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Posted by: Helen Philpot | December 7, 2009

Going Rogue Without a Condom

Margaret,  Chapter One of Going Rogue by Sarah Palin ends on page 62.  That’s about 61 pages after it should have ended.  It  has approximately 19,500 words to it, but not one of them was worth reading. It’s all pure crap.   If this chapter is any indication of what’s ahead, then it appears Mrs. Palin plans to spend the rest of her life getting even with the world by rewriting history. 

The very first page of the book is a map of the globe as seen from the North Pole – I guess to emphasize the proximity of Alaska to Russia.  Honestly honey, when is she going to learn that dog don’t hunt?  Her defending us from Russia would be about as effective as Todd Palin’s preferred brand of condoms.   Oh yes –  Track arrived not quite 8 months after they sprinted to the courthouse to elope.  I guess Sarah’s ghost writer didn’t think anyone who reads this book could count.

And oh my but did she love to read.  All her life all she ever did was read, read, read.  Too bad somewhere along the way she didn’t learn to write.   And that college thing…  Well, it seems that it took so many years and so many different colleges to get a degree because she had to work so much.  And by work, she means entering beauty pageants and sleeping with Todd. 

She finds a way to reference Ronald Reagan  as early as page three in this chapter – which is supposedly about her childhood – and then mentions him again about a dozen more times before the chapter ends.  Even her Grandpa ate jelly beans and looked remarkably like Ronald Regan.  And Sarah’s favorite words – patriotic, patriot and patriotism – populate her paragraphs like children conceived out of wedlock populate her family tree. 

On page two we learn that sweet little Piper, Sarah and Todd’s fourth child, is  the poster child for the Alaska Right to Life group, but if you ask me, she should have been the poster child for the waning popularity of Jay Leno and late night television.  I guess there’s not much to do on cold nights in Alaska except watching out for Russians and wooing Palins.

Margaret, I tried to come to this with an open mind.  Really I did, sweetheart.  I wanted to believe that there really was something of substance to someone who captured the imagination of millions.  Even Barbara Walters has Sarah on her Top 10 list for the year.   But it’s just not there, Margaret.  Substance.  She has none.  Not even with a ghost writer.  I mean how much respect can you have for a woman who describes the birth of her first son by writing, “Oh.  My. Gosh.  I thought I was going to die…  Had any woman ever hurt this much?  I didn’t think so.”   Is it possible her ghost writer is a man?

But honestly, why am I so nasty about this woman?  First I called her a bitch and now I am suggesting her knees are together about as often has Hillary Clinton appears in public with Bill.   Look.  There I go again sounding like a dime novel.  But her entire attitude and approach to life – the sheer hypocrisy of it all – just really gets my goat.   Consider the following excerpt from the book which refers to a State Trooper who pulled her over for an illegal joy ride on a snow machine:

“It was Christmas Day;  we were out in the middle of nowhere, a couple of kids on a snowmachine up against a big dude with a gun and a badge.  I couldn’t help but wondering about his priorities, if he really didn’t have more important things to do, like catching a bad guy, or helping a poor old lady haul in her firewood for the night.  Looking back, maybe that was my first brush with the skewed priorities of government.”  Page. 18

And that, dear Margaret, sums up my issue with Sarah Palin and so many others like her.  They are so quick to look for the “bad guys” in everyone else never seeing the one staring back at them in the mirror each morning.

Here’s hoping Chapter Two has something worth writing about because I’ve only got a few years left on this earth and I hate that even a few hours are being wasted on this exercise in fertility. Pun intended.  I mean it.  Really.

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  1. Do you know that you do not need a DIET to LOSE WEIGHT?

  2. What’s up, just wanted to tell you, I loved this blog post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

  3. I absolutely love her comments on Palin’s book. I saw it at the dollar store…hahaha. I think I’ll spend the buck just to look at the references she speaks of….

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! SOMEBODY has to say this, and you do it so well!

  5. Hope we can take this discussion forwards.

  6. What an honest opinion. I love it. I wouldn’t even pick up her book much less try to plow through it.

  7. Oh ladies, you speak the truth with such beautiful snark and insight, it regularly makes coffee come out my nose.

    In case you missed this:

  8. DElurker… Gates is meant to make a major announcement next tuesday??? Could it be? ONE for the good side! Keep em coming guys keep em coming…..

  9. Since Margaret and Helen are on Vacation…
    I thought I would give you some thoughts
    to ponder…..

    last nights comment by
    MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said on the post-speech commentary that speaking of Obama ” I forgot he was black tonight,” .

    WOW..now thats not racist….

    And now for the Top comments by our servicemen……..

    ” U.S.  Marines — Certified Counselors to the 72 Virgins Dating Club”

    ” Water-boarding is out… so kill them all!”

    “Interrogators  can’t water board dead guys”

    ” U.S. Marines — Travel Agents To Allah”

    “Stop  Global Whining”

    “When  In Doubt, Empty The Magazine”

    “Naval Corollary; Dead men don’t  testify”

    “The  Marine Corps — When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be Destroyed  Overnight”

    “Death  Smiles At Everyone — Marines Smile Back”

    “Marine  Sniper – You can run, but you’ll just die tired!” 

    “What  Do I Feel When I Kill A Terrorist?  ….  A little  Recoil”

    “Marines  – Providing Enemies of America an Opportunity To Die For their Country  Since 1775″*

    “Life,  Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”

    “Happiness  Is A Belt-Fed Weapon”

    “It’s God’s Job to Forgive Bin Laden —  It’s Our Job To Arrange The Meeting”

    “Artillery  Brings Dignity to What Would Otherwise Be Just A Brawl”

    “One Shot,  Twelve Kills — USN Gun Fire Support”

    “Do draft dodgers Have  Reunions?  If So, What Do They Talk About?”

    “My  kid fought in Iraq so your kid can party in college”

    “Machine  Gunners — Accuracy by Volume”

    “A Dead Enemy Is A Peaceful Enemy —  Blessed Be The Peacemakers”

    “If  You Can Read, Thank A Teacher.  If You Can Read It In English, Thank  A Veteran”

    “Except For Ending Slavery, Fascism, Nazism, and Communism, WAR has Never Solved Anything.*

    “Some people spend  an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But,  the Marines don’t have that problem.” – Ronald Reagan

    Lets hear it for our men in uniform in Haiti…!

  10. LOL @ the comments section, JJoe!

  11. http://crooksandliars.com/david-neiwert/glenn-beck-thinks-president-obama-go

  12. Give Lori the CupiDoll.

    She’s right, they are not meant to show emotion..that is the senior officers making up the
    Joint Chiefs of Staff…as well as Chief Justices.

    They were appointed. Not elected.

    “I thought I’d get some applause for that one!” was priceless! Way to call them on their pettiness, sir!
    WHY give him anymore credit than he deserves?
    Just what the hell is he gonna do for the remaining three years?
    He has spent more time giving speeches,collecting awards and showing up in Denmark every other week than being President.

    Did ya see Biden..He almost didn’t know when to clap on cue or not…What puppets.

  13. vgmanΔ
    Obama ..experience on or in the beltway system?
    He was a senator from Jan 05 to when he was elected president in Nov 2008.

    Now how many years did he have of experience of being a senator?… or were you counting the amount of the same time that he was outside the beltway running for President?

    There are janitors in the who have more senatorial experience than obama, by just collecting the trash cans in the senate offices.

  14. “Yeah McCain was a POW. Gee, guess what – he wasn’t the only one. But he certainly has made a career out of being a POW, hasn’t he?”
    ..Yes Greytdog..He has been popular and perhaps its because he was a prisoner..so perhaps he knows more than any of us what it is like to be out of country and starving for support to survive.
    You can include Robert Dole in that group as well.

    And Donna what the Hell? You write
    “When it comes to McCain, he may have engaged in acts which were heroic. His motivations are unknowable. However, he also engaged in acts which were stupid, dishonest, cruel, and reckless. I decline to ignore the less admirable parts of the man.”

    Geez Donna he was a professional aviator defending his country engaged in a “police action”
    WAR in Vietnam.
    And what actions were stupid? cruel? reckless?
    what less admirable parts of the man?

    Oh..I see, you were writing about Ted Kennedy
    and his driving abilities.

  15. Lori, I guess you’re right. I felt like I did see a reaction but I may be wrong.

  16. Gates cheered for repeal of don’t ask don’t tell.. the others, in their defense, are not meant to show any emotion, one way or the other.

  17. I agree wholeheartedly, Delurker Girl!

  18. One bleak spot last night. Did you see the stone faced military reaction to Obama’s statements about gays serving in the military? It was shameful, IMO.

  19. The worst criticism I’ve seen from the right is that Obama was arrogant. Can they make up their minds? They’ve spent the last year saying he isn’t arrogant enough, with all his weak apology touring around the world.

    As a country, I feel we NEEDED to hear what he had to say last night. It was such a big boost for our optimism!

    I will never get used to the pettiness in the crowd during the SOTUA. Watching those stone faced Republicans when Obama is conveying things that are so good for this country, while Democrats clap wildly. I’m as annoyed by it when it’s the other way around. Doesn’t that seem abundantly immature? You can see them all staring at the front couple of rows to take their cue over how they are to react.

    I had a lot of favorite lines but the one about “I thought I’d get some applause for that one!” was priceless! Way to call them on their pettiness, sir!

    I wish that we could get some traction on getting unemployment down. I feel strongly that political bickering and grandstanding in front of the media is the cause for the lack of progress. The ‘liberal media’ keeps letting teabagging hotheads get on the air and throw grenades that aren’t even based on fact. Focus on real news and not opinions or artful spinnery!

  20. From all polls I have seen this morning our President hit it out of the park last night.

    Can you imagine how successful the speech would have been had he been able to declare “we now have health care reform with a public option?” wowowowow

    Pelosi, much to her credit, had it served up and ready to be served to the President tonight. Let’s give credit where credit is due and lay blame where it belongs. Right in the lap of Reid.

    Shame on you Harry. Grow some grapes and make this happen! You owe it to us you owe it to the 30 MILLION people without access to affordable health care.

  21. President Obama’s speech tonight made
    me want to stand right up and listen to
    the “Star Spangled Banner”.

    There…that did. ;)

    PEACE ~ Δ

  22. ice storms in the midwest have downed thousands of utility poles and knocked out electricity on many of the sioux reservations in south dakota. water is out, and fuel is sparse. electricity has been out for 5 days and is expected to be out for up to 21 days more in some areas.


  23. I meant “sit up”–you know, like, pay attention to the people who expect you to represent them.

  24. Outstanding address to the people of our country. He called everyone to task. Citizens, corporations, lobbyists, Congress, young, old, and on both sides of the aisle–I mean everybody. And that’s good. I like a President who works on bringing people to together. Being a former Senator means he knows how the beltway works. I sincerely believe he has told Congress to sit and take notice.

  25. Hi Congenial Gang,

    A resounding ABSOLUTELY to the comments above!!!!!!!

    I thought Obama’s speech was Presidential, solid and realistic. Let’s all get behind him and get to work! Yes, we can make this a better country together when we try harder.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  26. Yoo hoo, Helen…where are you? This doesn’t look like it’s your blog anymore. We miss you and hope you’re okay….

  27. I very much like the idea of President Obama meeting monthly with both the Republican and Democratic caucuses, but I would go further, each office holder should have three of their constituents present. One should be unemployed, another facing bankruptcy, and the third unable to buy health insurance due to a preexisting condition, and of course this should be televised, government transparency at its best.

  28. Ditto that Poolman

  29. I hope so, too, Poolman.

  30. I sure do like that guy. I hope he stays this tough for the rest of the year.

  31. darn right!

  32. Yes we can!

  33. YES, WE CAN!!!!!

  34. I’m with you President Obama!!! Now, let’s do it!!! Together!!!

  35. Cheers my friends! I’m enjoying my president’s speech a lot.

  36. Hi congenial gang and Buttons44,

    When it comes to the T-partiers, let them do their thing. Does anyone remember the Texas billionaire, H. Ross Perot?

    Buttons, would you like to jump in?

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  37. “Like the rest of Wall Street, WellPoint – one of the nation’s largest insurers, with 14 state Blue Cross brands in its portfolio – is having a banner year.”

  38. Yeah! As we all are sometimes, but when it’s called for or good for a laugh, why not?

  39. I’m an asshole.

  40. I’m sure Craig, James and UAW will scoop up a fistful or two.

  41. Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Dinner Disaster

    Unsold tickets, activists demanding refunds—will Palin wind up addressing a half-empty room at the Tea Party convention?


  42. we progressives have a sense of humor… this was cute.


  43. All I need UAW are my eyes and my brain to tell me that young man couldn’t talk any young woman in to working for him as a hooker. Look at him, is there any doubt in your mind, that his prom date was his cousin?

  44. no ones puppet….
    what flavor of kool-aid do you drink….
    talk about a spinning a line of….

    yes pimps belong in jail and so do tax cheats….Daschel,Emanual,etc.

  45. after reading lobo’s Patterico blog post brings me back to my wish that all news media would beg away from the “it has been leaked” “rumored that”, etc news. I realize that everyone is trying to scoop everyonelse in 24/7/365 news today. But oh how I wish they would all go back to finding at least 3 separate source before they air the “news/leak/rumor”???!! I prefer facts (instead of leaks/rumor) on the news programs. Or maybe we have to find a new word for what for generations has been known as “the news”

  46. I would rather believe this attention needing soul was on another epic adventure to expose suspected liberal incompetence. By trying to show how the phone was never answered in Senator Landrieu”s office and since there were complaints existing as to such. I don’t see this guy as into criminal behavior as much as just a manipulator trying to paint a picture of misconduct and garner kudos. He was emboldened by the right after his last efforts were greatly rewarded and praised. He may have felt somewhat invincible. Maybe some jail time would alter his perspective, though I think he will skate, based on his ethnicity and connections.

    As with the ACORN videos, this stuff would be tweaked and slanted with added effects to make a mountain out of a molehill. This has the effect of energizing a group ravenous for justification of their existing fears and desired intended heartfelt actions. It only takes a little spark in a dry forest to ignite the whole hillside. These are not reasoned folks with peace in their hearts and souls full of spiritual oil. These are the silver pitchfork crowd taking back their land. Their country. My, me, mine. Them folks. For god and country, get a rope! Don’t ask me where that comes from. It isn’t constitutional or Christian, but they believe it’s supposedly both.

    With every human involved activity, there will be those that cheat. We can find that in every institution historical and existing. Exposing corruption is noble and commendable, for sure. But one should not cheat or bear false witness regarding others while trying to bring evil to light.

    Me, I’m just a steward of all this stuff. It belongs to the earth and the Creator. When my flesh gives out, that will stay here too. Dust to dust. Yep, just passing through. A mere blip on the eternal thread. Making my demo tape – a kind of multimedia DVD recorded in the library of history of mankind. Recording as we speak… :wink:

  47. It occurs to me, that young man is going to want some liberals on his jury to listen to all of the evidence before coming to a verdict.

  48. Aside from McCain being born with ye old silver spoon in his mouth, (if it weren’t for his father and grandfather he would have been kicked out of the military long before heading to Vietnam) the way his wife was always walking 5 paces behind him or always standing behind him really irked me, like she was his little geisha. And then the Palin thing of course. You know the “lets just put up any old vagina and that will get the women voters” idea. He is a creepy old man.

  49. A corporation is running for political Office in Maryland. Since they have personhood, they should logically be able to hold office.

    UAW: ha, ha, ha – such a jokester. (By the way, Pimps belong in jail, but then, so do people who pose as telephone repairmen to tap phones.)

  50. “parents” is the missing word, but you all knew that right?

  51. UAW, have you seen pictures of James O’Keefe in his pimp costume? Were you fooled into think he was a pimp? Come on now, it is obvious that he looked like a naïve twerp. the folks at ACORN were just playing along with the joke. Yesterday, I saw a young man in a tight pair of jeans, the waistband right under his butt cheeks, sure he wanted to look like a hood, but no reasonable person bought his act. Think about it, a blind eight-five pound elderly woman with one arm in a sling using a walker could have outrun him. Use your brain UAW, quit being just another lemming.

    Course if I was the mother of that teenaged want-to-be, I’d hitch those blue jeans up to some suspenders looped over his ears, and I’d show up at his school several times a day to make sure they stayed that way, and that my kid could do nothing but crouch over his books and study. Too bad James O’Keefe’s didn’t put the same emphasis on his education.

  52. Reader–you are correct. UAW is engaging in the hyperbole that is normally employed by Beck and Hannity in substitution for accurately stating facts.

  53. I don’t get the feeling that anyone here said yea or nay about ACORN – we were just saying those who live in glass houses should not throw stones…. Also please clarify for me I didn’t think they were setting up prostition rings just how they could beat income tax??? I could be wrong about that – but that seems to be the way I remember the short video clip I saw.

  54. And Delurker–I understood exactly what you meant, as would anyone who was not looking to, in the vernacular, stir the turd.

  55. I think too much has been read into my comments about McCain.

    I wasn’t talking about how he moves, I was talking more about how creepy it is to watch his face when he’s listening and when he responds to questions. He swallows and squirms. It’s a distinct change from his campaign persona. He looks extraordinarily uncomfortable, and I don’t mean physically. It’s so exaggerated that if he were an actor I’d say he was trying too hard to convey discomfort.

  56. juneaujoe and greytdog….
    explain to me again how great it is that Acorn is in the business of helping to set up prostitution rings

  57. My personal view is that one can certainly feel compassion to the extent someone has gone through a dreadful experience. However, tha passion is tempered when that person (a) enjoys advantages that are not available to others who were similarly traumatized or (b) exploits his past trauma. Further, to the extent that such traumatic experiences cause permanent mental and/or physical harm, the person may well not be suited for certain positions, including public ones.

    Apart from that, I don’t believe that the wounds or mistreatment that one might suffer excuses a lack of integrity. Nor does it justify inappropriate behavior.

    When it comes to McCain, he may have engaged in acts which were heroic. His motivations are unknowable. However, he also engaged in acts which were stupid, dishonest, cruel, and reckless. I decline to ignore the less admirable parts of the man.

  58. I’m sure that Patterico is hated here, if you even know who he is – but here’s an interesting article on the allegations against James O’Keefe.


    Look back a few posts for his take on the Ellie Light situation. Interesting as well.

    Patterico is a controversial figure to be sure, but he backs up his harangues, insofar as as his backups can be trusted.

    It’s getting awfully hard to wade through the online rubble to get to the truth. Not to mention time consuming. I know my trust is shattered. The past 9 years (sorry, but it’s business as usual in Washington this year, IMO) has seen to that.

  59. Vietnam was a stupid war, which we had no chance of winning.

    Now, we need to look at Afghanistan. Bin Laden made a goal to protracted war which wastes money and US lives. Bin Laden may have gotten his wish.

    Here is a comparison of Vietnam and Afghanistan.


    Are we wasting lives and money in an war which we cannot win in Afghanistan? I think so.

  60. Since John McCain is senator from my state, I have gone through different opinions about him over the years. Yes he was abused in Vietnam and that is difficult to relate to if you have never experienced anything similar. But there is much more to McCain’s story. If there was anything noble about him, it has since been tarnished and lost, IMO.

  61. 31 House Republicans Supported Resolution Honoring Alleged Felon James O’Keefe | Media Matters Action Network http://bit.ly/biIVev

  62. Yeah McCain was a POW. Gee, guess what – he wasn’t the only one. But he certainly has made a career out of being a POW, hasn’t he?

  63. I have to admit chuckling heartily when I heard that James O’Keefe, the “pimp” who “busted” ACORN was really busted for attempting to illegally wiretap a federal official’s phone. BWAHAHAHAHA. sigh. I needed that.

  64. I just saw John McCain on GMA. Is he getting creepier? Not what he says, but how he says it and his mannerisms.

    By: Delurker Girl Δ on January 26, 2010
    at 6:15 AM
    Yes, Delurker–he is getting creepier. No question about it.
    By: Donna on January 26, 2010
    at 6:54 AM
    Thanks, Donna, for affirming what I was seeing with McCain. He’s sort of jerky and awkward and shifty like he’s lying. And creepy! I can’t quite figure it out.


    “I regained consciousness just before I landed by parachute in a lake right in the center of Hanoi, one they called the Western Lake. My helmet and my oxygen mask had been blown off.”

    “McCain’s battered body sank 15 feet to the bottom of the muddy lake. He managed to kick his way to the surface with his one good leg, but his equipment dragged him back down. Finally, as he went down for a third time, McCain used his teeth to inflate his life preserver and bobbed to the surface.
    North Vietnamese pulled McCain from the lake, stripping off his clothes. McCain felt a twinge in his right knee and was horrified to see his leg bent at a 90-degree angle.
    “My God, my leg,” McCain said.
    A man slammed a rifle butt down on McCain’s right shoulder, shattering it. Others bayoneted him in the foot and groin.

    Eventually, he was thrown onto a truck and taken to Hanoi’s main prison.

    Soon, McCain was told that a Frenchman wanted to talk to him and would take a message back to McCain’s family.

    Before the meeting, the North Vietnamese tried to set McCain’s shattered right arm. Without anesthetic, a doctor using a fluoroscope worked on the arm for 90 minutes, with McCain screaming in pain
    . The arm had two floating bones, and the doctor could not set it properly.

    Finally, the doctor gave up and wrapped a cast around McCain from his neck to his waist and down his right arm to his wrist.
    They moved McCain to a new room with clean white sheets. Soon afterward, a North Vietnamese man known as “The Cat” arrived. He was the commander of all prison camps in Hanoi.

    The North Vietnamese operated on his knee, accidentally cutting the ligaments on one side. Throughout his stay as a POW, McCain could never walk right. Among his fellow POWs, he earned the nickname “Crip.”

    Before long, McCain would find himself tied to a stool, and the guards would literally beat him into confessing that he was a “black criminal” and an “air pirate.”

    In May 1969, the North Vietnamese asked McCain to write a letter to U.S. pilots asking them not to fly over North Vietnam. When he refused, they made him stand for hours and hours.

    When McCain tired and sat down, a guard stomped on his injured leg. McCain was back on crutches for the next 18 months.

    In March, McCain joined a group of prisoners who were put onto trucks and driven to Gia Lam Airport in Hanoi. McCain said he didn’t believe he was leaving until he actually spoke with an American in uniform.
    It was the best day of his life.”

  65. I certainly hope so too, I know its selfish but I need a dose of her common sense and humor. Living in the great state of paranoia, rural Georgia, I sometimes feel that I am all alone. So when I need a little boost I come here or watch the ‘”Colbert Report”.

    Maybe Matthew will update us soon.

  66. Hillbilly: There has just been no new post and no other news. We sure do hope a new post comes soon. I hope Margaret and Helen and their families are well.

    A comparison of Afghanistan and Vietnam.


  67. Someone help? I’ve been off the grid for a while and am wondering if I missed something about Margaret? Is her husband still ill?

  68. Hi Congenial Gang, Grandma Katie, Bruddah Juneau Joe and Poolman,

    Poolman, yep! the angry white men piece is priceless. I’ve met a few over the years. Fortunately, not many.

    Grandma Katie, I’m not giving away my ‘Traps for Trolls’ just yet. No telling when a new crop will show up. Let’s just say, they run along the lines of give’em enough rope and they will invariably hang themselves.

    Also for you, Bruddah Joe, my copy of Chalmers Johnsons’ ‘Nemesis’ from Amazon came. (Total cost of a new paperback, including shipping and handling was, 15 bucks and change.) I tried to scan a page of the reference notes to put up here. But the print was so fine it’s unreadable. I don’t know how to blow it up. (Technology challenged, you know.)

    I decided to send the reference notes to both of you here at M&H instead of by e mail. This way, if anyone wants to challenge the veracity of what you write, they can look ‘em up themselves! So there!

    I may copy off a few by hand to get you started when I get a little time. But I’ll have to be soooooo careful. You know how cranky the internet gets when the addresses are not EXACTLY correct. Sheesh!

    Grandma Katie, I’m thinking, just how extensive the British Empire was at its zenith. I think it mostly started out with trade and to get the resources, (LIKE OIL?) that their little island needed and didn’t have. But it was in competition with most of the monarchies of Europe until the defeat of the Spanish Armada. From then on, it was RULE BRITAINIA! Yeah, they screwed the Irish big time for CENTURIES! All in the name of religion or whatever. It always is. The REAL reasons were power and $$$$$$$ though. Politics may always be local, but the ramifications wind up being national or internationa in scope. Especially in taxes and conscription of their young men to go fight those wars.

    The big problems arise with all empires on how to hang onto all their ‘colonies’. The only way is militarily. That really drained the English people with war after war after war, (except for the monarchy and upper classes that reaped all the economic benefits. Does that ring any bells?)

    You can expand on any of this little synopsis. I’m doing it off the top of my head. And we all know, that is not the most reliable source!

    Gotta go bandage up my fingers and grind out a few more Valentine Guys. I’m REALLY getting fed up with those little f—ers.

    Aloha :-)

    Auntie Jean

  69. I hope you girls are ok, I was just telling my husband that you haven’t blogged for a while. Be Well

  70. looking for a good price on books check out abebooks.com

  71. Poolman – love that about angry white men!!

    Buttons44 – hope you wander up this way one of these days. Would love to see you in person.

    Jean – you’re right about more than 2 or 3 syllables, I had to quit using
    them back in high school. Clue us in on the traps you set sometime.

    Now exactly what info are you looking for. Have found lots the very first attempt on the net. However, my Iriish blood began to boil very quickly!! One book seems to have a lot of references from it.
    Depending on what you are looking for, I may order it from half.com

  72. gravatar! That’s it! Thanks! :)

  73. Oops!

    Imaginista, just try Gravatar.com. Maybe that will work.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  74. Hi Congenial Gans and Imaginista,

    Glad to have you back. It’s been a while and you have been missed.

    This link may help you with your avatar. Maybe not. I’m not too swift with this computer stuff.


    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  75. imaginista, I change/post my avatar through wordpress.com

    is that what you are looking for?

  76. The anti – ACORN documentary maker arrested for wire tapping… caught in the act….


    What are the right wing nuts going to say about this one?

  77. You just made me snort, Imaginista! I will have to use that line somewhere!

    Good to see you around!

  78. ACORN: I remember: Take a non issue and blow it up.

    They (GOP) want to totally ignore the stolen votes with Diebold machines in 2000 or 2004 in Florida or Ohio.

    The Republicans sure are good at bitching. The national media open up the airwaves to them too, which I find unbelievable.

  79. One more question… why are the trolls being fed? Their asses are getting as fat as their heads!

  80. Hey all, almost 1600 coments later, no new post from Helen. I hope all is well.

    Anyway, quick question – I lost the link and information to register for an avatar picture to use when commenting on various websites. Can someone please repost that?


  81. JuneauJoe — can anyone remember all the fuss the GOP made about ACORN and Dem’s?????

  82. OMG, JuneauJoe! No wonder people don’t trust the census when stunts like that get pulled! I guess I’m naive – I wouldn’t have guessed they’d pull something like this, and now I’m reading that it’s not the first time!

  83. This is cute: The GOP send out a Census type document asking for money and taking a very biased survey. It looks like it is an official Census document.


    Just your usual deception….

  84. Oh Helen and Margaret where are you — things seem to be getting personal here. Too many attachs on the people visiting the porch.

  85. Delurker: The man sold his soul and whatever integrity he may have had to try to become president. And it didn’t work. From all appearances, he’s never been a particularly admirable person and the ugliness is showing.

  86. Poolman, great pie!

  87. Oh my stars, there is a pro healthcare reform rally near me today! I’m sure there have been others but those aren’t the ones we hear about on the news. Darn liberal media and their one-sided coverage. :P

    Thanks, Donna, for affirming what I was seeing with McCain. He’s sort of jerky and awkward and shifty like he’s lying. And creepy! I can’t quite figure it out.

  88. Yes, Delurker–he is getting creepier. No question about it.

  89. I just saw John McCain on GMA. Is he getting creepier? Not what he says, but how he says it and his mannerisms.

  90. Peace Have a Piece of Pie :grin:

  91. I taste vomit!!!!!!!!!!

  92. …OFSNAO regarding deerlight craig…Rantng now , guess he fiugres “nicely” regarding the jewish producers/writers etc about fictionalizments on tv that as far as he considers is slanted left to incite viewers opinion of such as t-baggers toting their guns and etc (uh, think that is a bit of rip from various news reporting sources …are claiming those incidents did NOT occur craig ? they, those so doing those jaw droppables self admitted their proclivities and alligences ON CAMERA and can indeed be ggogled if you care to catch their clips…) Writers of various “backgrounds” rip from the various reportings and fictionalize them –Fox news does it regularly and NO, just because they state their verson of a fact does NOT equate to an ACTUAL FACT , hence all the viewers viewing do NOT slurp that koolaid attitude you seem so enbroiled in accepting for yourself . Bushie himself at a fund raiser in 2001 Spring stated “you can fool SOME of te people ALL of the time and those are the ones you concentrate on” (google it , was reported various sources, believe was APril of 2001, and NO not going to research it out for you !!) So conclusionality is Craig you have indeed been concentrated upon , and lived life into Bushies acknowledgement of the way things go for some but do bother to note so as NOT to remain totally clueless…does not work/wonk upon all for they do bother to do research fact checking is rather orutine these days especially !! Add another notation, YOUR estimation of NBC is , lets put it this way “interestingly enlightening” as to where your mindsettings reside as well.
    Now lets move to your note on R/Arthritis…true, is considered an auto immune deseas but weight NO FACTOR ? HARDLY !!! Extra poundage on someone who suffers the RA dis-easement can confirm differently and so can the specialists in the field and remains a critical factoring in treatment to help alleviate the pains/etc !!
    (may be wrong, would have to re read for at one point took that you spouted being in the medical field..or perhaps was your wife…whatever, you suffering an arrogant misconception of which you spout as if certain of that notion that weight has NO bearing on RA and you are indeed DEAD WRONG !!!
    This bit “From a posting on Feb 2005
    NBC…Bias on Law & Order? Never!
    “I see I’m not the only one to immediately pick up on last night’s “Bill O’Reilly,” “ripped from the headlines” episode of Law & Order.

    I immediately said to my husband when it started that they were playing off of ….” blah, blah, blah…., uh from a posting in Feb of 2005 and the said to “my husband”…lke say whatters and whatever….and is this by chance Craigs WIFEY driveling in or what ? Despite something from FIVE YEARS ago and KNOW your memory to date has NOT shwn such capability in factuals, so evidently you picking it up somewhere , perhaps a more conservative blogesphere or whatever and is like a whatever and your choice but do not expect others here or similar to take hold and run with it for any worthwhile for it is what it is and not much at that !

    Will say got it about right when saying O’Riley and Hanniety come off as same ol’ crappola sorties, each has own style but same theme runs amuck by them and their counter parts there at Fox. Surprised you mentioned Air AMerica, without at least a cheer for its demise but another one of those “wahteverings”….You definitely come off as haven drunk yourself totally skunked by the righteous right folks and hey , that IS your perogative and free choce and fully entitled to…Just get over the fact that ALL DO NOT SO SUBSCRIBE nor accept !!

    Your complain/whine often that you see so much hate/etc emnating from the left, you see no cnetering or any that willing to wonk/work together …rarely hear you list the GOP positions…or ACCOMPLISHMENTS , it comes off desengenuous at best when you whine and truly malign a great many and remain so truly clueless. Have others who whine too , from both “sides”, but have those that truly DISCUSS the options and use FACTS , and rather unbiasly…you seem lacking in that ability/capability and so come off as blindeyed quite often. Perhaps you need to take a bit of time , perhaps review…think many here have points of view, share them but do listen up to others as well, sometimes still disagreeing with THE thought but able to discuss. True , does seem to be leaning far more progressively inclined ..but most pen as well , and willing to listen , discuss and many valid points are made in the grouping that gathers but perhaps too, if reviewing the blog , you detect too far left or too progressively inclined perhaps is just not where you should waste YOUR time for lets face it, rarely do you change minds and but reaffirm WHY minds will not easily change to your perspectivity jsut by being Y-O-U –NOT trying to be rude , just stating an observation from your interaction hereabouts. You get rude when YOU choose, you get a response and then you WHINE incessantly as if being totally victimized and therefore figure your concepts are right and others are so wrong and blah, blah, blah…HOW can you remain SOoooooooooooooooo CLUELESS ? Is a bit of a mystery but hey, keep up your exampling as it serves to reinforce the impression that you leave lingering and why it serves to bolster resolve and be thankful to NOT be you !!!

    This ditty from you ”

    It’s annoying, but on the other hand, ignorance is the biggest chink in their liberal armour. I used to be a big liberal myself, until I actually started researching things.” is true ROLL ON THE FLOOR , thanks, needed a good chuckle to end the day with !!

    ( and think murdoichs coirporation is NOT US but established elsewhere which even if HE is US citizen does not give him the right for his CORPORATION to contribute…and Randolph if a dem was of an era of differt dems, they are found as very blue dogs or goper sorts , Hearst was more in league of robber barons …)

  93. no one’s puppetΔ

    Is it not weird that your sign and mine consist almost of a positive and negative plates representing us on this blog.

    Kinda like soul mates.

    Ying & Yang

  94. GrandMA Katie & DONNA and thew rest.

    Goodness knows I expected the response I got.

    As soon as I used the Jewish term I knew
    Donna and her defenders would be out in short order.

    I actually dated a Jew in August 73….right before “the surprise attack war”. She wanted to get married and demanded I stop seeing my girl friend,now wife..after only six weeks of dating.
    Met her family spent the weekend at her parents in Dallas and they gave me a copy of the history holocaust as if I had never heard of it or read about it for my nights enjoyment.
    Did learn one thing. The holocaust was about more than six million Jews. It also included
    another 7 million plus undesirables, such as gypsies,species of subhuman peoples from occupied lands and the sick and mentally infirm.
    So the Jews..While I support their right to have a sovereign country…they should and do recognize they were just a sum of the millions killed.

    Enough of the history lesson. I’m sure Auntie Kate,Jean and her copied rants as well as others will waft over these lines for the next few hours.

    Like spraying for cockroaches…gosh do they run in the dark.

  95. Oops! Sorry. Apology in order in the interest of accuracy. I should have Googled Rupert Murdoch and William Randoplh Hearst first and then posted.

    Rupert Murdoch was Australian but is now a U. S. Citizen. Hearst was a Democrat and may have had a few good qualities, but he more or less invented sensational ‘yellow journalism’.

    Off to Valentine Guys in earnest until finished, bloody fingers notwithstanding.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  96. Grandma Katie–thank you for riding to defend my and JJ’s honor. I appreciate it and am sure he does as well.

    Poolman–great article. Doesn’t explain the dynamic of “I’m here!” “Now you are saying I’m not very smart.” “Now you say I”m not funny.” “Now you say I”m not interesting.” “Hi–I’m back!” Well, I understand that on the ironically named Craig’s List, there are personal ads for people who like to be abused….perhaps the mosquito who buzzes around here would do better coming out and looking for someone who will give him an actual swirlie.

    And Delurker–thanks for the laugh!

    Night all! Wishing you pie aplenty.

  97. Hi Congenial gang,

    Oooooo! This is scary if true. Can anyone confirm? The new Supreme Court Decision does NOT preclude FOREIGN campaign contributions. Two examples: Citgo, (owned by Venezuela, mouth piece of Hugo Chavez). I believe that Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdock, a multi-billionaire from New Zeland.

    Does anybody remember the newspaper empire of Randolph Hearst? If not, Google him. I’m afraid this is the beginning of a nasty trend. Even McCain exhibited some misgivings this morning on CNN.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  98. Anatomy of an Angry White Man: Why Men Act like Jerks Online

  99. Donna – I know I broke my own resolution didn’t I? first of hi posts I huave read in awhile, and it is the last.Just coulldn’t let the attacks on you and JJ go by. AS I said , he is an angry olld white man and he lost.

  100. LOL, Donna. Glad you didn’t take that personally. I just couldn’t resist. I even thought of calling you a nickname that was a combo of your name and what I said you did… then decided I’d leave the low hanging fruit for someone else to grab.

    I’m feeling a little wicked tonight, LOL! :D

    And no, I wouldn’t keep showing up after the first time or two. I certainly wouldn’t give it months!

  101. Hi Congenial gang, Grandma Katie and Sistah Donna,

    If eitiher of you wants to get through to a particular troll, you really should limit your vocabulary. Anything beyond two or three syllables is completely over his head.

    However, so far, I have set two traps for him, and he blindly walked right into them to show his true colors. If he gets too obnoxious, I’ll set a couple more.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  102. damn, delurker! You’re right. C’est la vie.

    Hey–would you keep showing up somewhere that people thought (and told you) that you were not very bright, not very interesting, and not at all funny? Now I am not thinking of anyone in particular….:)

  103. Hi Jean, I guess I just don’t think your plan to give perspective voters the big picture is going to work, it all comes down to “all politics being local,” for the majority of voters. I suspect we can all do more good by volunteering our time to our own Congressional candidates, than giving a crash course in world civilizations, however if some of you think you can influence voting patterns this way I comment and support you in your efforts.

  104. Oh Donna… you chastised Grandma Katie and what did you do? You doubled down!

  105. Dear Grandma Katie–now here I’ve been advocating WWGKD and you go and respond to the troll!

    Quite seriously, this is about nothing but a person who wants attention. He comes back to try to get it. If he’s acknowledged in any way, good or bad, he’s getting what he wants: some indication that he exists. And he will keep coming back as long as anyone here gives him one whiff of attention.

    This has nothing to do with the views of the hosts, the guests, or anything else. If he truly found this blog distasteful, he wouldn’t spend further time on it (as I have chosen not to go to Politico–not worth my time or energy). This has nothing to do with any sort of exchange of viewpoints or attempt to be educated or to educate. Purely and simply, this is the equivalent of the bratty kid defacing a building with graffiti–it makes him feel like he’s actually been somewhere and done something. And this is despite that fact that spraypainting something like “F. You” proves nothing more than a towering lack of originality.

    Craig doubtless thought it would provoke a response from me to use the “liberal/Jewish” canard. Nope–he’s meaningless. Ditto the nonsense about scurrying cockroaches. Big yawn–that’s the best he can do? Pretty lacking, wouldn’t you say?

    I don’t intend to respond further and I hope that others do likewise. He’s proved he’s a complete zero and when he appears, he simply reinforces that. So let him talk to himself.

  106. Gee. I thought this was Margaret and Helen’s blog. Must have been mistaken…

  107. Craig – since I read your diatribes against JunneauJoeo & Donna I huave been fuming. How dare you cast such hateful aspersions on people you only know by what they or what y ounk th ey mean. I picture you as an angry old white man whose party LOST in the last election, you LOST the Civil war. STOP whining and grow up. If this site is so distasteful to you wh y do you keep coming back? I have ckecked a few ot her blogs and find the comparision between this one and some of the others quite glaring as to composition and thought. You have told us nothing about yourself other than spending a few hours of time with school
    children but leaving many hours of nothing time. AS of now if I had children in your presence, I would most likely yank them out. BTW learn the difference betweem your and you’re.

  108. Hi Congenial Gang and no one’s puppetΔ,

    No, I’m much too old to get into the hassles of the publishing world. Beside, Chalmers Johnson and many others are way, way ahead of me in their efforts. My speed in research is to just put it out there and if anyone wants to read it, find; If not, that’s fine too.

    Would you like to join in? If you have the time, I think you could make some excellent contributions. Grandma Katie took the British Empire. When it comes to the sad progression of American Democracy into a MIlitary Monarchy or Dictarorship, there are several other related topics open. How about the Roman Empire or Reagan’s “Star Wars” ambitions to take the expansive (and VERY EXPENSIVE) battlefield into outer space. The amount of TAXPAYER DOLLARS that went into that, and still is for all I know, is staggering. Exactly like pounding sand down a rat hole.

    Aloha! :-)

    P. S. the Valentine Guys beckon.

  109. From a posting on Feb 2005
    NBC…Bias on Law & Order? Never!

    “I see I’m not the only one to immediately pick up on last night’s “Bill O’Reilly,” “ripped from the headlines” episode of Law & Order.

    I immediately said to my husband when it started that they were playing off of the Bill O’Reilly story. The show began with O’Reilly’s character, Larry Shea spouting off some typical over the top right wing opinions, and answering a woman’s question about how to protect children from bad influences on TV and the internet with “well, you can start by buying my book.” Then some bookstore employees talk derisively about the contrast between his family values and his sexual harassment suit, as well as the fact that even though they live in a blue state, there are still plenty of idiots buying his book. My husband said, “That can’t be O’Reilly because his opinions are nothing like that.”

    Ha! Right. To liberals, anyone on a radio station other than NPR or Air America thinks exactly like that. Especially if they are also on the Fox News channel. Nevermind that, for instance, Bill O’Reilly and Shawn Hannity have very different views, it’s all the same right wing crap to them.

    Of course I have never found the fact-checking of Law & Order to be particularly good. I got very annoyed during the last season of Law & Order: CI when an overweight woman mentioned that she had rheumatoid arthritis in her knees “you know, because of my weight.” Nevermind the fact that rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that mostly affects the hands and feet and has little or nothing to do with weight, whereas OSTEOarthritis is caused by the wearing away of joint cushioning and is usually worsened by weight. Two minutes on the internet would have fixed that one.

    I wouldn’t imagine they’d be any more thorough in this case.

    This is hardly the first time a “ripped from the headlines” episode has completely misrepresented a conservative person or idea.

    There was that one where a person who wrote books on getting back to biblical ideals in marriage murdered his daughter in law because she wanted to get a divorce from his son. Then there was the one about the outspoken critic of homosexuality that had a gay son who was so very depressed. But the one that really annoyed me was where they took that story that came out last year about the family that had been starving their children and made it into a horrifying glimpse into the dangers of homeschooling.

    Law & Order has always done controversial episodes like this, but they used to have more believable discussion between the officers and prosecutors that came pretty close to fairly debating the issue. Lately they barely even seem to try.

    There were only a few pathetic opinions offered up in defense of the Shea character, and they were both completely shot down. It’s too bad, too, because it’s always been my favorite show.

    This just goes to show the fact that a lot of people really don’t know anything about what conservative ideals are really about or what conservative people are really like.

    It’s annoying, but on the other hand, ignorance is the biggest chink in their liberal armour. I used to be a big liberal myself, until I actually started researching things.”

  110. NBC is on the Liberal/ Jewish gravy train.
    Take a look at the writers and their producers and then look at the correlation. No secret here.
    If you take a look at the NBC produced “Law N Order” series and their offshoots such as SVU Special Victims Units etc…
    and watch the shows they are liberally
    biased as to current negative right wing views and news.
    The story lines although being stated at the beginning of each show are not to be construed as being replicas of current or past news events, is anything but. They have depicted T-Partiers with guns and other issues to stir up the sub-conscious….and hopefully rally the left or left of middle constituents.
    Hopefully with a few more elections like last week and a couple of more bodies to fall from grace AKA Edwards, then perhaps the light will finally shine and watch the cockroaches scurry this November.

  111. Hi Congenial Gang and Bruddah Juneau Joe,

    We who have not learned the lessons of the History of Civilization are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. We might as well crawl back into our caves with the Hunters and Gatherers and eat raw meat.

    The laughable criticisms and condemnations of a troll or two are ringing endorsements!!!! How does it go, rolling on the floor LMAO!

    Those who can do. Those who can’t, sit back on the sidelines and throw brick bats.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  112. deerlighted Craig, obviously you yourself have a bottomless voided pit of a mind that gets filled to the over brimmed level and thensome in regards to so very, VERY much…and true gbo, is YOUR consideration space is wasted from others inputtings and admnistion to JUST google it as if non fallable or whatever …bets are you link specifically to certain cavities that offer up your repetitionaries spiled here abouts , often quite speilled contemptuously thou you whine and whimper rather endlessly and repetitively that OTHERS are the whiners and whimperers and wrought out ranted hatefullnessings highlighting your state of mindsettings which other DO INDEED find pitful and some TRY pity but patience does indeed wear thin and T-H-E-N-S-O-M-E…just advising and NO , not really trying to shut you up, even if you fail to notice others do indeed allow divergencies of opinions but sans truly the hateful spitefuls until the patience HAS indeed worn thin and then retorted to in kind…Something a good many expect and want from the whimpedassed dems that are in elected positions to represent US for the greater common good of all and btw, that does include even you and similar ilkings who would have indeed a shot AT the greater common good even if you attempt to proclaim just out to get in YOUR pockets or infringe on YOUR rights and the many similar etc;s tat could indeed be cited…YOU come across as a blatant blindeyed whackout fool more often than you obviously realize IN THE REAL WORLD where most are NOT drinking koolaid but addressing the concerns held by a goodly TRUE MAJORITY !! It is tired repetitionaries from you , but does serve a purpose for we DO realize such as you do exist but recognized as well and folks are indeed mad as all helle and thensome , rather fed up to boiot and willing to even suggest a booting or two or three IS proper !! Your attempt to dig , to incite or whatever is far more scrollable than you realize and not changing minds except perhaps serve to energize resolve to whipass back and up and out the nonsense makers !! Don’t bother getting a clue, doubt you could actually handly the truthmaticals abounding , so you are truly a designated w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r-i-n-g , more than you capable of realizing so are one SoBeIt’s as most will indeed keep on keeping on and make sincere effort to move forward and UP rather than just accept such as what you expound as if a given let alone credible !!! BTW, that IS laughter, sardonic thou it may indeed be you hear in the background at your insiped gistings !!!

  113. Cuckoo atchoo. I sure hope Helen is okay. I am looking forward to a new post. I don’t think we have ever gone this long. This one takes so long to load! Anyway, the right is feeling froggy now that Scott Brown got elected. I think it was a good wakeup call to dems to get back to the will of the people and out of the pockets of corporate America.

    UAW, this site’s for you. I get somewhat tired of KO and even RM sometimes, but they got more integrity than many of the others. They actually are listed as political commentors, and not journalists. As far as a bias in the media, it is not primarily liberal anymore. With corporations owning the bulk of the news sources, true journalism has been replaced with entertainment to boost ratings and profit – the motivator for these networks and their shareholders. That is one reason that the internet is becoming the primary source for a more honest and well-rounded view of the news.

  114. ^^^ cuckoo, cuckoo!

  115. another BTW in ref to UAW’s ref of NBC/GE …GBO …GE, one of THE largest govt. contractors/etc and perhaps never noticed how in the bag for GOP , especially way back in 2000 election cycle …Morning show with constant views of Bush/Cheney throngs with rare site of GOre ones right on thru election day or how about Tommy Brokaws great interview with Cheney in Dec while waiting Court decison ..welcomed “MY GOOD FRIED” in opening and in closing “hope to see you back soon once officially VP “…or how about Jack Welch at the time on vote night insisting THEY announce Bush win befor all pols closed –yeah, right on mark , claiming they BUT liberally biased that is pure BS and where they manuver a compromise, make no mistake, heart of the orporation lie GOP for those government contracts for military/etc good deals that gop hand out …THey make sure to butter some dem bread for current hold THE offices but not all and figure surely the gops will “return” and known to have long memories..the make meager nice with dems is but a biz ploy and limited at that. True today they do have Rachael and Keith and ED Achultz too but take a hard , critical look see at their line up…it is NOT liberally cast although that gets touted as much as Fox touts that THEY are fair and balanced.

  116. from UAW, (who had not realized to be so fully delusional til this post) :
    The network’s coverage was idiotic, one-sided and downright ugly….

    Daresay to have had a real man in the White House we’d have needed to install Gov. Palin rather than Mister TelePrompt.


    if you want to get big money out of politics your going to have to include George Sorros and Media Matters

    Was this a put upon/gist posting or were you REALLY serious ?
    FInd it difficult to consider you so OUT of your tree that somehow you figure Sara would have been better than Obama and as for the snark about Soros and Mediamatters …can but figure you buy that myth that the MSM is LIBERAL…have you bothered to check out the CORPORATE ownership of media which is held in approximately FIVE hands who are NOT notorious for being liberal by any stretch ..where even due to Obama getting majority by the voters, they cautiously did “contribute ” meager support to make some appearance at “reconcilliation” but continued assault none the less and feel semi embolden what with SEEMING success being shilled and bought by some as legit and even the wins BY GOPs who rightfully figure would indeed be properly shunned IF folks rationaled their filty hands and doings in the national quagmire that has all riddled with consequences that NONE, even themselves, held hostage by !! WHO IN THEIR FREAKING RIGHT (as in CORRECT) MIND WOULD WANT TO RETURN REINS TO SUCH ? NONE who realized the full reality of REALTIME/ FACTS –and a btw, no the Dems are NOT total innocents but sure a better option at this point in OUR time !!! Like amjor WTF and WOWZRINO’ing !!! (am hoping just due to late night and but first sip of morning coffee this slightly after noon !!!)

  117. I’ve made Lemon Chess Pie before, it is quite delicious. And easy to make as I recall.

  118. That recipe sounds like a chess pie… a Texan favorite. A perfect selection for this front porch I’d say.

  119. It does sound good, I think it deserves a better name though.

  120. Still in.

    Here’s something a little different – a recipe for Milk Tart:


    The reviews sound really good.

