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Posted by: Helen Philpot | November 10, 2010

Higher Ground

Margaret, you tell Howard that I’ll close up shop when he stops watching FOX.  I may be old, but I am not dead and this sure as hell isn’t my first time to the rodeo.  My voice just got louder and my fat ass isn’t going anywhere until Jesus calls me home.

The thing about politics, Margaret, is that these days there really is no middle ground.  Not a single candidate won their seat with a mandate.  Show me a candidate who took 100% of the votes and I’ll show you a candidate with a mandate.  For example, even Mr. Coons up there in Delaware represents 40% of voters who preferred a witch.  And Governor Perry down here in my state is still the Governor for over 2 million Texans who voted for the other guy.  Which one do you think  is looking for middle ground today?

Senator Coons told people,  “I’m honored and humbled by the confidence expressed by the voters of Delaware today, but now the hard work begins. I’ve said all along that this campaign is about Delaware’s families and the challenges they face.” 

About that same time Perry was telling reporters, ”When the outcomes of this election are certified, we will see a substantial conservative presence in both the Texas House and Senate.  We are one day closer to seeing the changes we want in Washington.”   He then set out to do the hard work Texans elected him to do… sell his book.  By the way, in his book he writes, “If you don’t support the death penalty and citizens packing a pistol, don’t come to Texas.  If you don’t like medicinal marijuana and gay marriage, don’t move to California.”

Now that’s bringing the country together …

For there to be common ground, both sides have to be looking for it.  Kind of hard when the new Republican leader John Boehner has declared that Republicans will not compromise.  Funny.  They’ve been compromising on their principles about smaller government for years.  Why change now when compromise is exactly what we need?

Sometimes I just scratch my head and wonder how much better life would be if Americans still had to turn a page in a newspaper rather than flip a channel on the boob tube to get the news.   But such is life.  You live and you learn.  And at my age you learn too  much.  For instance, I have learned that when Democrats over-reach, we end up providing health insurance coverage for children who have pre-existing conditions.  When Republicans over-reach, we go to war.

When a liberal activist judge over-reaches, a disenfranchised group of Americans have their constitutional rights restored.  When a conservative activist judge over-reaches, the country’s elections get handed to corporations on a silver platter. 

Sour grapes?  Maybe.  I never said I was without prejudice.  In fact, I have openly admitted to being a bitch.  But the difference between my being a bitch and Sarah Palin being a bitch is huge.  When I am a bitch,  a few people get a good laugh over an old lady’s blog writing.  When Sarah Palin is a bitch, some of God’s most beautiful handiwork gets reduced to a line item on Exxon’s annual report.

I have lived all my life speaking my mind.   And I don’t intend to stop now.   You want to know what I really think?  I think Fox News has no problem telling lies.   And I think a whole lot of white people don’t like having a black President.  And I think gay people scare straight people.  And religious people forget the basic teachings handed down by the founders of their religion.  At the crossroads of every major religion, you’ll find the Golden Rule.   Too bad they’ve deleted it from their GPS.

Do you really expect me to believe that a bunch of Republicans were swept into office because Democrats covered pre-existing conditions for children?  Or because Health Insurance Companies can’t drop you when you are no longer profitable?  Or that Cap and Trade is killing our country?  Please.  I bet you can’t find 10 Tea Party voters who can even tell you what Cap and Trade is.  I know for damn sure that bitch from Alaska can’t.

Michele Bachmann is a lunatic who wants Democrats investigated.  Sarah Palin quit her job as Governor so she could get rich.   Sharron Angle told a bunch of hispanic students that they looked a little Asian – as if the Asians got together with the Hispanics to create a bigger voting block ???  I mean what the hell was that all about anyway?  

Wake up America.  John Boehner is orange for goodness sakes.  Orange people don’t have to be asked because you can tell just by looking at them.   Where is Michele Bachmann’s investigation on orange people?  

And this lot is better than Obama?  I’m not buying it.

Ten percent of the vote came out of a nation frustrated by unemployment.  The other 90% remains divided.  As soon as the jobs return we’ll be back to dealing with the hard problems:  Racism.  Sexism.  Ageism.  Religious fanaticism.  Ignorance…ism.   And Sarah Palin.

Two years ago, the pundits predicted that the Republican party had become a regional party reduced to the southern states.  Clearly they were wrong. Why?  Because hate has no boundaries and Sarah Palin found a flight out of Wasilla.

Today the pundits are saying that Democrats are out of touch with the main stream.  Guess what?  So were abolitionists.   Pundits come and pundits go.  I’ve been around for more than 80 years.  Deal with it.

For everyone who is currently considering removing their Obama sticker from the back of their car… for every Democrat who made the effort to get out the vote and today is feeling a little down… for every progressive American who is thinking about moving to Canada…. I say this: 

Christine O’Donnell might not have been a witch, but Sarah Palin is definitely a bitch.   Three steps forward.  One step back.

We’re still two steps ahead of the game with a Senate and a White House.  Washington will be grid-locked for the next two years, but the ground war just came to the States.  Democrats need to stop looking for middle ground and start looking for higher ground.  And for goodness sakes, grow a pair and quit apologizing for it.

As I see it, the Democrats have one job between now and the next election –   figuring out how to get those who stayed home mad enough to get off their asses.    Democracy isn’t a spectator sport.  I mean it.  Really.

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  1. Ms. Philpot, you are FANTASTIC. Thank you so much for sharing your opinions with the rest of the world. You are smart, funny, honest, and fun to read – we could use a few more like you!

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  3. And let the church say AMEN! Preach, Sista! Preach!

  4. Helen, I think I am your long lost child, Republicans adopted me and I’ve been looking for you ever since! ;-)

  5. Helen Philpot for president!!

  6. Helen, quite simply, you rock! You had me in stitches and nodding my head manically in agreement. I’m so happy to have found you. Thank you for keeping it real. Really.

  7. Chek out this website for everything about sport and health.

  8. Helen and Margaret,
    This website was the saving grace for me during the 2008 campaign. It gave me hope, sanity, courage, and made me thank God for people like you who could salve the wounds and hurts with laughter.
    This piece made me sad because it was so true. I haven’t been posting but I do enjoy reading!
    Thank you for your beauty and spirit.
    And, as our (ALL of us, even asshats) President always ends his words, God bless America.

  9. helen, i do believe i love you

  10. Wow. when did M&H become the Poolman pulpit? What’s up with that, gentleman? Too lazy to start your own blog?

  11. Wow. when did M&H become the Noah/James/Gregorio blog? What’s up with that, gentlemen? Too lazy to start your own blogs?

  12. Noah asked
    So I am curious, point by point if you can what about a conservative do you dislike.

    I would like him to tell us — if there is anything politically postive he can say about dems/liberals. I don’t mean some frivolous statement. Maybe we should all look for what we have in COMMON as opposed to what is different.

  13. Gregorio, that is funny, albeit a bit scary also too. Those Palin’s sure bring out the crazy. I don’t know what political side of the aisle this guy comes from, but I sure wouldn’t give him back his bullets.

  14. So its come to guns and violence!

    A man in Wisconsin apparently watching Dancing with the Stars Monday night blasted his TV with a shotgun.

    Seems he did not care for Bristol Palin’s dancing routine and the fact that she was even on the show.
    Then he turned his gun on his wife threatening her as well.

    According to his wife he started mumbeling something about Bristol being a political figure and having no talent.

    Guess that makes Wisconsin a blue state with a
    gun control issue. After a standoff, He was finally coaxed out by police.

    I suppose he will be in line “Black Friday” looking for a new TV.

  15. Linda, you didn’t have to “yell.” Noah asked a question, and I tried to answer it.

    I believe Noah’s definition and even poolman’s response reflect our nation’s general tendency to have center right attitudes and values. Democratic leaders moving too far left with poor results cost themselves the election.

    Vgman incorrectly called this a democracy. It is a republic because our founding fathers believed a democracy would not survive as a free country.

  16. Hal, your welcome to your opinion. As for the amount of time I spend on here, I find forming coherent thoughts to be second nature so I don’t have to spend a great deal of time formulating what I want to say and posting it on here.

    You will take note that teaching aside all my ventures are in league with others. I play a passive roll in everything but the ranch. Try stretching yourself one day Hal and you will find that it isn’t so difficult.

  17. For such a busy person Noah you sure spend a LOT of time posting here. Anyone want to call Bullshit with me?

  18. you seem confused vgman , let me assist you.

    Yes I teach kids, lots of kids. As I am a teacher.
    I have part ownership in an adult assisted living. SO yes I am there.

    My statement that people know what they themselves need better than the government is to reinforce the fact that the little people Liberals alleged to covet are not the dumb unthinking brutes that Liberals would like you to believe. I believe the vast majority of people have the capability to judge better for themselves what they need than some government program that is taking pot shots in the dark.

    Quote me where I said I know what is best for you.

    As for the rest of your post vgman. I am a teacher, business owner that has 23 employees, and a part time city official. I also co-own a not for profit horse ranch for abused inner city children. So could you again bottom line for me, with this insider information you have, how exactly I should get off my butt and do…what?

    And if you could, just to be fair. How many people do you currently employ? How many people do you help on a daily basis with your not for profit efforts?

  19. I believe and have substantial proof my view is the conservative view. But again for the sake of accuracy lets stick to the topic at hand.

    1. Could you name a period of time where Government was efficient or effective, let alone both at the same time?

    2. check

    3. Elaborate. If I make something from nothing why should I not be able to keep it?

    4. Ive seen countless examples that exemplify this trait among conservatives.

    5. check i guess

    6. As low as is sustainable. Lower taxes on small business promotes growth. Growth means more jobs. More people working means more taxes being paid in. See a trend?

  20. Noah,
    I don’t see you out there fixing the potholes in the road…..or teaching 27 ten year olds at your elbows….or taking care of a cantakerous elderly woman who doesn’t understand why she feels her freedom is being taken away…

    Exactly what about “we the people know what is better for us than they the government” reveals itself in the evidence of or lack of compassion in our society?

    You? know what is best for me? For all of us?
    Nobody ever promised that a democracy was going to be a neat, clean-cut process. But left up to those who want to solve the ills of our nation….homelessness, despair, etc. by saying “we the people know what is better for us” assumes that what you think doesn’t always float everyone’s boat.
    Government should respond to the wishes of the people–I agree. But the size of government can also be equated to the amount of necessary work that needs to get accomplished before we can pull ourselves out of this rut.
    You want to make this a better place? a better nation? a better world?
    Then get off your butt and get off this blog and get helping people.
    Sit around a table with those in need and figure out a solution.
    You’re all talk.

  21. Noah, your points do not entirely reflect a classic conservative view. The link I provided shows how varied the definition of conservative is. If you want my take on your points, which do not fall in any single political ideology, then they are as follows:

    Point 1: I somewhat agree, but mostly disagree. Government needs to be efficient but effective. Too small and business runs it. Too big and it runs business out. In America today, business runs government.

    Point 2: I agree.

    Point 3: I somewhat agree.

    Point 4: I agree, but cannot find this among the definitions of conservative.

    Point 5: This is vague. Recognizing power, sure. Power for good or power for evil? As long as it doesn’t write our laws like it does now, I like business to thrive.

    Point 6: Lower than what? I’ll be a fiscal conservative here. If the taxes can be lowered without detrimental affects to the services the community provides for that small business to operate in, yes I agree.

  22. in short
    1. smaller govt
    2. gradual change
    3. self reliance and keeping what one makes
    4. open mindedness.
    5. recognizing free market
    6. Lower taxes on small business.

  23. “Economic conservatism gives the free market free reign. ”
    NO, it does not. No thinking person would want an unchecked free market. You might be able to quote a nutcase that would advocate it, but conservatism as a whole does not prescribe to this notion.

    Not to be picky but rather to be accurate, I chose my points and how I worded them. So specifically to anyone who would care to tackle theml do you disagree with the points as I laid them out?

  24. I agree with some of the principles of some of the forms of conservatism, but not all. I subscribe to the classical conservative principle of gradual change, but in a progressive fashion regarding that change.

    I ascribe to the original conservative interpretation of the constitution but with the progressive changes of the bill of rights and the progressive giving rights to women and blacks.

    I agree with fiscal conservative principles and even including all defense spending. I oppose privatisation of government duties and function that give capitalism a place and profit in governance including defense.

    I’m fine with social conservatism but only within our society, not imposed on other countries or cultures. That is one reason I’m opposed to neoconservatism in all its facets.

    Economic conservatism gives the free market free reign. That has been recently proven disasterous. I prefer government regulation of capitalist ventures to protect the public interest.

  25. “no one’s puppet”, But who or what do you stand for?
    Kinda says it all.

  26. What is in a name is an label that accurately depicts a set of beliefs. I have no prophet. I find they hide the truth and my ability for self determination. So again what do you disagree with?

  27. What’s in a name? Most have no idea what a conservative is. Those who are told what they are by their prophets rarely seek an alternative opinion.

  28. So I am curious, point by point if you can what about a conservative do you dislike.

    Smaller Government (Theory, we the people know what is better for us than they the government).
    Conservatives understand that outside of running the military and other related protective services, the government, either federal or state, simply cannot achieve what private, capitalist free market based industry achieves.

    Gradual changes rather than dramatic changed. Test the waters as things change to see the effects of said change without doing to much damage if the changes had unintended consequences.

    Emphasizing self-reliance and being able to keep the fruits of one’s labor.

    Emphasizing humility and open-mindedness instead of arrogant certainty about one’s own views

    Recognizing the power of the free market

    Lower taxes on small business.

  29. hear yea, hear yea. right on Mr. Poolman.

  30. It’s funny how all the republican celebrities are writing books. Palin, Bush, Perry, even Christine “I’m not a witch” O’Donnell. Pundits Beck, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, et al. It doesn’t appear to me that most of them read much. It is just how they come across to me. I don’t think it matters, though. Of course they are all instant best sellers. I think they’re even best sellers before they come off the presses. Who pre-orders how many and such, all part of the marketing.

    I don’t buy into the marketing. Like encores at concert halls, it’s all staged anymore. Few are based on merit. It’s about as accurate and fair as the DWTS contest. Just for show. It is like flagpins and “support our troops” ribbons, a requirement to be a “real” republican. Walk-the-walk, talk-the-talk. Outward characteristics recognized by the pack. Acceptable verbage and garb. Put those best sellers out in plain view so they can be seen. I’ve read a few of them and don’t see any purpose other than to reinforce bullshit, which apparently needs constant reinforcement to remain fresh and vital.

    A lot of talk goes on, even here, about “reaching across the aisle” to republicans. Calls for bipartisanship, fairness, and compromise. I really haven’t come across any republicans that wish to compromise any of their stubborn ideas or practices. The only compromise they consider is that of others. All the compromising that has occurred over the years has been by progressives. At least that is how I see it.

  31. I have no responsibility or intent to reach across the aisle, I not going to rip at anyone who posts here unless provoked, but I not going to suffer fools either. Little man in the tub, it is enough for me to know the criticism other children of President’s have endured, I don’t have to prove it to you. I’m not saying go away, don’t speak, but really, don’t expect any of us to befriend you, I just don’t see that.

  32. HRH sofia EQ,
    THANK YOU for your comment.
    I do think a few people needed to be reminded.

    Margaret & Helen….LONG MAY THEY LIVE!!!


  34. Oh, and Dear Helen, I hope you’re working on your Thanksgiving letter and some of those famous PIES!!!
    I’m doing the lemon sponge pie again since I’m required to do it. I found a big beautiful ORANGE Hubbard squash at the produce stand (they grew it) and I’m thinking of stuffing that thing with sausage and cranberry corn bread stuffing.

  35. I looked all over this site to see if Margaret or Helen felt the purpose of it was to ” bring two parties together..? Or even to the table?” or even “to reach across the aisle?” I couldn’t find anything even close to that mission purpose. I did find “Why do you use foul language?
    It makes me laugh. Some of the best words in the world are bullshit and ass. I don’t use bitch very much, but the shoe seemed to fit this occasion.” HP
    “Are comments moderated?
    Not really. My grandson has been known to remove some remarks and has even banned a few bad apples from future comments. Margaret and I think some of you are a hoot and we think others are full of bullshit. But all are welcome – within reason –…” HP
    and a really, really lot of things like “Amen, Helen! Keep telling it like it is!”
    So any poster who is dissatisfied with the format or the information, content, or opinions herein could do the democratic thing and try to vote Margaret and Helen OUT.
    Since the number counter thingy is currently at “3,807,700 hits” I don’t expect you’d have a lot of success, though.

    Margaret & Helen ROCK!!! and I wish they would declare a coup and take over the country. We couldn’t be worse off.

  36. no one’s puppet, Noah might have phrased it differently, but I didn’t think his post was creepy. I looked it up. Apparently Rush called Chelsea Clinton “the white house dog” on his television show.

    I remember a few night variety shows taking shots at Chelsea’s looks too. Attacks on the Palins, I think have been more frequent and nastier. NOW ever criticized David Letterman. It’s gone on for generations.

    A critic criticized Harry Truman’s daughter Margaret’s piano playing, and the president offered to knock his block off.

  37. no one’s puppet,I thought you wanted to reach across the aisle?

  38. And Gov. Foghorn Leghorn, there’s a brain!

  39. Sounds a bit like an obscene caller doesn’t he, asking a question like this, “could you quote some of the Rush attacks on Chelsea?” That is freaky!

  40. ““If you don’t support the death penalty and citizens packing a pistol, don’t come to Texas. If you don’t like medicinal marijuana and gay marriage, don’t move to California.” Gov. Perry Texas

    “Christine O’Donnell might not have been a witch, but Sarah Palin is definitely a bitch. Three steps forward. One step back.”…

    And so could comments like the above bring two parties together..? Or even to the table?
    Personal attacks against a politicians children should be off limits. My opinion. Margaret Truman got shafted by the press. And Palin’s daughter should be off limits.

    How about a random act of culture..

