally knowing that these incidents in other places are more likely to have been perpetrated by opportunists who want to discredit the movement. In fact, some of the incidents I’ve read about have happened in the proximity of the OWS encampments but there is little or no evidence that they are a consequence of their existence..

    So I was somewhat surprised to find an island of calm in the middle of the city, mostly populated by college age students and a good number of under-thirty unemployed people willing to discuss their situations. Even though I’m supposed to be from the generation they hate, they welcomed me and even after direct questioning, none of them argued for of redistribution of money from the employed to the unemployed. What they were seeking was an opportunity for a decent job that will enable them to pay their debts.

    But they seemed to be in complete agreement that the cards are stacked against them by a thoroughly crooked congress made up of politicians who have become multimillionaires by capitalizing on inside information from pending legislation which has been bought and paid for by the same wall streeters and robber barons who make billions on that same insider information. This monied circle jerk excluding 99% of the public is the cause of their concern.

    What I found troubling was that the American dream of upward mobility has turned into a nightmare. It has been trashed by the outsourcing of American jobs and technology to such a degree that many of the best educated among the protesters have given thought to emigrating to countries where their education and talents are seen as a plus. Our loss will be Asia’s gain.

  134. I come here to see if there is a new and brilliant post my Margaret and Helen. There rarely is. Then I scan rapidly down the more that thousand comments and all I see are a bunch of bitter whiners. Geeze, put down the computers and get out there and work to make the changes you want. Actions do speak louder than words. None of you will change the others opinions. Then again maybe you won’t do as I say either..Just go play Angry Birds. It’s a better use of your time.

  135. Gabby Giffords was on TV last night. Such an inspiration.


    Palin/Anonymouse 2012 (The GOP’s only hope. Save the Republicans Sarah!)

  136. Let us see why we cannot elect or trust a Democrat again. Simply put they are Liars. They will promise you the world then never deliver on 90% of them. Obama has to date 53 documented broken campaign promises.
    1. Increase the capital gains and dividends taxes for higher-income taxpayers
    2. Expand the child and dependent care credit
    3. Create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners
    4. End income tax for seniors making less than $50,000
    5. End no-bid contracts above $25,000
    6. Repeal the Bush tax cuts for higher incomes
    7. Phase out exemptions and deductions for higher earners
    8. Sign the Employee Free Choice Act, making it easier for workers to unionize
    9. Forbid companies in bankruptcy from giving executives bonuses
    10. Allow workers to claim more in unpaid wages and benefits in bankruptcy court
    11. Allow imported prescription drugs
    12. Appoint federal-level coordinator to oversee all federal autism efforts
    13. Double federal funding for cancer research
    14. Direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to conduct a comprehensive study of federal cancer initiatives
    15. Provide the CDC $50 million in new funding to determine the most effective approaches for cancer patient care
    16. Create a National Commission on People with Disabilities, Employment, and Social Security
    17. Change federal rules so small businesses owned by people with disabilities can get preferential treatment for federal contracts.
    18. Reduce the threshhold for the Family and Medical Leave Act from companies with 50 employees to companies with 25 employees.
    19. Provide a $1.5 billion fund to help states launch programs for paid family and medical leave
    20. Require employers to provide seven paid sick days per year
    21. Expand the Family Medical Leave Act to include leave for domestic violence or sexual assault
    22. Form international group to help Iraq refugees
    23. Work with Russia to move nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert
    24. Close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center
    25. Develop an alternative to President Bush’s Military Commissions Act on handling detainees
    26. Secure ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)
    27. Reinstate special envoy for the Americas
    28. Double the Peace Corps
    29. Centralize ethics and lobbying information for voters
    30. Allow five days of public comment before signing bills
    31. Tougher rules against revolving door for lobbyists and former officials
    32. Double funding for after-school programs
    33. Urge states to treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws
    34. Allow bankruptcy judges to modify terms of a home mortgage
    35. Increase the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour
    36. Restore Superfund program so that polluters pay for clean-ups
    37. Re-establish the National Aeronautics and Space Council
    38. Support human mission to moon by 2020
    39. Pay for the national service plan without increasing the deficit
    40. Limit term of director of national intelligence
    41. Give annual “State of the World” address
    42. Reduce earmarks to 1994 levels
    43. Enact windfall profits tax for oil companies
    44. Create cap and trade system with interim goals to reduce global warming
    45. Use revenue from cap and trade to support clean energy and environmental restoration
    46. Require plug-in fleet at the White House
    47. Provide an annual report on “state of our energy future”
    48. Allow penalty-free hardship withdrawals from retirement accounts in 2008 and 2009
    49. Recognize the Armenian genocide
    50. No family making less than $250,000 will see “any form of tax increase.”
    51. Negotiate health care reform in public sessions televised on C-SPAN
    52. Create a public option health plan for a new National Health Insurance Exchange.
    53. Introduce a comprehensive immigration bill in the first year.

    Sorry for the length of this post. Do your part to make sure it doesn’t get any longer and demand the President stop telling lies. Better yet do your part and let us shrink this list by demanding that the President make good on his campaign promises. After all, our Vets, kids, and elderly deserve to be taken care of, don’t they?

  137. I Repost, you claim the OWS movement is superior to the Tea Party. Could you list for me the number of rapes and murders committed by the Tea Party people?

  138. 65% of the people and 57% of the Republicans are ignorant if they support the concepts and methods of OWS. They may agree with them about the wide disparity between financial institutions and politicians’ power and the rest of us, but that is different than saying they are potential members of OWS.

    OWS won so many hearts and minds in New York City that residents demonstrated against the squatters. Residents and small business people in other cities also want them to go away.

    OWS will last as long as leftist one per centers pay their bills.That doesn’t mean they will enjoy the political influence of the Tea Parties at their peak.

  139. This place has turned into Zuccotti Park.

  140. 57% of Republicans are for OWS. The FOX Narrative and why it will fail.
    OWS speaks for the vast majority. This link is very important to understand if you truly want to know the importance of OWS. OWS is here to stay.


  141. Here is the link which was supposed to be included in the above. It is a must see if you want to understand the current situation with OWS. OWS is not going to go away. The message is right, the 99% are asking to be heard.


  142. 65% of the People support OWS.

    Here is why OWS is going to continue and grow in strength and power as time goes forward. It is a message which speaks for the majority of people, for the 99%.

  143. http://theimmoralminority.blogspot.com/2011/11/rachel-maddow-gives-update-on-occupy_15.html

    Great Song about OWS!

  144. Helen, PLEASE post a Thanksgiving Letter!!!!!! I wait ALL year long for your Thanksgiving Letter to the family!!! PLEASE!!!!!!
    We still LOVE you and Margaret!!!!!!
    Hope all is well.

  145. I report, the first stimulus law was intended to create “shovel ready jobs” and to rebuild our infrastructure. Teachers, police officers, etc. while necessary, do not create as much wealth as private sector jobs. They live on taxes. Once the government money dries up after the appropriations end, the jobs end too. That’s what happened last time. As you wrote, we need more private sector jobs to produce the taxes to fund teachers’ etc salaries and to rebuild our highways etc.

    Before we spend so much money again we ought to learn why the first stimulus law failed.

    There you go again with the oversimplification and half truths about the Bush administration. Obama is in bed with the out of control bankers and businesses like GE.

    I agree that austerity can contract the economy and lower standards of living. Good choices are few. We must reduce spending or Europe will be our future. No matter what we do will be painful.

    Thanks for the complement Anon. I am just an amature “climatologist” and storm chaser, though my correct analysis may make me seem more versed than I am. I also had only an economics minor in college. Even with that, the economy is as several of us predicted. You have a right to “disregard the obvious.” Its in all of the papers and on television.

    Instead of taking personal pot shots from the peanut gallery, why don’t you enter the playing field as I report does and actually defend an opinion? Sorry about my steady complements I report.

  146. OhFudge, I met you, and I met Repost. I have met many on here. I use you all everywhere I go as prime example of what the Liberal people are about. Personal attacks, hate, bigotry, hypocrisy, and the list goes on. What I only find one in a thousand of is a Liberal that wants to talk ideology, and not attack person bringing the idea or thought to be chewed on. Liberals are a simple folk and easy to predict. Thanks to this blog on have thousands of posts by hundreds of posters who, 99.8% of the time to the same thing. That being attacking the stranger behind the name and avoiding any points they make that debunk the Liberal way of thinking. Thank YOU for helping make my job easier.

  147. Anonymous on November 15, 2011
    at 6:47 AM

    Most people that I know accept the category “Liberal” as a badge of honor. Thanks for honoring all us hard working “libs”
    I suspect you’ve never met a real liberal. What you are conjuring in your twisted mini-mind is the distorted view you see from the bottom of your outhouse. We’ll make it all worthwhile for you someday soon.

  148. Hi Helen,
    Guess like me, you are on a political hiatus. The Republicans are doing a fine job on their own of stepping in it and in many cases sliding and falling head first. Even here the great climatologist and economist James, Noah, etc show utter disregard for the obvious.
    I am looking forward to your Thanksgiving letter. If there isn’t one this year, I’ll know it no longer worth my while to check each day for a new Blog from you and I will no longer stop by.
    All the best,
    A fan

  149. The best way to bring down a deficit is to get people to work. Austerity has failed where ever it has been used. It shrinks the working class and slows down the economy further.

    Hiring for infrastructure repair, or teachers or firefighters and police will help make a dent into needs of the nation for the future as well as a stimulus for private businesses to sell goods and services.

    The last years of the GW Bush administration brought a collapse of the economy which could only be compared to the Great Depression. The last years and the first year job losses, which were significant, were directly attributable to Bush/Cheney, de-regulation, two unfunded wars, unfunded drug program and just plain stupidity. President Obama was and is still trying to get an economy run into the ground by bankers gone wild which was allowed by Bush/Cheney.

    OWS: This is the best comments which reflect my thinking re: OWS.
    Rachel Maddow is great. Check it out – you might learn something.
    OWS is here to stay.


  150. I report, governments create few private sector jobs. Their only influence is creating policies which encourage or discourage job creation. Even then, business cycles and other events may countermand government policy.

    The unemployment rate was as low as 4.6% during the second Bush administration. I’m not sure they all were as good as the lost jobs, but they were jobs. The globalization which Clinton started and Bush perpetuated helped enlarge emerging nations’ middle classes.. Its flaw was that jobs sought the lowest wages overseas. Now, some companies are beginning to consider reshoring –to bring some jobs back to the US because economics support them here.

    The liberal news media has twisted the news with selective reporting. It is no wonder some polls might show people blaming Republicans for our problems. Other polls show their disatisfaction with Obama’s management of the economy. Both opinions are a trifle unfair to the politicians.

  151. OhFudge Thanks for proving my point again that Liberals are a fail in the realm of ideas, so can only resort to personally attacking the messenger. You obviously, like most Liberals, made a comment without first having examined what it is you were talking about. Please continue to stay ignorant, it will make you defeat that much more sweet.

  152. Anonymous on November 14, 2011 at 3:24 PM

    You are dumber than I would have ever imagined.
    I didn’t comment on your link to “theblaze” I made a general statement about the website itself, However, you aren’t the brightest bulb on the tree so even though a first grader would understand the distinction it was obviously lost on you..

  153. Anonymouse:

    70+ percent of the people believe the Republicans are only out to benefit Millionaires or higher.

    Your comments prove that!!!

    Enjoy Cain, Perry, Newt or what’s his hame – oh, yeah the Mormon guy.

    Palin/Anonymouse 2012 – The only hope left for 2012

  154. Understood,, so we have you down for supporting forced sterilization, and the support of the terrorist organization known as OWS, and supporting their activities such as rape, murder, child and drug abuse and the desecration of the 9/11 monument. Thanks for clearing that up for us.

    Because if you didn’t support it, I am sure you would have said something,,,,right?

  155. Anonymouse:
    RAPE – If a woman gets raped and gets pregnant, DOES SHE HAVE THE RIGHT TO AN ABORTION? Republican policy is NO WAY IN HELL!! What say you? (Personhood – what say you? Good or stupid?)

    If crazy people break windows and steal things – they should be brought to trial. The same should occur to people who falsified loan papers to get unqualified people into houses they could not afford. Illegal acts should be prosecuted on both sides. When a police officer breaks a car window with his baton, he too should be prosecuted. (That was caught on camera.) OWS was blamed for the window until the camera showed the true culprit.

    OWS is the one group that is bringing up the SUPER WIDE GAP BETWEEN THE RICHEST 1% and the rest of us schmucks. Finally!!!! FOX even mentioned it reluctantly, because of OWS.

    CORPORATE WELFARE: I Paid more in Federal Taxes than 35 of the Biggest Corporations!!! OWS brought this to the point of discussion – finally.

    The 1% wealthiest will soon have their taxes raised THANKS TO OWS!! We have much to thank OWS for, they are good for our nation.

  156. Well my fine Paladin, since you are up on that high horse, why not explain to everyone your reasoning for supporting the terrorist organization known as OWS. Tell us how you explain away all of the crimes they have committed. I mean, if you are a member of the Democrat party, you should have no problem defending it, right?

  157. Anonymouse, You and I support many of the same things then. Gee. I had no idea that you and I had so many similar thoughts. Thanks


    Do you know what’s even better that Rick Perry falling in the polls?

    Newt Gingrich surging. Yes!

    A new national survey of Republicans indicates that it’s basically all tied up between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, with Gingrich on the rise and businessman Herman Cain falling due to the sexual harassment allegations he’s been facing the past two weeks.

    With Rick you get the dumb. With Cain you get the sexual escapades. With Newt you get the trifecta: ethics, hypocrisy and enough hoochy-koochy to make Amsterdam shut down their red light district because of a non-compete contract.

  158. I Repost, say what you will, but at the end of the day, we didn’t support forced sterilization of kids, poor and blacks. We don’t support the terrorist organization called OWS who rape women, murder innocent people, abuse children and drugs, and defile our national monuments like the 9/11 monument they defaced. You are a poor human being. I will leave it to God or karma to settle up with you at the end.

  159. UAW: Your FAMILY VALUES are showing!!! Now I understand why you are so intoxicated with serial ADULTERER Newt but you might consider serial Groper Cain!!! You have such wonderful choices for Republican Presidential Candidate – I can see why you are in such a crappy mood.

    Just saying: Palin is waiting in the wings to run for President. You and Anonymouse can coax her into running with a few hundred thousand dollars, promiise her time in front of FOX – seems they are not giving Sarah TV time anymore.

    I still like Palin/Anonymouse 2012, UAW – You could be the #1 cheerleader.

    UAW: You could be just off stage flipping the MSM the finger if they look at Sarah with that LIBERUL Look.

  160. when I click on I Report I see someone swallowing a big cock…..you don’t need a job….. you follow Barney Frank around……and I don’t really give a f#ck if I’m politically correct…..

  161. When I click on Anonymouse’s picture it says: A rodent that likes to eat shit and bother people.

    Anonymouse: You are a genius – You should be a detective. You really need to get a hobby or maybe even a job.

  162. Newt is still the smartest / best statesman we have out of the lot to date. Morals a bit skewed, but I know this guy would run a tight ship. Course we could all just vote Obama and ensure the movie 2012 becomes a documentary.

  163. Funny thing when I click on I Reposts picture it says, This is the public, global profile of juneaujoe. Things that make you go hmm

  164. The Blaze is no different than blogs I report cite except it is slanted toward the right. If crooksandliars is acceptable, so is the Blaze.

    I agree, I report. I think Romney is the best candidate. Yes, he bends with the wind, but, so far, he carries less of the baggage you mentioned. The others are sitting ducks.

    Romney’s success depends on a lot of conservatives holding their noses at voting time.

  165. Anon: Actually, you made yourself look like a complete ass with your comment.

    On a brighter note:
    Gabby Giffords will be in the TV tonight!!!! She is such an inspiration!!


    It sounds like a tear jerker.

  166. OhFudge, did you actually watch the video? It actually slams Republicans adn Democrats alike. Ops, sorry, did I just make you look like a complete ass?

  167. Republican Presidential Candidate Update!!

    The serial Republican Adulterer has just moved in front Serial Republican Harasser in recent Polls!! -Let the family values begin!!!


    REPUBLICANS: Common sense AND JON STEWART, say Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican Candidate for President. Quit wasting your time with the flavor of the month stuff. Mitt is great – tell him what the current message is, he says it and all is good. If you kick in a million, Mitt will give you anything you want.

  168. Why would anyone be insane enough to cite “theblaze” which is nothing but a christo-fascist-right-wing pile of donkey dung.

  169. Politics aside, THIS, is what is wrong with this country…


  170. GW BUSH is you GREAT example of making jobs – RIGHT!! Oh, look, his years in the White Produced the fewest jobs since the Turn of the Century.

    It is interesting that 70+ percent of the people feel the Republican Party is out to make money for the 1% and could care less about the middle class or poor.

    Congress : A money maker with insider trading.


  171. Granholm was the worst thing to ever happen to the state of Michigan. She did next to nothing and when she did so something it was a total botch. Her program to being in new innovative companies landed us 1 battery company and we listen to commercials on it for 3 years. Like you she was a joke. I suggest you know what the fck your talking about next time you post something.

  172. Here is a Governor of 8 years who cut taxes time and time again and cut state spending as well. Did it create jobs? NO! When a major corporation was talking of moving overseas, she offered 20 years of no taxes and the unions had big concessions as well. The Corporation left….
    Interesting perspective.


  173. Thanks knowledgeable Anonymous. We attach limits to free speech.

    Yelling “fire” in a theater is not permitted, nor are “fighting words.”

    If I pitch a tent in your front yard, it becomes trespassing if I do it without permission.

    Freedom of speech carries responsibilities including respect for the rights and reputation of others.

  174. Dear Helen, are you okay? I check your blog every day, like Faithful Old Shep waiting by the mailbox. Be well and happy!

  175. Has nothing to do with free speech kiddo, just calling you on your misinformation. You were wrong, it is as simple as that.

  176. How about that James does not support free speech. Not unless he agrees.

  177. Alaskapi, I thought you needed a smile. The Sami and to a lessor degree, the Finns who probably sprang from them are some of Europe’s last indigenous people. Glaciers may have separated the Sami from the rest of Europe for maybe 10,000 years. Twice during that time, something nearly wiped them out. A few progenitors perhaps from Siberia gave them a few Asian genes and rebuilt the population. No one knows for certain.

    Finns are some of the blondest people in Europe and yet, around 1908, a group tried to get them deported from the US under the Asian Exclusion Act. My aunt had subtle Asian charactoristics, but she was blond and her eyes were as blue as mine.

    If you Google EF Flashmob Helsinki, you will see a young blond woman who resembles my cousin.

    I don’t think the OWS movement is fragile. I think it is dangerous.I believe their public relations attempt to create another Tea Party is at risk, because the movement got away from them.

    Van Jones, one of the planners told Time the occupy tents were a surprise. Any group with little discipline and with members prone to violence is dangerous. Groups are supporting the movement with a lot of money, so the movement in one form or another will survive as long as its supporters want it to.

    The danger is when they become increasingly alienated from the general population, and they will be if they don’t stop the violence, a small group will follow the Weatherman trail. Some of their supporters want to crash the system, and many protesters don’t know that. Organized violence is the next logical step.

    I was in it once. The actors change, but the script remains the same.

    Nothing has repealed the laws of gravity or economics. During the nineties, we thought the good times would last forever. Now, we think our world has ended. It will get better in spite of our government. It always does thanks to the business cycle.

  178. James-
    Mari Boine reminds me of work done by Pamyua :-)
    Thank you. Songs and stories of the north and it’s peoples make me smile.

    Not so sure OWS is as fragile as you think but am concernedand think the groups need to own violence on it’s/their patch.
    It is all well and good to point to jerkfaces attaching themselves to the activities or provocateurs but wherever gratuitous violence and incendiary rhetoric comes from , within or without, it needs to be shut down unequivocally by the larger group.
    A number of years ago I was visiting the small town I lived in during college years and attended a rally on the heels of the Headwaters Forest deal. ( Anyone interested in the timber wars on the far north coast of CA can google Pacific Lumber Company, MAXAAM Corp, Charles Hurwitz, Judi Bari, and Tim McKay amongst others )
    I was there to hear Tim McKay whom I liked and admired until his all too early passing a few years ago.
    The bulk of the speakers were associated with Earth First! as was most of the crowd.
    Under Judi Bari’s watch that group of Earth First!ers had come down strongly against tree spiking and other forms of monkey wrenching which could hurt loggers but I can’t say I had much sympathy for the tree sits and all they employed.
    It is/was a consensus decision based group- a form of organization which OWS is using
    and which has some resonance for me as it more closely resembles the process my Alaska Native forbears used for a bazillion years to conduct public business as opposed to the hierarchial and often top-down way our larger society is structured.
    Some guy started hollering ” Kill Hurwitz! Kill the SOB!” a couple yards from me. While the crowd started edging away from him, 6 women in yellow armbands moved in and surrounded him. As close as I was I couldn’t hear what they were saying to him but he quieted and they edged him through the crowd towards local police on the periphery, where he stayed calmly.
    I asked folks around me what the yellow armband dealie was and the 2 who spoke up said they were “peacekeepers” trained to keep group gatherings from becoming moblike by defusing or removing folks who were getting out of control.
    As goofy as I thought/still think some of the antics and ideas that group had/has the “peacekeeping” thing has stuck with me. They OWNED behavior on their watch.

    I’ve spent a lot of time lately reading about neoliberal economic policies we accepted without much question a number of years ago and the so-called centrist or Third Way approach Dems in this country have attempted to reconcile social concerns in relation to neoliberal economics . As best as I can see it has resulted in arguing over a very small patch of ground and effectively turned into the rut we find ourselves in.
    I’m not sure about OWS itself but I do think we are at a crossroads in general.
    Human institutions need constant attention to keep some semblance of serving the people who design/accept them as a framework to conduct public business.

  179. UAW- Hoping the loss of your wife is mellowing as time goes on.
    I sure don’t like this part of outer middle age, the saying goodbye to too many I care about part.
    I like the part where I make fewer of the same mistakes over and over, though I realize I make a whole lot of new ones still :-)
    One of the most interesting things , watching this argument about TP and OWS unfold, is realizing whatever side of the fence folks are on the general consenus is that what we’ve been doing is not working out very well. It’s easy to dismiss one POV or the other on various grounds but it isn’t easy to dismiss the general understanding that things have gone kadiddlywop in this country.
    I would submit that part of the problem is that the Rs and Ds have been dueling over a very small patch of turf for quite awhile now .
    “The Third Way refers to various political positions which try to reconcile right-wing and left-wing politics by advocating a varying synthesis of right-wing economic and left-wing social policies.[1]”


    I don’t think it has worked out very well for much of anyone. Anyone meaning real everyday people. It’s called Centrism and many assume it’s the position of moderates on each side. I’m not sure of that anymore.
    This is the POV which saw us repeal the Glass Stegall Act – something which is likely to have had a real hand in the out of control behavior in financial circles which got us in the big mess we are facing.
    We will always have the tension between social responsibilty v personal responsibility, within ourselves and within our country. It’s part of the human condition and nothing new.
    We’re calling our children useless and spoiled because they are speaking out about mountains of debt attached to the college-education dream which no longer really leads to a decent job. We’re calling our elders useless and lazy because they didn’t end up with retirement plans and enough money for secondary insurance though they worked all their lives.
    We’re making fun of folks who are scared and upset about the shifts in values in this country which have left them pawns in a duel over capitalism run amok .
    We are eating our own instead of looking at the structure of what we have built and planning a remodel which works better for more of us.

  180. Alaskapi, I did some research to learn more about my Finnish cousins, and I found much I never knew before.

    If you have the time or inclination, Google Mari Boine- I Come from the Other Side, or Sami singer Sofia Jannok “Liekkas.” Do they remind you of anyone you know?

  181. Michael Gerson of the Washington Post wrote “The emergence of Occupy Wall Street raised Democratic hopes for the emergence of a leftist equivalent to the tea party movement. The comparison is laughable.

    “Defenders of OWS dismiss this as the work of a few bad apples. But the transgressions would call themselves the vanguard. and they express, not betray a significant ideological strain within the movement.

    Since the 1960′s some on the political left have sought liberal reform through the democratic process and nonviolent protest. Others have south to hasten the crisis and collapse of fundamentally illegitimate social and economic systems. Both groups can be found within OWS but the later is ascendant.

    Read the latest edition of Time Magazine, Anon 5:54 AM. Their largely sympathetic article about the movement and Van Jones failed to mention even one act of violence. The liberal press is trying to cover up and rationalize the communist and anarchicial wings of OWS. Glenn Beck’s rants have been more informative.

    Its true that a few plants tried to make the Tea Parties look bad, but there aren’t enough Tea Partiers left to commit the mayham these folks are inflictining on the occupied neighborhoods. Besides, the Tea Party is non -violent.

    I predicted this, not because I am so smart, but because I personally knew organizers of the US and European anti-war movements of the late sixties and early seventies. I have also read the history of other revolutions. A dedicated core of true believers attracts well-meaning people and others who just want to find dates. They use them as weapons, and they will sacrifice their ground troops to win.

    They will cause some whether or not they realize it to become martyrs for the cause. Once the hangers on are no longer useful, they will be destroyed. They are as Lenin observed “useful idiots.” Many people posting here and in the country reached the same conclusions I did at the beginning. Anyone not blinded by ideology could see this coming.

    Anon 7:05AM you will have a long wait for Anon 5:54AM to prove plants are causing the violence. Hell will freeze first.

    Uaw and alaskapi, I’m sorry life is going so badly around you.

  182. Anon 5:54am It’s even been proven that people have been planted at rallies to make trouble!

    Could you support this with some evidence. I have followed this from day 1 and I have not seen any news stories supporting this claim. Also, there exists volumes of evidence of hundreds if not thousands of people doing terrible acts of violence and unlawful acts. There was no such actions on the part of the Tea Party, nor is there any evidence to the contrary.

    Show me a news story on a TP’er raping someone. Show me a news story of a TP’er murdering someone. There is no comparing these two groups.

  183. When the tea party was at its peak, the media was after anything negative or sensational they could find.There were even plants who tried to make them look irrational.They tried to make it sound like all the tea party people were like that. It was horrible the way they dragged all those sincere people through the mud.

    Last night I started to realize that was exactly what is happening with the OWS thing. Using a few fringe people to smear a whole movement. It’s even been proven that people have been planted at rallies to make trouble! All those sincere people being dragged through the mud. Whoa! It was disconcerting to have that epiphany.

    Then I had a glass of kool-aid and turned on talk radio, and felt much better. It couldn’t possibly be the same at all!

  184. alaskapi…..
    don’t know what else to say but shit…..
    I also have a friend that has cancer but she decided not to do anything for it(quality of live instead of quantity)……
    yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of my wife’s passing from cancer…..
    maybe that’s why I’m in such a great mood right now…….

  185. When everyday people step up to the plate , lots of good things happen :-)


    The one ham operator reminds me of an uncle I loved dearly who sat at his radio through many a disaster, calmly passing on info. Everyone in the family called him a curmudgeon, I called him a sweetie with attitude.

  186. UAW- I’m south of where the storm hit so I’m fine though we’ve had our own share of high winds and heavy rain and snow.
    Folks did really well through the storm- all the warning ahead of time paid off in folks being ready .
    Lots of those villages and towns get whopped pretty badly every year and more so since sea ice is not as reliable as used to be as a buffer from ocean but this one really was a monster.


    Life has been busy and reading the duelling anonys and all not near as important as sitting vigil with a friend whose fisherman husband got caught in 60 knot winds and 20+ foot seas on the way home ( he made it home , damaged prop and busted main engine and all ) nor burying my sweet old dog who died suddenly nor trying to stay upbeat while my best friend does chemo that is only gonna buy a few months.
    Keep hoping Helen will post something new , that she is doing well getting used to a different life.
    That she’ll be making turkey with bacon laced stuffing for her extended family soon.
    And hoping the best for all the everyday people who stop by here- even when I disagree with them or want to pinch their faces off

  187. doesn’t Jared Lee Loughner sound like someone that would be at an occupy rally……

  188. Hey I report…
    Gabby was shot by a Left wing radical…..git your facts right……

  189. good to her from you Alaskapi……..
    I’m glad you didn’t leave…..
    It was getting tiresome listening to I Report….
    Personally I think he should change to SHIT FOR BRAINS,,,,,,
    how did you come through the storm….it was supposed to be the storm of the century .

  190. Gabby Giffords will be on TV soon.

    Gabby is so very inspirational.
    She survived being shot point blank by a right wing crazy man.

    It is so great that she survived and is making remarkable progress. It is sad about those who lost their lives or were wounded just trying to talk to their Representative.


    Anonymouse: You need some inspiration, check it out. It was a terrible tragedy – don’t you think?

  191. Let us put to rest who indeed is the cause of our financial crisis. Who made it happen, who fought for it to happen, and who tried to stop it. Lets set the record straight. Thank-you very much Democrats, you f+cked us but good.

  192. NEW RULES: Bill Maher


    You will really like this one Anonymouse. Bill Maher is so great with words.

  193. Lets do that math I Repost. When you are not fighting for the right to sterilize the poor, blacks and children…put this in your calculator and smoke it.

  194. DO THE MATH!

    End the War + Tax the Rich = Balanced Budget


    Interesting Thought

  195. Austerity has failed where ever it has been tried. Republicans – after studying a bit, you should probably come up with a different approach. Republicans seem to be taken the route that sinks countries the fastest.
    You are looking at epic failure in 2012 with the Republican’s current approach to policies.


    Seems like Anon is arguing with himself! Actually – Anonymouse – you lost the argument with yourself, not a good sign.

  196. Yes but in his defense she had lots of money..big boobs and was blond. Can’t fault a guy for that.

  197. I also completely support John McCain for leaving his wheelchair confined first wife after a physically and emotionally shattering accident. She wasn’t sexy enough any more and ‘in sickness and in health as long as we both shall live” is an awfully long time. As a conservative, the sanctity of marriage and the vows we take until it’s not convenient any more. I endorse everything conservatives do. It’s how it works.

  198. I Repost, when I say “JUMP!”, what’s your line? Let’s see if you know your place yet, boy.

  199. On the other hand, I am for cheating on your wife and serving her with divorce papers while she’s in the hospital for breast cancer surgery. It’s different when you’re a conservative.

  200. Was I the only once that noticed I Repost is for Rape, drug abuse, theft, murder and vandalism?

  201. Take me off your list of Forced Sterilization supporters.

    More on NEWT – the Newt surge has begun. Newt is a good pitch man for selling snake oil.


  202. :) We are so lucky you’re blogging and the Cons are on the other side of the pond. Give it to them, Hel.

  203. I love the hypocrisy Anon 1:44. For the party of hate all you have to do is look at I Repost, OWS and the video I posted. We already have on record I Repost supporting forced sterilization of the poor, blacks, and children. We have him on record supporting the rape, drugs, theft, murder, and vandalism of the OSW movement. So please go on pretending Conservatives are the haters. For every one example you give, I will give you two or three without breaking a sweat.

  204. On second thought, I Repost, I forgive you. It’s not your fault that as a typical Liberal you don’t know your place. It’s not your role to make personal attacks or post links to articles about what you believe in. Only conservatives like me can do those things. It may seem hypocritical to you because you’re a Liberal. You’re supposed to hug trees while I am supposed to endlessly spew hate and talking points.

  205. Anonymouse: I see the Republicans are pushing war in Iran. I respectfully submit that we need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. I think that would be a tremendous tribute to our soldiers past and present.

    You know, less war could mean less soldier suicides??? Think so??

    Here is some music from Country Joe McDonald about the glory of war.
    Enjoy!!! Change Vietnam to Iran or any Blue State to make it current.

  206. Sorry to see you could not do the honorable thing and reciprocate in kind I Repost. But I guess that is just now things are done, if you are a Liberal.

  207. Bill Maher: A rundown of politics this past week. It seems the Republicans have been busy screwing up. I will leave the details to Bill: Enjoy Anonymouse! You and Sarah would make a good team. There is a good comment wishing Newt Success too.


  208. Breaking News: NEWT IS SERIOUSLY IN IT TO WIN IT!!!

    Go Newt!! OR SARAH – I will throw in ten bucks for Sarah to run.


  209. Republicans say the darndest things: After the Palin comments, the Teaparty folks sure sound hateful and racist to me.

    Anon: I apologize if you feel I was making fun of you, that was never my intent. I find you misguided but we have this thing called free speech in America.

    Anon: Seriously – I just read that Newt said he made a mistake in repealing Glass -Segal. (Clinton said the same thing.) YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO BEG (PAY) SARAH PALIN TO JUMP IN THE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL RACE. I would even suggest you as Vice-President.

    That would make a swell bumper sticker.

  210. UAW- while it might appear that Occupy whatever is superficially similar to the sovereign-citizen’s movement , and worthy of a joke, it IS entirely superficial. Occupy is a socialistic movement, Sov-cit is very right wing militia member driven.
    Good ole Ms Morgan has some ‘splaining to do here.
    Her lawyer’s assertions that she had been carrying information to an elderly forgetful friend on how to blast stumps to clear land is hilarious and scary in that what she was carrying were detailed instructions on how to build a pipe bomb.
    The militias here sound silly but given the flap they create and the arms they possess the latest rounds with the Sov-cits here is a lot more worrisome than the local homegrown Occupy stuff.
    The charging documents are linked to this article and not funny at all.


    The hearing left her with a possibility of bail if a 3rd party custodian to keep an eye on her could be found.

  211. They sure named crooks and liars right…..should be innuendo and half truths

  212. I Repost, I will be a better man than you and answer because I am not a coward. Lets see if you are man enough to respond to my OWS questions in return.

    As for guns and suicide. First off you are being dishonest. Lets call a spade a spade here. I never commented on that topic, not once. So to tell me I am for something I never commented on just shows what kind of person you are. My opinion is, the gun, or the question itself, is irrelevant. It is naive to think that a person bent on killing themselves will not do so if you take their gun. The Vet could just as easily drive his car into a tree on the way home to fetch said gun. It is the behavior that needs to be of focus. A person who wants to die will find a way.

    Your turn, and please don’t bother if you are going to spout some one liner or insult me personally. Put some effort into it…address what I actually posted in its entirety, or don’t bother.

  213. Taxing the Rich DOES NOT HURT THE ECONOMY! That was the concensus on the Bill O’Reilly Show.


    Anon: You seem in favor of doing nothing with the gun rule which does not allow counselors to ask a potentially suicidal veteran if he has a gun at home. Reminder: We have a high AND INCREASING, suicide rate among our Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

    How does the quote relates to the counselor not being able to ask about guns and the suicidal soldier then commits suicide with the gun? Please explain!

  214. UAW and Anon: Basically, you are saying keep the rule and let the suicide easily take place.. So, with your plan, the counselor is not allowed to ask if the soldier has a gun so the counselor can call the home and tell the wife or whomever that they might want to put the gun at a trusted friend or parents house.

    Again: I don’t think your plan will reduce the increasingly high suicide rate which is present and growing among our US Vets who recently returned from war in Afghanistan and/or Iraq.

  215. I Repost has all the defining qualities of what is wrong with the Liberal party and the OWS movement. They claim to care. They claim to want to help. They claim to have the moral high ground. The problem with all these claims is, only when it suits their needs to do so.

    For weeks I Repost has spouted how great this OWS movement is, and how superior it is compared to the Tea Party movement. Telling us how it is going to reshape America and is the greatest movement of our generation, something to be proud of. He has time and again taken these unfounded, undocumented truths to back other arguments, because it suited his needs at the time, and he benefited by it.

    Now, as with all things Liberal, once you look past the surface, we find it is not at all what they purported it to be. It is a gang of thugs doing unspeakable deeds, exploiting men, women, children and themselves for their own selfish ends. Now that the real movement as been exposed, I Repost has nothing to say on the subject. You would think by his reaction that the OWS movement never existed, and you would be right. Because in his mind now that it has outlived its usefulness, it is no longer relevant and not worthy of his time or attention.

    So be wary when you support these Liberals. They are here to save the day, not because they are noble in their cause, but because you are a resource to be exploited. When your usefulness has run its course, you can count on them not to remember or care who you are.

    To you I Repost, I have but one quote to leave you with.

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

  216. yes suicides are terrible….the only group higher is white males 85 or older….47 per 100,000


  217. Not allowing counselors to ask if someone who is depressed and considering suicide has a gun at home is very stupid rule, I think the rule should be changed.
    OK….Let’s change the law…..and if observation is needed in an institution it is court ordered…….and if they don’t need it they DO NOT LOOSE gun rights……and if the Dr., psychiatrist, or counselor goof they are then guilty of manslaughter…..

  218. I’m glad that you agree with me….We have enough gun laws and don’t need any more…..and I’m REALLY REALLY HAPPY to hear you say it’s Obama’s fault…..

    so we agree we need more work on Mental health issues……

    How about if your found to be disturbed you loose your student loans?????or your right to protest?????or your right to burn the Flag?????

  219. UAW – you and I agree!!

    Not allowing counselors to ask if someone who is depressed and considering suicide has a gun at home is very stupid rule, I think the rule should be changed.

    Whoever came up with the rule was wrong. How about you and I write to President Obama and select Congressmen to get that stupid rule changed?

    Our soldiers are needlessly committing suicide and we could help change the stupid rule which makes suicide too easy.

    UAW = You are brilliant. Thanks We can do this and help our troops.

  220. http://www.dailypaul.com/23787/veterans-disarmament-act-signed-into-law-jan-8

  221. also in your Crooks and Liars post….
    “The NRA was outraged, apparently, that a Kansas army base wanted soldiers to register privately owned weapons.”

    The NRA is against all gun registration…..what does that have to do with a counselor asking if they own a gun…….sounds like a HIPPA thing to me…..there are already laws(and the NRA backs) that prohibits people with mental illness from owning guns…..

    “The NRA pushed for the law after receiving complaints from soldiers at bases across the country, says spokesman Andrew Arulanandam. In Fort Riley, Kan., commanders “imposed a preposterous regulation,” according to the NRA website, that required soldiers to register firearms that they were keeping off base and authorized commanders “to set arbitrary limits on the caliber of firearms and ammunition their troops may privately own.”

    The NRA defended the measure. “The thing that doesn’t make sense to us is that when anyone exhibits high-risk tendencies, the logical response would be to provide counseling, to address matters at hand that are triggering these high-risk tendencies,” Mr. Arulanandam says. “That would be common sense, rather than to talk to them about gun locks.””

    so what really spooked the veterans…..how about the veteran’s disarmament act….

    The House bill, HR 2640, is being sponsored by one of the most flaming anti-Second Amendment Representatives in Congress: Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY). Another liberal anti-gunner, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), is sponsoring the bill in the Senate.



  222. The Republicans are doing TV ads for President Obama to get him re-elected. Go figure. I am sure he is appreciative, I know I am.

  223. More business as usual if you’re the liberal elite media. Karl Rove backed Crossroads ad pulled off the air for no other reason than being a big lie.


  224. Hey I Report….

    I assume by your posts that you voted for that great family values guy John Edwards…..

    As for the suicides,they are a terrible thing……..A rule in last year’s National Defense Authorization Act — backed by the NRA of course — prohibits such conversations…..

    but put the blame where it really belongs……. with the person who signed the bill……..that’s right….it’s Obama’s fault!!!!!!

    The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 (H.R. 2647, Pub.L. 111-84, 123 Stat. 2190.) is a law in the United States signed by President Barack Obama on October 28, 2009.

    it might amuse some to learn that in the house vote 221 Dems voted for this with 19 against….168 Rep for and 3 against……

    Jul 23, 2009: This bill passed in the Senate by Unanimous Consent. A record of each senator’s position was not kept.

  225. I always knew you were a coward I Repost. To afraid, or is it ignorant…to respond. You represent the best the Liberal party has to offer I’m sure. Act all holy and turn a blind eye when it suits your purpose.

  226. Interesting: I pay more Federal Income Tax than 30 large corporations combined!!!!!


    How can you support the tax dodging of LARGE CORPORATIONS and the wealthiest 1%, who have run off with tax breaks. Of course they want to take away the benefits the middle class have been paying into for their entire lives.


    10 Years of tax cuts for the wealthiest and Corporations!!!! WHERE ARE THE JOBS!!!! Anon is full of crap!!

  227. More despicable and disturbing people from the OWS movement. Grammy-Nominated Singer’s New Violent Occupy Anthem

    Our canvas is freedom
    Your blood is our paint [...]

    Like a pig you consumed
    And like a pig you will roast [...]

    And what you won’t share
    Will be ripped from your hands
    Your body destroyed
    The way fire lands
    Burning your homes
    The privilege you snake
    The payback beyond
    Anything you could take
    Naked you’ll be
    And full of regret
    And the way they were treated
    You’ll long to forget
    Just business as usual if you are a Liberal.

    I Repost, after all these stories of murder, rape, child abuse, drug use and over dose, assaults, robbery, theft, vandalism, could you explain to me again how any why you support these people? And how you think(factual evidence as I have provided please, not speculation) the Tea Party people are worse?

  228. Liberals are at it again. In their quest for political supremacy, they have no lines they will not cross. Cain is in their cross hairs and nothing short of ruining Cain and his families life will do. And we wonder why we don;t have good people running for President. Just business as usual if you are a Liberal.

