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Posted by: Helen Philpot | November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Letter to the Family 2009

Dear Family,

This year I am thankful to have you as my family rather than a normal American family.  I say that because Sarah Palin is fond of talking about her family being a normal American family.

Last time I checked everyone in my family knows where Africa is on a globe. Everyone goes to college after high school.  We’ve had no teen pregnancies as of yet and no one has appeared in Playgirl.  If the Palins are a normal American family, I guess my bunch of anti-American socialists are fine by me.

But we have our own issues.   For instance, some of us are Aggies and others are Longhorns.   Which makes for interesting choices for some of you.  If a football game is more important than Thanksgiving, then consider this my last will  and testament:  When I die, it’s all going to charity

Thanksgiving dinner will be moved to Friday after all of you have returned from your important tailgating party.  And now that I have made that little sacrifice, I am sure you will all work extra hard to comply with a few rules.

  1.  Cloe.  I am begging you honey.  None of that Jello crap.  No one eats it and the garbage stinks for a week after I throw it out.  You and Jello are like Palin and McCain.   How many times before you learn no one wants seconds much less firsts.
  2. Jennifer.  Your children are cute.  We all can agree on that.  Your husband’s video camera capturing every runny nose and  bowel movement– not so much.  Keep this up honey and you’ll have one posing for Playgirl before you know it.  It’s just not natural to be that comfortable in front of a camera. Ten minutes of video when you first arrive and then the camera goes back into the camera bag. 
  3. Trudy.  If your brother and sister want to come, they can be on time like everyone else.  If they are late again this year, they can eat what the dogs don’t finish. 
  4. Rhonda.   It’s my oven and once again I’ll  be using it right up until mealtime.  If you can’t bring something that doesn’t require heating, then don’t bring anything at all.
  5. Mary.    Your kid’s dirty shoes and my clean sofa have never met.  Let’s keep it that way.
  6. If you are a meat-eater, try a vegetable for your health.   If you are a vegetarian, try the stuffing for the bacon.  Either way, you’ll be cured of what ails you.
  7. If I see one grandchild doing that texting stuff, there will be no pie for dessert.  If I see one parent checking email… scratch that – new rule.  Leave your cell phone in your car.  They used to be called mobile phones for a reason.  Now-a-days the only thing mobile about your phone is your thumbs.  Trust me.  Skinny thumbs and a fat ass are not a good look.
  8. Jonathan.  How a Republican ended up in this family is beyond me, but we love you all the same.  That said, Reagan is dead darling.   Get over it.
  9. I cooked the meal.  Your grandfather paid for it.  You can clean the kitchen and we’ll call it even.
  10. Honestly, if you insist on bringing anything, bring some butter.  I go through about 20 sticks to get this meal on the table and I might as well start stocking up for Christmas now.
  11. Marshall.  I am sure you believe that your children sing beautifully.  Don’t put me in a situation where I have to make you question your beliefs.
  12. Grandpa Harold says if the Longhorns win, the bar is open.  If they lose, the party is BYOB.

Well that about covers it.  I’m almost 84.  I know what I like and what I don’t like.  Humor me and we’ll all have a good time.  Unlike Robert Bryd, when I no longer know which side my turkey is basted on, I will step down and let someone else take over the holiday preparation.  Until then, come and enjoy the meal and the company.

To all my new friends out there, I say this.  Life is short.  Don’t squabble over the little things like Jello and Sarah Palin.  If we are going to fight, let’s fight about the things that matter like world peace and apple pie.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Harold is doing fine.  Thanks for asking.  I mean it.

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  1. what a class A BITCH

  2. I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too magnificent. I really like what you have acquired here, certainly like what you are stating and the way in which you say it.

  3. Maragret – you are a treasure. I have not been reading your posts for a while and have to catch up. I can tell I won’t get much work done for a while.

    I love your tell-it-like-it-is approach to family gatherings. If more people were honest about what they like and dislike, we all might be able to get along better.

    Many, many thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you so much for telling it like it is! President Obama is a president Elect, not a president Select like Bush was. Good grief – Bush really screwed things up and Obama is stuck working to fix the mess Bush left behind. So Obama is the bad guy. Right. Uh huh. Yeah, like we’re going to believe any more fables like that. [huge eye roll]

    Live long, post often, and prosper! :D

  5. God Bless you, Harold and the Longhorns.

  6. I LOVE YOU BOTH, dear ladies. And any meal that involves 20 sticks of butter is a meal I want to eat :-).

  7. электрошокер

  8. [...] are STILL hilarious.  they are so direct and sarcastic and anti-republican …  please, read the holiday letter that helen philpot sent to her family about thanksgiving conduct!  and the post they titled ‘going rogue without a condom’ [...]

  9. Love all your posts. You have so many comments I guess you will never see mine but I enjoyed your account very much. Your writing is wonderful. I shall follow it all.

  10. God, I wish I had a granny like you. I love your ability to laugh at yourself and tell it like it is. And the comment about the skinny thumbs and fat asses is priceless.

  11. Helen, I just LOVE you! Hugs!

  12. Poolman, I have not visited the parlor in a few days. Well, our paths might have crossed then in Lubbock, who knows? I was young then, well young still, mind you! LOL. I liked Tech although Lubbock at the time was quite dreary-looking to me at first because of the absence of trees. My first child was born there, so I retain a fondness for the town and would like to return before meeting the big Man in the sky.

    Life has a way about it doesn’t it? A little bit at a time, people souls begin to reveal themselves. I like the way you think, and I do recognize some of my beliefs in the way you so eloquently express your ideas.

  13. patoc do you that the little box in the bottom left hand corner, under submit comment, ticked? If so untick it and that should help your problem.

  14. Can someone please get me off this site. I do not want to receive anymore emails or messages. Patpoc

  15. I know 3-year-olds, too. I teach a bunch at church on Sunday mornings. They can be very fun and very challenging. Most have short attention spans. Many have bad home situations. I can tell when they show up by the emotions that cover their small faces. I try to love them and make them feel important for the hour-and-a-half they spend with me. The more time I spend before the class in prayer for them, the better the class outcome is. It is a very small contribution and small sacrifice that I make. But it is important. At least for these few. It is a small ripple in a very large ocean.

    I value every person and have hope for most. I often include in my prayer list those that come here to M&H’s blog. It has become one of my cyber communities. I grew up a shy person and did not have a lot of friends, but I have always valued friendship and had a best friend in all the places I have lived.

    My goal in engaging with people on this blog and others is to try to provoke them to independent thinking. To show them things I have discovered and want to share. To provide support and comradery. To help dispel some of the myths and bad taste that many associate with Christianity (primarily due to the poor examples so prevalent in our society). I also glean a lot from many that post here and have been persuaded on occasion to alter my views. I have done more research in this past year than I have in the past 30. I also enjoy the debate and creative wit in many of the postings.

    I think this life is all about relationships – Cyber relationships included. I try to live the golden rule – but as a mortal being, I often fail. Regardless of that, I feel it is important to continue to strive for that goal.

    I think it is important to know what our personal goals for posting here are. Some are here to tear down and demonize. Some are just social beings wanting to be a part of a community. Others are shy persons that can better express themselves in guise. Some are I-told-you-soes. Many are helping to raise awareness for various causes or pointing out things they feel are important to shine a light on. We all have a reason for what we do.

    Since I believe there is a scorecard, I think it is important to take into captivity every thought and action. And then determine the value of the way we react and respond. We have freewill to choose the high road, or the various other paths that are not the high road. Competition is a two-edged sword. Exercise caution when out of the sheath.

  16. Curiosity brought me back again. I wasn’t referring to the people who were civil–only the others. You were nice to me. I finally got fed up, because as you will recall, I spent a lot of time defending myself against insults.

    Facts are not dependent on opinion. They are what they are. I am right because the facts I write are true. Opinion has nothing to do with it. The list of my errors is long. I try to understand why I was wrong and change.

    However, my earlier predictions here are coming to pass. That’s all I claim to be right about. I had hoped at least one person might understand he/she was wrong and change as I try to do.

    An e friend visited here once at my request last May. She thought you all were nuts. You aren’t, but some who post here have the emotional skills of three year- olds. I know becasue I am a three year-old too. Wet the bed last night…

  17. “Because of that, I enjoy gloating as I am proven right…. It is immature, but fun.”

    “Right” is in the eye of the beholder, James. Anyone who believes he is always right (which you have demonstrated ad nauseum) is not just immature. He is deluded and dangerous. (See also fundamentalism, fascism, dictatorship.)

    “If the others had been polite, my recent posts would have been less snarky.”

    There are many regulars here who have always been civil to you, James. I’m pretty sure I’m one of them. (I’ve tried, anyway…but I’m certainly not perfect. I may have slipped up.) Greytdog and Poolman come to mind too. You got your feelings hurt and began acting like a child. It’s really too bad. I enjoyed discussing things with you before you went all 3-year-old on us.

    Believe me, I know 3-year-olds.

  18. News for Jean prompted my return this time. This time, I skimmed back to see if Jean had been visiting lately because I have a message for her.

    But first,

    I have been reading HR 3590, the Senate health insurance bill. You should too.

    I have also read some of the minutes of the Federal Reserve’s Nov. 3-4 meeting. If its projections prove correct, next year will be nightmarish for incumbents. It paints a picture of unequal and unfair sacrifices combined with an angry population.

    Unemployment will remain high for years because businesses face an uncertain economic and political climate. Like consumers, they are learning to get by with less. Possible Democratic legislation acerbates the problem.

    In my opinion, extended unemployment and under employment combined with companies’ fear of committing to much expansion will delay inflation for maybe four or five years.

    I had mentioned Republican scandals, and I haven’t given them money for years. Right now, the Democrats have more.

    To give credit where it is due, I think President Obama’s decision to send over 30,000 troops to Afghanistan is correct. Good for him.

    Some people like Jean launched personal attacks because I expressed unpopular views. It became apparent I didn’t belong here. Because of that, I enjoy gloating as I am proven right. If the others had been polite, my recent posts would have been less snarky. I shouldn’t feel that way. It is immature, but fun.

    Surely Jean can do better than her rationalization that conservative books are selling so well a Huffington poster suggested a separate category for conservative books. Certainly some leftist authors have written thoughtful books as Jean claims. I’ve read several of them.

    The point is not who wrote the conservative books but that they are so popular. The sales reflect the mood of a growing percentage of Americans feeling anger the Federal Reserve alluded to.

    Its none of your business, Jean, but by some standards, my wife and I are rich. We own nearly six hundred acres of farm land in two Iowa counties. The land is all paid for. Do the math. We are financially comfortable.

    I have also helped write and edit three local history books, and our group is now working on an oral history. So, yes, I know a little about what it takes to write books, and I know my way around a book store.

    Here is my message to you Jean.

    You posted how you illegally smuggled three olive seeds into your home state from Greece. It made me angry because Iowa farmers know from personal experience the damage alien life forms can cause to native flora and fauna.

    I met an interesting man at a wedding. He works for the government and has contacts with the Coordinating Group on Alien Pest Species. He said I should contact them, and I did. My intent was not to see you punished, but to tell them how you smuggled the seeds into the United States. I quoted how you described your technique. A rep told me they will slightly alter their search policies because of the information I gave them.

    “Thanks so much. The method of smuggling helps, and I will pass that on…”

    You have unwittingly made a difference and thanks to you, perhaps a few people attempting to smuggle illegal plants into the United States will be caught. You should be proud.

    Call 808 722 0995. Bye.

  19. Awwww, Donna, you played Craig’s card for him and spoiled his game! Now he’ll have to swtich to the ‘you just don’t tolerate other views’ card. Oops, already been played, too…

  20. I’ll light a few cintronella candles on the porch…works for mosquitos…maybe it will work for Craig?? :-)

  21. and now we can expect the “what did I do that was so bad?” and “you just don’t want to hear other points of view” whine. Can you imagine how impossibly boring he is on a true face-to-face- level if he’s this dull on a blog?

  22. I have to agree with Mary T.!

  23. I think it is time for Matthew to step in and block “Craig”. A troll is one thing…constant crap is quite another.

  24. Craig is just an Ass Wipe.

  25. JuneauJoe Δ …How far have you gotten on Fifth grader?
    Didn’t think so.

    Two people have won the $1,000,000 prize: Kathy Cox, superintendent of public schools for the U.S. state of Georgia; and George Smoot, winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics.

    Sarah..could possibly clean your clock…
    and possibly out dance ya.

    What do you think of a Gingrich/Hutcheson ticket?

  26. Countdown / KO:

    Declare Victory in
    Afghanistan and Get Out!

    What he said. ~ Δ ~ Click my name!

  27. Good Morning pporch & parlor friends. Here’s your Tuesday morning guffaw:

    Why Me Not President? : ‘I Meant To Do That’ http://bit.ly/8r7if6

  28. A dear friend was absolutely devastated to learn his taxes were going to go up to 68% under Obama’s new tax plan, because the business is a Subpart S (I think that was the letter?). The information was not obtained first hand. I suspect talk radio was involved.

    I get so mad about the people who think it’s OK to scare people like that and use them as pawns in their own political agenda.

  29. Keith Olberman on Sarah Palin


    I think Sarah should be booked for Dancing with Stars or Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader

  30. The BIG spender chart was interesting.
    But as the chart makes a dramatic move up with 01

    We were attacked on 2001 sept 11.

    It was a war starting. 911

    I would like to se what the chart showed for FDR on
    his 1941 chart thru 1946..?

  31. Palin goes around in a $4000.00 per hour jet not a bus. Just like Joe Six pack would travel.


  32. no one’s puppetΔ…

    and yet no word for the annon Troll

  33. Hey there Poolman,
    Don’t know who this annon poster is but he/she hijacked a couple of mine yesterday.

    You guys know where I stand..Troll or not.

    I”m not gonna hide behind some ass..as
    I’m not for war..but I’m not for runnin either.
    Pres has too much on his plate..and his handlers
    have let it get him in knee deep.

    Al Queda/Taliban
    His voter base

    He’s in quicksand….and starting to look like Carter..as some news pundit put this pm.

  34. Here is an interesting chart that shows the increases in the national debt under the past presidents. Put this in your conservative pipe and smoke it.

    Hey Big Spender…

  35. Most astute Poolman!!!!!!!!

  36. Grandma Katie, that will be a conflict with his position as the Dark Lord of the Underworld. Also I don’t think he would be able to travel outside the US without fear of being arrested for WAR CRIMES.

  37. OMG_ just read someone at Newsweek is promoting Cheny for Pres in 2012. That will give me nightmares t onight. YUK
    Night all

  38. Anonymous, exaggerate much?

    “…few thousand exclamation points,..”

    Surely someone with your obvious insight and intelligence doesn’t need to hide behind a mask to criticize other people that post here. I’m sure you have superior knowlege and perspective that you are proud to claim as your own.

  39. Just how much insight and intelligence does it take to post a link to someone else’s work or perspective, sputter insults, throw in a few thousand exclamation points, and spell simple words incorrectly?

  40. Melting ice – it is real folks. The canary in the coal mine.


    The troll is pretty gross – and stupid.

  41. And the troll is still an attention seeking ass.

  42. WAR President to speak at West Point.

    Marines on the way

    Army Brigades soon to follow.

    Situation will be well in hand.

    I say he’s a one term Prez.
    He’s got a fork in him and he’s almost done.

    President Newt Gingrich..got a nice ring…Huh?

  43. Just like Grandma Katie..Raji,
    I got ya to look.

    Got a life and love it.
    Thats a Wonderful Life ..great movie.

    Hey I bet the democrats heads are spinning faster then that girl in the Exorcist..
    We have ourselves a WAR President.

  44. We need to keep the fight up for a public option!

    “Voice of the People”

  45. You have idiots in office – in AK – now trying to make laws that give a fetus personhood status. This is just another effort to once again try to rule over women’s bodies and control our lives and life choices. These same people refuse to give health care coverage to kids that have survived being in utero and have been successfully birthed in this country. WTF?? What happened to the America I remember where common sense was the rule of the day? I think somewhere along the way America was derailed and now we’re all riding a Crazy Train.

  46. Whirled, thanks for the link. I tried to pull it up on Huffpo but the download time was awful.

  47. Craig on 11/30/09 at 5:04
    “Now if ya want sexist just take a look at

    V.P. BIDEN when he had Ms. Salamie draped around his chest.”

    Craig, what is your big deal about the VA socialite putting her hand on Biden? You have posted this information twice. I wonder how big your grin would have been.

    I have a picture of my daughter standing next to Bush and the grin on his face was due to where he had put his hand. Due to the public nature of the situation she didn’t “slam dunk” him.

    Get a life.

  48. MIT studies show health plan changes will reduce the cost of premiums!


    The proposed changes in health care would also REDUCE the deficit!

  49. So says a consultant to the Clinton, Edwards, & Obama campaigns.

    And it’s DYING, asshat.

    Sheesh. What a tool.

  50. Health care horror stories!

    Why we need to change health care! People are dieing from lack of health care!


    MIT study shows the Senate Plan would reduce health care premiums for all!!!!!

  51. Now if ya want sexist just take a look at

    V.P. BIDEN when he had Ms. Salamie draped around his chest.

    The biggest Veep smile since he was told
    that all he had to do was show up.

    For the dinner I mean.

  52. Palin, Beck and the right wing idiots demean women – as usual.


    Disrespecting women seems to be the norm for Republicans these days.

  53. Right Wing hypocrisy – time to call Bullshit


  54. What and when…??
    who and where…?

  55. For those w ho have nothing nice to say about Margaretand Helen getting nominated – why do they keep coming back here? My scrolling finger is tired.

  56. “…will do more to set your legacy in stone than any of the great things you’ve said and done in your first year.”

    Such as?

  57. I am waiting to hear what President Obama is going to do in Afghanistan from his own lips, I do not believe the media on anything anymore. But if I am not convinced by the President, I will have plenty to say.

  58. MIT says health care premiums will go down if the Senate Health Care Plan is passed:


  59. Whirled, thanks for posting that link. I am 100% in agreement with Michael Moore on this. I hope Obama takes it to heart.

  60. An Open Letter to President Obama
    from Michael Moore

    So now you feel backed into a corner. 30 years ago this past Thursday (Thanksgiving) the Soviet generals had a cool idea — “Let’s invade Afghanistan!” Well, that turned out to be the final nail in the USSR coffin.

    There’s a reason they don’t call Afghanistan the “Garden State” (though they probably should, seeing how the corrupt President Karzai, whom we back, has his brother in the heroin trade raising poppies). Afghanistan’s nickname is the “Graveyard of Empires.” If you don’t believe it, give the British a call. I’d have you call Genghis Khan but I lost his number. I do have Gorbachev’s number though. It’s + 41 22 789 1662. I’m sure he could give you an earful about the historic blunder you’re about to commit.


    Your potential decision to expand the war (while saying that you’re doing it so you can “end the war”) will do more to set your legacy in stone than any of the great things you’ve said and done in your first year. One more throwing a bone from you to the Republicans and the coalition of the hopeful and the hopeless may be gone — and this nation will be back in the hands of the haters quicker than you can shout “tea bag!” ;)

    Peace ~ Δ

  61. We are putting our soldiers lives at risk! Cheney/ Bush made a mess, the Afghan government is non existant, our economy is suffering from the war(s).

    We are funding the Taliban.

    And then there is Pakistan. Remember Saudi Arabia?
    They funded 9-11.

    We just had a man found with lots of bombs in the US but it is not on FOX – why? He was a right wing nut case!

  62. The mess of Afghanistan: Money down a black hole?


  63. WEll… Poolman, Reese is closed. Its an industrial park. Bobby Knight is no longer coach of the BB team..just his son…what a sweetheart deal.

