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Posted by: Helen Philpot | April 15, 2010

We survived Bush. You’ll survive Obama.

Margaret, please tell Howard that I love him because he loves you.  But that is about all the reaching across the aisle that I can handle.  A few years back, millions of people across this nation and across the globe marched for peace.  George Bush ignored us and we had to endure his lazy ass being in the White House for eight years.

So now a black man named Barack Obama, elected by the will of the people, has decided to fight for the poor, and work for world peace… and a bunch of white guys who think Fox really is News just can’t stand it.

Well, they can kiss my ass because I am tired of their belly aching.

This is exactly how our political system works.  Sometimes your party is in and sometimes it is out.  Your party is currently out.  So shut the hell up and deal with it. 

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for a group of disgruntled citizens banding together to form a third political party because they don’t feel represented by the other two.  But let’s be honest – this bunch of idiots  doesn’t like that a black man is the most powerful man on the globe.   I wonder if they know that, while 78%  of  the world is not white, only 13% of the United States is black.   So they can relax.  Barack and Michelle most likely will not be buying the house next door.

Tea Party members should listen up.  As long as Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are your torchbearers, you don’t have much credibility with me.  One echoes between the ears and the other is 12 shy of a dozen.   You honestly want me to think that your  biggest issue is the cost of healthcare reform?  You sat idly by while Bush squandered billions on a failed war, but all children having health insurance is too much to handle?  That’s your beef?  You realize, of course, that some of those children are white, don’t you?

Please.  You might not be wearing hoods, but your misspelled signs are one step shy of a burning cross.  You should be ashamed of yourselves. 

Trust me.   It’s going to be eight long years for you Tea Party members.  But we survived Bush and  you’ll survive Obama.  I mean it.  Really.

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  1. I quite like reading an article that will make people think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

  2. You’re so cool! I do not think I’ve trruly read anything like
    that before. So wonderful to discover another person with genuine thoughts on this subject.
    Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up.This site is something that’s needed on the internet, someone with some originality!

  3. Why don’t Republicans go down to the local soup kitchen and *volunteer* some time to asnistisg the homeless and the needy during the Thanksgiving rush With your vast knowledge base .. you believe this to be true? Obama knows what is affecting Americans the most Wow I think it is time for some serious reflection you are just grasping at straws with half truths and baseless accusations

  4. This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something that helped me. Cheers!

  5. I ran across this while searching for something else and I wholeheartedly agree. This country is ideologically split down the middle (although it shouldn’t be because the wealth isn’t). Maybe there would be more jobs here if the corporations who have their headquarters here, thus making them “American” companies, actually produced their products here. American-made products are so scarce that my 6 yr old asked me if all things were made in China. My response? “Pretty much.”

    Keep up the good work ladies!

  6. Yes, we will survive Obama but I must pose the question, is that all we should expect? I believed in and had an expectation that Obama would be fundamentally different than Bush. That he would end our seemingly endless commitment to waging war instead of continuing to feed the beast, our military industrial complex. That he would fight for universal health care for all Americans. Instead of the health insurance industry. And that after embracing the phony Wall Street bailout rhetoric he would at least restore proper regulation on the industry and prosecute those responsible for the scam, but no. He has absolutely no plan for creating jobs because like those before him he embraces the myth of free trade and globalization. I’m not saying any of those on the right are any different, they’re not, and that is the point. Obama is a smart guy who gives a great speech but he’s not one of us, he’s one of them, a politician. I’m afraid I won’t support Obama again. We so desperately need better… We need what Obama stood for before he got elected. I say draft Bernie Sanders.

  7. N Pelosi has became to turn out to be one of the particular almost all liberal politicians inside the particular land. It’s onerous for myself to believe exactly how folks can easily reelect her within their own proper brain.

  8. We might survive obama but it will be much harder to survive with obama’s idiots….

  9. I’ve never seen so much STUPID in one place as I see here….

  10. Hey guys, nice to be here! I love margaretandhelen.wordpress.com!

  11. well said

    I gotta tell ya, the president has that speech thing down cold. He’s got it all covered; the body language, tone, timing and message were spot on. Obama should have his picture in the Wikipedia under motivational speaking. But for a concerned population facing some daunting issues will realize what was missing from the state of the union was substance. What’s still missing, what’s been missing for the last 2 years is any resemblance of a plan. That’s the difference between a real sputnik moment and a copy of one from 1961.

    On rapid transit and high speed rail the president is correct, it’s absolutely necessary that the U.S. make the investment in high speed rail to compete with the rest of the planet. It’s common sense really. However there’s no plan on the table for building a high-speed rail network here. Then there’s the 600 pound gorilla in the room, who’s going to pay for it. Should have thought about that before you wasted all that cash on that mini stimulus and the latest tax cuts for the top 1%. Be that as it may. If he’s for real Obama needs to find himself a Robert Moses clone to have any chance of making this dream a reality.

    Obama was again correct that other countries are leading the way in developing and installing clean renewable sources of energy. We continue to be dazed and confused in a fossil fuel fog of our own making. This is most evident when the president refers to clean coal as a viable part of our energy solution. Clean coal is pure fantasyland BS. Coal never has been or ever will be clean. It’s a 19th century solution for our 21st century problem. It’s the coal lobby speaking through Obama’s mouth. And does he really want to go down the nuclear road again? We tried that already. Besides, you make a mistake with nuclear you end up in a wasteland the size of Nevada. Even if you’re very careful and very lucky, you’ve still got highly radioactive waste piling up right in your backyard, forever. No thanks. So based on the speech we’re still nowhere on a plan for a viable renewable energy future.

    The dialog about the factory jobs going offshore and competition was simply untrue. The US will never be competitive with countries who’s population are paid third world wages without benefits and the government subsidize the manufacturing to get access to the technology. He knows that, every politician knows it. It’s a free trade fairy tale. Except for Bernie Sanders up in Vermont politicians are used to treating the population like mushrooms when discussing outsourcing. They may be partially right on that count. For more please review my post @ http://www.thedailygruel.com on January 18th concerning green jobs to China.

    Offering education and job training as a solution to the job creation is a distraction from the real issue. Of course it’s important to have an educated population but it had nothing to do with factory jobs going to China, India, Vietnam or Russia. Manufacturing made us the greatest most prosperous country on the planet. Corporations in search of greater profits just shipped it all away. Now it’s IT and accounting going away. Just look at what out technology and jobs are doing for China. Besides, we can’t even manage a full population with high school diploma’s let alone produce world-class engineers. Fair trade, no more free trade.

    All that macho war talk makes me ill. That’s Obama tossing out red meat for the demented right. The wars are morally wrong and fiscally insane. Yet they just go on and on and on. We might have to go totally broke before our population wakes up and forces an end to these needless protracted wars. I’ll supply some figures on the war in a future post on my blog about the Republican response to the state of the union by Paul Ryan.

    Don’t get me wrong Obama gave a great State of the Union speech but it’s just a speech. Bold ideas require bold plans and real leadership if they have any chance of becoming reality. The speech was the easy part and he nailed it, he talked the talk. Now he’s got to walk the walk and make it happen. But based on his performance the last two years I got a dollar sez he sits back and waits/hopes for someone else to step up and make something happen. I like Obama. I voted for him and support him. But he’s not leading here, he’s campaigning. I hope he knows the difference. Thanks much, Patrick.

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  17. Right on Helen!

  18. OMG, this is my first time here and I just wanted to let you know that you are WONDERFUL.

  19. I need to get a new link to your surviving Bush and surviving Obama. I want to keep it and Iit keeps racing thru all the comments and I can’t get to it’s home page to download it. Can you help? Thanks, Carole in Oregon

  20. I can’t believe I just found this blog. Helen is my hero!!!

  21. It’s Helen’s blog fool!

  22. Margaret, you’re the greatest. Everyone should read your column.

  23. I’m thinking one of those death panels Sarah PAYlin talks about might be just what the doctor ordered for you. Oh that’s right, I forgot, THERE AREN’T ANY!!! :-(

  24. ah jeez HRH- I thought we had Char bedded down in her blanket of hate on the aBOUT thread…
    She’s been swanning around leaving the graffiti everywhere…

  25. Yeah Alice, That’s at least a term paper in Abnormal Psych 101. I just hope it’s not communicable. Sorry you had to see it.

  26. Wow, you really have some mean bitches reading and commenting here!

  27. Damn…..I thought Obama Care would have pulled the plug on you already…..I see you still hatin though…..

    Oh well soon enough…..He will get you my pretty and your little friend too…..

    Isnt in miserable to be 82 and hold so much hate for a woman who has done jackshit NOTHING to you? Have you EVER thought about that? And dont you have BETTER things to do with the rest of your life on this earth than to HATE SARAH ? Seriously?

    Dont you have grandchildren, or other family members to spend your time with? It must be one hell of a life to be 82 and to be blogging and hating on someone who YOU WONT LIVE LONG ENOUGH to even have to worry over ? At your age….you couldnt have THAT MANY “quality years” left…..why dont you try spending them doing SOMETHING MORE PRODUCTIVE ?

    I hope and pray that if I live to be 82 I am not on some blog bitching and moaning over a woman , A) you will NEVER STOP B) that is NOT going away just cause you HATE HER C) You will never live to have to worry over D) Has absolutely NO effect on your life whatsoever

    IF I ever get to THAT point…..I will just contact Dr Kevorkian and clock out of this world…..

    This just SHOWS AND PROVES how hateful liberals are…..they wont stop….not even at age 82….they carry that HATE to their damn GRAVES…..

    IF and WHEN Obama has insurances or Medicare to pull the plug on you……IT WILL BE DESERVED…..

  28. I really miss new posts. Although this provides a nice forum for discussion I come here to read Helen’s brilliant mind. Hope all is well. Please let us know what is happening.

  29. What fantastic changes! I feel energized already. God please lead President Obama to make these changes for the Country for the Presidency and for the World.

  30. [...] We survived Bush. You’ll survive Obama. By Sheepherder, on April 15th, 2010 As usual, Helen is right on point. Thanks Helen. Tea Party members should listen up. As long as Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are your torchbearers, you don’t have much creditability with me. One echoes between the ears and the other is 12 shy of a dozen.   You honestly want me to think that your biggest issue is the cost of healthcare reform?  You sat idlely by while Bush squandered billions on a failed war, but all children having health insurance is too much to handle?  That’s your beef? You realize, of course, that some of those chidlren are white, don’t you? [From We survived Bush. You’ll survive Obama.] [...]

  31. alaskanpi,
    Dismissing the poster out of hand because you don’t have any answers…
    Well today is not going to be any different cuz you don’t want a reasonable conversation, you just want a circle jerk.
    Your jug is empty.

  32. tichick-
    Making a whole lot of talking points in bullet form and calling them facts and logic … hmmm.
    Well, today is not going to be any different cuz you don’t want a reasonable conversation, just want to blow off steam.
    Now that you have, grab a slice of pie and a cup of tea and cool your jets before you bust a gusset.

  33. @David and Honeyjorumples:
    “All that nonsense about lost freedoms and trashing the constitution are nothing but made up Fox talking points.”
    No matter what you think of Bush, your messiah Obama said he was going to fix it. Your lefties have the power so let me ask you a few questions. Have the wars you claim were just for ego ended? No.

    Has the economy improved under Obama? No.

    Have jobs increased under Obama? No.

    Has the national debt exploded? Yes.

    Has the border been secured? No.

    Has Obama brought international standing back to the US? No. The Oil spill? A big joke. Healthcare? An even bigger joke.

    Did Obama do away with the Patriot Act you guys hate so much? Nope. He reauthorized it.

    “And YOU got a tax cut. Silly!”
    No I did not. I don’t consider $13.00 a month enough of a “tax cut” to simulate the economy, do you? Please. Maybe get a latte once a month.
    And did you hear, probably not, that the Bush tax Cuts, which were the real tax cuts are going to expire in 6 months and your beloved Obummer did not extend them! Surprise, YOU and I will be paying more taxes soon, thanks to your out of control Tax and SPEND leader.

    How about the government transparency he promised? Never materialized.

    What about the campaign promise of no MediCare cuts? Now he proposes massive Medicare cuts becuase they area BROKE.
    What about promising to post legislation on the internet for a week before he would sign it? A big fat lie. Did he close Guantanamo like he promised you guys? No.

    All you have for ammunition is to blame Bush, but you guys have the power to fix the things you claim Bush destroyed and you have done nothing.

    Please explain why you have failed to do ANYTHING when you have complete control over the government? The House and Senate. At least for a couple more months. You even have a practically filibuster-proof majority and all you can do is blame Bush? When are you gonna fix things?

    If you think we are all nut jobs and whackos, fine. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts after the next election. You have had your chance and you turned your back not only on the right, but even on your own people on the left. Even the Democratic gov’s got together with Obama and said “Stop, you’re killing us! We’ll never get re-elected in Nov”

    Obama makes Carter look like Albert Einstein. Obama is going to destroy the country. That seems a little more pressing to me right now than anything Bush did.

    He is not trying to fix anything Bush did and if he is, please educate me. He has a new agenda that involves turning the United States into a pseudo European ripoff.

    Of course the only tools I have to argue against you with are facts, reasoning and logic. That’s the difference between libs and conservatives. You guys argue based on emotion and idealism and we argue based in fact and reality.

    So I’ll make it simple for you. What exactly did Bush do to screw the country and what is Obama doing to improve the country? We both know you cant answer either of these questions logically.

    Remember the Patriot Act, folks? There’s a violation of the Constitution for you, right? Well, Obama REAUTHORIZED the Patriot Act yet you treat him like the embodiment of GOD himself. This leads me to the conclusion that you are either ignorant of the facts or a hypocrite. Those are the only two choices here.

    As for Iraq, the Great One declared he would end the wars, but in fact has increased both of them and has not closed Guantanamo. You guys bitched all through the Bush years about these things, now you have complete unobstructed power to stop it and what have you done? Please explain to me why you do not have the same hatred for Obama that you do for Bush based on your own argument.

    I have yet to encounter a Liberal that can make anything close to a reasonable argument when faced with facts and logic. Today won’t be any different.

  34. Just came across your blog. OMG you are AWESOME! I put your blog up as a tab.

    I’ll be tuning in from here on out and going back to catch up.

    YOU ROCK!!

  35. Agreed, David. All that nonsense about lost freedoms and trashing the constitution are nothing but made up Fox talking points. No president ever trashed the constitution the way Bush did with his illegal wire tapping and tromping all over the 4th and 5th amendments in his war on terror. The only freedom that’s been lost recently is the freedom for big corporations to trash the little guy and rape the environment with impunity. Judges with big stock in oil companies want deep water drilling to continue, even though we have no idea how to stop a leak or pipe break. Michelle Backmann, Joe Barton and Rand Paul bleeding purple kool aid for the poor, poor, put upon BP, Bobby Jindal wanting to put the oil rigs back to work, thoroughly ignoring the thousands of people in the fishing, shrimping and hospitality industries that have been put out of work. Yeah, the GOBP wants you to have your freedoms. The freedom to be crapped on by big corporations, the freedom of the little guy to be crushed by big oil, the freedom of the haves to ride roughshod unfettered and unregulated over the working man. But who cares about that, right? As Carl-Henrich Svangard said, they’re just “small people.”

  36. CJM. What a silly post. Name one single freedom you have lost. Name one constitutional provision he has trashed. You can’t. They are no more sorry than the crazy bunch from the last 8 years. You lost the freedom to have a White President but you still are free to pay for two of the most mismanaged wars in our nations history.
    And YOU got a tax cut. Silly!

  37. While you may support the ideologies of Obama, I do not–and for good reason. If Obama continues to have his way, tomorrow, you won’t be able to have your say. At the rate he is trashing the US Constitution, we will be hard-pressed to use our freedoms…what a sorry bunch that is running this wonderful country of ours.

  38. Re Don Young and the oil spill. Our next (most likely) Prime Minister says ‘Climate change is bunkum’.
    You and we might be better off with a ‘pit bull with lipstick!’ No, not Palin, I meant a real dog!

  39. Pretty impressive post. I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be coming back and I hope you post again soon.
    Force Factor

  40. Excellent.

  41. Helen: Betty White – OK – but you should host Saturday Night Live and you’d write your own material. You are so spot on all the time. I love you.

  42. Obama is no better than any other president. All they do is work for themselves and not the people of America. They are evil and have their own agendas, yet people keep voting. Politicians ONLY care about themselves. This country has gone to hell in a hand basket, and no the economy is not going to get better. The people in control don’t want it to get better. Do your research on the Bildeberg family, the Rockefeller family, and the Rothschild family just to name a few. Screw the Tea Party, Republicans and Democrats and any other party.

  43. Helen & Margaret, I’ve lurked here for quite a while and read many of your posts. More often than not, you hit the nail on the head.

    Just today I was railing against how Don Young had claimed that the oil spill isn’t an environmental disaster.

    I can’t believe people like this pinhead are running our country.

  44. Myron, term limits aren’t the problem or the solution. They will rent whoever we send!
    The problem is the money and the ruling class corruption of our democracy/republic!

    I do agree with the “two heads of the same beast” analogy.

    These are all white people who corrupt our system of (lack of) justice.
    America refuses to put white people in prison for their “white collar” crimes! Banksters, illegal employers, energy companies. Imagine if they were all minorities. Our prisons would overflow!!

  45. so many issues,so many distractions away from the fact that we are being manipulated by a one party system that pretends we have two parties.!
    and to think of how emotional they get each side.
    all the while they all stay in office forever. does
    not matter if gop or donkey…forever…retirement,
    and so many other perks. as if we work for them.
    they have become our kings in a land that was
    supposed to be for the free. less government.
    goooh.com term limits….the only answer.


  46. uawtradesperson, It certainly is a “race issue”.
    The people that hire the illegals are criminals and you won’t put them in jail! If you did there would be no illegals here! They come to provide the cheap labor for the ‘Merican ruling class. If they were being hired by minorities our prisons would overflow!
    too complicated for ya?

  47. UAWTradesman wrote: In that case you are personally guilty for the death of Robert Krentz(the AZ rancher) since you don’t have a problem with illegal immigrants crossing the border……..
    Most people here bring up profiling but just what should the US and AZ do with the illegal

    You know, I’m going to issue you the same challenge that I just did on another thread. Buddy, if you have evidence of who killed Robert Krentz you had better hurry up and show it to the police. The police, see, have no evidence of who the perpetrator was, let alone that person’s immigration status. The main-stream media have not reported a single *lead* that indicates an illegal immigrant was responsible, but you and the rest of your teabagging friends gas on and on in your blogs about how is must have been an illegal because that’s all YOU can imagine to be the case. In the legal world, this is called presuming facts not in evidence. In my world, it’s called scapegoating brown people — and when it’s done the way you and your friends are doing it, I can only wonder one thing.

    When will you and the rest of your “tea partying” friends just get honest about the whole damned movement and start wearing your hoods and sheets to your daytime rallies the same way you do at night?

  48. That’s okay, Teri. “Anonymous” was apparently seated in front of a mirror while typing.

    Sad, sad, sad.

  49. Ah, yet another intelligent post by a chicken shit conservative.

  50. stupid cunt

  51. UAW, I am NOT full of shit. I READ the law and it is as nebulous as they could make it. It MANDATES that police officers question anyone they encounter who “may” be of less than legal status. And I quote: “FOR ANY LAWFUL CONTACT (doesn’t say for a violation- could be someone asking directions) MADE BY A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL OR AGENCY OF THIS STATE OR A COUNTY, CITY, TOWN OR OTHER POLITICAL SUBDIVISION OF THIS
    UNLAWFULLY PRESENT IN THE UNITED STATES , A REASONABLE ATTEMPT SHALL BE MADE, WHEN PRACTICABLE, TO DETERMINE THE IMMIGRATION STATUS OF THE PERSON. (ie: demanding they produce proof of citizenship- something a legal citizen is NOT required to have on them in the course of day-to-day life) THE

    Now, you are in a state that borders Mexico. The vast majority of illegal aliens in Arizona are bound to be Mexican (though there is no guarantee that there are not non-Hispanic illegals), therefore it does not take a genius to figure out that the people who will be “suspect” will be ANYONE of Hispanic appearance. Therefore, whenever a police officer has an encounter (and it DOES NOT have to be an encounter that involves a violation of a law nor, as many seem to think, a traffic violation) with a person IF they have reason to suspect the person many not be here legally (and, again it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they are going to be suspicious of anyone with darker, but not black skin, black hair, dark eyes, an Hispanic surname, and/or an Hispanic accent) they are BOUND BY LAW to demand proof of citizenship or proof that they are in the US legally. Well, a non-citizen who IS here legally WILL have proof. The problem arises (I can’t BELIEVE that I have to explain this yet AGAIN- I DO hope you and your cohorts are paying attention this time) when the “suspect” is a US citizen. You see, US citizens are NOT required to carry proof of citizenship or even identification so THEY would be subject to detention. THIS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Can you imagine what would happen if the police in say, the State of New York were required to demand proof of citizenship of everyone they encountered who “might not” be here legally and to detain anyone who cannot provide proof of citizenship? You would have a riot on your hands. And where would they detain all the Indians, Africans, or anyone else with an accent or foreign sounding name??

    I ALSO have a problem with not enforcing immigration laws HOWEVER, immigration laws are FEDERAL. It is NOT THE JOB of the local police to go LOOKING for illegals and detaining anyone suspected of being illegal. They don’t have the training and the aw is nebulous enough to give someone with a burr up his or her ass to get really nasty with someone who has done nothing worse than being caught walking around in Arizona while Hispanic.

    Now, if they arrest someone for say, B & E there is nothing to say they shouldn’t include checking status while the person is in custody. But to be detaining people simply because they don’t carry their birth certificate and/or Pass Port with them everywhere is NOT THEIR JOB nor is it Constitutional. What is it about CIVIL RIGHTS that you don’t understand??

    As for comparing this to the US/Canada crossing: I DO believe we were talking about crossings that do NOT take place at official checkpoints. Believe it or not there are PLENTY of places to cross the northern border that are not guarded….just ask any 18 year old in northern Minnesota, and the rest of the border states. Remember, the border between the US and Canada is the longest unguarded border there is….

    And btw, I’d wager I have crossed the border between the US and Canada MANY more times than you have seeing is how I am a dual Citizen.

  52. Poolman…..
    Yes there is a chance that the shooter wasn’t Mexican….still was an illegal border crossing……and yes there is a chance that Halliburton had no blame in the gulf disaster…..RE/Surprise.Surprise….

  53. Mark….
    what’s the matter…..are you bigoted against Magyars…..

  54. Go to hell UAWtradesman.
    You are a complete fool.

  55. Teri….
    First off your full of $h1t……the AZ laws does not mandate questioning of any non lily white accented person…..read the law…its only 12 pages….Eric Holder should read it also(friggen idiot)…..
    I have a problem with not enforcing immigration laws….
    you mentioned MI and Canada….try crossing the border….you go through a “checkpoint” and show ID…..and if for some reason “they” want to “they’ can stop you from entering…..it can be because of a bumper sticker…….I spent 3 hrs being “searched” because of an NRA sticker(before 9/11)…..
    I don’t have a problem with any person that legally comes across the border whether its a one day trip,work permit,education visa, etc…..I have problems with people that come here and don’t feel that they should have to obey the laws of this nation……I also have a problem with people that automatically use the race issue to cancel out all other discussion about an issue…..

  56. Auntie Jean, that was a good story. Most of the time we just ignore the minorities and those “less desirable”, rather than go out of our comfort zone to reach out to truly communicate and understand them. In a world full of constant communication and abundant communicating means, we tend to isolate ourselves from most of humanity and that is how we rather deal with them. I don’t know if that is any better than spewing the hate and vitrol others do toward the minorities and less desirables in our world.

    UAW, the person who murdered Robert Krentz has not been apprehended. The evidence was a trail of footprints leading to the border. Now they are focusing in on leads this side of the border, so it isn’t an open and shut case. It may not end up that an illegal shot him afterall. But the snowball has already been pushed down the hill and it will not slow down or keep from growing in size and momentum. Mexican illegal immigrants have already been blamed, so that is all most will remember.

  57. Hi Congenial Gang and uawtradesman on May 13, 2010 at 9:34 AM,

    As I was growing up in the pre-historic days before television, mass media and the inter-net, I was blithely unaware of slavery, racial or ethnic strife. Granted, we had radio, newspapers, movies and books but few larger than life color images of the rest of the world. In the 1940’s our secure little town in Northern Colorado boasted a population of about 14,000, predominately WASP (white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant) with one black family. The minority people were the Mexican farm laborers that worked in the sugar beet fields. The kids went to the Catholic grammer school but then came into the public high school.

    That world was MY reality.

    Our one high school had the three grades, 10, 11, and 12. When I was a senior, it was not required but customary practice for we older girls, the ‘big sisters’, to take a half dozen of the incoming sophomore ‘little sisters’ under our wings. We were the big shots of course and as such were in a position to impart our vast wisdom and experience to the little girls on how to achieve the crowning success in high school that we had!

    In the summer, before school started we were supposed to contact each of the girls and make arrangements to meet with them for informal orientations and get to know them. It was also customary to have social outings and parties for them in our homes. Several of my senior girl friends and I got together with our little sisters for these occasions.

    When I received my list of little sisters, one of them was a girl with a decidedly Mexican name and address in the part of town that would now be called the ‘Barrio’. Many of the Mexican kids did not start school at the beginning of the year with the rest of us because they were needed to work with their families, harvesting the beets. I assumed that my little Mexican sister would be one of them, so I did not invite her to any of the parties or outings with the rest of my little sisters. I dropped her a note telling her I was her big sister and would help her get started in school, when and where I would meet her.

    I certainly had no FIRST HAND knowledge of any murders committed by members of her family or friends like you do, UAW with the Arizona rancher, Robert Krentz, you spoke of.

    Sure enough, my little Mexican sister showed up at school several weeks late. She was a quiet, polite and sweet little person. I took her around, showing her where her classes would be and that was that. I honestly do not remember seeing her around school at all during the year.

    At the end of the year we big shots were caught up in the excitement of the graduation activities. We all had our pictures taken for the yearbook and had extra pictures made up to give to our friends with flowery sentiments written on the back. We recounted glowing memories of our high school careers, the good times we had had together and undying continued devotion to our friendships as we went out to conquer the wide world. There was almost a competition to see who could collect the biggest stack of pictures, wrapped with a big rubber band.

    One of the last days of school, my little Mexican sister sought me out and stopped me in the hall. I had completely forgotten about her altogether. She gave me a radiant smile and said she had a picture for me. On the back she had written about how much she thanked me for being her big sister. She turned and faded away. I never saw her again.

    I was stunned. I had done the barest minimum required of a big sister. I had not gone out of my way in the slightest to even be nice to her. She had deserved better from me. She was so much more gracious than I had been. I stood there in shame. Obviously, I have never forgotten her. She taught me one of the most important lessons of my life. I still have her picture in my ‘memories’ box.

    Possibly one of the cruelest forms of discrimination is not outright persecution, but the rendering of minorities into invisibility.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  58. UAW- I don’t think anyone said they don’t have a problem with illegal aliens crossing the border. At least I never did. Illegal crossings are, obviously illegal and dangerous for those on both sides.

    I have no problem with enforcing immigration laws. I DO have a problem with giving local law enforcement, not only the right but the mandate that they MUST question any person who is not lily white and speaking unaccented English to try to determine if they are in this country legally or not. Any time a law is passed that throws suspicion on a specific ethnic group this is a violation of the civil rights of ALL members of that group. I live in Michigan part of the year. Quite legally. I am waiting for them to pass a law saying all police officers must detain all white people with Canadian accents because they might be here illegally. Silly you say? Not any worse than what is going on in Arizona.

  59. And everyone knows you can’t fix stupid…..


  60. and I don’t bake pies but…


  61. Jean…..
    Guilty until proven innocent I guess(Surprise!
    Surprise! Naturally, Halliburton has its finger in that pie too. The selfish, arrogant bastards!)…….Guilt by association……
    In that case you are personally guilty for the death of Robert Krentz(the AZ rancher) since you don’t have a problem with illegal immigrants crossing the border……..
    Most people here bring up profiling but just what should the US and AZ do with the illegal immigrants….remember….illegal…..if you want to stop enforcing laws how about the drunk driving laws(make BAC 3.7)
    and as far as racial look up “la raza”……the race…….



  62. We may have survived Bush, but I’m wondering if we’ll survive McCain/Palin. Palin stirred up quite the hornet’s nest and the nasties keep boiling out of the woodwork – AZ leads the pack. Soon Ohio and other states will follow with their versions of pro-whites/xenophobic legislation – pretty soon we’ll have a generation of “scholars” who won’t be able to think their way out of a wet paper bag. Yeah, America’s a real shining beacon – of stupid.

  63. LOL I guess it is silly to say that anytime a political decision is made by a politician that there is no politics involved!

    Maybe a better thing for me to say would be because of their lifetime appointments they are LESS beholden to politics and money? ?????? maybe? hopefully? sorta??? LOL

  64. Hi congenial Gang and jsri on May 12, 2010
    at 9:04 PM,

    Well said, jsri, regarding the Supreme Court. It is my contention that there is no such thing as anyone who is apolitical.

    And then there is the tragedy of the oil spill and consequences in the Gulf. While the oil continues to gush, can you believe the corporate obfuscation and finger pointing at the hearings in Washington? Well, yeah, we can. Surprise!
    Surprise! Naturally, Halliburton has its finger in that pie too. The selfish, arrogant bastards!

    As devastating as it is, maybe this is the impetus needed to get off the dime and quit with the denial of global warming, climate change and the need for a decent clean energy policy.

    I can just see, predicitably, McConnell and Boehner grabbing every chance to get in front of the TV cameras and pontificate about how we do need a new energy policy, but “We need to start over with a clean sheet of paper and get it right.” Souind familiar? With those clowns in charge of the GOP, by comparison, the tea partiers are starting to look smart. Sheesh!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  65. DEE:

    Before you take another slap at what I wrote you should go back and read it again. I did not say that lifetime appointments were free from politics. I said that this was the theory. I also said that the court often does finally get it right. For example, the vote for women and the establishment of civil rights took more than a century to come about, but they did get done.

    I don’t claim to be a constitutional scholar but I can remember back to the days when FDR tried to pack the court by expansion but was shot down. And even though I was sympathetic with his aims, it could have led to other sorts of political tampering and chaos and never ending confusion would reign supreme.

    Recent decisions by the court regarding GW Bush’s election and the redefinition of the standing of corporations are particularly galling to me but there is also the possibility that public outrage will eventually lead to their amendment or reconsideration.

    BTW if Obama gets to pick more justices and eventually ends up with a 5/4 majority would you consider that politics or justice?

  66. LOL Dee I’m still looking for that article too!

  67. If it’s in the Constitution, I guess that makes it fine. Which part of the constitution allowed the SC to select BUSH as president – instead of ruling for a re-count of actual votes ? You’ve got to hand it to that NON-political body of judges. Our constitution was written in an entirely different world – it really needs an update. LOL

  68. about James, don’t bother replying to him he doesn’t read us, remember? UAW just wants a ‘play accomplice’ ;)

  69. JuneauJoe, I have copied your links for reading in a bit. Here is one you may want to look at from inside the oil industry.


  70. Hi Gang! Hope all the moms, including our dear Margaret & Helen spent a wonderful Mother’s Day.

    I am not one to spam any blog over and over my ’cause du jour’ but since this is one of the most popular blogs on wordpress I will make one post in hopes that folks take a moment of their time to help and pass the word to all of their friends!

    This organization, A Matter Of Trust, is putting businesses mainly (hair salons, pet groomers) in contact with warehouses along the Gulf coast.


    Volunteers are making booms out of the fur & hair to soak up the oil. One pound of hair is able to absorb over a quart of oil.

    The Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary is struggling financially as oil catastrophe looms!

    This is a list of URGENT Needs:

    BLEACH, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Bottled Water, Kennels (all sizes), Shovels, Thick Moving Boxes, Lrg Plastic Totes with lids, Heavy Duty Trash Bags, Stamps, GAS GIFT CARDS ( for rescuers) ** CASH DONATIONS!**The Sanctuary has already spent hundreds of hours involved in this crises, including meetings, coordination, recruitment of volunteers, and HAZMAT training. Please help them continue by going to their website:


    Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary
    18328 Gulf Blvd, Indian shores, Fl 33785-2097

    Telephone 727-391-6211

    Thanks for reading and passing on to everyone you know!

  71. Add another Texan to those who support Helen’s point of view, former First Lady, Laura Bush. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtNabdDx_mU

  72. That’s right jsri, lifetime appointments do take politics and money/power OUT of the picture.

    Sorry Dee, I have to go with constitution on this one.

  73. Dee on May 12, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    I believe that history is actually on the side of lifetime appointments for the Supreme Court. Theoretically it takes politics out of decisions. Certainly there are ups and downs in the quality of decisions but they get polished in the long run. Sometimes, unfortunately, it can be several generations before the most humane decisions are ultimately made.

    And given the current state of political discourse, I can’t imagine what it would do to the Supreme Court by having term limits (e.g. 5 to 10 years) for appointees. There would be constant turmoil and they would be bickered to death and/or paralyzed into inaction.

  74. Is it just me? I can’t see LIFETIME appointments for any position. There should be a mandatory age retirement or a limited number of years, whichever comes first! Party affiliation should not surpass the importance of the most qualified and knowledgeable people for such an important job!

  75. JeanΔ ¥ on May 11, 2010 at 7:15 PM

    Jean: I too am concerned about the length of time between H&M’s posts. Whenever there is a long delay, the trash talkers think they are being given free rein to fill in the space and the longer the interval, the baser the dialogue.

    My wife was vaguely familiar with Anne Perry’s background but when I cranked off more info for her, she too was shocked.

  76. Lori–she is a wonderful pick. I am just thrilled (even though I personally would have loved someone more liberal). Hugely qualified.

  77. How does everyone feel about Kagan?

    I like the fact she has not been plucked off the bench and her DADT stance.

  78. Hi congenial Gang, Greytdog and jsri,

    Greatdog, welcome back! We missed you but we’re so glad you and Wundermon were off having a wonderful trip. It sounded delightful. Mother and daughter time spent together like that is so special. You both stored up memories to last a lifetime for both of you.

    jsri, I just finished reading Ann Perry’s “The Sheen on the Silk” per your recommendation. It’s quite a tale! She certainly did her homework since as far as I know, it is historically correct.

    Your wife might be interested to check out Anne Perry’s website. Quite a shocker!!!!!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  79. Dear Helen and Margaret,

    I’m beginning to fear you have abandon us. We tried to get rid of all the trash and rubbish and haul away the detritus as best we could. We have scrubbed the porch until it gleams.

    I will bring some of my apple crisp pies and I’m sure everyone else will pitch in with pies too if only you will come back. We want you and need you!

    Aloha! :-)


  80. Greytdog, loved your trip story with your mom. Wish my mom were here to do things with. Lived vicariously through yours. Welcome back!

    The village idiot is lost in this parlor. Find him a few posts up. What a moron! So you got your one moment of attention. Mama must not have paid you any or you would have known better.

  81. And Cyril is an idiot! But how important he must feel to say “dirty words” on mommy’s computer.

  82. Cyril: You are just plain stupid and rude!

  83. And you, Cyril, are what? 10 years old? 9? I’m sure your mom and dad are very proud.

  84. Helen is a bitch and Margaret is a whore.

  85. Greytdog, so good to have you back. Wondered where you were. Sounds like you had a full, varied and fun time with your wonderful mom. We missed you though. Comments seem to have slowed down lately and I think your absence was one of the reasons. You add interesting and intelligent input. Welcome back!!