    In what is being dubbed the “smear of the year” by RadioEqualizer, liberal talk radio host Bill Press actually equated GOP presidential contender Herman Cain with disgraced Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky – who stands accused of sodomizing a ten-year-old boy in a school shower and “pimping out” boys with whom he worked, to donors. Thus far, Sandusky has been charged with some 40 counts of sexual abuse of underage boys.


  229. Denver Occupiers Storm Conservative Blogger Conference, 1 Arrested. These OWS scum continue to act like a gang of thugs. Just business as usual if you are a Liberal.


  230. Newt is moving up for sure. He is only a couple points behind UNDECIDED.

    I find this interesting:
    Suicide rates among Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan are at record levels. There are more military dead from suicide than from the wars the last couple of years. I found this article interesting.


    Seems the NRA (Rifle guys) won’t let counselors who see the vets ask if they have a gun at their home. So the guy says, I feel like killing myself but they cannot ask, ‘Do you have a gun.’

    I now understand why the suicide rate is high and not coming down.

    Good old gun lobby!!!! BANG, BANG, BANG – Bury another soldier boys.

  231. Newt has my vote as well.

    A massive blow to free speech served up by Liberal California. Just business as usual if you are an anti-American Liberal.


  232. NEWT” Good family values guy. On 2 divorces. One when his old wife was on the operating table. Oh Yeah, He impeached President Clinton at the same time he was having an affair of his own. Great creds for family values.

    Good Choice. Late Night Comics will enjoy it.

    You might consider Sarah Palin. Letterman would appreciate Palin as a ‘serious’ candidate.

  233. Still leaning towards Newt….

  234. Self-described “sovereign citizens” take the position that they are answerable only to common law and are not subject to any statutes or proceedings at the federal, state or municipal levels, or that they do not recognize U.S. currency and that they are “free of any legal constraints.”[2]

    sounds like an occupy rally to me…..

  235. Morgan cannot be trusted to make court dates and is a danger to the community because she had documents in her car related to poisonous plants and instructions on making a pipe bomb.

    any relation to Obama’s buddy Bill Ares….
    if she would have had a police baton with her Eric Holder would have let her go…..maybe Barack will invite her in for a beer……

  236. UAW: Give me a report of Nailin Palin, Sounds kind of gross actually.

    Who do you support for Republican Presidential Candidate then? I was just trying to help out. Republicans seem to have stepped in dog shit with the current field of clowns running.

    Who is your candidate?? Just wondering.

  237. Hey I Report!!!!!!
    Where have I ever said I would vote for or support Sarah Palin…..(but with a choice between Palin or Biden)(a tossup)….Your the one with the fixation on her…..Why don’t you download NAILIN PALIN (XXX) and pump some blood into your brain….

  238. UAW – (Ricin) Mary Morgan is looking for a place to cool her heels and talk of the evils of President Obama and Liberals – can you make room for her?

    She will take care of anyone who you disagree with politically.

    UAW: YOU, Ricin Mary, and Anon could make plans for getting Sarah Palin to be the Republican Candidate for President 2012. The current group of Presidential Candidates seem to be imploding.

    Think about it!

  239. TeaParty: If I remember right, they carry guns and talk about shooting people they do not like.

    Occupy apparently also carries guns and they do shoot people…..

    Occupy Oakland: Man shot to death near camp

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/11/10/BAAI1LTA0L.DTL#ixzz1dR3yKBrR


  240. A nice ‘I HATE OBAMA AND LIBERALS’ lady is locked up in jail and needs one of you to sponsor her so she can be released. Seems she got caught with a gun and all kinds of paperwork on making Ricin, a poison that will kill lots of people.

    The judge says he can consider releasing her from jail if someone would vouch for her and sign over their house if she flees the country.

    There must be some right wing person willing to help (Ricin) Mary Morgan out. I think her plan was only to kill liberals.


  241. UAW: You support Sarah Palin too it seems. Thanks for bringing up Sarah UAW!

  242. What kind of moron goes to an occupy rally —-bashes the elite —-and and has a $1,000,000 vacation home…….

    Michel Moore….


  243. Anon: Here is another idea for Sarah Palin.

    She has the bus. Talk her into going to ski resorts and have Sarah Palin Snowsnookie contests. People can give to SarahPac and talk her into running for President. I bet Leno and Letterman would like to help out.

    Speaking of Letterman: Here is Rick Perry on Letterman last night,
    You have had a rough week but getting it kicked around a lot. This should lighten it up somewhat. Enjoy Anon!!


    TeaParty: If I remember right, they carry guns and talk about shooting people they do not like.

  244. Watch as Protesters Viciously Attack Woman at Occupy San Diego. What a bunch of scum bags these OWS people are. You have never seen the Tea Party act this way. But that is just business as usual if you are a Liberal.

  245. Occupy Oakland Protestors Attack KGO Cameraman For Shooting Video of Murder Scene. Never see Tea Party People acting like this.


  246. What a slap in the face to vets. Calif. Mayor chooses occupy rally over Veterans Day Memorial. But that is just business as usual if you are a Liberal.

  247. I am really feeling bad for the Republican Party! ROMNEY HAS BEEN DECLARED WINNER as the Republican Presidential Candidate. The Republicans lost their asses last Tuesday for over – reaching, even in red states. Current Polling shows Cain at 18%, Undecided is at 17% and then Romney and Newt at 15%.


    After much thought and checking with liberal blogs, I have come to the answer to Republicans is SARAH PALIN!! She is always looking for the camera and a quick buck. I AM PROPOSING THAT ANONYMOUS USE HIS CLOUT AND THIS BLOG TO GET SARAH PALIN DRAFTED AS THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT 2012. Anonymouse could be the Vice Presidential Nominee..

    Just trying to help out. Republicans are on a course of self destruction – you need new ideas.

  248. Democrats have slandered genuine grassroots Tea Partiers as lawless, racist, AstroTurf scofflaws who are sometimes even domestic terrorists, despite the Tea Partiers’ peaceful, respectful behavior, no evidence of racism and almost no arrests at any of their events. Liberals pejoratively labeled them Tea Baggers and mocked their legitimate protests against the unprecedented spending of the Obama administration. But when leftist Occupy Wall Street protesters have truly been organized from above, have engaged in lawless and violent behavior leading to many arrests and have spewed anti-Semitic bile, liberals, including President Obama himself, have lionized them and identified with their cause. Just business as usual for Liberals.

  249. UAW: I think Helen has been banned from posting any more by Anonymous. Anon has to approve her writing and she is just too liberul so there will be no post until her writing is written to his right wing standards,

    Helen: I hope you and Margaret are well and hope there is a new post soon.


    Jon Stewart DECLARES MITT ROMNEY THE WINNER and the Republican Presidential Candidate for 2012. Romney wins by saying nothing at the last debate! This is a must see. Even Anon will appreciate it.


  251. Helen…OH Helen….Where are you???????
    It’s been 2 1/2months…….
    We need new material……..
    What’s the matter……Starting to disagree with the libs here…….
    Give us some more of your words of wisdom…….

  252. When President Bush attacked Iraq with the Democrats’ approval, based on a perceived and possibly actual national security threat, liberals savaged him as a lying warmonger. But when President Obama attacked Libya, let alone Egypt, without any discernible national security interest and without Congress’s endorsement, liberals hailed his foreign policy acumen. Just business as usual for Liberals.

  253. White House Lashes Out at Congress Over ‘Partisan’ Solyndra Investigation. Looks like this story can’t fade fast and furious enough for this administration of transparency.


  254. Anon, just playing the game the way Liberals play it. You don’t like it? Tuff.

  255. A wonderful tribute to the working men and women of Ohio who so valiantly showed the middle class that we can fight back and take back their state.


    Of course, there will be a tax increase for the wealthiest to pay for the needs of our country. Shared Sacrifice means the wealthiest must join in paying for our countries needs. It makes total sense – just 10 years late but better late than never.


    Afganistan and Iraq Wars were supposed to be temp jobs if I remember correctly.

  257. Let’s reserve at least 11 minutes at 11am (in your time zone) to find a way for each of us to honor our veterans on 11-11-11, Veterans Day.

  258. Typical republican hypocrisy from anonymous noah. He commands higher standards from others than himself.

  259. Just Representing Anon 8:50. Don’t be hatin, be participatin.

  260. Hard to believe. Working families are struggling and the Democrats response to this financial crisis? Democrats are proposing to match any spending cuts with new tax increases, attempting to find $1 trillion in savings to match $1 trillion in new taxes. Unbelievable! Just business as usual if you are a Liberal.


  261. Typical republican hypocrisy from anonymous noah. He condemns “I Report” for spamming the blog with propaganda links and then does the same thing. In his own words, he should be banned.

  262. President Barack Obama is presenting Americans with a choice between Washington and Wall Street that not only is false but also ignores the nation’s founding principle. It is time someone told this man he is the President of the U.S.A., not the Socialist Muslim Republic of Obama.


  263. More JOBS JOBS JOBS killing measures by this administration. Oh My!!! Obama officials to delay Keystone pipeline decision, likely until after election.


  264. The woman that DEAD BEAT DAD WALSH screamed at was interviewed on the Ed Schultz show. She had a lot to say and made a lot of sense. BTW: Deadbeat Dad Walsh AKA Representative Walsh, owes $117,000 for child support. He knows a lot about money and how to take it from his own children. BTW: Only the US Postal Service delivers to Emmonak, Alaska – No FED EX OR UPS Deliveries to many villages in AK – The US Postal Service delivers for the Private Companies.


  265. Obama, still public enemy #1 to the working class.


  266. Waste, Fraud and Solyndra. Yesterday morning: President Obama signs an executive order to end government waste.

    That afternoon: Investigators uncover emails indicating a prominent Obama donor actively lobbied the administration on behalf of Solyndra (the now-bankrupt stimulus-backed California-based solar energy company).


  267. Happy Vets day all

    Our jet-set president starts another round of leading from behind this week as he leaves for Hawaii, Australia and Bali to see if he can learn from and share with other world leaders how they create jobs, ignore their constitution, arm drug cartels without getting subpoenaed; or at, the very least how they shave a shot or two off their handicap. While we all suffer the effects of the Obama administration, he goes on a trip. Just business as usual for Liberals.


  268. Happy Veterans Day to you and everyone else I report. Our daughter and son-in law will spend their noon hours at a Sizzler restaurant in Omaha with us. They give veterans free meals today.

    Instead of responding to your clap trap, I will bore you with a story. When I returned to the US and civilian life, I had not slept for over 24 hours, and I was loopy. A flight attendant and I started visiting, and we were so interested in each others’ stories, she moved me to first class so we could talk during her breaks.

    I told about some of my Air Force adventures, and my voice was louder than I thought. After the plane landed, she gave me a Disneyland balloon, and someone behind me began to clap. Then, all of the passengers gave me a standing ovation. I didn’t know how to react.

    Times were hard for awhile, but I never forgot the kindness of that flight attendant. I tried to find her and finally did in 2004. She was a determined, bubbly young woman whom everyone liked in high school. Her ambition was to see the world, and she did before she died of cancer in 1977.

    Most Vietnam Era veterans received a poor welcome home, but that flight attendant gave me the biggest parade imaginable. I wish I had found her sooner to thank her again.

  269. Happy Veteran’s Day!! Bush- Republican Thinking: A group of crazies in Afghanistan took out the Twin Towers in NY with money from Saudi Arabia.
    A Trillion Later and 10 years later – President Obama, takes out Sadam, Osama and a shit load of other Crazies leaders. President Obama is getting us out of Iraq on the DATE SET BY Pres. Bush.

    President Obama got us into some wars which essentially toppled the leader within a year. President Obama also involved other countries and used smart tactics. If we fight wars – lets not make them 10+ years long like the Republican tactics INSIST UPON.

    Anon likes to talk about a waste of money: TRILLION DOLLAR WAR IN IRAQ, ineptly run, WASTED LIVES OF OUR MEN!!!! War should not be a Trillion Dollar Game which puts cash into the pockets of the 1% richest. Quit killing our young men for PROFIT, which is the Republican Way!!!

    Enjoy your Veterans Day!!!! Yes, I am a Veteran,

  270. The Republican Philosophy in 68 seconds. I wish I had heard and seen this before. It explains the current philosophical underpinnings of the Right Wing Republican Party so very well. There really is thought behind the Republican Party afterall?


  271. Occupy Fannie and Freddie. Liberals ripping off Americans hard earned money. MF Global Holdings, whose CEO is former Democratic New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, has $600 million missing from customer accounts. Just business as usual for Liberals.


  272. Classy: OWS Defaces 9/11 Memorial. There are no boundaries, no lines a Liberal will not cross, from forced sterilization of minorities and children to defacing a 9/11 memorial, just business as usual for Liberals.


  273. More Lies and Distortion from Nancy Pelosi. Just business as usual if you are a Liberal.


    Republicans know they got their butts kicked last Tuesday and they have to vote with the people or they will be voted out – LIKE RUSSEL PIERCE in AZ.

    Rachel Maddow tells the story:


  275. Yes I Repost, they are showing the worst side of humanity…and you are their poster boy supporting forced sterilization of children and minorities, rape, drug abuse, child abuse, communism, and the list goes on.

  276. Republicans lose on Unions, Abortion and Immigration this past Tuesday. They also lost the Kentucky governorship to the Democratic Candidate.

    Jon Stewart breaks it down so very well!!!!


  277. Rick Perry wants to get rid of three governmental departments. Department of Commerce, Department of Education, and the Department of My Campaign is Over.

    Anon: Republicans sure did well last Tuesday – oh dang – THEY GOT CREAMED.
    You have no clue what the average person in the US or the world is concerned about. The 99% are changing the US and the world in a positive way.

  278. OWS is a joke to the rest of the world and the laugh is on us. Their actions of rape, drug abuse, a myriad of other dispicable acts is a black mark on us all. It is sad to see you support these people I Repost.

    Happy Pepero Day!

  279. I remember back when the Democratic meetings had shouting and yelling and FOX and right wingers felt it was totally appropriate.
    Now, it happened to Michelle Bachmann. OWS is perfecting a technique thought up by some Right Wingers.


  280. missed the link there.


  281. I Report

    Keep it up pal. It is so much fun to sit back and watch the thugs here choke on their own vomit each time you post. LOL, LOL

  282. Obama Snubs Va. on Gas and Oil Exploration, Costing the State ‘Thousands of New Jobs,’ Gov. McDonnell Says OH MY!!!! JOBS JOBS JOBS??????

  283. Hey I report..
    I also agree that Perry screwed himself….
    as far as college students and Occupy, I thought the students just wanted their loans paid off by someone else(the gov)….. whats this about jobs…..jobs involve work….. liberals and work don’t compute……
    I will agree that the job creators have not kept up with their job…..but just how many artists,lawyers,paper pushers, or drug dealers do we need….. how much better-off would this country be if some of them could pound a nail,wire a light,weld,drive a tractor,milk a cow, or hoe a garden……
    It’s terrible that some people are trying to make it on 2-3 part time minimum wage jobs but it’s also terrible that some people won’t do those jobs and then complain about loans and how unfair it is……….

  284. the OWS is impolding and being shown for what they really are. Communists, child abusers, loons, drug abusers, rapists.


  285. Thanks I Repost. A Perfect example of how Liberals gain support. They first have to find a way to make you a victim of something. In this case its those poor students. Can you believe it that people expect them to make good on their word? Can you believe people actually want them to pay back a loan? What on earth are we teaching our kids that we expect them to honor agreements they willing enter in to?

  286. Here are some random comments from students who attended the GOP debate last night. I found them interesting.

    “I thought Perry was a big flop. I believe he lost the election in that cycle of questions,” said one student. “Rick Perry? I think he’s Texas toast,” said another.

    But apart from picking a winner, these serious students are all a-buzz, chattering about the issues important to them: student loans and the jobs needed to repay them.

    “The biggest thing that’s important to me is how student loans are funded. I do feel that the onus is too heavily on us students to pay that back. Seventy percent of jobs these days require a four year degree. After tonight, I’m voting for Obama in 2012,” says an OU sophomore student.

    Outstanding student loan debt is now set to top $1 trillion for the first time this year — which means Americans now owe more on student loans than on credit cards.

  287. Obama Still Pushing Jobs Bill That Was Defeated in Democrat-Controlled Senate JOBS JOBS JOBS OH MY!!!


  288. Oh My!!
    Gallup: 26% Percent Approve of Obama’s Handling of Deficit
    30% for his handling of the economy.
    36 percent for creating jobs.

    Obama has added $4,349,562,460.80 to our national debt. That equals about $37,000 for each of the 117,538,000 households

    Oh My!!! The House of cards Obama has built is coming down around him.Going to be hard to reelect someone with these numbers.

  289. Hey I Report…
    tell me again why it is OK to vandalize a business, push people down stairs, sell or take heroin, rape, shit on other people’s doorsteps, or be a total F$CKING jerk……

  290. A Christmas Tree Tax? Really Obama?


  291. The 99 had little to do with changing attitudes.

    Alaska is getting a super storm, maybe equivalent to a catagory three hurricane. The lack of Artic ice made it worse than it would have been 40 years ago when Alaska was colder.

  292. The Ohio Republicans were out spent and out campaigned in Ohio. The governor should have exempted the police and fire fighters as the Wisconsin governor did–again, from memory, so I could be wrong about that.

    The news was not all bad for the Republicans, even in Ohio. Voters rejected the Obamacare insurance payment mandate.

    Republicans need to focus on what most people care about–the economy. Polluting the campaign with social issues and failing to explain what our debt will do to us wins votes for the Democrats.

    Democrats are trying to portray Republicans as obstructionists the way Harry Truman did. Republicans made a major concession in the super committee. As Senator Durban noted, it was a major breakthrough. They proposed $300 billion in new taxes. Democrats walked away. No agreement and potential draconian cuts if the super committee fails will become the Republicans’ fault. Democrats will harness the anger generated to win an election for Obama and maybe for other legislators.

    Cain and Perry are finished. Republican choices range from Mitt to Newt. This could also work in Obama’s favor. Obama should be cautiously optimistic.

  293. Oh My! Signers of Grover Norquist’s pledge of no new taxes want their names removed. HOW CAN THIS BE?????? The 99% are forcing change???


  294. This is from memory, not a link. Yes, the CRA loans were innocuous at first, but there is more to the story.. They became toxic after the savings and loan scandal put some banks and savings and loans out of business and survivors merged. ACORN and other groups sued and protested to intimidate banks to loan more money to poor people.

    The Clinton administration further pressured banks to make more risky loans. Then, realtors, financial institutions and world stock traders found ways to make money from the housing bubble before it burst. As in 1973 before the farm crash, too many borrowers and lenders believed the laws of economics had been canceled.

    The commercial property bubble inflated on the strength of an active housing market and unrealistic expectations of the economy.

    This is another example of “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Greed and political calculation over rode the good intentions.

  295. Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow discuss the Tuesday ‘vote in Ohio. Ed is in Ohio talking to legislators from Ohio. The tide has turned. Republicans – Your ideas are not those of the 99%.


  296. The true obstructionists are exposed.


  297. Exposed? One of Cain’s Accusers Works for the Obama Administration. No big surprise there. Business as usual in the Liberal world.


  298. More Obama administration and corruption exposed.


  299. Nancy Pelosi ’60 Minutes’ Segment Expected To Focus On House Minority Leader’s Stock Investments. Be interesting to see where this goes.


  300. Deadbeat Dad Walsh was yelling, “Don’t blame the banks!!”

    I like this response I came across:
    june says:
    November 9, 2011 at 7:11 pm
    Jose, this deadbeat dad is a member of Congress and owes his ex-wife more than $100,000 in back child support. He is also full of bull manure. The Community Reinvestment Act was enacted to stop redlining of low and moderate income communities. Studies have concluded that CRA loans were safer than subprime mortgages. CRA loans accounted for a tiny fraction of the total subprime mortages, most of which were originated by lenders not even regulated by CRA. Also, commercial property loans are not covered by CRA.

  301. I see Deadbeat Dad Walsh is yelling at those who voted him into office!!
    Oh My, Is it smart to yell at those who will vote for or against you???


    “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.”

    Barry Goldwater, 1994
    From the Juanitajean blog.

    Anon: You really are an idiot.

  302. And still I Repost doesn’t denounce it. Huh, who knew?

  303. UAW – Wall Street, Big Corporations get as much, or more blame as Democrats actually.

    Here is a link which discusses the successes of Progressives on the elections yesterday. A Dem Governor was elected in Kentucky. (That is the state that elected Mitch McConnell -R and Rand Paul – R.) How did a Democrat ever get elected overwhelmingly there??? Must be some kind of message to Republicans. The vote which protected women’s rights in Mississippi should also be a wake up call for Republicans – seems to me.


  304. only in america….
    Occupy Oakland Protesters Deposit Funds At Wells Fargo After Bank Attacks


  305. Shamed into Silence, Imagine that.

  306. Hey,I Report….remember this….
    “Half of Americans believe Republicans are intentionally sabotaging the US economy.”
    Does that mean that the other half is blaming the Democrats for sabotaging the economy…..

  307. I also find it telling when you chose to speak on the topic of Forced Sterilization that you did not have enough compassion in your heart to condemn the atrocity committed by your party. To me anyway, that would be the very first thing on my mind, to convey that I did not support it, to let others know you would never support it again. I am astounded you didn’t at least say it was a bad thing.

  308. Wait wait wait, your defense of the poor, the black..and even children as young as 9 years old being forced to undergo sterilization, is that they had Republican offspring? lmfao

  309. What I find interesting about the forced sterilization is that those Dems who did that now have relatives who are LEADERS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IN THE SOUTH. I also like the way the Republicans are saying no birth control in Africa, India, etc.

    It is also interesting that the Republicans say ALL FERTILIZED CELLS MUST LIVE, but THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO BUSINESS PAYING FOR YOUR CHILD BIRTH COSTS OR HEALTH CARE FOR THE NEW LITTLE TYKE!!! That is true Republican love for children and family values.

  310. Yes I Repost but at least they didn’t actually go out and force sterilization upon the poor and the black as your party did.

  311. In thinking about the Mississippi win. That was a blatant attempt to have the GOVERNMENT CONTROL THE BODIES AND LIVES OF WOMEN!

    There would have been no greater attempt at Government Control and telling a woman what she MUST DO – whether rape, tubal pregnancy, etc.
    The woman’s life would be at risk because a cell would take precedence over her life.

    Pretty sad to consider actually.

  312. Women’s reproductive rights win in Mississippi!!!! Common sense won.


  313. Win for the middle class in Ohio!!! The tide is turning.


  314. 37 Corporations paid NO Federal Taxes and even got our tax dollars back!!
    Shared sacrifice? Not for the 1% or Huge Corporations – their lobbyists bought them tax breaks.


  315. Staci, speaking for myself, I know exactly what I am doing. I report said he is writing so often to maintain a liberal presence on the site. I began doing the same thing, when I was one of the few alternative opinions. I also wanted to expose the bigots and jerks for what they were and to distinguish them from the nice people.

    I may be the only one, but I respect I report for what he is doing. He also exaggerates and feeds us half- truths. I can’t change the world, but I can play I report’s hyperbolic game for fun when it suits my fancy. Judging Obama by the same standards Democrats and the press judged Bush is fun.

    My record of being right ranged from my early opinion about the Tea Party to Cash for Clunkers and OWS. (I wasn’t the only one.) Anon has come unhinged because he cannot prove me wrong. He can write that I am wrong, but he cannot prove it. I have a long “paper trail.”

    Now, he fantasizes about my drowning in one of our pools of still standing flood water. He also calls me names. He exposes himself as I had hoped he would. I report doesn’t embarrass himself with child-like fits of anger and personal attacks. Clearly, I report is the better man.

    I have one word for you Anon.–loser. And you did it to yourself.

  316. Understood. Guess I have never understood the need to go after strangers and make personal ASSumptions. But whatever gets you off sport.

  317. Anonymous on November 8, 201 at 7:07 PM

    You are as stupid as horse manure.
    I pointed out quite clearly why James is wrong..
    Don’t try to blame me for your inability to read.
    And James needs a new source other than the hacks at NewsBusters to get his talking points.
    And how do you know I’m a liberal? Actually I’m a conservative mole.

  318. Anon 4:36. Why not be something other than the typical Liberal? Maybe instead of making personal attacks and vomiting hate, tell James why he is wrong. Be specific. You did nothing but make a complete fool of yourself.

  319. James you are a lying SOB. Your interpretations of Obama’s policies are pure fiction. Why don’t you find a pool of water on your property somewhere and hold your head under for ten minutes to clear your mini-mind of your interpretations.

  320. LMAO


  321. WOW, all I have to say to all this, is I miss Helen! You guys are out of control. Frankly I take issue will most politicians in power right now, both Republican and Democrat. It seems most have lost sight of what is important and are focused on furthering their own selfish agendas. I do not need to link any other articles or blogs, I just simply need to look out my window :( When will people realize that we need to work together in order to fix all that is wrong with this Country and in the current political climate I do not hold out much hope for this country.

  322. If this does not convince you that the Democrats have Deep, Deep racists beliefs and practices then nothing will. Forced sterilization of Blacks, and the poor.


  323. We Told You! The people have seen the truth and the end is near Oh My!!!
    Gallup Poll: Conservatives 42%, Liberals 21%


  324. Again, in the spirit of your hyperbole, Obama wanted our troops to die in Iraq because he supported the strategy Murtha called the “slow bleed.” Murtha explained that by opposing the surge, and continuing to fund the war in Iraq Democrats could maintain the status quo which would let the war continue as an important issue in the next election.

    The status quo was continuing stalemate and more deaths.

    Obama lied about Libya. He said our troops would only be there a few days.

    That Irishman was especially funny to me because I lived in England for two years. My family is Welsh (related to Irish), Scandinavian, and Finnish. All are stereotypical heavy drinkers.

  325. As the left continues to try and paint Conservatives as racist. If you take a honest look at the issue, one would be forced to conclude the real racists are the Democrats.


  326. A well stated article on the failure of trickle-down Obamanomics. Oh-My!!!


  327. Amazing: An Irishman talks about Wall Street. This is a must see! Even Anon will get a smile. Truth is truth afterall.


  328. Rachel Maddow on Herman Cain


  329. Much deeper than Debbie did in Dallas those many years ago, Obama inserts his foot deep this time doing irreparable damage to international relations.


  330. You might add that the President Obama wars DID NOT take ten years. 10 years for a war he lied to get us into is a Trillion.

    How he population grew to 7 Billion


  331. I report, we also have Libya, Yemen, and parts of Africa which Obama bypassed Congress to enter.

    I’m twisting information the same way you do when I write we need the military more than we need poor people. I’ve already quoted government figures which show social bills match or exceed the cost of Iraq. Afghanistan was a war we needed to fight.

    Democratic family values are no bargain either. Bill Clinton, the serial sexual preditor, Barney Frank, who’s boyfriend solicited from Barney’s house, and President Obama with a family member who is an illegal alien are also poor role models. He and his wife live and travel like potentates while most of the rest of the country suffers.

  332. Half of Americans believe Republicans are intentionally sabotaging the US economy.

    (The Republican tactic of taking down President Obama by taking down the economy is failing in the eyes of the 99%. How does it feel to shoot yourself in the foot time and time again? When your foot starts hurting and your toes are no longer there – Republicans might think of another tactic.)


  333. When did you become the owner of this blog? And where do you get the right to banish others when it is your unfiltered BS that has sent most of the past contributors away?

  334. I tried. Back to getting this loser banned.

  335. More on Cost of our Military…

    43% of all military spending in the world is spent by the USA.


    Several members of Congress, especially Republicans on the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, are readying legislation that would undo the automatic across-the-board cuts totaling nearly $500 billion for military programs, or exchange them for cuts in other areas of the federal budget.

    These same politicians want Americans to believe that the spending on social programs that help poor people, unemployed people, children, and others is out of control and must be cut. And yet, all of these programs put together do not equal the money our government spends on the military. Spending for social programs is not out of control at all — in fact more is needed to help Americans survive this recession (especially since Congress refuses to invest in job creation).

    But there is a part of the government budget where spending is definitely out of control — and that is the area of military spending. I know there are many who believe that the current level of military spending is necessary for the defense of this country. I find that argument to be ludicrous.

  336. 300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 seconds. Interesting stuff. You might learn something if you watch it.

  337. 53 cents of EVERY TAX dollar pays for military!!! That is a lot of money folks. Let’s see: We have Iraq, Afghanistan and now Republicans are pushing war in Iran. Hmmmmm. Health Care – food – housing – social security OR WAR!!!
    Of course the choice is war, IF YOU ARE A BONE HEADED REPUBLICAN.


  338. Family Values Republican Style:

    Herman Cain and Newt as the Family Values Guys!!! A woman was in front of the camera today.


  339. i think one of the fundamental things wrong with our country is its citizenry is loosing its ability to do critical thinking on its own. I Repost is a prime example of this. For months he has regurgitated talking points of others while offering little in the way of his own thinking or views on how to fix things. After months of reading what this guy puts out I have no idea what his political views. I know he is a raging Liberal, but beyond that I have no clue what he truly believes.

    I think this is the case with most of the people on this blog. Not all, but most. I don’t mind a link to the post that sets the stage for making an argument. I think far to often people are looking to others to be their voice and in doing so lose theirs. Make this blog interesting again. Link if you have to but what do you think? Or tell why you agree or disagree with what someone says in your link or in a link someone else posted.

    I Repost, I have butted heads with you often in the past but I have no personal issues against you, just your way of thinking. I would love it if someday you could pull your head out of the political web pages and tell us what you think about your own beliefs. Tell me what you think of mine or James or UAW or anyone else for that matter. If you need a link to give credibility to your post, go for it, but lets put an end to this public service you think you are performing. Thanks in advance for giving my proposal some consideration.

  340. any comments Helen

    Occupy D.C.’ Goons Push Elderly Woman Down the Stairs


  341. and anonymous’s IQ is exceeded by his dick length….

  342. Eric Holder and Janet Reno…….
    two reasons why I donate to the NRA….

    It’s happening: Democratic lawmakers say Fast and Furious proof of need for harsher gun laws


    Objectivity Questioned in Shootings Probe


    Nobody in America is above the law, including Eric Holder, including President Obama. There is no king.”


    Come on Helen…..next post….

  343. And UAW’s IQ is now exceeded by his shoe size

  344. OH SH%T….

    Bill Mahar is now an intellectual…..

  345. No, it doesn’t.

    The Democrats did not have a filibuster-proof majority but the fact that they were unable to attract even one Republican vote during several contests and shows their partisanship and unwillingness to compromise on major issues.

    The Republicans were trying to save us from a European fate.

  346. Republicans say “Knowing things is seen as an affront to the all-knowing. And there’s nothing they hate more than secular eggheads trying to fix problems like poverty and health care. Honestly, doesn’t a lot of the tea party philosophy boil down to ‘Who needs the government when you have Jesus?’”


  347. Quite the little meltdown I Repost.

    The Republicans are obstructing Obama to prevent him from doing any further damage. Even the godfather of the Dim-o-crats Clinton is slamming Obama. Like I have said all along, your Messiah is a false profit. You need to start whining about him from being the true obstructionist because true Americans will not allow him to further wreck our country.

  348. This is for you Anon!!


    - THE DEMOCRATS NEVER CONTROLLED CONGRESS. No, not EVER. Stop repeating this lie. You look like an idiot, and you’re not helping. There were NEVER 60 votes – enough for a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Not even for a microsecond. People who blame President Obama for something that is OUR FAULT (for not sending him a Progressive Army, then staying home in a whiny snit) are F**KING STUPID.

    - CANDIDATE OBAMA RAN ON CHANGE AND PROMISED TO END PARTISANSHIP. He is still trying. It’s the GOP who refuse. HE has KEPT THAT PROMISE. It’s OUR FAULT there are asshats in Congress who care more about their hatred for one man, and regaining power…

  349. I Repost, I would consider responding to you if you did the same when asked questions. Until you do I will just say you misrepresent the Republicans intentionally and have no interest in learning the truth, only achieving victory for your limited political ideology. I will go one step further to add I do not think you actually have a clue what you represent. If I were a betting man I would say you took on your parents political affiliation and represent it not knowing what it truly is about or why.

  350. This is just too good. You’re so Cain


  351. Right now the Republicans are focusing on this “Personhood Amendment” in Mississippi.

    Yet they argue AGAINST spending money for children currently living in poverty.

    They argue AGAINST spending money on education.


    They almost unanimously support EVERY opportunity to go to war.

    And the majority supports the death penalty.

    So here is my question, “Why do the Republicans care so little for people NOT surrounded by amniotic fluid?”

    Any thoughts?

  352. Poolman, I am judging OWS by the same standards the press and Democrats judged the Tea Parties. They did not face the same infiltrators as the current protest movement does, though the press and Democrats tried to invent some. Police in North Carolina , I think let people attend a rally while some carried concealed weapons because the protests till then had been peaceful. That one was too.

    I understand what is happening. I watched it during the anti- war protests. A majority was peaceful, but the hard core members wanted violence and eventually a group with people like the Ayres splintered into terrorism. An ACORN official, who’s group is helping organize and pay for the protests advocated future violence to bring down the capitalist system. They want a martyr as at Kent State during the sixties.

    The Black Block will eat the movement just as the Bolshevics ate the Menshivics.

    The BBC interviewed protest leaders before the Chicago riots. They said they planed to incite police violence for maximum effect. Its too bad the majority of peaceful demonstrators, like the peaceful majority now didn’t know they were being used.

    Cain’s problems should have been publicized. I don’t think the Democrats leaked the information either. My problem is how the press has covered the story compared to Clinton’s bimbo eruptions, Obamas’ church, Kerry’s running mate, who’s name I have forgotten, and other stories were down played until the press had little choice.

    Here is a gift for you. I did some research to learn the latest thinking on why my Finnish cousins, though blond have some Asian features. While looking, I explored you tube flash mobs. Google Official LOVE146 Flash Mob-Can you see me? It was done by a Christian oriented organization created to stop child exploitation. Annie Lenox wrote the song for them.

  353. As a former LAPD officer, I created this video to address those police officers — and their leadership — who have been in violent and brutal attacks at some of the Occupy Wall Street protest camps in the U.S. and around the world. As Sergeant Shamar Thomas made so clear in New York, there are honorable examples from both military and police who can say, “I saw what you did and that was not honorable.” In a world where examples of honorable political leadership are hard to find, it remains for the many veterans who have served with honor to hold up the light and say this is wrong.


  354. Another Iraq war veteran injured by Oakland police brutality.


    James, it seems obvious you are getting a MSM version of events regarding the OWS movement. There have been some incidents of violence. But much of the vandalism has been done by the Black Bloc, which are infiltrators paid to create it. There are live streams and thousands of videos coming out that show the street perspective, and the Occupy crowd opposing the Black Bloc.

    AFA the Cain smears, those have been traced back to the Perry camp. Democrats have no reason at this time to discredit Cain. It is the GOP candidates vying for top position. I do expect the GOP nominee to be slandered by the democrats, once one is named. Politics is all about that anymore. After all, it’s our favorite puppet show. :neutral:

  355. NewsBusters quoted John Nolte who compiled a list of OWS violence. The incident count was 151 with more to be counted. These include an arson arrest in Fort Collins, Colorado, a 78 year old woman’s being pushed down a flight of stars, A women only tent to prevent rapes at Zuccotti Park in New York City. A poll showed 31% of protesters supporting violence.

    The liberal media and people on this forum were notorious at amplifying a single incident to smear the entire movement. Some, including people here called them by a gay sexual practice. A few called me names because I defended the Tea Party. Our hosts with several comments, also did what they could to destroy what they rightly regarded as a political enemy.

    Now, the press reports the OWS in a scatter gun fashion to avoid being charged with favoritism. “By choosing not to bring the pieces together the MSM ensures the least amount of public relations damage to the Occupiers.”

    Mayor Bloomberg is not evicting the OWS squatters because his domestic partner
    is on the board of directors of the company which owns the park. About 95% of the protesters arrested in New York City during the first month live in homes worth $500,000 or more.

    Allahpundit wrote “…the coverage of OWS protests compared to the coverage of tea-party protests is the worst media double standard in recent history. Nothing compares, because nothing else involves this much distortion on both ends of the coverage.”

    Another issue illustrating the double standard is the Cain alligations. Kathleen Willy, one of the women who accused Clinton of sexual assault noted the difference in press coverage. She said she plans to vote for Cain.

    Jsri, Judge, or Thom ought to attempt to prove me wrong about the human garbage floating around, but they can’t.

    An Omaha computer company said we face a hard drive shortage because of the floods in Thailand and it is not part of OWS conspiratorial paranoia.

  356. the 15 gop job bills


  357. Poll: OWS least popular among lower income groups


  358. GIVE AWAYS TO BIG POLLUTERS also known as The 15 GOP Jobs Bills,
    If you want to drink water that catches fire or breathe air that makes you sick – you might like the GOP Jobs bills.


  359. Even Bill Clinton is slamming Obama


  360. I report, President Obama said God wants the jobs bill passed. Wasn’t he using God’s name to benefit himself?

    Don’t worry too much about what you can’t change. Greenhouse emissions may be up, but the earth’s temperature has stabilized. Therefore, other factors also influence our climate. If green house gasses were directly at fault, our temperature would also have risen at a comparable rate. I agree they are a potential serious problem.Co2 also contributes to acidification of the ocean.

    Emissions are increasing because the world is getting richer. China and India, for example have a growing upper and middle class with the same wants and desires as we. Co2 is a problem, but so far the only solutions would consign billions of people to potential starvation and extreme poverty.

    All nations should create a fund to encourage inventors and entrepeneurs to develop new methods of extracting and using energy. The process is already happening, with more efficient batteries and better auto gas mileage. However, we need more than top down plans which do little more than sap economies and redistribute incomes. A world fund would be the equivalent of the space program or the Manhatten Project.

    As Earth’s temperature is not directly related to green house gases, neither is the employment directly related to government activity. The unemployment rate fell by .1% without the jobs bill.

    We already established that Obama’s jobs bill is a temporary fix to improve his re election chances. Most of the jobs would last until the government money ran out. More debt and taxes would make it even harder for private enterprise to create enough wealth for more sustainable employment. This is warmed over stimulus. Republicans have passed job legislation which is being blocked in the Senate.

    Our legislators were elected according to general principals their constituents believed were important. Their job is to follow the guidelines without slavishly locking themselves into ideology. Republicans and some Democrats know our economy is in peril, and they face a choice. Is it better to follow political expediency and vote for a disaster, though it might win re election, or should they vote for what they believe is the responsible choice even if they might be sent home?

    A Russian group, Splean sang “There is No Way Out.” They may be right.

  361. IN GOD WE TRUST, instead of JOBS, JOBS, JOBS??? Let us also throw in the Baseball Hall of Fame trinkets – important stuff instead of JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!!!


  362. I report, could you explain something to me? You say out one side of your mouth that the Republicans are losing faith in their Congressmen because they are going against their wishes. Then out of the other side of your mouth you say they are a puppet of the Tea Party. So which is it?

  363. Oh Boy, Recent Carbon readings are worse than projections!!! Yikes!!! I wonder if Climate Change Deniers are wrong!! James, Tell me not to worry please.

    The new figures for 2010 mean that levels of greenhouse gases are higher than the worst case scenario outlined by climate experts just four years ago.

    “The more we talk about the need to control emissions, the more they are growing,” said John Reilly, co-director of MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change.


  364. It is crazy people like you on the left I Report that make it so I could never vote for a Democrat.

  365. I notice Republican Congressmen and Representatives are losing faith with the voters because they are voting against the wishes of the electorate.
    Dems have risen while the Republicans remain in the toilet and not moving.

    I kind of think voting against the JOBS, JOBS, JOBS bills put forth by the President will come back to bite them in the butt.

  366. Barry Goldwater has some words to the political wise!
    On religious issues there can be little or no compromise. There is no position on which people are so immovable as their religious beliefs. There is no more powerful ally one can claim in a debate than Jesus Christ, or God, or Allah, or whatever one calls this supreme being. But like any powerful weapon, the use of God’s name on one’s behalf should be used sparingly. The religious factions that are growing throughout our land are not using their religious clout with wisdom. They are trying to force government leaders into following their position 100 percent. If you disagree with these religious groups on a particular moral issue, they complain, they threaten you with a loss of money or votes or both. I’m frankly sick and tired of the political preachers across this country telling me as a citizen that if I want to be a moral person, I must believe in “A,” “B,” “C” and “D.” Just who do they think they are? And from where do they presume to claim the right to dictate their moral beliefs to me?


  367. A FOX hunt starts Nov. 5, 2011. Poor Rupert… Oh My


  368. OWS is certainly moving forward, but not in the public esteem. Ask the people who have lost business or suffered damage from those squatters. OWS only appeals to a niche market once people learn the truth. Right Wingers ought not waste their time. OWS is doing it to themselves.

  369. Why the Right Wing Propaganda has failed! The OWS movement is moving forward.


  370. Whatever Noah, please continue to think that everyone is out to get you for whatever reason. It’s highly entertaining.