  121. Yes…the corporations that run media are asshats…..like GE……OOPS!!!!!they just happen to own MSNBC……and we know just how “fair and balanced” they are….


    Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, positively enraged that Massachusetts dared to elect a Republican, delivered two hours of nonstop bilious rage toward the state’s voters, calling them “irrational” and “teabaggers,” engaged in “a total divorce from reality,” and hinting that they’re vicious racists to boot….

    The network’s coverage was idiotic, one-sided and downright ugly….

    Daresay to have had a real man in the White House we’d have needed to install Gov. Palin rather than Mister TelePrompt.


    if you want to get big money out of politics your going to have to include George Sorros and Media Matters

  122. The last time we went this long without a post from Helen her hubby was in hospital. Hoping that’s not the case now – hoping it’s because their grandkids sent them all on a cruise for some wonderful adventures. Keeping fingers crossed that’s why it’s been awhile between postings.

  123. ….And Joe,..May I call you JOE,
    you didn’t have to do an ounce of research on your own.
    Open wide and they will filler up..that cavity of a brain there sport.

  124. Some people worship sports figures, others actors, many get into musicians. ME? I admire good campaign mangers, especially ones that are successful. I told you I am a politcal nerd. Anyway …Paul is one of my favorite and I happen to agree with this od ed.


  125. Helen: I am hoping you make a new post soon! I hope all is well with you and your family. Margaret, wishing you well too.

    Another Troll Hero bites the dust:


  126. I am really, really missing new posts on this blog. You are one of my very favorites, Helen, and I hope your health is good

  127. I think a troll is talking to himself!!!!
    “God what a waste of blog space”

    I am actually learning something about a topic which I am finding interesting.
    Thanks Jean

  128. Jean, I guess I just don’t understand where you are going with the al; research, are you going to publish it somewhere or what?

  129. Auntie Jean

    Good God.

    If you wanted to get your point across
    why not just have them look it up and
    or google it ?

    Or just reference the darn stuff……

    God what a waste of blog space.

  130. Hi Congenial gang,

    Believe it or not, this is a VERY BRIEF list of civilizations come and gone.

    In recorded history there are vast numbers of civilizations, large and small, that rose and fell; far too many in fact to be summarized here. Only a few of the major contributors to the advancement of humanity are catalogued. I have not included Asia, North and South American Empires. The list is compiled from the historians, Will and Ariel Durant, from two encyclopedias and the Internet.

    SUMERIAN CIVILIZATION – The earliest KNOWN civilization. It centered around the farthest south region between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Mesopotamia some 4500 – 4000 BC. Originally they were probably non-Semitic people but later Semitic tribes came and mingled with the indigenous people.

    The Sumerians were apparently the first to make use of the wheel. They also invented a system of writing, a rudimentary Code of Laws and the concept of founding city-states. The Sumerians were conquered by Babylonia but handed the torch of civilization to Egypt.

    EGYPTIAN EMPIRE – Prehistoric Times – 8000 – 3200 BC. It began to decline in the fourteenth century BC.

    JUDEAN CIVILIZATION – Believed to have been settled c. 2200 BC by the people of Abraham. They may originally have come from the city of Ur in Sumeria. (Remember this for future reference, especially the CITY OF UR.) Much of the history of Judea comes from the Bible, which is singularly lacking in dates.

    Babylonia conquered Judea in 586 BC, destroyed Jerusalem and took the Jewish people back to Babylon in captivity. About fifty years later, the Persian King Cyrus the Great (555-529 BC) defeated Babylon and allowed the Jews to return to Judea under his suzerainty.

    BABYLONIA – A little farther north of Sumeria and south of present-day Bagdad, Iraq, Babylonia was an important civilization from the early second millennium to the early first millennium BC. The Code of Hammurabi is considered one of the first systems of law for governing people; a significant legacy handed down to ancient, medieval and to a certain extent modern times.
    Babylonia was under Persian domination for some two hundred years and was finally defeated by Assyria.

    HITTITES – c. 2000 BC – 800 BC. Indo-European invaders established a feudal state in Asia Minor in Anatolia, (the Asian part of modern Turkey.) They were the first people known to work with iron and thus initiated the Iron Age. They were defeated by the Assyrians toward the end of 800 BC.

    ASSYRIA – This civilization rose in Northern Mesopotamia (Iraq) about the Fourteenth Century BC and was destroyed 612-609 BC by a Chaldean-Median coalition that would ultimately come under the umbrella of the Persian Empire.

    The pattern of these ancient civilizations was to kill and utterly destroy the cities of the defeated and then enslave and/or mate with what few inhabitants remained.

    GREEK or HELLENIC EMPIRE – Prehistoric inhabitants date back to 4000 BC. Hellenic States reigned from 1000 BC until defeated by the Roman Empire in 146 BC. The rise of Greece originated as a group of city-states confederated roughly between 1100-850BC. Alexander the Great expanded the Empire throughout the Near East, Egypt, etc. Greece limped along for several hundred years after the Roman Conquest.

    However, Rome copied most of the Greek culture, incorporating it into its own. (Greece practically invented Democracy.) The death of the Greek Civilization is generally attributed to Constantine around 325AD. The Christine Byzantine Civilization outlawed the ‘pagan’ Greek religion and consigned it to ‘mythology’.

    The Renaissance had its origins in Greek culture and ultimately passed the torch of its civilization even until today. Modern Western Culture has its roots from the heritage bequeathed to it from Greece, an influence that permeates every aspect of our daily lives.

    CELTIC CIVILIZATIONS – c. 1200 BC. Indo-European people of the Bronze and Iron Ages originated in southeastern Rhine and Upper Danube River areas of Germany. The first prehistoric people known north of the Alps, they spread throughout Europe, southern Russia, Asia Minor and as far south as Carthage in North Africa. Many Celts were conquered by the Roman Empire but others survived into the seventh – ninth centuries AD and even until today. (The Irish and Basques in Spain.)

    PERSIAN EMPIRE – 600 BC – 640-42 AD.

    ROMAN EMPIRE – 27 BC – 476 AD.

    BYZANTINE EMPIRE – 330 AD – 1453 AD.

    HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE – 800 – 1806 AD.

    OTTOMAN EMPIRE – 1289 – 1922 AD.

    BRITISH EMPIRE – Sixteenth century – 1980s. The British Empire reached its zenith around the world, sometimes by exploration and other times by outright conquest. In 1839 Canada was granted limited self-government and other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, African and areas of the Middle East followed. World Wars I and II took its toll on the Empire and she changed the name to the ‘British Commonwealth’. India gained her independence in 1947. By 1980 there was little left of
    the ‘Empire’ but the influence of the ‘Commonwealth’ continues.

    AMERICAN EMPIRE – LET’S HOPE NOT!!! Time and again history has shown the incompatibility between the building and maintenance of Empires and democracy. It is not possible to have a love of individual liberty at the same time as the tyranny necessary to hold an Empire together.

    Free people do not take kindly to occupation and being held down by force no matter how benevolent. Any act of kindness on the part of the Empire is perceived by the indigenous people as weakness and an opportunity to rebel.

    The United States started out with the old imperial tradition but more often than not, acquired territory with money rather than conquest. The Louisiana Purchase and Alaska are examples. I’m not sure how we acquired Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and other South Pacific territories.

    During the mid-nineteenth century we teamed up with European powers to flex our muscles toward China, Japan and the rest of Southeast Asia. That area of the world had been relatively peaceful and non-aggressive for millennia. Hawaii was just plain usurped in a bloodless business coup. We have not shied away from armed conquest, but that has not often been the American style – so far……or until recently.

    An interesting footnote to history is that in the fourteenth Century (before Columbus) CHINA embarked on an ambitious enterprise of building ships that could have rivaled or even out-stripped European expansion. For unknown reasons, (to me at least), China abandon the idea and turned isolationist.

    After how many millennia, mankind should slowly be learning that in the long run, Imperialism does not work out too well.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  131. Clinton surplus was $230 Billion.

    I have been reading about torture. Finding it interesting. Historically, it was used to inflict pain and humiliation. Torture was not effective in getting accurate information.

    Seems the person being tortured talks but basically says whatever the interrogators want to hear.

  132. Hi gang,

    When it comes to fiscal responsibility, does anybody remember the EXACT figures of Clinton’s SURPLUS when he left office vs. Bush’s squandered-on-war DEFICIT when he left and handed it off to Obama?

    It seems to me that those numbers should be repeated loud and OFTEN!!!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  133. Hi Congenial Gang and Grandma Katie,

    Great! You are on board for British History. Nothing wrong with researching on the internet. I do it all the time.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  134. Buttons44 from your mouth to God’s ears. Let’s not lose hope. The link today from Lori to Bill Moyer’s Journal says it all though. Corporate America sponsors the news. Therefore, the news are not going to really tell it like it is when their bottom line is at stake. Isn’t the obstructionism of Obama’s agenda obvious? We are back to where we were when even the news could not criticize where the right was taking us, to the abyss! They are quick now to talk about the deficit. I hardly heard talks of the deficit during the prior administration from the newsfolks. The double standard is obvious to me. And this is the “liberal media” we are talking about. “We the people” are really being scammed.

  135. Jean – I h ope to do most of he researchvia Internet. I only have access to a samll neighborhoood library. However can order from the mail Library. I am most interested in the British history.

  136. Coakley versus Brown is a done deal. Let’s move on. The ruling on Citizens United versus the FEC should be the subject of the day. Impeaching SCOTUS or protesting will not bring results. All people, right or left , progressive or independent need to do what ever it will take to push a constitutional amendment that can over ride this ruling and have this amendment on the states ballots now not twenty years from now.

    This is far more sweeping than the individual case of Citizens United. That was a case of an issue advocacy group being prevented from buying air time at a specific time and the court decided to rule on almost every aspect of campaign finance precedent for corporations.

    This isn’t a left/right issue as far as I’m concerned. I agree that the restrictions on Citizens United were unconstitutional (and they were serious Hillary haters). I don’t understand why SCOTUS didn’t simply draw the line between an advocacy group and corporations/unions, continuing to allow corporations/unions to create PAC’s for their political spending.

  137. http://www.facebook.com/pages/National-Day-of-Protest-of-the-US-Supreme-Court-April-15-2010/269692832715?v=wall

  138. Easier, think where a good many fall is “ever hopeful”…truly wanting Obama to prove to be an exception to what IS readily perceived of OTHER electeds…Many are indeed proud /some fulfilled to have finally seen /helped to usher in our nations first black President–relieved in part that finally we did move forward even knowing his election was NOT “THE” end all/be all answer to so many of our national woes but it felt like a good step forward, good sign we WERE capable of “learning” off of past mistaken notions and realizing too that not all were “in the moment” of such as well. IT FELT GOOD, first time in a long time that a godd number of us REALLY, REALLY felt out national PRIDEFULS !! We figured it was a see there, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and move forward and we are NOT totally stuck in but muck and mireings !! (and ahem, the WE makeup was of various races and backgrounds and religions and even preferred political alligiences and many still cling to the notion and are not willing to write off Obama presidency as a loss for we KNOW it is not.
    When catching site of him in various whateverings, one has to wonder what he must be thinking /feeling and wonder if he has regrets of taking this on or IF even in the future he will have some…Inclined to think would be more like regret that he can NT have a magic wand to cure all and kn ows/knew from the start none at his disposal but did figure that perhaps we HAD learned harsh lessons due to the woefullness on so many levels of the Bush oridginal win and then ensueing reign with the likes of such culprits as Cheney and RUmsfeld and WOo and GOnzalez and so many others such as CORPORATE’s who bought them long ago and to whom they did indeed cater too …Isn;t it strange to hear how it is the DEMs who are aligned with the CORPORATES , when in actuality would be hard pressed to find other than a small minority of such aligned democratically and quite the opposite, most aligned big biz folks are REPUBLICANS…amazing how that gets twisted…same goes with the tag line ELITE or the nonsense of LIBERAL media .
    Here on this board have the likes of Craig who spews hatefilled whateverings who then attempts to spin it is OTHERS who are hatefilled and etc…IT remains a true WOWZERINO-ing” for sure for any with base intelligence and basic common sense/sensicals. Folks are weary of the bickering and visciousnous in the bickerings but a review will show the nastiness, the nastier emanatons come spewing horrifically from the right side of the aisle and with so many proclaiming NOT but falsely so. They seem to figure folks are truly dense and dummified for sure. Far more claim now to be independents , fewest are GOPers these days for that party has been a MAJOR embarassment for sure and DO NOTE< the Dems have their whack jobs as well but nowhere nere the rights organized core support groupies that do indeed lockstep to the point of being a bit of a true mindboggler for any sane person for sure.
    We've had so many of what we THOUGHT were OUR basic national principles compromised and thrown in our collective faces that is a factor and here IS hoping that indeed TRUTH WILL SET US ALL TRULY FREE but not likely anytime soon is THAT likely to occur and possbly, unfortunately , a good possbility that may never happen –we are mere humans and so very foibled and remain so despite best efforts and good intentions. Humansd are "hopeful" brings by necessity–it helps us get thru to another moment or day . We wish alot, pray alot , hope some answers those wishes and prayers and inbetween we dream too, ension what we ourselves would do if WE ruled the ruled–well, some even dream of ruling much grander and want the unverse. Realities are often harsh, too harsh so cling to hope, hopefulls and occasional make some progress towards a greater common good despit all. At the very least, three cheers for hope, keep clinging to itit is sometime ALL we got !

  139. I sometimes wonder what the reaction in govenment (state and/or federal) is absolutely ‘no one’ showed up to vote – instead just write on the ballots it really doesn’t matter who or which party is there — evetually you all screw “We the People”

  140. Thanks Lori and Juneau Jo for the links. Just hope Obama et. al. are listening. Grandma Katie, I agree with you, it is rarely about the citizenry, when people run for Congress. Very rare indeed, it is more about making a name for themselves. That is why somebody like President Obama who might be in it for the greater good is so out of this world that people have a hard time believing he could be for real and be meaning what he is saying.

  141. This is a good take on Scotty’s election win:

    Evan Bayh Calls For A Retreat From Principles In The Wake Of Mass. Election

    Evan Bayh Calls For A Retreat From Principles In The Wake Of Mass. Election
    First Posted: 01-20-10 11:22 AM

    Yesterday evening, reflecting on what he called the “looming landslide” for Scott Brown, Atlantic blogger Andrew Sullivan characterized the Democratic party as “a clapped out, gut-free lobbyist machine.” And right on time, here’s Senator Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), sounding the clarion call for timidity:

    “There’s going to be a tendency on the part of our people to be in denial about all this,” Bayh told ABC News, but “if you lose Massachusetts and that’s not a wake-up call, there’s no hope of waking up.”


    “The only we (sic) are able to govern successfully in this country is by liberals and progressives making common cause with independents and moderates,” Bayh said. “Whenever you have just the furthest left elements of the Dem party attempting to impose their will on the rest of the country — that’s not going to work too well.”

    It’s worth pointing out just how detached from reality Bayh is on this regard. The White House, armed with its bicameral Democratic majorities, spent the entire calendar year of 2009 vainly attempting to govern by moving its policies ever-rightward. In fact, the administration has gone much further than attempt to find “common cause with independents and moderates” — it has strained itself to find common cause with Republicans! But if Bayh thinks that the wake-up call is for Democrats to continue to do what they’ve been doing all year, then it’s Bayh who’s somnambulating.

    The thorny facts are these: The White House and Congressional Democrats set out at the beginning of the year to pass an economic stimulus package. They strained themselves to moderate the bill. The result was a less effective stimulus that didn’t earn a shred of bipartisan support. And the public, as a result, has soured on the stimulus package.

    The White House and Congressional Democrats set out at the beginning of the year with a promise to fully redeem the generosity of taxpayers, who charitably bailed out Wall Street after its own cascading series of catastrophic mistakes nearly decimated the economy. They’ve since strained themselves to moderate their efforts: leaving huge loopholes in derivatives reform measures, putting forth very little effort to ensure the CFPA won’t be defanged, and assenting to Ben Bernanke’s continued rule of the Federal Reserve — despite his studied disinterest in solving the nation’s unemployment crisis. The emerging consensus is that Obama seems to be a sell-out. And the public, as a result, has soured on the Democrats’ approach to the economy.

    The whole notion that the problem the Democrats face is the inability or unwillingness of progressives to find common cause with moderates is especially idiotic viewed through the prism of health care reform. Progressives have been accommodating moderates all year long. Single-payer was removed from the bargaining table at the outset of the debate. As the year wended on, the public option was removed as well — it was downgraded to an opt-in public option. Then, that was removed from the table. Medicare buy-in was removed from the table. The Stupak amendment, which was inserted to forge common cause with conservative Christians, was added to the mix. Finally, health care reform became: “Whatever Joe Lieberman is willing to accept.”

    Think about this: the public option was supported by a huge majority of the public. At times, 70 percent of the public supported it. Did 70 percent of the population vote for Barack Obama? No! The public option was an idea that found common cause with progressives, moderates and McCain voters. Congressional Democrats, with filibuster-proof supermajorities, could not manage to fight for — let alone pass — a bill with something broadly supported by massive swaths of the public.

    And so the public, predictably, has soured on health care reform. (And Democrats know that a cross-section of generic opposition to health care reform is against it solely on the grounds that it is not progressive enough — this, they believe, is “good news!”)

    So, let’s accept the fact that Bayh can’t possibly believe what he is saying. Instead, allow me to make the needed translation from Party Hack into English: what Bayh is signaling here is that it’s time for individual Democrats to abandon their governing principles and save their own skins electorally. That’s the wake-up call: SAVE YOURSELVES. Don’t do anything without absolute political cover. Place your political preservation ahead of the country.

    Naturally, the public will continue to sour on this, because the public would like the people they voted for, in droves, to at least attempt to deliver on their promises. Unfortunately, Bayh wants his party to veer sharply in the “clapped out” and “gut free” direction.

    And that does indeed appear to BE the DEM consensus take on the Brown win of Teddy’s Senate seat. FInd it AMAZING in some respects, but then, find it amazing that folks WOULD vote to put a GOP back in to a seating of any sort when the GOP has done little BUT POLITICAL PARTISANLY OBSTRUCT and NOT truly offer up much of ANYTHING that could be construed as forging a greater common good for ALL rather than JUST select few !! Pitful we are stuck with just a two party dysfunctional morass of a system that allows the electeds NOT to represent OUR best interests just their own !!
    ( and with that, will exit, preferring the “center” one, sorry for slurping the bandwith/etc…)

  142. ….a deer in headlight craig…GBO , Bodacious of you of all to attempt to degrade anothers input “…Donna and all the others who wish to spread lies are nothing more than echoes..”…”Yet all of you continue to ignore his ignorance and yet support someone who is really lost in his own little time machine” –can be so easily applied right back atcha and thensome for sure and more on the mark as well !!”A one track agenda” for sure ….others are of the opinion that perhaps Craig could do with some counseling as he suggested JJ was in need of erroneously so out of context and evidenty out of his, C’s comprehension ability . but does not faze himself as goes on to extoll ” And Donna you are still coming across as a little vindictive and somewhat sophomoric in your
    postings. To lash out as you did , must be indicative of someone who has had one too many and has issues to be worked out in Group Therapy.
    Your bitter Donna..and it is showing.”…uh, ironic bitterness showing there on YOUR part Craig and attempt to project /deflect it by assailing others with whom you disagree. Uh, just a hint, does not make YOUR premise valid so is rather disregarded…”properly’ !!

    A true “topper” followed ..” It’s amazing…after reading all the posts
    over the past two hours..there is a lot of hate being spoken here.
    You all have really become irrational in your thinking.
    And your hands were suppose to be the ones reaching across the aisle?
    I have seen a very unseemly group of vile
    characters here. Is this the make up of the democratic party?
    What a shame. Pity the poor souls”

    Frankly, will say is a bit of willfilled stretching to sincerely extend pity for your soul Craig…think far more delusional on your victimhood part that you play off. Say, could you give a rundown of just WHAT the GOPerites did offer up as their solutions in this past year and how well THEY reached across the aisle …Would like a list for reference and please, fact check it befor posting if able to post such…gonna’ be rather short list so SHOULD be within you realm of capbilities from what you have indicated you figure yourself capable of/etc.

    (and an oh, when whipping up that apple pie, injest it with perhaps some applejack brandy , so very yummy..Here , do a french apple tart, simplified and use apricot jam with some “injesting” for the top glaxe , gets scarfed down and OH, if want a delish pie crust, use a sugar cookie roll out of the grocers freezer or your own…is scrumptous as a base or even ol’ Pepperridge pastry sheets—they work well for numerous renditons and variety of fillings ‘en crout” and a great snacker is brie cheese encrout, simple wrap and can add in such as smoked oysters ..great when siipping a glass of wine/champagn or a good ale/beer for that matter .)
    (suggests Gibbons RISE and FALL of Roman EMpire” a good reference…have reccommended for long time , too erry for sure . History teaches many lessons , unfortunate that too few actually learn. Always room for improvement and always roo for basics as well which proive “practical/practible too !)
    (In regards to the Edwards ..they and do indeed mean THEY made their own conundrum. Will grant mitgating circumstances and ever so in regards to the loss of their child but others have had similar loss and manage . Will say such loss is vastly important but too, he was NOT their only child which in others case was a factor. Any life comes with NO guarentees, no proise of fairness either. In retrospect, when story was first emerging, remeber the E’s having an important announcement..watched them walk out of their compound–but NOT hand in hand and where the “words” were that were announcing E’s return of cancer and their intent to stay in campaign race and well, etc….VOices at the time wondered if that was “wise/practicall for the INDICATION was she was quite VERGED on short time, why would any continue that grueling sked –they had YOUNG CHILDREN and would seem efforts would be perhaps best utilized on medical treatments/healings and the children –especially if pronosis was NOT assured/etc…Supposedly to claim mantle of willingness to self sacrifice for the good of the people/voter/etc….Now think more a ruse to deflect attenion and garner sympathy/support /etc…Sorry, am that old and that prone to cynicismaticals and DO think all too likely THE possible . Gutual inkling that that press conf was USED, think likely too E knew more than what indicated , likely hurt, but also the stakes for they and their family “position” were high/etc. Think THEY were WRECKLESS as well as feckless. Add a ps’er, not to point of figure that E’s cancer was itself “faked” , think better possible is that was emphasized /exagerrated perhaps and sorry, but for various “reasopnings”. Think both have cul;pabilities and deeply offensive to their children , to the public and to their political party . JE made a hooric choice in becoming involved with the other woman , offensive now is that statement “when child is older, able to understand” hopes for forgivenss is more than a tad outrageous showing pity(pittifulness) for himself first and foremost. Give Elizabeth credit for base intelligence, thin she made a calculated decison, weighed/balnaced the what if’s –what to lose, what possible to obtain and try hard to figure she thopught better positiong for her children/etc in the mix of all of it/etc.
    DON’t really know, just the impression, what taken from observations/etc. Feel sorriest for the children , bets are difficulties yet for them in regards to it all and most likely loss of trusting the very ones they should have been able to feel trustworthy of all others in this world. PITIFUL, absolutely pitiful. Just stating a viewpoint, a cynical one for sure but know others feeling similar with some refusing to say outloud or about until a bit pressed into discussion.9alot out of defference wanting to believe Elizabeth did NOT calculatingly play us all as second fiddlerings , etc !!)

  143. Jean – good luck finishing the Valentines!!
    I am finishing up the newest book by Diana Gabaldon. It has a flot to do withthe RREvolutionary was and describes the battles. Granted it is a novel, but gives much historical background. It is over 800 pages and I have less than 200 to go. The first 6 books covered SCotland and the English battles of Culloden, and alot more history.

  144. After 44 years have passed, I have not ch anged my opinion about Congress. That is once they get inside the Beltway, they cease to remember anyone out side the Beltway exist.

  145. Dear Helen, I sincerely hope that you and your husband are all right and that reading Sarah Palin’s book didn’t give you a stroke or a heart attack. I miss your posts and can’t help worrying about your silence. I’d love to hear what you have to say about the recent election in MA.

    Worried in Maine

  146. Good Sunday morning All.

    A quick musical interlude:

    CRASH KINGS ~ ‘It’s Only Wednesday’

    If you haven’t heard of them…you have now.


  147. Thanks Lori,

    Here is another good one!


  148. OK I feel better now.

    Axelrod move over!

    The calvary is coming hold on progressives! ;-)


  149. The problem I have with term limits without publicly funded elections, is who could afford to take 8 years out of their real life/career?
    I am just fearful that if we impose term limits we will eliminate ANY chance of the ordinary citizen to represent us.

  150. Hi reader, term limits in regard to the President came after FDR. Relatively recent. So if it could be done for the executive why not the legislative you might ask? They would be the ones to vote on the measure and you know how self-serving that bunch is in DC. Will not happen anytime soon.

  151. RE: Edwards and the news — Although I am not a fan (at all) of David Letterman I will give him credit for standing up in front of the TV world and saying yeah I stepped in it big time. That whole story lasted only a week (I believe) in the news. It left no room (or need) to keep digging into his life or “affairs”.

    I still say 8 year terms for politians. There was a reason (and I believe it is the same reason for the Senate and House of Representatives) that our forefathers only gave the Pres. two 4 year terms in office. Power corrupts and all those contributions for campaigns requires favors owed.

  152. Time to act against this treasonous action by the Supreme Court’s Gang of 5. Below is a petition calling for their impeachment.


  153. Petition to impeach the Supreme Court’s Gang of 5 for their treasonous ruling.


  154. Hi Congenial Gang, Juneau Joe, Grandma Katie, Donna and jsri,

    Thanks, Juneau Joe and Grandma Katie for your offers to help me out with my (our?) research. As soon as I get my copy of “Nemesis” I will give you each a list of sources to look into. But Heaven knows, that book is by far not the only source. Feel free to scrounge around for any others you can find.

    Grandma Katie, don’t worry about knowing the ins and outs of research. All I do is read about the subject, take notes and then summarize it in my own words. Often, when the author uses better words than I can, I quote verbatim, of course giving credit to the source.

    Also, don’t even think about worrying about your typing errors. To paraphrase a well-known source, Let he/she who has never misspelled a word, throw out the first typo. How do you feel about taking on either the Roman Empire or the British Empire as background material on the sure and steady march toward an American Empire? Take your pick.

    Further, we shouldn’t worry about our personal bias showing because we try to explain WHY. The conservative side shows its bias all the time, very loudly at that, but fails to say WHY. Like Geico commercials repeated incessantly, when the unwashed brain dead hear and see them over and over again ad infinitum, they come to be believed unconditionally.

    Donna, I went to pueblo.gsa.gov. As you may know, I am almost technologically illiterate so I had a tough time navigating it. I finally found FOIA. TONS of info. I will try again when I have more time, but I’m sure I will need a translation for most of it. What and why are there 9 exceptions and 3 exclusions to the FOIA that can be challenged in court?

    jsri, I too am dismayed and appalled at the ramifications of the new Supreme Court decision. As I understand it, it even turns McCain-Feingold around! It figures though with a 5-4 Conservative majority. I believe it was Bader Ginsberg and Sotomajor plus one other who wrote strong dissenting opinions.

    To my way of thinking, this decision gives free rein to corporations; to name a few, huge insurance and pharmaceutical companies as well as big defense contractors to essentially buy Congressional seats for their own purposes. (That used to be called bribery and was a crime.)

    It takes a lot of money to run a campaign and win an election. Staff, traveling expenses and especially TV commercials. (A hefty designer wardrobe too!) TV networks are also run by corporations and charge huge fees for those ads. Once in office, the elected officials ostensibly are beholden to their constituency. However, a vast majority of the constituents work for the corporations in their local areas and their lively hoods are on the line. So naturally, they vote for the office holder who will see to it that their lifestyle is secure. The corporations send in their highly paid and fast talking lobbyists to persuade (arm twist) the office holder to vote in favor (or in some cases, against) what is most beneficial to the corporation in the long run, not necessarily for the individual constituent. The carrot is the promise or actual ‘gifts’ of campaign contributions for the next election coming up. And so the vicious cycle begins all over again. It is not supposed to be ‘quid pro quo’, but who is fooling whom? There is not a lot of personal integrity going around the seats of power.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

    P. S. Back to the Valentine Guys. I’m up against a deadline…..

  155. NOP, I didn’t understand your reference to jrsi. Maybe I missed something along the way?

    I do feel horrible that Edwards and his wife suffered such a horrible loss. I agree that it’s hard for a marriage to survive something that traumatic. It’s not right for parents to have to bury children.

  156. I think there is a good lesson in the supposed swiping of the diaper for DNA testing. If the connected emotion to the evidence would be happiness that he might be the father, then so be it. But if his intention was to use the evidence to possibly deny paternity, then he opened up a whole can of worms with his new daughter.

    Like I said before, the good in a person comes out in ways that show good-heartedness towards others. The bad in a person comes out in ways that reveal mean-spiritness towards others.

    Letting one consume you is the decision we make.
    But one can not be both.

    The Supreme Court decision is scary indeed. I don’t think enough people are aware of how the ruling affects their lives now and in the future.

    I know that many of the regulars here feel the same way about powerful people using their position and influence to do things that spread mean-spiritedness. A grass-roots movement is the only way to check the power of any ruling entity.
    Who was the swing vote on that ruling? I’d like to read their opinion.

    People, wake up! Progressive people do not want to repeat the past. If robber barons caused human suffering on a large scale–why would we allow that to happen again?
    The Peoples’ Seats (all 535 of them) should not be adorned with dollar signs and sponsorships. They should be held by representatives who work every day to make connections with the people they represent.

  157. Delurker–you and I agree 100%.

  158. Delurker Girl, I for one am not amused that Elizabeth Edwards was willing to go along with the deception during his campaign. I get more cynical the older I get, I don’t like it that is the case, but…. jsri has some problems with the human race as well, drat we all understand how he feels.

  159. I think the thing about the Edwards scandal being newsworthy is that he lied and lied and lied about lying. The affair, IMO, isn’t the point. It’s that he lied about having it, lied about fathering the child, and tried to sell himself as someone above that. A wonderful stand-up guy.

    He came clean about the affair when he had no chice. Then didn’t come clean about the child until again he had no choice. One guy was saying that Edwards asked him to sneak a wet diaper to him so he could get a private paternity test, and that he tried to rig a real one to say he wasn’t the father. (I guess this could be hearsay. I don’t know who it was that was talking.)

    That makes him a fraud, IMO. He tried to win elections and market himself with lies.

  160. I MISS HELEN!! Helen – where are you? Please at least have your grandson post something so we know you are OK!!

  161. Jean:

    This may be my last post here for a while. I’m almost stunned into silence by the election of Scott Brown and by the fire sale of the federal government by the Supreme Court.. I think the citizens of Mass have made a serious mistake. The guy Brown is a totally empty suit without an original idea in his head. He was actually a 4th level politician, a sacrificial lamb put up by the Repubs who are probably as surprised at his election as the rest of the nation. And now they are treated his ascendance as if Jesus Christ had just won.

    His campaign speeches are tedious and predictable, totally lacking in substance and foresight. His track record in state government is essentially non-existent. But on the campaign trail, In fifteen seconds he can bring up Al Qaeida, tax cuts, killing health care and his truck, and the second fifteen seconds will be a repeat of the first fifteen, and on and on ad infinitum. Sorry, I don’t want someone who is clueless and classless making our laws. I’d prefer to have the smartest person in the room doing that. Unfortunately that is seen to be elitist by all the voters who have no idea what the word really means.

    But the action by the Supremes has to rank as the most duplicitous polemic I have ever seen. To ignore the direction such action will take the country is truly frightening. Now, every position of governance or authority will have a price tag and voters will be relegated to a position similar to that enjoyed by serfs in the Middle Ages. The age of the robber barons is about to be repeated, and I suspect its arrival will come with lightening speed.

  162. Auntie Jean – if you need more researchers – call on me. I”m not s ure about about all the ins and outs but willing to try.

    All th is about children, it isn’t any easier when they are 30 and die violently.

  163. Morning all, Hi Whirled,

    Jean, I will check out torture.
    I put the link to my blog and you can email info through that.

    Edwards: I would be a mess if one of my three children died – it would impact me a lot. I would also say the same for some nephews and nieces that I also consider my kids.

    Why is there so much time spent on Edwards? Huffington Post checked the amount of time spent on Edwards – hours, and time spent on the Supreme court decision giving personhood to corporations – minutes. Then we have Haiti.

    The priorities are way off.

  164. President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 1/23/10

    “As long as I’m your President… the most powerful voice in Washington belongs to YOU.”


  165. Auntie Jean–go to pueblo.gsa/gov and they have a link to FOIA that’s probably as clear as you’ll find. That should give you an idea of the process and we can then discuss specifics.

    Re the Edwards family: I agree that the loss of a child is the worst of tragedies and cannot imagine the ways that people try to fill that void. What I don’t know is whether John Edwards was, like many very successful trial lawyers, basically a bottomless pit of neediness to begin with. I know fabulous trial lawyers who aren’t like that but a lot who just are.

    I don’t think there are any heroes in this situation. Not him. Not Ms. Hunter. And not Elizabeth Edwards. Nobody behaved in a way that I’d have hoped people would behave. But I also believe that the Edwardses have created their own punishment for their shortcomings. As for Ms. Hunter, I have no idea what will happen to her but she certainly doesn’t appear to be an admirable person.

  166. x-post from Mudflats:
    The Mudflats » Open Thread – A Global Family http://bit.ly/6AeqTe

    Please read, please watch the u-tube vid . .it’s really wonderful and starts your day off with a smile

  167. Vgman, That was the first thought that came to my mind when the world first learned of their troubles.

    The grief, from the death of a child, could destroy just about anything.

  168. Hi Congenial Gang, jsri, Juneau Joe and Donna,

    So,jsri, you’ll have brand new spankin’ hearing aids too! Oh, yeah, we’re talking mega-bucks. But if they work as well as they are supposed to, it could be a whole new world around here. I sometimes wonder how much of a hearing loss I could have developed as a result of the TV volume! I would like to compare notes with your wife. And then there is the invincibility of the grandsons. We have them too. Wasn’t it wonderful when we were that young and also knew EVERYTHING there was to know about EVERYTHING. My, how age changes that perspective. I’m not sure I know much of ANYTHING about ANYTHING anymore.

    Juneau Joe, thanks for the tip about the discharge papers. If we can’t round them up here, its nice to know there’s another route.

    And step right up! You’re on the team. How would you like to take on the disgusting subject of torture? You will need a very strong stomach. We have all heard about ‘water boarding’ and Abu Gharib, but there was so much, much more to it. And yes, the orders came down from the very top. They gave new meaning to the definition of ‘rendition’. I always thought it meant someone’s interpretation of a musical number. Not so in this context. It has to do with snatching people right off the street, even in foreign countries (Europe), and spiriting them away in a large fleet of their own planes to secret prisons for ‘interrogation’. Some were never heard of again. How’s that for the American Constitutional System of Justice to say nothing of common decency.

    We got the book, “Nemesis” by Chalmers Johnson at the library on the recommendation of Bill Moyers on PBS. We have always respected Moyers’ thoughtful point of view. Turns out, the book is the last in a trilogy. I will probably get the other two sometime. We had to return it because there are a limited number of copies in our library system and there is a long waiting list for it. I ordered my own copy from Amazon that will be here in a few days.

    In “Nemesis” he has page after page of the footnotes of his sources, sprinkled throughout the book. These are other books, newspaper articles from all over, and government documents obtained through the FOIA.

    Donna, I would like to know exactly what is involved in getting those, especially when the Administration didn’t want that information out. Much of it was redacted. “Top Secret, National Security”, you know. Heaven knows how many others were either destroyed or never existed in the first place.

    Juneau Joe, to get started, I could give you some of the references and you could take your pick tracking them down. Or you could get your own copy. Amazon has used ones and paperbacks pretty cheap. It cost more in shipping and handling than the book.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  169. vgman: I am so impressed about what the students did. Thank You and thank them.

    I am retired from teaching. Thank You for your dedication and efforts.

  170. In case you missed the benefit concert tonight, this was an awesome performance.

    YouTube – Justin Timberlake & Matt Morris (Leonard Cohen Hallelujah Cover) Hope For Haiti


    pls give to HopeForHaiti.org

  171. no ones puppet — yes we have elections. But if you consider holding a senate seat for 40years (no matter which party they are with) a term????? Kenndy, Stom Thurmond (maybe there should be an age limit also) , McCain, any of those there for more than 8 years. Too much power too many favors owed. And dear Sarah would have to be elected first – hope it Never Happens. But there should also be impeachment if they turn out to be real duds. The system as it is does not allow much time for ‘govenmenting’ since they usually start campaigning right after being elected. I realize that those already holding the “power” will never change any of this even though a few have talked about changing things — and I have some property in Flordia I am willing to sell for a song??!!!

  172. Time heals all wounds. Yes or no? There was a couple who spoke on Oprah last week about how the death of a loved one can wreak havoc on a family. They said it changed them. John and Mrs. Edwards (gosh, why does her name escape me) should be commended for the length of their marriage since the tragedy in 1996. They evidently worked on their family unit for some time, but everyone changes and mourns in a different way. Only they know how this affair and new child in the extended family will impact them.

    On another note, I wanted to share with you the relief my school collected in one day’s giving by the student population–

    Just over $700. I encouraged my students to give whatever they could and found that many gave bills, instead of coins–although I did hear a little jingling in the bottom of the bag. It was heartening to see the kids understand that there were those who needed our help and to have no response would be unthinkable.

    Teaching children to respect and care for each other. In action.

  173. Hi Jean:

    I went in for my final hearing test and fitting for new hearing aids today. I’ll pick them up next week. The difference between what these will do and what the old ones did is extraordinary. Unfortunately, I could buy a good used car or a room full of furniture including a wall sized digital TV for less that what those little suckers cost.

    But I haven’t yet been successful in getting my grandson to get fitted earplugs to use whenever he plays with his rock groups. I’ve been all over him like a cheap suit about the issue but 18 year olds are invincible and he knows that nothing as pedestrian as hearing loss will ever happen to him.

  174. “Did anyone ever think that all the hubris caused by John Edwards’ affair could be the result of miscommunication between John and Mrs. Edwards after the death of their child? I’m not excusing his behavior, but relationships are hard after the death of a child.”

    Well, I think that is a really long disconnect in the relationship, then, since their son died in 1996.

  175. Time for a new post, Helen. I’m going into withdrawal.

  176. Jean, I might be able to help with research. I might look for a job in March and April, so I might be a light duty reasearcher. I do like stuff like that though

    Discharge papers: Go to any vet organization and they can get them. Mine are on record in the County Courthouse where I grew up. I don’t think I have a copy of mine either.

    Term Limits: Then you have bureaucrats running things. I could see Sarah Palin’s types popping up and being in charge with term limits. They sound good but they actually do the opposite of what they say. Sarah Palin was terrible. I might also say that those people like power.

  177. http://www.dailykos.com/tv/w/002494/

  178. So, tonight, I’m walking my two dogs and I find myself saying the following words just before we re-entered the house–“Some walks are shorter than others, Tasha, but you still need to poop!”

    I’m arguing with her because she knows which one of two routes we usually take is the shortest. Oh, the fights we fight.

    What a crazy day today with all the comments from ubermedia.

    Jon Stewart is hilarious. He definitely shines a light on what is often annoying–abuse of others with words.

    Did anyone ever think that all the hubris caused by John Edwards’ affair could be the result of miscommunication between John and Mrs. Edwards after the death of their child? I’m not excusing his behavior, but relationships are hard after the death of a child.

  179. Hi Congenial Gang and farsight,

    My husband had molds made of his ears today and has ordered his new digital hearing aids. Hooray!!!! It’s going to take about 2 1/2 weeks to get them. The audiologist was super nice and answered a barrage of questions.

    He did check with the VA. There is a possibility that if he can claim that his hearing loss is service related and it is approved, it will reimburse him for the cost. It will take 8 – 9 months to do the paper work. There is one small gltch. They want his discharge papers. Uh, after 54 years, where in the hell are those papers? We’ll try the safe first and then turn the house upside down.

    Stay tuned. farsight, we will probably be asking you plenty of questions.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  180. I think we have term limits, they’re called elections.

  181. The Senate wants to pass legislation that would abolish the filibuster. That seems short-sighted. It would help pass legislation in the short term, but imagine the grudges that will be avenged as soon as the majority tips the other way? It seems like after the Massachusetts senate seat loss, which would have been prevented if not for legislation Democrats put in place to require special election instead of appointment by the governor, we’d start thinking longer term.

    I could be wrong, but on this one I think the consequences could be extraordinary. I would hate to do something like this just to pass health insurance reform that doesn’t even resemble what we really wanted anyway thanks to obstructionist politics.

  182. I say term limits to all in government — it was NEVER intended to be a carreer!!!!!!!!!!!! Or may I add a wealth builder for the individuals we send to Washington to represent “We the People”. How many go there and come out after 40 years as billionairs????? How do they do that on what we pay them to represent us??? I don’t think either side comprehends how angry “We the People” are and not just with the bankers etc. I wish we could all just vote for the guy who has never been in Washington before and vote out all those that have been there for say 8 years or more regardless of party. Think that might get their attention. Yes I rant.

  183. Hi Congenial Gang,

    Here is where we stand as far as I can see. We have 10 months until the mid-term elections. For the Democrats to get anything done in the next two years after that, we will need to seat a bigger cushion of Senators and Representatives. They are all human, so some, like Kennedy, may die. Others may defect and its possible some on both sides may go down in disgrace or even to jail! It has become overwhelming obvious that the Republicans are just going to continue to obstruct and try to coast without any real cooperation, hoping to take back the White House and Congress in 2012. OK, that’s where we are.

    All of us here at M&H have lives, responsibilities and diverse interest. Politics is the glue that holds us together however, or more precisely, what has happened and is happening to our country.

    I for one have two projects in the works right now. Those of you who have been here forever may remember that every year I make 150 little red and white yarn ‘Bobble Head’ Valentine Guys for my three grandchildren to take to their classmates and friends. Yep! My fingers are once again, blistered, bleeding and bandaged from making the damn little suckers. 100 of them are already in the mail. 50 to go.

    My other project is some research further into the outline of ‘American Imperialism’ as presented in Chalmers Johnson’s book, “Nemesis”. I Googled him and he has an impressive and credible bio. I want to research further sources to check on the accuracy or expand on many of the points he made. I intend to do this in any event because it interests me greatly. I also feel that if more people knew more of the details, it just might influence their thinking about the mid-terms. For heaven’s sake, we sure don’t want to get back into the clutches of another Bush-type Administration.

    We are quite a diverse group here at M&H, scattered all over the country. And we talk to people. This makes for an ideal vehicle to spread ideas. Since research is very time consuming and time is of the essence, (10 months) I could sure use some help! Anybody want to volunteer? There are many of you here who have special skills. We could be very useful to each other in getting information out there.

    Just one example out of many. Did you know that as of 2006, we still have 9,960 deliverable nuclear bombs, down from a stockpile of 32,500 in 1967? How many times over is it necessary to have the capability to destroy everything and all life forms on this planet? Of course, some would claim that keeps us as a ‘The Super Power’. Whoopee! Do you know how much it costs to keep those bombs secure in their silos, the number of highly trained personnel, etc.? Do you have any idea what a drain the ‘secret’ Pentagon budget is on TAXPAYER MONEY? How much Health Care and reduction of the National Debt and Deficit could a lot of that money take care of?

    Do we want our children and grandchildren to live in a democracy or a military monarchy or dictatorship?

    There is plenty of history about how Rome began as a democracy and abandoned it in favor of a military emperor. You know what happened to Rome. And then there was the British Empire. She eventually gave up her ‘Colonies’ and Empirical ambitions in favor of democracy.

    Think about it.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

    P.S. A couple of other topics for discussion. Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision and effect, among other things, on the Corporations’ Military-Industrial Complex and their defense contracts. Then there is ‘Star Wars’ the gazillions of $$$$$$ of R&D poured into it and it still doesn’t work. Well, at least we civilians got a GPS out of it.

  184. I think it is absolutely hilarious. And well-deserved.

  185. UAW, yup Stewart nailed Olbermann to the wall. About damn time. I appreciate Keith, but there are times when I just turn off the TV because he’s almost as obnoxious as listening to Beck. Anyone notice that Stewart also laid into Maddow the other night? That was also pretty good and needed too. We need folks like Stewart to point out the foibles of the powerful & influential – and yes, in their own right, Olbermann and Maddow wield power –

    Jon Stewart may well be the “country’s jester” but remember – the role of the court jester was to remind the King of humility and hubris. A dangerous role to have but necessary.

  186. Grrrr…. I use a small credit union for my banking but Wells Fargo has my mortgage. Can’t close that account just yet. :(

  187. So the banks found a way around most of the restrictions President Obama put on them.


    I am going to close my Wells Fargo account today.

  188. Got to admit: Jon Stewart did a good job.

    Just read a story saying, many on the hill are glad Brown got elected. They now have an excuse to do nothing on Health care or any controversial issue.

  189. Olbermann is no Rush, but he is definltey over the top, UAW. You’re right about that. I don’t care for his show, especially the (generally) windbaggy special comment segments.

    His accusations are immensely ‘dramatified’ but the point is that they were based on real examples of Brown’s own actions.

    Olbermann should have focused on the fact that Brown plans to screw the majority out of getting the healthcare they want while his state already has it and is generally satisfied with it. (Certainly not more unhappy than BCBS customers are.)

    I didn’t realize you liked Jon Stewart. I try not to miss it. There are gems in his show almost every time.

  190. Keith Olbermann cedes the high ground and wallows in the swamp of baseless name-calling.

    you tell them John Stewart


  191. The Dems should go with Reconciliation, which has been used quite often. It takes 1/2 plus 1 to pass a bill under reconciliation.


  192. *the* conclusions, not “he” conclusions.

  193. Yea, the rumor was based on fact. And I totally agree with your statement that the piece “says what it says.” People seem to always try to make something mean something to reinforce their own stereotypes. Personally he conclusions that people draw tell me more about the person drawing the conclusion than the object of their assumptions.

    I happened to see this live the day it aired so I knew to include the word “biscuit” in my search for the fact behind the rumor that you asked about. My own inclinations came into play when I witnessed what went down, and to be candid my response had more to do with the sex and age of the shovers and inciters. I wondered how the men in my life would respond in a similar situation, and it made me ponder the idea of laying down one’s life for another. But theorizing about that was very different from the reality of the situation in Haiti, so I tried to stop myself and let it be that “it is what it is” and that’s all it is.

    CNN’s coverage has been outstanding.

  194. Thank you for the link, Mapes. I guess it did really happen. Maybe. ;)

    What I mean is, I still think the issue was misunderstanding, more than systemic ungratefulness. I wonder if the guy explaining about the expiration dates was really making an assumption about the problem. However, the piece says what it says and I guess that set off the “see how ungrateful the Haitians are” campaign. I still think that people accustomed to eating mud to ward off hunger, and drinking water they use for washing and bodily functions, must by and large not be people who would care about an expiration date. It’s too bad it was ever aired. It’s noise. The more importnat point is that the people are so desperate for food & aid that they are mobbing the aid workers. To me that says more aid is needed, not less.

    I imagine it’s hard for people to realize how hard it is to be patient and civilized under those circumstances. Good grief, all I have to do is watch how my husband acts when dinner is late! An hour without food and he’s a bear – I can’t imagine a week or more without food and then having to compete with hundreds of other hungry people to get something!

  195. hopefully soon somebody will update the blog to let us know that margaret and helen are fine?

  196. Kucinich wants to pass a bill that takes personhood away from Corporations. This would be a way to reverse the terrible Supreme Court Decision which allows corporations to put as much money as they want into a campaign.


  197. Hi gang, Delurker Girl, Greytdog, Sherri, reader and jojofraz,

    Herks, is a wonderful word! I’m adding it to my vocabulary.

    We had MRE’s after our Hurricane Iniki out here in 1991. They were affectionately dubbed “Meals Refused by Ethiopians”. Pity the poor soldiers who have to subsist on them for months on end.

    FOLKS, HELLO! For the most part, you need a STOVE or some way to heat MRE’s up. Get that? It’s not easy to find your STOVE under rubble, and if you do, many STOVES don’t work without ELECTRICITY or GAS. GI’s are known to heat them up by boiling water in their helmets. Of course, you need WATER to do that. (MRE’s are somewhat similar to crude frozen TV dinners only they aren’t frozen but vacuum packed.) We were fortunate to have a generator for the two months until we got power restored but water was very iffy during that time.

    I too am very concerned about Helen and Margaret. I hope they and their families are all right. When it’s a long, long time between posts, we are reduced to bickering with the trolls, which is, as Helen said, “an exercise in fertility”, without the sexual gratification. Actually, we put a heavy burden on their shoulders to carry by themselves, almost all three million hits of us. (Admittedly, many of them multiple hits, myself included.)

