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Posted by: Helen Philpot | September 1, 2010

100 Grand Bore

Margaret please tell Howard that 100,000 people will show up to a tractor pull if the entry fee is cheap enough.  Big deal. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to ignore them and have some pie.

As I see it dear, if more than a hundred thousand dead civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan can be dismissed,  so can slightly less than a hundred thousand peckerwoods at a Beck rally.

If the civil rights of millions of gay and lesbian Americans are not important, then neither are the pathetic rants of almost a hundred thousand Palin addicts.

If millions of children without healthcare are  inconsequential then why should I give a rat’s ass about a hundred thousand shitheads who actually think Beck and Palin have something worthwhile to say?

As long as millions of American Muslims don’t have religious freedom, a hundred thousand Tea Party yahoos shouldn’t be allowed to have cable television.  It only seems fair…

I just can’t believe 87,000 people are dumb enough to buy that crap. If Beck and Palin want a government so focused on one God and one religion, they should visit the Middle East and see how that concept is working out.  It’s gotten to the point where you can’t distinguish Fox News from the Christian Broadcasting Network.   It’s nauseating.

Palin and Beck don’t care about you, me or anyone except themselves.  They are getting filthy rich pandering to angry white mobs so transparent in their racist feelings toward the President that a sheet of Saran Wrap would cast a darker shadow.

The greatest threat against America is not terrorism.  It’s not a mosque in Manhattan.  It’s not gay marriage.  It’s not healthcare reform.  And, believe it or not, it’s not even Beck or Palin.  The greatest threat against America are the tens of millions of Americans who won’t turn out to vote this November effectively giving power to 87,000 angry assholes.

Sarah Palin is an idiot.  Glenn Beck is a moron.  And I am sick of Fox News.  I mean it.  Really.

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  5. Got this in an e-mail yesterday and just had to share….

    George W. Bush speech after capture of Saddam Hussein:

    The success of yesterday’s mission is a tribute to our men and women now serving in Iraq.
    The operation was based on the superb work of intelligence analysts who found the dictator’s footprints in a vast country. The operation was carried out with skill and precision by a brave fighting force.
    Our servicemen and women and our coalition allies have faced many dangers in the hunt for members of the fallen regime, and in their effort to bring hope and freedom to the Iraqi people.
    Their work continues, and so do the risks. Today, on behalf of the nation, I thank the members of our Armed Forces and I congratulate ‘them’.

    Malignant Narcissism

    Barack Hussein Obama speech, Sunday, May 1, 2011:

    And so shortly after taking office, “I” directed Leon Panetta, the director of the CIA, to make the killing or capture of bin Laden the top priority of our war against al Qaeda, even as “I” continued our broader efforts to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat his network.
    Then, last August, after years of painstaking work by “MY” intelligence community, “I” was briefed on a possible lead to bin Laden. It was far from certain, and it took many months to run this thread to ground.
    “I” met repeatedly with my national security team as we developed more information about the possibility that we had located bin Laden hiding within a compound deep inside of Pakistan.
    And finally, last week, “I” determined that “I” had enough intelligence to take action, and authorized an operation to get Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice.
    Today, at “MY” direction, the United States launched a targeted operation against that compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

    Can’t find a better example than OBAMA

    Hubris(/ˈhjuːbrɪs/), also hybris, means extreme haughtiness, pride, or arrogance. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power.


  6. I have a good life. Answer my question if you can Anonymous. “WHERE ARE THE PROTESTERS AND WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?”


  7. Sad story! GET A LIFE!


  8. That is a nice rough draft, Jean, and it would surely appeal to some of my wife’s eighth grade students. Your transitions could be smoother and your descriptions ought to be more subtle. The last part departs too abruptly from the rest and gives a bit of a jolt.

    Perhaps you can tell us why when Bush was president, some people were protesting our two wars, and national news anchors listed the number of American dead at every opportunity.

    Now, more warriors have died in Afghanistan than during Bush’s time in office, and we are involved in a third war. Where are the protesters, and where is the outrage?


  9. LOve love love love it Jean! LOL LOL


  10. Dear Helen and Margaret and the Congenial Gang too!

    Your posts are missed ever so much! Helen, you are the VERY BEST at political satire so we have had to stumble on as best we can. I do sincerely hope that you both, your spouses and families are fine and just too preoccupied for now to bother with a silly blog. Maybe later?????

    Something really awful happened Saturday in the parking lot at Wal-Mart. A person ran around, threatening everybody, jumped into a car and careened recklessly out of the lot, almost running down a rooster. The wild chickens are a protected species. I wasn’t there personally but witnesses took down the license plate number and told me about it. The question now is should the FBI, CIA and/or INTERPOL be notified to launch a thorough investigation. Obviously, that person should be apprehended.

    I await breathlessly the number of responses received from this breaking news. I will be keeping a tally and let you know so we can follow up on it. Just so you’ll know, I am definitely NOT a lonely old woman desperately in need of attention. I just feel it is my duty to keep you informed.

    I do have a small confession to make though, after all this time. I really don’t live in Hawaii. I live in East Armpit, NJ. But I have read a lot about Hawaii. I Googled it. Also I have watched each and every one of the old and new “Hawaii Five-0” episodes on TV, many of them in re-runs. I go around humming the theme song. Therefore I feel well qualified with the authority to instruct everyone on this blog about what has and is going on out there.

    Uh, as long as I am ‘fessing’ up, well, I did embellish the incident in the parking lot at Wal-Mart a little bit. Actually I made the whole thing up. But hey! it could happen!!!

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  11. Hi Congenial Gang,

    My best wishes go out for a lovely spring weekend to all of you who celebrate Easter or otherwise. I hope you have a peaceful and joy filled time with your families and friends.

    While you are dining tomorrow you might like to contemplate this quick quiz on International Eating Etiquette. I was cleaning out my e mail in box this afternoon and we had received this one. I thought I would share it with you. Try Googling “Dining Out In The World Quiz”. It’s kinda fun.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  12. Hi Congenial Gang,

    For any of you who have been flying around lately or planning summer vacations, here is some info you might be interested in, specifically relating to jet lag. It has to do with Circadian Rhythms also known as the Biological Clock. The physiology of all organisms is tuned into a 24-hour cycle relating to the solar and lunar cycles.

    Bear with me. Back in my salad days of LGGGW I studied this extensively. There was an interesting experiment about bunch of clams from the East Coast. They had the curious characteristic of turning pink with the lunar tides. Some of them were bundled up in a dark box, flown to the West Coast, across the time zones and placed on a beach there. Sure enough, within 24 hours, they were turning pink with the West Coast lunar tides. This is only one of a number of experiments that have been done along those lines.

    That brings us to the Endocrine System. You know, the Pituitary Gland in the brain, the so-called “Master Gland” as well as the Pineal Body, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenals, Ovaries and Testes. All of them secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream to help regulate everything that is going on in the organism.

    Now, I’m a little fuzzy about this paragraph on evolution, but jsri knows more about this part than I so he can correct me where I am wrong. I understand that the Endocrine System predates even the Nervous, Skeletal and Muscular Systems on the Phylogenetic Scale. So the Endocrine System is very, very old.

    The Pineal Body, technically known also as the Epiphysis (in the brain, not the bone) secretes only one hormone. (That I know of so far.) This seems odd since most of the other endocrine glands secrete multiple hormones. Still, since they are dumped into the bloodstream, it has been and is very difficult to isolate and identify where they come from. There is an incredible amount of debris floating around in the bloodstream.

    The Pineal body hormone is Melanin and is concerned with pigmentation such as skin, eyes, hair, and such. All humans have a Pineal Body so that shoots down any theories about origins of race. There are some indications that Melanin interacts with other hormones in sexual maturation. Another curiosity about the Pineal body is that it is photosensitive, that is, it responds to light. It is interesting that light reaches a tiny little gland deeply embedded in the brain.

    Anyway, we do know that when we go flying around the world through a number of time zones, we upset our Circadian Rhythms, which in turn, messes up our sleep patterns. Working the Graveyard Shift can do that too! It takes time for the body to reset its Biological Clock.

    Melatonin, derived from Melanin, is the commercial sleep aid to help restore the Circadian Rhythms. I am not into pharmaceuticals and how they are manufactured, whether they are synthetic or natural. But I presume, since it is a non-prescription medication, it is reasonably safe. But of course, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor before taking any OTC’s.

    It could help offset the befuddlement of jet lag.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  13. Auntie,
    We just learned recently that those paragon’s of virtue the Koch brother’s told over 50,000 of their employee’s in Washington State who to vote for in the last election!
    Is there no end to the control of these power hungry mad men! Washington is 3/4 Dem, so it didn’t help them to much, but it is just a matter of time before they buy enough votes to swing us Repug.
    I would bet you a buck that the Koch’s are behind the “slave” labor in Hawaii. Oh, certainly not directly, they are not that dumb. You will have to peel back a few layers to find them, hiding from the sunlight like the vampires they are!


  14. Aunt Jean, it’s amazing how ignorant we are of the vast numbers of slaves in the world today. So many buy their way across the borders into this country with “coyotes”, or fall for the promise of good work here or anywhere, and then, on arrival, have their passports taken away as they forced to work for no money and with no possibility of paying off their “debts”.

    I think most of Dubai is being built by foreign laborers housed in shanty towns with no air in the stifling heat of the desert, whose passports were stolen by their keepers. And the foreign consulates can do little to help them.


  15. Hi Congenial Gang,

    I am ashamed to report that my state, Hawaii, has just joined the infamous ranks of Arizona, Wisconsin and to a certain extent, Texas. Slavery is alive and well in Hawaii and apparently has been since at least 2003. This is probably only the tip of the iceberg. For eight long years we had an ineffectual Republican governor Linda Lingle and a wimpy Democratic legislature. At last, the Federal Government has stepped in.

    The headlines in two of the papers today are:

    “Kauai Coffee named in human trafficking lawsuit” in THEGARDENISLAND.COM.
    “6 isle farms sued for labor practices” in the Honolulu STARADVERTISER.COM.

    The Companies named are “Del Monte Fresh Produce” and “Kelena Farms” on Oahu: “Kauai Coffee Co.” on Kauai; “Maui Pineapple” on Maui; “Captain Cook Coffee Co.” and “Mac Farms of Hawaii” on the Big Island. Also named are two in Washington State and California based “Global Horizons Manpower”.
    (Source: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.)

    The accusations are:

    Global Horizons lured hundreds of Thai workers between 2003 and 2007, promising steady, high-paying agricultural work.

    Global Horizons charged high recruiting fees [up to $26,500] not allowed under federal worker visa programs, confiscated the worker’s passports, threatened deportation and placed workers in substandard living conditions infested with rats and without beds.

    The farms are accused of either turning a blind eye to what occurred, or being unaware of the conditions when they should have monitored their contractors.

    Both articles are much too long for me to summarize but I recommend reading them if you can find them. I do hope this story makes it into the National News, not that it makes me very proud of my state. I feel the problem needs to be addressed and rectified immediately.

    Shades of slaves brought to the South. Then the Chinese, Japanese and Philippine people brought to Hawaii to work on sugar plantations. Did you know the origin of the word “Shanghaied” is from the ‘contract labor’ practices of those days?

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  16. Ohhh now you’re being silly Elsie… a PA-er from a MI- er is Ezie P -zie!

    Now, Im gonna go red up my room all yinzes. ;-) xo


  17. Aunt Jean, you hit upon a subject dear to my heart. My basic little degree is a bachelor’s in education, but I majored in “speech therapy”. That’s what my university called it back in the dark ages. If I’d continued on for a master’s, it would have been in “speech pathology”.

    ANYWAY, I grew up in southeastern Texas where we had our own Gulf Coast accent.

    I dated, then married, a young man from West Texas, who definitely came equipped with his own accent from out there.

    A lot of Dallas-area students attended my university in East Texas, and, of course, they had THEIR own North Texas accents.

    One of my required university classes was the subject of “phonetics”. That turned out to be an absolute hoot for me. I learned correct English ONLY inside the four walls of that classroom, before returning to the real world everywhere else.

    Like you, my avocation became detecting where people came from by their speech patterns. Heck, I got so good at it, for a while there, I could tell a Pennsylvanian from a Michigander!

    Now, I just try to understand the speech of fellow Texans and marvel, occasionally, at the hard “r” in the speech of some Southerners.

    You just have to take your fun where you can find it. And pegging regional dialects is neither immoral, illegal or fattening.

    Go, Nerds!


  18. LOL LOL Auntie Jean, very true!


  19. Hi Congenial Gang,

    We miss you terriably, Helen and Margaret. I sincerely wish you could return with your wisdom and humor. In the meantime we try to plod along……..

    The ways we communicate with each other has always been a fascination for me. The last I heard, there are well over 6000 languages spoken around the world to say nothing of dialects and regional accents.

    Phonetics is the science having to do with speech sounds, the art of pronunciation. There is an International Phonetics Alphabet (IPA) that looks somewhat similar to many letters. The phonetic letters are symbols for sounds that all humans are capable of making in any language. Before a child learns to talk, he can babble away making all these sounds. He learns a specific language by stringing these sounds together in the same way he hears them spoken by those around him. He merely imitates what he has heard.

    If the words to a song are written in phonetics, on paper they look like nonsensical scribbling. Yet to singers who have learned the IPA, the words make sense just as written words do in any language. This is a good way for a singer to learn a foreign song without having to study that language. The music of all great choruses and choirs is often written in phonetics. In this way, the diction is perfectly in unison. No foreign or even regional accents allowed!

    Of course, language is only one form of communication. Each of us has an individual and unique style of expressing ourselves. Choice of words of course but also facial expressions; smiles, frowns and lifted eyebrows as well as tone of voice, pitch, volume and inflection often convey more than words can. Body language is another; posture, shrugs, outstretched hands or fists are a few in that category. And the all time best linguistic is that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

    If anyone has or ever has had a pet, you know that language is not necessary for the pet to let you know in no uncertain terms what it is feeling!

    Here in the U. S. we have become accustomed to the generic English used by people on TV and radio. Most of the successful professionals have been trained in diction. In regional areas however that is not necessarily the case. Idioms, colloquialisms and accents add to the mix.

    We had some very dear friends from Mississippi for over 40 years. We couples often visited back and forth, especially when we lived in Pennsylvania. (We four played cards till 4:00AM.) We had known each other for so long we understood each other perfectly. If she and I went shopping, I had to try and ‘translate’ between her thick Southern accent and the North Philly accent we often ran into. They were unintelligible directly to each other! Then there is the New England accent, the Southern accent and many others. But these are misnomers. A Florida accent is just as different from a Texas accent as a South Carolina accent is from any other so-called accent. It is the same for a Vermont accent and a Massachusetts one.

    Once after I had been away for many years from my hometown, I had to travel there alone and spent some time waiting at the airport in Denver. All around me, for the first time in my life I heard a definite Western twang accent. I grew up with it and never even noticed it until that visit!

    Out here we meet tourists from all over. Whenever we begin talking with them we play a little game with ourselves, trying to figure out where they are from. More often than not we have a pretty good general idea by the time we get around to asking them.

    Pidgin is widely spoken here in Hawaii. It is a “lingua franca”, a combination of words borrowed from Hawaiian, English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Tagalog and any number of other languages brought to these beautiful islands. Pidgin works! We all understand each other and get along famously!

    Put all these concepts together when you carefully read, listen or see the different means of communication and it doesn’t take long to understand genuine thought from aped bullshit.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  20. Are you thinking of Hee haw, Jean? They kind of remind me of Junior Samples and Grandpa ???


  21. Hi Kitchen Crowd,

    If any of you are feeling a little frazzled I have a recommendation or two for you. I have been painting all afternoon while I had the light and listening to some of my favorite music on the stereo. It was a very soothing time.

    I found some of them on YouTube you might like to check out. Try Richard Wagner’s “O du mein holder Abendstern”, (the “Song to the Evening Star”) from “Tannehaüser”. I especially like Bryn Terfel’s with the graphics. (Unless you are turned off by feminine nudity.) But that of Thomas Quasthoff with just the music is fine too. Of course, my all time favorite is that of Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, or anything he sang for that matter.


    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  22. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Elsie and NOP, those links are Priceless!!! The faces of the GOP/Teapartiers. Do the two guys remind you of anybody?

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  23. Without our humorist n chief, Helen, we forget the funny side of politics, at least I do.


  24. LOL LOL I love it NOP and Els! Tickled me!

    You’re right NOP I need to visit that site more often!


  25. Here is the latest red state update, be forwarned, they use words best described as Adult language, so if you are offended by such language, you best not watch. For the rest of you, this funny.



  26. That was fun Elsie, and it reminds me, I haven’t look at the Red State Update site in like a year, I loved their spoofs and parodies throughout the entire election cycle in 2008.


  27. Aunt Jean, I loved your comments about gestalt and zeitgeist, as well as boy toy’s reflections of his camp-building days in New England.

    I want to share a funny video with you and our other progressive, aka “librul”, friends. Hopefully, you can just click on this link. Warning…it’s a bit salty, but not too much for you to handle today!

    “Musical Political Parody. 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates?”


  28. From Auntie jean !!!!!



  29. Hi Congenial Gang,

    The ink isn’t dry yet on the Budget deal, but now we have to gear up for the Obama Plan vs. the Ryan Plan for Deficit Reduction. When Boehner made the Budget announcement right after the 11th hour brinksmanship grandstanding, it was interested to watch how his body language and the expressions on the faces of his stooges standing behind him were on the verge of panic! But they “saved” the g’mint from being closed down. Whew! Our heroes!!!

    President Obama, by contrast, was cool, calm and collected throughout the whole negotiation. Now, I was very much impressed with his speech on the Deficit Reduction Plan. He laid it out in a clear, cogent and intelligent manner. Not the frantic outraged shouting we have become accustomed to from the GOP/teabaggers. Of course there will be no paradigm shift, that is, no change in their basic thinking. This latest ‘crisis’ will go right down to the cliff hanging wire on raising the debt ceiling with the melodrama of personalities on something really, really, really vital!!!!! (How about something like Reagan firing ALL the Air Traffic Controllers. After all, recently a few of them fell asleep on the job!!!!!)

    So far I haven’t seen any indications that the GOP/teabagger thinkers have the slightest inkling of “Gestalt” (that the whole is more than the sum of its parts) or “Zeitgeist” (the spirit of the times). Those two concepts are so complex that there is no simple translation into English. Conservative thinking is just another form of self-proclaimed analysis in which concrete data and reality are reduced totally to component parts without any relation to each other in entirety.

    In terms maybe even they could understand, this is a favorite story from ‘boy toy’s’ childhood. When he was growing up in New England, they had had a tough winter. (Winters there usually are!) He and a group of a half-dozen of his 9-10 year old friends spent weeks planning to build a ‘camp’ up in the woods come springtime. They figured they could use it to play cowboys and Indians and such all summer. When spring finally arrived, they enthusiastically took off with assorted tools; hammers, nails, saws, hatchets, etc. each volunteered to bring. They cut down saplings and worked together for days building quite a handsome ‘camp’.

    A minor dispute of some kind broke out and one kid got really mad. He said he was going home and wanted his nails. Of course the other boys objected but the kid broke into tears and told them this: He didn’t have permission from his parents to bring the nails in the first place and would be in lots of trouble if he went home without them. The rest of the boys were skeptical but after a while they grudgingly dismantled the ‘camp’ and gave the kid back his f**kin’ nails.

    That kid wound up on their permanent shit list.

    A few days later, the rest of the boys went back up in the woods and built a new ‘camp’. They had fun playing up there until the winter snows fell again.

    BTW those boys grew up to be mature, successful men and went their separate ways but most of them stayed life-long friends despite distances. Nobody knows whatever became of the snot nosed kid and his nails.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom!

    Auntie Jean


  30. Good morning friends!

    I love this guy and he is spot on!



  31. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Just a quick postscript to last night’s comment on history repeating itself.

    It was primarily American education and ingenuity a generation or so ago that came up with the “Silicone Chip” in Silicone Valley, CA and revolutionized communication around the world. And where does the primary natural resource for silicone come from? Plain old ordinary sand, a super abundant and cheap resource.

    Then the power greedy guys without a shred of talent or ingenuity of their own moved in, taking the manufacture and assembly of the chips to the Far Eastern cheaper labor markets and bigger (mostly tax-free) profits for them selves. At least that helped raised the standard of living in some of those countries but they depleted jobs here. Now the computer related industry belongs mainly in the Orient.

    I don’t think we should pay any attention to the power driven egos wanting to noisily dominate our national dialogue. Especially when they demonstrate on a daily basis that they don’t really know much about anything beyond the ends of their own noses.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  32. A lesson to be learned for sure Auntie jean!

    Another lesson the GOP might consider?



  33. Hi Congenial Gang,

    It’s time for another history lesson, this one being repeated all over again with a twist of circularity. Way back in time, much of the prosperity in Europe, for the nobility and aristocracy at least, was derived from a trade network to the Far East along the famous or infamous overland Silk Route. This ancient route extended from the Mediterranean across the Northern Arabian Peninsula, Persia, (Iran), Afghanistan, Pakistan and into India and China. The Silk Route has been in existence for some 3,000 years and covers 4,000 miles or more.

    The prosperity of the rest of the people – not so much. In fact, most of their lives were pretty miserable. Then along came the ‘Muslims’ of the Middle East and they wanted a piece of that rich pie action. So they took it by military conquest and had political control for that vast part of the world for a long, long time. Their nobility and aristocracy thrived too, but most of their people languished in the same economic boat as those of ‘Christian‘ Europe. Effectively shut out from the Silk Route trade, ‘Christian’ Europe fell into the Dark Ages for five hundred years.

    During that time to get back the Silk Route, the political entities of ‘Christian’ Europe stirred up religious zeal to reclaim the ‘Holy Land’ with the Crusades. As a bonus, if they defeated the ‘Muslims’, then they could also reclaim the Silk Route. There were eight or nine Crusades from 1095AD to 1291AD, including a Children’s Crusade for heaven’s sake! Some 30,000 youngsters of an average age of twelve were recruited and left Germany in 1212, followed by 20,000 from France. Well, that didn’t work out very well either so Europe got busy building ships to reach the Far East by sea. That did work – eventually. All of this was always done by military conquest by both ‘Christians’ and ‘Muslims’. It appears to be more of a human thing than a religious thing.

    For quite some time ‘Christian’ and ‘Muslim’ nations were running neck and neck in both territory and prosperity. But the ‘Muslims’ got the upper hand because of the West’s dependence on their oil. (It’s the Silk Route thingy all over again.) In the meantime, the energy policies of the whole world are messing up the environment something awful for everybody on the planet.

    I’m thinking these days that even nuclear energy is just a little too dangerous as a substitute for coal and oil whenever Mother Nature gets pissed off and throws a temper tantrum. She is prone to do that.

    Wind and Wave Power are two of Mother Nature’s gifts to us on the surface of the earth. Perhaps she is trying to tell us something about using those instead of digging deeper and deeper down. Both Wind and Waves are and always have been plentiful. My gosh, what percentage of the world is ocean with prevailing winds just going along on their merry way?

    Out here there has been quite a bit of interest in harnessing Wave Power. But it takes money of course and the will to get on it. It also takes qualified and trained thinkers and scientists to do it, just as it took such to build ships to go into the open seas as well as to develop the complex technology to dig into the bowels of the earth for coal and oil. Yucky stuff!

    We have spent so much time, effort and money on Empire Building, trying to just take what we want by force that we have let our own education system go down the drain. Where are we gonna get people with the innovation and skills to develop Wind and Wave Power?