  86. One more thing:

    UAW – hope all is going okay in your world. I do think about you and send you only the very best wishes and thoughts. While we may argue and probably will never ever see eye to eye (I am short so rarely see eye to eye with anyone), I utterly respect your humanity. Take care of yourself.

    And that goes for everyone here. M&H have given us a porch and parlor, but you folks, all of you, have built a community.

  87. wow. just returned home from a meandering trip with wundermom up to Maryland. Interesting. Spent time in Savannah where we prowled the cobblestone alleys (& got sternly lectured by the local police for not being cautious enough) along the riverfront, browsed through art galleries and co-ops where we made several artists happier by purchasing their gorgeous creative works, found a used bookstore complete with artisanal roasted coffee (yum) and a storekeeper who reminded me of Dumbledore, and partook in some mightly fine eatin’s and jammed out with the local musicians. Wundermom and I are already planning another trip to Savannah – longer time, more places to check out, and of course, a day trip over to Tybee Island.

    We moseyed up to Asheville which was a great disappointment, but enjoyed our wanderings through Maggie Valley. NC is abundant in artists of all sorts, and we attended a wonderful poetry jam where words of wit, insight, and probing questions laced the night sky.

    We stopped in DC so wundermom and I could pay respect at the WWII, Korea, and Vietnam memorials. Like most Am. families, we have relatives and friends whose names appear on those monuments. Then we crossed the Arlington Memorial Bridge so we could pay respects to (as my mother says) “the Kennedy boys”. It really hit home to see Ted’s marker. Damn, I miss the Lion of the Senate.

    I arrived back in Central Florida loaded down with new art work to rotate through the house and have been chasing my tail ever since trying to catch up to life. Of course one of my very first items was to pop into M&H and see what you all were up to – busy folks! Wow.

    Just a few comments – then back to the grind:
    UAW – Crooks&Liars may not be as fair&balanced as some folks assume; just like Fox. We have, IMO, abdicated our responsibility as citizens if we rely on a single source for information. That’s not being informed, that’s being indoctrinated. While I won’t watch FOX, I do read several conservative political journals in order to gain a sense of how the less-than-loyal opposition views the world in which I live. And many times, some conservative writers have made excellent points that encouraged me to dig deeper into the nuances of a situation. I suggest the same sort of information gathering to others.

    Sally: Spent Cinco de Mayo in Savannah GA at a Scottish Pub where the in-house Irish band was playing Mexican folk music & C/W and the specials of the day were Fish & Chips & Corona. Talk about cognitive dissonance. I think I’d prefer Lei Day.

  88. Happy Mother’s Day!

    May God richly bless all who are called mom, I pray. :grin:

  89. Happy Mother’s Day Margaret and Helen!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there!

  90. Happy Mother’s Day to Margaret and Helen! and to all the moms, especially Mother Earth.

  91. Happy Mother’s Day to you all. May all of you celebrate with your children or your Mom. And especially to Margaret and Helen. Have a wonderful day!

  92. President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 5/8/10

    Health Care Reform Starts To Kick In


  93. New Rules with Bill Maher: Mother’s Day and the New AZ immigration law


  94. JeanΔ ¥ on May 6, 2010 at 4:55 PM

    Thanks for your suggestions and observations. Plans are still up in the air for our 57th but whatever we do it will be pretty low key. We’ll save the big celebrations for the ones that end in zero.

    There was a time in the past when we’d hop on a flight to the west coast for an extended weekend but this days are gone forever. I’d rate the desirability our last trip by air as falling somewhere between brain surgery and a colonoscopy so travel now is pretty local. Time has exacted a stiff price and medical issues now confine our travel to any destination we can get to in a day’s driving for an overnight stay.

    Also our son and daughter-in-law will be wrestling with the logistics of packing off our oldest grandson as he launches off into the world of higher education half way across the country. He is a pretty independent thinker and doer and their concern is that this will probably be a permanent move out of their house so they want to hang as tightly as possible without stifling him. And I suspect that his first act of freedom will probably be to get a tattoo.

    In any event, I’ll eventually let you know how it all turns out.

  95. FROM UAW: “Barbra Boxer asking her supporters to act like Tea Party Protesters !!!!!!!!can’t wait for her to loose…..”


    And to whom would she “loose”?

    The GOP can’t even get Michael Steele–who, on nearly a weekly basis, does something stupid enough to cause harm to the GOP and its chances in the next election. And you expect a Republican to win against Barbara Boxer?

    The GOP is completely dysfunctional at this point, and its policy and communication is largely restricted to bumper-sticker jingoisms. The GOP has focused it’s efforts on the most nutball factions of conservatives for so long that the GOP is now an extremist organization, with zero credibility.

    Worse, the Repubilcan politicians routinely show themselves to be hypocrites by opposing equal rights for all Americans (includings lesbians and gays), even going so far as being involved in “gay cure crusades”…..then being caught in a gay sexual relationship.

    The latest: “George Rekers, a prominent Christian scholar and “gay cure” crusader, hired a male prostitute for a 10-day European jaunt….Rekers is the co-founder of the conservative Christian group Family Research Council and once testified in a Florida court case that adoption by gay parents would be damaging to the children….” (Gary Bauer is the other co-founder).
    “In a piece he wrote for the St. Thomas Law Review, he compared gay foster or adoptive parents to drug addicts, terrorists and pedophiles.”

    The rest of the article may be found at:


    So, again, explain how any Republican would have a chance against Boxer?

  96. [...] http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/we-survived-bush-youll-survive-obama/ Copyrigth 2010 Blog at WordPress.com. [...]

  97. Helen, thank you for reassuring the poor losers that they will survive a few Democratic administrations.

    Truly, they have turned into the biggest bunch of cry-babies I’ve ever seen. And as mean and nasty as they’ve been, I just won’t take it anymore.

    So I hereby absolve myself of being a good Buddhist when it comes to having kindness and compassion for the loud-mouth, obnoxious, poorly educated Republicans reciting SarahPalin pearls of wisdom in Starbucks.

    That’s it. I’ve proven I can do it anytime I want to…I just no longer want to.

  98. Hi Congenial Gang and jsri,

    Where is everybody? Like me, are you just a little overwhelmed by what is going on, not only in the U.S. but also worldwide? I don’t know where to begin thinking about stuff, let alone commenting on it here. We seem to be reaping a bitter harvest from what the Bush administration failed to sow for those l-o-n-g eight years.

    jsri, I’ve been thinking about your upcoming 57th Anniversary. From our experience, you may or may not want to include your kids and grandkids in the planning process.

    By far, our most memorable anniversary was our 50th. Our kids rightly thought that was a special one so took it upon them selves to do all the planning, foot the bill and surprise us. That they did! We came from Hawaii, the rest of the family from California. We went camping in Pennsylvania. Surprise! Surprise!

    Our son in PA has had a 30 foot camper for a long time and they go all over with it. So our kids thought it would be wonderful if the 10 of us got together in a campground in PA for a week. He brought his and they rented some more or less permanent ones for the rest of us.

    The highlight of the celebration however, turned out to be going to a major league baseball game in Baltimore. I think it was between the Baltimore Orioles and the Texas Rangers. Whoopee. My first (and last!) major league baseball game. In case you didn’t know it, major league baseball game tickets are very dear! $$$$$. I’m an aesthete, not an athlete but……


    To be fair, the campground was quite lovely. Acres and acres of wooded land with a lake, two swimming pools and lots of activities. I didn’t know that camping had become such a big deal. There is actually a whole sub-culture surrounding camping that I didn’t even know existed. There was a game room with billiard tables and a miniature golf course. Also fees for the use of most of them of course. It didn’t take the grandkids long to find out that grandma was a soft touch when it came to games and golf. At that time the two grandsons were ages about 7-8 and the granddaughter, age 5-6.

    The two boys became very adept at billiards! They may have brilliant futures ahead of them as pool sharks. It could be they come by their talents naturally. When two of the dads were a little over two years old, I had a hard time keeping them out of the bathroom, playing around in the toilet. So I locked the door. One time, I thought I had locked it but found them splashing away. Well, they had found where I kept a stash of bobbie pins on the bedroom dresser, and picked the lock. Swell. I thought I’m raising a couple of second story men.

    It’s amazing how all of them have turned out to be fine upstanding citizens, isn’t it?

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  99. Sooo thats how it is. I’ll be sure to remember. :-)
    Nice setup on your site, too. I like it.


  100. Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! :cool: :wink: Pass the margaritas!

    All’s quiet on the “drill baby, drill” front. They aren’t even squaking about the fact it’s foreigners drilling “our” oil. And now messing with our ecology, big time!

    “And here we go again. Valdez goes Cajun.”

  101. A RIGHT WING WHACKO went into a county building to arrest 24 people. He had a gun and semi auto weapon – HE GOT ARRESTED! This is nuts!


  102. Way to long since your last post. I need my M & H fix!!

  103. It isn’t the President who will make this decision….it’s Congress. Go to: http://www.civic.moveon.org/c4/save_the_internet//letter.html

    Send those letters!!!!! How dare they!!???? The Internet belongs to the WORLD, not a few greedy US companies!

  104. I received an email today from Color of Change regarding net neutrality. You can check it out at ColorofChange.org.

    We learned this weekend that the Federal Communications Commission is ready to side with powerful telecom lobbyists and abandon net neutrality, the principle that keeps the Internet open to all. President Obama’s FCC chair could decide this week not to reclaim the authority needed to regulate broadband companies.

    If this happens, Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T will be free to abuse their role as Internet gatekeepers, and we’ll all suffer as a result. This decision is flying under the radar right now — if we want to stop it, we need to generate a serious outcry.

    Can you call President Obama today and ask him to stand up for a free and open Internet? Here’s where to call:
    (202) 456-1111

  105. Please contact your senators today and ask them to support Bernie Sanders’ legislation being put forth in the senate today to audit the Fed. I left messages for mine, though surely I am just a thorn in their side, as McCain and Kyl seem to be TOTAL corporate shills. But maybe you guys have better representatives that will vote for this much needed accountability.

  106. Responders found carcasses of more than 35,000 birds and 1,000 sea otters. That was considered to be a fraction of the bird and animal death toll because carcasses usually sink to the seabed. The council estimated 250,000 seabirds, 2,800 sea otters, 300 harbor seals, 250 bald eagles and up to 22 killer whales died, along with billions of salmon and herring eggs.

    From ADN.com

    What we can look forward to in the Gulf.

  107. Bush/Cheney intentionally kept information from Congress about the sinking of our economy until the end!


  108. A wingnut speaks:


  109. Dear Helen and Margaret,

    As you can see, we are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hurting for a new post!

    Aloha! :-)


  110. its nice to know that those $500,000 valves are the answer for offshore drilling….the gov of Virginia can just require them and then drill a thousand wells…. another 1000 in Alaska…..

    I will agree that Liberal One was a little harsh…..Typical Liberal

    speaking of Virginia….


  111. Whirled Peas,
    Unfortunately it seems to me it’s Halliburton, Bechtel, KBR that have won…

    Thanks for the link. It’s bound for my FB page.

  112. L_1, who say liberals all think alike or should think alike?

  113. The new governor of Virginny (in office for about 4 months) is downright silent on his authorization to drill off the state coastline ever since the explosions on the oil rig off the Louisiana coast. And the silence is appreciated, especially since his truly memorable gaffe on Confederate History month! My message to him right now is, if you don’t rescind the authorization you could end up guilty as anyone else of permanently oiling shut the Chesapeak Bay!

  114. Liberal_One…?

    how bout passing some more gas or lighting some of the tires on fire to clear some of L_O’s stench outta here?

    Anytime anyone starts on how they are the reel-deel I quit listening…
    And usually start laughing…

    Just run along L_O…
    Purple suits the parlour here just fine.

  115. Anonymous was me again. Don’t know what is going on.

  116. Liberal-0ne, I don’t believe you for a second. Go away already recruit on the right-wing sites.

    Auntie Jean, love your piece. The Bible is full of contradictions and sensible people have the right to question some of its wisdom.

    Environmentalists and tree-huggers score =1
    GOP and Sara Palin score = 0. “Drill baby drill” Plain has been quite silent like somebody remarked earlier. Would like to hear her take on things.

    I was a little disappointed to hear President Obama signed that bill allowing more prospecting in the Gulf. Maybe after the current disaster, we should all step back and take stock and ask for safeguards from current platforms owners and before more are built. Did I read that a $500,000 valve would have helped and the prior administration decided it was not needed? What would that say about us if that were true?

  117. Let’s not be overly melodramatic, UAW. No one is spitting on anyone here. But when you come into someone else’s house and wipe your feet on their carpet and tell them how stupid they are for using this appliance or decorating that way, it’s kind of unreasonable to expect sweetness and light, don’t you think?

  118. talk about a tough border…


    Since December, Egypt has also been building an underground steel wall to block the tunnels.

    building a wall…….I’ve heard that somewhere before….

  119. Sorry…fast (and ornery) finger syndrome…Society……

  120. Oh, so he’s the one who put the ‘L’ in Liberal.

    My gosh, we’re honored. I may just have to go sit down and fan myself. I may need a cigarette – and I don’t even smoke.


  121. Liberal_One: if you are a prime example of a “true lib” then count me out. I guess I would rather be a dimwit (with an IQ over 150 and a member of the Golden Key National Honour Socitey) here than join ANY group that would have a rude âne like you as a member. I will send the “Democratic Underground” a reminder to keep you in your pen as I am sure they did NOT send you out to do any recruiting. Or, maybe you are really recruiting for the other team????

    This Article is just about the stupidest piece of writing I have ever read and I am one that put the L in Liberal. Maybe you and all the dimwits you have as followers should come on over to http://www.democraticunderground.com where maybe just maybe you would learn a thing or two about common sense writing. Because like anyone there can tell you that this article is sooooo totally wacked that it literally embarrasses everyone of us true libs.

  123. Whirled Peas….
    who has had the purse strings the last 3 years……Hint…Nancy and Harry…..

  124. http://www.lockport-ny.com/Tourism/customs.htm

  125. Yea..WE WIN!


  126. Auntie Jean said I could fart here if I wanted to……just doing my part to improve the aroma…..I also kick tires

  127. Wasn’t the original line “So isn’t that Obama something”

  128. Charlie and the Robot

    Charlie is out of town on business and walks into a bar. A robot comes up to him, “Sir, how may I serve you?” “I would like a dry martini with an olive,” replies Charlie. The robot returns with the perfect martini and asks, “Sir, May I ask what is your IQ?” Charlie replies, “Well I have to admit it is 150.” “Shall we discuss the theory of relativity?” asks the robot. They discuss the subject in great length.

    Intrigued by this robot Charlie leaves the bar to return minutes later and sits in another section of the bar. The robot approaches and asks “Sir, how may I serve you?” “I’ll have a beer and a shot” says Charlie. The robot returns with the drinks. “Sir, May I ask what is your IQ?” Charlie replies this time “It is 110”. The robot asks “So what do you think of the Yankees this year?” After talking sports Charlie, still intrigued by the robot, leaves and returns to yet another section of the bar.

    The robot waits on him once again. “Sir, how may I serve you?” Charlie replies, “I’ll have a beer”. The robot returns with the beer and once again asks about Charlie’s IQ. This time Charlie tells him it is a 69. “So have you been to any Tea Parties lately?” asks the robot.

  129. Anonymous….
    just posting Bidens words…that would be the Dem Vice Presidential candidate that I assume you voted for….


  130. James….
    Keep coming back….
    I know its hard when every time you post something you are kicked and spit on and called “nasty”things, but don’t leave…..

    Are you actually thinking that CROOKSANDLIARS is a fair and balanced site….think again….

  131. Wow UAW. Seven years, millions of lives, trillions of dollars, and we almost have a stable government. I wonder if it will be as stable as the one we invaded under false pretexts? Way to go Bush/Cheney! It sure increased their earthly wealth.

  132. Vice President Joe Biden now calls the war in Iraq a success.

    “I am very optimistic about Iraq ,” Biden said recently. “You’re going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government.”

    Way to go Bush….

  133. Auntie Jean,

    I think that letter to Dr. Laura was based on this scene from…

    The West Wing
    ;) ~ Δ ~ Happy Sunday

  134. Jean,

    Chortle chortle ha ha ha!!! Didn’t know Leviticus could be so much fun!

    Regarding Neil Abercrombie for the Governor of Hawaii – I think I like the idea. We have never had one like him.

    He was/is an old hippie, admitted to smoking pot in his younger days, is a real nice man – no high makamaka airs about him, and he reminds me of Santa Claus.

    Not that any of those qualify him to be our next Governor, but there is not much wrong about him.

    Also, he is the first national holder of an office to run for this position. I think that is a great qualification. From the high powered high energy of Washington, to the laid back slow pace of Hawaii, he will be able to see what needs to be done and have the vibrancy to do it.

    And he is much better looking than Lingle! Snarf snort ho ho ho! Sorry. That was mean. She is nice looking enough – just needs better taste in friends (Palin).

    Found another good book for you – The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. It is a humorous what if kind of book for intelligent and curious people.

    Teri, I don’t know what State you are from, but it must be farm country. Our furlough Fridays have all the public school kids out of school every other Friday (our Governor, unions, Board of Education agreed to that idiot idea), so they really are missing out a lot, even if a few minutes are added to the teaching curriculum. And they are getting very used to having 3 day weekends along with intercession breaks during fall, winter, and spring.

    Hawaii kids can’t afford that kind of loss of learning. We rank way down on the national level as it is. It is also hard for working parents who aren’t State workers to find and afford places that can care for their young children out of school on those days.

    Happy May 1st everyone! We have our tradition of “May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii, Garlands of flowers everywhere….”


  135. JeanΔ ¥ on May 1, 2010 at 7:45 PM

    Here is an example of why so many people come to this website every day.

    There is always something new to be learned and it can be taught in an amusing way.

    BTW, did Dr Laura ever offer an answer?

  136. Hi Congenial Gang,

    One of our Jewish friends sent us this enlightening e mail. I just had to share it with you:

    In her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22, and
    cannot be condoned under any circumstance.

    The following response is an open letter to Dr. Laura, penned by a U.S. resident, which was posted on the Internet. It’s quite informative:

    Dear Dr. Laura:

    Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God’s Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate.

    I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some other elements of God’s Laws and how to follow them.

    1. Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can’t I own Canadians?

    2. I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

    3. I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness – Lev.15: 19-24. The problem is how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense.

    4. When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord – Lev.1:9. The problem is my neighbors. They
    claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

    5. I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him
    myself, or should I ask the police to do it?

    6. A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination, Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don’t agree. Can you settle this? Are there ‘degrees of abomination’?

    7. Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my
    vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle-room here?

    8. Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev. 19:27.
    How should they die?

    9. I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

    10. My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev.19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two
    different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of
    getting the whole town together to stone them? Lev.24:10-16. Couldn’t we just burn them to death at a private family affair, like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

    I know you have studied these things extensively and thus enjoy considerabl expertise in such matters, so I’m confident you can help. Thank you again for reminding us that God’s word is eternal and unchanging.

    Aloha! :-)

    Your Irreverant Auntie Jean

  137. James is emotionally five years old. Never got past the “nyah, nyah” stage. Most people outgrow it by the time they are out of high school.

    James–As far as I can tell, nobody gives a crap about your opinions. So what possible reason do you have for repeatedly showing up to do your tiresome, banal preening? Are you that desperate to feel like you are ok?

  138. JuneauJoe wrote: “Now BP is paying 6 Million per day to slow down the ecological disaster which is occuring because they did not put in that $500,000.00 valve.”

    And WE will be paying for it for generations!

  139. Sally wrote: “How do you make up for 21 (?) fewer days of school?”

    Our schools did it by adding 8 min. a day to the school days. That way our kids don’t have to start until after Labour Day which, with our tourist and farming economy still being quite important (Michigan) we need those kids available to work that important last long weekend of the summer.

  140. Blame for the oil spilling in the Gulf belongs to Dick Cheney! He told oil companies they did not have to put in remote control oil shut off valves on the drilling operations to save $500,000.00.


    Now BP is paying 6 Million per day to slow down the ecological disaster which is occuring because they did not put in that $500,000.00 valve.

  141. Never read any of the posts here? Yet picked up on what the main conversation has been about, oh I forgot, he is a Prophet. Pure entertainment he is, once you’ve got his number.

  142. President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 5/1/10

    Giving Government Back
    To The American People!

    8) ~ Δ

  143. God, I just LOVE how people like James claim to be fiar minded, compasisonate and upstanding, and when the chips are down, the truth comes out, he’s just as condescending, belittling and self absorbed as anyone else.

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think anyone here ever told some black reporter to not go to a tea party rally. Of course it would be safe for just an ordinary black citizen to go. He’s not making policy and he’s not in any position of power. Why should he feel threatened? The threat comes to people in power. Those are the people the tea partiers are trying to “take their country back” from. It’s fine for a black man to observe. It’s not ok for a black to have any kind of power over them. To be in a position of authority.

    Ah yes, the Arizona “Show Me Your Papers” law. No, of course we haven’t read it. Of course we can’t understand it. We’re not Christian white me, so we don’t understand things like they do. That’s why we need Christian white men to come here and berate and bully and bombard us with his words and his opinions until we finally see the light. His way is the only right way, and we need his eternal presence here to right our wrongs, right? We don’t get big words with more than one syllable. We’re so stupid. Because we don’t agree with you. Right? How can anyone with any kind of intellect at all disagree with you? There’s only one way to see any kind of issue, the same way you see it. Your view is the only valid, real point of view. You have no idea what it is to be afraid of the police, to have reason to be afraid of the police, to HAVE to be afraid of the police, even if you’ve done nothing at all wrong. That’s not how your world works, so that can’t possibly be reality for anyone else, even if that person is nothing like you. Your realm of experience if the only reality, your reality is the only truth. And anyone who disagrees with you must be graced with your endless and relentless presence. It’s your duty as a Christian white man to educate the poor ignorant, stupid rabble who dare to disagree with you. It’s your duty to get in their face and day after day after day after day tell them how wrong they are. To tell them how stupid they are for not thinking the way you do, to get in their faces on a daily basis and ad nauseum detail every little point you believe they need to be corrected on. They don’t have minds of their own. They don’t have the right to see things differently than you do. Of course not.

    Yeah, James. We get that much.

  144. BP DID NOT plan for a major oil spill. They just said it would not happen in environmental studies.


  145. The oil blow out in the gulf was predicted in 2008. A whistle blower talks:


  146. The Christian Science Monitor reported police across the nation gave the Tea Party demonstrators extra latitude because of their willingness to follow the rules and their record of non- violence. Police even let some demonstrators for the second amendment bring fire arms to a North Carolina demonstration.

    Columnist Clarence Page, I think, attended a Tea Party protest though people like you warned him it would be unpleasant for a black man to appear with such racists. He reported the demonstration was nothing like that at all. He never felt threatened by such normal if misguided people.

    The reward for video or audio evidence the N word was used at a protest still stands.

    The Tea Party’s beliefs, are legitimate issues for debate. Personal attacks and marginalization are straight from Rules for Radicals reserved for people with views which cannot be effectively refuted. It is how many of you conduct yourselves on this message board when someone with a variant opinion posts.

    So, you lose again. Why don’t your try your luck with the Arizona illegal immigration law? Read it. It may be hard for some of you, because it was written in small print, and it has no pictures, but give it a try. I did. Maybe you will do better with it than you have with the Tea Party movement. I haven’t read any of your posts this time, so maybe you have changed your ways and proven me wrong.

    Otherwise, “When the truth is found to be lies
    And all the joy within you dies…
    …Well, in your head, baby,
    I’m afraid you don’t know
    where it is.” Jefferson Airplane

  147. Hi Congenial Gang and Sistah Sally,

    I hope the gang doesn’t mind if I have one more late night session with you.

    I hope your hubby manages to catch that big one. Is he after a marlin? Will you stuff ‘im and mount ’im on the wall or smoke ‘im and eat ‘im? The fish, not your hubby!

    You asked about Gary Hooser. He was a guest in our home a few years back when I think he was City Council here. I had a piano recital for one of my students. Her best friend was Hooser’s daughter. The Hooser family attended. And as you can imagine, afterwards we had a ton of food and everybody socialized like we do out here. He was quite nice and sort of low key. He has been working his way up the political ladder (food chain?) ever since, slowly but surely. Before that, I believe he was in Real Estate. I think he would be a good Lt. Governor.

    Speaking of governors. I would like your take on Abercromby. It has never affected us since we aren’t in his district. But I thought it was a little egotistical of him to resign from the U. S. congress to run for governor when the special election to replace him is costing the state some $5 million. He didn’t seem to distinguish himself in congress, but on the other hand he didn’t do much harm. In today’s climate, that’s not a bad thing!

    Keep up your studies and make a bundle of money! Then you can turn around and spend it foolishly to boost our economy.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  148. Look, Bush/Cheney was a disaster but Obama/Biden is just as much of a disaster and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. The name calling you engage in (racist, moron, carpetbagger) throughout your post does nothing but play into the hands of what the ruling duopoly wants. They want to keep us little people fighting over racism, entitlements, abortion, welfare, warfare so that we don’t realize that the true fight isn’t me against you but it should be US against THEM. All of them are guilty of hijacking our country, stealing our money, and ruining our children’s future. The Democrats scream about wanting peace but I even after two years of Obama and a Democrat controlled Congress, we are still fighting those two idiotic wars that Bush started and we still have soldiers in 140+ countries where they do NOT belong. Republicans scream about government spending but the spending on government programs increased exponentially under Bush and the Republican Congress.

    We need to stop fighting each other, stop calling each other names, and stop believing the lies we hear from our officials and their media mouthpieces. We need to unite as a people and throw out the SOBs who’ve taken the American Dream and turned it into a nightmare.

  149. Sistah Jean, Poolman, and other parlor friends,

    Taking a break from my recent learnings. Many are not aware, or slightly aware of the danger of these times we live in. However, each time I see our new President with his sleeves rolled up or hear his words or the furrow in his brow, I take some measure of hope. Thanks Elizabeth2 for the timely words of Roosevelt.

    Jean, my hubby is on Kauai right now – at a camp house at Barking Sands. He called last night all excited that I had to send up his largest 6-0 reel because some big fish took out his other 6-0 reel and made it implode! He must be in seventh heaven fishing for the big one. He is the reason I am getting my financial education and house in order. So he can finally stop working, and fish and surf to his heart’s content.

    Sad to hear about Waipoli Deli. I haven’t been on Kauai since before Hurricane Iwa. It really is the most beautiful island, and YES! everybody come on down to the islands and help boost our economy – leave Arizona (sorry Poolman) and come visit the Aloha State with our health care system already in place, our beautiful free beaches, and have some haupia shave ice bowl with ice cream on the bottom and tart lilikoi (passion fruit) syrup topping. Or Roselani haupia ice cream with slices of fresh pirie mango on top. Heaven.

    I am SO glad my kids are all out of public school. I would have gone ballistic – the sad thing is that most parents just rolled over and let furlough Fridays happen. It pains me to see school age kids at the malls or walking around on Fridays with nothing to do because there is no school. How do you make up for 21 (?) fewer days of school?

    The problem is that most government officials, as well as school administrators, teachers, union officers, Board of Education send their own precious kids to private schools, so they have no skin in the game. Sad, and it is the kids who pay the price.

    btw, How was Gary Hooser for Kauai? I like what I hear and see so far. He is running for Lt. Governor. The other candidate – Norman Sakamoto is the biggest no vision, no da kine, nobody kind of State Senator, and even though the Lt. Gov position is a “non” position, I really want to see a good one win instead of the same old stuff.


  150. WOW! Loved your post and the succint way you put it. Yes, we survived (barely) the Bush/Cheney debacle…

    If “they” don’t survive President Obama, I won’t be crying in my sleep.

    Looking forward to your next post. Take care.

  151. And what those critics don’t realize, they are setting Barack Obama up, to down in history as one of our best Presidents, for the very reasons you stated.

  152. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt:

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena … who does actually strive to do the deeds.”

    As I read this, I could think only of our president, who is striving so valiantly to solve our problems. And the critics: the Rush Limbaughs, the Hannity’s, the Glenn Becks and, yes, many in Congress — the small men who, for power and money, do nothing but criticize, tear down and attempt to destroy him.

    Sadly, too many Americans admire the critics, whose negativity serves only to destroy, rather than the doer, “whose place shall never be with those cold and timid souls” but who “spends himself in a worthy cause” because that is what brave men do.

  153. Hi Congenial Gang and Sistah Sally,

    It’s been a long time since we had our late-night chats while everyone on the mainland was sound asleep. I missed them.

    Haven’t noticed the Walpoli Deli is quite a while. I’m afraid it has gone the way of many eaterys and even upscale restaurants along with large and small businesses too. The economic downturn has hurt all sectors badly. I’m sure it is the same on Oahu.

    Your adventures with Rich Dad Poor Dad sound intriguing. Maybe I’ll check it out.

    I thought of you when La Lingle-Dinglebat let the Friday furloughs in the public schools go through. And to compound it, holding the kids hostage with her lame insistance on giving the governor the power to hire or fire the Superintendent of Schools. Her one and only answer!

    You must have just about gone ballistic. I sure did!

    Way back when, you may remember my talking about my good buddy that I get together with once a week to do music, (flute and piano), drink tea and giggle. (Brewed tea, English style complete with cozy, not this tea bag stuff.)

    Anyway, she’s from Zimbabwee, an ex-pat from some 9-10 years ago. Naturally, she keeps me up to date on Zim and even got me turned onto the BBC which has much more coverage of international news than our media. She has one daughter in South Africa and one in Italy. I thought yours and our familes were spread out!

    It’s unbelievable what has and is going on in Zim. Our national debt worries us a lot. China and other nations OWN us. I’m hoping that Obama will have the time to straighten out the mess, financial and otherwise, that Bush made. But undoing and cleaning up are hard to do, especially with the Republicans dragging their feet every step of the way.

    Oh well, we do what we can. Nighty-night everyone.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  154. Honolulu Sally, good to hear from you. I know you were busy with that rich dad stuff.

    We have been busy doing what we can to overturn this unconstitutional law here in AZ. We are sure the latest topic of the news media. I see that starting to affect the tourist industry, too. Lovely. That is just what we need to help stimulate our economy. Not! We have a vote coming up to temporarily raise taxes to cover education and add some more cops. The last time we did this we hired on 500 more cops. Of course we had to lay them off when the economy got bad. But the sales tax remains and now they want to do a repeat. We need to hold onto good teachers. We are administration heavy and I wish that would change. It’s hard to find leaders with vision. We have been used to throwing money at our problems in the past. Now that money is tight…

  155. JeanΔ ¥ on April 29, 2010 at 5:12 PM

    The single most distinguishing feature of a given species is the ability of its members to interbreed and reproduce offspring. Almost all visible features are due to individual genetic differences and are irrelevant to the species definition.

    When we use the term”humans” we are commonly referring to the species Homo sapiens and the last time I checked, it was still the only species designation applied to humans. Skin color is simply a human phenotype, not a species definition. Any high schooler should know the difference. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

  156. Hi Auntie Jean and Grandma Katie! I have thought of you – and glad to read your stuff! Grandma Katie, your typing has improved so much, and Auntie Jean, you are one good kind old haole broad. Your hubby is lucky, Y chromosome and all.

    Jean, I also love the prime rib at the Bull Shed. And across the street, one of my favorite cheap good eats – Waipoli Deli. I sure hope they are still there. I had their seared ono on rice years ago – their fried rice is good, everything was good!

    I’ve been nose deep in improvement programs, real estate, and learning, learning, and applying those learnings so my hubby dearest can retire instead of work until he can’t. It was scary what the crash of the market did.

    I am even thinking of writing a little booklet on wealth creation, and pass it out to people who can use it. I got into a program to pay off one’s mortgage in a fraction of the time, but now realize that using the bank’s money is an advantage to be maxed out on – but NEVER rack up credit card debt. It is the kiss of no-no.

    Don’t mean to take up too much space, so will recommend great books/free websites to learn more. (Perhaps I’ll put up a website when I learn to become more computer literate, with a favorite link to M&H and the Daily Show, of course).

    The latest and greatest book I just read is “Becoming your own Banker” by R. Nelson Nash. Unbelievable way to build your assets – with a mutual company that has participating whole life insurance. Sounds boring, but the potential for a lot of equity and control is most outstanding.

    RichDadWorld.com has excellent free videos, and I believe if you sign up, you get a bunch of info free. I don’t recommend the “coaching” program – very very expensive unless you really feel you need someone to talk to once a week.

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad books and game. This was the start of my financial education. All those Republicans belly aching about big government and higher taxes need to stop belly aching and get their own lives in order in spite of big government and higher taxes. Turned my thinking upside down about making money work for me instead of me working for money.

    One of the scariest books I read was Gold and Silver by Michael Maloney. I sure hope we do not get into a Zimbabwe or Weimar Republic hyper inflation, but if our debt and dollar printing continues, we may. In 2008, the Zimbabwe printed out dollar notes of $100 trillion dollars – each!

    Sorry so long, I even missed James.


  157. HonoluluSallie -Where have you been? Glad to see you back. Don’t stay away so long!!

  158. Hi Congenial Gang and jsri,

    I really liked to think we were starting to get this racial thing out of our systems, but this past year has shown the bigots had only gone underground. They’re back in full force. I know I am preaching to the choir. However, maybe a little refresher course could give us all some rebuttal for when the tea bagger-types and trolls start shooting off their mouths again – again – and again. Of course, for those who are locked into fundamentalism and eschew anything scientific or not in the Bible, well, this will sail right over their heads. (However, any scientific technology for weaponry used in death and destruction is fine, but for the benefit of mankind –never! Go figure.)

    jsri, you know much more about genetics than I do, so please feel free to correct or expand on the subject.

    There is ABSOLUTELY nothing in HUMAN DNA to denote RACE – period. Certainly, there are genes that determine genotypes such as skin, hair and eye pigmentation. Primarily, those genes evolved for peoples to adapt to their living environments. Examples of darker pigments are those to protect from the sun and/or the lack of, for the absorption of Vitamin D in climates where there is less sunlight. These are only superficial VISUAL characteristics having nothing whatsoever to do with race. Racism is a purely human construct that for a variety of reasons, people like to perpetuate.

    Oh, how we love to categorize and label other people! Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals; right and left-wingers, socialists, feminists, tea baggers, birthers, on and on ad infinitum or ad nauseam depending on your point of view. Also Americans. Remember those?

    Then there is black, white, brown, red, yellow and whatever combinations thereof whether half, quarter, mixed ‘blood’ or any ‘blood quantum’. But again, there are ABSOLUTELY no markers in human BLOOD indicating race. All these labels are inventions of human language. The problem is, once they are thoroughly imbedding in the thinking of society, it is almost impossible to uproot them.

    There is something interesting in DNA having to do with GENDER though. Most of us know that the female has two “X” chromosomes while the male has one “X” chromosome and one “Y” chromosome. Further, the “Y” chromosome is shorter than the “X” chromosome and has a sort of hook on the end of it. Some have characterized this to mean that the male is an ‘incomplete female’. (Tee Hee. Giggle, giggle.)

    If a child inherits an “X” chromosome from her father, she is destined to be female. If a child inherits a “Y” chromosome from his father, he will be a boy. There are a few exceptions such as extra chromosomes causing abnormalities as in hermaphroditism but they are fairly rare.

    Since ancient times, men have blamed their wives if they didn’t produce sons (warriors). Actually, it is the MAN who determines the sex of the offspring. Isn’t it interesting how cultures like to turn nature upside down to suit their own selfish purposes?

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

    P. S. This Old mostly Haole Broad has been living with an Old Haole Guy for 57 years now. As of today, I kinda like him. Tomorrow? We’ll see.

