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Posted by: Helen Philpot | August 19, 2010

Shooting the Schlessinger

Margaret, your letters have been a source of comfort these past few weeks.  I really have not felt like writing until your nephew called me to tell me that lots of people actually read this thing and many of them think that I am dead.  Goodness gracious. I had no idea that once I started I couldn’t stop.  But if this is my lot in life, I guess things could be worse.  It keeps me busy and right now I probably don’t need a lot of time on my hands.

I saw in the news today that one of your radio shows is coming to an end.  That Dr. Laura lunatic you like has finally gone one step too far and used the N-word a few too many times… well actually one too many times if you think about it.  It’s just not one of those words  a crazy white woman should let slip.  You’d think she would know that. 

You’d also think that she would have a better understanding of the First Amendment which she is now claiming has been denied to her.   I assume, of course, that she is referring to the freedom of speech and not the freedom of the press – the later referring to actual journalists and not some quack with a PhD in physiology.

What Ms. Schlessinger seems to forget is that she indeed has the right to say the N word.  In fact, she exercised her right to say the N word over and over again.  And still today she could continue to say the N word until the Sarah Palin comes home.  No one has stopped her from doing so just as no one stopped me from just now insinuating Sarah Palin is a cow.  Schlessinger’s First Amendment rights are very much intact.  The First Amendment, however, doesn’t prevent people from deciding that maybe the next time Laura Schlessinger says the N word a microphone shouldn’t be sitting in front of her.

And so Physiologist Schlessinger is just one more name on an ever-growing list of Conservative Americans who talk out of both sides of their ass… sorry I meant mouth… no I think I meant ass.

Folks, these talking heads need to stop talking to us like we are stupid.  And quite frankly we need to stop soaking it all up like idiots.  Just because you heard it on the boob tube – or the radio for that matter - doesn’t make it true.

Obama isn’t shredding the constitution.  Healthcare Reform isn’t going to put me or any other grandmother in an early grave.  Anchor babies, missing birth certificates, protecting the sanctity of marriage, … it’s all a bunch of crap.  And if you don’t believe me, take a good hard look  at the asshole who said it.  I mean it.  Really.

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  7. I have been loving reading your blog for a couple of years, now. Great Stuff!! Please keep it up. By the way, I recently read a book by Charles Pierce entitled “Idiot America.” I bet you’d like this book, Helen. And I bet your faithful followers would like it, too.

  8. Margaret,
    I love the way you say things. Keep up the blogs. They make my day and it looks like many others as well.

  9. OH, Margaret–I have missed you so! And I realize just how much as I read your latest commentaries. Thanks for coming back to us. Your voice has been missed.

  10. Okay, just have to say to “Whatevia” who compared the racial slur of “N#%^er” to the term “Bagger”. The former is a harmful disgusting derogatory term based on the color of another person’s skin. The latter is a term based on the so-called idealogy of FOX-fed unorganized protesters who clearly cannot back up their misspelled hateful slogans w. facts, those people were not BORN this way, they chose to be ignorant.
    As for the person who stated that NO comments should be allowed, no one is forcing you to read them. Maybe this is a place to have a civil discourse and find something to agree upon, it’s worth a shot.

  11. Today is 9/11 and I know we are supposed to be united and be strong. BUT I am so tired of people blaming the current White House for splitting the country apart. It’s like the parents being blamed for disturbing the peace for not giving in to their children’s tantrum.

    I AM SO GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK. This post is so cathartic to read. Thank you. Really. Thank you.

  12. Missed you, your wit and well, just the damned truth.

  13. hello:) – i’m and VOX refugee and a “FOS” (friend of Snowy’s) – lol! – he just recommended your blog, so i thought i’d subscribe to you:) – my name is paikea – now, you can find me here at htttp://eviltwit.wordpress.com

  14. Now, dear, from mid-May to mid-August is not an inconsequential period of time between posts. And yes, there were many of us who were distraught at the thought we’d read the last of your wisdom. Just accept that you are loved an needed by an electic group in pursuit of truth and giggles.

    I wish my mom were alive. She’d love to read your posting the things she never had the cajones to say.

    Glad you’re back. Hadda get a Kleenex when I saw you were up and running again.

    Take your vitamins. Eat your fruits and veggies. Drink lotsa water. Bask in the adoration of your devoted fans. And if something untoward ever DOES happen to you, someone had darn well better tell us! Sheesh!

  15. By: HoneyJorumples on August 31, 2010
    at 11:32 AM

    “I’m so tired of bigots using “blacks use that word on each other all the time!!” excuse as a license to be racist and hateful.”

    Right on mama! It’s like those pompous bigots who say the same thing about “Baggers.”

  16. From today’s LATimes

    More than 29.2 million people watched President Obama’s address Tuesday from the Oval Office, in which he talked about the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq, the Nielsen Co. reported Wednesday. It was carried on 11 networks.

    That was more than twice the size of the average for the Emmy Awards on Sunday night, which was the highest rated program on television last week.

  17. I come here to read Helen’s posts but I decided to scan a few comments. Apparently many of you have no life. I barely have time to read Helen’s opinions let alone about 600 other comments. What a crack up! Well thanks Helen for your gift of two posts so close together. And might I suggest not allowing ANY comments. Some of these people are just silly and need to vent. Let them find another place or start their own blog. Try it for awhile..NO COMMENTS. We will all breath easier..aaahhhhhhhhhhhh

  18. Poolman, you are on a roll aren’t you? I think some of the pre 9/11 information which didn’t make it to people who could have acted on it supports your conclusion. Who knows what other fact about an attack etc lies unread in the files? The rate of attacks and attempted attacks is rising.

    Yes, our wars have been expensive, but have you noticed how their cost pales to Obama’s failed jobs and stimulus programs? The Democrats have controlled Congress since about 2006, and the only difference I see between them and the Republicans is they spend money even faster than Republicans.

    Yes, we need a reboot and soon.

  19. HoneyJo, well said.

  20. Wow! Did you know we are now spending 70 BILLION annually on intelligence? Much of which is contractors – privately owned corporations. Farming out our intelligence, and we don’t even have a way to distill all the information or any control over it. Doesn’t sound very INTELLIGENT to me. With the amount we spend and the massive amounts of people employed, they better drum up some threats and enemies. It sure is in their best interest. Job security, yanno.

    And then there is Homeland Security with a 55 BILLION annual budget. And then the actual military budget – NOT counting the wars. Oy Vey! We’re defeated before we even catch one lousy terrorist!

    I always think it interesting when I see Janet Napolitano on the teevee, she looks like a deer in the headlights. Overwhelmed, I’m sure. She had it so together when she ran this state. I met her at a neighboorhood blockwatch years ago and spend some time chatting with her. At the time, I was voting republican and she, of course, democrat, but she had real interest in my views and was open to ideas. She was very personable, sincere, and intelligent. Too bad. I wish she would have stayed here. I don’t see where she is having any kind of positive impact in her position.

    And how much was it that healthcare was going to cost? I think we need a “War on Disease”, “War on Sickness”, “War on Poverty”, “War on Stupidity”,… We’ll spend more than we take in for wars. Since we’ve mortgaged our childrens’ futures anyway, let’s make it count.

    Time for a reboot. It is totally out of control. If they support war funding, they are not getting my vote this go round.

  21. Dealing with Craig is like picking at a scab.

  22. Really Craig,
    Maybe you should think before you speak.
    Really THINK, you know, for yourself.
    When you can tell me exactly what the Republicans plans are, what their agenda is.
    What they intend to do FOR ALL AMERICANS. When you can tell me what they have done FOR our country in the last twenty years, besides make themselves rich and get us into illegal wars, then I will listen to you.

  23. Tranny,
    The daily KoZ? a real reflective image of American people?
    OK , Tranny,
    Take I 40 west till you reach water..Its a great place for ya.

  24. Ditto HJR, and well said!

    As for the PAYlins, I think she is probably dumb like a fox. Well, she’s probably dumb, but she’s got some saavy handlers which would be the fox part. (no pun intended)

    $$$ talks and BS walks. US, Dancing with etc will keep your 15 min of fame candle and the moola rolling in.

  25. Sorry, that was me. Button fumble… I swear the Submit Comment button should be larger than the Logout button!

  26. HoneyJorumples, it is so good to see you back here! I miss your comments, and completely agree with this most recent one you made. Don’t be a stranger! :)

  27. After making millions preaching against playing the victim, to see Dr. Laura now turn around with a big pout, take her marbles and go home because she doesn’t get to scream “FIRE!” in a crowded movie theatre, when there is no fire. She says she’s sorry, then says she’s quiting because she doesn’t get to do what she just said she was sorry for doing. Hypocritical much??

    I’m so tired of bigots using “blacks use that word on each other all the time!!” excuse as a license to be racist and hateful. Like, oh, a black comic on HBO used that word, and we all know all black people are just the same, what one black person thinks is what ALL black people think, and feel, and believe. Teen girls call each other “bitch” all the time, but that doesn’t mean I give myself licence to call a girl a bitch for fun, to make a point, or because she’s annoying me at the mall.

    Here’s what I want to know – all the discussion and debate going on…why do some white people HAVE to know WHY it’s insulting to black people? Why do they have to understand why some black people can use it when talking to other blacks? Why can’t they just accept that it’s a hateful, incendiary, painful, loaded word, especially when it comes out of a white mouth, it conjures up notions of nooses slung around trees, police beat downs, oppression and injustice, and know that it’s going to cause a firestorm, and just NOT use it???

  28. Alaskapi, I’m sure it was just an oversight on your part, but you forgot to mention a secondary effect of melting permafrost–methane. As old vegetation thaws, it decays and sends huge quantities of methane into the air.This could be more dangerous than our man-made pollutants.

    No, we don’t need to get stuck in a narrow ditch.

  29. Maybe someone has already posted this, I don’t know since I haven’t stopped by in awhile. Palin was all jacked out of shape when Biden said something or someone, I cannot remember which, was retarded, but she cheers this fake doctor when she says the N-word? Because one applies to her and the other doesn’t? Talk about two-faced.

  30. I want to start spreading the word about “OUR” chance to speak. The Daily Koz and many others are hosting a March in DC on October 2nd, to let people hear what WE have to say. To let people see the combined faces of “real” America. The black, White, Brown and Yellow faces, the Gay, Straight, Lesbian and Trans Gender faces, the Hopeful and eager faces of People who do not want to see Fear and Hate take over again. The faces of peace and harmony, of hard work and committment. The GOP has warned us, they have made it plain and clear, if they get the majority NOTHING will get done in Congress and they will begin wasting our money on trivial law suits such as “impeaching” Obama and tearing down Health Care. I am afraid the likes of Glen Beck and Sarah Palin will actually win! Why, because they have the Koch Brothers and Fox “news” money supporting them. They have the attention of the masses. Their message is the one being heard! Their message of fear and hate is spreading as fear always does. Scare the people and they will spend big $$.
    We need to get our message out there NOW! Please help! Go to the web sites and donate or if you can, join the march. Spread the word.


    Remember! Think! What did the GOP do for America in the last 20 years? What has been their continual message? If you are not rich and white, you do NOT count.

  31. And yes, James, it is necessary to keep an eye on her… very.
    But not getting stuck in the narrow nasty ditch she’s in is just as important…
    She has stalled meaningful work to sort out our problems with her lazy buns childish rants… no- thinking -necessary rants…
    all those poor souls sucking along in her tailwind have no clue they are actually stuck in a ditch with a flat tire…
    and no spare to patch the rig up and move on…

  32. PFesser-
    Imagine our surprise here , after the failed VP bid, and the bloom had come off the rose in so many ways…
    To find out she
    hid AND barred the release of scientific information from her own scientific committee which completely contradicted her suit against the fed’s proposal to list the polar bear as endangered.
    Polar bears are not cute and cuddly and folks who have to deal with them are rightfully wary of getting dewy eyed about them but outright lying about their chances for survival in the rapidly changing Arctic is totally unacceptable.
    Whether people agree on what the causes are or not, Alaska, especially the far north, is living
    through enormous climate changes.The lack of sea ice has exposed the coast to erosion, amongst other things, not seen in the 5-9K (people argue about how long )years Native peoples have been settled there.
    And ole whatzername is running around flip-flopping over whether the earth is older than 6000 years, leading her charge against education and science in the name of short term profits for oil companies and hoping the world ends in a blaze of glory under her watch…?
    Nope, not bloody likely… ever…

  33. John L. Lewis was born in or near Lucus, Iowa where a museum is devoted to him. He was Republican and broke with FDR because he thought a Republican president would be more sympathetic to union interests.

    Better watch that woman. She is helping candidates and politicians across the country and building a network of political debtors as Nixon did. The role of king maker and talk show host may be her calling. Unless things change drastically, she cannot win a presidential election.
    I thought the same of Nixon but he had a different personality and a strong inner drive.

  34. Alaskapi -

    Diplomacy is not my strong suite, but with my family I try to be cool since I can’t divorce them. But sometimes it just doesn’t work.

    My last exchange with my favorite brother on she_who_must_not_be-named ended: “Let me get this straight: This woman thinks that the end of the world will happen in her lifetime, and you want me to give her the nuclear codes to make that happen?”

    Not bloody likely. Ever.

  35. Doversoul -

    I am somewhat familiar with Trumka; when I was a miner in the ‘seventies, we had a series of really bad UMWA presidents; I can’t even remember them all now. There was, of course, John L.. Back home, when you say “John L.” they know who you are talking about. It’s like saying “The General” in Virginia. There is only one.

    Where I come from – and I am NOT kidding – there will be two pictures always on the wall: jesus and John L. Lewis. After him I believe came Tony Boyle, a complete thug who did jail time for having his rival, Joe Yablonski killed. Then I’m a little fuzzy, but at one time we had Arnold Miller, just an old dude who knew nothing, and we got taken to the cleaners by the coal companies.

    At some point we got Trumka. Good guy; a lawyer, but did a good job for us.

    Long, long ago.

  36. oh and btw- there’s a sarah-pilgrim having a nervous breakdown on the about thread here…
    someone ought to check in over there every couple of days to be sure they haven’t imploded entirely

  37. Clayo-
    whatzername is not unknowingly on the side of anything…
    she is sly , cunning, and an elite fundamentalist who feels she has been chosen to lead the last battle…
    she’s also a bore who has 3 talking points, relies on whupping up emotions to sidestep real dialogue, and lies uncontrollably…
    she’s not very smart but she certainly knows what’s she’s up to…

    don’t underestimate her but don’t let her frame the conversation folks…
    keep a necessary eye on her and get on with business to knit this country back together…
    freeze her out and move on…

  38. Craig, I’m good with Al Jazeera. Much less disinformation than Fox. Anyway, regarding that ship, I don’t think anything conclusive was decided yet, other than it was NOT a North Korean torpedo. A lot of speculation, such as hitting a mine, running aground, other possible impact or exploding device have been considered by the international investigators.

    But who stands to gain from such an act? Hilary was quick to point to North Korea in the hopes of a conflict, which in turn helps our MIC. It works that way because South Korea is a puppet government of the US, run by a protestant businessman president, born in Japan. That’s empire building 101. :wink:

  39. Sounds like they have their own Fox “news”.

  40. A e-mailer sent me a message about the Chenoan South Korean ship being destroyed and the theory being promoted on an AlJazera broadcast on their theory that it was a South Korean Ploy to blame the accidental sinking of “their” ship on the North Koreans. Problem is a grounded ship does not tear itself apart in the center line like the Chenoan came up.
    Having been on Navy ships if they were to run aground as one Cruiser did this past year it would sustain minor damage.
    Such was the case when a Cruiser out for tests ran aground outside Pearl harbor. It stayed there until they off loaded people and fuel. Only thing lost was the command of the ship by its Captain.
    Here is what I posted in response to my e-mail buddy.
    Yep..same ole.
    But the announcer said 30% of the South Koreans
    mistrust their governments findings or the govt. in general.
    That makes for 70% believe in their government findings.

    And then the clincher is its Al Jazerra television on a “every mans” blog site which is a little iffy for if they have an “agenda” or not?

    Saw the other conspiracy theories and stories on this site as well. So its not like its a “trusted” site for accuracy or promotion for reporting the news..but instead weaving them to make their stories palpable.

  41. Nothing has happened to HER, Doversoul, she happened to US! She cannot even string a comprehensible sentence together, promotes hatred and violence while promoting herself. She is a perfect example of “lights are on, nobody home”. There is nothing in there. She herself doesn’t even know what she stands for or what the hell she is talking about, except her furthering the aptly named Turd Blossom’s agenda in dividing our country further. She unknowingly is on the side of Cheap Labor Conservatives (aka GOP) who have been manipulating and destroying working Americans since Reagan was in office. She stands for NOTHING, except her own selfish interests, certainly not in the interest of American workers.

  42. Here’s what Richar Trumpka had to say about Sarah Palin at the AFL/CIO Convention in Anchorage last week:

    “What is this crazy magnet that’s pulling people to the right? I mean, look at your former governor….

    Who is she, anyway?

    Sarah Palin?

    She used to have a job, your governor…. You knew her…. Or thought you did…. I know I thought I did. She seemed like a decent person, an outdoorswoman. Her husband’s a steelworker. She seemed to take some OK stands for working families.

    And then things got weird. After she tied herself to John McCain and they lost, she blew off Alaska. I guess she figured she’d trade up…shoot for a national stage. Alaska was too far from the FOX TV spotlight.

    I bet most of you, on a clear day, can see her hypocrisy from your house.

    I think Sarah Palin quit so she wouldn’t have to be accountable… so she wouldn’t have a record that could be scrutinized…

    Instead, she’s hanging out on cable TV, almost a parody of herself, coming out with conspiracy theories about Obama and his “death panels….” Talking about “the real America.” Talking about building schools in “our neighboring country of Afghanistan.” Writing speech notes to herself on her hands.

    Sometimes – about Sarah Palin – you just have to laugh…. But it’s not really funny. In this charged political environment, her kind of talk gets dangerous. “Don’t retreat… reload” may seem clever, the kind of bull you hear all the time, but put it in context. She’s using crosshairs to illustrate targeted legislators. She’s on the wrong side of the line there. She’s getting close to calling for violence. And some of her fans take that stuff seriously. We’ve got legislators in America who have been living with death threats since the health care votes.

    And down in Tyler, Texas, she’s talking about—and I quote— “union thugs.” What? Her husband’s a union man. Is she calling him a thug? Sarah Palin ought to know what union men and women are.

    Oh, she goes to great pains to talk differently about unions and the working people who belong to them, knowing full well we’re one and the same.

    But using the term “union thug.” That’s poisonous. There’s history behind that rhetoric. That’s how bosses and politicians in decades past justified the terrorizing of workers, the murdering of organizers….

    To me, it just doesn’t seem OK to go where she’s going…. It sits wrong with me…. The Mama Grizzlies, Sarah Palin says, just sense when something’s not right. Well… I wonder if those Mama Grizzlies can sense something’s just not right with her.

    Quite frankly, America works because lots of people contribute lots of ideas—that’s good—even when some of them are just plain wrong. But people need to come to the table in good faith. That’s not Sarah Palin. She’ll go down in history like McCarthy. Palinism will become an ugly word.

    Who is this woman, anyway? What happened to her?”

  43. Thanks no one’s puppet. This was my first day out, and I thought I felt pretty good. People asked “What happened to YOU?” Of course, my barely audible voice has something to do with it . My new hobby is sleeping.

  44. Wow James, you’ve got it all going on, get lots of rest.

  45. Thanks to those who worried about me. Jack, or who ever it was wrote it was Kama, but it was a virus going around.

    I have borderline pneumonia-bronchitis, laryngitis, and now pink eye. My wife brought it from school. The doctor is worried I could still get full-blown pneumonia and prescribed and anti biotic with possible side effects worse than the disease. She said my lungs sound pretty bad. We meet again in two weeks.

    On the plus side, I have lost seven pounds this week, and during one of my hallucinations, my wife and I were teenagers on the day we met.

    As far as Sarah Palin and her family are concerned, they remind me of the red necks we have around here. Some are my friends. They are fun to be around, but their lives hold unexpected surprises and complications.

  46. Interesting -

    I just got an email from Gryphen, noting that two folks had written him, asking if he knew me.

    Want to know who it was?

  47. Don’t your know, Sarah sewed Bristol’s hymen back in place? She’s a born again virgin. As far as I am concerned, if you are a celebrity, along with the easy money, you are fair game for snarky remarks. Even Sarah made them about Levi, so Bristol, I at the very least hope you can dance.

  48. azgrandma,
    Tech Ghetto was starting to be torn down in 2002 when we arrived.
    The McDougal’s one of real estate powerhouses in this town played monopoly with the property and have won. They essentially had the property condemned since son was mayor at the time.

    In it’s place have risen several condo’s which have the same Spanish look as the school. I swear if you were to drink a wee too much you might have trouble picking out your place. There is also an area of zero lot line homes. It’s definitely upscale.
    From University which bounded the Schools east border Ave Q. everything is gone.
    Also a huge Wally Mart has been erected as well as some new and smart looking stores across from campus.
    And one final attraction..A full blown 11 story high rise hotel just east of the Stadium complete with $300 a night weekends for football season.
    And for entertainment the Depot district is a hoppin on Friday and Saturday nights.

    And Ta Da….! You can now but beer and Liquor within the city limits..no more goin to the strip.
    You can actually pick up a six pack in the grocery.
    So it’s getting better and the Baptists have resigned themselves to the fact we’re headed to hell in a hand basket and fast.

  49. I haven’t talked to Gyrphen for a while; I have mostly lost interest in the Palins, like everybody else. For a while Bristol had a townhouse, but I understand she has moved back to the compound on the lake. This interval when Levi was sneaking back for a little entertainment was during that period in Anchorage. This boy is SO dumb…I think she moved back so her Mom could keep her on a short leash and all the boys our of her pants – and I suspect that is a big job.

    I’m really not a Bristol expert; my real interest is Levi, who I believe has the information, if revealed, to expose the Wild Ride as a complete fabrication. Best estimates right now are that Trig is Sarah’s, but was born at a much earlier time. She may have been planning to put him in a home or dispose of him in some other way (he’s a Down’s baby) is my best guess, but when the VP nomination dropped in her lap, she had to resurrect him to use for her abortion bona fides. Just my best guess. We know for sure the Wild Ride story and pregnancy are phony; we just don’t know why.

  50. Pfessor Gryphen has always been one of my favorites. I love his passion, his relentlessness, and hope that someday he’ll return to teaching. So the next time you see Jesse, tell him this one cranky old broad in Florida thinks he’s totally awesome! :)

  51. pfessor:
    “Gryphen drives past little Bristol’s House of Sin every day.”

    I understand that Bristol moved out of her townhouse in Anchorage some weeks ago and back into the “family compound” in Wasilla.

    Your comment piqued my curiosity:
    What house is Gryphen driving by? Doesn’t the Palin property sit at the end of a private road?

  52. Greytdog -

    My wife and Gryphen of Immoral Minority are A#1 buds; the three of us probably know more about Palin’s “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” than anyone on the planet – and to anyone with a minimal amount of knowledge about OB, the whole thing is clearly an out-and out lie. I did nearly all the medical sleuthing for Gryphen’s posts on the Wild Ride, and much of what Andrew Sullivan has on the subject has come from there.

    Gryphen lives in Anchorage and we correspond with him regularly. We knew about Levi’s sneaking back for a little lovin’ before anybody else; Gryphen drives past little Bristol’s House of Sin every day.

    If anyone gives you a bad time about Bristol, I definitely have your back. Count on it. She and Caribou Barbie have destroyed the “Reasonable Conservatives” and I ain’t their friend.

  53. and if ya wanna jump on me for snarking at this “poor little teenager”. . .go ahead. Trust me the little whore doesn’t need anyone’s help – except US Magazines.

  54. Well for all those up in arms about the societal decay wrought by single moms, please rejoice because there’s one single mom who repeatedly proves that spreading your legs is the sure fire way to $$ and celebrity. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Queen of Abstinence, Bristol Palin. Yes, the Madonna of Wasilla will be on DWTS. . .her routine is sure to include many outstanding physical feats, made all the more daring because she’ll be vertical, rather than in her normal horizontal positions.

  55. OMG, azgrandma! :shock: You’re lookin’ kinda troll-like! LOL….love the hair! As for monsoon, I can do without the wind, but like the rain. My place has gotten some, but we could always a little more.