    I know. From the Far East, China and India. So now we are right back where we started, going over the Silk Route or over the High Seas for what we want and need.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  34. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Here’s something to start off the week on a cheery note. Diana Damrau is an international opera coloratura soprano sensation, a beautiful young woman.
    Of course she has a magnificent voice, terrific acting skills and a natural stage presence. She appeared this season at the Met as Countess Adèle in Rossini’s comedy, “Le Comte Ory”.

    If you like, you could check her out on YouTube with Bryn Terfel singing “Lippen Schweigen” from Lehar’s “The Merry Widow.” While you are at it you could compare it with that of René Fleming and Dimitri Hvorostovsky. I think Dimitri is a real hunk!

    But Diana Damrau’s ‘tour de force’ on YouTube is her rendition of “Glitter and Be Gay” from Bernstein’s “Candide” at the 2007 Richard Tucker Music Foundation Gala.


    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  35. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Friday during the heat of the budget “debate?”, I actually saw and heard the Honorable Senator Jon Kyl from AZ opine on CNN regarding Planned Parenthood; words to the effect that taxpayer dollars are not needed for Blood Pressure checks and Cholesterol tests. After I picked up my jaw off the floor, it would appear that Kyl’s health issue interests have only to do with those of the aging male. He apparently knows precious little except from possibly hearsay about female anatomy and silly things like birth control, mammagrams and pap smears to say nothing of the Hyde Amendment.

    It must be a long, long, long, long, long time for him since……….

    Kyl would undoubtedly approve of this:

    According to Robert Chambers’s “Book of Days” (1864), on April 7, 1832, in Carlisle, Scotland, “It was a prevalent notion amongst the rude and ignorant in England that a man, by setting his wife up to public auction and so parting with her, legally dissolves the marriage tie, and escapes from all it’s obligations. A Joseph Thompson, under this belief came into Carlisle with his wife….with a rope or halter round her neck…. and by the bellman announced that he was about to sell her.”

    Despite his asking price of fifty shillings, Thompson’s efforts netted him only twenty shillings and a Newfoundland dog, after which he and his wife parted in perfect good temper.”

    Fifty years later – – – – “Wharton’s Law-Lexicon” (1883) suggested: “It is also a vulgar error that a husband can get rid of his wife by selling her in the open market-place with a halter round her neck. Such an act…. would be severely punished by the local magistrate.”

    Apparently not in the thinking of such conservative political leadership(?) in AZ!

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  36. Hi Congenial Gang,

    This afternoon we dug out and again watched the 10th Anniversary Concert Performance of “Les Misérables”, the musical. We got it some time ago from PBS when it was first shown and have watched it many times. We have it on videotape. You can get it from Amazon. I don’t know if it’s on DVD. This is with most of the original cast. It might be at your library. We have seen the stage production a number of times and highly, highly recommend it.

    It is of course, based on the epic novel by Victor Hugo. One of the highlights of the 10th Anniversary Production is at the very end after all the curtain calls. There were 17 or 19 of the men who sang the principal role in productions all over the world in their own languages. These men came down the center aisle carrying the flags of the countries they represented. They ranged from tenors to baritones and at the very end they all sang together. It is goose bump time!!!

    There is also a 25th Anniversary Concert Performance we saw recently that is of equal caliber. We are a little partial to the 10th Anniversary Production though because the cast is so familiar to us.

    Please, if you have never seen it, I hope you will make the effort to find it and watch it. It is an unforgettable experience.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom.

    Auntie Jean


  37. Hi Congenial Gang,

    I remembered this eloquent post that Helen put up six month ago. I think it is as timely today as it was when she originally wrote it. I am grateful to her for creating this blog and for inviting us to come together, make friends, and discuss subjects vital to all of us.

    As we await the news on whether we are to have a functioning government or not, the LGGGW may find some food for thought in this editorial from the Mar. 29 Arab News, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, translated from the original Arabic of course.

    “Nearly two weeks after U.S. and European jets started pounding forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi, President Barak Obama has finally broken his silence on what’s being labeled as the third Western War on the Muslim world. The U.S. leader tried to explain to Americans why the U.S. had to get involved in Libya. And ever the suave and persuasive orator that he is, Obama managed to do so.

    Indeed, even as the U.S., France and Britain come under fire for Libyan strikes some of which have ended up killing civilians, it’s not possible to ignore the fact that the West was offered a perfect opportunity – excuse? – to intervene in the Arab country by the Libyan strongman who himself unleashed despicable savagery against his own people.

    Of course, given the long and sordid history of Western machinations in the region, it’s but natural everyone is suspicious of its intentions. How can anyone forget what happened – and is still happening – in Afghanistan and Iraq?….

    This is why many suspect that the Western interest in Libya is driven by the oil factor……

    It has taken Uncle Sam eight years and more than 5,000 American lives, not to mention more than a million Iraqi lives and destruction of an ancient civilization, to realize the absurd and unjust nature of its foreign policy. Nonetheless, this is a welcome change in the U.S. policy, if it’s indeed a change. Does it mean the U.S. has finally realized that it’s not the lord of all it surveys and regime change is not its job but that of the people of Libya, or for that matter, of Iraq and Afghanistan? We’ll wait and see.”

    It seems that President Obama is succeeding somewhat in improving the severely tattered image of the U.S. around the globe, especially in the Mecca (literally) of the Islamic world. More power to him!

    Aloha! :-) Namaste. Shalom. Salaam.

    Auntie Jean


  38. I recently became a citizen.
    thanks to your awesome blog, I’m through being lazy and am registering.

    feel the power, ladies!


  39. Man, you libs really are in denial. You got all the idiot lefty talking points down. Problem is, you’re going to get your worthless, lying asses handed to you in about 36 days.

    And our feckless President is running out of excuses of why he is an epic failure. Good thing you’ve got this insipid blog to drown your collective sorrows. I’ll stop by November 3rd to rub your bulbous noses in it. :wink:


  40. Late to the party this time, but I wanted to add my voice to the group: brilliant post Helen! Thank you for your forthright insight and common sense. You are a treasure!


  41. Subscribe, please.


  42. The irony is, BEFORE the Internet and the cable news, the parade of relatively tiny group of people (and even the book burning by a church of 50 people) would have been a non-event. My husband only reads the newspaper (we don’t have cable at home and he does not surf the Internet all day like me…), and he just asked me the other day, “Who is Glenn Beck?”

    “The greatest threat against America are the tens of millions of Americans who won’t turn out to vote this November effectively giving power to 87,000 angry assholes.” YES YES and YES!


  43. James,

    Although Wilde may be a slight bit heavy handed in his writing the basic concept is sound. We cannot simply have the unregulated accumulation of private property and depend on those benefiting from its accumulation to provide some of that property back out of some illusionary sense of “altruism” and have our society endure. The accumulation of private property is falling into the hands of a smaller and smaller group and the group at the bottom of the food chain is growing larger and larger. When Bill Gates donates millions of dollars a good portion of those dollars were made by taking advantage of the groups that end up living in poverty. Cheap labor is the key to economic success in today’s world and if that labor is provided by children or impoverished adults who are making a dollar a day, well so be it. To attempt to remedy their situation by sending temporary funding to them is a ruse. It simply prolongs the ability of the ruling class to maintain the status quo by appearing to address the issue. It behooves the wealthy to present an altruistic face so the world is duped into thinking that they are really attempting to end the disparity in living standards when, in reality, it does nothing in the long run but solidify the position of the wealthy. The only true solution is a society that does not allow poverty.


  44. Poolman, as the owner of a small business, you are a capitalist engaging in private enterprise. As we already discussed, unregulated capitalism is pernicious. Regulated capitalism combined with some socialism is imperfect, but it is the best system we have.

    I think one of today’s problems is the largest companies are bigger than some countries, and they escape the regulation the rest of us face. As in the old days, they play by their own rules.

    Wayside616, I like Oscar Wilde, but I disagree with that statement. We own three farms which we worked very hard to buy. They will maintain us during our retirement and provide enough money to donate to the poor.


  45. Poolman,

    “It is immoral to use private property in order to alleviate the horrible evils that result from the institution of private property. It is both immoral and unfair.”

    Oscar Wilde



  46. Capitalism has destroyed this country and soon it will do the same everywhere. Most libertarian and republican ideologues prefer unbridled capitalism with little or no government control. That has been the downfall of many civilizations and is the reason for our present condition.

    Capitalism is an economic cancer – a soulless entity with an insatiable appetite – feeding on man and planet.

    Capitalism has come to define democracy and freedom, when in reality it is more a fascist-faced kleptocracy.

    This is not a religious issue, although religion has been hijacked. This lands mainly on the right of center, but also has proponents on the left. This is pure sense of entitlement, a “top of the heap” mentality.


  47. Another thing I forgot to mention. The Party of No, works, but it only goes so far. Several Republicans have written possible legislation to solve some of our problems, but few people have read their proposals.

    Coasting to victory is lazy and cowardly. Republicans should present alternative plans so the voters make more informed decisions. If they do, they can win more than they are projected to.

    I still see this as similar to a tornado watch. The pieces for a perfect storm have not yet come together.


  48. wayside616, I agree with everything you wrote, though maybe for different reasons.

    There are exceptions but that was my point. The Tea Party and other protest groups are forcing the Republican party to do something. They scare some Republicans even when they try to usurp the Tea Party message. Some of their leaders have said they don’t want such people in Congress.

    I believe a cultural war is also afoot. Most of the Tea Party people come from my culture. The conservative elites don’t want to lose their power and they would rather keep what they have than win an election with the “wrong” people. It is also one reason some who agree with her secretly don’t like Sarah Palin. She doesn’t belong to the club.

    I agree about poor John McCain. He knows more piroets than a ballet dancer.

    I also agree about the Democrats.

    We need a change. Do you have any suggestions?


  49. James,

    The only energy I see from the Republican party is that exerted in attempting to not run afoul of the Tea Party nay sayers while still not scaring of their base of old white folks. Here’s your example…John McCain. He represents, to me, everything that the Republican party stands for. I almost felt sorry for him when he attempted to walk away from his “maverick” image. Now, the Democrats, that’s another story. A more spineless collection of no show job holders I have never seen. That includes our President.



  50. You’re welcome. I didn’t say I agreed with everything they believe, because I don’t. I’m glad I helped.

    Here is where I think the Tea Parties did some good. The Republican party was moribund a year ago last summer. Then, people protested, and Republicans began to show some spine, especially since they realized they were being targeted too.

    Congresspeople were used to saying what they wanted at town hall meetings and ignoring comments. That changed as voters began to pay attention. Some were actually afraid of their constituents. That was a good thing.

    I think the protests delayed passage of the health insurance bill, possibly killed cap and trade, and maybe encouraged Obama to announce a tax cut for the middle class. Other Democrats suggest Bush’s tax cuts be extended for two years. I think failed programs and public protest are making a difference.

    If the protest movement takes out some Democrats, good for it. I believe Republicans or Democrats controlling Congress and the presidency is bad for the country. If the best case senario gave it all to Republicans, I would vote for Democrats the next time.

    The protest is also working at the local level. Voters are finally paying attention to mismanagement in Omaha and people are debating recalling the mayor. Public meetings are now well attended when before few paid attention.

    I understand from your view point, the delays etc are a bad thing, and we’d better off without the protests. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just disagree. Time will tell…


  51. James,

    “All governments must abide by rules set forth in the Constitution.”
    Then what are their grounds for ignoring the 14th Amendment?

    “Stop pork earmarks and omnibus bills. Balance the budget through spending cuts, not higher taxes.”
    Yet you can’t find one of them who wants to cut the defense budget. A budget that is larger than the next FIVE countries in the world combined. You don’t think there’s any “pork” in that number? We see how well the Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest have aided our economy. Where were these people when deregulation and entitlements to the upper class were taking place?

    “Tax money should only go to people and businesses in real need. Too many are getting tax handouts which weaken our society’s sense of personal responsibility.”
    So the Bush tax cut to the wealthy should be allowed to expire? Strange, I don’t see that on any of their placards.

    “Elected officials are our employees and serve at our pleasure.”
    This is a non-issue.

    “Republicans and Democrats have over taxed and overspent our economy into a deficit which will seriously damage our country during the next two generations.”
    Excuse me, but George W. Bush was handed the greatest surplus in U.S. history…he turned it into the greatest deficit in history. He did that with the aid and assistance of a Republican Congress from 2003-2007. I hold no love for the Democrats but once again these Tea Party members should do their research.

    “The American public is ignorant of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. As a result, they let politicians create rights and entitlements not guaranteed by the Constitution.”
    I can’t argue with this…but the Tea Party members are part of the “public” and equally ignorant of the Constitution.

    “They intend to implement these concepts by electing people who share their beliefs. Tea Parties have been quite successful at taking down established politicians on both parties. Outside money is financing their campaigns.”
    They have been successful only because they capitalize on the anger of the citizenry. They offer nothing in the way of creative solutions…only a voice for the general anger. That’s not governing, that’s mob mentality. Anger, bigotry and ignorance is not my idea of a sound political platform.

    “The Democratic party is in a world of hurt, and they brought much of it onto themselves. Voters were disgusted with the Bush administration without realizing Democrats controlled Congress. Once the Democratic spending spree dwarfed anything that had gone before, inexperienced people began organizing.”
    Are you serious? Why have you not even mentioned the cost of the Iraq War? Talk about spending sprees. Or how about the fact that the company that the then Vice President used to be the CEO of was one of the greatest beneficiaries of that war? Democratic spending spree? Once again, where were these people when we were dumping dollars and bodies down the rat hole of Iraq? I’ll tell you where…nowhere to be seen. Why? We didn’t have a Black President then.

    “The Tea Parties may actually help the Democrats by splitting the Republican vote. If I were a Republican or Tea Party strategist, I would put aside political and personal differences and unite behind anyone running with an R.”
    The Tea Party, in my opinion, helps nobody. It follows the Republican concept of dividing the country into “us” and “them” and hoping they have enough “us” votes to keep them in power.

    “This is only what I know from Omaha and Sioux City Tea Parties. Ask in California or Texas, and you might find something different.”
    Thank you for your time and the effort you put into the explanation. I don’t agree with the concepts but I do definitely appreciate your input.



  52. Helen is running scared of what she cannot understand or fight.

    By: Craig on September 1, 2010
    at 7:54 AM

    Helen is never scared & she understands a lot more than you do.

    I believe you are the one running scared and can not understand…or fight!


  53. That may well be true no one’s puppet, but like you I not a puppet. They mean well, but I can’t support some of their positions. However, given what we have in Washington, they are a useful attention getting device. If they strike fear into our representatives, so much the better.

    I also attended numerous anti- war protests in Nebraska, Iowa, Italy, and Britain, but mostly for their entertainment value. At the University of Iowa a protest shut down the campus and later, the National Guard was called out to stop damage to Iowa City.

    Men wearing suits in upstairs windows were taking pictures of the crowd. I was close enough to see them aim at me and people around me. Someone told us they were FBI agents. Maybe my picture is on file somewhere, but it didn’t make me an anti -war protester any more than I belong to the Tea Party.

    My superior officers betrayed me and nearly got me killed. My reception home was not so good. As a result, I don’t trust anyone I don’t know beyond a superficial level. When I meet someone, I quietly judge whether he/she would have abandoned or tried to kill me during the dark days. Most, especially car salesmen, ministers, Obama, Palin, and politicians flunk my test. Not that you care, but you are one of the few who passed my test.


  54. Here is a hint James, if you go to the Tea Party demotrations you are pretty much considered a member.


  55. wayside616, I am not a Tea Party member, though I have attended several of their demonstrations. They are an amorphous group of people who have formed the closest thing to a grass roots movement we have. Yes, some of them are ill- informed as are their critics on the left. Others understand very well what is going on. In other cases, I question their interpretations.

    Since they aren’t well organized in the conventional sense, a Tea Party in one state or city may have different beliefs than those in another. For example, last spring, Omaha had two dueling Tea Parties.

    Here is my understanding of their core beliefs.

    All governments must abide by rules set forth in the Constitution.

    Stop pork earmarks and omnibus bills. Balance the budget through spending cuts, not higher taxes.

    Tax money should only go to people and businesses in real need. Too many are getting tax handouts which weaken our society’s sense of personal responsibility.

    Elected officials are our employees and serve at our pleasure.

    Republicans and Democrats have over taxed and overspent our economy into a deficit which will seriously damage our country during the next two generations.

    The American public is ignorant of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Federalist Papers. As a result, they let politicians create rights and entitlements not guaranteed by the Constitution.

    They intend to implement these concepts by electing people who share their beliefs. Tea Parties have been quite successful at taking down established politicians on both parties. Outside money is financing their campaigns.

    The Democratic party is in a world of hurt, and they brought much of it onto themselves. Voters were disgusted with the Bush administration without realizing Democrats controlled Congress. Once the Democratic spending spree dwarfed anything that had gone before, inexperienced people began organizing.

    The Tea Parties may actually help the Democrats by splitting the Republican vote. If I were a Republican or Tea Party strategist, I would put aside political and personal differences and unite behind anyone running with an R.

    This is only what I know from Omaha and Sioux City Tea Parties. Ask in California or Texas, and you might find something different.


  56. Would all you advocates of the Tea Party as a group that is going to “level the playing field” mind telling me exactly what their platform is? Not the moronic placard slogans, but specifically what they stand for, what concepts they are forwarding, and how they intend to implement those concepts? Contrary to opinions stated here, the Tea Party members that I have met are frighteningly ill informed on the document they hold so holy…The Constitution. Also, this holy document is subject to modification seemingly at their whim to suit whatever agenda they are screaming about at the moment (the 14th Amendment comes to mind).



  57. Alaskapi, life must have given you some rough spots when you were growing up. You sound like a winner, now. My hat is off to you.

    I am a fan of Pete Seeger. I remember when he sang “The Big Fool Said Push on.” It applies today.


  58. “. . . a sheet of Saran Wrap would cast a darker shadow.” Oh, Helen, I LOVE your way with words. SO true!


  59. PS: We featured your latest treatise on Dirt & Seeds today.



  60. M&H,

    You’ve got a few years on me (a very few) but I’ve been wondering what it’s going to take to get the under 50 generation engaged in what’s happening in this country? Palin, Beck, Tea Party, Limbaugh…the parade of charlatans who pass as “leadership” in America is moving virtually unopposed. Remember when we were kids and we practiced air raid drills in school? The slogan of “Duck and Cover” was emblazoned on our little brains. Well, it seems we have a whole country of folks who want nothing more than to Duck and Cover. When I read the responses here I see what we have “allowed” the Right to do to this country. Allowed? I didn’t allow them, did you? Who are these people that “allowed” the Right free reign over fact and truth? I don’t hold the Right responsible…I expect these actions from them. I hold the so called “progressives” responsible…they “allowed” it to happen. I grew up with men who believed principle was a man’s compass through life. Seeger, Trumbo…men who didn’t “allow” the drainpipe sniffers to simply run over them. Where are they now? Where are the young Seegers, the young Trumbos? I’m not one to sit by and simply complain, so my contribution was to start a blog of my own, it’s http://www.dirtandseeds.com and we certainly could use your voice on there every once in awhile. I’ll be a regular here now but it’s going to take more than one blog…more than two…it’s going to take a community of progressives who are willing to put their words into actions. If we ban together we can be a force to be reckoned with…we’re not too old and we’ve been through these wars before.


  61. Brilliant! I so enjoy reading your web site!


  62. Here’s a careful take on where we are which I invite people to consider:


    The deficit worries me a great deal but not nearly as much as not paying attention to what the “starve the beast ” polices and waging 2 wars on credit did to contribute to the mess we are in. We are all in this together.
    It’s scarier than hell.
    We won’t solve this by opting out of meeting the effects of poor policies head on …
    It might feel like whistling in the dark to keep at a course we can’t see the end of but ,quite frankly, whistling in the dark and walking as a group works very well here to keep bears out of one’s path and we generally end up making it home…

    I have a learning disability which made it impossible for me to learn right from left until I was learning to drive
    (thank heavens for rural tracks which allowed me to imprint the difference well away from other drivers and pedestrians et al ! )
    My dad taught me to stop and orient myself to north, east, south, and west when confused and to ignore the jibes of other kids.
    His stance was that it was more important to know where I was in relation to the world than knowing where it was in relation to me.
    Both have important uses but I find so very often that folks , with views similar to ptc, who insist that they are of a moderate stance refuse to entertain any notion of an agreed upon outside scale /definition from which to place themselves . In effect, to me, they are sorting the world merely in relation to self and ignoring the value of sorting in relation to where that self stands in relation to a wider world.
    Whether we all accept the definition I scrounged up or not, it has value similarly to a compass , to define, as a community, various reaches of our intent and activity and work from there.
    We have allowed the far right to turn definitions into “code-words” , epithets, and insults. ( The far left had a similar effect in the 60s and early 70s- though less pervasive in the end ) Much is made of the lack of civil discourse from all sides but it is my contention that discourse is impossible as long as unquestioned definitions underlie conversation… and even less likely when those definitions shift and wander at will…
    If we require of ourselves the job of taking back definitions we may have a place to start sorting out where we really are and planning where we want to go.


  63. No Madge Pittman, it doesn’t. You sound jealous.


  64. Good work Poolman.

    PFessor53, I agree, we shouldn’t be fighting a war unless it serves our interests. Afghanistan is more a collection of tribes than a modern country. Tribes change sides repeatedly if it profits them. It doesn’t matter what they think. Bribery works. All that matters is can we win or at least stop our enemy from winning? I think given the conditions, the best we can hope for is a bloody stalemate.

    Our abandoning South Vietnam caused unintended consequences which led to our current war on terrorism. Before we abandon Afghanistan, we need to know how it would effect Pakistan and its nuclear weapons. For that reason, I don’t think Obama or his successor will change their modus operandi.


  65. James, that just makes you a blue eyed fool.


  66. no one’s puppet, I also come from humble stock. Anyone can be an elitist. It is a state of mind. I wanted to be a member of the elite too, and was surprised to learn I have been a member all my life without knowing it.

    I have blue eyes. All people with blue eyes are descended from a mutation near the Black Sea about eight to ten thousand years ago. That makes blue eyed mutants special.


  67. This is from memory, so someone should check the details. Around 1996 Obama was associated with the Socialist New Party. He posed for a picture with some of its leaders, and he may have been a member. The party endorsed him in his political campaign.

    He did nothing wrong, and his association may be nothing different than his posing as a centrist in the Iowa campaign. His voting record was rated as one of the most liberal in Congress. His telling Charlie Gibson that even though raising the capital gains tax might bring in less revenue than keeping it as it is the fair thing to do would be to raise it. That was not a centrist comment.

    He also told leftist critics to give the health law a a chance. In fifteen or twenty years it would evolve into a single payer system. Our Senator Tom Harkin said critics should compare the bill to a starter house. Obama has a habit of voting “present”, and he admitted he didn’t know what was in the bill, so it is hard give him credit or blame as people do for the bill’s radical nature.

    By the earlier definition, I am center right, part of the majority in this country. Obama is center left, and leftists like Paul Krugman are hectoring him for being too centrist. His attempt to re energize the economy have failed in my opinion because his policies don’t create new money or assets. Democrats were so determined to pass their agenda, they basically froze out Republicans.

    That was a big mistake. If they had made some concessions to Republicans, more conservative legislation would have given them cover if it went south. They gave the impression of forcing their policies onto the country. Had they won the gamble, they would be on the verge of a new Era of Good Feeling. Unfortunately for them, Democratic policies were unsound. Their failure is here for all to see.