  159. Hi Congenial Gang and Sistah Sally,

    Welcome back!!! We missed you!!!!! Where ya been? Thanks for the great recap of the Hawaiian race that I’m sure very few outside the state know much about.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  160. Hi Congenial Gang,

    I’ve been thinking. (“Uh, Oh!”, as my husband always says when I preface something with those words.)

    This new Arizona law may turn out to be the solution to immigration problems after all. If other states start adopting similar policies, there may begin a mass exodus of decent Americans, legal and illegal, across the borders both south and north. Nobody wants to live in a police state! They may start leaving by boat, plane, raft, pogo stick or any other means to find other countries more hospitable to live in.

    Eventually, that could leave the U. S. a barren land as the Lily White Supremacists inbreed themselves out of existence.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  161. Aloha All!

    Stopping in for a moment to catch up. Margaret, your 12 shy of a dozen comment had me BWAAAHAAAHAAAing! No one can call it like you do!

    Howzit to all the regulars and newbies. I just skip over those negative trolls – same as I do if I were to meet them at a party. I’d rather not know what they think, and they are not worth the time and effort for me.

    UAW is fun though. Gruff, irreverant, cute, in a craggy WTF irritating way. He does have his fun with this blog, the way rascal old guys take pleasure in farting in public. Fart away UAW!

    Thank you all for still being there, it is a pleasure to read up and check out the latest posts from time to time. Better than reading the newspaper!

    In Hawaii, we currently have a 3 way “tie” for a vacant House of Representative seat in Washington. 2 Democrats and 1 Republican. Rather dumb of the Democrats to have 2 to split the vote, but Ed Case (D) is the dummy. He used to be the US Representative for Hawaii, then decided to run for US Senator against Sen. Akaka (D) by reason that Akaka is really old. He lost back then, and is running to get his position back – dummy. He wasn’t much of a US Representative during his short term, except he and his wife did make a pretty picture in the social circles.

    Hanabusa (D) is pretty good, and Djou (R) is really a good guy (my State district). The bad thing is that the National Democratic party is running negative ads against Djou – a turn off and not necessary. I don’t like to see good guys slammed for the sake of keeping a majority.

    It will be an interesting race. If any one candidate has over 50% of the vote, he/she wins. If no one gets 50%, the two top candidates get to run against each other in a second election.

    As for the Tea Baggers, I hope they form a third party. They can split from the religious right Republicans and Fox News will really have a hard time balancing their “fairness” between anti-government and anti-everything.

  162. Sorry, this didn’t bring up, what I intended, which was Senator Al Franken speaking to the Senate about Financial Reform. I found the link on Democratic Underground, perhaps one of you will have better luck posting than I did.

  163. And on to other important issues
    http://MOXNews.com/ April 26, 2010 C-SPAN

  164. Arizona bill… are we discussing intended consequences of the bill and missing a whole different portion?


  165. Is the AZ bill really about people here illegally, or is it about bilking the tax payers for legal fees…


  166. http://www.denverpost.com/keefe/ci_14947459

  167. I deal with microchips everyday. They don’t track anything, they just give off a bar code when scanned. I believe he’s thinking of GPS or radio collars.

    What a maroon.

  168. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love you, man. Both of you. You speak my mind loud and clear. :)

  169. Not only can’t someone earler not check his facts about Bush and Gore, he still can’t understand the difference between your and you’re. Geez

  170. And how many illegals are going to submit for microchipping? Geez dumb is getting even dumber.

  171. Again I note: there are plenty of illegal Irish in Boston and Chicago. So are they going to pass laws in Illinois and Mass. allowing them to pull over all redheads and JUST to check to see if they are legal?

    I certainly hope not. Police State, thou art called Arizona.

  172. http://www.desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100428/NEWS09/4280367

    Wow some people’s republicans! Interesting lunacy from a guy trying to get Boswell’s (D-IA) seat.

  173. I’m wondering if Reid will call for a fourth vote on S 3217 today, at the moment it is taking a long time to round up a quorum of Senators, so…. I do wonder how long the Republicans will hold out.

  174. UAW

    vote 2000

    Bush 50,456,002 popular vote or 47.87%
    Gore 50,999,897 popular vote or 48.38%

    Gore by almost a half million votes

    Supreme Court

    Bush vote 5 conservatives
    Gore vote 4 liberals

    Bush by one vote

  175. opps belongs up there ^

    by: Martin Niemöller

  176. First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

  177. Maybe an example will help.

    Imagine your house. Imagine the square mile surrounding it. Assuming you live in an area of average population density, isn’t it likely that somewhere in this square mile, somebody is Up To No Good? In fact, statistically it’s probably a dead certainty that there is a least one case of illegal activity or status.

    Ok, imagine the authorities going house to house, looking for evidence and requiring everybody to account for themselves. Remember, we know for a fact there’s illegal activity somewhere.

    How about it, bub? Feel harassed? Rights violated? Is this constitutional enough for you?

    I doubt it. You didn’t do anything wrong. You and your activities are perfectly legal. And so are the vast majority of people of Hispanic descent in Arizona.

    I’m tired of the yelps of “What about the guilty?” They’re a small minority. Just tell me – what about the innocent?

    Even if you don’t have a problem with this, I do – and so should you. If they can do this to Hispanic-looking people for no particular reason, they can do it to you.

  178. To be stopped and asked for a driver’s license for a traffic violation is one thing, all states including Arizona already do that. Now Arizona law enforcement can stop drivers for having tan skin. UAW, not all Hispanics are illegal or even an immigrant, not by a long shot. You are the least empathetic human being I’ve ever encountered.
    I’m sure Arizona’s error is going to be fixed, but in the meantime….

  179. Yes, UAW, I have read the law. Gov. Brewer can say all she wants about how officers will be be properly trained. And I know the law says race and ethnicity cannot be the sole factors in determining a reasonable suspicion.

    But that won’t stop it from happening. An AZ officer can make “lawful contact” with you simply by suspecting you of having committed the crime of being an illegal immigrant. The officer doesn’t need to pull you over for a burned-out taillight or some other piddly reason.

    Ever heard of “driving while black”? Same story, new chapter.

  180. LOL yes UAW but 28 of those electorial votes were “given” to Bush…

    Do you really not understand the difference?

  181. jsri….

    Bush 271 electoral votes
    Gore 260 electoral votes
    All other contrived statistics are meaningless. End of story.”

  182. tine …
    did you read the law…. profiling is illegal….I don’t know any state where if your pulled over you don’t have to show a drivers license though…….does it sometimes feel unfair…..sure……try driving in the 60’s&70’s and having long hair……..mud on license plate…..light over plate not working…..happens to everyone……and everyone gets asked for ID…..why should it be different in AZ…. no problem if your not breaking the law….


  183. The Truth on April 28, 2010at 6:39 AM

    You are a little slow on the draw. A reich winger I know sent me this list of irrelevant statistics two weeks ago and I’ll post the same reply I sent him then.

    “Here are the facts that count. Not fudged associations that are irrelevant.

    Obama/Biden 69,451,897 popular vote 365 electoral votes
    McCain/Palin 59,934,814 popular vote 173 electoral votes

    All other contrived statistics are meaningless. End of story.”

  184. UAW, what don’t *you* understand about LEGAL residents and citizens being constantly harrassed/interrogated/badgered/pulled over because they happen to be brown-skinned or speak with an accent?

    This is what’s ILLEGAL about the AZ law. So I shall ask you your own question: What don’t you understand about illegal?

  185. jean…
    Arizona decided to enforce federal law……the Feds sure as h$ll aren’t doing it……and by federal law immigrants are required to carry their papers with them….

    wasn’t that some protest in Arizona…..throwing bottles and rocks at the police……threatening citizens…..violence….them damn tea party protesters……OH!!!! it wasn’t the tea party…..

  186. auntie jean….
    passports are for traveling and leaving again…..and yes there is an agreement that only a passport is needed….(by law)you still had to show your “papers”…….what don’t you understand about illegal!!!!!!!

  187. I believe the phony Dr. Olson shtick already was paraded before us by the delightfully gone Craig.

  188. No Ones Puppet wrote: “I want to live at least another forty years, just so I can read what historians, with the advantage of impartiality, ”

    You had better hope the Texans aren’t the ones writing that history….

  189. Thanks Tine you saved me lots of time and bother.

    You are correct this is an old e-mail that is regurgitated every time the republicans don’t have a leg to stand on.

    Keep em ignorant and poor! That is their MO … Unfortunately it seems to be working with this case in point….. “the truth”.

    Sad sad sad…..There is no excuse for (his) type of ignorance in this day and age.

  190. Thanks Tine, I was shocked to see, that old email, full of lies, is still fooling people.

  191. Oh, good grief, “Truth.” If you’re gonna use such a moniker, you might at least fact-check the garbage you’re spewing.

    People who consider chain e-mails legitimate sources of information deserve to be laughed off the porch. This one’s really been around the block, too.


  192. The Hamline U. law professor has just done us all a favor in showing how data can be cherry picked and twisted in an obvious intent to undermine a person or an idea. There is somewhere out in the Great Blogosphere someone who can take another set of data and do the same number on McCain. Point is, this kind of gaming is a ridiculous waste of time.

    Best use of time of all: have a piece of pie!

  193. Truth,

    Who is being prosecuted for hiring illegal persons? Speaking of breaking laws… if there weren’t jobs to be had, there wouldn’t be people to fill them.

  194. Speaking of breaking laws… How many of those against said breaking will ALWAYS drive over the speed limit and many, while talking on their cell phones. Are these laws not important to the health and well being of the populace?

  195. Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul , Minnesota , points out some interesting facts concerning last November’s Presidential election:
    • Number of States won by: Obama: 19 McCain: 29
    • Square miles of land won by: Obama: 580,000 McCain: 2,427,000
    • Population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million McCain: 143 million
    • Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Obama: 13.2 McCain: 2.1
    Professor Olson adds: “In aggregate, the map of the territory McCain won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.

    Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low income tenements and living off various forms of government welfare…”
    Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the “complacency and apathy” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation’s population already having reached the “governmental dependency” phase.

    If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegals – and they vote – then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years.

    It can be said that to deport illegal aliens is wrong, profiling, or whatever, but in all actuality it is just following a law that is currently on the books. Change it if you don’t like it, but until then to not follow the law would be breaking the law, so if we know who they are & don’t deport them guess who’s breaking the law???

    It’s also akin to this analogy: If I rob a bank can I keep the money? Of couse not! I broke the law to get it, must now give it back, & then must pay for my crime. But illegal aliens want to break the law to get into the country, not be deported(as provided by currently in the law), & now are asking to be rewarded for breaking the law by receiving citizenship?!?!?!?!? What?!?!?!? How is this right in any way, shape, form, or fashion?!? Oh, yeah! IT ISN”T!!!!!

  196. Hi Congenial Gang and uawtradesman on April 26, 2010 at 7:24 AM,

    UAW, you wrote:

    aren’t visa required in europe”

    No. Not once in the past 15-20 years when we went to Europe. All we had to do was show our U.S. passports when we disembarked. We were NEVER asked to show them anywhere WITHIN any of the countries however. People can travel throughout any of the European countries that are members of the EEC and cross borders just like you can from state to state in the U.S.

    The only times we had to have visas were for China, Russia, Turkey, North Africa and Middle Eastern Countries. Turkey is agitating for membership in the EEC so they may be joining soon. Even in any of those countries we visited, we were NEVER asked for our passports.

    Most Southeast Asian countries do not require visas for U. S. citizens. Japan, Thailand, etc.

    Visas are expensive! They were $250.00 and up -each. You have to apply for them from the embassy of the country you are planning to visit and have them before you leave. You send your passport to that embassy and they stamp and paste the visa inside the passport. The U.S. passport is good for 10 years. Last time we got ours they were $45.00 – each. (Gawd-awful pictures though!)

    Most important, you have to have your U.S. passport to get BACK INTO the U. S!

    Arizona has just decided to become a separate country of it’s own, for heaven’s sake.

    UAW, your zenophobic provincialism is showing.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

    P.S. And no passport or visa for Hawaii. Hawaii is a state of the United States.

  197. I had a fine day, watching the Republican Party implode on CSPAN 2, for an historian to have a front row seat to actually view their demise is just astounding, I can’t wrap my mind around what they are even thinking as they continue on this path of self-destruction, they just throw themselves up the creek and then refuse a paddle. I want to live at least another forty years, just so I can read what historians, with the advantage of impartiality, have to say about the death of the Republican Party.

  198. JeanΔ ¥ on April 27, 2010 at 5:27 PM


    You shouldn’t be scaring folks like that. It’s okay to go in the water on the Cape. You’ve been living in perpetual summer for too long.

    If you think the water in the summer on the Cape is too cold, try the polar bear club on January 1 each year. Now there’s something that will amputate your whole body, or at least numb it completely. But I’ve got to admit, people who do that are from another planet, Jupiter I think.

    We lived on the Cape as washashores for 20 years but it wasn’t the cold water that drove us off, that is part of the charm. It was the summer traffic that did us in.

  199. Hi congenial Gang and jsri on April 27, 2010
    at 7:32 AM,

    Thanks, jsri, for the tip on Anne Perry’s “The Sheen on the Silk” book. I’m about due to get my teeth into a nice juicy historical novel. If your wife is into that sort of thing, I think she would enjoy Kate Mosse’s “Labyrinth” and Donna Woolsfolk Cross’ “Pope Joan”. Both are well researched rollicking adventure tales. And yes, there was reputedly a ‘Pope Joan’, a women believe it or not. Those books rival Dan Brown’s anyday.

    Speaking of fiction, I’m hoping we can persuade Helen to read and review George W.’s ‘Memoire’ when it comes out in November. That should be hysterical! And nobody could do it better than Helen in her inimitable way. Also she is in the best position I know of to do it because she knows more than any of us about his tenure as the ‘illustrious’ governor of Texas.

    I’ve gotta get off the computer and get busy around here.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  200. Hi Congenial Gang and lori on April 27, 2010
    at 3:16 AM,

    Thanks lori, for the info on the ‘Lebanon debacle’. You summarized it beautifully! Besides that, it was an excellent memory jogger in general about our messing around in other countries’ business.

    I wish somebody could explain to me why, historically, it is the conservative mindset that the solution to any problem, whether domestic or international, is for somebody to rush headlong in. brandishing weapons. That never has really resolved anything, only made matters worse.

    (Where are our brilliant trolls when we need their splendid analysis?)

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  201. Hi Congenial Gang and Greytdog on April 25, 2010 at 1:36 PM,

    Thanks Greytdog for your good wishes.

    I’m sure you and Wundermom are having a wonderful time together. She already knows this, but please tell her I am reminding her of what an intelligent and delightful daughter she has.

    When you get to the Cape, don’t forget it is not Florida or Hawaii. Stay out of the water!!! It’s ice cold. It can amputate your feet right at the ankles!!! Just crash on the shore and admire the beautiful scenery.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  202. Bravo! Nicely stated.

  203. Absolutely amazing photography!


  204. (…teri, our National Guard IS part of our military contingency “over there” and NOT here at home and tthey are quite depleted in resources these days due to such deployment !)
    Unfortunately, there are OTHER states biding a bit of time who are willing to take similar steps as Arizona legislature..The nonsense of demanding “birth certificate” authentication is another herring being promoted and even found “acceptable” as if authentiation has NOT ever been done previously but now quite THE issue due to the nonsense fabricated over Obama ! The various sortee’s that HAVE positions to REPRESENT US be it state, fed, local city/county or school boards/etc…WE THE PEOPLE need to be paying attention as to who we DO allow into those ranks and HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE for REPRESENTING OUR VIEWS on the myriad issues…IT IS UP TO US to do something about our representatives but admit , good/credible /authentic people are hard to find to fill those positions ! Can admire and honor those that choose to do so but can understand why many prefer to NOT get involved, it remains truly thankless and quite a personal hassle , even dangerous and getting more so these days !!)

  205. I love you two!!

  206. Amen, sister!

  207. The writer responsible for my above post was Tim Wise, writing at Alternet. You can read the entire article here.


  208. “Could We All Agree That There’s
    Nothing More Nazi Than Saying
    ‘Show Me Your Papers’?”

    8) ~ Δ

  209. this is part of an email fwd I received this morning. Clarifies the situation pretty well, I think.

    “What If the Tea Party Were Black?
    Imagine that hundreds of black protesters descended on DC armed with AK-47s. Would they be defended as patriotic Americans?
    Imagine that hundreds of black protesters were to descend upon Washington DC and Northern Virginia, just a few miles from the Capitol and White House, armed with AK-47s, assorted handguns, and ammunition. And imagine that some of these protesters —the black protesters — spoke of the need for political revolution, and possibly even armed conflict in the event that laws they didn’t like were enforced by the government? Would these protesters — these black protesters with guns — be seen as brave defenders of the Second Amendment, or would they be viewed by most whites as a danger to the republic? What if they were Arab-Americans? Because, after all, that’s what happened recently when white gun enthusiasts descended upon the nation’s capital, arms in hand, and verbally announced their readiness to make war on the country’s political leaders if the need arose.”

    The article goes on and discusses several other scenarios replacing the white ranters with other ethnic groups, and ends with…

    “And this, my friends, is what white privilege is all about. The ability to threaten others, to engage in violent and incendiary rhetoric without consequence, to be viewed as patriotic and normal no matter what you do, and never to be feared and despised as people of color would be, if they tried to get away with half the shit we do, on a daily basis.
    Game Over”

  210. uaw-
    The dumb AZ law had to be written like it applied to any and all illegal immigrants but in real life it applies to illegal Mexican immigrants. It does result in profiling there- whether folks want to get real about it or not.
    Navajo friend from AZ says all people of brown skin already get harassed as possible illegals and you don’t get older Americans than our very own First Americans.
    Border states with Mexico have had more than their share of troubles and deserve more help than they have gotten from the rest of us- at the federal level.
    America has been a terrible neighbor to Mexico – exploiting it when it serves our purpose, being angry when it doesn’t. We don’t try that gobbeldygook with Canada…
    Sen McCain has not done his part for his state or our country to follow through on important changes to immigration nor relations with Mexico which would allow it to care for it’s own citizens. Neither have far too many other federal folks… And now the fools in charge currently in AZ think they have hit on a way to take their border back…
    It’s all a mess.

  211. Donna: I do remember the comments the Dixie chicks made about Bush. It was headline on Fox News for weeks. Come on how dare they insult Bush.

    But the Dixie Chicks were only exercising their freedom of speech. Wait Fox news only recognizes freedom of speech when:

    1. It is used to bash the democrats.
    2. It is used to promote right wing agenda
    3. You can call anyone who oppose the war ‘unpatriotic’ rather than concerned citizens
    4. Teabaggers make signs comparing Obama to Hitler and it is perfectly OK (since when war protesters did that they were considered loons, wackos, unpatriotic).

    I have always said that the hypocrisy of the right hasn’t stop to amaze me.

    The only thing the right has been doing well is running their mouth but without proposing anything. In short Obama will kill your grandma, he is a socialist (who wants to give the uninsured health care; how dare he help the less privileged???)

    Now the Tea party movement who want their America back. Gee I think the Indians said that too long time back, I wonder what happened to them ? hmmmm

    Hannity wants the America he grew up in back. Idiot, the America you grew up in the 60’s 70’s still had segregation.

  212. Dawn wrote: “Perhaps if we brought our military home and they could patrol the border here”

    Silly me, that’s what I thought the NATIONAL Guard was for.

  213. Auntie Jean:

    This is an aside.

    My wife is reading a novel by Anne Perry “The Sheen on the Silk” that takes place in thirteenth century Byzantium. When she asked me what I knew about Byzantium, I had to admit I knew nothing but I knew where I could get some background. So I migrated over to your website and picked off enough info to get her oriented.

    See. When you crank up your computer, you never know where your words will end up.

  214. Ah, yes! Save your pennies and visit Arizona, the Aryan State! Be sure your hair is blond and your eyes blue.

    This whole crackdown on people who are not white and especially the ones who actually can speak Spanish is just so reminiscent of 1930’s Germany on the run up to the invasion of Sudetenland and Poland.

    Will the cops be issued hobnailed boots?

    I’m with the folks who have decided to protest this hot mess by wearing the Juden armbands like the ones the Nazi’s forced the Jews to wear.

    And as for I Am Not a Maverick McCain, he joined up with the late Ted Kennedy on an immigration reform bill which he has deserted since Kennedy’s death. If anyone should get the blame for no action on the federal level on immigration reform, McCain should just look in the mirror.

    This whole thing is going to end up in the lap of the Supreme Court, most likely after another justice has been seated. Anyone want to make a nickle bet on where Scalia will come down on this?

  215. Good morning Jean,

    He is probably referring to, what many believe, was our (United States) big blunder in 1982 (June I think) . Secretary Haig gave the OK to the Israeli Invasion of Lebanon in June. Haig claims he didn’t do this but he did! The American reaction was that they would not apply any undue pressure on Israel to quit Lebanon as the Israeli presence in Lebanon may prove to be a catalyst for the disparate groups of Lebanon to make common cause against both Syrian and Israeli forces. Haig’s thoughts, and btw way Ronnie agreed, was that this uniting of Lebanese groups would allow their President to reform the Lebanese central Government and give the Palestinian refugees Lebanese citizenship.

    In other words we stuck our nose into what amounted to a civil war that spilled over the borders into Israel, some say, making it worse. Sound familiar?

    Anyway, I am sure you can google it and get the details you are probably looking for. Just go to the search bar and type in June 1982 Lebanon War and you should have lots of info pop up.

    Happy hunting.. ;)


  216. Hey Auntie Jean,

    Haven’t tried th Spiney Lobster at the Bull Shed, I always have had the Garlic Tenderloin…

  217. Ahh, immigration. There is a reason no one has bothered to attempt to tackle it since Reagan granted amnesty back in the early ’80’s.

    All valid points made. Day laborers all willing to do back breaking work enduring long, hot hours and low pay. No business wants to crack down on them as long as they have cheap labor to exploit. There seem to be few penalities for business who do hire undocumented workers.

    Near my hometown, (in MN) ICE came in to a meat packing plant in a small community, nearly all the workers legal and illegal were either jailed or left out of fear. It devastated the local economy. Teachers lost jobs, grocery stores, restaurants, hardware stores, gas stations, everything was affected because of the loss of population.

    Then there are the illegals who managed to make it here with their parents years ago, have grown up here, gone to school here, and only realized as an adult, productive member of society that they were not a legal citizen of the only place they’ve called home for their entire life.

    Let’s not forget the people who are here mostly with the drug trade. From what I’ve read, that is a violent and scary group of people. Supply and demand?!?

    I agree it still sounds like the days of Nazi Germany regarding needing your papers everywhere and being stopped for any reason.

    It is going to be an interesting battle that brews, I would just like to see some civility and thoughtful discussion, I think we all have the same goal of secure borders.

    Perhaps if we brought our military home and they could patrol the border here

  218. Hi Congenial Gang and lori on April 26, 2010 at 4:02AM

    lori, in the context of what I’m reading, the Arafat/Lebanon debacle sounds about right. To try to be more specific, I saw Paul Kennedy on Bill Moyer’s PBS program a while back and was impressed, so got his book from Amazon. It is “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers”, starting in 1500 up until the 1980’s. It was published in 1987, acclaimed and translated into 23 languages. He is an old duffer like us. He is a British historian but now teaches at Yale.

    His take on history is quite different from any other history I have read before. Not so much on politics and personalities, but the emphasis is on economics and the perpetual race toward fancier and fancier (more expensive!) weaponry. Lots of numbers and charts. The one thing that stands out is the horrific number of casualties down through all those years in war after war after war. You know, a million dead here, a million dead there, both military and civilian. That is to say nothing of crippling the countries’ economies right and left.

    I would highly recommend it to anyone who has the time and inclination to read it. However, I warn you, you had better have your atlas, unabridged dictionary and an encyclopedia or two handy! It is not a book for skimming and certainly not light fluffy reading. In paperback, 540 fine print pages with 121 even finer print pages of Notes and Bibliography. It is definitely a scholarly work. Maybe I’ll get back with more on it when I finish reading it.

    Yes, I do now vaguely remember Lebanon/Arafat and one debacle after another. I would appreciate it if you could expand on that a bit. The one thing indelible in my memory is watching Arafat’s wife being interviewed on TV when her husband was dying in a Paris hospital. She said, and I quote as nearly as I can, she would be SO proud of her young son if he would grow up to be a suicide bomber!

    Can you just imagine ANY MOTHER saying that about her own child??? Well, we have a lengthy roster on our honor roll of Christian martyrs. A sad state of affairs.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  219. Perhaps this is what it is really all about –

    Is the Immigration issue in Arizona a smoke screen for Republican Voter supression tactics?

    Greg Palast, investigative reporter, feels this is a voter supression tactic that Governor Brewer was working on as the Secretary of State. She purged 100,000 voters (Dems) off the roles before becoming governor.

    Behind the Arizona Immigration Law: GOP Game to Swipe the November Election.

  220. uaw wrote: “and if there are illegal Asians/Swedes in Arizona send them packing also”

    But I’ll bet you won’t see the government of Arizona targeting blue-eyed blonds for being pulled over and “carded.”

  221. At least they weren’t throwing bricks through the windows nor threatening people with guns.


  222. Oh, and chores at 6? Must have been nice to be able to sleep in. We were done with morning milking by then. That’s when I had to get the kids up, dressed, fed, lunches packed, checked to make sure homework was in the backpack and off to the school bus. If I had to work that night I then threw in a load of laundry and went to bed. Got up, helped with afternoon milking, took a shower, another load of laundry, dinner in the oven and off to work. If I did not have to work that night, after the kids were off to school I threw in the laundry, took a nap, got up, more laundry (it’s never ending on a farm, not to mention when you have all males in the house), cleaned house, went grocery shopping, worked in the garden, fixed dinner…..I am sure I left one or two things out but I think you get the idea.

  223. UAW- one summer, I did the migrant worker thing. I also spent over 20 years driving tractor, discing dragging (couldn’t plow straight enough to make my husband happy), baling hay and milking a mixed herd (Holstein & Jersey) of 60. I also raised my boys, kept a garden, canned and froze our produce, made jam, cooked, cleaned, did laundry….oh, and did I mention I did all of this while going through nursing school and then working a full time job (mostly nights)??? No, I am no stranger to hard work nor farm labour. And we couldn’t afford to hire help except for haying when we hired kids from the high school football team who were looking for a good workout (I still drove the tractor and cooked for all of them).

  224. http://www.abc15.com/content/news/phoenixmetro/central/story/Is-federal-immigration-law-different-from/1ZdAAkpg-U6oVELk47QVBw.cspx

  225. http://www.abc15.com/content/news/phoenixmetro/central/story/Vandals-leave-Swastikas-smeared-beans-at-Arizona/wPjt9T_E80uonWwHgT7WEg.cspx

    must be them damn teabaggers

  226. teri….one summer…..
    I was made in the barn and raised on the farm…..chores at 6 and driving tractor at 7…..the “beet labor” started on one end of the field and we(family) started on the other….
    don’t really care to go globetrotting but if the flashing light go on behind me I have to show a license……
    and if there are illegal Asians/Swedes in Arizona send them packing also…..mathematically there will be more Hispanics on the southern border …that’s not profiling….
    the US also has limits on the number of people from Europe/India/Asia/Africa that can immigrate,why not on Hispanics…..where’s the outrage for that…..


  227. uaw wrote: since when is the proper channel sneaking across a border at night…..no matter what some people say illegal is still illegal….

    I don’t have a problem with a guest worker program….seemed to work before….part of the problem is to many Americans with a high school degree and a third grade education……and feel that theiy are to good to do “squat labor”

    This is my point. I don’t like how the workers are coming in either….if, for no other reason that so many of them end up taken advantage of by smugglers and others end up dead in the desert.

    As you noted, there are plenty of jobs that many US citizens feel are “beneath” them (mainly because the work is very physical and the pay is low) and the workers from other countries are happy to have ANY job. However, in it’s infinite “wisdom” our govt has made it difficult for these foreign workers to legally get into the country to work- not just because of the cost of the work permits but because of the red tape. If employers want to bring in these foreign workers the onus of cost should be on the employers, not dirt poor workers, and the paperwork needs to be streamlined.

    BTW, I know how you feel….I worked one summer in college as a field worker, picking fruit, detassling corn, etc. I know I would have to be darned desperate to do that again. Altho the following summer we (my friends and I ) spent the summer moving from apartment to apartment as we painted an entire complex (interior). It’s a toss up which job was worse. At least detassling corn paid better and I had a great tan(something very rare for this “girl” of nearly 100% Irish descent).

  228. UAW, yes a VISA is required for some countries. As a matter of fact, I was supposed to go with my friend to Lithuania after we graduated from high school but the Soviet gov’t denied my app. But, French citizens don’t need “papers” to travel throughout France….in the old USSR you needed papers to just go to the neighboring district. It is the equivalent of needing your passport and a visa to travel from Ohio to Indiana. That is how much control the communist government had over it’s populace. And, if you worked in a district you didn’t live in and pissed off the wrong person, you could get your travel permit pulled and then you would lose your job. This is the slippery slope I see Arizona headed down.

    And, as a friend of mine noted, there ARE illegal aliens in this country who are NOT Hispanic. So, how can you justify singling out one group based on nationality?

  229. Losing your green card is easy and getting back is NOT. A friend’s son, who has had his green card for YEARS and works in the US developing medical technology for an AMERICAN company, didn’t know he couldn’t leave from the US to go to the Caribbean to get married (to an American citizen no less). They came back from their honeymoon, bought a house, had a baby and THEN the US gov’t caught up with him and sent him back to Canada because he was working illegally in the US. It took OVER A YEAR (with no income or insurance, btw because the company could not legally pay him anything) for him to get his green card back. Bright move on the government’s part- slowed down the development of several projects and he was not paying any income taxes in this country while the card was suspended. And he had to stay in Canada without his wife and child because they couldn’t afford to have his wife missing work with him not getting paid.

    Pretty screwed up, IMNSHO.

  230. Immigrants…an Irish perspective
    ;) ~ Δ

  231. my bad….
    that’s a how to book

  232. didn’t know that green cards cost so much….used to be able to go to the post office to renew……did this change with the 85 immigration bill…..I see some fees are paid to Dept of Homeland Security….

    I keep finding different fees….renewal for $49.95


  233. teri…
    I agree with….”I would prefer to see all immigrants go through proper channels to live in, work in and benefit from the programs in the US”……

    since when is the proper channel sneaking across a border at night…..no matter what some people say illegal is still illegal….

    I don’t have a problem with a guest worker program….seemed to work before….part of the problem is to many Americans with a high school degree and a third grade education……and feel that theiy are to good to do “squat labor”

    my buddy, his 2 nieces and I planted over 10,000 onions/leeks (by hand) and not one person of Hispanic decent was around…..my mom was thrilled that she didn’t feel like she had to help……she says she’s slowing down a little(she’s 86 and helped last year)……


  234. teri….
    aren’t visa required in europe

  235. The thing I didn’t know about green cards until told by the Chilean husband of a young (born here American) woman I garden with is that it costs about $500 dollars to renew your card and you need a lot of repeat paper work as well as the money. It was my understanding that he needed to renew his card because he went home to Chile when his sister got married and he needed the new card to get back into this country. The cost is what really surprised me.

  236. Jean are you talking about when in the 1980’s, the PLO under good ole Yasser Arafat’s leadership used the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon as staging ground for its cross-border raids into Israel?

    LOL There have been so many debacles in Lebanon over the years. If you can be a little more specific I might be able to help you more.

  237. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Could we put one ideological question to rest once and for all? FACISM and COMMUNISM are both TOTALITARIAN at completely different ends of the far-right/far-left political spectrum. That is, they are BOTH DICTATORSHIPS.

    Both facism and communism are achieved by violent overthrow or revolution of an existing government. SOCIALISM is an ideology that has been around forever. Even early Christianity has been characterized as socialism, wherein the PEOPLE shared equally in governing their small society.

    In modern times different forms of socialism are often achieved through the due process of the law by the MAJORITY of WE THE PEOPLE.

    Now I need help. I have been reading something that mentioned in passing the ‘Lebanon debacle’ involving the U.S sometime between 1980 and 1987. Neither my husband nor I could remember what it was. Before our time? (I wish!) I can’t even figure out where to go to start looking it up.

    Nighty-night all.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  238. None of us thinks a green card is fascist. However, accosting a person because their skin colour is too dark and then arresting them just because they don’t happen to have their papers on them reminds me too much of the USSR where you couldn’t even travel from district to district (equivalent of state to state here) without documentation and a permit. You Repubs are so worried about Socialism but, with this move you are leapfrogging right into a Communist state! I would prefer to see all immigrants go through proper channels to live in, work in and benefit from the programs in the US but this is NOT the way to achieve this.

  239. For starters, UAW, how do you define Hispanic?

  240. teri….
    I could be mistaken…my grandmother died when I was 8……I can’t ask my dad because he died 10 years ago…that’s where my info came from…..so are you going to have your mom and sister throw their cards away in protest….does your mom or sister think green card are fascist…..

  241. Your ignorance is pulling my strings, UAW, a visit to the Holocaust Museum is in order for you, you’ll see glass pupils in various shades of blue, green, gray, hazel, brown actually used to determine if children were Aryan enough. Perhaps then you will understand Poolman’s link. But there is so much more for you in particular there, Joseph Gobbels had nothing on Karl Rove or Fox News either, how do you think they brainwashed the German people? Your not dumb UAW, so why do you persist in your ignorance, you have a choice, you have television, you have the internet, why for God’s sake are you so ill informed, you don’t have to be, watch more than one channel, read a variety of newspapers, big, small, national, local, and international online. It really pisses me off when someone with obvious intelligence, is too damn lazy or stubborn to inform themselves.

  242. UAW, federal policing and local policing are two cats of a different breed. It would be like you working in a shoe factory at the same time you were working the auto industry. They are both manufacturing, afterall. What don’t you understand about manufacturing?

  243. no ones puppet….

    whose history….your “idea” of history….

    legal immigrants in the 20 century were required to have a green card and show it when needed and to renew it every year,until becoming naturalized citizens…..if not they were illegal and could be deported….didn’t matter if you were German,Chek,Polish,Irish,Asian,or Mexican…..

    I guess legal is the big hangup…….

    as far as throwing around fascist and nazist, who’s the ones in control that we’re supposed to sign the petition against……Protect net neutrality

  244. [...] Here is the post in question: We survived Bush. You’ll survive Obama. [...]

  245. UAW- I will have to say either you are mistaken or a liar. I am referring to the statement: “and as far as carrying papers,my grandmother carried hers until she died and renewed them(green card) every year…..”

    Green cards do not require yearly renewal. My mom and sister renew theirs but it’s every 3 or 5 years. I can’t check with them right now because it’s nearly midnight in Nova Scotia.

  246. no ones puppet…
    who pulled your strings….

  247. UAW, do you know a damn thing about history?

  248. poolman….
    are you saying that police officers shouldn’t enforce the law…….all laws…….how about if I come down there and drive drunk everyday….should they skip that law also…..

    and as far as carrying papers,my grandmother carried hers until she died and renewed them(green card) every year…..

    you keep getting confused about legal and illegal…..

  249. Color coding AZ style. One of my friends posted this on FB. :grin:

  250. If the King of Demark could offer to wear the Star of David and order all loyal Danes to wear it as well, Arizona can stand with their Hispanic citizens; if Billings, Mt. residents could display the menorah in support of a Jewish family, those home was vandalized; Arizonians can stand up for their fellow American citizens. Show your idiotic legislature and governor how unfeasible this law really is by filling the jails.