  41. PFessor: And now, there is no number after PFessor. No wonder you are a bit confused in regards to who is using your name?. Too many name variations. haha

  42. Quantitative Easing explained.

    sunshine –

    “PFessor ? – 2 quilts might be because you have PFessor54 on one and Pfessor53 on another? Who would have done that? Just wondering which one you really are.”

    Thanks for the pickup. I was having trouble posting last night – it kept telling me I had a dupe post, but neither posted. I shifted to another email to see if that was the problem. It was not. I think it was an ISP problem. 54 and 53 are all me.

    Mini-Me –

    “This isn’t your favorite blog where you talk about your sock puppet or mini me and ahemmmmm other things you enjoy!”

    If you have something eating you, bring it on. We can discuss whatever is on your little chest. But don’t cry if you get another spanking; you are way in over your head, little girl.

  43. could you quote some of the Rush attacks on Chelsea? And Pelosi’s kids may well be adults but I still don’t see attacks on them.

  44. No one’s puppet, we all make choices. The show asked Bristol and she could have refused, as you wrote. Maybe she thought she could redeem herself and not be the loser Palin daughter, the butt of jokes. Maybe she wanted to be famous. I don’t know.

    It reminded me of another person with choices. The group We Five recorded “You were on my mind” when the lead singer Beverly Bivens was 19. She had a beautiful voice, and some said it was one of the best of her generation. They were the lead group of what later became the San Francisco sound, only they were more folky, wholesome and didn’t do drugs. Even so, she could have been a major star.

    Beverly quit two years later because she was tired, wanted to be with her new husband, and to raise a family. She said in 2009, “I wanted to take a break, but I didn’t think it would last forty years.”

    Thanks to the Air Force, my wife and I didn’t see each other for two years. We got married, and two months later, I was several thousand miles away. Before I left, I sneaked a nice note under her pillow and a recording of “You Were On My Mind.” Young people aren’t always rational are they?

  45. Hmmm! Noah, as I recall, Rush Limbaugh picked on 12 year old Chelsea Clinton. He got jumped on and rightly so but I never saw an apology from him. As for Pelosi’s children, they are long-time adults.

  46. That, in my opinion, is why Bristol is emphasizing how hard she’s worked. ABC and the show knew ahead of time there was voting problem and they didn’t fix it. Bristol is about the third worst dancer ever on the show. The voting would be fairer if the public voted, who to send home.

  47. I agree delurkergurl. By attacking, I mean in the beginning when she was the pregnant daughter of an emerging politician–and others looking down on because they feel morally superior.

    Unlike the others, she had little experience in entertainment or dancing. She has become emotional, and I think she is working very hard. She just doesn’t have the stuff.

    I don’t think she will win, but whether she wins or not, Bristol is smart enough to know she didn’t deserve it. I agree it will eat at her.

    The show likes the drama for ratings, and some of her fans are making a political statement. I don’t think many of them care about Bristol as a person.

  48. Bristol IS dancing better. But she is NOT dancing BEST. It’s the voting that keeps her in. However, I feel the judges have inflated her scores and that doesn’t help matters. I’ve been watching this show since the first season. Beyond the first few weeks they tend to score people based on their capability scale rather than their performance. So a dance from Bristol would score a higher score than an equivalent performance from Jennifer because they know Jennifer is capable of far better. Scores are tougher on those they expect more from. I’m not saying this because of sour grapes over Bristol. I’ve had that criticism of the show all along. The scoring/voting on the show is a disaster but I keep watching because I love seeing people work hard and get better and better.

    I don’t think it’s attacking Bristol to say that far better dancers have been eliminated and that she doesn’t deserve to win. She doesn’t. She doesn’t dance as well and she clearly has not worked as hard.

    I feel sorry for Bristol, too. What will happen to her self esteem when she wins this thing (and I think she will) and later realizes that SHE didn’t win it at all?

  49. PFessor ? – 2 quilts might be because you have PFessor54 on one and Pfessor53 on another? Who would have done that? Just wondering which one you really are.

  50. When you choose to display your life publicly and you are given the opportunity to do so, only because your parent or other family member is well know, you are a celebrity in your own right, a la Paris Hilton. Welcome to that world, Bristol Palin!

  51. I agree with Noah. Democrats did unfairly attack the Palin children. Republicans and Democrats have done it before. This time, I think it was generated by the leadership to discredit Palin with social conservatives as a calculated attempt to destroy her credibility. She unwittingly helped a couple of times. Of course many others piled on with real anger and disdain.

    Its why I feel sorry for Bristal and am rooting for her while my wife doesn’t like her. She did admit Bristal is dancing better.

    Lori and PFessor, you two are funny. You remind me of the Bickersons. I love the word “confuzzled.” Did you invent it?

    I read the Friedman article. Obama’s trip to India etc was one of the most important of his administration. China is becoming more belicose, and Japan is no longer the counterbalance it was. He had to go.

    If the Republicans become more serious, credit the Tea Party. They are already having an effect.

    A number of our neighbors invested in Buffet’s stock when he first sold it. They are very rich now, of course, though you wouldn’t know it because most still live poor. A rich stock- holding farmer is paying our legal expenses in the law suit.

    Welcome back Craig. My cousins live in Austin.

  52. Nobody cares, Noah. Nobody.

  53. LOL LOL silly silly Jim, you have your blogs confuzzled.

    This isn’t your favorite blog where you talk about your sock puppet or mini me and ahemmmmm other things you enjoy! This one is a political blog.. silly man… LOL LOL

  54. cool! new quilt!

  55. Tom Friedman hits a homer again:


    He reports on how Anderson Cooper debunks the Repuglican nonsense concerning the expense of President Obama’s India trip.

    This kind of stuff just exposes the Repuglicans to all sorts of criticism. My nephew told me last night that he never liked his brother-in-law much, because “even though he is a nice guy, he’s not a serious person. All he does is joke.” A good analogy for the current GOP. Not serious people.

    Many of us are waiting in political purgatory, waiting for the Repuglicans to become “serious people” again.

  56. Hi Craig – welcome back.

    Actually, lori has determined – at the expense of great mental toil – that she and I are the same person – which is to say, she is my sock-puppet.

    I like the term “Mini-Me.” I don’t think it has been used before; do you think I should use it?

    On a serious note – Buffett gives thanks to his Uncle in this morning’s Times:


    – and even tips his hat to GWB, but makes darn sure to let people know he never voted for him.

    Good stuff. I like the Times. Fair and balanced. Really. I mean that.

  57. To those who make a point of attacking Sara Palin and her kid. I would like to point out that none of you had the brass to step up and answer my point that no one else but you compassionate Democrats goes after the kids of the political rivals. No Republican or Independent I know has gone after Obama’s or Polisi’s kids. My problem with all of you is 100% summed up in this point. You act like you are so compassionate and morally superior, yet turn a blind eye when something like this occurs. Then all of the sudden you cannot be bothered to comment on the hypocrisy of your opinions. You have all the time in the world to slam me but none to admit how reprehensible and immoral and how contrary such actions are to your so called political claims of fairness and compassion. Spite and hate talk seems to be your only talent.

  58. Reader, you know what I “luv” about this den of lefty Obama mooches, panderers, rubes, hags, spinsters, Dim pinkos, and other assorted deviants?

    Let me give you a perfect example.

    Tex Taylor — not even you could come up with intelligence in reguard to Sarah. I think she and or her good “lucking” husband are smart enough to work the system but not run a Country.

    It’s that people who mock my obvious typo and spell regard as “reguard” to make the point. Now that is comic gold! :smile:


    Here’s my take on Sarah Palin. I like the way she votes. I like her as person. I think she’s a good looking babe and probably a lot of fun to be with, if you can past the voice which is like listening to nails dragged across the chalkboard.

    I think Sarah Palin is much smarter than the nags here want to give her credit, as I noted she’s now a multimillionaire at their expense in less than two years, and probably the most popular female political candidate going. I use as proof that Palin’s “Going Rogue” book outsold Bill Clinton’s memoirs.


    The one thing Sarah Palin is not is Presidential material, and she will not be the 2012 candidate – trust me on this one.

    So other than the intense jealousy the nags on the board here have of the woman because Palin is everything they are not and wish they could be, you can sleep peacefully knowing you won’t have to say President Palin.

  59. The Ark fellow still thinks, he is William F. Buckley, what a pity he isn’t, William F. was interesting.

  60. With Thanksgiving coming, I just want to say “Thank you” to Helen and Margaret for being there and posting here. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday. And that goes for everyone else here too. Happy Thanksgiving.

  61. ahh I gotcha James. Then erase Vietnam Vet and insert live Afganistan Vet in my above post.. ;-)

  62. The land of fruit and nuts is still there. So is Boxer
    and the rest of the followers.

    Sounds like Jim and Lori have an act going?
    Glad to be back in West Texas. As opposed to that “blue” island called Austin.

  63. Mikat, you dont debate me because you (A) cannot and (B) have no ground to stand on were you to attempt it. nuff said.

  64. I looked it up. Obama did say, “wow, I really like this guy.”

    His name and rank are SSG Salvatore Giunta.

  65. No, he is a veteran of Afghanistan, Lori.

    If I heard right President Obama said he likes him.

    He is the first living person to get the medal since the Vietnam war. KFAB Omaha’s talk show host talked about how modest he is and two callers who know the family said they are salt of the earth. Even better, he lives in Iowa!

  66. yeah well leave it to a Democrat President to finally honor the Vietnam Vet.. ;-)

  67. I agree poolman. As you could guess, I was making a little joke.

    I like the song too.

    That Bible verse rings true today.

    For the first time since the Vietnam war, a living person is getting the Medal of Honor today, I think. The soldier, from Iowa, risked his life to rescue a wounded soldier who later died, as enemy combatants were dragging him away.

  68. James, you’ve got to admit, poolman’s quip was hysterical.

  69. “Everybody *get* together…”, I believe. That’s a golden oldie. I like that song.

    The problem with people today is they don’t have a good definition of love. Love and sex are not the same thing. Poorer cultures still know this truth, we got it all confuzzled.

    “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” – Jesus (John 5:13)

  70. Poolman, before this goes too far, I like what I know of you. You are a good guy, but I never have loved you. Maybe its a gender thing. Ha Ha!!

    “Come on people now, smile on your brother. Everybody together try to love one another right now.” Youngbloods, 1967.

    That will annoy some liberals too.

  71. Ahhh, thanks you all. I love you. too. Hey let’s just spread love and compassion everywhere we go this month and just see how much that annoys the conservatives. What do ya think? :grin:

  72. Shelby Grace – who are you kidding.Think it would be great to wake up with Todd in the WH?And the Palins as spokespeople for FAmily values.

  73. I know that I do.

  74. I think, I love you, poolman! LMAO

  75. You people are not right. Sarah Palin would be a great President. How exciting it will be to have Todd as first husband. Wake Up Peoples!
    Sarah Palin 2012!!!!!

  76. Helen, you are spectacular !!! Keep on keeping on, girfriend. You rock.

    It’s about power and money and hate for the Republicans. Not about Americans and what is best for the country. Best would be jobs, disposable income, a strong manufacturing base in the United States, a strong middle class………but, if you have that then the Republican Powers lose.

    Letting the Bush tax cuts sunset would go a long way toward paying off the debt, something the Republicans scream about every second of every day. “THEY” have a plan to take stuff away from the middle class, the working poor and the poor…….it is the exact amount of money as the tax cuts for the wealthy would generate……the wealthy can handle a little less money.

    Since the 1930s…….8 decades……the mantra of the Republican party has been spend, spend, spend, use up every cent in the budget and when the next Democratic administration takes over, blame them. Name ONE Republican administration that balanced the budget………none in my parents lifetime and certainly not in mine.

    Absolute mandatory reading for every self respecting Democrat: HUBRIS You won’t sit out the next election after seeing, in print, who the Republican Party really is.

    This big CHANGE the Republicans want??? You in the bottom 99.9% of this country, you who vote Republican, do you know what THEY want?? They want all your jobs to go off shore to foreign countries, they don’t believe in public education, public services like fire and policemen, they don’t want VA benefits for our military, they don’t want Medicare, they don’t want social security and they want you to be taxes more and more so their friends in big business don’t have to pay anything………..seriously, are you that stupid that you will just follow like drooling sheep to the voting machines and pull the lever for these people again and again.

    Wake up Americans……….pay attention, read, form your own opinions.

    Helen, I love that you care. You could just say, screw it, leave it to the idiots of the next generation. I am so glad that you haven’t just walked away.

  77. I think Tex was raptured.

  78. you funny lady

  79. Fact and Fiction in Debate Over Bush Tax Cuts

    There is a transcript below the video. Unfortunately, the video plays automatically.

  80. She does rock. Margaret & Matthew, too! :D

  81. My new hero. You rock, Helen!

  82. I think Matthew weeded the yard.

  83. What happened to Tex, he was here a moment ago? Did Sarah borrow him?

  84. Did ya’ll catch that clip of the Fox News team mocking Sarah Palin’s show? Gryphen had a clip of it on his site today. What a joke. Pretty bad when your own compadres make fun of you. Yeah, I’m sure it’s just jealousy.

  85. Tex Taylor — not even you could come up with intelligence in reguard to Sarah. I think she and or her good “lucking” husband are smart enough to work the system but not run a Country. The women here that you belittled can see past all the adjectives you used to describe the Palins and see that she is not ready if ever to be the leader of this country:
    “Pretty, rich, brickhouse, good lucking husband, pretty family, important.”

    By the way what do you mean by “brickhouse”?? Just curious do you mean she is strong like a “brickhouse”??

  86. NOP, man in the Ark? Took me a second, but I did get it. LOL!!! Too funny!

  87. Helen, what kind of pie are you all having this year?

  88. The shrews, harpies, nags are so eaten up with jealousy pertaining to Sarah Palin, it amuses me to no end. But really, how long can this Palin Derangement Syndrome go on gals? This is beginning to border on obsession. I’m surprised you haven’t moved up beside Palin like that greasy slug masquerading as journalist.

    Face it hags. Palin is everything you’re not. Pretty, rich, brickhouse, good lucking husband, pretty family, important. You gals are the ugly toads stuck in high school, still jealous of the prom queen with an average of about three abortions between you.

    Every dog has its day. Yours came and went.

  89. Oh Jim, you tickle me. LOL

  90. Lori and PFessor, why don’t you two consider taking an act on the road? You’d be as funny as Moon Unit Zappa and E Gordon Liddy when they toured together with humorous political banter?

    No one’s puppet, my wife, who’s appearance is superficially similar to Sarah’s did the same thing with shorts, only she quit around the age of 30. I know she is smarter than Palin. She graduated from college with a 3.96 GPA, and has stayed married to me for 42 years. She can be down right mean like Sarah if I do something dangerous.

    I feel sorry for Bristal.

    Thanks for checking PFessor. That poor woman and her family…

  91. Right. On.

  92. lori –

    re: inconsistencies

    You will note that when I described *my* side and *your* side, the “my” side was not Noah’s, but your’s (lori’s). The “your” side was that of Fox news watchers.

    So by your calculations, I’m not Noah; I’m really you!

    Congratulations. That is some kind of advanced sleuthing there, yessireee. Miss Marple would be proud.

    See what I mean about using your time more profitably for a little introspection on your own unclear thinking and inconsistencies?

    Thought not.

  93. LOL Oh Jim, some of the web sites/blogs you frequent MIGHT make me blush.. LOL but that’s about it.

  94. lori – I mean Donna – I mean delurker – you are so funny. You spend your time trying to ferret out guile and duplicity in others and parse every word for some heinous and hidden secret when you would be much better served using that time for a little introspection on your own inconsistent political arguments.

    Keep chasing your tail; I shan’t mention it again, but you would blush at the laughter going on in emails of which you are not aware.

    James – I promised to check on the lady who stepped in front of the car. She didn’t survive.

  95. For the man in the Ark, this site is mostly about current events and us share our feelings and suggestions on how to survive crazy politicians (and people like you). You are on the wrong blog, fellow.

  96. Well we know Sarah can’t memorize and she sure doesn’t read about what the Tea Party wants or anything else. That’s Todd’s job, then he writes reminders for her on his hand.

    Sarah is too busy choosing her shortest shorts for TV and some butt cheek displayers for Willow as well. That Sarah can do. Bristol on the other hand must be covered and redeemed, that poor kid, she made a mistake, and momma’s political ambitions will make her pay forever. Run Bristol, run.

    And Todd looks anemic. The man better use the family tanning bed, geez!

  97. Jim, When YOU describe ???????

    Hmmm I thought Noah it was who was enlightening us today on the evils of the democrats.

    Another alias bites the dust. LOL LOL

  98. OK dudes –

    The “quilt” thing has gone back to a blank square with a ? in the middle. Are we about to have another s-storm of high school kids?

  99. I love it –

    When I describe *your* side, I can be as nasty as I want, because those folks you agree with are improperly motivated and evil.

    When you describe *my* side, your criticisms are just “uninformed.”

    When I describe *my* side, I am enlightened.

    When you describe *your* side, you are a dupe of Fox news.

    Maybe it is just possible that we are all good people who have different opinions.

    No, couldn’t be that. Sorry, lost my head there for a minute.

  100. meowwwwwwwww go get em Mikat! LOL and you are usually such a mild mannered kitty. You must be really fed up….. xo

  101. @Mikat: you are so righht. THis blog, and the whole Repub bullshit agenda has brought the wing nuts out of the woodwork. THey just have no way of understanding anything but what they wish to. Unfortunately ALL of us that get the emails have to see this crap and just delete. No intelligent conversation can be had with tem. But who wants to at this point anyway?

  102. Noah,
    You have not done your home work. For each and everyone of your complaints about Dem Hypocrasy there are three or more of Repug hypocrasy. I will not debate you as most people on this site will not debate you. Not because we cannot, no, not by a loooong shot. It is because when faced with a human being that chooses to be blind to the lies and hard facts, there is nothing you can do. You cannot make some one learn. They must WANT to. The truth is all around you, you know it is there, yet you choose to look the other way and listen to the pied piper lies from your heroes. These same heroes who will throw you under the bus as soon as look at you, that is unless you are ultra rich or a CEO maybe.
    Here are just two attacks on the presidents daughter from Beck and Limbaugh.