    Anon 11:02

    occupy portland

    One Percent-er’ Michael Moore Ignores Questions About His $50 Million Net Worth At #OccupyPortland


  372. Poor anon 11:02AM .

    I’m getting the better of you aren’t I? So are the others. Personal attacks are all you have now, and they aren’t even very creative. Heck, your case is so weak, you would feel like the ficticious special ed student if your self awareness matched our dog’s.

  373. You want Republicans to help the President? If the answer is yes you better support the Republicans now.


  374. Sorry Anonymous11:51. I didn’t mean to take that distinction away from you.

    Anon 11:02

  375. 11:02 has my vote for the worst/most childish post I have seen on this blog to date. I will never understand the Liberal need to continually attack strangers personally.

  376. When I was in forth grade, long before they had special education classes, there was a kid named James in my class. When I was in grade five, James was still in grade four. When I was in grade six, James was still in grade four. When I graduated from high school, James was still in the fourth grade.
    Whenever James posts on this site, I always think back to the fourth grade.

  377. Sad how isolated and naive our President is. So completely out of touch.


  378. about time



    While an Occupy Obama movement would be very unlikely to prevent his renomination, it could make him and his Party’s shortcomings a front and center issue.


  379. Jon is not trying to help as you know. It is a plot to take down the front runner, not a racist plot.

    Obama with his pre political law suit, the Democrats and their forcing banks to make risky loans started our downward slide, and the financial institutions profited from it until the ponzi scheme failed.

    Teachers’ fire fighters’ and police pensions and health benefits are helping sink the economy now.

    My comments are as simplistic as yours and are more accurate.

  380. This cartoon says it all?

    2002 Enron – deregulation allowed it, 2008 – Wall Street greed and DE-REGULATION sank the economy, 2010 – BP OIL SPILL – DE- REGULATION and lack of oversight allowed the disaster:
    PROBLEM: Big Government according to the Republicans and Tea Party!!

    Teachers, Fire Fighters and Police: THEY SANK THE ECONOMY DURING THE GW BUSH YEARS????

  381. Oh My, Time to turn me in again for Racism!!

    Herman Cain says it is a racist plot to discredit him. Jon Stewart gets to the bottom of it for us though. Herb: Jon is just trying to help.


  382. It would appear Teachers are making more than their fair share. Get our your signs, its time for justice and to take away those undeserved earnings.


  383. Bill Clinton was an accused rapist, and he stayed in office. Anthony Weiner’s indiscretions were on the internet for all to see. Even then, he stayed awhile.

    Herman Cain is still twisting in the wind and so far, he is hurting himself more than the charges. We still don’t know enough details to understand how serious the charges are. All we do know is that Herman has done a horrible job of damage control, and it is good we are finding out now.

  384. Another racist rant! Time to turn me in again!!!!


    Herman Cain is in trouble because of a $30,000 payoff. Anthony Weiner resigned after a few picures – what will Herb do?


  385. WTF….
    FANNIE MAY exec’s snag millions in bonuses….top 10 execs split 12 million…..

  386. Delurkergurl, it takes some time, but it works, even the way I did it.

    Your quote was funny.

  387. HEY I REPORT…
    I would like to know who YOU thinks should not pay taxes…..while your at it tell me who should not have to pay for a college education…..while your at it tell me who should pay for remedial math or English while going to college…..I would like your opinion and not links to liberal websites….

  388. Simpson is right. We will have to raise taxes eventually but after or when we cut expenses. We need to understand where to find the money without gutting the job creators’ bank accounts. Our deficit is so large our main focus must be on reducing expenditures.

    I suspect we will have to do it soon, or circumstances will do it to us. Austerity will be a killer before better times return.

  389. “Being immoral doesn’t mean you’re infertile.” What a shame. :D

    Great to see you here Poolman. I mail back the empty envelopes but have never thought of stuffing them. Great idea! I am on the do-not-call and do-not-send lists so I don’t get as much junk mail as I used to, but when I get the chance I’m definitely going to do this.

  390. Oh My!!!! Conservative Republican Allen Simpson told the Republicans on the Super Committee to IGNORE the Grover Norquist Pledge of Never raising taxes. Simpson reminded folks that Reagan raised taxes 11 times FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY. Simpson also said they need to put Country over the Norquist Pledge. (Ouch!!!) They got spanked.


  391. where is Helen? Are you ill or worse?

  392. I confuse the two of you Anon. I’m not trying to start a fight.

    Poolman, we have traveled this road before. The government pressured banks to give risky loans to the poor so they could become home owners. Obama himself led one of the non -governmental law suits before he became a politician.

    The banks who held the loans converted them to derivitifes and other items to unload them on others who did the same. They were playing a financial version of hot potato.

    You are right about the banks’ influence over the government and Obama, but my point is the process began with our govrenment and not with the banks. I don’t know if the banks wanted it to happen or not, but the government, not the banks officially instigated the process.

  393. James, if you are referring to Anonymous at 11:02, I have no problem with truth.

  394. LMAO


  395. The speaker is wrong about banks causing our economic problem.Our government did it. The banks merely helped.

    Really? The government is run by corporations. Goldman Sachs controls our government. This government is not by the people or for the people. Money has replaced justice almost entirely.

  396. Poolman, I already did that when Republicans and others sent us requests for money. I donated less than the cost of the stamp.

    The speaker is wrong about banks causing our economic problem.Our government did it. The banks merely helped.

  397. Ha Ha!! Anonymous! The truth hurts doesn’t it? Especially when it is usually a stranger to you.

  398. I love this. :grin: Keep Wall Street occupied.

  399. Go ban yourself.

  400. “The OWS is working to change policies…” to persuade the Bank of America to reconsider their $5.00 credit card fee ranks high enough for your top ten dumbest posts list. Paying customers, and other banks deciding not to follow suite, not the OWS made the bank reconsider.

    A Democratic strategist said the jobs bill was intended to split Republicans and to create an issue for the election. You should re read some of our posts and learn from them.

    The mayor of New York City said Congress, not bankers are to blame for the mortgage crisis. Congress pushed the banks and others to loan money to people who couldn’t repay their loans. We have been saying that for a long time right here on this message board/ blog.

  401. What is this oh my crap from I report. I am telling you guys this character is working for someone and exploiting this blog. To any who are interested I will tell you where to post to help get this guy banned.

  402. Fukushima – the melted down Nuclear Reactors – have sent hot particles to the US and we can expect higher cancer rates given the new readings. Sounds like it is time to do as the Republicans want and De-Regulate the Nuclear Industry. (I also heard of some problems at a Nuclear plant in CA recently.) Speaking of De-Regulation, HOW ABOUT DE-REGULATE GULF OIL DRILLING? 30+ Dolphins dieing and washed to shore with Corexit in their system can be overlooked.


    West Coast, Seattle, Boston hot spots: Cancer to dramatically increase yet public kept in dark

    On Monday, it was confirmed that the major human right to health is being violated in the United States by the public not being advised that Fukushima hot particles contaminated the United States and that West Coast cancer are due to surge, based on scientific analysis by Scientist Marco Kaltofen of Worchester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) of radioactive isotopic releases from Fukushima who presented his findings at the American Public Health Association (APHA) annual meeting in Washington DC as reported by nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen.

  403. Bank of America is reconsidering their $5.00 Debit fee. OWS is working to change policies!!!!! The wealthiest are changing their ways because of protesters??? Oh, My!!


  404. Bush is was like the marathoner who ran most of the race. Obama is the runner who took the bus so he could finish first.

  405. Because Bush didn’t do the work to make it happen, Obama had to do all of it for him, duh!

  406. HEY…I REPORT…..
    “Today we have a President who actually got Bin Laden, a bunch of other high value terrorists, led during a carefully orchestrated transition of power in Egypt, and was instrumental in the overthrow, capture and subsequent killing of both Ghadaffi and his heir Motassim. In fact, the other day Obama announced that the Iraq War would end by the end of this year! Wow! I mean, if that is not “keeping us safe” then I don’t know what is.”

    good thing Obama is carrying on with the Bush doctrine…..
    so why are the Dems mad at him???????

  407. They are no different than drug dealers on the street. Here, try a snort of this..its free, here, smoke some of this, its free. Here, take some food stamps, take some government money, you don’t have to pay it back..its free. And then your hooked, dependent, and beholden to the hand that feeds you. You are bought and paid for. The chains that once bound the slaves were once real, now instead of steel they are made of welfare checks and other government handouts. End of the day, your still a slave. Let your Conservative brothers free you from the Liberal chains that bind you.

  408. I think it’s terrible that I Report won’t vote for Cain because he’s black…..the downfall of the Democratic Party will happen when the minorities realize just how racist the party is….

  409. I Report, who do you work for that pays you to do these daily vomiting of slanted posts?

  410. Rick Perry’s speech in NH last week reminds me of the current Republican Party. They swear they are winning and are all gleeful and wonderful when in fact, they are looking more and more foolish. The more they talk, they crazier they look. Taking rights away from women and making the middle class pay more while the Republicans want to make the 1% and Corporations KINGS OF THE USA.


    After the opening part of his segment where Jon Stewart gave us an overview of Herman Cain’s recent campaign meltdown and how that means, in his words, that Mitt Romney is “the luckiest Motherfudger on Earth”, Stewart explained just what he thinks happened to Rick Perry during his bizarre speech in New Hampshire this past weekend.

  411. The Destruction Of The Republican Party

    OK, the 2012 election will be a watershed, not because Barack Obama will win re-election, but because we will witness the destruction of the Republican party as we know it.


  412. I typed wrong. I should have written the present suggested solutions would only reduce the rate of temperature climb by .9 degree, not that the rate would be .9 degree.

  413. I read though yesterdays and todays posting and I see no inference to Anon 3:43 am making any comment about uaw at all, let alone being Liberal. Could you point that one out anon 4:53?

  414. Me thinks anon 4:53 needs one more pot of coffee b4 posting in the morning, this one made no sense.

  415. Noah lashes out irrationally, desperate to land punches as an heroic liberal attacking machine! His desperation shows as he even calls UAW a liberal. It’s a swing and a miss! Whiff! He spins and crashes lamely to the ground. The crowd roars with laughter! Thanks, tool!

  416. Says Anon whining about Anon. I understand now. As a Liberal your desire to attack the individual is hindered by not having a name to label with your personal attack on the poster while ignoring their thoughts completely. You have uncovered my reason for using Anon, congratulations. It warms my heart that you are frustrated and I have defeated a tried and true Liberal tactic. Guess you might actually have to engage the idea rather than making judgement calls on strangers.

  417. I think Anon is bipolar……flip to the right and then flip to the left and then repeat…..

  418. I report is a single individual and once a message is posted it is open for comments directed at the author. Any number of people use the anonymous label when posting but it also harbors cowards who may not always be identified or may already have been kicked off because of obnoxious behavior.

  419. One more thing, if we commit ourselves to all of the suggested stringent solutions while most of the world goes its own way, the rate of temperature climb would be about .9 degree.

    Sulfates may have a cooling effect. Lets learn to live with acid rain.

  420. How is Anonymous any more anon than I report? Neither tells me more about the person posting than the other. But hey, way to contribute in Liberal fashion, ie when you lack the intelligence to contribute, attack the poster.

  421. The hypocrisy of the anonymous nazi accusing juneaujoe of hiding behind the label “I Report” is hysterically funny.
    And UAW’s posts are not funny, simply obnoxious.

  422. eat radishes….they make you burp……..if you fart the EPA will try to fine you…..
    Anon…you should turn in I Report to the EPA…..

  423. Let us assume for a moment climate change is real. With 3rd world countries and China growing more and more industrial with very little in the way of regulations now or in the future, it is an impossible task to try and reign in green house gases. There is nothing we can offer these countries to compel them to comply.

  424. Climate Change: Too Late?


    The bad news just got worse: A new study finds that reining in greenhouse gas emissions in time to avert serious changes to Earth’s climate will be at best extremely difficult. Current goals for reducing emissions fall far short of what would be needed to keep warming below dangerous levels, the study suggests. To succeed, we would most likely have to reverse the rise in emissions immediately and follow through with steep reductions through the century. Starting later would be far more expensive and require unproven technology.

    “The alarming thing is very few scenarios give the kind of future we want,” says climate scientist Neil Edwards of The Open University in Milton Keynes, U.K. Both he and Rogelj emphasize the uncertainties inherent in the modeling, especially on the social and technological side, but the message seems clear to Edwards: “What we need is at the cutting edge. We need to be as innovative as we can be in every way.” And even then, success is far from guaranteed.

  425. I always wondered why they called it the Washington Monument, when it is clearly intended for Clinton

  426. Herman Cain and sexual impropriety….
    brings up other memories…
    maybe he should run as a Dem……

  427. I report, you have embarrassed yourself several times by jumping to conclusions. One is the OWS and another is Dr. Muller’s climate research.

    Here is a pearl of wisdom about Cain and the two women. Wait before you leap. We still don’t know the facts. The truth will come out in a few days.

  428. Best of Luck I Report, I am bullet proof.

  429. You will find a lot of Democrats who are upset with President Obama for caving on various things. When you compare President Obama to the Republican contenders though: President Obama is so much better.

    Poor Herb Cain, Palin’s friend, is now accused of sexually suggestive comments to a couple of women who got paid money to stay silent. Our friend Herb would not make any comment which makes him look guilty.
    Herman clams up when the women are mentioned??? What is up??


  430. Juneau Joe: As someone who had enjoyed your posts in the past, I’m disappointed to learn that you are the person who has contributed to the real deterioration of this blog, and the loss of people who used to post here. You’ve ignored people’s repeated requests that you stop the constant posting of links. You’ve acted like a self-indulgent child. I don’t believe you’ve accomplished one thing that could be considered constructive.

  431. here’s another one….

    Senate Democrats Angry Over Obama ‘Sellout’


  432. Anon: I am looking forward to discussions with WordPress. My requests will be: Who made the complaint? If it was anonymous. I will insist that you tell me which anonymous posts were yours, since we have multiple Anons here.
    It is only fair that I get to check out your writings – just being fair to me. After I read your stuff, then I can start making my case against you or a rebuttal to your charges or both. I am kind of looking forward to it actually.

    Just read this and found it interesting.
    The former CEO of Lehman Brothers, Dick Fuld was paid ONE HALF BILLION dollars for taking risks with other people’s money. He had no stake in the game. What Fuld did is something like if you were entrusted with a lot of other people’s savings and spent a couple of years betting it at the casino – and taking a share out of any winnings. When the bets go sour, you walk away with what you took out. This is a radically new phenomenon – a paid professional manager, a bureaucrat adept at playing office politics, who rises to the top of a huge bureaucracy and then scoops up an enormous fortune with not only no stake in the business, but no liability for reckless or negligent work. An entrepreneur risks her time, her labor, her own money. A plumber who does a bad job can be sued for damages. But Fuld had no stakes in the game and the laws imposed no penalty. When the GOP candidates say they want to reduce regulation on Wall Street, what they mean is that they want to get rid of the new Dodd-Frank bill and its clawback provisions. The law says that if you run a financial company into the ground so badly that the government has to step in, the government can force you to return what you paid yourself. Many “liberals” attack Dodd-Frank as toothless – but there are reasons that GOP crony-capitalists hate it. And one of those is that it restores some of the risk to the risk/reward tradeoff for Wall Street OPM wizards.


  433. HEY I REPORT…….
    I remember 2001-2008……I also remember 2009 -now…..do you…..

    Democrats running like mad from Obama’s side


    Democrats mad over broken promises

    “They hoped to see an abject and abrupt withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq within weeks of the Obama inauguration. They hoped to see a beginning of withdrawal from Afghanistan not in July 2011, but in the early months of 2009. They hoped to see the detention facility at Guantanamo closed and shuttered and the detainees tried in civilian courts or freed to regale the media with tales of torture.”


    Kind of starting to like this guy……maybe he’ll run as a republican…..

  434. You actually made my day!!! Thanks!! Here is another one to turn in. It is talking about racism and Rick Perry. Add this one to your list.


    Politico’s Roger Simon says that Republican presidential Rick Perry’s recent embrace of birtherism amounts to a racist “dog whistle.”

    “It’s not a ‘fun’ issue to poke somebody on,” Simon told CNN’s Howard Kurtz Sunday. “It is more than a little bit racist. Not everyone who believes it is a racist. It grew out of the belief that a black man could not be legitimately elected to the president of the United States.”

    He continued: “Now, why would Perry use that in the primaries instead of saving it for the general when he’s running against President Obama? Well, it’s because being extreme, perhaps, and a little bit racist, perhaps, gives you good bona fides in a Republican primary. It shows them that you are on the same side as they are.”

    “So, it’s a bit of a dog whistle?” Kurtz asked.

    “Absolutely,” Simon replied.

  435. Well thats what I did. I took dates and times from items you said i found to be racial slurs, racial innuendo, and registered based on that…took 30min of digging but I got a nice selection.

  436. How Funny!!! You need to turn me in to Helen or Mathew actually. They are expecting your complaint. I don’t think it will go very far though. WordPress is concerned about obscene stuff actually.


    Do you remember a long time ago, way back in the 2001′s-2008′s when Republicans kept telling us they were “keeping us safe?” C’mon. You remember. That President, what’s his name again? It’s been so long I forgot. Something like Grass, or Shrub? Bush! That’s it! President Bush. Ring any bells? If not, I understand. Let me remind you about his safety record:
    Rudy Giuliani: “Bush Kept Us Safe Everyday He Was President!”
    Today we have a President who actually got Bin Laden, a bunch of other high value terrorists, led during a carefully orchestrated transition of power in Egypt, and was instrumental in the overthrow, capture and subsequent killing of both Ghadaffi and his heir Motassim. In fact, the other day Obama announced that the Iraq War would end by the end of this year! Wow! I mean, if that is not “keeping us safe” then I don’t know what is.

  437. Think I’ve found a way to turn the troll off. Registered a complaint with WordPress on I Report, should at least turn him off for me.

  438. WALL STREET AND GW BUSH CRASHED the economy! I guess I did not give credit to Wall Street and their greed. Sorry!

    Here is Herman Cain, Talking about his 9.9.9 or 9.0.9 or 9.1.1 or something important.


  439. Bush did not crash the economy, and you know it.

    The mayors, many of them Democrats are evicting the squatters because they are becoming an expensive public nuisance. As I said before the leaders want something to happen to their clueless ground troops to create another Kent State uproar. So far much of the press ignores rapes and racism. They don’t want handouts? That is a load of chicken manure. Read some of the comments.


    The Abacus case, in which Goldman helped a hedge fund guy named John Paulson beat a pair of European banks for a billion dollars, tells you everything you need to know about the difference between our two criminal justice systems. The settlement was $550 million — just over half of the damage.

    Can anyone imagine a common thief being caught by police and sentenced to pay back half of what he took? Just one low-ranking individual in that case was charged (case pending), and no individual had to reach into his pocket to help cover the fine. The settlement Goldman paid to to the government was about 1/24th of what Goldman received from the government just in the AIG bailout. And that was the toughest “punishment” the government dished out to a bank in the wake of 2008.

    The point being: we have a massive police force in America that outside of lower Manhattan prosecutes crime and imprisons citizens with record-setting, factory-level efficiency, eclipsing the incarceration rates of most of history’s more notorious police states and communist countries.

    But the bankers on Wall Street don’t live in that heavily-policed country. There are maybe 1000 SEC agents policing that sector of the economy, plus a handful of FBI agents. There are nearly that many police officers stationed around the polite crowd at Zucotti park.

    These inequities are what drive the OWS protests. People don’t want handouts. It’s not a class uprising and they don’t want civil war — they want just the opposite. They want everyone to live in the same country, and live by the same rules. It’s amazing that some people think that that’s asking a lot.

    Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/taibblog/owss-beef-wall-street-isnt-winning-its-cheating-20111025#ixzz1cIOms1mD


  441. Let us put to rest any doubt, in the words of one of your own Democrats, the effects of Obama and his policies.


  442. MEETING VIOLENCE WITH NON-VIOLENCE: Why the OWS movement will Succeed (This is an excellent read!)

    “The crackdown on Occupy movements by mayors and police forces around the country means only one thing: its getting somewhere.”


  443. Again I call for I Report, You Decide to be removed. He is exploiting the blog for what I am sure is a nefarious purpose.

  444. Great Funnies!!!!! DO NOT CLICK IF YOU ARE A RIGHT WINGER THOUGH. Super well done!!!!!!


  445. HEY I REPORT….
    You apparently don’t like Perry so which one of the Republicans do you like and which one are you going to vote for in the primaries…

  446. Correct me if I am wrong please.


    how’s that….

  447. Rick Perry is for State’s Rights until the discussion turns to women controlling their bodies, planned parenthood or Gay Rights. STATE RIGHTS FOR STATES except for:

    Psssssstttt, Heads Up, It’s Just Talk
    October 30, 2011

    You know how Rick Perry believes in state’s rights and how each state should be allowed to make their own rules?

    Well, that’s true until it’s rules that Perry doesn’t like. He was in New Hampshire this week spouting off about his two favorite subjects – gay marriage and abortion. Now, it seems to me that the more gay marriages you allow, the fewer abortions you get, so Perry ought to love that New Hampshire legalized gay marriage in 2009. But, noooo …..

    And it also seems to me that Planned Parenthood, where they distribute birth control, also would be high on Perry’s list. But, noooo …..

    “Unfortunately this current administration has since provided one million dollars in federal grant money to Planned Parenthood in direct conflict with this state’s policies. And the bottom-line is this: If you want to stop Washington’s many violations of the 10th Amendment … then we must make President Obama a one-term president,” Perry said.

    So, Perry will not rest until New Hampshire becomes just like Texas.

    NOTE TO NEW HAMPSHIRE: Dumb down your schools, increase your teen pregnancy rate, make sure half your population has no health insurance, and have the second highest high school drop out rate in the nation. Rick Perry is coming and I know you want to make him feel at home!

    Thanks to Sharon for the heads-up.


    Come to think of it. Perry speaks for all Republican Candidates who are running for President. Correct me if I am wrong please.

  448. Here is the plight of a young family just trying to pay their bills in Ohio. They and people in our nation in similar situations are the reason OWS is needed and will force changes. It is not right that the 1% wealthiest have run away with the wealth and taken away the prosperity from the dwindling middle class.


  449. You go uawtradesman!!

  450. I report, you cited a source which claimed a global warming skeptic had attempted to prove the global warmists were wrong, but his research changed his mind. Warmists crowed that at last the science was settled.

    A Charleston Daily Mail blogger, Don Surber did a little google search and discovered that Berkley Professor Robert Muller was lying when he claimed to be a skeptic. He has believed in human-caused global warming since the early 1980′s.

    Now, the UK Daily Mail contends that the results obtained by the prof’s Best (Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures) project team showed that global warming “has stopped.”

    Prof Judith Curry is the second named co-author of the BEST Project’s four research papers. She said the research data show that there has been no increase in world temperature since the end of the nineties. A new analysis the Mail obtained confirmed the conclusion.

    Muller said his group only studied land temperatures and that the ocean reacts more slowly to change. The new study obtained by the Daily Mail (HadCrut3data) measured both land and sea temperatures.

    So to the leftists who cheered that the global warming debate was settled, i TOLD YOU SO!! The question is still not settled.

    One thing you are overlooking in the income disparity issue is as I mentioned before–the inability of our under educated workers to compete with better educated and under paid foreign workers. Hosts of a financial show on KFAB, Omaha and panelists of the McLaughin Group mentioned the same thing.

    The radio hosts said a host of regulations and taxes led companies who were able to send their jobs overseas. Now that foreign workers’ wages are approaching domestic levels, a new movement is beginning. Reshoreing will bring workers back home again as it becomes more expensive to conduct business in other countries. The process will accelerate if we remove restrictive regulations.

  451. HEY I REPORT…

    Want to know where all the money went that could be putting people back to work or keeping U.S. manufacturing industries competitive?

    Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2012


  452. Want to know where all the money went that could be putting people back to work or keeping U.S. manufacturing industries competitive?


  453. http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/index.php

    Total for Education: $69,937,131

  454. http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/index.php

  455. lawyers/law firms: $24,000,000

  456. War Contracting = Big Bucks = Our money used to lobby congress and keep wars going = makes them money


    Disgusted by the overwhelming corporate influence in Congress? Look no further than the big military contractor companies, whose flagship companies spend enough on lobbying to dwarf even financial sector titans.

    War Industry Lobbying Expenditures for 2010

    Lockheed Martin: $12.7 million.
    Northrop Grumman: $15.7 million.
    Boeing: $17.89 million.

    The war industry gets away with blowing our money on job-killing spending because it can bend Congress to its whim. In the process, the industry is like a vacuum sucking up brain power and engineering resources that could and would establish and grow entirely new wholesome industries. It’s no surprise that Americans confront a 9.1% unemployment rate and an under-employment rate flirting with 20 percent this year.

    Want to know where all the money went that could be putting people back to work or keeping U.S. manufacturing industries competitive? The war industry CEOs dumped lobbying cash on Congress and diverted all that wealth to their private bank accounts.

  457. Wage inequality – some good points to consider.


  458. Once again, I report, I explained the inequality on October 27.

    The economic inequality did not cause the great recession. The housing bubble burst, and bad loans changed into exotic financial packages which spread around the world crashed like lead balloons.That’s what caused the recession. Many of the culprits were Democratic allies including those cozying up with Obama.

    The Depression Democrats may have given the country new hope, but they failed to end the depression. The depression didn’t end until after WW11. One of Roosevelt’s economic advisers had admitted they failed.

    You talk of major public works projects like the TVA or Hoover Dam. Do you have any concept of how long it would take to build such projects now? With all of the environmental regulations and other red tape, we can’t even build a new oil refinery without years of work. Many of those road blocks were created by Democrats.

    And as Reagan would say “there you go again” with the favoring the rich meme again when we have already established the issue is more complex than simple talking points.

    Seriously, are you all right? Your apparent short-term memory worries me. You repeat yourself the way my 98-year old aunt did.

  459. I report, I mentioned this before. Those 370,000 or so jobs lost due to Republican imposed government spending cuts were net wealth consumers, not creators. Their salaries and pensions were the result of the government’s taking money from “me” to redistribute to others.

    We can no longer afford to pay people who are draining economic resources. Its true they recirculate money through economy, but again, they represent a net drain on our resources. We need to let the economy create new wealth and self-sustaining jobs. Only new wealth will rescue us from the jam we are in.

    Study problems states like Illinois or California are having with a bloated work force and unfunded pensions. Look at what is happening in Europe. Their present is our future.

    My wife taught school for nearly forty years, and I know law enforcement officers. Their jobs are important, but my taxes shouldn’t be paying a teacher’s salary in New York and funding a pension fund which might be better than mine.

    Life will be nasty for people our spending cuts set adrift, and it might even set off another recession, but it is like triage. One makes hard decisions to let the few “die” to save the majority.

  460. OWS is positively changing what people are looking up on the internet.

    the vast inequality of wealth and income in the country. This inequality, which grows worse with each passing week since Congress has done nothing about it, was the primary cause of this Great Recession (just like a previous and very similar gap caused the Great Depression).

    But there is a big difference between the previous gap causing the Great Depression, and the current gap causing the Great Recession. The previous gap was caused by the Republican Party favoring the rich and the coporations. But when the Democrats got into power they changed the economic policies, put people back to work (using WPA and CCC), created the Social Security system, and gave the country new hope.

    But things were different this time. After the Republicans went back to their old ways of favoring the rich and the corporations, causing the current economic mess and the loss of millions of jobs, the people again put the Democrats back in power in 2008. But this time nothing happened. It turns out that the rich and corporations had gotten smarter — instead of just buying the Republican politicians, they also bought a passel of Democratic politicians (the blue dogs). And the Republicans combined with the blue dogs were powerful enough to prevent any economic changes or job creation.


  461. hey I Report….

    the Tea Party put some of their candidates in instead of the party backed candidates….when are the OWS’s going to do that……yes the people that are just using the liberals…..
    10 of the richest congresspeople’s(?) out of the top13 are democrats…..28 out of 50 are dems…….lets bend those 1%’s over and Barney Frank ‘em……and we can’t even throw them in jail for insider trading…..why doesn’t Helen talk about that……


  462. I always suspected I Report was in secret a Tea Party supporter. Glad to see those suspicions confirmed.

  463. UAW: TeaParty should definitely be supporting and showing up at OWS gatherings. The 99% are fighting for tax fairness and a jobs program so everyone can live the American Dream. The 1% have robbed us blind and it is time to improve things for middle America.

    Update on the super committee budget talks. Dems say tax increases and cuts. This makes sense to me. I also think we should stop a few wars too.

    Republicans say: Program Cuts and tax cuts will raise the needed revenue.
    We tried that for 10+ years and dug a bigger and bigger hole.


  464. hey I Report….when you wrote…..

    “I stand with the 99% because I stand for the American way. This is not a way of laziness or sloth, this is a way that works hard but believes firmly in the limits of hard work. This is a way that believes in a good solid eight-hour day followed by a good solid eight hours of doing the other business of life: raising kids, reading a book, cooking a meal at home, watching trashy TV, keeping up on the events of your world, running in the rain, caring for your ill or your young, doing whatever it is that you do. And then, getting a good solid eight hours of sleep.”

    When did you join the Tea Party…..

  465. I met one of the men who had his life saved in VietNam by John Kerry. He said Kerry was a true hero. It sure didn’t mean much once the right wing funded the Swift Boat crap. (He was also with Kerry when Kerry got shot in the butt. He got shot because they were crawling out of a weed field and Kerry was so tall that his butt was above the weed cover.,)

    This link is about the job losses which would happen with the GOP job plan. The GOP plan would CUT 370 THOUSAND JOBS! That will certainly help the economy, the middle class and poor. (Sadly, I am not smart enough to figure out how this is good. I am sure you will tell me.)


  466. You don’t have to. One of the e friends I met on another forum and met personally said she knows Paul Wofowitz. She said he is a weeny.

  467. Should Paul Wolfowitz be planning strategy in Afghanistan? He screwed up so bad getting us bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq, (along with Rumsfeld, Cheney and GW Bush afterall) the answer is easy. HELL NO!
    Wolfowitx predicted we would only be in Iraq months – WRONG and Iraq would pay for their own reconstruction – WRONG.

    I will let Rachel Maddow make the case of why Wolfowitz should having nothing to do with war strategy.


  468. Annonymous, you may have a point, but I think many left because WE are posting. At least that is what they said. It was the equivalent of whites fleeing the neighborhood as the blacks moved in.

    I’m glad you are staying to keep the political yang and yin active.

    After i checked to see the latest thinking on why some of my Finnish cousins have slanted eyes, I explored central Europe. We are so lnsular we know little of what is happening in the next state, let alone thousands of miles away.

    If you want to hear songs as good as any on American radio, google VIKA music video “I’m Not Alone” (Ukrainian Music, Ukrainian Singer) you tube video

    Julia Savicheva-esli v serdce Best Russian Song you tube video

    EF Flashmob Helsinki you tube video

    Their neighbors have derided Finns and Sami and considered them non-white because some have slanted eyes and other Asian features. However, they have the largest proportion of natural blonds and members of Mensa in the world. Ironic isn’t it?

  469. JuneauJoe, aka I Report, you missed the point. It is the endless spamming I believe was the central point of the post. I don’t mind what you posts, only that there seems to be no point to it other than to use the blogs popularity to spread a message. There is no debate or discussion or point other than that, and it detracts from the good things on this blog. Matter of fact I think it has destroyed that almost completely, as shown by the lack of participants.

  470. THIS IS from A FOX POLL: Oh My!!!

    Twenty-nine percent of those polled by Fox said they would be “scared” if Obama were re-elected, 21 said the same about Texas Gov. Rick Perry, 18 for businessman Herman Cain and 14 for former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney.
    But not everyone is so afraid. A combined 37 percent said they would be “enthusiastic” and “pleased” if the president were to get a second term, while Romney only saw 21 percent in that group, Cain 23 and Perry 17.


    You don’t like my links, don’t click em!! Seems simple to me.

  471. Here is a bit of commentary from the above link: So well said. It is patriotic to pay your fair share of taxes!!! Most Millionaires agree – ARE MCCONELL, CANTER AND BOEHNER LISTENING??? Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!

    I stand with the 99% because I stand for the American way. This is not a way of laziness or sloth, this is a way that works hard but believes firmly in the limits of hard work. This is a way that believes in a good solid eight-hour day followed by a good solid eight hours of doing the other business of life: raising kids, reading a book, cooking a meal at home, watching trashy TV, keeping up on the events of your world, running in the rain, caring for your ill or your young, doing whatever it is that you do. And then, getting a good solid eight hours of sleep. Some call this “European socialism;” the rest of us call this “the American dream.”

    I have a choice, and I choose to stand with the 99%. I stand with the 99%, and I am not alone.

    Cross-posted from my newly relocated and relaunched blog, America, Love it or Heal It.

  472. Juneau Joe you are extrapolating to all from the remarks of a few. I don’t think I report should be banned, nor do I think liberal thought should be sent away. Several liberals have also complained about I report and his incessant links. I have defended him.

    I like the set up with few rules.

    Maybe Helen and Margaret could get Soros and Kocks into a bidding war for control and retire with a lot of money.

  473. A person with a 6 figure yearly income if for the 99%. Here is his explanation of why he is for the OWS movement, even though he could be one of the 1 %.

    It is well worth reading.
    60+ percent of Millionaires are with the OWS movement. They feel tax fairness and putting country first is important for making the United States of America a better place.


  474. Banning liberal views from this site? Kind of funny if you think about it. If you take the time to read what Helen and Margaret post, you would come away thinking they actually Liberal in thought.

    So, Right Wingers feel that Left Wing ideas and links should be banned – OK? Can you explain again why non-Right wing thought should be banned again on a liberal blog?

    I think you should consider getting a Koch Brothers organization to buy the Margaret and Helen Blog for $50,000 or so and then put you in charge of who can and cannot post. (It might take $500,000.00 actually)

    The first person you would have to ban is Helen of course.

  475. I Report, GE one of Obama’s allies has outsourced jobs. One of the companies Obama guaranteed funding to create green cars has sent workers to Finnland. You have no point. Those companies are not sending workers elsewhere for the fun of it. They are trying to make profits and survive.

    Democrats with the exception of the House after the last election have been running the country. Were the OWS more aware, they would be protesting in front of the White House and Congress.

    A poll shows 73% of the OWS surveyed disapprove of Obama, and a third have jobs. Most are communists, Greens and other far leftists. The movement may eventually replace “Democrat” as a core political identity for some in much the same way the Tea Party became a sub party. Democrats will be forced to tack to the left and further away from the mainstream. As Jonah Goldberg wrote, the OWS needs a Republican president to really succeed.

    Anon, I have no problem with I report. He is now cornered with little new material to send out. “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”, OWS, “NO NO NO” and a few other shiboleths are all he has left. As we know from this board and other places, many liberals hide a thinly veiled bigotry. I goaded Jean to admit she was a political bigot.

    I report’s “those who hate a black president” illustrates the leftists bigotry when all else fails. We must confront it and call it for what it is when it appears. We also know I report is repeating liberal talking points, so his true feelings remain a mystery. Bigotry is ugly. Using it to tear others down is worse.

  476. You contradict yourself I Report. You have all the time in the world to spam this blog out of existence. Since your arrival this blog probably has lost 60% of its readers and 90% of its posters.

    The fact you played the race card tells me exactly the kind of person you are. You have discredited yourself profoundly with that lone statement. You are a poor example of a human being. I am back to a monthly check of this blog as this guy is sure to continue. I hope the hosts are not facing health issues as the reason they are no longer posting. Signing off.

  477. This is why OWS is growing AND WILL CONTINUE TO GROW! A 15 Million dollar per year CEO takes 5000 jobs and moves them overseas when they are making record profits. Pretty sad.

    Hate to say it guys but I don’t have a bunch of time to waste debating with those who hate a black president. The Republican Party is the PARTY OF NO, NO, NO. The Republican Party needs to come up with a JOBS, JOBS, JOBS plan.


  478. I Report is not here to discuss anything like others do on a blog. He is here to exploit the popularity of this page to push his Liberal agenda. Many have tried to engage him and he rarely responds. For these reason I think he should be banned. I come on here and when I see a chain of post after post from this guy I just close the page as I already know what he is going to say,as his message hasn’t changed in months. He has been asked over and over again to reform his ways, it is time to act.

  479. I Report, refer to 8:22AM October 27. We already covered and explained the income inequality problem, so you don’t need to waste your time on it.

    I was out of the country when it happened, but I believe a river in Ohio caught fire in the sixties.

  480. Fracking and drinkable water – When drinking water catches fire! A problem?


  481. The wealth of the top 1% is staggering. The stagnation of the middle class and the poor is now considered the norm. More info on the HUGE GAP between the wealthiest and the middle class.


  482. Amy Goodman is so naive I could gag. She glossed over the scattered acts of violence and racism which had Tea Parties committed them would have drawn the ire of our reporters. I have yet to hear much of the eliquence she described among the OWS campers.

    Chris Hedges made some salient points without the cloying hero worship dripping from Goodman’s mouth. Though I could agree with him at times, he too was not reporting. He was a booster.

    Had I not seen what I saw years ago, I might have believed them. Personal memories are more powerful than two reporters’ words.

    The movement’s demands have been so vague and open- ended they are almost a Rocharch test to be interpreted according to the taste of the observer.

    No one discussed who is pulling the strings. ACORN’s front group , The Working Families Party has been paying people to participate. Journalist Matthews Yadum of the Capital Research Center,(WorldNetDaily) said the protests are calculated to create the illusion of public support for a cause which can generate large profits for their organizers.

    ACORN founder Wade Rathke embraces violence and computer hacking as a means of achieving “social justice.” Two billionaires, Herb and Marion Sanders, founders of World Savings Bank, gave ACORN affiliates about $11 million to generate street protests to hurt their competion in subprime mortgage lending.

    SEIU board member Stephen Lerner also associated with Occupy Wall street said he wants to bring down the stock market.

    I agree in principal what OWS was trying to say, but the money trail leads to those who they should be fighting against. The OWS people are pawns and if the puppet masters succeed in causing a breakdown in the social order they will be the first to be sacrificed.

    I have read about revolutionary movements and have personal experience with the sixties and early seventies protests The script is the same. Only the actors are different.

  483. That video above with Amy Goodman, Chris Hedges and Charlie Rose is an excellent example of journalism regarding the OWS movement. You are missing out of you do not check out all 3 of the videos.

    Here is a clip of Herman Cain. Since he is the Republican front runner or flavor of the month as Sarah Palin would say.


  484. Amy Goodman and Charlie Rose on who are the OWS and what do they stand for? Quite informative. If you take the time to read it, you could learn something.


  485. I report, did you purposely twist the truth or did you rely on liars for your information?

    I did some reading. The police did not shoot a former Marine. A tear gas canister hit an unlawful demonstrator in the head after he disobeyed a police order to disperse. As a former Marine, he should have understood more than anyone there the consequences of disobeying a lawful order.

    Scott Olsen was in an uncontrolled environment contending with a superior force with superior weapons.The protesters were throwing objects and otherwise threatening the police. The police were bound to react with even more vigor in such a sceniaro. Olson relied on his emotions instead of accurately assessing the situation. I hope he recovers, but I have no sympathy for him. No one denied him his freedom of speech.

    The OWS is not his friend any more than Cindy Sheehan was a friend of the anti-war movement. They were useful tools to be discarded after their usefulness was gone. OWS are looking for a Kent State moment, and those jackals will find a martyr as surely as the anti -war movement found several at Kent State.

    If I recall, Scot Olsen made some anti- Marine statements several years ago. He was not an average Marine veteran.

  486. I should have sourced that comment.


  487. Quote
    If I can’t fix the economy in 3 years you can call me Former President Obama.” –Obama 2009.

    Let us see if he makes good on this promise.

  488. Let the crops rot, I report. Hiring illegals is against the law. California used to have a bracero program where guest workers labored in farm fields and elsewhere. Such a program could be revived. The farmers should advertise in the media. Do most people even know the jobs are available or are they too soft to do some stoop labor? If a farm can’t find labor, let it become automated as grain and livestock farms are.

    Marines are excercising their freedom of speech unless they stop someone from expressing his/hers’. Then, they become part of the problem.
    Veterans are no more obligated to protect our rights than you are. They fulfilled their oblilgation while they served.

    Of course the rich and connected get more opportunities than the rest of us. Do you really think a high school graduate from Lusk, Wyoming or inner city Detroit gets the same breaks as someone from New York City who’s parents graduated and donated money to Harvard or Yale? That’s life as it has always been. Surely you didn’t need a blog to tell you that.

    The Minneapolis Fed shows Obama’s policies have given us a recovery curve worse than all post-WW11 recessions.”This president has killed the natural recovery cycle and extended the misery for millions of Americans.”

    None of the Republican candidates thrill me, but their saving grace is they are not Barack. I’ll bet Hillary could beat him. I could vote for Hillary.

    Some of my Finnish relatives have slanted eyes. I plan to ignore politics for few minutes until I learn the latest thinking on why.

  489. I answered Helen’s question with James. Then I realized it said bouffant, damn the dyslexia.


    Interesting stuff. Point being – Top 1% get privileges and opportunities not available to us little people.