    PFesser, understood. I do rant on about the abuses, so it is a reasonable assumption.

    Hope everyone has a blessed week. :wink: Peace.

  56. Afternoon Ya’ll!

    Sharon, you might as well scroll on by…I’ve never been known for short and sweet!

    There you are Greytdog!! I’ve missed seeing you here! How is your plumeria doing at this point in the season? And your pups!? Please don’t stop commenting…..there are LOTS of us who enjoy your posts VERY much! Go visit in delurker’s kitchen!

    Hope you’ve turned the corner James and are feeling better now. I would think, having a farm you might run your own chickens and wouldn’t have come in contact with contaminated eggs….I could be wrong tho’.

    Craig! Thanks for reminding me of the name of the amusement park there in Lubbock. When my oldest daughter read my post, she was upset I hadn’t asked her! Seems my menopause moments have entirely erased the fact that her girl scout troop seemed to live out there! lol. I was even the mom that did most of the driving!!!! Duh……

    I talked to one of my old jitterbug partners the other night that had found me on FB. He was attending the law school there at Tech when I was working at Cold Water. He still had friends in Lubbock, (after I moved out here to AZ in ’94), and would visit at least twice a year. He told me the Tech ghetto is completely gone……I was like, wtf?? huh?? Whatta ya mean gone? Gone!! Bulldozed, fancy condos , apartments and dorms all over the place now. The house my boy toy and I lived in and the house next door, on main street, are ALL of the old homes, built in the 30′s and 40′s, that are left of the Tech ghetto. Now I really think I want to go back just to see! I still have 3 old friend’s there. And I dare say I think it’d be easy to find you!

    Claire, I meant to tell you I love loud, left leaning, liberal women! You really should go visit at delurker’s kitchen…coffee’s hot (and you can have mocha if ya want!), and the cookie jars are always full! Unlike my house…

    pfesser, No grass on a run way…I about p’d my pants! Deer Valley Airport would be best. We could trade plenty of stories about our old folks remembrances…the tornadoes, the floods, the dust and “the locust”. The hidden stills! My hubby’s folks parent’s were 1st and 2nd gen. Italian. There’s some interesting tales there! We could hoist a few cervezas, have some tamales I have frozen from Christmas and have a good time!

    I have to agree with you about Palin. I was very happy to cast my vote for Barry because of her… and I will again I’ve got a hunch.

    poolman, I’m with you on the dissenting view’s thing! howz the monsoon been in your part of az? Almost time for the seasonal shift!

    imaginista/scout, gramiam, where have ya’ll been? You’ve been missed! I like to see all the post from fellow az residents. How’s that papers please working out for ya?

    Trolls….hmm, ok I admit I could be labeled one…so my troll has natural hot pink hair and a penchant for bejeweled navels…..and ok, I admit to one discreet tat.

    Looks to be a gorgeous evening here in the valley of the sun. Surprisingly cool! Making boy toy walk around the park this evening!! Haven’t done it in awhile…gettin’ fat and sassy! Peace ya’ll :wink:

  57. Sorry – anonymous was me again…

  58. Poolman -

    My apologies. I am well aware of your disposition toward the military; I did not phrase it well. Perhaps I should have said “anti-misuse of the military.”


    On a lighter note: Once again, it’s time for fun and games in West Virginia, the home of my youth. As the days turn cool, the DEA and its black ninja helicopters take once more to the air – to hunt for that scourge of scourges – MARIJUANA!!

    Yeah – as the son of a moonshiner, I’m not sure which side I’m on.

    Aw hell, that’s a lie – I’m all for the growers!!! I understand the police need to do their jobs, but clearly IMHO we need to legalize the stuff. There are several great books out on the subject. Of course if you mention legalization, the constabulary immediately starts howling about “the children getting hooked.” The fact that legalization would cut into their budget severely and reduce their outings into the woods have nothing to do with it, I’m sure.

    But, I’m proud to announce, the Hillbilly boys have it figured out: Every spring, they go onto a mountaintop somewhere and scratch out a little place and drop some seeds. They never go back. Then they go home, line their closets with foil, buy HID lights, fans, hydroponic systems and CO2 cylinders and grow a crop indoors, away from prying eyes.

    Fall comes, the fellas in their black ninja helicopters find the crop on the mountain. They stake it out for a week, but of course nobody comes. They call the press, declare it worth ten million dollars and burn it to great fanfare.

    Everybody wins. The cops get to play with their equipment and camp out; the good old boys get to grow their stash, the locals think they are being “protected” from the dope fiends.

    Good system. I may fly over next weekend and poke fun at the ninjas. Since I have probably the only black airplane in Virginia, they might even think I am one of them!!

    Pricks. Don’t EVEN get me started. Sometime I’ll tell you the FBI/engineering school tale if you’re nice.

  59. Apparently, I’ve been misinterpreted, which, in itself, is not unusual. Everything we read and see must go through our own filters we have established, often distorting the original intent.

    To set the record straight, I am not and never have been anti-military. I believe in a strong military as a defense – a deterent to evil and the aggressive intentions of other nations and forces that would prefer to come into our lands to rob or harm our peoples. It probably would surprise most that I personally think EVERYONE should be required to serve our country two years, with no exceptions.

    What I do feel is that our military has gone WAY BEYOND the realm of defending Americans and our country from outside aggression, as was the original intent of our founders. Not only has it experimented on its own soldiers and mistreated them and their families, but it has been used by corporations and those in power for personal gain and world domination. It is now commonly used to impose “christianity” on those who are not, spreading capitalism and immorality in the name of freedom and democracy. It is rife with corruption and injustice. It needs a thorough cleansing from the top down, just as our government does.

  60. That’s how I feel, someone is writing this and they are damn clever. I respect clever.

  61. NOP -

    You really hit on something with the credentials thing that I regret very much. When I signed in on M&H the first couple of times, someone – Jean I believe – said something to the effect of “Somebody referred to you as professor – are you?”

    I then said yes, but not currently or somesuch. (true)

    In one of my last posts I quoted a “Troll” site, where the author talked about immediately regretting a post. I surely did that one. As soon as it published I thought to myself, “Crap. Why did I do that? Now my arguments won’t matter, just my damned credentials.” Can I take that back and be a coal miner again? (I am – still have my union card.) LOL

    I agree about M&H’s identity. You have to be curious a little, but at some point you have to take things at face value, and hell, it doesn’t matter at all. IMHO, case closed.

  62. Actually, I believe the Park Service and D C police no longer give official estimates of crowds, so with every event you hear a lot of numbers bounced around.

  63. I definitely agree with your last statement pfesser, just as the T B want America (an America that never existed), I want the old Republican Party back. They were for the most part reasonable people interested in governance, not into ethnic or religious purity.
    And I also agree with greytdog, who the devil doesn’t want to hear from people with diverse educational and life experiences, if fact I personally prefer to know as little as possible about specifics, that is probably just me, but in a forum like this, it is the one time, that the person’s argument can be the only persuader. All of us, self included, begin to form an opinion, not on the quality of your thought and phrasing, but on your history and present circumstances.
    As to rather H&M are real, someone is writing, so why is there any question as to are they real? Unlike Obama’s birth certificate, a copy of which I saw on line, I haven’t seen Margaret’s or Helen’s and what’s more I do not care. Young old, fat, skinny, blue-eyed, or glass-eyed they are intellect and informed, as well as funny. Funny is very important is this political climate.
    I’m going to risk making an estimate of the crowd size of Beck’s flock based upon an aerial photo in the Washington Post, I compared it to one from several years ago when the women marched on Washington (at that time, the crowd signed sheets on clipboards, so the count had to be reasonably accurate), I would guess Beck’s crowd was around a hundred thousand give or take. The other pictures and interviews indicated the crowd was drawn from east of the Mississippi and predominately southern states. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, because those are red states.

  64. god did anybody see Beck’s and Palin’s little rally? It scares me a little, since Park Service crowd estimates were in the hundreds of thousands.

    You know, there ARE “Thinking Conservatives.” Folks like this pair convince much of Normal America that all those with conservative leanings think their way. They do not, and it was people just like this – in fact it was Palin herself – who convinced me to vote for Barack Obama.

    If they aren’t careful, I – and a lot of others – will do it again. I believe the ReBiblicans are crafting their own political coffins.

  65. Alaskapi -

    Superb. I’m up for a new book; is Ortega translated, or are you reading in Spanish? My Spanish is very poor.

    As one ages, it slowly dawns that people everywhere really are just the same, doesn’t it? I just spent a day in Pittsburgh with my old boss and his wife, who is not only 25 years his junior (go Dr. G!), but is ethnic Slav and Pole. She has spent the last ten years reconnecting with her folks in Europe and is now fluent in Slavic, entirely self-taught, and visits Europe regularly to get connected with the “old folks.” I always loved her vivaciousness and brain (we were in residency together) but she has just flowered in the diversity that is central Pittsburgh.

    Greytdog -

    I enjoy your posts; I would ask that you please don’t paint everyone who disagrees (or for that matter, agrees) with you with the same brush. I would submit your beef is with ‘individuals,’ not groups, and I would like to be considered an individual. If you like what I say, fine. If not, that is still me talking, not somebody else. As for right/left, I said at the outset that I am fed up with both; the “nanny-ness” of the one and the fascist leanings of the other. I don’t need a nanny or a daddy. I need people to manage my country in everyone’s best interest and I think both have failed miserably. You won’t find anyone more anti-military than Poolman and we are entirely on the same page most of the time.

    As for M&H being welcoming – I would submit that M&H is neither welcoming nor forbidding. Whoever M&H are – and they may be exactly who they say – they basically post in a vacuum, not responding in any way to commenters like ourselves. In my mind they are like gods: they may or may not exist but it doesn’t matter, since they don’t get involved in man’s lives in any measurable way. So it seems to me that there is no “atmosphere” here – it’s just individuals interacting with other individuals. If you don’t like what someone has to say, do what I do: scroll past.

  66. I used to like coming here – the posts were always interesting, humorous, and often thought provoking. I’m not into group think of any ilk, and I enjoyed the give and take between UAW and myself. Even when he annoyed me the most, I still enjoyed his company. We could go round and round and yell and stomp, but at the end of the conversation, he remained someone who had become a “friend” – someone I respected despite our differences. I don’t like coming here so much because some of the folks have turned this into what I called a mini-AZ: gotta prove your bona fides, show your papers, delineate your educational and professional background before your opinion can be posted. What a crock. I can’t stand self righteousness from either the left or the right. And just because I’m a die-hard left leaning liberal doesn’t mean that I am unable or unwilling to see the possibilities in other points of view. But for some folks, that’s almost a crime of treason (oy). So M&H remains welcoming in theory, but in reality, not so much.

    “we …find it easier to be aroused by a moral dogma than to open our hearts to the demands of veracity”

    The state of human nature. . .succinctly defined. Thanks Alaskapi!

  67. Civility is ill defined here…
    Sometimes it seems to mean politeness, sometimes not being allowed to disagree with someone, sometimes…

    unless we define terms like civility, tolerance, racism, etc within a group we are doing very little to get anything done.

    from Jose Ortega y Gasset in Meditations on Quixote:

    “we …find it easier to be aroused by a moral dogma than to open our hearts to the demands of veracity. We are definitely more willing to hand over our free will to a rigid moral attitude than to keep our judgment always open, ready at any moment for the desirable form and correction.

    One might say that we embrace the moral imperative like a weapon in order to simplify life for ourselves by destroying immense portions of the globe.

    With keen vision Nietzsche has detected forms and products of resentment in certain moral attitudes. No product of resentment can evoke our sympathy. Rancor emanates from a sense of inferiority.

    It is the imaginary suppression of the person whom we cannot actually suppress by our own efforts.The one towards whom we feel resentment bears in our imagination the livid semblance of a corpse: in our minds, we have killed him, annhilated him.

    Later, when we find him actually sound and unconcerned in reality, he seems to us like a refractory corpse , stronger than ourselves, whose very existence is an embodiment of mockery, of disdain towards our weakness.

    Love (knowledge for Ortega) fights too, it does not stagnate in the troubled peace of compromise; but it fights lions as lions and gives the name “dog” only to dogs.

    This struggle with an enemy who is understood is true tolerance, the proper attitude of every robust soul. Jose de Campos , the eighteenth century thinker, whose interesting book Azorin has discovered , wrote : ” The virtues of tolerance are rare in poor peoples ” ; that is to say, weak peoples.”

  68. Poolman , yep some on the porch do stink..but heh…even I have been known to have similar effects on some of the regular posters here. But you know there have been a lot of first timers or at least some with Schizo personalities of their other M&H names.
    I’m willing to listen to anyone’s point of view as long as they are civil. Some of the ole crowd though just don’t want to acknowledge that there are always two sides to a story and many sides to our political system.
    Hey Poolman..I have not seen you say that the Armed forces are in cahoots with the Incas to destroy the world as we know it. Or do you not think that plausible?
    Any other interesting theories come up lately..I like ya man..its just that those Meds posting..and the Psych drivel you were posting is popycock..and thats being nice. Man just by osmosis thru wife and working in and around people in Big Pharma and medicine..
    The closest your going to get to a conspiracy theory in meds is the Scientology Movement theories that have been around for years. They are always at the Psych conventions marching and chanting..see ya there!

  69. Poolman -

    “Dissenting views help shape or strengthen our own. Not all flavors taste well together, but some greatly enhance others. Life is a mixed bag”

    Hear! Hear!

  70. It seems we are all obsessed with trolls and troll-like behaviors. I am no expert, but I would call the thirty-some odd hits M&H got the other night from trolls and the rest just opposing views. Of those, some are rude, some long-winded, some thoughtless, and others just have bad people/communication skills.

    If we are going to progress as a nation, we will need to be more tolerant and forgiving of those around us, focusing our energies on exposing injustices and the criminals that rule us. True patriots demand accountability and transparency from our leaders and in our government. Our greatest enemies to freedom and humanity are prospering within our borders.

    Trolls are a nuisance, but are not a threat to our livelihood. Rudeness and vulgarity reveal how unenlightened we truly are. Dissenting views help shape or strengthen our own. Not all flavors taste well together, but some greatly enhance others. Life is a mixed bag. Shalom.

  71. Good morning all. I posted this in the kitchen, but did not know how many go from the porch to there. It is a movie lasting an hour and almost forty minutes. Dial up connections will probably have difficulty, though they offer a low res option. The original footage it contains is AMAZING – lots of memories. I would offer this should be required viewing for all citizens of this country if they want to understand how we got to where we are. Even if you can only do bite-sized chunks, it is very enlightening. This should arm you with good knowledge to help in wading through today’s economic/political landscape.


  72. Hello all -

    I’ve been thinking about this blog for a while, and the “troll” problem – (which actually may – or may not – exist).

    It seems to me that this is a pretty good blog, and worth saving – and not just because Helen is a decent writer with an acerbic wit. There are also some pretty smart posters here with a lot of experience who bring different and divers (no that’s not a typo) points of view to the discussion. Many, if not most, are reasonable and polite in their presentations, although there are notable exceptions.

    I ran across a “troll” site and would like to copy and paste a small excerpt, if I may. I will try to make it short, but there is some good advice there:


    “Who is NOT a Troll?
    Just because someone has said something you happen to not like, it does not mean that they are a Troll. They may just not like you, or you may have a difference of opinion. It happens! Deal with it.

    If a post is on-topic, assume that it is not a Troll. The more wayward it gets, the more likely it is to be one.”

    I think there are some who would do well to take that advice to heart – PFesser

    “Everyone posts something they regret later on – so give the poster some leeway. If they really offend you, just Killfile them – I can’t say this enough.”

    Like me, for example – I can’t tell you the things I have said in my life I wish I could take back. Maybe others have, too.

    “Similarly, YOU may be accused of being a Troll. In which case, don’t get upset. Find out what it is that people don’t like you doing, and stop it.”


    If it looks like a duck, &c, maybe it’s a *duck*. If you exhibit troll-like behavior, such as name-calling, slap-and-run, insult – but never respond to the poster’s argument – then maybe *you* would be considered by some as a Troll. The mirror can sometimes be a very unforgiving instrument. Think about it.

    End of minor rant.

  73. Dr Laura needs to crawl back into the hole she came out of. There are certain people in our sociiety who need to GO AWAY and she’s one of them.

  74. Sorry -

    That last anonymous was me. Keep forgetting to check that email box…

    Craig -

    I think I had told you I was going to visit my old department chairman in Pittsburgh yesterday. After nearly an hour trying to get the Govt. employees to activate my flight plan, I finally took off and forced them to open the plan in the air. jesus.

    I got to fly over an hour in the clouds. I don’t think I will ever get comfortable with that, but as they say, it was good experience. Crossing those mountains into Elkins, WV in the clouds was scary. I knew what was under me, even though I couldn’t see it, having hunted that area as a teenager. They found a single-engine plane in those rugged thickets about ten years ago that had been lost twenty years! Uggh!

    Anyway, my old Boss looks younger at 83 than I do. I still can’t bring myself to call him anything other than “Dr. G_____” although I don’t call any other of my Dr. friends “Dr.” Great day all around, although it looks like we had some kids spreading graffiti here at M&H. Looking at some of the swipes at you and James, I had to laugh; I was struck by the difficulty of telling them apart from the juveniles. I’ll email you privately; I have noticed a pattern here you will get a chuckle from; my guess is you have already noticed it yourself.

  75. James -

    104 is very benign in a child; in an adult it indicates something seriously wrong. It would be very rare for even the flu to cause that kind of fever. Think pneumonia, cholecystitis, kidney or bladder infection, colitis. You need to get to the doctor, my friend.

    I am assuming you are too sick to read M&H, but posting just in case…

  76. Sarah Lynne -

    I think that may be the U.S.S Wisconsin, which is in mothballs at Norfolk. We visited it last summer.

  77. Hey, delurkergirl, I’ll be back when M&H post, just don’t have the time or patience to deal w. the haters here. I’m good, thanks. :o)

  78. Gregario, You should try original material for once.
    Or at least give credit where due.


  79. The honor system here is only effective for honorable people. Clayo, I don’t suppose you’ll see this but there are places of respite if you are interested.


  80. Unsubscribing from the Troll Patrol, will be back in touch when the ladies post again.
    Trolls, please get a life, a clue. Not sure if these trolls are of from any kind of religious bent, but they sure aren’t getting the message of God’s love or respect for any other humans or for the planet in general. I pity you.
    Scraping off my shoes as I leave the porch.
    James, 104 is a serious brain boiling temp, do not ignore it and take care of yourself. Just from one human being to another…

  81. This morning I went to sign my dogs up for welfare.

    At first the lady said,
    “Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare.”

    So I explained to her that my dogs
    are mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging
    clue who their Daddys are. They expect me to feed them, provide them with
    housing and medical care.

    So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes to qualify.

    My dogs get their first checks Friday.

    Darn, this is a great country!

  82. James..
    saw you were sick..what about the fever..any better?

  83. Get a life James.

  84. Karma is a bitch, James!

  85. Get to a doctor James!

  86. “…Afghanistan is stalled at best. What would you do to fix the problem?” – James

    Well, if it were up to me, we would have never invaded the country. At the time, I believed everything they were telling us, even that they “knew” it was Osama within minutes after it took place. Yet the FBI still doesn’t associate that crime with him. Why were John O’Neill and Sibel Edmond’s (among many others) advanced warnings ignored?

    Now I know that “problem” was of our own making. We (forces within our government) invented and propped up the enemy. We bought the weapons, we trained them, and we’ve used them to achieve certain objectives.

    If we truly believe the unproven conspiracy theory that 19 US trained hijackers did 9 eleven with Al Qaeda’s planning and support, why didn’t we invade Saudi Arabia? Why did we fly Saudis out of the country right after that day when all other flights were grounded? Saudi Arabia abuses their population and their women. We’ve used those reasons also for our continued conflict – to “liberate” them, and enforce “human rights”.

    As far as “fixing the problem” is concerned, all we have managed is to exacerbate it. The warlords will hold and gain control and have profitted through us financially and strategically. Karzai is corrupt and his authority is depised. If we leave now or later, nothing changes except the death toll. The warlords will still control it. There is not and never was, a military solution there. Many have tried and failed.

    “What would it cost in unintended consequences and money?” – James

    The money spent already is huge and not accounted for. We have paid out plenty to ALL sides of the conflict. We have supported the war – not our troops. But that isn’t anything new. We might as well have put money through a shredder and used it for compost, though I don’t think it decomposes well. That would have at least given us a better and healthier ROI.

    Whether the consequences were intended or not depends entirely on whose shoes you are in.

    The Taliban kept the drug production in check, though their treatment of women doesn’t bode well with our western culture. With our suppression of the Taliban, we have encouraged the opium production, now at its highest level ever.

  87. James,
    Have you been eating eggs?

  88. I took my temperature–104.2.

  89. azgrandma ,
    That amusement park on NE side of Lubbock…
    Joyland Park is located in MacKenzie State Park, off of Interstate 27.

    Sounds like a good time. A lot of good Live music in Lubbock.
    Eagles are coming in early October..but their high end ticket is near $140..kinda steep for today’s economy.

  90. James, I think you need to have your meds checked?
    You seem to be tripping.

  91. Here is another oldie group I like–Buddy Holly and the Crickets. One of his guitarists was a guest on KFAB, Omaha.

    The group is still touring, and they have a Buddy Holly look a like.They have been back to Clear Lake, Ia.

    He said Waylon Jennings joked about the plane’s crashing when he gave up his seat on the plane and had to ride the bus to Fargo-Moorehead. He felt guilt for years. The guitarist did too.

    He finally looked up Richie Valenz’s mother and sister though he felt guilty at surviving. They were happy to be in contact again.

    Paul McCartney said the guitarist was one of the best in the world, but I don’t remember his name.

  92. Poolman, I have enjoyed our little discussion. It shows we agree over half the time, which is pretty good.

    We both know Afghanistan is stalled at best. What would you do to fix the problem? What would it cost in unintended consequences and money? I don’t know what we can do which works. Even the status quo seems unsustainable over time.

    What did you mean when you mentioned a mutiny? I tend to agree with that statement.

    I am sicker than an Iowa chicken today and am taking the day off.

  93. Shame

  94. Retarded people actually prefer that that term. It’s easier to pronounce.

  95. Save the whales! Save my sister!

  96. Hell is going to be a very crowded place.

  97. Porch Monkey.
    Porch Monkey.
    Porch Monkey.

    What da hell does that mean anyways?

  98. N Word.
    N Word.
    N Word.

  99. Hey, alaskapi, comb over much?

  100. Stop using the term Tard. It’s offensive to retarded people.

  101. Takes an eskimo to know one, I guess.

  102. Nice set of RV’s ya got there honey.

    Franklin Jones six.

    George Cerny has small sex organs.

  103. WWAJD?
    (what would Auntie Jean do?)

  104. So, is old colorful gonna show back up and starting typing in tongues after this load of preschoolers gets rounded up and back on the bus?
    Helen- your soirees take some wacko turns at times! :-)

  105. Helen isn’t real. All you sheep need to get a freakin’ life!

  106. Matthew! Clean up on aisle Five!

  107. Did you say you lost a limb in the war?

  108. Oh my…we seem to have been hit by a flock of trolls.
    Duck and Cover, People!!!!!

  109. How did you lose your leg? Talk slow….

  110. Come over here and smell this.

  111. Yard was right. That was her maiden name.

  112. Yes. I meant to say tard. Sorry about that. Margaret is a tard.

  113. Yard? Did you mean Tard?

  114. Woof, Woof, N-G-O
    Woof, Woof, N-G-O and BINGO was his name-0

  115. Clang, Clang, Clang went the trolley!
    Ding, Ding, Ding, went the bell!

  116. You called my family fat!

  117. Liza touched me.

  118. Can you cum to New Orleans?

  119. Margaret is a yard. Helen rules.

  120. Would you like to speak to me?

  121. HEY!!!! I’m black and I love me some Margaret & Helen!
    You ain’t right.

  122. WWTHANU!!!

    Women with thin hair and nodules unite!!!

  123. Oh my God. They hit that cat.

  124. Hi Helen and Margaret!
    Love your blog.

    I was wondering how Margaret is doing? I live in Maine too and I always enjoyed reading her funny remarks.