    Seek the truth, look beyond fox “news” look how quickly they picked up the unquestionably despicable story about Obama’s trip to Indoneshia.
    Their verification of the story was each other! Not one of them searched for facts. I will no longer read your tripe. You sir, are NO Democrat. No one here believes that. You cannot hide your true colors.

  103. I am not a registered anything; I was taught by my father to vote the person not the party. But cheez, what a disappointing election. I can only hope that most people realize that no one has a mandate!
    Saying that, I vote Democrat more than Republican; I did vote for a few independents in our state/local races. Indeed, democracy is not a spectator sport. For most of the population, voting is the only way they participate. Maybe most of the population thinks governance is the equivalent of the WWE?
    We’re in for two years of gridlock. I think I need to step up my game, and not let voting be the only way I participate. It’s time to put on the big girl pants and do something.

  104. I don’t know which of you to agree with–maybe both.

    We all remember when Bill Clinton told voters they would get two presidents for the price of one if he became president. They were a team, even if as the London Times reported Bill spent much of his time ducking plates Hillary threw at him. I think we have another firey team.

    A look at Todd’s manner and his eyes in news reports made me think he was not a mere spousal accoutrement. According to Entertainment Tonight, Sarah clears all of her appointments with Todd first. He is the one who attends all of their children’s school events, and he often determines home menus. Todd does most of the Alaska show’s camera work. I read somewhere that Todd also influences Sarah’s political decisions.

    Sarah, Todd, or a combination is better at understanding political waves than most. Note that Tea Party and other conservatives chose and gave various candidates notoriety. Then, Sarah gave them her support. She was more like a surfer riding a big wave than initiating the wave herself. Not all Tea Party people like her.

    She is almost Nixonian in her trapsing across the country helping politicians of many stripes. Palin also helped Iowa’s new Governor Branstad who is like an old comfortable shoe after his earlier long term success as a governor. Palin is building an army of people who owe her as Nixon did. Bill Clinton has done the same thing on a lessor scale.

    I think she performs a valuable service to Republicans, but I am afraid Sarah wants more. Obama has been a disaster so far, and the one thing I predicted to Honolulu Sal which has not happened is inflation. It seems to be coming soon.

    If Republicans and Democrats become locked in gridlock and the center does not hold, I think it is possible Palin might run against Obama. If things fall apart as they may, we might even see how a latter day version of the King Fish might govern.
    I don’t think any of that will happen, but it rests on the edge of my nightmares. Mageen in Old Virginny, I hope history doesn’t repeat this time. Huey was also shot wasn’t he?

  105. Happy Holidays to Margaret and Helen. Wishing for you all the best. You make me laugh hard.

  106. NOP-
    I usually agree with you but I don’t think so.
    They are a team, but she’s the leader.
    She has mastered, up to a point, a method of tapping into emotional responses by gauging which way the wind blows and adding her puffery to it. After that- there’s nothing there.
    When John Bitney buffered her personally in state business she seemed to come across half way sensibly- when she threw him aside we got to see that the whispers from Wasilla were right…
    Now that she is speaking her own message without the benefit of the buffer of R speech writer’s and all you are seeing what we saw…
    which is really just horsepunky with a dollop of moosepucky on top.

  107. Increasingly, I’ve come to think, Sarah Palin is the mouthpiece of Todd Palin. Honestly, don’t think she is even smart enough to come with the foolish stuff she says, so she writes, economy on her hand, so she’ll be sure to mention it.

  108. People are more than welcome to think whatever they want about whatzername but allowing her a voice and ignoring her record about things she spouts off about is just plain silly.
    The disconnect between what she says and what she does is almost as big as the Yukon is long.

    James- she’s not out of politics. She’s running around fiddling in races all over the country. She has a Political Action Committee she uses to further her political wishes. That is politics- whether she has a political position or not.

    Whenever she pontificates about the little person on the street I have to bite my tongue.
    After ignoring warnings from officials for over 6 months about conditions which pointed to the likely unfolding of a crisis ( a great deal of which could have been averted if she had paid attention ), she denied the use of state resources (planes) to move the tons of charitable contributions people all over the state collected during the food and fuel emergency in Western Alaska- something which has been done whenever the need arose here.
    One of the most conservative legislators in the state spearheaded specific legislation to allow it ( and won) as it speaks to the very heart of who we are here in this huge farflung sparsely populated state.
    Whatever our differences are , when folks are in trouble, we send help… not whatzername.

    Folks away from here may not understand that we have over 150 stand alone power companies and she’s sure not going to tell you that.
    Some of the most innovative alternative energy and housing projects in America are going on here but the fact remains that until we get all these places off diesel that the cost of living is artificially high.
    She would rather frame that as a value judgment about the viability of communities in the bush and yet the largest energy gobblers, ANC et al on the railbelt, are in danger of exceeding their own power supplies in the near future and somehow that doesn’t count.
    She spouted about alternative energy but her own record was spotty to non-existent as regards actual support.
    While she spouts off about being in fishing via her husband’s business she knows nothing about this industry which affects the whole state – nothing.
    She had a powerful position to affect Alaska fisheries for the good on the NPMFC council, within our own Board of Fish, and the like, and fell down miserably.
    There are reasons, almost too numerous to note, the Legislature, both houses of which consistently have bipartisan majorities, grew frustrated with her disconnected, increasingly personalized responses to proposed legislation . When you hear about the spiteful side of her nature… it’s all true and more.
    We sat , in my district, without a State Senator for most of session while she played political football with appointing the seat… to the point the Republican Senators joined the Dems in admonishing her…
    It bothered her not a whit that she denied a whole district it’s voice and vote on law and budget matters for that year- what mattered to her was her catfight with personalities.
    She is almost the last person I would look to for common sense ideas about anything after our experience with her…

  109. Yes, James. She would remind anyone of the Kingfish. Does anyone remember that he actually did make it to Capitol Hill but he got booted out by the Senate? He actually told them “If you don’t like me, then throw me out!” Down went the Senate gavel and he was back in Louisiana in no time. Point is: history can and does repeat itself.

  110. I also think Democratic leaders have treated Sarah Palin unfairly, not because of hatred but from cold political calculation. She and Obama were the most exciting candidates in the last election. Palin was a future danger to them and also main stream Republican leaders. Though lots of people irrationally hate her, I don’t think from the Democratic leadership’s perspective, it isn’t so personal.

    She may be a jerk, but the reality is weaker than perception. Palin has demonstrated her political and emotional power through book sales, the election, and crowd reactions. Were she a liberal Democrat, the party would love her.

    I don’t know why, but she reminds me of Huey King fish Long.

  111. PFessor, your story is horrible, and I agree, it demonstrates the fragil hold we hold on life. The teacher was probably in a hurry and didn’t look both ways. The driver did what he could, and didn’t get a ticket.

    I believe if a vehicle hits you, it is better not to have feet on the ground. My grandfather died of head injuries when a car hit him and slammed his head into a street.

    Over twenty years ago, thick wet snow made a hill road so slick my car slid to near the edge of a 400 foot cliff. Later, as my father and I debated how best to pull the car back on the road, an up bound car stalled with wheels spinning. I ran out and pushed it enough for the car to proceed.

    My father yelled a warning as a pickup emerged from the snow. The driver had floored it to avoid the same fate as the car. The snow was so heavy he didn’t see me at first. I jumped, when I was lined up with the radiator cap and the pickup hit me as I floated near the right head light. Time really does pass slowly in adventures like that.

    I think the right wheel ran over part of my foot because of the blood from my overshoe buckles. Otherwise, I bounced and rolled about 200 feet into a snow filled road ditch. I didn’t fight it. Where ever momentum took me was fine with me. It was almost fun until I hit the snow. The pickup driver, a neighbor, said he was moving at 35 MPH and he left eight feet of rubber when he slammed on the brakes.

    My coat zipper was ruined, and my shirt had lost all of its buttons.

    After we got home, I filed my weather report and went to bed. I never saw a doctor, but I slept for most of two weeks, and my back trouble started after that. I think my quick reaction saved my life.

  112. alaskapi –

    There is a lot of debate among pilots about what is the best bush plane. There is even a site that gives a pretty good account of itself.


    If my wife ever gets rich in the publishing business, I would like to own three planes: A SuperCub, a deHavilland Beaver and a Pilatus Porter. A Porter came into our little municipal strip yesterday on a training flight – god what a magnificent machine! Big, powerful, reliable and able to operate in poor weather out of short strips. My old ’62 Skylane does a creditable job for now, though. You always have to have your dreams, but for the ability to get in and out where nobody else can, it’s the SuperCub every time.

  113. alaskapi , go ahead live that life of hate, you deserve everything that goes along with that choice.

    PFesser, when does it end? She isn’t in service. Obama won and we are getting what we deserve for that. What did her kid do? How many Republicans/Conservatives/Independents do you see attacking Obama’s kids. Or Nancy Pelosi’s kids? None that I am aware of. Furthering my belief that the Dems are becoming the party of hate and are more and more out of touch with the rest of the world.

  114. Wonder why your insurance is so high?

    They call it the “lawsuit lottery.” Spin the wheel, put down your money. If you lose, well, better luck next time. If you win, it can be billions.

    But who *always* loses? I do; you do; the country does. The lawsuit lobby and the big investors win. James Sokolove, anyone?


    Warren Buffet said that if you are in a poker game for a half hour and you still don’t know who’s the patsy, you’re the patsy.

    The next time you drive past a gated community full of billionaires, think about what you paid on your last insurance bill or what it cost when you had your gallbladder taken out and consider who is the patsy. It’s you and me.

    Noah –

    I’m probably in some ways as conservative as you, but Sarah Palin is the reason I voted for Barack Obama. She is what they call in Texas, “All hat, no cattle.” Nice face, cute bottom, cute and pleasant all ’round – and an empty vessel. It does the conservative side no service, in my opinion, to support people like that. It hurts one’s credibility, and – just a small point – it’s the wrong thing to do. I believe you are right – she causes people on the Left to lose their minds, but – again in my opinion – it is not her: it is the fact that the Republicans could possibly take someone like that seriously and field her as a candidate for *anything*. My $.05.

  115. Jean, that sounds like great fun!

    Alaskapi, having had Palin as your half-term governor you have experienced Palin’s poor judgment and ethical shortcomings directly. Alaska deserves better. Send Palin north, not east, OK? :D

  116. a nice Blog.., thanks for share

  117. Great post, and I agree.

    Being an Iraq war vet, and having come home in 2009, to all that you two gals have talked about, seeing the obstruction, THEN to see Mitch McConnell get thrown under the bus by W. himself, in his so-called “memoirs”, about how McConnell wanted to “bring some troops home”, for political reasons, secretly begging W., while excoriating Democrats for wanting the same thing PUBLICLY, calling them everything short of cowards.

    I, too, was disappointed by Nov. 10th, but I am far from demoralized. If there is anything my boys (my soldiers) taught me, it’s to never give up, because the prize is too valuable to just give away!
    The pundits can talk all they like, Fox can lie as much as they want, but the proof lies in ACTION, not words.

    I continue to fight, for Democracy, and social justice (OMG!OMG! I must be a socialist! OMG!) for my boys who didn’t make it home.

  118. Oh stuff a sock in it Noah- SP was a fresh face we fell for here because we didn’t think anyone could be worse than Frank the Bank and the corrupt bastards club .
    Ms Open and Transparent rapidly pulled curtains across the executive branch here , hired everyone she went to high school with to fill commish jobs and by the time she fired John Bitney the honeymoon was over. By the time she fired Walt Monegan it was all over- the only thing which saved her buns then was the Republican party swooping in and doing their best to gum up the legislative investigation because they got suckered just like us. If Mr McCain hadn’t tapped her for the VP run we would be about rid of her now…
    I don’t care about nor talk about her kids but if you want to hear about the crappiest governor we ever had in 50 years of statehood I’ll fill your ear.
    There is no substance when it comes to that fruitcake- Mr Obama has a higher approval rating here than whatzername.
    The only truly good thing she has done for this state was quit…
    Don’t get me started on her lies… she’s a spud, an absolute spud.

  119. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Perhaps many of you will be having a houseful for Thanksgiving. Before we all get busy in our respective kitchens with Thanksgiving preparations, I want to wish all of you an ever so special day of festivities with your families and friends.

    As always, we will be spending Thanksgiving with some dear friends since our all family is on the mainland. I’ve related my story before, but for the benefit of some newcomers and to refresh the memories of Old Timers here at M&H’s, here are our plans. Our friends have an outdoor BBQ with spits and complete with roof. They do a whole pig; eyes, snout and all as well as several turkeys. There are 40-50 of us who are invited. Each year when she calls to invite us, I tell her we are coming of course, but would crash it anyhow if we weren’t invited.

    Everybody has assigned dishes to bring. I always bring my famous from-scratch cherry cheesecakes. I think they like my cheesecakes better than me. I am greeted at the door with, “Where are the cheesecakes?” I get the feeling they wouldn’t let me in without them. Naturally, there is enough food for a royal feast! Immediately after the early afternoon meal, some of the men take most of the leftovers to a shelter. This has been going on for at least 20 years that we know of.

    So we are looking forward to enjoying the array of delicacies and the company of good friends we don’t have the opportunity to see too often throughout the year.

    We hope everyone here has a delightful day too! When all is said and done, we can count our many blessings and be grateful.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean

  120. I find it interesting the overreaction Dems have over the Palin family. It is akin to the way Jews regard Hitler. While the latter is justifiable and understandable the former is not. I have to believe it lies with an lack of substantive content about their own issues and beliefs that they have to lower themselves to attacking the child of a politician so viciously. The fact the topic continues to get so much traction and raises the people here into such an emotional frenzy supports my beliefs.

    Why not take the moral high ground, get off your high horse, stop judging the kid of a civil servant, and try to stick to substantive topics of contention? I know for some of you this is an alien concept but lets give it a go and see where it takes us.

  121. OMG Palin’s daughter Bristol on Dancing with the Stars. She takes after her mom… they both ignore their babies. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  122. Oh, Noah and James, so sorry to read of your childhood abuse. How fortunate that you two have been able to admit the truth and move foward to a place of healing.
    All the best for you.

    Prefessor: you are a vile individual for sure.

  123. alaskapi –

    Thanks for the info. My wife spent some time in Anchorage last fall researching for the Palin/Trig baby story (which she is 100 percent sure is bogus). She said it was beautiful; the nights were quite long but never completely dark (at least when she was there.)

    Re: Palin. We are so nauseated by Caribou Barbie that a couple of nights ago there were some newscasters discussing her – and her name not mentioned that often – and my wife, who is impervious to TV and works on her computer with the TV buzzing in the background all the time – finally said, “For god’s sake turn that off. I can’t even bear to hear her name.”

    I firmly believe that evil people will eventually pay, and Palin is no exception. Every dog has her day, and this woofer is having hers now; but I believe absolutely she will reap her own evil.

  124. oh and none of this real stuff people deal with is Sarah Palin’s Alaska… hope everyone knows that. She’s been making me sick again lately

  125. Pfesser-

    There are a number of ways folks get supplies in winter- depending on where they are. There are big barges for coastal and river areas and air freight carriers of various types.
    Alaska Airlines used to run a freight configuration on passenger jets a lot- where first class is turned into a freight area and people enter the back of the plane… not so common anymore.
    One outfit runs Sherpas ( Shorts 330 )
    for oversize freight …
    Lots of stuff goes by bypass mail and comes in on small carriers. Many places have only 2 day a week mail service…
    Just depends…
    And if Mt Redoubt in ANC is rumbling sometimes nothing goes for days or weeks which has to go through there as the ash wreaks havoc…
    Folks have to get ready early …
    It’s winter already now in the far north… has been for weeks. After the rivers freeze some small transport is done via snow machine. I have friends who haul fuel for their generator from 20 miles upriver on snowmachines on the river if they don’t get a big enough load in early fall from barge.
    Just depends on where you are …

    This one serves a lot of villages :


    Also- the long dark is not that dark if there is snow and clear skies like there is often is in the far north.
    Different here in SE- we can go weeks with cloud cover almost right down to the deck…
    And flying in small planes is shutdown fairly often here cuz of VFR.

  126. James –

    You were talking about the teacher who got hit and killed. Before I left work Friday, my last case was a middle-aged woman who was changing drivers and stepped out in front of a car. Her pelvic fractures were really something. I don’t think the driver even got his foot on the brake. I haven’t heard from her; I’ll prob call the trauma center tomorrow. She had an “open book” fracture, where the front of the pelvis opens up and the iliac bones splay out like a book, hinged at the sacroiliac joints. Man – I am constantly reminded of the tentative nature of life. Kind of like Jonathan Edwards’ description of man held over the fire by a single thread.

    Anyway, it was beautiful beyond description in Virginia today. Our leaves are peak and I sat in my woods by the pond and listened to them fall and strike the ground and water with a crisp little sound. It is so quiet here you can hear every leaf or tree branch they brush as they fall. Good time to be alive. We’ll get maybe one or two snows of one or two inches this winter, or maybe an occasional dump that melts off in a few days. I love the South.

  127. You rock! Peace, love and medicinal marijuana from California. Matt P.

  128. Greytdog –

    “PFesser if a family member in mourning did indeed harm one of the Phelps crew, the action would merely underscore the so-called sacred mission with which the WBC believes themselves anointed. And nothing works better for an insane religious crusade than to have martyrs. After all, it works for the Taliban, why not WBC? Same folks, different clothes.”

    I suppose you are right, but I wonder if these people are really as dedicated as the Taliban, or if maybe they are trying to — hell, I don’t know what they are doing. I really don’t get what makes their minds run.

    Alaskapi –

    A friend sent me this:

    I’m sure you see a lot of SuperCubs up there. Amazing aircraft, especially to be such an old design. Not just the design, but most of the SuperCubs themselves are old, too!

    Almost all flying in AK I am told is by visual rules. How do people in the Villages above the Arctic Circle get their supplies in the winter when it’s dark for so long?