    Thus, the center right has decided Obama and the Democrats are too liberal for the country while leftists think they are too conservative.

    Obama’s foreign policy is closer to the center, in my opinion. He has essentially continued Bush’s war plans.

    I remember Ike from my childhood. Obama is no Eisenhower.


  68. What poolman said x 1000


  69. By: poolman on September 8, 2010
    at 7:13 PM
    Thank you for stating this concept so eloquently. It’s unfortunate that our education system is geared toward creating followers instead of free thinkers.


  70. Alaskapi .. right on.. ;-0

    Usually (and yes it’s a broad brush) independent voters (whom usually refer to themselves as “moderates”) are not the middle of the spectrum but rather the middle (or moderate) of which ever side they lean. In today’s political climate that is middle right.

    NO Obama is not far left, he is more middle left. Much to the chagrin of many in my party.


  71. The picture says it all:


    and shows why we need to get completely out. When people don’t want or appreciate your help you need to let them handle it themselves. Boy have I learned that lesson about twenty times!


  72. Oh, I just love you ladies! Ditto right on down the line


  73. Politics is a war of words that’s both profitable and deadly.


  74. News of late has me thinking of this – it’s a quote from Daniel O’Connell.

    (No, not that rather mediocre show band singer who inexplicably turns up from time to time on PBS. That’s O’Donnell – this is O’Connell. 1775 to 1847).

    “Bigotry has no head and cannot think, no heart and cannot feel. When she moves it is in wrath; when she pauses it is amid ruin. Her prayers are curses, her god is a demon, her communion is death, her vengeance is eternity, her decalogue is written in the blood of her victims, and if she stops for a moment in her infernal flight it is upon a kindred rock to whet her vulture fang for a more sanguinary desolation”.

    I’m pretty sure he knew what he was talking about. Remind you of anyone? Quran burners, maybe?

    And, not incidentally, you can try to make TARP an “Obama bail out” all you want, but it was signed October 3, 2008. By George Bush.


  75. Helen,
    What is your take on this ass hat pastor who wants to burn the Qurans?


  76. Take this evil pastor burning these Qurans on nine eleven, for instance. Fifty people in his congregation. 50 misguided racists. A very small number. Yet because of marketing, the entire global community is fighting over it. I would venture to guess more than fifty will die over it. MANipulators are winning this war right now.


  77. It’s just a label. Elitist, like liberal or conservative, progressive or regressive, moderate or extreme, fringe or mainstream, democrat or republican, atheist or deist, muslim or christian… it doesn’t really matter. It is all meaningless. Just like the clothes you put on doesn’t change who you are. We assign value. MANipulators pit one against another for gain.

    You’re either a MANipulator or one of the MANipulated if you exhibit animosity toward others. Do you live to take all you can FROM life or to give all you can TO life?


  78. I come from humble stock and all my life I wanted to be an “elitist” and now I am. LMAO


  79. Oops, perhaps I should have said who is the elite left…. In either case, I don’t know what/who you mean, please clarify.


  80. ptc, what is an/the elite left? Please let me know, thanks!


  81. I can’t believe some people think Obama is a liberal, he is more or less to the right of Dwight David Eisenhower.


  82. ptc-
    The stance that President Obama is very far left is pretty shaky though it certainly gets tooted around by the pretty-far-right..
    To the point that his almost overly moderate stances have made him a target of both ends of the spectrum…
    Not buying that you are a moderate here…
    Not buying it at all…


    “The spectrum of left-wing politics ranges from centre-left to far left (or ultra-left). The term centre left describes a position close to the political mainstream. The terms far left and ultra-left refer to positions that are more radical. The centre-left includes social democrats, progressives and also some democratic socialists and greens (in particular the eco-socialists). Centre-left supporters accept market allocation of resources in a mixed economy with a significant public sector and a thriving private sector. Centre-left policies tend to favour limited state intervention in the economy in matters pertaining to the public interest. The centre-left also often favours moderate environmentalist policies and generally, though not universally, supports individual freedom on moral issues.

    In several countries, the terms far left and radical left have been associated with communism, Maoism, Autonomism and many forms of anarchism. They have been used to describe groups that advocate anti-capitalist, identity politics or eco-terrorism. In France, a distinction is made between the left (Socialist Party and Communist Party) and the far left (Trotskyists, Maoists and Anarchists).[15] The US Department of Homeland Security defines left-wing extremism as groups who want “to bring about change through violent revolution rather than through established political processes.”[16]”


    “A definition of the term “centre-right” is necessarily broad and approximate because political terms have varying meanings in different countries. Parties of the centre-right generally support liberal democracy, capitalism, the market economy (albeit with some limited government regulation), private property rights, the existence of the welfare state in some limited form, and opposition to socialism and communism. Such definitions generally include political parties that base their ideology and policies upon conservatism and economic liberalism.

    The terms far right and radical right have been used by different people in conflicting ways.[20] The term far right is most often used to describe nationalist, religious extremist and reactionary groups as well as fascism and Nazism.[21][22][23][24] The BBC has called politician Pim Fortuyn’s politics (Fortuynism) far right because of his policies on immigration and Muslims.[25] The term far right has been used by some, such as National Public Radio, to describe the rule of Augusto Pinochet in Chile.[26][27] The US Department of Homeland Security defines right-wing extremism as hate groups who target racial, ethnic or religious minorities and may be dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.[28]”


  83. Moderate Americans don’t need an elitist left telling us what is good for us. Henry Wallace, a Progressive believed he knew what was best for Americans and he failed. Same will hold true for President Obama.

    Moderate’s favor evolution not revolution. Moderates will vote in large numbers for “a change we can believe in” in 2010 and 2012


  84. Fox calls for repeal of the 20th century

    “Since President Obama’s election, Fox personalities have expressed opposition to or called for the repeal of virtually every progressive achievement of the 20th century, including Social Security, Medicare, the Americans with Disabilities Act, portions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution…”



  85. Now if President Obama could show half the spine and anger that you do! Way to go, Helen.

    If the Dems take a bath in the upcoming midterm elections, we can’t just blame the bigots on the right, we need to blame the man we elected to the White House. In President Obama’s rush to find “concensus” he has given the R’s everything they need: a big, fat target that won’t fight back.

    I never have missed a vote and don’t intend to start now, but if Dems stay home from the polls and Independents believe the crap their being fed, we’ll deserve what we get.


  86. Something to “consider” if considering” not to “bother” with voting….The 2000 election/selection had LESS than 50% of ALL REGISTERED voters VOTING….Gore DID win the POPULAR VOTE however, GWB was declared the “winner” even though he garnered LESS THAN 25% of the TOTAL votes that were counted….May SEEM as if YOUR vote does NOT count or make a difference, but it REALLY does. YOUR vote does indeed effect the greater common good of all !!!


  87. Helen you are the best!

    James and Poolman get a room.


  88. I agree Mageene in old Virginny. Yes, grain farmers are getting more independent of government help, in part because of ethanol. The world also has more people to feed, and it has brought the price of farm produce up. Yes, food is perishable.

    Russia’s drought prompted Putin to stop grain exports. That riled the market because feeding the world allows for a thin margin for error.

    Yes, farm production is tied to national policy. Not only have we sent surplus food aid to other countries, but the food also feeds into the school lunch and other programs.

    Farmers across the world help each other sometimes on their own or through government aid. Farmers in our area exchange ideas with Argentine and Brazilian farmers–also Europeans.

    Stereotypical rural rubes are often more cosmopolitan than their urban cousins.


  89. About those farm “subsidies” . . . they are fewer and fewer as time goes by and often less $$. The “Farm Bill” isn’t really a farm bill any more and hasn’t been for awhile. It contains more about conservation and the environment, trade and “miscellaneous” than ever before. The old adage about farmers buying retail and selling wholesale still exists for good reason. Farm produce of all types, especially milk, spoil darn quick if they aren’t sold and put to work ASAP. Worse yet, we all need to eat! Especially our men and women in uniform all over the globe. Also, remember this: our farm production is tied to our foreign policy. I bet you do recall all those times this country has sent surplus agricultural products all around the world for humanitarian reasons.
    And we have apartnered that food aid with volunteers sent to the same places to teach the agriculturally challenged how to nourish their land so they can nourish themselves.


  90. Poolman, I think we both married well.

    A local radio talk show host met Sarah Palin at the air port and drove her to an event. He opposed several of her statements and discussed his problems with her. He said she was a very nice person and she was hot.

    Poolman and Pfessor seem to have the better argument, though class action suits are not possible under current laws. I think you should be able to sue.

    I’m not defending the banks. However, one reason the banks and others are not spending money is uncertainty over future legislation, the effects of new laws few have read, and for businesses, questions about how the health reform law will affect them. Banks still have a back log of bad loans, and in some parts of the country, commercial property is at risk.

    At least 800 banks are vulnerable according to the FDIC, and half may go under this next calander year. Most are small institutions which will not be bailed out like the large ones are.

    Uncertainity makes one very careful. Its how we behaved when we faced drought. We spent little money.

    I agree about credit cards, but during the farm recession, I used them to save our farm. The company charged less interest than our bank, and as long as we had grain to pay the bills the cycle fed on itself with even lower interest rates, a better credit rating, and a bigger lending balance.

    Our banker thought I was crazy, but after he saw my success, he recommended other farmers try it because the bank couldn’t charge such low interest. It was a dangerous game, and one misstep would have taken us to a farm auction.

    Yes, Pfessor, people are the same no matter what the era. The Roman Empire crash of 33, (I think that was the date) bears an uncanny similarity to our crash in 2008. The tulip bubble was another disaster. John Law nearly brought France down with his investment schemes, including failed colonies in Louisiana.

    I want to read “Crisis of Confidence.”

    Thanks HRHSofia EQ, I wondered if it was you. You raised an interesting question about farm subsidies. I didn’t hear much about farm subsidies at the meetings I attended, though a speaker said they should be abolished. Its what you would expect in an agricultural area. “My” subsidies are necessary. “Yours” will break the bank.

    Most were upset over TARP etc. I happened to think we needed a massive infusion of money to save the economy from imminent disaster. I also supported the auto bail out. My quarrel is with how the money was managed and spent after the emergency was contained. The banks had an obligation to spread our tax money around after we saved them. It was our money, not theirs.

    FDR and European nations basically socialized agriculture to preserve the food supply and help small farmers. Agriculture is a special case, farmers cannot charge a price for their products. They take what the market gives them, unless they play the grain market. The old saying is farmers buy retail and sell wholesale. A new combine can cost $350, 000.00 for example. If Brazil has a super good bean crop which takes the price down, American farmers are out of luck. Hence the safety net.

    Lori is right, but it doesn’t mean anything. Perception is reality. Eastern Nebraska’s Republican representative is a moderate to conservative, and Democrats usually pound him for it. Lee Terry voted for TARP and another Obama bail out. His Democratic opponent is running ads accusing him of contributing to our huge deficite by voting for those bail outs. No Democrat that I know of is defending the health law. Those politicians know which the wind blows.


  91. Clearly, they have taken a step too far and awoken the slumbering masses.

    Reject the politics of hate, and let’s give the Republicans the defeat they deserve.


  92. Hi all –

    Not to beat the drum, but I really recommend getting the book by Roubini, “Crisis Economics.” It lines up the trail of bodies from first to last and in a very matter-of-fact way chronicles not only the current bubble and bust, but how deregulation got us here.

    The part that was such a surprise to me was that this kind of gut-wrenching cycle was part of the landscape from the 1600’s to 1930 and it was only after the imposition of regulations in the late thirties that this cycle was broken and a long period of stability ensued.

    No matter whom you blame – and there is plenty of it to go around – this book unflinchingly hangs the albatross ’round the necks of those responsible.

    Poolman –

    There is a great book by Elizabeth Warren called “The Two-Income Trap,” co-authored by her daughter. It came out about 2004 and was how I became acquainted with her work. If you don’t come away feeling that the credit card companies are the Antichrist I will be surprised. I have most of my life supported the Repuglicans and generally dismissed the Left’s carping about how they take care of the fat cats at the expense of the average Joe, but if their revamping of bankruptcy laws – largely at the behest of credit card companies – doesn’t convince you it’s true, I don’t know what will. Warren chronicles this rape of the American public beautifully.


  93. so glad you posted again.

    as usual, you’re on point.


  94. Thanks, Donna. I’m sure Uncle Sam will save us.

    It’s another fine mess we got ourselves into.


  95. Believe me–I understand your frustration. But there are many things that are terribly harmful, even immoral, for which there is no legal recourse.


  96. So businesses (banks) declining loans to people of good credit standing and verifiably adequate income for legitimate home and property improvements isn’t a legal cause to file, even though a prerequisite for receiving monies from TARP was to force the banks to continue to make loans to taxpayers so the economy would not stall?

    Seems a bit criminal to bail such an institution with taxpayer money to merely help support the integrity of that institution when it appears it has no real integrity regarding the very taxpayer it is supposed to support.

    Businesses like mine were built on lending institutions’ ability and even the aggressive pursuit to loan money for our products and services. They made a lot of money on these loans over the years.

    Is there any currency not issued through the IMF that anyone is familiar with?


  97. Poolman: unfortunately, you have to have standing to bring any sort of action (including a class action). Absent a violation of a statute, a citizen would not likely have standing.


  98. ps. James, that anonymous was me. I thought you might have guessed, I should have been more explicit in my second post when I discovered that it had happened.


  99. I have a question. Has any Tpartier mentioned hating all the money our coutry spends on farm subsidies? I guess I’m especially interested in those Tpartiers from Idaho.


  100. TARP was enacted to save the banks which in turn were supposed to continue to provide lending to keep the economy alive. They did not. They still have not done so. They used the interest free money to better themselves and attain more wealth and assets. They continue operating in America with high interest credit cards and penalizing those struggling to repay loans. Loan modifications for homes are few and far between. They exhibit no compassion, as we should have known based on today’s corporate model. It is a very predatory practice that is further eroding the middle class.

    If possible, I think citizens should rise up and bring a class action suit against ALL of them. It is obvious the shills in the legislature have no desire to force them to make good on their agreement. The few legislators that want to put their feet to the fire are underfunded and lambasted. Can we file a class action suit? Donna?


  101. Let’s start setting the record straight!

    Only a third of Americans (34%) correctly say the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) was enacted by the Bush administration. Nearly half (47%) incorrectly believe TARP was passed under President Obama. Another 19% admit they do not know which president signed the bank bailout into law. Notably, there is no partisan divide on the question. Just 36% of Republicans, 35% of independents and 34% of Democrats know that the government bailout of banks and financial institutions was signed into law by former President Bush. And Democrats (46%) are just as likely as Republicans (50%) to say TARP was passed under Obama.


  102. Poolman I’m surprised at you!


  103. Lori, people who meet Sarah Palin say that about her, too. If you know them well, like your uncle, then it is likely true. But public/private face is not always the same. Bobby Kennedy came across as a very nice person in public, but his family life was very strained and mired in sexual scandal. I think much of Obama’s problems is that he is a nice guy. My feeling is he is the same public/private, though it is mere speculation on my part.


  104. I donno what characteristics you are using to quantify a “nice guy” or “do well”. However I can share with you that my parents knew Tip O’Neil fairly well and they considered him a “nice guy”. My father also knew Bobby Kennedy and he often said you would never meet a nicer man. Oh and then of course there was my uncle who was an elected politician for 26 years, rose to high ranks within the house and I thought he was pretty nice.. ;-)


  105. James, your wife sounds quite feisty, much like my own. She has no problem jumping into a fire if she sees an injustice. I’ve watched her call out bullies in the street and tell them what for without fear. I cringe at her blind boldness sometimes, warning her someday she might just get shot. That hasn’t slowed her down, though.

    All the people that know Palin say she doesn’t ever hunt or fish, and that that is just a false impression she projected to bolster her “real American” pioneer image. I imagine it is like McCain’s war hero image, when those who actually know and served with him claim he was a silver-spooned spoiled coward with a very hot temper. I have met many airdog pilots that were arrogant and cocky. None grew up with a silver spoon, though. I think the attitude comes with the territory. Meekness has its place, which is usually not in the cockpit.

    We like to think of our leaders as heroes and generally overlook their flaws. A lot of that image is crafted by firms that get paid well to polish it. Very few nice guys ever do well in positions of power. Jimmy Carter comes to mind.


  106. I never even thought about a picture with Palin. My wife could blow it up into a poster and put on her high school bulleton board to scare her students. LOL!

    I don’t know about Sarah, but my wife is a real grizzly mama. On Friday she broke up a fight between two foot ball players. The larger one has anger management problems, and the smaller one is too mouthy for his own good. The larger boy had drawn blood on the smaller and they were hitting away. Many of the team were standing by watching.

    My wife tore into the fight and had she not had a repore with the bigger kid, she could have been hit. She chewed out the gutless wonders on the foot ball team who watched, and marched the larger boy to the principal’s office. One of the other teachers cleaned up the smaller boy.

    Another grizzly mama was one of our kids’ teachers. She wanted a fur coat, so she ran a trap line all winter until she caught enough muskrats for the coat.


  107. no one’s puppet, an historian said that two of the most criminal presidents in modern times were Nixon and Clinton because they were two of our most talented and brightest. However, their personal flaws let them fritter away their gifts. Both could have been great, but they failed. I don’t know if its true, but it was an interesting observation.

    Poolman, if it really got bad could you relocate? Our region from south of here through Grand Forks, ND is doing pretty well compared to much of the rest of the country. If you ever showed up here, I would take you out to the Old Country Buffet.

    Here is a story for you. We were in dire straights, and better farmers than we had lost their land. Much of our food came from our garden because we couldn’t afford to shop in a grocery store very often.

    We really needed a combine, but they were too expensive around here. I knew northeast Nebraska was in worse shape than we and prices would be lower there. I felt like a vulture, but we needed a combine.

    A likely machine was on a sale bill about 130 miles northwest of us. I called to inquire and spoke to a talkative woman in her early thirties. They had three small children, and all they knew was farming. We talked about the times and also about the combine and its repair record.

    She said she hoped I could come. “I’d like to meet you. I’ll be the blond standing by the cotton wood tree. ” “What are you going to do?” I asked. ” We are going to Arizona. Someone said there are jobs there.” Do you think that’s true?” How would I know? “I guess there are. I think I read something about it.” “I hope so. I am so afraid…” Then, she sobbed.

    I should have gone to the sale, but I didn’t have the guts. Its been twenty years, but I still think about them and hope they made it.

    They went to Phoenix. For all we know, they could have been customers of yours.


  108. Now a picture with Palin, may or may not, be what you want to pass down to the family. Lol Nixon, in retrospect did well by the country as a whole, and unintentionally taught us a lot about Constitutional Law, for that matter even the Magna Carta.


  109. Poolman, hang in there. As farmer, I know how hard it is to be your own boss and about the tough decisions you have to make. We made it through the seventies and eighties farm recession. I’m rooting for you to get through this.

    One thing my wife did was rebate and collect coupons. Times have changed, but in those days, she brought in several hundred dollars a month. I don’t know if one can do that now or not. I like your posts, even when we disagree.

    no one’s puppet, sadly, I agree with you about Sarah Palin. The signs are there. She is repeating Richard Nixon’s rehabilitation plan after he lost the California election and told reporters they wouldn’t have him to kick around any more. I hope she doesn’t run. Sarah is no Dick Nixon. Ha Ha!

    Last time, I met Bill Clinton at a local high school. I have met some the Bushes, and maybe now, I will meet Sarah Palin. Far western Iowa is more like Nebraska than the rest of Iowa, so conservatives tend to campaign here. Bill and I talked about the weather.

    Bozly84, a difference I see between the nineteenth century robber barons and the modern variety is they are a little better regulated than back then. I also think the robber barons felt a responsibility to give back some of their gains. The town north us still has a Carnegie library, for example.

    I’ll believe the Republicans will re- take the Congress when it happens. November is a long time from now, and a lot can happen. However, present trends are bad news for Democrats. They need to change their ways fast before public attitudes are frozen. If that happens, nothing will save them.


  110. Poolman, hubby and I managed to sell our Virginia house, and the first of this year we bought a house in Las Vegas (a bigger, grander, and far newer), so I am well aware of the Vegas housing market. Sorry the prospects for the building trades, in your area, are nearly as dire.


  111. Thanks for the business well wishes James and no one’s puppet. I hope it isn’t cause you’re tired of my blog-hogging or pov. LOL! I believe all things have a purpose and if we didn’t crash economically, I would still be ignorant of many things I have researched and learned. I certainly would have never made it to this blog.

    So far we have weathered the storm where others haven’t. It will put us in a better position when this economy does turn around. NOP, I think Vegas is the only spot in the country worse than Phoenix regarding the housing crash and construction decline. We were extremely overbuilt and overvalued.


  112. Delurker, I watched the video and felt the interviewer was being fair. I have seen plenty that emphasize the idiocy.

    The bigger point is that this is a disillusioned crowd that is looking for purpose and direction. Our leaders have not provided that and they want to do something, anything to fix the wrongs they see in our land. They need a physical enemy to destroy, be it liberals, progressives, moderates, or Muslims.

    The fact that the powers behind the movement and their news sources have an agenda and are MANipulating the followers with false histories and distorted facts, using them to accomplish their evil schemes, is what disturbs me the most. This is a dividing faction, as we have experienced within the republican party. Most don’t know they have been compromised.

    The character and integrity of Beck and especially Palin should discredit anything they say, yet they are given positions of authority and a pulpit to speak from. The “churchiness” appeals to the carnal christian who believe if you mention god in your conversation, you must be a believer. This rally greatly resembled a 12-step recovery program of which Beck is very familiar. So very out of touch with reality…


  113. Hey James, when Palin gets to Iowa, don’t be surprised if she hangs around for awhile, I think she’s going to run. I agree with you about Poolman, darn I hope he has to hire a huge crew to keep up with all the work and I hope it is soon.


  114. Thanks Professor. Once again, I also agree with no one’s puppet. I hope Poolman soon has more business than he can handle.

    The Democrats have blown a huge opportunity through their ideological hubris. However, the Republicans seem to be watching from the sidelines as it unravels. The Tea Parties are the most important players now, and they are amateurs with beliefs often as far right from the center as the “progressives” are on the other side.

    Several Republicans have economic plans, but the party isn’t telling us. If Republicans remain passive they will as no one’s puppet wrote lose some seats they should have won.

    Another thing about the Tea Parties and political organizations is they live in different cultures. Thus, a member of the Tea Party in Texas or Alaska is different from one in New England. The same applies to Democrats and Republicans.

    I wondered which part of the movement was spending so much money. The Tea Party Express makes sense because it is more organized than the average Tea Party members around here. They are like two mirror organizations.

    I agree some Tea Party activists hold a simplistic view of the world as do leftists. You know the old story about the farther away from the mean people go, the more alike left and right become.

    I didn’t know Glenn Beck was going to be in Anchorage on 9/11. Here is my theory about Beck. He is an intelligent, driven man with attention deficite disorder. Beck is also an addict, and he has told how it nearly ruined his life. He is also highly emotional.

    I was too sick to pay attention to the Washington DC demonstration, but from what I have heard lately, I have a theory. Like many addicts, Glen grabbed onto his salvation like a drowning man. Religion saved him. I think he wants to create a second Reawakening as in the days of John and Charles Westley because God wants to use him as His instrument.