    We got here December 02.

    Not a bad place to be. I can be at the airport and in line from the far side of the city in 20 minutes.

    Temps are good in summer..at night we can actually sit out and its very comfortable compared to the life long temps of Fort Worth weather we endured.

    I have my pet flock of canadian geese back that I have fed every year for the past 7 years.
    They arrived this weekend after I put my throwaway fake tree on Saturday,which I decorate for them in a ten acre field behind our residence. They will be here until February.

    The economy is doing as well if not better than most places across the country..mainly cause the region is responsible for the largest cotton crops in the U.S. and because its a college town and a large medical school and supporting community.

    Have endured a few of the dust storms..the first one in dec of 02 we had left our bedroom windows open. Bad news…it was not pretty. But we learned. Tornadoes and high wind storms occasionally..but thats what gets the weathermen all worked up.

    Enjoy your cyber monday. Feliz Navidad.

  64. “Our economy at home has also gone to hell in a handbasket because of the 3 Trillion cost in Iraq.

    ..and in news on the homefront today..
    crowds flooded the malls this past weekend looking for Christmas bargains, while others paid top dollar for 50 yard line seats for their favorite football game.

    Today starts Cyber Monday one of the largest internet shopping days before Christmas and record sales are to be made.

    West point cadets soon will hear what the rest of the nation is wanting to know and that has washington insiders buzzing as to how many additional troops will be sent to fight the war on terror…keeping Americans from being targeted again for similar 911 type attacks.

    Thats all the news for this monday..
    Lets now go to Wall street where our reporters
    tell of a stock market still set to go to new year end highs.

  65. what Joe said

  66. The war in Iraq took away troops from Afghanistan, The Bush war mongeting thinned down our forces so much that our enemies in Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea and Pakistan have been doing whatever they wish.

    Because of Iraq war, we do not have the manpower to stop our enemies or even slow them down.

    Our economy at home has also gone to hell in a handbasket because of the 3 Trillion cost in Iraq.


  67. Easier, I was there in 85, as my total time there was 18 years. And I do remember the dust storms, for sure. They usually lasted 3 days and the pink sky was always dismal. I remember the taste of the air. Yuck. That is something I do not miss. And green skies and tornados! But when people here in Phoenix complain about dust storms, I just laugh and tell them they have no idea…

  68. Thanks Greytdog and Jean. Appreciate your comments. I am still in shock even though I knew the day was coming; but then I kept hoping against hope. It came too quickly, just about two months between diagnosis and passing. But then when cancer mestatasises, it is hard to get rid of.

    Poolman, my family lived in Lubbock for a while too. My husband went to Tech. We left way in 85 though. Our paths could not have crossed. I heard Lubbock has changed a lot. Do remember the duststorms. Once we left the window down during one of them and had to scrubb the car down really good, it was all red inside.

  69. Hi gang,

    There was a cartoon in our local paper today that is oh, so apropos. It showed a big fat GOP elephant saying:

    “Obama’s gone too far! A TRIAL for the 9/11 conspirators! In open court, with a judge and jury, and…..God help us…..defense attorneys!

    No rendition, no secret prisons, no indefinite detention… NO TORTURE!”

    The last frame says, “I WANT MY COUNRTY BACK!”

    I, for one, think that after eight long years of coming as close as the U.S. has ever been to a police state, we finally DO HAVE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  70. Dear easier,

    My heart goes out to you with the loss of your friend. I know all too well the pain you are feeling. I lost my very best friend of over fifty years. We were closer than any sisters could ever be. She left a void that can never be filled.

    Just take comfort in knowing she loved you too and your friendship was a rare privilege for both of you.

    With love,

    Auntie Jean

  71. No, I was not in the military. My dad was army (a lifer) and he died active duty. When I moved to Lubbock in 1976, I did have a military ID and bought groceries at the commissary for a few years while I was still eligible and going to Tech. So I am familiar with the base. I left Lubbock in 1994 and Reese was worried about being shut down around then when they were closing down bases all over the country.

  72. Delurker Girl Δ

    I think I’m seeing what you mean about being zinged

    as you had posted on another thread.

  73. Poolman..were you stationed at Reese?

  74. It was an experiment Poolman.
    My Posts from 12:20 till 2:58pm came out as as posted by annon.

  75. Craig, we haven’t seen that kind of Colorful language on this blog in a while.

  76. Amusing

  77. $@@^&%$$$)**&^


  78. Losing friends is never ever easy. We miss their voice, their laugh, their silly quirks, those late night chats, the joys that cover years of friendship. . .
    Easier, I am so sorry for your loss. May your friend’s life be celebrated with every laugh, every tear, every hug, and words of love.

  79. Thanks Lori, very nice of you to acknowledge my friend. She was a gem and it might sound cliche but, everybody that came into contact with her loved her. I still can’t believe she is gone.

  80. By the way that anno post about WAR BONDS was mine..don’t know why it came out annon???

  81. CRaig -Ii filed your coments about Margaret and Helen’s blog nomination under nasty.
    GrandMaw Katie..

    Katie Dear….and my comments were…as follows including a comment I copied and pasted Katie.

    “And if you win..What do you get except recognition?
    Bragging rights?
    I guess that will mean more fire starters on the porch.


    By: CraigΔ on November 28, 2009
    at 1:17 PM

    AND THE following was copied from the nomination page…Just somenone else’s view

    “I wouldn’t qualify this as a political blog… yes, they post sometimes about politics, but they also post personal stories and the like. It should be soley in the humor catergory”

    NOTE ABOVE Posted by somebody zoeydazie or something like that, as their response on voting for the M&H blog.

  82. Poolman you are very correct and I obviously agree!

    I have been down that road so many times with wingnuts I lost count. I have concluded they either are not capable of understanding or they understand and know their hero was evil but can’t bring themselves to acknowledge it. Either way they make me sick.

    Yay for you .. Personally….I am out of patients with the ass hats.

  83. I am all for pay as you go war. However politically its a no starter I fear. Both wings will be against it. The left wing will hate it cause it’s war, the right wing will hate it cause it’s a tax and we don’t have enough in the middle to make it a reality.

  84. “How many times did George and the rest of the world community give Saddam to come clean.
    Hell he would have still been alive today and in power had he just been a little more open with the world community.” – Craig


    “In the buildup to the war, Saddam Hussein and the Iraqis were cooperating with U.N. inspections, and in February 2003 had provided Blix’s team with the names of hundreds of scientists to interview, individuals Saddam claimed had been involved in the destruction of banned weapons. Had the inspections been allowed to continue, Blix said, there would likely be a very different situation in Iraq today. As it was, America’s pre-emptive, unilateral actions “have bred more terrorism there and elsewhere.”

  85. Grandma Katie, you are a gem!

  86. CRaig -Ii filed your coments about Margaret and Helen’s blog nomination under nasty.

  87. How about war bonds paying 2-4 % redemmable in
    4 years?

  88. The cost of war needs to be compared with the impact on our economy and the average person.
    (I feel health care should be funded and we pay a tax for a war, if we must really fight. Pay as you go.)






    The Iranian government approved a plan Sunday to build 10 new uranium enrichment facilities, a dramatic expansion in defiance of U.N. demands it halt the program.
    The decision comes only two days after the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency censured Iran, demanding it immediately stop building a newly revealed enrichment facility near the holy city of Qom and freeze all uranium enrichment activities. The rebuke infuriated Iran, with lawmakers threatening to consider pulling the country out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in retaliation.

    The enrichment announcement is likely to stoke already high tensions between Iran and the West over its controversial nuclear activities.

    The U.S. and its allies have hinted of new U.N. sanctions if Tehran remains defiant.

  90. So JuneauJoe Δ..
    You keep singing the same song.
    Gotta a new verse with perhaps some cheerier

    “We decided to go start a war on lies.”
    I did not see you on tv or in the congressional hearings or voting to take care of Iraq. I did not see you at the UN either.
    Seemed a lot of people..people higher up than you decided for you…and decided it was the thing to do. See, its was about the thousands of Kurds that Saddam had killed with GAS..Poison GAS. Now what do you call a weapon of mass destruction?

    How many times did George and the rest of the world community give Saddam to come clean.
    Hell he would have still been alive today and in power had he just been a little more open with the world community.

    How bout this. Why don’t you come up with a better way of taking care of the current situation other than cut and run. I’m sure our troops would like to hear from you..how about sending them a care package rather than mouthing off.

    Do something useful for the troops.

    I can almost read your mind as to your response.

    “Hey man…Like Dude.. I’m doin this for the troops..sooner we get them home the safer they will be”

  91. It looks like we had Osama bin Laden in our sights but let him go. (During the Cheney/Bush watch.)

    We decided to go start a war on lies.


    3 Trillion dollars later… Iraq war cost (Still have not found bin Laden or WMD.)

  92. Hey no ones puppet..Did ya get a new sign?
    Like the color.

  93. The time has always been right

    A brief History of Socialist Plots to End the American Way of Life


  94. *off*

  95. Oh well, I’m reminded of an old adage regarding water and horses. Both of those subjects I have much knowledge of. Have a wonderful morning everyone. Of to my 3 year olds…

  96. I think conspiracy theories are a diversion for people when their own life is in the pits, especially through no fault of their own, it is just easier to rail against a straw man than it is to accept the repercussions of this recession. C. T. are like gossip, they are always popular, but never more so than when people feel helpless.

    I try to avoid anything about Glenn Beck, he is a horrible man, the first time I heard him I knew he all about Glenn Beck and Glenn Beck’s bank account.

  97. I think conspiracy theories are a diversion for people when their own life is in the pits, especially through no fault of their own, it is just easier to rail again a straw man than it is to fix what you don’t know how to fix.

  98. Poolman,
    Thanks for the link. I liked how the site encourages reading in measured doses with short respites along the way.

  99. NOP I agree with you. The time is right for these types of things. On both the left and right. Did you happen to read the editorial on Huff about Glen Beck and why his teabagger movement caught fire with a certain group? I tell you it gave me a heads up on his 100 year plan. There are people out there that might just be frightened enough and desperate enough to latch on to this loon and his plan. I honestly never gave it a thought that any sane person would even consider listening to GB. Lord help us all.

    How astute of you to connect the dots between these theories and the current state of the union. Until I read that article I never gave it a thought… Go figure..;-) !!!! LOL

  100. I of course meant conspirator theorist’s, not conspirator, but it does seem to me in troubled times there is a real audience for these theories and it is unfortunate rather it comes from the left or the right, because it unnecessarily frightens people. They have enough to worry about right now, don’t you think?

  101. Poolman, it would seem the time has come to investigate some of these reports. I suggest you get security clearance and get inside the Pentagon. Until then what do you really have, besides some other conspirator’s cherry picked facts, which are so incomplete they won’t hold up to the light of day. And I would hope a 1908 Model T would get better mileage than modern autos, it weighted a lot less and had less speed, so I hardly think we can count that as a plot.

  102. Better late….

    President Obama’s
    Thanksgiving Address


  103. The cost of war.


    PoolmanL Thanks for the link. Interesting information.

  104. I found this site in my ongoing search for truth. I guess my main reason for posting here is so you all could check it out (if you wish) and be better informed. And especially for no one’s puppet – I think this is worth your critique.


    Wake up America! Freedom is merely a fleeting notion.

  105. Speaking of needing your help…
    What a Viagra moment at the BIG HOUSE.

    Sure did look like the VP was enjoying his
    one on one photo op with Mrs Salami or
    whatever her name is.

    Loved the way her hand gracefully adorned his
    chest with his BIG broad smile giving away his

    It’s tough being V.P. Ya gotta saddle up to anyone who might have money…or a winery.

    If there were video if would have beat the time Bush was looking for the door to open in China and found them locked.

  106. ooOOOOOo Helen….Looks like Tiger Woods might need your help. :-)

  107. Since I am back on politics: Here is another one:

    Boehner, Mr Republican, spent $83,000 this past year on golfing. He has the nerve to vote no on discussing health care.


    He has a shake and bake tan, or so it seems.

  108. Hate to bring up politics but:

    Another terrorist! FOX is not reporting it.
    Must be a right wing wingnut with the bombs.


    Had this person had a middle east name – FOX would be all over it and blaming Obama. Who is to blame when it is a right wing wingnut. I think Beck, Rush, Malkin, and their kind.

    You can nominate for up to 4 areas actually. They can only win if enough people vote for them.

  109. Just thought I’d share my thanksgiving mishap from last year — we always cook the turkey in one of those bags. Well, the very large turkey just fit in the pan I had and a bit of the bag went over the side of the pan. Didn’t think much of it at the time. The fat collected in the bag corner and at some point it burst. So ….. I then had flames shooting out of my oven and basically the turkey was “on fire” as the fat went down into the gas flame. I turned off the oven to get the flames down, and we took the bird out, but the oven was full of soot and totally blackened. Somehow managed to salvage it. This year, got a much smaller bird — my husband isn’t too happy about it. There are three of us, but he wants a 22 lb. bird! Me, I’m just happy nothing caught fire this year :)

    Congrats M&H on your nomination!!!

  110. M& H is also nominated for best all-around blog – so there are two categories in which ppl can vote.

  111. Dear Helen and Margaret,

    You have made the big time! Congratulations on your nomination for the top blogger sites. Of course, all of us here have known right along that you are the best! Keep it up.

    Aloha! :-) Auntie Jean

  112. “I wouldn’t qualify this as a political blog… yes, they post sometimes about politics, but they also post personal stories and the like. It should be soley in the humor catergory”
    Posted by somebody zoeydazie or something like that, as their response on voting for the M&H blog.

  113. And if you win..What do you get except recognition?
    Bragging rights?

    I guess that will mean more fire starters on the porch.

  114. [...] something that should be embraced by young and old, vegans and omnivores. (Via Daily Kos). Link. Spread the [...]

  115. Well good for them.. I see mudflats has been nominated as well. Excellent.. M&H are in good company it seems, or vise versa!

    Easier, I am so sorry for your loss. If you have ONE true friend in this world you are surely blessed. The loss such a treasure is profound. xoxox

  116. lori, They have been nominated in the past. The one with the most votes win and Margaret and Helen do not push their blog, so others win.

    Greytdog: You posted the link first – I posted before looking – just racing through the internets.

    Have a good day folks.

  117. Wow congrats M&H! I’d say this is quite an honor!
    Have M&H been nominated in previous years? anyone know?

  118. Nominate the MARGARET AND HELEN blog for a bloggers choice award. It is easy to do.


  119. Congratulations to Margaret & Helen for being nominated as one of the Top Political Blogs by Bloggers Choice Awards 09. To vote for M&H you must register with the site. . . then go to Best Political Blogs, scroll down and vote for M&H. It was really hard this year as several of my all time favorites bloggers made the same list!!! arrrgghhhh
    Here’s the link:


  120. judith and JeanΔ ¥, LMAO – funny stuff! :grin:

    I can’t recall any real disasters on Thanksgiving. We have had some more successful than others, but we always seem to get plenty of food. I had been cautious the past few years to not overeat. Yesterday, unfortunately, I wasn’t so disciplined. There were 16 of us and lots of food. And no jello-type food, either. Before the meal was over, I was very uncomfortable. Yet when they passed around the Godiva chocolate cheesecake, I still managed to find room. I think there is always room for dessert. And this was AFTER I had a big slice of buttermilk cake drizzled with strawberries and topped with whipped cream. Mmmmmm…..probably should have made it a smaller piece. Oh well.

    I tried to walk it off, and did feel a little better after 3 miles. After a full night’s sleep and snacking occasionally today on turkey and ham, I feel much better. Maybe even good enough to grab another slice of that cheesecake, as it managed to end up in my fridge. Hmmmm.

    No shopping for me today. I don’t think we have ever done the Black Friday shopping thing. I have no desire to get out in the madness, nor extra money to spend. Retailers are just going to have to get along without my contribution this year. Capitalism is over-rated anyway, IMO.

    I trust everyone played well with others and are enjoying the rest of this holiday weekend. Even my cats enjoy the holidays. They get to eat table scraps in addition to the primo cat food they always get. I guess they are spoiled.

  121. Auntie Jean….that is the FUNNIEST thing I have read!!!

  122. Hi gang,

    I enjoyed reading about everybody’s Thanksgiving. What a wonderful group we are!

    I think we all have memories of Thanskgivings Past, some sad and others goofy. I have two Thanksgiving stories to share with you.

    When our oldest son was about three, we sat down to a lovely traditional Thanksgiving. Right after my father-in-law gave the blessing, he started to carve the turkey. The little guy broke into hysterical tears and cried out, “DON’T DO THAT!!!! THAT HURTS HIM!!!!” It took a while to settle him down and we had to take the turkey back into the kitchen to be carved. That scene must have made an indelible impression on our son because he ultimately became an avowed vegetarian.

    By the next year, we had moved across country, far away from family. We had some good friends and neighbors without family who also had two preschool sons. She and I decided we could ‘do’ Thanksgiving together. We planned it for several weeks, even made a bountiful cornucopia centerpiece for the table and little paper booties for the turkey’s legs. We had a beautiful Thanksgiving spread right out of ‘Good Housekeeping Magazine!’

    Our friend’s two-year-old boy had a tendency toward projectile vomiting. You guessed it. Right after we sat down and he saw the array of food, he barfed all over EVERYTHING. Nothing was salvageable.

    Of course, the husbands bolted from the table and immediately took a powder, lest they join him. We finally moved our Thanksgiving to the other house and opened up a few cans of soup. That’s about all any of us had an appetite for.

    But hey, it is the wacky times when our best laid plans go awry that we remember the most with the blessed perspective of time.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  123. For thanksgiving story, my oven door broke, thankfully after all the baking was done. All patched up with scotch tape right now. The hubby, who does not believe in wear and tear asked how it happened as if I took a sledgehammer to it or something, and he to snicker about seeing a brand new oven in my future. But the dinner was nice. My daughter came from college after saying she would not. So I enjoyed having her around. We had hens, and stuffing and dirty rice and salad and cheescake and sweet potato pie my daughter’s fiance sent. I fell sick two days before and the husband almost got us some store bought dinner. Thank God they were out of turkey he was told. But I did get up on T. day and put in the effort for the kids.

    Then woke up this morning to some bad news about a dear friend of mine passing. I will miss her dearly. Godspeed, lovely, I treasured our friendship.

  124. I forgot to turn the oven on. Didn’t notice until about an hour in. “Dinner” was a little late this year….and no one got sick.

    Happy Holidays?!?!?!? :-)

  125. Grandma Katie;

    I will be in Las Vegas and Bullhead city. AZ next week but then I need to go back to Portland through Wells, NV. So, I will not be making it to So Cal this time.

    If I get sick or rain, I might make a run in Jan or Feb.

    Hope all had a great Thanksgiving.

  126. Dear Margaret and Helen: As a Californian I am suspicious of Texans. I will be considerably less so in the future. Your family sounds like mine (except we are fans of the University of California’s Golden Bears and long-time 49er supporters). But clearly Texas has a heart and you are in the middle of it.

    Conn Hallinan

  127. Hi all,
    I almost forgot to tell you about the great jello we always include in our Thanksgiving meal, between turkey and pie. It’s been our tradition to have sweet, strong COFFEE jello for the past 30 years. We started doing it because a friend’s family always did it. Surprising as it sounds, coffee jello with a bit of whipped cream helps digestion and helps make room for pie. It might be an old tradition from Rhode Island, where my friend’s family started out I’ll do little research. I’ve actually found packaged coffee jello, a brand I had never heard of and haven’t seen again. My friend’s daughter makes it now, and it’s a little different each year. The worst disaster we might end up with is when the jello doesn’t set. Some years it’s a little rubbery.
    She just makes strong, sweet coffee and follows the directions on the Knox gelatin box. My friend used to use instant coffee in her later years and that was even good.

    We had a lovely day with 3 generations of a couple of families together. Toward evening, we brought out the kazoo lips and played this video

  128. I have laughed and laughed at Thanksgiving m ishuaps! Tears still running and I must s top and blow my nose!!
    It soumds as tho everyone had a gre at day>

    Many thanks to Helen let us vusut her front porch for pie and tlaes of our day.

    JuneauJoe – As there is one hou8se, smaall street and a sound wall separating my residense from the 405, and crossing over the 405 is an airplane flightpath into the airport, well it is mostly quiet! (Thanksto the soundwall!)
    Do h ope you make it south.

    I have been having a great ex perience. Students from the local universit y class in GErontologyy have been visiting and stirring up lots of long ago memories!! Fun.
    They ask such interesting questions.

    Now for all the Christmas memories!

  129. A tip of the hat to you this morning Greytdog. It is interesting that our nontraditional diner was the first to stir this morning, maybe turkey really does make one lethargic. I have been anything but ambitious for sometime now. Next week we close on our house and move to Las Vegas, all our boxes and most of our furniture (the rest either goes with the house or will be donated) is in storage. This wasn’t the most advantageous time to sell, but the inventory of houses here was low, so we came out good enough to buy in the Vegas market even after helping our buyer with closing costs and paying the realtor his commission.

    The area where we are now is making a comeback in jobs, except for construction, like many areas, because of the overbuilding of the last few years it will take awhile before more jobs will be generated in that trade. I feel rather guilty that we can fulfill a long time desire to move to the desert at the same time that so many people there can’t keep their homes or even pay their utility bills. It makes me feel all the more how important it is that we, the American people, have a public option, if not single payer health insurance. And a second round of stimulus would help a lot of families. Parts of our country barely feel this recession, at least so far and we hope they don’t, and even though certain regions are recovering faster than expected, areas with one main industry are really hurting and no rainbows are in sight. I am so proud of our compassionate porch family, you all care and help when you can. That is why I get so riled by the few ignorant know-it-alls, who show up to blast every effort, that the serious minded people in the government try to alleviate our fellow countrymen’s pain and suffering. Those naysayer types and their depraved representatives have nothing and I do mean nothing to offer, I sure wish they’d go read the Bibles they’ve been thumping. Anyway I am thankful to be associated with the rest of you “Socialists.”

  130. Well, the oven turned itself off, mid pie. I think it was when I lowered the temperature. Pumpkin is pretty sturdy, though – it came through just fine after I turned the heat back on.

    My favorite family disaster was at my parents’ house. A co-worker of my mother raised free range organic turkeys & convinced her to buy one. And we had just convinced her that we daughters could handle the holiday cooking and she could spend the day doing whatever she liked.

    Thanksgiving morning, bright & early, we were all clustered in the kitchen, prepping away. God, we were happy. After years of taking an ice pick to the giblets to get them out of the cavity – this bird had never been frozen to begin with! (Mom always bought the turkey at the last possible moment, and it was compounded by Dad’s expectation that it be a bird that would choke Norman Rockwell, no matter what size gathering it would be.) This was going to be great! Best Thanksgiving ever. O, frabjous day, etc. We got the stuffing ready & unwrapped the bird.

    My theory, after long reflection, is that it just wasn’t bled out right. Or at all. But it looked like it had met its end at the hands of a gang of John Henrys with 30 pound sledge hammers. And a few baseball bats. Once in a while, you could find a patch of normal looking skin, but no way did that measure even 3 square inches.

    This was not a special fancy breed of black skinned turkey that we were going to be able to cook. This bird had gone the distance. Bruised beyond recognition. Our problems were compounded by, well, small town, Thanksgiving day. Unless we wanted to trundle ourselves down to the gas station for some nifty day-old egg salad sandwiches, dinner was whatever was in the house.

    We stared for a while. Once in a while, somebody would ask “Do you think we could…..?” “No!” Then somebody snickered. Somebody else giggled. We started calling people out to the kitchen. “C’mere, you gotta see this! No, really, get out here!” Even Mom was laughing.

    We had goulash (homemade Hamburger Helper) for dinner, with all the trimmings.

    And this was in no way Mom’s fault.

  131. Our Thanksgiving was perfect…..as can be…
    We even took the “Norman Rockwell” scene photo!

    Now, it’s turkey for days……..

    Terry P.–
    I learned my lesson when I was a child.
    At another family dinner, I dropped a platter of beef roast on my mom’s new carpet!
    Now? I make sure both dogs are out from under my feet and away from the table.

    And the dogs’ faces while we eat? Priceless. I don’t mean to torture them….but a dog is a dog and I pay good money for their dog food.

  132. Okay Gang! I want to hear if there were any Thanksgiving mishaps!! :-)

    My Husband dropped the turkey on the way to the dinner table…SPLAT!!!

  133. The day after Thanksgiving has dawned cold and sunny in FL – (46 degrees this AM in Orlando). NICE. The dogs are so excited and happy – they love this weather too! Everyone else (except me) not so much.

    NonTraditional Thanksgiving meal was a huge hit! And with enough leftovers to send home with whomever wanted some – leaving just enough here to ensure no overeating or overindulging. My friend the baker was stupendous – the dessert table was the star. And as a little added treat, she gave me two maple sugar candies – which I will cherish and indulge in very carefully and very slowly. . . :)

    AND since I don’t shop, I am taking the dogs for a romp at the park then coming home and watching an NCIS marathon! YAYYY for being lazy. Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend whether it be shopping, sleeping, or whatever!

  134. Δ

    Chart for the day after Thanksgiving.


  135. Longhorns win! Thanksgiving at Helen’s, Harold’s buying!

  136. Top ten signs that you have eaten too much for Thanksgiving.


    I want some more pie!

  137. MMmmmmmmm……………..


    Ok, who’s for pie?

  138. I’ve just finished reading your blog in total. Reading your words reminds me of my grandmother (another spunky old lady with a lot of opinions and the gall to say what she meant!). I hope you’ll forgive me for naming you my surrogate grandma as mine has left the mortal coil and left me with a big, old lady shaped hole in my heart.

    Keep up the blogging and Happy Thanksgiving.

  139. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Your post made me smile after a disastrous morning in the kitchen. First thing this morning the hubby and I started fighting and have been grunting short syllables at each other ever since. Then my fool proof pie dough fooled me and I had to run to the store and get the ready made kind. Just finished the Brussels sprouts and they are a bit over done. Man, I really need a drink. A stiff one.

    Hopefully it all gets better when the family converges. Maybe I gotta make some rules around here too and before Christmas.

  140. Ah, the trips to the Aunt’s and Uncle’s houses when we were kids! So much time gone now, so much missed. I will be thinking of them today.

  141. Hapinstance,
    I’m sure Poolman will tell you. He posted earlier in the thread about how he starts the day before.
    Poolman, your preparations remind me of how I had to sit in the backseat of the car with a warm bowl of mashed potatoes or pan of sweet potatoes on my lap. Wrapped in towels to keep it warm all the way to meet the rest of the family.
    Usually, just a 1/2 hour away.

  142. How do you put a turkey in yesterday and have it almost ready today?

  143. Memory…..

    I grew up in a small midwestern town and our family was so large we couldn’t fit in any house.

    So…we rented the German Farmers Insurance Bureau basement hall. It had a nice kitchen and all the aunts and grandma were busy saying, “Excuse me!” as they moved about the kitchen. Of course, being one of several male cousins my age, each of us had our moments that irked us during the dinner…….
    one of my cousins could never resist sticking his finger in my pumpkin pie…or jello salad…or whatever he could reach for…..I wonder if his kids do that today?
    After dinner, we all played outside around the County Courthouse. Lots of bushes around the base of the huge building to play hide and seek.
    And also, how my grandma made my great-uncle smoke his pipe in the corner away from everybody! Older sister-younger brother things never go away!
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and take some time to tell the young ones your stories. Make them sit still and listen.

  144. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY–( trolls too,also)

  145. cranberries–check
    do ahead mashed potatoes with cream cheese and butter–check

  146. vgman, I cook the turkey and since I put it in yesterday, it is almost done. The whole house has the aroma and makes for much stomach growling. My grandson says he couldn’t stay in bed because he was starving and asking “what smells so good?”

    I was also put in charge of the ham. This year I sliced it all off the bone and stuck it in a crock pot with a homemade glaze that my wife put together that has some rum in it. That is heating and she is putting together all the sweet potatos and gravies. She made the homemade cranberry sauce yesterday and that is in the fridge.

    That is all we are responsible for this year. We’ll be carting it all over to MIL house in a few hours.

    I have plenty to be thankful for. I like to make a list and just when I think I have it all, I always can come up with something else.

    May God richly bless you and yours this Thanksgiving day, I pray. May He also give us a special tolerance for all those in our midst that usually rub us the wrong way. May we appreciate each other and may there be peace in your families on this day, I pray.

  147. I’m the type to make one dish at a time and keep the kitchen clean. Early risers get much accomplished! How ’bout ya’ll?

    Green beans/onions…..check
    Sweet potatoes…….check

    Next….ham creation followed by pumpkin pie prep…..and boil the potatoes.

    SO is still asleep and designated turkey cook today.

    Just taking a break……

    Gave thanks today on my morning walk with the two dogs….quiet time filled with thoughts of how thankful I am for my SO, family, friends, colleagues, warm home, and much more.

    Happy cooking, baking, frying, whipping, stirring, slicing, dicing, and serving today to everyone!

    Margaret and Helen–you are awesome!

  148. Happy Thanksgiving Helen and Margaret.

    Economic circumstances are forcing me to spend this Thanksgiving a couple of thousand miles away from my family, this year. Your post is the perfect antidote for the loneliness. Thanks for inviting me to be part of your family for the holiday.

  149. I used to think I was the maddest old bag in the world til I read this.

    God Save the Queen!!

  150. Turkey farts


  151. Awesome post. Happy Thanksgiving.

  152. Fantastic! Keep up the yuks! Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving. Jess

  153. Thanks, Raji! I love butternut squash but have never made anything like that with it. That recipe sounds like some of the sweet potato casseroles I’ve tried.

    Have a happy day everyone! Salut!

  154. Jean, your story reminds me of the time my Mother decided to try “roasting chestnuts on an open fire”. She was not aware that you open the chestnuts first before dropping them into a frying pan of hot oil. We were able to retrieve the mess only after entering the kitchen with umbrellas. :lol:

  155. Delurker Girl, Butternut squash is similar in taste to pumpkin or sweet potato.Here’s one recipe.


  156. Grandma Helen Rules!

  157. I found your blog because someone linked to this post on Twitter. I loved this letter so much I had to read it aloud to friends who came to help prep for tomorrow’s dinner.

    Best Thanksgiving letter ever – and I wish you were MY grandmother.

  158. Hi gang and James,

    And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too, James!

    Sorry gang, that was just TOO tempting.

    By the way, wasn’t it that fine upstanding conservative, Dick Cheney, who always said he put no stock in polls?

    I won’t be bothered to refute James’ myopic points one by one other than to say, how come he NEVER mentions any Republican scandals. They are myriad, almost on a daily basis; more being uncovered on the hour every hour. Further, for every conservative best seller that is making the ‘author’ (read ghost writer) rich, I can name probably fifty current thoughtful and insightful progressive authors who have written their own best sellers THEMSELVES. I seriously doubt if James has ever darkened the door of a bookstore or a library because of a morbid fear of contamination by opposing viewpoints.

    That said, James, where is YOUR best selling book and why aren’t YOU rich?

    On to more a more meaningful topic. I’ve read all the recent comments here and it sounds as if everyone is ready for a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. We are. I had a mishap yesterday though. I was making yet another cheesecake to take to our annual Thanksgiving dinner. My mixer, which is a regular antique, picked that moment to go berserk, splattering batter all over the kitchen counter, the floor and me! Hours later, I now have the cleanest kitchen on the island!!!

    All’s well that ends well. We will be feasting with our friends tomorrow and counting our blessings. I consider my dear friends here at M&H extended family, wishing each and every one of you a day of good fellowship and cheer.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  159. Happy Thanksgiving, Margaret, Helen and family. I’m thankful for such wonderful writing.

  160. Poolman,
    I liked your “world is a stage” quote. I’m going to use it with my students.

    Craig, James, and KB,
    Thanks for your two cents on the “script”.

    Depending on what “act” we’re really in,
    it will be interesting to see where you will be placed in the order of the curtain call.

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

  161. Raji, what is butternut squash casserole? :)

  162. Delurker Girl, I add about a Tbs. of Kahlua to the eggs before adding the rest of the ingredients. The secret to a good pumpkin pie is in the cooking (well done) then let it set for two hours and then refrigerate. Serve at room temperature the next day. I replace vanilla with Kahlua in other recipes. Kahlua is cheaper than real vanilla extract and you have it for other purposes :-)

    I agree JJ about the pie talking. Yum. I like Greytdog’s mention of key lime pie with hazelnut crust. Never tried that one with my Mother’s recipe from Key West.

    Whirled Peas, thanks for the heads up about M&H on Daily Kos. I still say that kitten is just way too cute on your gravatar.

    James, I am so sorry that the world is changing much faster than you expected but what else did you expect?

    Back to the kitchen, I still have a butternut squash casserole to make. Have a safe holiday and give thanks for what we do have while thinking of others who have not.

  163. Happy Thanksgiving, Ladies! You ROCK.


  164. [...] An 84-year-old grandma tells the family how it’s going to be for Thanksgiving this year: [...]

  165. My copy of President Obama,s Thanksgiving letter, with my name deleted of course:

    Tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, Americans across the country will sit down together, count our blessings, and give thanks for our families and our loved ones.

    American families reflect the diversity of this great nation. No two are exactly alike, but there is a common thread they each share.

    Our families are bound together through times of joy and times of grief. They shape us, support us, instill the values that guide us as individuals, and make possible all that we achieve.

    So tomorrow, I’ll be giving thanks for my family — for all the wisdom, support, and love they have brought into my life.

    But tomorrow is also a day to remember those who cannot sit down to break bread with those they love.

    The soldier overseas holding down a lonely post and missing his kids. The sailor who left her home to serve a higher calling. The folks who must spend tomorrow apart from their families to work a second job, so they can keep food on the table or send a child to school.

    We are grateful beyond words for the service and hard work of so many Americans who make our country great through their sacrifice. And this year, we know that far too many face a daily struggle that puts the comfort and security we all deserve painfully out of reach.

    So when we gather tomorrow, let us also use the occasion to renew our commitment to building a more peaceful and prosperous future that every American family can enjoy.

    It seems like a lifetime ago that a crowd met on a frigid February morning in Springfield, Illinois to set out on an improbable course to change our nation.

    In the years since, Michelle and I have been blessed with the support and friendship of the millions of Americans who have come together to form this ongoing movement for change.

    You have been there through victories and setbacks. You have given of yourselves beyond measure. You have enabled all that we have accomplished — and you have had the courage to dream yet bigger dreams for what we can still achieve.

    So in this season of thanks giving, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to you, and my anticipation of the brighter future we are creating together.

    With warmest wishes for a happy holiday season from my family to yours,

    President Barack Obama

  166. Well after reading James POST….
    I’m beginning to say thank you Lord..You sent someone who will take the heat off me.

    James..I think you just pooped on their
    Front Holiday Porch.

    To all who tolerate me and allow to me to ramble,
    Have a Happy and Safe thanksgiving.

  167. JuneauJoe Δ
    Read the Beck stuff.
    Contrary to POPULAR BELIEF’S
    Beck is interesting to watch..but he gets a little old after a while.
    And RUSH, I listened for a while in the car on road trips..but he also is stale.

    I just like My evening ABC news..and then a little FOX with Hannity and Combs..
    Also like FOX am show for news when not watching CNBC.

  168. Turkey’s in the oven. Turkeys on the porch. Looks like plenty of pie and CRAZY to go around.

    If all the world is a stage, what act is it? And who, may I ask, wrote this script?

  169. What a wonderful site, I’m so glad I found it (from Daily Kos) Your Thanksgiving letter is going on my fridge, I might even change the names and put my family’s names in there!!

    Happy T Day to you all!


  170. James–it’s not that “the truth hurts.” It’s that you are, yet again, showing yourself to be a very limited, not terribly bright, self-satisfied, officious jackass.

  171. Have a Great Thanksgiving Helen.
    So glad to hear that all is well with your family once again.
    We sure did miss you when you weren’t blogging.

    Hello to Margaret!

  172. Best Blog Ever!!!

  173. Go Longhorns!!!

  174. Things change, but as of today…

    Rasmussen poll:

    Republicans have a 7 point lead on a generic Congressional ballot.

    A Gallup poll:

    By 49% to 44% Americans oppose the current health insurance bill. I’ve read much of it. Have you?

    Only on energy policy the war in Afghanistan, and global warming does he still have a majority of support.

    Once news of scientists’ stacking the deck to favor the anthromorphic effects of global warming trickles out, we shall see how that hoax influences the success or failure of cap and trade.

    ACORN, an organization who’s staff Obama helped train a decade ago, suffers another scandal after employees in San Diego and Oklahoma dumped records in dumpsters.

    The Illinois Policy Institute which, is probably a conservative think tank estimates the Pelosi version of the bill will cost 3.9 million jobs.

    The stimulus blll has not saved many jobs, and a many of them are with the government. The government web site did create non- existant Congressional districts and phantem jobs.

    Sarah Palin’s book is rapidly making her rich. Other conservative writers are producing best selling books.

    The world is changing much faster than I expected.

    If the truth hurts, scroll baby scroll.

  175. and you are both boring and stupid. Try not to spear a fork through your cheek when you’re eating tomorrow.

  176. I have a great Thanksgiving story!

    When I was little my sister had a pet Hamster named Mr. Squiggles. She told the entire family that she had trained him to do tricks just to entertain us before dinner. We must have had about 25 people there that year. Not an empty place at the table. She brought Mr. Squiggles in and started telling him to “sit” and to “roll over”. Nothiing. She kept repeating the commands even adding a few new ones and still nothing. People started to giggle. “Sit! Mr. Squiggles!” Nothing. This must have gone on for what seemed to be an hour when my father finally decided enough was enough. It was time for dinner. We gave thanks to the Lord and then we ate Mr. Squiggles.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  177. The holiday pie’s gotta be spicy pumpkin at my house, or there’ll be a revolt. If there’s a second pie, anything goes. My best is hazelnut with Irish whisky. Just take your pecan pie recipe & substitute (mostly) skinned hazelnuts for the pecans and a tablespoon of Irish whisky for the vanilla or rum that’s in most recipes. If you bake it in a flat tart pan, people think you worked twice as hard, but a regular pie pan is fine.

    I learned to cook well at a very early age because my mother was an anorexic. She always did the required cookwork for the family, (and did it well for regular meals), but always stalled as long as possible because she hated it so much. She never minded showing us how, though. Our Thanksgiving stories go on for miles – we finally convinced her to give up that job for good. The meals got a lot better, but we don’t have as many funny stories now.

  178. [...] That came to mind as I read this Thanksgiving Letter to the Family. [...]

  179. Happy Thanksgiving Margaret & Helen! And everyone, stay safe in your travels, be kind in your words, and be sure to let folks know how loved and cherished they are. . . .thanks to the porch dwellers and parlor friends for all your support, conversations, arguments, and hilarity! Love you all! Happy Thanksgiving. :)

  180. Mary…try again…link did not work.

  181. http://perezhilton.com/2009-11-25-sarah-palins-shttp://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/upporters-are-awesome


  182. apple, pumpkin, and pecan here. Oh, and chocolate for the kids.

  183. Oh, and as for pies, there’s usually one pumpkin, one apple, and a crustless pumpkin (since my brother’s wife has wheat/gluten allergies).

  184. In our family Thanksgiving is always potluck — the host (usually my oldest sister) does the turkey and the potatoes (because those just don’t travel well) and everyone else brings the trimmings (I’m on the hook for wine — my sister still doesn’t believe I can cook). And they do the turkey in the Weber kettle grill so the ovens are freed up for reheating all the goodies. When you’ve got a big crowd, that works the best. :)

  185. how cute! A troll support group. And how original to use the word “sheep.” Particularly in the same sentence as “entitlements” and “socialist.”

  186. Best to just ignore the TcRrOaLiLg…

  187. Craig: After watching the Beck Information

    Please read the follow up commentary. It explains the historical inaccuracies which Beck is spouting.

    He says impressive to the average person but if you look at the actual facts, Beck is full of sh-t.

    I wish all a great Thanksgiving, even Craig.

    Margaret and Helen: Sorry about making a mess on the porch occasionally but it will probably happen again. Sorry in advance.

  188. Helen, if it gets to be too much at your house, you are more than welcomed at ours!

  189. You act surprised Craig, whle we’re taxed and taxed again the sheep line up for their entitlements and call their families “normal” well maybe in a socialist system they will be. Meanwhile our vets are being told to take a leap.

  190. A family friend (who will be joining us tomorrow) was bragging on Facebook last night about having made a French silk pie and a banana cream pie from scratch. I’m staying away from the latter (bananas make me ill), but I’m going to eat ALL of the former. Just watch me!

    Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all. Even you, Craig. ;)

  191. For our resident troll:


    Beck wants you

  192. Sent here by Daily Kos.
    Funny Blog.

    I’m hooked!

  193. Happy Thanksgiving Magaret and Helen!!!!!!!

  194. Troll? What Troll?? :-)

  195. We don’t see you….

  196. On Veterans Day, Christine Devlin stood in the cold in Westwood for the unveiling of a new memorial to local soldiers lost overseas, including her son Michael, one of the 241 servicemen killed in the bombing of the US Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983.

    Devlin is among 30 Massachusetts relatives of victims of the Beirut attack who have been fighting for more than a decade to get compensation for what many consider the first major terrorist attack against the United States.

    After a federal judge ruled in 2007 that Iran was liable for $2.65 billion in damages to be shared by 150 families seeking restitution, they believed they were on the cusp of victory.

    But now, the Obama administration is going to court to try to block payments from Iranian assets that the families’ lawyers want seized, contending that it would jeopardize sensitive negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program and establish a potentially damaging precedent.

    And this is the Commander in Chief that these same servicemen have to look up to. I’ll let you
    die for your country but I’m not gonna support you or your bereaved if you are killed or wounded by a terrorist..It might not look good.

  197. Front Page at The Daily Kos

    Nice! ~ Δ

  198. Well, I’m at work (not working) and I have been going thru some of your past blogss. MY GOD!!!! MARGARET AND HELEN ARE FUNNY LADIES!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m giving thanks for Margaret and Helen. :-) :-) :-)

  199. Happy Thanksgiving, Helen and Margaret!

  200. Loved the read!!! Thanks for the laugh

  201. I wish I was spending Thanksgiving at your house. My grandparents passed away ages ago (I’m 59) and none of em had pluck that you have.

  202. oh dear. pie talk again. This is so not fair – I’m having to watch cholesterol levels and such. . .we are having company over this Thanksgiving so there will be decadent pies on the dessert table because my friend is an awesome baker. When she read off her list of suggestions, all I said was “yes” and she knew I meant yes please make them all. So our little gang around the table here will be having chocolate pecan pie, pumpkin chiffon pie, key lime pie w/hazelnut crust, apple-cranberry pie, and for me, an orange glazed pear tart. I’m sure there will be plenty to go around if you all want to stop in. . .

  203. Helen,
    I think maybe you and I went to school together. St. Anne’s in San Antonio AGES ago??? Does Sister Catherine ring any bells?? :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
    Love your blog!

  204. Pie Talk: You are making my mouth water.

    Here is an idea from Sen Grayson. 55 for cloture.
    It makes sense. Cloture has been misused and it is being used more and more. NO folks found a way to stop legislation. Time for a change.


  205. Raji, are you referring to your pumpkin pie with Kahlua in it, or is there more to your recipe? Do you substitute it for something else in ther recipe or just add it? What’s a ‘healthy dash’?

    I like regular pumpkin pie. I also like pumpkin chiffon pie a lot. It’s sort of like a fluffy pumpkin mousse texture, but not just like mousse because it doesn’t have that heavy cream feel.

    Here’s a recipe that sounds close to what our family has been making for generations.


    I think it, too, would be good with Kahlua.

  206. And please protect your identity, realistically speaking, none of us actually know each other and we certainly don’t know the people who read this blog and never comment.

  207. I love you, Helen!!
    You remind me of my best friend Bevie. She has bigger balls than most men I know.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  208. No one needs to answer to a troll for anything they said or didn’t say. Would you answer to a stalker? Stalking and trolling is exactly the same sick behavior, why encourage it?

  209. To Craig…This from Whirled Peas is brilliant and states what MANY of us feel about you sir:

    We are tired of trying to engage you in any meaningful discussion, because it is pointless. You have amply demonstrated that you are incapable of intelligent discourse. You contribute nothing of value to the conversation; ergo, you won’t be missed.

    We are weary of trying to educate you, or prompt you to educate yourselves. You prefer to live in ignorance – a state in which you actually take pride. We have better things to do than listen to the mindlessness of your chatter…’

  210. Poolman, I liked your pie analogy :-) My favorite is pumpkin pie but only the way I make it. The group I share Thanksgiving with informed me in the beginning that they did not like pumpkin pie. I insisted that they would like mine. After eight years they all insist that I bring pumpkin pie. However, it is good to have different tastes.

  211. I read this & thought of our resident wingnut:

    Let the shunning begin!

    ‘We are tired of trying to engage you in any meaningful discussion, because it is pointless. You have amply demonstrated that you are incapable of intelligent discourse. You contribute nothing of value to the conversation; ergo, you won’t be missed.

    We are weary of trying to educate you, or prompt you to educate yourselves. You prefer to live in ignorance – a state in which you actually take pride. We have better things to do than listen to the mindlessness of your chatter…’
    ;) ~ Δ

  212. Craig PLEASE REREAD my post.

    In my personal life I chose to ignore/tolerate UP AND UNTIL it becomes harmful to me, my family, or those who can not defend themselves or do not have either the capacity or status to do so for themselves.

  213. CraigΔ – step away from that Boston Creme Pie!
    I’ve been eying that last piece…

  214. Helen –
    Someday I’ll have to tell you about my Crazy Aunt Alice and her entrances into holiday dinners – hoo boy!
    Much as we all loved her…oh my.
    ( I grew up knowing her as Crazy Aunt Alice… she was brilliant and , well ,sorta off kilter…)

    I hope your Harold is doing well and the food and family melee of Thanksgiving goes well.

    Go safe and go well neighbor.
    I am so sorry to hear you lost your wife.
    Take care of yourself.
    (And put the GD gun in the hall closet for awhile!)

    Grandma Katie-
    Special thanks to you on this holiday of thanks. Your words in the last thread made a difference, my friend.

    Helen and Margaret-
    Thank you for having us all in !

  215. Palin


    How wars balloon deficits



  217. By the way DeLurker..Thanks for the wish for a
    healthy and happy thanksgiving.

    Its too bad people because of their political affiliations..harbor some sort of guarded response
    to a pat on the back or a Happy Thanksgiving

    Oh..and finally?

    “Let’s put it in economic terms – your deficit is vast, and the funds were spent on stuff that wasn’t appropriate. You can balance the budget for this week, but you still have a lot of debt!”

    Because I’m a right wing supporter..or a republican..”I’m” the root cause of all that is bad or lacking in the world or the U.S.?

    I keep waiting to see the stimulus package
    trickle down to Main street. Or something other than a “roads” project.

    “funds were spent on stuff that wasn’t appropriate”..Do you mean the war on terror?

    Just once.

    I would like for someone to please tell me how we should rid ourselves of Al Queda and the people who want to kill all infidels?

    Do we put our head in the sand?

    How do YOU answer for what “these Terrorists” want to do to all of America?

    And you don’t think I’m not affected by the economy? Do you think I live in Barbados?
    I pay taxes just like you do. And it looks like more will be asked of me.

    So don’t think I’m impervious or not effected by the current status of our country’s economy.

  218. Delurker Girl,
    Your economic terms analogy was phenomenal!
    I do admit that there are things that he says that draw me into a conversation–but then I see ridiculous statements that put others down or are negative in nature.

    Banana cream is my weakness. I’m looking at half a pie in my fridge. Haven’t touched it in three nights. Can I go on? I am drawn to the fridge after this post…….

    Speaking of indulging in banana cream pie, I heard on NPR of a university requiring overweight students with a certain BMI to take a health/fitness course. Required.
    My first thought was “what about the smokers on campus?” Will they be “required” to take a course?

  219. DeLurker..I guess your answering for Lori..?

    I said every thing you said. Maybe you have taken it out of context.

    But when I said what I did about men..pnly five years ago did I find out that I would be on a rotation of a 4-5 year annual exercise in finding cancer in men. That meant I’ve had two of these exercises in trying to root out cancer.

    I’m glad that my insurance pays for it. And THats why I said what I did. Women need the same precautions. Why should women all of a sudden take a 180 turn on the annual pap smear and breast exam?

    What I said about women is that I believe that its really something, that all of a sudden Its announced that women don’t need to have exams as early or frequently as had been recommended for years.

    And I stated that even before the big debate was brought forth on the national news coverage.

    So ..what is it that I wrote got you so riled up?
    I would expect that in the health care debate
    someone will bring up that “well then men don’t need to have exams as early as well”. Just like the women.
    YOU STATE…..
    “You insult people over and over, and when you have a few civil posts in a row you expect people to let their guards down and pat you on the back! It’s just not going to happen for some people! ”

    Please where did I insult people?

  220. Okay, we should all have lots of different flavors (or flavours) of pie floating around this week. I like the chocolate one I finished last night with the oreo cookie crust and whipped cream topping. I’m not really into pumpkin or mincemeat. Pecan pie is nice. Apple is wonderful as is cherry and blueberry. Warm with a nice scoop of vanilla bean on top. Mmmmmmmm. And maybe some warm caramel too. :grin:

  221. Happy Thansgiving M & H and fans! I’m thankful I discovered your wonderful words and perspective on just about everything!

  222. Nice blogpost, amazing looking weblog, added it to my favorites.

  223. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, but I have family in the US, who I’m goin to phone tommorow.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Margaret, and your families. I hope you are with us in good health and feistiness, for many years to come! :)

  224. Oh for crying out loud, Craig, don’t you get it? You insult people over and over, and when you have a few civil posts in a row you expect people to let their guards down and pat you on the back! It’s just not going to happen for some people! Let’s put it in economic terms – your deficit is vast, and the funds were spent on stuff that wasn’t appropriate. You can balance the budget for this week, but you still have a lot of debt!

    And I’ll be honest here… we’re adults around here but have you noticed many of us are women? If someone says that lowering the frequency of mammograms for a cancer that strikes 1 in 8 women, don’t come back with a comment about how often men need to “GET REAMED”. You have a way with words, Craig, but it’s not a civilized way.

    I hope you have a really nice Thanksgiving. I hope you eat your fill of good food and enjoy good health. But mostly I wish that you would wish the same for eveyrone else, in this country and beyond.

  225. Just another right winger.


  226. Bill Moyers compares VietNam to Afghanistan:

    Now in a different world, at a different time, and with a different president, we face the prospect of enlarging a different war. But once again we’re fighting in remote provinces against an enemy who can bleed us slowly and wait us out, because he will still be there when we are gone.

    Once again, we are caught between warring factions in a country where other foreign powers fail before us. Once again, every setback brings a call for more troops, although no one can say how long they will be there or what it means to win. Once again, the government we are trying to help is hopelessly corrupt and incompetent.

    And once again, a President pushing for critical change at home is being pressured to stop dithering, be tough, show he’s got the guts, by sending young people seven thousand miles from home to fight and die, while their own country is coming apart.

    And once again, the loudest case for enlarging the war is being made by those who will not have to fight it, who will be safely in their beds while the war grinds on. And once again, a small circle of advisers debates the course of action, but one man will make the decision.

    We will never know what would have happened if Lyndon Johnson had said no to more war. We know what happened because he said yes.

    It is possible to go to the “Bill Moyers Journal” website and view “A Tale of Quagmires.”

  227. lori,
    This Libran wants to know what have I done on the porch that needed cleaning up.
    What have I done that has even remotely threatened you or your family?

    Ignore me? I can post as well as the next person..its just that I think I’m really more forgiving of others slander than they are in dishing it out.

    Because I have a different view. It has always come down to that. You must live in a very small world?

  228. Longhorns known as T-sips are bred at the Texas
    University campus in Austin Texas.

    Aggies are students steeped in tradion from Texas A&M University, College Station Texas.

    The FIRST public institution of higher education in Texas, the school opened on October 4, 1876,[10] as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas.

    As a Senior Military College, Texas A&M is one of three public universities with a full-time, volunteer Corps of Cadets. It provides more commissioned officers to the United States Armed Forces than any other school outside of the service academies.

    Its original mission was to educate white males in farming and military techniques. Under the leadership of President James Earl Rudder, in the 1960s A&M desegregated, became coeducational, and dropped the requirement for participation in the Corps of Cadets. To reflect the institution’s expanded roles and academic offerings, the Texas Legislature renamed the school to Texas A&M University in 1963. The letters “A&M”, originally short for “Agricultural and Mechanical”, are retained only as a link to the university’s past. The school’s students, alumni, and sports teams are known as “Aggies”.

  229. Just to add, I loved your writing so much I have got to go right back to the start and begin reading there.

    To Margaret, Helen and all your family members, yes, even the jello bearing one, have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  230. Let’s see… there is the annual presidential pardon of a turkey.

    Then there’s the inteview where that poor worker wasn’t sure what to do about doing his job killing turkeys in the background of a Sarah Palin interview.

    I don’t know why, but I find that little contrast interesting.

  231. [...] have to go read the whole thing, which is awesome. That portion above reminds me of Marnie’s request for the *Mike Byron [...]

  232. In the spirit of Margaret and Helen and Thanksgiving, let’s not forget all those who, without help, might not make it to their 84th birthdays. More than 44,000 Americans die each year because they do not have access to regular healthcare. Politics aside, this is unconscionable in the richest nation on earth. However, unless and until we get meaningful health care reform, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, in addition to donating to or helping out at your local Thanksgiving kitchen, how about donating to free healthcare clinics being held across the country, through the National Association of Free Clinics?

    The National Association of Free Clinics (NAFC) is the only nonprofit 501c(3) organization whose mission is solely focused on the issues and needs of the more than 1,200 free clinics and the people they serve in the United States. It’s a tax deductible donation and save lives.


    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  233. What, MirrorMan ∆, you’re not a big fan of “Let me insult you and then let’s all get along”? Gee, some people are so sensitive…….

    Kum Ba Aw forget about it. Trolls aren’t worth reading.

  234. Well, patpoc, when you pop into a blog, and the first words printed are an insult not only to the posters here, but to the owners of the blog, I find it hard to give you any credence whatsoever.

  235. All of you bloggers sound like a bunch of Pelosi to me. Let’s leave the politics out on Thanksgiving. Helen sounds like a person who knows where she is in life. I am still a happy Republican. Actually we probably need to shuck all of them and start over.

  236. Many thank yous to you, Whirled Peas.

  237. Nanja,

    They are Texas colleges; rivals playing each other on Thursday.

    Aggies have upset of Longhorns on their minds.

    8) ~ Δ

  238. Please, Miss Helen, what is an “Aggie” and a “Longhorn”?

  239. Grandma Katie, we do not even see any spelling errors in any entry on this blog. I make plenty of those myself! LOL. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  240. Thanks everyone for all the links.
    Reality TV has dumbed down the good old USA. Sarah Palin is our new reality show. Yes, we should be very very scared.

    On a good note
    Happy Thanksgiving to all

  241. Helen,
    Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? :-)

  242. Helen, I love you! Have a great Thanksgiving.

  243. Whirled Peas Δ, I have a hard time taking that Dan Tubagoo seriously. This is funny and scary at the same time. I see we have a whole segment of our society that lives in their own ignorance and they have a queen in S’error. I love the “Jesus turned loaves into fishes” part. I can’t find that miracle in the gospels or the apocrypha. Maybe that will be part of that new republican/conservative bible version that is on the horizon. :roll:

  244. Whirled: You are the master and I thank you for the lessons.

    Grandma Katie: YOU ARE GREAT! I am trying to make it to Southern CA this winter. If so, I will go bug you. (Probably won’t work out though. I find myself heading to less traffic/people in the end.)

  245. Grandma Katie,

    I kinda like saying ‘tanks alot’. Anyway, mistakes happen. Witness mine above.

    “Vote for us OR face eternal damnation”

    My spell checker doesn’t do grammar or intent. :(


  246. Actually JJΔ,

    I’m happy when I see people link interesting things here on the porch. M&H commenters have come a long way and that pleases me. Keep up the good work. Δll of you!

    Quick note…

    Dan Tubagoo, ex-speecher for the Wasilla grifter announcing the start of a new political party. Their slogan:

    “Vote for us of face eternal damnation!”

    8) ~ Δ

  247. that should be thanks instead of tanks!

  248. Helen, Margaret and families
    All the porch family -my Thanksgiving tanks go to all of you.
    I found all of you at a particularly low time. You have kept my mind busy when my body
    was not functioning well.
    I have my breakfast at my computer desk and the porch family and all the posts help fire up my brain and give a good start to my day.
    From the deepest place in my heart –
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  249. shewwwwww the Scorpio moon has taken it’s toll hasn’t it? That’s ok we are in good ole Saggie now and they are tender souls. ;-)

    Here is the thing, every one of us learns “how” to get along with anyone we meet. Whether we choose to do that or not is where things get complicated. We have many options don’t we? The two extremes being ignore/tolerate and engage. Right?

    In my personal life I chose to ignore/tolerate up and until it becomes harmful to me, my family, or those who can not defend themselves or do not have either the capacity or status to do so for themselves.

    In this particular case, Craig has chosen to seek a “relationship” with us porch dwellers. We can either chose to “get along” or ignore/tolerate. I don’t see Craig as a “threat” to me or my family, therefore I ignore. Real life is toooooo ugly for me to invite more conflict willingly. BUT that’s me…. Others may choose a different path. But whatever we (Craig included) choose, please take a minute to use the saggie moon and look into our soul to see exactly why we are seeking conflict.

    My guess is it isn’t the “sock” in the middle of the floor ….

    Good thoughts and warm wishes to all H&M fans on this holiday weekend.. Be safe and warm in the comfort of the White Light…


  250. One last one before I sign off…

    Health care horror story coming up! Why we need a real change of health care. Reconciliation!


    Pay for wars as we go!

  251. Whirled – Dang phone!

    Don’t let 3 senators paid for by the Insurance Industry stop a true public option. Sign the petition to Harry Reid for reconciliation.


    The petition is at the end of the article.

  252. ‘Great minds’ JJΔ? I had it all ready to post and went to answer the phone. I shudda refreshed.

    PEACE ~ Δ

  253. This is what happens when you call someone ‘Your Excellency’. They start to believe they ARE.

    Chris Matthews with RI Bishop Thomas Tobin, who has banned Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-RI, from receiving Holy Communion due to his views on abortion.

    I’ll bet he’s a big Palin supporter. ;) ~ Δ

  254. I have just been directed here.
    Love it.. Thank you so much for being an honest person. Not too many of those around any more.

  255. i find this scary! Talk about religious leaders making laws, this is it.


    Wish all are doing well this Thanksgiving, one exception.


  257. Margaret and Helen you two are priceless!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Girls!!!

  258. Hey, the troll is here, because he is lonely and needs attention. Why should he leave? We give him plenty. There is no reason to believe anything he says, so as long as you don’t give him credence, he won’t cause your blood pressure to rise, of course as we well know, the little bastard can turn on a dime and go xenophobic. If he does, don’t take the bait or we’ll never get rid of him.

  259. JuneauJoe Δ
    what facts are you talking about..?

    I’ve not quoted any facts, at least not in a long time.
    Now who is making up crap?

    You like to hear yourself CARP don’t you.
    Did you come up with that one all on your own?

  260. Helen and Margaret, I am thankful for you, your families and all who have joined in on this blog. Happy Thanksgiving Day to all.

  261. I’m so glad that Harold is doing better.

    I’m thankfullI found this blog. It’s always a good day when you post.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

  262. Homework: Things that make you go hmmmmm….

    Read this first:
    Palin: Not A Liar, A Bullshitter – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan http://bit.ly/8h1TPi

    Then Read this:
    The Kate Gosselin Of Politics – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan http://bit.ly/4wbwDr

  263. It takes a village idiot and Craig is ours.

  264. File this under…

    You can fool some of the
    people ALL of the time!

    What my granddaddy used to call:

    A boat load of RUBES.


  265. Craig: You are nothing more or less than an average troll.
    You make up facts, like Rush and Palin. They and you like to run up debt for wars and tax cuts for the wealthy then blame those without health insurance for running up the debt..

    I find it interesting that the Bush and Cheney clan did not sign up for the military.

  266. “Craig: You are still a dumbass.”

    Just another opinion JuneauJoe Δ

    Everybody’s got one.

    JuneauJoe Δ Thank you for serving.

  267. Δ¥ Tine
    As for snakes especially this time of year..just watch where you walk especially at night on the aspahalt..streets etc..it attracts heat and the snakes love it.

  268. Poolman ..thanks for your thoughts.

    Some people have just not lived or seen some things that others have..thus they have their opinions.

    I just don’t chastise others because they have opinions different than me.

  269. Mike
    Thanks for your insight.
    I think your more familiar with Arkansas,
    Carolina’s for a pig Hollaring or tractor pull.
    And for Pulled pork you might try Carolina’s as well.

    Get a grip Mike. I watched my son take a oath to defend your sorry ass and then pinned his bars on him.

    Nuff said Asshole.

  270. Hey Helen,
    A happy and thankful day to you! Like you, I am thankful for, by Palin’s standards, an abnormal family. Isn’t it great to have literate, globally aware, open minded descendants? We can have conversations!

    I am also thankful for your Thanksgiving letter because it gave me an out on my own blog where I gave readers your URL and referred them. Saved me time and expressed many of my own sentiments. I am most grateful.

    You and Margaret and your hubbies keep well and enjoy the day. CHEERS!

  271. Thanks, Tine. I have had few pressing issues that kept me from dropping in as often as I would have liked. Hopefully, those times are behind me, although I was lurking in the shadows.

  272. Sarah Palin vs. Darth Oprah

  273. See what I mean by twists and turns on this blog?

    Jake at 6:06 pm had me laughing!
    “can get married in 4 states”

    On guns–
    The first words uttered by any new gun owner.
    “My gun is my responsibility. Whatever happens as a result of the firing of my gun is my responsibility.”

    Men in power with big toys=unfunded wars.
    “Look what I can do with my big toys!”

  274. Welcome back to the porch, MirrorMan. :)

  275. We have guns in our house – and I come from families of hunters – deer, quail, pheasant, duck and in asia, wild boars. I was never interested in hunting but always wanted to be in the biathalon. And my dad was a longbow deer hunter – never used a rifle or compound on a deer. So I learned longbow – 60lb draw cuz I have short arms being a short person. I have no problem with folks who hunt for food -I dislike trophy hunters and folks who think they need an UZI to take down a deer or a duck. Give me a break -that’s not hunting that’s asshatting. I learned to field dress a deer but really only used those skills during necropsy exams as a vet tech. . .came in handy then. :) You can’t live in the boonies of SE Asia without learning some things. My mom carried a glock overseas – partly for security but mostly to take out the pythons and cobras.

    Anyway we’ve all decided we don’t want a traditional Thanksgiving. We either having seafood or cornish hens on the grill.

  276. Irony: Cheney is upset that 40,000 more troops are not sent to Afghanistan. HE UNDERSTAFFED AFGHANISTAN FOR 7 YEARS! Took the troops out and sent them to Iraq. (Officers in charge were begging for more US troops but Cheney/Bush/ Rumsfeld said NO.

    Now that dumb assed Cheney (and Craig) says send in 40,000 more at 1 million dollars per yer per soldier. (The current deficit was caused by TWO WARS AND TAX CUTS FOR THE WEALTHIEST TWO PERCENT!)

    I say: Find the money to fund the war AND FUND HEALTH CARE FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE US with the funds presently used for Iraq and/or Afghanistan.

    PAKISTAN: We should have stopped the Taliban at the border when Cheney/Bush/ Rumsfeld said no.
    They sent the border watchers off to Iraq and the enemy from Afghanistan got a free ride to Pakistan.

    The mess in Pakistan was caused by Rumsfeld/ Cheney and Bush.

  277. Craig: Aren’t you missing a tractor pull or a Pig Hollering contest somewhere? I think it might be time for you to move on.

    Maybe you and your son can go blow something up…blow it up real good….then laugh your asses off with your sister wives.

  278. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1109/29851.html

    Link to Pay for Wars.

    Kind of got caught up in discussion.

  279. Here is the link to ‘Pay for War as they are being fought.

    By the way, I am a vet – just so you know.

    Afghanistan: Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush put in too few troops for 7 years and then took the best troops out to fight in a war which ‘lies got us into.’

    The taliban were not in Iraq. Remember: WMD?
    Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    IUD: Because we had so few soldiers in Iraq (we should not have been there), the ethnic fighters got most of the iraq Military munitions and made IUD’s which were used against other religious groups and THE US MILITARY!

    Afghanistan is now a mess BECAUSE OF RUMSFELD, CHENEY AND BUSH POLICIES! I love the Bush telling people to go shopping.


    If they are important – put the cash into them upfront!

    Remember Viet Nam? Money down a black hole!

    Margaret and Helen: Have a great Thanksgiving!
    I think you are great!

    Craig: You are still a dumbass. Wish I had more time on line but don’t. I will drop by when I can.

  280. UAW, I am saddened for your loss. One of our greatest presidents said it best:

    “In this sad world of ours, sorrow comes to all, and it often comes with bitter agony. Perfect relief is not possible, except with time. You cannot now believe that you will ever feel better, but this is not true. You are sure to be happy again. Knowing this, truly believing it, will make you less miserable now. I have had enough experience to make this statement.”

    Abraham Lincoln

  281. Helen and Margaret, you are the best! Thanks so much for this! It makes me appreciate my ‘normal’ family again.

  282. To Terrorists Everywhere

  283. JuneauJoe Δ

    Why not just let the terrorists come over to your house and sing KumByeYaw and build roadside bombs for our soldiers or the french,belgians, italians…or any of the other NATO troops trying to give Afghanistan back to their people.

    Quite frankly though I think the pattern we should change to is:
    carpet bombing the trails thru the passes and ..
    then keep several 24 hour Reaper drones over key spots and the light them up when they get ready to meet allah.
    We could bring our boys home..Let Karzai try and keep his house clean…and then if shit happens so be it.

    Pakistan is the place I know we have Spec Ops in and I just hope they keep doing the excellent job they are doing..spotting and taking the bad guys out at their homes or mosques before they can make it across the border.

    Better them in their beds dead than our boys coming home in caskets.

  284. As I said I collect rifles. Because some day some idiot will try and outlaw my right to bear arms.

    Took son to range when he was eight.

    He was with me and did not care for the loud noise. So That was that for THAT field trip.

    He’s just qualified to fire bout anything you have on a Navy cruiser except for the Cruise Missles which take two parties.
    Son is marksman with 9 mm.

    And I guess all aboard this train think its God Awful to have guns.
    Whose going to shoot the bastard when you trying to get out of the classroom or cafeteria?
    Google the 91 Luby’s cafeteria shootings or the Austin Tower in 60’s
    Now we had an Army major,Muslim as well
    do his thing.
    That is why we have concealed carry permits in Texas.
    Hopefully one of these days we will have open carry.
    Just my thoughts..

    “AssHat”..really thats pretty lame..And since when did we get into name calling on this thread?

  285. Poolman and Craig can marry in 4 states, I believe.

  286. Craig, I must say that I admire your ability to still come here and post as it seems you are the official right wing punching bag that many feel the need to take out our frustrations. Most folks here are likely unfamiliar with life in the panhandle of Texas where it is not uncommon for the local auto dealerships to give away a “free shotgun with every truck” purchased. I got used to seeing the gunracks in all the trucks and all the road signs with bullet holes through them. I also have been on rattlesnake hunts and know folks that participate in the rattlesnake roundup in Sweetwater every year. My wife grew up near that area and we both grew up around firearms and were trained to shoot. I believe you also said your son is in his late 20’s, so I am sure he can be responsible with firearms. Anyway, thanks for being a good sport. I have lived in many parts of the globe and realize that we all see things from a different perspective based on those societies and our upbringings. I personally like variety. :grin:

  287. JuneauJoe….will you marry me?

  288. Hi folks,

    I heard this wonderful and amazing idea:

    Any politician that wants to send 40,000 more soldiers (or whatever #) must first SAY HOW THEY ARE GOING TO PAY FOR IT!

    Deficit: If we want war – then make a war tax. We need to pay as we go in war too.

    I might also add that we are propping up a corrupt government that the people have little if any belief in. (Cheney/Bush put the present Afghan Admin in power! The big boys are making big dollars off of drugs.)

    FUND HEALTH CARE AND raise taxes if we want to fight wars.

    We have spent 3 Trillion on Iraq folks! Health Care for all is a bargain. (I also think we need single payer.)

    Craig: Still think you are an idiot and a fool.

  289. Craig, Did you take your son to get his book signed by Sarah Palin too? :-)

  290. Yes…thanks to numb nuts like Craig…we can look forward to generation after generation of like minded individuals.

    Margaret? How about giving Craig the “2009 Ass Hat” Award? :-)

  291. UAW, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Your wife was truly lucky to have had your love and support for 35 years, and especially blessed to have you by her side at the end of this lifetime.

    Thank you for posting the animal click a day site. I’ve been going there for a couple of years now, but don’t think to pass along the link on forums like these. That was a good idea.

    Thanksgiving blessings to all.

  292. Craig

    Great idea re sons and assault rifles. A guy in Massachusetts thought it was a great idea to take his 8 yr old son to a firing range so he could fire off an UZI. Kid couldn’t control the weapon and killed himself by shooting himself in the head. Brilliant idea.

  293. Happy Thanksgiving, Helen. Thanks for the new list – I needed the laugh.

    Margaret, enjoy your turkey and take care of yourself.

    Number 3 on my list of what I am thankful for again this year: Margaret and Helen.

  294. Helen you are brilliant.
    Craig you are an AssHat.

  295. “I own many rifles..and some of those are assault weapons. Never have been huntin though. I just collect rifles to pass on to my son.”


  296. Poolman I did sign your petition because I do think it is time to end these “wars”.

    But no matter what Obama decides to do the good news is I trust HIS judgement of the situation. He is a smart man who will not dance to anyone’s tune and he will not make up his mind efore he listens to ALL sides, that I know for sure. I couldn’t say that for 8 years.

  297. Please take time to make your voice heard. Sign this petition regarding this important issue to send Aid, not Troops, in Afghanistan

  298. Rattlesnakes (*shudder*) top the long list of reasons I could never live in West Texas.

    More power to ya, Craig!

  299. Mmmmn-nmmm! Nothing like rattlesnake and calf fries to get them juices flowing. :grin:
    We’ll be two-steppin’ our way to paradise!

  300. Raji
    AS for animals humanely treated..?
    It’s west Texas and as in most parts of the state the animals are free rangers until round up time then they are brought into town for the pens where they are purchased for the trip to the slaughter houses or to be put back into someone else’s herd.

    Now if your talking Veal and baby calves..Yep I seen the movies of the cramped quarters and the forced feeding. NOt pretty..and not on my menu.

    But pig farms,chicken farms are none too nice for walking thru either..but for the millions of Americans who are still meat eaters, thats the way it is.
    Sorry ..But I need more than a salad and beans.

    Oh and farmers out here will give you free access to their land to shoot as many wild boar as you can haul off. They are tearing crops up out here.

    I own many rifles..and some of those are assault weapons. Never have been huntin though. I just collect rifles to pass on to my son.
    Just could never see the sport of dumping feed corn in a spot and waiting in a blind to kill one Bambis mother or father. But boy are they beautiful to watch.
    Saw a Buck a year or so ago at sunset. He just stood there lookin at me along the side of the road. He turned and with one giant push with the hind legs he vaulted a five foot fence.

    But as one earlier post stated..the herds do at times need to be thinned out. I’m just not the one to do it.

    We also have a rattlesnake roundup about two hours away..April I believe. Now thats a hoot. We have a bunch of those little babies out here.
    They have Miss Rattlesnake, a parade, skinning and frying up meat to eat and the skins are made into numerous items, belts hat bands etc.

  301. UAW,
    I am so sorry to hear about your wife. Take peace in your memories and children. You were a good and loving care giver.

    Thank you for the websites.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  302. Helen and Margaret and your Beloveds, may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you blog and thrilled to hear Harold is doing better.

    UAW my most sincere condolences on the loss of your wife. Sending you comforting energies during this difficult time.

    Thanksgiving blessings to all.

  303. I think it is important to point out that when the FOX NEWS weekend show ask their viewers who they would rather have Thanksgiving dinner with, Hillary or Palin, 47 to 36 percent, Hillary was the most popular. The viewers “voted” by twitter/facebook/.

    Isn’t it interesting with all of Palin’s press she has been getting and the fact that Fox@Friends is one of the MOST “right wing” shows on TV, that Palin couldn’t even win a head to head popularity poll against Hilary?

    As I said above, I think it is important for progressives to participate in these kinds of “polls” and discussions when we have the opportunity. Especially when it is put forth by the right. If we don’t, and just dismiss these “debates” as ridiculous (as they are) we leave the impression the the inmates are running the asylum and therefore perpetuate the notion Palin is worthy of all the attention she gets whenever she opens her pie hole.

    I understand and agree most of these forums are “silly” and seem to be a waste of time trolling these sites, but on occassion it’s really worth our time to give them a look see.

    Thanks again for taking the time to check out that blog. ;-)


  304. Greytdog, I’m glad to hear your stepson’s doing OK. That makes me think of OceanGypsi’s nephew. Wonder how he’s doing? OG? Are you here?

  305. UAW thanks for the links. Already go to the animal rescue site (of course) and I am thrilled with the Lets Say thanks site. . .that’s awesome.

    heard from Stepson#1 in Baghdad – hotter than hades but since he’s from FL he’s not suffering like some of the guys, stationed in greenzone but have several rocket attacks a day. Asked he what he wanted us to send him for Christmas – said he’d let us know – he’s getting a list of things his translator’s family needs. At least he’s safe so far.

  306. JSZ Touche :-)

  307. Poolman, I love your sense of humor and I especially liked the twist you did on your post on the fox news blog.

    vgman, when I was younger, I seldom spoke my mind. Now that I am older I am trying to take a page from Helen’s book and speak up when I am passionate about a subject. In case you can’t tell my passion is animals ;-)

    I agree with you about the twists and turns of this blog.

    I am putting on my gray raincoat to go out into the grey dreary morning. Have a good day all.

  308. “Apparently, gray is a color and grey is a colour.”

    Exactly. Both are technically correct in American English, but “grey” is more common in British English.

  309. Some opportunities present themselves at the crappiest moments. Make sure you C.Y.A. Hunters! :grin:

  310. thanks for all the kind words……
    and yes I do eat meat…..
    and do my own butchering…..
    deer hunting has not been successful yet…..
    I hope everyone bookmarked the animal rescue site…..
    here’s another one


  311. Apparently, gray is a color and grey is a colour.

    So said a “pedantic Brit” on some google page back in 2003.

    All right, then. Tally ho!

  312. we are still realing that we are in the south after 40 years, father thinks we should carry on the taditions of our sicilian heritage, he is still the only one that makes us all crazy but will it be like when he is gone, we will have know one to complain about, how boring

  313. I love the twists and turns this blog takes!

    Raji, I bet you won a speech award when you were young.

    Poolman, thanks for the chuckle.

    Question for anyone:
    Is it gray or grey? Are both used as descriptions for color? Do we use one for one purpose and the other for another?

  314. UAW, I’m so very sorry your wife has gone ahead of you. Don’t worry, you’ll join her when the time is right. I frankly don’t know what I’ll do when it’s my time or my DH’s. Just thinking about it makes my brain hurt.

    It’s one of those things when it doesn’t matter what your politics are, it just plain sucks. Something we can all agree on. I hope you’ll come back to chat when you feel like it. Sometimes staying connected with people who speak the same language can be a solace. Even if we disagree about other things, we can agree that there is no worse pain than the one you now feel. And it’s the same we will all feel, when the time comes.

  315. Oh Poolman, you do have a way with words.

  316. UAW, I’m so very sorry for your tremendous loss. My prayers are with you and those you hold dear.

  317. Hey Poolman… great post on Fox.. ;-) Thanks again

    peace all

  318. No animals were harmed by the making of this blog post. The only killing of any kind was related to brain cells. And that’s even a grey matter. :grin:

  319. Raji….great rant.
    I’m a vegetarian.

  320. I want me and my BFF to be y’all when we grow up!!! :D

  321. Oh, UAW…. :(

    Godspeed to your lovely wife and peace to you.

  322. JSZ, while I am on this rant how about considering not eating any meat that is not humanely raised. Are you aware of the conditions animals are kept so we consumers can enjoy our meat quota? Now they are even raising Tuna in underwater pens to satisfy our demands.

    At least a deer has spent it’s life in the wild running free.

  323. Excuse me JSZ, I was not referring to the killing but the peace of being in the woods and watching the wildlife.

    However, on the other hand in the area I live the hunters are bringing meat home for the winter or otherwise they would not be feeding their families this winter as no one can afford beef or pork. Do you know what that is like when you devour your Happy Meal?

    Another fact, the deer have populated to the point that they cannot sustain themselves in their current environment. There is just not enough forage for the herds. Even our wildlife conservatives know the herd must be culled.

    Do you have any thing to add to this information? You just go to the store and buy your meat, don’t you?

  324. Margaret & Helen,

    I sent the link to your blog to my sisters in the north east. We all love you! And appreciate you, too. And we are all very happy that Harold has recovered so nicely.

    I hope you all have a great Thansgiving.

  325. My sincere condolences on your loss UAW.

  326. Yes…killing a deer….so very peaceful. WTF???

  327. UAW, my heart goes out to you for your loss. You and your wife had 35 wonderful years and you have your memories although that can never replace her. May she finally rest in peace.

    I understand the gun and deer season. The time in the woods will be well spent and maybe there you will find the peace you are seeking.

    Thanks for the link on animal rescue. My daughter is very involved with rescue transport. She just spent the night with 5 kittens and one dog that needed an overnight. Took the dog to the park and spent the rest of the day cleaning the bathroom LOL. Of course none were potty trained.

    Take care and check in often.

  328. UAW–May the peace that helps us understand all things be with you at this time.

    Your 35 year love story is a beacon among many of us. I have a lot to learn from you.

  329. Shannyn Moore did her first TV show. Check it out at


  330. UAW–I am so terribly sorry. My thoughts are with you.

  331. UAW, really sorry about your loss. It must be hard hoping and hoping for a better outcome and coming empty-handed. Unfortunately we do not get to decide. I have a dear friend who is going through this right now and the doctors have stopped all treatment for her case. It must be hardbreaking, I understand to lose a life’s partner. But, as many have said before, a gun is not the answer, your work here is not done. May you soon find the peace to look at life here in a different light than you are doing right now. Plese just give it time.

  332. Dear UAW Tradesman,

    Please accept my sincere condolences in the loss of your wife. Even though it was expected, it is always a shock when the time comes.

    I hope you will take consolation in all the happy memories you made together.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  333. UAW, I pray comfort and support for you during this time of loss. I too have been with my wife for that amount of time and I cannot imagine life without someone who is such a part of my life. I pray that you are surrounded by your family and friends and that you are able to grieve (us guys sometimes try to avoid this) for your lover. May God fill your home with His perfect love and may His peace give you comfort for your hurting heart and mind, I pray.

    I am grateful that as our lives unfold there can be new chapters written that contain treasures for those of us willing to turn the page and carry on through this awesome and difficult journey. May God give you the strength to see it through, I pray.

  334. Oh UAW – my heart is broken. I was so hoping and praying that you and your wife would have more time together. She was so very lucky to have such a devoted and loving partner as she faced that dreadful illness. Just please be careful during deer hunting season, okay? Give yourself time to grieve, time to rage, and time to laugh, too, this Thanksgiving!35 years – wow. a love story. Take care, okay?

  335. Helen, another wonderful Thanksgiving letter to the family. Made me remember last year’s, which was equally funny.

    Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone!

    Maven Δ

  336. UAW: I am sorry to hear that you lost your wife. My sympathy and prayers go out to you.

    Maven Δ

  337. Heartfelt sympathy to youin the los of your wife. Cancer is suchan awful thing. Know froom experience, Been there. Go lock the gun up. You still have things to do.

  338. Why don’t you video blog?

  339. UAW, my deepest sympathies on your loss.

  340. UAW, I am so sorry for your great loss.

  341. Happy Thanksgiving, Helen.

  342. thought I’d pass this on….
    checked on snoops….


  343. UAW, so sorry for the loss of your dear wife. No words are sufficient to express our sincere sympathies.

  344. Helen….have a happy Thanksgiving and give everyone there a hug…….they might not be there the next year……..I’ll be going to Thanksgiving dinner this year by myself(after 35 years) I buried my wife last Sat. ……thanks for all the prays from this crowd but it wasn’t meant to be…..since then I’ve found myself with a gun in my hands everyday…….it is deer season though……
    delurker girl….
    my 401 looks as good as it did inauguration day…….it still sucks from jan 2007……wonder why?????Nancy,Harry,Chris ,and Barney come to mind…..

  345. LOL It’s ok greytdog, although my daughter attends MSU I HAIL from Penn State!!! Soo it’s all good. ;-)

    To answer your question I believe in my heart of hearts we will have GOOD healthcare bill by State of the Union day.

    I do not think the lobbyist’s have much weight going forward. They lost their big battle in committee.

    The boogey man in the room now is power in the democratic party. To use football as an analogy, it is now up to the coaches. Do they have the right game plan to win the game.

    Go Steelers!


  346. Happy Thanksgiving, Margaret and Helen! Glad to hear Harold is doing well. Thanks for another wonderful post-you always make my day!

  347. lori, the state of Michigan just did not have a good day of college football yesterday. Gee, my apologies (not)

    I hovered between the OSU/Michigan game and watching the CSpan coverage of the cloture vote. Both suspenseful and I found myself reacting to both in similar fashion – yelling at the television (as if those ppl could hear through that glass separating us), cat-calling, jeering, heckling, and when SO came in to ask about cloture vote I told him we were at 4th down with goal to go. . . he didn’t ask me anymore questions for a while.

    I am worried though about the conservaDems who tend to vote against their constituents. will they continue to ignore the voices of the ppl while heeding the voices and desires of the lobbyists?

  348. NOP it will help our entire nation because we cannot continue with the status quo we simply cannot sustain the cost as a nation. It will kill us.

  349. [...] the way, Margaret and Helen have a very hilarious Thanksgiving Day message if anyone is [...]

  350. They are crossed Lori, so many of our friends here will benefit. It is been a good day for America.

  351. [...] Thanksgiving Letter to the Family 2009 Dear Family, This year I am thankful to have you as my family rather than a normal American family.  I say that because Sarah Palin is fond of talking about her family being a normal American family. Last time I checked everyone in my family knows where Africa is on a globe. Everyone goes to college after [...] [...]

  352. So right NOP.

    Historically …… 97(ish) percent of the bills that have been approved for debate have gone on to become law..

    fingers crossed.

  353. We’ve made this far on healthcare, let’s all breathe a sight of relief; next the Senate will have a debate on the issue. That thirty-nine Republican Senators were afraid to even debate the issue, makes one wonder….

  354. Greytdog, I was at the MSU/Penn state game this afternoon and when they announced the Michigan/OSU final score you can imagine the roar of our crowd! Congrats.!

  355. Hey Poolman Thanks! I am sure your post is excellent! I can’t wait to go over and read what you had to say.

    When I post on the FOX blog it is usually about the football pool that the host does on weekends. I try to stay away from any political discussion over there unless the host asks specifically for an opinion on a political matter, as she did today. My opinions tend to annoy the regular bloggers! go figure! LOL So in an effort to not be trollie I TRY to not antagonize with my libwarl views, and just “listen” to others who have such radically different views on the world as I do, sometimes I just can’t help myself though….;-)

    When I do post I post as lori…

  356. And a most Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this wonderful blog. Love your rules Helen. Find them very reasonable. So pleased that Harold is back home again.

    Loved the parsnip and pear recipe, but here in Thailand I don’t get either ingrediant. I even dream about parsnips I miss them so much, but I’m making two apple pies today that I wish I could share with you.

    Auntie Cat

  357. Craig, it is indeed a way to get a vote for cloture — which is happening tonight. Check out Keith Olberman last night


    They explain how this works. “Buying votes” is common in the process, from what I understand. But as Poolman noted, Louisiana needs this badly. How the “conservadem” Senator can hold out on healthcare when her constituents need it badly is beyond me.

  358. Today is a wonderful day – Ohio State beat Michigan, thus handing Rich Rodriguez another losing season. . . while the Buckeyes won the Big 10 outright and is headed to the Rose Bowl.

    It’ a really good day – BUCKEYES!!!

  359. Helen, can I come to dinner at your house? I’ll bring butter!

  360. Looks like the filibuster will be blocked.

    Really I don’t understand why a vote to even debate a bill was such a battle!

  361. *WHY just Louisiana? Is this a “buy a vote” concept?* – Craig

    I don’t know if this is legit, but I tell you it might need to go there due to the fact that the last bunch in power shat all over that state and didn’t wipe up after themselves very well.

  362. Oprah…last season coming up.

    Could she be preparing to go into politics in the 2012 elections?

    She has the best mentors in the “Big House” straight from Chicago politics.

    She would be a shoe in.

  363. “A largely overlooked provision in the Senate bill would send $100 million to Louisiana to help it cover costs for Medicaid, the federal-state health care program for the poor.”

    WHY just Louisiana? Is this a “buy a vote” concept?

  364. Thank you W’Peas, I needed that. Now back to housecleaning.

  365. Okay Lori, I went over and posted there. Are you posting as Liz? Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that those right wingers cannot spell to save their lives. I am occasionally guilty of mis-spelling words, or using a homophone, but I think the worst offenders are these radicals on the right. We saw that with the signage at their protests, also. There has to be a connection.

  366. [...] via Thanksgiving Letter to the Family 2009 « Margaret and Helen. [...]

  367. Some Children reenact
    the first Thanksgiving.

    ;) ~ Δ

  368. The Senate is debating rather to debate healthcare today, this is a great opportunity for you to check your blood pressure, watch it hooked up to a blood pressure gauge. It is on C-Span2.

  369. President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 11/21/09

    Traveling Abroad for Our Economy at Home


  370. Greytdog, I’m sorry I misinterpreted what you said, and agree with everything you just said about it now.
    And I also think that too much of our health care is directed toward profit for someone, be it pharmaceuticals, image machines, or doctor offices just keeping a good long line waiting for various tests.

    As you said, the real problem is probably the “one size fits all” concept that insurance companies prefer. If not for the profit motive, we might get medical CARE instead of medical PROCESSING.

  371. greytdog THANK YOU.. LOL I am telling you it has been my wish that you and other regulars on here would take some of those people on.. It would be like taking candy from a baby.. LOL

    I do occassionally post on there as well under lori but I’m in my daughter’s college apartment this morning with limited internet avaliability. I plan on putting my two cents in as well when I return! lol

  372. lori – this wee fox went into the henhouse (or pig sty) and using my cat’s name (emma) here’s what I left on that silly forum:

    “Oh I’d have to choose dinner with Secy of State Clinton. She has a wealth of knowledge that is inspiring and would be a blast to sit down and just discuss world topics, domestic issues, as well as her work with women’s law issues. I don’t care if she can cook or not – she’d be my guest so I’d be doing the cooking anyway. I’d just would want to have an enjoyable evening discussing the important topics of the day with one of the most intelligent and compassionate women leaders of the world.”

  373. Sophia, part of the “expendable” statement was tongue in cheek – in a very sarcastic way. It does seem, however, that in medical research and practice, women’s health has always been secondary. Especially if you look at oncology and cardiology studies – the primary groups studied are male and then those findings, for many years, were extrapolated to women’s health. It’s really only been in the last couple of decades that cardiology has recognized that women’s heart issues present in different ways than men’s issues. Same with cancer – we focused on breast cancer in women but failed to adequately look at breast cancer in men; we looked at cervical but failed to look at pre-cancerous cervical and for men, concentrated on prostate and testicular when many of those symptoms also present in bladder cancer. I just find it interesting that the guidelines put out by the task force focus only on women’s health – & woimen’s reproductive health at that. I was astounded when the task force suggested that pap smears are primarily used to diagnose cervical cancer so women don’t have to get a pap until 21 – while 14yr old and other teen years are on the pill – thus exposing them to hormonal manipulation for a much longer period of time. . .raising other health issues that a pap smear can easily detect.

    My personal opinion is that yes these are guidelines – and HHS and medical centers across the country have come out in opposition to these guidelines. But I bet you ten to one that the insurance companies will use these guidelines as a way to deny these tests as being “medically unnecessary”. I just want parity in denial of care – if a pap smear or mammogram is denied as medically unncessary then I want a prostate exam & viagra to also been deemed medically unnecessary

  374. I thought some of you would enjoy commenting on this blog this morning. The question the FOX host posted is would you rather have dinner with Palin or Clinton, and if Palin should run for president.

    Personally it would be a WONDERFUL holiday present for me to see you guys share your knowledge and wit and intellect with these…. mmmm… welllllll you can fill in the blank.. ______LOL



  375. Poolman, loved that link!

    Jean, you are right on about guidelines. However, many doctors today are being put in a bad position of “damn if I do, damn if I don’t”. I don’t think it is always about the money but it is about the lawsuit. Many radiologists have closed their doors to mammography because of the risk of being sued for malpractice is they miss a lump. This is also the reason doctors recommend yearly exams and a biopsy of every lump and bump.Until we do something about the malpractice situation doctors will continue to order every test in the book.

  376. Hi gang,

    I might as well get into the act about the announcements this week on breast and cervical cancer testing. These are GUIDELINES, as defined by Webster as ‘indications, standards or principles by which to make judgments or determinations for a policy or course of action’. No one has ever said that a guideline is one-size-fits-all. They are not chiseled in stone. Contrary to Moses, the Pope and James, no one in the scientific or medical community has claimed infallibility. Further new advances in science are being made every day. (Time was when doctors gave up on using leeches to ‘bleed’ the patient.)

    All of the expert commentary I have heard or read emphasized talking to your doctor. Now that’s a little like the pharmaceutical company commercials with their usual ass-covering litigious disclaimers “Ask your doctor if such-and-such a drug is right for you.”

    However, I think in the case of a woman’s health that is good advice. We should educate ourselves with valid information beyond the 6 o’clock news bites and always be armed with a list of questions when we meet with our doctors. There is an outside chance that he/she is more knowledgeable and better trained than we are, especially is he/she has a thorough family and medical history of each patient. That goes for men as well as women.

    And for heaven’s sake, how I wish some politicians and clergymen would just butt out! The only things they are interested in are: Politicians, the money; clergymen, biblical admonitions. And both groups love to pick a fight just for the sake of getting attention and throwing their weight around.

    When it comes to guidelines, I am reminded of the speed limit. If it says 65 MPH, maybe that’s fine if it is a nice clear day with little traffic. If it is a snowing night with ice on the highway, speed limit sign or no, it is probably a good idea to slow down and be safe.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  377. Blessed are those who believe that the peacemakers will inherit the Earth.

  378. Thanks vgmanΔ. I found this link while at the mudflats. Enjoy.

    Psalms 109 ….. Two Can Play at That Game.

  379. Poolman,
    You are marvelous. I am thankful for your common sense approach towards deliberation of topics on this porch. You don’t wear your belief system on your sleeve, so to speak, but rather, show others by example, how to listen, think, learn, and respond in kind. I’m so glad you are part of this blog.
    Now, for the rest of you. I’m just as thankful for all of you. You have all helped me through this last year since coming to the porch. You have firmed up my hope that our society still has remnants of civility amidst the crap that corporate America thinks we should be focused on.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I am very thankful that this porch is big enough for all of us. Though some may stop by and linger for a while, there are also those who call this porch home.

    Thanks, Margaret and Helen, for welcoming us this past year. I am thankful for your friendship which started this all.

    I mean it, really.

  380. Found you via Five Star Friday, and I am ever so grateful. We can no longer light our gas oven via chopstick and cigarette lighter. So we’ll be cooking our bird at a friend’s house which I am sure will create its own drama.

  381. Ah grandchildren. Bonnie, I’m really glad you have a grandson! My granddaughter is the light of my life, I waited a long time for her. I suspect that Helen gets the same joy from her grandchildren as well, it’s just how they are.

  382. So REFRESHING to hear voices about us that are not cliche. My long lost friend Arlene sent this. It took the loss of her husband for us to reconnect. I am, at this time, trying to figure out why I failed in raising my son, who is unemployed, an alcoholic, and blames everyone. I have sent him thousands of dollars to support him, pay rent. Yeah, I know, I am an “enabler.” I also recognize that he uses me.
    But he is my son. I love him. What can I do? Let him be on the street?
    Enough. Am revealing too much. Imagine what his Dad is thinking. He could be freezing on the streets of Chicago right now while I enjoy my grandson, the love of my life. Who e-mailed me today to say, I love you $9,000,000,000,000–and more.

  383. Have a great Thanksgiving to the both of you and your families. Enjoy!

  384. Happy Thanksgiving Helen. Wishing you and Harold and your whole family all the best!

  385. HRH sofia EQ, thanks for the compliment. I ask for wisdom every morning, as part of my preparation for a new day. I’m glad to see it has had an impact. So much to learn, so little time!

  386. More trollin’? What is it about shallow people that can’t stand to see people having a civil and friendly good time here? Does it threaten them somehow?

  387. Poolman, how come you are such a wise man at such a young age? “I had heard the debate was more if mammograms were more harm than good. You know, radiation exposure being accumalative and all. Are we winning against breast cancer, or not?”

    The information the recommendation was based on didn’t just come up because the government is working on health reform. The question comes up regularly. Back in the 90’s, Canada found that self examination also didn’t improve women’s chances of surviving breast cancer.

    Another study just came out recommending that younger women don’t need annual PAP smears for a similar reason.

    I’m not familiar with the colon cancer debate but I expect it has something to do with having colonoscopies every 2-3 years.

    I think in all these cases, SOME people should follow the guidelines if their Dr tells them to. I also think the tests are over proscribed. The tests don’t PREVENT the disease. They do make some people feel safer if they get them.

    Greytdog, I disagree with you a bit here. I don’t think they want to change the recommendations because they feel women are expendable. In some cases, too much testing is not beneficial to the patient. As Poolman said, and as I’ve read elsewhere, it’s important to balance the real risk with the risk of the test. In the case of breast cancer, if your mother had it, there’s a good chance you will, too. A friend who has had bc twice has a daughter who also got it and she chose to have a double mastectomy. I think it was a wise decision, though very hard for her. In my case, a lump was found 5 years ago, I had it biopsied and it was just a lump. But now I wonder if it might have developed because I have had annual mammograms since I was 35. That’s 30 doses of radiation.

    I agree that a lot of it’s a business decision to pay for the equipment and maybe a boat or two.

  388. Whirled Peas Δ, That parasailin’ with sp was great! I shared over at Shannyn Moore’s blog. Someone over there was sharing a comment from one of those that got ignored by her book signing – the driving miss crazy – tour. They felt “Palienated” when she signed only 600 of the 900 books and then took off. :grin:

  389. Yea..I know kinda like all men over 50 need to get reamed every 4-5 years for cancer prevention as well.
    It just defies all scientific findings and history that “early detection” was the best thing for women in preventing cancer.
    What Govt. agency, if it was government, made this bold pronouncement?

    To all in good faith,religion and beliefs..Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and treasure your time with your loved ones.

    I wish I had the company that Helen and Margaret will have.
    My son is gone..married and on the other side of the state and the rest of the “family” is scattered by distance and karma.

  390. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your not-normal American family from a far from normal American family. I hope the bar is open!

  391. Happy Turkey Weekend to both Helen and Margaret,
    I am so grateful for your outspoken honesty and humor.
    If any of your kids opt out, please consider me for a replacement.


  392. Craig, I had heard the debate was more if mammograms were more harm than good. You know, radiation exposure being accumalative and all. Are we winning against breast cancer, or not? Here again, like the colon cancer debate, we should be looking at the outcome in percentage of deaths in the population.

    Some think the procedure is important for all women on an annual basis over a certain age. Other’s claim that it should be done to those at higher risk only, etc.

    From a business perspective, if I have the equipment I need to use it to make money off of it. From that angle, a lot of procedures that are profitable are unnecessary in a lot of cases, IMO.

  393. Happy Thanksgiving to Margaret&Helen and their families. I’ll be cooking with my daughter at her house and loving it. And I did make a lime jello salad with minced celery, scallions, Israeli couscous and finely grated carrots…with just a touch of horseradish for my baby grand-twins… and they loved it! But jello at Thanksgiving; no, I don’t think so.

  394. Actually Craig the new medical findings simply point out yet again that in this great American society, when push comes to shove, Women are expendable.

  395. FYI..BY the way. I posted the other day that the new medical findings about breast exams was part of the new way of giving out selective care and thus reducing the health care dollars for this procedure.

    I have watched the media the past few days and seems as if there are a lot of people questioning the timing and reasoning behind the new parameters for breast exams.

    So I seem somewhat vindicated in my views.

  396. Oh. Sorry for jumping to conclusions, Craig.

  397. Δ¥ Tine…

    Bad Manners….
    No not at all…I was just commenting about some of the earlier posts and that your comment about the Pooper scooper was very well timed.

    “To clean up the troll droppings, silly Craig.

    I don’t get it. Are you saying I have bad manners?”

    Actually I have enjoyed reading the posts and only participating when the Rt. wing urge hits me.
    At least I’ve tried to remain civil.

  398. Well said, NOP!

  399. Is that so Lew? I think Jesus, his disciples, Margaret and Helen, their spouses, Poolman, Tine, Donna, and all the rest of you loving, caring, sharing so called Socialists are much better companions, rather it is in the here-and-now or in the hereafter, than that selfish, boorish, ignorant buffoon, Lew. And I doubt Lew is rich enough to be invited to sit at Mrs. Aster’s table wherever he spends eternity. Table for a pity party for one, Lew?

  400. Palin Quits AGAIN!

    Do I detect a pattern? ;)

    8) ~ Δ

  401. Poolman–you are wonderful. Lew–you display the courtesy that is typical of the self-satisfied but deeply flawed fundamentalist. How sad that your faith hasn’t helped you become a better person.

  402. Helen’s Thanksgiving Letter 2008
    ;) ~ Δ

  403. What Tine said. :D

  404. Parasailin’ with Sarah Palin

    8) ~ Δ

  405. Poolman, your unfailingly civil and always clever Christian smackdowns make my day. :)

  406. Too funny I almost lost control of my bladder ;-)

  407. Hey Lew. I noticed you left the d off of your name. But that’s okay, we recognized you anyway. Since the first Christian “church” practiced communism, where does that put them? Just curious, as you seem to be so knowledgable about the hereafter.

  408. You’ll have an even larger family of your fellow socialists waiting for you in Hell. You all should really like things there. Enjoy.

  409. Happy Thanksgiving Helen!

  410. Adopt me! I will follow all your rules and sit at your feet.

  411. Wow. I had to scroll down through 5 bazillion comments to tell you how much I loved this post, and how much I agree with #7. :)

    Great blog, found you through 5 Star Friday. I’ll be back!

  412. I’m just dropping in to let you know that this weblog is being featured on Five Star Friday – http://www.fivestarfriday.com/2009/11/five-star-fridays-edition-80.html

  413. Helen, you are a treasure. I hope your family appreciates you as much and more than we all do who read your blog.

    This Thankisgiving we all need to thank God that the idiot Palin is not the “vee pee”. As bad as things still are, they would have been a thousand times worse with those two dopes running the country.

    The economic and financial mess we find ourselves in today started 25 years ago with Reagan who despised all those who were not in the top 2% financially. He is the one who created the Facist state we still have today with big business and finance running the show. It will take decades to make things right. We can not afford a majority Republican party in the congress and certainly can not afford a Republican in the White House.

    If the media told the truth about the goings on in congress, if the public was told that the Republicans have filabustered more bills since January than in the history of our congress, if they were told that this party wishes America to fail to benefit themselves and big business, we might be able to get something done. But the media is owned by the big corporations who are deathly afraid of losing their iron hold on the people of this country.

    The Republicans have no plan but to obstruct, no desire to come together for what is right for the American people and sadly it is the people who have the most to lose, the ignorant teabaggers, the gun toters and the haters
    who will keep voting them into office.

    Thank you, Helen, for all of your wonder words. We need people like you who tell it like it is. It is a real gift.

  414. To clean up the troll droppings, silly Craig.

    I don’t get it. Are you saying I have bad manners?

  415. Today I’m thankful that my 401K looks sooooo much better than it did on inauguration day!

  416. What a great read. Put’s me in a better frame of mind to host my family. Fisrt time reader. I’ll be checking back in with you Helen

  417. I am glad to see that Harold is better. (Did he leave his room mate from the hospital in one piece, better yet, did you?)
    I loved this letter and hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Please take care and keep well.

  418. Helen, so glad Harold is home and all is well. Just returned from out of town feeling pretty grumpy — your letter got me smiling again.

    I suggest sending the jello back home with the person who brought it — why should you have to deal with it?

    Do believe I will be adding bacon to my stuffing and Kahlua to my pie. Happy Thanksgiving all!

  419. Truly! Thanks! And a very happy Thanksgiving holiday to you. Wish I were a part of your incredibly abnormal family. I’m the one who keeps sneaking away from the table to check on the football game. Charlie

  420. I have a relative that thinks bringing jello and some tinned fruit for a holiday dessert is acceptable. Funny how that’s the one combo that never gets eaten….you think she’d realise?

    Anyhow, thanks Helen for an insightful post! And continued get-well wishes to Harold.

  421. This year, I’m thankful for Helen, Margaret, Harold’s improved health, and all those who share good pie, wine, and conversation on the porch. Happy Thanksgiving everybody, and don’t trouble yourself about bringing the jello salad to my house, either – we’ll be just fine without it. Really. I mean it.

  422. Margaret and Helen, I can’t believe I’m just now finding you! Loved the Thanksgiving letter and share the same feelings on Jello. My closest friends have been around for 20 years and we still crack each other up in daily e-mails–I can only hope we are still going strong 60 years into our friendship. Thanks for the good laugh.

  423. Δ¥ Tine…

    OK Now I see what you meant by manners….

  424. no one’s puppetΔ..
    Are there some new people to this blog or is it just the Thanksgiving letter?

    Some could use time out from the table.

  425. JuneauJoe Δ
    Were you at Reese AFB at one time?

  426. The family that can’t laugh together must be…your family you ignorant humorless fool.

  427. One year of Obama and what do we have to show for it? Nothing.

  428. Blow it out your ear. If someone sent a letter like that to my family, we wouldn’t be stopping by for the meal or the company.

    Liberals are all the same. My way or the highway!

  429. I am thankful for your stuffing recipe from last year. Bacon was the only thing missing from my t-day meal until I met you. I thank you. My family thanks you. Best stuffing ever. I can’t wait to make it again.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Margaret and Helen… whoever you are!!!

  430. Listen to me. Listen to me. Craig is no more. We told him what for and he hit the door. Left the floor. Off to war. In the trunk of a car.

    Adios Craig.

  431. Happy Thanksgiving, Margaret, Helen, Harold & Howard.

    I am so glad you’re back on line and telling it like it is.

    Helen, you rock!

  432. Somebody pass the pooper scooper.

  433. Craig is no more. RIP Craig. Camp Ronnie rules this house.

  434. JSZ is a freak. He looks like Liza Minnelli, dresses like Bea Arthur and talks like Bette Davis.

  435. If we can send a man to the moon, we should be able to think of something productive to do with jello.
    Like tweak it just a little and use it to replace depleted cologen in knees.

    G’ma Katie,
    I was gonna say that, Maxine! but first I would have had to go back and look up the emails a friend sent me with the cartoons because I couldn’t remember the name either.

  436. Oprah.

  437. Opray is cancelling her show in 2011! Good news or bad? Too much Palin ?

  438. [...] (seriously, don’t you have better things to spend money on??);  and finally, a hilarious Thanksgiving [...]

  439. [...] Thanksgiving Letter to the Family 2009 Dear Family, This year I am thankful to have you as my family rather than a normal American family.  I say that [...] [...]

  440. Helen-
    So glad that things seem to be returning to normal for your family, with Harold recovering.
    Margaret, good holiday wishes to you and your famly too.
    We, here in the far north, will be sitting down to a Thanksgiving dinner with friends, family and a new baby.
    Thankful for the blessings we have recieved this year and remembering those who have left us.
    Our prayers will include those in need and our great country with the hope it to can heal itself.
    Thanks for the chuckles and as was said above “spot on” about SP Quitty Pants!

  441. You are wonderful, and a delight to read. A beautiful Thanksgiving to Helen, Harold, Margaret, and all your families.

    Yes, yes, to Love and Peace, and to very funny, if occasional, pithy remarks.

  442. I guess I’ll bring my own Harold.

  443. Hope you and Harold have a great Thanksgiving..Really
    I’m with the majority ..Every family has at least one..Bless you ..Thanks Helen for being here and putting a big smile on my face…

  444. I’m very glad a friend told me to come read this–WONDERFUL!! :)

    A very Happy Thanksgiving to you!! :)

  445. Hi Helen,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Harold! May you have a wonderful day with your lovely “Real American” family.

    So glad to hear Harold is doing well.

  446. Ohh, you’re home again with your sanity and sense of humor still intact. I was hoping that the horrid roommate with the vile taste in nooztertainment hadn’t affected you too badly.

    I hope your Thanksgiving entails whatever work you want to do, and none of the work you don’t want to do. For those who want to bring unwanted items, make them bring cleaning supplies instead, along with the will to use them after the meal is done. If the Jello makes an appearance, it’ll be their job to dump it and move it all the way to the curb (out of smell range) before they leave. Put your feet up and delegate, honey. You’ve earned it.

  447. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Thanksgiving … and … GO OWLS~!

  448. Who is harold?

  449. But I like that Jello stuff. ;-)

  450. AT LAST! the proper response to JELLO HELL! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  451. My husband just lost his job 2 weeks ago. If the family is going to take over our house like they do every holiday (except Christmas when we escape to my parents’ for a week. Thanks, Mom!) since there is no one else with enough space (and we barely have enough) someone else can damn well pay for the turkey this year. That is all.

  452. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you Helen and Harold! So glad to h ear that he is doing so well.
    And you are able to be in your own kitchen!1

    And a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I was directed to this wonderful blog shartly after I got my ycomputer back in m y possession. It has been a wonderful way to begin m y day.
    Has given my brain something to do to make me think.

    I am fortunate th at a number my kids have taken over the holiday cooking. All I have to do is bring pie!
    They do everything else!! and I sit and watch the grandkids play. Fun!

    BTW HRH Sophis – the old gal in the cartoon racking chair is Maxine.

    Helen -= do hope the porch is clean enough!

  453. Ladies, with a few name changes, this post could be either my extended family or my wife’s extended family. Our children behave perfectly, of course (they should , they’re both over 30), but it’s all those other ones.

    Life is beautiful, and you ladies help keep it humorous, too! Blessings from North Carolina

  454. Hey ladies,

    You made the big time.

    The front page at Crooks and Liars

    Congrats ~ Δ

  455. Thank you for writing and giving me something to smile about whenever I come her to read your posts!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  456. Happy Thanksgiving, Helen and Margaret!

    Lots to be thankful for this year! The first being that McCain and Palin are not the President and VP of the country right now.

    (And a side note to Rhonda: Invest in a food warming tray or a crock pot… They are awesome kitchen tools!)

  457. Happy Thanksgiving, ladies!

  458. i’m thankful for margaret and helen

  459. “Skinny thumbs and a fat ass”…….you are awesome!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  460. So glad Harold is better. That’s the best news.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope your family stops treating you like the only one with hands and the ability to do dishes. If they have opposable thumbs, they can wash up. If they don’t have thumbs they ought to be eating on the floor from a bowl like the other pets.

  461. Helen . . . I love you so much!!!!!!!!! I am thankful for YOU!!!

  462. John McCain would have been light years ahead if had selected either you or Margaret as his running mate. Instead he did select jello; lots of color, no substance. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seemed to have learned anything from the error.

    Wishing you both, and your families, a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

    PS. Glad Harold is doing okay. You really had me worried!

  463. Your letter is great! Love your blog. I’m glad that Harold is doing well. Happy Thanksgiving!

  464. Happy Thanksgiving! Helen, I live overseas and won’t be home for the holiday, but want to thank you for bringing back the feeling of a family Thanksgiving to me through your writing. The laughs, the frustrations and the love between family that the event always brings is clearly apparent in the message.

    Thanks again

  465. Happy Thanksgivng Helen! I am so pleased your husband is doing well and you are able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday in your usual fashion. Don’t work too hard take time to smell the turkey!!..xoxo

  466. Hilarious! As usual. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  467. Happy Thanksgiving Margaret, Helen and all.

    Seems that whenever I wander to ID there is a new post.

    Wishing all the best!
    Time to get health care passed too.

  468. It’s lovely to see a new post from you and to hear that Harold is doing well!
    It’s amazing how much your family sounds like mine, especially the one who wants to use the oven when the kitchen is already at a peak period of activity! Judging from so many of the posts already here, we must all be related! And, if SP’s family is the “poster family” for normal, I’m so glad that mine is NOT.
    While none of us is perfect by any means, each of us firmly believes that we have a responsibility to make positive contributions to the world, to “pass it forward” in a sense, because so many before us did exactly that for us. The best way that we can honor their sacrifices is to consider and act for a positive future for ALL the earth’s children, not merely for a selected few.
    This year, like so many others, I will not be with my extended family by birth or marriage for the Thanksgiving holiday, but will celebrate with friends who are also far from their US families. Thanks to the miracle of Skype (video and all), we’ll also be able to check in with our closest loved ones on the Big Day.
    But all those loved ones also know that our love for them is not merely restricted to national holidays. It endures throughout the year.
    Helen and Margaret, may you and yours have a wonderful, happy and healthy Thanksgiving! And I wish all here the same!

  469. Happy Thanksgiving! Glad to know I’m not the only non-Republican in Texas.

  470. Helen,

    You make me laugh so hard (you too Margaret!) This blog is so great. Happy Thanksgiving!

  471. New to your blog, and can’t stop chuckling! I think I need to email your Thanksgiving rules to my family before they show up!

  472. Thanks for the post Helen! I am happy Harold is doing better. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Helen, Margaret as well, and to everybody on this site!

  473. I so enjoy your website, thanks for your update. Happy Thanksgiving, have a good day, and love your family. Glad to hear Harold is doing well. Keep care!

  474. What a lovely letter:-) Happy thanksgiving to you and all of yours too:!


  475. Bringing a dish to pass and expecting to hijack the oven is my favorite item in your list. NO there will NOT be room to heat up anything in there within an hour of putting on a feast!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Helen, Margaret & family.

  476. Happy Thanksgiving all.

    I mean it. Really.

  477. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Very glad Harold is feeling better. Had an English friend who simply could not understand how we could eat “congealed” stuff that is called salad! Great term.

  478. Hey, girlz, it’s almost time for this fun holiday tune from Montgomery Gentry, “Merry Christmas from the Family”:

    If that don’t put a smile on your face, well I just don’t know…

  479. Dear Helen and all the gang,

    Helen, how nice to open up this morning and find your new post and Thanksgiving ‘Rules’. First of all, I’m so glad Harold is home. If he is up for the big rival football game, he must be fit again and his old self.

    Now, as much as I enjoyed your ‘Rules’ you don’t really expect your family to follow them do you? Mine wouldn’t. When we get together, it’s like herding cats.

    Our immediate family is on the mainland but we have a very large ‘Calabash Ohana’ family here of 40-50 people. We have had a tradition with one of them for a number of years. Every Thanksgiving they do several turkeys and a pig on spits on their outdoor barbeque, (with a roof no less!) Each of us has assigned dishes to bring. Mine has always been my famous cheesecakes. So I will be chained in the kitchen for several days next week.

    Dinner is served mid-day and immediately after, some of the men load up the leftovers (There are TONS!) and take them to a shelter. So there will be lots of feasting on our island come Thanksgiving Day.

    I am grateful to all the dear friends I have made here during the past year and especially to Helen’s and Margaret’s long friendship for making it possible. All of you are the best!!! (Well, most of you. An occasional weird one shows up from time to time, right? But that’s par for the course, I guess.)

    Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don’t eat too much. Scratch that. Go ahead and pig out! That’s what it’s all about.

    Aloha! :-)


  480. Happy Thanksgiving Helen and Margaret. It’s great to have you back, you don’t know how much you are missed when we don’t hear from you for awhile. Peace and Love as we celebrate this holiday season, from my family to yours, may there be many blessings – Love, Melissa

  481. I haven’t EVER laughed this hard in my life. Really. I mean it.

    Thank you for saying what most of us just don’t feel we can.

  482. What a treat to find a new post, thank you Helen! I gave up on cooking the big meal about 6 years ago after my wonderful grandmother died. Her birthday was always days within Thanksgiving so it was always a special affair and I loved preparing a grand meal for her. After her death, I couldn’t get into the spirit of it and realized it wasn’t the food that mattered, we could have pizza for all I cared, all I really wanted was to spend time with the people that enrich my life. Getting out of the kitchen has allowed me to do that. We now go to our favorite restaurant, they serve the most splendid buffet. We eat hearty, laugh and catch up and there’s no mess to clean up. No leftovers either…it’s not a a perfect plan.

    Helen is right (about a lot of things). Life is short. I hope that everyone has the opportunity to spend time with the people most important to you. And I ask everyone to keep the soldiers in their thoughts and take a moment to say a prayer for their safety and quick return.

  483. I am the one who usually cooks the turkey for the holiday. I did it once, everyone loved it, so now it always falls to me. I don’t mind, though. I cook it overnight. If it is done right, it is sooooo moist. I am not fond of dry turkey.

    I coat with olive oil, salt, fresh cracked pepper and a little garlic. Cook for 1 hour at 300 degrees. Then turn the oven to 180 degrees and leave it. It needs to cook 3 times the normal cooking time (usually 20 minutes per pound for normal). So for my 22 pound bird, 22 hours plus the 1 hour at 300. Mmmmmm. Fall off the bone moist, and can’t be overcooked.

    Then we have a spiral sliced ham, candied yams, baked sweet potatoes, garlic mashed red potatoes, stuffing, fresh made cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, garden salad, fruit salad, squash of some kind, and a corn dish.

    Now I’m hungry. :grin:

  484. Helen, you have balls of steel. Really. I mean it.

  485. Helen and Harold, Margaret and Howard have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope the belated Thanksgiving dinner is a triumph of gastronomy and good fellowship, Helen. And to all the good people here, I hope your Thanksgiving Day is equally fabulous.

    Greytdog, I like some savory dishes along with the usual sweetish fare, I even have a recipe for a savory non-jiggle Jello salad, but I’ll spare you. While I love sweet potatoes, I just don’t love all the sweet goop, brown sugar, pineapple, or marshmallows, and plain baked is just that, plain. So I peel and cube the sweet potatoes (any amount and any size cubes), chop some onion, and place this in a heavy skillet that has been sprayed with Pam. Add some butter, salt, and some water (any amount, I start with half way to the top of the sweet potatoes, add more as needed). So far, really good, but if you like a bit more flavor add some crushed red pepper or one or two or more Chipotles, they come in a can with Adobe sauce. Even Cheyenne pepper would work in a pinch. Cover the skillet and bring this up to a boil, reduce to simmer the sweet potatoes until they are soft enough to mash, remove the lid and cook off all the liquid. Turn up the heat and smash the sweet potatoes while browning the sweet potatoes. The natural sugars in the sweet potatoes and onion will caramelize so some parts will be browner than others. This concept also works for parsnips.

  486. Love this post! You’ve made me both miss my grandmother horribly and laugh hysterically. As family of Aggies and Longhorns, and as being the only Democrat married to a Yankee, thank you for making my family, so much like yours, seem so…normal.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy it. I hope your family knows how special you are.

  487. Love and best TG wishes from Cincinnati to both of you and your families…and to all your many fans who add to the fun with their comments. LIke them, I can’t think of any place I’d rather be than at your holiday table. Keep the faith and bon appetit!

  488. Dear Helen,
    Thank you for your letter today, I really needed a touch of your humor. I just found out that Thanksgiving is at MY house this year. It’s my own fault, I started doing it 40 yrs. ago because we were living in Colorado with a bunch of 20 somthings who had all chosen to get loose from their mostly Republican families and chart their own courses in the world. I really can’t expect Shari to do it even though she said she would. She’s moving to a new house the weekend after.

    Many years ago, I had managed to move it to a new friend’s house when we moved back East…. she was willing and she had a dishwasher!!! and a microwave!!! She said she knew we liked her when the menfolk showed up at her house to play pinochle and use her microwave the day after. (I was at work so they were on their own)

    She died 5-6 six years ago, right at Thanksgiving.
    We all know she drops by to visit us on the holiday, it was her favorite.

    We always make the sweet potatoes using David’s recipe. He always used canned potatoes, mixed with crushed pineapple and put marshmallows on top. Sticky but almost everyone but me loves them. He died 20 years ago. We know he comes by, too.

    We also always do mashed rutabagas and creamed boiling onions because my DH’s cousin Marge used to do them when he and his sister went to her house for the holiday after their parents died. And leeks, braised in the turkey pan because 20 yrs ago, I managed to grow some and didn’t know what to do with them, and putting them in the drippings came out so well. So now, one of the first things I do on Thanksgiving morning is go out and kill the leeks. (gives me a memory of what the weather is like on Thanksgiving morning for the past 20 years.. some years balmy, some years frozen down 6 inches) Oh, right, creamed spinach but we don’t make it with skim milk like Lorraine did, we use real cream and butter now.

    For us, it’s all about those we have shared the meal with over the years and although I have many cooking magazines with new ideas, we have no need to change anything. Everyone knows their jobs and everyone knows what they will eat.
    That’s what I like about it, I don’t have to think about what to make.

    So I’m not really sorry I have to do it here, I know everyone will help and a great time will be had by all.

    I wish everyone here has a wonderful holiday and if you don’t have family to share it with, go out and find some others who also don’t and just do it together. It’s not about turkey or any particular kind of food. It’s about getting together when it’s dark out and we all need a little warm in.

  489. Helen and Harold, sending you wishes for a healthy happy Thanksgiving even if you did knuckle under and agreed to host it on Friday. If all families were as normal as yours we might be a better world.

    Thank you for your outspoken Thanksgiving letter. Not only do I hate the jello crap, I was the one who was told to bring it every year. I lived 30 miles away and one can just imagine what it took to deliver a jello mold in it’s original form.

    Happy thanksgiving to all of M&H’s fan club and the porch community. My contribution at Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie. My secret is a healthy dash of Kahlua.

  490. A Happy Thanksgiving to you, m’lady! Glad to hear about Harold…

  491. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing with us!

  492. Dear Helen,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! How can we be adopted? We’re on social security in our 60’s and are a couple of Lefties in South Texas!

    Clyde and Linda

  493. AKM has a post up from Ann Strongheart about her new baby – Glenna Gabriella (GG) – with an update on how the family is doing following Segundo’s untimely death. It’s a heartwarming read:
    Welcome Home GG! An Update from Ugashik. http://bit.ly/2mBwpB

  494. That is “bring” the jello stuff.

  495. Happy Thanksgiving to your and your crew Helen. Nice to hear Harold is doing better.

    Thanksgiving is at my place, but I never do traditional. No matter what I make, FIL always brings candied yams.

    Can you believe my kids actually ask Grandpa to ring the jello stuff. Blech.

    I have been with you since year before lasts Thanksgiving letter and alway find your humor and wit refreshing. Here’s to us libruls and anonymous bloggers.

  496. Helen, it’s good to see you back. I miss you when you’re gone.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  497. Glad to hear Harold’s doing well, and I hope the family tows the line and your Thanksgiving is filled with laughter, blessings, and gratitude. You and Margaret are a highlight in the blogosphere. Thanks for that. I mean it, really. ;-)

  498. I so enjoyed your THG letter, and am wishing you all a very wonderful holiday…..You are on my ‘gratitude’ list always!

  499. Love you and your blog.

  500. Lordy but your comments hit too close to the heart. I am nowhere nearly as charitable as you–we won’t be in Burnet with the other half of the fam this year because I can do without the Aggie/Repub/anti-environ/pro-war/pro-awl good ol’ boys. We’ll baste an Aggie turkey if we can find one. Colt & the ‘Horns better win or it’s burnt toast all the way to new year’s. Will lift a traditional bringing-in-the-sheaves margarita in your direction. God bless you real good, & especially Harold. UT ’68,’71,’77.

  501. Helen,
    Another fabulous Thanksgiving Letter to the family!

    I’ll be thinking of you this year when I eat two spoonsful of the dreaded green-jello-with-shredded-cabbage-and-carrots to be polite.

    So glad Harold is doing well! HAPPY Thanksgiving to you, Margaret, and your beautiful families!!

  502. Right on the money again Helen! Don’t let us down at Christmas. Laughing out loud at your comments keeps me sane.

  503. This blog is one of my favorite things, and I will never stop being grateful for the humor you put into my life. I see I am one of the hordes who follow you, happily, and look forward to anything you write. Big virtual hugs to Harold, too.

  504. Love your letter.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Make it an extra happy one.

  505. Thanks for giving me a great laugh! Happy thanksgiving to you and your family! Thanks for the reminder on what’s important – that never gets old!!

  506. Helen, I love you! I am sooo happy to find that I am not the only who uses about 20 sticks of butter preparing the Thanksgiving Feast! I love preparing it and serving, so I know you wouldn’t want to give it up.

    Here is wishing you both, Margaret and Helen, a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m soo thankful to have found your blog!

  507. Will put me on to your letter, it is brilliant.

  508. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks so much for cheering mine up.

  509. “11.Marshall. I am sure you believe that your children sing beautifully. Don’t put me in a situation where I have to make you question your beliefs.”

    I know exactly what you mean! LOL

  510. happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

    once again, love this post.

    yours truly faithful reader from germany,

  511. [...] Margaret & Helen: Thanksgiving Letter to Family Dear Family, This year I am thankful to have you as my family rather than a normal American family. I say that because Sarah Palin is fond of talking about her family being a normal American family. Last time I checked everyone in my family knows where Africa is on a globe. Everyone goes to college after high school. We’ve had no teen pregnancies as of yet and no one has appeared in Playgirl. If the Palins are a normal, American family, I guess my bunch of anti-American socialists are fine by me. more [...]

  512. Oh, I love the Thanksgiving letter! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Helen, Harold and Margaret too!

  513. Happy Thanksgiving, Helen and Margaret, and that includes your husbands.

    I’m thankful for so many things, but at the moment, I’m thankful that the family gathering is at our niece’s house, instead of mine. She’s a wonderful cook, loves to do the hosting, and lives about 7 minutes away. So there is no long drive at the end of the day.

    Helen, I love your Thanksgiving letters. I wish I could write one to our family. I guess in about 20 years I’ll be able to do it. Well, there might not be any need by then, as my hubby is the second from the youngest. Hmmm, there is one nephew, however, that I’d love to say some things to. And in twenty years, we’ll probably have a few grandchildren – at least, I hope so.

    Hugs to all.

  514. HRH Sophia – I am glad you got a chuckle out of Empress of the Universe! Your storyy about your Granddaughters fiirst Christmas sounds cute. My youngest son tells me of a website where you can get it printed . His wife put together a photo album that was wonderful.
    I told my friend your mental picture of me in a rocker. She started laughing. She said I more resemblesthe nutty old gal in all the cartoons. mind has gone blank as to her name.
    I’m in Sputhern Cal. Don’t suppose you are anywhere near. Love to talk stories.

  515. When it come to the two of you, the only thing I find hard to be thankful for is the time between your posts. Happy Thanksgiving, Helen & Margaret. Happy Thanksgiving to your families and to all your faithful readers.

  516. I love this so much I am going to print it out and read it at our Thanksgiving Dinner!!!! I see a lot of my family in it!!! Thanks for a GOOD laugh! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!! And God Bless America!

  517. [...] [...]

  518. Helen – so glad you are home and with Harold!! Loved your letter for Thanksgiving! WE’ve missed you. What did you do about the roommate and the T V? Must be hilarious/
    I quit cooking years ago. One son has been doing it with help[ froooom his wife and sister. My joob has been to bring pie. So I call Polly’s Pies and put in an order, pick them up early Thanksgiving morning. EASy. then the kids all pitch in and clean up.

  519. How gauche of me. I forgot to wish you a happy Thanksgiving, Helen and Margaret!

    Same to the rest of you pie-eaters!

  520. Helen,

    Glad Harold is doing fine. Happy Thanksgiving! I like your rules. We all should have those at our family gatherings.

  521. Happy Thanksgiving to you’all .. here’s how my husband feels about sports lately click here

  522. PS Tyne, thanks for the latke recipe — sounds terrific!

  523. what a great pleasure this blog is — I even had a fleeting thought of how nice it would be for all of us to get together. I run a B&B but since it’s only two rooms, the get-together will have to remain a nice thought.
    My favorite thanksgiving was when everything I cooked had bourbon in it. I basted the turkey with a mixture of olive oil, butter, spices (especially cumin and paprika) and bourbon. The stuffing was a cornbread/cranberry/apple/ raisin /bourbon stuffing, and the cranberry sauce was whole fresh cranberries boiled briefly in sugar, spices, orange zest, and bourbon. Even the sweet potatoes had bourbon in them. It was the best meal I ever made! (The only thing to escape bourbonizing were the green veggies: roasted asparagus and Brussels S sprouts. Try it, you guys — I guarantee you’ll love it. Vegetarians, try bourbonizing your tofu or tempeh — that works too, especially if you drink some before dinner!

  524. Becky at Suburban Matron clued me into your goodness. I am so glad I came over to check out your blog.

    I’m going to be teaching a course on Blogging for Seniors at a community college in the Pacific Northwest. I wish the two of you lived out here, because I would love to have you as guest speakers!

    You are spot on about Palin. Could I send my mother to visit you for an afternoon so that you can straighten her out? She thinks the idiot is “perky.”

  525. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for having people like you at the other end of my computer.

  526. Your family sounds a lot like mine – filled with Democrats with an odd Republican thrown in the mix.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family – even the Republican ones. Glad your Harold is up and about. Be glad, though, that you have the beloved relatives around who can text and email. Everyone’s a little “off”; enjoy the differences.

  527. As usual, lovin’ your annual Thanksgiving letter! You tell it like it is . . . always. Wishing I had a family like yours to celebrate Thanksgiving with. So glad that Harold is doing well. Have a great Thanksgiving, and bring on the pie!!!

  528. Thankful that you are back and posting. Thankful for your hubby’s improving health. Thankful your family is coming to visit..with all their flaws. Thankful for a sense of humor, yours and mine. Thankful I can afford food, shelter, clothing, a cat, a car and this computer so I can read what brilliant minds think.

  529. So glad to hear that Harold is doing better. You had me scared for a minute.

    Last year we took advantage of storebought Thanksgiving dinner–and we still ended up cooking. Just not the full groaning board of food. (Mom really can’t do all that anymore, and every year she threatens not to cook at all, and every year she’s right down in the kitchen…)

    I didn’t know that Jell-o stank.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, and I hope your children do at least 3/4 of the cooking!

  530. Greytdog, my best friend brought over a batch of these last week, when I was shackled to Fever Girl and not able to cook much. They were delicious…I’m totally making them for Thanksgiving dinner.

    Parsnip and Pear Latkes
    (recipe from Bon Appetit, I think)

    Serve with chopped celery leaves and horseradish mixed into sour cream.

    Yield: Makes 8 to 10 servings

    1 6- to 7-ounce underripe Bosc pear, quartered, cored
    1 7- to 8-ounce parsnip, peeled, cut into 1-inch pieces
    1 large egg, beaten to blend
    1 1/2 tablespoons chopped celery leaves
    1 1/2 teaspoons drained white horseradish
    3/4 teaspoon salt
    1/2 cup breadcrumbs
    Vegetable oil (for frying)

    Using coarse grating blade, shred pear in processor. Transfer to paper towels; squeeze very dry. Transfer to large bowl. Shred parsnip in processor; add to pear. Mix in next 4 ingredients, then panko and a sprinkle of black pepper. Coat bottom of large skillet with oil; heat over medium heat. Drop batter by packed 1/4 cupfuls into skillet; flatten to 1/2-inch thickness. Sauté until brown and cooked, about 4 minutes per side. Drain on paper towels.

  531. Oops, that fuzzykittykitty comment is actually from me. ;)

  532. Happy Thanksgiving Margaret and Helen! May your families bring nothing but love and butter!

  533. Happy Thanksgiving! Greytdog: here is our line up:

    stuffing (onions, celery, leeks, loads of herbs)
    do-ahead mashed potatoes (with sour cream and cream cheese and butter)
    acorn squash halves filled with peas and mushrooms
    corn casserole
    green beans almondine
    cranberry sauce
    pies–apple, pumpkin, and pecan

    IF we get more people than I’m currently expecting, I’ll grill some vegetables. We are observant (but not kosher) Jews so no sausage or bacon….sigh.

  534. Your family’s good health is what makes the holiday worthwhile. Here’s to your hubby *clink*clink*
    Here’s hoping from all of us that your kitchen is spotless after everyone else cleans it!

  535. Happy Thanksgiving Helen and Margaret! and Harold, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Loved the letter.

  536. Thanks for the letter Helen. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Glad to hear Harold is better. That will make the day even better.

    Gods bless you and keep you with us a long long time.

  537. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Harold and to Margaret. Your Thanksgiving letter is a HOOT, like all of your letters. Your family sounds a lot like mine (and many others, I’m sure).

    You are a wonderful, clever, witty wordsmith. I’m so grateful that you share your thoughts and skills with us.

    Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless! I mean it!

  538. Happy Thanksgiving Margaret & Helen! I am glad to hear that Harold is well and home and I am with you 100% that Thanksgiving is far more important than a football game, even if your school is playing. Thanksgiving is our big hint that we need to say “Thanks!” to those who make our world go ’round.

    Thank you for the common sense and laughter in your blog. I look forward to every post you ladies make.

    (To Greytdog, I’m making a vegetarian shepherd’s pie this year – not that I’m a veg – in an effort to prove to my family that veggies taste great if prepared right. My brother cooks the turkey.)

  539. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your extended family and your special loved ones.
    Glad to hear that Harold is better and we sure hope that He and You will stay that way for a long time to come.
    Thank You for your wonderful blog to put everything into perspective again.

    Enjoy your holidays and don’t work too hard.

  540. Thank you for your wonderful blog, from all of us in Big 12 North country. Tell the ‘Horns not to totally stomp whichever North team stumbles into the Big 12 championship.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  541. Damn you are funny!!!
    Happy T Day!!!

  542. What great news to hear that Harold is on the mend! Hurrah for Harold!!! And dear Helen, thank you for that wonderful Thanksgiving letter – I laughed out loud reading it because I have cousins and siblings that match those descriptions! Thank you so much for sharing your family traditions with all of us and reminding us that there are more important things than jiggling food and fools.

    We are definitely having as traditional a Thanksgiving as we can here – and as always, friends without family nearby are heading this way – we’re expecting about 15 people this year, a smaller crowd than usual. So if anyone has any yummy recipes they’d like to share, please do so! I always like to offer new dishes to our gatherings. . .

  543. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’m glad to hear Harold is doing well.

  544. Happy Thanksgiving Helen! Thank God Harold is doing better. Hopefully everyone will follow your requests and you will have a pleasant holiday. God bless you and your “anti-American socialists.”

  545. Happy Thanksgiving Helen! I’m thankful for YOU!

    ps to Harold… hook ‘em ‘horns!!!

  546. This one gets five stars. It’s a genuine keeper.

    Happy Thanksgiving, ladies. I’m thankful to have you sharing your words and wisdom with us.

  547. Our Mom loved your family message and identified with every point — but as inquiring canines, we want to know: what’s on the menu for the dogs?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

  548. I am so glad Harold is fine and you are cooking Thanksgiving. Alls right with the world!
    I have missed you and hoped things were OK.

    You are right, there are more important things that sp. World Peace? I wish. Health Care? One can pray.

    However, We can only have these things if we continue to keep and eye on the twitter/quitter queen and her questionable friends. And support President Obama.
    We cannot rest. Take a break to give thanks for what we have, YES.
    But we must be ever vigilant to protect our freedoms from those who would wish to make our country a theocracy.

    Have you ever noticed that almost every picture of twitter/quitter queen, she is holding a Blackberry? Just saying…..

  549. I think this letter is my new favorite Thanksgiving tradition. And I do not happen to be traditional at all – we’re serving lasagne on T-day accompanied by all the traditional T-day sides. Since we’re a couple of those dreaded (and apparently reviled) vegheads, we told our guest if they wanted meat so bad they could bring their own. Cooked.

    I am so glad Harold is doing better – just in time for the festivities.

  550. You are a hoot!

  551. [...] http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2009/11/18/thanksgiving-letter-to-the-family-2009/ [...]

  552. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  553. To Margaret and Helen and all their loved ones, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

  554. Another great one!

    At our house this is the year the family down south is not traveling up north for either of the big holidays. They were here in July for the fireworks, my case of poison ivy so bad I had to take steroids, the flood, the allergies that wouldn’t go away and so on. They left just in time to miss out on the illegal loggers in my backyard. We are still cleaning up after the loggers.

    I plan on doing something great in the kitchen for the three of us for Thanksgiving Day – making reservations!

    My best to all of you, Margaret and Helen, your families and all the members of the choir who so faithfully phone home!

    Really! I mean it!

  555. Damn woman. You don’t mince words. I bet you cook a mean meal. I’d be happy just to get a little of what the dogs get!

    Any recipes to offer?

  556. Happy Thanksgiving, all.
    I’ll read this again on Thanksgiving to feel like I am surrounded by family!
    You capture the flavor of the family perfectly.
    By the way, I have a request in my will – NO JELLO SALADS at my wake/potluck.

  557. I want so badly to be a part of your family. I’m the one who bring sthe Jello and it sure would be refreshing if someone just came right out and said they don’t want it. I am happy show up with a bottle of wine and my sparkling personality instead. I thought everyone like the Jello crap?????


  558. Grandma Helen Rocks!!!!

  559. I want to come to YOUR house for Thanksgiving! :)

  560. Wow! You’re back!
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  561. Helen is Brilliant!!!!
    She knows what she is doing!!!
    SHe cooks the meal so that she doesn’t have to deal with all those kids!!! :-)

  562. Finding you was one of the bright lights in the dark world of sarah Palin.

  563. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Next years list should be a little something like this:

    Cloe you bring the turkey and stuffing.
    Jennifer you bring the cranberry sauce and wine.
    Jonathan you bring some wine too and a vegetable.

    See where I’m going with this? Because you, Helen, should be sitting on the sofa reading or enjoying the grandchildren while others do all of the work.

  564. Beautiful post. Thanks for all you do. I hope you and yours have a very happy Thanksgiving.


    PS: So glad to hear Harold is doing fine!

  565. You are a Goddess. :-)

  566. Bwaaahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  567. Margaret & Helen,
    You make my day!

    I LOVE you two!!

  568. Happy Thanksgiving Helen, and Margaret, too!

    Your blog is one of the things I’m most grateful for.

    I think I’ll send your letter to all MY relatives — I’ll leave the names unchanged, to protect the guilty, but hopefully they’ll figure out who’s who!

    I’m glad Harold is doing better. Hope you all enjoy your holidays.

  569. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  570. Ladies, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I am Thankful that you have this blog! It is so nice to take a break during my workday and find a new post. It’s almost as good as found money…hehe!
    Love and Peace to all :) Wen

  571. Take note that I am not texting this Comment!

    Lady, you need to be on the sofa eating bonbons and being fed grapes while they fix the meal–AND clean up. It’s surprising what I find tasteful as long as I didn’t have to cook it or watch it being cooked.

    My next-door neighbor–in her 80’s–took her family out last Thanksgiving. The bill was over $500. The family enjoyed it so much they’ve invited themselves back for her to do it again this year. Don’t go there.

    Happy Thanksgiving. You’re the best!

  572. I truly am thankful for finding your blog. When you post, my day is always brighter.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  573. Happy Thanksgiving, Helen. We all need normal American families like yours!

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