  129. Yes, PFessor, I like Pink Floyd. Another Brick in the Wall was one of the first videos I taped when it showed on television around 1983. One part showed hammers marching down the street. Our four year old son loved that part.

    I like your step son’s comment. Come to think of it, he may be right.

    The mourners and demonstrators were widely separated, and the whole affair was as quiet as a Tea Party gathering. Greytdog, is right, though I did hear some of the counter demonstrators say it would serve the church right if some of us demonstrated in front of their church.

    I had to beat a hasty retreat. I had expected snow, but it started early in Omaha. It was heavy, wet stuff with the consistancy of cement. Can you imagine an inch or two of snow accumulating in an hour with a 34 degree temperature and warm ground? The wind and wet snow took out our power a few times, and most of the snow in the valley melted before morning. I did get to cross country ski on Friday and again Saturday morning.

    Greytdog, since you asked earlier, here is another thought on our changing rural culture. Forty years ago the average- sized farm here was about 300 acres. Now, it is in the thousands. One neighbor and his family farms close to 10,000 acres.

    One could buy a combine for $5,000 or $10,000 thirty years ago. Now a new one costs over $300,000 with attachments. They now use global positioning so the farmer will know exactly where in the field he/she is. The combines give a continuous measure of grain moisture, yield and similar information. This helps the farmer determine what to apply to parts of the field next year.

    Farmers used to drive around the neighborhood and check their neighbor’s fields. If someone bought a new tractor, everyone knew about it. With fewer farmers and less time, it doesn’t happen as much, though every farmer knows the color of his/her neighbor’s machinery. They still help each other in hard times. Each year, we hear of gatherings of twenty or more farmers who harvest the crops of someone who got sick or died.

    More women are involved now. Some operate farms. Others run the family livestock operations.

    If locals’ vehicles meet on the road, drivers still give each other the index finger wave.

  130. PFesser if a family member in mourning did indeed harm one of the Phelps crew, the action would merely underscore the so-called sacred mission with which the WBC believes themselves anointed. And nothing works better for an insane religious crusade than to have martyrs. After all, it works for the Taliban, why not WBC? Same folks, different clothes.

  131. Sometimes I think the Times is actually beginning to get it.


    James –

    “dark sarcasms” – are you a Floyd fan? Saw a great interview with the band on TV. Wow. I have a stepson who plays guitar like god. My wife asked him why they didn’t cover some Pink Floyd songs. He looked at her like she had just suggested skinning puppies alive. “NOBODY covers Pink Floyd. It just isn’t done.” LOL

    re: the Phelps. Why do you think one of the bereaved as not lost it and killed one or more of them? I am told they came close in WV; only the presence of their children saved them, rumour goes.

  132. This is the real James again.

    As I wrote, the teacher who died because she forgot to look before crossing the street was by all accounts, one of the good ones. One young man said if not for her he would not now be in college.

    The Phelps church and fellow travelers came in larger numbers than I expected, but several hundred out numbered them. The day was bleak and cold with rain soon to change to heavy wet snow. I wondered what the family and friends thought of such people who turned what should have been a private memorial service into a circus.

    Looking at them was chilling. They looked like normal people, shivering under umbrellas like everyone else. They were dedicated to a cause, and they “knew” they were doing God’s work. How could such people become so warped by impotence, anger, and bitterness to imagine the pain they were inflicting was of God?

    I also thought of the latest message board fun. Most of the regulars seem like decent people who know how twist information to support their opinions as any on the right do. They are not afraid to engage people who disagree with them.

    Then, we have the bottom feeders who emerge from the muck to write lame insults and return to the dens of their own anger and bitterness. Under different circumstances, they would fit in with the church protesters.

    I am not angry or hateful, reader. I don’t throw about personal insults unless someone attacks me first. If you think I am like that, you are likely projecting your own short- comings onto me.

    I was wrong about JuneauJoe a long time ago. I had written I wouldn’t want someone so politically biased and angry teaching my children. He replied he didn’t let it into the class room and I replied in that case, good for him.

    I was wrong. For one thing, he displayed precious little perspicacity while arguing with false James, because he didn’t realize he was being duped. Noah did. Why not Joe?

    Joe also spewed personal insults irrelevant to the discussion, and to me, that revealed the anger under the mask he said he wore in the class room. My wife teaches school, and she knows angry people like Joe. They cannot always hide their “dark sarcasms.”

    If Joe couldn’t control his base impulses in an argument with an imaginary man he has never met, how must he be among students he sees every day?

    Thus, I was wrong about Joe, and I return to my earlier opinion. I would not want him teaching my or my neighbors’ kids. He may have the technical skills, but his personality is lacking.

    And, creature who called me the devil. If I were the dark one, my minions would already have befouled your water and sickened your live stock. Are you sure you don’t belong to Phelp’s church. Maybe I saw you there.

  133. You are my hero!!!!

  134. well we certainly let James, Noah, and PFesser take over any and all intelligent discussion of what Helen/Margaret posted. Yep we definetly need to get to “higher ground”. If you take the time to read over all the post — they rather remind me of the ads and remarks made in the last campaigns (different words but the same hate). a rather good mirror of what our culture has become. A lot of hate and extreme emotions from both sides.

  135. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Mahalo, jsri, for your inspiring story of one (of many) who are able to think beyond their own wallets and contribute to society at large.

    This is a little story for the captious pedants who continue to anoint M&H’s fine site with their endless reiterations.

    A CEO of a large multi-national corporation akin to Halliburton had been reviewing a stack of resumes on his massive Indonesian teak desk. He was beginning to become irritable so chose one of them at random to interview. This one had a litany array of credentials.

    The guy was a candidate for the position of CFO. The CEO snarled at the man and asked him, “What’s 2 plus 2?” The guy thought a minute and then looked the CEO straight in the eye and said, “What do you want it to be?”

    The CEO leaned back in his Moroccan leather chair, smiled, folded his hands behind his head and said, “You’re hired! Welcome aboard!!!”

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean

  136. Good post, jsri.

  137. PFesser53 on November 13, 2010
    at 9:38 AM

    Let me add another view of retirement benefits, particularly those lavished on teachers. I know a lady who started teaching in 1955 two years after her graduation from a top tier University. Her first annual salary was $2800 and when she retired 35 years later it had ballooned up to about $38,000. In the intervening years, she managed to earn a Master’s degree, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS), and a PhD in Elementary Education. Her degrees qualified her to teach at the university level but during her career, she chose to teach full time as an elementary school teacher. 30 years as a first grade teacher.

    By her third year of teaching she became aware of much elbow throwing by parents eager to get their children into her classes so she must have been doing something right. She soon became a cooperating teacher for a nearby teacher’s college and had as many as four student teachers per year. The only incentive offered was a reduction in tuition if she wanted to take courses. After several years as a cooperating teacher she began thinking that the quality of student teachers was diminishing until she learned that the college had gotten into the habit of sending not the best candidates to her but the most troublesome, believing that if anyone could set them on a straight path, she’d be the one to do it.

    During her teaching years, consistently, she spent up to 20% of her salary on teaching materials without reimbursement. And she paid for all her degrees and certificates out of her own pocket. While working toward her advanced degrees she traveled two afternoons every week and most weekends to a University three states away, a round trip each time of 150 miles. This went on for almost 6 years.

    Part of her salary went into a state mandated pension fund and she also contributed to a health insurance plan that was rarely tapped. As a member of a state retirement plan she was not required to contribute to FICA so none of her earnings qualified her for Social Security. However, she does now get SS but payments are minimal because her employment outside of teaching barely qualified her to participate.

    So during her tenure as a teacher she had her share of doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs, solid citizens all. And she also had a surprising large number of her elementary school students who eventually became teachers. But that’s another story.

    So now perhaps we, as a nation, should be spending more of our money on attracting teachers like my wife and less on financial planners who contribute little more than paper shuffling to the national brain trust.

  138. I have always said we pay teachers way too much and the country club I joined is way to crowded with government employees.

    I wonder if you would be as angry if he worked for the CIA instead of the EPA?

    PFesser – the age old story of the have’s and the have nots is pretty pathetic if you are now angry about salaries of teachers and librarians. How pathetic are you?

  139. I knew this zoo keeper once and he made $5 more than me. And my niece says there was this fire fighter and when he retires after working only 16 days his entire life (that’s about 1% of the average person) he is going to bankroll a huge pension. And eventhough everyone else just set back and enjoyed those huge unemployment checks, my uncle decided to spend two years taking a class about Chinese pension plans.

    Man – Republicans are the angriest people on the planet.

  140. PFesser your the saddest person I know.

  141. Helen, you made my day! I wanna be just like you when I’m 80 sumpin sumpin. Thanks for keeping it real … Love ya! I mean it. Really!

  142. re: retirement and public employees.

    I received this from my nephew, who was permanently laid off from a large corporation in Ohio during the downturn and, having been a self-taught investor for many years, decided to take a two-year training course to become a CFP (certified financial planner), instead of just riding his unemployment benefits like many. He is doing his internship now (in his late forties).

    “Jim –

    I’ve had an eye opening experience doing my internship with my new employer. He specializes in doing financial plans for Ohio public employees, because he used to work for xxxxxxxxxxxx, a state entity.

    A couple came in the other day. They are both 59 years old. She worked as a librarian and retired this past May; he works for the EPA and intends to retire in February 2011. Between the two of them they will collect about $95,000 in pension for life, with a 3% COLA each year going forward. They also get health insurance coverage for free for life.

    I found a web site that will give you government employee salaries and retirement benefit information: http://www.buckeyeinstitute.org

    The man made a salary of $72,352 in 2009, and his average salary over the past 3 years is $70,705. This is a little higher than my average salary at xxxxxxx my last three years. He’s worked for the EPA for 30 years. His wife had 30 years in as a librarian.

    Now a little comparison: At 62, NOT 59, I will get a pension from xxxxxxxxx of about $9,118. I worked 24 years there, so if I prorate that figure, I would get about $11,398 for 30 years service at age 62. I won’t get any COLA increases. From Social Security I will get $17,688 at 62, maybe with COLAs, maybe not. I also received some company matching funds to my 401(k), which I’ll be generous and say 50% of it is employer match; if I project that growing at 8% and then annuitize, it would be about the equivalent of about $15,241 income at 62. Diana doesn’t get a pension, and at 62 she will get $13,032 from SS. So our combined retirement income from pensions and SS will be about $57,359. And we will have to pay health insurance out of pocket until Medicare at 65.

    It gets better.

    We have a next door neighbor who is a school teacher. She’s Diana’s age, and her income for 2009 was $73,697 for 184 days of work. That’s about 70% of a normal person’s work year. Her pension after 30 years of work will be $48,640.

    Me thinks that something is amiss.”

    And that’s a perfect – real world, not theoretical – example of why we can’t afford the socialist’s spending plans. Nothing to do with politics, hard-heartedness, soaking the rich, “fairness” or anything else. Like Thatcher said, you eventually just run out of other people’s money.

  143. It’s a new day. Can this juvenile crap be done now?

    JuneauJoe, you sound more like yourself today. ;) Does Mr. Peterson also have a plan for where the jobs are going to come from? Increasing the retirement age effectively increases our work force by a lot. When aging workers are passed over for younger, cheaper ones, how will they get by?

  144. James. Couarge.
    Noah. Courage.
    PFesser. Shit balls.

  145. Noah, please know that you are not to blame. You were abused as a child. You were a child.

    You’ve coped now it is time to heal.
    The best is yet to cum.

  146. He is a fiscal conservative, a deficit hawk and he and his foundation are on a mission to tell us that we should all sacrifice and suffer to pay off the national debt while letting Wall Street completely off the hook.

    Erskine Bowles is also on Wall Street’s payroll,

    This is a comment from the link I put up.

  147. http://crooksandliars.com/karoli/who-peter-g-peterson-and-why-should-we-trus

    This link will take you to Mr Peterson from Wall Street. He is the one who would like to make sure that you, I and our children work until 70 before getting Social Security. With the proposed plan – Wall Street gets off free and clear. Funny how that works.

  148. Pfesser you are a horrible person. How can you say such terrible things about Noah and James JUST for them sharing the stories of abuse as children. YOUR wife should be very scared. She lives with a monster.

    You are pure evil.

    Noah and James should be commended for their strength in acknowledging such a terrible childhood.

  149. Poolman –

    Just to blow a little sunshine up your butt: you really seem like a decent guy. My wife and I are of course non-believers, but we work with a local church on charity. Those folks are Pentecostals, who have of course quite a rep for the proverbial fire and brimstone, but they are really, really good folk and we enjoy their company immensely.

    A few more like them or you when I was a kid and things might have turned out differently.

  150. Shit.

    Loudon Wainwright III, not Loudin Wainright

    Too much B&B tonight, but I do so look forward to Fridays…

  151. This is the most fun you can have with your pants on!

    Noah, they’re f’ing with you. Just relax and have a good time. Give as good as you get and remember, if they piss you off, take a couple of days off the blog and don’t look at it, because it’s becoming too important to you. If you take it seriously, then they can get to you. If you don’t, they can’t. Tell some bogus story about your abused youth or something, ring me up and we’ll share toddies over the phone and laugh about it.

    I don’t care in the final analysis if someone posted in my name, and I’m surely not going to give them traction to mess with me by showing my anger – if I had any – which I don’t. (quite the opposite, actually…I think the whole thing hilarious)

    This is not real; it’s all just chatter by people who think they know something – it all in sum has as much importance – to quote that great sage, Loudin Wainright III – as a dead skunk in the middle of the road.

  152. Oh brother…

  153. Wow! Looks like somebody has been having a good time messing around over here.

    James, good for you standing up to the Phelps’ bunch. What some people get away with in the name of my God is insane. I am SO ready for justice.

    May all those who call upon the name of my Lord Jesus and profess to belong to Him be convicted of any unrighteous acts done to others, I pray. May those who falsely represent Him and His kingdom be brought into the light, in the public arena. May they not be able to successfully perform ANYTHING that goes against His will in this life, I pray.

  154. AMEN! Helen for President!

  155. Now that’s what I call ‘Higher Ground’, rather than the BS spewing from the trolls.

  156. Love these uplifting stories of opportunity, hard work and accomplishment…

    7 ft 14 yr old basketball player from India…


    and great youtube on these kids…

  157. Honestly, who would want Noah or James’ identity??
    I mean it. Really.

  158. Hi Noah and James,
    Just wanted to let you know that I experienced the same things you did growing up. There is life after abuse. I joined a support group three years ago and it helped transform my life. I wake up everyday now excited about the day and the future. Please seek help. It will change your life for the better.

  159. Oh for christ’s sake, Noah, quit being such a winnie.

  160. Other people here have been around a lot longer than I James and I knew instantly it wasn’t you, wonder why they didn’t.

  161. James you are the devil.

  162. How the other .01% once lived…


  163. Any posts by “James” today through tomorrow will be false, because I won’t be here.

    DoverSoul, I will be staring into the faces of “devils” soon enough late this afternoon. At least I won’t have to look at you.

  164. DoverSoul: good advice! Lets get back to Helen’s blog post. Too much garbage posts in my mailbox. Love Margaret & Helen’s blog!

  165. Whoever wrote it misrepresented my opinions and my normal reaction to put downs. If I had had the interchange, I would not have ignored his insulting my mind or military service. To do otherwise would have been out of character for me.

  166. Jeebus! Every other comment is a response to Noah/James. Just IGNORE the devils!!!!!!

  167. I also didn’t have a “conversation” with Juneau Joe about homeless veterans etc.

  168. From Malia Litman:

    Just say no to BS!

  169. I just returned and skimmed the recent posts. I did not write the message to Noah about being abused. I suffered no child hood abuse. My childhood and adolescence was mostly happy. You folks are being scammed.

    Greytdog, thanks for the complement and suggestion. I don’t have time for my own blog, but I like your idea. I’ll see what I can do.

    Thanks alaskapi (sp) and any others I missed with advice about changing my e mail.

    I just finished my first morning of cross country skiing and now plan to drive to Omaha to meet the Phelps crew. They have branched out from dead soldiers. Now they believe teachers are poisoning our children’s minds. Hence the demonstration against a teacher who died when a car hit her as she walked out of school toward her car.

  170. Noah you pathetic little man. Using the victim card to get attention. You should be ashamed.

  171. Poor poor Cyber bully Noah. Getting his just desserts.
    Maybe you will learn to have a bit more respect for Margaret and Helen….and Grandma Katie…and SO many others.

  172. oh btw Greytdog, you really should be less two faced. I dont see you coming down on the people personally attacking me. But some people have a higher tolerance for hypocrisy than I do.

  173. Ya this board has gone nuts. School must be out today, cause the kids have come out to play.

  174. Noah and James,
    At this time it would be best for you two to surround yourselves with a cirlce of friends…not a circle jerk…that is a whole different ball game, mind you….but a circle of friends who can provided you with the support you need to heal. It WILL get better.

  175. I’m with Peter

  176. Noah is a common name and that I’d an electronically produced pattern in a box. You own neither and the moderator of this site says it is not really moderated. There is no crime except your overreaction to it and your desire to stay here for more. Me thinks you protest too much…

    And yes PFesser, you ass, I am aware that someone else coined that phrase. $10 says you’ll have a burning desire to share with us your vast knowledge of English literature and my carelessness with typos.

    As others have said… Get a life.

  177. Noah and James like Man Love. So what!!
    Let’s move on…

  178. Helen! Another great post!
    You are the best!

  179. Noah and James-make sure you watch Oprah today. It is the second part of her special on men who have been molested as children. Check your local listings for time and channel.


  180. Noah,
    If in fact somebody has stolen your identity then you have bigger problems than being a Cyber Bully. However, I think you just realized you shared too much and now you are playing the victim card. With your history of abuse, it makes sense.