  251. Jean, you are right on about the readiness of the Libertarian Party to step up to be the main opposition party, but I can’t even imagine the tea baggers ever going national, they just gnats we have to swat every now and then. So I think eventually it will be the Libertarians.

  252. Local cops aren’t the ones to enforce illegal immigration. Local cops should be concerned with crime and protecting our citizens, something we are short-handed on due to the loss of revenues and cutbacks in the state. Now we are asking them to increase their job requirements and take on a federal role. Not only will this spread the force thin, it will also put local officers in the crosshairs of the underground criminal element that operate in trafficking aliens. Now many who are illegal or live around those who are will likely not report crimes for fear of being deported.

    My two grandkids who are fifty percent Native American with an hispanic surname will be harrassed for the rest of their lives due to racial profiling in this state. Having to carry papers everywhere you go has that fascist feel, kind of like Hitler’s Germany did.

    Yeah, we’re really progressing out here in the wild west. Not!

  253. All one can say is ‘BRAVO’

  254. A thought for the good people of Arizona, everyone should get a tee shirt printed, “I am not carrying my documentation, and I demand to be arrested.” Poolman, good one, high five.

  255. I haven’t gotten through the whole bill yet but it keeps talking about enforcing the federal law………shouldn’t laws be enforced???????


    what part of illegal don’t you understand……

    where’s the fence…….maybe the rancher wouldn’t have been shot!!!!!

  256. Arizona has racial profiling Now! Let the law suits begin!


    I will stay away from Arizona because of the new immigration law.

  257. I’m really enjoying your comments about the tea party…..and Nancy(let’s pass this bill so we can see whats in it) Pelosi for president….LMFAO

  258. Just dashed through the comments – Poolman, every state, unfortunately, has some doughhead in the legislature that comes up with some “new and improved” way of imposing apartheid. It’s not limited to Arizona. As ppl in this country become more fearful of losing their “God loves USA best” status (Legends in their own minds), we will be seeing more and more such laws – until finally the Constitution will be revoked and we will have surrendered all our rights in exchange for false security, false nationalism, and certainly, a false god.

  259. Hi everyone! Wundermom is visiting so we’ve been tearing around the state. . . heading up to Ohio next week then meandering to upstate NY and the Cape. One place we won’t be going is Arizona. Poolman, how’s that new law sit with you?

    And Congratulations to dear Jean and her hubby! WOOT!!! Long may you reign together!

  260. Happy “troll-free” Sunday everyone! Pass the pie…

    “…what I want to say to the media. Are you going to talk or fish? The nation’s about to explode before your eyes and you keep reporting on Sarah Palin’s Yahoo account. Before you quit, though, let me know if ‘yahoo’ refers to her email or her cerebral cortex.”

    Gone fishin’ :wink:

  261. Just found your blog. I love it. Keep on writing.

    But, not sure we survived Bush, yet. We’ll feel him for a while.

    Dave Clark

  262. Inspiring hope for any of us who plan to live to be 100 yrs old. Even then, we will be able to learn new things.

  263. Hi Congenial Gang and No One’s Puppet on April 24 at 10:42AM,

    No One’s Puppet, I think you may be right about the Republican Party going down in flames. That is, if they can’t get their act together with something positive for a change and some kind of leader.

    The Libertarian Party is interesting. It has been around for a long time. Although I didn’t agree with many of the issues that Ron Paul espoused, at least he was coherent and didn’t fly off into hysterics. When we were living in the Boston area in the 50’s and early 60’s the Libertarian Party was quite active in New England, though comparatively small. It is well worth keeping tabs on.

    Another factor that I think is very important. Age. The jobs of the presidency and many of the members of congress require physical stamina just to maintain the demands of their schedules, let alone keep abreast of events as they are happening. I hate to admit this, but us Old Timers run outta steam and can be pretty set in our ways of thinking too. Those are not the best qualities in a rapidly changing world.

    Unless of course, you are George Bush, who took more vacations than any other president in history, (clearing brush on his ranch in Crawford, Texas) and reputedly went to bed at 9:00 o’clock every night. (Even I stay up later than that!) So who was minding the store as the leader of the ‘Greatest Power in the Free World’? Well, I guess we all know the answer to that one.

    Laissez-faire to the nth degree, but certainly not in the sense of Libertarian classic liberalism.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  264. Hi Congenial Gang and jsri,

    I’m sure you will come up with something memorable for just you and your wife for your 57th, jsri. I look forward to hearing all about it. We are coming down the home stretch as far as getting together with old friends too. Not many of them left. Some nice phone calls are about it.

    Our lavish Sunday Brunch here was a far cry from our first meal together at a roadside greasy spoon diner in Galt, CA!

    Aloha! :-)


  265. JeanΔ ¥ on April 22, 2010 at 9:29 PM

    I’m a bit late but it sounds as if your 57 bash went very well. When we catch up with you in mid June our celebration may be much more subdued. We are the last of our generation and are somewhat removed from former friends so going it alone is not out of the question. But that goes with the territory.

    When we got married it cost us all of fifteen dollars in Elkton Md, $5 for the license and $10 for the JP. So we have to do something a little more spectacular for the anniversary. I’m working on it,

  266. Hi Congenial Gang and dawn on April 22, 2010 at 8:58P,

    Oh yes, we love the Bull Shed. You have to be careful how you pronounce that in polite company though! We always go for their luscious Pacific Spiny Lobster tails. Yummy! And of course there are saimin restaurants all over the place. I’m not familiar with Tropical Taco. My husband is addicted to Taco Hell, (and that’s not a typo on my part). However, at Anini Beach there is a roach coach with great fish tacos. Who knew that fish would make delicious tacos?

    There is a quaint story about Anini Beach. It was originally named ‘Wainini’ on a wooden sign. The ‘W’ and ‘i’ rotted away and fell off. Termites maybe? So they just left it and eventually the name Anini caught on. We are pretty laid back out here.

    Anina is a nice safe swimming beach because there is a reef way, way out. You can wade out no more than up to your chest for quite a ways. Snorkeling is only so-so because there aren’t that many tropical fish. The place to snorkel is Lydgate State Park in Wailua next to Kapa’a, where there are a gazillion fish to see.

    Queen’s Bath is extraordinarily beautiful but oh, so treacherous. North Shore ‘rogue’ waves wash over the rocks and sweep people out to sea. Better to just look and admire the scenery and take your bath at home.

    The Poipu area has great beaches and lots of fun things to see and do. But is has become pretty crowded with side-by-side hotels and condos. Since it is down on the South Shore, it is usually sunny. It doesn’t rain much there.

    As probably everybody knows, our life’s blood out here is tourism so I try to promote it whenever I can. The islands are hurting badly in these tough economic times. Folks, please come visit our lovely islands. Bring lots and lots of money and spend it lavishly! Sightseeing and all the beaches are free except for the price of a rental car.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  267. Love you two. Keep writing. Remembering you in my prayers.

    The tea partiers have to foam at the mouth over “socialism” because they can’t admit that what they want “back” is a country in which a black man couldn’t be president. Or a woman who knows something about foreign policy. Or anyone who isn’t wholly owned by the megabanks and the oil industry.

  268. I tried sending another post but it didnt go through even though I get a ‘you already said that’ message (?)

  269. A very interesting, insightful funny essay, Vichy America by David Glenn Cox, is on Democratic Underground this morning. journals.democraticunderground.com/?az=hp_redir&forum=103&thread=531433&author=243689 ·

  270. Actually the Republicans’ death can best be attributed to the Christian Right.

  271. Jean you brought up the Irish’s American experience and for Hispanics it is obviously the same, with a twist, the enormous number of those here illegally, the Federal Government really needs to get with the program and deal with it. Another thing, Jean, do you think the Libertarians are like to be the next major national political party? For the moment I think, they are well situated, they have ideas unlike today‘s Republicans, rather I personally agree with them or not. I definitely believe in a two party system, it worked very well until the Republicans decided to coast, and allowed media nuts and tea partiers to define their public persona, all their scandals prove they are just hypocrites devoid of all principles. With Libertarians, I think there can be intelligent debate and compromise, that will make for some very interesting politics, instead of this continual hate fest.

  272. Gravatar check.

  273. President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 4/24/10

    Good News from the Auto Industry

    As the auto industry and financial markets begin to stabilize, the President says the governments emergency interventions can now wind down. He pledges that real reform, particularly on Wall Street, must now begin.

    8) ~ Δ

  274. What ever spurred you to post this one I am thankful for it. Your wise words cuts right through the BS noise the extreme right makes, you are clearly hitting them where it hurts with the truth. Love you!

  275. Hi Congenial Gang and No One’s Puppet,

    Amen! Well said. I agree wholeheartedly with your fine comment at 11:33PM even without your name.

    Nighty-night everyone. Tomorrow’s another day as Scarlett used to day. A better day I hope. We’ve got our work cut out for us though.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  276. That was me, my avatar was gone as well.

  277. This recent wave of jingoism is so very like The Know Nothing Party, well it is no coincidence that the Republicans are devoid of ideas and leadership, just like the Whigs were then, so the vacuum is being filled by the likes of Palin, Beck, and Limbaugh. The Republicans just follow along like lemmings.
    I’m reminded, of how down I was when Bush II won reelection, my daughter who was at the time in graduate school, her major was Political Science, said, I’m thinking, in the end it is going to be okay. I asked, horrified, by her statement, what she meant, and she said, everything is going to be such a mess in four years, it is going to take a remarkable President to straighten things out. And whenever America has needed such a person in the past, we have elected someone who is up to the job. Well that we did, but at the time I thought her statement was nothing more than wishful thinking, but now I think the majority of Americans have an innate ability to recognize genus and to realize that is what the country needs. I don’t think by 2012 there will be a national Republican Party, I think the Libertarians stand the best chance of replacing the Republicans, so I think perhaps, that is the group we should be keeping our eye on. The tea baggers are just a very annoying diversion.

  278. As they say in Ireland, Poolman, I’m sorry for your trouble.

    And you know I don’t think you’re a doofus. I’m referring to the overcompensating dweebs that got you into this.

  279. The new Arizona law has me shaking my head, too.

    How many times have we been through these sorts of things? You just know it’s going to be thrown out as unconstitutional. It’s practically the definition of unconstitutional. Can you actually imagine all brown people being required to have their papers in order at all times, ready to whip out and show to the authorities at a moment’s notice, right on the streets? (I somehow suspect if I went down there, I wouldn’t be asked – and I carry dual citizenship. But I’m melanin-challenged.)

    So they’re going to spend a whole bunch of money on this, which they really don’t have. Nobody does, right now. And the time it’s going to take, and the lawyers….Meanwhile, they’re going to look like a bunch of doofuses. And the eventual outcome isn’t even going to be a surprise.

    Really, is this fun for them? Who goes around punking themselves?

  280. Hello all and Auntie Jean. Embarrassed to say I’m an Arizonan after that legislation made it into law here. First it was Sheriff Joe Arpaio, now the governor joins the rest of the ignorant. I don’t see how they expect to enforce this. We are short police officers already, and this places an added burden on them. This will not turn out very pretty, imo. Pray for us please, as we seem to have slipped back into the dark ages. :roll:

  281. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Testing, testing. One more time. I hope my name and avatar are right again. Yikes! I had lost my “Wedgie” and wine glass too!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  282. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Wot hoppn’? My name, and avatar disappeared.
    In case no one recoginzed my style, the above comment is mine.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  283. Where have you been all my life!!!??? SO TRUE!!!!!!!!

  284. Hi Congenial Gang,

    I am at first flabbergasted and next livid! I watched Arizona’s Governor Brewer this morning on CNN deliver one of the biggest loads of bullshit I have ever seen or heard. Every time I think the GOP has hit a new high of inane stupidity, they top themselves! I am soooooooo appalled and embarrassed for all the fine, intelligent people of Arizona.

    This has to do of course with Arizona’s new signed-into-law immigration policy. What are they gonna do, bring out storm troopers with bully clubs? To say nothing of immoral, it is totally unenforceable and will certainly be challenged as unconstitutional. That’s not the point. Well, maybe this is the impetus needed to get comprehensive immigration passed at the federal level to trump Arizona’s new law.

    The sad part is that undoing the God-awful blunders of the GOP, (read Bush Administration) takes time to process. In the meantime, people’s civil rights will be trampled into the desert dirt. And Arizona is such a beautiful state. Sedona is breathtaking! One of our sons went to ASU, a fine university.

    I am reminded of the Great Potato Famine in Ireland in 1845-52. More than a million people starved to death. Some who were still alive and managed to stand long enough, immigrated to the U.S. In Boston they were greeted with signs in the windows of businesses, NINA, (No Irish Need Apply.) Never mind. The Irish went on to become outstanding citizens and a few presidents at that. John F. Kennedy for one. If I remember correctly, wasn’t the GOP’s anointed Saint Ronald Reagan of Irish heritage?

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  285. Interesting post on the Huffington Post: “the Tea Parties were originally formed to protest the bailouts. They were so mad at the Wall Street bankers who destroyed the economy and then took our hard earned money for their efforts.”

    “So, they will take this opportunity, of course, to launch their own protest of Wall Street………Just kidding. They’re not going to do anything. They’re going to sit out this fight on financial reform and put absolutely no pressure on Wall Street at all. Because they are tools easily manipulated by right-wing organizations funded by corporate America.”

    See the entire post at:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cenk-uygur/where-are-the-tea-party-p_b_549067.html

  286. i heart helen

  287. Jeff K on April 23, 2010 at 6:01 AM

    Your 7th grade civics class teacher will give you a big fat “F”. Then again, perhaps you will have to wait until you become an adult to understand why.

  288. Dear Jeffy

    And Gore outpolled GWB by half a million votes.

  289. Hello Ladies, I just found you and would like to let you know that the two of you have to be some of the smartest Americans ever. I can tell you that the election of 08 was without a doubt the greatest soap opera ever…in Canada one minute we were crying, the next laughing (really it was a lot more laughing then crying). The wonderful John Mc. should be taken to the nearest mental hospital that can be found, what the hell was he thinking letting the crazy as a loon Sarah P loose…did you hear Sarah herself has made use of our Canadian health care and many Alaskans still cross the border for their medical problems, can’t blame them, it’s not the American tax payer footing the bill….really, I can’t remember when I had so much fun reading your blog…keep it up…maybe some day someone in power will actually take the time to listen…one can only hope..

  290. here’s the full site URL for the Lowden Care Plan Chickens for Checkups


  291. Dear Jeff K: the state of Florida under Gov. Jeb Bush and the US Supreme Court under Bush/Reagan appointees gave the Presidency to GW.

    And for those of you following the Lowden campaign and her solution to health care reform; Chickens for Checkups, you might enjoy this:


  292. Fantastic Helen! Always refreshing to read some common sense.

  293. Support Net Neutrality. Sign the petition.

  294. Very funny! Sarah Palin? Really? (I guess nothing gets White Males to like a female politician faster than electing a black President). Yea, I said it – but I don’t really pull punches on other peoples blogs either!

    Keep them coming!

  295. I’m grateful for gregorio, T Barron and the various anonymous conservative posters for refuting those accusations of racism and hate against the Tea Party. Thank you, guys, for so clearly demonstrating the true nature of conservatism!

  296. Jeff K.: It wasn’t the Tooth Fairy who elected Bush, but it sure as heck wasn’t the will of the people.

    With all due respect…were you out of the country in 2000? Do you not remember what happened?

    It was a dead heat between Bush and Gore. The Supreme Court *selected* Bush for his first term. He was not *elected.* And don’t forget that a sizable number of democrats/liberals/progressives/whateveryawanacallem voted for Nader.

    It is patently obvious that FAR more Americans voted for a progressive agenda than voted for Bush. His assumption of the presidency was the biggest, saddest joke ever played on the American people. We’ll be paying for this joke for a long, long, long time.

  297. The greatest cause of debt now and in the future is the BUSH 1.7 Trillion Billionaire Welfare program.

    Check out the chart which explains what is causing the debt now and in the future.


  298. GM is paying back the stimulus money!!! Had they gone out of business – many good jobs would have been gone forever.


    BUSH YEARS: Average family wages were stagnant.
    The top 2 percent got `1.7 Trillion for Billionaire Welfare. Bush got us into 2 unending wars which have cost at least 2 Trillion. Iraq was started with lies and we are still looking for WMDs and Bin Laden.

    President Obama got an economy which was as bad as during the GREAT DEPRESSION – thanks Bush!


  299. Helen:

    With all due respect your glasses as really fogged up. Since you said that the “will of the people” elect Obama, who do you think elected Bush?? The Tooth Fairy???

    Congress always has been and will continue to be the problem. The government is the problem, not the solution. How can any entity spend more money than it collects in revenue and still be in business??? You need to explain it to me Lucy…

    Check the spending numbers from 2000 until 2006 when the Democrats took over. How much have they spent in total since 2006 vs the previous 6 years??? Now if this makes sense to you then you can Kiss the Tea Party Ass and go spend time with your grandkids, the Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus…et al

  300. yw guys.

    I agree with you Holly and NOP. The teabaggers are nothing more than the extreme right wing of the republican party. As I said before a huge majority (87 percent) of them have never or seldom voted for a democrat. A small minority are first time voters.

    The whole teabagger (extreme fringe of a party) penom is nothing new. Both parties have had their share of the “wings” hijacking their party. It usually happens when the party is suffering a power vacuum, someone has to emerge as a voice, and it is usually the loudest voice. It is a sticky wicket for the party. They have to give the fringe a voice without embracing their entire agenda. It all depends on how much money follows them.

    The great news is, in the past, America has not voted for the fringes in any great number. The one exception has been the “religious right”. The republican’s did a wonderful job of using that block. They pretended to embrace their agenda but in reality didn’t do a thing to advance it. In the last election we saw evidence of the demise of the “religious right” as they began to understand they were being had by their party. Consequently, the republican party can no longer count on that block automatically. It will be interesting to see if this holds true for the November elections.

    Either way the teabaggers are much more of a republican party headache than a democratic one. The problem the teabaggers pose for us is intensity. Those people are motivated to vote we need to work hard to match that enthusiasm.


  301. The tea party is in itself divided. There are a lot of libertarians in the tea party. They are primarily behind Ron Paul. Some republicans rally behind Sarah Palin. Fox News is their primary propaganda wing. Many got the bullet points down to a mantra.

    A lot of corporations help rally support and the tea party has many spokespersons. There is a pretty healthly swing in their political clout. They are living and breathing “anti-government controls and regulations” that would mess with their bottom line. Private ownership and free enterprise are their creeds. Don’t tread on me!

    The problem is that this “free market” economy has cost us our environment and our ability to “…promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,…”

    We have polluted much of our groundwater and soils, air and serenity. Our marketed addiction to electronics bombards us with radiation daily that has proven to affect our thinking and immune systems, increasing risk of cancers and psychic disorders. Our processed foods are loaded with unhealthy ingredients, and fresh produce isn’t usually fresh, nutrient rich, or poison free.

    Manufactured plastics and other materials emit toxins we breathe, absorb, and ingest. Their carcasses cover thousands of square miles of land and sea.

    Super viruses and gmos have been loosed on our planet. We’ve mined minerals and resources from the land and left landfills and barren hills. All in the name of industry. All to turn a profit. Tax and legal breaks, lands and incentives have been given to big business all over America. All at the cost of our future and our health.

    The hoarding and exploiting of our resources has profited a few, but cost the whole. The lax regulation and control over industry, and the incentives and promotion of business over people by our government over the past 100 years has put us where we are today. Our government is not the problem, it is the people in our government and their allegiance to corporations.

    We need justice.
    We need regulation without loopholes.
    We need accountability and transparency.
    We need to take care of the people before corporations, and really focus on restoring the environment and living in tune with it.

  302. Good point Holly, and we didn’t have to divide them, they did it themselves. After their latest tea parties, I searched online for local news accounts from small town newspapers, Nebraska, Wyoming, Nevada, Texas, etc, and from what I read, I’ve concluded, the tea partiers will never been able to untify into a national party. The only thing they clearly are unified on is the notion, the government is spending too much money. In some areas they are very religious, other areas very racist, or gun toting, and yet other local tea partys are offended by the very thing that another group stands firm on. Yet each group wants orthodoxy. Ain’t going to happen, so they are going to take the Republican Party down with them, really.

  303. well we all know the old saying “divide and conquer”. that is what the tea party is doing slowly. right now they are dividing their nice right wing party. and will possibly have the same effect that Ross Perot had in the ’92 election that he helped get Bill Clinton elected for his first term. let them pout and cry, they are only going to hurt themselves in the long run.

  304. Hi Congenial Gang and jsri on April 22, 2010 at 8:06 PM,

    jsri, thanks for asking and remembering our 57th anniversary. I’m about to tell you all about it of course.

    Our families and friends extended lots of well wishes but our private celebration was at the elegant Champagne Sunday Brunch at the Five-star St. Regis Hotel in Princeville. The setting is magnificent, overlooking Hanalei Bay and “Bali Hai”. You all remember “Bali Hai” from the movie, “South Pacific” that was filmed here and on Lumahai Beach, the “Nurses Beach”. I hate to shatter illusions, but actually “Bali Hai” is not an island. It is a promontary at the end of the road at Ke’e Beach and the beginning of eleven miles of Na Pali (the cliffs) of the mountains that drop directly down into the ocean. The Na Pali Coast is only accessible by boat or flying over in a helicopter. There is an extremely rough trail over those eleven miles, but really should be undertaken by only experienced hikers. (Some foolish tourists try and usually have to be rescued.)

    Anyway, “Bali Hai” was filmed from a boat out at sea when it was quite misty to make it look like an island in the movie. The Hawaiian name for the promontary is Makana. In my estimation, Hanalei Bay and Makana make up the most beautifully scenic spot on the face of the earth.

    We have a nifty little ordinance on our island that prohibits any building over four stories high so we can never become another Waikiki on Oahu or Ka’anapali on Maui. However, the builders of the St. Regis weaseled around it by building four stories on top of the cliff and eight stories down the face of the cliff! You have to take an elevator down those eight stories to get to the pool area and beach.

    The Sunday Brunch is held on a very large terrace overlooking Hanalei Bay and Makana. It is the most decadent and lavish array of food on earth! There is one drawback. They don’t provide doggie bags. Sheesh!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  305. Auntie Jean,

    I didn’t realize you lived on Kauai. I was taking care of a young lady who was taking her 1st trip to Kauai for a “last vacation” with 2 ailing parents. Very sad. However, I asked her to try Hamura’s saimin, the Bull Shed, and if it’s still around, that roach coach “Tropical Taco” as well as take in Aninni Beach, Poipu Beach, and Queen’s bath (with caution).

    It is a small world.

    Teri, much love, prayers, steady hands, positive thoughts and a bit of luck coming your way.

    I truly enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts.


  306. Hi Congenial Gang,

    I think things are looking up for our country if ever so slowly. Sure, there are serious problems, but when was there ever a time when there were none? The Obama Administration is tackling some of the very toughest issues and making progress. If this keeps up, I think the prospects for success in November with congress are excellent and for a second term for Obama. We have to keep working at it though. Our problems took a very long time to get us into these messes, many of which will take years to get out of.

    So who after Obama? Plenty of people have been agitating for a women president. As a woman, I’m all for that! But then there is reality. Look how long it took to get a well-qualified black MAN in the White House! We have come a long way since the Civil War but racism is certainly not over as we have and are seeing. Not by a long shot. Women’s Suffrage came almost 50 years after racism was supposed to be behind us. Sexism is still very much alive and well, especially in politics. Lets see who the qualified women are from either party for the office.

    I was all for Hillary but with several reservations. Plenty of men would not vote for her simply because she’s a woman. As far as qualifications and experience go, she was and is all of that. I think she is doing a fine job as Secretary of State. I do have misgivings about dynasties in general though, whether monarchial or political. We had the Bush Dynasty. Did we really want the Clinton Dynasty? Perhaps Bill was thinking along the lines of his 3rd and 4th terms as an end run around the Constitutional mandate for presidential term limits. I doubt that Bill would have been satisfied to sit on the sidelines without meddling. That would have made the job even harder for Hillary.

    The current crop of women? Nancy Pelosi is very well qualified and experienced. After all she is third in line for the presidency. She has had nothing but vitriol poured on her head, often from both sides of the aisle. Why, because of her political stance on policies? Partly. But quite a bit of it is simply because she is a woman and her place is NOT in the House of Representatives, nor the White House but at home with the kiddies. There are other women in politics who will be coming out after November when the presidential campaign gets into full steam. To get the women’s vote, she doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘hot’ but apparently she should be to get some men’s vote.

    George Bush was not exactly George Clooney and certainly, John McCain did nothing to turn on red-blooded American women!

    I am hoping that both men and women will be wise enough to see past the usual ‘politiking’ surface and choose a person of either sex who has the very best qualifications, experience, judgment, integrity, and leadership abilities. That’s a tall order! They are the ones who make the policies that determine the well being of the entire nation and in some cases, the world. Historically, it has been predominately men. We need the balance of the women’s voices too.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  307. I have to get used to not being on my computer. Wrote a post and it is nowhere to be found. I was thanking Lori for her response to the flag question and wondering why it became an issue in the first place. Haiti is a sovereign nation and unless we are flying the U.S. flag on embassy grounds, I can’t see why it should be flown at all in the country. Unless we are conducting some kind of military intervention at the behest of the government, maybe that could be justified…

  308. Thanks Lori, for your response to the flag question. Haiti is a sovereign nation. Why should we feel the need to fly our flag there unless it is flown on embassy grounds? I am confused as to why it is even an issue.

  309. Auntie Jean:

    Did you and hubby celebrate 57th yet?

  310. I guess, NOP, except maybe for folks who feel the need to compensate for an inferiority complex. Lori, thanks for digging up the real context. It gets so buried when the machine starts turning.

  311. Thanks lori, your answer on the flag issue, should satisfy any normal person.

  312. opps….. deluker girl……. sorry keyboard acting up again

  313. Deluke….

    “We are not here as an occupation force, but as an international partner committed to supporting the government of Haiti on the road to recovery,” the U.S. government’s Haiti Joint Information Center said in response to a query about the flag.

    The U.S. flag has flown in Haiti under circumstances that were not always friendly.

    In 1915, Marines invaded Haiti to restore stability after several coups. In 1986, President Reagan pressured dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier to renounce his rule and leave. In 1994, President Clinton sent troops to prop up President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. In 2004, President George W. Bush’s administration eased Aristide out of office amid a brutal civil war.

    France, the former colonizer of the country, has its flag up at its base in Port-au-Prince. The Haiti flag is based on the French flag, turned on its side with the white stripped out.

    Army Col. Billy Buckner, spokesman for Joint Task Force-Haiti, a group representing various Obama administration agency heads, said the decision not to fly the American flag was made out of respect as guests of the government of Haiti.

    “It is no mystery that U.S. forces are on the ground, and we proudly wear an American flag on our right sleeve,” he said.

  314. What did the president ACTUALLY say about removing the flag in Haiti? I have tried to find out but all I find is people screeching about it. Has anyone found any context & unbiased reporting of it?

  315. Ash: You are so right! Remember the Dixie Chicks and Bush?

  316. Colorado Blue – thanks to your ost earlier. Now I know why I never moved to that state. My youngest daughter lived there and wanted me to move there. Every time I got close to thinking about it, something would say no.

    Then sh e moved to SoCAl!! Thank goodness I never moved there.

  317. Helen, you nailed it once again. The question I always asked the right wingers was ‘where was the teaparty movement in the 8 years that Bush et al were using the constitution as their doormat?

    Spending was huge, the war was very unpopular but where was the tea party?

    Fox has been clear about the need to fight government power until the republicans are back in charge at which point it’s everyone’s patriotic duty to defend government power.

  318. Far back, semi questioned: “…last time I looked Obama was 1/2 white and raised by a white family. Why do people for get that he is just as white as he is black?” (mandimooligan on April 16, 2010 at 6:55 PM)
    Harkens to WHEN the “definition” embraced that if there was ONE scintilla of “black-blood”, one was considered BLACK. Harks to where some STILL comefrom by the embraement of such “defining/definition” . The STUPIDITY is staggering coming from many who considering “themselves” somehow “ppurebred” but “faithful “believers”/etc if one gives such consideration/etc. Staggering stupidity too to not realize how vastly “outnumbered” one classification is in the full global context of “categories and how foolish to figure their type of stranglehold will forever prevail as well.
    It is most unfortunate ignorance still abounds, unfortunate stupidity abounds as well. Unfortunate mutal respect is hard for TOO many–its to their own disadvantage but that is where stupidity serves them ill and too stupid, obviously , to realize it !! Thinking a great deal of FEAR is too rampant…fear of “do unto others as would have done to self” is going to come back to bite bigtime and their fear shows awesomely as they “try” to stave such off for they fear others WILL do unto them as what has been done unto others…”they” fear “retribution” and that fear motivates them to act out even if just way too stupid to realize that is NOT their own salvation, rather jepordizes it even moreso. Rather frightening in many ways for it does ground/grind in others faces the malcontentednessings of the few, their disgruntlements get centerstaged and the rest of us are viewing in some disbelief at the outright STUPIDITY on parade . There are indeed extremes to be found in ALL segments, but the present centerstage is occupied by what a goodly majority consider true lunatick fringers and WE RESENT IT for they definitely a “inconvenience” but WE WILL PREVAIL for we are determined to continue to seek a greater common good for ALL , NOT JUST THE FEW. We will NOT tolerate any too well resortments of/to violence, to that there will be a severe backlash, let’s hope ALL fringe sorts comprehend that fact , no matterfrom which/what sector they reside/cling to !! There ARE more of “US” than “THEM”, that too is a fact !!!

  319. Helen, You hit it on the head. I support yoy 100%. More people are waking up every day. Obama will be re-elected when they see what he has done for the country. The greedy wealthy republicans will cry but to hell with them. The people have spoken.

  320. They ( Faux News) keep ‘em ignorant and scared for a reason.

  321. Remember the old “Scared Straight” program where prisoners spoke to at risk teens, I think we need to institute one for tea baggers. They need only recall, when we had no Federal Government in New Orleans during that disaster, we should remind them at every opportunity, essentially that is the kind of chaos, they want? Yesterday in passing, I heard someone, and I can’t credit them or the show they were on, but it is their thought, not mine, that we cannot reason with these people, because they weren’t convinced by reason, but by fear.

  322. But, will anyone survive Arizona????? what vile, vicious, racist jackasses !!!! Including the governor!!! She took over for Janet Nepolitano and is a lowlife Republican teabagger of the worst kind. She has managed to get rid of all the programs for low income children and families……..she shit canned all of them immediately. the hate and fear mongering is unbelievable down here. That must mean the Repubs think there are a lot of ignorant people they can prey on in AZ…………..they got that right.

    How stupid these bagging birther Rapublicans are. don’t you think that anyone, ANYONE, running for President would be thoroughly vetted by the FBI, CIA and the Bush Kabal would have done everything in their power to come up with something…………..and certainly mcCain and the idiot Palin. they couldn’t so they had to make up their own vile crap.

    John McCain was not born in the United States. Barack Obama was and even if he were born on the moon, his mother was a citizen so shut your ignorant pie holes about this, birthers.

    I am thinking maybe the lunitic governor of Texas, the idiot Palin, the vile Bachmann and all the rest should come to AZ and secessed. Bring your guns, locked and loaded because with no taxes and no government, the only way you can handle issues is by blowing each others heads off………get this state the hell out of here.

    And still, to a man, the Republicans remain mute. This is not political………….this is hate, pure and simple.

    Colorado Blue

  323. How about your take on the President removing the flag from Haiti?

  324. A friend just posted a link to your site on “Starlight News” and I have bookmarked you on my computer. HELLO!! HELLO!!!! HELLO!!! so glad to meet you really!

  325. Hi Congenial Gang and jsri on April 21, 2010
    at 2:57 PM,

    I’m taking a page out of your book, jsri, by copy-past ‘who, date and time’ so people can save scrolling time. I’ll get the hang of this computer blogging thingy yet!

    I agree, that at least on M&H (my one and only blog) for the most part we have a fine, intelligent group. I have found it enlightening to get to know people from all over, how they feel and think about the issues and other things too. We are a caring bunch. I could never have had an opportunity to do that otherwise. Sadly, I have also learned the disgusting side of trolls that I sure didn’t know even existed.

    When I set up my website well over ten years ago, blogs were still unknown. Well, I didn’t set it up. My computer guru did and patiently sat with me, held my hand and took me through the paces to know as much as I do beyond typing on the keyboard. He put in an ironclad security system to protect my privacy and I have never once DIRECTLY received what you could call “hate mail”. Quite often I do receive a notice that says, something to the effect that “An intrusion has been blocked”. I sure don’t know exactly how it works, but my guru does and apparently there are ways to trace IP addresses and track down those offenders. It is all way over my head but my guru is a wizard! A website is a whole different category from a blog though.

    I think we would all be well advised to take Grandma Katie’s advice and just ignore and scroll on by troll droppings even though it is tempting to take them on.

    In the meantime, lets continue to support each other as good friends do and perhaps educate ourselves beyond the scope of our individual lives.

    And hey, we’ve got an election coming up in November tha we HAVE to make successful if we hope to turn our country around and help Obama complete his agenda. As we can see, it isn’t going to be easy. But we did it before, and YES WE CAN do it again!

    We have been out and about to the big cities of Lihue and Kapaa all day and out to dinner, so I’m a little tuckered.

    I wish all of you nighty-night and sweet dreams. Then we can get up tomorrow refreshed and go get ‘em!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  326. ddddd, the computer gives all of us the freedom of autonomy, we are more likely to say exactly what we think or at least play devil’s advocate; for most of us it is a way to know each other on a deeper level. For instances we are not influenced by looks, age (only if we reveal), gender (again only if lift the veil), or our economic status, and I think this is good; unless of course we come to think of each other as closer than the friends around us.
    The diversity of liberals really impresses me, I don’t think the tea baggers can say that, and Republicans, well those who still self-identify as Republicans have lost their multiplicity and their ability to deal with complex issues. I honestly don’t see how the GOP can remain a national party, I really don’t. But we are going to be in trouble too, if we continue to thirst for news, real news.

  327. If only Poolman, if only….

  328. More of the Fox News “fair and balanced” spin. Posting this in M&H’s new “troll-free” zone. :grin:

  329. Unfortunately not all of the country is at the same place intellectually or especially morally. It is easy for trolls like gregorio to sit behind their computer spewing shit. In these times in which nothing is peaches and roses people are scared of what they don’t understand. This fear turns into irrational sayings which can turn into violence and crap lies.

    They don’t understand that the solution is to open their eyes and try to see things for face value instead of through the lenses of crap… ie fox news…

  330. THanks Teri for the troll info. I missed that somehow. But then I dont read his stuff most of the tome.
    Nice his wife can su pport h im in th e style to which he wouldlike to live.
    And spending time here making an ass of himself.

    Good luck with your treatent. Keep us posted.

  331. If Craig/Gregorio is long time unemployed from a menial job: 1) he’s lucky he married a woman who can support him and 2) she really DID marry beneath her (both assuming this part of his story isn’t pure crap like the rest of it appears to be).

    Thanks for all the good wishes! I start radiation tx Tuesday and will be done by June 10th.

    Aunti Jean, ironically my calabash aunt (haven’t heard that term in years!!) in Hawai’i was also named Jean.

    Much Aloha to all of my Ohana!

  332. Not lame at all, Caroline!

    I’m a green tea sort of gal, myself. With the occasional hot chocolate for a treat.

  333. Disclaimer: the coffee comment was my very lame attempt at levity, offered to all who wrinkle their noses at TeaBaggers. The thing is, I love tea, hot or iced…just not the junk that’s recently been fashionable to add to it.