    My tornado watch analogy fits. A watch is different from a warning. November will be important, but I think the real revolution one way or the other will come in 2012 or 2014.

    Sarah Palin is coming to an Iowa fundraiser. That woman gets around.


  115. Pfessor, I didn’t claim it was a complete picture of the attendees. I just said it was ugly, because it was. I’ve often heard the cry “show me ONE example” of bad behavior at events like this. Well, here’s one.


  116. “Unfettered capitalism is a bad thing. It gave us robber barons and companies which competed on a near criminal level to destroy each other until only a few remained. The oil and railroad industries are examples.
    From James on 9/6 “..we DO have “robber barons” today….would classify our financial folks in that category for sure and add that other corporates and those that helm them have shown similar avarice and greed ,all being most willing to seek their pots of gold at any/all cost…and the “american” spirited folks are ever the ultimate optimists, thinking ‘they” too MAY someday stike it rich and hence, willingly vote against their own by far best interests for the chance of if they do hit “jackpot”, want to keep as much as they possibly can too and so it goes !! Oh, there a few mixed in that actually DO have “good intentions” but look around…we grovel at the feet of those that have accumulated great sums far too much and too often as if that is the greatest epitome of what life IS all about. Can you REALLY fanthom that one or another CEO is WORTH $100 million a year or that he needs it as well or , several etc. What is bodacious in regards to our “financial” areanas , tx dollars used to bail THEM out but THEY felt NO compunction to bail the ordinary folks out in return, instead, they cut off the money supply as well as paid out fat bonuses to those that dealt out the DEALS that led to financial mess. They still are rarely “lending”, claim it is because too risky and etc. Claims that it was sorts that went out and mortgaged their “souls” to get a piece of the American “dream pie”( such as home ownership as well suv’s and big screen tvs and,and,and…een when budgets did not afford, willing to “lend” you the means to get ….for a price and lets face it…we is AMERICANS, we figure we deserve “it” and why TRULY worry about tomorrow and cuz THE experts tell us such like a “house” has no where to go but UP in value so like YEAH…we go fr that place that once cost maybe $26thousand now on the market for $450thou and figure we too will reap such “investmented rewards and the tale goes on and even more absurd…we “fell into it all and willingly ignored reality that the entire BUBBLE was rather illusionary cuz we WANTED to believe and tomorrow was always a day away …..yadda,yadda,yadda). The bankers/financiers were not the only “cause”, they were just the saviest at knowing how to take supreme advantage for their own personal gains…WE too , too often went along with it for the chance of striking it rich too !!
    Looking at the current crop of polls being touted, where the GOPs are predicted to RETAKE control due to mega disatisfaction noted by those polled of dissatisfaction with Congress/etc…It is the pundits “read/take” that folks are dissatisfied with what the Dems have ‘done/accomplished so it MEANS that GOPs are set for the RETAKE of the reins….Think if delved into, it could be the DIS SATISFACTION coud be actually due to the OBSTRUCTIONISMASTICALs done by the GOPS as well as the SEEMING cave of the Dems to stay stalwart to their CORE supporters…but NOT VOTING or voting for GOP or even Green/etc is NOT the answer folks…best think long about the consequences of such ….tomorrow DOES come and it DOES indeed matter , its fate is in all our hands !!!


  117. delurkergurl –

    re: Jesse’s video of Beck’s rally

    Remember, this is an *edited* video, compiled and published by folks who opposed the Beck event; it is not Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow, sworn to provide a balanced view. They are not going to interview a lawyer, doctor or professor, for example – one of those Tea Partier folks who statistics say are, on the whole better educated than the general population; they are going to cull their interviews for those who make the whole rally look the worst and then parse those for the worst quotes.

    We always say to right-wingers, “Don’t be a dupe;” we shouldn’t be dupes, either. I want to see a REALLY fair and balanced video before I decide what this rally really meant.


  118. From the Restoring “Honor” rally. Ugly stuff, this:



  119. Thank-you Alaskapi. I’m with you on this. It will be interesting to see what happens on 9/11 when Glen Beck and his special guest Sarah Palin speak at the Denai’na Center in downtown Anchorage. (ughhh, not looking forward to it at all).

    Love to Margaret and Helen. Thank you for the wisdom and perspective.


  120. Oh- forgot:
    for those who follow such things, whatzername and Beck are doing SOMETHING in Anchorage on 9/11


    Don’t need the aggravation here and wondering why Mr Beck is so busy using dates and places of importance to many to play his lil games…


  121. Well, I can only speak for Alaska here and as my extended family includes many Tea Partiers I don’t automatically assume all are rubes
    here there are enormous gaps in peoples’ understanding of some basic facts which seriously color their attitudes and responses to political issues
    AND the tea Party Express just spent, quite openly and publically, over $500 K assisting Mr Miller’s run for Senator .

    I don’t know where so many of you come from but western states, in general, and Alaska in particular came to the Union later and have more land still owned by the fed than further east…
    In Alaska , the fed still owns about 60% of the whole state- at statehood 28% was transferred to the state , with agreements that more would follow when the state met certain conditions.
    Statehood is within living memory here and strong feelings run every which way about land issues… including the secessionist AIP platform which is still alive and kicking.
    So many of the Tea bag wasters here do not even understand the basic agreement for inclusion in the Union let alone take the time to track what we agreed to to be granted more state land …
    They run around hollering about “our land” and taking it from the fed.
    Statehood was presumed to give Alaskans an equal share in deciding their own future after decades of being treated as a resource colony by mining and fishing interests who made fortunes here but took their money south.
    So far, that is kind of iffy to me , given the oil thingy.
    Politics surrounding Alaska Native issues here are deeply intertwined, but rarely overtly, with Tea Party attitudes and once again, the basic lack of understanding is obvious.Everyday self avowed Tea Partiers show ignorance about fundamentals regarding ANSCA, ANILCA, and so on which would be funny if it all didn’t get so nasty.( To anyone who visits, I suggest you don’t bring up “subsistence” unless you are ready for a week long tirade from anyone nearby)
    I accept that our local Tea Partiers , including family members, have a lot of worries and fear but at this point I think they are so far off track about where we are, let alone where we should go, that I will work against them at every turn.



  122. Yes the T P will be players, and might even win some seats in certain states and in others they will throw a win to the Democrats. We’ve now entered the traditional campaign season when more people pay attention, so we’ll see what happens what happens in November. So work and donate to your favorite candidate’s campaign and let’s hope the best people win. America’s got a big job ahead of it to straighten out this mess and build a brighter future.


  123. James –

    re: origin and characteristics of the Tea Party

    From where I sit, your analysis is spot-on. I think denial of the Tea Party’s legitimate roots and this idea that they are all rubes and useful idiots for some well-heeled conspiracy only makes their detractors more vulnerable. I don’t believe that in the long term they will go anywhere politically, but they surely will be players in THIS election.


  124. no one’s puppet, I agree about Scott Brown and Martha Coakley. The Democrats didn’t realize they were facing a voter insurrection until it was too late. He’s not my senator, and I don’t know much about him, but from what I’ve read, I agree with him more often than not.

    Anoymous, I do appreciate your posting the article. I saw it a research because I learned some things from it. I will probably re read it again when I have time and energy. I already knew the part the Kock brothers played in Swift Boating Sen. Kerry. I’m glad they did, because Sen. Kerry’s life is irrationally, subjectively personal with me. In my opinion, they are like George Soros. I wish both would go away, but we are stuck with them.

    I agree about the advertising. Another disturbing poll done about twenty years ago showed a large minority of people got most of its news from Saturday Night Live.

    I am not a Tea Party member. I have attended some of their demonstrations, and learned what nice people most are. They are new at this, and they act a little self conscious. A recent survey showed Tea Partiers are better educated than the average American and earn more money. Many on the right are as ignorant as leftists. They know what they know, and that is it.

    I haven’t seen the effects of outside money around Iowa and Nebraska, but one would think some of it is being used to help individuals polish their message and talking points.

    I regard the Tea Parties, Glenn Beck and the others as instruments to even the playing field and regard them as a symptoms of public fear and anger. They succeed because people agree with them. We have seen how Republicans and Democrats get into trouble when they have too much power. Republicans deserved to lose last time, and now it is the Democrats’ turn.

    Thanks Pfessor. I was tempted to use the term “political bigot” but never got around to it.

    I am an amateur weather forecaster and volunteer observer. Storms come together piece by piece. Everything has to fit just right to create a storm. The Democrats and some posters here have ignored the signs.

    Nothing is certain yet. We are in the equivalent of a tornado watch. More Democrats and some of the posters here would be better served to abandon denial and pay less attention to conspiracy theories. They should put away their hatred and anger. They should try to understand why it fell apart and what they can do to fix it.

    Glenn Beck, the Tea Parties and the rest are not the problem. They are symptoms of the coming storm.


  125. Imagine Glen Beck and Sarah Palin are only speaking for a growing number of people who think you two idiots are so far off base. Two old ladies that didn’t get a COLA raise last year? Beck is only an actor. Palin is not a key figure just a woman that sees our country falling to it’s knees. Obama’s policies are identical to Bush’s only to a larger extent. Obama is cutting the feet out of our next two generations.


  126. Helen – I read your entire blog in one day and I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said throughout it. Keep it up!


  127. Great to have you back, Helen.


  128. momcat, Amen to that!

    HRH sofia, I’m with you on the advertising, as you know.

    Good to “see” you, Grandma Katie. Hope all is well.

    PFesser, I think I have read some articles by him in the past. I think probably philosophical or scientific writings I came across in my research. I recall them to be well-reasoned, though I can’t recall specifics. I will look for him.

    I don’t get around to reading many books – short attention span. It has to really hold my interest or hold great significance for me to dedicate the time and effort to a book. I remember getting caught up in some that would hold my interest for days, and I would come out of in almost a trance-like state, trying to catch up on what I had missed from the “real” world.

    As far as the slow season for pools – the economy has done that for us. The weather generally promotes the industry in Phoenix. The sun however, proved no match for the banks, who turned off the spigot in 2007-8, after running full open for years. So the past 2 years have been our slowest season ever.


  129. Helen, You are sanity to me.

    Thank you good strong woman and good strong voice.


  130. My god, this is so spot-on, my head’s gonna explode. Thanks, Helen. If this country ever pulls itself out of the intellectual swamp it’s stuck in, you’ll be a big reason why.


  131. Poolman –

    Have you read any Theodore Dalrymple? He is a Brit and a doctor who casts his gimlet eye on modern society, and in particular, the loss of common civility, and is not pleased with what he sees.

    Highly recommended for winter reading, when the pool business slows down a bit.


  132. Preach it sister! I wish I had an organized enough brain to put my thoughts into words like yours and to really boil it down to “what is wrong with this picture.” thanks for helping those of us that can’t seem to say it right!!!


  133. Thank goodness there are others out there that see Beck & Palin for what they truly are along with their illiterate, ignorant followers. And why is it, these poor people are constantly screaming about lesser government and socialism when most of them are NOT working themselves?


  134. Alaskii Pi – waving back atcha!
    Some months ago, had the privilege of meeting JuneauJoe.


  135. HRH Sofia –

    I apologise if I mischaracterized your position.

    As for James, I have only followed his posts since about March, but I have found him to be unequalled in fairness and willingness to look at *both* sides – a lesson, I might add, that others would do well to learn. Troll? No, not by ANY objective definition, but unquestionably the target of many, most of whom simply just_can’t_tolerate_opposing_views, not matter how gently stated. I actually think “bigotry” is a better description. I was surprised by the real definition; it has nothing to do with race, as most think, but a lot to do with pure old pig-headed-intolerance.

    bigot – n. a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own

    A bad thing.


  136. From today’s DKos…

    “Don’t worry about Glenn Beck. Popular history will forget him. He’s not a significant political player, and he’s not a memorable entertainer.

    But the people hiding behind Beck and his ilk must be raised to public consciousness. Because so many of the Tea Party faithful don’t even know who is promoting what they have been duped into believing is their cause, and certainly don’t know the real cause they are being duped into promoting.

    Most of them are being played for suckers. To the financial backers of Beck and his ilk, most Tea Partiers are but another demographic group to exploit. It would be good for them and for the nation and the world if they ever figured that out.”

    It would almost be funny if so many didn’t take it seriously. And if their taking it seriously wasn’t part of a deeply disturbing hidden agenda.

    And Frank Rich referred to the chillingly essential article on the Kochs, by Jane Mayer in The New Yorker.

    “They are, however, helping fund climate denialism, which is what you would expect from oil industry billionaires. And while eliminating income taxes and campaign finance laws would greatly benefit billionaires, it would spell the end of the government’s ability to check abuses by rapacious industries such as oil, health insurance, and banking, and it also would mean the end of even a semblance of a social contract.

    It also would mean the effective end of democracy, the new royalty and aristocracy being corporate plutocrats such as Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers…”

    To read more: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2010/9/5/897174/-The-Charlatan


  137. Don’t know how I became anonymous, I’ll see if it happens again.


  138. What disgusts me is that my (Christian) faith is being co-opted by the likes of Beck and Palin, who only want to use it to manipulate their listeners, but have no interest in living by its principles. I now cringe when the words “Christian” and “politics” appear together in the same paragraph. Is it any wonder that fewer and fewer people in the United States identify themselves as active Christians?

    Bobsyouruncle: “Judge not, that you be not judged.” Matthew 7.1-5 (I suggest reading the entire passage)


  139. It is good to know all about money and the banking industry, imo. The link is a good and educational read. Not what is in our school books, for sure.


  140. Too bad granny hope you die soon. AND THEN YOU WILL BURN IN HELL FOREVER


  141. James, I wasn’t suggesting research, I suggested a good read (I haven’t had time to finish the article yet myself, was out in this glorious day). I find the best way to rest is to take to my bed and every time I wake up, I read for an hour or so and then go back to sleep. I call it “taking the cure.” The New Yorker article is well written and gives you the Koch brother’s entire history with no effort on your part except the reading. I found it eye opening. Thought you might find it interesting also, since your ideas seem to mesh with theirs.

    PFessor said “Couple of things: firstly, Sofia, demonizing your opponent and saying they are tools of some giant evil is IMHO disingenuous and unproductive ” What I actually said was “Aren’t you tired of being manipulated?” I’m sorry, but I really don’t see how that is “demonizing” my opponent and besides, I don’t see that I have an “opponent” here anyway. The action verb hare is “to manipulate” and that was done by an outside force. My problem is that the objects of that force do not resist the manipulation, they whole heartedly embrace it, without much question. I think they think that they will be more powerful in the long run and will get what THEY want and be able to survive the manipulation. I think they are naive.

    I also feel that far too many people in our country are vulnerable to ADVERTISING. Since most are subjected to directed advertising from the moment they begin to watch the boob tube, they no longer notice when they’re being manipulated. Studying the psychology of advertising has been a hobby of mine for at least 30 years now. I can almost always tell who the target market is after 20 seconds. Must admit they’re getting better at hiding that now, so much so that sometimes (I loves my mute button) I can’t even tell what the product is until they show the logo at the end.

    And one more point before I go to Tai Chi class. Just because James (a self confessed Tpartier) seems more or less sane, it doesn’t mean all Tpartiers are. I have yet to see a Youtube of a single one who could tell what their real objections are. They all fall back on talking points and giggle because they can’t answer a single question rationally. It really seems (maybe it’s just a media portrayal) that they don’t trust the government and they were in a mood to throw a tantrum.


  142. I’m your new biggest fan. Apathy is the greatest danger to our democracy. People stand in lines for days with the threat of loss of life, just for the chance to cast a vote. In America, only if it doesn’t interfere with Jersey Shore.


  143. The bankers are just doing god’s work!


  144. Hey James, Scott Brown’s good looks and animal magnetism didn’t hurt, and he did defeat, the lousiest candidate the Democrats could have mustered, Martha Coakley. Senator Brown, as it turns out, thus far, appears to be a old fashion reasonable kind of Republican.
    Helen, it is panic time again, time to calm everyone down again with another post.


  145. Unfettered capitalism is a bad thing. It gave us robber barons and companies which competed on a near criminal level to destroy each other until only a few remained. The oil and railroad industries are examples.

    Private enterprise is the most efficient economic system we have for distributing wealth. Unregulated banks helped put us where we are now. Stanley Kurtz studied the development of race and class based lending before the election. Government policy and investors’ avarice polluted the system with unsupportable mortgages and loans.


  146. George Soros has always been upfront with his support and views. The Kochs are and always operate in the shadows. That is difference.


  147. George Soros’s activities also earn him income. He is no more altruistic than the Kock brothers. Both are into politics to change the world to fit their images.

    I change my views when ground truth doesn’t support them. So far, it does. Name calling is the last resort of someone who’s case is weak.


  148. “I don’t agree with you that complete deregulation is a good thing.” – PFesser

    Complete deregulation is not and never has been my view. I am merely pointing out that the game has been rigged from the get-go. “Free” markets are NOT reality.

    The introduction of money and the monetary system as a whole, is a MANipulated form of enslavement, sold to us as “practical and convenient”. Goods and services themselves hold their own intrinsic value. By assigning a “monetary value” to them, we empower money and those handling it “worth”, and therefore allow them to profit from the toil of others.

    That is why barter is discredited and not widely practiced. It takes the power away from the users, forcing them to actually produce or provide a tangible asset to society.

    As soon as the rug is pulled out from under our “almighty dollar”, electronic “money” will be introduced and marketed to us for the “secure” and “convenience” of trade. Then, just like voting, it can easily be MANipulated by those who have access to the systems employed.


  149. “‘Judgment at Nuremberg’ is a MUST SEE movie if you seek to understand what happened in Nazi Germany and what is happening now in the U.S. and elsewhere.”

    “…the very qualities we often identify as those of a typical politician are those of a psychopath.”


  150. How difficult is it to see that the Koch brothers are into politics purely to further their economic interests. That’s all. Soros supports politicians and legislation that he thinks would strengthen this country, not his financial health. His politics are often opposed to his personal gain/interests. A huge difference.
    I shouldn’t even be writing this James because I’m seeing that you don’t really change your views.
    I vow not to reason with trolls, it’s a fools errand.


  151. Poolman –

    I just finished “Crisis Economics” by Roubini – one of the few economists to predict this downfall. He lays it squarely at the feet of the banks, and more importantly the “shadow banks” like Lehman Bros who act as banks do, but without regulation. He also lays it at the feet of the Repuglicans, especially Phil Gramm, who championed complete deregulation.

    I don’t agree with you that complete deregulation is a good thing. According to Roubini it was a complete lack of regulation that fueled boom/bust/bubble/disaster cycle after cycle, from the sixteenth century until the ‘thirties, when Glass-Steagall and other regulations put some shock absorbers on the economy to even out the bumps.


  152. First time reader, and now a subscriber. You are absolutely brilliant.


  153. Great post. How was the pie?


  154. You said it perfectly. This is an awesome post that I will share with friends. So glad to have found your blog today.


  155. […] stumbled across the blog Margaret and Helen and their recent post "100 Grand Bore" had me laughing out loud. A great […]


  156. Waving at Grandma Katie!!!
    Welcome home Juneau Joe!
    Lots happening now…
    Autumn is fully here
    Fall run of chum almost done, berries in the freezer…
    Won’t be long til we see termination dust on the mts…
    and here’s hoping we trounce Miller in the general.
    Yes, we can!


  157. Juneau Joe – glad to see you again and that you settled in.Now just keep coming back here.we’ve had tw posts from Helen lately and it’s graeat to have her back and in good form. Have a successful year with your class.


  158. This political discussion reminds me of something. I need some motivation for mundane mopping. :wink:


  159. Poolman, I agree, banks are part of the problem. Yes, it has been a long time since we have enjoyed a truly free market.

    Coast to Coast had a guest who said the FDIC has a list of over 800 at risk banks. Half of them may fail in the next year. Individuals will see little difference except for a bank’s name change, but the failures will hurt small and medium sized towns because it will be harder to get loans. Unlike the big banks, no one will bail them out.

    I lived though it during the farm depression. If the man is right about its happening nation wide, our unemployment rate will continue high for some time.


  160. Pfessor, since we don’t have cable, I don’t watch political talk shows except for what National Public Television and the networks offer. Glenn Beck can be scary but if I took him seriously, we would have a year’s supply of food and gold buried in the back yard.

    The majority of voters is slightly right of center, and it would take more horrible conditions than now to put a demagogue into real power. We were close to a revolution from right and left during the Great Depression, and also during the 1894 crash. Our nation’s tendency toward moderation saved us.

    The Democrats took the country left of what makes the majority comfortable. A correction is coming. I hope it doesn’t swing too far right. Even if it does, life will go on.


  161. A free market would work fine if it wasn’t manipulated and was ACTUALLY free – with supply and demand controlling the price/value.

    Too late for that. The very ones who are wanting the market to now correct itself, by itself, are the very same ones that brought about the crisis in the first place. They gave us artificially inflated property values and created false equity. They devised baited lending intruments and lowered standards for more buyers to qualify.

    They profitted then and will profit from a free fall. If they truly desire a free market approach, they should not have allowed bank bailouts. The whole TARP fiasco is NOT free market capitalism. Our government subsidizes ALL the major industries. That is NOT a free market practice, making sure the term “free market” is an oxymoron.

    The banks ARE the problem. I wasn’t wanting to go there at the beginning of this mess (thinking it a mere cop-out), but now the path is clear. The banking industry HAS bankrupted this country. The dollar is only artificially held up right now.


  162. HRH sophia EQ, I’m still pretty sick. I don’t have the energy to do a lot of research this morning. This is from memory. A housewife in Seattle organized a protest and it was successful enough she and her friends organized others via the internet.

    Rick Santelli’s CNBC”s tea party rant made a movement go viral. My wife cousins and I attended one in Omaha. It was entirely grass roots with home made signs and a program of locals.

    As the movement grew, it attracted the attention of politicians who attempted to usurp it. They failed at least locally. Some members of the movement attempted to organize the Tea Party with a political party style hierarchy. The Tea Party Nation held a convention and charged money which detractors said was to profit themselves. Tea Party Nation failed.

    I attended a Tea Party Express protest, and it was a slicker operation than the local movement. Money obviously backed it, but it was separate from local organizations. I already know about the Kock brothers. Freedom Works, headed by Dick Aremy also contributes to the Tea Party movement. I think Freedom Works serves as an informational clearing house. So, I think, does an organization fronted by Steve Forbes. I’m sure lots of other groups are feeding money into the movement.

    Its what happens when a political movement grows. I think there are two tiers in the Tea Party. The money may be going to specific groups like the Tea Party Express, to education or to political races. For example, the Tea Party helped Republican Scott Brown defeat Martha Coakley in the race for “Ted Kennedy’s seat.” That took money and organization. They also took down a Republican in New York and unwittingly helped a Democrat win.

    The locals are still grass roots with low budgets who provide fire power to a loose organization. Their strength lies in the millions of voters who while not members agree with them.

    Last spring, two feuding Tea Party groups held opposing demonstrations in Omaha. Both groups bad mouthed each other in television interviews. If they were part of a highly financed monolithic group, there would have been only one demonstration.

    A Tea Party group in Iowa paid for an objectional sign, and other Tea Parties pressured them to take it down. A member of the Tea Party Express made racist statements, and he was frozen out.

    This is not a Republican organization. Tea Party activists have as much disdain for some Republicans as they do Democrats. They have taken out a number of Republicans, and they tried to get rid of Sen McCain. As I wrote, Republicans have tried to usurp the movement and some of them hate and fear the Tea Parties as much as Democrats.