  181. Yay Noah – if you can overcome abuse then bravo. HOWEVER, being a victim of childhood abuse is NOT an acceptable excuse for being abusive to others when you’re an adult. It’s an explanation not a carte blanche excuse to be abusive yourself. It’s a bit like the murderer up in CT claiming his actions were the result of his childhood abuse – my reaction: uh huh, and your point is what? We should look the other way when you’re abusing others, bullying others, even physically harming others? Nope. Not gonna wash

  182. It doesn’t even have to be a real email address. Make one up and stick with it.

  183. Damn..what these two ladies won’t do to drive hits to their blog! What a hoot!

  184. Noah,
    Part of the problem with people who have experienced abuse as a child is paranoia. I think you might need to check in with your Dr. soon. Sounds like you are going through a ruff patch.

  185. James- change your email when you come home today.
    I disagree with you so very often but I care about you.
    And when I’m not up to the challenge I scroll on by…
    change your email, neighbor.

  186. Noah, there is life after abuse. My husband was abused by an Uncle. It took many years for him to finally see that he was the innocent one. Please continue getting help from your doctors. It is the only way.
    God Bless.

  187. thought you left?!?!?!
    Go away, Noah. Nobody wants to play with you. :-)

  188. alaskapi ..what insults?

  189. Good Bye Noah!!!
    Take James with you!!! :-)

  190. Noah- will you stop slinging insults long enough to listen? Who gives a patoot about intellectually debating opposing issues as regards your contention that someone posted using your name?
    Santowski’s quip has some validity as regards the PRACTICAL aspects of how this might have happened- if indeed it did.
    Everytime you make a comment here you are recognized by your email and the same default avatar appears- that is true on any wordpress blog you comment on with the same email.
    Use a different email and see what happens? And be careful where you post… and irritate…

  191. Show me delurkergurl where I personally attacked someone first, or used profanity against them. Just one time. Each and every case someone decided they couldn’t argue intellectually and attacked me personally, how is that my fault?

  192. right delurker not standard.. but e-mail collection is easilyyyyyy installed and most do it don’t cha think?

    Wellllll in any case it’s good to be aware it CAN be done. Especially if you “click”on someone’s name. right?

  193. Don’t confuse fear and contempt, Noah.

    Do you remember when you first came here and you acted reasonable? People responded reasonably. When you started issuing insults and ultimatims, people got too fed up to bother with you. That’s not fear, silly! That’s knowing when something is pointless.

  194. Either way I am not going to perpetuate this nonsense any further. I think I have posted on here long enough that people will be able to tell when it is me and not me. Enjoy yourselves kiddies.

  195. Lori, when people visit my blog, I see their IP address and the location associated with the IP address and some other details.

    I only see the email address when someone posts a comment, because I require that one be entered in my blog settings. Even then, the email address doesn’t even have to be valid.

    So at least with WordPress blogs, I think you’d have to install third party widgets or your own code to get what you’re talking about. It’s not a standard feature.

  196. Santowski is a perfect example of what PFessor was talking about. Rather than step up and intellectually debate opposing issues, he applauds and encourages these despicable actions. Fear through and through.

  197. Hey Noah! Want some candy?

  198. I think someone just got tired of Noah and James’ nonsense. Bravo!

  199. If I never shared my email with anyone I don’t see what changing it will do. IF they got it once I and sure they can get it again. Fortunately I do have ID theft protection so I am covered there.

    And thanks PFessor. Admittedly I should learn to respond to people attacking me without acting like them and in the future I will try and work on that but by the same token I see nothing wrong giving as good as I get. You will take note I have never attacked anyone who didn’t come at me first, it is always in response.

  200. alaskapi and delurker you two are kinder than I… hands down..

    There are lots of people that don’t understand that even when you VISIT another website the host then has your e-mail addy… and in most cases IP addy.

    James, change your e-mail too.

  201. Noah, I applaud you for seeking help with your history of abuse. That took strength indeed. I hope you can find comfort with others, like James, who know what you are going through.

    This Pfesser person’s comments are simply treadful and he should be ashamed of himself.

  202. Mike- you’re right…
    And I’m going back to mine…
    Some of the shenanigans on these here “tubes” are over the top…

  203. I’m lost. How is someone typing someone else’s email address in a text box on a blog going to put anyone’s bank accounts at risk?

  204. IF someone posted as 3 seperate entities it likely has more to do with a prank or irritation as there is no other real explanation so it’s wise to get off the soapbox about anything else …
    maybe “colorful” finally hit on a series of keystrokes which meant something, eh?

  205. What is happening here is JUST TOO FUNNY!!!!
    ALL you people need to get a life!!!

  206. Noah, James, and Pfesser,
    Identity theft is a very serious thing. You should check all of your other accounts. Credit Card, Bank, even utility accounts. AND cell phone. My husband has his identity stolen and it was just awful. Good Luck.

  207. That would at least show that you reveal too much personal information online.

  208. Noah- you are free to do whatever, but being delibrately obtuse …?
    If you comment on a worpress blog your host knows your email. If you have been commenting around it is out there…
    There are other ways but why don’t you try a different email address while you overthink the rest of it?

  209. Noah, delurkergurl –

    Noah, don’t get upset if someone hijacks your name. I’ve been rebuilding my driveway for the past week and didn’t get to look in here for several days; I think it’s hilarious.

    Remember, it’s just electrons. It’s not real. Nobody can come to your house and steal your children based on what they see here.

    “You might ponder why anyone would be annoyed enough to do that to you. It could be part of the risk you take when you intentionally provoke others. Just a thought.”

    Nice try, delurkergurl, but – except for responding to personal attacks – I think Noah and many others have been quite restrained, so if they “annoy” someone, IMHO the problem belongs to those annoyed. My experience is that annoyance or anger ALWAYS comes from fear on some level, and if people find dissenting opinions annoying, the question that really should be asked is, “What are you afraid of?”

  210. I use the name Noah, which is my name in my job as a teacher, business owner and a part time public official. Some of my colleagues are aware and participate in some of the same activities so I don’t think it will be difficult to show how it could do me harm, particularly in my capacity as a teacher and public official.

  211. I am not sure either. I have not formed any relationships where I have given or posted my email address every. I hired a computer security firm about 3 weeks ago called cyber defender and I have passed on to them what has occurred and they are checking my PC as I write this to see if I have any invasive programs that might have given them my info.

  212. Noah, I don’t support hijacking user names. If that happened, that’s bad. I’m not sure how anyone here got your email address, unless you posted it at some point.

    I don’t get the sense that the blog owners ever read the email associated with this blog. I don’t think they read the comments, either, or care what people do or say. It disappoints me but it’s their blog. You may not get a response.

    I have a different perspective on how concerned the authorities will be. It’s not like someone made false accusations against a real, named person. You’re just a Noah on a blog, and no accusations were made anyway. If the computer crimes division wants to investigate, it won’t be hard but I hope they have better ways to spend tax dollars.

    If you’ve been hijacked, I’m sorry about that. You might ponder why anyone would be annoyed enough to do that to you. It could be part of the risk you take when you intentionally provoke others. Just a thought.

  213. Pfesser- WP doesn’t have a lot of info about commenter stuff from the perspective of the commenter but just go to wordpress.com and poke around in the forums.

  214. alaskapi –

    I think your and Noah’s posts are passing in the aether. I know yours and mine are; I see the info I need now.

  215. Noah- on wordpress IP addresses are indeed logged BUT the identifying default “avatar” identicon/ quilty here is attached to your email address.
    Anyone can name themselves noah but only someone putting putting in your email will show your “quilt”
    change your email address!!!!

  216. alaskapi –

    Thanks for the info. Very interesting. Let me think about it…pfesser53 email is just a spam-trap anyway, so I can ditch it. If I use another email and the same PFesser53 handle, will that work?

    I can still use the old email address to communicate privately with others on this blog but anybody else who uses to post it will get a different quilt, right?

    hmmm…I am now not seeing anything in the “quilts.” Just a blank square. Wonder if something is going on at WordPress…

    Where can you go to get a manual on WordPress? do they have something online?

    Thanks again.

  217. While I have a gentleman who built and manages the website for my personal business, I do know that anyone who logs in and posts on my boards, while in admin mode has their IP listed. I don’t know if every website works that way but I know mine does.

  218. oh for crying out loud, mine is fixing toilets and I can figure part of this out…
    change your email address!

  219. again I will defer to the experts. My bag is history, teaching and public service, not computers.

  220. Noah- get a clue!!!!
    your IP address does not identify you on wordpress, your email does!

  221. Noah- you bore the living daylights out of me but if you are telling the truth change your ^&$$&*^%ing email and be careful about where you post and who you share it with.
    This blog is not a problem but any other wordpress blog where a host may see your email AND get tired of your rambles into whatever might hijack your email name… Or if you post it in comments anywhere…
    Holy moley- I can’t believe I’m trying to help the bore of the century…

  222. Emailed the host on this board with my IP address and requested the IP address of those posting in my stead. My brother works for the computer crimes division at the Grand Haven, MI state police post. Once I get that information we will see if we can get any traction on checking out these allegations. You posters will find they take allegations of child abuse and slander of false charges very seriously. I am also requesting the info on the frequent posters egging this on as I believe the hijacker and these posters are one in the same. May the best man win.

  223. Noah and James, may the good Lord shine his light upon you and guide you toward the healing you deserve.

  224. Damn Noah, take your sad ass story somewhere else. There are groups for people like you. Take that sorry ass PEEfessor with you.

  225. Noah, I wish you all the best in your recovery from a childhood of abuse. As others have written here, stay strong and…Courage.

  226. Pfessor53 is a good guy as well. One of the better guys to have a conversation with for sure.

  227. *to sadly say = to safely say

  228. Why don’t you just go away, Pfessor53. You are terrible.

  229. it IS a question of putting that email in the block

  230. Hey guys I don’t know how things work here or what one has to do to hijack a name. I just know I didn’t write anything about being abused and I think I have been reading James long enough to sadly say he didn’t write it either. For the record I was never abused so don’t send any sympathy my way. Either the board has gone nuts or you guys are just using this as an excuse to give me a hard time. Either way yuck it up and get it out of your system and lets get back on topic.

  231. alaskapi –

    ” Wise up!
    IF ,indeed, someone is using your names they are also using your emails as the wordpress quilty thing is attached to THAT.”

    Apparently you know something about this software I don’t. “Wise me up,” if you would. What do you mean about email adress?

    What do you see? I am not seeing my usual quilt. I only see a blank square with a “?” in the middle.

    I am using gmail, and since the Chinese incursion Google uses secure servers, so I don’t think anyone has access to the account itself. I have given my email address several times on this blog, so if it is a question of putting that in the “Email” block, that is of course trivial. I can throw that email address away if it is being hijacked and use another.


  232. James –

    “Tomorrow, I plan to be a human shield against the Phelps demonstrations at an Omaha teachers’ funeral.”

    While you are there, if you are able to engage these folks ask them how it went when they tried to protest at the mine in WV last April. Although she doesn’t know it the lawyer-daughter apparently missed effecting her transmigration only by virtue of having children with her. Southern WV is not a good place to be f’in around, and mountain people are not good people to mess with. Fortunately for the loonies, Hillbillies have higher standards than the Phelps.

  233. Noah, good for you! Stay Strong!
    PFessor53, you are an awful person.

  234. Pfesser-
    Wise up!
    IF ,indeed, someone is using your names they are also using your emails as the wordpress quilty thing is attached to THAT.

  235. Great post, Helen! You are a hoot!!

    Noah, dear, there is a wonderful book by Mary Jane Talley called, “Touch That Special Place”. I think you would benefit from its wonderful message. Peace.

  236. Been busy for the last couple of days; looks like the high school kids are back. Sorry I missed it. cool! Someone is using our names! I’m flattered…

    There is a great column by David Brooks in today’s Times. He discusses how the Right and Left are so tied up in the Gordian knot of absolute partisanship that they have completely offended most of America’s voters. And it’s both Right and Left; I think he has captured the mood of America perfectly as we thrash around with Tea Parties, libertarians, et al as we search for real leaders in these times that NEED real leaders. I am so disappointed in Obama; when I voted for him I thought he was the one.


    Just a couple of quick quotes from the article for those who don’t have time to read it all:

    “I’m optimistic because while our political system is a mess, the economic and social values of the country remain sound. My optimism is also based on the conviction that serious, vibrant societies don’t sit by and do nothing as their governments drive off a cliff. ”

    On the Dems:

    “Nancy Pelosi, the public sector unions and many liberal commentators are not only unwilling to compromise to prevent a catastrophe, they’re unwilling to even consider a compromise. They seem to regard anybody who would negotiate as fundamentally immoral and unserious. ”

    On ReBiblicans and everybody else:

    “Most important, this movement will have to develop a governing philosophy and a policy agenda. Right now, orthodox liberals and conservatives have their idea networks, and everybody else is intellectual roadkill.”

    I apologise; I don’t represent the article very well, but it appeals on so many levels. I – and many, many others – are willing to do our part if we believe there is a national strategy; I am willing to pay more taxes, work at lower wage, any of a number of things IF I believe the govt won’t just piss it away – which I don’t.

    As an amateur WWII historian, the thing I find most appealing about its history is the way Americans moved and suffered together for a larger purpose. If we can do that again, Americans have what it takes to do the job. I believe we are ready; we just need a leader.

  237. Noah, go after the church, dude. You can get some serious billage!

  238. Helen, you made my day–again.

  239. Courage, Noah.

  240. Boy, that explains the crazy, Noah.

  241. Great post, Helen!

    Noah, that is just so wrong on so many levels. Get help.

  242. Noah! I’ll touch yours if you touch mine!

  243. I am glad that some people feel they can bare your soul here…but, really? I think this comment section should be about Margaret and Helen’s posts. Wish Noah all the best on his road to recovery…but let’s get back to M&H, shall we?

  244. Yo Noah. Dude, take your problems somewhere else.
    There are probably hundreds of websites for you abused dudes. This is Margaret and Helen’s crib, dude.

  245. Noah, you are still a jerk. Don’t blame it on your past.

  246. What an interesting evening we had here on Helen’s porch. I support those two’s decision to face their issues but I hope they now take their commments to a blog that addresses survivors of abuse. This doesn’t seem to be an appropriate blog for that.


  247. Wow. This news about Noah and James sure does explain alot. Now we know where all the anger comes from, I guess. Here’s hoping you two find strength and can begin to heal.

  248. I am not sure if James and Noah realize that everyone can see their comments to each other. I hope they are OK. That PFesser person is not very nice and not very smart. My husband wad abused by his uncle and if he ever finds out where PFesser lives, it will not be pleasant.

  249. Very brave indeed. You are among friends. Courage.

    PFesser has reached a new low and should be banned from this blog.

  250. Very brave of you to admit the abuse, Noah.
    Stay Strong!

  251. Noah-
    Unless and until you or someone else can adequately explain why the identicons/”quilt” next to your so-called stolen names are the same as any comment you do own to, you are not finding any believers here…
    Wordpress assigns a default picture to a name and email which appears everytime the combination is used.
    The blue quilty thing which accompanies many names is the “anonymous” default for those who don’t use their email on blogs such as this one which allow folks to comment without including their email .
    So unless you can explain how someone hijacked your “quilt” you are stuck …

  252. Noah and James,
    May the light of Christ warm your hearts and heal you from the sins of others. Be strong and know that with realization of the past you can no longer be harmed.

  253. That was very brave of you, Noah. Don’t be ashamed of your past. Just remember, it was not your fault. You can move on. You and James should be very proud of yourselves for admitting that you were abused. I would strongly suggest that both of you join a support group in your area. It will help during this initial admission of being molested as a child.

    Peace to you both.

  254. This again sadly highlights what the weak minded people will do. Win at any cost rather than open their minds and just search for the truth.

  255. Looks like James and I hit a nerve with some joker who took our names.

  256. thank you helen as always. you really are a treasure.

  257. @JuneauJoe 12:31 AM

    “By the way, we have tried the tax breaks for the wealthiest for 9 years and all we got was jobs sent overseas and the widest gap between the rich and poor since the Great Depression. Time to try a different approach that actually gets jobs to the poor middle class fellow who has been out of work for a long time.”


  258. James,

    You are letting me down. Being the brainiac which you are, I was looking for you to tell me the truth according to Teabagger wisdom.

  259. Juneau, I clicked on that link and was taken to a very questionable website. Maybe I clicked it wrong? Thanks for sharing James. Pfesser53 you can just skip this part. What did delurkergurl say?

  260. If anyone out there needs to share their story about this, I think this is a good place to do so.

  261. Redistribution of wealth. Is it a commie plot?

    How about if the redistribution goes from the poor to the rich? Then it is OK! Right.


    Check this one out.

  262. Now even I am wishing this blog was moderated. Sick. Just sick.

  263. Good for you Noah. That episode really got to me. I tried to contact the show to let them know about some interesting facts about child molestation and homosexuality but I could not get through. It is good to finally get some light shed on this subject. What did you think about the candles?

    Courage, my friend. Courage.

  264. Hey. I am not sure who is posting using my name but I don’t think you are very funny. Being molested as a child was extremely difficult to get past and your making a joke of it is not funny. And yes, James, I did watch Oprah last week. I had no idea so many others felt the same way I do.

    Jake, blow it out your ear.

  265. Should the wealthiest get the Bush tax break and increase the deficit by 700 Billion?

    What do you thnk?

  266. James, I have been away. You need to bring me up to speed. You being the brilliant person that you are, it should not take you long.’

    What do you think of this? Zakaria on Republicans


  267. Junea everyone has their cross to carry. Homeless vets are not my thing.

  268. James: Should the wealthiest 2% get a 700 Billion Tax Break? We have homeless vets, with children but we need to make sure that the wealthiest among us get their $100,000.00 per year tax break – right.

  269. Nicely done again, Helen. Obama is much better than what we’d have in the White House if he hadn’t won the election. Now if we could just get Palin to shut up and go away and take her loony friends with her (O’Donnell, Bachmann, Angle, and Miller for starters).

  270. Juneau I have commented about this subject before. I don’t think homelessness is a big enough issue for Vets to warrant special legislation.

  271. James, Another one for you to check out.


    New Poll says tax the richest and save Social Security. It makes sense to me – what do you think?