  491. Marines are discussing the Marine shot in Oakland. CA at the OWS demonstrations. They are not pleased. America, the land of free speech?
    Unless they are talking poorly of Wall Street and the 1% wealthiest THEN YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SPEAK UP OR PROTEST!


    Next time I hear about how vets fight to protect our rights, I’ll remember the one they shot in the head for actually exercising them.

  492. Darrel West, director of governance studies at the Brookings Institution said “Democrats are trying to give ownership of
    Congress to Republicans because the institution is dysfunctional and not addressing the jobs problem, and this is a way to tie blame to the GOP.”

    Washington insiders and those who track politics know that the Congress is divided. But polls taken over the last several years show that many voters are unclear which party runs the House and the Senate.”

    Obama had a year of good will and a Congressional majority, but jobs didn’t worry him then.

  493. Tough new immigration laws are applied and the RESULT is? CROPS ROTTING IN THE FIELD. It seems there are no people to pick the crops.
    Oh my!!


    Polling and elections: Cain, Perry or Romney will lead the Republicans to victoory?

  494. Jobs certainly are not a priority of the Obama administration. The Democrats are playing shell games. The president’s recent jobs bill is little more than another stimulus attempt designed to help his political allies.

    I question the accuracy of any polls showing a majority of millionaires want their taxes raised. A poll can be weighted and questions tailored for a desired outcome.

  495. The polls may be right as of today, and it has always been possible that Obama will win a second term. The liberal press hides the truth of what is really happening and if voters believe the lie that Republicans could do anything about creating jobs when Democrats block them they will believe anything. Republicans had better be making their case or we all will be in a lot of trouble.

  496. Seems the Republicans are working against the wishes of the middle class and even millionaires who feel taxing those who have benefited most should pay a fair share.

    Republicans deciding not to work for JOBS, JOBS, JOBS and TAX FAIRNESS will get Republicans VOTED OUT OF OFFICE. There will be a price for NO, NO, HELL NO!!!! The 99% want Jobs, Jobs, Jobs and Tax Fairness! If you choose not to work for it – Goodbye, Mr Politician.

    Making the middle class and unemployed a priority should be the focus of all politicians if they desire to be re-elected.


  497. Well here is hoping you and yours I Report do not succeed in destroying this country.

  498. Oh My: Seems like Republicans are in jeopardy of losing control of the house in 2012. Seems people think they are do nothing idiots. Ignoring JOBS, JOBS, JOBS will come back and bite the Republicans in the butt!!
    Oh My!!

    New polls out Thursday of 12 House districts now held by Republicans in four states showcase some prime pickup opportunities for Democrats next year.

    The House Majority PAC, which can raise unlimited money to support Democratic candidates with an independent expenditure campaign, commissioned Public Policy Polling to survey 12 districts where the redistricting process has been comp

    In every one, less than 50 percent of voters said they would like to see the incumbent Republican reelected next year. And a majority in all but one expressed a negative opinion of the Republicans in Congress.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1011/66973.html#ixzz1c2fy6XxV

  499. ‎68% of millionaires support increasing taxes on millionaires.

  500. The Republicans have their talking points on stopping the Jobs Bill I see.


  501. Thanks uawtradesman.

    It is interesting isn’t it? The Occupy Wall Street group is getting a lesson in redistribution and they don’t like it.

  502. maybe they should join the tea party

    Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protesting fixing food for freeloaders

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/zuccotti_hell_kitchen_i5biNyYYhpa8MSYIL9xSDL#ixzz1c1M02Wcz


  503. really funny James…..
    with all the dog poop flying around we can all go organic!!!!!!!

  504. I Report, You Decide!: You come across as a gentleman and a scholar. You will comprehend and appreciate this quote:

    “…….the vices of a declining empire, the cruel absurdity of the Roman princes; …..the intolerable weight of taxes, rendered still more oppressive by the intricate or arbitrary modes of collection; the tedious and expensive forms of judicial proceedings; the partial administration of justice; and the universal corruption, which increased the influence of the rich, and aggravated the misfortunes of the poor.”

    Taken from: “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” by Edward Gibbons.

  505. Anonymous one, you are so full of dog poop you wouldn’t know the difference if I HAD dumped more on your porch. Read a book on economics. It would do you some good.

  506. And once again a Liberal has shown they cannot add to a conversation, only attack the messenger.

  507. Once again James forgot to light the bag of dog poop he put on the porch.

  508. I report, Hot Air explains the income disparity you mentioned. So does Power LIne. Richard Epstein told PBS that the “income inequality” screed misses the point. He said that the income inequality is the result of productiveness and success in the markets, and that imposing redistributive government policies to “correct” for the inequality will mean less innovation and economic success.

    He argued that marginal and capital-gains taxes were much higher in earlier periods of economic growth and the tax code had more shelters for investors that shielded capital from seizure.

    The Minneapolis Federal Reserve concluded that taking into account of household sizes, types and differing price index, median household income increased by 44% to 62% from 1976 to 2006. Median hourly wages including fringe benefits rose by 28% from 1975 to 2005.

    “Numerous researchers have concluded that, on balance, the technological changes of the past several decades–and perhaps the entire past century- increased employers’ demand for workers with higher skills and more education. That increase, along with a smaller increase in the supply of workers with higher skills and more education generated substantial gains in the relative wages of more educated people. In the past decades, inequality has been going up everywhere.” “It is a global phenomenon.

    The CBO guesses that the compensation of superstars such as actors athletes, and musicians may be especially sensitive to technological changes which increase their customer base.

    The income inequality is growing because our under educated workers are competing with Asians and other foreigners.That is a result of globalization. Another factor no one mentioned is the large number of legal and illegal immigrants. Not all are Hispanic. Others come from Eastern Europe and Asia. As newcomers, their incomes tend to be lower than average. They will also contribute to the income disparity.

  509. Republican ECONOMIC SABOTAGE – a timeline


    Click on the timeline to enlarge it.

  510. “It’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” (Warren Buffett, 2006)

  511. This week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provided just the latest analysis confirming that U.S. income inequality is at record levels. But while the income gap is at largest in 80 years even as the total federal tax burden is at its smallest in 60, the 2012 Republican presidential field is proposing to make both much, much worse. As the numbers show, the GOP field’s toxic mix of massive upper-class tax cuts, mountains of debt and draconian spending cuts would ensure the yawning chasm between the top 1% and everyone else grows wider still.

    Regardless of which Republican emerges as the party’s standard bearer in 2012, the result as John Harwood explained on CNBC, is that the richest Americans would get back “hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of dollars” annually from the U.S. Treasury.

    PREDICTION: Republicans are blocking any attempt to jump start the economy short term or GET JOBS TO THE UNEMPLOYED – RESULT:

    JOBS, JOBS, JOBS – That was what Cantor and McConnell were yelling during the last election BUT NO JOBS BILL SINCE THE ELECTION.

  512. Republican Tax Plans will make the RECORD INCOME DISPARITY EVEN WORSE according to the CBO. People have a reason to be upset and unless a Jobs Bill is passed, we can plan on it getting worse. Republicans are doing nothing for job creation.


  513. Yes, I remember the Tea Party demonstrations my wife and I attended. I’ve been to high school pep rallies with more anger.

    It was like being in a giant flash mob as occupants of passing cars and buses honked and waved at us. We need more flash mobs. They bring smiles and let people forget their troubles for awhile.

  514. http://blog.heritage.org/2011/10/25/over-2400-tea-partiers-arrested/

  515. Tea Party vs Wall Street Protesters…


  516. It was easy to understand unknown forces were behind the OWS movement, but ACORN? That is interesting. So are the people, including the homeless, they are paying to demonstrate.

    Now, they are turning violent as the police drive them from their polluted squatter sites.

    Its the Tea Party all over again. Now that cities have repaired most of the damage they did to parks and stores they will have to rebuild once again. Where will it all end?

    You had better ask yourself that Pfessor before you decide to vote for Obama because Republican candidates are impure. Obama is a liar too.

  517. Speaking to Anon 8:23am

    I have struggled all my adult life to find my place in the world. I do not ever feel I have found my calling in life. So, as you might guess, I have for the most part lead a poor existence. Through my life a childhood buddy as done very well for himself. He is on his 3rd business and by my measure leads a very nice lifestyle. Through the 20+ years I have known him as he has gone from inventor to business man, back to inventor, back to business man, and he has taken me along the way to help me be more than what I ever thought I could be. He had me running his production facility, a position for which I felt unqualified for but he had faith in me. He encouraged me to ask questions, and I learned. By year 3 I was running the entire facility and would not see him inside the plant sometimes for months. Years later in another venture, he was even more successful than in the last. In this venture he asked me to do some sales for him. Within a couple of months he asked me to take over the division and build him a national sales team. This felt way above my pay-grade, but again he told me to ask lots of questions, and I did. To date I have reps in 32 states and we are continuing to grow. I am doing things I never thought I would be capable of doing and earning a nice living.

    If we would encourage the people that go out and achieve, to share their knowledge and abilities with others, rather than try and take from them what they achieved through their own hard work, I think everyone would be the better for it.

    Being a boss both in the blue collar and white collar world, I found positive reinforcement to be a superior motivation. Why live in a world where we take from one and give to another to achieve a goal? Why not instead give, and teach, and offer opportunities? In my experience it is far more rewarding to me and to those who are given that chance to excel.

  518. As long as we are agreed you were giving your myopic opinion then we are cool. You spoke as if you knew the man personally

  519. What more evidence do you need, beyond the video showing him doing it?

  520. Anon 1:52pm Any evidence to back up or are you talking out of the side of your ass?

  521. I thought we were done with those assholes….

    ACORN Playing Behind Scenes Role in ‘Occupy’ Movement


  522. LMFAO….


    The willful killing [of someone protected by the Geneva Convention] is defined as a war crime by Article 8 of the ICC’s Rome Statute,”


  523. There’s nothing genuine about GB, except perhaps his desperation. He’s a carnival barker; he’s Elmer Gantry in the flesh. He caused harm and I’m glad he’s no longer in the spotlight.

  524. LMAO! Beck squeezes out tears on demand to manipulate people for a living. If he can’t summon the tears with his method acting, he rubs vicks in his eyes.

  525. For all of the people on here who have cast Glen Beck in many different, mostly all unfavorable lights, I think this interview shows who this man really is. You may not agree with his point of view, but I challenge anyone to say this man is not genuine.


  526. pfesser, do you think our country will survive another 4 years of this? We have 2 possible outcomes as I see it. If Republicans hold power in congress we know Republicans won’t give in and we know Obama won’t move to the center, so can we endure 4 more years of getting little to nothing done. Or if Democrats come back into power can we endure 4 years of increased taxes and deficit spending? My opinions no way can we endure more of either.

  527. Back to Barack, I’m afraid.

    Herman Cain was looking pretty good there for a while. He had a reasonable position on abortion, which was that “I personally oppose it but am willing to let everybody make that decision for themselves.”

    Then he caught hell from the other “candidates” for not being pure enough and he began to backpedal. Now it’s “No abortions – not for any reason, no matter what.”

    Tell ‘em what they want to hear, Herman……….

    So he’s a f’ing liar too – just like the rest of the ReBiblicans. It’s either be pure on a single issue or you’re out of there, huh? Lying bastards.

    Back to Barack for me.

  528. I Repost, I wonder. What issue do you have with the American Dream? Why do you find it to be so evil? I wonder, do you think there is only room in the American Dream for a finite number of people, or is there room for everyone? Rather than vilify those who have achieved success, wouldn’t it be better to encourage them to show others to get to where they are, rather than try and drag them to where we are?

  529. Clinton did not balance the budget or leave a surplus until the Republicans took power and forced him to. He also was lucky to get the post Cold War windfall and the internet boom. It sent imagionary money into the economy until the recession began near the end of his administration. His timing was good. Had Bill stayed in office a while longer there would have been no surplus.

    Clinton is a scoundrel who cost us a lot of money in impeachement expenses, but he is also nimble and adaptable. He is one of our smartest recent presidents. We would be in better shape today if Obama would ask himself, “what would Bill do?”

    I read of the report but have not seen it. Its not surprising the gap has grown. Some people make money even in recessions. The book sounds interesting. I will read it when I have time.

  530. WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR SOME, A new book. Sounds interesting!! Thought you might want a good read. (it speaks to lies and liars of the political elite as well as the economic/ corporate elite,)

  531. CBO (Congressional Budget Office) Makes it Official!!!! THE GAP BETWEEN THE RICH AND THE POOR IS AT RECORD LEVELS!!!!!

    It is so nice of a non partisan outfit to look at actual numbers and make a reasonable and responsible judgement based on facts!!!! TAX THE WEALTHIEST MAKES SO MUCH SENSE WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE NUMBERS!!!!! Do you disagree?


  532. The income of the 1% exploded in the last 30 years!!!
    The little people – NO RAISE FOR YOU and you lose your benefits too.



  533. I report, if we use your hyperbole look it this way. Clinton was a serial sexual predator and according to Juanita Broderic, a rapist. He used the Arkansas State Patrol to troll for women at tax payer expense. Had he been able to control his perversions there would have been no sexual harrassment law suit, no lies and no $200 million spent to impeach him.

    By your standards, if I steal your car, the police search for it, and you press charges, the money spent is your fault.

    Again, as I wrote earlier, a government agency said the Iraq war cost over $800 billion, slightly less than Obama’s failed first stimulus. Not to spend all of that money in Afghanistan would have meant more attacks on us, and bin Ladin’s continued survival.

    That torture helped us find him. Leon Penatta hinted as much. There is also a hazy definition of torture as Clinton showed us by a similar definition of “Is.” I have been tortured, and still have a slight disability because of it. Waterboarding caused no permanent damage. It was emotional, not physical torture.

    We either should have invaded Afghanistan to stop al Quaeda or not. Judged from his pre- Presidential statements, Obama was a political parasite feeding off of Bush’s strategy for his own gain. He took credit for an operation others started and all he did was finish the job with an order.

    We still don’t know all that awaits us in Obama care. The death panels are inside, and its rules are so onerous, thousands of waivers are still being issued to selected friends.

    Hyperboly is fun. I am beginning to understand why you enjoy it.

  534. Newt Gringrich – Speaker of the House at the Time WAS HAVING HIS THIRD AFFAIR at the same time he was voting to IMPEACH CLINTON FOR A BLOW JOB. (200 Million of tax payer money) Wasn;t one of his ex wives in he hospital for cancer when he gave her the divorce papers. NEWT IS THE ROLE MODEL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT – right.

    President Eisenhower had a mistress – Is he the Republican Role Model you are talking about.

    If you want to look at Role Models, I will Suggest President Obama. I am impressed with him as a father, husband, intellect and honesty. He will give people a chance before he goes over or around them to do what is right for the people he serves.

  535. I don’t really care that Clinton got a BL in the White House…..
    He could have said that it was something between him and Hillery and no one else’s concern……But NO….He got on national TV and looked millions of people in the eye and said”I did not have sexual relations with that woman”……typical politician…..how can you tell that their lying….their lips move…..he not only deserved to be impeached he should have been gelded….

  536. Then maybe elect someone with some integrity. Remember the good old days when a parent would tell a child to grow up and be like the President? If they were talking about Clinton what would he grow up to be A Cheat, a Liar, treasonous, Womanizer. Good call there .

  537. Presidential Lie = IRAQ WAR = 3 TRILLION – Bush
    Presidential Lie= WE DO NOT TORTURE!!!! – Bush/Cheney

    OBABMACARE – what do the people say?


    200 Milllion TAX PAYER DOLLARS spent on spent on prosecuting a BLOW JOB!!! Great way to BLOW tax payer money!!!!

  538. 200 million wasted because Clinton didn’t have the integrity to own up to what he did. He lied under oath and we had an obligation to uphold the law and investigate it when there was such overwhelming evidence that did the deed. Probably the best example of a Liberal doing anything, saying anything to be right, or worse yet to have to admit to being wrong.

  539. No, Clinton was impeached because he lied under oath and for obstruction of justice. Paula Jones had filed a sexual harrasment lawsuit, and Bill Clinton lied to protect himself. Inso doing, he denied Paula Jones a fair outcome of the trial.

    Viewed another way, Clinton could have admitted his crime and saved we tax payers a large portion of the $200 million. But no, the selfish jerk didn’t care what we had to pay. He was going to fight it to the end. Bill Clinton, not the Republicans cost us that money. How do you like that view?

  540. Clinton got impeached for a BLOW JOB!!! 200 Million dollars of tax payer money was wasted on it!

    Here is a link to a typical Republican Idiot and why they will lose any election against President Obama.


    Sarah and Rush are missing you right wing guys on their web sites.

  541. http://www.usnews.com/opinion/photos/democrats-cartoon-gallery/4

  542. http://www.usnews.com/opinion/photos/democrats-cartoon-gallery/23

  543. Hey I Report….
    report on this….


  544. Clinton should have been impeached.

    Giving China 3 stage missile technology: Impeachable offense.
    Having sexual relations with woman other than this wife: Impeachable offense.
    Writing over 400 Presidential pardons to set his criminal buddies free from prosecution to protect his legacy: Should be an impeachable offense.

    As for Obama, I think it will be a harder case to prove but I think he is either intentional i what he is doing to our country or amazingly inept and ignorant.

  545. I report, Clinton lied in a court case. That was purgery and obstruction of justice. As I wrote before, you and I would have gone to jail for that offense.

    Don’t confuse President Clinton’s public statement with what he said in court.
    His “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” was tacky and disrespectful to Monica Lewinsky and especially his family. However, Bill was not under oath when he said it. That statement had nothing to do with what followed, because Bill broke no laws on that day.

    Impeaching Clinton for breaking the law was worth every penny of the 200 million dollars to preserve the principal that no one is above the law. It was the right punishment, because Bill did not deserve to be thrown out office, in my opinion. He did deserve the public humiliation and historical record the trial inflicted on him. Clinton also deserved to lose his license to practice law.

    The answer is no.
    President Obama has broken no laws as far as we know. He lies and makes mistakes, but if we impeached him for that, we would have to prematurely fire most of our politicians.

    Eric Holder, on the other hand should be fired. The Justice Department is proposing a change to the Freedom of Information Act. Under the proposed change, agencies citing an exemption would be allowed to “respond to the request as if the excluded records did not exist,” rather than citing the relevant exemption. Betsy’s Page explains it.

    We subscribe to Time, so I have read the article. October 9-10 is a long time ago. The CNN poll I quoted is more recent. The poll showed that like the OWS, many people are angry about the banks, disparity of incomes, etc. but except for Democrats, they don’t connect to the OWS because crazies are polluting the message and turning the protest into a joke.

    I only know what you wrote about the Florida voting law. ACORN and others flooded the polls with bogus voters in the last election. Many were so ridiculous they may have been intended to slow the registration process rather than actually send bogus votes into the system. Thus, I see nothing wrong with the law as you described it. I don’t understand how it could repress rightful voters.

    Registering to vote should take at least as much time and trouble as it does to get a drivers license, to buy a car, or to borrow money.

  546. James: re: The 200 Million dollar BLOW JOB impeachment.

    200 Million of tax payer money was wasted on determining if the words, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” meant! Was a Blow Job sexual relations? After 200 Milllion dollars – Republicans decided YES and Clinton got the impeachment hearing.

    You for the Impeachment of President Obama?

  547. Voter Suppression by the Republicans in FLORIDA!!!


    NEW SMYRNA BEACH — The teacher who heads up New Smyrna Beach High School’s student government association could face thousands of dollars in fines. Her transgression? Helping students register to vote.

    Prepping 17-year-olds for the privileges and responsibilities of voting in a democracy is nothing new for civics teachers, but when Jill Cicciarelli organized a drive at the start of the school year to get students pre-registered, she ran afoul of Florida’s new and controversial election law.

    Among other things, the new rules require that third parties who sign up new voters register with the state and that they submit applications within 48 hours. The law also reduces the time for early voting from 14 days to eight and requires voters who want to give a new address at the polls to use a provisional ballot.

    Republican lawmakers who backed the rules said they were necessary to reduce voter fraud. Critics — including U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, who testified before a congressional committee — said the law would suppress voter participation.

    Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2011/10/teacher-democrats-could-pay-for-republican-crackdown-on-voter-registration-drives.html#ixzz1bnkaaDet
    (It is happening in many Republican states folks!!! Just thought you should know.)

  548. Recent Polling:
    Time Magazine commissioned a poll (done on October 9th and 10th of 1,001 randomly chosen adults), and that poll showed that 54% of the public approved of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations while only 23% disapproved (and another 23% said they didn’t know enough to have an opinion).

    Those are some pretty nice numbers — numbers that the two political parties can only dream about these days. Obviously the protesters had struck a chord with a lot of angry and unhappy Americans. Why was this happening? Why had the people stopped believing the broken promises of both political parties? Well, some clues can be gleaned from the answers to some other questions the Time Poll asked. One of those questions was:

    Don’t know……………3%

    That means about four out of every five Americans believes the distribution of wealth and income in this country is not just unequal, but unfair. This kind of inequality has not been seen since just before the Great Depression (and it then resulted in a massive economic disaster — just like today). As the chart pictured above shows:

    Top 1% controls 38.1% of the country’s wealth.
    Top 5% controls 59.4% of the country’s wealth.
    Top 10% controls 70.9% of the country’s wealth.
    Top 20% controls 83.4% of the country’s wealth.
    Top 40% controls 95.3% of the country’s wealth.


  549. A few good funnies:


    There is one where a Corporate Big Whig is yelling at the ‘little people’ gathered, “Tell it to Congress! That is what we pay them for!”
    There are some other good ones too.

  550. I’m glad a news show called them out too.

    Many Democrats must have been drinking some of that toxic water to fall for the OWS scheme. As I wrote, the human garbage that we call hippies has polluted the movement literally and figuratively.

    The Anti -Defamation League has or will be complaining about the movement’s anti-semetic statements.

    People around Zuccotti Park, New York City want them gone. Some police officers blame the increased number of shootings in the city on their having to spread their forces too thinly away from the park. The operation has cost the city at least $3 million.

    The story is beginning to bore people, and enough freak-show videos are circulating on social media that the movement is not getting the support they need from the middle class.

    Democratic Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is the latest mayor to threaten to evict the protesters. A CNN poll gives OWS’s favorable rating among Democrats at 45/12. It is 33/30 among independents. The longer people snicker at the antics of their fringe and the longer the movement fails to offer a coherent message the harder it will be for them to win popular support.

    Their main chance may be martyrdom as police evict a large group with billy clubs to the head during mass arrests.

    Some people also accused me of whining about our flood– that it was less serious than I described. The Omaha World Herald compared our volume of flood water with Hurricane Irene’s. The Hurricane dropped an average of eight inches of rain or more on an area the size of the Nebraska Panhandle. Storms associated with our flood produced an area of eight inches plus on an area the size of the entire state of Nebraska. This was in addition to melting record snowfall.

    Moreover, much of the Eastern floodwater ran into the nearby ocean while all of our water had to flow down one river.

    Last night, in Omaha, the Corps of Engineers reps appologised to an angry crowd. Environmentalists who’s policies helped worsen the flood wisely stayed away. Even worse, the Corps has not changed the amount of water they plan to store over the winter. Authorities have told a friend that they will deny it if anyone tells, but given the winter and spring forecast they guage our chances of a similar flood next spring as higher than the chances were at this time last year. For one thing the approach of winter will not give contractors time to rebuild damaged and weakened dikes.

    Twenty acre ponds of water remain on some of our land. Neighbors face up to eight to ten feet of sand and deep fissures on their land. After five months, our highway system is still not all repaired. Some companies have lost 30% of their business because of transportation problems.

    This diatribe is not directed at you or most of the regulars on this site, I report. I respect you. I am sending this to educated fools who resorted to personal attacks when they couldn’t counter my arguments. Thom is the latest to be so blinded by elitism and emotion he wouldn’t recognize the the truth if it bit him. He thought I didn’t understand my true motivation, but I do. It is to expose poseurs like him.

    I don’t care if they are reading this or not. Others will. My writing skills may be no better than fifth grade level, but even the those people’s limited perceptive skills should understand this. I told you so.

  551. radiation in the water! Texas officials were having citizens drink water with radiation levels beyond permissible levels and not telling people of the dangers. Glad a news show called them out.


  552. Sorry, I meant the 8:19AM comment.

    Back to work for me now.

  553. Read my earlier posts. The Bush tax cuts helped send the unemployment rate down to as low as 4.6% and revenue increased to what the New York Times called a windfall. Our Republican and later Democratic Congress’ increasing spending faster than tax revenues was not the fault of the tax cuts. I agree, creation of high paying jobs was less robust than it would have been without the globalization started by Clinton and supported by Bush.

    By the standard of your overblown way of putting things, the economy crashed because Democrats forced banks to give loans to risky clients, and they used Fannie and Freddie as their political piggy bank. I’m being too simplistic, but so are you. We have already shown the role Democrats played in the crash.

    Continuing your same standards, I counter with the Democrats’ blocking any Republicans’ attempts to lower spending and to create conditions for job growth. The Democrats are in power, and their failure is here for all to behold.

    Of course the wars are ending during the past year. Our soldiers have accomplished most of their mission after ten years. Again, with your overblown standards, Obama’s people blundered when they couldn’t reach an agreement to keep some of our soldiers in Iraq to continue their training mission. We will pay for that mistake. We also fought an illegal war in Libya, at least by the standards of some of Bush’s war critics.

    Momar Khadifi repressed Islam fundamentalists. Now that he is gone, they may face Sharia Law and polygamy. You and I could move there and have up to four wives.

    The CBO states the cost of the war in Iraq is $709 billion for military and related activities, including training of Iraqi forces and diplomatic operations. The projected cost of the stimulus passed in 2009 is $862 billion.

    Your last post is so inaccurate, surely even you can’t accept it without laughing. As usual, I agree with some of what you wrote.

  554. One More Republican Idea for JOBS, JOBS, JOBS


    (Reminder: Our Hero: Ronald Reagan – RAISED TAXES 11 TIMES DURING HIS PRESIDENCY. He started the Dificit Spending Trend but he did raise taxes when he realized the budget was a huge dificit because of his ideas,

  555. Is this the REPUBLICAN JOBS PROGRAM?? I think so.

    -Abolish the Federal Minimum Wage
    -Repeal Federal Workplace Anti-Discrimination Laws
    -Repeal Laws Mandating Employment/Safety Terms
    -Abolish Extended Unemployment Benefits

    I thought Mitch McConnel was being honest when he said he is not interested in getting Fire Fighters or Teachers back to work – sad but thanks for the honesty Mitch.

  556. Wars that run 10 years run up bills of 3 Trillion or so. Bush passing a prescription drug bill that was not paid for cost 2 Trillion dollars. The tax cuts stimulated the economy? Where were the jobs? It was the worst 10 year job record of the century. The economy crashed during the Bush Years because of the ineptness of de-regulation and the greed it caused.

    It is interesting that President Obama got into wars that were finished within a year and cost Billions instead of Trillions and 10 years.

    Health care costs were rising without any changes and more and more people were being denied coverage. That needed to change. I prefer a single payer system myself. President Obama is looking at the cost and cutting back on parts which are too expensive.

    JOBS, JOBS, JOBS is what the Republicans got elected on – where are the jobs bills from the Republicans?

  557. Me too, and You also Craig.

    I report, I agree Obama deserves credit for his foreign policy. He has basically continued Bush’s strategy, and most of his successes have come from the War on Terrorism. However, we may face some unintended consequences.

    You know how it is. Politicians are loath to give the other side credit for successes, no matter which party is involved.

    Obama had a Congressional majority at first and continued the Bush TARP program which probably helped save the banking system. He also saved a major part of our auto industry. However, his first stimulus program, Cash for Clunkers, and regulations intended to by pass Congress failed to permanently stimulate the economy.

    Obamacare will prove to be worse and more expensive than our present system during the next twenty or thirty years. His policies helped create the Tea Party movement which stopped his agenda. Obama has himself to blame for his failed domestic policies. As I wrote, he deserves credit for his foreign policy.

    Republicans did not spend all of that money on Clinton for a blow job. They spent it to impeach a politician who committed purgery, in a court case It was a criminal offense. You and I would have gone to jail for lying under oath. Clinton lost his law license, and he should have been impeached but allowed to stay in office as happened.

    We have already established Bush and his gang did not crash the economy. We have also proven that the Bush tax cuts stimulated the economy and helped stop the earlier recession.

    All of those social bills you mentioned are why I think the Republicans deserved to lose Congress during the Bush administration.

    Arguing with you is a nice diversion. I’m glad you are still here.

  558. Mageen, how are you guys doing? Been thinking of you.

  559. Intentionally Crashing Economy!!! You mean GW BUSH!!!

    Starting two wars and putting them on credit cards.
    Cutting taxes by 700 Billion a year while starting two wars
    Giving Tax Credits for sending manufacturing Business overseas
    Cutting Regulation so Banks could gamble on derivatives with no oversight
    Remember ENRON??? Corruption – yep

    Bush and his crooks were the ones who crashed the economy..

  560. The REPUBLICANS SPENT 200 MILLION AND IMPEACHED FOR A BLOW JOB with Clinton. (Newt was on affair 3 or 4 at the time)

    44 Bills on Abortion
    99 on religion
    71 on Family Relationships
    36 on Marriage
    67 on Firearms -Gun Control
    522 on Taxation
    445 on Government Investigations against Dems.


  561. My hope and prayer is Obama is found out to have intentionally sabotaged our economy, intentionally causing is to lose our credit rating, doing irreparable damage to this nation, and tried for treason.

  562. In just this year alone President Obama was instrumental is taking down the Ghadaffi regime, ordering the successful killing of Osama Bin Ladin, not to mention a number of other high value terrorist targets, the successful ouster of Mubarak in Egypt and other things that I am not smart enough to recall and too tired to look up.
    Point is, we have a former community organizer and law professor who seems to actually know what he is doing in terms of foreign policy. And the best part is he has managed to do all of this without a lick of opposition from the Right. They may not give the President credit for any of his foreign successes, but let’s face it, they did not stop him from accomplishing any of it either.
    Now imagine if Republicans just gave Obama the freedom to do his job domestically too. My guess is he would also be one of the most successful domestic policy President’s since FDR. It is astounding to think of where we would be by now if that were the case.


  563. The Koch Brothers: How they are stopping jobs but they are hiring 1200. (The Koch brothers fail to say they have laid off 67,000 US employees)


  564. Thom (as) my “ramblings” usually turn out to be right.

    I hope your job doesn’t require much critical thinking, because you made several interpretative errors. You implied something was wrong with me because I made unfounded assumptions about you, a total stranger when in fact you did it first. I was merely returning the favor. I assumed I could goad you into revealing more about yourself, and I was right.

    You also have difficulty interpreting meanings and nuance. I had no panic attack. I was attacking hippies and incidently, you as any fool could see. I will cite examples, and use simple words if you want.

    So far, you have shown us little original thought, even with your insults.

    Your absence is fine with me, but when I was a kid, someone who started a fight and ran away was a “chicken fighter.” Coward.

    Of course, I am a nonentity. So are you and most of the rest who post here. Thank God, I am a nonentity and not you.

  565. I found fault with only one word in your post, I report.

    Japan’s economic stagnation is no myth. While not in recession, its economy has struggled with too closely knit- businesses and government. Its population is aging as the economy slowly shrinks. The strong Yen has also handicapped business.

    Kathy Chu of USA Today (Sept 28) wrote that the recent earth quake and tidal wave was a wake up call for Japanese businesses. To survive they must diversify and earn customers outside of Japan’s “stagnating economy.” Japanese have aquired nearly twice the foreign businesses than they did last year.

    The government created a $50 billion fund to help companies with resource related aquisitions and $50 billion to encourage companies to trade yen reserves for dollars.Yui Yoshikawa, the director of a market research fund said companies which can’t afford to invest overseas are exporting more and tailoring their products to regional demand. Because of the stagnant economy and aging population, expanding overseas is the “only means in my mind for Japanese companies to survive.”

    They and the Swiss are concentrating on American companies.

    As I wrote, water seeks its own level. I agree with the rest of your comments.

  566. For the guy who thinks he has always been right except on a rare occasion, this is one time when he is way off base. He could, but I doubt if he will, re-evaluate assumptions he made about a total stranger to him on the internet. He seemed on the verge of a panic attack, having to defend himself through a flurry of long comments late last night. You would think a grown man would have a little bit more insight into his own behavior by now. Maybe not.

    Although I have not commented before until recently nor will I bother to again, I have read this nonentity’s incoherent ramblings off and on in the past. I recognize how excitable he is and the broad sweeping generalizations he makes. I do realize that not all conservatives are as rabid.

    I am a free agent in the work of my chosen profession. I say it is my job because that is how I have earned my living for many years. I set my own hours and work at my own pace. Even in these tough economic times, my legitimate work is much in demand. I only wish it were so for the host of other people who cannot say the same. I can only speculate on the individual circumstances of each case.

  567. (Incidentally, the story that Japan has been “struggling” economically that has been widely peddled by the U.S. media in recent years is nothing more than a myth).
    …How, then, should we regard a country that has 5% unemployment, the lowest income inequality, healthcare for all its people and is one of the world’s leading exporters?


    The only problem is that, since 1980, wages started stagnating for the rest of us. Allowing for inflation, average workers’ wages have barely budged in more than three decades.

    The result is that America now has the income inequality levels of a Third World nation. In fact, the top 400 richest Americans now own a titanic amount of wealth that exceeds the combined wealth of the bottom 155 million Americans.
    America, after all, has lost millions of good-paying manufacturing jobs just in the past 10 years. We’ve lost over 42,000 factories, just since 2001. By contrast, even America’s most prosperous and high-profile companies, like Apple, haven’t even come close to replacing the job losses in the manufacturing sector. Hence, America’s stubbornly high jobless rates (and the even more troubling absence of new well-paid jobs).

  568. Thanks Anonymous.

    I report, Japan’s economic situation is not all that healthy. They have lived with slow growth since around 1990. They do maintain the technological base they created during the boom years of the eighties. If memory serves, Japan and Germany offer a better environment for businesses than we do. Japan’s citizens save a lot of personal money.

    Germany also refused to follow Obama’s advice to spend its way out of recession, and they are now relatively healthy. They also provide hope that they can support some of the weaker economies as they work their way out of onerous debt. Estonia is another country with even more conservative economic values because they still remember communism.

    The United States is not even in the list of top ten nations with good environments for small business and their births. Rawanda is ahead of us.

    I agree, we could learn from those and other countries. Canada is another nation which is progressing from doldrums than we are.

    Its true the Bush administration let jobs slip to other countries, but you neglect Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton started globalization. Don’t you remember those halycone days when the boom would never end and expansion with new technology would replace the new jobs? The new foreign jobs would create new middle class customers to buy our products and create new jobs here.

    Clinton forgot that water seeks its own level. World-wide competion
    drew wages up in undeveloped nations and took developed countries’ wages down to a mean between the two. You are right, Bush deserves some of the blame, but so does Clinton. Many, not all roads lead to Clinton. This is another road from the beautiful dream of unicorns and bubbles.

  569. I Report, You Decide!, not sure if anyone told you, but it is 2011. Bush isn’t President anymore. Quit your whining and man up. You come off sounding like a whiny little bitch.

  570. What countries are setting the standard for manufacturing and Research and Development? Japan and Germany – of course. They have strong unions and strong manufacturing – why? Read on.

    Consider what countries Apple gets their major components from! Japan and Germany


    …For a start, nations like Japan and Germany are simply no longer low-wage countries. Both have wages that are as high, if not higher, than what U.S. workers earn. Both nations have strong organized labor and strict pro-labor laws that would be inconceivable to Americans. Mass layoffs are virtually impossible in both nations. And the extremely strong yen of recent years has made Japan a particularly expensive nation to do business in. But despite all these “obstacles,” both nations continue to go from strength to strength in leading the world in high-tech manufacturing.

    In short, there must be other reasons why the likes of Apple rely on Japanese and German suppliers for key iPhone components. Low wages and low manufacturing costs simply can’t be the reason.

    It’s clear that a big part of the reason is that the U.S. simply can’t compete with nations like Japan or Germany in high-tech manufacturing. The reasons for this are many: everything from America’s abysmal public education system to our nation’s crumbling infrastructure to our complete lack of a logical industrial policy.

    By contrast, nations like Japan and Germany have honed carefully planned long-term industrial policies aimed at boosting both nations’ industrial competitiveness.

    BUSH AND CHENEY GAVE AWAY OUR MANUFACTURING JOBS!!! The well payng jobs went to Japan and Germany folks!, not China.

  571. I would not put to much stock in this Thom fellow. He obviously is a failure in life, and is projecting that failure onto others. To take the time to make unfounded personal observations about someone on the internet they do not know just shows how desperate and petty most Liberals are. Take it as a compliment he considers you enough of a threat to bother creating that work of fiction.

  572. Two more things, Thom (as): I was the token veteran guest on an NPR Science Friday Talk of the Nation show. A panel of psychologists discussed the counseling program they had developed for returning veterans of the Iraqi and Afghanistani wars. Then, I told my story.

    They said the treatment of returning troops was important to their adjustment. One man called me a “perfect storm” and the anti- war protesters’ poisoning our welcome home was a reason. I recognize the stench of human garbage, and when I smell it again, I take note. I expect outcomes similar to last time.

    i was using personal experience to illustrate a point, but the subtlity escaped you. You don’t seem like a very deep person, so I spelled it out for you.

    My parents are dead, and the children who’s labor we exploited are doing very well.

  573. Good night, Thom. Get plenty of sleep so you have the energy to leap through your bosses hoops.

    Thank God, I’m not you.

  574. I report, the OWS might win, but I doubt it. For one thing, most have failed to state their goals well. Until they do, it will be hard to define victory or defeat. The Tea Party had a coherent simple message, which was close to what a majority of the voters agreed with. They were peaceful and cleaned up after themselves. Attempted smears didn’t work because the Tea Parties were so well-behaved.

    The Tea Parties and OWS share some views in common, but the OWS is an amourphous mass of people ranging from Tea Party sympathizers to Communists and anarchists. Unlike the Tea Parties who demonstrated and left, these folks are camping out and making nuisances of themselves. They are advocating leftist solutions out of sync with the majority. The Tea Parties coming and then leaving gave them more attention and novelty value lacking with the OWS.

    Their “hippy” and racist wing has said and done intemporate things that produce the kind of attention which alienates the majority. They have not put their concerns into specific goals which one can grasp. Exploitation by the 1%( I’d judge 10%) matters less than the impression the protesters make on the general population. People will judge them on the actions of the extreme minority.

    Just as the Tea Party was a danger to Democrats and moderate Republicans, the OWS can do potential harm especially to Democrats. A recent poll showed only 48% supported Obama. If more become frustrated and violent or realize Obama and Wall Street are joined at the hip, he is toast.

  575. If you are writing about me, you are clueless, Thom. My wife and I bought most of our land from others, including family members, and it is all paid for. My wife and I have produced economic activity and fed people like you most of our lives. We sacrificed and worked hard for what we got. We deserve everything we have because we earned it.

    The so called modern day hippies have not been producers. I told my stories about past hippies to show today’s variety seems little different from what we knew years ago. Once, anti-war protesters surrounded my wife, and she was afraid they would pull her out of her car if she stopped.She drove through the crowd, and they were smart enough to jump out of the way. These people are capable of doing the same if given time and opportunities.

    Congratulations on being able to work for someone tomorrow. My wife and I have spent most of our lives laboring for ourselves and building a business. Unlike you, we have enjoyed automomy without being at someone else’s beck and call as you seem to be. It is challenging, but being a free agent instead of a wage slave as you are lets gives us flexibility of time use.

    Be nice to your boss like a good underling tomorrow, Thom.

  576. Update on consumers not producers:

    How about the guy, who sits around on his ass, waiting to inherit daddy’s farm? Then he uses his wife and the child labor of his kids to man it. All the while he makes a career of complaining and telling his pitiful stories over and over again to anyone he can collar long enough to listen. Not much else to do on a farm in winter unless there are pigs to slop.

    How is it that millions of other veterans of every war we have ever had, if they survive, get on with their lives afterward and became producers. I, for one, have to go to work tomorrow at my job.

  577. Why will OWS win? Because 99% are being ripped off by the top 1%. (Look at the link above about pensions being stolen.)

    NEW RULES: Bill Maher on OWS and why they will win.


  578. How the 1% stole the average person’s pension. Retirement Heist: How Companies Plunder and Profit from the nest egg of American workers by Ellen Schultz on THE DAILY SHOW.

    These should be consideredl criminal acts but they are legal and going on in many corporations.


  579. Well Thom if you are referring to me, you are dead wrong.

    You are describing hippies I knew who resemble the present crop. They are consumers and not producers. They certainly don’t create many jobs, and most don’t even know what they are protesting.

  580. Update:

    “He sits on his ass in front of his computer, day in and day out.
    She works her hands to the bone to give him her money every payday but he wants more, just to stay at home and whine about how mistreated he was way back when, but cannot admit he didn’t and doesn’t have the brains, talent or guts to do anything else.”