    Some Tea Party members, in their more deluded moments fantasize about becoming a third party. They are too libertarian for me, and some of their candidates make me wince, but this movement began with politically inexperienced people, and is still the closest thing we have to a grass roots movement today. The “organization” is still evolving. I don’t think financial backers are giving Tea Partiers marching orders. They are taking advantage of and using a movement which already knows what it believes.

    It doesn’t matter what names people call the Tea Party now. Unless Democrats and some Republicans change their behavior soon, they will understand just how effective the Tea Party is. The writing is on the wall, and now in Time Magazine. “Has Obama lost his mojo?”

    I don’t regard the Kock brothers any differently than people like George Soros on the left.

    Glenn Beck is running a small business besides his talk show duties. He wants to make money while he changes the world. So does Al Gore. I don’t know how Beck would react if a bull charged him. I know the feeling, only I didn’t have a barrel to retreat to.


  163. if you dont like it…..then dont watch it….
    look at the time you spent thinking about them and passing the knowledge of them to others…now all those others are thinking about them…if You…had not mentioned them in the beginning …all those others…would not be thinking about them now….ha! think about that…stupid politics!

    talk about a topic that will actually do something!!!


  164. HRH sofia, James –

    Couple of things: firstly, Sofia, demonizing your opponent and saying they are tools of some giant evil is IMHO disingenuous and unproductive – especially if you wish them to listen to *your* point of view. (Yeah, yeah, I know – “but they really *are*!”).

    Doesn’t matter if they are. That just gets you in a shouting match and whoever is the more powerful wins and the loser gets a grudge to nurse. Unproductive. That *particular* POV also runs counter to what I know about Tea Party members from personal experience, so I immediately discount it. The further afield you get, well – the further afield you get and you are immensely ineffective. If you want to be heard, stuff like – and I quote – “your proof be damned” locks you out of the game, by your own hand.

    James –

    I have to say I find Beck, et al to be pretty scary and distasteful. However, I have tried to understand where they are coming from and have (somewhat forcibly) listened to a little of their rhetoric at my brother’s, where Fox News is on 24/7. Sometimes Beck is pretty persuasive, but I am really turned off by the attacks on liberals and some of the fringe stuff about Obama. As I have said before, it really reminds me of pre-war Germany and frankly is frightening. O’Reilly I would cheerfully strangle if I could reach up that high. He is the perfect example of what we sometimes see on this blog – name-calling, hyperbole, unsubstantiated claims and complete disrespect for others who disagree. Unproductive, unproductive, unproductive. I personally would not be a bit displeased if the Becks, Limbaughs, O’Reillys et al just disappeared.

    IMHO, as a country we are in a world of s**t, and we don’t have time to waste on that kind of nonsense. Without getting maudlin here, I think America is a wonderful place and we are one people. By god we need to act like it, beginning with a little respect for the Loyal Opposition, with whom we *will* have to work to straighten this mess out.

    I suggest everyone shut up and grab a mop.


  165. The “free market” as regards homeownership had a lot to do with the mess we’re in …


    A critical review of the practices and policies of neo-liberalism and how it affects everyday people’s lives is in order.


    Creeps like the Koch Bros have plenty of money to spend on whupping up vulnerable Americans but not enough to put folks back to work…?
    They depend on the myth of the individual being fully responsible for all which befalls them while manipulating the very scenery we live with?


  166. […] [reprinted from Margaret and Helen] 100 Grand Bore […]


  167. […] […]


  168. Helen, as the “dittoheads” would say, “long time listener, first time caller.” All I know about Margaret and Howard is what I hear from you, but if I were as dense as Howard seems to be, my wife would have taken a rolling pin to the side of my head a long time ago.

    This is the best comment from you in a very long time (some of your older fans have trouble remembering your earlier posts), and I loved it!

    As far as Beck and Palin: Beck has called himself a “rodeo clown.” I know what a rodeo clown does. Beck wouldn’t last 7 seconds, and then he would have to change his underwear. And Palin – my upbringing won’t allow me to comment on her. I just hope she goes far away really soon.

    Keep up the good work – LOVE YA!


  169. The bagger movement is a heavily funded faction of the GOP. It is a group within the republican party that became disenchanted with the “establishment” and found corporate sponsers to back their cause. They happened to attrack a few money hungry shrills who saw a buck to be had to be their spokes people. Nothing more nothing less.


  170. HRH amen to that. The bagger’s movement is about as far from grassroots as can be.

    Your proof be damned!


  171. I WISH the TB movement was really a grass roots movement instead of part of the Koch brother’s plan for our country. I WISH Glen Beck was just a great guy with different ideas instead of the manipulator for profit that he is. I WISH Faux news was REALLY fair and balanced instead of the manipulator they really are.

    If you’re open to hearing the opposing view, read the article and let’s talk about it.
    “At the lectern in Austin, however, Venable—a longtime political operative who draws a salary from Americans for Prosperity, and who has worked for Koch-funded political groups since 1994—spoke less warily. “We love what the Tea Parties are doing, because that’s how we’re going to take back America!”

    “Americans for Prosperity has worked closely with the Tea Party since the movement’s inception. In the weeks before the first Tax Day protests, in April, 2009, Americans for Prosperity hosted a Web site offering supporters “Tea Party Talking Points.”

    Read more http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/08/30/100830fa_fact_mayer?currentPage=2#ixzz0ylH9GYjA


  172. Democratic hubris and failures gave us the Tea Party which is the strongest grass roots movement in the country. The Tea Party is also taking shots at Republicans.

    As Professor says this is the free market of ideas at work. delurkergurl, Democrats need to mature to the point they address Glenn Beck and the others as fellow Americans with a different point of view–not devils. Then, demolish their points with facts, not hyperbole. The so called GOP platform is an example of overwrought reactions to a losing game for the Democrats.

    During the ’70s and ’80’s farm recession when many of my neighbors lost their homes, our banker said “they are behaving like cornered rats.” So are many on the left.

    Some of us saw this coming over a year and a half ago. That the Democratic leadership apparently failed to says something about them.


  173. So what Democrats need is to mature to the point that they don’t speak out about people like Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Schlessinger, George Bush, Dick Cheney, et al?

    Golly lolly, there just ain’t enough koolaid for that.


  174. Hi all –

    Let the free market work? That’s crazy talk…



  175. @ Paul from the UK.

    To witness the ugly ignorance emanating from these so-called patriots who say they want to reclaim their country is truly heartbreaking. If a nation as great as the U.S. were to actually fall into the hands of these nescient numbskulls, can you imagine the catastrophic consequences that would follow. It’s just too frightening to contemplate. Hopefully, there are Americans, like Helen, with brains, strength & convictions who will not let that happen.


  176. I love you two! <3


  177. Good to read this. I’m from the UK and am worried about the rise of the ignorant in the USA.
    These people are inventing excuses for their anger and feelings of vulnerability. In the long-term it can only damage your country.


  178. I love you :P You said everything that i couldn’t put into words.


  179. sorry, but i think helen is full of crap


  180. Greytdog –

    “GOP Platform: Defund the govt & shut it down. Repeal ACA, Financial Reform, Lily Ledbetter/Equal pay, and of course, impeach Obama.”

    Hmmm….forgive my scepticism, but that doesn’t sound authentic. Can you cite your source?


  181. Helen, you are so great! Thanks,

    Alaska Pi – I am back in town and settling in.


  182. Preach it.


  183. craig, that’s no democrat. Sheesh! :roll:

    I knew I didn’t like those yellow “support the troops” ribbons for some reason. Now I know why. Let Justice reign soon, I pray.



  184. oh horsepunky Craig…
    that’s no Democrat
    and you’re starting to get wierd about cahones…
    The quasi religious “consumed their soul” silliness stinks… like in repent-sinners-while-there-is=still-time stuff the tea bag wasters are spouting up here while they march with their guns…
    The straying thing presumes a right road…
    The tension between what the right and left say has held us semi-steady for over 200 years… it’s the goofballs on the far right who are pulling the whole caravan off kilter…
    I’m staying the same old middle course I have for a bazillion years… goofs like that make it out like I’m about to hit the ditch on the left.
    From where I stand that ditch is still as far away as it always has been…


  185. […] wise words to inspire. not sure about the authenticity of it all but it is sure a good analogy. […]


  186. Now “serr8d” has an attitude I can agree with.
    That’s finally a democrat with cahones.


  187. You’re old and set in your ways, sorry about that. A lot of good people were Democrats; now many of those realize how far-left that party has drifted, and changed accordingly. You’re likely one of those who hasn’t.

    Maybe you’ll live long enough to see me proved correct. Maybe I’ll live long enough to see Democrats take their party back from what’s consumed their soul.

    God bless.

    (And remember, if you are out here with comments and blog posts as hateful as you’ve put out today, next time I won’t be so nice and easy on you, you ghastly gasbag witches~! ;D


  188. Love love love this blog


  189. :mad: Rigged elections exposed (Part 1)
    :evil: Rigged elections exposed (part 2)


  190. God Bless You, Margaret & Helen.

    I love both of you dear, sweet ladies. You remind me so much of mother and grandmothers who were not afraid to speak their minds or call a spade a spade.


  191. Oh Delurker in your dreams.


  192. GOP Platform: Defund the govt & shut it down. Repeal ACA, Financial Reform, Lily Ledbetter/Equal pay, and of course, impeach Obama.


  193. DoverSoul –

    “A political scientist by the name of Laurence Britt studied the regimes of Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet, Franco and Suharto and found that they share certain characteristics:

    1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism.

    &c, &c

    Sounds just like the GOP platform to me.”

    If that’s their platform, it sure is scary.

    I haven’t been keeping up, I’m afraid. Exactly what *is* the GOP platform?



  194. try this:





  195. Saw this over at The Mudflats and it was just too good not to re-post.

    “A political scientist by the name of Laurence Britt studied the regimes of Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet, Franco and Suharto and found that they share certain characteristics:

    1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism.
    2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights.
    3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause.
    4. Supremacy of the Military.
    5. Unapologetic Sexism.
    6. Controlled Media Message or Outlets.
    7. Obsession with National Security.
    8. Religion and Government are Intertwined or Indistinguishable.
    9. Corporate Power is Protected.
    10. Labor Power is Suppressed or Eliminated.
    11. Disdain for Education, Intellectuals and the Arts.
    12. Obsession with Crime and Punishment
    13. Rampant Cronyism and Blatant Corruption.
    14. Fraudulent or Suspicious Elections…”

    Sounds just like the GOP platform to me.

    Read more of this excellent article and great comments:



  196. A political fight and I’m not in it.

    I don’t know how to act.


  197. Thanks, Helen, for speaking truth. I’ve written to my congressperson that I will ACTIVELY work against any congressperson (her included) who does NOT stand up to that ghoul Alan Simpson and others who want to “fix” the deficit by reneging on what’s owed in Social Security, Veterans’ benefits and so forth. Shame on the ‘catfood commission’ and shame on Obamarhama. Keep speaking out, Helen!


  198. Many, many thanks to Colorado Blue for the info and DoverSoul for the link. I started getting REALLY scared after the first couple of paragraphs. Always find the articles in the “New Yorker” to be very well written and researched. Still keep a bookmark for the article by Seymour Hersh “Iran: the Next Act” from Nov 2006.

    Probably the first person who should read the article about the Koch brothers is James. He says he’s a TB. After he read the article, I would want to ask him, as well as any other TBs, “Aren’t you tired of being manipulated?”

    Sure, they’re just the biggest manipulators, followed in lock step by Rupert Murdoch, followed by Glen Beck. And if you’re really OK with being manipulated, you should at least know that’s whats happening and admit it freely to yourself.
    And then don’t take the rest of us down with you. I’m not ready to get rid of the benefits of living in the most powerful country until the next one becomes more powerful.


  199. Jeremy sounds like Craig.


  200. Helen you are always right on!! Did anyone read the article in the NY Times Magazine re: Murdock and his papers in England? We should be demanding that FOX NEWS explain their lies and innuendos. Why are they even ALLOWED to say they are news? Aren’t there any laws about lying as a NEWS station??
    How do we get the American Voters to understand that if they don’t vote or allow the Nut Cases to win, we will be in worse trouble then when Bush was President. President Obama hasn’t been perfect by any means, but he was left with an enormous mess that can’t be fixed in a year or two. I believe the election in November is MORE IMPORTANT than the one in 2008! We have to get the Vote out, and not let the TeaBaggers and their cronies come to Congress or we will see a Depression that will make 1929 look like a celebration!


  201. Jeremy, your buddies keep stuffing their pockets with dough, making big bucks while your zombie contractors you love and set up are abusing our boys over there and hurting the rest of us over here. Your free market and arrogance are taking this country down, yet all you can do is make racist rants. Come out from under that whaite sheet and see how naked you really are.


  202. Billions spent…Economy in dumps
    Health Care passed..Where’s the beef?
    Out of Iraq..into the frying pan.

    Two years and counting.
    I can only imagine what boy wonder will say next from oval office.

    At least pin his ears back so they don’t look to large in front of that dark window. Maybe a profile shot would be better out of the side of his mouth


  203. “videos like this”


  204. DoverSoul on September 5, 2010 at 1:40 PM

    If anyone thinks of not voting after watching videos like this should be sent to a mental institution. Just keep in mind that the folks who show up in videos like are more apt to vote. Do you really want these vidiots to set policies for the rest of us? I think not.


  205. You nailed it Colorado Blue, thanks. Here’s the link:


    This YouTube is 8 minutes of jaw dropping stupidity and insanity:

    All I can muster is OMG & WTF!


  206. Just found this blog….on Reddit…Margaret and Helen are rockin’ it out! Keep it up, we need more sharp-minded seniors like you two, and, if I may say, me.


  207. Whirled Peas, so good to see you back. We missed you.


  208. Great post! I enjoyed every word of it.


  209. If the Koch brothers prevail, we ALL lose. Thanks to the ruling by the very corrupt 5 REPUBLICAN APPOINTEES to the Supreme court, these Koch brothers, evil personified, will be able to purchase as many teabagging Republican candidates as they want.

    If you are one of the 99.9% of Americans, you had better be careful what you wish for. Get a clue middle class Republicans. They despise you, think you are stupid and know that you listen 24/7 to their messengers of hate and fear, The Drugster, the idiot Palin, the moron Beck and believe every word.

    All of this flag waving and giddiness about the upcoming Nov elections is going to stab you right where the sun doesn’t shine.
    No taxes??? It doesn’t mean for you, it means for the top1/10th of 1%.
    Do you have any idea what you pay taxes for? Are you willing to have a fireman come to your door and ask you for $20,000 before they can afford to keep your house from burning down? How about a shootout at the OK corral in your neighborhood because we can’t afford to pay policemen, how about more bridges falling down during rush hour like the one in the Twin Cities on I-35 ?

    Read the article in The New Yorker about these vile Koch Brothers………it is long and the Republican party doesn’t think you are smart enought to read and understand the truth. Prove them wrong.



  210. OK ..James and azgrandma

    You have to include Rod McKuen if your going to start talking music with poignant lyrics and stories.


  211. claire said:
    “However, not voting really does make them win. And I could not live with myself if I just let that happen.”
    Go claire!
    We have just had a primary here in which the tea -bag-wasters did win because fewer than 30% of voters got out and did their part of the job …

    We’ll see what happens in November.
    I’m hoping all the folks who are shocked right now get themselves to the polls then and we get our good and decent alternative to the tea-bag-waster elected.
    The Tea Party Express threw around hundreds of thousands of dollars in favor of their candidate (which is worth quite a bit more in the ad market here) but has now moved on to mess with other folks’ primaries…
    Helen is spot on that we give power to a loud, fractious minority if we don’t get out and vote for the best on offer.
    Sometimes the best is not-so-hot but it’s a far-sight better than hiring the fruitloop deconstructionists of the tea parties…
    who are being bankrolled far too often by big business who want to see us move closer to being a corporatocracy…
    Go claire!!!!!!!!!!!!


  212. Whirled Peas! Raji! Palinshutup! Good to see you back here!


  213. Hi Whirled Peas,
    Thanks for the link. We’ve spread it around Facebook.


  214. Thanks Poolman for reviving our memories and also azgrandma. It is fun to be replay gold old music. Johnathan Edwards had a Rush-Glenn, like talk show on the BBC when my wife and I lived in England. His announcer often teased him with “Here is a long list of Johnathan’s greatest HIT.”

    What do you think of the Kingston Trio or the We Five?


  215. Helen, you are my hero!


  216. OOOh poolman! I remember me some Larry Norman lyrics! “This world is not my home…..I’m just passin’ thro’……..”

    What a blast from the past!! ’80/’81 for me. B. C (before children)!

    I just love being reminded of music I haven’t thought about literally in decades!!!! Thanks poolman and James!

    Early morning coming, early to bed. God’s blessings on your dreams! Peace ya’ll grin:


  217. One of my favorites from the 80’s. Very apropos in today’s world. Will we ever learn?

    “The Great American Novel”


  218. Sadly, I too, have been considering not voting. And I went all out for Obama…..calling all over the country on my own dime to get the vote out for him.

    But, I have been so disappointed lately with the tremendous volley of hate and fear-mongering from those Teabaggers and Republicans that appears go by unchallenged. More than that is the amount of “believers” among my own family, both young and old.

    However, not voting really does make them win. And I could not live with myself if I just let that happen. If they get voted in fairly, I will learn to live with it……but if I do nothing……that is something I could not accept in myself.


  219. I love you Helen! Thank you so so much for saying exactly how so many of us feel.


  220. I love how you cut through the BS and make clear what is really important. It is such a relief to read something intelligent and factual. Please, keep ‘em coming!


  221. Ellen, I just found you out but I already love you! :)


  222. Oh so good to “see” you again ‘bruddah peas’, as Auntie Jean sez! I’ve missed your posts!

    Ahhh James! Sunshine go away today don’t feel much like dancin’…………….I had that album when I was 17!

    Busy today…blessed day to you all! Even you, whatevia!

    Peace ya’ll :grin:


  223. W hate via, yoo dabom baby.
    Wot evah yoo sey, itzo kay bi* me.

    *te hee

    Ah luvs som moony lofo sho nuff.


  224. Whatevia get a dictionary…then come back.


  225. love you xxoo


  226. love you xxoo really really love you


  227. Poo man, you a tinfoil hat black helicopter psych ward loony mofo, fo sho.


  228. I couldn’t have said this better…You ladies rock!!! Keep up the good work!! :)


  229. that is so perfect. so great.


  230. Well, glad to see the time off hasn’t dulled your biting comments!
    Wonderful assessment of the events…and I can’t agree more about Beck & Palin, the Pied Pipers of the Morons of America!


  231. ” Some man’s gone, he’s tried to run my life
    He don’t know what he’s askin’.

    And he tells me I’d better get in line
    I can’t hear what he’s sayin’.
    I grow up I’m gonna make it mine
    Or these ain’t dues I’ve been payin

    How much does it cost, I’ll buy it
    But time is all we’ve lost, I’ll try it.
    He can’t even run his own mind
    I’ll be damned if he runs mine.”

    Jonathon Edwards


  232. John Prine-Flag Decal

    “But your flag decal won’t get you
    Into Heaven any more.
    We’re already overcrowded
    From your dirty little war.
    Now Jesus don’t like killin’
    No matter what the reason’s for,
    And your flag decal won’t get you
    Into Heaven any more.”


  233. My fever broke a week ago this afternoon, and the hallucinations ended. I vaguely remember thinking it would be a good way to die.

    Losing the fever was sad in a way. I was a teenager again and there my future wife was, in the back seat of my friend’s car with four other girls. It was love at first sight. I attended our wedding again. It was as vivid as being there the first time.

    I taught both of our children to drive machinery, trucks, and cars. Our son ferried seed and other supplies to the field when he was ten. Both drove tractors in the field, but I never trusted them with the combine.


  234. :cool: Good to “see” you back WP!

    Glenn Beck had a dream. :wink:

    W hate via, you a baby hippo.


  235. Yeah, don’t you be thinking all Muslims act like the ones that want to kill your children. And how about those Christians! They all hate gays!

    You a hypocrite baby.


  236. Another great post Helen. Nice to see you back on point!

    Here’s what needs to get done:

    Restore Truthiness to America!
    When: 10/10/10
    Where: Everywhere, USA
    Why: America, we are at a crossroad.

    Truthiness in this nation is at an all-time low since the inception of the concept was founded by the great American, Stephen Colbert. In its rich history over the past five years, Truthiness has become synonymous with American values such as freedom, honor, and Taco Bell. Recently our nation has suffered a truthiness drain. In fact, untruthiness is as common as measles vaccinations that cause cancer. We as a nation have stopped relying on our emotions and gut. We need to get back to what makes this nation great. Act on impulse not fact. Stop wasting time analyzing and just take what people say on face value. Why think when someone else can think for you. It’s superficial. It’s quick. It’s American. Restore Truthiness now!

    Δ ~ PEACE


  237. Good morning! Make sure you have a lid on that coffee, vgman!

    I taught both my daughters to drive at the age of 16. Their mom didn’t have the kind of patience and fortitude for such. They learned in my 84 Ford F150 work truck with a standard transmission.

    I figured if they could learn to drive that, anything else would be cake. It was a good, albeit sh_u_t_t_tt__er_r_i_n_n_g_g experience! :grin:


  238. Taught my girlfriend – later wife – to drive when I was in college.

    I must have done a good job; upon getting her license, she went out and immediately nailed a city police car.


  239. Good morning, all!
    Today, I have the pleasure of teaching a high school senior how to parallel park. Never fear!
    (I taught driver’s ed for over 10 years back in the last millenium)
    But the special thing about this young lady is that she was my student for two years back in 2004/2006…..and her mother is my colleague at school.
    I’ll be careful with my hot coffee….with sudden braking and all……

    Have a good day everyone!


  240. Amen, sistah! Give ‘em hell!


  241. A voice of sanity in a sea of inanity. Thank you Margaret and Helen from across the pond in Oz.


  242. One more quick thing…I have a skunk story I’ll share soon, James! Night all!


  243. The cookies are yummy vgman! Have a wonderful year with your kiddos! May you reveal treasures for them!

    I’ll check out bunnie bytes Mikat, thanks! Hey Wendy!

    Thankyou James! I’m so glad you’re feelin’ better!

    Gotta short nap so I’ll stay up and read tonight….no place important to get to in the morning! Boy toy is a night owl anyway!

    God’s blessings to you all….Peace ya’ll :smile:


  244. O my….your blog just made my day!

    I’ll be chuckling about your words for days to come.


  245. My first time here, and I almost lost my ‘cookies’ laughing! Helen, you are a no-nonsense TREASURE of WIT and WISDOM in a lusty-voiced package! I have simply fallen in love, and as a professional caregiver, I volunteer my services if you ever need them, just to be able to watch ‘those pearls’ drop from your razor-sharp brain to the PAGE!


  246. Great to read your post. Snowy suggested we look you up. Lots of us displaced Voxers are heading over here to wordpress.


  247. I watched a car head toward a woman on an icy street when brakes couldn’t stop it. The woman froze and the car hit her without doing much damage.

    Her expression resembled Jan Brewer’s.


  248. Ah come on, no one’s puppet, give her a break! It WAS written on her hand, but she forgot to wear her glasses….

    …it was a blur. Afterall, it is only her second semester at PIGGME*, what more would you expect? She had the bumpit,
    the shoes,
    and the power suit.
    She even kept her lone talking point.