  125. You bunch of Yahoos! You probably shoot animals from a helicopter, don’t you?

  126. I said blacks are fine. Shit for brain butt lickers not so much. Now scram ya dick head!

  127. HEEERRREEEE Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!!!!!

  128. The USS Butt Pirate ya moron ass wipe!

  129. I was told that this was a NO BLACKS blog.

  130. No. They allow blacks here. They just don’t allow butt pirates like you dip wad!

  131. Hi,
    Can you tell me the name of the ship you two ladies were photographed on?

  132. Oh thank goodness. I’ve finally found a blog that doesn’t allow blacks.

  133. Hi out there. Anyone here had an abortion? Anyone? Mary Jane? Anyone?

  134. Azgrandma -

    I have an old ’62 model Cessna that I am finally getting the time off to learn to fly right. It flies a little crooked, and there is a guy in Lubbock who is the best in the country at straightening them out.

    Maybe one of these days you’ll see me knockin’ on your front door. It’s only about eight hours from Virginia. We can match tales; I think you are the only person I’ve met who can beat mine!!

  135. It’s so good to have you back. You’ve been in my prayers. Thanks for so clearly saying what I’ve been thinking. Take care.

  136. K2inSF -

    I don’t know what it is, but Laura Shlessinger really crawls up my nose. I have a mouthy, crass cousin just like her and she drives me wild. She is now 72; several years ago we had a local flood in WV and she just couldn’t wait to tell everyone that she didn’t hear it because she and her husband were having sex on the kitchen table at the time (two in the morning). jesus…TMI…

    She was quite an excitable girl in her youth and unfortunately the old people remember *everything.* She was trying to horn in on a conversation among some older women about twenty years ago – one of whom was my mother. My mom was a salty old girl and didn’t care much about offending folks if necessary.

    Right in the middle of the conversation, Marlene said, “You know Donna, I don’t have a single hair on my tw*t.”

    My mother never missed a beat. “Hell, Marlene, grass don’t grow on a runway!”

    god the good old days. All gone now.

  137. avotresante -

    Man, that’s a cool name. I’m sure there is a story…

    I didn’t even know about him until he got killed, and was played a lot on local FM radio. I was talking to a guy at the Y who was a real guitar-ista and we were discussing SRV.
    “Yeah man, nobody even gave him the time of day until he got killed.” I shut up real fast, since that was ME, but he thought I was a long time fan…LOL

    I have periods when I can’t get him out of my mind for weeks. Another – very different one – is the Soggy Bottom Boys “Man of Constant Sorrow.” I don’t know why but it really does it for me. Reminds me of the old people’s tales of the hollers where I grew up I guess. I think it was written in the ‘teens? maybe…?

    My wife believes in “race memory” – which I had never heard of. But one night I was listening to NPR and they were doing Celtic music and Nightnoise’s “A Different Shore”

    started playing. I had never heard it before and out of the blue I just started crying. It flipped me out; I’m 6’1″ 215# and I f’in’ DON’T CRY, dammit. Very weird. She said it was a “race memory” of the Highlands. Hell I don’t know, but it sure was weird…I still love it, but it is very hard to hear.

  138. azgrandma. Um, maybe get your own blog? I think this space is for “Comments”?

    Like this:

    Great Post, Helen!
    We missed you!!

    just saying…

  139. I agree with no one’s puppet.

  140. Poolman, I’m not rewriting history. One of Hussein’s sons in law defected in the mid nineties and said the WMDs were being dismantled with parts hidden for later reconstruction. Nobody paid attention.

    Now pubic site quotes George Piro, an FBI agent assigned to question Saddam Hussein for several months. He was a guest on 60 Minutes in January, 2008. Saddam “deliberately foisted on the world the deception that he had many kinds of weapons of mass destruction–chemical, biological, and nuclear. This deception took many forms and was carried out because Saddam feared most an attack from Iran, and he thought it was the only thing that would prevent that from happening.”

    American Spectator’s Laurie Mylroie wrote : “That was what kept him…in power. That capability kept the Iranians away.”

    You are on sounder ground when you write the invasion was illegal. The resolution was so vague opponents or supporters of the war could cherry pick something prove their cases.

    Guest jurist Professor Mary Ellen O’Connel professor of law at Ohio State University wrote that the UN Security Counsel Resoluton 1441 was “remarkably vague” but spelled out conditions Hussein was to follow after the first Gulf War. Serious consequences would follow if he failed to do so.” He violated several of the resolutions. For example, his forces regularly shot at our planes patrolling the no fly zone.

    Early on, there was doubt the allies could use the resolution to justify an invasion. Colin Powell wrote to Syria “Security members will have an opportunity to state their assessment of whether serious consequences are called for or not.”

    “…To that extent, the resolution is not a cynical exercise to provide legal cover for a US invasion. Indeed, it requires restraint on the part of the US. too. The resolution weakens US arguments of authority to use force under prior resolutions, in the face of material breach or to pre-empt threats. However, Resolution 1441 does open the door for Security Council authorized action, including force, should Saddam fail to comply in good faith.”

    Procon.com quoted a UN resolution “.. Iraq has been and remains in material breach of its obligations under relevant resolutions, including resolution 687…”

    Michael Byers of the University of British Columbia wrote “A careful perusal of Resolution 1441 reveals ground for arguments both for and against the existance of a Security Council authorization for the use of force against Iraq in 2003–and this in a document that resulted from eight weeks of negotiations among governments that were working hard either to secure or deny such authorization. Thejr failure to close off one or the other sets of arguments suggest that the ambiguities were intentional and that the potential for deep disagreement over the legal meaning of the document was consciously accepted at the time.”

    It’s obvious to me that the Americans and British were looking for any pretext they could find to justify an invasion. I think they would have gone in, UN resolution or not. However, the resolution’s wording and Hussein’s infractions, including human rights violations gave them legal cover so vague one could just as easily say the war was illegal or legal, depending on the view point.

    You are wrong to say the Iraqi war was illegal. You are also right.

  141. Sooner or later, you get what you ask for and we got you azgrandma!

  142. One particular weekend in June or July ’78 Joe ely was headlining as he was in town. He lived out in the country just east of Lubbock at that time, near that old amusement park, can’t remember the name of it. Rusty Weir and his band were the warm up that weekend, up from Austin and there was one other local group in the line up. Now when ely played coldwater you couldn’t get anywhere near that place. When Last call went out we were already locked down back in the VIP room with me figuring I’d be doing good to come wandering in as the sun was coming up. At some point the bands were really getting rowdy and decided to take the party on the road! I’m thinking hallellujah! Home before 3:30am!!!!! To exit my bar after hours one didn’t go through the outside door to the parking lot. You left back behind the physical bar, through the money room and the employee coat room, to be let out the “office” door NW side of the building. Everybody’s shuffling out getting a quick hug and peck from me, see ya next time honey…well as Rusty went to give me a hug, he says “awh hell little gal come on!” Next thing I know he picks me up like a sack o’ taters and slings me over his shoulders ’cause they’re having too much fun and my boss can just close ‘er down! Know what I mean..:wink:…!

    I got carried out to joe’s old beat up Winnebago motor home he toured around west Texas in, and spent the next 4 hours driving around the loop! Just circling the city!!! Partying with the boys!

    Lost in space I was back then, but man I had fun! Met some of the most incredible performers and saw some of the most spectacular live music. And yes, I was a wild child. Completely out of control back then. Whew! Thank the Good Lord above He rescued me and I survived! LOL! And yes pfessor, I DO have tons of stories! And I must say, looking back, it’s hard to believe, that that gal was this grandma!

    As the future becomes the past, I’ll share some more of my stories (if our wonderful hosts let me)….even though I’m not that woman anymore, all my experiences went into shaping me into the individual I am today and I would NOT change a moment of it! Oh, btw….for those of you who may take issue with me….and what I may choose to post here…if you’re unreasonable, why you can just kiss my grits. Don’t think you can just pigeon hole me with the rest of the right wing asshats. You couldn’t be more wrong. As I said, I am a Jesus freak hippy, and the God I see revealed in the canon called “the Bible” is a much more LIBERAL God than the wingnuts make Him out to be! Ya know…to quote Jethro Tull….”He’s not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays”! Don’t like my take?!?….as many have said, “Scroll, Baby Scroll”

    God bless! and Peace ya’ll :smile:

  143. I drove into Lubbock the 2nd week of July ’76, so my boy toy could begin Tech that August.

    We’d gone out for a weekend previously in May so we could look for accommodations, and go on and get a lease in place so we had a place to land when we drove in. Got an apt on 17th st. about 5 blocks east of University…maybe ave. R. We were there for 6 months and then rented a tiny little house on 32nd St. and ave. J, that was built in 1930. We were there 3 years before renting a huge house on Main st. right across the parking lot from the behemoth Church of Christ that faced south on Broadway. That was OUR serious party house pfessor! Boy toy and roomies full time students (art majors man!) There were always folks crashed out on the floors. The turntable and the vinyl were my domain and I made it a point to keep the tunes rockin’ when I wasn’t asleep! Or at work.

    When I was in Lubbock Craig, the loop was there! Before my family left in June of ’94, the interstate that wiped out the traffic circle over on the Slaten hwy, (remember the circus inn?) had been completed and the house we’d lived in on 32nd and J was on the frontage road for the interstate!

    Funny story involving the loop….as I said before, I was a bar keep out at Cold Water, and the area I worked in, inside the honky tonk, was called the VIP Room. It was gutted and remodeled and renamed The Backstage Bar in ’80. It was a private lounge, when I first went to work at Cold Water, built into the SW corner of the building. This building had been an auto dealership and a bowling alley in the past, so it was huge. Third largest honky tonk in the US at the time.

    You have to remember, those of you reading, that Lubbock was a dry county. No booze for sale anywhere ‘cept out at the “Strip” south of town! Which was owned and run by a group of baptist deacons, ha! You could buy a membership to a private club, and there were college haunts located to the east of Tech, so you could buy liquor by the drink there. But nowhere else!

    Anyway, the VIP Room was 3 rooms set up like an efficiency apartment. It was all mirrors and shag carpet halfway up the walls in place of wainscoting. The main area was the bar. Had 4 stools and 2 large round tables that would hold 10 each. The 2 other rooms were set up with intimate groupings of furniture to sit and talk privately and then there were all the huge sectionals covered in rust colored suede that would make out into queen size beds. Oh, and the 15′ by 6′ 2 way glass in the upper room that looked out on the bull riding machine on the honky tonk floor! There was a bathroom with an extensive vanity, a walk in closet, and shower. Built to accommodate upwards to 6 folks btw. This was important for some of those after hours parties that went on for the national talent that toured through! Now there’s some stories…….but I digress.

  144. So glad you gals are back! I was getting worried.

    Funny how the right will get themselves in a lather about their little darlings be exposed to Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn” but scream to high heaven when Dr. Laura’s employer shows her the door. Context, people!

    Dr. Laura absolutely has the Constitutional right to say the N word as much as she wants. And even the ACLU would defend her if she was thrown in jail for doing so. But her employer has the right to fire her for any legal reason (it wouldn’t be legal to fire her because of her race, sex, etc. although in Texas it still might be legal to fire her if she were gay). Since I don’t think Dr. Laura would stoop to being in a union, she’s probably an “at will” employee or her actions violated the terms of her contract.

    But she really shouldn’t worry; with her mouth and her attitude, she should have a place on Fox News any day now, right next to Glenn Beck. Or maybe she can be the vacation replacement for Rush Limbaugh?

  145. Good morning porch dwellers. Beautiful day! Enjoying all the music memories. :grin: It is amazing how that can transport you right back to the past, even to the very smell and taste of a moment. Ahhh, the wonderful power of the mind….

    James, you are wrong about Iraq. Saddam got rid of his WMD after the first Gulf War and was quite proud of it. It was also confirmed by UN weapons inspectors. Google David Kelly.

    But that didn’t fit the picture we wanted. We had not received UN approval for invasion – as a matter of fact, we basically flipped them off. Saddam WAS in compliance with the UN regarding his weapons and was suspicious that some were trying to plant false evidence to set him up. There was some evidence revealed that was the case.

    Planning for the invasion took place before 9-11. FOIA obtained documents support all this. Google Paul Wellstone or John P. O’Neill. I have a long list of sources and references, some I have linked here before. You can’t rewrite history, though plenty are trying to do just that.

    Peace to all!

  146. Regarding the RFK school..don’t we all feel that its the teachers the paperwork..and the fact that the students only go to school for “X” many days compared to our European and Asian counterparts.
    The physical structure is not going to make the students brighter or better. That’s like saying a more spiffy church is going to get you closer to God. Looks good but its what goes on, on the inside that counts.
    Pay the teachers. But as an aside..my son went to a nice church school in DFW and graduated in a class of fifty. Was he better then his counterparts in regular schools..not really. The students have to want it as well.
    Is it a cultural thing? Asian students have better grades? I don’t know..
    And finally the curriculum. More Math,English and Science.

  147. azgrandma,
    Lubbock has grown from when I visited my wife in med school in early 70′s. They actually have a loop and I get get to the airport in 17 min from south lubbock. No hour and half or traffic to worry about.
    Vince Vance..wow what a “doo” piled high,
    and that girl that could belt out “All I want for Xmas is You” Great party group for dancing to the oldies several times in DFW.
    Add to my list..Moody Blues,Spankey,Mamas/Papas,
    Simon/Garfunkle, CHarlie Rich,Hollies, GilbertO Sullivan,Byrds,Creedance ,Ray Charles,Fifth Dimension,Drifters,Zombies,Turtles and the Jefferson Airplane..plus many more.

  148. Regarding the new RFK school in Los Angeles built on the site of the old Ambassador Hotel where Bobby was slain, is this the kind of school Bill Gates keeps raving on about when he claims that all of the existing schools are no good and need to be either rebuilt or completely demolished and start from scratch?

  149. I enjoyed reading the music discussion. I like most of the groups mentioned. The Beatles Ed Sullivan performance filled our college lobby.

    Years later, my wife and I spotted John Lennon on a London street, and we posed for a picture on Abby Road. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were outside of the building when they sang Get Back on the roof. Someone called the police because of the noise.

    Reach out in the Darkness by Friend and Lover was a favorite of a musician friend because of the harmony. He couldn’t tie a neck tie, and a friend had tied one for him in basic training. Whenever he wore dress blues, he used that tie.

    Jim Morrison and the Doors were also good. Some airmen in our squadron had a rock band named the Blue Bus after a line in one of the Door’s songs.

    I also like Spanky and Our Gang and T Rex’s Get it on (Bang a Gong). The Kingston Trio was good too. We still have our and my parents’ record collection, but we need to buy a new record player.

  150. azgrandma, Stevie Ray’s “Couldn’t Stand The Weather” still goes around in my head.

  151. Poolman, Saddam Hussien’s government with his weapons of mass destruction was the enemy. Our goal was to get rid him and create a freer beachhead in the Middle East. We did that and we drove most of al Quiada back to Afghanistan and other places.

    It began as a conventional war. Our daughter’s former college room mate ended up driving trucks into Baghdad behind the first wave. A bomb nearly tipped her truck over. Rumsfeld’s strategy was to leave a light foot print with a lightning war. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough troops to fill the administrative vacume, and other groups began fighting.

    Wars are messy, and right now, Iraq is too weak to be an effective counter balance to Iran. I don’t think the Iraqis would have been very effective anyway. Hussein dismantled his weapons of mass destruction for later reassembly. He maintained the fiction of their existence so well his generals didn’t know. He did it as a deterrent to his enemies.

    The United States invaded under the strength of UN resolutions Hussein had ignored. We were enforcing them. Maybe it was thin cover, but it is how the administration justified the war.

    I agree about a lot of the cost, and my wife and I opposed the war before it started. I agree we are failing in Afghanistan. We won in Iraq, but time will tell if it was a Pyric victory.

    Joe Biden’s comment was my idea of a little ironic joke.

  152. Azgrandma -

    My wife’s christmas present was tickets to a Moody Blues concert in DC last spring, with backstage pass. I was so worried they would be an embarrassment, but man did they rock! Graeme Edge was just ready to turn 69. I named my younger son after him, David Graeme. There were just three left, John Lodge, Justin Hayward, Graeme Edge. They had picked up a lovely and VERY GOOD floutist and a second drummer and an amazing young keyboardist.

    Rare Earth: One of my favorite bands of all time. Man did my roomies and I party down to Rare Earth! We had rented a house near town and painted the basement walls flat black. My one roommate was the consummate artist and painted an outer space scene on the black walls in black light paint; when you turned on the black light that was all you saw and the paints were brilliant. It was like you were floating in space. We were a popular destination for partiers, as you might imagine. A businessman had bought the house as an investment and let his son, who live in the next house over, manage it. He was a dental student and partied as hard as we did, so he didn’t care what we did to the house. I just talked to him last week. Small world.

    The ‘Seventies. Good times. Lots of drinkin’, lots of smokin’ weed, lots of sex. Did OK in my classes, too. I think if I went back I would study harder and party harder. Too much wasted time. I told my wife that my goal is – when I am 94 and sitting in a wheel chair by the nurse’s station somewhere, peeing myself and drooling, to overhear some nurse say, “I wonder what that old sumbitch grins about all the time?” heh…heh…

  153. Shoulda been “Cold Water Country”! My bad…going to bed now!

  154. I can sure dig it Craig! 8-25 9:23p

    And no…I am not being facetious.

    I am, despite my Texas roots, not into cowboy “thangs”. Not to say that faith hill can’t cause me to weep from time to time, or even reba! Does the fact, that when I lived in Lubbock, joe ely’s wife sharon used to cut my hair, down on main street at her and vicktor’s main street salon? It was right next door to main street saloon! Spent plenty of time in there!

    I am just a Jesus freak hippy with a great appreciation for the music of the 60′s and 70′s! Raised on gospel, the old standard hymns, and classical music.

    Older cousins did listen to contemporary music of the times. I was into the beatles and the stones. Some elvis, james brown, The mighty Zep, Lydia pense and cold blood, guess who and the who. bad finger, ccr, janice joplin, and rere(aretha f. for the uninitiated) for just a small sample of what I liked and still like!

    I’ve got an extensive collection of spacey new age-y music, random cd’s of thunder storms or apache pipes, contemporary praise….and the list goes on and on as I much prefer to stimulate myself aurally, than with the boob tube. I really enjoy sting, lenny kravitz, pink floyd, moody blues, yes! Stevie Ray! Any one remember rare earth? Any one remember the tube’s? Right out of scottsdale az. How about vince vance and the valient’s? They were located in and toured out of the DFW area. They would come through Lubbock about every 6 months and always played out at the cold water company. (’76 through the early 80′s). They covered 50′s and 60′s music and slung salad on the audience! That memory brought a chuckle!

    Hey, enjoy your music Craig. signing off for the night….5am comes early!

    God bless and peace ya’ll :smile:

  155. Oh Please tell me you are real!!!!
    I never even thought about that…Helen not real??

  156. Helen, here’s hoping you really are *real*, and here to stay. I’d love to see you post video! Always love seeing new posts from you.

  157. PFesser, the bible is full of records of war and the carnage and conquest of nations and peoples. Most of that from the old testament. Stories of humanity. Wisdom for life. Warnings for wrong living and promises for faithful service and perseverance throughout. It serves as a history book, though the dates are distorted from other records and some of the information seems to have been MANipulated. There are truths and mysteries contained in it, often confirmed within other sources – sacred and otherwise.

    But to most it is meaningless, or at least subject to suspicion. Many have used it to push an agenda or justify actions. It has been used to bless and curse. It holds the key to freedom and serves to imprison. A paradox. Truly though, without a spiritual guide to reveal the hidden mysteries, most think it mere gibberish.

    The original creation had no need for written record, as all wisdom and knowledge was imparted by practice and oral means. As soon as something is written it is stagnant and one dimensional. In our humanity, we can only attempt to recreate the essence of the inference. So we end up with a lot of hit-and-miss.

    Now, as far as Pete Seeger and those old folk songs, it was and still is beautiful, heartfelt, universal, and moving. We haven’t changed. Left on our own, we won’t. There are both great and destructive traits throughout this human strain. We have unlimited potential to go either direction, but only one of those directions uplifts and helps sustain the species.

  158. Thank You kind anonymous!

    Anod and tip of the hat back at cha! :wink:

  159. Remember the “Eve of Destruction” by Barry McGuire? I put together a 60′s compilation of tunes on my I-Pod last week and that is one that made it along with The Association’s “Requiem For The Masses’
    Two great tunes which were emblematic of our generation.

  160. Poolman -

    re: military stretched all over the globe
    Do you remember this?

    words and music by Pete Seeger
    performed by Pete Seeger and Tao Rodriguez-Seeger

    Where have all the flowers gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the flowers gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the flowers gone?
    Girls have picked them every one
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?

    Where have all the young girls gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the young girls gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the young girls gone?
    Taken husbands every one
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?

    Where have all the young men gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the young men gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the young men gone?
    Gone for soldiers every one
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?

    Where have all the soldiers gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the soldiers gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the soldiers gone?
    Gone to graveyards every one
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?

    Where have all the graveyards gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the graveyards gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the graveyards gone?
    Covered with flowers every one
    When will we ever learn?
    When will we ever learn?

    ©1961 (Renewed) Fall River Music Inc
    All Rights Reserved.

    Yes, when will they ever learn…

  161. If anyone is interested in helping out the cause and you have a bit of free time this weekend we could sure use your help.



  162. It’s so good to see another post from you. Did you know you have readers all over the world? Even down here in Australia your posts manage make me laugh and to think about what’s really go on in American politics (which is usually enough to make me want to cry!). As many others have said, you manage to hit the mark every time. Please keep blogging, you have been missed.

  163. Poolman -

    I think I remember some biblical quote about studying war or trifling in war or something like that. Do you know what that is? Maybe it’s that old spiritual about ain’t gonna study war no more…

    Man, we gotta learn one of these days: not every thing that happens in the world is our business. If we need the oil that badly and we don’t have it, we need to get off oil and onto something else for energy. Every empire in history that became militaristic and spent its treasure in military adventuring went by the wayside. Here we are, weak as water, and we just keep shoving money into the military. Will we ever learn?

  164. Hubby and I aren’t hoarding our money, so much as we are spending it down, retirement funds, the economy needs the stimulation. And we like the sharp new furniture.

  165. We missed you, Helen! Thank you for sharing your wit and wisdom again. Hope all is well!

  166. James, obviously, the Iraqis didn’t win. But then, they weren’t the enemy to begin with, right? It was an illegal invasion by us that morphed into “war”, at least we defined it as such. Though it was illegal for us to invade, we don’t care about no stinking rules. They aren’t for us or Israel – just all the others.

    Maybe we could call the Iranians the winners, since Iraq used to keep them in check. Of course they are in our gunsights now. I don’t see how “we” are the winners, though. Maybe if “we” are government contractors like Haliburton, Raytheon, or Blackwater. I suppose then you could call it a win. Or more like a motherlode. Maybe capitalism could be the winner, since we have increased its boundries and given “life” to corporations. Surely if you are a member of PNAC or the neocon agenda, it is a win-win. It did come at the expense of our economy, privacy rights, and some 4,300 US military deaths so far, with over 30,000 physically wounded. The mental damage is still not assessed and likely its impact will never be fully known. Suicide is way up, too. I would include them with the other casualties. Hate for Muslims has risen to an all-time high in the US and we have greatly helped recruit more terrorists and enemies.

    And now we listen to Biden? He is a politician (salesman), what do you expect? Honesty? Integrity? Reality? LOL

    As far as Afghanistan, we ARE losing and really did lose a long time ago. What is it we are trying to accomplish there? But yeah, the warmongers are winning. Unfortunately their “win” doesn’t bode well for the human race.

  167. Gee Travis, if the terrible trio can spread eternal hate and ignorance then it seems like nothing should be off limits including perfectly good advice from an old book.

  168. oh…please…..no bible quotes people….COME ON!!!!

  169. PFessor53, I have been watching this since the September crash. We are paying off our debts as fast as possible, and our land is now all ours. We are trying to accumulate money and we have fruit trees and bushes to augment our garden.

    My elders told us how bad it was during the Great Depression. I should be scared, but we do what we can, just in case.

  170. Poolman, I forgot to define winning. Winning in my opinion is an outcome which gives one side a definite advantage it did not have before the conflict.

    By my definition, we have won the war in Iraq.
    That may change, but today, in spite of crummy conditions. Even Biden said we won. We could still lose Afghanistan.