  581. The world poured increasing quantities of green house gases into the atmosphere during the twentieth century, and yet the climate cooled from 1940 to the 1970′s. If the simplistic explaination is true the warming should have been steady.

    The rate of warming was also interrupted after 1998 when even more CO2 and similar gases flew into the atmosphere.We tied 1998 with an ENSO warm phase in 2005, but it was less intense than expected. One explanation may be Sulfate aerosols from volcanoes and human pollution. China, India and other countries are pouring more such pollutants into the atmosphere each year. Solar cycles may also play a role to counterbalance the extra CO2..

    As I wrote, climate change has become a political and economic, not a scientific issue. The solutions associated with Al Gore will not stop global warming and they would send billions of people back into subsistance life. We would deny much of the world a chance at the bountiful lives a minority of us in the richer countries enjoy. Let private enterprise, not government fiat solve the problem.

    Hippies touch a raw nerve.
    I met enough hippies when I came home from the service to last a lifetime. They called people like me baby killers and fascists. They threw rubbish at returning soldiers. They tried to sabotage my work in grad school. Those who are Marxists are part of our problem, not the solution. Lech Walensa said when he visits the US he will ignore the OW folks because they are too extreme.Some of them can’t even find bathrooms.

    How many jobs have they created relative to big oil and other polluters?

    I dedicate this song to modern hippies like the ones I knew in 1970-72., not today’s hard- working people who are struggling to find jobs so they can pay their bills.

    “She sits on her ass,
    he works his hands to the
    bone to give her money
    every payday but she wants
    more dinero just to stay at
    home well, my friend you
    gotta say
    I won’t pay, I won’t pay ya,
    no way (now now) why don’t
    you get a job say no way,”

    The Offspring

  582. 97agree that it is real and man nade. The 3% who don’t are funded by those like the Koch bothers who make BIG money by polluting our air and waterways. Koch and friends want to water down any environmental regulation which would cause them to upgrade plants or be concerned about water quality they dump their chemical waste into.

    We have been wasting time with junk science so the Koch Brothers and Big Oil can destroy our environment without any restrictions.


    Have hippies exported jobs?

    Let me tell you something about hippies. Hippies didn’t export anyone’s jobs, hippies didn’t lie us into an immoral war, hippies didn’t conspire to steal anyone’s pension funds, hippies didn’t order anyone tortured, hippies didn’t steal so much that it crashed the economy of the entire world, and hippies don’t go on national tv and spew nonsense and propaganda for a very nice living.

    So go ahead and blame hippies for everything…as if they had ruled us for decades. We should be so lucky. But we weren’t that lucky – not by a long shot. Instead, we got you.

    So if the hippies have some advice for you Wall Street assholes, maybe you should listen. You could do worse. You did do worse. You did a lot worse.
    Hippies told you to mind your planet. Hippies told you to make love not war. Hippies told you to not let greed grab you. But did you listen?

    No. You and your minions in Congress and elsewhere turned your backs on responsibility. You abandoned the people and sold your souls to the highest bidders. Consequences be damned.

    You should thank what gods may be that there are still hippies, that there are still people who put humanity over corporate profits, that there are still those who insist that we do the right thing rather than the profitable thing. We just may save the planet from assholes like you.
    Meanwhile, our bought-and-paid-for politicians can’t do shit:
    Global warming? Sorry.

    Unjust wars? Nope, nothing to be done.
    An oppressive and unjust Military Industrial Complex? C’est la vie.

    Class warfare by the 1% against the 99%?
    The gulf from rich and poor has never been greater!

  583. Global warming is real. There is no doubt in my mind. ISU extension climatologist Dr. Elwynn Taylor said a few years ago that humans are contributing about 8 or 9% to global warming. That doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up like compound interest at the bank. It also means external factors play an even more important role.

    Brian Beutler’s article cites two meterologists he says are turning on the “renegade denier.” Neither is as hostile as presented by the headline. Beutler wrote that Marc Moruno’s conclusions “aren’t technically in conflict with the views of a subset of those that accept Earth is warming but deny that humans are driving the warming.”

    Anthony Watts should not have catagorically written “I’m prepared to accept whatever they produce even if it proves my premise wrong.” He was foolish to paint himself in a cornier.

    He is right to wait for a peer review. That’s how its done. But his previous statement makes him look like a welcher.

    Both sides have turned a scientific issue into a political contest. Global warmists and deniers egos are involved, of course, but the battle lines concern solutions which would take our money and freedom while killing millions of people.

  584. Another hero of the Climate Change deniers bites the dust.


  585. I think Lindsey Graham is wrong, and his comment is politically “STUPID.” Western Europe benefits more from Libyan oil than we do. Quadafi was no real short- term threat to us. In fact, he may have held Al Quiada elements at bay.

    Western Europe caused most of the damage. Let them pay for it. If we help, our aid should be in the form of loans with an actual repayment schedule.

    We can’t afford anything else now.

  586. HOW STUPID! A noted Republican VOTED NO on rebuilding infrastructure of the US BUT NOW SAYS WE NEED TO REBUILD THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF LIBYA!!! (If it is good enough for Libya – it should be good enough for the US as well!)


  587. report on this….

    “Petition asks Emanuel to end Occupy Chicago arrests”


  588. Anonymous, we agree the sky is blue. Were it any other color, I would prove it. Look at the past two years of posts. Its unseemly to say so, but I have usually been right. I am alive today and own three paid for farms because I was right more often than I was wrong. When I am wrong, I review until I understand why to avoid that mistake again.To be wrong is death. I don’t expect anyone to understand about the ghosts who were wrong and who still pursue me.

    Yes, uawtradesman, Obama now has a license to kill any American citizen now, but he wouldn’t have the guts. He has people to do the job for him.

    Thom, your comment deserves to be on court house walls.

  589. It is easy to command the obedience of subjects but we must deserve the esteem and affection of friends.

  590. to paraphrase…..
    “Margaret, what kind of moron thinks that Obama destroys entire towns and kills people with a predator drone because politicians in Washington are being disagreeable?”

  591. Is Obama going to do the same thing to OWS……

  592. Yea… Obama killed another terrorist….NO trial….NO Miranda rights….maybe Bush was right……

  593. I am stating as fact the sky is blue. I am equally sure James disagrees with that statement, so why bother?

  594. I report, you wrote we should take the Occupy Washington people seriously. I do, just as I took the Tea Party seriously, in the beginning. People now gone called me names for my trouble. Unfortunately for this group, the majority of voters does not support their leftist views and messy ways. It remains to be seen if they will help or hurt Obama during the next election.

    You are smarter than your comments comparing our war in Libya with our other wars. That post was plain dumb and an insult to allied soldiers, including Danes and Brits who died in those wars.

    You do better thinking for yourself instead of regurgitating desperate party manure.

  595. Another part of the scam is the Obama administration’s giving money to questionable green companies who should be getting their financing from banks.
    The administration guaranteed a $529 million loan to a car company named Fisker to build electric cars. It was touted as another source of domestic jobs as the company reduced our dependence on carbon based fuels. Its product would help fight global warming.

    The firm outsourced its operation to Finnland, and so far, it has only produced two cars. The Government Accountability Office criticized the Energy Department for not keeping close enough tabs on its fleet of auto loans. There is no guarantee we will get our money back.

    But never fear. Donors and others with political connections, including Al Gore are connected the to company and similar businesses are doing fine. Global warming has been very good to Al and his friends.

  596. Al Gore is a fat pig using climate change for his own financial and political advantage. He has exaggerated to frighten people into believing the world will end if we fail to surrender our freedoms and money while he and his allies consume more carbon than most small towns.

    I read the Climategate e mails. The climatologists discussed freezing out scientists who disagreed with them and “fixing” the data because it didn’t agree with their climate projections. The warming had paused, and they couldn’t understand why.

    External forces influence our climate to a greater degree than human elements,and to blame all of our warming on humans is a redistributionist scam.

    Joe Melburg 9/27/2011 wrote in the comments section of a link to the main story, “How Climate Change Deniers Won.” :If killing off whole industries and plunging millions into poverty is what you call losing nothing, then I guess you have a ;point, and if the warmers weren’t all convieniently also anti-capitalist and to the left of Marx on every other issue, maybe people wouldn’t see your political (not scientific) agenda. It is simply not science. It is politics.”

    The world has been warming, but Al Gore’s version is wrong. I assume you can understand the subtle difference.

  597. Climate change is real! The Koch Brothers paid this fellow $150,000.00 so he could disprove Climate Change. Result: THE STUDIES SHOWING EXTREME CLIMATE CHANGE ARE REAL!!!! The change is greater than anticipated.


    In the press release announcing the results, Muller said, “Our biggest surprise was that the new results agreed so closely with the warming values published previously by other teams in the US and the UK.” In other words, climate scientists know what they’re doing after all.

    OH MY! Al Gore was right again!!! Imagine that!!

  598. http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/scarce/jon-stewart-gop-reaction-gaddafis-death-wha

    GETTING CREDIT FOR TAKING OUT GADDAFI! If you want a good laugh – check out the above link.

    I will also remind you::

    LIBYA (Presdident Obama’s war) COST ABOUT A BILLION DOLLARS!

    If we are concerned about deficits – which approach should we consider better? MYSELF – I WILL TAKE PRESIDENT OBAMA ASKING OTHER NATIONS TO HELP TAKE OUT TYRANTS and cutting down the cost dramatically.

    Thank You President Obama for being such a quiet, but effective, bad ass.

  599. LMFGDAO. Obama getting credit for what the rebels did. Obama Killed Gaddafi …Obama killed 1900 terrorists. ALONE! Thanks I Repost. I needed that laugh.

    Obama was around during the Bush years. He was in congress taking payoffs from Fanni and Freddi.

  600. OH MY, President Obama has killed 1900 terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan and THAT COMPARES TO 52 TERRORISTS KILLED DURING THE BUSH TERM!!! Oh My!!!!!


    Interesting: Iraq – Bush run war that has been going on for 8 years. Bush went to war alone and screwed it up royally with Rumsfeld in charge. 5000+ US Military killed in Iraq.

    Obama sent planes in to start it off and then turned it over to an international team!! Other countries paid for a lot of the costs.

    Thank You President Obama. Actually wish you had been around during the Bush years.

  601. Gaddafi is dead on President Obama’s watch!!! Imagine that!!!

    Let me think – Osama Bin Laden dead on President Obama’s watch – Oh My!!!

    I think a few other top terrorist leaders have been taken out by the Obama Gang…. Oh My – is this a pattern?????

    President Obama really is a bad ass….. Oh My!!!!!!

  602. well that didn’t work right….

    It’s “Show Them To Me”

  603. Occupy whatever need to be taken seriously….

    “City Won’t Give ‘Occupy Charlotte’ Protesters Porta-Potties”


    while were on Charlotte…….remember 1968….

    “Intensive riot training preps officers for DNC”


    and for a chuckle…..NSFW

  604. If you think you know what a reverse mortgage is, you probably don’t. A lot of people think they are a scam, but they are not! They are actually a pretty neet option. If you are over 62 and own a home (you can even have a mortgage, you just have to have some equity) you can probably get qualified for a reverse mortgage. I just did this and it is the best thing I have ever done. If you are stuggling to make ends meet, you need to look into this program!!! Visit http://www.inpiredretired.com to learn all sorts of intresting info.

  605. I Repost, you were going to explain to me how taking the country further into debt is a good idea. I can hardly wait for your response.

  606. OWS needs to be taken seriously! We need to pass the Jobs Act niow! The public supports the Jobs Bill. It is past time to get the infrastructure rebuilt and get teachers in the classrooms. Raising taxes on the wealthiest to pay for it is only fair. The gulf from the RICH TO POOR has never been wider.
    (It is also time to have a speculation tax the trade of junk bonds. That and greed by the wealthiest is what crashed our economy!)


  607. There was a similar bill passed in California but was targeted for Teachers. The bill passed and less than 10% of the jobs it said it would create were created and the remainder of the money went to shore up the teachers pension fund. I see similar possibilities for this money should it be foolishly passed.

  608. The jobs bill is nothing more than window dressing, potentially as ineffective as the first stimulus law which failed. Even Obama joked that the shovel-ready jobs weren’t as shovel ready as they had expected.

    Teachers and first responders are not the responsibility of the federal government. They are mostly locally funded. This bill would merely send money to cash-starved states who might use funds to salvage some teachers’ jobs until the government money ran out. A relatively few temp jobs will not revive our economy.

    Even I report admits teachers and others would ultimately be unemployed again in two or three years with little permanent benefit to the economy.

    This bill was written to save two jobs, Obama’s and Biden’s. Its emotional impact is intended to turn voters against the evil Republicans who’s cold hearts would deny our children the right to a good education while people die for lack of first responders.

    Big press should be telling us the truth about the bill, and other party failings, but it is a Democratic lap dog. Their hyprocracy is especially striking when they ignore Obama’s saying he has made no mistakes. They lambasted Bush for saying the same thing.

    By the standards they used to judge the Tea Party, the Occupy Wall Street group is a gang of violent, racist, anti-semetic socialists.

  609. I Repost, do you really think the unemployment issue is so minor, and that the economic crisis is so small, that this smattering of jobs will make any difference? And it isn’t a year or two or three. It is one year, period. These are not sustainable jobs. These are an additional expense to the tax payers who already have more than they can pay for.

    Check your history books. Check out what the national debt, or lack there of, was back in the day, and compare it to what it is today.

    Let us pretend for one moment that you have even the smallest understanding of economics. Explain to me when we are in the worst debt to GDP ratio in our country’s history, why you think going even further into debt with this socialist program is the answer.

  610. It is a start. People will work for a year or two or three on rebuilding bridges and schools as well as putting teachers, policemen and firefighters to work.
    THESE PEOPLE WILL SPEND MONEY which will help stores that will have to hire and more inventories will have to be ordered.


    PASS THE JOBS BILL! HELP GET PEOPLE BACK TO WORK! Do a little reading about Herbert Hoover and his austerity measures that killed the economy to start the Great Depression.

  611. I Repost, you need to educate yourself on this so called jobs bill. It provides funding for government jobs like police and firefighters for 1 year, then the funding is cut and it is left to the local municipalities to either find ways to fund the new employees or lay them off. This does nothing for private sector growth. It does nothing to stimulate the economy in any meaningful way. It is just another tax payer expense. Taking money that could go to other social programs for the poor you so often advocate.

  612. http://theimmoralminority.blogspot.com/2011/10/president-obamas-jobs-bill-enjoys.html

    Current Polling for President Obama’s jobs bill shows strong support,

  613. HI delurkergurl. Thanks for the good thoughts. I thought I’d be gone a long time. Best Buy told us our computer was being sent away for maybe a month. No one had asked what we wanted to do, so we were prepared to protest. My wife was especially ready to maul bystanders.

    Then, we discovered someone had made a mistake and confused our computer with someone else’s computer. It was ready to go home.

    I was out on the flooded farm checking to see if there were more stranded fish to rescue and visited with our neighbor and her four-year old grand daughter who thinks I walk on water.She was checking on her house and cleaning. The house is in fairly good shape, though it has settled so much doors can’t be closed all the way.

    New opportunities are already springing up to take our minds of our lives’ change of focus, but you can imagine how empty I feel. However, I feel really bad for people with up to eight feet of sand on their land. Others have deep trenches.
    Whenever the wind blows, it looks like a ground blizzard as the sand drifts.

    From what I know of him, Dan Weldon was, as you wrote, a good man and one of the sport’s biggest boosters. I usually rooted for him. He had a good family, and the suddeness was no doubt, especially hard on them. Many drivers and others were crying. Ashly Judd was trying without success to comfort her husband, also a top driver.

    Danica Patrick said she had a premonition and held back a bit just before the crash. She was also crying as her husband tried to comfort her.

    Thanks again.

  614. Hi James. I’m sorry about your farm. I’d have said something sooner but I’m am not here much and by the time I saw your news I also saw the post that said you’d be gone for a while. I’m sure you’ll embrace whatever opportunities you turn up, but changes that are outside of your control are still hard.

    I saw news of that horrific crash. I’ve never heard of him as I’m not a racing fan, but people are speaking very highly of him. So young, and with a beautiful family, too. Such an awful thing.

  615. Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Weldon died in a horrendous fifteen car crash in Los Vegas. Three others were hospitalized. At the end, the surviving drivers drove slowly around the track in formation as crew members and others stood next to the track and a bag pipe played Amazing Grace.

    It was the last race of the season and determined the points champion. The race was also Danica Patrick’s last. She will be driving in NASCAR next season.

  616. alaskapi, you and my wife would get along fine. She says I do too many crazy things, and she wants to keep me around.

    I like the tube, tunnel idea. Maybe we should try it. I plant tomatoes and melons in peat boxes in our house around the first of April. Occasionally, we have put a few tomatoes inside in five gallon pails. One produced tomatoes at Christmas. Both died in March.

    I don’t think it is silly to work hard to see what will work. It is a challenge to meet. I have kept string beans alive and producing until early November in warm years. My brother kept tomatoes and peas alive until Thanksgiving, but that was an unusual year. I never thought I would be picking tomatoes after our Thanksgiving dinner. On cold nights, we put tarps or blankets over the plants and place pans of boiling water around the plants.

    Does your climate let you raise sweetcorn? What about melons? What sort of berries grow in your and the Bristol Bay area? Can wild raspberries grow there?

    I know interior regions such as Fairbanks get thunderstorms and hail. What about where you live? Is it more like the Pacific Northwest coastal areas where thunderstorms are uncommon? Do you and your friend in the Bristol Bay area have a similar climate? What are your extremes? Ours are from about 110 to -40 over a period of years and 105 to -25 in any given year. We average about 25 inches of precipitation per year, and the total has been slowly rising.

  617. james-
    I’m with your wife on the get-yourself- out thingy :-)
    We had 2 frosts and a couple of autumn storms with winds around 60mph in Sept which put an end to much of growing. The biggest fight here though is in maintaining daytime soil temps sufficient for growing from about Aug 15 on. Same on the other end of the growing year… lots of light by mid March but temps still in the freezer.
    Low tunnel setup


    allowed for me to start stuff outside at the end of March and be eating fresh greens by the 1st of May (fully 4-6 weeks ahead of the norm) and to still have fresh food here in mid Oct- over a month later than normal.
    It may seem silly to work so hard to see what will work but given that all food here, except fish, comes in from 1000 miles away and multiple days on a barge it seems worth it to me.
    Besides I’m in a semi-competition with a friend in Bristol Bay area , sinilar latitude, different longitude , to see who can extend the growing season the most. I have only cussedness on my side. She and her husband have real need. They get mail planes twice a week weather-permitting and barges only twice a year usually. Fresh food is a luxury out there after berry and wild greens season.


  619. Thank you Alaskapi. Yes, it is hard. You know how it is. The land owns you, but business trumps emotion.

    Someday, I hope we can take you out for lunch. You live in a beautiful part of the world.

    You might enjoy the official LOVE 146 Flash Mob-Can you see me? on you tube. Unlike most flash mobs this one was planned to publicize a Christian- oriented charity working to stop child exploitation. The performers were stars and dancers in London’s West End theaters, and . Annie Lenix wrote the song. They performed on Trafalger Square last April.

    Best Buy mistook our computer with another, so we got it back yesterday.

    Congratulations on your successful garden.

    Our first freeze came around Sept. 16 but our garden survives because we have covered it at night. Our tomatoes are finally producing well, and we have a nice crop of beets and carrots. The rest of our garden has matured and gone.

    We had an adventure yesterday morning. About thirty acres of our land is still under water. Fish are being trapped in puddles as the water retreats. I decided that since we now have a flood- enhanced lake, we should save some of the fish and put them in our new lake.

    My wife thought I was silly, but she went along in case I got into trouble. I didn’t understand why. What could happen? I put boards on the mud and carried two five gallon pails with me to the puddles. I used a shovel to scoop up fish and mud for the pails. Then, I tried to hand the pails to my wife.

    The boards were submerged beneath the mud and water. I nearly got stuck as I carried the pails to dry land. Then, I used the shovel to pry the boards out of the mud. They were so slippery I had trouble holding them. Meanwhile, I sank lower and lower into the mud as mammoths did in the La brea Tar Pits. I was stuck. The harder I tried, the deeper I went. I asked my wife to help me pull myself out, but she said “you got yourself into this mess. Get yourself out. I don’t want to ruin my shoes.”

    While my wife walked back a quarter of a mile to get the spade, I dug myself out with a grain shovel. I escaped before her return, but my legs were covered with stinky mud. Before the morning ended, we had hauled six gallons of fish and baby craw fish four miles to our new lake.

    Later, my eye doctor and her nurse laughed when I told the story. She said ” I can just hear your wife saying that.” Five minutes later she began to laugh again. As I left for the waiting room where my wife was, the nurse yelled “Stay out of the mud!”

    Delurkergurl’s cocoa would have tasted fine after that adventure.

  620. My best back at you Delurkergurl!
    Cocoa sounds wonderful! Is also a wet blustery day here, snow is down to about 1800 ft, won’t be long until it’s down here at sea level.
    Garden is almost down for winter. Spuds are dug. Got high yield from the German Butterball variety I planted this year.
    Experiment with low tunnels has worked well- I still have 4 kinds of lettuces growing and a last batch of sugar snap peas. Gardening here in Southeast is touchy and every success feels like winnig a championship :-)
    My best to you and that gonna-be-champs team.
    My best to all who visit here especially Helen and Margaret who have allowed us this space to shoot our mouths off.
    House here is full of smells of roasting potatoes and pumpkin bread- Yup, fall is truly here!

  621. Hi Alaskapi and Cynthia. Sure hope you’re having a great fall weekend! It’s blustery here. I brought a vat of cocoa to our football game today for our players and any other kid that was within earshot, and was the most popular mom there. Even coach was excited about it. :) Life is soooo good. Next weekend is the championship game, and I’m looking for great tailgate party recipes for after we win.:D

    My best to you both, and of course to Margaret and Helen! A new post would be so appreciated! 4.4 million hits here – clearly you’re on to something!

  622. the Government Accountability Office to audit the Fed’s lending programs during the financial crisis.

    As a result of this audit, the American people have learned that the Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in low-interest loans to every major financial institution in this country, huge foreign banks, multi-national corporations, and some of the wealthiest people in the world.

    In other words, when Wall Street was on the verge of collapse, the federal government acted boldly, aggressively, and with a fierce sense of urgency to save our financial system from collapse with no strings attached.

    Now that the middle class is collapsing and a record-breaking 46 million Americans are living in poverty, the Federal Reserve has failed to act with the same sense of urgency to make sure that small businesses receive the affordable loans needed to put millions of Americans back to work and prevent millions of Americans from losing their homes.

    As a result, Wall Street is back to making record-breaking profits, handing out record-breaking compensation packages, and taking the same risks that caused the financial crisis in the first place. Meanwhile, 25 million Americans are unemployed or under-employed; middle class families are making $3,600 less than they did ten years ago; the foreclosure rate is still breaking new records; and the American people are still paying over $3.40 for a gallon of gas.

    The financial crisis and the jobs crisis have demonstrated to the American people that we now have a government that is of the 1 percent, by the 1 percent and for the 1 percent, as Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz eloquently articulated. The rest of the 99 percent are, more or less, on their own. We now have the most unequal distribution of wealth and income of any major, advanced country on earth. The top one percent earn more income than the bottom 50 percent and the richest 400 Americans own more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans.


  623. Only to people like Cynthia who go out of their way to be a complete bitch without cause. Dont like what I post, call me on it, insult me personally in the course of doing that, I will return the favor in kind.

  624. ” Now get your ass back in the kitchen where it belongs.”
    And you are?
    and think you can buckle your swash at folks why?

  625. eludes me? – are you sure it is just me?

    On me way back to the kitchen I stopped and picked some nice ripe, juicy barn apples; they are perfect this time of year just to bake you a nice big barn apple pie, master.


  626. that would be yours Cynthia. As ever the obvious eludes you. Now get your ass back in the kitchen where it belongs.

  627. Can always count on Anonymous/ Noah/Dumb Ass to prove he has nothing important to add at M&H.

    “let the inner bitch out” – would that be yours or mine?


  628. Can always count on Liberals like Cynthia to let the inner bitch out.

  629. “Even those friendly to Liberals are coming down on Obama. Cats out of the bag folks.”

    The Economist: Obama Is the American Version of Putin
    Don Irvine — June 22, 2010

    Really sloooow cat? Great BIG bag? or just a really, really slow, big DUMB ASS???


  630. Even those friendly to Liberals are coming down on Obama. Cats out of the bag folks.


  631. I have been a bit confused about what this occupy wall street thing has been about. Took some time but I finally found a video explained it all to me.

  632. Fast and the Furious. More lies by this administration. Can’t even keep their stories straight enough to stop from busting themselves.

  633. When the California-based solar energy company Solyndra went bankrupt this year, we lost thousands of jobs and over half a billion dollars in taxpayer funds.

    The Obama administration’s handling of Solyndra could likely be dismissed as poor judgment if not for two key facts.

    First, a Department of Energy official (and Obama bundler) lobbied the White House to push through the taxpayer-funded loan for Solyndra despite promises to recuse himself completely. The reason he was supposed to butt out? His wife works for a law firm representing Solyndra!

    Second, the Department of Energy modified Solyndra’s loan to protect private investment over the investment of taxpayer dollars. The Treasury Department warned that this could very well be illegal, yet the Department of Energy failed to consult with the Justice Department!

    Clearly this amounts to corrupt cronyism in the federal government, and the taxpayers are left holding the bag! Solyndra’s executives even pleaded the Fifth when they were called to testify before Congress!
    —-Todd Cefaratti

  634. When did we become so jaded to our politicians that we allow them to be this blatantly hypocritical that we dismiss it as being silly. I would assume the answer would be, when it serves our purpose I suppose.

  635. James-
    Best wishes to you and your wife. I cannot imagine what it really means or feels like to walk away from something which has informed and framed your whole life . I’m glad there was a choice for you though and that you will be ok financially. That’s not always the case.
    WHEN you visit Alaska, be sure to add beautiful Southeast to your list


    Dear Helen and Margaret-
    Thank you for having us all in.
    We do get silly when there’s been a long lag in hearing from you.

  636. For the M & H eulogy I would like to offer up the words from your blessed Messiah, so that we may forever be able to hold both in their proper context.

    “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government­’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestical­ly and internatio­nally. Leadership means that, the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchild­ren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership­. Americans deserve better.”

    ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006!

  637. —-^——–^————-^——————————————————————————————————————————————M & H, please note the time of death. I would like to welcome you all now to the I Repost page.

  638. Liberals are destroying America!

  639. Juanita Jean is talking again… Juanita Jean and Helen are favorites.


    Turn Out The Lights
    October 13, 2011

    I’ve come to believe that Anita Perry is as repulsed by Rick Perry as I am.

    Now, I’m not saying she doesn’t have every reason to be. Best I can figure Rick Perry probably showers with his laser sited .380 Ruger just in case that creepy guy from Psycho shows up. Or a doddle bug wanders in just asking for a fight. I mean, cleaning Rick’s misfires off the walls has to be a burden.

    And you know there’s mornings at the breakfast table where she wants to push his grapefruit right into his face and holler, “Quit moving your lips and pointing at the words when you read the newspaper, dammit.” Bless her heart, the poor woman only has one nerve left and Rick’s obviously getting all over it.

    So, in the passive-aggressive way that some Texas women have honed to an art form, she goes out and says stuff like him needing to improve his debating and that he’ll be “better prepared next time,” making him seem like a first grader who failed a spelling test. She might as well open her purse and show everybody that his winkie is in there.

    She has to be passive-aggressive about this because her husband’s political backers gift wrap the paycheck for her $60,000 a year “job.”

  640. Ha Ha uawtradesman!!!

    Today is my birthday so what better time for “nooner” or afternoon delight”? Our computer is sick and will be gone for maybe a month. You won’t be hearing much from me for awhile.

    We are also very busy. Next Thursday, I have to present our board of supervisors with a certificate and give a little speech for the newspapers. I’m looking forward to the cake afterward.

    Thanks for the good thoughts uawtradesman and Noahwestmichigan. Yes, it is hard to give up a family business. If you are like us, I imagine it is almost like losing a child.

    Some of the land has been in the family since an ancestor bought it as swamp ground in 1853. My wife and I worked very hard to buy it all plus some more, and family tradition dictated that another generation would carry on our unbroken chain.

    We knew it would end with us, because the children took other jobs, but my father farmed until he was 92, so I thought we would last longer than we have. Once the flood is behind us, we will be alright financially, but it feels strange knowing someone else will be farming all of our land.

    I’m not going to bottle up or dwell on my sadness, because to do otherwise would be unhealthy. You two and so many others have faced far worse than we. I send good wishes back to you.

  641. A Washington Post-Bloomberg News poll conducted Oct. 6-9 found that 68 percent of all voters and 54 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters favored raising taxes on incomes above $250,000 (i.e., the Obama plan) to tackle the deficit. On the question of whether to reduce Social Security or Medicare benefits to reduce the deficit, 83 and 82 percent, respectively, of all voters opposed. For Republicans and Republican-leaners, these proportions were only slightly lower: 79 and 77 percent, respectively. Entitlement spending will have to be cut, of course, to reduce the deficit, because entitlement spending represents a majority of all federal spending. (Only one-fifth of federal spending resides in the “non-defense discretionary” category currently being whittled to the bone.) But that option is pretty unpopular with just about everyone and it is therefore politically unwise for Republican politicians to try to balance the budget through spending cuts alone.


  642. James….I hope you(plural) enjoy yourselves now…..mention noon-er to her every now and then

  643. anon….WTF are you talking about…..what bigoted slurs are you talking about……maybe I missed something…….are you upset because some people don’t agree with you??????….well.I’m upset because I only rolled a 572 at bowling last night….

  644. OH MY, OH MY
    President Obama polling numbers have GONE UP in the last month..
    People actually like the American Jobs Act?


    Favorability rating: UP 11 points Job approval rating: UP 6 points Poor David Nir at Daily Kos just can’t explain it. “I can tell you what changed in our cross-tabs,” he says, “but I can’t tell you why things changed.” It’s a complete mystery why the president could possibly be surging to him? I’ma go out on a limb and say four simple words: The. American. Jobs. Act. Pass it. Now.

  645. my +++++ went nuclear.

    I would kindly ask you to keep your bigoted slurs off the board. Thanks in advance.

  646. Juanita has something to say: Listen up folks


    Rev. Jeffers and Rick Perry
    October 11, 2011

    Like most folks, I watched Rev. Robert Jeffers of the First Baptist Church of Dallas and my gaydar went nuclear and melted down to a pile of manure. On the upside, it was very glittery pile of manure.

    Well, customer Sam did some checking and discovered that Rev. Jeffers and the First Baptist Church of Dallas ought to be on Rick Perry’s payroll. Not only does Rev. Jeffers endorse Perry on the freeking 50(c)3 website, but even puts in on the front page.

    Here’s a screen shot I took before their lawyers alerted them about tax exemptions. Click the little one to get the big one.

    Momma is a Baptist but, but as she constantly says when asked what religion she is, “not THAT kind of Baptist.” She is the Bill Moyers kind of Baptist. She voted for Obama and will do it again. She don’t need any prissy high livin’ silk suit slick talkin’ preacher man telling her how to vote. She will read what Jesus has to say and vote accordingly. She is THAT kind of Baptist.

  647. James, sorry to hear you had to give up the family farm. It was difficult when we had to make the decision to close the doors on our family business, and I can imagine how much harder it would be with a family homestead added to that. I hope you find a way to make an opportunity out of this. While we were cleaning up our financial mess I found some backers and started my not for profit venture. While I am not as wealthy as I once was, I certainly look more forward to getting up everyday and opening the doors. The wife and I will keep you in our thoughts.

  648. So now the right wing are bragging that they set up some of the more provocative encounters in the DC protests. Interesting. The 99 percent group really are non violent? Sure sounds like it.


  649. Thanks uawtradesman. I’m still in mourning, but we will be all right.

    My wife retired from teaching in June. We plan to travel and enjoy ourselves when we can. We are also active in several historical preservation organizations, a town and country arts group, and I research stories for a local news paper and economic development news letter.

    My ambition is to see Alaska.

    I have a lot of respect for you and what you have endured.

  650. Au contrair, Jsri. YOU reaped what you sowed, because you weren’t paying attention. That day, was priceless. It was equivalent to a hunter’s returning to his car to discover a deer had already tied itself to the roof.

    Had you paid attention, you would have known I earned a MA with thesis AND nine hours toward a PhD. My committee was already making suggestions for my expanding the MA to a PHD. I did it in four semesters. My 3.70 cumulative average was undoubtably lower than yours, but it wasn’t bad for a country rube like me. They were disappointed when I dropped out.

    If I were you, I’d question my own writing skills. You haven’t shown us much of quality. If what you described was the intended essence of your comment, you need some remedial help. The fact that I told you I was already working on my PHD made your comment irrelevant when applied to me.

    Again, you strapped yourself to the roof of my car. I understand why you avoid me. I usually get the better of you. Look at the record.

    Thanks for the comments. You have done wonders for my disposition.

    I eat anything for breakfast from corn on the cob to frozen chocolate cupcakes.

    Donna, I like those teams too, but you probably follow them closer than I. How do you think Nebraska will do in the Big Ten? I had my doubts because their previous victories this season were not pretty. Had they played stronger teams they would have lost or won by narrower margins. After Wisconsin, I was worried about a downward spiral.

    Of course, Ohio had some problems with suspended players and a crucial injury late in the first half which coincided with the Nebraska rally, so I’m not sure about their long term chances this season.

    I miss the Oklahoma-Nebraska rivalry.

    Do you think Auburn will take long to recover from their loss to Arkansas?

    Thanks for the good thoughts, poolman. As you write, many of us face challenges. My best wishes to you.

  651. James…sorry about the farm….. it sounds like a retirement decision…..play hard and don’t sit down…….enjoy yourself(selves)….I had a decision like that myself when my son was 5…..you can work 7/12′s in the factory or farm…you can’t do both…..tried but I finally gave in…..

  652. James on October 10, 2011 at 7:22 AM

    You said of me: “One of my favorite moments “here” occurred when he in effect claimed I found my MA in a breakfast Cracker Jack box. NOP and others took him to task because Jsri appeared to be insulting state universities.”

    As usual you completely bungled the essence of my comment. What I actually said was that when PhD programs have a less than stellar student they will often offer a MA or MS as a terminal degree and withhold recommending the candidate for further study either at the home institution or at another place. This applies to top tier institutions as well as state institutions.

    If you characterize your MA as coming from a “breakfast Cracker Box” then so be it. That was not my comment but I have to admit that I didn’t know people ate cracker Jacks for breakfast. That’s your impression but I’m not surprised.

    It is pretty obvious that you are not a product of the Iowa Writers Workshop.

    FYI James, I have no interest in engaging you in a discussion at any level and have purposely avoided doing so until you took it upon yourself to drag me into discussions I would prefer to ignore. As a farmer, I’m surprised that you don’t understand the relationship between what you reap and what you sow.

    And as for me being “Da Judge” you are off target by a mile. I don’t sneak around hiding my identity like others you favor on this blog,

  653. James–I happen to think Nebraska is great!! I like them, Auburn, Oklahoma, and those crazy Ducks.

  654. Sorry about your farm, James. This has been a real transition year for many of us. A time to reaffirm priorities and reassess our individual faith. Change is often uncomfortable and usually unwelcome. Many times we are forced into change, while on our own we don’t generally risk. I pray God will help you see His continued provision and guide you in the new direction for your life.

    I won’t argue the Jesus existence/nonexistence or liberal/conservative aspect of your previous post at 6:40am. I will agree many have hijacked His words and affix various opinions including misrepresentations to them.

  655. Thanks Donna. Yes, its like a family member died, even though it was a good business decision. I feel awful .

    Strangely, that Love146 flash mob video I mentioned has a good effect on me. I’ve stood where they made the video in Trafalgar Square so many times, it is almost like being “home” again.

    You asked when discussion was heated does anyone want to discuss football, the movies…? Did you hear about the Nebraska-Ohio football game? The score was 27 to 6 at the end of half time, and Nebraska beat Ohio 34 to 27, a university record.

    Now, we are off to an historic preservation meeting.

  656. James–I am so sorry about the farm. That’s a real kick in the gut.

  657. Repeat post, sorry about that.

  658. The Working Parties of New York is advertising on Craigs list for protesters and other workers to help the Wall Street demonstrators. They are paying $350 to $650 per week to personable, articulate people.

    True or not, one blogger reports George Soros supported MoveOn.org is advertising for people to pose as demonsrators and police officers to create inflamatory incidents. Impersonating a law enforcement officer is against the law.

    At least the Kock brothers didn’t do that, or if they did they hid it better. This is capitalism, anyone has the right to earn as much as he/she wants as long as it is legal.

    The media would have paid a million dollars to prove such a charge against the Tea Party movement.

  659. Sir-Links-Alot, aka I Repost. Post to your hearts content, but spend a minute or two on a topic, and respond to those taking the time to take your posts seriously. You come off as a wacko Liberal hack with this diarrhea of posting that you do. People are showing you enough respect to engage your posts, show them the same respect and respond

  660. The Working Parties of New York is advertising on Craigs list for protesters and other workers to help the Wall Street demonstrators. They are paying $350 to $650 per week to personable, articulate people.

    One blogger reports George Soros supported MoveOn.org is advertising for people to pose as demonsrators and police officers to create inflamatory incidents. Impersonating a law enforcement officer is against the law.

    At least the Kock brothers didn’t do that, or if they did they hid it better. This is capitalism, anyone has the right to earn as much as he/she wants as long as it is legal.

    The media would have paid a million dollars to prove such a charge against the Tea Party movement.

  661. The Koch Brother and how they change the laws so they can poison our water and buy our elections. Must be nice to born with Billions into a bank account. Funny though, that is never enough – they won’t stop until the are the wealthiest on earth. We may well end up with no drinkable water in the process. Oh right, we could pay big money for a water purification system to clean out the toxins the Kochs put into the water.


  662. I agree with Jsri about civility,

    and he is right that insults win few converts.
    We are all products of life experiences, and we are more than our religious or political beliefs.

    We know about flash mobs. Most participate for fun. However, for a Christian- orientated organization called Love146, a flash mob is part of the job to destroy the evil of child exploitation. Official Love 146 Flash Mob on you tube shows them at work in Trafalgar Square, London last April.

    Annie Lenox wrote the song they used, and donated sales proceeds. The group has expanded so far that on October 1, two organizers spoke at the University of Nebraska.

    I think a light- hearted flash mob demonstration near Wall Street would do wonders for the prostesters’ image.

    The sign the girl at the start held up asked “can you see me?” It is the question all of us ask in one form or another.

  663. The 99% are taking on those who brought down the economy!!!
    To get a 99% decal, google: 99 percent stickers.
    PASS THE JOBS BILL!!!! It is past time to help the average person.
    Corporate greed and speculation brought OWS about and it is not going to go away.


  664. Jsri and da Judge, who may be the same person, decry the loss of a mythical golden age of bon mots and clever reparte which set standards unknown on the forum today. Look at the record.

    The only difference between then and now is the cast and balance of power have changed.

    Judge looks down his patrician nose at the inferior discourse without doing anything to demonstrate that he is capable of an origional thought. He felt he was so clever to compare me to a Cro- Magnun, but he couldn’t even get that right.

    Jsri, made some good points, but his anger at who he considers usurpers blinds him to the hyprocracy which rules him. One of my favorite moments “here” occurred when he in effect claimed I found my MA in a breakfast Cracker Jack box. NOP and others took him to task because Jsri appeared to be insulting state universities.

    He hadn’t bothered to read my posts after he started an argument with a personal attack. Jsri beclowned and wiped floor with himself.

  665. The expected double standard judges the Tea Party and Wall Street Protests differently. Most of the bi- coastal press reinforces the truth that they are little more than shills for the Democrats and liberal world view.

    Two years ago, a few leftist plants embedded themselves within the protests to create incidents. Politicians like Nancy Pelosi lied. They tried to use isolated incidents to portray the entire Tea Party movement in a bad way. They also ignored the few leftists who physically attacked some Tea Party demonstrators.

    Today, News Busters has pictures of filth the protesters left behind, and referred to a man who defecated on a police car. They also show pictures of protesters being arrested. A group in Atlanta refused to let John Lewis, a sympathizer speak. Mayor Bloomberg has said the protests are costing money and nearby residents are complaining about the noise and blocked streets.

    This is unfair to the majority of peaceful protesters, but if we carry the logic of I report and others to their conclusion, these protesters are a violent, racist mob unable to clean up after themselves.

  666. Forum events since my absence give me a chance to vent my spleen.

    Jesus whether or not he still exists, is a divine being. His complexity allows one to read liberal or conservative teachings into His words. He also stated clearly that the spiritual and physical realm are separate. Thus, to cherry pick Jesus’ teachings to fit an ideological stereotype recreates Jesus into what someone wants to see for his/her own advantage.

    That is idolitry.

  667. Thanks Anon.

    It has been trying. Our brother in law who nearly died with a shattered hip and other injuries a year ago still doesn’t get around well. He fell from a tractor, and as his wife, my wife’s sister, drove him to a hospital, their car hit and was nearly totaled by a deer. His hip is all right.