    I am working on an idea in their absence to take a little of the heat off them. I’ll get back to you when it is better formulated.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  198. Delurker – if you’ve seen any of the rescue vids coming out of Haiti, you’d know the Haitian ppl are extremely grateful to all the nations assisting them. On Twitter, some are asking for specific S & R teams because they’ve seen them help others in their areas; babies are being named for the various countries that have gone in to help, and the various aid agencies are receiving inquires from all over the globe about long-term recovery and rebuilding.

  199. There is an email address under either MOD or about us – stating however you may not get a reply. I sent an email to that address and ask that someone post something — even it is only “We are OK!!” Guess no one has check in on that email address. Since I didn’t get it sent back to me I am assuming it is still valid!!! Any one have any other ideas???

  200. I miss Helen. I need her logical analysis of current events. Anyone have any idea?

  201. I’m beginning to think Margaret and Helen have gone the way of the Poe Toaster.

    Before I start grieving, is anyone ready to organize a “Where’s Margaret and Helen?” campaign???

  202. Thanks for your response to my question re: Mass. health care program. I searched the web today and found several sites on it. As one site said it is not perfect but it is a start. Maybe now that Brown was elected the Republicans will be more willing to volunteer their ideas and use Brown as their Knight in Shining Armour come to the rescue of our health care. However as I said in a previous post WAY back there – what we really have is a “disease intervention plan”. If we could just turn it into a “Health [Promotion and Disease Prevention] System” we may be better off.

  203. Listening right now to Shannyn Moore and AKM live talking about latest corporate takeover…


  204. http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/world/2010/01/15/lawrence.aid.distribution.cnn.html

  205. OMG, Greytdog, that’s exactly HOW I made that typo. I had started with hateful jerks and backspaced out the word. Creepy!

    I’m sure the unfamiliarity of the food is a big issue! Language differences, too. I bet the volunteers are working so hard, and under such dangerous conditions, that it would be hard to explain it all day long, too.

    The Haitian people have to be utterly bewildered and devastated. Calling them ungrateful is just shameful. It makes me sick to hear it.

  206. Glenn Beck is crazier than normal today! I think the Mass election made the right wing nuttier than normal.

    It is so bad I will not even post a link. Not worth seeing or repeating.

    The right wing hate, anger and spreading of fear is going off the charts.

    Time to quietly assess, reorganize and plan for the next set of elections.

  207. I like the term “Herks” – hateful +jerks=herks

  208. DeLurker Girl – haven’t heard that rumor – but there is a rumor in Haiti that the food supplies coming in are for the American military, aid workers, and American citizens only. Ppl are upset – and the MRIs that are being handed out are unfamiliar to the majority of Haitians. When told that food is being handed out, they think rice, beans, cassava, flour, eggs, milk. etc. They don’t think MRIs. They aren’t sure how to prepare them, what’s in them, etc. Can’t say I blame them – I also wonder what the hell is really in those MRIs

  209. JERKS, not herks. My bad!

  210. Have any of you found out if there is any truth to the rumor going around that Haitians are rejecting food specifically because they think it’s expired? All I can really find is references to a rumor, and herks saying ungrateful Haitians should just fend for themselves.

    I don’t believe for a second that desperate, devastated, starving, primarily illiterate people are checking for expiration dates and refusing to eat food that is being distributed. Shocking how a common type of people has fallen for it.

  211. Welcome to the Corporate States of America.


  212. Greytdog:

    Your talents as a drummer and trumpeter are greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  213. Sorry for the repost. it was only meant to be a typo correction

  214. Re: lori on January 21, 2010 at 12:46 PM

    Lori. Sorry. I left the state of Mass before their health plan went into effect. But here is an old link that has more details.


    But from what I’ve heard, many more children who were uncovered before are now under the umbrella and many more small businesses now offer coverage. And contrary to what a lot of people would like you to believe, illegal immigrants are not covered.

    But it is still an insurance plan, not a health plan. I don’t see how the insurance companies have any room to complain.

  215. Re: lori on January 21, 2010 at 12:46 PM

    Lori. Sorry. I left the state of Mass before their health plan went into effect. But here is an old link that has more details.


    But from what I’ve heard, many more children who were uncovered before are now under the umbrella and many more small businesses now offer coverage. And contrary to what a lot of people would like you to believe, illegal immigrants are not covered.

    But it is still an insurance plan, not a heakth plan. I don’t see how the insurance companies have any room to complain.

  216. Reader, No I don’t live in MA, sorry.

    I just volunteered to GOTV for the special election.

    It is my understanding however, that MA does have the closest thing to universal health-care anywhere in the nation… Maybe Jsri knows something about it?

  217. Well, now we all know WWGKD! LMAO!!!

  218. JuneauJoe —- For someone who does not know you , does not have any idea why you chose to teach in remote Alaska or anything else about you, I suggest he shuts TFU.

    For the rest of us I suggest Resolutions 1 and 2.

  219. Buttons44 – love your expression gophead! BTW any rain problems at your place?

    Greydog _ that brownie pie sounds wonderful!! Makes me wish I could get in a kitchen and cook.

    Does the troll have a brain that can check out facts? or does he spend his da y writing nonsense to insult people and crap on Helen’s porch. Scrubbing th e porsh so often gets tiresome.

  220. well, I say good for her!

  221. Here is a link to the Cindy McCain Ad about hate against Gay Marriage


  222. McCains wife, Cindy, is in a pro gay marriage ad.

    I just saw a bit of the ad on the AM news.

  223. McCain is letting Scarah help him get re-elected. This could be good if the Dems don’t waste this oportunity!

  224. Sign the Grayson Petition to stop corporations from unlimited funding of elections.


  225. http://videocafe.crooksandliars.com/heather/thom-hartmann-its-all-about-republicans-vs

    Thom Hartman: Interpreting the loss in Mass.

  226. I’m in, Farsight. And Greytdog–that sounds wonderful. Many thanks.

  227. The discussion regarding the availability of 50 medical beds on a ship is a moot question. The logistics of relocating one million displaced persons in Haiti is the first priority after search and rescue. Setting up refuge camps that will probably exist for years is an organizational nightmare
    Haiti is a country with no public sewage system. Sanitation is the real problem as health concerns will soon demand 100,000 medical beds or more after the earthquake victims are cared for. What difference does it make who got there first when you have a such a dire situation! All of us should expend our energy toward a positive solution.

  228. Thanks for the Olbermann link, Joe. I don’t generally care much for Keith’s show, but he sure does back up what he says with plenty of specific examples. It was a good piece.

  229. I’m in.

  230. Not JuneauJoe’s of course.

  231. OK folks, I read it so you don’t have to. The last 2 posts were the ranting of a juvenile mind. I can’t empathize with the mind what acts like this. I’m sure it feels powerful in that much of the discussion has been turned to it.

    Let’s not engage or discuss its childishness. It would be nice if we could go 200 – 300 posts at least like that.

  232. WWGKD


  233. It’s amazing…after reading all the posts
    over the past two hours..there is a lot of hate
    being spoken here.
    You all have really become irrational in your thinking.
    And your hands were suppose to be the ones reaching across the aisle?
    I have seen a very unseemly group of vile
    characters here. Is this the make up of the democratic party?
    What a shame.
    Pity the poor souls

  234. By: JuneauJoe on January 20, 2010
    at 8:35 PM His post again mentioned the Carl Vinson carrier.

    Donna and all the others who wish to spread lies are nothing more than echoes of Joe’s ignorance that he mentioned this same ship and the same complaints about not taking patients. I told him it was not a hospital ship.I told him and everybody earlier what the carrier was there for.

    Yet all of you continue to ignore his ignorance and yet support someone who is really lost in his own little time machine. Ya tell him once and he doesn’t get it..then again..and again..

    A one track agenda. This captain …and this ship…and these beds…are not being utilized.
    Then he start in on his marxist agenda about the Cubans were there first. Who gives a shit?
    The cubans care more and the US Military
    could do more and blah..BLAH…
    Man this guy JJOE needs counseling.

    And Donna you are still coming across as a little vindictive and somewhat sophomoric in your
    postings. To lash out as you did , must be indicative of someone who has had one too many and has issues to be worked out in Group Therapy.

    Your bitter Donna..and it is showing.
    I know last night was hard.
    Have another drink, get a grip and go to synagogue.

    “And Delurker–I vote for warm apple pie with ice cream. With a wee glass of warm cognac after it.”

    Just wish you had someone to lean on in a moment like this. I worry about someone in your shape.

    I’ll pray for you.

    and ….as for Buttons44..
    Pull the corn cob out.
    You’ll feel better tomorrow.

  235. Delurker & Donna, this isn’t a pie recipe but it’s quick, it’s yummy, and it’s been deemed sinful by some friends:
    (measurements are approximate)

    2 cups toasted & crushed hazelnuts
    1/2 c. (or so) graham cracker crumbs, crushed
    1 cup butter, melted

    Mix together. Press firmly into prepared pan (I use a brownie pan sprayed with PAM, then parchment paper ‘painted’ with a bit of melted butter). Pop into 350-degree oven for about 10 minutes or so until “crust” is set (should be “golden brown” not burned). Remove and let cool.

    Take your favorite boxed brownie mix and prepare as directed. Pour over nut crust. Bake as directed on brownie mix box.

    Remove from oven. Let cool completely. Turn pan over onto plate. Tap lightly. Remove parchment paper from the nut-crusted brownies. Serve with ice cream and hot fudge sauce.

  236. reader, thanks to the frugality of my Scots ancestors, our family has owned a small vacation house on Martha’s Vineyard since 1893. The house is a generational legacy that everyone pitches in to keep in order. My cousin & his family now live in the house. Whenever we came back to the US on furlough, family reunions were often held there in the summer. I have family and close friends along the Cape and in Boston, but I have never lived there as a resident, so I have no experience personally with the health care program in that state.

  237. lori and greytdog you obviously live or have lived in Mass. I have heard that Mass already has their own version of health care reform. Could you give the rest of us an over view of your hearlth care program.

    And the trolls have to come here because it gets boring on their own sights which must sound something like Ann Coultier arguing with herself.

  238. Helen? Margaret? Are you okay?

  239. Lots of good posts today. Now, I’m off to make dinner.

  240. We all deal with issues in different ways, some people like to rant to feel better and some are quick to move on to the next thing. This blog is not a blog where people are supposed to move in lockstep. That said, Greytdog, I cannot stomach to read some of the posts here. When I do most of the time inadvertendly, I always come away wanting to wipe my eyes from ever seeing the filth. But by God, I applaud you for ranting against some of our more juvenile posters. You go lady!

  241. I see your point, No One’s Puppet. I, myself, have never had the urge to stand around in vomit spattered clothes, reeking of urine, trying to get strangers to listen to me. So it’s hard for me to empathize with those who regularly don the befouled clothing and gibber, much less when they expect to get a reaction.

    And Delurker–I vote for warm apple pie with ice cream. With a wee glass of warm cognac after it.

  242. For our little party, I don’t recommend merlot and snocaps. Two good things that completely wreck each other!

    We’ve been seriously short of pie around here lately. I have canned cherry pie filling and frozen crust. Surely someone here could do much better!

  243. The ship is the Carl Vinson

    I would have put that up earlier but I truly scrolled past the two trolls. Didn’t know they wanted the information.

    Here is a link about Cuba setting up a hosp.


  244. I’m in! What’s our category? Desserts? Salads? Maybe a nice cocktail?

  245. Trolls have so little control of their own life and the verification of their very existence, in their own mind, depends on the reaction of those of us they can shock and get to react. Hey we are only human, so if we read their crap, we are bound to react. One of the good things about this blog is the comfort level we have in share not only our ideas, but personal facts about our lives, but that same information gives trolls the ammunition to offend. It might be time for a good recipe exchange while we practice WWGKD.

  246. I’m not sure M&H’s little blog is as imortant to them as it is to us, ROFL! I wonder if they even read the comments? :D

  247. Craig…you yourself are in a STFU moment in time as you disparage your whateverings so self riteously,,,and believe it was James who attempt the snark regarding JJoe but even he was a tad more more civil in re-addresing ..a btw the way, if you are so concerned regarding the Navy ship/incident, you are enabled via YOUR computer to seek out the informaton..nothing in any notes hereabouts that another MUST accomodate YOUR laziness to verify and but only take your crappola as if must be taken as veracible and topped with your play at victimhood–aw poor little C is told to stuff it and blah, blah, blah. You DO come across too often as a true dieharded gophead representative but frankly, your are not even that good at that !! Too Bad, SO Sad and whatever .

  248. JuneauJoe – WWGKD? Scroll past the trolls. None of them have said anything constructive that I have read. Carping about your teaching in Alaska. Still have seen no mention of what he does except a few hours a week. What does he do the rest of the time?

    Obama has done m ore in one year than his predecessor did. Has he had much cooperation? Thank him for immediately sending help to Haiti.

    My SO was a stanch die hard Rush fan.
    But I never heard one word about having Paramedics help him. or Nursing home stays. Or q u estion who was paying for itall.

    Donna – so you too are watching the total numbers! Make ia nice VAlentine don’t you think?

    So Mass voted for Brown. I look at it as a wake up call to the Democrats to wake up, join together and pick someone who doesn’t take a vacation for 18 days. Sounds like someone else who was always running off to his “ranch”.

  249. Actually No.

    Just looked. WOW. That is pretty amazing.

    Wish they would put up a new post. It is a bit worrying that it has been so long between posts.

  250. That happened to my daughter in NY. I happened to be 8 feet away. Those crazy guys find those who are intimidated and really try to freak them out.

    He left pretty fast after I walked up.

  251. On a more interesting topic, see how close to 3 million H & M are getting?

  252. You nailed it.

    You have to protect the children from those fools too.

  253. And do we respond to the crazy guy with the vomit-covered raincoat who smells like urine and is waving a leaflet and screaming “doctors cure deafness with new miracle plant!” when he says “hey–have you tried it?” Nah…we head on our merry way thinking “man, that’s one who didn’t watch the ‘your brain on drugs’ commercials.”

  254. Donna – That is an amazing analogy!!! Great!!

    It is exactly like that……..

  255. Perhaps the best analogy is the crazy person on the street corner who is yelling nonsense–and expects passers by to answer.

  256. Good for you, Juneau Joe. It is obvious to anyone that you are well read, educated, and informed. You have zero need to justify anything to anyone, much less someone who doesn’t approach your intellectual horsepower.


  257. WWGKD


    Thank You President Obama for sending 4000 more troops at this critical time in Haiti. The sooner they get help, the more lives that can be saved.

  258. Beck (and his followers) are talking crazy again!!!



  259. ‘I found your comment regarding JJ’s “fitness” to teach to be beyond the pale. How dare you assume to judge another person while demanding that no one judge you?” Greytdog
    the above concerning a post about JJOE..

    Well my what a lady stfu….
    If the shoe or card carrier fits then so be it.

    I don’t think I was speaking to you..greytdog

    If all Joe can do is bash the country he lives in well he can vote them out. But I asked him and still have had no answer to his outlandish comments and crap about some Captain not allowing patients on a Naval ship

    I said give me a source..and yet you support his crap..and he has chosen to ignore my questions.

    AND How good of you to keep reminding everyone what a wonderful person you are.
    Do you blow trumpet or are you just a drummer?

  260. Anne,

    Thank You for your comments. We do need healthcare for all. It is crazy that so many people are going bankrupt because of medical expenses.

    I have a friend who died because she was sick and recovering when she got the swine flu. She had no insurance and knew they would put her in the hospital so she stayed home. She died during the night.

    It is crazy!!!

    Lori – You are right. Time to move forward. The candidate in Mass did not work out – move on and learn from the loss.

  261. Greytdog:

    The only consolation in this great Massachusetts election mess is that Brown only gets to serve the remainder of Kennedy’s term and I suspect that by then this loudmouthed braggart will shoot himself in the foot and get voted out of office.

    But as a past resident of the great Bay State I’m not surprised by the result. After all tMA voters elected Bill Weld and Mitt Rommney to the governership. Unfortunately, in this Brown election they get to share their stupidity with the rest of the country.

  262. and one more thing before I go and do some more yoga so the top of my head doesn’t fly off!
    I am sick to death of democrats, whom I have donated our hard earned money and my valuable time for 40 years, stand in a circle and shoot each other. The repugs have had NO policies NO message NO agenda for over 25 years but yet still manage to seat candidates.. WHY? because they have party unity and when they get into trouble they would rather take a bullet for their guy than disparage a fellow party member. BARNEY… I am TALKING TO YOU! STFU!

  263. James:

    I have seen no bi-partisanship coming from the Republicans. I have seen only claims of “socialism” and out-of-control spending. Government spending doesn’t seem to be a problem with people when we’re talking about Medicare or Social Security, also decried as “socialsm” when they were proposed and passed. But I don’t see Republicans in a hurry to repeal those. Why? Because people like them. I believe if we can work out a way to provide healthcare to people so they don’t have to worry about going bankrupt and losing everything they’ve spent their lives working for, they’re probably going to like it. And the GOP vowing to block anything put forth, so matter how many concessions they’ve been allowed, makes me mad. If they’d put forth an alternate proposal, I’d be willing to look at it. But they’ve done nothing. They’ve just nitpicked at what has been proposed and done their best to make it fail so they can feel like they’ve done something.

    The GOP is ruled by ideology right now, and you cannot negotiate with an ideology that says “You either believe as we do or you’re wrong.” They will not work with Democrats, so if they feel frozen out, it’s their own damn fault and it’s too late to bitch about it now.

    I’m allowed to be pissed about healthcare. I’m worried I’ll get sick and lose everything. Why can’t we get this right? Why does every other industrialized country feel this is a priority and we don’t? Why does every other country with some type of health care for everyone think this is important and our citizens don’t? We’re compassionate when it comes to Haiti, but when it comes to compassion for our own poor and struggling citizens, we care more about keeping what we have than helping out our fellow citizens? How did we become this selfish? In a country that’s supposed to be christian, that’s supposed to care about helping others, how did we become this?

  264. Absolutely correct greytdog we did put up a terrible candidate.

    Also it isn’t like MA has never turned shades of red. I seem to recall a smuck by the name of MITT that resided in the governor’s mansion a few years back.

    We are 1 and 1 when it comes to winning seats in special elections. We stole a house seat away from a SP backed Tbagger, they took a senate seat. We have a good chance to take it back in a couple of years.

    So I don’t look at this is any kind of “signal” that Obama and his policies are disliked and therefore we should change the course. Had Brown run as a right wing nut or a bagger it would be a different story, but he didn’t he ran as a main stream moderate. I am a bit concerned we are losing the blue collar white man vote. Our policies help/ represent him well and we SHOULD have their vote and we don’t . We need to message our polices better to reach him.

    What I do see however are a bunch of democrats that aren’t using the political brains that God gave em and are squandering away all OUR hard work.

    Greyt I still would be interested to know what district you were calling that you received such negative feedback. Was it district 1? by chance ? I had district 2, that by in large went Brown and I only received a tiny fraction of negitive feedback. I’d like to know more.

  265. Here is a perspective about the success of Obama in Iraq.

    But Obama’s biggest practical foreign policy success has been in keeping to his withdrawal timetable in Iraq. Most observers have paid too little attention to this, among his most important decisions. When he became president, his top generals, including Gen. David Petraeus and Gen. Ray Odierno, reportedly came to him and attempted to convince him to modify the withdrawal timeline adopted by the Iraqi parliament as part of the Status of Forces Agreement negotiated shortly before he took office. They did not want US troops to cease patrolling independently in mid-June 2009. They did not want to get all combat troops out by summer 2010. They wanted to finesse the agreement. Reclassify combat troops under some other heading, they said.

    Overturning the SOFA or dragging Washington’s feet about it would have produced rage in Baghdad. It had the potential for undermining the government of PM Nouri al-Maliki, and for reinvigorating both Sunni Arab extremists and Shiite radical movements such as the Mahdi Army. It would have made other Arab regimes suspicious of US motives.


  266. Just sorry folks gave in to the impulse to read the troll, you know you can’t resist setting them straight and then they come back.

  267. Poolman–you are right that it’s unfortunate it seems so terribly important to James to feel validated. I visualize him like Rumpelstiltskin hopping around and shouting “I WAS RIGHT! I WAS RIGHT!” and shaking his little gnarled fist in the air.

  268. A mark of success is to judge a hypothesis by its results, Donna. If your belief system is consistently wrong, change it.

    Call me immature or anything else. It doesn’t change the fact that I am right. Had some of you not engaged in adhominam attacks on people who disagreed , even when we were civil, I would not have kept score and rubbed your noses in it. You are reaping what you sowed.

    If Juneau Joe hid his political beliefs from his students, then my kids would have been happy in his classes. I’ve seen too many conservative and liberal teachers who thrust their beliefs onto students. If he kept his views out of the classroom, hooray for Joe and I appoligize for assuming otherwise .

    I agree with him about the Senate bill.

    The “Senate candidate” took a vacation because she “knew” she would win. How could she not win when she led by thirty points a couple of months ago and she was chosen to occupy the Kennedy seat? The Democrats thought her election was a formality because they underestimated the grass roots movement which learned Obama’s campaign networking methods.

    Maybe the lost election will convince them not to underestimate their political enemies and to compromise. Brown had better produce also, or he will be gone.

    Anne, one reason Ma voters chose Brown was as you implied, they were afraid the government health insurance program would steal from their already expensive health insurance system.

    I’m proud of them. They have shaken the political framework of the whole country.

    The Republicans offered a number of alternatives, and though the Democrats said they wanted to work with Republicans, party leaders froze them out. They let Republicans offer a few meaningless amendments, and leaders crafted the bills in secret. Even Sen. Durban admitted he wasn’t privy to the final negotiations.

    So, Anne, you are wrong about the Democrats’ willingness to work with Republicans. If the Democrats are smart, they will work with the opposition now.

    Polls show most people oppose Obama’s agenda once they learn the details. If he wants a successful presidency, he needs to compromise and run to the head of the crowd as Clinton did. David Gergan said the four main aspects of Obama’s agenda in their present form are dead. Brown has proven every safe seat is potentially vulnerable, and our legislators are suddenly nervous.

    Obama misread the vote. Voters were voting not so much for him as the image he created and what people projected onto him. They wanted nothing which reminded them of Bush, and Obama seemed to be above politics. Now that he has failed to live up to expectations, and people learn what he is selling, they reject the package. If Obama compromises and moves toward the middle, he can still be a good president.

  269. This was James’ “I told you so” moment:

    “Its unlikely but even Ted Kennedy’s old seat may theoretically go Republican according to the Democratic Public Policy Polling.” James 1-09-10 at 8:59 AM

    In my interpretation, he could have been right no matter the outcome. Like when the weatherman says “chance of rain.” But I say, let’s give him the “I told you so” moment he so desperately needs, and chalk up that point is his favor.

    Score keepers abound. Good umpires are rare. It is probably a good time to refresh our knowledge of the rule book and equip ourselves properly for the event we are mutually participating in.

  270. Well said, Greytdog. I bet it felt good to get that off your chest!

    Their arrogance will keep the point from having any real impact on them. Trolls disturb & disrupt. They don’t have any interest in learning or growing or getting along. As long as they can get the desired reaction, they don’t leave, either. We can shoo away fruit flies but as long as we keep putting out fruit for them, they’ll keep coming back. I’m not chastising you. You said what needed to be said. It’s just a terribly frustrating situation.

    It’s sort of shocking that of all the things they could choose to spend their time & energy on, they choose crapping on this porch.

  271. Yeah, Greytdog. Well said. About time someone put him in his place.

  272. As for Craig – so what if we were all communists? what’s the BFD? You gonna run to Bachmann and tell her about the unAmerican activities in which we’re all engaged? Let’s start with a sampling of my “communist activities”:

    Volunteer with Eldercare
    Teacher – Elderhostel
    Pro Bono Elder Patient Advocate
    Tutor – at risk students grades 9-12
    Actively involved in Habitat for Humanity, Church World Service, and World Council of Churches
    Lifelong supporter of Oxfam, Heifer Intl, Doctors w/out Borders, UNICEF
    Active member of Peace Now (seeking viable solutions for Israel/Palestine peaceful coexistence)
    Volunteer w/Coalition for the Homeless

    Notice the theme of these communist activities and interests? It’s called Giving Back and Paying it Forward – if that’s Communist – so be it.

    Either report me for these UnAmerican Activities, Craig, or STFU.

  273. Personally, I would have like to have seen a strong Progressive Dem as the junior senator from Massachusetts. AS a lifelong Kennedy supporter, I have to admit I became very annoyed with the Dems talking about “Teddy’s seat” – Ted would have been the first one to remind them that it was NOT his seat but the People’s Seat – and he served at the behest of the People. That, in the long run, Ted would become the People’s Senator is beside the point. The Dems fielded an ineffectual candidate who assumed she’d ride to victory on the Kennedy name alone. Ted could have told her differently – that those days are gone and you have to earn that seat through campaigning and following through on your commitments. I hope that Scott Brown also understands this. Whether or not Brown is a t-bagger or RWNJ is not my concern – we’ll soon seen if he toes the party line or had enough courage to stand up to Limbaugh and Beck. I am not going to sit here and nit-pick him to death just because he’s GOP.

    On a personal note, I think James owes JuneauJoe an apology. I found your comment regarding JJ’s “fitness” to teach to be beyond the pale. How dare you assume to judge another person while demanding that no one judge you? You sit there on your pompous ass pontificating to everyone and playing that childish game of “I told you so”. Well James I am so glad to know that God has bestowed omnipotence on you – too bad he also didn’t bestow some compassion and empathy. I find you intellectually interesting – and I admire the fact that you are maintaining a family farm in this era of BigAgra. BUT that doesn’t mean I will sit by silently while you bully and demean others on this blog. I’m trying to be nice here, but frankly, if you were standing in front of me, I’d bitch slap you upside your head for even assuming you’re the only one with “the Truth”. Jackass.

  274. I, for one, want to thank our Commander in Chief for responding so quickly to the Haitian crisis.

  275. “The Democrats cannot unite; the Republicans simply want to destroy. Obama won the election with a new coalition; but he has had to govern through the existing system, which is essentially broken beyond repair. Hence he is as stranded as the country.”

    Now: Call The GOP’s Bluff

  276. Call Senator Murkowski and TELL HER TO GIVE BACK THE $124,500 FROM THE ENERGY LOBBY!

    ***Murkowski is trying to gut the Clean Air Act! She had energy lobbyests write the amendment which will gut the clean air act. (Alaska is melting by the way.)

    Make a quick phone call to her Washington office at 202- 224 -6665!

    Thanks Donna – reminders do help

  277. JuneauJoe–WWGKD.

  278. Troll Poop on the porch!!!

    Stroll folks!!!

    Amazing Story: 20 US firefighters worked for 6 hours on a collapsed 3 story house. They found a boy and a girl alive.

    That is a great use of US taxpayer money.

  279. If our humanitarian efforts matched our military efforts in priority and funding, we could be a true blessing to the world. Instead we are the new world’s police force and occupiers of the globe, with over 700 bases on foreign soil, making more enemies with our occupation than allies. With our military being promoted as our christian outreach, we have greatly polluted the gospel of Christ. With scripture imprinted on weapons of war and twisted to justify genocide, we heap burning coals on our heads and bring a curse on future generations.

    “We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us.”

  280. Well JOE..May I call You JOE?

    You must be a closet communist.

    You are so ready to find fault the efforts of your own country’s military relief.

    And you seem to perpetuate this notion that there is a ship that the “captain” has under his command and will not allow its medical personnel to assist.

    Again JOE…where do you get your inspiration from as to who is saying this..and about what ship?
    Facts JOE.
    Just give us the source of your knowledge upon where you make your judgement.

  281. Haiti: Cuba was the first country to set up a hospital in Haiti. The US has a ship with a 50 bed hospital but the captain has not allowed it to be used for injured Haitians. (Medical Personnel aboard the ship said they were equipped to help 800 people per day if they get the OK.) A US hospital ship is on the way.

    The Navy did set up a field hospital yesterday.

    Years from now, Cuba will get have a lot of good feelings because of their quickness to do the right thing. (We keep talking about stopping communism, etc but we only care about embargoes or bombing – not helping those in need. That is the feeling of many in the countries in need.

  282. Right again, No One’s Puppet. I like you. :)

    How long is Brown’s term? He’ll have to run again next year, won’t he? I can’t find that information. Too much talking head ‘noise’ to wade through and I lose patience.

    My mind is consumed with fear & sadness for the people in Haiti. I made what I thought was the biggest contribution I could afford last week. I will dig deeper now.

    Couponmom.com is a website where you can get printable coupons for groceries, etc. I just got a notice from them that for each of their coupons redeemed in the next week they will donate a nickel. Redeeming just 10 coupons will be enough to provide clean drinking water to a family of four for a full month. I don’t know how fast they can do this, but Haiti was destitute before the earthquakes and clean water has and will probably always be an issue. If this particular painless way to contribute doesn’t address immediate needs, it is still worth doing.

    Living Water International has been serving Haitians for a long time. Contributions go toward sending missionaries to Haiti to drill and repair wells, and to teach hygiene. It’s a good Christian cause if you are interested. I’m sure they are doing what they can for relief of course, but their purpose is more toward ongoing need.

    The poverty in Haiti is difficult to even fathom. There are people who make their ‘living’ selling dirt ‘cookies’ for food. They are enslaved to the people who sell them the bags of dirt used to make them. Can you imagine how heartless you’d have to be to sell dirt for $5/bag to people who in turn prepare the dirt for food for others? Those same profiteers could be selling them rice for the same price! It’s sickening.


    Sorry, no time to proof read but just wanted to share more about how awful it was there before this disaster. These people had nothing, and now they’ve lost even that.

    To that, Rush says “I have mine. Get your own,” and “I pay my taxes, why should I be bothered with this?” Hypocrites preach that Haiti brought this upon themselves when they made a deal with the devil. They forget that they are supposed to be like Jesus, caring for the sickest and poorest among us. They forget that they themselves may be failing a really important test.

    It’s no wonder we can’t get health insurance reform for our own people if jerks like that can’t even find empathy for the poorest of the poor. They make me sick with their righteous heartlessness. I would rather be good than right.

  283. I knew this would happen. A lot of people who voted for Obama expected miracles, but that’s impossible. I remember when Clinton came into office with lots of promisese and ran into opposition in Congress. He was only one man and couldn’t change whatever he wanted. Keeping the recession from turning into a depression was not enough. We want everything fixed now. Why haven’t you done it?

    I am so, so disappointed in Massachusettes today. They already have universal health care in their states. Something like 92% of their population has it, so what to they care whether the rest of the country suffers?

    Michael Steele was on ABC news this morning saying how Republicans want to work with Democrats on health care legislation now. That’s total bullshit. It’s one thing to have a different opinion, or different ideas on how to reform healthcare, but don’t lie to me and tell me you’re upset that Democrats don’t want to work with you. They offered. You declined. Don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining.

  284. Honestly, I probably taught James child and neither he nor his child knew I was a liberal.

    Politics was after school and weekends.

    Single payer is the way to go for sure. At the very least, we need a public option in a health care bill.

    Again: The Senate seat was lost because the Dem Candidate took an 18 day vacation – what did she really expect.

  285. ah, the mature “I told you so” response. And, of course, the invocation of Mary Jo Kopechne.

    As for the completely uncalled for statement about JuneauJoe’s “fitness” to teach, I can say that I’d be proud and grateful to have any kid of mine under his tutelage.

  286. WWGKD
    There is no problem with Obama;s agenda, the majority silently, TOO SILENTLY, support it, the problem is with its execution. Democrats grow a pair!

  287. Olberman on Brown, an apology.


  288. Once again, I told you so.

    When I posted that Scott Brown had a remote chance of winning, I expected only a surprisingly close election. My mind changed about ten days ago.

    Brown’s road to victory began last spring when a many of us took to the streets in what became the Tea Party movement. The left and some posters here derided the protest as inconsequential, but I told you differently. Events are proving me right again.

    The Democrats should have seen this coming and found a better candidate who could run a campaign. Their smugness and inability to interpret events made this happen.

    You and the Ma. Democratic campaign should have seen this coming. I did. Surely, I’m no smarter than you. Once again, I believe your obscession with Sarah Palin is misplaced. She is not leading this grass roots movement, though she and others would like to control it.

    Now, the Democrats are in disaray. Barney Frank said “But our respect for the democratic process must rule out any effort to pass this health care bill as if the Massachusetts election had not happened.” Sen Webb said there should be no vote until Brown is seated.

    The Democrats have two choices: to triangulate as Clinton did or to run themselves and us over a cliff. Clinton turned his defeats into a successful presidency. If the Democrats strap the belt to their chests and with a loud “Obama akbar” politically detonate themselves, they will be discredited for a long time.

    The Republicans make a tragic mistake if they think this is a Republican movement. The Tea Partiers will pick them off also.

    No one’s PuppetA you give good advice for your side except for one thing. Your side is in the minority, and most Democratic legislators want to keep their jobs.

    Juneau Joe, once again, I wonder about your fitness to teach school. The Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006, and they contributed to the financial crisis at least as much as Republicans. Yes, Obama inherited a mess, but he isn’t the first to take a difficult job. He promised more than he could deliver, and his methods were misguided to say the least.

    Rush said “This one’s for you Mary Jo.” The hills are alive with shadenfreude, and it is another reason for worry. You don’t realize the anger which is building in reaction to your rage. I have a bad feeling about this.

    To Obama, the Democratic leadership, and some in the press:

    “I see your dirty face
    hot behind your collar
    But its done in vane
    Truth is hard to swallow.
    So you pray to God
    Just to file away
    You live a lie
    You live a lie
    And you take your time
    And you do the crime
    Well, you made your bed
    I made mine.”

  289. Great post, NOP. Didn’t mean to leave you out but I hadn’t read that far yet. :)

  290. Lori & JuneauJoe, I agree with you both.

    I agree that the economy & jobs are causing image problems for the administration, but I view the House & Senate as a bigger problem than the presidency itself. Dems refusing to work with each other and not finding a way to call Republicans on their obstructionist stunts are making the administration look pathetic.

    We should have the health care voters wanted when this administration was voted in. Remember, the real referendum?

  291. Why the seat was lost? this comment struck me.

    Please. Martha Coakley took an 18-day vacation, came back for the last 12 days of the campaign, and then acted surprised when she was losing. The failing is her own. I’m also not sure where people think the economic crisis and unemployment high came from. Bush squandered our surplus and handed the country over to Obama in ruins, of course it’s still in shambles. If by 2012 he hasn’t cleared it up, okay, then it’s time to look for somebody new, but it’s been one year.

    Shaun Bickley, Houston, United States

  292. I am with Lori, the average American just isn’t into nuance, promise us change, and by damn we expect change. It is high time we quite apologizing for the cowardly Democratic officeholders, which pretty much includes all of them with a couple of exceptions, it is time for liberals to squawk loud, hard, and long, hold their feet to the fire. These Senators are afraid of the tea partiers, big mistake, they need to be afraid of us, we worked for them, we donated to them, and we voted for them, well we can support better prospects in the future during in primaries. I’m not blaming Obama or Harry Reid for not finishing healthcare before now, I blame us, we aren’t demanding enough from our representatives in Washington

  293. DeLurker Girl: You are so very right. Losing one seat is nothing compared to Haiti.

    here is another take on the Senate seat:

    irst, the recession and job losses are making the administration unpopular.

    Second, the health care bill is dead and deserves to be. From the moment deals were made with pharmaceuticals and insurance companies, the chance for competitive health insurance and real savings was gone.

    Three, whoever stepped into the presidency in the wake of George W. Bush was stepping into the disaster created by Bush. Obama has never said just how bad it was nor what he intended to do to clean up the Bush mess.


  294. Another earthquake in Haiti – this one a 6.1. The loss of one senate seat is small stuff compared to this.

  295. Hi Martha ,

    I am in the lower 48. I left AK in June. I do miss the AK snow. Colorful: That was a unique troll.

    Lori: Yep. Health Care should have been a done deal by now.

  296. Yes we learn and move on.

    I am not in lock step that any senate/congressional race is a referendum on the president. I never have been. I can certainly understand that conventional wisdom but it never seems to reach a logical conclusion for me.

    I am buying the ticket on the “Harry needs to go train”. I’m sorry folks, health-care should be a done deal by now. Nancy had it wrapped up ready to put a bow on it (with a fairly strong PO)and deliver it to the American people in November. It is now SOTU and we still have no bill and the one we do have is unpopular with everyone. It has taken too long. People are OVER healthcare. I say give us a good bill and let them filla us if they want to. Kick ass and take names Harry. If we go down, at least we go down fighting. Put the democrats on the record. As my father use to say, “let’s see where the bear shits in the woods”.

    And while I am ranting I have yet ONE more cliche’.. Democrats dance with the boy who “brung” you to the dance for HEAVENS sake!

    Ok I feel better now I am ready to go back to work… Thanks for allowing me to rant.

  297. Hey Juneau Joe – it could be Colorful ya know. Chuckle. We are all doomed until we repent something or other!

    I hope you are well – are you not in my neighborhood anymore?

  298. From The Mudflats:

    Bob Cesca said:

    Once again, like Virginia, this is all about an incompetent Democratic candidate and an impatient electorate which, like the idiot townspeople of Springfield on The Simpsons, have been easily herded into thinking the Republicans deserve another shot — even though it was the Republicans that royally screwed us in the first place.


  299. Scroll on Folks

    He is back to wiping the poop around the porch with his hands again


  300. The election results tonight have sent a message.

    Someone reached too far for too much at one time. With all the needs of this country..
    HE is consumed by one object..national health care..when the rest of the country is asking him to realize there are many issues to be addressed.

    “He”, Reid and Pelosi thought they were above it all..and could do anything they wanted without conceding to the majority will of the people.

    That someone will be a one term President.

    posted by Auntie Jean…
    “I, for one, am NOT going to indulge in sour grapes, recriminations, vindictive, nasty back and forth about it.”
    Time will tell..I say that attitude lasts less than 24 hours.

    It’s certainly time for Margaret to come out and speak about the poop left behind on her porch by the state of Mass.

  301. WWGKD

    Scroll time… Step over the Troll Poop folks.

    I hope he does not smear it this time.

  302. Troll poop on the porch!!


    Stroll, Stroll, Stroll
    By: JuneauJoe on January 19, 2010
    at 3:36 PM

    I really think it’s kinda interesting.
    Your continued posts such as the above do nothing more than to call attention…

    Much like a yellow light saying caution slow down ahead..
    and then everyone still stops to read.
    Stupid and anti-climatic.

    scroll on Joe..May I call you Joe?

  303. I honestly think the Democrats shot themselves in the foot when they didn’t go for single payer healthcare, people could have understood the concept and I think they would have got behind it.

  304. Lots of people did good work but it did not work out. Time to learn from this one and move on.

  305. Completely agree, Auntie Jean.

  306. Hi gang,

    Well, the election in Massachusetts is over now. I, for one, am NOT going to indulge in sour grapes, recriminations, vindictive, nasty back and forth about it. This tells us that there is plenty of work to be done between now and the mid-term elections. That’s what it means to be liberal and progressive; looking forward, not clinging to obsolete ideas of the past.

    There are, after all, 49 other states; each with unique needs and problems that have to be addressed. Some are national and international in scope, others are purely local. Let’s concentrate our efforts on those too.

    Chins up!!!!!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  307. Ted Kennedy – he is probably rolling in his grave!

  308. So, Coakley lost. Conviction is not the forte of the American electorate. It looks like we want problems fixed yesterday, or else. It is really disappointing that we remain at the toddler stage when it comes to looking at problems from a macro perspective. It takes time to work out the problems this government has inherited. For all the people who were voting for the dow to be at 1000 before the end of 2009, I hope you are enjoying your gains. Maybe they are not the same people who are complaining that Wall Street was taken care of, at the expense of Main Street. But then, try to do it all at once, you are doing too much, taking on too much, this government is told. Yes, like the saying goes, you cannot please all of the people all of the time. Again, someone has to win and someone has to lose. It is unfortunate, for this president, who I believe, is animated by the bests of intentions.

  309. Unsurprised, but really disappointed.

  310. damn straight. We pick ourselves up, take stock of what we need to do, and we do it. In the immortal words of Mary Chapin Carpenter, “sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.”

  311. ugly ugly ugly…… but you’re right donna you win some you lose some. Don’t get mad get even.. ;-)

  312. Well, Coakley conceded so I believe that moots any challenge to the machines. It is unfortunate and I obviously wish it were otherwise, but she lost. This happens and we live with it and we move on.

  313. Grandma Katie:

    That troll poop is gross. The little twit messes all over the place and then uses his grubby little hands to wipe the poop around. Lysol – yep.

    After the election in Mass – it will take some time to certify it. The Diebold system they use to count vote is easily hacked. There needs to be a check of the paper.


  314. JuneauJoe – do we need to have a porch cleaning party complete with scrub brushes and lots of lysol?

  315. If any of you care to watch the vote


    remember there are no exist polls (in this race) so any “prediction” prior to votes being counted is just speculation.

    fingers crossed!

  316. JuneauJoe – glad you are exercising your scroll fingerr too. Fun isn’t it. Sure beats attacks of high blood pressure doesn’t it.
    Buttons44 – just up the road in Long BEach! Isn’t this rain something. For the firist time in a long time, the weather is happening just on time as the we atherman predicted. Enjoy your posts.

  317. Yawwwwwwnnnnn. Very long day.

  318. don’t you just hate when REPs act like DEMS….

    “Never before has Congress compelled Americans, under threat of government fines or taxes, to purchase an unwanted product or service simply as a constitution of existing in the country (a ‘living tax’),” McCollum wrote to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, R-Nev., Minority Leader Mitch McCollum, R-Ky., House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Pa., and Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio.


  319. Good News: The State Department is easing restrictions for children from Haiti…

    They are fast tracking adoptions that are in process.

    Navy now has hospital set up in Haiti. The big problem was getting space at the airport. I believe more from haiti are now being allowed onto the ship.

  320. juneaujoe….
    since you seem to have a problem with the navy then you should let the man in charge know…..that would be the Commander in Chief…..aka,Barack Obama….and let him know how displeased you are…..

  321. Another BTW, mentioning the offshore equi[pped ships/etc…inline was just reading COMPLAINTS regarding “on scene ‘journalists” who are al;so full fledge doctors etc rather than JUST reporting/covering the news, BECOMING part of the STORY by pitching in when efforts much needed..Was a journislm professor opined , derided other journalists too who stopped “reporting” to take part in rescue effort /assists , was haranguing IMPROPER and NOT PROPER PROTOCOL/etc….have a bit of “umbrage” for am one who figures rules regulations ARE GUIDELINES to extract the best/better outcome i regards to issues at hand and feel common sense too often in short supply or obviously failure to be applied !!! Gotta believe it IS something in our national water supply that allows for so much of the nonsense cuz minds are way to FUPPED and thensome…there is just a linited supply of rational rationale it does so seem and thensome !!!

  322. Remaining eer hopeful for sure Donna…worthwhile cling and Reader, indeed find it flaberghasting that evidently many DID expect INSTANEOUS relif from the miseries of the Bush/Cheney reign…Totally unrealistic at very best , utter NON -snsical as well but will “give” one to the disparageable MSM , they do indeed hold vast sway and influence in what and hw they do or fail to “report” and too many are taking SUPPOSED information on the fly/run and not all go back to VERIFY the whateverings…..the public is dissappointing , to say the least , not all but evidently a sufficient number who are actually so willing to sklice off own noses and actually allow such as a Brown to even be considered but then too, JS was hitting pertinent marks with his estimation of what going down and gives indication how clueless the dems ARE …THey remain evidently so CLUELESS that they think it is due to “(mere) frustrations that abound for myriad reasons , missing the most accurate pereption , these electeds are FAILING to actually represent US, THE ORDINARY PEOPLE in regards to so much ..We’re told that the present HC bill will AT LEAST give some of us SOMETHING but that something is nothing all that much to cheer as it fails far more in the concerns that concern us. Stupidly as well, too few fail to realize that HCR is vital for the economy and JOBS for employers can NOT sustain the costs , even thou they get tax credits, for their bebfit , the employee WILL be shouldering more of the COSTS that will go to bolster the coffers and hand out ridiculous pay/bonuses and WHO buys the standard premise of such as the finacila folks who claim the compensations ARE warranted or they will lose their BEST folks who mismanaged this economy for their profit —let those “good” folks hit the streets , let them see if others will pay for the booty they deliver and meanwhile , lets demand RE-REGULATION and INSIST on OVERSIGHT and hold all properly accountable !
    (a YOho o Granma K, am oceanside OC as well….just spent the previous hour in tornado watch….nice it passed us by , lot of rain /wind etc, highHIGH surf/etc, flooded streets …supposedly the NEXT storm considered the fiercest to be coming…due wed/thur into friday, our unfortunate “luck”, fam member sked for surgury Thurs and we were to drive/etc..trying to see IF possible to be resked..sensible but means NOTHING in such regards unfortunately !!)

  323. A short history of Hait -i good information


    Stupid comes so easily to trolls

  324. Troll poop on the porch!!


    Stroll, Stroll, Stroll

  325. Greytdog,
    I don’t believe I said the US was the only one capable of doing this water desalinization process? I went back thru my posts and did not see same. The Isralies did arrive soon after and from what I hear they have the Portable MedEvac process down pat.
    Hell I’m all for getting it down there…I don’t care who gets it there.

    But with all due respect to Joe.. a carrier does have fantastic capabilities..it’s just not a good use of the facilities on board to take the patients out there and then..where are the families to go?
    You cannot take them on board. There are security issues as well.

    Its just a good mobile platform from which to dispense men and materials to the countryside.

  326. Auntie Jean,

    It is part of a rock formation called Camel Rock in Shawnee National Fores in Southern Illinois. I was there a couple of years ago when visiting Il for class reunion.


  327. The Propaganda War Continues

  328. Bloggers help an orphanage in Haiti!


  329. Craig – one of the first rescue units onsite in Haiti were the Israelis – & in that relief unit are desalinization engineers who have already set into motion getting potable water to folks. More is needed of course – but I think it is ridiculous to believe that only the US has this technology and ONLY the US military can do this job. The Israelis have been using desalinization methods/technology for almost 40 years. . .

  330. the Marines from the USS Bataan have landed in Haiti and established a beachhead HQ complete with medical facility. Huuurrrahhh!

  331. 4 cargo planes of refugees from Haiti have arrived at the Sanford-Orlando International Airport. More flights are expected in over the next several days. Some of the folks were missionaries/business folks working/living in Haiti; others are Haitian citizens w/current visas & family in the States. About 30 were unaccompanied minors/orphans – Harvest Time International is helping assist the refugees – clothing, food, places to stay, medical care. If anyone can help, or if your church group would like to donate gently used clothing (including shoes, jackets, bedding, etc) please contact:

    Harvest Time International Inc

    225 Kennel Road
    Sanford, FL 32771-8814
    (407) 328-9900

    Thanks all!

  332. Anonymous was me

  333. Scott Brown is a Die-hard Yankee Fan

  334. Ohhhhh JJ if it weren’t so true it would be funny… OK so it is still is pretty funny.. ;-)

    Ohhhhhh my party, like my family, has it’s faults but I love em/us/me in spite of themselves …

  335. Here is Jon Stewart… so very true



    scroll on trolls

  336. Resist manipulation. :)

    Did anyone see Jon Stewart last night? Good stuff about Massachusetts and Democrats.

    Who here is voting today?

  337. USS Carl Vinson sent a few medical teams to a beach-head triage unit. They did bring much needed supplies and skills to that overwhelmed unit. People are doing what they can with what they have – and considering the absolute breadth and depth of this catastrophe, that anyone alive is being pulled out of the rubble remains amazing – a true testament to the human will to survive and the human desire to help one another. There are still areas that have yet to receive any sort of assistance – recd a notice of a hospital standing ready and capable of accepting patients – 75 miles from Port Au Prince – the roads leaving the capital are impassable. How do you get patients to that remote hospital? That’s a logistical problem on a small scale – now multiply that a million times over – and you have the situation facing the relief teams.

    There are several issues of immediate need: potable water, food, medical care, medical personnel. Unless you’re a trained medical person or have field training in disaster relief – you’ll get in the way. But we can and should donate to the folks who are there – PSI is partnering with UNICEF to provide potable water. A 50-cent donation to PSI will supply a family of four with potable water for 180 days. It doesn’t matter what is in that water, PSI’s PUR sachet cleans it – truly remarkable and lifesaving. Here’s a link in case you’re interested in their work and the difference your 50cents will make to a family in Haiti (or anywhere in the world where clean water is an issue).

    PSI http://bit.ly/5D7SyM

  338. WWGKD

    Troll crap on the porch again…

    Scroll finger works well..

    People are praying so Trig Palin will not have Downs Syndrome. Trolls need to check this out.


  339. It’s tough huh Joe..Can I call you Joe?

    Being one uped in public.