    What’s your definition?

  171. So true Chrystal! And I might add…..once more…..

    ”Finally, brethren,whatever is true, whatever is lovely, whatever is worthy of reverence and is honorable and seemly, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and lovable, whatever is kind and winsome and gracious, if there is any virtue and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think on and weigh and take account of these things—-fix your mind on them.” Phillipians 4:8 Amplified Bible.

    Can’t play today, company coming! Youngest GS turning 5 on Friday!!!!! Must be domestic. Not my strong suit!

    God bless! Peace ya’ll!

  172. Poolman -

    A#1 on the “volunteer” aspect of the military. My carpenter’s son is 24 and just got turned down for the military. He has been running, lifting weights, playing paintball and is in top shape. His disqualifier? He had low grades in high school. Why does he want to go? He can’t find anything else.

    NOP -

    re: sky is falling.

    It really may be. CNN financial news is now speculating on a second “Great Depression.” Did you see the numbers on housing sales today? Down 25% or thereabouts. LB, a doctor friend of mine and expert investor told me to forget putting solar panels on my house or repaving my driveway. He said to pay on my mortgage as fast as possible; he sees deflation coming, and the Fed has done all it can. It can’t set rates below zero, and if there is deflation, you will be paying with much more valuable dollars. I have canceled my next vacation and the driveway project. I am not a Chicken Little kind of investor, but everything I see right now scares me. I asked my nineteen year-old (programmer) son to continue to live at home to keep his expenses down. It’s never really gotten scary to me yet, but I am concerned for sure now.

  173. Poolman, the Chinese for one, and the Muslims through Iran for another. The Russians want their status back. The Chinese are building up their forces. We won’t have to worry about the Chinese for now, because they own us and we need each other, but things change. We are animals, and you know what happens if they sense weakness.

    I’d like to see us evolve an international balance of power like the one which kept Europe peaceful for years before WW1. Keeping our economies interdependent should help too.

    We were discussing fighting wars with drones a week or so ago. Our Popular Science or one of them came a day later. It had an article about the new dark weapons. We are beginning to pick off enemies with the equivalent of model air planes. They are also working on stalker weapons the size of a grain of rice. Maybe that will be the face of the next war–a giant video game.

    “Volunteer my ass.” That’s the scam.

    The government may not be purposely keeping the unemployment rate high, but it keeps the recruits pouring in. Some of them are my wife’s students.

    Without the service, they would have come to a bad end. The economy is thread bare in a county with only four traffic lights–little choice as you wrote.

    I remember when Madeline Albright said that. She may wear nice pins, but for about five minutes, I thought “that fat cow!” I figured she wasn’t the only one who thought that way.

    Thanks to my past, my stress threshold is so high those overwrought talk show voices bore me. If I listen it is for the jokes or information. I can’t even get into a real snit here. I go through the motions, though. It would be nice to be afraid or mad at the falling sky.

    chrystal, that is the best post of the day, at least.

  174. Everyone should be quick to listen,

    slow to speak,

    and slow to become angry
    JAMES 1:19

  175. Agreed HRH, most of us come here to read Helen, escape the hyperbole from the 24-7s have us on the edge of our seats otherwise. Then of course, it is down hill from there, one tends to leave overwrought, like they are reliving the Cuban Missile Crisis. Someone or someones are always crying, “the sky is falling.”

  176. I love ole maddie! and her pins! LOL

  177. “The United States runs an empire, and as long as nations mean us harm nothing will change until we go broke or lose a war.” – James

    What nations are those? Besides we have gone broke and have lost the war(s). Define winning.

    “We have a volunteer army because the draft would create the mutiny you write of.” – James

    We have kids with no choice but to join the military because we have taken away the other options. Volunteer, my ass. That implies a choice. You want to eat and have shelter and maybe an education. Choices have gotten very slim, unless you’re “connected”.

    James, you might checkout this article:


    “Nearly 20 years ago, a querulous Madeleine Albright demanded to know: “What’s the point of having this superb military you’re always talking about if we can’t use it?” Today, an altogether different question deserves our attention: What’s the point of constantly using our superb military if doing so doesn’t actually work?”

  178. Just so I’m not misunderstood. I read news and opinion in a lot of different places. I’m a bit alarmed at the proliferation of loud, opinionated “entertainers” who make a tidy living frightening and influencing those who are subject to terrors and well, influence. I come here for a break from all that.

  179. Steve -

    Hell, at my age I’m just glad whenever I’m “moved” at all. -wink-


  180. Dear heart, it’s SO good to hear from you. Being an old guy myself these days, I no longer panic if you take your time writing something — nor do I sit under the apple tree shouting “hurry, hurry!” when I want fruit. These things happen in their own time. I’m just glad whenever you’re moved to write.

  181. Poolman, Iraq also has a lot of radio talk shows.

  182. hrn Sofia EQ, you make good points. A cozy little place where nearly everyone agrees has its attractions.

    I’m not criticizing anyone who thinks that, but over the years, I learned not to trust anything. It kept us in farming because what everyone “knew” changed, and those who didn’t realize it in time lost out.

    I listen to as many of the people on right and left as I can because what they do may affect my life. For example, 11 of the people Sarah Palin endorsed have won primaries or elections. Mike and the Mechanics’ “Word of Mouth” is especially appropriate now.

    Poolman, we went over this before. The United States runs an empire, and as long as nations mean us harm nothing will change until we go broke or lose a war. We have a volunteer army because the draft would create the mutiny you write of.

    Yes, it is insanity. I don’t think the “god of capitalism has much to do with it.

    For example, the United States and Russia have been expansionist for generations. The Cold War would have happened, in my opinion whether or not we were both capitalists or communists because of our national cultures.

    The closest thing we have to a mutiny is the TEA Party movement. Their big issue is taxes and spending. If enough of them decided overspending on the military would threaten our future something might change. It would be a long shot, as you know.

    Our government doesn’t seem to care what we think. They are our servants not the other way around.

  183. Poolman -

    Well spoken.

  184. The US is this world’s largest military, costing half the money spent globally on ALL militaries, sucking up over half of our domestic revenues. Why is it deploying troops unfit for fighting and unprepared for what to expect? This is insanity. This is deja vu. We are sacrificing our youth to the god of capitalism. Psychopaths are at the helm, people. It is a good time to consider mutiny if we are going to save the ship.

  185. 3.5 million hits!
    Congratulations Ladies!

  186. HRH sofia EQ you are Queen!

  187. azgrandma, Yes, what you said. All of it.

    Note: I notice a distinct uptick of responses when Margaret and Helen post THEIR thoughts. I believe the purpose of this blog is for people to read their thoughts, and they seems to attract a very large crowd of readers, so they are successful. As for commenters, some could (as someone said way back there somewhere) exchange emails and talk to each other elsewhere. Those of us who agree with the philosophy and politics of M&H could discuss how we agree with those ideas. Over the years, I’ve noticed many comments saying something like “good to know I’m not the only one out hear who thinks like you do.

    Many of us are “older.” We’ve seen a lot and put up with a lot. I’m reminded that when I was a child, in the South, black people were required to separate themselves from whites. I lived through the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Lots of stuff has happened in our lives. Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve pretty much made up my mind about how the world works. I tend to apply this perspective to most issues. Haranguing me with your rants will never change what I think about anything.

    As far as Palen, Schlessinger, Bachmann, What’s his Name, What’s her Name, and their friends, I can easily find something else to occupy my mind while they spew. I’m glad Margaret and Helen show up every now and then to validate that I’m not the only one thinking as I do. Especially since my hero Molly Ivins died. “It’s like, duh. Just when you thought there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties, the Republicans go and prove you’re wrong.”

  188. Craig is a monument to stupid.

  189. A educator/Principle friend in Texas said the Los Angeles RFK school, a K-12 with 4,000 students, figures to to cost around $135,000.00 per student.
    Wonder if it was stimulus dollars to create jobs in order to build this monument to stupid?

  190. no one’s puppet, I didn’t say the health insurance law will fail. I warned it will cost a lot more money than advertised, and we will suffer unintended consequences. The facts speak for themselves. Nancy Pelosi’s saying we wouldn’t know what was in the bill until after it was passed is another sign they were conning us. At the time, people dumped on me and called me crazy or worse. Of course the law would save us money. Obama said so.

    Did you hear about the 1099 rule? Section 9006 says to capture more revenue, the government will require that all companies, large or small will have to prepare 1099s for every $600.00 they spend per vender. For example, if a freelance designer buys a new iMac from the Apple store, he/she will have to file a 1099.

    It will create a lot of expensive paperwork in the agrigate. Right now, 1099s are required for labor type expenditures, not for goods you use. My wife and I have issued 1099s as part of our business. They aren’t horrible, but they do take time and cost a little money.

    An October, 2009 letter of complaint by Congresspeople to the Congressional leaders mentioned ill- defined racial and cultural favoritism. Priority to training institutions would be given to those that “have a record of training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups from a rural or disadvantaged background.” My wife and I are in one of the favored groups.

    Nursing homes and similar facilities may be judged more lienantly for abuse and neglect in rural and minority regions than in other parts of the country.

    Last week our doctor told me the law as written will put us in ” a world of hurt” within a decade. It will be more expensive than advertised and in addition to added costs, the country will face higher Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid bills. She said our rural area is in a favored position compared to other parts of the country, so it won’t be quite so bad here.

  191. Craig -

    Our school system – both the teachers’ side and the administration side – are killing us with their institutionalized mediocrity. Killing us! My wife and I were discussing this very thing yesterday. The Chinese must be laughing their arses off or, more likely, shaking their heads in amused puzzlement.

    A few years back, primarily in response to high taxes, I decided to close my practice for a while, play with my children, and take some engineering classes at a local college. What an eye-opener! We had an exchange program with Taiwan, but it wasn’t just the Chinese students; the education gap between our kids and Everybody Else was stunning. One local boy asked to study with me because “you seem like you know what you are doing,” and I assented. He had top grades in high school, but as it became clear to him how poorly educated he was he became angrier and angrier. I sometimes wondered if he would go back to his old high school and assault somebody.

    A brief stint on the local school board was pretty informative, too. Thanks to having to deal with the teachers’ union and federal/state mandates, we got practically nothing done. It was as if we were driving a bus; we had an accelerator and brake but in addition every passenger was also equipped with his very own brake pedal. We could only move forward if every teacher, every union, every low-level administrator, every fringe group unanimously agreed. I finally realized why school boards accomplish nothing except building schools with bronze plaques on their sides inscribed with the names of board members: that’s all they can get done.


    Which brings us to the RFK school. I understand it perfectly: the administrators in Los Angeles can do nothing substantive to get their kids educated, so they build schools. Good plan.

    In my opinion, if you have children your best move is to teach them Mandarin; I don’t see the school system changing any time soon.

  192. We successfully brought capitalism… or democracy… or whatever it was we intended for Iraq. Now they have the same 20 to 25 percent unemployment rate and a growing porn industry. Chip off the old block….Mission Accomplished!!!

  193. Helen is a man.

  194. Does anyone have a feeling positive /negative about this 500 million dollar RFK memorial school in Los Angeles ?

    I mean how many good teachers could they get for that money? PLus I would like to see the grades at end of next year to see if the decorators touch gave them the will to study harder?

    It’s amazing ..first the little town in South LA county is getting soaked by the Mayor and the Council for Millions and then this monster of a school with a teachers cafeteria that looks like a 4 star restaurant is built on the site where RFK was killed.

    Is this Federal dollars or state and local dollars??

  195. James, you old ass, sometimes, now to be exact, I just want to do the “Boot Scooting Boogie” on your head, you’re right predicting healthcare a failure? A bit premature don’t you think? Disaster before it is even fully implemented?

  196. Claire
    That was 68

  197. Forgot to let Auntie Jean know that I will visit the kitchen shortly. Thanks for the invite. Delurker, here I come!

  198. azgrandma, like your take on things and glad you are commenting at last! Used to live in Lubbock myself. Wife of a Red Raider. Left in 1985 and still remember the dust storms. I met this young lady once at an event, and she called it the most dreadful city and stated she hated that she had to live and work there. I was kind of shocked by the statement. I still keep it close to my heart because my daughter was born there. I am told it has changed a lot. Plan to return one day and take the girl with me.

  199. Mageen -

    I’m in Virginny, too!

    I don’t think “females are paid to breed.” That’s not my point at all. But I think there are behaviours that clearly are better for our country and those that clearly are not. It seems to me that if we (the government actually) removes the normal consequences attendant to irresponsible behavior, it acts to *increase* that behavior – which is to say, if you are a young girl and you find your parents’ rules to be a bit stifling, all you have to do is get pregnant. Now you have a house, money, milk for the baby, and “someone to love who loves me. All I have to do is figure out how to get rid of the guy.” That is a quote from a twelve year-old in my home town. In no way do I think they just “do it for the money.” It’s a lot more complicated than that, and people who say that kind of stuff are all wet IMHO.

    It is in nobody’s interest for children to have children, yet from the time I was twelve, all I could think of was pulling some – any – girls panties down. But I was given to understand by my father that if I got some girl pregnant, school was over, free meals were over, college and medical school were over – I was going to go to work in the coal mines to support the baby I created. But at the same time, I knew how to NOT get some girl pregnant, too. That is my problem with the ReBiblicans – they preach abstinence (yeah, right) and personal responsibility, but are unwilling to teach these girls and boys how NOT to get pregnant if sex happens. (it does)

    Sorry – went a little long there.

  200. Azgrandma -

    Please post more; you clearly have had a hell of an arse-kicking life! You remind me of some stories told by Uncle Johnny Rorrer, an old guy who died before I was born. People still talk about him and his stories and he died over sixty years ago!

    I grew up in the holler in West Virginia, and saw a few pretty rough times, including the time my boss in the mines got shot through the heart by his wife. Sounds like you have some good stories to tell yourself, and I’d love to hear ‘em.

  201. delurkergurl, you’re funny. Thanks for the chuckle.

  202. Azgrandma, there was a short term increase in traffic during the fight, as you can see. It has happened before on other forums. You may have a point about its being a wash, long term, though. It would make an interesting study.

    I’m only speaking for myself. I didn’t recruit anyone. Those folks showed up because the fight attracted them the same as when two kids fight on a school ground.

    The other thing I noticed is when leading lights leave, others fill the vacume, and sometimes the nature of a message board changes on other boards. I saw it happen twice. You for example are posting more. I hope you continue whether you agree with me or not.

    Clair Malloy, look at the record. I often cite sources for my views, and events have proven me right more often than not. The CBO’s and others estimating the new health insurance law will not save us money, and the current struggling job market are two examples of my correct guesses. I’m not bragging. I am stating a fact.

    It wasn’t brain surgery. Anyone with an open mind could have seen the connections.

    Check my post about Sweden’s and Norway’s being examples of successful socialist countries after someone used them as examples to show the PFessor was wrong about there being no successful socialist countries.

    I cited a source or two to show that poster used flawed examples because Norway and Sweden are more extreme welfare states than mainly socialist.

    My opinions are no more bloviated than yours, they are just different from established orthodoxy. Established leftist orthodoxy hasn’t been doing too well lately, has it? If you are polite to me, I will be polite to you.

    You like to discuss issues. So do I.

    As for why most want me gone, read Craig’s post. It explains it well.

    As you probably know, if you were posting on a moderated board, your comments would brand you as a troll.

    Don’t count on it poolman. Even if we elect good people, the bureaucrats are still there.

    Palinshutup= delusions of mediocrity.

  203. Trolls, I meant.

  204. AZ Grandma, Claire, Palinshutup – I love, love, love your spunk! Spunk is what brought us here! Spunk is what characterizes the true fans of M&H!

    Trollw, there is a DRAMATIC difference between intolerance for “opposing views” and “intollerance for creeps who behave badly.” Nuff said. God bless yall. Really. I mean it.

  205. Trolls = Delusions of grandeur.

    *One more added to ignore list.*

    Jean, I might take you up on the invite when things are not so crazy at home and biz. I hope you guys keep the kitchen clear of vermin ;)

  206. Hi Azgrandma! Pleased to meet you. I am a single gal in the ATL who has been labeled “F*&^ing LIBERAL B*&ch” by local male Repugs for being a strong self sufficient Dem FEMALE with a mind of my own when I attempt to discuss the ISSUES; not parties, not candidates.!! So please do NOT hold back, please express yourself! :o)
    I came back HERE because M&H are back, not to argue w. trolls who insult our hostesses, and pontificate their unwanted, unsupported bloviated opinion(s), whether anyone other than themselves cares.
    Craig, once upon a time when you were in bandcamp…who gives a flying leap what you said in 1973? Not I!!
    James, if you were capable of a fact-based intelligent EXCHANGE of ideas, you would be welcome here. Otherwise, y’all are just stinkin’ up the porch!

  207. I voted! Now, can I go back to sleep? I’m sure everything will be better if we just get the right people in there, right? :wink:

    The real battlefield is the mind.

  208. Too easy pfessor!

  209. What ship are you two ladies photographed on?

  210. Oh my God…I just discovered your site. This is one of the funniest blogs I’ve ever read! I’m still holding my sides laughing! You really know how to hit the nail on the head! Thanks so much for brightening my day….

  211. Honey, I can read the back of your belt! I’ve been following here for quite a while now and am aware of you tres amigos foibles! And since I tend to play it close to my chest, please sir don’t make too many assumptions about this gal! Ha!

    Must go cool off…outside earlier watering the compost piles. Can’t have them spontaneous combusting back there by my tangerine tree!! Almost time to go get the wild indians at school. No walking today, I’m driving. Much too hot…113 about 67 degree dew point…ughhhhhhh. Monsoon storms tonight please Lord my back yard trees need irrigating!!

    Oh..and I can call ‘em wild indians…’cause their daddy is native american(apache)/hispanic. Not to mention they’re my flesh and blood! And oh how I just Love them!!!!!!

  212. azgrandma ,
    Yep..In Lubbock for 8 years now.
    Nice weather..actually at 3200 ft elevation much nicer than my original home for 52 years in Fort Worth. Less humidity here but ohhh those dust or dirt storms. Maybe two to three a year.
    Don’t know what I said to rile ya..but people here sometimes post things just to get a rise.
    I have lately tried to engage discussion but to no avail.
    The ladies or porch dwellers that have taken to the kitchen do not like having discussions about politicking or other diversions. If you don’t agree with them..then its on! I’ve been call ed racist which I’m not..but if you don’t like their current CIChief then you must be a racist is their opinion.
    And discussion..there is no such thing. Many have their mind made up and do not care to argue their point..many times because they do not have a retort.
    Don’t be talkin to me too often or youll be branded as well.

  213. simple as pie, i must fess.

  214. Thanks Helen! A great read, as always. Missed ya!

  215. How hard do you think it is to change your display name and avatar at the wordpress dashboard to make it appear as though a whole bunch of people ended months or years of silent background reading to take part in Auntie Jean’s ridiculous poll on whether or not James should ever post here again?

  216. That’s not your name honey????? Whose belt you wearin’ then???

  217. James, the point I was making is the traffic hasn’t increased, it’s the same! It’s just that from time to time, those who are always here and never comment, just can’t help themselves and have to jump in and crack some heads together. IMO.

    But they are always here. In the background. Observing. That was me up until Jan. or Feb. of this year. When, Lord Almighty, I couldn’t help myself and had to add my voice!

    (The whole while my grown gals in the background are hollaring at me not to “take the bait Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait til you cool off Mom!!!!!!!!!!!” Oh well…my Grandma seemed to think I was part mule….anyway…..)

    Not that you tres amigos have gone out and recruited other folks to come to the blog for the 1st time. As in “increase the traffic”.

    Just my take. I know I read a lot of blogs and their attached comments, but have only ever commented here and over at the kitchen. Tend to keep my thoughts to myself now….wasn’t the case when I was younger and much more full of piss and vinegar. I was one of the fortunate ones who have learned some wisdom along the journey.

    Wished I could’ve held my peace better all those years ago! Ha! But then I probably wouldn’t have made as good a bar maid at Coldwater Country, from ’77 thru ’80, as I did. Good thing I wasn’t intimidated by all the rednecks! Though from time to time the ones who just came to get falling down wasted would forget where they were and be caught wankin’ off back on the SW side of the honky tonk. Guess it had something to do with the close proximity of the ‘bull ride’! I did enjoy waving bye-bye as our “meat in cowbboy boots” (bouncers), dragged them out by their belts!

    It was a never ending source of amusment that those boys would get a snootful of Lonestar with a chaser or two of rockgut tequila, and they could never figure out how you knew their names…forgetting all the time it was plastered across their asses! What fun!

  218. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU… we all missed you like crazy, Helen! I’ve been checking your blog every week since April, hoping upon hope that you are still kicking ass, and of course… you are! Great post, but please don’t feel any pressure from us out here in the hinterlands to post more than you are able to… we’ll wait because we love you.

  219. Perfessr, I reread what you said and I am sticking by my position. As for the government being to blame, how’s this – - – decades ago churches and other non profit groups tried to help impoverished single moms but had very limited resources so they took their humanitarian message to the government, which at that time seemed to have more resources. There you have it. The object was to be humanitarian. Nowadays after welfare reform that old argument about females getting paid to breed just does not feed the bulldog. The “renovation” of inner cities ala Detroit blew away the neighborhoods. It was actually very close to a kind of ethnic cleansing. There were no longer any Hungarian, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, Greek etc. neighborhoods.

  220. azgrandma, look at all of the names who came out of the woodwork when the fight was at its worst. Some were new; others were regulars hiding out in the alternative kitchen. One would have to do a survey to be sure if there was a net gain or loss.

    As someone wrote a little disagreement is more interesting than common agreement. It like a store’s loss leader sale. You draw in customers and hope some give repeat business.

    jrsi, for example has not posted for awhile until yesterday or the day before. Until then I didn’t know jrsi’s talent for irony.

  221. Back at cha NOP :wink:

    Now to the polls!

  222. azgrandma, what is it with you Texas gals? You also write good sense and cut to the crash and like so many female Texas writers, you are funny! I’m a fan!

  223. Trio of Trolls: You flatter yourselves that anyone CARES what you think. We do not.

  224. I’m not too sure I understand how you think the traffic has been ‘increased’ here by the three of you guys who like to stir it up if you will……

    Personally, I think there is a vast majority out there reading this blog, who like me, have been here for over 1 1/2 years (or from the very beginning), following the wit and wisdom of the Ladies who allow us here on their front porch. We were, and are satisfied to come and follow, without commenting.

    I followed the thread for the longest time and was content to glean the good and disregard those I thought rude, uninformed, etc.

    But then this past Jan. or Feb. (I can’t remember) Craig made a comment that lit my hair on fire and I commented for the very first time. Had never commented anywhere in all my surfing over the years. I was righteously pissed and had my say…. and then came back and apologized. Not because I was wrong in MY take on his rudeness, but because my sainted Grandma (who in my mind was the walking talking epitome of the Lord Jesus here on this earth) had raised me MUCH better than that!

    I Am Texas bred and born. Brooks Army Medical, San Antonio. Related to more folks in the area around Big Spring to Ralls to Sweetwater to Abilene to San Angelo and back on up to Colorado City. So I KNOW intimately the mind set! For you see, I was born into a family of redneck good ol’ boys. Not a whole lot of girls born into my extended family. Only 6 of us girls in over 25 boys. I was next to the youngest girl…..out of us 6, I was the ONLY one raised with the boys and could cuss and spit, ride bare back/hackimore,and throw rocks with enough accuracy that it was best not to cross me. I knew how to use a pitch fork and a hoe to defend myself… I learned to be as mean as the boys, just to survive! Much to my Grandma’s shame! I’m proud to say her lessons stuck with me. For you know…if you raise up a child in the way they should go, when they’re old they won’t depart from it!

    So I think I deep down understand Craig a little better than most of you. Doesn’t mean I agree with his methods of communicating. Just that I have a better take on what makes those up in the Pan Handle tick! Oh, btw, I regularly spent time up in Lubbock in the mid to late ’60′s as my favorite uncle was at Texas Tech getting his masters in music. Then in ’76 my boy toy and I moved there from El Paso so that he could begin his college career. 18 years later I was singing the Mac Davis song about Lubbock in my rear view mirror!!!! Whooo Hoo!!!! Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty I’m free at last! Ha! And from there we made our way out to Arizona…..where the heat has so fried most of the politicians they aren’y worth the powder and lead it’d take to put out of their collective misery. Bah…a pox on ALL their houses. Anyway….just my take! And gee, look I comment from time to time now. My advice to all is just to glean the good, disregard the rest. Sometimes I do a lot of scrolling.