    Thanks to the flood, we are out of the farming business. We are renting the last of our land to someone else so we will not have to dig ourselves from a potential financial hole. We have converted our farm into the equivalent of an interest bearing annuity. Someone else will shoulder the burden of debt next year. After over a hundred years, the farm as it was is dead.

    I am in an ugly mood.

  668. You are a lost cause I Repost, I leave you to your vomiting of posts.

  669. Here is Naomi Klein – She is so amazing! Talking about Occupy Wall Street.
    Ezra Klein starts it off – he is good too.


  670. http://front.moveon.org/this-powerful-clip-is-exactly-why-we-support-occupywallstreet/#.TpI_gBdquob.facebook

    Here is a great link that explains the background and points about the Occupy Wall Street (OWS)

  671. I Repost, you are under the assumption that a person of the same faith has the capability of ordering others of that faith to a course of action. That is akin to saying all blonds vote for so and so.

  672. http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/scarce/pastor-robert-jeffress-mitt-romney-member-c

    Politically: Is Romney a Christian???? Pastor Jeffress says NO!!!!!

    So, he says all Christians MUST VOTE for Perry! Funny Thing is: Both Perry and Romney were at the bottom of voters choice at the Religious Rights Hate Party held in Florida this past weekend.

  673. Ms Grunge wouldn’t know a Jew or a Jew hater, let alone anything regarding genuine spirituality or accurate world history. Evelyn spends much of her time in pajamas, decking the halls of hatred and worshiping at the bygone altar of American exceptionalism. She is NOT a happy camper. And she bites.

  674. Noah,

    How do you reconcile with the fact that Jesus is/was probably the most famous liberal of all time and the conservatives of the time killed him? Think about it. It really makes your rant a bit absurd. Just sayin…

  675. Wasn’t sure if Evelyn was Tex dumbed down to sound as dumb as Noah, or Noah venomed up to sound as hateful as Tex. Guess that’s been clarified.

    Virtually everything you post is either slander, or outright, bald-faced lies and easily refuted.

    If telling truth and correcting your many falsehoods makes one hateful DeLurker, then consider me the biggest hatemonger on the planet – another badge I wear with honor. I’ve busted your lies and propaganda so many times DeLurker, it gets boring and monotonous.

    I’ll make you a challenge Delurker. If you or your pals can disprove any of these “divisive” facts that I continue to post to refute your crap, or can prove they are in error, then I promise to leave. You have my word. Surely that ought to tempt your profound sensitivity of actually discovering something of value?

    Of course, I’ve noticed kind of like your buddy Cynthia, you have this incredible capacity for duplicity of judgment.

    For instance DeLurker, why aren’t you out their protesting Goldman Sachs for President? You do recognize many of these “corrupt bankers” are some of Obama’s biggest supporters, don’t you? You do recognize Obama’s link to Fannie Mae, the biggest benefactor of the real estate bubble, and one for some strange reason, seems to be getting a pass from you 99%’ers? Or is that hateful too?

    Fortunately, Donna’s smart enough to spot divisive bait.

    That’s good. Because with one quick perusal of Rutherford Lawson’s blog, Donna would quickly discern your pal Poolman is one of the most egregious and obvious Jew haters on the planet, even linking to Aryan Brotherhood sites before being called on it there. It would make an interesting test of judgment and honesty.

    Why don’t you simply admit DeLurker that you don’t operate well out of parrot cage, don’t care to debate but require an echo chamber like your own blog, and it makes you terribly uncomfortable to be fact checked?

    Then I might believe you have some marginal capacity of honesty…

  676. IMO Religion is just another target for the Desperate Liberal Nation. Fighting Conservatism has proven a dismal failure as the conservative ideology is to sound to combat with logical arguments. As the emotional argument continues to fail they need a new way to vilify the conservative movement. Religion fits nicely because it is not founded on tangible facts. Much of it is faith and historical writings. This leaves a great deal of interpretation that Liberals can turn and twist in many ways to further their cause.

    I am a Christian. I support anyone, living anyway they like so long as it does not violate the human rights. I do not care if you are a Jew, a Muslim, or a Satanist. Given the opportunity I would take the chance to show and tell you why I believe my beliefs are superior to anyone else. I would never enforce those beliefs on another. To do so would fly in the face of everything I believe in.

    Many on here would have you believe that as Christians, we had a direct involvement in the crusades and are looking to get round 2 going again any day now. In all my life I have never see Liberals so quick to try and discredit someone just on the basis that they have religion.

    We have a men’s study group for 2 hours on Thursday evenings. We have all taken note of the growing hysteria and anger from Liberals in general. What we teach is to stand our ground, and kill them with kindness. We believe that our actions will speak louder than any lie Liberals try to hang around our necks.

    Contrary to what you are told we do not want to force ourselves upon you, legislatively, legally or otherwise. We do however talk about our beliefs just as you might talk about politics, sports, or the like. It is a shame that Liberals so often try to foster fear against one group or another to use to their advantage. It makes me wonder that they would take such action if they actually thought their beliefs had any substance. It reeks of desperation.

    I point this out because despite the bitter battle between Liberals and Conservatives, I have never felt this desperation. I have never felt the need to use underhanded tricks, or to manipulate words or people to further my cause. Logic alone is all I have ever needed to defend and explain my point of view. If this is all I need, and have ever needed, what is different about Liberal beliefs that make them say and do all these outlandish things to try and make others believe what they say has merit? You can only manipulate a people so long before the truth shines through any rhetoric. I hope we are coming to that point, thanks to Obama.

  677. Wasn’t sure if Evelyn was Tex dumbed down to sound as dumb as Noah, or Noah venomed up to sound as hateful as Tex. Guess that’s been clarified.

    Fortunately, Donna’s smart enough to spot divisive bait.

  678. And please, this time without the sanctimony of “respecting Donna” about her day of Atonement and her faith. That was the most sanctimonious, retching bunch of baloney yet.

    What you respect, and this is the only thing you respect about Donna’s faith, as you’ve stated here you believe in any faith is a bunch of hocus pocus in the most derogatory of terms, is Donna’s shared choice of political candidates.

    You’re so transparent, you literally shine. :roll:

    Gawd, that was nauseating. ** PUKE **

    Speaking of calling people on bullshit. This place smells like a cattle lot when it comes to bullshit.

  679. Not only theologically ignorant, but historically ignorant. 100% Fired Brick.

    There has been more harm done in the name of religion than anything else, IMO.

    I’ve heard that charge from your pal Pfesser too Cynthia. So I call you on this challenge. Not ancient history, but recent history. Good thing you admitted in was your opinion. Because recent facts say much otherwise.

    Tell me what the following men had in common besides being some of history’s greatest mass murderers. All within the last 100 years.

    Stalin, Lenin, Mao Tse-tung, Pol Pot, Nicolae Ceaușescu have in common?

  680. Donna, I for one am glad you realize that. I am an unapologetic supporter of Israel and I speak for millions of Evangelicals – but not because of the idiotic theological propaganda from above. No doubt, our support at least partially grounded theology and history.

    But if I were a nihilist, or a neopagan, or even the most immoral of libs, I would be a supporter of Israel for no other reason than the practical.

    One, Israel is the only Democracy in the middle east. Two, what Israel provides to America in the way of technology, innovation, intelligence, and allegiance. Three, we share a common enemy and our common enemies don’t call us the Great Satan for nothing.

  681. Donna – My comment was to ONE individual only.

    I am not Jewish but what I have read about the Day of Atonement and your first comment. I believe you were sincerely practicing what you believe. And I have great respect for you to do so.

    The comment made by EG was in my opinion totally uncalled for and it is he and he alone I am calling “Bullshit” on.

    Perhaps you are right to call me on it. But I said it and I stand by what I said.
    What is the song…..if you don’t stand for something you will stand for anything!
    There has been more harm done in the name of religion than anything else, IMO.

    I think we Americans have failed to call “Bullshit!” on so many things that have happened in the last 30 years and that is why we are over our heads in bs.

    You are a much bigger person than I am.


  682. Cynthia, you can’t be that gullible or that ignorant, can you? I believe you can.


    Why would those “fundamentalist” Christians support Israel? Why I can hardly imagine?

    But maybe it might be Christ was Jewish, or the first Christians were Jews, or 64 of the 66 books of the Bible were written by Jews, or that the New Testament a fulfillment of the Old Testament? Perhaps its because God made covenant with Abram telling Abraham, “I will bless those that bless you, and those that curse you, I will curse? Straight out of Genesis 12. Nah, it has to be something more diabolical, more sinister, more Republican. :twisted:

    Like invoking Armageddon. :twisted: So you think we are capable of ushering in the Revelation, huh? Or is it invoking God’s wrath? We get so confused over lib accusations. Listen darling, if we were capable of invoking God’s wrath, this entire blog would have been toast months ago. That same Bible your secular lib penned? Perhaps he or she needs to read Romans 6:23 – he or she doesn’t get that either. Nobody is saved from a physical death.

    You and your ilk are not only theologically ignorant, but utterly simplistic and shallow. Bricks. Paranoid too. Some pagan like you should be frightened. But not of us. Of your father and his legion.

  683. Cynthia: Some fundamentalists do have that belief. Many do not and, in fact, disavow it publicly. To say things like “for this reason, the Fundamentalist Christians support Israel” is an unfair generalization.

  684. I am calling “Bullshit”!

    Is it a true, honest, benevolent concern for the well being of Israel?…OR…A true, self serving, selfish concern of a christian fundamentalist who believes certain events must be in place in order for rapture to occur?

    IMO – Israel? Nah, not so much! Rapture? Yeah, big time…. really, really BIG time!

    …..In order for most of today’s Christians to escape physical death, two-thirds of the Jews in Israel must perish, soon. This is the grim prophetic trade-off that fundamentalists rarely discuss publicly, but which is the central motivation in the movement’s support for Israel. It should be clear why they believe that Israel must be defended at all costs by the West. If Israel were militarily removed from history prior to the Rapture, then the strongest case for Christians’ imminent escape from death would have to be abandoned. This would mean the indefinite delay of the Rapture. The fundamentalist movement thrives on the doctrine of the imminent Rapture, not the indefinitely postponed Rapture…..


    …….Now, the key question is: Why do the Fundamentalist Christians support Israel?
    Fundamentalist Christians believe that every word of the Bible is true. Their support for Israel comes directly from the Bible. Most importantly, it comes from the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, chapters 16 to 21.

    According to the Bible and the Book of Revelation, chapters 16-21, in order for the Second Coming of Christ to occur, several things must happen. First, the Jews must return to Jerusalem. That has already happened. Then, there will be a series of catastrophic events. The moon will turn to blood. Next, there will be a major battle known as the Battle of Armageddon. Satan will declare war on Jerusalem. He will effect it through the Anti-Christ. The Bible states that part of Jerusalem will be destroyed and pillaged. It also states that when all appears hopeless for the Jews, the Second Coming of Christ will occur. From the ruins a new Jerusalem will arise and all the remaining Jews who were not killed in the Battle of Armageddon will convert to Christianity.
    These events all depend on one thing: The Jews must be in control of Jerusalem. The Biblical account of The Battle of Armageddon describes the Jews as bring in Jerusalem. Therefore, if the Jews do not control Jerusalem, Battle of Armageddon and thereafter the Second Coming of Christ cannot occur.

    For this reason, the Fundamentalist Christians support Israel.

    Some Fundamentalist Christians, including especially Jerry Falwell, believe that the attack on the World Trade Center was the first of the series of catastrophic events described in the Book of Revelation which will lead to the Second Coming of Christ. This is why immediately after the attack on the World Trade Center Falwell said that the attack was “God’s punishment”. Falwell later apologized for this statement, but he has since said different versions of the same thing many times. This is now part of his regular sermon……



  685. Here are 5 ideas being discussed at the Occupy Wall Street gatherings.

    1. Corporations are not People!
    2. Money is not Speech
    3. Tax Financial Transactions (Speculation of gas, housing and food has unfairly raised the cost of those, and other, products.)
    4. Tax all income as ordinary income! (Hedge Fund folks have been getting off like bandits.)
    5. Declare a moratorium on foreclosures.

    I am curious what the final outcome will be. I am pleased that the 99% will force themselves at the table though.


  686. I see some great people coming and doing a great job of expressing the concerns of the 99%. I like the fact that the message is taking time to settle in, they are taking lots of people attending the gathering, without amplified sound.

    Naomi Klein is so great!!

    Jesse Lagreca is doing a great job of explaining the plight of the average man and he was on a national talk show.


  687. It’s good to see OWS finally getting some real coverage, though the focus seems foolishly centered on the fringe element. Here’s hoping the fringe doesn’t end up usurping the thing like what happened to the tea party.

  688. Occupy WALL STREET is not going away! It will expand.

    The American Revolution started with people meeting and protesting unfair treatment of the colonists by the King of England. It started as a loose grassroots movement and gained leadership and strength. The voices of Occupy Wall Street echo the same dissatisfaction of an overlord disregarding the people that make their bread and butter. They cannot accrue their wealth without the labor of the people, without the consumption by the people. The Financial District has taken the lion’s share. They have not been satisfied with that. They want more. Our message to them is: THERE IS NO MORE TO GIVE.

    Pass the JOBS BILL!!! It is time to put people back to work AND IT IS FULLY PAID FOR!!!!

  689. NEW RULES LINK HERE – Republican Racism? Of course not.
    Only Reverse Racism is to be discussed!


  690. NEW RULE – Republicans are not Racist – they said so. VERY GOOD!


    The truth hurts

  691. You mean Juanita Jean the theologian, who like many of this board doesn’t recognize the Book of the Revelation is singular? Sounds like some deep seated theology to me.

    You people at Juanita Jeans can yourselves the Mother Theresa or Billy Graham if you wish, but that doesn’t change the fact your claims are transparently farcical – pure smoke.

    You know how one knows when libs are desperate and the bucket of lies has been emptied? When they go to quoting books of the Bible (they most often deny) as a defense of their failed policies. Predictable as the sun rising. If it weren’t so transparently comical with all of their blatant falsehoods mixed in in support of Caesar Obama and their flavor of social justice, it could be called apostasy. As it is, it’s just puerile humor.

    It’s like Donna wishing Poolman best wishes, when on another board, Poolman links to StormFront and Veteran’s Today – both sites calling for the destruction of Israel. Guess the Hezbollah Gazette isn’t translated to English. :wink:

  692. I Repost, you have a day of reckoning when you time is up on this earth, and I hope the misrepresentation that you are doing on your fellow Christian hangs heavily on your soul.

  693. From: Andy Borowitz Report
    MINNEAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report) – A looming presidential race between a black guy and a Mormon is creating a major quandary for America’s bigots, a new poll reveals.

    According to the poll, conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Opinion Research Institute, a broad majority of likely bigot voters “strongly agreed” with the statement, “If it winds up being between a black guy and a Mormon I don’t know what I’ll do because I don’t know which I hate more.”

    Tea Party activist Eldin Brazelton of Oak Park, Illinois, expressed a frustration typical of the bigots surveyed: “We’ve spent the last three years stirring up anger towards a black guy, and that’s all going to go to waste if we just up and nominate a Mormon.”

  694. http://juanitajean.com/

    The Super DeLuxe Brand Christians
    October 08, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized

    As most of you know, I am a person of faith. But, I am the regular kind of Christian. You know, the ones who sin and fall short of the glory of God. The ones who have backsliding blisters on their butts. The ones who think the Sermon on the Mount had more of a message on how to live than the entire book of Leviticus. The ones who find comfort in the Psalms, not the ravings of Revelations.

    The War of the Christians has begun.

    Jeffers: Moral, decent men belong in hell
    While Rick Perry says he judges not the hearts of men, yet he sends out his manservants to proclaim the evils of sorcery.

    Rick Perry does not believe Mormonism is a cult. But he’s not going to condemn his brand-new endorser who does.

    That’s the word from Team Perry after Southern Baptist Convention chief and Texas pastor Robert Jeffress endorsed Perry at the Voters Values Summit Friday and immediately set about claiming Mitt Romney is a member of a cult and is not a Christian.

    But he that he thought Mitt was a moral and decent man.

    Okay, so here’s a guy who believes that the world is 6,000 years old and God put older rocks here to test our faith because God likes pop quizzes. Here’s a guy who believes that women should be overseen by their husbands, and that four horsemen are coming to resurrect the dead because three aren’t enough. And he’s calling someone else a cult member?

    I have a question. If there’s a dogma fight, will squirting the water hose on them stop it? And will Michael Vick place bets on the outcome?

  695. Really? Here I thought our government was having a budget crisis!


  696. Yom Kippur? Are you familiar with the name Gilad Atzmon, Donna? I’m almost sure you must be if you are Jewish. One who believes in a one state solution for Israel? Or should I say without Israel’s existence?

    Do you know that you are praising a blatant, Jew hating, anti-Semite, Donna? One who believes in the destruction of Israel, who just happens to go by the name Poolman?

    Perhaps on your day of forgiveness (and debt), you’ll allow me to introduce you to a link that Poolman ends with a smile on another blog.


    You don’t seem to be much of a judge of “real” character Donna. And my I say by the authority of your Torah, liberalism is an anathema. Tsk tsk…

  697. Well I hope this public airing of your personal demons, again, helps you to better keep your word Donna. Somehow if it was really sincere, you would not have needed to make so public a spectacle of yourself. Just saying.

  698. jsri and Poolman: How nice to see you both. To have you two, and Delurker, and alaskapi here warms my heart.

    It’s Yom Kippur. My husband is at the second service and I am puttering around. It occurs to me on this day of atonement how many times I have spoken with anger here against another poster or out of vanity. That was wrong and I regret it. When I have given some of those folks a chance (hi, James and Pfesser), I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how wrong I was.

    There are a few people here–fortunately very few–who are consistently unpleasant and who don’t, in my opinion, serve any constructive purpose with their posts. They rationalize hateful messages by saying that it was “earned,” as though the rightness of their own actions is to be measured by the lowest common denominator they can cite. They claim they come here to “discuss,” but their comments are the opposite of anything intended to encourage discussion. And there are those who openly acknowledge that they come here to try to upset and hurt people they will never meet, because they disagree with their point of view. They think it’s funny to be offensive to strangers.

    I am finished engaging with those people because it only diminishes me to do so. For the rest of you, who try to be decent and kind and funny, I am happy to bat around ideas, share music, and otherwise appreciate this forum. My hope is that some of the others who left here in disgust with the minority’s actions will return.

  699. I think you are making an invalid assumption that the purpose is conversion. I get my best ideas in discussion, agreement or disagreement is almost always besides the point.

  700. I never thought I’d quote Mitt Romney, after having lived in Masachusetts while he was governor there, but he said in a speech at the Values Voters Summit yesterday, “Poisonous language doesn’t advance our cause. It’s never softened a single heart nor changed a single mind.” And I can think of no place more appropriate than this blog to paste those words.

    Unfortunately a small cadre of posters here seem to think that rancorous and offensive depictions of those who don’t believe as they do is the way to make an argument. Their hatred is palpable and the scroll wheel turns out to be your only protection. It has come down to the level where whoever conjures up the most vulgar characterization is the winner. But nothing could be further from the truth. They only reveal themselves to be immature losers.

    I’ve been staying away from this blog for the past month or so but today when I returned, I found that little had really changed. Most of the difference is in the disappearance of on-line friends from all across the country I enjoyed reading about.

    Among our personal friends who are still alive are representatives from a host of religious and political positions and from a broad spectrum of ethnic backgrounds. What brought us together was often a loose combination of age, common interests and shared experiences. Somewhere along the way, as we matured, we understood that discussions or arguments about religion, politics or ethnicity could easily lead to injured feelings and loss of friendship. So, whenever we get together we avoid those topics, especially politics and religion, because we all understand that no discussion or argument about either of those subjects has ever led one person we know to convert from his or her stated personal position. And I label it a “personal” position because it can’t be defined much beyond that. Most of us have arrived at it by some amalgam of family influence, education, travel, and individual experience. Trying to change it would be akin to changing one’s ethnic heritage.

  701. Hello everyone. Helen, I hope all is well in your world. We welcome any new news or commentary you can give us.

    Our world is getting much more complicated than politics can repair. I don’t see much differentiation in agendas between democrat and republican administrations. War profiteering rules the day. The Fed, including Goldman Sachs and its minions, seem to run the show either way. We need to get past all the political posturing and start tearing these corrupt institutions down. It would be good to focus the OWS protests toward the Fed and banksters. Alex Jones is doing that. I don’t see the MS media doing this movement any good. They have been trying to discredit it from the onset, taking advantage of its disorganization and fringe elements.

    I haven’t read all the comments, though some have been easy to scroll over. Enjoyed the music. Stay healthy and active, people! Life is way too short for bickering with troll types.

    Evelyn Grunge is merely Tex/Wayne/Jacque/Dave doing the cross-dressing thingie. :grin:

  702. No worries I’ll catch up next post. I had time to make breakfast and got part way done when the page finished loading. Lets hope for a new post soon.

  703. Emmylou is such a talent. Thank you!

  704. This is a thing of beauty.


    Have a good day

  705. oh, that is wonderful! Thank you so much.

  706. Donna- this has always been one of my favorites :-)

  707. Hey Alan West, et al –

    “When there is just ONE injustice, we’ll have just ONE message!” – Occupy Wall Street/99%ers.


  708. LOL! clogging -the-blog with hundreds of comments from dueling anonys is fine though?
    My very fast internet service started choking loading this page a week or so ago.
    Dear Helen-
    Thank you for having us all in even though we tend not to do very well with exhibiting “company behavior”.
    Hoping things are going well for you and that we hear from you soon.

  709. alaskapi: Any Emmylou Harris?

  710. Well if we are back to clogging up the blog with music video that will put me off this page. Last one was taking my slow isp forever to load.

  711. Amen, Pfesser.
    Lots of good conversations going on round the chaff though, just exercise your scroll finger.
    Have been spending a lot of time looking at state v local jurisdictions when it comes to resource extraction here in Alaska because of the initiative in one of our home rule boroughs to try to head off permitting the proposed Pebble Mine.
    One of things I have found most interesting is that our Constitution was developed with a clear anti-Dillon’s Rule
    (“The theory of state preeminence over local governments was expressed as Dillon’s Rule in an 1868 case: “Municipal corporations owe their origin to, and derive their powers and rights wholly from, the legislature. It breathes into them the breath of life, without which they cannot exist. As it creates, so may it destroy. If it may destroy, it may abridge and control. ”
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Forrest_Dillon )
    frame of mind/attitude.
    If this initiative passes, there will likely be the biggest argument about home rule powers v state authority we have had since we became a state .

  712. Well I would feel bad PFesser if it were not for thousands of posts by these Liberal asshats ganging up on people, doing everything they could to drive people off this blog who didn’t think as they did. They are getting better than they gave and it was about time the shoe was on the other foot. Now they are more than welcome at anytime to call a truce and return to civilized dialog. Until such time I have no sympathy for this group of hags who took on more than they could chew.

  713. well put, Pfesser. Anyone want to talk baseball? Football? Movies?

  714. delurker opined:

    “You’re right about the question I should have asked. I don’t have much time or energy these days for blogs these days. My first choice for blogs is no longer here. There are other blogs that have conversation that isn’t tired talking points, misplaced rage, false logic, cheap shots and bullying. Imagine that!”

    Couldn’t agree more. A little reflection on how Steve Jobs lived his life when he had been diagnosed with a lethal cancer has put things in perspective.

    “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

    There is no time for arguing with bigots or bullies, some of whom in typical evangelical fervor believe that force is a perfectly acceptable way to deal with those with whom you disagree.

    Forget it, delurker, et al. It’s a waste of time and annoys the pig. I’d ask you where such “other blogs” are, but of course it would reveal them to the wrong folks. Au revoir.

  715. These people are genuine freaks of nature.
    Hypocrisy Level: Off the Charts
    Willingness to consider any non Liberal Opinion: Nonexistent.
    Dishonest discourse: As a matter of practice.
    Intellectual honesty: Never heard of it.
    Integrity: Only gets in the way of being right.
    Admits to ever being wrong: Zero

  716. So teachers are not losing jobs?

    Yes, teachers are losing jobs. So are IT professionals, med techs, engineers, architects, small business owners, real estate agents, even Wall St. financiers. But Washington D.C. seems to be doing just fine, and in fact has expanded under Obama.

    Do you favor teachers, police and fireman over all other occupations? Apparently so. You forgot to add your unions sponsored by the taxpayer bailouts.

    What would it take for you to admit Obama a massive failure? The complete annihilation of America? I honestly believe that many of you left-wingers would rather see America destroyed in its entirety, if we could have an election next year and Obama won. A burnt cinder of a country with a Yes We Can! sign in the middle of the ashes would have you break dancing.

    There is something seriously wrong with you Margaret and Helen sycophants. Not only do you have this strange cult like allegiance to left wing politics, but you have this strange dedication to the blog owner. Is she grandma to you too?

    Many of these comments read like ‘Dear Leader’ worship. Lord only knows how strange many of you are in real life. I will bet your neighbors shutter their windows.

  717. So teachers lose jobs, sudents are prohibited from learning. Way to go to spawn more T Partiers. Foxworthy would get lots of yuks from that one.

  718. I swear to God there is a Jeff Foxworthy joke about delurkergurl somewhere in all of this.

  719. So teachers are not losing jobs?

  720. Do you have a point, or are you having a verbal seizure?

    More like a mental seizure trying to answer the magnitude of the speciousness of your questions.

    It is so obvious you have no grasp of monetary value, growth, net worth, or employment, I was just pointing out how your ideological search for reality is running on empty, and you are left with defending a failed philosophy with more failure.

    Why don’t you try thinking for yourself instead of playing cheerleader and marketer for the appropriately named Crooks & Liars and this Think Progress site. What are you and they progressing to? Bankruptcy?

    Do you like being a lackey?

  721. Evelyn, what does that have to do with the loss of public sector jobs? I have noah idea what you’re trying to convey about my point that public sector job losses are off-setting public sector job gains. Do you have a point, or are you having a verbal seizure?

  722. Teachers, police, fire fighters, etc. Those are things I value. You?

    Why no! Conservatives hate their guts.

    Government cheerleaders like to pretend that all of your tax money goes to teachers, police, and firefighters. The reality is that cities like San Jose and Vallejo are paying so much to retired government workers of all kinds that they’ve had to lay off teachers, police, and firefighters.


    Liberal insanity is wonder to behold.

  723. Teachers, police, fire fighters, etc. Those are things I value. You?

    Good thing you value them. Your family just inherited $35,000 worth of debt in 32 months under Obama to pay for them.

  724. I am part of the 99% and if you are not you are: 1. a millionaire? 2 a billionaire?? 3. been living under a rock??? 4. a damn fool????

  725. Hi Cynthia. Good to see a friendly face.

    Here’s an interesting graph that shows the ‘massive government expansion’ under Obama is a lie. In fact the economy is gradually growing private sector jobs. It’s just hard that to see because of the public sector decline. Jobs lost? Teachers, police, fire fighters, etc. Those are things I value. You?


  726. Very interesting article, IMO of course.

    #OccupyWallSt v2: What Cross-Partisanship Must Mean


    The Republic that our framers gave us does not work anymore. It does not work for the Left. It does not work for the Right. Federalist 52 promised us a Congress “dependent upon the People alone.” The last 15 years have produced a Congress dependent upon the Funders primarily. Members of Congress spend between 30% and 70% of their time raising money to get back to Congress or to get their party back in power. As they do this, they obviously — obviously — bend themselves and their policies in a way that makes it easier for them to raise money. And as they do that, they send a clear message to America. Like a father fingering his Blackberry rather than playing with his kids, Congress shows us that we don’t matter. And like that kid, we get it. 75% of Americans believe “money buys results in Congress.” Only 12% of Americans have confidence in what Congress does.


  727. Rather than insect repellant, a more professional approach to this blog is in order. It needs Terminix to eliminate the infestation. There are so many other well written blogs and sites on the inter net, I am not inclined to trudge through so much sawdust covered bullshit to continue reading the very few remaining worthy comments here. Margaret & Helen’s blog has deteriorated into an interminable saga of drab, banal mediocrity.

    I would like to add my voice to the chorus around the world who mourn the death of Steve Jobs. Without the genius of his forward-looking vision, not many of us would be sitting at our computers this very moment. The creative achievements of his short life are astonishing. He leaves a legacy never to be forgotten by generations to come.

  728. Anonymous, whoever you really are.

    Time for you to retire. Or get a job. Or take up hiking. Anything to keep you busy and off this site.
    I’ve been coming to this site since its opening but started weaning myself from it over a year ago when it was taken over by you and the collection of hate mongers you associate with. I’ve also noticed that all the rational people have given up, probably like me, got tired of the relentless hate and invective spewed at them by you and the others of similar ilk. Actually I think you are socially inept, perhaps unbalanced, and I see no reason why anyone would want to associate with you.
    It’s too bad. This used to be a fun site that got many viewpoints and opinions (contrary to your woefully warped assessment) but it is now so poisoned that no one wants to come here anymore except the whiners and haters like you.

  729. Must not be so bad here after all delurkergurl, welcome back.

    Nice bit of objective reporting, just the kind of propaganda we expect from you delurkergurl. Blaming Republicans for a practice Democrats started and perfected. I will laugh my ass off when Obama is ousted, tried for treason, and the Republicans take power and use this new club of Liberal design to drive your kind out of political power. Very short sighted thinking, and I am grateful for it.

  730. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

    This made my day! Keep it up, Harry!


  731. delurkergurl, then with all due respect stop posting here. It is always the same story with you. You post on something, someone responds in a way that holds you accountable or requires you to look past the surface of your flawed logic, then you come up with some tired rhetoric like you did in this post why you cannot be bothered to answer. It’s a tired circle. If it sucks so bad her go and don’t look back.

  732. Thanks, James. I’m OK, really! Things are starting to slow down at home. Early fall is practically manic pace for us, which is physically and mentally draining for me even though every bit of it is good stuff. No responses yet on my husband’s quest for new employment but we’re blessed in that we can live on my income. What suffers is education & retirement savings, and the local businesses we’re providing less demand to. ;) When he was working, we could afford to be principled about buying a rake at the local hardware store instead of the big box store, despite the higher price. Now we have to be more careful.

    There are silver linings, like the projects he’s been able to work on at home and for our folks. He has time to fix things instead of hiring other people to fix things. It saves us money but contributes to the local economic problem.

    My husband didn’t work for a billionaire. Nobody I know works for a billionaire, actually. His job is not gone because their taxes were too high. In fact, their taxes were quite low due to small margins, and they will go up now that their overhead is lower. A fair tax rate for their customers would have helped to a degree. I know many small business owners and people who used to work for them in the same situation. The good news is that the situation is reversible in time and with some corrections to situations that are dooming the middle and lower middle classes. I also personally know dozens of people who have lost their jobs at companies in that link I put up, and that is probably not reversible except in cases where the offshore model doesn’t work. It’s a situation that compounds itself. Jobs are scarce and income distribution is screwed up, so people shop for the cheapest foreign-made goods they can find, so American goods get more expensive, companies offshore more jobs to make more money, more Americans lose jobs, etc.

    Think physics, and what it takes to disrupt something that’s in motion. It takes a different force, not the same forces that feed that motion.

    You’re right about the question I should have asked. I don’t have much time or energy these days for blogs these days. My first choice for blogs is no longer here. There are other blogs that have conversation that isn’t tired talking points, misplaced rage, false logic, cheap shots and bullying. Imagine that!

    Have a good weekend. :)

  733. Not that most will have it within themselves to take heed to this message, it is worth posting if even only 1 does.


  734. That last one was me, not sure why name didn’t take.

  735. James wanted to chime in and say I hope everything is ok. Your post seemed to have a serious tone about it.

    I had no idea my writings had such a profound impact on so many here. Looks like I am the blog Elvis, sightings here, there, everywhere.

  736. Delurkergurl, we have shown through government and other data posted on this site that lower taxes have been accompanied by more jobs and more government revenue. Based on the link, you asked the wrong question. I agree with the one you should have asked.

    That author was talking about the tax holiday for foreign income. He also used “some” to describe the companies which took advantage of the 2004 tax forgiveness. That implies others, perhaps “many” did create jobs. The chart shows companies which created few if any jobs, but we have no information about the others except for the word, “some.”

    I do agree with your point. If companies listed didn’t create jobs after a one time tax relief windfall, why would we expect them to behave differently this time? As the writer noted, those companies would likely wait for another tax holiday windfall instead of changing their behavior.

    I wish Mary had written sooner about our earlier ancestors, because I have even more questions than I asked. I will have to wait longer to read them than expected, because some things have turned up. I won’t be reading or posting on this site or any other for awhile.

    Delurkergurl, I know you and some others face challenges now. I hope the best for you.

  737. The Teat Party….

  738. Evelyn, you seem to be the self appointed blog enforcer or moral police? You have a very high opinion of yourself it seems as well. You know Noah personally I assume as you have made a lot of very personal, very specific accusations and observations. I have to wonder what you hope to accomplish on a blog? Do you think you might embarrass someone on the internet? I also wonder what service you are trying to provide or message you might be trying to convey giving all of this unsolicited information? Do you think you are doing everyone else a favor, telling them things only you had the ability to perceive? You must think that you are really smart, and everyone else not so much so, to go into so much detail. We must be pretty stupid in your eyes otherwise why would you put forth the effort to tell all of us what you find to be so obvious? Might I ask what he did to you that you would take so much of your personal time?

  739. Fox News…….Wall Street Protestors are Tea party wannabees….

  740. Mary…..
    “What does any of your ‘argument de jour’ and/or name-calling have to do with Helen’s masterful critique of the Republican candidates? ”
    Usually when I comment I point out that the dems do the same exact things that they complain about the repubs doing…..so if it’s OK for a Dem to be an Asshat then it’s also OK for a Repub to do that………if you go back through the last few years you’ll find that I have a lot more????????(animosity) for Nancy and Harry than for Obama…….

  741. Don’t inflate your importance, Noah. I don’t care enough to dislike, much less loathe you. But I will call you out on your phoniness and your rather pathetic gambits for attention. If, at any time, you actually treat people with respect and stop your hostile and juvenile posts, you’ll never hear another peep about yourself.

  742. anon i agree with you….kinda sorta…..if someone has a major illness(cancer as an example) they need help…….the ball-breathe MF that won’t pay when they take their kids in with a fever really piss me off…..I’m paying for my office visits so they should also….and how much have office calls gone up because of the people that skip out……..my last 6th month visit cost me $189 plus the $175 for blood tests and all I got was a Finger shoved up my ass(I’m over 50)……if all they can do is pay $25 or $50 that would be fine with me…..

  743. Evelyn, you seem very obsessed. Why take the time, over and over, to talk about a person you claim to loathe?

  744. Hi, BFD–welcome! “Anonymous” is the Poster Formerly Known as Noah, the only person ever singled out on this blog for dumbness. He regularly posts nasty, hate-filled generalizations. When people ignore him, he gets petulant and claims they “can’t” respond. When they respond to his ugliness, he claims that liberals “can’t” respond so they engage in personal attacks (as though virtually every one of his post were not precisely that). Complete hypocrite.

    He isn’t very S-M-A-R-T and can’t spell or punctuate. Some of his malapropisms are downright funny (e.g., “by enlarge” as opposed to “by and large”), particularly from someone so condescending.

    But here’s the great thing: he’s a fraud. He regularly posted about his successful business, his happy employees singing over their free buffet lunch, his wizardry in all manly pursuits, his wife’s unmatched skill at canning and baking, his humanitarian efforts in Darfur…you name it. Of course, many made precisely the same observation that you did, which is that anyone who was able to do remotely what Noah claimed he was doing wouldn’t be spending his days here. Those of us who actually have lives stop by on occasion–he’s an unfortunate constant.

    He staged a melodramatic exit, vowing never to return until begged by the hosts. Managed to stay away maybe a day–although I’m not sure it was even that long. Because the hosts obviously didn’t give a rat’s butt at his absence, he now posts as Anonymous, although his bad grammer and spelling and style can’t be mistaken for anyone else’s (fortunately). But think how truly pathetic it is that someone pretended this tearful fairwell (“Tex–stay awesome.”) but is so lacking in anything else in life that he loiters here for hours on end.

    Oh–and the “commissioned salesman” is a whole new claim. Formerly, it was some manufacturing company. The Walter Mitty of the internet.

  745. So I see a lot of people on here marveling at the wonder that is Obama care, and I have to wonder, is any of it actually in action. I just got a visit from my neighbor. His buddy of over 40 years has bone cancer. He can hardly swallow and hasn’t had any solid food in 3 days. All he can manage to get down is a little bit of juice. He lost his wife last year to cancer, and has 7 adopted special needs children. He needs to have a feeding tube put in, and something in his chest that will allow them to give him the chemo he needs. My neighbor went to see him today and was there when he was on the phone with the hospital. They refused to do the procedure until he paid them the $700 he owes the hospital. My neighbor got on the phone to find out what the hell was up. They told him the same thing and my neighbor replied ” so you are just going to let him die?” They replied, “Well I guess that is up to him” What the hell?

  746. Oh and not to belittle you for not being able to answer even 1 of the questions. I will always need someone to take my order at the drive through.

  747. And not that I care, but for the record, when the economy is down, and you cannot find a job, commission based sales is the way to go. I started with nothing, offered to do sales for a company that wasn’t hiring, for nothing but commission. Did the training on my time and I make more money now than any other time in my life. I always found the government nipple a little embarrassing to suck on, but that is me.

  748. BFD I find it comforting that Liberals are always so predictable. When the topic is beyond you, go after the poster personally. Thanks for being you.

  749. Anonymous must be bitter because he is unemployed. No one who is working could waste so much time trashing others on the internet. On the other hand, if he really is self-employed he is cheating himself, if he is really employed he’s probably cheating his employer.
    And after all his babble, how many people has he converted. Zilch!!!

  750. delurkergurl Your obvious socialist agenda aside, what do you feel is appropriate tax for this nations most evil social class? You know who I am talking about, the ones that achieved the American Dream that you and yours are so fond of bashing.

    Lets think about this for a moment. Who are the job creators? Is it the poor? No. Is it the lazy? No. Then who is it that create jobs? That would be the people who get off their tail ends, and chose to work for themselves rather than ride the coat tails of others, ie the business owners. Your solution to unemployment? Vilify the people who make it possible for people like you to have a roof over your head and have a place to work everyday, or more likely to sit on the couch eating bon-bons while sending your husband off to work. Socialism at work at home.

    I would like to introduce you to the rest of the world. World, delurkergurl , delurkergurl, world. Now that formal introductions have been made lets move on to a lesson in business. Business exist to make money. If you make the environment unfriendly to business, the rest of the world will welcome them with open arms, and laugh all the way to the bank. If it costs me triple or more to do business here vs. overseas, because you need business to pay your way in life, why would I even consider staying? We have sky rocketing unemployment because of people like Obama and you delurkergurl. What right do you have to demand that business pay for your socialist agenda?

    What part of 50% do not contribute, and receive billions of our contributors money don’t you understand as being wrong? The truth, you and your kind never gave up on slavery. The KKK have nothing on Liberals. Liberals never wanted slavery to end, so they invented social programs and welfare. What a clever way to get the people to be your servants and thank you for it at the same time. You all are no different than a scum sucking drug dealer praying on the naive. Like a drug dealer, you hook the people and make them dependent upon you then you have them to manipulate anyway you see fit.

    If you really believe the BS you vomit, then step your butt up to the plate and say it proudly and plainly for everyone to hear. You all whine and cry about how unfair life is never once taking personal responsibility for the choices you make. Step up or shut up. If you believe it then tell me

    1. What is the tax rate that makes this world “fair” to you.
    (A) What is the Tax Rate for Business that makes it “fair” for the rest of us?
    (B) What is the definition of a Rich Person, then once defined, how much do we tax the rich so that it is “fair” for everyone who isn’t rich?

    2. Do you think welfare should be open ended and go on as long as necessary or do you think there should be limits?

    3. Do you believe in Socialism?

    4, Should Health Care be free?

    5. Should Education be free?

    6. Do you think we need more, or less government in our lives?

    7. Can government do it better than the private sector.

    8. Is everything the fault of business, and we should focus all our efforts there, or do you think that maybe campaign finance reform might be a better way to get business out of our government?

    I will even go first.
    1a. As with other aspects of business, a rate that makes us competitive with the rest of the world. I support measures to reform our tax code, something along the line of a flat tax.
    1b. Same as everyone else, ie a flat rate. I support that any individual up to $20k, 35k for families be exempt from taxation, then be taxed on everything over that amount. An individual earning 25k, or a family earning 40k would be taxed on 5k of their income at a flat rate.
    2. I believe in life time limits so people cannot become the victim of generational poverty and dependency.
    3. Hell No.
    4. Sliding scale based on an ability to pay.
    5.Subsidized based on ability to pay and performance.
    6. Less, much less.
    7. Private sector does it better in 99% of the cases.
    8. Campaign finance reform. The process has been corrupted at almost every level. I support the proposed 28th amendment and want to ban all lobbying to our government officials with lifetime term limits.