  340. Talk from what you know JOE..Don’t go off making assumptions when you don’t know what your talking about.
    JOE..you need an education and a mouth washing….
    Sitting off the coast of Haiti, the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Carl Vinson can make some 400,000 gallons of its own fresh water every day, and much of it will soon be going ashore. The nuclear-powered vessel, which had been heading to its new home port in San Diego when it was diverted to Haiti hours after the quake, has massive desalination capacity – purifying the same ocean saltwater it traverses – and the Vinson has a daily excess of 200,000 gallons “that we can give away,” says Cmdr. William McKinley, who oversees the desalination process.
    Aircraft carriers have been desalinating ocean water since World War II, and in recent decades they’ve been giving their excess H2O away more frequently during humanitarian emergencies. But the 2004 Indonesian tsunami disaster, which killed more than 200,000 people and left much of the Indian Ocean coast a wasteland, tested desalinated water donation capabilities like never before. One of the lessons aircraft carriers learned then, and during the Hurricane Katrina calamity a year later, was that they needed a better delivery medium if they wanted to make a difference during catastrophes of that magnitude.
    As a result, early this week the Vinson will receive up to 100,000 special 2- and 5-gallon water “bladders,” collapsible containers that will make transporting such enormous volumes of liquid more efficient. If the Vinson could actually move all 200,000 of its excess gallons to Haitian distribution points each day, it could as much as double the amount of water aid, which relief agencies and military helicopter pilots alike say is being used up faster than they can deliver it. That in turn would allow donor governments and organizations to turn more of their efforts toward augmenting other critical necessities like food, medical supplies and, later on, more long-term help like building materials.
    Desalination is essential for nuclear-powered vessels like the Vinson. Nuclear reactors heat the water that makes the steam that powers the ship – but that water has to be pure. Some ships use reverse osmosis technology, which pumps the saltwater under extremely high pressure through cleansing membranes. The Vinson employs a process that can boil the ocean water at lower temperatures and separate the brine. The carrier has four such water distilleries that can each produce 100,000 gallons of fresh water a day for both steam power and the crew’s daily needs. In recent years, water-scarce cities near seacoasts worldwide have begun duplicating the method as well.

  341. WWGkd?

    Scroll on

    Some people really enjoy seeing others in pain.
    They say life has been tough as they jet off on their trip.

    Keep the scroll finger ready folks.

    Trolls are like flies on shit.

  342. It is an aircraft carrier JOE. Not a hospital ship.
    It will be used for the streamlined efforts of getting people to an fro for fixed wind aircraft. Remember there is only one runway on shore that is usable.
    The carrier will also be used for its FRESH water making capability. The carrier has a complement of some 6,000 sailors and officers not counting air crews. The carrier will also bring an expanded helicopter complement on board to add to those of the Helo assault ship.
    So bringing 50 patients on board would not make a dent in the treatment of the mass casualties.

    Today sometime an expected Helicopter assault ship will arrive bringing more Marines for security but also a much added capability of helo transportation for people into the heartland of Haiti. This will add for further delivery of search and rescue, security personnel as well as medical treatment teams.

    The medical ship Comfort with a 200-bed facility will also arrive and receive patients.

  343. I like your idea Jean, I am in.


  344. Hi gang,

    What say we take a break from all the heartbreaking news we see on Haiti and also while we wait for the Massachusetts election results. Here’s hoping!!!!!

    There are some other fun videos on this site, especially the one in the Antwerp Station.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  345. Compassion for another.

  346. WWGKD

    Dr. Martin Luther King.

    Here is his ‘I have a dream’ speech.


    Letting 50,000 poor people die and rot while a ship sits in the harbor with the skills to help is against what the United States should stand for.

  347. JuneauJoe

    When you get to be the Captain of a multi billion dollar asset of the United States then you can decide
    who and what can be brought aboard.

    Till then, the Captain of the vessel on the scene is in charge and knowledgeable of the situation. He knows what and when anyone can be brought on board.

    What do you think a Carrier is? it’s not your party boat for rent.

  348. Hi gang…has anyone heard from Helen or Margaret?? Getting concerned. Hope all is okay with Howard.

    Helen, Margaret…if you’re out there…let us know you’re okay…

  349. Thanks for your concern Donna. I’m near the ocean. Those having mudslide problems aare near the burn area. Nothing to hold the slopes in place so the mudslides. But rain? we haven’t had any rain like th is in several years. Many cities have been rationing water and the word is conserve!

  350. Grandma Katie–I see on the news that there are floods in Southern California. Are you safe?

  351. Greytdog – we gratefully add you to our list of role models!!
    My scroll finger has been getting a workout! Beats getting blood pressure raised.
    No ones puppet – thanks for the definition of sockpuppet.

  352. We have an aircraft carrier in Haiti with 60 medical personnel. The captain has not allowed people from haiti to taken care of on the ship. They have 50 empty beds. The ship has far better facilities than anything in Haiti.

    I hope Obama tells them to take care of the sick and injured – now. A hospital ship is on the way but they need help now.

    the medical people say they can do the job – need the captain of the ship to say get to work.


  353. Roman was not built in a day — why do some expect Obama and his team to fix all the problems they inherited in just one year. After all it took 8 years to make them this bad.

  354. fivethirtyeight.com has Brown winning. This is terribly sad but may be a necessary wake-up call. And perhaps the GOTV effort will pay off.

    I refuse to believe that any single election is dispositive and do not agree that this kills HCR or any of the other “horribles” that are being posited. But I sure wish it would be otherwise.

  355. A repost of the youtube links

    YouTube – Les Misbarack

    YouTube – Takin’ it Back with Barack Jack! (For Swing voters!!!)

    As for Nelson, he was disparaged for the good deal he got his constiuents as well..talk came up that he had decided to rescind the request/gift/bribe…Would appreciate , no matter WHICH party, if operated with concern for the people NOT just their own concernments in electability. If did their job, would be an easy election/re-elect fi based on merits of representation. Just slicing off noses is not in the best interests of any –need to figure it out how best to serve the greater common good ..not just ones self.

  356. Well, Buttons–we’ll just remain hopeful.

  357. Politico: Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson and his wife were leaving dinner at a new pizza joint near their home in Omaha one night last week when a patron began complaining about Nelson’s decisive vote in favor of the Senate’s health care bill.

    Other customers started booing. A woman yelled, “Get him the hell out of here!” And the Nelsons and their dining companions beat a hasty retreat.

    “It was definitely a scene in there,” said Tom Lewis, a 41-year-old dentist and registered Republican who witnessed the incident.

    A second witness confirmed the incident to POLITICO.
    It’s a new experience for Nelson.

    He used to be a popular figure back home, a Democrat who served eight years in the governor’s office and was elected twice to the Senate by a state that’s as red as the “N” on the University of Nebraska’s football helmets.

    But Nelson has seen his approval ratings tumble in the wake of his wavering over the historic health care bill, his deal-cutting with other Senate Democrats and, ultimately, his support to break a GOP filibuster and send the bill to a House-Senate conference committee. …

  358. Find it irratonal if Brown slips in …truly do as the slim majority is NOT sufficient to get much of anything done let alone accomplished ..Seems venting frustrations at this point is self defeating for who REALLY, REALLY thought things would instaneously turn around for the better…doesn’t work that way in their individual lives but frustration evidently may b eeasier to tap into even if self defeating–scary indsets afooot for sure !! If anything tis a time to BOLSER up a majority this year, and if then prove themselves totally incapable/ inept, well 2012 is just around the corner folks ..besides all else, WHAT has the GOP party offered as SOLUTIONS to the weight of the facts that they ruled both houses and the WH and helmed all the various govt. entities and look at the helluva’ mess we are in …Have heard NOTHING from the GOP except OBSTRUCTIONISMATICALS at all costs and NOT for OUR greater common good but their partisan political own good !! THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE , no matter how frustrated a voter may be to vote for MORE STATUS QUO GRIDLOCK !!

    Here’s two fav ‘s from 08….


    Btw craig…GBO, you really have to kidding or delusionally demented in regards to some of the babble you post,but whatever!!

  359. The President and his family served meals to the homeless today.

    The noxious Rush Limbaugh claims that the President is “politicizing” 9/11. As if that were not the entire Guiliani campaign. As if that were not the theme at the Republican convention.

    The contrast couldn’t be more dramatic.

  360. no one’s puppetΔ, I did enjoy the Bill Moyers and Greg Mortenson interview, and agree that what he is doing is good. But our armed actions speak greater volume to the people. Our killing and maiming of innocents along with the guilty is not furthering the cause of peace or brotherhood. It provides them with an occupied police state and us with an on-going war agenda.

  361. Anyone looking to equate the new world system with the ancients and is familiar with all the signs and symbolism involved in such matters may find this link with the article and ads interesting.


  362. Facts and truth are not important to most people on this blog. Unless it can be twisted to fit in your left cheek.

    Loved it the other day when some reporter asked Brown how he felt about the possibility of occupying Ted Kennedy’s seat…he responded..
    “I believe it’s the peoples seat”.

    Thats what most of you don’t realize.
    Thanks for letting me post.

  363. I’d be curious to know what part of MA you are calling too Gretydog – do you happen to know what district?

  364. Greytdog, I’ve been calling all day too.. I have had mostly positive out of about 175 I have had 4 negitive.

    How many have you had?

  365. Poolman, check out this link, I posted on the 16th, there is some hope for Afghanistan.

  366. Greytdog:

    I don’t have a helluva lot of time to devote to this because of current volunteer activities but I’ve called just about everyone I know in MA and many are as appalled as I am. But a few are real hardheads who harbor an almost pathological resentment of President Obama and invested in their hatred is an inability to see how this single election can have profoundly negative implications for the entire country. They have no idea at all that this would be voting against their own self interests.

    Brown couldn’t possibly be a worse candidate at this time in our country’s history.

    BTW, I just got in and found yet another message from Brown’s backers on my answering machine. That’s a total of 12 messages over the past 2 days, 2 dozen during the past week. If they think this is a way of garnering support, they are sadly mistaken..

  367. I was merely saying that should the Massachusetts vote fall in favor of Brown, then the circle of history will be realized – from a colony of religious intolerance to a state that elects a person in bed with a political party that also supports religious intolerance. In that sense, then, one could almost say that it’s destiny.

    jsri – I hope I am wrong. I’ve been phonebanking from my house but the responses I’ve been getting don’t look good. Of course, working a phone bank you have to be polite – but frankly when a Dem gets on and bitches about Obama not fulfilling his promises – I just want to reach through the phone and slap them – hard. And remind them that it’s Yes WE can – as in ALL OF US.

  368. “By a variety of measures, U.S. military policies in the Afghanistan war are failing.”

    Those who profit from war and conflict have held us hostage for a decade. The power that war gives our leaders over us and our nation has guaranteed the continuance of war for the rest of our lifetimes. There will always be “terrorists”, or whatever we may choose to call them. Especially when we support them one decade and turn on them the next. We are all being played. Keep us in fear and we will agree to anything. Feel like a pawn yet?

  369. Donna:

    Not really. But I’m concerned by the amount of money flowing into the state for ads. I can only hope that the Mass liberal base will come forward and enable Coakley to pull it off.

    The alternative scares the hell out of me.

  370. jsri–do you have a prediction?

  371. Greytdog:

    I think you may have miscast the Mass voters somewhat. Puritans they are not. Catholics may be a more accurate description. Also with strong immigrant ancestors. And as a former long time resident I can tell you that they are good score keepers too. And Martha Coakley has some provincial baggage that also may be a strong negative. She is still saddled with the awkward memories of her handling of the appeals in the murky Fells Acres child abuse case, an outcome that was guaranteed to please few and alienate many voters no matter where she came down on the issues.

    And the amount of money that has been poured into attempts to defeat her has been enormous. TV stations in the area have been almost non-stop negative for the past week with Scott Brown ads of questionable origin.

    This negativity also spills over into RI and NH where these ads have been played almost non-stop. And in a bizarre twist of campaigning, my wife and I have received over 20 calls from Brown supporters during the past week, and we live in RI. See if you can figure that one out.


    We too admire Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams. It was here in RI that the concept of real religious freedom was established. Unfortunately, with candidates like Scott Brown, our grandkids could see it end here too.

  372. Finished reviewing Sam Tanenhaus’ book The Death of Conservatism. This weekend I purchased Will Bunch’s Tear Down This Myth, about Ronald Regan.


  373. Cob, thank you for posting your message of concern. i’ve been checking back daily. Helen, let us know okay? Hope you’re okay!

  374. Coulter is just plain sick!!! She is like a troll on national TV!!


  375. LOL Well greytdog I must admit I haven’t yet heard that political theory concerning MA … But hell it’s probably just as viable as the ones I have heard. !
    All I know is 30 million people gaining access to healthcare hang on us getting the vote out tomorrow. I am working for those 30 million plus one guy named Teddy…..

  376. Here! Here! Greytdog!

    Two people I always admired were Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams.

  377. Well, if the Massachusetts voters decide they want Scott Brown, then IMO they are simply coming full circle back to the Puritans. Like the Puritans, the T-baggers (like Scott Brown) believe in persecuting anyone who doesn’t practice their religion, doesn’t practice Christianity in the EXACT same way as they do, and certainly believes that women belong in the home, not the workforce. Furthermore, like their Puritan ancestors, the T-Baggers have no tolerance for anyone, any idea, or any thing that may be forward-thinking, progressive, or challenge their entrenched parameters of what is right and what is wrong. I certainly wouldn’t be at all surprised if Massachusetts decided to oust, as did the Puritans before them, “nonbelievers” from their state – just to keep Massachusetts pure for the “real” believers. It’s just too bad that the voters of Masschusetts prefer the twisted legacy of the Puritans over the noble legacy of the small farmers and shop keepers who rose up and said no to the imperial dictates of a lunatic and in the process, let off the shot of freedom that once echoed around the world -

  378. GOTV GOTV GOTV…..

    Yes we can.. Yes we can ….. Yes we can

  379. Newest Homeland security search procedure. The future of air travel.


  380. Hi gang and farsight Δ,

    Interesting avatar you have there. Please explain it, would you?

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  381. Now I see it on my last post. I must have been logged out of WordPress for a while. Wish it showed up on my previous posts now that I am logged in. Anyway, what I said earlier about the troll.

  382. Sure wish I could keep the gravatar straight. I go back and forth between several computer so I don’t know if that is the problem or whether I am somehow getting logged out of WordPress.

  383. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign,

    The troll, Craig, is just looking for a reaction. It is probably just best to let him spew his hate and scroll on by. If engaged, he will come back and seem reasonable until he starts spewing like Regan in the exorcist (every bit as unattractive and just as possessed).

    Although his (or ours for that matter) free speech rights don’t extend into this forum (I don’t think he is truly smart enough to realize this), he is allowed by the good grace of our hosts to continue on here. He does tend to personify much of what it is that most of us don’t like about the right wing lunatic fringe so his speech here does serve a purpose. Just not the one he thinks it’s serving. I believe our hosts in their bountiful wisdom realize this and allow his continued presence.

    Facts and truth are not important to him. Let him simmer in his own juices; it’s what he deserves.

  384. H gang,

    Oops! To clarify in case you didn’t see the TV thing with Obama, Clinton and Bush. It was G.W. Bush, not his father, the other former president. I’m sure you know that the senior Bush and Clinton have worked together on humanitarian efforts before, quite effetively at that.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  385. Hi gang and Juneau Joe,

    Thanks Juneau Joe and for the link. Whoa! Lets hope the people of Massachusetts get out the vote!!!!! Special elections are notorious for low turnout, but this is a crucial one. There is so much hanging in the balance. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I think Obama delivered a thoughtful and rousing speech!

    About the raging controversy of what Harry Reid said vs. what Trent Lott said, blah, blah, blah. Here’s a little story to illustrate the whole scenario.

    Last evening about dusk, we were heading home after a big day in the cities of Kapa’a and Lihue. My husband noticed a warning light on the dash we had never seen before. He pulled into the parking lot of a recently closed restaurant. We keep the owner’s manual in the glove compartment. He was flipping pages, trying to find out what that light was all about.

    A middle-aged man with his arm in a brace was talking to a couple with a baby and they all glanced over our way. After a few minutes, he ambled over and asked if we were looking for a place to eat. As many people we don’t know also do, he assumed that we were, ahem; mature, retired ‘Haole’ tourists, maybe looking in a guide book for a restaurant. Well, he was right about most everything except the tourist part.

    My husband told him about the light and they were both pouring over the manual. It said something about the engine’s electrical system, to the effect to not drive at high speeds and to get it checked out by the dealer. He then asked where we were staying and again, assuming it was a rental car, recommended we call the rental car agency.

    That’s when we lapsed into “Pidgin’ the Hawaiian “Lingua Franca” that EVERYONE here speaks. We have learned to speak it fluently in the twenty years we have been here. We told him we were ‘Kama’ina’ and ‘talked story’ for a while. When we parted, we thanked him profusely for his ‘kokua’. He grinned, putting his fist over his heart and said, “That’s only ‘aloha’”.

    Now, in our travels, we have gotten by nicely in French, Italian, Spanish, and even stumbled around with a little German. The only place we were at a total loss was in Russia. ‘Pepsi’ was the extent of our language skills there.

    It all has to do with our mindsets. If the primary acquaintance one has is with a West Texas dialect, and if one has been carefully taught to expect a terrorist around every corner and under every Bush by the Fear Monger-in-Chief, then the world-view is that everyone has ulterior and sinister motives. I, for one, think that’s utter nonsense.

    One of our biggest disadvantages here on a blog is that we only have the written word. We can’t catch nuances such as tone of voice, facial expressions and body language, which often say much more than mere words. Speaking of which, did any of you take note of the image on TV of Obama, Clinton and Bush together regarding the relief Aid for Haiti?

    Obama was at the podium and Clinton was standing close to Obama on the right. Several paces AWAY stood Bush on the left. What does that tell you?

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  386. yippppie yipppeeeee me tooooooo JJ

    fingers crossed

  387. HURRAY, JuneauJoe–wonderful news!! You made my evening–many thanks.

  388. STANDING ROOM ONLY A THE COAKLEY RALLY with hundreds of people outside trying to get in but Faux News reports there are empty seats! WTF!!!

    Lie Faux Lie, Made up facts from Fox are to be expected – unfortunately.


    When we see what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I’m sayin’?”

    thus speaketh Danny Glover


  390. Helen,

    Are you OK honey? We’ve been waiting for more of your sagacious insights into “Going Rogue”. Hope you and lucky hubby are well and enjoying the new year. We mean it. Really.

  391. I love you and thank you so much for posting what WE feel

    OOOXXX please anyone who does not agree with this post is not looking through very open eyes

    just saying

  392. Craig – Well you are spewing idiocy – come back when you have something to say. Or not.

  393. WWGKD.

  394. “But honestly, why am I so nasty about this woman? First I called her a bitch and now I am suggesting her knees are together about as often has Hillary Clinton appears in public with Bill. Look. There I go again sounding like a dime novel. But her entire attitude and approach to life – the sheer hypocrisy of it all – just really gets my goat.”

    spewing poison..I would say.
    Margaret and Helen blog

    …and there is no poison?
    People here have drank the koolaid

  395. Poolman–you are so right. This puts me in mind of the nonsense about “Hussein.” Remember how, during the campaign, the use of the President’s full name was done as a sneer? And then, when he used his full name when taking the oath of office, there was all of this crap about “gee–when WE said “Hussein” it was bad but when HE does it, it’s just fine.” The distinction is that they used his full name in an attempt to convey the “foreign-ness” and (to quote that strange woman who was parodied on SNL) “A-rab” image that they wanted. Most sane and rational people recognize the difference between using a statement or phrase for a legitimate purpose and using the same words for a destructive one.

    I, for example, have been a lawyer for a very long time. I clerked during lawschool for a very fine firm in the deep south. There were people who made comments about how, a few years before, I’d have been doing their typing. It was an entirely correct observation. Then there were ones which would come out and say how it was better when they didn’t have to deal with women lawyers. It’s a close analogy and I never had one second of not knowing who was making a correct (and oftentimes affectionate) statement and who was being a jerk.

    WWGKD indeed.

  396. US M&H porch dwellers talked while back about how some of us were getting weary with the fight. We had a 2 year hard campaign, we had SP rearing her ugly head, and then we had prop 8, and last but not least we have the healthcare debate. Putting it simply we are battle fatigued. But we can’t stop now , we can’t let all our hard work go for not.

    If any of you have anything left to give please consider helping out in the MA senate race. A poorly run campaign and complacency among democrats has left the democratic candidate ( Coakly) in a dangerously close election against her Republican challenger (Brown). Not only does health care reform hang in the balance, all of President Obamas agenda will be sabotaged. The republicans have shown us they have no intentions to work together, they will simply block and filibuster all new legislation for the foreseeable future.

    The president has asked us, his foot soldiers, to rise to the call once again. Below is a call link to call MA voters. But if calling isn’t your thing, there are many more ways to help (YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE) but please do whatever you can ….. Yes we can. http://my.barackobama.com/page/votercontact/login?requested=%2Fpage%2Fvotercontact%2Fmake_calls%3Fcampaign_id%3DfnrU

    and in case you need inspiration for YOU LISTENING ENJOYMENT..;-)

    These help me REMEMBER .. namaste

    YES WE CAN : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fZHou18Cdk

    IT’S A NEW DAY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpW4gLb3p8M

  397. Reid comments on Obama’s chances in the election, based on his skin tone, speech pattern and the American public’s observed behavior. Using outdated and unfortunate, but not pejorative terminology.

    Trent Lott, in congratulating Strom Thurmond, states that the country would be better off if the Dixiecrats had gotten their way.

    Just a quick reminder – the Dixiecrats were not only fighting Truman’s integration efforts. They were fighting his drive to outlaw lynching, which they defended as Southern culture and a state’s right.

    These two statements are morally equivalent? I don’t think so!

  398. I think what Reid said about Obama was accurate. I do not see it as a racist remark, but rather a remark regarding the racism that does exist – big difference. I think what Clinton said regarding Obama was racist and elitist.

    The right is just looking for some “points” because they are so far in the hole. Those that are calling for Reid to step down for his remarks are towing the party line, or ignorant as to what true racism is. I see it more as a tit for tat – nanny, nanny, booboo-type childish pissing match, that again is designed to throw us off of real issues.

    If anyone listens to sp and actually believes anything she says, they are due whatever they got coming. It appalls me that she is given a platform and people actually pay her for her ignorance. Marketing is successful in America and the road to hell is wide and well paved.

    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. :wink:

  399. WWGKD

    2000 to 2009 were the republican years of failure.


    Thank You President Obama for your efforts this past year that you have been in office.

  400. sockpuppet: A cowardly denizen of the internet, who uses the anonymity of an ever-changing handle to harass and malign others in a way she would never have the courage to do in real life.
    Example: Having no self-esteem or particular knowledge of his own, the sockpuppet posts away ad nauseum, wasting bandwidth and contributing nothing to the community. from Slang Dictionary

  401. WWGKD
    trolls: Evil cousins of a sockpuppet, the only thrill in their meaningless lives is to sign on to the internet and look for ways to cause trouble and incite flame wars. Disruptive and generally vile, trolls are one of the greatest negatives on any public forum. Anonymity is their great refuge, keeping them from being hunted and banished for good. from Slang Dictionary

  402. “Let’s move on, folks. I’ve seen a number of political races around the country which were influenced by progressive thinking and helped to defeat the candidate who could only offer what’s in the past.” Posted by vgmanΔ

    I guess you all better keep that in mind this coming tuesday in Mass…or is she a better driver that the past guy?

    I still work with my children at Brown Elementary.
    And I assume you still work with your 10 year old’s?

    And now you all want to talk about Poison…?
    Lets see…..
    Ohhhh..and no one speaks of others in negative
    ways on this blog…?

    Lets see…

    Palin..and her entire family..not the least the child that cannot speak for itself are attacked over and over. Palin may not be the sharpest Republican,
    granted. But you all have no other targets is seems.

    Name a Republican that has not been castigated by your little band of warriors…Trent Lott had to resign..but oh no not your Sen. Ried ?

    Double standards??????????

    Oh yes let you raise your banners high ..you are above the fray…?
    What you do not recognize your own
    Democratic leaders words as quoted from the book? They were spoken by President Clinton to Ted Kennedy.

    They were quoted several times in news shows a week or so ago. A new book I believe carried the poison you speak of?

    Its better when you choose to ignore..it goes away like a seeping wound.

    You all talk the talk but do not walk the walk.

    Posted by KitKat early december 09
    “I also think that you don’t realize that most of us haven’t felt that our voices were “heard” for the last 8 years. We understand what it is like to feel powerless and watch the government (pres and congress) make choices we don’t agree with and the desire to hold them accountable.”

    Yes please HOLD them accountable.

    Like I said, Walk the Walk.

  403. WWGKD for sure.

    No sympathy for someone (who volunteers time to read to children) who speaks about others in negative ways. He just passes on poison.

  404. WWGKD

    I almost did, but not before I recognized a snarky post geared to elicit negative response. For those who pray, please pray for the individual. I don’t give it a high likelihood of success but you never know.

  405. Greytdog: Another that I’ve heard wonderful things about is Direct Relief International.

  406. How great to see our former three leaders standing shoulder to shoulder this morning confronting the disaster in Haiti.

    Is it true that President Clinton leaned over to
    President Bush and said..
    ” A few years ago, this guy “Obama”,would have been getting us coffee.”…

    Or was that Harry Reid to Pelosi?

    I get em all mixed up.

    As an addendum..I would not donate to the Red Cross..they have a less than stellar past at getting true aid to who needs it.
    I believe the Salvation Army would be another outlet instead.

  407. Great Role models: Margaret & Helen, Grandma Katie, gramma rock, Jean . . .and the list keeps growing.

    This is a nice place. really. I mean it.

    Found another great charity – and these folks so rock that I am blown away by their passion and commitment.


    A bit more $$ than I personally can contribute, but damn – get a few friends together everyone chip in and bam! shelter for people. awesome.

  408. I could not agree with you more Grandma Katie! God has gifted us and challenged us with a good place to live. Not his fault that we are making a mess of it. Thanks for the invitation to visit. I bet you are a fun person to be around. I do like to be around positive people and your positive spirit does lift this blog.

  409. Bren – thank you for y ou ost. I don’t consider myself anything unusual. Just doing as man y interesting things as possiblle. I was lucky enough to inherit some tough female genes.
    To bad your m om cou ldn’t have some of the GraditudeBeaDS I used to make.

    EAsier – and th anks to you also.

    I never saw the w hole movie but remember “Oh God” with George Burns and John Denver?
    John Denver asked Burns as God why He allowed such things to hhappen. The reply has stuck in my mind ever since.
    “It’s your world. I gave it to you. It is what you have chosen to do with it”

    I live in Southern California. Any of you come to the area and want to visit, please do.

  410. President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 1/16/10

    Getting Our Money
    Back from Wall Street


  411. True Christians can make a huge difference.


  412. I have been in and out of the car all week, so I was unable to watch Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck’s show, I did hear snips of the interview on satellite radio, my perspective therefore is based entirely on bits of the audio. That famous charisma, which even I concede she had every time she recited her campaign speech was entirely nonexistent, Palin was the most boring interviewee I’ve ever heard. And what’s with the “all of them” answer to the question, “who was your favorite founding father?” Gotcha questions like that are going to send her back to Alaska in a hurry.

  413. Grandma Katie, you are so inspiring! Glad you are here. Tine, just perfect, that piece about satan. Hope Pat Robertson had the opportunity to read it. I was kind of getting tired of the message they have been feeding us forever, of this God who chooses favorites among his own creations and appear to throw others to the wolves. Just does not make sense to me.

    I personally think that He has given us enough sense to know what is good and what is not good for us. There are certain laws he has created when he created the heavens and the earth. Without the mantle, the earth would not be the earth we know. However the mantle does move. With time, humans do discern where it is safe to be and settle. Way back when, our ancestors migrated from place to place when things did not seem to be working out wherever they have settled. Now, borders keep us rooted in places even when it is determined these places are not good for settlement anymore. Be it drought, desert gaining ground, seas rising, earthquakes, fires, floods, and what else have you. An so whereas humans in the past might have decided to leave an earthquake prone zone for greener pastures, nowadays, they are stuck. Don’t you even think about it! You have to sit there and suffer the consequence of being born wherever the calamity is occurring. Borders remember! God could not have intended such fate for his creations. Humans do seem to cloth God with designs he probably did not have when he made the earth and the universe for that matter. Pat Robertson did not get it.

  414. Thanks for the warm “welcome back,” everyone. I do miss participating more often than I can right now. No big news here. Just up to my eyeballs in work, holiday detritus, and kid stuff. We’re all fine, including the little varmints.

  415. Thanks to all of you for your kind thought s. Discovering this blog wh en I did has been one thing that has helped my recovery. You all have put up w ith my typing, and given me so much pleasure in reading all the posts. WEll most of them. I do scroll past certain ones.
    DEmentia and Allzheimers are two terrible afflicions.
    Finally one of the daughters called 9/11. When she told dispat ch that her mother had dementia and was threatening the staff, the fire department, paramedics and police were promptly here. She is now in the hospital, the staff is exhausted, the residents and her daughters too.

    So now goodnight. CAn’t focus eyes too well, tired.

  416. Yes, Auntie Jean–it sure makes one cringe when you hear someone say that they’re having a bad day. They don’t know from a bad day.

  417. Hi gang, Grandma Katie, Tine, Greytdog and Whirled Peas,

    So glad you are back, Grandma Katie and Tine. You were both missed. Tine, the letter from the Devil is a classic!

    Greytdog, thank you for your continuing tips on how to help Haiti. My feeble efforts at no more than monetary seem so paltry when compared to the wonderful Search and Rescue, Medical Personnel and Volunteers who have dropped everything to go extend their skills and stamina in the midst of scenes of horrific suffering. I am in awe of them.

    I have a home, which we think is quite nice. We have a pantry, refrigerator and freezer full of food. We have electricity at the flip of a switch and fresh clean water is only a tap away. I can take a shower and put on clean clothes anytime I want to. I can even luxuriate in a long bubble bath if I so desire. Our loved ones, family and friends are not only alive and well but only a push button away, or in the case of M&H, a click away.

    Speaking of push buttons. This technology challenged Old Broad spent three days, off and on, with our Christmasgiftfirsteverbrandnewfullyregisteredandactivatedf- – -ingcellphone. Bruddah Peas, you are never around when I desperately need you!

    Anyway, the next time I am tempted to whine, bitch and complain, I’m gonna tell myself,
    “SELF, SHUT UP!”

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  418. Bren–Grandma Katie IS the best. But I will say this: if your attitude is that you want to be like her, you are already there.

  419. Grandma Katie – I fell in love with you just reading your little post. You have no idea how much it helps me to get through this evening to read that SOMEONE appreciates the care they are receiving and that they are receiving GREAT care. I wish you nothing but wonderful things, peace and that you continue to improve and gain strength. My poor old Momma has never been able to appreciate anything in her life. I want to be like you! xoxoxoxoxox

  420. Gramma Katie, sorry you had that stomach bug that’s been going around. We experienced it over Christmas, got it from the little one who recovered very quickly but not before passing it to 7 other people, 3 of whom might have carried it back to Oregon and the rest of us spread it along the East Coast. Or maybe not if (I hope) we weren’t communicable any longer. The only good thing about it was it didn’t seem to last too long, though several of our digestive tracks were a bit iffy for days. The other grandfather quipped that he had used up his quota of ‘green house gasses”

  421. HRH sofia–That’s something to alert Matthew to. Good catch.

  422. HI everyone. Been reading, just nothing constructive to say right now. My mind has been on floor sanding and paint chips and endless closet cleaning so that someone else won’t have to do it when I’m gone. (Don’t worry, no imminent problems, just the fact that we all go sometime, often without warning and a couple of friends have new cancers they are dealing with and it reminds one of the brevity of life… and then there’s Haiti, too)

    When I got here this evening, I noticed a new comment on “Now It Is Your Turn”
    so I went over there and started reading the comment section. I picked up suggestions for some new reading and and noticed that the comments from a year ago are all still as relavent as they were a year ago. Thank you all again for coming here and being relatively sane and talking to each other and letting me talk to you occasionally, too.

    When I finally got to the bottom, I found the post was for a “turbo cash machine” What the …..? I know it’s not something anyone should download and maybe it’s a virus spreader. Anyone know? And is there anyone who should be warned about it?

  423. Anne–this is like when Limbaugh calls the president arrogant.

  424. Irony = Rush Limbaugh telling a listener they’re close minded.

  425. For folks who prefer to give to faith based organizations, Church World Service is a pretty solid group. They are already in Haiti (have been for more than a decade). Here’s a link : Assemble a CWS Kit http://bit.ly/5IiDcG

    The CWS kits are much needed. CWS has a huge warehouse in MD to which churches send these kits – that warehouse is now empty due to the situations in Afghanistan, SE Asia (typhoons), Darfur, and now Haiti. so please do consider assembling some kits to send to CWS. Also a great project for kids and/or entire neighborhoods.

    I remember receiving CWS kits when we lived overseas. I’d go with my folks to help distribute them – amazing to see how lives can be changed by the very items we just don’t even think about – toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, soap, etc. –

    Anyway. Just a thought. I know some folks are frustrated because the catastrophe in Haiti seems so overwhelming and that giving $$ isn’t enough. CWS kits are a small but important way of addressing the needed basics of life.

  426. …muchmissom sorry/apologies for double post of endless rant…need an eraser button/post edit button !!!

  427. Poolman – Thank you for your prayers. Yes I am alive and well. In case you didn’t know two years ago I had a stroke. Am now in a wonderful Board and CAre REsidence. Have reached the point where I can do many things for m yself ut not yet ready to live alone. I have a wonderful family who seee to everything.
    Donna, thanks for your care.

    I am sick at heart at the inhumanness of what’his name and all the others following him. I believe there is such a thing as Karma. They shall reap what they sow.

  428. Ugh, JuneauJoe… do you think Fox might send her to Haiti to ‘help’? The thought makes me shudder.

  429. Here is hoping that you Margaret and Helen as well as George and Harold are all okay and fine.
    Mathew (I guess it’s the grandson’s name) could you please give a short update so that we know that the ladies and husbands are doing well? Thank you and have a healthy 2010.

  430. What a great sahre , thanks Δ¥ Tine ..will be sharing with others as well/etc. Had the varioius on-air sorts in background yesterday , failed to properly note who suggested that in RL’s case, to attempt some meager amends for his latest comments regarding NOT to assist /donations, he should indeed contribute at least one million of his own “fortunate” fortune and came with suggestion the bankers should be donating their bonuses as well, thought were excellent suggestions. In regards to RL’s healthcare in Hawaii which he found to be excellent…besides all else, he has excellent full insrance coverage (in his contract) and beyond that, no sweat with his bank account to subsidize whatever it may lack IN coverage.
    Still find it rather unfanthomable how too many make no correaltion to the issue of HC coverage/costs and employment–employers offered in place of wage increases, got tax breaks for the offer but they too find they can NOT sustain the additional costs even thou now too, they shovel much of the additional costs onto the employee as well as cut the coverage benefits…are NONE paying attention to it or the correalationaries of how the components intermingle and effect/affect each other …If the HC is NOT revamped and costs cut, there will be fewer andd fewer who WILL have coverage that meets the needs . It does little full “goog” to have a contingenct of medical abilities if none can avail themselves of such due to UNAFFORDABLILITY…ALL will “pay the price” if such continues, even those WITH insurance…not sure why that is so difficult/hard to figure out just from a practical stand point–truly a don’t worry about tomorrow attitude as long as some figure they got theirs –they too will suffer consequences .
    Interesting hyping going on over the Mass special election coming up Tuesday…trying to figure if ACTUAL for real, that Mass folks would allow such as the T-bagger Scott fella slip into the seat once held by Teddy…Could happen for special E’s are notorious for low turn outs and why bother attitudes ….Would like to consider that perhaps the over-hype of “closeness” is meant to stir up the Dem /progressive base there…is indeed interesting and GBO, Scotty turns out was a former “centerfold” exhibitionist –reminds what a sideshow the poli-arena truly is . Will be interesting to see how that one turns out this next week.
    A ps’er regarding the donatons/etc…seems that the TEXT donations have gotten a reprieve from usual fee’s so that all $$$ do go to the organizations/etc…but those monies will not BE available for up to 6weeks hence due to billing cycles–and oh, SPrint is the only carrier NOT waiving their text fee’s/etc. Perhaps is best to head to the listings of organizations and do donation more direct although, in the long run, funds are going to BE needed for a LONG RUN.
    The horrendousnous of getting the assist to the people is extrememly hampered but mark it–there will be great dissctioning of how the O-Administration failed to be TIMELY/effective and all the various etc’s (as a partial way JUST to harangue and bang him and his but also as a corralary issue to example how PERHAPS (and do note big PERHAPS) Bush and his crew were “equally” stymied so a bit of rewriting of their historic flop in such regards as well. The logisticals are staggering, our Katrina was as well and NO EASY SOLUTIONS –Too many HERE stil struggling to recover and not all attempted has been effective or even corrective to prevent much of possibility could indeed occur again. NO EASY SOLUTiONS HERE OR THERE —sure hope folks fully comprehend that and all the implications.

  431. What a great sahre , thanks Δ¥ Tine ..will be sharing with others as well/etc. Had the varioius on-air sorts in background yesterday , failed to properly note who suggested that in RL’s case, to attempt some meager amends for his latest comments regarding NOT to assist /donations, he should indeed contribute at least one million of his own “fortunate” fortune and came with suggestion the bankers should be donating their bonuses as well, thought were excellent suggestions. In regards to RL’s healthcare in Hawaii which he found to be excellent…besides all else, he has excellent full insrance coverage (in his contract) and beyond that, no sweat with his bank account to subsidize whatever it may lack IN coverage.
    Still find it rather unfanthomable how too many make no correaltion to the issue of HC coverage/costs and employment–employers offered in place of wage increases, got tax breaks for the offer but they too find they can NOT sustain the additional costs even thou now too, they shovel much of the additional costs onto the employee as well as cut the coverage benefits…are NONE paying attention to it or the correalationaries of how the components intermingle and effect/affect each other …If the HC is NOT revamped and costs cut, there will be fewer andd fewer who WILL have coverage that meets the needs . It does little full “goog” to have a contingenct of medical abilities if none can avail themselves of such due to UNAFFORDABLILITY…ALL will “pay the price” if such continues, even those WITH insurance…not sure why that is so difficult/hard to figure out just from a practical stand point–truly a don’t worry about tomorrow attitude as long as some figure they got theirs –they too will suffer consequences .
    Interesting hyping going on over the Mass special election coming up Tuesday…trying to figure if ACTUAL for real, that Mass folks would allow such as the T-bagger Scott fella slip into the seat once held by Teddy…Could happen for special E’s are notorious for low turn outs and why bother attitudes ….Would like to consider that perhaps the over-hype of “closeness” is meant to stir up the Dem /progressive base there…is indeed interesting and GBO, Scotty turns out was a former “centerfold” exhibitionist –reminds what a sideshow the poli-arena truly is . Will be interesting to see how that one turns out this next week.
    A ps’er regarding the donatons/etc…seems that the TEXT donations have gotten a reprieve from usual fee’s so that all $$$ do go to the organizations/etc…but those monies will not BE available for up to 6weeks hence due to billing cycles–and oh, SPrint is the only carrier NOT waiving their text fee’s/etc. Perhaps is best to head to the listings of organizations and do donation more direct although, in the long run, funds are going to BE needed for a LONG RUN.
    The horrendousnous of getting the assist to the people is extrememly hampered but mark it–there will be great dissctioning of how the O-Administration failed to be TIMELY/effective and all the various etc’s (as a partial way JUST to harangue and bang him and his but also as a corralary issue to example how PERHAPS (and do note big PERHAPS) Bush and his crew were “equally” stymied so a bit of rewriting of their historic flop in such regards as well. The logisticals are staggering, our Katrina was as well and NO EASY SOLUTIONS –Too many HERE stil struggling to recover and not all attempted has been effective or even corrective to prevent much of possibility could indeed occur again. NO EASY SOLUTONS HERE OR THERE —sure hope folks fully comprehend that and all the implications.

  432. Tine: That was great!!!!

    Haiti has 50,000 people who died from an earthquake and the big news on FOX is Sarah Palin. More time spent on Sarah than Haiti – sad.

    Fox is just now starting to report about Haiti. Guess Fox is using the Bush rules: Wait a week.

  433. TINE!!!!!! good to see you.. How’s the rug rats?

    This is 10 kinds of awesome and I am gonna pinch it .. with proper props of course..;-)

    take care

  434. Hello, porch friends! :) Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Busybusybusy. I’m reading, but rarely commenting.

    Today, though, I just *had* to share something with you. Following is a reader letter published in yesterday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune. It is ten kinds of awesome. Enjoy!


    Dear Pat Robertson, I know that you know that all press is good press, so I appreciate the shout-out. And you make God look like a big mean bully who kicks people when they are down, so I’m all over that action. But when you say that Haiti has made a pact with me, it is totally humiliating. I may be evil incarnate, but I’m no welcher. The way you put it, making a deal with me leaves folks desperate and impoverished. Sure, in the afterlife, but when I strike bargains with people, they first get something here on earth — glamour, beauty, talent, wealth, fame, glory, a golden fiddle. Those Haitians have nothing, and I mean nothing. And that was before the earthquake. Haven’t you seen “Crossroads”? Or “Damn Yankees”? If I had a thing going with Haiti, there’d be lots of banks, skyscrapers, SUVs, exclusive night clubs, Botox — that kind of thing. An 80 percent poverty rate is so not my style. Nothing against it — I’m just saying: Not how I roll. You’re doing great work, Pat, and I don’t want to clip your wings — just, come on, you’re making me look bad. And not the good kind of bad. Keep blaming God. That’s working. But leave me out of it, please. Or we may need to renegotiate your own contract. Best, Satan

  435. Whenever disasters like this befall mankind, we realize how little power we truly possess on this spinning orb. God will be glorified and His power is mighty. We tremble at the small doses we get of it. Many will turn to Him from this. Others will wipe their brow and be happy they missed the judgment this time. Inevitably, we must all one day face our mortality. No one is guaranteed an easy passage. The row gets tougher to hoe when the earth is rocky and dry. Water the ground with prayer and soften the soil with compassion. Spend your time here wisely, for it truly is a short journey. Be a blessing in every way you can, and your eternity will be the peace that you truly desire. May He direct your path this day, and cause His face to shine on you. Though you sometimes feel you travel alone, truly there are a multitude of witnesses.

    Yeshua Adonai. Shalom.

  436. Here’s a great list of the various organizations that are responding to the Haitian Earthquake catastrophe. For folks who prefer to donate/work with faith-based organizations, there are several on this list.


    As you all know, the global response is currently in the rescue/recovery mode. Every minute counts. the next stage will be security/assessment before rebuilding can begin. Once rebuilding begins, however, volunteers will be needed to help. Furthermore, many of the aid workers currently in or heading to Haiti have not dealt with disasters of this magnitude before- World Council of Churches & the Amer. Psychological Association are currently considering sending teams of pastoral & mental health counselors to work with the rescue teams & news crews – because yes, those folks can suffer PTSD from this. They are also working on sending volunteer clergy & lay people to help with the national grief and assist with funerals.

  437. Wow, great posts, everyone, although I do miss (and worry a little about) M&H. Our resident Repug gasbag said of the earthquake victims/survivors that “they had had 150 years already to get it right.” Nice, huh?
    (lol @ “Mooselini”)

  438. You don’t think reading chapter one of Mooselini’s book caused Helen to need an extended vacation, do you?

  439. You don’t think reading chapter one of Mooselini’s caused Helen to need an extended vacation, do you?

  440. Margaret and Helen,

    Where are you??!!

  441. Margaret and Helen,


  442. Thanks to those who agreed with my opinion of Rush. Poolman, perhaps you could retrieve John Stewart’s clip from his show last night . Sorry I can’t do that. Guess what, he used the same expression I did about Rush not having a heart!!! It tickled me. I was glad I had written it before his show because some might believe I copied him. lol

  443. Yes Delurker, it is a little better today. Thanks for the pick up.

    Grandma Katie, I am glad you are feeling better and back online. You have it right, it is just hard to believe we live on the same planet with some of the people who seemingly can’t feel compassion for their fellow man. Sad for the human condition, isn’t it? But I feel hope that the entire planet is not made up of people who feel like some on the right feel, about the compassion thing being a useless feeling. Just like a small ray of light brightens a dark room even just a few compassionate people do impact the bigger picture. Seeing some of the images of aid workers helping in Haiti wormed my heart today. Thank God, we all don’t have the missing piece of the body Rush seems to lack.

  444. And Grandma Katie–so glad you are back and I am very sorry about your week. Thinking of you–XXO

  445. It sure is, Delurker. This was a real insight into what is a genuinely dark soul. I should feel compassion for him (and a better person than I am–like Poolman) doubtless does. I’m just not able to feel anything but disgust and contempt.

  446. Wow, Donna, that’s a scary mix of juvenile & hate!

  447. (((((Grandma Katie))))) Good to hear from you and may the Almighty surround you with love and strength. May His presence warm your heart and comfort you, I pray. Get well soon! I’m glad your scrolling finger is being put to good use.

    God answers prayer, my friends! My rep, the honorable mr. Shadegg has anounced his retirement and in this clip he actually sounds like a person of intellect! This is the first time I can recall that I agree with him.

    vgmanΔ, I am glad I can keep the discussion going.

    Donna, you have hit the nail on the head with the discussion of mr. Limbaugh. BTW, he is on my prayer list, too. Keep shining the light, sunshine.

    It is a good day all around. Please keep those fellow humans in Haiti lifted in prayer. God will win at the end of the day. Praise His holy name!

  448. JuneauJoe and Donna thanks for your osts!! I’m still here , but not posting much past few da ys. My roommate has demetia and has gone off the deep end. Then I got a bug and as a consequence. (threw up)the carpet had to be shampooed.
    So between the two, I have temporarily been moved to another room, my computer was in the hall. T hey took pity on me and moved it this evening so I don’t go nuts not reading all the posts.

    Now after catching up , I have to tell you that my scrolling finger has gotten a work o ut. I am appalled about the GOP and religious right and their lack of compassion. So what can we e xpect after Katrina, health care bill, etc.

  449. Well, Poolman, your links have once again provided much room for discussion.

    Here, here! sunshine! Well said.

    On Palin/Beck lovefest……..
    I will always defend to the end the right of any American to express their inner beliefs along with supporting those who have no inner beliefs.
    As for God playing a part in the founding of our country and constitution, I agree The Great One did. Many of the founding mothers and fathers received steadfastness in the face of adversity from a belief in God. And–
    many also found the proper voice in the early representation of our organizational settings of Continental Congressess to realize that cooler heads would prevail if legitimacy would be given to non-believers as well. And so….

    The Constitution was “breathed” into life by both believers and non-believers alike. Compromise to benefit the many. Freedom to worship and freedom not to worship are both equal and important precepts of our collective founding. One should never disparage the other.

    But more teaching needs to be done. More people must understand this than are demonstrating in their “spouting off” in the media.

    Anyone can care for another human being….if they really have a heart.

    My church has but one altar. It’s wide as the world is wide. Good-hearted ones worship there, where billions of hearts reside.

  450. And Sunshine–I couldn’t agree more.

    Today someone called in and really was stern with him about his statements. He called her a blockhead and said she had tampons in her ears. HIS rationalization was that he “loves” to “tweak” the media and that he thinks it’s so funny when people get upset about what he says.

    That to me sums the man up: he’s a cheap, immature bully who likes to rile things up. He is gratified by upsetting people. In other words, he’s a troll with a wider audience.

  451. No wonder Rush didn’t have a heart attack, they couldn’t even find a heart. Look how he blames our President again for helping Haiti. Where’s is his heart and compassion? Is he even human? At least some other republicans have praised Mr. Obama and they want to help Haiti in their time of extreme need. What a bozo he is. I even suspect he went to the hospital so he could make more noise on his show over how he got such good care, but we don’t need a health care bill for us little people. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  452. …reading thru, this from UAW, examples selective memory for sure…”buttons44…actually we’ve been under the control of the Dems except for six of the last sixty years….”….guess you use the rewrites of historical facts (btw, Cheney’s wife is a regular who has been editing the books used in the education system, books provided by Bush brother, Neil who has the contract to supply…no bid contracts perhaps uncancellable as well )Not too sure the various GOPs would agree that has been BUT Dem’s in charge/control…not sure what purpose it serves to try to claim such either other than grateful to point out that typical, some are incapable of handling the truthmaticals /factuals preferring instead to spin nonsense…w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r , perhaps needed to get you thru your day but really a rather ignorant remark that denotes slective stupidty by choice.
    Adding, find it semi remarkable that even now, there are indeed those that cling to the notion that Bush/Cheney somehow got it right in regards to Iraq-use of “dems voted for it” is dithering as well …If incapable of recognizing/acknowledging just how manipulated into instigating that Iraq invasion and how so very egregiously errant and so willing to accept that NO ULTERIOR motive other than to get “bad guys”, well, such remains a major wowzerino at the naivete possessed. It was configured to get a footprint and control of OIL, –far plainer and simple if review …we had been told to get our dirty feet off of SACRED Saudi soil –The Saudi’s were having problems with their fantical fringers and wanted it contained –few cared much for Saddam , but he was NOT a major threat to any at the time and had been being rather contained and limited by far less costly means…It was indeed thought it would indeed be a BIG EZ and the oil folks were sure encouraging and remember when it was stated that the OIL would pay the costs and , well, so many blah, blah,blahs…so much rehashing and eventually it will all come out further as well. The Bush/Cheney?Neocons vast miscalculated and it has indeed cost ALL far more than ANY should have had to bear and the consequences keep coming home to roost. TRAGIC for sure, but reality.