    I think our education system needs a little help…

    *The Palin Institute of Governor and Grizzly Mom Etiquette :grin:


  249. Poolman, don’t know why this occur to me sooner, but can’t poor Jan Brewer afford a pen, to write on her hand?


  250. Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!

    Good lyrics from John Denver.

    It’s been an interesting last few weeks trying to keep up with the news out here on the porch and
    back in the kitchen. Makes me think we have conversations in more than one place and there’s more to come!

    Perhaps this community of Helen and Margaret could use some home improvement. A bathroom?
    Just kidding.

    It’s been so energizing to read the interesting links and articles you post!

    Well, the kiddos are ready at the door to start up school again! Today, I was doing final preparations in my classroom and a parent walked in with her son. This boy couldn’t wait until the first day of school (next Tuesday) to tell me that his interests were computers and politics. I pointed him towards the row of Classroom Presidential Portraits and told him,
    “If you work hard, it might be your picture up here next to last year’s president.”
    He was beaming!

    He made my day.

    Now, it’s out for some fun with friends this evening. Everyone enjoy the plate of cookies I placed out. They’re oatmeal and raisin.

    P.S. Poor Jan Brewer.

    Yes, we can!


  251. I forgot to write, I’m sorry Skylar died.


  252. azgrandma, we adopted a wild skunk and named him Albert. He ate with our cats and was comfortable standing within a foot of us. I never tried to pet him.

    He scared the neighbors if he left the garage when we were visiting outside. We had him for about four years.

    Then, a stray rotwieller- cross dog showed up. She had learned to live off the land and killed anything she could catch. Albert wisely left.


  253. Where did the 87,000 count come from? Is it Lawrence O’Donald’s saying 87,000 tourists wander about the grounds on a given afternoon?

    For every demonstrator who showed up, scores at home support him/her. It and similar demonstrations exert a powerful psychological effect on both sides, though actual feet on the ground represent a tiny percentage of the total population. That is why Ed Shultz and others boasted they could field bigger crowds than Beck.

    This is more than a political or religious demonstration. I think Glen Beck is trying to transcend politics. I believe he is trying to change our national culture into his image. I don’t think he can unless we move into Wiemar Republican conditions, and that seems unlikely.

    If I thought they were qualified, and it was evident Palin believed in appocalypsian theology or Obama black liberation theology, it would not stop me from voting for them as long as their past behavior demonstrated no religious influence in their political decisions.


  254. First of all – I’m glad you’re well Helen. We have missed your solid dose of common sense.

    Seriously though – if you do decide not to write anymore, just let us know. We just worry.

    And to AZ and Mikat – bunnies are awesome! *thump*


  255. Hey AZ, You are in luck. My sister in law runs a business out of my gargage called “Bunny bytes”. She sells Rabbit food, toys, meds and other stuff for rabbits, ferretts and other assorted “rodents”.
    Just google bunny bytes. she gives good deals.
    We too have a bunny and several ferrel cats I have “tamed”. Too small a house for many more 4 footed critters. They give soo much love!


  256. Thanks Mikat! Couldn’t imagine Not having animals in my life!!

    Been awhile since I had any dogs…I’ve got a rat, 5 birds that live outside on the back patio in a huge aviary, a 6 yo cottontail rabbit, the hubby brought home. No bigger than a cottonball that one when he handed her to me! We call her “Raggit”. That’s what my eldest daughter used to call rabbits when she was 3! I’ve got a “rex” domestic bunny that is 6 yo. too! Used to have a boa constrictor….gave spike to my brother when he got big enough to eat my cats!!

    Almost time to go get the wild injuns from school….that’ll keep me busy for quite awhile and get me a little further down the road to feeling better.

    This too shall pass…and I will ALWAYS smile when I remember that kitten born in my daughter’s closet, along with 3 other litter mates back at the beginning of the summer ’98. She was almost the carbon copy of a beloved cat we had had back in TX. So we kept her!

    Peace ya’ll :smile:


  257. AZ Grandma,
    As a fellow cat lover I send my deepest sympathy at the loss of your precious fur baby. I am a HUGE Animal lover. It has been 5 years since I lost one of the most loving cats I have ever had and I still am not over it! I have 3 beautiful cats that I adore and one in particular that is a total love bug, They help me deal with “life” everyday. Lots of puppies too!


  258. Sad day for me. Don’t feel very fat and sassy right now. Had to put down the old gal this morning. (12 yo cat). RIP Skylar, I’ll miss you terribly! No more making cat food for the toothless wonder…coaxing her to eat and listening to one of the loudest purrs of all the cats I have, or have had! Oh, how my heart aches….the 3 I still have are looking for her!

    I explained some of my back-story over in the kitchen as to how I came to be registered as a repub, way back when I had a toddler, and a babe at breast. I was young and naive and oh so desperately wanting to be accepted at the church I became involved with. I really was told by leadership I couldn’t be a good christian if I was registered as a dem, (which I was at the time).

    I had a desire to work with kids, which required I be a part of the “ministry team”. No such thing as a dem in ANY leadership position….no matter how innocuous.

    For ANY election, no matter how small or big deal, it was ALWAYS spoken about from the pulpit. Not the head pastor doing the ‘splainin'”, but different associate pastors. Never would hear candidates names, but there was no doubt who they meant…..and if you were so dense as to not get the inference, there was the handy, dandy voter’s guide under your windshield wiper after the service was over, to take to the polls. It clearly said who you were expected to vote for to keep their agenda rolling. I was always thinking how can they get away with this???????

    And then, the day came where oliver north was at our church on a tour to raise money for his defense. The congregation I was a part of gave him a standing ovation at the end of his exhortation of how he did NO WRONG! Was being persecuted by the enemies of ‘merica!!!! And that he was helping to further the cause of Christ!

    My eyes were opened that day and I lost all respect for our ministerial team. I was revolted that his actions were wrapped in the flag and had that cross stuck in it. All I could think of was how great the disconnect was with what our “Leader” (JC, Himself) had to say in the book of Matthew….you know the little blurb….Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the Sons of God…..matt. 5:9, with the actions I was actually witnessing!

    Anyway, so I changed my registration to fit in, tho’ my heart resented their intrusion into something I felt was ONLY MY BUSINESS. I just didn’t have the moxy to stand up to them and say, “no, I will not”, at that time in my life. “Actually isn’t your business!” That came later. My complete break with the repub’s happened right after 9/11 when it became obvious to me what was happening in America. And seeing where the state of AZ was heading.

    The RR is fascist. I walked among them for years, unfortunately. I just refused to hate those they said I should hate. Jesus did say that those who truly followed Him would be known for their love of one another and also for those outside the faith! That’s where I choose to keep myself today at this stage in my life! I’ve embraced the fact I am a Sojourners type of christian despite continuing to call myself a Jesus freak hippy! I’m that too! :smile:

    I’m just ready for other followers of Christ to stand up and call BS!!!!!!!! There just don’t seem to be too many of us at this juncture. What happened with using your God given brain to think things through for yourself?!? Big sigh……………………….

    Peace ya’ll :wink: (guess I need to change my avatar to a pig!)


  259. LOL LOL poolman..well ok then… shows what I know!

    Everyone have a safe and FUN weekend.. I’m off to hoot on my favorite college team to victory, and I might just tailgate a bit too.

    Go green.. ;-)

    btw where is auntie jean?


  260. Amen.
    Nice to stop by and see you posting again, it was missed.


  261. You go Ladies…..if every politician would think
    about the country instead of their egos,we might
    get somewhere..Living in Arizona with McCain and
    Kyl is a real challenge..They do nothing for the state or our country…McCain only thinks about
    going against Obama on everthing..He is an idiot.
    The politions in office should come together,forget
    whether they are Dems or Reps and thing about the country..As far as Fox news is concerned,it should be taken off the air…..


  262. You rock!


  263. Sorry Lori, I love you too, but I am VERY anti-government. But if you find a way to keep man from robbing from his fellow man and following the golden rule without government, I’m all ears.


  264. NOP you’re right there is a long history of parties morphing. Many internal power struggles (on both sides ) over the centuries.

    I’m just tickled pink it’s the the “other side” in a pickle for once! LOL I am going to pop some popcorn and watch the show!

    Poolman, I luv ya but honey, but you ain’t no libertarian. (imho) You want way too much government involvement in it’s citizen’s life. But I do agree you are liberal/progressive, which as I mentioned above, is close.


  265. I am sooo glad that you are back!! We missed you (I know redundant)..and we need you to keep us thinking! :-)


  266. ellen, you are right regarding the Diebold machines. I think we need a paper trail for accountability. I would almost like to see us do away with a secretive ballot, though that causes different challenges and invokes other pressures requiring us to be more transparent in our lives.

    Anyone who hasn’t researched Michael Connell, should. When the data is merely virtual, it can easily be MANipulated. If it can – it will.

    Term limits. Paper ballots. Publicly funded campaigns.

    We have allowed public service to become a career field, which was never the original intent. Even George Washington recognized the desire for us to want a king, and he sought to change that. Just because we have made government complex and cumbersome, doesn’t mean we need to keep “experienced” politicians in office because they know how to “work the system” to get things done. We should not all need to be lawyers to understand, interpret, or govern. The “system” needs to get back to what it was intended. We do NO GOOD by merely supporting the status quo. It isn’t working for us.

    We have elected the best president that I can recall. Yet his efforts are stymied because of the “system” we have allowed those “public servants” of the past and present to create.

    Off with their heads, I say! Integrity trumps experience for public service, in my book. Corporations have NO place in government, people do. Fire the corporate shills!

    I, too, lean toward the Libertarian viewpoint, albeit not with total deregulation of industry as most in that camp attest.


  267. Isn’t nice to have a conversation, instead of a diatribe? It is rather interesting to hear why a person choose to register as an Independent after years as Republican or even a Democrat. Most of us do start out in the party of our parents, but the times and the ideology fluctuate over time, and we should all be willing to reevaluate the parties occasionally. I watched the GOP welcome the religious right on board, I’m sure the Party of Lincoln had no idea at the time where that would take them. This past year, I watched the Democrats compromise with blue dogs and I think they better be careful, lest they water down what the Party stands for, if they don’t, I’ll go Independent too.


  268. Pfesser: Well the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen by hacking the numbers – 2000 in Florida (where I live) via Diebold Machines (Mr. Diebold is a huge Rep supporter) and 2004 in Ohio! To me that’s all the proof that’s necessary!

    Have a great weekend y’all!


  269. When did the Rethuglians go “wrong”? Was it the RR/religious right’s influence or perhaps, IMHO, RR- Ronald Reagan. He began the cult of me vs. us and fiscally raised our debt in a way Democrats never did/have. There’s a much longer list of misdeeds by RR but he was no fiscal “conservative” and if you think he was a moderate Rethug, that’s highly debatable.
    Oops, I think I’m going against my vow of scrolling past the trolls/bloviators.


  270. lori –

    “You have’t said much about your personal political views”

    I am really hogging the blog, with frequent and long posts, so I’ll try to wrap it up ASAP.

    By family tradition I generally voted Republican until 1992, but was never entirely happy. Two of my nephews who were very politically astute asked me about it, and after about five minutes they said, “You’re Libertarian.” After some reading I decided that was a much better fit for me.

    Of course the Libertarians can’t win dog catcher, so most of the time the Republicans were about 55/45% my favorites – until Clinton’s presidency. I became thoroughly disgusted with the way the Republicans squandered their majority by focusing on things like Terry Schiavo and BJ’s – trying to consolidate power rather than doing the Right Thing. I saw in them the fascist leanings of a theocracy and it made me want to vomit.

    Since that time, my votes have been about 70% Democrat, 25% ReBiblican, 5% Libertarian.

    Best explanation I can do in such a small space.


  271. Just want to say, I like the substantive quality of this discussion.


  272. Jim,

    Of course my 2 paragraphs were strokes of a broad brush. I didn’t think I had to stipulate that. LOL

    You have your paradigms I have mine.

    You ask how I know? Years of experience and study.

    You have’t said much about your personal political views, except a few talking points, so of course I can’t get specific. But what you have said .. confirm my thinking of Independents. you left the GOP because the RR hijacked your party, however you still identify with much of their platform.

    I guess we will have to agree to disagree.



  273. Fox News: We report, you decide.

    Well, I’ve decided they are a bunch of idiots and morons – every single one of them, including pretty boy Sean, who seems infatuated with Palin.


  274. “The reality, when you send a bunch of freshman to DC is the MOST rich and powerful lobby’s have their way.”

    I have to say that’s a novel take on it. Most folks see it the other way ’round, with those who have had years to cozy up to the lobbyists and get their money pipelines established being most beholden.

    “There are very few informed voters that are “Independents”.”

    How do you know that? I think you are wrong there. My experience is that they are much *more* informed, not drinking either party’s Kool-Aid.

    “Most people who vote on a regular basis, have leanings to one party or another but just don’t like to identify, or have become disenchanted with their “party’s ID, usually based on one issue (for example…. abortion).”

    Sometimes true, sometimes not…oftentimes it is *many* issues. (I can think of four right off the bat that alienated me from the ReBiblicans.)

    “At this point in time most “Independents” are right leaning. The GOP registration has taken a huge hit in the last 5 years, the ones that left the party claim “Independent” but in reality identify most with the GOP platform.”

    Again, sometimes true, but I don’t think you can generalize so broadly. The exception is the rule, I think – me, for example. To say I am f**ing furious with the Republicans is to seriously understate the case, and it may be a long time before I vote for a Republican. Right now I can’t think of more than one thing in their platform with which I agree, and because of some of the loony homeschoolers, I’m even wavering on that (vouchers).

    “The political spectrum is not a straight line but an arch. The extreme left and the extreme right are not that far apart on many principals, ironically “Independents” usually fall in the middle of their side not in the middle of the political spectrum.”

    Not to beat it to death, but I really don’t think you can generalize like that. Clearly you are on one side of the argument, others on the other. I am squarely Independent, and I bet I know a lot more Independents than you do, and they are not a monolith. If *I* may generalize, the only commonality I have found among my Independent acquaintances is a thoroughgoing disgust with *both* parties.


  275. JIm, I am not over thinking “throw the bums out”. It is reality. The reality, when you send a bunch of freshman to DC is the MOST rich and powerful lobby’s have their way. The reality is the beltway gets worse not better when that happens. (that is one reason why I am against term limits) Even more special interests money pours in. The freshman lap it up like fresh mother’s milk. They have to if they want to keep their seat (especially in the House).

    The reality is freshman have no power and believe me the special interests fill that vacuum.

    That is why (well one of the reasons) the two parties are always reluctant to primary their candidates.

    HOWEVER, if you feel you want to change direction in DC and you don’t feel your voice is being heard, the primary is the place to look for that change. If the incumbent is being primaried, he is most likely not reflecting the voices of the people who sent him/her there and have the backing of their party. Open elections are sort of a different animal.

    I want to address the Independent voter as well. There are very few informed voters that are “Independents”. Most people who vote on a regular basis, have leanings to one party or another but just don’t like to identify, or have become disenchanted with their “party’s ID, usually based on one issue (for example…. abortion). At this point in time most “Independents” are right leaning. The GOP registration has taken a huge hit in the last 5 years, the ones that left the party claim “Independent” but in reality identify most with the GOP platform. The political spectrum is not a straight line but an arch. The extreme left and the extreme right are not that far apart on many principals, ironically “Independents” usually fall in the middle of their side not in the middle of the political spectrum.


  276. 1953, not 1963


  277. Hi all –

    Wanna see what Bush’s wars have cost?


    I cannot help but think of Eisenhower’s 1953 quote: I apologise for its length.

    “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some fifty miles of concrete pavement. We pay for a single fighter plane with a half million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. This is, I repeat, the best way of life to be found on the road the world has been taking. This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron. […] Is there no other way the world may live?”

    Dwight David Eisenhower 16 April 1963


  278. Did I hear someone say Helen is running scared, that she has no new ideas from her side of the fence? Hey! Thats what I have often said about Beck, Palin, Boehner, Gingrich et al.! Imagine that!


  279. azgrandma –

    “Where have all the moderate repubs gone?? Why they are here with me and a lot of other folk in the ranks of independent-ville.”

    I tried to talk with my brothers before the last election, but they just couldn’t get it that someone in a family of lifelong Republicans could think of voting Democrat. I told them, “I have four words for you: malignant melanoma. President Palin.” I then discussed the liklihood that John McCain would finish a four year term and recounted Palin’s TV interviews.

    May have just as well talked about quantum physics.

    Although I have been Libertarian-leaning since 1992, having lived through that disastrous period called the Great Society, my sympathies lie with Republicans if I must choose between the two parties. It is so sad to watch the GOP be taken over by the hoopies. Sensible people like Christine Todd Whitman are trying to get the Party straightened out, but as she said in a response to my fan letter in 1990, “they won’t listen to me.”

    There is a quote about how the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. I won’t do “nothing.” I and many other independent voters – potential *Republican* voters – have made it very clear: as long as the ReBiblicans stay on the current path we will vote Democrat.

    They just won’t listen to me.


  280. Craig rhymes with dreg — at least it does the way I pronounce it. :D …and there you have it: my grand contribution of the day! It was an exercise in practice of the Palin/Beck state of mind.


  281. Being here in the state capital of AZ the attitudes are very similar I’ve found! It’s outside the valley of the sun that folks are more blue and purple.

    After having lived in El Paso from ’71 to ’76 I fell in love with the culture and the people! I was a Guedita (phonetically, way de ta, a soft d)! That’s what my friends called me. Roughly translated it means little white girl! My blond hair really stood out there! Very few of their parent’s spoke english. I learned how to speak texmex quite fluently! Along with how to make tamales, enchiladas, enchilada sauce from scratch, sopapillas( double L = Y), corn and flour tortillas, empanadas, caldio, refritos(refried beans!)

    The experience was wonderful for me having been isolated as a child so that I never saw folks of ANY color. I loved walking across the downtown bridge and going to Fred’s to eat chicken and avocado sandwhiches on bolillo rolls and shoot suiza gold! When I still lived at home, my stepdad would take us across to experience the Decor. They blew glass there and had a fabulous restaurant!

    Fast forward to today, with all the hysteria over brown skin….well having 2 precious grandsons of hispanic/native blood I deeply resent sb1070! The politicians riding and beating this beast have effectively painted a target on the back of their daddy and them IMO! When you have the time to read, just google Phoenix New Times and search their archive for how the sheriff runs his sweeps! Even the local paper has turned from a Joe supporter to calling for his ouster!

    Enough of a rant tonight! :roll: haha got it right that time! Need to brush my teeth and put this ol’ granny to bed. 5am comes early!
    Sweet dreams all! Hey Tine! It was good to “see” you! Hope you and yours are fine!

    Peace ya’ll! :grin:


  282. HA! You’re on, Craig!

    Seems Pickens Corner was named after one of my relatives. A General Pickens who fought in the Revolutionary War. That’s as far back as anyone has taken my moma’s family. I am distantly related to Slim Pickens and T. Boone! I’m pretty proud of them.

    Different story on my daddy’s side. I’ve got a pedigree as long as I am tall! I have it rolled up in my closet! Literally!

    Bonney Prince Charlie is in my resume. Whenever I would talk to my daddy, (which wasn’t often), he’d always end our conversation with “Hold yer head up girl! You got blue blood runnin’ in yer veins!” He passed in March of ’08. I have enough ‘royal’ blood in me I could actually petition the British Monarchy for my coat of arms and obscure title! Just no family wealth or lands left anymore! Don’t know anything about my paternal grandma. She was of French stock out of N’awlins!

    Hey pfesser….you’ve made a couple references to Culloden. As I understand it, I’m related to some of the clans slaughtered there by the British. I too have strange reactions to celtic music! I just thought it was the Holy Spirit touching me with the beauty of the music!

    Delurker, I’m sure you’re right! I just spent 18 years on the high plains of Texas surrounded by those attitudes on EVERY side! Jesusfreak hippies aren’t very welcome by the funda’s! Living in that part of the country it’s hard to hear that moderate or opposing voice. Churchianity is the pastime! Good ol’ boy network in the flower of it’s power! That’s where I was told once upon a time that I couldn’t be registered as a Dem and be a good christian. That was in ’84 for the midterms. And I was burned pretty bad by churchy folks over the years, so I tend to shy away from those who mix their fundamentalism with their politics. I’m rather like pfesser in that I’m somewhat fiscally conservative, but socially very liberal.


  283. Absolutely on the mark…Really needed this today..


  284. Love your post. This needs to be said. You should read what I have to say at http://www.satireNow.com.

    Sarah Palin will never have to know you’ve visited.


  285. Right on Helen! Just wish we had a way of getting those millions to the polls otherwise the new Congress men/women will be Palinites for sure.
    Any suggestions?


  286. Thanks Helen. Love your comments. I will be voting no matter where I am. The right’s agenda is on track unfortunately. Let us get out and vote everyone!


  287. azgrandma,
    Hell we might be relatives.
    My family’s from N. Carolina.
    That’s western..north east of Asheville.

    See ya at the reunion and you can lay hands on me then.


  288. Holly! That book should be required reading before anyone is allowed to vote!

    Greytdog, you’re spot on about the 14th amendment!

    Yes Delurker! We ARE worse off than bachman’s constituents! Was that really the gov of my poor state!?!? Oh, guys….look at poolman’s link…..oh my. I’m thinking she maybe handed her cabeza on a platter to Terry Goddard! Now if we could get Russell Pearce to implode too. Nuttin’ like being a mormon white supremest!

    When I first moved out here to the valley in ’94, they were having a real BIG problem with a white supremest group over in the east valley. After they had severely beaten one too many hispanic and native american kids at various fast food dives, the authorities finally cracked down. Turns out all the Devil Dogs members were sons of lots of mormon families. Ooops! Some quite weel known. ‘Specially in the east valley.

    Bloods and crips in my part of the valley. Don’t have those problems in a big way anymore! Despite what you hear from right wingers out here, FBI statistics say we are safer now and have less crime in Phoenix. We are NOT the kidnapping capital in the states. :eye roll:

    Ahhhh…must go feed grand-indians! Seems their moma is doing her rollerderby thang tonight! GO BRAWLERINAS!!!!!!!!

    Peace ya’ll


  289. :grin: LOL…
    We “Brew” ‘em that way out here Jan no? :wink:


  290. Saw this today, you definitely have the worst speaker and perhaps liar, Poolman.


  291. Oh no one’s puppet…
    I think I have the looniest award winner! :wink:


  292. You ladies are the best! keep it coming!


  293. I just found your blog and I’m loving every minute of it.
    I’ve echoed some of the same sentiments only to be shouted down & threatened by the Right Wingers.

    Funny that all they have is BS and rhetoric and the facts are “Socialist Propaganda”. Yet so many people believe it anyway.


  294. What would He say to you?


  295. @ Debbie “hey you’re ruining my reputation, sit down and hush up?” LOL


  296. I wonder…if God really were to talk to Beck and Palin..what would he say?


  297. Thanks delurkergurl

    To the beckapaloozer bunch I say…

    How do you like them apples!


  298. This is the first time I have read your site, but we think in lock-step – I couldn’t agree with anything you said more if I said it myself! You are wonderful! If we all try and fight this madness, we can win. I heard this morning that Palin is on her way to Iowa! Go figure!


  299. Thanks for sharing that, Elizabeth2. It’s really good to hear that.


  300. In today’s LATimes

    “More than 29.2 million people watched President Obama’s address Tuesday from the Oval Office, in which he talked about the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq, the Nielsen Co. reported Wednesday. It was carried on 11 networks.