    Gotta get online and find out where my polling place is….since low and behold, despite the past 5 or more years of us Independents being told we would have to reregister as a dem or repub to vote in a primary election here in AZ, I find out this is BS!?! Now that there isn’t a moderate republican to be found anywhere in state and local governments. I feel that righteous indignation rising and find I’m just looking forward to voting in the reb primary for the most out there far right….so that I can choose a dem in the general this coming November. And it will be because of the deep resentment I’m feeling toward the repubs in this state. They have overplayed their hand.

    My best to you all today…God bless! Peace ya’ll :smile:

  225. Craig on August 24, 2010 at 8:47 AM

    I don’t understand, are you trying to add comedy to your resume? Surely you jest thinking you could help this site after you seem to have done everything in your limited powers to ruin it. I think it’s time for you to retire and get a life, preferably somewhere where you don’t have access to a computer.

    Mrs. Havermyer on August 24, 2010 at 9:33 AM

    By irritating, I assume you are talking about something like a bothersome scab.

  226. not enjoying you, sir. Will only come here to read the posts of Margaret and Helen.
    Thank you.

  227. Mrs. Havermyer ,
    Glad to meet you. Been here lil over a year and half.
    This use to be a great site to challenge ideas and put forth new ones. Seems some on the front porch of Helen’s got to where they wanted ownership and thus make it their personal site. So now you can find them at an alternate site for kibitzing.

  228. Great Post Helen.
    Who is this “craig” person??
    irritating as hell, don’t you think?

  229. Good morning all. Raji, that was posted at Auntie Jean’s request. I was glad he stood out from the pack. He gains another level of respect in my book. The hate mongers on the right are probably upset with him, since they love to hate and hate to love. Good for him! :grin:

    I just found out independents CAN vote in primaries here in AZ. There has been a great effort of misinformation and some independents have been turned away in the past. Anything I can do to keep McSame out, I will.

    Have a wonderful day! Vote, if you can. :wink:

  230. Pfessor,
    You really think we could help this site?
    We or should I say I, have tried and James for sure has been here longer than I. He puts out great thoughts that do get the virile juices flowing.
    But your probably right. The “shoot the messenger” blog post died an early death.
    I found it interesting that Helen had not posted for three months ,then weighed in on a “hot” topic that was sure to get a great many that just sit on their hands to take part and put their two cents in.
    Also Never have seen so many new names appear as to when the poll taking came out. Its like an LBJ election in Texas. The dead rise and vote.

  231. Poolman, that was an excellent article by Ron Paul. The analogy that comes to mind is Catholic churches should not be allowed to be built next to schools because all priests are pedophiles ;-)

  232. Hi Helen!
    Glad you are back!
    You make my day!

  233. I agree with Zooey and PFessor53.

  234. Hi Poolman, thought you might enjoy that link :-)
    I have friends in DC that thought the danger zones were hilarious.

  235. James -

    Do you realize how much traffic you and Craig have brought to this blog? It’s amazing! Excellent! See how real, open and vigourous discussion trumps a giant circle jerk of mutual back-patting? (sorry – mixed my metaphors there…) LOL

    Of course, you really can’t count the recent “posters” who have magically appeared… (Perhaps to show our respect, we should give them a title…how about “Sock Bill,” “Sock Fred,” “Sock Suzie,” et al?) But anyway, M&H is getting really popular, and while I take no credit, I think the courage you and Craig have shown in not compromising your principles by allowing yourselves to be shouted down have been immensely helpful to the blog’s popularity. Ditto your experience, James, on Janeane Garofolo’s site. Super!

    Why not think big? I think that if we maintain our personal no name-calling policy and continue to hold everyone’s feet to the proverbial fire concerning clear thinking and well-though out argumentation, we could propel M&H to one of the best and most popular blogs on the Internet! Let’s do it!


  236. Zooey -

    “Where Schlessinger went wrong, other than the fact that she sucks at giving advice of any kind, is that she ignored the fact that the caller had a husband problem, and turned it into a race problem.”

    Good call. I also think Schlessinger has a little race problem, too, and used this as a not-so-subtle segue to express it, trying to hide it as a response to this particular caller. She went so far afield, though, that she got caught.

  237. You two are a hoot and a half!

    Margaret and Helen are my heros!

  238. Yay! Helen is back at it!!
    Missed you!!! :-)

  239. Nice weather we are having.

  240. I was hoping for a ceremony with a plaque. I like plaques.

    I’m being descriptive, not name calling. Based on a generally accepted of definition of trolls many you revealed your inner trolls in print for all to see. One could call this site the ship of trolls.

    Speaking of trolls, Palin shutup, mentioning Janeane Garafalo’s bigoted comments about the Tea Party and also religion are why I quit the forum.

    The site’s woman’s violent imagination about doc martins is shows she needs to work on her anger problem. Janeane would never smash my throat. She is mostly non- violent, she has a bad back, and she is short.

    That woman’s reading comprehension skills are lacking. She should know I am not a Palin devotee. I think Palin has been treated unfairly. That is different from voting for her.

    The fact that so many of you big tough progressives want to run and hide in a pretend kitchen from little old me makes me proud.

  241. Don’t read and DON’T RESPOND!
    (trolls will shrivel up and die that way)

  242. Yes…the best way to deal with the trolls is to just scroll by their names….don’t read it, people!

    Margaret and Helen are the best! :-)

  243. Hi Congenial Gang and easier,

    Well, now that the ‘poll’ has been taken, it is quite evident that there is no support for James continued comments, yet he persists. Remember, this ‘poll’ was regarding James only, and did not include Craig or PFessor although there were a number of voluntary “Nays” in their direction also. Perhaps there will be another ‘poll’ or two taken at another time later.

    At any rate, I think it was an interesting little experiment in possibly how M&H’s blog could, just might be a microcosm of the November election. I don’t have a crystal ball like some. However, I do think there are a myriad of people, especially Independents, who are doing plenty of thinking and soul searching about where the country has been and what direction it could or should be taking. They don’t make a lot of noise on a daily basis as reflected in the number of hits M&H get, but they are out there. I also think the tea baggers are turning plenty of people OFF, even conscientious conservatives. And it doesn’t hurt that the GOP is in total disarray.

    This is after all Margaret and Helen’s blog. It is their prerogative to continue it or change it at their discretion. I have no doubt whatsoever that if Helen should choose to take on any of the troll trio, she could easily take them off at the knees, individually and/or collectively. NO ONE does it better than Helen!!! But these guys are such small potatoes I doubt if she can be bothered.

    Remember the numbers she did on GWB, Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, the tea baggers, the GOP and now Dr. Laura? Where are they now in terms of influence and power with the electorate? Nowhere. What really counts is what happens in November.

    I think I will take advantage of that little box and check it for e mail notification whenever there is a new post from Helen and Margaret. I would sure like to see her take on John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and their repetitive ‘talking points.’ They are really something else.

    I have always enjoyed the comments of most of M&H’s fans, but I don’t need to check in daily anymore here to read a copy of last year’s newspaper over and over again everyday. That’s very old news. Let the troll trio talk to themselves and at each other to their hearts content.

    In the interim, I’ll just enjoy the warmth and chatter with great friends over in the Kitchen.

    easier, I don’t think delurkergurl would mind if I invited you to join so many of us from the old Congenial Gang over there in her Kitchen. Just scroll up until you see her yellow avatar, click on her name and learn all about her Kitchen. The coffee and cookies are yummy!!! And the conversation, well, scintillating!

    Aloha! :-) Namaste.

    Auntie Jean

  244. Jean, not sure why ‘it’ who I ignore and no longer address throws Janeane Garofalo’s name around but I would be willing to bet that she would step on that troll’s throat with her Doc Martens faster than he could utter his devotion for la palin. This I know.

    Research her name, she is a well known liberal activist who has stated publicly that the tea party is nothing but a redneck movement against Obama because there is a black President in the WH.

  245. no one’s puppet, I get what you are saying ‘interaction’ but would you rather have a small amount of substantial quality interaction or hundreds of posts complaining about the trolls?

    If I were asked to pick between quality vs quantity? I pick Quality. But that’s just me.

  246. I’m so glad you two are back at it :) I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading you thoughts and opinions. I read this and always feel as though you’re channeling my grandma Reisha <3

  247. Helen

    So glad to hear from you again. Keep giving them hell (or is it just saying the truth)

  248. Nice to read you again, Helen. I hope you and Margaret are doing well.

    I listened to the entire segment of the Schlessinger phone call several times, since I was on a road trip and no one on the radio was talking about anything else (dammit).

    Where Schlessinger went wrong, other than the fact that she sucks at giving advice of any kind, is that she ignored the fact that the caller had a husband problem, and turned it into a race problem. Consequently, in Schlessinger’s teeny tiny mind, she was justified in using the n-word over and over, after citing her one black friend (her body guard), and saying that black people voted for Obama just because he was black, so neener neener.

    The caller even said words to the effect of “I can’t believe you’re saying this to me” and Schlessinger simply dismissed her — just like the caller’s husband and his friends and family! Wow! Way to become part of the problem you’re allegedly trying to solve!

    If Palin’s in your corner, keep your day job — unless you’re Schlessinger, then just frickin’ go away (and take Palin with you).

  249. Auntie Jean and Donna, I do admire your tenacity in defending the integrity of this blog. I guess I just take the easy way out. Skip, skip or in other words, WWGKD. No interest, no responses to the offending posts, maybe no continuation? Yes, the posts make it difficult to navigate the blog, but I have learned to make big jumps when I need to in order to circumvent some posts. I get bored easily and some posts do bore me and I make it a point to avoid them. Well, that is my take on things.

  250. I know the polls are closed, but I vote as follows:

    A – yawn.

    B – Zzzzz

    C – mnphhhhsnerk

    I disagree with one statement above – anybody who celebrates his ability to be universally unwelcome cares deeply what other people think.

    Oh well, I guess everybody needs a hobby.

    I don’t think anybody has brought up yet Richard Pryor’s experience with the n-bomb. He used it a lot in his early career, until he visited Africa. Came back with a whole different outlook on it, renounced the word forever and spoke about the whole experience in his act. It wasn’t funny, but it sure was real. You can probably find some of it on the ‘net.

    Juveniles will be juvenile and use bad language to shock. Many will grow up, others won’t. Either way, it doesn’t make any sense for supposed adults to say “They’re doing it, I have a right to do it too”.

  251. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Well, the ‘polls’ are closed. According to my calculations the results are quite conclusive, even with a whopping margin of error.

    I want to get back to my painting while I still have the perfect afternoon light. I’ll give you my analysis after dinner this evening.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste.

    Auntie Jean

  252. Party’s over.

  253. Raji,
    Very insightful.

  254. Hello Ragi! Good to “see” you. That link you posted was quite humorous. :grin: The comments were amusing, too. Hope things are well in your world.

  255. Well there you are, Helen!
    We sure did miss hearing from you. I do hope all is well with you and your family. Hopefully, what ever it was that caused you problems was just related to a usual busy Summer.

    You were missed something awful and I look forward to your next post. Would love to hear from Margaret again soon. Hope all is well with her in Maine.

    You two are the best

  256. Right on, John – Jim could build himself a MODERATED blog, since he’s such a fan.

  257. I hate being on this end of the comments! Agree with your post, and can relate to the months of not being able to find a voice on my blog! I’m paralyzed by the hatefulness, misinformation, and just plain craziness of my fellow Americans…thankfully I can come here and listen to a voice of reason…give or take a few people!

  258. Donna Rocks!

    Welcome John and thanks for your input!
    I believe Helen and Margaret would agree with you as well.

  259. First time comment here!

    Love Margaret and Helen, but have to agree with Donna.
    The James/ Craig show really ruins this blog.
    Please create your own blog. You really will be much happier and so will most of the visitors here.

  260. Inane? Because I was right? Its what you do in an argument to defend your views.

    People like you bought a bill of goods which brought us to where we are. The stock market fell again on fears of a deepening recession. That’s the only reason I try to be right–the hope that somewhere someone will see what is wrong today. If they don’t, at least I know I tried.

  261. No interest in responding. I’ve been avoiding the blog since you, Craig and Jim dominated it. Once I heard there was a new M & H post, I hopped back. Auntie Jean’s “poll” struck me as very funny so I responded. As for engaging with you further,
    I see no reason. You have yet to say anything of interest. I understand you have some need to feel you are “right” and your inane predictions are correct–knock yourself out.

  262. Compare today’s world with last year’s Donna. Who’s predictions proved closer to the truth, Donna?

    Of course, this is not a moderated blog. I just behave as if it was sometimes. It puts people like you who don’t in a worse light.

    While you ruminate about my fictional life, what do you think of the new shopping mall in Gaza? What does it mean?

  263. of course you’re still here. Because you don’t care what other people think and because your own need to feel important/correct/superior outweighs the comfort or enjoyment of others.

    Kindly don’t patronize me with the “cute” business. I’m not mad–you aren’t worth anger so don’t congratulate yourself that you are.

    And guess what? This isn’t a moderated blog. So I can comfortably say what others have said: you aren’t very bright, you aren’t very interesting, and you have nothing to offer other than tedium Congratulations: since it isn’t a moderated blog, you have the freedom to bore people solid. That must make you very happy since people in your life have the ability to walk away from you. And doubtless do on a regular basis.

  264. Lori, I don’t need no stinking Mercury retrograde.

    You’re so cute when you’re mad and show us your dream world, Donna. Passive-aggressive is not name calling and stays within the rules of moderated blogs. Name calling gets you banned.

    I’m still here.

  265. …but one that takes pleasure in the fact that people don’t like him. It takes a particular sort of immaturity to want to be passive aggressive and to congratulate oneself on irritating others.

    I’m betting you show up at parties where you aren’t invited because you like the idea of intruding where people don’t enjoy you.

    As for the “oh, it’s just intolerance for different viewpoints,” sorry–that’s been flogged to death. It’s that you are so impossibly dull and pedantic. While you may excuse yourself because of your antiquated dial up, it makes you no less of a bore (or boor).

  266. James–You’ve made obvious that it doesn’t matter to you that what appear to be the majority of people here don’t like your posts, what you have to say, or believe you contribute anything of value. I trust that’s the way you move through life and, if so, you probably spend much of it as an unwelcome, unenjoyable (or enjoyed) presence.

  267. Mercury retrograde seems to be working it’s magic here today! Whewwwwww

  268. oh good lord…

  269. I just came in from cutting brush in the heat this afternoon, and notice the traffic is still pretty good . R King asked the right question.

    I agree with Craig. Everything is fine as long as you all agree with the correct dogma.

    And Donna, someone did say I enraged her. I write long posts because our dial up system is slow, and it sometimes takes a long time to reload.

    I preen and strut here as a passive-aggressive reaction to name callers such as you. I love irritating you after you call me a name like jackass. I don’t do it in public, only here. My friends and neighbors already know me. I’m pretty open about warning you of why I do what I do.

    Now, while this is entertaining and amusing as H. as some of you show your ugly sides, it doesn’t accomplish much. We are only three men. How could we flummix such a large message board? Is your case weak? Why instead of throwing tantrums, can’t you find facts to refute ours or failing that agree to disagree? I don’t know about the others, but I’m not going anywhere. This gives you some choices.

    You can continue to waste your time voting us off the island.

    You can get us banned, though I’m not sure how you would do that without putting some of yourselves in danger too.

    You can leave.

    You can take the moral high ground and seriously discuss whatever you want to without personal attacks.

    Its up to you. We’ll be here for awhile.

  270. NOP on 8/23/10 @ 1:42
    Couldn’t agree more. Why do people engage if it bothers them so much? We’ve lost many people who used to contribute interesting information because of the bickering back and forth from both sides on WHO should be welcome to express their opinions. The ART of communication and debate very obviously got lost when the internet became the mode of communication. Internet blogs will be an anthropologist’s dream in the future :-)

    For your reading pleasure:


  271. Mageen -

    “laying all the blame on single moms for the breakdown of neighborhoods is so totally lame! What in carnation makes you think all of this was immaculate conception? How about an equal put-down on single dads?”

    I didn’t mean that at all, and I hope I didn’t phrase it that way.

    I have seen a lot transpire in my life, and my experience is that people are pretty much all the same; few can see the big picture. People *respond* to their situations, and when the bright folks in charge start meddling, they often don’t see the long-term consequences, only the short-term ones.

    Herbert Spencer said that the ultimate result of isolating men from the consequences of their folly is to fill the worlds with fools. I believe the ultimate result of isolating young men from the results of their venery is to fill the world with babies for others to care for. You only need look around you to see that makes sense.

    Do I blame the moms for not keeping their legs together? Yep, although not as much as I blame *their* moms for not teaching them better. Do I blame the sperm donors? (I don’t call them dads; that implies a responsibility they don’t exhibit.) Yep. Do I blame the ReBiblicans and their morbid fascination with sex and their horror at the *very idea* of teaching sex frankly to teens and providing them with birth control? As Saint Esther would say, you betcha.

    But who has really – more than all the moms and sperm donors combined – enabled and promoted this free-for-all? Those in the government, who in trying to do a *good* thing with the current welfare system inadvertently put in place perverse incentives which have, I believe, directly led us to where we are.

    That was my point.

  272. Bye Craig!

    p.s. You could show us some more respect by taking crazy ass James with you. :-)

  273. I must need new glasses. Did craig just say “with the same respect that I have shown”????
    Oh, my……

  274. Hi Helen and Margaret too!
    I just love your blog!
    I have sent it to many of my friends and they are enjoying it as well. Keep up the good work!

  275. Craig,
    Enough with Helen bashing!!!

    What will it take for you to understand that you are not welcomed here? It doesn’t matter what your opinion is on things…it just doesn’t matter. You are annoying to the masses. Man up, dude. Walk away.
    There are thousands of other blogs that you can invade and full of Bat Shit Crazy people like yourself. Go find some friends.


  276. DeLurker,
    Honestly I came here some year and a half ago through an invitation by one of your “liberal” friends. Otherwise I would not have ventured here.
    In fact, I had never been to a blog site before and I’m sure your thinking “Oh God why us?”

    My interest in what is passed along on this site as gospel regarding what people on the right think or say is interesting to me. As much as some on the right accuse or paint all Liberals as some goofy aged anti war advocate or anti establishment fanatics..Its interesting to read and learn other viewpoints.

    In many of Helen’s rants she goes completely
    “bat shit” with painting anyone who disagrees with her line of thinking as just not having the right to breath the air around her. Its like reading a “Beck” rant. Always the same message without any reasonable rational conclusion being drawn.
    I’m right… your wrong. Just because I say so!

    I think its great that “if” she is who she portrays herself to be, that at least she’s keeping herself involved and alert for a person her age. Next to doing jumbles or some other mind enhancing
    exercise, she is at least involved with an mental activity.

    Were this site to be truly welcoming, a person should be able to rhetorically speak their mind without incurring the wrath of derisive epithets just because they do not agree with the previous poster.

    Have I used alternative alias’s? Yes. Someone got me booted off the site last fall. I had not used foul language or hurled mud.

    I have read Aunt Jean’s commentaries that sometimes run a little long. And some of these stories had nothing to do with Helen’s original post or for that matter any previous post. She sounds and portrays herself as a very well traveled and educated person. Some of her stories are interesting. While others read as if they are copied directly out of National Geographic or the encyclopedia.

    Lori comes across as a very well read person who will listen ..but if you try to argue your point, she will eventually dish you, as not being up to her mental status, and thus shrink from further debate, leaving you in a cloud of dust and a tongue lashing that “you” are not worthy of her time.

    I sometimes try to imagine that “what if” there were not this electronic medium to banter with.
    What if we were to have face to face encounters as if strangers in a airline terminal or seated next to one another on a three hour flight?

    I would think one could be civil enough to have a rational discussion about issues that we all share.
    Obviously we all share this planet and all have a lot in common.

    To “label” someone and castigate them just because they think different from you, is that what this site is about? Would you not prefer to have discussions about subjects that effect all of us in one way or another? Perhaps we are not all equal in debate style or learned enough to answer, as some on this site would have us do.

    I would just like to be treated with the same courtesy that I would extend to you, if I were to meet you face to face. I harbor no ill feelings towards anyone on this blog site.

    Have I been upset and disturbed at some of the name calling. Yes. And that is not just for me but for others as well. And yes, there have been some that have posted quite disturbing things and name calling. I venture many of those are one timers who have wandered into this site and just decide to piss on the lawn.

    I end this post with a request to engage me with the same respect that I have shown. Yes, my very first original post here was “pissy”, considering I was painting with a broad brush a host or group that I did not know completely.

    I have my political and economic beliefs as well life experiences to share. I enjoy reading others postings here, but do not enjoy reading or engaging in tit for tat school yard mud slinging. Just because you have a different point of view should not be skewered with disdain, but engaged with communication by which both parties could learn.
    Thank you.

  277. Alright, NOP, point taken. This drama is pointless and apparently not going to lead anywhere good.

    I keep trying to disengage and keep allowing myself to get worked up anyway. It’s not fun for me, and certainly not what M&H deserve on their fine blog. If anyone wants an additional place to chat, feel free to stop by the kitchen (accessible by clicking on my name).

  278. Sorry, but I can’t take any of this seriously. It has been a long hot summer that’s for sure, maybe it is time we all got out more, read a book, watched some television, or worked for our favorite candidate.

  279. Can’t we all just get along?

  280. I check for a new post from you every few days and was delighted to see this one – like so many of your other readers, I really was getting concerned! You’re spot on, so please keep your fingers on the keyboard! Thanks.

  281. blah blah blah.

    Actually, I don’t think anyone said James “enrages” them. I do think people said he’s boring, preening, self-aggrandizing, and astonishingly selfish in his insistence on long-winded posts.

    Difficult to imagine someone whose social antennae are so dull that they continue to hang around where at least a substantial number of people don’t want them there. Much less to equate social rejection with the doubtless fictional attempts on his life and torture.

  282. No one’s puppet, yes, I agree with your assessment that humor is often based on pain etc., and the rest of the post.

    The conversation changed because there wasn’t much else to say besides Dr. Laura’s behaving stupidly and maybe Sarah Palin’s putting her foot in it, don’t you think?

    I think discussing how to solve the problems is a legitimate course. Yes providing for the general welfare is one reason we need a government.

    We can’t abandon poor people. We need to admit our efforts to help them have often failed and created unintended consequences which have made the situation worse than it was.

    Our representatives need to think of new ways outside their normal ideology. Maybe they could research how other countries help their poor and borrow from them. Perhaps our states could be given more power to experiment with different plans.

    We have created a dependent class which politicians use to maintain their power.

    You are right.

    Disputes bringing more visitors has happened before on other message boards. Look what has happened today and yesterday. Kathy Griffin was alleged to stir up controversy on her board to increase traffic. Whether or not she did, it worked.

    Thanks for posting the link to Janeane Garafalo’s message board. If anyone bothers to check he/she will see Stew, James, Farmer, and Ophelia listed as moderators in three sections. It is a cinder compared to what it once was.

    Check the archives and you will see I was as much an outlier as here, yet they chose me to be a moderator. I was an administrator in an earlier version.

    The difference is unlike here most of the people tended to take the moral high ground, but not always. Most were true liberals. Most of those people were dedicated enough to hold their own in an argument or debate. We even played around with fan fiction.

    The site was moderated, so people had to be fairly civil. One of the last moderates left after the group voted her off. She didn’t have to leave because she had done nothing wrong. One of the posters created false visitors to do it. Otherwise, she would have stayed. I think she just got tired.

    Earlier, the same man had created an elaborate series of characters with family histories and pictures go gang up on me. Someone found him out.

    So after all I’ve seen, do you really think a bunch of people voting us off the island will hurt our feelings? Real life people tried to kill me, and I was briefly tortured. And now this? How does this compare? I should feel something? Go ahead if it makes you feel better.

    You all say I enrage you. You make me angry too, but unless you throw personal attacks I tend to be polite. Its called self control.

    Mageen in Old Virginy, in simple terms, single mothers and absent fathers are not the problem. They are a symptom. Ask yourself what caused them.