  272. James and Noah. Get a room. You guys are making me sick. What the hell is wrong with you?

  273. James: Check Out this video.

    I am interested in your thoughts, since you are a vet.

  274. You too Noah? Thought it was just me. Plan on watching Oprah on Friday. It’s a follow-up to her show last week. It helped me a great deal to begin to work through some of the anger. Feel free to email.

  275. http://www.alaskadispatch.com/dispatches/alaska-beat/88-alaska-beat/7472-a-sobering-veterans-day-reminder

    James, 20% of Homeless people are Veterans. Why?
    You being a hero and all. Thought I would ask your thoughts on this veterans day.

  276. Really am sorry to be a jerk everyone. I just like to say things just to upset people. It’s what I do. I was molested as a child and I am working through the pain. My doctor suggested that I come here and apologize as part of my therapy.

  277. Cappy. Can you email me? I would enjoy that.

  278. Noah. Blow me.

  279. James – You are really playing up your brain power – ha, ha.

    That is a good one. You are of average intelligence and your stories are not that interesting, if the truth be known.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

  280. James, You sound as infantile as ever!!

    James, ask Rep Boehner what job proposals he is going to offer. JOBS, JOBS, JOBS That is what the people want and deserve.

    By the way, we have tried the tax breaks for the wealthiest for 9 years and all we got was jobs sent overseas and the widest gap between the rich and poor since the Great Depression. Time to try a different approach that actually gets jobs to the poor middle class fellow who has been out of work for a long time.

  281. Helen – Great Post!!!!! Thanks!!

  282. Again, I think you are so awesome. You say what I think. But, then you take it 18 steps beyond what I would ever say out loud. More than Santa Claus, I hope you are real.

  283. Grandma Katie, you and I are just two different people with a completely different set of values and morality. Lets just agree to disagree and ignore each others posts. Thanks in advance.

  284. Helen, you keep spreading the truth! It is so good of you to clear all the political BS out of the room.

  285. Christine O’Donnell gives real witches a bad name. I mean it!

    Thanks for another great post.xoxo

  286. [...] Higher Ground Helen Philpot | November 10, 2010 at 8:06 AM | Tags: Chris Coons, Christine O’Donnell, John Boehner, Michele Bachmann, President Barack Obama, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/p5xSC-LJ [...]

  287. Do you ever feel like you’re living out “The Emperor Has No Clothes?” only instead of that one, it’s “The Politicians Have No Brains?” I mean. . . Rand Paul, for gawd’s sakes?! The voters of KY have gone from shooting themselves in the foot with Mitch McConnell to aiming the gun higher. Good grief!

    I used to think Congress would be a better place with more women. Please tell me that Michelle Bachmann is a man in drag.

  288. Dutta, great post.

  289. I am one of those millions that voted against Perry. Not quite sure what the “majority” saw in him. Enough already!

  290. I love you.

  291. Noah – I set no standards for any one besides courtesy. I was raised to treat everyone with respect regardless of who or what they believe. However I believe you have crossed that line and have gone into rudeness. Why do you even bother to come here?

  292. well said Barbara, thanks for having something of merit to contribute. Should you have a thought of your own please feel free to share it. If not I am sure your significant other could provide one for you.

  293. Get a life, Noah.

  294. Inyereye, My buddies where?I dont know anyone from SCOTUS.

    As far as whats been done since you didn’t say whats been done. As far as whats in the news, What news? I find that true journalism is almost dead. I know of several news services with their own political agenda that write great thesis papers, but little in the way of objective news.

    Regan and his economic policies were some of the best policies ever created. They showed conclusively that through reduced taxes on business government revenue went up a ton. Regan had the longest record of prosperity if I am not mistaken.

    As for Republicans not stepping up for people over business. I am not sure what socialist or Marxist state you live in but in this capitalist country I am a part of business is a good thing for its people. We like to call them jobs.

    “Oil companies like BP did not have any REAL safety plan for a possible problem in open water drilling. There was no environmental impact study required.”

    Could you show me where the Republicans broke away from our current government and tackled these issues on their own? You know so that the Democrats could say they had no responsibility for anything that goes wrong in this country? Just a few articles, some quotes maybe? Anything?

    I don’t see what BP having a profit and their criminal activities have to do with each other? Now if your goal is to garner sympathy then it is smart thinking to pair these apples and oranges together. Wrong is wrong, they did bad things and should pay and fix what they did.

    Again for there being so many things that your shocked to have to talk about them. Show me how the Republicans, who broke away from government to allow the democrats the ability to collect paychecks nd make no decisions so the Republicans could take all the blame.

    Just because a party is for an environment where business can prosper doesn’t mean they are for immoral an and illegal activities. I think your skewed feelings for them have you grasping at any straws that might prove your point, rather than searching out the truth and letting it stand on its own.

  295. I can see I’m going to enjoy this!

  296. Amazing to me that people who think Margaret & Helen’s blog is “hatefilled speech” continue to frequent this place and post comments.

    Doversoul, inyereye – okay folks… whatever have lions done to you two that you would inflict indigestion and heartburn on them? :)

    A. Duttaahmed, thanks for the posting about Rabbi Lerner & the ramonaforum.org listing. Always glad to add another source of reasoned discourse. I’ve never bought the spiel that MSNBC was “liberal” and I’ve never bought the spiel that Fox was a news network. I’m old enough to remember the days when a journalist’s political affiliation/leanings were not known – oh people speculated about Cronkite, Murrow, Reynolds, etc, but they never injected their own political philosophy into their newscasts. That’s why Cronkite indictment of the Vietnam War was newsworthy & distressing to the White House.

  297. Helen:
    A friend sent me your post. I loved it, so much that I am sending you a commentary I wrote to our group, Ramona Forum (www.ramonaforum.org), a small progressive group, in response to an essay by Rabbi Lerner. We need an assessment of American politics vis-a-vis american culture, first, and then chalk out a course—a sustained political course, not a some-how-win an election course. We have to deal with the population we are, not what we could have been!
    I am very encouraged by Rabbi Lerner’s essay about progressive revival. As always, all views are to be taken into account for the dialog. I will narrate in this mail my views vis-à-vis the ten points. If I get enough feed back, I will narrate my list.

    Here is a preamble first: The confusion is coming from the assessment of ‘American’ culture and politics. If the assessment is wrong, the steps taken cannot be right. Wrong steps cannot produce the right result. The assessment had been wrong in 2008 and it is wrong in 2010.

    Media that exist in USA are corporate media and they will frame this election as the defeat of progressives. It is not question of our letting them frame something, for that matter anything. Whether anybody noticed or not, with the change of NBC News director few weeks before the election, the language, body language and reporting by Brian Williams, Chuck Todd and others changed. Last week’s censoring of Keith Olbermann is not an isolated incident. I will not be surprised if the character of MSNBC—the five-afternoon/evening programs—slowly changes, or some of them leave the network.

    We are alone! We do have some radio outlet, and MSNBC TV as long as we would have. Both the sources are dependent on the owning corporations. The corporate management may even reject the advertisements we may want to air. Therefore, groups like us will conduct the communication with the general population whether we like it or not. It is a big responsibility for small groups like us. The challenge is enormous in extending the message to non-progressives of today so that they are progressives tomorrow. In this context, please remember people listen to whom they trust. We need to gain their trust without sacrificing our own principles. It is not easy and painstakingly slow. It cannot be otherwise. We would discuss the hows later.

    In this context, I would like to remind everybody that of the ‘principled’ real Democrats (progressives), only two persons lost the 2010 election. Most of the Democrats who sacrificed their own principle to look different lost the election, more than fifty percent—probably they did not have any principle, other than an urge to win the election.

    Rabbi Lerner has so nicely narrated this. What we need a principled political movement, not an election campaign. Election is not the goal, a possible consequence. If we have a populace with ideals, wining in election will follow. It was our failure as Rabbi Lerner said.

    Elitism-in-the-left is a scapegoat. Reactionary electorate is another. The message of hope we generated in 2008 with a very articulate messenger and an inspired younger generation was not capitalized with a sustained political movement. We were so mesmerized by the election of a black president that we thought we have changed the population. We are home! We were not. The population is still prejudiced; bigotry is still alive; amber of racism can still burn the civilization we wish to have. Origin of this year’s rage is the unsettling condition of our families, inflamed by this trio. One well-known social commentator (name of whom I cannot remember now) said half of this rage is because Obama is black. We can make laws to control behavior, but change of hearts do not happen overnight. It is a long process.

    The electorate did not think what the other people would do to stabilize their family. The only thing the other people said is that future is the past—back to 2000-2008, and to 1980-1988. That is the failure of our democracy.

    The assessment in the third ‘commandment’ of Rabbi Lerner is a false, and unfair, charge. However, I will add an assessment: Rabbi Lerner is part of the progressive movement of his faith. But, the growing fundamentalism among different faith is a danger to our multi-faceted pluralistic society. I believe even in the political field, the fundamentalism has found a place—the group of strict constitutionalist, who believes “U.S. Constitution is a dead document” (Scalia), just as the fundamentalists would say about Bible or Koran or Veda that those are dead documents that has to be pursued literally. I do believe that the ‘fundamentalist Constitution’ group in politics is an extension of the rise in fundamentalist religious groups, especially Christians.

    The implied assertion to the progressives in the fourth commandment is debatable. In spite of that the message is very clear, especially, “Make the progressive world focus more on taking care of each other in its meetings and public events”.

    Rest of Rabbi Lerner’s other commandments refer to either his faith or the ‘how to’-s. I will save that discussion for another day.

  298. Doversoul, I am almost with you on the feeding Christians to Lions. That would certainly separate all the sheep from the goats. The goats have given us such a bad name and reputation over the years. I think a goat roast is in order.

  299. Simple Reaganomics, Noah. It is real hard to take you seriously in light of all that has been done and in the news for the past several years. Republicans have no plans to regulate business. Look what your buddies in the SCOTUS accomplished. They are all about privatisation and deregulation. The “free markets govern themselves” meme. I haven’t seen one republican step up for people over business in years. They keep saying the way to help the economy is by helping business. They favor trickle-down prosperity that has proved false generation after generation. When they say smaller government, they are not including the vast subcontractors that work for government. Nor do they want to reign in “defense” spending.

    Don’t you recall the MMS prostituting themselves and others while letting the corporations write their own regulations? Oil companies like BP did not have any REAL safety plan for a possible problem in open water drilling. There was no environmental impact study required.

    Oh yeah, BP made a profit, I don’t mind profits at all. But how many died and lost their livelihood due to their negligence? What about the lasting damage to the ecosystem? What about their blatant disregard for the health of the people affected by their screwup, or their coverup of the cleanup and the problem. This criminal activity goes unchallenged, even today. Republicans are up to their ears in this and promote it.

    Or how about all the health insurance and big pharma writing the bills associated with their industry. Or the repealing of safeguards like the Glass–Steagall Act helping to regulate the banking industry. There are so many incidents that it just blows me away to have to even reinterate them.

  300. Make these two commander and chief and you might well get your wish DoverSoul

  301. Oh god please run for president, I love your blog and wish I could express myself as well as you do.

  302. I miss the good old days when they used to feed Christians to lions.

  303. Thank goodness a new post. The sniping has started a little early. WWGKD? Scroll baby, scroll!!!

  304. Again I find this situational ethics/morality to be interesting, hypocritical, but interesting.

    The blog authors don’t pull any punches in what they say. They use profanity in an attempt to make their point of hared and intolerance for anyone who is not like them. I call them on it, without the profanity, and you all cry foul.

  305. *vase=case

  306. Mrs. Stanslowski again I nothing comical in hate. It serves no purpose. Agree to disagree.

    delurkergurl, I have an opinion just like the blog creators. You are famous for sitting on your horse thumbing your nose and then disengaging. In my vase if you cannot be intellectually honest enough to actually discuss what I posted on just pass me by and don’t bother to comment. If you chose to snipe and run I am going to call you to task on it. Nuff said.

  307. You are wrong, Noah. You are here to comment on the postings of Margaret & Helen. Their blog is amazing. Funny. A comment should be about them…not you.

    Margaret and Helen, Keep up the good work. You two are priceless!

  308. What in the world do you get out of acting this way, Noah? I’m really sorry for whatever it is that has caused you sufficient pain that you get pleasure from being so rude. That probably sounds arrogant. Text is kind of cold that way. I actually mean it sincerely.

    I guess you can call it retreating if you want to, but I’m just not going to let you bait me into hitting the mud with you. You can keep trying but I’m not the one it’s reflecting on.

  309. You are either here to blog your opinion, have it tested in the waters of public opinion to see if it passes muster, or like most hide in your shell whenever anything you say is scrutinized.

  310. understandable delurkergurl. Were I you retreat does seem to wisest course. toodles.

  311. Actually, I didn’t get all the way through your hateful rant, Noah. It sounds like your mind is made up on this place, so best wishes at the next place. Keep the fork. You can choose where to stick it.

  312. delurkergurl, thanks for the invite to leave, I will stay.

    Sorry if I find the double standard you so much support to be distasteful. Your all allowed to project hate but you cry foul when your called on it. Apologies if you find that distasteful. I didnt attack any guest, I asked for clarification and justification for what they said. Again sorry I am not going to buy into your double standard.

  313. Noah’s post seems to me to be well within the boundaries set up by the blogger.

    Do “the rest of us (you)” have some different insider information to the contrary of “let them say what they want,” that makes you think you need to scrub off the porch after the likes of Noah has, in your opinion, “sullied it?

    Who attacked the guests? Noah?

  314. Lynn, not a mistake. But I do find some kind of sad humor for you and yours that have situational ethics.

  315. Noah, this is Margaret and Helen’s blog! We are all guests here. It’s one thing to disagree or engage in debate but it’s another to slam the hosts and attack the guests! Would you do that at a party or a meeting?

    H&M provide satire and a commentary that resonates with a lot of people. You don’t have to agree with everything they say, but if you can’t respect their space and appreciate their efforts, then it’s time for you to find somewhere where it’s not such a hardship for you to be civil.

    If you decide this place isn’t so bad, grab a fork and please have some pie. It’s good for the soul.

  316. thanks Grandma Katie, as always setting standards for others you could never hope to achieve yourself.

  317. I believe that a special extra-hot place is reserved for people who mistake common sense for hate. Helen, you are a bright light during a dark time and anyone who thinks otherwise must be looking up their own behind.

    Democracy is definitely not a spectator sport – when are those who are compassionate and intelligent going to finally say “We’re made as hell and we aren’t going to take it any more!”? How bad do things have to get before we stop letting greedy morons not only run for office but get elected? I’m afraid that as long as we continue to let morons vote, nothing will change for the better.

    Here in Maine we’re stuck with an ignorant loudmouth for governor because so many people didn’t think the experienced woman Democratic candidate could win so they voted for an egotistical inexperienced Independent instead. Talk about not having a mandate! One of the new governor’s first objectives is to do away the state-subsidized health insurance which means that I and many other lower-middle income Mainers will no longer be able to afford health care.

    Excuse me while I go start exercising. I’ve got to get fit before he takes office!

  318. the above comment was to Noah. The first part went into cyber space somewhere!

  319. As for the rest of us,scrubbing off Helen’s front porch after you have sullied it is getting tiresome.

  320. Canadian conventgirl said: Also, whatever happened to civility? I can’t help but wonder if much of the slanderous, vile and somewhat treasonous attacks against your President would be said if your President were white?

    This is a pretty cheap shot I see taken all to often. The race card is getting a bit old. This smells to me a shield for Obama to hide behind. Don’t you dare criticize me or you will be a racist.

    inyereye said: the new republicans want business to run government and every other aspect of society. They favor corporations and prefer business unregulated. Basically unbridled capitalism

    Bold statement. I wonder if you can prove it that all or even a majority of Republicans feel this way? I have never heard republicans ask for unregulated business. No “thinking” person would. Since republicans prefer small government could you also show us how they want business to run every aspect of society? Or his this just blind hatred talking?

    Inyereye said: Heck even BP is showing a profit. Could you enlighten me when showing a profit is a sin? Your comments smack of Marxism.

    Helen congrats again on a hate filled speech. I dont believe any candidate running for any major office has had a 100% vote, reality check.

    Show me the common ground Democrats were working on during the first 2 years? Could you show me where Republicans have compromised on smaller government? Department of Homeland Security aside because I think even you might be able to comprehend the necessity of that department.

    I have been wondering for some time, could you try and articulate without stooping to the use of profanity in your explanation your hatred of Sara Palin? No really, for as many times as you mentioned her I have to believe your either psychotic or a talking head for some liberal organization.

    The whole white people hating blacks, straights hating gays and on and on shows us who you really are. I hope there is little room for your 1930’s ignorance and intolerance. You are a rare bird and for that I am glad. For our society to evolve and escape the mistakes of the past your kind needs to be no more. And if anyone has turned their back on religious doctrine it is you.

    Bigotry vs orange people? a new low, congrats. You would do the Nazi party proud.

    I know this is pretty much all pointless questions as considering the content of your post I strongly feel you are not able to articulate anything but the hate someone has fed you and considering the illogical nature of your posts and the thought process in them, you cannot have possibly given much thought to having facts to back up these outrageous beliefs.

    Nothing is as cut and dry as you try and make it out to be. The Republicans are not evil, nor are the Democrats. You however, are. At the very least just a bitter old woman who is trying to take the rest of the world with her. People have often commented that his is all humor. I guess I find nothing humorous in people hating, in bigoted thinking, in thinking because an individual has one political affiliation or another that it defines who that person is entirely and uses that as justification to wish them ill. I believe with all my heart special places are reserved for those who spread this kind of message.

  321. “If Americans have a greater enemy than neoconservatives, that enemy is the Federalist Society, a collection of incipient Nazis.”

  322. Thanks for calling me on that, Bryan. That was poorly stated, and I retract.

    I feel that his vicious attacks against anyone who doesn’t share his ideology is contrary to what people who consider themselves Democrats tend to believe. Those are broad statements, though.