  453. Every nation that can is stepping up to the plate to help Haiti. The air traffic above port au prince has become so busy as to endanger the planes. . .plus the tarmac is full of planes – so aid planes are being waved off to the Dominican Republic. Some earth moving equipment has arrived – but as noted, fuel is quickly becoming an issue. Likewise the longer bodies are buried in rubble and/or in the makeshift morgue, the very real threat of disease outbreak rises. Time is not on anyone’s side in this disaster.

    Note: Credit Card companies are skimming deep fees off of donations to Haiti. While not as immediate as texting or going online to click/give, a check may better serve the relief organization of your choice. At least then you know they’ll get the full amount you’ve donated.

    I personally find it very telling that the GOP has yet to chastise or condemn Rush or Robertson for their hatefilled remarks. On the other hand, I am not surprised either. The GOP is showing itself to truly be the KKK Party.

  454. Sam Harris, Richard Dawkin, and Christopher Hitchens have nothing on the greatest evangelist of atheism today, Pat Robertson.

  455. That’s too bad about UPS but I can see that an initiative like that could be nearly impossible to manage.

    Judith, I was proud of Hillary this morning, too!

  456. Wait, UPS is not taking shipments from indivduals. From UPS.com:

    “UPS is providing financial support and emergency logistics assistance to help survivors of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. We are working with relief organizations to transport much needed supplies and food to the area. If you wish to donate to the relief efforts, UPS encourages you to work directly with the following organizations:

    The American Red Cross – http://www.redcross.org
    CARE – http://www.care.org
    UNICEF – http://www.unicef.org

    UPS is not accepting shipments from individuals or local organizations due to the logistics challenges in Haiti. Service will resume as soon as conditions allow. Shipments to Haiti made prior to the earthquake are temporarily being held at UPS facilities in Miami.”

  457. THanks Pamela for the UPS post and thanks Judith for the good news. And, JuneauJoe for the info about Haiti and the Jubilee bill.

  458. Watched the news this AM b4 going off to work. I want to say how happy I am to have a Secretary of State who’s so obviously been up all night. Hillary looks like she’s been dragged under a bus – and I couldn’t be prouder.

    I know we’re not the only ones helping, and there’s a long long way to go, but I got a little gloppy at the list of what’s been accomplished already. For one – Airport, including Air Traffic Control, is fully back and operational. (We still can’t get in heavy equipment, without landing in the Dominican Republic & then driving it over the high mountain ridge that separates the 2 countries. That’s going to be the worst part for rescue efforts).

    Remember, the previous Secretary of State dealt with Katrina by going shoe-shopping. And their constant cry was “Don’t blame us, government can’t do anything right.”

    It was them that couldn’t do anything right. The reason was, because they didn’t want to.

    This is what it looks like when government works.

  459. New Yorkers beware.

    Meet Harold Ford Jr.: Ann Coulter’s Favorite Democrat

  460. “President Barack Obama told banks Thursday they should pay a new tax to recoup the cost of bailing out foundering firms at the height of the financial crisis. “We want our money back,” he said.”


  461. UPS is shipping anything under 50lbs for free to Haiti. You can send food clothes or shoes…and American Airlines is taking doctors and nurses to Haiti for free. Please call 212-697-9767. Spread the word…Red Cross needs Creole speaking volunteers for a 24hr phone bank. Call Mr. Wilfrid @ 305-776-6900 ASAP..

  462. Palin buys into the Christian Zionist agenda hook, line, and sinker. She’s all for unbridled US military action. She’s for this because theologically speaking the more war the better, at least in the Middle East. Jesus needs war to fulfill “prophecy” so he can “come back”!

  463. Delurker–I am so glad to hear that!! Thanks and good for him.

  464. Donna, there was a minister on one of the morning news shows today who blasted Robertson for his arrogance – presuming that he could interpret the actions of God & projecting his opinions onto God. Reading more into God than what scripture has to say is wrong. There was more to it, but as a Christian I was glad to hear what the man had to say and felt strongly that he was right about Robertson.

  465. How long will this go on? If they are prophets, they are prophets of deceit, inventing everything they say. Jeremiah 23:26

  466. Have you noticed how little criticism of Robertson there has been from other members of the clergy? And so much has been made about how American Muslims have not criticized the rhetoric of the extremists that purport to share their faith?

  467. The selfish, heartless Rush Limbaugh’s craptastic response to the Haitian suffering:


  468. Here is information about the poverty in Hait. It is not like Pat Roberson is telling the world.

    Pat Robertson thinks that Haiti is poverty stricken (and earthquake-stricken) because the country made a deal with Satan to help them overthrow the French.

    Back in May, the Times Online provided some slightly better insight into Haiti’s past. Beyond a vague assumption that Imperialism had probably screwed Haiti somehow, I didn’t know much about the country’s history. Reading this story has been nothing short of nauseating.

    Summary: Haiti was forced to pay France for its freedom. When they couldn’t afford the ransom, France (and other countries, including the United States) helpfully offered high-interest loans. By 1900, 80% of Haiti’s annual budget went to paying off its “reparation” debt. They didn’t make the last payment until 1947. Just 10 years later, dictator François Duvalier took over the country and promptly bankrupted it, taking out more high-interest loans to pay for his corrupt lifestyle. The Duvalier family, with the blind-eye financial assistance of Western countries, killed 10s of thousands of Haitians, until the Haitian people overthrew them in 1986. Today, Haiti is still paying off the debt of an oppressive dictator no one would help them get rid of for 30 years.

    The rest of the world refuses to forgive this debt.

    So, in a way, maybe Robertson is right. Haiti is caught in a deal with the devil, and the devil is us.

    Update: mgfarrelly points out another thing I didn’t know—the U.S. Congress is currently considering a bill called The Jubilee Act for Responsible Lending and Expanded Debt Cancellation. Part of what this bill would do is help countries like Haiti get their debt canceled, without making that cancellation conditional on things like closing down free schools or raising the cost of fresh water. May be a good time to contact your representatives about about this bi-partisan measure.

    Sounds like a useful thing to do to help Haiti. Call your Congress critter and tell them you support the Jubilee Act.

  469. IMHO, Maxine ranks right up there with M&H on many topics and here’s a jewel of an idea for our seniors as they try to afford health care insurance.

    Senior Health Care Solution

    So you’re a senior citizen and the government says no health care for you, what do you do?
    Our plan gives anyone 65 years or older a gun and 4 bullets. You are allowed to shoot 2 senators and 2 representatives. Of Course, this means you will be sent to prison.
    There you will get 3 meals a day, a roof over your head, and all the health care you need! New teeth, no problem. Need glasses, great. New hip, knees, kidney, lungs, heart? All covered.
    And who will be paying for all of this? The same government that just told you that you are too old for health care. Plus, because you are a prisoner, you don’t have to pay any income taxes anymore. And you’ve done us all a favor by disposing of 4 worthless politicians..

    Well, it’s a thought!

  470. Thanks for the update, Greytdog. I hope that you are doing well.

    To everyone making contributions, if your employer has a matching gifts program be sure to use it! Some match 100%.

  471. Aid now starting to come into Haiti. Doctors Without Borders was already in country & though their facility was badly damaged and several of their staff seriously injured (& some dead), they have already set up triage tents and administering medical care. They are running out of supplies however – Oxfam and Heifer Intl are also in place and already working to provide relief and assistance. All the hospitals in Port-au-Prince are down- either collapsed or so badly damaged that they can’t be used. there are patients and medical staff in those bldgs but can’t be reached due to lack of heavy equipment. The global community is organizing and already S&R teams are at the airport ready for deployment at first light. US Special Forces have gotten the airport control tower up and working again; France, England, Germany, Netherlands are sending in medical supplies as well as clothing, food, water purification systems, etc. The biggest need – body bags. there are not enough body bags for the dead in Haiti.

    If you can give, whatever you can give, please do so. Among the most reputable organizations now working in Haiti: Doctors Without Borders, Heifer Intl, Oxfam Intl, Intl Red Cross, American Red Cross, UNICEF, USAID, and numerous religious groups. Several mainstream denominations have missionaries in Haitii – if you prefer to give to a faith-based organization, pls contact your national HQ for your denomination and ask about their relief outreach to Haiti. World Vision, AmeriCare, World Council of Churches, and the Red Crescent society are also coordinating relief efforts. The Mogan David & Hadassah are likewise doing the same.

    You can also text a donation: text to 20222 with HAITI as the message. $10 will be charged to your cell phone bill – but the money goes directly to the Intl Red Cross. Wyclef Jean has also set up a text-to-donate line through his charitable foundation, YELE Hati. To donate, simply text “YELE” to 501501; $5 will be automatically donated to the foundation & later billed to your phone. If you have teens, this is a great way for them to use their phones in a global way. For more info go here: http://www.yele.org/

    Thanks all.

  472. Here is the GOP blog (Gods Own Party) with a great read. She is thrilled that Palin got a Press pass so she can crash and burn.


    Interesting thought.

  473. (((Easier))) Tomorrow should be better!

  474. Looks like someone is back from his latest bender.


  475. Poolman, I was having the kind of day Delurker Girl was having until I saw your “stolen car” comment. Brought a big smile to my face. Thanks. I am just so sad about the people of Haiti.

  476. Cheney swore on a bible that it was the same car.

    According to his lawyer, Alberto Gonzales, The car just had Normal wear and tear. He vouched for the honesty of Cheney.

    (I think it is a different car myself.)

  477. Delurker: Not a thing in the world wrong with Snocaps!

  478. Here was the same car when Bush/ Cheney stole the car in 2000

  479. Hi gang, Poolman and Judith,

    Loved your ‘fix the car’ analogy, Poolman. It sure is gonna need plenty of tune-ups before we get it running smoothly!

    Thanks Judith for the links to Haitian relief. They need all the help they can get from any quarter. We have been to Haiti. It is a beautiful, beautiful little island with some of the sweetest and most gentle people we ever met. Also the most wrenchingly impoverished, even before a devastating earthquake. My heart goes out to them.

    I sincerely hope we will keep up the relief and not forget about them in the weeks and months to come. This is a disaster of gargantuan proportions!!! It will take YEARS for the people to rebuild their lives and their country.

    What say we vow to stay on it with regular reports like we did with the Alaskan people when their plight was in dire straits. The needs are of course immediate to save lives. It looks like the world community is on board to rush aid to them. But the aftermath of disease is coming if they don’t get clean water and sanitation in an on-going basis. Also desperate situations are always the breeding ground for violence and chaos.

    And for heaven’s sake, let’s not get bogged down in the political gossip of he/said/she/said/he said/blah,blah,blah. That’s all a waste of valuable time.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

    P.S. I will allow myself one parting shot however. I heard on CNN this morning that someone was considering putting the head of AIG in charge of coordinating relief. Sheesh!!!! Why not call in ‘Brownie’ with his sterling experience and expertise.

  480. Vgman, Donna, JuneauJoe, Grandma Katie, Greytdog, and so very many more… I have so many favorites here. But Poolman, you’ve made me smile about 4 times in the last few minutes of reading alone, and for that I’m so thankful. I want to know what you had for dinner because you’re in rare (& fine!) form. :)

    I think I’ll have a glass of wine & some fine chocolates. (OK, they’re Snowcaps… it’s what’s on hand, ROFL!)

  481. vgman: Great quote!

    Here are quotes from the Bush Admin re: Katrina


    That car was 10 feet under water too

  482. Here’s what we started with this year. :wink:

  483. I also wanted to leave behind a quote on the porch before I dash off to a play performance this evening–

    In honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr……..

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

    He said many wise words.

  484. Well, it’s nice to come home and check out what’s going on on the porch. I scroll to the beginning of entries for today and find UAW is his old, cantankerous self. 8:56 am shows him railing away about sliced bread or something.

    It’s good to read about other people’s opinions. Helps me form my own.

    You know, we can talk all day about which president has done what for this country and who is to take credit for this or why this one did this…..

    But at the end of the day, it’s the one who did something for the common man and woman among us. We are the vast majority in this nation. Which of those among us helped others in need? It will be noted by many who helped and who just took from society.

    A good president listens to the vast majority in this country who want to live peaceful, productive lives. A bad president intentionally does things that they know are not good for the people of our country.

    Do I want a president who knows what it is like to struggle to live?

    Heck yeah!

    Makes the job more real for the president, if he or she has experienced struggle in life.

    So, I leave you with this.

    Look over the past decades and look at what the presidents have accomplished to help the vast majority of us–those that want to live peaceful and productive lives.

    And then tell me who deserved your vote and followed through with their promises.

    Good day.

  485. -The car was under how many feet of water when Brownie was doing a great job?
    -How many bodies were floating in the water?
    -The people left had no water or food

    but Brownie was doing a heck of a job.

    Brownies big concern – wearing the right tie for TV, with matching cuff links of course.

  486. Actually, Clinton kept it clean on the outside and didn’t put much mileage on it. He pretty much just drove it on special occasions and was was more familiar with the back seat.

  487. Sunshine–Grandma Katie is a regular (but not often enough for my taste!) poster here. She is smart, sane, funny, and all around wonderful. It is an acronym which would be meaningless outside of this blog (or any blog on which our beloved Grandma Katie posts).

  488. Heck of a job Brownie:


    What would Grandma Katie Do?

    Grandma Katie has a golden rule: IGNORE TROLLS

  489. Please tell me what WWGKD means? Am fairly old, but new at cyber lingo. lol Thanks

  490. actually Bush had to jerk the wreck out of the ditch after Clinton/Gore got done driving it in……

  491. Poolman: Excellent Point!!

    Reader: The typical American diet is disaster!
    I just read that the advertisements make big bucks for Big Pharma – the ads are here to stay.

    I am thankful that my kids are considering diet seriously and teaching me too.

  492. JJ, It was a stolen car.

  493. Poolman:

    Right: That car sure was beaten up the 8 years of the Bush/ Cheney administration..

    Running it off a cliff a time or two was crazy. The idiots then turned it back in saying it is better than new. We were fools to let them turn it back in all beaten up, but we did.

    Why they got the keys the last 4 years is beyond me.


  494. RE: health care just read Dr Andrew Weil’s book “Why Our Health Matters”. I found it a good read to get a different look at our health care problems and possible ways to start to fix it. One thing that caught my attention right off was – and I quote – “We do not have a “health-care” system at all. Instead, we have a disease management system that is horribly dysfunctional and getting more so every day.” Medical students do not spend much of their time learning about nutrients and how they affect the body, FDA in may ways has failed us by allowing many new drugs on the market without enough testing which have harmed many people, Big Pharm is everywhere – in the doctors offices, and all over the TV suggesting we ask our doctors for their products. Next time one comes on pay special attention to the side effects listed. Then wonder how many side effects they are not listing. Have you ever watched one of these ads and after it was over you didn’t even know what it is for – high blood pressure, allergies, acid reflux or what??

    Speaking of health H & M–we all hope that yours is just fine and you are just too engrossed in Palin’s book to post.

  495. In most every way this administration has taken a more open and “higher ground” approach on the issues and crises of today than the last bunch. We have a long way to go, and there is still much that needs to change to achieve the transparency and accountability that we voted for, but we have certainly pulled a 180.

    Now if we can change the oil and filters, tune the engine, rotate the tires, replace the shocks, clear the windshield, adjust the brakes, clean the trunk, fix the scratches and dents, restore the chassis, and keep it on the pavement for the next few years, we may actually arrive intact and safely at a place where we would like to be.

  496. cpac having problems….wouldn’t be a problem with Barry Goldwater…..
    good thing the DNC isn’t having any problems with their reps……Hint…Bart Stupak and his problems with gov paid abortions…..

  497. Delurker Girl,

    A person needs to have those sucky days to appreciate the good days.

    You did call it right though.

    I am amazed at the stupidity people use to justify the unjustifiable.

    Wish people could see a tragedy and deal with it humanely. It is sad to see some crazies making brownie points (and money) out of a tragedy which will end in the death of many thousands of innocent people.

    Hope you have a good evening.

  498. “I’m having a ‘people can really suck’ day today. :(”

    Guess I called that right.

  499. CPAC is having problems… How sad…


    Wingnuts can’t decide who to trust it seems.

  500. Donna,

    Glen Beck is drooling over Sarah Palin…


    Wingnuts are out in force.


  501. Donna…..
    yes it is sad that limited people keep blaming the prior administration

  502. It is quite sad actually.
    There could be 100,000 people who are dead or trapped and people act as if we should do what Bush did during Katrina. Those are some sad people.

    Thank God President Obama had the good sense to get right on it.

    President Obama was also right on the underwear bomber but he was getting real information instead of making stuff up.

  503. not sure which is more distasteful to me, JuneauJoe:

    1. Limbaugh using Haiti to attack the president.

    2. Robertson attributing the earthquake to a God that apparently exists to exact retribution in the most violent and destructive ways possible.

    3. Sad and limited people who use the tragedy to make jokes about how people with opposing political viewpoints will somehow blame a natural disaster on the prior administration.


  504. Rush is so full of crap!



  505. Donna, I didn’t say I was finding entertainment in the tragedies of a country.

    Just amusing in the way in which people invoke their belief’s whether it be religious, historical or political views involving the destruction and death caused by the earth just shifting plates.

    Oops..thats science..better leave that alone or we’ll be messin with Darwinian theory.

  506. call congress……NO HIDDEN HEALTHCARE TAXES…..

  507. Beautifully put, Poolman. Thank you for being the person that you obviously are.

  508. The people of Haiti are our close neighbors and now find themselves in great need. Their sin is not at all greater than our sin. Their lives are not less important than our own. We had better respond with compassion and devote whatever aid we can offer them as soon as possible. To do otherwise is immoral. We are not in the position to judge others or assess their value. It is how we respond to these “tests” that show our true colors. History records our actions and inactions. We definitely need to start getting more points in the positive side of the scorecard, imho.

  509. Hi Craig….
    and they accuse me of rewriting history….

  510. http://www.cagle.com/politicalcartoons/pccartoons/permalink.asp?artist=payne&date=100112

  511. Hey Juneau Joe: WWGKD? Darn, she’s one smart lady!

  512. How sad that you are finding entertainment in the tragedies of a country.

    And, in response to your question, my synagogue is very actively taking donations and I have given and will continue to do so.

  513. I love it.

    Reading this crap is better than a
    front seat at a demolition derby.

    It’s obvious.

    There are two extreme 180 deg. of thought being
    being spewed here.

    Margaret and or Helen or whoever writes this post that “he” may be..better get to writin cause the youngins are feastin on their own.

    …and Donna is a lawyer?
    God help us.

  514. guess I kicked the tires enough….
    yes I did call in my donation…did you…..
    glad your listening to Rush…I was outside for awhile……
    I guess tomorrow it will be Rush,Bush,McCain, and Palin’s fault….got to give huffpo & mediamatters a day to think about it….ROTFLMAO……
    going fishing tomorrow…..got a lot of bites today…..

  515. last thing (can you tell I’m pissed?). Robertson did not say he was repeating folklore. The author of the politico article said that this was folklore. If you listen to the video, Robertson flatly says this is true.

  516. I apologize for being long-winded but I do have more to say. This is the same Pat Robertson who blamed 9/11 on gays. So we have one person who blames 9/11 on actions by our government (expressing disagreement with this country’s policies) and another who claims that God killed 3000 people because of God’s supposed irritation with people’s sexual preference. I view one as the expression of political views and the other as a hurtful destructive perversion of religion.

  517. You know, I don’t doubt that you don’t give a damn, UAW, but that is so incredibly offensive. I don’t believe anyone, anywhere has suggested that Haiti is anything but a natural disaster of horrible proportions. Are you trying to be a jerk today? Can you just feel a little compassion for the people who are dead or maimed or orphaned or homeless or who don’t have water or electricity or medical care or shelter? Maybe take a rest from the temptation to indulge in what you perceive as a zinger out of respect for these people?

    Apart from that, yes–Robertson did say to pray for them. But so frigging what? This follows what was not conveyed as “folklore” but which he said was a “true story”–that the people were cursed because of a long-ago “deal with the devil.”

    Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t disagree with Jeremiah Wright. The statements which are repeatedly quoted, when taken in context, are a bit hyperbolic but defensible. And September 11 was the result of actions by people (benighted and wrong though they were). Does this mean that I defend the 9/11 bombers or anyone who would advocate for that? Not in a million years. But disagreeing with a government’s actions and policies is a far cry from claiming that God is punishing a society because of that society’s supposed sins. Perhaps the distinction escapes you, perhaps you disagree with it.

    I believe there is a difference between doing what Robertson did here and what Wright said. What Robertson said is the equivalent of Falwell’s statements that Hurricane Katrina was God’s reaction to New Orleans’ tolerance of gays. And I believe that is reflective of the most abominable and hateful misuse of religion imaginable.

    What you said is the equivalent of the crap that Limbaugh is spewing today–using Haiti to claim that the President responded to it sooner than he did to the attempted bombing on Christmas; that this will “ingratiate” him to “light and darkskinned blacks;” and that Americans already gave to Haiti because they paid income taxes.

  518. The earthquake is a natural disaster befallen on our sinful planet. It is not the fault of any human. The reaction to these disasters can be helpful or hurtful. Compassion or condemnation. Out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks.

  519. watching the news and still haven’t seen where the earthquake was the fault of Rush, Bush McCain, or Palin…..WTF

  520. Even Cheny has said there was no connection.

    If you looked at the financial backers of the terrorists – check out Saudi Arabia. However, they got a free ride by Bush and Cheney. All air travel was suspended except for flying the Saudi Arabian Carlisle Group of Bush backers who were in the US.

    We are still looking for Bin Laden??? Weapons of Mass Destruction – that is what we went into iraq for. Still looking too.

  521. what disgusting comment about Haiti

  522. juneayjoe….
    have some more koolaid

  523. to bad the health care folly isn’t on C-SPAN—-Donna wouldn’t have to watch CBN….
    and any attempt to equate some money and the death of over 3000 in the twin towers is sad…..
    and yes the US military is doing a good job in Haiti…

  524. Republicans are rewriting history… the new game


  525. Sadam would not allow the Jhihadists into Iraq. They came after we invaded – quit trying to rewrite history.

    That was a disgusting comment you made about Haiti.

    Saddam was a bad man but we could also take out Iran, North Korea or Zimbabwe for having crazy rulers. WE WENT IN FOR THE OIL! That is the little secret.

  526. I think all politicians should be limited to two terms……one in government and one in jail…

  527. UAW: Any attempttTo equate a few words to the death of 100,000 is very sad.

    I thank President Obama for getting help to Haiti so quickly. The Red Cross is taking donations.

  528. juneaujoe….
    the radical Islamic jihadists got us into an expensive war….and how many Dems voted for the war before they voted against…..

  529. Donna…
    Pat Robertson repeated some Haiti folklore….
    you forgot to add that he said “we should pray for them”


    then again is what he said any worse than “God Damn America” or “the chickens have come home to roost”

  530. UAW: Bush got us into a VERY EXPENSIVE war. Remember that.

    That is a lot of cash spent on a war started with lies.

    The Republicans did a great job of shuttting down debate on Iraq!

  531. buttons44…
    actually we’ve been under the control of the Dems except for six of the last sixty years….

    as for being obstructive did you forget about being “Borked”….remember the word Gridlock…how about “Nuclear option”(which they never used) and they had debate….

    I hope you have a lot of money to pay the taxes with (but you’ll probably blame it on Palin and Bush)(typical lib bull)

  532. That complete fool, Pat Robertson, stated today that Haiti made a deal with the devil and therefore are cursed. In other words, they brought the earthquake on themselves.

  533. I love the harlot, Judith! I hadn’t read her blog recently, so thanks for pointing out that information.

  534. Off topic, but on to a very important one – Haiti relief.

    Another blog I frequently visit is The Yarn Harlot. She is organizing help, as she has done before. Knitters Without Borders links to Doctors Without Borders, an organization which was already in Haiti when the earthquake struck.

    If you are interested (even if knitting bores the cr-p out of you), please visit:


    You can contribute directly to KWB, MSF (Doctors Without Borders) or read the comments to find links to other relief sites.

  535. ..an mmm’er to UAW, your snark to Pelosi/Reid…denotes the contempt opinion …it brings back to mind such as Frisk, or Gingriche and others of the GOP when they held similar positions and these days, the minority party does have their “leaders”, Bohner and Mitch……any chance that GOPs TRULY be;lieve in transparency and practice such ? WOuld enjoy some examples of them “exampling” such in their past/present behaviors with a note, am indeed in favor of transparency for sunshine/light/etc -can serve a purpose but in the REAL WORLD, GBO, do YOU REALLY expect it 24/7 or is it a mere gimmicky request knowing it will not likely EVER be ? To harp on it comes off as just another whine frankly. HOW would such truly be implemented other than rather “facaded” where the “internal” meetings would happen anyway–we all know that unless there is a way to prevent ALL conversations/communications and blah, blah, blah etc’s Rather a grandiopse gimmick that sound great but impossible to fully implement–likely you actaully know that but it is one of the standard whines that goes out in attempt to malign campaign promises/etc. Want to know a REAL TIME GREIVENCE of a BROKEN CAMPAIGN PROMISE by McCain who put out that COUNTRY FIRST line….he had the bodacious audacity to select the very incompetent Sara Palin, without even fully vetting her or her background and to this day claims she has been great for the GOP party and was fantastick for his attempt to become CIC of the nation to the point has indicated that he would do it again in another heartbeat…FECKLESS and more and outrageous and can but figure he is tied in that waddle cuz the GOP has NOT fully backed him for sometime and his resentment/revenge mode is showing with such outrageousnousings !!! He cared so little regarding the NATION and it surely , sorely shows !!! There is no way a truly thinking person can truly figure Sara IS qualified to hold office–but there are those that cling to that absurdity even now, even with her record exposed, without a doubt, lump such with Mac as truly NON PATRIOTS OF HIGH ORDERING !!!
    Back to Nancy and Harry, think the disgruntlement over them is more along partisan preferences for actually both have been quite effective in their positions –similar discontent and contempt was felt for the likes of those that held same positions by GOPs…Presently, really out to tear Harry to shreds for he did manage to secure those 60 votes and hold off the last shard of filabustering blusterings from the stalwarted obstructionista that are willing to do ANYTHING to impeded ANYTHING and be considered vaguely relevent in their minority positon which is rather an absurdity for the voters did indeed give the majority to those they felt would accomplish something in our favor best…We’ve been under the GOP thumbs , that has NOT worked out too well…Know classic take is that the Dems will lose seatings come this fall but if voters go savvy and instead INCREASE the majority to point of being able to get something done over at least the next three years–if such proved still feeble, then in 2012 , could arise a possibility of either GOP resurge or perhaps an entirely FRESH prospect a in truth, the true majority are NOT “stalwartly” thrilled with EITHER major party and the T-baggers are too far fantically fetched too often than not, the Greens are not truly viable either –it an opportunitical moment but in past, third party sorts do NOT fare well, the GOP has NO ONE of apropos-ness on their horizon and are rather in dismal disarray, so the’ likelihoodness’ remains, Obama will get a second term , and the Senate and House will get some shake up as voters will take it local–does not bode all that well for any in those ranks nor for that matter, for the voters either for the choices that do get on the ballot are usually more of the same sorts that want replaced, which is indeed unfortunate in the worlds (supposedly) greatest democracy !!! It is a conundrum, but semi understandable, that while there is a need, those that could vote and make a difference figure more and more why bother so guess that gives a possibility but to only those that can stir up a core base to be faithful and presently, the GOP see Sara as fulfilling that need for them just as Obama fills that void for Dems.

  536. DeLurker Girl: Great comment. Thanks. I am with you.

  537. Still no new post? Bummer. I wish Matthew or someone would just put up an ‘open thread’ type post. This thread has gotten so long that it takes a very long time to load the page. Discussion is good though, and I’ll keep coming back regardless.

    Overheard some really disturbing conversation today about Obama sending aid to Haiti. The tone was very ‘we’ve got ours, go find your own’. This angered me, so I spoke up and asked specifically what was so upsetting about assisting people in such desperate need. The response was that we don’t help our own people, here in our country. Wwwwwwait, I thought government helping people was that evil socialism? So I probed further. The next argument was that we still have people living in FEMA trailers in New Orleans. Yes, that’s bad, but those people are still better off than the people in Haiti were BEFORE the earthquake. And what does one crisis have to do with the other? The next argument was that we don’t have the money to help them. So we should turn a cold shoulder to Haiti because we’re broke from Bush tax cuts, wars, and bailing out fat cats?

    Don’t get me wrong – I believe assistance to New Orleans was badly blown. I believe criminal investigations should be done (maybe they are being done?). I believe assistance to struggling Americans is also blown on a regular basis – often because of Republican obstructionism, IMO. But all that doesn’t mean that Obama is wrong to be a humanitarian to other nations for no other reason than it being the right thing to do.

    I’m having a ‘people can really suck’ day today. :(

    My prayers go out to the people of Haiti, the rescue workers and the missionaries there.

  538. Anyone heard from Helen recently? I’m getting worried…

  539. Imagine: The Teabagger Convention is running into problems: Distrust and $500.00 cost


    Helen and Margaret: I hope you are well and I also hope you post soon.

  540. Screaming for Screaming sake: The new politics and news.


  541. I don’t believe a single syllable that Rush spews.
    NO credibility whatsoever.

  542. Rush has health insurance. Don’t kid yourself. With a 400 Million dollar contract, he could easily pay for his own health care though.

    16% of the current US budget goes to health care. We are spending LOTS on health care. 20 to 30% goes into profits to the mega insurance companies.
    Those insurance companies have the right to set monopolies and set rates.

    Bush gave the wealthiest among us huge tax breaks. I am hoping that some of those tax breaks for the wealthiest among us are taken back.

  543. Rush said he had great health care,got that-CARE….he wrote a check for the charges….he doesn’t have insurance….and since he paid cash it cost less than if charged to an insurance company…

    since we had so much transparency tell me how they are going to lower the charges for x-rays, blood tests,MRI,etc….they haven’t done $hit to lower costs…..what they have done is come up with new taxes….

    (T)axed (E)nough (A)lready party

  544. uaw-
    I agree with you.
    The posturing and so on that has gone on so far AND the filtering which occurs via normal media coverage have skewed what we understand to be going on.
    I have attended a lot of local assembly meetings and then wondered what-the-heck when they were reported in newspaper…
    Journalistic style and devices of style showcase some squib which is likely to create a stir first and then a day or 2 later the meat of the meeting comes out in a mid-paper local news item… and no one pays attention…
    I don’t care WHO- in terms of majority/minority leadership..
    I care that it is ALL open when the Congress is on the floor
    An educated, attentive populace…?
    How do we break some of the spells which bind us now?

  545. The right wing are making the case for Al Qaeda


    -We have 40,000 people who die because they have no health insurance – that is the major issue.
    -Insurance rates are going up by 10% yearly under the present system.
    -60% of bankruptcies are medical bill related.
    -Insurance companies can drop a person whenever at present.
    -Even Rush Limbaugh was bragging that he had great health insurance and inferred that all people should have the same.

    We had transparency when in the house and the senate. It is time to get health care reform. Changes need to take place for the good of the nation.

  546. you are all trying to bull$hit yourselves….”whose wants to sit and watch C-SPAN all day”

    Obama campaigned on transparency and on national TV promised that the health care debate would be on C-SPAN(the committee meetings also) doesn’t look good for the prez….is he maybe lying ….maybe he forgot to get Nancy’s OK

    I don’t want to watch C-SPAN 24/7 but I’d like to check in once in a while and not have it behind closed doors…..how much is the next “deal” going to cost me….money to NE and LA……MI could use some…..

    Look in the mirror and say “Nancy and Harry are the next best thing to sliced bread”…..

    Come on M&H….tell me just how great Nancy and Harry are…

  547. Hi gang,

    I have decided to make a concerted effort to eliminate two words in my vocabulary as I did long ago with all variations of the h— word. I really loathe the h— word. Now I’m working on the f— word, “fact”'; and the t—- word, “truth”. I have come to believe there are no such things.

    A Harvard University psychologist, Mahzarin Banaji, is a leader in what is called “Implicit Social Cognitions.” These are deep-rooted assumptions we all carry around and even act on without realizing it. All of us. We learned them early on and it takes plenty of effort to un-learn them.

    Uh, as to ‘transparency’ in government. None of us has either the time or the inclination to sit in front of the tube or the computer for hours on end, day in and day out, to personally keep tract of what’s going on in the world. Somewhere along the line, we have to trust somebody else’s judgment. That usually involves people whose ‘Implicit Social Cognition’ mirrors our own. Only with time, effort and critical thinking do we start questioning what the ‘f—s’ and the ‘t—-‘ are without our almost inborn atavistic thinking. I have not mastered it yet – not by a long shot.

    I do feel however, that when the United States started traveling down the well-worn path of Military Imperialism we began to voluntarily give up our ideals of democracy.

    The National Security Act of 1947, under the explicit direction of the National Security Council (NSC), is focused on making decisions about war and peace. So this principal has continued through both Democratic and Republican Administrations. Under the NSC, the CIA was created and became in essence the private army of and accountable to none but the President. (All too similar to the Praetorian Guard of the Roman Emperors.) So contrary to Constitutional requirement, the CIA has often been sent into ‘battle’ without Congress declaring war. (Covert operations.)

    Everything the CIA and all the other FIFTEEN intelligence agencies do is secret, including their budgets. This goes against Article 1, Section 9, of the Constitution, quote, “…..a regular Statement of Accounts of the Receipts and expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.” There is no oversight and thus no accountability whatsoever by Congress or to the American people. Further, 40%, that’s FORTY PERCENT, of the Pentagon defense budget is secret.

    Much of the above information is paraphrased from the book, “Nemesis” by Chalmers Johnson. He has 54 pages of fine print notes, documenting his sources. Many of them were obtained by the FOIA (thanks Donna!) by the ACLU in lengthy, snarled up suits.

    Access to information requires a Security Clearance, which is a complex individual process plus a ‘need to know’ assurance. Therefore, if there is anything the government wants to do, all it has to do is slap a “Top Secret” stamp on it, and Voila! No one has to know unless somewhere along the line, someone kicks up a fuss.

    During the past decade when the Bush Administration ran amok, the system got completely out of hand. It isn’t going to turn around on a dime. At the time, many of us suspected there was a lot of deceit going on, but we are only just beginning to learn just how much. HOW or WHEN it can be turned around and our faith in government can be restored, I don’t have a clue.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  548. Dear Margaret & Helen,

    We miss you. We hope all is well with you and yours.

    Hugs and best wishes from your faithful readers,

    All of us. We mean it.

  549. “The battle for transparency at the Federal Reserve just ratcheted up a notch. Edolphus Towns, the chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, just issued a subpoena to the New York Federal Reserve Bank, asking for documents related to AIG and their counter-party payments.”

  550. Terrorism and ‘the Primitive Brain’

  551. Some of the fear felt by many can be placed on the doorstep of the 24/7 news. If we hadn’t been told about the H1N1 flu every 3 mins. Then told the serum is coming – the serum is delayed – the first batch will only be enough for this small number or people. People went into a panic “Oh God I won’t be able to get mine or ours” Oh yeah also how the serum was being “rushed” (in other words untested) to the public. Take any news story and the news media can turn it into a panic.

  552. And Mr. Lauer should have said “Senator–I understand you don’t want to talk about your campaign. However, if the statements concerning that campaign are substantially true, do you believe they reflect on your competence to serve as a United States senator?” And when McCain refused to answer, Mr. Lauer should have said “You believe that your decision to select a potential Vice President without looking into her qualifications is not a reflection on your competence to serve as a United States senator?” At which point, the well-known McCain temper likely would have shown the truth: that McCain is wholly incompetent to serve as a senator and that canned soundbites are far less significant than either an actual decision which would have affected the country or his inability to take responsibility for his actions.

  553. ( originally posted to another thread, but had meant to offer it here as this regards SP…)

    Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

    “I Wouldn’t Know”
    John McCain ran one of the most cynical and – surprise! – doomed presidential campaigns in memory. His soul is now on eBay somewhere (Mark Salter got a cut of the proceeds). He foisted on the country a person whom he had barely met and whom his campaign had barely vetted as presidential material if he, a 72 year-old survivor of torture and cancer, were to kick the bucket in office. And when asked perfectly legitimate questions about how he committed this act of supreme recklessness, he won’t say. Matt Lauer asked the obvious question and McCain bridled:

    Lauer: From page 363, it says, and I’m combining two quotes here, in judging Palin, ‘was relying on vetting so hasty and haphazard it barely merited the name.’ ‘No one had interviewed her husband, no one had spoken to her political enemies, no vetters had descended on Alaska.’ Is it a fair assessment?

    McCain: I wouldn’t know.

    The fact is that I’m proud of Sarah Palin, I’m proud of the campaign we waged, she energized our party, she will be a major factor in American politics in the future, and I’m proud of our campaign–

    This crap is a formula he has adopted to avoid taking responsibility for his criminal negligence as a presidential candidate and contempt for the office of the presidency. Lauer, to his enormous credit, kept pushing:

    worth a read http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com


  554. another good read offerring….


    Fake Fears and Why You (Probably) Believe in Them
    Is there a solution to America’s current addiction to fear? The near-hysteria over the Christmas Day airplane attack shows how overblown our anxieties have become. A gloomy, jittery public seems willing to believe in alarmist stories, even when they amount to demagoguery. Consider the following hyperbolic or even fake sources of fear and outrage……..

  555. I’m getting worried. Are Margaret and Helen all right?

  556. I did want the White house visitation logs to be open to the public.
    I want to know who Obama and Biden are talking to. B&C refused, and Obama was a little hesitant to release ALL names, but finally conceded.
    The rest of this transparency bull shit is just political fodder as far as I’m concerned.

  557. UAW frankly speaking transparency was never a big issue for me. Maybe I’m just more cynical that I realize – but we’ve had transparency laws in Florida for a good long while – and what the politicos mean by transparency is more along the lines of “through a glass dimly” – there will be certain things/issues that will revel in the bright light of day, others not so much, and even others to which the bright light is totally anathema. I don’t think it has anything nefarious attached to it – I know if I want to find out something about my government – be it local, state, or national – I just have to dig. I may run into a few brick walls, but I can still find out a lot during that process.

    I can also watch C-Span – they carry the house and senate proceedings, and even committee meetings. I’m not such a wonk that I relish sitting there for hours listening to ppl trying to score political points or defend their district’s right to a bigger share of the pig.

    Maybe it’s because I just think there are more important things than seeking false transparency from my govt when I know that there will always be things that should not, for the nation’s sake, be brought into the sunlight.

  558. greytdog…
    I agree…..enough of Palin….McCain stepped in it when he chose Palin……most conservatives will agree with me(good to poke liberals in the eye with but nothing else)…..the liberals are going to be in for a surprise this fall if all they talk about is Palin,Bush,Palin,tea-baggers,&Palin and the conservatives start talking issues…..

    Hope everyone is happy with the transparency in government the liberals promised…change we can believe in??????

  559. Palin as a Fox “pundit”??

    Margaret and Helen, where art thou wise words?

  560. Rick Steve’s and his trip to Iran.


    people are people.

  561. Stories of innocent put in Gitmo


    never tried, never convicted and then let go after being the ‘worst of the worst’

  562. “Who is this coming from Edom, from Bozrah, with his garments stained crimson? Who is this, robed in splendor, striding forward in the greatness of his strength? “It is I, speaking in righteousness, mighty to save.” Why are your garments red, like those of one treading the winepress? “I have trodden the winepress alone; from the nations no one was … See Morewith me. I trampled them in my anger and trod them down in my wrath; their blood spattered my garments, and I stained all my clothing. For the day of vengeance was in my heart, and the year of my redemption has come. I looked, but there was no one to help, I was appalled that no one gave support; so my own arm worked salvation for me, and my own wrath sustained me. I trampled the nations in my anger; in my wrath I made them drunk and poured their blood on the ground.” Isaiah 63: 1-6

  563. May the violence done to our flesh be upon Babylon,” say the inhabitants of Zion. “May our blood be on those who live in Babylonia,” says Jerusalem. Therefore, this is what the LORD says: “See, I will defend your cause and avenge you; I will dry up her sea and make her springs dry. Babylon will be a heap of ruins, a haunt of jackals, an object of horror and scorn, a place where no one lives. Her people all roar like young lions, they growl like lion cubs. But while they are aroused, I will set out a feast for them and make them drunk, so that they shout with laughter– then sleep forever and not awake,” declares the Lord. “I will bring them down like lambs to the slaughter, like rams and goats. “How Sheshach will be captured, the boast of the whole earth seized! What a horror Babylon will be among the nations! The sea will rise over Babylon; its roaring waves will cover her. Her towns will be desolate, a dry and desert land, a land where no one lives, through which no man travels. I will punish Bel in Babylon and make him spew out what he has swallowed. The nations will no longer stream to him. And the wall of Babylon will fall. “Come out of her, my people! Run for your lives! Run from the fierce anger of the Lord. Jeremiah 51:35-45

  564. Agreed Greytdog. Hope you are healthy. Pam had recommended collodial silver and that has kept us all healthy. That and God’s grace. :wink:

    This is Murdoch and Dobson bundled in one nice marketable package to stick up there to percolate their persuasion and continue to dupe the good ole home educated masses yearning to ignite.

    Marketing is king, baby. This will boost their ratings even more.

    Welcome to the American Fascist movement. Call it whatever you like, but it has that c e r t a i n flaaavor…

  565. “Then they retreat sucking their thumbs for a while and come roaring back with more outrageous examples of their tunnel vision.”

    Priceless Auntie Jean!!!

    I’m sure Craig’s thumb is getting sore and he’s well stocked up on paper towel rolls. I’m sure he is peering through them as I type. He reminds me of a dry drunk with unresolved issues. I sometimes believe that he really thinks his victim act will bring out guilt in those who peg his behavior and call it what it is. If he acts like a dick, then calling him a dick is a legitimate response (or any of the other descriptive labels that have been used in relation to his behavior.)
    Sorry if I have offended anyone’s sensibilities.
    Being a progressive liberal doesn’t dictate that I behave in a prescribed manner, and as I am come from a blue collar background, I have absolutely no compunction calling a pig a pig (or worse.) When the pig comes back and tries to belittle me for name calling, I chuckle and think that naming things is what humankind has been doing since the beginning of time. The fact that the naming is appropriate and the named party is unhappy with the naming (the truth) is a fortuitous coincidence. However, in the case of responding to a troll, I believe that reflexive response gives the troll a position of power. Calling out a jackass is an act best performed cold without even a trace of anger!!!

  566. UAW, I think it’s a great bumper sticker. I really want one for my car.

    Personally speaking, I’m tired of Palin. I’m tired of talking about her, hearing about her, etc. I scroll over the online newsy bits about her and her grifter clan. Will she be a potent force in the elections? Who knows? Woman can’t seem to fulfill any obligations to anyone – including her kids. If someone thinks she’s a role model, then I hope they stay in their trailer park sucking on the dole. The woman has taken enough time and energy from all of us – and for what? She’s the t-baggers T&A show. I’m surprised McCain didn’t enter her in the Sturgis wet tshirt contest. He probably would have gotten a lot more votes.

    McCain – and Palin. One senile old man, and one floozy. BFD.

  567. Palin is being marketed to America, boys and girls, as the latest and greatest fascist puppet.

    “Fascism should rather be called corporatism, as it is the merging of government and corporate power.” –Benito Mussolini

    Facism Anyone?

  568. Hi gang and Greytdog,

    While we are waiting for a new post from Helen, I am reminded of a story that was making the rounds some time ago. Grandma (not me!!!) was notorious for being a slow, all-over-the-road-lousy driver. She had just come from a rousing Fundamentalist prayer meeting and was all excited, filled with religious fervor. She picked up her grandson and was telling him all about it when she forgot to ‘Go’ when the traffic signal changed from red to green to red again. Drivers behind her had been honking so she thought it was because they all loved Jesus too! So she kept honking back! Finally a driver got out of his car and gave her the ‘finger’.

    Her grandson was dying laughing and tried to tactfully explain that the gesture was the Hawaiian ‘Shaka’ sign. (Here in Hawaii, when a driver is courteous and let another driver into traffic, they both acknowledge by exchanging the ‘Shaka’ sign, that is, waving the hand with the index and little fingers extended.) Grandma thought the ‘finger’ was a local variation of the ‘Shaka’ so she waved it back.

    Sooner or later, traffic ultimately got unsnarled and everybody went merrily on their way.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  569. Hi Sistah Donna and and Sistah Clayo,

    ‘Sistah’ is a Hawaiian term of endearment or affection for people we admire and care about. I’m assuming from your avatar, Clayo, (Claire)that you are a ‘sistah’. If you were a guy, I would address you as ‘Bruddah.’

    Thanks to both of you for clarifying. I can use that when I get around to a post I have in mind sometime about just such shenanigans the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld crowd of thugs and hoodlums pulled – and got away with most of it.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  570. Back to some of the recent posts (just catching up) where ELSE would Scary end up, but on FAUX News?? Perfect.
    As far as the Blinky’s go, we have a resident troll at my after-work place, he NEVER stops talking in his deep drunken voice. He didn’t vote, so ?? Nobody care what he THINKS. If ya didn’t vote, you got nothin’ to say as far as I am concerned. And if you troll without facts, then it is just what YOU THINK. And we do not care! Get it? Everyone has an opinion and some only stink up the porch.

  571. FOIA = freedom of information act

  572. Correct, Clayo! Sorry to slip into jargon, Auntie Jean–there’s no reason you’d have heard of it.

    The premise is that records of government agencies, with very few exceptions, are to be available to the public. There is a federal FOIA and most states have some version of it as well.

    This is one of the reasons that it’s so distasteful that Palin used a personal email account for communications relating to her time as governor. It was a deliberate (and admitted) effort to keep people from knowing what she was doing. Unfortunately, it appears that the Alaska court that’s considering the issue may well agree that it was permissible to do so–that would not be the result in most states.

  573. Auntie Jean,
    It stands for the Freedom of Information Act.

  574. Hi Sistah Donna,

    What’s FOIA?

    Aloha! :-)

    auntie Jean

  575. Hi gang and greytdog,

    Love the bumper sticker! I’m going to send that one on around.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  576. yep true that buttons… and you have the facts to back it up. good post..;-)

  577. BTW, HNY all, so very GLAD the holidays are over …seemed as if they went on F-O-R-E-V-E-R….and do hope M & H grace us with the next chapter update soon…next up will be the latest tome, GAME CHANGE that have all in their frenzied tizzies this week making the round-abouts and full of the various umbrages and whatever by the two reporters who were frequent on air “opiners” all thru the campaign season but who saved their supposed juiciest INSIDER observations for their book …another rehash and many trying to make “hey’s” out of it all –vast hopes to derail Reid especially in likeliest intention to give d-railing HCR a fatal blow and al the more reason for Dems to hang together to get SOMETHING passed ASAP /etc or it will be cause for full fledged consternation whether ANYTHING can ever get skinnied on by with a majority in WH, and both houses/etc ….(would think that if anything, most would be able to descern that the weak majority in Senate PREVENTS a great deal what with the filabuster issue and the general obstructionismaticals of the grand ol’ NO party in full forced motion…tiresome as they squawk cuz they really do NOT provie an alternative other than returning them to ‘power” to continue their SAME-O and WE KNOW THAT DOES NOT WORK and why/how in large measure we got to where we ARE !!! THe prudent thingy to do would be to INCREASE the MAJORITY, give them till 2012 to ACCOMPLISH something or not and if INCAPABLE, toss them out –logic would have it that way if any stopped to give it due consideration for onl;y a fool thought that there would be an INSTANEOUS turn around of all that has gone so horrifically bad/wretched and etc.

  578. GBO, from over at Mudflats, offered up titles of SP’s new Fox gig :
    Talking Turkey with Sarah Palin

    Impaling with Palin

    Palin Drone

    and of course, noted was that as Fox did their best to promote her basically from the git-go/etc, they certainly deserve to be stuck with her and paying her freight as well (which IS primarily what she and TOdd are concerned with as well as the expected continuation of her celebrityhood(winking) . They do have the perfect audience for her and for what it is worth, the numbers always touted expressing they beat all others—uh, the righteous right is LESS than 25% o fthis nation–realize that is difficult to grasp for many that they truly are NOT THE MAJORITY–they’ve been allowed to be vocal and have their voices heard far and wiee for sure but they are NOT the majority by any legit numberings !! The truer majority in this land are NOT really whacked overtly LEFT NOR RIGHTEOUSLY RIGHT…we the TRUE majority are far more centered and centristically inclined and will be found to “double dip” …we take a bit from either left or right of CENTER depending on subject/circumstance/etc. WE ARE A TRUE MORAL MAJORITY, WE ARE TRUE PATRIOTS and TRUE Americans who cling to our basic principles and with that noted, prefer OUR CONSTITUTION and what it lays out as our guiding princpled principles which we desire to be upheld for they do truly serve the GREATER COMMON GOOD OF ALL and NOT just the few who manage to skew so much in their own favor for a variety of reasonigs that too often get obscurred the intentions/motivations actually pursued by “some”-some of whom truly do NOT have THE best of intentions aimed strictly FOR the greater common good just their own good(and that of perhaps their “chums” who can assist them /etc…) Not likely to tune in to Sara , rarely can take too much of FOX as well find Sara’s mere voice an irritant , but can actually laugh at what she dithers , well aware , that sadly , there are those who actually find her “credible” which frankly is INCREDIBLE if any did actually any fact checkings but seems her core groupies will cling ever onward no matter what is exposed or explained in detail, they will not be swayed from their delusional illusions regarding her or for which she stand for. Tis sadly true, there are those who simply can NOT handle the truthmaticals and will remain one of those qaundrified SoBeIt’s !!!