    Janeane is a talented comediene, actress and sometime writer. She was one of the first commentators with Al Frankin on Air America.

  283. As for the people who have not been here all summer, it’s because they were fed up and turned away. Don’t believe me? Ask.

    The comments on this post do make the *real* M&H fans look pretty bad, but that’s a symptom. It’s the 2 years that have led to this that are the real cause of the problem.

  284. Craig, you haven’t stooped to anything? Really? Not baiting? Not making up false identities? You can claim innocence if you want to but your history is long here. Do you remember your first post? I do. You act like people just randomly all turned on you and all those people are the problem, not you.

    It’s really predictable & disigenuous of you to act like you had no part in the destruction of this site. I don’t know what you get out of the games you play but I do wish that you’d man up and knock it off.

  285. Jean, you set a tough task – voting for inclusion or exclusion of the bad boys..
    I read this blog on a daily basis and agree with and enjoy most of the postings- Mary R’s post is my most recent favorite!
    But, NOP makes a good point in his/her (sorry, I can’t remember) 8.22 comment- the annoying (misinformed, mindless/repetitive and aggressive) ones do tend to provoke some discussion. I’ve only posted 3 or 4 times in my many months reading this blog and it’s always been in response to a comment that fulfills all of my definitions of annoying-see above.
    So, I mostly try to quickly read/skim the silliness and move on…perhaps that’s our best strategy. It may be helpful to know what the opposition is thinking- or mindlessly repeating. That way we can clarify, modify or substantiate our own views. I’ve read some good blog recommendations here -ones that are based on facts and not fear. I recommend Bark Bark Woof Woof, Daily Kos and Crooks and Liars as excellent sites that inform my thoughts and opinions.

  286. LOVE HELEN!
    Craig..not so much.

  287. Stanley,
    Helen does rock.
    She has a great front porch. It just sesms others are none too friendly these days. It must be the heat in the “kitchen”.

  288. Frank,
    Welcome, Your new here.
    Sit and discuss a spell.

  289. I want to give credit to JSRI.
    See below my post from “kitchen chatter”…

    She at least knows how to conduct herself. No “we” and I don’t know what “their level” is considered to be..but I have not stooped to anything, but trying to generate discussion. Others are more apt to just being uncivilized and rude. I doubt you could find any of my posts to be rude as in some that have appeared lately here by numerous posters who have not been here all summer.

    jsri | August 23, 2010 at 1:20 am |

    I wish you well on your poll on the H&M site. So far I haven’t seen a yes for any of them. Good work. I thought about conjuring up a bunch of fake names to also vote no but that would be unsavory and I wouldn’t want to sink to their level.

  290. Give it a rest, Craig.
    Nobody cares.

    Get a life!

  291. I vote to keep Jean and Lori.
    Jean has some interesting travel logs and Lori has some worthwhile opinions that need to be addressed from time to time.
    As for the Professor, he brings some thought processes that require one to do some mental aerobics.
    AS for James, well what would Helen’s blog be without a whippin boy? I mean he has been here forever and that means more so than most of the posters who were “not here” during Helen’s three month absence.
    Finally I find it interesting that no one has the mental acuity to answer simple hypothetical questions posed without getting their tails into a whirling dervish.

  292. Technically Jean, this is a message board. Do you use any of the search engines? If you simply type in the name, check the spelling of course, you will get a list of sites where that name, title, etc appears; click on one and voila. Anyway try this for now: http://www.janeane.net/board/

  293. Helen you rock!

  294. Perfesser53: laying all the blame on single moms for the breakdown of neighborhoods is so totally lame! What in carnation makes you think all of this was immaculate conception? How about an equal put-down on single dads? There are a tremendous number of reasons for the breakdown, even the disappearance, of neighborhoods. Back in the day in Detroit, entire neighborhoods completely disappeared while the city wrapped itself in freeways, which under the increasing circumstances, took people from nowhere to nowhere. What the bleep makes you think that single moms were responsible for that? Just how much power do you think they have? In my undergrad days we were allowed to submit a video in lieu of a paper for a certain course. A team of us did a video on the suddenly vast open windblown paper strewn plains in the heart of the city. Like a lot of big old cities, Detroit had neighborhoods that were very ethnic. These neighborhoods usually started out from one family that drew in others and there was a lot of intermarrying. For some reason, the politicos decided these neighborhoods were unassimilated people. The construction of a web of freeways was a cover for blowing away all of such neighborhoods. And you think SCOTUS is bad with its finding on local governmental power to declare condemnation on healthy neighborhoods in order to build something fancy-schmancy? Back of the single momitis! It will make you sick.

  295. I agree with Coffee’s comment way up there – exchange emails and move on. We came here to “hear” Margaret and/or Helen. This blog has been totally hijacked in their absence, and I, for one, don’t find it funny, enlightening or even interesting. Move on off, and let these two glorious woman have their forum back if they choose to use it and in whatever way they choose to use it. Some of you, apparently, just like to hear yourselves pontificate.

  296. Thank you for your always wonderful post, Miss Helen. You have great wisdom and it shows in your ability to express what so many others feel.
    You always bring a chuckle or two with your words. I laugh even more at some of the moronic comments you receive. There are idiots in this world and their only weapons are key boards.

    Wishing you and Miss Margaret all the best!

  297. Oh Helen. I don’t know what you were in need of comfort for, but I am grateful Margaret was there to send real letters of friendship and love. As for us, we are just a bunch of folks who adore both of you and appreciate your ability to hit the bullseye when you shoot. Thanks for coming back to us. And if you decide to call it a day on this blog, just let us know. We will be heartbroken, but understand that your needs come before our wants. Blessings to you and your family, natal and chosen.

  298. Troll Poll!

    No for James/Craig!

    “Free Margaret & Helen” :-)

  299. …So happy to see you back in action! I have missed your humor!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  300. Geographic, not Geography. James, I know what you mean about fast typing…heh…heh.

  301. National Geography has hatched a plot to steal your next three hours. Captivating:


  302. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Well, so far the ‘exit polls’ seem to indicate an overwhelming “Nay!” We’ll see what tomorrow brings when the tally is completed later on in the afternoon when the ‘polls’ have closed. Of course, this is only the end of August. September, October and November are yet to come.

    Please excuse my ignorance. But who is this ‘Janine Goranflo’ that James has made so many references to? I never heard of her. It is a ‘she’, isn’t it? And what is a ‘message board’? Never heard of that either.

    I do vaguely remember the ‘rules of debate’ in high school and college classes but that was a very long time ago in a different age. Sort of like learning to read and write in elementary school.

    Times changed for many of us, some of us, not so much. In the updated rough and tumble world of politics today, it’s a whole different ballgame now.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste.

    Auntie Jean

  303. I, too have been anxiously awaiting your return. So glad you are back and spot on as usual.

  304. James – no

    Craig – no

  305. Re: the tiresome trio

    James NO

    Craig NO

    Pfesser HELL NO

  306. Donna -

    Glad to see you back; I always enjoy a sharp wit. I miss Rae’s keen intellect, and to the extent it was my fault she left, I am sorry.

    I have followed the Craig/James nonsense for some time and am always quite puzzled by how some can claim the moral high ground – confessing to believe and practice the cornerstone of liberalism – tolerance – yet be blissfully unaware that in one’s own particular instance it is not true at all – they are tolerant of others only as long as the “other” has the correct opinion – otherwise out come “troll,” “bigot,” and ten other tired, weatherworn epithets. (no, not epitaphs – maybe later)…

    I find Jean’s suggestion of a poll to be mildly amusing; it is of absolutely no consequence one’s opinion of James, Craig, or anyone else. They are quite allowed to have positions opposing your own; get used to it. And also get used to the idea that sometimes those in the minority – being accustomed to abuse – respond a bit sharply when attacked. (Of course, if he is in the *right* minority, a stinging reply is excused as a perfectly natural response to minority oppression (BOY!); if one’s opinion is not currently popular or one is not a member of a protected group, then it is *not OK* (James/Craig)).

    Personally, I enjoy the give-and-take. I’ll tone it down a bit; a little introspection suggests that I have been sometimes too harsh and aggressive. I * have* tried to stay away from name-calling (except for the “ample bottom” comment – which of course I stand by completely. I rather like ample bottoms, actually…)

    Let’s enjoy ourselves! Life is good!


  307. NO no no no no no no!

  308. Mary, you made me laugh out loud!

  309. No One’s Puppet–on the other hand, how many people are turned off the blog because the Tiresome Three are so obnoxious? I pretty much left until I heard there was a new post from Helen. That doesn’t mean I don’t really enjoy the comments of the vast majority of posters here. But it just wasn’t worth the nonsense.

  310. Craig can kiss my 72 year old ass! He’s in the kitchen. I’ll go let him know!

  311. I thought James and Craig were the same person?!?!?!

    I vote no on both.

  312. I vote “NO” on James!
    And just to speed things up.
    I vote “HELL NO” on Craig.

  313. Oh great Donna and Auntie Jean take over “Helen’s” blog.

  314. No One,
    Is this not what a blog is for?
    Social interaction and commentary?
    A way for civilized discussion to take place on the internet?
    What would prefer to see posted?

  315. I’ve noticed something over time, these “trolls” bring out other commenters, otherwise the stream of comments just fades off. And other peoples’ efforts to get a conversation going just fall flat. Sorry I wish it was different, I get so mad at James, Craig, and the other Jim, I personally want to kick them in the ass, but with in minutes of their posts, responses pour in. Someone else posts something nice and cozy, comfortable, but probably irrelevant, and it might be twenty-four hours, before another comment is submitted. Just how I see it.
    Craig, Helen writes her blog, turns off her computer and doesn’t read our comments, she has a life, and it doesn’t include us. So don’t expect her to debate you, if she so much as cared about you or your opinion, she’d kick your ass.
    James, I assume you meant that you agree with my assessment that great deal of humor comes from pain and is an effort to deflect it by bringing up the problem before someone else does first.
    Don’t get, how this conversation changed from Dr. Laura to social welfare, boring and a rehash, but if it isn’t the job of government to raise the quality of life for its citizens otherwise why do governments even exist?
    If Dr. Laura is so into youthful popular black culture, I wonder how long it will be before she starts wearing her pants below her butt cheeks?

  316. Oh, Auntie Jean–It won’t make a difference because James could care less whether anyone is interested in what he has to say. But since you ask, I offer a resounding NO.

  317. Hi Congenial Gang,

    OK. To be democratic, let’s take a poll: on James first.

    Do you wish James to continue to comment here on M&H’s blog? Yes or no.

    It is now 2:52PM, HST. In 24 hours, anyone can ‘vote’ and anyone can tally up the yesses and the nos. This is an up or down poll.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste.

    Auntie Jean

  318. Helen and Margaret, Sorry those two, Craig and James, have been so rude. I am embarassed for them.

    I guess we are just going to have to get used to them.
    There will always be…in the great words of Margaret…AssHats in this world!

  319. I forgot to write I agree with no one’s puppet.

  320. To Jean and the rest of the fan club. Those who accused me of hijacking the site for awhile were partly right for a couple of hours. I would have considered issuing a warning if I was still a moderator of a blog. Jean Garafalo’s still has my name on a section, or it did a year ago.

    However, many of my posts were reactions to personal attacks,and those people would have been warned also. You do have a point about that, but since this message board is like the wild West that and a dime won’t get you much. Under the rules, I can post as often as I want, and so can you.

    What the professor and I wrote was the truth, and you know it. I think it is generous of Helen, Margaret and Mathew to keep this blog open as they do. I have never written a bad word against them. However, to compare this blog to Socialism and failing welfare schemes in the real world is a stretch. Sometimes, we help the traffic.

    “…bigoted and ignorant…” leaves an opening as wide as a truck, but I won’t bite this time.

    Speaking only for myself, I don’t have time or the feeling of self importance to set up a blog. Most of them are monuments to self agrandisment. I’ll bet you have a blog.

    Craig, here is why I think you are being called names instead of given straight answers. People who’s cases are weak or have weak analytical debating skills are reduced to adhominom attacks.

    Our point of view is winning. The final curtain will come with one of the next elections or when the economy collapses withing ten or twenty years.

    You might be surprised which members of this little group I respect. I won’t say for fear the rest of you would turn on them.

    Spell checker Anonymous, I need you to find my misspelled words.

    Aloha! Namaste, and nighty night, Antie Jean and the rest of you.

  321. Thank you, Auntie Jean! :-)

    More words of wisdom…

  322. Anonymous, its good to see my little spell checker back. How many words have I misspelled today? It must be a ton. I await with anticipation. If you are not the same nameless person, never mind.

    I agree with paragraphs one and two.

    We are a long way from sacrificing or economy to Afghanistan. Several recent domestic spending programs will take care of that.

    I agree we need to weigh the costs and benefits of abandoning the field and fighting to win. Half way measures will accomplish nothing but kill more people over a longer period of time. Obama says we are there to win. We shall see.

    Abandoning Southeast Asia didn’t work out so well after unintended consequences came home to roost.

    I may be crazy, but that is a Hl of a lot better than being like some of you.

  323. Hi Congenial Gang,

    It mystifies me why the trio of trolls continue to storm in here at M&H when it has been made abundantly clear that their views are not wanted or valid and they are not liked personally. (There goes M&H’s neighborhood.)

    Today, James and Pfessor have had the audacity to whine and complain on the sorry state of affairs in Omaha and Pfessor’s home state with ‘there went the neighborhoods’. All the while they are accepting the ‘Socialism’ of M&H’s blog and taking unabashed advantage of M&H’s hospitality and generosity. They are too clueless and unskilled (and probably too cheap) to set up their own blogs. No doubt they are aware by now that no one would visit them anyway. And Craig/Gregorio/et al is just plain clueless.

    I understand that there are plenty of bigoted and ignorant blogs out there, although I have never visited any of them myself. It seems to me the trio of trolls would find much more compatible thinking and camaraderie in those blogs and would be welcomed with open arms.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste.

    Auntie Jean

  324. That goes for you, too, James.


  325. Technically speaking, Norway and Sweden are advanced welfare states, not socialist countries. Their private sectors are the most productive parts of their economies, and their industries compete in the global market place.

    In 2004, Sweden with higher taxes had a lower GDP per capita than Norway. Their per capita ratings used to be among the highest in the world. Surveys show their work ethic is declining. So, while they are happy and prosperous, individuals could have had more than they do.

    One reason the welfare state probably worked so well in Sweden is most benefits are tied to working. Scandinavian countries populations are relatively homogenous.

    Swedish “socialism” keeps most of the means of production privately owned. Thus, their system is basically a way of distributing income to the deserving poor. In some ways they are economically freer than we.

    Huge oil deposits also help the economies.

    The Forerunner reported in 2007 a growing privatization movement in the Scandinavian countries.

    I agree Pfessor53. Social programs, affirmative action and the rest were well-intentioned, and most were unsuccessful for the reasons you stated.

    I can also see November from my front porch, and beyond. The mid 2010′s is when the real fun begins as the bills come due.

  326. Oh now, Craig, don’t attack Helen of all people. You are a guest here, remember?? I do understand. I would be upset too if I were as Bat Shit Crazy as you are.

    Hang in there, sport!

  327. I asked for constructive responses ..all I get is old news.
    Even Helen does not make any constructive statements..she just attacks but offers no proposals for positive movement forward…

  328. I want to join the chorus of well-wishing to Helen and Margaret. It’s wonderful to again read the well aimed thoughts that are always presented with heart, wisdom and wit .
    I just don’t get why you maintain that Socialism always fails. The Scandinavian countries practice a form of Socialism that results in the happiest populations in the world. That’s far from failure in my book!
    Also, slave families were deliberately separated during slavery. This was social engineering by the slave owners, not the government – with repercussions to this day. Thankfully, government stepped in to stop that practice – thank you to Presidents Lincoln and Johnson.

  329. Helen it was great visiting your page and finding out that you’re writing still! for whatever you may have required comfort, please take some from me. your writing is such a gift.

  330. Taliban: Bush took our best troops out of Afghanistan to invade Iraq WMD. Bush thereby let the Taliban, Bin Laden and Al Quida have a free ride to rearm and rebuild.

    Those in Afghan know that people fight for a while and leave – been going on for hundreds of years.

    The question I ask is how many US lives are we willing to sacrifice? Are we willing to sacrifice our own economy for Afghanistan?

    Really, if we truly wanted to win in Afghanistan, we should have not invaded Iraq for made up reasons.

    Helen, great to see you back.

    Yes, those you mention are bat shit crazy!

  331. Wow. Craig and James are some kind of bat shit crazy!

    Helen, you sure do attract some Loonies. Bet you and Margaret think they are a hoot!

  332. If the Karzai government welcomed the Taliban tomorrow and the U.S.Military was gone…
    ..Would that satisfy the Taliban and there be peace in Afghanistan?

    What if Pakistan and Iraq also welcomed the Taliban would there be peace?

    Would the United States to say that is fine and the Taliban can rule however they want, would there be peace?

  333. Exhcnage emails and move on folks. We came here to hear Helen and Margaret!

  334. Would you let your 14 year old daughter sail around the world by herself?

  335. James -

    I think you are right about the descent into hell of many American neighborhoods, and I would submit that to a great degree it is due to the breakdown of personal values, and that breakdown is the inevitable result of government programs such as those which promote illegitimate, single-mom birth and penalize marriage.

    Why is Junior a bad boy? (no disrespect meant, Craig) Because there is no father in the house; where Dad used to be essential in having a family, now once he donates his sperm, he is completely superfluous. The government (you and I) will raise the fruit of his loins and he can get on with the weighty business of impregnating someone else. (much to his delight, I might add…LOL)

    Having just a few unknowns in a system makes it completely impossible to predict the results. That complexity means that when the government starts trifling with the social system, they may induce a state exactly the opposite of their intent. The welfare system, above (as currently configured) and affirmative action for example many would argue have done nothing to uplift those they purport to help, and in fact have done tremendous damage to them. My home state I think everyone would agree has been nearly destroyed by the dole; I watched it happen. And it isn’t just a racial thing; nearly everyone there is white.

    Construction of “the projects” – in which the tenants have no personal stake, and nearly all of which have turned into hellholes – is another case in point. Affirmative action programs, which have pushed unqualified people into jobs they cannot do – further promoting failure – are another. Ask me about an alleged transplant surgeon I knew years ago – Dr. Ashby.

    I am not as cynical as poolman; I think these programs are not conspiracies; I believe they are well-intentioned; they just are ill thought-out by folks who think their personal brilliance trumps average intelligence by millions of people.

    But then, we have come full-circle back to why Socialism always eventually fails, haven’t we?

    I am seeing November clearer and clearer from my porch. Two months. Yes we can!

  336. Helen, I have missed you very much over the last few months. I do enjoy reading your thoughts, probably because I agree with them hehehe.

    I hope you are well and that you know that you are much loved out here and we worry.

    Be well and safe,


  337. Here’s a good morning wake up read over coffee…

    “Why have so many despicable characters throughout history acquired the ability to inflict so much suffering on the rest of humanity?”

    Have a blessed day, everyone!

  338. James,
    Comments not lectures.

  339. Thus far I’ve avoided commenting on the rational of a white broadcaster repeatedly saying the n word. Dr. Laura said, it was as proper for her say the word, as it was for HBO comedians to speak the word as a part of their act, not so. Comedians’s routines commonly emphasis things which have hurt them the most, recently there have been some very funny comedians using their physical disability as a large part of their act, and even one stand up comedian with Down’s Syndrome. They are tired of internalizing the pain and laying it right out there in the face of the audience is a way for them to shed the pain and embarrassment of childhood taunts.
    But even by black stand up comedians, the n word no longer is effective for a nervous laugh, it is time to resign the word to history. Never have I heard the word used in a normal conversation between Blacks when I didn’t realize the air was bristling with hostility, and I didn’t want to just keep moving, rather than be one of those innocent bystanders, we all hear about on the news. The word is very easy to interpret, it means profound disrespect, when used by anyone, Black, White, or green.

  340. I’m glad you’re back in action! Your writing makes me feel better about the state of the country, haha.

  341. Love, love, love Helen! Thank you for posting again. I look forward to your next one. Whenever that will be.

  342. Have to agree with Jack. James, your carbon footprint is too big to fit in your mouth. Go out and get some fresh air and maybe a friend or two. Good luck with that…

  343. Great post Helen!

    James…get a blog. Stop hijacking this one.

  344. My last post was referring to delurkergurl’s definition.

    PFessor53, I agree.

    Patrick Monahan warned of a developing cultural disfunction which would damage the country, and he was right.

    North Omaha used to be a fairly prosperous place, and the nuclear family was the norm. Then, the meat packing jobs left after changing economics drove companies out. Other businesses followed after the sixties riots.

    Now, that section of Omaha has so many shootings, a talk show host compared it to downtown Baghdad. The major source of income for many people are welfare and drug sales. Young men, especially disdain education because it is too “white.” Thus, more women than men get good jobs.

    A majority of homes have no fathers, in part because of the welfare laws. Many of this generation of parents are so disfunctional the grand parents must raise the children.

    When a crime is committed, witnesses, sometimes, even victims, have no clue about what happened, so the police investigations move more slowly than they should.

    A former University of Nebraska football player was convicted of murder after a failed drug deal. He claimed he was innocent after his conviction and yelled “I ain’t no snitch!” It has become part of the culture.

    A lot of good people live in North Omaha, and they organize groups like Mad Dads which began there to patrol the streets at night, talk to kids hanging out and reporting crimes to the police. Others hold religious vigils. Nothing much changes.

    When a boy or young man gets shot, the refrain from his mother is “He was a good boy. Though he had problems, he was turning his life around.”

    Last week, a gun accidently discharged on a school bus. The owner quickly borrowed a girl’s cell phone and called his friend to remember to leave the safety on his pistol, because he had forgotten and it fired. School officials were “shocked.”

    Thomas Sewell wrote that culture is traceable to a red neck part of the South, and further back to a section of England. I don’t know if he is right or not. I do know people are suffering over something much more important than the useage of a forbidden word. We need ideas on how to change it.

  345. Yay! Helen is back!!!!!
    I missed you!!!

  346. A good definition.

  347. James -

    I collect quotes and keep them on a cork board in my office. One of my favorites is from Carlin:

    ‘Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.’

    Speaking of Carlin, I think he had some wisdom about the silliness of becoming a slave to “just words” in his “Seven Words You Cannot Say on Television.”

    Nowadays we hardly give those words a second glance; there are more important issues to think about.

    As for the Word_Who_Must_Not_Be_Named (HT to Rowling): To quote Jefferson, (actually on the existence of gods) it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. I think the N-fetish needs to end, and *everybody* needs to focus on things that really matter – like getting an education, behaving responsibly, earning one’s own keep and contributing to their country – not burning valuable energy getting the red-ass over something that is, in the final analysis, nothing more than a string of letters.

  348. I pasted this into a comment a minute ago but I think there were multiple links embedded so it got stuck. Or maybe it was because I the n-word was spelled out.

    The definition of the n-word, from reference.com. The usage note is interesting.


    —Usage note
    The term n-word is now probably the most offensive word in English. Its degree of offensiveness has increased markedly in recent years, although it has been used in a derogatory manner since at least the Revolutionary War. Definitions 1a, 1b, and 2 represent meanings that are deeply disparaging and are used when the speaker deliberately wishes to cause great offense. Definition 1a, however, is sometimes used among African-Americans in a neutral or familiar way. Definition 3 is not normally considered disparaging—as in “The Irish are the n-words of Europe” from Roddy Doyle’s The Commitments —but the other uses are considered contemptuous and hostile.

    1. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive .
    a. a black person.
    b. a member of any dark-skinned people.
    2. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive . a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.
    3. a victim of prejudice similar to that suffered by blacks; a person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.

  349. delurkergurl, that doesn’t even make sense.

  350. I guess it’s OK for the pot to call the kettle black since he’s black, too.

    Is anyone fascinated by this? Didn’t think so…

  351. Angie, read Poolman’s post again– slowly to match your comprehension level. If this had been a moderated message board, you would have been suspended by now. You, not I are sitting in a large hole. Shame on you for another personal attack.

    Why don’t you stop wasting cyber space and actually contribute something as people like Claire Malloy just did?

    Claire, as much as some Republicans would like to, the Democrats and press already swiftboated Sarah Palin.

    Poolman, I like George Carlin too.