    That was more than twice the size of the average for the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, which was the highest rated program on television last week.”


  301. As a companion piece to the Sarah Palin Vanity Fair article, here have some scary on Glenn Beck. It’s slightly less creepy unless you keep the Palin piece in mind the whole time. Then it becomes downright terrifying. Enjoy!



  302. Awwww, azgrandma, I don’t think it’s true that all or even most Christians are like that. I think the obnoxious ones just make better TV. Christianity isn’t a problem. It’s churchianity, hypocrites and false prophets that give us a bad name.


  303. Wow!! That was weird! Computer automatically updated itself while I was typing…..and instead of ‘losing’ what was in the comment box, the damn thing posted what I was working on!!!!! Hadn’t had a chance to use the spell check or to proof read or nuttin’! LOL!

    As I was in the process of typing…”totally unaware that they are advocating their OWN FORM of ‘christian’ sharia law!”

    How long before they start draggin’ those gals found preggers out of wedlock, outside the ‘gates’ of the community, to stone them? And we ain’t talkin’ ’bout sharing blunts! Just like in the ME, I guarantee the ‘guys’ won’t be subject to the same discipline!

    And yes, pfessor, the right has a really stupid position in that they WON”T educate their girls and BOYS as to just how you get pregnant, or how to prevent getting that way!

    Where have all the moderate repubs gone?? Why they are here with me and a lot of other folk in the ranks of independent-ville.

    And Craig! Bless your heart! You know….you can be delivered from what ails ya! Why I would consider it an honor to pray for you, with the laying on of hands! :wink:

    God’s blessings on you all! Peace ya’ll


  304. Hear, hear, Helen!

    Not only will they show up for tractor pulls, but also monster truck rallies!!

    I’m with you on this Helen!

    Unfortunately, most of my mom’s side of the family worships at murdoch’s alter.

    Don’t know much about my daddy’s side…since my nuclear family became ‘broken’ at the end of 2nd grade for me. But I feel I’m safe to extrapolate based on the fact that Daddy’s side is from the deep south.

    Not only am I related to most of Mitchell and Nolan counties in TX, I’ve got relatives all over the Carolina’s,(‘specially around Charlston), and Jackson MS. I’m sure I had cousins at the beckerwood’s gathering. Don’t get me started on palin…

    As far as those who lap up EVERY tidbit that limbaugh, hanity, beck, palin, o’riley, et al spew….all I can say, and ALL I see, is, “As a dog returns to it’s vomit, so a fool repeats (or returns to) his folly.” proverbs 26:11 LB

    I too, being a very amateur historian, find myself just stunned THAT SO MANY ARE SO BLIND to the parallels going on here (in the good ol’ USA!), as with pre-nazi Germany. I’ve been watching that develop since right after 9/11. Those who can’t see it are just out of touch, or willfully blind. Which is worse IMHO.

    But when you consider what a piss poor education most folks have, and couple that with a complete lack of intellectual curiosity, and a distaste of reading…..ya get what we got.

    Seems to me, we as a people, are way more interested in who gets voted off the island, or whether we’re able to stream that latest porn on our ipads, what movies we have lined up in our netflix cue, just gotta get that latest music on our ipods, how we’re gonna make sure it’s our cube mate that gets the axe instead of us….ad infinitum. Quick!…I need the plop plop fizz fizz……………………………

    Yeah, pfessor…I’m very familiar with that quote from Gandhi! Find myself sick at heart when I look at all those who are part of the “body” of Christ….And KNOW what a bad name christians give Jesus here in the world today. I like the term ‘xians”!

    They really deep down have no idea what they are screaming for! Poor sheep, with hucksters and liars for shepherds. We’re sooooo “skeered” of them muslims…..aaauuuggghhhh sharia law…..aaaauuuugggghhhh!!!!!! Totally unaware that they are advacating


  305. Ellen –

    “However, our votes have become meaningless with the electronic voting machines which all go thru Windows PC and the numbers have been hacked for just about a decade, in my mind.”

    Yes. I really wonder about that myself. Trying to have any kind of security on a Windows machine is like putting a screen door on a submarine to keep the water out. My background is electrical engineering; there is a very fundamental difference between how Windows handles security (basically added on) and the way it is accomplished in Unix and Unix-like machines like the Mac (built into every file).

    In 2006 my office PC was invaded by a virus, which then invited 71 other viruses in. Had I not backed everything up on a Linux server, I would have lost everything. I now have two completely separate networks in my home and I absolutely refuse to allow a PC to be hooked up to my personal and business network. The kids use the other network for gaming, but they may never put one of their gaming machines on the other network on punishment by drowning in the pond. LOL.

    Under no circumstances would I allow voting on a Windows-based system if I were the comptroller general. My guess is the fraud has already happened, and on a grand scale. The stakes are too high for it to be otherwise.


  306. I voted for the Paramount. Happy to help. Good luck!


  307. Some people just don’t get the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE.

    And because Critical Thinking is being taught, not much Grammer, I bet students can no longer diagram sentences.


  308. poolman,
    Please tell me your not going down to the Discovery channel to protest.

    It’s unfortunate that young man in Silver Springs was not being treated for his mental disorder…rather than being loose on the street with his history.


  309. Hi Helen! I know you have come to the Paramount Theatre in Austin Texas before and still laugh about when Dame Edna pulled you up on stage – that was priceless. I thought I would share with you and all your followers that the beautiful historic Paramount is in the running to win a $25,000 grant if we get the most votes by September 15, 2010. We are in 3rd place and really think we can win. Everyone reading should take 5 seconds and vote http://www.austintheatre.org/thisplacematters – the National Trust for Historic Preservation is funding the contest. Go Paramount – a grand & sassy old lady just like you. :-)


  310. great article and thanks Helen!! ITA :)

    However, our votes have become meaningless with the electronic voting machines which all go thru Windows PC and the numbers have been hacked for just about a decade, in my mind.

    So, no, I am no longer voting either. But that’s just me today in my 60th decade and watching the BS for equally as long.


  311. delurker, lori –

    Don’t try to read too much into things. It’s really very simple: If those you elected do not represent your interests, it is incumbent upon you to vote them out and give someone else a shot at it. That of course may entail some unknown elements, which is the chance you take. Those you are tossing out of office have *had* their chance and you know FOR SURE they haven’t done what you wanted. Those you put in their place may or may not; hopefully you have a pretty good idea what they will do, but of course you thought that about the incumbent, too…you pays your money and you takes your shot.

    Don’t make it too complicated. The most important thing IMHO is to be willing to say, “I made a mistake” and try to correct it. Look at what people DO in office, not whether they are in your party or claim to be “conservative” or “liberal.” The politicians have all calculated that title very carefully, in order to get those who march lockstep to vote for them. Don’t be a dupe.

    Who are they scared of? The Independent Voter. ‘Cause he doesn’t care which party you are in. I like that…


  312. Well said, Helen.


  313. As far as Craig goes, in one sense, I am scared. Scared that there are enough crazy people out there to put some equally crazy people in positions of power. I really don’t want to have the Christian Taliban in power anymore than I would want the Muslim Taliban in power. Both are extremely dangerous, in my opinion. And that does scare me . . . that a large number of people might vote for exactly that. In all other aspects, these people’s ideas repulse me, but the thought of a bunch of them in power does scare the holy crap out of me.


  314. It is the mindless gathering of peoples channeling hate toward others and the continual dehumanizing of these “enemies” making them merelyobjects of war that is the issue here, Craig. That is the scary part. With the corporate support and powerful promotion of these “leaders” and their “movements” we see that their antics do attract followers who are disillusioned with our government and are willing to follow orders and believe anyone offering sympathy and “answers” to their fears. This makes the justification of inhumane acts and aggression acceptable to “save us” from those who are trying to steal from or harm us – whether real or imagined. It is all part of the plan to remove compassion from our consciences, leaving us less human. If we focus on an enemy rather than another human being, we can better achieve the goals our manipulators are trying to achieve.


  315. […] There are not many Margaret and Helen posts these days, but they are always a gem. Do go and have a laugh, and of course, hear the truth as only they can give it. […]


  316. Some Beckwood fears Helen’s influence! Good!


  317. Just when you thought it was safe…. another oil platform explodes in the Gulf. Not a good year for you people down there. And now that BP has added all these dispersants, it has exacerbated the problem and will affect many more people and life forms for a much longer time. It’s these crimes against humanity and nature that we need to hold the corporates accountable for. How many BP execs do you think will do time for this?


  318. MirrorMan
    “Helen, “running scared”..She first start out talikng about 100,000 people..Then,
    By commenting on a group of “87,000 assholes”,
    she actually gives them more credence than they should deserve. Then she follows it up one more time.

    If she were truly not afraid of them she would not even mention the gathering. But Helen is yelling fire.

    She does not refute their arguments. She just rants her usual plethora of smack about Beck or Palin. She had no new ideas in her latest posting.

    And what a lady she is that Helen, with her use of “peckerwoods”, “Shitheads”,”yahoos” and “angry assholes” begs the question as to why she had to post at all ? Talking about kettle and painting it black.

    After all in her first paragraph she says..
    “Margaret please tell Howard that 100,000 people will show up to a tractor pull if the entry fee is cheap enough.
    Big deal. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to ignore them and have some pie.”

    IN my estimation she had to post. She is running scared at the idea that Beck and Palin can draw a crowd such as they did and yet Helen on a good day might be able to fill a prayer tent.


  319. Helen, your posts are balm to my soul. If I were on meds, after reading just one of your delicious rants I’d throw away my crutches and pills and be HEALED! Thank you, thank you.


  320. Go Helen! Now I want some pie.


  321. Keep posting! Love it!


  322. Well if he didn’t mean he was going to vote for candidate x because he didn’t like candidate y I’m not sure what he meant. Maybe he can try again? Because that is precisely what I thought he meant.


  323. I doubt Jim meant vote in some nut job, if you don’t feel you’ve been represented; he just didn’t fill in the rest of his thought, because he thought it would be evident.


  324. Amen Sister! So glad you’re back and on a roll!


  325. Thanks for articulating what I’ve been feeling. you are a gem!!
    Greytdog – you are absolutely right on with your comments!


  326. opps sorry delurker, I didn’t see your post…

    You say it so much better!

    Soooo Jim, yes what delurker sezs! LOL


  327. Gee, Lori, we agree. Imagine that! ;)

    For those not familiar with the colloquial expression “cutting off your nose to spite your face”, here is one definition:

    “Cutting off the nose to spite the face” is an expression used to describe a needlessly self-destructive over-reaction to a problem: “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” is a warning against acting out of pique, or against pursuing revenge in a way that would damage oneself more than the source of one’s anger.”


  328. Jim, the time to do what you suggest in the primaries. Not the general.


  329. Jim, you said:

    “If you think they have done a good job and represented your interests, I suggest you vote for them. If not, the following people are running against them:”


    “It would seem to me that the general idea is to vote your conscience, and if a representative “represents” your views, then you vote to re-elect him. If he does not, then you vote him out.”

    You didn’t suggest in either case that you see if the opposing candidate does represent your interests. You’re saying vote the incumbent out if he has let you down. Period.

    If you vote against someone because they haven’t represented your interests to your liking, even though the other candidate wants the opposite of your interests, then you are cutting your nose off to spite your face.

    Same example: if Harry Reid has failed to delivered what I feel is important, it would make no sense to retaliate by voting against him (FOR Sharron Angle). That’d be stupid. And it’s just what you said people should do.

    In a primary, your advice might work. Not in an election where the interests being represented are completely opposed to each other.


  330. I feel that those who don’t vote (“because it doesn’t matter who wins, they’re all the same”) loose their right to bitch about the outcome.


  331. AMEN


  332. Spot on, again.

    Voting is our greatest privilege and if we as progressives choose to sit out the election in November then we deserve what happens.
    The Republican teabagging Beck-a-Bachma-limba-Palinista morons WILL get out and vote.

    Unlike the hate and fear mongers of rightwing radio and TV who blab the nutbag agenda from morning till night, our progressive talkers have not done us any favors in the last year. If there is apathy and progressives choose to stay away from the polls, the talkers are partially responsible. They rag on our President because he hasn’t gone far enough or things haven’t gotten done quickly enough.

    Please remember that it took 30 years to create this mess and we have a congress that is hampered at every turn because the Republicans filabuster or vote everything down……….along with 5 of our own Democratic senators……….we all know who they are.

    The mantra from now on has to be:


  333. WOW! I thought I was only one in the world with a copy of Hoffer’s book. I LOVE that book – i’m on my 4th copy of it now – it’s awesome.

    As for preWWII Germany, we are seeing similarities – a sense of uber exceptionalism, a sense of God’s favor as his Newly chosen people, a reworking and contorting of popular national mythologies, economic grievances being laid at the feet of “the other”, etc. . . The ONLY thing that distinguishes what we in the US are going through vs Weimar Germany is this – the Constitution of the United States. And yet, there are folks out there, folks in seats of power, who wish to amend, to dilute, the very safeguards in the Constitution that deny would be provocateurs the chance to overthrow our form of government.

    Let’s look at one issue: Amending the native-born provision in the 14th Amendment http://bit.ly/17IFlb
    Fearful folks see this clause as the source for “anchor babies, terror babies” and would like to do away with it. Extrapolating from the brouhaha surrounding the validity of Obama’s US birth certificate, should this amendment be revised to delete the native born clause, then anyone born in the US will not be able to use their birth certificate as a valid identification of citizenship. That said, then, how will native born Americans like yourselves prove your citizenship? I have court documents (naturalization papers) that declare me to be a legal American. Do you? Should this clause be removed, and birth certificates deemed as invalid proof of citizenship, how will you, at this moment, prove you’re an American citizen with all the rights and duties thereof? Do we “grandfather in” all of you? On what criteria? If your birth certificate is used, how then can you deny someone else who was born here the same right of citizenship as yourself?

    The move to revise the native born clause in the 14th amendment is very much akin to Weimar Germany and the move to distinguish true Germans from ‘fake’ Germans. Thus we have the pogroms, requirement of identity papers and the harsh punishments that were doled out to anyone found without their papers. Do we really want to descend to that? Instead of reading Orwell as the premiere distopian, perhaps we need to start including Zamyatin’s work “WE”. Because that’s where we are heading. . . not to God’s newly divined Promised Land, but to a nation that fears the world around it while demanding the world acknowledged our nation’s ill-found sense of exceptionalism.


  334. I must have missed a post somewhere. Who mentioned “retaliation voting?”

    It would seem to me that the general idea is to vote your conscience, and if a representative “represents” your views, then you vote to re-elect him. If he does not, then you vote him out.

    What am I missing here? I think I smell straw.


  335. You’re right delurker. It’s not only immature, it shows a real lack of political knowledge.

    What the hell are “freshman” going to get accomplished?

    The ways of DC are far from perfect, and in my opinion, will never be until we have publicly funded elections. But the retaliation vote is just cutting your nose off to spite your face.

    We just have to keep fighting. Progress is hard.


  336. For Holly: you are absolutely spot on about the Eric Hoffer book. It has been a bible right up there with the DSM for psych majors for decades in clarifying personality types, etc. It may be hard to come by even via Amazon as it disappears from print now and then. He did write other stuff afterwards but The True Believer did it all!


  337. Retaliation voting is stupid, short-sighted and dangerous. If an incumbent hasn’t been doing a good job of getting you what you want (agenda), the solution isn’t to vote against what you want. The biggest case of this is Read/Angle. Seriously, if Reid isn’t getting it right to get the things done that I want, it wouldn’t make sense at all for me to vote for Angle. That’d be like telling the furnace guy “screw you, I’ll just turn on the air conditioning!” because the he didn’t fix the furnace right the first time. The furnace guy doesn’t get paid, but you’re not only colder than ever, you’re paying to run air conditioning when you wanted heat.


  338. Soooo good to have another post so quickly from you! And so incredibly right on! Beck always impressed me as someone who had either gone off his meds or needed to be put on some right away. He is an admitted addict and his puppet show on the Mall looked like his version of fulfilling one of the 12 steps of AA. As for the Sock Puppet, someone will come along and steal her entire show and it will be someone from her side of the fence! Count on it! It will happen sooner or later. And Beck will self-implode and probably in public.


  339. Holly –

    How do you know about that? Amazing! That is a pretty obscure book these days, although Eisenhower thought it was gospel, I’m told, and nearly forced everyone he knew to read it.

    I just bought it and have a copy in the queue by my easy chair; I’m waiting for the winter doldrums to tie into it.

    Just finished “Crisis Economics” by Roubini, one of the few economists to predict the bubble and the bust. Highly recommended.


  340. As a fiscal conservative and social liberal I am thoroughly disgusted with my elected representatives, as well as the intellectual lightweights that challenge them in this election. Once again we see how thoroughly a dysfunctional, essentially brain-dead educational system can destroy the engine that must needs drive a democracy, with credulous voters responding in a knee-jerk fashion to support the Pelosis and Reids on the one side, and the (god forbid) Palinistas on the other – neither of whom I believe represent the best interests of the country as a whole.

    I’m not a religious man, but just in case I think I’ll drive over to Charlottesville this weekend and pray at the gravestone of the Great Man for some guidance in the upcoming election. Mr. Jefferson has never let me down; I hope this is no exception. In the meantime, I have prepared a half-page ad for the local newspaper:

    “The following people are currently in office and would like to be re-elected:

    Mr. X
    Mr. Y
    Mr. Z, etc.

    If you think they have done a good job and represented your interests, I suggest you vote for them. If not, the following people are running against them:

    Mr. A
    Mr. B
    Mr. C, etc.

    You may wish to take this list to the polls with you.”


    This should help eliminate the name-recognition voting we see all the time.

    Just doin’ my duty. Don’t thank me. I can see November from my porch.


  341. I went to sleep last night tired from the fight……

    But it’s a new day!



  342. Wonderful post as always Margaret!

    For anyone interested, highly recommend Eric Hoffer’s 1951 book:

    The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements

    This book should be required reading for all HS seniors and college freshman.


  343. Margaret and Helen,
    Like almost everyone who has written here – I think you are great.

    But this is for Keith – I was so saddened when I read your comment. Yes, people deserve the government they vote in but, heck, not the rest of us who have to live with their horrible, again mistake.

    Please reconsider and vote and at least you will know that you are trying to stop them. I am not happy about how things are going but I am more fearful of where they will go if we don’t vote! Silence is not the answer, screaming is only a tactic, better action is feet on the ground, hands pulling the voting lever, or in my case this year pencil in hand. Please vote, then get your friends to vote. Best regards, Jeanne


  344. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over the submissions by NOP and Poolman in the “mine is loonier” contest. I think that cumulatively you two are worse off even than Michele Bachmann’s constituents!


  345. I love this one. :grin:
    “I saw the mayor of New York said today, ‘We’re tough. We can do it.’ Well, Mayor, how are you going to feel when it’s your daughter that’s kidnapped at school by a terrorist?” Shadegg said last night.


  346. We got a lot of looney in AZ.

    Shadegg gets Islamaphobia award, along with Trent Franks and Jon Kyl.


  347. Craig: “Helen is running scared of what she cannot understand or fight.”

    How is she “running scared”?
    By pointing out the obvious?

    I don’t actively dislike you, Craig, you would have to be far more virulent than you have been to even start that process. But if all you can do is make a statement with out any evidence or proof….

    You become a troll.

    And we all know what happens to trolls, don’t we?


  348. Once again, my contender for the looniest: http://www.lasvegassun.com/blogs/ralstons-flash/2010/aug/29/angle-2005-i-would-have-voted-no-katrina-relief-fu/


  349. The Reid campaign was real clever during the R primary, they never mentioned Angle, just ran their ads against her opponent, the chicken for medical care lady, and just as the Reid campaign hoped, Angle is the R candidate.

    Interesting as your’s were at least your Republicans seem to be humans raised on earth, Mrs. Angle, a tea party favorite, endorsed by Joe the plumber, is too out there even to be endorsed by Sarah Palin.


  350. LOL! Pretty good. This was a classic!

    Or how about this? Raise taxes or people will die!


  351. What’s worse? The Beck’s and Palins and the crap coming out of their mouths? Or, the people listening to them?


  352. Ahhh, the truth rings free yet one more time. Helen, you are the master of hard truths! I WILL be voting in November, and I hope each and every progressive liberal across the land will do the same. What we have today in the White House and in both Houses of Congress may not be ideal, but the situation will be a heck of a lot worse if we don’t gather our forces and vote like hell once again come November. Now is not the time to get complacent, folks! Get out and vote! Vote for sanity. Vote for justice. Vote for peace. Vote for freedom. Vote for humanitarianism. Vote for equality. Don’t vote for Republican!


  353. If you can top this poolman, I’ll shut up. http://wonkette.com/418443


  354. LOL. Our crazies are IN power. You didn’t look at those videos on that link for Pearce, did you?


  355. Your are just playing at being crazy, while ours is really out there. Wants to get rid of Social Security, Medicare, IRS, and the Department of education. Lots of Republicans coming out to support Harry Reid.


  356. no one’s puppet, you must be forgetting these ingrates we got running the place here next door to you in AZ. We got Jan Brewer, and we didn’t even vote her in. Not to mention Krazy Kyl, No Brain McCain, Russell Pearce (author of SB 1070), Shaddeg(my rep), and we got sherrif Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas to boot.


  357. It is so great to see this blog vibrant again, with the spotlight on you ladies where it belongs!


  358. Helen, you hit that one out of the park!


  359. It’s all about having a produce that delivers too, go to a tractor pull, see if you can hear the next day or breath, bet you got your money’s worth. Poolman, you fright too easily, you should be here in Nevada with me, Sharron Angle will make you immune to all the other nuts.


  360. […] the tally. var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname="Helen Philpot Does the Math"; […]


  361. You are so damn accurate Helen. You speak for me. Fox speaks for the idiots.

    OMG, I can’t believe Michele Bachmann went to school in Minnesota. I thought we did a better job of teaching people to count. 1,000,000 attendees my arse.


  362. Generally a tractor pull gets less media. Makes the little stuff look HUGE. It’s all about marketing.


  363. Just a bit of perspective:
    All numbers are approximate
    Glenn’s rally 100,000
    Population of D C Metro area 5,350,000
    Number of voters in 2008 election 123 million
    Population of the United States 312 million

    Beck and Palin drew .00032 of 1% of the population, big deal, like Helen said, a tractor pull can draw as big a crowd.


  364. I love me some Helen and Margaret.


  365. It is great for you to come here and cheer the ladies on when they express what you seem to feel. Please let that not be the end of it. Please carry that forward to the ballot boxes in November and make a difference. Be a voice of reason against anger and bigotry!


  366. Thank you, Helen, for your brilliant yet simply-put post. It’s very reassuring to hear your voice of reason.

    Sometimes we non Americans watch your news and, well, you scare us. Or we wonder how a nation can be so ignorant. How anyone can take Beck and Palin and O’Reilly, etc. seriously is beyond belief.

    We all need to hear your common sense point of view. Thank goodness you are back!!!


  367. Oh, it is SO good to hear these rants again!!!!
    May they never stop!


  368. Waving my hands to cheer for this one! Who is it that the fruitcakes want to take America back FROM? Do they mean the MAJORITY??? You know, George Bush never tried to be my President. He sat there for eight years with Dick Cheney moving his thin lips for him. I wrote my senators to protest the declaration of war and many of his initiatives. The Democats in Congress caved, but he never bent to compromise. Still, I never considered organizing groups to tell lies about him.

    This bunch is vile on so many levels,… but, most disgusting of all are the Republicans in Congress who won’t speak out against the rants.