  579. Is everything OK? We haven’t seen a new post from you in more than a month, and knowing you’re old like me makes me wonder if you might be having some difficulties.

  580. I think M&H have decided to quit “beating a dead horse”(Palin)

    Maybe they’ll take on the “Transparency” in government that Obama promised.


  581. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34809566/ns/entertainment-television?GT1=43001


    I so cannot stand this winch!!

  582. greytdog….
    do we have the same people e-mailing us,,,,got that one about 3 days ago

  583. Poolman–as a lawyer, I sometimes do FOIA requests for clients. I have one which was stalled for 5 years and (long after the docs would have had any relevance) got a letter asking if I was still interested and explaining that there was roughly another 2 year backup. And this wasn’t a terribly controversial or complex matter.

    Auntie Jean–couldn’t agree with you more! But hasn’t it been nice to have a Craig-free few days? He really offers nary a thing.

  584. just popping in for a sec but HAD to share this with you all. From a bumper sticker my SO saw & had to call me right away:

    “Honk if you love Jesus; text if you want to meet Him”

  585. Hi gang, jsri, Donna, no one’s puppet, farsight and sunshine,

    Just when I think that our ‘Binkys’ or trolls have run out of bullshit, they turn up again. Is there anyone here who has not encountered them in life from time to time? There is no way that I know of to get through to them. Fortunately, for the most part, on a blog we can scroll, scroll, scroll. But occasionally, when they get too egregious even for them, they need to be taken down a peg or two. Then they retreat sucking their thumbs for a while and come roaring back with more outrageous examples of their tunnel vision.

    I too am becoming concerned about Helen and Margaret. We care very much about them and hope they are fine. But we need our New Year’s M&H fix!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  586. uaw, I like FDL also. They pull no punches. I could spend almost all day there with the amount of info that they put out as well. Obama has a lot to answer to. He is not going to get a free pass with me. Mudflatts is great, but definitely leans left, as does this site for the most part. I also enjoy Andrew Sullivan.

    Part of the problem with our Freedom of Information Act is the Glomar Response. I guess all our branches of government need to be beat into shape. We have much work to do.

  587. Like that firedoglake.com

    “For almost the entirety of the health care debate, the Obama Administration has relied on economist Jonathan Gruber to make the public case for its idea of reform – even the most unpopular parts. But as Firedoglake revealed on Friday, the Obama Administration has failed to disclose that it paid the same economist more than $780,000.

    This is a huge ethical violation that undermines the entirety of health care reform.”

  588. Palin got a new job at FOX! Figures.


    That anon above was me. I had to reinstall my operating system so I came out as anon.

  589. Trolls put me in mind of an obnoxious old bully who would say awful things, then smile in what she thought was a charming way and say “you’re being teased.” No–the hostility was there. In fact it was emphasized by the effort to treat her “zingers” as humor and anyone who didn’t appreciate them as lacking a sense of humor.

  590. I agree jsri, dismissing the violent part, trolls are the same as bullies. They take such glee when things go bad for someone else, even so, I for one am not totally unsympathetic to them, because I realize they have unresolved issues, but we aren’t in a position to fix their problem(s). The best we can do is support a public mental health plan as a part of overall healthcare.

  591. Margaret and Helen, I am really getting worried about you. It has been over a month since your last entry with no updates or explanation. I pray you are either on vacation or just plain resting after the holidays. Just hoping to get a word before too long. I know we all miss you, your insight and enjoyable humor dear ladies.

  592. Binky Burns was a school bus bully, and not a very bright one. He was in the 4th grade when I was in grade 2 back in 1935. On a cold, rainy March day, my 7th birthday, I was on the bus ride home fully expecting to find a birthday cake when I got there. Much to my horror, when the bus stopped at my house, I found my mother sitting in the middle of our now soggy furniture that had been moved out of our house after it was taken over by the bank. The next day, Binky Burns could hardly wait to tell all the kids on the school playground about my family getting kicked out of our house. Then he punched me around for a while just for good measure.

    But Binky was so stupid, he forgot about my brother in grade 5 who caught up with him the next day and kicked the living crap out of him. But Binky was terrible at connecting the dots and totally missed the connection between tormenting me and the whipping my brother would lay on him the following day. It was only as I moved through the grades that Binky’s attention became directed to smaller and smaller victims. Basically, he was a coward but could wail louder than his victims whenever he got caught.

    As we moved through the grades, Binky stayed in place and never got beyond fourth grade. This was long before Special Education came on the scene and education was still grounded in academics and was not yet seen as a means of dealing with special needs. Even after I moved from grade 6 to a new school, Binky was still in grade 4.

    One of his specialties was breaking into play groups that came together based on some common interest, e.g., playing tag, baseball, or hide and seek. He never understood that he was unwanted but usually managed to bring the play activity to a halt, one way or the other. And if you tried to ignore him he would get loud and vulgar or resort to using his fists to get his way.

    So for the past 75 years, beginning with Binky Burns, I have met a host of Binkies along the way, all just as intolerant, just as unwanted and just as non-functional. Mostly I try to ignore them but on occasion one arises who is so persistent that I feel a need to respond. But I’ve also found that a direct response is futile. The Binkies of the world never seem to get the message and it seems only encourages worse behavior.

    For the past couple years I’ve become a great fan of H&M’s blog, principally because I share many of their ideas. And I’ve come to appreciate their keen humor and their ability to use language so adroitly and creatively. I also appreciate the intelligent comments and insights offered by the contributors here as they grapple with trying to make sense out of our dysfunctional political system. What I don’t appreciate are the comments by the Binkies of the world who barge in here and try to take over. So far I’ve seen nothing of substance offered by any of them that would cause me to reconsider my stance on any given subject. Bumper sticker slogans do not substitute for intelligent commentary.

    My scroll wheel is my best friend.

  593. Here is an opinion about Palin from a teacher who has very thoughtful and articulate students. The conservative kids go from rational and critical thought re: Pres Obama to star stuck belief with Palin. Quite Interesting:


    I saw this in the Immoral minority blog and followed the link

  594. Firedoglake’s Prop 8 Trial Coverage

  595. I understand that there are additional clips that are available but weren’t included in the show that address McCain staffers’ views that, if McCain were elected, Palin would have to be a largely ceremonial VP because of her lack of competence.

  596. what farsight says!

  597. It is easy to say you predicted something that you didn’t and especially when you know no one will waste their time looking up what isn’t there. Then to selectively point to those things you predicted that actually did come to pass, ignore those that didn’t and pay no heed to those that you didn’t predict but did come to pass is child’s play. Almost a sadder sack than the more prolifically posting troll from who we have had one of our welcome periodic respites!!!

  598. Donna, folks over at the mudflats really said that it did not reveal much that we did not already know or that was given away in the tidbits leading up to the show. I missed it, but I will probably watch it online just to be familiar with it. It does help paint a scary picture of how much the GOP was willing to overlook to get their man elected.

  599. 60 Minutes, thanks for telling us what we already knew! Liar, liar, pants on fire Palin.

  600. Was that the interview on 60 mins. where the man (I beleive he was on the McCain staff) said that Palin was veted (sp?) over the internet?? No one actually went to talk to her????? Says to me that our beloved canidates don’t give a hoot about what is best for the country just get me elected any means possible to include picking a running mate out of a hat.

  601. Anyone watch the Steve Schmidt interview? Yowza.

  602. http://www.cagle.msnbc.com/news/Yemen2010/3.asp

  603. http://www.cagle.com/politicalcartoons/pccartoons/permalink.asp?artist=breen&date=100110

  604. http://www.cagle.com/politicalcartoons/pccartoons/permalink.asp?artist=ramirez&date=100110

  605. Girl?!!!! You are my new found hero!!
    Loved every word.
    Agreed with every word and more.


    Personally, I am not gonna waste my money on anything Rogue…she’s… well…..an A$$ to put it lightly.

  606. Dammit.

    I meant Dear Helen!

    (but not to exclude Margaret from affectionate aand admiring address).

    Great writing Helen.

  607. Dear Margaret,

    “she should have been the poster child for the waning popularity of Jay Leno and late night television. I guess there’s not much to do on cold nights in Alaska except watching out for Russians and wooing Palins”

    You write like Samuel Clemens. Lovely.


  608. “I think Obama should be remembered as a great man because of the blow he struck against white racism,” Allan Nairn says. “But once he became president…Obama became a murderer and a terrorist, because the US has a machine that spans the globe, that has the capacity to kill, and Obama has kept it set on kill. He could have flipped the switch and turned it off…but he chose not to do so.”

  609. I think I put the word rigor in Trigornometry on purpose.

  610. Jean,
    Ha-Ha. Since I stayed as far away as I could from Calculus and Trigornometry in high school,
    I don’t think I’d ever feel comfortable with tools of math instruction.

    Give me the humanities! Oh, the humanity!
    For that’s where the story is! To teach the students to use their brain and think about their place in history. That’s a good tool. The good, old brain. And some common sense.

    You do know they are the ones who will be making decisions about the kind of world we left them.

    Sarah Palin–what could she accomplish in the Executive Branch?

    Go ahead, make a list if you dare. It would be scary indeed!

    Imagine….if you will……a world where people paid more attention to their neighbor than the media onslaught aimed at them?

    Ooohhhh…..the power to do the right thing with so much freedom and responsibility.

  611. LMAO! Auntie Jean. That is great! Made my night as the rest of the stuff I have been reading has been so depressing. But it’s like watching a car wreck, I can’t NOT look.

  612. Oops!

    Correction. Al-Gebra was banned, actually OUTLAWED, in Europe for only two hundred years, not the four hundred as I stated above. Sorry about that.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  613. Hi gang and especially vgman and jsri, take heed.

    Please read very, very carefully. Considering that certain such methods were conceived in Arabic countries during the ‘Dark Ages’, Europe wisely banned them in medieval times for roughy four hundred years.

    New Group to Fear.

    A public school teacher was arrested today at John F. Kennedy International Airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a compass, a slide-rule and a calculator. At a morning press conference, the Attorney General said he believes the man is a member of the notorious Al-Gebra movement.

    He did not identify the man, who has been charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction.

    “Al-Gebra is a problem for us”, the Attorney General said. “They derive solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in search of absolute values. They use secret code names like ‘X’ and ‘Y’ and refer to themselves as ‘unknowns’, but we have determined that they belong to a common denominator of the axis of medieval with coordinates in every country.

    As the Greek philanderer Isosceles used to say, “There are 3 sides to every triangle”.

    When asked to comment on the arrest, the President said, ‘If God had wanted us to have better weapons of math instruction, he would have given us more fingers and toes.” White House aides told reporters they could not recall a more intelligent or profound statement by a President.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  614. I’d like to forget the last decade, too. However, I can’t.

  615. Perhaps the great prognosticator would care to go on the record? Enough of the “ I predicted, I was right,” blah blah.

  616. The occupied government of Afghanistan and the United Nations have both concluded that U.S.-led troops recently dragged eight sleeping children out of their beds, handcuffed some of them, and shot them all dead.

  617. A good post at FDL setting the record straight on Cheney, the true criminal of our nation and destroyer of our freedom. May justice prevail, I pray.


  618. boy that “you are so afraid of her” routine has gotten far past stale. Do people think that, if they repeat it often enough, it will actually be true?

    Nothing about Sarah Palin is scary–or rather, she is no more scary than any other sociopathic fame-glutton is. What is scary is not Palin but is the fact that there are people who actually would want someone like her in a position of authority. It was scary that there were people who wanted Bush to be president. It is scary that David Duke actually drummed up a measure of support.

    But I think the Schmidt interview will be a real blow to Miss Wasyphilis. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

  619. Good morning all. A gorgeous Saturday morning here in Arizona. Mild, sunny, and supposed to be in the upper 60’s today. I’ll send some of the warmth to yall.

    James, good to “see” you back on the porch. I hope all is well in your world. I think you bring up the ex gov everytime you post. She is certainly a household name, as you predicted. She is the gift that keeps on giving, and certainly controversial. Between her FB posts that are obviously not written by her, 19 year old Bristol’s new lobbying firm, the secret Tripp custody battle, the illegal private emails while gov, the paternity of Track, the true mother of Trig, the Zig Ziglar motivational speaking circuit, Todd’s banning of bloggers, and on and on and on.

    And you must know she is one of the keynote speakers in the tea party convention coming up, charging her 100,000 speakin’ fee. I think the cost to attend is around 400 to 500 per person. Not bad for a “grassroots” movement, eh? She turned down a request to speak at cpac. No pay, I guess.

    The latest controversy is Steve Schmidt calling her out after her criticising him in her book. His book is coming out soon. Everyone is writing a book. Michael Steele is even on the bandwagon. It is all about the money and the spin. An attempt at rewriting history.

    Rudy Giuliani can’t remember the past decade, nor can Rove. Cheney’s like a zombie that keeps getting MSM coverage. Who are the sane republicans anymore? The whole bunch seem just pathetic.

    Yes, it is like palinitis spreading like cancer throughout the entire right wing. The GOP is attacking and eating itself from within.

    Grab some popcorn, the show isn’t over yet. :grin:

  620. The Right Wing Nuts are cheerleaders for Al Quida!
    They are helping the enemy – Why?


    There is a rewriting of history of the GW Bush years by the Republicans. Have you noticed?

  621. Teabagger Convention: Tickets $450.00, with 350.00 going to Sarah the error. They are only selling 600 but still quite a few still available.



  622. How to talk teabag!


    The cartoonist is getting death threats. Sarah Palin is still spouting out about death panels when it is the insurance companies denying care that are death panels. Now we have tea baggers who are threatening to kill a cartoonist – tea baggers now have death panels.

  623. To Karen January 7 – 10:21AM:

    Your clip doesn’t play in the US. Here’s a link:

    Colbert 8/29/08: “Who the f*ck is Sarah Palin?
    “For the first time in America, a woman has reached the highest level of being used as a cheap political ploy.


  624. Juneau JoeA, your insulting reference to the Tea Party movement makes me wonder whether you were fit to teach if you let your biases sneak into the classroom.

    Why does anyone care about Sarah Palin? She is now a private citizen selling her book which I don’t intend to read. According to Hotline, “A poll of GOP insiders suggests that ex-Ak Gov. Sarah Palin (R) has little support among the party’s professional class–and maybe that’s just how she wants it.”

    Hatred and fear are related. Do you hate Palin because you fear her? Why would anyone who dislikes her waste time on a book written to settle old scores and to make money? She is just a has- been politician making herself rich.

    Its true she is influential among a large percentage of energized voters, and a Gallop poll shows the majority of Americans now identify themselves as conservatives. Its unlikely but even Ted Kennedy’s old seat may theoretically go Republican according to the Democratic Public Policy Polling. It is a sign of the times I predicted.

    Is that what you fear? Do you think the rising conservative tide will sweep her into the presidency or Congress when so far, Palin has shown little inclination to running for anything? Her supporters and enemies have ignored reality and turned her into a caricature. Why waste your time on Sarah Palkin? Perhaps someone can enlighten me if I revisit sometime.

    I’d concentrate my fear and hatred on the Tea Party movement. It is the sleeping giant which will “rattle the walls” of both parties. “With your freedom comes great responsibility and…use the power that comes with it to do the right thing.” I’m doing what I can.

  625. President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 1/9/10

    How Health Care Reform will help American families


  626. Jean,
    Your post reminded me of a book I read about a year ago.
    It’s called

    Takeover: The Return of the Imperial Presidency and the Subversion of American Democracy. (I know….long title)

    The Executive Branch has been expanding its powers since the 1970’s. When Congress reigned in the branch after Watergate, Cheney was the most instrumental politician to pick the branch up and wipe the dust off and begin the long trek toward full power and then some. Each successive president since Nixon has expanded the branch in some capacity–with Bush II capping it off with secret wiretapping of just about everyone.

    Another thing…..it’s probably not going to shrink in any way. Even Carter, Clinton and now Obama have felt the power that comes with the office.

    Truly gives a renewed sense of urgency to the phrase “With your freedom comes great responsibility and…..use the power that comes with it to do the right thing.”

  627. Hi gang,

    Here is some food for thought.

    The chief author of the Constitution, James Madison wrote this:

    “Of all the enemies of true liberty, war, is, perhaps the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies, from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes, are known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended; its influence in dealing out offices, honors and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds, are added to those of subduing the force, of the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes and the opportunities of fraud, growing out of a state of war, and in the degeneracy of manner and of morals, engendered in both. No nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare… War is in fact the true nurse of executive aggrandizement. In war, a physical force is to be created; and it is the executive will, which is to direct it. In war, the public treasuries are to be unlocked; and it is the executive hand, which is to dispense them. In war, the honors and emoluments of office are to be multiplied; and it is the executive patronage under which they are to be enjoyed and it is the executive brow they are to encircle. The strongest passions and most dangerous weaknesses of the human breast; ambition, avarice, vanity, and the honorable or venal love of fame, are all in conspiracy against the desire and duty of peace.

    It should be well understood that the powers proposed to be surrendered [by the Third Congress] to the Executive were those which the Constitution has most jealously appropriated to the Legislature…The Constitution expressly and exclusively vests in the Legislature the power of declaring a state of war…the power of raising armies…the power of creating offices… A delegation of such powers [to the President] would have struck not only at the fabric of our Constitution, but at the foundation of all well organized and well checked governments. The separation of the power of declaring war from that of conducting it is wisely contrived to exclude the danger of its being declared for the sake of its being conducted. The separation of the power of raising armies from the power of commanding them, [is] intended to prevent the raising of armies for the sake of commanding them. The separation of the power of creating offices from that of filling them is an essential guard against the temptation to create offices for the sake of gratifying favorites or multiplying dependents.”

    My thoughts: I feel that over 200 years later and especially in the past century, our involvement in almost continual wars or the threshold of the next one, have created a dangerous mindset of American Imperialism that has eroded the Constitutional guarantees of individual freedom. The power of the Pentagon has certainly outstripped by far the prerogatives of the Executive and the Legislative combined, under the guise of the secrecy of ‘National Security’.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  628. Hi folks – Orlando is on the hit list for snow flurries/sleet tonight. ORLANDO.

    Have friends over & the kitchen is cranking. Over the last several days, I think my journeyman stove has given birth to over 100 gallons of soup. Sigh. It’s like being back in the restaurant kitchen. Same chaos, same wonderful smells – and the same tired satisfaction of feeding people. From a small group of 7 folks, our outreach group has grown to almost 25 adults (count in the kids and we’re up to about 30), three kitchens, and folks chipping in for groceries, blankets, and clothing. Whew. Just goes to show – ppl are good hearted and want to pay it forward – you just have to show them a path to take. . .

    If temps are abnormally low in your area, pls consider contacting your local homeless shelters & churches to see what is needed and how you can help. EVERY thing helps – used clothing, used clean blankets, food, and water. Or check on your elderly neighbor, leave some warmed puppy chow (warm with hot water, stir) out for the wild critters – weather doesn’t discriminate – so pls help your fellow humans (and their pets) according to their need and your abilities.


  629. Hi gang,

    This is lovely even if it is a pitch for Starbucks. It really could be that easy if we all put our minds and hearts into it.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  630. Where’s Margaret and Helen lately? Sure do miss their posts!

  631. Where’s Margaret and Helen lately? Sure do miss her posts!

  632. Oh no, I was hoping she’d recover. She lived a good life, but it’s still a loss.

  633. Hi, all–back in town. I am sad to see that Joe Biden’s mother has passed away. May she rest in peace.

  634. How to speak teabag! Quite good!


    The person who did the How to speak teabag is now getting death threats. Death panels – teabag style.

  635. I didn’t know if everyone is familiar with this yet. I am going to do this with my business and personal accounts. Of course, they are pretty miniscule right now, but things are picking up.


  636. Letterman: The word of the week.


    This is pretty sick in my mind: I just read a comment on another forum about the 45,000 people without health insurance dieing every year.

    The comment was: “Everyone dies; with or without health insurance. ”

    That was the end of the discussion in his mind. He then went into comments about “illegal aliens” and all must deported immediately. Another point: 4 of his grandkids are from son or daughter in laws whose parents are from Mexico.

    The mindset among the teabag crowd is pretty pathetic.

  637. Funny, Alaskapi! :D

  638. Dear Helen-
    I had an email from a friend in the Dallas area that it was a nippy 25 deg this morning.
    If you had to burn Going Rogue to heat your parlour up some, we would all understand…

    Hoping all is well with you and Margaret.

  639. Jean,

    The book I was referring to is Idiot America by Charles Pierce. It was a good read. It gives some insight into why Fox News is so successful.

  640. Poolman,
    I agree with getting the neocons out of power except then they join lobbying firms and are behind the scenes instead of in front of them. Chertoff now is in the “consulting” business, and he represents one of the firms that sells the full body scanners that will keep us “safe”.

    Education is another ball game. As an active parent in a school where there are 29 languages and 67% poverty, NCLB has helped us to change some of our focus, but it’s mostly a bad law that needs to be significantly changed if not scrapped.

  641. This latest post from Shannyn Moore is a video done by a friend of hers that recaps how far we have come.

  642. Thanks vgman. I keep finding these great sites that are so full of information. I end up spending hours in front of this damn computer – many times going from one link to the next and covering a vast array of topics.

    My pool work is starting to pick up, as the economy is improving. I am somewhat torn between wanting to get outside and back to work and spending my time searching the intertubes in search of knowledge. Additionally, my book reading list is now huge after all the great recommendations from everyone here on the porch and those at the mudflats.

    It would be in the best interest of all in power for our economy to pick up again and get us all busy. That way we would be less apt to scrutinize their jobs. I hope we can reel them in and take control of this country. We need to get the neocons out of positions of power. It seems they are still running things and promoting their agenda. I hope we are able to get more transparency and accountability from government.

    I wish we would spend more resources on educating our kids and giving you teachers the tools and freedom necessary to do what you are called to do. If we turned this country around and spent on education what we spend on our military industrial complex, the entire world would reap the benefit. But alas, that’s the dreamer in me. That flies in the face of human nature.

  643. Excellent article, Poolman!

    Corporate America–the face behind the mask of corporatism wants to leave almost all children behind. Except those they choose to prop up.
    It’s sad.

    My favorite line from the article………

    “An enlightened populace is their nightmare; an ignorant citizenry their wet dream.”

  644. Hi gang, Judith, jsri, lori, Easier, Poolman, alaskapi, and Anne,

    Anne, thanks for the tip about the Will Bunch book. As most of you already know, I am a voracious reader and always on the lookout for good, meaty books.

    Shoot, I really should start taking notes and jotting down names as I read comments instead of relying on my not so reliable memory. However, I think most of here are on the same page on a number of pressing issues, most recently, education. I appreciate the input of all of you. It makes me THINK! Thinking is a good thing. The tea baggers and what’s left of the GOP ought to try it some time. It can be hard at times but once you get the hang of it………

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  645. Ah yes, the dumbing down of America… “The time to retake the American mind is upon us, and this starts with telling our children the truth of what our indifference, subservience and inability to act is condemning them to. For knowledge is power, the kryptonite that weakens the energy leading us to nothingness.”

  646. jsri:

    What frustrates me is that they always say that we can’t afford this or that because it would be ‘bad for bidness’. (They mean bad for rich people, but let’s allow ‘bidness’ for the sake of the argument).

    If you think it out logically, the right thing to do is also the only thing that will be ‘good for bidness’ in the long run. You’d think they’d see this, but instead they go for the quick buck by any means and gleefully cut their own throats.

    If it was just them, I’d award them a mental Darwin Award and let them go – but they’re taking the rest of us with them.

  647. The tea baggers got pranked by Rachel Maddow?


  648. Judith:

    When I started teaching at the University level in the mid-60’s the slide in standards had already begun, fueled partly by a lowering of standards to allow potential draftees to avoid military service in a war that many saw as unjust. But there is no question that there has been a downward acceleration during the past ten years, exacerbated by the concept of governance and regulation by the least intelligent among us. Even that was a ruse by the political manipulators behind the scenes who used the concept to get citizens to vote against their own best interests.

    And you are dead on in your concern about our country’s future inability to compete in the Global Market. But this too was predictable. When my wife and I visited China the year before the Tiananmin Square debacle there was a quiet but steely resolve among the people we met there to do better for the future of China. And they have carried it off. The difference between China 20 years ago and what it is today is staggering. In fact, by the sheer weight of their population size they are producing ten times more engineers and scientists than we are. And India is in a similar situation. There is no way we will ever be able to keep up and I feel we are destined to become a second tier nation on the world stage before the middle of this century.

    But I feel there is some hope when I watch my teenage grandsons and their cohorts, exceptionally bright youngsters who have well developed social consciences because their parents care about them and the future of this country. They may be too little and too late but the absolute worst part about all these future uncertainties is the fact that at my age I will never know the results.

  649. And Sarah is shorter than these other women, and I think she is also all legs, with a short torso. Well Levi said, he knew things that he would most likely never reveal, and Trig’s welfare would be at stake if he wasn’t covered by health insurance.

  650. IMO, the conservatives have been just as busy over the last decade trying to destroy public education as they have everything else. Defunding schools, defunding and eliminating available public monies, etc…….

    The end goal has seemed to be to eliminate higher education for all but the kids of the top percentages, whose parents can pay their way without loans.

    The problem (aside from the civilized humanitarian issues, which these sorts of people simply don’t care about) is that these are not the kids who are going to study engineering, medicine, science. They go to legacy schools and get the ‘gentleman’s C” in business, without studying. Or even showing up for class. Why should they, if they don’t have to? Their degree was bought and paid for from day one.

    I cannot see any way a country who is not producing graduates in difficult fields will be able to compete with even the Third World in the global market.

    Long story short – if we had to depend on the likes of Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie or GW Bush to cure a single disease, we’d all be dead already. Including the rich. You can’t buy something at any price if it hasn’t been invented.

    Just another example of them taking the short view, instead of working in their own self-interest. Drunken children of billionaires, none of them seeing beyond next week. Of course, their allies, the fundies, don’t think there’s going to be a next week. And intellectuals make them feel real bad.

  651. Sarah Palin: In AK blogs, the question of Sarah being Trig’s mom keeps coming up. Will Sarah show the birth Certificate?


    She keeps popping off about Obama and the birth certificate.

  652. Greytdog, Jean, Lori, et al

    Thanks for your responses. As you all know, the pursuit of financial aid is an on-going, never-ending, mind-bending process. GS already has a substantial offer to a top tier school but I think he’s holding out, hoping for a better deal, – or maybe better weather. But submission deadlines have just about run out and now the real waiting begins. He passed up one Ivy because his parents and grandparents all went there and he wants a different experience.

    We’ll just keep our fingers crossed but he is pretty realistic about it and will accept whatever comes along. He is quite independent and I think he’s looking to broaden his academic experience prior to declaring a major which we all think is wise.

    Vgman and Jean: When I see something like “Third Position Party” my imagination kicks into gear and I can’t resist a comment.

    Sorry I can’t hang around. Gotta go off on a run for the blood bank.

    I wish H&M would come up with a new post. The longer the delay here, the more the regular commentators have to put up with those obnoxious trolls.

  653. Hi Helen,

    I love the blog and hope you write again soon! On the subject of Palin, I saw this today and thought I share the laugh.



  654. What government handout? Do you mean healthcare? That’s no more a handout than military protection is, or the mail, or roads & bridges.

  655. greytdog….
    sorry about your bills….but everyone has them……kinda like death and taxes…..
    still haven’t seen where this 2000-2700 page bill lower cost of medical care….the care itself ….not the gov. handout…..

  656. 10 moments in GOP terrorism accountability


    The Republicans like to conveniently forget the Bush decade

  657. It was so cold out today that I saw a Democrat with his hands in his OWN pockets!!

  658. Vgman, I apologize in advance for those posts. Your red pen must have been burning more than it usually does with me! LOL I am blaming it on the lack of coffee and hour of the day.. ;-) That’s my story this morning and I am sticking to it! :-)

  659. *national merit scholar

  660. OH and Jrsi, I am sure you already know this but with your g-child’s psat scores he is a national scholar and will receive monies for that as well.

  661. and Jean, The Scholarship Book 13th (there may be a newer one now) edition is one of several good resources for private sector monies. Also Jsri, please do encourage your family to not be discouraged by the listed price. I found many of the “ivy” league schools were just as affordable, if not more, as some other “very competitive” schools. By the time you factor in the money the ivy schools knock off your tuition (all Ivy’s do this”). In fact Cornel was less expensive than one state school.
    Also depending on your g-childs interests some “state schools” are great values. For example Michigan State University has the number one supply chain management program in the country. All depends on on what they want to major in.
    Finding the right fit is a full time job! LOL Take it from someone who has one down and one to go!

  662. Hi gang and jsri and vgman,

    Oh, jsri, you are at it again with your “American Third Party Position.” That’s right up there with your Orally Titz! You are the sly and crafty one.

    We can certainly relate with you and your grandson. We have two coming up through the ranks, (ages 15 and a granddaughter, age 12). All three kids are straight A students as well as being outstanding in sports, student government and other extra curricular activities. Like your grandson, they are good kids, conscientious and hard working even if they are our grandkids. So one could assume they could almost write their own tickets when it comes to college choice. The problem is, and I’m sure vgman could confirm this, there are plenty of other kids out there with very similar qualifications.

    Here’s the catch. One of the dads is freelance so his work has been intermittent for the past year. That DIL works full time. The other DIL was laid off the week before Christmas. So each family is down to one income now. These parents have been planning for their kids’ education almost from the day they were born. Their resources have obviously taken huge hits since the economic down turn. How about grandpa and grandma? We are certainly involved and would be willing to help any way we can, but our own financial picture is down 50% since the economy hit the skids. So our pitching in for the foreseeable future is somewhat iffy.

    Don’t worry. None of us is going to starve and we won’t lose our homes or health insurance but we have all tightened our belts of late, for sure. With several years to go, all of us have our heads together looking into scholarships, grants, and what have you. Apparently, there are quite a few out there, but you have to know where to look to find them. That’s where grandpa and grandma come in. We have the leisure time to do a lot of the legwork for them on the computer and report back.

    I am confident that our grandkids and yours will find a way to realize their potential and in so doing, make positive contributions to society. I also believe this applies to millions of households across the country. But plenty of the kids will be paying off their student loans until they are 50! And of course, many of them will not make it to college at all.

    This is NOT ginger peachy for the ‘richest, most advanced country in the world!’

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  663. Wonderfully said, Auntie Jean! These people are so wrong and give true Christians a bad name. I credit these types with the bad taste most people have in this nation and across the world for Christianity. I was so hopeful that after what we had experienced in previous generations would enable us to teach our children that we could all live in peace. I don’t think we are moving in that direction, nor have we learned from our past.

    Good night and may God bless all who pass through this site, I pray.

  664. Hi gang and Easier,

    Obviously I didn’t make myself clear originally. I sincerely apologize for that misstep. I stated that 9/11 was caused by religious fanatics, (not a state sponsored attack.) As for our religious fanatics, certainly I do not mean American soldiers. I would be referring to the likes of the Christian Fundamentalism of Televangalists Jerry Fallwell and Pat Robertson right after 9/11 that “liberal civil liberties groups, feminists, homosexuals and abortion rights supporters bear some responsibility for [the] terrorists attacks because their actions have turned God’s anger against America”……

    “Also army Lieutenant General William. G. “Jerry” Boykin, deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence, argued in public in full uniform without subsequent official reprimand that
    ‘they hate us because we are a Christian nation,’ that Bush was appointed by God, that the Special Forces were inspired by God, that our enemy is ‘a guy named Satan’, and that ‘we defeat Islamic terrorists only if we come at them in the name of Jesus.’ ”

    The above is quoted from Chalmers Johnson’s book, “Nemesis”. If anyone likes, I can also cite the references to the original public statements of Fallwell et al and the army General who have had and some do now have huge followings and influence. Now, if their remarks above are not religious fanaticism, I don’t know what is. I think that is the kind of rhetoric in the same category with any fanatical Islamic Imam. The intent is to incite. Unfortunately, as we have seen, too often it is successful.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  665. You have me pegged, a fellow juror told me after a criminal case in which I checked each piece of physical evidence for myself before I would vote, it they were ever in trouble they’d want me on the jury.

  666. Thanks Jean. I did not believe you said American soldiers were religious fanatics. That is why I reprinted your sentence. But, did not seem to have worked.

  667. You are definitely the resident skeptic, for sure. But that’s okay. Time and the internet is on my side with this one. I bet when you do finally get a hold of a concept, there is no turning you around.

    Funny about the DNA thing. But then even the miracles did not convince many in His time on earth. If they had DNA testing, they would have discounted those findings, too.

  668. Without a doubt Poolman, I am the resident skeptic. Nothing I read here convinces me, remember I am still waiting for Jesus’ DNA to prove he is the son of God, no offense to Christians or Christianity intended, but I really am that hard to convince. If I can not prove or disprove something, I remain on the fence. Interesting article though, we’ll see where it leads.

  669. jsri–
    American Third Position Party

    Another way to screw Americans.


  670. I found this link at the mudflats. I can’t wait to get no one’s puppet’s take on this. I think it is all about to fall apart.
    Okay, Who’s Your Enemy Now?

  671. Did you all realize that we have less than 99,311 to hit 3 million? What a New year’s present for M&H!!

    Anne, can you review the book about the REagan myth so we won’t have to read it? The subject to me is more than I can face.

  672. Sign the letter asking Judge Vaughn Walker to televise the Prop 8 trial

  673. I forgot to put that in. He is a professor ar CalState University LB>
    Sorry I forgot that, No Ones Puppet
    SDince I had never heard of before, I thought it was something new.

  674. jsri, does your grandson have any ideas as to his major? There are a lot of great smaller colleges with outstanding financial aid programs including grants and full scholarships (tuition, room & board).

  675. Helen, where are you? Are you ok? I certainly hope so.

  676. It comes in all sizes and flavors. We are the melting pot for Crazy

  677. My lord? How do people get so crazy?

  678. American Third Position Party Website

    Even made David Duke’s front page: http://www.davidduke.com/general

    Wonder if Sarah will join this one. And where does that put Steele? Anyway…
    another day in watching the GOP fall apart. Divide and conquer. Should be a good year for dems.

  679. Grandma Katie, it sounds like the skinheads renamed themselves and went political., bet most of them are already going to tea parties. It is a scary sad thing for our nation that there are so many ignorant people on the loose. Where is this professor from?

  680. Does anyone remember the first set of debates between the Democratic candidates followed by the Republican candidates? Remember the Democrats were a bi-racial man, a woman, a hispanic man and one white man? Remember the Republicans were 6 white men? Does anyone still wonder why the Republicans are becoming increasingly less representative of the population?

  681. Grandma Katie

    American Third Position??

    Sounds like another way to screw the American voters.

  682. LOL Ohhh Grandma Katie that’s old news that party has been around for 100 years. It’s called the GOP..;-P

  683. In disgust I just read this mornings local paper. A professor is director of a new political party. It is called American Third Position. It’s mission is to represent the political interests
    of White Americans.

  684. Great political cartoons!


  685. Rachel Maddow discusses Glen Beck and the Birthers.


  686. To: Greytdog on January 6, 2010 at 12:01 PM

    When I was in grad school in the 1960’s Norma and Mel Gabler and their influence were already well known. These and others of their ilk are poisonous to rational discourse and should be banished to a desert isle someplace. It makes me very happy to live in the Northeast.

    On the other hand I see some hope for the future, I’ve been watching from the sidelines as our oldest grandson applies to college. This kid aced the math SAT (800) and scored in the high 700’s in everything else and could be a candidate for admission almost anywhere. Unfortunately, our son and DIL saved diligently in order to give him and his brother a leg up only to see their savings essentially wiped out during the Bush era and now they make too much to qualify for very much financial aid and yet can’t afford the 50 grand per year for top tier schools. But our GS is sanguine about what it all means. He has several acceptances in hand already from second tier schools but I think he will be successful wherever he decides to go. The reason for my enthusiasm is that he has a very finely tuned social conscience to go along with his math and music skills.

  687. From Chris Hayes of The Nation:
    “Want your kids’ textbooks to be written by a bunch of Texas wingnuts? You’re in luck!”


  688. The Palin Train Wreck continues!


  689. Heres a funny! I call this the best way to win both wars lol!


  690. Morning, all–I’m heading out of town for a few days. In my absence, remember: WWGKD? Cheers–D.

  691. Donna, I am sure I will share my thoughts after I read the book. I also discovered a book called Tearing Down the Regan Myth by Will Bunch, which I am looking forward to. I’ve never understood the worshipping of Regan and hopefully this book will give me some insight.

    Jean, I strongly suggest a book called Idiot America by Charles Pierce, which talks about how rediculous believes gain traction. John Oliver from The Daily Show was on NPR yesterday talking about talking to Tea Baggers and how scared they are about things the rest of us think are totally silly. He gave the example of Tea Baggers believe Obama was Muslim and how they were scared of that.

    Lori, I am aware of why McCain had to change personalities. Sacrificing his principles to get elected was why I became disillusioned. That and Palin thinking Creationism…I’m sorry, I mean “Itelligent Design”…should be taught in school. Everyone should read a short book called Only A Theory by Kenneth Miller which talks about the agenda Creationists have to turn science political. It also does a thorough job of explaining how intelligent design is all bunk. Richard Dawkins does the same thing in The Blind Watchmaker, but it’s much longer and more techinical. Only a theory is only 221 pages.

  692. I am beginning to think one of the first things President Obama has to do in this New Year is sack David Axelrod.

    I understand rookies make mistakes no matter how good they are at their craft but IMO David has screwed up TOO many times in too many critical points in Obama’s first year.
    This latest boo boo, Obama not addressing the the underwear bomber incident IMMEDIATELY is almost unforgivable. Then when he did address the public he was in a golf shirt? Unforgivable political blunder.
    GWB was a horrible president. He sent us into an unjust war, he drove us into a depression, he destroyed our reputation around the world, but do you know the ONE thing he did/said that brought him down in the American people’s eyes? It was one phrase. “Heck of a job Brownie”. It was a political blunder GWB would not recover from.
    Axelrod should take note.
    Obama is a deliberate thoughtful man and he likes to take his time and collect his thoughts before he speaks. I GET that and I LOVE that about him ……. When it comes to his decision making….. HOWEVER in politics you HAVE to fill the void with SOMETHING.. even if it’s nothing… You can NOT allow dead air to hang out there in this day and age because SOMEONE will fill that air and you can BET it’s not going to be your friend.
    Obama needed to put on a tie, get his handsome mug in front of a camera and tell us everything was gonna be OK.. He should have promised to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it Immediately.

    Come onnnnnn David you know better than this..

  693. Steele also said the Rebups won’t win back the house in 2010 and boy the purse strings in his party are hopping mad at him! …
    Ooooooh Mr. Steele the democrat’s gift that keeps on giving. We couldn’t have bought a better holiday gift.
    One of the biggest problems the GOP has, besides no message, is no one to carry the message. When the GOP relinquished the party to the extreme right (their wingnuts) they gave their podium to the the wingnuts as well. When a moderate Republican does try and take center stage they are yanked off faster than Sarah can say you bectha!
    So they are a party without a leader, a message or star. The only demographic they own is old white men who live in rural areas, which is a demographic I’d love to have. The problem with that though is their demographic is dying… literally! LOL They have lots of work to do.
    That is a position my party has been in several times and it isn’t fun. History tells us until they address the problem and FIX it they are in for a decade of lost elections. Let me add IF the democratic party stays vigilant. If they win the house or White House in the next 12 years we have no one to blame but ourselves.
    BTW Anne, the reason McCain changed when he ran for president is because he had no choice BUT to change. When you are at the top of the ticket you HAVE to run the way the ticket wants you to run. They control the money hence they control you. And as I said up there ^ THE party is right right at the moment.

  694. Hi gang and farsight Δ,

    I just read your lovely, informative post. Whew! I’m glad I got your name right! I was having a senior moment there.

    Thank you SO MUCH for all the info. I will be passing it on to my husband and your gift to him too. As I’m sure you know, we will probably be wingin’ it for a while. I’ll keep you posted and we sure know where to go for advice now!

    You are a sweetie to care. Thank you.

    Aloha! :-) and off to beddie-bye.

    Auntie Jean

  695. Hi gang, Judith, DelurkerGirl, Anne, no one’s puppet, Donna, Grandma Katie, Easier, Greytdog and whoever I missed,

    Oh, dear sweet Greytdog, I’m so sorry you lost your beloved Frangipani tree. Out here we have lots of them – huge – and they are by far my favorites. We call them Poinciana or ‘Ohai. In the spring into early summer some of them are enormous umbrellas of beautiful red or orange blossoms.

    I saw on the news about your cold snap and how the orange orchards and strawberries are threatened with being wiped out. How anyone can hide under the bed and deny climate change is beyond me. More later on that general subject.

    Easier, by all means spread the word of anything I write that might spark some interest somewhere.

    Donna, DelurkerGirl, Anne and no one’s puppet, I always enjoy your informative and thoughtful posts. Keep ‘em coming.

    Judith, you are so right about Socialism, Communism and Capitalism as economic systems vs. political systems. I just want to add that Socialism is pretty benign and has been around forever, not just in the past century or so. Some would say that early Christianity was an exercise in Socialism. But for heaven’s sake, both Communism and Facism are polar opposites!!! Any student of history or old timer like me who lived through that era, know that. In fact, Hitler rose to power because of his ravings AGAINST Communism. He was clever enough to include the name ‘Socialism’ in his propaganda because he knew most people didn’t know the difference.

    That’s what scares me. To have an effective Democracy, BY THE PEOPLE, the electorate has to be educated and informed. When I see the tea party folks tramping around with their signs protesting Socialism and Nazism in the same breath, I shudder. To just regurgitate what they hear from the likes of Fox without a clue as to what they are talking about is frightening.

    My generation is showing. But I am alarmed by the decline in education in the past decade or so. Granted, kids are taught to read, write, and do basic math so they can go out and make a buck. But I am appalled at how little they seem to know of United States Geography let alone World Geography. History, Political Science, all the Sciences, the Humanities, Art, Music, even Physical Education, forget it. Phys. Ed. has more to offer than just learning how to play games. It is basic to Proprioception and Kinesthesia, which we need to have, even to drive a car safely.

    I’m not sure what can be done about educating people with essentially native intelligence but seem to be systematically deprive of what I consider a solid education. Well, here at M&H we can keep beating the drums about it at least.

    I have just started reading an excellent book, “Nemesis” by Chalmers Johnson about American Military Imperialism. It is kind of a downer, but so far it is confirming a lot of what I have suspected has been going on in our country for quite some time. I was aware of this, as I am sure all of you are too, but I never knew the numbers before. Did you know that we have 737, that’s SEVEN-HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SEVEN military bases with more than a half million troops in some 30 countries? I’m not sure you will want to get me going on that subject.

    Aloha! :-) and nighty-night,

    Auntie Jean

  696. Auntie Jean,

    Yes, I am the one who recommended the digital hearing aids. Thanks for your post. Your appreciative post gave me goose bumps.

    I do hope your husband is looking forward to his new hearing aids and appreciates them as much as I do and have. He should not be bashful about going back in if he thinks they need adjustment. Sometimes it takes several tries to get them right. I think some folks get the idea there is something wrong with them and give up before they get them dialed in. Of course, he may be fortunate and feel they are right from the get go.

    Things just sound different at first and might be somewhat disconcerting as sound hasn’t been heard correctly for a very long time: crinkling paper, light switches sound very different, walking on dry leaves, walking on rocks/pebbles, traffic sounded kind of like it was in a big tube for a while to me. He can have the audiologist turn them down a few decibels if it is just too much.

    I put mine on and never looked back. I wore them for an average of 14 hours a day from the get go which is a very high average for new wearers. Even considering my level of desire for and acceptance of the hearing aids there were times that I felt entirely over stimulated with noise. If it were light, it would be like being in a room with many strobes and brightly flashing lights to an almost blinding degree. (Note that it is not a harmful amplification because they have built in dampening for loud noise.)

    One of the really great things in environments with excessive background noise is the improved ability to focus on a particular conversation. The ability to separate the wheat from the chaff should really be improved.

    I’ll just bundle up a big ole bunch of how I feel about my hearing aids and send it to your husband as a gift from me and sincerely hope it ‘takes’.

  697. Greytdog, thank you for caring.

  698. greytdog – I loved the new word you coined – hatriots. says a lot.

    Vgman – finally someone spelled out your and you’re!! Thanks.

    Night all.

  699. WWGKD

    Why are we in Iraq again???? OIL maybe??

    Weapons of Mass Destruction – we are still looking?
    Bin Laden – Forgot, he was in Afghanistan
    Al Quida – No, not Iraq, they were in Afghanistan.

    A trillion dollars spent on Iraq so far. We are obligated for a lot more. A million dollars per soldier to keep them in Iraq.

    Iraq was started with lies!!!!

  700. Such a sick train of thought…
    I pity all of you.

    “3000 innocent Americans were killed in a vicious attack by religious fanatics on 9/11. (There are American religious fanatics too.) I don’t know the precise number but I think the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq is well over 4000. ” JeanΔ ¥

  701. vgmanΔ ..Where is Auntie M when you need her?

  702. you’re right

    your right

    My right?

    No, you’re right.

    I know.

  703. When I first moved to FL over a couple of decades ago (Oh dear god it’s been that long?) I could and did grow papaya, frangipangi trees, and several other tropical plants – in my yard – plants that I only know the Filipino name to – anyway, my pride and joy were my calamandine orange tree and my meyer lemon tree. My bane was that with the sandy soil I couldn’t grow those wonderfully tasty beefsteak tomatoes. . .

    tonight it is 37 degrees in Central FL. Now January we will usually have maybe at the most 2 or 3 nights of cold (for Florida) weather. About 15 years ago we did have a hard freeze for a couple nights with below-normal temps that killed the orange groves and literally paved the way for the overdevelopment in this area.

    Anyway we’ve had, like the rest of the nation, abnormally cold temps in our region. Tonight the central FL region is under a hard freeze watch for the third night in a row – with more to come. My frangipangi that I nurtured all these years – well it finally bit the dust this afternoon.

    The summers have been exceptionally humid and dry – with our water aquifer still abnormally below normal. Water resources are now the focus of rivalry and litigation between bordering states (GA & AL). This hurricane season was extremely mild as to be almost non-existent – which makes Floridians very nervous for the season in 2010.

    We are dredging beaches like crazy trying to keep our shoreline – but the sea keeps rising. We’ve had multiple outbreaks of red tide that have adversely impacted our oysters, crab, and shrimping industries; red snapper is overfished and now seem under attack by some unknown fungus. . .

    all of this is just that whenever I hear someone declaim the idea of global warming I realize I am hearing someone who, like the US intelligence community, has failed to look at not just the little pieces but failed to put them together to see the big picture and all the connections. Sorry for the rant – I just came in from delivering over three hundred blankets to the homeless shelters, and will be heading back out in an hour to deliver soup and hot drinks to folks who can’t get into the shelters. This is NOT typical Florida weather. These “weather patterns” are directly tied into the crap we are pouring into our atmosphere & our oceans. And I’m really tired of jerks who sit in their warm homes and mock those of us who go out and try to help others.

  704. DELurker Girl Scrolll s exactly what I am doing!!
    JuneauJoe_ if you don’t get enough sun in Tahoe, come on down!!

  705. Autie Jean, thanks for your recent posts. With your permission, I would like to repost this portion of your post:

    “3000 innocent Americans were killed in a vicious attack by religious fanatics on 9/11. (There are American religious fanatics too.) I don’t know the precise number but I think the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq is well over 4000. ”

    It was needed and I rest my case.

  706. Poolman your right.
    More later.

  707. 350 teabaggers with guns in New Mexico – just your normal crazy!!!


  708. JuneauJoe–when the King of Crazy Conspiracy Theories thinks someone’s conspiracy theory is nuts, that should be a litmus test.

  709. Anne–I thought the book was terrific! Will be very interested to hear your thoughts.

    By the way, my husband could have written your post re McCain, the initial reaction to his winning the nomination, and then the response to the selection of Palin.