    I’ll reach across party lines any day of the week, in an effort to educate myself about both sides of an issue. But dang; I can’t say I’m exactly motivated when I think The Other Guys wouldn’t spit on me if I were on fire.

  334. Wow, you ladies ROCK! This is the first (but not the last) time I’ve read your blog. Call me a fan!

  335. Coincidence we’ve picked up what appear to be a couple of dirt bags, excuse me tea baggers, and right after Craig-Gregorio took his leave? No. We need to remember he is still here on the porch and he has very little self-control. Grandma Katie, I think he said, he was long time unemployed, several years, from a menial job. At the moment I would suggest he is releasing venom and he will eventually come up with another long term identity.

  336. Caroline, I’ll have coffee. Coffee’s my favorite!

    Please don’t feed the trolls. It’s a little like peeing into the wind. I pray for them. I have to make myself do it sometimes, but I imagine it’s the right thing to do.

  337. You’re right Donna. The minority party is frustrated and desperate and we are seeing the result of those emotions.

    Politics gets dirty…… just scroll and roll everyone! And remember don’t get mad get EVEN and remember to VOTE! We have a special election coming up in PA!

  338. This blog is certainly striking some raw nerves. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be subjected to this junk. The insults, the ugliness, the cliches are all indications of weakness and fear.

  339. Excellent! Kool-Aid Drinkers Unite!

  340. The answer is (when the inappropriate and vulgar posts can’t be blocked or deleted) to TOTALLY ignore people who are so ignorant that they can’t carry on a discussion/disagreement without resorting to the trash posted by several people here.

    I have no problem verbally sparring with those who disagree and show a modicum of intelligence but I refuse to (directly) acknowledge trash who can’t even come up with a (vaguely) intelligent statement.

  341. HoneyJo:

    Unfortunately, unless and until regular contributors here gain the capacity to block the perverts that have shown up here lately, the level of discourse will only coarsen.

    About six years ago when webbogs started to become a part of the internet landscape I got into a discussion with a snarky drone about moderated vs unmoderated weblogs. I predicted that unmoderated blogs and the capacity to remain anonymous would lead to precisely what we are seeing here. The crazies take over and drive out the good people. It is like Gresham’s Law of Economics where bad money drives out the good.

    I think good people here should have the ability to vote off the vile and vulgar interlopers. After all, IP addresses can be traced and blocked

  342. “It has nothing to do with Obama being black…his ideas and policies suck ass. Period. Stop bringing race into this”

    I’d say it was the teabaggers who first brought race into it, with their stuffed monkeys with Obama stickers on the forheads and the witch doctor posters and their accusing poeple who voted for him of voting for him just because of his race. Obama has never once played the race card.

    “…it’s so played and it’s not even what it’s about anymore.”

    Ah-ha….”ANYMORE…” implying that at one point, race WAS what it was about. D’uh, like we didn’t already know that.

    “Get over yourself you old bag.”

    Someone who would come to someone’s house and call them names just for expresssing their views, well, that just goes to show you the tea bagging mentality.

  343. Elizabeth2 on April 21, 2010 at 12:44 PM

    Dean Kamen is a genius but very low key. Though the public should be more aware of what he is doing, I fear that the clip may be a bit too long for many people.

    I already knew about many of his inventions but his prosthetic arm is the top of the list. It’s too bad that our politicians do not have the same degree of sensitivity that Kamen exhibits.

  344. Hi Gang

    I’d say Helen is right on the money. Look at how many dung beetles come crawling out from under the outhouse.

  345. It has nothing to do with Obama being black…his ideas and policies suck ass. Period. Stop bringing race into this…it’s so played and it’s not even what it’s about anymore.

    Get over yourself you old bag.

  346. Very moving and inspiring


  347. Coffee, anyone?

  348. JeanΔ ¥ on April 20, 2010 at 8:59 PM


    Your description of the intermixing of ethnicities in Hawaii reminded me of our only trip to Hawaii many years ago. The attendant serving our section of the flight told us she was on her way home and it was clear from her features that she had traces of many backgrounds. She was, without question, one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. And her gracious and gentle demeanor also fitted your description.

    Loved the Thanksgiving story. The other story, not so much.

  349. Teri – Best of luck with your treatment.All the positive energy is good. It does work. I’m past the 15 year mark.

    BTW Have you noticed Craig/Gregoriio has never bothered to tell us what his occupation is.
    It is obvious he is not an English teacher!!

  350. Finally – a REASONABLE discussion on Bank reform and the Bank Bailout!!!


  351. Teri – sending love and healing thoughts.

  352. Sending all positive thoughts your way Teri!

    Sorry Jean, my post wasn’t very clear. Thanks for the catch Jsri.

  353. Hi Congenial Gang, Teri and jsri,

    I went to your webisite, Teri. Exquisite work! What fun you must have letting your creative juices flow.

    jsri, thanks for steering me to Teri’s website. I knew we could do that! What was I thinking – or not. I have days like that occasionally.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  354. Absolutely LOVE this post and shared it with all my friends on FB! Thank you!

  355. From an earlier Helen Post that made me LOL:

    “Show me a woman who is making a private medical decision to end a pregnancy and I’ll show you a Palin screaming for more government involvement”

  356. Hi Congenial Gang and Teri,

    Thanks Teri, for your input about the multiple Kamehameha Kings. I had forgotten there were a bunch of them. When you lived here, didn’t you find that across the board, the people were invariably gentle, kind and cheerful with a delicious sense of humor? Very similar to the Scandinavian people we met there. None of this cranky, whiney stuff.

    Part two of my Hawaiian story: We have some very dear friends who were born and raised here. Don’t ask me what their ethnic heritage is. Out here we are a mix of Hawaiian, ‘Haole’, (whatever that means, mostly Northwestern European), Portuguese, Latino, Chinese, Japanese, African American, Korean, Vietnamese, etc., etc., etc. You name it we are it! There has been so much intermarriage for so long that we can’t be bothered to care. Miscegenation has not been an issue out here, certainly not in the sense of the Deep South’s attitude of even illegality for many, many years. (Check out the movies and Musical “Show Boat” by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II based on the Edna Ferber book on the subject. Remember the beautiful songs, “Ole Man River” and “Make Believe”?

    Anyway, our friends have an extremely large extended ‘Ohana’ (family). Fifty-two nieces and nephews scattered throughout the islands and mainland. My husband and I became ‘Calabash Ohana’; that is if you eat from the same ‘Calabash’ (big gourd bowl), you attain the same status in the Ohana as blood relatives. (Sort of like pie, tea and wine here at M&H.)

    They had a tradition going back for many years at Thanksgiving. It was a sit-down feast out on the lanai complete with linens, china, crystal and sterling for 30-40 people. Of course everybody pitched in to help with a beautifully coordinated and efficient effort. One of the nephews always met us at the door and wouldn’t let me in until I assured him that I had brought my famous cherry cheesecakes. He wanted proof! So he helped us unload them from the car.

    At the long T-shaped table, after we stood, held hands and had the blessing; each guest had a ‘saying’ by his/her name place. One by one, we stood and read it. A niece was in college on the mainland at the time and was recruited to research in the library some sayings in French. When it was my husband’s turn, he stood, read it in French and then translated.

    Because we had some acreage and wouldn’t disturb the neighbors, we were recruited for a number of years to host the New Year’s Eve bash. The first year, talk about culture shock!!! You never saw so many fireworks, all legal. Several of the men erected a scaffolding for big rolls of 1000 firecrackers each. It was like a war zone with the noise and smoke! Another long time island tradition.

    Anyway, one of the father of our friends had built a big three-bedroom house up in the mountains on ‘Lease Hold’ land for Ohana get-togethers. It had always been their second home. I don’t remember how long the lease was for, but it had been in the Ohana for some 35 years. The lease ran out and was up for auction. Some guy out bid our friends with an outrageous offer they couldn’t match, so they lost the house. The whole Ohana was heartbroken! Then the lout had the nerve to offer them $4000.00 for the house, since technically our friends still owned it. After thinking it over, they gathered the Ohana together, went up there and over a matter of a few weeks completely dismantled it right down to the ground and planted grass. Everybody hauled away every scrap of it and recycled most of it. (One of them built a nifty shed from the lumber!) When only the fireplace and chimney were still standing, they decided to throw the stones down the cesspool. One of the men was lugging a big stone to dump it and somebody yelled, “Watch out for the splash!”

    Don’t mess with us islanders.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  357. JuneauJoe on April 20, 2010 at 3:12 PM

    He’s one sick puppy. Guaranteed, he’ll be back to resume his nonsense. Next time maybe he’ll use both of his brain cells.

  358. By: JeanΔ ¥ on April 20, 2010 at 8:22 PM

    You’ll find samples of Teri’s work on her website.

  359. Hi Comgemial Gang, Teri, Lori and Donna,

    I’m out of the loop somehow. Lori, I missed the reference of your comment about Teri’s ‘transformation’. Yours too, Donna, in response to something regarding ‘talented’ and ‘studio’. Now I am really intrigued!!! I scrolled back up but couldn’t find anything. Could somebody clue me in?

    Also, Teri, I will be sending you loving thoughts while you are undergoing your treatments. Please keep us up on your progress. Hugs!!!!!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  360. Best wishes for effective and painless treatment, Teri.

  361. Dr. Smallberries….I sure hope you meant Margaret or Helen because I doubt I am old enough to be your grandma!

    Thanks, Easier/Anon!!

  362. I was the anonymous Teri. I am not on my own computer today.

  363. Good luck on your treatment Teri!

  364. lady, you just became my honorary GRANDMA!

  365. Donna- thank you and thank you. It’s nice that it is so convenient to my studio. And the treatments only take 15 minutes. I understand I may be tired from the treatments so it’s a good thing I have a futon in the studio!!

  366. and I wish you all the best on your treatment–I hit submit prematurely.

  367. Teri: you are really talented!!

  368. Lori- please do. Just check with me the night before. I am not in the studio every day. Tho, since I start radiation tx Monday at the West MI Cancer Center, I will be at the studio a lot more- since the Park Trades is a block away from the WMCC. A nice walk if it isn’t raining!

  369. yw… I live in MI too, I’ll stop in to see your work sometime.

  370. Wow…thank you!

  371. opps …….only one Tranformation

  372. teri…. love your Transformations 1. (:

  373. You sure got it right, love the blog, found the link at Ms Daisy’s

  374. Gregorio wrote: “You guys have fun.
    I’m tired of the mud slinging.
    Enjoy your sandbox.”

    He just can’t take it when his bluff is called. Chicken…..

  375. I have not had this much fun in ages! I do not read what the trolls write, usually. A few times, something would catch my eye but I just do not have the stomach to read entire posts. Donna, Teri, JuneauJoe, jrsi, just to name a few, thanks for doing what I could not do. Do you think the troll is really gone this time? We have heard this before though. Seems to me Craig took leave and Gregorio came. Would not surprise me if another persona shows up, very soon, spewing the same talking points.

  376. Agreed. You offered nothing of interest or value. And even your parting (we can only hope) message managed to have two cliches in three sentences.

    And no, it’s not that your viewpoints differ. It’s that you’re a jerk.

  377. Good riddance Troll!

  378. You guys have fun.
    I’m tired of the mud slinging.
    Enjoy your sandbox.

  379. I see the 2 Republicans voted not to investigate Goldman Sachs. The Dems voted for the investigation so it will take place on a 3-2 vote.


    Money talks

  380. Jorja Fox loves Lelah Foster

  381. Right on, as always !!!!

    Wish the mainstream media had your guts and honesty.

    This has nothing to do with health care, taxes, jobs, unemployment, unions. It is all about a black man being the President. It is all about hate and fear mongering by the Republicans…………to a man, unfortunately.

    Thought by now someone in the Party of NO, BIRTHERS, BAGGERS, AND RACISTS would step up and say “enough”. But, hate runs deep. Don’t be fooled. The Republicans ARE the BIRTHERS AND BAGGERS. They are so afraid of them they have joined their ranks. Some are trying to hide behind the title of CONSERVATIVE. They are all the same.

    Get a clue, you dopes. You white people who have no jobs, can’t spell, either have no health insurance or are getting government MEDICARE and vote against your own best interests ARE the ones our black President is trying to help.

    The only people your ridiculous Republican party support are the top white 2% and big business that wants to see your middle class asses poor and incredibly uninformed so that you can continue to be used by them. Aren’t you sick of it??

    Colorado Blue

  382. Yes, a fine example of what would like to run this country: scum.

  383. Lelah & Jorja- ah, some more of the “Moral Minority” speaks. Isn’t it wonderful to know that they are not only well educated but classy as well?

  384. lelah & jorja on April 20, 2010 at 9:13 AM

    Classy post. How does it feel to be the lowest of the lowlifes that post here. Your parents must be so proud.

  385. The unexpressed Bush legacy;

    Remember WMD’s? Remember the connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein? Remember how the disposal of Saddam Hussein would stabilize the Middle East? Don’t remember? I thought not.

    But in place of WMD’s we now have an international proliferation of IED’s. And where did terrorists learn about this? When they uncovered the unprotected arms caches left behind and in Iraq at the end of the US invasion there. The terrorists practiced all across Iraq before spreading out across the rest of the world.

    Like him or hate him, but Saddam Hussein kept a counterbalancing lid on Iran while he was in power. And what do we have now? We have Iran saber rattling throughout the Mideast and the international community is powerless to stuff that genie back into the bottle. We may see the effects of this oversight some time soon.

    And remember how Iraq’a oil sales would pay for the war and guarantee us a ready supply of oil for the near future? Well, last December, the Iraq oil ministry issued the results of its first bids for exploration of the Iraqi oil fields and how did we make out? First award went to Royal Dutch Shell. Second to Malaysia’s Petronas. Third to CNPC from China. Fourth to Russia’s Lukoil. Fifth to Norway’s Statoil. And to the USA, nothing.

    Nice work George.

  386. Auntie Jean, Wonderful history lesson. One note: for those who aren’t aware, there were multiple Kamehameha’s; I through V. Kamehameha I united all the islands and was the first king of the Hawaiian islands.

    Bernice was the last direct descendant of Kamehameha I.

    Also, the Bishop estate has many holdings outside of Hawai’i, but all profits go to the Kamehameha School. Interestingly, a large tract of land help by the Bishop estate is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is currently for sale.

    And yes, I lived in Hawai’i and still have family there, some of whom have Hawaiian blood. And to this day I am appalled by what the haole did but, given what was done to aboriginal North Americans, I am not surprised.

    Anyone else find it ironic that the US government CONTINUES to visit upon other countries what was done to us by Great Britain?? (and, when I say US Government, I am not saying President Obama but ALL of the government since we fought that little war against GB to end their colonial hold on us).

  387. My definition of war: one group has something another group wants so, rather than asking the first group to share, the second group goes in with guns blazing to take it away.

    Listen to “One Tin Soldier” sometime. It explains the attitude of colonialist countries (like the US) very well.

  388. Gregorio wrote: I wanted democracy. You gave us Pelosi.”

    How did WE give you Pelosi?? She’s a right winger- YOUR (the colloquial “your”- look it up) mistake, not ours.

  389. Addendum: one of the only GOOD things to come out of Bush’s debacle of a presidency is the current housing market. Thanks to people defaulting on their mortgages because they are either out of work or were allowed by the banks to purchase homes WAY over their ability to pay, my son and his fiancee are able to purchase an almost new home for peanuts AND with a low interest rate. Still, at the same time, I feel sorry for the guy who is losing his home because he found himself divorced, out of a job and unable to pay the two mortgages he took out on the house.

    Thank you former President Bush for helping ruin the American Dream for so many middle class Americans.

  390. Gregorio wrote: “I did not say I’m a doctor.
    You took that as an inference.”

    I did not take it as in inference. YOU inferred it. Your wife must have married WAY beneath herself on the educational ladder. Too bad it is not ethical to treat family members….By the way, have you ever considered remedial English classes? I am sure you would benefit.

    And I did not say that the “professional courtesy” of docs getting free health care was universal. That was your assumption. I can only speak to how it is in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Hawai’i. I don’t know what state Donna is from but she confirmed that, wherever she lives, free health care for physicians is indeed the case.

    You also wrote: “Finally, I wish the President no harm.
    But the ‘right” feel he has an agenda..and that is one that we feel is not for the greater good of America.”

    And many of us did not feel that Bush’s agenda of lining the pockets of his cronies was the right agenda for America. At least President Obama is concerned with the good of MOST Americans rather than a select, extremely wealthy few. As the title of the blog says: we had to live with Bush and his (self-serving) policies for 8 years so buck up. I am sure you can survive the policies of a President who serves the MAJORITY of the people.

  391. Oops! That open carry rally was in my neighborhood! Those wahoos actually gathered in a park containing a National Park Police station and horse stable for their mounted patrols! The wahoos numbered at most 75. The reporters assigned to the event outnumbered them almost 3 to 1. From all I can tell, none of these wahoos belong to a legit state militia. They are all independent wahoos. Puh-leeeze, people! Open carry is simply a psychological substitute for a johnson measurement contest! Just look at the photos. My “AK47″ is bigger than yours! These people are just preternaturally hard to please! It was Obama who signed the open carry law and yet they can’t stand him! Now if all the wahoos simply form a circle . . .

  392. My husband (happens to be black) and I were wondering what would happen if there were some political rally held in which the majority of the people there were black, and everyone who attended carried a legally permitted firearm…

  393. Agreed, Lori! Craig (that attention-seeking, Mel Brooks quoting) shmuck disappeared and then we suddenly were “treated” to Gregorio. Equally desperate for attention, equally irrelevant, equally pathetic.

  394. Common sense! Isn’t it wonderful………

    This is my first visit to your blog and I love it.

  395. NOP @ 1:54 LOL
    Yeah right and they both just happened to live in Fort Worth. LOL
    Not that there was ever much doubt they were the same people, but you would think he could have been a little more clever in his attempt to try and deceive us. Geeze… Identifying the ignorant wingnut is one of my favorite pastimes. ;-)

  396. And while I’m at it folks, the word, Bible, should be capitalized.

  397. Both Craig and Gregorio are married to a psychiatrist, coincidence? Just have to wonder if he might also be an Iowa farmer, who just happened to choke on a thirty year old olive pit tossed out by Jean? I can’t wait to meet his next persona, I kind of tired of all his old ones.

  398. Hi Congenial Gang,

    I hate to break up bickering with trolls by another history lesson, but here goes.

    Hawaii was ‘discovered’ by the British Explorer Captain James Cook in 1778. Naturally, the Hawaiian indigenous people were already here. Like many other religions of the world, they had been expecting a ‘messiah’ or ‘savior’ any minute, so they greeted him and his crew with warm hospitality. Cook exploited this misperception for all it was worth for several voyages until the people wised up and killed him. Even now, the state flag is the Union Jack up in the left corner with eight white, red and blue stripes.

    Isolated as the island chain is, the Hawaiians had no immunity to the many diseases the Europeans brought with them. Venereal diseases and especially measles and mumps decimated the people until finally, they were down to 5% of their original population. The Americans and the Russians got into the act too with their expansionist imperialism. On our island there are ruins of two Russian forts that had been established. King Kamehameha got fed up with the Russians and kicked them out. It was not that easy with the Americans.

    A little later, Congregational Protestant missionaries from Yale University came out to convert the ‘heathen’ Hawaiians. There is an old saying, “The missionaries came out to do good, and did right well!” Many of them did much good, but the main objective of some was to stamp out their ancient culture. (My God! The hula was downright erotic to the max!)

    The missionaries did curry favor with the ‘Ali’i’, the royalty and the aristocracy. One of the things the missionaries did best, in the time honored old sexist tradition, was to acquire vast areas of land by marrying the princesses and high-ranking daughters of Hawaiian society.

    Bernice Pauahi Pākī was the great-granddaughter of King Kamehameha. She married Charles Reed Bishop, a businessman, banker and later a legislator. It was apparently a love match against her family’s wishes. They had no children. They were both noted philanthropists. The ‘Haole’, (whites) established the Punahou School for the Haole kids. Bernice countered by establishing the Kamehameha School for Hawaiian kids. To this day students have to prove a certain amount of Hawaiian blood quantum in order to be admitted to Kamehameha. This has caused a big flap and been challenged in the courts as reverse discrimination. Both are very fine private schools. President Obama attended Punahou.

    Bernice must have been quite a strong willed woman to hang onto her land holdings and assets. She died at age 52 while Charles died at age 93 in 1915 in San Francisco. In Bernice’s will she established the Bishop Estate Trust to endow the Kamehameha School in perpetuity. It is one of the largest Trusts in the country.

    If you buy property in Hawaii, you want to be very, very careful to read the fine print in the deed. If it is ‘Fee Simple’ that means you own the land. If it is ‘Lease Hold’ that means that the land is leased for a certain period of time but you can never own it, only the structures you erect on it.

    For example, many of the big hotels on Waikiki are sitting on ‘Lease Hold’ land for 99 years. Some tall and fancy negotiating go on when leases run out! I have a dandy story of what happened to some friends of ours that were caught in that trap and how they handled it. Next time.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  399. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/04/17/gordon-duff-primordialism-and-the-decline-of-human-culture/

    Marketing is king, baby….

  400. You guys bring joy to me with every word you write.

  401. UAW…..definition of war……
    Man-made hell on earth…..

  402. The Roots of Stalin in the Tea Party Movement It’s all just business, anyway. :wink:

  403. Gregorio,

    7% is HUGE in a presidental election. It equals MILLIONS of voters.

    The word would be You’re as in you are not the brightes bulb…

    And with that I say YOU’RE an ass. Be gone.

  404. You speak for me too :) Years ago, a woman high in political circles told me that 75% of the world is neither white, nor Christian, nor democratic.

  405. UAW: Wrong – Visible Guns at venues where W spoke? Please google and put up a link to the pictures where there are guns exposed. I would really like you to show a picture where there is a semi-auto weapon where W gave a speech.

    Wrong UAW!!!

    There was a gun for Bobby Kennedy, and even Reagan but they were hid until the shot happened.

  406. Poolman – I’m watching it, too. It’s scary. I too wonder how many gun toting nut whacks are out there wanting their pound of flesh for God knows whatever conveluted reason. The mistake they make, though, is thinking they are the only ones who are angry. Like the 8 years before this administration are so easily forgotten. I fear the hell that will break loose if anything happens to Obama.

  407. Poolman: re McVey and like-minded. Even one more is too many. Unfortunately Michigan and N & S Dakota and Wyoming have some pretty good pockets of them.

  408. AS Donna knows Terri..

    I did not say I’m a doctor.
    You took that as an inference.

    My wife is a MD.

    And she is a Psychiatrist.

    I rest at night. And thank you for your thoughts.
    I only wish we could all get along together again.

    There was a time.
    My candidate lost.
    Yours won.
    I did not want a nationwide health care bill.
    I wanted democracy. You gave us Pelosi.

    There will be another election.

    I do not go to TEA party gatherings.
    I associate with those who do.
    I do have guns. Seven rifles and a 45.
    I do not carry them in public.

    I do not agree with the people who do carry in public. However it is their right in some states.

    I voted for Jimmy Carter.
    Remember the interest rates we had?
    I do. I bought our first house then.

    I could not vote but wanted Jack K. to win.
    I lived in FW and a saw Jack and Jackie the night they arrived at Carswell AFB.
    I watched from my class room on the west side of FW air force one fly over from FW to Dallas.

    Two hours later I heard the news.

    All I’m saying is that people come to this blog to vent. Your right and they are wrong.

    No matter, what we inhabit the same planet.
    We wake up to the same news..and some of it is not pretty.

    Finally, I wish the President no harm.
    But the ‘right” feel he has an agenda..and that is one that we feel is not for the greater good of America.

  409. Keep telling it like it is.

  410. Teri, I think it was a slam on her morals?

    Also, I so agree with your post from 8:23 PM.

  411. Factcheck.org on healthcare:


  412. cura_te_ipsum wrote: “The healthcare bill is shoddy piece of work.”

    I am wondering if you read ANY of it BEFORE the Republicans ripped it up??

    Had there been a little cooperation on the part of the Pubs instead of their childish attitude of: “anything Obama is for, I am against. So there!” we might have gotten a much better bill out of it. But no, the Pubs had to dig in their heels and make it a mish-mash of what it could have been. And, of course, that makes it President Obama’s fault.

  413. Poolman,
    We both know that many more were killed during the war from the Fire Bombs that that U.S. dropped than the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan.

    I think the U.S. has been tested in the early 60’s and later to say we do not want a nuclear war..
    Our new President however much I do not like him..still he wants what we all want.
    That is to not wake up to news that Al Queda has ignited a nuclear or dirty bomb on society wherever that mat be.

  414. Watching that Timothy McVey special on MSNBC. Wonder how many more like-minded are out there with all that same mentality and training.

  415. uaw tradesman wrote: “can’t wait for her to loose…..”

    What is she “loosing”??

    Sigh, trolls can be SO much fun to bait but these guys make it WAY too easy.

    Do ANY of you trolls have even the most basic command of your “native” language especially spelling and grammar?

  416. Juneaujoe…
    it’s funny how it changes for you but not all people…..people had guns when W was prez(and bombs when Nixon was Pres.)….the thing that has changed is that after 40 years of protests it is now the right that is protesting and the Left is saying WTF…..

  417. UAW: Had people had loaded guns when W was Pres. There would have been hell to pay and people arrested. FAUX would have gone nuts!

    Guns were outside the venue where President Obama spoke a few months ago. Would not have happened when W was Pres…

    Funny how interpretation of the law changes when we change to a black President.

  418. Why is policy disagreement being continually blamed on racism? Honestly, how does that fact that I’m against a poorly written bill mean that I dislike African Americans? The healthcare bill is shoddy piece of work. It has nothing to do with skin color despite your smearing claims.

  419. Poolman…..definition of war……
    Making the other guy die for his country…..

  420. Barbra Boxer asking her supporters to act like Tea Party Protesters !!!!!!!!can’t wait for her to loose…..

  421. Wow. Seems I go out to work and miss all the fun. So here is my two cents….Sarah Palin is supporting Colonel West. And she is supporting McCain. That really blows his credibility, imo. Apparently he also had some issues regarding treatment of an Iraqi police officer that forced his discharge from the military. It seems he has a bit of a temper.

    I prefer the cooler thinking types in control of the nuclear codes and peacemakers over oppressors. Just my preference. I have seen the result of having warmongers in control of our nation.

    Regarding my last comment to Gregorio and the resulting responses by him and UAW, I think you missed the point. I never said we did not need to fight the imperialist Japanese, facist German and Italian regimes. The comment was related to how we have treated the peoples of those nations. And yes we threatened the Russian peoples, though we did not directly engage them in battle. Our nation also indirectly engages in conflicts, training and arming militias to accomplish our desired results. Recall Iran contra? Mujahadeen? Nicaragua? To name a few.

    And I’m sure the atom bombs we dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki missed any innocents and totally annihilated the militants. Just like the ordnance we used in Falluja that is causing birth defects was warranted to avenge those four Blackwater contractors.

  422. JuneauJoe….
    “Today, Right wing crazies walked around parks with weapons. Handguns had bullets in the chamber. They had automatic weapons too – just to show they are manly.”
    some thing are inflammatory….legally carrying guns to you and legally burning flags to me and if the women in Wash.want to walk around topless ….make it nationwide….

  423. OK–I am now on the floor. This is hilarious. The Officious (but not terribly literate) Troll.

  424. Teri, there is a facebook group called ‘Let’s eat Grandma!’ or, ‘Let’s eat, Grandma!’ Punctuation saves lives. Pretty funny.

  425. Delurker Girl- I was going to suggest he purchase “Eats Shoots and Leaves” but I am afraid it is too esoteric for “Dr.” Gregorio.

  426. JuneauJoe….
    truth hurts HUH….
    how many places did Bush send the BATF to exterminate US citizens….(Janet Reno)

    and ain’t it great how Obama is following the Bush doctrine in Iraq!!!!!(go ahead and complain about ain’t)

    and as far as Bush only getting 47.87% of the vote Clinton only got 43.0% in 92

  427. Your… You’re… please, oh please, learn the difference – especially if you’re trying to ‘debate’ the lovely porch dwellers here! Your socialist education should have taught you the difference so reflect back and use what you learned or LOOK IT UP!

  428. You hit the nail on the head. Sending you both hugs from a regular @ DailyKos. Love your blog and we share the same political reality. Since you’re preaching to the choir, I hope this gets posted on one of those rethug sites. I hope they choke on it!

  429. Heidi–I share your frustration, believe me. But we are better than that. I don’t want those of us who oppose the uglies and crazies to ever sink to their level. (but I’d wish a good case of acne or flatulence on them! Or the occasional indictment or bankruptcy…)

  430. 15 Years ago, the Federal Building in Oklahoma City was blown up by McVey. Yes, little kids were killed too.

    Today, Right wing crazies walked around parks with weapons. Handguns had bullets in the chamber. They had automatic weapons too – just to show they are manly.


    We have some sick people around who actually think this crazy crap is OK – Gregoria?

  431. Exactly Helen, but may I add that I hope they don’t survive this administration? I mean, after all, those genes remaining in our pool just makes it more shallow and retarded. I think we should start using the word “target” when we talk about TeaBaggers and see if THEY like it.

  432. for those who might be remotely swayed by the “candidate,” it’s worth checking into why he was forced to resign from the military.

    Oh, I bumble along. And put aside the education and professional accomplishments–I actually understand basic grammatical rules.

    By the way, Teri–my husband is a doc. And you are correct.

  433. Brilliant ~~ Thank you!

  434. Nice to see you back, Helen! You are in perfect form– love your post!

  435. The right wing whack jobs are wandering around parks in the DC area showing their manliness.


    (Is it a lack of manliness which they are displaying?
    Just wondering.)

  436. Craig/Gregorio wrote: “Your not that bright a bulb either.”

    I rest my case.

  437. First of all Craig/Gregoiro we all recognize you are a troll. Paranoid? Hardly. You, however, are a pathetic little man looking for attention. Not to mention your delusions of grandeur as evidenced by the rest of your response to my post.

    As for my being “thrown out”….you are laughable. I am happily retired despite many people who would have liked to see me continue in my work including multiple physicians, nurses, patients, case managers, insurance adjusters and attorneys.

    As for the following, I laughed so hard!!: “And you can honestly say that doctors get professional courtesy by the hospital?
    I don’t know what state,country or Dacha you live in but I have yet to be free from paying a hospital bill. I know no doctors that get such care for free.”

    I believe I noted in another post that I live in Michigan. I have also worked in Ohio and Indiana. The idea that you would expect ANYONE to believe that you are a doctor is absolutely HYSTERICAL!!!!! Thank you for my biggest laugh of the day!

    You continued with this fantasy with:
    “Please indulge us.
    A doctor bill, pharmaceuticals or hospital stay for free? I have payed for all. I have the bills. We have insurance..but I still have to pick up the deductible. ”

    Well dear, IF you were a doctor, you wouldn’t have to worry about ANY of this. Professional courtesy is alive and well in the medical profession. I stand by my statements. Having seen it first hand AND having multiple friends in the profession I can assure you (and everyone else) it not only does happen, it’s the rule, rather than the exception. Even dentists who are on staff at hospitals get the “courtesy”.

    Oh, I would point out that veterinarians do NOT get this privilege but, having read your posts, there is no way I would believe you could pass the GRE, much less the exams to get into medical or veterinary school. Unless, of course, you went to one of those foreign schools that guarantee a “degree.”

    I hope everyone else enjoyed Craig/Gregorio’s flight of fancy. By the way dear, they DO make medications for your illness. Being mentally ill isn’t the badge of shame it used to be.

  438. ‘Your not that bright a bulb’

    Our little friend (Gregoria) is talking to himself again.

  439. It’s hilarious to read the “Independent” above complaining about the debt added in the last two years. Um, you realize Bush came in with a surplus, right? And that 90% of the debt is because of his policies (including two wars and a massive entitlement- yes, entitlement- in Medicare expansion that they didn’t even pretend to have budgeted)? Where were you all when all that happens? What changed? Oh, that’s right, a black guy got elected.

  440. “Your not that bright a bulb either. ”

    So hilarious

  441. I think that now is a good time to point out to Gregorio and all those other “no tax” repugs that usually wartime is a time of economic boom due to the production of war materials. This round of wars and theres been no economic boom and Bush spent more money than ever! Is that jacked up or what!
    The repugs had control through most of it and did not even want to admit we were in a recession until right around the 08 elections when they were obviously losing to dems who didn’t even have to have their eyes half open to recognize whats going on in the country. And you accuse the dems of spending money! Geez! Wake up!

  442. I think you all are a little paranoid that so many right wing people have stopped by and called your cards. Your party is a sham. You are following the man behind the curtain..who by the way, is not black. Obama is merely a front man.
    A little community organizer man picked up by
    Chi mob who wanted to run Washington the way the run the windy city. And the sheep are getting fleeced.

    Teri, you worked in the field of medicine did you?
    That was past tense right?
    And what got you thrown out?
    And you can honestly say that doctors get professional courtesy by the hospital?
    I don’t know what state,country or Dacha you live in but I have yet to be free from paying a hospital bill. I know no doctors that get such care for free.
    Please indulge us.
    A doctor bill, pharmaceuticals or hospital stay for free? I have payed for all. I have the bills. We have insurance..but I still have to pick up the deductible.

    So the resident watch dog wants to display her know it all status to the primates here..by putting down anyone who would dare complicate the blog here by introducing a republican candidate. A black man who carries himself better than an Obama and does it without a CHI town gang running interference for him.

    And Donna for you personally. Your not that bright a bulb either. You parrot the party line.
    Squawk squawk squawk.

  443. You’ve said it for so many of us. Thank you and please keep telling us the truth. The world needs more truth-tellers.

  444. If anyone had any questions about whether “Gregorio” is, in fact, “Craig,” his latest should put that to rest.

    And, again, perhaps those who rush to accuse the President of socialism might want to learn what it actually is.

    As for calling anyone else “sheep,” Mr. “I Regurgitate Whatever Fox Says” might look in the mirror.

    Finally, West is an idiot–someone who neither understands nor appreciates the Islamic religion or culture. And I happen to believe that the President’s sensitivity to other cultures (be it the half bow of which those of Gregorio’s ilk are so exercised or anything else) is a wonderful thing. Certainly, far preferable to the idiotic cowboy who previously occupied the oval office.

    Sorry, Gregorio–you are not very bright, not very informed, and not at all interesting.

  445. Gregorio wrote: And all of you don’t give a shit about the new taxes and spending us down the drain?
    What crappola!
    Sheep…….all of you.”

    Hmmm….new taxes; spending us down the drain…..sounds like GWB to me. I would MUCH rather see MY money spent to pay for healthcare for the masses (as opposed to seeing even more increases in healthcare COSTS to offset the cost of those who must seek healthcare by going to the local ER rather than a doctor- believe it or not, it’s much less expensive to treat a kid for an ear infection at the doctors than in ER) than see my money spent to send young men and women sent overseas to be killed.

    And Gregorio…don’t EVEN start with me about healthcare costs. I worked in the medical field for nearly 30 years so I know of what I speak.

    BTW, did you all know that DOCTORS do not carry health insurance? Want to know WHY? Because they are treated for free…free meaning the hospitals write it off and the rest of us end up paying FOR their (and their families) care in higher costs. Personally I would much rather see those who can’t afford it, get the help than see those who most certainly CAN afford it, get it for free out of “professional courtesy.”

  446. Truth hurts!!!

    The right wing are sounding crazy!!!! Again!!!


  447. “Kids were blown up by McVey and his right wing friends”

    Nuthin like stirring the shit up huh Jeneau?