  323. James I know you’re on dial up and that causes problems for you in re internet. BUT really. I was wondering why you don’t blog about the family farm. As you so well know, the family farm is disappearing faster than civility in America. And a lot of folks today just simply don’t know anything about family farms – With your writing ability, I think such a blog would be invaluable. And I think you’re the man for the job. Just a thought.

  324. How does his record tell another story, Delurkergurl?

  325. He may call himself a Democrat but his record tells another story. It’s very clear the Democrats don’t want him.

    I wonder how God views how that “church” uses their tithe? In my opinion, Phelps should be afraid.

  326. Interesting background on this guy –

    “Phelps is a disbarred lawyer, founder of the Phelps Chartered law firm, a past civil rights activist in Kansas, and a Democrat who has five times been a candidate for political office in Kansas Democratic Party primaries.”


  327. delurkergurl, yes, I am a polarizing figure in real life too, and it helps get me through the dark moods, especially when the man and his daughter caught in a wrecked truck burn to death in my dreams.

    Sometimes, I really am a jerk.

    My wife is a lot like me. She, my kids and dog like me, so I must have some redeeming qualities.

    I never got your e mail and would appreciate if you tried again. I should have mentioned it before, but I didn’t want to bother you. I think I still have your first e mail. When I get time I will bounce it back to you and see what happens.

    I agree about giving to the unfortunate. We do what we can too. I am proud of my wife for what she does at school. Now is the time to share what we can all year.

  328. Thanks, James. I don’t actually think you’re a jerk – I think you’re a… polarizing figure. ;) OK, on your worst days, I’ve gotten pretty angry and yes, thought you were a jerk. I’ve deeply wished you gone, but I’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler. :D When you explained your dark moods it helped.

    I don’t like it when people throw rocks, at you or anyone, and I find pissing contests juvenile and utterly counterproductive. Otherwise, I’m a pretty agreeable gal and I appreciate your compliment a lot. I agree with Donna – thank you. Did you EVER get my email? Still want it? I could try again. Again!

    Mageen, best wishes for your son! I know slackers give unemployed people a bad name, but in all I think the people working darn hard to land jobs without success month after month after month are a much higher majority. Your son comes from good people :) and his turn will come.

    Good people are hurting financially and emotionally. I know we’re a deeply generous crowd here. Let’s give as generously as we can of our time, money or food during the “happiest season of all.” Not just Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the anxious, lonely days between and after the holidays.

  329. You’re welcome, Donna. Its going to be a cold windy day with lots of rain ahead of wet snow. I don’t have much choice. The poor family doesn’t need those people polluting their grief.

  330. Thanks delurkergurl.

    I visited your kitchen blog around the first day, and wrote something complementary which your site probably deleted. I left because I knew you didn’t want me anywhere near your imaginary kitchen, and I didn’t need to be there.

    There was something about your tone day which made me think you are a sweet person. Your making a private site for me to discuss my brother- in law, whatever the motivation, confirmed my opinion. So do posts like your last one.

    So, rant all you want about what a jerk I am. I still think you are sweet.

    Jake, you pay attention. I do what I want when I want. It is the nature of my job, and I have earned the right.

    I worked pretty hard the past two days so I can take a few hours off to meet our daughter and son- in law at Famous Dave’s in Omaha. They are serving free meals to veterans.

    I weigh 178, and most of it is muscle. How about you?

  331. Great new post, M and H!

    James–thank you for what you are doing tomorrow. The Phelps are the most despicable and destructive people and, while they do have the constitutional right to protest, I am very happy when people choose to exercise they constitutional right to use lawful means to block the damage they try to do.

  332. Bulls-eye again, Helen! Yes, I saw Perry on The Daily Show. Jon Stewart was terrific in handling him elsewise Perry would have done nothing but proseletyze and sell his damn book. He really is manipulative and narcissistic, all the traits you need to be either a used car salesman or governor of Texas.

    The good news is that my son, unemployed during the last year of the Bush administration by the recession that was not supposed to exist has finally landed a second interview for a job, a job he has been campaigning for since Labor Day. This is the farthest he has ever come in his job search which has been relentless. We are trying to breathe as holding yer breath is not a good thing.

  333. Lori, it was more than a reaction to high unemployment. People also rejected Democrats this time because they worried about our deficit and too many promises not kept. Creating the atmosphere for more jobs should have been the party’s highest priority but voters saw it wasn’t. Democrats oversold themselves and Obama. Buyers’ remorse set in.

    No one’s puppet. Yes, the Republicans got the House, but more importantly, they won lots of local elections.

    I hope they have all the right answers too, but the budget won’t be balanced and unemployment will still be too high two years from now. Several Republicans have plans, but unlike 1994, the party still seems unfocused. Some of the leaders wish the Tea Party would go away. Anything they do will have to be incremental or our condition will be worse than it is now.

    I don’t feel comfortable giving advice. All I do is study what politicians plan and after I make an opinion, I call and write their offices so often the staff recognizes my voice. They always say they will pass my comments on to the boss. Sometimes, I ask them to repeat what the boss said. Sometimes it embarrasses them because they didn’t. So I ask again.

    I try to attend local political meetings when politicians return to meet the people. Though don’t have time to attend them all, I make myself heard in a reasonable way and ask lots of questions when I’m there. I write letters to the editor, and I try to get friends and aquaintances to do the same.

    You probably have more ideas than I.

    Tomorrow, I plan to be a human shield against the Phelps demonstrations at an Omaha teachers’ funeral.

  334. Lori, Republicans won. It is as simple as that.

    Winning the Iowa House and the governor was a big deal because it gives we rural folks a louder voice than we had before. The Democrats earlier talked of killing our right to work law, and they were spending too much money, but not now. Now Democratic leaders of both houses say they can work with Republicans.

    The Washington Post and at least one columnist complained that our three Supreme Court justices who I voted for were ousted because they over rode the voters and imposed legal gay marriages. Conservatives have demonstrated their new power.

    The Tea Party supported some bad candidates, and I think Republicans might have won the Senate without them as you wrote. However, their energy and winning candidates are responsible for many more victories than losses.

    Republicans are in a good position now. They control only one house while the Democrats still have the executive and Senate. If they are deft, they can control the debate even if they can’t change the agenda. If they do it well, they can force the Democrats to discuss their periods of mismanagement and use it in the next election.

    Neither party will be able to entirely blame the other, and that is good for Republicans because they won’t be able to fix our problems in two years. If they ran both houses they would have no where to run for cover when the voters turned on them.

    Both parties are probably looking at who voted for whom as the columnist showed. Ignoring things like that loses elections. The column showed there is hope for your side. That’s why I suggested you read it.

    Rain may be wet, but so is snow. We may have enough snow for cross country skiing on Saturday morning.

  335. [...] via Higher Ground « Margaret and Helen. [...]

  336. Please, please knock it off. Please.

    Blog etiquette suggestions:



    “Be polite. It’s very easy to leave a barbed post or comment on a blog in the heat of debate or passion. Unlike a personal note, however, your rant may be seen by hundreds or thousands of people. You shouldn’t be less polite on the Web than you would be in person.”

    You may not care that your comment is being read by hundreds or thousands of people – but they do.

    As Helen would say (‘memba her?) – “I mean it. Really.”

  337. James don’t try to make it bigger than it is. You won the house. PERIOD! Thanks to your Tea people we retained the Senate. Oh and of course we still have the White House.

    It’s not new James. It’s happened for the last 40 years (save one). The large margin was “news” but then again we have haven’t had an economy this bad since the depression.

    No mandate, no hidden messages, no second coming in the Tea people . It was plain old fashioned “it’s the economy stupid”. Exit poll after exit poll told the story.

    The ink isn’t even dry on the offical ballots yet and you are trying to change them to validate your opinions.

    As for your columnist opinons …. Young, minorities, voted Democrat, old white people voted republican. Urban went democrat, rural went repub. Hispanics put us over the top in several races. The south doesn’t like Democrats.

    And guess what????? Rain is still wet!

    ……. as I told my kitchen frends.. “that’s all I’ve got to say about that”.

  338. Jake –

    To James: “Eveyone else can see that your [sic] fat so why… (snip)”

    In general, I don’t correct others’ grammar, but for the record: “Your” means “belonging to you.” When one wants to say “you are,” that is the contraction “you’re.”

    (So it would appear that not only conservatives have trouble with the your/you’re construct. Maybe it’s more a school system problem than a political one…)

    “And PFessor. Go rebuild some more motors.”

    Brushcutters don’t run on motors; they run on engines. That’s why burning ethanol is a problem for them.

    Motors, on the other hand, don’t work well in brushcutters because, while they are nowadays powerful enough, mile-long extension cords are hard to drag as you work.

    “The more time spent as a grease monkey, the less time here.”

    Very kind of you to offer your erudition, but I’m afraid that I – and I only – will make that decision.

    “Cord”- ially,

  339. PFess – that line is so public domaine. It’s not what she said, it’s how she said it. She just gave new life to an old phrase. Good for her.

  340. James. Pay attention. What you are being told is that you are like the fat guy with two plates in the all-you-can-eat buffet line. Eveyone else can see that your fat so why can’t you?

    And PFessor. Go rebuild some more motors. The more time spent as a grease monkey, the less time here.

    LOVE and adoration to Margaret and Helen.

  341. testing, testing, 1,2,3…

  342. James, I understand why you might be a bit apoplectic, your team got the nod this time, at least in the House of Representatives. Honestly, I hope they have all the right answers, and in two years the middle class is thriving and the budget is balanced, otherwise we’ll just have to kick them to the curb. But in the meantime, what is the plan and how can we help?
    Helen, you’re a trip! You have done an outstanding post election wrap up. I hope you are writing your Thanksgiving letter to your family this year, they are always my favorite blog of the year.

  343. Tom, you are a fool.

    This is an open blog, and anyone can post. I was responding to someone else who was interested.

    Prove to me that you aren’t emotionally and intellectually challenged.

  344. James, really? Really??
    You can’t be for real. Who makes comment after comment on someone elses blog. You are an idiot.

    Helen and Margaret should block you.

  345. Thanks PFessor. I like it. That mast is a killer in a storm.

    Yes, blue collar skills are like learning to ride a bicycle aren’t they?

    I agree, top down planning is getting to beyond a government’s abilities to do successfully. Our Wallaces Farmer came today. You might be able to find some of it on line. It makes interesting reading.

    Columnist, Arlan Sunderman wrote that agriculture will be a major player in the near future for these reasons.

    The corn crop, while a near record, was below government expectations.

    China has returned to the corn market, and they are already a big soy bean customer. So are other countries in Asia. Their growing middle classes are bidding away a growing percentage of our grain.

    Our dollar’s lower value makes our exports cheaper and in greater demand.

    Increased Wall Street money flow alters the way the market manages supply and demand. Money managers are disenchanted with the performance of more economically sensitive asset classes and have shifted their money into farm commodities. Others, including George Soros and Glen Beck are investing in gold. As inflation becomes more likely investors are putting their money in tangable assets.

    Prices will fall a bit if Wall Street panics and its money outflow reverses.

    World cotton stocks are tight.

    A strong La Nina puts South America’s and our 2011 crops at risk.

    Of course, ethanol plays an important role too.

  346. No, Lori, I was writing about country as a whole. No matter how you slice it, Republicans got more votes.

    As Bob Herbert of the New York Times wrote, “The Nov 2 outcome was the result of voters still hungry for change who either switched in anger from the Democrats to the Republicans or out of a deep sense of disappointment stayed home.”

    Iowa now has a Republican governor and House. Not bad for such a liberal eastern 3/4 of the state. Three of five congressional races going Democratic was expected. The West elected Steve King without much trouble.

    Since you are interested in politics I suggest this article for you to read. “Painting defeat by numbers” by Harold Meyerson, at American Prospect. It is also probably on today’s Omaha World Herald web site.

    For example, in the national exit poll, 18 to 29 year olds went Democratic by 17 points. Voters who blamed Wall Street for our problems voted 56 to 42% in favor or Republicans.

    I’d like to know what you think of it.

    Jason, Tara and Jazzy show by their apparently modest intellectual abilities that they are not yet ready for the grown-ups’ table. Prove me wrong.

  347. James –

    re: corn prices. Here in VA we are being forced to use 10% ethanol in our gas. The lubrication problems burned up my Stihl 2-stroke brushcutter; I had to replace the cylinder and carburetor. Hadn’t rebuilt an engine in a long while, but blue-collar skills never leave you, do they?

    We have a local gas station that sells non-etOH fuel, so I’m back in the saddle. As for prices, the forced use of etOH, mostly made in the USA from corn, is raising the prices of food everywhere. While Brazil has had a complete miracle converting sugarcane to ethanol, the economics of corn are very different, and the US govt’s well-intended policies are making people go hungry. Perfect example of the unintended consequences of central government control.

    As for Jason: pay him no mind; he hasn’t been the same since they tied him to that mast.

  348. Delurkergurl-somehow I put a slash before atlantic. I’ll try again.

    http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the daily dish/2010/11/the rights-accurancy-problem

    Drat -that lonely t belongs with the and the daily dish!

    Hope this gets to you this time. It got me there. If not tomorrow I will go to the link and get more info.

    BTW how is your back? Better I hope.
    Have found the source of my pain. A compressed L1 vertebra fracture.
    Getting treatment from chiro. Muscle stim and ultra sound.

    Lots of interesting new people on MM&H. Now if those others would go find a blog to their lking and stop insulting Helen.

    well that lonely t belongs withthe

  349. RE: By: James on November 10, 2010
    at 4:25 PM

    Oh I must have misunderstood you James. I thought you were explaining to Pat why people didn’t turn out to vote in Washington state.

    And as for Iowa.. 3 out of 5 congressional races the Democrat won. Again better than 50 % James.

    Try again ……

  350. Beautiful! Just when I was becoming convinced that the middle road is the road to take along came this great post advocating the high road. Thank you!

  351. The salt of the earth has spoken once again! Three cheers for Helen Philpot! I’ve not yet lost my hope, Dear, and I have absolutely no intention of ever doing so either. I voted on November 2nd, as usual, and I will vote my Progressive Liberal conscience again and again so long as I have that hot breath of life flowing within me. There’s an insurmountable wave of social justice, freedom and equality which is building ever stronger day by day. It will wash over this nation like a tidal wave of truth exposing lies and liars alike. You are helping to drive that wave, Helen, and I am in awe of your wit, your wisdom and your laser-like resolve.

  352. Don’t be hating on James just because he Black.
    That ain’t cool.

  353. Helen, you did it again. You are amazing. Love to you and Margaret too!

    Have to agree with Jason. James seems to like to see his words in print. Unfortunately, nobody else does.

    Nut case. Too funny.

  354. You are amazing… once again all the jumbled thoughts about a current topic just flow together in your words, perfectly! Thank you Helen.

  355. Get your own blog, James.
    You nut case.

  356. Helen, you are my idol. Someday I WILL be able to write as succinctly as you. I’ve missed Molly Ivins, but you have eased that and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bravo to you!

  357. No surprise, delurkergurl. I’ve already read of a “smattering of reports” in our local area. One of my wife’s students personally knows someone.

  358. Jason, I live my life as I want. You should know that by now.

    “The last thing I want to do is insult you. But it’s still on the list.”

  359. Inyereye, we need moderates to keep a happy medium between privatizatation and socialism–more people like me. Ha!

    Harvest is winding down, and we are putting our machinery away. The corn crop estimate has dropped a bit, and prices are pretty good. They had better be considering the expense of putting in a crop. Several large-scale farmer neighbors who also have land in Nebraska and South Dakota still have scattered unharvested fields.

    The Wall Street Journal, I think warns we may have more expensive food next year. A local farm economist said if you need a new pair of jeans, buy them now.

  360. James, new post…new shout out.

    You are a nut case.

  361. Surprised?

    As Deportations Increase, So Have Officials’ Attempts to Deport the Wrong People

  362. Lori, I don’t know about Washington State, and the numbers you cited look pretty good for this year. However, for Iowa, Nebraska, and the country as a whole, while Democrats did turn out, fair weather Democrats who voted in 2008 and independents either stayed home or voted Republican this time.

    Two philosophies of our government’s role were in play. Many of the Democrats who voted are probably not that unhappy as you imply. That’s why it will be fun to watch the next few years.

    Jason, I already gave them a shout out a couple of times before. I’m not ambushing anything.

  363. Grandma Katie, I’m trying to help you with your link but I’m not sure which Andrew Sullivan piece it refers to. There are several good ones. Here’s a link to his most recent ones.


  364. You are the best, you could write the “News Update” segment for SNL. This blog should get the “Blog Writers highest honors”. Thank you for making me laugh and cheer every time I read your blog. Something always to look forward to even when there is so little else right now.

  365. Helen, you just about killed me! “Where is Michele Bachmann’s investigation of orange peope?” That just about made me fall out of my chair. Thanks for bringing some lightness into this dark period. Really needed and much appreciated.

    A friend sent me the following link today and it is much “a propos” about the topic of religious intolerance. Really needed reading for all.


  366. My daughter sent me this link. Some positive looks at what Obama has done.

    http://andrewsullivan.the \atlantic.com/the daily dish/2010/11/the-rights-accuracy-problem.html

  367. Lawrence O’Donnell responds to Beck…this was really good in case you missed it last night.


  368. Thanks…I needed that :) great post as usual, made my day!


    Hey, James, how about a shout out to Margaret & Helen BEFORE you start in with your usual ambushing of the blog? Just a thought…

  370. Oh and 5 out of 9 congressional districts went democrat too! Better than 50 percent ;-)

  371. I donno Washington state had a 66 % voter turnout. For a midterm election, that’s not isn’t to shabby.

    And the democrat got 54 percent of the vote too… I’ll take it.

    I guess 54 percent weren’t too disappointed.

  372. Pat Washington State, voters didn’t turn out for Obama because many who voted for him during the election were turned on by his flash and hope after suffering through Bush.

    He and the Democrats didn’t deliver what they promised. Voters decided to give Republicans another chance. If they fail, Democrats will win more elections next time.

    Canadian Convent Girl, Bush and earlier presidents are white. They were attacked too. It is an American tradition.