  710. Anne, you’re right. I was thinking only of existing Republican voters, and even if they unified those voters it wouldn’t be enough – they’d need to grow the party. To do that, their values need to align with what people want… and you’re right, apparently they want a more progressive agenda if the substantial margin the Democrats achieved is any indicator.

    My assumption is that any Republican leaders who want to ‘fix’ the party are talking about moving it more to the right. I think a more moderate position would be much more effective at increasing their numbers.

  711. Bill Maher actually IS an entertainer and HAS a show, support him or not, his fans and sponsors CHOOSE to. That is how he makes a living. If you don’t like him or agree with him, change the channel and don’t support him.

    Cheney DOES NOT hold office or have his own show, but he can call a news conference to spout his garbage and won’t take questions or allow a rebuttal. Why do we allow him a free platform and MSM attention to spew his propaganda and treasonous bile?

    Palin DOES NOT hold office or have her own show, but tweets and posts to facebook and the media runs with it, even though she allows no rebuttal. Why do we allow her a free platform and MSM attention to spew her propaganda and treasonous bile?

    If we were a country that truly believed in justice, like we claim to be, these last two would be in prison for their illegal activities and harm inflicted on this nation.

  712. An actual discussion of Yemen and a comparison to Iraq and Afghanistan! Real information instead of sound bites and fear mongering!!!!


  713. WWGKD?

    It is kind of funny!

    Teabaggers are upset with Glen Beck!!


  714. JuneauJoe Δ writes…
    “Kind of weird really! Also: Fact Checking on Sunday talk shows. Why are people allowed to spout (or email) nonsense (like Cheney or Palin) and there is no one to have a rebuttal of facts?”

    Kinda like the Bill Mahr show ..huh now?

  715. Delurker Girl, I agree with your second comment. They need to unify under one set of principles. Although I don’t think the Democratic Party does that either. Their diversity is how we ended up with the so-called Blue Dogs, which in theory is not a bad thing. Variety is good in both parties. Similarity gives us fewer choices.

  716. Yeah, Sarah Silverman is for sure a potty mouth. I cannot stand much of that myself, so I normally don’t pay her much attention. I do like her concept and it does point to the hypocrisy of the church. I was visiting another blog and found the link and came here to share it. I did enjoy that one, even though it probably DOES need a warning label. Then again I think the whole past decade needs a warning label. Everything just about comes with a warning label today, anyway. I don’t think we even see warning labels anymore. They tend to be ignored since they are so commonplace. What would we do without lawyers?

  717. HIYa HIYa HIYa..step right up folks

    and watch me dance…

    I just learned that Yemeni prisoners are from Yemen..
    Therefore I will not send them home for more training.
    President Obama

    Imagine that..da ya think he thought that one up by himself or his “Brownie” Napalatano?
    Doubt either one.
    His daughters must have clued him in.

  718. Delurker Girl:

    I guess I would argue that voters have already spoken by voting in Obama and voting in a Democratic congress. Political commentators have been saying since the election that it’s now time for Republicans to take a look at their party and figure out how to win back support. There is an increasing number of minorities in the US who tend to vote Democratic. If Republicans want to continue to be voted in to office, they’re going to need to appeal to this growing demographic. Right now, their approach seems to be waiting for people to get frustrated with Obama and they’ll come back without making any fundamental changes to the party. That won’t fix the underlying problem.

    When McCain announced his candidacy, I was initially thrilled. I’d always liked him. He’d been a moderate Republican who was able to work with Democrates. But as I watched and listened to him, I became increasingly skeptical. Then, when he nominated Palin, and I began to listen to the things coming out of her mouth, my choice was clear. I spoke to sereral friends who had exactly the same reaction, initially supporting McCain, then changing their minds. McCain changed his personality because he had to appeal to the Republican base. There are people who will always vote Republican no matter what, and those who will always vote Democratic, no matter what. But there are a large number of people who could go either way, and if the GOP continues to put forth candidates who represent only an increasing minority of people, they will continue to lose power.

    I believe that’s what Steele was talking about. I don’t believe he’s criticizing the Republicans for not being conservative enough. They’ve grown increasingly more so, as moderate Republicans have been voted out of office, and they are appealing less and less to independants. Their platform has been seized by Christian conservatives, which holds no appeal for secularists and athiests such as myself. I’m about to start a book called The Death of Conservatism which addresses this issue.

  719. JuneauJoe, that reminds me of a recent Jon Stewart show where he showed clips of the media saying “we’ll have to leave it there” when blithely wrapping up a segment, after some wingnut has had something outrageous.

    “THERE? You’re leaving it THERE? THERE is a TERRIBLE place to leave it!” (may not be an exact quote)

  720. WWGKD?

    Grandma Katie: Looks like I might be in the Reno/Tahoe area in Feb or Mar. If I don’t get enough sun, I might make a run to CA.

    Wingnuts seem to be getting nuttier? They had control the past decade but I have yet to hear about the accomplishments of the Republican decade.

    They only talk about the last year!!!!! Then they blast Obama when just a few years ago the same person was saying how unAmerican it is talk about Bush. (We are in a war! – they yelled.)

    Kind of weird really! Also: Fact Checking on Sunday talk shows. Why are people allowed to spout (or email) nonsense (like Cheney or Palin) and there is no one to have a rebuttal of facts?

  721. Another thought, Anne… in order for Steele’s theory to work, the party needs to have principles they agree on. It’s not like the party is unified and the candidates are out of step… the party is not unified and the candidates reflect that. He can say that the party has compromised on their principles, but that would imply that the party agrees that decade-old principles should still apply and the people are just not obedient. It’s like a total reassessment is in order. Instead of “how do we become the party of Reagan again”, it should be more like “what do we really stand for TODAY” and once they know that they can decide what the party really should look like.

  722. Anne, I saw that and pretty much agree with Steele’s assessment up until he says the VOTERS are supposed to ‘withhold support’? How? Not vote at all? Vote for a Democrat?

    For example, McCain’s pretty moderate for a Republican, depending on the day and what he had for breakfast. If voters should withhold support for him for not being conservative enough for their party, how would they do that? Vote for Obama instead?

    Getting the party some traction is going to require better selection and promotion higher up in the food chain than the voters.

  723. Despite Obama pledging to have open forums about health care..Nancy Pelosi says no to having it broadcast on C-SPAN.

    Imagine that who woulda thought otherwise ?

  724. I knew there would be no right answers from this group. Keep pickin….

    “One can argue that Nazism and communism are close relatives since both are totalitarian in thought and share socialism along with
    the ideal of a collective state as well.” Thats why I did not use the term facist.

    Did I call them economic systems…NO.

  725. Yes Judith, it does sound familiar and we all know which political party leans that way. Sarah Silverman carries the potty mouth to extremes in my opinion, and I am not particularly sensitive to crude language normally, so I won’t be joining her fan club either.

  726. Grandma Katie, I almost answered WWGKD with ‘scrolllllll…..’ :D

  727. Check out what Rupublican GOP leader Michael Steele had to say. I’m not against Republicans on principle, I’m just against the direction the party seems to be going, so reading this was refreshing:

    Steele’s new book, “Right Now: A 12-Step Program for Defeating the Obama Agenda,” released Monday by Regnery Publishing, offers his blueprint for the party’s resurgence. The first step for Republicans, he says, is admitting that they have compromised their principles in the past decade.

    “We must support Republican officials who assert these principles,” he writes. “When elected Republicans vote against Republican principles, the voters must withhold their support — withhold it vigorously and consistently.”

  728. I never heard Sarah Silverman’s act before and watched a few clips after watching the one you linked, Poolman. Good vocal and facial inflection, pretty good comedic timing, but so verrrry offensive! She’s an equal opportunity offender, I’ll give her that much! LOL! She really brings it with the raunch, too! I was so offended I had to laugh at myself!

    I imagine many love her but I won’t be joining her fan club.

    Not blaming you, Poolman… just sharing my observations!

  729. Donna, DElurker Girl, JuneauJoe – glad you enjoyed my Resolutions.
    and as for WWGKD – still laughing over that one.
    Oh how I would like to meet you in person!
    BTW – my scrolling finger is developing a callous!

  730. End World Hunger

  731. In fact it DOES sound familiar.

  732. For information purposes only, Hitler and the Nazis were Fascists, not Communists or Socialists. The word “Socialist” in their name was an example of deliberate rebranding or redirection, making them look like something they weren’t.

    Fascism is a economic philosophy defined as ‘Goverment by Business Interests, for Business Interests”. (Mussolini himself said it might better be called “Corporateism”). And they ran it as a dictatorship.

    Sound familiar?

  733. Delurker–great link! He is wonderful. Thanks.

  734. WWGKD?

  735. For information purposes only, Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism are economic systems, not political systems. Examples of political systems are: Democracies, Monarchies, and Dictatorships.

  736. Delurker Girl Δ, most excellent Jon Stewart. Thanks for sharing. I love his show. I too miss him when he vacations.

  737. Oh my history school.

    First socialism and communism are very simillar in that both are theories. Practiced in different countries and for the past almost 100 years.
    Be it Germany in WWII..or the the Marxist movement in early Russia. There have also been many variants in other countries since the origination of both forms of governments.

    Socialism, If you were making cookies, would be a process where the way of producing , distribution or sale of the cookies would be
    owned by the community “people” or “government” in power.
    Communism is the reality of socialism in its truest form. All cookie manufacturers would be owned by the state of Obamaland. Obama workers would then be paid according to their contribution and needs as observed by the supreme leader.
    And both are close to Nazism.

    One can argue that Nazism and communism are close relatives since both are totalitarian in thought and share socialism along with
    the ideal of a collective state as well.

    Now you want to get personal.
    AS for my time, I volunteer. I volunteer at a school that is under-privledged and I work with the Special needs children. Thats without pay.

    I’ve done this for the past 4 years. two times a week and 3 hours a day. I would like to ask how many do volunteer in some form or fashion?

    No wars are not good.

    However with your stance we would have forked over the Hawaiian Islands and the rest of the Pacific after Pearl Harbor.

    No I did not serve in the military. My son has made two deployments in 2006 and 2008
    and is a Lt. in the Navy Reserves.
    I have not diminished anyones service to their country. Anyone who has put on a uniform and been away from their families are deserved of our most profound respect.

    “There are American religious fanatics too.) I don’t know the precise number but I think the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq is well over 4000.”
    Are you calling our men in uniform religious fanatics?

    “Question: Do you personally think the death and destruction of war, any war, on either side is nice?”

    Auntie, Why don’t you ask those who lost parents or children in the twin towers?

    Question(s): Has that avenged the 3000 of 9/11?

    I do not look at the current war as revenge..those are your words..words for your peace at any price rally.

    How many innocent Iraqi citizens have been killed by American bombs? I’m not sure there has even been an accurate tally.
    How many have been killed by bombs?

    Probably not enough since some are continuing to strap bombs to themselves to kill their OWN people.

    You do know that we ..the US..have not killed all those who have died in Iraq…or Afghanistan or Pakistan or Indonesia.

    How say you for the murder of their own children just to wreak mayhem ? To drive a truck laden bomb amidst children?..And you want us to turn our heads away?

    Do you think these religious zealots are going to go back into their caves and live happily ever after IF we were to return all our soldiers home?

    Are you that naive?

    Do you personally know a soldier or sailor or Marine who has been killed in the current fight?
    I have. Two from my sons military school and one injured. I know six or more personally, that are somewhere over there now. And they are all volunteers.

    Question: Is Iraqi blood any less red than American? Nope red is red.

    It is certainly not nice..but it may be unavoiidable. And when the dirty bomb explodes in times square or a ship blows up in Houston harbor what say you Auntie?

    How many innocent Japanese were killed in the firebombs? What numbers game do you want to play Auntie?

    “War is hell” is that what Sherman said?

    I realize your baiting Auntie.

    But yep some of the Iraq people have been killed. How many were by the hands of their former leader Sadam? Can you imagine a guess?

    No I didn’t think so.
    He used poison gas on his own people.
    Were you hollaring then Auntie?

    As for Donna and Jenuae Joe ..I don’t give a rats dingy? Attacked… I attacked Donna? And your going to defend her for why..is she not capable herself ?
    How many times has your little Minch called for my expulsion from this blog and for why?

    Just because I wanted to express myself on “YOUR” porch Auntie?

    “Whatever Craig may or may not have to offer to the tire kicking has become lost in endless posturing and word games…”

    Well I feel like I just finished a word game.
    Have a great day!

  738. It’s so good to have Jon Stewart back from vacation. So much good stuff in this piece about the attempted plane bombing in Detroit.


  739. Donna

    The judges were put in their positions by a Democrat and their terms are up soon. They now have a Republican to sign the judge’s paper to keep their jobs. (Parnell took the Gov position after Sarah resigned – cute.)

    Reminds me of Jeb Bush giving Florida to his brother back in 2000.

    Those hearings need to be open because of the political pressure. Go Levi!

  740. An addendum to Auntie Jean’s well thought out remarks and questions :
    There is a distinct difference between tolerating differences (and growing toward acceptance of differences) in THOUGHT and choosing not to tolerate BEHAVIOR which is off the wall.
    The first grows out of an openess , the second grows out of a sense of what can or cannot be endured.
    Working towards a new civility is hard work.
    For all his crotchety -ness ( nothing to do with private parts! ) UAW’s tire kicking is a necessary work. Thank you neighbor. This bus we’ve packed ourselves onto may or may not be sound…
    Whatever Craig may or may not have to offer to the tire kicking has become lost in endless posturing and word games…
    I’m worn out and done with it after the latest snarky remarks about why all the fuss about the gone gov…
    Sarah Palin was a crummy governor- we got her because 48% of the folks here thought the remedy to what we thought was the crummiest gov ever was her “fresh’ face. She divided us as she divided the country.We are healing. Gov Parnell has done more in a few short months than she did in 2 1/2 years to sort out some of our troubles. I don’t agree with some of his methods or ideas but he is truly working to knit us back together and face some of our issues…
    Folks who want to say it’s a”girl” thing or a conservative/liberal thing or all such foolishness are missing what SP really is. And I’m tired of it.

  741. JuneauJoe–this is precisely the sort of thing that caused real problems for the fabled Orly Taitz. Judges do not like this sort of thing one bit.

  742. Palin Update: Palinbots are going to harrass the judges involved in the Levi – Bristol, Tripp custody hearing.


    Levi wanted an open hearing just because of external pressures such as this.

  743. Love you, Auntie Jean

  744. Hi gang and farsight Δ,

    It’s been a while and I hope I remember that you, farsight, are the guy who tipped me on to the new digital hearing aids.

    My husband finally agreed to be tested for them. His hearing loss is 58% in one ear and 40% in the other. He is going to spring for them!!!!! He is being fitted for them. Hooray!!!!!

    His hearing loss is related to the roar of the B-47’s during the Korean War over 50 years ago. He could get them through the VA for free, but it could take up to a year to process the paperwork and get them. At age 80, almost 81, we figure that’s a year of hearing better – now.

    We thank you for putting us onto them. I think they will improve both of our lives.

    Aloha! :-) and nighty-night all,

    Auntie Jean

  745. Hi gang and Craig,

    Well, well, well. I have stayed out of the recent spate of foolishness from you, Craig. So I went back and read some of your, ahem, ‘astute’ comments.’ Now, when a troll buzzes around like a mosquito, I usually put on insect repellant and go on about my business. But when the little pest starts attacking my friends, especially Donna and Juneau Joe, it’s time for this old broad to step in. (The mosquito analogy is used as a METAPHOR, not calling you a name. You do know what a METAPHOR is, don’t you? If not, look it up.)

    Craig, you seem to have plenty of leisure time on your hands so I would recommend you go back to the very beginning of Margaret and Helen’s blog and start reading. That should take you about a year. You have made several unfounded assumptions about how and why this blog was set up. You have also stated that you have come here to learn. Here’s your chance. If you do your homework and some research here, especially about Juneau Joe, you will learn that he is a fine man who had done a lot to help some of Alaska’s citizens whom their governor neglected shamefully while she was off either kissing up to the oil industry or campaigning for Vice-President. (The Alaskan citizens were starving and when it was called to her attention, she volunteered to fly down and take them a plate of cookies. Sort of Marie Antoinette-ish with the ‘let ‘em eat cake remark’.)

    As for Donna, she is a well-educated and articulate lawyer and has demonstrated remarkable instincts into human nature.

    There are plenty of others here I can’t take the time to name.

    I am about to ask several pointed questions in rebuttal to some of your statements Craig, which is standard procedure in a legitimate debate. The questions require straight-forward answers. No spin, no waffling and no whining excuses.

    Question(s): What is Socialism as you know it and understand it? What is the difference between Socialism and Communism?

    On 1/4 at 4:16P you wrote…….”those who should be held accountable for their time and contributions for making our country work for all… not just some.”

    Question: Would you please account for YOUR time and contributions for making our country work for all..not just some?

    Question: Have you personally ever served in the United States Armed services?

    Details of the following information can be found in the early archive comments of Margaret and Helen’s blog. My father and my father-in-law served in WWI. My only brother served in WWII and had 384, that’s THREE-HUNDRED-EIGHTY-FOUR FRONT LINE FIGHTING DAYS in North Africa and Sicily when he was killed at the Anzio Beachead at the beginning of the invasion of Italy. (He was wounded once, sent to a field hospital for three weeks and then back to the front lines.) My husband served five years in the Air Force during the Korean ‘Conflict’ on a B-47, armed with a nuclear warhead. He agonized over the prospect of ORDERS to drop it and rain that kind of death and destruction on hundreds, maybe hundreds of thousands of people. Fortunately, for him and for all those people he didn’t have to. That war ended. All these members of my family served back in the days of the ‘draft-or-find-a-way-to-weasel-out-on- deferment.’ As impressionable young men they had no way of knowing what they were getting into and they had nothing to do with the policies that brought on the wars. So don’t try waving the flag in my face and telling me to ‘support the troops’. I think my families have done and now do our fair share.

    Question: Do you personally think the death and destruction of war, any war, on either side is nice?

    3000 innocent Americans were killed in a vicious attack by religious fanatics on 9/11. (There are American religious fanatics too.) I don’t know the precise number but I think the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq is well over 4000.

    Question(s): Has that avenged the 3000 of 9/11?

    How many innocent Iraqi citizens have been killed by American bombs? I’m not sure there has even been an accurate tally.

    Question: Is Iraqi blood any less red than American?

    That’s all the questions – – for now. I’m sure everyone on the porch eagerly looks forward to your answers.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

    P.S. For all the gang, as you know Rush Limbaugh was recently in Queen’s Hospital in Honolulu and has stated with words to the effect that America’s healthcare system is the just fine and doesn’t need fixing. For his information, Hawaii’s hospitals are about as close as you can come to Socialized Medicine! And they are the finest. We have the dubious distinction of having had to avail ourselves of the services of four of them, three in Honolulu for high tech stuff. Further, over the years, we have had medical care and/or hospitalizations in California, Texas, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, including the Ivy League HUP, (Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania). So we are in a position to make comparable comparisons. Hawaiian medical care can stand up to the best of them.

  746. DG Δ,

    Great airport video post. You helped make my night.

  747. New Resolution:

    Follow Grandma Katie Rules
    1 Do Not Read Trolls
    2 Do Not Respond to Trolls

  748. “There is a dirty little secret in the text book publishing trade, two states California and Texas pretty much have all the say in what goes into all the books in the nation, since they are the ones who make the biggest buys of these books.”

  749. Glenn Beck has wingnut derangement syndrome.

  750. This made my day! What’s a guy to do when in the midst of a lot of people stranded at an airport? He gets them to sing!

  751. That is, Grandma Katie, if you don’t mind me (us?) taking your esteemed name in vain.

  752. Poolman: when the term “full sheep dip” is applied to a human female, it NOT a reference to verminating!

    [and we never dip our cats!]

    By the way, I have a new response in the event (and chances of this occurring are excellent I sadly say) of troll postings: “WWGKD?” It stands for “What Would Grandma Katie Do?” and means ‘IGNORE IT.’

  753. I meant ticks. But tics is apropos also, too. Poor kitty.

  754. Does that “full sheep dip” take care of fleas and tics? Just curious. I dipped my cats once and got scolded by my vet. One of the cats was never the same after that. Some of what we do out of ignorance sure impacts the lives of others.

    Good for Glenn. I knew he was a whiner…winner.

  755. Greytdog: Go to mediamatters and you’ll see the Glenn Beck whining today about having been named the Misinformer of the Year. After having spent his time spouting the most outrageous, false, putrid crap, his response is “what ever happened to debate?” “Why can’t we just engage in a civil exchange of ideas?” Well….here’s a thought: look in the mirror, Glenn.

  756. As a group you are strong as you remain together..having lost some of your strength, because of the “CHANGE” you expected has not materialized and so all is status quo.

    You all are interesting as a representation
    of what the “other” side of Americana looks and
    sounds like.

    So the communication comes out as
    “Don’t bother me with commentary.
    I’m safe within my womb.”

    “I can strike out and make judgement calls
    about people I only know from media outlets”…thus your only knowledgeable
    and safe when with like kind.

    That makes it safe for you to condescend,
    mock and yet stay within your sphere of

  757. no one’s puppet–you are most welcome to it! A friend of mine’s husband coined it years ago when his usually low maintenance wife got a manicure and pedicure, and I’ve always thought it summed “primping” stuff perfectly.

  758. Interesting that the only regular dose of “hatred” and self-righteousness seems to generate from craig. Kinda funny how the hatriots can dish it out but boy! They have real hissy fits when challenged, ignored, mocked, snickered at, etc. . . I can almost see the crossed arms, the indignant stance, the pathetic pouting lip jutting forward, the nose in the air offended at being surrounded by “libruls”, the bristling anger, and most of all, smell their fear. How very sad to live a life whose undercurrent thrums with fear. . .

  759. Grandma Katie and Donna, I concur. Donna, may I have your permission to appropriate your phrase, “full sheep dip” ? I love its simplicity!

  760. A friend sent me to your blog on Thanksgiving, and it is one of the things I am thankful for this year.
    So, I am in a bookstore and a woman walks up to the counter and asks for Sarah Palin’s book…I will try to spell it the way she said it “Rouxge”…kind of a mix between a gumbo roux and rouge. The clerk stifled a chuckle and pointed toward the book’s location. I am sure that particular woman will love the book.

  761. Hi Grandma Katie. I hope you had a nice day.

    I keep checking back for a new post from Margaret or Helen. I suppose it’s a lot of pressure, to have to keep hitting them out of the park!

  762. “Full sheep dip” in my parlance means (a) blowdried hair and (b) makeup. Not much but certainly more than I would choose to do!

  763. Grandma–I couldn’t agree more and intend to studiously observe those resolutions. And I wish you a very happy New Year.

  764. Full sheep dip???? Ya lost me!

  765. New Years REsolutions
    1. Do not read trolls.
    2. DO Not respond to trolls.

  766. you and me both, Delurker. Pantyhose and the full sheep dip after 4 days in sweats and no makeup. Blech.

  767. Man, the first day back to regular routine is exhausting! YAWN! My kids are wiped right out and so am I!

  768. So JuneauJoe Δ ..I guess you believe this country only operates on the premise of going to war to get oil?

    I don’t know your background and have not followed your comments long enough..but I presume your possibly a “native american”
    possibly living in Alaska? Or at the least a native son of the great North.

    Where and when did you drink the cool aid?
    Did you march on washington in 67-72?

    God forbid Mr. JOE ..I have no wishes for any more killings of americans..but from what I read here on this blog…people want to just lay blame for a war and a statement of “job well done”..when we know it wasn’t.

    I cannot believe that a President would put our servicemen in a position just to accomplish a field of oil. That is abhorrent to me. I think the last little man was Hitler that had those wishes.

    Are we as a nation…what to do with a religious/political movement that is hell bent on hurting Americans as much as they can?

    At this point are you saying we should just pull our heads back into our shell and become a nation of people who will just have to wait for the next terrorist activity to be visited upon us?

    I have to beg the question…
    What is your position? Just say NO?
    Act like we did not have 3000 plus killed?
    Believe that “we” were all duped by our government and that THEY actually orchestrated
    the attack on America that day?

    The Cole Bombing
    Embassies in Africa bombings
    KobalKobar Towers in Saudi Arabia
    The terrorist attacks in Pakistan visited upon their own people.
    Bombings in Indonesis
    Attempted repeat attacks on american airliners..

    With all of the above…should we just put our hands up and say so sorry?

    I just don’t understand the mindset that says..
    “give peace a chance”
    They want our throats cut on U-tube and airliners falling out of the skies and with no care as to how many innocents they have to kill.

    They have no care as to driving a truck bomb amidst innocents playing soccer. And you want to
    sit down and smoke a peace pipe?

    They can not get enough blood..they are insatiable. I don’t know if you live in a teepee
    had your head butted by a moose…?
    And believe all white men speak with forked tongue..oh..and that goes back to the indian treaties..etc etc…

    YOu got a hard on for this country it appears.
    You think all people right of your center are out to get you and whatever you have..

    I don’t think Margaret and Helen or whoever runs this blog site, designed it as to be a hate filled
    site that is unforgiving to people to be so critical of others that they basically do not want a civil discourse..but want to rant and call people names.

    As to feeling sorry..I feel sorry for you and many others..because there is a lot of pent up anger and hate being spewed.

    I vote for the person and back the party that I feel may best protect my values and hopefully
    taking into account that maybe not all voted for them..but are willing to save a place for them at the table and to share…not take away..
    BUT also give to those who wanted to have a piece of the pie, with reservation, for those who should be held somewhat accountable for their time and contributions for making our country work for all..not just some.

    But not a government give away. Socialism no!
    You work and are rewarded.
    YOu work harder and are rewarded more
    But I cannot or do not want to see our country taken apart so that all whether they contributed or not get equal shares of pie.

    I have not and do not intend to go to another right wing blog site.
    This site from the start had some interesting and compelling issues. But lately hate has filled these
    I have observed and perhaps misspoken at times
    without knowing the full extent of another’s view.
    My bad. I have made some non PC related remarks. I have repeated some jokes that have come my way..But I have not thrown out hate speech. I have not used the N word or the F word. I have seen my words taken out of context
    and misinterpreted.

    And that is what I have seen more lately than
    original discourse. My wife has been attacked..
    My comments about my personal history are true.
    I have a son just out of the Navy and still remains
    possibly for recall. I have led a professional life amidst a corporate civilian / military aircraft manufacturer. So what ever I may be called or labeled..I can and do sleep well at night.

    But finally I do pray for many of my son’s friends who are still deployed. They are all volunteer..and I’m sure would much rather be home. But they are far more aware of the worlds threats than you or many others who do not give them credit.

  769. Here is the link to that headline I posted.


    It’s not a great piece, so I didn’t post the link earlier, but since the discussion has continued I thought I’d share it and point out the reference to people being unwilling to support Obama’s policies for fear of Cheney.

  770. If we listened to the NeoCons, we would be at war in Iran, North Korea and Yeman.
    We would not go to war in Zimbabwe because they have no oil, even though the leader is a tyrant. There are probably a few more good wars which I missed.

    I am with Poolman – pull them out. I think Bush kids and Cheney should be sent to fight as well, if we keep the wars going, which we will. Being a Neo-Con should mean they are off to war.

  771. LMAO Donna. If that is what Bill Kristol said, then I believe it actually was a good idea. As a matter of fact, if we take everything Bill Kristol says and we do the opposite, we are probably going in the right direction, IMO. He thinks S’error is what this country needs. Many think he is her new ghost writer.

  772. Actually, Poolman–Bill Kristol said today that closing the embassy in Yemen was a “sign of weakness” and a “victory for Al Qaeda.” Unbelievable.

  773. Reading in the NY Times: Lax Oversight Caused Crisis, Bernanke says (Fed Chief Is Seeking Greater Authority)

    Then it goes on to say that regulatory failure, not low interest rates, was responsible for the housing bubble … and financial crisis.


    Any charges pending anywhere???? Curious.

  774. That is pretty scary, Delurker Girl Δ. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    I think we ought to revisit Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” from May of 2003, declare the war is over, and get our fine young men and women back home. Then all those private contractors can play tiddly winks instead of profitting from our war status.

  775. Stepping around the bait pile…

    How’s this for a scary headline? “Bush Officials Admit They Support Obama’s Counterterror Policies”

  776. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign
    My we are brave on the internet now are we?

    Whats with the shove it part..what did I say to you..?

    Everyone today is concentrating on the anal side of things..
    Lots of negativity.

    Speaking of which are you all now deputies of Ranger DONNA?

  777. Oh to feel the love.

    JuneauJoe Δ FYI..
    I actually applied,tested and was offered a job at TSA..Only issue was it was a split shift of 4 hrs on 2 hrs off and f hrs on again.

    They actually do test you.
    Doubt you could do it.
    But the pat down I’ll leave to you.

    AS far as 911 is everyone feeling that it was a US led effort?

    Thats some crazy shit…of course..Pearl Harbor
    and FDR..?
    And Johnson throwing a parade for Kennedt inn Dallas ..so stranger things have happened..

    But I’d really like to know about the nastiness
    that is being pursued lately?

    What gives …Is this not the caring Left?
    And why the nasty attitude.

    Seems like everyone has their panties in a wad here..as If I had shit in your rice bowl or something.

  778. One final note: UAW – observations 1&2 were my chats with you. The final point – not directed to you. Just wanted to clear that up. Are you still up in the frozen north? No snow here in FL – but it’s almost 2PM here and the temp is only 42. UGH

  779. Welcome to 2010. UAW glad to see you posting after the holidays – even in my drug-befuddled state of mind, I disagree with you :) Wouldn’t we have a fun time shooting the breeze?

    Anyway, everyone, – let’s review:

    1. Rush Limbaugh, Nancy Pelosi, Newt Gingrich, the Late Ted Kennedy all enjoyed the same access to healthcare. Whoopee. Healthcare reform is NOT about making sure the wealthiest among us have access to healthcare. It’s about making sure that poorest among us have affordable access to the same quality of healthcare. Oh i can access top quality healthcare through my ER – in fact had to recently. A CTScan at the ER is apprx. $1700 – does not include radiology fees, radiologist reading, or his consult w/attending physician. That’s just for the act of laying on the table and scanning. Same test done offsite or w/insurance: $275. That’s what healthcare reform is about – AFFORDABILITY. As it stands now, when I do have my next heart attack and/or stroke, I cannot go to the ER – because I will be paying off this bill (not just the CT Scan bill) for at least the next 3 years. As Grayson said, if you get sick, die quickly. Cuz otherwise without reform, the costs will kill you.

    2. Weather patterns are not the same thing as global warming. GLobal warming, on the other hand, does have a direct affect on weather patterns – which is why climatologists also look at such things as ocean temps, acidity of the ocean, depth of polar ice, measuring ozone, carbon emission layers (amazing to read and frightening) within the atmosphere & the affects of pollutants on such things as species adaptation & mutation, species extinction & its impact on ecosystems, etc. So learn to look at the big picture – learn to connect the dots.

    You don’t have to like the facts. You can spew your verbal diarrhea all you want to – but it won’t change the facts. But if you would rather slop through your own feces, feel free to do so. But please, don’t keep expecting us to pick up your shit and dispose of it for you. Be responsible & learn to scoop your own poop. It’s the very least you could do for the world.

  780. Came back to shove Craig’s piece of pie up his nose. There, it’s done.

  781. Cool site, Poolman. It was new to me.

    Factcheck.org is non-partisan, Craig. Don’t be so passive.

    JuneauJoe, don’t let yourself be manipulated into a reaction. Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it! :D

  782. craigΔ, you seem to have a lot of time on your hands. Here is what I consider an excellent source for learning some facts and history regarding current events and news from the last few decades. I have concentrated mainly on the 9/11 stuff, but this site is chock-full of all kinds of stuff, all referenced with nice links and well organized. Dig in.


  783. “waiting for the next airliner to fall out of the skies”

    Craig: You are one sick individual. I feel sorry for you! Very sorry!

    Facts are facts!

    Craig: You can put in for the job to feel people crotches at the airport!

  784. Another look at the Bush – Cheney decade.



    The cost of the Iraq War is 1 Billion and climbing. A bit higher than the 500 Million total cost we were told to expect.

    I think we could have bought a lot of health insurance for that. Actually, uninsured folks truly could have gotten the help that Rush got if we had used the Iraq War money.

  785. Facts don’t lean left or right. Choosing to ignore them doesn’t change them. Thanks Delurker Girl Δ for the fact check on social security. Apparently this misinformation is some of the stuff being passed around in right wing circles. This ss stuff is in addition to all the other garbage that is untrue being passed around. I guess it seems if you hear it or read it enough, somehow bullshit becomes credible. It sure is the Palin way, as has been noted. We saw that big time with the health insurance debate. I don’t think the voters on the right know how to fact check, and their leaders are using that to whip them into a frenzy. Lemmings, I say.

    I also think, like in WMD and Al Qaeda, there is an large effort by the leaders on the right to provide this misinformation. Propaganda. It is intentional and counter-productive, causing us to get side-tracked on nonissues. I am growing weary of this game perpetrated by the real criminals of our freedom.

    Thanks JJ for the list of criminals that in a true democracy or republic would be in jail for what they did, and in some cases are continuing to do to undermine America and humanity. It is a mockery to justice. May God deliver to them swiftly their due rewards, I pray.

  786. Smug are we not.

    Gosh..Had no idea there was a one stop shopping place for debunking…as long as it fits your

    I guess that Fact check will say there is no OBAMA birth certificate..as well as no Osama bin Laden
    or Easter Bunny.

    If you don’t look for WMD’s there won’t be any.

    Just waiting for the next airliner to fall out of the skies…and CHANGE

  787. No problem, JuneauJoe. It took less time to debunk it than to read it. :D

  788. http://www.commondreams.org/view/2009/12/22-6

  789. DeLurker girl: Thanks for the fact check!

    Here is another The 10 worst of the Bush Decade:http://www.commondreams.org/view/2009/12/22-6

  790. Iraq: The Bush admin said it would cost less than 500 Million and it would be short. We would be greeted as liberators. Weapons of Mass Destruction and Bin Laden!!! Republicans and truth?????


    At least Soc Security helps people and does not blow up their homes.

  791. http://www.factcheck.org/2009/03/fdrs-voluntary-social-security/

  792. Our Social Security
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    (Terms of Office March 4, 1933, to April 12, 1945),
    a Democrat, introduced Social Security (FICA) Program.. He Promised:

    1.) That participation in the Program would be Completely voluntary,

    2.) That the participants would only have to pay 1% of the first $1,400 of their annual Incomes into the Program,

    3.) That the money the participants elected to put Into the Program would be deductible from their income for tax purposes each year,

    4.) That the money the participants put into the Independent ‘Trust Fund’ rather than into the General operating fund, and therefore, would Only be used to fund the Social Security Retirement Program, and no other Government program, and

    5.) That the annuity payments to the retirees would never be taxed as income.

    Since many of us have paid into FICA for years and are now receiving a Social Security check every month — and then finding that we are getting taxed on 85% of the money we paid to the Federal government to ‘Put Away’ — you may be interested in the following:

    Question: Which Political Party took Social Security from the Independent ‘Trust Fund’ and put it into the General Fund so that Congress could spend it?

    Answer: It was you bet: Lyndon B. Johnson
    (Democrat, Term of Office: 22 November 1963 to 20 January 1969) and the democratically Controlled House and Senate.

    Question: Which Political Party eliminated the income tax Deduction for Social Security
    (FICA) withholding?
    Answer: The Democratic Party.

    Question: Which Political Party decided to start giving Annuity payments to immigrants?



    Then, after violating the original contract (FICA), the Democrats turn around and tell you that the Republicans want to take your Social Security away!

  793. From Mike Lupica calling Cheney a “has been”


  794. Been lurking for over 2 months now. I find it positively and absolutely amazing at the behaviors one will sink to for attention.

    I must applaud the current level of restraint and discipline being practiced by the regulars. However, as with Ann Coulter, a platform is extended eventually.

  795. John Brennan tells Cheney he is full of crap!


    Cheney deserves it! He had 8 years of failed policies and now he knows all.

  796. UAW man..I must say you have a way with the lady..I mean Ranger of this blog.

    She can cut ya off with just a word to Matthew.

  797. Gosh I’d love to interject, but its amusing just to watch the carnage.
    Better than a car race at Talladega.
    Just waiting for the wreck.

    Gosh Donna.
    Your talking “Johnson’s”

    What depth next?
    And you want to call me out?

    What lady is thou?
    …and Your glad he’s back?
    My our standards have changed in the last 24 hours.

  798. The decades missed opportunities

    .http://www.reasongonemad.com/columns/2010/1/1/the-decades-missed-opportunities.html (Another look at the past decade.)

    I find it interesting that right wingnuts only want to consider the last year. They are silent on the republican accomplishments of the last decade.

  799. well, UAW, aren’t you the crabby one tonight? If I recall correctly (and doubtless you’ll let me know if I’m wrong), you’ve provoked some strong negative feelings and words. But you’ve also provoked some strongly positive ones. And I truly don’t recall discussion of your johnson.

    Be that as it may, glad you are back.

  800. rush limbaugh got the same medical coverage as nancy pelosi and ted kennedy

  801. Rush Limbaugh (400 Million dollar contract) got the same medical treatment as the 50+ Million uninsured! Really???


  802. Palin Update: http://theimmoralminority.blogspot.com/2010/01/turth-and-consequences-in-blogosphere.html

    Palin is great at telling lies. After her book, it has been interesting to see Alaskans mentioned in her book, as well as McCain campain folks reaction.

    Palin talks about birth certificates of Presidents but will not show the birth certificate of her baby.

    She trashes Levi as a Porn Star but does exactly the same thing with her wonderful dresses and sexy heels. The winks are wonderful too – very Presidential.

    Here is Bree Palin’s blog for additional Alaskan input about Sarah.


    The Palin Soap Opera continues…….

  803. love that global warming going on right now

  804. donna….do you really want me to go through all the post since appx 1-01-09…..
    I’ve not only had my privates put up for discussion I’ve also had my racist ideas,my homophobia,etc. brought up for discussion….. and if you need a hint I probabaly said something about you having some intelligent DNA in your head but you then spit it out…..
    and I still don’t put up with BULLSHIT after my wife passed away….

  805. Beautifully put!

  806. Donna and Delurker Girl Δ, I think it is good that the right has become observant. But you are correct, they do not know anything about recent history or small things we like to refer to as facts.

    In all fairness though, they were traveling first class with Elephant Airways for the past 8 years. They could see us in the back, but chose to close the curtain and plug in the headphones and enjoy the movie. Not really concerned how high or fast the plane was flying. Everything was peachy, as long as they could have a pillow and a snack. They didn’t have to discomfort themselves in their plush and roomy lazyboys, and could snooze in luxury in between martinis.

    Not until that flight had landed and they were in the airport terminal, did they notice that their wallet was stolen, their baggage was missing, toilet paper was stuck to their shoe, and their connecting flight had been canceled. Now they’re angry and taking it out on the ground crew that just came in to start the new day shift.

  807. Delurker–you are so right. And, of course, Bush waited 6 days before uttering a peep about Richard Reid and the same people were criticizing President Obama for waiting half that time (and allowing there to be a determination of what happened) before commenting on the underwear bomber.

    But it isn’t just the talk show folks–it’s the politicians who were fine having terrorists tried in civilian court before. But not now.

    The inconsistency and hypocrisy are stunning.

  808. Rookie president Bush was not blamed for 9/11… in fact the biggest attack with the largest loss of civilian life on American soil was viewed as a time when Bush stood up and ‘kept us safe’.

    Will the same be said about the President Obama and the failed underwear bomber from Yemin, who never stood a chance of killing as many people as were killed on 9/11?

    Somehow the radio shock jerks will attempt to declare the opposite. Out of thousands of warnings arriving every day, this one should have been viewed as immediately important when the 9/11 bombers couldn’t have been seen coming from a mile away.

    Interesting contrast.

  809. Fortunately UAW man..No ..
    I have not seen anything like that.

    Targeted yes..and because I’m the stink on the porch in the brown paper bag that someone lit and stomped on.

    I think most..I think most do not want to go there.
    I don’t usually like to give someone the pleasure that “they” have gotten to me.

    If so… then I have empowered them.

    Ya know…I have tried to be cute,comical..dry witted and even push buttons. And when I have asked questions more often than not..I’m ignored. Which I guess is their way of communicating with the “other side”

    I have challenged some..and every one has an opinion..its just that theirs is always right and YOU are some dumbass who should just go away and get on back to your right wing ,republican blog. Of which I have never visited.

    I find it more intriguing to listen to what my detractors have to say.

    But the Palin thing seems to be a hang up on this blog. I think that mostly its because probably 85% of the participants here are female and left of center.

    You can always find fault with someone.

    And that is easily done here.

  810. UAW: I defy you to find one instance where anyone has ever said a word about your private parts. And you know perfectly well that you are loved here even when people disagree vehemently with you.

  811. JuneauJoe….
    first smart thing every mentioned on Countdown——-course Keith was not there……
    yes….we need to profile these people……some people would disagree with this….we don’t have to “pat-down” grandma…….we just need to make the”tarrerist” disappear….

    as far as Rev. Wright and his “GOD DAMN AMERICA” and “THE CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST” I feel he was talking about the educational system in the U.S. and I think we could eliminate more waste and fraud from it than from Medicare……maybe M&H should write about schools(and shit-for-brains teachers) instead of Palin…..do some good for once instead of “feel-good” issues…..

    craig…I haven’t noticed if they’ve attacked your penis size yet…..it’s a habit with “them”

  812. As a Canadian living on the U.S.-Canada border, I follow the American news closely. (sad to say, but I probably know more about American politics than Canadian)
    I looove your blog. You always seem to hit the nail on the head. ( You two should run as a team in 2012)
    I was soooo relieved when Obama became President.
    I watched with amusement, whenever Sarah Palin spoke.
    Imagine my shock and horror when I heard she was coming to speak in Canada – Hamilton, Ontario in Feb. for a hospital fundraiser!! (this has since been changed to a Children’s Charity, after strong protests – here was someone who criticized the Canadian medical system, speaking at a hospital fundraiser!)
    I can’t imagine anyone would pay $200.00 to hear her speak.
    She says the Canadian government run health care system should be dismantled. She has NO clue. It’s bad enough that she thinks she knows American politics, but she should butt out of ours!
    (I know she feels because she lives next to Canada that she knows a lot about our country)
    Please, Margaret and Helen, what can we do??
    I would much rather have either of you two come and speak.

  813. This history of the current Christmas Bomber is quite good.


    there is so much about the background that the Cheney/ Bush folks want us to forget.

  814. Here is a site which makes reading on your computer easier. You can enlarge the print pretty easily.

    Check it out. It seems to work too.


  815. An article about the past decade and how Republican rules negatively impact job creation.

    Aughts were a lost decade for U.S. economy, workers, Washington Post, By Neil Irwin
    January 2, 2010

    For most of the past 70 years, the U.S. economy has grown at a steady clip, generating perpetually higher incomes and wealth for American households. But since 2000, the story is starkly different. The past decade was the worst for the U.S. economy in modern times, a sharp reversal from a long period of prosperity that is leading economists and policymakers to fundamentally rethink the underpinnings of the nation’s growth.

    It was, according to a wide range of data, a lost decade for American workers.


  816. Enjoying the posts!

    On another subject, it looks like “preserve the sanctity of marriage” applies to only preventing same sex marriage. Karl Rove has blown through his second marriage. Not that I’m gleeful about a marriage ending, but geez, concentrate on preserving your own, not preventing someone else’s.

  817. It is hilarious. I just cracked up.

  818. LiladyNY over at the Mudflats posted this link from NPR’s “Wait, wait…don’t tell me” Sarah Palin Surprises Again

  819. I have been reading your posts oon tolerance. I much prefer the way I was raised. Everyone was to be treated with respect regardless of their beliefs, color or religion. My parents were raised in the earle part of the 1900’s in the middle west when predujice was the excepted way of thinking. I had been married and had children when I found out sideways that they were very prejudiced. It never had been a subject for discussion. My mother would have been totally shocked to face the fact of biracial great grandchildren. BUT she would have accepted them gracefully , bit her tongue and you would have never known. When she got to know them she would have been proud of their accomplishments.

    Again, RESPECT.

  820. Hey Poolman,
    The Teaching Tolerance link is a good one. I am a subscriber to their magazine. It has great articles and I love the artwork. I’ve used the artwork as a basis for many an art project with my students.

    Tolerance and Acceptance. Feels like two different things to me. I’ve usually seen them as positions with a line in between. One goes up to a line and the other steps across with an open hand. As an educator, I’ve always tried to expand the tolerance so that it overlaps that line and blends in with acceptance. It’s a difficult concept for young kids to understand.

  821. Rachel Maddow speaks about wingnuts past, present and future.


    She is on the job for us!!!! Thank You Rachel!

  822. UP North the black eyed peas were reserved for slopping hogs…never as a food stuff reserved for the dinner table.
    Then the Civil War…
    The practice of eating black-eyed peas for luck is generally believed to date back to the Civil War.

    At first planted as food for livestock, and later a food staple for slaves in the South, the fields of black-eyed peas were ignored as Sherman’s troops destroyed or stole other crops, thereby giving the humble, but nourishing, black-eyed pea an important role as a major food source for surviving Confederates.

    Today, the tradition of eating black-eyed peas for the New Year has evolved into a number of variations and embellishments of the luck and prosperity theme.

  823. Happy Saturday everyone! These holidays do make it hard to know what day it is. I hope we are all ready to make this year a good and productive one. No silly superstitions for good luck here. I am not real fond of black-eyed peas – the legume or the group – but I tolerate them. However, the Italian male in me finds one Fergalicious, I must admit. :wink:

    Sherri Δ, I guess I understand a broader meaning of tolerance, more like alaskapi described and as linked here: 1. acceptance of different views: the acceptance of the differing views of other people, e.g. in religious or political matters, and fairness toward the people who hold these different views

    I found this site for teachers and was curious if you or vgmanΔ are familiar with it and what your opinion might be.


    We had nothing similar way back when I was still in school. Of course the internet didn’t exist. Attempts were made to educate us on race primarily, but those were feeble and handled poorly. I did read the book “Black Like Me” and that made an impression. In all fairness though, I attended ten different schools, so much time was spent adjusting to different curriculums, making new friends, and playing catch-up or Déjà vu.

  824. Sherri, not to worry. I posted only to have my voice heard in the argument over banning people from posting. I prefer my discussion to be philosophical and in diverse face-to-face groups. My two cents was over with my previous post. So post away!

  825. Tolerance is much more than
    “Tolerance, by definition, means “I am right and you are wrong , but I will not actively oppose you. But I’m still right and you’re still wrong.””

    By definition it implies openess to the Other.
    If we have allowed the used definition/meaning to contract to the thin shell of animosity contained above , we have work to do to make the broader meaning live again – in language and action.
    I do not think we are going to get to inclusion and the parity of all without getting to tolerance first.
    I’m not sure we’re going to get there anyway… but we are not going to get there without tolerance.

  826. Bilnd Side is the best movie I’ve seen in a very long time. I really enjoyed it, Sherri!

  827. Last post of the day, lest Gale starts thinking I’m the host/moderator…

    Speaking of acceptance & inclusion, if you have not yet seen “The Blind Side” you should! I know the criticisms it is receiving are vast, but it truly is a beautiful story of acceptance and inclusion simply for the sake of valuing the humanity in one another. May we all be so inclined!

  828. Before anyone else corrects me, of course “ti” should be “to” and “whoever” should be “whomever” — darn arthritic fingers this morning!

  829. Sherri,
    I’m sure the Black Eyed Peas (music edition) will be enough! It’s the spirit that counts!

    Your stories of traditions had me smiling this morning. Thanks.

    Have a good weekend everyone. The holidays make the days seem a bit off. It feels like Monday morning today.

  830. Poolman — you are well-intentioned, and I give you kudos for that. However, I do not wish to either give or receive tolerance in twenty-ten.

    Tolerance, by definition, means “I am right and you are wrong , but I will not actively oppose you. But I’m still right and you’re still wrong.” The problem with that is no one’s thinking changes — the “tolerant” one simply decides to “tolerate” offensive actions quietly instead of vocally.

    What is wrong with expanding one’s worldview enough ti believe neither of us (“us” being whoever has differences of any sort) are right or wrong — we are simply different? Instead of, “I tolerate you” why not, “I accept you!”?

    I do not wish anyone a year of tolerance. I wish everyone a year — a lifetime — of acceptance and inclusion.

  831. Donna, JuneauJoe, vgman — I’m a bit late responding to your posts, but thank you for your kind words.

    vgman — I am also an English teacher. I wish you the best of luck finishing up your grading this weekend and a wonderful return to the classroom Monday!

    Lori — I listened to the Black Eyed Peas on 1/01 for good luck — does that count?!?