  448. Oklahoma City Bombing: A right wing whack job blew that place up – remember!!! He was a veteran, a hero!! I drove by a Federal Building today and saw little kids going in. Kids were blown up by McVey and his right wing friends.


  449. Bravo! My favorite part of your blog is “We had to endure his lazy ass being in the WH for 8 yrs”.

    Anytime the Republicans lose power its un-Consitutional, un-American, anti-American & treason…..according to them. Well, too bad. Our young President, Barack Obama, puts them all to shame. He is being taken seriously by the entire world. He has outshone “W” in a mere l5 months. And……they can’t stand it.

  450. Helen…Just a note to let you know, your letter here was posted by a friend Dana on FB and how now inspired an entire “UPSTART” of sorts, a new “movement” for lack of a better word…”The Coffee Clutchers Group” can be found on Facebook, we would be honored if you came by and checked it out sometime… THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF YOU IN IT!

  451. “I’m thinking Obama’s 7 percent victory margin was a whopping margin of victory in comparison wouldn’t you?”LORI

    For a black guy..well yes it is a good size margin.
    Now he wants to take the other 43% down the road to socialism. And all of you don’t give a shit about the new taxes and spending us down the drain?
    What crappola!
    Sheep…….all of you.

  452. when I want to read the unvarnished truth, I know where to come.

  453. You Go!

  454. Common sense and an ability to articulate – What a wonderful read! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  455. Princess Donna..I’m glad you gave me credit for the author credit. However my original thought was not addressed to you.
    I guess Lt. Col. West gets under your skin.
    A person of color standing up instead of bowing.

  456. Just discovered your blog – You are amazingly good – serious talent.

    You should be writing for TPM/Dailybeast/Huffingtonpost etc.

    Great writing congratulations

  457. You girls rock. Tell it like it is.

  458. well let’s take a look at Bush’s victory margin his first term…

    Ah yes that’s right Bush won by actually receiving LESS votes than the runner up and it was the closest margin of victory since 1876.

    OHhhh maybe we are to use the comparison of GWB’s SECOND term… Well in that election George won by 2 percent.

    I’m thinking Obama’s 7 percent victory margin was a whopping margin of victory in comparison wouldn’t you?

  459. and no, Gregorio–the fact that you attributed the quote is not the point. It’s that you offer nothing original.

  460. Yet another person who doesn’t understand what socialism is but is willing to parrot the Limbaughs, Hannitys, and Becks of the world.

  461. Well, considering some of the Capitalists running around out there (like these guys: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/04/19/AR2010041902847.html) maybe socialism isn’t all bad. Or is it anarchism you prefer?? Like these guys: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100412/ap_on_re_us/us_tea_party_militia (oh, wait, they are TEA Baggers….so I guess it IS anarchy you prefer).

  462. Finding out about the Santa Claus and Easter Bunny thing has been really rough, has’t it?

    I agree that it is our turn in the barrel but also believe that Bush should be “Saint George” to you because Obama, who won by a whopping 7%, won largely due to anti-Bush votes.

    I am proud that my country can now elect a minority as president but very sad that he is the epitome of a socialist.

  463. Thanks Donna. Actually, it’s apparent that Gregorio isn’t capable of coherent thoughts….or of thinking for himself.

  464. Teri: Don’t think for one red second that Gregorio is offering his own “thoughts.” He has taken his post verbatim from a speech by Lt. Col. Allen West which is posted at Right Side News. This, of course, is what the not-at-all-missed Craig used to do with some regularity (when he wasn’t quoting Blazing Saddles). Most people who actually are capable of thought offer their own in lieu of plagiarizing others.

  465. And, once again, we hear from that brilliant spokesman, uaw tradesman: “just one state….


    Being from Michigan I can honestly say, I would NOT be using this state as an example of people who are intelligent when it comes to politics. After all, we brought you the Oklahoma City Bombers, the Michigan Militia, the Hutarees….oh, and Mitt Romney (lived a block away from the Romney’s in East Lansing).

    There are always rabid extremists in every group. The you tube vid is an example of this in Islam. The groups you pointed us to in Michigan are a great example of this here in the “Christian” US.

  466. gregorio wrote: You need to get into the Koran. You need to understand their precepts. You need to read the Surah. You need to read the Hadithe. And then you can really understand this is not a perversion. They are doing exactly what this book says…”

    I have read them. I have many friends who are Muslim and many who are Christians living in the Middle East. Both groups agree, it’s their governments who want more power and a limited number of people who are the problem; not the average Muslim or Christian on the street. I have to go with John Lennon on this one….”Imagine there’s no countries, It isn’t hard to do; Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too. Imagine all the people Living life in peace”

  467. UAW tradesman wrote: “If your that pissed Helen them go out and use your first amendment rights and burn a flag,(expletive)”

    Oh yes. Yet another well educated Tea Bagger.

    As for not wanting the entire US turned into a giant SLC…how does it make one bigoted to not want the CONSTITUTIONALLY ordered separation of church and state to end up as trampled as the rest of the constitution under GWB?? The CLDS is as bigoted as they come so NOT wanting them is the opposite of bigoted. Or do I need to find a more elementary way of explaining it so that you can grasp the concept.

    Hope the words I used aren’t beyond your comprehension…maybe you should purchase a dictionary.

  468. Bravo! Another great blog post! Loved it!

  469. Hell this string is staring to sound like a Mel Brooks skit from “Blazing Saddles”………

  470. gregorio……

    you didn’t mention the eastern Europeans taken into slavery by the Persians….

  471. just one state….


  472. Poolman ,
    You forgot the Germans. They were a peaceful nation?..and the Japanese with their divine emperor..?…The rape of Naking? Their attrocities throughout east Asia?
    Russians? When did we pillage Russia?

    Native americans..I can recite many horrible crimes committed by various tribes against settlers minding their own business. Innocent children etc. taken prisoner..only to be used as pawns for trade.
    Hell even the Mormons killed settlers heading west.
    Oh yes and the horrible wars we visited upon the Hawaiian people? I believe we gave the queen an ultimatum and she wanted to keep her pineapples. I’m sure Jean is ready to wade in on this one since she was there.
    Central Americans? Are you talking about the Banana Republic wars and Teddy’s Big Stick?

    So all Americans who went off to wars for the United States are criminals in your eyes?
    Or are you just lumping all Christian Armies, since you brought up the Bible and its horrific stories..?

    I would believe that Islam is a peaceful nation, when I could carry a bible, wear a cross and visit Mecca without having my head handed to me.

    About Peaceful Islam….

    In the words of Retired Col. Allen West:

    “Let me say this. And this – I don’t care about being popular or whatever. The first thing you got to do is you got to study and understand who you’re up against. And you must realize that this is not a religion that you’re fighting against. You’re fighting against a theo-political belief system and construct. You’re fighting against something that’s been doing this thing since 622 A.D. Since the 7th Century. Thirteen hundred and eighty-eight years.

    You want to dig up Charles Martel and ask him why he was fighting the Muslim Army at the Battle of Tours in 732? You want to ask the Venetian fleet at Lepanto why they were fighting a Muslim fleet in 1571? You want to ask the Christian, I mean the Germanic and Austrian Knights why they were fighting at the Gates of Vienna in 1683? You want to ask people what happened at Constantinople and why today it’s called Istanbul because they lost that fight in 1453.

    You need to get into the Koran. You need to understand their precepts. You need to read the Surah. You need to read the Hadithe. And then you can really understand this is not a perversion. They are doing exactly what this book says…”

  473. Time to get real banking reform! Bill Moyers,


    The banks will rob us blind again if we do nothing!

  474. Libertylover…..
    you said….My only opinion of Fox “News” is that it isn’t news, and although many people think they are getting news by watching Fox, I see nothing but spin and opinions. It certainly makes my mother an angrier person when she watches Fox programming… you see, she grew up trusting news reporters like Walter Cronkite to tell her the truth. I think Fox viewers get less than the truth.

    Do you actually believe that you get “THE TRUTH-THE WHOLE TRUTH-AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH” from the other stations…..if so have some more koolade

  475. HoneyJoRumples…..
    you said…..I don’t know, LL, Mitt Romney seems like the front runner, but how many Americans would be jazzed for the country to become a coast to coast Salt Lake City?

    are you as bigoted as you complain about others being??????

  476. JuneauJoe on April 19, 2010 at 8:23 AM

    LOL. That is really clever.

  477. i see that Helen has cleaned out the pen again and shoveled all the BULLS&!T onto the internet again.

    ….How dare those Damn Teapartiers and Rep. act just like Dems……

    If your that pissed Helen them go out and use your first amendment rights and burn a flag,(expletive)

    as far as Palin….being a good cheerleader doesn’t make her the quarterback….

  478. Republicans against the latest possible Pres Obama Supreme Court Nominee!


    No record and he is for helping the poor.

  479. About time somebody named this for the racism that it is. Right on!!

    And for all those aging (like me) teabaggers who don’t want the “gummint” meddling in heath care… are they giving up their Medicare benefits?

    The Republicans were heavily against that when it was passed under Johnson.

  480. LOVE IT!!! This is great.
    Thank you!

  481. Oh and on the tea people…… We are beginning to know a little more about that movement, there has been some serious studies published lately.
    The consensus, at this time, is they aren’t very well organized, they are corporately funded (but what political party isn’t these days) they are either registered republican’s or republican’s who became fed up with the party moving too far left so they became “independents”. Most of the members have either never voted for a democrat or seldom voted for a democrat. Most of it’s members are not new to politics and have voted in at least 1 general election. (in other words they aren’t “new voters” just now coming to the party).
    At this point in time the Tea people are much more of a threat to republican candidates and party than democrats. In fact, the tea party movement is one of the factors that makes me optimistic about my in November. I think it will ultimately help us.

  482. Jean, Yes I remember James threatening you a while back. As I said, that is when I declared him a “nut case” and certainly not someone worth carrying on a conversation with.
    I hesitated to bring it up but decided Donna (and all others who were not here then) needed to know a little history about this guy. BTW I have a feeling “Ann” is his “e-friend”.

    You are correct about polls. Trends, and not specific numbers, can be useful and comparisons can be informative. But specific poll numbers any further than 2 weeks out of an election are not terribly accurate in predicting anything. Anyone who declares “they were right” in their predictions on the polls, at this point in time, or uses Obama’s numbers today as some sort of “proof” that he (and his issues) aren’t popular, are just woefully ignorant individuals when it comes to politics. I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with his numbers ,,,, all things considered. I am sure we will lose seats in November, the majority party always does in off elections and I am sure this year will be no different but I am optimistic AT THIS TIME it won’t be the blood bath FOX NEWS predicts. We are damn well better off now that we passed healthcare. Dems voter intensity has gone up something like 13 percent since that legislation passed. November is a life time away, we will have to wait until August before we will be able to better “predict” anything.

    Jsri, kudos to your grandson!!!!! My oldest daughter looked at Trulane as well! Great school, he will have a wonderful experience there I am sure! It has a great poly sci department. James Caravel teaches a few classes there. My daughter is majoring in business (supply chain management) so she ultimately decided to do her under grad at a college known for it’s business college, it worked out well because it is within a 100 mile radius of Momma.. ;)


  483. Helen, have I told you lately that I love you?

  484. Hi Congenial Gang and Poolman,

    Don’t get me started on Kaho’olawe and American Imperialism in the take over of Hawaii. One of these days maybe, but for now,


    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  485. Hi Congenial Gang and jsri,

    Congratulations to your grandson!!! He is, I am sure, a fine young man with his head screwed on straight. I think you, your wife and his parents also deserve credit for raising him with the set of values he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

    Also I believe he is more representative of his generation than many people think. There are plenty of good kids out there who never look for or receive recognition. They are too busy living their lives.

    Again, congratulations to all of you!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  486. Don’t think our soldiers are merely disposable pawns? We will spend billions on weapons systems and intelligence, but little concern is given for the people that fight our wars for us. Remember our lack of adequate armor for our troops when we first invaded Iraq. Remember Rumsfeld stating you go to war with the army you have…

    If we really value our young men and women in the service, we would bring them home.

  487. JeanΔ ¥ on April 18, 2010 at 9:23 PM

    I looked over Poolman’s piece just a while ago. I don’t always follow every argument or link, I just don’t have the time. However, the lower sperm counts may be related more to stress hormone problems than the uranium but the issue I’d have with Uranium may have more to do with whether it is radioactive and the possible mutagenic consequences. Though depleted Uranium has less U-235 than natural Uranium, it still has a trace amount of the radioactive isotope.

  488. lori on April 18, 2010 at 6:43 PM

    Lori. like you I have faith that many members of the younger generation will pull away from today’s cultural vacuum and its money grubbing criminal class. Our oldest grandson attended a prestigious local private school until the tenth grade but finally got tired of constantly watching kids who believed that they could buy privilege and recognition instead of earning them. He transferred to a local public exam school because he wanted a different academic and cultural experience. But there was a price attached to his decision. The two schools used different grading systems and his transferred grads were marked down when calculating his class standing. This is a kid who had combined SAT’s in the upper 2300’s and included an 800 in math. He acts as a volunteer math tutor because he sees kids struggling to master the subject. Some have offered to pay him for his efforts but he does it for free because he happens to appreciate what they are going through and admires their determination.

    When he applied to colleges this year he was rejected by Stanford and UPenn (each had more than 30,000 applications) but was accepted at 7 other upper tier schools. He chose Tulane, – for a number of reasons. First, they accepted him for entry into their honors program and offered him a substantial financial aid package. And while most schools called for an early declaration of a major, the Tulane honors program offers a series of special courses that allow students to be exposed to a variety of issues generally reserved for advanced classes. This is ideal for him because he does not yet have a field of study in his sights. But the clincher to his decision was found on the streets of New Orleans. While cruising through the French Quarter with his parents they came across Grandpa Elliot, a street musician who is prominently featured in the video of street musicians from around the world playing “Stand By Me”. Our son is also a jazz musician and the idea of being at the geographic center of the world of contemporary jazz music was compelling. He was also pleased to be able to have a long conversation about music with Grandpa Elliot. I don’t think music will be his collegiate field of study but I’m sure it will continue to be an important component of his adult life.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us-TVg40ExM for the Stand By Me video.

  489. gregorio, I have to disagree with your last comments. I know quite a few American kids that get real guns before they are adults, usually for hunting, but as young as 12. And the “arcade” games are for the most part violent and involve killing – even if pretend – it does have an impact on developing kids.

    Many of the foreign lands we have invaded and fought in still have unexploded ordnance that continue to kill and maim to this day. Not so in America, unless you talk about Kahoʻolawe.

    If you are one that believes Islam as a religion teaches killing, then I must disagree. It is no more or less violent than those who cling to the bible for guidance. Both religions have extreme factions that justify killing by pulling scripture out of context. The bible has some gruesome tales of death and annihilation that some believe justify today’s acts of violence against other humans.

    We have been threatening the existence of peoples more than any others have threatened our existence. At least in my view of history. Ask Native Americans, Blacks, Japanese peoples, Hawaiians, Central Americans, Vietnamese, Koreans, Russians, Iranians, Iraqis, etc.

  490. Hi Congenial Gang, Poolman, jsri, Donna and lori,

    I always enjoy your comments, Poolman. Your link of Apr. 17 at 11:47P was quite thought provoking. Did you see it, jsri? It seemed to be well documented. I wonder why some of the other media have not picked up on it. Just another example of how the military historically doesn’t give a damn about how far reaching death and destruction can be as long as they can claim “Victory!” PTSD, to say nothing of lifelong physical disabilities for vulnerable young men and women. Among the countless other such horror stories are the frightful numbers of cancers and the following birth defects as a result of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    As a matter of fact, I am now working on a project along those lines for PLCO, (Prostate, Lung, Colon and Ovarian) of the Pacific Health Research Institute. It’s a quite long-term cancer study out of Honolulu associated with the National Cancer Institute.

    There has been plenty of talk here at M&H about polls. For anyone who has worked with statistics, particularly in the social and political sciences, there is an old saw about there are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics! Any poll is nothing more than a brief snapshot in time that can change in an instant as events change. Further, any PUBLIC OPINION poll is only as good as the manipulative skill in wording the questionnaire and the targeted demographic. Politicians sometimes find them usefully in adjusting their strategies accordingly. But mostly, they just provide ‘talking points’ to try to ‘prove’ and influence political thinking. In other words, pure bullshit.

    By the way, Donna and lori, I was the target of ‘Anonymous Person’ aka ‘James’ outrage and pitiful threat to report me to the authorities a long time ago. Very old news. It was hysterically laughable and not worth my time to tell it or your time to read about it. I wrote him off way back then.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  491. Poolman
    The difference between our kids and theirs….

    Their fathers give them real guns and bullets.
    Ours give them arcade games.

    Their fathers teach them to kill as a way of life and religion.

    Our fathers taught us right from wrong..and
    to stand up to some one who would threaten
    our existence.

  492. HA! THANK YOU! I live deep in the south and am surrounded by idiots who think Rush is really smart and Sarah Palin has it all together and “surely you’re not a very good Christian if you voted for Obama.” No one has literally said that to me but they might as well have. I voted for Obama and will do so when he runs again. I may not agree with everything but so what?! I do believe that the Democratic party on the whole (not on every issue but certainly on more issues) represents WWJD. So THANKS for your words and your saying like it is!!!!

  493. Lori–you have persuaded me. I never heard about the threat to turn someone over to the authorities! But he’s not worth the time or energy to respond.

    I think McCain is done–he’ll probably be re-elected but won’t run again for President (just my bet). And I don’t think Palin will either–she’ll just continue to suck up as much money as humanly possible.

  494. Grandma Katie, yes, what on earth could the Discovery channel have been thinking? Like I told a friend, anyone who likes to tell the joke “there’s plenty of room for all animals in Alaska…right next to the mashed potatoes” is not Discovery Channel material. Not much left to discover once the plate is clean

    And Teri, yes, that’s the thought that gives me cold sweats at night.

  495. Ok two things..

    first.. IMHO… todays young people are well educated, hard working, well informed and much more politically and civic minded than they were in “my day”. When I look at my daughters and their peers I am secure in the knowledge we are gonna we just fine.

    second … Donna ….It’s been a long time since I bothered reading anything “James” posts. After announced he was going to turn one of our regular porch dwellers into the authorities he is now just on my constant ignore however after reading your comments today you seem to be spot on in your description of him. A shrink would have a field day with him. That man is one taco short of a combo plate as Helen would say……..Any second wasted in “talking” to that man is a second you will never get back.. ;)

    TY JJoe and….. namaste

  496. My oldest daughter sent me this today. It is from Huffington Post.

    Discovery Channel Insider: Sarah Palin’s Show is “a New All Time Low for Discovery”.

    Seems as tho the preview for staff and potencial ad buyers were giggling and laughing after the preview of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

  497. HJR- you ARE of course, assuming McCain is still living then. Of course, there is also the scary prospect that his pacemaker could give out IN office (if he was elected) in which case Palin would be president. Now isn’t THAT a scary thought??

  498. I’m afraid I have to agree with you, Poolman, as sad as it makes me. young people these days seem to have such fatalistic, cookie cutter notions. But if I were raising children today, I can’t say I’d want to buck the trend, either. I was always encouraged to think for myself, do what I felt was right, I grew up studying music, watching PBS, and judging things on their merit rather than their “cool factor.” As a result, I spent, and still spend, the vast majority of my time alone, being the odd man out, no one ever agreeing with me or even trying to understand why I see things the way I do. Maybe it was just the company I was keeping. I remember being in college and going to the record store with my roommate and they had the cover of the latest Paul McCartney album on display and I commented that I thought he was really cute. She grimaced at me and said “you’re weird.” They were all into Simon LeBon, Boy George or Bruce Springsteen, but surely I am not the only one in the world who ever thought Paul McCartney was cute, but it felt like it.

    It’s hard thinking for yourself and liking what you like because of merit and not because everyone else is. I guess people just don’t want their kids to be outcasts or loners. It’s a tough call, and a tough line to walk sometimes.

  499. Yes, LL that could prove just the tiniest bit problematic for him. So who will the repubs nominate to run against Obama? Ron Paul? Mmm, don’t really see that happening. Personally, I think they’re going to repeat the mistake they made in 1996 and nominate the McCain Palin team again. Just a hunch. I could be all wrong, but we’ll see.

  500. James wants to know what I read? Well, any response from a poster on a blog is probably as reliable as a “Tea Partier’s” description of his/her income and education–this is the internet, after all. However, I’d certainly stack up my reading habits against anyone’s in terms of breadth.

    As for James, my problem with him is not with his beliefs. It’s with his unfortunate need to claim “told you so! told you so!” Of course, what he normally wants to say his version of “nyah nyah” is easily discredited–but that’s not the issue. The issue is that he’s so juvenile that he does it. (and of course, there WAS that whole icky business he had with the noxious Sarah Palin.)

  501. We have raised our kids based on a series of goals and rewards, rather than gaining true knowledge and common sense. It is no wonder the result is so diverse. Goals and rewards have their place, but wisdom is the greater acheivement. One must be inspired to seek answers to the history and mysteries of this world. Without inspiration we will take the path of least resistance. That generally means parroting a strong leader or ideology. Follow the carrot…

    After decades of marketing and with the latest technology, we are all part of the matrix. Synthesized from humanity, from true reality, we wisk through check points in our life capsules. Our masters have us type-cast and mobilized: What to think. What to drive. What to eat. What to wear. What to listen to. Who to believe. Which side stands for what. How we rate with the rest of our demographic. What’s in. Or out. What the polls say. We took a survey….

    I learned army and shooting games from childhood. Good guys against the bad guys. Us vs. them. We had all kinds of “toy” weapons. Now the video games we grow up on transfer to real live battlefields, letting us take out human beings as easily as digital images. Programmed from birth in America. This generation is a product of their environment to a greater degree than heredity, imo.

  502. HoneyJoRumples…

    It may be true that Romney is the front runner, but just like in 2008, he has significant problems with his flip flopping on many issues, not the least of which having to criticize the federal health care program which is virtually identical to the one that he implemented in his home state of Mass.

  503. Amen Poolman, you’re a heavy dude.

  504. jsri- a group with no leaders is just a bunch of anarchists. In this case, anarchists with money and guns and, apparently, no fear of using those guns even if they have to wield them against the Federal Government. If they are willing to stand up to the Feds with guns, what chance do we “average” people have??

  505. Polls are like statistics- you can manipulate them to say whatever you want.

  506. James wrote: According to an April New York Times/NBC poll, Tea Party people are better educated and wealthier than the average American.

    Boy, so much for any confidence in the NYT/NBC. If the Tea baggers I have seen and heard are better educated than the “average” American I am afraid our educational system is in worse shape than I feared. The total lack of command of the basics of the English language (presumably their native language) is frightening.

  507. The Tea Party claims to be a grass roots organization, spontaneous in its origin and without designated “leaders”. And that presents a problem. When there is no leadership a group will take on all the characteristics of an unruly mob and that is exactly what is going on here. Just watch them in action. There may be some sincere and intelligent people in the mix but you would never be able to identify them based on the signs they carry and the images they project. Quoting them is positively Palinesque. If you are looking for illiterate, bumper sticker quoting yahoos elbowing one another out of the way for attention, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for intelligent political discourse, go elsewhere. Sorry Palin is not a leader, she is an opportunist who attaches herself to any fringe group that will give her space and a platform to spew her garbage. I see the Tea Party as a bizarre footnote in the future history of US politics, nothing more.

  508. Boy how I’ve missed you! I love how people want to have an upheaval after less than two years, expecting a miracle clean up of a mess that was created by a megalomaniacal 50+ yr old child allowed to run amok for 8 years, wiping his ass with the Constitution. Thank God the masses grew sick of the Psyco-billy Circus, and Thank God for truth tellers, such as yourself.

  509. Helen… great post! I’ve been following a long time, but it’s my first comment. I believe that discrimination on both the racial and religious front is truly behind the teabaggers…and most of them are from my generation. They kinda shut up in the 60’s except to their best friends and those of a like minded nature, and now they’re all hepped about having themselves “a forum”. No doubt, most, if not all, were in favor of the war-that-never-had-a-cause-to-be-started.


  510. Happy Sunday everyone. I hope today finds everyone in good health.

    Donna, you and James are pretty much on opposite ends of the political spectrum and neither will concede to the other on any issue, from what I have seen. And that is okay. Diversity actually strengthens us. As long as we can remain civil, it can be a positive thing. I, for one, admire independent thinkers, those that don’t merely parrot the party they profess to be a part of.

    James, as far as 2004, I think it was more a case of voter fraud by the RNC that gave the election to Bush rather than the attacks waged against Kerry. I had previously provided links to that in one of previous posts. If you google Mike Connell to find out who he was, what he did, and how he was disposed of, you will see what extremes the parties will go to maintain power.

    The reality is that what we, as a nation, did in Vietnam was to start a war with them based on a lie. Those we fought there were people that were trying to throw off the occupiers and oppressors from their land. What we did was actually equal to genocide.

    The Imperialist French passed the gauntlet to the American Imperialists. America sold its citizens a bill of goods and rallied our fears behind a guise of stopping the spread of communism. There was NO just or righteous cause for that conflict. I am sure that reality haunts you, for you seem to have a strong conscience. I posted this link before, but here it is again. I don’t know if you are still on dial up or not. I know you were having difficulty viewing videos. However with the FOIA, this is easy to research today.

    We do not seem to learn from our mistakes. Our government can still manipulate us into going to war and call it just. We are still occupiers of other lands. We are all expendable pawns in the games of those that control our lives.

  511. I don’t know, LL, Mitt Romney seems like the front runner, but how many Americans would be jazzed for the country to become a coast to coast Salt Lake City? I don’t want to generalize, but it seems the LDS church is not real big on separation of church and state, since in Utah, the Mormon church IS the state to a large extent. BYU just lost their star football player because they were bringing him up on an honor code violation. He chose to leave the school and the team rather than go through the hearing process etc. which could mean he cheated on a test, smoked a joint or had a beer, but since his girlfriend also left the school after being brought up on the same honor code violation, I’m guessing it was the no premarital sex thing. Do we really want a President who thinks it’s a good idea to shame good kids out of college for having premarital sex? Romney attended BYU, by the way. It’s not a leap to assume he agrees with and supports their policies.

  512. Just for the record, I don’t think all teabaggers are stupid. Don’t get me wrong, some certainly are. But some aren’t. After all, Kenneth Lay, Jeff Skilling and Lou Pi were by all accounts “the smartest guys in the room” and they would be teabaggers today if Kenny boy hadn’t died, Jeff weren’t in the fed pen, and Pi hadn’t vanished into the mist with $250 million worth of Enron employee pensions. They weren’t stupid at all. Just sociopathic.

  513. Paste… hey Ann? I thought you wanted to have a “discussion,” not just a hit and run post…

    Where did ya go, honey?

  514. If I thought that the Tea partiers were a real grass roots movement, I might be worried about them as a political party… too bad they really are astro turf…


    and since you are talking about polls, as if they mean anything, the website five thirty eight has an interesting poll out that Obama would beat any Republican in 2012 except a generic candidate…

  515. Go away annoying one!

    The Republicans are blocking any Banking Reform!


  516. One parting shot, Donna. So I am ignorant am I?

    We read and subscribe to Time, Scientific American, Weatherwise, Atlantic, US News and World Report, The Omaha World Herald, the Sioux City Journal, farm magazines, The Smithsonian, National Geographic, a rural newsletter, professional journals, the American Legion magazine, and my wife reads Redbook, Better Homes and Gardens and similar magazines.

    I also read stories and articles on line. My wife and I are speed readers, and we read books too. What about you Donna? I won’t be visiting to read what you write, but perhaps you can share your reading habits with the others. Can you read without moving your lips? Do you roll around on the floor laughing as you read? Do you knock over lamps often? Considering your posts, maybe that is too much to ask.

  517. and you continue to be a preening jackass. Is there a reason it’s so important for you to feel that you are “right?” You really are a sad, dreary soul.

    I’m very comfortable with my view–which is based on significant empirical evidence–that the “Tea Partiers” are easily led, not terribly bright, ill-informed dolts.

  518. Donna, other polls have shown conclusions similar to the one the New York Times/ NBC conducted. Some have placed the percentage of Tea Party identifiers as high as 38% with an even higher approval rating. Were all of those pollsters and the people they interviewed lying too?

    So what if 63% of the interviewed get their news from Fox? ( I don’t, by the way. I also know our taxes went down this year.) A majority of Americans believe Fox is more trustworthy than the other news organs, and ratings support that poll too.

    You have no clue about the Tea Parties. Attend one and see for yourself, as I have. They are mostly too conservative for me, but they are basically good people who don’t deserve the slurs and race baiting directed against them. Attack their beliefs, not them as people.

    And don’t put words in my mouth. As a rule, they are not “urbane, intellectual or upper class.” They are better educated and probably smarter than average. They also earn more money than most. More importantly, such people are likely to vote.

    You’re right I am smug. Up till now, most of my predictions have come true. Through hard work, good decisions, and luck, my wife and I have done very well for ourselves in other ways.

    MavinA, John Kerry’s defeat was the only political race of my life to make me gloat. I gloated because as George McGovern said many in the anti -war movement wanted us to lose in Vietnam. Kerry also defamed we Vietnam era veterans, and some of the Vietnamese I knew died because of how our government abandoned them.

    Since many Kerry supporters were of the right age, and had at least sympathized with the anti- war movement his loss caused them emotional pain. That is a fact, because I know some of them. They deserved to suffer emotionally in return for what they inflicted on others. After two hours of gloating, I forgave them.

    So you quietly relished watching Democrats take Congressional seats from the Republicans… And well you should have. After their performance, they deserved to lose.

  519. [...] Margaret and Helen – April 15, 2010 Margaret, please tell Howard that I love him because he loves you.  But that is about all the reaching across the aisle that I can handle.  A few years back, millions of people across this nation and across the globe marched for peace.  George Bush ignored us and we had to endure his lazy ass being in the White House for eight years. [...]

  520. Another great rant Helen keep’m coming.

    Presnit Palin doesn’t understand why her orders aren’t being obeyed.

  521. So true, Helen. Thanks for the post.
    I remember crying foul when Al Gore lost to GWB, per the Supreme Court. I took my cue from Mr. Gore, who conceded gracefully. I kept my mouth shut for four years.
    After GWB got elected AGAIN, my heart was in the gutter for another four years (though I did quietly relish watching the Democrats take more Senate and Representative seats.)
    I didn’t gloat when “my” candidate won the presidency. I knew that many voters did not agree with the Democrats’ positions on issues. But I have been shocked by the animosity, unwillingness to meet half-way, and lack of desire to come together as fellow citizens. And THAT’S just the elected Republicans. Their own perceived impotence in Washington and sore-loser mentality has trickled down to the masses. I don’t feel Republican Legislators are so much reflecting the views of their constituency as they are trying to keep the pot stirred for their own re-elections.
    Just my two cents.

  522. oh–1% of the supposedly “well educated and informed” Tea Party folks answered “I don’t know” to the question of whether they were or had ever been married. The less informed had no problem with that.

    Putting aside the statistical issues, perhaps it’s worth thinking for a moment about how reliable a poll is with respect to education or personal income–this was pure self-reporting with no verification.

    And let us not forget that most of those who are so busy bustling around and protesting supposedly claim that their taxes are fair. In the same survey.

    Oh, this is rich. A guest appearance by James to smugly advise us of those urbane, intellectual, upperclass Tea Partiers.

  523. I am on the floor laughing. That interpretation of the famous “poll” has been repeatedly and thoroughly discredited. What is more significant are the results that 63% of those who identify themselves as aligned with the Tea Party also identify their principal source of information as
    Fox News.

    James–you were a sad and misguided soul when you regularly posted here. Now that you leap in with your supposed “aha!” moment, it is abundently clear that you are unchanged. Continue to spout your drivel–you simply validate the perception of you as willfully ignorant.

  524. An e friend who lurked here told me you were coming unhinged, so I checked.

    According to an April New York Times/NBC poll, Tea Party people are better educated and wealthier than the average American. Traits include:

    18% of Americans surveyed consider themselves to be Tea Party People

    Most believe Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President

    They blame Congress (not just Bush or Obama) for our economic problems.

    They don’t like Obama and think he cares more for poor people than the middle class.

    90% compared to 60% of the general population think America is headed in the wrong direction, especially as it relates to employment.

    Their major issues are health care, the economy, and the deficit.

    Their alleged racism is such a lie that a blogger still has a standing reward for anyone with video or audio proof.

    Several groups used plants in an attempt to paint the movement as racist and extreme. They failed, as did some reporters looking for nuts.

    The Tea Party is a manifestation of the Democrats’ shift to the left of a majority of Americans who tend to be center right.

    Other polls show them to be more popular than either political party. Republicans and Democrats have reason to fear them, and that is a good thing.

    I know how Obama could use them to help him win a second term without ignoring or demonizing them. Do you? Look at yourselves.

    “Paranoia strikes deep
    Into your life it will creep
    It starts when you’re always afraid
    There’s battle lines being drawn
    Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.
    …A thousand people in the street
    Singing songs and they’re carrying signs
    Mostly say ‘hooray for our side.”

    “For What its Worth” Buffalo Springfield

    And they clean up after themselves.

    Have a nice day. I will.

  525. Hi Congenial Gang,

    This is way, way, way off topic, but I’m sure you have all been hearing about the volcano in Iceland that is wreaking havoc with air travel all over Europe and beyond. I imagine this will continue for quite some time. What are they gonna do now? Build a bridge across the Atlantic? Or maybe dig a tunnel like the chunnel under the pond?

    We have a lil’ ole volcano out here on the Big Island of Hawaii, about 500 miles southeast of us. It has been erupting for over twenty years. As long as we have the Trade Winds from the northeast, the islands are OK but when we lose them and the winds from the southwest come up over the island chain, look out. They bring what is called “vog” out here, similar to “smog”. It is a combination of ash and gasses, especially sulfur dioxide. In high concentrations, sulfur dioxide is a deadly poisonous gas. Fortunately, by the time is gets here, the vog has dissipated quite a bit but we can still feel it burning our eyes and throats sometimes. People with respiratory problems are advised to stay indoors with the air conditioning on. (What air conditioning.) I’m very glad we didn’t decide to live on the Big Island.

    We flew over the volcano one time in a helicopter. We could feel the heat of it on the floor of the chopper. I looked down into the caldron and it was like watching an enormous red pot on the stove, boiling away. Every few minutes, flumes would shoot up like geysers. I thought about it for a minute and it seemed as if I were looking down into the jaws of HELL. I decided maybe I had better change my wicked ways!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  526. So eloquently stated! Many thanks.

  527. Another under-reported consequence of our aggression. Yeah, we know what we’re doing. We are our own worse enemy, folks. All you soldiers, aid workers, and contractors visiting war zones…I hope you did not want to have decendants. You may be out of luck. How’s that for a terror threat? Sure, we are the most intelligent life form. Ha! Silly humans. This is so apropos. And we wonder why our biggest warmongers never set foot on the battlefield.

  528. A government can be controlled by our votes.

    If the right wing has their way, corporations will not be controlled by anything at all.

    If the hypothesis is that they both want to control my life – Which one should I be more afraid of, again?

    I think I know the answer to that one.

  529. T.E.A. Party Logic :wink:

  530. gregorio- had to do something to keep from getting massively depressed by the mess GW & his cronies were making of this country.

  531. Teri..
    I think you need some more time in your
    ” abstract and semi-realistic realms.”

  532. gregorio…”you’re” a contraction of “you are.” Look it up.

  533. Lori at 1:14 had the following post: It was so well done, I am reposting it!!!

    Thanks Lori
    Just to set the record straight on President Obama’s approval ratings.