  751. I thought tax breaks were supposed to create jobs?

    REPORT: Corporations That Benefited Most From 2004 Tax Break Then Slashed More Than Half A Million Jobs

  752. I agree, delurkergurl, that he should sue for a lot of money. Its the state’s responsibility to get its facts right before arresting people..

    I’m also very happy Sarah Palin is not running. While her decision lessons the entertainment value, she does more good as a free agent, at least from my prospective. Obama would have to fowl up more than he has to lose to her, but the debates would be fun to watch.

    Eric Holder is a racist liar as you write, Exogenesis. I hope these scandals get him fired, though he deserves a fine and jail.

    Our flood abreviated bean harvest is over. Hooray!!

    Someone I talked to in Fairbanks said the mountains are getting snow covered earlier than normal.

  753. Looks a lot like Eric Holder perjured himself in front of Congress – Obama’s continuing culture of corruption. We were lied to about his transparency and Eric Holder should go to jail, just like the rest of us would.

    Holder has been a liar and racist for years, and should have never been appointed especially since he was the one that coaxed Bill Clinton into pardoning the biggest tax cheat in American history – Marc Rich.

  754. Mohamed Ali Muflahi, the first person arrested under Alabama’s strict new immigration law, is actually residing in the United States legally, his attorney proved on Monday.


    Frankly, I hope he sues big.

    RIP Steve Jobs. We need innovators like him.

    Not sure whether to be overjoyed or disappointed that Sarah Palin has decided not to run. There could be entertainment in it. It could certainly push independents toward Obama. However, a run would put us a little too close to the iceberg for my taste. The “vote the bums out” mentality is an awfully scary thing, when the alternative isn’t considered. She soaked the PAC as long as she could, and she’ll continue to make her train wreck bucks, so I’m sure she’ll be… fine.

  755. so we’re supposed to keep on Helen’s topic…..OK….
    “And then there’s Michele, who doesn’t have the common sense God gave a goose. ”
    poor Minnesota……..Backman and Franken……..

  756. Not that wide, but muscular. It could shell walnuts.

  757. Well the Judge has his lips firmly planted on some wide corn-fed ass on here.

  758. Judge, do you know someone who calls himself jrsi?

    You both have the same writing style and attitude. Do we have two verbal dopplegangers or something else?

    Instead of insect repellent, why don’t you bring deodorant next time?

  759. Yes, Anon, Tea Party on.

    Van Jones is participating in a “Take Back the American Dream” conference through tomorrow. He told Laurence O’Donnel that the American Dream Movement will use protests to produce an American fall similar to the Arab spring. He cited the current protests as the first wave.

    Van Jones and many of his compatriots are marxists. They also want to usurp control of the demonstrations. I think there is a real chance that the organizers have a different agenda than folks on the street. That’s usually how these events play out.

  760. Judge, I one up you. You compare me to Australopithecus, I believe you more closely resemble Homo heidelergensis. ( inflatius), or maybe Homo ergaster (aegrus) . I can play your silly game as long as you can.

  761. “Cynthia” and “Mary, Queen of the Universe”, I found your comments quite interesting and informative.

    I enjoy Helen’s refreshing humor and insightful take on the present political spectrum. People like her and you ladies are very much in tune with what is going on from a wide variety of angles in all their subtle nuances. Most of all, you don’t take yourselves too seriously.

    Cynthia, you seem to have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on with a number of current issues including the Wall Street demonstrations. I hope you will continue to post your cogent thoughts here as the protests progress or die down. Privatizing prisons has made it much more profitable to throw people in the slammer. The more arrests that are made, the more money is to be made in that thriving enterprise.

    Queen Mary, what a great blog handle. You grabbed my attention with your instructive discourse on early man. I have a general feel for the subject from what I have read and learned, but you express yourself so well, I look forward to your continued discussion of paleontology and archaeology. I’m afraid I erred when I referred to Cro-Magnon Man. I should have said Australopithecus.

    Time permitting, I’ll be back, to read at least. Next time I’ll bring the insect repellant.

  762. Tea Party on James!

  763. Pfessor, President Bush didn’t start our war, our enemies did. Bin ladin said on Night line, I think, that he had declared war against us in the 1990′s. We didn’t notice. We had as much choice over war as we did after Pearl Harbor.

    Iraq was another matter. Though I opposed it before we entered it, our invasion of Iraq was another phase of the same war. We should have concentrated on Afghanistan.

    Our invasion of Iraq did frighten our enemies for a time. Iran interupted its nuclear program briefly, and there may have been some connection to Bush’s apparent willingness to invade any country, maybe even France.

    One of our problems is bills for our welfare state are overdue. We have been living with a giant Ponzi scheme which worked as long as the younger generation was larger than the previous.

    Mark Styn, in “America Alone” predicted the Muslims will eventually win because they have a higher birth rate, and Europe will be forced to dilute its culture with Muslim immigrants to survive. He predicts our high rate of Hispanic and other immigration will save us with more young people to pay for our social programs.

    If you want pessimistic version, read “No Blade of Grass.”

  764. Mary, you are my new best friend. you haven’t confused me. You have made me look forward to your next reply.

    I can learn something from you. One thing about Neanderthals is they appeared to mature faster than our more modern ancestors. It would have handicapped them relative to Cro Magnons because their learning curve would have been shorter than ours. Or maybe not. What if their more elongated brains developed more slowly like ours do though their bodies matured faster than ours?

    Yes, I know evolution continues. I wonder if changes in some late Neanderthal tool kits were their last attempt to compete with our ancestors.

    Do you think they could sing? Later Cro Magnons could sing and they made musical instruments. I wonder if music was one of the earliest forms of speech.

    I believe a child found in Portugal had features of Neanderthals and Cro Magon people. Do you think this person was someone with Neanderthal-modern parents or was merely a physically unusual child?

    I understand that we identify those people as cohesive groups when they were actually of many races. For example, the Aurigncian people could have been physically and genetically different though they were lumped together because of their basically uniform tool- making skills. Do you suppose some of those people belonged to races or sub races which are now extinct?

    It is satisfying to know we carry a few Neanderthal genes. For such people to have died out entirely would have been sad.

    Do you have blue eyes, Mary? If you do, you are probably my long lost mutant cousin. My wife says she knew I was a mutant before the Danish scientist reached his conclusions about the blue eyes and fair skin.

    If Judge returns, he/she should read I report’s and my discussion of the causes of our recession. Dr. Thomas Sowell’s column on the same subject appeared in the Omaha World Herald. He described in simple terms, why our economy crashed, and his description was almost identical to mine. That was good for my ego.

    Judge ought not to be too full of him/herself. Underestimating your competition will burn you.

    I think Anon, Cynthia, Mary, or many others could have understood the same factors related to our crash and reached the same conclusions. And I got to use them in the same sentence. Ha!

  765. Mary, I like your sense of humor. :)

  766. Think history doesn’t repeat itself?

    “We used to think that you could just spend your way out of a recession and increase employment by cutting taxes and boosting government spending. I tell you, in all candour, that that option no longer exists; and that insofar as it ever did exist, it only worked by injecting bigger doses of inflation into the economy followed by higher levels of unemployment as the next step. That is the history of the last twenty years.” – British Prime Minister James Callaghan, 1976

    And of course, his prediction came to fruition exactly as he said, both then in Britain and now in America.

    These guys in Washington have to go. They have to if we are going to survive.

  767. The Wall Street protests are interesting, but IMHO are missing the real criminals; they get their mail in Washington, DC. I’m reading Milton Friedman’s “Money Mischief” and ran across a couple of good quotes that I think summarize how we got here.

    “War and revolution have been the progenitors of most hyperinflations.” – Milton Friedman – Thank you, Mr. Bush, for starting our two-front war.

    “There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose. – John Maynard Keynes – Thank you, Mssrs. Obama, Bernanke, Rubin, Geithner.

    Friedman says that inflation is nothing more than a monetary phenomenon – typically lagging about 2-3 years behind the time when the govt begins printing money in earnest. Obama and his minions have tripled the money supply and the debt is now beyond the point where it can EVER be repaid. I really, really wonder if we can survive.

  768. Cro-Magnon is just early modern homo sapiens. You might want to look at Wolpoff’s Multiregional hypothesis. In the early 1980s, he proposed continuous gene flow between neighboring populations from the time of Homo erectus to modern times across Africa, Europe, and Asia, to explain the clinal variation seen in skeletal remains and in local populations throughout time. There never were pure races anywhere; races only seem to appear if you take your samples from the extremes of the supercontinent. The latest genetic studies seem to confirm this hypothesis (which was rejected by a lot of anthropologists in the 90s). If Judge doesn’t reply, I’ll explain more clearly in a few days – I must go to bed now and work gets busy this week, but this is my field. I have the habit of assuming that everyone has my background, here, but ask me to clarify specifics if I’ve confused you.

    Neanderthals were well-adapted (“fully evolved,” to use your term) for their environment – that’s why they survived for a lot longer than modern Homo sapiens has been around (so far). Nothing is ever “fully evolved” because conditions and the environment change. I’ve been saying for years that I have Neanderthal genes! It’s no insult – Neanderthals had substantially larger brains that moderns – just differently shaped.

  769. Coast to Coast is discussing the protests now. The speaker says San Francisco and :Pittsburg are about to blow next. He said other protests in Spain are using the Arab Spring example as some have in the US.

  770. Thank you Mary for your description of the demonstration. As I wrote, I didn’t know if any special arrangements had been made for arrests or not. You told me something I didn’t know.

    The labor unions have plans for later. Maybe they attached themselves to this protest because they saw an opportunity. As you know, people well-meaning and not tried to co-op the Tea Party movement.

    Again, this is just my feeling. The spread of protests through other cities tells me someone is coordinating the protests.

    The police action doesn’t surprise me. Authorities want to nip this in the bud. They are not interested in something which may disturb the cities’ order. I saw the same in London when police waded into protests with billie clubs swinging.

    Danial Shay’s assault on the Springfield Armory might be right. Time will tell.

    Judge, our computer froze up, and I wasn’t able to find the article within Business Week. However, as one who has successfully run his own business for years and has learned a few other things, I am confident that the article isn’t over my head.

    On the other hand, since you brought up Cro- Magon people, perhaps you know a little more about them. Maybe you wonder about their relationship with Neanderthals. Why did Neanderthals’ tool kits become more sophisticated near the end? Were they trading with modern humans? Were they merely copying discarded tools and weapons they found? Or did they become more creative to survive the competition? Why did bones of the earliest modern immigrants show archaic traits? Had they interbred with Neanderthals, or had they not fully evolved? We know Europeans and Asians carry about 1 to 4 % Neanderthal genes, but could our earliest ancestors out of Africa have carried more?

    Someone with your obvious abilities can enlighten us.

  771. Oh, I was baptized Mary. I just assumed my new title, however! Thank you! i love it!

  772. Anon, hush. You are like a mosquito. Shoo!

    James, I almost went to the very first day of the protest (Sept. 17), but I had other plans. I heard about the protest through a friend of a friend (Facebook, of course – a real person, not a group or a front name). It really was a grass-roots, “I’m mad as hell and no one’s listening that the bailouts never reached Main Street while Wall Street is still lining its pockets” sort of thing. I expected a hundred people to show up -no vast left-wing conspiracy. No one intended to be arrested that day as the unemployed didn’t have the resources to bail themselves out and the employed had to be at work on Monday!

    I’ve been to events where some people decided, beforehand, to be arrested. This wasn’t one of those. I also have a friend of a friend, just walking down the street and NOT part of any protest, get arrested in NYC during the RNC convention several years ago when the police erected one of those orange plastic fences around the entire block as he walked on the sidewalk! He was handcuffed, no food, no place to sit except the filthy ground, along with hundreds of others for over 40 hours. People with asthma and diabetes nearly died for lack of their meds.No one plans for THAT kind of thing – and that’s what’s happening, again!

    I haven’t watched the videos of this past weekend but I’m told that they show cops directing a lot of protesters to walk in the car lanes on the Brooklyn Bridge, then arrested them for following those orders. The left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing, but the left is getting arrested. I’m not going anywhere near the protests despite feeling a lot of solidarity.

    In the last couple of days, labor unions are attaching themselves to the protest. They are johnny-come-lately’s – like the right wing’s co-opting of the real Tea Party. Personally, I think of the protests in NYC as being more akin to Daniel Shays’s assault on the Springfield Armory – and likely to be as successful. Sigh.

  773. Someone’s baby is crying.

  774. AA – “Cynthia, I would suggest some more reading on the topic. You are woefully misinformed if you think Perry name it.”

    Are you sure it is my reading comprehension?

    It is my understand Perry inherited the lodge from his father. (Which I did not say in that comment but thought it was common knowledge.)

    My statement was – I don’t understand why A WHITE MAN would name HIS hunting lodge that name. That would be ANY WHITE MAN, his father or grandfather, a neighbor, a sheriff, a college roommate, a farmer, an old friend, a lover, whatever.

    My point was – why criticize Perry for the name of the hunting lodge. It is making a big deal out of not so much! There are more important things to criticize him for.

    Take a deep breath and you might want to think about getting a better fitting pair of tightie whities!


  775. Cynthia, I am stating a hypothosis based on my experience with the Vietnam era anti -war movement, what I’ve read about the the early American Revolution, the Bolshevics, the Arab Spring, and others. Even the early Tea Party fits the pattern. In many cases, the rank and file protesters often don’t know or understand the motives and plans of the dedicated leaders.

    I don’t know if Rush Limbaugh has said anything about it or not. I do know that Glenn Beck predicted a disturbance supported by Marxists, labor leaders and others, but I don’t listen to his show often enough to know if this was what he was talking about. Otherwise, this is my own theory.

    I think it may be connected with some labor unions’ plans for days of rage in October. This separate group is protesting financial institutions banks ,and similar seats of power and job creation. Some of their statements match what I heard during the Vietnam war, so I assume the same motivation. The Drudge Report linked to a story about the protesters. A few protesters called themselves leftist Tea Partyers.

    The Tea Party became an amorphous but focused group for change as did other revolutionaries. I think that is what is happening now. Large protest groups don’t usually arise spontainiously. Someone is organizing and coordinating these protests.

    I don’t know anything about the large number of arrests. I do know arrests are sometimes pre -arranged. It happens frequently when people protest at Offutt Air Force Base south of Omaha, and also a few weeks ago when a crowd protested a pipe line which would cross the aquifer under the Nebraska Sand Hills. One of the leaders was interviewed on a local radio station, and she described the arrest proceedure. They were outside of the White House and already discussed arrests with the police.

    I am as pleased as you probably are that Rick Perry may have peaked. I also agree that painted rock is nothing more than a lame attempt to make him look like a racist. We should stick to the real issues of which with Perry, there are many.

  776. Mary how is Anon any different than your supposed name of Mary? Please use your head something other than a hat rack. This is the internet my dear, maybe you should ask your husband to proof read your comments, make less of an ass of yourself in the future.

  777. Golly, this is the first time anyone has mistaken my laughter for tears! Anon, you immediately jumped in with insults – in my opinion, only cowards depend on the mask of anonymity – but you are not worth my time. Shoo, fly, shoo.

    Cynthia, I agree with you. Perry has done far worse things. I just wanted to restart the original discussion, which was about the current crop of Republican presidential wannabes and their foibles.

  778. Judge, going to call you out in front of everyone here. IF you can be bothered to come down off Mt Olympus there with Cynthia, lets see what you have to offer up other than condescending remarks. Pick a topic of your choice, I would hate to stretch you to far on your first time out. I for my part will do my best to elevate myself to your high and mighty level of conversation.

  779. Mary from Massachusetts, you don’t like it please by all means leave. You can whine and cry all you like, I just cannot find the motivation to care. Should you care to step up and toss your ideas out there, go for it. If not scroll on by.

    Cynthia, I would suggest some more reading on the topic. You are woefully misinformed if you think Perry name it. More to the point you need him to have named it so you can find your victim and have a Liberal save someone. Let us be honest, you know he didn’t name it, it just makes it all the more juicer story to pretend he did. Facts and truth just get in the way.

  780. The “Business Week” article I spoke of in my comment of today, Oct. 3, 2011 at 2:46PM, can be found on pps. 110-111 of the “Etc., Art of Firing.” It is quite a sophisticated article. It is doubtful that those not well acquainted with the inside workings of the current business world, history, religion or literature will “get it”.

    But that’s OK. One cannot help not knowing anything beyond one’s own limited tunnel vision when it is way, way one’s head. Stick with the well worn tired cliches.

  781. James – “Those protests are spreading by design. A group of motivated leaders is using the protesters to create enough discord to damage our economy. They want to bring down capitalism.”

    I Googled and found a number of articles. I quickly read some but with my computer it takes just too long to do more. I have heard talk of this on my radio shows, as you know it would be on the left. I have yet to hear what you are talking about. I do not listen to Rush etc. Where, why are you so sure this is what is going on. I would like to know your source or reason.

    I don’t know what happened on Saturday I have heard both sides but I was not there. Arresting 700 people seems about 600 more then necessary. I have heard Morgan/Chase (I believe that is the one) gave a very large sum of money (as in a million or two) to the NYPD for equipment recently.

    Mary from Mass – I don’t understand why a white man would name his hunting lodge that name. Coming from the south it does not surprise me. However I do believe there are many more important things to fault Perry on then this. But that is just me.


  782. Dear Anonymous, I appreciate your elevating me to Queen of the Universe. Alas, I am not, but I do want to hear from (Margaret and) Helen and those who comment on their ideas, not from those who love the sound of their own words. If this offends you, tough beans.The blog is entitled “Margaret and Helen,” not “Anonymous.” I heartily encourage you to start your own blog and end the highjacking of this one.

    So – on Helen’s theme – anyone want to talk about the idiocy of naming a retreat with a racial epithet? I’ll happily go back to snickering as I read the Republican comments trying to rationalize THIS one!

  783. Da Judge’s comments were hard to link to a specific article in Business Week, so I am guessing he meant “Anti-Wall Street Protests Spread Nationwide.” Those protests are spreading by design. A group of motivated leaders is using the protesters to create enough discord to damage our economy. They want to bring down capitalism.

    Many of the protesters are no different from the dupes who protested during the Democratic Convention in Chicago. Like them, their modern counterparts have no coherent plan of operation, aside from anger and frustration. The sixties leaders planed on goading the Chicago police into violence, but they did not share that information with their troops.

    I had some experience with the anti- war movement during the Vietnam War, and I know a little of how revolutionary operations work. This looks like a cousin to the Arab Spring to me.

  784. Well, Da Judge, you should stick with what you know. Comparing me to a Cro Magnon is not an insult. Read about those people and learn something.

    What are you the judge of? Your personal inadequacies? You sound more evil than most rich people.

    , I will stick a cross in your face and drench you with holy water.

  785. Mary from Massachusetts, I think it is a bit presumptuous for you to decide for everyone here and the blog owners what will be allowed on here. I see thousands of posts on more than a dozen thread topics and it seems to have always been this way.

  786. I have noticed that there seems to be a core group of people who like to ride their own political agenda/hobbyhorse until the blog all but breaks under the combined weight of their collective words. I’m puzzled, though. What does any of your ‘argument de jour’ and/or name-calling have to do with Helen’s masterful critique of the Republican candidates?

    Here’s my idea – keep your posts on Helen’s topic and cease the name-calling; If you want to pontificate on your pet topic, write your own blog and stop bloviating on this one! I mean it. Really!

  787. Not much to say about that Judge. One persons narrow minded point of view. I understand your ilks need to find a villain in order to justify your existence. I would submit that being wealthy does not automatically make one evil. Just as you being Liberal doesn’t automatically make you a moron. A child molester will always be evil. A rapist or a murderer will always be evil. Why? Because these are actions we deem morally unacceptable and there is never a time when these actions could be justified.

    I think comparing the wealthy to Satan just shows your inability to be objective. You are as blind as many others of your political affiliation and like them would probably sell this country down the river for no other reason than to defeat a political rival and to be right. That is something you can come to terms with on your own. I do not really care what motivates you and if it were not for the effects it has on me and mine would gladly let you self destruct. Unfortunately you and yours are having a profound effect on our country. You are like spoiled children who want everything their way, and you want it now, consequences be dammed.

    The quotes I posted above were not random. As Albert Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them and do nothing.” I promise you I will not make this mistake. I think with many true Liberals that they don’t intentionally do evil, it comes from a genuine place of wanting to help those who do not have. I also think there are many who have a far more nefarious intent for this country and would see us undone. Regardless of where you fall in this spectrum, the end result is the same, and must be combated the same.

    Some would argue that those well meaning few could be taught. As this blog has shown time and again, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. By enlarge, Liberals do not want to learn, they just want to win and be proven right. They are not open to discussion, at least not discussion that strays to terribly far from what they believe. They like to chat with others like them who will parrot their own thoughts. But to put ones self out there to be held accountable and take the risk that what you have believe all your life to be wrong is something to be avoided at ALL costs. It is the ALL costs that bothers me most profoundly. I think and know to be true many would give up this great country to avoid being exposed. Pride cometh before a fall.

    In the 21st century economy, we got so used to having more and more money that we forgot that it’s necessary to save. Your mortgage is supposed to be a certain percentage of your income. You aren’t supposed to live beyond your means.

    Pride makes us lose our vigilance. We forget to be on the lookout for the telltale signs of disaster ahead. With the economy, we saw the dot-com bubble burst and didn’t change our behavior. We watched the housing market collapse and didn’t change our behavior. Then we saw the mortgage crisis hit as gas prices skyrocketed and we started to sound the alarm, but not loudly, and not in time.

    Our economy was built by entrepreneurial imagination. Bold businesses took risks to create opportunities where none existed before. We created whole industries and new streams for old industries. We desperately need a return to that way of thinking and doing things again.

    I have never given a job by a poor or lazy person. We need to stop vilifying those that are out there doing, but rather encourage them to go out and do more so those people can kick start this economy. Sure, there is more than one way to skin a cat. If you think taking people’s money and giving it to the government is the way to get this economy moving, then show me how that will work. If you think more government involvement in business and our lives will make businesses do better and improve our quality of life, great, show me how that will work. If you believe as many Democrats have said that the congressional process is broke, and we need to reinvent the wheel on how our country has been run for the last 235 years, great, show me how that will work. I am open to listen, I just lack the imagination to understand on my own how any of these things lead anywhere but disaster.

  788. I could provide a link to a cleverly written article in the October 3-9 issue of “Business Week” but that would be aping that cantankerous old acrimonious “Anonymous”. Instead, I will quote a sentence or two with the profundity of the “Cro-Magnon Orator of Iowa”.

    “Former angel Satan, “the brightest in the sky”, attempted a corporate takeover of the heavens. But God, an experienced and canny chairman of the board, managed to hold onto his seat and down went Satan – with no golden parachute.”

  789. Very interesting. Makes you wonder what he is trying to cover up.

  790. Just bitter people being bitter. You will have to cut them some slack James. Libs are coming to the realization that we were right about Obama all along. Now they just need to reword what they said about him these past 3 years so they can save some face and not have to say…we were wrong.

  791. Anon, I should care?

    Your blistered finger and any other blistered part of your body can fall off for all it matters to me.

  792. James:

    Go back to dial-up. Please. The blister on my finger interferes with the operation of the scroll wheel.

  793. I know you are, but what am I?

  794. Lets bottom line this President and his time in office. No one should ever be questioned as to why this man cannot be trusted ever again.

  795. You should know the game Cynthia, after all you and yours invented it. If I have seen it one time I have seen it a hundred, whenever someone hands you your intellectual ass, you rise up on your pedestal and become to good to respond. Or spout some rhetoric to avoid the one phrase no Liberal can ever mutter, I was wrong. So please, come down and join us mortals and until you do your reign as the goddess of hypocrisy is secure.

  796. AA – Ah yes, THE GAME! When confronted you have no answers. So you must then accuse the “confronter” of having THE problem. And you tell them how they can correct THEIR problem. I know the game all too well.

    No anger simply calling it as I see it….you are arrogantly egotistical, you spew hateful words, you have no meaningful purpose but to disrupt and if you had something important to say you would not hide behind “Anonymous”.

    What do you have occupying your head space other than right wing talking points?

    Game Over!

  797. I understand Donna’s, Pfessor’s, Cynthia’s complaints, and some I’ve missed, but I block out the irritants as one does the pain of physical therapy. Not everyone wants to do that.

  798. I Report, we do agree on a little. This is what I read and experienced. After the Carter anti- redlining law, a good thing, lending institutions loaned more housing money to poor people and minorities, who were in some cases unfairly frozen from the housing market.

    Time passed and especially after the savings and loan crisis ACORN and other groups pressured banks to provide still more mortgages to poor people. The trend accelerated during Clinton’s administration with encouragement from Janet Reno.

    This is fact for our small county, and I assume elsewhere. Government reps went through our county banks to see if they were loaning enough money to the poor. The new borrowers helped keep the price of housing high because they enhanced demand. Savings and loans and other institutions also provided mortgages to people who had no business borrowing so much money.

    Banks skirted around the edge of regulations to create new forms in which to place the mortgages, so they could get rid of them at a profit. They sold and resold them across the world and polluted the system with bad loans. Demand and the housing bubble sent prices to unsustainable levels.

    Republicans and Democrats profited from the schemes because they supported the housing bubble which postponed a recession. Fannie and Freddie were especailly poorly regulated. The market heated further as home owners used their houses as private savings and loans, and banks competed to loan still more to poor people as they sold the remade packages at large profits.

    Democrats also fought tighter regulation. Bush, McCain and other Republicans tried several times to re write Fannie and Fredie regulations, but Democrats like Barney Frank rebuffed them. Just like farmers and bankers the new players expected the golden goose to live for ever. Gravity had been repealed.

    I agree with so much of your account, I could splice it onto the rest of mine.

    However, when you say the banks were at fault, you are right and you are wrong. It is more complex than your simple statement. As I have shown, government policy, banker and stock broker greed, home owner greed, and buyers who had no prayer of paying their mortgages if home values fell or they lost their jobs were also to blame. If one or more of them were not in play our recession would have been milder.

    I agree, some of the folks who were bailed out because they were too big to fail should be fined or in jail. The top dogs usually profit while the rest of us suffer. It has been that way since Roman times and before.

    I am glad Anon is still here.

    As for you, I don’t care what anyone says, including you. Its true your scatter- gun approach is off- putting, but when you are focused, you are fun to argue with. You think clearly, and you can use facts. You are also polite. What’s not to like about that? Don’t put too much stock in my complement. You already know the cheese has slipped from my cracker.

  799. I would like to take a moment to quote some great people

    The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them and do nothing. –Albert Einstein.

    You have enemies? Good! That means you stood up for something in your life. –Winston Churchill

    One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors.” –Plato

    “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” – Benjamin Franklin

    And for you Cynthia and a few others. Holding a grudge is letting someone live rent-free in your head. –Ajani Charles

  800. I guess mad was an understatement. Furious, maybe even blind rage seems more fitting.

  801. AA – Cynthia seems angry
    WOW what an absolutely brilliantly intelligent original answer! Did you come up with it all by yourself or did you have help?

    No I am not at all angry. You have proven to me when confronted you fold. There are no sources or truth to the crapola you spewed about President Obama.

    It is one thing to be an assh*le but another thing to a flat out flaming frigging assh*le but be so arrogantly egotistical as not to recognize it. People like you have always amazed me. But I have now come to the conclussion that you lack an important piece of being human.

    You are a mean spirited, nasty, divisive piece of human DNA with absolutely no meaningful purpose or reason to be at M&H other than to be a disruptive influence.

    I Report – I respect your reason however it would be better to slow down a bit. You are making it harder and harder for people with old computers and dial up to comment. I have been coming to H&M almost from the beginning. I too refuse to turn this blog over to Noah or Tex and the others or even to our resident right wingers. While I disagree with most of our resident right wingers have to say I have no desire to fight with them. They have the right to their opinions as much as we and they are respectful. Well as much as we are to them! I do believe we should stick together as neither side has all the answers.

    And for those who might have wondered as I – John McCain ran an ad referring to Obama as “The One” or “The Messiah”.


  802. THINK DEREGULATION which was what GW Bush was pushing.

    NINA LOANS, Global Pool of Money which was 70 Trillion before the wealthy got into the housing market. (Every dollar spent in the entire world is less then 70 Trillion, just so you know the numbers.. That amount went from 36 Trillion to 70 trillion in 6 years.)


  803. James: Here is how my informants explained the housing market meltdown.

    It starts with the wealthiest 1%. They were making 1 and 2% on their Billions. A brilliant fellow then bought up housing notes and the billionaires immediately got 6 to 7% instead of the 1 and 2% gains. More and more of the wealthy wanted in on the action and were begging for housing notes.

    Lenders lowered their standards to get more and more notes for the wealthy guys. They factored in the loss rate for foreclosure which had happened the previous 5 years – they could still make big bucks.

    Unfortunately, the default rate was much bigger because they had lowered the financial standards to a ridiculous rate – THAT WAS THE BANKS FAULT!

    Eventually, the big guys got a bail out to pay for their losses. The small banks and the middle class are the ones who took the hit.

  804. President Obama took out a couple more high level terrorists. I see a pattern here. Republicans said he was a pal with terrorists. If he knocks off so many of his Pals, what the heck does he do to his enemies?


  805. I don’t have any problem with Noah either, but Donna, I am glad you and some others are returning.

    Fierce arguments are fine, but after they are over, they should end just as a football game or NASCAR race.

    We are all walking a long “Green Mile”, and being purposely nasty to each other is a waste of time. At least in my opinion.

  806. I Report–there was a strong liberal presence here. It has diminished because certain people such as Noah were so obnoxious that it became unpleasant to be here. A few of us, who are very liberal, are beginning to venture back. However, you are so thoughtless and unpleasant that you are having exactly the same impact–the blog isn’t worth it.

    If you genuinely believe what you say (and your behavior suggests you do not but are simply here to be disruptive), then kindly consider whether what you actually are doing is driving more people, including liberal ones, from here. You certainly aren’t persuading anyone of anything by either mindless linking or Wagnerian posts.

    Hi, James.

  807. I report, how does a bank profit when it has to take back property which is probably worth less than the value of the loan? As long as it has possession, the bank must pay to maintain the property. Our banker complained loudly enough about their trying to unload foreclosed farms and homes during the farm depression. The devalued house is a net cost to the economy because it is worth less than it once was.

    Governments lose tax revenue, and people are laid off.

    The only people I can see coming out ahead are the builders and whoever sold the house before the market tanked.The bank which loaned money to the builder or previous home owner would get its money back from the sale at a pre- crash price, but what then? They have to deal with a new reality as the rest of us do.

    One group which does profit are first time home owners or others who are able to buy a house at lower prices.

    Many people who lost their shirts gambled and lost. It is as simple as that. Before the farm recession, people thought the good times would never end. They paid more than land and machinery were worth. I borrowed operating money at the bank, and the banker asked me “are you sure that’s enough? Why don’t we give you a $150,000. line of credit?”

    We were in the middle of a bubble, just as home owners and builders were in 2007,.

    As for the rest, Christy is fat. That’s his problem, not ours.

    I know what you are doing. I did the same thing, once. I defended you once before, and I have no problem with you.

  808. I Repost, you seem to be an odd fellow to be insisting someone respond to one of their posts. You perhaps the worst offender when it comes to answering to criticism to your own posts. I think the poster should feel compelled to respond when perhaps you do as well.

  809. Anon: Check out this link: I had you in mind when I came across it.
    Cynthia wants your source of information – that has nothing to do with anger. Sources please.


    “I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to my Republican friends… that if they will stop telling lies about the Democrats,we will stop telling the truth about them”.

    — Adlai E. Stevenson, Governor of Illinois & 2-Time Candidate for President (1900-1965)

  810. Cynthia seems angry

  811. James, I am looking at a foreclosed home. Who benefited from the foreclosures: Big Banks and the wealthiest among us. WHO LOST THEIR SHIRTS: THE MIDDLE CLASS!! Just the way the Republicans like it.

    Speaking of Republicans:
    If Christie decides to run, I think his doing so would epitomize everything Republicans stand for. To see what I mean, let’s take a look at this photo of the Governor:

    It’s quite the image isn’t it? But it really does depict Republicanism is many ways, I think. Let’s take a closer look shall we? Like Governor Christie, Republicans:
    Are grotesque.
    Care nothing for the health of the whole body.
    Care only about self-satisfaction and instant gratification.
    Will devour everything that is good in excess and give nothing back except excrement.
    Are nasty and mean.
    Are against regulation and constraint, and in ignoring these important areas they become indifferent or ignorant to the inherent risks therein.
    Are proud of their piggish exterior, while unbeknownst to them or indifferent to it, their body (The United States) dies slowly while suffering excessively from extreme heartburn, angina and acute arteriosclerosis.


    Sorry Donna, ignore my posts if they bother you. Until there is a reasonable liberal representation, this place is stuck with me. The liberal thought has been run off, so I will be the token Asshat liberal.

  812. You may not be “here” to chit chat, I report, but your grasp of reality is tenuous at times.

    Economies, like weather systems are not constant. Each state of being, like thunderstorms, contains the seeds of its own destruction.The Gilded Age, the Roaring twenties and the Morning in America were not idiocy. They represent the synergistic combination of factors which let the economy surge. While its true the income disparity was high, the general condition of a majority improved.

    Too little regulation, government policy, the weather, greed, or anything you care to mention ended the prosperous spells. Our “experts’” major error was assuming the good times were self perpetuating and would last forever.Their policies made recessions worse than they should have been.

    We need a combination of socialism and capitalism to smooth rough edges. Instead, we over react and send ourselves into bipolar swings of too much of one or the other. Obama and the Democrats have taken us into new territory. Previous exuberance during our near boom contributed to our recession, but the liberal agenda has made it worse and longer lived than it should be.

    Do you honestly prefer what we have today over 1874, 1925, or 1996? If you do, I can find a foreclosed house to sell you cheap.

    Obama and his allies, like conservative politicians try to do good, but they also do well. For the rest of us, they will equalize the misery.

    Hi Donna.

  813. Is Sarah Palin in trouble over at FOX? Seems like it to me.


    BTW: The retirement fund theft: Who lost their retirement funds while the CEO types retirements got fatter and fatter: THE MIDDLE CLASS! You really should read about how retirement funds were plundered.

  814. AA – Can anyone see what is happening to our country? Can anyone see what Obama and his ilk are doing? He knows exactly what he is doing…he must destroy America..in order to rebuild it into his Socialist dream with him as the King or Dictator..he knows how to do this as he studied under Marxist Professors and Socialist Professors for years.

    Source please, justify this remark, prove it, show me where this is true!! Must be reality based and at least 95% fact. Any opinions you pull out of your f*****ng arse will not be considered valid.

    Thank you. Looking forward to your response.


  815. How Retirement Funds were stolen from the average working person the last 30 years. Who benefited? Top Management of course. (The top 1 percent.) Interesting information.


  816. Can anyone see what is happening to our country? Can anyone see what Obama and his ilk are doing? He knows exactly what he is doing…he must destroy America..in order to rebuild it into his Socialist dream with him as the King or Dictator..he knows how to do this as he studied under Marxist Professors and Socialist Professors for years.

    He is spending us into debt that is so large we can never pay it off, increasing taxes, massive new regulations, rules, laws that take our freedom away and destroying free enterprise.

    As Marx one said, “American cannot be destroyed from the outside, it must be destroyed from within”..to do this they must use naive people like Liberals, people who are takers, they must organize these people into loud vocal groups who insist that the government take care of them. Then they must destroy our educational system by removing real education, patriotism, faith, and replace it with no knowing classes, get rid of discipline, hamper the teachers so that they cannot teach, introduce immorality as a good thing. Our public school system is terrible, thanks to the Dept of Education that has destroyed our schools. Next, they must convince the people that the “wealthy” must be taxed at nearly 70% or more, once that is accomplished the term “wealthy” will apply to all those who make much less, soon all people will be overtaxed and have no choice but to depend upon the gov for handouts. To continue with this evil plan, the Christian-Judea philosophy that this country was founded on must be destroyed..as is being done today.

    Capitalism must be made to be evil, while Socialism is shoved down our throats. BTW, Socialism has never worked anywhere in the world at any time..it always leads to government corruption, starvation and poverty and eventually a Dictatorship.

  817. So much for I Report backing off on mindlessly posting links. It’s difficult not to conclude that this is a deliberate attempt to discourage people from using the blog, under the guise of a rather dim poster with an obsessive use of exclamation points. I Report, to use a term with which I first became familiar on this blog, you’re an asshat.

  818. If you check that overly long post, what I suspected about this guy is obviously true. He copied and pasted someone elses work twice, thus making for the unusual length.

  819. Good morning, I Report. I wonder if you are familiar with blog etiquette? One thing that is generally appreciated is not making overly long posts. Although I appreciate you doing something other than constantly posting links, perhaps you can now take the additional step of appreciating that when you post something very lengthy, it makes it more difficult for others to enjoy the blog or post themselves.

    Regardless of the fact that I probably agree with much of your politics, I believe you are harming this blog and making it far less enjoyable than it can and should be. Thank you in advance for respecting others.

  820. Here is the Bill Maher link – goofed on the last one. Jesus as a Republican Presidential Candidate.


  821. Bill Maher on the current Republican Candidates and What if Jesus ran as a Republican.


  822. Why aren’t the Wall Street Protests being covered?

    Not to be flip, but if 60-80 people were arrested for dog-fighting, or for wrangling outside a tony nightclub, or protesting at the United Nations, that might have gotten coverage. I’m pretty sure that would have received some attention. But this: In my humble opinion, it got very little. Some, finally – but people had to be hurt, and the police department’s reputation tarnished, when neither was necessary if the media were operating as it should.

    Since then, media coverage has been defensive. (Said one reporter, and I’m paraphrasing here: “It’s not fair to say Occupy Wall Street hasn’t been covered.” And then a short list of stories was included to prove the point.) And the coverage has been light: I was impressed Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and even Stephen Colbert have noted this is more than dismissive hippy-ism; but no major news organization has (to the best of my knowledge) paid more than the barest attention thus far.


    Perhaps it’s because no one wants a popular movement or peaceful rebellion to spread at a time when many Americans are fed up with their dysfunctional government leaders. We have enough problems, the leaders and media friends might be thinking: Why stir the pot?

    Perhaps it’s because they sense, as does Bloomberg, that once a train like this gets going, it can be hijacked by the wrong people and cause real damage. (That, alone, is worthy of another story altogether.) But is that a reason to quell coverage, really?

    In the end, though, a large-scale failure to acknowledge and cover this “small” group of protestors – now growing in numbers, thanks to outrage at the rough-housing NYPD, and quickly propagating similar groups in other cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., etc. – is akin to a media blindness.

    The media’s job is not to turn a blind eye. The media’s job is to report. Period. Which is yet another reason why Americans are not trusting the modern media. And I have to say, given what I’ve witnessed in recent days in and around Zuccotti Park, that I clearly understand why my profession is much maligned these days.

    If people are there, and they have something worthwhile to say – regardless of whether it is popular or potentially alarming or against the political status quo – it is news. Good reporters should be covering it, regardless of their personal political preferences – and let Americans come to their own conclusions.

    Is it a media blackout?

    Sure seems that way to me. If I can cover one voice about a Gulf War, and contribute to society’s understanding of our greater human experience, then the media can certainly begin paying attention to thousands of marchers – and what appears to be the beginnings of an American movement.


  823. Evolution is a “theory that’s out there but it’s got gaps?” No. Wrong again, cowboy.

    Texas is a jobs miracle? Government has never created a single job?

    Well, since 2007, private sector jobs decreased by .6% in Texas, while public sector employment (AKA government jobs) grew by 6.4%, much of that funded by the federal stimulus program. Exactly the opposite of what Perry claims. Texas is a national leader in one category: low-wage, low-benefit jobs. That’s just the kind of miracle that awaits credulous voters who can’t see past the slick, corporate funded advertisements to … reality.

    Perry is merely the leading clown of nine evil clowns vying for the Republican nomination. They all seem more interested in making you afraid and making you hate than in making you laugh. They also display a contempt for reality and truth. Yet their individual lies – as destructive as they are – are small potatoes compared to the faulty map we’re using to set national policy.

    We can start with Reaganomics and its toxic legacy. You know, government-is-the-problem-shrink-it-until-you-can-drown-it orthodoxy, combined with the notion that the free market is the font of all good things, if we just leave it alone and get gubmint’ off its back.

    This particular bit of idiocy has been tried three times. First in the 1880’s through the 1890s, then again in the 1920’s, and finally between 1980 and 2008. Each period featured laissez-faire economic policies like low taxes, small government, deregulation, and corporate-friendly policies. And guess what? Each period brought extreme income inequality and the inevitable economic collapse that follows.

    It’s possible after the Great Depression a few folks still believed these policies could lead to prosperity. But after 2008? After going 0 for 3? In baseball, there’s a name for that: striking out.

    But that’s reality. And we don’t need no stinkin’ reality.

    Evolution is a “theory that’s out there but it’s got gaps?” No. Wrong again, cowboy.

    Texas is a jobs miracle? Government has never created a single job?