    These people don’t give a rip about what’s good for the country. It’s all about what’s good for the party. You’re right–if the voters sit on their thumbs and let this group in, it will be a sad day indeed for America.


  369. […] 100 Grand Bore Margaret please tell Howard that 100,000 people will show up to a tractor pull if the entry fee is cheap enough. Big […] […]


  370. Read the Vanity Fair article people! And then turn out the vote ’cause that is some scary shit!!!!


  371. Amen, sister.


  372. Strangely enough HRH, I thought the same thing, people like this often self-destruct. Her poor children!


  373. NOP, just finished reading that article, thanks for posting the link. had to do it in two parts, too hot in my computer room. I would like to see more people read it, doubt those who love the Palin will do so. She really is one scary “person of influence.” Her paranoia could be her downfall, but with all the craziness accepted in our country by the citizens, I suspect she will continue to be someone some listen to.


  374. fiona64
    First I’m NOT a T-partier.
    I can be a Republican or I can lean to the right,
    but that does not make me a T-partier.

    As to your correlation about pre WW!!.

    You may have a point.
    When I heard what snippets were on various national news..YES..I do listen to more than Faux….
    I was a little rattled when I heard the very BIG emphasis on religion. I’m a religious person and claim the Anglican/Episcopal faith.

    But I thought as I was listening that all that was missing was the prominently displayed swastika . So yes I saw and heard but it did strike me eerily, that I had heard some of those very same words out of a little paper hanger Furor in 1930′s Germany.

    But….You put that kind of speech with the current economic climate and sprinkle a few rumors here and there and you could have yourself a “party” we may not want.


  375. Hey I hope none of you missed the link up above to Vanity Fair’s article about Sarah Palin, basically a psychological profile, way more interesting then chasing Craig with a flyswatter. But since no one has mentioned it suspect no read it, I think it is a real eye opener, I’ll repeat it here.



  376. fiona64
    First I’m NOT a T-partier.
    I can be a Republican or I can lean to the right,
    but that does not make me a T-partier.

    As to your correlation about pre WW!!.

    You may have a point.
    When I heard what snippets were on various national news..YES..I do listen to more than Faux….
    I was a little rattled when I heard the very BIG emphasis on religion. I’m a religious person and claim the Anglican/Episcopal faith.

    But I thought as I was listening that all that was missing was the prominently displayed swastika . So yes I saw and heard but it did strike me eerily, that I had heard some of those very same words out of a little paper hanger Furor in 1930’s Germany.

    But….You put that kind of speech with the current economic climate and sprinkle a few rumors here and there and you could have yourself a “party” we may not want.


  377. And how many of those 87,000 were bussed in by corporate funded Right Wing groups?! If it wasn’t for the free bus rides, there would have been a whole lot less knuckle draggers there!


  378. It is easy to see why you have so many followers, Helen. You are the Molly Ivins that I miss so much.

    I will be linking your post on my blog because I want everyone to read it. Thanks for being such a funny lady with so much intelligence.


  379. fiona-

    “You know, you and I are seldom in agreement. However, I concur with this. The sad fact is that the ReBiblicans (I love that) and the Tea “Partiers” are the same people — racist theocrats. That’s not conservatism; that’s radicalism of the worst sort.”

    It’s OK Fiona – things are back to normal – we disagree. LOL

    I don’t mean to be pedantic here, but I believe any time you say that “all Ys” are “X” you are by definition wrong. I don’t think they are the same people, or even substantially the same people. I think some sure enough don’t like Obama because he’s black. That’s just stupid, IMHO. (My wife says they should chill out; he’s only black on Monday, Wed, Fri and is white Tues Thus Sat and takes Sun off.) I think some really do want a theocracy and some just think they can’t pay any more taxes, and all these groups overlap to some degree.

    I personally believe that we are not straying from godliness; I think we are straying from the timeless principles of the Constitution that have seen us thru thick and thin, especially the proper use of the military (HT to poolman). I think there is this perception in DC that somehow they are smarter than us all and that damned pesky document is outdated and in the way, and it’s not just Obama; it’s GWB – and I think you would be surprised by the abuses of citizens that even took place under Clinton and Janet Reno. (maybe not if you live in Texas or Idaho).


  380. Oh Criag. You bore us to no end. Sad that you need any attention so much that you will settle for negative attention. Keep psoting Craig. You are just feeding the meter and putting Helen’s blog on more and more feeds around the internet… A hit is a hit… even a negative one. :-)


  381. Say what you want about this site but it belongs to Helen and Margaret and as far as I can tell they are not making any money off of it so they can curse and give their opinions till the cows come home. It’s a true community service. Unlike Palin and Beck who do it for profit.


  382. It’s not just Beck and Palin–it’s Sharon Angle and Joe Miller and the other Republican candidates that scare me. These people are SERIOUS crackpots. People are voting for them. There is a good chance they will get elected. Really.


  383. Americans need to wake up the fact that Beck is simply another opinion pushing charlatan who is a product of mormon cult theology. He does not possess a single ounce of journalistic integrity, he has no qualifications and he is definitely not a true conservative. But then, what can anyone expect from someone who can’t find anything filthier than their own personal reflection.

    Since people like Beck cannot survive on the basis of any personal merits, they survive by puting others down with lies and half truths in order to feel good about themselves. The truth about Beck is that he a dry mormon alcoholic
    who never got the counseling required by alcoholics. He flippantly throws around Christian terms like “God”, “Jesus”, “Holy Spirit” as well as voices of other so called “Spirit Powers” on his radio talk show.

    Beck is a mormon in active standing with the mormon church and is not a Christian. Mormonism teaches many gods, that the god of the earth was once a man who attained godhood status, there is no trinity, the cross of Christ means nothing and that Jesus Christ and Satan were brothers. Because Beck does not possess a single ounce of journalistic integrity, he is the perfect abortion poster child for Fox Network.

    The people who love what Beck says are no different than the impressionable sheep who loved every speech made by Adolph Hitler in his early years when he brought Germany into an era of economic prosperity. These same sheep (like the ones who listen to and believe the lies of Beck) also blindly followed Hitler into one of the darkest chapters of world history.

    Beck and the Fox Network both cater to the same lowest common denominator of demagogery. The man would not know the first thing about God as he is a mormon. Someone should ask him which of the many mormon gods he kept talking about during his argument with himself on Saturday.

    Unfortunately, these teabaggers out there do not realize that Beck is talking about a different god than that of Christianity, Judaism or Islam and that he has been a product of mormonism cultism from the day he started doing a radio talk show as an opinion pusher.

    also too…

    Just look at how people crowd into the auditoriums to see faith healers, or how many nimrods are willing to send money to scam artists like Robert Tilton and Oral Roberts. Watch a John Hagee broadcast one Sunday and notice how many Troglodytes are packed into his cathedral, soaking up his eschatological fantasies.

    There is no shortage of gullible sheep out there. Nostradumbass is just one more con man exploiting their ignorance.

    This was long look inside the mind of Beck: a miasma of unconsolidated ideals absent any form/substance; an invocation of the good and the godly absent any coherent philosophy or creed; an exploitation of iconic imagery absent any linkage in deed; and a clarion call to euphoria through blind faith in Beck and his sideshow. All nicely wrapped up in a bow of naked commercialism.

    One more piece of clinical evidence that Glenn is insane.


  384. Dear, dear Helen,

    Ah, you are back, up and running in your best form. Thank you!!!!!

    With your impetus and attitude, we will turn out, vote in November and get things done!

    Aloha! :-) Namaste.



  385. Pfessor wrote: As for me – an amateur student of history – the parallels between current politics and pre-war Germany are chilling.

    Although I appreciate the left’s very valid criticisms, it is not their place to straighten out the ReBiblicans and Tea Partiers – that job lies in the parties themselves. I just hope there are enough clear thinkers remaining in each to get the job done. It is a very scary time.


    You know, you and I are seldom in agreement. However, I concur with this. The sad fact is that the ReBiblicans (I love that) and the Tea “Partiers” are the same people — racist theocrats. That’s not conservatism; that’s radicalism of the worst sort.


  386. Au contraire, Craig. We all understand what Helen is talking about perfectly well. Honestly, I would respect your precious “Tea Party” a whole lot more if they would just be honest in their hatred of everyone who is neither white nor a Fundamentalist Christian — because it’s blatantly obvious to those of us who put our critical thinking caps on as soon as we get up in the morning.

    Denial is such an ugly place to live, Craig. Perhaps you would like to move out of Denial and join the rest of us in the Reality-Based Community?


  387. Dear Helen –

    Thanks so much for articulating my own thoughts so well. I am sending your link to my own two Senators and Congressperson. On the whole, they pretty much do the right thing. But your words might help to provide starch if and when their backbones ever need it.

    And the truest words you wrote were these: “The greatest threat against America is not terrorism. It’s not a mosque in Manhattan. It’s not gay marriage. It’s not healthcare reform. And, believe it or not, it’s not even Beck or Palin. The greatest threat against America are the tens of millions of Americans who won’t turn out to vote this November effectively giving power to 87,000 angry assholes.”

    I will NEVER be one of those Americans who effectively concede power to the 87,000 angry assholes and what they represent. My vote is my voice. Even though I may be disappointed in some of the results, I know enough to use and value it.

    Yes, like many, I have been disappointed in the general wimpishness of the Dems and yes, I probably will continue to be disappointed when things such as the public option for health care and the prosecution of criminals who lied to lead us to war are left by the wayside. But I KNOW that the Republicans offer no feasible alternative to our economic crisis or to any other of our contemporary problems. Worst of all, if they ever return to power, they will once more unleash the dogs of war – this time on Iran.

    Make no mistake about it. That’s exactly what will happen. And that’s all I need to know.


  388. It takes a pandering pettifogger to know one.


  389. Craig, since this is HELEN’s Blog, I think we all come here for her opinion. MOST of us, anyway.

    Betty Patnude, I think you are living in another era. You can’t get away from vulgarity today. It is ingrained in our culture. Sorry. It offends me too, but swearing is everywhere.


  390. Thank you, Helen. You’re a peach.

    I am a mere stripling of 68 and plan on living at least until Sarah, Glenn & Rush get their comeuppance.


  391. It appears that the hospital let the residents out for the weekend. Good to see everyone got a pass.

    Helen’s opinion is one of many and everyone has one.


  392. Helen!

    Thanks heavens you have returned, my internet Gramma!

    Hope that doesn’t offend you but I really do think of you as my Grandma – a wisecracking one that gets to the point =D

    Thanks also for 2 posts! Right on time and right on point =D


  393. 1) It’s not just getting out the vote that is important, it’s getting voters informed enough to make a conscious decision in the first place which hopefully, could be based on good information and their ability to logic. There are so many issues I can see someone avoiding participation because they don’t know facts, there is too much stirring of the pot, they get busy, over tired, torn between this, that and the other thing. So, if everyone came out to vote you’d get chaos and confusion in who they voted for and their reasons. If people are going to vote I would like for them to at least be informed enough to make a good decision about the person they are voting for. The lesser of two evils is really not a good decision. 2) I’m interested in what you gals have to say, it’s gutsy with good intentions but the swearing really turns me off and I have kids on my facebook. Swearing detracts from intelligent points as far as I can see. If you want emphasis use an exclamation point, underline, or bold. I would never vote for an elected official if swearing were his/her style. Sorry about that!


  394. HOORAH FOR YOU HELEN, you always tell it like it is……..You and Ed Schultz on MSNBC would make a good team……..President and VP. You both have the guts to tell it like it really is !!!!!

    What’s wrong with democrats in office……….they’ve all become a bunch of wusses !!!!!!!

    You are a breath of fresh air !!!!!!!!!!


  395. HALLELUJAH AND AMEN!!!!!!!!!


  396. Helen,

    As always, you’ve got it right. I, personally, ignored the whole GB/SP rally thing. Watching them verbally massage themselves isn’t what I call good tv.

    Thanks for continuing to be the voice of reason with a great sense of humor. You make my day.


  397. Thank you Helen, your topic today is just what my DH and I were discussing over lunch out. We are both tired of hearing all that Beck et al have to say. I feel it would be a good idea to send all these whiners to someplace like Rwanda so they could see how very well off they are. Yes, we agree this country has many problems. but in comparison……

    And I think Beck should be embarrassed to take advantage of those who are unable to think for themselves. Selling snake oil, indeed.


  398. Helen, you and your peeps might be interested in new name for Beck followers:



  399. Yes. Helen, I love how you go right to the core issues. And Craig…you don’t know what you are talking about. I’m just saying.


  400. I love every word you wrote today. Unfortunately, few in the mainstream of either political sphere would dare write such bald-faced truth. You’re exactly that our school system has bit by bit turned most of us into cows (not even sheep) who will follow anyone ringing a bell. The aim, I believe, was by corporate interests who wanted docile workers. The result, I fear, is pre-WWII Germany. I also am a student of history and the parallels terrify me. Thank God I live less than a tank of gas from Canada.


  401. Wow! I was so depressed this morning over so many things including the recent polls. I really needed a boost in mood and I got it, as always, with your insight and brilliance Helen. Keep it up and Keith, Thanks for nothing! If we don’t vote NOTHING CHANGES EVER! We are outspent and out shouted but we MUST VOTE. I imagine that I am a lot closer to Helen’s demographic/age than you are. I know that does not give me any greater credibility or expertise but it does allow for a lot of years observing the political landscape of this once great, State and Nation.


  402. Oriethya –

    Are you familiar with this?

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” –
    Mohandas Gandhi


  403. I hope The White House prints these off and gives them to President Obama. With all the right wing nonsense being spewed in his direction, your posts must seem a balm to the soul. And I’m betting he can use the laugh.

    All the alleged Christian who want to bring God back to America need to ask themselves how Christ-like their action are. I mean, really: re the Becks and Palins – What Would Jesus Do?


  404. Hooray! This may be your best post yet :-)


  405. 87,000 – heck, make it 100,000 – times thank you for posting such wise and true statements!
    My parents, like most others members of the middle class in Cuba during the 1950s, did not vote because politics were dirty & ineffective. We had to abandon our country in 1960 & I write this after 50 + years as a naturalized citizen of the US. I will vote and will share my past to encourage others to vote.
    Congratulations to the PaliBeckians who will vote in Nov. for exercising their consciences. SHAME on all others who refuse or are to self indulged to do the same.


  406. Craig, you either need to go back to school to learn your history or you desperately need a shrink [BTW, NOT Laura Schlessinger who is a racist] so you can understand what Helen is talking about. Your comment validates your ignorance!


  407. Thank you for saying what I am feeling … we call it Faux News .. and Mr Beck is an opinionator whose opinions I wish he would keep to himself vs airing them and giving 87,000 morons the impression they have learned something factual


  408. Helen, you are spectacular in your insight and being able to voice what so many of us think.


  409. Woo hoo! Thanks Helen! As usual, your perspective is spot-on!


  410. Fantastic comment again Helen!

    And right you are about Beck and PAYlin being in it solely for the money and stirring up trouble.

    In a way this whole divisiveness reminds me of Hitler spewing early stuff about the jewish people “taking over” everything. It also has shades of what the Dutch did in Rawanda spewing crap about the differences between the Hutu’s and the Tutsi’s that eventually erupted into that chaotic mess.

    Thanks! You’ve brightened my day once again!


  411. Eye opening reading: http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2010/10/sarah-palin-201010?currentPage=all


  412. Helen -So glad to see a new post this morning.
    Keep them coming for you are the voice of sanity and reason in this crazy world.
    Craig – that was one of your typical comments, so assinine.


  413. Thanks, Helen and Margaret, as always, for your insightful post.
    I share your frustration and anger and wish that the Democrats would have the conviction and courage that they showed in the 30’s. Read Frank Rich’s column in the Sunday N.Y. Times. It provides the facts and parallels of those times to our situation today and exposes the ironic reality of who’s behind those 87,000 (purposefully) mislead Beckerites.
    I totally agree that voting is our only recourse. Yes, the Democrats are spineless and Obama is making decisions that I don’t understand, but the choices seem to be that of a watered down road to reform (health care, finance) that we’ve seen so far versus a further dismantling of the Constitution, effective government programs such as social security and an imperial foreign policy.
    Anyone have any ideas on how to promote campaign finance reform? All else will follow!
    It’s time to step down off of my soap box. It’s getting more difficult as these knees of mine are aging along with the rest of me. However, frustration is a good motivator.
    Happy Labor Day everyone…hmmm…would this holiday continue if Republicans were to lead again?


  414. This should be required reading for everyone in this country

    BUT sadly, too many still wouldn’t get it –

    Of course, many of them would argue it was a MILLION or MORE there –

    But of course, that is in Michelle Bachmann’s parallel universe –

    Keep up the great work!

    The world needs more Margaret and Helen’s to negate the Glenn’s and Sarah’s and Michele’s OH MY -


  415. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you say flat out what so many of us are thinking.

    Don’t ever stop posting. We love you!


  416. FAUX “News” slogan should be: “When we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you!”


  417. Yay Helen! Good to hear from you! Yes to get out and vote! Must vanquish the Beck/Palin circus! Oh, but Christian? Not so much. Nationalists at best. Mormon Beck and dominionist Palin don’t know Jesus or follow His ways. They certainly are not people of truth or integrity. I understand the crowd was very neat, though. No trash left behind. Too bad “Cleanliness is next to godliness” is NOT in the Bible. Well, anyway, that’s one way to get them to crack it open.


  418. AMEN!


  419. Thank you, Helen. Well said and well written.


  420. So right!!


  421. You speak the truth. And I love how you say it.


  422. I’ve never agreed with you more, Helen!


  423. As always, yours is the only reasonable and intelligent course of action, when faced with 87,000 assholes, the Palin-bimbo, and the Beckhole. We should always remember, however, that they are simply opportunistic actors, who are being paid by Rupert Murdoch and the fascist Koch brothers. Those are the true evil-doers afoot in the land.


  424. Thank you so much! I just love how you put things into perspective.


  425. ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON! It’s disgusting how some people hold Palin and Beck in high esteem. They are nothing but fear mongers. They feed off of the insecurities of a group of citizens to get what they want–fame and money.


  426. […] Helen’s take on Glenn Beck September 1, 2010 – 10:55 am | By Mandi Kaye | Posted in Link Love | Comments (0) ← Around the Interwebz […]


  427. And I love you for speaking up and out.
    Let us go farther and recognize the twenty year action to destroy Iraq. The American government has dedicated so much blood and treasure to destroy the only country in the ME where women were reaching equality in education and health care,etc. If only we could get the real history of our actions from 1990 on and realize how ignored this is we would then better see what we are really doing.


  428. I don’t think one side has all the answers.

    Before lumping all conservatives and Libertarians together, please understand that Glenn Beck is not only anathema to liberals, he is also frankly a horrible embarrassment to a plurality of conservatives – especially those of the old school, who think of themselves as thoughtful, polite and reasonable. As neither conservative nor liberal, I quite frankly find him frightening. And the concept of any leadership role for a woman who thinks the six thousand year-old world will end in her lifetime is beyond unthinkable, IMHO.

    Over fifty years of exposure to our sad excuse for an education system has bred at least two generations of hoopies who could not parse out a fallacious argument if their lives depended on it; they are the willing fodder for the Becks, Palins and O’Reilly’s of this world. As for me – an amateur student of history – the parallels between current politics and pre-war Germany are chilling.

    Although I appreciate the left’s very valid criticisms, it is not their place to straighten out the ReBiblicans and Tea Partiers – that job lies in the parties themselves. I just hope there are enough clear thinkers remaining in each to get the job done. It is a very scary time.



  429. Craig, what you don’t seem to understand is that you are one of the 87,000 and you do indeed bore us. Zip up because your ignorance is showing.


  430. Every word was spot on, Helen. I so want to be you when I grow up.

    If you don’t want to 87K idiots and their ilk to run the country, there is only one thing you can do – VOTE.


  431. You are always so spot on and telling it like it is. BUT I will be one of the millions who will not vote in November, and will not vote in next election and the one after that. Why? I have given up on anything changing in this country in my lifetime. Both sides (Dems and Repugs) disgust me! Repugs for obvious reasons, Dems for being the cowards that they are. The absolute disgust I have has made me realize that nothing worthwhile is going to change, so yes I have given up. Everyone may say don’t vote you can’t bitch, I plan on keeping my mouth shut as I just don’t care anymore. This country is getting what it deserves. If its teabaggers so be it, if its Palin and Beck so be it. WE are on a very steep slope into oblivion. I just hope I am dead and gone before I see the destruction. Yea I’m a downer but there is not much lately happening that is good anymore…


  432. I have found no evidence in the media that those who follow Beck and Palin understand what they want or why they’re fighting other than what these creatures and others have told them to understand and/or fight for.

    I watched a video clip on Crooks and Liars this AM of an interview with one of the “Restoring Honor” participants. The woman is so confused that she thinks President Obama is both a Christian and Muslim radical at the same time. You cannot make this stuff up. The reason they showed up in DC this past weekend was because they were told to do it.

    The republican playbook that was found in a Florida motel room a few months ago revealed that one the party’s strategies to activate its base and raise money was to use emotion, and the party has done that for the last 18 months. We’ve witnessed it in the following ways:

    *Obama is a racist
    *Obama plans to take your guns
    *Obama plans to put us in FEMA prison camps
    *HCR will create a “death panel”
    *Obama gave the New Black Panther Party a pass because they’re AA like he is
    *The Muslims who want to build Park 51 are responsible for 9/11

    It goes on and on, but I guess this is what a party does when it has NO viable solutions to ANY our nation’s problems except tax cuts for the rich and eliminating Social Security, Medicare, public education, Medicaid, etc. It’s easy to get some people to vote for their own demise if you play on their fears while you’re really working to make yourself richer at their expense.


  433. Amen!


  434. I am astonished that folks can’t see that Beck is a meglomaniac in the same vein as Hitler was back in the 20’s and 30’s when he was first gaining popularity and power. He is even using some of the same tactics to rile up angry people into a mob. Palin is just a plain old fashioned idiot doing anything she can for fame and fortune.

    These folks truly scare the hell out of me.


  435. Helen,
    I simply love, love, love you! Please keep sending the message, you have a large audience. They listen and spread the word!
    Maybe we can wake up the brain dead before it is too late.


  436. Helen, you’re a goddess.

    I adore you and you made my morning.

    Craig, what is not understandable is your comment.


  437. Amazing how quickly “we are all created equal” is sacrificed on the altar of “I got me mine”.


  438. Helen is running scared of what she cannot understand or fight.


  439. You go, Helen! I just love the way you have at getting to the heart of the issues.


  440. I shouted “Yes!” after the first paragraph. Now my coworkers are looking at me funny.


  441. OMG Helen, thank you for your great insight and wisdom. If only those 87,000 beckerheads were people who gave a damn about America because they read your columns. They would have learned so much about the real issues of our day. But instead they prefer Beck and Paylin who are the most ignorant people in America.

    Love you and your work – please don’t stop because we need sane minds in our country.


  442. Please say you’ll run for office. We need someone who can separate the wheat from the chap-my-ass group to lead us out of our own stupidity.

    I really mean it.


  443. Go Helen!


  444. Right on, Helen!!!


  445. Perhaps one of you ladies should offer to write President Obama’s next speech.


  446. […] Bore – New M&H Post Posted on September 1, 2010 by delurkergurl| Leave a comment http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/100-grand-bore/ This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← Oh […]


  447. thank goodness you are back!


  448. You got that right sister! Right on!




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