    Gallup 04/14 – 04/16 1547 A 46 46 Tie
    Rasmussen Reports 04/14 – 04/16 1500 LV 45 54 -9
    Associated Press/GfK 04/07 – 04/12 1001 A 49 50 -1
    CNN/Opinion Research 04/09 – 04/11 1008 A 51 47 +4
    CBS News/NY Times 04/05 – 04/12 1580 A 50 40 +10
    FOX News 04/06 – 04/07 900 RV 43 48 -5
    GWU/Battleground 04/05 – 04/08 1000 LV 50 47 +3

    If you take out the TWO repug POLLS – Rassie and FOX out.. Obama ranges from 46-51 approval. Even with them IN it only goes down to 43.

    Anyone who really wants to understand the facts and wants to have an intelligent conversation/comment about the President’s approval rating and polls might want to look at where ole Ronnie boy was at this time in his presidency.


    I am pretty sure he is considered a fairly popular President (in the radical right’s mind at least).

    And just for shits and giggles take a gander at SP’s ratings….. I’m just sayin…..


    You betcha… ;)

  534. Oh, and p.s., I just couldn’t resist – I think you meant “I be you’re good” not “your good.” ;-) But if you’ll not be petty with me, I’ll not be petty with you. The choice is yours. And yes, I mean “yours” and not “your’s.” Look it up.

  535. “I bet your good at anagrams as well.

    Look it up.”

    LOL wow, again, amazed that you actually think I would need to look it up, or that you would think I would be insulted by it. It says much more about your ability to open your eyes and really see the world around than mine.

  536. Christina brings up some talking points that don’t get addressed often enough, either. Black people would never rise up against their messiah. It’s that line of thinking that caused the RNC to make such a horrible mistake in hiring the incredibly foolish, arrogant, incompetent Michael Steele. Well, he’s black, we’ll get some black folks on our side, too. How unbelievably small minded can you get? They assume blacks voted for Obama solely because he’s black. And ah yes, of course the tea baggers aren’t racist!! They call Obama a monkey and compare him to a witch doctor because it’s funny!! Doesn’t have anything to do with race!! I think they used the same argument for Amos and Andy.

    And the whole taking money away from people who work hard and giving it to those who do not work hard. I guess they think the single mom who waits tables for 12 hours a day, working split and double shifts to make ends meet, doesn’t work hard? I caught an episode of Undercover Boss on tv the other night and loved seeing the big fat cat CEO of the company who thought he was such a go-getter going undercover in his own company and getting worked under the table by the a-few-bucks-above-minimum-wage folks that make his company hum. He even got fired from one position for messing up too badly. Fired from his own company!! He was moved by the story of one employee who was fired from his last job because he called in sick the day his daughter was still born and who had put his wedding to his fiance on hold so they could buy the burial plots next to their daughter first. The CEO popped for their wedding. I wish every rich fat cat who thinks only lazy people who don’t work hard are the folks who want health care reform could spend some time lazing about waiting tables, checking groceries, digging ditches, working an assembly line, or keeping an office humming in an administrative support position, and living on the corresponding paycheck. Then they might get it through their head that rich fat cats aren’t always more hard working. Sometimes they are just more blessed. A little humility and gratitude would go a long way with some of those folks.

  537. But I’m much more interested in how Gregorio put the “White House” in quotes

    I bet your good at anagrams as well.

    Look it up.

  538. Ah, the old stand by conceited, condescending “you DO read, don’t you?” ploy. Well, it’s interesting to see what erroneous assumptions the teabaggers make. Unlike Sarah Palin, I can actually answer this simple question with more than just “ummms” and “uhhhhhs”. I actually am employed in a line of work that requires me to be well read and very up on current events. I read as much Time and Newsweek as I can, thought I admit not as much as I’d like, but there are only 24 hours in a day, I skim USA Today every once in a while but it’s usually too fluffy for my purposes. IN addition, I read several respectable internet sites for news stories that can lead me anywhere from the New York Times online to TMZ. I watch CNN, MSNBC, and yes, Fixed news. They have it on at work all the time. So I know that when, for example, Gretchen Carlson said she did her own “crack” research and found only two car sales under the provisions of the Cash for Clunkers policy were reimbursed by the program, I knew that was bullshit and that it was actually 2 PERCENT, or slightly over 100 car sales.

    But I’m much more interested in how Gregorio put the “White House” in quotes, and what his purpose could be. Perhaps to say that the house couldn’t possibly be white with black people living in it? But I’m sure he’ll be very fast on the draw to claim how unprejudiced he is. Or maybe he’ll be a little more honest like Malcome and say “well, sure I’m prejudiced, but that doesn’t have anything to do with it!!” LOL So entertaining!!

  539. Short, sweet and to the point. Great blog entry.

  540. http://www.gallup.com/home.aspx

  541. Voters Currently Divided on Second Obama Term
    April 16, 2010
    Voters Currently Divided on Second Obama Term
    U.S. registered voters currently are closely divided on whether President Barack Obama deserves re-election, with 46% saying he does and 50% saying he does not.

  542. You always raise my spirits.
    I keep forgetting to check in with you.

  543. As for the latest entry, more of the same. LibertyLover above is a must read. To paraphrase in a short sentence, government services don’t come free. Now, I do have issues with waste, myself. I am totally against spending $800 for a toilet seat that would cost $20 elsewhere because a defense contractor is billing us for it and we agree to pay it. I would like for my government to start working on the wasteful spending by following some simple rules followed in the private sector. Do some research before agreeing to contract for goods and services and do reform the bidding process. Use some common sense in dealing with money entrusted to your care. And most of all Congress, stop working for lobbyists!

  544. HoneyJoRumples, I admire one who tries to reason with the unreasonable.

  545. “This is the biggest load of crap that I have read lately! We are not over Bush, or Roosevelt or Hoover or Carter or the rest. Our entire government has progressively become corrupt. They are all making money, screwing up everything that that are elected to do and we actually applaud them????? Sorry- none of them are good as far as I am concerned. They are rich and becoming richer. They steal, connive and change the rules behind closed doors and we applaud them?

    When are some of you going to wake up and see that we have not elected men/women of any moral worth and that all of them should be thrown out.

    May I also add that Bush had the same Congress that Obama has- it is really the fault of Congress.

    Hate the racial overtures! Instead of repeating what you see on CNN, look at the real peole behind the tea revolt. Most are white because that is just how it is. Most blacks would not revolt against their messiah. However, there is a growing number of blacks getting involved.

    Black or white he is a novice at this- is selling us down the river, kisses ass, reduced our armaments and ignores our friends. He has also put us in more debt and has taken over your health. All of them have screwed up Medicare, SS, the Post Office etc. yet- many of you want them to run your “health”?

    I for one do not feel safe with this nice mixed race man. He is taking money from those that earned it and wants to give it to those that did not. If you like that– so be it. For us New Yorkers, he is taking from Wall Street and giving to whom?

    Sorry- we will never have peace. Hasn’t had it since the caveman. It is wise to want peace and at the same time prepare to defend your land. Who doesn’t want peace? We all do, but history has proved over and over that the likes of Chavez, Cuba or Iran do not change their colors. Do you really think that they are going to change because we are nice? If you think so, there is a bridge for sale in NY.

    We are not belly aching– simply tired of paying taxes to thieves and we hate big government. Guess that you all want to have the government rule your lives and have the IRS manage your health. Don’t you realize that the executive branch is getting larger and larger? Are you Ok with that?

    This is exactly how our political system works. Sometimes your party is in and sometimes it is out. Your party is currently out. So shut the hell up and deal with it. How can you be so complacent with our system? It started out with good intent. However, it has become what the Founding Fathers feared. Before commenting, read some History books!

    Once again- it is not the party- It is all of them! How can you possibly like the fact that they screw up and tell us to sacrifice, while they have all of the perks??? Beats me!

    Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all for a group of disgruntled

    If you look at the facts on Fox (mix it up a bit, get enlightened- you like to be fed from one source?) In fact- you do not need the media- it is all around. This country is a mess and we are stupid enough to defend those that made the mess. You are a puppet, following the puppet masters. How inane!

  546. You have to admit that when the Health Care Bill was in the ER ..there was not too much commotion from the left. It seems mobilization is one of the parts lacking on the democratic side.
    You all are great to leave everything status quo.
    You get complacent and are happy just knowing that your secure in your little world of entitlements.
    The conservative movement and Tea Party however has energized a great deal many more participants than were active in the last election.
    You will have to get back in the saddle, community organize..have a few more rolled up the sleeve Obama sermons in order to get ya motivated..still I think the numbers are against you. Time and summer will tell. That along with the economy. If it goes in the tank ..woe be the democrats in charge of piggy banks.
    AS for the polls. Obama still does not have the
    numbers nor “wow” factor he had when he entered the “white house”. And I must say he has done well off his little book.
    How many of you all made 5 million $ plus last year? Well he did, and he made it off you.

  547. Hey, HoneyJo–you obviously threaten poor sad Gregorio. Ironic that he, who has yet to post an original thought, would attempt to characterize you in the same way. Projection at its most juvenile.

  548. HoneyJoRumples
    After you keep drinking from the same well and reading the same comics..the story and taste get a little old, do they not?
    Perhaps you should read something that could perhaps give you a different view of things.
    What would your response be to the question of what do you read for news?
    Time, NewsWeek,USA Today,NY Times.
    You do read?

  549. Amen, Helen!
    I hope you don’t mind, I have copied your words to send to many of my “friends” who have bombarded me with racial jokes some of which I am ashamed to know they would send.

  550. LibertyLover, I really appreciated your well reasoned response to Ann. I agree with you 100 percent.

    Poolman, as usual, loved your response too. What we should really worry about is corporate America, with it’s big hold on our elected officials.

  551. Just to set the record straight on President Obama’s approval ratings.


    Gallup 04/14 – 04/16 1547 A 46 46 Tie
    Rasmussen Reports 04/14 – 04/16 1500 LV 45 54 -9
    Associated Press/GfK 04/07 – 04/12 1001 A 49 50 -1
    CNN/Opinion Research 04/09 – 04/11 1008 A 51 47 +4
    CBS News/NY Times 04/05 – 04/12 1580 A 50 40 +10
    FOX News 04/06 – 04/07 900 RV 43 48 -5
    GWU/Battleground 04/05 – 04/08 1000 LV 50 47 +3

    If you take out the TWO repug POLLS – Rassie and FOX out.. Obama ranges from 46-51 approval. Even with them IN it only goes down to 43.

    Anyone who really wants to understand the facts and wants to have an intelligent conversation/comment about the President’s approval rating and polls might want to look at where ole Ronnie boy was at this time in his presidency. http://www.pollster.com/blogs/obama_as_reagan_contd.php

    I am pretty sure he is considered a fairly popular President (in the radical right’s mind at least).

    And just for shits and giggles take a gander at SP’s ratings….. I’m just sayin…..


    You betcha… ;)

  552. Good Day fellow porch dwellers. Ah, so nice to “see” youse guys (my NJ origin) this morning.
    May the Almighty shine His brilliance and grace upon all who pass by this thread, I pray. Lift Ann in her depression and let her see glimmers of Your hope and light. Sometimes that’s all we get if we hide under the porch. But any light is better than zero visibility, for sure.

    Gregorio is our local rock thrower. But that’s okay, it does bring out the passion in many. It does help keep the pond from stagnating somewhat. Every once in awhile he adds a positive gem to the stream.

    I recall several times as a child taking as big boulder as we could and rolling it from a tall river bank, like a cliff, to see the huge splash they would make in the water below.


    If you wait until all the fish are calm and then drop it off, they would scatter in all directions. From overhead, you felt such a power over the unsuspecting life swimming below. Of course, after the first rock, the inhabitants were well aware of our existence. It sure wouldn’t be a good spot to fish for the rest of that day, in the least. Experimenting with power and disruption is part of a boy’s upbringing. For the others whose lives we crossed, we left them with wariness and fear, survival skills learned by all who travel this earthly plane.

    Have a blessed day! :grin:

  553. HoneyJo and ddddd: Great job!

  554. gregorio- Wow… bad jokes bad rebuttals….

    “What are your views of the unraveling of President Obama’s popularity?”

    I personally hate polls myself. They do not represent the entirety of the views of our nation. Obama was elected by a bunch of people ie.. college students, normal dems etc… who most likely would not have had a chance to participate in these so called polls due to their accessibility to pollsters.

    With that being said, people are scared by idiots like Sarah Palin saying they are gonna kill your grandma. People are scared of the economy. People do not understand what 8 years of Bush did to this country. People do not understand the value of maintenence. What people do not understand scares them.
    The actual bill is on the whitehouse.gov site. Its long and actually painful if you are gonna read through it. I admit I didn’t read it thoroughly, but I did skim it. I dont see much wrong with it.

    If people would get real facts instead of depending on Faux News for their information it would help. Polls are innacurate big time due to accessibility of segments of the population. Time will tell as far as the consequences of the bill. Of course it all depends on how the bill is enforced in the future. I am glad that insurance companies can no longer discriminate against my pre-existing condition.

    As long as the sum of the whole is greater, I don’t really give a rats ass about Obama’s so-called popularity. I don’t think anyone else here does either. He is doing good for this country. I see what he is trying to accomplish and I admire his aggressive agenda. The only problem I see is the house and senate bickering like little schoolgirls and cheapening the agenda…. with the repugs being the party of HELL no and the Dems not being able to take advantage and get some of those Hell nos off the table better….. I would like to think that our elected officials would take a higher road than that….. but nah.. its more fun to scare people for political gain.

  555. Well Donna, I think as long as they insist on hanging around we might as well have a little fun deconstructing them.

    Why would a person tell hateful, insulting jokes to an audience he knows won’t find them funny at all? I think people like Gregorio come here because they enjoy being angry. I think they enjoy the adrenaline rush of it. They enjoy attacking people who disagree with them and trying to make them angry. Again, I guess it gives them kind of a power rush to think they made someone angry. I think on some level they know they are not going to change anyone’s mind, so that’s not really their purpose. They really just enjoy the sound of their own voiced pontificating. They actually believe their nonsense, which is quite amazing, but gives a really good insight into the kind of people they are. I mean, “the unraveling of Obama’s approval ratings?” LOL Because he’s below 50%? Take about a Fox talking point. When he gets below 30% like Bush did in the last year, then we’ll talk about unraveling approval ratings. I saw Chris Matthews interviewing some teabagger a week or so ago and every point he brought up about the appalling behavior they displayed, spitting on people and shouting racial and homophobic epithets, and all she could do was whine “you mean like when the democrats….” like some junior high school bully whose only defense is “I saw them do it first!!” They think two wrongs can actually make a right, they don’t really believe in being the bigger person, and they think hate is justified. Like one saying “JUST because I don’t like black people that doesn’t mean I hold his blakcness against Obama.” Without even being capable of seein ghow utterly conveluted this logic is. Like I said, kind of like the Nazis saying “just because we don’t like Jews…” Really quite amazing how singular their thinking is and how deluded they can be.

    They are compassionless, xenophobic, myopic people at heart who have a hard time thinking outside the box. I’ve read studies that show that people who are very linear in their thinking and aren’t very good at abstract thought are more drawn to the republican party and conservative movements. They like the idea of winners and loser rather than “every child gets a cookie.” They’re not so good with the concepts of fairness and sacrifice. They believe in giving the starving man a fish when it suits them, not really caring that he’s hungry again as soon as that fish is digested, but teaching him how to fish is too much bother. Let him figure out how to fish on his own.

    I personally find the conservative mind fascinating in its smallness. I like it when they come here and allow me to examine them up close and get a good look at what and who they really are.

  556. By your leave Princess…….

  557. Thank you! I thought having more women in politics would make things better, but Bachmann and Palin are such dumbasses I’d like to send them out to pasture…at the funny farm. I swear, if we’d said some of that crap they’re getting by with when Bush was in office, Dick Cheney would have shot us in the face.

  558. I post when I have something to say and have no need to do so otherwise.

    In my view, this is simply more of the same: There are many people who are very happy with the President and how he is handling the position. There are others who buy the misinformation being put out by Fox et al. An unfortunate but unavoidable byproduct of the First Amendment.

    Your jokes really aren’t at all funny and I wonder why you continue to subject others to them.

  559. Donna, I appreciate your concern for implicating me with someone else’s persona.
    Otherwise, where have you been?
    It’s been a long time.
    What are your views of the unraveling of President Obama’s popularity?

  560. And Amen to you Libertylover.

  561. Dear Helen,
    Thank you for posting again. Sorry I didn’t know you had until today, but thankful that today I had time to read all the excellent posts from your loyal readers. I just skipped all the nutjobs.

  562. T. Barron and Malcome – OMG I love these posts. Demonstrates so clearly what’s at the bottom of the whole teabagging mentality. Malcome is kind of like Hitler saying “just because I don’t like Jews doesn’t mean….” OMG.

    I just love sitting here on the porch and watching them show us what they’re really all about. And reveling in the knowledge that the only people they are fooling are themselves. But in their defense, that’s pretty easy to do, apparently.

  563. EXCELLENT Libertylover!

  564. good morning, all! Gregorio is either the not-at-all-missed Craig or was separated from him at birth. You have the stupid jokes. You have the repetitive posts. You have everything but “Craig’s” erratic capitalizations. Clearly, the same sort of stunted “pay attention to me” crapola.

  565. President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 4/17/10

    What Wall Street Reform Will Mean


  566. Hi Congenial Gang, Poolman, LibertyLover and Dawn,

    Your rebuttals to Ann were magnificent!!! Well thought out, intelligent and beautifully informed. I and many other porch dwellers I’m sure thank you and applaud you. Keep it up!

    Just as you have demonstrated that you do, I research from many different sources both domestic and from abroad beside various TV commentaries as well as newspapers and magazines we subscribe to: “Scientific American”, “Opera News”, “National Geographic”, “Business News” and “U.S. News and World Report”, not “People Magazine”. Plus a wide variety of reference books in our personal library. Only occasionally do I visit Wikipedia to cross reference. We have a number of international friends on the scene in other countries with whom we e mail back and forth. M&H is my only blog. I’ve never been to ‘Twitter’. I have never attended a Tea Party rally, but I think I get the general idea.

    And oh yes, I read books, remember those, Ann? As a retired Old Broad, I have more leisure than lots of people and severe spinal stenosis that requires several ‘rest periods’ a day. So I read.

    Perhaps Ann, you have stepped in it……big time. We can accept your humble apology if offered.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  567. This woman i s the best. She nailed this thing months ago. Scroll by if you already read this but I am about to cut and paste a post from Helen a few months ago just as a refresher. Helen is the bomb and one hell of a writer:

    Margaret, I know it has been a few years since we last made the trip across the pond, but I was wondering if anyone is still alive in Europe? I watched a little bit of Fox News this weekend and I’m afraid everyone in Europe might have died from lack of access to healthcare. What a shame. They had such delicious food and beautiful art.

    I am not sure when it happened but the base of the Republican party either got lazy or stupid or both… or maybe they always were. It took me only a few minutes of research on the internet to learn that America spends more on healthcare than any other wealthy nation and yet we don’t live longer or have better health outcomes. So unless we just enjoy making health insurance companies rich, all those tea party morons need to use the internet for something other than ordering their penis enhancement pills.

    Exactly how expensive does healthcare have to get before we decide to have an honest, meaningful conversation about this? Rush is out there talking about how this will keep you from getting your next raise. I’ve got news for you Rush. Maybe not for you, but for the rest of the world it already has. Sixty-two percent of all bankruptcies filed in 2007 were linked to medical expenses and almost all of those individuals had health insurance. About 1.5 million families lose their homes to foreclosure every year due to unaffordable medical costs. Over the last few years, health insurance costs for small businesses have increased by over 100%.

    But let’s not get lost in the numbers. What we are talking about here is access to healthcare. We are talking about mothers and fathers losing their homes and their life savings trying to save their children. We are talking about families helping a loved one to fight cancer. We are talking about people suffering with diabetes, asthma and AIDS. We are not talking about death panels and for God’s sakes we are not talking about Nazi Germany. We are talking about tending to the sick and the poor… does that sound familiar to anyone? You Value Voters out there claim to read the Bible. Maybe you should crack the cover on that one again. You are so damn worried about who is marrying who and what immigrant is getting the best shift at the Taco Bell, but God forbid someone’s suffering doesn’t come with a price tag…

    Honestly, if I could , I would put the entire Republic party over my knee and give them a good spanking. What does it say about our country if the biggest debate of the decade is no longer about the two wars we are fighting but rather about preventing children and families from having access to affordable healthcare? I’ll tell you what it says to me. It says the Christian Right never really was and Value Voters aren’t very valuable.

    Let me spell it out for you:

    Sarah Palin is worried about death squads. I think she should spend a little more time worrying about getting at least one child into college.

    Rush Limbaugh is worried about Socialism. That’s a big word for a college drop out, but isn’t it nice when such a wealthy person shows so much concern for poor little us. I wonder if he’ll spend a little of his $400 million contract and write you ditto heads a check when you can’t afford your hospital bills.

    Dick Cheney has had four heat attacks. He underwent four-vessel coronary artery bypass grafting in 1988, coronary artery stenting in November 1994, and urgent coronary balloon angioplasty in December 1994. He has been treated for popliteal artery aneurysms, deep-vein thrombosis, atrial fibrillation, and most recently back problems. I wonder what his out-of-pocket expenses were. I wonder if he even cares?

    Universal Healthcare in the wealthiest country on earth should have been a no brainer. And speaking of a no brainer…

    Michele Bachman thinks healthcare reform is unconstitutional. I think Michelle Bachmann is as nutty as a fruit cake. Or as we say down here in Texas – Michele is one taco short of a combo plate. She is a few fries short of a happy meal. Her elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor. Her cord is too short to reach the outlet. The wheel might be spinning but the hamster is dead.

    That woman just isn’t right in the head. I mean it. Really.

  568. paste

    You suck

  569. paste I am a concerned citizen as well. I love this country. I have never supported the WAR, not ever, still don’t. I say the best way to support our troops is to bring them home NOW, and take care of them, all of them (That will also increase your taxes) I’m not unpatriotic, I have a difference of opinion. Unfortunately, I was right, there were no weapons of mass destruction. A teabagger acquaintance said I wasn’t a good patriotic American because of my stance.

    I agree with Poolman. Corporations and the lobbying firms that work for them run the country. It has been reported that there were 7 healthcare lobbiests (sp) for every 1 member of congress. Insurance Co spent millions of dollars per day to defeat healthcare reform. Is the bill perfect? No, but it’s a start. The teabagger “grass roots” movement is a product of Dick Army, his organization “freedom works” and funded in additionally by Koch industries.

    My issue with the teabaggers, is that facts are ignored if they don’t fit in with what that person believes. As has been posted and fact checked earlier, taxes have gone down since Obama took office. Facts are facts, ignore them if you choose. “Obama caused trillions of dollars in national debt.” He did increase it, yes he did. Hopefully that gamble will pay off. Please remember that when W and Co took office we had a budget surplus that was squandered within a year.

    As for “blindly following any politicians pretty words”, as evidenced by all the different links that are posted here, I believe the majority of people on this site visit numerous sites just to fact check instead of getting all of our information from one source. Much as I like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, I don’t take everything they say as gospel. Additionally, I try to look at news sources from OUTSIDE our county to get an entirely different perspective on our events. The US media filter presents events in a completely different light than foreign sources.

    I don’t know if Obama will be able to steer this Titanic away from the iceberg, but I’m hopeful. Si se puedes.

  570. Gee, why didn’t they just call themselves the “woody” party? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvvnHK_wM8k

  571. Paste. Glue. Elmer’s. Cut and…

    Whew Ann, I’m not sure where to start with your post.

    I proudly voted for Obama. I am an independent voter. I have been known to vote for Republicans, Democrats, Green party members and even an Occasional Libertarian (although I think they are fundamentally wrong). I have been around Tea partiers and find the majority of them woefully under-informed. I happened to be in Washington, DC at the time of the vote for HCR. I am happy that it passed. I am happy because I believe that it is morally wrong for any company to make a profit by denying health care to people who have faithfully paid their premiums and then when they need the care that they were promised, they cannot get it. I think that it is morally wrong for someone sitting in an insurance company office that does not know me to decide for me or for my doctor what the best course of care I should receive. I believe that should be between me and my doctor.

    Insurance Reform and Health care reform has been sorely needed in this country for decades. Cost will continue to rise, but now they won’t rise quite so much or as fast as the track they were on. As for your assertion that HCR will cost more than the Bush wars in Iraq and Afghanistan I find that argument a little disingenuous because we have yet to pay for the Bush Wars since they were never put on the books until after Obama took office in January 2009. The Bush administration was totally in the wrong by starting two wars AND then compounding the problem by giving tax breaks to the upper one percent of the country. This has NEVER been done in the history of our country — fighting a war without raising taxes to pay for it.

    The CBO has determined that the reforms that were passed will CUT the deficit by 1.3 TRILLION over 20 years. It will cost $940 billion (not Trillion) over the first 10 years and reduce the deficit by $130 billion over the same time period. The 1.2 trillion deficit reduction only kicks in after the first 10 years however, so no great shakes there, but still, it’s better than not doing anything, which was the mantra of the Republicans both in 1994 and 2009.

    95% of the population will be covered, there will be no more pre-existing conditions. So that is a good thing. I could go on about other positives about the bill, but then again, you said you read it. Personally, since I have a child in college, I find comfort that he can stay on my insurance if he cannot find a job in this economy after he graduates, but that is a personal issue.

    As for your concerns about the pork in the bill, I doubt that there has ever been a bill in Congress that hasn’t had pork in it. It is the nature of the beast. Get over it. Republicans and Democrats both want their goodies. It happens.

    But I have been an observer of politics for a long time, and I urge you to enlighten yourself about what is called the Two Santa Clauses which is the game that the Republicans are playing now. You see, it works like this: Republicans spend and spend raising the deficit and not saying word one about the deficit (in fact saying that, as Cheney said, “Deficits don’t matter”) the whole time that they are in power. Then, when a Democrat gets in office, the Republicans scream holy heck that “we can’t afford it!” insisting that we … how did you put it? …scrounge and save instead of doing the right thing. Not one Republican seemed to care when the deficit was trending upwards all throughout the Bush Administration. Not one. Not even John McCain.

    I couldn’t give a rat’s whiskers what Ashton Kutcher or Susan Sarandon or any other celebrity thinks about the tea partiers or any other issue and I don’t base any of my votes on what a celebrity might say.

    I am not a blind follower of any politician, Democrat or Republican. I certainly think that Obama has made his mistakes, but I do not feel oppressed or angry with my government. Even when Bush was President I never felt oppressed, although I felt Bush was not the best for this country based on his policies, I could still drive in my government safety regulated car on my government sponsored roads; I still received my government distributed mail; my government supported fire department stood at the ready if I had a fire in my home; my government supported police department stood at the ready if I needed them… even though I got a traffic ticket in the Bush years, I don’t blame the government, I take full responsibility for my actions. Even in the Bush years, government supported water flowed into my home and was transported away and treated in another government supported utility. I enjoyed healthy food from the grocery store and felt pretty positive that the prescription drugs that I took were safe because the Food and Drug administration was looking out for me. I felt safe when I flew in the air because the FAA had required airplane manufacturers to make their planes safe… unlike some other countries in this world. I like the fact that my dad, a WWII veteran, can get his health care from a government run single payer system like the Veteran’s Administration with no problem. My tax dollars go to support veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan as well… I wish that they could get more treatment for the PTSD or traumatic brain injuries that they suffer, but heck, in the long run, I think that they get adequate care. And my mom? She gets Medicare benefits from my tax dollars.

    I do agree with Poolman, that corporate control of our government is the biggest threat that we face to Democracy in the USA…I certainly don’t want some multi-national corporation from say…a communist country like China…buying my Senator so that they can reduce regulations on their product ( or for that matter… maybe the place that I work … like maybe a coal mine…) that might ultimately damage my health.

    My only opinion of Fox “News” is that it isn’t news, and although many people think they are getting news by watching Fox, I see nothing but spin and opinions. It certainly makes my mother an angrier person when she watches Fox programming… you see, she grew up trusting news reporters like Walter Cronkite to tell her the truth. I think Fox viewers get less than the truth.

    I really wish you hadn’t called the people who comment on this blog ignorant…I have been a fan of this blog for a long time, Ann, and have found many commenters to be thoughtful, funny and insightful.

    I wish you well. Peace.

  572. I agree with Poolman @9:55. Well said.

  573. Jon Stewart’s take on Tea America. :cool:

  574. paste. It’s all whose fault? I also voted for Obama and am a registered independent. I don’t agree with everything he has done and I believe there is plenty more to do, but I also believe we have made many improvements, despite ALL the opposition to him. And the health care bill, which I believe sucks for the most part, is still better than what we had without one. And when it goes into effect will REDUCE health costs for all Americans.

    The biggest problem I feel we face is the corporate control of our government. That isn’t the fault of this administration, though I hope they can do MORE to regulate large corporations. The deregulation of industry and commerce in the past 30 years and unprecedented greed have put us in the economic crisis we are in today, IMO.

    Though some of the tea party’s ideas are good, for the most part they are corporate sponsored and have been hijacked by the likes of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman who are just idiots with fundamentalist dominionist agendas. What good do you see in the movement? Most are CLUELESS as to what is in our constitution and have a very distorted view of history.

  575. Why is it all our fault if you voted for him, too?

  576. I don’t know why I’m even replying to this. Like you’ll actually read or care.

    I am a swing voter Independent. I voted for Obama. I believed in him and I thought that he could help us. Instead, he has racked up more debt for us and our children than I could’ve possibly imagined. In the next four years, Obama will spend more on health care than two Bush wars combined. We’re talking TRILLIONS of dollars. Instead of scrounging and saving after Bush’s disastrous spending, Obama thinks it’s a great time to overhaul heath care.

    Also, I am hurt and outraged by the ignorant people who damn the Tea Party movement without knowing a thing about it. Just because Ashton Kutcher makes fun of it, doesn’t mean it’s bad! The Tea Party is–WAS–a voice for all those who feel oppressed by and angry with their government. Last I checked, dissent to the government was the highest form of patriotism. YOU make it Republicans vs Democrats. YOU call up the issue of race. Brieghbart.com has offered a substantial reward for any footage during a Tea Party that would constitute as racist. No one has been able to claim that yet. The Tea Party is not an angry mob, but a group of concerned citizens who would surprise you with their intellect and knowledge about our country’s politics. But like you would ever go to a Tea Party to find out what it’s about first hand. Nope, just make fun of it on Twitter like all the other cool people are doing.

    For the love and dignity of our country, please do more research before you say such hateful and slanderous things. You claim Fox spreads hate? I claim that ignorant people such as yourselves, who blindly follow any politician’s pretty words and fail to do your own independent, first-hand research (have you even read the heath care bill? Because I have and the special favors, earmarks, and pork in it would make you CRY,) are the biggest incendiary hate-mongers to ever hit the political arena.

    Conservatives damned our country by blindly following Bush and liberals are further damning it by blinding following Obama. Mention the word “paste” in your reply so I know you read this entire comment and aren’t just having a knee-jerk reaction, but are instead providing an insightful, well-rounded commentary.

    At this point, no, I don’t think we will survive Obama. And it’s all your fault.

  577. Thanks Helen!

  578. When Obama died, George Washington met him at the Pearly Gates. He slapped him across the face and yelled, “How dare you try to destroy the Nation I helped conceive?”

    Patrick Henry approached, punched him in the nose and shouted, “You wanted to end our liberties but you failed.”

    James Madison followed, kicked him hard and said, “This is why I allowed our government to provide for the common defense!”

    Thomas Jefferson was next, beat Obama with a long cane and snarled, “It was evil men like you who inspired me to write the Declaration of Independence.”

    The beatings and thrashings continued as George Mason, James Monroe and 66 other early Americans unleashed their anger on the radical, socialist, leader.

    As Obama lay bleeding and in pain, an Angel appeared. Obama wept and Said, “This is not what you promised me.”

    The Angel replied, “I told you there would be 72 VIRGINIANS waiting for you in Heaven. What did you think I said?”…..
    “You really need to listen when someone is trying to tell you something,perhaps you will get the message in November.”

  579. When you cannot attack the message,
    Attack the messenger.

  580. Is it Me or are Helen’s post’s getting shorter and shorter.
    Perhaps she is running out of new material?

  581. Auntie Jean, you yourself called attention to color in your second paragraph. So it must matter to you too?

    “So now a black man named Barack Obama, elected by the will of the people, has decided to fight for the poor, and work for world peace… and a bunch of white guys who think Fox really is News just can’t stand it.”

  582. couldn’t have said it better, and now i don’t have to. well put!

  583. Absolutely Jean but Mandi’s point is well taken…the TEA Baggers sure think it makes a difference. Problem is, as far as they are concerned he is black and for THEM it’s a problem.

  584. mandimooligan,

    What difference does it make anyway? Isn’t it way past time we got over blood quantum? We all belong to the same human species.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  585. last time I looked Obama was 1/2 white and raised by a white family. Why do people for get that he is just as white as he is black?

  586. I’m another Texan who is crazy about Margaret and Helen. Yes, you definitely rock!

  587. Please continue to tell it like it is. You ladies ROCK!

  588. First time I get to read your blog and what an great read! Thank you for the laugh and for your honesty. Got to love every bit of it.

  589. I don’t know who wrote this but…..BRAVO!!! You get a standing ovation from me!!! Love it!

  590. Rock on, lady!!

  591. So glad for the new post! AND for the responses: it makes me very happy to experience your distillation of truth and to see there are others (even here in Texas) who see the light.

  592. Why are you not on any of the “News” shows?? I would think producers would be climbing all over themselves to get you booked on their show!!!!

    You are brilliant….and just too too funny!!!! :-)

  593. Brava! And spot on.

  594. Helen and Margaret,

    Great Post!!!!!

  595. And the quart low drink is called a gregorio

  596. Thank goodness, maybe I am not going crazy! Someone else thinks the same way I do. I feel better already! Stay in there!

  597. To Pat and ExPat to go:

    I call Bullshit….

    Barack Obama got out of the shower and was drying off
    when he looked in the mirror and noticed that he was white
    from the neck to the top of his head.

    In a sheer panic and fearing he was turning white all over,
    he called his doctor and told him what had happened.
    The doctor advised him to come to his office immediately.
    After an examination, the doctor mixed a concoction of
    brown liquid, gave it to Barack, and told him to drink it all.
    Barack drank the concoction and said,
    “That tasted like bullsh!t!”

    “It was.” the doctor replied, “You were a quart low.”

  598. you two rock.

    absolutely rock.

  599. You write what I’m thinking. You deserve your own political show. Now THAT would be must-see TV. Helen, you rock! I want to be like you when I’m 84!

  600. A friend just recommended your blog and I’m so grateful that he did. You make a lot of sense Helen, and express what I’ve been feeling and thinking for the past year. The ‘pub’s have been acted like childish nothing but poor losers, having a very big and inappropriate tantrum since Obama got elected. As angry as I was for all 8 years of Bush, never once did I consider buying a gun, or taking up arms against the government, nor did any of my equally disgruntled friends.

    Looking forward to reading more of this blog and I thank you both for sharing your common sense and wisdom.

  601. Good morning all.

    Auntie Jean, I have been busy with work and don’t have as much time to spend on line. But indeed, I did comment on Neil’s site a bit. Apparently now I am banned from commenting there, as my last attempt went into moderation and never saw the light of day. The first site I have EVER been banned from commenting on, and it’s a “Christian” site. LMAO! Ironic for sure. But then I have been labeled a hypocrite and faux christian because my God will not fit his god mold. It is a problem I find with the majority of organized religion. There is no spiritual power. It is a case of the blind leading the blind, as described in Matthew 15:14.