  352. One more comment before I go, Ican’t wait until the Repugs Swiftboat Scary Palin….

  353. Oh dear, I would not wish that on these dear ladies, Rebecca!

  354. The N word as used to describe others is not acceptable to ME, Period. Not Funny, Not acceptable, No reason except HATE to use it EVER.
    To ME if you use it, YOU are one. Period. I really mean it.
    Really glad to see a new post on here and read intelligent comments from my friends once again. However, if you are coming here to justify your use of a racist term, then blow off. The argument that blacks use it does NOT hold for you when you are NOT black, so kindly STFU. That is their problem and does not give you permission to be an asshole.
    Thank you. :o)

  355. you should be elected to office, hmmmm.

  356. This is George Carlin’s take on our American morals.

    Warning: *Not for G audience*

    “We are SOL and JWF”

  357. James, just how far do you plan on digging the hole you are in??


  358. Oh Helen, I too am very happy to have you back again. Like many of the others, I was concerned something had happened to you. You don’t know how much I look forward to your posts and pass them around to my friends, post them on my Facebook page and just enjoy learning from your wisdom and way with words. I’ve never seen anyone who could observe a situation and get to the real issues involved, straining out all the bullshit. Thank you for being you and thank you for your blog! A fan in Kansas.

  359. My wife and I are preparing a taped oral history our organization made over fifteen years ago for a book.

    This recollection fits the discussion.

    Early childhood in North Carolina: “It was a big southern mansion and used to be a slave holder’s home.

    We had a roomer who had been a slave. She told us all about it. She was a house servant. She was always scared to death she’d get whipped. She was very careful to make mistakes. There was a post outside for tying your horses. Earlier, it was a whipping post.

    Mostly twelve to fifteen year old kids who fooled around were whipped. The whipping man came to whip a whole group every month. They were tied to the post. The woman said he could curl that whip around anybody. He cracked the whip. They stopped when they were unconscious. It took about three twirls of the whip to do it.

    A neighbor said ‘we always treated our slaves well. They were our property, and they cost us money.” Isn’t that terrible,j people treating people like that?”

  360. How I missed you!

  361. Angie, read Poolman’s post very carefully and learn something. “Us” v “them” is inborn. It had survival value in the past. Many animals share the outlook.

    If this message board had the rules some do, you would be privately warned and maybe suspended. Shame on you Angie.

  362. James, your “Us” against “Them” mentality is proof enough that you are indeed an idiot.

  363. We are notorious labelers. We make labels to categorize people and things. It was the first “job” we were given. It is what we do in our effort to understand and define our place in the world.

    I think it was Chris Rock that did a comedy bit regarding that derogatory term. He’s a very funny guy and I enjoy his humor. His point, I think, was that it was okay for Blacks to call each other by Black-related racial slurs, just as other races can use their own on each other. It is only an issue when used to slam another race.

    And yes, it is a free country and we have freedom of speech (most of the time), yet wisdom needs to be used when we speak – especially publicly. That IS the problem – the point most seem to NOT get. It is due to a lack of wisdom in society. If we are speaking out of hate and with the INTENT to denigrate others – it is wrong and needs to be called out.

    It all boils down to INTENT. Often the most bigoted individuals practice their hatred out of the public’s view. Back to the golden rule, folks. If we stayed on that path we wouldn’t be in the deep doo doo we are in.

  364. What a joy to read your words. You say what so many of us feel but in spicy no nonsence vernacular. I’d be sad to see it come to an end, but would rather deal with that then to see your burdened. What an honor it is to have “run” into you via informationsuperhighway. Whenever you feel the need to share your opinion, however, I’ll be all eyes and ears. Bless you.

  365. I’m not trying to pile onto Craig or anyone else. I am only judging from my prospective which does not include hanging around inner city people or students.

    As I wrote before, if blacks are taking possession of the N word, in the way Craig described and I theorized, fine.

    If “they” call “me” cracker or any other disrespectful or bigoted term, they will feel my wrath. If that gets my butt kicked which it hasn’t yet, it had better be fatal, or they will spend time in jail.

    I haven’t given race on job applications much thought. It is a good question. Why is it done? Government and industry statistics, I suppose. Those classifications leave a detailed picture of what life is like now. They will keep future historians busy.

  366. You can stoop to the level of anyone you want. I imagine there is other bad behavior you can say is acceptable because someone somewhere does it. When you exercise that sort of liberty in places where it’s not socially acceptable, the reaction will be negative. That’s fine… some people seem to get off on negative attention. I don’t get it but I suppose it’s better than no attention. However, be cautious because in some places you’ll get your butt kicked.

    You really can’t sneer at people for choosing to do better than that. It’s hollow and stupid!

  367. Really Craig why do you care?

    What possible difference does it make to you what words are on an application form?

    I’m thinking those are the questions you should be asking yourself, not the porch.

  368. I guess some of you have not been around black school yards or inner city kids? It’s more than the
    rap music. “They” affectionately call each other by these terms. But you say its OK.
    Just like it is for them to call us crackers?
    What do they want to be called?
    I remember from the fifties it went from
    African American’s

    Filled out an employment application lately?
    What terms have you seen to describe their ethnicity?
    I’ve yet to see my scotch/Irish category on there yet.

  369. I’m a bad speller, and I type fast. If you try, you can find many more mistakes than that.

    Why would I want to try the next level Mensa test, Anonymous? The first free test was a ruse to get the unsuspecting to pay a fee to try for the next level. I was smart enough not to fall for it, because I knew I wasn’t smart enough to get in. Besides, I didn’t need Mensa to meet women.

    There isn’t much to say about the people who get upset about the President’s faith. They are merely the right’s equivalent of the 9/11 Truther Movement.

  370. And Helen, did ya notice the herd of Ignorami on the loose again? Whipping themselves into a frenzy over our President’s faith?

    Id pay to read your thoughts about this.

  371. James on August 21, 2010 at 8:09 AM

    I’m not sure how the comment from a gravestone (epitath) can be used as a pejorative.

    On the other hand I know how an epithet can be used as a term of abuse or contempt, or to express hostility toward someone.

    Better try that next level Mensa test Jimbo.

  372. Dear Helen (and Margaret too!),
    It is so good to see a post from you. Your wit, wisdom, sanity and just plain common sense are appreciated so much. You are a breath of fresh air – a true antidote to so many senseless talking heads who are self-styled instant experts on “everything” and whose ignorance shows the minute they open their mouths.
    I hope that your long absence has been due to your enjoying a real life outside this blog and not to any family tragedies or sorrows. If it has been due to such, however, please know that there are tons of people literally around the globe who greatly appreciate your plainspeaking and who think only warm thoughts of you and yours. All my best wishes.

  373. Alleluia,, you’re back. I also was someone who thought you had suffered a serious health problem. Whatever it was that kept you away I am so–o-o-o- glad you are back.

  374. Craig asked an important question which should not be dismissed. Like Dawn, I don’t know any black person who uses the word, nor white people locally for that matter.

    Most entertainers borrow from what people do and say around them, so I assume the N word is used somewhere. Entertainers who use the word without condemnation probably reflect the culture of a large minority of their customers.

    Like Dawn, I suspect many blacks are not OK with it.

    As far as I’m concerned, it is an evil word no one should use. This is just my theory. Sometimes people take an epitath and change it into an inside joke. They use it as a complement the way a country singer did when she recorded “Red Neck Woman.” It becomes “their” word to use for themselves. The word is not for outsiders to say. It is turning a negative into a positive and a form of rebellion against bigotry.

    It’s unfair, but I don’t see anything wrong with that as long as such people don’t use derogatory language like the C or S words. Its all about context. Maybe someone can convince me I am wrong about this. I could be.

    I read Dr. Laura who is about 62 was already considering retiring. She exercised her freedom of speech, and her listeners exercised theirs. She made a big mistake because she didn’t consider the context. Sarah Palin did herself no favors by defending Dr. Laura.

    I agree with the PFessor. I also flirted with Mensa and passed their first entrance test. One member told me it was a great place to meet women.

  375. We already know anyone who disagrees with palinshutup is a “troll.” Her closed mind puts her at a disadvantage in two respects. First, she remains ignorant when she is wrong, and secondly, if people like me insult her or her point of view, she won’t know.

    DoverSoul, I wrote before that I would not vote for Sarah Palin to be president. I also cited examples of media bias against Sarah Palin in the past. The latest to emerge is a tape of Katie Curric mocking Palin before the interview. Journolist has conversations between writers coordinating plans of attack. Suzanne Nossel chief of operations for Human Rights Watch wrote McCain’s choosing Palin could be spun as a sexist pick.

    Mother Jones’s Jonathan Stein replied “That’s excellent!…You’ll have the networks debating about it for days.”

    Time’s Joe Klein wrote an entire column based on Journolist conversations.

    While I agree with the black conservative you cited, I could have said it in fewer words. Sarah Palin’s comments about Dr. Laura were just plain dumb.

    I also agree some of the right wing media are biased in favor of Sarah. The truth is probably somewhere between the two camps.

    If I were Sarah, I would be happy with things as they are. She is rich. She has adoring fans who will buy her books or hang on her words, and she can influence local political races. She also has more time for her family. Being a celebrity is more fun than being a politician.

  376. Oh Helen! I’m SO glad you’re back. I was one of the people who was worried about you. I’ve checked your site daily since your last posting, just in case. Thank you for your gift to us! Your clarity and directness are a gift to the world. My condolences for whatever loss caused you to stop writing, and my gratitude for your return. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.


  377. Craig -

    re: “boy”

    I have occasionally run into these soreheads myself, and they are a waste of time. White or black, man or woman – they are all the same: all share a deep insecurity and – because of it – a seething need to make sure nobody “disses” them. My older brother’s best friend comes to mind. He has had numerous confrontations about “hillbilly,” and is such a horse’s arse that I doubt he has five friends in the world.

    These people also share another characteristic: they never make anything of themselves. They are so focused on keeping those chips balanced on their shoulders that they cannot see that it is holding them back. Hell, we’ve all been slighted sometime during our lives, but you can’t let it drive your whole journey.

    One cold winter’s evening in the ‘eighties my friend Mark invited me to a Mensa meeting at “Smiley’s Motel” in Charleston, WV. Aside from a delightful encounter with two stunning teenage hookers in short-shorts (at five below zero!) who asked us if we “knew what we were looking for,” it was a real downer. Not a single one of these Mensans had done anything noteworthy and the conversation never varied: I could have done better in life but I was discriminated against because I was so smart.

    jesus. Give me a break. The best advice I ever received from my father was when I complained to him that the reason I was failing in college was because my high school was so bad. (It was.) His response was, “Nobody cares. Now you know where you stand; I suggest you work harder.”

    Great advice. I think you should have told your “friend” to piss off, and forgotten about him. “If you challenge me over a perfectly innocent comment like that, you are no friend to me. I suggest you go soak that sore head and get your priorities straight. Have a nice life.”


  378. So HAPPY to see your post (you hit the ball out of the park, as usual)!

    I hope things are going okay for you, we’ve been worried. You are just as fiery and awesome as always, we’ve all missed you.

  379. Welcome back!!! You were sooooo missed.

  380. Glad to see you back. Take care of yourself. It isn’t as fun without you but that’s life.

  381. Craig, no black person I know uses the N-word. Just because you hear it in music and in movies does not mean the majority of blacks are ok with it. And yes, I do know several black people including the one I’m married to.

  382. Oh yawn Craig…I didn’t realize this was a test.

    “Palin is “trying to shock us each day with more and more outlandish commentary,” said one black conservative. “And at that moment that person is no longer fit to lead.”


  383. I repeat

    Is it OK for the “black” person to use the “N” term in every day life?

    And then condemn the white person for saying it as well ?

    Seems like there are people who talk and act out of both sides of their mouths.

    NO one had dared to answer the first question.

  384. Great to have you back Helen. And thanks Margaret for letting Helen know we all were missing her posts.

    Read Greer McVay’s Salon analysis, “Sarah Palin Shows Dr. Laura How to Quit”

    “Sarah has had the luxury of right wing media protection since the day she was introduced to an unsuspecting national audience…

    Palin is a woman who claims media bias when asked a question as benign as what she reads, and now wants to offer strategic communication consulting to another woman who has a history of racist, sexist, homophobic, and anti-Islamic sentiment. This really isn’t funny anymore. The flame is now an inferno.”

    Full article:


  385. Craig is still trolling M&H? I wouldnt know, he is on my ignore list, along with James and the rest who do nothing but piss on this blog.

    Helen we missed you. Seems life has been putting hurdles in your way (reading between the lines) hope those hurdles are not too difficult for you and sending my best. For purely selfish reasons I hope you continue to drop in, just to be a thorn on their side if for no other reason ;)

  386. So glad to hear from you again! Was so very worried about you. While I would miss your rapier whit I agree with others that you shouldn’t continue the blog if it becomes a burden.

  387. Adding my voice to say WELCOME BACK – you’ve been missed (as you see). I’m happy to hear from you whenever you want to write.

    Much love for you over here in Maryland!

  388. Aaahhh Helen, I’ve missed you so!

  389. Helen! You’re back! I don’t want to be a burden to you, but I sure do enjoy reading your posts as long as you enjoy writing them. Take care and hope to hear from you again soon.

  390. SO glad you aren’t dead! lol. Kudos to the nephew for the (hopefully gentle) prod.
    I’m still having visions of anyone “talking out of both sides of their ass.”

  391. Dr. Schlessinger has every right to say whatever words she chooses to say. And her audience has the equal right to agree with her, or to take offense. The advertisers who underwrite her show didn’t tell her she couldn’t say those words. They exercised their right to say, “We don’t choose to support you if that’s the language you are going to use.” She could have found other advertisers who don’t mind what she says, or would have been fine with the context in which those words were expressed.

    Instead, she was apparently unprepared for the fact that her words offended people (whether that was her intention or not). She got mad that people told her they were offended. She got mad that she couldn’t exercise her right to free speech indiscriminately without having to accept the fact that not everybody would agree with her statements and she might have to deal with the consequences of offending other people.

    So she’s taking her toys and going … to the internet. Where she says she can say whatever the hell she wants.

    And presumably she can do it without having to worry about advertisers and THEIR petty opinions.

    I wonder, though … has she LOOKED at the comments section of internet blogs, websites, and chat rooms? Because I’m pretty sure she’s gonna keep offending people, and internet commenters are all about teh flamewarz.

  392. Sending loads of love.

  393. Diane, her degree is in physiology, not psychology. That’s why people are calling her a glorified gym teacher.

  394. Dawn beat me to it. That Frazier episode was so funny, I taped it when it first aired.

    JaneK, Obama’s ratings are down because he and Congressional Democrats are more liberal than the general population. More importantly, his schemes have not yet worked after they’ve been oversold.

    Democrats have controlled Congress since about 2007, and Obama has been president long enough for these problems to belong to him. “Its the economy stupid.” When the economy improves Obama’s poll numbers will follow. ]

    Colorado Blue is wrong.

  395. New poster and longtime reader here, just delurking long enough to say how happy I am to see you back!

  396. I’m glad you are back. It sounds like you have had a difficult time and I am sorry.

    We all look forward to your thoughts on issues and as usual, you are right on target again.

    What I do not understand is why no one is wondering why a PhD psychologist who is supposed to be dispensing advice based on her studies in the field, felt like going on a rant like this.
    This type of rant I would not hesitate to say, shows a ‘deep seated hatred of black people’ to quote the other whacko, Glenn Beck.
    She is not a therapist is any sense of the word if this is what she espouses, she is just another conservative shock jock.
    Her peers and her licensing board should reprimand her for her disgraceful outburst disguised as therapy.
    Her first amendment rights are intact, she just cannot take the criticism that she deserves.

  397. Helen wrote: “And so Physiologist Schlessinger is just one more name on an ever-growing list of Conservative Americans who talk out of both sides of their ass… sorry I meant mouth… no I think I meant ass.”

    Helen, your confusion is understandable seeing how the “Dr.’s”head seem to be parked up her ass over this ’1st Ammendment’ smokescreen.

  398. Welcome back, Helen! We have missed you terribly, I hope all is well with you and yours.
    @Dawn, I LOVE Frasier, watch it every morning while getting ready for work to start my day with a good laugh. Excellent take on Dr. Laura. I HAVE seen this episode on reruns. Thanks for posting it, too funny!

  399. Regarding President Obama’s approval rating, it’s no surprise it has dropped a lot. He’s not progressive enough for progressives. He’s not right (or white) enough for the right. A lot of great stuff has been stripped out of new legislation in an effort to work with the right, who has fought him all the way anyway. So the left isn’t happy with results, and neither is the right. The dysfunction of the house & senate reflect on Obama, too.

    He came in with record high expectations. He inherited a mess, but the mess wasn’t done hitting the fan yet so the incremental improvements he expected to make couldn’t possibly hit his targets. People in bad economic times are going to hold it against the people in charge now, regardless of how the hard times were triggered.

    Then there’s the media…

    I’m really surprised the approval rating is not lower, to be honest.

  400. Helen,
    Thank you for your latest contributions, despite the problems you have been having this summer. I too, add my sentiments to the rest of the “porch family”, we love you, but do not want to be a burden. If things are tough right now, we can keep ourselves amused until you come back.
    We would miss you terribly, but you must always do what is best for you and your family.
    I hope you, Harold and your family are all well and the troubles are in the past.

    You have a big fan base, all those well wishes coming your way can only mean good things!

  401. I wonder if Sarah would say “Dr.” Laura has a right to say this
    too? Does she REALLY want “Dr.” Laura to reload? She should watch what she wishes for!

  402. we, not be

  403. Thank goodness you aren’t dead !!! We need you because you reach so many people and you are so right on with what you say.

    With rights come responsibility. That is a concept the nutbags don’t understand. That goes for every Constitutional right we possess and we must be careful not to let those Republican Baggers get their mits on the Constitution.

    There are very specific rules about what can and can not be said in the media whether it be wacko radio,TV and print or normal radio, TV and print. The Dr gym teacher LaLa is well aware of what those words are. Everyone on the planet knows those words can not be said over the airwaves. But, the arrogance of the rightwing hate mongers pushes them to the very edge everyday.

    Isn’t it interesting that it is ALWAYS the rightwing nutbags who blast anyone else when they actually use their rights.

    The idiot Palin comes to mind, time after time. She is soooo worried about her freedoms but had no problem trying to infring on Kathleen’s Gustafson’s right to put up a sign in her window. The idiot Palin over-uses her freedom of speech every chance she gets. I’d like to see her float away on an iceburg !!!!

    Please be aware that the reason for the slow economic growth is because of our US Senators wearing Republican hats. They have either voted NO or voted in lockstep to filabuster every bill that would give a boost to the economy.
    They want America to fail, they want the middle class to fail and they want rule by big business and the top 1%.

    The bill that was filabustered yesterday would have given community banks the resources to help small businesses get loans and keep their businesses afloat. But, the Republicans hate small businesses and the people who will actually employ Americans to work for them. Their only concern is for their pals in big multi-national corporations who operate off-shore to keep from paying taxes and to get cheap labor and in turn give us cheap crap. They do not want to sunset the tax cuts for their pals at the top. Interesting that they never had a problem voting for wars that were unfunded. This community banks bill would have been paid for by sunsetting those tax cuts for the ultra wealthy.

    Get a clue all your righties in the bottom 98%……..the rightwing Teabagging Republican party does not give a rats ass about you. Quit listening to the know nothings at faux news and that fat bastard on the radio……..THEY are in the top 1% !!!!!!

    And once again President Obama has delivered on yet another campaign promise—-to get our soldiers out of Iraq and there was no coverage about it. He delivered on tax cuts for the middle class, he delivered on healthcare to name a few and all the haters want to do is complain.

    For all of you in the Democratic party who are acting like babies and threatening to sit out the mid-term election……..know that the Republican Teabaggers WILL vote. If you liked 2000-2008 when you lost your savings, your jobs, your homes, then you’re gonna love what will happen if you sit and pout and don’t vote.

  404. Just had a thought while reading the comments. Could this be just a way for the Schlessinger to jump in to a NEW and BIGGER place in the “entertainment” universe? Where will be find her going when her contract ends?

    Dawn, Thanks for the Frasier episode. I had forgotten how funny they were.

  405. You owe us nothing, but you have obviously been sorely missed. Wishing only the best for you lovely ladies.

  406. Like everyone else here, I want to add my joy at seeing you back with your wisdom and wit. Oh, have I missed you. Wishing you and Margaret the best.

  407. I have missed you so much!! Please know that WE out here in cyber land need your voice to confirm that WE are not crazy. That Sara and Dr Laura need to be fixed, so they can not make anymore children ever and made to not speak till brain is thinking. We need your mind and thoughts as often as possible.

  408. My dear Helen,

    I’m so glad you’re back! You’ve been missed and I, personally, was getting worried about you. There have been so many things that have happened in the last few weeks that I’d hoped to read your take on.
    Hope all is well in your world and thanks, as always, for the chuckles.

  409. So glad to see you back!

  410. Blessings upon you! Definitely hope that you and yours are OK.

    Gosh! Had no idea I was so hooked on the blog.
    Decades ago I was one of those anchor babies.
    As usual, you are right on!

  411. So glad to hear from you. Although……I’d really like to hear your comments on why Obama’s approval rating is 47%. I don’t give a rat’s ass about Dr. Lara and whatever…..but do always love to hear your opinion regardless the topic.
    But you mentioned this fickle country before……why is everyone mad at Obama at the state of affairs. It is going to take a long time to clean up the mess given to him…………..love to hear you comment on this……

  412. Glad you are back. And glad you hit the nail on the head. Her job on talk radio is one notch below Rush Limbaugh and I don’t like to listen to either of them.

  413. Helen – I’m so glad to see you’re back. I’ve missed your posts, they had become a daily ritual for me to read in the morning. Post when you feel like but know that we’re ready and waiting when you do!

  414. Ann Coulter’s been bit too. That freedom of speech thing doesn’t carry over to addressing the gay populace, it seems.

    Here’s the dealy-deal: the conservatives howl about ‘freedom of speech’, but that translates to ‘freedom of speech’ as long as you’re saying what we’re saying.

    I like your phrasing, but I’m going to put my own take on it… ’til Sarah Palin goes home’. Damn. I do like the sounds of that. Although it seems like a darn shame for Wasilla.

  415. Love your blog. Glad you’re back. BTW, if no one has said it yet, “Dr.” Laura is no doctor of anything and has no degree in psychology. She’s a fraud just like Sarah Palin.

  416. Yikes Helen, I am so sorry to hear you have had a difficult summer. May you be comforted in White light. Thank you for taking the time to entertain us with your talents.

    I think DL and her “scream at you” , “if you don’t think my way your a horrible anti American”, shtick, was one of the pioneers in the right wing hate mongering bizness wasn’t she? She paved the way for the the rest of the egotists to bloviate their way to “fame”.

    That woman is many things, one of which is not stupid, she knew exactly what she was saying and what the consequences would be. I think she wanted to go out and carefully calculated her exit as to garner as much attention as possible. And what a SURPRISE the news whore Palin hopped on her band wagon. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  417. Thank you, Helen, once again for speaking the truth. I’ve waited for three months to read this your latest post, and I don’t regret one minute of it. I can only hope you will continue to utter the things which need to be said since you seem to say them better than anyone else!

  418. Here’s the 1st link to the “Frasier” episode. It is in 3 parts. Enjoy!

  419. Aleluia! Another M&H post! Along with everyone else I’ll add if keeping up this blog is too much, then by all means stop. Just know there is a whole croud of us on your porch who love your wit, charm, and succinct clarity in such sanity.

    I hope whatever burden that has kept you away has eased.

    Right on with Schlessinger… For you who are interested, there’s an episode of “Frasier” entitled “Dr Nora” available on you tube. Schlessinger was able to have that episode banned from re-runs so no one will see it on network TV, but ironically, my husband had me pull it up and watch it last night. Very funny, and apparently quite timely.

  420. Dear Helen – Truly delighted to see you posting once more. I missed hearing from you and Margaret on the blog. I do hope all is well with you and your family. It made my day to see you back on the blog once more with words of wisdom.

    Give my best to Margaret; hope she’s managed the wild weather here in Maine this summer.

  421. Yup, once you start blogging, and have a following, you can’t stop. It takes over one’s life, if one’s blog is a popular one, and stop blogging, people assume you are dead or dying. Glad to see you posting again. And I have a rule on my blog – if one doesn’t post AT LEAST every month, I have to drop my link to you. Course, I’ve been so busy blogging every day, I hadn’t gotten around to dropping you, yet, so you are safe for another month.

  422. You are such a breath of fresh air! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts once more on your blog. I live in SC so I need to see writing like yours to know there is sane life out there!! I hope you and your family are well and happy!
    Love to Ya!

  423. Helen, thank you so much for your posts. I was worried about you too. I enjoy reading your thoughts since they mirror my own. Hope you stay well.

  424. I have checked daily in hopes that more pearls of wisdom will drop from your lips. If you have needed comforting I am glad your friend was there for you and sorry we couldn’t be. There are more people out here who love your thoughts but never write..know that we appreciate you. AND if you don’t feel like writing could you possibly just post that you are not in the mood. I think a lot of us have adopted you as a grandmother/aunt/mommy and care a lot about you…really!

  425. Craig,

    She knew better. Admits herself that it was wrong. She just didn’t realize how wrong. Like Helen says, she can use it all she wants but she has to suffer the consequences.

    Your comment screams of ignorance about not only race relations but also common decency. It doesn’t matter how she used it. And then she followed it up with a slam to the NAACP .

  426. Helen, you have no idea how many of us are happy now to read your words of feisty truth again.

    I hope that our interest in your intelligent and feisty commentary will inspire you to keep on posting.

    PS: I quit watching TV in 1978, but the internet allows me to access treasures, like you, as well as John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I rate you in the same category of truth and irony.


  427. Helen,
    I’m afraid to ask, but has something happened to your husband? From your post it seems that Margaret’s letters have been a “source of comfort” and that you don’t need alot of “time on your hands”. I do hope you haven’t suffered a great loss.

  428. Welcome Back, you’ve been greatly missed, dear ladies! But I agree with Lizalundell, don’t feel pressured into posting. Just even a periodic note that you’re okay.. . .or if you need anything.

    Interesting isn’t it how folks think Obama is trying to overturn our American Way of Life because he actually upholds his oath of office. Wearing a uniform and fighting are not the only ways we protect & defend the Constitution. As for Dr. Laura, the woman wouldn’t recognize the 1st Amendment if it slapped her upside her head.

  429. How wonderful that you’re back. Don’t feel you have to post if it’s a burden, but do sometimes let us know you’re ok. We worry.

  430. I, like others, am relieved and happy to hear from you. Thanks for this newest post. But, I am saying this from the sincerest place, if blogging has stopped being fun for you and has become a chore, by all means, please think about doing what is best for you… You have given us much joy over these past three years and it has been much appreciated. It would pain me to think you might be doing something you are not enjoying doing, just for my benefit.

    I hope your Harold is doing ok. Loved your post as usual. Dr. Laura has really hung herself, she is clueless about humanity and it showed. That Palin would endorse her behavior does not surprise me.

  431. Great to see you post, Helen! You’ve been missed.

  432. I beg to differ, Obama is shredding the constitution.

    It is not healthcare, but it is military commissions, trying children on the basis of torture extracted testimony, expansion of the surveillance state, signing statements, etc.

    The pity is that with all that, he is still immeasurably better than the sick old man and ms 2nd place Miss Alaska.

    Still, it is good to hear from you.

  433. Glad to hear you are well. I hope others are as well.

  434. Oh thank god you are all right. My life has been HELL since you’ve been away.

    I need a hobby.

  435. Much better to have you than “Dr. Laura” in my life. Glad you are doing well and back to posting. It makes my day go better to see a post from you Helen.

    Thanks to Margaret’s nephew for keeping an eye on things too!

  436. P.S. Already looking forward to your annual Thanksgiving Letter! :)

  437. I should buy a lottery ticket!! The very day I check for an update, I catch a new post!!

    SO glad you’re back, Helen — your beautiful wisdom and biting wit have been sorely missed!

    Best wishes to you and Margaret & your families!

  438. I am really, really glad you two are alive and kicking. This post was hysterical and has made my day.

  439. Azgrandma -

    up oneside and down the other – I haven’t heard that for a long time. Boy does that bring back memories.

    I have been collecting “old time sayings” like that one for a while now. I remember them from my childhood in the mountains of West Virginia. When I was a child we idolized the old people and hung onto every word they said. We used to sit on the porch after dark on summer evenings. The kids rarely spoke, and we would sit after a hard day of building haystacks and listen to what the adults had to say. There was no air conditioning, so we turned out the hot electric lights, and down between those mountains, it was DARK. People would talk, but you couldn’t see them unless they took a puff off their cigarette and the redness lit their faces. They talked of people we had never heard of, or those long dead, and told stories of bears and black catamounts climbing on horses’ hindquarters behind the rider on some inky night well before electric lights – stories of good men and bad, of fights and killin’s. I came along just as it was all ending; the culture is all gone now. Just shacks and trailers; those with ambition left long ago. Sad.

  440. Helen, it is wonderful to see you posting again! If it’s getting to be a burden, one post a month or so would work for me.

    I still want to be you when I grow up.

  441. I am very happy to read another of your wonderful posts. I hope you and your husband are well.

  442. Yay! Helen’s back! Spot on, as usual! Sorry to hear you don’t feel much like writing, as you do have a gift and we love to read. Oh well, don’t feel like you have to write a full page everytime, your one-liners are priceless, so even if you just write the occasional paragraph commentary, we’ll be thrilled.

    Glad you’re not dead. I mean it. Really. ;)

  443. wonderful post. The noxious Sarah Palin has rushed to defend DL. Of course, she previously said that anyone who used the word–speaking specifically of Rahm E.–should be fired.

  444. WAY TO GO, HELEN!
    So glad you are back.
    You were missed something awful!

  445. Tanya is right. Somethings never change…Craig is still an idiot! Too funny.

  446. Somethings never.
    Craig is still an idiot.

    Great post Helen!!!!!

  447. @ Whatevia…Hey, leave Harry Reid alone…

    Whatever he said about illegal immigrants can’t hold a candle to Angle…GOD help you if you want HER in the U S Senate! She is nuts…AND an a-hole!

  448. Boy, am I ever glad I opted to get email notification when you posted, or when any of your readers posted.
    I do hope you have not had sad news in your family, or that you have suffered ill health…and I along with everyone here, am so very pleased to read your take on Dr. Laura…

    She really is very rude, unkind, spiteful and hateful to the poor deluded people who call her seeking help…like the poor young woman who asked if she should attend a wedding reception (I think) because the man who raped her as a teen was going to be there…Dr. L told her “Yes! You go! And you do NOT make a scene. You do not tell the hostess/host about this man, or anyone else. He is out there scot free because YOU didn’t have him put in jail.” I was just stunned to hear her say this to this woman, who had been victimized once by the rape itself, and then Dear Dr. Laura victimized her all over again. And for what purpose I don’t know…I have no idea what pleasure Schlessinger gets from treating those poor women and men, so poorly…but I really have no clue why anyone would call her…Who knows if that woman had even told her parents of the rape…much less who would expect a teenager to call the police some 20 years ago? I don’t even know if it was that long a time since the rape…but Laura was SO wrong with her misguided, evil reply.

    You do have a way with a phrase…I LOVE “til the Sarah Palin comes home” hahahaha….how awesome!

    Thanks for writing again…and prays for you and Margaret…

  449. Re: Dr Laura commentary,

    During an early morning conversation at work some years ago…

    I once used the term “boy you gotta be kidding me”…when in a group of three others. One black male, whom I was talking to,
    and two females, one white and the other black.

    The back male demanded an apology for calling him boy.

    I only meant it as if I were talking to a white or black person.
    But yet, I yielded to their agreement that it came across as being racial and their demand that “he” was owed an apology. Circa 1976.

    I have regretted every day since then, that I apologized, since I never meant “boy” in the sense
    “they” wanted to take it.

    Has every one listened to the Dr. Laura conversation as recorded?
    Some may be condemning without knowing the full discourse that took place.

    Is it OK for the “black” person to use the “N” term in every day life, while condemning anyone of any other color from using it, even in an educational environment, as she was trying to do?

    As a conclusion I do not listen or prefer to listen to her program as she comes across as a “doctor”/Psychiatrist, while in truth she is a PhD. in Family Social work.

  450. You’ve nailed it again, Helen. Thank you! And Margaret’s nephew is right, you have big fan base. I’m one of them. :-)

  451. Thank you for brightening my day-glad you’re back and hope all is well!!

  452. You mean you’re not dead??
    But, I sent flowers!?!?!?!

  453. Missed your contributions to the blogosphere.
    But seems some wanted to take your act on the road to another dimension where not all were welcomed as you have made your porch.

  454. Yay! We missed you! And we WON’T miss Dr. Laura.

  455. Helen, it’s so good to see you back. You were missed by so many who are concerned about your well-being. Please take comfort in knowing that you bring sunshine and sense to a world that needs your voice.
    I listened to what Dr. Laura person had to say one time many years ago. Her ugliness only grows with time. Yeech.

  456. So so so glad you’re posting again. Missed your clever yet direct point of view and was certainly concerned about the long absence.

    What a topic to come back with – Dr. Laura has been an irritation for far too long. Won’t miss her clogging up the radiowaves with her self-rightous blather.

    Thank you for coming back to all your faithful readers. You were greatly missed.

  457. Ah, Helen, it was great to log on and see a new post today! Let me add that I too was worried about the length of time that had passed between posts. I am hoping that all is well with you and yours. Peace and blessings to you!!

  458. Oh Thank Goodness!! You are alive and well!! You have been miss badly! I check everyday just in case… and today is my lucky day! You are on your porch serving pie :) Sending you lots of love and a peice of Cherry Pie :)
    Take Good Care of each other! Wendy

  459. Add me to the list of people who have missed you and love you (even though we have never met). So glad to read anything you have to say.

  460. Helen, for whatever it is that has caused you pain or saddness, know that you are loved by MANY people throughout the world. You really are very special!
    Big hug and kiss to you and to Margaret too!

  461. So glad that you are back to posting. I missed you!

  462. Brava Helen! Nobody does it better than you m’dear. I have despised Laura Schlessinger since she decided to declare war on the gay community. Did you ever see the episoned of “West Wing” where they had someone like her visiting the White House and President Bartlett let her have it infront of the entire White House press corps. It was one of their best episodes. He exposed her for all her nastiness. Yeah!!!

    WONDERFUL, as usual to hear from you. For whatever you need comfort for these days, my prayers are that you find all you need and then some.

  463. God, I’ve missed you! Your way with words is a gift to us all. It’s also a gift that Dr. Laura will be shutting her ignorant trap. Now, if only Rush, Ann “Big Neck” Coulter, O’Reilly, et al would follow suit. What a more peaceful and civilized world this would be.

  464. I’m so relieved to see a new post. I check every day!

    I love your take on things (they match mine, but your wording is so much better!)


  465. It is SO great to see so many familiar quilt squares again!

  466. Helen

    Great to see you back. It is also great to see so many regulars who have been among the recent absentees. Unfortunately, it will only take a couple days before the malcontents also reappear.

  467. Thanks. Really. For your interesting and spunky and informed and thoughtful letters…..and for sharing them with us.

  468. Dear, dear Helen,

    Whew! I am so relieved and happy that you are back with a new post! You have been sorely missed. Many, many of us love and care about you.

    As always, you are right on the mark with your assessment of Dr. Laura. I only heard her once or twice many years ago and summed her up for what she is. Why bother listening to her?

    I respect your privacy and since this is your blog, it is certainly your perogative to post or not post as you see fit. It is just nice to know that you are back and in great form. Thank you.

    Aloha! :-) Namaste.


  469. I’m sorry, that should have been Helen!

  470. Margaret. Keep writing! That’s how we know we’re not dead! I love your stuff, and so do my facebook friends, and they share and share… Thank you, thank you, Sharon

  471. Oh my Helen, it’s just wonderful to hear from you again as I was beginning to think that something terrible had happened to you [not death cause I don't even want to think about you in that condition], but perhaps you were very ill or had decided not to continue to post. That would be horrible too!

    And yes, you are right, Laura Schlessinger made an ass out of herself, but plays the ‘victim’ [just like Paylin whenever she spews her hateful rants]. I’m so sick of women who always feel they must be a ‘victim’ when others criticize their words. We’ve had two full years of Paylin playing that game, so for Schlessinger to play it too is one too many women!

    Thank you for your fabulous posts and please don’t stop because they bring so many of us joy and happiness and with all the issues before this country, your rays of sunshine are so welcomed.

  472. happy to see your thoughts online again….. gusts of clarity and good common sense : )

  473. Helen, good to see you again. I thought perhaps you were ill, so it’s nice to hear your words of wisdom and humor once more.

    As usual, you are exactly right about the fake Dr. Laura. I remember listening to her a long time ago but I stopped when she continually proved that she really had no useful advice to offer to people who really needed some help. She was rude and snarky 15 or 20 years ago and apparently she hasn’t changed – except that now, as you pointed out, she’s trying to blame everyone else for her stupidity and the results of her thoughtless and cruel remarks.

  474. Oh I’m SO glad you’re back, m’dear – I’ve missed you and your piercing wit. Take good care of yourself and don’t leave us hanging here too long between posts – the sanity of the world needs you, badly.

  475. Dear Helen & Margaret,
    I missed you. Your wit and honesty make you worthy to be respected Crones, not to mention mirroring my own thoughts. I blog daily, and it can be a burden when other things are going on in your life – that don’t require being attached to a computer. Should you ever need a guest writer to fill the space, please let me know. Stay well, and keep informing us of the real issues. I stopped listening to news a month ago. It just mad me angry. Ah, freedom.

  476. James -

    “Professor, we live in an age of miracles don’t we?”

    When I was in grade school and high school I devoured science fiction and I often think of Clarke’s third law: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

    What I have always found most remarkable though is man’s range from good to bad, from almost unfathomable innovation and beauty to really unfathomable depravity. I often fly, and when I cross the Plains, I always look down to see if I can find the wagon tracks that legend has can still be seen if you know where to look. And the thought is always the same: If you told those people in those wagons that their young children would – in their lifetimes – be able to make the same trip in two hours that was taking them three months; that they would do it six miles straight up, at 550 miles per hour, in air 120 degrees below zero – and would do so in perfect comfort, with a cute young lady or gentleman serving them lunch – they would tie you to the wagon for the rest of the trip, since you were obviously crazy.

    Yet here it is. Yes we live in an age of miracles. And it can only get better.

    (cross posted to M&H “Over the Rainbow”)

  477. Let me just add my “happy to see you whenever you feel like posting” to everyone else’s. You are always succinct, smart, and right on the money.

  478. This is so wonderful! Happy to find you back again. Please post just as often as you like, but don’t let it become a chore. We’ll manage just fine.

    Per Dr. L, with the physiology degree – I can’t imagine asking a hopped-up gym teacher for advice on anything more complicated than the proper technique for a pull-up. I’d ask what she knows about anything, but she’s already demonstrated the answer. Not much, and most of that is wrong.

  479. Having only found your site in the recent months but enjoying it immensely, I too, am glad you have posted another letter. You all are the perfect foil for the BS that comes from the mouths of too many on the right. Lies, distortions and fear mongering keep this country divided. I’d put you up against Sarah Paylin any time. Your command of the English language is obviously far superior to that crazy woman’s drivel. I hope you continue to write but I would understand if you choose to end your blog. It is a time commitment that could become onerous. Thanks for your wisdom.

  480. So glad you are back, Helen! I love your posts! :-)

  481. Love you, and glad you and Margaret both are still around and kicking!

  482. Good morning dear Helen
    Now I know why I have been lazy or something the past weeks! You have been my anchor to sanity ever since I found you!
    Please please don’t stay away so long or at least let us know from someone th
    AS far as Schlessinger , I might have heard her once for maybe 10seconds.She and Mama Grizzley together.yuk
    at you are alive and well. What a delight to ring in this morning and find a new post!

  483. Dearest Helen, we are all grateful to hear from you again! We have been worried about you and yours, so it’s a great relief to have a new post from you and Margret.

    I agree with the sentiment of not wanting your blog to be a burden to you! And yes, your wit and wisdom are GREATLY appreciated in my household! If you ended your run, we would miss you terribly….but would understand and be thankful for having had the opportunity to share your take on life and politics in general!!

    As for Dr. Laura……….oh my. My grandma would ‘ve beat me up oneside and down the other, and then she would’ve sat on top of me and scrubbed my mouth out with Comet!! Ugh……

    I, like the pfesser, listened to her for a short while… back in the early 90′s when I was a young mom home with my 2 girls. Her arrogance and snottiness quickly turned me off. The viciousness she unloaded often would leave me breathless and hurting for those who had called looking for genuine help! So I stopped listening.

    I was beginning to hold anger toward her and holding anger that close will poison your spirit! Not willing to damage myself that way!! :wink:

    It was at this same time that I quit listening to the Rushbo. And decided to follow some sage advice from scripture…..”Finally, brethren,whatever is true, whatever is lovely, whatever is worthy of reverence and is honerable and seemly, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and lovable, whatever is kind and winsome and gracious, if there is any virtue and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think on and wiegh and take account of these things—-fix your mind on them.” Phillipians 4:8 Amplified Bible.

    My day is screaming at me!!!! Must run! God bless and keep you all…Peace ya’ll!

  484. So glad you’re back……Really missed your wit and wisdom….I read this blog daily and always know that I can count on you for a no-nonsense look at life.

    Hope you and your family are okay!

  485. Oh Helen, you’ve been missed. Not because we wish to make this blog a responsibility or a burden, but because you can do exactly what the crackpots cannot: you write concisely, with class and you are clearly well-informed.

  486. Thanks for that, Helen! I have missed you. Great observations, as usual :-)

  487. Soooo glad to have you back, Helen. We missed you much and hope all is well with you.

  488. Very happy to see you back, Helen. And, as usual, an excellent post.

  489. Now that MamaGrizzley is supporting poor Dr Laura I am sure we dont have to worry about her anymore…

  490. Yeah, me too, Helen. I am always so happy when I see a new post from you, but only do it when it pleases you. It’s great to read something intelligent and humorous, so we will always be here and delighted when you do write your blog.

  491. OMG!!!
    Joey Lawrence is bald!!!

  492. Good morning Helen! And Margaret, too! Yes, you were sorely missed! We worry when we don’t here from you, as this has become a “community” we all love to hang with. We always enjoy your wit and wisdom. I pray that all is well in your world.

    I’m amazed (but not surprised) how many bigots we have coming out of the woodwork! I guess this little pressure cooker we call modern life brings out the best and worst qualities in all of us. I haven’t given Dr. Laura the time of day in the past. I guess I didn’t miss anything.

    Have a most blessed day, I pray. :grin:

  493. I must say, I’m enjoying the nice clean porch today!

    Tine, I think “doctor” Laura was essentially run off for a while but it’s sort of like how it is with weeds. The root was still there and came back ugly as ever.

    They stay you can’t fix stupid. Seems to also apply to hateful and vicious, too!

  494. Helen, Boy am I glad to here from you. I know these posts are not as much fun as when we were dealing with the Shrub, but there is just so much to ridicule I don’t know who else could handle it.
    But much as we love you, we don’t want to become a major pain in the butt. Really!!
    As always, you made my day. JudieJ

  495. Helen and Margaret,
    We’re so glad you’re back!!! Hope all is well with you and your families.

    Just like a cow pie hardens over time–Schlessinger’s crap is one pile of stink for sure.
    Her “one-size fits all” mentality to overcome problems in life never sat well with me.

  496. Dear Helen,
    Great day! You are back writing again. I’ve been watching and waiting every day to see when you would grace us with your words of wisdom again. I missed you.

  497. “Anchor babies, missing birth certificates, protecting the sanctity of marriage, … it’s all a bunch of crap. And if you don’t believe me, take a good hard look at the asshole who said it.”

  498. And I just tripped all over my thought process right there. Silly time….

  499. HRH sofia EQ, the Schessinger in the title seems to be a play on the word, messenger, as in shoot the messenger.

  500. “Just because you heard it on the boob tube – or the radio for that matter – doesn’t make it true.”

    Nor does it mean we have to keep copying and re-posting the idiocy of the noisy minority~ in essence, carrying the water for them.

    Thanks for “keepin’ it real” Ms. Helen. I simply adore the wisdom found in your posts . . .


  501. Hi Helen, glad to hear from you!

  502. [...] Shooting the Schlessinger   [...]

  503. So glad that you are well. Thank you for your wonderful take on the world and politics. If it weren’t for you, this world would be even more “stark-raving-mad”.

    Take care.

  504. Welcome back, Helen.
    Reading between the lines here. Have you had a loss in your family?? If so, our thoughts are with you and your family. You are one strong woman. You will be O.K.

  505. Several years ago I took some college classes; on the nearly one-hour drive I listened to the radio, and came across Schlessinger. At first she seemed just what the doctor ordered: no-nonsense, no excuses – just get yourself together and move on, but after a while I was appalled at the way she treated her guests. People who were genuinely hurting would call the show asking for advice; she was haughty, dismissive – even cruel at times.

    I stopped listening to her after two shows and sent her an email suggesting another line of work. Guess she didn’t read it. -grin-


  506. Nice to have your wisdom return. I totally agree with everything you said and would add the fact that the Mad Hatters claim to believe in property rights and the freedom of speech as provided for in our constitution. Except we now find out that these freedoms must be approved by the Mad Hatters if you are a Muslim! Funny how their “logic” works!!!

  507. It is good to see you back. If you wish to stop blogging, you certainly have my support. But I would miss your posts more than I can say! Thank heaven we have voices like your own to try to balance the idiocy from the other side!! You are such a breath of fresh air in a smog-of-deciept filled atmosphere!

  508. Why do people like the fake DL think that the right to free speech (that refers to the government taking away the right…only the government) think that speech should have no consequences?
    And WELCOME BACK to blogworld!

  509. Helen!!!!
    Has something happened to your beloved Harold??
    Gosh…I hope not.

    We missed you!!!!

  510. Helen, thank you so much for getting in touch with us. Did something happen, have you been unwell? Right on target as usual re: Dr. Laura – we need to stop listening. So glad you’re back.

  511. enough dwelling on the past. you are here now and your humor has me giggling away! Thank you. Post whenever you find time or desire. We’ll be here.

    Dr. Laura likes to think she can say anything and there should be no consequences… funny how she like to point out the consequences of the actions of those you called in… what a fool.

    “Until the Sarah Palin comes home” ha ha ha LOL

  512. [...] Shooting the Schlessinger [...]

  513. Soooooooo glad to hear from you, Helen! Yes, they do speak out of both sides of their mouths! Constantly!

    We miss you very much when you’re gone, but hope you have had a summer rich with friends, family and pie.

  514. Good lord, I can’t believe “Dr.” Laura was still on the air. I thought she got run out of town ages ago.

    Well. Good riddance.

    And to you, welcome back! Although I am a bit concerned as to why Margaret’s letters have been a source of comfort to you. I’m praying that all is well in your world.

  515. Helen-
    Have missed you!
    Yes on Dr Laura’s fruitloop understanding of the first amendment.


    Very best wishes to you… glad to see you here for entirely selfish reasons… you have lightened the load for so many of us with your no nonsense voice.
    Hoping , if you need it, we can lighten yours a smidge too…

  516. Just, Thank you, for coming back from the “dead”
    Really glad that the rumors of your demise were just that.

    I’ve never heard that woman Schlessinger but I assume she’s just like all those others shouting about their “right” to be crazy on the airwaves, sharing their venom with all who are willing to receive it. I just pass them by and spend time listening to those who make more sense. You, of course, are two of them.l

  517. Helen,

    It seems strange to say this and I have never said it to someone I have never met, but I feel as if I know enough about you to do so: I love you. I, too, would not wish my desire to read more of your postings to become a burden to you. Stay well.


  518. Glad to read you again and yes it’s amazing how someone with a national talk show can claim her first amendment rights are being taken away.
    Oh well Karma’s gonna get you.

  519. Good to hear from you again, Helen! Yes, there are quite a few of us who are eager to read your thoughts; you are usually spot on.

    Seriously, if you find this blog too much of a burden, then you should simply post a farewell notice and shut it down. I’m one of those who thought you were either seriously ill or had died. Glad to know you are as feisty as ever.

  520. Helen,
    So glad to see you post. You mention dear Margaret’s letters. We’ve all be quite concerned about you.

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