  373. Canadian conventgirl, the new republicans want business to run government and every other aspect of society. They favor corporations and prefer business unregulated. Basically unbridled capitalism. Much of what we have seen rising for decades. It isn’t socialism rather the opposite, aka privatisation. Our politicians are mostly shills for these monied interests. A few stand out, but for the most, they are not servants of the people.

    That is why all the banks are doing so well and Wall Street is healthy. Heck even BP is showing a profit. All the people on the “inside” keep promoting and covering each other, while the rest of us get the shaft. Welcome to U.S.A.,Inc.

  374. Hi helen and Margaret,

    Your faulous insight into the members of congress and their ways are so very on target. We must mull over the next two years how to defeat these politicans and get people in the congress to work for the people not for themselves. I hope we can do it. Please keep up your blog you are so with it even if you are from Texas!

  375. Lori –

    “I have no idea who first uttered that phrase, not sure anyone does? Nor do I care.

    I ‘ve seen everything from bumper stickers to t shirts with that phrase, not sure I have ever seen it attributed to anyone.”

    Point well-taken. I happen to collect quotes as a bit of a hobby and immediately recognized it as not original, but it is indeed one of those self-evident platitudes we see all the time; anyone might be unaware that its originator was known.

  376. Thank you for making my day – I love your blog!

  377. Helen, I wish you were MY grandma. Keep it up. We need more voices like yours. And for the record, I did NOT stay home this election.

  378. Thank you for the responses re: John McCain.

    Every civilized Western country had medicare. Do the Republicans who oppose this because it is regarded as ‘socialism’ also oppose social security pensions, unemployment benefits and welfare?? Wouldn’t these benefits also fall under the umbrella of ‘socialism?’

    Sometimes American politics can be very confusing.

    Also, whatever happened to civility? I can’t help but wonder if much of the slanderous, vile and somewhat treasonous attacks against your President would be said if your President were white?

  379. Helen, I so agree with you. All during the last election, I got sick of hearing that people weren’t voting because they didn’t like what Obama has done so far. Did they really think that he could solve all our country’s problems in two years, especially when the repubs refused to try to help? And those who didn’t vote, just because. . . why? Why would anyone with any intelligence and concern for our great country not vote.

    People who didn’t vote this time around had better not sit there complaining about the problems their lack of interest have now inflicted on the rest of us. But, by golly, they’d better get off their bums and vote the next time they have a chance. And for crying out loud, they’d better be voting their values and not as some sort of protest.

    If they want to protest, then carry a sign or write an editorial or a blog. But failing to vote or voting for a candidate you don’t like to send a message to the party you do like is just stupid and irresponsible.

  380. Hi DELURKERGURL, thanks so much for the cuppa in ‘the kitchen’ and I will visit often. Malia has a lot of good posts so if you get a chance read some of her back posts too. She adores Scarah Paylin about as much as we do.

    I freaked over that poor soul, Mr. Dixon. To think that after 30 years in a horrible, foul prison, he only got to live [if one can call being out of prison with cancer receiving chemo - living], but at least he must have been with family at the end. God rest his soul and the other two men suffering the same fate with one of them already dead. Now that’s what I call injustice and my heart goes out to them and their families. It’s just a rotten situation especially when I see others who get away with all kinds of crime and they walk our streets as though they belong on them. That about sums it up for the way I feel about the Repugs in my book; nothing like living in a perpetual state of denial [Bush's new revisionist history book, probably just like Perry's]. Sometimes life’s just so unfair.

    I’m trying to recover from my surgery on 21 October, so am just enjoying all the fabulous comments and truly loved the post today. I guess we all needed Helen’s wisdom as a pick-me-up after seeing how ignorant so much of our uneducated electorate have become [way too much Fox Lies being watched. BTW, Dobbs is joining them - like we couldn't have guessed.]

    Well Delurkergurl, have a good rest of the day and we’ll talk again here next post. Take good care of yourself and yours. Lisa

  381. @conventgirl: At the time McShame was born the Panama Canal Zone was a U.S. possession, and his parents were both citizens. Courts had already ruled it was okay for him to be president. If he had won (*shudder*) does anyone think Dems would have been screaming he was foreign and illegitimate?

    Regarding parents being citizens: Because Obama’s mother was America, some law scholars are of the opinion that even if President Obama was not born on American soil he still would have been born a citizen and therefore eligible to be president.

  382. conventgirl, McCain’s parents were both US citizens. Makes it automatic for him. His only sold his soul, not his birthright.

  383. Instead of $#^% My Dad Says, lets have TRUTH Helen Says!

  384. Wonderful column as usual. Please keep up the good work.

    Nancy Pelosi won her election with 80% of the vote. I think that is a mandate and we should hold on to her and give her the kind of support she needs.

  385. Your restore my hope that there are some Americans who still have common sense! Thank you, you are such a breath of fresh air.

    Question to all you posters: I read that John McCain was born in Panama. Is Panama considered the USA? If not, then does that not disqualify him running for President? Clarification, please.

  386. Jim, I have no idea who first uttered that phrase, not sure anyone does? Nor do I care.

    I ‘ve seen everything from bumper stickers to t shirts with that phrase, not sure I have ever seen it attributed to anyone.

    But that wasn’t my point.

    I was asking Auntie Jean, because you brought up Lotte (LOWV’s). I know Auntie Jean was extremely active in the LOWV’s and probs could speak to the philosophy of the movement better than anyone around here could. I’m bettin those gals would/do LOVE Helen’s musings.

  387. Lori –

    “You think Lotte would be upset that Helen pinched her phrase in this post?”

    Why no, not at all – unless she was like 99+% of the world, who want their quotes attributed to the proper source.

    Let’s not play coy here. You know the rules about plagarism.

  388. Malialitman, thanks for mentioning your blog. The rebuttal to the rogue – love that!

  389. LOL LOL what do you think Auntie Jean? You know a bit about the LOWV. ;-) You think Lotte would be upset that Helen pinched her phrase in this post?

    I’m bettin no.

  390. Love it. Amen!

  391. Liberal Woman –

    ‘“Democracy is not a spectator sport”….my favorite expression now of all time.’

    Mine too, since Scharfman coined it more than fifty years ago. Too bad it has since been cheapened through constant repetition by many politicians and others not fit to hold the lantern for her to see by.

  392. God bless you Helen! You are an inspiration!

    I am a liberal blogger in Texas too and have written a book, “The Ignorance of Sarah Palin: A Humorous Refudiation of the Half-Term Ex-Governor”. I would love to send you a copy.

    All the best,


  393. Dear, dear Helen,

    Once again, you covered it all in your inimitable style. Thank you so much for inspiring us to hang in there and get the job done despite the obstacles.

    Please keep posting – often. We mortals have short attention spans and need frequent reminders of what it’s all about.

    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom


  394. Brilliant!

  395. When I lamented to my daughter that I would leave the country if Sarah Palin was elected president, her response was “I’m not letting that bitch take my country away from me!” Best answer I ever heard to that lament, this is MY country too! In this country, sometimes the minority opinion is the right one, like the abolitionists. Hang in there friends.

  396. Helen, You are the BEST. John Stewart should have you on the show. Thanks for every thing you say.

  397. Good day to you, too, Disparaged. Stop by the kitchen some time for coffee if you like.

  398. Interesting timing for this story.

    This man spent 30 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He was finally released and died a month later.

  399. OMG Helen! You’re just the most amazing lady! I live in the state that elected Rand Paul for God’s sake and was feeling depressed and defeated. You spoke to everything I was feeling. I HEART you!

  400. BTW, I was in such a hurry to pay kudos to Helen [and Margaret] that I forgot to preface my comment with HELLO to Delurkergurl, Dave, poolman, and all other ‘friends’ here.

    For Helen, Margaret and families, and all those of like mind and heart here, I hope you have a wonderful and bountiful Thanksgiving Day [just in case Helen and Margaret are too busy baking to provide a new post for that day]! If they decide to write one, I’m still saying Happy Thanksgiving because it’s for certain that we are all thankful to them, our families, and friends.

  401. Helen, your posts are a breath of fresh air. I wonder how much more ignorance our country can spawn, and I wonder if we let monkeys vote for humans if the results would be much different. It is awfully hard to remain optimistic, especially since I’ve spawned children of my own who must live in the crazy future we are creating for them. It is heartening to know there are voices of reason and wit out there, so thanks for that.
    You are a national treasure.

  402. excellent post, as always. nail the facts to the door. I do wish, however, you wouldn’t lower yourself to calling a woman a ‘bitch.’ It just adds to the extreme sexism that was a large part of this past election cycle. You can do better — aim higher!

  403. Pure gold.

  404. Thanks for the pep talk, sweetie. Really, I don’t know why the Dems are acting like it is the end of the world. Now that the Republicans are actually in charge of part of the gov’t, they can’t just be the “Party of No” and get away with it. And President Obama is an expert in compromise. This may just be his chance to shine.

    Our real problem is the Republican spin machine. Hello? Democrats? Aren’t there any of you out there who can respond to the ridiculous assertions of the Republican Party/Fox News? Why does it take an 80-year-old lady in Texas to point out that we still control the Senate and the White House? Please. Grow a pair.

  405. Wow…. that’s all…… just wow!

  406. Always restoring my faith that sanity and tolerance still exist. Thanks.

  407. I love you Helen! I hope I’m as clever you are at 80!


  409. Hey, it’s all good, the Republicans and especially the Tea Party plan to put people back to work. I can’t be against that, I applaud them and can’t wait to see their plan, some of my neighbors are desperate, so the sooner the better. Otherwise this election was all for not.

  410. Margaret and Helen, you are the inspiration I have been looking for. Yes, every word you wrote is true. This is no time for any Democrat to even think about “compromising” with the Republicans who are nothing but the psychotic mouthpieces for the corporations who own them.

    “Democracy is not a spectator sport”….my favorite expression now of all time.

  411. Helen, you rocked it, yet again. Thanks for being a voice of reason and keep up the great work. Hey, maybe you should go on “The Daily Show.” You and Jon Stewart-now that would be classic. Maybe I should start a “Betty White Campaign” for you. LOL!

  412. Listening to what is going on in American politics – with European ears – this is what I’ve feared would happen. I knew Obama would never be able to get throught with his idealistic approach of politics. Which means he won’t get things done as expected. And of course he isn’t able to “save the world” after the previous government so royaly managed to f#”/&% up. Something, it seemed to me, Americans expected him to do. One man can’t save everybody. Especially not with that dirt throwing by the opposition. Sad. Very very sad.
    Keep up the good writing, like all my previous commentators: I love reading it!

  413. *applause*

  414. High Five, Disparaged!

    “not only a privilege, but a right for all to do our civic duty.”

    I’d add responsibility to this!

  415. Hooray! another wonderful post from Helen. If I had her great way with words, I couldn’t begin to put things in such perspctive!
    Thank you , thank you. Now when can we see you on TV? Surely, someone on TV couldn’t resist the opportunity to put you and your wit on air>

  416. OMG, Helen, I don’t know what we would do without you and Margaret. Where would we be in life if we didn’t have your wisdom to lead us?

    I am one of those Democrats who voted and was very depressed [although not surprised] to see the result because you are absolutely right, the next two years will be ‘GRIDLOCK’ and nothing more. Furthermore, the members of the House and Senate will PRETEND they are working on legislature when in reality, they will simply be leaving the real work to others to do. Frankly, we the people have been betrayed by all those on the Hill because they have been bought by the corporations and all they really want is the ‘title and power’ associated with those jobs. None of them, with the exception of Bernie Sanders [I-VT] and perhaps a few others, actually have NOT been bought [legally bribed] and work for us all, but they can’t do anything all alone.

    If the Democrats don’t grow a pair soon, I feel like hightailing it over to the Hill and sticking them in the eye with a sharp stick – maybe then they will have something to bicker about. Like you said, Democracy is NOT a spectator sport and I want to know what was so damned important in all those other Democrats lives that they couldn’t get by their voting stations and vote since it only takes a very few minutes out of one’s life and it is not only a privilege, but a right for all to do our civic duty.

    You ladies are a delight and you absolutely ROCK. Please don’t ever stop saying it like it really is – I really mean it! Love to you and yours!

  417. BRAVO. My brother just told me he is too jaundiced about politicians to care, but admires my passion for Obama and bringing our country back from the brink of sliding into oblivion.

    Margaret and Helen are my role models for staying passionate. I thank you for your energy and for sticking with that passion. I have to live up to your expectations of us.

  418. It’s amazing how fickle-minded Obama supporters turned out to be. I suspect that many of these former Obama supporters have never had their civil rights violated or sat at the back of a bus. Imagine folks pouting and stomping home during the boycotts and sit-ins of the 1950s and 1960s because it was all so darn hard. But the liberals and progressives pouted and stayed home because they’re mad at Obama. That’ll show ‘em. I don’t know who I find more infuriating: the tea party racists or arrogant, privileged liberals.

    Thank you for always lending an intelligent viewpoint to the discussion.

  419. Helen – you are absolutely 100% correct. We need to keep fighting and you need to keep blogging. We just LOVE you!

  420. Dearest Helen, thank you. Your words put me to tears and are exactly what I needed (need) to hear. I *heart* you online.

  421. We need to get your voice heard!
    Oprah? Anderson Cooper??

    Helen is a national treasure that should be celebrated!

  422. Helen,
    You are with out a doubt the best thing to ever come out of Texas. I hope you have many years of writing ahead of you. You inspire us to get out there and keep working hard for all of us. The Dems need you to shout it from the roof tops and tell it like it is.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
    You to Maragaret.

  423. Thanks, Helen. Your post made my day. Best wishes for good health and happiness to you & Margaret and your families.

  424. [...] Higher Ground [...]

  425. I miss Molly Ivins and Governor Ann Richards. Thank Bob there are still some feisty liberal women still in Texas!

    Thanks for speaking your mind, Helen.

  426. Helen-
    Forget middle ground and start looking for higher ground!

    Thank you

    Along with her other sins,when old tweeteroo SP runs her oily sheen across a subject , she suffocates much of what sustains us in life… like our connections to each other …

  427. Among the greatest words of wisdom:

    “Christine O’Donnell might not have been a witch, but Sarah Palin is definitely a bitch. Three steps forward. One step back.”

    The rest of the blog fills in with even more wisdom. Please keep writing.

  428. Sweet Jesus, I just adore the two of you!
    Thank you for another great post. I look every single day for your posts. You really make my day so much better!
    In case you don’t post between now and Thanksgiving, Have a wonderful Holiday!!
    Many blessings will come your way!

  429. I know, in my head, that I am not the only progressive/Democrat in Texas. But it’s hard to keep from getting depressed when you see an election that sweeps Repubs whose first order of business is to write a bill making it illegal to stop the posting of the Ten Commandments in public buildings into office.

    Texas is under the control of right-wing ideologues who are more concerned with culture wars than getting the state budget back in the black.

    But you are absolutely correct in saying that what’s about to happen in our state and nation is every bit as much the fault of those who stayed home or voted Republican or Green or Libertarian in protest as the Tea Partiers and Republicans.

    To steal a phrase from my children, Dems need to zip up their man suit and drive

  430. Sing. It. SISTER!

  431. Have any publishing houses approached you to do a book deal? Because if they haven’t, they should.

    And I’d buy your book.

    Even it was in hardcover.

    I mean it. Really.

  432. Helen, please don’t ever quit speaking your mind! Your thoughts almost always mirror mine, even though I can’t put mine on paper as eloquently. Love you, lady!!

  433. Thank you again Helen. You could not be more clear.

  434. Yes! Amen! Thank you for your words of wisdom. We need to be active to bring sanity back.

  435. Thank you for summing it all up Helen! I feel much better now! I live in California, thank goodness we had a few people get out and vote the other day and we stayed blue over here! And I agree, orange people should be investigated!

  436. Best Blog Ever.
    A stunning view of reality in American politics.

    Our top priority in this country should be getting YOUR word out.

  437. Oh how do I love thee, Margaret and Helen. You really know how to put things in perspective, which is one reason I come here. We see things the same way. You are the indignant voice of reason, and we need more people with your moxie and wisdom to push the Dems and the liberal Independents (like myself) to man up and quit being bullied.

    “Democracy is not a spectator sport” is so true.

  438. You are the high priestess of Bitch…and I adore you!!!!

  439. Thank you again, Helen.
    You continue to teach and inspire, and I hope to successfully emulate everything your inner bitch stands for.

  440. OH!!YES!! and just as I was thinking seriously of moving to Canada and feeling seriously cheated by Obama you come through and give me just the shake-up my little ferret mind needed. YES!!!. Next need to know where to sign up and instructions on how to work to get that message centered and strengthened.
    Love to you and my day will be better due to your efforts.

  441. Margaret & Helen, thank you. Another plain-speaking, straight-shooting post.

    “Democracy isn’t a spectator sport.” ‘Nuff said.

  442. “John Boehner is orange for goodness sakes.”


  443. WOOHOO!!!!

    Helen, you rock! Margaret, tell Howard he can watch Fox for the rest of forever as far as your fans are concerned.

  444. Perry was on The Daily Show last nite touting his book and his policies .. he wants the Federal government/Washington to mind their own business (which, I wondered, would be what?) BUT he said he wants Washington/Federal government to put boots on the ground and keep those pesky Mexicans on the other side of the border .. well, Mr Perry you cant have it both ways ..

  445. You, Lady, are a treasure.

  446. Democracy isn’t a spectator sport. I mean it. Really.

    GO HELEN!!

  447. Thank you, Helen.

    I just copied and pasted the last 4 paragraphs of what you just wrote and posted it – along with the link to your post – into my quotes file.

  448. Yes! Yes! HELL yes!

  449. I love you so much. What will it take to get you on TV?

  450. Will there be a thanksgiving letter this year? Not that I didn’t LOVE this….

  451. Margaret and Helen 2012

  452. I so agree with you Helen.

  453. Love you more than life itself!!!!!!!

  454. You are my home page now.

  455. Wow. Preach it sister. If we don’t get out the vote we’ll only have ourselves to blame.

  456. Amen, Helen! Keep telling it like it is!

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