    And BTW, this site has been designated a “pagan” site by one who wears his religion on his sleeve. Never fear, however. My Lord spent His earthly time among those the religious of the day considered scum of the earth.

    So, as I remove the dust from between my toes and continue on this journey, I have added to my list of souls to bring before the throne of the Almighty.

    Have an amazing day! Bless someone today, in whatever way you can. Return kindness for cruelty. Shalom.

  602. Love your blog post I’m a wordpress blogger myself hope we can guest post each others blog. Keep up the good work got you guys on my blogroll.

  603. Another stellar post, you two!

    One thing has been true for years and years. The Repugs cannot handle change, whatever kind it is, whether it is a new idea (one they did not think of) or a new administration that isn’t Repug. Dems hollered and reeled when they lost but they kept it to a much smaller percentage of time and testosterone and got on with life. Repugs simply show what they are really, reall interested in when they carry on like they ar: total control over everything, no matter how personal. Frankly, they are more in tune with a Divine Right Monarchy than anything else.

    There is actually something almost comical about their refusatory stances concerning some of the ideas brought forth for debate (example) such as cap and trade. It this sounds familiar to any of you thats because it came originally from the Reagan administration. That’s right! Saint Ronnie’s eight years. And now the Repugs hate the idea!

    As for the teagripers, all they have to do is refuse their Social Security checks, refuse their Medicare coverage and whatever else they now get as a result of taxes and go sit this whole thing out some place where they can be ecstatically happy. Goodness knows that if they are going to be totally grief stricken it would be cruel to insist they stick around here and enjoy the benefits of our society.

    And where did they ever get their translation of Armegeddon!! It was a contest between heavenly spirits. Apparently the teagripers are focusing entirely on the background noise of the contest. The deeper, true meaning is lost.

  604. Oh I have missed you!! Please don’t leave us alone for so long. I know that there are many who just cringe at the thought of a Black man in office. I say it is long over due. And we need a female also. When will we stop being such bigots? I know that when his 8 years are up we will be so much the better..

  605. WOO!! Margaret and Helen, 2016!

    I’d vote for you. :)

  606. Where were all you constitution lovin’, defict hatin’ rootin’ tootin’ teabaggers during the Bush years? Because there were HUGE examples of both of those, but ya’ll were just fine with how things were then. Tells me that teabaggers don’t really care about those things at all.

    Frankly, keep at it. You’re about 18% of the electorate, which is plenty enough to divide the Republican ticket, ensuring Obama’s victory next round. Can’t wait for November? I hope some of your stupid lame members DO get into Congress just so that they’ll have the Michelle Bachman effect as seen in Minnesota. If she had to campaign in the whole state, she’d be out on her ass… people here KNOW she’s stupid, and there’s a chance that she’s gonna have a lot more time on her hands in the near future. She’s an embarrassment. Other than that, I wouldn’t be looking to the Republicans for solid victories anytime soon.

    There have been movements like yours in the past. The Know-Nothings, the Dixiecrats (but hey, ain’t this kind of like a reunion for some of those?), Father Coughlin. But oh wait, some of you advanced thinkers have revived him and his thoughts as well.

    Not only that, but you all claim to be not racist, and yet some very racist things have come from your movement. Even anti-semitism, which is shocking, considering how important Israel has been to Republican candidates. Hijacking of the public education system in Texas. And let’s not forget the All-White Basketball league. Glorious.

    Do us all a favor and get it over with. Jump the shark, spend your fifteen minutes of fame and be gone. Meanwhile, we’ll figure out how to explain your hi jinks to the generations to come.

  607. Hi Congenian Gang, judith and Poolman,

    Me too judith. I’m a musician also. Can you just imagine a symphony orchestra where everybody played the piece of his/her choice at the same time? Or a choral group where the tenors showed up but refused to sing?

    Poolman, thank you for your response to my comment last night. When you didn’t show up here for a while, I kind of figured you were off visiting Neil’s site. I applaud your courage for walking into the lion’s den. You/ve got more guts than I! If you manage to find a chink in his armor, let us know.

    Isn’t it interesting, whenever the Republicans are cornered with no answers, they retreat to flag waving, talking about ‘Freedom’, what the ‘Constitution Says’, and the taxpayer’s money, money, money. There is somethind sad about those who define themselves only in terms of money, money, money as if there were no other values in life worth considering.

    On tax day, I am grateful that we HAVE an income to pay taxes on. Right now, many don’t.
    I am grateful that our kids and our grandkids have the opportunity for a public education. Since we are not into building roads, sewers or the myriad of other ‘Socialist’ type services, I am grateful for those too. It is always nice to know that the police and firefighters are there if we should need them, since we do not possess those skills either.

    We can sleep well tonight.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  608. God bless you, Helen! This is the best damn post I’ve read in ages.

  609. Helen, thanks for making my morning bright!
    Both of you are national treasures and I am so glad to see you back.

  610. From the look of the pitifully small crowds the last few days, I’d say the teabag has been reused too many times.

  611. love your site.
    I am embarrassed to be from Bachmann’s district, and am working for her opponent-who is getting lots of $$ and is a strong candidate. A nut is a nut is a nut, whether she is a governor who quit, or a member of congress who is absent for most votes. Keep up the wonderful posts!

  612. Last part should read “get over yourselves, and please take Ms Moneybags and the Representative who embarrasses MN with you.”

  613. Fantastic, another post.

    I understand being frustrated about feeling taxed, and having my hard earned money wasted.

    I was listening to a radio reporter interviewing some tea baggers protesting in FL regarding the cuts to NASA’s budget. Unfair taxation, wasting money, but don’t cut NASA because that means my job, and devastation in our community.

    Don’t cut MY medicare/medicaid/disablilty, cut someone elses. Fix our schools, but cut the amount of money that is sent there, and don’t spend it on someone who might be here illegally. (We’d rather have them grow up to be uneducated adults?) Don’t cut money for police and fire. )cut mine safety inspectors instead?)

    Trillions of dollars and 4 years later in Iraq and Afghanistan (1 trillion unaccounted for) all we have to show for it are a lot of wounded and dead soldiers, even more dead and wounded civilians in both countries, and a healthy profit margin for Bechtel, KBR, Halliburton, Blackwater or whatever the hell they call it now.

    No one has taken your country in the last 16 months. It was taken over by corporations a long time ago.

    As for all that government regulation pain in the neck though it may be, I’m thankful when I go to the gas pump that a gallon of gas is actually one gallon. I’m thankful that seatbelts/shoulder harnesses/airbags are manditory. I’m thankful to have a system where when I dial 911, someone usually answers the phone, and usually summons someone to help me. I am thankful that my children are able to go to school for “free”. (I’m a little frustrated at how much money GWB’s pals in the educational testing arena are making, and hope that can be addressed.) I’m thankful there are minimum standards in healthcare, and that the drug supply is mostly safe. I’m thankful to be able to fund the CDC. I’m thankful to have airline regulations.

    And other than my family, friends, and our health, I am mostly thankful we have a handsome, articulate, well educated, thoughtful BLACK man as POTUS!

    Teabaggers, get over yourselves, and take the

  614. Helen, thanks once again for your wisdom. I so agree with you and I am echoing what a whole lot of people have said before my entry. It has to do with race and nothing more. Only in this country would someone like Palin disparage someone who is ways above her in the intellect department because she knows she has some support in a segment of the population that dislike this president jus because of his race. And so, she is milking it for all it is worth and we have to put up with this person so lacking. And Bachman, do the republicans really listen to her? Do they really like what she has to say? It brings into focus the great divide I like to call it.

  615. Soory. But I am still laughing. HAHAHAHAHAH

    TEA Baggers. Even your name sounds stupid.

    T. E. A.

    Taxed Enough Already.

    Should be TPN

    The party of negativity.

  616. Eventually you get to a major office – governor of alaska… and then just when you get going. Quit. Becuase there is more money in fake writing a book and spewing hate to a few thousand tea baggers in town after town after town…



  617. TEA Party in full force. OMG that is too funny. A few thousand at best. Now here is what you need to do. Start small. Like Palin did. Become a Mayor and celebrate your biggest victory – bringing Wal-Mart to Alaska. Hoooray for you.

    I’m not worried. Not at all.


  618. Where the heck did I write that the government owes me everything? I work hard for a living. I save my money when I can and I pay my taxes. I have never collected welfare in my life. Where did I cry racism and use foul language?? And I have looked at the numbers and the Tea Party isn’t that impressive. Why don’t YOU look at the numbers?? President Obama was elected because a majority of the people in this country voted for him. What about that don’t you understand?

  619. I just needed to add that the Tea Baggers in my city (how very few of them) were in full-force today. And as I passed through a busy intersection, I saw some grey-haired white woman stood on a street corner with a hand-drawn sign that read: “Just Say No To Slavery.”

    I literally threw up in my mouth. It was gross.

  620. Spoken like a true “government owes me evertyhing” Liberal who can’t argue without claiming racism and using foul language. Put your ignorance aside and look at the numbers. The T.E.A. party movement is in full force. Can’t wait until November.

  621. Gee, I would really feel MUCH better with people like T. Barron running this country. Yep a bigoted sex-addict. Just what we need. And anonymous (too chicken to put a name) if yo believe that what GW did to/for our country was good, I have a bridge to sell you. A large number of those people out there needing help are out of a job (and many homeless) thanks to the policies of the Bush administration. Our current president is busy trying to keep those poor people afloat while cleaning up the mess GW left this country in. Yes, there are people on the dole who don’t belong there….but they were on there LONG before President Obama took over.

  622. Why is it that you people ALWAYS think it is about race. I couldn’t care less if our president was purple or green as long as he/she did what is best for our country. That is DEFINITELY not happening. I give to the poor and pray daily for world peace, but I am not so naive as to think that other world leaders are as benevolent as we are. Peace through strength, not through ignorance! There are truly poor people who NEED assistance and then there are lazy asses who only want a free ride…on my dime! Those are the ones I am sick to death of taking advantage of the system….don’t add to the system, just clean it up!!!!

  623. wow…. brilliantly stated…. if the Tea Partyers had a clue, they’d be “sorority-rushing” YOU for a leader… then we might really be in trouble!!!! :)
    Thanks for an eloquent and succinct statement of fact—-and if those whiners don’t like it, maybe they should move????

  624. Great posts everyone. Good night M. Flynn. thanks for the $20. Made me LOL Off for a jog…

  625. The fact that I don’t like blacks has nothing to do with my involvement in the Tea Party movement. This is about unfair taxation and a country spending too much money on Socialist programs. I’d feel that way if Obama were white too.

  626. Chemically speaking the reaction you ladies get from the public is similar to the reaction you get when mixing baking soda and vinegar. Very exciting.

  627. Yep. It’s me.

  628. Wow!!!!!

  629. Dick is that you????

  630. Kids today. What they won’t do for a twenty.

  631. If you ladies were on Plenty Of Fish, I would definately try to pick up your husbands.


  633. I don’t get it. Is this Margaret talking to Helen or is this Helen talking to Margaret? Either way I say keep talking ladies. You rock.

    Can someone pass the bar-b-que sauce?

  634. Hey Mary at 8:52 am: I am with you on that. I want someone much smarter than me to be in charge of the red phone or whatever it is, and the nuclear codes, and the BUDGET, omg, because I am fairly educated and pretty smart in some arenas (does English Literature count?) but I am geographically challenged for one, and when it comes to fiscal matters, count (ha, very punny) me out …

  635. Helen you are just the best. We should go to Lunch one day. You’ll have to drive. My arms are too long and will drag on the ground if I try.

  636. Look you fat cow. Obama looks like a monkey and Palin and Bachmann are hot MILFS. I would nail them both if I could. And that is all that matters. Went to a Tea Party Rally today and it was full of hot women. We’ve got hot women and you’ve got a fat old lady and a monkey.

  637. Helen, my wife hates my family….any suggestions?

  638. Helen, you are a gal after my own heart!
    Tell Margaret this ol girl from Texas said Hey!

  639. Give my mother the shot!!!!

    Can someone pass the bar-b-que sauce?

  640. GOD I LOVE YOU!!!!!
    You are too funny….and I LOVE when you write about your family…..I HATE MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!

  641. Is the heater on. It’s hot in here.

    Adam Lambert was screwed.

  642. Teri,

    The Supreme Court’s ruling on Bush v Gore, put Bush into office in 2000, his first term, not his second.


    Go troll somewhere else.


    Just recently found your blog. Good to know I’m not the only one in Texas who feels the way you do. You go girl!! Tell it like it is!

  643. Can you tell us where you bought those nice scooters?

  644. Haven’t read all the comments, just some, will scroll back up in a sec, but had to tell you, I love you too. And survive Bush, yes, I did, but barely. And Margaret and Helen, I am holding out for 12 years at least before a Repug is in the White House again … if ever: at least a Republican in the current party as it stands. I think they have some reformatting to undertake.

  645. Well said. Well said.



    Encore! Encore!

  646. Is that an abortion in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  647. Pass me another gin ladies. I’m right there with you!

  648. Personally I do love me some hot tea… and hot black men.

  649. Amen! Thanks for a great post!
    You rock, and mightily!
    : )

  650. Thank you. I enjoyed reading your post and all the comments.

  651. helen, you are my hero. seriously. thank you for making me laugh and speaking such truth and wisdom.

  652. tichick: when I hear something intelligent out of the Tea Party members I will listen.

    And he’s OUR president whether you like it or not. He was elected, unlike GW’s second term that he wa appointed to by a Conservative Supreme Court.

    As for circumventing the Constitution, you are confusing President Obama with President Bush (GW). Oh, wait, GW didn’t circumvent it….he trampled all over it!

    As for taxes, you are living proof that the Tea Baggers have not done their homework:

    1. Over 95% of Working Households Got Tax Cuts
    2. Only 2% of Tea Baggers Know Obama Cut Their Taxes…
    3. …and 52% of Tea Partiers Think Their Taxes are Fair…
    4. …and Think the Federal Tax Level is Over Double What It Is
    5. 1% of Families Earned 24% of All Income…
    6. …and 57% of All Capital Income
    7. 400 Richest Taxpayers Saw Incomes Double, Tax Rates Halved
    8. Only 1 in 500 Families Pay the Estate Tax
    9. Corporate Taxes Have Plummeted as a Share of GDP
    10. The U.S. Loses $345 Billion a Year to Tax Evasion and Fraud

  653. Well said!

  654. tichick: If we wanted to hear the FoxNews line, we’d watch FoxNews like you so obviously do. You read what the lady wrote: deal with it.

  655. No Helen. I’m sure this comment won’t pass muster – clearly you only like people who agree with you.

    You know nothing about Tea Party patriots and what we stand for. We stand for taking back this country from the Progressive/Socialist movement. We stand for honoring and following the US Constitution, not circumventing the needed controls written into it, with every “executive order” and decree imaginable.

    We stand for stopping the out-of- control, insane government spending, which resulted in paying out 7% of the US Budget in interest on debts we owe to Japan and China!

    We stand for no more sneaky VAT taxes, since Obama swore up and down (documented) he would not raise taxes (period) on Americans making less than $200k. Ummmm…that includes you, Ms. VAT tax.

    Obama-nation is trying to silence legitimate, intellingent dissent. Not going to happen either. No, we are not going to sit down and shut up, as you have so patriotically suggested. No, that’s not the way the American Republic works.

    I’ll give you this, you’re a good writer, in your grandmotherly “now, child, sit down and have some soup” way. Not interested in your brand of soup or your President.

    Oh, if I told you I am Black, or Caldean, or Indian – does disagreeing with Obama’s policies make me racist? Guess so. Or is that only if I’m white? Like you?

    You can kiss our asses, if you can bend over without being screwed by your liberal government. Good luck with that.

  656. [...] We survived Bush. You’ll survive Obama. Margaret, please tell Howard that I love him because he loves you.  But that is about all the reaching across the [...] [...]

  657. SPOT ON!!! VERY well said!

  658. You Rock!

  659. I’m convinced the Right is simply a giant jobs program for their supporters, guaranteeing jobs to anyone who remains loyal. That’s why Frum was fired- as an example to anyone who might think of suggesting the King’s wardrobe was translucent. The ideology is secondary.

    Palin makes $11 million.

    Beck’s empire takes in $32 million, and he admits “If you take what I say as gospel, you’re an idiot,” and “I could give a flying crap about the political process,” and “We’re an entertainment company.”

    O’Reilly has a store.

    Fox’s profits are soaring.

    If the country is torn apart, that’s OK- profits justify everything (but prostitution and drugs).

  660. I want to be you when I grow up.

  661. The Truth about the Original Tea Party

    8) ~ Δ

  662. The Tea Party was protesting something tonight as I was coming home from work. Talk about a bunch of scurrilous radicals!

    I’m offended by the very use of the name Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party was an important part of this country’s history, the men who took part were real patriots who took their lives in their hands to try to right a wrong and help this nation on its way to being independent. These people are in no way patriots, and for them to ride on the coattails of those guys in Boston some 200+ years ago is offensive.

  663. Helen

    So on target!! Do people have to wait until the’re your age before they get it?

    It could take people thirty years to figure this out?

    Love you both and wish you well!

  664. Wonderful to see a new post, especially one that echoes my sentiments exactly! Of course, the majority of them do. I just love coming here and finding a new post . . . makes my day!! Much love to you!

  665. Funnily enough, Barack and Michelle do live in my neighborhood, and we are proud of that. And the Obama eats here shirts.

  666. I always enjoy your posts, Helen. Thanks.

  667. Dear Helen~ God bless you! Why aren’t your comments being stated by the press? It has beenso obvious from the ‘get go’ that the republicans have had it in for President Obama since the 1st day he was sworn in~ BIGOTRY is the common thread that runs through their party and the extreme Tea Party folk!

  668. Keep on writing, Helen – you are on message!

  669. As someone else noted: I am a fairly intelligent person (Gold Key National Honour Society) and I expect the person who is leading and representing our country to be AT LEAST as intelligent as I am. Well, that leaves Palin/Bachman out. It is like nails on a chalkboard to listen to them…..OUCH! Not just ignorant but stone stupid as well!

  670. Helen, you rock! You nailed it. Racism by any other name smells the same.

  671. Yay for a new post! Kudos to you Helen kudos! You nail it right on the head as always!

    Rachel Maddow hit it right on the head when she said that (in so many words at least) this violent rhetoric and anti-government tendencies are what essentially lead to terrorist acts and unnecessary violence.

    BTW tune into MSNBC for her Timothy McVeigh special on the 19th…. It promises to be a good one!

    The party of no is now the party of HELL NO! How many bricks have been thrown through various politicians offices who voted for the health bill? How many death threats have these particular politicians recieved since healthcare passed? Obama recieves about 30 a day since the day he was elected and it has increased dramatically since healthcare passed. Is that the way that these so called adults act?

    If Palin/Bachman are elected and supposedly are the answer, I feel sorry for mankind in general. Not just because of Palin and Bachman’s stupidity, but because it says more about the education and smarts of this country in general. I would hope that the average intellect of the US would be beyond that…. I hope…. I hope!

  672. THANK YOU for sharing this. I loved it and it made my day!! :D

  673. [...] via We survived Bush. You’ll survive Obama. « Margaret and Helen. [...]

  674. We played Bush Bingo for 12 years…okay, it was only eight, but it seemed like 12.

    This was Bush Bingo…if he HAD a press conference, you’re going to tell me he didn’t say the same four things over and over
    1. We’re winning the war on terror
    2. Im cutting taxes for the rich
    3. Cheney is really president, Im going on vacation
    4. I have no idea what the hell Im talking about

    The problem with Bush Bingo was … everyone lost.

  675. Spot on post. The depth of ignorance in some folks is breathtaking. A difference of opinion is one thing, screaming and spewing bile at an Administration that has picked this country up off the floor is quite another. No, President Obama is not perfect. But yes, he thinks before he speaks and acts and it’s making a world of difference.

  676. Gregorio. Is that suppposed mean something? He uses phrases more than once? Big deal. It’s called staying on message. Enjoy your game.

  677. And Palin has an incredible portfolio. Whatever.

  678. So if you think a left wing radical with not a single accomplishment in his portfolio, shouldn’t be President, you must be a racist. Ya your right we all would have voted for a white, left wing radical with not a single accomplishment to his portfolio. No but really, Don’t play the race card it cheapens the debate..

  679. To Gregorio:
    At least he pronounces the words right!!!
    Although, I have to admit – no ‘bingo cards’ were necessary with Bush – he was just hilarious (and scary) to listen to.
    I’d rather have intelligence in the office, than a man that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and got his ‘way’ because of daddy.

  680. Awesome as usual you 2 are the BEST.
    @ gregorio great copy and paste with the BINGO that piece is old news

  681. Try speaking up at an OBAMA speech and watch your ass get hauled off…

    Its too late for the OBAMA speech to NASA but for future reference you can always keep this handy.

    Here is something to help make Obama’s speeches more interesting. Just print
    out this page, distribute it to your friends, and go listen…

    Rules for BS Bingo

    1. Before Barrack Obama’s next televised speech, prepare your “BS Bingo” card by drawing a square

    (I find that 5″ x 5″ is a good size — and dividing it into columns –five across and five down.

    That will give you 25 1-inch blocks.)

    2. Write one of the following words/phrases in each block:

    * Restored our reputation
    * Strategic fit
    * Let me be clear
    * Make no mistake
    * Back from the brink
    * Signs of recovery
    * Out of the loop
    * Benchmark
    * Job creation
    * Fiscal restraint
    * Win-win
    * Affordable health care
    * Previous Administration
    * Greed on Wall Street
    * At the end of the day
    * Empower (or empowerment)
    * Touch base
    * Mindset
    * Corporate greed
    * Ballpark
    * Game plan
    * Leverage
    * Inherited as in “I inherited this mess”
    * Relief for working families

    3. Check off the appropriate block when you hear one of those words/phrases.

    4. When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, stand up and shout


    Testimonials from past satisfied “BS Bingo” players:

    “I had been listening to the speech for only five minutes when I won.” – Jack W., Boston

    “My attention span during speeches has improved dramatically.” – David D., Florida

    “What a gas! Speeches will never be the same for me after my first win.” – Bill R., New York City

    “The atmosphere was tense in the last speech as 14 of us waited for the fifth box.” – Ben G., Denver

    “The speaker was stunned as eight of us screamed “BS!” for the third time in two hours.” – Harry A, Chantilly

  682. Oh, HELL yes!

  683. Dear Helen and greetings to Margaret too!

    What a good morning treat to read your new post. As always and expected, you have wrapped up the whole scene beautifully and succinctly. You keep us energized!

    I have no doubt that thinking people like you and all us porch dwellers will prevail over the empty noise makers. Please keep your posts coming!

    Aloha! :-)


  684. Greytdog on April 15, 2010 at 12:10 PM

    In a companion article to the one I cited above, the Globe also had one ostensibly about opposing views in evidence at the Boston Common rally. Though there was almost nothing about counter views, it did feature comments from a mother of 10 home schooled children who opposed President Obama’s slant on health care yet relies on Medicare for medical assistance. She had absolutely no concept of the mockery of her situation

  685. Gosh I hope there are a ton more like you south of the 49th parallel. Sometimes it gets awfully scary when we peek over that “longest undefended international border”.

    *bookmarked* for return visits.

  686. You! Go! Right on the nail head!

    That is how it’s supposed to work. Majority rules, minority gets to speak up to try to convince a majority to agree with them next time. This absolutely does not include calling for the violent overthrow or resistance by arms of the federal government (or the state or the local…..). You’re in the minority this time. Try again next election.

    Remember last time how the Repubs tried to stifle our free speech? Investigating anti-war groups like Mothers Against Military Madness and Quakers? Quakers, for God’s sake! You could get arrested and held for a while for just wearing a challenging t-shirt. The fact that they’re having these rallies unmolested says a lot for us. (And basic crowd control, making sure nobody gets shot or trampled, doesn’t qualify as molestation).

    And if they feel totally unrepresented, it might be due to their perception of how things work. They operate as if it’s a war, or a competition. “Don’t work together, don’t cooperate in any way. Don’t give them an inch. Waterloo! Armegeddon! Compromise is treason! We win or we walk!” Etc., ad nauseum. It’s about the points, it’s about the victory – the people and the country just don’t seem to matter.

    There’s a percentage of jerks and a-holes wherever you look in the human population. The Democrats certainly have their fair share. But it seems the Repubs and Tea Klanners have made it a plank in the party platform.

    This is not government. Government is where you strive for the best deal you can get. This can’t be done in the context of a war. I’m the first to admit I don’t understand competitive sports for squat – I’m a musician. If you don’t play together, there ain’t no music at all. But you’d think they’d have observed over the years that this method doesn’t do diddle for anybody but the top 1%. And they’re not letting anybody else in the club – ever. Including the Tea Klanners.

  687. Today’s Boston Globe had a lead article about the Tea Party held at the Boston Commons yesterday. The Globe estimated that about 6000 were in attendance but based upon the on-scene interviews, the party seemed to be made up mostly of a handful of inarticulate local loonies plus 5875 bussed-in carpetbaggers from everywhere except Boston. So, even though darlin’ Sarah was the keynoter, the symbolism of the location was a flop as were the bland banalities offered by the featured guest.

    But the more the Tea Baggers expose their ignorance the more the likelihood that their movement, like a good bowel evacuation, will be gone soon even though its ugly tactics will most likely be a mainstay of future political movements.

  688. Fantastic! This made my day!!!!

  689. Bless you, ladies! I only wish that you were on TV, instead of the Palin/Bachmann duo drama. How come when the “news” goes out to interview or poll the “elderly”, they do not come to you?
    Bravo for pointing out that we survived through Bush’s “liedership” for 8 years. Wondering what the citizens of GlennBeckistan will say when they more than survive through however many years we are blest to have an intelligent, moral and yes black Obama?

  690. Daryl and fellow M&H porch dwellers: I thought you’d get a giggle out of this ~


  691. If only ‘those’ tea party members could read … I am sure since they can’t spell they don’t read…

  692. Can we get an “AMEN?” And, make it a darned big one at that for your words today. As always, spot on! Keep making liars out of those who think older people can’t think straight, can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, cause Baby, you sure can do a fantastic job with the words!

  693. Bless you Helen!

  694. For information purposes only! ;)

    10 Inconvenient Truths for Tax Day
    *well sourced

    8) ~ Δ

  695. Helen, that was spot on and brilliant.
    I’m a new fan!

  696. Thank you, for saying exactly what I am thinking! And you said it so much better than I ever could! HUGSSS!

  697. For me, it really defies logic and common sense why so many of my fellow citizens fight tooth and nail against policies and programs that would benefit them, their families and their country, just because they don’t believe a man with darker skin pigmentation is capable of helping make this nation better for every citizen, not just the corporations and war profiteers.

  698. But, Helen, I want the Obamas to move next door to me. I can’t speak for scared white folks who think sheets with eye holes are haute couture, but the Obamas would raise the value of property in my neighborhood! And, oh the block parties they would give!

    Seriously, the nut cases are usually just nut cases, but in this political climate and with Fixed News’ lie machine working 24/7 (death panels, birthers, baby killer, socialists, etc.), I haven’t seen this much racist and religious hatred since the 1960’s, when assassination seemed to be the name of the political game. Don’t like the message, literally shoot the messenger (or in the case of Dr. George Tiller, assassinate the provider).

    The “Second Amendment” march (which is sometimes called “Come Armed and Dangerous”) is on April 19, the anniversary of the end of the Waco standoff and McVeigh’s bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. Coincidence? I think not.

    For every one of us (whether your a liberal, centrist or even moderate Republican) who laughs or shudders at Michelle Bauchman, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, there’s a bigoted nut job out there with a gun who takes them very, very seriously.

    The Republican party isn’t just the party out of power; they are desperate enough to tacitly encourage hatred and violence. The GOP is riding a tiger and now it doesn’t know how to get off. But they must get off, be and act like responsible adults and stand up against this rhetoric. This isn’t blue or red, liberal or conservative, it’s rule of law vs. anarchy and hatred. If we love our country and want to preserve our real values, all of us need to do what we can to say this is not acceptable.

  699. Talk about calling a spade “a spade.” Helen, you are so on it! Gosh, I love reading your blog. I check the website everyday, hoping to see your latest post.

    I’m so glad that some of us folks really see the Tea Party for what it really is, in my opinion a modern day version of the KKK (without the hoods). Its a damn shame the way those people behave.

    And the bottom line really is, as some of your readers have already pointed out, is that these folks simply dislike Obama because of who he is. If he was a gray-haired upper middle class white guy doing the same things, he’d be a damn hero and his approval rating would probably be in the 70 percentile. Hell, these fools seem to forget that Obama isn’t responsible for all the bullshit involving healthcare, the economy, foreign policy, education, the wars, etc. He inherited this shit pile when he took office and had enough sense to realize that he couldn’t just put some of the issues on the back burner and focus on one or two during his term. He had no choice but the tackle all of them, pretty much at the same time unfortunately.

    Sarah Palin needs to shut the hell up and take her dumb ass back to Alaska. Hell, she’s made her millions, now shut up and go back into your cave! Can you imagine what it would have been like had she and McCain won the election. OMG! He would have had to put her ass on a leash and a muzzle on her mouth.

    Okay, I’m done with my rant for the day.

    Helen, so good to hear from you again. You’ve made my day!

  700. Oh Margaret and Helen: I too am your fondest admirer and am thrilled as always to read another spot-on article. If only these ‘Repugnants’ or ‘TeaGaggers’ could ‘think or act on principle’ they might be acceptable, but being as they live in another world or possibly on another planet, they offer no solutions for the ‘real’ world nor anything that any of us who prefer NOT to remain in the ‘dark ages’ can take to the bank as viable. Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies for each and every article.

  701. You said it, Helen!

  702. Oh, how I love you! I’m having a grumpy day, and this was perfect. I’m so tired of the “tea party” freaks I could just scream.

  703. Well said! I have said for a long time that I could stomach all the crap if these people would just come clean and admit once and for all that they simply don’t like Obama because he’s black.

  704. Hello Helen, after being referred here by Twitter and reading your most recent posts, I just have to say:

    You are my new role model. I mean it. Really. :)

  705. Thanks, again, for the chuckles. That was LOL funny!
    Take good care of yourself and don’t be a stranger.

  706. [...] Posted by meson Just gotta love these old gals! More here what are they talking about???? obama is nothing but bush 44 obama is bush on steriods obusha [...]

  707. Thank you! I’ve about had it with these idiots. Especially the ones collecting Social Security and Medicare saying “cut entitlements,” and “keep the government out of my health care.” What a bunch of dimwits.

    So NOW you’re concerned about the deficit? How about when Dubya was running up the charge card being a cowboy?

    It scares me that such a large percentage of our population a) really thinks we are a socialist country now, and b) is really that stupid. Our education system has clearly failed us.

  708. Amen. Amen. And again, Amen! Thank you.

  709. lol
    So much for you being quiet when your party was out, hm? ;)

  710. WElcome Back!
    As usual, riight on with your posts!

  711. It is good to see you back. One would not think it necessary to point out that this is the way our political system works, but it is. Thanks for doing that.

    Until Palin, Bachmann, and those choosing to belong to the “NO” or “H3LL NO” party have something constructive to offer, they will have no credibility. Bashing other people’s plans without having specific suggestions for improvement or workable alternatives of your own just doesn’t cut it.

  712. Helen & Margaret – another wonderful post that hits it out of the ballpark! Sending this link to EVERYONE i know. . . this is so spot on!

  713. :)

  714. Thank you for saying what many of us believe!
    How these people can equate health care with Armageddon is beyond belief.
    I can’t help but think how history will look back on the saga of michelle and sarah.
    They will not judge us kindly!!

    I miss your pearls of wisdom when you don’t post.
    At least every 2 weeks, Please???!!!

  715. Ohhh it’s a Happy Day!! To see another RIGHT ON post from my fav ladies :)
    Why is it everyone is ok with car insurace being a law but not health care?
    Food for Thought…. or should I say Pie for thought :)
    I wish you both health and happiness.

  716. Your posts are always the clear sparkling water pouring into the muddy pond the right wing wants us to swim in…keep pouring it in and maybe we’ll get the pond scum cleaned up.

  717. Hello, Helen. This is my first time to your blog and what a post! I think I love you! You have just articulated everything I’ve been feeling for the past year. Thank you, thank you!


    P.S. If you’re confused by the mayziegal “handle,” that’s my dog’s blog, who doesn’t have any particular political leanings one way or another as long as she gets cheese.

  718. [...] A few years back, millions of people across this nation and across the globe marched for peace. George Bush ignored us and we had to endure his lazy ass being in the White House for eight years. So now a black man named Barack Obama, elected by the will of the people, has decided to fight for the poor, and work for world peace… and a bunch of white guys who think Fox really is News just can’t stand it. Well, they can kiss my ass because I am tired of their belly aching. More here [...]

  719. Welcome back you were sorely missed! Please indulge my (abridged) quote here from Aaron Sorkin in the movie The American President-

    “We have serious problems to solve, and we need serious people to solve them. And whatever your particular problem is, I promise you, (SARAH PALIN or MICHELLE BACHMAN or any other right wing-nut) are not the least bit interested in solving it. They are interested in two things and two things only: making you afraid of it and telling you who’s to blame for it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win elections.” -Aaron Sorkin

  720. [...] [...]

  721. I’ll never understand why people seem to like the idea of a head-of-state who is “just like them.” I consider myself a reasonably smart person, but I want someone who is much smarter than I am. If elite means big brains, strong work ethic, compassion, good taste, common sense, and the ability to speak English without stumbling over subject-verb agreement; I’m all for it.

  722. great great letters Helen!!! As always too!

    but “creditability” ??? Did you not mean credibility? *grins*

  723. I love you so much it hurts. You say in one word what I can’t say in 100. 39% of the Tea Party are evangelical Christians and 58% own guns. You betcha! *wink* *wink*

  724. muy, muy excellente!

    Now if only the Dems would grow a set & stop trying
    to please the rePugs . They are called the minority party for a reason.

  725. Oh I am SO happy a friend of mine directed me here. BTW, my BFF and I have been BFFs for 40 years and counting! Hope we can be just as feisty and right on as you two in another 20!

  726. Not 12 shy of a dozen – She actually OWES a couple.

  727. As always Helen, you are Right On !!!!!

  728. Bull’s eye, as usual!

  729. Bravo!

  730. Such a joy to go to your site this morning and see a new post! I sent it off to my husband at work to make his day too. Helen, you are a gift to all sane people in a world seemingly gone mad.

  731. Go, girl!

  732. A resounding round of applause to you!! Well said!

  733. Thank you, Helen! You said what I’ve been thinking.

  734. Actually dear, we are still striving to survive W. Just like Reagan’s trickle down crap, it still stinks many years later. We don’t have enough 20 mule team borax to clean the damage brought by these profiteers and pirates.

  735. As always, perfect!

  736. Good one Helen! You know the tea party people claim that their ranks have been infiltrated by liberals who intentionally are making them appear ignorant. I haven’t seen where they have needed much help in that department.

  737. Someone just got told.
    You do remind me of my Grandmother, rest her soul. Said the same things about Ronald Ray-gun.

    Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin don’t share a full set of Chromosomes between the two of them.

  738. In honor of the start of baseball season…

    …another home run Helen!

    And for your viewing pleasure:


    8) ~ Δ

  739. Well said Helen

  740. Words of Wisdom that always ring true, to real people. I like your blog, and I like you! Will you be MY grandmother? I mean it…really!

  741. You said it and how!!!!!

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