    Well, since 2007, private sector jobs decreased by .6% in Texas, while public sector employment (AKA government jobs) grew by 6.4%, much of that funded by the federal stimulus program. Exactly the opposite of what Perry claims. Texas is a national leader in one category: low-wage, low-benefit jobs. That’s just the kind of miracle that awaits credulous voters who can’t see past the slick, corporate funded advertisements to … reality.

    Perry is merely the leading clown of nine evil clowns vying for the Republican nomination. They all seem more interested in making you afraid and making you hate than in making you laugh. They also display a contempt for reality and truth. Yet their individual lies – as destructive as they are – are small potatoes compared to the faulty map we’re using to set national policy.

    We can start with Reaganomics and its toxic legacy. You know, government-is-the-problem-shrink-it-until-you-can-drown-it orthodoxy, combined with the notion that the free market is the font of all good things, if we just leave it alone and get gubmint’ off its back.

    This particular bit of idiocy has been tried three times. First in the 1880’s through the 1890s, then again in the 1920’s, and finally between 1980 and 2008. Each period featured laissez-faire economic policies like low taxes, small government, deregulation, and corporate-friendly policies. And guess what? Each period brought extreme income inequality and the inevitable economic collapse that follows.

    It’s possible after the Great Depression a few folks still believed these policies could lead to prosperity. But after 2008? After going 0 for 3? In baseball, there’s a name for that: striking out.

    But that’s reality. And we don’t need no stinkin’ reality.


    I am not here to chit chat folks.

  824. Well now that we know I Repost can talk it makes it all the much worse. All the things he proclaims to believe in, yet he can never hold up to any kind of debate on his subjects. This just makes everything he does even more of a mystery and to me anyway completely pointless.

  825. Good for I Report.

    I have cousins in Austin, and my late aunt and uncle lived in San Antonio.

    My sympathies to you because of your brother and for your long drought.

    Most of our family never smoked.

  826. I report finally said something!!!!!!!

  827. Juanita Jean has another comment about Rick Perry! I notice that Rush is questioning the credentials of Chris Christie – interesting.

    I Speak Texan. That’s a Lot Like English.
    September 30, 2011

    So a fancy pants professor at Texas A&M University wrote an editorial in the Houston Comical this morning. He was trying to say that Rick Perry was not doing well on the national stage because Rick speaks Texan and the rest of the country doesn’t.

    That’s pure unadulterated Caca de Toro.

    Rick Perry is not doing well on the national stage because he’s an undereducated idiot.

    Professor John R. Hanson II can kiss my butt. I am a fifth generation Texan, totally educated in Texas public schools and universities, and I’ll take on all comers with Shakespeare or Aristophanes. I know the poetry of Dante and Willie Nelson. We are not some hick outpost. Nor have we developed some kind of language that only twins understand.

    And then the professor tries this little ditty —

    It is therefore not surprising that our leading politicians today have a handicap performing on the national stage. Nor did previous political leaders from Texas, such as Lyndon Johnson, Lloyd Bentsen, John Connally or Sam Rayburn have reputations as grand orators.

    First off, Lyndon Johnson and Sam Rayburn performed pretty darn well when it came to wielding power.

    But, more importantly, did Hanson not hear Barbara Jordan? Ann Richards? Bill Moyers? Charlie Wilson? Henry Cisneros? Senfronia Thompson? And I know you Texans out there can help me with other names I’m forgetting in my desire to drive to College Station today and get all up in Professor Hanson’s face.

    Hell, Cicero probably came from Texas.

    Thanks to Bubba for the heads-up this morning when he spit coffee all over his newspaper while reading that it’s Texas’ fault that Rick Perry can’t communicate with adults.

    UAW – sorry about your friend. BTW: Did your friend smoke? Most of my family smoked and a brother has cancer in multiple organs, just found out. He quit smoking 10 years ago. I was the black sheep of the family and never smoked. The fascination with sucking speaks more about you than me.

  828. So far, the “fanciful analysis” of the right has been superior to the leftists’ dream world. The bill sounds like what we need, but the stimulus and other legislation did too.

    I’m sorry uawtradesman. I’ve wondered the same thing. Your joke was funny, though.

  829. I should probably apologize for that but I found out that a friend has throat cancer and I just wonder why things like that happens to some people and nothing happens to people that are using up air that some asthmatic needs(like I Report)

  830. I Report said to the Lord “I WANT TO SUCK COCK”……
    and the Lord said” NO…DO NOT SUCK COCK”……
    and I Report said “CAN I JUST MOUTH IT A LITTLE”…..
    and the Lord said”WHO REALLY GIVES A F^&K….YOUR DOING A GOOD JOB NOW”…..

  831. We didn’t crash the economy! Why are we picking up the tab?
    This really is great!!!!! It makes total sense!!

  832. Chris Christie and Sarah Palin – will they run?? Good!


  833. Chris Christie…

  834. http://www.thepeoplesview.net/2011/09/jobs-jobs-nonsense-schools-jobs.html

    The legislation, submitted to Congress this month, would increase gross domestic product by 0.6 percent next year and add or keep 275,000 workers on payrolls, the median estimates in the survey of 34 economists showed. The program would also lower the jobless rate by 0.2 percentage point in 2012, economists said. For those keeping score at home, that’s a “jobs plan” that costs more than $1.6 million per job. If the president wants to spend taxpayer dollars to provoke demand-side job creation, he would be better off holding a lottery and giving $10,000 apiece to 45 million people.
    Seriously, this is what passes for “intellectual analysis” on the right…fanciful economies in which a one-time boost of 10k is more beneficial than a steady, long-term job. Why, it’s almost as asinine as Ron Paul’s claim that lowering the minimum wage would help poor people. No; I am not making that up. Wingfield’s piece also completely ignores the long-term value of investing in education, naturally.
    Obama’s $447 billion jobs package includes $30 billion to renovate high schools and community colleges nationwide, and an additional $30 billion to help local jurisdictions hire and retain teachers. …“Places like South Korea are adding teachers in droves to prepare their kids for the global economy. We’re laying ours off left and right,” Obama told students and teachers in the school’s parking lot. “All across the country, budget cuts are forcing superintendents to make choices they don’t want to make. . . . It’s unfair to our kids; it undermines their future; it has to stop.”
    It’s as though those of conservative bent are congenitally incapable of long-term vision; who in their right mind would suggest we shouldn’t fund schools better and provide quality education to all Americans everywhere? Is it not patently obvious that a solid education opens the doors for people to be entrepreneurs and “job creators” and make industrious contributions to life, society and the GDP? Maybe they resent being too daft to grasp such concepts and don’t want anyone else to be able to either?

    The bill saves jobs, makes long-term investments in the country, cuts the deficit and is totally paid for.
    President Barack Obama’s $447 billion jobs plan would help avoid a return to recession by maintaining growth and pushing down the unemployment rate next year, according to economists surveyed by Bloomberg News. …The plan “prevents a contraction of the economy in the first quarter” of next year, said John Herrmann, a senior fixed-income strategist at State Street Global Markets LLC in Boston, who participated in the survey.
    What is Congress waiting for, indeed.

  835. A Man Walks Into A Bar
    September 30, 2011 By: Juanita Jean Category: Uncategorized


    A man walked into a very high-tech bar. As he sat down on a stool he noticed that the bartender was a robot. The robot clicked to attention and asked, “Sir, what will you have?”

    The man thought a moment then replied “A martini please.”

    The robot clicked a couple of times and mixed the best martini the man had ever had.

    The robot then asked, “Sir, what is your IQ?” The man answered “Oh, about 174.”

    The robot then proceeded to discuss the theory of relativity, inter-stellar space travel, the latest medical breakthroughs, etc…

    The man was most impressed. He left the bar but thought he would try a different tack. He returned and took a seat. Again the robot clicked and asked what would he have? “A martini please.”

    Again it was superb. The robot again asked “What is your IQ sir?”

    This time the man answered, “Oh, about 120″. So the robot started discussing NASCAR racing, the latest basketball scores, and what to expect the Dodgers to do this week end.

    The guy had to try it one more time. So he left, returned and took a stool…. Again a martini, and the question, “What is your IQ?” This time the man drawled out ” Uh…… bout 50″.

    The robot clicked then leaned close and very slowly asked,









    Thank to Robert for the great Friday heads-up.

  836. Another thing, Warren Buffet said he doesn’t endorse the tax provisions in Obama’s bill though it was informally named after him. He was referring to people who earn over fifty million dollars or more, not families earning $250,000 or more.Buffet was concerned with only a few thousand people of the over 300 million people who file income tax forms.

  837. “Even though fifty-some percent of the American people think that the eocnomy tanked because of the last administration, that’s not relevant” Biden stressed. “What’s relevant is we’re in charge. And right now we are the ones in charge and it’s gotten better, but it hasn’t gotten good enough.” Vice President Biden

    The Tea Party has major influence in only one branch of the government. The Tea Party, not Republicans or Democrats forced the discussion to include spending cuts. Republicans were willing to agree to billions of dollars in tax raises during the budget ceiling debate. Obama, not the Tea Party blew the deal when he refused to compromise.

    He and the Democrats basically refused to compromise when they held both houses. Obama replied to Republicans who complained about being cut from the process with “I won the election.”

    The Obama jobs bill is really a re- election bill. Senator Durbin said it doesn’t have enough Democratic support to pass. That is not the Tea Party’s fault. It is also not the Tea Party’s fault that even when they had most of the power, Democrats did not create a budget. It is not the Tea Party’s fault that the Democrats used most of their political capital on Obamacare instead of creating better conditions for job creation. The Tea Party and Republicans did not create the failed stimulus law.

    Obama care was supposed to lower health insurance rates. They are going up, and a White House spokesperson told Jake Tapper, I think, that the increase was unexpected. The savings should begin about 2019 or so they believe.

    All of these factors are a drain on consumer and business spending.

    I agree I Report, we are adrift with little left to correct our course. Even worse other welfare nations are also facing budgetary problems as bad or worse than ours. Our lifelines are frayed.

    A poll reported by Fox News, I think showed the majority of people polled believe if Obama were a CEO, he would have been fired.

    If we have a double dip recession, it will be Obama’s fault in similar fashion as FDR’s putting “Great” in our depression.

    If we do officially enter the double dip recession it will be the Obama double dip, not the Tea Party’s.

  838. I Repost, could you show your evidence that conservatives are solely at fault? This would mean that Obama is a completely ineffectual President. He couldn’t do it with a super majority in congress the first two years, and he can’t do it now. Are the powers so limited as President that you claim he cannot do anything, or is it the man in office?

  839. The Ironic Report,

  840. If you want me to depress you some more, let me tell you what really worries me. If we do go into recession this time around, what will be different from 2008 and 2009 is even if the recession isn’t as deep, we either don’t have the policy ammunition to fight it or we have convinced ourselves that we don’t have the policy ammunition to fight it. So what will the policy response be? Bernanke just showed you he thinks he has very little ammunition left. There’s no way Congress will go in for another big stimulus package. And the Europeans are tied up in the belief that they need to balance their budget.

    Just remember: it doesn’t have to be this way, no matter how often and how loudly Republicans shriek about austerity and budget deficits. If we want them to, both monetary and fiscal policy can have plenty of bite left. Bottom line: If we plummet into a second recession, it will be solely the fault of fanatical conservatives in Congress who refuse for reasons both partisan and ideological to acknowledge that we can do something about this. It’ll be the Tea Party Recession of 2011.

  841. The Teaparty recession is on its way!


  842. I knew what to do…..just didn’t want to destem that many……they came from my wife’s aunt and uncles place………they’ve been there probably 70 years(purple seeded grapes)……….they crushed down to about 25 gal. that’s musting right now……..have to go to the big city….only found 1 pkg of Lalvin EC-1118…….and I’ve only got 3 of the 5 rows picked……

  843. I forgot, Anon. Thanks for giving us a good word.

    By coincidence, my wife took a grape salad to our American Legion flag burning and pot luck supper last night.

    Delurkergurl, your comments gave me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I’m sorry about your husband, and hope he finds another job soon.

    Yes, it has been this politically bad before, especially in the 19th century.

    The closest to this time that I remember is the late sixties and seventies. Some people called ours a sick society,. We all seemed to be splitting apart.

    The 1980s were partisan too, but Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil drank and played golf together during their time off.

    Except for the sixties and early seventies, this is about as futile as I can remember in my life time. These things are cyclical and eventually times will get better. But for now, I’d be scared or depressed, if I weren’t too bull-headed to give in to such feelings.

    I know you feel bad about your departed friends. I had e friends like that too. For six years, we shared personal stuff and helped each other when we were down. I drifted away, for two years because I needed to be alone, and now the site is closed.

    This one is for you and anyone else who needs to know someone cares. It is corny and doesn’t mean much except that I took the trouble to repeat the words. Its my way of showing I care what happens to you.

    ” My old friend
    came down from
    Without even looking
    he found a little truth
    You can go through life
    with the greatest intentions
    but you do what you just got to do
    Your blue might be gray
    Your less might be more
    Your window to the world
    might be your own front door
    Your shiniest day
    might come in the middle of the night
    Its just about right.”


  844. A Florida Author will pay for drug tests for all Florida legislators. It would be interesting to see if the rate of drug usage was greater than the 2.5 % of those who are on welfare in FL/


  845. Jon Stewart has Sarah Palin’s number: He says she is either running for President or she is a crazy person.


  846. I have a grape salad recipe, too, come to think of it. But a pound or so of grapes make enough for a dish to pass at a potluck.

    Thank you, James. You, too, Pfesser. I haven’t had much to say lately, here or even on my own pseudo-blog. I always look forward to fall weather but find the pace to be awfully stressful. Mostly it’s good – hard to say too much good but it’s a lot of logistics for a working mom. I am not feeling the gloom that the media wants me to feel, though, even though my husband has been out of a job for several months. I believe course correction is needed but just like driving on ice, I don’t believe yanking hard on the wheel is safe or necessary. I think some great programs have been halfway implemented, which is discouraging because they can’t really succeed that way. I pray that the parties can find a way to put America first but politics first seems to be the way. Way to much “for it before they were against it” going on. Has it always been this futile? I wasn’t really interested in politics until about 8 years ago so even though I know some of the history I don’t have a lot of recollection of tone/vibe.

    I wish the best for my friends here, and I miss so many of them. I wish others would get a hobby. :)

  847. UAW- I have a wonderful recipe for an unusual salad which uses grapes but am thinking using 45 gallons of grapes would make on the order of 300 gallons of salad…hmmm, not gonna work.

    Make wine with most of it , make concentrated grape juice and freeze it,… whatever… save a couple pounds of grapes and I’ll post the recipe for the salad if you want it.

  848. uawtradesman. Are they wild grapes? We have some around here. I hear they make good wine. Has anyone made wild plum jelly?

  849. Hi delurkergurl. The feeling is mutual. I also look forward to your posts.

    I was checking our flooded land and the receding water this afternoon. I found an apricot tree. It is dead or dormant, but the branches are filled with apricots. If you were here, I’d share them with you and the others.

    Edmund G., I am a survivor, not a victim, and I am proud of it. I didn’t think Lake Wobwegone existed until you shared your story.

  850. Typo correction
    “Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.”

  851. Edmund G. Two things. #1 you should check out other threads on this blog to see how the Liberals have treated those people you singled out, then if you are able, put that treatment into perspective. #2 something my Grandmother always told me; “Judging a person does not define you they are, it defines who you are.”

  852. UAW, have you ever made wine? What kind of grapes are they?

    Hi Donna, Pi, James, Pfesser, Donna and Cynthia. I’m glad to see you guys stopping by here, in spite of those who are on a mission to kill it.Pumpkin pie season is upon us. “Keep your fork.”

  853. Interesting, what do you all think?


  854. I have been reading this blog off and on for some time now. I love Helen’s posts and her keen sense of humor. I don’t know where any of the people who comment here live, nor do I particularly care to know. But a few of them seem to live in the same neighborhood and know each other well. They have perfected the fine art of kill-joy. My impression is, this “PFesser” is the self-appointed expert authority on all things lousy. His counterpart is “James”, the perpetual victim. One of the “Anonymous” is running a close second to both. They relish spreading doom and gloom on a daily basis while insulting the intelligence of others. The negativity never quits. It is possible that these men equate an excess of aggressive criticism with manliness. Pleasant is certainly not their style. “I Report, You Decide” believes that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery when it comes to incessant boredom.

    Where I live, people are loving and kind. From the grocery cashier, the plumber, the business owner to the professional, each greets everyone with a cheery smile and tries their very best to be helpful. This includes courteous drivers on the road. There is an occasional ill-tempered grouch, but that is by far the exception, not the rule. He is avoided like the plague. Despite the inevitable crises and tribulations of life we all experience at one time or another in our lives, our families, friends and neighbors are always there with a helping hand. Often even strangers step up to the plate, including courteous drivers on the road. Most of the time, we all have smart and constructive ideas on how to solve problems. They don’t always work out to perfection so then we get busy and come up with better innovations for solutions in a never ending cycle of successful choices. We are happy people.

    I like where I live.

  855. Grape Juice, no sugar added. The kind that makes the side of your face hurt when you take a sip and sends you to the bathroom if you have more than a few ounces in a sitting.

  856. What to do…What to do….
    nine 5 gal pails of grapes……
    No I’m not making jelly….

  857. Give me specific examples of how the economist’s theoreticians recomendations actually succeeded. I don’t care if examples go back to Roman times or last week. Show me a society which became wealthy because it did what those economists suggested.

    You know my past from the Air Force on. I learned a few things. “Experts” are usually wrong, and they unwittingly cause a lot of pain. Our current experts and leaders promised us the world .They gave us heartache. And you expect us to care what they say?

    I trust my instincts more than they. Experience is a great teacher.

    “Time is a teacher
    He’s taught me well
    A loser is the one
    who cries
    And when you’ve
    cried like a baby
    and you’ve felt like hell
    You know the Devil
    by the look
    in his eyes”

    Jennifer Warnes

  858. Teaparty MENSA meeting! Juanita Jean has another great one! You do not want to miss this one!


  859. Jon Stewart: Chris Christie’s answer So very great!


  860. Income: Past and Present – the inequities which are now happening!
    Honestly: It is UNAMERICAN!!!!

  861. An honest Conversation: TAXING THE RICH, a modest tax increase.http://www.muddypolitics.com/2011/09/honest-conversation.html


    That said, The Economist gives “three good reasons why the wealthy should pay more tax.”

    First, the West’s deficits should not be closed by spending cuts alone. Public spending should certainly take the brunt: there is plenty of scope to slim inefficient Leviathan, and studies of past deficit-cutting programmes suggest they work best when cuts predominate. Britain’s four-to-one ratio is about right. But, as that ratio implies, experience also argues that higher taxes should be part of the mix. In America the tax take is historically low after years of rate reductions. There, and elsewhere, tax rises need to bear some of the burden.
    Second, there is a political argument for raising this new revenue from the rich. Spending cuts fall disproportionately on the less well-off; and, even before the crunch, median incomes were stagnating. Meanwhile, globalisation has been rewarding winners ever more generously. Voters’ support for ongoing austerity depends on a disproportionate share of any new revenue coming from the wealthy. …

    (T)he third argument for raising more money from the rich is that it can be done not by increasing marginal tax rates, but by making the tax code more efficient.… Getting rid of the deductions would simplify the code and raise as much as $1 trillion a year. Since the main beneficiaries of the deductions are the wealthy, richer folk would pay most of that. And since marginal rates would be untouched (or reduced), such a reform would do less to discourage them from creating wealth.

    The result would be “A larger overall tax take from the rich, without hurting the dynamism of the economy.”

    Our elected leaders would be wise to take The Economist’s advice, as reforming the entire tax code – “curbing exemptions, credits and deductions” – would save a $1 trillion of the $1.5 trillion in spending Congress is tasked with cutting by November 23rd. It lowers the debt without slowing economic growth or punishing “job creators.”

    You can’t take The Economist’s words as the Gospel – especially in a literal context, as there’s very little “good news” in the whole news magazine – but its (anonymous) editors are correct. Taxing the rich is fair. Budget cuts hit the less-well-off more disproportionally than the wealthy. And common sense says balancing the budget requires balanced sacrifice.

    The president has already agreed to trillions of dollars in budget cuts over the next decade. Politically, he has made his sacrifice, and by doing so he’s given himself the credibility necessary to start that “real,” “honest” and “legitimate” conversation with America, with Congress, and with the millionaires who’ve been “generously rewarded” by globalization and years of “historically low” tax rate reductions.

    Obama isn’t talking about talking about tax increases. He’s actually starting a conversation. In contrast to Perry’s attack on Social Security as being a fraudulent scam, or Ryan’s call for destroying Medicare, the tax increases in Obama’s American Jobs Act are popular, and therefore possible.
    Follow the discussion

  862. There is only one good answer to the question. Whatever the woman decides.

    It is an interesting petition position. i like it, but it carries some unanswered questions. For one, how do candidates advertise themselves and their messages?

    I agree. We all need to get involved. Maybe this petition would attract attention.

    Stranger things have happened in politics. I think California’s tax revolt started with petitions who’s positions were eventually voted into law.

    My wife and I attended a flag burning and pot luck supper last night. Actually, it was an American Legion old flag disposal ceremony, but my version sounds more dramatic.

  863. http://nalc.org/depart/legpol/pdf/Retiree%20health%20funding.pdf

    James- the postal thingy has more to do with a 2006 change in law which requires prefunding of benefits than the fact they get benefits. Congress says it is doing specific things which oft times don’t come to pass or are skewed when poorly crafted law creates other problems.

  864. OK -

    It worked.

  865. Question for the next GOP debate: Should a woman who is raped be forced to have the baby or could she consider an abortion?


  866. Rick Perry – Bad Lip Reading – funny!! We need this Rich Perry at the debates.


  867. IMO – Important environmental issues:


    Some have called for Keystone XL to be rerouted because of concerns about the Ogallala Aquifer, an expansive pool of fresh groundwater that lies beneath the Great Plains.



    The Ogallala aquifer (pronounced OH-GA-LA-LA) is one of the largest aquifer systems in the world. It stretches across all or portions of eight states generally from north to south to include South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas and underlies about 174,000 square miles.



    H.R. 1581, the Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act, which we like to call the “Great Outdoors Giveaway”. Today corporate polluters and developers have access to 76 percent of National Forests and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands, leaving less than a quarter of those lands, with some level of wilderness protection. Under H.R. 1581, the Great Outdoors Giveaway, that percentage of protected lands would shrink to just 12 percent, giving polluters and developers’ access to a whopping 88 percent of all National Forest and BLM lands.

    Check out the areas that will be lost. Perhaps one near you – AK, CA, CO, FL, IL, MN, MT, NM, NV, PA, OR, VA, WA, W VA, WY

    Okay before you start complaining, I am through. I will leave you with this:


    There once was a man named Ailes
    Who thought the news was stale
    He hired some guys
    To spread nothing but lies
    And America began to fail.


  868. Please check this out –.

    “By signing this petition, you are joining our campaign to get money out of politics.”

    For those of you who say what good does it do to sign a petition – I don’t know but –
    what harm will it cause if we do. What if 1 million people signed or 2 or 5 or 10 or 20 million signed? What if it were to be put on a ballot and we got to vote on it?

    We all know Congress won’t do anything about it.

    Or we can just sit on our fat butts and do nothing!!!


    “No person, corporation or business entity of any type, domestic or foreign, shall be allowed to contribute money, directly or indirectly, to any candidate for Federal office or to contribute money on behalf of or opposed to any type of campaign for Federal office. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, campaign contributions to candidates for Federal office shall not constitute speech of any kind as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution or any amendment to the U. S. Constitution. Congress shall set forth a federal holiday for the purposes of voting for candidates for Federal office.”


  869. http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-september-26-2011/indecision-2012—the-great-right-hope—the-gop-finds-another-ideal-candidate

    Here is the link – I hope it works this time. Too great to miss.

  870. The latest maybe entrant into the beauty pageant is??? Jon Stewart has some information for you!!!! Please look at the thing of beauty above before checking this out. You want to get maximum impact!!!!


  871. The truly is a thing of beauty! From Juanitajean

  872. Will Chris Christie be the next Republican flavor of the month? Rachel Maddow checks it out.


  873. Anon, I agree. Thousands or millions might die in such a revolt either from bullets or starvation. It is the last thing anyone wants to see. However, there is a certain point when people feel so disrespected, oppressed, and ignored that they will take up arms.We are watching a protracted revolution in the Middle East as people fire governments which broke their social contracts.

    Such revolutions may fail, or they may convince governments to become more attentive to their citizen’s needs, but they are almost inevitable.

    We are civilized, but under our lawful veneer beat the hearts of 30,000 year-old Cro Magnum people. We are as violent and pitiless as anyone else on earth.

    I was just being theoretical based on human history. Actually, our revolution has already begun, and it has caused a counter revolution fought with votes, speeches, and legislation. Look around you. Its all over the news.

  874. The difference James being we are a more civilized country with massive amounts of the population living in large cities and ill equipped to survive long without the infrastructures that are in place in a society such as ours. If a large revolt were to take place, and production and transport of the things we need to live on day by day were to be disrupted, I think we would have chaos unlike we have seen in any of our lifetimes, and the death toll would be massive. Not to mention our foes taking the opportunity to try and take advantage of us and inflict massive damage upon us.

  875. Cynthia, you’re right.

    It does help to know history. People tend to react to similar events in similar ways. Religious ebb and flow has been with us since the beginning. Mormons, Christian Scientists, and Methodists are a few of the relics of past Christian reawakenings.

    Another thing we won’t hear in the national news happened on Omaha yesterday. Many people were protesting the proposed closure of post offices. Among the demonstrators were the Postal Workers Union.

    The leader said the postal department is in trouble because of guaranteed medical and other benefits as well as changing mail exchange patterns. He said if the benefits agreement was altered, the service would have a half million dollar surplus this year, and union workers would keep their jobs.

    Yes, anon, we are living in historic times. if we stick together, I think it will work out all right in the end. We have gone through such things before. If the worst happens, we will settle it with guns. That has happened many times before. Kulpepper’s, Shay’s, Bacon’s other revolts are just three of the examples.

  876. And a Police state was born.

    There are so many examples of this it is almost no longer a surprise, and that in and of itself is disturbing. We have on record Obama saying that he wish he could by pass congress and just act. He has 3 times now that I am aware of acted without congressional approval where congress said Obama exceeded his authority. Today on Glen Beck he played audio of a Democrat who said the congressional process is hurting America, and that we need to form super committees to bypass congress to get things done. As we all know there has already been a supper committee formed that is bypassing congress. We are watching history being made right now in our lives. We are watching our nation being transformed. You will be able to tell your grandchildren as they go to their government run reeducation programs that you were there when Liberty fell.

  877. Any one hear this on the news last night? No you would not!

    On Tuesday, more than 700 pilots from United Continental (created by a merger of Continental Airlines and United Airlines) protested on Wall Street. Unrelated to the #OccupyWallSt protests less than a block away, the pilots were out to protest the slowness of contract negotiations.



    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could turn on the news and actually get the news.


  878. Pfesser –


    Obama’s proposal, which he spelled out last week, would:
    •Impose a $100 fee on each commercial airliner and corporate jet every time they take off. Only military planes and small planes with piston engines would be excluded from the new take-off fee.

    I found this to be very interesting. I guess it helps to know history.


    Why the Antichrist Matters in Politics

    THE end is near — or so it seems to a segment of Christians aligned with the religious right. The global economic meltdown, numerous natural disasters and the threat of radical Islam have fueled a conviction among some evangelicals that these are the last days. While such beliefs might be dismissed as the rantings of a small but vocal minority, apocalyptic fears helped drive the antigovernment movements of the 1930s and ’40s and could help define the 2012 presidential campaign as well.

  879. “I remember walkin
    round the court
    square sidewalks
    lookin in the
    windows at a thing
    I couldn’t want
    There’s Johnson’s
    Hardware and
    Morgan’s Jewelry
    And the ol’ Lee
    King’s Aporthecary
    They were the
    little man

    I go back now
    and the stores
    are empty
    Except an old
    Coke sign
    dated 1950
    Boarded up like
    they never
    or renovated
    and called
    historic districts
    There goes the
    little man

    Now the court
    square’s just a
    set of streets
    That people go
    around but they
    seldom think
    ‘Bout the little
    man who built
    this town
    Before the big
    money shut
    ‘em down
    and killed
    the little man

    He pumped your
    gas and he
    cleaned your glass
    One cold rainy
    night he fixed
    your flat
    A new store came
    where you do it
    You buy lotto
    ticket and food
    off the shelf

    Forget the little man
    He hung on
    there for a few
    more years
    But he couldn’t
    sell slurpees
    and he
    wouldn’t sell beer
    Now the bank rents
    the station to a man
    down the road
    And they sell velvet
    Elvis and
    secondhand clothes
    Oh the little man

    Now the stores
    are lined up in
    a concrete strip
    You can buy the
    whole world
    with just one trip
    Ya save a
    penny ’cause
    it’s jumbo size
    They don’t even
    realize they’re
    killin the little man”

    Allen Jackson

    I liked the quote, Cynthia

    Harry Chapin’s widow said “Cats in the Cradle” was her idea and she wrote a rough draft. Harry wasn’t especially interested until after their first son was born. Then, he knew he had to write and sing the song.

    Pfessor, I read a link referring to the possible tax on the Drudge Report maybe several weeks ago.

  880. PFesse. I just heard it on AM Radio news break. Not sure if it was ABC news but I think it was.

  881. The Tea Party is a good example of what this fellow is talking about!


  882. Borrowed from Alan Grayson –

    What Made America Famous

    It was the town that made America famous.
    The churches full and the kids all gone to hell.
    Six traffic lights and seven cops and all the streets kept clean.
    The supermarket and the drug store and the bars all doing well.

    They were the folks that made America famous.
    The local fire department stocked with shorthaired volunteers.
    And on Saturday night while America boozes
    The fire department showed dirty movies,
    The lawyer and the grocer seeing their dreams
    Come to life on the movie screens
    While the plumber hopes that he won’t be seen
    As he tries to hide his fears and he wipes away his tears.
    But something’s burning somewhere. Does anybody care?

    We were the kids that made America famous.
    The kind of kids that long since drove our parents to despair.
    We were lazy long hairs dropping out, lost, confused, and copping out.
    Convinced our futures were in doubt and trying not to care.

    We lived in the house that made America famous.
    It was a rundown slum, the shame of all the decent folks in town.
    We hippies and some welfare cases,
    Crowded families of coal black faces,
    Cramped inside some cracked old boards,
    The best that we all could afford
    But still too nice for the rich landlord
    To tear it down and we could hear the sound
    Of something burning somewhere. Is anybody there?

    We all lived the life that made America famous.
    Our cops would make a point to shadow us around our town.
    And we love children put a swastika on the bright red firehouse door.
    America, the beautiful, it makes a body proud.

    And then came the night that made America famous.
    Was it carelessness or someone’s sick idea of a joke?
    In the tinder box trap that we hippies lived in someone struck a spark.
    At first I thought I was dreaming,
    Then I saw the first flames gleaming
    And heard the sound of children screaming.
    Coming through the smoke. That’s when the horror broke.
    Something’s burning somewhere. Does anybody care?

    It was the fire that made America famous.
    The sirens wailed and the firemen stumbled sleepy from their homes.
    And the plumber yelled: “Come on let’s go!”
    But they saw what was burning and said: “Take it slow,
    Let ‘em sweat a little, they’ll never know
    And besides, we just cleaned the chrome.”

    Said the plumber: “Then I’m going alone.”

    He rolled on up in the fire truck
    And raised the ladder to the ledge
    Where me and my girl and a couple of kids
    Were clinging like bats to the edge.
    We staggered to salvation,
    Collapsed on the street.
    And I never thought that a fat man’s face
    Would ever look so sweet.

    I shook his hand in the scene that made America famous
    And a smile from the heart that made America great
    You see we spent the rest of that night in the home of a man I’d never known before.
    It’s funny when you get that close it’s kind of hard to hate.

    I went to sleep with the hope that made America famous.
    I had the kind of a dream that maybe they’re still trying to teach in school.

    Of the America that made America famous…and
    Of the people who just might understand
    That how together yes we can
    Create a country better than
    The one we have made of this land,
    We have a choice to make each man
    who dares to dream, reaching out his hand
    A prophet or just a crazy God damned
    Dreamer of a fool – yes, a crazy fool

    There’s something burning somewhere.

    Does anybody care?

    Is anybody there?

    Here is Harry singing the song, or


    (I don’t know how to get the song any other way, sorry and you don’t need to donate!)

    On Harry Chapin’s gravestone –

    Oh, if a man tried
    To take his time on Earth
    And prove before he died
    What one man’s life could be worth
    I wonder what would happen
    to this world.


  883. anon@9:03

    Do you have a source on this?

  884. This just in, Obama has proposed a new “take off” tax for all types of aircraft. This would put a charge of $100 each time an aircraft took off from an airport. Really? Current charges already add 20% to the cost of flying. What is the positive in this?

  885. It is getting harder and harder to believe Obama is trying to do good for this country. He is either completely inept, or he has a purpose that is clearly not in the best interest of this country.

    Our economy is in the crapper. We have historic levels of unemployment, and what does our President do about it?

    He hands us legislation that is called a jobs bill, that once you look under the surface, is nothing more than a reelection bill. Obama has demonized any American who’s wealthy, productive, or owns a business. Then, Obama has gone on to scratch his head and wonder why those same people aren’t creating jobs.

    Obama is not a friend of business, and his actions have not only not helped create jobs, they have harmed business and increased unemployment. According to the Heritage Foundation, “the Obama Administration imposed 75 new major regulations from January 2009 to mid-FY 2011, with annual costs of $38 billion, and s proposing another seven new regulations that are projected to cost businesses somewhere between 35 and 100 billion dollars more. Any economist will tell you that when you need to grow jobs, that is the time to take the chains off business, not throw more on them.

    When Obama care goes into effect in 2014 (why wait if people are suffering now? Politics?) business will have have tremendous costs added not to mention massive new levels of government red tape to wade through. This should spur business to hire more for sure.

    New EPA regulations put into effect under the Obama administration have put additional restrictions on green house gas emissions and could cost 7.3 million jobs and add $32.2 billion annually in new regulatory costs. To add insult to injury, the EPA is planning to tighten its standards for how much dust can be in the air. As a result it is projected that 18% of the workforce in the pulp and paper mill industry would disappear.

    Even though Barack Obama promised to “cut the deficit in half by the end of his term,” he has gone on the single biggest wasteful spending spree in human history. Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus did almost nothing for the economy, and created a new entitlement program that, despite phony budget projections, everyone knows will add trillions to the debt. If Obama had actually gone in a different direction and lived up to his promise to cut the deficit, America’s AAA rating would still be intact and we would not have to worry about America defaulting.

    America losing its AAA rating because of this level of spending was an almost unthinkable outcome before Barack Obama became President. Business has to consider the possibility of a government caused default in less than a decade, an event that would create an economic climate in the United States that would be considerably worse than the Great Depression. All things considered is there any surprise that businesses aren’t hiring?

    To continue on his job destruction program, Obama has proposed several tax hikes at a time when we can ill afford it. These include, killing the Bush tax cuts, a corporate jet tax, a value added tax, an increase in the capital gains tax, raising taxes on oil companies, a higher income tax on the “wealthy,” the taxation of digital goods and services, healthcare taxes, raising the death tax, new corporate taxes, life insurance taxes, new energy taxes, taxes on allergy medicine, taxes on oxygen tanks, new real estate taxes, new tax rates for millionaires, to name a few. The end result is that it is impossible to estimate how much of the money you’ve earned that you will be able to keep over the next few years. That uncertainty has caused job creators to hunker down, stockpile cash, and avoid hiring more people.

    This country will not survive one more term of this administration. We cannot continue down this path. Set aside your political affiliations and open your eyes to what our government is doing to us all. If all that Obama aspires to do comes to pass, it will not matter what your political position is when we enter into the largest world wide great depression in recorded history.

  886. I found this comment on a blog interesting:

    The President is acting more and more Presidential with every outing. He is showing leadership while the GOP whines that “we need a leader.” Yes, the GOP DOES need a leader…someone who thinks rationally and without a Tea Party gun held to their head.

  887. Americans have more trust in President Obama in dealing with the deficit than they have in Republicans.


    As the nation prepares for another round of deficit reduction debates, the public’s confidence in congressional leaders, particularly Republican leaders in Congress, has plummeted. Just 35% say they have a great deal or fair amount of confidence in Republican leaders in Congress to do the right thing when it comes to dealing with the federal budget deficit, down from 47% in May. Fully 62% say they have little or no confidence in the Republican leaders on this issue.

  888. Thanks Pfessor. I think it is “exorcised.” One side effect of our experience is both of our children save what they can and they are very careful with money they do spend.

    I also like what uawtradesman writes. He is pithy, clever, and to the point.

    I am happy today. Someone in town removed a large iris bed to make room for a larger handicapped ramp for her disabled husband, and since we were in the right place at the right time, she gave us five gallons of iris. We planted them, and now, we have another five or ten gallons. Hooray for us!. We will plant them and next year, give some to a neighbor who lost all of her flowers in the flood.

    Our son called from California last night. As I have written, he works for a multinational company in San Jose. Thanks to the California economy, his company has sent some workers to Texas. Yesterday, the divisional president and many other workers were laid off. Since our son is one of the few who know the computer system, his job is probably safe for now. He doesn’t know about our cousin.

    The police interviewed our daughter yesterday, because one of her therapy clients accidently burned down his parents’ house when he was disposing of some drugs. Our daughter wouldn’t talk because it would be an abuse of client-counselor privilage. They said they could charge her with obstruction of justice. She called the boy and asked if it was all right to discuss the matter. He said it was. Since our daughter treats gang members etc. these things happen from time to time.

    Omaha has been rated number six in the nation for its ability to retain and attract college graduates. Our area is still an economic oasis. KFAB is interviewing Leslie Stall who will be speaking in Omaha. She joked that “Omaha is the center of the world.” Andy Rooney will announce on Sunday that he won’t be on 60 Minutes every week. He is 92. She said Andy is a curmudgeon, but he was the one who welcomed Leslie as “one of the guys.” They are “good personal friends.”

    My wife hates the video, but whenever I watch the “Glee-Safety Dance Music Video” posted by wizpants, a bunch of college students I feel good.”

    It is a good day in spite of all of the links.

  889. “The bottom 50% pay 2.7% of the total federal tax load.”

    isn’t that because they make 2.7% of the money???????

  890. Thanks, pfesser. I couldn’t agree more. There have been repeated requests to stop the links. Certainly, an occasional one may be interesting or fun. But this is out of control and it’s thoughtless. I don’t give a rip if it’s I Report or Noah–it’s equally discourteous.

    I Report–either you are spamming or you genuinely don’t care what others think. Certainly, I probably share some of your views. But you are acting like a selfish, petty child.

    Noah–you are no better. You constantly post links and then use the fact that people are ignoring you to carp about how nobody “can” respond, and the fact that people are ignoring I Report to complain that nobody “calls him” on it–as though the choice to disregard indicates some sort of tolerance.

    This has zero to do with POV and everything to do with the fact that you both behave like jerks.

  891. God, man – can we PLEASE stop it with the dueling links and the multiple anonymous anonvmi? (Is that a word?) Will you please stop being so damned lazy and start posting something thoughtful that you, yourself thought of? PLEASE?!

    IMHO you folks are destroying this blog. I have made it a policy to never click any of the links and just scroll by them; James and Delurker are just about the only posts I even read any more, and it looks like most of the other interesting posters are just not coming by.

    Is this some kind of spambot deal? What’s going on with you people? If you are trying to get a point across, you have failed because nobody is following the links.

    BTW, James – good post. Don’t worry about getting a little exorcized (exercised? Which way is right for that meaning?) about the farm situation. I’m amazed that you have kept it together as well as you have.

  892. Is there any rhyme or reason to Liberals anymore?


  893. More information not told to us on Obama Care.


  894. Shining a light on Obama’s hypocrisy


  895. Obama care will save us money? Does not appear to be the case.


  896. Funny: States are so happy to get investment in solar power!!


  897. I think we have stumbled onto something profound here. As passionate as Liberals are about the Rich and their money and not paying their fair share. As passionate as Liberals are about the little people and taking care of the poor. Isn’t it interesting if they were given the opportunity to have things their way, not a single one of them have a clue how much they would take from the rich and give to the poor. While I have at times been sarcastic about the Liberal way of doing things, who knew that their was actual truth behind it. Maybe the noise is just noise, and their is no actual substance behind it. It certainly is an apt description of the Obama Presidency thus far.

  898. I Report = Juneau Joe


  899. If you cannot identify what fair is, how do you know what we have now isn’t fair?
    The bottom 50% pay 2.7% of the total federal tax load.
    The Top 1% pay 38.02%
    The Top 5% pay 58.72%
    The Top 10% pay 69.94%
    The Top 25% pay 86.34%
    The Top 50% pay 97.30%

    This is the best breakdown you are going to get. Since you won’t, or cant identify what is fair, could you identify where on here that it is not fair starts at? Is it at the 1% or 5% level? Is it everyone from the 50% or above level?

  900. Sorry about my emotional outburst. I usually keep it to myself.

  901. POTUS has more problems…..
    “Obama’s jobs plan isn’t top priority for Reid “……WTF……..