  832. Ohh I almost forgot. On Christmas eve we burn bayberry candles all the way down to the socket of the candle stick holder. The candles go into the bathtub while we go to midnight mass if not completely burned to the socket by the time we leave. ;-)

  833. Honey, yep pork on New Years Day so that we root ahead and no chicken so we don’t scratch all year. My family was Italian and we lived in an area of the country that was rich in many cultures. Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Irish… we had it all…It runs in my mind that you eat pork so you root ahead comes from the Slovak culture. I only say this because I know my childhood neighborhood was mostly Slovak and they all followed this tradition too. We also put coins on the window sill before the New Year and bring them in on New Years Day to make sure we bring in money all year round. We sweep the house clean and throw away the broom the first thing on New Years Day. ;-) We are busy bees on New Year’s Day aren’t we???

    When we relocated to Texas from NY my husband’s new employer gave us a Christmas food basket. In it were all the things needed to ensure a lovely Christmas/New years holiday. Included in the basket was a can of black eyed peas. Me, being a Yank had never heard of black eyed peas let alone know what to do with them. I soon learned black eye peas were eaten on New Years Day in the south to bring good luck. My new Texan friends shared their favorite recipes with me and faithfully every year I would put the dish on my New Years table and every year I made everyone at least put a spoonful on their plate and every year after dinner I would scrap the peas into the trash hoping I hadn’t doomed us to a year of misery. ;-) I have since relocated to Michigan and I did LOOK for the black eyed peas at our local grocery store this year but they were no where to be found in my little village. Hopefully the New Years spirits will understand my dilemma and be spared any doom!

    Anyone else have any strange traditions for New Years?

  834. “and this supposed “Christian” is the one who, on tape, made jokes about Karla Faye Tucker (“pwease dont’ kill me!”). Now she did murder and I can appreciate that not everyone shares my opposition to the death penalty. But he was making fun of someone when the state was going to kill her–reflective of what a callow person he really was”

    Donna – THANK YOU!!!! I’m always stunned that more people aren’t bothered by this. I would think that even people who are adamantly pro-death penalty would still believe in the sanctity of human life eough to not make fun of someone just before you execute them. And these are the same people who want the legal right to stake claim over a woman’s uterus based on the sanctity of human life. Again, oh the inconsistency!!!

  835. Donating blood is easy and not very painful. If anything, it’s a bit boring. And I say this as a person who has ‘cocker spaniel veins’ – hard to hit, with a tendence to roll away at the slightest encouragement.

    I’m AB neg and donate when I get the chance. It’s a little harder now, since we’re only a one-car household and I don’t work at a place currently that supports blood drives. During the eighties, when both my DH and I got laid off, I actually sold blood at a plasma center. They showed movies during the process. Once, it was “The Shining” – a film I would never have seen otherwise. My feeling is, if they advise viewer discretion, they mean me……..

  836. Dear Helen, Margaret and gang,

    I trust your holidays turned out to be as wonderful as you had hoped. We had a great time with the part of our family that came out from California. I must admit, though, that these two old octogenarians had a hard time keeping up the pace and didn’t want to cramp their style. So we just turned them loose on the beaches or whatever and took a nap until dinnertime. Worked out fine for everyone.

    Now….. thud. There is nothing quite so OVER as the holidays when they are over. We are caught up in the mess of Christmas debris and denuding the house of decorations. It’s starting to look downright naked around here! How come it is so festive putting them up but such a drag taking them all down, packing them away and storing them for another year.

    At least we have stored away a lot of beautiful memories of these holidays to tide us over through the inevitable rough patches that will surely arise in the New Year.

    I would like to say that this past year has been a memorable one for me, partly because of this blog almost from its inception and the dear friends I have made. It is a privilege to have been invited, first into Helen and Margaret’s parlor, and then when so many showed up, to have moved out onto the porch. We have had delicious varieties of pies and conversations. Perhaps most important, we have learned to know each other personally and I think I speak for most when I say we truly care about one another. I have had an opportunity to meet my friends here from many walks of life and from all over this vast country of ours. That is something rare that few of us would otherwise have a chance to do.

    Let’s face it. Most of us go through our lives pretty much in one locality with its mores and customs, and a limited circle of family, friends and work. Thanks to you, Helen and Margaret; for the most part, many of us here have expanded our horizons through sharing our experiences and sometimes intimate thoughts in a warm, accepting environment. We have given each other information that we would not otherwise have access to. I appreciate and value our relationships.

    With these musings, I wish all of you a very Happy New Year. I think we have helped make a difference by talking not only here on the blog but out and about the country with our compatriots. Lets keep it up, get out there and give ‘em a lick in 2010!!!!!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  837. A new website just launched and I wanted to invite anyone interested to check it out.

    “The Whisper of Native American stories, the Thunder of stories that demand to be told… ”


  838. OK…Then is 2 wage earners and 2 kids
    300K in the middle or above the middle class level or is that rich?

    below 70K with two children and both wage earners..considered poverty?

    Is 500K the demarcation of rich?

    Do we go by the persons house who has 4 bedrooms 2 mercedes in the drive and say
    he should not have that much?

    I’ve just been trying to find out who the takers are.. and who the distributors are?

  839. jsri, good to hear from you again. Giving blood is a very noble cause. My eldest daughter gives blood all the time. Me, not so much. I can count the times I have donated on one hand. I have always had a problem with needles. I even have to close my eyes in the movies when shots are being administered. It makes me queasy and causes my skin to crawl.

    My wife used to donate blood all the time until once they claimed she had hepatitis non A – non B, now known as C. Even though she was cleared by her physician and that was over 20 years ago, she is still black-listed and no one will take her donation.

  840. JJ, I am good with the top ten list you posted a link to today at 11:17 AM, except for number 10. I will hold out on my opinion of Obama for a bit longer. I know how determined and articulate he is and I am hopeful he will make the changes he campaigned on in time. There are minor tweaks in the right direction, and I am praying that we are moving in a more righteous path. I haven’t given up hope, despite how muddy the water still is.

    Cheney should be imprisoned, IMO. He is trying to put a spin on his legacy and knows if all the truth is revealed, he won’t be able to stop the masses from demanding he pay with his own cold blood. W was just a puppet manipulated by Cheney and company to advance their agenda. Their agenda has been documented in many sources over many years, and much of our recent history has followed its very layout.

    I support bringing criminal investigations and charges against them. A true independent investigation. Not like the sham that was done with 9/11.

  841. Time out folks!!! The negativity flowing through this blog is becoming depressing.

    Even though I agree with most of the assessments laid on the resident trolls by other commentators, I’ve decided that the time to ignore the trolls has arrived. There are too many positive things to do that don’t involve continually revisiting their ugly negativity.

    My absence from the blog for the past few months has been due to my involvement in activities at the nearby regional blood bank where I am one of a number of volunteer couriers, transporting blood from donation sites to the Blood Center’s processing facilities. It is a time consuming but satisfying activity simply because it may actually help save someone’s life.

    I’m not a stranger to donating blood. I began in 1946 when I was still in the Navy and donated on and off for the next 45 years. But when my wife was first taken ill in 2001 I began to schedule donations on a recurring 8-9 week basis and during the intervening years have managed to leave behind about five gallons of blood. And I have never had an adverse reaction from donating.

    It is an unremarkably simple procedure and the whole process takes less than an hour from beginning to end. And one hour every second month is not a significant time commitment. Although potential donors make up about 45% of the population, only about 5% participate. Age is not an issue and medications are rarely disqualifying.

    If anyone has any questions about eligibility I’ll take a shot at an answer. But think seriously about it as a New Year’s resolution. It beats troll baiting.

  842. To answer the question about redistribution, one could do it with factual checking of income levels and argue about the assigning of class nomikers to any group of people……

    But the general idea still remains. We can all agree that the flow of money in this country went straight to the top with the manipulation and encouragement of the former administration.

    That can not be denied.

    Bush, IMO, did nothing to help the American people improve their overall lot in life. His intention was to fill the pockets of those who propped him up.

  843. Amen, Poolman.

    And happy 2010 to all! :)

  844. As a Christian, I am instructed to be tolerant of others, whether I agree with them or not. It is a lesson that needs to be practiced and revisited often.

    “Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord, implore you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing TOLERANCE for one another in love, being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” Ephesians 4:1-3

    Without tolerance, we practice oppression. And we know where that leads, if we have studied any history. Tolerance requires that we must always watch where we step, as the path can sometimes be dimly lit.

    “The tolerance paradox arises from the problem that a tolerant person is antagonistic toward intolerance, hence intolerant of it. The tolerant individual is by definition intolerant of intolerance, but in so being must be intolerant of himself. This problem is at the heart of the dilemma faced by pluralist societies who wish to embrace diversity, but in doing so ostensibly exclude those who do not embrace diversity, which includes a large portion of the world’s population.”

    By choosing to ban one or something we find offensive, we are curtailing our own freedom. I have said before that I prefer variety. When I turn on the TV or radio, I can find a lot of offensive programs. I choose the ones that appeal to me, but acknowledge that the others have their audience. As long as they are not forced on me, I can tolerate them. The same holds true when I go to a bookstore, a grocery store, or clothes shopping. Not everything on the shelf is my cup of tea, but I can find the things I want among the variety that is available. That is one of the things that make this country great. Variety. Tolerance.

    May this new year give us all a greater gift of tolerance, I pray.

  845. Quotations from the last decade:


    10. “They frankly own the place.” — Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., in 2009 admitting the taboo about banks’ influence in Congress.

    9. “Haven’t we already given money to rich people … Shouldn’t we be giving money to the middle?” — President George W. Bush in November 2002, acknowledging to advisers that he knew his tax cuts were giveaways to the super-wealthy.

    8. “Keep your government hands off my Medicare.” — Anti-health care protester at an August 2009 congressional town hall meeting in South Carolina — the single most succinct sign that our country has become an Idiocracy.

  846. JuneauJoe Δ
    “Donna: Another change was the redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the top 1 %. The Republican way!!!

    By dollars ..Please define middle class?
    Two family 2 kids wage earner family.
    What is middle class? Dollar wise?

    Would really like to see what people think is the middle income bearing class?

    Then also what salary and up is the top 1%?
    I would also like to know that?

    Its a legitimate question.

  847. One last link: Cheney is talking crap and he is called out! He blew it during his 8 years in office and he has no credibility.


  848. I hope Helen and Margaret’s next post is about the past decade.

    I see it as a time when crazy was normal as long as the wealthy made more money. The gain in wealth came at the expense of the middle and lower class.

  849. I see Cheney at the one who set the policies.

    Bush was the hand puppet which Cheney would hold with his hand. Bush was on vacation and Cheney and Rumsfeld set the policy, in my mind.

    Bush was there for the ride and to show Daddy Bush that he was a kick ass guy. Jr had to prove he was Mr.Macho.

  850. Sorry but I want to respond to a blog from a couple of weeks ago
    To James, posted Dec. 11, 8:22 am

    The problem here is a failure to communicate. I agree with your premise that we need to come together, but then you try to get real witty with your writing. What exactly are you trying to say? In one breath we need to come together, and the next has a snide remark.

    Your on a mission of peace and next your gnashing your teeth wanting to wipe the smirks off their faces.
    You go on and on about hypocrisy and how things have got to change, while at the same time insulting us … ” You probably thought I meant you. You did. Didn’t you? ( some more insults) but I wasn’t. You were, but I wasn’t.
    sorry but you would have to read it.
    Maybe you were just setting the stage to get your point across.
    But in the end your going to do better,do something different. Even in your conclusions, your hurling insults and being combative. I guess the most reveling was your defense of Glen Beck.

    You should read your own letter to yourself. Especially the part on being objective and digging for the truth.
    I myself am in my fifties, and have to say, you don’t sound like you are.Where is your wisdom? As far as being jaded, everyone has their point of view but the idea of a democracy is to respect the other view. Even cherish it. Then maybe you can come to some form of agreement.
    For the people, by the people.
    You say hypocrisy. I say respect.
    Once you have respect, that takes care of hypocrisy. Your left and right shows, no matter how right or wrong, are lacking in respect. Find a format w/respect and your going to hear both sides in a civilized manner. Only then are you going to find YOUR TRUTH.

  851. and Bush paved the way for the “Muslims are evil” and “gutter religion” and similar canards.

    So, why is Cheney so vociferous in defending what they did? As opposed to quietly going away?

  852. Here is another link about the Stolen 2000 election.


    The Palm Beach Post, which conducted its own review of the ballots and also participated in a review by a consortium of media outlets, concluded: “Uncounted ballots and voter confusion cost Gore the election.”

    Actually, that’s not quite right.

    The Supreme Court’s blocking of the full and consistent recount that could have sorted through the confusion cost Al Gore an election. But the consequences were far greater for the republic, which lost a decade of its promise and possibility to the excesses and abuses of George Bush’s illegitimate presidency.

    Bush was big on the ‘My God can kick the shit out of your God’ mentality. Muslim = enemy. Muslims make up 1/2 of the worlds population

  853. and this supposed “Christian” is the one who, on tape, made jokes about Karla Faye Tucker (“pwease dont’ kill me!”). Now she did murder and I can appreciate that not everyone shares my opposition to the death penalty. But he was making fun of someone when the state was going to kill her–reflective of what a callow person he really was.

  854. Donna,

    I am with you there. I had some surreal discussions with relatives.

    They were playing the religious card.

    I tried to point out that if you want religion running a country, go to the middle east or Utah.

    Then I was in Juneau when Palin was picked and she was disaster. I am just so glad that she did not become VP.

    The whole Republican Run needed to end.

  855. JuneauJoe–I just remember my naivete in believing that anyone could possibly take Bush seriously. And how stunned I was that those who wanted him in power were able to persuade enough people that they could manage to take the election away.

  856. Donna: I am hoping that today others will come off with their interpretations of the past decade.

    Another thing taken from us during the last decade was our freedoms. Cheney/ Bush could look at all of our personal and economic information and it was actually illegal, but they did it anyway.

    Bush – Cheney sure were liars, but we had the ‘you love terrorists’ lies thrown at us. They sure lined their pockets while taking away our rights and our money.

  857. good for you, JuneauJoe! Love to bike, never skiied or snowboarded (we are not in an area for snow).

  858. Resolution: Stay in shape. I want to be able to bike ride 20 miles or ski, snowboard or hike when the weather conditions are right.

  859. Has anyone here ever picked cotton?

    Really..perhaps because it was not a job to be done..but to just stand in a field and pick some

    The bowls are sharp. The cotton so very soft.
    Reaching for the cotton and extracting it without getting hurt is quite a job.

    In short what our history of the land and America
    demonstrates is what Honney Jo’s people had to do to eeek out a living. They had no gloves and were many times paid according to the weight of their bags.

    I live in the middle of cotton country. I decided to take some back to my original home where they only see the cotton in t-shirts.

    If you can and are passing a cotton field someday, stop and pull yourself some cotton.

  860. that is an absolutely fantastic link–and summary. Thanks.

  861. Donna: Another change was the redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the top 1 %. The Republican way!!!

    5. The fact that 2/3 of all economic growth went to top 1%. John Kennedy’s social contract had a rising tide lifting all boats. But over the last decade 2/3 of all economic growth has gone to the top 1% of income earners. Meanwhile the middle class has suffered a $13 trillion writedown in wealth as a result of the housing collapse. The banking bailout and the health care “reform” debate showed as never before the extent to which corporations have captured government and use it to redirect national wealth to themselves and their owners.

    6. The Neo-Feudalization of the American economy. The top 1% of wealth holders own 41% of all the assets in the country while the bottom 40% own absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, workers are saddled with $12 trillion of national debt, an effective indentured servitude that will bind them to their corporate masters for the rest of their lives. This is the working definition of feudalism, where the rich own everything and everybody else has nothing but their proffered labor and their obligations to their masters. The Hapsburgs, the Tudors, and the Bourbons would be jealous.

  862. and yet the Hannitys and Palins of the world thank Bush for “keeping us safe.”

  863. That stolen election, got us into Iraq.

    That stolen election made the terrorists the king pins they are today. Bush was so inept in putting Rumsfeld in charge and then taking our top troops out of Afghanistan.

    Bin Laden is still around – planning. His goal was to get the US and UK into a protracted war – he won.

  864. JuneauJoe–I have always viewed the election as stolen but didn’t know that it was actually determined that Gore would have won in Florida. My gosh–what a different world this would have been.

  865. And so I suggest we change the subject. Resolutions? Mine is to exercise more, save more, and travel to Alaska.

  866. We have a new decade and it is time to look back.

    2000: It started with a stolen election by Bush.
    Here is a link showing some significant decisions made 2000-2090.

    The Supreme Court hijacking the 2000 presidential election. This isn’t even a historical controversy anymore. Al Gore won the national popular vote by 570,000. And we now know he would have won the Florida vote as well if the vote counting had not been stopped by the Supreme Court. This was literally a right wing judicial coup d’ etat, so it’s understandable that it’s never mentioned in the “right” kind of circles.


    Go Ducks!!!

  867. Giving attention in the 3rd person is still giving attention. Please don’t allow yourselves to be manipulated.

  868. And we move into the second day of this blog being dominated by the very manipulative Craig, and not for the first time. Fool me once (and he did) shame on him, fool me twice (no way) shame on me.

  869. Gale, I join in with Donna in discusing Craig. I do no find him funny or amusing or anything else. I still equate im with a school yard bully drawing a line in the sand and daring anyone to cross it. Then whining when no one does. Age jokes, racial jokes, (at least jokes to him) are rudeand show lack of manners. By the way, we hear his wife iis a Dr. What does he do?

    I wrote Happy New Year to all of you last night but hit wrong key and it went sailing off into cyberspace.

    So again many thanks to all of you for the enjoyment of all ( well most) of your posts. And most of all not critizing my typing or spelling!!

    I have the HOPE that this y ear is going to be better ffor us all.

    Critizing our President because of who he is, what he has done etc is reprehensible. Compared to the previous years that left us in such a mess that is.

    Happy New Year!

  870. “and if you are not a pork eater that’s OK too you just CAN NOT eat chicken or you will scratch all year”

    LOL What??!! That’s a new one on me. I had turkey sausage this morning, does that count? I don’t feel any itchier yet!

  871. Ok fine peps enjoy your holiday. I for one am off to lose myself in a day of football watching and pork eating (you HAVE to eat pork on New Year’s Day, and if you are not a pork eater that’s OK too you just CAN NOT eat chicken or you will scratch all year) ;-)


  872. Gale, you might not have been offended by the joke and see nothing wrong with it but others were.

    You may think the country has become to PC.

    Maybe, maybe not, but I think good manners and just being “nice” to someone or trying to not intentionally HURT someone’s feelings never goes out of fashion.

    When a person hurts someone’s feelings or offends them, intentional or not, don’t you think the polite thing to do is apologize and try NOT to do it repeatedly?

  873. Gale–I’m happy to respond to your question. I have no role here at all. I am a frequent visitor but, with the exception of the last few days, rarely post.

    Now, I do believe that ugliness warrants–no, requires–an objection. To tolerate it is to countenance it. And when that ugliness is repeated, I believe a strongly worded objection is appropriate. Finally, I believe the ugliness says a great deal about the person conveying it.

    In that context, I disagree with you that anything posted by Craig remotely equates to anything that Helen or Margaret have posted. They are genuinely funny. They are capable of pointing out the hypocricy and inconsistency of certain people without making ethnic “jokes.” Indeed, I am unaware of them ever making a statement that is derogatory of anyone’s racial background.

    I don’t believe there are “rangers” and I certainly am not one. That’s simply another Craig attempt at manipulation. If you have followed his postings since he first appeared on this blog, insulting the hosts, he follows a regular pattern. Arrive and insult. Get response. Come back and appear conciliatory. Engage. Then say something ugly and hateful. Be slapped for it. Then whine about how nobody tolerates different viewpoints or how people “can’t take a joke.” Or the ubiquitous “lighten up.”

    My dear, I don’t believe this is a question of what is or is not “PC.” I believe this is an issue of someone who is, purely and simply, looking for attention and willing to say anything that will result in a focus on him. And then he can do the “poor, poor Craig” routine.

    Not sure when you started to read the blog or if you have seen the history of his postings. But please–if you have time, go back for a bit and see. And I believe you will understand why I (and apparently others) think so poorly of him–he has earned it.

    There are people who post who are conservative that are always welcome. Even a crusty curmudgeon like UAW is genuinely loved. If you saw some of HIS postings, you’d be shocked. BUT he is basically a good and decent person and it comes across.

    I guess we disagree that Craig’s postings aren’t racist. And I guess we disagree that he is not an absolute ass (e.g., responding to my query about whether anyone had seen “Precious” by saying he thought it was “adorable”–as though the story of an HIV-positive incest victim was the equivalent of Bambi). We also apparently disagree that he has ever posted anything remotely humorous. But that’s ok–I am (as best as I can tell) not alone in my viewpoint that he is someone whose posts are unworthy of consideration. And (as best as I can tell) you are not alone in your viewpoint that they are.

  874. I realize your not defending me..but any inkeling will get you a less than desirable welcome.

    But Thanks. I feel the same way about this blog and what “it” was suppose to accomplish.

  875. I’m actually not defending you (Craig) so much as posting my request that you NOT be banned from posting here. I think the calls to do so are irrational and felt the need to speak from the other side. (And of course it’s way to late to save myself from the Rangers! That would have involved NOT hitting the “submit comment” button!)

    I also don’t understand Donna’s role here. Donna, are you the host/moderator? With your commentary on what seems like just about every post, I am just curious.

    If any reader here does not see the vicious attacks on Craig, perhaps you should read some of the commentary again! Read from my perspective this morning, it was pretty ugly!

    Quite frankly, I love the M&H posts. I certainly agree with their take on things! But surely my compadres on the left MUST see that Helen pokes humor in the same way as Craig! No I have not seen his comments as racist – just less than PC (and I for one think there’s way too much PC going on these days, anyway!!!)

    (Oh dear. I shall be banned for sure now!)

  876. Gale..YOu don’t want the Blogger Rangers out for ya…

    They will threaten to have your mouth taped and shut and banned from the porch if you show the slightest sign of of not falling in behind their way of thinking.

    It’s their Blog and they don’t like outsiders who
    make waves. Marshall Donna will have to pay you a visit or run to Matthew if you keep it up Gale.

    Don’t defend me Gale..I’m OK.
    Great New Year ahead..with Great Prospects for CHANGE.

  877. Sorry, I had to see what all the fuss was about…

    “President Obama will be making no more public speeches in Texas ….

    He claims every time he gets up on stage, behind the podium, to make a speech, some damn West Texas cotton farmer starts bidding on him.”

    I suppose it depends on how you take this. It could be a jab at the President for being black, or it could be a jab at ignorant, hateful, prejudiced Texans who still think black people should still be in chains. But in any event, it does make light of a very serious and sad part of our country’s history, and not many of us here would find this joke funny. I think a joke is funny if the audience thinks it’s funny. Craig knows his audience, and knows few here would find it funny, therefore his intention was obviously NOT to simply tell a joke. It was, as Donna said, to make people here angry. The irony of it is, Obama is a member of a small percentage of African Americans whose ancestry does not include slavery, since his father was from Kenya and his people were most likely never slaves here in America. I guess it is true that some white people see a black man, any black man, anywhere, and just think “he’s mine to subjegate and own, and beat down to keep from getting too “uppity”.” And that’s not funny, that’s sad. It seems Craig is perhaps one of these white people, which is why he thinks this joke is funny. I think many white tea baggers are also of this frame of mind. I personally know at least one, and personally know someone whose sister is also one.

    I must admit I’m torn. Whle I really don’t want to see this site become riddled with long pointless, fruitless debates back and forth ad nauseum, but on the other hand, Craig allows us to get a good close up look at how a conservative’s heart and mind work and what’s behind it all. It’s very hard to resist not holding it up and saying “look, see, this is what they think, and this is why they are wrong!”

    Of course, that’s preaching to the choir here. And no one here is going to reform him, and he’s not going to reform anyone here.

    Gale, I respect your feelings as well, but I can’t really see where he has been subjected to anger or “knives” that he did not deserve. You come into someone’s home and start telling them how stupid they are and start insulting them and making silly jokes at the expense of things they hold dear, you kind of bring any wrath you may receive on yourself.

    I guess I see both sides, and will defer to the wisdom of the monitors here.

    As for the Gingrich quote, it’s obviously not true, as anyone who takes the time to research just a little bit knows what good work Obama did as a community organizer, and the good legislation he got passed as senator, and of course the hope of many much better things to come in the future. But even if it were true, we still saw him as the better choice, and I for one still think he was. And that’s much of an indictment of McCain and Sister Sarah than Obama.

  878. Admittedly there are some people’s posts I just skip right over when I see the name. So I am kind of outtta the loop when it comes to the latest M&H scuttlebutt. However, I take it from the people’s posts I do read, there have been racist remarks posted. I join Donna and her zero tolerance for those types of posts. IMHO those remarks should be removed from the porch, even IF (and I doubt) they are meant to be funny. For me reading and participating in internet forums mimics my behaviors in real life. If I enjoy being around someone I seek them out and engage, if I don’t, I avoid = scroll, and when that isn’t possible I compartmentalize them in a box labeled “not worth it”. UNLESSSSSS they are bullies, racists, or harming my family. Then watch out brother. You have to know I am a double Libra Scorpio rising though … soooo I look for peace… most of the time..;-)

    It goes without saying not everyone is a double Libra Scorp (what a shame.. ;-p) and approach life differently than I (imagine that!) , to those people I say be true to yourself. Peace all.

  879. Gale–obviously you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. However, I believe that someone who posts “jokes” about Native Americans and “beads and Maker’s Mark” or about “bidding” on the President has crossed the line. If you don’t believe those sorts of statements are racist, I’m not sure what is.

    The fact that he posts such noxious things, much less purports to do so as “humor” is not what causes me to believe he is mentally ill–and I do. That is based on a pattern which has existed since he first posted (an insult about the hosts’ age and supposedly impending death): the frantic efforts to get people to pay attention to him.

    Please let me be clear. I do not give one whit about the fact that his views purport to be different. Some of the people I love and admire most in the world are politically conservative. But I deeply object to racism and it’s even more offensive when someone attempts to justify it as “humor.” Really? The situation of Native Americans is funny? Slavery is a good laugh?

    I believe that Craig has no interest whatsoever in a civil or respectful exchange of ideas and that he is here for one purpose: to try to get people to pay attention to him. I also believe that, in that effort, he has crossed a line that I hope the hosts of the blog will not tolerate. Perhaps they will–it’s their blog and their decision.

    If Craig is not blocked, then people need to make their own choices how to respond. You apparently believe Craig has something to say–if so, engage away. But for those like myself who believe he is beyond the pale, I urge you to scrupulously ignore him. Don’t take the bait, recognize that all he wants is someone to upset and anger, and that there is nothing more or other than that at play.

  880. Thank you Gale, you expressed my sentiments better than I could have. I have enjoyed this Blog since the beginning. However, on this last post of Helen’s the turn that has occurred holds no interest to me anymore. I may not have offered much but I have learned a lot and broadened my horizons.

    Several posters that I respect have even had their posts criticized as to the information they are providing. One example was Poolman’s information on conspiracy theories. He was asked to move the information elsewhere. To me that is like banning books from the library. Freedom of speech is an important freedom that all must defend and uphold.

    It’s time to take the high road like Werner did. Helen, you created a great journey and I wish you and Margaret and your family a Happy New Year.


  881. vgmanΔ, I thought of you this morning when I read this.. ;-)


  882. I’m not sure why there’s so much brouhaha about Craig. He freely admits he likes to push buttons. You can allow your button to be pushed, or move on; that is your choice.

    I read through Craig’s comments this morning because there are a few who have asked that he be removed. I fail to see why. He does not agree with the political views of the left (raising my hand here, indicating membership in the left as a proud liberal), but his comments show reasoned thinking, occasionally peppered with less-than-politically-correct humor.

    I find Craig’s comments to be less offensive than many of the reactions to Craig’s posts. I, for one, do not want to see ONLY my own belief structure spoken back to me: I already know what I believe and why. I want to hear opinions that make me stretch my brain cells to think deeper. The reason we have two major parties is because opposition is healthy & keeps “the other side” in check. If there is no CIVIL discourse, we end up with bad law. Craig is mostly civil until he responds to some of the unbelievably viscious attacks I’ve read this morning. If you disagree with Craig, do so civilly and with respect – you will probably get the same treatment in return.

    I disagree with calls to ban Craig from these boards even though I may disgree with Craig’s political views. I do not see his comments as racist or mentally ill. What I personally would like to see more of is CIVIL discourse rather than the fiery knives thrown back at Craig by some of you enjoying the banter on this blog.

    (CRAIG: Yes, a book sale is a book sale. Doesn’t matter if one person on “the right” bought a million copies; that is still considered one million books sold. And – yes, as a matter of fact, the Bible IS the best-selling book of all time.)

    Happy New Year, all. May this decade enjoy more civil discourse than the last.

  883. Happy New Year All!

  884. Matthew–Happy New Year to you and your dear grandmother and her friend. I love this blog. I love Margaret and Helen’s posts. And I love virtually all of the posts that I read here–of all viewpoints and opinions.

    But, I have to respectfully ask you to consider blocking Craig. He admits that his purpose in coming on here is to “push buttons.” In other words, he is an admitted troll–someone who comes on to this blog in order to get a response. It’s sad, it’s pathetic. But it’s a colossal waste of time and space and it does a real disservice to the genuinely decent and intelligent people who frequent this wonderful blog.

    Moreover, he actually defends the dreadful, insulting things he says as “humor” and equates his nonsense to the tradition of such comedic geniuses as Mel Brooks. Now, Mr. Brooks’ humor is salty and it’s sometimes based on ethnicity. But it is never, EVER mean-spirited or hateful. Moreover, because behind it is a genuine love of and appreciation for others, it really is funny.

    In contrast, this jackass is wholly lacking in humor. Instead, he spouts this ugly, bigotry and then rationalizes it as “humor” and tells those who are understandably offended to “lighten up.”

    The fact is that the person who refers to himself as Craig is a garden variety troll, who lurks on this blog for his own sad and pathetic reason but, in the process, distracts from the insights, wisdom and genuinely funny observations of your grandmother and her dear friend. The question becomes–should it be tolerated? This isn’t a situation of an opposing viewpoint. It is one where a single individual freely admits that he says things for no purpose other than to provoke others. That, purely and simply, is a desperate bid for attention at the expense of well-meaning people.

    I am not prone to diagnosing others, much less from a distance. But I believe that anyone who has seen more than a few “Craig posts” can recognize him as someone who is deeply troubled. While one can feel compassion for him, there’s no reason to tolerate ugliness, bigotry, immaturity, and the other bullshit to which he subjects others in his sad effort to have someone acknowledge that he exists. This is an extraordinary blog and he simply doesn’t deserve to be permitted to share it.

  885. Happy New Year everybody! Hope 2010 brings good tidings to all! Poolman, thanks for being on this porch. Your wisdom is amazing.

  886. Same here, Poolman! Lord, hear our prayer.

  887. Happy New Year to our gracious hosts, Helen and Margaret! Peace to all the gang and visitors to the porch!

    Here we are with an end to a year that had many victories and many defeats. All in all, it has been enlightening. The long and winding road we take always brings us back to the beginning. For those of us enslaved by this calendar, here we are, back to square one. A chance to start fresh. A renewal of sorts. Resolutions. Repentence. Hope. Some of us get that chance every day.

    “Now we look inside, and what we see is that anyone united with the Messiah gets a fresh start, is created new. The old life is gone; a new life burgeons! Look at it!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

    I wish everyone that visits here blessings in the coming year. May the Creator smile on you and shine His wonderful glory in your presence as we step through this journey. May He go before you filling the potholes, striping the pavement, and providing the correct signage, to enable you to follow the most equitable path, I pray.

    Happy New Year! :grin:

  888. And p.s., no one threw any kind of a hissy fit when Nixon actually BOWED to Hirohito. I don’t mind the hate, the blind fear, the closed mindedness anywhere near as much as I mind the INCONSISTENCY!!!

  889. “It’s just that I think Rev.Wright might be the meanest person, maybe even a pig..Nope Make it an absolute ass who should be sent to a place where he would be more comfortable …
    perhaps with HoneyJoRumpels….

    Sorry Honey JO to drag you into this..but I had no place to put him where he would be comfortable…”

    LOL I thought my ears were burning!! Actually, I don’t know how comfortable Rev. Wright would be at my place, or how comfortable I would be with him here, but I can’t entirely disagree with his sentiment, either. That is, when you actually take the trouble, as I did, to read the whole sermon in its entirety. The Tuskegee experiments were in fact horrific and really something every American should be ashamed of. I think those of us who actually have a conscience and half a brain are. The same with the Japanese internment camps, where American citizens, some with as little as 1/16th Japanese blood, were stripped of their rights, freedoms, property, businesses, assets, etc. etc. etc. because of knee-jerk fear mongering. And as for Fat Man and Little Boy, yes, Hirohito hit us first, but didn’t take out anywhere near as many innocent civilians as we did, and he didn’t hit us with anything so toxic as to kill all flora and fauna and still cause birth defects three decades after the fact like the stuff we nuked them with. And yet when I visited Honalulu about 12 years ago, the workers at the Polynesian Visitors’ Center were so openly rude to Japanese tourists, even ones too young to even have had parents who were alive during WWII, it was embarrassing and awkward. C’mon people, we got them back times 10, it’s time we let that one go. “God DAMN America!!” is pretty strong, theatrical language, indeed. But, I still can’t imagine the Lord I understand and love was smiling down on us with approval on those fateful points in history. Those 70,000 innocent Japanese men, women and children, those unwitting black men who thought they were getting medical care and were not even told they were being allowed to die and being deliberately denied health care, or even told they were sick, those American citizens who happened to have had Japanese ancestry at the wrong time in history, they were all God’s children, too.

    Cheers and happy new year to all!

  890. Fingers crossed!!! Do we dare to hope for an inability to reach an agreement for the next year?


    Chloe, I’m glad that you all had a great time in the snow. Our weather says it could happen again.

    Donna, LOL! I was looking through squinted eyes and laughing. Then, I got that “surprised” look with my eyebrows raised when I read your comment. Tis so true, my friend. Tis so true.

    I didn’t like the “bigging” joke either. He’s like my nine year old nephew. He thinks his bathroom humor is funny. I have more tolerance for a child than an alleged adult, though.

    Folks, let’s be safe. No drinking and driving. And remember: They never, ever look (the next morning) like they did the night before at closing time. ha ha!!

    CHEERS to us all!! ¥

    Godspeed to Afghanistan where it is already Twenty-Ten!

  891. Happy New Year, everybody. Wishing for a better 2010, with unemployment continuing to drop and the US continuing to rejoin the civilized world. We’ll have some more labor pains (pun intended), but I think we’re on the right track.

    With regard to haters like Rush and others – I don’t think it’s good for my karma to wish harm on anybody, even those who actively work to inflict it on others. (Stopping them is another matter – we have to do that). But they always remind me that ‘beauty is only skin deep, ugly goes right to the bone’. I wouldn’t touch them with a gazillion foot pole, and I won’t miss them when they go.

    And with regard to recipes and travelogues….I feel sorry for the one-trick ponies, but you know, their trick will come around again. They could just wait for it. If branching out is too hard.

  892. Must say, without his wife, the Troll would be just another loser waiting for the next teabag event.

    I would not be surprised if his wife were ready to divorce his worthless butt. Then he would have to go back to being a greeter at the WalMart.

    Poor Troll. You really are a sad piece of work.

  893. Happy New Year Margaret and Helen and all your family and extended family here. Folks like you come along once in a New Year’s Eve Blue Moon.

    And write a new post soon, please. This one is getting pretty long in the tooth for dial-up. Hope you are all staying well.

    Love from Alaska.

  894. Rachel Maddow calls out that hypocrite Cheney!


  895. Craig, STFU already. We do NOT care what you think.
    I mean it, really. Really. I mean it.
    Find some other troll space where they might think you are clever, obviously, this ain’t it, cowboy!
    Adios already. Have a nice life.

  896. OK..One more time…

    I’m sure you all have watched “Blazing Saddles”
    many times.

    Perhaps most of you even have DVD’s or VHS copies.

    But humor is humor. Hell watch the National press club videos and see your own nations President take heat.

    Mel..and I’m not Mel Brooks..nor pretend to be..but he made fun of every race, creed, color and gays..yet it rates as one of the best comedy movies of all times.

    So I pass along a joke that came to me..and none of you in your “glass houses have not made fun of Palin and her children?

    So lighten up..OK Rangers?

  897. The Sarah Palin 2009 news letter.



  898. I, too, was offended by the “bidding” joke.

    And, again…..


    Getting to the end of a two week holiday vacation can get me going when I see spelling mistakes.
    A whole set of essays to grade before Monday and my red pen is just rarin’ to go!

  899. Donna, perhaps we can both submit a suggestion to the “Ask” section that Balloon Boy’s Dad should be permanently banned for the racist joke. I for one am particularly offended by it, and I apologize for not taking this action a long time ago. If anyone else has had enough, feel free to join us.

  900. Its amazing. I read Helens comments about her language and she has no problems with cuss words or most rants.
    But I have never used the N word or the F word.
    So its been amusing to observe how you treat visitors to “your porch”.

    But what I have seen on this board..when prompted is really a lot of intolerant people.

    Yes I write to see what buttons I can push.
    Many of you are already primed with ammunition that you have used time and time again.
    Your rhetoric is consistently anti everything
    prior to President Obama. Cheney this..Bush that…Tea party BS and knocking Palin.

    Oh and I must not forget the numerous menus,
    recipes, crystals and potions posted and available for every need or want. And the travelogs as well…I almost know everything there is to know about Alaska. And all from the comfort of my office.

    Then finally there are the self appointed rangers for this blog. You know who you are. Your here to
    diagram, translate and spew what you consider to be the proper responses to people who do not line up appropriately on the porch.

    And yes DONNA I truly am married to a doctor. A very good one and one who fixes your kids when you break them.. .and she is half Italian…so lasagna is ready for New Years EVE.

    Have a safe one…
    and we will talk again in 2010.

  901. All are invited..!

    /31/2009 10:20 AM
    By: The Associated Press

    ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (AP) – The Otero Tea Party Patriots and two other groups are planning a rally in Alamogordo on Saturday for people who want to voice their dissatisfaction with health care reform legislation, big government and the Obama administration.

    Aside from the usual poster board signs, participants are encouraged to bring their guns.

    Police Lt. Hal Alton says a permit allowing the Otero Tea Party Patriots, the Alamogordo Second Amendment Task Force and the Sons of Liberty Riders to hold the weekend rally was approved Wednesday.

    Alton says officers will monitor the rally, but he expects it will be a lawful assembly.

    It’s legal to openly carry a firearm in most places in New Mexico. Exceptions include bars, schools and a few other places.

    Alton says at least 150 people are expected to participate.

  902. no one’s puppet: better put than I did. Thanks!

  903. Understood–and we all share that impulse. But this troll wants attention and behaves atrociously (I personally think Matthew ought to block him for that business about “bidding” on the President). We validate the bad behavior by even acknowledging him.

    I suppose there are people who can gain insight and become better people if you don’t validate bad behavior. But this guy is not one of them–it’s too deep-seated, too much of a pattern, and I say just ignore the twisted SOB. Yes, he’s pathetic. Yes, he has all sorts of problems and is doubtless a complete failure. But, to be blunt, I don’t give a crap. He doesn’t belong on this porch, with these fine hostesses, and this great group of bright, interesting, and worthwhile people.

  904. Donna speaks the truth that I only hinted at, but we are lay people, and even professionals don’t treat mental illness at a distance. Granted it isn’t likely that this individual of whom we speak will ever seek the help he desperately needs, to say he doesn’t know he is off kilter would be wrong, but still he gets his jollies from exploiting the illness. He is the same person who writes bizarre letters to the editor of small newspapers, because they are still willing to print them. He, and his ilk, come here for any reaction, good or bad, because in real life he doesn’t exist, as for me he doesn’t exist.

    I am a fan of Rev. Wright, because I watched the entire sermon, and I would remind everyone, that the snippet that caused all the controversy was, (if I recall correctly the individual he quoted a former Republican appointed to the United Nations), a quotation. The good reverend explained who he was quoting and even held up fingers from both hands in quotation marks at the beginning and at the end of the quote.

    If he wants a real life without the imaginary wife, the one who lives with him in the middle of the junkyard, he needs an incentive to quite acting like an ass and get some help for himself. I handled my two-year olds’ tantrums by placing them in their cribs and leaving the room. I guess this particular troll is long overdo.

  905. Donna,

    After Buttons and Grandma Katie got involved, I just could not resist. I might add that in the media, I am amazed at how much air time Repub zealots are getting. Dear Troll is just spitting out the usual stupidity of Cheney, Newt and Palin. It is easy to knock down their arguments. Those fools are simply trying to rewrite history to make themselves look wonderful to teabaggers.

    Mentally Ill – I agree!

    Whacked out Rev: Check out Palin’s Rev Muthee!
    He declared a woman a witch and her home was burned and she was run out of town. He said some pretty crazy stuff too.

    Our Troll is like a student I had that got kids to beat him up because of his attention need. That boy would call kids super filthy names in the hall and stairs. A little girl blasted him after his filthy mouth and she had a cast on her wrist. A big black and blue eye by a little girl. She got in trouble, inhouse suspension. That little girl was cheered when she got back to class because so many wanted to do that.

  906. U.S. Offers An Official Apology to Native Americans

    Washington Wire HOME PAGE »

    By John D. McKinnon

    Buried in the billions of dollars of spending on new weapons and other items in the 2010 defense appropriations bill is a little-noticed expression of regret over how the U.S. had in the past used its power.

    The bill contains an “apology to Native Peoples of the United States.”

    The multi-year effort to pass the language was bipartisan: Sens. Sam Brownback (R., Kan.) and Byron Dorgan (D., N.D.) led the campaign, which began in 2004. President Barack Obama signed the language, apparently the first official apology to Native Americans, into law on Monday.

    Congress has previously approved apologies to Japanese-Americans interned during World War II, and to native Hawaiians for the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The House and Senate recently have passed different resolutions apologizing for slavery in the U.S.

    The just-approved language says, in part, that “the United States, acting through Congress…recognizes that there have been years of official depredations, ill-conceived policies, and the breaking of covenants by the Federal Government regarding Indian tribes.”

    The U.S. “apologizes on behalf of the people of the United States to all Native Peoples for the many instances of violence, maltreatment, and neglect inflicted on Native Peoples by citizens of the United States,” the statement says, adding that it is committed “to move toward a brighter future where all the people of this land live reconciled as brothers and sisters, and harmoniously steward and protect this land together.”

    The statement adds, however, that it isn’t intended to support any lawsuit claims against the government (and there are still plenty).

  907. Spot on! Donna, you called it exactly the way I saw it as well. When Grandma Katie responded, the troll ‘jumped’ all over the response with a
    “Yes! Finally! I got the attention!” And then probably did a victory dance in front of his computer.

    Thou art a wiseman. What you have to say always brings us treasures in words.

    I remember learning about a prophet in the Bible (was it Jeremiah?) who spoke to the people of Judah and Israel and said in paraphrase,
    “Repent! You are an abomination to the Lord. Your nations do not deserve the grace which awaits those who honor and fear the goodness of my name.”

    How is that any different than Rev. Wright? He’s only seeing what has happened to our society around us. The ignorance, the looking away from the poor, the greed, etc.

    What other words would a man of God speak as a representative of the Lord?

    “Look, America….you’re doing a fine job?”


    Happy New Year everyone!

    I’m glad we have a President who THINKS things through.

  908. I share your ambivalence. The fact is that no matter who or what it was, the worst elements of the right wing media would exaggerate, distort, and exploit. And the ignorant would run with it (remember how Mrs. Obama said in an interview that they didn’t let the girls run wild with Christmas presents? That was turned into a sign of their “Muslim-ism.”).

    But how do you effectively dispute someone who speaks from the “cover” of a religious position?

    There is a large (but thankfully still a minority) percentage of the population who will continue to pray for the President’s death, fight his policies even if they benefit them, and strut behind the notion of “the greatest country on the face of the earth” to justify the worst sort of actions and atrocities. And there will be those–like Limbaugh and Hannity and Beck and Palin–who will get rich off of them.

  909. Donna and Poolman… I agree whole heartedly.
    The rev said nothing unture or hateful when read in context..

    There are alternative worlds when it comes to politics and just about everything else, especially now in the world of sound bites and 24-7 “news”. Obama’s peps should have known that and did a terrible job of handling that situation… politically…..

    The problem has always been that the democratic candidate would shy away from calling religious leaders out on some of the more controversial stuff they have said. And lord knows there have been tons we could have exploited… we never have…. Perhaps that will change in future elections…. I have to say I am not sure I want it to though… Do you?

  910. He is indeed.

  911. You’re a good man, Poolman.

  912. Poolman–thank you! I couldn’t agree more. I have always thought the exploitation of Rev. Wright’s sermons was the cheapest sort of peandering. When considered in context, I very much agree with what he says. It is the preening fools like Hannity who carry on about how the President is “apologizing” and about “American exceptionalism” that are the ones who are so wrong and so dishonest.

  913. I have listened to some of the Rev. Wright’s sermons and must say I do agree with them. Of course everything can be twisted in meaning when taken out of context. And that is how the majority of Americans operate. Whether we are talking about the bible and religion or our constitution and founding documents. I was always taught to read ALL the instructions and to read the the complete chapter of a book. That same can apply to a sermon or a conversation. In that way, knowing the full context and perspective of the author will help one gain a more full understanding of the message as intended.

    Politically it is not correct to bash this country or point out our many wrongs and misdeeds over our history. This is all seen as merely inflammatory rhetoric. So, as a politician, this is not acceptable. Politicians are like salesmen in that they always are pushing their product and showing it in the best light and situation.

    But from my pastor, I want the truth, regardless whether it is good or bad. It greatly encourages me to know our president sat through many of these sermons for so many years. Many of the rose colored glasses crowd will be offended, but then they will have to face the truth one day – ready or not. I look at our record in this land and on the world stage and see the munipulation our government has done over the years and is still doing. It is not a pretty picture, no matter what name you give it.

    As far as Rush is concerned, I did pray for him when I heard of his situation. I cannot wish harm on anyone, as I believe strongly in karma. He has made his own bed and will have to sleep in it. All his money cannot fix his health or alter his eternal destiny. The wealth may even hinder the best results, IMO. I don’t have to listen to his babble, though I generally have to address some of his misinformation with those I know who listen to him religiously. To them, he’s a prophet. To me, he’s a pompous ass.

    As far as Guantanamo and our war on terror. Everything we have done so far, with the exception of a few minor things, has made us less safe on the world stage, IMO. We imprisoned some people with no cause other than others were rewarded for turning them in. Those that we have held for so long, whether justly or not, now have a very good reason to call us an enemy and aid others in our demise. We have created much more chaos and hatred toward us than we had prior to 9/11.

    So go ahead and keep the rose colored glasses on. Life can be too painful and scary sometimes when taken in large doses of reality. Dillusional is most folks favorite state of mind anyway. We have so many distractions and alternate realities that we all function in to avoid the real world.

    To me, our worst criminals, those that have affected the most lives, have been in our government. We seem to reward them instead of punishing them. We let them operate outside of our law. There is a long karma train coming around the bend. Room enough for everyone to ride. All aboard!

  914. JuneauJoe–I am laughing. It is so hard to ignore, isn’t it? But scroll back over the troll’s posts of the last two days and it is so obvious that the only thing this is about is demanding attention. Whether it is a feigned attempt at pleasantness or a ghastly “joke” about someone “bidding” on our President, that’s all it is.

    As you step back and read the post, then one in a few minutes, then an attempt to try a different tack, then a juvenile attempt at humor, then something really obnoxious, then “THANK GOD–GRANDMA KATIE ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEDGED MY PRESENCE!!! I EXIST!!!” it’s as clear as can be. In fact, if you take a few minutes and do that, I think it will be very apparent why it truly accomplishes nothing to respond or engage. The troll is like a tick and any reaction allows it to gorge.

    Craig is mentally ill–there’s no two ways about it. But why feed the illness?

  915. Troll: Please check out Jonbathan Turley on the legal system vs torture. (Reid the shoe bomber was tried and convicted under Cheney bush.) It took bush 7 days to respond when Reid had his shoe bomb incident.


    Troll: I feel sorry for you!!!! Let me see: We should go to war in Yeman, Iran as well as continue Iraq and Afghanistan. TROLL – JOIN THE MILITARY PLEASE – they need more folks to go kick some Muslin ass.

    Happy New year and I thank God we have Obama as President to make decisions.

    Who got all they wanted from 2000 – 2010: Terrorists! They got the US (and allies) into unending wars to empty our pockets. The leaders were basically let go by Cheney/Bush and they have been rebuilding steadily since the initial bombing in Afghanistan. (Bush could have finished them off but decided to go invade a country which had nothing to do with the bombing of the Twin Towers. LIES GOT US INTO IRAQ!)

    Happy New Year all!!!!

  916. Let us give thanks to Obama…
    as he wants the terrorists treated as criminals with “rights”. Praise be to Allah, huh Hussein Obama.

    As a prisoner at Guantanamo, Said Ali al-Shihri said he wanted freedom so he could go home to Saudi Arabia and work at his family’s furniture store.

    Instead, al-Shihri, who was released is now deputy leader of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsul