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Posted by: Helen Philpot | September 4, 2009

Michelle Bachmann’s Burning Bush. There’s a Pill for that!

Margaret.  I got your message about  Glenn Beck.   Let me just say this about that.  Glenn Beck is a loon.   I mean the man is not right in the head.  And that’s all I will say about that.

Harold and I just got back from visiting our newest great granddaughter in Dallas.  Did you know that there is a billboard on Interstate 35 that says, “Where’s the birth certificate?”   Now what idiot Republican has so much money that he can waste it on that?   Surely there is some charity somewhere that could have put that money to better use.

But even crazier than that is all this fuss about President Obama’s planned speech for school children.   George W. Bush was reading The Pet Goat to a group of elementary students in Florida while planes crashed into the World Trade Center.  Not exactly a bright spot in his otherwise dimwitted years as President.   But hey,  he was the leader of the free world and still found time to read to children.    Isn’t that sweet?  And yet, somehow President Obama giving a speech to school children on the importance of staying in school and making good grades is heresy.

I ask you, Margaret, has the entire Republican Party gone mad?

Enough is enough.  All in favor of calling bullshit please raise your hand.

Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961.  Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States in 1959.   If you have half a minute and half a brain you can find a copy of the birth certificate on line ad nauseam.  I realize, of course, that half a brain is questionable for about half the Republican party.

No one wants to kill your grandmother.  Like it or not,  she can live as long as you like and squander your inheritance to boot.  And don’t come crying to me when you realize how much work there is in taking care of a person who decides to live longer than their body decides to function properly.  It’s not pretty and there is a special place in heaven for those who dedicate their life  to caring for their elderly parents.  Harold and I, on the other hand, have other plans in mind for when our golden years start to tarnish.

If God is speaking directly to your political representative in Washington, you might consider checking their medications.  There is quite enough craziness in politics already without adding a voice from a burning bush to the process.   Could one of you up there in Minnesota buy one of those pill sorters for Michelle Bachmann?  Send me the bill.  Really.

Rush Limbaugh.   Good God where do I begin?  Honestly people,  a third grader has a better grasp of world affairs than this yahoo.  The next time you tune to Rush,  ask yourself one question:  Do you really want to base your entire political opinion on the musings of a college drop out?   I mean even Sarah Palin managed to get a degree - albeit after five colleges and six years.   And for the record Mr. Limbaugh, you fat bastard,  the basic concept of insurance is spreading the risk over the greatest number of people possible thus making loss, when it occurs, manageable.   My God you are a moron.

President Obama  graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School.  For all my Republican friends out there, magna cum laude is a Latin term meaning  “with great praise”.  Please turn to your Stepford wives and tell them it’s not something you can order on the all-you-can-eat menu at The  Olive Garden.  And the last time I checked he was the duly elected President of the United States of America and not some pervert registered on a Megan’s Law web page.  You should be honored to have him speaking to your children about staying in school and studying hard.

But even with all this proof that the Republican Party has become a Confederacy of Dunces, somehow the Democrats in Washington can’t get their shit together long enough to pass a meaningful healthcare reform bill.  Mr. President, I ask you this:  If they don’t even believe you are an American citizen, why the hell do you care if they think you are going to kill their grandmother?  Rush Limbaugh was not elected to any office.  Pass healthcare reform with a public option and move on.  Rush will get over it.  Trust me.  He has a pill for that.

Talk radio, I am sure, makes lots of money for lots of people.  Otherwise why do it?   But then again Pfizer made a fortune misleading doctors to prescribe unnecessary and dangerous drugs to the public.  Someone tell me the difference.  A lie is a lie even if you are hiding behind a lawyer crying  free speech.  Come on folks.  Start calling bullshit when you hear it and let’s put an end to all this Talk Radio nonsense.  I mean it.  Really.

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  8. Who needs a pill when you have Marget and Helen?
    Rock on girls! Keep ‘em coming!

  9. I love this blog!

  10. It’s been 24 hours Palin girl…
    No one said who was lying..

    I just said there was a bully pulpit carrying on..On another thread about guns and rallies.
    If ya have a permit and you are in a legal zone…

    Then that person is legally able to conceal carry. Now if he was toting in public..there sometimes are different rules for long guns.
    I did not take sides.

    I was not there so you may be correct. I did not look at your reported factual backups. So many people these days are able to find somewhere the backups that support their beliefs.

    Secondly Donna has a burr..so don’t listen to her.
    I think it’s something to do with meds and not having her script refilled. People carry on when they run out of their meds and act out verbally.. and hopefully it won’t go beyond there.

  11. Se Su Vie. Finis

  12. Donna ..remember your wasting your time…
    tick tock..tick tock…

  13. PalinShutUp–He’s not worth the time or energy to respond. I thought he’d actually wandered off with his whiny “oh, a fella can’t say anything without being attacked for having a different view point” crapola. He is, purely and simply, a loser who gets on here, spouts other people’s easily refutable talking points, and lacks even a modicum of critical or original thought. You’re worth so much more than that.

  14. ‘I could go on..while on the other thread someone is bullying each other for apparently carrying guns at rallies. ‘

    bullying? why dont you stop lying? I made factual comments with back ups

  15. Yep it did.
    Unfortunately..I believe we are all kept in the dark.

    Whether it be Bush/ Cheney or any other Presidential admin…be it Rep. or democrat.

    Power corrupts and it corrupts both parties and there is enough blame to go around in both camps.

    Too bad we don’t have a Jimmy Stewart moment where someone would stand up and make all accountable.

    But..all of them..like the position they are in and will do anything..even change their minds as the ground swell in their home states change, in order to keep their gobernment jobs.

    I could go on..while on the other thread someone is bullying each other for apparently carrying guns at rallies.

    Hell Dallas threw a parade for a president once and someone showed up with a gun. And that was not even an assault rifle.

    Oh well..
    “America’s got Talent” is on and I’m sure this thread and the other will dry up with prime time television coming on.

    Good night.

  16. Craig, bet it felt good to get all that off your chest. Yeah government is pretty corrupt. That is why we need to fix it. Get the crooks out. Shut down the lobbies. Take it back for the people. The difference between democrats and republicans is not the issue. There are bad apples in both camps. I just happen to believe Obama is one of the good guys and that he is fighting an uphill battle without many helping him get there. There are a few from different camps that are. There are unfortunately too many powerful forces in place pushing us to a place of oppression and submission. A real attack on the middle class. We need to get the reins again. We need to audit the fed. Ron Paul has a bill gaining support for that. You saw Ron Paul was on that list. There is lots to fix. The government needs a good house cleaning. It doesn’t work.

  17. I agree with you 100%.

    I don’t want my private medical info in the hands of the government.

    But ya know, they already have that and a lot more information on you than you would even imagine.

    How many things do you do on a daily basis that involve a computer?

    Most if not all medical doctors and hospitals are being forced into computer patient files.

    When you pick up a script..don’t ya have to sign?
    I usually put in an X or Hop Along Cassidy or Lassie.

    I digress………

    I’m over it as far as that is concerned.

    We cannot do much about the past…

    BUT we need REFORM NOW.

    Did you hear the pin drop today when the new
    Bacus medical plan was rolled out?

    The silence was deafening.

    Where were all of the others that took part and should have been standing beside him?

  18. anecdatally you are correct.

    However, on the OTHER side there are similar egregious misuses of tax dollars. As an American I can’t believe you want me to trust the secret service to have access to my medical records, that the patriot act won’t be applied to me, that government subsidies of big business are a good use of taxpayer dollars. No one has a good track record so get over it.

  19. Wow..looks like some pretty credible people.
    Believing in 911 cover up theories.

    OK..So..Am I suppose to believe that a majority of the posters on this blog believe this?

    Thats sad. There’s always kooks out there on both sides of the aisle.

    Hell I’ll bet these people and others are still expecting Elvis to come back…
    That Monroe was killed by the CIA
    Robert Kennedy killed by the MOB
    And that aliens from another world are living among us.

    But what about this…

    At least our government is consistent.

    The U.S. Postal Service was established in 1775 – you have had 234 years to get it right; it is broke.

    Social Security was established in 1935 – you have had 74 years to get it right; it is broke.

    Fannie Mae was established in 1938 – you have had 71 years to get it right; it is broke.

    The “War on Poverty” started in 1964 – you have had 45 years to get it right; $1 trillion of our money is confiscated each year and transferred to “the poor”; it hasn’t worked and our entire country is broke.

    Medicare and Medicaid were established in 1965 – you’ve had 44 years to get it right; they are broke.

    Freddie Mac was established in 1970 – you have had 39 years to get it right; it is broke.

    Trillions of dollars were spent in the massive political payoffs called TARP, the “Stimulus”, the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009… none show any signs of working, although ACORN appears to have found a new b***h: the American taxpayer.

    And finally, to set a new record: “Cash for Clunkers” was established in 2009 and went broke in 2009!
    It took cars (that were the best some people could afford) and replaced them with high-priced and less-affordable cars, mostly Japanese.

    A good percentage of the profits went out of the country. And the American taxpayers take the hit for Congress’ generosity in burning three billion more of our dollars on failed experiments.

    So with a perfect 100% failure rate and a record that proves that “services” you shove down our throats are failing faster and faster, you want Americans to believe you can be trusted with a government-run health care system?

    20% of our entire economy?

    With all due respect,

    Are you crazy?

  20. Here Craig, chase this for awhile. It will surely give you some insight into the corruption of politics.


  21. Oh…Oh..and what is that I hear..?

    The sound of little nuts falling from the tree..

    Oh…They are ACORNS…!

    The “major” media are now forced to show it
    because Congress and the White House cannot look away any longer. As Charlie Gibson at ABC said tonight the video had been showing for quite a while on FOX.

    All brought to you by the folks at FOX and some very ingenious young people who “outed” the
    myth behind the curtain known as ACORN.

    The video going around..with these ACORN idiots
    make Forrest Gump look very very Bright!.

  22. OK…I’ll bite.

    First, Barack Hussein Obama, The President as you know him, has speech writers.

    They, the writers, string these “coherent, well-thought-out sentence’s together”.

    Then The President reads these coherent sentences off a tele-prompter. That’s the little mirror or glass like objects usually off to both sides of the podium roster.

    Now at the same time this gives “you” City Girl, the impression that he, The President can contemporaneously string these magical words of wisdom together as if they came from on high.

    Other than that, hope your day is well.

  23. Yes, what ever you do Craig, don’t listen to the President. You might learn something and we couldn’t have that, now could we.

    Perhaps can you imagine what it was like for those of us who can think an independant thought to have to listen to that bumbling idiot we had in the White House the past 8 years. Unlike Bush, at least Obama can put a coherent, well-thought-out sentence together, let alone speak to things that might actually help this country.

    But don’t listen. Don’t ever explore an opposing view to your own. Why should you when you have Beck Rush-Baugh telling you how to think. Way easier.

  24. [...] on. Rush will get over it. Trust me. He has a pill for that.” – Helen Philpot, “Michelle Bachmann’s Burning Bush: There’s a Pill for That!” Margaret and Helen Blogspot, Sept. 4, 2009. Health Care Reform, Helen Philpot, Michele Bachmann, [...]

  25. This title is the funniest thing I have ever read.

  26. Craig, I was fine with you until you said the president of the United States wasn’t worth listening to on a subject that surely resonates with somebody in your family (or you; you said you were 58 and had one foot in the grave or something like that. As a 54-year-old who still rides roller coasters and rolls down hills and does other childish things with my beloved niece and nephews — none of their wussy-much-younger-than-me parents will — I hope I’m misquoting you. I feel like I’ve got at least 30 good years left, which is more than half my current lifespan).

    I didn’t have much use for the last Bush (I did vote for his father and for Reagan), but I still listened every time he went on TV. Why? Because he was MY country’s president; even though I didn’t vote for him, a majority of my countrymen did.

    Citizenship in this country doesn’t come free and it certainly doesn’t guarantee that the person in the big white house thinks like I do. That’s OK — that’s what makes this country great in my book. But MY job in our democracy is to listen to what he/she does say and vote accordingly or urge my elected reps to vote accordingly.

    If I don’t listen to someone I disagree with, then I end up assuming something and we all know what happens then.

    That’s your job, too.

    And let me also offer this point generally: I think the biggest threat to our country is the lack in recent years of thoughtful — and respectful — discussion of differing viewpoints. For example, my brother’s father-in-law and my father share the same political philosophy (GOP). My brother is more liberal. During the Kerry-Bush election in 2004, my brother often debated his father-in-law and uncle-in-law on the candidates. Nobody called anybody names. Each made their case. Everybody learned something from the discussion.

    At one point, my brother called our dad and they started discussing the election. Brother said he was voting for Kerry and Dad called him an
    ‘effin’ moron.’ So much for respectful and thoughtful discussion.

    Now, I know my dad and brother love each very much and have a lot of respect for one another. But that one conversation showed me how low the tolerance for differing opinions in this country has sunk.

    If you go back and read about the founding fathers, you’ll see they were wildly opposed on many issues. Yet, they reached common ground and founded this democracy, which at the time was unprecedented.

    If you don’t believe in some sort of supreme being, that alone oughta convince you there is one. I fear that same sort of miracle could never happen today.

    And THAT saddens me.

  27. Poolman,

    Sorry for coming so late to the game. I don’t always have the time I would like to blog. I’ve been busy with other things like elder care, work, home repairs, and the rare moments I get to spend time with my wife.

    I don’t think the Lewin group is any more biased than any of the organizations that crunch numbers on the left. Besides, would you also dispute the Congressional Budget Office, the Associate Press, and ABC News (a leftist media outlet if ever there was one).

  28. Happy Conservative — I seem to remember being told by W and his crew of thugs that the Iraq war would be funded by Iraq’s own oil revenues……ring a bell??

  29. Word, Poolman!

  30. happyconservative, well you came in on the tail end of this thread after most of us have moved to the next post. And such a laundry list of beefs. As a start, your first 2 points refer to: “Experts at the Lewin Group…..study by the Lewin Group…”

    The Lewin Group is a national health care consulting firm based in Falls Church, Virginia, that in 2007 is wholly owned by the health insurance giant UnitedHealth Group.


    You think they are unbiased?

  31. Lets Have a BIG Harumph for the Man!

    “FACT: The massive $1.6 trillion House bill’s cost is NOT mostly “paid for” through savings
    in the existing health care system–
    ……not by a long shot.”

  32. You’re right, Helen. A lie is a lie. Let’s take a look at some from last night.

    CLAIM: “…[N]othing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have. Let me repeat this: nothing in our plan requires you to change what you have.”

    FACT: This marked an important change in the President’s language last night. He used to say, “If you like your health-care plan, you keep your health-care plan.” By now using the word “require,” the President’s admitting that they can’t guarantee Americans will keep their health plan. After both the Associated Press, ABC News and others have thoroughly debunked this claim, it’s not surprising the White House has made this shift. But the point is that no one knows for sure how many employers will drop their coverage altogether if their plan goes into effect. Experts at the Lewin Group estimate the number could be more than 100 million Americans. And $500 billion in Medicare cuts will obviously reduce the quality of care America’s seniors receive.

    CLAIM: “The plan will not add to our deficit…I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits – either now or in the future. Period.”

    FACT: According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, the House Democrats’ bill would increase the deficit by $239 billion over 10 years. And a recent study by the Lewin Group found that “[i]n the second 10 years…the proposal would add an estimated $1 trillion to the federal deficit.”

    CLAIM: “(I)t will slow the growth of health care costs for our families, our businesses, and our government.”

    FACT: As the Associated Press has reported, the Democrats’ plan will increase costs, rather than lower them: “Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf warned lawmakers the legislation that he has seen so far would raise costs, not lower them.”

    CLAIM: “If you come to me with a serious set of proposals, I will be there to listen. My door is always open.”

    FACT: The Hill reported yesterday, that the President has not met with House Republicans since April, and when Republican Leaders asked for a meeting to discuss health care in a May 14 letter, the President ignored the request. The Politico reported on the President’s response on June 5, saying, “he makes no mention of the request to meet in the letter, which he signs off by stating, “Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with me and I look forward to further discussions on this critically important issue.” But those “further discussions” simply didn’t happen. The facts are clear: blame for the lack of bipartisanship in the current health care debate lies squarely at the feet of Washington Democrats.

    CLAIM: “I will not stand by while the special interests use the same old tactics to keep things exactly the way they are.”

    FACT: This is an interesting assertion considering the President also said last night: “Our overall efforts have been supported by an unprecedented coalition of doctors and nurses; hospitals, seniors’ groups and even drug companies.” So what special interests is he talking about when the White House seems to have struck back room deals with so many of them?

    CLAIM: “We’ve estimated that most of this plan can be paid for by finding savings within the existing health care system – a system that is currently full of waste and abuse.”

    FACT: The massive $1.6 trillion House bill’s cost is NOT mostly “paid for” through savings in the existing health care system – not by a long shot. In fact, the House bill includes more than $800 billion in new tax increases during a severe economic downturn on families and employers to “pay for” most of the massive price tag. And, the Congressional Budget Office has estimated that even with these tax increases, coupled with other “pay fors” in the bill such as cuts to Medicare, the House bill still has a revenue shortfall that will add $239 billion to the federal deficit over a ten year period. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce wrote in an open letter to Congress raising concerns about a $534 billion small business tax in July: “Even with some exemptions, this provision will kill many jobs. Market forces and employer autonomy should determine what benefits employers provide, rather than Congress.”

    CLAIM: “And one more misunderstanding I want to clear up — under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”

    FACT: During his quest for the presidency, now-President Obama declared that everyone deserves access to reproductive health care that includes abortion, and vowed that this “right” would be at the heart of his health care reform plan if elected president. President Obama has never retracted this vow, and the health care reform bill moving through the House would help him make good on it if enacted into law. As written, it would allow the U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services (HHS) to include abortion as a benefit in the government-run health care option. Many Democrats dispute this, pointing to the recent adoption of an amendment sponsored by Rep. Lois Capps (D-CA) that would prohibit federal dollars from being used to fund abortion. But under this amendment, the HHS Secretary is explicitly authorized to pay for elective abortions under the government-run insurance plan.

    Some have also suggested that the government-run plan would not result in government-funded abortions because it will be subject to the “Hyde Amendment,” but this argument is misleading as well. The Hyde Amendment is not a government-wide applied law, but a rather provision included in the annual HHS Appropriations bill, which bans federal funding of elective abortions. According to a memo produced by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service, the government-option will not be funded through the appropriations process. For this reason, it will not be subject to the Hyde Amendment. The truth of the matter is that the HHS Secretary will be allowed to include abortion as a benefit in the government-run health care plan under the legislation currently moving through the House. Moreover, FactCheck.Org has stated that “House bill would allow abortions to be covered by a federal plan and by federally subsidized private plans.”

    CLAIM: “Now, there are also those who claim that our reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false. The reforms I am proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally.”

    FACT: The non-partisan Congressional Research Service confirms in a report that there is no mechanism included in the bill to verify that individuals are U.S. citizens or legal immigrants before they receive government benefits. Furthermore, Republicans offered two amendments in the Ways and Means, and Energy and Commerce Committees that were rejected by Democrats. The first would have prevented illegal immigrants from being automatically enrolled into Medicaid and the second would have required better screening for applicants for federally-subsidized health care to ensure they are actually citizens or legal immigrants.

    FACT: I am a dumb ass.

  33. I know I’m late about this, but I hadn’t read comments for a while

    I am no birther (I make fun of birthers!), but the reason it matters where Obama was born is that the Constitution says that in order to be eligible for the presidency, a candidate must be a NATURAL BORN citizen of the US. Not just a citizen, but actually born in the USA.

    So, yes, Obama would still be a US citizen even if he had been born in the Republic of Kenya three years before there was a Republic of Kenya. But he wouldn’t be eligible to be president.

    I think the circumstances of his birth have been proved to reasonable people, particularly when you add the birth announcements in the Honolulu papers. But there are a lot of unreasonable people out there, and they’re right about the fact that if Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii after Hawaii became a state, he wouldn’t be eligible for the presidency.

    Helen’s Note: Your point?

  34. PS an to those who queried – yes the format is different; I suspect matthew uploaded the new & improved wordpress which does include formatting changes as well as better safeguards against hacking

  35. Looks like Margaret and Helen rearranged the pillows on the couch again. The format of the parlor is back to its original style.

  36. President Obama’s final words and thoughts demonstrated, again, his strength in connecting with the people of the nation.
    The character of our collective conscience……let’s all keep working on that!

    I have to thank the citizens of my state for providing me with my health care. As a state employee, my allotment covers my premium. Granted, I think the costs are out of control and we need to tighten things up, but I’m happy with the access to good care.
    I’m not concerned about me. I’m in it to win it for those who have no access to basic health care…..
    because my conscience tells me so.

  37. Thanks to Joe Wilson (R-SC) and his ignorance & townhall attitude, his challenger Rob Miller USMC raised over $20k in less than 4 hours following the Presidential address to the Congress. I was more than happy to donate. IMO Wilson is entitled to his opinion, BUT he took a crap in OUR house and needs to be publicly censured by his Congressional peers. As Clyburn put it “I didn’t think SC could be brought any lower after Sanford, but it appears I was wrong”. Today is full day – sandwiching in PT between clients and supervising two training sessions. . .so will comment more later if I am awake enough. . .

  38. Δ

    Text of the letter from Senator Edward M. Kennedy referenced by the President in last night’s address.

  39. Rewi, you made some excellent points.

    Craig, you are just having way too much fun ;-)

    I think our President showed the strength we are looking for in his speech. Let’s hope he can continue.

  40. Dear Margaret and Helen,

    I watched the President this morning as I prepared for work. I was watching the BBC coverage, where a lot was made about the facial expressions of the First Lady, how frosty they were compared with all the warm smiles and handshakes on the Floor. She knew, we were told, what they’re all really thinking. No doubt. I thought the speech was quite good – I will be interested to hear if the President follows through and ‘calls out’ those who have represented the proposals over the coming weeks.

    I’m an Australian currently living and volunteering in Indonesia. I don’t think you or many of your readers would be surprised to read that I am still amazed at the state of health care in the United States. Now, whenever someone from another country pops into the public policy debate in Australia a bunch of people will hark up with words to the effect of ‘we don’t need foreigners telling us what to do’.

    So I shall refrain from ‘telling you what to do’, and concentrate instead on telling you about my experience of health care in Australia. I’m not a tax expert, but from what I can see the rate of tax on $180,000US is 33%, while for $180,000AU it’s 31%. All taxpayers in Australia, though, are required to pay a tax of 1.5% of their income for our public health system. The highest rate of corporate tax in Australia is 30%, the highest rate in the US is 35%.

    I know it’s dangerous to generalize about these things, because there are all sorts of ways that we can each ‘minimize’ our taxable income, but all other things being equal it would seem that American taxpayers and companies pay more and receive less than we do.

    If I need to go and see a doctor for any complaint whatsoever, I can do so for free. If I require emergency medical assistance, I can get it for free. If I need pharmaceuticals, they are subsidized.

    If I elect for certain procedures – say I’m worried about a growth that my doctor doesn’t recommend be scanned, but I choose a catscan anyway – then I have to pay. If I want to be cared for in a private hospital, then I need (and have) private health insurance.

    The economic certainty that comes with not having to fear that at some stage I might have to sell my house or other assets for major procedures or treatments provides an immeasurably higher level of confidence. This confidence allows me to participate in my community and in the economy in ways that simply would not be feasible otherwise.

    If this argument holds here (and maybe there’ll be all sorts of ways that it can be shot down), then maybe it could for America as well. I pay less to my government, I get more from it, and my society gets more from me.

    A conservative government simply could not get elected now if it proposed abolishing this system. Does that mean that more than 50% of Australians are communists? If so, how can Republicans abide having us as such close allies?

    I’m delighted to have been directed to your blog, and to read the comments of your readers.

    Thanks one and all.

  41. Barney Frank on the
    Rachel Maddow Show


  42. it was more than just wilson,
    it was a lot of them sitting together waving papers, tooling around with their pda’s and acting like a bunch of moronic brats

    wilson apologized after, probably because McCain called him out on it

  43. I was very impressed with President Obama tonight!
    He did a great job in explaining his vision.

    Wilson owes President Obama an apology. Any democrat who would have done a similar thing to GWBush would have rightfully have gotten hell and so should Wilson.

    Obama showed class and a great mind. The republicans were an embarrassment.

  44. OK..Everybody give it a rest…
    and we can begin again tomorrow.

    Have a pleasant night all.

  45. I was appalled that Wilson had the nerve to heckle the president. What is wrong with people? Disagree all you want, but have respect for the office. I am glad that McCain is calling this out, as someone needs to.

    And craig, the PO would be a notforprofit government run insurance company, much like Medicare and the premiums people pay would cover the costs. It was clearly explained. The difference with an insurance company is that the overhead is 4% vs. 30% with private insurance. No huge executive compensation. And no profits and share-holders to be beholden to. This would be an OPTION — not a mandate.

    I was very proud of the way our President stood his ground tonight and finally felt like he was doing what I’ve been wanting him to do all along.

  46. I checked the internet to verify my personal memory – all 50 states do require you to have some minimum level of liability insurance. This pays for what you do to others, both property and injury. You’re not required by the state to cover your own property costs (although a loan will require you to cover their investment. They don’t care about your loss.) States vary as to whether you need to cover your own potential injury.

    However, when they say minimum, some states really do mean minimum. Be careful where you drive.

  47. btw, she is for the healthcare plan and she also told me she thought Obama’s speech was excellent and cleared a lot of questions she had

  48. I just talked to my next door neighbor (who is a republican) she was completely disgusted at how those congresspeople behaved tonight.

  49. Vgman, you’re right – out of context, my point was completely lost. Read in context, against the backdrop of Cindy McCain’s feigned concern over returning troops’ migraines while totally lacking conern over those the war has permanently damaged, it doesn’t seem a stretch to connect the dots. To those who didn’t get it, I am sorry.

    I didn’t even get into the stepford wife’s comparison of migraines to torture -vs- her assurances that her husband’s torture doesn’t affect his life because he was trained. I’m sure it factored into my cynical post.

  50. I call bullshit, Helen and Margaret. Right along with you guys. Thanks for voicing my viewpoint!

  51. Naw Joni..I had to listen.

    My wife’s a physician and faculty at a state institution and sits on the states board that regulates the drugs available on its approved list for Medicade. They meet some 5 times a year and are presented with date from Pharma as well as patients,physicians and a state clearing house that also does research and then gives back at these meetings.

  52. I though everybody in every state had to have insurance of “some kind” or no license?

  53. How many times have we “intervened” in another country’s business and propped up a “leader” only to find the “leader” goes rogue and bad things start happening……then we get out the big guns and slap them up the head and eventually get rid of them…..shall we do the dance again?

    When Rumsfeld met with Saddam in the 80′s we were laying the foundation for what we are sowing today.

    So….let’s back up here a little bit. The comment about “soldiers with calloused feet needing pedicures, etc.” was the result of many bad decisions over the years.

    If our foreign interventions result in ill-begotten wars, such as the present mess in Iraq, then the tragic harm done to our soldiers should be the first place we make amends.

    Sadly, I think the state of affairs at the Vet. Administration over the last several years is a reflection of our lost priorities.

    Our nation’s sons and daughters sent off to fight a war where many profit from it? War is sick.

    I agree that the comment was sort of “tongue in cheek” but it had a point in a satirical way.
    Delurker Girl could have made her point in a different way. But at it’s core, the issue still remains that we are seeing our veterans return with damaged bodies and psyches.

    And all from a war that’s ours to own.
    “We broke it and now we own it.”

  54. No, Craig wasn’t listening. I believe he made a point of saying he was going to watch a football game. His loss . . . fantastic speech, and I’m feeling hopeful again. Let’s hope we can bring something positive to fruition!!

  55. what I didnt know is something he mentioned in the speech, that some states do not have mandatory car insurance requirements?

  56. I’m afraid our latest spammer hasn’t produced a single point I thought worth considering. Maybe he thinks it’s satire, but it’s just ad hominem, juvenile cheap shots, right wing talking points and some weird stuff from Mars. (Shoe store? Hunh? Really?) Just scroll – he’s boring.

    To be fair, I also scroll by if anyone else does the same thing. It’s not really a discussion, is it?

  57. you understood correctly PSU..;-)

  58. Kudos to McCain on that one too Lori

  59. Mary G – yes.

  60. what I understood him to say is that you dont have a choice not to have ins because we cant continue to afford your emergency room visits for a cold

    what I think he meant by the not forcing you to a plan was that if you already have insurance no one is going to force you to change it

  61. Wow Mc Cain on CNN just said that the R congressman who shouted “you lie” during the president’s speech that he should apologize immediately, there is no place for that in any setting.! WTG McCain!

    Just saw an internal poll that suggeted an 73 percent approval of the speech by independents! Thats what we were looking for and needed! WTG Barack!

  62. she almost had a kitten because it is very disrespectful to pull that in the chamber and it shows just how low the extreme right will stoop

    btw, I thought you posted earlier you didnt see it?

    anway, here’s the transcript, this should keep you busy for a bit


  63. Yes..I listened. and I dohane an opinion.
    800 plus billion for a plan he says he will pay for by savings on what? waste and abuse.

    Of so..why not cut the waste and abuse now?

    I did not hear an exact plan for “how” he will fund this?
    He says it will be mandatory to have insurance.
    But then he says the government will not force you into a plan…
    I did not get that one. I’m lost there.

    Its gonna be ugly…
    I’m sure you saw a few people sittin..
    and one outburst of “lies”.

    I must say at least one person in the chamber
    had the brass ones to say that out loud.

    Pelosi about had a kitten if you saw her expression.

  64. craig, do you have anything constructive to contribute here?

  65. excellent speech by the president, the following is clear to me, the irresponsible health insurance industries are shaking in their boots because the rug is going to be yanked out from under them

    no more exploitation of the vulnerable

    I pray we are able to finally pull it off

    craig, I believe Obama clearly explained how it will be paid for, were you listening?

  66. Yep and she wears the same dress with the same little button every time.

  67. oooooo our first lady and president are just so damn cute aren’t they? ;-)

  68. Hey its 7:10 pm cst
    Imagine everybody’s off the board glued to the boob tube to watch the President.

    You just can’t any good tv anymore without cable.
    Perfect time to watch a football classic on ESPN.

  69. As for Delurkers Girl satire or whatever?
    I could give a rat about someone going after Palin. Thats old news and anyone can do it.

    It was the comment
    “Many troops return with calloused feet, too. Pedicures for all! Except for those who come home without feet. They’re outta luck.”

    Gosh ya lay cat turd in somebody’s sandbox and they really get twisted about it. Get over it.

    As for me that was poor taste.

    I still can’t get someone to answer the Reich video questions about Public Option.

    And as for the hot lesbian sex comment, do those “You Tubes” appear here as well?

  70. My insurance sucks. Reimbursements to providers are abysmal. The CEO of our “non-profit” insurer made over 4 million dollars last year and the stockholders rejoiced. On what planet does this make sense? Health care should not be a profit making enterprise.

  71. P.S. I don’t even *get* the women’s shoe store thing. Do men think that women hang out in shoe stores and…I can’t even imagine what might be going thru your mind, Craig…. Gossip? Take off their shoes? Catfight? Have hot lesbian sex?

    Whatever it is, WTF does it have to with the discussion here?

  72. FWIW, I think Craig’s entree to this blog was extremely gauche. You can’t take such a mean swipe at one of the bloggers (who is much loved here) without incurring some wrath. Craig, as a 58-year-old/apparently intelligent person, you should understand why you sabotaged yourself.

    But let’s get over it, shall we? Perhaps we can give this fella another chance? I know I’ve said some stupid stuff here too. I’m not the hall monitor, but this doesn’t seem like a person we need to get our knickers in a twist over (yet).

    Oh, and BTW, Craig: Your indignation over DeLurker Girl’s SATIRE of Cindy McCain’s vapid political grasping is pretty lame.

  73. Watched Robert Reich video, just now that was posted at 4:42.

    OK so there will be a public option.

    Who will pay for it? He said the government would not pay for it, unless I heard him wrong.

    So how does that “Public Option” take care of someone on food stamps or someone who is so lost that they are rambling on the street..and need mental health care.

    Who will pay for that homeless man or woman?
    If they cannot even afford the public option in the first place.

    What will happen to the illegal aliens. Does the government pay for their “public option”

    Again, Robert said the government would not pay for this program. So how does it compete to provide the better health care?

    How does this PO get the power to bid on health care, if the govt. is supposedly not involved?
    WHO is operating this Public Option?
    Where do “they” get the power,the money to negotiate a better deal?

    Then the public option plan is for me ? my neighbor? Will it be as good as the one I have?

  74. Stan–you should have all the pie you want!

  75. Oops, typo. “Speech”

  76. Can someone please explain to me why Americans didn’t want their kids to hear the President’s back to school speach? I don’t get it.

  77. Okay……but, I’m still having pie. :-)

  78. Stan–I have to say that I think you’re wrong. This is someone who apparently thinks “ok–it’s a blog containing political satire, so I can come on it and offer my own zingers.” Even though they aren’t funny, original, or anything other than puerile crapola.

    This isn’t offering differing opinions. It’s someone who is wholly lacking in social antennae being rude and then doing the “what me? what did I do that was so wrong? Gee–you don’t have any sense of humor, do you? And you’re sure thin-skinned.” I had a nasty old in law who did that sort of thing and it was no more acceptable when he tried it.

    Nor does Craig come and “ask questions.” Again, that’s another rationalization for immature and obnoxious behavior. “Gosh–can’t a guy even breathe around here without being jumped on?” Bullshit.

    And no, I am not offended and I make my living being thick-skinned. I just think Craig is rude and tiresome and is the equivalent of Glenn Beck who spews nonsense and then feigns surprise that anyone believed he was full of it.

  79. Plain and simple. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBi8A_HutII

  80. Come on in, Craig, sit a spell. Just change the subject.
    They’ll get over it. No more explaining needed.
    Margaret and Helen get a laugh out of most of what is posted here anyway. Margaret learned the term “Asshat” from a comment posted here.

    Just hang around…grab a fork….plenty of pie for everyone!
    I mean it. Really.

  81. *claire

  82. For those of you who love Bill Maher and haven’t seen this already.. its worth the look… I love this guy!


    Ocean, you don’t necessarily need a consult. On some of the basic stuff (rising) you can find what you want to know online. When and if you get really into it, they have online classes with people who have studied the science for years. I don’t want to take up too much space on M&H blog or else I’d be happy to help ya out (not that I know much) ;-)! Maybe when the thread gets older and we have a healthcare bill, education reform and have tackled immigration we can chat astro! j/k LOL

    Clarie,, ty you are very sweet.

  83. OK Donna…or anyone else…

    Has ACORN driven people to the polls?
    yes or no..?

    Has ACORN a political agenda?
    yes or no..?

    I have my beliefs..just as an earlier poster thought van jones hung the moon.
    I think he’s one less political hack “we” have to worry about.

    Yesterday it was suggested by one of “yours” that I visit this site and read the blog. I did.

    Obviously someone..the host has an opinion and i think thats pretty good for an 82 year old.

    Can I not come here and ask questions?

    Yes this am…I figured out that a large majority of women posted here..so I threw out the shoe store & needlepoint comments.

    Wow are you that easy to offend?

    Hey I’m married to a woman so I know what the shoe closet looks like…and have seen my own wife do needlepoint..besides being a card carrying Physician.

    Gosh ..then some are very thin skinned and
    some may just want to keep this blog
    for “like” thinkers only.

    I would have thought if the host went to the trouble to create this site..then she would, I think be interested in a divergence of opinions?

  84. I LOVE MARGARET & HELEN!!!!!!!!! :-)

  85. Are we not “feeding” the troll/craig by trying to justify things? Just saying…

  86. and if Craig can’t see how inappropriate his first post was (or his “this is like a women’s shoe store”), there’s really no point in trying to explain it to him. If anyone believes that saying someone from ACORN drove another person to the polls and told that person how to vote isn’t offensive, then he has fairly serious problems with perception. Ditto “stick to needlepoint.”

  87. To Mageen in OV 11:25a:

    “OK, I know I don’t get out of the house much but what the heck is this about Cheney and lingerie? I promise I will be sitting down when I get the answer.”

    It was a ‘Hangover Mistake’.

    Matt, I like the new format.

    PEACE ~ Δ

  88. I’m with Donna…

    Craig’s intial post was rude and disrespectful.
    Not what we usually see as a regular contributor here…

  89. Anne, if you are referring to james, he got called out by me and others for pissing here, not because he had ‘different views’

    no one said we all have to think alike but he clearly came here to spam repeatedly

  90. To Donna and my Host,
    I really thought my first post was not a cheap shot.
    I did not use profanity,
    It was my first post and I acknowledged the appearance of my host on a hover-around.
    Obviously, I stated my political affiliation and took
    a swipe at political people who have come under much more name calling than I did on my post.
    So, help me here with where did I offend..by calling a spade a spade? I’m 58 and I know that I have borrowed time. I will not see this nations debt payed back.
    So please. He who has not sinned ..please explain
    where I went wrong with my original post.
    It certainly was not as rude or crass as some have posted.
    I apologize to my Blogs host for my offense…if she is that hurt. But we live in a world that allows instant communication and “IF” we put ourselves out there..”we” should be able to take the feed back.
    After that. Please sit down. And shut up.

  91. When Bush Sr. gave a similar speech in 1991, the Washington Post ran a front page article the next day disparaging the President. Dick Gephardt and others ordered the general accounting office to investigate the cost and legality of the event, but the Dems got no joy on the ruling. Neither speech was particularly provocative or even noteworthy, but that doesn’t really matter to the people who engage in this sort of thing. It’s all political pissing and I’m tired of it.

  92. Anne–I respectfully disagree. James wasn’t attacked because he presented other opinions. People (including myself) got frustrated when he’d repeat the same things constantly or do overly lengthy emails. Had he simply offered what I agree were sometimes very interesting and legitimate posts, it would have been something different entirely. If he chooses to come back and not engage in the repetition and the epic posts, I’m sure many people would be perfectly fine with it.

    Again, please go to Craig’s initial post. It was nothing but rude. Why on earth would you think that he’s suddenly going to be respectful?

    Not my blog–I’m the first to say so. But I do think that Helen/Margaret make the initial posts and then we pie eaters take it from there. And I see no reason to indulge someone who’s discourteous and then whines that he’s being discouraged because he has a different perspective. In fact, to that, I call Bullshit.

  93. Craig, don’t get too upset. We just had a very thoughtful person leave this post because he was attacked every time he ventured to present another opinion. People are going to jump on me now for saying so, but he offered a nice balance so the pendulum didn’t swing too far left all the time. As long as you make your statements respectfully, people such as myself will come to your defense. If you start name-calling, you’ll get a lot of backlash. I would prefer this blog stay away from that as it’s not really useful.

  94. .
    Glenn Bleech: VICTORY!

    *Who can find the ‘pie’? 8)

    ~ Δ ~

  95. The party of hypocrisy strikes again…
    but for sure he pitched a b**** about school kids watching the President’s back to school speech.

    From the Sunday LA Times a Westminster, CA Viet Nam Vet responds:

    “That anyone, much less the head of the FL Republican Party, would suggest our children will be safer if we could keep the words of the president of the United States out of their little ears shows such a lack of understanding about our country’s long history of diverse ideas and beliefs that I really do hope it is just another political stunt.

    The problem is these so-called patriots who have wrapped themselves so tightly in the flag that they have lost not only the flexibility to move but the oxygen to think…”

  96. OK…How can we get you to get your own radio show…something short and sweet but much needed for those left are still a bit sane in the head. ;-)

  97. TROLL Craig here.
    Since I’m a guest here according to PalinSgutUp
    I give respect where it is deserved. I don’t think I ranted any more than anyone else…BUT

    I’m Quoting the MOD and or Helen’s board here…

    “But all are welcome – within reason – and considering some of my rants, within reason goes a long way in my book. The f-word (you decide which one) gets you an automatic kick in the ass. Same goes for the N word.”

    So I guess from what I see coming from Lori,Claire, Donna
    and PalinShutUp among others…that
    really what you want is a blog where your ideologies are not questioned and those who would dare enter and publish their rant are tagged with cute names and to belittle their
    political belief.
    Finally..and this will likely not get published..
    but I take umbrage with the poster who thought it cute to offer our returning warriors pedicures such as when
    DeLurker Girl at 8:48am posted the following:

    “Many troops return with calloused feet, too. Pedicures for all! Except for those who come home without feet. They’re outta luck.”

    I mean how sick is that? And I’m suppose to be the one who is out of touch? That people can post such great rants about how wonderful a van jones is and all he has done …and yet not one of you questioned the above comment about our nations finest ?
    If that is your “thing” here on this blog then I feel sorry for you.
    Troll, Craig

  98. Welcome, idaho beef. I think I understand what you’re saying…I’ve heard other people say this too. But I see 2 major flaws with this view:

    1) Most of the conservative pundits I’ve listened to simply cannot be bothered to research issues or report verifiable facts. They primarily yell and gripe and offer ill-educated opinions. How does this utter disregard of data promote honesty?

    2) Conservative talk radio folks did zilch to “keep the ruling establishment a little bit more honest” when the ruling establishment was GWB & Co. They just kissed his arse and explained away his lies and blunders.

  99. “then show up again carping that it’s like a shoe store. ”

    No, like a WOMEN’S shoe store. As if that’s a bad thing. And as if our collection of very smart men AND women were like what he imagines a gathering at a women’s shoe store to be.

    “…so she sez to me, and then I sez to her, and she had the NOIVE to say…..”

    I don’t see much of that here. I’d go to the shoe store (not a joyous occasion, what with my unusual shoe size) with most of the people here, and have a much better time than usual!

  100. Beef–I often listen to it as well. While I would like to think that they serve the function you suggest, I don’t believe that’s the case in practice. For example, spouting the sort of things that Savage does? Or Levin? Or Beck? I’m not sure how that truly serves the purpose of providing balance.

    Don’t get me wrong–I agree with the concept of many viewpoints and think that censorship isn’t something we would want. But the deliberate manipulation of public opinion by someone like Murdoch isn’t legitimately vigorous debate. The days of William F. Buckley are, sadly, over–at least it would appear so.

  101. i listen to conservative talk radio almost every day. i feel that these people keep the ruling establishment a little bit more honest. i don’t agree with most of what these talk show hosts say, but they do serve a purpose which is helpful to balancing out ideas in the media.

  102. What mother in her right mind would name her child Newt? lol
    Anyway, I’m from GA and even most of the Repugs here don’t like Newt anymore….

  103. Though I’ve never seen Cheney’s lingerie and don’t doubt it is very scary, his lingering legacy is *far* scarier to me.

  104. Donna, I swear by apple pie that I saw something about Cheney and lingerie and no, I am not smoking something funny! I’ve tried to go back and find the site but the closest I can come is “Cheney’s lingering legacy”.

  105. Looks different to me, too.

  106. craig, in case you forgot, you are the guest and you will be treated with the respect you give to those here

    which doesnt say much for you

    ps get your math straight

  107. dropping in to post this bit of info

    robert reich on the public option


  108. wow, things look a little different around here

  109. Okay did somebody just change the format for wordpress or is it my computer reorganizing the comment boxes with comments now first and commenter with time/date last?

  110. Mageen–what are you talking about? I’m still reeling from the Orange County lawmaker who didn’t understand the open mic concept so help me out.

  111. why should I give it a rest? You are a troll. You show up here with a nasty comment about the hosts of the blog and you then show up again carping that it’s like a shoe store.

    Craig is correct that I can communicate better than that–however, there’s no reason to when speaking of or to someone without intellect, maturity, or courtesy. Anyone who says crap like “you were probably taken to a voting booth by ACORN and told how to vote” doesn’t warrant it.

  112. LOL it stll is Craig, but by sheer will and determination I have managed to pluck out an answer about Newt! Well that and my oldest daughter taught me about this online keyboard thingie! .. but have NO fear, hubby will be home soon with a replacement computer just in time for the President’s speech tonight! ;-)

  113. Anne, breaking up health care reform legislation into fragments has an awful lot of negatives. Size really hasn’t anything to do with probably success and Newtie knows this. A very small piece of legislation can get bashed with as much vitriol as a large piece. It would also take just as much time to get through Congress as a large piece of legislation. Never ever forget the constant 15 minutes of fame a certain percentage of lawmakers demand/need. It could just be the time of day they are voting on and it could go on for years! And thats precisely what Newtie and his newtons want.

  114. I think I have wandered into the biggest of all Tea Parties.
    Ladies Pleeeeze…
    Can you not come up with some positive discussions
    of the issues without bashing 51% of America.

    Yep..I didn’t think so.

    Lori, I thought your keyboard was broken?
    And Donna..give the “troll” thing a rest. I know you can communicate better than that.

    OK ..You all can commence to bash.

  115. OK, I know I don’t get out of the house much but what the heck is this about Cheney and lingerie? I promise I will be sitting down when I get the answer.

  116. Newt had his chance to reform healthcare… he did noting but write some bogus contract with Amurica…

    NOWWWWWWWWW alll of a sudden when we are doinllthe heavy lifting HE has solutions???????


  117. I heard Newt Gingrich on NPR this morning, who actually made a good point about implementing sevearl small bills to reform health care instead of one big one. Each small one could focus on one issue, such as price controls or whatever. The problem with one bill is that it attracts a lot of attention and then special interest groups get their fingers in it. Scare tactics would be less effective as well.

  118. “It is important for progressives to understand the Van Jones episode, for it speaks volumes about how the right wing media echo machine works….
    …Van Jones spent the last decade as an advocate and organizer. He fought on behalf of those without power, including unarmed African Americans gunned down by police, school children without books, and the urban underclass looking for a way out. He created organizations, spoke at countless rallies, taught classes in prisons, and wrote a best selling book.”


  119. Again, anyone who is marginally tempted to engage with Craig–please direct your attention to his opening post of 1:32 p.m. yesterday. Nothing but a troll and not even a particularly effective one. Certainly not the “I enjoy all points of view and why don’t you” character he purports to be. Run along, troll–you have nothing of interest or importance or value.

  120. And please feel free to walk back out! LMAO!

  121. I feel like I walked into a woman’s shoe store.

  122. Helen you really do know how to call “Bullshit”.

    If Japan can clean house during their last election, why can’t we!!! According to an article in Time magazine Sept. 14. “the election represented the first ever proper change in government in the history of our (Japan) constitutional politics”

    46% of Japan’s Diet members will be first time parliamentarians. Hmmm, certainly would be nice to see new faces in Congress. Could we hope for that percentage come 2010? We can try.

    It’s time for the Purple Party to rise up.

  123. Whirled, that was a great link. Maybe there is hope out there.

    One student’s thoughts:
    “Should our country never grow and evolve and learn to adapt to different colored presidents and new ideas? Our country wouldn’t be where it is today if that had never happened in our history. People would still be riding in horse drawn carriages, owning slaves, and dying from every disease that enters the country including smallpox. People need to get over their dumb nonsense and realize yes, we do have a black president, yes, he is going to be in office for three and a half more years, and yes, he is smart, nice, handsome, and will help our country recover”

  124. EXACTLY, Greyt!

    Migraines really are awful and I’d support research for better treatment. Migraine meds are often as bad as the migraine itself. It was the gratuitous use (and I do mean she USES them) of troops as a hook was insulting as hell. I don’t think she was even saying that returning troops have higher instance of migraine… just that they have them.

    Many troops return with calloused feet, too. Pedicures for all! Except for those who come home without feet. They’re outta luck.

  125. Cindy McCain…suffered migraines for years but kept the fact from her husband…oh THAT is priceless!!! :-)

    Stepford Wife

  126. Ahh yes migraines the big worry for returning soldiers from Iraq. . . .gee Cindy maybe those aren’t migraines the soldiers are enduring but BRAIN TRAUMA INJURIES. Asshat bitch

  127. Cindy McCain is on TV talking about how unacceptable it is that money isn’t allocated for finding cures for migraines, a condition she’s apparently suffered with for years (but kept from her husband).

    Maybe it’s just because she’s so creepy, but something about all that didn’t sit right with me. Why does a dutiful Republican think tax dollars should be spent on research for this? Shouldn’t private enterprise take care of it? Shouldn’t generous Republicans contribute for that (we know Democrats are only generous with other people’s money…)? Wouldn’t using government funds be government meddling in healthcare?

    She managed to squeeze in a number for the percentage of returning troops suffering from migraines as one of the reasons the government needed to step up on this issue. Had to roll my eyes a little. Twice. ;)

  128. Well said, lori!

  129. I’m off to call the dell man, ths computer is only 2 months OLD! grrrrrrrrrrrr

    sory again..

    namaste all….

  130. uggggg I apologize for the typos etc above, my daughters’ keyboard isn’ t working correctly… (that is my story and i’m sticking to it!) not sure how that draft posted… LOL!

    Craig,I would be delighted to have a conversation with you, or listen to your point of view if you were actually saying something new. I can hear or read everything you have said by tuning into Fox News or visiting one of their blogs. Thanks but no thanks.

    I don’t want a revolution in my country. I love my country, even when GWB was president and the repugs were in power I loved my county and my fellow countrymen. I aned no harm to come to my country. Was I embarrassed at times? yes, Did want change? yes, But I also tried to find common ground that would perpetuate MY vision of my country while I endured the Bush years.

    I didn’t wish him failure, in fact I prayed for his success, in the mean time I worked my tail off to get the change I wanted.

    My suggestion to you is the same. If you are a praying man pray for our leaders, pray for our country. Use your time while Obama is in charge to find common ground. Quit parroting the hate talk by hate mongers.

    uggggg In apologize for the typos etc above, my daughters keyboard isn’ t working correctly… (that is my story and i’m sticking to it!) not sure how that rough draft posted… LOL!

  131. Relink:

    There is HOPE…


  132. Craig,I woud be delighted to have a conversation with you, or listen to your point of view if you were actually saying anything new. I can hear or read everything you have said by tuning into Fox News or visiting one of their blogs. Thanks but no thanks.

    I don’t want a revolution in my country. I love my country, even when GWB was president and the repugs were in power I loved my county and my felow countrymen. I aned no harm to come to my country. Was I embarrassed at times? yes, Did want change? yes, But I also tried to find common ground that would peretuate MY vision of my country while I enured the Bush years.

    I didn’t wish him failure, in fact I prayed for his success, in the mean time I worked my tail off to get the change I wanted.

    My suggestion to you is the same. If you are a praying man pray for our leaders, pray for our country. Use your time while Obama is in charge to find common ground. Quit parroting the hate talk by hate mongers.

  133. Good morning all,

    There is <a href="http://www.tampabay.com/features/article1034344.ece&quot;HOPE…

    …there will be CHANGE!

    PEACE ~ Δ

  134. Helen – I adore you. Both of you.

  135. Palinshutup quotes Proxy Lee:

    LOL! posted on Sarah Palin’s facebook page

    by Proxy Lee
    ‘Its a shame that we were in power for 8 years and had the house and the presidency and we didn’t get any of this done. Now that the democrats are in power, they might acutually succeed. And if they do, the people are going to see them as heroes. We must not allow that to happen. That’s why we need to stop health care.’

    Yup, that’s why. God forbid something good should happen for the country under the DEMS’ administration. That just won’t do. Don’t worry about the 18,000 who die each year, just worry about whether we WIN or LOSE. Makes me sick.

  136. Helen, you deserve an applause!!!

    Brilliant commentary! Apt, to the point, and no nonsense!

  137. Glenn Beck is a lying tool. Rush is a drug addicted fat bastard. Hannity and O’Reilly are both bullies and cowards. What do they have in common? They are rich, white, egotistical, arrogant, ignorant males! They are nothing but media whores who perpetuate the status quo. I can only hope they are first in line to receive their mandatory flu shots. Ok, I’m done ranting. By the way, I’ve missed you terribly. I mean it, really.

  138. I raised my hand and said “bullshit” out loud. =)

  139. LOL! posted on Sarah Palin’s facebook page

    by Proxy Lee
    ‘Its a shame that we were in power for 8 years and had the house and the presidency and we didn’t get any of this done. Now that the democrats are in power, they might acutually succeed. And if they do, the people are going to see them as heroes. We must not allow that to happen. That’s why we need to stop health care.’

  140. Vgman, I’m the mom of a 10 year old. You seem like a great teacher! I do hope that my 10yo is as blessed as I suspect your students are! It’s early in the school year yet but so far we are impressed. Have an awesome year!

  141. First there was Anne Richards then Molly Ivins. Now we have Helen to cut through the BS with a few well chosen and pungent phrases. What is it about the Texas water?

  142. I sometime invent words. Commenters should read commentators. LOL!

  143. Been gone a while and missed this most important post! But then, when hasn’t a post been important? Helen, congratulations on your granddaugther’s birth! Birth and weddings are always favorite events of mine. Beginnings and hope for the future!

    Read most of the comments. Most commenters already stated how I am feeling. Laughed and laughed! Only Helen could pull this off, mixing the serious with the silly and getting this precious blog going. Yes, it is looking like President Obama has already done his convincing (the people who voted for him) and will convince the right, not. I agree that he is being drowned by the empty noise. Ignore them all Mr. President and get the job you were elected to do done. Period.

  144. Peas, I sure do appreciate the nod to Franken. I saw that link yesterday and thought about sharing it…but methinks I am unduly proud of our finer MN congressfolks.

    I am also proud of my 6-yr.-old son and his school. With no flap whatsoever, the school aired the Prez’s speech. My boy came home today and matter-of-factly told me exactly what it was about.

    And funny…he hadn’t sprouted horns, wasn’t sporting any new satanic tatoos, didn’t appear to have the million-mile stare of a brainwashed child…or anything! Imagine that.

  145. PLEASE!!!!! Don’t take so long between writings. We need your sanity, humor & veracity!

  146. A right wing acquaintance likes to remind me that libs are failures by slinging around hate radio buzz words and bumper sticker slogans. Unfortunately I have to agree with him to some extent because his house is much bigger, his cars are newer and more expensive and he takes a Caribbean cruise every year. My last Caribbean cruise was on a navy aircraft carrier in 1946.

    But my wife and the Great Depression have to share the blame. Frugality is a curse that is never ignored once you have lived on the edges of poverty. And the idea that my brothers and I could have ended up in an orphanage in the 1930’s is a message none of us ever forgot. These experiences have taught me to have sympathy and compassion for the less fortunate among us, a curse that has been passed on to our son and grandsons.

    Our son graduated from a top tier University and is somewhere in the top 5% of wage earners. He is a Software engineer and writes the kind of code that allows us neophytes to point and click our way through Internet programs without having a clue as to what is going on in the background. But he is also aware that his job could end up in Bangladesh in a heartbeat so he and his wife save and invest their money carefully, and live modestly in a 120 year old triplex house that is awash with teenage eating machines on a daily basis. Only two belong to them. The rest, who come in all sizes, shapes, genders and ethnicities, hang around where no one needs to fear being approached by drug peddlers or booze brokers. My son and DIL have taken an interest in one youngster who is borderline homeless, whose mother is a single parent working two low wage jobs, without any security or health insurance. The kid spends more time at their house than he does at home.

    Our DIL was a rising star in a prominent international business but greed was never her fixation. She is an accomplished classical musician and after watching my wife in action in a classroom, decided that teaching was what she wanted to do also. For the past ten years she has been enormously successful and sees herself as much a mother to her charges as a teacher. It is a great source of pride and satisfaction to us when we see and hear her or her students perform.

    Our son is also a Little League coach. He and his wife have similar philosophies, – whoever shows up gets to play. While it drives some parents bonkers, the occasional flat note in a musical score or booted grounder in a baseball game are less important to son and DIL than the act of participation. The high achievers don’t always get it but the ones who are too often overlooked appreciate it.

    Fortunately, the two grandsons are very bright, both math whizzes. The seventeen year old, as a junior, had combined SAT scores and ACT scores that put him in the 99th percentile. He probably could go wherever he wants to but funds his parents had been setting aside for the two boys have been severely trashed in the post Bush economy and he may have to readjust his thinking. But he seems to be okay and most likely will accommodate to whatever circumstances come his way. Fortunately he has six months to go before making any decisions. The fifteen year old seems to be following in the footsteps of his older brother.

    All generations of our family have volunteer responsibilities. Activities that actually require input, not intended just for window dressing. My RW friend thinks this is a waste of time. He doesn’t believe in contributing time. Occasionally he sends money to support a RW political candidate, but he never volunteers to do any actual work for anyone or for any reason unless he gets paid for it.

    So he has me thinking. How do I go about breaking the cycle? I’d like to take an occasional vacation or some time off just to do nothing but I fear that it may become a way of life. And in order to do so I will have to taper off or back away from a lot of meaningful activities. Should I or shouldn’t I? At my age 81, there are probably few years left and health issues may make the decision for me. But I have to admit, I’m not very well prepared for it.

  147. Ohhh Van Jones is a commie!!! Ohhh let’s “black” list him. . . ohhh. . . bogeyman bogeyman bogeyman. . . funny how no one worries about THE totalitarian government of China… must be because they are whipping our asses on all economic fronts and appear to be taking the lead in growing a green energy economy. Ohhh….commies.

  148. “Harold and I just got back from visiting our newest great granddaughter in Dallas. Did you know that there is a billboard on Interstate 35 that says, “Where’s the birth certificate?” Now what idiot Republican has so much money that he can waste it on that? Surely there is some charity somewhere that could have put that money to better use.”

    That IDIOT REPUBLICAN works in the oil industry, I’ll bet. And watch them try to derail the greening of the US’s energy sources, also.

  149. Helen, I hope your golden years never tarnish! You are amazing! : ) : )

  150. Damn. He’s smart. I want somebody like him for our senator!

  151. Quick breather:

    Senator Al Franken.

    He’s good! Suck it BillO.

    ~ Δ ~

  152. And Exhibit A in that regard is Craig’s original message of 1:32. Anything since then is an attempt by a troll at engagement–he’s already shown what he is.

  153. oh, it’s the old “show up and insult people and then whine about how nobody wants differing viewpoints.” Actually, Craig is a Glenn Beck, Hannity wannabe, spouting the same tired dreck about Jeremiah Wright and now Van Jones. When he has an original thought, I’ll be delighted to hear it. So far, there hasn’t been one.

  154. i clicked on something and my post was sent before i was finished but, actually, ’nuff said.

  155. Craig,
    You’ve mentioned February 1917 twice now.
    Do you want a revolution?
    Stir the pot? Clean house? Out with the old and in with the new…..
    But what should the new look like?
    Seems like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights passed in the mid-forties would be a good place to start.

  156. Let’s look at both sides.

    Tough call. ~ Δ ~ ;)

  157. Craig,
    Here is a history of the Czar in America. First officially used by Richard Nixon for the Czar for the war on drugs in 1971.


    If Van Jones is a communist, it certainly makes the term czar ironic.

  158. Craig,
    Wow! I graciously bow to your wisdom. I do think that most people older than myself have lived enough life experiences to share the common sense we all need with those of us who are younger. As a 44 year old, I’m not far behind you.
    Free and independent press. Something we are sorely lacking in this country. Poolman, you got it so right. When the news is controlled by just a few, we are definitely in the “boiling water” and in trouble.
    But that also means we are getting pretty “steamed” and fast! We can take back our government. The two major parties in this country need a good kick in the butt.

    I do wish we could hear more of the voices of our younger crowd. When a teenager is so focused on I-pods, shopping to look like the magazine ads, and sharing the latest gossip about reality goofballs on TV, I get plenty worried.
    We, of the older generation, want to see evidence that our younger generation are focused on the right things to help our country move forward.

  159. “Listen.If we don’t hear other and watch all mediums then we will miss the chance to weigh the message, ,and decide what do we stand for or against” Thanks for that, Craig.

    However, Hearing Each Other is certainly not the modus operendi of the republican party. They seem to only hear what big corporations and lobbyists are saying to the, the people be damned. They SAY they want heathcare reform ,then do everything in their power to stop it because they want it to be “Obama’s Waterloo.” Never mind what would help the US, do what we can to ruin this man because he’s not “one of us.”

    You’re white 58, and bred in Texas. Sheesh1

  160. To: vgman
    I’m 58.
    Born and bred in Texas
    Married to a Asst. Professor Child Psychiatrist.
    One child out of the house..and a productive Lt. in the United States Navy.

    Listen.If we don’t hear other and watch all mediums then we will miss the chance to weigh the message, ,and decide what do we stand for or against.

  161. “Margaret, my dear.
    Your (sic) living on borrowed time.
    Get the insurance to pay off your hove-around
    and stick to needlepoint.
    You probably were taken to the voting booth by
    an ACORN activist and told how to vote.
    Get over it..FDR is no longer in office and what you want is not on the to-do list of Pelosi ,Reed, Frank or Obama. Just thank your lucky stars you won’t be around to pay off the NATIONS debt.”

    Craig, we are all for hearing what the other side has to say, but what you said (above) is not providing the other side of the coin. Look at what you wrote, “pause and think about” it, and realize we aren’t condemning you for thinking differently, but for coming on to Margaret’s porch and insulting her.

  162. Craig, The right is purposely set against the left and the left the right. It keeps us fighting amongst ourselves. It is to keep us diverted and occupied and let us believe it is us against them. The party “in power” does not really change much of what is going on right now in our government. The same people that control the banks and the wealth are still in control. Just as many of the same people stay in official positions. Big business has more clout with our legislators than the people do. News outlets are also owned by the same elite that control governments. So it is tough to get to the truth.

    We have lost many of the freedoms we had 100 years ago. One could say we are slaves to society and to the monetary system we have to participate in to buy and sell and sustain ourselves. We must comply and go along if we wish to “succeed”. Until we take it back, it doesn’t matter which political party holds office in this country.

    Because of 9/11, we have given away the rest of whatever rights to privacy we had left. We are just short of a police state, with any catastrophy that may occur pushing us over the brink. We still have not repealed the Patriot Act, as we were promised would occur. We haven’t changed any of the major Bush policies as of yet. We have merely put a new face on the package.

    We need to clean house in our government and force term limits on our public servants. We need to eliminate lobbies and audit the fed. The whole government needs a reboot. That is why all this healthcare debate has been good. It showed us how messed up this country really is. We have been on autopilot for so long that essentially we are the frog that has been placed in water as the temp has been slowly increased until we are just about boiled alive. We need to get out of this boiling pot now or we will all be humanary stew.

  163. Fortunately not beaten as a child..but married my high school sweetheart who became a Child Psychiatrist.
    As an aside……
    So I have had 35 plus years of therapy.
    911..I lost my job of 20 plus years that day as thousands lost their lives.
    My son, a Lt. in the Navy has let me see that a ship at sea is not made up of republicans, democrats or blacks or whites…They are a team, a union, there in purpose to protect us from the terrorist threat.
    One or two ships sunk just right in the right place of the straits of Hormuz and you will be paying
    $10.00 plus a gallon.

    But back to an earlier comment.
    Yes the President is black. My goodness thanks for that enlightenment. Its been interesting to watch this “family” become what the populace look up to as having achieved a prominence that I though would never happen in the United States. I was a teen in Texas during all the civil rights marches and Martin Luther King days.

    But this man..this Obama ..is a different cat.
    He is a community organizer. Now he has a captured audience with most people having their eyes glued to the headlights.

    Which brings me to this…….

    How could Obama have someone like Van Jones, who is an admittedly a member or former member of the Communist party? Are you not known by whom you associate with?
    Here again another example of Obama’s friends, much like his former Chicago Pastor.

    Have you heard this man Van Jones ?
    And I’m not just talking about the news bites..but his whole demeanor.

    This guy..a “community activist” …did he really want to do or be involved with the “greening of America”..or did he just get appointed so he would have a platform from which to organize the “poor and huddled masses? Reminds me of February 1917 Russia.

    Why do we have “czars” and how much of a budget does the White House have to dole out to these appointed Czars?… These Czars who report to Obama, these “friends of Obama” who just got White House” added to their resume? I thought we had a cabinet.
    It’s composed of the most senior appointed officers of the executive branch of the federal government of the United States. When does the Table of Czars meet? The people of the United States have no say so, what so ever about these “Czars” and or how they responsible to “We the People”.

    I think some in the the democratic party, the center..and the Republican Party…have just about had enough of Obama and his Chicago Community style organization.

    We are starting to see a polarization, and I don’t think the outcome will be pretty.

  164. Craig,
    Being the first day of school for me, I wanted to point out a miss-spelling on your part in your first post.
    “your” should be “you’re”
    Just saying……
    Anyways, I was actually impressed with your reasoning in the last post @ 6:07 pm.
    Don’t know your age, but you seem a youngster.
    I’m glad to hear that you believe in not condemning other points of view. Thanks for hearing us out. We do hear you–but many on this site will not agree. I, personally, thought your first post was demeaning to our hosts, Margaret and Helen.
    Keep an open mind!

    Whirled Peas–thanks for the link to the editorial comic. So true…………..

    P.S. (a lot is two words) just saying I’ve seen this mistake many times and it bugs me.

    OK, maybe I’ve wound down after a day with 29 10 year olds at my elbows.

  165. OK..If all you want to hear is the ocean..then take the shell and hold it to your head. But I was directed to this site from a should I say a “liberal” minded friend.
    If all you want to hear is that your right and they are wrong then stay tuned. But I would prefer to hear what both sides have to say and then weigh in with a voice that might temper and give one to pause and think about what had been said.

    Yes, I’m right of center…and my Father was a Union card holding yellow dog democrat.
    But I was brought up to hear all sides…and not condemn one for thinking differently from me.

  166. And craig: i’m sorry you were beaten as a child.

  167. “…and this is why it’s so important to get a good education.

    8) ~ Δ

  168. Emelia: THANK YOU for weighing in! Well put. Don’t forget “Black.” our president is Black. Do you think any of this would be going on – the birthers, the accusation of being muslim, being a terrorist, whatever — if he were white? No. no it would not.

  169. KitKat – I think you hit on it. That is a brilliant observation: If the RW children were educated, there is a real chance they would not subscribe to the close-minded, reactionary, small-minded thinking the RW supports. Fact: there are more books stores and higher education institution per capita in Blue States. From Time Magazine.

    Graytdog: Dogma is dogma, yes, but i have to think that liberal-minded people are willing to accept there are different points of view about a topic. RW/Conservative/Republicants think there is one way to think and one way only. And if you don’t think that way, well, let’s just lie about you to bring you down.

    Mageen: trap door or ejector seat? Every see Logan’s Run?

    Craig: Why would you come to a blog like this and say what you say? Do you think we are going to smack ourselves upside the forehead and say to ourselves, “OMG, he’s absolutely right! We’ve been wrong in our beliefs all along!” And furthermore, if there’s any polarization going on, it’s from the right wing and the conservatives. So don’t even try it. Put the kool aid down. Step away from the kool aid.

    (I actually miss-typed that initially and instead typed Kook-aid. Maybe not so far off.)

  170. @Katherine, I’m at Dublin Coffman High, which is in one of the most conservative suburbs of our oh-so-glorious state (Ohio). Some kids’ parents wouldn’t let them watch the president’s address today because “he lies!”

    So now it seems we’re saying it’s a lie that it takes hard work to succeed? it’s a lie that kids who stay in school they can get better jobs? It’s a lie that the future of the country depends on all of us getting a good education so we can drag this country out of the massive pile of shit we’ve gotten ourselves stuck in?


    I’m still pissed about the situation. I know for a fact that if Bush were in office that speech would have been MANDATORY. Instead, our administration was bullied into submission by a bunch of whacko paranoid parents who didn’t want their precious babies “brainwashed” by that horrible arugula eating non-American socialist Muslim terrorist.

  171. Craig- I think more Spain in the 1930s- seriously.

  172. “We are at a point of polarization in the United States” hard to not to be polarized when told over and over that unless you stand up and sing Lee Greenwood’s stupid song or applaud Bush in his flight suit or cheer on Bailin’ Palin for quitting that you’re unAmerican. . .

  173. Thank goodness there are people like you to counteract the psychotic ramblings of people like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh!
    We need more like you!

  174. In all seriousness. We are at a point of polarization in the United States, that we could be on the
    precipice of anarchy. Its starting to feel real cold like 1917 Russia.

  175. Hey Donna. These “ladies”..i.e. Margaret,
    are evidently very happy about professing their age or they would not advertise the fact by their posted photo. Now if they were on a Harley….

    And if ya didn’t want any feedback, how much fun would that be? Just sitting and listening to yourself fart?

    You-all have a good day now..Ya hear!

  176. HoneyJoRumples,

    At one point in history, practically every race and nation has been a slave. The subject of slavery does not begin and end with the black man. Native Americans often made slaves of tribes they defeated or even whites. Aztecs and Mayans were brutal slave owners. Much of the known world was slave to either the Romans or Persians. Europeans were slaughtered by Romans and much of the population was enslaved or sold into servitude.

    We are entering a period in American history where many people are calling BS on the excuse of racism and slavery. Those of European descent do not use the fact that they were slaves and thought of as barbarians as an excuse for subpar performance nor do they seek reparations from Rome.

  177. why is it when the trolls show up they regularly raise Helen’s/Margaret’s age? It’s so predictable. And so stupid.

  178. Yes, please hose off the hoser! Thanks!

  179. Oops. Somebody pooped on the porch about 1:32 this afternoon. I’ll grab a hose.

  180. To Margaret and Helen Fan: the “trap door” (I don’t call them death panels) thing that insurance companies love is well known now for a long, long time. As you recounted, insurance companies love springing them when an insuree needs coverage the most. I vividly remember this being done to children! So this jive about grandma and grandpa being the number one victims is just that! Granted, it can happen thanks to insurance companies, but it is mostly the children that I remember so well. Why isn’t this ever brought up by the anti-health care reform crowd? Do they just blink and wish it away and it actually never happened? This country has a lousy world wide reputation for throwing people out of the “lifeboat” and it is getting worse by beating off people who are desparately trying to even cling to the gunnels. I swear insurance companies do this for sport because they have never ever proved that it is “humanitarian” or ever actually saves money, especially when that so called saved money ends up in the bank account of the number one dog.

  181. Wish I could. I will be there in spirit.

  182. Margaret, my dear.
    Your living on borrowed time.
    Get the insurance to pay off your hove-around
    and stick to needlepoint.
    You probably were taken to the voting booth by
    an ACORN activist and told how to vote.
    Get over it..FDR is no longer in office and what you want is not on the to-do list of Pelosi ,Reed, Frank or Obama. Just thank your lucky stars you won’t be around to pay off the NATIONS debt.

  183. Greytdog, I know you’re right that any group can be close minded, but it seems like the RW has a way of shutting down discussion that is unique to them.

    Glad you are well enough to head to DC. I’m still working on the details but should be there too. Anyone else coming along?

  184. kitkat: one of things we all need to remember, anytime you buy into a dogma be it liberal or conservative, when you buy into it without question, you close the door on an open mind. I agree that it appears that a lot of the white wingers seem to have a tendency to prefer the closed mind, but there are a lot of lefties out there who are the same way. It’s group-think, and no matter how you slice it, group-think equates to stupid.

    BTW, just rec’d medical clearance to head to DC. I have several pro bono clients on 9/11, then head out Saturday for the 9/13 March for HealthCare Reform.

  185. Helen, you are a real spitfire! And you make a lot of sense, too! Great blog, ladies!

  186. A facebook friend just posted that Glenn Beck is playing Obama’s speech backward, looking for the satanic message. I would believe it of him. However, I would also believe that my friend is joking.

    Whirled Peas, I challenge you to find evidence! If anyone can do it, it’s you.

  187. The Rightwing counter-point:
    Sarah Palin’s Resignation Speech
    *transcribe it at your own risk

    “Quitters always win
    & winners always quit!”

    ;) ~ Δ

  188. What a breath of fresh air you are. Now I know where to come when my head starts to spin after listening to the loony birds.

  189. I have a suggestion for Margaret, Helen & Matthew. Have you considered starting up a forum? There are many sites out there where you can host a forum for free. It would allow you to have so much more control than a wordpress blog does.

    One feature I partciularly like is having an ‘ignore’ button. It feels a little juvenile to click the button but the payoff is that you’re never tempted to feed the trolls after you click it. :)

  190. Do you think that part of the RW response is a fear that if their children truly are educated they might think for themselves and question all the craziness out there? They seem to fear an open mind.

  191. Great post Helen!

    Both my hands are raised.

    Congratulations on the new great grandbaby.

  192. NMC’s Chuck Todd carping about the fact the Obama spoke to the students, and not to the TV Camera. . . sheesh

  193. President Obama’s
    Stay In School Speech
    *full video & transcript

    8) ~ Δ

  194. Obama’s speech to US schoolkids today:
    1. Live up to your responsibilities
    2. Find your talent and hone it
    3. Stay in school – make the future; asks what discoveries will you make? What problems will you solve?
    4. Education is key to your success

    And the GOP response to this? (supposition here)
    1. We don’t need discoveries, God will reveal all
    2. When the going gets tough, Quit. Be like Sarah.
    3. Be like John Ensign – screw people over & have mom & dad pay to cover your ass
    4. Hoo needs edjukashun?

  195. I cannot raise my hand any higher!

    Thank you Helen.

  196. Helen,
    I can’t believe you haven’t set your target on Bill’s Bimbos on The O’Reilly Factor. These airheads don’t dare leave the building; they will float away. Rush knows he’s a clown; these dingbats think they are serious.

  197. All I can say is: Thanks! I reeeeally needed that.

  198. For UAW:

    Every American Owes Something to America’s Labor Movement

    “But today we also pause, we pause to remember, and to reflect, and to reaffirm. We remember that the rights and benefits we enjoy today weren’t simply handed to America’s working men and women. They had to be won. They had to be fought for by men and women of courage and conviction, from the factory floors in the industrial revolution to the shopping aisles at super stores, they stood up and they spoke up to demand a fair shake and an honest day’s pay for and honest day’s work.”

    PEACE ~ Δ

  199. Funny stuff!

  200. Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

    That really felt good.
    Thank you.

  201. I agree with Patrice…Your voice needs to be heard by millions! :-)

  202. Helen you are simply the best.
    I hope you and Margaret will be on Oprah soon!

  203. “Mr. President, I ask you this: If they don’t even believe you are an American citizen, why the hell do you care if they think you are going to kill their grandmother? Rush Limbaugh was not elected to any office. Pass healthcare reform with a public option and move on. Rush will get over it. Trust me. He has a pill for that.”

    Oh yes, please lets forward this sentiment – I don’t give a rooty toot what these “birthers” think about anything, because basically I don’t believe they think at all …. “staying in school is a Socilist Ideal?” ….

    Yeah, send the Pres your support for Health Care and the Public Option — down with the damned drug companies.

  204. Not all is lost:

    Student responds to criticism of Obama’s speech to schools. http://bit.ly/2XVnxq “Bullshit”

  205. Let the indoctrination begin:


  206. http://www.someguywithawebsite.com/cartoons/2009/090907_opposition.html

  207. I forgot to say the best part!
    As we study each word, we discuss the meaning and decide as a class what action we want to do with the words. Then we recite the words standing as a class while doing the actions to help us remember the meaning.
    This happens every morning in my classroom.

  208. Poolman,
    Thank you for providing the link for President Obama’s speech to the students of our country.
    Today is the beginning of a new school year as a 23 teaching veteran.
    I just finished reading it. Many of the thoughts and ideas are the same words my students memorize over the course of the school year.
    I’d be doing a disservice to my students if I didn’t use the speech as a lesson.
    Back in the early ’80s, President Reagan commissioned a group of people to study the state of education in our country. The final report was called “A Nation at Risk”.

    From that report, I use two parts with my students and their parents:

    First, a commision for parents to encourage their children and support them in all they strive for.
    I usually show these words to my students’ parents on Curriculum Night in early Sept.

    Second, a commission for students. I have been impressed with these words for so many years, that I would love to type them here from memory:

    “You forfeit your chance for a life at its fullest
    when you withhold your best efforts in learning.
    When you give only the minimum to learning,
    you receive only the minimum in return.

    Even with your parents’ best example and your teacher’s best efforts–in the end, it is your work that determines how much and how well you learn.

    When you work to your full capacity, you can hope to obtain the knowledge and skills that will enable you to create your future and control your destiny.

    If you do not, you will have your future thrust upon you by others. Take hold of your life. Work with dedication and self-discipline. Have high expectations for yourself–and convert every challenge into an opportunity.”

    Have a good day, everyone!

  209. This is by far the best blog on the Internet. You both say it like it is and then some! Talk radio is the worst right along with Fox News. But the big problem is people beleive this crap. You are right about these same people really knowing not a thing about anything. Texas leaves alot to be desired and what else would you expect than a bill board as you descirbed being there? Until we as a people realize that in order to be a really great country, we have to care about others as well as ourselves, then we will be great. I do not have much hope in that coming to pass, however. Can’t wait for your next posting!


  210. Emilia, please tell us what school you go to, PLEASE. The way you’re being treated (andthe school’s attitude tot he President) is totally outrageous.

  211. “The crap about Obama’s birth certificate has nothing to do with Michael Savage, Orly Taitz’s concern about the Constitution. . .it has everything to do with racism.”

    As much as I really want to believe it just has to be more complicated than that, Greytdog, I think you do have a point. From Rush Limbaugh misquoting the Preamble to Bill O’Reilly claiming a “Constitutional right to privacy” when there is no provision whatsoever relating to privacy in the Constitution, unreasonable search and seizure is as close as it gets), it seems to me that if these people really were so concerned about upholding the Constitution, they’d know a little more about it.

  212. Hi gang and Poolman,

    Thank you so very much, Poolman, for putting up the link to President Obama’s speech to the kids. It is beautiful and inspiring. I am not often moved to tears, but I found them streaming as I read it.

    For many, many years, I have no longer had my dad. I still miss his loving presence that was always there for me as I was growing up and well into my adulthood. For all those who do not have dads, well, you now have a wise and caring one in the White House.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  213. Congratulations on the great-grandbaby, and thanks for the side-splitting column. You call it like it is.

    I need a button on my key board labeled “bullsh*t”; it would make commenting so much easier…

  214. Once again, Helen, your humor lifted me, you have a gift, thank you for sharing it.

  215. Great post ladies.

    Although I am glad the President is sending out a speech for the school children to hear…I REALLY think Helen should send out one as well. Why not? My third grader already says Bullshit like a pro!

  216. You are.

  217. Anonymous: Talking to yourself again.

  218. Nothing but a fat pig full of shit piece of crap.

  219. Helen, I have a sprinkler system with a leak and a bad sprinkler head. Do you think I should attempt to fix this myself or pay to have it done?

  220. Steve, you’ll feel much better after an enema, because you are full of shit.

  221. “And, we are going on and on about a friggin’ motivational, stay in school speech?”

    Yeah, and the script is easily available (thanks, Poolman). He says some really indoctrinating stuff in it, like “my mother made me get up early to study” and “it’s unlikely you’ll get rich as a rapper or basketball player or reality show star, so you’d better work hard in school.” Truly shocking. None of the Founding Fathers ever gave speeches to school-kids over TV, why should Obama? :-)

  222. [...] In Closing: a few obligatory words about health insurance reform; Helen tells you how it is. [...]

  223. Thanks, Lori!!!! I appreciate the suggestions. I don’t know what all the ascension stuff means. Do I need a consultant?

    Well, we all received an email from the principal of my daughter’s school. In her email, she stated that she had received several negative comments and only two (2) positive. (I was ONE of the positive….. tsk tsk tsk) Nevertheless, she will allow the student body to view President Obama’s speech. For that, I am thankful.

    But, is it just me? Don’t we have elderly who have worked all their lives and cannot afford their meds? Don’t we have children who are hungry and have no health insurance? And, we are going on and on about a friggin’ motivational, stay in school speech?

    City Girl, you made me laugh out loud!!!

  224. I would love to see/hear Helen go before the Senate & House committees on health care and tell them what for! Ooo la la! Would make the Prime Minister’s question hour on BBC look tame!

  225. Dear President Obama,

    We elected you to produce some much needed change. Please get on it.

    ps Helen and Margaret could help

  226. Fox News Confidential: The Truth Behind Its Secret Mission

    “Consider this: If it were really the primary goal of Fox News to have an influence on political discourse, they could have launched the channel with a proudly partisan theme that celebrated their conservative outlook. They could have honestly put their views on the table and fought it out in the public square. That is how a sincere enterprise with faith in their convictions would behave. Instead, they chose to dress themselves up as “fair and balanced,” an objective they never intended to pursue. Then, while swimming in a swamp of their own bias, they aggressively attack their competitors as biased. At some point the community of news consumers will throw up their hands and surrender, convinced that the baby is just as contaminated as the bathwater. And that is precisely what Fox intends…”


  227. Obama’s prepared speech for the kiddos.


  228. It will only get worse. Fight back.

    Join Boycott Fox News. Keep the pressure on.


    There are some interestng comments with suggested letters to sponsors etc.


  229. Two hands up!

  230. BULLSHIT!

    BULLSHIT to every single troll who posts in M&H claiming the media is liberal and biased

    let me say it one more time


    Pro-Reform Rally In Seattle Ignored By Media


    I just canceled my Seattle Times subscription.

    I believe in putting my money where my mouth is.

  231. what those two ^ said!

  232. Steve, If Obama did, in fact, have to spend millions to combat the birthers, well, then, whose fault is that exactly? Much ado about nothing. However, I don’t hear you belly-aching about Kennth Starr spending $40M taxpayers dollars to find something – anything – on Bill Clinton, and all he could come up with was a blow job. Now THERE was money well spent. (Would the United States of America have been so worse of if that little bit of information never came to light?)

    Greydog, you’re so right.

  233. The crap about Obama’s birth certificate has nothing to do with Michael Savage, Orly Taitz’s concern about the Constitution. . .it has everything to do with racism. And IMO anyone who puts forth these so-called “patriotic” concerns are people who have simply traded in their white sheets for the red-white-&-blue. I find these people below contempt and I am embarrassed that one of the biggest racists represents the state of Florida – Bill Posey. Florida has its own share of southern cracker looney tune. . .but they all sing the same “Dixie” racist hymn.

  234. In other words, us taxpayers are paying for the attorneys at a time when the country is half broke and could surely use that money on something less half-witted than the drivel of a bunch of birthers who are a perfect waste of oxygen…

  235. I suppose that one need not respond to anyone who actually listens to and likes Michael Savage–there really is no one other than Liddy who is quite so open in his ugliness about women, gays, and other religtions. However, there is a perfectly lovely example to refute everything he claims about the POTUS. Check the dockets of the lawsuits about the birth certificate. The lawyers who have had to respond to this drivel are with the U.S. Attorneys’ offices. In other words, he isn’t paying anyone anything–much less the fabled (and that is the correct word for it) three lawfirms and million dollar fees. If you repeat a lie often enough, there are people who will start to accept it. Particularly if they can actually “appreciate” Michael Savage.

  236. Y’know, it’s impossible to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man…

  237. “All in favor of calling bullshit please raise your hand.”


  238. Steve, you missed an earlier point, which is that the children of American citizens are American citizens, no matter where they’re born. Otherwise, the children of a lot of American military personnel and diplomatic corps people who are born while their parents are overseas would be citizens of whatever country they were born in. Obama could have been born in Turkistan, and he’d still be an American citizen because his mother was.

    So the birth certificate means absolutely nothing and it’s way overtime for you racists to get your heads out of your asses over this. And yes, it is racist; can you imagine anybody raising these issues over a white president? No, you can’t.

  239. BTW Ocean, you have gotta be a neat lady with that astro chart! LOL No wonder you wandered on to this site..;-)

  240. Ocean, there are tons – o FREE sites online in which to acess your chart. the one I use often is http://www.alabe.com/freechart/.

    As far as books they have free ones too. Check here: http://www.astrologyweekly.com/astrology-books/index.php

    I have downloaded some to my kindle with no problems. Hope that helps

    Steve steve steve….. I hope you have a wonderful life in your self imposed bunker where black is black and white is white. God bles Amurica!

  241. Best statement on the chaos I have seen or heard.

  242. Quoting Steve @ 7:58a:

    “I watch no TV News, not even FOX. I think they are all bad, whether it’s MSNBC, CNN,ABC, etc. None are worth my time. But I do love talk radio. Mostly Michael Savage…”

    For those who don’t do ‘SavageNation’
    *if you dare

    This is a man that got banned from traveling to the UK because of his hate-speech.

    The list of the 16 “least wanted” includes radio talk show host Michael Savage, real name Michael Weiner.

    “This is someone who has fallen into the category of fomenting hatred, of such extreme views and expressing them in such a way that it is actually likely to cause inter-community tension or even violence if that person were allowed into the country…

    Also named are American Baptist pastor Fred Waldron Phelps Snr and his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper, who have picketed the funerals of Aids victims and claimed the deaths of US soldiers are a punishment for US tolerance of homosexuality.

    You’re on the wrong plane!
    *h/t Hsally ;)

    Thanks for playing! 8)


  243. Rock ON !!! I love it

  244. I simply LOVE THIS! Thank you Helen.

  245. In order to watch our president’s broadcast at my PUBLIC high school I need a note from my parents. But when some woman came to talk to all the girls at my school about how she was forced into prostitution WHILE LIVING AT HOME and didn’t even BOTHER to try to tell the police or ANYONE I needed a note to get OUT of it…? wtf?

  246. ” he has steadfastly refused to release the “Birth Certificate”, and spent close to 1 Million Dollars on 3 law firm, to make sure no one sees the real thing.”
    Now Steve, where did you get this factoid? I’ve never heard anything ever printed, written or spoken about $1M being spent on THREE law firms to make sure no on sees the “real thing,” and I DO watch the news and read papers. Do you think the employees of THREE law firms are all in on this deception and no one is tempted to talk? Really? You need to read back on past posts – one of our posters also was born in Hawaii and her birth certificate looks exactly like Obama’s. And really, as stated before, do you really think they plotted this subterfuge from the moment he was born and hid his foreign birth just in case one day he was going to run for president? Admit it: It just irks you to no end that a black man is president of our country. That’s what this is all about. Never mind that he has nine times your intellect and capabilities.

  247. BOOL SHEE-IT!!!

    I send my daughter to a private school. As a single mother without a trust fund and who is not independently wealthy, that is not an easy task. We would have some disposable income if I sent her to public school. BUT, I’m just not willing to sacrifice a good education for a pair of shoes and matching purse.

    I rambled all of that to say, I emailed her principal on Friday and asked if she was receiving any feedback about the President’s address to our youth on the 8th. I asked her to please air his speech and listed several reasons (I did ‘borrow’ a couple from this site) supporting my request. She emailed back a thank you for the reasons and said that she would make the determination this weekend. So, here is MY decision:

    If her school DOES NOT air our President’s speech, I will go pick up my daughter, check her out, take her home, watch the speech, and then return her to school. If asshats are threatening to take their children out if it is aired, I will take my child out so that she may see!!!

    Lori, I am a Scorpio/Capricorn with a rising sign of Sagittarius. I’ve never met anyone that could take me further than my moon sign. Do you have any book recommendations? I would also like to get my daughters.

    HAPPY LABOR DAY to all!!!

  248. And oh yeah..and guess what?? I’m sure they Founding Fathers would have been labeled as ‘terrorists’ by the British as well….so before you go slinging crap and getting up on your high horse, study your AMERICAN history. We are not lily white, innocents and all of the political parties throughout history will use whatever means they can to complete as much of their agenda as possible-and then do and say what they can to justify their actions.
    Do not try to project your thoughts and visions into what you interpret a bunch of dead guys might have been thinking way back then. All they were probably thinking was that they were a bunch of rich, white guys who wanted to protect what was theirs and make sure nobody could take it from them.

  249. Wow um Steve, I guess you don’t understand the concept on which this country was founded…by IMMIGRANTS…from OTHER COUNTRIES….the Founding Fathers and their peers kind of REBELLED against the KING OF ENGLAND….a long time ago….and ummm…THEY kind of STOLE the land from the Indigenous people known as either Native Americans or American Indians…sooo…Immigration has been going on for LONG, LONG time…and it probably will never end. And if you REALLY want to get technical-they were kind of illegal way back when too..

  250. when the previous administration did things the general population didnt like, if someone spoke out they were branded unAmerican, siding with terrorists or worse … but now its okay…. SIGH

    The same thing is happening now uner Obama.
    He is going after CIA Agents, and setting terrorists free.
    I don’t see a ground swell of support for this.
    http://www.jihadwatch.org follows the Infidels of the Bush/Obama admin. quite well.

    Of course, if you have not studied the Qur’an, the Hadith, and the Sira, as I have, it’s probably tough to understand the strangeness of U.S. Policy.

    http://www.dianawest.net is another good source for this strage stuff.

  251. Personaly, I think both Jerseys have killed this country. I use to vote for the “R” Jerseys, having never liked the “D” Jerseys. But in 2008, I voted for the Libertarian Candidate for Governor of my State, and the Constitution Candidate for President.
    I see Obama as just another Marxist, and saw McCain as another Socialist RINO. I could not vote for either.
    You see, I take our Founders Visions seriously. I believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Neither the “R” or the “D” Jersey takes those priciples seriously.
    Both Parties sold us out on NAFTA and CAFTA.
    Both Parties allow over a Million Third World Immigrants in here every year. Even when the Congress/Bush/Obama policies have lead to depression level unemployment, immigration never slows, it never pauses, and it certainly, never stops.
    Our Borders remain a mess.
    Aliens are everywhere.
    Sanctuary Cities dot the map.
    Aliens vote in our elections.
    And all of this is illegal.
    Yet, no matter which Jersey you choose, none of this lawlessness is stopped.
    Rather, it is encouraged!
    Both expand wars, Bush Iraq, Obama, Afghanistan. Yet. the Infidel, dhimmie U.S. Government never learns.
    We now have Government control of Banks, Car Manufacturers, etc. This is not what the Founders envisioned.
    It’s not what I envisioned.
    It’s odd for M&H to rail against those who actually are popular with the American People.
    I watch no TV News, not even FOX. I think they are all bad, whether it’s MSNBC, CNN,ABC, etc. None are worth my time. But I do love talk radio. Mostly Michael Savage, as he is bi partison in his commentary, while Limbaugh just sees no bad in the “R” Jersey. I sure do.
    Enjoy your Labor Day.

  252. ” God made the Idiot for practice,
    and then He made the School Board.”

    Mark Twain

    And then he made the Conservatives who are sheeple …. GAH … when the previous administration did things the general population didnt like, if someone spoke out they were branded unAmerican, siding with terrorists or worse … but now its okay…. SIGH …

  253. Clarity: Obama has no “Birth Certificate” on line. What he has posted is “A Certificate of Live Birth” but surely they are the same thing, right? Well, no. A “Certificate of Live Birth” could be given out to anyone in Hawaii at that time, natve or immigrant.
    A “Birth Certificate” lists the Hospital the birth took place at, the Attending Physician, and both parents.
    For reason not clear to me, he has steadfastly refused to release the “Birth Certificate”, and spent close to 1 Million Dollars on 3 law firm, to make sure no one sees the real thing.
    Suely, there must be something he does not want known. Perhaps his Father isn’t who he said it was. Perhaps he wasn’t Born in Hawaii. I have no way to know what it is he doesn’t want known. And I guess that is the point. Something is a miss here.

  254. vgman, you’re right and he would be a democrat today obviously. As I said Clinton would have been a republican by those standards. Clinton was a new democrat and headed the DLC and that really pulled the party’s margins apart. Clinton and Teddy were very similar in political terms, and governed much the same.

    Most independents identify democrat, as it stands now, it will be interesting to see if that remains the same in the coming elections. With people such as Kitkat and PSU parents’ that will likely change. Although I’d sure like to see them become the new democrats ;-) My best guess is the soically conservitive people will go independent, and IF the economy turns around, we will pick up the others.

    Even though the right did a great job of framing Obama as a “libwal”, he really is more of a centrist. Hillary is much more of a “liberal” than Barrack. I think we would be seeing that more had he not inherited the economical mess he did and be forced into shoring up our entire economical system!

  255. Dear Margaret & Helen:
    I live in Savannah, GA; and I can say that elements of a parallel universe exist here. Georgia has some of the lowest standards of living in the country, but the collusion of business and government don’t seem to be acknowledged. Instead we have some of the most draconian laws in the country connected with issues of personal behaviour between consenting adults. We are nearly to the point where more is spent on “corrections” than universities and colleges. Such a sad monument to ignorance and fear.

  256. Teddy Roosevelt ran on a third party in 1912–
    the Progressive Party and split the Republicans.
    Woodrow Wilson won for the Democrats.

    But his brand of progressivism was also counterbalanced with a strong conservatism when it came to accountability and law enforcement.
    He was former Police Commissioner of New York City. It would be interesting to see where his religious convictions lay.

    Maybe like ole’ Rudy? The “Clean Up Times Square” Queen. (He did drag, ya’ know!)

  257. kitkat, same thing with my parents, totally lost

    I dont know how many times I heard them say that bush was not a real conservative that his administration was more about supporting an extreme christian agenda, I was surprised to hear them say that because both of them are very religious

    they said they noticed a dangerous rise in hate and bigotry, even though not ‘out of the closet’ then but now I see what they were talking about, specially after katrina and during the election when palin/mccain whipped zealots into a frenzy

    made me look into what real conservatism is and its not the bush admin or what palin/mccain stood for by any stretch of the imagination

    no wonder they are lost, that’s why we are seeing a rise in ‘independents’ but I also noticed that many of them support that extreme right mentality, they claim they dont want to be pigeon holed but when we compare what we all want we agree more than we disagree LOL!

    long strange trip

  258. As a high school teacher you can bet my TV in my class will be on at noon Sept.8 and hopefully my students will hear and embrace the message from their President. The Republican smear and fear campaign and hate message has gone on far too long. Stand up America and end the BULLSHIT!!!

  259. I’m saying it… BULLSHIT!!!

  260. I have to agree with Coby T. I don’t think Helen is an 83 year old woman. I think she is really a 32 year old black man from Philly.

  261. [...] Michelle Bachmann’s Burning Bush. There’s a Pill for that! Margaret.  I got your message about  Glenn Beck.   Let me just say this about that.  Glenn Beck is a loon.   I [...] [...]

  262. This article is five years old but helps understand the religious right mindset. Goes hand in glove with the links from DoverSoul earlier.


  263. Oh, and W. Peas, “Scarborough (R-Starbucks)”… I’m just going to have to steal that, too. It’s just too perfect. my thanks.

  264. LOL Vgman….

    As a true Scorpio, now I can have both my hands and my zinger up in the air……I wonder how you say ‘Bullshit’ in Scorpion.

    I think you just did!

    btw, I am libra/libra/scop sooooooo It’s kinda like the pot callin the kettle out… I’m just sayin I now understand a little better..

  265. Good Quote: “Active stillness must move to real action or it is just another way of standing still.” http://bit.ly/q2p7j

    Happy & Safe Labor Day Weekend. Don’t forget – if you go out, leave a little extra % for the servers – they don’t get holiday or overtime pay.

  266. Peas, I had similar thoughts when I saw footage of a very young Ted Kennedy making a speach about healthcare reform. I was so disheartened because not only has no progress been made, things are worse. WTF! And yes, BO, I love you madly but kick these asshats to the curb already.

    HoneyJoRumples – wait until your friend is in her 50′s!!!! ;-)

  267. And as I recall, Teddy R. was a Republican too!

    Keith in NM

  268. Trudy, honey, forgive me… I’ve just spent the weekend hosting fifty family members for three meals, and yes I cooked… alone, so my patience is very thin at the moment but I do want to get this across to you….

    Kiss Our Collective Asses and go the hell away

    Keith in NM

  269. BULLSHIT is not sufficient. We need ELEPHANT SHIT to express the shit that’s going on these days. And the integrity of these Ass Clowns is somewhat lower than WHALE SHIT. I mean it.

  270. This woman is my hero all over again!

  271. I understand there’s a secret place in West Texas where all wannabe Republicans must first undergo a frontal lobotomy. They know not what they say or do afterwards. So take pity on such pathetic individuals like Catherine Colter, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the cast of supporting thousands!

  272. Slip o’ the finger, I meant 97.

    Hey Matt how about that PREVIEW function? ;)

  273. Do you realize that a baby born in 1912 when Teddy Roosevelt first proposed health care reform and national health insurance

    …would be 87 today.

    Just in time to pull the plug!

    Helen, CONGRATS on the ggbaby and I hope she doesn’t have to be fighting this same fight when she grows up.

    Come on BO, Man Up!


  274. Helen, you just get better and better. Makes me proud to be named Helen.

  275. [...] Read the entire post here. [...]

  276. “(BTW, you didn’t invent sex either and we still do that too.)”

    LOLOLOL!! I knew a girl in high school who said sex after 40 would be “gross!!” LOL Now that she’s 44, I’ll bet she’s singing a different tune. Like Madaline Kahn in Young Frankenstein.

  277. “This is HUGE to her, but she no longer identifies with those people. …. It is a shame as this was a big part of her life and now she isn’t sure what to consider herself.”

    I think it’s unfortunate we have only two ways to identify ourselves. There’s some work going on in CT about other parties getting campaign funds etc., but it’ll be a long time before other parties are considered equally. Of course that could make a big mess too……..

  278. Colby T: – years ago, when I was at the ripe old age of 38, I went to the New Orleans Jazz festival. Jimmy Buffet was one of the performers. It was a beautiful day, we were all having a great time singing along, and then I noticed a young kid, in his early 20′s, watching me – and my contemporaries – and laughing. I realized what it was: he was getting such a kick out of these ‘old people’ singing some of the ‘blue’ words in some of Buffet’s lyrics. I hope you remember this story when you are 38. Yes, “Old People” can sling some swear words along with you young’uns who probably think you invented them. (BTW, you didn’t invent sex either and we still do that too.) Hell, we were cursing years before you were even born so we’ve had lots of practice.

  279. lori, that article is right on. My parents were staunchly Repub all my life. My mother was a Republican elected official for 20 years. My father moved to the Democrats about 10 years ago (when Bush emerged). My mother was one of those rare politicians who thought it was more important to represent the people instead of her party. In the few years leading up to her retirement, she got more and more aggravation from the Republican party as my mom worked to do the right thing and not the right wing thing. This year my mother says she no longer considers herself a Republican. This is HUGE to her, but she no longer identifies with those people. Most of her moderate Republican friends say they no longer want to be involved with the party. It is a shame as this was a big part of her life and now she isn’t sure what to consider herself.

  280. As a true Scorpio, now I can have both my hands and my zinger up in the air……I wonder how you say ‘Bullshit’ in Scorpion.

  281. someone up ^ noticed Palin and Becks’s birthday were a day apart.

    I ran a chart on their birth and found they were both

    Aquarius/Capricorn/Scorpio (asc)

    Although I can’t be sure of the time of birth (which is important) I found their ascent in Scorpio to be very telling. To me, Beck and Palin came across is kind of snarky and sarcastic which is very uncommon for an Aquarius, but with the revelation of their ascent it makes sense now.

    To all of you scorpies out there…. don’t get all defensive I love you too, I am just keepin it real! LOL

  282. I was reading an article this morning on the huffingtonpost site http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/06/health/policy/06lessons.html?_r=1&partner=rss&emc=rss
    that reminded me of how far we (democrats) have come as a party since the Clinton years, and just how much the republican party has lost.

    This piece is mostly about comparing the Clinton approach to his healthcare plan and Obama’s. The lessons learned …. But what I found most interesting was the very last paragraph where the author says Clintons’ hurdle was the republicans (Bob Dole) in the house and senate, Obama’s biggest problem might just be between the two ends of his own party.

    On the face of it some might think that is a problem for the democratic party. I don’t. I see that as a testament to how wide our political tent has become and just how marginalized the republican party is, as a result. What now is a conservative democrat’s view,, just 8-10 years ago was a moderate republican. ( Hell Clinton would have been considered a republican 40 years ago.) There truly isn’t a whole lot of room on the other side of the aisle for a moderate point of view. That is why we see the Rushbo’s and Michelle’s standing out as the standard bearers and voice of the republican party….. they are all that’s left!

    That kind of party can not survive. Politics is a game of addition, and when you start adding to your party as the democrats have, and the other side starts moving its margins inward, that is a recipe for success. Let’s try and keep that in mind as we go forward with this debate. We have expanded our margins and the debate about this bill is taking place within our margins… I sure hope we remember this as the debate goes forward and not shoot ourselves in the foot. AGAIN…. It has taken us 20 years to climb back to a place of power. 20 longggggggggggg years of conservative BULL SHIT please dear DOG ( just for greytdog) let’s not screw this up.

    Have a safe weekend all….. Jean just beautiful!


  283. Congratulations on the new grandbaby!

    Yet another wonderful, witty, and right on post! I love the “rush has a pill of that” statement. LMAO!

    UAW and Trudy, it’s nice to hear someone else’s opinion even though I usually disagree.

    Both arms up calling BS!

  284. I loved it when I heard a local newscaster (ATL,GA) say that if parents kept their kids out of school because of President Obama’s encouraging speech aimed to motivate children to aspire, she said, it is a shame that some people put their political party over their country!

  285. One of these comments mentioned that Margaret and Helen have been on television before. When? Can someone post that? I would LOVE to see them in action!!! :-)

    Ladies you are the best!!!

  286. Glenn BLECCH.

  287. Wow..You made my day, Glad your back..
    Congrats on the new grandbaby, they are so special..Spoil em good..
    Have my hand up too…Agree with everything you said..It’s time for our Pres. to get tough..He’ll be dammed if he does, and dammed if he don’t.
    Have a great Memorial Day and a safe one…

  288. Glenn Beck’s efforts to disprove the rape allegations DEBUNKED… http://unreasonablysafe.wordpress.com/2009/09/06/beckalibi/
    Glad to see you came back ladies!

  289. Time to ignore UAW…again.

  290. “If I photoshopped a picture of Obama’s head coming out of a horses ass that would be OK…right…..strictly a political statement and not racial one…”

    You may have just been joking, but actually, yes, that would be political and would not have the racial overtones of comparing him to a monkey. To my mind personally, it would be an incorrect and not very funny political statement, but at least it wouldn’t be racial.

  291. Bring it on Colby T. Better people than you and your stupid fraternity brothers have tried and failed. Helen has made at least one TV appearance and several radio call ins, but you keep wasting your time trying to prove she is fake. It might keep you and your frat rats out of trouble.

  292. I wonder how much money these media outlets like Fox and the talk radio stations pull in in order to be OK with selling out our country this way? Just curious what a traitor makes these days. Our country is falling into complete ruin thanks to these idiots who keep us constatnly divided. How do you even argue with stupiness so stupid like suggesting the President’s pep talk to school children in like Hitler’s take over of Germany. I mean this is beyond crazy. When do the rest of us get to say enough is enough. The Fairness Doctrine needs to be reinstated.

  293. Glenn Beck’s sister?


  294. I’ve been away all day, and am just catching up, so here are a couple of things:

    No, the kids think Helen can’t be 83 because she uses BAD WORDS and up-to-date phrases, and we all know that anyone over 27 doesn’t do that. Right? We’re all frail, delicate LADEEEZ who will swoon at the sound of a curse and who only think in last century’s terms. Hahahahahahahaha, and bullshit!

    Thank you HoneyJoRumples for your well-reasoned explanation about the uses of monkey symbolism. Many times Bush was compared to a monkey because of photos of his various facial expressions which were shown side by side with photos of monkeys sporting similar expressions.

    Here’s a video of Canadians talking about their health care system — interesting commentary:

  295. “There is no way that you are an 83 year old woman.”

    Oh, joy – another juvenile twit who thinks that anyone over a certain age can’t possibly put together a grammatical sentence, let alone a rational argument or a pungent observation.

    Did you really think our little white gloves would ignite if they touched a computer keyboard? Or are we too busy with our tatting? Why would an intelligent, snarky adult transmogrify into such a stereotype from one birthday to the next?

    Dear, dear, dear – you are in for such a surprise when you get older. We have the same brains, coupled with loads of experience and the freedom to call bullshit because we no longer have to give a rat’s ass. You’ve got decades to go before you have that freedom. Try to spend that time doing something to earn it.

  296. City Girl, I can hold my own in class, but I’m not smart enough for your vote, or qualified enough to run for office. Indeed, the Obama/Dunham families must have been masterminds to pull off the birth deception. Aren’t those Birthers out of their minds?

    At least we know how to call Bullshit.

    Still have my hand up, Helen!

    From Honolulu, Island of Oahu, State of Hawaii, USA, Planet Earth.

  297. DoverSoul…thanks for the link. Certainly was food for thought and will get the book to better understand another point of view on this repugnant craziness.

    Sort of makes sense with UAW I think. Comes around here to be spanked then we give him a piece of pie.

    ’nuff said.

  298. UAW, I’m sure you have plenty of pictures of horses asses around your house. And yeah, that would not be racial, just grade schoolish.

  299. HoneyJoRumples …..
    how about a horse…
    Penthouse used to have a page called “asshole of the month”
    If I photoshopped a picture of Obama’s head coming out of a horses ass that would be OK…right…..strictly a political statement and not racial one….

  300. had a great time reading these posts. this site is fabulous. I think “Trudy” and “Anonymous” are the same person. same syntax, same ignorance, same kool-aid drinking lack of clarity of thought….

  301. Jean that was magnificent!

  302. Just watched a special about how every woman in the world can trace her ancestory back to a woman who lived in Africa 150,000 to 200,000 years ago. Every man in the world can be traced back to a common ancestor who lived in Africa 60,000 years ago. 3/4 of human history occurred in Africa, which is why Africans are the most genetically diverse. In genetic terms, race does not even exist. All of us came from about 2000 early humans who were nearly whiped out by a particularly dry climate about 60,000 years ago. We’re all lucky to be here. Seriously, can’t we forget about race, religion and politics and just get along?

  303. You ladies are right on! If you ever take your show on the road, I will be front and center!

  304. Hi gang,

    Let’s take a little break for something breathtaking. This is one of the reasons

    Mt. Waialeale is on the island of Kauai, about 10 miles from where we live. During our recent non-event ‘Hurricane Felicia’, it got about 8 inches of rain. It is the wettest spot on earth!

    Be sure to turn up the sound.

    Have a lovely holiday weekend everyone.

    Aloha! :-)

    Auntie Jean

  305. There is no way that you are an 83 year old woman. I have a bet going with a group of my fraternity brothers to see who can uncover your true identity first. Watch out “Helen”. We are about to call bullshit!

  306. You are my HEROES!!!!!! Keep on being the voice of COMMON SENSE!

  307. you ROCK! And the “God speaking to them” comment cracked me up. “God” actually speaks to me all the time and says “f**k the world and just pass the time eating chocolate until the sweet release of death.” ha ha, j/k of course. Though only partially. ;)

  308. Another excellent post.
    They can make a pill for a burning bush, but they can’t make one for ignorance.
    Nice work Ladies!

  309. Honolulu Sally, Perhaps you, like Obama, were born in some foreign country but had the forsight FROM DAY ONE to hide that fact, claim you were born in Hawaii, even go so far as to plant a birth announcement in a Hawaii newspaper, lie about it all your life, on every official form you filled out, on every college application, job application, drivers license, etc, , because you knew, one day, you were going to run for president of the United States for the sole purpose of taking this country down and you didn’t want this to stand in your way. Frankly, if you’re that smart, I’ll help you campaign when you run.

  310. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m so sick of trying to speak kindly about raving ignoramuses. I call BULLSHIT. And I’m going to keep calling BULLSHIT until I lose my voice.

  311. Graydog – That letter was fabulous. It was sent on to many

    HoneyJoRumples – I’m so glad you addressed UAW’s comment on the difference between comparing Bush to a monkey and comparing Obama to a monkey. It was too big a faux pas for me to handle but you did so beautifully. the fact that ANYONE needed to explain that is stunning.

    Poolman: glenn beck a child left behind grown up? I’m still laughing at that one. In fact, I plan to steal it.

    DoverSoul: that link was fascinating. I thought he was going a little off the rails when talking about a movement to create a society of little warped republicans by beating them as children but upon refection, he may not be too off. He did lose me a little by taking every possible opportunity to mention the title of his book. alright already. We know you wrote a book.

    Gaawwddd, I love you guys. (not you UAW and Trudy. You guys need help, and I’m sorry you were beaten as children.)

  312. notanobamanite:

    Geez – I just found out – according to your “facts” that I am not a US citizen!!

    I was also born in Hawaii in the 50′s and I have the exact same kind of certificate of live birth as the non USA citizen Barack Obama! Since I don’t seem to have the BIRTH CERTIFICATE that you need to prove my citizenship, you must be so smart and right.

    Same color green, same watermark. However, it was issued BEFORE Hawaii became a state and we were just a territory of the USA. So I guess that makes me even more UnAmerican.

    Thank you for letting me know that I am not American.

    That makes me sad, because I do truly love the U.S.A., as do you. Or, maybe not, since you must be more American than me.

  313. HELEN YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

  314. I think the whole reasoning about the “Birthers”, “Deathers”, and this outrage over President Obama’s speech to school children is only a lame attempt to stop us and distract us from talking about the healthcare bill.

    Congrats Helen on the new joy in your life!

    I throw my Bullshit in with everyone else. I am so tired of the tirades. Thanks Helen for speaking out!

  315. DoverSoul

    Watched it twice. Riveting. Insightful.

    I now have a clearer picture of UAW and the trolls who drop in from time to time.

    Thank you. Will pass it along.

  316. Thank you for the kind words, Poolman. You made my day!

    All the best,

    Tom Degan

  317. M & H ers…take the time to watch this 3 part excellent interview. It will open your eyes and drop your jaw. If you can’t watch it now save it for later.

    Part 1: The republican party is now the party of no brakes, totally out of control w/ no leadership…

    Part 2: If you want to understand to likes of UAW Tradesman, Trudy et al @ 3:00 mins into this part will give you some insight

    Part 3 the party of palin and why

    This needs to go viral

  318. Diana, what an excellent point! As far as I can tell, there’s no question that Anne Dunham was a U.S. citizen when she gave birth to Barack Obama. So what is it the birthers are trying to say? That Obama isn’t really her son?

  319. Here’s one for you UAW:


    tomdegan, I had just posted a link to your blog :grin: I was enjoying your insight.

  320. What a great site. And great postings!

    Margaret and Helen? You roch….No….Dare I say it?



    Tom Degan


  321. Oops my kittie decided to help me type the above.

    meant to say CERTIFIABLE…and

    Where is Sister Wendy when you really need her?

  322. Just watched the Glenn Beck clip about the artwork at the Rockerfeller center. This man is with out a doubt CERTIF1ABLE!

  323. “It always saddens me to see a “Child Left Behind” – all grown up. Glenn Beck would be a text book case.”


    This was a fun blog I found. Enjoy. :grin:

  324. Thank you, Helen. My hand shot up from the keyboard where it has spent a great deal of time this week e-mailing my calls of “bullshit.”

    Thank heavens for the “liberal elite.” It’s nice to know there are some open-minded, well-educated people out there, and I’m all for President Obama encouraging our children to stay in school and work hard to better themselves and the country. I appreciate his choice to be a positive role model instead of being like Charles “I am not a role model” Barkley. I’m still inspired by JFK’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

    I’m not thrilled with the watering down of the health care reform bills I’ve seen – for one thing, it looks like big pharma and the insurance companies are still going to make obscene profits and get to continue to ration health care – but at least President Obama and the Democrats are making an effort. If the Republicans can do a better job, then I wish they’d hurry up and show us their own comprehensive solution for the mess we’re in. Saying “no” is easy; coming up with your own better idea is hard. Why has this become a partisan debate anyway? Since when do people get sick or find themselves uninsured along party lines? So to the Congress I say this: “Forget what party you belong to. Forget about playing to the media and getting re-elected. Arm yourselves with facts. Park your backsides in your seats and get to work. Carry on a rational debate about what specifically works and what doesn’t, and hammer out something we can all live with in something less than the next 12 months.

    I apologize for being long winded, but I want to add this last thing. Thanks, Dad, for giving me your advance health care directive. I hope we get to share a lot more over pie, but should that awful time come, I’m grateful to know what your wishes are. Shame on Palin and all those other folks who decided it was easier and more fun to engage in fear-mongering than actually read what HR 3200 had to say about it. To the Congress: Leave that part alone. It’s fine the way it is.

  325. Poolman – this is what causes many liberals to draw the conclusion that the birthers are, at heart, racists.

    I recently had to get a passport. I requested a copy of my birth certificate so I could apply for a passport. What I recieved from my county records board was exactly the same form as what is on the internet for Obama. What the birthers are calling a “certificate of live birth.” It is what my state issued me. It is official, it has a raised seal, but it’s in the same form. But it was good enough to get me my passport.

    But it’s not good enough to appease those who have a deep seated, psychological need to believe Obama is a foreignor and does not have the right to hold office. What else can come to mind but the same way the slave holders had a deep seated psychological need to believe their slaves weren’t really people, weren’t really human, didn’t have souls, etc.? They had to objectify them in order sleep at night after having subjegated and opressed them. So what reason could there be for these birthers’ deep psychological need to believe he’s from Kenya, despite any and all empherical, concrete, black and white evidence to the contrary? We can only assume. But I think they are silly for getting so upset when we assume racism, at least in part. It’s the most logical, historically born out conclusion to draw.

  326. Best Letter ever to the Republicants:


  327. girlvet, common sense is considered boring by the media

    Lori, have fun at your rally today.

    ‘Dont stop, thinking about tomorrow,
    Dont stop, itll soon be here,
    Itll be, better than before,
    Yesterdays gone, yesterdays gone.’

  328. Chiming it late, but I call BULLSHIT!!

    UAW, the difference between comparing Bush to a monkey and comparing Obama to a monkey is many-fold. To understand this, you must understand the history of black people here in this country. From slavery until generally the 1960s, and in some parts of our country, still today, black men were not considered a real human being. There were even laws written that stated that a slave, or after the slaves were freed, a black man, was worth roughly one-fifth of a white man. That it would take five black men to equal one white man. After slavery, when black people wre trying to assert their place in our society, pop culture promulgated very degrading, derogatory images of black people. Many people, especially southern people, did not want black people claiming an equal status in our society. I imagine that in order to justify and rationalize owning, buying, selling, beating, raping, branding and lynching slaves, it helped to think of them as muc less less than human, and many people could not or did not wish to let go of that mindset when slavery ended. Depicting them as ugly (huge, disproportionate lips, poppy eyes, etc.) lazy, stupid, and many drawing comparisons to primates. Many hateful, racist terms such as “jungle bunnies, back in Africa swinging from trees, porch monkeys” directed at blacks were specifically designed to draw comparisons between black people and lower life forms like primates, and to perpetuate the notion that black people are not, never have been and never will be, really truly human, and equal to a white man.

    George W. Bush is white, and to my knowledge has no African blood or ancestry at all. Drawing a comparison to him and a monkey is simply calling him stupid. Drawing comparisons between any black man, including Obama, and a monkey is saying a lot more, and it has deeper more serious connotations. Whether you like it or not. Whether you think it should or not. The history behind it is not forgotten and cannot be ignored or denied.

    When you call a black person a monkey, or compare him to a monkey, black people and people sympathetic to the black man’s plight in our country’s history, hear it as racist. We remember the images, the charicatures of black people depicted as less than human, more monkey than human, and we connect with everything else that was happening to black people at the time, being beaten, lynched, arrested for the smallest infraction, being denied the ability to exercise their franchise and vote, separate swimming pools, bathrooms, drinking fountains, lunch counters, only being allowed to sit up in the balcony in movie theatres, etc etc etc. You take us back to that place in time, and those autrocities, the minute you compare Obama to a monkey in any way shape or form. It doesn’t really matter whether you intend it to be racist or not. Sometimes when you speak, you must not only consider what you wish to say, you must also consider what your audience is hearing, if you wish for them to truly hear you. You will never get anyone with compassion and a sympathy for civil rights to hear your point if you also shout that you have the right to compare Obama to a monkey because Bush was. It simply does not mean the same thing to us. And it never will. You can call it hypocritical till the cows come home, but if you look at the history, and really understand the history, the fact is, there is a difference. You can accept that, or you can keep banging your head on that particular brick wall.

  329. It amazes me that we have otherwise credible people involved in the birther movement. I mean really? With the billions we spend on intelligence annually, to think that a non American could even get close to our highest office in the land without being properly vetted is absurd. And then to be presented with facts and still dispute them? Insane. And then to have one of their followers come visit us here on the porch and post their idiocy? Desperate. Ah, the world is full of crazies, just name your flavor and we got it here in America. :roll:

  330. Welcome back! Great post!

  331. I’m blown away by the fabulousness of this blog! Margaret and Helen, I hope you keep writing because you such an inspiration.

    Healthcare is a basic human right. That means it’s for everyone. I have no idea how the USA’s system became so broken, but it is definitely time to fix it and I’m disappointed that you have to hear eight shades of twattery from the lunatic fringe. I truly, truly, can’t comprehend their objections to a system that provides healthcare for everyone who needs it.

    I’m from the UK and I got pretty riled when some chump from our Conservative Party (quite like the Republicans, but with less shouting) appeared on US television denouncing our National Health Service. Of course the NHS has its difficulties and problems, but I truly think that if the government here tried to take it away and leave us with only privatised healthcare, there would be rioting on the streets. Not to mention it would be contrary to obligations under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

  332. Y’know, I just don’t get the birth certificate thing, anyway. Does anybody dispute that Obama’s mother was an American citizen? If she was, it doesn’t matter if he was born in Outer Mongolia or the South Pole — her citizenship makes him a citizen.

  333. UAW – you are a day late and a dollar short. Get an original thought and try again. You bore me.

  334. uaw tradesman said: “some think it’s funny to bash Rush about his addiction problem but overlook others(Rep. Patrick Kennedy)
    the old double standard strikes again”

    The difference is, Patrick Kennedy is not on the air day after day saying things like drug abusers should be in jail and saying this while strung out on prescription meds procured by his maid whom he sent on a drug run. By Rush’s own standards, he himself should be behind bars. THERE is your double standard.

    Morover, nothing about Rush is funny. He is obsurd and tragic.

  335. “Kathyrn…what happened to John at 4:18 today?
    And who is John???”

    I John 4:18. New Testament. Michelle Bachman is a fundamentalist. As with a group of ppl that I care about, she seems to be consumed with fear, anger, and hatred of anything other than her viewpoint, fueled by the Rushes and Glenns of this world. I’ve given up on reason and have resorted to prayer that they will be released from the thrall of the Rushes of this world. In that light, I gave her a Bible verse: “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. ” If the shoe fits, and if the Word of God has the power that she claims, then we should see a dramatic change in her. We can only hope.

  336. Nancy….
    you need a scoop shovel and manure spreader……the liberal piles are a lot bigger than mine….mine would fit in a plastic bag…..
    bury mine next to the rose bush….

  337. Ladies, glad to see that you are back and with such a wonderful new post! Congratulations, Helen, on the great grandchild!

    Cheers to you both!

  338. Bill Moyers Special Comment:
    “Mr. President. We need a fighter.”
    *video & transcript

    No one’s ever conquered Washington politics by constantly saying “pretty please” to the guys trying to cut your throat.

    Let’s get on with it, Mr. President. We’re up the proverbial creek with spaghetti as our paddle. This health care thing could have been the crossing of the Delaware, the turning point in the next American Revolution — the moment we put the mercenaries to rout, as General Washington did the Hessians at Trenton. We could have stamped our victory “Made in the USA.” We could have said to the world, “Look what we did!” And we could have turned to each other and said, “thank you.”

    As it is, we’re about to get health care reform that measures human beings only in corporate terms of a cost-benefit analysis. I mean this is topsy-turvy — we should be treating health as a condition, not a commodity.

    PEACE ~ Δ

  339. Funniest blog I have ever read.

  340. UAW…you are one class act.

    Margaret and Helen, I will volunteer to hose down the porch once all of this is over. Sorry for the mess.

  341. hey Nancy….

    “a strange old tool”


  342. Nancy R…..
    there is not a clean side on a turd…..bullshit is bullshit no matter where it comes from….. liberal bullshit smells just as bad as conservative……

  343. why do these idiots get so much attention from the media that’s the question….they respresent a SMALL portion of the population. I guess those who shout the loudest and sound the stupidest get the attention.

    I am disappointed in Obamas handling of health care reform. He needs to step up before its too late. Think we don’t need health care reform? Come on down to my hospital ER for a few hours…

  344. UAW. weren’t you recently band from this website??
    Did you not learn anything?

  345. hey Dabomb….
    an insult is still an insult …..don’t try to bullshit me….
    and why didn’t you complain when Noreen LaVallo(7:26)said “thank you for calling a spade a spade”
    and pull your head out of your ass…..not voting for someone because of his politics doesn’t make you a racist……thats like saying that the black population that didn’t vote for Bush were racists….
    apparently you have a problem with treating people equally…

  346. A blogging award for you. No pressure to post it – just want you to know I really enjoy your blog.


  347. “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.” Friedrich Nietzche

  348. notanobamanite <<—– BIRTHER TROLL

  349. President Obama’s
    Weekly Address 9/5/09

    Labor Day and Fair
    Rewards for Hard Work


  350. Not that I am one of the people fighting for the birth certificate, but…for the record…the copy of it that you can find online is not the official BC. It is a certificate of birth, which, especially at that time, is completely different.

    And McCain was born to US citizens on a military base which is considered us soil.

  351. Has everyone signed Howard Dean’s petition?


  352. Re: Socialized Health Care

    Gus Porter refuses medical care in Canada after being mauled by a bear. He wants nothing to do with govt health care.

    funny and dumb


    And for the record Mr. Limbaugh, you fat bastard, the basic concept of insurance is spreading the risk over the greatest number of people possible thus making loss, when it occurs, manageable. My God you are a moron.

  354. Brava Ladies Brava!
    You bring much common sense to this world of great amounts of foolishness. You are wonderful source of wisdom and truth. Long may you live!

  355. Glen Beck is being dropped by his AA Sponsor because of GB’s whining.


    Helen, Congratulations on the grandchild!

  356. I’m throwing my bullshit card!

    Another great post ladies! Thank you for sharing your talents with us and also the use of your front porch.

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Heaven knows we need all the help we can get in the Dallas area. I thought I would lose my mind (what’s left of it) the decade I lived there.

    Enjoy the last little bit of summer and have a safe weekend all! Ann Arbor is having a healthcare rally today. If any of you are in the area and can attend you will be able to recognize me by the lady with her hands in the air and pie crumbs on her chin! ;-0


  357. When I taught Social Studies- I retired partly because I am more and more convinced that social studies education is not valued, and may even be opposed by many- I had a saying in my classroom I ran across called “Beiser’s Brass Tack”-

    “Fact without Theory is Trivia;
    “Theory without Fact is Bullshit.”

    Any statement of opinion in class had to be supported with evidence that could be examined

    You said it funnier.


  358. It’s joy in the morning time! After so many days without a post from M&H, I was beginning to fear that something had happened to one or both of you. I am so glad to see that you both are well and as spunky as ever. Many congratulations on the new great-granddaughter, Helen. If she is even half as spunky and full of common sense and genuine wisdom as you are, she may even become President of the US some day. What a wonderful thought!
    It is hard to type this with my hand raised while I am calling BULLSHIT with you and so many others here.
    In one cogent column, you have managed to discuss the “burning” issues of the RW Republican fanatics … and racists … who cannot accept the fact that an intelligent, compassionate biracial man who actually cares about the future of this country and our children was overwhelmingly elected its President. At best, they have shown themselves for the empty and hypocritical “suits” they are. At worst, they are quite simply insane and you have hit that nail firmly on the head.
    Trolls such as Trudy et al who show up here demonstrate the falsity of their arguments that only messages that praise you are posted here. But then, logic has never been a RW strong point.
    I am sending a link … and excerpts of your post … to as many Dem Blue Dogs as I can because passing health care reform with a public option is a must. As Howard Dean says, the public option IS the compromise.
    But I stress that doing so will be more effective from those of you who are actually their constitutents. WE must hound them because some of them appear to have taken stupid pills along with the RW wingnuts and we should remind them that the reason that WE elected them was to make the lives of ALL US citizens better, not simply those of wealthy citizens and corporations.

  359. PalinShutUp:

    Yes, that was the article I was talking about. Also the one that talked about Kennedy being neither a saint nor a devil. But I don’t suppose he read that part at all. Reminds me of my father-in-law. Some people only want to see the stuff that confirms their opinion and ignore anything that demonstrates they’re wrong. Like I said wih 9/11 conspiracy theorists, you can present all the evidence you want, they’ll just dismiss the evidence. They think everyone is lying to them so they can’t see truth when it’s in front of them.

  360. I just posted something on my blog for tomorrow about President Obama’s speech to school kids and then I saw that you’ve beat me to the punch. I am absolutely appalled at how stupid some Americans can be–are! Arrrrghhhh!

  361. ‘My pleasure. You illustrate your mentality very well with the quick name-calling! Typical Osama (oops, Obama) supporter.’

    trudy dear, that is SO last year, really, I mean it

    ps uaw is lonely for company :D

    chirstine, hope springs eternal

  362. Margaret, I was heading out the door, hand raised, to take a friend to the doctor today, thank you for your post and Congratulations on your new great grandbaby!

    I hope you are enjoying every moment.

    Margaret, the idiocy astounds me sometimes I wonder how these people manage to read street signs let alone cross them

    while sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s a man with his wife picked up an issue of Newsweek, the Ted Kennedy Special Commemorative Edition

    this man and his wife proceeded to talk to each other as if they were having a conversation with each other but in fact, they were talking loud enough for the entire waiting room and beyond to hear

    they proceeded to bash on every single Dem president, I was trying to ignore them but my blood was slowly heating up LOL!

    then he said

    ‘you should read this article in Newsweek’

    ‘Newsweek says that Obama’s Health Plan supports Death Panels’

    ‘If its in Newsweek then it must be true, right?’

    she nods her head in agreement then says something about how ‘she likes the way Betsy McCaughey wears her hair’

    the man puts down the magazine

    I walked over and picked it up, when I opened it this is the article I found

    ‘The Five Biggest Lies in the Health Care Debate’


    I read the article in its entirety and shook my head, is this the same article this man read? is this what Anne earlier describes as “truthiness” I dont know Margaret, it smells more like BULLSHITness to me

    On our way out I put the magazine down, The Five Biggest Lies article wide open in front of him on the table and tried to look him straight into his eyes but he wouldn’t look back at me.

  363. it’s gettin’ ridiculous isn’t it???..smh…and you should hear the radio talk shows out here in texas…pure ignorance with a hint of racism…i never hear any caller debate what is said…again, how they control the thought process of a moron…they wont take calls from those who can debate the lies that are broadcasted….

    yes, desperation is setting in…and it’s not helping the republican party..cuz all this shyt is gonna come out against them during campaigning time…just you see..and it’s gonna make them look even MORE stupid…

    to find fault in the president on encouraging students is absolutely moronic…again, this statement should be beaten to death by democratic party when its time to campaign again..make the republicans look simply selfish..

    i swear, in their eyes, to cure cancer would be socialism…..

    God don’t like UGLY…and all of these comments about the president is just pure UGLY…

    and how many times is propaganda used in schools and esp CHURCHES by the republican party???….

  364. @UAW- Calling a black man a monkey has had a racial precedent to it. So don’t try to justify your bigotry by trying some nonexistent parallel for the our current President a monkey.

    You are the worst kind of bigot, because you want to try and twist yourself into a pretzel to prove that saying racist terms or phrases isn’t racist.

    As for the current blog, thank you ladies I have been reading you for a long time. Love the witty writings and of course your honest, which don’t have alot of these days.

  365. You ladies are honestly the greatest!

  366. @UAW- Calling a black man a monkey has had a racial precedent to it. So don’t try to justify your bigotry by trying some nonexistent parallel for the our current President a monkey, you asshole!

    You are the worst kind of bigot, because you want to try and twist yourself into a pretzel to prove that saying racist terms or phrases isn’t racist. You royally suck! I agree with Gooper, but I will take it a step further and say go the fuck away!

    As for the current blog, thank you ladies I have been reading you for a long time. Love the witty writings and of course your honest, which don’t have alot of these days.

  367. I can’t believe it’s taken me until now to find this blog. I absolutely LOVE you two!

    I love the warm glow of long friendship, too. I still have a friend that I met when I was 4, and several that I met in Grade One – 51 years ago – as well as various come-lately triflers that I met in highschool and beyond.

    It’s a rare and wonderful thing to have friends almost your whole life. It really adds a lot to your blog, at least for me.

  368. Hand raised here in northern NY!!!!

    I too worked in a school. One of the teacher had a saying which was true..
    You can’t educate brains when God didn’t give them any!
    It is up to us the educated, to speak louder then the morons so we can have a decent country for all.
    Morons come in all sizes and packages. They have loud voices and can talk and scream on demand.
    They can argue but not debate.
    They are illogical and stupid at times.(Am I describing pailin?).
    Congrats on the new great grandchild!
    My daughter is getting married next July and I am so excited about having grandchildren in the next couple of years!

  369. I, too, call BULLSHIT!!!!
    my little 8 year old son spends time being called a ni**er in this day and age and it is because someone expressed their GOD GIVEN AND LEGAL RIGHT TO SPEECH crack smoking opinion about what they think my child is to their own children.

    If president Obama is going to talk to my child in school about staying in school and becoming what he wants to be and the districts and teachers want to give the children worksheets and questions to exercise their critical thinking skills, SO BE IT!

    Now if he were to come on preaching about 40 acres and a mule, I would take issue with that. We know that is not the case.

    I do want my president to stop being Mr. Rogers and start busting some balls up on capital hill. The time has come for change to come.
    It has not come easily in the past and I don’t expect it to come easier than cramming it through the legislative quagmire with it’s corridors lined with white hot slathering, foaming at the mouth MADMEN!

    pray that President Obama soon raises his hand and calls BULLSHIT as well!


  370. Damn. UAW is back. Mr. UAW, you fat bastard, please back into hiding. You are a moron.

  371. Thank you Helen for your sense of humor and for your directness. The insanity of the Right is trying to hold back the progress of this nation. Daily there is more BS and it gets covered as if it is news.

    This is a time where it takes great courage to speak up because you know the fear and ego driven Right wants to bash anyone who does. Ignorance cannot be allowed to win out.

    Peace and love to you and to your readers,


  372. [...] and move on. Rush will get over it. Trust me. He has a pill for that. … more at the link, enjoy! http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2009/09/04/michel… [...]

  373. Count me in. Love your posts!

  374. Helen for Queen

  375. Helen fo Queen

  376. Ladies – I want to adopt you. You speak the truth and you speak it well. You are saved as one of my favorites.

  377. “It’s time to stop talking about make believe death panels, and talk about the real ones.”

    “Researchers from the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee analyzed data reported by the insurers to the California Department of Managed Care. From 2002 through June 30, 2009, the six insurers rejected 45.7 million claims — 22 percent of all claims.”


  378. Apropos Glenn Beck:


  379. Helen, I knew you would respond to the uproar about the President talking to school children. How ridiculous that anyone would object! As a retired teacher I would be very proud to have the president tell my students to work hard and rewards would come. My experience taught me that many parents don’t tell their children to work hard. I think that it is wonderful for a president to take time to do this.
    You inspire me to speak out more the older I get.

    You are always spot on. You go girl!

  380. Woo-hoo! LOVE you! Missed you terribly so was ELATED to find your new posting this evening. Keep it up! and thank you!

  381. “Mr. Limbaugh, you fat bastard,…”

  382. I too love this blog. Laughter is good.

    I too am worried about Glenn Beck’s mental health. That apoplectic schitck he uses kills a few brain cells every day. I won’t miss his early exit, but why aren’t his fans truly concerned about him?

    The part of this post that really hits home with me is “Mr. President, . . .Pass healthcare reform with a public option and move on.” Democratic majority, focus long enough to get it done.

    Best comment so far:

    “Change we can believe in!” not “the bill formerly called reform”

    Thank you all, for “making my day”.

  383. One of my favorite quotes:

    “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” Thomas Paine

    And another:
    ” “All morons hate it when you call them a moron”. ~J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

    That’s what comes to mind whenever I listen to Glenn Beck giving an “art history” lesson. . . or listen to Bachmann shrieking about “slit our wrists”. To which I say: “slit those wrists Vertically, Michele, makes a great statement”

  384. On Michelle Bachman:
    When I was very young (learning the fine art of potty-training) I used the non-sensical word “bocky” for the inevitable mess that I made.

    Interesting, how so many years later, the “bocky” is apparently an integral part of Michelle’s surname–or she stepped into when she married.

    Calling “bocky”–”bocky” here with both hands raised up high.

    Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone. I’ll be laboring in my classroom getting things ready for Day One on Tuesday………
    Lesson Plan for 9:00 am
    “Class, many of you remember how President Obama won the presidential election last fall when you were 4th graders, right?
    He has two daughters who are going to school just like you are. He has a message for all the students starting school this year.
    Now, sit up, face the screen, pay attention, and think of one question you would like to ask the rest of the class when the message is finished.”
    (Begin the video)

  385. Just say “NO” to education!

    8) ~ Δ

  386. Dear, dear Helen and Margaret too,

    I’m so glad you are back with such great news. Your brand new great-granddaughter is
    so fortunate to have such a wonderful great-grandma and great-grandpa. She chose her ancestors very carefully!

    I am reminded of my refrigerator magnet that says, “If I had known grandchildren were so much fun, I would have had them first!” Great-grandchildren must be ever so much more fun.

    As for your usual brilliant post, yes, the bullshit is flying in all directions. We have to keep our heads down, but keep plowing steadily ahead. Both my hands and both feet shot up simultaneously and I almost toppled off the back of my chair. Well worth it though!



  387. Joe Scarborough on GOP Fear Mongering of Obama’s Speech:

    “Get Your Ratings But You’re
    Screwing Your Political Party”

    When even Scarborough (R-Starbucks) is calling you out for fear mongering, you’ve got a problem.


  388. Kathyrn…what happened to John at 4:18 today?
    And who is John???

  389. Bullshit….thank you for calling a spade a spade. These people irritate me so much. I love your writing.

  390. Yeah, what about those damned voters!! Oh, right – The candidate that gets the most votes gets the job. And he gets to do the job, if he wants to. Now I know we haven’t seen that in a while, but get used to it. This guy is no place holder, maintaining the status quo while all but the top 5% circle the drain with increasing speed. Obama showed up to work.

    What we’re seeing is panicked people being led right up to the drain by groups who do not have their best interests at heart. They’re being convinced to fight , as if for their lives, against anyone trying to lead them away

    These groups play on fear of the unknown and a need for an authoritarian structure to provide a veneer of security, no matter the cost. Yeah, Democrats have a problem with getting and keeping organized, but that would be because we like to think for ourselves. We would have told “The Hammer” to shove it, claw end first. Cult of personality? Not in this party, honey. I like and admire the man, but not That Way.

    Insecurity and ego also are great tools – if someone else makes something of their self, that must make me less, right? The cry of “elitist pig” does not come from someone who stayed in school and studied hard. So how dare anyone else? And how dare they encourage my kids to do it? What is this world coming to?

    Here’s a clue – life isn’t graded on the curve and neither are people. It doesn’t matter what anybody else is, you are what you are. If you’re finding that unsatisfactory, go do something about it, but don’t bother trying to knock down someone to try to get taller. Encourage everyone to be the best they can. It won’t hurt and it won’t make you less. In fact, helping them makes you better by doing your bit to improve the world.

    And as regards the screams of socialism – what about democracy? Looks like the majority rules right up to the point when you happen to wind up in the minority, and then all bets are off. Where does this end? God plus me is a majority even if it ends in a Holy War, I guess. The difference between you and the Taliban is no more than the name of the God you pray to. That’s not enough.

    I’m not just crying Bullshit, I’m crying Taliban.

  391. Helen and Margaret, may your scooter tires never go flat, and your batteries always stay juiced. I wrote to Michelle today (along with a number of other Senators and congresspersons) about my ideas on health care reform. I told Michelle that I would include her in my prayers for deliverance from the spirit of fear and anger that seems to consume her. I quoted I John 4:18 to her.

  392. Anonymous is certainly a tool, isn’t he/she? Well, I trust he/she doesn’t support and will never take Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, police or fire protection, public education. Or travel on public roads. Or otherwise avail himself/herself of any public services of any kind. Because otherwise, he/she is simply parroting the bullshit from the Becks, Hannitys, and Rush’s of the world, with an occasionally Malkin or Coulter thrown in.

    And anyone who thinks Palin has even a whisper, a hint, a SUGGESTION of a chance at national elected office has some serious perception issues.

  393. Moses was probably stoned.

    Bachmann definitely
    has dosage problems!
    ;) ~ Δ

  394. 2 hands up here.

  395. “Couldn’t wear a peace t-shirt to a Bush rally”

    and THAT was when you were probably in the — ahem — Free Speech Zone!

  396. Christine, you’re giving my name a bad name.

  397. Christine……
    even I don’t want Palin anywhere near the Whitehouse…..

  398. Oh, Helen, you do turn a pretty phrase!

    What the heck is going on? Couldn’t wear a peace t-shirt to a Bush rally and these nuts are packin’ heat at Obama town meetings and asking people to join them to march on Washington.

    So many crazies out there! The sane Republicans (I’m sure some exist) better start speaking out. Yes, I’m raising my hand in your Bullshit survey!

  399. what about those damn democrats !! I stand behind Bush 100 percent . And we all k now next president will be Palin!!!

  400. some people like to throw out the word “racist” thinking everyone will get frightened about not being PC (Claire)….. but why can it be funny to compare the 43 president to a monkey and not the 44th……

    some think it’s funny to bash Rush about his addiction problem but overlook others(Rep. Patrick Kennedy)
    the old double standard strikes again….and I’ll say BULLSHIT

  401. “Uh….the upside down book was a hoax.”

    I wondered if that was photoshopped in. He WAS supposed to be reading to the kids, and while *I* can read upside down, I doubt if he would have found that a valuable skill.

    BUT after he was given the news about the planes striking the towers, he sat, looking dazed, for far too long. I don’t know if this was a mistake by his advisers (who SHOULD have whispered “stand up, make a polite and presidential excuse, and go out the door”), but it did not encourage confidence.

  402. This uprising over President Obama wanting to talk to the nation’s children shows the great level of stupidity and bigotry of millions of our fellow Americans.
    Call me crazy, but I have always respected the office of the President… even when Bush crapped up the office over the course of eight years. I still listened to his speeches. Granted, I did disagree with most of what he said, but still.
    I don’t remember incorrectly invoking prior events from history for any sort of protests during Bush’s reign (i.e. tea-party protests). Nor do I remember questioning him on his birth. I questioned his I.Q., but that’s different.
    It’s not just the talk show circuit pumping this bullshit into the minds of impressionable idiots. It’s the radio stations who carry the shows who should be partly held accountable.

    I also hold the parents of the idiots accountable as well. But that’s just me.

  403. Horse Manure!

    I am a lady of the cloth after all….


  404. Hey Trudy, BULLSHIT! Maybe she’s just another “child left behind.” Anonymous, which brillant star of the Repub party do you think can win in ’12? Those heavyweights like Palin, Cheney, or Sanford?

    Helen, you continue to top yourself on each post. This one is absolutely wonderful and one I will read many times. Your writings are so clever and sane they deserve to be widely circulated.

  405. Uh….the upside down book was a hoax.

    But don’t let that stop you. Hands up everyone! The imagery is quite fascinating actually.

  406. “At the town hall meeting run by Michael Steele, a woman stood up and said her mother died of cancer because she didn’t have health insurance and couldn’t pay for chemo. well, sounds like the insurance companies/health system determined this woman was not “viable” enough to keep alive because she couldn’t afford insurance. THERE’S your death panel.”

    Exactly EXACtly EXACTLY! Thanks, helenandmargaretFan!

  407. My hand is up. As a veterinary technician, I’m well acquainted with the smell of manure and it’s wafting all over the country.

    I don’t care who tells the kids to stay in school and work hard to get an education. Brainwashing? Jeez, what message were you planning to give them?

    Δ Tine, when you go to give Michelle her pill organizer, can I come too? I’d add my husband, but he has some ideas about where to place it that might lead to legal issues. We could give one to Michelle’s husband, too – the one with the fabulous fashion sense (Michelle’s description, not mine) that runs a religious de-gaying program. Methinks I smell yet another covert dating service. Anybody remember the one a year or two back, whose organizers ended up running off with each other?

    Congrats on the new great-granddaughter. Make sure she grows up to speak her mind and call bullshit whenever she sees it.

  408. The Rethug reaction to Obama’s speech to schoolchildren is not surprising. This is the party that has done everything in their power to debase the value of education.

    In fact, it makes sense when you think about. More morons=more listeners of Rush and viewers of Beck. A brilliant political strategy.

    If the author is correct in her reporting of that billboard in Dallas, then she captured a major grammatical error (Where’s…). Does anyone else see the potential for delicious irony?

  409. BULLSHIT!!!!!

  410. A true voice of reason in a wilderness of wingnuts Repubs! Thanks for a timely, honest, on the money synopsis of what’s happening now.

    Margaret and Helen ROCK!!!!

  411. Mageen….it’s NOT racism you dunce…..its ANTIsocialsim!

  412. My hand is up…both my hands are up!

  413. Perhaps YOU should start taking some Aricept as it seems you have absolutely NO IDEA what is actually going on in this country. Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to realize the dangers of this president and his popularity is falling harder than a rock……good riddance in ’12

  414. Actually, Trudy’s fondness for Glenn Beck is perfectly understandable. He makes puerile jokes, mugs, and engages in juvenile stunts. She thinks it’s clever to make fun of the President’s name. Of course, she wouldn’t be able to understand, much less appreciate, Helen’s genuine wit.

  415. good one Helen….
    “somehow the Democrats in Washington can’t get their shit together long enough to pass a meaningful healthcare reform bill. ”

    or pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the bottom

    keep posting Trudy….

  416. Helen, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now. I must say, I agree with everyone who has written to you telling you how entertaining your posts are. Your sharp analysis of the GOP and the fringe idiots that have taken control of the country is spot on…and very funny at times.

    Again, I will echo the sentiments of the rest of your admirers here, you are a superb writer and funny as hell. Kudos to you! Congrats on your newest great grand child.

  417. @ PartyPiper…You said it!

    “The reason they’re doing this is because they’re betting that we’ll back away from the crazy. It’s time to stop treating them like patients and treating them more like spoiled 3 year olds!”

    Screaming idiots…pulling their hair out…slitting their wrists…stomping their feet…biting off fingers…guns strapped to their knees…along with all the hate and negativity. What a sorrowful, pathetic bunch of wackos.

    There has to be a better word than CRAZY for these people…really.

  418. You know – I could only take so much of the responses before I quit reading – Rob, Dave, Hellen and quite a few others – I could care if Helen is 82 or 2. My dear mother who passed away at 76 would have been using the exact same language and that does not make me doubt the ages mentioned. This was under the ‘About’ section.

    I do have issue thinking this would be a 22 year old. In this illiterate society we are bringing up nowadays, I have a problem thinking a 22 year old could write this well.

    Now for the good ole left versus rigth, repubs versus dems, etc. Everyone has a right to their view and I am all about letting you voice it. However, just like Helen quit lumping my views in with everyone else – you have no idea if I am white, black, dem, repub, str8, gay or what – but I do have an opinion that is mine – not the sheep herding that was thrown around in the comments at voting time.

    While this country is in such a MESS – and sorry – it took us all to get it here Dems and Repubs – Helen at least speaks correctly – I get the feeling she is most definitely a bit to the left – however, when the left needs their butts kicked – she does it. WELL DONE HELEN!

    I will continue to read your blogs for nothing more than you make me smile and laugh – and in today’s society that’s enough for me.

    For the rest of you – we are all pissed off at what is going on Repubs and Dems alike – why not just vote ALL of them out and start over – with our first part of the agenda limiting Congress terms to the same as the President’s.

  419. Lady you are a trip. This is some funny shit.
    I wish you could be MY grandmother!

  420. Me thinks you are an elitist pig. Thanks for identifying yourself.

  421. Bullshit Alert! My hand is up!

    Tune in to Rush? Never gonna happen.

    Helen, I love ya. Keep it up. You don’t post often enough.

  422. Thank you, Helen for the new discussion thread.
    I completely understand why you’ve not been around, I just became a grandmother 3 months ago, I don’t expect to live long enough to be a GREAT grandmother, we started a bit late, as did our son and daughter-in-law, stretching the generations a bit. I wonder if Great grandmotherhood is even better than just plain grandmotherhood which surely is exceptional! A chance to take care of my granddaughter trumps all other occupations and entertainments!

    I’ve always felt that parents blame the schools for too much that goes wrong with their children. They send little ones to do stuff (like read) that they never do themselves, and expect them to love it.

    Auburn 11:08am, I love your idea about McCain giving the speech in Spanish. That would be true bipartisanship. In fact, I think we should demand that 6 members of each party should give speeches encouraging children to stay in school and learn.

    Back in 1976, I overheard a neighbor child asking my son when he planned to quit school. It was the last day of kindergarten in the local public school. We moved him to an alternative private school, had to sacrifice a bit to do it. They were a little flakey but I knew he was bright enough to learn most things as long as his curiosity wasn’t dampened and his spirit wasn’t broken and he wasn’t looking forward to the day he turned 16 so he could quit. He has turned out very well and is still learning. I learned that the first step to doing just about anything is, first, decide to do it. If the President can inspire even one child to stay in school and get an education and change his/her life, he will have accomplished a great deal. The parents who are against his speaking seem to be like the ones who disrespect teachers and learning and then complain their kids can’t read, and it’s the school’s fault.

  423. And Michelle BARELY won her last election. And she’s crazy. Actually, we’re not at all worried that you’ll become President, Michelle. Please do try to run in the primaries and divide your party further ala Nader.

  424. The Republicans are having the moral equivalent of a temper tantrum. They know they can’t win on stubstance. But they also know that people will back off to get them to shut up.

    Parents, go to your school and tell them that if those parents do not want their child to see Obama’s speech, they are welcome to keep THEIR child at home. And school officials, only take comments from parents whose children are enrolled in your school… any homeschooling parent has no say and should be hung up on!

    The reason they’re doing this is because they’re betting that we’ll back away from the crazy. It’s time to stop treating them like patients and treating them more like spoiled 3 year olds!

  425. Great Post-glad to have the opportunity to read it…& to know where to go to find it! Thanks.

  426. What a hoot!

  427. This is BY FAR one of the best blogs I have come across. I only dream of being to able to write like this some day!!!

  428. Leading voice of the GOP:

    Bachmann ’12

    8) ~ Δ

  429. This is for Helen’s newest great granddaughter:

    “If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.”
    Thich Nhat Hanh
    May your life be lived in joy, may your laughter ride the winds, and may you always know that you are cherished. L’chaim!

  430. You always take the words right out of my mouth…….only better!

  431. Where have you been all my life?
    I’m in love with an 83 year old woman!
    There….I said it.

  432. I love you so much right now!

  433. Ummm……Katherine~~ I take my hat off and salute you with all my heart. How eloquently you put that Trudy troll down. And all I could use, on the other hand, was blasphemy!

    My darling daughter is as talented as are you…..and I am so grateful and thankful that she also has a sharp-witted tongue which does not need to resort to the type of language that I use!!

    Ya get so much farther than I could….but, damn, cursing really does seem to help my temper!!

  434. Welcome back Helen, you were dearly missed.

    Thank you for yet another excellent ‘hit the nail on the head’ post. You make us :) big time.

    Congratulations on the newest member of your family too.

    You gave us a plethora of topics to discuss in this post, but just wanted to say welcome back & thanks first.

    Looks like Mathew will be busy swatting trolls on this one. As in ‘SPLATTTT’ Trudy.

  435. Trudy,

    Glen Beck is an idiot – plain and simple. He likes to make up facts, like Rush.

    This is a great site and I find you annoying. What specifically do you disagree with in Helen’s post Trudy? Just curious.

  436. I missed you girls oh so much! Congrats on the new family member and thanks for saying what we all are thinking :)

  437. Trudy….here is name-calling for you since you seem to crave it so much. You, my dear are a HUGE asshole. You are the fullest of bullshit. No, you don’t deserve any disguising of those words. You’ve earned it. And keep calling the MOST respected president we’ve had in too long a time and I’ll be sure to find a few more words for you. Oh, and as far as your opinions are concerned, frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.
    You are a hate-mongering racist. Plain and simple enough for you? Got enough nicknames now?

  438. You said it, Victoria.
    Helen you rock! :-)

  439. Helen, I enjoy you so much! I have urged my daughter to read your blog. Her dearly loved grandmother is gone, and I told her that you were like Grandma if she had been a liberal.

    Some of this country has just gone bat sh-t crazy since Obama has been elected. I suspect, many are totally freaked out about the amount of pigment in his skin. Why this concerns them so much is unknown to me!

    I think it is great that he wants to encourage kids to stay in school. What is wrong with that?

    Keep writing. You lift my spirit!

  440. MY GOD this is funny stuff!!!
    You, Miss Helen, are brilliant!!!

    People…forget the political aspect of all this and just take in the humor of this woman. Priceless.

  441. Thank you thank you thank you. It’s good to know there are other sane people in this world of radio madness. I’m just waiting for the Youtube video of Glenn Beck blowing a gasket going viral when he finally spontaneously combusts.

  442. Helen, you’re brilliant and making a fine contribution! Truly appreciate your wisdom and wit!

  443. Yay fresh Koolaid! Sluuuuuuuuuuurp!

  444. Trudy, you suggested adverse comment wasn’t ‘allowed’ on this blog, which is an allegation not justified by the facts; and unjustified, inflammatory allegations of bias unsupported by fact are key elements in what Netiquette defines as “trolling”. Not a nice term, but it’s not a nice action, either.

    Now, i’m sorry if you don’t like what this blogger has to say for herself, but if you are a Glenn Beck fan then either you believe what he says or you are in it for his entertainment value. If you believe him then you’re not making what thinking people call evidence-based decisions. Mr. Beck only makes emotional sense to people who love to have the chattering monkey of anger on their shoulders from morning to night; he makes no factual sense at all.

    If you think that there is wit or meaning in suggesting that the slight similarity between our president’s family name and the given name of a Saudi terrorist shows the former resembles the latter, you’re well on the way to getting a life by reading this blog. Read the archive, too, and get back to us.

  445. PS. You’re on the wrong plane.

  446. I absolutely had to add…..

    My mother-in-law just died last week. She was in advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and for the past year has been really immobile and helpless. Also uncommunicative (sp?) and just plain not there. It has been so very hard on us as she lived with us for the past 5 years and 8 months.

    My husband worked as a hospice chaplain…. as such we were able to ask her while her wits were still somewhat intact, what she wanted for end of life care. She chose NO feeding tube, NO extraordinary measures, and to die naturally. This one thing we were able to provide her. My husband’s’ brothers however think we stole the “money”. There was no money… she gave everything she had away. There’s nothing left at all. Had it not been for Medicare and Social Security she would have ended up in a nursing home as an indigent.

    My point is… end of life care is something that ALL doctors should be addressing with their elderly and chronically ill patients. Too many of them are not telling patients when the end is near and that they can no longer do anything for them. I think that telling someone allows them to make these decisions for themselves and prepare for the inevitable. No one wants to “kill” Grandma. They just want to make it as painless as possible for her and her family!

    Keep it up Helen and Margaret.. we need your voice out there!


  447. Trudy,

    You are either brave, or confused.

    This is a site that is full of Obama voting liberal leaning supporters and fans (well, I am a fan) of Margaret and Helen.

    I used to have nightmares when I used to be a flight attendant years back. I would be running late and get on the wrong plane. Phew! Talk about sweat on the brow.

    You are allowed to comment. Other conservatives do. Their message just isn’t as welcome as they might want.

    Kind of like a Baptist preacher strolling through a Buddhist service warning of fire and brimstone and the hell that awaits.

  448. Trudy

    You must be a newbie here, perhaps one who wandered in from an enclosed rightwing blog where thoughts and ideas are ruled be fear and fear alone. If you stick around for a bit you’ll find a few frightened trolls like yourself, some who even offer intelligent comments. You’ll may also learn that the only posts that get eliminated eventually are the obscene or vulgar comments, and guess which side of the political spectrum they come from.

  449. Trudy, do you disagree with anything Helen has posted? Or are you just here to insult the president? What is your beef?

  450. I spent the morning sending emails to politicians, then checked in here. You’re back! I love you!

    Congrats on the new great-grandbaby! What joy.

    My own joy is a bit clouded by discovering last week that my pregnant daughter and hubby are now without insurance. (They used to have medical insurance. Now they don’t.) She’s 5 months along with her second baby and will definitely be having a C-section, no other choice. This could be financially ruinous.

    She’s signing up for whatever medical aid she can find, and I hope it’s enough.

    In any other civilized nation on the planet paying for prenatal care and delivery would not be cause for a moment’s concern.

    As for the other end of life, I’m with you all the way. Having watched my poor MIL linger immobile for a year and a half with a feeding tube because she refused to make any plans whatsoever… Anyhow, pie better fit down mine or I’m not going there at all. My own mother led the way, ferocious to her end.

    Regarding the “birthers” (who think the Prez is a Kenyan) and now the “deathers” (who think the Prez wants to off their grandma) — you’d think that being that stupid would hurt, somehow. Plus I wonder how the politicians and media types who promote these lies can even sleep at night. But no, they carry on as if this were all normal.

    I wonder how many of those deluded into opposing the public option for health care are willing to burn their Medicare cards and their Social Security cards?

    Love you gals,


  451. And let’s not forget the “Osama” bit.

    Troll, I shall now ignore you.

  452. Um, Trudy…you started the name-calling (“stupid woman”) and aspersion-casting. This is not a fan site. It’s a political discussion site, which is something you will also discover if you hang around and read long enough.

    By now you surely have noticed your premise is completely full of sh*t, as you have already commented twice and are not being moderated out.

  453. [...] you haven’t stopped by – do read Margaret and Helen’s blog: Michelle Bachman’s Burning Bush. There’s a pill for that. This made me laugh my ass off. Do go enjoy it! Wish applause traveled over the [...]

  454. My Lord, you said it all, and nicely to boot. What great whits you are. Thanks for the giggles. I truly ask myself hour to hour, “Is this still Earth?”

  455. My pleasure. You illustrate your mentality very well with the quick name-calling! Typical Osama (oops, Obama) supporter.

  456. Hang around for awhile, Trudy. Eventually you’ll see plenty of trolls. And lookee, you got to be the very first one!

  457. Trudy,

    We are all loyal fans of Helen and Margaret. Glenn Beck has his own fan club. I suspect never the twain shall meet.

  458. The real problem is Limbaugh making millions by appearing to be a moron.

    He’s talking to morons, so he has to act like one.

    Palin, Bachmann,Gingrich,Hannity,et all, ditto.

  459. I would happily buy Michelle Bachmann a pill holder but she’d probably declare it a terrorist attempt on her life. She is as cracked as they come.

  460. What are you all doing, weeding out any negative comments about this stupid woman’s post? Everone seems to be gushing over it, hard to believe there are no Glenn Beck fans responding. Everything looks great if only supporters are allowed to comment.

  461. Great blog! First time reader and a grandma myself. I kind of feel like I’m listening to Molly Ivins again – - a generous dash of humor is always welcome.

    I did a double-take when I read your title. LOL

  462. I am raising my hand so high it hurts.

  463. First, congrats on that beautiful brand new grandbaby! That little one couldn’t ask for a cooler, more hip and with it grandmother anywhere.

    Second, yeah I raised my hand up high. BS is BS and smells the same no matter how much you want to dress it up. I just don’t get it. If the President wants to get on TV and tell my kids exactly what I’ve been telling my kids: stay in school, study hard, set personal goals for their life’s success then I’m all over that like white on rice. Yeah baby, go for it Mr. President! You are backing my play. : D

  464. Welcome back! You were both missed so much! Congrats on the new ggrandbaby! Nothing better than grandchildren.

    I have been a quiet reader for a year now. Well….. not really QUIET! My husband frequently comes back to see what all the laughing is about. But I’ve never responded before.

    I love the way you call it like it is. My hand shot up involuntarily, despite the shoulder pain. I don’t always agree… but I always enjoy. I am so sick of politicians, especially the stupid ones. Why don’t we just give Obama a chance? It’s like everyone expected him to produce results instantly upon election. Does no one realize that he has a congress and senate to go through also? The man just got there, let him do his thing. THEN… if you don’t like it… you can complain. If you don’t give him a chance, it is only our country that will suffer.

    Love you “girls” so much. Missed you too.


  465. Thank you Margaret!


  466. By: Whirled Peas at 12:46 PM Link

    From the very beginning I got into the habit of refusing to read or examine anything that included a picture of GWB. But I’m afraid I missed a few gems.
    The one of Bush holding the book upside down while “reading” to a class is a classic. But it sure goes a long way toward explaining his abysmal ignorance and sheer stupidity.

  467. Congratulations on new great grandbaby!! So happy to see you back with us.

    Did you all notice that Bush’s book is upside down in the video? Made me chuckle, fits his “smarts” reputation.

  468. Helen, my hand shot up in the air!! Almost an involuntary response to words of wisdom.

    Whirled, Bush with a book. Priceless.

  469. Congrats on the new baby, I’m very happy for your whole family. Now, I feel like Rumplestiltskin, and I just woke up in a strange new world. Where the hell are we? The RW can’t seem to come to grips with the huge losses they have suffered, and I must admit, I am laughing all the way. I guess all the homeschoolers have nothing to worry about.

    You always crack me up, Hang Tough

  470. LINK


  471. Is ‘r childen lernin’?


  472. The Republican party now consists of the ‘I have mine, screw you’ people, and the dunces that they are using to try to get their candidates elected.

  473. I gather the GOP is generally opposed to education of any kind, much less from a charismatic and visionary leader. Heaven forbid he might inspire a few kids to finish school. I’m surprised they haven’t tried to pull civic from schools. Inciting the ignorant with lies and half-truths will blow up in all our faces one of these days.

    Great post, as always though it was too long in coming for my taste. Congrats on the grandbaby!

  474. Just wanted to let you know, I RAISED MY HAND!!

  475. One of your best posts EVER, Helen!

  476. You go, Helen! A post from you always brights my day.

  477. Helen,
    Thanks for commenting on Obama’s address to students. By the way, my entire household is raising their hand. Now here’s my two cents.

    Holy Crap on a Cracker. Just tell me. Please. Why is a President’s desire to wish kids to have a productive school year a thing to fear and avoid with everything you’ve got!?
    Obama’s Sept. 8 address to school children, a back to school pep talk, is being boycotted by parents and entire counties all around our nation. Why? Because being dumber than a box of rocks is evidently the new criterion driving political outrage.

    Don’t believe me? Here are some of the questions from the activity guide provided by the US Dept. of Ed. (Remember, this will be a “stay in school, work / study hard” message.)

    What is the President trying to tell me?
    What is the president asking me to do?
    What specific job is he asking me to do?
    Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?

    And…. here is the just some of the (fear based) reaction:

    “As far as I am concerned, this is not civics education — it gives the appearance of creating a cult of personality,” said Oklahoma Republican state Sen. Steve Russell. “This is something you’d expect to see in North Korea or in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.”

    And here’s another pearl:

    Arizona state schools superintendent Tom Horne, a Republican, said lesson plans for teachers created by Obama’s Education Department “call for a worshipful rather than critical approach.”

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?!? Hey, I hated Bush with the white hot heat of a thousand suns, but if he addressed my students, asking them to stay in school I could live with any President urging students to work hard, study and set goals. (I’d be LMAO inside at the obvious) Obama is being accused of taking a ‘captive’ audience, ‘sidestepping the parents’ and ‘indoctrinating’. If encouraging kids to work hard is indoctrinating, I’ll take it.

    I missed you! Congratulations on the new grand, baby.

  478. First and foremost, congrats on the new family addition! I hope you enjoyed your time spent with your family, even though your loyal followers missed you very much! Because you were away so long with a very good reason, all is forgiven! ;)

    I keep hearing the term “brainwash” in reference to Obama’s speech to our youth. I have to say if he can brainwash just one student into graduating, I say…brainwash away! I can’t get over the fuss about this. As a parent (one with a diploma, two to go!) I would welcome anyone giving this speech to our youth. Especially from someone as educated as Obama. I love the fact that he cares enough about our children and the future of our country to give such a speech.

  479. Helen,
    Here is a good phrase to add to your collection. In the Navy, when people spouting BS, we would say that we were “Raising the Bullshit Flag” as a warning. Idiots like Beck and Limbaugh should keep it flying at all times.

  480. I am raising my hand! Great Post!

    As a teacher, my kids listened to President Bush and every child should have the opportunity to listen to President Obama.

    Love you Ladies!

  481. Missed you so, my hand is raised!!

    What are we going to do about these nuts? The media gives so much attention to them. I almost want to send President Obama a card that tells him that many of us, even if we don’t like eveything he does, believes in him and supports him.

    We gave Bush eight years, we can’t even give him one? And, how can people deny that it’s a good thing to let your children listen to their Commander and Chief preach about staying in school and staying focused?

    I don’t get it, and it makes me so angry, because I have no voice. I want to shout from the rafters, “You people are idiots, and if you think we don’t know the real reason you are so angry, your wrong.”

  482. So glad I came here today. Sitting in my office this morning I had to hear from my co-worker that “Obama is trying to control the children of this country, JUST LIKE HITLER DID!” Where the hell does that come from? You guessed it, talk radio and that mo-fo Rush Limbaugh.

    Keep up the good work!!

  483. It was a simply reflex reaction. Both my hands shot up far over my head, so far that I think I strained something and now I’ll have to spend some more of that Medicare money to get it fixed.

    Talk about a mixed blessing.

  484. Thanks for calling them like you them, H &M. My G*d, I feel like the idiots are trying to take over the asylum.

    It’s one thing to disagree, it’s another to foment violence, listen to lies, take corporations side over women in wheelchairs, and refuse to have a peaceful discussion.

    The right scares the hell out of me.

    I’m glad there are people out there like you two calling bullshit when it needs to be called. And it badly needs calling.

    Thank you.

  485. This is probably the funnniest post I’ve seen in years.

  486. Grandma Helen, we missed you! As usual, you are the voice of common sense. I’m laughing my a#! off at your comments. Congratulations on the new great-grand baby!

    Its a damn shame how stupid the Republicans and those that support them are; my goodness this country has been in a total mess for the last few years. Now we have a president who had the BALLS to take on the tremendous responsibility of running this country, and all these idiots can do is waste their time looking for ways to make him fail. They obviously don’t realize that if he fails, the damn country fails too! Duh!

    Helen, we really need you to keep blogging. We waited quite a while for this latest post. We’re a bunch of Helen-loving, common sense addicts and we need our fix! Take care and have a wonderful Labor Day.

  487. I’m retired from the public school system now but if anyone at all that is older and more educated than the students sitting in the audience gave them the advice that “education is good” ——- I would welcome them and the message very warmly. If the President of the United States is the speaker, regardless of the political party he / she represents, I would be awestruck by the magical power.
    The only thing I can remotely think of that might make it even better is if the same message was given in different languages. Maybe some politicians are bilingual. I think McCain speaks Spanish. What a hoot if he and the President appeared together and repeated the same message…

  488. Fabulous post as always. I’m in


    And congrats on the new ggrandie!

  489. Helen, you just made me snort!

  490. Just so you know what Minnesotans are really like:


  491. George Bush spoke to school children about not doing drugs, and this from a coke fiend dry drunk. But, as Ann said, no one had a melt-down.

  492. Very good, Mageen. You said it.

    RE: death panels. They already exist: At the town hall meeting run by Michael Steele, a woman stood up and said her mother died of cancer because she didn’t have health insurance and couldn’t pay for chemo. well, sounds like the insurance companies/health system determined this woman was not “viable” enough to keep alive because she couldn’t afford insurance. THERE’S your death panel.

    (of course, Steele, the supporter of anti-health reform people disrupting town hall meetings, unceremoniously blew her off and accused her of showboating.Class act.)

  493. Some of the best …. lines …. ever. I salute you.

  494. I recently added Glen Beck to my list of people I’ll never listen to, among them Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly. I think Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly are more sinister because they’re “reporting” has an air of what Steven Colbert calls “truthiness”. It sounds like a rational position which should be true, except it’s not.

    Speaking of the “birthers” I recently watch a 9/11 conspiracy theory program which demonstrated that no matter how thoroughly and scientifically you present evidence to contradict them, conspiracy theorists will never admit their defeat. They simply declare the evidence invalid (like a birth certificate from Hawaii) and say “But what about…?” something else. One demolition expert described it as playing wack-a-mole. It reminded me of people who believe in creationism as an equivalent to evolution. No matter how much evidence you have to prove evolution, no matter how long people have been trying to poke holes in the theory without sucess, they will never be convinced. My mother-in-law believes you can create fossils by baking bones in the oven (!!!!). How do you argue with ignorance?

    When I heard about Obama speaking to school children and people objecting, I wanted to hit my forehead. I didn’t like Bush, but if he’d wanted to tell my child to stay in school and then read him a book, I’d be okay with that. What do these people actually think Obama is going to say? They can’t vote, for heaven’s sake, he’s not going to push an agenda on them. But I’ve come to realize that two people can watch the exact same thing and see two very different things.

  495. I wanted to comment because this is SOOOO great Helen, I just don’t know where to start. I guess with a tissue because I’m laughing so hard!! I don’t want to tell you it was worth the wait because frankly I was going in to M&H withdrawls!
    1) GREAT title!!
    2) Love this: “President Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. For all my Republican friends out there, magna cum laude is a Latin term meaning “with great praise”. Please turn to your Stepford wives and tell them it’s not something you can order on the all-you-can-eat menu at The Olive Garden.”
    and much more but after cutting and pasting that quote and reading it again I’m laughing so hard I can hardly type.

    Don’t make us wait so long next time, K?
    Love you Bunches!

  496. Sorry! I had to run and answer the phone!

    Congrats on the new descendant! Yes, indeed!

    I remember when GWB did the tv thing with kids and even in person. No one I know — and they were no fans of his — had a nuclear meltdown about the effect on the kids! Frankly, this whole reaction smacks of racism.

    Yeah. I said it. And I mean it.

  497. Missed you, Helen! I am afraid there is something in the water, so many nuts are popping up.

  498. And, by the way, BULLSHIT!

  499. Exactly how crazy-stupid do the voices of the republican party have to be for its saner members (and let’s assume they have some) to finally, and at the very least, be embarrassed? For the love of God, who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to put a microphone in front of Glenn Beck? Limbaugh/O’Reilly/Coulter weren’t embarrassing enough?

  500. I swear my arm shot up of it’s own accord – I had no control over it whatsoever!

  501. Missed you two! When we don’t get a new post every so often we go into a nasty withdrawal that not even pie can cope with!

    Birth certificate: Basically these yahoos are so stupid that can’t realize that they are actually campaiging for Biden for President. Honest, nutwings, that is what would happen! Do you really, really like Joe that much!!!

    Michelle the Wrist Slasher: I vote her as the One Most Likely to Be Taken Away in a Sleeveless Sweater. Her constituency considers her an embarassment. Want to know how? Ask people in her District if they now who their Congress Critter is and watch them do the dumb as a box of hammers bit trying to fend you off.

    Glen Beck lost his mind early this year when he had surgery which turned out so bad he actually made a video on how bad our health care system is and played the damn thing for his adoring TV audience. Course, then he was at another media outlet and has since made the jump to Faux News and now our health care system is hunky dory! Wow! What a hemmeroidectomy can do for you!

    Rush the Oxy King: needs a treatment called a blood swap to clean himself up. Seriously!

    Oldsters/Health Care Reform/”Death Panels” that actually don’t exist: Of course, these “panels” don’t exist and everybody knows that! Why would any doctor eucher a patient into suicide when he could make much more money keeping said patient alive! What rightwing macadamia came up with such anti-capitalism crap!

    Here’s to all the Town Hall meetings that were held in a civil fashion and got ignored by the press! Three cheers for civility, especially at a TH meeting!

    Really! I mean it!

  502. Got my hand up.

  503. Let’s see…Jennifer has apologized, and Phil bought the pill sorter. I’ll do my part too. Phil, I’ll be right over to pick up the sorter. I’ll visit my liberal friends in Bachmann’s district, and the 3 of us will hand-deliver the device to Bachmann’s house.

    Carolyn (avoidingstasis), nice to see your name! How are you holding up?

  504. Great post, Helen! You are amazing!

  505. I think Helen needs to tour this country speaking to highschool students. Nothing can shock them. Tell it to them straight just like she does here. It would be the best lesson they would probably ever learn.

    Why isn’t Helen a secretary of some sort on Obama’s cabinet???

  506. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Helen! And I’m in. Bullshit!

  507. Unfortunately, “We the people…” includes the lunatics you cited. People with lard between the ears only get one station and its the lunatic fringe in talk radio and television. Instead of pushing them off the cliff, I am all for allowing them to jump on their own.

  508. You belong on television Helen. Your voice needs to be heard by millions.

  509. Helen, I am in awe of your ability to call a spade a spade. Thank you for lending your age, experience and gravitas to the calls of millions for the GOP to shut their screaming, panicky pieholes and get down to the People’s business.

    Seriously, folks. If you’re screaming about Jesus or death panels or birth certificates you’re NOT DOING YOUR JOB AS A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES.

    Thank you for reminding us that this is a Government OF the PEOPLE and WE give our government its marching orders, not Rush freaking Limbaugh. WE rule this country, they just manage the day to day for us. Let’s not forget that.

  510. Helen, congratulations on the new great grandchild! Thank you for the new post. It is always good to come here and find treasure.

    We have at least one of those birther billboards here in Arizona I have seen. Stupid still has money to spend, I guess – even in this economy. But use it for good? Nah, we would rather promote ignorance for all our kids to see. And let’s give the Glenn Becks a prominent place to spout their fantasies at our dinner table. But then, to have our president speak to those same kids, and we call foul. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

    Let’s leave them in the dust and pass healthcare reform. No matter what we do, they will oppose us anyway, so we may as well get what we want.

  511. On behalf of the non crazy people in MN who did *NOT* vote Bachman into office, I salut you. If we could find a muzzle for her — or perhaps cut off her supply of stupid pills — we’d all be very happy.

  512. Way to keep it real, baby! At long last, a voice of sanity. Love you

  513. Helen – congratulations on the new great grandchild.
    Overo 40 years ago we lived in the washington dc area. I came to the opinion then that WAShington could be sawed off, floated out to sea and sunk , including all the politicians etc. No one would even miss them. Once inside the Beltway they seem to forget the rest of the US exists.

  514. BULLSHIT!!

    What the heck gets into people that they will not accept fact as fact? I’m thinking it must be that they’ve already used up their poster paint on their wee signs and don’t want to waste the effort by admitting they are wrong. Our Town Hall was comparatively civilized but still left me aghast at the idiocy and stubborness.

    The stupid, it hurts!

  515. Great post. I wish Keith Olbermann invites and talks with you about health care. Sadly the Democrats are not doing enough to push it forward.

  516. I wonder how many people who are so worried about Obama’s birth certificate are aware that John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone? NOT EVEN A STATE… just a territory!! Such hypocrisy!!

  517. I agree with the thoughts put forth by many of these commenters and with the writer of the blog itself. Yes, I did see Keith Olbermann’s bit about Glenn Beck last night and I howled laughing! Awesome.
    As to DUBYA reading to those children on Sept. 11th, I was amazed at that as I had no idea the man could even read!!! But perhaps it was just that they found his reading level there. Ya think? Anything higher and his pronunciations -or rather mispronunciations -might have made that reading session totally impossible.
    Keep writing, keep telling people what’s right, what’s wrong, etc. Maybe someday those who don’t comprehend this stuff will. Then too, one day perhaps donkeys will fly too.

  518. I was so hoping to get your perspective on the classroom speech, because I knew you would be able to articulate what I can’t. ***raising hand***

  519. There is no surplus of IQ points or common sense these days on either side of the aisle. I am not impressed..but, wait, we all ELECTED these bobo heads.Its hard to explain these silly Americans to my pals around the globe-people are angry that the government will offer healthcare to those who cannot afford it? But, as I recall, we do that anyway-have you been to an ER lately? Who pays for that very pricey care??? Dear lord, the crew is arranging deck chairs on the Titanic again.

  520. I know there was a really good reason for your absense from the parlor. We missed your pie, but that is wonderful news. The world needs more girls. You so make me miss my grandmother. I am sure she would agree with you.

  521. What? What?! I missed the whole speech-to-schoolkids dust-up! Darn!

    And I don’t know what’s wrong with you people, wanting to insure sick folks…that could cost money, you know! It’s probably their fault they’re sick anyway, right? What about personal responsibility and making sure you don’t catch cancer, huh?

  522. wonderful to find a new post from you, always so very welcome. Did you (any of you) see Keith Olbermann’s riff on Glenn Beck last night? If not PLEASE find it on the web — it was hilarious. Margaret and Helen, it will seriously crack you up.
    Love to you all.

  523. I have been quietly reading your blog for the past year. I am neither elequent enough nor educated enough to keep up with the likes of greytdog, James or many others. Suffice it to say you speak my language and I love you all. James can be long winded, but he often has some interesting things to say. I am always open to differing opinions, as long as they are discussed and not SCREAMED. I am so in awe of Margaret and Helen! You give me hope that not ALL people who live in Texas are bigoted, idiots. I am from the great Northwest and have worked for the past 20 plus years in a Medical Cooperative. One that has been making the news lately. Our CEO has gone to DC many times to convene on Health care issues. We have had on line patient records for many years now. I am constantly amazed at how “stupid” has taken over where common sense used to live.
    Helen and Margaret, please keep sending the message out, we will be heard, we will be strong, we will make a difference. yes, we can!

  524. I’m raising my hand and calling bullshit!! I had to stop reading the comment section on our Utah news site when someone referred to Obama as UNEDUCATED!! WTF??? Loved the statement about Bush reading to children while planes flew into the WTC. What alternate universe are we living in? I love this breath of sanity!

  525. Enjoyed your column as usual.

    As someone who worked for Pfizer for 8 years until I left voluntarily for another job recently, let me say 2 things: 1st, those sales reps that broke the law caused me and other honest Pfizer employees personal embarrassment and shame. How dare you. My new boss sent me the news announcement. 2nd, any one with MD after their name has a brain and knows full well when they accept trips, gifts, meals, and whatever else is offered, that there is no free lunch, and they are selling their own integrity by accepting the gifts and pushing the pills. Where is your integrity, folks? What price do you sell out for?

  526. Welcome back Margaret &Helen! We’ve so missed you and your straightforward, no holds barred conversation. The best question ever asked is yours:
    “If they don’t even believe you are an American citizen, why the hell do you care if they think you are going to kill their grandmother?”

    I think a zillion postcards, emails, and tweets, and phones calls asking just that one question should make Rahm very very nervous. . . and maybe give Obama a good slap upside his head.

    And Helen, I don’t think your golden years will ever tarnish as long as you continue to burnish them with such great writing! Rock on!

    You are the best! :-)

  528. Yes. But the birth certificate from Africa was certified by a country that didn’t exist in 1961. Funny how that little fact gets ignored.

  529. Oooh, but one of the problems is that the birthers HAVE a birth certificate! It says Obama was born in Africa. It has been widely debunked as a forgery, but hey, that’s by the MainStream Media, and we all know they lie. To the birthers, their African birth certificate is as good as any post-statehood Hawaiian birth certificate Obama can trot out.

    There are a lot of people in the world who still don’t believe we went to the moon. Obama will never be able to win the birth certificate battle.

    Fortunately, sanity prevails at the official level and Obama has been certified president. To my mind, anyway, that’s even more important than being certified Hawaiian.

  530. I’m in. I’ll buy the pill sorter. No need to reimburse me. I doubt she’ll use it. The woman is a complete moron and there really is no pill for that.

  531. BULLSHIT!!!

  532. “Mr. President, I ask you this: If they don’t even believe you are an American citizen, why the hell do you care if they think you are going to kill their grandmother? …. Pass healthcare reform with a public option and move on.”

    Is there some way you can shout that in his ear?

    “Change we can believe in!” not “the bill formerly called reform”

  533. Oh ladies! I love you and miss you when you don’t post, please don’t ever stop! I’ve sent the link to this essay to everyone on my facebook list of friends, we’ll see how many of them really are friends with the responses I get. Can you believe there is a poll on facebook on whether you’d let your child watch the president’s speech, and ~65% answered NO??? Morons, the lot of them.

  534. Nobody, and I mean NObody, says it better than you do! Preach it, sistah.


    Glad you are back, congratulations on your new Great Granddaughter!

    Personally, I think all of Washington is either taking too many pills or not enough. It is time they all grew up and realized that all these pissing contest are flushing this country down the toilet – no pun intended.

  536. So glad you’re back, and like vgman, I raised my hand! I am thinking of sending an email to our President with your quote “Mr. President, I ask you this: If they don’t even believe you are an American citizen, why the hell do you care if they think you are going to kill their grandmother? “. Hope you don’t mind.

  537. BULLSHIT!!!!!

    Rush and all of them are full of it!


  538. I’m in. Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

    Go Helen Go!

  539. Michelle Bachmann’s burnign bush. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  540. LMAO.

    I’ll take whatever pill you are taking.

  541. Helen you are the voice of reason! the republican party and their supporters have completely lost their minds. They are determined to fail Obama, even if it means flushing this country down the toilet. I’m sure if Obama found cure for cancer, Fox news and the rest of that nutty bunch would find something bad about that. What I really want to know is it stupidity or just insanity?? Seems like a scary combination of both!

  542. Please never go away that long again.

    What a treat just before the holiday.

    Spread the Gospel folks. Helen has come down from the Mount with another winner.

  543. You are a GODDESS!!!!!!!! :-)

  544. I can’t take it. I can’t take it. I can’t laugh this hard and get any work done. OMG. Who are you???????

  545. Nobody does it quite the way you do…baby, baby,baby….you’re the best.

    I mean it. Really.

  546. Everyone needs to call their children’s school and let them know you approve of showing the speech.

  547. Welcome back, Helen! We missed you! As usual, you hit the nail on the head. Thanks for the chuckles.

  548. Well. It was worth the wait but please don’t wait so long the next time. I can’t take it.

    Bravo. Congratulatons on your new great grandchild. How wonderful that another girl with your genes is now in the world. One day she will read this blog and know that she has some seriously big shoes to fill.

  549. I actually raised my hand up high in my own home. I have three dogs (waiting for their morning walk) as my witnesses.

    I wish my students could see the speech.
    Alas, our school doesn’t start until 9:20 am PST.

  550. PS. Congrats on the new member to your family.

  551. You crack my ass up. OMG there is no one on the web quite like you. Rush has a pill for everything. THAT’s the problem. I wonder, at age 83, if you realize how the younger crowd will interpret your title? LMAO

    Go. Helen. Go. Have a great holiday weekend.

  552. Somebody give this woman an award!

  553. Dear Helen,
    We missed you lotsa, lotsa, lotsa!
    I’m so excited to read your new post–I just had to write something first!


  554. Helen you are an absolute scream!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!

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